Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 1, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 1, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. latest News .by . Ocean Telegraph, Fears of a Financial Panic in London. Turkish Garrisons to be With drawn from the Servi an Ports. FROM WASHINGTON. Ike Bankrupt Bill Likely to Pass Both Houses,, The Eeconstiuption Bill The President at,a Loss Whether ’ to Veto or Sign it. Complete Failure of the Tariff Bill for this Session. Passage of a Bill in the Senate Jnihorlztcg Payment to - Southern Revenue Officers. FROM SPRINGFIELD. "Closiog Proceedings of the State Legislature. Bouse— Bill Passed Relating to Jurors in Murder Trials. Pinal Passage of the BUI for the Establishment of a State Bcform School, ■Passage of Resolutions of Re spect to the Memory of President Lincoln. Gold Closed in New York at i4O i-2. FROM EUROPE. CT OCEAN TEbEfiRVPn. London, February S 3. GREAT BRITAIN. Tbe Directors of the Atlantic Telegraph Company hold a meeting on the 12th of March to determine whal reductions shall be made in the tolls. London, February 23—Evening. A general feeling of distrust prevails In financial circles, and the stock market is prostrate. TURKISH GARRISONS IN SERVIA. Vienna, February 23. The Turkish garrisons arc to be withdrawn •from the ports In Serv-a. Latest Foreign markets. FINANCIAL. London, February 2S— Noon, Consols unchanced. American securities a trifle better, Erie, ; Illinois Cen’-ral, 77; Five- Twenties, 75. London, Fehrua'y 23—Evening. Closing rates fir 320 bonds, 78 L 4 ; Ene, 3*i): Illinois Central, T 64. Consols. !»!)$. FuANuronr, February 23—Evening. United States bonds, 76J*- CUMWEUCIAL. Liveutool, February 23—Noon. lon opens ilroter and more active; pnce.« I-irritPOOL, February S3—Evening. Cotton dosed faitly active, with sales 0f!2,u00 imlcs; prices advanced lid ; middling upland at FROM WASHINGTON. (Special Despatch to thr Cbicairo Tribune.) Washington, February 23. THE TARIFF BILL DEAD. Tbe vote in the House this afternoon, by which the Tariff BUI was ki led, was one of the largest cast this session, a .d showed 169 members present. The galleria- were crowd ed, and great interest was manifested n tbe proceedings. The bill necessarily being In Committee of tbe W'holc, a two-thlrds vote to discharge the committee was needful be fore any action could be bad on the bill it iclf. In view ot tbe fact that tbe time pre vious to the cud of the session was wholly insufficient for the cons’deration of the blit in rxtmso, it friends, after consultation, de cided to suspend action in comm-.ticc, and take the best thin? they could get, and trust to the legislation of the next session for rem edies and improvements. Accordingly, as soon os the bill was reached, this morning, Mr. Morrill, speaking in their behalf, moved the discharge of the Committeeof the Whole. This was accept ed as a test vole on the bill, and the roll was called with the Mouse in much excitement The vole stood yeas 10.1, nays 04. There was great confusion caused by tne crowding of members into tbc area in front of the Clerk's desk to watch the progress of the call, and Bedlam bad appateutly brokeloose when the Speaker announced the failure of the motion, as two-ibirds had not voted in theafflrmatlve. An analysis of the vote shows the negative compo-ed of thirty Republicans and thirty four Democrats, while the affirmative was composed of one hundred Republicans and five Democrats. The negative vote was cast l)v the following States: Indiana, 10; Illinois and New York, 9 each; Kentucky, 6; Tennes see and Missouri, 5 each ; Ohio, Wisconsin and Maryland, 4 each; lowa, S; New Jersey, 2; Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Delaware, 1 each. As soon as the vote was declared, twenty members shouted for recognition by the Speaker. The floor was given to Mr. Stevens, who moved a resolution discharging the Committee of the Whole, agreeing to tbe Senate bill as already amended, with one further amendment, viz.: to include ship ping charges In the valuation price of Im ports. A score of gentlemen wanted other amendments made for the benefit of special interests, bnt Stevens refused to accent, ex cept that of Harding, of HI., which in effect about doubled tbe rates on all agricultural produce. This brought a direct issue on the Tariff Bill made up from the Senate hill, hot still required a two-thirds rote, as the discharge of the com mittee was necessarily involved in the motion, frv “ result was even worse than before—the vote r- T-*IO"UOIO thing being lost, Mr. Morrill moved a Joint providing a temporary increase of twenty per cent on alt imports except sugar, tea, coffee, salt, coal and railroad Iron. The utmost excitement and confu-lon constantly prevailed, and tbc Speaker, after much rap ping of his desk, was finally obliged to ar rvH all bnslness for two or three minutes, and read the House a severe lecture. The vote on Mr. Morrill's proposition showed a still further demoralization, the result being yeas 94, nays 71—a two-thirds vote being necessary for tbc suspension of the rules in order to get tbc Joint resolution before tbc House for action. It was now after 4 o'clock, .and nearly an hour and a half hod been oc cupied with these proceedings. One effort more remained, and it was led by Kasson In behalf of the wool Interest, who moved a suspension of the rules that he might bring In the wool tariff passed by the House on tbe lust day of last session. This was lost—yeas S 3, nays 01,— many Pennsylvanians voting in the negative out of spile. An adjournment for dinner was then carried. rETTT SPITS. About one hundred colored men have been discharged by their Conservative employers in Georgetown for voting the Union ticket at the late election. A BUBEAU or EDUCATION, Garfield's bill establishing a Bureau of Ed ucation, passed tbe Honse last session, went thiouch the Senate to-day without amend ment. It provides for the appointment df a Commissioner of Education, who with three clerks, will occnpy rooms provided here by Hie Secretaiy ol the Interior. SURRATT u fa j(i to take his imprisonment very philo sophically, and to be improving in health since his arrival here. He spends much time in reading tbc Bible and other books, and w hen not engaged paces the corridor In front of his cell. His sister has had several inter views with him. His brother arrived fr -m the South on Tuesday, and sought an inter view yesterday, but was denied admission. COMMITTEE WORK NEAItLT FINISHED. The committee work of this Congress Is about finished. Most of the Senate com iLiticcs cleared their tables at the session IhU morataK. «d a of a«a bllla acd acmorlals «aie JMportod back Ihr of'lhl'n 10 th ' < ‘ rcUT “ «f of the Hones coamlttra hare ataoißrtej nn f'! n ” t ' c, “ before them* though retorts on Impeachmcut and Iho New Todtfcortom House remain to bc presented. •■>*" „ J>OS tKXOW wiTiT TO p6.~ . onh,» ra it r u to haye a reto on m J , e“"» trn «'oo Bill and the bill Itself on his table, and many portanj who hare bta to-dij report that ho lain ueh doubt a* which document he will anally sign. The reto la said to be long and intemperate. BANKSUPT BILL. The Hobse took up the Bankrupt BUI at ita session this evening, and alter refusing by yeas 65, bays Ti, to send It to the table, or dered a Committee of Conference, to which the Senate subsequently agreed. The House managers will accept the Senate bill rather than lose the whole measure. * AN OMNIBUS BILL occupied the Senate nearly all the after* noon., • VOTED TO PAT THEM. 4 The proposition to allow” the Secretary of the Treasury to pay for the services of As sisUnt Assessors of Southern Slates, ap pointed in 18C5, who could not take the teat oath, was finally carried by yeas 33, nays 18. WOULD NOT AGREE. The Honse this evening, after an earnest and spirited debate, refused by yeas 53 nays b 3, to agree with the Senate bill passed yes terday, for funding compound interest notes and then asked aCommlttec ofConfcrence. ’ THE TAX SILL occupied the Senate at the evening session. The changes recommended In the House hQi are not very numerous, except In adminis trative sections. The Senate agreed to pnt three percent <zJ valorem taxon manufactures of glass; to fix the rate on refined sugars at one and a half per cent ad valorem; that money receipts shall not be exempt from stamp duty; and the following articles «ti»n oe added to the free list, as passed by the House, viz.: shell fish; bar, rod, hoop, band, sheet and plate iron of all descriptions, and Iron" prepared for the manufacture of steel and wireclottu They refused to agree with the. House in placing ike following articles on the free list: sheet lead, shot, leather, horse-power hame?, bcythes, snathe, baramcrir, hayforks, hoes ouck saws, stamp machines, potato diggers’, >lcam locomotives, marine engines, and ad vertiMments. They added several admlnls. tralivc sections. The new Income exception goes Into effect with salaries for TUB BROTHER OF SURRATT. The person whoj.endeavorcd to obtain an ulcrvicw with Surtatt proves to be really ais brother, who went to Texas 1n'1853. Fail ing to see his brother, he has left the city. TUB AUSTRIAN MISSION. It is reported that Postmaster General Randall is to resign and go to Vienna, as Minister, In place of Motley. A SENSATION PROMISED. ' The New York Time*' special save: "The country will be startled befbre lh*e ‘close of the wc« k, by a report from the Judiciary Committee ou tbe impeachment matter, 10. . Heating tbe progress they havemade, and asserting tne necessity of pushing the laves* ligation in the next Congress, the • develop ments thus far demanding its continuance. Those wno believe the committee have done ttoMiit g will find themselves seriously mis taken. 