Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, February 28, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated February 28, 1867 Page 3
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COLORADO. Its Character anfl Eesonrces -•diriis es on ’Change hr Don. C H Mor gan and Dr. T. D. tiorr.ll. Judge C. U. ll tean, o Colored , dc!reo*?i an interesting speech before th. Board® I'adeycs lei day noon, on toe inducements wh ca 1 1 n Tr - riloiy ofters to Cbteifio capital and e trr;r-e. On belDfi lotrodcced by the Prceid nt of cb? Boaro, Jadcc Morp.n Mid : InafiCr-amgyoo upon the commerclil rela* lions which ougoi to exist between Galcajo and the Territories, I tabor tinier treat difßrmtles. Piiet, bccsoec with yon time xs money, and ihxre* fore I must be brkf.* Second. that since toy am ral :n ibis aly, I bite Joamt each a pa tcity of In- UTvstln ihc trade ot ccdoia 'o cspeclilty, that It litre loidrp conviction upon nawilltog minds. From the tonid and continued prosperity ~i ibiifl’ju. much of it owing to ic*Da'ur«i locs* ijor, y *n »ecminjfly come to the conclusion that the gulden anplcs oi the We t belong to yoa ol right, and win coiao- to von without eciirL If yon look over the fie d a Utie and otnd> the trade c*, with their snrr.mnaiiigs and *lilrriagr, it , may di'tbnre your minds ofa oeiurioa, that bos ana "ill ue a amla upon yonr prosperity. Somcof yen may remember, and all or yon ‘;oo*, lhatbot a few ycAjs apo Sl Louis was the commercial ] centre for the Valley of the Mississippi and Us | tributaries. The opening ortho Frie Oaual op-u --ea the door through which emigration has been , ntsbing westward tinlll this great valley and bss'ais filled with a net work of cities.tied to gether by iron bands, ami‘'lucogo, oucj a small tiading post, has come to be Us metropolis. Bat , trade centers, like the rcoelUons States may have 1 ibiir boundaries changed, whether confutation • i ally or otherwise, is for others to say. Certain it Is. ho ever, that no ciiy has such rouipandioz ] natural adv antazts that trade cannot bo diverted bv artificial means, more especially since the In- , trodnetion of railroads. .. 1 JJow, gentlemen, to come more directly to the matter in hand, we of Colorado, waul to trade | with you. Wewanttho benefit o r yonr market as well as 51 Louis, bat to do that yon must make yocrsilvcs acc.’p able to us. You, too.want, oor money, and to ret U_ yon must rive a? facilities equal to St. Lottie, and sell to -our people as cheap. Bat you tsav you can drive s-i. Louis ont of tnc field by reason, among other thirds, of voariricatna'ural advantages and the difference in the costot transportation. Yon may lutpetihai you have a longer lineot railroad to eenu your j.ropeitv ovenban Si. Lorn*. And yon mart remember, also, that the ('latte Valley Hoad will, liom reports recently made, enter mo maun tains some hundred miles or mure from the net tled pans of Colorado. This. gentlemen, brings me to another part of the aubjec to which I wish «o call your cspvdal allcntiou. Wc will suppose the trade of Colorado, New Mexico and Drab, la* eluding army supplies, has been thirty millions h vest for the last five years, 'ibis trade, as yon know, has been monopolized by :*u Ixmls. Soa* pose, again, that fen per cent profit bid been made by your people on ilmt sum. that wo aid leave you the snug littleamounl of fiUecu ml.llons —not a bad ih ns to palm yonr vaults, or help to build up yor.r city. The cHirutt.a trade of Colorado Is now about twelve millions a year. The rlej ily mcrcaHog prodmlsor tmoe—lhe Introduction of new processes by vOilcli lbe«old, silver aadcipperls ncaily ail »avc*i— the crccum of extensive works for working rneb ores Outing the comma season —tire richness or our mines, and especially onr > liver mines-the mumity ot cereal-, wool and beef which may ai d will be produced in that J'cr ti'.oiy for export, now that our land travel's re dcccd to nu more than ueignbcrii.iod freightage, must double and quadruple tuai irade in a short lime. Wcjwlll, however, coition? to be mostly a consuming people, hecatt-c we are a minintr people, and mii-t thereloic nay cash for what wepmcha-'c. A* I have -aid, »ue road that ought to connect yon with n-* falls short of It abont one hundred miles, while the SL Lonls i ced comes directly Ui ns. Voa ct juol expect us to travel s hundred miles by >nure or team whan wc can take the cars at our aoor; besides, gentle* mm, you have another thfug to cunt mi with. Light-tenths ol thebn-tiucia mm of Colorado have rhclr hastiness connections nt St Loins, «a.I will not break those cuonci'tlons nnlos you ofi‘-*rthem Htij-eiioi in&uccmcots. Ibcyaoasso raauydl. i.uuls op ntr, biaUcrc*! all over thu country ana the monctains. A trip to our country will n-adilv convince vou that you cinnotexpect onr trade withnntan cllori on >uar pa>t. Wc.ue errtam to he roiniectod u lilt Si. i.»itis by rn'l—we want to be reitala of a like xonm-ctfoa with yonr city—fur titf mine reason you aar. yourconucc lions with Ibc Atlantic cities. Out* .uHruai Is a monopoly—tw o breaks It a- aiioh, and five’s a choice of nlacca ul wnh.-b to l<• d-* It \r >nkt by many that Colorado, as n cold and Hirer cutitry i*, to use a WcHcrn phiit'f, a t *bllk. M Not so, pen* icmcn. 1 have travelled over most ol TerrilorJo* and ni urs uad havcluJ opportunity to examine moat of tuo uc-l mines, and 1 unh repeat wlial I’.r be*l iihiuts and most ctcntitlc ceiitienien iay. wb.oi I-ay to you that Colorado coittflins nci-r Mlvcr irul e<>la mlo-v, rnd more of them (ban any ptuc-i where such mines have been discovered on ihU continent, Ibc Comstock not excepted. Ilia bat little nmro than a year strcc sliver was Uno *uto exi-r In pit. ini; qußiitult-H; and up to the pr.-*«t»i time sulll* clcut capusl baa nut been secured in work those mines pioiloxbly. Then- ate niiuCi Ui re, both >;oId and silver, tint will yHd uirlllo-is when propel Jv worked, nod I think 1 liar-i'd nollilnpio eayitp that in tnreo jeftth tioimo< more mni-y will chai'pcbands in a Mining Stork iluatd in this city, tliun ever Lhs In this tmUuuymir be-t'diaio'e diiys; nod that too uimu du i jca l »toCu.i. lint yon ; ay, "Why don't vou show iia tie? ifoll> What art yon doinpS" 1 sin • e.-. up to the fall of ibid we were takixp out iron! by the old tiole nroews to tun «m mat ,of K!ven or mUlloes a year. Du.ini; the fall and winter of’COand’Cl, \vh*n coM wa»» selluc; ai iwi. io three dollata in currency, and eicai ap> piebmslon was felt in monied nrec* at to whal would be the rcault of the Nailouu Currcccy ex* pi riment, eomc of our pi openy w as oiler ed in New York, it limnedniciy opmel a new Aloor for through wuch, a» maul, fool.-, wise men and rascal* rush d Mines that never cxi-Uo, mines valuclo-s and *o"nu ot value, told at ,abt>ut the aamc {>ncv. Mu-:bincry of all kinoa, and discilptlona, oxccp l the kind, was tent Uicrc—and what Is not worked up is there yet. Pnildinus. costins f r oas fifty to two hundred \aon-»and doPa s, were C:cctcd—th r was ap. aemte:ue , i. The **ffeet on Colorado was had—«c cd: gljiini, Lvery t ody slopped wori. ana uui ed lu a.dl. or like Mr. illcawbcr, waited loi i-o;a uniux to turn up. ibis state of tineas tasied until -urn j, when labor cheapened, aod the co->i «»f Mvlagehcipen <d, ano ttc people went to 'vori. and now ;di the mill? gol d tor huvthux arc running ou lull time at.u paying well. Dal «>at of all this came some beoehr. JCecth nil n.»on a process by which tu* saves more mau by the old tables, l.jon aj.d Ptufcssor Hill !»av«, ii du<*cd an Kng* 'f-b companv fo come to onr co.uury ind erect works for seperating and saving ail ;batl worth vavmg. ILc Momer Coapx.y are la erect works this cummer at crcatcosu by wltic’i t ‘.ey save the gold, silver and copper. Ihc Galena ore?, coataimag sulnburcts of silver, will be worked cucaplf b/ sm-ltt.? and copcVing. What we now waul I* money and skill. The latter wc can Lmioh better than - '•’—lhc Conner you <iq famish .axn you—lbc - former you oq famU belter tian we. Chicago ha» «■» to jrrum blc about onr nines. AltotMJirr. lacro are not more man a balf dozen cjnpfiiei in Colorado—ouo by Air. J’armlee or - your city, though X bclh-ve a Nfb-.ia.Ki territory ww t’otnpuny, awl <>c** by Mr, i were among the most successful. The one «e «rc* -oteJ by Mr. Irfimtsrd, uhen reached by* tunu I. which I under stand he in mining, will undo ib cvly ■ trblr re:»ay the owners, inline tay in y »>i. gun Ic.nen, that mining can he engaged in with .-m much safety, • gatl trhb a« mncli ce.-rajn:y n-o mire profitable remm-, nsony otter bn-dne*!. But it must b: conducted by experienced ai d {.radical men. ForttmaMy for t olorsao, ihe day for aching mines upon tncic, i- ny, otnHho>o vbo hare good mine?. k o\y tlie* - valur too well lo offer them iu ! he marketat any prise. .Any mar*, oho understands ei<b.irtne-«?ana ha« a ralnablendi.e. Is better satNfi d wUha sufficient working enj l*al ’ban any turn bemty be ufered. however extravagant the ee.niiog. Any. that class of Inve.-tmcnt, rlimm in- hands of honest and ci[-c;«cnced men, can be ma<lc saicly and profitably. In conclusion, gcn»lcoi r n, It costs largely to build railroads ur woifc mine*. Wo w*n: you to help us deboib. It win pay yon to do-ellaer, and better to do both. • At the close of this address Hr. Thomas D. WoncH, of Colorado, ofi rcl a r*w thoughts of similar perp-ut. Be said tiiat hf lia<: redded in Colorado four years, and knew «nmellmjg - fits vai-t r.sonrccr-. Heims now resiling In Chicago. . ai d should stay as long as he was u*ed well a*d could make it pay. T'-e av« rag-of good quartz in tolo-ado in very large. Gold can be extracted from it at a cost of $3 per ton, and lb-average yield Is O'er S3O per ton, as he could show by his h.ioks, b.i that a Ore profit is affoi tied. Chicago is now bnt three days from the T>-rntory, and should obtain a latgc share of tie trade. &u Louis has never received all ol it; New York and Boston have bad a large share, and he winder- d that Chi cago hud rot made an edort tos.-curc it- )-abor i«ch<ap there. The gold is time n Immense quantities, and U must be developed. Should not • c Incago take some of the profit- .* KTKF.Br AaiDnSTS. A Couple «>r KonawaTM-A Horae la a liUiiudry. About three o’clock on Tuesday afternoon, a span of horses attached to a heavy wagon, minus Its box. ran away on Lake street, and wbEe dashing wildly around the corner oi Welts street ran over an 010 mar, causing him to sustain severe injnnc? in the head and h*r?. His name war not ascer tained, A lew yarns farther ou they collided with a horse attached to an express wagon, injuring the animal with tbc pole of the wagon and nearly # knocking him down. Not stopping in their mad career, the half-wild horses, bavins by this t!m<* succeeded In leaving the bind wheels ot the vehicle some distance be hind Ibcm. pushed on lo new conquests up Wells fictl. When arrived nearly opp-vdie the alley they ran directly between two loaded wagon<.aiid the space being too narrow fur them to get through, alter some mad plunging the? were caught and held until they were asdocllea? If noibing had happened. The next accident, though similar in kind was very different In It? results, and occurr. d los than two blocks troin tbc one above mentioned, only an hour or tnola'er. John Ucviln, well known as an auctioneer, amt one ol the oldest citizens of tbc city, wasdnvlug a horse and wagon on WejH street, in the af • irrnoon, and when directly apposite the laun dry in ihc basemen* of the Metropolitan Hotel, tbc horse suddenly took fright at sometbteg, and turning almoat on a ripbi angle bolted like a ►team engine, making a full daeu at tbc laundry. Wbvn the wagon reached the earn stone Ihe sad den shock detached Die horse and whlffictrcc* from Uic vehicle, and the animal tveot "march ing on.” The delay at (be sidewalk bad been hut mo mentary. Crossing the walk with oce bound the animal da-ht-d in me windowat the foot of the stußc steps, making one grahd shivering cra«h of sash, gla-s anil Hon bars, and IlnJtag himself in a warm room with severe) Lomug lames and occupied for an exceedingly hnel space of time bj seven or eight girls. The servants made a general stsmpeoe for the door, not ose wblt tes* g frightened than the horse. 'Ail cscaucd but one m whose Hl-c of retreat was cot oft and mounting a tabic, aa the poet hath it, "She sat up a yell” that was h'wrd fir Into the The horee crowded onto (be end of the room to make bis compliment? to andiher animal, (a clothes horse.) and caused It (o fall over on a " Hat-Iron healer, ’ thus destroying several article* of cloth- Ins. Ibc astonishment of the proprb-lor of the horse and wagon, Mr. Devlin, al me sudden irraks of bis baro culminated to tbc disappear . :t*)Ce of tbc animal down the basement, leaving hi? bewildered master in Ihe waeon. staring at him os if he ucnid not have believed it it he bad not seen it. The damage incurred wadtromssJ to SPHf. NOT VET Fit EE. * A C’oumcrfeltcrln Jail—Boiled and He ar rented. A few weeks apo an account was published In these columns of the arre-t of a man who savrlhenameofSoward, who was lodnstrtously “shoncc” spurious 110 notes on the Floor City National Bank of Rochester, New Voik, at various t-toccaacd groceries In the North Division. He ■was examined at the Police Coart on the charge ot forgery, and wag commuted to jail for trial la default of £l,sto hail, * boon after the arrest ol the counterfeiter be was seen by Captain Nelson who •‘tamulc'P* to him (jd thief parlance) aumce, rccoralainir in him the notorious Chllos, who ha* already served 9 counterfeit « money, ard is well known la ‘•jTa , !b M circles throughout the conntry as being one of the most successful rogues In this lice Tor years past, (excepting during Ibe limes of hie compul sory eii-pct.tiou of the Business when in prison,) that the conutctfeiting fraternity could turn out. Reins a criminal of come Importance, ltvr*s deemed proper to keep an eye upon his move mujts, even in Jail, and it was ascertained that within two or tnree clays a fond of about SCCO had been raised by the thieving Iratcmity and their sympathizing friends, to procure “straw” hall it is aliened, lor his liberation, and Disced In the hand* of a well-known party to be delivered when Childs’ boil was accepted. * Yesteroa) afternoon Childs was taken from the Jail, In a veryqnleiaod nnoetcoiatioua way, to the _ circuit Court room, where the neepsaury forma • were cone through with, the bailor swearing to the requisite amount ot property, and being ac cepted. Upon the conclusion of the badness, Childs, accompanied by his attorney, la a to. j unobtrusive tnanucr. descended to tbo floors, and walked forth tiro theeansMu*, Child i indulging, douMles?, In visions of country land scapes, villages and towns, as he would see ihe-n Item the windows of tbc uexteTpresstmla, which should put a long distance between him and C il cago. The attorney, it la presumed, had bn '■‘mind's eye" on a liberal fraction of the *331, which he was hoping presently to realize. It these buoyant ana cheerful meditations pos sessed the mieds o! the two moo, they weri speco lly put fo flight by a little incident which occurred In fore they bad moved from* the spot. Detective Ellis stepped up to Childs, and, putting bis band familiail? on bis shoulder, said, ,Billy, I you " Whether the officer's craving for Billy’s society oi that moment bad any Immediate bear* lug upon iho *COO which had been raised U i not potlm. lv kno-'n, bat It Is understood that tie attorney** face underwent many chance* In a very brief «p’ico of time* Several o;her charges similar to tbe two upon which Childs wai com mined fur trial ure ready for prosccmlom and unon one of these he will probably be crammed at the Police Court this morning, Ellis having locked mm up agate. 