Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 4, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 4, 1867 Page 3
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financial and commercial. E L . HOKETAB.Y. Saturday Er»*mo, Wirch a. U M»nacer Ives,' exhibit of the ot toe Clearitg House for Ibe week cad j^w^sy* Clesringt. Balances. - srnsrrSS f1,653,m5S fIM.aiS.JS i,os2,siiw as l'lV£X h.. 111 /ns.-a p'SSrVSS 1,531,a?j« 211,810.37 £”2*l* VMWKSM M6.-as.-W jS«h* •* 1,67 S,y?O.T3 17<,837.8S Total 83.813.3*0 25 «1.07.7A17i T, S f «,~k f»V,H4,7iB.«a *977.343 4t ?vskrLfllßcKcb.X«. 7.66»,235.53 1,177.211.03 n£ur»dlosP*b. 0....'"So2S 939,781.44 vJStendinc Peh. B,’i-0.378.5* I, TftckCßdUU Jan.2C.... 8,13305.08 1,05.7.33158 ** n fit be reon bjr toe above, the Clearings show ai* ln«ca*e of 12,700.000 over ihoee or last week. Ibif U an l rQex an improvement in business, ivmalldnatlerewehearof a slight Increase in trade. Country merchants are taWng bold more frvdy. foiced t° do »o by the appearance of bare thrive*. and oar dealers In Dry Goods, Boots aod j-hoe*. Hardware, Giocerics, Ac., report qjmc a h rival in banners, there are, however, no radi ations ot a rushing trade, as hoyere are only lavisc enough to meet current wants, and oar v’.iolot-sle merchants show no dlspostUon to force Fairs by extending credit lines. Such was tried j>l feat on, «nu the experiment was not a success, a . has been proven by the difficulty experienced in making collections daring the past two wr three months. A Washington telegram received this afternoon say*: •*A compromise win he ejected on the Loan ]; it. by agreeing on fif»y million* of three p r cent certificates. Everything eUe bas been struck tut of the bill by the committee. Should the above be adopted by Congress, the people will bare an additional tax of one and a half millions per annnra saddled upon them fop the bem fit of the National Bank#, and in order to enable them to pay it the more easily, a con* traction of the currency to the extent of fifty mil lions will be made, should Sl f . SJct’olloch either j-. deem the balance ol the compettndi—fifty mil lionu— falling due Ibis y ear, with the surplus la the Treasury, or tuna them tnio Five-Twcn tl». This contraction along with the with drawal oflhe four million per mo- tbs, as author »rred last April, will ofoecc&diy rcsnll in tighten ingepithe money markets of ibe country, and>tally re’ard the prosperity ofllie West, where in abundance of cheap money is urgently needed, tir. McCulloch's policy of paying o 3“ a nou-bcar inc interest debt, and pllit'g up that of nn oopo tits character, may be eoubd finarclal policy, but *n* imbecility and vacillation with which the thirty-ninth Congress has acted on the Currency juesUon—the most Important one to he dealt slth—is only worthy or contempt at the bands of men ol all parties. It is to be hoped that the Fortieth Congieea will devote some of its time to lhepLblicwcai,acdnotioclaßß legislation. Let yro botiojivilieohe their motto. The Money market Is comfortably easy. There is no surplus of loanable funds, but Ibe demand for discounts is only moderate. Collections are Improving, and there Is a tailing off In the demand for renewal*. The bank* continue to pursue a con* ervative policy. In * lew of the unsealed con dition of the Currency question, but the right kind of paper Is nowhere refused. In the open market good signatures arc readily negotiated at I l *®! I .* per cent per month. Exchange was steady, with transactions be- tween banks at parQfijcenis premium—mostly tbe upper figure, The counter rales are—par baying and I*lo premium selling—though In some in* stances a di-count of jjQMO Is insisted on com* mcrcial bUs. Flour was dull. Wheat advanced little. Com was irregular—closing a shade firmer. Oats were quiet. Bye was easier. Barley was doll. Whiskey inactive. Mess Pork was firmer bat iiniet. J<ard quiet and firm. Balk Bleats active and a shade hlcbcr for some descriptions. Seeds wercquleU Drejted flop* acre doll Gold was lower to-day. The market opened at declined to ISS % and closed steady at 1333 f. The following qnotaUoDß were received by Boyd Bros., gold-broken: HtJSu a. 139 H 111:45 a. m 183*£ j»> is a. W 32:nOui I9isg 11:00 a. 1 1:00 p.m ..I33i£ 11:15a. I SiWlp.m 1831* J1;30«.m J2S2£ | Here tbe maiket was quiet. It opened at 130. declined to log, nilttd to l3S*i, at which the bulk tii tbe oterings were purchased. Silver was nom inal at J30&132. The following table shows the daily range and closing price ol American gold dnrK-g iho week: Range. Closing. B!ondsv 1«H«I38*£ 18S* *2 ue-daV J33«4 W«diu*dnT Tcmsdav 110 Fndav..*. ISS£(®I4OH !*»?£ >_tu:dar 13S;iaiS9«4 133* There has been a fairly active demand for For* ctgn F-xchange jn a small way daring the week, sud tec market closes steady at the following rates lor “tight”: Gold. CmrcocT. fo IK) (&7.05 2» as assy 73 i.o*h&i><3 London, per pound pir tn ll c Ltolui. ’“'r I’rnspUn tfcalc'- i'.cxUu. per l*rnspU& liamburr, p« i mar o banco.. 88 JCert'-ay, perrlxmynt.. 80 Sweden, per specie rtaler .... 1-16 Government Securities were comparatively steady. Sixes ot 'hi and Five- rtwniiea of '63 and ’CS declined Others were unchanged. The following shows the closing prices of to-day, compared with the three previous dsys: <. *4 S* g* a •HOC lOU 11(1 II0«i .in in in nox ,iu7ii m:?i lots i w« IbSH 10SJ4 10314 .10114 lUIOi OS* 03 j-'fscs of *sl Pit e-Twenties, *l3. >'jve-Twen»es, 'W.. Five-Twenties, '65.. Ten-Forties Fevcii-Tblnies. Ao. iu3;i W-*S Scven-Tiutlc«s Jttne....lo3>t 10j;j Ids.’» IWJ» be‘to-7liinJw, Jo«y l«3;i io.Va iUj,» , uj'a jjew _—-*Ex-Coupoo. Cere tbe market was quid and kteidj. W< nuoic :mc*co jiinssT. UUVEUSMEST 6CCI Baring. Selling. TT. S. Sires, of 2:61 Iyx If. MUV, 1864 110 H 1U U. S. SSOV, IS6I «R»i 1 « , V. S. 5-2fTp, 1565 HSU 1 ( ®54 U. s. 5.405, V,"» and ’Cb (new)*?S 10GH U. s.S-SOV, small .......... U. 'J‘»U « V. s. ltWo>, small 853 i (T s. 7-30 V, Ifl Series I 03»» 11. S.“-*ttiV, 2d Series l.Ofj V. s. 7 COV, 3d Series U.8.7-3U**, rmdl lOßJiifcMkX Compounds, Jane* 1861..... ..tIT July, 1861 1 l*»V4 •» Ang., 1361 110 «■ OcL, 1561 115 *• Dec., 16C1 11l “ May. 1965 ........112 “ Ang., 1965 :HH “ SepU 1365.... ll»H “ Oct- 1965 ........110 v _ - Tbe Second Nabonal Bank quotes the Pahllc rends as follows; Conps ,Vl..lW*@ .... 7-V, (stnall)l05*»®10l?i D-4o coup-, Jnnecomo., • (large)....llU*»® .... 1, 5.40 coop., Aug. ** * ••I*2 (Hnain—ws};® ... oa. •• KMu coon-. Dec. ..ill (laiffe). .. D7S£<2. ... May “ ICMU coop.. Aug. * * -110 (small)... M <it.... Scpu “ A' a AS H New cert. .. ...tffc *••. Oct. —l®® 7-10, (larpe).los?»@l«sH Local Slocks are qmet hut firm. There la more inqalryforCnnaherorCommerceS:ock.aß It U understood Ihatthe Directors bare paid off all mortgages on the properly, ai.d there Is a pioopcct ol their being able to declare a dividend In Jnly. We qnotc: Buying. Selling. Chicago CUT T* *9 J 29 Coo*- County • •*• chamber©; Commerce. ... .. The tamings of the Chicago & Northwestern Jtfillroad for the week ending February 2Sth, vere 18b6 1367 .$33,333.76 f«,«OJ0 ..67.t133.74 10«,039.5.1 .. 3,475.80 !0,15i.«5 I,Sb7.W 3,180.23 Passenger. Fieicbt... Express... 2*. ail .$111,449.20 $101,513.83 T0ta1....*. Iccreasc, lbC7 »vr Von mock Msrkfi, ! Clc*lnc prlcca for caah. March 2,1867, received by Joseph M. Lyons & Co., linkers: , . OJ , i.UMLW Hi t , latad.idßd. X* T" r«trki...irJv KivlU. S. 6 F eeot ErieiSro)....... MX ***’ M.B.teom) ‘Kx *«X U. b.« 4J cl 5-30 c.dntia « COHP.-156E....110* ...• C.AK.W..... S»X 3.. V TOaP-l^l-—ErtX .... Jxx. prdrrrrd... f* CSX • c ? , y., Ft. W.&C.. 84X SIX ..ccnp-.;.10S wax oulcksl.Ter ss SSx U.**.a «t^£l \V.U. Tel 42K 42X „coup..nriw. tD.lbfcX •••• C.A A. (com.)—. loo .. C. s. s P i-tr.t i*PIU.A 8*ad...108 .. "** C. A T01ed0.....US .. (C. B. 7 3-10. W Tol. A Wabarb.. Si •• | USX tiavtat-Kt Board ateadr t 2d Board wea». COIOtEBCIAL. Satuhpat Etching, March 2. The followin': tables show the receipts and ship* rneniß of Produce doriwr the past twenty-four h UVf BECUTTS TXST TWETTY-rOCa^noUIU. , 4,«« 5^611 10.776 IfI.SU . iunu iß.mh , 1,618 8,8 ® »« 210 . 657 •ill .105.090 77,061 • IS.OOO S,»« 4.670 206,66* , S4S ! 80,-23 46,003 6.845 29.557 1*923 2S,«W . 1.5X1 1,80 > . 4,033 2,533 . 917 2.US .181,750 CU.871 575 231 3.1 >0 8,560 81 I*l • SO 420 Tlonr lirls Wheat cental*. Com, centals... Oat*, centals... Jtyc, centals.... Dailey, centals. Cm** Seed, lb* I) room Com, lbs Cured M* at. Tbs. I’ork, bri* lAid. lb«. •>•••• Tallow, Tbs Batter. Tbe J) re*aed Uops,No lAvelUogs, 50.... Caiuc,>o JIMw, ... Btfftuloca, bri*.. Wool, The- •••••••• Ixtuber, m.. fninclw* uocra. Flour, brla MS JJrS vW.cenlala *•«? S'ii, ,|g S - 3 Kye.centals--; os!tCl 3X5*15 Ora*s Seed, To* £*-,5 Broom Com, ©>•••• ......... o- 747 7*o Cured Meat, Mf uii ns Pork.hrU —* 34**74 15X75' Lard.TJ>« .... ........ -TJ't.j, j» im Tallow, Tbs 31,,W 4LOK Balter, Tba. *ojq m DrcascdUotrs. <,*og 617 Ijee Hoes, “X-o & Ule i 5° V (U.HH 4U*a lines. Tbs 3*9 W'"W I' l 13,810 13.51 S Wool, B*.. j,P4 l umber, 575 SUnplw. m °sfl J-alh, 4M & TOM for J[n.a Pork, acd the market was firmer, but the advanced pre tensions of bolder* were shore the new* ol boy or«. and no compromise c«»ntd be effected. Toe odU f alerepotted waeTOObrUat *l3 MU, ca*h. Tor fatart dclUery there waa a trooa speculative iraultr. and tie market waa Arm, with Mie* or 0 • 00 brla at Jlß.«\ bny*r March A. lot ol 100 brie hi O chanced hands ai«B 50. There wa* no de mand for lbtme Meea. Swee* Pickled llama were Bulk Ueva lb«n -a. nn activeablpplneandape.- ntalive demand, and far -om. detenp ion •" »*• Tance of fully U c -an obtained, tfc note .ale. of =1 714 c for Shoulder.l 3Ue for Jor Cemberlanda and «3(c for S .on m»- Tbarn notbinn dolnc io Eußtl.nlttja <la an-d 1 1. mar kcl 1. allojether nominal at 3 ' , r „V. ' and., KCblfldO f° r Sbori Bib, and ll&llldc lor Bbo.t near. Laid war ijniei bat Ann.. «<i»' of 035 tea at 12c for prime Steam and UH C lor ho. 1. Ciraso was firm, with ealea of 177 tcs Y-3)w ai fHc, Dressed Host w« la ILeUt receipt wad doll ut 17 75fc.S.M, 1 here um nothing doing In Whiskey, and tte maikct la entirely nominal av 25©2S«c for Bond, td, and i't.'iO tot Free. llie unfavorable advice* from New York bid a dvprreung Influence on Floor, ana the market ruled quite dull—not enough baring been done to fairly establish quotations, home am) brta thin.?- cd hands, at siaxc©H.7s for White Winter*; *3.7C ftli 75 for Spring Krtraa; tor Rye, and {R COQ7.QO for Buckwheat. i'nere was a niudera'c business done in Wheat, •iid the market was HtfMc heller, with sale* of -omelO.COo bn, at sa.iUai2i , 4 per Da,a»d SJ.OS ®BX9 per cental tor No, 1 Spring; fl.B7H®l>W per bu, and SS.I3H per cental for No. S. and SI 89 , p.l.' 5 for Rejected—closing nrm with more boy* era (bantelle>e, at $i.S3 lor Uegnla- No. 3 Coro was moderately active, ratb;r Irregular, «td closed * shade firmer. About 102,0011 bn changed bands at7osi©77lic per bu, and 51.584 ©lB3 per cental for No. 1, and 53# CftStfc for Rejected—doting with buyers of No. 1 at Tie and sellers at 77H0. Oats were leas active and without material change. at 45‘i®tSc per bn and per cental—closing steady at 41c per bn. Rye was a shade easier, with sales of K0..l at SC4®lttc per bn and $1.718-7 per cental. Barley was doll, with light sales at 4UHe lor Re jected and 70®7Sc for Sample tots. Eccds were quiet and steady, with ailei of Titn olby at $G 6Cji per cental ana $2.0505.07 per ba; Clover at S9XO, and Flax at S2XO. There was no movem*nt In Tallow and the market is nominal at 10c for city and 9Ji€ft9J4c for Country, the following telegrams were read on 'Change to-day: New Yosk, March 3. Flour heavy and dull at(9*so®joßJ; family ptdre firm. Wheat easier and luacllv* at (2.1 S (0,2.20. Corn heavy at fi.OG in store. Oats heavy st Cy®62c. Fork Orta tad quiet at (JL3I. Lard easy and dull at 135i®13c. Uosre scarce and non* trial at t9.75®10.00. Whiskey n.avy, Gold 13^. narctt. Flour heavy. Wheat qutet and a shade easier. Com firmer but quiet at tl.oGai.o7 in store. Pork flimcr at (3I.SU. Gold 1S8V». lahsu. In the afternoon there was no movement in Wbeut and pnccs were nominally unchanged. Corn waa firm,.with ealca at 7<©7s2£c—closing Srm at Ibo onltlde figure. Provlsions were qniet uni firm, with sales of 200 bj]« choice Country Mere at f B.SScasb. Railroad Ftelg ta bare de clined 10c per 100 &s on Poartn-Claaa Goods to New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Cuimor.