Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 3, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 3, 1867 Page 4
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€l)ifflga Ixibww. SUNDAY, MARCH 3. 133 T. THE CITY. Vktbux Club.—The rerular monthly meeling o? the Nineteenth Illinois Veteran Club, will be held on Monday evening, ilarch 4th, at the o!Dce of General J. B, lore bln. Boos Bxhdkbs.—A spcchl meeting of the Chicago Book Binders* Union will be held at noon to-day (Sunday) to lake action in the death of Benjamin Baris, a late member if the Union. Ahotezu Amin-Ai. —The schooner Levi Elgby, thirty-live Monroe master, arrived in-the ha«bo- on Saturday, from Sheboygan, with a of wood, butter and eggs. Chicago Mediuax. Collioe. —The annual Com mincemeat exercises of illc institution wjvbe held on Toesday evening next. Professor ratter soa will (eliver the address. Tjh use Tusvrz. was opened op Satordsy, at the lake od, lor the admission of the water re quired lodem It ont. That process will be fin ished in adw or two, and then tne full stream will be tum« on. pjjOKOCJtci Guilty.—Horace Brown, charged with Ihemuitrof Philip Onpcrman, of Bridge port, and rccaly on trial at Joliet, was oi Friday lound guilty V the Jury, and sentenced to ten ycare m the Sjre Prison. Ralph WAbo Egtnsbw, the .dtsUoynishe' tbonght-anlstivin deliver bis lecture m elo anencson Moiay evening, in Unity Cbtrchoi .e comer ofichlcago avenue and Dcirbora street. j St. Mask's Ctcncn.—The new Protestant Ipts copal eoiflee, jit purchased at Cottage Gnve, will bo opened ft public worship, with apjro pnaic sendees, 4 Sunday afternoon, March Ikh, at 3*4 o'clock. \ Txa«floxiai».—Tie payment of pensions at fre Chicago Agencjjyic on the 4th of March (Mob day) will not cogence fir several days after, wards. Notice 04hc time will be given In the Tnzsuxz. « Woken asp CnijiiEK.—The regular monthly meeting o! the Trustees of the Hospital for Women and Childei, w ni bcheldat(he Hospital, No. 212 Ohio stret on Monday alternoon, at three o'clock. A m and punctual attendance is requested. \ The Boabd or Wocks, or at least a majority of Ihafbodjjhjecia most emphatically to the act of the LegHuire ordering their office to be vocated in four u\l;b from date. They have taken legs! counsel, suit is stated that they will contest the matter beta, the courts. Ouatusio or 6t.Pau-ah singers, expecting to lake pan In Hie of the Oratorio of St. Paul, for the henct 0 f the Young Men's Christian Association, a, requested to attend punctually the next rebean on Monday evening. March 4'h, in Prof. Ucw'j lecture room in Sf°y*y’« pP 6 ™ House, ait Is necessary to fix the date of the public perfehanco. .. Imrtiatioy.—On Sstnrdsyftenioon a number ofreceit converts were receb,j into fellowship with tho Olivet Baptist Chnro( C olored) by being baptised Ih the font of th Second Baptist corterof West Moio e a od Morgan streei. A largo number of colaj. citizens were present to witness the ceremotg which were condutt aly her. B chard M. Auaptlst, Pastor 01 the Ollvt-iChnich. . A Miscmrvous Vaobamt.— Moore, dial “Bnsinesa,” tbe youth al’uded to s paragraph pnblUhedu Saturday's av the boy who was tbe cause of ouc Gafcen Wrig-^t'being fined SlOtfac other day, and subsequantly another boy Into trouble ter stealing a coat, "■as'. roac ht before Justice Williken on Saturday a!te~ oon aim 1 »aB for vagrancy. It was In that he had no employment, wut spent most of hu tlmein hangingaronud holds, saloons and depots He said be was from Buffalo, New York. If that city has anymore of. his kind to spare they should not all be sent to Chicago. Catholic Faib.—Tbe receipo »r tno lata Fair, managed by tbe leaders of St. Mary’s Chorea, amonuud to nearly 53,000. The polling for tbe cane showed a small majority for the priest of &J- Mary’s—itev. Father Dalbgan. A concert and Festival will be given on Tuesday evening in the Hall, comer ot Van Buren -sires and Fourth a'CLue; a aod string baud wl be in atTcnfanco. Mr. Kinsley will tnraWi th refreshments. The officers and lady managers . - of the late Fair will be famished w:Ci compl.- mpmn>y UutciS. Ax Extbees Tdouble.—Albert Miller drives a express wagon. So coes John Morrissey. Al&e.i is young, and John is a gray-halred man of six .> years. At the Police Court on Saturday mormn. Albert was charged with playing all manner v. annoying tricks on Mr. Morrissey, while the teams were standing on the street waiting f work. Whips are mysteriously missing, wago wheels aic tied np, and tbe hoys gather arono and make faces at irm. The last indignities were backing the old man's horse into the gutter, and breaking the “Bul-board" of his wagon. Albert was wretebed over this last .named testimony. Jv^* r ?SS5 l SsSJ.P ,#erted lbat 110 man could hack hlf f orioaal 5 n*k nr I-Tt neoo 1 o vicious, and fona advlcvd to ccae . his ” fined 55, and Os Scsricios.—On Friday night, tw.eo seven and eleven o'clock, room??.?^ 1 *' >8 ‘ riasc house ornbe premises of A. C. BaogL No. 4UI Wabash avenue, were entered by somll pereon Tobbea ot 517 in mcney, & watch val. tied at f-5, and a cold hieast pin. The auaiv mente arc occupied by James Moore and his wife, James being a coachman tor Mr. Badger, and Mrs. Moore employee o* a cook. A party bein'* in progress at the honsc, these servants were away Horn their own dwelling. A colored man named bam Coleman was seen Hanging about tbe alley near the carnage house in the tarty part of the evening, and he was arrested on suspicion of be ing Ihc tt :ef. At tbe Police Court on Saturday mornu.g ban denied tbe “Impeachment" He tsia he wss at church that evening. To give him a chance to pro\e an aliM, he was granted a con tinuance of examination till Monday afternoon in bail uf 5200. Methodical Imoxicatios.—Georgians King remain'd in William Boge’s saloon at No. 333 Canal Street, on Friday evening until closing time acd then would not “ budge." Bogc had to carry her ont. hut the place had such fascinating lafia «nces that she was involontaiky drawn back to it again aud again. On one of these removals, Geor giana being apparently too much inebriated to wals steadily, after depositing his affectionate patron on the sidewalk William observed “ some thing thlnluz" in her band. It proved to be his silver w atch and chain, with a greenback valuation of 5(15. This retailed in Miss King’s arrest lor larceny. Upon being brought beloreJu tice Sstnr tevant on Saturday morning, the said the watch must bare fallen from hie pocket, and in some way cangbt by her, though sbe had no recollection of the occurrence. She was recoemp-o ns an cld offender and was commuted for trial in bail of 5300. Beal Estate.—The following calcs have been made oy A- J. AverelJ fincc let January; Marble front bouse on Michigan avenue, sooth of iVelfto street SIC,OtD Severny-five leet on Michigan avenue, comer Fourteenth street 11,2fj Forty tent on Washingtoa street, near LaSalle 3C.559 Twenty-six and a half feet on Prairie avenue, comer Twentieth street 5 300 One hundred and twentv feet on Wert Washington street, near Eobey 4,500 Brick store on Michigan avenue, between Lake and Bandolph streets &SAOO Marble front bouse Boren street, near Wabash avenue 18,000 Twemy-slx and mnc-lweliUis leet on Mi chigan avenue, comer Madtaon street.. 10,700 Forty-eight feet on Wabash avenue, be tween Washington and Madison streets 20,000 Twenty-four feet on Madison street, near . Michigan avenue 5,530 Brick bo nee on Wabash avenue, near Har mon court 8,53- Fifty feet on Prairie avenue. »ooth of Jwenty-llrst street G ’ soo Total. AmcnoKATxNnoitßOßs.—Mi*. Minnie Youn has resided on the same lot of land with Mr . Smith, at No. 705 Canal street- fiho was arraigned at the Police Court, on Saturday morning, charged as being disorderly. It was alleged that, besides failing to pay her rent, she made secret incursions upon Mr*. Smith’s wood-pile. Their troubles with each other became daily less cndnmbio, and about ■ week ago Mrs. Young concluded to vacate the premises. Alter taking out her bedstead and two or three other articles of furniture, the fickle woman changed her mind, and, much to the dis rt of Mrs. Smith, began to “move In*’ again, fact, Mr*. Smith entered a violent protest against W reoccnpation ot the bouse, and pres ently Mrs. Young was constrained to assault her with one of the Hats from the bedstead. A gene ral scrimmage ensued, in which Mrs. Smith got her fingers exceedingly mangled in Mrs. Young’s month. She extricated heiself from this <Sf flcnlty, and reoonetrated with her neighbor upon such cannibalistic conduct, to wnlch Sirs. Youd* responded in behalf of herself that she was in a delicate situation, and could do anything she plea_-ed. This argument may have bad Its weight in mitigating the amount of her fine, (who shall say?) bnt the was requested to pay the turn of five dollars and costs. A New Law Fnai.—The announcement will be received with especial pleasure, that Charles Ecamtnon, Eeq., eon of Hon. J. Y. Scammon, and Robert Lincoln, E.q., eon ot oar lamented’ late President, have formed a law partnership in this dty, under the name of Scammon & Lincoln, to take effett npnn match 4m, at which time they will enter upon the practice of the law In oar Coarta. There is an especial fitness in the association of these yonng men at the commence ment of the active doties of life. Their fathers were old and tried friends for a quarter of a cea tary, practiced together In the Courts, were mu* mately connected socially and politically, and in all the intercourse ot lire, were closely allied. It is, therefore, peculiarly appropriate that the eons should continue this bond ot amity both in society and bneicess. Mr. Lincoln, after the death of his lather and his graduation from college, as is well known, served for a time In the army, and then removed with the family to Chicago and entered the office ot beam mon & McCagg, where be completed his law studies. Mr. scammon finished ms law studies at an Eas’em law school, and the two yonng meu comedo the bar at the same time and henceforth will act together and still further cement the strong bond which existed between the fathers The bar of Chicago wall cordially welcome the new comers, ard we heartily commend them to tfacpablicesableand responsible practitioners who will make a high mark and prove an honor to their profession. Chicago College or PaatutACT.— This Associ ation of druggists, which had become almost ob solete, was revived, on Wednesday afternoon last, by a meeting called to inspect a valuable collec tion of chemical specimen* presented to the Col lege by Messrs. Powers L Wightman, manufactur ing chemist*, of Philadelphia. The organisation * fl . Ee variety of specimens of ma jßo3llls proposed worganize a li- V l6 ***?• workß <*a pharmacy and co-orclcate branches. A court* of Jectarcs will perhaps be plowed for in future, Jn ampins funds will he used to procure addition specimens and books. The following office were elected: Pieeldenl—Mr.E. U. SargrnL r,^2. w .f ieß,(ia,to— Messrs. George Back and W. 11. Muller. Secretary—Mr. James W. MilL Treasurer—Mr. J. IJ.1 J . Sharp Trustees—Albert S. Eoert Henry Sweet. John W. Ebrman, William KeinhoM, EmT Dreier. Messrs. Whitfield, Ebrman and Blockl were ap pointed a special committee to secure permanent rooms for the meetings of the College. The attendance at the meeting was large and much interest was manifested in me proposal to Sace (hie college on a footing with those of other «ge cities. Druggists and others interested are to t v ,l * a 10 job. the association. Copies of the con stitution and bv-laws can be bad cn application to ibo Secretary, James w.Mnl, No. 119 Vveat Adam? Street. lie n.CTli.r moellrg .till he held at the rooms ct the College No. a nice’s limldlnc, pca.oon; alreet, ou Moodaj aricraooe, Uareh 4th, at 2b p. m. All druggists are mvit-d to oe pteeeuL DRGAHIZED RASCALITT. Bold Attempt to Swindle n Blfo In- surance Company. A IXctitione Drowning—A Veil Organized Plot-The Dctaila-Ita Discovery. misplaced Sympathy f° r • p '*“ d ° Widow. F(T come time pa* a amt has been jwndlnc the Circuit Court of this comity In lU«er was plainliffi oad the ‘‘ eonnee Company of Chicago wi !f ® 'JJJf $5 000 Ibe suit was bronght to recover the isnjj me eg . B. » ?,V, io«»onlca northwester toPtef^SeSanfc.^ 1 "Me acting under the mflrrs of the eecond mate ho fell, paid from the bowsprit and was never i*<m?oain 1 The lact of hie death was attested by noTctßihar ten affidavits, including those of the notun or &* v «« , eli James Todd; the owner, william Daniels; and the eecond mate, Joseph Wn«er The latter claimed to he on deck In ct*r«c ct the watch at the time, and nnder nla or* dera Rigger went onl on the bowsprit to fix a sell, wlen life fool slipped and he went overboard. ThalwUhas been dismissed by the filing of a docnmect signed by the plaintiff, Susan Rigger, nuder date of February 25, in which she acknowl edges tiat for a valuable consideration, the nature otwbUhwlil appear m the sequel, she relin quishes her claim to the insurance. , . .. bud, briefly, appeared to be the facts tn the cate, the beginning In the progress of wnlcb was noticed In the TmnunE a lew months ago. There were circumstances connected with it, however, which called lor a strict Investigation on the nart ol the Insurance company, and recent develop ments have tended strongly to confirm the origi nal suspicion ibat a gigantic fraud has been at tempted. Traffic in life assurance policies offer many temptations to crime, and a vast amonnt of chi candy has been, from time to time, bronght to light. Dickens’ story of “Hunted Down.’