Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 2, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 2, 1867 Page 3
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A STARTLING DISCOVERT. J?our Barrels of Unman Bodies Bn Home To a .Tlrdical College* (From the Buffalo Express, February 33,] Considerable excitement was created lost 'gening at the freight honso nl the Grand Trunk Hallway, by the discovery of several barrels containing human remains. It an. pears that during Tuesday night four barrels were placed on the sidewalk before the oillcq of the American Express Company, where they were found yesterday morning. Noth ing was known of their contents, and etch bad tacked on the head an envelope bearing the address “J. Smith & Co., Drug-risls Ann Arbor, Michigan.” The Express Com‘- pany of course sent them with other freight to the depot, and they wore In the TirocoMofloadingwben «n e of them was nu ll efldcd disclosing the dead body oi an old man, who had apparently been dead but a smn a fly 8; * ABO >“Sr r arrel was opened, and a similar state of affairs being discovered, in formation was immediately given to the po lice who removed the bodies to the dead house pending an investigation by the au thorities. In the dead bouse the barrels wero Jri °P Cll £dand the bodies placed upon boards, ihe limbs though cramped by being cotn ] reseed Into the barrels, wore exceedingly pUable, and were extended without much effort, indicating that the l*odics had not been dead many days, and furthermore no Offensive odor coaid be perceived. One of the bodies was that of a man ap parently seventy or eighty years of age: his liair was thin and very gray; in length he was about five feet ten inches; one tooth from tbc'upoer jaw only was gone. The second was that of a man about forty years or age, standing some five feet eight inches, with slight chin whiskers and brown hair. The third, a woman, large of size, being perba ps five leet seven inches in height, and pi obably about thirty-five 5 cars of age- A still-born child was also In this barrel. The hair of t he woman was long and dark brown. A medical man gave it os Iris opinion that she died about a week ago. The fourth was a small woman about forty five years of age, very much emaciated; the hair was brown aud cut close to the head The barrel In which this body was placed contained a lot of corn stalks and grass. The bodies were all thought to be those of persons of American birth. Coroner Rich ards will hold an Inquest at leu o'clock to day. Until the official Investigation has been made it is bardly proper to exnrcss any opinion as to the eolation of this mvsterv- Among those who were aware of the circiiiu stances there was. however, lutlc doubt that these bodies had been sold by persons con ncctcd with one of onr public Institutions, fcbonld this prove to be true it will prob ably result m tbe curtailment of this part of tbc perquisites of this place. It wilt be remembered that tho Medical Depart ment of the Michigan University tr located at Ann Arbor, and these bodies were doubtless intended for dissection bv iflic students of the ins» iliitiun. A ('use of Double Scductluu aud Dcicr< Uon. IFrom the Detroit Free Press. February 53.1 nt . c * a " B brief of a ca«c ol continued libertinism, seduction uml desertion, come to us from orcrlbc river, where a young wotnun lives, secluded and shut out from the tile world which shields and protects her seducer, while It spurus her from Its s cht. Ihe taller personage, the seducer In huh t nflc, U a iiinkcninn on the (treat West fill. "Jn # ([ of V 8,1u,1, 5 l^ ln « duty on the min which arrives ul Windsor lu the even- Jtic. lor about a ycur this gay I>ollmrlo. Hob .limn, or whatever his name may he. ins been my tin: his attention!) to u young ' Vl| J' 8 V r * a devotedness and attention which won her consent to l-ccmms hi* wile. The anangetiiimlH weio accordingly iimde, and ll is said Ihul the willing bridegroom tlut was t" he mehed Hum the mother of tlm girl Ilia sum of fPJO, or tliereuhuiils, to assist In buying some of the necessaries to eoiAuieaco hotiseitPC|ilnff. iMattere went well, and the Inllume.v was kept up with warmth and re*t. I A few days only remained hePno Ihul, eel fir themipllHls, lull In Hie meantime the visits •jfthogav beau eeased t'nlr Imjueuev, and llnaliy died out allnECther tciv suddenly, 1! ?! n V? m 'r 'V*.! * V* 1 ,H ‘tnnrfled another ehl living iu Umthntu, whose relallmg with l ] l' } Jim « d !!V l N 1 , 1 , »« us intimate rs those ol Ifiu Windsor favorite. Thu ! hpllinm ttoinnn, tl bgiiiis, had IHpnde. who, ", V"/'. 1 /'NtiUh coming re.jmnaiuililiL'R »i 'o 1 .. !! K 10'lhlfG (lllnltilnti, blolilthl I M .‘?i 1,11 lo bear with Ihe Ibalivc f iiili, whn indne HinnfcoldiMnii'iMl the mm™ m M"id the Ih.lls nt 1 fiU I gil inuip dealing unit thetmi. Thuael.iii- I L'i-i oi i 1 * 1 ? vlelllii, tn< left I in. hi herpeeninuiy pilnhil eon. . '.i ,H,n . * b '•“•irnmey in. had immlvnd I ! nndher, uml no dnnht applying it I In pernio iMiMie commits for Ida bride. Ills t\ imUor viellm, a lew days »go, gave birth I ,‘' "" V H , 1 tl ! * ,,T **h«mn uml thu re- I p V‘i r V ,B I 1,1 K 1 * homo and sincerity. ■ui ahe has . ruined the of bjitermud fo M.;.?' l >f* w,u l r , eulil:( ‘ fi «*»w how vain ura ull i "V? r V ,L * ,0 ' v i lIOW * u,{i0 ' hn ' l .vet how mlr, each pleubiiro hath Its poison ioo. and •■very awed tthimre. * * ™ We learn Unit an arrest has boon mada of I ihc uudvy mun, with u vicu to (tie recovery .rn a ' lv *"‘' ed ’ e,c “ » lurlhor « h„rf J . f < i a ?; uud f r nlminiatancea, ‘1 i et Im ' abort lime, uCllt I’f L! s ,! biaoroand mat, vim; Um other, J.e came dircetlv aeroea ilu: river, on the ar- I rival ol the train at, and remained I ‘‘ ■'f . r,,a .',««> aucceaalvc nichts, to avoid .urcM, as It is supposed. I Frlsliiiui Death. (From Uie luua slate It-rLter, February 27. j -Mr. Philip Weir* who hud been tor some months connected with the house or Kuhn <i. .*?£ tlm , cn J r * WOS uroirued in North Mviink Liver, between Monroe and Newton on the afternoon ofthciiOiu. Belli** atNew* ton. and wishing to come to Des Moines he in companj with another gentleman, hired d hvcrj team, and sUrtcd through. They "ot along safely over the water spread -out over the bottom, until they reached the bridge spanning the SKuuk. Tbc Urst reports reach* inu jcre su!d that the bridge was gone, and that they drove blindly Into the channel- Mil later advices gay that the bridge was in its place and all right. Thev drove cn to it, and it is tupposed the horses « ithcr balked or ebicd, and up?et the car riage with the men in it into ihe boilm<- Uooa. One Oi the men cither leaned from the carnage as it sUrted, or else* jumped hack on the bridge, and picked up a pole. Jiirf unately hingnearby, be extended it to the carnage, and it was caucrlv j-eized hr one of the men ©till m the stream, and he was rescued from his perilous situation The pole was again reached to Mr, VVulr, but be was go paralyzed with terror, that he clung wit h desperation to the vehicle, and refused to break hts hold and clutch that which would have rescued him alino-t immediately ; r 9“ * terril ’ lc death * Thccirriageund horses i »th the unfortunate man were soon swept from view, and went down to an -iwful doom, ibe bod v at last accounts had not been re -7, T 7.°J\.l IC/l C /f rS ;. K:ul1 .” * c °- slar ‘eil a per- Mill last night to tbc place to endeavor to re dainß, and if successful, tvill send it to mends in tbc East. This sad uccidmt is another forcible illus tration ol Low a man's life often hinges on a Mi-Clc; action, Mr. Weir hired Ibis livery -cam for Hie very reason that lie was not willing to tru?t his life in the stage coach— -cnmrkin;; that he “would not ride in it Utin to Monroe lor u thousand dol- Itohcl Lamentation over the Passage of the Kiliiiary lfircoi>*tructi<m UllF, *«• •i’t-b IS.) Correspondence of tho Lew lork Hcrald-I The passage of the Military bill for the J-ontl’Cin Slates in the Senate Yesterday inormng is all they talk here to day. It is needless to say | he radicals arc juldlant—the ' vcoiiicderaics in tears. The coiiserrattyes now fully admit that the hill will become a law, and express their regrets that they did :;ot accept the Constitutional Amendment, with all IU objectionable features, us it would bate sated them from the iitiniili anon of being placed under martial Jaw. Now, when it is to late, they rail against .heir press for not sustaining the Duller of the I resident, and for its articles in opno eiliou to tlu Government. They no longer liavc any hope. They arc in the positron ofu man sentenced to lie hung: a terv blt-Mit hope remains that th« Prudent may tclo the bill or that it may be killed in the House mid that tbe next Congress may give them latter terms. Mayor Monroe, wbu.-c head will certainly come olf If the bill becomes a -aw. takes the matter very coollr, and ear* he if ready to vacate when compelled to do £ M - He has the consolation of knowing that .ie win not be tbe only victim, that (>ov crnqr \> clls A: Co. will lose place and power, ;i ?.» 1 “ cw * nun . Tr " l ll adnVmUler the affairs <if the dale. la ibis be may be mistaken. Tlic Enclhb Atrocities in Jamaica— Arrest ond Trlalof die Executioner of George William Gordon. 'lfioia the London Tioio«, Fe'jnurj * | The slop long threatened bv the. Jamaica < omuntlcc has ut last been taken. A prose cutlon of the murderer of Mr. Gordon has already been instituted against Colonel >» iton and Lieutenant Hrand, nnd will •ImrUy be instituted against Mr. Evre him *C,!l.-, It appears that for legal readout, Into winch It would be superfluous to cuter, the Committee hare been sdriscd to proceed ' m dcr csrtain nets of tbo present rci-n 'i Jhim./w/.n 0 ,V ia - , l ,e ficcuscd abould**bu biding within the jurisdiction ofthe inagls- Tbev tl,u on s«r f,,r apprehension. Tbc> Imre accordingly, nm.lieci to Sir Ibomas Henry for u war-out against the two officers pilnclpaliy concerned In (Jordon’s execution, who are allied to t, , 0 ' ! London. The name of. Mr. Hire u-a- n!it„ eluded In the application, because llc i. 'ir \ i* 6lre,: b Jurisdiction ; hut hi. bulklLor hue given an assurance that he "111 appear upon due notice,and Mr. Fltr. jnracs Stephen, who represented the Jamaica Committee, aekuowledgedlii handsome terms hl» magnanimity In courting a full moulry Into his own conduct. . 1 J Urmallty of also Turks. Irrom toe New York Times, Felmrary 22.1 tbo l( (>..Mn-T. Ur i kßCftrrjon thc war against tbe CrOans isdemounrai c d wan incident related in a letter from Athens Ti.Jri.rl'? i«.ns In Sellno were Inform?