*, 0 lake elect on Monday. Ibc market for Beet Cattle was active and steady it pnb«t*mlally the closing rates of jeattrdav. Ihe entered rales number WO bead, which were akco Dp by shippers, cllybnlcbeta and feeders, it ceived to-day, SOI bead; received ibis week, Vd3 head. Live Hogs were In fair demad on shipping ac count, and firm at the decline noted yesterday. \bont S,BCU bead changed binds at JC.ISST 00 for common to prime Doge. Received to-day, 1,8J7j ibis wcek,So.493. Proposed Uatrs of Mtorace. At a confcicncc of tbe Directors oftbc Board or I'tade and the waro-bouac men, bold a few days •Ince, tbe latter submitted a proposed tarlU’ of *ates of storage to take sheet under tbe cental iy>iem: Four cents percental. on alisoond gram <bc first twenty days, and one rent per cental ad* ditlonal for every succeeding five day*. X^oor certs per cental on Kejected Grain for tbe fint ten days, and one cent additional forevay succcfdmc fire days. Tbe warehousemen reserve tbe right lo give public notice whenever any Grain shall become aarufigrd, and should tbe same be not removed *itbtn five days after the giving of each uol'ce, .here shall be charged on the same two cents ;<er cental fur every five days that said g.'olu shill ie malu In store. Five cents ner cental r.n all bagged Hralo for the first twenty clayd, and one cent additional for every succeeding five days. This charge from tbe basbel to tbe cental will decrease tbe storage on Oats and Barley, but in crease it on Wheat, Corn at o Kye. ' Tbe Directors of tbe Board are opposed to the proposed charge on Grain ont of condrlou.aod it s also asserted that some ol the warehousemen do not favor it. Tbe vn i was returnee to the warehousemen for inriher consideration, if Is asserted that the clause relative to unbound Grain wav pnt in as tv piece ot revenge on tbe part ol some of tbe warehousemen against the members of the Board of Trade, the great majority of whom fa vored the passage ot Eastman’s bill. Of course, whenever any Grain shall become uusound, and public notice thereof given, the receipts for said Grain will become depredated, and in a measure unsalable. Involving a loss on tbe holder. This will give the warehouse men an op portunity to buy in tbe damaged utain at a low dgutf, and mix it with a good article, for a pecu niary profit to themselves. Being the owners of the good and bad Gram, they can mix tbe same without contravening any of the provisions of the l*w regulating warehouses. All tha* remains to be d- dc Is to have the allied article re-inspected sad a new receipt leaned. 53 (ft 54 4l»i® -42 J.W ©163 CHICAGO ULtY UOUUB CttAUKET. Satttedat Krurrao. March 3,1967. The market for Dry Good* during the eany part of the week was exceedingly qulet,and our wholesale mer chant* had time to assort and arrange their do* stocks but during the past three days there ba* been renewed activity, and bnyetebava come in freely from neatly all parta of the Interior. Tb»y all tell ths same alary ot dghlMo.ksatda rather brisk demand for the sea son. Aa will be seen by our U»t ol quotations given below ladian Orchard Sheeting* aed Amosceac Tim hsve di-clmed Sc, but the general market Is unchanged. .Mine East the tendency u strongly upwards, avi we .loilce that our quotations tcre are no mgner than at •hcntlauucclUcs. We quote a* follows: ’ tlrirtntitc 1>... Herrituac W... :-»i-l£c i>»rarr‘i 'frupoe'* uniitl!’#....... Mhuiltcner. Lo«tM \rooW>.... jfe'n* ....It s OISOI L&ncuter. Kubmocd. aiier.... •« BCOWX •Issuer -5 I jm. fence *tul 4—4.......... •\JU*1Ct084—4........... , •i>dfwro4—4 £»Xi loalsu I!e*d 4—4 -S*X vtitwit & 4—4.. lJl*Uc4-4 «X -4... -sliooi f511i4—4......41K Agawam F 4—4 .18 *1 nieUdi D 4—4 i liituli A JB>( SWIII Hirer 4-4 UX v ™r ra ** 16 American A. -V BLKACUKO S.Y.Mm«4-4 4* ' Aiitwni*4—4..... sm »X wi.ite KOCk 4—4 ins* |i»J£ W 351 *UU»t-(- Uaxwllta i-4. .nav> ui tec n— itar aim**—l 2* \td:ai<ogKinj-4.....iij X « 7—B 34 ijindOL 7—f <ll “ 4-4 35 Pipes cajtrsics Lonsdale 13 i English Cambrics 12X91° I perms. Amofkeap -SBs | connocttcat. .»X York ~36V I Manchester. 27* ( SlUwd improved. « • -iiord hWX 1 nine Hill. * Union 80 I Core City » Uaymaker's .44 X I Pawnre *3X arstrsD snnm.vo*. Arnofkea* -... Jj| WUUljnden C. Ss S^-ESSj* Boatmkc. .30 ShetncMt w Atnotkeag ACA regular.... J 6 •• Bimiir.msT I Pemberton e” *£?X •• c ,» ( “ X .33 •• D .« J Swift Blver *35 Tf A SO-lncb .WJflfcfcW MW» M-tocb .3.5, A.baov 14 T ** “ 36-lnca S7> Vork 32-lnch. 49X| _ ooßsit jun. Amotkcac 33 | Indian Orchard IS Umm£»... » Uodiwcacpla »5* I »H I PoM**tU... M Sanmkca* Baueea... »x | atone 15 CASTON FUKStU. 1 n*n\Utooslants...... SO i Thorndike. ffiio nt...7::: .‘.KXI 2iaumKea«bleacfled...« mows sum*. not* a i Pennington .^SX ijmaata!.” £1 Impereil « d excises. M I M*ncb eater, tew .» I I Pacific, new 45 I All wool 40930 I I*CU«.«» TUtMORALatIBTB, .. „ I nubcxl’s «250 I Mamm AMnliecen 1..1VX rvK.V.... . JS&M IMefel*. *)» I i•<-I,Ujo* tic.. -SCw!LZ> 1 Kroner *-00 I vvamlnFtonMills... S.UO I le-llc ofitereason.. 353 t t AP.CoaU .11.10 I «reen*l>*nid*~... 72X I dfrk'*....!. *l.lO 1 VfbWeSknn W 1 ilidlrrA W* 30 I C01’d............... LM I Worsted Unties..... *3 iVVllUmanilc., SIX I ■' ,affcrtl cwrros tass*. arc. 1 to i E»««a » I st.pc .m 1 80 Carpet Warp • » I KrafSUn 60 IcaadJeirick .6OJA I M | Cpicaso tuus *U.OO I citmt. . m gs2^- ¥s fys^» I “ Itrr l 3-piy. 2 -°0 Umpire Mil ‘.lo *• roper....••• W7* Hdgrad no I “ medium.... l.*lX 1 cusnnm _ I > .ram* Verefi.—MK I K««t Sg I Wabasb 50 IKrerettO 4.}* (;QK'A(iOCATTI<B YIAUHLET. For the Wcok Eedlav March tf. omci or th* d*ilt Ttrarxt. Satcboat Ersrua, March 3. i OKBF CATTLH. xw touoww table a&ov* ibe d**ly rcceifiia *oo ♦QlpTßOtt <M Beet CftUe dunnt tte w*ei ending to ny, compared wlUilberec«lptt*ad»lupai6at« of Ibr ormpoodins wee* u*t „ fteefipa. 1967. IMS. 1967. IMS. s Qßdjy»mJ Mowuy... W « *.°g ri,rifl>i ............. iro so ni wj ® *S ,1 soi >,m TO i«73t roui .. Lt»t week.. Week tKloro 1ut.... Week endirc 9. W»tit mdirs Frti.B, Ity comcknos Uie reeelpu (brttua veec«odl»4twe fttd tbe foliowlM: Utcvlputncre tbiclutweek... Shipment* iloit thu laji week. •jlicj conparewilh It erect ipUftrlbe CiTreepotdmc •xv* K o( iSCfi. u follow*: 3KtipUU>»»*eek 8.905 Ut* clj.tMorcoiTeetKMJillnc week of 15T*.......... 7jW lb ccipu m< rcthu week 1,9u3 tor tbetsme pertoC la the year ISO, we And: iu<ntv ifcj**e<* uses lor lb** Mrmpoamtc »e«t of 150........a.66l lirfrtot* wore tbt« week. Tbe foHowto* laMe *!>ow* Uie attipmenuo: lave *.KckiorU»« week tad tbe poltu towalcatbe auue were ’ _ AirmnvwiM To t-Dtp(n*loo Bridge. To New 1 0rk........... Tpl'ur»io...-» To nmi*nrri» tv Katutuqn-. Torw »c»JpbU To TO Hoetfb MW I law l»T the full-wtp* table la ahowu the receipt* and nbjn tuU ut Cattle. UoK* vvi ineep two Ja.uary 186 * : - Kecelpta. Shtomenu. r*,,., U.K9 ti |&3s9 <413 ViHtarV and* ifllf * too 'wei optolhH ermine were: ‘Mood*?...*—- T» C*/ta> Weonefday..*. Tlmnrfar Friday Saturday • Wr f prc#eiVbdovAMtotioi Secret**? K. I»* Drtln’* numbly report, shoving toe rrcetpU an* ihlpm-iu of J.lre Mode tor the laootb ending Feara*ry U, ifwri: _ Receipt*. Citlto. Harm. ih-ap. ByiiUneiiCtntraiß.it. i.iw nun tefe By Chicago ft Hock Uland R. K....5J1/J fcOU *ki liy Michigan Central ti. 11.. n ail ms liy i'luai>urth * K<ut Wayne h.R. .... Jfj ji by ctucaco 4 (U.Etttero U.R.... .... Cl by Ciiii-»no& Aii>>n u.R... ...... uno 701 by Chicago & Barllnstna it. H 9,MJ jszjj Py Oilcaco & Northwestern U. U. <KO iu.M Va,. by Wlcljlx«nßoathemß.B M . Driven is ts 83 Total &.JJ3 m B. n...,?’i;5 °,“fu “f® Ky MitLUan Bjaltem. U. 8.. sjiJ 1&.0J9 •mi 3 | i ynu«orEh&nilcu*B.B. {flS *SS VI CMeatoTb Great Satlera.. «* igj aouj. u.«n Bi,ui sm mono. lsi» MMnonibiimNtt, *Ol7 iu|.io7 iMt month., 11.4 W ««?i »t Shipped morulMtmoath.. 4,115 ti'iis 3,71 s _ TUB KiUIT. Themarkrt for the wwi: earing to-nichthu bee* . t nc or onuroal activity, and altogether a hUhly (avof alue and sallslsctory one lo <lrov«ra. Toe receipts have been Leary, exceedlnslhy several honored h*ad the recite lor any week dome the put th*ce month*. Bat, with a very liberal attendance ot the different clause of buyers, and tinder a healthy, stress demand, the supply ha* cot proved excessive, nor has the de predation la value* been 10 serious ma wai generally anticipated, In new oi the itarge arrivals. The aver* ace quality ot vho offering* wa» so tdat the decline Tin price* la really not an marked aa would appear trom the entered tales. Indeed, on Rood to prime shipping Steer*, far which there ha* oeos a lively inquiry ihioußlioat, the reduction will not ej c*ed »®voc b 100 »». rasters advices hire been unusually favorable fiir ibtrpen, and three Interests bare bought fr-eiy, and with a icrmlng recklessness. Of the 9.901 held re ceived, 6,610 were taken on shipping account; prlnd* pally lor the markets of Buffalo, tMitiburgh, Cleveland and Balmnora. The demand tut stock Cattve, h*j exh tailed rather more activity than during any of the halt dozen weefca preceding lM», and holders of thu dais of stock were enabled to reallzs at remunerative rate*. Good stock Bteets were taken npabaipat prices ranging from (3j933.«5, while the more com* mon descriptions lound ready tnyera at 11.50&5.09. There has been some lilUe inquiry lot packing stock, bat at the relatively high rates at present rulin', pack* era do not uel Justified la operating to any considerable extent, and their purchases arc confined principally to Caws, and Ucbt BO era at and within the range of M.‘is&3&o. City batchers have taken taelr usual tap* pllie. Sewillkb cows werplofalr request, and the lev offrrlrg verepictedupat latr ratet. The mar ket for this data of »toek D»» sot yet fairly opooM.aod hardly though la to establish an/miog like tellable quotations, btnea we live the nominal range at |».tc&C5X» fer common to prime grades. At the close the opinion seem'd to be pretty generally enter taited u.atu.&m<ktK«tfjt thecaaula* veev would be much less lavorab-e for oiOTen than the one now clos ing. We quote the market for the week as active, at a de cline Thursday ofa.g3sJ on medium and com* mon grades, and U»*<oc lower on good shipping Steers. clomxo or xn* «AKxrr. The market today—Saturday—was talrly active; and the bulk of the o'ierins* were readily close! out at subktanually the ruling nttts of yesterday. Bales amount tjßtsb*ad. Tbesewereolvidedbetweciisbie pm, fcedtra mi city butchers, at a range ot 7XO for common B.ockm to prime shipping Bullocks. Tbc maritet closes steady, with less than Ml head untold. cLOfura nricEa. Erfn? Steret— Fine, tat, veil termed, I tiS ycaroid Steen.and averaging 1,230 &s and upward* f7.0b3T.55 i*ri».e />erfr—Good, well fitted, finely termed Sl*cjs, averaging Irom J,HB to 1,330, .WO^WTii /bfr Urv*Ua— Fatr Steers, in fair fleah, aver aging 1,c0a3U300 &s. at , i/ctftum Clv*» —Mrdmm Steers ana good Cow». Cl for diy slangnter, and averaging SOOfeI.OOO ft*, at (.3*33.50 StOi * CaUte —Con-moa cattle to decent Qe*n. iTcnsitit 9031.000 e>s, at (.3333.(0 tnjrrtor— l4cl.t aid tuio Cow* and Steen, roach ar.,i coarse. voraglng T3O3SJ3 ns. at 3.503 CO t not* tha lollowing C ATTLB SALES TO-DAT. ThUtr-fcnr head mediant Steen. averaging 11060 Da, fca atu watered, at ICUXO per head. Thirty-five oxen, atetaging 1,330 Cii, off cars,at *'l.lo per head. Thlrir-»Lrce head rood itralfbt ahtpplog Steers, averaging I**3o »s, atf* 40. Thlni'tonr bead good smooth shipping Steers, aver age* 1,16* ds. ofl car*, at *6.40. Thirty-oce head fine Ctsuy Steera, averaging 1,319 Da, fed and watered, at*s,B3. Twenty-eigtt bead very choice DU Steen, at *IOIOO per bead. Thinv-Oveheadcood stock Steers, averaging 1,010 fts, eff can. at *i 66. Five bead prime packing Steers, averaging fcs.oir cars, at *5.73. tlx bead coca packing 9le*n and Ox*n, averaging 1,506 ns. fed and watered, at *5.50. ibirty head coed packing Steers, averaging I.OH fts. off can, at *9 AO. The following are the recants and shipments tor the ament week atux tar tne corresponding period last year: 1067. 1906. 1867. 1866. EuOQaT NUI HondAy..- 568 8,336 630 .... Tuewtay 9.795 60 1,996 115 .. 5,9J7 3,11* 3.71-1 .... ThutvUJ 5.291 8,i(9 012 Friday 4JU3 3.06* 3.09 Bamidiy ~lj#R 099 8,179 667 Total... Lyt we«*. Week before last. ......16,01 .... 6339 .'... Wetkeccins Ftb.9‘“*4ißoO .... «.*« We» fßflltEFeb.2 *i3?7 .... 3JKB Tie reo tpu tLia week sad last compare si follow*: RKtlved (bis week ...91W Received last wees 11.(31 Received more tbls week..... K.9IS TLe receipts this week compare wita tbs receipts tor U>e same period la IS6S, as follows: RfCODt# tbUwee* Bccrlpu for correftontJiaß week la 16C6. S»c.-iot* I«» tWa week The market lorLlvc Hogs fbrthe weekjcitclosed. baa ruled active throoctoot, eo that the armsl*, tbcoghsbowlnitaniDcreaaeoi nearly 9,(00 over the receipt* of last week, have nearly all been worked off. Up to about the middle of the week the doting rates cf la*l week had been lolly ascertained, hut under the liberal re< clpU cf Weciesday and Ihurscav, and with leas favorable advices from abroad, prices shaded off In tavor of buyer* to the extent«( ISjtOc ptr lOQ D». Tte packing acaton la virtually closed, anl of the lU.<(9 bead received this week less than 3,000 head have been taken on packing account. To-Uar— I There wat a fslr inquiry, aso the pens were tolerably well cleared at 36 3r<gAV) for common to medium lets, and (6.7307.25 for fair to very prime Doga. Good to Choice.. Medium to Fair. Common 70 ROO<i At lot, li> tcn.o.ui uneven lot. 67 **m r Quality,. *c u* in rtocf .