* pro duced a powerful sensation at tho time of Its pub lication,because It contained a startling disclos ure of practices which were not then generally suspected, and that the fiction was hosed open actual tacts has since become rather painfully apparent. The lancinating gentleman who parted iua bwtr in the middle was the representative ol a class of speculators, and the type has not yet be come extinct. It is lobe suspected that Individuals as well as Insurance companies are still victimised in many ways to an alarming extent. Within a very short time a I circumstance was brought under the no tice ot the “Travellers 1 Insurance Company 1 ’ in ’Mb city, which U may notboont of place to men tion in this connection. A gentleman.had Ida I life insured to the amonnt of eight to ten thou sand dollars. Three mouths alter the policy was issued he called at the office and requested them to car.ce! the Insurance, as be had good reason to believe that some of his “friends were plotting to destroy his life in order to secure the amonnt for which it was insured. It is worthy of remark that a lengthened conversa tion with tne gentleman tailed to develop In bio any symptom of monomania. Two or three other instances ol attempted fraud have been discovered by tbc sane company within a year, none of which were published. The case now nnder Investiga tion presents come remarkable features, and the police arc now actively engaged In the work of “hunting down” the parties implicated. I The circumstances nnder which the fraud was I attempted to be perpetrated may be narrated as I follows: bigger resided at No. 203 Church street. In this aly, and was a sal'o; by profession. Sometime In June last he went to Mr. Page, of the Travel lers 1 Insurance Company, and took ont an insur ance policy for $5,00U, m which be paid SSO as the first Instalment. A Sew days thereafter he a r>am called at the office of the company, and stated that be wanted to make a special arrange ment for hazardous risk, nemlalug him to take a voyage upon the lakes. Ills policy was changed in accoida>.ce with his request, upon a furtner payment of ten dollars, A day *r two after that be called for the third time and Tad the special changed to a general pemit to sail upon Ibe lake during the year, for which he ad vanced the further sum of twenty dolars, making bis total payments sixty dollars. Tiu last ar rangement was madein the absence of M. was contrary to the rules of the office, one ol the regulations being that no risk of mat cl»a shall be taken for any sum exceeding *2,000. jfca fact Xr a man lo Rigger’s position paying such Merge sun—about two months’, wages—for one j-ar’s Insurance, could not but be regarded as a so*«. what curious circumstance to say the least. la\ tn« policy bad been effected, and nothing mon could be dono by the company butto await events. A feu days alter the 30th of July, the date on which the sad catastrophe was laid to have oc curred, Mrs, Rigger came to the office of the ’ Travellers 1 Insurance Company, accompanied by J. c. Wicker, an attorney, who la known as one of the devoted attendants on the Police Court, and presented affidavits of the death of her hus band, at the same time demanding payment of l*e $5,000. There were two suspicious dream stances attending this application. One was that Joseph Wagner, the second mate, whose watch it had been on the evening of Rigger’s disappear ance, took the trouble to procarc the affidavits in buffalo, when hemight have done it in this city on tbc blacks of the company, and without ex pense. Tho other was teat Mrs. Rieger had em ployed an attorney in the matter, which is not necessary in one out of a hundred instance*, the turtles interested usually producing the proofs or making affidavit, and that process ot-Inp tscitlta ted by the offices for the special purpose of obvi ating expense to applicants. ... It was decided by the cotnr*ur that there was something sufficiently saspiclous m the case to warrant them in withholding payment for a time, until further investigation. They did withhold it, and singularly enough neither the applicant nor her attorney ever appeared again, but forthwith Instituted suit In tbe Circuit Court. At the same time Mrs. Rigger became au object of great sympathy among certain portions of the community. She industriously promulgated the particulars of her pitilul story, one item in which was that she was soon to become a mother, and succeeded tn obtaining not only sympathy, bnt 1 I snuetantia] relief. Tbe action of the Travellers' I Insurance Company was made the subject of in dignant protests, and the wrongs of tbe poor I widow became the thrme of much comment. Toe ■jife was bronght tmeer the notice of the Young vtrw'‘«C? r istian Association, and societies, as notwithßiau. x , nau,,, r,* '~***» to deception, at° w,s^-Ka.sah, s 1 wer ? P Qr ® u * n c divagations Into the arcnmsiances attenuieg the death of the husband. The matter was entrusted to we care ot Allan Pinkerton, Eeq., by whose dclecuvcs It was most snccrsslally tracked, akbough for a long time no clue conld be found w the mvatery. At length it was discovered lhatffie whole affair from first to last was a conspiracy onthepauof Rigger, bis wife, and tbc second mate, to defraud tbe insurance company. It was ascertained that the brig Mechanic was-not fifteen miles from land at the time of Wgger’s disappearance. On tbe contrary, the second mate, who was to collusion with the *thcr conspirators, had rnn the vessel eo <*ear the shore that night ibat she was in-danger of being stranded. The appointed boor having arrived for the development of tbe plot, tbe ma'e. at • signal agreed nnou, ordered Rigger to go out on the bowsprit and fir a sail. Tbs man obeyed and in a lew moments dropped Into the water. Wag ncr immediately raised the alarm, “Man over hoard, the crewvcre summoned, tbc vessel was ewnng round and a boat was lowered from the stem. The second mate look tbe management of the boat, and by i dexterous movement he con trived fo pneh otfin a contrary direction to that which he well knew had been taken bv his con federate. Toe rupposed drowning mau'did not alter any loud cry lor help. He waswell provided with a life preserver, and. having not more than three quarters of a mile between turn tod the shore, he was soon on dry laid in safety. Wagner, as may be sup posed, soon gave up the search lor the lost man- He rejoined ttm, shortly after this event. In fluf. talo. where he took the affidavits of lus death, and bronght them tn this city. Tbe Insurance company, on becoming acquaint ed with these facts, went to Mrs. Rigger, ano In duced her to make a clean breast of It. She con fessed everything, aod gave the full detail* of the conspiracy which had been concocted between her husband, the mate, and herself. Having nn nnreened her mind to the satisfaction of all parties concerned, she deemed it prudent to withdraw from the city al together. Her husband Is now said to be soiling on the ocean, and tbc second mate baa also departed into unknown regions to screen himself from the police, who are making every eQbrt to discover his whereabouts. is represented to be tbe worst charac ter In the whole conspiracy, and was probably tbe Instigator of the affair. He has Oeen arrested in this city and tried for rape, and be has on several occasions been suspected ol burglary, theft and other kindred offences For some time ne was connected with a Merchant* Police force in the Aorth'Division, bnt latteily up to a recent date he baa been sailing on the lakes, only returning to this city at Intervals. .fiJ0.899 FIRE ON LAKE STREET. Two Buildings in Ilames—lose Nearlr $50,000. it h«B become almost a matter of certainty seemingly, that Ran extensive toM , created^bv fire, occurs either on Lake or Water street, it will transpire on Saturday or Sunday. Consequently -011 al arm from box No. 9 was rung abort a qaarter before seven o’clock on Saturday ew-rtof loci'ire Department was called to a™™fS£ °i 016 WCTlhr appolaluema of ni? e flie-ficnd-ihis lime on Lake street The fire is reported to have had Its origin n the Shi? 1 ™ u,S? I *t e ■ lrt ' t ’ «"»iaS5 i «od\Vtllß, on the first floor, occupied by Messrs 1 Hnchberger Brothers, dealers in ary goods The f£“ t ° p . doßeJ * both in rear anf front! and when the engines arrived there was nt dame to be seen from the outside, but adensesmoko issued from Ihewmdowp, ladlcatlng that Uefl err clement wassecretly bnt sorely pcrfondnults work of destruction. An entrance to the tmldine was very soon effected, and one 0? two streams of water were turned on to Urn fire, or where It was presumed to be, the heavy clonda of smoke quite oUcurlng 11 from view. In a very few minutes, ho»wer!lhe fire* men were enabled to trace the cturse of toe flames as they made their way throurh the vari. one floors to the fourth story, finaJlj btu.Uac out at the wiinlo Inebuilding the fire, instead if spreaeJn»’ seemed to make for Itself a hatchway, which w?« perhaps occasioned by the draught one ?hSSSn < S, e ?S5?llv elront ' The appearance of Die fire occttrTed /bout half au hour af- F ‘be beUs flrst rung, and at Ibis mdicaUoa of the Imminence of an extensive conflagration, the r x-« I1 n Qfie ™ng a second peal on . ™ wblch bronchi to the scene the enure Fire Department of the city. Fortunately however, the flames were confined to Nos. 173 and 171,thelaaer occupied on the flrrt and second floors by Rosenau Brothers, dealers in tancydry goods. No 1.1 was bnt slightly damaged by fire, but received a copious drenching by water 3 Such vigilance was exercised, aud so' much water was showered upon the place, that the Are was soon brought under subjection, the losses occurring more In consequence of the former element than the latter The buildings are ot brick, four stories hl"h in front aud two In the rear, owned by Cyrus B Cobb, and were damaged to the extent of about fB,OOO, which to tally Insured in the “Merehmt? ’’ and “Firemen’s” of this city, Rosenan Brothers, occupying No.;171, are about rmnovtng to another store, aun a large proportion of their goods had already bren taken away. The remainder of their stock was damaged by water, about ffl,oou, which is folly tnsnred In iVL. Mil lei’s agency—companies not ascertained. Bucfcberger Brothers, occupying the first floor o! No. 173, had a stock on baud valued at f 50,000, which is believed to have been injured bv water to the amount of tSO.OOO. Their insurance is as follows; In T. L. Miller’s agency, f 26.000: In the “Home.” of New York, *10.000: in the “Com mercial,” ol this city, *5,000. The second floor of No. 173 was occupied by Cogswell & Co., agents for the Waterbury C1o:k Company. These genhemcn being absen* from the city, the amount oft heir losses and insurance conld not be definitely ascertained, but is be- - lieved fo have been about *5,000. occup£o. rd510(1 fouiUl lloora 01 No -173 were tin- a small aperture admitting light throu^ C u,wi r ?ii lc , b U-r, a Utile flame about as large as his hand, a few feet north and east of the ceni-e of No. 173. Messengers were immediately despatched tothcLoog John Engine House and the Conr House to notify them of the Impending danger Various ennulses are indnlgcd In rccardlng“tho cause ol the flame, some attributing It to the’ena den rupture of a gas pipe, others to the careless me of a lamp, besides many other conjectures, cone ol which seem to be of a rca.enable char acter. Tbocbles Aaioso tuz DemiMonde.—A finely dressed woman, wearing expensive furs, aod giv ing her name os cither Helen Hale or Helen Perry, according to couvenletce, appeared before Justice Brown on Saturday afiemooon, bringing anil against another girl of equally good reputation, call id Louisa Morgan, for tilse imprisonment. Each of the women waa accompanied by a female who nrote. of coats*, in the laterert of : Jcrpfl*in-e° Tbe evidence elicited the following Morgan waa a “boarder” with Helen •ideaplfluod lh»trabe had been pace nmnled, i,nt wae now divorced, though she claim* the title Slat of January Lon gave M». Hale *25 to anply upon the puichasc of a allk areas which »dic was to select for her. Mrs. Hale made a selec tion at the store of Field. Palmer & Letter of a niece of silk-vaiaetiat <52, on which abepsidan ijvzace of *25. and left II xnsiked with one of her names, to be delivered when the balance was paid. Sbewentbomc and showed Lon a sample of the dress, ebd told her the conditions on wbichit could be obtained. Shortly after tbls the two women bad a falling out in regard to a “fellow” for whom both bad a tender fooling, and Lon left the establishment She also called at tne siore and asked for the goods, bat her name not being npon loom the salesman declined to give them np. Lou. seem? to have seen In this an opportunity lor revenge, and snore ont a warrant for Mrs. Bale's arrest on the cha-ge of larceny as bailee of 525, or a dross, Intending, as she od. to FCDd theV—Vi.«o;U» tnonch she did not eioressltm esc words. Accordingly, lost week the accused was arrested and taken to the Armory, where she was balled until next day, and then on trial dis charged. She now tamed the tables by bringing amt against Lou. Morgan for false imprisonment. After the usual amount of peUlfogiug by the at* tomeys, the Justice gave his decision that the salt and imprisonment on the charge of larceny was withontjnst foundation, and held the defendant, Louisa Morgan, to bail. In } COO, as guilty of mis demeanor, to appear at the Recorder's Loan. THE MURDER OF BICKINQ. The Prisoner Black Set at Liberty After Haring is it is stated. Confessed /lie Crime. A Kan Suspected of Murder Placed in Custody of His Cousin. < A Clialn or Suspicious Circumstances— } An inTestlsaVon Bequlicd. 