* by Ure Cowuli at Canea, that European snips would appear off fcugia. and take such flmllies awkHS cb0 ‘ e /*•*'■ e the island. In Vmh 3 * ooo . wot “ eD aud chdderu Uoakcd’ - * tb £ rt f*? xi ? Ufily ‘awumug the arrival 0 f -he promised vessels. A Urge steamer appeared, carrying the English flag, and sndde^t e th<> V 7 tbose on fhore » when suddenly the steamer turned out to be a Turktish ship of-war, opened her ports and fl r ed her broadsides into the oelploss and ua ai med crowd. Over 150 women and child™ were killed ontright,aud a much la^erxmm 1 bt r more or lesa seriously wounded. Such wanton nets of cruelty and has barism Zt ha»icn the termination of Turkish dominion jo Europe. on James Stepkeits In Paris. [Paris Coirei'pondecce ol the London Sunday Gazette.] Janies Stephens, late Fenian Head Centre, lias just arrived In France by the Vine do Pans, It mav.bcihat he Is short of funds, for he crossed the Atlantic as a second-class passenger; but he endeavored to keep dark, and may. therefore, still be considered as a conspirator. When I saw him on his wav out to the United States to organize, he told me plainly that he should return to resume the head of his rebellion; and he has re turned as far as this country, and he has now only to run the cauntlct and net Into some Irish port-*-that is lo say, if ho Intends on with the dangerous game, from * c “ ,T er J lew persons risa up winners. » ! hal ,‘ P ro tably soon know who are In tho right—those who consider Fcnlanism played out, and Its chief in search of a quiet spot to spend what he has been able to layby; or tr.ose who believe in tho conspiracy, and look for the coming of Stephens as a Napo leon, os Hochc, as Humbert were looked lor in times which were far darker than the present for England. PERSONAL ITEMS. In March some time there Is to bo a mar riage between Miss Cuitis, of Now York, and Duke Tallcrand Perigord. The Duke Tallerand met Miss Curtis at Nice, where she was spending the winter with her parents. Liszt has removed from tho Monte Marie, Borne, to a convent in tho middlcof the ruins of the old forum. Roy. John R, Herrick, of New York, has been elected to the Professorship of system atic theology in Bangor Theological Semi nary, whicb is made vacant by the resigna tion of Prof. Samuel Harris to accept the Presidency of the Bowdoin College. John C. Breckinridge is in London. Ristorl is going to Buffalo for one right. Senator Fessenden, ss-Govemor Washburn, John B. Brown and a few associates havo been incorporated as Hie Portland Institute a P£ Public Library, with authority lo hold fjW.OOO worth of property. The institution is built from the remains of the three literary and scientific societies of that city which tuflered the loss of nearly all their property by the fire last summer. Rev. H. A. Sawtclle, a popular Baptist wracher of San Francisco, has thrown a fire >rand into the denomination, by openly es pousing open communion. He has organi zed a church entertaining his views, which is rapidly Increasing in strength and mem bers. The other Baptist Churches have been trying to pour cold water upon the new church, but the more they pour the brighter seems to bum the flame, uebat published a little book entitled “Open Communion, or the Lord’s Table for the Lord's People,” which is meeting with general favor. M. Lcjcan, a French saranf, despatched on an exploring expedition to India and the Persian Gulf by Napoleon 111., his discov ered MSS. of extraordinary antiquity, ex tending from the oldest time lo the Alcxan drine period, and from tho Arlans to Budd hism. M, Lcjcau also speaks of having dis covered what he calls “ pn -Sanscrit,” idioms lu some ol the dialects still spoken between Cashmere and Afiehanislan. ,Tke Court Circular announces that Queen > iclorla Intends to take a cruise during the coming summer. The Victoria and Albert yacht wan to be ready by the 20th of Mnv. the 1 rluce aud Princess of Wales alsolntend to taka au extensive yachting cruise during the summer. The same journal says that betides the Intention of the P/Ince of Wales to spend n portion of each year in Ireland. It U the Queen's Intention to visit the Lakes of Klllarney during the present year. « K . ,n ? Victor Emanuel Is expected In 0t,c,, ‘ 11110 ° lKM,lne of Henry \V. T. 3!ul|, Consul Ocucral of IJcl* nuin, at New York, died at his residence in Jordhum, Westchester County, N. Y., on Sunday evening, Mr. Mall was born at Ver* Ivlers, Uclcium, in IHW, ami c „,„ 0 ( 0 u llg countiy ut thi ago of twenty-two, engaging in mereant le.pursuits In the «ity of &ow \ oik, and Imlidliig up in llmoa very extern slve business. He was Consul ami Ciiuhiil i.eurrnl for over twcnly.ilvo sueecssivu lu n .V*. U,e timdu for the United Bltlejajler the organlr.illou of the Kingdom of Belgium. NEW ENGLAND ITEMS. A liinulierorimnan. Imvn licon aiL'uliiir for nl SlPil ,lr , llll ' lL '" .rGgmirofl ira Uic Im.nli near llilnil, Ma., nml.-r llm illrGiillmi id n llig ' mrjiim" COM run In |m r ml mi 'e pyo ii olitii lined with rleliea n row ert lieneatli Hie enrniee, Imt It !■ moved no !M.vlE|d‘ll , m 0 ‘ C ' 1 1,11,3 ° VII “ lIU Sallj Abbot, ulTiaiilillii, Me., aevc It voata .'lauml.nhmiHdlbr man,- viare, fell I„l„ en ujien tlrcjilmcc reeonll>. ivblln tin* Inmllv KSlf badl.v blirued Ibat A abatvl bnitntj Jr tort bolt a ilnl. Mil MiiiiT, iS Vl - 1)3 I ~h ,e GVenliigoi W‘ii*lilhtflim'n blHhday, whs Pimt’dlly pjccli'd iroiu lint hoiup, made |o give (hco for Kin n ßtf ' «d I ten ive nibtir rough Ihmimmit iinm Hm |‘AHNIp ami Imligimni nmllumm. llm nf pvitorlintf (hm hlnodml Mipcp Imm \ i rinniit in tlm \vit»itirn Hui»id it I) hih! liMlimia, has bmm v«>rv hrKK during tlm winter, nml suvou ear made tvure bciitlrom HI. Allmna Inal, wank, Thu prices were lower Mum !hmm«f u year tmo but I lie eh eep- ruUura tind it ntlU a paving bimlncsH und say that it la tbo meat pn.t t! wide pa it ol Ibclr fanning opuintloi.a,* Tlm building at I’orUnunitli, N. H.. known liv i'anl Mim-IMn T-J'f 1 ' 11 .'’’ W«« built by fire ilur 11,0 I<4J » has been deatroyed Tbc Boston Journal learns that the bliraeuo purebaae,” about olueb all Maiuo cludeir 11 if 0 ?’ t lß , lll las , l cirucUroly cim uiidLil. It ineludea the property and buucblscs of tbo Kennebec Water I’oitcr Company and a larce tract ol surround,djj Si-!o,'ooa U "° lllCr 11,0 I ’ ro l >m J •» T.lned at An occasional contribution for tbc Port, land sufferers Is still received and ucknotvl edged. The latest statement In ihe Prrw cuntribntio'n. ffr “ d total S* ol ' o9o -* MW. ( The (Mass.) JtrpMimn says that shipments of old and decrepit trims continue to be received from the* vanolia arsenals throughout the country. The sbln ments include many rebel nuns and other secesb trophies. Among some which have recently enme mam two Williams breech loading cannon, ol rebel manulacture, sev eral curious rebel pikes (not John Brown's) and gome eartiidga bags made by Southern ladies out 01 old pieces of calico. There are among the old gnus, rebel anil federal, somS whose barrels are twisted so as to make a respectable letter S, aod others with their barrels completely perforated by a bail d . wn t | i l L i L aDK I eB wi tb the course a ball nould take in passing through tho barrel, ' LAW INTELLIGENCE. Clmnse of Term." iu onr State Courts— Imlictmci ts found liy lltc Grand Jurj—Slow Orders of Court —Sow Suits, etc. neillerlm rcLt C °° rts ,rcd>,in " but Utile, till the CIBCLH COtTET. The business of this Court has been Interrupted ,c S‘ sl “ ‘“0- The result of this legislation Is shown in an order nuhiumpri b KUi* 18 the business of t?c ajy“ mwsed. 1 Goarge Eager. Appeal; dis- William P. Welch vs. the Illinois Central Bah m” sak ompa “ 1- C “ e ' MoUlm 10 B « aside dls- On molten of the Prosecuting Attoniey It wa. ordered that George 11. Wright, held ae a witmSS SSSST Scolle,l ‘' b« dischaiged tram iidi‘mmkm a s J eSs? ,mc ■ hUo Comi I 1 ™"”"* Mary Devine; murder. GeoigelLScboheld: mnrder. I4SS ISS«? d .mon. ,pMor “ ; Urcon< *- iL&ilcs Linrcoti; larceny. Lemard Sl.bcr ra. Kcniien B. Deßarr At “sbc rasV „f wa'“SbmSlo"le bd "b’ ™ ° ,d f r "as entered on record: The Leglslatnic having by un act Just nagged changed ue terms of the Circuit CourL ?o th?t there will De a term oa the third Mot day of March instant, and npon every third Monday thereafter during the year, in order to allow biS hcm, and motions for new trials to be disposed ot in time for the next term of the Supremo Court. I|ic call of the trial calendar will bo suspended this Friday) evening, and no more Jury cases taken up after to-day. Cases rematnb e nndl«- posed of at this term maj bo immediatoiy noticed lor rho March term. All causes must be rc-noticcd lor the Much teim. Ihe follow lug aia'tbe now sails In this Court cSSSSi «• Wuconaln Paper AUacliincm es against tioo-rcidCDta. It™ 01 . “! ,cr “ sarruheea. Tbe ledebt ccoe»s sworn to is 51.13t.G3. 1 Ilob£.iiX‘£ L i? , i ; t l lk,lld »>atid Henry vs. Rob-rt aycp SaS *' L ‘ C ' Uarc °* ne * Aflsumpell. Dam- Alfred H. Blocked vs. LeonOcrgho&r. Attocn. ment on an alleged Indehtness oIWfH. a ? d Ikiptacl Ctpprom va. The Al tlSSSll "”'' Company. Aaaamp.lL The sller ‘ l > wa Oliver Kd vameiiiirST*” 10 rC “ kC “““■“'“’W tantltare ‘l!’" 1 C 1 •!: r’.nnlc Hcnd-lcka. A,. JinTiffi *’ u “ m,|:cs W* l . wlUl -tit of attachment T . . SLTKmotl COUBT. a d c r a'.S’r.‘ ,r,l “' C escape Tlic new mils in thlsCooit were or* sntdSmae^c™."'*«™P lJlaahclh I-lajlor, l.y her neat r.lcnd,ve. David A. I.eecet th 11l l for rent ol a minor. Onc ol tbesciles ol bills by tbs seme complement. • Joha Knhl vs. Charles E. Locber, Coarcaalon of Judgment for f 113. Charles Bcardslceetal. vs. Charles T. Bociee lUidctiu to recover doth valncd at S6O. * damacr* fsUo* TB ‘ JuUuj | d° >noQ * Assumpsit; lleery J. Thomas el al. tb. Patrick O’Neil. (. a«c; damages S4,UX). IMtO Sume VB * lbc baTOo * Assumpsit; damages Augusta M. Engle ct ah ti. Beth Wadbama and L "V' U BUI for partition of the nonh half of block So. 73, cast of Ellsworth street. ... _ county count, bond of |"uf w “ *W K)telod administrator on ..Ji'iu'i o !f°V ft,,na KlmbaU admitted to * iiJi c ’i ißd ,sl i erß testamentary usned to Israel r, liad»dorn on bond of |5,4i)0. ■ a commission ot lunacy was ordered to test °i Cbarlea Wotaer, the Jury la to come in Ibis day at 10 o’clock. The petition In aV C v^fn.\i m^i L *? lj - r ,b ? mother of the party, Anne U. Monde. Ibe mania In Jail charged with a criminal offence. The mother claims 2e Vet to have been the result of bis Insanity 10 °i N * lJallard *•» declared closed. “ 15®"”“ CT “ ra, *“ of Ure “ Police, Fibbakd mju.TH.-Tbo regular semi, weekly meeting of tbc Board of Police, Fire and Health was held yesterday afternoon in their SS"j”«!KSSS St * u ™' W«Mwv,n GniS CEI “ ftCaldeilt iiloKn “ d Commissioner The monthly par rolls of tbe members of iha different departments were audited and!ordered to Lc paid. File Marehal Harr), reported that the Board ihc eipcnsea forth, tire Dcpittmcit fur the ensuing year, the cost uf tvvo new sicamere. and one to replace the Island linccn, also an engine to be stationed near Mil. watikec and North avenues. oacer Bridges reported that Lake Hoe- Ri*«!isV n of table cloths, mattresses, etc iS,S!5 cr * u B in a proper condition. The M , »?2«. l i* horl *!l d lho °®cer to purchase theneces- SHiSSftath. n if„ c iS5““ l tlrae and asked for iDStmaioos respecting the police men protecting the pnblig. The duccled in. ” a ! nl t 0 P cnnlt ll *e officers lo .hoot Adjourned. THE GAS KiONOPQLV. Report of tho Citizens’ Committee on tho Gas Bill. Why Uio mu Palled u> Become a taw. k*™" ll . Chairman or the committee oc * mMUnEr or U>« citizensor Cbt' Sobm tonnes "“““'I? “ a ur E° the pageant or nmnil'i? anthonee the city to manufacture end anpply gap, makes tbo following report: Tolbo People ot the City or t hi'cano ■ ammlolldlfi' J <S ncii ’ 'hajniian or tbo committee appointed at tho people's meeting to inn*- Chi£i£E t 80f bni 10 antfn&i the cl??Sf CbJcsgo to manufacture and supply gas remT to S S ?mbVy 8 . IO UuThe ocsS^ 0 c5S^ tnry, it uaaaed the House of Representative i« spile of tie most determined efforts or ii.« »l« e « Q otUle, by o rote ormoro foon tjo m.dereietiod has omlre coSilcSM^rrom'hb^ Sofa to'it'tffit Sima ass’s!™ pSuhisS' to mS"* supports upport or as&iiassfssa" 1 * 0 "*- ™ ***•« tje right of Senator Ward to oimoao thin J? e w 8 Hf ei disapproved oi it. al ihouijh such Judgment might he in opposition to fel«Re majority of the people whom he ora. fisscd to represent; but it was not bis right, *but was an inexcusable outface upon tho neonie of tb>ca-o, that he should prevent them from beingheard upon this measure. cm ,rom *l}“ C Mil was injudicious or objectionable. Ira opponents could have every oppoituuitvto eatairv a committee of the Senate, or tie ?/ rnr C of defeating It for those reasons. Tie gas comnsmei were udbld^tmtl»s*?2 rC,B “ a ,heu> *t« k lK»Wwu 5? n their power to present to the minds »ki ljCCera ' AflicmLly all grounds of objection to this measure; and they had too imdiuhed mean, to rfre additional wo'-zht totbelr msS Thonnderslcocd was Hero with no other mu. port than the luellcc and rl R ht of the ciSSo SK !'"" d J' T „ I 'V>n lo Poor committee. In e“h e ron •e*t i Been) that the advantage nonid Eufflclcijjy tec Bide of the moiSri eunon? * £ n “ Uoooralite Senator from Cook might have, at least, allowed the people wham be represented a chanct to be /teard; that a bin mV. fcclltg the Interests of a city of two handiSd I ,C °P |C might hare, at Icaat, been treated ''J** 1 . Uj« common and ordlnarj respect with which other bills ore (rei*cd, and allowed to i«^ C 0 ? n,lt . teeand V e P aM ®° upon or rejected alter a merits. Jieu < e courao o f iTu• In«•«s In the Bennl» la for hill* Ip ho read a first and second tituo by tfielr lliin* • «nMo r th , ii l J cd *° ,heir appropriate* Committees «Uera they are eiomincd and discussed *mi .i ranter whp desire beard in relation to them ami tlicu nnotleU bacu to tbo Senate, wlfh the tadi»« mtut oi tht committee upon die iironrteiv paMßce, lurlho final adieu of the Senate. “® ir »’ however, In the power ol any Senator in I* 1 1 '? ronrtlnir of a hill on (h« ratnu day ol lu Introdncilnu, and, If suchan ahiivS in made, the lilll cannot ho relent'd or acton mum in any war, until the order nf hiiu road unci .2 okblii n acned In the icgular rail (unions h» n C aiti << plate nlilll In till • position In euiDvaienlio aniMin ri re 11, mlliuiii ulr mi|mrluill/j or n ifeii fni I . thin miunual and unfair implication of the rules * ~V" Ki'iiur nttc Himnlor from Vi !i, 11,0 "JJ" 111 " 1 "> tliu .ecuml™omi " J " r i ’.i ' nI V ' us tho tintlernl|;tied was S*p£3s::lsiS SSsSiSSIS P Hnllipil u| |h|s measure he puhef or Dm ■Spi&S&^IEKS«i ' (hen In liieWiinip Hint ihi'vnltMi/til S.o* ;BSWSBdIb«SIS«?Si P®£fi?Sw®S!