Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 2, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 2, 1867 Page 1
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MffllCEfiPl Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. Garibaldi's Sons Enlisted in the Cause of the Cretans. The Report of English Mediation in South American Affairs Untrue. PROM WAffINGTd Nomination of Senator Wade as Yice President Pro Tern. The President Still Withholds his Veto of the Keconstruction Dill. 'The Colorado Bill Fails to Pass Over the Executive Veto. Passage of the Internal Revenue Bill in the Senate. Tbe House Non-Concurs and a Committee of Conference Asked. Conference Committee's Report on the Bankrupt Bill Agreed to in the House. FROM SPRLVGFISLD. Departure of legislators and Settling np of Unfinished Business. General Adoption of the Ccn. tul System in the Prin cipal Commer cial Cities. FROM EUROPE. BV OCEAN TELEGRAPH. GREAT IJRITAIN, London, March I—Noon. The KorlU American Confederation Bill jus been read twice in the House of Com mons. Arlcmus Ward is very ill at Southampton. His life Is despaired of. London, March l—Eveninir. Lord Stanley,Secretary : for Foreign Affairs, in answer to an inquiry made in the Com . inons to night, stated that neither Brazil nor Paraguay ever invoked the mediation of Eng land. ” THE YOUNGER GARIBALDIS. Venice, March 1. Caribaldl’s sons hive gone to Candla to help the Cretans. STEAMER ARRIVED. Havre. March 1. Steamer from New York has ar rived,. j Lcleat Foreign Markets. riJIANCIAL. Consols, 01 ; Erie. CC«S ; illimls Central. 76u L--Jt8 t 7S*. 14 Lonios, March I—Evening, f onsojg closed al 9i for money; &-so* at 73J£* Central at 7C»$, and E*lc «t 3CJS. ’ Paris, March 2—Evenin'*. ’ American Bond?, 82“^. * FnAKKFORT, March l-Evenlnir. , t United' Staled Bonds, “Cjj. COIUUICIAL. Lrvmpoon, March I.—Noon. The Staler*' Circular reports sales of enfon for the week at53.0C0 bales. Theroarkcthas been generally dull, and prices fell off conslaerahly, bur stiffened at the close. They opened to-day firm for middling nplands at 13-cd. InrtcrooL, March I—Evenin'*. Cotton closed firm, 13$d for middling uplands; for Orlea: a. Sales amonnted to 10.UHI bales BreadetuOs dull. CornsoldlL.-dayai3ts3il. * Provisions firm. Petrolenn.qnoted at ls7d. FKOM WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to the Cbicaco Tribune.] Washington, March 1. THE IMPEACHMENT COMMITTEE meet to-morrow morning to consider the question of making a report on the matter entrusted to them by the House. Two of the members have drawn np an instrument iu the form of a report, which will he laid before the other members for their accep tance, rejection or modification. The report, whether this or another draft be adopted’ will be Tory brief and of a preliminary charater, but will probably indicate in some what general terms the nature of the evi dence already taken. The two gentlemen who have agreed upon this paper arc in favor of recommending a continuance of the inves tigation at the next session, and it Is likely, though not certain, that the other Republican members of the committee will coincide in this view. Whether the re port will be presented to the House to-mor row or on Monday will depend upon the ac tion in the morning. THE RECONSTRUCTION VETO was read before the Cabinet at noon to-day, and it is understood that it led to some de bate. The President was still at work upon the document at four o’clock, and there is much speculation as to the cause of his de lay in sending it to the House. The impression pretty generally prevailed at dark that it would come up this evening, and the galleries were crowded till after ten o’clock with persons who wanted to hear it read, hut they were obliged to go home dls appointed. IN THE house. The House was very noisy this evenin'*. The business on the Speaker’s table was taken up at eight o’clock, and during the next two boors and a half a large number of bills from the Senate were acted upon. The i able was'cleared before adjournment, and the House will be able to takeup the Senate amendment to the Tax BUI to-morrow morning. EXECCTIVB BUSINESS. The Senate, In Executive Session, this af ternoon, confirmed about seventy-fire Lieu tenants In the regular army, twenty five Post masters, Internal Revenue officers, &c. They rejected seventy or eighty civil nominations, mostly Postmasters and Assessors. THE ROCK ISLAND BRIDGE APPROPRIATION. The Housetbis evening relumed to agree with the Senate in appropriating a quarter of a million of dollars for building a bridge at tbe lower end of Rock Island. This mat ter will go to a Conference Committee and may be saved there. THE BANKRUPT BILL came from the Conference Committee at a quarter past ten this evening. They substantially to the bUI as passed by "the Senate, except that ihc' Massachu setts provision in the thirty-seveatb section, struck out in the Senate is now retained. When the report had been explained, the opponents of the bill moved •to table the whole question. There was much excitement during the roll call. The motion was lost by yeas,7l; nays S 3, show ing that the bill will pass if the vote thereon can be reached, lu enemies then began jihbustcrinc to prevent Us passage. THE COLORADO BILL DEFEATED. The Colorado question was cMctually set tled Ibis moraine: by a refusal of the Senate •Without debate, to pass the admission hill over the veto. The vote stood—yeas twenty nine, nays nineteen, the affirmative vote helnjt three less than two-thirds. The Re publicans voting in the negative, were- Edmunds, Fessenden, Foster, Grimes, Ilar ris and Moipm. Mr. Snmoersatin his seat, nnd declined to. vote. The Senators elect irom Colorado have been very earnest and diligent in pressing the bill, and are macli chagrined at its defeat. LEIMiRS AND EFCETERAS FOR TUB WHITE HOUSE. A very spicy debate took place la the House this morning on the question of ap propriating $55,000 for completing repairs aod furnishing the Executive Mansion. All Ihc old and long exploded scanlals ahont 3lr. Lincolns were brought np and turned over and over, and the personal hostility of ■'various gentlemen to Mr. Johnson was ex hibited without much attempt at conceal ment. The proposition was finally agreed o 1).» yeas (13, naysTß, Host of it Is needed to yay bills already made for farnlturc, 4;.. In the hnildlOß and work of paper hanging. department report The monthly report of Director Delavan appeared to-day, hut the last document from that office luring universally acknowledged asau abominable and disgraceful (allure, little confidence is placed Id figures of this. THE NEXT DOORKEEPER. The Illinois delegation, and Mr.Cnllom particularly, ore presenting General C. B. Lippincolt, of that Slate, for Doorkeeper of the House m the next Congress. His gallant career in the army and his personal qualities make his chances for an election very good, especially as the entire soldier interest is concentrated on him. mismanagement. As Indicative of the manner in which the Post Office Department Is managed, it m <y he mentioned that’tbc very costly and profi table advertisement of the annual mail lotting in the South has been given a Colum bia, S. C., paper of such marked disloyalty that It went into mourning last year on the anniversary of Lee’s surrender. • TUB TAX HILL. The Senate, at its afternoon session, was mainly occupied with the Tax Bill. A large number of amendments were made to tbe administrative parts of the revenue law*. A proposition to put sewing machines on tbc free list was decisively rejected. The bill must go to the House again, and ulti mately to a conference committee. THE VICE PRESIDENT PRO TEK. The Republican members of tbo Senate met ic caucus this morning, and nominated Mr. Wade for Acting Vice President, and he will be elected to-morrow. Half a dozen Senators voted for Mr. Fessenden, though be was not a candidate. PENSION CLAIMS. Daring tbe month of February the Com missioner of Pensions admitted tho claims of 5,122 invalids, widows, orphans, etc., for pensions, and rejected 779. One hundred and two bounty laud warrants, covering 10,240 acres, were also issued during the tame period. Most of the members for the new Congress have arrived, and a number of them were on the floor of the House to-day. VICE PRESIDENT PRO TEM. Washington, February 2Si—Tbe Senate Republican caucus, to-day, nominated Sena tor Wade as President of the Senate pro tem by acclamation. Too election will take place to-day or to-morrOW. SCNATORSQIP DECLINED. Governor Swann, of Maryland, has de dint d the United States Seuatorship. FILIBUSTERING CIRCULARS. Two circulars have been widely circulated, the one having In view an armed expedition to develop the mineral resources of Sooora uud Mexico, the other signed by General R. Clay Crawford, Jr., his object being to organize a liberating army of Mexico. These movements do cot receive the sanction of the republican Government of Mexico, which regard them as injurious to the Interests of that country. ROLL OP DONOR. The War Department has published an other roll of honor, being a pamphlet of 351 ]' a £ep. and containing the names of almost 14,000 soldiers who died in the defence of the American Union, interred In New Hamp shire, Massachusetts, Connecticut. New Jer sey, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin Ore con, Maryland, South Carolina, Florida Louisiana. Mississippi, Texas. Missouri, the Mill taiy Division of Mississippi and Territory of Dakota. 