1111; LAKE ICJISEt. Present Condition of Iho Work-Onr Water Supply. In a work of eucb magnitude as the building and completion of the lake tunnel with ail Ua accom paniments, trifling accidents or delays will break the whole chain or operations, and disappoint, not on ly the pnbiic, but, still more, those who are en gaged in the work, so that the postponements which have occurred from time to time, have been in general such ns the greatest care could not pre vent* It was intended yesterday to lot In a small quantity of wafer to cican out toe tunnel prepara tory to testing Us strength and tightness by Introducing a full volume, but a little accident to the email pumps need by the contractors has delayed this lor a day or tiro, though this does not affect the prosecution of other matters oa re tard the gerctal result at all. Men were set to work at midnight of Sunday last to complete toe cleaning oat and other operariona. and the whole undertaking Is being pasted as £a-*t as possible, though it cannot be expected that the tunnel ’■•ill be madepractlcatly available before the m’ddlc of Match. The Board of Public Wo'ks recently pass ed a resolution instrncing the City Engineer to employ workmrn, night aud day, to take each memnres as will Insure the ittrouuctlon of water by March 10th, and this is being done, though, as has been heretofore staled, much other labor, bc- I sides putting in n rder the tncuel itself, remains, | and the exact day of completion cannot bo pre dicted. Ibe casual observer or reader can realize tic labor and nicety of calculation involved in the per fection of all the details of Ibis great scheme lor obtaining pure water. The Englneersays that he has been congratulated on the feeling of relief which he must have experienced on ihe comple tion of the tnnnel, bn! that he really feels more concern about the adjustment ot the connections which ore to make Pic great work available. One I work requiring ranch care wa* the sinking of the I great gate-chamber down through the treacherous I quicksands within two lect of toe shaft conveying I water to the well tow In nse; and asimllaraiffi- I cnlty existed In excavating the new well home- I olately adjoining the old one. A breaking through would not only hare ruined the* new reservoirs I hut endangered the whole supply of water for I the city, and entailed consequence*, in case of I luce, vUich might have been most dtsa-troas. I Hut these dangers have been aklltally avoided, I and shecnPingofa small remaining portion of I the feeder from ihe gaic-cbamber to the pumping ] well, .»ill make the connection compJc.c. I Bc.oto the new works are finished, however, the I city win be supplied with water from the tnnnel I tiy the old well and pumps in this way: A short passage will bo cat from tho shore end of (be main shaft back to the enclosure at the shore I trum winch the water Is at pipaent drawn, then ci'i.nectiiig nub the shall which leads to the well. I lids is the work which Uto be cdccled dating tho I next mo» th. The tower in front of the water works, which is now being built, will bo a highly ornamental ptrr.ctiic of masonry, forty-one feet square at the base, externally, ami fm»o*log un ro *hc louy height ot one hundred and thirty feet. Imuscls not, us i* popularly sapnoiid, tu give a head or fall to tho water, but to furnish room tho rite uno fall nf n column of the same, and tins relieve tfic engines, on atnr'ing, from the pressor* of a long column, contained in the miles of pipe ’hroiigh the city, winch might burst ibecomlnc tors or prevent the working of tha pumps. This Is ot.o of the reasons. also, for the erection of the three main reservoirs in tho city: in addition to which, and vary martial, is the fart that, H Ino water wc c con tained only In the horizontal pipes, tho immense draw wlilcu is inado upon them early lu the day wuild exhaust the wajer faster Ihao the pumps «-onld btirnl) It. A thud reason la that tho accn niulaihm of a qininiitr of wo*cr lu these tnreo gtt at chambers, gives the engines three or four horns out of the twenty-four for rest am! repair* which arc imperatively required. A study of the diagrams and figures in the City Engineers office, will give an idea of the skill ami exactness necea ►ary for the pertecllon of ail the detail* »>f ihn voik. and rcntici an impatient put be lo:n si-vore In ciilidsm and rcuroofof the delays which neces i-nilly occur. Cjtfitcu Extension at Waukcuan.—A cone epondvt.t from this plear<aiit town, thirty-five miles tu the north of ns, on the lake shore, ecnds the following account of a good work: The Methodist Episcopal Church In this beauti ful Hulo city, of which Itev. J. ft. Harris Is pastor, has lately undergone extensive repairs. The church has been raised ana a basement added, in which there is a commodious lettnro room and intact class room, together with the uecc-vaary room" for class, committ; e*, Ac. Twenty feet hav- Dccn added (o the length, matting it nowelglry two feet, und one of the finest and moat tasty au ditoriums In the State. it li» ca<pcled tmd upholalcreil throughout, and tho frescoing Is itiJevncd: Almbi's best style. *ihe ecL-ncbehind the pulpitis magnificent. On the right ami left, standing on a bronze pedestal, arc (he figures of Faith and Hope, which are ad mirably executed. Ibo cot* of the repairs was between seven and ciglt thousand dollars. Ou la*t Saboatn, Febru ary film, it was reopened by Itev. Or. Eddr, of Chicago. After the morning sermon, be nrnonuc ed to ibe coi.grcgation that the trnstccs desired to raise five tbonsand one hundred dollatx. Four Itioasaud were in a little white snoscrlbed.aud the other eleven hundred were secured in the evening. Wansrgan Is without donhc one of tne most beautiful cities In the State. Manyofthe business mcnol Chicago reside here, and its and healthy location. Us shady streets, and hloomiog garact/swill attract many others; so tint it is det-'iscd at no distai r day to become one cf the mostfnvoiUe places ol residence. Wateb Pipe.—The following bids for fnmlsh fn<r to ibe city one thousand ton* of fonr, sis and eight cast-iron water-pipes, were opened yesterday in tlic office of lie Board of Public Works; ibe pipe lo h» delivered between the opening ofnavigation and June 15lh. rbe total letiCt': i>> neatly thirteen mlh«: Dennis l-onir, J.oulsvillo—37* cents per pound, icclr.dlnir special ca-Uttes. U. U. Wood A; Co., Philadelphia—s7i per ton firtiaondS-incb pipe. In IS feet lengths; $73.5) per to*) for 4-lnch, and taj cems per pound for .special castings: 37 l per ton if a feel long. Thomas Co ,£t haul-—-t Ui-100 cents per pound; -l-i ceuta per pound for special cast ings. Warren Foundry, rbllllpsbnrff, K. Y., Daniel H tinkle. President—f7>;.in p ion, and l? 4 cents f;r al ca-Vas*. Iftax if tikcn off, will deduct S3SI pu n. t>. Fuller & Co., Pbladelphla--575.50 %1 ton, 5 cents v’ D) for special castings COift&ON COUNCIL. [OFFICIAL JIEPOST.i K-gclar Jlcctim,', February 23,15C7. Pr**ent-~ His Honor the Mayor, and Aldermen Knickerbocker, Cox, carter, D’WoV, Wicker, Wilmanh. Calkins,Kann, pinuncm. Hatch, Wall work, Moore, Schn cr, Frl-ble, TalcolL Woodard, Rixhy. Hassell, Ackholf. Garifield. Proudioot, Hub, Engel, Snackiord, Clark and O'Snlltvan Absent —Aid. Barrett, llaierty. Uoffieu, Hunt ley, Fratuxu, Lawson. Aid. Knickerbocker moved vbal the minute L of tbc proceedings of the regular meeting held Feb ruary lllb, and or ike special meeting held Feb ruary irtb, be approved without reading. The motion prevailed. TErrmoxf awn cowirum cations. Tolttlun of Charles Gladding and C. W. Fuller taSrlailon to certain sewer contracts made by tlsfm with ibc oiy, was, on motion of Aid. Tal- coit, llclcrred to Commrtiee on Finance. Aid. Knickerbocker picscQtcd a communication enclosing draft of an ordinance lor the better reg ulation of night scavenger* w'.ibin the limits of tin* city, and moved Us pareagv. Aid. Claikmoved ibatlbcrules be suspended, in order to take up the above. Ibc motion prevailed. Aid. Talcott moved that tbc whole matter be re ferred to ihe Police Commissioners. Tbemotlon did not prevail. Aid. Hnh moved to amend section two by sub- stunting “twenty-five dollar*” for "fifty dollars. Carried. Aid Kano moved that the communication and ordinance be laid on the table, and the motion prevailed by tbc lollowing vote: Aura—Aid, Cox, Garter, Wicker. Calkins, Kann, Wallwork, Schnlcr, lalcott, Gasifleld, Hub, Fbackford, Clark—l 2. . A*ors—Alderman Knickerbocker, D Wolf, Fin* nncan. Hatch,'Moore. Frisble, Wood ’. - ard, Bix by. Hassell, AckboH Proudlool, O'Sullivan—l2. The veto being «tie, tbc Chair voted m Ihe of firmatlvc. _ .... Peiliion of properly owners for a sidewalk on the south side ol Tneiily-toortb street from Butler street to State street Alderman Calkins moved that it be referred to tbc Board ofPnbllc Wmks. Tbc motion prevailed Petition of citm ns to have the name of " Cool- Idgc sired” changed to * v \Vesi Thlr:eecth strccL” Aid. Kann moved to rclcr to Committee on Slicets and Alleys* W. D. The motion prevailed. Petition of citizens of the Ninth Ward fop re mission of a fine, was, on motion of Aid. Woodard, Hcfened to CommU’cc on Finance. Petition ot Committee ol thcUnPed Hebrew Re lief Association fur free peddlers' Hocuses for M. Blmuintbal and S. Salk, was, on motion of Aid. D’Wolf, Referred to the Mayor, with power to act. Petition of property owners In relation to the bnhdlng of & Viaduct over Fort Wayne Railroad, at Van Suren street, was, on motion of Aid. 'Woodard. Helcrred to the Committee on Harbor and Bridges. Remonstrance of property owners against pav ing Chicago avenue from Clark to Hush streets, was. on motion or Aid. Kann, Referred t o the Committee on Streets and Alleys, N. D. Communication from the Board of Police cover ing a petK'oa ol policeman Jarae* B. Crane? ibr compensation for ii'Jaiics sustained by him while In the Olschaige of his dalles, was, ou monou of Aid. Kano, Referred to the Coromltiec on Finance. Petition of Breed and Hancock for redaction of personal taxes, was, on motion of Aid. Calkins, Referred to ibe Comptroller. ntroßT* op public omerns. The Board <vf i’nbdcWotUs made a report as to their reasons for asking the repeal ot the ordi nance for the extension of the eighteen foot alley in block 1, Made & lll*h’s Addition, together with an ordinance repealing the ordinance for said extension and annulling said assessment, which report nas, on motion ol Aid. Woodard, FBerd on file. Aid. Kano moved that the ordinance be passed, and the motion prevailed by the following vote: Ayn— Aid. Knickerbocker,Cox,Carter, IVWolf, Wicker, Calkins.Kanr, Kinnocan. Ustrb, Wall woik, Moore, tsdmlcr, Fribble, Tslcott, Woodard, Blxby, ItaseCll, AckbolT, Gastllcld, Prondtoot, Bub, Engel, bbacUfotd, Clark and O'Sullivan— JW-i—None. The following is the ordinance as passed: O&DinEKCC. He if Ordained by the Common Council of Me City o/ Chlccyo. Stcnos. i. Thai the ordl-ancepassed July 1800, for the extension of the 13 foot alley running cast and west in block 1. Marie and High's Addi tion to Chicago in a straight line east UAnn street throngh lot 5, block 2,3 Carpenter's Addi tion to Chicago, be and the same is hereby re pealed. Sac. 2. That the assessment made to cover the expense of tbe above named improvement, confirmed bv Coundl, September it, 13(V5, he and the same is hereby annulled, and tbe Comptroller is hereby direct'd to refund acv amonnu which tni» have been paid on account at the came. REPORTS OF STANDING COMMITTEES. jtaxLnoxns. Aid. Talcott, from the Committee on Railroads, to whom bad been referred the petition of John Forsythe el al. lor railroad on Water street, Bridgeport, &c.. submitted a report and oral nance thereon, which, on motion ot Aid. Kina, was Ordered to be laid over and published. The following lathe report: BEPOBT OP COMMITTEE. To the Mayor and Alderam of the City of Chicago. In Common Conceit assembled: Yonr Comml lee on Railroads, to whom was re ferred tbe petition of sundry cltesena asking for Ibe right to lay down and operate a railroad trick eefoer, la ano along certain streets therein namsd, having had the same under advisement, beg leire to report that we have examined the premiss*, and can see no objec'lona to the prayer of the petitioners being granted. Having Had the accompanying ordinance drawn by the Counsel to toe Coroorailon, and beUevng k expresses the wishes of yoar Committee, we therefore ask for its passage. All of wnicb is re* spectrally submitted. M. Talcott, 1 Committee sam'j. suACKxonn, v on \V*. U. Cartxb. i Railroads. The following la Ue ordinance referred to lu the above: An Ordinance concerning the Chicago, AI;on and St Louis Railroad. Be if Ordained by the Common Council oftht\CXty of Chicago .