1 j In the Tnmuxi of Pttaary 7th, last, we re- 1 ported the details of the trsult and arrest of two \ men, M. S. Stlckncy W, Black, who \ were supposed to bsve remitted a bloody mnr- ] dcr on the Plains, In Waning Territory, on or i about the ISth day of OctW last. Their victim 1 was a person named Dlckli who had contracted ! to convey them ftom Sait lie Cnyto Denver, for . a certain consideration- \ : It will be remembered thvndge W. A. Carter, > ofUtab Territory, having rohp i 0 believe tbattbe ; two men had come in the fraction of Chicago, , followed to this city and stabled across SUcknoy . In tho Sherman Bouse. User bis dlrectlou B. . C. Tates went ont to Roch&d, the residence of . the father ot one of tbe sntpsed culprits, and there arrested Black, and her bringing him to ibis city he also amstcaUckney. Tho two were taken before J. Wluab, a Justice of tbe Peace in this city, and upo; complaint being made they were commnu d i further cxamlna* < Uon" to the County Jail. Dor report con- i talnrd also the snhslance of 1 confession, par- j Sorted to have been uadeo Judge Carter, 4 y Black, tn tbe County <1 on the Ctb , day of February, In which Big acknowledged ; that be committed the deed, vlng a dream- 1 slantiai account of the joamefrom Sait Lake 1 City to Wyoming mentioning that at about three hundred anafteen miles on this side of Salt Lake tbeyipcamped near Washakeo Station, where one of)s mmes stray- 1 ed; that after some search forpn tbe part of Stic&ney and Sicking, Black ansicking started | ont in company to Vntlnne tbe search, and while ont, \ be, BU-'k, 1 thol sicking with bis revoH they being abont two hundred yards distanlain the camp, and m fell view ol SUckney. <V report also mentioned the fact that the two fen had bean tracked toa “corral" on the NortWaUe, about sixty miles from the scene of the tniclde, where they left the wagon and harness oIU murdered man. They then went to the ntare&tation and bought tickets to the station next be»nd, whence they took passage for Denver, apkently with the iniention of throwing any search* irom their track. It was then shown that they uae by way of St. Louis to this city. Black, In hUtatemeut, admitted that he fired the fatal ebotuut he did rot state that Dieting evenpnlled outfe weapon, mcch less that be fired. Tbe only lUlation ol extreme guilt ihat he offered was that thad been nrged to the deed by Stlcknoy, who httperanad ed Ha that Bicklng had taken a dislotohlm and had caused him to fear that Bickl7 waa in lending to lake his life. In the eye of“.k jgwof this butc both men, under this eonfeseyV were Btorcrly chargeable with murder, and bar sub- Client flight and attempt to avoid pnnhmcnt legally rauc an additional of tbfcr c niir. \ as we have said, were taken Ijforc Justice vrinsbip and held lor inrther examlayon. Meanwhile .indge Cuter, who had receive the contcasiuj, and who Md tracked the went on ic Washington, whence, wc beUevtifco has not retimed. \ On the fith tgst. SUckney sued ont a writ of bfas eorpva btEoro Judge Gary of the Supcritr Court. By request of tht prisoner, Cc healing of toe case wat laid ovw until the Sib day <4 this month. Be is still It, jail. ‘ Wo write nowchlcflv concerning Blatk. Be la at liberty! I Ml On the afternoon ot Friday, as has been before waß taken oat of the County Jail 01 • n ° rdcr of w, “' h blato of Illinois, ) „ Cook County, f To tbe Sheriff or Jailor of saldconntr; Deliver into tbe custody of - George W. Black, a prisoner now in your custody, 10 order that ha may be brought before me for ember ciamlnao tion, andforso doing this ehalJbe yonreniffaent warraiit Given under my ba»d and seal, this Ist day of March, A. D. 16«7. ISEALj T WDtflniP, L * JnsUce of the Peace. Similar orders, In hiscaso, had been issued oe fore, i»r ff on one occajf° n « under jnst such an or der, we are luformedthe prisoner was conveyed hy Yates to The prisoner was Ihen conveyed to Wlnsnip’s of fice! and no «ne appearing against him, he was dlschar»»u—the ouiy tenure, and that a frail one- the nan being that be was held on a iwnd of thrcebnndred dollars to appear as a wit t'esa against Slckney. Upon this bond Yates, tbe octertive and custodian, was accepted as emeff. lr. * conuecUon with this pretended examination, tor which no snbprco** were issued, and of which no notice was given to the Slate’s Attorney, it la worthy of remembrance Hat so confident of rcleaie was the prisoner that be caused bis pal] tecs lo hr paid before he started to tbe Justice s office, thru saving himscliibe ex* Itcme inconveiiluice of recuniogtotho even tem po! sty company tr the jail keeper. It is difficult lor cq unsophisticated Individual to nnderetnnd how 'ho diicharge of this man could have been ntnaiaed under such drcumatancca. km, the question 01 his guilt or Innocence wthave nothing to do. wodonolwlshtoproDounc* upon 1L Wo con tent ourselves with aliticg thtfacts. Tbe public Is justified, however, in expecting that when there be anything like a reasonable ground to suspect that a mania guilty oi murder, he abaft bo held until bis case shall bare been tborotgblr mvostl .gated by Hnanthorityhigherlhan that which Is limited to action, cvea on money atconnts, in salts involving less than a hnnoted dol lars, and to a tribunal which is prepared to receive a lull statement of the (acts in Its supe rior Importance to a Court notiof record, which con act only to commit on a reasonable prestunp tlon of gnlir. The Justice of tne Peaci had nn- exhausted his jurisdiction in the cose, and wiit-ther he hao done so or not. It seems fit ting that a prisoner who is heidm jail, espe cially upon a charge of murder, tbe more so when he is reported to l.avp toofepsed b«* •»*•««» auonlq not bo discharged without, if not pome action 01 a least sonic token of assent from me officer of tbe state who has in charge the prosecution of criminals. There Is a ternule wrong somewhere In this case. The welfare of tbe community demands that it be ferreted ont, that hereafter no man Jvinc under such suspicions as Black does, of a mortal crime, may be let loose npon the community without s proper Investiga tion, It may not be ont of place to mention some circumstances narrated as facts, whlcl may aid in any fntare Invcstigi tlon. It Is said by those who know bob the parties that tbe detective Yates and tbe accts ed Black, are first consins. As we have said Hey have, in company, under Justice Wlnahlp’s orier “ for farther examination” on several occasions taken the benefit of fresbalr, and once. It is raid, they went together te Rockford, where tho fttber of tho prisoner ani the uncle of bis custodian resides, fils father is represented as behg a wealthy man: bis worldly goods being esiinatcd at a valae of 570,010, Tbe public wllloraw its own conclusions as to the nature brought to bear to se cure the release *t Black. CO-OJ-KHATIVE BIOBU. Tlie Klldßis and Supply Company— How to Obtain Goods at Cosi, The co-operabvejstore, which his fo: many years been a source of extensive beneft to the peopeofolher cities, and been tried herewith bnt hdlffcrent success, seems at last to lave been takm hold of in a way which will iinsme Ita sno ws-. The Mining and Supply Compary of this clr, located al Nos. 51 and 56 Raadolpl street. Is or/anixed on a plan which avoids the mis some- Unes complained ot, and has already met with a sifficient amount of public recoemticn to place it on a firm basis. As Uejnamc Implies,‘the company li formed for the purpose of furnishing all kinds of coal, wood, P ro ,\ lal °iiß, etc.—ln short, everything i6 . tiailfi Hy found in a first-lass grocery, !^i p i^l neß and These are supplied to vii~i 6 ‘» r Bat M Dear cost P rlco M possible, and P» rt or city. The capital c c , tffQ l jany may 1,0 onc hundred thou- tooeeeod shares of twenty *hont three hundred shares . one man holding mote than one share, and be naming only two The company has thus seventeen Omassnd dollars of subscribed capital, with Which it la fnr iilshjng to three hundred families those staple articles of household consumption which every family mnstbnv, and supplying tut*) the net cost. The association is thus a mutant pro tection society, the protection being againtt nigh prices, audit will leaolly be seen that the more stocliboldere the less will bo the expense of hand ling for each, and the less the actual coat of the goods fnruUhed. The saving to each family, in the article of fuel alone, will pay the amount of 'heir stock every year, and the increments of profit at the supply store will save five or si* times the amount of their stock, per annum, ac cordipx to the amount of the purchases. Thoin etuniionis conducted strictly on the principle of cash paymojtß and no debts. The membership is rapidly incieasing, K ot Directors are: J. D. Decreet, S^n^lE.. 10 ? Suita; M. W. Lest-r. hot alr lnnißres; J .E. «ljams, ol Weber, Williams & Fitcb, hats and furs; E. s. Skinner, of Mmison, bkinncr A Clark, stationers; and 8. M. Moore, o? Moore & Steams, insurance, who have a general oversight of the man agement of the company, without fee or reward. The agent, Mr, L. H. Lamerice, may always be foutd at the store, and will furnish all oesßcd information and receive subscriptions of We wonld advise those who are groaning under heavy grocery bills to cal* aud see for themselves what are the advantages offered. HAD DOGS* more of These iDlmai* m the City— Mnwitnir and the Pound* Although this Is not the season in which we usually expect hydrophobia to be developed among the plentiful number of dogs which infest our streets, yet several cases have already ap peared. On Saturday we chronicled the death of a youth from the bite of a mad dog. On the same day another foaming animal was seen in tnc West Division, and was kilted after having bitten some half a dozen other does, some of which bad to be despatched. The remainder ought to be similarly pul out of the way of doing barm. There was also a case ot raoics la the North Division. It is evident that some precautions efaonld at once be adopted to prevent the spread disease, and ills understood that the Mayor Uhci£*_,. «’..«« a proclamation more stringent than those nßui\r J \Ztu'T^ “£ u f ““ to-caikd “ dog days.” We wontf^®!!?^" 10 wbile-eotne strict regulations ore at once neede-i, the Legislation in the past, on this subject, oas hardly been sufficient, wnlie it has bem a source ot annoyance to the owners of well bred dogs. The pound system has been anespcctal nuisance. It was found that tho men who were charged with the duly of collecting dogs for the pound used to go around with lassoes catching animals that they found without muzzles and examining- them to see If they were valuable. If they proved to be each as would probably be redeemed by their owners, or wonld bring a good price from others, Un* dog banters wonld take Ibem to the peond, while the scurvy, mangy cars, friendless and ownerless, and perhaps more dangerous than the w ell-kept anl mala, would be allowed to run again, a* sat ir.-L.n kecpit* after bdng caught ItuprebiblVTSS under the ope radon last year of thßPontT*r»isV nance whichiano w abolished. Unit dred valuable dogs were taken up withoSwS sloe,while some thousands of con of lowd*£St were left free to roam at will. "degree Mtuzllnp, which some think lojnrioor to Utelr dm,, li mho objectionable nowia In .nnnnSf "ben thei animate coffer If they cannot bStfj without obatrncUon. Thoao who will not round? thelj- pcUahonla not complain If thej twelSffij S{ ■£'WyS. of community, thoo/b Soy nS? £mn that there lent. rend of thstln tlSlr osn£ tneee. if r.eceeesrj, prl,aln property m«y eactlflced to 100 pnbhc Biifely, 1 pow at tho expeoac of a law mat aa.e the live,and propertyolthe m»oy. 1 “ ,0 »i?fi« 0I 5 0 P” 1 ™ 11 ® he made at once wheieh, K*J M up, onto, eSomft “?thewCon°S; C 1 * ook more carefully i wiTJj dl i B boptilitlott of onr city may he reduced heeder.!???.? \ ••'JSf : by eome thotusndifo! andmSlew^i.*' * ,ld “H 01 t"oCh K oMmetil7aTed danger and perhaps death avoided! cure, e?« if th^iVi^? 11100 }■.*«*«• than the top. ACTION OF Tho English Court*—Tho Came %f nflr . Toy laoolltUe— A Query, A question lu ailocn In tho English conns dnr log the month of February which contains matter ol instrocnon applicable with especial force lo the proceedings in courts In this conntry Dar tnn the past year the people hare boon ranch etonlshed at the quality ol several “trne hiTls" of Indictment returned, as compared with the a«??hI» t i 00< M acta or caBC8 ’ and perhaps more so .bat in other cases no indictments were found i he .? o?t prominent Instance of the lat ?? cnse , of Harvey O. DoolltUo. It “‘“'fy two witnesses appeared before a S?S?.i? ry °i Ull . s aty leslined to the wrong- J D J Pacing of a signature upon certain bonds sold 5^. t Kili de * aQ^t ? r violation of a deposit made. No bill was returned in the case. It would ha»« seemed from the notoriety of tbe farts that some cons ecration should have been given to the mat ter. Especial attention was called to the matter In tho Tiubuxe at tbe time, hut no action was taken. A similar case, although of much less interest, *»»■ been before the middle sessions of England. Tbe grand Jnry reinaed to indict in a caat where tho purloining of marked coins from a drawer was positively testi fied to by three witnesses. The coart, upon sug gestion of tno prosecuting attorney, called tbe jury before the bar. rctock ibcvcatunony In their presence and demanded of them to retire for con sultation, reiuatkitia that it was a d«ty that thor should say whether or not there was a cose for In vcsrtgatlon. This action was taken hythe conn there under the common law, or rather In* power was exercised as an inherent power of This course, if it were to be adopted in this coun try, would aid much In the fulfilment of tbe de mands of Jnsttce. Many men have recently es caped the punishment for crimes which have be come notorious by the failure of grand Juries to find “ a case for investigation." AiaDSBSLJENTS. The lilsli drama baa bad Its full share of repre sentation at both theatres during the past wieb, and it baa proven exceedingly popular. If we may judge from the well-filled house* every night. Ibis week we are promised a little more variety. Several benefits are announced and they always break up the monotony of the week. Further mote lllUe Jotla will beat the Opera House, and this will lorm a brilliant oonlnoutlon to oar en tenaii xnenta hloVicKEn'a Tn rath a.—Dan Bryant closed the Aral week of his engagement which has proved in every sense a successful one. He is announced as the star for another week, and the play of “Übamos O’Brien," which has created a great sensation in New York and elsewhere, will he produced. Mvseuk.—“The White Boys" had a successful run during the week, till Friday, when It was ] withdrawn lor Mr. Nichols’ benefit. *• A Dream j at Sea" and the "Spectre Bridegroom" were j very well produced on that occasion, and Mr. < Nichols wm made the recipient of a handsome i gold-headed nane—the gift 01 his friends. Mas. Alice Holland takes a benefit on Monday evening, when ebo will appear in her favorite i character of “Caiijoift* l in the "Hidden Hand." Her rendition of *ils character daring her pre vious engagement at the Museum added lm met sely to her popiAjna,. Mrs. Holland la a yoneg bctrcßß of superior and one who ex bibits an Intelligent concept a verv narl *s* slgncd to ber. Wc bespeak her ' ov ucd house. „ _ . , orzxu House—Lorri.—As au. dy anneQ nced, ibis brilliant yonng toubretU, wbd'i J L draw l Ing crowded houses in every city In o-. cl , gto hsa appeared, will make bet first appei_ ncc at Opera Houße, where. It may be anKf_ a ., fl a similar ancceas will attend her. Lour., ported by a frill and efficient dramatic cq £ and will present during the season somet h" r most popular impersonations, introducing * Cf I celebrated banjo solo, her clog dances I performances which have contributed so much v I make ber Ihe favorite she Is. .. . Cousec*.