&S I non wlmlcmifao ho pronutieit louiha \jfe anawur which wan cnmiminn ait A iu the n le iw.l.V n. r hniator Kaaimnn hm s“ at o r\VanlwSai^ ‘ pm permit Dm oi.JecDonio he wMuirawn7Thl f would "Mow yonr hul to ha rra«* »} ‘ lime, or to hu referred lo any cominl'too nr ln tt ,a y 1»* e^ rlu i» before the Henutu—that ho had «s?dsit?S r ffUero l,e cou,d klu ‘t.««! So iawt It la for the people of Chicago (o pronounce Jhdgmeni upon Dm proprlotr 01 anch n enun, • nf conduct bb thin, In reference to an mpormSt n,ih lb", committee_tp. pointed b; Ton, standing in your bwla’it and' roii relenting yooi ciuse and yonr Interests mi na if a creat wrong and Indignity hidbS nunnJ ihe people, and fell insulted and outrancs bv?u?h ncoutM ot proceeding*, n the mewure nad bee? fairly treated, and the peoples* cause cntrtmtrd ♦#, your comm.nee bad be*» ncrmlitrd tlfe tSe o? ‘SSSoff-toVifilS ”- e iSh x"c M ? r ,ee ßaf u< ”‘h° nd m ii to deny tbe people tbe opportunity ofa heariVS «on ? qn«tlo. vllallj arTcctler thclMaier/stjf ihe refuel to allow a hearing or vote nuon the mca«n»e aflbida the strongest cvloeice IbHbeni- JiniiM* l^** 11 ® 1 4 ,ejjnp monopolists felt that they u>wld not ea.tdy submit their objections to the i measure to the rest of examination anddlsm* «on, and did not dare to let th« hid U>« *“i« of Hie Snuie. Suuiolvaid' f cmptcQ detcncu of bl. couree on tbo caa bill, before ibe Steal', mini ib,t b. of im bill, but retarded ibe bill ndopit-d byVo” as a bad one. The undersigned can oalr mt that. enator W aid made no suggestion to hsm of any amendment, addition or allcraUon to y5Sf bib In out panlcniar. He niadciiecfroittoim. prove or change It ia any respect. His opposition whole* 0 "* 1 81111 emphatic to ihe measure as a .w ifeiS* L l ,l ,' to6b( ' ld lulbla way In the Senate tb ri«2 o r?b <r T^ ,eßraiu JL were ecnt w Mr. Ward: : Th° tooling here, especially nn» b .«S™ bidc ’Js Cl ’ lv orsal m favorof the Gas Bill, and we your friends and supporter* oxnresa our w onder and surprise a* your opposition. P Dey pend upon It, fair as your prospects arc lor future elevation, no man can afford to disregard the wishes of the people Id a mailer so vital as ilua Uc hope ami pray you will not defeat all haz ard, bnt support the bill wllh all >our powS. P. W. tiau b, e. E. i H. M. HookcrT 5* C. E, Holmes, fe* ?,* »*l ker» 1. Ha as, U. n.v. C S ! ' co - ssffsssr* A. balisbuiy, cpa« s t£mn Tboa. Phelps & Co., N Allcn ' F. &U. a! rookcr! J.35j o „ lcn ,. I MlctL-yon cannot atom to omo-eibe o.a CI»1. As a unc Ineno 1 advise you io support lu They were, however, of no effecL* BUta * llKcitUrMii vote of Ibtce-foutlbs of tbe Sennit to suspend the rules, sua without eacn snsnsn. Sion the bill could not be again reached; and, wU.fc a decided majority of the .Senate were In the opinion of the undersigned favorable to your b:ll, the Gas Monopoly had the support of a suf ficient rnmber to prevent tbe suspension of the rules, and, as, under these circumstmccs, Itwaa impossible for anything further to bo accom pltsbca hi behalHof your bill the undersigned dis continued any further«tforts and returned home Among the other causes which contributed to the result was the action of Mr E. S. ravior ?« . V ?to . n * a /Representative for the Sixty-first who, although not a citizen ol Cnicago, and not afiectcd by the measure, was the persis tent and determined opponent of tbe bill m the House, at every step of its progress, and by his course aided materially to delay its passage there, and thereby prevented its reaching the -.cnate in time to defeat the schemes of Mr. Ward and the monopolists to nnotter It In that body ,i c PA‘°i expressed himself to the on derslgccd throughout as favorable to your bill and as disposed to oo all he could to eflcct its rataace, but trem the position in which it was held by benator \\ ard. and from other cause*,was i” cVciiS'vxrx^" 1 My , The only person officially connected with the t uy Government who has rendered the under signed any cfi'clent aid m farthering the passage ol your hill at fcpringficld Is Mr. C. C. I*. Holden iheAldcimanoi Ihe Tenth Ward, who ha* from the first support!d the measure, and did what he could to farther its passage. In conclusion, the nndcrslxned would state that no effort on bis nan has been wanting 10 further your interests In respect to thi« measure. He could have wished that the matter could have been entrusted to some one mote expericcccd in legislative tactics aud of more personal influ ence with the legislative bortr: but with no Interest to be affected by this bill olher than that of any other attorn— he has for more than two weeks glvt n his best efforts to save the people of t.hlcagolrotn Ihe further continuance of thu mo nopoly. Jn tor course ol the pcrfotmance of Ihe duty entrusted to him, the most interested motives have been ascribed to him and the most dishonor able imputations cast upon him by the hired at torneys and agents of this monopoly. Tl'csc assaults have bad no power to disturb op aflect him, but bo has continued his labors In be half of the can»« entrusted to him so loug os there was a probability of success lett, and, while bo feels great regret at the loss of the measure, ho has no regret for the time and labor which, as one or your committee, be has given to it, but is con fident that, although defeated now, the people’s cause will itlntnph in tte cud, and that the agita tion which this Important subject has undergone during the foment will eventually result in good. '•erpvClfully, K. C. Luiaxp. Chairman People's Commuted. Kducatlon In the Konth. “ Lode John” Vtsear, a gentleman wo»I known among Sherman's boys and In the Army of the I ou.nac, la in IM* city, and will deliver a lectnre 0U *£!!..? ® T i n,O R« ta lhc Fin* Baptist Cbnrcb, on metical Reconstruction of the South." Of toe Importance of the work In which he la en caged we cannot say too much. The following 1110 r,,t^ bnr eh Gos~tie of the 53a commcn ' l *o the attention of oar rcaocra« ••Among the many efforts pnt forth by the Christian people of the Norm, for the education, evangelization and elevation of the ooor of the bonth, both while and colored, none that we have beard of strikes ns as pnmatlng sued largo re sults, in proportion to the labor and money ex pended. as the system of operations set in motion by the American Tract Society through the agenev ol co'poneois. The corps of colporteurs engaged iu Ibis special wotk ate under tbo direction of the Itcv. G. L, Shearer. District becretary of that Society, who is now here. “i he plan is to organise secular and Sunday Schools, especially on the plantations, to be con ducts d by tbc people ifactaeeivcs; furnish them with snbablc books, and give Utem every encour agement to help themselves. There ore now about nine hundred of these schools, principally among ibo freedmeo. which are so nearly sell sus taining, that about sixty thousand persons are now iccelvtrg more or less instruction under the anjptccs of this organization, at an expenditure prices than twenty thousand dollars a year, say thirty cents to each pnpil, while in the schools maintained by the churches and other voluntary assoctauocs, the expense is from ten to twelve dollars to each pupil. True, the work cannotbedone so thoronchly, but tt can bo vastiv morediffmed. Indetd.tbc plantations and rural dlstncts can be reached in no other way. r*li op s Ur *® n timeEt m the South on the subject of the education of the colon .1 people Is rapidly Improving, and many Influential whites arc heart ily co-opcratliig in the wot k. borne of the whites, especially those who remuintd loyal throughout the war, readily undertake the work of teaching *, clloo, . 8 « both white and colored. All they nggd is tobcfornlsbed with hooks and a Utile direction how to use them ” The following extract from a letter written by a prominent southern educator is full of Interest: “There has been, since General fee's anrren dw, a school on xay plantation for colored obU- drer, taught by a very respectable man, one of my former slaves. His niLolnmet.ts are, however, too limited to make him an efllcloat teacher, and I bare repeau-dJj told my servants that 1 would aid (hem to procure a more competent person by a subecnplion of (HOO) one tiuodrea dollars a year. Too difficulties connected with the settle merit of a rlracger. at a period of such Intense excitement, are very groat; amlthomM greater Difficulty at present of procuring anyone else, bayeihue tarrendeicd tbeJreCbrtsabortlve. Tho potiilc scminient In favor of tueir education, on croDPiia both ol policy niui duty, is earning strength, and il any tolerably eatUlactorr settle iJi®?-.?. 1 u ? r could ho obtained, a class of name teachers would soon spring up,’* Death of Prominent Citizens—Resolu tions by the Board of Trade* i P rc * m WcanilreaolnUons.onerea by N. K. Whitney, Esq., were yesterday adopted unammonaly by the Board of Trade: mISiJrS® 1 /?* T ? e of Trade, floce Its last vsf-Sf;L Icar »ed of the death of Duncan Slctauum, of Oswego. N. Y., one olds early and much esieetnrd memnera; therefore, 3 »,-■*;?£« we would recognize the S ****?! Pt >ddenly calling one of our ?*i heflcUve . wak9 ofll, e Himsolf, we would at the same time be admonished of oar ow» mortality. A . hal in 1150 character of the deceased we recognized sure resnitaofa high standard of Iclegr.ty and pereoverance in business, be havin'* WnJ» e «!, an or , phan wHy youth, and by the in sound sense and commendable a ?? i , v n ’ in reaching a position in epected. 8 WBB koowa “d nnlversally re- That this Boaid heartily symoathlzc ?iJ/r rf m rh«? r »K h6 their affliction. fhat these resolndons be spread up on the records of the Board, and that a conv of thr same he sent to the family of the deceased; The following, introduced by Charles Randolph Esq., were also unantmoofiy adopted- WurazAe, This Board of Trade has learned of he death or Alonzo Harvey, a member of this Board, and an old and prominent citizen of this city, and one who has frequently been called to Serefore honoraDd tnUl by ‘ fcll o^cUlzeos; »kf^ o,r ' rf * I ?F. w^l ewe how submission to the decrees of Providence in removing from our midst on»; aher another of our associates, wc feel impelled injustice to the memoir of our brother fo£udeml. < 2 Pre3 ” OUr '™ eor 1033 «P«ta>«4 littolct'i. That we hereby tender to the famllv and immediate incnds of the deceased our sincere srinpaihy m their bereavemeni, and SSSfSS Ihtm toQim In whose hands are ail onr destinies, aid with whom oil our days are numbered. Jfftoited* That these resolutions be on the records of this Board, and a cerUflli coSy deceased to the family of the ItetoUtd, Thai, as a mark of respect to tho adjSS? ° f 1110 deccascd ' thla Board do now Soujirna’ Hoke.-Tuc regular monthly In* of (bo Bmnl of Manager* of the Soldiers’ Home was held yesterday afternoon. In the roams of Ihs Young Men’s Christian AssrcUtion. Huu J. B. Budtvell In the chair. Iho reported that alnca their list mcetirg the Eoldlera' Homo Bill, .pprgprl.tliiit fIVOO pot jeor lor two year*, had paaaed both UuubCH ol too Mote Legislature, anti had hr that Ocleabj ' recelTcl * ttle tignaturo of Gorentor Hoi eral reports were presented relating to mat tcraorminorlnlcroat. * .J I'* 1 '* P 01 *?' 00 qncsllon was discussed at some length. Thu rules heretofore requiting that those irmatts of the Homo who ate ( Q the receipt oi Pensions shall par them over to the Treasurer, to no used only for clothing and other accessaries. The opinion was expressed by several that the order Is ralhor a haiuorc, ri)icclally lu the case of those Inma'os who hate ftmllles, hut the rul« tias ultimately sustained. A Imltoi w«b taken on the selection ofa Super* Inletieent tor the Homo lo ocl Ourlntr Ihc uusulrg ycur. Mr. Soli F. Hanchclt, ot Chicago, was uinmtmouslr choseo. * * ” Wr * W. Panlord handed In flvo dollar* as a eon iibutmu from lienicirio the Uomo. ihu Hontd then udjuurnod. “ Hen Ktr/'-lho Turt % Fitld aud /Vrm Ins the (nlluwing about a horse wdl noted In anortint chiles s “’Jliih diallngmslied race home and stab lieu has been nmt liascd by Mr. .loim .1 McKln. nun, nt Chicago. Illinois, nml will leave fir i.ig t,cw Imm.