*.... Hi COlfM-, UMTtn 10t... 69 n.edlimi luron II ■ k$ , ■74 muv quality 4-s fair, URbt Hoc* HI famcqualitv <9 c. arae, uneven 10t... 66 talr baron Dor* 66 lair bacon llog* i 3 tali, in even 10t..... Co Rood fat lot.. CO t oarac. or oven 10t.., 47 same qoal tv.. It 4 inline fi.l nog* «eaac»D».}lj IfcTtw American i<S Anu*Ke»c. .1* Uocltcai .16 M> umln< 17 Alien*)* )7 Providence I6tj Jaxe* hauadcra* 17 Glnacn"«r....... <7 W. W. Freeman & C 0.16 Ufn U Wamstma 13* , C01umbja............-.13 iIIAVS. _ I GUKOV W 1t0M0Ke....... 6HEEP—Reccltea to-day. 3«. Received >hls week, 4.Y30. Plifprcd to day, 1.123. Shipped this week, The market h-a hern lalrlj active for «ood mu'tan th-rp. atm pricer have advanced; hot common grade* have l<een n mevhat ncclected. and price* are without material ilance. Brices ran*e (hr com mon to price Sheep. LXBTIMOS. Atlantic MlUa »-19* heppcrrl' O ••‘5 at»t f^u Indian Orchard A.....*21* *• •* c w* •• •• * u W 18* « ” 1< »* Boot Milla U 18 - *• O It* CHICAGO BAILf RIAKKBT. - “ 8 51* Western World ...IS* Arswneut. 20 fnrtanmoUi P. 13* Napoleon It Quaker..., IS | aS- Standard. 31* I Nnnatooir 31 smimsos. Bed Bank 1| Locada'e *6* Atkwnzht. 31 tVambeck -S3 J.A W. Slater 4-4....23 Canoe 3-4 .... .13* Sla'crrUJet—B. W Hlsckstone lUw '’.lackiiVne* aX".’. .?! Ballon & Son 4 -1......33* •• - 7-8 .» All ink* of Grain reported in tA<« market reoort rremaaeon H>e b.itii of icmter (tr) ilorape) unkn oihericxit erpmttd. SxTPSDXT BTKXTVO, March t, 1967. FKK|l.*llTr»—Wxiukmd Fcctour*—ids follow ing U Uie i*rlnofihe £a»tem Boads: u *ft Dr* d Hate* Item Chlcaco 10— cUts.ciasß.Floar.Uvfa. t CJ* g 2 Toronto, C. * 83 5 JtfODtreS. C. B. 1-0 81 ITJ L 25 AIUr.y.N.Y 1.10 80 1.60 1.18 New 1.15 80 Ixo 1.35 Button Albany IJ} 85 1.10 1.35 Boetourla oraudlmnk.—. 145 85 1.70 1.35 l*i rtiatd no Grand Trunk... .. .. l.<o 143 Miilaarlplilw.,. US 75 140 1.19 Baltimore 1.05 75 iJO 1.15 litUburcb. 65 45 90 70 Cleveland, Ohio 45 » 60 50 Jtßer*onvilie.lnd. 45 ts 70 .. Cincinnati. 0hi0..-- 45 33 66 40 t< 1,41 U K.—tle-clred 4J325 bbl*.*. ahlpned 4X4? bMs. The Flour market toiler »u exceedingly dul. and bet enough wasdoueto establish rehab e quotations. Choice grade of Spring Kxtru were firmly held but bui«» were tot wtilh.s to pay me price demanded. Sonne Super* are in moderate request and with Ttry tight stocks, price* are firmly maintained. Wlnterltxlxa# rule steady, and price* are noodnally unchanged. Sale* were aa follows: Warns Wwtees— -40 utU not named at 914.75 ; 50 brl* “QolJea at 9134 Q: bPttiKo Exteas—UO orl* “Dater, IN haling & Co.’* state Mill*” at 911-73 sUO bn* not owned at 91U4fcs tOOb-l«doal»lO.»; 31 brl* do atfO.Tl: HTE ViA>tm—« brl* at fS-40; Bte Feed-10 too* at 110.00 on truck; BccewiusaT FloOE—3 brl* at s7.od; 1* brU at * 6 VV’fl’EAT—Kecelved, 10.776 cental*; *1 Ipped, WSS reuia-s. Mamet advanced V«lc on No.l and bo. * Spring. bales a ere: J.OW) bu >o. lat 13.71 V i «oOn Su altSAl; 5.00 a bu do at |l.a l *OO centals at 9.V.68; 200 -doat*?. W; KOouNo. &0 bndo at 91.3 M. tre»h; 10.1CODU doatsi.BSV; 15X00 bu do at 5.00 Condo at 9147 V; 1.6(X on do at 1 1-b. V; -VO. cen- U * at 43.13 H; tCtibu R«-J*ctcd at 91.63*. 4N bu do at 91.75U<3p«dk firm with more buyer# iban teller* at * CO^V^SceiwS^li, 1 970cental*; shipped.9.33l cen* UU. Market rather irregular-closing a ensio arm er. £a«*weic: 40joo bu No. lat o'<c; 5.W0 bu d* W 77>;c: 10.000 to do at 77c; 5.0(0 bhoo ntloVc; 34» centals at *U»; 5-fOO do at 91-3SV; 3..000 bu K<Joct«: at &3.V;C,600 bu Go st MVc; closing with buyer* ot No. I at. «c and #cH«-r# at iTS'c. OAT**— Received. liWcental*: Maraevl'** acuvc and without material change. sales were: 3.MW I a }»•*. 3at 43c; l,CU7budo«:4lsc; 5.000 bu do at 42>c: COO centals at 9i4lXc freah; 5,00 Cco at »l.’.a»;4obuoat(l-28: tW nu Injected at *oc—dating tu»e)r si (J.Vc io» fre*h and *lc ior Winter. U n t-U- reived, s.*3 centals; shipped, t,W centals. Sale* were; KOtonSol %twctre*h-, tWbudaatlKjjc*. 3,4>0b0(10*t96>-: *to bo dost 95Vc: 2,000 centals at —uceelvcd.WT centals; ihlppeo, none. sl*rkrl OU'el. bale# were: WC bu Rejected at 49}(et 4(C bn bj sample at 75c; 1.200 bu do at 7j>c. UkVn—Sate* wrre; SO tens at 919X0; 30 tons at SV» 75*. 10 ten* at 917-50. «... uu6oai cOltN-taslca were: S tons common at TKH—Received. 12470 55*; shipped, none, tt e arc unable as y. tto tote an/ •annual improre* m*nt Hi the general character of the market, nor i* tbrre atim mediate prospect cf any chance fer the bet ter Fur choice table qualitir s inert cotmnnes to no a »:c*ct auo tolrty acuve demand to sapniy the wants of local etuu mers. and as the amrals oi prime Wade* *re no mote than sufficient to meet this de* tnsnd. pilcTßtor »ncb ktep «etl up, aad are tolerably turn at out quounous. Indeed, for somethltj lancy SSfajpc may occasionally be realized, tboneb ini** at t&nc ctnreaareetcepiionat, ThSmarsetforcommon Tun and common Ftrkln remain ln«mruquo. The stock*.« bit hare already excctrtve, are steadily ae cumuisuig, and wtih scarcely any tcqui.y Ijr ship ments cr on heat account. sal»sdra« neavtljr, and, in deed, dealer* find u next to impossible toenectsalc* at alu except »t rtdnccd fairs. I'rtres dartne the weeE laveinlod lower, and onle*» there should spring np mi nnn-nal demand, throogh which this surplus can be 4-uiked oil, a fUrtba decitce seems taerttaule. bales to-day inciure 500 fts, ch, tco Roll, at. *7c: t o pji* coal :<v*; l.if p b« common Tub at 15c; 9 flrions Ktn eatSS*-. We quote at loUowa: Choice ‘2 S tteodlub- » S Commot Ftrkln *l® <.4ts c Frtmc .Itkln., ......... .................2D W!3 e ttAUitiM;— Cnderasligntly increased demand a betterfe«linc prevails, and pnce* are rather firmer- Tb» tnanlrr !• sUll contcevl pneetpa ly to flume small orders to sajpiy enttentwauu, nut a« the stock* ou d arc tioic\««»ive, dealer# arc geo-rally rsatixlne at (oh raus, linrlajvs and Ounnles are to belter de mand. aad are firmly h;ld *t quotations. The follow it par- tteprlcescumnt: National A, 2 bu, acamlpf* Unen *2*S Union A, 2 on, do llllrw A.lbu, do »•» Corn Kxchaneo- * * ?s*S MaiE A, cotton * JJ-W Leatsun A. do AndrorcOkgln, do Atr»ncar. oo E*S taaver MU'<a, eo gJO HlUtleM S. do g-W 1-Mil Mills. do gw Port tatt, do g-J« «Im Qo WW bS“;jnen «£ ladccv o(«t, been and cotton SXCO bPrC-efield |fis Uunrtia V»*rJk»*afS Itmlars, 4 bo, N 0.1.. >xnplrp CIW-*«* * 400 C ellfeE-K—The marke*. cihlbiu increased activity, etiMTiaiiy iorprimego and aa the suyrs of such Si at present barely snfflaenl to moot tae HrtUmste warns oi the t-ade,d*alen are bolding -irmly at fWI Mti. l ommonw'csieniCatry Ch'ftse is plenty, with a moderate trqulry. We quote the geteral market stead* ard firm at the recent advance, a- follow*: New pork Factcry (tfenoUie) .» a™ « {* « }J 4kl| c Western M*:ea 1J (a» c U*»rvc 1* ®i* ® “Tour* Aw erica". ( O a lr-Thwe U a fair trade doing in this article, ard ter the I. tin Vartc'lo* of bituminous Coal'ot wulchthe»to*t» are becoming S'mewnat reinced, oral. r« «mnal* tnstane'a.d-maodlAc tall rates, but for a.thT*.ell-(oaU\hrfeebngl#eaaler, owing lithe -notey In the market, and prices tend atroneiy to a lower range. We make to change in onr quotations, as loltew*; _ Eur—i'rooitws IH-Cd co onn*oi - 11-00 CtfrrLAAb—JtelAr mu-. 11.00 do SillerAl Ridgy.... . it CO do Willow 8ank..... ;O.OQ do Tunnel id.w S&lpßjeDU. 8A» 7,001 MtO 3.TSO 4,777 .... 8.650 .... p,ftß .... 4.1 M 8.169 .... WBl CoUle. Iloea. sheep. •..■l*l6 318 1,119 El 1 E Cattle. Hoe*. Sbw. 553 ... 3,610 12* ::i«o fc*i «•* ..!*sss a.** gw ...1.165 S3* J‘* 833 S.TIS M V*tlp\>e»w. HU»M nrp. Loirr Lchlc* U»ik*«at>a. rrepar««. Srranlon Ptttaca Ilitnol?.. do ut> track COFFEE-na*Jne« In Un« rt*p\rtmeat o' traa<? hi* Ixctituot'.ertirly active darloc tUu pant (aw ilay, Tlie 10-uay »u quiet, aaowe qaouclousg pile.* ts follow*: h)o. i t tnni'su to Wr c JUo. tao.D.i«i.cio choice..... ....... < At.P—The m&rXet l» wlUiou". chinas, talr v f ip> Port luiret. . • 1 75 rtfllremi. I)*E>SF.»» UOISS-MtrlteldaU, b*le«ver«i 40 all rwondat. si diTj.llliE or 200 tti at. riM».-Tb«ws«* tahlouine »otae utile toi^rur*. Tr.tot 1> bold of aetUit). the market U far from l*ti c lively, at a tbooeb la a small w*y deaivn •re renrnulf rcallrlPg at mil ritta oa rouad lou, aJir!»lioiw»«'on*a,af ibbmi in»i*oc« txsoQwulcj. SJact*rd,£mliJ/r to ibeJJJtblaßpplMa U»« Barters.are I clde firmly brio at QQMaUoca. we make ao change in onrlU' of pnera, as follow*: Whl Irflrb, So. 1. k brl tS.?V» J.OO WhilcOrh, NO. i, x brl.; U*» «.ts Trust, No. 1, X 4.75 Trent, No. s, Jtbrl osm 4je tew Mfc'iexiy. V £ Mackerel, extra man. V.K.brl- Macki rcl, extra mra*. B alt 3.53® 3 T> Uaeaerel, No. 1. klta new SAW* 2.ta Mackeie-.taimly. HU ff4st4 3.» rortßSb. Bank. B 100 »• 790 George's Bank BXO Hake . 941 Herring*, dried. No.l. V oor 904 99 Hcrricct, rcalcd 7D* 79 Lacrader Herrins*, ** or) .‘tQ.ooJJQAO Labrador Herrings, « hrt...... 9.»4 S.SJ Norwegian Herrin**, K’s 9 brl MlSXfl Norwegian Herrings, >r* B hr: 1<16.G0 KIIO-U'U: to thr excessive arrivals pncea during tho week have lallen off 10® 15c per dot, but yistcrdsr and to-dar. under a good inquiry .or shlp mect the surp nswaa ab»otbnJ. ana price* rule higher. Sale* were quick af 20ca£lc for fresh, In bezel or ml *. and 19(4 Me (or barrelled lots. FKCITH AND SCTI§-T#ew ll a (air move nest in tin* department i>t trade, and prices are well sustained all around, and generally him at quotation*. orirdApPh*. however. owing to tho Jarre supply here, ano in the East, were easier; prlcw eeueraUy ho me shaded nc. Flrr. m sympathy with tho advance I*. cold, were l«*c higher. Cn-dee Winter Annies are in rood teouest on local account, but the supply Is id. p)«£and pnets remain tteauy as previously quoted. Cranberries are tec min* scarce, and prime troll Is belnr held at advanced nl'i. Oranges and Lemons were In moderate supply, and quiet and unchanged. Nuts were quiet, and Filbert* and Chestnut* were lower. We revise our list as (allows; Apples, pbrt lumens, Uesslna*. ■ Oranere, V box Cranberries, *bn natkD raens. F>pf. drcnK Fit*. cartoons, Can Pe»ftCT, V 002 S ft can*. Annies, P« echos hair* e ana qaarien. I'taclin. p«r»d..., Blackberries, new. 9 fc lUspbcrrto*. new V » Cherries, pi ted tlderbtm**, F » Itamn*, lUIJILK, Val*l Clt . sardite*. v ta/dlces, x bore* arts. _ a , Almonds.hard-ihcllod « 9 «• Ainu nd*. tolt-thelled . *5 9 Atatnca, raptr thclled W ® mUnmcioa-Fbajesi 4JDO HrarUNnt* » 9 « FUwrt* W 9 1| Fre« Walnnu, 21 Naples Wj-ltnu S ® 21 l*ccan». smart audlarge _» d .* I!l« torj Nut*. V bo. 3 W 9 32> CliM-UU, * »a S-S) « 7.W i;kb*!*E—Marlctfirm. bales were 177 tea rd. to« atKWc* 111 <; II M I NFS—T>celred 515 hrl»: shipped WO brl*. Market inncUv» and nominal at 2&3'£hc for Bunded. 1-VccU quotable at _ . , ~ UOt*rt— Are»uUnKatCC®6Scfcir EaiWu and H 9 | Ctc tor Western. BOOS. Receipts. bhlpmmta. .90.409 14,433 lUH 1.9(0 .ii.m .... V... s.9l* 1 bit week. last week. .I&S3Q7.w tssaa7J> . 6.VJu»s.7> ~ ausass UOU SALES TO DAY. Ar. Price. ..Sl6 I ■>.9' ~«6 8.55 ..ns m ~iw &s;v ..«« 6.37* .JJO laD ..330 6J4 ..m ~W 634 ..Wl 6.80 ..303 665 ..193 5.65 ..iH 6.6 ft ..33 6JB ..S» ~3» 6JO ..*3 7.C0 7.w UAI iio3ftt«.na ICOO . J«.<o «JO» tuo Sift# 6XO tun rp jCh .44X0 »5.50 .. axe m aso .. 8.10 (A 9.« .. u.oo btisjti llAt—Tr«trt« cot particularly brtifc but a» the tu-cki ate a HlUe short pnres are fully sustained, ana lor ITerß-d Timothy the Ivlina w very Ann. Owtn* to Oik bad condition of lh- roada very little vm arrtr lop on wmsons to-day, aid Looie Hay commanded toll rater. Wc repeat our list: -vuuLceaix reins. Timothy, teller and beater prtwed fi1.003U.00 Timothy, loose |*rf*s»fl UiA^UJO Vtalrte.beater pretred.... lO.O’kgU.OQ ■siAii-rvk**.. Time thy, roIW «ud beater pressed f17.a1213.00 Tie or y. I no** prewwd 17.00j5i9.00 Frame, roper and beater pressed UNtaUAJ J’ralrie. loose on vaeon, delivered. 13.WV211.00 HlDE**—Received. 1ri,750 as; »Miped,MAOt as. Tr e Ktaeral maract remalu •üb*ianttaily mo same as Lotedmourprcvlonsreporif. Iherets a steady and lairtv active itqnirr.b»to tor shipment and to meet the current want* ofiocal tanners, and all dMroblelo's are readily workedoff at full prices. Tta« demand at pr«se>.tiscbl*or tor light cow’s and heavy steer's lldca. otbcraewrlpUoasareootsoagbtaner. Grub >y Bides are taken at one-ibira off. We quote tbe njarKei bra at the following range; Ur-cn hoteliers’ 8 A B*c Gretn btHcd, trimmed io*(%il*e i.reenCaij. 18 C4W e '\lpOrvcn.»aUed..... t 4 i*’.s C Dry Flint.trimmed t» (2tß*'c Dry Salted, trimmed. ...U*t2ls*c Giver. taUed.partcnred 9*©lo c White 9<(%io e Yellow B*© 9 c Brown . ...Hus c IKON aNH STKKIr-'the demand ts moderate and prices are firm. WeconUnuetoqoole: CoTEmrii Bar 5*C Ilor*c Shoe Iron 6;i4 »-*c Heavy Bard 6 w tire □oop and Liabt Band. 6*oll e Routd snd Square &*>* 9*c Oval 6uc Bair Oval and Ba f Bound & vu 6*c Sheet IfOD, CODIZEOD 7*\«..,.c Ext'aßrwnds 7jf*....c Sheet Iron, galvanized ....18 <*£l c Sheet Iron, charcoal, 76 9*9....e feheetlron.Juniata, 26 c SccwayKaxl U.d*......................