* b*cnoN i. That tho Chicago, Alton and St, ftouis Railroad Company he and it la hereby authoriz'd to lay down a railroad track (with necessary mrnonts and switches), to connect wilt adjoining lots ono operate the same in, along and across tbc following street* an sU-jalnthe city of C If ago, to wit: Across Hickory street at its inter* section with lock street—acro<* Fuller street at it* I’jlertccion with l«ock strt-et—acroaa the alley betw en Hickory and Water streets sooth of Port ettvet, and in and along the north side of Water (formerly Cologne) street, from the noint where it ttrikes said sircit south of Fort strcri, to a point at or about the southwest corner of lot one (1) In block twenty-three (43) of the Canal Trustees'snbdi vision of fractional section twenty* nine (*£J) of township ’iurty-nine (£J), north range fonr'ccn (14) catt. Also across tiaarry street, noout nldtvay between said Water street and tho Archer road. Sec. 2, 'lhe said company is hereby required, and this grant is made upon the express condi tion that u shall eo laydown and maintain said track, tarnoms and switches, that they shall inter* fere as little as practicable with the use uln'rss of said streets and alleys for ibe uses for which they are intended. And shall at all times keep them lu such condition as to allow the free and easy passage of vehicles along and over them. AD of wmch shall be done coder the supervision and diicciion ol the Hoard of Public Works. Sec. 3. This permission or grant is made upon the tttciher condition, that said railway company shall keep and save the city harmless from all damages, costs and ezp-nsce whatevcrfarlsingout of the nse and occupation ofsaldrtreets and alleys by said company. . . Sec. 4. This permission la granted upon the far ther condition that said company shall keep flag men at the crossings of each streets as and where the said Common Connell may designate. Sec- 6. Ibis permission is Granted subject to all the general ordinances concerning railroads sow In force or that may hereafter be passed. Sec. 0. J bis ordinance shall be subject to amendment or repeal by said Conned at any time alter the expiration of ten yean from its passage. Fec. 7. Ii is hereby expressly understood, and tills grail is made on the express condition that no Britches nr turnouts shall be made or con* stmetedineaid Water or Cologne street on the south side of the track laid ihclreln. Sec. S. Whenever said streets or any of them shall be otoeted improved hr the city, thou and lu snc'< case the sain railroad company shall im prove orpay for the improvement of such por tions of said street or streets as the Board of Public Works and Common Connell shall in toelr aiecieiiou deem prop* r and just. Src. I*. Should the said company atanvtime fall to comply with the conditions and provisions ofthis ordinance, or any ol them, or the general ordinances of said city, the Common Council may order the said tracks, s«llchea and turnouts to le taken np by said company,and on Its failure so to do in a rcarooablenme, may direct (be same to be taken up at tho expense and cost of said company. Sec. 10. This ordinance shall take esect and be In loicc from and after in* passage. FIDE AND WATEU. Aid. Clark, from the Committee ou Fire and Water, to whom bad been referred a communica tion from Win. I’opbam and others, relative to al leged mUcouduct of Chief Marshal Harris, sab mined a report recommending that tbs matter be referted to the Police and Flee Commissioners for iuteKigaihm. Ald. Woodird moved that the report be placed on file. TbcmoUou picvaiUo. Also of the same committee, to whom hail been rc remd an ordinance at the Pittsburgh, Fo-t Wayne &,. bicogo Railroad in relation to their pclroicum warehouse, corner Stewart avenue and Twelfth sheet, submitted a report recommending the pas sage ot (bo ordinance. Aid Sbachford moved that It bo referred to the Corporation Counsel, with Insirucltouß to prepare n uroj cr ordinance. The motion prevailed. roues. Aid. D’Wolf. of the Committee on Police, to whom vns refenert a couimuclcatlou from Board of Police Cntnml*Morcrs, relative to appro priation for imploylog watchmen In cupola of Court llou*c. Mifimtttc'i a reportand order rccom mtndl'C that the comptroller pay such men a« may ho employed a sum not exceeding sixty del* Inn* per mouth out of the general or contingent fu» d. as t o mar deem prom r. Aid H’Woli moved tu concur lu the report and pass the ord r. 'i he motion prevailed and the order was passed by ibe billowing vote: A*;**—Aid Knickerbocker, Cox. Carter. D’Wolf, Wicker. Wnniartli. t'alklns, Katin. Flnmtcan, Hatch, Wollworl:. Mum*, bcholer. Frlsblu, 'J’nl coti, Wooda'd, Bixby, itusscll, Ackhod,iia»vtield, Proudfout, Hub, Eugv], £hackford, Clark, O’bul livnu—2fi. A'o»«—None. ameers and aixsts, n. d. Aid. Shncklmd, of the Coromiiiuo on Streets aid Alleys, N. I), to whom hud been icforrcd a petition of citizens asking (hat the name of “(Jrccn Bay afreet” ho changed io “itnsh alicet,'’ siihmilled a report and ordinance recommending the passage of tne same. Atd.tMmckCoid moved to concur In the report and pane the ordinance. ibe motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by the following vote: Apes— Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter. D’Woli; Wicker. Wllmatth, Calkins, Kauu. Flnnucau. Hal«h, tVallwork, Mooie, Schuler, Friibie, Tal cnii, Woodard. Blxby, Russell, Ackhoff, Gastfield, Frondfoot, Hub, Eugtt, Sbackford, Clark, O’Sul livan— 4C. A’om—Konc. STREETS AND AIEETS, W. D. Aid. Gastflcld, of tbc ComtoitU'C on Streets and Alleys, \V. D.. to whom had been referred a re port and ordinance fora sidewalk on tbc north side of wanbansla avconc, from Elston road io Milwaukee avconc, submlMcd a report recom mending tho passage ol tne ordinance. Aid. Clark moved to concur m the report and pass tbc ordinance Ihe motion prevailed, and the ordinance was pas.-cd by the following vote: Ayct—AUl. Knickerbocker. Cox, Carter, invoif. Wicker. Wilmonb, Calkin*. Kann. Fj»qu can, Haleb. M’allwork. Moore, Schuler, Fnsbtc, 'Jalcott, Woodard. Dlxby, HnsccU, Acknofi; Gael field. Froudfoot, Huh, Engel, Sbackford, Clark, o>nlhvnn—£o.—K'oce. Also, ul tbe same committee, to whom had been re* ferird a rcpoit and ordinance lor on the south sid* of Bioominsrdnle road, from Elston road to Bcnben street, snbnilUed a report recom lucndtas the passage of the ordinance. Aid. Wi. kcr moved to concnr In the report and puss ihe ordinance. The motion ptevailed and the ordinance was passed i>v the following vote: Aytt —Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carlcr, D'Woir, Wicwer. WVtuatih. Calkins, Kimn, Ftonamn, Hatch. Walittork. Moore, ScUnler, Friable, Tal cou, Woodard. Blxby, B«sgclL Ackhotf, Ga*iflcld, Pioudfoot, Hub, Engel, Shackfard, Clark, O'Sulli van—Sfi. Aaj/t— Ni/ne. Also, of (be same committee, to whom had been re fereed.* report and ordinance for a sidewalk on west side of Coventry street from North avenue to Cijbourne place submitted a report recommend ing the passage of the oidlnancc. Aid. Wicker moved to concur in the report and puss the oidicancc. The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was pasted by the folio vii g vote: Ay it —Aid. Knickerbocker, Cor, Carter, Wicker, Wiiniartu, Calkins, Kaun, Finaucan, Hatch. Wallwork, Moore. Schuler, Friable. Tal rott. Woodard, Bixby, Knspell. AckhoiL tiastfield, I'roudfooL. Hub, Engel, bhackford, Clark, O'Sul livan—2o. jVdes.—None. ot (be same committee, »o whom had been re ferred a report and ordinance for a sidewalk on (he noriheas* fide ot Milwinkce avenue, from Division lo Henbcn street, enbmltted a report recommending tic passage of the ordinance. Aid. Sb-ickford moved to concur iu the report and pars the ordinance, like motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by ike following vote: Ai/ee— Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter. D'Wolf, Wicker, Wilmartb. Calkins. Kano, Finnncan, Hatch, Wallwork, Moore, Schuler, Frisble, Tal cutt, Woodard, Bixby, Russell. Aclihoft', Ga-tfleld, Proudfoot, Run, Engel, Sbackford, Clark, O'aal livan—2o. AorS—None. oas uunrs. Ald. Clark, of the committee on Gas Lights, to whom had heen referred a report and ordinance for six lamp posts on North Franklin street be tween Kinxle and Illinois streets, submitted a re port recommending (he passage of the ordinance. Aid. moved to concur in the rcpoit and pass the ordinance. Tbc motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by the following vote: • Ayes—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Wilmartb, Calkins, Kaon. Finnncan, Hatch, Wallwork, Moore, Schuler. Friable, Tal cott, Woodaid. Butty, Hassell, AckboiT, Gastilcld. Proudfoot, Hob, Engel, Sbackford. Clerk, o’£nl liran—2o. A’ora—None. Also, of Ihe same committee, to wbom had been refer red a report nod ordinance (or forty-two lamp posts on North avenue, between Laballe and Davinn streets. Aid. O'Bulhvan moved to concur in the report and pass tbo ordinance. The motion prevailed and tbs ordinance was passed by the lollowing vote: Ayes—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox. Carter, Calkins, D’Wolf, Wicker. Katin. Finnaucan, Hatch, Wall woik, Moore,Schuler. Friable. Talcott,WoodaiO, Blxhr. Hassell. Ackhoff, Gastflcld, ProndfooL Knh.’lingcl, Sbackford, Clark, O'Sullivan— 1 55. A'oet— Aid. Wilmartb, s Fixer commrKE. Aid. Hnsscll o! select committee to wbom hsd been referred tbc assessment for opening Mitchell street from Halated to Waller street in Brand's Auditionjnbmllted a report recommending ibat the assessment be confirmed. Aid Knlckerlmckcr moved to concur In the re port nun confirm the assessment. The motion prevailed. HJSCELIXNBOCS BUSINCSS. Aid. Knickerbocker called up the report of Committee on Judiciary on petition of Hack mens* D> lon, which was laid over and published Febru-ry tl, IST7. i be Clerk rcau the ordinance, after which Ale. Knickerbocker moved to amend by substituting * 12 o'clock midnight.” lor and In place o( (be woids *‘Jl o'clock p. m.” Tbc amendment prevailed. Aid. Kmcketbockcr moved the passage of the oidmavce as amended, and The motion prevailed. . _ , Aid. Hatch moved that the Council do now ad f°rhe motion prevailed, and the s*ood •iljoimcO. A-U.BO})MAy.|_ FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, MOUBTAET. We»n*wdat Kvxmkq, February A Washington special received this afternoon says: The Sherman Loan BUI has just passed the Senate, as a substitute for the House Legal Tender scheme, with a proviso that National Banks shall not receive Interest on deposits of other National Banks.” i!r. Sherman’s Loan Bill proposes to substitute for the compounds now falling dne, ncmand cer tificates to the extent of f 100,00Q,O0(% hearing In terest at the rale of three per cent per annum- T&cse certificates the banks are empowered to hold as a portion of the legal tender reserve re qniied by the National Currency Act. This bill was sent to the House a lew dajs ago. hut was there rejected, and a substitute was adopted pro viding for the issue of greenbacks sufficient to pay outhe compounds and Interest. The House bill pas rejected in the Senate, which aga'nadop.od Mr. Sbctman’s bill. The matter now goes to the Conference Committee for consideration. The hill proposed by Mr. Sherman gives three mil lions of the people’s money to the National Banks, for which no consideration has been or will bo received. It la a subsidy patd by the Government to the National Banks, as an induce ment for them to keep on bond the reserve au thorized by the Isw to which these institutions owe their existence. If this country were doing business on a specie basis, would Mr. Sherman have the hardihood to propose a gilt of thtcc millions to tbo National Banks, as an Inducement for them to keep a specie reserve, in conformity with the provisions of tbs law regulating these institutions? Wo thick roL Such a proposition would unquestionably establish without fur tier evidence the insanity of Its anther, la not the piopoeluon equally absurd In the time of a paper currency ? The issuing ot these certificates does not remove the liability of Ibe Govern ment. should a ran take place on the National Banks, these cartlfiea'ea would be Immediately presented for payment. and In case (be Secretary of ibi Treasury did not bare enough legal tenders to liquid -ti the sauie would the OoTenunonta go to protest, or would tht Secretary temporise by makmg an iaiac of greenbacks to meet the emergency? In improba bility tbla coarse would be adopted. Some ob ject to paying off the compounds by a new ißtue of greenbacks on the giotmd that it tends to expansion. It might have Una cttect m New York, provided the amendment to the Currency Act ptobibitixg any National Hank from paying or re* cetvlng Interest on deposits, should be rejected. As long as the country banka can get 4 $ cent on daily balances from tbeir NewVork correspond* er.U, ot coarse the three-flfiha of the 25 9 c«ot legal tender reserve will be kept In that city, where it will be loaned to stock gamblers at <*37 9 cent on call. EUcwheie there will be no increase In loanable funds, ana no expansion. It will not alter the present siavor of the currency to pay off 'he com* pounds in plain greenbacks. There Is no; the slightest necessity fur paying the National Banks th>ce or any per coot on their reserves. To do so Is robbing the many for the benefit of the fiw, and like the new TarKfß class legislaUonacd an unmitigated swindle. The proviso m the bill that the National Banks shall neither pay nor take interest on dally bal ances will meet with universal approval. The system Is a bad one—ln direct opposition to all recognized principles of banking, and ought to he abolished. Banks which pay inteieat on honk balances at e mote hazardous In making loans, as they cannot afoid to have these balances Idie. and at Ibc same time sub ject to interest. Banks are supposed to be insti tutions for loaning money, not borrowing It, and all depositors, whether they be banks or private Indivlcoals, should consider themselves amply re* paid by having a place in which to store their emplus funds, with the assurance that (be same can be had on cull. The abolition of this perni cious system will tend to lessen the rales of in* tercst. The eSlct of this will be to stimulate in* daetryand fester all legitimate enterprises, in this respect more protection will be given lo home industry than c&n be afforded, by a TO percent turltf. home of the banks report an increased demand tor Money, hold in the shape of fresh paper and in rtmiu&i.tcs to tho country, where It is required to mom Cattle and Hogs to market. In other quar tet e the demand is light, and the market Is re posted quite easy. Some institutions show on in crease in the amount of loanable funds, while with others there is no Improvement In this re spect. Paper Is closely scrutinized, bat first-class signatures find no difficulty In obtaining all the accommodation needed for legitimate opsra'lans. The hank rate of di'connt is steady at 10 per cent, vub occasional exceptions at 8 per cent on Gov ernment Securities On the street sccond-clui* paper U ut 1<g,1»4 per cent per mouth. There \ru a firmer feeling in Kxchange to-day, and salts were readily made between banka at S 3 cents premium. In the afternoon there was sore to be bad nt this figure, and aorac of the banka were obliged to ship Currency. Tbe counter rates were steady at par buying and I*lo premium selling. Fluor oaa steady and firm. Wheat was quiet at an advance of «i®lc. Corn declined s ©3c with a lairly acuvc btuincss at the depreciation. Oats were dull and Me lower. Rye was firmer. Barley was quiet. There was more doing in Mesa Pork O Ld the market was firmer. Lard waa qolet hat firm Seeds were dull and easier. Go'd waa excited and Irregular to-day. It open* cd at i:t%, advanced to U%, and closed at 18%. The loliowirp quotations were received by Boyd Bros., cold brokers: lii;3Un. m V»»i 12:50 p.m IttJi iii:ir»a m inini 2-onp.m 11% ll:W) HU 2:iCp.m 11% 11:15 a. m HU 5;«0p. m 13% ll:S(ia.n I lo*i 1i:i5a.iu..........H(Jij 4:U)p.m j2:Wim H«?» Hero there was more activity. The brokers verc buying at ISS^fyllO—loU bid at the close. Sales were made over the counter at New York rales. '1 lie oITt-tlnga of Silver are light, and tbe brokers arc buying at 123^153—the upper figure Cor large. Oovcrcmtnls were a trifle firmer. The follow* Irgihous Hie closing pitcos of to-day, compared with the three previous dors: m a »■> 23 a o rf g . ? S O •si iioii imu 1104 iio« rcnticH, 'na in* m n»* in ;enHff<.’