- In a iVw days, lied Kjt l* hy o d llos* ,u !t*«? B P.. ~uclr. L lll, K' lm l'* J “ lied started in Uiirtydivo taecs aud onlv out,nan. lie met anil iKlWlcil nil l l i t . ll - L r :l1 Jumlbj Mt nil iII-tnnvL'., Iticludlue If. , •>“?. IlDUlio, riimiiclor, l.airjlin, N« i ' , l ' pn ' HMatuler, Matil of Uihrviiiiili. J'avle, lady Fonnela nml Hold IMn HtMi T.lm four mile rncon uni uf Inu In ivl.kli lie InrlVd lie niro "un ruiirlcnu line.! mile rnrpn mil ar" Ixl iGUi, NoW Hint I.GXhii*(mi In uhiiilrnirn from tilenlnd, lied Ivjrelnithe np«t"im nf Dminn Icit,’' [NANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, MONETARY. H , /mi»AV Kvn.Nim,, Mrthdi I, Ihi'm nc ho new IVnhnes to mile In iiw iom> of Ike meimy markel, whuh Is pradnillv worMnu faslei. mmmoiiiip oj.i-.itud imihes ioti>irt<»l a IfMiieilVflileminid for loans, toniav, while m oihrnjmuiefa, it was exeoily Urn leversn, fiesa JOUHIP hapknd ny iimtonlimd roiuismls. rimltt no (jlrtlpnliy In oliiflinlng all tlm HPconmmdm tlon rnpdied for legiiimata oparauons. in Hm open lOHilmi tha ammrnl of loanable f,mda h fp. rrrailnp, and good named are readilv taken at I'i C*Hi per cent per month. * Hifcro wm • good demand for Exchange, and round lola were readily placed between hanks at parQW cents premlum-mostly (ho upper Hearts The counter rates worn unchanged-par huvluc and MO premium selling. * hloarwaelesa acllrc. Wheat was Armor, aud closed a shade hlghor. Cora was lu good do* maud and l©3c bettor. Oal* were dull aud «<c lower. Rye Armor. Barley ruled quiet. W’bis* hey was Inactive. Pro visions were Armer, with au aciive busluoas demand. Hogs were quiet and a t-bnue lower. Quid was unsettled to-day, onlng to the rumor ou Wall street lh<: tho President had rl-ncd the Bccnnstrncllon Bill, -iho market opened at Itu«, Mcad'lr declined to 131 V, snbseimontlv tallied ar-delußcd at lho;folloivlng qnota- Ilona were recctred by Boyd Bioa., Gold Broken: non I liken 0. m i.mJ 10: lb a m Hl.* l:o<l|j.m ass: ll:COa.m HjV I eirjp. m "rriu ll:iria.m HOJ4 I lhaOp.m ta& iksoa.m mr =uxi£;S;;;; .• -S ls!oo 5 S:“:;::::::;:liS| **>*■* Here there wag considerable doing—lar~cly In the way of Ten-Forty Coupons. The brokers were buying at bid at the close. Over the counter there was a lair business done at New York rates, Silver waa nominal at 130@133 buying—the upper figure tor large. Government Securities were unchanged-. The following shows the dosing prices of to-day, compared with the three previous days: £ a h >5! Sf f a » a “ : Mwsof'Sl. . 1101; nos 1101! lion Flie-Twcalles, 'O2 llu«? lit in ,},•* Jlve-Twentles, 'Ot I'-Tn K,T’; ,15-. FITC-Twentlca,'6s. if®;; ns;; nisi* Ten-Forties iui»i jniu uh 2 no*' 8 Sevca-Thbites, Ansust—max nos 103 S ®-j Seven-Thhtlcs t .Ume,.,.|os' , i iQjv »£(£ sevea.Thmles.Joiy.....HE:* li.r.'-J tea* jjolj licw Five-Twenties too* lor,;* mjS jqjiJ —'•Ei-Coupoo. Here the market was quiet and steady. Wa nnote: COTEUNJCEKT SECCniTTKa—CHICAGO ITAIIKET U. S. Sixes, ol I 16! S ins - “te U.S. s.a(i;e,lHß .ttoji lii 8 U. b. J*2o s, IW4 107*4 103 B.S.e-SO’s, 1«B ..IfISU 1082£ ft* ’ ’ ra tt M d (MW)...iCSS,* JOC?4 U.SS-sqs, small 106®103*i o. r*. iv-aS e, idrpe 37« »w U. S. 1040>, small 97^* U. b. 7-COV, Ist Series 103*5 U-b. .-Oils,2d Series iicij i(Ks f U. S. « Cfl*e, 3d Series io3?i 105 ii U. b. «-G0 s, MmH 11C4010534 . Compounds. June, 18G 4 “ * July, ISO 4 nr,J 4 ** Ang., ISC4 110 “ Oct.. 1S&1 115 “ Dec., 1801 114 *‘ May, ISG3 H2u **l! “ Aug., ISGS Jim Sept.. 15C3.... 3104 “ oct.. is6s 110 ; ; The Second National Bank quotes the Public Funds as follows: Coups, V1..110 ® .... 7-30,(small)l(S4©io:,s4 niWo^riioii®.... J J „ n g? Co .? p " •*•;•}?£* 5-10 coup., Ang. “ « lift'* (small)...lo9y® .... Oct. H »• ns liwn coup., *** Dec. “ ..m (large). .. 97*4© ••• May M KMO coup.. Ang. u •»” (small).*... 9CKi® Sept. “ “ ..iflou New cert © .... Oct, “ •» 109 7c», (1arr0).105.5@105«4 Isocal Slocks continue dull and nominally un changed. We quote: ™„ Buying. Selling. Chicago CllyTe wr juq Cook ConotyTa 06if 9714 Chamber of Commerce The cold interest on the Five-Twenties due to day Is *4,&55.3&1. —The Philadelphia Ltdger says: “Wa have no eharge to report In the money market. The supply of capital is in excess of the present wants of borrowers, and responsible parties find no difficulty In obtaining temporary loans on stock collaterals at 6 per cent, and noon Government securities In largo sums at 6 per cent. First class business paper Is readily placed at 0«4 percent per annum discount' 1 —lhe following is the amount of outstanding gold certificates: 30s. lot*. HQ*. I,OCK». B,wOs. ToUl —The New York Corr.mtrcial AdrerUrtr says : There is more iban usual irregularity In the payment of note#, especially among dry goods and grocery firms; failures among the minor house# arc unpleasantly frequent; and there ia a conse quent cautaon about taking the paper of any ex cept well-known houses. Prune hills ranee at Ch£t‘HVccnl.. —1 lii New York Shipping Hit remarks; There if Increased activity in tbo money mar* keu but the demand If freely met atopeentun call, with ciccptnms at 5 V cent on Government aecailUeaaa collateral. Prime short dated basl ness paper has free currency at fl(Ti6• *’• cent, and lone dales *@B V cent, according to elccature. » o quote: , , Per cent per annum. Loons on call, slock securities o Loans or bond and mortgage oJa 7 Prime endorsed bills, CO days (£& s Prime endorsed bills, 3©i months * 7© a Pint-class single names 7(7h c Other good bills ojjlO —The New York Journal of Commerce oh serves: The pitiable exhibition made by tbo Department In deprcsslngiheSevcn-Tblities by refusing them the fair exebarge to which they were entitled, and then buying them la to the extent of several mil lions at the reduced puce tuns created, is attract ing no little attention among men of all parties. —The Cincinnati Gczitte gays: The money, market continues to work easier, and there Is getting to be a fair supply of capital lor luyestmcnt in good paper, at b©i2 t«r cent, lhc receipts of currency are Increasing and bal ances ato fairly in the rising scale. The indica tions at present are that we shall have In the im mediate future an easy market. Exchange was ana tc-day at par®soc prem, buying, and 1-10 P. rp m. telling. Gold was higher again in New 1 oik to-day, and the price advanced hero, bat dealers bought cautiously at 135H©lS$3f. —The New York ezpotts (exclusive of specie) for the week ending February SCtb, and since the beginning of the yt ar, compare as follows: For the we*k tsA&kies fii.oirJirg rrcvloniiy rrpcrtc«,2W.i67 52,0-ttjS7 Since January 1 T37,3C7,Kn Ibe foreign imports at New York compare as follows: Dry Good!.. »WsSm uiSu r.’iil?si3 btotril 3,041,177 2,651 44ir,?9l Total lor tbo week. *3,173.661 it.twTs '*5.57' cos Previously pcp’tco, 134053 Vra&a ' Since January 1...f17,03i,01l *4T,1».U8 *3:437441 Ite commerce of New York from Jaly i to date comparts as follows: 1564-5. ISS3-6. ' 1866-7. Imports mdse 4 Imports produce.. 161431.421 143.105.574 iw.aijus Kxportf Specie.... »,711,021 16,114,033 Ihe following will show the export* of specie from the port of New York for list week: T«.ial fortbo week. ; a <rvora Previously Total since Jacnarv 1. isct tuianm Same time In 15C6 •* •* JSS t«& 5« - - ISS7 MWj#i7 “ ** - .. 1856 ijuulm ** *• .. .. IK>3 I*,£i(Un ** I*3 *4«J» .. .. ISM 2,317.589 •• Jfc« 7JW6 .. .. 18M J.€6^Si :; ;; IMS i®S5 •• ■• “ «“•*« New Yora s* Cosing prlcct for cash, Joseph M. Lyons d Co., Br« „ _ „ I.UW.MUI N.T. Central...lP2*j uaw Erie (com) 53* M.te.tcom) 71 J< TJii <..& nit* 79u SOU Rock Irland %«< K? C.&N. W. 55jJ 80., prehm-d... wv esu P.,Fr.,. 93v jq? Ouictsl.vcr iSu S 8 TV. U. Tel.. ... cv L. & A. (c0m.)...106V * H. d-Qutncj iso Mich. Ce:lral.,.loTV lut Hudson River, iscv 137 V 111. Central nsg tisv Phils. A Read...lo2V itov C. 4 Toledo 117 mv Tul. & TVsbatb.. SS S 8 Market-lit Board weak COMMERCIAL. . Fhidat Bvßsnta, March 1. The following tables show Ihe recoipts and ship* hours ,0 *' y^ce during the past twenty*four BECnPTS PAST TWiaiTY-POUtt UOCB9. £lour brls., WltcaL bu... Com, bn Oats, bo Hje. bu../. Bailey, bn Grass Seed. B's Broom Con?, lbs Cored Meat, tte Poit, bria 'r*:; 1 ' sum ijt,™ Bniier. iba................ •rnf** i-vum fi wm r.ios ?${ 3*g?| Hides, 1be.... (aftrr Hirbulnce, bria 333 437 SblOßles. m 140 jS enimns nctnu, Floor, brl*. Wbi'a’, bo, Coro, b 0... Uatr, do.. . Kye, bu.... Parley, bo Crapß Becd, tba., Proom Coro, Ibe. Cutid Meal, lbs. Beet, brie le Lard.nm. .... Tallow, 1be...... Potter, Ibe purred iloire, No Lite Hoes, N 0...,. Cable, No Hlecr, Tb* icw ~'w Illphwmee, hrlo ‘iVl 21V, w»». »>• u,S} 8) l“ lumber, ni ?IU ’nji Shfnplce, in ?jsl 4 i., ......V.....; ..... 71 ii-i »«>t. B io Tbc deaths or Alouao Harvey and Duncan Me* Cillntn, members of the board, were announced on'Uianco to*dar. 1110 usual ceremonies wore journed tOUSb * Ub ’ attcr wh,ch **»« board ud- Contrary to general expectation the roolilHyi. IcmUitl nor take rflVct to-day. ThMa alu-lbnl able to the fact, that the IHn-clora of the Hoard of Trade and the warchotnc-ition have not jctacrced nntlie rain of alorape tube charged underlhu new system, aa liolli parlies are wnlthijr to itarn vlmt Ibe Milwaukee warehousemen propose (o cl»a»i:e. J’or the present receipts Ibr (train are .‘I fh . c n, 'J nnd willcoiiiluneau until the Kith Inst., whim the usual enmtnor rates, e ill po Intoeilect. Tins (Inestlon o'n»hl to have been scutid lorurapo. aod had auch b.on done, (ho Hoard of lindo would nuliiuw bo the Immlmiii stock of the community. There la no use lu re soivlncto doatlilrnr, and then nut do It, soph vacillation Is pitiable. 'Jbero was n jjmid nUondahco on ’Change to day, and the lennlmr produce markets were falilr aclho at ttiiproved prices. ’J ho I'rovleloii mnihet ni trllh moio acllvd, Hun Imi been aeca at mi, Ham dor. 111(1 lie po.i Unco uf Unit ttcets. Tlmro no. an ailivo ili inaiiil lot HI os a 1*011(1 and Urn inarlrol aan fli tiicr-iii favor or.char.. Wonms Unimao '•‘J »'».*« W« «1 ♦hi.OU Mr i'll, i 4IM bn |UF Cuumijr, and flß.Caicilß.fa lur ,M. u. rnpli, anil ,111 mi tor till, Hie.., liurer March At Ho oioro Ilioie worn hat* bujrcrsai Hoh iiia! Jill.* arid hi .umr hi.lniiM »lti,so Mr favor' lie bt«iid«i Inline Aless IVrrU was dull, wlthsitlpaikt I'HdiMi #it mi. itnmiN Miid i ‘Mill rule or 1.4 lit™ Wo". Or, na «, repotted ,o.lonia,.w«. muds.nmJ oko, th il hail no lemne.l the tall ii.rlleiilsra of i m haiuariloa II .honld mil I,aw «,i,.,re™“ ™ "0.1, M,aa, m.",l wore linn, w,ih nfSTJIca othhi tor I'h, am) ,1140 far uoiwirr. thuie was oonoidmuhla inmiuy for Rnuliaii Weals, fli.dihonmrkotwai firm, with sales of 577 I boxes Onmherlands at He. HnU Meals wore in ■ ttood numand, with liberal trausucuuna at 7Ue iur hhonldera; fijjc for Cumberland*; UWcforHlmrl 1 Jtlh.nnd o*4c tor Bough Sides averaging 34 I There was a cood damind for Lard, hot the advanced iirelenslona of holders restricted the volume of hu.lncas. Theealos were conlncd lD some HO les at l»c for prime elcam, Ihjc for No 1, and He for head-closing ttllh hn voce of mime amem at :2c, and tellers at Notbing do,no In Grease. *• Tho elock of Pork In KcwVork toaliv tvs. rc. poimd at Pd.tOO brla. Inch,dim; old and nctv The slock of Beef was 11,000 brls. T he It Honing table gives the stock of barrelled V ° rk ’ ° U Ul " flm or “ cl > month, for Sj .S as* 11J.M : ','sSj s i®j sfe;r; S fcg ggg i| gg ■fi!K:r.;sSi 5$ 'B ?;fj “ •June 155,413 IMHSS aSSIB Nsu Mts ***• July 516.411 2UMOI Kb.OOl iK »fS —* AUKUbU.IKUM 330,614 Iffl.TW »’m TS'U £*P««. . .157,7U> ]t>OH S«5 RL*oa —• Oct lu'.TiS Iyi.SSS mm 4751 ***• >« v }»«.