1 AN OPINION OP ANDREW JOHNSON, ccntleman who has been a member of e i t8 ’ and who fierved as a General a f m 3%now In Washington, says the President at first Intended to sign the &f ]Ct ] 0 ) “>, BII 'l l,ut afterwards cbSrged his mind and thought he would pocket it in accordance with the advice of Lhe el’dor u i^ a ?. Crwardß ’ he 611111 to would veto it, and the Message would be a strong legal document. The gentleman is of the opinion that Mr. Johnson is totally incana lac of filling the position he occupies, as he !fn!i «« mUCI 4 UDder t . ho control of his (Cabinet and one or two outside “nngs,” and he firmly , I * ieside nt w.iuld have signed Mr >? 1 *? en ,or the Influence of Mr. Seward and Mr. McCulloch. 'The T7 :AK^ aEB C *> mxET HUMOR. The Tier aid's special says: “There wnqn pJJJ?T shington last night that the President contemplates a clean sweep of his Cabinet, with but one exception lilannM to heSc of a«omc y °Sencm‘i P ‘ I “ n 15 J“^tauL THE NEW STATE OF NEBRASKA, Washington, March l.—Tho President l ‘“" ' B ? u ? d “ proclamation declaring and proclaiming the fact that the fundamental conditions Imposed by Congress on the State t ° e P lil, o tba ,‘ st!ltc fo admis mou into the Union, has been ratified and inf’ .^ cd T— at 1110 Emission of said mate into the Union is now complete. LIQUOR FRAUDS DETECTED. Washington, March l.—The Government tiiferi e e R L^ d uumcro ? B Wquor frauds in dU mcaDf ? f 0 new ly invented sac- c ,.‘ a T?, m ®I er !» an( l» in consequence, several distilleries have been seized and closed confirmations. Washington, March I.—The Senate has mas fi tcS ed on^ n °^ ia^ n « miDation3 of Po3t ‘ Anson S vii Wood, Portsmouth, Ohio; Anson 8. Miller, Rock Island, 111.; Horace Chapin, Jacksonville, III.; Edward M? Lu- City; Geo. Peak, Decatur 111 • John H. Trumbull, Monmouth, 111. * M ° J?to - JaS - A - ShI S lc T. -o, “■ L ‘ D “PP> of Illinois, at Glaa mS n nni. t- -Revenue- S.' P. Shcr man. Fifth District lowa. A«*e**or of Internal Revenue —R H Car nahan, Seventh District Illinois. ° m - „ , REJECTIONS. TJe following were rejected, namely : J ostm otftr«—Samucl Hoyt, Sparta Wls nA L :. WWilliam 3, . 11iam 3, Pckm, Illinois • •niiii Carlinville, Illinois; James C Loolidge, Warsaw, Illinois. of 7>rrtfori«_Edwanl Rivera Supcnnlmtmt of Indian Affair*—3. Dwl-ht. c A r , 0j;iOT _ ihomasG . Greyi g nn F^'. Internal Revenue —Franklin Illinois; Levi Stcr- StahDbS, bidhina. IOWa = DaVkllJlrdCa -' Revenue —C. H. Weeks 5|2S DhWct Illinois ; E. JT Boardman Au “ ln D ’ Blowa ' MUmh Ohlo o/ CW0 ""- Lc "' l3 ' c - Hunt, wf *X&SSf /at suprcme «>“«-John .n^nVS^wl- Chotoftr tb ° Cb - COSGItESSIOSAX PUOCEEDISGS. Washington, March 1. SENATE. Mr. SHERMAN moved to discharge tbc Uonof G lhel! mlttC . e -fr° m furtber comddere lion of the House bill to increase the dntv on wool. He then introduced a bill in the Senate o TnSrlf n of l ? c wnol Bcctlon of the •>cnatc Tariff Bill, and moved as an amend SvV°, t o bc j;x Mil,hc sonat ° ann °unced his prefer ence for the House bill, which bis constitu ents were satisfied with. °' ul u Mr. CATTELL said he intended to offer an amendment Increasing the duties on all lm l,Wcnty Per cent, except sugar, iron Co^ee * mo^asßC ®» lumber and railroad , } T^i Tari i r W 1 as t laW «Wc at once, and Jbe Colorado Admission Bill was takenun the vole resulting as follows: ** . . teas. Howe. Spracuo, <’hr> l n,n‘pr Kirkwood, feiewaM, chandler, Lane. Trumbull, Conned', Morrill, Van Winkle, Cragln. Njc, Wade, Crcs-swell, Poland, Willey, ?2S« er l. Pomeroy, Williams, n^Hts^i QTSCn ’ S* msc y, Wilson, Hendricks, Ross, Yates. Sbenaaa - Swan,™’ McDonnell, aaT & Doolittle, Hfodrioks. pSttSon gs?s& joimson ’ msssr- Total—lJ*. bin aSled!” t ' ro ' thirds baTln S voted yea the Mr'tvn!S& RaTcn ? c bni ‘“ionup. tri. moved an amendment Uiv °, n nnd “ ncr tie first of Septem «t o „ c ont8 rer pennd. p ~^ r - HENDERSON moved a snbfitlf nf -herclor that there shall be no tax on cot*on D « ftC l tbe of this act. tic vote. derE ° D 6 araendment lost by a Sir. POMEROY moved to amend Mr Wil son’s amendment by reducing the tax to one cent, which was adopted— 2l against IS ° Mr. Wilson’s amendment as amended br Mr. Pomeroy was adopted—2l to IS. 3 Several unimportant amendments were of fered and rejected. On motion of Mr. SHERMAN an amend ment was adopted, that the tonnage duty on vessels be levied and paid annually. Mr. DAVJS moved to change the whiskey tax to two dollars till October, a dollar and a **»lf till April, and one dollar thereafter. On motion of Mr. HOWARD an amend ment was adopted, that this act shall not meet salts commenced under former acts. ™° lio 2 of Mr. FESSENDEN an amend ment was adopted, that no salt in canity or for otber than purposes restrain lamed In any court. .S’™" 1 , 01 ' 011 of Mr - FESSENDEN, syrup Vif"® '"'f re inclu<M vvilb refined so ffit f,s‘f product of suqar refineries, in tire tav ofonc and a half per cent ad roio- .’i! 1 J hcn rc l >orlcd from Commll tve of the t\ hole to the Senate,which struck ont section thirty-two, relative to tho trins fer of spirits of turpentine without payment o c,^ X ‘°r tbe bondcd warehouse, on the ore e™Vn?o P'°P e , r , bo, ; a «. “0(1 to be treated in spbll™ lj 1 tbc re gardln(f distilled h o «e S J?i ,ercfus^ to bor6c rakes, norse powers, tedders, hames bav forks frcelfstl 1 POrtablc Krhi4lbg mills from the placed°at two cciilfT 113 ngttin amcndci “« d .pS « 35 us in the House bill. ,rce list Leather of all kinds and coat, deer, calf kid, f-heep, horse, hog and dogskins tanned or partially tanned, curried, finished, and in l “®ro u gh, were stricken from the free Hat uirft. 1 * 1 on S*® companies was amended so V;?„ t . tb ? y “r c “nthoriScd to add It to tv to 13 ° f eib,tl “S nontracts, by a vote of St lis^t 0^pi£mos wc re stricken from tha free «v e c ® ufcr eoce Comnlltee the bill lor ihc allotment of Sr. YOL. XX. ££? r^.< ?. u^»C5 was agteed to. The Senate bin will be adopted. Executive session. evening session. Mr. LANE called up the House resolution extending tho jurisdiction of the Court of Claims to cover cases arising under receipts for army stores by tbo Quartermaster of tbo army under General Wallace, during the Morpan raid Into Indlanaand Ohio. The reso lution passed, and goes to the House for concurrence in verbal amendments. Tbo Internal Revenue Bill was taken up. Mr. DAVIS renewed bis amendment rela tive to the tax on whiskey-rejected—U opainst 23. Several now amendments were rejected. The bill passed and goes to the House lor concurrence in the amendments. The Fortification Appropriation Bill was taken up. The section providing that not over fifty per cent of the amount appropriated shall be expended under the fiscal year ending June, ISCS, and tbc residue not to be expended until otherwise ordered, was stricken out. An amendment was adopted authorizing a detail of army and naval officers to test the power of resistance of stone fortifications against heavy guns, and appropriating $250,000 for the construction of barracks at Wlllet’s Point, New York, for the Engineer Corps. The bill passed. Tbc Naval Appropriation Bill was taken up. On motion of Mr. FESSENDEN an amend ment was adopted that naval storekeepers t-hall he:ealter be appointed by the Presi dent, by advice and with the consent of tbc Senate. On motion of Mr. WILSON It was agreed that no workingman in tbc navy yards shad be compelled to give money for political purposes. The bill passed. The Senate refused to reconsider the vote passing the bill establishing the Department of Education.. Tbe report of the Committee cf Confer ence on tbe Indian Appropriation Bill was j-gretd to. Tbc Senate insisted on its amendment to the Internal Revenue Bill, and agreed to tho con Terence asked by tne House. Tbe Senate also insisted on its amendment to the Army Appiopriatlon Bill, and agreed to a Conference Committee. Mr, SHERMAN, from the Committee of Conference on the Legislative Appropriation Bill, reported that they had agreed on nearly all the amendments. Tbc Senate further Insisted on tbc disa greeing amendments, and asked another con ference. Tire Tariff Bill was resumed, but without action on the pending amendment to in crease the duties on all articles except tea coffee, sucar, molasses, coal, and railroad iron, twenty per cent. The Senate at 13:30 adjourned. • SOUSB. Several Conference Committees were an pointed. v The bill to establish certain assay offices, instead of branch mints, at Denver rhArl lotte, North Carolina, and Dahlonega’ Geor gia, -was passed. » u o«A lr r> FlN . CK » from tbe Committee on Roads and Canals, reported back the memorial in reference to the navigation of the Ohio Rlv- ? n ?, tbe was discharged from its further consideration. After some unimportant business the House went into Committee of the Whole on the Dcficlency Bill, which approm-iatea a little over $11,500,000, of which P slo,ooo 000 are lor dcflciencies on accgnnt of pensions for army widows and others. On motion of Mr. SCOFIELD the appro. for * b ronzc doors for the Capitol was si ruck out. CHANLER moved an amendment to be added as a proviso to the clause lor census m this or any other appropriation n 5 monc 5' sbould 1)0 paid to any offl. “ r ° r Government who was a member of any political club or partisan organization and be made a speech is enforcement of his Tl ?7 s vTSSsS enilment waa rejected. Air. KASSON moved an amendment to tbo It riirnld n he P gS d l Dß thllt n 0 mone V under it elirnld be paid to or on account of anv claimant who participated in the late rebel bon or gave It aid or comfort. Adopted. or sSn ™vw- FIELD mOTCd an appropriation ftr E tb D e "SrcbasT oKS” of Mr - LfMoin ’ 6 Mr. SCOiIELD moved a point of order w C as^laMd amCI ‘ dmC, ‘ t ’ “ ni lbo ° b j° oU °“ aD n Eseentive mansion. P Quite a discussion occurred, involvlmr the old subject ot an alleged number of trunks a formor occupant, and the *30.000 previously ap- JS.WhiHfi?