Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 1, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 1, 1867 Page 4
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TEE STATE LEGISLATURES. (GonfUarrf From Firtl Committee on Railroads to Inquire whether the Ohio & Mississippi Railroad had com* plied with Its charter in paying ten per cent of ita profits Into the Common School Fund. The Agricultural College BUI came up as the special older, and the motion to Indefin itely postpone the whole subject was sus tained. by 51 to S 3, and a motion to recon* elder toe vote was laid on the tabic. A joint resolution was introduced Instruct ing our Senators aud requesting our Repre sentatives to use their influence to have a law passed by Congress permitting the state to appropriate the Agricultural College fund to the Common School fbnd. A bill providing for the erection of suitable buildings for the use of State offices and the Supreme Court was passed. The bill indemnlmug officers and soldiers of the Indiana Legion, for acts committed In the military service of the Uultcd States, came up as the special order, and, after dls* ciuslon, passed—sß to 34. 'WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. 1 JUniso*, Wisconsin, February 38. SENA iB, In the Senate to day none but local bills were Introduced. The Committee on State Affairs reported in favor of making an appropriation to put down Nicholson pavement on the half of the street laying next to park. The Assembly bill was concurred In to ap propriate SSOO to pay freight from Holland on books donated to the Stale Historical Society. Senate hiHa were passed to provide for the publication of the laws of 1536, 1837 and 1838; to appropriate to Henry Cordlcr $25,000 for the current expenses of the State Prison, and S3OOOO for the completion of the north wing of the Prison. Also, three other small appropriation bills. Senator Hadley introduced a Joint pro* amb’eaod resolution requesting the Secre tary of State of the United States to inter pose the influence of the General Govern ment In behalf of condemned Fenians, and asking the pardon of Robert Lynch, a citizen oi Wisconsin, and McMahon, a citizen of Minnesota, on the ground that had they been allowed to procure testimony for their defence they could have shown their inno cence. The resolution went to the Commit tee on Federal Eelations- ASSEMBLY. Rente nstranccs and petitions on local mat ters loaded down the Clerk’s tabic. Bills were introduced to abolish the office of Bank Comptroller; to amend section 14, chapter S 3, Revised Statutes, concerning medical societies; to amend one line of the Tax Law, which has never been amended; to appropriate twenty-live dollars to each menroer of the Committee on Benevolent Institutions, and about twenty local bills. The bill for establishing the salaries for County Judges sod providing lor Registers of Piobate was killed. MINNESOTA. St. Pact., Minn., February 2S.—The Hoose Committee ol the Whole yesterday recom mended the passage of the Prohibitory Liquor Bill, and the members seem disposed to pats It. The entire Democratic force oftheLegis 1 latutc Is urging on the bill in the hope that its passage will be as disastrous to the Re publican party here as in New York. The Senate has ordered to a third reading the bill reported by the Special Committee on Railroad Bonds, to set apart the proceeds ot 500,000 acres ofland, anil appropriate the tax on earning of railroads for payment of the bonds. The Southern Minnesota Railroad Com pany gave a banquet to the Legislature at the Merchants’ Hotel, last evening, In com pliment lor the favorable legislation which the road has received. The Legislature has voted to adjourn on the 7th of March. TENNESSEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Nashville, February S 3. The excellent bill to establish a system of common schools, which originated in the Senate, passed the House ou a second read ing to-day—3S to 29. Every Union member except Messrs. Eirehcvel, Mullen, Murphy, Sbepperd and Taylor voted for it, and every Conservative except Parks and Schnltz voted against It. The machinery of the bill Is similar to that of the bust school systems in the North. The State fond Is such as ■will be raised by a levy of two mills upon the dollar on all taxable proper!v ot tbe State. This law completes the list o the wise and enlightened measures whlc i it has been the glory of this Legislature t ) Initiate and carry through. Governor Brownlow, fitigned with th: anxiety and cares of the past few weeks, is prostrated with sickness to-day. The Legislature adopted a resolution call ing on the Federal Government, through General Thomas, for a sufficient military force to keep the peace and restore order and qulel in tbe State. Tbe preamble alleges that in several counties violence prevails over civil law, and violence and murder go unpunished. NEW YOUR, Albany, February 28.—The Senate this evening adopted amendments to the Consti tutional Convention Bill, allowing citizens, without distinction of color, to vote for dele gates, but excluding deserters and those en caged In the late rebellion. NORTH CAROLINA, Raleigh, N. C., February 28.—Hr. Scag glu introduced Into the lower Douse, to-day, a resolution expressing the willingness of North Carolina to accept in good faith the proposed plan of Congress for the rrrnn. rtraclion oi the Southern States. The reso lution created ranch excitement, and an anlt mated dlscnssioo enened. Finally it was re ferred to the Committee on Foreign Rela tions. TIKGINIt. Richmond, Va., February 28.—The Legis lature, whoso scsslou expires on Saturday, will be convened in extra sc-slon to take Into consideration the Congressional plan of reconstruction. Richmond, Virginia, February 23.—A del egation from the Legislature or Delaware Is here. Both Houses of the Legislature of Virginia invited them to scats as representa tives of State which upheld State sover eignly. FROH NEW YORK. Particulars of nn Kxtcnalvc Gold Swin dling Operation—Food lor the south ern umttintc—ocalti or nr. Dcßow, bailor ol Urßow’ft Itevlcw—viaitiage of ffladnmo Parrpa-AKftoUortbc Nun mutual Insurance Company—Fenian meeting. Nnw Yohr, February 38.—Particulars of the gold swindling operations In May. 1805. by which a broker named John Rosa obtained s>oo,ooo lu gold from the various bankers of this city has finally come to light. Tho money was obtained, It is said, by gold cer tificates apparently signed by tho Conti nental bank. Rosa escaped with tbo booty on a vessel named the Dakota, which was kept In readiness lor the purpose of carrying him away. He Is now presumed to be in Brazil. where ho is safe,there being no extra dition treaty between the two countries. Tbe steamer Mcmpnls takes 80,000 bushels of com to Charlcstou, Savannah and Mobile, ou account oi tbe Southern Relic! Commis sion. Before tho close of another week the Commission hope to be able to ship by au other national vessel a larger quantity to wards relieving the fearful destitution ex- Ming lu large sections ol Alabama, Georgia, South and North Carolina. Mr. Dcbow, editor of Df Bow'i Hrvlew, died tcaterdsy at Elizabeth, Sew Jersey, after a brief Illness. Madame Parcpa was married on Tuesday to Carl Rosa, violinist. The Stephens Fenians bad a private meet ing to-day. Report says a portion of the convention favors the reorganization of the Circles, or forming a directory with an exe cntlve council in this city. An alarm of fire, in a public school build ing, on Eric street. Jersey City, was given at 10 o'clock this morning, and created great consternation among two or three hundred children, several of whom, with one or two tCßCbers,ln their efforts to escape were trod den on and several hurt. One girl named Laura McCoy, aged eight years, is probably fatally Injured. Some of the children Jump ed from the windows. Tbe Superintendent of the State Insurance Department reports the assets of the Sun Mutual Insurance Company adequate and snfileicntto justify its continuance in busi ness, with an additional capita] of $500,000. Governor Fenton has revoked tbe mandate for the delivery of Captain George Olney to tbe Virginia authorities, and ordered him re leased from custody, the acts charged against Olney not being eufliclent to justify his sur render. New York, February S3.—Losses by tbe fire In Broadway this miming: Mereenthal & Co., wine dealers, $10.000; While, Whit man & Co., clothiers, $30,000. Fully Insured. FROM ISIIIA.NATOLIS. Judicial Appointment—National Banka Not.triable to State Taxation—A Day of Fasting. - [Special Despatch lo the Cblcago Tribune.] IxniAKAroua, ImL, February 28. Colonel Hiram S. Touscly was to day ap pointed by the Governor to the judgeship of the new Judicial Circuit, composed of the counties ot Elkhart, Kosciusko. Noble, LaGrangc, Steuben and DcKalb. Colonel Touscly U a lawyer of many yean standing, and upon his return from the army was chosen Clerk of the Noble Circuit Court. Our Supreme Court yesterday decided that of “ nr Etalnte In rarnrd to banks In Indiana, the shares of our National Banks are col subject to taxation To day has been observed In many of the chorche. or the city a. a aay or laeline and prayer, in bchair ot college, and actuinarica ot learning. FBOM. ST. LOUIS. Asaanll on at Servant Girl by Burglara— High Bate* on Freight—DUlaoneat Nenspaper Collector Governor Fletcher Institute* a Libel bait for isefamatSou. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] Sr. Lours, Mo , February 2S. A servant girl was nearly strangled to death by burglars last night. There Is qnite an agitation among tbe biddies to-day lo consequence. There Is great complaint among the mer chants concerning the high rate* of freight. Boatmen have refused a reduction though tbe river is high. The collector of the St- Louie Times news paper, W. C. Gleesoo, has absquatulated with $2,000 belonging to that paper. Governor Flctcberhas brought snitagainst the St. Louis Evening DUpaUh lordefematlon of character. The damages are laid at SIOO,OOO. Shipment oi Dead Bodirt, Buffalo, February 2S.—Five dead bodies were found yesterday at tbe Grand Trank Kuilroad uejMjt, packed in barrels, directed to a party in Aun Arbor, Michigan. The bcdiCF were Ihoee of two m-n, two women and one child, and apparently had not been dead over a week or ten dara. from bock island. Deliberate Border—The Murderer BUII at Large. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnne.l Rock Isxavp, February 28. Robert McCloeky was killed last night, in ibe Tillage of Coal Valley, In this county, by George W. Jones, keeper of a saloon. McCloeky accused Jones of a larceny that had been committed in the lower rarl ofvhe State, when the latter called for his gnu discharging both barrels at McClosky, the last one proving fatal. Jones Is still at large, but Is well known and cannot escape. FBOH DBS MOINES. A Swindler to be Brought to Trial—A Female Pattlot—Physician Supposed to be Drowned. Des Moines, February 28.—1 T. J. Allen, alia* Se&nrcant, the life insurance swindler, bigamist and perjurer, has so far recovered from bis Injuries that the officers started for Wisconsin with him yesterday. A Mrs. Selgle, who was two years In the Thirteenth Missouri Cavalry Regiment in disguise, with her husband, and was In eighteen engagements and severely wounded, was in this city yesterday en route to Fair field. Owing to two break-downs on the North western Road yesterday, Fred. Douglass failed to reach here in season to lecture last evening. A special to the Xeytster says: “Dr. Cowan, a homeopathic physician of this place, is supposed to have been drowned In the Skunk River on Tuesday evening. He went to visit a patient living on the north side of the stream, and left nla horse In a stable on this side. Crosslog over on foot be visit bis patient, and, on bis return, was accompanied by one of the family to tbo river about 8 o’clock. This Is the last that has been beard from him. Ills horse was still In the liable this morning,and parties who have been out have found where be probably broke through the ice. The citizens are organizing for a thorough search. He leaves a wife ana one child to mourn his fate.” FROM CAIEO. Fatal Boiler Explosion—A Murder Con fessed—Tlio Murderer Secured—Bis Brother Held for Assault. Cairo, February 23.—Yesterday morning, about 10 o’clock, a tubular boiler of the steam mill belonging to Messrs. Traum. fluc tuant Co., three miles si.nth of Jonesboro In Union County, exploded, severely wound ing several persons and Instantly killing the dilel engineer. Mr. Kant. The cause of the explosion Is unknown. A man named Worsham was arrested In the Mississippi Bottom, In Mississippi Connty, on a charge of having committed a murder about one year ago in Jackson County. The accused confessed that he perpetrated the crime. He was taken In Irons to Jackson County to await trial. A younger brother of Worsham’s was ar raigned before Judge Holeman on a charge ol on assault with intent to murder. The evidence showed him guilty. He was com mitted to Union County jail, where he will remain till the next term ot the Circuit Lonrt. Cairo, February 28^-evenlng.—lt has rain oil since midnight. A dense fog prevails this evening, which renders it Impossible for steamers to run. The river rose abont an Inch the last twenty-four hours. Mercury, 58. FKOM CAH ADA* rbe Heron and Ontario Ship Canal Scheme—An Knthnalaatlc meeting in Its Behalf. Toronto, C. W., February 28.—A crowded meeting was held here last evening, to con sider the Duron and Ontario Ship Canal scheme. The following resolution was adopted: Jiaolrtd, That this meeting is of the opinion that the proposed canal Is the most important project ever presented to the Ca nadian people, and that it is the duty and Interest of every one to aid and assist the en terprise. The President stated it was his intention to ask the Legislature for a grant of ten mil lion acres of public lands, and that aid i c asked from Toronto to the extent of $500,000. A resolution In favor of the canal was car ried by a large majority. Shot by mistake. Louisville, February 28.—Wm. Barlow, when firing at Captaiu Prlton, formerly of tbe Confederate States Army, accidentally shot Brigadier General Eli Murray, United Stales Volunteers, in the leg. The wound is not serious. The affair occurred at the Law School. All three arc law students. . Alabama Supreme Court Decision* New York, February 28.—The Supreme Court of Alabama has decided that the Emancipation Proclamation of President Lincoln did not take effect In that Stale un til May, 1805. Burning of a Hirer Steamer. Cincinnati, February 28.