1 ’ *f * CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE INDIANS. ■Washington, Febiua-y 23.— 1 t is stated ‘hat the Medical and Quartermaster’s De partments have received Instructions rcla rive to the coming campaign to be inaugu rated against tbe Indians from the Depart ment of tbe Missouri about the lOsn of March. A proper proportion of Surgeons, Hospital Stewards, ambulances and medical etnref, and the necessary transportation. -Mill be furnished. THE NEW STATE OF NEBRASKA. Washington, February 23.—General Ttayer, Senator elect, irom Nebraska, ar rived to-nigbt ana snomitted to the Presi dent a copy ucacj Kwiodby the Legis lature of that Slate, in the con ditions imposed by Congress. Tbe President will soon issue u proclamation recognizing Nebraska os a Slate, when the Senators and Representatives from that State will be ad mitted to Congress. THE BANKRUPT BILL. The fact that the House to night, by refus- mg by nine majority to lay the Bankrupt Bill ou the tabic, and appointed a Commit* icc of Conference to join that heretofore ap pointed by the Senate on the disagreeing 'tmemiments. is regarded by the friend!) of ibat measure as indicative of the certain passage of the bill through both Houses. VETOES LOOKED FOB. It was reported this rooming that thereto of the Reconstruction Bill would be scut la io-i Igtit, but guessing was again at fault, so it must be looked for to-morrow. The New York Times* special says: “ Re l>orls that General Grant bad an interview with the President on tbe Reconstruction Bill arc unfounded, though be Is unqualified ly in favor of the bill. The President’s veto of tbe Reconstruction Bill is prepared. It is quite lengthy, and principally devoted to ihe legal matures of tbo bill. Us tone la tirm and respectful. The veto of the Tenure of Office Bill is also pre pared. B-sides objecting to tbe icctlon including members of the Cabinet, she President objects to making the tenure •t other officers during gtod bcharior or for \Nashington only, end that all orders shall emanate irom the General, etc., arc regarded :s unconstitutional, and the bill will doubt ess be vetoed. MEMBERS OP THE NEXT CONGRESS. A number of members elect of the Forti jib Congress have already arrived. DIED. Washington, Fcbruarv 28. —General Aaron iVard, ol Sing Slog. N. Y., died last night at he residence of his son In-law, Samuel G. ilandail, in Georgetown. His disease was jaundice. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. WaemjtoTOx, February 23. SENATE. The annual report of the Patent Office *aa submitted. u 'Cumber of applications /stents lisucd, including re-issues and designs 9,450 •‘’aveaia filed 8,722 Applications for extension ot Patents..., C 7 Patents extended 53 Patents expired 10,127 OftLc Patents granted there were to citi zens of the United Stalca 9,210 fie receipts were $195,005 .expenditures 361,721 ,'ath on band, including surplus of last yrar 901,125 Mr. POMEROY introduced a hill loan- Uorlze the construction of a bridge across lie Missouri River at Leavenworth. Refer* red to the Mllitarv Committee. Mr. TRUMBULL called up the bill to es lablifh the Department of "Education; all j ending amendments were voted down, and the bill passed. Ou motion olMr. SUMNER, the Foreign Committee were discharged, from the con sideration of the following subjects: The bill more effectually to preserve the foreign relations of the United States ; memorial of the Poitugucse Vice Consul at Savannah, for compensation for property taken by Sher man t. troops ; petition for reciprocity treaty with the Hawaiian Islands; petition for Gov eminent vessels to take soundings between the American coast and France; memorial •>f the French Canadians and others, against 'he proposed confederation of the British Provinces: petitions for an international copyright law. Mr. SUMNER, from the Committee on Foreign Relations, reported a Joint resolution authorizing Assistant Secretary of the Navy Fox and other officers of the Mnnionotnau md Augusta, to accept the presents from the Ernpcrcr of Russia. Mr. JOHNSON moved an amendment ex empting these presents from.duty. Adopted, and the resolution passed. Mr. WILSON reported, from the Commit* :ee on Military Affairs, adversely on the n< use bill to reduce the pay of officers of the I trmv, which was, he sale, in reality a bill to I increase the pay of navy officers as much as I -5,000 per tear. The committee was dis charged from Us further consideration. On motion of Mr. CHANDLER, the Com mittee ou Commerce was discharged from the further consideration of a largo number '.f memorial on various subjects. Mr. HOWARD introduced a resolution .•ailing on the Postmaster General for Infor mation whether aonlracts were given to A. >. Carter, of Staunton, Virginia, without his mkingj the oath of allegiance. Adopted. The Senate concurred in the House omend to uni *• icmpoituiiy increase the )>ny of officers of the army. Sir. BUCKALEW entered a motion tore . oiisldcr the vote by which the bill estab lishing a Department of Education was passed. The Miscellaneous Appropriation Bill was itken op. The question was upon the mendment of the Finance Committee to urovido fer the payment of certain Assessors :ti the Southern Slates. For this Mr. EDMUNDS offered a substi lute calling on the Secretary of the Treasury :u send to the Senate a list of persons cm oyid as Assessors without taking the oath, what service they rendered, and how much aas due them. Mr. CHANDLER, alluding to his speech ibout the Secretary of the Treasury, made art night, said be bad probably spoken iu ’arsber terms than be should have used to ward that officer, but it was an old saying bat the “last straw broketbe camel’s back, fcstciday he felt that the last straw had t>ccn placid on hlsbacc. HU opinion of the 'ccretary of the Treasury was well known. >le had stated it a year ago, and bad now no occasion to change It. Uis view bad been 'lengthened day by day. In his own city •I Detroit they had some very efficient offi* cciß of the revcnue.moslexcellent Asses ors and Collector*. The Secretary removed ikem, and In Detroit appointed a man who would not have been trusted for a suit of 1 Vi?*"? 8 anywhere In the whole Congressional District—a roan so utterly unlit for i he position that no man and no party would rcc* mmend him. It was true he was reject . d, but he was kept In office after the Secre tary had been convinced of his unfltness. Alter his rejection the Secretary appointed a man no belter. In the Stale of Michigan his appointments were controlled bv men who were ulteriy devoid of character, repu tation and position. The delegation from Michigan were not consulted, vor were respectable men consulted. I he man whom the Senate rejected was cow in Washington, boasting that be controlled nil the appointments of Michigan. Further tbanthU, General Voorhces, better knowu as Dan. Voorhecs, of Indiana, had been the bccrct agent of the Secretary of the Treasu ry ana for months had been travelling through the rebel States ou secret business HENDRlCKSlnterrupted Mr. Chand ler to ssy this was not true. Mr. CHANDLER said his informant was William A. Howard, formerly member oi Congress from the Detroit District. Mr. HENDRICKS. ** Well,it Is not true,” Mr. CHANDLER repealed the name of his ,l M™UENDRICK3 said Mr. Voorhecs ha VOL. XX. been engaged as agent of the Western uin liners toi secure an honest exccntion of the revenue law, and to devise means for putting a stop to the abuse under which liquor was solo jor less money than the amount of the tax upon it. It was on this business that he travelled in the South recently. He was In no way employed In the Treasury Depart ment. Mr, CHANDLER was about to proceed with bis explanation of the circumstances hUending his speech of lost night, when Mr. SHkRMAN appealed to him not to consume the time of the Senate with personal ex planations. Mr. CHANDLER said he would comply with his request, as he saw Its Importance. Mr. SUMNER made a point that the amendment was not in order. ' The CHAIR decided It not well taken. Mr. SUMNER appealed, and the Senate sustained the Chair by a vote ol 87 to 10. Mr. EDMUNDS* amendment was rejected. The amendment of the Finance Committee was adopted—S3 against 13. An amendment from the Finance Commit tee was adopted authorizing the sale of cer tain property formerly used for Custom Bouses in Alexandria, Norfolk, New Haven, Portsmouth, N. H., Perth Amboy and Sock eti’s Harbor. Mr. WADE offered an amendment, appro priating $4,000 for the erection ot a jail in Dakota, alleging, in