(»! lU7*; linv renite*,'US UtfS 10S?i 10S?j IflSjf -tied ion, uk* hujj ion Sixes of Flvo-Tw Kive-Tw Five-Tw Tcn-For: Hfvct'*TlilnJep, Ancußt..W>H iKiy Scvcn’Tliliiletf, «Jnne....10.'»>5 105? i I05?i 1W?« bovi-u-TlimloH. Ju<y....«iu.if« 105'« I0j»« l»3j« Krw Fivc-Twrnilrs HiO* 10CH 100J* IW?* Hoc the raarkcl was more ac'ivc. We«iaoie: GOVERNMENT fiECUIUTIEIj—CHICAGO MARKET. Unylnc. ticllin?. .110 IKI3| .110* in .10* H U»7*£ .insx 1032£ .IWJyilOOtf ,10I»4 U. 8. Sixes, of 1-Cl, U. 18G5.... U. 11501 ... V. S. 5-«(iV 1503..., U.5.5-20's, email.. I). S. 10-40’s, la»cc. U.R. lU-W?,5ma11........ .'...10JH U. S, 7-SOV, Ist Series 1055* 106 U. S. T-'UjV, 2d Series UKft l'ij»£ O. S. ISO's, 3d Series IDS?* 1032* U. S. 7-.HT*, f»mdl 11*3»*2>10554 Comnoucns. Jnue, ISM ..117 ** July, 1861 UG«* “ Aue., ISW ur» «■ Ocf.. ISM 115 44 Dec.. ISM 114 “ May,lß«s IW *• Awe., 1665 l!0»4 44 Sept., 1865.... 11054 “ Oct., 1665 1592*1 ' The Second National Bank elves the follotrlcg quotations lor the Public Funds: Coup ,’el,.Uo <3. 7-30, (?mall)losH^lQ' 3 a S*-.u coup., June comp., 1561..117 (force)....loßX&lloX ,»uly “ " ..1.02* 6- coup., Ane. “ “ ..116 (Muol!)...JO;a£©losH Oct. 44 44 ..US 11M» coup., Dec. 44 “ ..111 (laipei. ..lUIH© ... Slay 44 1865..1124 IC-U) coup.. Aos. 44 * 4 ..ill (5ma11).,.10.1340 .... Sept, 44 44 ..UOJ* >ewcerr @— Oct, 44 44 ~110 7- (!arsre).los»*^los?i Local stocks ate quiet end tmchiiugcd. Wo continue to quote: • Baying. Selling. Chicago City"? ft) 100 Cook County 7s fl«?i i»7»i chaiLber ol C0mmerce........... 03‘i OS 1 * Some few dry* ago, we puUl-bed a statistical aiticlcfrom tee Walt Street Undtncri r .fr y showing ihe condition of the radons Insurance corn companies of Hew York city. The American, till assets of $378,517, shows, allowing for all liabiliUe-* and re-insuroncc,a surplus of-?2IVJ N- I ho Continental, with assets of $ l,6'iß,nfi shows a surplus of 8789,(39. Home, assets s'i,Gtr>,GSS; surplus, 52D0.393. Washington, assets 5719,191, surplus $215,885. The American conCneiils busi ness almost exclusively to New York. The Wa-h -leg ton has a paid no capital of $300,000. and its sutplns amounts to $250,000 at the present time. Many of the Mew York companies have no t-nrp us whatever, and in some instances the losecs have been of such maguiiudc, (hat several of the companies have made appli cation to the Legislature at Albany lor power to reduce tbeir capital. There are many abases to he weeded out ol the business in order to make it profitable to those concerned and give cheap In • snrance to the insured. There Is need of less reckless competitors and fewer hazardous risks. The Boston Adtertiter of Monday remarks: " 'ike M oney market to-dar has been active, and borrowers have bad considerable difficulty tu manv cases in supplying their wants, the demand being considerably Iu excess of the loanable far-ds available. To-day being a sort of donate day, ibe regular army of applicants for monetary accommodation was increased by a large number of needy borrowers who were shut out of the maiUft yes'erday on account of tbc holiday, and their united forces were suffi cient to create conatdciable pressure at the banka and on the street. Jo many cases rates were no object if Ibe money could be had, but as a rale, we presume, there Is little If any change in the charges on good commeict&l paper, when not oficred under some special pressure. There is a good supply of prime paper obtainable at from .li to 9 per cent, and a ia*ce number of notes, considered good, arc offered at even higher rates and negotiated with difficulty. Call loans arc ob tainable at B per cent and upward, according to the nature of collaterals. 'I be banks arc appa rently not disposed to extend thiir Hoe of fast ness anv further lhan is necessary In the present aspect of Congressional legMatlon In regard to I the compound interest note*.” —Tbo I’biladciphla Ltdatr observes: '■‘There I* Utile if any change In the money mar- I:cL Tbc supply lx in advance of tbo right sort of demand at bank. The most general rate for de mand loans on stock collaterals is G per cent, with exceptions at 5 pur cent, being tbo general rate on Governments. Discounts arc fairly active at C'.» <T.7 per cent for prime paper, chiefly the higher rate. Foreign exchange is nominal at lor f 0 days, bankers* sterling.” —Tbo Cincinnati Gazette ol yesterday reports: **lhc money market has an improved tone, and the tendency is decidedly toward an easier move ment m discounts. Hcceints ol currency from tbo interior of the West ana from tbc Soo>h are incrcasieg. aud the volnmc flowing in Is already toloi ably large, while the demand for loans 1* only moderate. Altogether financial affairs look better, aud it only require? the final action of Congress on the questions now penning, to put matters into an easy channel. Kales or interest range Irom 9 to 12 percent on good paper, with a pretty free currency for prime names at O'ftlO. I "There Is a good demand for exchange, and I rates arc sitong at parQAOc premium buying and I M 0 premium selling. As currency comes in, rc -1 mutaticcs increase, and the indications are that thetcwill be a resumption of cnrrency ship ments.” —The following Is Ihc text of tbo new interest law, which passed the Massachusetts Legbla tare: Srcnowl. When there !« no agreement tors dlflerem rate of interest of money, ibe same shall continue to be at the rate of fO.OO upon JiOO for a 3 ear. ami at the same rate fora create? or less sum, and for a loncer or shorter time. Sec.?. It shall be lawful to contract to pa; or reserve discount at ary rate, and to contract for pavment ana receipt or any rate of Interest: Pro cldrtf. Aou/rer* that no greater interest than six prreentem per annum shall be recovered loan; action exetptwhen the arreement to pay such greater rate ot Interest is In writing. Sec. 3. Sections S. 4 and S of Chapter 53 of the General Statutes, and all acts and parts of acts In* consistent herewith, are hereby reocaled. sec. 4, This act shall not affect any exiting con tract <>r action pending, or existing right of ac tion, and shall take efiect on tbo first daj of July next. New Yoru Mocu Market. # Closing prices for cub, February 27,1ST*, received by Joseph M. Lyons & Co.. Brokers: lit Bd. 3d Ud lit Od. 3d Bd. S.T.Crotr»l...lWj 118 V. S. 6 V c«t Krte(ComJ ..... 56* Ml< baad*,m....Uo‘< HO* M. 6. (com) 72* 73S U.S.6*ets-30 c.&ntt* SO .. coujv, Is 6? itO.V U 1 Hock* Wand 96 S' 96V C. S. 6Vct3-20 C.*J».W c00p,15M.....1« VJ*X DOMprrtftird... C&S' 63* 17. S. 6 Vet 5-20 W.&C.. »5 93 conp-l». ...10SX M3.V Q.ricMI.TCT....: 39V SBS U. 5.5 VCt 590 W. U. Tel 42V 4S conp.,n«r, 0.106 # V106.V c.*A.(com.)...KK MSS' U. s. 5 p cast it! A-Qmncf... „ 101* Ulch/Cet Jra*...lo7?f lUSJ< Ire**., «MB, in iiudioDlbTer. isw»« 1»S 111 Cci»tnl 116 U6\ U. S. < 3-10, 34 Isead...lOS* IC3S* C. £ Toledo 118 HIS D. S. « 3-10, Sd . Toi. 4 » »* A sr«.iv.v.v,vS s.s 3d Board fteady. Market—lst Board steady COMMERCIAL WmsumT Etesiwo, February S«. The following tables show the receipts and ship ments of Produce daring the past twenty-four, hturs: BECxnr* past TwxsiT-roun nouns. ISC7. 15fC. ... 8.9J6 5,0£3 ... 10,518 11.881 ... 83,457 7,753 ... 7,650 8,76* ... 3,100 I.bTS taw ,190.453 C 7.960 . 83.000 4.C3S 3,040 41.500 807 718 83,400 13,130 | 6,330 7,800 10,470 4,511 I 1,676 437 3,130 8,114 S,W7 219 48,730 16,028 431 173 6,590 560 m 85 1,050 Flour brie Wheat- hu Corn, bn Oats, bn Rye, bu fiat Ivy. bn Grass Seed, Tbs ... Broom Com, tha.. Cured, &*»••• Pork, brls laid, Its. ........ Tallow, tbs Butter, the. Dressed Hogs, No, Live Hogs, N 0.... rattle. No Hides, tb5......-.- Highwince, brla.. Wool, lbs Lumber, Pbicples,m..., . snmzßTs PA9TTwnrrT-7oDn nousa. 1667. 1816. 4 Hi 8,540 . 7.000 2.815 I 8.7J4 . 1,000 6,585 .. 336 * 383 82S . 27,613 W. 007 . 13.619 .... .613.655 W» • 333 ,JP . 237 1,71 .-43,110 391,44t> . JTMII 41.267 . 10,021 . 8.450 . 1,031 773 .. 1,506 «4 401 . 35,4*5 47,407 . 881 183 . 43,157 4,413 . 101 4.639 . 470 327 . 217 23 . 851 CU Flour, brls. Whi-a - , bn.... .. . Corn, oa , Oai>,ou Rye, oa Barley, bu Oram Seed, 1b5.... Broom Com. 8a... Car«d Meat, 8i5..., Bed, brl- .. Pork,b:l» Lard.B'i* .... .. Tallow, Be Ballet, IDs l)r«-spcd Bore, No. late Hoes, N 0.... Cattle, No Bl'cs, 8i... lilchmoes, brls... Wool, lbs Lumber, m Shingles, m. Z-ath. tn Suit, brls rxoci! axd 01LU9 u aroos. The foHowtnjr (able, compiled from the official returns of the warehousemen. shows the nmoant of Floor and Grain in store In this city on Saturday last, compared with the amount is alore at the same date last year: 97. KB Flour, hrls. .073,070 .731.410 .7«,250 ffieat, ho. Com, on.. Oats, bu.. Kye, bn 113,161 Barley, ba 3M.OM The Provision market was firm, with only a moderate business. Mesa Pork was more active, with tales of 783 brls at with sellers at the upper figure, A lot of 830 brls Miss Ordinary Bold at $13.50. Sweet Pickled Bams were quiet, with sales ol 100 tres at lUjc. Clear Pork sold to a small extent at $30.03. Bnlk Meats *ere quiet but firm, with sales ot 140,000 lbs at t&c for Shoulders, loose, aod Bams ou private terms, supposed to be lO&c, loose. Lard was quiet but firm, with sales of TOO tres prime Steam at :*:c C3>-b, and l2Jic buyer March. A small lot of Pig'x'oucues sold at f 12.00. Grease was firm, with eaies at 9ftc for choice Yellow, and SHc for Brown. Dressed Hogs were la llsht supply and firmer, with sales at tS.IO®S.4O. There was co movement in Whisker and (he market remains nominal at 25c lor Bonded and $2.20 ior Free. Floor was in steady demand and firm, with sales of 2.000 brls at $12.00®! t. 25 for White Win ters; sll.lO for Bed Winters; |9oo®ll.C2Hlor Spring Extras; tC.10®8.75 for Spring Supers, and SO.OO for Buckwheat. The market far Wheat was qniet, but firm, and wc note tin advance of >*®lc, with sales of 33,000 bu at £*2.20 for Ho. 1; tl.fitf®l.BS for Ho. 2-lhc vppir figure for fresh—and $1 Cl®l.TO for Be* jtcicii—dosing with sellers of Ho. 2 Regular at *UG y a . Corn opened heavy and declined 2®3c on Ho.l, at wllch the “shorts” took bold freely, and a large business was done. There was no move ment In Ho. 2. Rejected was less active and a shade easier. We note transactions to the extent of 11*5,1X0 bu si <s®7Tctor Ho. 1, and 50£cC3lic lor llejected—closing with sellers of the former at l&Hc- Oats were dull and He lower, with sales ot jp.fCO bu at 1H342*4c for No 2—tbe upper figure fur fresh receipts. At tho close there were Irtc tellers «I Regular No. 2 at 40j£c. There was a good shipping demand for Rye, sod ttc mmkcl was firm, with sales at oT&o9cfor fa?h receipts of No. 1 and 03®91c lor Winter No. 2, Barley w.ifl quiet, wilb calcs at Wi2.o*sic for No. S, and 70*2.TTc for cample lots. Seeds were dull nnd easier, with calcs at $3.73 for Clover; *2.1033.15 lor Timothy, nod 53.00 tor Flax. Tallow was dal), with light sales of Country nt J'nmo City la held al 10(i>UiJ4c, Tt.o following telcgrama wore read 00 'Cbsogo to-dny: New Yobe. Fchnuty 2". ) Flour ptend.v and quid nt wheat hotter and quiet at *'2.ffU(T<l3.3a Coro betlor and Him nl 41.ii>4 ta store, cats Arm at CU.'&'ft'Jc. I’m k lutito nt S2U 00 Lard belter nod quid ni l'>»i Cct ; l?aC. Hogs dull at 53.5UQU.73. Wuhkuy Qroi at S-J2. Colo, J llJi. LATEIt, Flour dull. Cora steady. Lard weak. LATiSn. In ihcaflcmoon Corn was quid, clohloc with sellers of No. Int 75c. Wheat was held nt for Regular No 2 Spring, tmb buyers at 3I.SGH. There wa* uo movement In ProvlHuns. The Cattle market opened active and firm, and continued lima np to abom noon, when, under large arrival*, trade Blacked up, end prices be came I'iuvr. Tlic receipt* wore 5,43 t head, 'and lUo entered eal«B S,HQ head, at Si 2537.50 for common tu choice drove*. The market closed weak, with 1,500 bead nnmld. Live Hogs were fairly active and firm In the morning, but later sales exhibited a slight fall ing of In prices. The receipts were 5,704, and sales 4,&H,atf£.35&7.G5. The Cental Sy»lcm—lexica of Com< infusion. As there were some errors in the publication Ibis morning of the schedule of commissions adopted yesterday by the Board of Trade, wu re pnbllfb it The new rates take effect Match i : COWMISeiOJfS fob sellimo. On Wheat, Rye, Oats and Barley re ceived by canal or tailroad 3 cx? cental. On Corn received by railroad 01 canal 2 c\i cental Od ail Grain in baps On aU Umin told on track I.y sam ple (excepting Canal On Flour ... i.S t*cent. Ou tales of £ ~U(XJ anrturcr *!4 t? cenf. On Provisions—on sales of under SJ.COO On Pressed Uoj- On IHchnlnes—on amonol of sale duties beincpaid 1*( $ cent. Ou Uljilmhies n bund 6jc bzl. On Drown Com—sales of 52W and over 94 V cent. On Hroora Com—rales under SOOO.. 5 |J cent. On Hides and Sc ds—on fSUand over.... 9V4 cent. On Hides and Seeds—under $500... S tl c-ml. On Builcr, Cheese, Eeffs and Dried Fruit—sales *l,vCoai.d over 9*4 cent. On Hatter, eh' cue, Ecse and Dried Fruit—on sales under $1.000... 5 T 5 cent. All property not enumerated to bo subject to acteerutm bvtwien the parties, and where ad tslccb ate made a charge of tot perc.'uf i:»or- per annum shall ncmaue on the amount ad vanced. coson-fio.vs rou Ptmcnasnro. On all kind* ol Grain by cargo for sbiiouvniv. Fm.d* in band 2 c cental. Ou all Weds ol Gra n for pbiprarnt, iu biics or I*l bulk, by railroau... 4 c cental. On all kinds of Grain, Including telling in ibis market. Fuads in taco 2 cI? cental. Ou alt kinds of Grain, Including telling in tbis market on margins cental. On I'lunr and skipping the sarae,.lu c $ brl. On Vlonrsbh'pfd by millers or re* coiTcre, oa'orccr? oy mall or tele graph 10 c^brl. On rioutious in lots ol 0 and over, funds in band XHtJeenL On Pro'is tons in lots under SX,WO. SH $ cent. On Higtmlncs, on amoum of put chase,duties btlrc paid 15J?^ceot. OnlHchwinw,ln bond 5U ell brl. On Broom Coin in lots of £SW and over S'* $ cent. Ou Broom Corn in lots under SSOO, s cent. On Batter,Cheese, Eccs and Beans, In lots of £1.00(1 and over 2H £ cent. On Bnitcr, Cheese, Hggaand Beaus, in lots under sl,l-00. 5 I? cent. On Hides and Seeds, in lots under SoU) 5 I? cent. On Hides and Seeds, in lots ol SSOO anii over 2V4 v> cent. On Biessed lings IHV* cent. 