—The steamer Laura Fenton was burned while taking In a cargo at the landing at Evansville. She was valued at #23,ooo—was partially Insured. No lives were lost. THE CITY, (J. A. rt.—Poet 37 meets tuts evening, at eight 'dock. In Chlich’a Hall. Coat, has been struck at the depth of abont 300 feet at Bloomington, said to be ol a superior quality, and five feet In thickness, Bukglart.—The drug store of Dr. O'Ryan was entered on Wednesday night by burglars and robbed of a pair of pants, lu the pockets of which was SIOO In money. Accident.—A grinder named Throw, employed In the plow manufactory of Messrs- flapsood, Young & Co. corner oflodians and Franklin s’rcots, got his hand caught in a belt aod wav dtawn around (bo shaft Ills forearm was broken In tevcral places, so badly that tome of the bones protruded through the flesh. Nabanoux's CocNTXtirxrr Dbtxctou.—A neat card, containing exact foe atraU-a oi all the Issues of linttcd States and National Bank notes—one quarter me—baa Just been Introduced in this Ciiy, ai d is now being canvassed tor by scents. It Is Issued by nntbodiy of the Treasury Department, and will do found valuable In the counting room. Fire.—A fire broke out about a quarter past two o'clock yesterday morning in the saloon kept by James Burke, No. 157 Clark street, and ex unded to tbe second story, which was occupied try a colored man named Needham Branch, as a residence. The fire is supposed to have been r-an M-d by the upselling of a lamp. Loss about <(U0; fully insured. URDcnwarrcns' Aoxkct.—Mr. Robert Qreor, of New York, has been appointed bpeclal or Supervising Agent of the Insurance Companies composing tbe Underwriter*' Agency, for this .Slate. Mr. Greer was formerly connected with the old firm of Alfred James & Co., the local agents of the above companies, and latterly as cashier ard correspondent to tbe parent office. New Yoik. Mr. Greer's headquarters are with .tames dc Davn, No. 114 LaSalle street. Assaulting am Omctn —Antony Brackeadorf, residing on North avenue,on Thursday afternoon, while engaged In Ibe disorderly conduct of ebas i:-g a girl, with a strip of lath tn bis band, Mironph tho end of which were driven two or .luce sharp nails capable of inflicting serious in urhs, was arrested by officer Nicholas Colte, to •bom bo offered violent resistance, terminating in an assault. Brackrndorf was brought before the Notice Court yesterday morning, where be was . ommltud for trial m ball of SSU). Comnrrxn ron Tbial.—William Grebe, charged with an assault upon Henry Bang, on February ISib,at No. 131 West Randolph street, was finally examined at the Police Court yesterday afternoon, and commuted for trial npon the charge of assault with intent to do bodily Injury. <n hall ot fSCO. Rang stated that he sill! suffered from headache, and occasional dizziness uom the blows he received. The particulars of this family oifflcnlty Lave already been published In these columns. Lxcrntx xt Clara Baktok.—Miss Clara Bar ion, the'* Florence Nighllngalcof the Army of -he Potomac,"will lecture this evening in (ho Opeta Rouse before tho Young Men's Associa tion, taking as her subject, “ Work and Incidents f Aimy laJv." We have already spoken ol Miss Darrou at some length, and of the interest both of -object and manner oi her lecture. The press of •(her cities pronounce it to be one of tbe finest productions with which the lecture-going public -«ve hero favored for years. Tbe tickets are going off rapidly. Axornxa Old Settlxk Goirx.—Alonzo Harvey, a well known citizen, and one of Chicago's -artiest settlers, died at Ms residence In the North ■ Hvtrion. yesterday afternoon, of consumption, In tbe sixtieth y.arol his age. Mr. Matvey waa senior meaner of Ibe firm of A. Harrey. Son & Co., commission merchants, on South water street, ilc has been twice ebeted Alderman In this city, ind baa served one Term as City rretanrer. Bis 'oss will l>e deeply mourned by a large circle of niet>ns. The funeral "til take place ai three o'clock this afternoon from the residence of his -on. No. lUS North Wells street. A Wicked Daughter.— Mary Nant*, the daughter of Mrs. Mary frautx, with whom James Mitchell hsd been living In a IS miliar manner ntos' of the time for two years p«sU was brought before the Police Coart yesterday alternono. charged with fornication, the complainant was i-cr own mother, who bad recently used everv • iron lo keep her daughter from associating with her paramour, oho bad refused to marry bet. Ibcse (Cons were thwarted by the daughter, who received clandestine visits from him, though she -latert in Court yesterday that nothing would In duce her to znarrr him. Mary was com mined for inti in hall or S3OO. Cautorma Travel—the question of spring travel to California threatens to become a very serious consideration in view of the yellow-ferer on the Isthmus and the latest statement that “ Panama is frill of pestilence and filth." Unless iLe scourge abaio the fluctuating population of that region will ere long give neither tbe doctor nor the census-taker much trouble. Meantime itae moic cannon- or timid ot thetraveltingpublic, who scent danger even in being whirled across tbe Isthmus, under the idea that pestilence can ?P " lib, if not ootstrip. tbe iron borac, may probably seek the Pacific by tbe Nicaragua route. sr"5 r "S re ? 2 * favorable degree of hcalihfulneas U declated now to prevail. Hair Beriwal— A preparation for mewing ai d promoting tbe growth of the human hair, and giving tone and strength lo the roots, first In troduced by Dr. C. J. Koch, tbe distinguished German chemist, and now nsed very generally in many portions of Europe, baa recently been much sought alter tn this country. We notice that Val entine Walby, of this city, offers tofurnl.h tire pivscnitiion to those desiring lo use it, so that they may he able lo procn-c the article from tbelr own druggist, thus obviating tne general objec tion to bottled medicines, that tbe patient docs not know the character of Iho compound, nr whether it Is injurious or beneficial. Tbeprepara ilor. is said to be almost magical in Its ejects abd entirely 1 armless. See advertisement on the first ] aao of this Issue. False Pretehces.— a yonng man, named Ed ward Granger, was arrested at Boone, lowa, on a charge of obtaining money under false pretences, and brought to tbis city on Wednesday night last He was arraigned before Justice bturtevant yes terday morning, when tbe testimony given d.vtu- oped (be following (scla: Granger hat been an employe of the lowa Division of the Northwest e>n Railroad. Company. On the Bth Inst., upon being identified aa being in the tarries ol tha company, the paymatter paid him *43, the amount of wages due him for the month of *iann ary. There was a mas named M. G. Omar also • ruployid on tfaar division of (he road, and It u *?aied that Granger cam-) to Chicago and repro -anting hlmwll as Omar drew the wages doe to Omar.also sls. Granger was held formalin hall of SBOO. A SPURIOUS DIVORCE. X Woman Piles a Bill in the Absence of Her Husband, and Procurer a Divorce TT Ithin Two Days, and Five Days Thereafter Har ries the Only Witness In the Case. Bel am of (lie Baiband—The Decree Opened. Time was when young people ware taught to regard marriage as a sacrament, aa a very solemn thing, as the moat important event of a lifetime, atd, therefore, requiring serious deliberation on the part of (hose intending to enter the holy state. In some countries (he lovers were formally be trothed to presence of all the friends and rela tives » year prior to the consummation of the happy event, tha* giving the tender acquaintance, ship plenty oi time to ripen, and surrounding Ibe conjugal relations with as mnch solemnity as pos sible. Old writers speak of It as •• a contract not to be evaded or avoided;” once found guilty of love yen were sentenced lor life, fheso were the days when the licket-of-leave system was un known. Divorces were rarely heard of except in high life, and common folks managed eotaohr* to eel arong a* smoothly aa in the latter days. Wu have changed all that in our wonderful march of progress. The old words, “1111 death us do part” are still read by the preacher, and ven pleasant and plausible they sound iu that moment ol enthusiasm when we arc ready to swear, ”wlih a perfect looseness,” to anything he may choose lo ask us—all the more ready, per haps, that we know bow vastly the knot maybe untied. The levity of the rising generation In re spect to the responsibilities of wedded life U something truly edifying. Oe.ting married Is, In a great many cases, simply a convenient form for a little Oimiton. Young misses Jump at a chance oiler, and say yes Just aa thoughtlessly « they would accept au Invitation to go to f It may be an agreeable variety, they M 117 And they do try ft, and n^™alS..\ m, s'£ We ,? lll ‘ a 'C. Bat herein lies (be maud utility pf the divorce court. The tool j hcld discover* aome day tbat she don (like her ”icltow” go muci after all: she h* B pairof whiskers at the matinee that she would like Infinitely better. So the poor “lei ow” goes ont trout his breakbst some day, and re turns at dinner lime (o fnd that he is a single nils Is mar.tsee a la invde, and if tbo real stare of the esse weto known, auch would be the explana tion of very many of the divorce suits. .The surprisingly sudden changes to which mar iiom people arc subjected through the means of ibe divorce court. Is well ilin-trated In a case which Is now pending belora the Recorder’s Court. In tha aontbof September list A. J. Schweitzer lona the lair Rose M. Carr, end besought her to marry him. bbe consented, and the twain were nmted at Pralne da Chics, Wisconsin, For tlwjat five month* they lived together, but whether like mrtle dove* or KllXeuny cats is only known to ibemtelvea. It may fairly be surmised that Rose repealed or her choice, for on the seventh day of February, ibis year, abe filed a biU In the Recor der a Court praylne tor a divorce from A J. Schweitzer. The pelluon was based noon charges cl tatreme and milled cruelty, (supported by the alkmion that the husband neglected and refused to provide for her, and that toward hts anpporl * v d . nh f b ' d expended about #SOO. money which the Lao In her own right at the t!o.e of the marriage ot the panics. It was stated that this marriage took place September Dih lastat Prairie dnChien, Wißconsm, and that the craelty com menced daring that same month, nod continued until the (blank) day ol January, 1567, since which unnamed day ebe had not lived with nim. Thia bll was filed by Messrs. Thompson & lOaborn. attorneys. ’ On the earned... tin till being Ultra Into open toort, Ur John W. Raves, attorney, entered bis appearance lo behalf of the defendant. There upon is was ordered thathe olead inatantcr. HU default was entered and a reference made. °n the forenoon of the 9th instant, the report of the Muter in Chancer} was filed. It recommend ed a divorce on a showing of craelty. 'lhese charges of extreme cruelly were support ed by the testimony of n yonng man named Levi M Sai.lo.d, a resident of this city, and the In vertor o*« fountain pen. ibis witness. In some lour bur.dred -*oids of testimony, described a couift of slmslve conduct toward the wife, which be st-jUo that he overheard and witnessed, having looced in a room adjoining that occupied by Ihe r< trite- to (he proceeding. Tno divorce was forthwith gianten. The u.vcntor of the fonstaln pen was probably unite dUinUrested In ail this. It la rather a sin gular coincidence, however, that on the Ittbday of the same month be ana the complainant were monied, iho license. No, 32,307, leaned by the County Clerk, authorizing tne marriage of Levi M. Sanford to Rose 5L Carr, the lady having re assumed her maiden name. By this lime iulormaiinn of the proceeding bad rescued the ears of the absent husband, who bad been away tor a few days on a boaueaa tour. Catting bis eye over the columns of a Chicago paper onedav, he was surprised to read the order allowing the divorce, and bo immediately hastened to bis residence. Bat he was too late. U is said that while standing at the door of the Sherman House he was met by Ur. Sanford, who considerately hinted to him that a visit to the fair Rose, under tne circumstances, might be un pleasant. In explanation of his meaning he hand ed Ihe forsaken husband the wedding cards, bat did not press him to call. Mr. Bcb«cUzer made Inqnlry concerning the metier, and yeeU-ida* be appeared in Coart with a motion to reopen the decree. In support of this motion ho presented an affidavit of which the fol lowing Is a copy: Amos J. Switzer, who is named In Iho proceed ings In this case as A. J. Schweitzer, being duly sworn, on fats oath saitb that he is the person re ferred to then in as the husband ol the said com plainant: and he faith thathe was absent from Chicaco from >hc3lr( day ol January, A, D. 1857, np to ibe Kith day of February, A. D. 1807; that be was absent In tbe usual dUchirge of his business: that when he went away, on said January Slsl. be left bis wile livirgat their oinal place of residence lu said city; tnat ou bis lomm as aforesaid, ho (band that his wife bad filed in this Conn her bill pray ing for a divorce, and that a decree of divorce had been entered in this honorable Court, and be saitb tha* he knew nothing of the pendency of said anil, nor of the entering of said decree until, dunug his raid ü read In a Chicago news- • (umiutm Oiat eucb a divorce bad been granud. And affiant salih that there U not nmtng the files in raid caoae any sammons; and that as be verily believes no summons in said esse was ever Issued, and that wlihln hla knowl edge no summons was ever served noon affiant. And be farther saith that be neverautnonzed any attorney to appear for him tn thin case, either in this Court or before Its master in chancery. And this affiant further ealtb that be is not and never las been guilty of extreme and repealed cruelly toward rati) complainant,** Ischargeo in said bill, «ir In any other manner, and that ho has never been guilty of nnktnd or muscling conanct to ward her. and that as he verily believes he can cs nbllrh to ibcsailriacUon of the honorable Coart on a rehearing of this case, (hat all the charges mine against him In the said complainant's bill as a foundation for a decree of divorce, are ut terly and wholly nnUne. The decree was opened, of coarse, and farther ocilon will undoubtedly bo taken. It Ip but f lr to atalu {fast Mr. Uajes appeared In Court upon leamlngiof