(ft13*c Dow SxeeJ, German ....17 <SM e Flow t»tcc, east -17 (*IS c Spring ordHre Steep EneJish ir*©!! c Tcoi s aat Steel, ordloary sizes IS w3O c Tool Cart buO, American .71 e Blistered Steel X «3C c BuSalo.Kos.9aud 16 25 UK C Ruislo, Am* Ist quality, V t*U <2tS c Russia. Am n trt quality, V sheet £l3 e Bussia. Am.. *dd aaauty. *■ sheet <*l6 c I.D-wßEK—'Trade lathe yards was slack, and drices were steady at the tallowing quotations: Lcwnrs-Kirst Clear, 1, lß,l*&aaainch, * in KOOOa«.M Second Qcsr. 1.1 v, I* and 7 Inca Third Clear, Inch 5(U0*53.00 Fust and Second Clear Flooring, to aether, touch, the same u Second Clear wide.... 50.00(233.00 Common Flooriig. rough Sj.iA<W7.oo Matched ai-dl)r»*sed Common Fluorine. 40.00$ Matcbwl and Dressed 8 Inch Common Flooring. Sg/Oft&OO Ftmaod-econd Clear Sldfnr, toaethtr.. SO.Ok4.VUM First C'inmon Dressed Mdiua U.0Q5?5.00 Wocm-Dox Bo arcs, select, IS Inch and npwatds SUOkiIOO A Mock Beards, 13 inch**... SJ.O3VMJO R block Boards, 13 inches 36MJ27J9 Comuiuo Ikionla, ScanUint, Free* log, and bmall Timber, 13 to 13 teet _ lo&c !u<QJ> Joi•U‘su2o bcanUlor, 18,38, Si and 31 teet. X8J&&&M Joists and Scantims Siuxchtt—A or bur bhaved Shingles 00 Ko, 1-awed Sbincica..... £50^3.00 Uth-Vcmbi» yard* kN By car-load by Northwestern Bollmad. deluerrdta any yard where cars cah be «»rtrhed.oraßy detot, Aor ur caw ed fitiaclci, by oMoid, on track 4.73 Aor bur Sb«ved Shingles, by car-toaa, __ <n track. 5.7*% 4JD Ki . | fca*ed Shingles, by car-load, on tiock , <JO Three .loijara a car-load add*4 when transferred, wttcb charge follow* the 6hlng>e« in frelzht blB. amsoLK itanoaud. Alt IP' l ThldncM—FlTC SbiDKlQ* to t>e tvo locboa la thick* tf#a. Leorth—Sixteen lnch*«. Uaix:*—T»enu irvhet. Counts— Twenty.n»e. I.KA rilEll—Trul/* 1» Picking up lharp, and abet- MrfeelmeoblOM. Mati-factorm aift la ihs raarcct «r.d orci i« fionj the country are r i i bectauins to *r riTeqnlteimlr. The stocks nr* f*lr and the market la otitr at our qm tauut>«* which are as f.liowt: BXIILOCS. City Harness V slaughter, Bel- { 39® 40 tslosole f it Country Harnc-t. So S anaoier, Sole, _ Uoe. * B 43® 41 Chicago No. 1. 400 « Kip. medium, V „ sUuahter.Sote, 9. 1.U31.9) ChicaciNo.'.’.. 313 Tt Cfcltßß LNX«I.GO Dnenoi Ayr«.... 89*40 Upper, v foot soa st Orinoco bole Sti* 39 Country th per. .. 2-V* 3 i Orinoco, cood. Collar V foot £>A3l| damaged....... 91® 3} SWURhtcr.Sole... 53® St French Calf,3l Harness, V B 4W* 46 as 2JO® 3.33 Upper 30®s: CalfcM Kil».>f tt5........... . 3.0033.10 dlorn 1.10&1.3) FrenrhCalf, Le KiP No. I. roolnea. per heavy .......... 83®1.t0 I d0z...... 90.00,390.C0 mAri.fc MKSA U-i« beglntlns to arrive In a acallaav.atdtttellttleoflerlns finds ready sale at atfcttc P»r B. SIETAi>J* AND TINNER** STOCKr-There Is ro particular cha:2e to tote in the ceneral features of the market. Trade continues steady, ava prices are arm. We quote. . itx. I me. Po* Tta Tlaw, 1 C jut quality, cast .WJ< 10xU...., tIS.M ' lot quality, ihcel U targrpits mi&Ub u small Pig to . nsioßT win*. Karlin »|1t0«.... U copwck. 17.8 and 3 « Metallic Al’ Boll*— S3l tu tad II .l» copper Bottom to 1 1*.. •••••;! Urailtrtoyer 10ft*.. «3ji3and U ....15 sneet, Uto 16 46115 and 16 1£ Tinning 10 j 1J -11 tuTOtrr vrrav. _\ IS -1? Ist quality 30) l« .31 Antimony So I SO .31 Floe bolder 301 Fence Wire. 10 ji AI arc light, aw) prices are firmly mala* laintu. V?eiepe*t quotation*: Gd ¥ keg ft.® i Id f 9» M T.a|sd,Aneb'aed......... 9.35 Gd. 7.5013 d. Anehlaed. 1035 40 7.% I Cut Spike* 7.73 Sd B.»lciltießedsK 5.50 Oll.J*—Dealer* report a tairly active market for standard Oita, aod lor nearly all descriptions prices are Dm at quotation*. Un*eed continue* In rood request tad steady at previous rates. Lard Oil is in demand and trmsr. Ws make no change in oar quo tations. astollows: Up*red (Ml • Lln«ctd Oil, boiled 1.60.*1.t0 WbaleOlCw.B..... VX?I*S L*rd OH, extra.. l.lVjlJ^O LatdOU.No. 1 Winter 1.1041.15 Lard OH, .so. 3 Winter H£&‘l9 Bank OH, round lota HSPI'29 Hack OH.Straits..., '*SSVH Machine OH.. “Si S Sperm Oil, W. „wi5J Lubricating Oil I'AKKHN OIL—Is in moderate request, and steady and firm at the prices tflveo beiow: Carbon, V car load «££ Carbon, small lot* * ritOVirlUN?*-Bce«Tcd.4,6.*« B* Curcl Meats, ana d).73u bs Lard; shipped. B* Curedllcat*; 6J brig Beefs 1.111 oris IVrkaidL'nl, mesa Dora—Market nrmer—buyer* and seller* apart. ißalt * wer«: 3H)brl» *i tIS-K.V ex'll : r.KW buyer March al 11950; l» btls, M- u. at *lS*4£*'U— closing with sellers ot standard Uatns at 119.35, and 1 Wkicd flam*—Sale* were*. 553tct atlsc. llnlk ItlcSla—Weitactive, MOoosomeetylj 1 rote an sdrsi cent mc. Bale* were? 60,tCJ »s bhort I Wb at 9\c; 550,000 BS do on p. L; 6.000 pa do onp. U 1 del. at fcddj rllle; ©i.Wa B* at Ike*, (.tot pcs do os p. L; •.15,000 ps Cumberland* at Skc; 115.000 Bs Uoosb blue* at 914 c—all loose. t.ard— Market qmel but firm. ba:e* were: 200 ic* prime 1 team *t;3c; rSStre Jfol atllj<c. "triSARS—The general tnarsrt has ruled steady tbrrußbont the week, blocks arc Improving slowly, ana with a moderate demaid. dealers were Ana In their slew* at the tllowitcprlces: Cuba .13KA1SVC I*ollo Hleo .ISVyUHC v. ifefined, Dowdered and e v-hlieA U*.il6 c Circle A .ttsdWCc Whit" ishi*»sc TtHow UJ*I4W-«C <XUBtdC U dItUC Oxnard C, extra .UVAH e New Oilcans prime 1151*15 c Sew Orleans ilr ......UUdUYc HI m r |*?*—There bw been only a lliht inquiry du ring the week, and dealers la order to effect sales,were fttely shading prices. We continue to quote: Boston Amber. ft-2JV4LU New Ter* Syrups Vrllow lA&L3O l'tt)«sloUlKi «• to rt-rto gj® to New Orleans ®«l-00 rbiladelpblaßee Rive «» TO Chiraco Refinery, Amber I.OJaLU Chicago Refinery, (»old«n s'® *0 cbtracohefluery. Sucar Rouse •>.* SO HIDA A Ml SALEH ATHse-Tbe market con mu«* steady, and prices are aechaoKed. we quit*: Babbitt's MedkinaJ ,llk«l5 e - Ukt4Ujfc DeJaPd’s Chemical,... e •« Healthy ;.12«4«a13t»C “ pnrerrr.v llkdllic t*\ LT—Kcceirtd, tone; shlppttL <OB brli. Mar. setsicsdy. no sale* reported. Vtequate: Ne» Ccane..... _, *-® Giouta 501ar....... J® Turk's Hairy, with sacks J JJ '.-iisa: The s**d market *l* Heady atrti prlcea 'ttn tmetaaffd. Twornr—. lS &•« percental: 319bap*3S»IWdx atfL&j; CLoraa—Sbsgsat *®JO; Ftax—4l «s« at M «MRA«s-iwttes the weA JQ«t dosed there hv» b**sj 1..,]. eo improvement In the demand. Choice Sr. L* in «« with rather light yStk? prices 1 m,d firm, at the annexed QaotttJoM. Vouncnjsca.aupevU'Ttoffne,J| ’{rSlS Yooic Jlysr d, extrs tr*« m Ib pe* law inpet lor to floe, J i*^aS^ lm.enauextraL>€U.l«s ¥ itSi» Hoop- wcer, superior to fine,£ » Client wdrr. extr* to choice, V s—H® namral leaL due W extra nne. V 8... 1.3&«ll.15 J;SS:S!SS iSe*» >»*'•« J»P*n. natural Iral. colored, 6* h 1.5541.1 C a‘HBACCO-nrta*in»a«lctwUhprtce* totmaalij iSJ-'S I S2S»*rrj sjjoxxso Tonaccx). 00 ( CdBBOt cboiW—.u:*.*.'.;*. I ntlten . r.®»c 1 Medium.. TO4l5e s£?£<£!lneticht ToStoc j L-mmoa. »4TOc E l4 '*??! iv2r I Navle* 60475 c sW**L°f 1 Vlrclnla U* A Bi.^V4Uo s*ol«b'—a ««'■= I a.aa _V ’’V_Vrnnir in the market, tie quote: flkSttlMJ $ Jg,** 5 in T«»l IWOBMIM 2 Srtl delivered.— ® • On K-ceiC m :*.*:!!!.***: ilouua 1 lino t£ 1 Market atody. So salt* n.p°rted. LIST OF LEXTERS. “LKTTKES BKVLUNrKO UNCLAIKRD lH TnE Peat Office a« Chicaxo, Stateoflllinois, on tbs»d oay 'nr" ~WSimd m, “V.’?u?s‘r c.o-t call tor 1 ApTxrmxP Lrrrxva,* glee the nateoi ihi* 111', aa-i pay nc cent far adTrrtlsin.j. wtll pr •• jf got called fur wlibrt OX* jtuXTtt. they ™ be kui to the Dead I-ettt* OEre. „ *ir- "Leiur* are not •«*crßa«d tot>l they haTare- Bialmd lh be office one week, and on > rWag •»« I ££ orraya letters to tK-aaveiUtod are In the lands of tna T 7j “ri 1 nr In id ten pltUy to the street and mimbe:, aa wm #• the Post office ao« htate. --——.-a **L ur AD »e«irr» with the'• State, ciun «nd smon. «Ua them*J? foil nair.c, and rtcutal the ana wen to be alrectodafr tostrsscenor »naM»« **4?riSbelha postace stamp oa the uam. Ulay* arAca iSlriJSc anrt direction tir rofft-*Aaxraa with oat interfering * "Iv. U i?,-i l INCEST fer the IHTCTWof a letter W the >rlter, If unclaimed within «« J“*s w llteo Of printed with the writer’# ted rtAT* aoroi. the Mt-haad eua of the aTelope, on th» face aide, win he compiled wlta at eald rate of pcauce. payable wh»n the latter U toDT cred to the wilier.—{tee. *B. Law of lan. . XT Free delivery of Letter* to any part oMheclCT can be aeeored by bavin* them addressed to the straot aid number .lOXUiSJJai . 9.00<t .UJioais.oo LADIK** LIST, Abell R G alas ABdrtW Mf o 2L L .*,-..- abOuUla.uietiiUa* Andrews Mary fal« AM-ott Lilia mlaa Anderson Mar* 6 mra Alkm £!ira X art 2 Aaoeiaon LooJ*» nir* Akulyl M rit« AntertneJcmU a miu Alexander Came I. mrs Antof.r Mary & mts AlexarcerCiMWtotteMmraAnwwCaieb inn . Alien I»elpber mlaa AoguaUno Marts miss AilUon Harriet C mrs 2 August Polly miss AU-n Mary rnra Atwoodmiu Arooodaonbosanmn Auberry Andrew! Jane Ann mra Appleton Elizabeth A mr» Biker IV H rolls Blair Mary C ml** Bagnel Sarah miaa W\tr ED mr«» , . Bacna OU>e ratii BUke Jennie U mlaa 1 Hallman Kale miss Boatdroaa Haney inn Baldwin Came D Bodel Mafgrat ror» Dane W c mra Dime Kmma O mil* Baik-Ciaramlas Vf m tar* B-nsran Clara mlaa Boothjf Ed slu on Hartley M V mra voynton Qeoree mra Darlcw C«lesteroU* Bowen Mary E Glorcr mra Bartow Mary a U.M Bower LPmua Barney M F ran Brennan Mary rob* 8 Barnes Cbarii a mra prea.lx.Bhtm Mary am lumeyTLar* Bteamcr Mareafctmn Barnett Emm* mra Broogfiton B*il« ou« Baret Margaret mlaa Brooks Rose B rora Bartiftt Ann 6 rots* 5 Brookabancy roUa Bane MB Mrs Brown Uewmtas Baa-ettrarah rolM Brown Bel Baxter Busan tataa Brown Net }e M alu ttnntUUeUmia Brown PWlUpe mb* Bennett Atu. M row Drown M*rtm r mra Benjamin Hm F tar* ‘ BotforaMuwmra Beat apton Unit mra Darke JmiaA mra Beatles Ann u rora Barite Parma A mra Hcaumrntroadame Bultl* E mra BenonJimrura Burt am Boren tart Bird Biiflpel mrt Bantam Prances miss Bird Fannie mra Bnrtejmra u *f-Iti Man.Hi mra Rurklck Mary D mra r inner Ar.n E Barton Anr a mra Bicr'e Ellen mlaa Baras Llxzie mlw 3 Kiri Sten “» Bottrlrk Saran mlaa flack jot-eph mra Iroroa Mair Ann miss Heaney Ro*» tta ralu Bnye r Matilda mra Blodgett Louie aba Henry f mra a » m 9i a as a a » 4.0 <S 1.75 9 <a MJf 1« <* 19 43 a u SI (A St ta u « a g* « is a 16 4.7 S k» 4JB 13 a 19 » « n 53 9 U Campbell EL mra Compton Loo mlas CarootdlLl amiss Con>b,And'ew mra Carlton B A tala* \nQsd>o£«teUexnl4 C- He liantkij sate Connell Bridget mra Can ele»C r» ror« CoiceiiMarymtu Carry Bridget mtas Connell Margaret miss Card PraacoMn mlsi Cornell Ehentalsa Care) Kate mt*« Connors Mary mra Ca»well Frank ton Coanoie Ann mra CsMtuay>- n.tts Co&naoehtoo Bridget mra CLa>t>berf E Ktors to^kMaryrors Chaaberlsio drmra Corkey Kate in Us Cbamiilin DrwUt mrs Core* Lottie miss Chat man Lily ndas Copelu Jolla mrs OilJier Jcaeih mrs Ccroeit Csthenoe mist Chudea Kate Co»ce Beaale ora CbriMian I* W tnra Cramptoa Harriet mrs Christopher Agt-Hls S Cresd Della miu Ckaxtland kltoile mi«a cravC-tO U-ry mra ClraTfiacd s G mra Crow Icy Rllramla* Ciesrrland India alas Crocker Cttherloe U Cltry Jails nil-* Cronntn Lime miss Clerk Emma mlaa Ca'llgan Winnefleld C ark Came miss CaCsr Anna mra Clark Jennie HmUs Commlca FloiryPmlss Oark rrilta mra Cnromlns K-llie H mils Clark UoIJJe mbs ColdeoUJrors Clotran Jobanna miss Catler Battle B miss ClJDnrd Mary miss Corn* Msry mra C> al mra Cyrai Amatda C mrs Colfax E mra Corby Ann J mra colbln S H mra Curry Mary A mra Denlro Annie mlaa Donahoe Patrick mrs Damortb Minnie Bon Dongbue Catharine Dandy Uaitle mua Don..rat w h mra Daec»tt Jane & mlaa Doipn Manna mra Daf»» FM mr» Dowal Kittle atu Daniil* AU»Un trra Derain W £ m<-a D«vl» Manta tnUa Drew f N mra Day Racbd A mra Downa A 8 mra Dearborn Jamea 8 xnn Downy Mary DeUp Mean*. ndra Ujwni Myron D mra Permoct Catherine mra Downa Aaron mra Dlnwoody Ain rrrt Dye Julia Natry mra DUlcn Annie ml»v 2 Drake Pauline mlaa Dlciej Laura rn-*s Daffy PW»r mra Ml’on Kate J mlaa Duff Mary C D» dee Motile n taa . Dye Fannie mra Uorkerty vary Dyer Frances tnlu jrane Kcbmatnrs Dorati EmraTmra Dcberly M J mlaa DeUaln Franc mlaa Edwards Ella A miss Evsns Emma ntlra E omondron AhP !• mra Brans Mary P miss Ethildce Mattie mlaa Enls Mary B miss kt ana Nellie mrs Farcnsron Owen mrs Flaherty Mary Farley iiarymra FJ Un HaryXmia Farrell BDllr-8 miss Flanders Isabella inn Fct arty A J miss Fllnn Helen n.ra 'eruna E J mis Flanders Matnle miss ? iualromei a Ane mra Foley Anna nuts PUjM< m« Mary J oifS Ford Alice miss Firth Hattie miss Fore H.MUoBmUs F«trh fpsan mra Fountain 31A mra Fl'chfarah A 2 Fowler SJ mm _ Finely k*aiy Foster U«ry £ mra Flrh.lames Emra FralnAOmn Fli-her Ell/abetnmra Frankenonnc Marcia mra FUrcetalc Mart ti'lu Frishve Annie mlaa Flannacan Margaret mra 2 Froit Addle ml** rlowera Mart B mra Fume* mra ria&nlgan Mary J miss Fishedick Helena mlaa G OsHowsy Jane E mist Gordon Nellie miss Gal> LA mra Gould Lizzie mn Gavin Anna b mist Granger Ben mra Gar Annie O ml»a Graff PhoeoaAmra Garnett Carrie mlaa Gray Lillian miss GU.b« Eliza V mbs Gray Wary c mra GllmoreEJlza miss Grrca \ Emit Glen Lizzie» Good Thomas mra Gille-pieMary Brnlts Green Aivlia£ miss GtiiettMary v a las Grlfflo Bosantamlsa Ga])t-y<r Kate mis Greenwood LncT mlas Godfrey Mar> tnl-s Griffin Amr B nua Go- Oman Maiy mra Oevslnan Mary Gordtil v r 8 A mra Grover Annie mn Qow*-y Emily L mn Gunn A 8 mra GivifrM'iiiiiaan Gea/n Mary miss GooidWAmra jj Hahock EJIm mra Heariiny £l>«n mlsa UavEW K title rol»a Hearttnger Anety mlaa hale* Mattie Henderson Wllbnr s mra Hurley H n>Ua Uenncwy Mary h mlaa ilarkett Ullie B mra Heontbry Bndcet miss Hall n>ts Ilendrlrka Marie mita Hai klmt t« mra Henry Almtra miss Halt Lucinda mis Uicka Kit* L rots* lUnnlttan K ate mlta 2 lltnea Carlsaj L mn Uanwfa Em Ht t Aftry mua

