Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 1, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 1, 1867 Page 3
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CKI3L coir. An Adolteroa Two Bonn In lee* Water. [lniilanM’oUa Correspondence of theCloclamtl Commercial.] There Is a nearly obsolete statute in this State which forbids what some old-fashioned people call the “crime 1 ’ of adnlter/.aud this must/ statute has been exhumed to brine to prK-f a pair who have loved not wisely, but t«xi well.” John Schaflert-who Is the lawfhl husband of a wife and the father of aJamllv oi l.eiUmate children, variously estimated at from seven to nineteen in number has lone been llvlne on suspiciously Intimate terms with v woman named Lizzie Wilson John has frequently lea his family In a stale of utter luipecunhwlly, with the demons of I.murcr and nakcducas holding high carnival In their domiciliary accommodations while he has made pleasure excursions to *sundrr of resort m Ohio and Kentucky tax ire Lizzie along for the pleasure of her charmsociety, and registering her at the hotels unde- his own delectable patronymic with the ornate prefix Ol “Mrs.’’ J ’ For some months past the hilarious John Ja* caused his paramour to be subsisted at the n»ldcnce ol a Teutonic friend on the cor f‘‘ r r l CW Vincent streets,telling }i<£he Uy reßldin « tbcre that the lady was The other nlcht his wile ventured to sne- Vf. nelJ ? r h lVremnluine an hour v nh his family, and paid the penalty of her temerity by bc'ni: treated to fkmilT disci- I'lme in the ebapo of a severe beatlug from Ibe cbiralions Schaffer. For this sort of ttvatmcnl the wile vowed to be revenged on ber faithless husband and his itaramour. On Saturday night she traced him to the house on the comer of New York amt Vincent Miccls, and gazing through a window had the satisfaction ot seeing him aod the ficti tious Mrs. Schaffer avail themselves of the r«ual necessaries and appurtenances of noc turnal repose Proceeding lo the office of *£qnire'Ffsher, the wife swore out a warrant for the arrest of the unsuspecting pilr, and a posse of police proceeded to execute the mandate. Schaffer stood not on the order of his going, but, regardless® of x pp'nraaces. left, liis “virtuous ccuch,” and Incontinently tied to the attic, while the female, in ro!>e de nuU, halted for the cc Ur stairs and sought shelter alike from prying eyes and obtrusive hands lu subterranean regions. The masculine victim was soon sccnred and then the officer commanding the expe dition set about looking up the fair but fiagilc fugitive. He bad not witnessed The fight, as he had been paying marked atten tion to hi r companion, while his men were all outside guarding the doors aud other apertures to prevent the egress of the tmfor turate conple. Having searched tbe house ho proceeded with a torch, or other means of illumination, to explore the cellar, where, to hw intense disgust, he suddenly found himself in water nearly up to Im neck. Of course, no woman or other living aul luhl could be concealed there; so he leh his hath and searched tbe nousc again. After spending more than an hour in vain explor ations. he heard a noise at the cellar door, and, on opening it. found the woman, who had tainted from the terrible effects ol nearly two hours’ Immersion in Ice-cold water with her head concealed beneath a wooden bowl. It is not particularly remarkable that a naughty woman should be arrested, though the crime lor which this woman suffers has come to be regarded with great leniency; but it is probable that no other woman ever in flicted such horrible tor'nre upon herself to avoid the shame and disgrace of arrest and exposure. Two hours in Ice-water, and nearly naked! It would make one shiver In July to think of it. A KOVEL RACE. A IVeck-and*Nrcu. Kace Between Two \\ omen and a Cab. [From the New Orleans Picayune, February 21.] Last night as this reporter, wearied vvjtn the arduous labors of the day, was with sleepy meditation weeding his way to bis bachelor lodgings, be was arou-cd by the reiterated cr) of ‘‘watch,'’ and the conse quent prohahility ol something big In the way o! an item. Looking about him he dis covered two gaily dressed nymphs scooting down Lafayette street in the direction ofßa rot tie, one on each side of the street, while down the middle of the street came tearing furiously a cab, the driver ol waich w-.s giving vent to the sUirtliog cry aforesaid. Arriving near the corner of Lafajctte and Laronne, and finding cabby close upon their said one m mph to the other, “ Hallo, Sal, let's double or? him;” and with a rl.,ht about they scooted back. *• Watch! d—n the hots,” ytlled the driver, as with dilllcai -1» he brought himself up short and turned the narrow street. Back up La&yeUcacootcd the mischievous fair ones, laughing like mad ; back the same v.y madly lure the cab, the driver shouting “watch! watch!** between the intervals of ciis-s woids delivered in a somewhat mixed manner to tticbard-mmilhed “ Unoa” and the dcfaulticg fair ones. Tlie reporter, having read the Riot Committee report, expected momentarily to sec u horuo ot blood-thirsty policemen issue from the first District Sta tion, which was In close proximity to the scene of this ludicrous race, but he was dis appointed. sadly so, as would have beca Jlcasts. Eliot and Sliellaburgerlmd they been there. Cabby yelled for the guardians of the city in Tain, while (he runaways had it the*r own way. Up and down; forward and back; screaming with laughter; tabby now n'tiHist losing them, then uvurluuling just in time to see them turn and escaucou the back track, be cu>slng furiously all the while. Finally, the nymphs d'viii-'d their Dree, one slnivclii«*g dirt at a great rate up Caron dtlet. while the other scattered gravel In the direction of Canal street, with a mutual ad tuition from each other and this reporter tO po If •* Pnnf Mhn,< nmtlJ ni>i JStUvUm Drees, and must needs content himseli with taking the enemy in detail. lie quickly chose upper Carondelet as the ba?c ol his operations, and alter a spirited chase, and Will executed flank movements, bronchi th» del-uquent to bay, with the aid of several peiiiKmen ol the cre--cent, «>u Girod street, between Carondclei and Bironue. No sooner did the sbe-taetician And hcr- Eclf cornered ihan she called loudly for the arrest of cabby, who, she said, hid lett her on the shell-; oid. and likewise threat- C’.ed to cowhide her companion, “a wed b' havcd young lady os cou.d be.’* Cabby was cqniilly cloqneut ou tbe subject of ‘‘bavin* that ere woman taken in,” os he ex pressed his willingness to accompmy the i-ilieVr, and “make a charge.” He declared taut the two women bad been riding in Ins cm!* lor over an hour, and jumping out, ha l tried to escape without paying him a cent, Whether she was lateen in we cannot tell, for this reporter dcimrtcd lor his snoozery. SEW ENGLAND ITEMS. The motion pending before the Maine Lctr- Mature for an inroitlpstlon into the con duct of affairs at the Stale Insane Asylum, comes from a member who was formerly an inmate of the Institution, and one of Uie charges Is that obscene and highly indecor ous pictures arc hung about the halls and ptilencs of the building, whose removal common decency demands. The offensive pictures were present'd to the institution by Miss Dis, the well-known ladv philanthro pist. Tltc Northampton (Mass.) Cazctte says that a gentleman in that town has offered the magnificent sum of fifty thousand dollars to the State, in bchalfof an independent m »ve xt’ent for the deaf and dumb, and an asylum f<»r these unfortunates will probably be lo cated in Northampton, as that la uudcrdlocJ to be tho wish of the donor. The pecuniary obligations of the State of JJafracbusoltfiiorlhc current year—provided there is no extraordinary expenditure deter mined tt|>on—arc c>Umuted ut $•5,113,000, and $•‘>.013,0(0 will, at least, he required over and above the State revenue. T«ic amounts a*. S'-scd upon counties and on cities areaev- C'al'j* specified lu the report. Money-lenders can dispose of their eapital n»w in Massachusetts on such terms as they and moucy-bonowers can agree upon—or, they will be able to do so on and after the 1-t of m*xt Julr, as the usury laws are al lowed more thin four months in which to do their dying. The amount of money to be raised lit Bos ton by taxation next year Is estimated at $0,375,750, or over a million and a half more than last year. The principal Item in the increase Is SOOO,OOO la the State tax. The Eastport (Maine) .S rntinrl states that the Island of Campo Bello, celebrated as tbo jpot where Fenian squadrons were first ’* sot ju the field.*' during the late attempt to cap ture British Norin America, has been sold to a Mr. Seymour, of New York, lor fs.UJD. Mr. Seymour has been engaged mining upon the Island, or rather In Investigating the tidneial resources of the island, for .-cvcral years. The sale Includes the whole island, except about eighty acres. There is a school district In Enfield (Conn.) failed “Wallop,” which lately vo’ed to sell lurclghl dollars the copy of Webster’s die which they received last year in now In use is produced in Barnard’s “ School Architecture.” as ati Illustration of what •‘•huo! houses were former.y, and a citizen of the district who died a ffcw years since l»c• •jUfothcd o few hundred dollars for lit? •up l-urt ot scnuols, provided tho pnulls should '< td and spell Just at the same time and as hiany times lu a day aa he did when n hoy. A nan Crualird to Uralh by a Fallloa Vunufinb. iKmm the Lapori, (Ind.) Tiilon, February 87. We arc c*l-cd upon to rccoid a shocking fi'''i(]cnt, whereby one of our oldest ciMzen* l<<M liln ltlr>. Thu tintnr of the unfortunate jmn was I‘ntrlrk Kjrwln, wtio wan living v(th Ms nen, William Kyrwtn. m this cliy. 1 hi re Is n stable ou (he premise*. In one cor ix rof which In (or wasj a snull cornurib, ImltllKß nifOUt thirty bushel*. poreli->4 upon |.lucks. It to< ms to hove been u ilingorou* biluir. tm.pllmr over to one aid-, tliroUening 1m k" U» olives atony moment. I he ilecuajml, •Her eating bin dinner nl noon on Saturday, ul to thentablo. Of course nollilng was thought oi this, nnlll between C and U’/p.m., vino thr little Imyn. (his grandchildren, v tirrnnme.) missing him, wont to the •tunic, rod l<niml the old man Ivlng dead hunenlh Ihe lumber and com of the crih. "hoy gat'd the utnrm and brought Mu. Kvrwln 10 the M nl, who wo* unablu to uxirioatu the body liMiu ihe Mioerloennihunt iii’ws. In a abort lone the son and other* c*me and rem'V'ed llio cot two. Mrs. K. lestllb d before the Jury that he I'cliher breathed or *!»oko when ahu hed him. and Mr. K. testified that Umro w.ffjio »lgu* of life when ho arrived- lie ttun lu a stoopiug postum when found, and li is supposed that he was trying to prop or lu the crib, when the side ot the same gave v U (, burying him under the planks and t'-m. r i tic Frupuscd liairyiusii'it Convention at Koekford, liilix.ia. {From the Rockford (111.) It glstor.) We have confidence ttmtlre Dairymen’* C bTcxi’iun for which a ca.l Is published la wil’. result in mmrti good to all l emons enusged In making cither butter or ‘••"m, am! *bosc dealing in tlicse amcles. 3he dairy business is as ye» lu «U lutimcy In thn-stntt*, and tbe llm»t t** e*tabnsb -ticefc und customs in tb«t manner of do* the business Is now, and b.j*o c «»te pco* ]*'e arc wedded to Inju.looH ones. Eelia'id d'-ithrlMus practices are bard to root oat t'h«;ti , nee cs'ablUbod. and s’tcli will be fcuilicitnt to destroy tbe best efforts ot the dairy wotuen. If mil corrected. At this Com* v<ntlor we can have all the delect* aedad- Ytniages vf our present business fully dls* “ d mo,t pronilblc ■>»» "i OoS U The proposed Convon- Id all t»« lce t° discuss this matter lulormal!^^^^. n ?» , *° < * raw out all Ibo cc? ® tbe copunwliy on the sub- I™*.* 17 person wishing to be well In. the probable iSurv? f f. hee * e faclorles, ought to attend. ~° P i TC ? Uon * banners who raise stock •or market arc also Interested, os the dis cussion of each questions as the best breed oi cows, tba best grasses and best lood, and general management of stock will come in cidentally betoro the ConvenUnn for discos sion. There is one reason, whicu Is a proml uent one, uhy ac hope to see this Convention largely attended. It Is the Inauguration of a new era ia dairy ing in this State; we have not heard of any Convention of this nature be fore, and wo believe this to be the Pioneer Convention of Dairymen in the State of Till, uois. While most of the States cast ol ns have their dairymen’s associations, we do not seem to have given this branch the attention it deserves, and we hope this example by the persons who have Issued this call will be followed In other parts of the Suite where the dairy can be carried on to advantage Every branch of trade in tbls agricultural crmmunitj Is Interested in the full develop mail of this one; we therefore ask all our citizens fur their hearty co-operation. The Convention, It will be seen. Is to be held the W ednesday and Thursday in March. 6th and «th. We hope our cotemporaries ol the j*tess elsewhere In the State wUI also give notice of tba Convention. b BOARD Ot EDUCATION. [OFFICIAL MZPOm.} Regular Meeting, Chicago, February 26, 1867. Present—Messrs. Blackman. Bonfleld, Brcntaoo. Bnggs, Clatkc, Dreier. Guilford. Holden, Run van. Ryder, Tinkbam and Wales. Absent—Messrs. Ballantyne, Bond, Foster and i/'avul. President Bolden In the chair. The mpjuies of the last regular meeting were r 2 a . wh . CB * n P° n notion ol Mr. Breotano. the lurther reading was dispersed with, and the mtnntea of tne regular meeting, January 2X and of ibe special meeting, February 0, were approv ed as recorded. " Mr. Blackman, Chairman of the Committee on url cicgf ai o Croucds,*cporti d;hataxiaugeiuenta bad been made to move the Imlldicg recently oc cupied r>y the South Chicago Schoo.. and that the contractor had Just commenced work Mr. Guilford, Chairman of the Committee on Furniture and Apparatus, repoilcd that tne com-’ i-loatSoin single desks and torn np seats ordered .oc thcFosier, Franklin, aud Newberry Schools tod been furnhhea and are in use In the several schools named. Mr. Blackmam, of tbe Committee on (he Ezsm- ‘ ina'lon of TVachcw, recommended that teachers* ’ • enlflcatea be awarded to Jnllaitt Wicker. So- H. Elevens. Warit A. Fancy, and Sue D. Uilluck. Recommendation adopted. . c > tEignations of Mary E. Smith and Came «. Dickinson, assistants In the Klozie School, and' Jeai.ile Dec. Fletcher. a-*letam in the Washing ton School, were received and accepted. Mr. Blackman also reported the following an poimments since the last regular meeting of the Board s Mary L. Bocklns, assistant m the Wash itplon School, and Mary A. Moran, assistant In the Bridgeport School. On motion of Mr. Blackman, the following ap polttmc: ts, reported at the last regular meeting of the Board, were confirmed: Caroline A. West ern. of the Ogden School, and Anna Boehme, u ocher of German in the Newberry School. On morion of Mr. Clarke, Chairman of the Cora muice ou the High School. Esther A, Uecse, Edith T ?homaa. Normand 8. Patton, Mary E. Beebe a ' V. «.