lire application. He stales that Messrs. Oiborn A 'I hompsou, or one mem ber of that flint, in company with Hanford the wll i css and tnccessor, waited upon him and exbib tied a power ol attorney, purporting to be signed by Hwiixur, amburlzlut any attorney to act lor b>m In the matter oi the application for a divorce. Ho supposed the power to be genuine, and to oblige his biotbcr attorneys be consented to en ter the appearance. SATURDAY NIQHT. Its Facts, Features ant) Peculiarities. Dc Quincy wiltca that when under tbo influence of opium, bo that his mind wa« lifted up Into a calm, contemplative mood, he osed to llko to wander about the sheets on Saturday evening*, ana watch, with peculiar Interest, Camilles and In dividual* making their purchase* for tbe week. It doe* not need tho toflneocc of this narcotic for any ote in a thoughtful mood to flud an Interest lug study In similar scenes In a stroll about our city. Tbe working cla**ee. whose only Income Is de rived from their dally avocations, are tho great majority ot our population. Rich capitalist* and othirt wlib Sara and ample income*, are the small minority. Uow small, proportionately, 1* tbo cumber in this or any other city, tbo world over, whose maintenance and that or their famine* do not depend on tbe continuance of tbelr life or health, which hang ou the slender thread ol tbe passing moment, ho In proportion as tbelr money is bardly • arced U is-or ought to be—caretnliy spent, and where, as is the case with multitudes, the week's Income Is barely sufficient to cover the week's out-go, the question of expenditure be comes one of nice discrimination; of careful weighing of tbe need of this thing and tbo ad vantage of that; of bow to obtain the moat value for the least money. Where, however, pennnousness aloce • dictates this closeness of calcclaUon. It |U simply despicable; where the proper economy of moderate though not nßcoDitorinble circumstances prompts it, it 1* commendable; when grinning end hopeless pov erty compu s it. It Is ptufol. All these motives may be teen Ic operation In a leisurely w alk about tbe stores and market places of e Saturday even ing, especially when tbe weather is mild, tempt ing into tbe open air. The week’s wo>k Udoue. The hammer rests on ibe anvil; tbe plane has cat tbe last ah*vine; tbe paint dries on the brush; *ho draught horse ta quiet in bis stall; the iroc safe door sunt* tn the ledger; conniiig rooms, stores, shops are closed, and labor la free. Tbe week s earnings are in band, and tbe business of spending them Is to come. Tlc floor barrel Las been sounded, the remaining weight ol coffee and let approxi mated, the necessary supply ot butter, sugar, meat and other articles of tho commissariat com puted, tbe necessltiesof the wardrobe debated, snathe best disposal of tbe finances finally de cided on. 7be husband or wile, or both, some times with an escort of children who are taking th«ir early lessons tn domestic economy, set out on ibtir cnand. Time Is not pressing; they have ample leisure to inspect and select, and you to observe. Here Is an Irishwoman, higgling about UiC price of atorkey; there a stem Oer -I(?wetLbJ “swlMrer," buying liberally of edibles for ibonnday dinner; ibere the fami ly group lost lu doubt over the accumulated at uactions ofa dry good* sion. Finally tbe pur chases arc made, and yon ore Jostled by bandies, barkers, nelis and parcels, on tbe way home for the raster the next day, the sustenance of tbe next week, and tbe covering oed comfort of the Jvar. The street cars are unusually crowded, and every tblid passenger has Mime purchase In careful charge. ’I be front platform, the seal, arms and pockets tie all fh-lebtcd. For the small rolls ol dirty cur rency brought Into the business centre, great—many hundreds of pomds—of luxuries, comforts, necessaries aod superfluities go out -Brough the streets towards or Into tbe extreme -üburbs. 1 he influx from the country on Saturday, on the amecnand of purchase, is also noticeable. The -itluart lamer, with bis buxom wife aud healthy oibpnog, drives in iti the afternoon. In bis demo* crane conveyance, “to town.” They carefully and severely examine the articles of merchandise under consideration, criticise geneially the terms, and Insinuate that a loner rate would be more ac ceptable. finally bar in goodly qnantitiea-for they cannot step luto a store every dar-load the purchase into the ample vehicle, and at n ghtfall se' oc homeward. .refreshed ny a short release from the cares of the farm and field So Saturday, especially among the laboring mtsst*, is tbe purchasing day, whereon emoty 1 inters, meagre wardrobe*, depleted coal bin£ tjungry children and careful housewives relolco Ihere is a pleasure In the sense of po.Bessioo.aud the Urea man and woman rake much satisfaction m contemplating tbe good-ihlnga which their well earntd money baa bought. True there ts getierailv an underlying feeling ot anlraos'y to wards the dealer who U suspected or accused of exotbrlant chaigvs, hut this eof.eoi to a feeline of mild regret at their evil-dokg and they return to the contemplation oftheir creature comforts Blessed are they who have (be wherewithal’to cxiemcce the pleasures of purchase on Saturday night. It the amount be amah their possessions will be the more rained. For a brief hour or two at least, they may be as bapoy as tne owners ot •.•real c-talrs. Unfortunate are tbe many to '-bom th” end of tbe week comes with emoty Land, while m their hotm-a are buegry Uttic on-« May wo never be among them. ' * Alleged Riot.—Yesterday aflemoon Mr. P H Willard andbU two servants, Laura Anderson and Cara loccrnrikstn. were examined before Justice -1.8. Quinn, on a charge of riot preferred by Ann OUon. U appears that 1/mrm Anderson bad re cwved a valentine of rather a degrading charae let. and rite charged the sending ot It to Ann Olson, The latter woman, in comnaorwlth two others, visited Mr. Willard's hwieto t«e a te° tlenunt. After a tew Introductory words, laura Aiidvrson *pnchi d IlIo” Ann Olson, scratching hvr face ana polling her balr. Cara logvrbilkaeo -Tilled Mi. WlLard. who ejected Ann Olson and icr companions from his boose. They claim that he followed and beat Ann Olson lo the street. Th. charged Cara Ingerbriluen. <Uj TUB HOIT MOWING MdOIIIRBi A Model Mower—En Bonte to the Paris Exposition. Wc bid an opportunity jMtenUy or onmlnlnj, the celebntrd Bolt Motrlo e Kuchin., which So? th« find picminm at tic Buie Fxlr In lh|, clt, tut I*ll. U was then n.wboapcett by .Torrrmiitn m 2 micbute that would meet the w«uU o7tho to any ot tbo Union. It aeenti to been folly demonstrated du»lng the nasi UroVil 6 .one, .0 li.t ul. net. .Implo Mpeilmrot. The motion which drives ihe efehle [a an me, and the whole of the movements raUrt wi h care by the litUcfinger. Thecrtrfc shaft, counter-shaft, betel-gearinnandfnrSilil are wholly dispensed with, sod the constrottlonu stich that any farmer wo unSer atand it at a glance. His claimed thatlu mw and speed ftr «xcccd lhai of any otter maSSf now in we, and that It can be worked by one boisefrom one week to another, as easily as ott! en»c«n by Iwo horses, it is. however, so mans cd that two hones can be attached If desired v The machine observed yesterday was belog'dts played on ‘Change, where it attracted as mnch aU tendon aa ft did at the State Fair It Z h„m OTiMtly for exhibition at the fortbco“s?rJrii Sed“™'“ d^Wn°e. Cd W,to col amerciated with (he inventor Mr T SS ii bj Messrs, c. fl. Brow™& k«dwarc merchanla and man*. / v®® 1, !t 18 Intends to hate one tboneasd of them ready for the coming reason, and the proprietors are sanguine Uus they will ail be disposed of In this State. Several ai C m«h?^ raß ,n ° ,£rcrent P* rtß of the country Br s making arrangements to build them eaten* eom P | «J inghiichlne Company,” wlibacapltal of *553.000. has been chartered fn New York, and has com* ai«Pm.^i C i aU f ns V? xp ® cUnff to larn OD t aome a,(W machines for this atason. Large companies are also making preuarations for manufacturing in Pennsylvania and Ohio i. liSfiJfPH'K of * u reaponslhlo mtnnfaclnrera la invited to this mower. The proprietors do not propose to sell territory, hnt will grant permits lor mannlactorlng the machine for a moderate royalty. It u mteirded to combine the machine for a reaper as well as mower, the patent covering this combination, but only a tew of these will he made ibis sea«on. Full Information will he given on application to Matthew Laflm or L.B. licit. No. 44 Mate street. Chicago. Thx New York Lux D»s. Co.—The twenty-sec ond annual report of (his company appears In our advertising columns, to which we direct the aiten tlon of our readers. The fortunate policy holders are recipients ol another annual dividend or fifiv per cent, and receive cash lor same per cent, de clared January Ist, 1683-tte period of redemp- Uon bang two years after declaration. The pm dem and sncewsfnl management of this insfitu- Uon is most conclusively attested by the fact that the receipts ot the past year exceeded $8,000,000. while the clsbonezuents, inclu tlng claims by death and dividends, were hnt $1,214,000, leaving a *» I addition to the accumulations for the benefit or the policy holders, wbo alone are members ot the company, of nearly txeo million dollars—tto •£iir£ actmnnlailons m January Ist being Tbe number of new policies Issued during the year was 7,290, Insuring *22,781,003. Tne bmlnees of ihe Northwestern branch of this company, under the management or tnelr efficient General Agent, O. P. Cunau, has been unusually prospered. Ibe office lano* permanently located a * No. 120 Wafhlneloit street, where all arc Invited tocall and oblate Information concerning this popular companv. Rxvoval.—Wc call the attention of oar readers to the advertisement, on the first page of thlsUane, of Messrs. Ring, Hannon «t Co , Dry Uooda dob here, and til) recently of No 55 Lake street. Yield ing to the pressure of their largely increasing business they have sought and foond now and more commodious quartets m the extensive and centrally located warerooms. Nos. 23 and 25 Ran dolph street (Bowen’s new bntldlng). Parcha*ers will there find one of the choicest and most com plete stocks of diy goods ever opened in this maiket. Messrs. King, Harmon & Co. are widely known throughout the Northwest as reliable and enterprifitg business men and the extensive ar rangements which they have made for the accom xnoaalion of their customers will be fatly appre ciated. Mr. D. tLKlng. the senior member of the firm, resides In New York dly, and devotes his time exclusively to purchasing, while the Im mcolato direction of the business In this city U In the bands of Mr. £. R. Harmon, one of the oldest merchants of Chicago. Discharged.—Theodore H. Ogden, charged with obtaining goods under fitlre pretences from George 3. Rowbotbam. was finally examined at tbe Police Court yesterday afternoon, and dis charged from custody. Helen lisle, chat ged with larceny as bailee, npon thi complaint of one other ’’boarders' 1 named Lonlaa Mo-gan, was also discharged. She Imme diately went boiore Justice Brown and commenc'd a ru t acaiUitlhe unfortunate Louisa for Ealae im prisonment. which was continued nulil Saturday afcrnwoD, Louisa being required to give haU of #BOO. Lewis Cordcs, charged with receiving stolen propeitv, was discharged from custody yesterday afli moon, the evidence in the cam going to aho w thathe was ignorant of the fact that the property was stolen, besides the testimony of substantial citizens to his good character. AMUSEMENTS. The GznaiKiA MAH.Hzncnoß Coir cert.—The Germania Manncrchor give a concert this even ing. at the Beethoven Music Hall, for the benefit of the Jewish Asylum. The well known profl clvrcy ot this Society in choral ringing, and the aolo talent secured for ih« occasion, hi addition to the brilliant programme, will combine to make this one ot the beat concerts of the season. The programme is as follows: Fantasia on themes from Robert le Diablo. Qnsrelte, tor viollnc 110, piano and organ. The Wanuerer—Schubert ; Mr. Charles Carples. Violin i-olo; Mr. Huremau, “On the Rhine 11 —Chorus, with tenor and bari tone aolo—Kitchen. Cavatina from II Ginraaeolo—Ucrcadantc; Hlm McCarthy. Blnmber Bong from Maseaniello—Anber; Mr.E. beholtze. past 3. Trio for Tlollnccllo and piano—Rclsaiger: Messrs. Malting. Fessel and Baulks. Carnival of Venice, cbotus lor male voices—R. Genet-. l)ao from Attlla—Verdi; Miss McCarthy and Mr. Bcbulize. Joel Hope—Gotischalk; Mr. A. Baumhich. - TcrxeltofiomlMirarlo; Miss McCarthy, Messrs, bctaultzuand Carplos. Spring Hong (chorus): Abt. ’ McVtcsan’a Thiatuk —Dan Bryant takes a benefit to-night, In “ills Lost lies," “The Irish Lion,” ted “The Irish Baron. 1 ' Mum*.-Mr. Nichols takes bis benefit to night, rhooring Buckstono'a melodrama, “The Bream at Sc*,’ r sod “*1 be Spectre Ditaegfoora.’’ Colisxpv.—ibe engagement of James Robin sou, the champion rider, is tandrawing to a doss. The circus Is crowded each evening. hKAiinu is good at the Kinks. Tbe Chicago Daptlsi Union and Iter* N. Colver* n. D. To tbe Editor of the Chicago Tribune: Hev. Dr. Colver, Professor of Biblical IVology lit tbe Baptist theological seminary, to this city, has been chosen by Ibe National Baptist Institute of Boston and Washington, to take take charge nl the Theologies) School at 81. Helena Island, bomb Carolina, for ibe purpose of training the colored Baptist preachers or the South. As a veteran anti-slavery leader, with bln heart filled with sympathy for the colored race, and enlisted for hair a century to tbe work of their elevation, tbe Doctor has fell It bis duly to respond favors* i>)y to this appointment, and has therefore re signed bis Professorship In the Seminary hero, and lakes hi* h ave soon to enter upon the work In the booth. While his many Mends will part wlib him with regret,** a brother greatly honored and beloved, they recognise the groat fitness of his choice lor that Important position, and wish him God speed lu tbe work. There will be a mceUag of the Chicago Baptist Union on next Tuesday evening In the Second Baptist Church, corner of Mooroo and Morgan meets, for a public leave taking of Dr. Colver. A cordial invitation la given to tbe public to at tend. At a meeting of the Board of the Baptist Theo logical Union on Tuesday evening. February SClb, the following resolutions were presented ana adopttd: 'ice Board of tbe Theological Union having re ceived from Rev Or. Colver his resignation of the Professorship of Biblical Theology In tbe Sem inary, wbilc pnwllllng to put any obstacle In the way of what be esteems bis duty, cannot allow bis relation* with the Board to be severed without some exiirestlon or the sense bad of tbe value of bis seivlcce, and of respect for bis character, therefore. y>iofwd, Ihat we recall with thankfulness, and hereby recognize with great pleasure, hla entire devotion to the Interest* of theological Instruc tion In connection with our Seminary, and the readiness be haa shown to make every needed personal sacrifice for their promotion. ifrtofpecf. That we esteem tbe service already rendered bypr. Colver tn bis class-room as most valuable. The brethren under bis lueirnctloo have tell their minds enlaigcd, tbelr views of Divine troth cleared and confirmed, ana their best ts made to bum within them as Ibe scriptures have been unfolded In (he dally exercises. Dr. Colvcr's method of instroction we regard at, within Us own attempted range,peculiarly valua ble. The truly evanee leal spirit of It we desire may remain in tbe Seminary and characterize It dnri&g its whole history. RttcUa. 