—U l.c Circus baa been well patronized , dating the week and contlnnea lull of attractions. Ihe frequen’ers of the Coliseum, as well as those who may not come under that category, will be glad to learn that Mr. -Tames Robinson, the un equalled bare back nder, has been re-engaged for another week or two. Perry and Loalow will also remain. _ _ . TtmsEna' Masque rape Bail. —The Second Grand Masquerade Ball of the season will be ,' given on Monday evening by the Chicago Turn- Gcmcalde, at the New Turner Hall. Great pre tarttioiis have been made for this event, which win probably equal the great success of the last one. . *®I.IOIOCS INTELLIGENCE, , T *‘ e J'-'on Pray** Meetings are still large ly attended In the First k.E. Church, and much Interest continues to be cises. The meeting veslerta> wa9 prestdod over bv Rev. R.M. Hatfield, D.D.,vid addressed by him and Rev. Mr. bbcaver, of lechmond, Virgin ia. The latter gentleman stated cmt there was a daily prayer meeting la lUchmoxd, but -luring the past winter greatlnterest bad prevail 1° the churches, especiallv among the cotowd people, and the work bad been marked, between four and five hundred bad joined one cMrch. in Ral eigh, M. C., a similar wore bad t-een prevailing. He had also Just bccnio the cldrs of Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, ar-* the work given to Christ’s people there had Q'ver l«e« so vigoiously prose cuted now. and large remits are following. A.piaycr meeung Is alro held dally In a store «a South Water street. In the very heart of busi ness, which has been attended with the happiest «snils. A daily prayer meeting is also being held in the North Division, and the evening meet ing* in many of the cbnrcncs are more frequent ana »f much greater interest than before the bcglnnifc* ot the present year. A revival has been sometime la the West Indiana ««7i2f i *'i. E » ,l3 copal Church, under charge of the pastor, lu~. r. Bentley, and numerous conversions have Ukw, place. On Friday even ing. a * the conclusion or «he religious service at the chntch,theipa-tor-ru followed to Ms homo by a number ol Ufa pambunars, and presented, through Ihe medium of Prt*imq S Elder Rev. H. Crews, with a splendid huntlng-ca s *d eilver watch. wotthfTS. The recipient acknowledged the gift In appropriate words. Upon the taterior of the case of the watch Is the following Inscription • " Presented to our beloved pastor, K. Bcufcy, by his new converts.- 1 The Chicago Ministerial Unloa trill hoH its regular sesrion in Ibc rooms of (ho Vonng Chrlsiian Association, on Mtnday. ibc nth in stant, at 10 a. m. Bualn«« o* importance wyi come before the Union. E*angolical clergymen In the city and viciniwf™ coruiaijj tnvitto -JjjJSto.ww?. d ' d 10 aad !eats ’” l ' bc i'"l Kev. R. J, Keeling, D.D nf has been Invited to assntne toe Tnnllj Church in thU city, TnJdc St by lbo rcmoral ol the late Rector, notv Biahon Cnmmi7.« of Kentucky. Dr. KrelW bJ coning to person. and wUI preach t fe_mora. ire and evening. Ho has the reputation V X s speaker of rare eloquence; uc « Church of the Holy Communion (Episcopal* corncrof Rsndolpb street and Wabash avenue. Servkes at low a. m., and <4 p. m. St Mark’s Protestant Episcopal Church, Cot tag* drove. E. B. TniUe, rector. Divine service at XHi a. m. and 354 p. m. Sunday School at 254 Christ Church, comer Michigan avenue and Tweity-lnnrih stieel, Ker. C. E. Cheney, rector. Sendee In this church at 1«54 a. m. and at 754 p m. At the evening service seals are free. Sun day School at 2<4 p. m. Harlem—Rev. Dr. Bishop will bold Episcopal services at tbo Harlem House at 3 o’clock p. m. BAPTIST. The Providence Mla-lon Sunday School, sus tained by the Union Park Baptist Church, meets every Sunday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, in their new building, corner of Western avenue and Warren street, at the western city limits. nr?SR,°-.fJ rk B 5 pU 5. ?“ nrcl >. corner of Weit Washington and Paulina streets. Preach ing at 10u a. m. and 754 p. m.,by the pastor. Rev. E. G, Taylor. Sabbath School anff Bible class meet at 9 o’clock a. m. Prayer meetings for the week will be on Monday, Wednesday and Fri day evenings. Second Baptist Chnrcb, comer of Morgan and Mtnroe streets. Preaching at 10‘i a. m!nnd 754 p. m., by the pastor. Rot. E. G. Ooodspeed. Say bath School and Bible classes at 9 a. m. aad J '* > ' m. Young people's meeting on M»* 1( r iy evening. General prayer meeting on evening, at 754 •’clock. North Baptist Church, comer of fnperior and North Dearhom streets. Preacblr*** 1054 a. m. and 754 P- m., by Professor John C. C. Clark. Morning subject: “Some Reasons for Restricted Communion.'’ Sunday school at 3p. m. North Star Mission, comer Division and Sedg wick streets. The well known army missionary “Uncle John” Vassnr, will etAak at 1054 a. m. Rev. E. P. Scott, of the Mlkir Mission, Assam, will preach In the evening at 754 o’clock. The or dinance of bapti-m will bo administered at the close of the evening service. Sabbath School at 3 p.m. General prayer and conference meeting Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Voungpeople'a prayer meeting Saturday evening, at 754 o'clock. Itdiana Avennc Baptist Church, comer of Thir tieth street. Preaching by the castor, Rev. J. A. 11 a.m.and 754p.m. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 054 a. m, Young peo ple’s Saboatb, and? o'clock Tuesday evening. Church prayer meeting tt»i>batb ana Wedoesay evening at 754 o’clock. Finn DaptHt Church, DeKorcn street, next South Desplainea. Rev. N. F. Ravllu, D. D.. of Racine, Wisconsin, will preach in this church al 1054 a. >n. and 7-p. a. Sunday School meets at 8 p.m. Mr. Scott, returned missionary from Bur* mah, 1? expected to address tbo Sunday School. First Baptist Church—Wabash avenue, south of Hnbbard court. Rev. Dr Everts pastor. Pnblic worship at 11 a. m and 754 p. m. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 954 a.m. Bible class at 8 p. m. Young people’s piaycr meeting Friday even ing. FBKBBTTXXUAK. First Scotch Presbytci lan Church. Rev.Chtrlcs Elliott, D. D„ will preach In St. George’s HalL 226 Stmtn Clark street, al 1054 a. m. and 354 p. m. “Good Templars and the Church: isthsre an antagonism between f” Rev. J. W. Larimorcwlll preach on this subject this evening in the Seventh Presbyterian Church, comer of misted and Har rison streets and Blue island avenue. Scrv)** at 754 o’clock. The Christian Congregation in tbl* city have purchased the Central Presbyteri*“ Church, on Cass street, between Michigan -J® Illinois streets. Dr. B.H. Smith, late of Louis, will picach regularly on Lord’s at 1054 a. m. and 754 P *JeffeTSO»' (O, S.) Presbyterian Church. T br V'CC O'ihU ctarci l are held at present m oie Free Will Baptist Church, comer of Peona and Jackson streets. Preaching by Rev. Hobart Fatlerson,D. D.,at 854 p.m. sabbath School at 254- Prayer meeting, Thursday evening at 754. Regular service, morning and afternoon In Presbyterian Chnrcb. on Fallon street near (Mm ton street, by W. H. van Dom. Ninth Presbyterian Church, on Ellis avenue near Oakland. Services morning and evenlni? Preaching by the pastor—Rev. A, Eddy. b ' nrruomsT smcoPAL. Wabash Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church The pastor, Rev. R, 2d. Hatfield, will preach m the morning on “The Character and End of the Enemies of the Crops,” and In the evening, “A Lesson lo Yonng Men from the Counsels of a Dying Father to his Son.” v " Rev. J. H. Bayllss will preach at Park Avenue Methodist EpUcopal|Cbnrch at 10f$ o'clock a. m and at p. m.(; Sunday School at 2<i o'clock Grace chnrch, comer of Chicago avenue and LaSalle street, liov. O. H. Tiffany, D. D., pastor JOK a. m. communion service. 7J4 p. m., aermoa by the pastor. West Indiana Street Methodist Episcopal Chnrch, comer of S&agtraon street Rcr. Robert and ffic EbrffK Supper tfftrwb administered. The pastor soil preach on “Com n»Trfl«nd the Sabbath.” The annnal Sabbath ScboolConcert mil take place at SH p. m., fol lowed by the election of officers foe the ensuing J< Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, comer of Indiana avenue and Twenty-first street. Services at SH a. m. and p. m. Sacrament at morning service. Sermon upon that subject by the pastor. Rev. S. A. W. Jewett, COHOBEGATIOaAL. First Congregational Chnrch, corner of Weal Washington and Green streets. Rev. W. W. Pat ten, pastor. Pnblicfccrviccs at HiH a m, and7js J.n. PlncUm bj Her. Dr. Hnvm. ElUgdua «• ».m.aaaSsobathSchool at 3 p.m. Confer* nee txd prayer meeting Wednesday evening, xonng people a prayer meeting, Friday evening. BonihCongregational Church, comer Celunet •reon* and Twenty-sixth street. Her. W. B. Wrljrbl, Serrlcea at 1054 s. b. and 755 p. IQ. Sabbath School end Bible classes at 3p. m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. , England Congregational Church, corner of gorthDearborn and Bast White street*. Bev. J. P. Gulliver, pastor. Services at 10 55 a. a. and. TJ4 p. a. Sabbath School and Bible desses atsp m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednes day evening. Young Ptoples’ Prayer Meeting on Friday evening. _ Salem Congregational Church, Clrairllle. Her. C. pastor. Services al 1054 a-m ; and p.m. Sabbath School and Bible masses at* p. nu / Conference andprayermeettagon weanee- Congregational Church, comer of WeitfWashlngton and Kcobea slreets. R***- D. Ehmcr, pastor. Services at, 10K a. m. and 755 p. of Sabbath School and Bible classe' at Bp. m. Conference and prayer meeting on WedQes dMfTeningr Young Peoples’Prayer Meeting on F TKmM^Coopcc«Uo l ulCJmh,comB r ot WeTlndlana ana Morpm atrecta. Rov. J. W. HiaV pastor. Service* at 1054 a. m. ana 7.5 P* m.'Retention of members and communion in the S'otffi! P MoU.era'maeUDsatl)« <**><* M; Cburcb, corner of iHShSSouo andHldridge court. Rev. L. ®- BsSn, pastor. Communion service atlOtfa, m. Sibbatn School and Bible classes at y 3 fonnnenc tti evening, preaching by i o ijgg» prayer meet fir at 754 o’clock. «“ n A®£* C horch prayer te, Monday evening, at B o ciocu o , c]oc k. jss&f®s ss. &S'- wsysws fn'/crmccUaital ™ ° , t ij to 11. Sunday gSSf£?iablfd2«;« fP. m. Bervlcea In lie evening, at 755 o c '““L 1It _ / Kcw Jerusalem Temple, on I the lake. Services at 1055 »• HV-mntfltionß ” Kankakee avenue. I TT,it iv church, comer of Chicago avenne and 1 n U "Iv.S Preaching at 10 J£ o’clock. Rev. Uobm SS& -Ike Alh .bout Jn -1 of the Messiah, (Unitarian) corncr Wa h,ih avenue and Hubbard court. Rev. Botxsrt ?aitd Collier h»vmg letunted to IhL- city, will iieaeh. Morning servlets at 10)4 odock. Ves pers at 755 p.m- jQec)tixAirzotre Reformed Protestant Hutch chureb. comer of Monroe and Saugamon streets. Rev-James Dema rest Jr., pastor. Services at 10J5 a, m. and 754 P* m. 1 Sabbath School at2iip.m. ’ , . Just United Brethren Church, comcrof CTtnton sad Wilson streets. Rev. E. A.VanSant, pastor. Sunday services at 10J5 a. ro. and 7!4p.m. Sun day School and Bible da?» at 1 o clock p. m. Ihe castor will administer to six applicants the ordl nance of Baptism by Immersion in the bialn at the foot ot Van Boren sheet, at 8 o dock. A Washingtonian Home meeting will be held at ibeCbapd of the Home, 572 West Madison street, a Vt D panrs Church (First Unlveranliit Society), Walash avenue, comer of Van Boren street. Benices at lU£ o’clock a. m. and 7J5 p. m. Hr. Byifer, the paaior, will preach. . _ a ildependent Society.—Charlca A. Hayden will eneik at Washington Hall, Washington street, ontfcsitc the Conn House, at 755 o’clock. . „ hblritual meetings at Crosby’s Mnslc Hall. Children’s Lyceum convenes at 10;30 up. Conference at 1 p. m. Mr. H. H. Marsh vil lecture In the evening. Subject: “Tbe pfcpotlem of Commerce." s _ Church of the Redeemer (Second Unlversallat), orner of West Washington and Sangamon streets, services at 1055 a. m. and 755 P» ”• LOCAL MATTERS. Tfee Renowned Clairvoyant Slaters* National Cancer Institute and Magnetic Intimacy, BGS Wabash avenue. Instantaneous cures or asny diseases, by the healing power. Patients cored of cancer, consumption, asthma, rheums* usm and other diseases, can be seen dally. Xbc Nolaelews Lock-Stitch «ewlog Machines, for family and manulactunug purposes—Weslcn. office. 71 Washington street, Chicago. J. H, Lsitaw, Agent. IHABHI ED. In this dry. February SSlh,\t ft. Patrick's Church, by For. Hr. McMullen, Mr. JODft A. DUFFY and BUS mahv a. WHITE, both of caics go. amusements \TcYICKERj_B THEATRE. ScVICKEK A MYEB3 MANAGERS. IiAST~W®IBK of the Inimitable Comedian DA_ISr BETANT, ijio will appear In the areal Drama, written express \ jy for him, entitled \ SHAIHUS O’BBIERI, <r, The Boald Boy of Glengall. \ luvhrh be win personate THREE CHARACTERS, \ with new an* popular S<.yi gas and. Daxioos, * Assisted by the wonderful LITTLE MAC \H A RUCTION JIG. The Bonlhßoy in% Hoe’s Ben. ESCAPE AND RECAPTURE. LEAP FOB LIFE. THE COULD COY TRANSPORTED, Friday—Farewell Desert eTDan Bryant, Saturday—Dan Bryant M alter. 'J'HE GRAND SECOND MASQUERADE OF TUB Chicago Turn - Gamoindo Will take place oa Monday Evening, March 4, AT THEIR HALL, North Clark-st., above Chicago-av- No expense has been spar ed to make this, as hereto tore, one of the best entertainments ot the season. TICKETS. admitting gentleman and ladf. neder Sherman Uouae,and at the Hall, on or bclore Monday evening- st. t» —The sale of reserved Mats tor the Gallery wll commence on Friday. %t 10 a. m.. alA**< Ball. Keen l **" -0 taeesmeas at the-prcvin** - COMMITTEE. QEIUAGO CALEDONIAN CLUB. lectures ON Mary, Queen of Scots. Ths Officers and Clansmen of the Chicago Ca’adonl an Clnb respectlolly anxouncs to tbelr ffeuow-ellUen# that a coukhE OF LECTURES, three In onmoer, w*i be delivered before the Club by the Bon. ARTHUR MCARTHUR, Of Milwaukee, formerly Lieutenant Governo?* cousin, on "Mary, Qneenof Scots, and the hat Men of HerTlme,’’at CROSBY’S TUESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDA’ 7ih sndtttb, atßo’clockp.m. „, n ,. »o- Tickets lor the Course. II; Slnglav!?;. J. 0 be had of any member ol Tba Pbtrson’s, corner of Murray's, 50 Dratborn-su; and at toe door Balle-at.; John Alston’s, °° r of the Hall on toe herveY, Chi el. WM. M. DAJR, Beer;-* 17 * Chicago, March I, ’ Alect^ WILL BE GIVEN BY EA iFH WALDO EMERSON .oltT Church, corner Chlcaeo-av. and North Dear iftn-et.. on MONDAY EVENING, March «h, at UaU past 7 o'clock. Subject, ’ “ ELOQUENCE.” Tickets 50 cents each—nay be had at the Bookstores of B. C. Griggs A Co. and J.R. Walsh A Co,; also, at the Rorms ot too Young Men’s Association, in Port* Itnd Block. gOCIETE ST, JEAN BAPTISTE—The FZBBT ANNUAL BALL Of Oe Society will be given at Üblfch’s Hall, on MON DAY EVENING, Marxb 4th. Doiclng to commence nil o’clock p. m. QOL, WOOD’S MUSEUM. BSSEFIT OF MB. THOMAS BABBT. Ur. Barry respectfully announces that his annual *neflt will take place on FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH Sib, On which occasion win he revived the fine old Cotnedv of MAM AND WIFE with the Btro» K e*t ore tented In America. To conclude wlta selections rroni the great Irish Piama of PEEP O' DAY. 'Y'AKIETY THEATRE This and every evening until fjrtbw notice, will be presented the great One Thousand Dollar Prize Drama in three acts, entitled Vetari the Adventurer ; or, The Steed of Modena, received everywhere In the Eastern cities wlih ad natation aid eclat. Miss FLOBBNCE TEMPLE Will introduce her trained steed FIEB FLY. In new trick feats and starlllnz situations. Look ont for BELL UPON EARTH. QROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. McWADD A BIPDELL Lessees and Managers WM. S. WABBEN Treasurer First appearance in two years of the youthful and tasclnatlng Artiste, mi.» LOTTA! Monday eretlmr, March 4lh, ISC7, the Musical Com dy, in three acta, entitled the PST OP TBS PETTICOATS. Paul the Pet MUs Lotta To conclude with the irresistible farce of me GOOD-hOR.NOTHING. Nan (with characteristic Dance and Banjo Solo) Mlu Lotta tWSeats for Lstia’a nights may be engaged six days In r»OL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. Ct)L. J. n. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements F. E. AIKEN Stage Manager THUS. DABBY Firstslchtol anew Museum Comedy. Revival of TUB HIDDEN hand, a drama of luMbss Ittsrest. On Monday evening. March 4to, will be unformed, first lime, anew Museum Com* titled Mr WIFE'S MIRROR. OR THE DEVIL IN CHICAGO. To con elude with ths lamed Drama of THE BIDDEN HAND. Wednesday afternoon, Grand Matinee. Friday, Benefit of Mr. fbos. Barry. The rare old Comear of MAN AND WIFE Is In preparation, wlih a great cast. Yankee robinson’cj circus AND MENAGERIE. Engagement of Kr.|Jolm Xowlow. JAMES BOBINSON and his son CLARENCE will poiltiveiy appear eyery night and Wednesday and Sat urday afternoons. _ QUOITING. —A meeting will be held at St. George's Hell, in this city. On Thursday Next; March 7thy