®v were r«-admlued lo scats ntlie High School. On motion of Hr. Blackman, Isabella Cooper waa also re admitted to a scat In the High School. On motion of Mr. Runyan, (he rules of the In reference to admission to thu lllgh Schrol were suspended for the evening aud Master - Wteiehcad was admitted to a eeauulhe High School. Mr. Brenjano, of the Auditing tod Pittance Committee, pteteoled tbc following report of tbe School Aron’ for January: Gath on band Jannaiy 3,1867 SU7IT 12 „ aeceuts. From rente f1.359.-iO From lolcieet j<( 27 KiomUty,fccboo) Tax Fund... 21,000.00 Ftora Lllls receivable—J. L. Grose 100.00 EXTOi JJITPIICS. Forteachers’ ray*roll« $22,018.59 For J. N. Barker lot, dower of a’.rs. O’Bonojhue 73.00 For—salary ol School Agent lor two months 50.00 Cash o» band Fcbruarr 1,1PC7 $2,077 20 Of the cash ol hand f 1,083. W Is for payment of leathers; *4SB.fCiot investment; and ssUj.6Ufot poj meni or balances ol sundry accounts. Xfepoit accepted ana ordered to bo placed on file. , The Snpertnicndent read a communication from sir. Ellas Shiftman, complaining that his dangh ier was unable to obiain rc-admlMlon to the Kinzie School, which, ou motion of Mr. Itunvan. »aa laid on ihe table. Tht supenmenonnt presented tbe Summary of Attendance lor February, showing an increase of 2,352 in itie Whole Member Enrolled; of S.2W in ihe Average Number Belonging; ol 8,814 io the Average Dally Attendance; or tour and foar u mbs of one percent iutbe Average Dally at ci.darce; and a decrease oral: In the Number of Tacdlncstes, as compared wilh the reports of Feb ruary, JfcCO. On mouon of Air. Tlokham, tbe Board took a boit recess lor the consideration of appointment of teachers. The following appointments were made during the zv cevs tod rejiorted to the Board. Almira A. Miller and Abba F. Gilbert, assistants iu the Hende bcho«*l; ElvertUa F. DeLuce. assistant In .beDcKuven Street Branch of the Foster School, •i.d vary B. O'Neil, assistant tn the Twelfth sliwt Knuifh of lha Kmur School; Elsie H. uoold. a?slßtantin the Newberry School; Maila A. Fancy, assistant in tbe Skinner School, and Mutton w. Crosby, temporarily, assistant in :ho -kioiicr School: and Amelia A. Morhiser, assn mnt In tite Holllng Mill Prima>y School. Fall certificates were awardea to the fojnwlug rrathers: Henry B. Belflela, Annie E. Baker, iJxdeC.Glidaen, of the Jones School; Sarah E. obenandcr,of tbe Scammon school; Emily I- Baih y, and Hattie U. BcUcrfield, ot tbe Kinxie -chool: Emma A. Stoweli, Bate E. Blanchard, Helen ii. I.uak. of the Franklin School; Emma Lloyd, of (be Washington School; Marion 1.. W, riev Unlock, Julia B. Briggs. Ellen A. Wood worth, of tbe Moseley School; Mary French, of the HiownSchool; Anna M. Snoad.Jane Fcnler, of •be Forter School; Belle McLaren. Emma Janes, oijbv Ogden School; Mary T. Hammono, Laura A. King, Ellen E. Leonard, of the Newberry •chool;C. Addle Brown, of tbe Wells School; Vs-gaivt A. Van Tranken. ilary A. Carender, Henrietta U. Bobbard,of theSkinocrSchool; Car lire A. Dickcrman, ol the Bridgeport School; .nd Sarah O. Babcock, of the Bolling Mill Prims y School. During the award of the shove certificates, Mr. •uilford mored that all tho teachers lu the public cbools who hare not beoc furnished certificates ne awarded mil certificates. Lost. Reports on the condition of the District Schools ■v«-re made b; the several conualUee*present.and he On motion of Ur. Briggs, the Committee on Build mgs and Grounds were tnstmeted to Inquire •nto the expediency of the immediate 6rccUou of -rrcial eight-room Dame buildings, two ot which •hall be located lu the Foster School District. Ob motion of Mr. Goiliorrt. the Committee on Apparatus and Furniture were authorized to pro cure four new artists for the Haven School. jcca—Metsrs. Blackman. Bonflcld, Brentano, Briggs, Clarl:e,Dreser.|nniUom,Holden, Runyan, Kjoei, Ttnkbam and Walsh—l 2. Hoyt— None. Adjoumed. J. L. PICKARD, Scc’y. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Grand Jury in tho Circuit Court—Case Against the City In Progress— Hew Suits Divorce— Breach of Promise. Business Is progressing slowly, there being but one court m cession yesterday. On Monday next the several court# m the city will resume business, and malten will proceed more rapidly. cmcuir cousr. The progress of business lu this Court was somewhat n tardid by the fact that the appeal case of John Kelly against Daniel Manning spun ittclt out to sn unusual length. Tho case was mentioned yesterday. U went to the Jorv. Itu following Grand Jury was empanelled : E. A. Kilklns, foreman; W. P. White. John U Muz zy, Wt-lism Van Brunt. William crocker, Henry Mc-Lrtng. F. C. Brows, D. J. liabbsrn, M. R. Ran dal). i.. Baer. William Golscb, David Ellis. 11. I ampartucr , Charles 11. Filch. William C. Miner, William J. Turner. O. E. O. Maley, J. W. Smith, William Waite, T.l eonard, Joseph Carpenter, B. Welders and Joseph Holdemcs* Tlait A Thorn vs. Hcmv Brown. AssnmpstL Dcfao't and judgment for Henry Blreh vs. tug "Mosher" and J. J. Don mng. owner. Defendant# 1 appeal from Malcolm, •lustier. Dismissed. „ Mary Comfort vs. The City of Chicago. Case. Damage* laid at SIO,OOO. The charge I# that the ,ilaln> Iff fell upon the sidewalk of William street, '•clwcin Aberdeen and Rucker sheets, owing to nccmdlUon ot'be walk, bho charges that she :elt iLin the gutter, and was greatly Injured, esoe catty as to the use of her left bind. The s«d irnt is claimed to have happened October D, ISGo. Toe new anils In this Conn were of O-orcc W. Fuller va. Daniel Kellogg, of Da- Taro County. Asaumpslt ffdainaces * Jot n Warner vs, T. Wilber. Bill to enforce the v.tnni. itnu ut a sate ol land u> Lnlngston County, i>f till# buic. svrziuon conrr. Tbe new sails in this Court were Eit Boyu.gtun et *l. vs. Union Block Tara A Ti stint Company et si. Replevin to recover sot '■nty-oni* dead hogs. Mt#. Julia Erlvr vs. Allnrl Card. Defendant • ippsal ironi ITWolf, Justice. Omn F. Tlao* vs. William Darand. Tla.nlliT s tpixtl. Horatio O. Btouc va. Charles A. Gregory. Dc .fudant’s appeal. Amno it. Ambrose vs. Wlllism Bwinbum aod Anna Walsh. Tlalr.tllT# appeal. .. Jacob bloxer and Kvm, hi# wllo, vs. Henry Wig -crs. AlUcbtnrnt on the ground of oon-rost •lvnct. to recover upon an alleged breach of con- John Maddeoand al* vs. John Caiman and sis. Injunction to retUam Caltnau from bnlldlmr in or ot.M'ticUtig Damon sirtot. J. 11. o'Kflly vr. TaUlck UcMnbon. Dolcnd* <l., # aj>i cal fromHtlcknry, Justice. coraft cot'iir. 1 l.l* Court waa not in scmluq yeatordav. Tho I'rrsidlog Judge will take up business this morn >•«. nc(oitnKM> comiT. 11it# ('nttrl w#s in srsoon tor a short timo Tea oidaj. when a singular stsUi of fhc'sln rvldllun ■» Mu- cs»e ul l(n»e 11. Hch<*oliacr against Anu # J. Hchsrltm was brought to Ibo •> iioa Irdg«• «r the Cmtrl i lisst laris ate sped «>*»• ehawhere In ihta issue. 1 he only new suit (cmmcnrrd waa ot AtmaJiliaun M. Ilatt'r v». Georee A. Bender. A»»umpMl. Damans, IIO.UU). Thla onion la hared upon an allcirrd hrrach of promise of air lag*. and aemicilon under the proaitoo. Adam riunotn with PuuaauT.—“ Hilly" CMhls, whose ic*srrest for forgery waa mentioned in j ester oaj’s Tunas u, was examined at the To. lice Court ytticrtlsv morning, cnaigod with pass* it,ga fiOrounlcifoU nolo upon John Macluids,« Moredirepff at No.h Uraea stmt, about three weeks sco. Mifilcn't tdinufled Childs si (be pur* chaser of a quantity of candles, who bad a sick mother at borne, lie bad seen blm once slnci'. alter b« was locked up, and hid kindly Impli ed ii Ms mother was any Letter now. The coun er* felt note waa also la«n»lfi' , d at the one received fr< to Cbdds. at d the piUoucr was bold fur trta In ball of f>,tkitl. Cobmctiok.—lt was menilonod m lh r sc col* mnm yestrnray tbattbi* arrest of Ellen McMastera and four or five companions was made at the Cmb Uou’e, on Stale street. The lad apmars to bare been ibnt after visiting Ihe Club llonaa, wbern tbe convivial party were orderly and quiet, tb-y re* eruicdibtlr carriages and wens arrested for too cccdcct of some ul the party therein while on tbur way home. Cncxcn Wort*.—lhe series of revival meeting* in Ue Firsi United Drtlhrcn Church has lermi* nated. Dmlcg the progieas of these msettnge the mrmia nbip has more than doubled. Koxt week the church editec will be put under thorough re* pairs, tbe pew* cmhloncd. Ibe altar and aisles re* carpeted, and the place ot Ibc old Inatmmen filled by a new one. Soliciting committee* hare k#*„ •rpomted, and will soon commence their labor?- FBRUN nitKTINQ, neorc&nlzaiion *r the Perry Guard.- IddrcMM, Tbt Fenian, of Chicago held a “’tj'chlaa 11.11, comer oMhu. dolph and Well, atreeia. foe the pnraoae of tour, ganmlng the Commodore Ferry Gouda Thla ?e“no r nV: n ** r emb " ed 5S oi ciS.Z bc °S* ,o [ s.? f 3t . Ul0 „ lo ;- |”7' d to ihe Tmelllh luS.l. r"Lm SI2& oSSty'li the w “ chosen chairman. In a Cawremaiksheeiated the objects of the meeting : Ju I'® reTI;W of the company’s hi'tory, t , etn P°™ r 7 abandonment,and the OTI tanedlate reorganization. dnce?mii^f?«J? n * or was then Intro the anclaicc and spoke at some length of tbe Foaian move eUTP?tll to which It had i l ® •P®*? 01 0,6 infloecce tbe HP? 1 **• Government* of En- S2 , .£Ji nd the United Sutes, and the probability or\h*k,i*fc* ,, ? c ir c ,n case of a general uprising • £ c .^ fc h. .A few years back the Fenians dareo not holdmcetlrgs lu public, even la America. To-day they are allowed to parade thnlr * roops lo y ¥ cnil equipped ready for the field. JLia the speaker calmed as a great advantage gained lo favor of the Irish Republic, ihoneh movements made by tbs Feniana from u «. C# PVi* neu-rahty laws It was not the intention of the American Gorem trentto check such movements. The lrl«h peo ple now driven from the land of their fathers had no cuumrv they could claim as their o#n. No Irish flag i* allowed on Irish soil,- but the cross of bt. George bids defiance to all In Ireland and op tbeni wtthabiavy heel. United action ought to be riie motto ofevery Irishman. The dis cords which have rent the organization In its previous movements ahonld be washed away, so that with united hands and willing hearts the irishmen could liberate tnetr country and chum a land of their own. The next speaker Introduced was Mr. Michael bcailon, who staled that the time forwotk had arrived. Tbe Fenians have been talking for seven years. Now it Is time to fight. Before this is done an army most be raised to meet the troons blcpLcns. O'Mahony or Ho be ns, but the irleii people moving m mass. Thirty thousand English soldiers are in Canada,and an iqoii nain bei must be rent sgalnst them. A tender point among the Irhbmen at the present is the qa-srion ol money. During the past eigbtycars one md ilor- dollars has been iais<-d. with this 20 000 niaifotms amt equipments have been furnished, end officers* and clerks’ salaries have been paid! thus leal lag no money for the leaders to amass in penonal tortures. The errors made by the Fo ninnileaders have not been in a dishonest way. The) tie all men who have the liberation of Ire lar d at heart. To free Ireland, brave anl well dis ciplined Hoops have tu he overcame. Men equal ly as well drilled must be sent to meet them. ’ibe Lnglitb have never shown respect to the Irish. Ills because of this that the revolution Is raised. If the attempts about to ba made fad. they will be counted as traitors, u u Hobert Em irrfcit iLie day in England. If they succeed, the lime wilt soon come when tne English will honor the Irish Iraders as they now do Washington. Thirty thousand treopa are to be raised before another movement is to bo made. For money Ula not ibv Intention of the Fenian autboriues to ask. Tiny want men lor the army. When they are raised and drilled, then is tbe time for the collec tion ol funds. Their movements must be made in secret. Tbe English people must nor know when and where it is Intended lo strike. In Cacsna ibe French inhabitants entertain a feel ing that util ikctte them to use on our arrival on Canadian sol. DUcoida In the Irish ranks have -caund failures in tbe past. James B. Stephens ana Mr. O’iluhony have been tbe cause oi the ijouble. They have not become rich, but their enthusiasm baa led into difficul ties. In the late rebellion the American Government raised amt dropped many Generals. Ihe Irbb Hepubhc must do the same. Jfaman Is rot fit for his position, set him aside. Bock of tbe authorities at Wasbiogtou stand the Ameri can people, who say lo the Irish, move and show Uiet jon are intent on your purposes. ‘ When we do lids, the American boys who whipped the South *lll Join our ranks and assist to trample tbe English fisc in Canada dost. Personal mo tives and religious feelings should be placed aside, and when the Sons of Erin lo America arc miked to support our lathers and brothers in Ire land. thin we may expect to liberate ibe land and Lave a country which we can call our o«n ” Mr. Flynn, a iatecxlle from Dublin, was pres ent, and sang a »oug which the Fenians In Ireland arc accustomed to sing al their meetings, entitled, “ One Struggle More.” The enlistment books were then opened, aul a number of persons signed their names and be* came soldiers in the Fenian army. C'OItPOUAL PCMsII.TIE.NT Vi THE SCHOOL*. fi4.22U.70 The school system of Chicago, as a whole, Is an admirable ono, bat U wonM be strange If, In the lltde army ol nearly three hundred teachers, some were not lotuid incapable of ben g trusted with the authority over children which their position Cites Uum. and if instances of cruel and czces* alvc pnnrsbment shon’d occasionally occur. At the last meeting of the Board of Boncatlon it was staled that corporal punishment seemed to be becoming more frequent, forty-elcht case* hiring been reported from one school during the pa«t mouib. * Inspector Clarke rolled the attention of the Board *o a case of violent punishment which was reported to Llm. Itwas stated, on good authority, that, for the trivial ofinice of spilling Ink upon (be ac- k or floor, a teacher bad punished tbe little offender. a child ol tender years, by prlcxing ink. wim a pen. Into Its In numerous places; and that tro poison of tbe fluid had passed into tbe child’s blood, with most painful results, causing the arm to swell U> the elbow. Hr. Clarke said that, II the report ucic Irue, the teacher ought not to be allowed to remain in the school any longer. Thu was by no means ihe first instance of a simi lar nature, lie had seen a IlMle girl whose hafid had men so savagely beaten that ft was blackened and swollen, ana matter was running from It. De was indignant that mch onlrsvos could be perpe trab d, and thought teachers who were guilty of them should be at once discharged. A motion was oCernl and discussed to Instruct tbe buperlniendent and the committee tor tbe school menilot cd. to Investigate the case, and if the lads v ere found to be as euted, to discharge the *eachcr pmliy of lb* outrage. It was argued, however, that the report might have been exagger ated, and Cbai tbe action might be unjust to the teacher concerned, sod the matter was finally dropped, with tbe miderstarding that ihe Super in’enoant should investigate it and report. Cares o! this bind deserves (be severest censure, and the teachers who can so abuse the power iu their bands as to tortureUUle children are not fit fur their rcepocsible callings. Physical pun- I’bmeot u undoubtedly. In some cases, moper and neccstary. it an overgrown, bullying boy defies the aoibonty of tbe teacher and raises insurrection in the school, we are not Inconsola ble to learn that he is promptly knocked down ami uuclled; but when a muscular ins'ructor adzes ami vents bis or her passion on a helpless lime one for some thoughtless or trifling ofience, *eiiefllle«i with indignation at theoutrace. it Is nrupi-r that extreme cases of this kind ahouU bubruught to the attention ot tbe public, that a secilmcnt may be awakened which •ill render them impossible In the future, and show these un governable teachers that they cannot repeal the ofleicv* with Impunity- Tbe necessity (or these mutiors is. happily, wry (infrequent, and may be ci.urdy removed. The Opera iioum l-ottery. To the Editors of the Chicago Tribune: ho much uaa hern written on the Opera Bouse lottety that theaubjcctmar seem to be exhausted; hut there Is one point ol View in which l 1 has been little. If at all, noticed. 