1 bat In giving Dr. Colver np to an other and most important spb re of service, wo part with him as a brother and a man greatly beloved tils long and eminent labors tn (he ktegdom and patience ol Jesus Christ have entitled him to a foremost place in tbe hearts of all American Baptists, and we trust that their prayets will he joined to ours (bat God will give him j et many years In which to tx rform what we regaid as the appropriate crown ing work ol bis long and useful life. LOCAL MATTERS, There la bo denying the fact that B«syne’s Ointment ts the only sure cure for the Itch, and all Skin Diseases*, bold by all drag guts; at wholesale by Burnhams *fc Van bchaick. Astonishing.—Thomas <'ohen« of No. % North sixth street, WtlUamsbargh, who bad tbe RbenmatKm for thirteen yean, and has walked on dutches lor six months, has been rectored to perfect health by a few doses of Met oilfe's Great Rheumatic Remedy. He la ready to confirm this statement on oath, if required. Lord A Smith, agents. _ Colas and Coughs.—Sodden Change* ot climate are sources of Pulmonary and Bron chial affections. Experience having proved that t-tmple remedies act spcecify when taken lathe early stage of disease, take at once *' Brown's Bronchial Troches," let the Cold, Cough, or Irri tation of tbe furuat be ever so as by this precaution a more serious attack may be warded off. Hair Dmalnx without a particle of grease “ Glycerta" restores the hair, communi cates a delicious cooling sensation to the scalp, cleanses it from dandruff, and Is absolutely free from grease, so as not to'soil the finest fabric. Caswell, Mack A Co.. New York. Sold by all druggists. If Ton arc Sick, the probability ta that the root of your suffering is in the stomach. From a weak stomacn proceeds dyspepsia, ague, languor, nausrn, and a legion ofother tormenting distares. Indigestion produces thin blood, and tberefoto destroys the strength ami vigor of tbe entire system. To restore tbe tone of the stomach, and enable throw off and dismiss forever all these troublesome and dangerous complaints, noihingts necessary but a persevering use of Dr. J. DO.STETTEK's CELEBRATED STOMACH BIITEKS. A trial oftheir power cannot fail to prove that there is no failure tn their sedative ef fects. We cheerfully recommend them lo the public, knowing, as wcdo.thctr many excellent qnal-ure. For sale by druggists and dealers generally, everywhere. Itch! Mratdtll-Bojd’s ITledlcated Cream cures itch, scra>ches. and all akin diseases. Ills neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain* specially adapted to children. Sold by alt drag gists- A German lady who speaks English fluently wishes *o obtain board tn a good family where tn-lruction in the German language would be accepted as entire or part payment ofthesame. Anv (amity desirous of acquiring a practical knowledge of German will please address “R. P. OV* Tribune office. Unexceptionable references given. The Franklin Brick machine, lastly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great strerelh, ancKimmenae compress mg power, is dDAiuxracD. with eight men and two horse*, to self-temper tbe clay, and make 3.UOU to VOO elegant bricks per hoar. J. B. Bekics. proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, Hew York, Boom S 3. MARKETS BT TEIEBRAPH. Kew Tork Financial News. (Special D«p*tch to the Cfclcxxo Tribune.] The etock market couttnnet inactive with bat lltUe disposition to bay or tell. There U bo probability ot any financial meeture being adopted at thu aestioa of Cntcroa, the Senate and Qouae betn* at a M lock” on thetr respective till*. Thereto of t*e Keeooitrucfionßm vu looked far lc-cay, and to consequence of thli told was ateadr A» soon aa Congress adjourns a more healthy n»w of thlnn l» looked tor, with an npwara movement in Govann.enti and dividend paytnrrecuitles. ' The loan trarkells e*ey and unchanged. Govern ments are quiet. The aU o'clock market woe don and unchanged. [Associated frees Kroort.] nosor* “***• February JS. t steady and unchanged at 89s iff cent tor call nrtxjso sxaukOß. Sterling doll at IOBX@USjf tor nm-clou bull GOLD. Gold wtihont decided change. opening atUH' ad. too cine to MOtfi and cosing at :«>{. * **' M ooresnuam. Ooversmut itocka without any decided alteration. UTtB, 6QU>. Gold vai stronger to-day under the nrotwi* nf the Military Beconatrnctlon BUI bcoomtoga law* “ lULWAT «BiW KiKR TheraOwar ibarp marketwa* verydoll throughthe day. and prices declined in new of akunie oftboaim. ate to pom the ose hundred mu lon (nSeahack bUL There woe more itesdlness in the the laii onmn-urli hot without any actinty. The tnarkctclo^aiSi^i William Beath ft Co. tornlih the following- SIX P. X. OCOTATIOSB. American Gold 140«llfl« Mtch-Cent.....W7vai(nv Obioierts »]<«.... Mich Sou.. tjv W. O. Tel «* PodflrMall... 1« atlPl* Pim&nrjch..... 80 Atlantic Mail.. T 7 a 77>$ Toledo ...... msoi?B N. Y. Central..lC3K»Kfi Bock SOU Klivm;;;-;:;; S*g-ir p| g oorKsnmr ncuunm rcnenliy Ready tbroozhontthedar Gold bcod* K®V higher ai thefliet regularhoard. The ripritie pries* ol the day are hardtr B p totoe highest poteu Clorin* ptlcee: ' W 5 iteg’d. *Bl 111H«U1S’I5-»*W IWUaiOBK August7-aos..UlS*aiS}* M0ieg , a,'63...101 e.... I Jane7-30i luvaimv 5-JO coupe, '6J..UI am V | Jaly coups, ’CS.lQSvaiofiK BOOH** BTATk DOkl* * very coles and quotation* about the aame at hetore sTkamutP Biusks. The Reemthlp ittt quiet. COOL AXD MUCkLLamoCB B2UKZS ateady without ipedal tea tore. _ • xixcio eroesa. The raining market was generally flnntr to-day, and rtttw more acare. Consolidated Gregory fluctuated between ijktttaoo: closed strong at ira? Increated activity In Gold unhand etock sold freely at 400A123; Quartz Hin advanced from IU3IV). and sjmplomsof revival of excitement in ctock; Columbia 'firm at JOO. The Produce Market*. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chisago Tribunal M « Milwaux**. Febraarr 89. Floor—Qolet but held firmly. Sales of SOO brls at f 13.«f0r ‘‘Western Star" superior winter; 11043® 1040 for XX eptlng; city XX offering at f 10.5Ckai0.73. with no buyer*; extras nominally *“ D ? a 404 flna * Morning Boarx—Sale* of 75,000 bu. Nocn Board—Bal-.i of 17.000 bn as rui for No. lld store; $3.18 fordo In B.; fLOOv fir No 3 in store; WJJfordorresh la A.; for dS ttlki’soptton March; tLflfbr rejected In store; fI.S tor do In A. Mm of SCO bo K». 3,1 a .lore, .t Ccra-Dnll. SalMofl.TOObo BewahellcdltTOanc. bnl Clmt pork b.ld t> butS* MeM 4o .t 11940, with bnjera .t 115.7 a for l>ret*ed hoys—Finn. Kale* at 87.8093.00. Receipts— l,3oo brls flour; 10.000 ba wheat: gyq bn oats; ASOObucorn; 700 bn rye; 100 bn barley; 2M drsssed boss. Shipments->2,7£0 brla flour; 6,000 btt wheat: tfflhrls and 14 tea pork. NEW YORK. _ . N*w Ton. February 38. better, but eecldsd'r lass artiv* • *t stiffiWlcfor mldflUna uplands ’ *-359 brls. Market anil, and 5310 c : Salat OiLKO br!» at 56.73a9.90 for taoerflne nmwS s common to P mei * 5 in.0V313.15 for choice do: 1.0.80 V ltr * rootd h3 °° O&lo, and r.i»Vh?»i?f tor trßde hranda-market closing doll and fiMMWJfv, , ;1! 10t KnW top ww “ “I 1 cb “ sc: ** le * 0f5 . 600 bn Western at |l.lo® „ Barley-More active; tales of 43,000 bn at 90a92c for t SI.ISaMS for do free, and ••i® H for State; and 40.000 bn Western at fl!l» r -~ MBrkct ttore BCtITB, u ’ ooo 2)11 at abont Coro—Receipts 3,000 bn. Market lower. Bale* 91,000 MW an 4. at ’ “* d new yellow Southern. c 1 bq - Rarket wituont change. Sal»s laooo bu at SfeOc for Western • for bUte: ul > free, aad 570f0r camaged Western. Idco—(jnlet at lie torCaroUn Coflee—Very Arm, but quiet. „=opar—Firm, sales 500 boxes Cuba at lOVailc, and 110 boxes Havana at 9*9loVc. ** Molasses—Firm. Petroleum—Dull, at 17c for crude and 39c for refined 'D bond. Bi-r-s—®®TDc, tDd more Mtlve. Sales SAOO hrls, at dosinK « fUXO for Wret ern; for old mess pork, si6Aa%l7XO for prime, and fl9.S0(&i0.00 for prime mesa; *31.50 lor new ficef-Steady. Sale* 960 hrls at preview nrtcre. Tiercebcefsteaoy. Sale* 40(ktrca at v uo.oo®3lo] for pr»m«-m«s. and |B3AO®36A« for India mess Beef Hams—Firmer at f3IOa®S6AO. Be cop—Firm, sales 1,150 bxs at lO3UWc for Cum berlaidcnt,llKgllj,cfor shortrtbbed, «c for short clear, lOjta tor long-ncbed, and aty Cumberland cut acd long ilear together at 12c. rhr alder* jltatsuc for hams. , uo£»-llnn. Sale* at for Western 11818 c lor cltv. Lard—Steady. Sales of 670 hrls at 13ai3Ee for old and 133<ai3Kc for new. * u Rutter—Dull. Sales at 15®S6e for Ohio. Cheese—Steady. Flour—doied dull, ana 5c lower on common to mid dling grades. Wneat-Dnll and drooping. Sales of No. 3 Milwau kee at C1.30&9 JO. hye-oulcu Sa'os at IUQ9I.IS for Wwtem. Com—Doll. Sait* at fIJS m store and 11.10 afloat for shipping mixed Western. Oats—steady, at 63®Sc lor Western. Pork-Firm,atl3Uo, cash, and new ttrsicrn men. Beef— Quiet bnl steady. Bacon—Active and Arm. Dressed bogs steady at Skcfiir Western. Lard—tjolct at 13$lSHc for fair to prime steam and kettle rendered. LOUISVILLE, „ . „ , . February«. Tobacco—Actual sales 123 nhda, at $8.65 lor trash and $45 tor brubtwrappers. Fli nr—Super, 89.75. Corn—Firm; in bulk, 70c. Oats—74c. I*ork—Mess, 82C-50; tierce*.t?><c; bnlkshoul, packed; bacon Shoulders, We, packed; clasr does, like, nacscd. Whiskey—llaw Arm at |l.». CINCINNATI. „ „ . . CtxcutNATf.FebraatytS. Floor—Unchanged: superfine at (9.<9(41D.39 ; Lada brands at (1LB0(*13.B0; and latter braaas at (UXOd Wheat—Firmer: spline of the better grades, which U wauled for aeed, and Ms. I.sold at (3.43, and extra at •3.i0A3.«; No. 3at (3.T03 JO. the supply of which U uood : No. 1 winter at $3.30. Corn—btaady bnt leas active at 6l£S3c at elevator; ..«.Sc In tacks. Oats—Firm at 03c far No. 1 In elevator. Kte—Film at 11.30f0r No. t. Whiskey—Firmer ann held at 80c, hat no sales. Cotton—Firmer, with buyer* oat no sellers, at 380 for tmddlit g uplands. provision—Mesa pork Arm butnot much done: sales d country packed at |s).tw, but city U not oScnd bo- KIW la,BO. There ts an active demand ftor bulk meats in partfbr the Liverpool market, and prices are a H cent hither There were purchases madeoi orders from New York. T be sales add up at 70C.0UC ns at and lo*e for si cuhirra. side and hams. Paeon—Was in better demand and prices are a shade higher. Should«s,sKc; ■Mct.lOyrt clear rtb»id«s 11, Sr, and clear, lie. Bugar-curod hams, UVAISkc ai«> plain do, 13c—all packed. Ijard—l* not offered, aud prime kettle rendered city cannot lie bought below lljfc. All the country ren an ed offered el no wee taken. iww *«.; m m wiicui Ilutlrr-Uall and prtctw are lower, chalng at 113 Wc. Lers— Roll at IVtICo. heeds— Cltver send firmer. Sales of prime atffl.TS. prime to choice, (X&343.40. Sugar—Firmer at IJCIIBc. Lcffic—Ft-m at 34,*aij*c fir fair to choice Rio. Molasses—New Orleans, KV4H- Dold-I34K®I»K buying and unu sailing. Exchange—Firm at 30c F 11.000 premium baying ami MO premium setting. The money market ta unchanged and quiet, at 931] 3) cent. The demand is light. BUFFALO. UttvaLo. February 39. Flonr-Moderatcly active, tor local trade only, at un changed quotations. Wheat—No transactions. tarn—No o.d Wesure offered. Sales 19 ear loadi new Toledo at 80381 c. Oats—Nominal. R«s—Neglected. Min Feed—uood demand. Sale* at 933.00 tor coarse indtss-Ooibr nu«. I‘ork—New mess. (30.00i331.00. Lard—Unchanged. Uigbwlces—Nominal. BT. LOUIS. tfr. Lora, February as. Tebaeco—Cachet grd. Cotton—Dull aod nominal. floor—Very quiet; Cuitaea* tmall; prlc«« on* changed. tftcat—Holden firm, out buyer* itood on tad but little* a* doa*. Corn—Firm (&r choice, bat lower grade* are easier; price* range from lOGMOe. Oat*—Heavy aad lower; TO^Tfe. Pf-TlMott—Firm, but quiet and on changed. Lard firm atii‘;ol3i4C. Whlakey—rim, with so borer*, at |l£o. PHILADELPHIA. PniLAcnrma, February 39. Flour—Dun. Western lILJO. Kyc—Steady at II JO. Wheat—Doll at 12.71^180. < ora—bale* uywo tra yellow at 9LOO. Oata—Steady. Molarncj- Clayed. 45c; Muscovado, 31c. Coflee—Sale* too bag* Costa Rica at 18c In cold. Whiskey—llAo (or contraband. BALTIMORE. Bat-nvoß. February 33. Coffee—Rio firm. Sales at I3vmi4e In bond. Sugar—Firm. bale* at lOMttlOXc Dr lair to good refining. Wheat—Dull. Corn—Active. Sales of mixed white atSJc *. good to crimeW#3hc; yellow Receipt* light. Provisions—Steady MeuporkUlAO. Bulk •boul der* 9c. Rib sides lOaiOJfc Dr dty. Lard 12)*c; Western lake. Whiskey—No sale*. Clover seed—sale* at 55.5308.73 Dr good to prims Dnw; t7.«3s£SAO Dr old. New York Grocery market* (Special Despatch to the Chlcaro Tribune.] New Tots, February 38. Coffee—Firm and quiet. Rio. Bs«3Se. Sugar*—Active and firm. Fair to prime grocery. 11 Slltfc. Brflned sugars firmer, at Ist»c Dr best crush ed ;14}<91*J»'c for soft while, and 13@14c Dr yellows. Ocean Prtlghta. (Special Dot patch to the Chicago Ttlbnne.] Nrw Tow, February 23. Freight* to Upland—6Xooo bo com at 5a 9d£6a. Ntw York l>tTe Stock narket, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Kxv Yoke. February 3S. Cattle—Market dull and heavy. Fair to prime West <raa:eeta,is«lic)fc. Receipts to-day,6oohead. Sheep—Bayers hold off. locreaalng supply, at TK9 *Mc- Boga-Scarce and firm, at fHOfi.Vc. Receipts, 1,500 Lead. Now York Provision market, [bpeaal Despatch to the CbteagoTrlhune.) Nsw Yobx, Febnury 38. Perk—Coiedat fnJP. Maiket firm, with better .'eollaetnotherhog product*. Sioekaof Flour ana «mln In New York. I Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune | Nrw Tow. Fcbroary 2S. Breadstnfis—Very fair market lor coarse graloi. t-trck»ofCour,*so,Coobri§,»he*t,l.9QoAOba, com, LSCO.CCO ba. oats, 9.400,000 ho, rye, 500,000 bo, barley, 1.600,0(0 bo. Albany Live Stock market. (Special De»p*tch to the Chicago Tribune,] Alßaxr, Febnury *3.