For the purpose ot terming a QUOITINQ GLVB. _,AU Bood men and lovers of this game are eordlavr uvitaa • attendat 7K p.m. * W. BvBSSTb. flatting. plcasantsu're ot front TJrtwHsSsS wit *° OMr * “ * l9 Owrtwt —nTRD—A lady wishes board in a re- uunllr. Term* moitbemod* 1 eoc« f icSan*Bd- Addrew fcr Uiroo d*ya —, o-n IN u—Pleasant suite ot nnlor- OAKiJi“;, . » w iuj nnt-clvs bout). Doom nt.bed ««® 8 Smubeil with modem impror*- park ~- B a -t -p-niKG—Good board fir $4.50 per oAl rittieWn*Boom* 144 Deaibonvat, _ - aj«». « S” r?o. Mrmr CT69. mm -r-» d a TIDING—A few eentlemen can Senttoboilneii. Tenmiaoderaie. BSSSs- fiffi T» OARDLN Q—A gentleman and lady; «£ X> obtain a weU*farnl»bed front closet, wto> CraKlaaa board, at 601 Weat Madl*oo-«t. _ BOAEDINQ-Wanted, ini anrtvate bu»- iir.oora-ffiliwcj/nforu y.^iiK lg a?i°JgsEßoxßis: J Two or three gentlemen _i~l run be accommodated at 49 Kcab-su T> OARDENG —In a private family, smt il able fbr two single gentlemen or man and wife, ln» neat furnished room. Can have a comrortabla home with an English family. **T A C, M 333 Sooth Cllnton-st. • "DOAEDING—A small private family, _T) on State, north ol Tan Uuren-st., bare a. room vmcb they would rent, wltb board, to two gentlemen. Parties wishing acomtorUb’.e,quiel home can address, with leierence, F. O. Box 2438 T>OAKDING—A very desirable room, ll we 1 tarnished, suitable fbr a young gentleman, with first-class board, to rent, at 640 State, comer of Thirteen th-st. BOARDING— 1 or 3 gents desirous of a comfortable homo, elcganTlront rooms and excel lent board. In a respectable family, living °n Wabam ar., not very far from Post Office. reference# re qoired. Address ** C,'* P« O- Bo* 1330- BOARDING —For a few single gentle m*n, with good room, at 12S West Washington sl, three blocks west af the river. T> OARDING —Smgle rooms to rent, JJ with first class UoardTwo gard en can alio be accommodated, at 300 Kandolph-sL, next the Metropolitan Hotel. BOARDING— A pleasant trout parlor nicely furnished, suitable fbr a gentleman and wue or two single gentlemen. Terms reasonable. Call at 30 Ncilh Halsted-st, BOARDING —A nicely furnished front room to rent at 274 Indlana-st., at vary low terms, suitable for a lady and gentleman, or two gen tlemen. 33oarh ZMantes. BOARD— In a good locality, for a gen tleman and wife. Address ‘ J B, A Tribune office, staung terms and locality. T> CARD—By a young gentleman, in a n private femlly on the South Side, within twenty minutes’ walk ol the Court House. Beferences ex changed. Address, with particulars as to location, *» S.’’ p! O, Box 0023. BOARD —A suit of unfurnished rooms with board, by a gentleman and wife, not Wn minutes walk from the Court House. Address “A. B, slating terms and location. Tribune office. DOARD—An American couple, without l> children, with a pleasant room on tha North hldo. or would take a furnished hooia at a moderate rental. Address “Lem.” P.0.80x 319. BOARD— By a gentleman and wife. Preftr to inmlsh room, or will rent two or three rooms, suitable ler keeping house. Address LOV ELL.” Box 1647. Mast be south of Vaa Burca-sL, on South Side. _ Satinets aaaantett. PARTNER— Wanted—A lady -without Incumbrance, who can command from S6OO to moo, to become partner wlih a lady lu a genteel board* Ins bouse. Adore is lor three days, **J W B,” Chicago P. CL PARTNER— Wanted—By a first class Dentist. A young man. with S3OO, to learn the business a half Interest wl 1 be riven In the office. None need appiy but those of pood adilnai. Hefar ence required and glrcn. AddrcisDENilhl.Ttlbune office. TJARTNEK— Wanted—With *2,0C0 to I *3.000 to engage In the provliion buslneas ou BonthWatcr-st., already reubllahed. A fine chance for Inyestmcnt. Apply at 133 Ciark-sc, room 3. TJARTNER—Wanted—To take half IT Interest In a good manufacturing bnioes"i and Interest In two stores. Inaulre at Vaster st„ room No. 6. Capital required. »L*°° or $3.P00. T>AUlNßß—Wanted— WUh a cash X * who would like to engage with a well established commission bouse. Object to extend their trade. Address ”S. A. S„” Tribune Office ■pAßTNEß—Wanted—We have two _1 cstßhllilied houses that want partners wllb a capital of st,ooo In what a>oears to u* to bo a good paying bnsln—s. ARTHUH& DQYDEy.3IO Statjjt. auction Sales. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Conmlssdon Merchant! 44 4f 46 kANDI»LPH-MT.. Betweea State-st. and Wabash-ay., Hold regular sales, at their salesrooms, ot DBT GOODS, CLOTHING, DOOTS, SHOES. 4U„ Every WEDNESDAY aal THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS. AC- every SATURDAY SALE. • flue CnsiomlHodc ctothlng, &c., at AUCTIOv, On WEDNESDAY, March 6th. at o’clock,,, Bnl lUndolph-st. 1 ““ Tb" rtnek coni-lsts of about $33,000 worth ol the besi claw of Custom Made Clothing. Cioth* and Famish ing Gouts being the entire slock of a merchant tailor Sale positive, without reeervo, far cash. By order of the A CO.. Auctioneer*. STAPLE DHT GOODS, Pnom Mns llzvs. Flannel*. Jeans. Stripes, C.oto*, Yankee Notions, tc., at AW^TIOJfj On ThanKJay, March at o’clock, at Batters’ sales room*. .14 and 46 vandolph-nt, rot-ms, 14 a M * i. BUTTERS A Co„ Aactloneers. Gilbert* sampson. Oeaerri Aactloneers. 47 and 49 Dearborn-si. Large assortment of 3?*aHWITimB, d)O., AT AUOTIOW, On TUESDAY. March 9. at 10 o’clock, will be sold at our aa-cirootn*. Kf and 49 Dearborn-st* aipiendld assortment of Par»r. Chamber and Dining-room Fur niture, Including s-veial very line polish oil wain it Cbaxber Salles andvarlor Sets, together with a gene ral assortment cr Hon.told Goods. GP-DttKt A SAMPSON, Aactloneers. Gilbert andsampson, ‘ Qftersl Aactloneers. 47 and 49 Dearborn-st. we fhav'sell at Auction, at onr Salesrooms, 47 and jo-z'vsrborcrflt., on WEDNESDAY, March fith, at 19 Crclock. a t»rg«,*nd bcautllnl collection of STUFi-ED BIBDS, of New York. The «iift ,arlet l «U the handsome* uatu'tne sale, tioneers. SCOTT & CO., AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, X 64 Lnke-«l.i cor. LaSalle, Chicago* (uh advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Oat-door sales promptly attended to. A UCTION, at Dame) Scott & Co.’s JTJI. Auction Rooms, 164 Lako-at- On TUESDAY Evening, sth March, at “o’clock. Bare and Valoablo Coins. Autographs, xc,, In all about 600 lots. Catalogues to be had at the Auction Boom*, Monday morning. DANIEL SCOTT A CO- Auctioneers. A Ut TlON—Tuesday, March stb, at 10 Xl a. at DANIEL SCOTT & CO.’s, ltf4Lak«4t. Custom-Made Clothing, CasMmms, Fatlncts, Heavy Wool en Shirts, Blankets, Hosiery, etc. Clc. DANIEL SCOT! A CO., Aactloneers, A DCTION—At Daniel Scott & Co.'s .LA. Auction Room*, 164 Lake-st., at 10. a, on TUESDAY, March 5. Catalogue sale o/ Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, etc.. Including bhlrtlng*. Sheetings, Irish Linens, Gents* Dress Bblrta, Dress Oooos, Sewing SPk, etc. For particulars eee catalogues at auction Room. DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Auctlone crt. JM. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • _ 127 DEARUORN-ST. cells, on TUESDAY. March sth. at 10 o’clock, at salesroom, a general assortment of - BfiCoND- BAin> FUBNZTUBB, Beds. Bedding, Carpets, Stoves, Bureaus, Bureau Stands, Crockery, Ac., Ac. JM. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • 127 DEABBORN-ST., Sells, at 1122 Tndlana.ay., ON THURSDAY, MARCH 7, AT 10 O’CLOCK, Household Fnrnltnrc, Brussels and other Carpets, Mar bletop Tables Ccaira, Tables. Bureaus, Crockery, and a get eral assortment of First class Furniture. /CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE—On VJ MONDAY, March 4th, IRC7, at 10 o'clock a. m.. at our salesroom*, 73. 77 and 79 comer Baa* dolpb, a large variety of BOUtBBOLB GOODS, Brussels and Wool CarpeU, OH Clothe, Cocoa Matting, chamber bcU. Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wash-stands, Wardrobes, Desks, Tables. Whatnots, Office and Din ing Chairs, Marble-top Tables, Hair Cloth Sofas and Cnairs, Lounges, Mirrors, etc. o.S;bSS?: J. HEANEY & CO.. Aoctlonecrs. GOVERNMENT BONDS. CAFZTAX., $1,000,000. Merchants 9 Savings, Loan & Trust Co., Bonthwest corner of Lake and Dearbom-sts. B. A. SMITH. Pres'C. W.E.DOGQETT, VlcePres't. L. J. GAGE, Caeh'r. CHAS. HENBOTIN, Ass'tCaah'r. Thl» Bank Is now prepared for the conversion of Seven-Thirtiea into Five-Twenty Bonds of the new Issue. 6 Bonds of every description bought and sold. gtotJtljonjers' faceting. GLASS COM- At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the North* western Glass Company, beld on the 12th dar of Feb* rnary, 1867, it was ordered, that a meeting of the block holders of said Company be beld at the office ol the company. No. 348 Booth Water-et., Chicago, On Saturday, March 9th, 1867, At 2 o’clock p.m., at which due and place a proposi tion will be submitted to said meeting, that the capital stock ot saldrCompaoy be diminished to Two Hundred Thousand Dollars. N. LUDIKQXON, J. FABB. JB-. J. MHDILL, A. P. KELLEY. W. U. KBETSINQBB, P. B. bHCMWAY. iL TALCOTT. Directors. gjato fttills, Engines, Set. rpHE LANE & BODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAK EHOIHES, Shingle Machines, Com Mills and Bhaftiog, Wood* working Machinery. _ t Comer ol John and Water-sts., Cincinnati. Applicants lor descriptive circulars will specify the machinery taer need, ccS3nel-4oxsu fHarijinecg. important to lumbermen. X An immense saving of labor, aad a much better oualtiy of lumber produced, by the use ot BAYES » NEWMAN’S PATENT DOUBLE PABALLEI.EDQEK. £dgr« ail widths, from a# to 38 inches, and perfectly adapted to Strlpa. Illustrated Circulars tnd Price list aent Dee on application. Addicts HATES ANEW MAN, Uoadma, Otsego H. T. &0 t£Unta=lßi oto, v. TO BENT—Hotel at Lake Forest -TUs dennbte rammer mort, A mIM aorth of Woe*- to. vui be fbr mt oa tiia Ist ot April, tor a t«a_y sem. The ban am r contain* Wrooaa, lx la good ro* pair, asd-irtu bo rested on taTorablo twmatp a pewa vso can Itanuab acd keep a Rood ht'uae. nou ottisr seed apply, Addrw P. O. Box #!«>« Chicago, O KENT—House No. 103 Huron-st A new two-story aad brick baaemeat. with iQ mod.. Oo°d neighborhood, two blocks from street east. inquire at No. 95 Haw* . KENT—The tine three sloiy and Mgsaasg^’fesaassft. J*‘l* BAIBD A BBAULKY, comer Lake ud LaSalle- —No. 10 Cottage-place, new ***** aonto - T) RENT—A ■well-finished two-story h ?P^s^.^? r * rTeM *3 D '« r Unloortrk. Ap piy to P. P. EABBI*. corner Washington ana T-a«wie. T) BENT—Two-sloiy Dwelling House No.339Newbcrry-st.,searC.B.&Q.R.lL ln qam ol FEBBF-A BON,- wett end Elgbteenta-st, Bridge. rpo KENT—House SOI West Madison-st. AjSSSiSZSS?. •gftSISSS&SSZSSi MulliOMt.. cor.LaHAllß-et. XO rent —a furnished hove lor a tmr months from Mar Ist to » small tsauly with* shlldren. Address P. O. Boi 2617, Chicago. rpo RENT—House .148 North Peoria- I Bt. Best (33 per month Nona seed apply hot those wishing to boy the complete ontQt forhoose' keeping. Furniture almoitnew. call between 2 and 4 Tuesday, Bth lost. TO RENT—Prom May Ist, house 753 Wabash-av., containing 9 rooms, JdMeta. room, etc., and barn. Inquire at the once of GEO. W. NEWCOMB, 83 Dearbonut. TO BENT—The two-story and base- Call sS 326 Fnlton-sL, lor particular*. . RENT—A new Cottage, with ten I • rooms and all modem Improvement, at 114 North Paollna-st. TO KENT—Furnished House, A desi rable house, furnished throughout, in a choice location on me North Bide, tbe six month* or longer. Bent til AO per month. Address p. O. Uox 336. TO RENT—Bnck Cottage, 7 rooms, 109 Hoyne-st., onebiockioothot Madison, Pos session immediately. Apply next door aooth. TO RENT—Furnished, a private resi dence. Dom Ist ol May (except carpets, which are for sale cheap), of brick and marble, tor one year or longer, to a genteel private family. It baa modern Im provements, pleasant and healthy location, near West wasblogton-ai, schools and churchea near. Hone cars every five minute*. Also, an nnforalshad first class bilck residence, Horn Ist of May, in the near vi of the above, to a first-class and prompt tenant. aat 13 Metropolitan Block;comer Baadoiph and oat a. ■ T} RENT—A two-etory frame dwelling, f»4in»lstert-st.,balf block north ol Twelfth-st. Bent (30 per montb. Apply on the premises to-day (Sunday). • • • • TO KENT—A newly furnished house on Mlchlgan-av., everything furnished complete for honsekeeplig. For particulars, call at 74 East Ad ams-st. rpo RENT—A neat cottage, on Jackson, I, west of Hoyne-SL, 7 rooms, pantrlCAAc* well ana cistern water. ApplyatMß6.l>.PßATl 4 S,l3o South Clark-sL TO RENT—A mrnished house, on Mich lean-av., bedding, aoeterr and everything eom piste for housekeeping. For partlcolars, call at 74 Adsms-st. TO RENT—House—And furniture lor sale-8 rooms, only (20 a mouth. The cheapest bargain ever oflered In the city. Will be sold at auc tion on Thursday, unless disposed ol before at private sale. For particulars. Inquire on the premises, or at 137 South Dearborp-st. ■ TO REN I }-—A splendid residence on Sonlh Side, 11 rooms, cellar, cistern. bath room, Ac* v acre ot ground, shrubbery, nrden and fruit tree* T. H. BELPIELD A CO„ 1Q Post Office Block. TO RENT—House, with good bam and yard, southwest corner Indlana-ay. and Thirty* flrst-st. Apply to C. W. ALLEN, 34 Sonta Water-st. RENT—Dwelling House, 463 Sonth I Cllnton-it. Two large parlors, with folding doors, dmlng room and kitchen, and dye bedrooms. Newly papered and painted. RentfSS per mouth. Car* pass thedoor. Apply to W.J. JEFFERSON, 101 Wash* Ingtoa-at. (basement.) TO RENT—Thrce-stoiy brick honse, wltb barn. No. 320 Van Baren-SL. posses'lon May Ist; also, iramehouse No. 13-1 Aberdeea-supos* scfislouimmediate. A. D. MEAD. 131 Randolph-it. rpo KENT—House No. 1058 Wabash- I av.; house No. 113 Eut AdsaMt: house No. 3X2 Stalest.: bouses Nos. 211, 213 and 213 Fourth-ay.; house* Nos. 99, 49 and 31 Fourth ay. Apply to J. M. MARSHALL, 97 Sooth Ctark-it. TO RENT—A first-class boarding honse, JnrnUnre for sale, at a bargain. Must be sold lm* mediately. Apply to E. A. BICE, Room 14, No. 133 South Clark-*t. ®o Uent—laeoms. r pO RENT—Room, central and desirable. J_ Fornlture lor sale, worth $330. Rent flh per Qionth. Address “E,” P. O. Cox 1370* rpo RENT—A Iront parlor and bed* X room, wltb 210 Ontarlo-su near Clark, in a private bouse, with all the comforts of a home. Beierencts exchanged. TO KENT—To a small lamily, the np* per cart ot a new Rome, nye rooms, two pantries. No. 370 West Tayior-st-, halfbiock from Blue island* av. horse cars. Apply at 386 West Taylor-au rpo RENT—Five first-class Rooms, at I 146 West Lakfrst. Inquire on the promisee. TO RENT—With gas, and first-class board, one very pleasant furnished suite: also, one lornUhed room (good slxe) with cl'ilnra-prois, suitable for gentleman and wile, or two young gentle men. Location la beautiful. West Side. To perma nent parties we wll oiler moderate term*. For panic* ulsrs address ** W W,” P. O. Box 663. TO RENT—"With board, one nnfar* nlshec parlor: also, two furnished rooms, lor sin gle gentlemen. Apply at 44 Jackson-st. TO RENT—The upper o f 330 North, 5 rooms; also. cottage Ip tne rrar.grooms. Possenlrn immediately. BAIUD a BRADLEY, comer Lake and LaSaM-st*. 