lUnlon Annie miss Hltcbooca E A mra Hat ten Katt mU« PluFYankmUa Rarer Orlando mra Bill Nellie L mlsa (landN mra UIUDKTnta Hanlln U 6 mn Hoffman Martha miss 2 Karris J* ntett mra IL«dcea Leila mra llarvc) Ann c l>s Hohba L Amlts llsrhcr Fratces ran Holbrook Katy miss Hr rtup- e mra Holmes U ml«s HaiterEarahnn Hone 4ml»* Hunmcton uanclmlss Hooper Neaolemtss Harden Mary ACii Hcmao U J mra llattli H G mra lloaher Jane mra Hsibsvsy Uovalla mn Horan Ellen miss Mawlunc Jarot-B r> mrs Howard M*ry L alas Huvlnm tils mra Howard ll mrs lla«+ Anna mtu Howard B M mra IUI«b lirma Hoyt Nettle mtM Hawkit a Hannah mn nnbhatd Fannie mlsa Hurwood Bm mrs Hnshei Grace mi«s Hay Mary Hubbard Alice miss Hayc* Nc lie mUs Hneclns Jane miss Hcdtrao UtlnfAj mra Humlagton Httaf mrs Utmlngway Maryann Qumpbrierltte 0 mra Jacobs Hamah mra Jones Ellen mlra .iack-or A mn Jones Levina miss Jea>ltEAmr* Johnson Mary miss Jones O.ive A miss Kerr Sorts miss Kennedy Mary miss K« arnct Mary miss Kennedy Marr L miss Keeler sat ah Kimball Adcie mre Keathi) Seine ohm Klt.B»hnry Cornelia mrs KcvlcrMary Amts Kirkland C Wmrs KtUucc Mary mrs KiDßthory Alice mlu Ken Per Kate miss KlmrmaJß Abhle Ki Ik CP Lontaa mils 2 KlnacfSSmlM Kelley EllenmUa Kior wnUamiaS Ktl cy Merit miss Kit g Wealthy Anna rm» 2 Klne tm-ret *mrs Kelley Ctcella miss Knight Hattie tnlM Kelley Sfary mrs Knight Celeste Dew Kendall Uabtl talas Knott mta dr L Labon Jenny mrs Lerpn Emma F miss LambMarymUs Link UdU mrs Laidei U«rilettKmrt Linton Louisa cclss i.aLe Georse mrs LivingsWn Louisa mrs Lane Hester Ann mrs Uncolt > mrs Lsnr jctsle K miss L-Odt» Annie 3 tan lAnrence Adeline Emrs Looml" Loutee mitt Lajton Kate M mis Sarah L mrs Latbram Ksntlemltt Lowell Era miss Laa son Marr mua Looupun Blanche relM LTlllUrrteWSrs Lyre EllMteth c mrs Letlalie* Celia mlu Lyman Btamlss Lemon T A mrs Umes Catbertne mta LenctiMarrirltt Lynch Catherine mts Ltwti FaotieFmrs , LynceClara mbs Lcocbooscr Martha E missLycn A U mra MabonT Mary Mitchell mts MaimAr nlc mirs Mitchell F miss Macion Maggy 1 miss Mcakley A'n Lmlss Mann Jn la mbs Mooney Ella mrs Mit»h A 0 mrs Moakley Mary M ml« Mai»b Batue A mra Monaghan Jawee mrs Martin Cal mis# Mono/ Jane L ml## Martin Emily miss Moutacue Lydia mlsa Maiun F L mrs Morrlso? Ellen miss Manic Jamc. mrs Morgartv Mary miss M*x.onFunicemta Mown flame j >u>urd Eva mbs Mom# Caroline mn M%\hen Emma mitt mlaa Slather b a mta M°rton UHle Maxwell G U mrs Morse Mary A mrs Slrachrr Mary mitt MomMjn James mn Sterrill Ltcxlemfsa MnnT*mri. Mercy A S' mra 2 Moore Llrxle mrs Memain Jennie I mlsa Morse mn Merrill E V mrs Maaehood RslUeaws Mill# E nu a MurphT “*» MPli Arthur W mra Murony Thomas mta Sillier Franc miss Murphy Jolla jolm MU'cr Fannie mra Myer# Jnlla A miss Miller D mra Myers Maggie Mills mrs life McAdams E min McDonald Atm mra Mccalia Mary mra Sic Donald Mary A mist MrCMn'ocK $1 tnr# McUoley B-lle mitt Mrcilnlock Marlon L WMcGary Ellen mtse miss MeKaf Robert mra Mci'ov Mary min MeLongbTn Annie miss McDoogail Margaret mlsa Mt Parian Rosy miss M.Dunaid Mary mrs McCahill Ellen miss McDermott Bridget Kaih DeEtta miss Etcolsoc Mary B mn Ktlein JuUa mlsa Ole# Miry E mra O'Connor Alice mta* (Hl# Sylvia iLisa (‘Keefe Kate »l*a Grier jenni tulM O Keefe Amy mitt O’Xdl Hi mlu P Paine Isaac tar* Pwkina L Fntr* Paine Martha O mra £* aat J i*au.r Olivia mrs Palmer A mtt* PhilllJ?* Marco mis* piISS H K mra Virginia oim Parker W K mrs Pierce Mag«le miss Pay set. Henry mra Pierce Cora miss Patrli'k Kellie M mitt Pope L mi« 2’conltraa bamoel mrs Pomnt Harriet mil* Penoaer Lacy mis Powers EIU mu* iwatscn £<leo Powert Anuie miss leabtdy Mary J Pratt Mart mis IXnoytr Lucy mrs Front Mary mra Qusrkenbnsh Mary Aim Quirt E U mn Randall Gusslc miss HectorE C m« Batner Mira mrs Rea Kellie miss RandallEilaFmlsa mra Us no all A.txed mra BooerW Jennie mis* Hstktn Carrie miss Randal Louisa mra iUsmond B mr# Rod Mart* Snutt nsw»on SanS mn Ro»ekran» CnafUy A ar* Reynold# ElUahtth mu* tvttlmsn Mary ml#* Rran Margaret mitt Deism Ltolemi#* Ue'm'd# JennJf ml#* Ryan Mary Uetihcld 1-ltnc C mis* Sace Mary xnra §***£*s ESPJSiS 1 * 1 saroro tnl»» £ P* e Ji. 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Heveo Athlam Q Uromck Patrick talleyror Bidtelt John W BrokaJC BaUei Ell Tidwell W J Droska U F Utley Bit Blgalowcapt BroomatiJß Bailey ■Wiuiam Bill J C Bromine rF laker Fomthe MiltnpaHenry F Br-nbrJamefl Baker Pam Bliow Robert BrotaJH Baker EX Lewis Brown J L) Baker J » BhgbamEC Brown FU BafetWflllasi BlnkbamME Brown Chaa A Baker W c Uisebaro 811 dr Drown A b Kaldw-nWroA Drtcejame* n Drown Cbaa ualda In denry Birmingham Pat- Brown F C UallTW rltk Brownlra D»ll Peter BtriellJamea BrownJohs Capcron Georce Bubyl>D Brown HnrtottL Batcroii Cha* W uiack WUUa Brown John A Banta Junes U BUckaU A W Brown Samcel A Darbar James Blackotume Cbaa Brown Luke 8 BaibourC A capU BrownAHoward Barclay tl lUackUct Dartd Brown A Bar- BatlcgaJobnJ biackmoiellarry woods Barlow A pierce Blib Aca Brown EP4ITL Barn*»UtoK BUD John Brown, son A co Barn* it Abram BUK'MoaesO Brawn Ac« B Barney W 1 Biaodtfa BrowtlngZH Barrett TbosM BlUaO _ BrowningUW Btrrott J O Bio dworth Cbts Broydoy J J Banowjchn ulnettWm C Bruce JohnChon BarrowiinuS BlnrometJunes BryantßF Barrows A Sage 3 Biuni J G gen Bryant R W Barr* J C Boddlnplon AC Bnaot W a Barry Charlea B Bogart E B Hnbb J F Bara BJcnetl James Bartlett wm Bonner v*m Bunker Ell K Fatfiird IID BonteAPC BuroaUc Edward BaltbamWO PoLtey Frank UnrchOto Bateman Chat Bootocow J Batts Henry D brtgeenl Rargeas P.iny A RatraJK BooaDl Bnr.eaaAT lutes W W B-otbA Conway Barnar J. hu capt Batwntan H V Bowden U P Burn*? John Aco Howen James M Borns Patrick Baylea Joctthao Bowers J iUB-jn Boras Wm S Bearden y Geo H co 2 Born* Edward Beasley 0 A 80-lerJE Bwr D fiKi'r U'Hl Bo* mar oaotel Bomoehs Joseph Beckett John » H-try a BtCChcrGcortT BoydTß Borthrom John Beecher W F Boyer A’ len „ Horton Tbomaa Beeae A U Bv>ytndton 1» C Hoctou Ed R Bdden T Bradford SC Doachman AJoaes BenntU George Bradley Goonra itoebnellHL Bennett E F Brady John* BoaaelUA itenieu Rowland Brady Barnard BnUerVFB Bennett H* nry Brady H go ea W H BcinobJßAco urasgHenry M,* ButlerJ Btntley Hiram F Biaitc H U Holler Cha* W Bercnet II F Brand M But cr Moreau fergea A Wilson Bransoa Rofo* gdJvrneidGW fctrry J 8 Bnck Andrew J Botterfle d Phi* Berry EH Breed A K Berry Richard B Brace A • Bulterteld P Berry lUihard fl) W*aan John DUoxton Wm Berry Harry BxlgetbC Byrnell BoDyFI 3 BrUham Geotke Byrne Junta* Btalcy O BtlcUam G W Barney ED Deue TS : BalleyThomas Boa ler H Irwla Betted cr Peter D Brtodr Patrick 9 Csdman Jamta T Cbaptrim Nap> Connell James V*OJ O W Iron K » Codec iy W L Cabilt Daniel Chaae Warren Cmnon John N C.Ull Janet* Chase Edward Cob war Otom Caibooß s-amT Chase Charles fid-Loarad Jacob G Ca.vtbsOW ward „ Conroy Jamea Callschan Mich’l Cbaie Charlea V Conway Benjamin C*Jiat»n Hecrr Cheoey Blcsara J. ... Campodi Marcu» Child* A 8 'a y Christopher J M Coo< Master John Campbell Jamea Christopher W D Cp«t A J t. rev 2 Cook Charles Camel Wm Church C C Cook, bhaw A 00 Campion Michael Churchill George Cooper J Can cron Walt H Cooper ThoaL S Capr* n Philip W Cl»ney John. Cooper A-sterman Carey Bo clarr Darry L Coras George Carey Robert Clark W B Cotreß u J Carlt. W Clark John Couch M Carl mr Cutk W 8 Connell CTua Carietoo Philip J Clara Elam O Courtis Fred Carpenter W U Cia’kßobert Covert JuUnreT CarpetiierOen WCIarkDC A CarpenterD*llvauOark JC _ C * .. Carpenter CharieaCiara Charles C CoTneToomu wot Clark Ml . crane Samuel Carpenter&co Clark* Smith Crangllemr CarrPhlUpH Clark QaTto Grawfurdliroa Carroll Michael Clay Henry. Crawtord VTullam Carroll WO Cleary William P Carroll Jcbn 2 CiemroonsLD Cray jamea CarrollTF Clifton HeoryS Crege**mael Carroll Patrick Clove Oueh £[Ei£j?9?jP * Carry G«ree CoateaSP Crocker C& A Carton WlilUa Cobb Walter CYoctcr £ A Carswell LK Cochtan .tames Crocker Wn Carter WB toe* At> holt CrooterGAß Carter Isaac Co*- Chas I* Cro itj Carter Samuel Crflr John R Cronfeld H«ry 2 Carter ChaS CoflmanJ Undue Lro*iner • harles CarterOM CowwellChU J*®® 4 oner CD ColtO Q cuUenPaul Carver Addis Co e n colien Ffandß_ cary H 8 Cole Jtnel Cullen Waller B CaeeODAco ColenanOeoE CuKet Y. J- CtHAll Collins Ja«e« Cflfflnlon WC Gastello Oecrce Collins ohn W H Cummmc Chav Cavataush Pat’lt Ccllm» Wiu . Cunnu.Bh*mFH Chamberfain Ob ColUua & Co Geol currso 'VlliUm Chambers Wm C .lln Walter Curran UII 2 ChtmpltnWW ColkmOW ComeJoon ChsmpllnTD ColweUPlato CarUMLeroy3 Chapin Ulirw* Comae j B Coi'ls* L 8 chapman John B Cotre'y Barney Cushman B Chapman <MU Conedo P 8 co Confer Jamea 2 Cutler J N Chapman nsrvejCouley Master CulUDavW Chapman Dennis frank DakeEWP DcmoneyAF DorranJohn D*kr Jamea DcitonWm norland Barclay Dale Wm M Derby & D»y H DayPatkJ DeiontML Dorman o 8 Daltot. James Drltaan Henry Doonter Johs^W Dsn 8 It DeVtlic & co. U l>ard> Wm Dewey it J 2 Dojulaas James Dam-iaon Peter Dibble Orris K • Davy John Ditklosoo A pouklau tar D«>tkim. Wtn Dldama dr Douihlt James F Davies J J Dttnlca Chaa 2 D jwter Merritt Davldton jamea Dintlnt AWaiamDorie Aloerlß k suoii ti f Drake Joa DavtlmJcM* Dtx*nG DrummoudQuh Davtsprit F E iKCStaCerJohn U»« \ Davie* John i*<iseW 8 BniJT Abel Davies Harry WmDobeity John M Da bam CH 2 Davta A camp- D DonningWC teld Dohmr Thomas DUinltg Wm C DavisF.B Dolanß*rtaid Donovan Henry it.vii it q Dot achuc mr Dutton H » D»mc*C dolsicbou John pwlgbt Timothy l*a Tort. O B Dwight * B D.are Ueo E DuterThotnaa Dyer A M KiS.jSl, IVK.m.rK.cJ lISTCI IHltmanJobn Uooncr James DverllU DclanoyP Doran Pierce Dyer Henry Q Dykes K B Capt Dyton J K Eadu#Mot!ce Eldrtdce jaiepb EmmonißPS EsganCharle* hlkrtsco fcmpleVWhpt J EslVyAto Klloitmr LmplotJM K»ri<- Israel Cha#eLUlot John EujpieJ<Mboa Lately Samuel Elliott H fiL it«Wl EU tartshaw K. Kill' John/T s,tp» Wimaai Eastman 2 ElfUon John Eddy Nil EtaoreTheoJ Etswortn Chns P EdcesDß E»*orlh Jo*et>h bp«A T FdmrcdGcorjte ElswortliA* Edw»M«RE Etnertt.KLM KvaalJjnn P Edward* Jf«rh Emm * Enrtnsn Samuel land Ay »ter Oco Ewrtd Anson Falrflc'dFndW Fink Lewis SI FostcrJGAca Falvey Timothy Fleh Heurf il Foster Bobjrt FalchCbasH fUherl.O Foreter J Alden FatccnerTbu Fi*ber George Fountain rnomas Fake U Fisher CL dr Fowler Thos col Farmer ChosC PDfcDM _ FoxJoho Fareham J R Fitch Elmer J Fox Watson A Fan ham EdwlnUFttcnA UarchantFo* WuiUm Farreil John FlUpalnck Jnlei Fox Dul Farret Chaa capt Fats EE FoyJohn Farrs Ssmtid Flaeg Lywmder Francis John K Farvell F W Flahcrly Thomas Frana* D I) _ Fay A Flantgan MalhcwFranklln WalterD F»eMichael FlemierWm Frary George Feek Henry flmn John Franer David Feenane Patrick Mint lbo» Aco Freeman BC 3 Fenner Philip M KUwer llDdr French J Fet ton Frank B Flynn James ££*«•/ HC Fergus JQ Foparhfjaa PnutJohnßS Ferrlnßrctf FoUnmoß Fry yym* Ferris QW Foot K B — Elf. Jo, 3P^ Field Jl) Foreman It 8 A coFnuet U G Finar W 1 Ham Forsyth BaalltonFallcr Will FlnrfleMAS B fuller Frank O' Finertv Peter Fcskett A»Mew Of otter WtnT Fluey Octree F Flntecsn ThomaeFosler CA dr Forrtel Harry J J r. „ Ol Wr A Baldwin Gilbert Samuel H Granger Wm Games Ass Glle Herbert A ccOrangw Andrew GaUssher PattteaOUea D n Grai-t t red Gamble Elliot Gllllean Patrick Grant J Pierson 8 Gai.»&DP»l»HkEG)ll-rdJe*epß Graves J A Gardiner Slim- Glllespi* John W oratsberry Wil son B olllmanVE ilam GsrOwrWilllamßGilmsD Geo P v Gardtcr Aco GlttmoeeJohn Gray John v uartls Martin Glero WniA ScnsorayLE _ Girteti LawrenceGlei»ter ChasA Grfr»tP»teru Gant.on David GoadeWm Gaylcrd Wilber Goufrey Ira cr»cg John w Gaylord W M Godfrey O L capt Ore Sami GcldtmUhWQ Gregoile Lalson Geer WE Goodali B 8 Oreaorle John H Genunc Samnel FGoodhueWm otcgotlc Silas GtcrseTbooias GoodrlchHC OrtenPN U Am Oooewto JohnP Greeaßros Aeo George Milo Gordon Alex ureenicre Isaiah Geracbty Jehu A Gordon A J Oreenwuod WmM Thomaa Gorman Jerry Gnffln James G. rnteh decree Moorman W R Grlfflth A A prol Glhbln* Finney GorrU tn John W L Gibbon# Patrick Goum Henry W 2 Grwwo d B H GibbeaneOren GuoldcJ y re ?? o, “v..