1 refer to the part taken byproicssingChns’iana and men of high moral standing and worth, and the beating which mclr influence has Bad on the community. J*l ua go hack to the might of the matter. Mr. Crosby, if 1 cm correctly informed, came Into possession of money or property Invested tn distilling whis key, not long before Ibo present bleb tax on that article went Into ellect. He made all the whiskey be could, and held u back from market till the tax had so Inert ased its value aa to make bun a millionaire. Here waa the foundation of the Opera House; it waa based in immorality. Be invested his iil-go:ien wealth la erecting a atructore wtuch wto Immortalise himself. The real good of community was ao pan of the plan. It was aim ply self-aggrandizement. Bi- did not see fit to es tablish & hospital or other humane orbrneficial institution. No**e of the great public chanties were benefit'd. Neither religion, patriotism, education or the relief of Buffering were fostered or encouraged. U was only to build up the name uf “Crosby." He fail'd; (he enterprise was too great for him. Hu proved himself to be one of those spoken of in scrtptnre, who M do not const the cost," aid now he le to call on the people of tbelacd to restore him to his high estate. Had be been a great public benclactor. who bad ruined hlmscll In the cffjrt to benefit his race, (here would bare been ground fur sympathy in bis behalf, bat in bis case the foundations of bis wealth were hud lu ebusiness alwijs lending to demoralize the people, and be lost It brcause bta ambition waa greater than his wealth. He shrewdly late his plan- whereby ho might renin what he had lost. Donotlcsa be reasoned thus: "The spirit ef wild adventure is abroad in the land. Lotteries and gill enter poses hare made the people insane; gambling la well nigh universal; and the fools are not all dead." By whit means be succeeded In hood winking respectable and even Christian men la not lor mo to Inquire. Thar be did sots certain, for men who throneh long years bad given all the weight of their influence against gambling In all Its terms, were Induced to endorse him and his lottery enterprise. “ Art" waa celled in. It waa to be a great Art Association." livery man who oonrut a ticket was to have an encravtng worth nearly what bo paid; and this was "encouraging an." By what conr>c of reasoning men could persuade them stives that a lottery on a great scale was right, w hile those on a small scale were wrung, it more than I can see. Gambling Is an evil ou whatever »calc It Is carried on. Han not Mr. Crosby’s lot tery bad the endorsement of respectable menu coulu not have been successfully cairied on—lt would have goto upas the "rift enterprises" I are—hot aa 1* is, it is a snccsis to him. He baa nallzcd a fortune, and la now lu a situation In which he can take advantage of any great com tueicUl crisis, or flood the country with whiskey at he ma> see fit Had tt been wDhed to buildup ft great public chat Ity In Chicago, would the same influences have been bronchi to bear In its behalf list there have been to rebuild Mr.Croi hy’s shattered fortunes* By this great lottery, thousands, who hardly where their daily bread was tocoineuom, Pave invested their haid-tam-d savings and lost them. F.veti ihe engraving' furnished have been •brown off from the Dress aa cheaply as possible, and, even bad their Intrinsic value been as repre sented, tbe most of them arc held by people too poor to get them framed. The pecuniary loss la the least of the evil of the operation. Hfaas fos imcd a spirit of reckless adventure and of Mind reliance on chance—« looking fnr wraith without honest labor. 1 have lost Dotting. becinse. with my v'rws of morals, I could not invest lu any gambling operation even were there no roily in paying fire dollars for one chinco In twobnndred and tut thousand, hut 1 bare been, and am. deep ly polned tn know that rot-n of high moral worth should indorse and therefore tnconraee the tnnst gtranllc lottery of the age. I have no* been aide to see one redeeming trail In the operation, it was rot herded to sernro the Opera House, 'that was a filed lad. sod the failure ol no man or set of tncti rould remove ii, U was not needed to m\e some great pnbtlo benefactor from rmn.tor ni'iiu such was Involved. It was merely to Ml a reckless speculator on his feet again, The net wains oi Mr Crosby hy (be lottery are variously I'ktlniMcd, hut bo they more less ho* much of ii,cm think you ho would be willing to give the thousands of poor whose last five Oof* la e I e reet Ivcd fur s ticket, or how tuu:h wll, he devoir to any urea' public chultyf And yon. irMow-rhiseus and Christian*. bow w;|| you undo Ihe great evil you have done by en dorsing Ilf ... It has been to me a sonreo of real pleasure aa 1 have lead every number of the daily Turnout, turn the Inception to the consummation of tbs o|>ciß llouae lottery, to find that to no cate has arv coltonal endorsed it: ana it has been also to me a wonder that the readers of the piper could pot appreciate the bluts thrown out trom time to time on loiter lea. W. DrbaiiuK tvoclrilei* To tbe Editor of tbe Chicago Tribune: I notice to your Issue ot Wednesday, a note from "ii," concerning ihe establishment of a DelislUjg Society. I would like to call the alien* ilou ol * T G’’ and Lti friends to tnr *• Yoanc Men's Literary Society.” which mrola every Tuesday evenlrcln the Clrcnlt Conn Ho >m. 1 atiendra their mrcticg this week, as a ancclator, aud was struck with ’he force and clearness o: inclr argu ments. *j heir only objeetkn waa Ihelr length, at iini.-Mnvo)ving rvpeutlou. If they will *oard aralcst ibis libtnk that no club In Chicago will aurpars them. k The Creat Sunday seh.K>t Concert. To tbe Editor oi the Chicago T.ibaue. Please allow me to say through the Tribche, in artvm to many irqulrlev, that the nntoher of *cnools already represented is greater than lait year, hntwederiretomnkeU a general jubilee, an” >1 all admit a renresent'tion of fire to each bnnoredftomcay-SaAboA School la tht cl'y. We want’bote wno can at.d will sing, and «bo win a;tend every tehcarea], In order to secure the gir.V'" powibl. tff.xhTmtj. It will bo. eood (trill ft>r the children. and manner* and morals. a< well astbemosir, will receive doe care and atten tion. The Us‘e of singers nans toe sent to Post Office Drawer Wl6, before Saturday mornnur In order to teemeen-ry and tickets for the rehear sals, which will occur on Saturday forenoons, at eleven o'clock. u. fi. Blsckau. General Superintendent Chicago Sunday School The Dummy on Stale Street* To the Editors or too Chicago'Tdbuao: Considerable Interest Is now Ukea hr the resi dents aea property holders in Labs To»-nshlu concerning the extension of the State Street Hsu way, tod the running of the “Dummy” on said street within the limits of the town of lake. It ts net the wish of the people In the town ot Tek* to oppose a new railway communication with the city of Chicago, hot they do claim that mere are other roads ou which the railway should run be alces State street, equally as valuable to the com* penyand more convenient to the masses of the people tn Lake Township. State street has al ways been a popular way for persons bringing lotos of produce to the market of Chicago. lift a street adapted to wagoning more thm many) o:bers leading from the town ol Lake to Chicago, and the recent introduction of the "Dummy” over part of that road has driven many teamsters to seek other, and wotte roads, because of the dancer ot driving a team along the side of the track constantly iravereedby a steam “Dummy." a tavoiite ot the railway extension who- “has been using .ibe ‘Dummy’all winter, riding into Chicago every morumg and out every afternoon,*' asserts that he has "vet to see the flrataceident occurring on ibv road.” If be bad been driving one some of (be loads of hay he would hare seen " the first accident,** especially on some of those cold and stormy days wueu It was Impossible to see or hear the "Dummy** a few rods distant. At limes the wagon passage by the side of the track has been rendered impassable for teams on account of the snow shovelled off the track. For further proof of accidents, we may refer to a largo num ber of affidavits taken in substantiation of the feet that numerous, and some very serious acci dents have occurred, caused by the "Dummy,'* since running on thta thoroughlare. Tbe advo cates of the railway extension say: "Lelihenco- Ble of tbe tow nship vote on the matter.** It seems ley do not know much aNjnt the town of Lake, or they woold know that a special meeting was called by posting notices in five different public places in the town, calling a meeting to be held on the twenty-third day ox January last. Al the meeting there was a full attendance, and a resolu tion was pssaed unanimously Instructing tbe Su pervisor to prosecute and enjoin the rahwty com pany nom operating tbeir road on State street, es pecially by stram. There ate otber points which might be mentioned, but 1 deem the foregoing somcltftit for the present. S. S. C. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL MONETARY. Thcesdat Ermzxa, February SS. A Washington special received this afternoon says: “Unless the Douse accepts the Loan Dill av passed by the Senate yesterday, there Is very Iktle probability of anything bungpa sed this session, as the berate Is unanimous against the Bouse scheme. The Ways and Means Committee will endeavor to get the Bouse to concur.” We trust the Bouse will not recede from the po sition it has taken on this question, hat will per severe la Its determination to retire the com pounds by a new Issue of greenbacks. authorized for this special purpose. Tbe people are hcavQy enough (axed ntthe present time, and there is not the slightest necessity for adding to these bur dens, in order to give a gratuity of three millions perarnnmtolbe National Banks. was a moderate demand for Money to day, mostly on speculative account, and borrow ers found no difficulty in obtaining funds on flr.-t --class collaterals. Some of the banka continue to express Currency to tbe Interior to move Cattle and Bogs, for which there Is a brisk shipping de mand. There is no change in the bank rata of discount, though in exceptional cases call loans are made on Government Securities at 8 V coot. In the open market there la an easier feeling, and good paper can be negotiated for V cent month. There Is a good demand for Exchange, and, as the supply la short, tnll rate* are obtained- Bound lota were placed between banks at S 5 cents pre mium, with some few exceptions at par. At the dote there were no tellers below the opper figure. The counter rates are steady at par baying and 110 iremlam se'llag. Floor was steady. Wheat rated quiet, bat closed HQlc higher. Com was active at an ad* vance o:'Ji@lc. Oats were more active, aodlc better. Rye was Ann. Barley quiet. Mess Pork was inactive. Lard doll—buyers and sellers apart. Balk Meats were in rood demand. Whii* ncy was more active. Seeds were dull. Geld was more settled to*day. The market openc d at 1295 i, advanced to 2-10*4 and closed at I*o. The toUuvinc quott'ions were received by Boyd Bros., go'd trovers: iwsua. m r-KJj* i 1:00 p.m. .120*6 2-non!m! .140 2:15p.m. 1C; 43 a. m, 11:10 a.m. 11:15 a. m HO aoop.m 11:80 a. m 100.%' 3:15p.m. 11:45 a. m 100-si i:co p. m I2:i>om I0li»i Uerc tbc market fluctuated between IS3VJ®I39JJ baying—closing at the upper figure. Iborowore a good man; March Ten-Forly Coupons offering. Over the counter there was very liule doing In gold. Silver was nominal at 130&133 buying. Government Securities were Arm and wilhont any material change. The following shows (ho closing prices of to-day, compared with the three previous oars: I 3 $ 9 ?? ? | Sixes of’Sl. 110J4 11C« 110« lIOU Five-Twenties, ’(52 11l IHIJs 111 111 Five-Twenties, *W 107 X 10131 lU7V lO7K Five-Twenties, ’dS. 10S>« ICS?* ICSJ* 10SJ* Ten-Fortica lOij, 101?, lOiu ioi»i Seven-Thirties, Ac«u5t..10536 10516 105 v 105 K Seven-Thirties, June....105»j lU53$ 10SH 105*2 Seven-Thirties. Ju1y.....105*6 105*6 IOCS 10536 New Five-Twenties 10CJ6 100** 106*4 loOfc Ueiethe market was lees active, but prices were unthanved. We quote: covxuMtxnr sEcunmxs—cmoioo xikket. Buying. belling. U. S. Slxee, of ltd no imu U. 8.5-2b>, 1862 11036 111 U. 8. 1-80**, 1801 107*6 10S TT. S. B-20’s, 1585 108* 108 V C. 8. 5-20 p, ’t'fiaud’Gti (new)...108% 10636 U.5.5-20X small biSH3lO92£ D. S. 1 (MU’s, la*ge 10134. 101« U. P. 10-10’e, smaU KW* D. 8. 7-SOV, Ist Series 103* 106 U. 8. 7-3bV,2d Series 110* 105*6 U S. 7 are, sa Series 105?6 lOSg u.s. 7-ai’s, email lUGHOIOS* Compoanas. June, 1801 117 •* July. ISM 116J4 •* Ang., 16M 116 ** (i<£, 1664 115 * 4 Dec., 18W 11l ” Mav, 1663 112 “ Anc., 1565 11l ** Sept., 1805.... 