Cattle—About 8.000 have been received thna tar. De mand good and holders (Ira at ~H69e for ordinary to ertra Illinois. 6b«p—6.S®lJ|C. New York Dry Goods market. Nnv Tow. February 59. Good business In prints for Arnolds; IfMrfor Aawke*g*ndW*arvcan*;lSctor Spragues ana Mertlmsc D; 19c flw Locheco, and tOcfor Mem “Gingham*, lawns and adalnet In limited eeqneat and unchanged. Lancaster t Ingham* sen attic; Pacific llmdieylawxsat s7\c; delaines at Sc. and arm cm Lightweights of unbleached ranalln* allghtty lower. Exeter A. ltd ; Lacaroa R lee; Shannon, is,vc; Indian Dead. « ihetUCE. l.Jtc- w In «iherdesrrtottoß* there la no essential change. Trade Is dull and ptlces law. K Pitubttrsk Petroleum market. ♦ PrmBCKQR, February 33. Oil market don. The onlyaal- was ttbbriifor Jane and July delivery *t 9c, Sola aingle arrival «i erode o 1 at the wharf. Market lor refined In bond without chance, bale*> cf L«0 brl* prime light straw to white, immediate delivery In Philadelphia, at SIVe: ADD MU f r March. Apnl and May. U. x,COJ brl il?ior March, S3c for April and Ac t«r May; t£(Q nrla Phils aeli'bl* delivery, tor August. September and Oct .her. In lou of &C 0 brl* tor each nanth, at an average of 53c. Free oil quiet, with snail sale* of star dlu brands at «i6«sey gallon, ho inquiry tor naphtha or residuum BABBIBO. In thUcity, Teh. nth, dtr, Feb. nth, br tte Bar. A. Bddnatthe of the bilde'i father. Mr. 1-■ Q- TtTBHLBT, c( Met*.**,aodMUa DIED* i> ola CUT, reft, tsa a« ep. j» r of comnmpi.. “ F^LT» 4 ra^V«i. t r. U , e ,1 f ...w.0, r twft-nt. Ka 114 VarUt Well»-«t-« Saturday. at J Vtioc*p?i*. Vrloodaol Uie family f lanted toat *At*o«weeo. N.ThOB the WtfcoU. of dinthwlaaM t,tholflftw. &P«3b owe AN MoCALLUM. ,-ytnawcial. p OVERNMENT BONDS. OAPITAI., *1,000,000. Merchants* Satinas, Loan & Trust Co., Sonthweet corner of Lake and Dearboru-fla. a A SMITH. Pres’t. W.B.DOQQETT, Vice Prea't. L. J. OAOKj Caah’r. CHA9. BRNBOTIN, Aw’t Caah’r. This Bank U now prepared fox the conversion of Seta-Thlrttce into Tire-Twenty Bonds of the new l*Bonda of errry deeeriptlon bought and told. amusements. pROSBT’S OPERA HOUaE UcWADD * RITOELL Managers WM. 8. WARREN Treaaorer nnui rticxs or anxxastoir: Dreta Circle. Balcony and Parquette Orchestra Chain Chairs In Balcony Boxes Family Circle XT Ut*erred beau 33 cenu extra. MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 4th, 1867, 80-entree of the fascinating LOTTA! The Great Protean Wonder of the Age* LOTTA la her great Character Assumptions 1 LOTTA la her characteristic Bong* aad Dances I LOTTA with her Inimitable BANJO SOLOS! Bex Sheet open for tale of testa on SATURDAY, at 10 a. m. OT Seats for Lotta's nights may be secured six days In advance. life VIUKER'B THEATRE, BoVICKEB A MYSBS UAKAQBBS, „ BENEFIT OP MB. DAN BRYANT. Friday— ' HIS LAST LEGS. O’Callahan (with songs) Mr. Dan Bryant THE IRISH LION. Tim Moore (with songs) Mr. Dan Bryant THE IRISH BARON. Barney O’Toole (with Irish jtgaod song).. J)aa Bryant haturday. pan Bryant Uattaee. Monday. 80AMU8 O’BRIEN, the Bo old Boy of Glen gall. pOL. wo pu s museum. oSI. J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director cf Amusement! P. B. AIKEN Stage Maaager TUOB. UABRY D«a(flt of air. C.T. Nichols. Great Variety. Pow trim Altratctiota. This fFnday)erenlßr. March Ut, will be presented rot the fir<t time, Doclotone's celebrated Sentaaonal Drama of TUB DREAM AT SEA, wltn lie thtll log tab eaa and startling effects. To conclude with TBB hPKUTRE BRIDESBOOM. Saturday altarnoon. Grand Matinee. Saturday night, THE WHITE BUT. MV WIFE’S MIRROR on Monday. TdE HIDDEN HAND I* In revival. THE FROZEN DEEP, soon. Monday, Benefit of Mr*. Alice Holland. •yOUNG MEN'S ASSOCIATION LECTURES. MISS CLAEA BAETON The Florence Nigh tlngale of the Army of the Potomac, win deliver a LECTURE, entitled “WORK AND INCIDENTS OF ARMY LIFE!” —AT— CROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE, Un FRIDAY EVENING. March lat. Commencing at S o'clock. IV Let do loyal Man or Woman fall to attend. Tickets SO cents each. Reserved Seats 35 centa extra. IV The sale of beats will commence at s» o'clock on wHDNESDAT MORNING, Feb. 27th, at the Ttcact Office ol Crosby's Ooera Bouse. A. C. McCLURO, Cor. Sec. T. M. A. great gertu BAS BEEN ADDED TO THE NEW VOBE MUSEUM, OBRANDOU'O-ST.. cor. of Dearborn. QUOITING. —A meeting will be held at St. George's HalL In this city. On Thursday Next, SSarch 7th» For the purpose ot forming a QUOITINO CLUB. All good men and lovers of this came are cordially invited to attend at7# p.m. W. ROBERTS. A LECTURE WILL BE GIVENBT RALPH WALDO EMERSON In DnltT Church, corner Cblcaso-av. and North Dear born-st-. on MONDAY EVENING, March tth, at ball past 7 o'clock. Subject, “ ELOQUENCE.” Tickets OO cents each—may behad attheßookstores of 8. o. Griggs A Co. and J. It. Walab a Co.; also, at the Bonus ot the Young Men's Association. In Port land Block. ■yAKIETY THEATRE. This evening will be presented, for the benefit of MI6B FLORENCE TEMPLE, the beaoUful playot MiZEPPA; Or, The Wild Horst of Tartary. Mazeppa Florence Temple A Host of Volunteer*- To conclude with (be Darien* ol JENNY LIND. tV Wanted, Fifty Ladlee lor the Ballet. Apply be tween the boon of ll ana 4. 'j'HJh GRAND SECOND MASQUERADE OF THE Chicago Torn - Ctomoindo! Will lake place oa Monday Evening, March 4, AT THEUt HALL, North 01ark-at*| above Ohlcago-av. No expense has beat spaied to make this, u hereto lore, one of the heat ratertalnmenu cl the season. TICKETS, admlltlrff gentleman and lady, (.1.00-ore ry addlU.-nal lady 11-10 extra—are tor sale at F. DECK ER S.orncr of Clark and Randolph: L. PAULI'!*, ut drr aiiern an Douse. and at the Ball, oa or belore Monday evening. N. It.—The sale of reserved seats for the Gallery will rnmmencc on Friday, Mart-h ItU. at 10 a. m„ at (he Ball. Regulations the aame aa at the previous hall. COmUTTKE. OF WONDERS! To be seen only at tbe NEW YORK MUSEUM, Which baa removed to 90 Randolph-sU, corner ol Dearborn. VANKEB ROBINSON’d circus i AND MKNAOEUtE. _ Mr. JAB. UOniNBON, In bis great nnrdlc Act or Steeple Chase. NORTH and ItUtiDFAN in their wonderful Still pertormaneo. E. W. PERKY', the Champion Fonr-llorae Rider. Every evening, and Wednesday and Saturday after poor. _ UinESat. pURE CIDER VINEGAR, Warranted and to preserve pickle*. Largest work* of tbcfctTS 1l the United State*. CHARLES G. E. PBUSSIKO, .flip and 341 6tato-«u. Chicago. auction Sales. SCOTT & CO.,' AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 104 tAkcHUn cor. LaSatlr. Chicago, Ctata adrasced on Merchandise const gned (Or tale. Out-door aaic* prompUr attended to. SECOND HAND FURNITURE AT AUCTION. Included In our aale of tbit morning, we shall sell, at our ralesro* ms, a large amouit of s* coud-hand Uonte ho,d Furniture. GILBERT A oAMPSON, Auctioneer*. 47 and 49 Dearborn-*:. A UCTION, at Daniel Scott «fc Co.’s li. Auction Rooms, 164 Lake-sU On TUESDAY Evening, sth March, at 7 o'clock. Bare and Valuable Com*. Autographs, Ac., In all about SCO lots. Catalogue* to be bad at the Auction Booms, Monday moibltg. DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Auctioneer*. Gilbert & saaifson. General Auctioneer*. 47 and 49 Dearborn-si. Large assortment of FDR2NTITITMI, CbO., AT AUOTIOW, On FRIDAY. March lit. At 10 o’clock, will be sold At oat s*.«room», 47 and 49 Dearbom-«L, a splendid assortment of Parlor. Chamber mad Dining-room Fur rl'nre. Including *-.veial very line potl«b oil waloii ChAS ber buttes And FAtlor beta, together with A gene ral assortment cf Hocs-bold Goods GILBMCT A SAMPSON. Auctioneer*. JM. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • 127 DEARoOBN-ST, fells, at 10 o’clock a. m., Friday and Satarday, A GENERAL NEW AND SEC- Household Furniture. New and nnlqur Mahogany ExtenMonßedsusdt. Bu reaus, Coirtrod-i. Stands, M tension Tables, Cup boards. Chain. Usttrevses, Ar- Ac J I M. REYNOLDS, Aocttoneer. A. EUTTEUb & (JO., Auctioneer* & Commission Merchant 44 A 46 KANDOI.PB-6T.. Between Sute-st. and Holdregntaraalsa, at their salearoomi, ot DRY OOODa, CLOTHING. BOOTS, SBOBS. AC., Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE. CARPETS. every SATURDAY Sato fHills, Engines, &c. rpHE LANE & liODLEY Portable Circnlar Saw Hills, PORTABLE STEAK ESQDTE3, Shingle Machines. Corn Mina and Bhaitt&g, Wood working Machinery. LANK A BODLET, Corner ol John and Cincinnati. Applicant* lor deecrtpave arcalars wUI specify the tnscblnrrr tpev nee*t- •vMre'Mwia Stoffeijoitcts’ faceting. "V 1 OKTHWEbTEUN GLASS COM- At ot the Board of Directory of the North wrstern r-lau Company, held on the llth da? of Feb ruary. l££7 It was ordered, that a meeting ofjthe stock holders of said Con pa&y be held at the office ot the Company, No. 24 S Siuth Weier-st- Chicago, Ub b-ainrdAT, .March 9tb, ISO 7, At 3 o’clcck p. m., at wnlch tin e and place a proposi tion will m submitted to aaid mee^g,, that the capital stock at ssKLCompany be diminished to Two Honored onaana uoi ns. . _ T1 _ N. LUDISOrON. J- F4HB, Jt- J. MkDILL. A. P. KELLEY. W. H. EBETSTNQKR. P. B, SPUMWAY. U. TALCOTT, Director*. ®o stent==3Bouot6. 'X'O RENT—Princely marsion—l have I to rent, tor cue or more yiore the well-known, epo dotuard elerant m’deaoe, (with it noeeerratoue, toman zrapea under elaia, Ac.) No.I3SMIRUcaB-ar. Apply atMe. t> Uxaon Block. C. A.bFKISQ. 'I'O KENT—Bouse No. 113 Huron-fit I Anew two-etory nod brick basement, wlthell mod era ImproTemenu. Good nelchoorh'-od, two b.ocka trom itteet cue. Inquire at No. 93 Haron-et. tUOTkIA TO KENT—The fine three story and basement »lona front boose, Vo. 30.} Carroll-* t., tvo bjocts north of Union Par*. t*os>easion immedi ately. BAlßDAßßADLEY.oomorLaxeaodLaSalle- TO KENT—Ci Uage noose, No. 335 Ty lor-sL, corner Cealre-ar- 8 room*, water la kitch en. 855 per month. Inquire of C. J. ADAMS, corner Adam* and CanaMts. TO RENT—The homo No. 450 North Wells-* L, to a good tenant, very cheap. Furaltnre rur sale at a sacrifice. To be teen after 3 o’clock, till Friday evening. TO RENT—No. 10 Coltage-place, new bonie, 8 room*, hydrant water. |x per month. t. b. men, 169 Dearborn-it. rpb RENT—Eirst-ciass bouse on Wa- X baab ar„ north ol Twelfth it* with alt modern Improvements. Beat JIAOO. Poaamlon given May lau AQdreas *• HOUSE.’* rribone office. TO KENT—A handsome residence on Mlchigan-av., near Jaek*on-»t_ to rent, with fur niture fur sale. Inqalre at 101 South Clark ac TO BENT—A well-finished two-story house. No. H‘2 Warren-«t.n»ar Union riark. Ap plyjoU^JlAßßlScornerWMhiog^^ TO RENT—A splendid residence on Sooth 81«*e, It room*, cellar, cittern, bathroom, Ac,; Vrcre ol ground, shrubbery, garden and fruit free*. T.H. BELFIELD A CO., 10 Post Office Block. T 3 RENT— Cottage ot C rooms, situa ted cn Park-ar.. near Hoyne-et., at S3O per month. J. B. ANDREWS, Room 7 Ueibodist Church Block. TO RENT—A two-story house, No. 12C Fourth-ar., with all modern Improvements. Fur niture tor aaie. Apply at the boose. .AO eta. ~75 eta. .. 11.00 ..35 eta. nro KENT— A Bouse on lndiana-av., X nearTwenty-lnurlh-et.; fnrnlture for sale. Both lease and furniture can tx* had on very reasonasle terms. Also, other houses to rest. Inquire ot A. C BTEDMAN4CO„ Room 4, Cobb’s Boil din*. 126 Dearborn-et. TO KENT—Two-story Dwellmg House Vo.£3oNewberry-st.,nearC.B.AQ.R.R. In ooln ot FERRY A bON, west end Elgnieenih-*l. Bridge. i£ent—is.ooms* * ea£n - - looms to rent, with board, at Sy; wabaah-ar. 'T'O RENT—In a private family, one X frocttleeplarroom,tanilihed.fireaDd gas; also, one small room, for grauemec only. Addr>es a note, with references, MBS. M. BUOCER. Chicago P. O. XO KENT—An elegantly furnished treat parlor, at Ko. 431 South Ciark-sU, Jail the g tor a gentleman and wufe who bke to five mired. To a suitable party it will be rented cheap. nro RENT—Without board, at No. 77 X Fourth-ar., near Van Boren, teo large furnished rooms, w Ith closets, gas and atteodaocr, suttasle fbr a geatleman and wile or two or three young men. r rO RUNT— Koom 73 Lombard Block. X Bent >IOO per year. Apply at Boom 2. TO RENT—Room, central and desirable. Fcrnltort tor sale, worth 8900. Beat Sls per month. Address ‘•E." P. O. Pox 1376. HTO RENT—A pleasant sane of Iront 1 rcomr, suitable for a gentleman aid wife or two gentlemen, at Q 6-1 Wabash-av. r TO KENT—No. 11 East Randolph-st, X a tarnished room, with or without hoard, for one or two gentlemen—gas, closet, private family. best location. f 1 East Bandolph-st. THO KENT—Fnrn.shed lodgings, with- X outboard, to gentlemenonly. Goot rooms,with ciuietaand ga». kept in order, at latlalaetory prices. Apply at Ko. 23 Mlchlgaa-av. r TO RENT—A nicely Inrmsbed front I chamber, also a small room. Id a private family. Wi Ihe rent'd cheap to pood tenants. References re* golfed. Apply at 77 Jacxion-et. rrb KENT—Four rooms, suitable for a X man and hl« wife, at ?3 Mogroc-at. TO RENT—A (double) back room, on Dearbora-rL, 113,50 per minlh. Fnmllare for •ale at a low figure, to meet liabilities. Call at 09 Mad)sen-sU,brfote6 p. m-, and seenre a bargain. r PO RENT—Pleasant furnished moms A and otefront room, suitable for gentlemen, at 226)1 btate-sL. convenient to boslaese. T) RENT—A good suite ol front Offi ces, atl 6S Randolph-st. Apply to GGOROE U. HIGH, 164 Randolph s!., Boom 12. 2Eo Rent-Stores, ©fixers, &t T) RENT—Choice Business Btacd—A rare opportunity. .No# 1-12 and 144 Hilliard B'ock, N.E corner ot Clark and Water-cta., uom May L 1367. itey will be leased togetner or s'parateiv. The spacious easement may also be secured with the stand alter May Ist, ISffl. Apply to C. A. SPRING, Boom No. M Larmon Block. TO RENT—A good business corner tor a term ol Tears, 50x80 feet, cn the northwest cor ner ot North Clark and Indlana-sta. A good opportu nity for Investment is oHVred Apply to J. A. STEW ART, 233 Ktazla-it, or J. EDWARDS FAY. Boom No. 12 Lomjard Bkcg. KENT— Second (2d) nr.d third I (3d) floors at 30 Lake-st Apply to PHELPS, DODGE A CO. rpO KifjNT—From Ist May next, five- X story marble-ftort bcßdlcg on Clara-sL. near bm.dlnu finished throughout In superior stye. Rrnt f4,CCO per ancum. Upp«r stories may be so suh let as to reduce tbe coet of store and basement to *W»oor ie*». Appiy to YOUNG a SPRINGER, No. 2 Metropolitan Block. TO RENT—The entire second floor ol 207 Lake-sL, at |fiO per month; also, office fur niture for sa.e Apply to GRANGE BAUD, Jr., SS Mtcblgan-av. TO RENT—For a term of years, the premises known as the Artesian Brewery, situated on Hobbard-su. between Lincoln and Robey. The fix tures are all In good running order, and wlu oe rented low to a prompt tenant. Apply on the premises, to PETER McINNIS. fpo KENT—First and li urth lofts at 168 X Lake-«t Apply on premises. £. ABULEY ME Altß. TO RENT—The second story ol a plan ing mill, 71 by 40 feet, with power, suitable for making blinds, sasn or boxes. Inquire at 42 Ohio-st. npo RENT—For a term of years, a fine X store, with basement, on Lake-st.,'bet«eeu D*ar bora and LaSalle. Rent IAOOO, None but responsible parties need apply. Address "BYRON," tribune office. r PO RENT—A Iront parlor and bed- X room, with 219 Unurlo-st.near Clark, in a private house, with all tbe comforts of a home. Kciertccti exchanged. TO RENT—A fine lot on the bontb tlrancb. ha vise 390 feet of dock and about IM feet deep to Lomber-iU, on the w-et aide of the mer. ad joining the Pittsburgh ft Fort Wavne Railroad bridge, with track nyard. A. J. AVEUELL, Real Estate Ol nee. No. 7 Mairopolltan niock. TO KENT—A good office. Call at Room 1 No. N-l Dearborn-si. TO RENT—Store, 100 Monroe st.. two doors west from Post Office. btore Ont-claM, Are- Broofvsoit. Rent moderate. Apply at No. 2 Custom loose-place. 