™ 11 ex o e mled la refunilsb ilo"„l t" b t . .. Uoll , sc ' r,lh table linen, bed me tbe prCsont occ,ll>ant Mr. PRICE’S motion waa Anally amended for 1 ™ 1 ?9 further payments shall bo made for repairing or furnishing the Eiccutive m?Ucd 1 |o antll i SU ? acoonnt baa been sub milled to a joint committee of Comrrcsa and approved aed then rejeeted-44 toS , ■ THAYER moved to strike out the AmrH?.o h <, a ? pr . opnatln ß «30,000 to aid the American Coloniza'ion Society In furnisbimr Ironsporlation to Liberia. " h .£ Oer debate, farther coasldcration of tbe bill was postponed till evening. .2- .. fonntlng lands to old tbo con “l™ctJon of railroad and telegraph lines ta°“ed. Fninclsco t 0 Hnraboldt Say was , J'' a f. cnat , e bm in reference to persons Im prisoned under sentence for offences against the laws of the United States, allowing a deduction ol one month in each year’s Im l'rmion?“",i;,ooli conduct. Passed. ™~£ Scll . a if V, UI . t 0„ 0x10,1,111,0 time for re- T io re United States lands granted In aid of the construction of railroads in Mich igan was passed. The Senate bill for the relief of inhabit ants of cities and towns on public lands was amended by authorizing corporate authorities'to enter them at the Land Office at a minimum price for the benefit of tbe coiporation. and passed. „, 5, J; c AS I Pi’ELL presented tbe credentials SLnnF^-'f o ’. “ on,bor oloot from the in P b S, stnot ?• Georgia, and Mr. TRIM IILE. like credentials from Mr. Chilton, member elect from Texas. _ EVENING SESSION. wX he ? c V a i? bUI £ or thc rellef of Dempsey Kcis, of Indiana, from a mall contract en tered by mistake, passed. Several District of Columbia bills passed, ftv, »i urn ßo /®™ 5 ?? *° tbe conference report on the bill for allotting Judges of tbe So preme Court. The House recedes from its amendment for the appointment of a United biates Marshal by thc Supreme Court of the District ol Columbia. Mr. STEVENS, from tbe Committee on Appropriations, reported back the Senate amendment tothe Army Appropriation Bill. That of for the Rock Island bridge non-concurred in—S!> I(te ‘ Tba ‘appropriating $150,000 lor buildincs pear Jeffersonville, Ind., as a Gov c,2JiPeD*' ®‘ ore house was non concurred In. The amendment prohibiting whipping or maiming ol persons as punishment for crime m the rebel Stales was concurred in. with “? Inu dment makin * apply to sentences thorite? ry COUrtS “ well “ the civil au- Ponding consideration, Mr. LeBLOND submitted a resolution reciting thc recent yotem the Ohio Legislature; refusing to b J?u C °.V l °l, lbc State Constitution the word white, thereby repudiating tbo action of the Republican majority in Congress, and in struclingHm Committee on Reconstruction to report a bill establishing a military gov erument over the people of the so-called State ol Ohio nutilsnch time as the people thereof adopted a Republican form of cov ernment. (T.anghter.l ** Mr. STEVENS thought he could almost agree to the resolution. He was not anile sure that Ohio should the guaranteed a Re- KsyTvaSr of Government, and also T bo .ffficidmcnt providing for disbanding the mlhtla forcein tbe late rebel States was o ™ oorrod «».- Ttat allowing travelling «- volunteers mustered ont in distant Territories, was concurred in. The amendments being all disposed of a Committee of Conlcrencc was asked on the disagreeing votes. c Mr. .lENCK’S. from the Committee of Con fcrencc on thc Bankrupt Bill, made a report umt the House recede from all disagreement to all Senate amendments except on those from which the Senate is to recede. Mr. MAYNARD moved to lay the confer ence report on the table. Rejected;7l against A motion to adjourn was negatived. The previous question was then seconded, and ihe report qU “ tion OrdCrod 011 s S rceln R to A mc^ r “S tTIiS a W n“ o r„fed Yhe c X. e l 1 9rt of the Conference Committee °*Tho l!Si* rupt Bm . Was flffreed to, 73 to 71. me bmate amendments to the Tax Bill were considered and non-concurred in. A Committee of Conference was asked Adjourned. FROM ST. LOUIS. TliclTlnnntaln Trade-Chlcaso to Have ill© Largest SDare-Ucary Confidence Game—Governor FJetct&er’s Libel Salt —lron Tor tbe horth IQlssoarl Ball, road. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Lotus, Mo., March 2. Preparations for tbc mountain trade are comparatively light, owing to high freights driving tbe trade over the Plains, Accounts from Montana state that large orders have gone to Chicago to bo sent forward by rall .oad nest of Fort Kearney. The Montana was worth three millions of dollars to *t. Louis lost year. The Northwestern For Company have loaded two boats with goods for their posts on the Upper Mississippi Ahcayy confidence game is just discovered uvT^o b 5 *jL ln Btrect merchant is the vie- Toronto Toang female, hailing from Governor Fletcher’s enlt ncuinat tho Ean ing JXvat'h reveals the fact thVt MveSl prominent conservative politicians sre rim. ccined in its ownership. are con The Democrats aic taiklnc of none lint Mcctednert rncmtli?" mmdc *P a ‘ officers to be Over three thousand tons of railroad Iron lavemirived »t Now Orleans for the North Missoni! Railroad. FEO3I SPiUSCFIELD. (Special Despatch to (be Chicago Tribune.] BpncfonxiD, Hi., March I, DEPARTURES, The members of the General Assembly bave nearly all turned their laces homeward, and will be seen here no more for ever, at least not In a legislative capacity. A few scattering ones stiil remain, but to-morrow’s trains will take the last man. UNFINISHED BUSINESS. The Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House, have been very busy in slening bills and auditing accounts, and this business will claim their attention for a week to come, at which lime it is anticipa ted the work will be completed. STATE HOUSE COMMISSIONER, The Governor has not yet appointed a new State House Commissioner in place of Colo nel Wilson. It is understood that the place will be offered to Jacob Bunn, Esq., and that if It Is, he will accept. TREASURY DISBURSEMENTS. General Smith, our new and accomplished State Treasurer, bos had his hands full of business for the past two days. Daring that period he has paid out one hundred and twenty thousand dollars on Legislative ac counts, and expects farther demands to a considerable amount to-morrow. All this work he has done with his own unaided hands. TDE ILLINOIS tt 9T. LOUIS BRIDGE COMPANY organized in this city to day, by the election of the following officers: President, L. B. Boomer, ol Chicago ; Secretary, B. P, Tan* eey, of Alton ; Directors, L. B. Boomer, of Chicago; W. R. Morrison, of Waterloo; George Judd, of Springfield ; H. P, Tansey, of Alton } C. Beckwith, of Chicago. Imme diately after the organization the books were opened, and over five hundred and fifty thousand dollars of stock sub scribed, over two hundred and filly thousand more than the charter calls for to begin with. Eastern capitalists are now offering to supply any amount of capital with which to start the enterprise. The work upon the bridge will be inaugurated immediately by Mr. Boomer, who has the contract for build ing it, and he hopes to have it ready for use in eighteen months. The bridge will con tain a railway track, two double carriage way p, and two foot-ways for each six feet wide. When completed. It will be one of tbe most magnificent and perfect structures of the kind in the United States. ilisH Tbc masquerade at the (jovemor’s Man 6ion last cvenipg was one of rare enjoyment. There was quite a largo attendance of the very beat class of Springfield citizens, with a full representation from Chicago and other points. The dresses were rich, enrions unique, outre, welt calculated to afford ahum dam material for laughter, and a general era of good feeling and pleasurable sensa tu.ns. Moat of the maskers were so com pletely metamorphosed from their natural selves that their most Intimate friends failed to recognize them. This was particularly the case with the Governor’s most estimable wife. FBOM MADISON. Rennlon of Potomac Army Veterans— Slate Bank ClrcnlaUon-Xhe Araenrs of >□ Assembly clerk ana What came or Xnetn* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tclhnno-l Sladibos. Wis., March 1. lucre Is a prospect of a general attend* ance and a very pleasant gathering of the veterans at the Potomac Army reunion here on the 20th. Colonel Chas. D. Robinson Is to deliver tbc address. ♦r?n« m ° nthl y statement of the Bank Comp n.mlC^n! 1 n 0W l th ? t only t hirteea banks con* imue dolng business under the State laws ?n Ut i st^ dmg , circulat lon Is only bfconnd up. l ” 6 “ b ° Ut *° o - 000 of thc sow“l!S‘?i < T.t E!eniblj ' clerk w « roarfally sold last night by iw, who, by corrcspontf “ fictltrous female name, bad brought about a meeting between him and a supposed female personated by a lad in woman s apparel, and when the affair had reached a. crisis.” appeared on thc scene exposed the blushing clerk and made him stand treat liberally to a pretty largo crowd THE STATE LEGISLATURES. WISCONSIN. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribane, j Madison, March l. SENATE, Id the Senate bills were Introduced to pro vide for taking subscriptions to the stock of the Portage and Superior Railroad; to es tablish the salary of the Corresponding Sec reta'y of the Stale Historical Society at one thousand dollars, and Stale Librarian at f . our hundred; to appropriate to the State Bctorai School thirteen thousand dollars for building, and twenty thousand ?i?i 0r CQlTe r nl ff Penses. and to authorize the managers of said school to sell, purchase and exchange lands : to increase the number °I Supervisors of Walworth County. P? Select Committee to whom was re ferred that part ol the Governor’s Message relating to the Atlantic Cable, made a report J ic history of the cntcrpri/eTnd Cv™ s a w at Fi r^i B r , ' es i’- uUo " 8 of tbank » t 0 cyrus tv. Field, f«-r bis perseverance and B “f. cc ' B - and directing the procuring of a suitable medal, to be presented to -Mr. Field by the Governor. One thousand copies of the report were ordered printed. P A majority of the Rallrond Committee re- Jorted on the St. Paul Railroad Bill, allow ing the consolidation, recommending an oS!Ih ? m<!nt . l . llat tbc c °nsolidatlon bo con aned to continuous lines, and that then the diLcntSg! MCSSr8 ‘ Proudflt and Sanderson * b ß ,a were I““« d . to provide for publishing the proceedings of the State Agri cultural Society; to appropriate £IO,OOO to the Superintendent of Public Property to purchase stationery, and J3O to each clergy man who has prayed for the Senate, and meinber of the State Prison Committee, besides several local bills. Assembly bills were concurred in to pro vide for bolding Normal School Institutes tosupply Webster’s Dictionary to the School Districts not having the same; to authorize Racine College to accept bequests, invest njocey, &c., and a large number of local The Assembly bill, requiring legal notices kUled* )Ub5 '^ ed language, was _ 4 ASSEMBLY, in the Assembly, among others, was a pon derous petition for remonstrance against the repeal of the law conferring civil jurisdiction op the County Court of Outagamie County • also to compel the Land Grant Railroad to finish their road. . ''ere introduced to facilitate the building of a railroad from Monroe to Dubu que, through the aid of the Milwaukee & Prairie du Chien Railroad Company ; to re penl the act conferring civil jurisdiction in the County Court of Outagamie ; to amend the law concerning lien on logs and lumber and a score oflocal bills. The Senate Bill, providing for a settlement with Marathon County by taking lands for unpaid taxes, was agreed to. Several Assembly bills, local in character were passed. ’ The vote by which the bill to make the office of County Judge a salaried affair was Killed, was reconsidered, the bill reinstated, atd referred to a select committee of five The Assembly has a session this evening. MICHIGAN. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Trlbtme.] lasbiko, March J. The railroad excitement has quieted down, but will develop anew on the first of the coming week. There has been no agreement on the Convention Bill. The Senate passed a number of railroad bills. The House passed a bill to organize tbe Township of Lincoln, Berrien County. The bill regulating tbe practice of dentistry was lost. « INOIAIU, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbune.l Indianapolis. March 2. SENATE, The following bills were passed; To con solidate tbe stocks and bonds belonging to the School Fund into one non-ncgotlable bond; creating the Eighteenth Judicial Cir cuit; empowering County Boards to convey cemeteries to cities and incorporated towns* amending the School Law, striking out the’ word white; directing State and county offi cers to receive certain certificates as money inpayment for swamp lands; for payment of certain claims against the State held by Morebead, Holt & Co., and Barker & Wright. John 8. Spsnn was elected Trustee of the Blind Asylum : James S. Unit for tho Deaf “nd Dumb Asylum ; John W. Moody for the Insane Hospital—all Trustees of those insti tuuons. The consideration of the Agricultural Collece BUI was indefinitely jWponed! the location this session. i to disfranchise deserters was re act?“ rc&. WUb i ” a ‘ racU " n “ ‘o include - HOUSE. >,n £l°?- presented for a Pro hibitory Liquor Law. The fceiect Committee reported in Civor of appropriating ont of the Stite Treasury ten thousand dollars for bniidln K the Lincoln National Monument, at Sprinitlieid, HI., when one hundred and twonty-iive thou sand dollars shall have been expended in tho erection of tho monument. Concurred in— -49 to 41. The House, by concurrent election, elected tho same trustees for benevolent institutions as the Senate. The following hills passed: Regulating charges for freight by railroad companies * to appropriate fifty thousand dollars from CHICAGO. SATURDAY. MARCH 2, 1867. the township library food j to carry ont pro visions of the act to create a State Nor mal School—GO to 15. The House of Refuge Bill was considered, and various amendments adopted, one of which was to take away the writ of habeas corpus as applied to minors In the Institution, . i?m5 t f. th<! “ !ar r or tho Superintend ent SSOO dollars.pcr year, instead of lour dol lars per day. A bill was introduce! from the Committee or \V ays and Means to provide for taxing the stock of h inks and banking associations. Minnesota. XSpcdal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Paul, March I. The bill setting apart 50,000 acres ©aland and the las on railroad earnings to payths State Railroad bonds passed the Senate to* day. Two Republicans and one Democrat entered a wmtcu protest on the Jonrnal against the measure. J i„ T . l l‘r' l .T ine Li S uor Law was virtually killed ?«iHf«Hv US u4 requiring it to be submitted to the people at the spring iJ,u'™.°, USO ., pa6E , cd the Senate bill to-day cr tending tbe time for the completion of the St. Paul A: W inona Railroad two years. Massachusetts. Boston, March I.— The Committee on Fed eral Relations of the Legislature reported to-day on the question of the adoption of te. a T 0 nd “ ent i° tbe Constitution of the United Slates. The majority recommend Its reference to the next Legislature, and the minority recommend Its adoption, and a res oiunon favoring universal suffrage. There »a a lair probability of the adoption of the minority report. FliOM BLOOMINGTON. A TomutUlp Collector Fall* Among Xlilerce—He la Believed or ftvo Tbi.uw.nd liollara of Hla Ow* and tlio County’s Fand>—Vein of Superior Coal Discovered. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Blooxikgtox, 111., March 1. A few days ago a man named Alex, Coes came into this city to pav i rnn ; rt 4 . Count. th- as Collector of Artowsmith Township, amounting to something over SI,BOO, He bad also a small earn of money ofhls own in his possession. Before going to the office of the Treasurer he went into a notorious gambling house, and fell In with a gang' Bnch dens * soon fleeced him of all the roouej fcad, amounting in all r ft **-out $2.000. • Yesteiday tbeman informed the author!- ties of the circumstances, and a descent was made upon the institution. Four of the swindlers were arrested and brought before Mr. Justice Steele, and lined SIOO each. Measures are being taken to recover the money. A TCln ofcoaKonr feet in thickness, was foudii yesterday, near the northwestern boundary pf the city, at a depth of SO 1 feet. It is said to be a fiae quality. A Vhaft, will be sunk at once. The Common Council inis' ordered an election lobe held on the third Monday'S” April neat, to determine whether the city shall subscribe 837,000 In twenty year bonds to secure the term nua ol the St. LouU pofnt 0 ”'' 111 ” * Chi “S° Naiiroad at this FROM OLNEY, ILL, Deliberate and tilsbolleal mnrdcr—The jnupaerertkroHyexpres.o.hlaSan.rac. Uon TUereat-ralK of Submitting mi. Crse to liTnch Law a [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) _ , Olhet, HI., Starch 1. To-day our town was the ecena of the most fearful tragedy, resulting in the death of one of our most worthy clthteos. A worthless fellow by the name of John Kronger came to town at about three o’clock this after. proceeded immediately to the T T Smith « y r D °“S and , int l uircd Mi .tb’. ,e J >3rtner ln “* at Arm. Ho was told that Mr. S. was not in. He then r cd ? ff ?