110J4 •* Oct.. 1865 110 . . The followiic quotauo arc jrfvtn by the Second; Coop, V1.,110 @ .... 5-20 coup., (larpe)....UoJiO .... 5-20 coop., ! (small) ...109 ....! KMU coop., i , (laiffe). ..VJljiQ, ... KMU coup (email).,.lo3?i® .... i •New cert (fh .... I T-;»,(laree).lou?j@los*i Local Slocks continue dull at previous rates. We qnoie: is for the Public Fonda '•atonal Back: 7-30. («nall)losH®lW*s June comp., 15Q4..117 July " " ..H6J4 Ang. “ u ..llfi Oct. * 4 “ ..115 Dec. “ " ..114 May “ 1505..111J4 Ang. “ •» ..110 Sept. " " ..1094 Oct. “ " ..103 Baying. Selling. Chicago City 7a W ioo Cook County 7s tT7 Chamber of commerce 0o(* —Many of the New York papers complain o thcmannciln which the funrtlagtof the S-vcn- IhlrtKa Is being carried on. Tho Journal of Com merer aaye: “That bnstnses might be greatly accelerated If the antbotiuea desired It; but they do not, and perhaps oar readers will understand way, when the present process U described. Suppose then the Department le ready for operation*. The .money market is tendered easy cither by consid erable disbursement* on Government account, or through some of the many agencies easily em ployee for this purpose. Government Blocks go upland the Government agent feeds the market with all the Five-Twenties that It will take until It becomes slotted. Ibc payments for ttus Irani* are taken lu, the bankers lose pm of their reserve, the money market becomes stringent, Seven-Thirties droop, and toe corresponding amount In these securities arc then bought in. Of course those who manage this little affair on Government account could make a good thing out of It tor themselves, know log precisely as lb :y do the when and how of the business: hut it la to be hoped that thev do not avail themselves of tuis opportunity. Even If managed with all the Im maculate unselfishness not to be expected of fallen homanlty, this is a pitiable bus Incas for the Treas ury ot a great nation to follow in the settlement ot Its finance*. There need be no playlug fast and loose with tho market; no truck aod dicker bv GovciUßunt agents; no opportunity for the grinding of private axes, to order to effect this conversion. The Government ought not to turn broker and speculate In Its own eccnrUlee. even If it la done only with the public funds, and for the benefit of the Treasury. Let there be a fair public ausouncemeut that It desires to con vert (be maiming >cvcn-Thtrllcs lotoa gold bear ing bond, and let the offered terms be such as It may be reasonable to suppose the holders would accept. It would be possible to prescribe con ditions which would bring in tbe notes as rapidly as the bonds could be prepared, without any in terference whatever with the currency. There should be to coercion nor sharp practice; but tbe method now-adopted partakes ot both. It is un worthy oi the Government, and unjust to tno public crdltorv." —A Tarts circular of a recent dale says; "The punctual, and we may say the only Impor tant event o! the week, has been tno failure ol Ibo firm ol I*. Tolletalne, at Lille, berlolore considered one ofthc richest and moat firmly established in France* bringing down with It several of the best bouses ot 1 ifle and Roubalx. Tbe Bank of France .is said to be involved in this disaster for a very large amonht; nevertheless, such la the bank's credit. that tbe effect ot this loss upon tho value of Us shares has been Insignificant." —lhe Cincinnati Coim< of yesterday eays: “There is a dectdeoly improved feeling In tho money market, with an tuci easing supply or capi tal available lor inve-tmeot la food pspcr. Tbe market, however, cannot yet he catted easy, nor ate tbe regular rates lower, tho ranso being VQU per out, bat to the open market acccptab’o names are placed on equally is favorable terms as with the hanks. There was some Irrcgmartty to the exchange market. In some ca-ci dealers bought at tOe premium, while In others wa-asnr plus which was o Acred to bankers In the afternoon ■l 60c premium *’ —Tho following shows New York City Banks this F< brans 93-*> the condition of (ho ft weekend tut: M>. 10. Ffh.n. 'VUU!t24 fJ52.8C.9M Hprrlr 14.tra.Wl 18,5W,C« cirrulstlrr Jt7,Wid.fci9*.llt Deposit hm.i*wd7 Legal Tender# (U.d»ttm (8,153.8% ihe domilons from the returns of Uis previous week are ae follows t Ilians Inf. RBM/M bpecle ........Ucc. 1,3711,1711 ritcQiadoo Inc. fli.'tfj I'rimsKs Jnc. t, l-et-sl Tendeta Dee. I,UV,OU The New York Indfj*ndm* observes: "Wo speak the mind or every shrewd capital* l«t when veqnole a remark mane by a sagseintti merchant. In mtr bearing. a day or two since, In rresrd to business. 1 don't know now. said ho, wheihrr I am on foot or horseLiek \ am! there, lore prefer to do rothler-nothlng while tb« pob ley of the boveipmcnt !• so uncertain, pithing until 1 now where we ate. Our Washington tuoi.ry-iioVcr* will taka note of this statement. »«i kere is little chinrv noilcesbl* 10-dsv la the coodmon of ihe money market, wnlch still coo* in ties very close. Ihe demand is not specially luce, bni U e bank* generally beluc rather short nl msi.ahh funds, mere i* morepr ion difficulty In|r seeemmodstion. lutes are firmly msiutalced at about l» e rate which baa ruled lor someilaepasl. Meicautlle paper continues In pood snt.j ly. and p a»»es in the open market slow.? at from «to 9 per cent for the bell qualities. Call loan* are In request »l 6 per ce* t on Government rolUtoals. Tno banks are discounting abort dated paper to a moderate extent for their cat* turner* at Horn 6 to 7 per cent. -The Rochester Talna sava: •‘ibc Directors ot ihe Western Union Telegraph Company met in New York Ual week and retolv eo in nuspeid operations In the construction of the Rnsso-Amcslcsn Ucc. The company also re rolvej ro send a commission to tbe Conr* to assume tbe construction of thl* line from tl.e Amoor River to the Russian Ponesslons in Konh America. The advantages of such a line t o Ihe Russian Government would be sufficiently rical to wa rant itlu making the outlay, if tie hessian GoTcrmrenl r*P’*es to accede to this re* on.M it Is probable that the projector*connecting tbe UnitedMan# «lib Ana andl Sorooe by the northwestern route, will It aliandoned.^ The company baa exp»ndeo about f 1,100,0)0 on the Dorstau Unc, and Las property Mjl tuai to the crtdltOf that line valued at J 1,500,000, which mat be avaJlawc to the stocVhoi-e**. •ihe caphal »tock of -he company waa ten mil Udns of dollars, on which twraty-ftre per cent war paid. .Abont ninety per cent of the stock war converted into the hood* of the Weatsm union, Company In accordance with an ofier made by that' company none Umo since. There is abonton* aillioo stand me unconverted, on which the bold* era have palo Under tbe etledJ of' comc'ctiUon express stocks continue to decline rapidly, as will bo seen by the following comparison of prices at the dates named ism, Adam?. Amei Ic»n United Slates. 1 akhig their respective capitals,' ten, cine and six million*, these figures would show the aggre gate market value of capitals and depreciation as follows: June, ISCS. Feb..ISCT. Depredation Adams SJ2,OCXSCO gi,000,000 5%cn3.000 Amencaa.... 12,200,000 6,960,000 ' 6,usisU> D. ? 7,350,000 V»,COO 4,03 ,000 $30,332,600 —Tbe following Is the text of Senator Sher man’s Mil for the landing of the National Debt, and providing tor tbe establishment of a Sinking ’ Fund for tbe liquidation of the same: Scenes l. That tbe authority of the Secretary of tbe Treasury to issue bonds under, and by virtue 01' tbe act approved Kirch 3d, 1665, entitled au set to provide wavs and means to support tbe Government, la hereby so extended as to author ise tbe Secretary t-* Issue bonds under said act and of the character and denomination described therein, payable, prlndpal and Interact In com, and be*, ring interest at the rate of six per cent per annum, parable semi-annually, to be known as the CoiifcoJidated Debt ot the Lmted States, and to be disposed of In inch manner, aod on such terms, at not less than par, asbe shall the proceeds of which bonds shall be apolitd solely to the purchase o» navmenl of ezlaUog in debiedness 01 the United States. btc. 2. That the bone# 1-rued as aforesaid shall be subject to on annual tax by the United states not exceeding one per cent per annum upon the primipal tbeieof, which shall be in lien of all other taxation upon said bonds, or the income therelrum.. And aa a mode of collecting said tax. Congress may authorize the secretary of tbe Treasury to reserve tbe amount of said tax from the interest on said bonds as such interest ma tures, and (be amount so received shall be depos ited wiib the Treasurer of the United Sates, sub ject to the orcer ct the Commissioner of the .-inking Fund hereinafter provided for: which said rums, and tbe interest accruing thereon, are hereby irrevocably pledged to the reduction of tbe public debt. Sec. 8. That tbe Chief Justice of (ho United States and the Secretary of tbe Treasury of (he United states, are hereby constituted tbe Com niimoners of the sinking Fond, and the burns derived liom said tax, and all interest accruing ibeieon shall constitute the Sinking Fond, ana shall be invested in bonds o( too United states issued as herein provided lor. to be registered in the name of said Commltaloners. And the said Commissiontrs are hereby authorised to purchase Bom time to time anv of toe said bonds, and at their discretion, to select by lot for purchase any Dcnds atUretaid, paying therefor a premium not exet eding five per centum, and such bonds when issued shall rzprtss upon their ace this condition, and ir.tetcsi tier on snail not be paid to the bold er after such selection shall have been made and notice given thereof! Sic. 4. That, the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to issue bonds to tbe United States to an amount equal *o JSUU,[tX),OOO, bearing imerest attbc rate of not exceeding five per cent per annum, payable semi-annually, and redeem able twenty yean trom date of Issue; ihe prin cipal uul interest payable at such plac a lu Eu rope as be may deem best, and in toe coin of the country where payable; said bonds to be disposed of oslt in exchange for eix per cent mtereat-bear icg bonds of the United States held In Europe, {irorldcd tbe difference allowed on tbe elz percent >oude 60 received in exchange shall not exceed that which tbe Commissioners of the Sinking Fund are authorized to pay for bonds Issues under this act. New Yont Mi Cloalojr prices for cub. Ft Jotepb M. Lyons A Co., Bro Hack Marker. tomary Ba, 1862, received by -okera: l»t Bd. 2d Bj K. T. Central..,iw« US Erie (com) 55H 45 K 51.t-.icom) 74* 73k U & I‘Uto 79V 73* Buck 81and.,.. 95* 95tf f. A Ji. W Six S‘H Ik>~ pretmed... OX 65 P.,*t. W. AO.. 9IU MX oulcrtl.vcr 3S>, SS W. U. Tel 42* 43* C. 4 A. (c0m.)...708 1(8 H. & Quincy.,... IX Mlcti. Cei tra’,..107 m UurtMin Ittver. 137X133 111. Central 116 USX Pblla. & Uead...loßX 10S* C. 6i Toledo 117 117 lol.A Wabash.. 38 89 l*t Bd- 3d Bd. U. 8. • cent bonda, 1891....110* HOX C. 8.6 ¥ct 8-20 Coup.. 1967.....111* 1U U. B/6*cts-20 coup-1961 10SX IW* U. S. 6PCIS-20 coup— 1561. ...103* 1»X U. 5.5 P ct 850 coup., new .’65.106* 106* O. s. 5 p cast _ 10-1 C KB* 101* Treas., 7 3-10. Ist scrlce...... ~los* 105* G. 9. 7 8-10, 2d •enes 105* 105* D. 8. 7 3-10. 3d ■erlce .IDBX USX Am. Go.d IS9* 113* . 2d Board steady. Market—lst Board weak COMMERCIAL. Touiubat Etxscto, February 28. The follotnug tables show the receipts and ship ments of Produce during the past twcuty-foor bears: .13326 .140 .139*6 .140 .140*6 .140 nzcnrrs past Twnrrr-roro iionns. 1667. 1566. . 2,656 4.4<#9 . 30,017 11,755 . 21,123 22,000 , 0,050 0,621 . 500 , 3,147 ,177,120 95.718 10,470 77,661 Floor brla. Wbent, ba. Corn, bo. Oat*, bo., lire, bo.. Ba'lry*lm Gnus Seed, Ths . Broom Coro, fi>« Cored CS.S7U Beef, brie 1 Pori>, brifl 221 190 bard, tt« 74.330 40,760 Tallow, tbs.... 1,910 3,195 Boiler, lbs 16,221 7.630 Drem-d Hoct.No 855 418 Live Ut>ffe, No 5,037 8,749 raitle. No 8,450 1,987 Hidis.tba 45.931 40,463 liitLwlnca, lirls 303 373 Wool, tbs 28,515 9,130 lumber, a 48 85 ShlDßlee, a 728 70 emniEjrre pisTrwxim-Tocn nouns. l»7. iB6O. Floor, brls 6,460 4.151 Whcai, bo 13,560 13,697 Coni, bo 2,1.93 316 Cals, on 1.600 .... K>r. bn. 875 .... Barley, bu 823 800 Grass Seed, lbs 03,697 110,013 Broom Core, lbs 23,3 W 21,175 CurtdMeat, lbs CW,III 690,421 Beet, brls IS7 192 Pork, brie 447 836 Lard. Ita 169,610 633,085 'I allow, lbs 23,780 75,170 Batter, lbs 7,920 Dressed Uogs, Ko 1,235 437 Live Hogs, No 3,701 .... Cattle, No 1378 814 Hires, lb* 60,335 88,030 Hfghwinea, brls 570 327 Wool, Sts *1,009 10.738 Inmlier, nr 7SI 319 Shingles, m 629 639 Lath. m 851 21 sail, brla 142 496 The market for Mesa Pork was Inactive. Stand aro brands were finals bcld at $19.20, and in some instances a higher figure was demanded for favor ite lots, hot we heard of no buyers over $19,874. A lot of 1.400 hr!# Mess Ordinary was sold on New York acconnt at f 18.00, deliverable here. Sweet Pickled Cams were firm, withaalea of 100 ires at 12c, here, and 600 brla at $23.u0, delivered at Peo ria. Bulk Meats were In good demand, with libe ral sales at 6>ic for Cnmberlande, 9e for Hough Sides, and 74c for Dry;Salted Shoulder*, loose, atd 9?>c for Rough Sides, boxed- English Meats were qntet, with sales of 146 bzs Cumberland* at 9c. Lard was bnctlve, with sales of 00 trea prime Steam at HSr. Holders were generally asking 12c, at which there were no bnyers. There was nothing doing In Grease. . Dressed Hogs were In steady demand and firm, wiih aalea at sß.uo©B 60. There was more activity in Whiskey and the market was firmer, with sales of 209 brls Bonded at 25®254c. Doty-paid was dnlland nominal at 82.20. The demand for Floor was moderately active and the market was steady and firm, with ulea of 2.7 M brls at 914.73 'or White Winters; 911.60 for Ited Winters; {9.00012.00 for Spring Extras; (8.0008.75 for Spring Sopers, and {6.50 for Rye. The Wheat market was quiet at an advance of male on No. S Spring. The demand for No. Ila light and confined to carload lots for shipment or milling. We note sales of SI,OOO ha at (2.20 for No. 1; 91.5701.83 for No 2, and 91.63gU.71 for Rejected—closing with buyers of Regular No. 2 at (1.87 and sellers at (1.67 H. A sew clique has taken bold of Com. for which there was an|actlvc speculative demand to-day, and the market advanced H®lc, though at the close the extreme figures were not obtainable. Rejected Com was leas active and about 1c lower. The sales fool np 230,000 bushels at 7507610 for No. 1 and SSHQ6UC lor Hejected—cloiing with sellers of No. 1 at 76c. Ibe demand for Oats was more active, and the market advanced tally 1 cent, with sales of 73,000 bm-hels at 41@43c lor No. 2-closing firm at <U£c for Winter and 43c for fresh receipts. Rycwat steady and firm, with transactions at !