'T'O RENT—To an attorney-at-law, one -1 hstl of a ntea office. In good location. Inquire ol DENMAN r'FLSKNTD \L. Room 2, southwest corucr Canal aad RaLdolph-»ts. TO KENT—Store 144 Madlson st. Pos session given at once. U. O, STONE, 107 State- TT'O KENT—Part of one ol the finest 1 Stores on Lake-st. Good location. For partial lers. end for what purpose desired, addresa ZUU, Trl bnne office. JFot sale. FOR SALE—Prop. "Ocdcspcc Chlet,” DOW lying at Detroit, Whlgan. Lhasa A 3. Ton ?.,.U'.!. n . lrt . mpa,urPTnpnt >. 331. App yto WU.X. WAR 111Nbit, Detroit, Mlch„ or to HAUIU3 ft UIIO.. H 4 Lumper-st. Chicago. 77 OR SALE—At the Lake Tuunel—One A 35 horse power engine and upright tabular boiler. One 30 bone power engine aad upright Dnnlar biller. OpelShoi se power oegme.andupnsnt tubular oilier. „ These enutnne and boilers are new, have been la use but a very abort time. 31. i» lert T rail, weighing 33 ns. to the yard. 1 large lan far ventilation, M. U. Alden'a patent, batlc expro sly for this work 8 ft’ e, well-broken »oang mule*. 3 pumps and a sen Improved hoisting apparatus aad gearing. jb cars, capacity 1 cubic yard. A targe lot of tools. A lot of timber and lumber. Also, the but'dings, sheds, outhouses, ft©-, connected with the Lake Tunnel. A lot of cast aud wrought scran iron. DOLL ft UOWAN. Contractor*, Ofllco. chore abaft Lake Tunnel. FOR SALE—Tinners* tools for sale. On* fall let, with or without b-nches. liar* been ntrd lea* tban one rear. Addrea* W. J. DOOLITTLE, Janesville, Wli. FOR SALE—Second-hand lumber, in quantltlf* to ialt puicbasers, and the building* knotrn a* • Floral UaD” a-.d “South Amphitheatre." at the Chicago Driving Park. Inquire on tbe grounds,or at 13 Chamber of Commerce. FOK SALE—The low-boat “Francis FUher,” of about 300 ton*; 36-lcch cylinder. 6 feel stroke. Aim. two locomotive engine*. ot so and 31 tons: 4 feet 8* in<-hg*ng<. C. T. FRANCIS, Snp't, No. 1 City building. St. Loot*. Mo. ITOh SAJ.E —Fixtures lor grocery store, r consisting of shelving, boxc* and counters; atto. lard pm*, of great power, complete. Apply at 620 South Canal-81., near Wright, or 131 Dearborn-*!. FOR SALE—Office fixtures, suitab'e lor a banking or an Insurance business, consisting ol »trge Dleboia. Kabmtn A Co. sate, elerant blacc wa'- tnt counter, disks, bcokeasea, carpets, Ac. Apply at Booms 10. 11 and 12 speed’s Block, 123 Dear born-st. FOR SALE—Houscnold Furniture, at Auction—A iarxe assortment of furniture, crock ery and glassware will be sold at auction on Saturday, March 3d. at 10 o'clock a. m.. at 103 Jack*on-*t. P)R SALE—Cheap—Acood office desk, üble And store, one or *2), At Roam 16, No. 13a South Clark-at. PjR bALE—4OO cords hemlock bark. Earlv d'llTerj. by ve-seh to Any of ihe take shor« rorts. or Cbtcaco. Addnss, or Inquire ,t 47*2 North Water-tL. Chicago. IH. OALBN HASTMA-S. I£cal ggtatg—(gfltintrg. C'OK SALE—A tann ot 160 acres, with- I la one mile of a railroad autlon and 11 mllea from Chicago. Well watered, good bnllolcrLOver bo fruit tree*, and Hocked with cows. Will aell with or wllh cntcowi. Also. 643 acres adjoining the above. in loti tv anu porchAaera. Apply at 133 Finest. I7OR SALE)—B2tf Acres. A splendid I farm nine tnlles sooth oi this Railroad Sutton, 350 acne ntder plow,so In tame grass. 3 bouses, stock, water, bfartpgoichard. a large amount of hedging. 4c-Ac. fa per acre, A. J. CBOPSET, Falrbory. Livingston County, 111. I7OR SALE—For cash and part time 1 some of the best stock and grain ffcrzs in North western lowa, timber ard pram* adjorn-ng. perms rent marine water, and title perfect. Township plats with college, railroad ard vacant lands. ttmb«r. prai rie and water acenrate.y marred, famished at g). In f-mallon free. Apply to or addins J.S. PRBsCOTT. Brown’* Bock Store. Corembua, WU. C*6R bALE—lllinois Stcck Farm—64o I acre*, all improved, near Joliet. 11L, SO mIW from Chlcagp, known as the “Jme* Farm.” valn-d at lw.rco. Moat be fold at a sacrifice to clow an estate. Fcr particulars address MATTOCKS A MASON. p. O. Box 1969. inicaio.lll. F'OK SALE—SI acres ot land, with val cable ImpTovonnta and under high sure ot cal tlvatlon.aboot three miles from the city of Racine. Terms put. For farther particulars. Inquire ot DU BAND A MILLER. Land Agents, Karine, Wla. FOR SALE—A good lann of 80 acres. Ferre* new. well Improved, good building*, jrod water, young orchard, Ac„ 3* mile* west of Amboy, on good road. Very cheap—43 600. Also, frnH and stockfanrarest «>btr*lis, Urge and small. By A.P. WBITNLY. »-7 W«shtngton-«t. Host awfl jfouno. T ObT —On Tuesday last, a Bay Marc, JLj 9 or 10 year* old, between St Charles and Chicago. HO reward will be paid by leaving the mare at tne Cen tral SUMe, S and 10 South Water-sL TOST —A large sized Pointer Deg, chest j unt color, from I S 3 South WelL<-sc. Feb. M’h. The finder will be liberally rewarded if returned to ths above mentioned place. 10 ST—At Wood’s Matinee, Wednesday j aflernoop, Feb. 20tb, or atoce then, on the street, acbaiec Goid Bracelet, with a Guard tlsain attached. Any peraon leaving the same with A. A K. CHAPIN * C0.,47 and49Stalest, (upstair*), wilt be txoer ally rewaided. I ObT—sso Reward—On the ‘J7lh inst., v between Michlgan-ar. and Clark on South "•Ur. or inf e Bine islan-i-av. cars, a package ot turmy, ccntslnlng about 4350 in greeobaett. and an envilooe with the owner’s adorns, resuming four ttvtrtlns. The above lathe property oi a poor wid ow. The finder «TU leave it at the Tribune < tree and obtain the above reward, T ObT—On Wednesday afternoon, from No. 659 a smal* black and tan dog. Answer* to :unc ol ”aUf.” Five dollar* reward to* ala return. Ucal EBtate-eitg. inmoTii). FOR BALE—A fine trame boose on r wm Adimi-at.. tear Haltted, U ootaL C*S bathroom. Ac.; lot XUSxIW. moo 9S.OPJ. A. B. 131 Bandolpo-iL FOR oALE—On Park-av., near the • park, a flret data &ame bonz*. with brick ba*e> matt and all nortt'D lm pro rent coti; lot 50x133. A. O. MEAI), 131 FOR SALE—House and lot on TVabash- P ar., bt tween Thirt* entb and eait front, lot 44zi80 feet. «rtc* bona**, ® roomt, modem mtproTcmtDU, hot and cold water, batb. three marble maotrla. iu fixture*, hot air furi'to-*. large atanle— eTrythlpg in perfect r rder. l*nce SI6AM. THO 9. PARKED. Kof I ‘t MetbodUt Cbnrch Block. (I'OR SALE—On Waba°hay., ucarThir ft 1 teettb-sL. aflrat-class marble-front bouse, with all modern lmpro i en.»tta A. B. WING A CO., Real Estate Office. H 5 Washing ten-si, Room 3 FOi\ dA LE —A fifft-rate bonse and lot Ms Indlana-av. near Twenty-flltb-at. Lot fOxISS feet, rail iront. THOS.FREEMAN, 131 Randolph- BCQtr 0. |7olf BALE —A basement coirazc on r Bangamon-aL, near Adam, at a bargain. Tottago of 6 room*, and lot. on Price-place, near Halited-aL, $3,000. H. C. MOREY A CO.. W Metropolitan Block. FOK BALE—By aH. Kerlont & Co., Real Estate Brokers, 71 Dearbomit.. an A i two-atory frame bonse. No. 338 Warren-su, 10 room*, hot and cold water, bath room, waw closet, and all mo crs Improvement* Toe carpets, new, and part of fttmiture can be bad. If deaired, very cheap. ■ ."OK BALE—A new two-story and J? basement brick dwelling, French roof, with fur nace, speaking tabes, hot ana cold water. Ac., situated on Monroe-st-tear Morgan-Jt, H.C. MOREY A CO„ 8 Metropolitan Block. FOR sale—Anouse and lot 183 North Statist. Apply on the premises. Will be sold ebrap tor cash. FOR BALE—A nice cottage and lot House well built and In perfect order. 5 ro*ms, water In kitchen, tee bonse, new cellar and other con veniences. Lot vtxlOO. cal. and tee tbo premises. IXO Wt st Dlvlslon-sL, n*ar Milwaukee-av. t'OH DALE—By Christian & Co., Room 3, Lind’s B.ock. boose and lot on Madlson-at. $6,0(0; one on Jefferson, SLS«O: two on Jeflor*on, and two iota, with warehouse. $1,500: one oo Hart-sh, 13.003; one on Fourth-sU, with two loti, I1J00; one on Coclldge-it, $1A00; one oa Twemh-it.. $1,100; two on Walnnt-flt..eacbfS,CCO; one on Sedgwick, $1,900. Wo bate also for sale saloons, boarding nooses, farms, yes sets, Ac. TpOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real r Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two-story ana basement hnck boose, of U r.oms, mod ern improvement*, and lot, with bam. on Wabash-ar-, nearlwcntleih-ft. F'OU DALE—By tUj der &Lec, Rea) Es tate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new frame hooift, of 6 rooms eacn. and lots, Nos. 664 and 666 West Wasblngton-st. near Lincoln. IPOH SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real r Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new two-ct-'iy and basement housei ol 11 rooms, mod em improvements, and lot, with bam, on Bucker-st. or near Jackson. F'OR SAIjE—A bouse, just finished, wa 1J ter, gas pipes and sewer, 9 large rooms, 4 closets, nancy. Apply on Peoria at, rear of church, comer or Washlnctcn-st. T?OU SALE—Three new and handsome JP two-story houses on Part-sv., near Learltl-st.—a dvllghtftiilocaUpn—Nos.asl,3sl)<and2s3. Price SSjMOeach. Lose tune nr«a npon large part ot pur chase money. Immediate possession will be given ot No 251*. WxBKBN * GOODRICH, Beat Estate Broken, 125 Dcarborn-st., Boom 3. F)R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a de sirable bnildlne lot, 100 by IS feet, on Washlncton-tt., between Wood and Lincoln; lot corner Madison and FauUna-sta., 60 by 121 test. F)R sale—Two houses and lots in eneofthe pleasantest localities on the West Side, snTbioop-st., near Jefferson Park. Brlrt buemcna. marnle mantles, ample closet room, bath rooms, gas, etc. Win sell one or both. $9,300 each. OEOUGE V. BYBD, 100 Baaaolph-st. FOR SALE—Wabash-a v—A fine resi dence lot 35x170 feet fronting east, next to the corner lot and north ot Foaneenth-st. For sale by A. W. FREEMAN.DeUPt, 10* Washmgtoast. ITOR SALE—On West Adams st, near X 1 Bchntt er’s house, Anew cottage containing six rooms and lot JlxlfiS feet. Price $3,000, very cheap. ARTHUR 4 DOYDEN, 210 Smte-st. FOR SALE—Very desirable Investment. Boose and lot 55 North Ads-it one and a half story cottage, 7 rooms, bath, pantry, closets, chit a closets and other conveniences. Hydrant and rain water,basement, etc. Neighborhood pleasant and de sirable. WUI be *old cheap If called for soon. Apply on ptcmUea between two and three p. m. UIUHPHOTED. P/OK SALE—By S. H. Kerloot & Co., r Real Estate Brokers, 71 Dearborn-it. infect on Wabasb-ar., north of Twelflh-st., desirable for real dences. F)K SALE—J.ot No. ICI South Clark lU between Madison and Monroe, Stk teettront. Inquire of JOHN FORSYTHE. 153 Randulph-st. F'OR BALE—Lots on Wabash-av., SOOO each; lota on Bme liland-ar.. S6O) each. Two years hence they will sell lor double the money. OEOhGE * WILLIAMB, 7 South Clark-st. tjH)K fc?ALE—We have over one thou land bullolng lots to sell, eltaated In every eart of the city. AUo, mat class business property at low flgnrrs, and over SO bouses and lots to sell on easy terms., farms to exchange for city property—by SINCLAIR 4 TOMPKINS. Boom H Masonic Temple. ITOR SALE—2O lots on Indiana and X 1 Ptairle-avs, near Thlny-talrd-il. A. R. WING 4 170 U BADE—Lot 50x100 to alley, near x the corner ol Bush and Indlana-sts, with two-story house, lor Lot alone worth $(Lw». GEORGE 4 WILLIAMS, 7 South Clark-st. 170 R SALE —6O leet on Washlncton st. I, tor $29 a foot; 56 on r S3O a foot, nearly Oakley-si. Also house and lot (tw >-story) on Ann-st. f»r $3,100, south ol Randolph-*!: 3 lout for $l5O each, near home cars. JJ. STARR. 124 East Randolph su. Boom No. 1. FOR SAlE—Property in all parts of the city. We advance mosey on property left with os for sale, parties with from S.OO t> SSOO can purchase a business that will pay SSOO per month. TRCESDU.L 4 CO M Room 13 Lombard Block, two doors west of Post Office. I7OH SALE—Four comer lots and nine X? Inside lots on Sangamon, Peoria and Omssis; one bouse and lot on ureen-st.: two 35-teet lots on Oreen-st. T. F. BALDWIN. 104 Randolph-at. r?OH BALE —Eligible business and resl- I dtnee property, In t&e three divisions of the city; sirs, chor e trmrti nf land In and adjoining tne city. T. WRIGHT. T. LYMAN, Agent, 17 Portland blo.k. TTOR BALE—A very desirable bnildm? X? lot on the suntbrast comer of Twco’y-toarth-st. and Caloract-ar.,sox3'U fe*t tn alley, at a low price aodot easy terms. WARREN 4 GOODRICH, Real Estate Brokers, 125 Dearborn at., Boom 2. Chantts. |7OR SALE—A first-class Photoaraph L Gallery, at a bargain. In the city of Laporte, Imil •.us. Addles* PUOTOUKAPUKH, Post Office Box •170, Lsporte, Indiana. pOB SALE—Valuable Mill Property— I One among the best steam flouring mills m South ern lowa, containing three ran of fanr-tcet burrs. en gine ann boiler In good order, merchant and custom bolts »-f the best— oo better In use. The mill Is ad In good reosir, and id a good location. Water and lusl m abnttai cr. Pur urther particulars, address WM. bUAltl’ ft &ON, Falr&eld, lowa. F'OU BALE—A well-appointed Printing Office, well furp led wllnjoh and news typ-*, and wetl established, at ml Vereor. Linn County, lowa. The office eoloys the united patronage of ML Vernon atd Ltsnon, two very thriving t>wn«, lors’el on* mile apart, on the C. AN.W.IL IL Mi. Vernon Ip the seat of Cornell College, one of the principal Institutions ol 'earning in the west, and tn point of pat-onage offer* rare Induceraei ts to publishers. The patronage of the oincewiiicomparetavoraby with teat of any other office In the state. For particulars, call on or address U. B. nu t vl).lHAW. Mt. Vernon. lowa. F’Oll SALE—A saloon on South Clark* sL. with larnliurr, fixtures and tease of building. DAVID UENHY ft CO, 120 Btale-st. * T7OU BATsE—ltefttnurant, in a good lo* I caMon and flourishing town. Lease and flxtuvM very cm an, for caih. It Is one of the best ilands la tso city. Also, a good brick building, soluble for any other bUPltcss. Address Box 142, Niles, Michigan. |?OR a ALE—A rare chance for business 1 It the cltv of Bloomtngtnp, in ,tn the boot and shoe bukloca*. f.r mat nfscturlng and retail trade. We win icU our stock, with lease mr four years, cheap rent, nudlpcntlno as thete ts 1& the city; presenutoefc about S3.CCO. For further particulars address P. o. Box 130. Woomlngton. 