reply to a question, that the population of the Territory’ was small md mostly criminal. The amendment was rejected. Mr.WADE offered an amendment providing that the Government advertising In the Dis trict of Colombia be In the two papers hav ii g the largest circulation, and none others. Adopted. Mr. TRUMBULL moved as an amendment a section repealing the existing provision for the appointment of a Commission to investi gate the claims of loyal slaveholders, whose slaves were enilslcd in the army, but subse qn« ntly, at the request of Mr. FESSENDEN, withdrew It. Mr. MORRILL offered an amendment ap propriating SIUO.OOO for the completion of the City Hall In Washington. Rejected. Recess. EVENING SESSION. The Tax BUI was taken up, and the Senate refused to strike buck-saws, stump machines »nd potato diggers from the free list. Tbe following were stricken therefrom: Steamboat locomotives, marine engines, in cludine boilers, and log, siding ana shingle machines. The Senate refused to strike straw wrapping paper from the tree list, and agreed to strike out the section repealing the tux on advertisements. In the report of the Conference Committee on the bill for the relief of iron-clad contract' ore, the House bill was agreed on, including tV. H. Webb, builder of the Dundcrberg. of the Conference Committee was agrcea to in tbe bill for the allotment of Supreme Court Judges, and on the Com pound Interest Bill. The Tax Bill was resumed. Boots and shoes were added to the free list. Mr. CONNESS offered an amendment tax ing grape brandy fifty cents per gallon, and miiosing a penalty on manufacturers of the spurious article. Mr. Cannes# 1 amendment was agreed to. Mr. WADE moved to take np the bill for the admission of Colorado. Alter debate, the motion was agreed to, and the bill was postponed till ten o’clock to-moirow. when tbe vote will be taken. The Senate concurred in the amendment to tbe River and Harbor BUI. Severn! Committees of Conference were appointed. Adjourned. HOUSE. Resolutions to print reports on various subjects were adopted. The motion to suspend thernles, made by Mr. RAYMOND last night,' that he might offer a resolution of Inquiry In reference to the Canadian Confederation, came np. Mr. RAYMOND proposed, in view of the evident disinclination of tbe House last evtnlng to suspend the rules, to bare tne resolution read and referred to tbe Committee on Foreign Affairs, with leave to report at any time. Thu resolution was thereupon referred to the committee, but objection was made to the committee reporting at any time, this requiring unanimous consent. Mr. KABSUN, from tbe Committee on Ap propriations, reported back tbe Senate amcdn.cnts to Ibe Indian Appropriation Bill, some of which were passed. The amendment to pay interest on the non-paying bonds and stocks in which tbe money of certain Indlauss was invested by the Government was non-concarred In. A Committee of Conference was asked. Tbe Senate bill to provide for allotment of members ol tbe Supreme Court amoug tbe circuits, and for the appointment of Mar shal for the Supreme Court was taken from tLc Speaker’s table. Mr. WILSON offered an amendment pro viding fbr the appointment of a Marshal fbr •be Supreme Court of the Dlstrictof Colum bia. etc. The amendment was agreed to and the bill passed. Mr. LeBLON D rising to a personal expla nation, referred to the recent act of the Ohio Legislature refusing to strike out of the State Constitution the word “ white,” and the act of the New York Senate rejecting tbe Coi«Utnttonal Amendment, and congratu lated his Democratic colleagues on these 'acts, their cause against universal suffrage being thus sustained by those two States. Mr. GARFIELD, as if cause for further con gratulation ou the part of his collcage, soot to the clerk's desk and had read a printed proclamation, issued by the Mayor of Yazoo Lily, Mississippi, ordering the freedmeu to leave the place within a specified lime. Mr. STEVENS, from the Committee of Conicrcnce on the Omnibus Bill, icported that the committee were unable to agree. Another committee was askeu tor. Mr. BINGHAM, from tbe Committee on Military Affairs, reported back the bill al lowing back pay to Lieutenant John Osier, lute of the Twenty-sixth Ohio Infantry. • Mr. ANCONA asked Mr. Backs for Inform* 15.269 atlon on the subject of Mexican affairs. Mr. BANKS replied that the Committee on Foreign Affairs did not Intend to make any icport on the snojeet at this time. Mr. HILL, from the Committee on Terri tories, made an adverse report on the bill for the publication ol the laws of Dakota Terri tory. Laid on the table. Mr. COOPER, from the same committee, reported a bill to amend the organic acts of Arizona and New Mexico—passed. Also, a bill amcndatoiy of the organic acts of Colo rado Territory—passed. On motion ol Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio, tbc Senate bill to amend tbe organic act of Idaho Territory, was taken from tbe Speaker’s table and passed. The Senate bill to amend tbc organic act of Montana Territory received similar action. Mr. HOGAN, from the Committee of Ways and Means, reported a bill for tbe relief of the North Missouri Railroad. Ordered tinted and recommitted. Mr. MORRELL rose. He was about to mke a list effort in regard to tbe Tariff Bill. This House bad, at its last session, sent to the derate a bill merely amending tbe tariff and covering only fifty-nine pages, bat tbe Senate took n wide stretch of power and sent back a new bill on the 2d of February, which entne back from the printing office on the sth. It was therefore Impossible for the Committee on Ways and Means to consider it propci ly and report it back on the 10th of February. The bill bad to go to the Committee of the Whole, where the amendments were Inter minable. As much progress as possible had been made, but now it was clear that con cessions would have to be made on alt sides, the bill was to be brought to a final vote! He would, therefore, make a motion, which would icquire a two-thirds vote, to discharge he Committee of the Whole from the further onsidcraticn of the bill. After debate, the House refused, by a vote if 105 to 04, to discharge thelcommittce from ;lc further consideration of tbc bill, and : bat is the end ot it for this session. Mr. STEVENS made another effort to re suscitate the bill, by a motion to suspend the Committee of the Whole and concur in the .-mate amendments as amended by the Com mittee of tbe Whole. The motion failed. Mr. Stevens’ motion was lost—yeas 102; ii&vs 09 : two-thirds not voting yea. Mr. MORRILL moved to suspend the rules to allow him to introduce a new Tariff ISHI, making a uniform increase of twenty i cr cent on all dntics, except on sugar, tea, coffee, salt, coal, and railroad iron. This w as lost—yeas 94; nays 71, two-thirds tot voting yea. Mr. Kasson then moved to suspend the • ules In order that he might introduce a mint resolution relating to the tariff on wools and woollens, stating that it only I contained the recommendations of the Com mittee of Ways and Means on the subject. Tbe motion was lost. Yeas, 90; nays, 64 ; two thirds not voting yea. Recess. EVENING SESSION. The SPEAKER presented resolutions of tbe Buaid of Trade of St. Louis, In regard to -be Mississippi River. Referred to the Com mittee on Commerce- On motion of Mr. JULIAN, the vote re f- rring to the Committee on Pnblic Lands »hc bill amending the act of June last, for the disposal ot public lands in actual home .-lead settlements in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisians, Arkansas and Florida, by com pelling the applicants to make oath that *bey have not been In arms against the Uni ted States, or given aid and comfort to its enemies, was reconsidered. Mr. KASSON opposed the bllL He hardly saw the propriety of disabling a man who has been a rebel from earning his bread. Mr. JULIAN remarked that the effect of the bill would be to prefer loyal to disloyal men, and that tbe discrimination ought to bo U, |lr! KASSON bad no objection to the bill, declaring that when there were two appli cants for tbe same piece of land, the loyal man should have the preference; bnt this was a bill of absolute exclusion against men who have been disloyal. Mr. JULIAN asserted that, thfere was not public land enough now in the territory cov eted by the bill lor the loyal men of the South. The fact was notorious that loval men were excluded from those lands by dis oval men. Mr. FINCK asked Mr. Julian whether he would except those who had been pardoned under the amnesty proclama tion. . * r Mr. JULIAN said the bill made no execu tions. * Mr. FINCK asked whether he would allow an amendment of that kind to be offered. Mt. JULIAN declined, Mr. FINCK num-d to lay the bill on the table. Rejected by 29 to 90. On the suggestion of Messrs. TITT.T. and K Af*fcON, the t ill »as modified only to ex elude those whohad voluntarily given aid and comfort to ths rebellion, and to except those who afterwards enlisted in the Federal army and have been honorably discharged there* Irom. • The hill then parsed—97 to SO. • Mr. JULIAN asked lor half an horn* to morrow evenin': to allow the Committee on