«9 i«.'cc 70,wti sarao Dr .e IWMW 75,'Jsl iljai •••• Urweed Hogs were qmet, Irregular sad a triile lo« er t with talcs at t7.20Q5.35. " liinlioj woe Inncuve nnd cntirolr nominal at r 5-I‘ic for bonded, and *2.30 for tna paid There tree lese ncllvlij in tbe Flour mlfkct and transactions were eonflneif to meetloe immediate requirements. Them wee no cban E e in vtlnee Jf ~n o| E f " ,cs or r- 500 t>rlo, at *l3 coau.7s for nwto Winers; *12.24 for Bel Wlnteia; *u.ooa 10.,efor SprlcE Eitrae; {S.CKllor Spun-Sonera- SCJllfor Rje, and *0.50 for Buckwheat. ’ There was a falrljr acllve demand for Wheat, and an advance 011132 c on No. 1, nnd 2fflo, icon No. 2 Sprine wna ohlamod. Toward, the close Ihc latter fell olf, nnd the Improvement was al moabloet. Rejected was qniet bnt Arm. dhont 102X00 hn obantted hands, at *285 far chokm sample; 522032.22 for No. 1; *2 On for \o - (A. D. i Co.); *1.8714(31.00 lor do recnlar, and 51.031.3 1.70 for Rejected— closing wltn holers ot No. 2 at 51.8714, and sellers at *I.SS. At the opening there was an active speculative demand fur Corn, and the market advaos"* «»/o H'a a pressure to roadaS and the market receded 2i@lc-closinir qntet. Iherc was nothing doing in No. 2, and Rejected was quiet at yesterday's Acmes. The sales toot no B*.,«Wbn at 7d%&7Fc for No. 1, and SSQyjc for Rejected—closing at 77&7THC for the former. Oats wercdull and He lower, with sales of 11,000 baat-J1H043?4C for No. 9—closing at 4l@-l.Hc for winttr receipts. For future then* wa« cousld crable Inquiry, with sales ofOo.OOO bu at 41«4c. seller March. J!yo was In steady demand and firmer on the •ales of No. 1 at SSeGCMiO for fre«eh and U7c lor win ter. Nc. 3 sold at »4@9Gc for winter receipt.*? Bailey was qnlct bat Ann, with sates at C3aG7c for No. 2, and liSRWc lor sample lots. Seeds were dnll, with sales at 55.15&3.75 for Clover; *8.15 for Flax and f2.50<33.12H for Timo thy. *1 he following telegrams were read on Change to day : Fljmr hca\T at 59.50®11.w. EW \Vhea?’ hear/ 1 and i n n- C i/ 11 Corn quiet at $1.07® 1.0. H in /tore. Oats dnll at 61®«Jc. Pork fUmcr and qntet at 521.23; stock, 05,000 brK Becfftwidy : slock, 14,000 brls. Lard qmet-onl S; * a -®«« 9 - 5S - WWsfilSictlre. Corn stronger fit fUtijl.CS In store. Oats steady. LATEU, The Grain markets in the afternoon wore mod erately acute, but prices were nominally un changed. Provisions were steady, with sales of 4,400 pieces Dry Salted Shoulders at 7‘jc loose. The Cattle market was quiet tod 25@35c lower. The receipts were «3 head, and the entered sales 1,1011 bead, at (4,374(37.35 for common to choice Jots. The market for Lire Host was dull and prices duties the dar receded 15045 c per 100 flu. The receipts were 4,isc bead, and the entered sales for common !o choice Hogs. Tbe market dosed weak at |6.00@7.i2;t. 9109.430 1,750,UK) 953,000 3,55|.000 I<VJtS,OOO New York Dry Goods Market, [Tron the Independent.) -.155 h X* T3r i“ ow ; st ?r» Interfered with the trade de “‘.W^J 100 * 18 l“t week. ceocklng sale*. Trade Is great acilvlty 1* looked (bras soen to the wrathfr It more teuton A moderate buimca* la doing In brown shirting* and v llf L D i. f, J’ r . lctß ®w eteaur. The best groSc* oi bleached shirting* and ibe*-Ungs ore also Ormond la pcid request. while tome erode* bore advanced. Low grades are abandant and weaker in price. A good hu*?* , JSsfs‘ l P reTall *- bo* light weights are dm . btmea and tick* inactive, tml steady in price. Llcht denims are non; brisk, bat ato-fts are Increasing. 1 rlntsate at preheat iho most active gojii*. anddoMra blc Styles are firmer. Olrgbatnt arc steady ami active. Dr’amisanpln more acilve demand and very firm; a'l Uuirahle style* are readily aold. rnrln* MjJe* i r thawls are comic* Into more demand, and Jte aradea are strong n price*. Indian cloth* are tuady in demand und price, rbere i« more brl«knc*a Ip broanc pill*, hut altecether for Immediate coaiumjv* Uon. fcuev casstmrrc* sell readily and well. Inferior ttrlet are fow in pneo and larec in Mock. batitiH* inactive. Flasuct* are in moderate

request. Blankets vcrydnll Import *d goods begin to show tnorr attractions! and mere activity. Desira ble st) ice of all dress-goons arc in locreaiing demand. Uroaurlotna and tine catiimere* are al«omore active. Anctmra are Increasing. and teaionahle goods are In spirited demand. A good competition among buyer* 1» advancing price* or mi desirable itylct and oual; tic*. Unetijawnr. ginchawa. alpaca*, and delanei of good jtyles are much inquired for. biiki are tteaay. oat are beginning to attract more cuttotn. J New York Grocery .Harket. [From the Shipping LM.j Fcoae—There has been a steady goad demand tor xam Miic«ourlait,andthebasiDs»*bitoafiir extent cMcCy for rr lining purpose**. The market mains lu firmness, the stock being moderate, receipts light. and gold ruling st very foil rate*. Prices are well top rortrd ; indeed, for seme descriptions we advancs oar notatlcns a trifls to correspond with present market Tarnations. Refined Is In rood recursf, and prices tather tend onward; hard, ls*c; soft white, llaHwc; Tncsalasot raw are *.69z tpba at yw,o.i vc: 57 bhrU clarified do at li'.'c; ip bhdaPorto Klcoat IJVftllVc: <9 phds clarified Martinique arl2\«l3J*c; S 2 hbds Demerara at 10 kc; «3 beds and 200 hr.» clartned do, on terms not made pnb.jc, and 1,391 boxea Havana at 9,S@l3Kc, four 5°^ h /- **«* jesterdar was anont 13J.8 hbds. atd baskets, 103.391 bass sugar, and 1M nous Mclado. MoLAStts—There ti a good demand fcrdlstllllDcaad reDnli e, nnd the trade are al*o purchasing a (title more freely. Supplies continue moderate, and there Is hm little of ttc new crop received rcmaißlcgunnoid. The market Is tm. and prices are well support'd for all graace. The salw are two cargoes Clayed Cuba— together 755 hbds, TSlcs. and 38 4As;7SI bhd* and II tes tuba Muscovado, u chiding Inferior to prime new crop and goon old crop, 4S«a3c; 60 hbds old do, to arrive coastwise, 50c; 85 hbds Demerara, 4Se: 315 hhds IttiTadoes, Sfl&ttc; 223 hbds Porto Htco.6o@sSc. 111 os'- months; and 54 br.s New Orleans, »c.«aab. Tne stock yesterday wa> about 1,013 bbas Porto Ulco, 2A30 do Cuba, &c --anq tOO hrl* New Orleans. By auctiia. 331 hbds Dc rocrarafoldnt46i.Ttvc.lmonthß: 250 New Or leans, SOy VlJic, and SwO do New Orleans damaged, 67V @.jV*ca»h. to»FFt— ihe steamer’s accounts fmm Rio Janeiro to ffiih nH., alluded to In our ’a>t. advleP g continued tight khisments to this country, ana reduced stocks tterp, ban- materially stmgtmmed the previous Urm* ness cl holders, many ofwhr>m have withdrawn their st-'Ck» from lair, or 01 It oiler them at enhanced prices. The operations la Pio ilnre our last show an Improve ment clone-quarter of aecntln gold, and we advance oar quotations arcon Ingly. Thaaalrsof Bio are all Ptr »t Ttnrr Guiding Star, as follows: 193 bags at 9Ve: 5a do, UKr; E 437 do, 13c; 1,000 do. UMe, all gold! In *bond;aEdlAoodo, on terms we did not learn. West India and otter d.scnptioas arc held finals hut ttq fccnwi? 2' 50 ®** Baltimore—logelher. M.«? bags.- nrmnai p3i^. l ?. ark 'l l t ls soaewnat unaePled by (be neu Sm K*PJ£f “ Jnjbe e -Id premium, and the bast- Cim/Wui^nu^nM te<,; pncca, generally, are very the iaw-£,O J£?v 1 c i* to a,:vancc lh * currency rate*; StObido Laver Raisins. In lots, at fI.W; K»kttSn.? 1 W cta '. I . Cc » JOcaik. Flea. 171*c; Mda Fur crop, 1 «■?,*?• Ki C ,' wlt ?. a ctaks aliO.’ic; 10 ca«k» old can Not# V»j?£u ee 'l £«ncb PI nmi, 16c; lO.CK jm Pc brli ; Afncwj Pea Nuts, la lot*. *2.63; soo iLsElttlfP* oras * »cr sieaTnerrfU.OO; 70,000 Car Baraoiado.fWM hf Gj£ Koneh and Hulked; 1500 bxs. 7O' Ilal»lnr*?i3> J? 9 *}t co Layer, and 1M bx* Danrii part £“?“**» « caiki Tui?:l»h Prone*. c«» M old crop French Plums. 7 ** hxß i a °d *0 dj Qrbxs, Sar ■laSeSnA^J RS «? b t» rt * ,s ®^ a,la a Alinands.ijO fore ani?s. w . Brazll Nut*, the first and M bis* reiol£3 - 100 Mt* Tapioca, KeSL,;. 1 or " to! ‘bcmarkVt'-« O .H^nAJi lr Ui “'-*od forliamo nu ani ‘Jo. mbonrt a ,lW,e at »5 1M Cttili? I>on ° , S 'M; and 500 tes Carolina, $10.3*010.73. *uku market* . March 1,1567, received by ekers: „ lit Bd.2d Bd. r. 8. 6 1> cent bonds, 1531....H0.V 110 V U.8.6V ct 5-20 Coup.. 1867 11l 111 U. 8. 6 V ct 5-9) C. S. 6 P cIS-50 U.S.s»*ctsVo coap.,ni*w, , ff».lo(V IK V O. 8. 5 ji cent I£MC .. OJrd OS lrcas^7S-10*lst series 105 V l«Jf U. S. 7 S-10, 3d series 103* MSV O. 8. 7 S-10. 3d series .ics.v 103 V Am. Gold 130 V 139 V _2d Board steady. Th* A na * f Awarde ut cuulavlllc. terce l» a !'« °J awards made for sabsls. ‘ Kentucky.Feornarra, 1867. 1 bucs^^ 0 ! 1 ? 1101 p : 6mal i Colei Csmalaaary of K ii?? a V Ueparuneatof toeTcnurice:. Ijgj-.*®!®* Louisville, ijaio bria prime mess pork at. m»pSKi£Js|f; T “w * Co - 5M brlj 1 5 -™ »• clear nb «3.«plfS“ro?wt“bt. ft ““ D ’ bl " n Loulivllle. 101 brli float at 11f.23. <C« Voui | is*o ta * Loal,val8 i 6JO brla flour at *x;us,aad f vl?: “dSVQdoat $13.95. r * Co- Louisville, US brls flour at #I3AT. i fi1.78.‘ Indianapolis, Indian*. 500 brls flour at 3 *' Lcnlsn h c * 730 brls com meal Verirci’fe 1 . 03 * iwoa BS bc*sß at 41.95. 2hS“? Co- 7 Loui'Vtlle. 15.0)0 bs beaus at sc. »rwK l^? p S p '% onl,Tl,lß ‘ u -°k oeiasat 11.91. rlce« iteT Bochaaa o * Co„ LouUvUle. 10,0:0 bs a?'D.). J^t3L ioad:B^oJ • , Loai9,rille ' IWM Bl grits eupw ® actaolul * Co.. Louisville. 30,003 Bs Vo]vc.‘ A ‘ Fru2lr & Co -> Cincinnati, as candles at 20 70qC0fc DOr, a Son# ‘ clnclaQatl , 7*500 bs candles at »wS? aeffer4Co *’ SUL * uU ’ iIO *» soap at 1607. 15C6. .. 0,007 3,703 .. 17,000 8,097 .. 80,353 18,050 .. 0,090 10,708 . 2,030 373 .. 2,320 8-JO ,170,815 C3.4C6 • 2,328 . 32,450 110,410 .r .... 174 l& L * JcffCr,on&Bloa ** LoalSTlt,c * "AW salt at .u.'i» A - Fr ' ler4 Co M Clndncat’., 533 gilloni syrup VtSso* C °- Loul,tll "'' « 1 1« 5-Ponnd cans UUIcIBMU ' “ d “ a».poima PMcheaat’ 11 ' LouUTllK 80 dM 2-ponnd cans Uroa ‘* i-lnclnnati, 50 doz a-ponnd cana peaches ssi*“ 1 ’ * num T< hoolsvlllc, 500 cations plcSles at pcf ira Lou,rlllc ' 303 potatoes al lIJM 1567. IST}. . R.BU3 2,1113 . 16,025 5.551 . 728 9,416 • 3ao fiSD • 1,«0 710 . 52,802 41,200 . B,OOC 71,013 •SG2,'J6S l,2cU,«‘J3 • 706 771 • «• 781 , 99,500 139.51 H , 48,(120 10.025 ~SS,8ll) 20,2-37 . 093 81 MM CIIICAfiU LITE STOCK MARKET. Omcß or the Daily Tbiiujkb. > _ . tniUAT Etkmsu. Mired i. t Tbe rollowlm; table ahowa the dallr receipt* and fhlpicDWol Ure Stoc<clurlßjt the week, no to this Se?Y«k SKIS? 1 ,tlo BKret4r/01 thD Bandar and Slondajr z\ Tuu-oey ; ...aoM *2s stf W«ine»rtnjr g'm jwJS , Week before last "Jew iaftg a |g The receipt*, 10-Uajr, ware br ilia following routes*: Hr Illinois Central.. .?“ U iw Uw /5* l3bc SJ?,; •-y llurhinrUm i tjulney Hoad. 39) t nil »i i>M. Umtaft Alim 110 ad... aJ ~, Ji "f Hy Nun: western Howl ffj iK; Hr Mkhlcan Central Hoad ~S * M Hr H'wit loiainl voV if,’ ?, • lithen in *7 Total Rtf 4,|3Q . lvJ llifihlnmontalo-tlar, aul far (be wee* urt to thi. c»eni»iit,wcre« M Similar am] Monitor ,lo AV TiieaiUr.n 3-4} ,Ml • ••• tin Mm ,i?ui iiniraiiar ! ilm Jftj ,r,a *> wj a.uw * jjj) T«l*l .... 9, KM 1,1, 1 M nj The fallowing ware UioiUliitnciiU to-day it l'r Ml. lilrmi I'.rlml , L ’ all | l i eli-ro. Hy Allililisnn B.imerii iwa .*♦.*« •,*4*, Hy I’idatiurKiiA fert Wayne, • 104 {.ajj 101a1... i..4.4it.,, ....444,, 4 paj ”tttw T .. «S! «Kt" "" AI llllin fa Rea . , Cn, ,m Uo ,W- Blmco. Ailntiinaa.nßcalou . " Si 1113 1 AMII.O Praia ,'Ji in jAt NutthWistsiU Scak'itMida ll'it glj m!hi?MTii;ipim , m;iv;i 'A, ***&, js} I aide mr drawn iimiioh all, 'd hie iiiaa"io i ..5! f . ua »cojiiktlw waalli.f on. faroralital aad ha ai Vi ■Jaaioor|i«i,rn wa> mod, li 11 ira.i. draiili iiirmJS' ISII. ami a! a aoa.lilpniiile rediaill ia i™iai vm .IriWfc raire. 'in. Illwral arrival, al tin. "11 ™ TC.K aiiinli.r r.|i.innl a. la Hat f'r»arll«.| 1,, 1., , aiaikrl., lia. wn>lht, mi il„, .i«n,|.n,. 'J JJ“ on. la ilia llal.llll, 111 iniaas, I’ , |,™m " liaxwaraoliaraai.fimi a, uaa.iial inniiiia, „ 'J Wli«a IHii r.l oi>iiw.i|.i,i. were aiindimiii,. W.,,111 o „ I iniriliM.aljall, M,iai»f.,,. r , tSJ , Slf iml i.i.era(ar.,ll,e liulkul 111. oirunnja hofni ulrrS llir 111. in artel, nf tlanmo. hie,elan,l, |*E,*"; I New Vorlr, at M. 75 (Hr uim ~,, e J 111 fair, awraelait San aa HW».,.nil ,7.» for pranilum lintel,»?!, , Y ™ * U*“iw-aTaere va. a eoimnael liru. “.tecker.," en.l holders of Una claaef etiv .Med to realize at IldddSdiO for com “ on t0 W "”, e «r.d... Iliiletiera* Cattle were In demand atm jw add lur twmmon mixed lota, lacludlnr l.on.i'ni. ' 3 tlitnronati Steers aad Slag. ,„,i Uals^. t “"“' 1 Dtohy Steen, and prims fst Cows. The quiet ni a decline of 35«35c; the dccilno and medium grades belnj; most marked t^^ 0 ? Jowldb were the arked - The fol __ „ T% cxo>cfo reiCEs. Extra Stern—l ine, tst, well formed, i f>fi “ vcrw,Dß J ’ ?JO »• Prime. wVTl* * filied.* * goriV* 7 donned Sritcie, sveraßlDclrom J.COJ to f,;* C/ars-Mwlmm Steers* and'com! W0 S 6 * W SasbSo /;»jtrfor—l.lehi and tuln tows and’stfc.Vi r«uch*and coarse. Tenelnz TJOaJi'.n . , IV. ncu »• lollowlna J at 3J031.0 CATTLE SALES TO-DAY oiri I .