€Hc (or fresh and 95»ic for Winter No. L There was nothing doing In No. 2. Barley was quiet, with sales at {I.OO for No. 1; 60c for Rejected, and 67*0 for sample lots. There was more doing In Broom Com, and the market was firmer, with liberal soles at {Bo.oo® 220.00, according to quality. Needs were dull, ana wo cote a decline of 10® IScon limothv. Sales were made at {3.2509.00 for Clover, and (2,7503.10 tor Tlmolhy. Flax was quiet at {AOO. the following telegrams were read ou 'Change to-day: New York, February 98. Four quiet sod rteedyat (3.60011.00. wheat tame and insciite st f 1.2001.29. Core firm and qnlc! at OKTiOe. Fork quiet at {20.0S Lard dull at 1821TAC Hogs scarce and firm at 19.75. Whis key quiet atS9c. Gold. 1395. urn. Flour drooping. Wheat quiet Cora heavy at 91.08 in store. Oata steady and quiet.. LiTEB. There was i firmer feeling m the Grain mirketi In Ibc afternoon. Wheat told at |1.87!4 for N 0.9 Sprint—closing with buyer* at this flgnrc. Com was in moderate demand, with sales of No. 1 at 7CHc— closing with sellers at this figure. Pro* Tlrtoni were firmer, with tales of ICW.ono lbs bhonldera, buyer March, at "He loose, and ino tet bwcet Pickled name at 19c. There was con* eiderable Inquiry for Pork, with rumors of large tales at llfl.oo—particulars kept private. The Cattle market was active and steady at sob* stantiallr the closing rates of yesteiday. The re* cripls were I,OTI head, and the entered tales 2.333 brad at for interior mixed lota to f? 50 for choice Bullocks. The market fbr Live Hogs was fairly active, and for good to prime lots tolerably firm at the ruling prices of yesterday, bnt common light Iloss were In a incisure neglected, and sales ex* hlhlt a slight falling off in prices. The pons were cleared at KM for Inferior to f7.M fur extta tots, llrceltcd, 5,Ml head. Pork Parking ■( rturlnnatl. Mr. William Smith, editor of the Cincinnati /Vie# Current, ha* made op the account of tbc parkins H ere. The total number of hope parked during the etaaon wa* 4ftS<lUi. The averac* weight Ml t>7 IN, The average yield of lard an W Mih* per bos. 'ibia compare! with lait etaion oa followa: J9AA.7. 1*634. Number locked 4rtl.«li) _ 3M,ow Averecc wriebl ftti-T ft) I*4l Average j>elJ ot lard ~8-J MS VI 13*4 TbefolloMnirabowaUia packing In Cincinnati for a aerie* of yean Year, IKVi IcM. isa«. ISI7. iN'g. IS4O. IMI. ISti. IS4S. ISM. IStt. ISB 1-4 T. IS4S I*l9. ItSti. Tear. No. 188) CI.OOO r>as,«oo ism a», oo 18M 4«, t« isa aa,7sa ISM 445,216 1557 811,51* ISS'J 382.523 ISOO 4»MW ISM 413,710 ISOS ~47*,487 1863.... . *»,457 18M 870.6 a I«WS 850.600 IWB 851.079 1867 481,610 , B\UOO 123,14X1 .103,000 .123,000 ,!oi,foo .192,0(0 ,IWI,COU .ICO.tOO .ttfUCO .250,000 .240,010 .lOfi.OOU .216, 0(0 .2*1,000 475.010 .410,000 .B!iS.OuO i Tbe Commercial adds: *• 1 blr xa abunt 20.000 t to bare been receive**, ai made op to tbe close ol l • »n, and is larger lean v on. and is orcr 40,0(0 lei the pa»t ten jcare. U I more than were estimated iccordlnc to tbo reinms tbe acive part of the tea wa> generally calculated «d abore the average of la to be remarked, bow. ever, that probably dorter no prevfoua season has the no-product parsed »o rapidly from'the pack* era hands to the consumers " . .. Tl *e Omui System* the Cental System (roes into efleet to-morrow v* 1 t we ***** c °topHcd the Ihllowlnc table, v °v , cloflE * prices of Pxodnco (o-diy per bushel, giving in an opposite column their equiva lents per cental: , u ' Per Basket. PerOnUL No. l Bpring gsxav No. 2 S(i*lDg, ijn 8.11 S .So. Scorn 66 LlB Hejecicfl, M 2.034 vS ? v?J* Soifc" B ' 4 ® « H , - 70!4 ®{;g No. 1 Birlev 100 ajj34 No.S BsMey 63 ©6) 1.314® HIS Kejec.ed Barter so 1.04 Ear Corn 55 7311 Clovtr Feed P.t3 aa.(a 13.73®1Jw10 Flax beeo icO 5.3114 llmoihr Seed. 3T» ®3.10 G.ll® C.S3 Tbo Pccreltrv of U>e St, Louis Warehouse Com paoj furnishes to the SU Louis SfpubUcan the Itlloirinj; Undo table, showing the value per een* tal of Wheat, Corn, Eye, Barley and Oats, at a given price per bnahel:

WIPUT. per Per Bnahel. Cental. BuabeL Per Per Boibel. Cental. 40 1 663-3 13 TO 44 7314 46 7634 49 m 50 8314 33 8634 54 SO 56 SSIS IL4O 47-3314 13.33 1X9634 3.41. ...1* 4J654 3.46 4.10 i.tsM!!! 146 34 3.43 ’. 4J314 3XO 4.1634 56 9634 60 IXO < US 2. 5314 l.t« 2.6624 :.Q 2.70 i.m 2.7514! 1.66 2.7*54 8 1.68 ia 1.70 2 5314 aja «ji-3 66 ! 1.10 a.a...!.! 3.68 4.(633 TO I.HM 73 IJu 71 US M TO 1.263.5 78 IJO » ISSI-S S 3 1,362 5 4AU-3 3.71 4..'6 J-3 3.78."!.*.“ 4.U1-3 i1at....!! 5.031-3 34 1.40 i 66 1.431-3 68 1.462-3. SO IJO I 3.84...." 4.78 i-s 236 4.763-3 ija!!!!" 3.13 t-sl U4]- 96 1.60 aziM 1.00....1*. LG624 51(«....r.’5.(91-s 3.0 S S.M3S 1.10 1.631-8 1.13 1.8688 1.14 MO t. 16 1.9318 1.18 IX6IB 1.30 8M» 3>8.,..11 5.1318 3.10 5.16 3-3 S.ll 3.3318 8.16 5.36 2-3 alia I &631-8 8.10 3.663-3 1id....!. Z 0313 1.24 3X638 s!m 8.7318 3IjfiIII.II 5.4318 3.89 5.4648 1139....11 8.1818 IXO 2.163-8. 3XO Bx3lß 1134 833181 1X& 8 3638 3.34 5X588 cum asd arx. 'per P«r i Per Per i Per Per Bushel. Cental. Bushel. Cental. Bushel. Cental. I 30. t 855-7 72 »IXS4-7 »L 44 4UI 8-7 « 392-7 74 IX3 1.71 tl6 3.73 34 436*7 76 1X55-7 1.29 3.691*7 M 468-7 73 1X92-7 1.30 2X31-7 a> SO SO 1.13 6-7 IX4 383 5 7 SO MM 0 1.458-7 1.94 3.333-7 W 671*7 S 4 IXO 1 1.36 3.42 6-7 81 606*7 86 1.634-7, 1.88 3464*7 56, 64 3-7 68 IX7 1-7 1.40 2XO 58 67 6 7 90 1.60 8 7 1.43 2.J3 4*7 40. 718-7 92 1.643-1 1,44 3X71-7 43 75 94 1 67 6-7' 1.4 S 3.60 5-7 41 784-7 36 1-718-711.48 3.643-7 48 831-7 98 1.75 IXO 2X7 s-7 48 88 8-7 1-00 1.78 4-7 1.91 3 718-7 60 .. .. 8937 1.03 1.82 1-7 1.54 1.75 6* 93 6-7 1.04 IXSB-711.56 2.784-7 54 968-7 1.06. 1X93-7 1 S 3 2XII-7 56. UjO I 1.08. LSI 6-7 |.60 SXSS-7 88. 1.034-7; 1.10. 1.96 8-71 1.63 3X9 r-7 60 U7l7' 1.13 2.00 l.« 3X46-7 a IJO 5-7 1.14 2.034-71 1.66 3368-7 64 IJ4 2 7, 1.16. 2X71-7’ 1.63 SOD 66 1J76-71 1.18 8.135-7 1.74 8.064-7 68 1.71 8-7 1.40 XI4 1-7 1.73. BX7I-7 70 IXS I 1.22 2.17 6-7 1.74 8.10 8-7 Per Per Per i er Bushel. Cental.' BntheL Cental. Per Per 3n*hel. Cental. 11.44 *3.00 1.46 3.04 1-6 1.48 8.08 1 3 IXO 9J31-3 1.53 3.16 3-1 IXI 3.20 86 1-56 BXS IXB SX9 I*6 1.60 isu-a L 62 3X71-2 1.61 3.413-3 1.65 3.45 86 1.63 3XO U 0 3XII-6 1.72 3X31-3 8 40 .* R) I*B * 03 *lXl^ 43 871-3, »1 IXSS-T 44 912*8 96 3XO 46 958*6 08 2 011*4 48 1.00 I HO 3.C81-5 SO IX4 7-6 1X2.... . 2.121*7 52 1X51*3 IXI 3.1628 84 U 3 I*7 1.06 3JO 3-6 M 1.16 7-8 IXB 3X5 SB IXUB-6 1.10 3.291*6 60 1.38 (1.12 .. 3 S3l<B 67 1.291-6 1.14 3.371-2 64 1X31*3 1.16 3.412-3 C 6 1X71*3 1.18 4.455*6 68 1.412-3 1.70 3XO 70 1.455-6 IX4 7X41-6 73. IXO ■ IX4 3.581-3 74 1.54 I*6 IX6 3.611*2 76 IXBI-3 1.38 2.66 3-3 78 1.67 l-2i 1.30 3 70 56 W 1.C67-SI IX2 3.73 H LTD 5-6' IX4 2.791-4 H 4 1.75 < IX6 2.KJI-3 68 1.791-6 IXB 3X7 1-7 FB. IX3I-3' 1.(0 3.913-3 90 IX7I-31 1.42 2X55*4 1.11 8.6J1-3 1.76 8.6C3-3 1.78 3.704-6 Prime *ltxin *i c*i4 o Trade >• rioting up a tittle, ana the IctUte (o-day ]• rather firmer. The ntodu are full, though not cxctfUTU. Wo repeat oar Uilof quoim* 'ion*: National A, 2 bo, aeamleM linen £19,00 Union A. * Dn, do 59.«0 UUroUA.Jbn, do S'i.oo Com Exchange. SUM sutk A. cotion Mamie** *i.tO LrwiatonA. do W.Ou Androecoagin, do tO.OO . Per Per Hearer Ntlla, do flow | Umbel. Cental. ■ * l.tfl 4.06 M 3.00 4 163-3 ' I>r Per _ .Umbel. Ceiml. 50—.» 5“ 1-7 * 55 *IX7 1.7 31.. GO 16—1.60 23.. 63 6-7 57.... 1.63^7 53.. 65 5-7 58.... 1.65 5-7 34.. GB 4-7 59.... 1.68 4-7 25.. 713-7 60 .. 1.713-7 36.. 74 3-7 41..., 1.74 3-7 27.. 77 1-7 61.... 1.77 1-7 89.. W 63.... ISO 89.. 88 6-7 64 ... 1.83 6-7 50.. £5 5-7 65.... 1.85 5-7 81.. SS 4-7 66—. IJtS 4-7 ».... 913-7 67.... 1.91 8-7 S 3. . 94 3-7 68.... 1.91 S-7 84.. 97 I*7 69.... 1471-7 SJ,— IXO 70.... 3XO 86.. 1.02 C-7 71.... 3X3 6*7 87.. 1.U9-7 78.... 2X5 5-7 5'.... ICB 4-7 73.... 3.08 4-7 89.. 1.11 3-7 74.... 3.11 8-7 40.. 1.J4 S-7, 75.... 3.14 t-7 41.. 1.17 1-7* 76.... 3.17 1-7 42.. IXO 77.... 2XO 43.. 1.2 S 6-7 3-53 6-7 44.. 1.25 5-7 79 ... 3.25 5 7 45.. 1.3 S 4-7* 60— 3.38 4-7 46.. IXI S-7’ 81.— 3.8187 Per Ccntsl. Per Dn»bel. I 90.... MX7 1-7 a.«o I.OITIII. 3j9 4-7 1.0*.... 3 918-7 1.04 ... 2.97 1-7 1.07.. SOB 8-7 1.06.. BX6 4-7 1.09.. All 3-7 1.10.. 3.14 5.7 1.11.. 3.17 1-7 1.1*.... 340 1.13.. 14* 6-7 1.14.. 34S 8-7 1.13.. 8.23 4-7 1.16.. 341 3-7 1.17.. 8813-7 1.15.. 347 1-7 1.19.. 3.10 1.2).... 342 «-7 1.41.. 3-45 5-7 1.3*.... 3.43 4-7 3JI 3-7 47.. 134 5-7. 8*.... 341 *-T • -46.... 1,47 1-7 63.... S.S7 1-7 49.. 1.40 | 64.... 3.40 50.. 1.43 C-7; 83.... 3.41 6-7 E 1.... 1.4% 5-7. 86.... 3.45 5-7 53.. 1.48 4-71 87.... 349 4-7 53.. 1.51 8-71 88.... 3XI 3-7 Weight* nf grain per bushel are estl gclng tables: Imated In the tore- ft*.l .. t« Barley. .. 56 Oats... .. U 1 Wheat.,. Coro Rje CHICAGO LITE STOCK MARKET. Omcio? Tn» Daily Teibpsk, I XnciuDAT Ev£M!>g, February 39. J The following table ebows ths dally receipts and fhlpaenUol Lire Sloes during the week, up to thU evening. u repotted by the Secretary ol the Union Stock York Company: _ .. ... Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. SandayaodUaoday 33 58s 396 Tnc-Oay 3,038 3.795 491 Wednesday 8.451 5J37 1.0J5 Thursday 1,971 5,334 607 * Total... 7.483 HAM 3.U3 Same time la*t week 5.315 7,853 874 week before lart. 3.971 LSU The receipt*, to-day, were by the following route* : _ „ Cattle. Bon. sheep. By nitool* Central 909 Ml .... By Burlington it Quincy Road. 668 ISBI 344 By st. Lome & Alt-rn Hoad.... Kl » » By Noruweitern Road GB3 3,011 93 by Michigan Central Road 86 .... inltes In 34 ToUl i,9U SJJI 697 The shipments to-day, and (br the week op to this evenmc.were: Teestlav. at Li* .... Wecnescay 1,876 S.TWI Thursday (not returned) Total lico 5.937 Sales to-day, as entered at the different Scale-houses, were at follows: . „ . „ . Cattle. Bos*. Sheep. At Illinois Central Seale 533 430 <1 At Lurllngton Scale. ess 3.697 341 AtAUrnbcale 56D IO 766 At Northwestern Seale. 614 3,703 Bt3 Total 3J83 &JS "in BEEF CATTI.E—The day war a delightful one; clear, mild sod spring-like. The Yards were (kirly alive with bnyert and sellers, acd with an abundant supply ofstcck in the sale pens, trade opened statrp and continued (airly active to the dose. The receipts were considerably lighter than were generally ex pected, and with a full attendance of buyers *nrt con tinued activity In the demand, tneteellogot weakness that was so apparent at the dose of yesterdays mar* ket, gave way to one of firmness, and th oagh transac tion* were hanky 10 quirk as on yesterday, from the sales made we are enable to discover that values sta ined any material depreciation. The character of the demard nor the quality of the offerings differed In any •tsentlal particular from that noted 10 our previous re ports. Shippers, as heretofore, were the principal op erators, and all desirable stock was ahsjrbcd nearly as (kst as tml;aded from the can, at prices well np to the ruling rales 01 the day be fore. Buffalo, Cleveland. Pittsburgh and Baltimore each had tbelr representatives in the market, and the major portion of the offerings were takes up f jr those p*u ts. Fackeis bare again made their appearance to the market, but they still find prices too high to Justify extfnalve operation*, and their purchases were con fined chiefly 10 Cows, and third rate Steers, at and within the range of *454*550. There was a lively In anity for “Stockers,” an t under a brisk competition between feeders (rom Western New fork, Ohio. In diana, acd Pennsylvania, holders of this <* l « of stock found ready tale (br the same, at satisfactory price*. Ccmtnon to prime stock steers command *450*5.63 V FtOO ns. Springers were in demand at 940.00*6X00 for medium to pilme qualitlsa. Transaction* to-dsv foot np head, at a range of *3.90*456 tot inferior to common mixed lorn, tnclod ins seallawag tows, light Uelfera, three cornered Sttera, Slags, Falla and Oxen; 14 54(5 tor cits men to prime stock Cattle, and common to good oack- Inc stock; 96.75et6.75 (br medium to lair shipping steers, and 96.56®75f (tr sood to prime Bullocks. The market dose* steady, with about M bead Idtorer untold The (o lowlng were tbecloslng prices: _ vMwmu nan. l.ttra Fine, tit, well formed. < tu fi jeiroid Steers. and averaging IJOO asand apwirdi. J'rhue ii*e r/«—Good, well falted, fiaely formed SUo*. averaging Irotn I.COO to IJOO ,V.»U . » 4.7397.00 fbfr Fur hteen, m fair flesh, aver* •• s.nas.B Jlulium Chris—Medium Btecn and rood Cow*, lit for city ilioghtor, and averaging *rouU«o tut (.7393.90 Stc*» ( iiittr— l'onioon cattle la decent Qeib. averirtns nftgl.coo ft*, m (.039.00 /n/.rrnr— Light icd lair Cows ud niters, rough and coarse, avenging 7»*mu ft*, it La0»(.00 CATTLE SALES TthDAY. ai.trdabo watered, at >613. I nty-Ufoo b««d wcoiuu steers averaglog l.m as (Hmr, it 16.13. ’ head rood month tUlpplng Bl«rs avarag* Ivi i.i* a*. to can. «t iajim, Mtiwy-ihr*#* hew* g on airtight alilpping gleer*. tr» eragt*-g Ul« as f*t and watered. at iMnwii bead rat Steera, avaragiDg I,o*l at, off ra>satmiM. Ttilrir •inm fat rnnsttih Steers averaging IJO »S tert and watered. Kt >4M. • tort) >lu«r bead Ruud ablpptng Ulcers at >73.00 ptf Bti’hrad prime Utrer*. avrraglflg UW as off cars ■ i I7JC. Puuiirtn bead good ttork Ulcets averaging l,oVtas on ran. at *3.87 w. Twenty to* ad Wr ahtpping Mirers averaitas 1.19* a*, fid and watered, at liSJ, Mjuwo hem runahihtpplag steers averaging 1.150 as f»rt awl watered, at ♦!.«. hevr&lren hnoi rood parktag aims averaglag I,®M aa. ua rarsaiisn. subrp head prime fat Cows averaging 971 as off >3.(0. •IMitw.'beadirallawa* Cows and Carre*, arerac* lor MO *•. at«.». foorttTO brad co'd packlnr Steer*, arerafftur 1,950 *». fr<j awl watered. at li. 1 !*. till btad rood aUfdt Suera, averaging I,Oil ft a, off Cara.atSS.iv "• TaeLty-aubead ramisoa Coin, averaging 933 ft*, Ad asa watered, at it.a. Fictteri heart rood fit tblpplng Steer#, averaging I,l*l ft*, at WJ& Fourteen bead fair Steeraaud Oxen, averaging 1,13 ft*, f-d and watered, at *UC. Tony bead bir shipping steera, arerafflnr 1.013 ft*, on car*, at |<sSD. ttISS iwlsrtiia«f * SUm »T,r.:lnfi IJB Sixteen bead good packing Cattle, averaging 1,088 fia.ted and watered, al|i6iw. Fourteen bead rough part'r g Steen, averaging UIT B*. ted and valeted, at {4.61V. Sever-terj bead Uimogtusb Steen, avenging 1437 B*. Ibd ard watered, at two, Fom-Mjen be«o prime miaou Eteera, avenging _B»,at{«.CQ. nf'ilt pr * m# Packing Steen, averaging L&8 te\n lien brad recond-clais ateera averaging I,l® pa. fed am water**!, at 16S. iHfieen brad rough Steer*. In fair fieah. averaging USs hr. ««Imi watered, at «BJS. Seventeen head fa'r abioplag Steen, averaging WfS ft a. ltd and«a-'rred.at4«.63H. HOUs—‘There waa a fair attendance of buyers at tna yard* to-day, and a fairly active demand on abtpplog £«2CW accoaat, bat trader more liberal arrivals an easier tel ler ohtahed. sad on common and mi :tnra trades, which were conilderably in of the demand, pilcearnlec ashadelover. Sles-m race 6,000 fcea'l, at a rang# ot |i.aiaMs ter Interior to common; «&9S ae.’Bformealoatofhlr lota: and I/.DO® U 0 ter rood to extra Dogs. Shippers were the almost ezcloatva operators, a lew car loads omj going tato the ban i- ot p*cxex/. Th* pen* are empty, and th.