PobllcLandstomakeareport. Objectedot. A message was received from the Senate asking a Committee of Conference on the Bankrupt Bill. Mr. JENCKES moved to accede thereto. Mr. STEVENS moved to table the bill. Rejected—ss to 78. The Committee of Conference on the joint resolution for the relief of contractors for the construction of war vessels was agreed to. The House insisted on Us amendment to the bill for the allotment ol members of the Supreme Court among the circuits, and asked for a Committee of Conference. The House non-concurred in the Senate amendments to the House resolution giving gabllc buildings end materials at Camp base to the state of Ohio, and asked a Committee of Conference. The House Insisted on the amendment to its amendment to the Indian Bureau Bill, viz: for its transfer to the War Department, and a Committee of Conference was agreed to The Senate amendments to the bill for the organization of Isud districts In Idaho, Utah and Montana, were noncurred in, and a Com mittee pf Conference asked to'the Senate amendment to the bill for building light houses, were concurred in. The Senate amendments to the River and Harbor Bill were uli concurred in, except one, as to Sandusky. Altera lengthy aebate on the Compound Jnterot BUI, a motion was made by Mr. LYNCH to table the Senate amendments. Mr. Lynch’s motion was negatived by IS 10 127. J Mr. Conkllng’s motion to concur in the Senate amendments woa lost by a vote of 55 to&3. The House then non concurred and asked a Committee of Conference. The Senate joint resolution for the erection ol an equestrian statue to General Scott was concurred In. Adjourned. tuesdat’s action on ran tariff bill. Wjfinmoros. February 86, 1867. Mr. MORRILL (Rep., Vt-j. Chairman of the Committee of Ways and Means, made a statement in reference to the business of' the Douse, and proposed that the Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union be dis charged from the farther consideration of -the Tariff Bill, and that the House concur la the amendment# of the Senate, with the amendments thereto reported by the Com* mitlee at Ways and Moans, and that then tbe subject shall be referred to a Conference Committee. Be offered a resolution to that effect. After various motions, the House proceed ed to a vote by yeas and nays on Mr. Mor rill’s motion to suspend the rules, which re quires a majority of two-thirds. ' The vote resulted, yeas, 85 ; nays. 86. So -the House refused tosusnend the rules. Tbe following Is tbe Tote in detail: TEAS. Alley. Bale, NcwclL Ames,* Hlcby, O'Neill, Ashley (Ohio), Holmes, Patterson, Baldwin, Uoichklas, Perbam, Banks, Hubbard (W. V),Pikes, Barker, Hubbard (N.Y.), Plants, Baxter. Unbbard (Ct.), Pomeroy, Beaman, Habbcil (Ohio), Bice (Mass.), Bid Mil, Halbard, Rice (Me.), diopnam, Jesches, Hollins, - Sialic. Kcll>, Scofield, Pont veil, Kftchnm, Cheliabarccr, Brandcpcc, Koontz, Spaulding, Eroomall, Laflm. Starr, Biicklaud, Lawrence (Pa), Sieves*. Bundy, lawrcncctO.), Thajer, Liaik (Ohio), Longyear, ’irowbridge, Cojiklhip, Lvocb, -Upson. l).riir.g, Maiviu, Van Acnuun,. - Uavls, Mcrinrg, Van Horn fN.Y] jiawis, McKee, Ward(K. Y.), Hclaro, Meitner, Warner, i-niiiLg, Mercur, Washburn (Ma). Dixon, Miller, Welker, t.liol, Mooibead, Wentworth, Terry, UonllL Williams. ( aificld, Morris, Wilson (Pa.), (•rict:ell, Myers, Woodbndge. Griawold, NATS. Allison. Harding (ill.), Price.* Anconru Uann* Haiford, Ai.oerrop, Hawkins, Jlmdall (Pa.); Atncll, Hayes. Raymond, Ashley (Nev.). Henderson, irirrrr, Baket, Hill, J?o«a*«rv. Benjamin, Hit', Randall (Ky.), Bergen, Bogan. Sawyer, ih>yer, IJuoixU (N. T.), Schenck (Ohio), UrtHCiall, Hunter* ShanUin, fi r.; Ull* Ingcreoll. Cfi tgreavat, Chan Ur. Julian, Sloan, Ulaikc (Kan.), Kaseou, Stillwell, Cobb, Kelso, Stokes, .uok, JCtrr, Sf route. Cooler, Knykccdall, Taler, unliton, Leßlond* Taylor (Tenn.), Bouton, Lei’itric/t , Thomas, P... . Derreee, Loan. Thomas, J. 1,., Dodge, Hart/iall* Thornton, Dumont, Maynard, Tnmble. Fp&leeton (O.), McCullough* fTarrf(KT.>, t.lar%tge, Moulton, Washbuni(fnd), Famewoith, At black, Whaley, : Faiquhar, Hicholton, Wilson (lows). tlhCt* Xotll, Wlndom, Glot*brenner, Orth, Winfield, Goodyear . Panic, Wright. Holdings Ky.), littlpt, (Republicans in Roman; Democrats in italics. The Ohio Republicans, influenced by ibe high tax on wool, nearly all voted in the affirmative.} Beiore commencing it, Mr. MORRILL (Rep., of Vermont,) gave notice that he «ould, to-morrow, immediately after the morning hour, attempt to have the Tariff Dili taken up, and that ho wouldpress its consideration until disposed of. He hoped the friends of the bill would be present and stand by it. Mr. ROSS (Dcra-, of Illinois.) moved to strike out the enacting clause of the bill. Debate was closed, and the vote was taken on Mr. Ross’ motion to strike oat the enact ing clause. The motion was agreed to—Cl to 48. The committee then rose and reported Us action to the House. Mr. HALE (Rep., N. Y.,) trusted that the House would not take so grave a step as to kill the bill at Ibis stage of tbc session. How would gentlemen reconcile their votes on this bill with their votes to maintain the mil- Harvard of tbc Government audio mam* tain the navy? They should, to be consis tent, disband tbc army and navy, and dis mantle the forts. The previous question was moved and sec onded, and the House proceeded to vote by yeas and nays on striking out the enacting clause. The vote resulted yeas 57, nays 69, so the enacting clause was cot struck out, and the bill was, under the rule, recommitted. THE COTTON TAX. Mr. MORRILL made some remarks in re view of the various amendments reported from the Committee of the Whole on tbe Slate of tbe Union. In the course of them he opposed the abolition of tbc cotton tax. He said that it was not an oppressive tax, and be bad no donht that the Southern states would themselves bo in favor of its continuance. Mr. HOLLINS (Rep.,N. 1T.,) on this subject subject submitted a table snowing the amount of tax collected in tbc rebel States for 11:60. from which it appeared that the tax collected from cotton was over $15,000,000, and that from all other sources was only $4,500,000—a sum which was less than was paid by the small State of Rhode Island. This amount die- tnbuted through tbe ten States would hard ly pay the expenses of collection, and It would be as well to exempt these States from tbc operation ot the Internal Revenue law. The next vote was ou Mr. Blaine's amendment abolishing the cotton tax after the Ist of September, 1567. Tbc amendment was i ejected. Yeas.-05 ; nays, 95 FROM SPRINGFIELD. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] bpnotortXLD. 111., February 28. CLOSING SCENES. Both Honses of the General Assembly ad journed rin# dit, to-day, at twelve o'clock, or thereabouts. The closing work of the House was done decently and in order, but the Senate exploded in a sort of row- Dur ing the last hour the Senators indulged themselves in the dignified and Senatorial* like performances of shying books, paper, paper balls, Ac., at each other, while the clerks were called upon to read bills with no one listening to them. Finally the whole jterformance becoming too degrading and disgusting for farther tolerance, the Speaker arose and declared the Senate adjourned fine die. IN TOE HOUSE several bills were passed, among them the one to establish a State Reform School. Last night it looked as if this bill was defeated, Mr. Epler having objected to suspending the rules, that being the only way in which it could be carried forward to Its final passage. The friends of the bill made another effort in its behalf this morning, and notwithstanding the efforts of Mr. Epler, aided by Taylor, of Cook, the hill was carried triumpoatly through. It is a most beneficent measure, and has been largely demanded by the hu mane people of the State. The supplement al act to the City Charter of Chicago, which provides for tbe election of new Canal Com missioners in place of those legislated out of office, was also passed. Also tbe Printing Bill—another very essential and reformatory measure. The Senate amendment to the bill striking out the clause which confined ihc bidding to the State, was concurred in. TOE CHICAGO a 11X1X015 BIVXB BAILBOAD. One important railroad charter was also carried through the Bouse, and Is now a taw. It is called the Chicago & Illinois River Railroad. The incorporators are Charles C. P. Bolden, B. F. McCarty, Chas. Ilillidan, Chas. N. Holaen and N, E. Pegram. The charter authorises the company to c»'n?lruct a road from Chicago through Plainfield to Lisbon and Ottawa, where it will cross the Illinois River. It strikes the Vermillion River in the midst of the coal mines, and the Company have provided for a track to run along the bank of the river for a distance often miles, in order to reach the great coal beds In that vicinity. The main line oi tbe road crosses the Illinois Central at or near Weuona, thence to a point CHICAGO, FRIDAY, MARCH 1, lsr>7. opposite Kei/kub, lowa, or at such point a? may be hereafter located, after a survey of the road. It trill also connect with the Des- Moines Valley Railroad, and, If bnilt, moat become one of