¥"at«‘lt. l ' nm ' “ c ”'"' *i"iiPe wao «... c.”TfflSi?' ,R ’ MSIOc ‘“ , ’* Ter « 1 « w »».on Thirty-two bead cckkl straleht <hi«nin«. *. avtracinc 1,230 as, frn and watered.kic/To£- £tcers * co.xisniooiii »Wppi l Qe ... spine 1,300 ftn. njd nnd wulcrwL ntM up s> * ce “> »ver- Thirty-ihrts head c-'od shlonln? st**** ii*to bp, fed ud watered, at |6js K ‘ eer< * ®t€raplng Twenty-two head pood hoteliers* cows Stccie. arwaalnc l,i*9 a*, fed and watw«L a *t^M2- m •OTa^M® 4 ”»•“>•UPPtoI! Stan..TOT- Thlrty.flrc head pood Steers at $79.00 d “"' endeonttnnedtbn. to tbe close. Tnc receipts were Übcrel, and ft vc ruble edvlcei (rent the East, sale. dJnmedbiwPv and price. Id. olllMiae Pfflp. or .boot IMObeM on ta'e, only lad brand bnjers. Thee* « erTtshS? elmott cxcloslreljr on .nipple,, .rconnt, ,t « oSS for ccrairon lo medium. nnd *6.vss,;nJjc pi Iho 'We note the following M 1W {« SHEEP—Hie market wai quiet to-day. an I*father carter. The «lca.and as herctolore was chiefly tor good to prime Mutton qualities cn ?o;al accoiLt. Prices rarpeat J 45036.50 ftr c:mmen to choice oa-lltles Sales include- * ' KO Ki„ CHICAGO DAIGF aiAttKBX, All tolff of Grain reported in thit market report are made oji the ba4tt qf uiuter Or) etorage) unUts olhtt true exprttied. f bioat Etzxixo, March i, iSoT. FREIGHTS—RaiIroad Fkkioutb— i'h<* follow, leg la Ui« urlU ofUic Eastern Roods: roiiow , clii«.cl2«.Floor.uS? Duiii»io t >.\ c mw 4iu Ms *“ v *r* C. \T_ (jjj 4-jfj (q >Jontrc2, C. E.V.V.V.V.V.V.V. i,2s‘' S' 1 S iri Albany, X.T 1.10. » 1.60 fcS New us M uo ijg Bofetoo rfu Albany 1.33 a ]7O Boston rfo Grand Tnjak.... 1,0 S 3 {« IVrtta&d na Graad Trunk. im Philadelphia 75 MO 1-5 baltlmore I.os 75 ~50 jjj ntUhurcli 03 45 so 4n Clerelaad, Ohio 45 ao 60 m JeUersoDTila-, lad 45 as to Clnrtt&ntt. Ohio 45 S 3 C 6 in FUHHl—Kcccltcd, 6,007 brU; Shipped, 6,533br1i Thel omel was rather quiet and thedemaad was cunCLtd U. sttppljta* local wants. Prices are Arm and imchanacd. hales embrace me following: Wurrir ''•SYKre—‘Sbrls not named acf14.75; lOObrls do at Ini®! Ktn ttismis—KX> brls not tast*'l at tits- SrntNu Kxtbjlb—mo brls •• Falcon” at fi&3; aw nrhi not turned at 1 10.75: 100 brls do at f IPJ0; 400 brls doit IWSs M brls do at fO.00; brls nSI named at W. 01: Urn, I?tom-I00 hrUrtiiSo;b C c£ wniax FLot-R-6 brls at *0.30: Coils SltatAj tons CJarse at 676.(0. , HtAT—lvCCflved.l7.lCobn; shipped. 16.0)3 bn. Market opened strong and advanced bate on .No. 1 and HfcSfccon A 0.3 bpnng, tint at the aoie the advance was almost lustton the latter, bales were: 400 bn o A ce -,^X l . ne ‘i’ T,an,oV * •»«-»» 1.000 bit No. lat %Ziii 3.0C0 bu do at 13.21; 13.C00 budonlKJOs 14.00 bn Xo W st.fl.SW; ~000 bn no at U.«O 5 10.0 U) bit do at J 3.C»d bn do at JB.OOO bn dn allies IVOCO bn deal 31.57 V; ITtfl bu do (A. D.&Co) at 12.00; iCCO tn Itejccted at 11.72; 40 bn do *t kl.KlV— closUg with buyers ofltcgular.No. 2 al|l.S,V, and sellers at c:OI*N— Hecclved. 3C£O bu ; shipped, 73 bu. Mat. let opened Urm and adracctd 2c; subvcaucntlra reaction set in and the aovanco was lost to the extent of £«*lc. bklsaweieißo,ooobu No. 1 at Tsc 35.u«budo*t ~\c; 55.U»hu do aITTVc; 15.(00 bn do at i*.\c ; 10.000 bu do at TTWc 1 VO.IOO bu do at 77c • I,C.C<Au do at ,6\c; KO lm its juried at 53c; 18.000 bn doal.vsV! SSUCS 17.000 bn do at .NSe “ closing with bnrm of No. 1 at r?c and aeltert at 77ue OaTi»—ltcceiTed.KUlOon; *hlppod,AV)tm. Maraet dm! ana 14c lower. Bale* were: 2 Wo bn No. 2 at 4JUe* K t,ol Vk® w lu V S3?L , »i 00 «V u a ° mt woo no do at*lb; f.iCO PO do U inter at 41I<C; W.OiObuOo. •tiler March, at 41 )*c; COObu Itejeeten aItOVC: COO bn do at 40c— doting at 4ia4l£c lor No. 2. It \ E—ltemvrd, 2.t4c bu: shipped, 82) bu. Market firmer, rales were: 400bo No. 1 atfI.KUU. I.):S00hn tloalWc: 4U>tmacat9Se: StObndoattfic (winter)- no bn No. 3 at 96c: 400 bn do at9lc. * lIAUI.BV-Kecelved 2AiO on; shipped 1,300 bn. Mark rt quiet. Bales were: KX) bn No. 2at 6?c; lUCOO bn do at tSqUO baby sample at 90c; 400 bu do at 75c; 400 bndoatTOc; 4Cdbudoat«c. 1 A i.tMHlOL—Nominal it|(.lUUO. II •» A N—Market quiet and stead; at *15.00333.00. KKOIMI I'OUN-tJuleutsrasstol W.1)iJ31».00 as 1* Quality. IIEA S 5-Art onlet at W.7W5.C0 per 100 )ba. IJLTTEH—Deceived. T.U2 as; shipped. 33A*a ®«. Thetrarket continues very doll lor all except prime tabic qualities, and sales are Mow and generally at In* side figures. Choice Hollis in light supply, ana under a pood-oca inquiry prices are well sustained. We one tea* fallows: _ Choice Dairy ak c Common Firkin 10 @t3 c prime rlrkln 20 aq c UAGtJiXG—Thereistome little improvement la thedemard, and the ceneral feeling la rather firmer. The stocks are ample. We repeat oar list: rational A, 3 be, beamless linen... <39.03 Colon A, 3 no, do ss.w Illinois A. i bn, do m.«iq Com Exchange ahCfl Suit A, ronon seamless 55.00 LewistcnA. do as 00 Androscoggin, do $q.W Atrerican. 00 60.C0 Beaver Mills, Co S 3 CO PlUrfeldS, do sjxO Penn Mills, do «rt m Fort Pitt, do 0 Sligo. do s>) 00 Saco, linen axdcvttoD Hidgewocd, hten and cotton uoo Springfield Connies 20.C0 Burlaps, 4 bn. So. I !7.00@31C0 Empire City .* 174000 CHEESE—Trade Is picking up sharp, and at the sterke 01 prime good* are becoming somewhat re duced. pnccs have taken a higher range. Wo revise out list of quotations, as follows: Kew York Factory (genuine) .19 @2O c Factory (Illinois) 18 @l9 c Hamburg 1; @l3 c Western States...*. 13 «UJ c Western •* Young America"".. @33 o MIA L—There is a steady and fairly active Inquiry for ltd* article, and Uttumm-jQi Coal, which is In ]tchtsnpply,i*flrmiybeldat foil rates. Hard Tarie ilea are tnosdact, and the feeling tor such U rather gMlcr, We quote as follows; UOU SALES TO-DAr. Ar. Price. . 6.33 . 6J5 . C.IS . 7.3 J 6.13 6.10 6.10 6.60 6.75 6.50 6.65 Price. ..fS.CO .. .VO .. 6.C0 ... GOO .. 515 Elit-BroolCeldTr.Tli..' ...... ... - «.." Co ortnsby ’/* *1,2, Ci*v*iaaß— Urlar mil if* do MlßcnJ Ridge « £ do £jllo« Bank 10.00 K Larkawana, Ptfpareo....’!’'^'''.’,\ ’* Iyoß ®l**2“ Scramoß }*•£ Plitsoa *,,, -S Rllnol? cj*ar& do on track Toucbloclirny S,M *,W ►PlEfiSfe^SBSl 1 la tt , £S Java a pncesrj ' rtflnn * Wereueat quotation*: too, cc’mm:u*io"£alr.\\\/,'V/.‘.’* Rio.gocd to prime w riiVpEi[AU l &TiVfVc'ii 4 iiViuuVcaO;?. x S?i'S Si»«"uf qu " t ™ feS J SSSE I S , itaSSiS: laveraclng Bint u» IIS all und»r 200 Baal *jH5 • avctaclng Biat. § o»wusona» »; « :"'."i£iiS!aS ■g :: :SSa:E: : “™“ : ::;j s SS Ec:cs-Tbe arrivals were tot so ra.clrei?Ss^ llDq,,lrr pnc *“ were SDTS-ttwle U fair, and as the t . ex^ 9slT * P ncea o« fally ian:ined’ xv.ntlS * nearly all lis lances realizing at quotations tiiSi 0 ? ve *0 Rood request to supply me local 16t .rrlvalaare IlMnu mIpSH ®;9J£B ,a n installed. Prime Cranberries are in de- uast *i y of P r!me soaod fruits nfivh2i , ?S ,^i, .?!!? d * ® a trance off is mn»r --9° OBr Previous quotations. Toe tcuowtns are the prices current: Apple, fbrl ” rcns ' Lemons, Medina Jjnfjpw, |J box Cranberries. *bn ....... uranbemta, cultivat'd DBIID FBUTTB. Fig?, dram Flcs. cartoons, Dues a'Sfi?' 16 '' ? »oi'j'» C»U. Apples, new Peeches, h*lr< s and Quarters' I’eaclie*, pared Blackberries, ncw. f ».'.***** liA'Pbcniee. new ? a Cherries, pitted Liderbemee, a.... Raisin', layers Itilsias, Vajeicla.. ***" Sardine*. u boxes.....V.V.V.V' Eai dines, S boxes fl mondMianUbcUM..’™..,. a a si Aliß.ndfl. tort-ehelled S ® fi m a 53 tlr«ll.v n u"“ mK ' 0 ”' * ta M B I.M a l.| Flloerte £ & ?£ sew.... 3? « » Juries WalrntsT. S a 9? Pecan#, email ard larce"!. 5 g S* WhUtnih, No.l. V brl is n»*n« Whueci,. Sc. 2.)?br!.. f n&* k'% Mackerel, extra me**, 9 rit... n a&» <«*2\ Mackerel No. 1. kltsnow. ” •*“ 3sv£ -S Mackerel. Cttmtly, kit#.... siv! ;*S i;«lB*h. l.ank, 9 100 Di. 2*S Cidneh.«c°rj:c , i Ban*. \\\ 7 ’sS fcg [lrrj Jcgi* *N*o *il ’ H ‘box! 11 *I!11*! I * *.* liming#, acnlm! 5, KatiruUr llcrrtnea, #» brl iom2ni 'Ji I.Muador Urrmic* H bH.:..!:! . ::* ,I b3SaaS Norwejttan Herrings K'e 9 brl ° «l3'w Korwrcian Umlom, M'e v bn V }l,« m ««BASE-Market quiet. We quota :’* 0416,60 ycmow:::::;::::::: 9**lo « Hrown ”“!!!..!!"!!”!*!! S Jl , IIKJIIU INKH-ltwiTc.l. «M Vr e ■ lSn.l«? nrk ,MC,lve Md nominal at ts«?s)fc Sr at MUfflc flip Raitorn ami vva IIA V *-1 tie market la Quid,but owing tn tim iiuhi iiipbly onliaml Timothy prvMrt ta be n 5 ini r W mibe Impnjmnrtt noted yriterdny. I'rlccjaro m chaiikMl, aid we < oniinuo to oufcies 7 rc Ul .... .. .. WII(»J.WUI.« VItCM. I mot iy, roller ami (water prtued Ilnintby, bam# prcium,...,, Viable, beater prmrd Tjinciby, roller aiul?»*S*en!reMwV. 117.00,ih on Haot'.y,loom jtreMrsl... nw; 10S1 I ra rle, roller and boater nroiard 1100* nw * r A , P£v ncM '.r n Wft son.»feltrer**tl......... ISSu too llllll'.H-HoceltH, jul.iMfl eat inarki t remain# alemly at uretloiu rnloa. rnvr* |• meatiy lair . emaiid both Ibr aUlimieiit ami oiH.imi aon.unL ami all lihln are Vem Jy “#U 1 11n a im.lailona. Urubky illdm are taken ai onMhlrd I>ir wo rm-atour Ut of price* a# folowii" onfM,um u,r * Cineri Butchers 1 * „ Mrrrnßal'pti,trlimmx) *’•“•“* nuaiiS' umnt’air. : 2 ,< ‘siV^ ,s Kip Urecn. railed... .!! .. !*.! T I Jlfs * Pry Pllnl.lrf piiikh) ............. ~.*** I 13. J- Dry sailed, ‘ * iu » ureet Sallr«t, I'lrlenrHl. I CON ANIi jrKlil.-UirriMa a li riunu^y/JhS IricM* ft ‘' Eal " ftflU ,H ibelr t,BW * iiiui'ilMS .4dai.dß,,,,Hf e «ir‘frit\‘ H't nblt (• , , . 4siI‘“‘ 1 ‘“‘ Efsi tessissirk;;:::;;;:::::::: 1 'tl !V M:;? ciala 1 "*"; ® < ! "5 g|; iikw::::;:;; * B n.» a, Aiii l , iii|ii«i(ty, it sb'-at,,, ’ ”’** J! Ibikt a, Ain..Od(}iiality, i5«|.0u1.... . S I.IiATIIBU-liiiiliir an incrtmrd tiomaiid a'fiatmr Jouiliur I rev-lb, amt Wltb noaurpiua VioX inbm'S L/ let iirlcta are vtry firm, a» jriven below j “ uw .... ™ unu-wKi Llty Ilatcost $ Blaiißhtor, Jim -1k........ IGXTb tft 1a10a01«,..,.,,.a . rJi nl r y J l,r “ 0 '"- ’:<» » 9'.n B niw, »oii i,”” ■** Chirairo No. f. Kip, niedlom.V blancUtcr, Ho^ .. CUlca^J So A. fi ft f * ** Hucao* Ajna.... Upper. Vfcot «ka 31 Ortnocobole...;. toimtry Upper. .. a Orinoco, rood. Collar a*fool damaged... Slaughter, 501 e... 63® 51 French Calf. 31 Hallies*, ft 4ca« ft 2.M Upper..... aoa S 2 French <&£& ** Kip, io.ltiut* 05....... JLflvs'Mn d1um......... UOQIJO FreuchL'alf, K Vy .8531.10 SOftVaiOM pricS? I^ BER-mie market U alcady at tub WHoSig l Tm"F |r,( Clear.'l, IV.tjf aadaineh, Fim and Second Clo»r the same aa Second Common FloorUjr, rouEU.V".’’’.’.'.’.'.'."'.’.'.' a»d Drriacd Common Flooring. i<3 OftAiroo i, Floorir and i)rcjs ® a 8 inch common "® u - w First First Crmmoß Urcsed tiding..:....... SSSaSo a J?iW x Boaro# * seltcms inch and 25 * U0 i» stock Hoards « inch M....:::::.: Common Hoards. Jolrti. Scanning. Fc«e- WJ ’ C 0 1088 nDCI * ma ** Timber, 13 to *io leet £asS!;“ ffii=^ 5 ajf Catti—Perm in yards "°® 2'ffi Uy .^f r 'l^> a . NorUiwpsirrn Ralirbad* 6,09 ,v * f rd in any yard where cars can be J?fii c fcSiS p »f v “wot, aor .'Ur saw. ed SLlnclca, by csr-load, on track i rt Aor r . ih “ Te d Shingles, by car-load, S u«i Sa !?. 3,750 1-03 S car-load added whco traaafcrte? which charge Shlne;eaj[a freight bill. * , , „ tHIKOU ITiXDAIO. tew. C **“ Flre SL,oßlc * 10 *>o two India in ih’cfr Length—Sixteen Inches. Uands—Twenty Inche*. Courses—Twentt-fire. HI ETA LS* AND TINNER*’ STOPK-T!.. ILS. jTxr f C Ist quality, cask ..13v 10x14* f 15.00 Ist quality, sheet \* urceVjja . ot 5iatf....?..!...!::::: w M»i?l£ S 8 S , nKIGUTWIKK. H&r lin 33 Ito 6 n Siotamc »a Itl22 d m? ?? Copper Bottom 55 1? * Brazltriorer 16bs.. « Wanrtu \i frpeet, 14 to 16o* 45 is and 16 *« linnlnc* 20 17 17 . babbit Mara’.. is ii Ist quality SO 19 ! 5, Antimony 50150.. 'it T1Eet0ider......:... f sq I Fence NAII.B Are in Mr demand, and prices &rs us* cliansed. >Vt conttnne to quote: 1 enß £} *7.0013d *OM -2313d. fine blued 9 33 i\ *.7b Cut spites 7^3 od rt«V'A**s.V , Y • 850 I Clleched Net jjo 111 c demand continues eood and orlcesare wflieustalnedl all around, and tolerably Ann at our quotatirts. whichareas fellows: Littited Oil.. . aiAbai Bfi L«r»i on. No. 1 winter 1 Lard 011,An. 2 witter i.ovlno Bank Oil, rnued lots 1 urn 90 Back Oil. Straits "... iJuai*£ Machine on .1...... esai m Sperm Oil, W. B LuorlcattncOll &ISI no TISS a ° d sitidr « P«- Carbon, V car load .5,, Carbon, small lots „J7z Benzole PltOl IMONS—Reccivfd. .13.450 Bi Cared Meal*, and .11,430 Bs Laid. Shipped,ss2aftO &■ Cured Maiur! 