°"*’7r bc “ attho d oor he met the object of his search, and, without raised a loaded mns ket with n hich he had provided himself and fired. The ball entered the breast passed through the lungs and ont at the fikrk, Mr. Smith lived but about ten min- The murderer was Immediately arrested and is now In custody. He says he came to town on Purpose to kill Jlr. Smith, and that ho accomplished his object and will not try to escape. r *. Mr. Smith was formerly Treasurer of this county, was well respected by all. His chat? actcr as a man was above reproach. Ho leaves a wife and two children. Them u great excitement in town, and some talk of raising a mob to dispose of the prisoner bv Judge Lynch’s court. J FEO3T KEOKOK. Damage to Steamers by Floating Ice—V Hazardous Passage Over iho dan. Ids. L Special Despatch to the CbUago Tribune.]' . Keokuk, March 1. The ice m the river at Fort Madison, twenty miles above here, moved last night

causing considerable damage to shipping op posite Fort Madison, between the two Is lands, where six steamers were lying in win ter quarters. The unusually high water caused the ice to pass through tfee' slouch used as a harbor. The steamer Re=ervo had th! < S.\? et i of B torn away just above it C hT a !^ r i lm s* A f £ rr y boat was carried eight miles down the stream and sunk in *our leet of water. The fine steamer Sucker State, of the Northern line of packets, parted niuc-two and thrce-inch cables and floated half-way over the rapids where she grounded for several hours. V A b°, nt noun to-day during the dense fog the chimneys of the errant boat were di£ cerned trom the wharf. The agents of the line having been notlfled by telegraph, had chartered asteamer, by the aid ot which the cstray craft was brought into port. She had sustained no injury beyond the loss of a few stays and spars. Her hazardous passage of the rapids was favored - by high water. FROM MILWAUKEE. Kercnne Cutler Andrew Johnson being u« llitcd-The Cental System—Another Kofuntlclde. (Sp-cial Despatch to the Chicaco Tribune.] JltLivAcKttn, March 1. The revenue entter Andrew Johnson is be 'Off refitted for work. The appointment of junior officers will be made next month. Another horrible case of infanticide'oc curred in the Seventh Ward, near the lake ffi. r i d!:r k T t‘ 1 a? nt was fonn<l oed “P In a black silk handkerchief, with its head "t? 1 .?- - i'? S kl ? 08 t 0 the Perpetrators. ‘ The Cental System, which took effect to day, will cause some confnsion until it is h a 'v°?' n . nnd understood. One thonssnd bushels to six hundred centals is a ®H T J, or calculating prices until the sys tem becomes familiar. Buyers in the country generally prefer to operate in the old way 1 FROM ST. PAUL. Railroad .Watte rs-Thc Weather-A Paltry Pino for a Grave Offence. ISpcdel Despatch to the Chlraso Trihime.j #4 Sr. Paup, Minn., March 1. At a meeting of the Directors ol the St, Paul & Stillwater Railroad, held at Stillwa ter, yesterday, John McCuslck was elected President, and H. R. Murdock, Secretary The new company intend to put the road through. cXi: d suss? tb " a,ld Elcl?hins in tMa tfyder, who lives of hun dreds ©I citizens by having powder stored in the. heart of the city at the time of the Em mett House fire was fined the paltry sum of twenty dollars. FROM LOUISVILLE. Change of military Commander*—Be lca»e on a Habeas Corpus Writ* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] LonsriLLr, Maicb I. In accordance with orders from the War Department General Jeff. C. Davis relin quished the command of the Military Dis trict of Kentucky to-day. General Sidney Burbank, Colonel of the Second Infantrv sccceds him. ** J. R. Sloanc, who was arrested upon a requisition from the Governor of Missouri, upon the charge of forging a power of atto£ ney by which he obtained $3,000 belongin'- to Dick Myers, of Calloway Connty.Misspnrf was taken before Judge Ballard, of the Uni ted States Court, to-day, upon a writ of habeas corpus, and released from custody FROM SEW YORK. murderer Fxecuted-Death of a Jon*, nalibi— Arrests of Xomtifal Swin dlers. New York, March I.—Wagner, the wife muruercr, was executed to-day. ll Uam?on, proprietor and editor .York Despatch, and a prominent politician, died at New Orleans yesterday. several boys were arrested for presenting boguschccks at the Bull’s Head Bank, two oi which were paid. The supposed forger, who gives the name of Charles U. Johnston was also arrested. MEXICO. Advices from fflnuunoraa to tbe lOtb t Itlmo—Detallsof tl>c Uccent Bncaire ment at tialUiias—lflovemcnU of Jua rez, d;c. Washington, March 1 cation has received offi mtnas, dated the 191' casement of Gcne r Mejia's troops nr it was a very fv Official re' Mira men’s » San Jactni . treated_to 1 - ~ 2 Mexican Lc •» from Mata* ’ -boat the on* -I Gallinas with >io, which shows ‘.J as follows; After • ‘ •* defeat by Escobedo, at uc first Instant, Castillo re •*es with 3,030 men. General uoch», believing them demoralized, seat 800 cavalry .under General Herrera Y. Canro to harraiFs them In the rear. As might be ex pected they were repulsed, General Canro losing twenty of his men, and being himself among the killed. ' h The Mexican Legation has received also ouiclal news from President Juarez, dated Zacatecas, oth ultimo. The President ev {?otcsi t 0 leftVC ** a few for San Luis FROM BOSTON. PfoMWtory Liquor Law—Another Test Case to be mode—Aid for tbe southern Poor—An Incendiary At tempts to Commit Suicide In Court, Boston, March I. — ln the Superior Court yesterday, a question was raised as to the seizure clause of tbe liquor law. viz: That under the Constitution of the United States these seizures cannot be made because It provides that private property cannot be . cn jyithout just compensation. Ames will report the point to the Supreme court for decision, and from there It will doubtless go to the United States Supreme court. Meanwhile, seizure cases will bo suspended. Nearly $16,000 have been subscribed by our citizens in aid of the destitute of the South. Boston, March I.—A man named William U. Ome, convicted to-day at East Cam bridge, of getting Ore to a public building, stabbed himself In court with a jack-knife three times ; two wounds penetrated the lungs, and the other nearly reached the heart. There is scarcely a possibility of his recovery. Montgomery & Co.’s shoe manufactory and the Post Ofllcc were burnt to-day. Loss *15,000 to $20,000. Partially insured. FBOM SAN FRANCISCO. Shipments of Specie and Breadstuff— Arrival. Sax Fraxcisco. February 23.—The U 8. steamer Suwance, from Mazatlan via Cape st. Lus has arrired and reports all quiet in the Gulf of California. The Montana, for Panama. *. i.,. with $757 0001" * ♦ sailed to-day ~ ... treasure—s34l,ooo for New i ork, and $104,000 for Valparaiso. The bal ance of the lading was 8,000 barrels of flour and 3,000 sacks of wheat. Total treasure shipments since January 1. $7,025,000. J ’ The steamship Africa, with passengers, from New York January SO, via Nicaragua, has arrived. FROffl BUFFALO. The Dead Bodies at the Qpanic Trunk Baiiway iiepoi. March I—The five bodies found t 5 £ ar n ls at tl J e Grand Trunk depot appear to be these of paupers who recently died here, and to have been “snatched” for some medical college. Arraignment of Vliginlan Judges for Refusing' , Ke C ro Testimony. New York, March I—7.’ ’ N «w York Traunc. Norfolk spceia,' says''; “The flre °i lh s Corporation Court, "nr. rested yesterday for refusing negro testl r-'.«-; r e arraigned yesterday. A. L. Hill was discharged, it appearin'- that hn from the decision "of the Court. trail-V 11 Tl, Il yU ” 0D m ? n “niong the magis trates. The case was adjourned till to day carti. I ” SpCmde “ t 3 beiDg rcc0 = nlze d in So& NonpOLK, March I.—The magistrate who bonnd d o orCCC,ven(!sro testimony has Ime? S?M” d Dlwct n Co" P r?. Car, ' Cfore t,IC UnlM Hires. ’ ? rarch !•—A fire at Warren, m nm 4'tn y<Ml , propert - r to the amount of r .... Insurance of about 80,033. - V lo ’. Miirch i,—The cordage and ton Ji L ' ory fi-A. Mealy, of Sehogolicoke, was SIO,cS : . Cd by flr ° tbia mornl ”S- Lost Bif^o d r^ d fX^n^d. T ” ,TO ° f Executions. Cdaiiiestox, 3. C., March I—The ne-ro tffis d mnmi- nora -fh roelcr ’ was esecatcd He ad“X.;nfisp,m. wcre few Sl,cclalors - Elmika, N. Y„ March I.