'When advances aro made 10 percent interest per annum shall be charged on the amount ad vanced. All the above u rates of commissions,” where advances arc made, are based upon bolding prop el ly not over sixty days. If held longer than tbit time, an additional charge of one half of the above raUs and Interest is to be charged for each thirty dare or parts thereof. United States Revenue tax and Inspection charges to bo paid by the owner of the property. On all propertysent to this market for sale, aud subsequ' nily by order sent to otlur markets, the tore is entitled to full commissions. Übc commission merchant shall be entitled to anv drawback from an; insurance company, as a compensation for effecting; Insurance. BUOKER3' TEES FOB miCUASE OB «AIX. On all kird- of Grain He & cental. On Provisions H t*ctnL On lltgbwlncs.. ..10 barrel. On Flour, for bnylog Set* barrel. OnFlonr,for selling 5 ci* barrel. On —alt, buying or selling Sep barrel. No broker shall be allowed to buy or sell for any but members of the Board of Trade, except at regular commission rates. New York Breodstoflit Markei, (From the Tribune cf Monday.] Flocu *st» Mean—‘The deprrevlon and beavtnc*? which ulMinguiahed our market for tvc-itcrs and State flour the week prior to our review ol tuw day weak ConUnucd without much abatement until Wednesday, when mere activity was noticed in toe low and xn<dlum grade*, and «jme advance established la the latter. hinc« then the marcel generally ba* ruled firm, with a-light advance on cosmos spring, and winter wbcu extras. The medium grades hare been the nr st sa able, and wc notice more activity In amber tftate extras. The?o are not plenty, bnt onr stock ofcboicc spring wheat extras is cmu. tuoagb not lanrc. Superflae and No. 9 hare a ild Jesa freely, bat arafirm. Our aggregate atock Is prooshly not f»r from 400,D9u brls. We bare a very good aasortmeat, and tse current prices are rc’ailvel; lower than any other market la the country. We have bad a Ulr demand for the West indies and Sooth imenea. but this ns* failed to stimulate prices of choice winter extras. At the Produce Exchange t>-dsy a fair buslprss wa« done and ths Uw grades slightly im proved: other grad.s were itesdy; the sales are 6AOO brls at |3.’5J9 83 tor super fire State t flO.i’SCtfll-M for extra do.: £9.7t&flUM for the low grades or Western extra: £11.409113.70 for good to choice do.; *lo.SA*£lt® tor shipping Ohio; £11,73 &13.59 for trade do.;and £U.9A££t6.ob tor St Louts ex tras. CasodUx Ouufhasbeca in moreactlvedemand, bnt pMcts have fluctuated: the tn-diam grade* hare bees the mod ralablefthe receipt* have Increased con aidernblv, clcting qule*.but arm: sale* tOwbrl* at £11.55 «£!4An for extra*. South-rn flour has been njoief aiclv arttve, rapectaity the low gradn: these are low er; ’famllv brands rnfed flrm. closing dull and heavy: tales ot 273 brl* 'at £IO.SQ££U.9O for common to lair extra lU'druofe and country, and £12.10* £1633 lor trade ,aml family brand*. Ry- flour nas finotusteJ. closing Arm: sales ct 355 brls at |7£.00|8.00. Corn meat has been in good nemand not o; low or prices, rlodng 3 ul'-t:aoiesofi33 bris Brandywine at $i 50. Buckwheat our is unit but steady at 3L5J&13.00 ? 103 &s.

SSTOBTS rroa «m*OEE 1,156®, TO BJ.TE. SEC a© H S* * !■? a ?3= S 5 => Krw York. Feb. 2U567 «JW) 220,503 #SM3* BalUmnn*. Feb. 15, J9S7 3 60,013 Co OS) Fn'lJuidPM*. Fct*. 15.1SCT 23,611 2b*>U Bobloo, Feb. 15, ISOt. -... MW 63,631 6T.131 IWUand, Feb. 15.1567,....... W.Shtf 47.T0J SS.9CK Kew Orleans, Feb, 15,1567... S3l CO 511 FtOCS. . M. 731 4SxST3 .lIOJM STVHO W%*52 . 87ZH 913,45} 1,003,011 Geatn—This day week we left oar wheat market very doll and prices merciy nominal, dealers over-wide apart to ibdt views, and to eject sales to any extent a lar. c concession would have been Imperative, Since then we bare bad mach variableness. and onlr a Halt' «d Inquiry. Most holders of Ute have advanced taelr ▼lews very materially. The accounts from the West respecting tb* soppliesot waeatt&ere are an conclusive ofashortsapply, that there Isa very general dl.pnsl tlon wah oar principal holders to withdraw their stocks from the market. Mice Tucsoay we bare to note a marked reaction, and parenues could not be made at anvtmrc like oar last Rentes. This has great ly restrict*! business. We bare had more Inquiry from interior am. Eastern millers, bat the advanc'd prices insisted on lodnce them to hold off. In winter wheat very Uttle has been done, bat prices are without chance. Holders, la view of the rernced sapp y here and in the interior, arc firm. Our account* from the West in recard to the stock of wnest and flenryet to bsmarketedareofmorethan usual Uicrest. To-day the market is firm not quiet, owing to the extreme firmness of holders. The sale* arc: 10.399 bn 110. 2 Milwaukee at UJZkHJ-X In store: 3ybJo bn amber Slate at |SQ».iUOO: MO bn white Michigan at fXIO. and 3.090 bu while Cinadlsn at £LJaAS.iO. tarlw Pas bem In good demand for home use and for 1 crprt. atd witb a steady reduction in oar stock prices I a-cwtUrastalncd. Tbe shipments from first nsnds I have been literal, and we find oar stock I* much re duced, closing steadv : ch-dceqaaimreareiodsmaod; sties•,’7,«n)bu at Wc f;t Canada We« m bind; f 1.20 M oo tree, and two-rowed state- Rvrley malt Is octet. bat steady at £1.2331.3). Oats are nett ir i audtrxre active —ihe demand is tar consumption; sales ot 47,000 bo Western at STgjMc fur old in store; Coa6Tc tet new afloat, and atateat eCtfc instwe. Bp t$ easier at din moderate demand; stlo* of 13,099 ba WesUtnatfiaSln store'.State at |1.253U27. Cora cneted doU. lewer, and v«y unsettled under the un favorable frelaht news ; at tb* decline a better de mand prevailed, and more steadiness was noticeable M life close; the saloa are® J»iba. Cn«°and at »UM ®I.WX; Western toned in store »tfi.os®u», and Totals ISO. tj.o6*»:/Taflsftt,cJo»lne at tba extreme: Soathcm yellow atfl.OTfci.i9, ml Jem? atflJnfcUHJi. EZfQEta rEOXSZFTKICBU X, 1366, TO DATS, O C H B 3 i?S c §5 «• E ?s' ft f If i i ; Butt. Boss, Bash. *e«r Tcrt-, Feb. 91.1957..... £0.471 5,615* l*b)iaddph'a,»b 13 1667.. WO 17,831 21.^1 I'ottl&td, Feb. li. 7.TM .... 7.TU Wnaar. Totals SSLKO f*Al« SUV.J IS '-6... 1.111,753 U9*J« IBGS „ EXPORT* nro* eJUTJUIBEB I. 1566, TO Din. a o -i || 5f | Cobs, §s ?? : “I If I Bu»h, Baib. snr Y0rk.Feb.21.15(7....3J»1.9J0 15:,7j1 S.SU--.H, J 867..... rhlJaCel' lia. F»b. I.*. ISJ7.. 131.109 19,003 119,517 lV>«too. Ftb. 13,1357 11,«rt U.«S Fortune,,lss7. 11.U5 4.Q3 15,717 Total;. cmcAGO ljve stock, market. 1563. 35.902 Office of tiw Datlt Tames e. > Wsdsudat Emsiso. Fcbroiry r*. j Tbe following table shows the dilly receipts and sblpaentaot lire Stocidaring the week, op to this evening, u repotted bj tbe Secretary ol tbe Union Stock York Company 1,207.493 575.416 033,7j3 riuff) 273,953 Sunday sod Monday. Tue cay Wcdaetday Total SXJ2 9.'j67 1,735 Same time tart week &S 3 5,186 490 Week before last 3.331 101S3 L 716 The receipts, to-day, werebythefollowingrouies; Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. By Illinois Central 5t9 743 su By Burlington & Quincy Hoad. 1.1C7 1,901 104 By bt. Louts* Alcan Road.... 234 vO) .... By Nomwe»iern Road 55i 2,3-W tx by Michigan Southern Road 70 .... By Rock Island Road 5W 480 .... Driven In. 31 .... .... Total 3.431 5,701 919 The shipments to-day, and Tor the week up to this evening, were: Sunday acd Monday. Tuesday. Wecneeday (not retained). Total 321 S.«# Saics to-day. as entered at the different Stale-houses, tens a* follows! Cattle. Hon. Sheen. AtßllnolaCentral Scale M 3 927 407 At Burlington Sc*le~ IX® 2,\Sl 194 AlAlttnsca’e 96 .... • .... At Northwestern Scale. Tclal 3,190 UU 677 P£tK CATTLE-Thcio tru a large attsalaoce at the Tarda to-iar. and wlthafull supply of pens, the mark*! opened active and stroag. at sab. ttantlally tbe doting rates of yesterday. Shippers were cut la force* and under continu'd favorable ad* Mvcsftomthe Eastern markets, all tbe o-st droves were readily takes up for New York, Pittiburgt, Buf falo. Clev plaid and Philadelphia, at fall prices. The receipts exceed hr several hundred head the receipts of ary day since January ur, and, os the result has proven, were rather more than the market would readily absorb. as some 1,503 bead remain In the p«nj nmo.d, ic-nfehU Tbe average quality of ihooflcrings was good, though the supply of common and medium grates was q atc sufficient to meet tbe legitimate wanUofourlocaUrade and sautfy the demand for "Mothers." There was quite a brisk Inquiry for the elate of suck last mentioned, aid holders of such were centrally enabled to do»e out at satisfactory prices. bit-era averaging trom WO to MOO tts found quick sale at f L50G45.37V lor common to good droves. There was considerable Inquiry to-day for “springers,’’ and tbe few offering were pickel up at good rates. Tin-market for Milch Cows, however, hunottoltly op>ccd}et,aodqaouUoniaro littlo moretiannoml* bal ai|lO.(Oi?.tt.W for common to prime qualities. The entered sales to-day f»ot op about a.Wu head. These « crc divided between shippers, nly butchers and feeders, at prices ranging from $1.75£3.37,V lor coin nun mixed lots, including thin ronch C)w*,bali-fatt*o* etl blcers, Debt Heifers, c *ar« Ox*-n, Stags arrlDails to pmue fat Cows, cootl nutchera' Steers and go*d ►toil Cattle; $5.4036.11) for medium to lair shipping stock, aim fC.71a7.5r for good to prime Bullocks, To ward* the close ol the market—owing to (ho liberal supply on ha:d. and In anticipation of heavy arrivals tc-nmrrow—trade became a little slack. Buyers were holding oil, and demanding concessions, hut holders rrlust'il to subp'tt, and prices suffer'd no material re duction, though the feeling at the close was rather MMcr. ’] bo lollowfrg wore tho CLOStXO PgtCXS. Rjtra /itftf*— Fine, tit, well formed. I tifi year i»d Steers, nnd averaging 1,300 iSsand upward*. 8722557.39 Prune Jiffrra—O ood. well fatted, finely lormed Streis, avenging irom l.too to l.ijo 6.7347 02 /I tir r»r*«/r«—Fair steer*, in fair rteth. aver aging I.COUaMUO ft*, at 5.73&G.32 Jhilium Mnltuiti Steer* ana good C«m>, fit for city alaugnter, ami averaging ,M»(ai t wn its. at v 4.75^2^2 ,s/m * inmr—ikmimon cattle in decent fle»n, averagintt Kftil.OOO ft*, at. 4 2545.00 tnj,rior— Llgnc and tnlo Caws aid storm, ruuqa and cu&rae, avoraglag 71U*&U B*C at SAOft 1.00 CA I TLE SACKS lIKPAV. Eighteen head fair fleshy Steers, averaging 1.023 as, ou c -r». at |s>o. Foureen head c»d Ist butcher'* Cows, averaging 9ii ds, cii cars, at f\3P, Fourteen heo’i fair ronghlsb Steers, averaging 1.U3 S>*. fed and watered, at (6.10. Sixteen bead rongh steer*. In fair flesh, averaging 1,3111 Cia fed and watered, a* 56.00. • ” 'Tntny-two Head mi-nium rough.Bh Steim, averaging 1.253 Ci a, off Cat*, a’ *6.33. Tiilrvtcu head r-uigh steers and Oxeu, averaging I.7SS as. off curs, at |i>.S3. Fifty-four bean go* d (hipping Steers, averaging MW &s, lod and watered, at |G.«.i. Scvcntter head medium shlpnlng Steers,averaging 1,135 Bs. KM arrt walcred, at *6 3.X. twenty head good tot butchers* Cows, averaging 9U Thirteen head medium butchers’ stock, averaging Su Bs. fed and watered, at ft.OJ. Thirteen head common, ronzhlsh Steers, averaging 1,103 Bs, fe-j and waP-rco, at ss.l2>f. Thlrtytlclu head tot Cow* and medium Steer*, av eraging 973 Ba. off can, at 15.73. Sixteen bead gcod shipping Steers, averaging 1.373 go. fed ai d at ro.Ul. Elchttfin bi'aii common thin Steers, averaging 1,073 B>. oil car*, ut 55.62.V --higi'teenheadtlxut tat Steer*.averaglcrW l as,off cars, at SMO. bt\intiH-n lead medium stock Steers, averaging 862 B*. fed and wa’crtd. at fi.OO. Tw*nti-luur head prime fat Cows, averaelngWS BS. offCWH, m s^si. Sixteen head fair ronghlsb Steers, averaging 1.193 C>(, at f<U2V. Tw>r.iv-hve h'udfat Cows,averaging 9U as, fed and watt-nd, Htfs 50. 1 bit ty bead f.vir shipping Steers, averaging I.V-9 &a, otl cars, at SC.CS. Elpbty->lx hi-»d price Illinois Stoors, averaging 1,331 B*. tll«al>, ats72B. Fitty-two bear, prime State Steers, averaging 1,774 B», on cars, at #7.15. i-t»tty-nlt.elv*Rdt:pedemflQUt shipping Stecra, aver* aping B«. f-,-d ami wato e<», « Twenty-Uvc head Oxen, averaging t.tco bs, fed and watmtl. at 56.35. Mvcntcen head prime shipping Steers, averaging 1,276 ©«, otfear*. at $7.09. HOGS—Ttc weather was charming, and buyers were out In force. There wo* a libera] supply of stock on titile. and under a good h ?abhy shipping demand, the market opened fairly active and firm at about yes ter day** prices. Later in the day. however, with 10-s encouraging advices from the Evt, there was n sen siUo falling cfl lo tbe demand, and an easier . leoslng obtained, Lato sales exhibited a slight decline, cncrmmon and medium rraies.bat good to dmice lots kept well up. The entered sales number 4£llhead,wtkhwere taken principally on shipping account at for common to medium lots, and $c.53(£7.63 tor g :od to extra Hogs. The marvet clow weak at ’be above quoiatuos. 7Vc note tho following traaaactiuba: 4 c|lcental 94 cent. 2js c* cent. HOG SAI.ES TO-DAY. 91 pMmccren lot. L 4 elioire tat Uog< 75 n edtura Hogs.. 49 common 1ui..., VUUIWU. 8S prime Hoc? 6:> ire-lnm lot 65 fair bacon Hogs <0 common onevex. lot. &5 saincquality. 46 primeoacon flops.. M same quant; 69 medium lot 61 pood light f10g5..... 57 prime hit.... 49 lair rough lot S 3 extra lines W lair bacon flops 46 rood fat lot. 70 OH-d lat tut 95 uirljt 163 CheICSCTCn HOTS . ...259 7.45 19 lair bacon Hop* .4XO 6.75 99 aeclum flop* 6A3 M common rough Hoes .....346 C.4J 37 medium lot 191 6.61 f 4 prime Hops .......,,2>o 7.13Jf 73 choice lot J3O 7AO SHEEP—The market exi-lbtod a lair degree of sc out;. and the advance of yesterday was well sustain ed. Ihe demand, as heretofore, was confined princi pally to rood to prime mutton qualities toeuppl; the local trace, and bolder* cl droves answering the shire description found quiet sale at SSAO@6.CO 4? 190 as. Common to medium grades were quiet at £4.0033.09. CHICAGO DAILY IfXAUKET. AH salt* of ffnriu reported in this market report are mode ou the basis of uinter (4c) ttorage) unites cthtrmse expressed. Wednesday Evening, February 27, ISCT. KaUxoad FCBioxna—l‘be follow ing 1* the tatlhof the Eastern Road*: 3d 4th _ Drtfd Kates from Chicago to— class. Floor, Ucg*. Builalo.N. V .£ 62* 42* 85 73 Toronto. C. w fin 43* S 3 73 Montreal. C.E 1.25 8J 173 155 Albany. N.Y 1.10 80 LW I.IS New iVra US W LtO 1.25 BoctOD rfo Alnaay 1-23 85 1.70 1,T3 Burton ria UraoaTrunk.... 1.23 95 1.70 1.35 Portland nn Grand Trunk. 1.70 1.35 Philadelphia... 115 75 1.50 ].is Baltimore., 1-93 75 lAJ 1.15 Pittsburgh © 45 90 73 Cleveland, Ohio 45 39 CO 50 Jtllctsoavjlie. Ind 45 a TO Cincinnati. Ohio 45 S 3 64 40 FLUlftt—Received. 2,916bn5; shipped. 4,311 brl*. There wa»»a active speculative d-mauu for r four i:>- dar. and the general matketroledfirm. Sales emoroco the following: White Wistics—JO brls not named at fl4.