705 brls Beef; C 7 brls Pork. Sdas La". ***• . fries* Pora-Markel active and firmer. Sales were: brls Cny la lots at (ILK: fObrls Coaslrr at lISAP* S!W- ,mC: « brl " H-OVlIt »JL fig-Ul—elosimr with buyers of Cltr slee> at *l9 #O, and sellers at *l9 *5. * 3 bris r a , t 1 *?7 : w C, ‘" Porli ~ ilarSct<lQ, l* Sales were: 50 llumpn-salet were: 40 bris at *15.00. IW tcsatlJc; «tea Country at iitfc. Eostlsh Menu—Uaikctflrm. Sales were:s77hxs CuaoetlanSs at 9c. , Bulk .Hear*— Mwtet f.rm. Ssieiwere: 100,000 ns Dry baited Shoulders at 7j<c; 16,000 ns Unmberlamla at eke; 4.CCV®* short Hlh. at 9ke : 40.C00 fts Koueh eider. are rsgjnr C« fts al9J*e—all loose.«l— ln cootl demand and Arm. Salsa were: ta tes prims btcam, to tou, at 13;;40 tea b'o. lat like; 40 »LdMkrsiuWc OSInS WlU> bas,eraof P rimc 11 12 c. MH»A U?*—There vu a noderatebartue** dolor, and the market rnied Dnn at ths following quotation*: Cuba..., ..nwaiava I’ofto lltro ...J3V ?hsc X. Y.U'Dned, Powdered and Granulated...l6v*it c White A us»ig c Qwje UHOIJVc Whit# D I4U(SIS«c F ; x«ac.. ;::;:::S M SSBc Yellow C UmmU^c ftllKc Oxnard C, extra It c New Oilcan* ttrtme 114(415 c Xfw orirana fair u£<*llVc H Y There l* but little dolor in this net art intnt of trade. Stock* are moderate!* Targe, and price* are ai follow* s Uoaton Amber f1.MA1.40 Xcw Ycra «MUS Yellow urloa... Cuba Molaaicf TV* ra I’orto uico ku ffl N»w Orirana yo<t.o> Philadelphia l)<e Hive Chicago Hennery, Amber.. 1.0*41.15 Chicago Uaflorr*. Golden M Chicago IteHnerr. Sugar Uooae Tia 80 Mil) A AM) SA I. EH ATDH—There la no change to note, either in the tone of the market or price*, wo continue to quote: Babbitt** Medicinal .....UVail c l*urc..... li<«MWVc , Chemical 13v<4lS c .. Healthy ..ufiilllkc ** l*nre. 11 kail Vo SA none • 810 bru. The Dcland’l • uouet ahiptioJ. u «ij brU. rfie martetia fairly active. Sale oi 149 bfla at f&sa, dcl»T* cted. Weqnote: New Fine, 1343 Ccawe.,.. t 3^b ••round Alum C2.lAa3.u (lionaa Solar. Turk's Inland, ban J. 50 Dairy, with sack* 5.00 Dairy- wiuioutsarict 5.33 SREI»!*--U«*lTed, fti; shipped, 55.803 » P . The market pMlay was doll sod nealected, and price* roledsUadyatlbedeclinenotedycsterday. Sale* in* elude tbeMlovlnc: Tutornr—ss ban at f&U.V; 3J do at <3.10; 25 do at 13.0; 131 do at *3JW; 4 do at *3.80; 4doat*3A3;C*LovzE-sibagaat«&73: 53d0 at $943: FLAS-15 ban at *3.03. TK4?*—'Trade is steady, and prices are without perceptible change. We quote: votmc Hyson, superior to flue. 9 & SIJ2C®LSS Vouic Hyscn, extra to choice,* & LtlfeljM) Itr penal, superior to due, 9 a 1.11*1.00 Imperial, extra to Gnntx wear, superior to fine, V ft I.ijmiX9 Gunpowder. extra to choice, 9 b t-QVaI.QO Japan, natural leal, fins to extra One. 9 ft... 1.0531,15 Japan, natural leal; fine to choice, 9 ft<ii.4a Japan, natural leal, colored. * ft 1.5Ai.40 Tbemartet present* to new r-amre, Tbe demand continues light, though prices keep well up. and prime goods are Him at fall rate*. We quote: _ JTEfE err cnrwcio. Extra I Medicm...,, ...SbaOOe Choice 1.0C@1.151 Common Ssj«7sc bSioaiSG tobacco. Virginia’s Favcr- I Medium JiaiSc I Co,nm ' m s*“--»aac plug tobacco. Loyal Citizen.... 7i@s3c | Medium .7fra*3c Faimer sDeligbt 70(4t5c I i>.tmnoa... AftattJc Natural Lt« I Naties ..GAaTtc Half Bright BOctil.oh| Virginia Us* &s..£o@6Qe Ciiolceb csoand 73@S(c 1 Flounders. .7£sSDc tviiou-Is quit!, with no change to note lu prices: slap e, 9 cord, delivered. ~.,..»ixsaiaiSjJo Jlaple, F cord, in Bcrxh. F corn, delivered.. @9.00 lU«ch, F cord. In yard @ 8.00 Hickory, F conh- IS.OoSuao U OWL-Becelved. 36,T9« ft»; shipped, 19.657 tbs. >larket steaey sad nominally unchanged. Ho sales jeporkd. Special Notices. 'sias£isßffiHgrjsi?^|^^ ssssnswsi'&sbaisS^P axon. >I.OO « sortie. Sold eTtSwheraT m Dtt * Helm bold’s Extract Bnclia FJnS!SS* 1 ‘. l *'?, l, J l f? r . toUl ' , ™“» snd bloom to ts. uand Debility isaccompamFdbymanv irvSU^Pi * Df> treatment U submitted tol CQQwmp-loa. Luaaiiy. or «on«pUe uta ensue. * 0 ’ Bcnalifnl Hair, hair to t ilv ! «i l^ te / br f 1 Qair PCHtlvely restores gray ortclns] colcrand youthful beauty: Imparts SaipdwS2ti» k* ***?£ c,wo: 11 oapwajelod as a StirdMM*.£ft > t b7 al i. crc F* lst * and «a»hlo;able oairareescrs, and at my offlrc.No. Broadway. tL.. SARAH A. CHEVALIER. M. D. g-ST«- nca Hellenic donsUtatlons otvA hJsff- e^° v * BpJn * r M'’<l’s Extract Bncha. It will s’eep wen. d ei “ KBUc fetamsa ana enaoio jouto TheOlnryof fflan la Btren«nh. should .emre Tlccnttfnl (lair* Hair positively restores zrav hair to ttaotifinal color aid yoothtol biaaty* imoarM life and strength to the weakest hair, ?“• , a i 0BC ? ; teadclean: Isniparaliel^dTTi hair OrtfflßC. Sold by all drupelsta ano lashlonabla halrcreaaete, and at my office. Ko. t 1 A - Y » SABAH A. CHBVAUbB, S.D. Shattered Constitutions Restored by DeltaaoltTa Jcnraca Bachq. Uelmbold’s Fluid Kxtract KSncbn nro l T^«i^lL tl « I J-iM te caor - froa from all mjurloaa properties, and IzLmtdlats in its action. A Heady and Conclusive Test Parties Qtnelmbold*. Fluid bxtracl B-ichn SpSSff.^ llll tbote Mt la ue umud Dr. Blgclovr, confidence of the pqduc sad the medical ^ ’11 »Ue=o« reliable “tiiSm inthe £l?7«.^ 1I « l il9. E *. rToa * sexual diseases. Call at MftnS*?«2 , nA^» <> ®2 ath U'arS-at. corner of Monroe! Kwmjseparate. Cocmuiioi &«. P.0.80x 1.14 icjadcPtta! 3 beaJlt,pQ;3lUhed monthly, seat Oreo to BTanbood and Youthful Visor Ara egalned by Helmbold's Extra Bodin. Take 00 more Unpleasant and Unsafe iteiaedles for onpleasant and daesvrooft dl<cascj. n«n l Extract Dacha and Improved Rose Wash. Clotijina. kew STOCK. EEKRY COEN & CO., iUnmifntlnnrs ami Joblicrs of BOYS’, YOUTHS’ AND CHILDREN’S CLOTHING 448 BROADWAY, wmw YORK, B»nr.T come. i.rn-i* iitismn*. .914-0541100 . II.UUI.VI) . IU.OAOIt.UH IHbucaaonal. T ABBtL JPKMALE SEMINARY, J > . AUIItinNIIALR, 1 tsar; '■ft: is avs On; 1 ilmiui ,l t'« Fiii;r lUB u,rw ** BtM Ajllr|18 " CH\9. W.OUaHIMtK ffiCiUjitc JLrab. QLUKBT ' ’ WHITE LEAD Ami Oil l.'slolitlnlinirnl lu Uu> MNilt* nt|i|il Valley, rStSTABUSMIID W mr ' si ,R meBPOMTED §ll 43 40(3 u 344 37 33* 40 87t$ 33 310 33 CIIAHLE6 K. VICKKII9, SecrelnlT. THOMAS BIODESO.V, ITmUtnl. COLLIER CO.’S MANCFiCTURES TOB SALS BT SPn^?« I V»? INCrf * Fm.I.KU, . „ ~ BCIIAAOK, And all Wholesale Drngalsts. jFor gale. GREAT BARGAIN. FOR SALE, 210 ACRES OF LAKE IK BEERTEN COUNTY UTOHIGAN, ’ Three miles from the Oram! Marais orDun ham's Pier *£‘f.«»« ftra St Joseph, On “e i2m li a Lnc *?* r »2d Jahlnele steam sawmill, and an W»«. White Weed, oag and QTdtory e.^?» t «%». lhc i? u,l ‘ <x - vllciir for raising any hind of S», h as . CTC .7 B at rwhere aronud htTJoteph. The “’• I 4 •»«<>* J enllre.y new. The propriety. a man m ihnlf).* 1 .? n»W«.rione to lose one of hi* hatds PARLEY PUTNAM. Stocfetclacrß’ meeting. JgLECTION NOTICE. Chicago Firemen’s Insurance Go. Ihe annual meeting of the el:ckhoh*cr* of the Chi caco firemen’s Insmance Company will to beld at the office of said Company, on lUESDAY, the sth day of March, 1567, from 2 to 4 o’clock p. m., lor the election of nine Directors for the ensuing year. S. P. WALKER, Secretary. Scales. PAIUBANKS' tfSf' stamiaiiq Irn SCALES./S.V. OF ALL SIZES. FAIRBANKS, GKEENLEAF & co..&jj^ g l!2li & g*AS Lake-st.. Chicago. Busincsa ffiariis. Q_EaT. HATTEIi & C’O, ■Wholesale Commission Merchant*, No. CO MoGao-st^* Between Y a 6-Bts-I DENVER. ODLOKFDO. jOtoposals QUARTERMASTER GENERAL’S V\J OFFICE. WastnaOTON, D. C., Feb. 22,15G7. POSTPONEMENT OF OPENING OF BIDS FOB AKUY TRANSPORTATION. ° The time for the opetlDcot the proposals for Armr Transportation, invited by advertisement from tms office of January 15, 1567, li hereby extended to 12 m of Thursday, the 7th day of March. 1567. bj order of tbs Quartet master General. „. _ . . . ALEXANDER BLISS, Bvt. Col, and Asst. Quartermaster, V. 8. A. 3L\ailroahs. AND DEPARTURE OP Winter Arrangement • CtnCACO AND VOBTUWUTEBN BAILBOAD—COUNCTL BLCJTB AND OMAHA ZdNB—DXPOT NORTH WXLLS STREST. I-care. Arrive. . *B;lja. m. *7:20 p. m. •. 7:80 p. m. $6:00 a. m. 4:uop.m. 11:10 a.m. >nr LINK. Omaha Fast Line Omaha Nicht Express. Dixon J’asßcngtr Fr report Psffecper. P:eepon Passenger. Hockiord, Elgin, Fox lluerand Slaw Line... **oo p. m. *11:10 a. m. Geneva and Elgin Pas* -J9?33 T :i; * im. P? ®. *8:-»5 a.m. •10:00 p.m. *3:10 a. m. •0:00 a. m. *3:40 p. m. WISCONSIN DIVISION—DKTOT COBWEB OF CABAL ABB KIBXIX BTBEFT. Day Express •ifcOOa. m. *f:3np.m. McUiExprcfß *4:3op.m. *3;»sa.m. JanisvTUe Accotamod'n. *5:30 p.m, *2:33 p.m. Woodstock Accommoc’n .5:0) p.m. "5:20 a. m. ULWAOUI DIVISION—DEPOT COBB SB OF CABAL _ ABD KIBZIg STBEkT. Day Express IbOOt.m. 12:00 m. lloeehlll, Calvary and Kvatuion 1:30 p.m. 9:10 p.m. Night Express 4:00 p.m, B:3Up.m, Kctioeta Accommod’o... 4:10p.m. 9:45a.m. Waukegan Accoromod’n. S:3op.m. 8:56 a.m. Milwaukee Accommod'n. 11:45 p.m. 5:30 a. m Oxo. 1» Dublxp, ocn’l Sop’t. D. F. Patjucb. General Passenger Agent. UCBISAB UXBT&AL BAUJtOal>—tiMltU u*FOT. FOOt or tAJut msir. Morning Express *5:00 3. m. *8:45 p. m. Day Express *3:00 a. m. •llKX) p. m, Evening Express 15:80 p. m.|*l2:»o p. m. Night Expreea «*lh43 p. a, a. m. CUICIBKATt AAX> LODtSVILLB TIIAIBe. ■doming Exprcti *7:00 a. m. *10:33 a. m. Nlgbl Express 35:00 p. m. *11:00 p. m. KICHI6 lit SOCTHBBB AND AKS BfiOßl Utfß—Dl> POT COBBBS TAB BCHBB ABD HHUNAN tTUBTS. TOLOO LXNX. Day Express *7;GO a. a. *11:00 p. m New York Bxpreee 3:i3 p. m. tli2o p. m Night Express t*l0;00p. m. *6:00 a. m . DUBOIS LIBX Day Express •TiOOe.n. ili.w a-m. Night Express 110:00 p. m. p. m. t-zrrenußtiß, fobs wit hi and cexcago. Mail *USOa.m. 6:00 a.m. Exp res* *7:oo a.m. 12:30 a. m. Fast Uco 8:15 p. n. 7:4b p. m Express *1!0:00 p. o. 11:00 p. a ILLOIOa QXarUAL. Day Passenger »fcao a. n. *10:80 p. a. Night Passenger 710:00 p.m. *6:45 a. ts, Kxmkakce Accomnod’x., *i:os p. m. *iU5 a. m. Hyde l*ark ana OakWcod *&2O &. m. *7:45 a. m* ** “• *12:10 p.n. *«s2a.n. ** u 41 .... *3:3op.m. *l:2op.m« 44 41 44 * *5:53 p.m. *s*Jp.m OKCASO, SCTRLiXOTOB AB» MOXBdt. Day Bmrcasand Mali... *::tt*e,m. *0:00p. m. Galesburg Passenger.. . *3:oop.m. *4.30 p. m. Aurora *a:00 p. m. *9 00 a. n. Night Express JU.OO mid’bt t&SO a. a, OHICAOO AND IT. LOUIC. Express and Mali &03 a. xn. 8:45 p. m. Night Express —. 9:13p.m. 6:50 a- to, •ToU*t and WUnlngtCß Accommodation 4:00 p. HU Bill a. n. OHICA6O ABD OBXAt Bimi-(LATB CECIBmv! ATS LOT)—MILWArTHK BA7IBOAD DSTOT. OQSI. "ANAL ABD MB EDI RSl»f. DayEsptae.. 6:30a,Tit. 10:53 p.n. Night fieptese 9:00 p, au 3:50 p. m. ro B IBDIASAPOL3, tOHUTHiB *KTt CTHIHXArL Brpreas.. 6:3a a. jb. 10:55 p. m. NightKxpPMS. B;<,op.m. 8:50 a.m. Columbus Express C:3oa.m. 10:55 p. tu V’f.- ftoop.n. Sdos.c. Lsnsmg AccommodaUoa 9:c3 a. m. %nu a. m. * 44 6:15 p.n. 6:1/0 d. hl CSJCASO.BOCBttUivn *wn»>nrwTnw*TTTtn*T> r Day Express md Mail..-. *9;oOa.Bi. *s;3op.m. Right Kxprcao 12:00 p. a.* *3:45 a. &. •toael Acoomnodatioc.. C4np. rr. *9:40 a. m. •Ptmday c*«ptod,tMoßdayexcopl«o, fSatarav creep tea, Insurance. STATEMENT. Li/erpoolandLondonand Globe INSURANCE COMPANY. OFFICE, No. 84 L‘.S'.LIE-ST. HOOH Ko. 11, FIRST FLOOR, WAEEEN & KNIGH Oioenl A;cnu lar Northwestern Stot.l W’AUBElffj 12 esi don t XSansger “»»lUca .rue llnr *t?.®lob'trsormneeComt>»nj, on the thirty-first day of December tvis ~,, . .. Auditor ol Public Accounts of “? f uit®s£ pnrsnanttothe statute of that St*:l „t„IS ® it Act to regulate the Agencies of Insurance Companies tot incorporated by the Slate of ULaoij,” arrayed February 11th, 1*53. »PJ*rovei NAME AND LOCATION. Tbs name of the Company U the Liverpool and Lou oe ■ aed Globe Insurance Company. The Company la located at Liverpool, England. Branch In the state oi Now Fork, New York City. CAPITAL. The amount of Its Capital Slock anthor- ImiJ Is £j,000,003, at $3 to the £ Is $14,0*0,000.0) The amount ol Us Capitol stock paid up Is, la ROl»* 1 arc-en m With Surplus, in gcl< l&Svooo ASSETS IN THE UNITED STATES. Cash on hand and inthehancsof Ae:nti or other persons.'. j Real Estate, nnk cambered *. < Bonds owned by the Compaoy as per Toncheis accompanying-how secured, and the rate cl Interest tlierco:, to. A u: r, ... . Amount. Mkt Value. United stales 5 per cent ds SU',CO3.OJ 11C.C00.00 tinted States 6 per cent i-:j!ond« tn,iaug San Francisco City and County 6 and 7 per cent Bonds, gold Virginia State 6 per cent Registered Bonds 50,000A0 3IAMJO Total Bonds 8a,73i53 Debts due the Company, secured by Mort gage on Real Estate Dihtaotherwl»aiecutod,as per toucher* accompanying Debts lor premium*. All other aecnrltles.. Aiseu of the Company la the U. 8 |L83d,«4.47 LIABILITIES IN TDK UNITED STATE*. The amount ot liabilities due or not due to banks or other creditors of the Cotups by...... nonn Losses adjuitcd and doe !.*!!!!"