the leading railroads of HU* nols. depabtube or members. A pretty large number of the members of the General Assembly left Springfield to night for home, but many will remain until Saturday or the early part of the week. This is particularly the case with the yonng un married ones, who I think find hearts bee beating responsive to their own. Who knows what social relations may grow out of this historic forty-two days ? THE STATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! SrnntanLD, 11L. February S 3. SENATE. RECOXSIDEKED AN’D DEFEATED. An exciting controversy arose at the open ing of the Senate relative to the manner lu which a bill revolutionizing the boundaries ol the Circuit Courts of Southern Illinois was passed last night. It was urged by sev eral fcenat ors that there had been irregularity In the passage of the bill, and-that the Speaker ordered the bill to a third reading* in defiance of the objection of members; Af ter much discussion; a motion to reconsider the votes by which the bill was passed to a second-and third reading, prevailed. The bill was then defeated for lack of a three fourths majority to suspend the rules. THE SENATE POSTMA9TEH. Mr. STRAIN offered a resolution instruct ing the Senate Postmaster to remain in the chamber one week after the adjournment, to lorwatd mail to Senators. Adopted. THE STATE BOUNTY AGENT, A motion prerailed to reconsider the Tote by which the bill was defeated, appropri* atlDg (5,000 to pay the salary of the State Bounty Ajrent at Washington. Considerable debate ensued as to whether there was any use for the Aeent. A vote was taken and the bill again defeated. HOUSE BILLS weretaken up and the following among others passed: To Incorporate the Thief De tective Association, ofPnncoTille; to Incor porate the Vermillion Hirer Coal Company; o incorporate the Chicago Soap and Candle Manufacturing Company.. The bill in relation to capital punishment, which girea Juilea discretionary power, either to hang or'imprison parties lor life, convicted of murder, was passed—yeas SO, nays 5. iworaxro. There was but little done after this, every Senator becoming demoralized on the sun* jeet of order, the Speaker trying vainly to preserve decorum. At one o’clock p. m. the Speaker declared- the Senate adjourned nne die. •- house. BSFOS3C SCHOOL BILL PASSED. The Reform School Bill was taken up on a suspension of the roles and without discus sion pissed. LAID OK THE TABLE. The bill to regulate corporations and sub ject them to future legislative' control, was laid on the table. EXTRA. TIME was, by resolution, granted for certain officers of the House Co finish np business after the cloee of the session. BSKATE BILL.B The Honse refused to concur in Senate amendments to Honse bills relating to hankie - Quite a number of Senate amendments to Honse bUlvwere adopted, the most Import ant of which was a substitute for the char ter of the Chicago & Indiana Railroad Com pany. CHICAGO CITT CHASTER. ’ Mr. BOND "called up a bill snpplemental to the Chicago City Charter BUI, for the pur pose of declaring the legality of certain In terlined amendments in tbe charter* which Lad got In In. sonic mysterious and unac countable manner.' Mr. TAYLOR opposed the bUI. It was finally passed—yeas 54, nays IS. TUB GOVXBKOR WAITED OK. Messrs. Chilas, Epler and Bunn were ap pointed to wait on the Governor and Inform him of the near adjournment of the House. PUBLIC I’HJNTIKO, The Senate amendment to the House hill compiling and amending all 1 vws relative to public printing was concurred in. MISCELLANEOUS. The House receded from Its amendment to the Senate hill Incorporillng the town of Louisville. Several unimportant Senate amendments to House bills, were concurred in. . Mr. CHILDS reported that the Governor had nothing to offer. RESOLUTIONS IK DONOR OP ADBADAM LIN *' * COLN. * Mr. CONKLING otfered the followinz: Wiiekba*, Since the last session of tbe Legislature of this State, the nation has had < ccaslon to mourn over tbe untimely death of its Chief Magistrate, cruelly murdered bv the hand of an assassin in the midst of bid arduous responsibilities and official duties; and Whereas, This State has lost thereby one of Us most honored and worthy citizens, who had served In its councils, defended Its interests, and promoted Its welfare; who had secured Us confidence by his Integrity, and been repeatedly derated by its partiality to stations of honor and of tru»t; and Whereas, Our grief has not been removed nor the recollection ot his numerous virtues L-ecn effaced from our memory, though raanv months hare elapsed since that dire' calami*

ty; therefore be It Jiesolred, By th* House of Representatives of the State of Illinois, That by the death of Abraham Lincoln thisStatehasbecn deprived ot a citizen who adorned the social circles of life by the excellent traits of bis private character; who graced the judicial forum by his transcendent talents ana legal erudition; who maintained tbe interests of our State in onr Legislative halls and our National Conn* tils by his convincing eloquence; and who bas'lcfl among our statutes many wise and ex* ccllcnt laws which lie at the foundation of our present prosperity; and will forever re main the enduring monuments of his wis dom. Besotted, That by bis death tbe nation has ’ost one of Us purest statesmen and wisest counsellors, one whom the most appalling dangers could not intimidate; whose pat* riot ism the seductive influences of patronage and power could not destroy; whose Integrity the caresses of flattery auu friendship could not cot nipt; whose native simplicity of char acter remained unaffected by courtly fashion and official splendors; whose gigantic In tellect and colossal gcolns stood pre-eminent among the counsellor* of the Cabinet, and the most distinguished statesman of the age. Besotted, That by bis death tbe cause of humanity was deprived of an advocate whose heart throbbed In sympathy with the oppressed of this nation and of every land; that his name has become synonymous with philanthropy In its exalted' and noble character; that wherever despotism is de grading any portion of the human race, there the name of Abraham Lincoln has become familiar as a household word, inspires tbe hope of future freedom;- that when the chains of slavery were stricken from the limbs of four millions of human beings in this laud by the Proclamation of Emancipation the cause of hnman liberty was established upon a firmer basis thronghont tbe world. Bruited, That we will cherish his memory with undying uUcction; that we will protect his fame aiming tbe most «acrcd relics of the past; that we will inscribe his name again this day upon tbe pace of history, and trans mit il with our solemn sanction to fntnre generations for their admiration and grati tude ; that we will adorn the place where his remains repose with monnmcntal splendor, and preserve his ashes with the veneration that is dne to one of tbe noblest benefactors of the human race. Besotted, That la tbe domestic relations of litc be was always tbe lender husband and the affectionate father, and while we deeplv sympathize with bis atlllcted widow anti children in their aad bereavement, we would Jraw around them the veil of sorrow, and commend them to the merciful protection of their Heavenly Father. Jie*oh*d, That these resolutions be entered upon the journals of the House as an endnr lug testimonial ofonr regard tor his memory, and that a copy bo transmitted to his be reaved family. These resolutions were unanimously adopt* ed, and an Impressive silence of some mo ments followed the action. CLOSING. SC EXES. The House then adjourned rim dit, the members remaining In tbelr scats. Speaker CORWIN, in a very neat and feel ing address, returned his thanks to the Honae tor the honor conferred on him by his eleva tion, and by the resolution of the House; af ter which the members to each other hade farewell. MICHIGAN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Laxsrso, Mich., February S 3. A caucus of the friends of the railroad bills to-cight agreed to make all railroad bonds bear interest not exceeding ten per cent, no town to issue bonds exceeding ten per cent of st ressed valuation, and to be payable within ten years. Should bills on this basis not meet the approval of the Governor, their 1 Herds will unite and pass them over the veto. The Conference Committee on the Conven tion Bill held a long session to-night, but without a definite agreement. An informal caucus of members of the House will be held to-morrow to consider the original House bill with the addition of two delegates from each Congressional Dis tiict as a basis of agreement- This will be acceptable to the Senate. The Senate spent the entire day in the con sideration of the Female College Bill, which was placed on order for a third reading. The House passed a bill to provide for a County Superintendent of Schools. INDIANA. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribane.l ISDiASiTOUS, February us. SENATE. The morning session was consumed in con sidcrallon of the Agricultural College BUI, which was postponed until to-morrow. Majority and minority reports from the Committee on Benevolent Institutions, In regard to their condition and management, were presented. The motion to postpone the consideration of the same until Satur day, and to print 100 copies, was laid on the table—2s to 19, and the election of officers was fixed for to morrow. The following bills were passed: re eniate the traffic in Uqnor—a rtripcent license law—2B to 19: providing tnat suits before Justices of the reace may becopmenced in the township where the debt Is contracted; establishing a Board of Emigration ; for the protection of fur bear ing animals ; establishing criminal courts which have a voting population or 7,uuu; to allow ten per cent interest oh money by contract: authorizing town trus tee* to establish fire limits: authorizing an increase of SI,OOO in the salary of prosecuting attorneys in criminal courts. ... HOUSE. i« Nineteen petitions on temperance were presented. . The Special Committee, to whom was re ferred the memorial orUbe Lincoln National Monument, reported unfavorably on making the appropriation for the completion of the same. The matter was recommitted to the committee, with Instructions to report the appropriation of $10,000—48 to 44- A resolution was offered requiring the dtd on lbvrtA Jhgr.l CW"WAIT BROTHERS Adverttalnc Ai’tt 130 receive advemaoasent* tar ail »b« .raaiDß paper* ihririboat ike Halted Store* am! Canada*. t£eal instate. QOME QUICK And Buy Cheap. A Home and a Fortune for Ail! If too want to lay the to notation of a rbrtsae. and ■ecnie a fine bca'tby lot for a bone, at * very loir price ana on eaiy terns of paynent, cab at once on CLAEKE, LAYTON & CO. •5^* oce 0B Sooth Side property, bat will give the public two week* to pnrebate any tbiDK we havr, il the old pncea. 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Lc-u> *nd Trait Company, for the dee tlon of wUi be held at the office of aaid Com raai.tatblraao,oi. MONDAY. Maicn 4th, betwee the hours ofiO a.m. uu um. L.J.OAOSitethter. JLife Insurance. n WENTT-bECO.'fD ANNUAL X HAFOBT 07 THS NEW YORK life Insurance Go. HOSE OFFICE, Yes. 113 and 1U Broadway, S. Y. 50BXHWESTEB5 BRANCH, Xo. 126 Washington-sf,, Chicago. JANUARY 1, 1807. Amorist ol An CCs, Jinucrr 1, IMS |*A3U19.70 imontt ef premiums received darltc ISM «3,751,067.0 Ascent of IsUfnt received and ceased. Including pre mium! on gold, &c SSJ,T4}JM fa.OORSM.47 DISBURSEMENTS. Paid loam by deatb *(90,197.83 Paid «q account of Deposit fbr trio ora. J’aid Ur Eedmptlon of Dltj i<wiil«, AnsallUa and aorran* dered and cancelled po’lctw. 07,838.0 Paid Balarle*, Printing ua Ol liMKxpaiet Paid CoißimMlooa and Agcccr fczpenaca X9O.7MJS Paid (br AdvrrtlctßS and Uca< kal Eiamlnatt;ai 5.CX8.63 Paid Taxea, Internal Berenna &laxsp> and Lav Expense Stom.Bl ASSETS. Cath on hand. In Bank and do- pcalted In Union Trait U 0... 958.1M.7t Invested In United Bute* Bt*k», cut (Maikel value, lOTcctea in New Tort: City Bark Btocki, cut U^siJO (Market value, $57,518.) lirve*ied la New Tork SUt« Stockt. colt • (Market value, 9335,990.) laytiud in overstocks, ccit. 9>.t87.59 (Mark* t Va.ue, 930.G0C.) Loan* cu demand, secured by U. t. and otntr Stock* {(4.C0100 -(Marl e-.valae.Mel.sM.) Beal Erate..... ; 115,608.37 (Market value, fIkWCO) Bocdi and Uutt«a«ea 49J,i3&00 Premium Note* on exlittn? pollclei,bearing Intercat.... 1,381£11,M Quarterly and Beml*anncal Premium* due iuba*qaeut to January 1,15C7 86,433.99 Accrued Inxereit (not due) to 'abuary 1,1567 Accrued Recta (net due) to January 1.1567 Premium! < n Policies In haeda of Arecta and In course of iranimUalon 1U.43U1 MA46JB SrITIAI 23?.T43J5 nTnjnwa The Trustees bare declared a Be taro Premia a as loßoe s: A Scrip Dividend ol FIFTY PER CEN t npoo tB participating premiums on existing Policies, which were issued twelve months prior to January l, ißfl, «nd the Redemption of tbs Dividends declared la 1381. C* morales will be redeemed In Cash on and alter the ts*. Voni'ay In Ua:cb next, cn preaentatloa at tae omeOm < r »tthe Branca Once, as abort. Poll, its subject to ' o es will be credited with the Bedemp ten u> >he settlement ol next premium. By order oi the board. M ILLIA3I H. BEERS. Aetaary. During th»ye«r 7.206 new Policies were tuned. :i»urios 522.731.U05. Kalnnco Sheet of (he CotnpaDF« Jan. 1,1507. VfMis u above, at co»t $6,737,816.0 (Marketvalue 87.00n.093.23.) ’«•( rred for Lose©* doe subse quent to Jtnnarr i, 1867 cservrd lor l storied Losses, availing proofs. Ac (served lor aptclal Deposit for mlncrchlldten \mouut rusrvcd lor reinsur ance on all existing policies (Tslnallon at 4 percent tutor • stn-l piemlom 1?« torn Premium. t eclared pri or to Xf 6*. parable so demand 93,391.96 Return Premium. IsO. (cow to be paid) Return Premium. 15.6 (present value :cinm Pr< ml cm, 13C7, (pres* nt value. 5U.81.4S 40.000.r0 4383CT M SU.M3AS 439,617 66 i 9730.00 191.rn.51 'pectal reserve, (cot divided). ' 15.07318.0 TRUSTEES t MORRI« FRANKLIN, ol lbs NevYark L fe Insurance Comp-ny. JOHN M. NIXON, (Domaua A NIXOO, Dry Ooo<U),No. •15 Wairen-at. •AVID DOWS, (David Dows A Co., Flour Mere bants). So. 20 Sontb-et. :SAAC C. KENDALL, Union Building*, eorcer of WU- Ilatn A Plne-ats. DANIELS.MILLER,fIat* Dater,Miner A CO- Gro cers). W)l. C. DUSENBERRY, (Real Estate Broker.) HENRY K. BOGEKT, (Bozen A Kneeland) No. 49 wiiUam-st. JOHN L. ROGERS. (late Wjeth, Roger* A Co* Im porter*.) No. 11 WlUiam-at. JOHN HAIRS. Merchant, DUDLEY D. FULLER, (Fuller, Lord A C 0.,) No. 190 Ureeß JOHN E. WILLIAMS, (President of the Metropolitan Rank.) WM. 11. APPIKTON, (Appleton A Publishers.) No*. 443 and 44S Broadway. ROBERT G. COLLINS. (ColUoi A Brothers. Station er*.) No. Si Leonard-eU WILLIAM BARTON, (Wo. BarUn A Son.) No. 63 W»u**t. W II.LIAM A. BOOTH. (Booth A Edgar.) No.» Front at. SANFORD COBB, (President Eagle Fire Insurance Co„)No.7lWal:-'t. GEORGE A. OSGOOD, Banker, (Van Schalck. Haiaett A CM No. 19 Wllllam-st. niNI.YBOWERS (Cower , B'erkman ABra.’ford, J-„ Pn o<ods.) Nc. 19 Lnnvrd-si. CBAIU-ES L. ANTHONY. (Anthony A Ball. Dry Goods.) No. 66 Leotard-si. nIORILI* FRANKLIN. President. IBAAC c. KENDALL. Tice Pm*l. WILLIAM H, BEBRB, Aetaary. Note carefully the name of Uile Corn* P*ny— The New York Life Ins, Co, that It may not be confounded with others aomewhai almllar. o. :p. curean, OSITGBAL AOBN9, 120 Washirglop»*>t, Chicago# Stfaijite JLcab. HAM & CO., SO, 92, 94 & 96 Pfiontli VV ater-st., SOLE AGENTS Atlantic White Lead. Warranted Chemically Pure*' gTljc Spring Stele. rOOMIa—HATTER, 05 South Clarlc-st.. V\ ILL. INTRODUCE THE SPRING STYLE, SATURDAY. .11 ARCH 2. ycto IJutlicationg pjO! FuK THE WEST. CAMPBELL’S WESTERN GUIDE (Jum poblDiel), ■*•>• iain» »nv*luable trtormar.on to th *e coins to [ital o, Mrotaca, or lo tl.lnol*. Mln-nrt. t->wa, Kau>«<. f.dNo r.iti. Trade nnpUed by the Western N*<ra ro.CLlrteo. Sttglcccplr*,isceuti. jfcch. QROUND OIL CAK.E Is the Cheapest Feed In the Market r\r stock of ailCnd*. Oruer* oromiLTn.ieatwicasa. ■tj £. w. ELaTcRFORD A CO„ 1 NO, 79 North CUatOMt. NUMBER 265. 33rs ©turtis. J)KT GOODS. REMOVAL. KING, HARMON & CO. WHOLES ALB DEALERS E» STAPLE AND FANCY DRYGOODS, Notions, &c.. HAVE REMOVEO FROM 93 LAKE-ST., To 23 and 25 Randolph-st., Where they Invite Tbs Trade to an Inspection of their, almost enareiy NEW STOCK OF PRINTS, DELAINES, DRESS GOODS, Sheetings, Woollens, notions, &s. JFot rtje sjair, AIR BENEWEK, IMPOHTANTI 'WewlUsendtoaayaddreaa.tha prescription ot tht dlitlngoUhsd G< ni an Chemist, Dr.C.J.KOCH. tot promoting the growth of hair aad giving strength to the roota. Wemakethls otter, wishing that the public shall know what thty tue. drogsUt will t>u o*** that the composition ti antlrely harmlaaa, aad almost magical Is Its effect*. We have yet to learn of one good druggist who haa cot recommended this rsdps. Do cot be deceived into tulng bottled nostrum*, which, tor aught you know, may be rank poison*. Many of them are injurious not only to lbs hair ana scalp, but to the head and brain a jo. Dr. Eoch*a application make* the hair to grew where the head has been bald aid smooth tbryear*. and the new hair has its natural color, whera before It was turning gray. Otir charges for tbs recipe are three dollars <•*»>., three dollars when the pore baser is satisfied of Its effi cacy. fir close cash tee to VALEKTIKfi WALBT, Box 040, Chicago. w».aui L2R907A2 «S,'a: i ßi«.69 asaatcfjcs, g FECIAL NOTICE. N. MATSON & CO, (Successor! to UATSOK A ROES), TVo. 117 Lal.e*st. CHICAGO, rci.., Baring been appointed the only Wholraale Agents for Chicago and the Western country, for tbe American Watch Company Watches, OP WALTHAM, MA9S.. Dealte to state to the public that they bare at an ttmts a foil and complete assortment of above Watches, cased In GOLD and SILVER CASES of every conceiv able ityle and finish to be found, and at FACroRF PRICES. JewtUers and Watchmakers ot the northwest can now be supplied at precisely same rates as at the Fac tory, and save tbe delay sending East. We are the only authorized Agents In the West for lbe*r Italy celebrated Watches, Dd fully recommend iiiem to the tmblle ai the beat ol the American production. *. MATSON, I. J. NORTON, W.E. HICLEY, 117, Chicago, 111. jfttrs nnb jritins pun HOUSE. EBTABIiISQCD 1860. J. & A. BOSKOWITZ, Dealers In an Shippers of RAW ms I'D SKIS, AND BUFFALO ROBES, 346 Inke-st., Chicago, 63 Broadway, S.T. nr Consignors receive prompt returns at the highest msrket prices ol the day, and are kept thor oughly pealed on the market. Rtfcr to many friends in the Northwest. ces 50,000 BEAimruL TREES, From ‘JO to 30 eta* Each, —AT— JDSCTIOS GROVE MRSERY, Two miles iontb of Union Stock Yards. 