—Henry E. Gard- Am^Mnrlae'k 4 t 0 dSy f ° r tbe mnrdcr of Fenian meeting in Pittsburgh, i JTTsnuiioii, March 1-—Alarge and enthu tbo Foalnn Brotherhood, fLM t, l it. bCrU ,"; i "f’ " as llcUl fiere to day nt their hall, on Market street. The mealing was addressed by William McWilliams. P Fatal Quarrel Between Brother*. Cftnad “* March I;—Caotalu J. McQ. rthw m ri e i r n Was ? st ev enln?, and prob rh Jm£I all y w^ Ddc * cl ‘ b J bis brother. Dr. mb ™’ l £ a ? te P nlc about the keys of a store. The Doctor has been arrested. Failure of a Boston Insurance Com< panp, Boston, March I.—The Equitable Eire and Marine dusurance Gorapaoy closed its doors yesterday, in consequence of heavy losses. Ilandin“ I ’“ n 7 WOS of tw “‘T-«'eßt years' Tbc Street Cars—Behavior of Condnc l tors and Pa>MDgen« To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: It is my fortune or misfortune In life to be en cased In such pursuits that I have frequently to of the comforts and conveniences of c i ,ra varloos directions from the business centn eof the city. In satire fommo or misfortune” my thoughts were noon the street care miner than my pSoti tor mlh the latter, if not entirely satisfied, I am at least £ c JL 8 W y Co ,T tent % *«* with the street care 8 ! have had soch 'arlcd experiences, sometimes c W nt < at inhere highly m. ft!™ wi h Sr 1 1. CI u P° n 10 wake oath whether ih C * £?I e a jf°” letl mp wost pleasure or sorrow 1 should hardly know what to say. 1 I have occasionally wondered whether other people have had stmuar thonchts suggested by cenernl observation and experience. Daro they remarked tbe different characteristics of those who ride on Nottb Clark street from * m c ° |°Clytourne avenne; those whoso on the Bine Island cars as distinguished from £''VW 1 ? Ildc 00 Madison or Ran «,iii-:u r .^y hvau H. cc nveaQ e f And do yon not those who nde on Archer road know £««!£* M ki ° A e ' when, by mistake, they have got mnltba load of passengers who drop off id the direction ot Gouace Grove? There is adifferem look to the faces and a diflerent bearing in the manners.of all who daily tiavel on ihSe niS? of 3 ““-KxiJ Terlasitncpatieccc, lam not speaking now of thei habitual grumblers, but from a compari son with experiences in other cities. There la to , a fi rcascr average of sociability and cheerfulness, a greater forbearance with the freaks ol the weather, with the crowds of ladles (who sometimes seem to throng the care at strange honre when gentlemen, weary with the P a >/ toil, are going home to dmnert, with the irritably nrrvotw, and the exuberant spirits ol the young, than can he locnd in any other larce Northern city in the Union, i have sometimes thought that this kindlylspirU on tQe part of our atlzcLs was taken advantage of by the railroad companies, and that the conductors and the dri vers were occasionally forgetful of their duties. ?°K, , S ,1° their employers, out to the public at lanre. In several instances Ihave heard conductors In social conversation with come friend on the rear platform. Introduce a frequent oaih much to the annoyance of ladies who eat near the open doorway. A few days since, wfille riding on a West Side car, on the rear platform, 1 observed a lady walk- Ing quite rapidly through a polling mow storm, and presently some one shouted to stop the car! b , e ,l ne tare. I took the liberty ofpnlllns the strap. There teas «bnn dsiici'iirrMm,snathe d.-lvsr partially stopped, the lady meanwhile hurrying forward/ The car suddenly increased its speed, and again I pulled the strap. The signal was entirely disregarded, and the laay was kit to get home through the storm as best she might. Supposing that the ex cuse for rot stooping would be because the amc ’ l Bnr Priscd to notice W . eßt Madison street we wenlprovokingly slow, ithen related the in cl dertto the conductor. He coolly replied: “Is fkkjtali. -tich things as that occur every day. and it people ain’t worse bothered than that I pness they ji get along I” On another occasion, rectntly, upon the same road, the rondnetor. himself idle ext the rear plat fonn, said to a passenger at Clinton street, “ Mis ler?. \Tr,t. ye p . le P? W forward and cum the switch t to wnlch the astonished myi prolancly replied that he would sec him is porcatory first* and when we leached Halsted street the some wta: corpulent conductor, without Plopping the car, suddenly wedged himself off from the crowd ed platform to adjust the switch, very nearly throwing iwo or three passengers ofi* the car. 3 . 1 bate Incidentally alluded to conductors visit- Ing on the platforms, and 1 regret to say teat their conversaUon sometimes wins their attention from their dotlcs. When a passenger residing, say on Elabtccnth street, on a cold morning hears the distant tinkling bell of rhe approaching car, and by dint of bard running gets within six or seven rods of it as ii crosses tbe street at a speed of «ix or seven miles an bonr, it u excessively annovinc to see tbe conductor in close confabulation with a companion, and unobservant of passengers on the side streets. In this connection, may I add that some accustomed to travelling on West Madi son street and taking the car from one to six blocks west ol Hah ted, complain about being lelt ochlnd because tbe driver desires to get ahead of •‘Bine Island 1 at the switch? It’s Jolly fan for those who are on, but doleful to thOiC who bare business awaiting themdown town. There are some exceedingly unpleasant situa tions in street-car travelling, the most provoking fettnrea of which are that no one individual can be held responsible and deserving of a hearty blo wing-up. Not many days since a gentleman told me he cad waited some miunlc» foraca p . and when II came along there was a solid phalanx ol gentlemen from the lower steps to the door ware oftho pletforms, and not a movement was made to rive mm the slightest foothold, though it was evident thatthfro iru» room “for one more” If one or two would step inside. At the verynex: street my Wend, who had again lalren to the side walk. saw the err stoo at-d receive as pass *iigers a cerCcsiß and two ladles! His wrath was quite provoked * 11 aeema *° me, not entirely nn- The street care afford ns grand oppurtunites on sc me occasions todlscoveronr neighbors’ preju dices. political or otherwise. Three week* ago a certain car on occof the streets was not much crowded, and a respectably crossed colored mm came on board and, quietly catering, seated him self in n comfortable manner near a white lady. A white gentleir an on the ear, who observed the Incident,was so much outraged in his ti-ellues that, notwithstanding the quiet expostulations of a fnei.d, he could not cnaure the sight, and so went out upon the pisiform to tncnrn over the calami loos state ol things which had broagnt ns as a people to the toleration of snch a social status. The lady was evidently entirely uncoctc'oos of feeling tnsnlled any more than she would have been had some honest, cleanly dressed Irishman, German or citizen ot anv other imliot titty, been sitting on the other side of her. Upon (he whole, street fears are blessings- If conductors are sometimes irritable and exacting, 1 BB iememh«r that icere la a tretutedous anun ‘tietr patience, and U their annovances are persistent, we have only to report them at the of* flee, and II ourcomplilnU are «ell founded, there \nii be each a chance maae as shall be conducive to our comfort. I would like, however,* to ear that It would be pleasant to have more cars at six o’clock at night, and to have a car once an hour all night long os each of the three great outlets to the suburbs, the north, the snd5 nd *he south. And for those who habitu ally nde on the cars, may I ask them as a special favor, that ifthey i eslde far oat In either the South or west Divisions, they take the most forward M a * ? * saving themselves and ethers a neap of trouble In getting in and out of the UUOTQBIW Advertising As’ta 120 receive advertisements lor all the leading papers ctareuahent ibe Lolled Btatcs snd Canadas. gite Skating Season, BIKE. THIS EVENING. BENEFIT OF JOHN POWERS, CHICAGO'S FAVORITE. FULL BAND IN ATTENDANCE. All the AMATEUR SKATERS will be present. Give Bixn a Crowded House. EXHIBITION OF fancy skating, AT B>3o P. M. Powers Goes East To-morrow. ct^o^e^ IOJr ’ 50 CCDtS * Nlntll Night to Tick* EsT SIDE RINK. School Children’s Fete All Day. GRAND CAESIYAI TO-Kl^ht. SFXiEJSTDID ICE! TSTcte liuilications. 'J'HE SEASONS DICKENS. Published 2his Day, OUR MUTUAL FRIEND. Uniform with rjt “• Eaiuoa.'“taf'KSJ >Jlist Fuuliahed, Th 81??i?. In0 ” d Fickwlck, 81.301 Plain, Uhltilerts Tent on Ibc Wench. 81.30 “nndrcd lloilais n Year SITOO. uVrorda o. - ,IC Y “«- *‘ 30. IF - For sals by all BoC. I ?'''®"' SantpMtpald on receipt of the pries by the Pobßsberr, IICKgOH & FIELDS, Boston. u EaTERN IN YENTOn,” An Illustrated Weekly Joarna.’