*2S: lvobri»doat£t3Jo: SObris -Golden Saeaf” at£ULSO;SUbrU net named at*U.(M;lO9 brt* U> at £13.30: ]outrsdoai«i2AC: BcoWinteks—lo9 brls not namedat £11.00; Stkimi Ermas—loo brls not named at 111.623*; ICCbrl»doat£lo.7s; lOObr Sdoatßto.6l V: 109 brfl dr:av2lo-60; 250 brls do a; £10.50; 3>9 btis -Waba sha*” at f1D.40: 580 brls not named at £10.35; 1M oris <foat|loAs; lto brl# Uo at f 10.0 u: 160h:H do at t9-87if; UX- brls ••McMillan” at £9.50:100 bris not named at t‘J.45; U 0 brls do at £9.09; bectsa Scrcas—lW orb ant named at £9.75: 309 brb doat£3A9; iWurU doat£6.lo; Pri KwnEar t-xocE—too brfl at fe-W; Rr* Fnoca— brls (to arrive) at 46.6 JV.. \A HEAT— Received. U.-12 but chtpcel, bu. Marktt quiet, aid >(slc better, bales wete: 3,010 bu No. 1at»3.29;4M ou Ko. 2(Central)at£uSSl<; 2.kJO bu Krgnisr (treeb) at SiJ&Si AIOO bu do af 81.S6VC; WO9 bn do at #IA6; I.2ju bu Bejected at £1.79; 6.990 bu do at si 67: AUO bu do at £1.61 s 409 ba choice Nevraska at £2A9— clo>lrg firm at |1 A63f for Regular No. 2.. «:OK>—Rece'red, 23,457 bu;snipped.none. Market Quiet, and lower, sales were: 15.0)0 ba No. lat 77C; JAKid bu do at 76c: lACUO bo do at no at 75c; 2.o<.t}boUe|ectcdat6Qv*e; 3.WW on do at 69c; 400 bu do at i9c—cloMng wilb sell era of Ko. 1 at 75XC. OATr—Received.7,(Sooa; eLlpprd.l,oo3 bu. Mar ket dail »td 34C loacr. B«leswero: 1,209 bu No.z at 423*c: bu do at 43c, frean; 1.2-0 bu do, winter at 4lWc;A(oobn do *i 41c—closing wllb »elcra at 493(c. K—Received. AOSO nu; ablpied, 00-. e. Market firm. *alesweie: iCOouNo. 1 at 99c; 1,630 bn do at 98c: idubu do at 97c. iresb; 140}oaN'3. JatWc; 499 ba aiAJc: 400 ha at ir.-c-al; Winter. . _ „ BAKLKY-R*ccmo. bu; ihloped, SS3 Da. UftTkttqultt- fcaleiacr*; 400 bu >0.2 at6Tj»e; 40) biidoatt*.Vc(A-I*.*Co.);4(U boNi».2 »t6sc; bo uo at 63c; 19. bags by san pie at tx: 40u bu do at Xomicrtat II ICA>—Nothing reported. Market nominal at **ytKAXS— Sales were: 19 bags at £303; at lI.SO. 01(0031 CClßS—Mailwtqalet. Sales of 9 cars 4t BA til JFXIS—The marketcontinues quiet, with no rseentui clunee to note Jo pnco. Tne stocks are aa-pic. tnocghoct exceptive, We repeat oar list of quota’lon«,a9j;lows; SaUcnai A. 5 Os. seamless linen fTWg I'nton A, s 60. do Illinois A. 2 bn, do W.OO Com Exchaese S3XO siaiK A. cotton seamless *3.00 LewistcnA. Co 53-W Androscoggin, do M.C3 Amt-rican. oo W.TO Boater mes, co w.oo Pittsfield S, do e«2 pent. iiiils* do 65.00 Fort Pitt, do swg glljo, do ......... 6000 Sato, linen atdcoUon vjW Kldceaood, aod cotton 52.00 bpru gfleld 52.00 Bnrlare. 4 bn, Jso.l 2~.0b&2ic0 Empire City 40 00 lITT I Eil—Hecclred,H.WO tts; shipped, 10,021 ft*. For prime taole totter the demand continues fair, tad ulihctiyenoncuoi such armingtoanpply current Taut*, prices ate »» U »ustaincd and arm at oar quota- Cuss. Common tub and common Crtlu areluanun dad supply, and Mill **piUcb up." and with only a limited inquiry, talcs axe alow, and generally at re duced rate*; . Ctoke l>airy .21 c Good tub SO *<%£* c Common Ttrkln. 10 u. 13 c Prime rlTßln .22 ©2l c CllEfci*E—There 1j t o cnans* to note In tbs gener al iiiatacttr of tho market. Trade c-mlane* el wit and order full stocks dealers are not remarkably Urm in their Cemso I **. We quote: K«w York Factory fp-n"*"*! ftlS C Fact3ry(iainols)..4CfW^P**P*Pfc , .--l5 «lf c Hamburg 13 ©l6 c Western states 13 MI4 c Wtstcrn 15 «is c ** Young America" c i OAts-Tbemarket exhibits a fair degree ol ac tivity and for Soft descriptions prices are fully sus tained and Urm at quotations. Sard Coals are in large mprlJ »nfi easier. We mats no dunce la our qaot*- tlon««ablu»8t Ktre-Urro field *tl.Cfl co UnutDT.-x 1100 CXanuaso—nrlar mu ti.ft) do Mineral Ridge 1403 fio Willow D*n£ 10.00 Oa Term cl . 10JW Ctlpr-e»a 10. W t low-bnrsr... 1?.0j Lump LthU’ U.OteW.'W Lukaa-aua, rtepareo 1-UO Scranton 100 Ptuact Illinois. do co track 6.50** 6.00 Tcnehlnchrny 11.95 COPFEE--The advance in Gold and the fsTorao:© ttnor < t tiasterx Advices tmoatitd a firmer fteltns m the market here, and dealers were realizing ths Cj.- losUe prices: .33^(3»J<C Kjo, cemman to fair 25U335j}c Iho, pocc to pnir e 31 assifc l«lo. P'itvc to choice .93HWS.VC COO »*EU a (»E—The tesrket rales doll, ana prices nrecbmlusl. So tales reported. DRESSED Ptraived, I,CTC; shipped, 1.061. Mamet firmer. Hales were: 15 divldioK r.u 300 seat. ~..^ajo®9-50 38 - •• 200 ft» at 8.1533.15 •M “ jrOftsat-.... JU0*3.43 it ** •• auo asst..... B.jaAi« S 3 •• “ 293 asm BJJA9.W fctiCJS—The market li overstocked, and. inoozh there is a Ulr toqury. salsa are slow at a reduction of Sciromire rcUn;: prices cl yesterday. Dealers wera a'KIDC icaSr, tot sales were mat'ec st i;csl9c,aiUj • proipect of toaJilos 15316 c belore clrhu anon -i.073.mi .1,905,157 S77,{Ht sjscmj . 7V73 FItTJITS AND NUTS-There was a fair de mand to-day forceosral assortments, acd dealers wer*. to most instances, rcalultj; av fnU tale*. Prices are unchanged, and wecorunne to quote; Apple*. ?brl I.emcM, jlesMna Orancn, box Cranbeme?, t>bn Cranbemea, cum rat'd. Cattle. Hogs, SbMD. .. 23 5<3 25* .. 3,033 3.736 431 ..3.451 5.734 919 F|pp,flrnro...- Firs. cartoona Dun Can Peaches, V doz 3 & cans. Apples, new...... Pi aches halve a ana quarters Peaches, pared Blackberries, near, p a Raspberries, new f a Cherries, pitted tlderbemet, P jb Raisin', layers Kalsi&a, Valticla sardites. x boxes bat dines, X boxes SCTS. Almond*,hard-shelled. 32 a 21 Almonds, solt-rbelled 33 9 is fhclled so a S 3 Pe«mu, Wilmington. bn t«»s 4.00 a 4-» SntxiiNnta su a Flloerte 17 a 13 Frerch Walnuts, pew 31 a 23 Naples Walnuts 33 a 34 Pecans, email at d large 23 Q So Hickory A uts, Vbo. 3.00 0 S.SO Cheat nts, «• no 7XO a BXO FlSH—There is little being donc.asyet, in this com mcany.asa<iauiattun«arc uoc 01 much value. Xaa following are tte price* current; Whlteflsh, No.l. fcbrl .36.7*3 7.00 Wh|lo2sh, A’C. 2, X bfl 6AOa 6.75 Tro'.t, No. 1, Jf C«fi 4AO«* 4.73 Trout, No. 2, x brl 4X5» ixo Matkrrel,N'o.l, Vbrl, tew V)A0a10.73 Mat kerb No. S. * nr: 10.CU^XJ3 Mackerel, ftmUy, ¥ U btl 9,«t,« 9X3 Mackerel, extra mesa, F M br1..... UAu^IS.OO Markcrel, extra nv*u. V ut SXOa 3 73 Mackerel, No. 1, kits new 2X&* 3.63 Machete .taunly, Ut* a.v*a 3X5 t.YrtOsh. Bank. «* 100 t>t 7.004 7.50 CcdiUh. George** Bank 7X*«4 B.W Hake 5.00 A 5X5 Hen Inga, cned, No. I. p box 504 S 3 Herrings, sealed GO4 63 Larrmlcr Herrings, P brl 10.n>rMO.V) Libradcr limine*. if brl 5X50 5.53 Norwegian Herrings K’* V brl mK<U iJ*>rwc>;\anncfTlns* t M*a V br (*16.63 RKEA>E-Market Arm. Sales were: £1 tea Xellow at 9>4e: *tea Brown at Htfc. lIKiHW I NEr»—Received, 431 brls; shipped. 331 br>a. Maiketami ana neglected, at £c for Bonded, and 17-C t.r Free. HOl'S—Are*elltngat CdaOcfar £utern,and S&a COcior e»iem. HAY-PTCMCd 11*7 1* In talhM llsht •V’Ck. and though thf den and is by n't mean* active, prices are well sunawrd »no comparatively trm at quota tion. Looi-eUay on wagons la in better supply mid caster. Wo repeat onr Bat: Cattle. Hot*. Sheep. 6JJ .... .. 324 1X96 4SS Mi? *i« WUoLESAL* mcu. ! Ttmotbv, roller and beater pttMed fVUAftIIAO \ 'llmothy,Kosepressed ' Piatrlc, beater prertrd 10.0ai3u.00 i nrTAiL i*utcx*. 1 Tlmnhv. roller and beater pressed f 10.50217.50 ‘ llnotTy.loore pressed Hksnats.M . J’ratrle, roller and healer pressed 1 I’ratne, locee on wncon. delivered 13.00314.00 j inuh*-Becwed l 4M»> B»; shipped. 25.45 j ns. 1 Ttw re Is a steady fair demand Cur t>r<mo Hides, and lor such the market ’nlcs firm at full prices. Grubby > Midi-* are taken at otiedbUd off; Or*cn Butcher** 8 a Bvc . Green halted, tiitumcd...... lOHCfillxc nremcair, is am c Op(tnen,ralted 14 <31.1 c .tryFlint.trimmed 17 wisvc my United, trln med liVMih ,c tireet balled, ptrl ettn-d UjtWlO c ' IltdN aNl»*«TEE».—iteruisno visible change to colire In ihe tone of the market »l ce (he date of our lstitcp>tt.auil with moderate stocks prices ato cx ci'iiiliigl) firm. Wo quotes , t'oTctiirii liar MfQ Rye : {ort-eShou Iren fl*® 7' k c tm-ynaid 6 r-t sue loop and Llcht baud c < touid and Square &v(3 9Xo Ivnl sV't 6QO Half Oval and Ila f Routd 5 «« five Sl.t-el I ton. common 7 , 1 1 3.... c Estm ilrnnds 7y(-4....c Huel Iron, galvanized. is t«£l c Him Iron, charcoal, 36 ... 1>k0....c tlicet Iron, Jutlaia. 36. c N< raayNml lt:d* U uMVc Blow bim, (Wmian u (411 c Flow htcei, cast 17 mIS e Jn-rlmr at d 1 Ire Steel.EnclHh l.’Vi-tIS c Irol i ast Steel, ordinary sizes 38 m:U 0 Tool CRM 81* *l, American ..31 C blistered Steel 3) «ui) *♦ liuial*, Nos. 9 and 16 33 «>> <* Kuola, Am., 1U quality, b.ll (.41H c Russia, Am., l»t quality, V sheet (.sl3 c Russia, Aiu..Vd quality. Rsheet.,.. wpi c I.K-VT'llE'C—Ttin market la quiet with prices Una «t>d unchaegtd. Theewcka are luprorlug. tVecon* tioue to quote. utiaocK. City Harrcu IP (slaughter, Baf. » ...f 59® 40 lalo sole | 40.3 43 reentry Harness. "4» 361 Slaugnter, Sole, blue, ?- a 4Jia 44 Chicago No. 1. 40i3 12 Kip, mtcinm. V I SHnghtcr, Sole, a usatJO Chicago N 0.3.. 313 :r* Calf. V a Uneaoi Ayid.... 33-3 40 I'pper, V- fc0t..... 3U.-C Si | Orinoco bole 37<$ :M Country Urpor. .. Collar V foot Zid 341 damaged 31Q 32 OAK. SNughfcr. 501 e... 53® 5t French Calf. 31 liari;ej-s, * a 4i’« 46 as 2.103 2.23 Cppcr Kip, No. 1. ms- B>< 3.0933.10 dlum ...MOftl.SO FrenrhCalf,Lc Ktp No. 1. molncs. per heavy S3@UO doz 83.03390.00 Uj.llUElt—There was a (atr Inquiry today, and ttic-B wcreiUuu vVecguttaaeto quoU; rvnEE—First Clear. 1, IX. l>f a;C2lLcb, V m Second Clear. 1, 53.iM 4G0.n0 Tbuo Clear. Itxu 50JX)i5i.0O Fust and Second Clear Fl-orlne, to* nether, rrugb, the same as Second Clear wide 50.033j3.00 Common Flml- c.rotißb 33.W4r7.ul Matched ai.d Dressed Common Fleering. 40.00ji3.02 Mau-htd and Uresiol 8 Inch Common Flooring 36.(0335.02 Tim acd Second Clear Sldiae, CoKCtlicr.. 52.0a4-li.oo FiretCnnmjr. tirciied M-uug 3k003352X) Wag in-Eox Coarcs, select, 13 Inch and Upwards 53.M21h03 A Mock B arils, 13 Inch‘S 39.01.4:17.00 It Stock Boards, M Inche« 30.00^37.10 Coamou BoanM. JoWs. scanlllug. Free mg, and small Timber. 12 to 13 Ket long 21JW422.W .Touts ami Mantling, IS. SC. 32 and 34 Hut. 38^d$'U.00 Joutsatd Scantling 23.C0 SmsuLEs—A or star Shaved Shingles 4.50 A or Star sawed Shlagles 5.03:5 5.50 No.l >awen Sctneiea Latu—Berm in yards 5.00 By car-load by Northwestern Uallr.-ad. delivered in any 3 ard where cam can oe switched.orarydetot, Acr -tar saw ed SblncU*, bycvr-load,on track....... 4.50 A or Star Shaved Shlaglcs, by car-toao. cd track AT)® 4.ui NV. 1 Sawed Shmglce, by car-load, on track 4.53 Three collars a car-load add'd when traosfeired. which charge follows the Shlngie* la freight bill. sin MILK STANPAUb. Thlcktcss-Flvc Shingles to be two Iflcbei la thick ; .emrtb—Sixteen Inches. lands—l wcoty toebes. • Courses—Twcnty-ave. • METUhS aSI> TINNER I ** HTOCK.—The n arkvt presents no new fcniures. aside from tb jse pre viously noted. Tin Flats i« flrm, and prices are qnUab.y unchanged. We quote: ir\. | ZTTC. Fox Tin Flaw, IC llstqnallty,ca*k.. lt}f Uijl« £14.50 I i*t otiallty, sheet it large I*n p f>7|bUb 14 Small Figs...., 88 BonaiTWiiuc. ; Karlin.. 39|tto6 U . copfec. .".Sanaa ...12 ; MctalUr AF 801t5... S3l Wand U .13 1 Coprer Bottom 35ti2 ....14 ■ llrnzbracTi-r lote.. tdtisand 14 .........15 Sheet, 14 tv 16 oz 45 115 and 16 16 Tinnings 1(3|17 17 , Baunn beta:. IX9 .13 Ist quality SO) 19 .21 Antimony So I so .22 Fire bolder so I Fence Wire 10 NAH.!*—'Trade continue* steady, ondld-akra ate very firm In their vhw* at the annexed quotations: Od keg *7.05 ?J £3.25 Sc 7^513d. fine b!ued 9.25 Cd. 7A012d. fine blied. 10.95 4d 7.75 Cut Spikes. 7^3 Sd 8.251 Clinched Net 2AO Ol general market Is firm with a fair de menti at the prices given below ; ÜBM-edOll LtniMd Oil, boiled 1,60^1.65 olive oil «LSJ whale 0i1,W.8 I^fo<l.» Lard Oil, extra 1.15&5.20 Lard 08. N«. f Winter l.lOicl.tS .aid Oil, jo, 2 Winter.................. LCS^t.lO lank OU, roafid lots I.IV^I.TO Bank Oil. Straits 1.3*31.25 s!scblne Oil 63&1.U0 Sperm Oil, W. It _.Gtl-5S L’lDricatingOn SVd.OO Ca KIXoN OIL—Is Id fMr request, and steady and trm at 49®31c. ne quoted below: CaThvo, Vcar 10ad................................ ®I3C Carbon, small lets.... (251 e Benzole AOgtle 5&71ir1» Fork and 98,460 bs lArd; shipped, 615.653 S>» CarcdMeats.SSfibrU fiecLt;. oris Pork, and 48,119 as 3lra«s Pork—ilsrket frm. Sales were: ICO brii at £19.00; £sbris »t £ttnS7sf; KO br:sM. O. at £lB 50. Sweet Plculcd Uanta—Sales were: 100 tes at like. fitenr Pork—Sales were: S 3 brls at £39,00. Komp«—Sales were: 80 bris on private terms. Hoik Meats—Market flrm. Sales were: 40.100 &b Shoulder* at 7*c lco»e; 1D0,(M) As Hams on private terms, supposed to be lOSfc loose. Lard—Market arm bat aatet. Sales were: SO3 Uca Steam at 12*40. buyer 31 *rch; ACC tres do at J2c cash. Fipa were: 19 brls at £13.33. S^LfiAKf*—Business In this department or trade wo* reasonably active, and prices were without essen tUt coarse. WeconUonetoqDtite: Cuba...... - .MMSUHC Itrto Riro ....WKtailfce N Y. Refined, Powdered and Granulated...lG*3U c white A Circle A IJ.VSU.Yc White B 15JIC415KC Extra *5 »\SHC Yellow 13J4ei3' 4 C U Oxnard C. extra HYt4i> c New Oilcan* prime U%tais c New Orleans ulr UL^llYc ?• Vli U PS—There was cnly a moderate Inquiry, aid brios were steady. Wcqoote: . _ . Boston Amber * .fLSfcjUfi NewYcrk Syrups 611,41.15 Yellow Drips lA&aL» Cuba M01attci................................. 7V«» 85 Frrto Kie0..... ® Keworlcatt 92*1-95 Fhlladeli'bla Bte Hive , Chicago Refinery, Amber... LQ*2l.i3 Chicago Reflnrry,Golden KVA 90 ChwatoßcflnfTy,Sugar Goose .*A .50 MlUt AND SAI,E«ATRS—Trade Is steady, and t-nett are firm. VVe repeat qrotanoai: Dabbiu'i Medicinal •• Pure V*aUXc Ddaca’s Chemical c - Healthy URatUkc “ rure..:. .11H®XXYC SALT—Received/rone; shipped, a«i bru. Tno tnaiket is quiet, and without change la pricer. We Sncc _ 3U3 llronnd Alum £3.10&2.XS Gionno Solar 2.65 Tmk’staU£d,bAgS - 230 Dairy, with tack*...,......................... JaJ Dairy withoutsacks « « ®-‘ 3 SEED:*—Received, 194.45 A b»: ih1pped,27.643 tts. Tie morxetwa* dull, and prices were a shade ea«ter on Timothy and Clover. Sales were a» follows: Ttv* mnT—ICO bars at £3.15: 5 bar* at £3.10; 70 bars at £:.30: Cu>Ttp-9 bogs at 18.75; FLax-0 bags poor q-E^iS—'There was a fair movement In the market tc-oay. and prices were firmly maintained. We con tuse to quote: _ _ . Young Ilyscs. snoerlor to fine. ?* D £i.2T(^L53 3*ont.gHy»nn.«*tr*t«tbolee, ¥ ta I.7»AtA9 superior to fine, £» » LliaLGO iracenal.extra to tnolcv. ¥ a superior to fine, i» & 1.Uai.60 Gunpowder, extra to choice, P » LSs.*2.oa Japan, natural leaf, fine tj extra floe, p a... 1.03L15 Japan. oaturaUenC fine to choice, £) & l-.jbcil.43 Japan, natural ItaL colored. S* a 15541.10 TA LLOW—Hecelved,6A3o Si: shipped. 