^ Giteoxclandeß GouieaJoo OroareoorOtlrer Gibscn George Graham L P prover b GlbaonWm Graham John* omda.l a M Gilbert Kb Graham JM, rSSh jlm L Gilbert WmE Gratis Pal GuraaJobnL Packer A’frtd Hayes Loron B * br 2» lt Hadley SamuG Hayes JoMt Hoflmasler WU- Haseny EM ll»>roan Walter Ua«3 HsicesD u Haywaro MvlnQ Boeaa Loraellaa Hale Efcto Uaywxxi Win I)<i{Qe» Sylvaaos Ball Gw ar F He«ly L M Do hda? John liallFQ Healy Albert S BjICB Hail Joseph HtaraeyJohnß HoltWm Hall A SpePcerJ Henennaa JasJ Holteo John uJllabaiA CO Hcley BTttrt «■**** «»as capt Uailamß Hetten Theodore Hope John C J Bailetl A K Beuderahott Bob- uopklni p F llalmon James erv H * Hal#led Hcniy Bender*;n JB2 HopklßionC Smith liendcrsoo John S Hootncss DL Hamilton Joseph Hendiix John W U- ro Lyjnder y Hea»J Matt Hornby TBomaa HanultooßT Benrcy C Horton Gilbert Q Hamilton Charles Henry John Horton J M Hamilton Mar- Hemcxaon Wm Ho-tord J M *» . 1 l) M Hough D C HamlltonWateon g.rstrm John L HeaaWW Howell M w HamroUt Patrick Hewes Wallace Howard Hammond J ame# H'boud J h Howell F UandS W Hlck-y I’tvid Bowser Samnel Batts L»cnajdT Ulck.yJolw* a Hanna Thomas UickOsWH Uansc-rob C D Higgle J 1 rapt 3 H SSSVII §SSS4SIte«HSLiiB««a Hannan F A Hlgxlna Uuter i>*tf«l Harvey FTaak W Modl ?“.C^ Harper Jo*ephT HlrtlnsJohn Baoted ET Harper J<bh.P Hlcsli.sAst.ley Hughe* Joseph B ttarperD Hlgsa A Watson csjrt v . Harm Gwrge Bunt F M SS'kS^'ib^^ ttarrl* 'll! CB Bel and J A Hu bum Jti _ Hama Jr ’ HUI Cromwdl H«lln* Georen O Ham* J A'.Ue HlllEAdr Hall Henry D Harris B s in I Thomas 2 flu iKA H\m#W HiUHetrjS HuUCoasJ DitUiPW HI.IJD BS2w5wT A rant HiKJG Bumhl^WT Harrt'on genl Bill JertT capt Hompherr KH Hirshaw AT Hill WLllam H4m*hrevlUeTL2 HwtLrtoy Ulli wtiilam O Hangerfiird Ben Hart JatnrS Hill Mathew guntb Hart6L Hid John 92?iKn Harigan eatnek Hill chaslt guid e B HanowThomas D Bills Wm C Si" D 5 Hartwell Wm Blecklty JohnF feort K C nartweiiJG Hltdmr HntcainsJt. llmweli DD HlnUy James Hutchlhaontbom* HarwardAnhurJßlnra laaacL a» Ra.kell T h rev Hlnkl-yACroweUßntson Wm Hatch M P Hlmatrt I’T BaunoL E Uai«b Dfittxt HiuhwxTheo Huttmaa w E Hathaway WmE UUchcnjrkJ D J dr ♦ * Hitler Mannel Hyde Nathan a 3 Haven Aaron 2 Boadley W F JfJi. -p Havena Charles Hoaglln Jonn Hide Henry r liawkta U A Hobbs John R _gyde a, G Hawktr a W Hehaon Kd*aTdßttyro«nS Hawkins John D-dge A Hamard Hymax paalM Ha«ley James A Bodges Wm HarEeduc_> A Have Philip UoogesDß HI 1 Edward Hayes j A to Igo Edward IrmanG-oJ !*£»» A W*ib- IngtraoU i'hiEp lew Charles D hum 4 jijral Johrson Chrlsto-Janea CAD aimwHtt Pher *i°Srvu jeCeta J J. hnaon C B 4‘ m ® »_*?> J.Befaon Samuel Jola*cn U T „ JeSrn Alfred Johnson Henry * J«>« »«2??mi J'D&lrMKa JchnKJDO prt® J °° l 4entttt*M*nin Jobn-on \vm J 4ote* EO JerotteCW Jchn*enWJ J ?S!L a jewenCdf Johnson HR jord»T J*a>tr* job Mon EdmtndJohnrtcn J . oy n * B JohtflOnPC Jvtl U D«™ Johnson BT Johnston John Jlrettth Thoau Johnson Henry C jthnaton Jihn lr capt jehuonj DwutUjuhnaun Aftnnr Reach ■W M H Kdlor Dan Ktoc B KeartaJohn Keil~ffJt>h» S iBSJ «Mn»2- Knn Michael V Kelaev %*reln Kmc William Kethe tdaard Keoipßenry BlnfiJU K«lt tv.H! Kendall CD dr Kinja&erryJA Knnas pntrlex Kendall P W Klneihafy * Mar tenth A L K*rne Frauds A cnaas Keith J O Kcnaelly fcaniondMusej John KeUHO Kenny Cheater Klosiewß* KrPeyJaroh KelthnerPD KtrfcPC K»jry i lioraa* Kerr Wm W KtrUaad or Kelly Ww II Klltworoo K Riiaelimr CdlyJatseaS Killeen Jamei KuappCyrnaL Kelly M Klnnali £ D Knlffoa A U»r- Keiiy mfi Rlmhr & Ba*v na«ton „ _ f.cli> M «n‘tr da> Fhowltoo Harry Keliy JK&ou Bing S A Kuna Calvin Later LQ LawtohAß Lirlogsisn JVia l.mah* Le Barron JB Lockwood *t lldr LasbllceryW L'.ary Michael Lockwood 0 8 Larch J A Leary CP John A tembeistn Buell Lea'ttt'Vm S Load* S 3 Lao.cs*Chapln’LcsTlttnO LoMfcHl* C Lateion Bobert Le-Jotm Lore Roa*rt Uocuw A N L*« h U Ldrelt T W »«arCb»» W Lee BP teecßAA Laogao Itarthclo-teUhJames'WS L veil Jobs cspt • new teUndVfm t Laspron A P Lemmon Thsmaa Low A Whitney Uaidot P A l«*E8 Lange Wm T C Leonard Ranrer Lowed Chaaß LsnzeiL Leonard TM Local A Krerij Land iter L LerowJH Ludlow FA Langley J Lewi* Wta A Locswood A Lusk U<UeSQ Le-IyOP LuntChaaP teasing H BAco Lester H‘ Lyman Ge JL cspt tenpin BC Lcatcr MlcliaM Jr Lym»n Jj*<pa a i l,arge M*cer W Lewis jJ Lyuchja* Latham Cba* P Lewl.BM Lvnch Edward LsnthlluW’ LewVaW UrnshJamts Lawlor Balt Lewis L Lyru dr Lawrence Geo Leamßnut AcoLyoaJ Lawrence Henry Ull Jouu W Lyon 8 C _ C Under Joan Lfater Samuel D Lawrence & Xlck-Llndley uartla Lyiter SD rnou UcdaeyWD Lane Henry C tewttcrsßA Lerrsey Joseph La aider Jmo** Lawton UttellASmlta Lttcheobnrger Lawaoo EO UlUcJoboOW ChaacLdr n Mae Lewi* Maxwell James WMixerC! aa 3 Mscbol Charles Maxwell EG Moe b D Macomb GeoE Maxwell John MoflaltScapt Macember CalTlnMaxwell Bagg AMolloy Charts* L eo Montgomery* ioa MslbyJAea Maynard mr . BG Magone Mathew Mayo o*wtn Montgomery Ben* Mderjoba Ma*oKM ■ *T „ Matccy Patrick Mead E Montgomery Oeo Mshony James 1 MeadGO Monnaa Jsmas MsleteDurtoa Meehan Wm Moore »a MaltinJohn MedcalfWhlmar Moore DouL Mal'ory Frank MccderJC MooreGL MallorrMrorr Melaaoou Gideon Moore UCprof Malone Tat: let Mdooe John Mooro Lewi* F ualctey Joaa Menter M Moore MB Matron Geo MercfceMJH ■ Moore > Manuel tnr Merkiee George Morey Chat E Markte John Mere*#* Peter Morgan Bomaa Msrkler AnstlaH v rrrel*Jobn MorcaoCA Marx* A L Memil Thoma* Q Morgan Th >ma» Maries L □ Merrill Card Morgan L C Umb Total Merrill Sofiislr* M(im«BJ«o<* Marsh Perry ring Morrow* Wm T Marta li T Merritt OP Morse beoW MarthJ W or Hen-Meserole mr WorteotsnC rr a Meatlncer Chsa MortmCM Marsh TB Meu George Mother Wnß MartbalJWm Metzger B B Most John Maids Seal K Mltsty Jobs B McmCfm S Martin I'awtd Mileo George Mott Sidney farcaßogb Mile*James a Moo»eLco:ge MantoJamesß MUesJao-ci MutrWmP Martin Thomas Mills a.f Malhefu U J MamnM Miller AD MoliallyU .Mason T MUerCA MallUtrilonnE J Mskm SM Miller FA Mm oa John Mascn Parker Miller U F rer MuUco P Matheny A co Miller Jobs Mooch Hesrr 0 MaUier *ln*trsoUMiller Wm Maaaetl Chaao’f Mather DM Miller lieutenant Murphf Daniel MatherP MtllerJamce Morphy Edward Mathews JIB MllxeA rirophy MurphyJ C Mathews E MlllsTl M Murphy James Mathews ANanodMUls J W Morphy John Mat'ews Alexaz-MU’sWmU Aco Murray John A tier ±co MtatrrVV’B Murray M * Mailing Lutaer M Mitchell E A Aco MuroOeo Msttascn James Mitchell J SidneyMustetoun Hi* M*n;r Sprocer dr _ _,r*m _ MarflcldJotmW Mitchell FrM Muzzy LE capt Me MeArey Boeer MacDonald WU-Mcßay JB Wm Uam McKerPy J«MA McCarthrOthofst McDonnell P E John » Me* arty'limotht McD<.n<aU.lohnP„co McCarthy James McEnroe Law. UcßeaseySamnel “JSSF U - McKeoneKra-.eUi McCabe James McFeeJobh Mac Key Thomas MtCay Edward McGader Aco McKUwalu S cart McGee Hugh MeUaJon Edwin Mt Clelen Bneh McUlnni* O A Mcl,o-.n Jdtn Mcenma 8 J cart McMahan Bernard McTormacUC McGloslspn McMaiaaWm McCormick Sam* McOoweon John McMa»ter u B gel McGowan A McMul'eo H«eron ilcCtnnick Hob-McGrath * Btrae McUuiUn M D erl2 M*BTmol)»n3 McMoll*nM McCrory Samuel Macnlxe Thomas McMurchy John McDonald Wm Maguire T McMurphy 1! edr capt Maguire John McNamara Fran- McDonald Wm Maguire U „,ct» McDonaldWatAcoMagoire Daniel BMcSsmara Ma* McDonald T Mclntyre BB MscresUW McDonald Daniel McKay James B NeaonWA >'lc&oJr<tco Norris John U Natxhvn EdwtrdNlchola Hiram Norm Wm col StiiT J cant Nl'tiolsP J Northuprev dr Neecham r M Nichola 8 F Norton Chet p Nelson £ A Nichols RH dorian Joshua 8 NrUon Daniel FNlchol* Albert B Norton Michael Tjmi Mcheison Anitas Norton brothers Nvwell Herbert C NUe* Ime Nonne John a Newel! DP NlntaJ/Aco NoyesEEAco Newkirk Geo Nolen Mfses Nye Maason Nlcodetaua Ctna Noll Philip Nyman J W O’Brien Edward JO’Sbea Edward C Ordwny Milton J O’ComorJames Q’Snlllraa Jere-OmeKb«pT O’Cotnor Martin mtah OrrUL A O’Day John O'Toole L S 4 ? 00 * J-'S-O W O’Dwyti John cake* Cyrus Oaborn H K OTairelt HT OdeHßlß o>tranderWm O’Famil J Osdenßm Otis bam O'Maby Owen OllphantJames OltowsyThos O’Malley Wm OranOM Owens Thomas U'NeilCnxlstopherOrchard Saul Plainer Barmen Faflroy Jas L nerceDA 1-aDetford Wm Jr Panerrot JI! 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Chase. s.ccessor to AxeotofWblte Line I How«rd«Cbtse.lamber Ae«nt Great Cent Exp dealers t-r'iUijO Mr. Oliver, manufacturer ifff of tiMnr, lu North Brew er*aAre» House , Ktmie-«t Chime* £tldsc Co Mr Roans-IMI manofretur- Collate Crete Uotcl er barrcli Cm FtcUtj Of Chicago Northern Honse lOokUl Ufeblgsti-«l No«Uln-d*lwat C.-oK cor UaUted-sl ud OtesdaHouse Price d*ct PFB DiiSV rrcaldett of the Fire & 1/rawerfSSS Miftaeluco Viewer tffi 5 uitnvmr.MO i«Wrtßetal I RUlßneclEiChwirenotue iwku re bote< I Sonin Brea-!* UoaM Farmers Iltase S SlrtJf2?n^ el Vox Home _ . I r&ertdea Hoilie G„ aff atTlr»-iVo,«. : TO m|ißwl BWK IWtvwrln House , Hudson Bay Fur Co j Whipple FJe Comp’ HOLLA.NDSDKiiB.IEF. From Fclirc□ n 17iii till Febrnsty St—A X>c tone I&**,*.?** :6—rt A llecerwea f:d—» F wnylrr 77—Wtt Neoencard 1 Sl—F WCVia Hauler —GflJco open fioni tbe Ist of Apni to £e let otl»o --vember, fiom Ta. tn. till *!ip. nu from to April I*t, trom Pa. m.tlfl, p. m. TncvtsUbaterh r» n eto open until 9 o’clock o. m. On SarCay Dpm Sjf a. m. fill 10 a.m. g. A. OILWQgS. P. «. Victor Kmazmcl a Victim of a Wo- ; man’s Wiles. t Tbere U a scandal current in 'Florence which tells how a certain klojf was ontw*t- , ted hy a woman. It seems he has lived with a Piedmontese lady some years en famlUe, and has three olive branches with the bar sinister cm their escutcheon. About a year aco ho received a telecram from the lady’s confessor, telllnchim it he wished to see her once more he must not delay, as she was tn extremis. Ail agree that Victor is kind-hearted, so he took a special train for Turin, entered the chamber filled with all the paraphernalia of death, confessor Included—found the lady ; semreely able to speak, but who contrived to whisper abe coaid not die happv until she made her peace with heaven. This meant marriace. The good-natured king, in know ing that she was dying, consented. They were married. He returned to Florence, mourning the loss of the fair Ros sini. la a week afler the lady arrived In Florence, blooming in health and beauty, to take her place at the king’s table in tbe PUli palace. Here was a conn d'etat not looked for, but of course, that could not be *, so she lives a shotL distance Irom the city, in great slate. ®iSatri)CS. OBEATBSDBCTXOHintIMPriceipfWaWw,, ! Previous to tbe present year wo have been ' deallrg largely In American and European Watches s*illtr«xcitilreitwboie*ale to the trade In tbe East en.andWester&&tat««, and in New fork city. The wholesale puslctis, necessarily conducted upon a credit system, bavlugb*«n attended with considerable lom ana incobviniccee. we have determt-edto aoan d Baltogptber.coaflriDgcDisetTesios BcTAXLTKasc > fbr Cash oiit,T. undeuppiylaconr custo mere wltb sin- 1 g e watshes at our termer wnoutaat.n Puck*, thus glrlrg them tbe aorastage of scrub olrg at the lame prices which watebts usually coer malt dealer*. Ibe pnees we offer are guaranteed to be at least ovw tbjxz>)*bb tban nsoal null prtc«s la this city, for floe watches, and tbe reduction Is sill greater on many •icds ot medium quality. Oar facilities are saen lor ■ ppftba lag from tn* roscofa inrers. Uiat omer dealer* 1 so dlspoeed. sell at our lew prices. Every » aich is tuny gu«rapto*d as to quality »t tbe movement, fl eness of void or silver In tbe ca«as, and la warranted 10 ke-p aceuate time, and to give entire satiriactlon to tbe purenaser. As a guarantee that we dt*l lal ly and boxorably<we teterto lbs followleg well known booses in Kew York: A. Morton. Gold Pen M«BUfactnr*r; By. Glonel; A- Berger A Jin*, tf.7, 44 ana 13 Maiden-lane: American Clock Co., 3 t oartlandvet. Cata'orue* nf pnt>» seniHecbt malt. Watcbta stjjtby express, to p- paid tor delivery. C* E OOLLIMS A CO. yps. 42 and 49 (np stairs). X. T. (Clotting. gNTIRE KEW STOCK. HENEY COEN & CO., j Smofaclorm old JoMm of BOYS’, YOUTHS’ CHILDREN’S CLOTHING 448 3BOADWAV, NEW YORK, •States. FAIRBANKS’ •JW-f" "*■ KTAKUAB.D JHi. S O .A. L E S FAIItBANEb, ORBBNLEAF * COJ MB * t‘JS UakML, Chicago. * iJusiness CTarts. QOTJRLAI BROTHERS, Shirt Msnalhctarerg, •27 RABCLAT-BT., NEAB CEUHUiL .SEW XOBK. N. B.—Pilce LUU mailed oa app.lcatloc. QEbT, HATTEN & (JO n j Wholesale CommissloD KexnhACe*. ! pio, 50 ] Between ra Guts,l DENVER. mLOWAPO. , ffiait J9bc. T 7 ILL’a HAIR DIE—SC Cents—Black : XX or Brown—lnstantaceoas. natnra. durable, ba*nimU. Tbebestand cheapest in bm. Contains as moebu as any dollar size. HILL’S ABCTXC»orALL UEAUNO OINTMENT. relUble tar ken.Mi ointment purposes. Lepol QO John-4 1, New Tor*, bold by all druggfra. | DATCHELOR’S BAIR DIE. I Yni* splendid flau Dye is the beat in the world, □Uiceas. reliab.e, lasuat»neonr, the only Fetftet l>tc. No olsappclotmeot. No ildicnlms ttnta, but to natuu. Genttlao «lkred WILLIAM A. PATOU. CLOK. BcidcyDriCTfrU and rerfuaer*. Factory, SI Qaictar-et-. New York. Blssolution. XroncE is herebt given, that the Arm of BVX.VBSTBn, BISSOB & BI.T Is ibis day dUio'.rcd by mulpal consent, Mr. 11. TQ. UIRSCU miring. The boa sees air*lr» win be settled by the new firm of b*YI.VESTEtt *: ELY, Tb«y belost anthuilted to sign the Cm ol sylrester, BlrafhAEly.ia liquidation of auc.aima and dues ot aaiQflrm. r _ SYLVESTER, 11. TU. UIB.