0 RENT—Two very desirable rooms, centrally located fnow occupied by a flriwilass ■maker). Part ot the fixtures for saie. Address, Icrtw*<,*.£•> ML," Tribune office. None but ro* sponsible pities need apply. r pO RENT—Pleasant furnished looms 1- and ore front rcon. loltabls tor gentlemen, at 2 2 6 K btatfrsu, to buslneas. TO RENT— Four rooms and two ClOS cta. at No. 7tf Ponrteeam-gu, east or atat*i. 2To Hntt-Stores, rpo RENT—A Rood business corner tor X a terra ol years, 50x90 feet, on the northwest cor neroi North Clark and Indlana-sts. A Rood o' nIW for Investment U offered. Apply to J. A b -tAW» AlfT, 233 Klnzto-ifc,or J.EDWABDSFA** Boom No. la Lomoard Block. TO BENT—From Ist May/ext, live story marble-ftoot building on Bake: bonding finished throughout J- snpertor style. Rent $4,000 per annum. Upper slot* ?*?7ho sub let as to reduce tbe coat of sTok B i«»^tKSS , i,t® f> 000 or less. Apply to YOUNT® SPRINGER, No. •A Metropolitan Block. __ rpo RENT—At 20? west Twelflh-st., X toardlnr house and For par ticulars Inquire a* the Mt° OAS SALOON. TOMiyf— Frsn the Ist of May, one a| ivc stored u the Dole Building, fronting both •h water-st. *nd the River. Also, offices and rnATuMhove. Denting cither Sooth Wat-r-st. or the Riff. BUIfeEY. BRQ. A CO- 116 LaSallesU- RENT—Second and third floors at . 30Lake-et. Apply to PHELPS, DODGE A CO. TO TiENT—One good dock tor lumber orcoal. Call at once at Room 2, Pardee's Build- T) KENT—A good suite ol Iront offices, atl6S Randolpll-st. Apply to UEOBGB M. H10H.164 Handolpo-at., Room 12. TO RENT—Lumber yard, on the North Pbr, ltd feet front bvfiOO reel deep. For farther parucdais, Inquire of THUS. GOODWILLIE, North tier. X 0 RENT— A basement, suitable lor a plumber or aaafliler. Apply at Garden city ie. W. MERRITT. _ rpo RENT—River lot on South E ranch, JL adjoining Pittsburgh A Fort Wayne Railroad btlJge, with 290 leet of dock, railroad track on lot. A. J. AVERELL, Beal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Uloec. TO RENT—Choice stores, No. 119 South Clark-st.; Choice store. No, 199 Sonth Clark-st.; Choice *tcre.N». 201 Booth Clark st.; Choice store. No. 125 Dearbom-st.; And oton’’ stores on Sonth Clark-st. Apply to J. M. Marshall, Boom W, No. 97 Sonth Clarg-st. pianos. TO RENT—Pianos, Organs and Melo deons; also, nov and second-hand Pianos for sa'e on tlmepsymeDts, received In Installment*. W. W. KIMBALL, 03 Washlneton-st. ®2aantch~®:o Urnt. ■\A/ ANT?D—To Rent—By a prompt- V V paying tenant, a small cottage, or six or seven rooms, on toe Booth Side ana convenient to toeTrlbane office. Either famished or tufarnlshed. Address **L E C,” Tribune office. • TAT"ANTED—To Rent—With iheprivi- V V lege ot baying one or two second*hand billiard tables. Address Box 97, Decatur. Mich. XA7ANTED —To Rent—A house on the W Sonth Side, with from 10 to 20 rooms. A good A A LAINTED—To Kent—A small house. VY or cottage, on South Side, east of State auu south ofßlgbte'ntb-stolurnlsbedor unfurnished. Pos session on or before May Ist. Rent In advance. Ad dress ” R 8 T." P. O- Box 2164. TXTANTED —To Rent—By a prompt VV paying tenant, a good house, two stoiles, and In good repair, Want a place on Wabasb-av.. north of TwellUi-eu Addreaafor three days, “E A,” Tribune office. Bent from tIPO to >9OO a year TXTANTED—To Rent—A small House, V Y pleasantly situated, on the South Side, within tea mlnotes* walk of Bsndolph-st., far a ftmlly of two persons, from April or May Ist. Addrtss f*. O. Box 'A4*6. TXT ANTED—To Rent—By a gentleman V V a small, neatly furnished room, on Dearbom* gt. preferred. Address "G L E." P. O. Box 2036. TXTANTED—To Rent—A pleasant suite YV ofrooms-teragentlemanandlady.lnaprlyale family. Location zmut bo east of State-st. Beit of rdeiences given. Address "LAKE-ST-” Trlbuneofflce- Worses, Carriages, &c. T7OR SALE—A pair oi fine, large bay JD horses, well matched, stylish, and sate for a fam ily team; also carrlageand tarness. WIU bo sold low. Inquire of S. P. FaRBINOTON, ot Day. Allen & Co. pOR SALE—A good open bnegy and JL harness,foryioo,cash. Canbeeecnat 480Wa* bash-av. TVT ANTED—A linht top-bnggy, for IT which I will exchange a lot on West Twelfth st. Address P.O. Drawer 6137. FOR SALE—At Price’s Stable, a first class Buggy,nearly new, to be sold very low. TXTANTED—A Girl, at 224 West Mon- V V roe-su, to do general housework, but more par ticularly to cook. _ TXTANTED—A good top-buggy and .VV single harness. Apply to J. fl. KEELEB, 129 South Clarlt-st. F)R SALE—A pair of black carnage horses, young and sound. A second band family carriage, also a single and doable silver plated har ness. Will be sold altogether or separately. Address P.O. box 1930. FOR SALE—A good, gentle horse, bug gy and single harness. WID be sold together or separately. DAVID QUINN. 167 West Jactoon-et. ILo&t ana jFouwß- T OfcT—From 28D Illinois-st, on Tues- JLi day afternoon, a Black and Tan Terrier Pop, abontSmomhaold. Bad on, when last seen, a Ger man silver cohar. with two met boles, bat no padlock attached: answers to the name ot ••Gyp." Has no hair on order side ol neck. A liberal reward will be. paid on his return to the above number, or to 03 Jo* V 1 ® shove reward will n/Saff oa b » turning it to IQB East Madlson-st. "OW'D.'* 08 ]O&T On Monday evening last, at the •xi. Amstenr Theatricals, at Crosby's Opera House. “ , ring- The finder win be haudsomeiyr* warded by leaving it with the cashier at gi"*i?y*s. r T OST—On Saturday ’evening, a M!ss*a XjSlberlan Squirrel CoUar.iomewberebetweea Mar use aDanclog Academy and on North Clark-tt. to On* tsno-st. The finder will be suitably rewarded bv leaving U at49o North Watcrst. ••waraws oy *?eal jSatatt-gttte, IfIPHOTMD* ■chw sfis&sßAsA X Estate 11 rooms. and lot. r.ssass£ n—p miahrtb. k *»,.?—By Bn.der*Lee, Heat Es &«sasaF” a - KSSfsS^M 5^ front,coroer acd Tw«3ty«ixtt*t»- FS&SSfeB /aSStilfflLSS trick bonae 01 iSsoom*, end lot, wttb twlclT tarn, on near Cams, T?OR SALE—By Snyder * Lee, Heal X Estate Metropolitan Block, s new * — *tnr ■nrtbaaniLiiin t -»i*n ii i inr nf 13 room*, hot and osFCbjS?* wnTer clos-ta. six marble mantel»,Am, gjairt, 60 feet front, on SBdUgan-ay., near Twenty- B. H. Kertoot * Co, BulEetateßrottTfcTx iwo—A newfeamo dwcuiDK with brtckbaeem*at.Oß Adamagt.; contalnril room* “Jpdern.tmprtnTmeaia. tmidenee on North Side, of 10* ha*em«n?e£ bathroom, cellar under ™ rt “- 897 J?.‘l~^ x>^ M ? lcloleecoaßn »b-«t. Hecanl loaatton. OOTuS»t° 101 ° n L ' WBmetHnr ** near Twenty-So 110—Slame dwelling on Wamwet, lOroomi and' B *~ i ißS&&,3: n«r Hvu. 81—Brtck residence on West Washlngton-tt. II __ rooms and erery tonrotement; jot tank 63—A due house on Waabts<toD-atL put weaf of the Park, wltn UR. 50 or 39 feet of tcrooßd, or will sell 60- racaatleet. tvui be Bold at a decided bargain. 62—Dwelling ot 9 rooms, closets. £*., Ac- on Wa _ baab'BTn with a lot U feet trout. n 38—An elegant marble Croat on West Washing ton-eL; contains every improyemest and con- Tcnleace. Bnck bam on alley. Price reason able, terms to suit. 46—tot on Bberman-sti. near the new depot. 3a—A splendid brick dwelHngoo Pralrle-ar, near Eighteenth-fh, east frost, lot 33x130 teet. 13—A desirable frame dwelling oo with lot s(xlS7sf to »loot alley, yard will stocked with shade frees, small fruits, Ac. 3—Brick dwelling of 12 rooms, hot and cold water, bathroom, Ac., Ac. Largo barn; lot 30x130 feet. AJiOvalsrie number of Country Heildences and Farms, besides an extensive list of Improved aad on improved property In all portions of the city. 170 K SALE—In Thoa, B. Bryan & Co.’s X Beal Estate Offlce. Bryan Hall. PARK-AV„ Just west of Bennen-st, lot 60x133 leet to an alley. northwest comer of Calon-sk,4si£o feet. CLDvTON-ST., south ot Madlion-sk, Jot 40x83 feet, with three dwelling houses, two In front and one In rear of lot. FOLTOVST., west ol Wood-*!., Di Btory frame boose containing eight rooms, with plus, tad lotij HC6 feet to alley. CANAL-ST., north ofTwelflh-st- cottage howacoa . talnlng six rooms, and closets, bam, and lot 31x100 feet to alley. ADAMS-ST-, east of Clark-sU, twMtory frame house containing ten rooms. Ac* with lot XxlCO feet. 6TATE-3T-, sooth cf Eldridee-coart, block of three marble-front stoic*, three stories and basement, frame dwellings in rear or lot* and lot 60x170 feet to 30 foot aliry. We alio desire to draw attention to the large list of Improved and unimproved city and sober ban property for sale npon the bulletin board in oar office. IT 1 OR sale—~Ry Wm. D. Kerloot, 80 F Wsshlnston-st. . Severs i flue hr uses on North Side, south of Chicago av.and call ot CJarfc-st. Four One three-«tory brick houses, contalnine 9 or 10 rooms each, on Randolph-at* near union-park, with mil-sized lota. Fire large toor-r tory brick bouse on Fourth-av., near Van Boren-ac, with lot. Can be bought very cheap, on easy terms. . Fine twoatory house and lot, on Wabaah-av., sear Slxteenth-at. . _ w Fine two-story and basement homo on West Wash ington sl, between Boyne and Robey, with lot. Large three-story brick building on Slate-at, near Fifteenth. _ • Neattramo house, contalnine 9or N rooms, on Poo rla-ac, near Madlion, with lolSOxizateet. Also, very desltable residence property In all parts of the city. T?OR SALE—In J. H. Keeler’s Real P Estate Office, 129 South Clark-BC, Large funr-etory bnck building and lot on Kinde st- near Knah-st- _ _ Store acd dwelling on South Clarfc-eC, between Har rison and Polk. . ~ . Two-story brick bouse of sine rooms, and lot 33 by ICO lect, to an alley on Fonrth-av. Two two-story frame bouses, with brick basements, often rooms each, on Fulton-st., east ot Union Park. Two-story frame bouse of ten rooms on Warren-sL, west of Union Park. . _ . AUo, a large number of cottages and two-story homes, and desirable residence lota in various parts of the city. TTOR SALE—A flne residence on Park- I 1 sv. s alio, one on Ada-st., cottage and two acres of land on Fulton-av., and a flref-clMs bouse, very cheap, on CalumeVav.. OLAFLIN, 03 Washington-ai, T7OB BALE—The elegant marble fiont I;- house. No. 223 Mlchlgaa-av.; also marble front house, 168 Mlchlgan-av.; also. marble front house on Wabash in block comer of Fourteenth st. A. J. AVEBELL, real estate agent, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. TOR BALE—On Micbican av, near t? Eighteenth st_ a first-class house with la-ge Int. Pricet33.CM. A.J. AVitKELL,reaI estate office,No. 7 Metropolitan Block. l?OR SALE—On Wabash-av., two frame T houses. No*. 490 and 492. Also. &»n?e banw and4afeet.No.46l Wabaih-av. A. J. AVER ELL, real estate offie No. 7 Metropolitan Rlock. FOK BALE—That three story brick hulldln g. No. 151 Fourlh-av«at the very low price oix&SOO lltagenlmmediately—hsuiohas Wor 18rooms udfofo Sc* orderT Title perfect. Ppc« merely nominal? WARREN A GOODRICH, 125 Dear born tL,roomß. FOR SALE—A story and a half cottage, 7 r*ymi«-«<o»ets. wienmdgas. Lease of lotSJ yeara J Inquire at 739 West Lske^U Fju SALE—Honse and lot House 20 by 90. and let 25 ny 100, to 16 feet alley: basement 6teetsinchea. 47 Newbcrry-tt., between Taylor and Twelfth-st. ■ TT'OB - HAl.E—First-class bnck biore, P with lot, on tkiutb lor rale cheap. J. W 7 WAUQ HOP. No. 63 South Clark-it. I7OR aAlE—Honse of 8 rooms, 4 clos- I 1 ets. pantry, water, gaa pipes, and sewer, on leased lot, with privilege. Apply on Peoria-sL, In rear ot church corner of Wathicgton-st. FOR SALE —Three new and comloria hle houses on Park-av., Nos. 231.851 Ji A 253 pars-ar., betwein Leavitt acd Hoyne-sts M at ouiy once.on remar fcaby easy terms, only a small payment; Oowh o. REN A GOODItICd, 185 Dearhcrn-tc, Boom 2. ■ Foil BALE—Cheap—Two bouses on West Madlsoa-st, west of Park: alio, two dralra- D l e lots, between Hcvne and Bober, if taken thlaweefc, at a low figure. J- P. HARVEY. 78 LaS&lle-at. t?OR SALE—House and Jot on South I 1 Jefferton*st, Vo. 183. Lot2sbyisoftet. Water, eas, sewer, Act, Ac. hdou la good order. There la a bam on the lot. WASHES * OOQDKICH. IT'OR SALE—Hichigan-ay. residence, A, near Fourteenth-st; also, one near Twcnty*loariti* at,; Wsba#b-aT., boose on leased lot. near Fourteenth* at.: desirable bnek boose on North Side. J. D, iiAZt* VET, 78 Laßallo-St, IT'OR SALE —By Rees & Ajcra, Real I Estate Brokers. Office .10 Crosby’s Opera noose, fine residence cor. Calnmet-av. and Twentj-flrsML, belngathrce*»tory and basement brick noose, with ns. water and another xsoaern Improve* meats. Lot 42x1 SO. IT'OR SALE—Residence on Indiana-ar., f near Twentr-foarth-st. This Is a large two-s’ory brick house, with the be;t of Improvements. Lot TUx IIP feet. REES A AYBES, Office 10 Opera Haase. I7OR SALE—New two-story house, 17 lot 35x130, exit front on Calumet-are., near Twtnty-e’ghlh-sl.