97.4U88. ! MarKctdcll. Sale* were; 10 bill Country »t9tfc. I TOBACCO—Tnerelanomatenal Improvementt9 rcte in the dimand, though tbe general ftellagU firm er. and the little btisg dune Is generally at foil rates. We quote: nSBCFT OBSWTSO. Fxtra 9)^9ac Choice J00@1.151 Common 33^75e ! S3SOS3SC tobacco. : Vlrglcla’a Favor- .. I Medmm.... Jlft2se I ip. 031 common 6tema....Uuink Choice 350SPCI ' Ptrn TonAcro. I LovalCttlren.... 73<a93c | Medinm-. 73373 c ' FuaerisDeligbC 7t*.»73c Common J>Q,37C< * Natural U*f....£Llo<aLsol Navies S&.irx , Ba f Enfibt SUtiLCf 1 Virginia US* aa..MA6O< 6 Chotceb’ksoand 73igiS'c I Flounders.. 7228C< \v< 1 on—Remains quiet, with prices steady anc * anttrt. as fo!liw«: 1 yiapie. F core, delivered tt2.33%13.0l * Staple, F cord, in yard, UA3AI2JX , Bocch. Fcord,delivered..... 04901 ; TVech. Front. In yard « S.O ; HSckcry. V cord. ; \\OoL—Received. 65,790 as; shipped, 43,157 as * Marvctsmadv.aQiinncesarcanQaangea. Av. Price, ...SOS £7.43 ...307 7.30 ...199 6AO ...478 aa> .‘497 7.23 .203 6.63 .417 6 JSi .109 0.30 ..159 6.25 ~VJB 7.00 ..m 7.i9 ..181 6 CO ..174 6.99 ..197 7.UJf ..277 7.39 .333 7.63 ..213 633 ~W| 7.19 ..183 7.09 ..170 633 14.00 6J3fO SJJI OtZ£S FBCIVS. . - 13.01 <*31.00 iaim> rxrrjß, :i 9 a S) ra si 25 & M la a i.n 10 & 13 16 a 79 W 9 45 31 9 SI (6 S 68 63 a 6$ is ® is 473 a 4-» is a is 20 Q 21 S 3 a *J ■Business (Satins. Q.EaT, HA.TTEH & CO, Wholesale Comtuistitai HsreSuma, Moi CO Qlo&aa*Bt>f B£«ee&Va &«aw) DBSVHa, OULOB&BO. Neto |3u!jlications. jy-AbtiACHUbETTS IN THE REBELLION. A RECORD OF THE Position of the Commonwealth, And tbe Berners cf tbe LEADING STATESMEN. THE MILITARY, THE COLLEGES, AND TBS PfiOPUt, In the CrVIX-. WAE OF 1861-65. By p. c. HXADLxr.fwtbor ol “Josephine,” etc. This important publication has been prepared with tbe utmost care, sad w lll be pronounced Incomparably tbe most Talasbie local contribatloo to tbe history oi tbe Rebellion vet publish'd. Its interest to ererysoc or daughter of Mu«achc.*etU, nr.laaeod, of New £og* land, cannot be exaggerated. It contains Eiebt Steel-Butte EturraTinc*, Including lik'tnsaes ot TdiUrV-rWO emit, eat drll* l«n» and military men, linns a* <1 deceased, ptlcc, It cloth. jl &0; c bt e., fLhO; batf calf. 17JO. PUBLISHED BY SUBSCRIPTION. Copies sect by mall, po- tacep»td,on receipt of price. GEO. C. B&3TD & AVERT, Publishers. BOSTON, MASS, ry A-rnta wantedeverywhere. Address GEO. & C. W. SHERWOOD, 10H Madtsoa-st.. Calcaro, Gcrcral Aceata for tbe west. sE2=U)i(c 21 cab. QLDAST WHITE LEAD And Oil Establishment in the Missis sippi Taller. //& gmaiisasD v\ - 1837. g| |Q § % m^js/ CHARLES K. VICKERS, Secretary. THOMAS. UICUESON, President. COLLIER CO.’S MANUFACTURES FOB BALK DT FULLER, FINCH * FULLER, BURNHAMS & VAN BCUAACK, .1. H. HEED A CO n And all Wholesale Druggists. gtoagne's ©intment. TTfUY SUFFER WITH THE ITCH, WEES A. SURE ASD SPEEDY CURE Is warranted by the use ot Swayne’s Ointment. Try U, yo AUllcUdl Sold by all Druc»l»t». Wholesale by mmsuAiid & van sceaack. ffgrtncrsljip. *Vt OTICE.— The copartnership ol GILLETTE. WATbOX * CO. I« dissolved by mutual consent, to dale from Feb. a, 1867. , HoraceC. Ulrclto. Janus E. Auen nod M.irttn P. Fullelt. haUne purrhurd James L. Woi*matnter«*st Id the stork non a*soU of said firm, wiu cootmuo we Hoot ami Shoe Jobbing trade at the old Hand, t*- 40 XjAKB-ST., Under the arm name ol GILLETTE, AIKEN & FOLLETT. .7AMES L. TTATSON. having purchased the Manil la) luring Departs eut, will continue to manufacture cur wdMtown cutlom-n.ado gooes, til thcold b*c tory. Nos. ».*>«, .T.TSnml.lttO North ClnrU-wt. SJT Orders soJKUed. HORACE C. GILLETTE, * JA.MKH 1.. WATMIS, JA.MKS K. AINKN. MAUI IX P. FOLLBTT. General Notices. ■HEARBO UN *IS T. LAUNDRY No. 14.-C5, Is now open, and ready to do #ll werk In their line at lb? S'lortcsl tottce, and In go.-d style. ..-{financial At)M AAA —TWENTY THOU- SAND DOLLAUS TO LO\N On unincumbered Real Estate. ’ Apply to 1). a. PRIDE. Room 45 Lombard Block. Cjlcsco. /CHICAGO & CINCINNATI RAIL- V ) ROAD BONDS.—TriII be BOid at public auction, by'JOSl PH BENSQAW. Attbe hiercbanta* ExcUansc ReadingUootn, in Boston. <ins<m»o **nuirday, tiarcb lid, lisCT. at 12V o’clsrck p. ra * (190,000 of the first mortgage 7 per cent bonds of the Chicago A Cincinnati Kaur-iad Coxpaay, with the ccupots since October, idOO, inciastvc, uttoched. lhf said bones ate as collateral lot the notes ol said Company, and will be sold for me non-payment thereof The line of the road upon which s»ld bondsarcse* cured is from Loganspcrt to Valparaiso, to the State ol Indiana,and now tome a consid.tarila part of the Important linttoowa as the ••Chicago & Great Exit eri Bxcroad." . .. .. The secantles may be examined on aupllsatlonto the auctioneer. The isle to be strietiy f-r e*sh. and the parches* rs will be required io pay to the auction eer, five per cent cn the amsont of tbtlr bids, as ear nest the tlz_c of sole, and the batacco within three day# therc&ttcr. Scales. EiIRBAKIis 1 fST A STANDARD A(*i. SCALESjLij OP ALL SIZES. FAIRBANKS, GREEN LEAF & 'wSap 22G & 2*AS> Lake-atM Chicago. *~- T - H ILL’S HAIR DVE— SO Cents—Black or Brown—lmtanlancons. natura’. datable, besntUnl. The best ami cheapest In use. Contains as much u as any dndar size. ULLI. S ARCTIC, or ALL UEALING OINTMENT, reliable lor ceowst ointment nnipeses. Depot 66 Jotm-st, NewTorlc. bold by aL drasrplfts. T>ATCHELOR’S HAIR DVR “*Tnis splendid Hair Dye is the best Intheworld. narc-iees. reliable. lciU&t«neons: the only Perfect Dvc. No dlsappolctirent. No rldlcolons tints, bnt iroe to nature. Genuine slcred WILLIAM A. bati.ll - Sold oy Droeglstt and t*erfacers. Factory, jet New York. s£aUrtiafc2 # A I' RIVAL ASD DEPARTURE OP ±\. TRUSS. Winter Arrangement. CntCAGO AKD SORTtTWttTXRX HAILBQAP—COTOCIL jtLrrrs asp oxaua lu«e— depot nobtu wells gutter. , . . T cave. Arrive. OnahaFast TJcc........ *B;lja.m. *7:2op.m. OmahaNicbl Express... 7:30p.m. 50:00a. m. Dixon Pasß«Uß ,ir -ho Op. m. li:10a. m. TBEEPOPTUNB. Precportl*aseecffer... .. *lo:oop.ra. *3:loa.m. Freeport Paasefaffer. *fl:oda. m. *3:40 p. m. Rockiord, Elgin, Fox Kiverand State Line... *«:00p. o. *11:10*. m. Geneva and Elffin Fas ecncer.... *s:3op.m. *9:15 a.m. wi-cosmk prrtstoK—depot coukiu op casal AKP EDtriE STBEIT. __ Day Express.. *ftoot.m. *&3op.m. KltfhtExpiess *4:^op.m. **l3a.m. Janesville Accotrmod n. *5:30 p.m. *2:35 o. tu. Woodstock Accomtnoo’n .TiKip.m. *0:20 a. m. lULWAVKXn DIVISION—DKPOT COUSSB OP CANAL akd KtNzm snicrr. Day Erptes?.- ... fcOOa.xn. 12:00 m. UofCtilL, Calvary and Evanston 1:30 p.m. 3:10p.m. Nicht Express 4:oup.m, S:oup.m. Kenosha Accommod’n-.. 4:40p.m. ft 15a.m. Waukccac Accommod'n. 5:30 p. m. 8:36 a. m. Kil*aukre Accommod'n. 11:45p.m. 5:30a. m Gxo. L. Dcnlap, Grn'l Saj>'t. B, F. Patrick. General Passenger Affect. 1 KICEI6AH CXKTSAw HaiikCA-/—t’AHU fOdf orla** arwat. Borelaz Express "ajSp.c. , Day Express *»:uca-m. l— ' srcn'jg Exptwi -Ji;Sjp.c;.:'liuOß. n. Ifjcht Srprcarf l*ftL» p. sa. fcJhC civcatnati *>:;> soertvats tbain;. ; Kominc fixprcet *7:0: •. c- *uj:as s. n. , jSU'bl ixrreey j&UOp.r:. ♦11:01:p.m. ukhicaf ecrrshLS asp aes tseesa uwa—ua* mt conriß tak nuiicx Ayr sbvsvax *cLa:.c ners. 1 M-n •4:136.22. *5:55 5.2:. vfj Fxpress *2* S. a. V,V^ 7 * E Sew \otk 2rpi<*B.. ~ ££ P- a, t««C £ Night Espies; rifcWr. S 5. *6.%a. m tsxs.vo:? ntss. Pall *4:45 0.3. tfta.3, e. Sicbt art-rat fiWKp.n, * primuses, year pass* and okicacc. W«il *V:Wft.3. fcvO A.Rt* - b. 7:10 p. n Bxnro** .. •i’CtOOp.m. 11:00 r. 3 rliCfCln OWTP AL. _ . Day Passtjmpr.. a. 3. *1£.30 P» 3. Night Passenger......... jUkOUp.m* Acco=Jaod*b. •■»:CSp.D. •s? Hvie Park ana Oak Wood *6:50 a. r*. »• —■ .» ♦* nsiop.m. ■**» 3. as* « •» ♦* .... *7s.MJp.n u *i::cp,m. u ♦» »» *s;Ssp.n. *7:505,3 omcA6o. ypaaaiascs akp cprww. Day Exrte*«and Ma 11... *2t«*a.n. *ftoop. n. f,alCßburePnw«nger.. • *3:ooP*®. Aurora *fcWp.m. *00,8,2- KJcti Bxpreas sl2.oodd’ht t^:soa. n, owxcAtK* ca* rr. ton*. a _ _ E-xpceca and Mai 1....... S*osa,n. «pr.ra. Kirtrißxprtss 5:15 p, a. RW a. n Jofiet end ■WUnUifftca _ _ AccommodadoD p. s. n. CSI-AASC AKi* BSRA7 XISTaW—(tA*S UpOKSAC Am AIST)—VZIWAVXIS BATIBOAP mffOT, COP. casal ast» jeara* trassw. _ Day Express...lifcss p. 3, SShtSSroae. ftOCp.a. 3:50 p. 3. 1 rcu 2TUUSAPOUJ. lOKnuiAApa rot-aspiri, Etv Express 6:30 a. 3 lftss p. ss. CA'uabua Errs*:..... , 6:30 a. n. 10:53 p. 3. . .... fcoop.n. 6doaa Lansing Ataotaaiodatlcft a. wtWa.n, * 11 5:255. C- KUO D. SL = fcf»2CAOO, SOCSISLASDASPPACiytCTIAJT.TtOAP. raySzprsseandiiall..- »*oCa.ra. *5.30p.n. Illchi Express 12:00 p a- *5:45 a. & Jolla Accomnodancn.. 4:40 p.m. *!c4o s. n. •Sunday cxcented. (Monday exempted, jSAmrday •“'i 1 ? 0 - .... aswpvw. * mflOJt STOCK TABD THE TABLE. Leave Madison Street. Leave Stock Yards. &3U mm. 7:11) 8:30 .....a. tn. D;10 a. m. 10:00 a. xn. 11:30 A-m. liSO p.m. i£o p.m. 3:20 p.m. 4:00 P.m* 4:45 p.m. S ‘.ASS SJTITDAT TRALS'B. _ &Sb A.m.l a-cu 10:20 A. mu 111:15 “• «♦ 12:30 P.m- £*»• p.m, I «U •»•.«* The followmc Is tbe new table for toei and departure ot mall? from tbe <tocaeo Po-t Office for the winter, and now Jn lorn:. KAILS CLOSE. T. O. CHICAGO, tl~* *: ?’ P ittL.,.i!ich. South. R. R / liio ** k * k *• .... 5t05 *••• * k “ 11:00 m lAlth. Central R.R.. .... 12. CG ■ **** ** .. 6:00 2:00....F1it5. & PLWayne 14:» “’1 &15.... M “ 7:10 ***. taon m u “ * .. &uo itoo I i»*’uo 4:80 ...Great Eastern R. R.. &i 0 10:00 ■ x£ToO +:;df>....Ncw Albany & Salem Sr2o n;00 f-no 7:45....Ga1ena Kailread 3:10 3:40 12:00 «:00....DlxonAlr line 6:00 7:2* 12:00 &uO....Rocklslanil KnOroad 5:45 5:30. 12:00 fe;00....C.,8.& Quincy U- B. &i 0 ffioo....Northwciiernß.R.. 8t» WQ | &C 0 3:«....Kf1v-aakoe Railroad. U:3O &3c ! 12:CO 7:45....min015Ccn1ra)8.8. £OO Wjf : 15:00 P . • SpccMLNoticcs. UelmbnitVa Baclia Gltps hcattb and vlgor'tb me inas and nlooa u die pallid cbe-fc. Debility 1s accorupani’d by many a sns* tcjr symptoms, and'if dp treat meet la submitted tc. cone umpitoc. insanity. of catlepJc uU ensue. • • Div James* Formerly cl Jamei’Lxt Hospital, Custom Homs-st., New Oilcans, for tbe lost Mxyeara iscated m Chicago, and known tbroughtut the countrysslhe most sac ceialo) SpicxaUst extant in the treatment ot BTC3- ilu, SracKATOEBcoLA, and all diseases, can be can tolled at Us cffice and psrlots, 91 atj(l 03 Baa dolph-«, corntr ol Dearborn, nearly opposite bis ola office, from ■» a.m.toSp.m. P. O. 80x'690, Cbl- CS(O, 111. Enfeebled and Scllcuim Cl both* “tlmboWs Ettnct Baris. It will sire omt aid e.eicvilt feednga and enaoie yon to s.eap web. Tlie Glory of .nan 1» Strength, Therefnre, The nerrenJ and debilitated should Imme diately me Helm bo Id’s Extract Dneno. nr. Inonuon. Proprietor of tbe Medical and dome*; Institute, 17& South Ciarx-IL, has tieated a. 5 tsnes of T'oerul dis ease sUbunprecadtttedsaccese titnuartytirtyTear*. SpcrmitorrhiEa and impotence treated with tbe happi est results. Particulars of the Institute and thcGiildc mailed tree to any address. P. O. Bos 72, Chlcaec. ItUreie. Shattered ConaUtnUons lestored by Helmoold’s Extract Bncba. Uelmboid’s Fluid Extract Buctm Is pleasant In taste and odor, free from alt injurious properties, and immediate la ita action. Ber»nttfol flair. Chevaliers Lite tor the Heir positively restores gray hair u> its eminal color asdyouthliil t»*anty;i:nparis life and strength to the weakest hair, stops its tilling oat atocce; Keeps the head cieaa; !•» unparalleled asa hair dressing, fold hy all eiaislsts awl fashionable hair dressers, aad at my cClce. No. 113 J. Kroadway, N. Y. SARAS A. CHEV'AULB. M. D. A Beady and </Oxic2u»lreTest Of the srcperlK* of flelnh'.'M i Flnl I (extract Baehu ■will he a comparison with those mjl iorth In the United Males Dispec»atory. Pisnnnod and Yomiiftxl Vigor Am egalncdby HelmbohTa Extra Bachn. Dr, Bigelow, Raving the confldinceof the pnude and the medical fico.ty at large, is the xen reliable physician in me city for chronic mrvom mart s-xnal diseases. Call at bis office, 179 South ciark-sh- corner of Monroe. Booms separate. Contn'tailon free. P.0.80x 151. His guide to health* puhiished monthly, sent free to aa; adcreas. Take no more Unpleasant and Unsafe Remedies for nnpieaaaat acd <U:sr?rotia diseiits. Use T Mabo!d‘B Estwt Bcctm »nd Inprorca Ro«e yuti. agricultural Implements. pRAiKLE STATE COHISr SHELLEE. We arc cow cxtnirltoly cr cared to the w.anufactura of Core Shellers, Hard Sbellrra, Uvid-Fewllnc and Self* hcedlnc Two nnd Folc Hole Power Sheder?. One, Two and Four Hone Powers. The above e ut rritrrm« a Four Hole Oeared Sbellex with Packer, Sell Fodder, nml Exlectloo Cob Carrier. It stalls, cleans and sorts with one operation, anc. has a capacity cl one thousand bnsbeis per day, and 1* es pecially adapted to the wanu of warehousemen and extensive com rruwer*. For furtlicriniomatioa send lordescrlptl re circular. UILLMAM&CO.. _ JoUel CL ©ccan Steamers. pONDON AND NEW YORK Steamship Line. Passage to l.oidotvorßmt,fUC, t*s,aal{3o,car* rrrey. Excursion ticket* nr reduced rates, available Ibr six Ceils.' ’ Cajd. Gleadell, from N**« York. March ttth. Wn..rean, (■pj'T.HHUaire, fMtnNeW York. M *rrlt XL At&lfttia. c#pt. HakhAPn. tro-n New York, Aprl fith. Bciiona, Cnnt, HU.-D.trjm X*w Tint, April ;U-h. The VrttlMi Iron Stennuhip CePa win leave l*J> r No. S. North Hiver. New York, for 1/indoo. canine at Brett cnßatnrdav, March 9tb. . ‘ . Until furtnvr i ot-cr. all the -Reamers oi thla Line will call at Uf OK to laud pa**en«ers. Baggage coeck-d. aid UckfiH emit through by rail to Paris, at 35 per cent tats than regular rate*. . . Freight will be when and threugh Mils ol lading e ,v«ii to Havre. Antwerp. Itotterdam, Auisletdam ana apply to CIIAS. A. WHITNEY, B.o.dMr.A.w Vorlt,cr t. M , WAnmcK . At D»-*rbort-st., Chicago. For Freight apply at 51 S iuth-»v,New York. ** HuwLAXH A AMTXIVALU Agon‘». C'J EiJI TO I.IVEKPOOL, &C., CALLING AT QUEENSTOWN, Frtm Pipr 43» North Utvcr, New Yorli. car rying Untied s»iaiew ,tiiu<s, iwwaw maiE, line i EVERY SATURDAY (mall iteaxer), EVERY WEDNESDAY (extra steamer). Cabins, (SO to J no. To London. (5 extra. To rails, with privilege ol stopping m Liverpool and London. ItUcatia—*d in g< m. RETURN TICKETS, COOT) TILL USED, AT RE DUCED KATEs. Handbills on application. Cabin pin* oa view, and berths or rooms secured on application at Western Agency. 5! DwtaaHU. Chicago. ffM. INMAN. Uverpcol CTEAAISHJP GR KAT EASTERN, JO CARRYING TUB UNITED STATES MAILp. air Jam*jAMjkit<*'S. Comta.Ld r. The Trench "Ccmpany ».