-Cll, TQKO. W, ELY. ©oberument Sale. rt BEAT sale of public prof it EBTY. Omcr AasT Qcatrx£i<*Fr*c, > NataviLLX. Tenn., February *W,1867.f Iwnioilerj-orsue at Poollc Auction,commencing on Mcnday. the nth day of March. ISB. at the North western Oram Seeds In this city, a large asortmentof , Qasnemastirs store*, embracing upward-oi -.ow Item*, coos scac in past of I hand fire engne,no*e aid mis, 1 stt of ttnoexr toot* and machine* com plete. is army wagons, 9 trawler do., 5 two-hor-e do- | Ispring do., wcod and lumber dm. 3 *o»maae<*. K* water ouck-i*. Tiß pipe boX»« *>- Oilnd rxrtd c(, 300 riding co- SCO sadefe b.anltets, <33 king oilra. mule and Unite cellars, UW breast chans, svetoher do -Bfo sets mule barne»s, site *ct*hoi*e co-619 hesd hal iers. tSiS wtnaow «Ntih. M boxes g.sss ßxlo, It savil*. *.O bn«r»«s. Si R* S. bellow*. 70 B. 8. vises, 375 horse rasps. 91 hone bides. USOO pi*, aple leather. 1«S bale* oakum, ijs© wagta a •nada JO.OOO pdv. cart scran »roa, SJOO pd». Wro’t sc**D do- GjteO pc* t** pipe. 5,0£0 feet e** pid«,l.lU pd*. bndle Itauier.Ulu pas. harness dr «u*azer«*ssorted,3l9ret*bracebttta.l3obaaaoracea, 1 BW axe* and hvd!«*, S 3 \rou axles, UtQd feet leather aod rum belting, 120 un Cana. 123 bata saws, 9AT6 gun- . cy sac» a 563 B. k. paalocta. 2 mill* fbr tawing wood if boxes Qn plate. 1 hay scale. 8 platform scale*. 10 arnn do- 4 counter do., 1 spring do., 1 apothecary do., IS warehouse truck*, ‘i croas buckles, Lll cross rings, 0,000 carnage bolts, ambulance boxes, naiter. stay and lecket aim, tinea, marmgaits, lat pots. Jockey sacks, none *nd wagon tacdles, woacen itirmps, oinble aod single trees, horse medicines cf ail kind*, vclerl r»ry Ixstruments, sledge, hand, pointing, menne, fac ing and tanler** hammers, parallel vises, stocs* and dit*. tongs, punebes. paints of all colors. ;bor*e.and n nle shots, horseshoe calls, twice, wire, waah-rs,»s.oio*d-axea.*wis, plane and gimlet bitw, steel sooarea, oiUtone*. hand Tip, tennoi, felloe and col. pass. j*» s,sllrk»,bench •prewa, monkey wrenches, epefce shavesT mallets, tackle bUcka, brnshea of all kltdn bra” coupllnc*. steel drill*, bar and n aoare folk*, bastard files, handcufle, handles©/ all kinds, cof fee and ecfp mil-, washing machine* and wnnzers. atove pipe, picks, paullua. paint mllla, Un ware of ail ktndfc cauldron*, pulley*, stove* of all kinds, bailer, dt«r atd eye bdife, curb hit*, euaoeued cloth, sheet coPt cr, w*?on timber of a.I kind*. &c_ «c-, Ac. Sale to ccmm*pce at 10 o’clock and continue dally, crtr mvncipgat rh- *ame hoar each day. unttl the prop erty it diatosed of. Terms cash In Oivertment funds. Aocposltwi lbexeqnlreo tfota all purchasers on tne cay rf sale—there will be no deviation from thfe rule. & B.KUin, lit a st’l Quartermaster U. S. A. proposals. Quartermaster general’s OFFICE. TVASirniOTca, D. C~ Feb. 22,1567. fUsIPOSEMEST OF OPhSINO OP BIDS FOB ABUT TRANSPORTATION. The tlm- for the opet la* ot the proposals tor Army Transportation, rertreo by adverttoemett from into Office of January 15.1861. is herebyextended tolia. of Thursday, the Tth da? of March, 1561. b, onu,of IM Bvt. Col. and Asst. Quartermaster, C. a, A. Proposals for a bridge at LAK <WiSoyac» Boaan or prauc Woaxa,» w Chicago. March 3, IS<»1. J Sealed proposals wfll b*- received by the Board ol roollc Woito. at their office, Koe. 13 aad 17, Wells •.reel, until 11 a. to-, Wednesday, March 13th, for the res oval of the bridge Bow croMlc* the South Branch ol Cblcaru Elver si Lake street, and the replacing the same with anew iructuie, Inauotng all wore oq tte centre pier, ano the abuts ecu and approaches, accord ing to plans and specif rations an Cle at sail office. proposals must be addressed to the Board of Public Wcrn, ci-doiscd "Propoaal tor Law Street Brtcge.**aodbeaecomnanled with the usual S2OO bote, w.tb sureties. tob» approved hr Ite B^ara. Ihe Board reserve the rtf ht to reject any hid not to accoidatce with the condition* or to re Wd all hid*, and no pro petal J* **g?2S® unlessifepam oflertuiit*b*F [&** u ry to the Board that he h*» tbs necessary skin; ex PCTleree, etergy ard ability f°* 11 trustworthy, and has suffieleat 7EK9.*LBtZ, O. J. HOSE, _ w m Beard cf Public World. ro Fealed proeotols will he rwrlveo hy_tbs B' vrrt of w-iaiti. work*, at their Office. 3»ca 15 and 17 Weil* fm.nMtU U L». W«toi»day. March J»B, for tne tw rax mum LaSaTe street, from Washington VTettroUadl'oaitrcei. according to p.ans and sped * to.» Bo.Mof Pobllc Won sTrutlorsed -propcaaltor Paring lAjatle Street,” u>o be se.-otppamedwtth the ususl |JOO bond, with *i-fett«.to be approved oy the Board. The Board reserve the ngh - . toreyctany pid »; u acforoance with the conditions of uxtoadvertlsement ar to reject an bids, and no prop«*l wtUJ* nnlm the party eflfertnr It shall give evidence Batltfar tory to the Board that be has the necosary skill, expe rience, energy and ability lot doing Mie work. Is treav worthy, *ndus sufficient pecuniary resourcro.^^^ FKCT. LKTZ, O. J.KObB. lOt Board of Public Works. g-pccial Koiicrs, A Uriel Dmiaeoe between Common *ca»o end e jiyipipoc* • • Uijcuok Srxsr. •Is U po*alMef-r W *■““ bcln:f to ijojlif while «itf Dtmtitk'. Sc mere than It i« to»*ible to bo tup. f cnui«*rare. I steak rem experl®^. Cvmnci Szxsa. s-tppose, thee; ttwt « r«Eoar «r true terras fr n 'pM:.l i* o!!cre4. no er »e « r hundreds of inaltuluaU ol *lw* tsve cektrcih*. wfcctoTtbe • rn £,f*. cam.f »i cm cn«Uc in any one affilctcsl *Uhltja toccßlrrlcltins{£atrial? . , .. Limine, y. I adult Ujc promises, i Viliat laibeßecncilon? _ ■ 1 Co*un* &u>*ic. Glti teed. BOaTSTTSR » 1 Mi JlAcn BlTfKi’Sta »vc3 irrcnjrr/’/ TiutrriicacJ c-f j's iftlenrj h* « ca'r t-.r de-pepiis is paallKC. com* title, undented, at >it:ne*elabl'. H»ve you ever ctralrcot' upeUnroixTCeucrUtßtrunot them- Itlllb’e eore that ills rlnn w- tob«? Imru-nc. 1 o-n-rM ibatl iwvaiot. Coasicjt ti»>6T. ''i co. vicied of fatly by youruwi. ‘biiuli c. If tbe >am*. atross prooU ibat t»Tc t urn advanced in farnr of Isl* ltc*i ionic tad teen tLomitted t> yon with retard lo any ba* irfmleuon.yottnroa!dhaTeiP>nel'to it at care I* xuuLiiKMletelmporUnce Itan Hie ooilsra aa! cents a Mch lo man ■ ao enjoy wucout u? imprmc. yn.eo.tP— Com* don Bci«e. yon are rlsLt. 1 will tbe Bitters a trial. Coyxos Stssx, Do eo, and I Iha’l never more have maon to addrts* yon u> dyepeptlc. Dr. Junes Formerly cfjsmes* Lock ItupUaL New Orlcars. *o4 for tb« lost rtx yetra lac*:c4 la L’blcsgo, curt* Syphi lis, entirely and eflectnaUy eradicating tbe paUoa from tbe Byatem. leaving tbe blood pure, without mer cury or any ute-dertroytne drug. Dr. Junes tmuaad radically enree Speraucirrhoea with aalfiAUble method, aavlnn time and expense, luprtace. caused from Spermatorrbma, or lots of (men—Tbls debility Dr. James will obligate MmieU, la every ease, to core, when the organs are perfect la formation. Dr. Junes’ office and parlors are at 01 and 93 Ran dolph street, tearlJ opposite bis old office. Chicago, 111., where be may be confidentially consulted from 9 a.m. 108 P.O. BoxC’Jd* Habitual i.’onsjlpoil mj, HowtoefTeetac»nalna»d l*e;tn*»Tnt cure. Sene occupation* ot lire prcdlip a u> CosUveue-*. especial b those wbich allow but uni* exercise. Pex-oa* -urn contract this U£fortunate bablt ofb*df, oadar sucb cin onAtato s, might po-siblr be re terra by cbaazluc tbtlr std*ntsrv employments for ctaers ct a more act ive Wad; butihislsby no means certain. a Hauirual constipation Is a very obstinate ditorder. All tbe or dtcary >o>cal)ets nmixlles Invariably agrrarst*' It. Notbmccanbe more Irjnrtoas than the cooUuaedu>e of strong aperlenu. Tacy at first irritate, and finally a nost pstaljze tbe b'wels—renderio* ibem so torpid tbst enormons oomb of cathartic medicine* have no etfcct upon them. Amlidapeilrnt, combined with a g-nt e-timulaxt, 1s the true *caedy; and a combioa- U.n is uehapMOt pronottlou. ottht-ae 1» blond in HuaTETTF.tVS STOMACH BITIERS. . This tsmous stomachic Invigorates the whole lutestl • a»lcapsl.wn:eciul*-jy r»*m"Vm*iri»mlt4cotivolaaonß 1 all Imr-dJments to » Irec ps«»»eo through them, ho mere purcative hsa this doable operation. No ordinary 1 snmniant etftcts tbe diwlwd object. Case* ot con»Upa ' Uonabandomdasbop<lesa br dlstttguUbed medical \ men have been cored to a Ww w«ki by me Bitters. 1 To those wbo have tried all the medicine* of the dls -1 prnsarvlnvalt.wesavtrytbrs irresUtthle siimn'ant 1 and aperient. There Uno sufOclent reason war eon l stlpatton should be me oensequencoof sedentary bablt*. HOSTETTKK’s BtlTBuS, bj snrpdtag the vigor I which would otherwise be derividtrom exercise, will I Inal lees's enable tbe system to tMrtina Its excretory • futcaoas regularly and healthfully. Tbe BeaUoic Pool and Boose offlerey. Howard Awodatlon reporta tor young men, on tbe crime of solitude, and the errors, sbusce and dls*a>rs which destroy the manly powers, a*d crrai* Impedi ment* to marriage, with sure meant of mice. Sant la araled Utter envdcpM. tree of chsrce. Address l>r. J. SKILLUf BOCDDTO.N, flowaxdUJsocleOoa Fhlaicl* phis. Pa Dr. Blcefotr, Having the estfldfice of tt<» paodc ana the mfMat fsernty at large, i> taexest relrabls phyndan w ta* mty fbt chronic n* rvont and ssxual clseases* Call at hi* otflee, 17*» South corner of Moome. Booms separata. CMsn'ts'loo free. p.o. Bax.t.VV- Qta gotae to health, published monthly, sent free tt any edertsa. 1 ' or, Taoxnaon, 1 Propnetor of the Medical and Suretca: Icintaie, 17S South ha* treated %•: linns of T«oeteal dls ease with unpreesdentrd sucecat lor urarly t ’itv yrara. bpermatortbcca and impotraco treated with the bappt csiresaiti. particulars of the Institute and ibeQuld* nailed free to anyaddreu. P. O. Box 73. Chicago. lUtaoli. Lonta Kangert 91* **•» Member R. C. Snrneena, RAodolph-vn, attenoa exrluslvely to tbe medical treatment of Pri vate and hecivl Dueases of both fexee. loac bis spe cialty. »»aie hemedies are certa<n lo all case*. Prlxe Lecture on the prevention of offspring, scut V- I any addn»> lor W ceuls. Consultations prlvatx P. u.B<ia3?3. - _ _ ©cran Sbttmtxs. rj-'HE STEA3ISHIP OB SAT S&BTS2IR* Thla exeat ship having been thoroughly overhauled eta rutin tomp.tte order, bu bw.n chart red by a French Company, tn uti between hew Tort and Brett dnrlt c the c- mine summer, c*rr> mg rsasen g-rs to and trem li e Ureat Exhibition* As toe Great Eutcmu the laigest. rarest and most ecenn dious steamship ■float, and me tact that *4oU.uOOba» be*n eamnded to Ot her espe. lady for this service, she presses many accommodations and convenience* tot Wind on any other vessel. Captain Nr James Aaae-son. wno so ■uecetstully commanded the Qteat Eattorn dorms the AiUt,tiet>icsrarh<xpedliion,aDdtor many Tear* In the Canard »e>vics. eontinne#m comma* 0. Tneare race speed of tbe able made in her first e even roysre* between Aatrlca and hurope, leads ber charterers to expect tbe will audit postage tnninedays. From bsr euartnoua size. sra-stctnC’f is almost <.n*iowu on board. She will take but ne c i<i ol passenger*—all enjoy mt flr»t-class accommocatlous, the earns la~le and same BtlvUegt* K»erything baring Nwa dnreto make tbe Great Eastern sMe,fpeed» and co’ureolirns the know «lse that the well-tnuwn ana relube drm of Weils, Fargo A Co care taken toe Sew Turk f'a*- sercer Akcucj.l* asutßclettcnsrantc-aidlncluccmstt lor all who ir «y desire to ttsu the Paris Kxhlatttun, or any raff of Europe, to patronlro (be nntle ship. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE The I General Transatlantic Company's &lAU. BIKAMSIUFs BETWEEN NKW VORB A2G . UAVUE, CAI.UNG AT BREST. ' Toe splendid new vessels ot tbit favoitte rente K> the Continent vU sail from pier No. SO, North BIT* u follows: EfUOl E. .February ». BT.tAUREST Bce&ndi....February 23. I PERFIHK imcawia....March*. 1 TILLS DR PA Blß..Europe March 15. t'RiCb. OF PA&bAGB IN GOLD, rust Cabin. $1(0; ttecond Cabin. 5100, melo&Dg tabu ’ wine In either class. The steamer* ol this line do pet carry fteerare pa* **l'iu«enxer« utandinc to land at BKKBT will he fci nlabed with railroad eoopon tickets, and tbelr bagnet chrckiKl WPans. at ax addiOonal char** et Wtorir? aad isfer Sfcoud claa*. i Medical attendance tree ot Charge. _ _ For turtber udhrmattot, apply, In Chicago at Uu FRENCH COKbULATBjOFFIfX imnol^Ul: I Vew York, to QBO. UACKBMZIR. Acent, 3S Broad way. OTEAiISBIP ORttA? A&.STEHN, 0 CARRYING THE UNITE!) STATES MAlts. Mr J*nkt a>d«w< *. Comm-cd-r. ' The French “Cumpany • fCh*rtcrers”oftheQßßVr ■EAStERN. having provided tc-»hn» wUh ne* Dollors, , anathoronthy reMtert sod refttTLls:«l h-r La every i df wnncLt, with special mercncc ’o this service, wU | iron her retnlarly between New York aid lot -1 IaXB jjtXTUiQ »*w rout. tiansd Bekstt. __ Tue»si»y Apn' 9 I Sstnrcay Ann* zt i Titmdky ..luridl Tn-*d*y June 4 SatnrtU) Ju 1 e «3 jThanday ...July ll ' Tnwdsy Ja y SO I Saturday An*.lM i Thursday a*p*.HlTu**day Oct-l • Saturday OcuiS iTbnraiay...........Nor. 1 NhW YOKE to LIVERPOOL, Towday, Ndr.2»s. I*k ing ua,y c. »l class pa**eniren. Pusaec rates m tr id. or ila equraleit. fitP. (U, |ioo -according u> idd*- tlct a: a «Ue ot room. Tickets lor the borne outage issued at a reduction oi ' (2o to paeaengcTi returning pr-rlon* to August. Passenger scan be Airul**ed "a board wita railroad Uckeafrom Brett to Paris at IherMtuei rated (11-50 for fint-ctais and |LSO lor second-class belts • redic acu oi 35 per cent oa regular rates. Twenty cubic leet of Baggage a U wed to each passenger. Letters ot crecit wsueoior rcglaad and the Conti 'sent. *cr passage apply In Chi' ago at the European ! aid AireMcan Steamship Agency. 