—s4£oo. iREES & AYRES, Office 10 Opera House. FOR SALE—A first-class large brick residence on the cor. cf WaiMcgton and Carpen t«-e«,-SI3>CM, REES & AYRES, Office 10 Opera House. I7OR SALE—That elegant thiee-stoiy 1? tnaxble-front residence No. 246 Wabash-av. (now occupied by the Rev. Ur. Hatfield), will be sold at a low or Ice and on very liberal terms, Ifapplied Cor Im mediately. It Is In every respect one of the most de sirable booses on the avenue. Title perfett. WAR* RKN A GOODRICH, 125 Dearborn-lt., Exim a. T?OR SALE—Bouse and lot on Wabash- JO ar.jbttween Thirteenth east front. Lot 44x180 teeL Brlcx house, 9 rooms, modem improvement*, hot and cold water, bath, three marble mantels, gas fixtures, hot air furnace, targe stable— everything In peiftct erder. Price *I«AW. TQOS. FABKKB, No. 8 Methodist Chnrch BlockT FOR SALE—A nouse and lot 183 North State-st.- Apply on the premises. Will be sold cheap fbr cash. - FOR SALE—A nice cottage and lot Bouse wen built and In perlect order, 5 robins, water In kitchen, tee house, new cellar and other con veniences. Lot 34x100. Call andseetho premises, HO West Dlvlslon-st., near Milwankee-av. FOR SALE—On Twenty-second-st., bouse and' lot; lotso by 300. Price 19,500. D. B. CHAMBERS, 12 Reynolds’ Block. 17<DR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real X Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two-story ana basement brick bouse. of 11 r-Mims, mod ern improvements, and lot, with bam. on Wabash-av., near Twentieth-* t. PDR SALE—By B. B. Chambers. 17 Reynolds* Block, house and' lot on Pralrle-av-, near Thlrty-nrst-st. Price $5,000. - FDR SALE—Two houses and lots in one of the pleasantest localities on the West Side, on Throop-st., near Jetferson Park. Brice basements, marble mantles, ample closet room. Data rooms, gas, etc. Will sell one or both. $5,300 each. GEORGE V. BYRD, 100 Randolph*!. ' FDR SALE—By B. B. Chambers, 17 Reynolds* Block, bouse and lot on indlana-av., near Twenty-flrat-st. |7*OB SALE—Three very desirable r homes and lots on Park-av., near Hoyne-SL. Nos. 201,231tf, 833: only $5,000 each; on euy terms. Immediate pofseulon given ofNo.‘2stK: Key at oar office. WARREN 4 GOODRICH, 123 DearSom-st- Boom 8. 170 K SALE—ISS (cel on Van Buren-sr., X 1 sear new depot, with buildings. reotel for SUOO. PETER SHIMi-, 9 * Monroe-st. [TOR SALE—By B. B. Chambers, 17 1? Reynolds’ Block, Ido heat Cartn la. Cook County, 10 mllea from Court House. 3 from Stock Tarda, con* talcing 300 acres, 20 acrea ol heavy timber. 170 K SALE—Six desirable two story 1? bouses on Michigan and Indlaaa-an., between Twenty-fourth and Twenty-filth sts„ at prices ranging from $4,500 to $6,000 each: tarn lota, terms lib eral. WARREN A GOODHicn, 123 Oearbora su, Boom 2. aSHantclfcsilral Estate. TXT ANTED—To - purchase, a well built W medlom-sUedbomeandiot,la a pleasant lo cality, worth froi $3,000 to SUOO. Will pay no fancy prices. Address, staling exact locality, price, etcl H B B, Tribune office. I£cal Estatt-Counfrg. 170 R SALE—B 33 Acres. A splendid I 1 form nine miles south ot this Railroad Station, 350 acres under p10w.250 in tame grasa,S houses, stock, water, bearing orchard, a large amount of hedging, Ac-Ac. $» per acre. A. J. CBOPSET,Falrbnry, Livingston County, 111. I7OR bALE—lllinois Stock Farm—WO r acres, all Improved, near Joliet UL, 30 miles trom Chicago, known as tbe “Jones Farm,” valued at 150.000. Must be (Old at a sacrifice to close an estate. For particulars address MATTOCKS A MASON. P. O. Box 1969. Chicago, 111. FOR SALE—A good (arm of 80 acres. Fences new, well Improved, good buildings, good water, young orchard,Ac M 9M miles west of Amboy, on good road. Very cheap $3,600. Also, Unit and (tockfkncsreai Centralis, large and small. By A.P. WHITNEY, 87 Wasblngton-et. FOR SALE—Pine Land—B,ooo to 4,000 acres best quality ot pine, well situated for West on or Eastern marret. peremptory sale at $1.65 per acre. Apple to J. ROBY, care B. L. Sheldon A Bro., Madison. Wls. FDR SALE— Farm —One ol the best forms, cf ISO acres, in Cook Cotraty.allaato In tbe Town of Lyons, IS ml»s from the Court Boose in Chi cago, sod 3K mill* from Hinsdale, on tbe Chicago, Burlington A Quincy Railroad; 30 acres of floe grove: 400 choice besrtnr apple trees, Charles and outer fruit, Ac.: school and churches convenient. Any one wish ing to nurtbase a farm win do well to examine tbls, aa it will war inspection, and will be sold at a bargain. Apply to A. DOBATHY, 33 Boom 6. FOR SALE—My place at VTmetka, con taining about seven acres, house, and barn, good orensrd or large and small traits, shrubbery, etc. JAMES L. WILLSON. T7OR SALE—Farm of 80 acres, twenty V miles from tbe dty; well watered and' good or chard ; good bouse and fertile soil—sl,ooo. JOso, one In Blooming Grove, nrar Madison, Wls,; a ter sere. CLaFJJN.93 Waihlngton-et. FOB SALE —By o. Hopkinsop 126 Waahlngtou-it, ten seres finely improved. Witt apod house and barn, only two mit«inom city aad eloee to railroad station. Ifnot»-«ta ten day* wui be mud reasoaabis uasat. Heal ggtatt-goi. URUUKOm. Xj'ORSALE—By Wm. D. Kerfoot, 8!» feetonCass-st*nearChlea . 35 feet on LaSalle*!, near Uhlcago-ay. SO feet on Ultnob-sti, near St, Clair. IS feet on near State. 75 feet on Mlchlgaz-su, near Kingsbury. BO ftet on Benear CUj UmiU. BOOTH DIVISION—€O feet «a iUdlaon-«., near Franklin. M leet on cor. Van Bnren and Ortawold-ats. . as can on Sooth Water-et. near Waba*h-ar. 40 reel on cor. Franklin and Harrison-sta. ' 60ft«*onCl8Tk-*t.,nesrpolk. 40 feet on Monroe-iL, between Wrtla and Franklin. So feetew Michlgan-ar., near Fourteenth-* t. 60 feet os near 1 went j-thlrV«t. WEST DIVISION—UOteeton West Van Buren-sC, near Moncak. .. . 2 feet on Green-*C. near Madison. 29 feet on wairea-st., near Hoyn*. 60 feet on Par k-*v., near O skier-sC SO feet on WMnot-et, near Hoyne. a feet on Canal-K^nearHamaoc. 43 leet on Hals near Eatcg. FOB SALE—On Indana-av* comer offitxteeotb4Cn3COfeet.nrontlnz rut. Also, nuty-rwofeet on wabasb-ar., near Eighteenth-et. Fifty feet on Wabasb-ar.. near Twentieth-**. Two bandied fee* on ladisna-ay., near Twentleth-ot. One bnndred feet on Pralrie-ar., near Twentieth-bC. Fifty leet on Indcnt-ar., aontb ofTwenty-thlrd-*-._ A. J. AVEBELL, Beal Bate Office, No, 7 Metropol itan Blocks ■ £'OR SALE—By C. Hopfcinßon 128 Wasblnxtoa-st.loo feet fronting Union Park, lE* t fronting JefferaonPark. 7X acres in the gxoro one-half mile aonita of the dry Units. T?OK SALE—By Wm. D. Kexlbot 89 I* Washlngtoc-st. 10 acre* adjoining tne Artesian weQ. 341ot»tn Aabland’a second addition fronting Van Boren-stycheap; andtwoacres.ln section 33.39, U. T7OH SALE—By Snyder &Lee Real Es* X Ute Agent*No. 4 Metropolitan Block-lhree lots oo Ltccoln et, btlwsen Monroe and Adima. Pnce s3l per foot. Lota cn corner of Jaeaeon aad Wlschester-sta.- Prtce $35 per R>oU- *l7 OR SALE—By Rees & Ayres, Real X 1 state Brokers, Office Iff Crosby's Opera House. Ciark-st near Sontb Water, lot 30x96 feet at 91.031 t*r foot; Blver-st comer Ulchlga&ar.tlot SxlOO fe-t at 94C0 per foot: Clark-st near Polk. SOUOO leet at 9175 per foot: Hnrlont-st sooth of Black Hawk, lots at 9535; Indlaca-st corner Ptne. lot 50x100 95*500; Ulcblgan-ar near Congreis-st, 100x110 leet. 94T0; Western-ar near Fuiton-st and tn the Immediate vicinity, at from 9259 to tMO; Fmton-st near Union Park, lota at f!5 per foot. T?OB SALE—SO acres on Reaben-st, J north of Mllwankee-av., at SI,OOO per acre. Blncr 26, Sheffield 1 *- Addition, containing U 3 lots, lor 910.000. Twenty-two acre* on State-si— ln*uu city limits, at I3JOO per acre. BEES A AYHEa.IQ Opcita House. "(70K BALE—River 10t.250 leet Iron .ton X the North Branch nsarWard’s-rolling mill*. Price 9i0,0C0. cash, balance 1,3, and 3 yean. REES A AYEbS. Offlce 10 Opera House. F)B SALE—Lot No. ICI Sonlh Clark »U between Madison and Monroe,3ls( feet front. Inquire of JOHN FORSYTHE, 133 Baadolph-st. FOR BALE—Lots on each; lota on Blue Island-ay. 96T0 each. Two yean hence they win sell lor doable the money. GEOKGE A WILLIAMS, 7 South Clark-*t. T7OR SALE—Eligible business and res!- X .deuce property. In toe three dlrltlonsof theetty; also, choice tracts ot land In and adjoining toe city. T. WRIGHT. T. LYMAN, Agent. 17 Portland Bloat. FOR SALE—At Hammond & Bauer’s Land Office.limes Building, 118 Deatbom-st. houses and lots In all parts of the city; 400 building ■ lott.altrcm ssto|Uoper fbot; outside property, by the Jotor aoetlmprovedlarms and farming lands In all sections of the Northwest; pine lands In Wisconsin and Michigan, and two*team sawmills on the Missis sippi Elver. Great bargains. iron BALE—OO feet on Washington, S3O jT per loot; on Part-ar- $77 per foot, II ot amlls lo slaedly limits; alio, house (two-story), iol 90 by 119, on Ann-st.. lor two lota lor *l5O each, near horse cars. JOHN F. STARE, 184 Randolph »C, boom 1. FOB SALE—By Snyder & Lee Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, six lots on Indlana-st near Reuben and St. ColumbkUT Church. • JSaanteu-jßlale S?rip. BOOKKEEPERS, BALBSOEN &e. TXT ANTED—IOO smart, energetic, live yV men to sell one of the beat domestic artlclesever offered lor sale. Haa no competition. Every family wants from two to a dozen. Profit very large, call Im medlate]yatlß46outhC.ark-st, Room 9, up alalra. J.H. NASON. ___ TX7ANTED —A young, active, colored V y Mar, to tak* care of horses. Must furnish eood reference, and be used to handling horses. None other* need appiy. Call at office 183 Mtchlgan-sc, between 1) and ix o’clock. _ TXT ANTED—A Man to take care of VV ahorse and make himself bandy about the house. Apply, with city recommendations, at 143 South Oreea-st., between 8 and 10 a. m. TRADES. TX7ANTED—Plasterers, to work in W Pittsburgh and vicinity. Wages 94 per day. Address BOSS FLASTBREHS’ ASSO UATION, Kea let’s Dali, comer Seventh and Smitbfield-aU., Pitts burgh, Pa. TXT’ANTED—3 coppersmiths and 2 W brass finishers, at FULLAGEB A SMECTH’S Crass Foundry, corner Randolph and Desplaloea-ats, TXT ANTED—Press Feeder—A boy to V\ feed a cylinder press. Apply at 138 Lake st. WT ANTED—A good, competent Bnck- VV maker, to takecnaree ol yard and hnra brick. Apply at 133 South Washlngton-st,, from 10 to 12 eacn day. • TXT ANTED—Two fiist class Pattern VV Makers, at 73 and 75 Michigan-St. The nigh estwsgespald. aJHantea-jfemale l^elp. SAIiESWOIOENi TRADES, &«• TXT ANTED—A lady to take the charee VV ud care of two children. In the country. Toe children are 9 acd 5 years of age. Apersonwho un derstands German preferred. Good reference* re quired- Address, giving particulars, “A B," Chicago P.O. TX7 ANTED—By a young, healthy Ger- VV man woman, a situation a* wet none. Would have no oolection to go In the country. Inqolre st MRS. MARX’S City intelligence Office, 258 South Claik-st. • - HOUSE SERVANTS, WANTED —At DOS Indiana-av., a girl to do general homework. TXTANTED —A light two-seated no top VV Democrat Wagon, In good repair. Address P. O. 80x826. WA NTED —A first class Girl for dining room; also, one tor cvwkiuk Apply on Tuesday, at 851 Udlata-at.. Nona aide. WANTED —A servant in a small iam- lly. Apply on Monday, at 269 North SUte-it. \\/ ANTED—An experienced laundress, VV to take charan ola shirt Jancdry. Befbrenee nqnlred. Apply atNo. 60 State»«t. TTT ANTED—A smart, tidy Girl, to do VV upstairs wort, and mind yonmr children. Moat be a good, neat, plain sewer. Inquire at it 6o Ontario it. TTT ANTED A girl to do general VV housework in a small family. Apply at 166 North Peorla-st. lEinplosment agents. TXTANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 T V salesmen, I coodnctor. 3 brakemen, 1 fireman, t porter, 2 drivers, 2 expressmen. Aoplr at Boom 13. Fullerton Block. 92 Dearborn-st. Applicant* oy mail sdcresa J. 41. MOOBk A CO-, Box 1707, enclosing 10 cents for reply. ®2aantei-“jEiscellancouo* TXTANTED—SB,OOO to SIO,OOO worth of * v bootT&bd shoes, clotulngor groceries, for which wlllbe paldlsiore ana lot. bnnrlng m SSOO rent; $3 DCO ml estate bonds, bringing la 10 per cent; cash. AddrcssT.EDWARDS.Box 1600. TX7ANTEX)—To Invest SBOO in some V* kind ofbttilness, with my own laber. as partner or otherwise, by » steady, indnstrloas man. Appli cants mast state tbe business. Addtesa *u f,” Culca ■of.O. \\f ANTED—It sold low, a News and V V Stationery Depot, In a good location, or wbrre the custom is remunerative and permanent, and capa ble of extension. Address 135 Norm dart-st. TXTANTED—To purchase the stock and VV fixtures of a harness shop, situated In a inwn of at least 3,1X0 Inhabitants. Address F. B. MILLS, Ma rengo, lowa Co., lowa. TXTANTED—To collect servants* eitra V V pay lor all officer* in tbe service May Ist, 1381, and March Sd, 1863. A. GOODRICH, Attorney at Law, 126 Dearbom-sL. Boom 2- TXT ANTED—A good second-hand ten- W passenger omnibus. Narrow track preferred. Address P. 0. Box 315. Oshkosh. Wls. TXTAN TED—To exchange, house and VV lot on the West Side and property out of the city, Xor stock of boots and shoes. Address *-B S,” Trlbnne office. TXT ANTED—A cood second-hand Sew- V V tng Machine, either Grover 4 Baker’s or Sing «r*s Improved. Address Box 333, Chicago. \\f ANTED—A gentleman, who is the VV Inventor ofa valuable machine, has obtained valuable medals at expositions In Paris, lender, Mu nich. Dusseldorf, Trier, etc* Xbr goods manuthetored by this machine, wishes to confer with capitalist* with a view or undertaking the manufacture or toe goods In this city. The machine w capable of toning oat tbe manufactured article at the rate of ft 600 per tea hours, and the manufacture, when once • thirty under way, would pay 100 per cent, profit. Plana, catalogues and medals can be seen daily upon application at bCHALVS HOUSE. 209 Bacdolph-SU TXT AN TED—To lease lor a term ot ten VV years, abuUdlngSOHOO; one saltableforman ufacturing purposes. Address “J B C,** bos 1737, TXTANTED—FnpfIs tor Piano Lessons. VV. A teacher otmanyyears* experience, and com manding the best ot reftrences, isdetlrons ot ootaioluc a tew pupils for the piano. Ladles not having pianos can practice alter lesson hours. For imiber particu lar* inquire at 818 East Madisoa-st, Terms sl3 per quarter. TXT ANTED—.Families can be supplied V v with help ot all nations- Situation wanted as housekeeper. Please call at MRS. USSON’S, 334 Oak-SL, near the Like. \\T ANTED—A lady of respectability V V to glre KINO’S COLD CREAM SOAP a single trial. Apply at any ol tbe City Drug Stores. X\T AN TED—By a notary , public and V V experienced conveyancer. a Clerkship, or desk room In a well established real estate office. Speaks German. Address NOTABk.Tmmnoofflce. \A/ ANTED—Every one to call and ex- VV amine WICKHAM’S BURGLAR ALARM. State, comity and city rights for sale. Terms to amt all. Also, single alarms tor sale. Can be seen In op ersden at onr office, 133 Dcaroorn-su, Boom 11, up stairs, Chicago, lU. 1 A/ANTED —About 20 feet ot good VV Sbilvtzg. Apply to B.E. GRANGER, at the Western News Company. Chicago. WANTED —Ladies m want of reliable servants, with city references, can be supplied at airs. D. PRATTS Emporium, No. ISO South Clark-U. 