* market doses steady at the quotations gmn ahave. * We tote sales of the tallowing drorw: HOG RALE3*TO-DAY. Ko. ~ at. Price. 64 coarse mixed lot. vtl • to 20 Q umo qujLlty JM 6.75 c extra heavy Bog* jy 7.® 35 medium uneven lot. JU 6.55 63 urine tat Hoc*. 567 7.57 K 63 prime fiu Hors 719 7.t5 45 wr coam lou 371 6.77 V 64 lair bacon Hoys igj #,70 66 fair bacon H0g5..... no 6Xs SO tame quality an 6XO 110 rood even tot. .no * 7.0 J to our HcM Boys „ 195 6.75 IS prime lot 171 7X5 67 tali bacoa Boy* i» 6.75 Mprlne&tlot. 7*6 . 7.13 KJiair bacon Ben 197 *.» 11 madlum lightlot. a 26 6.10 ■ t«coar»e mixed 10t...; an 6.70 4Smedlum Hoc* 195 ’6XO 81 Interior light lot. ....t» 6.10 377 Hock Hoya „ MB ti medium Hogs m 6X3 ICB fat* uneven Tot, .7* 6.70 65 medium conne lot. .ill 6XJ 57 very common m 6X5 EH£EP—The market to-day pre*e>tcd tea time gen eral features s* noted la our prevlout repotw. There was a talr inquiry tor yeod to orime mutton qualities, to supply local wants, and the tew of this clast found ready sale at good pneea. Inferioraad common lot* wens sot much Inquired tor, aod holder* of such found U extremely difficult to effect sales at any price Prices range at S5-00&SJO for very common to medium, aad 15.7&* 6XO for good to prime grades. Bales were as follows ; BBEEP SAT,wa TO-DAT. No. St choice lot. M prime lot JTO extr* (it Sheep. Sl9 prime lot. CHICAGO DilLI KUUKET, Alt talet of Grain reported in th it market reoort are mode on tke tom qf xcinler (4r) storage) unit** oiinvtu apretttd. Tdcxsdat Etts.lso, February a, 1957. FRFlCsUT>—Raiuoaz* Feuquts—Hie tallow* ln« U the tariff of the Eattcru Bead*: 4a^iUo ,u “ ww Bate* from Chicago to— clata.cla«*. Floor. uScai Buffalo, | ejw UK SO a Torotto, C. W 12S UW 83 S MpntreaLc. B VS* Si* 173 L» Albany, N. Y i.ip 8) LBO 4.531-S New tfrri 1.15 80 t.tO 1.23 Botton r/a AJuaay 1.35 a 1.79 1.35 Bo*loar£a GranaTnm£.... Ul3 ss I.TO 1.35 Pcrtimcd no Grand Trunk. I.TTJ 143 Philadelphia 1.(5 39 1,50 l.ts Baltimore 1.05 39 1.50 US PUlabturb 63 45 90 70 Cleveland, Ohio 43 50 CO SO j-S J*ffcr»onTlliP. Ind 43 S TO J-3 Cincinnati, QUO 45 S 3 66 40 l-'Xn Tlt-Recelvcd, 3.656 brl«: shipped, 6,466 brls. The Floor market *u only mcdetately acUT*,and price* were nominally nnchanstd. Salw Include the tolitulrc: Wnrrs IVunu—it brla not named at 111.75; R*o 'Wurms-3SO brla not tamed at 111.50: Snrjho Errtas-TOO.brla ••Marwea'XXX” at JUXO; 300DtU “D. W. A Co. State Mill.” at (11.73:100 orla not earned a1|10.75; 160 belt do at 81D.6D; lOObrtado at (10.52; 100 brie do at *1050; 10C brla«L St #1087*; 10U brla “Colum&tu" at (1087*: lOOhri* not named at (1085: 100brls “Merchant ” at|lo.X: 1W brla notnamedat (9.75: Iff brl* do at (9.58; 200 brla do (low trade) at 19 00; Smso Scnea-100 brla not named at $8.75; 100 brie do at(3XO: 350 bits do at 85X0; Rn FLOCK—ISO brla at (6XC. U I4KAT-BewlTed,ie.ol7 bn: ibipped. 13X66 bo. Market qnltk and .vale better. Sales -»ere: i,«00 bn No.l at (8.20: SxJwoaSc. 2at (ut»; 600 bn do at (IJB; SCO bo do at (1.97 V. : 3J.000 bn do at (IX7, Vinter: 400 bo Rejected at (1.71;2,000 on do at (1.70; 1.600 badoattl.63—clnl*.t|«iui buyers of Beeolar £»o. 3 at 81.87. and sellers at (I.S7*. CtlKN—Keeenred, 21.1 a on; shipped: 2.P99 bn. Market active atd boiler—Utangb at tDe dote iLe dirt me advance was not obtainable. Salta were: 45,f00 t»n No. 1 al76*c; M.OOO ba do at 7S*c; 50 000 bn do at 76c; 10,000 bu do a: 73 VC; 5,060 bo doal7s*c; 25. W bo do at 75c: 8,000 bn Rejected at 59c; LOCO bn do at SSV C : B.WO do do at 58*o—closing quiet, vltb tellers M No. 1 a’ 76c. OaT?*—Received,6.9sooo; shipped, ixoobu. Market moie active and hither. aakewere: GOO oo so. 2 at 4.1 c: IXOC bo do a«43*c; 600 bo no at 4rr. iresh; 1,500 bn do at 41*e: 5,000 bo do at 41 Vc; 50,000 bn do at 4ixe: ICUtS bn doat4i*e; iXWladoai4lo-c.oslnc firm at 41*c for Winter atd 43c tor fresh. 11l E— j>«ived,sooba; shipped, 875 ba. Market latino. Sale* were: ba No. 1 Crush at 96*c; 1,600 bn do at 98*r, Wmter. BaKL^Y—Received, 3,1(7 ha: shipped, 825 bo. Market qaiet. Sale* were: I.TOObnXo lat f 1.00; 5.100 bo Refected at Me; <OO ho by sanipl* at 67Ve. A L.COUOL-Xomln-d at|tJM^4.4o. UKOO.It COHN —Market more active. Salee were: 2 tons at JCO.CO; 2 tens at *7OOXO : 3 U,m at fieo.fO; Tbaes at 1155.00: 19 bales at *150X0; 65bales at *125.»; 9 tons at ttt.OO. BBANS*—Arequiet at *1.7503.00 P bo. Rh<N-yomlnal at f13.00a30.00. BUTTElt—KoLelred. 16J2. B«; shipped. none. Ihechatacier oi tbs marketdoeanot dlller in any es sential particular from that previously noted. Good to prime table qualities continue in steaay fitir de mand fhr heme coc'nmrtlnn, acd with only about enough arriving to meet this demand, prices kern well up. Common description* remain very dull. with no pro peel of any Immediate improvement. Sale* In clude 200 B», roll. at27c:Spkg* at 86c; 500 Bs, in tubs, attic; 5 flrttntatiSc. VTequote: Choice Dairy ..XI <jW7 c Good lob .30 (<423 c Common Firkin 10 AlB e 4 23 Pittsfield S, ’ do Peti. Mills, do .Fort Pitt, do fiijd Slice. do 60 00 Swo, linen scdcotton.. s?xn HldctwooO, Hcen nod cotton 33.00 Spmcfleld - 52.00 (ionnin 34X0 limUpt, 4 bo. No. 1 J7.00JW.00 Empire City 40 00 CHEI^E—The market continues quint. witbm material chance in prices Hie stocks are not extrav agant, though quite sufficient to meet the legitimate watts or the trace, we quote the market Heady at the price* given below: 96.. 3.74 3-7 »?.... a.n i-7 98.. S.BO New Tort Factory (genuine) 17 otß c Factorydillnols) is «16 c .Hamburg is 016 c ■Western states i* ull c Western Reserve. u «I 6 c **Tonnp America”. ana c . t OAE—Thete is stair inquiry for ihU article, no drrwblcn price* are well sustained. and fbr Hltitnla <4ta Coal, owing to the moderate supply cn hand, the feeling's firm. Hard dwcnpllcn* are abundant, and holders are net remarkably Arm in tbelrdemands. We make bo charge 1c cor quotation’s aslslloaa: Ent-nrooifltlo fIIXO Co Ornitpy ILOO CiTTatasp—Ortar mil h.m do Mineral 10 On do Willow Dank 10.00 do Tonnel 10. M rhlppewa. 10.00 Blotkbarg. 13X* Lamp Leuic* 15.W016/M Lsrkswana, preparca 14X10 bcrantoa n.ou Pinson, Illinois. do on atck.. . COFFEE—Utcre vui fair order biuloCMdelne to da\. um price* were ftrmlj malouiDed. Weeoouoae to quote: J»t» .9Dj,'<3W^c Rio, common to fair, too. good to prm e... Uio. p» lire to choice. • OIIFEIIAIiE—The tnarr»t la quiet, aalea In clude 150 Whiskey Barrels as SLOS del.; 150 do at f 1.73 del: 15 Pork barrels at $1 JO del. DRFMtCD Received, 835; shipped, U 36, Market Aim. Sales were: JO ot-t 100 & * at SAS6 8 averaging 300 bb at 47 “ soonest. si •• rooßsat... l;ti •• SfO bs at... 7i M 3co »• at... 140 dividing on 200 Be at.. 133 “ •• 300 Be at. 57 M “ 300 Beat. 118 “ •* TtOnaat B.M3A3S EGG*—There Is a Cur request, but under the exres uve rnpply, price* ruled 2«3c lover. Sale* were slow ariG&fic— the outside quotation (or fresh small lota. The inquiry 1* confined to acpplylng the wants of local cuntompm. FHCITvt AND MITB-Df»len Kp’rt » pjflO, h'slthy trade. and tne general market may be quoted Arm at fall rate*. Domtstir. Dried Fruits aiemgood reqnwt, and tor choice varieties prices are rattier h'cher. Winter Apples are active on local account, hut, under a very liberal supply. the rellme is easier. Nntsaiein demand and s'csdy at previous rates. We quote: Apples, F brl T-emons, ftlesslns. Orancts, F box Cranberries. Fhn Cranberries, cultivat'd. vauv rnut&P- Flgr.drum 31 ft 35 Flea, cartoons 00 a S 3 Date* a a 29 Can Peaches, ? doz 2 » cans 4.65 (4 4.75 Apples, new 10 a 13 Ft aches, halve s and quarters 16 (4 19 l*eachef. pared 43 a 43 Blackberries, new, F n 81 a 33 Raspberries, new f» n (6 a 68 Cherries, pitted a a 66 Klderbemes, Fin is a 16 Relsiu*, layers 4.75 a 455 Raisins, Valet cla ift a 19 Siirdiaea. U boxes 90 a 31 6ai dines, X boxes 38 9 4) HITTS. Almonds, hard-shelled. 33 a 31 Almends,solt»brTled SR a 45 A!mcn«*.j>aperihened map Petnuts, Wilmington, Fhn {6 ui 4.00 Brarll Ants 33 a 23 Filberts 17 a 18 Frerch Walnuts, new 31 a 21 yapleaWalent* a a 34 Pecans, sraill aed large a a an Hickory Nutt. Fbo S.OO (4 8.50 Cbtnuts, ¥ do. 7JO r48.r0 . PlMl—Crder a slightly 1 ceased demaodabetter fcxJlcr prevails, and dealer* tt -day were holding firm ly at full prices. With the exception of an advance of IbMn Scaled Herrings prices are unchanged. We quote Whlleßih, No. 1, 14 brl 96.7V* 7.00 Whlteflsh, No. 2, X brl 6544 6.75 Tront, No. 1. X nri 450* 4.75 Trent, No. a, X brl.. 4JV4 456 VacVereLNo. 1, VbrJ, new 1D.VK410.75 Marker).No. 3, *>n 10.00* j. 35 Mackerel, family, F X brl 9.00* 9.35 Mackerel, extra mess. F X brl 1154413.00 M ackerel. extra m<**, 9 at am* s 75 Mackerel. No. 1. kits new jja Uarkrrei.iamily, kits 3.lV* 3.35 CndDßh. Bask, V 1M ft* 7.004 750 Codfish, George a Bank 7504 S.W Hake sjoa 3.2: Herr Inga, fined. No. 1. 9 box SO* 5* Herrings, scaled 70*175 Launder Uerrlnn. 9 brl ISJOAtoje Lftbtsdor Urrrtnrs. x hrL A33t* 550 Norwegian Herrings, R*a F brl «I I 4JM N'orwexian nerrings. STs F bfi <*1650 (■ it BA f»E—Harks t quiet. We quota: White »Yi*l6 e Teiiow * C Grown "kca P c IlllJliWlXß**—B«*lTed,Soa belt; shlpoed. XO brl*. Market more active. Sties were: 100 brl* honi ed at 3S>c; ICO brls Co it SSc. Free 1» comlnsl it IJ.M. HOP?*— Are quiet, it OUGc Dr Bittern ind tftgWc ffcr Wntenl **• II a Y—l ride It not pirflcnlirly brisk. though with • ratbrr Halted »m>rfj In the market. Tlmetay— premd—wa* being he u to-day it 10 idrinceui 50c. Loo*e Fliy cd wicon» wm arrlrlnr freely. ind Hint rerr »uw it our quotitlons. W« rertte oar lUt n Allows: vnuuuLi mcu. TttDOttay, roller lad better pressed.. |u.oftjls.oo Hmothy.l“OMpressvl 11.WU.50 prime, better prwted 10.9X^11.00 itmn. races. Timothy, roller end belter prated fI*J»aH.OO tl« ot y,1oo»e pressed 17.0aa19.00 pntrle, roller tad belter pressed 11.5ai15.5u Frum*. loe*e on winm. delivered I7.<n>aii.oo IIIIIF.**-Uwi»erl. Ujlli »•( shipped. 5U.H5 SI. Tl>e oeo.ind emllt art good, both fbr eblproent ind oa iccil icc.mnt. ind the market rule* firm it 101 l orlr«s. Ur»bl»v Hides ire arriving freeljr. tad ire baying it one-third off. WecoDiloue to quote < Ot»m Hatcher*’ ............. 9 a fltfc Orrm Ml'cd, trimmed. mwnCalf.. in o Kip nrrpn.«Bltfd ...U <aU c DrrFlint, trirmnnl.. ........17 (*l*Wr lit; Saltal. Ul<l tncl ....UVaiA*? Urrrt t<«M mml OVialft c IKON *SI» •TKKI v -1r«lr limodmul; actlva, v> i t>nc9* at# unchanged. Wo quota I liar. Aw* (Inrar Phw> (fun. tue liraty iur<i... « 5 t£o ilocp and Ujint baba ti U«uao ano bqnaro Aw« »ue (Ha) ... ... stfi «Wo Half o*al and I la f ICmiLd &C* ol*c Hi.rat Iron, common 7W'*....c Ktuallramu , **4.,..0 Iron, ralranlmt U -<£l e m.fft iron, rharfoal, M. ... 9V l *-...e Miin*| trnp, Jotuu, W USr»U 0 S< raar Nail «MVo Ituv Mftl.dmnan in ««t4 o Flow Htre’.eaai ..IT alt e Hprtßr ard nr* Steel. SntlUh . c f« «»U Ml SUrJ, ordinary »lsm ~,..,5* i*n e T*»«U’*»tHUrl, American ............II <*» c .1'". nwil, .. (UUUred Steel ft) MSI e and II .....a <4W c Humlb, Am., lit quality,* Wl. MIS e Uuata, Am* l*t quality, W ah(*t.,... MTS 0 Hunt*. Am..adqnalliy. *abeel uIR c I.EATIIEK-Tfieie wa* a fatrlr aeitre Inquiry to. rt*\. both from manufacturers anil coon try deal era, aad mil prim were inTailaWy realized. The itocu are lo taore than ample. We quote *a follows: Cut Harneas V slaughter, Bui t'ocntry llarten. "4<j 36 S angbter, Hole, Uor, V» 42(4 44 Chicago Ko. 1. 400 43 K«p. roectam.P Sl-mghler.SNe, t>... 1.1501.20 Chicago N>u2.. 543 37 C»IC V B .Ukal.6o Baenot Ajiet.,.. 393 40 Upper. P 30(3 SI CMnneo bolf 373 S 3 Country'Ceper. .. 2JO 2il Orinoco, good. Collar * (bot. 133 311 damaged 310 33 OXK. Shnghtcr.SoJe... 53ft St l French Calf, SI Uattcsa,Pß 4t*e 46 Ba 3400 305 Upper..... 300 J* | Preach Cali,36 Km. 2*0.1. me- 1 fti 14)00240 dlnm 1400140 { Freni hUalf. Le Kio Ko. U _ \ molnea. per _ _ _ heavy 8501401 d0r....~ BO.flßoltt.CO 4.11 TlßEß—'Trade in the yard* to<aywa» Drift and a belter feeling prevailed- Tbe atoexa are rather lUbt and the tepui la madeqnate to tbe demand. Fhmslea are latactive request, and oo “ A” or star* Fawed, we(Mte a alight advance. Frequent com plaints have reeo maaeof late br bay era ta the conn try. <>f the cartleaa manner in which Saisclea-are bandied a\ the transfer atailcns of the different roads. 2SSKST 'Afltde tttrattonto this rattterbrthe vmM prcTMit • repetition ot ttrene eompUftlou. We doit quote: lono-nntCtoer, -X, iw.ittatf liscii, v .V^Mooa'iO SeeocflClesr.l.lK.UfsndSliicxu. 53^0*60.00 Tturt cievJinch jo.oo»S3.oo first sod 3*eon<l Clesr Floortse, to gether, rcncb, the esme me Second Clear wide, SOfnaWtll) Common Flesrli g. roach . 33aU(*37.00 Hatched and Ur*Med Common Flooring. Matched and Dressed 8 Inch Common Flooring. Mioasiro Fuat acd >ecoßd Clear Sldiar. to*ether., so oaimiQ Fuat Common Dretaed Maine. 24j»q23.00 Wagon-Box Boards, select, 15 Inch and upwards. 53.0030,00 ▲ stock Boarda. IS inches -25-523 S B Stock Board*, U tncbea 36.0031T7.ta Common Board!, Jelits, Scantling, Free ing. and Small Timber, IS, to U teat long. StJXWtWO Joists and Scantling, IS, SO, 32 and 31 teet. SSJXV^SJ.OO Joists and Bantling ».ca Sbixolxs—A or star Shaved Shingle* . f-50 AorStar bawedShJng]o*~... h'o. I sawed Somete*. ZJAa Latb—Perroiay«r«ls SjjO By car-load by Northwestern Railroad, delivered In any yard where cars can be switched. or any derot, Aor -tar Saw- ed Shinties, by c*r-loart, on track C63K Aor but Shared Shiczloa, by car-loaa, __ . _ on track 5.7V3 4SO No. i Sawed Shingles, by car-load, on track t.flV Three dollar* a car-load added when transferee*!, which charge follow* the Shlcge t In freight bill. hmzai*,iTawi>aSD. Thickness—Five Shingles to be two Inch* In thick sew. - Length—Sixteen loch**. Banda—Twenty Inches. Courses Twentj-nre. 91 ETA l* ANII TINNER*** STOCK—The general market tnlea steady. *snd price* are firmly maintained. We repeat quotations: •ns. nsc. Box Tin Plate. IC lit quality, cask .13# 10x14 HI M m quality, iheet 14 Large Pits 87 Slab 14 Small Pics Sa scout wins. Bar Tin 39 Ito 6. II corns. 7,8 and 9 13 Melanie Al’Botta... S 3 Wand 11 is Copperßoltom 55 It. .14 BradtrsormOk*.. 43 IS and 14.. 15 Sheet, l< to 16 0x..... 45 IS and 16. IS Tinning* 10 17 .17 babbit vrxan. is. as l»t Quality 30 19 31 Antimony 8a 50. .12 Fine bolder 30 Fence Wire U NAll.T*—'lhefdetnand 1* limited, and dealers ar* firmer In their vltw* at the annexed qnotatton*: 6d b keg $7430 U M 3d,flo«h ned. AS 6d. 7.50 3d.finehUed. IDAS 4d 7.7 b Cut Spikes 7.25 OlLr*—The market remain* steady and firm at pre vious rale*. 