111. |?OR SALE—Drug blorc, in a thriving F, town ofiOOC lihabtlants, on M. C. R. TL Stack !‘S. lll Li! < * n • nd ne » f * for laruculars apply to W. LYbTKIt, Lawton, Mich. I7OR SALE—Stock of hardware, stoves, JL and tinware, 130 miles from Chicago, place o( inbsbllsnu. In one of the finest tarm regions lo toe Stain Stock about 11,000. ail In good order, welt as sorted. no damaged or unsalable goods. Trade wilt es tablished, and doing a good ominess. Terms cash. Satisfactory reasons tor selling. Inquire oi FRANK BTUBUEB * Cuh Chicago, tifi F'OH SALE—fcteam flour and gnst mil), cn east tenn*,sow doing a good custom and local trade, iltnated at a ral.road crcsslDgtn Indiana. For particulars call upon or addrea« RANCHKTT ft PEI BONNET, No. 8, or J. T. NOYK. No. MS Marxet-sL. Chicago. tTOU SALE—Mock and fixtures ot a no* F non store. GoodlocaUon. 320 Weal Randolph- FOR SALE—A steam sawmill at Green Bay, Wis., in perfect and complete running order, capable of sawing six mUiion feet of lumber during the lesson, and admirably located fbr the handling and ihinnentof lumber both fiy railroad and Isae-rall road running past the property, and a good doeg on the place, with all conveniences far shipment by lake. In addiUon to the mui, there are between three and Ore mlllUn feetfof loga cn band, ready for Immediate op*tatl« s. The whole far sale at low figures. For termaand farther Information, address or tnuaire ot W. A. MuWItV, 106 Soutn water-sL. Chicago. F*Ok SALE—A maanidccnl hotel for lta*e, and ai the furniture, complete, for sale— doing a fli>t-rale bu.laess, located on the Mls«i»slppl River. An extra chance. Inqureat 147 booth Wa ter st.. Chicago. ITOR SALE—The rght kmd ol a man, 1 wishing to invest tram *7,0n0 to 113,000 In an cld established and vcryprottablemsnutartunoe basl new. can hear of an opportunity to purebass the Inter est ol a partner about to retire, by acdiesslng “S B B. Tribune office, Chleaco. F'OR SaLE— Cheap, a first-class bread and pastry bakery, reams and even thing com plete, mih an old established trade often thousand a< Urn per month. Address **P. B F, o. Box S, Chicago, 111. f?OR SALE—Stock, lease and fixtures ol X? a good grocery store. iSCIUIsoU-st. F'OK SALE—Lease, stock and fixtures ol a well-establUhert retail gtoeeiy builneis. The •tore has firvt-eiasa nztnres. and Is one oi the largest In the city. Cental required, 19,000. Address, tor one seek, •*A H.**Trlpaneoffice. I7OR RAT.P—Or Partner Wanted—A F fine coffee restaurant, wtee, liquor and taxer beer -alooc, in tbs centre of busings. Terms win be made satlsfkctory to a good business man,either as a partner in the rD»ioess. or to sell nut -aMrety. Inqntre of JON4B, DUNDY a TaYLOB, Boom 12 Methodist church Block, Chicago. FOK SALE—Lease and furniture of a hoteL at a great bargain—central location, solen oid building, good furniture, has an established trade. GILPKBTA BENEDICT. 138Clark-su,Boom7. P)K SALE—HaIt or whole interest in ancstabTsbed ladles* and gents* restaurant; no* dertolng improvements. Will soon be one of the most derail in me city. A business of several thousand do lars per mocthcan be realized at large pr.flta. csrr t>e purtlasedal one-third less man any similar prom eity, as th- parti fa ar>- cotfined to other bu‘mea*. GILBERT A BENEDICT. 139 Ulart«t* Room 7. F'OR SALE—Vinegar Work?, with all the latest Improvements, compels.nx steam holler, trash tubs, fermenting fobs. Ac* all of which Is in per fect working order, oy which vinegar can be made trom core.»orghum or elder, at a veiy low price. Tail |. a rare dunce, and cne that U seldom met with. Sat isfactory reasons given for seeing. Inquire at No. 30 North Pearbom-st., between 880 and l£so a. m. FOR SALE—Owing to the death ol the oroprletpr, a liquor store and bar in Blooming ton. 111. Has a good custom, and is a first-rate chance for a man with unali caplUL Apply to bCHWAB, McQCAIP A SMITH. 191 South Water-st* or Lock Drawer 109. B.oomlngton. FOR SALE—At 121-2 per cent discount, for rash, s'oek of drygoods, readv madeciotntnr, hate and caps, boon ana *c< es. groceries, crockery and glassware, wine, wine plants. For partlcolira. call on or accressN. A. EATON, 164 West Twdflh-st* for •JO days. T7OR bALE—A No. 1 lamily grocery P store cn the ttnmh Side, we'l establlsbea aud do fLgahn*tne««o( fl 3 per dsy. For further particulars, apply to SNELL A EVANS. 100 Madtson-st* Boom 4. T?OR aALE—Tne lease and fixtures ol a X 1 first-class store, situated on Dearborn-st* south rTWashlngtoo-st. Apply tu SNELL A B7ANB, 100 Maalson-st* Room 4. FOR SALE A legitimate business, worth fio.ootiantually. lias been established In this city for the Last? years. Tbepieaent proprietor 1* rettmcrromthebasintßß,acdl'BOlngto leave. The ntstos references can be given a* to the business. Call at Boom 14. No. 13.1 booth Ciark-tt. Pianos. RENT—Pianos, Or cans and Melo- X deona; also, new and second-hand Pianos for aa e 2rite ie J , ** Tn * ,Dt ** tewived la ißitallments. W. W. KIMBALL, 63 Waahtngtoo-st. tTOR &»ALE—A Steinway Pnno, in good blatqfL^ 1 " nce 4400. Apply at floor store, 407 Uaanteo-iaaU Help. BMHimu, uiuniD Ac. T\T ANTED—a first cUsa salesman m ▼ T a wholesale boot and aboo atore; one who can Influence trade It. Wiscosala aid' lowa preferred. To tbe rikbtmtn a liberal talarr will lie paid. Appiy ta peitcn toMANN a DEALS. No. 91 BnrsML,Mll. waakee, ITU. TXT ANTED—Two jonng men, itom 15 If m3O years ol tee. unit write veil and be eor> leetatflanret. Apply at KINSLHiM. WANTED —100 smart, energetic, lire men ts aell one of the beat d-imeeQe article* *Ter offered tor sale. Ilaa no competitive. Erery family want* from two to a dozen. profit very larve. call lm mediately at 184 oonlhC art-«L, Boom 9,-np tutra. J. H. NABON. TXT ANTED —Business men of mature Vt age and ability, to act aa asler men. Mutten. gage at once, lor one y*sr or longer. J. fl. JONES, over I'iJ Dtarborr-st.. Chicago. \X7ANTED —a bright, active colored W takecar,oftarmge Uara. Onooarl tobonea None otber need apply. Call at office ot KINO A BROIL, south end Canal at. WANTED —A salesman in a dry goodi store, to a tows ol 4,000 Inhabitant*. One wanted that can loan hit employer from S4OO to SBOO. Addreaa “J.'* Box 333. flhefbyrlle Ind. \J\7 ANi ED—ln the office ol a wholesale V V boose, a boy or yontb wbo Is quick and sccu rete at Qgnres. Adams, In handwriting ot applicant. with refcrctces, p.O Box 1064, TRADES, \\/ ANTED—Gardener—A thorough, V V practical man. capable of taking the charge ot a *loie and urcbideons collection. U.M. THOMPSON. 314 atd 316 boath Water-st. WANTED —A middle-aged man, ac enstrmed to horse*, gardening and general work. Apply, trom 10 to U o’clock a. m,at 63 South Water * T . aaaantco-jFtmale SAEaESWOrtIEN, TRADES* *l, \\J ANTED—Wet Nurse. A healthy V » wet none, with rood recommendatlon«.wante3. Apply to DR. B. L. UEA, lltf Ctazk-aL, between 9 aid 11a.m. ANTED—a .Milliner—One who ihy- V V roneh’y nndemands inmmlng, to take charge of a ftiit-class boose. Most be thoroughly posted In the styles, and c mewdl recommendedior cnara.ter, honesty asd amity. Good waaea and steady work. Addnaa^HP,"P.O.Box93, Bcominytoa,ul. TXT ANTED—A lady lo take the charge Ty and care cf rwo children. In the counter. Tne cnliarcn are 3 and 5 years of age. A certoo wbo un aerstandt German preierred. Good references re quired. Adores*, gimg particulars, "AB," Chicago WANTED— Good operators on the Wheeler & Wilson machine. Apply Immediate ly, «t 348 Staic-at. TXT ANTED —Expciienccd shirtmakero, VV with the Wheeler AWi ion machine. Apply at No. 60 SAte-sL TXT ANTED—An experienced laundress. VV Ocequaltned to take charge. Beferenes re gnlred. Apply at No. 60 Statc-it. TXT ANTED—A talioress at No. 2D North V > State-at. HOUSE SSKV&NTS, Wf AN TED—A pood cook —English or Tl Cacaalan preferred. One whokniwahow to motl can bring good city reference*. Apply at 667 Mlchlgan-av. 4 WANTED —A good rcltale girl to do k nerai l-cufewo. k lor a a nail fea.tly. Good re mrencts required. Apply at No. ISO North Dear born et. WANTED— At 660 Wabasb-av., a good _ kitchen girl. Baferencca required. TXT ANTED—A cirl lor housework. Tl German. >’crwi*cmh or Swiss preltered. tab*. rsi wages paid. Coil at 3HO West Van Rnren-st. TXT ANTED—A middle-aged woman or tl widow, to do hontework ami nora-* a sick wo. man. |5 per week will be paid to a person prooerly experte: ced and recommended. Apply to GEORGE 4 Clark-st. WANTED —An Enciish or German girl, cot over 17 years old, at 191 Wabaah-ar. WANTED— A good servant gxr), to do general homework. None teed apply without rood reference. No Irish warned. Apply between the hours of 10 a. m. and 4 p. m., at US rark-av. SElantra—ißistsllanEDts. TXTANTED—To exchange a chance to V t make a fottnne la Pentiyivanla, Minnesota, ailfioon or lilm .li. lor horses, carriages, real estate or cash. A. C.BItOWN 4 CO.! 12S Lakc-st. TXT ANTED—To exchance a valuable , v.T... patent In the States of Pennsylvania, Mary land. > irgmia and Kentucky, for horrea, carnages, dry gcods. groceries, clothing, g*dd or silver watches, pianos, sewing machines, reai estate or greenbacks, lo mentf trade herct* aitne chance, a* the invention Is me of the best in market—-ells rapMir,proflt»larg.*. Call on cr addrersCH A-. MESSENuEiL 9S Waihlng ton-tc. Room Send $2 tor sample, cr stamp tor cir cular. Agents wanted. TXT ANTED—SS,OOO to SIO,OOO worth of v , bcou and ihoei,clothlog<.rgrocarlea.fpr which will be paid store ana i.»t, $3,500. brinring m sy»o runt; $> IXO real estate benda. bringing In M per cent: s3,y>o cash. Address T. EDWARDS. Box 1606. TX7 ANTED—3ladame (Jantield invites v ■ all ladies to brine their own materials for dress es, and have them made hi tne latest fashion, from $1 upwards. Also, tor ladles and dresstaak-rs to try her practical working dress ratterns. cut to fit for 13 cents opwarce. 210 West Lake-su near Halstud. TXT ANTED—To invest S6OO in some v 1 kind of business, with my own labrr. as partner orotherwlre. by * stesdy, indnitrtom man. Apnll canto mast state its baalnes*. Address *U F,” Chica go F. O. TXTANTED—It sold low, a News and T V Stationery Depot, in a good location, or wbrre the rostom is remunerative and n*rraa’'cnt. and cana ble of extension, 155 North Clark-st. V TXTANTED—Qcod men in every conn- T T ty In the West, to sell Johnson’s Copper Lignt- Dlogßod. No rod vss ever received with such udi venai favor as this, combining, as it does, the conduct ing power of coppei with the strength of tholron rod. Our agents list season cleared trom S3OO io SXO oer SHAW. 166Lakp a .L PWel “ d PrtC * lbt * nEN * TXT ANTED—To purchase the stock and X v .» barne»» shop, iitnated In a tiwn of at least 3,00) Inhabitant*. Addm» F. B. MILLS, Ma rngo, lowa co n lowa. TX7 ANTED—To a man ol means, lame .X,.>,.i DdD £ fm S: nr, .. offl T'i* ln • bn »3CM now Welle*, tabllfbed. lor birtb.r n «r <pir •• Uu w—. Randolph immediately. WAUTKD —Distillers or wholesale llonrr dealers to lend their aidress to P. F. Kennedy, 20H Shfrman-it., tod near of tomettlair U> their idtaiUge. W 7 All TED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 Y * salesmen, 1 conductor. I nrakemeo, 1 fireman. 1 Porter. 3 drtvtrs, 2 expressmen. Aoply at (loom 1.1. ‘ullcrton Block. 02 Dvarborn-sL Applicants oy mail ■derm J. Si. MUUtth ft CO* Box ] 707, e.closlmt 10 ccau fai reply. \\J ANTED—This day—2o chopr ers, at v. * ft. 15 per cord t4O men to go Bomb, taper dsy and board. Apply at No. IQQ MsduoasL. Itoom 4. WANTED —An energetic man with mV? 0 .* 0 rWto engage la a money making biisl ness, ft ill bear strict Investigation. Apply at 104 South Llavk-sL, Room .*l. fioro 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. \\T ANTED—To purchase, a second* ,Y,Y hand Fsrrar Bnriscing IManer.aitrSMnch. ACdnss DAVID OOODWILLIB ft CO. ANTED—A paitnerchip in a wood 7.J Twd. byaTcmrgtnanwrorwnfttrtilshmeaup, with experience. For particulars address “U O.” Trl* bate office, with name and location. Wf ANTED—A gcod fecoml-hand conn AJto..i?u!u" W x1?Ko?' 1 \\T ANTED—Immediately— Ono good J ,? . CD<l m * n one fint violinist, on* second Tlollniit, one good bassn. nnd one female dancer and comfdimn*. to g a ihort dls'anre from tfie city, par In advance. Addreas -J T W," Trtotmo office. \^7ANTED—Even one to call and cx y\ amine WICKHAM’S BUPOLAK ALARM. Stale, county and e ly rights Itor site. Terms to suit all. Also, single alarm* lor isle. Can be seen in op- ISi!;ras.?Scojm!' lJ3I *“° or °* l - 11. “P Wf ANTED—A man to sell nn article V ▼ that pays three hundred per cent prolU; some capital required, by wbteh a »ih*«i Plloofmrnev can l< made in a snort time. Wilfbear the strictest Invea. tlgstlun. Call at 90 Monroe-it., Room a. T\rANTED —Three oi lour active men m canvassers far advertisements. Apply to W. C. CllAl MAN, Garden City Hotel Reading-mom,from tu to Uo clock trlday morning. \\T ANTED—To collect servants extra V v. pay lor alt officers In the servl-e May l«L HfU. and March W. ISC3. A. GOODRICH, Attorney at Law! 12U Dcarborn-st., Ittom 2- ffijaantea-aLo iicnt. \\T ANT^D—To Rent—By a prompt* T V paying tenant, a small cottage, or six or revrn rooms, cn the South bide ana ecnveafcnl to the Tribune c r.-»£l’ hPr or utUartdihed- Addrtes -L £ C,” Tribune office. XA7 ANTED—To Rent—A bmJdimr.witb V y engine and machinery, suitable for a f&d mUI or the manufacture of kiln-dried corn meal. Any party hsyirg auch a building to rent can address p.o. Box COM). TXT ANTED—To Rent—Counting room V Y sntnon ou South Water-sL or vicinity. Ad* \Af ANTED—To Rent—An office on the V v Booth side, cast of Wells-st. and north ot Ran dciph st. Address - o £.