!!" Lotscs adjusted sad not due..... Lessee unadjusted and tosiee in suspense waiting for lUrther proof. Ail other claims against the Comiany....*. Total Hat IllUst 9 133,837.57 MIKBLLANKOUS IN TUB UNITED STAIES. The greatest amount Insured In any ose risk Is me. cording to circumstances. The gioatnt suionnt allowed by the rutesol the Com f»le 3r tU b<s lMurcd m aDJr 008 • town of tlllage-ho 1U greatest amount allowed to be Insured in an* one block. • y/ Died of lelilaiuent on file. loKUJtUAI..] C'tiilOrnie lo Kxnlrc on Ihr 31m dny of Jan. unrj, JHOH» " An>iTon'« drnrt, Srvri nr it.Mxmt i W 1„. w;Mn«r«i.n>eDrfl»ryjih,iwi!‘l WhPrcM, TltoUmiHNil Ktul London and Ulobi* in >nr«ntf Unmranr. llrancl, loralM al n lw Torn, la Uia Blata ur Van I oik, liai ele.l !n llila u 01» a iliu,ii| orUißiomMllunol 111 airalra. aa tenulra,! lip “An art torfgulaletliaaaiunlaa ol limirauea Cyinitanlea mil luiminininl by Urn Slaty ut Mlnoli," aimrutr.l Fob, rualr 11, IPW, atd an art nnifmlatnry Uieleln, aiiuryrul , January M.leaii ami aolieleat, lalil t‘uiiipaii| Uaarnr lilahfil aallafai’lnry ellilei ee lhat II la |i..Bwie,l ail Ilia I rennlleil amcllll uf capUat lure* led In atuen anil , liiuitnayei, ami hni mail in Ibia olllce a trriuen matin, inlet, itiiuHi 1,/tin I‘iiaiiiL-ni ami Sooietaiy ti,=,p.jr, ■ alilmlnltliic IVni, IVarreuaml llotiett Unlylit, t'mi’ilioi , Inn Urn nun ni ;vai(rn*RniaW,emii,a«y,liaaaoula flit Ills lialiiadlnli il 111, linelneta „| ,a| l Udlnhanr. ami limy nan uninirirMljF auiliuiiiieie item in «I thnnliiiineieurii'eei iifueeee fur anil un nelialf ui min Inn,l,any, e,n-eulltiM lliai leiiloa uf lumen ni.uii inini, Hie ealil aneulii eliall lm laheu ami n>iJ m 1,1 at aaliitna ti leivuiumiiiltieUnniiiauir, amt wamna alt italtn n( in fnf tty leaaun ni nnnli 11111111, | Hint, mereeie, In iiuiauaneeiii Un iiinvliinna mme 1 aelt afnnealit, 1, iimiii I), MtaeF, Aiaitif><r nr |i,it,itn Ai nonnlt i f me male nl I tin Im.liy awiib iimi I lie tain Will, warm ami linlieil Kaliilii, romiw. t!l me nnn nf IVairen 6 Knlnlu. or I’titean", am aulijr! in a- wteia mi ma lain mummy, n, mmici iw linaiiitta „t inuiranea In Una male, mailt me mmy.nrai liny nr ,laniiarr,mm» rear elaniian Immlrni »n,|«, ( , r.elt ii.iuinaxiityinay lm Uinlly ewi,y«r«, w , LMtO )i][ «4l>| CilUilifttlf, In testimony wharf 'I, I have herenma aut4o|l(r6.l Iny Haim-, •in) ftlllitil lbs seal t| my oim« t >■ annostiuhL thU Dlth cny of February, *. j», I**7, 1 * * *“’ ©rcau Steamers. gIEAJI TO LIVERPOOL, Ac., CALLING AT QDIESBTOW.T, I'rtni I’ltr lA, iiitct, Na.t York, ccr. rylnu Uullod Sliue< 61 ana* IKIHAIvr MAIL LIMB > EVERY SATURDAY (mall steamor), EVERY tt EUNEsUA v (extra sieamsr). Cablna, 180 to fill. To Londog, (I sxtra. To Paris ?10«Ua-a5 m ,^ PIDC ,D UTerpool «<* LonU^m RETURN TICKETS..GOOD TILL CBED. AT RB. DUCED RATES. * Handbills oa application. Canla plan* on view and berths or rooms secured an application at Vtotan Agency, 51 D«irbom-*t., Chicago. »»o«rn ffM. INMAN, Ltrerpool. JAMEa WAKBACK. AND NEW YORK Steamship Line. *® lot don or Brut, ,110, 87J. «nd 130. cm. tr muS* ,CD Mekett at rcdnced r«cs. available tor si TO ,lll *t» 9 spt * from New Tor*. March 9th Wib.Fenn,Capt.lluiioge, from New Tork- March IB AtatoLta, Capt, Flnkham, from New York. March M." Beilona. Cant. Dtxon, irom New Tars Anpifi'in, _ The t ; rUlsti Iron Steamship Celia win leave Fler Nol Ter * Tork", for London, calling at Brest. on Saturday, March 9th- “ s * k —Vi nl . 11 r. rnrt . ner .“ ol:CP * llll Cie this Uni will call at Brut to land paatengen. 1 tckjts sold through ? 5 J >er cm ,eM t&sn fecttlar rates. Freight win he taken and through bills ot la line sn»klrk UfcTre ’ An * v,trp * Rotterdam, Amsterdam and for passage apply to CIIAS. A. WHITNBT. •*« Broadway, New York, cr to * u JAS. WABBACK, sl.Dearoori.-ii., Chicago, lor Freight apply at 54 8 .nth-st-. New York. II I<WLAND A AaFI.s’WALL, Agents. 1 OTEAMBHJP GR tAT EASTERN. O LARKYINU THE UNIIED STATES MAILST ... sir Jam* t Aaosbs, >v, commander wiS?wK5 c if “C'-mpany of Charterers” of the GREAT BAS i fcBN, having provided ta* ship with new hollers, and thorouch.v reatted and relhrtlsaeJ hi-r la dopwimot, with soeclal relereace to this service, will ™her regularly between New York and Brest, as fob t_ lfaviso »rw tokk. lkatoo HBKST. Tucmlb} Aon'9 Saturday April 27 Ttnreday May 16 m-eday. Jnne4 .aturday -JoloSS Thnnday Jalrl? Jn y3C Saturday.....;.: ..Aw. "l Thursday S*pt. ll Tmeday. *ocUl icjrcnlyTiistniWs passenger*. Passage rates in cniiL ...M ».u cue Vi f\*UUJ. ..Vs ktls ,or 018 bolne PM»»W Issued at a reduction of |<p to pa'kengtn returning previous to August. Fasseneetscanbefurnijncd <m board with railroad tlckc s from Brest tu Paris at thermneed rateol ficao for flm-class and $7.50 tor second-class, being » redac tion ot » per cent on regular rates. Twenty cubic teet of Baggage a’Kwed to each passenger.' 1 l9Ct Letters ol creclc Dtnedlor Kcgiasd and the Conti. »**!*• For passage apply m Chisago at the European aid Ameilcan Steamship Agency, 31 James 1\ at rack,, where plans of the cabins mar 9c L p . B A ab °. rt:B *;cured i a so, to Wells, Fargo k to.. Si Brcadway, N. T., or to the Am. aad n s pf. press Co.’s, at their virloa* agencies. “ „ WELLS, FARGO * CO., , Passaca Agents. No. Sg itroadway. tinSL. J, 11 . 1 • tgtormauoa apply to the Ametlcan and United States Ezpreis Co.'s, at ihtir various ageoelcs. jftnancial 820,000. Tirenly Thonsond Dollars To Loan, For two or three years, at ten percent. Apply to D- 8. PRIDE, Rocm 45. Lombard Block, Chttago, 820,000. THOU TO LOAN On nnUcnmbsred Real Estate. Apply to Room 45 Lombard Dlock/cMc’jsfo. • r mJCAGO & CINCINNATI HAIL b/joi"va £°BKiBSAW. M '° :d “ ' oMle •“ Uo "- Atlho IlcrchnntV Exchange Rending Room. ••«« ««,***• ot o'clock p. m . .fffi2£?£, 1 2 , . arrt “ertpw 7 P" cent bonds ot the Lhli-vgo A Cincinnati Railroad Company, with the conpots since October, I»60, Inelnsirc, attached. ..f P o3o * •*« b*ld as Cidlatoral lot ttio notes ol thi , rMf n,^ftn^*aa< * B pe for the non-payment 71,8 of the road Qua which Mid bonds arc se ®? r T ®4 "«°ta I*°c«»>Porf to Valparaiso, m the Stale ?miS«?sf’i. tD< w OW,ortD,a woalderable part of the erif liutoad 11 ” taown “ ox 9 “Chicago & Great East- ?,** ’V on •ppllcallonto »n« auctioneer. Thu sale to bo strictly Lrcaih. and lb* purchasers will be required to psy to tbe aaettoo eer, are per cent cd tbe amount of tbtlr hid*. m ear* ot , ‘ u '’ “* “• 6,teM (Bobcrnmcnt Sale, Q.HiiAT SALE OF PUBLIC PKOP- V/ EUTF. Omci Am't QcAitTEcamic. ) . - Nashville. Tena., February 'AW, Is*!?. > * *‘ilpucr *or bilo at Fuoilc AucUoo,commencing on .Monday. the nth day of March. IHC7. at tho North wesu-rn Grain Simla la this city, a laige a-aortmaat of Uaarternjaaur'e Store*. embracing upward* ot AOUO Item*. consume in parton hand Ore caahe.hoso •fd reel*. 1 tit of tlnneta* tools and caachinea com plete. in army wagons. 9 traaater do_ a two-bursa do Isunnedo., wood and lumber do H 3 ambulance*. ess JW cr J? *5?. ,bu*c*, GOu blind orldtca, 300 rldtos do H »>tCI imldlo blanket*. 495 king bolt*. Too mala S?ifu» £kams, 729 stretcher do., 00.. Bi 9 head hall lew. 2,859 window s«ib, 313 boxes gj&ss B*lo, It anvils. •0 buttres so*, S 3 H. 8. bellow*. *0 U 7 b. vise*, 375 hone r«p».9ihorre.b | dC*. JAOO .010 Iw^f.vo fww?™*’ **2Ch 8.-ondß, 10.000 pda. ca«t scrap iron, 1 J ct *i’d<>..<ksuipc*. gas pipe. 3.0& lect £" pipe, 1,111 pda. bndle learner. 2,11 a pd«. harness -J j„ «<4 augers assorted,ai'Jsets brace oitta, ISO band braces, 67a axe* and baidies, 83 iron axles, 1,400 feet leather and cam belting, uo un caps, 130 hand nvi, 9,170 can ny sacis.S62R. u. padlocks, t mills for lawlaic wood, 13 boxes tin plate, i hay scale. H platform scales, 10 army do., 4 counter do., 1 spring do-, I apothecary do., 18 warehouse trucks, M cross tmcsics, lit cross rises, 30,000 carriage bolts, ambulance Duxes. aalier.Btayaad Iccfccr ales, lines, msrtlt gales, tar pats, lackey sacks, rldinc end wagon raodle*. wooden stirrups, Ccublo end etncie tree*, borae medicine* cf ail kinds, veteri nary lx.strtm.cnt*, sledge, hand. pointing, riveting, fac ing and farrier’s hammers, parallel vises, stocia anti dies, tones, ponchos, paints of all colon, bon 0 and mole shoes, htne-sbae nails, twine, wire, was bar* zinc, art* s.oro&d-*xes,awia, plane and gimlet bKis! steel squares, 011-itonts. band-rip, teonon, felloe and cod pass, taws, slicks, bench screws, monkey wrenches sneke shavis, mallets, tackle bl!eks, brushes of all kltda, brass conpunes, Btw! dribs, hay and nwtuo item’d toanolMofall kltyisfco? a,ll lne machines andwnnrers, VUV: paint mills, tin ward of all S™” l » < . c ;nlaroM, pulleys, stove* of all kinds, baiter, door and eye bolts, curb bits, enamelled cfoth, aheet coprer, wagon Umber of ad kinds. &c„ fc, 4c. Sale to commence at 10 o’clock a. m-, and contmne dally, commencing at th* same hour each day. until the prop erty is dlscosed ot Terms cash In G .vernment funds. A deposit wtU be required from all purchasers on toe day cf sale—there wul bo no deflation trom this rule. .£. B. KI&K, lit Ass’t Qaartcrmmtar t r . S. A. fijair Bge. Hit.ias hair DkE—so Cents—Black or Brown—ln»t*ntas«oas. namrai. durable, beautiful. Tbe best and eheat«st ta um. Ctwula* a* much u os any dollar sire. HILL’S ABCTIC, or ALL HEALING OINTMENT, reliable tor genrral olaOsent purtoefs. Depot 66 Jobn-et, New York. Bold by all druggists ' •OATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. 'Tfhis Bplendtd Bair Dye ts tbt bast in tbe vod,). Harmless. reUabl*. l&ataataneoca; tbs only Perfect Dye. No disappointment. No ridiculous tlM*. hut true to nature. Oanttlaa Birred WILLIAM A,BA'£OH SLOK. sold sy pnnljtt tad F«rtttm»a. Factory. SI Barciey-sU,New xori, ' iHehlcal. jg'ELHBOLD'S BUCHU. BUCHU. From Bispensatory of the United States; DIOSMA CREMTA. . BUCHU LEAVES. PRQPgRTfBg 831,310 46 S^TO-tt Tbeir odor Is strong, dlffuire, and somewtut ara- matic, thdr taste bitterish, and analagous to nflet. MEDICAL PSOPEHTIE3 ABD USES, Eo£tn Lo * t “ •» racra'lj .UmuJaat, wu» .pec. 'nt tcndaaC7 to tbe Cbciabt Qeoaxp, product On- r«!. and. Ilka Ollier elmllap meduaa. diaphoresis, when circumstances fjror UU* mods QC sa&oso action. They are glrea In complaints at fee Urinary Drum, 8,71136 none cch as Gravel, Chronic Catarrh of the Bladder, llorbid Irritation of the Bladder and Urethra, Disease of the Prostrate and Helen lion or Incontinence of 153.137.37 none Urluo, rrom a toss ot lons In the parts concerted (a its trap uiuoo. Ths remedy has also been resommeedad a Djmipp.iln, Chronic Khcnnuitlnm, CnU* neons AflVolloiu, anil Urupoj. IJclmbold's Extract Bachs l< Unit b/ rnioMftols ItuHgM » to », of 111 lb if iledllm of fbunl 61 Ufa | ,fw (Abb «6fft»6t 6f L»bOt bulb* |, Ij, rtlldi*. In AffeotionspßQullarto Fomaics, The BSTIIAVT HVI'HU I* in* em* m in Chloroslopr Retention, Irregnlttlty, r*infm. new or r npyrewlon of Customary Evm. ualloui, Dloerated or ScUnooo Slate of tiieDidma, tea oorrbea or Whites, Diseases of the Bladder, Kidneys, GRAVEL & DROPSICAL Sff KIIISGS. TbU medicine increases the power of Dictation, tad excltM the Absorbents lata healthy action, h j wkia Iba Watery or Caleeroos depositions. and kll Uatav aral gnlnrgementa are rednoed, as weH as Falx ißgawa:t<tgn. HELDIBOLD’S EXTRACT BIfCM Has sored every ease of DIABETES In which It has been given. Irritation of the Neck of the Bladder, and Inflammation of the Kidney*, Ulceration of the Kidneys Bladder. Ketontion of Brice, Dis eases of the Prostrate Gland, stone in the Bladder, Calculus, Gravel Brick-dnst Deposit, and linen* or Milky Discharges, and for Enfoe- hied and Delicate Gonstitntion*, of Both Sexes, Altesdbd with tho fbllowog symptoms Indlspoftltlon to Exertion,Loss ol Power, Loss ok ory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerve*, Trea- hlinc, Horror ot Disease, Wakdhlnei^Dlmnw ol Vision, Fain In the Bock, Hot Bandit Flashing ol the Body, Dryness ot the Skis, Eruption on the Face, Pallid Countenance, Universal Lass]* tad a of the Bj%~ tern, etc., etc. heldibold’s EXTR4CT RUCHE IS DDERETIC AND BLOOD PUEIPYINO, And cures all diseases arising from Habits of Dosipa- TIOX, EXCIMtS ABZ> IBFBUDSBCXSIB LITE, btwrwnn of tnr Blood, *c.,ioperiodlag Copsbla la aUccUoaa. for which it la used, such so Gososzbsa, Gluts at longstanding,and StruiLmo Amcnous—ln diseases, used la connection with Helmtaold’a Bobo Wash. SOLD AT HEOIBOLD’S DRUG AND CHEMICALWAREHDUSE 594 SBCADWn.7, And by Druggt&is Everywhere. ASK FOR HELMBOLB’S Take no Other. Beware of Counterfort*