7 here la a fair demand at the fallowing ranee ox prices: Linseed Oil .tl *-VIT CT Un»«d011, b0i1ed..,., Olive Oil .at 11 Whale Oil, W.B LSQQUa Lard Oil, extra I.ISQT.SO Lard OU, No. i Winter Lard oil, no. 3 Winter. lskamo Bank ou. roord lota i.ibauo Bank Oil. Strait*. IJQqi.75 Machine Oil 6M61.00 Sperm OU. W. B QUO At. Price. .. 98 |«.33 ..98 6U» ~U« 6.75 ..106 &2S Lnoricattnc Oil srui-H C* H BO> OlL—l* Qalet, ud ne ftellos toda; was a lift e ewer. We repeat oar floatation*: Carlxc, ¥ car load. Al9e Carbon, real! lot* (%31c Ber.role Sk«4Jc PKUVIMON*-R»eelTedG&tColha Cared M*ts; 1 brl B*ef;S4 brls Port, ana UXo Its lard. Shipped, <30.111 lbs Corea Meat*; 15* brl* Beil; U< brl* Port, and lb* Lard. 9tee« Pork—Market Inactive and nominal— bowers ot rod brands atkine $19.00. A lot ot LtM bn* Mr** Oralaaf7 soW on Newxork account at I IS JO delivered here. _ street Pick led Ham*—Market firmer. Sales were: 100 tea at lac bere SCO brls deUrered at Ituru at £3 00. Eccilsb Meals—Sales were: 116 bxaCumbezUod* at t*c. Balk Ural*-—Market firm. Sale* were: lo boxee, Houpb Side* at lHe; 70.000 Cumberland* at 9u*c loote; 60,P00 fta lioarti bides at Sc, loose; 900,000 B 9 Dry Salted shoulder* at «,sg. loose. Lard—lnactive held a; lie for prime Steam, bales were: (0 trea alllHc. St'lSAlt!*— Thcjewia * fUr deaaod to-day for choice eradea. 6( 'Ocs are loprorlog and prices ate Him. We repeat qootatlona. Cnba hcrto Rico U*(2iiue N. V.lUftned, Powdered tad Or*nnl»tod...l6*?4i7 c MhltvA. . ui'ais e Circle A llsaUVe wttu* B e Exa«c ij <«isue Yellow c UkttlSve g 11 jailtfc OxiinlCi extra.... KcvUjleuu prime. New Orleantfalr s»VRXJFJ*—TberoU a silent improremrat inine demand, and prices were a (bade firmer. We quote: Boston Amber tl.Su£L4l) New Ter* Syrups 6A41.1S Yellow Drips 1.1N41.5) CnhaMolasiec 75** a Porto Uico 6T<a a New Orleans 90«1.00 Philadelphia Bee Hive Gfi£ 70 Chicago Refinery, Amber IJMaI.I3 Chicago Refinery, Golden SX4 90 Ch eseoUeflnery. Sugar Douse «V 4 60 MIUA AND SALiK'» ATllS—Aresteadr. suns ate only moderately urge, and prices are firm. VNe continue to quote: Babbitt’s Medicinal 13V3V1 o “ Pnir Uv«i.«UVe Dcland's Chemical .Hvaia e •• Dealthy UkuUkc “ Pure nf<ctn\e SALT— RecelTtd. none: shipped, 113 bn*. Mar* kel arm. bale of luO brU Fuw at MAS. del. We con tinue to quote: New Fine Coarse Ground Ainu Croatia Solar v.ffi Turk's i»hu>a, bac* 3^o Dairy, with tacks SXO Dairy wlthoutearks 5.3 S»e.ED»t—Received. 3.117 d<: ahloped, *ki97 as. The cnml market ruled dulLland ua Timothy prices were Italic lower. Sale* In lode the lollowlnc; TmornT— JW tMies »t «3.10; na bag* at 93.00 ;59 hagl at 99 80 ; 7bacaal9r.*4; Cwnt-lsban at 99.00; S nags at 9«.3; » ban at 98.25. T EAM—'There »aa a talr taormenlln the market, and price* are atrady at the <ja>Utl3n»: 1 erne Hyson. superior to Use, V a filial 55 Yonrgnjarn, extra to tholce, V a 1.70^1.90 In penal, superior to aue, V lb 1.1t01.f0 Imperial, extra to Ch-lce. 9* lb 1.&39.00 Caatx weer, superior to fine, 9 a l.iikai.B) Ounpr.wder. extr* to choice, 9 a ijQum) Japan, natural leal, fine to extra one. 9 a... 1.05a1.15 Japan, natural leaf, fine to choice, 9- a 1J8V41.40 Japan, natural h at. colored, «• a I.SVai.4O TOBACCO— Remain* very Quiet with price* nom> Inally unchanged. We qncte; rntaccT .fl.UialJO . I.COAUS Fxfrs... Choice.. Virginia's Favor- I Medium Jlft2sc lie BVrsil OO! Common Stems....l3Qi3c Choice 35mXc I Loyal CUlm.... TljjeSOc i Medium THATSc Famcr'sDelight TttoTV I u>mmoo .htastOe Natural Uaf....51.10i«1.W | Kavle« GOuiTie Eatf Unsht,.... aoftsl.or | Virginia llsft&9..Kk£Goe Cholceb’f sound TJcas'c I Flounder* 73*$0c avtioo—The market la qatsutmt sWdr and tolera bly hrm at our quotations, which are m tallows: Maple. F core, delivered IM.Wai3.OO Maple, F cord. in yard- liAQAILd) Beech. V cord, delivered CC 9 00 H.<ch, F cord. In yard Gi 8.00 Hickory, F cord. 13.00.i1t.C0 A OOly—Berelved. *1,915 *•; shipped. JUT* ft«. The marvel presents no new teatnra, aad prices are quotabty unexanged. Sales tnchide the Nloviu: 7,000 ft* Fine fleece at 4‘»fc; 1,000 as Unwashed at 6Cc. jfor Sale. uxo «.«Na h.oj GREAT BARGAIN. 5 JOS sio6 11.00 FOR SALE, 210 ACRES OF LAND nr BERRIEN COUNTY, MICHIGAN, .ssxaaxc .33 «»¥ c .3s*«o*c Three mile* from the Grand Mavali or Dunham's Pier, aid seven miles frem 51, Joseph. On the lane U a Cnt-dae» Luc b»r and Shine'" bi*am bswmliu and an abundance <J File, White Wood, Oas and Hickory limber. “IberoilUexi client for railing any kind of fruit, such as grows acywbers around bt. Joseph. The mi I laaln o*l entirely new. The proprietor, a man m jtais. bad lie xsUlirtune to loae one ofhl« ha»ds ihortly after commencing the business, and Inconaa- Queoiedeairratoaeil out. _ _ For for iber Information call at Putnam's Suam Saw mill, on ihe premise*, or inquire of tin- f-utocrlber at Mite. Michigan. PARLEY PCTNAM. W?fc .$8.1(1*440 . B.IUr»S_TO . 8.124A31 JrtocfeljcttiErs' faceting. NOTICE. Chicago Firemen’s Insurance Co. The annual meeting of the stsckholcers of the Chi cago Firemen's Insurance Company will be held at the office of said Company, on TUESDAY, the Sch day of March, 1567, from 2 to 4 o'clock p. m., for the electfon of nine Directors fbr the ensuing year. 5. P. WALKER, Secretary. • 4<AJ <* 5.50 .. b.O* <4 850 .. ft0)0 « 9.00 .. u.OO .. m» <331.00 PAIRBAKKS' fST STANDARD SCALES./!.^ or ALL BIZIS. FAIRBANKS. GREEN LEAF A 5!« A 3*28 Laks-sL. Chicago. 1-vailroatiß. A KRIVAL and departure op Xa trains. Winter Arrangement, CHICAGO AXD 50KTU UtSfIUS lUtI.BOAD—COCHCtL CXt ITS AXS OXAUA LUX— DKPOT xoaxn WILLS rrnxET. Omaha Fait Line Omaha Niebt Express. Dixon Passenger FBEXTOBTLINZ. Freeport I'aesecger..... *ID:OU p. m. *3:10 a. m. Freeport Passenger. *0:00 a. m. *3:40 p. m. Boekiord, Elgin, Fox KrrerandSiaieLiee... *4:00 p.m. *11:10 a. m. Geneva and Elgin Pas* senger. *s;Wp.m. *8:43 a. m. wiicoxetx dittsioh—Dtror conxxn or canaz. Aim eqci entxrr. •Day Express *0:00 a.m. *C3nD.m. Night Express *4:3op.m. *3; 13a.m. Janesville Accotatnodn. *9:3op.m. *3:33 p.m. Woodstock Accomtnod'n .9:oUp.m. *940 a. m. *n.wauKix rnnaiox—i>xpot coaxxa or caxax am xzxxza anmr. Day Express 0:00a.m. 13:00 m. Rwebilf. Calvary and Evanston ... 1:30p.m. 3:10p.m. Sight Express 4:00p.m. B:3*p.m. Kenosha Accommod’o... 4:40p.m. 9:43a.m. Waukegan Aceotmnod'n. 5:80 p.m. 8:58 a, m. Milwaukee Accoimnod’n. 11:43p.m. 3:50a. m Uto. U Duxiat, ben*l Sop*!. B. F. Pattucx. General Ptasengcr Agent, oesmia cxxtxai maiuxoAi—txio* . am, roo* ortAXi trun. •orutng Express . *WJOa.m. *8.45 p.m. Day Bxprew. *7:00 a. n. •I’tCOp. a. Evening Express t3:3op. m.l*U:.-op. m. tight ErpresH t*ft43 p. m. t-;33 a. z <un;i3n»iTi in toonvnxß Taan». AOfDlnr Express *i:ot)a. ra. **o:sß a. a, Sight Express tfrW p. n. •11:0. p. a aicEieax moth van inn ui sxom uxf—on* ro* eoim van bcuxh axr» snnxAX itiinr. VuhSUO UX*. ... _ Day Express »• “• V,Uv £ !4ew York Erprsel *22:™ p * 5 Night Rxprtis. 1*10:00p,m» *6.00 a. a Drraorv uxa. n.. protege *7.00 a. A. til 00 3. D. iShtaSSUa- 110:1)0 p. m. *8:58 p.n. rmaatraex, ro»« watxa axo cmrauo. Bail!*. *uao a. m. fl:uo»,n. txnrVas...*. *7:oUt.a. 12:31 a.m. tfs* toe.” 8:10 p. n. 7:10 p.n ixirw./......*. *l'o:oup. n. ll:uop. a ouxon oxxtxAL. Day n»Mctz-J •».*) a- a. •Wt» p. n. Night I’nsrcncer |10:0np. a. *0:43 a. ra* tCnnkakev AtcooDod’c. *<:D3 p. d. *y;3: a. a. U%de I'ark ana oak Wood *0:30 a. n. *7:t9a.s. » •» *» *l*iop.m. *y.sia.m. « .... *i:sop.n. *i:srp.a, •* ♦» “ rtneaeo. auaLxxxrox ax» quxxct. Day Express and Ma 11... *s:tra.m. *9:00 p.m. Cialcsbnrr l*Mseoftr.. . *B;Mp.m. *4.00 p. n, Aurora *W»p. m. *9-00 a. n. - - ~ - - «.*mLu<kt ...Ufa _ Expnu d«ICAeO AJD> IT, LOCO. tad Mall frM a. n. 8:45 p. t*. NlfbtKzprctt 9:13 p.m. 8:30 S.B. Toilet and Wiimtnjjtoa Accommodation 4:COp. b 9:43 a. n. sncaoo axu aasAT iunu-sun carconutt am tna>— amratncw laasoan sxror« oos. AXAi avD nxn> anavn. _ •lay Exprcw &3HE. b. l£3sp. m« Sight £zprai* .. 9:00 p. B. JUS 1BI>UIUJ*0L1», lOUUTIUJ a*U o*y Express... 7!?. £3O a- n IftM p. a. Slehi n S' atopiwagm....... ’glo £’ S Mralnjt Atconmodatjoa Jg- ~Eir»oo, EOCI HUM jm fioinc »i> EutaiudJUU— gjft-g* Steht Sxbrcan itoop. B 25*45 a. a*. , n f\ f l AceonmMauot.. inn p. b- *9:40 a. m. •Sunday excepted. tMosdaf exccpied,|tia«irflej * XM5tefl ‘c2TTOS BTOCX YaSD TOl TABLE. Leave Madieon Street Leave Stock xaidt. 6:TD a. as. 7HO .a. a. S:sa .....a, tru 9:10 a.m. 10:00 ..a.m. 11:30 a. a. i£SO p.m. 1:30 p.m. 2JI ...p. m. 4:00 p.m. 4:45 p.m. 5:40 p.m. I r. Jame* treats UU debility with aa Ui»ilibte method. Xvporxacs, caused from sexual exeeM or i diabase. Dr James will la «very Instance aware a care. Dr. Jamsaeaa be consulted at bU office and parlors, 91 and 93 Cudclpa-st., from 9a.m.t09 p. m. P. U. Box 696. Chicago, m. Or*. Thomaan, Proprietot of the Medical and surgical Iticmv itb South Ciarx-*U, ha* treated ad terms of T-uerwt dla mh with unprecedented soccea* lor nearly t >rty y rare, bpennatorrbcea and impute acs treated with the hasoi. «M results. Particular* of th* Icsatate and the Qqjd» mailed free to any aOditai. P.o.Box72.CMc*?o. Illinois. Tbeßeallog Pool and House offfiercy. Howard Aaaoeiatlon report*, tor young men. ou the crime of solitude, aal the errors, abuses and du-aict which destroy the manly powers. a-d create impedi menta to marriage, with *txie mean* of reiiot Sent la sealed letter coTflrpef.frte of charge. Adlrese Dr.J. BEILUS HOGGHtON, HowaitCAreoclatJou Phlviel phla.Pa. . Chevalier’* LUe (or the H*lr positively restore* era? hair to It* ordinal color at dyouthiol *»au:y; Imparts lift and strerpth to ih" weateat hair, atops it* falling out at once; keeps the Lead clean: la avpsmlirled *• a Mir creasing. bold by all orureists ana fashionable hair areasert, and at my office. No. 1123. Broadway, K.T. SARAH A. CHEVAUhB. M. D. Having the confidence of the and tho s*Uical fscmtj at large, is the men reliable riyiidau »a th. city tbr chronic n-rvons and sexual olstascs. Call at hi* office. 179 South tTark-it. corc?r of lloarce. Roomsleparato. Consulta’lon free. P.0.80x 1.14. His guide to health, published monthly, aent frve v »i.’ vrtcreas. GREATBEDTICTIOK in tliePrices of Watches, Previous to the present year (1567) wo have b»*a deallsg largely in Amman and European Watch** •» UU c exclusive st wholesale to the trade In the East ere and Htatcrahtates, add In New York «Uy. The weolciale cuslstn. necessarily conducted upon a credit system, having b*«n attended with considerable loessndlnconTteieb«e.we have deteratredto aban d< n alUgether.tocfiiiUjg btussiva to a Reran.Txjldb for Casn otn.T. ucd fnpplylns our cuMo-ners with «m. gc watches at our trrmcr WitoLzaat-x Pstcxs, thus them theaavaatage -it rurcbvalce at the tame pi tees which watch** usually coer retail dealer*. Ibe prices we offer are guaranteed to be at least oxx nuu> Us* than usual null prtc*s la tats mty, lor fins watcher, and the reduction U st n srratet ou many kinds ol medium quality. Our Ikcillncsaretueh tor pnreha log from th* maenfh tarer*, that other dealers coclii sot, it so disposed, well at our low prices. Every « atch l» ruiiy gu*rante*id at to quality «f the movement, fl eness oi sold or stiver ta the cases, and la wamnted to ke-p accurate time, and to xlve entire satiitaciion tc ibe pcrcoastr. As a guarantee that we dtai falily and botorablv. we icier to the following well ktown house* In New Turk: A. Moreon.Gold Pea W*tnfactur«r: Hy.Gtnacl; A, Berger * Nos. 23. 44 and 13 Mtiden-lane: American Clock Co., 3 t onrilandt-Bt. CaU'ogue* of pns*« sent free bv mall? Watches sent by express, to b* paid tor «*a delivery. C. E. vOLLINa A CO. Nos. 42 and 42 Naa*an-«u (uj stairs), N. Y. ©rcan Steamers. AXD *\£W YORK Steamship Line. Fatatse to Lotdon or Brett, |UO, *73,aaJ£3o, cur rency. £xcutil:n tickets at reduced rates, available for tlx rrontLs. .13V313^C Celia, Cart. Gleadctl, from N*«* Torr. March 9th. Wa..PenD,C»pi.llilUctfe, from Sew Y*rk. Marchlft. Aialanta, Capt, Plntham. from Sew Tort. March .HO. Beilooa. Caob inx»D, trum S>» Terr, April iSih. The brltlsn Iron Steamship Celia wu. leave l*lnr No. S. North Ittver. Ntw Ynrr, for London, calling at Brest on Satnroar, March 9tb. Uutll tanner tol'c-.ail the Steamer* ot UnaUne will call at Brat to land pas- cotter*. Baggage cnocK-d. ttcans sold thronth by rail to Paris, at » per cent leas than regular rate*. Freight will be taken and through bills ot lading given to Havre, Antwerp. Rotterdam, Amsterdam ana uucklrk. For pameo apply to CEIAS. A~ WIUTJfBr, ‘JO Broadway, >cw y orK, or to 31 Dearbort-su, Chicago. For Freight anply at .14 6 uth-«t., New York. ROWLAND A: AsPXNWALL, Agents. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANOF The General Transatlantic Company’s MAIL »TEAMSHLPb BETWEEN NhW fOKK ANI Havre, calling at drkst. The splendid new vessels ol this ikvoilte mote ft* the Continent wIU sail troc Pier No. ao. North Rive: as follows: KUHDi C February 9. BT.LAURENT Beeaadt....February t 3. FKRFIKK Duca«£B.... it t rrb 9. VILLE DK PARIS..Europe March Ji. PRICE OP PASSAGE IN GULP. Pint Cabin, *i«; second Cabin, |ioo, tacindin* tabu wine In either class. The steaman ol this Une do not carry steeraeo nts leagen. Fasseueers intending to land at HKK&T will be far nlshed with railroad coupon ticket*, and th-lr hacaapt cheeked t. Paru. at an additional charge of fci for trs and |3 for sm>od clast. Medical attendance tree of e&args. For further Inforj.atloa. apply, w Cbtcagr*. at ;n, FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE, 33. N UUdcumL; c New Yuk, to CKO. MACKENZIE, Agent, 3ft Br.fcd way. 3.(3 Steamship qrbat eastern, CAKRTINU THE UNITED STATES MAILS. Sir Jaxsi amiciiw*, Commmd-r. an vumui'UU'i* The French “Compiti cf Chartercra"of the GUE \T EaSiEKN. having provided thrshiowlth now boiler*, ana thoroakb.T retitled end;cd U*r la every department. with soeclal relercuce to this service, will no her regularly between New York aid Brat, at ihh Iowa: LUTTXO xrw TOK. UUTT3O BICST. Tuesday Ann’ 91 Saturday April 7* T. ttrtday May It | Tn-«d»T .June 4 Saturday Ju.e U i Thursday July 11 Tuesday In y 30 I Saturday Aus. tl Thursday S»p*. IllTn-»dsy Oct. 1 Samrusv Oct. )91 Thntwlay Nov. 1 NEW VOUK to LIVERPOOL, Tuesday. Sov.Sd, tak ing cmy Cut data passengers. Passage rates in sold, or its equivalent. file, |US, flCO — according to loca tion aid iiae ol room. CQXWOiO. I Medium.. I Common.. .So«9oc .55* Tic Tkkttalor the home passage lamed at a reduction ol |*o to passenger* returning previous to August. PMscLgeiacaobe furnlsned «a hoard with railroad tlcte sfrcm Brett u> Paris at the r •Mm.e-i rateol IlliSo tor flrrt-ciari and (7AO ;or second class, being • nine ticn ot a percent on regular rate*. Twenty cubic uct Of Baggage a K wed to each passenger. Letter* ot credit issued lor England and the Conti nent. for passage apply to WELLS. FABGO & CO., Passage Agents. No. H 4 ttroadwav c« i«ror<u*Mai> «i>p«y to the Amrriotti and United Mulct Express Co.'s, at ihtir various agcnele*. i&OA AAA —TWENTY THOU- V-V?VVV* SAND DOLLAUS TO LOAN On unit cumbered Beal £«tate. Apply to 1». 