'lnformation SiKantta. INFORMATION —Wanted—Ol Giovan- J. nl Canaroll, ani'altaaboy.ltyearsotage. Was lastseenln at. Loms, five months ago. He came from Naples. Italy, about eight months ago. Any due to bis whereabouts, left with E. A. ROSSI, N0T243 Madi son will be well rewarded. personal. PERSONAL— The person who sent a' letter to a gentleman on Washinaton-st, signed **ae unknown friend,” will pleasecall on him, and tbe Interview win be strictly confidential. . PERSONAL— Blue Veil. An indigna tion meeting la called for some day this week. Bow about that atfolr on Saturday evening? Why dldn’tyouappear? Touts perplexedly. PECS. I>£KSONAL —Will the lady on Stale st.“wlth the opera glaaa” please send her address to Post Office box 1917 and oblige “C”. TJERSONAL —CharlesAusustus—l can -17 not find the ring which you gave me and 1 am cer tain that It Is gone, for good—theboxotcold cream soap I received is splendid. Br-tbe-brlsawMr. King himsell «ud hk is really fAXXY—. ■PERSONAL—A sprightly, prepossess- IT Ine American widow seeks the po*ftion °I b°ny keeper ft r kind-hearted. h«no»hte gpnuemin in the country. Please address “MRS. JOHN K M, Bcon 14. No. IPO East Bagdolpbjt ;i Chiggx__ Sttagea awa Stolen. CJTRAYED —Early Saturday morning, horse, with one white hind foot aad a llt- Ue white on tbetloof the mouth, and standi 16 hands v,-k \ni peraou reiuinhig the same or giving Infor where the tame may bo bad, will be suitably rewarded, by caQIDS at 349 Hnbbard-et, west of Elizabeth. . OTRAYED —Or stolen—Twenty dollars O Reward—Prom 76 We« Brie vtreet, two cow*, one white with red streataL thq other rod. While about one month from calTlhr, Situattoug CITDAVION—Wanted, by an open o need booMtep r, frja wholesale qt lob Mag bail. Uedentnnda German, Ben e(tj nfemec*. o«*i galaxy n an object, as wen m steady oapiofast. dr— **X X ogle*. OITUATION—’Wanted, by aa expen- Oeoced druggist. Bofrtencea given. AAtrw* “R & B?' tn care traxont Home. Chicago, tori tt day*. CITUATION—Wanted, by a yoaag man IO Who haa bad fbnr yean* experience la the train aodfionrcommlartontradeEast. Is a good accountant udnlenaa. Would take* bookkeeper** situation. Addry* ■* J P." Trtbnae offleo. tat nrree day*. CITDATiON —Wanted, by a young O man aa entry dart. awlstant bookkeeper or ship ping clerk tnawboiaaale bouse. Aden m P.0.80x 1674. OIXUATION—Wanted—A young man O (French), who knowaallaboattheetaegarmaaß fietansic. wantt a situation. Be la able ts aetnpn Tine* ar factory or alcohol distillery, afißrthe neweac teTmnona. AddreM 1471 Indlana-av. C ITUATION—Wanted, by a first clas^- Cj rapid penman. In any capacity where tbeaerrletw of onewhounot afraid of work can be ddy apprecl* afed. Addreaa ** g."F. O. 80x436. OITIIATI ON—Wanted, a first-crass cas- O tom Cntter wants to esssss a situation by t&« first cl AprU. or sooner. Address **E B.” Boom 13» Pott Offlce Block. Bat of refereoee given. SITUATION—Wanted, by a lady of ex k_7 actingaeinch.aabookkeeper.’assut ant, or cormpccdtnj clerk, or wonid be willing to nil the ppsmhQ ot t-acber. copyist, or to eater tom* gen teel femUy aagoventets. Aldros “BSLLE ISBELLS,’* Pest Offlce. QJTUATION —Wauled, in fam- U lly, todonpitairs work. Can few neatly aad wait on table. Aiplyat22BSomnDtoptalaa-*t. SITUATION —Wanted, by a middle- Ci aged American lady, aatonackreper.nnrae. tray elbrg companion fora lady, or would da family saw ing. Bas been employed m thia city as hnasekeepw, and can ftiicisbsattafaetory references. AddmsUua **M M,** Tribune office. CITUATION —Wanted—A young lady kr solicits sewing ot the ladles andfgantiemen oC. Chicago. Fhlru made very neatly. Please ad- Ore— &*’ Tribune Omcm. ClTUATlON—Wanted, by a jespecta- O hieyonnglady to dodreasmaefsgor pHla sewing to a family. Can give good reference If accessary. Address with name mod number, M Heleat’*Tribons Office. SITUATIOIN - —Wanted —A widow lady of experience wo old iixa»«itnatlaa aa housekeeper tosomesTst-eiasshot(l.orsa)e* laoy u>»«ann. L’twer ■taodsellher business ptitectly. No abjections tv toe country. Address HKd. ti,** Tribune office, tor tbna days. agrntg A GENlS—Wanted—To Tccal book X\. agents. Free transportation to any part oi the Union. Old agents *Mo oetter sn cor premium aad ccmmfrslon plan than ever betory.**—so they report. Our agvnts averaged eight copies each, sold erery day, anting the week ending Feb Stb. lUusfrafrd de*olp tlons sent free by mall. Aptli to cr addrto* JAMB 3 POKTF.US,GeceiaI ArenC Trank Moore's Worse. Bible Home, New York City. (Agents appotog tor territory will please state what paper-they saw oar advertisement m.) A GENTS—Wanted—sl2s per month XXasd expense*. Address SHAW * CLAEKT3EW INO MACHINE CO„ OldCefonL. Maine.. AGENTa— Wanted, everywhere, to sell Patent White Wire Cloths* Line*. Can make 219 ,to ISO per day. Address “McCalls clothes t-iw» C 0..” , 98 Beneta-st., Cleveland, Ohio. AGENTS —W anted—To introduce and sell my patent Ciphering-Machine (we Scientific amen can. October 6,15G6, pagiXW,} wanted Immedi ately. releaseenrlcee stamp, kamttbi. i g£LSO. Box 104 a Detroit, Mich. * A GENTS—Wanted—Male and female, XI to sell two new practical articles for family use. No patent hurobog. senr. including expreaa City canvassa- stall at Kb- l(k South Clark-* t.. Room 1. E. POLISH. business ®l)anees. FOR BALE—Yalcable Mill Property— One among the beat steam flouring mill* m South era fowa. containing three run of four-ieec bum, en gine and boiler In good order, merchant and custom bolts c f ibe beat—do oeUerta u*o. Tne mill la ml In good repair, and In a good location, water and luel in ahuraaoce. For further particulars, address Wil. SHARP A SON, Fairfield* lowa. FOK SALE — Restaurant, m a good lo cation and flourishing town- Lease and flxtu*es very enta?, for cash. It ts one of the best stands la tie city. Also, a good bnck building, suitable for any other builtesa. Address Box 142»Nllea, Michigan, F'OK SALE—Drug Store, in a thriving town of 2.000 khabttsnts, on at, C.B. B. stsefc small.cleanandneai. For tarnculara apply to W. LYSTEB, Lawton, Mich. FOK SALE—btcam floor and grist mill. cneasv tera*,covdolnzagood custom and local tisde.«ltuatcdataraLroadcnsstngln Indiana. For particulars, call upon or address HANCHRTT A PEf- KOSNET.No. S,or J.X.NOYE, No. 88 Maracteu Chicago. E'Ott SALE—Stock and fixtures ot a no tion i tore. Good location. 380 West Randolpn 6t« FOK BALE—A steam sawmill at Green Bay, Wls., In perfect and complete running order, capable of sawing six million feet of lumber during the season, and admirably located ibr the handling and sh'ument of lumber both by railroad and las&-ratl road rnnntsg past the property, sod a good dock on the place, wtU> all Cor shipment by lake, in addition to tne mill, tbrre are between three and five iLliUcnfeetfof lessen hud, ready for Immediate op<ratl<n. The whole for sale at low flgnre*. For terms and farther Information, address or inautre ot W. A. MO WRY, 100 South Water-ah. Chicago. F)k SALE—A masmccent hotel for Ifase, and a’l the Carnivore, complete; for sale— dolneaflrat-ratebusiness, located on the River. An exUa chance. Inqulreat 147 South Wa.- tent.. Chicago. TOR BALE—Cheap, a first-class bread .T azdpastry hakerv. Teams and cverjlblitr com plete, with an old estahllshad trade often thousand dtllsre per month. Address “P. 8.,” P, O. Box K, Chicago, HI. f'Ott nAT.k—6wek,lease and fixtures ot a good grocery store, 156 Hlmola-tC Ij'OK BALE—Lease, stock and fixtures JT ol a well-estabHihnl retail grocery business. Tho store has first-claw nxturca, and Is one ot the largest In the city. Capital required, 93,000. Address, for oaa week. “A H.” Tribune office. FDR SALE —Or Partner Wanted—A flee coffee restaurant, wine, liquor and laser beer saloon. In the centre of business. Terms will tw made satisfactory to a good business mao. either as a partner in the Miriness, or to sell cul -nrlrety. Janeiro of JONAS, BUNDY A TAYLOR, Boom 18 Methodist Church Block, Chicago. ITOK SALE—Salcon, and all the fixtures I? and license. No. 87 South Cl»rk-*C, Ja baierurnt. Will oe sold cheap, as the owner 1* going Into another business. FOR SALE—Tiie fixtures, interest and lease ol a «oap factory. Rent moderate. Apply* by letter, gtvug tame and address, to *• W a M.” Tri bune office. FOK SALE Cheap—Good business prem'tea, in an excellent location, suitable Tor lav i names*. Inm.edl%;» possession siren. Appir at 96 afonroe-st, opposite Port Office. FOli SALE—Saloon and restaurant, No. 99 South Clark-st, cheap, or exchange far prop* erty. laqotre at 99. IT’OR SALE—A rolling mill m good r order. A good chance to get a good thing cheap. DALTON A CO., 71 Lake-st. IT'OR SALE—A good Grocery', on the f West Side, with stock, fixtures, horse, wagon, etc. Improvements good. Kent low. AadreaaEfiS, Tribune office. I?OR SALE—Ymegar Works, -with all A. the latest Improvement*. compels ne steam boiler, j: mash tn&t. lermentuur tabs. &&, all of which Is la per* ; reel wctJudr order, by which rinepar e«n oe mads ; irom core. sorghum or elder, at a very low price. Tata I u a rare chance. and cne that la aeldom met with. Sat. inactory resaons siren for selling. Inquire at No. HO \ Jiortb Ueaxporn-n.. Between &S 0 amt law a. m. 17OR SALE—Confectionery, Fruit and A Clear Store, with a lease one year from the Ist ox May, at 144 State-st. FDR SALE—S3,OOO to $4,000 worth of ! merchandise suitable tor a country store, or will 1 exchange it for Improved or unlmnrovedcity pron erty, Address **o, W. W.'* at Tribane office, or app y 1 with discrlDtlonot ptopem and abstract, to C. uup- > HINSON, 128 Waahington-st. FOR SALE—A Saloon, within one block ox the Poet Oflics, lutv good location, on the level with tbe street; cheap rent and plenty oX busi ness. now paying sls per day; most be so’don account cf difficulty, for S3OO. ARTHUR & BOYDKN, 210 State-st. FOR SALE—A stock of watches, Jewelry, silver-plated ware, 4c- all flne goods, and of go d styles, with A No. 1 fixtures for same, and leaie of store, will be sold, separately or together, at a bargain, lor cash, or exchanged fordly property. Store centrally located. Apply at J.M MARS HALL'S. Room 8. >o- 95 Booth Clark-sL. Chicago. FOR SALE—An oyster saloon, on North Clark-sL Address «*L A U.** Trtbnae office. FOR SALE— Two desirable boarding houses, with furniture, centrally located. WAIJ BEN 4 GOODRICH. 123 Dear bo rn-sL. Room 2. JFox Sale. FOR SALE—Prop. Genessee Chlet, now lying at Detroit, Michigan. Class A 3. Ton nage (old measurement). 354. App’T to WM. R. WAR KINEB, Detroit, Mlclu, or 10 HARRIS 4 BRO., 84 Lnaoer-st, Chicago. FOR SALE—At the Lake Tunnel—One 35 bone power engine and upright tubular boll-r. une 20 horse power engine and upright tu-uiar bailer. One IS hoi se power eog<ne.andcpngnt tubular onller. . These englnre and boilers are new-bare been la use bat a very short time. 31.135 test T rail, welching 23 as. to the yard. 1 large tan for ventilation, M. M. Aluea’s patent, built expre wly for this work sure, well-broken jourgmolea. • 3 pumps and 2 sets Improved hoisting apparatus ao^ 35 can. capacity 1 coble yard. A large lot of tools. A lot of Umber and lumber. Also, the buildings, sheds, outhouses, connected rith the Lake Tunnel. A lot of cast and wrought scrap iron. , - DOLL 4 GOwAN. Contractors, Office, bbore Shaft Lake Tunnel. I7OR SALE—Second-hand lumber. In A quantities to salt purchasers, and the building* known as ‘ Floral Hail” ac.d “South Amphitheatre,” at the Chicago Driving Park. Inquire on the ground*, or at lachamoerot commerce. F)K SALE —The tow-boat “Francis Fisher,” of about 300 tons; 36-lzch cylinder, 6 feet stroke- Also, two locomoare engines, ot 20 and 31 tons; 4 feet 8H inch raugts. C. T. FEAN CIS, Bud’s. Ho. j City Building it. Louis, Mo. y FOR SALE—Office fixtures, suitab'e lor a banking or an Insurance business, consisting ot targe Diebolo. Babman A Co. sate, elegant black wal nut counter, desks, bookcasea, carpets, Ac- Apply at Booms 10, 11 and 12 Speed’s Block, 123 Dear borc-at. FOR SALE—An excellent efflee en closure with large glass sash: Just the thine for a private office, cheap, at DALTON A CO., 71 Late st. T 7 OR SALE—To builders and those fit l 1 dug up r ores srd offices—We hare a lot of shelr- • lag, drawers and bins: also, an upright show '' with draw***. suitable Jur bakrr*a me or tbe display at I 1 •uy mud of foncy goods; also, two office desks, book* *' *********** i FDR SALE—A good second-hand set I itow^anAakee-a?I** 1 ** che * p * Apply Immediately at ' FDR SALE—Lease and furniture ol a : house containing U rooms, with all modern to- t orovements, North Side, near street cars. PdmmMou 1 or before. Inquire at 39 RandUph-st, of | f7OR SALE—Show case—a large up- i L rightglasashowcaifr-llfeet long—or.wonldtrada '< for millinery goods. Callatlo3SoothClarkec FOR SALE—An extra new milch cow. I with calL at 887 Wabash-av. * • | 1?OR SALE—Two first-class billiard ! A? t-bi—, Phelan euibloos,’ln good order, for i cheap, at IN3 Racdofpbjj. > jHad)inetg. Jr?OR SALE—Portable engines and boil- I r rr*. 10 to JO-horse newer, at very low price*. hr BIFFIN ol Commerce. » FOR SALE—A second-hand Buckie? ' folding machine—m good Price. * ,r * i apply to the TMIBPNK COMPANY. ' FOR SALE—Portable engine?, station ary and on wheels, 10 and iS-horse power, on hud and tor sale at low prices, by THE PESHTtGO CO- North Watcrst- North Pier. *I7OR BALE—To Printers—A lar»e JL’ BandPres*. platln 21x33, suitable for an CTlnmn paper. Apply to J. HAMPSOK, Printer, lid Dearpora-et- Chicago. * FDR SALE—One 12 and one 15*borsc power portable engine and two SO-bone power tabular boiler*, at 73 and 73 Michigan-**. XT'OR BALE—H. M. Ames’ portable and i -L stationary esgices, trom 4 to Ss-hone power: , also. Putram Mschine Co.’s trots; two 13-le«t bed 34- 1 Inch, two U-foetbed 29 and 33-lnch, one 8-feet bed is. Inch, cue 6-feet b»d 14-Inch swing, all »enw<uttlar engtne lathes; three uorl-btdnlla. two Iron plan ere, bolt cutter*, saw miJa,i»bmgte milta, two Woodworth planeia and matchers, Farrar*a surfocers, pump*, belt- ; b|.hosfjflle»,Ac..Ac. C. L. BICS A CO n 19and