( Chancre:#" of the GRE\I EaSiKUN. having provided tn» shin wish new boilers, tna thoroukh v reuited uo<> h*r la everj department, with sncclal retercace to this sendee, will run her regularly between Ntw York aid U:est, at Joi LKATIXO SEW TOCK. tEaTISQ lIBBJT. Tufioaj., A Pit’ 9 Saturday April 3T Tturedsv May 16 Tu-sday linnet Satunlsj -lU'e*2 Thursday July 11 Tuesday Jay so Saturday Aug. 31 Thntfdai S'pt. 11 Tu sitay oct.l Sainroav Oct.J9 Thurs-Jay Nor. t NL\T VOKK to LIVERPOOL, Toesday, N0r.36, tak- Icc on.y fi st class passengers. rates tn sold, or its equivalent. ?118, fU3, flOO—according to loca tion room. Itrkets tor the home passage lamed at a redaction of *:o to pa*senctrs returctng previous to AaruJt. I’^scfcets ran be furnli"ed *>n board wltn railroad tlcse sfrcm Brest to Paris at theruuret rateot $1( 59 for flt*t-c;ais and tor secosd class, betre * red'ic ticn oj 23 percent oi irgnlar rates. Twenty cubic f&et of Csceaj;i* a U wed to each passmeer. Litters ol croclt issnoa tor Ergload and the Conti* C “ l - ICr * W, *S.T.S. FAKGO 4 Cn. 1*093826 Accuts. No. **•! tiroadway. For furlhci Information apply ti the Ameilcai and United stales Expreis Co.'s, at thtir various seenflta. i3topos3is OTjAUTEUMASTEK GKXfiRAL'S OFFICE. WashisotoN, D. C., Feb. 22, POSTPONEMENT OF OPhNPG OF DIPS FOR ARMY TRANSPORTATION. The time for the opcnocoi me projosilafor Army Transportation, tawed by from ln‘.» offlre of January 15. 18(H. Is hereby fitoudid to 12 m. of Thursday, the Tlh day of March, 18 i 7. B> ordif of the Quarter maitcr General. „ ALEXANDER DLIS9. Bvt. Col. acd Aset. Quartermaster, If. 8. A. PUOI’OSALS i?*OU AK3IY TKANa- POUTATION. QUACrKSSIAJTKB tfEXBUVS OTFTCK. { WAamxoTOS, D. January 13,1357. J SEALEDPROPOSALS wnl b* recelrwlat thiaomcc call! 17 o'clock Ob the «th el FCaruary, 1957. frl the traosprrtation of Military Supplies anrloc the year cotnmencite April l, and ending March SI, is&S or the toilowlnc motw: hODIE >O. 1. From Fort McPhemn, Nebraska Territory, or inch pouts 6a may b« determined upon oarlur the year oc the Omaha branch cf the Union pactllc R«i road, west ofFen McPherson, or tram Fort Laramis Dakota Te rritory, to such posts or d«r ta as are now or cay be es tablished m the Territory cf N«*pra*'*, w-*6 of lorai indc 103 decrees. In the territory of Mtnutu, loath cf latltade -JO degtM*. In the Territory of Dakota. w«sc a Icncttnde 10J atcrees. In the Territory of Idaco. south of latuarte 44 degrrcs.and east of IjocltndelU d**reea. and in ibeTenncrtesof Utah acd Colorado n*>rth cl latitude 49 otgrecs, indndlnc. U necessary, Denver CUI * ROUTE No. ?. Frees Fort Riley. Suite oi Kinvic, cr JQih points &t '■ may be rtttera in*d upon doing the yerirtn tn* Union i**ciCc Railtout, K. u., to any poet* or depots that ate tow yr :r ay br. o*tiMlsliM la the Susie of Kaa**s cr to ttcTcmtory of Coloraa s south of latitude to dc* crrts*roilli, audio Fori Union, New Mexico, cr other cepottbnt cr»yt)carr.£nrfalo that Territory, and l c any otter pemt or point* ot the ronta. _ ROUTE No. 3. From Frrt union cr each oth»*r depot as may b t'.tv'.PiUrt la the Territory of Now Mexico, v* aa port* or stations that are, or may bo establishes! tc that Territory, ard to »uch posti or fUdon* as may be distrusted InlLc Territory ol Arizona, and ta the state cf Texas trees criotciraae laj degrees. ROUTE No. 4. _ From fct. Paul, VlDßisota, to such poiuas are new cr maybecstatltfoed to tne Mate ot .Minnesota, and latbavpojUoaof yafeota Territory tyine eastoi the i-jlMonrl Rmr. Ttc weight ta be rransperted dartre th-i rear will cat exceed on Rente No. I,3ojro,(KM pontd*: on Rout* Nc.S.SO.CQO/Wpomi&ion Route N 0.3. pounds, and on Itonte No. 4. 3J00.000 pounds. Proposal, wui be mace tor each rente separately. Hidden will Hate tba rate per lUO pounds pt 190 cllts, at which they wid Uaa»pjrlth-i stores In each monfhoftb*ye*r,pezicclC7 April Ist, ISo>, and cod* ln« March SUUsfis. Hidden should zive tnelr names in lull, 83 weG ax thflr place* cfrealaence. and each proposal snonld be accompanied by a bond in menus ot ten thousand itlGXuO) dollars. staaeuby two or mere teioct»ihte per* sots, ecarauteetnethat tn case a contract is awarded for the route mentioned in tne prapoeai to the party Kttlstr. the contract •111 t>e accepted and entered and rood aad sofflctcAt security rnmimtad by said party in accordance with the terms of this adrer nsement. The contractor win be recuun, to five bonds tc the fdlOWl'C amCQOts; On t-onte Nc. t, fisaooo oa Route No. vf, SOU.OCO. On Rente No. 3, 100,OX). „On Route No. 4. WhOOC. . . __ Satisfactory enderce of tae loyalty and so rcacy cl each binder and person offered u security wiU oe re* Qsued. Proposals must be endorsed “Proposals tor Army Transportation on Rente No. 1,2.3, or 4, *»e the cate nay be. and nene will be entertained nclns they fnuy comply with the requirements cf this advertise* cent. The party to whom an award Is made nut be pre pared to execute the coitratt at owe, ana to sire the rcqnucd bonds tor the tolUdnl pexioncaace of tne con* The rieht to reject any and an bids that may be i offered la restrsen. Ihe contractor cneach route an»t be la retuUoesa tor texrice by tn« tat cay ot Apeti. 1367, tad wIU be re* quitett to have a place of bmlneis, or aaeacy. at widen be may be communicated wltnpromptly and readily for Route Ko.l, at Oca£a,>*.T;; Jcr llonteNo.3, a» Frrt luley. Kaasaa; Pir Route >j. S. at Fort union, Kew Mexico; for Koate So 4. at Saint Paul, illnnft* »ot*,orat ascii other n« rroy *a theatartlnr point of tbe terra ebowipK the cocdltiaas ot tbe contract to be entered Into fur each route, can be ha-1 on app i eauen at tbU cffict, or at the office of the Qoartermaa* t«r at Near Tort- Saint Loan, Fort Leavenirertn, Omaha, SantaFeandFortbueulCßvand moit accom* psnT and be a part ot tbe proposal*. By .tCer «. Breret Colonel and Asvt Uoartermuter tJ. b. A. (Eofcernment Sale. 7TOYEHN3IEST SAIE. tSb" pTCp»rty tnowc as the ** GOVERNMENT TAX* KE&TaND BTEAM eatv*flve acres or land, ay SAr* 3 A.NTOSXO. Sealed Proposal#, ib dn jilireie. win pe no to the tu*t oay ol March. sens ot land, intorc orteaa). togetoet . _ ~~ ~~~~ trip* ncet*d trtrtoc. and tne appurtenances appertain* to twelve SSrlltet*'fata,FSTT-IWO WOODEN VATS, pboLS,and capablecf tannin? 15.110 Wdes oerantfin J ONE STEAM SAWMILL capable Sf Swics sS» ftet ct Lumber daily; OSS SMALL kvoSB BGILImSQ. Tbe above property is situated about two miles above tan Antonio, on the aan Antonio River, and the water it conducted to tbe establishment by a race of burn atene laid ta cement. Tbelaadwaa coscasednnd. bsproveineats made by the late, sc-caded Ctoieoerato Gnverumeot, and are estimated to naro ccst 1 150.0XJ in roic. The property tas been under lease nr tha year 1£66, ■lattoDihtywattf ssoo,payable in advance A to cared title in ue staple wtooe given by the D. 9. tier* *lri£vcaalawijl be massed “rtoooaala Jj»f Oorern* maixSnivr «ii s.irauv Brt. M.J, Bin. tot CO=.T , StorSljcUiag’ faceting. -gtECTIOS KOTICE. pU«A«s?ft CjvnMSpn’o (tlCliratlPA f!(l „„„ Firemen’s Insurance Company wui be uciaat uic 'jt of said Company* on TOES DAY. the ath dayol > 'rch,lßK.from3lot o'clock p. m.. tor too election nine Directors fbt the eisnlng year. S. P. WALKER, Secretary. ißebteal.- rjMtL THE HOUR OP SICKNESS COMES, FEW CABS TO Read Anything OK TOS SUBJECT BE DISEASE. In the rear ISIS, the Titter of this article einherited intheDaco Bcscrsss intheclty of Philadelphia, bat * for the mat 13 year* most ofhUtime has been occupied la the manufacture ot the rations Solid and Fluid Ex tract*. The men prominent, and to which hedenrea to call the particular attention of the Faculty and tho Public, are the Extract Pacha and the Extract bans* partita, both of which an highly Uonsoftbe ingredients entering into thslr com posi tion, One bo We cf the Flnld Extract Bochn of Sana parilltU tolly equal la strength to onecalloaotthd tyrep or decoction, aa usually made, and hnndreda ot dragglsta throughout the country hare adopted it la realms their syrup* of this name, and one tabiotncoa fnl, added to a pint ot water, 1s rally equal to ih- cele brated Lisbon Diet Drtnt, so reach csei In former years to parity, enrich the blood, and btauUfj tug complexion. In calling attention to my remMt'S, I wish It distinctly understood that they are not Patent Medicines, recsiof which arc companrded by person* too ignorant to rend a physician's wispiest prcs.rtp tlon,mnchlessecmpetcucto prepares poarcaceu'JcaZ preparations. These persons advertise. This 1 aaa compelled to do to bring my name before the people. In convmallsn on ration* occasions I hare been as tonished at remarks similar to the following, and these made In many eases by persons of no ordlcarr Intelli gence—to wit: that the medicine business is the meat profitable—all that U neecsaary Is to advertise. Thoms amis hare embarked wlthsnch Ideas, and millions hare been expended lo bringing them before the pabllc. Tbo result otsach accamalated errors la that when brought to the test, lacking merit, they hare been short-Ured. Xlow few, of the many thousands embarking. are com pelled to abandon the business m a tkw years. eoUreix banktuptl Lcok back fifty year*, and how tew ha»« bcensncceeifat! Ask the nxosonef their sncqoaa, and you will find my statement. In regard to merit, correct. The Sek’L-ce of Medicine. IU« the Doric column, should itfttd simple, pvre and majfstic, hat ins/act for its bads. Induction for Its pillar, and trurs alone for Its capital. I contend there is no boMnot* reqnlrlnx these qustt flcailon* more. The medicines are breoght in contact with Druggists everywhere. I am also well avara tlcst persons rcaaon tn this mtnn*r—that which may beneO t one may be ot &o advantage to another. How mistaken the Ideal A Diuretic for one, a Diuretic for all. A Narcotic for on**, a Narcotic tor all. A Purgattv* for one, a purgative for all. Just aa much so os wholesoms food for occ !• whole soiae rood (or nil, with no more dJttereace than Uu* soDio constitutions require more than Others, and that persona lo disease an given to despondency—expect ing laauwdayaorweek*. and perhaps with a single hotUeof medicine,tobercstoml to health, (cot to ycoth and beauty. These persona rarely recover, Vrfcine patierce.and fObsldering a few dollarser l't;*isd f<r :rs benefit o! their health a waste cf money. These tame ; ersoesroay have bees yean labreattne don n their c onstltulions, and probably expendeilthou sands cl cr Jars la cicss and dissipation, and think nothing cf it. Snch forget that GOOD HEALTH IS TRUE WEALTH. With upwards of CO.COO recommendatory letters and unsolicited certificates. 1 have never resorted to their publication. In this easel shall, however. append a few remarkMrnsUnr they nay be appreciated. I am to the afflicted and saifcrlcs humaaliy. Their Hample Servant, IL T. HEUJBOLD, MacntsctUTei of lUisabold’i Genuine FreptraUost (From the Philadelphia Lcdccr.l pmbAbstrotA, July 15, 190. Onr esteemed friend and fellow-citizen, Mr. B. X ndmbcld, informs us thathtcontemplates removlna to the city ol New York, with a view ol *c!argmg Ms business. Webxv« been acquainted with him for up wards ol tonycat-.; have been please*! wtthhla lutco*- rltyacd lair dealing, commgaetng (a a email way, his articles most possess merit to Insure the success be bos met with, aid Com car acqualntaecewlta bua caX confidently apeak tbat we do not beiicvo ho is a mas who would wlsb ts Impose on any cn*, much lets tb* afflicted, and read) laoarlotutbaslnws txserlcct> m FuaJverUstngmedtnm we have never bran ot tbe sncceis of any medicine without merit. [From the Phil idcJphla Bvenlaeßsr.cUn ol JanciOl*. ISU.I We arc cratifled to hear of the coetlrncd rocteai us New Yore of our townsman, Mr. H. I. Uslmbolfi, Droprf-st. BH store, text the Metropolitan Hotel, It IS fra front, SVJ tict d(*er« five starts In helzhs It Is ccrt&taly a eracd CBtibll'hm-.iit,aad e peaks iitct* ably ol the malt ol his article*. Be relates its ofllcd and laboratory In this city, which are also model a* labltetments cf Xhclr claos. [From the largest Manatactnnns Ch:mm« in the WotltJ.l I am acquaint'd mm Mr. D. T, Hrtmbald: he occu pies the tins store opposite my retldcncc. acd was iae. cetsfcl to conducting the business where other* bad not been equally so belore him. 1 hare'beeo larorsbty Imprctsedwltb his character and coterprl*e. VTM. WElGarilAK. Finn ofPotntEs* Wcioimucr, iianctaetarlmj Coca- Isw, Ninth sod Ero«n>9ta., Philadelphia. ißcmatks (tom Chemical Atalysli.l After a careful analysis of Delmbold's Preparation*, th: y ctjoy our utmost confidence. TTe consider them safe and reliable. NEVEEUS fe TATS*. Philadelphia, Jane 12th. 19C0. HELffIBOLD’S Fluid Extract Buchu A positive and speclfc remedy fur diseases of the K*d dtr, Kidney*, Gravel, Dropsy. The utmost ccnfldenco can be reposed In 1» caratlvepowen la above dlseasm, alto la restoring Ue exhanit.d powers ofnitare which are accompanied by so many alarming symptoms among which win be found Indisposition to Exertion, Less cf Memory, Wakcfalneas, Honor o' Disease, car lerebodinss ofcnl; in bet, onivertal Lassitude, Fro*- cation, and inability to eater into (he enjoyments of society, It no remedy Is nsedtn such cases, Cocsuap* Honor insanity ensues. Visit onr hospitals, asylica and prisons, and be convinced. The reader most also be aware, however sitehl nay he the attack It H rata to affect his bodily health, happiness, and that of his posterity. Helmboid’s Extract Bacbuwl-1 give yea brisk and energetic fcellnsp, enable yon to sleep well, and la more strengthening than any cC tna Prepara* uons of Bark or Iron. HELM BOLD'S EXTRACT BUCjOU AND IMPBOYED BOSE WASH, Carts diseases arlilse from habits oi dissipation and Imprudences, allaying pain and infLammation, and tor which those unplcaiant and dat serous remedies are frequently used. It cares at Uttte expense, little or na chance la diet, co Inconvenience, and no exposure. All the above diseases require the am cf a Dlnrsijcl I6EIL!IE«M! - § EXTRACT OF BBOHO Is the Great Diuretic. I! p:!. .M 'H Oi. I )‘S HTBICT SIES4P4SILLI Curts ScrofWa»Salt Rheum, Scald or Sore Head, Tet ter, Pimples on the bee. Erysipelas, and eruption of whatever nature on the tnce cr akin, p orpins oat tbs tumors which make dliease, enriching the Blood, and BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. Bow to ose three remedies so as to guarantee a per fect com In all disease* ccoept those arising from habits of dlsslratloa or Imprudences, use the Extract Buchn. in these use tne Extract Buchu. and Bose Wash. In Bnmore on the lace, or any and every part ot thebedy, ote Extract SarsaparUla,a3plitßC pics and External Humus or Eruption#, Improved Rose Wash. Wholesome fbed rcc’mmec'lcd in all tbe above dueases. Instead of restricted, avoiding all fatty and high seasoned food, and acidulous and «tlmulattr« drinks. In recent case, a cure is effected In an astae 'intcglyehoitpeilod. bat la cases ct long standlngl* Is better to purchase ■ halfdcrtn bittlcs, atd use Cilth tatty according to explicit ffirectloua, la which ease I as enabled to guarantee a perfect core. i pcect letters to HELMCULD’S* Drug and Chemical Warrbocse, 394 Broadway, New York, next Metro politan Hctrt, or BELMQOLD’S Mecleal Depat, 10A •Scuta T»Dll»-8L,A3aeoblj Buildings, PhUadc-phlo. tribe si a-p toms la all commnnl.AUoa*. Why allDrugfflsts Ercrjwborc. CCUMTERFEITS. a# rorHclmt»ia>^T (^|s--_