9. PRIDK. Boom 43 Lombard Bloefc, Caloco. ! piJICAGO & CINCINNATI RalL i w J KOAI> BONDS.—WiII be sold at public audios. bj JOMPUL HBNSHAW. } Atlheintrcbaoli’ Esebanre Kcadlaeßoan. in 17o»(on. naH.i*D *nmrdaTi March I 3d, 1867, at 13V o’clock p. m . • ■*- W■» u. If IP. U. « |liXt,ooo of me Cr»t inert gage 7 per cent hoods ol the t'niragod Cincinnati Kaiir>ad Company, trim me Ciupois eicce October, ISCO, inclusive, a'lached. lb*- laid bonds at e h*id aa collateral toi the note* ot said Company, and will be told for me non-payment thereof. Ibn line of the road norm which said bonds are *e cozed u from l/oganspon to Valparaiso, to the State ol Indiana, and torus a cioaKWardc part of iho Important not knows as the “Chicago £ Great Etst en. K'Uoad.” The tecomiea may be examined on application to the auctioneer. The sale to be strictly f .roa-h. and thcpnrchac-r* will be required o nay tu the audios eer, five per cent cn the amount of th-lr bic», as car rest the time of sale, and the balance within three days thereafter. T.IILL'» HaIR DIE—SO Cents—Black -LJL or Brews—lot tan tas eon*, natura. durable, beanUml. The best and cheapest In n«e. Contains as much as as any dollar site. HILL'S ARCTIC, or ALL HEALING OINTMENT, reliable lor genera; ointment pntpt'wa. Depot 66 John-st,New York, bold by al druggists. TJATCHELOR’S HAIR DVB. Thu splendid Batr Dye is the beat la the world. Harmless, rettabis, instantaneous; the only Perfect Dye, No disappointment. No ridiculous tints, but true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. HATCH BLOK. Sola oy Druggists and Perfumers. Factory. 81 Dareiay-sL. Mew York. ■Scales- 53usincss tEarbs. Q.OURLAi BROTHERS, Shirt lYlanufactnrcra, 27 HARCLAT-ST.. NEAR CHURCH, NEW YORK. N. IL—Price Lists mailed on application. QE&T, HATTEN & UO., Wholesale Commieslon Merchant, B-twKj»rt DENVER. notOBAPO. I-eare. Arrive. *S;!j a. m. *7:20 p. m -7:30 p. m. 10:00 a. m. 4:00 p. m. 13:10 a. m. pARM MACHINERY. A. T. BATES & C 0. 7 70 Sontli Can*l-st«> Chicago, DEAIJOIS IN FARM MACHINERY, AND OKS EILM. AUENTs FOR THE NORTHWESTERN fcTATB> FOR TUK CELEBRATED MANU FACTURE* OF BLYMYKR. HAT * CO., MANHFIBLD. 0.. AND BLTMYKU, NORTON A CO- CINCINNATI. O. Oar List embrace* the Cook Evaporator. Victor Cane Mills. Eureaa Ctmln* Box, Star C >rn ahel er. War ner*( T)one Hay IUM. Woos-Sawlog Htcclnea, Core Crn»hfta Ac. partu anplymc far descriptive circa luiwill please specify m« machinery they want. * A. T. BATES A CO. Quartermaster general's OFFICE. WA«nxain!r, D. C., Feb. 25, 1567. POSTPONEMENT OF OFS.NINO OF BIDS FOR ARMS’ TRANSPORTATION. Thetlm* far the operun ot ti.e pro»»,lifnr Army Traontx rtatiua. mvliM by advertOemeat from tola efflre of January 15. IM7, I* hereby extended to U m. of ihnraday. lh>* 7th day <>f March. IW. I>l oruircf the Unarteitnaatpr Oereral. ALK.tANUKR DUS*. Dvt. Col. and An!. Quartermaster. U. 8. A GREAT &ALE OF PUBLIC PROP SItTV. Ornci A)w'tUi;*nr«aM»rr«c. { If ArnriLtk. Tcnn., rebrnary *>l. tw. > I wlUofler »or itip at Public Antll'iti. ci-mmendns on Mcaday, tbrliui day or March. I*6!. at lb« North* western Ofaio Bbe«U In ibis city. a la/ ire a sortnubt of UuartirDiMtir* Morn, cmbrsclo* npward« ol .’.Duo lien*. rvnsitink in partofl hind (Ira i , nai , re,hi>*<* atU rs*ta, 1 stl of tlnn>ti* tool* nod tntchinoe com- Flrtr. is army wacotia.» uan»t*r d 0..) tw<>-bor>o <]o. •Dna* do H Wf«nl anil lomUrOo.. a amhoianrva, )M water wickets. /;h pip* iwn*. o>j blind r*rldi*s, aou tioitif Uom 8(0 •add" li.anktia, m kln< tvdK V* niulo arid n»iM rniiara. I.»M i<r*a*t rtuin*. *n stretcher •>>».. MOaata ttiulo liainoM, a*t* imiso «.n„ A|U lnud bai ter*. VCv window • **!). MJ botes K aaa Mato, II anvil*, 'll btttlrrwn, £i It. H. bellows, >u li. n. vises. an tiorw nup», vi |x>ric hides, pea. sole leather, ID twain* oakum. I.rnn war n " mi'l*. lomw p>t*.c**t scran iron, Mjo nd*. wro*t»c'aiMUi.,«.HMp<3« «m also, 9,w0 lani Kaa ulur. 1.11 l pds.bndio |'NtM’.V.IU nd*. barixw* *at aueert a«soft*d,3tluctanrac*«i.iUa. id nan<i nrancs, *7n am and ha aaioa. l.lcu n-si l*ttn«f aril «uui belitok, JW tm cant 13) band aawa, 9.174 iron nr *uc S.34JU It. paoiorka. a mil# for *awm< wood, if boar* tlu piai", » hay scale. j pUt/uria acalos. »J arint d».. i >*i)t!Dt'-r do., 1 »pr,oic do., t apomccary do.. II ware home trues*. 1 1 pro*# nmklcw, Ul *ros* rime*. m uco carriatr lulu, ambulance noire, iiaitof, aUyaiJ ici kctatn*. nn*a. martn sane, tar i-ou. Ivk-y annu, nomir and »a*un tsmlloa. wooden Hump*. Cinnis »Dd»iD*icire«». bone urolciaet cfail kiuda. veiari n*ry lL»tiun-SDt*,*lf«lre, band, pokunfi, uvaun/.iae* toe and farrier** hammer*. parallel Vi*r*,atoc»* tad die* lone*, poncho*, paint* of all color*. hone and nultj *htK». tu-r*r-*b»« nal.t, twine, wire, waeh-sr*, ilnc.adtea.oioad-sxoe.awW. p/aai* and kimlt-i mtu, tleei eonaxee. ull tloD'*. hand rip, t«uo >l. tclloe and cor Da»».*a»*,*UrK».bCßc b screw*,monkey wrem-be*. ■nrho thavta, mallet*, taekla hl.rks, brushes oral! kltd*. bra»» couplings. stctl dnl*, hs/ and n aauro fo’ki. ba*ta»d dins bandcudr, all kmle.cjf fr* Bed com trtlK washlnc machine* andwmrer*. itnva pliw. picks, paollna, paifit mill*. Ua War.s of ad kinds, canlnruna, puliej*. itova* «*fall kind*. naUcr. door aid ere bone, curb blu, enamelled cloih. sheet cop. er.waroo Umber of (LlKini!* &*le u> cstam*B.*e»t It u* a. ro., and eontloie dally, ccmißeoc'tcat tb*fatne nonrearh,Ur. until > hei prijw ertr «adt»roM-d of. lermacaan to O venmentfand*. A deposit Wi l be r«j-ir«x trom ■lipurchaeer»<mtna day < f Mle—ibcre wl! be bo deviatlou irom mu ra*e. J E B.KIKK, Ut a«**< Qoartrrmaep-* U. S. A. tll.OO cid'Bt t'fcMs. B« Estate op eliza ann ostkoai, deceased.—Purlin note© la hereby Riven to all prrooca bavU 11 talma and demuo a^ the estate oi Eliza Aat Oatronj.decea»*<l.topreseiil tee sane fjr adjudlc Uoa aaa aelUfa-eul at -:;m ot'tbo Count* Coozt cf uc-ct CooLlj. to oe hoMes *t to* Cnnrt aooae, In the city of Chicago, os the Ui'nl Urn day o( uprli. A. D. IS£7. beioe cbes>t Ojt c ticago, Feb. T. 1567. L. A. OSTBOM, Executor* .a. m. .a. m. •P m. .p.m« .a. m. ~t. m. ..p.m. ..p.m. Special Notices. IpeimaiorrlMßa* Dcnatlfol Bair. Dr. Blgslotr, aSEatcljrs. JAS. WARRICK, ,-jFinancial ?i}air ZDjie. fr»o. ISO 31oGao*«t<t fHadjinenj proposals ffiobetmncnt Sale. Hcgal. ffiehiral. OP bTAMXNA, Cefisiititional Weakness. EFFECT OF fiOSHTWS BITTERS IN CAS ITS OF General Debility . Nature is notlmpvrtlaL On some of us shebaa b* •towed stalwart frame!, arron* ccnidsutlona, iron nerre*; on others, but lltue physical power, or coasts tuaonal stamina, or nervous vigor. Let tho ItnhM take heart, however. U they cannot become SamsoM» they can. by the use of proper means, make up la • meaenre lor the dtOdesdea of nature, *ai aa> po clutsce Uve aa long and enjoy lite as much ta thekr mere Herculean neighbor*. Dailcato macnluea atyis proper earn aometlmf* outlast those of a more and pOEderons structure. A fine watch will run toegor than a ateam engine of a thousand hone-power. Tbw Oret ot»J«t of the weak and fragile la, or abould tM, ag acquire additional strength if possible. It tipcinMa, It may be stated as a proved ectahlUhed tact, SM4 science has given to the world, m HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS A rrgetable laricorant, t rSic* ptrmanmtig braetm mtitutUzisiMtAa/rtbU ichetheriHe iaekQj Urfnfft* and tlaminn be an tnkerar de/tex or CM remit of rziran'out etnue *. If eraenl debility Is not a dlreue, tt 1* somethtog worse, viz: a condition which prelisposca the body t* succumb to all tufluences that produce diaease. We are continually surrounded and beset, men or Irm,b? Infecting element*. Neither the purest air aor the pur est water la perfectly pure. And in region* where bolt are absolutely pels 'nous, how shall the weakly rn wrt tutlon and trail system real«t their deadly effects nnl* furtlflcd by artificial meaa* ? It the OITTE KS are the n vltaiutng, sustaining preparation they an claimed to be—asd on this bead the testtmooy la thesr ihvor Is overwhelming ana tocontroTerilble—then is M absolutely Jtituttoue is any man or woman, suSerlng from phyalat weakness, no: to resort to so potent a remedy. When an epidemic is prevailing, or tn proa- P«t. the best safeguard* areatrtttcet dinsUon, firm nerves, and a wise employment of tho means waich science has p’seed at the disposal of the public aa ao tldote* agatnat atmospbenc laftcboa. Among tka latter. ROSTETTER’S BITTERS I'tserveUly enjoy the tdybcit repuUCoa tbroogboat the Weaiern world. PTBetncmbcr that physical vigor U the beet against disease, and that it cay be Increased to aa «• inordinary decree by tbe use ol this celebrated toulft. Dowel Complaints. Colic, £Har» rhera, Dysentery, Cholera Mor~ &U 6, and Constipation • Billions Colic ts a disorder characterized by wtat Paracelsus calls alrooeows pain. The torture extate orcr the whole abdomen. and a strong man w i inw tinder It as If upon the rack. The BITTERS are to relieve the paroxysms, hat It Is as a sore means at preventing a recorrence ot the at:art that they an particularly recommended. Tone the liver and ttn bowels with this gentle stimulant and corrective, aM yon will never be troubled with the agonizing and daa gerona complaint known aa billioaa Colls. Chronic Biarrhcea. There fssmrrelv any mffer-nce o t optaloa amoo* r< polar physicians as rmrdi the treatment of chroa* Icdlarrhaa. Moat ol them have heretofore no>a> mrsdrdatablespoonfiUor teaspootfUlcl brandy to h* riven scvcia! time* a da?. They one alx that astringents and totica are required. This admitted, the mala thin? is to clt« the best tonic and c - f!-eent that out bo preewd; and that has ben prov'd tv «s in:nce, and under the heat chemical tests, to be HOSTEI TER’S STOMACH BITTERS The symptom* of chronic dyipcpda are frvquewt dls-harcre generally. with pain and grlpcsg, restlessness. thirat, pear appetite, detlilty loss of dc*h, dry. rough, and somewhat fallow aklo. Utt tongue dry and dark col'rcd. The f-nl nfti n pnira through thebowe:a nearly in the condition In «tueft It waa swallowed, thus showing that the gastric Juee Is cither not generated In aufflcirnt quantity, or that IT has not the solvent propirwe* oecc**arr to decompose the masticated ftxvl. The ftwr Is generally cot of der. and tee bowels afflicted with a low (race cc la» flammatloo. Under these circumstances a medicine allrtUy aped* est. as .well as tonic and anU-bUlouf, ta absolutely rw qulrvd; and such a medicine la ROSTETTER’S BITTERS. Let It be borne tn mind, bowerer, that chronic dtar* rbma. aa well aa tbe acute foim of the dlteate which lead* to It, may always o« avoided by fceeplnznptte toneof the atomach and oi the ancon* m-mbraneof the lateatlaea with this aalatary ami harmleaa mnyw rant. It U a great thing to restore to regularity a dl» ordered ftmcUcn, but It u attil uettertoexclude necessity for :e*u. ration by preventing irreettlanam. All einc/jarda require to be icmniated; and yet atracre to sar. thealugguh bowel* are often subjects ton treatment which in tbeeodlncrease* tbelr toa* pldlty. and render* u complaint, eaatly cured in u* beclnoirj:. obeunately chroo'c. Let the conaUoaM beware of draatlc pme ami potion*. Tbe Invariably areravate tbe draorder. A combination of a whole* some stimulant with a mild, io< thinglaxative U what la needed. Is ROSTETTER’S BITTERS the sofiem hag this Important desiderata*. A count cf this genial corrective will eventually core enjsj form of ct'CsUpaiioo. and remove the headachy nets, feverishness. nausea, and by which Itl* usually accompanied. Some persons who up by coaitltutiou <>t a ccasnpated habit may ovsrcoew the dlfSulty and achieve perfect regularity by the DxTrEBS dally in conformity with the directions The Three most Important Periods of Life, - Physicians divide life Into Ore dUUnct periods—tM drat extending bum birth to the age of saves yeas*, the second from the seventh to the fourteenth yw thethlrdtrumthefborteeatta to the tweaty-flnt she fourth from the twenty-first to the fortieth year; the fifth fours the fortieth year to the close of Ulrt “strange, eventful history.” Shokspeare divide* X* into “seven S|er," but five is the number adopted tv the faculty. la what Is called the •• third period** tae Imparts* changes occur which mark and separata thesexe*. This la the stage of development, when the frames ta acquiring fora.. Proportion, and strength, makes e» traordlnary demands upon the vital and eoutituUoaa) tesources. The weaker sex suffers most dorm* am period. The vitality ofwoman.betugtaxed to a gßsb cr degren than that of man. often requires to be re-l» forced by artificial means. Whenever this la necessary. ROSTETTER’S BITTERS May bo oonaclesttotuly reco mm ended aa the moat harmless and eSecQre of all tonic*. Tfce fanrth period, «mbracmz the maturity ok HB\ when the powers of body and mind la both sexes e«cM to be In fall vUor, also has 1U special dlfflcolUea. D Is dortnz this atage that the temale Is (object to meet of tie haruiituttaUfflents peculiar to her enraaliadob Bo utmeroos and dlstre win* are these complaints, tfcrt the pailenee with which they are borne, while It cw clte* the wonder, demands the earnest tt the lees afflicted beings who style faeoselves por c» <-rr/«nn* the ** Unis of creation.” In fartitado It moat be admitted that Iba M lords'* are by no meats equal the “ladles.** To the latter It la Important to know that la On troubles which precede and fallow matarlty, the BITTERS Are sxeellent. both as a bodily and mental Inrlxoraal. They will be fauod a capital means of *o»tatnlß* Um J«oialeyi(|f*(7a# under the heavy drains made npon ft at the moat intereetlac and pcrllou pertoda of married lire. The flfth stage is that in which all the fnnctlona 4» cay and the frame xradaally bends under the weigh! yean. Darlac this period, too. women saner mac* more than the alrooxer sex. In pa«aiaxth« line ttid divides matarlty from the declne of life, they nave to eoconnier more dlfflcnltlea and dancers than Okmt dreamedoffwbeßheentsntUieHaMeoo. Deprewioo ted gloom bnrdrrtox on insanity, tosether with tna«. meranle physical dlatarbaneea, are among the paint and pchaliiM they sometime* bavetoeudore at tba *«e» oinf os well mat the jfrai crisis ot ihm Urea. As* tootlilDgacdbalaamlc rsaody far tbclr aUßoUoaa at anch tlrnta. tbs BITTERS Are prescribe*! by many mtnsnt phystdaak. TIM allauiailodQuaUUeaotUecussaratioß are to modi* Bed by iha medicinal barbs aad ronu Inlosod lelo 11. that It may be taksa with oat apprsM/siua ires W tbott wbo an Bopleaaaaiiy a£acted by tba erdinarv ezeltanu. Prepared and dold by fiOSTETIER & Ml, Pittsburgh, Pa. FOR SALE BY D EUGGIST9, GROCERS AND STOREKEEPERS Throughout the World.