- devoted to Inyciilions, Jlccbanlcal Arts, su! nnf fio turcs and Practical Information. PUBLISHED Dr JOIIIV B. TtJRCIItIN- dfc CO, Solicitors oi Patents, PnblUhcrs art! Proprietors, (glorijing. gPRING GOODS. Boys’ Clothing a Specialty, CHARLES C. COLLINS, 74 Kanaolpli-st., * C 0.,) is dally receiving an EN 11HE KEW and COMPLETE ASSORTMENT of BOYS’ AND CHILDREN’S CLOTHING FOR EARLYM>AING WEAR. Uj , SSrW tclr ” e "’ frMb, f to "B b *. VERY LOW PRICES. JUST RECEIVED Spring Overcoats, Per Express, at HALL * SPENCER'S, —Kandoinh-gL gnjc Sitting Stglc. STYLES OF HATS—IBII7 O Tbenew ana bcaalllol Spring Style of Silk Hats Eorjonncmen. Also, the rreal.r Broeilvay styt Pr-Q l ye t hea..c. l lt nJ - Eli BUOS -™ S “«‘- Q.ESTB’ DRESS HATS. s aaflSMaa ‘“ h - J^OOMIS-HATTER, 05 South Clarlx-st., WILL INTRODUCE SPUING STYLE, SATURDAY, MARCH S. ffiSlantcs. ■JO MERCHANT TAILORS. A yonng man. who is a FIRST-CLASS CUTTER, ?. I ffSS2 , SKS?S3K?iJl 11 , “ “• The Tory best of Reference siren. P ' ° • •““« «« r PO STONE MASONS.—A Masco ex idn fhid'a tCCd !n venannet on or Skew Arch work. GOOD SITUATION By oderesslae, Rating terms, with references, “MASON.” Tflbaae offle?. jgfltictg fHmings. if HERE WILL BE A MEETING OF 1 tbe members of the CHICAGO HACKMES’S TOIDS, At Room ,*sl McCormtcfe’g Buildiair. this (SATCR. 0.-. T) evenintr, March 2d, at t, o'clock AU members leqoeated to attetd. memoers fHasonlc Notices. \r4§P? IC - Special Convocation °* Wajhmgton Cha p tcr No. 43, U.A.M.,wUibe tfy order of the H. P. lEhucational. LAIJKS’ institute, AT MAPLEWOOD. i?,h B ?MT’^ s^^ oprt .? sterm commences March !h^SpS° r drctUar »dansa Eev. c. v. SI'tAB. Bcntistrg. TEETH extracted X . WITBOITT PATV. V* o * DENTAL ASSOCIATION’, apathetic use of Kitroos Glide 5* r e , rt TS D u . r ? OTCr S' 3 ' 000 patlccta for the "?;^ at L a£,n <jf teeth, without an accident. They jmar- Si C ™? t? teadquarten, Bx>ma Ji ,| TitnegJtalMlpg. US Drarbora-gL dfurs nnii Sfcius, 7UR HOUSE. EBTABLISHDD 1850. J. & A. BOSKOWITZ, Sealers in an Shippers of RAW PUBS AMD SKINS, AND BUFFALO ROBES, 216 Lakc-st., Chicajo, 63 Broadway, S'. T. sJj CoMlenor* receive prompt returns at the highest market prter sol the day, and are kept thor oathiy posted co me maikct. Bifcrtomany ftlccda in the Northwest. Express Companies. THE MERCHANTS’ UNION Espl’ess Company. CAPITAL - - $20,000,009. Owted and Operated by Onr Merchants and Manufacturers. CABBIES BY EXt’RE**S Stoner, Vttlua* hies, Frclsht and Parcels, over more than liI.UOO miles ot Express Line, at just and liberal rates, saves Millions yearly to Ex> otfM Shipper*, andean be made permanent only by tbeir liberal patroaotre. This we hope to merit and receive. Office, Kee. 103,105,107 & 109 Dearbom-st &• K* COOPfiB) A^eati NUMBER 266 (gtotljlng. QOME ONE, COME ATT. I WHILE YET THERE IS TIME THE GREAT SALE CLOTHING Will Continue for a Few Days longer. BELDING & CO.’S. GolSSfSf^il? llls an 7 Clothing or Gents* Famishing c. t. Baiisnea & 00/b, 98,100 & 102 RANDOLPH-ST., Opposite MnUcnon Haase. JUST RECEIVED, Spring Overcoats, Per Express, at HALL * SPEXCER’S, fHop E&rhtger. new patent itfiOP WRINGER. Patented Not. IST, 1866. The most otcfnl household Invention ol the flee. Br ’“eßjeoittanyp-rsoncan mop a floor without wet- Uiip their Lands, the nu)n bcm< wrunc by prountoof ft* S»V No fttawtaff ol the wrists, scooping down to C m£)ii£ r .. B «^ < ’ cUthes, but all the ouacreeahleaess of mopplur floors entirely done awav with Tinning *” U ‘ M TOl ‘““ « WIimSS aT ? d wringing diapers, it Is the best deTlßed * “ d m * QT ****“ ™ ll to that par- Thc Wringer Is very light, can be applied to any common pail In a moment, and can be detached and laid away, leaving tbc pall lor other use. Price |3. A vtry literal discount to the trade. O. A. HENDRICKS, . , _ 161 Lake-st_ Chicago. MUnuracturer and Pronnettr Or state of Illinois. Collniy Bights/or sale. Gentlemen will please nd* Uci* that this Is an entirely new article, and has no competition, aid where it has been Introduced U meet* Ing with great success. COOS AGENTS WANTED, All over p c tbe rt tste * 00 receipt 0* s£• forfamnfm o** 0 **’ 161 Lak^at * CaU aDd Bee>or 6end iXansas Hanhs. JQARGE SALE OF KANSAS LANDS. otecaM ESDAT ' IIIO !d "'w ot ip™, ian, wmbi PUBLIC SALE At the Eldridge House, lu the city of Z.AWBENCB, SANS as, about 155,600 Acres of Land, Situate la ihe counties of LesvenVCrth, Wyandotte, JcCer&CD and Doug.a*, and known as tho “DELAWARE RESERVE.” These lands He directly on the main line of the Dnion Pacific Railway, Eastern Division The branch ofthe same Boad from Leavenworth to Leavenworth nms alons their Eastern rr«i£ t U!l** s 4 Lccatf on, and abnndance of Timber and «I. e jL tl l fse Lancs are the FlMfiaT IK THE STATE Dela * ar *alnlS6o. thelaclan Keien?e was extlnenishert, and sire* thit ?. a il??nl tfnil i ll,te been Improved, and churches :aasrsruS‘. o,tw ’ •« ss toSKSSs.vifjsrihg.^ssigg?- Greater ladacemcnlathaß any others la the 28,000 ACHES OP 14MB. “ i POl ID Ibl tottol oi nn " ,b "' 0f 10 "-' i LOIS Ul BLOCKS Sortli Lnwrcntf, Tonganosie and Perry. The sale win commence on Aprl* 2d. iss? and t»ih «»«"• *»ra day to dar nnU. a 1 2bo?l have been disposed oi. The Lands wUI be oft fered to tracts to salt purchasers. u ‘ De or B. Bg. 84HT56L0 CCT, Agent. SKailroabs. gKECIAL NOTICE. CHICAGO & ALTON RAILROAD CO. ticpeßnrrrTtpßST’s Omci > „ Chicago, March Ist, 1357. f The Mall Train for Blocmingtop, Springfield, St. Louis and Intermediate points on this line, will leave Chicago dally at &03 a. m. rrom at - Lonu Wln lr rtvt dilly, at about uie usual time. For a few days, passengers by these trains will he H^ f l?^. s i™ m,ns,on - Du® notice will be given when flight Express Trains commence running. ROBERT HALE. Qpn«ral Snperlntendent. public fHcctimts. gOUTHERN EVANGELIZATION. A Union fleeting ISO. at half paal 7 o’cluct, to catiVlStbjanbject or PRACTICAL RECONSTRUCTION, •««">“““ or e» win^rt Army Mlsilcnary. and oth- lnlra^VitL^ 6 ” Public are respeTu T3oh)bcr: p H E HAZARD POWDER CO. Are at all times folly stocked with Sporting, Alining and Blasting Potvder. All orders filled and forwarded promptly. T. A. HARSH & CO., Agents, _47 Sooth. Wturr-el.. Chlenirn. asainlmto ©lass. WILLARD FOX WiNDOW CLASS. SOS XaA.ZKIE-S'T’- patents. P££EKT OFFlCES,—lnventors who with to take ont Letters Patent are idrltMtn * GO., Ol the Scientific pmSmm} have prosecuted claims before the Gfllce for marly twenty rears. Thtir American Kf n l MS** ll^ lt ffL A , genc y |la tte most Charges less than any other reliable MUNN ft CO -37 Park-row. New Ycrg. Q_Al(D’a PATENT BRICK MACHINE!. Office and mannoctory 53 Sonth Jefferson-st. Vu iahinaatlon and descriptive circular address B. B. QABD. AS Sonth Jeffer*o«t. Ch 1 cage. gtocldjoiaers’ faceting. oasff®' ™ q 3. Uon of Tnxitecs. win be held at the office of arndtSml pany. in Chicago, on MONDAY, Maicn ittfbetmn the boors ofioa.n. and »m. L. J. dFcch. Q.ROUND = OIZj CAK.E Is the Cheapest Feed In the Market F«.r stock of all Kind*. Orders oromocyailediorcash. by E. W. BLATCfIFORD ft COT^ No. 70 North CUr.ton-st. jHusical. jVFUMCAL, MUTSIOAIi, . Two ccnllemtn of rcopcct»bllllyacd relerencc.Btrnn. cm In iMacits. for Guitar ana Piano. Terms misCactbnr ••MUSIC," Drawer G2Ol. lor Intovlew or iSiw* Mn«ir sore. 117 S-nth Clatb st. 1 * or 6411 4t (Cljinatoare. TTAVILAND, chuhchman and XX ENULAIND, 47 John-sL, New York fkench china. We are receiving from oar factory In France richly decorated dinner, tea and touet seta, TUe*,andaiau supplyeftriaio china. asottrton mijisktv. Address S. T. SUIT & CO., LOUISVILLE, KE2TTUCKT. clpai wholesale Drag names in CM<tcr “ e pr “’ fSarbbmw, grtobes, &c. 'PI'AUDWARE A CUTLERY. " HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Eabo-Sr. «SS^£ JA^^^i'“ ?B^^*Ct^KHT I SS£gg2 A A ??uJOSBPH BODGB& £so*3- «*»£ £I!LJEEHI_ Enw. PaasooTT. 8. Bncmraar. agricultural Implements. pUK&T & BRADItET, MdyuFAcrmiESs of PLOs». Sulky Cultivators, Sntty Hay Bakes. Cornstalk Cutters, Held HoUcrs, Harrows, Scrapers, Wheelbarrows, And other Agricultural Implements. SEND FOB PARTICULARS. Nos. 60. 58 60 A 62 North Jefferjon-rt, CHICAGO, ILL. AScmobals. •R^w^ocau^ —^ aTC Iffo. 97 BOUTS WATSB-ST., S£T«. we 4 hftli ** P*W7 M see all our irtends and P EWENDSAXH * CO. Chicago, March Ist. 1D67. JJEMOYAL. HALL, KiMBARK & CO. HAVE REMOVED TO THEIR NEW STORE, SOS. SO, S 2 & si MICHIGAN-AV,, jq»t Som h of Lnkost. J^ENOYAL. We hare tols day opened our New Store. Vo rg with a large and well selected stock ol Dress Trlmmluce. Laces, Embroideries, Notions. *cin which we rtfer rare Inducements. ® c< * 111 Wholesale rooms np stairs. KOSENAU BROS.. Rangings. MAKCOTTE a co -> Furniture and Decoration. [Largest and choicest assortment ol French Imported Paper Hangings, 01 oD kinds. rirr cr i?H i *?* 3aad7 EasC Fourth-at. NEW YORK toma to the trade. dfov =>alr. Qg SHARES CHRYSTALLAKE ICE CO. Fold op Stock lor sale by . JFSI. A. BUTTERS, 44 and 4b Kaadolph-«t. J^HtKESS POK SALE. DRUG STORE. myiiracS?ot“ r ™° Te ,tom “>• city. I offer for «lo No. 133 South Clark-nt., SSSISft"S b^iiSSI?S.S weU WM. O. MEDCALFE. r i GRm,- EDSnIiLS CHOICE EVEK- bhoohi coarr sbbd i’l!H!i? tc P.P ,rßa lf' ,n ‘J ,laatl tleß to lott. PrlcefSbO SffiUg; AtMr "’E- A.3IAKKI3. 