9. S. C ROCKER. 1.. \V. CROCKER. P. O. Addre**, Junction Grove. ,ifor ©alifornia. The transit routes of pan ama AND NICARAGUA. [From the New York Herald, Feb. U, 1357.] “ Fax an a, Feb. L, 1557. “ Telle w fever U almcst epidemic on the Isihmtxs. The deatha from that dU«ase are nnmennta, and Pan ama is fall of pestilence and filth. The season It the sickliest known for years. The yellow lever is taxing on toard the Jamestown (United State* manor-war), and the death* average one or two per diem. The commodore will pot to sen la order to dlxmfsct ths shin. •‘Dr. Little, Anerlnn Connl.dled of yellow lever on the JTth January. From the (act tnat a msjorltv of the men < n board the Jamestown arc prostrated with dLease, tbs nsoal guard of marines at hia funeral could not be iormed.” (From the New York Tribune, Feo. 11,1367.] •• PaSaMa. Jan. 11, 1567. -The health of oar city (Panama) U not by any aeaia what It nsoally Is: there have beat many deaths, rholera Is said to have entirely disappeared on the Nicaragua rente.’’ Notice to Californians. There bu not been epidemic disease of any kind os the Nicaragua route, and it Is quite bcaltay. The next at earner hytha way of Nicaragua will be the “San FraucUcc,” on the9th ot March. For pasaageapply to H. GREKNEDAUM A CO- Comer of lake and Lababe-rtt. insurance. At the adjourned annual meeting of the Western Branca Office of the KNICKERBOCfiIER Xsirzs in suaAKcu cozap ant, field this day. tb« following gentlemen were elected Krsldeut Directors lor the ensuing year: Gio. C. Cook. E. K. Bogsks, T. B. Carrrs. w.w Hotuotox, G to. U.t\uxhjcb, Gao, y.Fusm, C.O.Fanoo. W.C.Gcast, ana D. F. Joaxsas. Alter an examination of the books in the office. the following resolution wss unanimously adopted: KxtoLisi’. That we hereby express our approval of the n.atn*~ in which the business ot the Western Bianca Office cf the Stileketbocker Lile Insurance Company bss besu managed th* psst year, and reeotn n eno tbs Company as a safe and reliable one tor these whbttgto Kcun. tor thsmstlrea the benefits of t.if<- Inrurai ce. Chicago. Feb. 86.1967. jFinancial. $15,000 T 0 LOAN On Good City Property* WATTE A CLARKE, 100 Washington-*!. Inquire of AHA WE HAVE THIS Oil "• amount la our corrapoul et,»’ efflc. sin Xew York nod I'oatcn, awaiting lurest* meat In moncaew on flrtvel*** itore anfi a» hou*e oropertj-m thl* city. Fame* arr«i*ln« to baud the comtng t cason can be accommodated on farorahle termf. fAKKSB s Li iiaa* jyj-ONEY TO LOAN OK MORTGAGE BBCTTHZT7* Alto, cood BnalatM Boom S Masonic Temple, §50,000 T 0 &** On First-class Keal Estate. Aptly to BOZITT & CUMMINGS, Beal E»tate and Lota Brokera. 9*. LaSallc-at. T\J uTICt. —An instalment ol titty cents opoo a diare of stock it U>e Northwester* Plant Fiad IX. U cared lor, to be paid latotoaTreasam on ib- Alta ol March tut, ac bu office. No. S 3 boult Cark-u. Uy order ol toe Ulrtctczi. Chicago, Feb. 15,1557. H.LVU*Sec*j. 35tpugg Companies. 'J!HE '■ MEBCHANTS’ UNIOH , Express Company. . CAVTTAI.’ - - *30,000,000. Owtefi and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CARRIES DY EXPRESS. M«ey, YaJaa blcs. T«d«ht Rad Parcel** orer more m.n 13,000 nllee «t Kaprcaa Liar, «t Jiu and liberal raie*, smve* 3111) ions yearly to Ex »reM Shipper*, and can be made permanent only by (heir* liberal patronage. Thin we fcepe la merit and receive. Office, Hoi. 103,105,107 & 109 Dearbora-et. g. A. COOPER, Agent. Pnstturtion. pOKTEB’S TELEGRAPH COLLEGE, Hlxon’s Exchange, Washington-*!., east of Chamber of Commerce, Chicago. SAM’L POKTEB, of >*ew Tort City. President. Collect Ball* open tbr practice Iron 7 mm. to 10 p.ta. Lecture (with electrical ai pen treats and explana tions' cl Te!ear»ohlc Apparatus), MOb'DAi and THUKaDAT EVENINGS. Gentlemen and Ladies Talie Notice! Two hoar* a day. or leisure eveuls, 3 spent at the Ttlecraph Col ege duxlnjt the »p.-h ’ asd summer moaiha, would enable you 10 smswite mostbeautt lUl anx f«t».laailaa business i» toe vor.d, and place yourselves in a loerattvr It .mem. Students (Tom a dlftuce will be pro Tided wlihpleas aut beard tic homes, and every effort will bemadPdor- Inff their eenneemos m.h the lactation, fur (heir ccmlort snd trcraT,phy>ical and intellectual elevation. Jfuclreulajssdflrce K.PATBON POKTkK. Pntapal Sorter’s Telewaph Cußege. Chicago, fHicsical. ]y£DM<JAL, TVrTTBXCA.X,. Two gentlemen o( respectability and mer<Bce.9tran> ffers In tbta city. ot MQnralcsnabUmea.desMsehotan tor Qmrur sad Piano. Terme- satisfactory. Addrers ••MUSIC,’* Drawer 6401. lor Interview, o* call at Muatp store. 117 South Claikst. nniifi HAVING JL recently arrived ftomS*v Ton. Is startlug,-*fc? sfettal loqnest." a ciclus ofVcesl Lesson*, to wnicn she respccllully Invites U e sUrrdooctthe Ladlo* in Ula city. Apply at Lyoe ± Bealy*a Music su-re. „ AUGUSTA aEBREKKISD. ReJertßces—l-onU Suab, Anna Aederlha Mszau*- od. ■jfot Sale. SALE—Cheap, A. Superior I*ot of Shelving, In the ators lately ccennled by Tomlinson Bros- 109 gf*rDoTU-«5. Unstbe sold to-day. Apply to TlltW. KEiURICX, Boom 49 Fort and Block. TT'ItTY BUSHELS CHOICE EVER- X GREEK BROOK CORN BSBB (Warrantee) for sals, in quantities to salt. Price *5.00 a tmahel. Address K. A.BARKIS, *lO Kbrth Chicago. FOR S-ALE—SCO,OOO feet of HEWFD TniBES Fcrsa'c.ticir. J 1 feel fioSOtcctlong and from 10 Inches t 026 inches rebate, tn lots to sort purchasers. Thottm bcrislaldncarSevinteenthard Urircsta. Inquired PETER WOOD. 212 Snuth Waiet-sU T\RUG STORE XJ FOR SALE. The nndenlcnsd. of Jsct*on. Mich- offer for sale their lease, stock, nature* ami gooo ol one ot the he t Retail Drag and Prescription btorea to the State. Invoice. 110.006 or *II,OOO. A flnt-class ilty and pre scrtptloD trade. Terms easy. J. h. REKDftCO. ' pOKSALE— Shiagle, Stave and Barrel Machinery, Comprising shingle mil.*, heading mills, shingle and heading Jointers, stave Jointers, stave cotter*, heading rounders ano planer*, eqnahnng and ent-utt saws, ftc. All new, of onr own manahietare, ami warranted. FULLER ft FORD. 252 saQ 384 Maai»on-n. COOPERAGE. FOR SALE, 4)9001000 Flour Barrel SUtoS) With Heading to mate?, thoroughly seasoned, *ood. width, atd A Ko. lin ever* rmpect—by LINDEN, SKWALL A TEED, Mercantile Building, opposite' Chamber of Commerce, Chica, o. ■DARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. FOR SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STUCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, Afe, invclcicc arcni f!S,(XC; a l purchase® within a year ra»t,aidleaseon itrre. Stare located Inathnvtng tu»n a abort distance from Chicago. Satisfactory rea sons S iven for sel.lng. Fcr particulars loqatre ot K. V. ROBBINS, 0. mmlsdou Merctant. £2 LaSahe-at. Chicago. (General Notice*. f'VFHCE OF THE COUNT! CLERK \J OF COOK COCNTT, „ * ’ Chicago, Feb.«, 1887. Notice la hereby given to alt parnea haying claims agalutCook county, to prteent u.em on or before baturoay. March X I*6*. EDWARD S. SALOMON. County Cleric. J£MERT OIL STONES. Something New. Oil Stones. Razor Dose*. Emery Wheels, Carriers' Stone*. Machinists’ Eqnalincg htonca, etc- at low PMeee. manufactured hi the 2MCBT Oil. aTOS'K CO., 144 Pultcn-it, Chicago. Madeot any desired grade of grit, and in forma to salt any shaped tool. FAIRBANKS, QKBESLEAF A CO, General Agenta. 228 aad 228 Lake-st. J^OTICE. CntcaeoA Altov RAiLßoaj>Covr.urr, ) SupißnrrsaoxsT’s Orticx, Chicago. Feo.ll, 1067. J Os account of the loss of an important bridge, on this line, by fmbet, no through trains will leave Chi cago Ibr Springfield Oil farther notice.* The Wilmington Accommodation Train will ran os Us regular time. BOBT HALS, Gcn’l Snp’t- Cosmetics. BEAUTIFUL COMPLEXION. Jared's u Email do Paris,* FOB THE SRIX. This s*£ret cf beautifying th* skin being known only to Jolt* Jared, he hum.ran'T states that It dltf- rs from all uh-r Milo preparations, being prodccltg Hie n ost bniUanl complexion, and wiving a son.even teztnre to the itln..ike that ol an Infeut, wlthuat presenting the least meretricious appearance, llieasects of “KmaP de Paris” hare received many letters commendatory ot Ita merit*, from ladle, of high standing In s cial Ilf-*, but the restraints of pri- Tate life for hid their publication. They have therefore been cot strained to limit these testimonials to the let* ten of ladies who*e names are alreaJy before the pub lic, for tb«lr talent and etnlns, among whom are Sig nora Bistort, MadUe. Feltelta Vf-tra U MU* Maggie Mitchell. Mr*. D. P. Hewers, LnclUe Western, M line. Ponlsl, Mrs. Fmma Waller. Lncy Bnsntca. Noemle de Marenritte>, ills* A. Perry, Mua Helen We<Cern and Airs. AtosCoweil, aid tnauy others whore high stand ing in the profession girts the stamp of trtrhinlnets to tb»)r Intelligent ate genuine approraL “ L’ Email d* Paris’* remove* Freckles, lan, BNea Speck. Sma'l Fox marks, and all ronghiess and redness. imparting to the skin both tbetextnre and color of polished Ivory. So d by all fint-clas* Drnmsts. Pennmets and La dles* Hair Dresser*. DEMAB BARNES A CO. F. C. WELLS A CO- !»ew York, and JOUXbfON. HOLLO WAY A COWDEN, Philadelphia. G-neral Agents. JARED A RENE. Importers, New York and Philadel phta. HTtoincs anb (Corbagr. CORDAGE, ETC., ETC. GILBERT HUBBARD & CO.. DEALERS IN TWIN SS AND COBDA6S, 205 ft 207 SOUTH WATES-ST., CHICAQO. The largest and best assortment In the West of COTTON AND FLAX DUCK, all widths and weights MANILLA AND TABUED HEMP ROPE; COTTON BEAMLESS DRAIN BAGS: GUNNIES, WOOL SACKS AND BURLAPS; TAR, mCH. OAKUM; COjL TAR ROOFING PITCH AND FHLTING; CHAINS, TACKLE BLOCKS, Ac. COTTON, FLAX AND HEMP TWINES Ot every description; Cotton. Flax, Paper and Jute Wrapping Twines; Bell and Sash Cords. GUI Nets and Seines, with every vaiiety of Seine and Netting Twine. Testa, Awnings, Wagon Covers ft Tarpaulins. F Xi A. G S Of Silk or Basting, as per Army Begnlatloas, coo atanuy on band and made to order. e.ornaxsD, j.s. icaxzx. axo. n.?caXPKxm. ILumbtr. 