•• Tribune office. WANTED —To Rent —By a dress* trsKer, a plainly furnished front room, soluble orbaslnes*. A&dress Mrs. Tribune office. \\T ANTED—To Rent—A nice, medi ,v y cm-sltcd bouse. In a good neighborhood, by a famUy con-liilcg of man aud wife. Am wuilag to nay tot wbai weeet. Hcwession mostbe bad immsdlans 0 CICCC P IE. \\T ANTED—To Rent—On the West Y Y bids, in a private faml y and In a rood location, araltecf jcttlsbed room*, with board, tor t emieman acd wire. Addrrst, stating terms nor tltnlars, **U B G, ** Tribune office. **** WANTED —To Kent—By a gentleman and wife, two or three rcoms for hcntektepins. m a privatefamily. AaatSi,with terms. Drawer 6201,1*. O. TX7ANTED—To Kent One or two Tv rrom* (InraDhed preferred) centrally located. BQllahle for carrying on cloak and dressmaking. Ad drees, stating Reality and farms, “O F," Tribune office. fHactiners. I7OR SALE—Tfiree 8-noree power up f right engtn«s: sso six horizontal engines, S, U atd 13-hone power. Larger or smaller engines mr wished with or without boners. 12.15,16 aad»-hor*r mbuiar and locomotive boilers for aal*, best mat* Also one i-roiler Union Matcher ard Plamng Machine Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, Iro: D>anrrs. belong. saws, files. Ac. Machinery Depot, a*- OEEBNLS& BROS. A CO. J/OR SALE—Portable engines and boil- era. 10 to NVhuse iwwer. at very low prices, bv GRIFFIN BROS* 116 La9alle-st* opposite Chamber ol Commerce. |7*OK SALE—A second-hand Buckle) r folding machine—la good condition. Price, Uw Apply to TKIOUNF COMPANY. F'OK SALE—Portable engine?, station ary and on wheels, 10 and 12-1 orse_power. oooiid and tor sale at low prices, by TBE PESHTIGO CO.. North Wmter-st* North Pier. ¥?OR >A i.K—Woodworth Planing and JC Matching Machines of different styl-s ana sizes; one Ct-inch Surfaeer; a lull aaaortm-nt of Sash, Doot and Blind Machinery, Moulding Machines, Wood Lathes, Scroll Saws. Re-t,\wme Machines, Saw Arbors. Ac* Ac.; al»o. machinery for iron work—Enelns Lathes. Planers. Cnrlght Drill*, Merrlmsn’a Patent Belt Cutters, Davu* Patent Bolt Headers, Bralaam*s Fatert V!»e»—all at maunfhetenrs* prices, trelxh: ad ded. Cmmlan sen on application. MERRIMAN & WRIGHT. 14 Wells-st. FOR SALE—Two second-hand iron Isthes, one seemd-band Iron jilanei, one second hand Smith's wood snrfkcep—all Eastern manufacture —a splendid bargain for some one; two Woodworth planers and matebm. two F*rrar surfacers. one «croil saw, three monld'Bg machlnre, one snspios eaihlne, one IC-horte power por f able steam engine, with ts* largest and best asrortmeut ol Iron and wood-working machinery tube fontd in the Northwest, will oe »>la atlor fiacres,by HAWKINS A JAMES. 34 South Wei U-st. Drrsnnal. TJEIiSOKAL—A gentleman between V thlrtT and to»ty years ofaee. With a espiul ol a few thousand dollars, wishes to maze acquaintance with an nr married ndy or wluow wurtd co at COO OMect to get a partier through lile. *?d’e*i. Strages ana Stolen. CTKn-TED—Or stolen on the26:bnlt, o area and white cow—straight borns-fivc or six rears old. Ibe flaoer wl]’ be liberally rewarded on leaving her at No. 801 Miehtgan av. TKA YEi)—Or stolen—Twenty do Jar* Wert Erls street, two cow. one white with red streaks, the other red. Waite about one month Dora calm*. gintattona Eg^rnoT nuRR. CiTDATION-Wanted, by anl^ bookkMp r. In i> .Holia. or tobM,. J* n ‘ tjcCeriUn/ls German, (teat elt> a ’* >o, ue. nlurunoMrcL u «?| 59«2n22!fS 9 «2n22!f «Ssl dr cat T K.* < rrtiinae ones. QlTUA'liON—Wanted—As O ter. leamater. or la any other caoantr P° r * —Uaniwl, In an OeocrU tlxucgisi. Befrreocea cltm. ArttirZ..^ 1 * B,^lncsrr Treaont Ucnw. * 3 SXai '!££. s»>sjtg £>n.«.|l imfTiillj- tin-fm. g!m Vtf;S o : 0r ?J;*»? "BTX."Trltm«i office" AMra, ft IT UAT lON—Wanted, by a vegetable farderer. rowoik a nm-clais ve^UbV~i u ‘ e Addreaa“BWX."Trlboneoffice. TeseuWe CITUA.TION—Wanted, by a yonnsmr, lO who baa bad four yean* expenrace In tS 2?. 11 and Coar com mlwion trade East. Ta a enort a^LE!* lO ard salesman. Woeld takaa AfldreM “Jr Tribune onto, for S£<rs„,. ,llaM; '-»- FBSULKt, QITUATION—Wanted, as cunk, bTla O American woman: baa tad six yean’e’-ii-iJr* In a fr»t-cJaa* hotel In New England. cubed. Addrasn *♦ COOK," Tribune office.”* ns * ,sr ' SITUATION—Wanted, in private hml- IO Res. odo drer> making or plain Sewing, juTtl tewing machine. Apply at 330 CottageCra£ SITUATION— Wanted,as HSTdaS coot in • bold, rcuenut irlnMoi bo,mnS 5m "'"'irtfcJS JnS w ““ toon mga. acj™, SITUATION— Wanted, dy a German Protestant girl, to do chamber work ana plain*,* wg. Address, staling wages, Ae,“E V Tribune QITUATION—Wanted, ina private tarn- Jp Ur. by a Trench widow lady. Protestant. h», . little girl lour years of age. Wlsh« to do c-amb#i workorsewlng.ortbc general homework ot a ia?i tamlly. Address Mias A E.” Tribune once. 34,1 QITUATION —Wasted, Dyayoune lady O to do plain sewing. Is an expertecc-d operatw on Singer's hewing Machine. Plaaas direct to*' iii4s C A,” Tribute office. 133 QITUATION —Wanted—By a rea,?ccts- LJ hiegtrLas second girl or none. Rcftrrcww *i T . cn If required. Inquire at 665 West MadUoa-»t. agents 46ENTS— Wanted—Experienced first clast caavas-cr*. nn'lemra and ladies, bit SHINOTON’B PRAYER AT VALLEY FORUk.- a new and magnibcot at/el ecgnvtn*; price, yrw Has peculiar trtcommrndatloßs wblcbcause utobe admired by every American, cf whatever sector p*m Agents everywhere arc meeting with nnparaii»ie,i iu i* ceaa. Pablishera’ hlg«e«t commliSloa given. *,j dress. S.». BoYDEN, 73 Calcaao, lu. A GENTS—Wanted Gentlemen and il ladies throughout the United Mate* for oe» new Boot, ‘•IJVEbof the PRESIDENTS,' £mn Wuh- Ington to Johnson, by J.b.C. AbtnU, the great sum. rlan. Complete in one .arge valam'.snperMyiLu. trated with steel engravings. among which are nor. trait* of the seventeen President*, Dsttj*, scrow. % This U the only work of the kind yet oobllsbed. acd aflords to experienced agent* a rare opportunity ia make money with a splendid hook. ana no comneti. Uon. Exclusive teirltory and publishers' hlghe.l ram. mission given. Book* ready for delivery now s' n DOYDEN, 73 Clark-»U Ch caio. II! * s * ®* A GENTs—‘Wanted—To emrace in the jrLsaleoi “THE HISTORY OP ABRAHAM LIB CDtS AND TOE OVERTHROW OP SLAVERY •••• onevoL. octaTo. ei pages. By Hon. I. N. Arnold! late member of Cr'Ugre**, a<l lor over tventv rnu«* confidential trlend ol Mr. Lincoln. This iTncrtarr work «m undertaken three jiura ago with me an. prcjalol Mr. Lincoln, and la Jail i£ced. It“ i rrady setting ss rapidly as the publishers have h#« able to nil orders. The Oin trillion sold in t*«tv day*. For lull description, opl jloo ol leading nvwt* aed men. and term.*, address the pub Ishets. CL Anna 4 CO., «*Q and M 3 WashingUm-s*.. Chicago. Kh 1 A GENTS— Wanted—Just received, Pol- Jrx. som’s splendid NEW UNDER-FEED LETTKK •A* SEWING iIACOINhS. Pnce ft)- complete with _ Good machines at S3O, $29 and »2S. p. ATKIf. SON, 161 Randulph-st.. Room 6. Chicago, lit. • A GENTB—Wanted—sl2s per month x.Xftcd expenses. Addrcs* SHAW 4 CLARK SEW ING MACHINE CO„ utdcelord. Maine. A Gi.NTs—Wanted—s2s a il-ir. Fil @,£g. ;Kr„ ,rUcl " ,ot Ase ° u - AGENTS— Wanted—600 Agents want ed in a new business. U. ICbTIAW, Alfred. Maine. * A GENTS—Wanted—Bencvo 1 c nee Samples sent free to any address Can be sold by any man. woman or tontb. Rcciramended hr the Chicago ‘Tribute.*’ “Timru,” and ••Uepnlihca*. •* and many of the fimcltlreos of Chicago. Consider vourln mterts and address GOODSPEED * Co M IIS LaWe*c. Chicago. A GEN T&—Wanted, everywhere, to sell Patent White Wire Clothes line*. Can mate fit lo S2O per day. Address “McUHe Clothrs Line Co ” 92 Bcneca-»t.. Cleveland,Ohio. A GEN TS—U anted—Male and leniale— Business at home. No capital reqa!re<l. Active A»ert»canmsßess dallv. Addr-sa. with stamp. S. DEVEREAUX. Dra rer 6-t 12. Chicago m. * Agents —Wanted—^mi to $lO capital, for aprfmatentmon-r-maKlnc bu.«tn>»i at home. »nltab>e lor ladles, c.ergyroea, and teachers, and very dolrable for cold wcaUi't. EnergMlcsgeotsaremaslnefio to S6O t<r we*r. cm on uraddress, with slamts l«r papers. R, WAYVEI.L. •17 Lombard Dlcck. Chicago. A GEN lb— Wanted—Male and female, to Ml a new artir le In great uemamL that every family wonts, u per day made wllh xu leavtor home. Travelling agents c»n mak*- from $3 to S2O per nay. wtihont interfe n rre with ether bostoess. Tne article shows for itself. Saa pies, with terms and oartimlmr* ol the huelcws. sent tor 35 rents. Addnss R. W. CHAPPELL, Drawer 6535. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—For EAR rtETTS x\ LIFE OF LINCOLN. The best, most compi-le and authentic work yet rnblisbed. President Uncola aavlog himself furnisher, for this work a one, the CtcU of his early life. We give 40 per rent, commission and pay Express charges «n to>oks to the agent. Addr m J.». GOODMAN 4 CO., Pu9llshcrv,s Castom Iloase place. Chicago. 111. AGENTa— Wanted—For “ WOMAN’S WORK IN THE CIVIL WAR- Thla work, prepared ot.der (he sanction and approval »< t'.o Lnlted States Sanitary Crmmaslo% the Wettorn Sat Itary CommiMlvD ana the Cnnstiac CommUst->D. will be the non complete and Interming work of the kind pnbllihcd. It will contain sketches of nearly two huedred Umrs, notice* of about four hnnlrrd other*, and a just trlbou tothfl ttoosaad# of hernia— ssr*s »■ w. S agents. Good. et*rsctte ogvrta can make fr>m SIM to $1!0 p*r month. Address ZEUrLF.iI, McCURDY 4 Lombard Block, Chicago, 111. A GENTS—Wanted—For the new /A »or». "WOMEN OF THE WAR." by Fr»n« Moore. Pars T. t*. Arthur. In Un Bom* Vaa-uint, Bhilodelrhls: »• Without Inst such a Ixk k our recent of tte |%tecivil war would bo incomplete: and I sm pleased to know that the work of preparing tue volume has been crmmlltMl to one so couipetcoL to sH respects.a* the author of “The Rebellion Record,* - 1 lru*l the book will have a Urge sale, far It is a o*ilne tribute to nba* d ■ fnoolc women, who far their ewan try’s and humaalty’s sake, counted tot ihclrlitM tear.” F-r an agency call on. or address. Ik t. 1 HEAT. Publisher. 117 South I'lark-sL. Ch-eago. A GENTs—Wonted—For “The Lite and Campaigns of Uen. Robert R. Lee.*’ St..i fcr c rcnlai*, and see our terms aad a fall ce-crmtl >n ol tie work. Addroas NAiIONAL PCBUbIII.VU CO, No. 10 Lombard Block, Chicago. 111. AGENTS— Wanted—To sell article* in dispensable*'* every larally. Every travelling agent and cauvMsersktmld carry them. r-erd r.irclr cniats, termp, ftp. Samn'c* »rr.t far twentr-Dreeci is. A man wnnted to taae order* from at■*••»••* In this city. Address M. E. PIERCE, Doz 2394, Chicago.| ISourtunn larce, llnelv lur o otna. suitable for a mm ami id-wlf'.w tocTt hlW,,ro ' Terms modethte. Apply it 30Nrul- I^OaKDINU —I wo large, uniimi'Miw! ♦f J? 11 if* let, with bosrrt.tach sulUhl' lur a gee* tiemao and bis wife, at 203 West Hadlson-t. I HOARDING A laige, nnturnisneil _• A' o ”®* °r»mte of raoms.l-vfgentleman <an<l wife SI. l . W v ,B|r e with board. *?> tUi W,wl Mils, For particulars, address I*. O. Hot T>OARDINQ—A pleasant su*ic nl tront ,f J•" rent, with board, at 2lf) Itctereocca required. I>OARDING—Two young gentlemen r f * n . b J* mo<lste<l with board and pleasant rcoms. at t»t Adams-cLijUso. two with day b »ard. OOAUbING-Ncatly furnished room?, KoU» W c!ioKtrt” #bo#pl ** u ‘ • 170 "OOARDING—With pleasant rooms, for Ai« V.?..?*.' 1 and wile or two single gentlemen, at Mlo » soaih-ar. Refrrarces required. OOAitDING—A nice suite ot rooms, AJ with flrtt-dssp board, fbr a gentleman and wife; 1-JOARDING—Two pleasant furnished A/w ro ? m f, t . rfnt - with board, at MGO We.t Hsn dolph-st. References required. X^OAKDING—Nice rooms, InrniaUcd JL# and nnfarntabed, to rvnt, with board, at 90 East Usrmon-sL Terms xeasonabie. T>OARDING—Two rooms just vacated, A.J to rent with first-lass board, to‘gentlemen. A tew dsy boarders can also be accommodated. 200 Randolpn-aL, next to Metropolitan Hotel. T>OARDING—A gentleman and wile JL# can obtain a large roam, famished or atluraua ed. In a private famtly, by calling at 6X4 Laxe-sL Cars pass the door. Parties in boilnesi. only, seed ap ply. ** OOARDlNG—DesiraWeroom for a gen- JJUemir and wlft, with flrst-c'ass boaid: also, oce single room and aceommodalluns lor a few day board* ers. Apply at 297 Mlchlgan-st. ■DOAKDlNG—Gentkmen desirous of a F# comf irtable, e'egant front rooms and excel lent beard, tn a respectable lamtly. living oa Waba-h* av., net very fat from Feat office. B*st refarenct**re* qnlred. Afldreaa-C.”F.O. Box 1320. OOARDING—A suite of rooms to let, X> with toard. Apply at 92CK Mlchlgaa-sv. OOARDiNO—A pleasant front room, asmatl room ©a, with board, may be bad at •I J Tmra-tv., where the comforts of a home may N* enjoyed. R nlthed or unftrnlshetCeafe^^taSlS^^lSV 8 mao and wife, or two stogie gentlemen, wuh a l the freedom <T home, as 1: private lamUy. Call at 843 We»t Lake-st* between Feona and Sangaraon-sts. 130 arli affilamro. POARD —In a private lamdv, bv gen tleman and wife. Boamaodsalteortroctruoms, antniniih'd. Wesifclde prdsired. AadresP.O. box 1773. BOARD— A gentleman and wife desire beard and rooms In a nrlvatc fitmllr. within a :*w blocks of the Post Office. Address ••BOARD.'* P. O. Drawer 60ft3. Partners gsaaitteo. PARTNER —Wanted—A roan who has 19.CC0 la money, and d-slres to Invest la the rutaU Qiygffds or groceries, in a country town ol a*wnt iOOlnhablTaiu. can have a nr-t opportunity to do so. and sell coooscily fir cash. If the party u acceptable, by addressing I*, u. jtox lb 73. PARTNER —Sauted—With sl,oot cap ital. to Join ire In the saddlery and harness bod t« st, in the be»t city In lowa. Addxesa Box 38. Cedar Baplos, lowa. "PARTNER Wanted —An energetic I mar. with f3OO, to -ake a half intaeat man es tablished bn ircss, nsyler a large profit, add.t »t SPEER A BRO.'S. 107 South CiVt. PARTNER Wanted With some ready means, to take an Interest in an honorable and legitimate bnsuFss. Apply t> T S. BARER, 184 Randoiph-st., Boom 1, tor full particulars. PARTNER —Wanted—This day, with a small capital, to take a halt Interest la a No- I oaring busit-eas. well erabUahed. Apply at 100 Maoteoo-st., Boom 4. vv 3 PARTNER— Wanted—We have two houses that want partners *l'h » capital ol fl.vuilawhst appears to us to he *o**l paying business. ARTHUR A BOYDEN, 210 Slate «♦ fßorses. Cartiaats, WANTED— A good, serviceable, sec csd hand leather-’op baggy. Adure*» “A G c. Hotel, for three rays, stating lows** WANTED— Family burse, coodsize . One osed to the city. Apply to 3100 BEA n i la HNa. 4 9 LaSaUe-st. _ WANThJ) —A good top-buegv and single harness. Apbly to J. B. KEELkB* 1 benut Ciari-st. 170 R SALE—A team ot A No. 1 mnlcs. F Call at 4 3 West Icdlana-st., where thi caa be seen. Call at once. TJ'OH SALE—A pair ol fine, large Jar F hones. wtU roa’ched. stvlteh, »od satejiir *•* By team; also carriage and t arces<. Will ne *oJ • “ • Inquire of S. P. FARRINGTON, ol Par. Allen A T?OR SALE—Jnst amved, a cailnad M £ 8812%r e. u i.. ■WABO.