46 NorttSalSt: ipiMBEB I’OR SALE—3OO,OOO ieet of HETVBD TIMBER SsSsW“““ SMfSS£Sff IKS- T^KUGSTORE V , . FOR SALE. .. Th « QOdwlcncd, of.Taction, Mich., offer for «,t« pOR SALE- : Shingle, Stave and Barrel Machinery. ConprttlnKimDgle mills, binding mil’s, shingle and •* aT ® Jolnten, stare cotters beading rcQQden ana planers, canalizing and saws. &c AU “m R n J »*uuacture, »ud warranted? * C * FULLER A FORD. SSB and *IH* Maoison-tt. OOOPLRAGE. \J FOB BALE, 4,500)000 Floor Barrel Staves* Sou. H 2?* la f &W b * Mloroo » h, f •®Moaed. good dew AtV d * A TFS*n ft ever/respect-by LIVDE.V, cjSj&ctcSSSIJ'USS?!? -eeoaua JJARE CHANCE FOR MEUCHANTt. FOR SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF Bry Goods, Groceries, Ac. Invoicing aboat tKMXC; ad purchased within a year Store located la a thriving town a short distance from Chicago. Satisfactory re*. bom liven for seLing. For o7 Commission Merchant. S 2 LaSahVeti CW^o. CKcneral Notices. E. SCHULTZ, Practical Accountant, ,n’«i5 pro t. close 103 wrltß UP Books In the most expe manner; also, toafioat lus Intricate and partnership accounts. «»..-3? 1 fl ne49 .is a,Wrß entrnsted t-> his charge will bo ssawr'’’ Addrtsa in person or by letter. B K. SCHULTZ. Bo^ltnpSe! 1 "™" 11 wUI *” I*™ 3 !!! OeSSo^aia f\FJ!IOE OF THE COUNT! CLERK U OF COOK COUKTY, **■ Notice Is hereby given to havinz’cfainis EDWARD 8. SALOMON. County Clerk. piIERT OIL STONES. Something' New. 01] Stone*. Razor Hones, Emery Wheels, Camera* Stones, Machinists* EqoaUzine at low p»Jc(B. manufactored h) the ESiEBT Oil. stove cn 144 WiOMt,Chicago. Hadeol of grit, and in forms to salt any shaped tool ° FAIRBANKS, QREKNLEAF A CO, General Agent*, 320 tad 22S Lake-st. iDroposalg. P lak E °s^. Poß A BRU)GE AT Otticx or ibs Boahd or public Wobkb. I Chicago. March 2,1567.‘' j PmSLwPJEP OB^^^ 6 r«*i?ed by the Board ol TTAn"?,** office,No*. 15 and 17. Wells s‘U l 5l March 13th,fbr the ° r t£e bridge now crossing the Sonth Branch SlrnTSfh a . : street, and the replacing the aE sTJ t:nct o ,e * Including all work on the the abutment* and approaches. accord “Si?.? 14 ? 4 M< * soecJCranonson fie at tali office. iTppos&ls meat be addressed to the Board of Public £££*•„ endorsed “Proposal lor Late Street Bridge, andbeaccomuanled with theusaal *2OO boctL with sureties, to be approved by the Beam. The Foard reserve the right to reject any bid not In accordance with the conditions ol this advertisement. 2£,*2rcJ^taUhld*,and no proposalwill be accepted FCKD. I LETzf’ _O. J. ROSE, — m Board of Public Works. PSffSRISJS.-? 0 * PAYING LA TO SiKfo,(«SKS OUl7i ' !m - N ' GTO -‘' STnEET OJ7ICIOT THE BOAAD OF PUBLIC WORD,I TwcirrtLfY*!* oß *!* win be received by the Board of thelr and 17 Wells *?.***» unill 11 a. m. Wednesday, March ism, for tae gylfig srd naving LaSalle street, from Washington street 10 iledlion street, according to plans and speci fications on file at said office. Proposals moat be addressed to the Board of Public Works, endorsed “Propoaallor paring La *alle Street.** and he accompanied with the usual fjoo bond, with snretles, to be approved by the Board. iUI The Board reserve the nebt to reject ®ny bid not tat accordance with the conditions of this advertisement, or to redact all bids, and no proposal will be accented nnleea the offering It shall give mmSt” tory to the Board that he has the necessary skli? erne. rlenc«, energy and ability lor doing the worfc Is SSt worthy,andbaasnfflcieat pecnnlaiyresourcS. J. G. QINDELB. FRKD. LETZ, 1« , O. J. ROSE. -i- Board of Public Works. $15,000 T 0 LOAN On Oood City Property- Inquire Of WATTS ft CLARKE. $50,000 T 0 LOAN On Ftrst-olas|. Seal Estate, Apply to BOZET ft CUMMINGS, Beal Estate and Loan Brokers, 9s LiSa.lo-st. AT uTICfc. —An instalment ol ntty cents npoi a share of stock la Ifce Xortb»aiwn Plan! Uosd C«-. toc»i eOlor, to be p*nt la to ta?Tr>f«.r« co tljo JCtb oi aurcb text,» b»» offlee, Ho. S J boat: C ert-*V. B» ordrrof tbeUlrectcif. UMcajtO, Ft-b. 15.1567. - &L LULL, Sec’f. Grinling. p HINTING, : Book aiad Job, At Tribune Job Office. Facilities for doing Work of Any Desori*. Jfcwlpstate, QOME quick And Buy Cheap. A Home and a Fortune for All! secure a Ciwbe»li£J »na on easy terms of payment caffatoncooe ° w pnco CLABKE, LATTOS & CO. Horn on Bea i tone cars for st. oa statist. and streets west cf state ean^^^V»Tin«t a “ w Croa te IUSO, oa. tbe'sca*jfouvnow ibat T l?a «nlsn < S W t a taTalae,a tare a fine lar« oftM*?* 1 we *> .s^^SfflWJßßss^aa^s the leading streets on the South Sid^* 81taawd oaaU aip , ftS,‘SS. l °“‘ ntt ' on,T ''“ rttM “» «« SmSi!°u. h ' a, ‘ ItS lots ln * Pleuaat locauoa oa tie Alfc. two hundred lots oa Madison. T.*ir« rhHS** * Dnt 4011 FtJ lton-sts H on the rer? cheap and on easy terms ot payment. 1UC * Tery CLARKE, LAYTON & CO., 128 Washington-st, Chicago. UI. partnerships. JQISSOLUTION.—TuE FlUil OP WALKER, BSOKSON & CO., 2 lTedbyra s tQal consent. All muetiled mar. r t? aJTan S°d by o«». r. Walker, who imSa Utne the business at the old ° wlu 600 No. 13 Chamber of Commerce. CHARLES H. WALKER, TRACT J. DBOSSOyr* GEORGE C. WALKSh. FOXt SALE: CHICAGO CITY RAILWAY STOCK. fco2i^Ss, oftlieFerma:ieot iea»TH ol as owner 500 SHARES T HE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO JL FOBS existing between Henry Byrne and P. L- Flans beiltnd Oas Fitters, 93 Sotth WelU-vC if!?iS day dl ** ol 7«l \J mutual cement Tho nndr£ »S??Jr aM ,?? ,^S. aU debt * for or against said arm. and wUI attend to his muter ons patrons with usual nromna* ... p.l.u*haha. Chicago. March Ist. 1367. ATOTICE IS HEHEBI GIVEN - THAT * r “ cr J°DD BROS. & INaLEK U this das' by mutual consent. « “““ *l7 m continued by _ TO"" 16i S.nlh VltlNU „ „ 0 to llpi im Urm cm, m .(*- lenient. Feb.3S.lS67. Pet fROFOOT. nANE&Pi\fpv l«a that w. D.Croroot is ifSe antivw Ued to use me ois name la clo.lnr tbo tariMM?™ o*' 0 *' . 001 - mwimm W. T. KBBXAJT, B. 1L FIN LEY. * March 1. A. D. 1567. whoia 1* may concern, c. f. nsincs^_ Chicago Feb.3S. 1567. WSOULTION. - THE FIKil OP JEWETT & BHTX.EE, illilss^sas 18 HB»gT, iarintins. pEINTLMG, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Facilities for dole? Work ot Any Descrip, tlon Unequalled ta the Cltr. Instruction. p OUTER’S TELEGRAPH COLLEGE. Nixon's Exchange, Washington-st, east of Chamber of Commerce, Chicago. SAUX PORTER, of yew York city Prertd;nt. Collece Halls open for pracilce IromTa.™ , n „ m Gentlemen and ladies Take Notice! mmmmmis Jourwlyea to s lucrative Mm.tio “ " ““ I l * o * a Bt%l c® will be provided with pleas, ant boardice houses, and ererr effort win tw* ln» their c«nnecclon wt-h the Inmtntlan B fe£ e th2* *ud mcra),phy,lcal and lntellecsaaTeieT»twT For circulate address eTPAYSONportkS*®* Pnrcipal Porter’s TelfeS^c^eSfSSa. 23rtrit. 4t pmcK machine.” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. _ Office. Room No. a, 47 ciark-st., Chicago. JJHIGK MACHINES. For tba putsch ot toutcal beotat ata etccral lolor mation, lam desirous cf corresponding with • BItICKSrtKBns J?" “;'»e.o» UATO *na ÜBED, self-ltctjttte* Brick Machines. F:ea*e send address to , A. J. RNlsEir. Hnckmaker, y 3 otla* block, Chicago, m. iy|~AGAZINE BRICK WORKS ou?ni R l%g£°- » -■ PfOPrieUT. T3rinting. PRINTING, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Facllltle. for doln Work oi Anr Desert*. tiooJPncqnnlled lo the City. Business (Earns. TT 'WHEELER PEKOE & CO., who J-JL* were bamec cut at I*lo Lake-st, have takca 280 South Water-st., wherewe will open with a stock offire«h nood* to UMt/wT-VrT? 01 *. Bcckwheat, Graham • ,”,yj*/*lpter Wheat Floor, and all grades ctGnas. liwpiiiliiwfiJ!®* Yf taJs ?. opportunity to thank: r t^. cnß^omer * t® solicit a continuance oftodr "b. C » n |aigo&^gr-f.. CU - MW- Q, S. HUTCHINS & CO., Commission Merchants* CHICAGO. Agents for T. Klngsford A Sons* Oswego Starch. TT OLDEN & PENDLETON, Wholesale and Retail Dealers la Hardwood and TThifewood tnmber- Office ana Yard. 304 Sonth Franklln-st, bet. Vim Bnren and Hamsoi. Chicago. P. O. Box 23RH. „. BTEIIIs cnt to order. ATI ISAAC B. HOLD EX, Jt. EDMUND PESDLEICS. DUPEE&CO. Sngar-Cnred Hams, Baton and Beef. Our Hams have now stood the ttst for ih« nut .___ TIM*. In llilfl Citj, in »recoi ISK e S? ™ plf at car cMtomera. Oar Him, areS SanSoSE tr c. B. DCPEE Sc CO .ja n«ti ß,ao P oo ot bera are Ranine. M _Ofllce northwest corner booth Water and Statists. 'WISDOM & SON, MANUFACTURERS OF SASH, BOOKB, BLINDS, Mouldings, Scroll Sawlgg, Turning, -rr, t 97 North Frank]tn-st- corner of Ohio, Chicago. js!ar^ingrg. TO NEW&PAPEU PUBLISHERS. For *jlp. a No. salagia cylinder Steam Ptmnmr Pres*, of H.Roeft Co.'s masnlactare. This ires« Is tiarly new, and will be warranted in Prcntcrwock* loe order. It wlb be told cheap ros CAaa. nr Address “PRINTING PRESS," Tribune efflne, Cmcaxo. TMFORTANT TO LTJMBLRILEN. X An immezse saving of labor, and a much otter quality cf lumber prodcceJ, by the ose cl HAYKs ft NEWMAN’S PATENT DOUBLE KARALLEI. kdregie idges ad widths, from 7)i tons 10-hea. and sdapted to making Strips. lUu.«trated CirculArsasd Prire Llstseot t'eeon spnl'caUoQ. Addrcas Hayes ft y FWMAN, Uaadllls. Otsego Co . K. X££J printing. piIIKTIKG, IBpoli and Join, At Tribune Job GiHce. Facilities lor dolus Work or Anr Dwent^ itou Unequalled la iao CUT-