1 LUMBER! We have a Large and Choice Stock of Lumber, Lath & Shingles, Whica we ofler to Country Dealert at prices whtcl cannot fail to he satisfactory. Dr gucd assorted oaaJ- Itlea. Our stoex consists in part ot Wide Ist. M and Sc Clear; Clear and 2d Gear Flooring and Siding; Select and Common Stock ana Box oosrds; Wioe Saginaw Con men 1-oanJl. Jolau, Scantling, limber. Ac. W. bare a large stock of 12, it. lo and IS-feet Fencing which we offe’ low with oth- r lumber. tir Orders solicited. Office and Yard on llnsso’s Canal* In the new Li umber District, SCOTT & PORTER. Bcnttetn). DR. J. 0. FAKNSWOhIH EXTRACTS TEETH WITHOUT PAIN, By the use of Nitrons Oxide Gas, or Vitalized Air, tor sl. Arttfl>!alTeethtneenao.from 112 tok2oa Buhoer. llti Wood’s Museum. rpEETH. ETTRACHAEGE ter Extracting T«eth WITH OUT PAIK. by the um ot Mirons Oxide Uu, when ar tificial cnea aie Inserted. K TBERO’S Dental 73 eonth C ark-*U Chicago. Sew Teeth Inserted same day os extracted IXEmmials. JJESIOTAL. HALL, KIMBARK & CO. HAVE REMOVED TO THEIR SEW STORK, SOS. SO, 82 & S 4 JIICfIIGAS-AY., Joftt 9o«ih of UKMt< JJE3IOYAL. hare th's day opcnrd oar New 6t,ire.X‘>. 66 Like-* I— vitL a Ur*e and «ell adccted elude .•» TiUnß-IDRi, Lacei, En&rouisrlcs, NoUo&j, la »btct ▼ectlei rare udacexeata. Wholesale rcoatt up I lairs. 6G Laae^t. Sansas lanha. KANSAS LANDS. Co TUESDAY, the Id day of Apt!!. 1317. win be ofieiedat - . V_ PUBLIC SALE At the Edridge House, In the citj of ZiAWBJUVOB, XAWB AO, About 155,960 Acres of Lai, Bitaato la tbe co nutlet of Lenvmvorth, Wyandotte, JeCerjonacd .Douglas, aad known a* (ha ' "DELAWARE RESERVE.” These landa He directly os the Uaa of thd Dnlon Patific Railway, EajtrrnDiiiriW law Koad from Leavenworth tm at Lows V 1 3 ' «»1 toe railroad tnm border. *° “‘TCworth rus alons their Eastezs Locatloa, aad abundance cfTimber w Jr er i»neseL«nn«are tne mn^ru»«riw ti V** SmiSSL l u^SibMn date raaay hums ha«T® X vi? cnwl,ert ’ utl tbal “hSel TpUx £ouw £s°™:“* eim«bm. other improves eaa made lb^reoa. erfCt * 1 * ta * n»ay torniiPCMuf^M^Ueratbmel^a l oS? and Greater Tndncemenretban any other* latte Mn9 . sl * ee * torn*to*var alter the Otno. sinoa of the above Lands, will be oold about sajoco Acasi or land. Situate In the southeastern oart ot me ** sac and Ik Eeserre,” In Ibe cflßnqr ot Franklin. Kansas? H.‘^;£i2 r 5S aQtDb,:ra * TOWJi LOTS and BLOOD D the towns ol ... Sorlh Lawrtncf, Tonginoiic and Perry. The sale will commence on April *l, 13*1, and will continue irom da? to day until al m« land*aboT» namMcatebeeudispcsraot. The viu ha r*. ftrcdln tracts to suit purchasers. Txvvs or Sal*—One-third cash and balance lb two equal annul payments, with 6 per interest Une ca noci date of purchase. a. at. SAHTHOLOV, Agan*. 13tick. DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Pace. Room So. a, 47 Clarks:.. Chicago Janies: MACHINE'. Fcr the parpese cf mutual benfatand ceaeral tuft* maticn, I am drslrocu of surrespoadlng with SBICE>r&K£R9 Who u« name, on nix* im used, self-temp urtog - Bnck Machine*. - Keaio scad address pi S. J. KKI6BLT. Srtctaaater. Kr.3 utl*‘ Block. Chicago, 18. 'jyjA.GAZIHE BRICK WORKS Corner Balsted and Twmty-aecocd-str. Office, Wo. X OUa Block. J A. Jv KSIBELT, * ■ Proprietor. ■\TOTICEIS HEHEBT GIVEN THAT' JL v the Bra cf TODD BROS, ft IXaLEK la this daw si.solved by matnat« ene-nt. Thebnaltea* win te contlnoed by _ TODD IIUO**., ltf‘.S-S»atb Watersatw wto are alone anthemed to sign the firm tame la mP Icmeot. Feb.2S.lgST. ■pkISSOLUTION. Notice is hereby JLx t Iwn that the copartnership heretofore sxlsoaw under the firm name ot “ , CKUFUIIT. BANE ft FINLEV, Is dissolved, ana that w. D. Crcroot is alone asUtor lied to use tne firm name in clo.lngtse business. W. D. CUOPOOTL O. F. BAKE. TVfcSOLtJTION OP COPARTSEa- XJ SHlP.—'lbeflrm of KEENAN* FINLtT. Com miMlos Merchants atTnlon StoctTama. imcoiLia tbia tfaydissolved by mstoal conaent-B. M. F Lai er ro ll ring; w.T. Keenan ecstuminr is bnitaMs. W. T, KKEHAM, S. y. FIA’LKT. March 1. A. D. IS6T. IV OTICE—To all whom it may concern. -A.N Notice tabmby given that the partnerahlphw«~ toforeexiitizgbetse-n the undcnl»net in tie nrae tlceoflaw, at No 87 Wash'Bgtoa-st, Chicago, baa till oar been dissolved by mutual consent. C. F. KKUICR, Chicago, Feb.SS, 1567. a. B. GUILD,?*. ■\fß. CHAKLES C. OGDEIf IS A. Xr-L partcerla cor boose, Me Ictereat dating from Jonunry l«t, 1907. Tbestjleci the firm will remain unchanged. * . _ ADAMS, OIBB> * CO., Chicago. I. a. 26.1567. 14« I feoath Water-si. — THE FIRM OF’ JEWETT & BUTLER, Importers ao>! JobVrs of Hardware. U this day fits* iol»«l bv mutual oocsent. Oliver B. BfiUer retlrtrr- Th« bsslnre* wll: be continued by FoSOEiUUIC JEWBIT, altheold stand; 18 LaKE-yT^ W 1 o la authorized to use tbe firm name le tleuldatloa (Signed! FREDERICK JKWBIT. Feb, ra, 1?67. OLIVER IL UOTLER. business (ffatbß. ■yy 7 TETH & TANDERVOORT MALTING COMPANY, Kos. 2 and 4 Michigan-av^ naDuracCtucrn of malt and Sealers li Barley and Bye. We keep constantly on head stocks ot Prism Burley and Rye Malt, which we arc prepared to MU ■ the lowest market rates. UNDERWOOD & 00., General Commission Kerctiants, Cor. LaSalle and Washizgtoß-stfc, CHICAGO. Give particular attention to bout boyim* and MQag Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. teS3fS?6JSS'iSASS? °° “*•»«•» . WJSpeaal rates ol Commission made to those «M mnuth their own money tor Urn aorchaaea of —- erty to be held Ibr sale by ns. P, L tsdenrood. Ben, w. Dnderwee* Q. & field, GEKEEAL COMMISSTOH ff.Rititii^ (Successors to Gilbert, Updike A Co-> 10 3 TV’aslilnston*st» CHAS. J. GILBERT. UEO. FDOJJ Holden & Pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers tn * Hardwood and White wood Lumbers Office annY'art. 30-t South Franklin-8 L, bet. Vu Boren and Harrtso;, Cblcaco. P. O. hox 2936. C2t~BlU> cat to order. Jl uaac a. holds*, jx. xurscsu rxsDuaaa. Q B. DUPEE & GO. Sugar-Cured Boms, Bacon and Beef. Oar Hams hare now stood the t**t for the past mt TKate. In lids cal} .We areuow having-,nr nsoal «"p --ply fbr oar customers. Oar Htms areau oranded tn—r arc. B. DUPES Ac As certain parties la this city bare seen at ro seß oth-r Hams for oar own, we call particn ar atteottoa to the (Act that erery Usm we core IS BRANDED as AROVif, and no other* are genuine. Office northwtst corner Sooth Water and State-—. E ARE PREPARED TO SHIP WHEAT TO ALL POINTS. EAST AND SOUTH, Without Transfer at Chicago* DT Orders from Millars solicited. Samples sent e« application. HZCS BBOTESHS, MILWAUKEE. Wl3. DM. RICHARDSON, • XAXmcmn op Telegraph, Bound & Parlor Matches H. W. DURANT, Agent, Office. 41 Blver-t. TTf3L WISDOM & SON, MANUFACTURERS OF SASH, DOORS, B LCVDS, Mcnldlngs, Scroll Sawtac.Tnrainc, , 90 North F ranklln-st- corner of Ohio. Chicago. ffiarijineq). nPO NEWbPAPEtt PUBLISHERS. X For sale, a No. 3 single cylinder Steam I'mQntr Press, of K. Hoe A Co.’s manntactore. Thle *nm ia t* arly tew, and will be warranted m raarp-T worst ing order. It will be sold cnzaPTOB cash. tr Ad'dreea-PKISTING PRESS." Tribune cOce, Chicago. IMPORTANT TO LUMBERMEN: X An Immense saving of labor, sad a touch o- tto- Quality of producer!, by the use ot UAYB> A SEWSIAN’SPATENT DOUBLE KARjLLEI.EDGKIL. £dges ail widths, from to 38 In'-bea. and perfectly adapted to masts* Stripe- Illustrated circular* «»* FnceLlat sent tree on application. Address HAYES A N EWMAN. CuadlUa, Otsego Co* X. Y. patents. JJOGERS’ PATENT PORTABLE CONCRETE PRESS Matnftrtnre* frrta Sand or Gravel. CONCURS fit: 11.D1NG BLOCKS, 4 In. by 5 to. and 10 In. Iht BEST andCHEAPESTBuilding Material lnti» worid. NO BURNING REQUIRED. Price of Press. {300.00, exclusive of right. fctndfcr circular. For rights address C. A F. HAWKINS, PATENT OFFICES. —Inventors ■who wish to take out Letter! Patent ara adrlsod tc sotmsel with MUSS A CO., Editors ot tbc SclfltiCV An erlcar. wbo hare prosecuted claims oerar* DC Patent Udtce for nearly twenty yean. Their inwioa and EuropeanPatentAseocytls tte most extensive is tic world. Chartcs less than any otatr Rllabw aceccy. 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