51 Dnroorn-st.. James Watrack, Actot, where plans tf the cairns mar be sen ardhc't't ► cured, »*j, to Well*. Fargo A Co.. SI Ore adway, N. T-, or to trie Am. aul U. a. Ex p«« Co.'s, at their rartou- agencies. AND NEW TORE Steamship Line. Passage to London or Brest. (110, in, and (30, cor* | Pe Ejxinrilcn tickets at reduced rates, axallabie for aix Cc°lliu ia ’ Capt. deaden, from New York. March 9th. Wn>. Penn, Opt. BUUcce, from New York, March w. Atalatta, Opt. Pinkham. from New Tort. M\rco3p. Beilooa. CapU Utxon, from N*w York, April 13th. The brUUn Iron Steamship Celia win l«aye Pl«r No. S North River, New York, for London, calling at Bast on Saturday, March Utb. . Until furtner totice.all the Stcamcrsoi thisUne will Cali at Brest to land paareniters. Ticks*.* sold through by rail to Pan*, at a per cent leu than regular rate*. 1 freight will be taken aoo through bills oJ lading giTen to Darn*. Antwerp. Rotterdam, Amsterdam ana I “rw'puuio »PPIT » CBAS.A. WOITKET. liG «■»“»«• !l ' W 10 J,S. WiBKiCK. 51 DrarbotL-su, For Freight apply at A 4 S.nlb-*t.,NewY»rk. lIOWLANUA AsPfN WAU« Agents. •I ■ : ■= , = JHarijinEtß- >S»> TJIi'BOViJD PKEsS- W X ÜBE TDUDISE WATER iKk WHEEL NOW READY—Toe beat Wheel in m»ket, mine <f .L \ 1-m water ana selling tor l*M ♦ , afc-l ri *ay other sr-vcla*® 3 r J-w* «•*»—« Every Wheel war -1 iTpflrarued. Sendforadescnpllve Also, oar Impovvd KBc 1 jilt If Si Brick Machine and Brick Ut> tl I» S-sgF-.-hmerv. Engines and "utlsrs, : C*«e Midi. Portable Forges, bf and all other machinery, lIJ FEEBSKILL MF«. CO- FeeKstill. S. T. D. L. SEYMOUR will be at the offlce of B«kard A Bid, No. 195 Wat*r-st.,N.T., Tuesdays. Thursdays and FrlCaSf. Sum It to I o’clock, to sprcipca ttons and make contract* Ur Machlneiy and Castings I ot all suds. HiCDLNJiBI • A. T. BATES & 00. 70 Sotrtb CansJ-€rt«j Chicago, DEALERS IN FARM MACHINERY, AND GES IIUI. AGENTa kOB THE NOUTUWESrEBM krATt> FOIS TUB CELEBRATED MANC FACTCTIEb OF BtniTKC. I)A\ * CO n MANSFIELD. AND M.TMTEU, NORTON A CO, CINCINNATI, O. Cut List embrace* the Cook Rv*por*tnr t Tlctof Cane Mill*. Eoreaa Oittiai jgox. Star Ownlabel er, War terV Horve Haj*B»»e. VaiU'Sapplying tot deacnollvecircu lars will please *p«fiCf m*chiMrT the^want^^ 4For Sale- GREAT BARGAIN. FOB SALE, 210 ACRES OFLA2TDIKBEHEIES COUKir, MICHIQAS, Three miles from tte Grand Marais orDtmhamjs Pier, audieven mile* from bt.Jo»«pb. On t-e um-cJaas Lua, b-r and s*»mlh. abundance ci FUe, Wtue Wood, Oa* and Itattf. The toil Jsexjelleat for rating any Wndoi Unit such as grow* ary where arouadbt. Joseph. The mil is aln.o»t entirety n«w. The proprietor, m £torMjclscrs’_fHcetmg : JVLECTION NOTICE. Chicago Firemen’s Insurance Go, The annual meeting of the stickbolrers of the Chi cago flren en’s Insurance Company win be held at the office of said Company, on TUESDAY, the sth Cayol March. iStT, from 2 to 4 o'clock p- m., tor the eleettos of nice Directors tot the ensuing J ear. S. p. WALKER, decretory. jyir.aßaal 820,000. Xttcntj Thousand Dollars To liOis^ For two ot three yeat*, at ten per cent. AMtTtO 11. 9 rBIoA Apyiyw Bocm 45, Lombard Block, ChlirngU; ffiltD is mites. Proclamation. . -A- March 3d, ISSI. f SS?iIT, iSS <ii AUut: A.B, BowuA,C.«g, ißebiral. pHYtIOAL VICJOK. Pflism VIGOR L thetcatasafrscard orbnlth. IT rrp*U «ndj*3*t» off'ltf morbid dements icJricb supmiuriee dlwose. Tbe (trend question. therefore. i*. Bov shall this repeHantpo\t*r be Increase! where It u but foebla. anq acquire! where » vcarcclj extsu at all? Tbow was* time waen this question romd u*t N.gari«tac tor Oy answered. EntlbeprsbTem la no-* solve!. It uaebien protfd by,tbe cf more tlua fourteen years-that HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS So ttmactly reinfctce beta tbe coosUtaaon and lh« Bvcretire and tbe nerrona eystemi u to rends body eomparattreiy tarulaetable to the navbPieaoße* Itfleesccs which prourate so many tnoosaads on Mds of slckseaa.ln rarlons parU ot cte world, at aB sons ot the year. As an Invigorating, recnlatln* as< rvawralivc preparation, rotted ta all climate* end W all conUuftpcies. U siaada anon among mods* a:edifice*. Itiatbeonly tonicof whlcbtae stimalat tug principle 1* ptrfteU'j pure, its Cuts le the •MfwUo* prtnrtpJe of sound Bye. ecsnntM by analTO* cal chemists and medical practlUoters to be the most genial and barmleea ot ulmnll: and this fluid Is purged of ell tbe enulltlea which belong to It aa It comes from the oi* ofactnrer, belore being csed In rbs composition cl thaDUters. The alt. reilte, correcnra and restorative properties cl the preparation «s de rived exclusively from roots and plants the Ttrtaea o C which arescJcnoatedgad by pbarmaesaosts aid Oky odans, and « Ltch are often prescribed tparauly the profeMlon. Kercr. however, were thase invat>- able vegetable acenu fbr pretentit* anm remedial purjxues anal tbe by gel an compound. Hostetlers Stomach Bitters, was given to the world. The stomachic and aatt-blltona operation ot th« (treat restorative bae long since rendered it a standard medicine fbr comp.aists tf tbe digestive oncinaead th« liver, in all parts of tbe Ucatern bamlaptaere: bos tttsnoleaadeecrvediyceirbrate! aa » pr-reaave oC I epidemics, and of the venous disorders generated by I malaria and Impure water. IHDI6EOTION—DYSPEPSIA. Proawss bas its j*nsJttew. As tbe world idrun* ta civilization, It become* more luxurious »' u tb* p»mparing ot tbe body seems to be an inseparable *o companlmest ot tbe cultivation el the mind. This ought uot to be; but U lj, mud so mrearnest sms alter tbe act, though wholesome advice and Judicious, pv» cautionary and remedial treatises: oaf mitigate tbe evil, savages, wo are told, are not troubled with dys pepsia; but this dictum Isopea tadoutt. Privation std hardship, a* well asblsb living mad dliupatunv engender the ttiscaie; ana it would thereCjre aeesi tbah tbe man ol tbe wlldcrters. aa veil aa tbe dire-lot l» dues, must be more or leu eubject to It. OoeUiras* however, la certain; tnno country under heaves I* Ik •o prevalent aa In tbe United State*. Hue the d»- eaae turn become domcttlcated: It If to bo found* almost every household; and, consequently, a Household Remedy for Dyspepsia U ot Inestimable value; to tbs Americas people. Few miotders involve greater snifcring; and, U not In Itself Immediately dangerous, it u its forerunner and source of many dtadly saladle*. Hut even if It did not tend to shorten lire—which It undoubtedly dc«*-th« mental and physical misery wULdt it prv dnees, and which render* life comparatively naetjay able, la a sufficient reason why no pains should be spared In the etfert to prevent aid euro It. physicians, aa a general role, admit that no disease gives them *o much trouble as dyspepsia; but they attribute tbe dltflculty of curing it to the unwilling, uese of ihtlr patient* to abandon tbe habit* which occasion It,—such aa excessive application ta bun* ZOI, hastiness In eating, Ac., Ac. It It no douat true that tbe Nat tnatment ol a complaint may fall to care It, If lb' - patient refuses to exercise common pro dioce. But It la also true that what are called tbs ojhnai rrm dlt» for dyspepsia do not under any or* cnmstancce produce permanent relief, On tbe other band. It la a tact established by thotsandsof creditah.* witnesses, whose testimony 1* simply a atatemont or their own experiences, that Hostetler’s Stomach Bitters trill cure pte maladt/, and that aa occasional u*e ot tbe preparation after the cure has beea effected la a perpetual saficusnl against the recurrence of tbe symptoms. On this account many intelligent mem bers cl the lacuity have abandoned all the stereotyped prescriptions of tne plurmacopteia, and o>w mvw rlsbly.and, with greatsuccew,administer talspjpw tar tonic. FEVER AND AGDB-INTERMIT TENTS GtNERAIIV. Fivxc *sd Aotr, tjalortca-iiftly. Is too widely known by experience to rmiier & lengthened descrip tion of Us symptoms necessary. In order to escape lever sn3 ague la any region. l» ts only acteaiaiy to forCfy toe system agamst sUaus pherlc poison by the regular ass of. Hostetler's Stomach Bitters. By tills means all danger ts avoided. Some rule* bars exceptions: tAUkatnone. So sorely as too BtTTBKfe aie taken as a preventive, so sorely will toe individual who adopt* this precaution be exempted troathepa.a and penalties ol cue ol the most harassing omnp alnto towhichlbcdaeUefsm unhealthy districts are sno levied. Asa remedy, the preparation has no equal. Wlttont entailing any of the unpleasant and danger* ot« eou-eqnenccs which accompany and follow Os osc of quinine. It breaks np the paroxysms and rapid ly restores the strength cf the convalescent. If Os preparation had no other merit man Its wonderful efikacyasa preventive cf, and cure lor, inurmlitert fever, It would be as article of the first necessity tn all sew settemeau, and low, sunny districts. Add to this l» value as a stomachic ana an acU-blUooJ aient, and who will venture to gainsay Its c’slnxa to cu tern jlrot place amung Family medicines f BILIOUS REMITTENT FEVER. Tom 1« a dl*e*sc ol a more malignant typo than ordinary “chills aßdtever,** bat it springs from the tame came, malaria, and may be forestalled by the same means, a precautionary coarse of Hostetler’s Stomach Bitters. la order to render the system malaria-proof. It mask be endowed with extra vizor, sed pot tn all respects tn perfect order. To effect these objects, the BItTK&S mnst be resorted to. Bemittent fever, It ts firmly be lieved, may be certainly prevented by the daily ase of this unopproaehnble proleciSte preparation. U Uw disorder Is already In progress. It should be take# be tween the hot stages. As the poise la op to one kmo died and twenty or one hosdred and thirty during bet fits, it would not, of course, be prudent to admin ister the tonic then ; but when prostration come* on, aid the pulse Is min anti feeble,it may be given wla great advantage, and also wben the patient >s recover ing. as a means of recruiting the strength. Indeed, In ail cases of coaval esc coca this powerful but harm less logic abend be administered. It Is the safest as well as the best ol restoratives. BIIIODSfIESS. Tn« uver U the largest gland Is the bcdj, udtta most important of the secretive organs, except Uta membrane which secretes the gastric Juice, the fluid which diuoftca the lood. When It tails to pet form its funeUoa*. the wto'.e system fuller*. It* peculiar offic* is to take the »Bpersbnndant carbon of the blood. This ca;hca U unites with other elements, and thereby toma the bitter fluid caned btlr, which la psared tctc the upper bowel, and greatly tacilltate* the mo ceuec ot digestion ana excretion. When the If nr does not work, the bUe ha* to be taker: onto» the aloedbytha kidney*; andheneem bilious disorder* lie urtie Is ot a deep yellow color. The kidneys however, cannot dispose cl alt the htle. and, conse quently, much of It ooze* through the surface ot tbs booy, giving the itln and the whites ot the eyea that MdrcD Unge which is cne of the most noted symptom* of adlsotdered Uver. It Is absolutely ettenUal ta smith that MU gland thoula do ita duty t/iorcugily and texth clock-iikt regularity. Probably one-fourth of the people at this country know what It is to be bilious; and In tropical c tc axes the proportion of aufleren la much greater. U what are called “aatl-bUloua medicines’* were reall/.max' they purport to be, the disease would soon become obtolete; lor their name Is legion. But neither mer cury, the official remedy, nor the drastic pills adver tt»ed under so many titles, seem to produce the de sired ell ect. In fact, calomel and blnepUl bare pro bah.y been more total to the human nee than the va rious forms of liver Comp alnt combined- Hoatetter** Outers alorc,ot aU the nedictoea at present la, fully meets the exlecaar* of whvl U termed **a bilious Of body-" Thl* pre paration, like the htle itseto has aharil avert'nx pro pmty, and therefore (when the seereUca of that natu ral cathartic to tarerrupteo or Impeded! « to exceed ihgly useful as a means ot preventing hard aeetetlaaa UK uu Ur«UT «xl »■»» »» U» WIUIT <««,•»« to-tOT" 1 “ d Mot. fenou - cooiOWUoiM iwnlencT to !!-<* dBCTWiow Kcnrtafiitucnnomiu .ttotto »,!»*' HU • iuU 4o« of tto BITTEB3 OLC or l«co « IT. HOBTETTEa’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS ..Id bl .11 DmwlM. I. -b> partaei the World. HOSTETXEB & SJUTH, rroprfetora, MlWbQr s ti. «•«.