Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 4, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 4, 1867 Page 4
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Qlljicago tribune. MONDAY, MiRGE 4, 1907. THE CITY. Vnms Ctca.— I The regular monthly meeting of (be nineteenth Illinois Veteran Club, will be held on Uonoay evening, Starch 4th, al ihe office of General J. B, mrebin. Axotbcu AzmiTAL —Tte schooner Leri Hfe T* thirty-live ions, Monroe master, arrived to the hubor on fcetnrday, from Sheboygan, with a -cargo of wood, barter an* egg#- Chicago Korea*. atmualCom mcnccmenl exercise* of thts to«Jtott-n , A b « held on Tuesday ereidng next. Professor Patter eon will delivertbeiddre*a^_^ CaxxDOJnair Ctun Lxcrcrats—Hon, Judge A. McArthur# will delivers series of ihrce loctores on Mary Queen of Scots, and the prominent men ibrr time. In the Crosby Haste Balt, on Tees day, Thursday and Friday evenings of this week. yuTiuso Lie* l-ttrara.—Gould, of 163 State rtreet. Is telling bools, shoes, balmorals, nailers and children's shoe*, at a very cheap rate for cash. He ask* as examination of his stock and prices on die part ot Intending purchasers. Tnx Lacc Tcxxzl was opened on Saturday, at tbe lake end, for tbe admlvsion of the water re quired u> clean it out. Itat process will be fin ished tn a dav or two, and then tne full stream will be turned on. PnoKocytctD Gciltt.—Horace Brown, charged with the murder of Philip Oppeman,of Bridge port, and recently on trial at Joliet, was on Friday round guilty ny the jary, and sentenced to ten years u the State Prison. Wirwi Wau>o Esmtsoir, tbe distinguished thought artist, will deliver hi* lecture on elo quence on Monday evening, la Uuliy Church on the comer of Chicago avenne and Dearborn street. St, Mans's Cucncn.—rhenewProtestant Epis copal eclfice. ju«l pare based at Cottage Grove, will bo opened for worship, wiih appro priate services, ou Sunday afternoon, March Kith, at SH o'clock. Pexsiokcus.— The payment of pensions a* the Chicago Agency, due on the 4lb of March (Mon day) will sot commence fer several days after wards. Notice of the lime wIU be given in the ■Juteckz. Wowrs aim Cninnncx.—iho rcgnlar monthly meeting ol the Trustees of the Hospital for Women and Children, will beheld at Ihe Hospital, No. ili Ohio street, on Monday altentoon, ac three o'clock. A toil and punctual attendance is requested. Tnx Boxed or Pcbuc Works, or at least a majority of that body, objects most emphatically loiheictolthe Legislature ordering their office to be voerted in four week# from date. They have taker I. gsl counsel, and It Is -tiled that the/ wi’l coated toe !»#»## before (he courts. O CATO 810 or St. Pape.— All singers, expecting lo take pan in the performance of ibe Oratorio of M. Paul, fee the benefit of the Vonng Men’s Christian Association, are requested to attend Suoriuallv tbe n- xt rehearsal on Monday evening. ,«>ch 4-h, in irirf. McCoy’s lecture room in 00-ny'* opera Houce, as it is necessary to fix the date of tbe public performance. ixnxEsiox —On baturday afternoon a number of ic«;i converts were received Into fellowship with the Olivet Baptist Church (colored) by being ta: tisi d ii> the font of the Second Baptist (.’hurt)*, eon-crof West M orroe and Morgan tireet. A latge number of colored, citizens were j)ie*+ntto wlinefs toe ceremoni s, which were cos.dMvt oby liev. R.chatd M. Deßaptiet, Pastor ci ite Uil.Tl Chuich. THEorcn to New Y due.— Tbe Plllsbunrh, Fort Wayne dCbicago Railroad and AUcntown llcc,are now offering to passenger* tbe extraordinary in ducement ol a through passage to New York without change, to their superb “Silver Palace” day and sleeping cars, leaving the depot here every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning, at < o'ciock, making tbe trip in yD hours and 97 minutes. Pledges at Auctiok.—Messrs. Wm. A. Batters A Co« Noe. 41 and 46 Randolph street, inform tbe public that they are authorized to eeU at public auction, by order of A. Lipman, pawnbroker, cor ner of Madison and Clark rireeta, at o>i o'clock to morrow morning, tbe Sib icstonr, a large and va uaule collection of non-rcdeemc<l pledges, co • Eiritnc ot 100 One gold watchce,soo silicr natch: of every variety, ladies* diamond watches, on ind < ptndrni tvcond-hai.d sporting watch costing 503, tine gold chains, instruments, Ac. A Mischievous Vaoejjit.—Albert Moore, olid* “Botineae,” me youth alluded to in a paragraph poblUbed in Saturday's Twbcke. as the boy who was the cause ot one Gilbert Wright being fined SlDtbc other day, and sdbeeonuiUy got another boy Into trouble lor stealing a coat, was brought before Justice MllUkcn on Saturday alleraoon and fined t 25 for vagrancy. It was In evidence tbathc bad no employ menu out spent most of his time In bangmgaronnd hotels, saloons and depots. He said be was from Buffalo, New York. If that dry bas anymore of bis kind to spare they should not all be gent to Chicago. Cathoxjc Fam.—Tbe receipts of the late Fair, managed by the leaders ol St. Mary's Church, amounted to nearly <5,000. The polling for the caneshowed a small majority for the priest of St. iiunV—lttv. Father Bail’gan. A concert and Festival will be given on rnesday evenlccm the Ball, corner ol Van liuren elree and Fourth a'et-uc; a and string band will be in aueneance. Mr. Kinsley will tarnl-h the refreshments. The officers and ladr managers of ot the late Fair will bo tarnished with compli mentary tickets. As Estacbs Tnocntz.—Albert MUler drives an cipjea- wagon, focoesJohu Morrissey. Albert 1- jocd", and John is a gray-ha Ired mas of sixty years. At the Police Court on Saturday morning Albert was ebanred with playing all manner of annoying tricks on Mr. MoMsssy, whv*e their teams were stacking on the street walling Tor work. Whips are mysteriously missing. wagon wheels aic tied np. and tbc hoys gataer ar«,ur.d and make faces at hm. The last indignities were backing the old man's herse into the cotter, and b.eakinc the *■ tail-board” of his wagon. Albert was wretched over this last named testimony, lie vehemently asserted that no man could hack that -old plug" of a hor*e wl hont serionslv nek log his head, the animal being vicious, and fond ot eating people np. Albert was deed $3, and advised to teas, his persecution?. MrnioPicaz. IsroxicATioir. - Georgians Ring remain d in William Boge's ealoon at No. 338 Canal htrcei. on Friday eveulog until closing time ard then wonld not •* Lodge.” Bogc had to carry her cnt. but the place had such fascinating lofia- I ences that she was luvolumailiy drawn back to It I again and asaln. On one ot these removals. Geor gian being apparently too mnch inebriated to walk sieadily, aTcr depositing hl« affectionate patton on the sidewalk William observed “some thing shining” in her hand. It proved to be his silver watch and chain, wlihagrecaback valuation of «E 6. Ibis resulted in Miss King's arrest tor larceny. Upon being brought betoreJu tice titar ti-vant on Fatnrday morning, she said the watch mnti have fallen from his pocket, and tn some way caught by her, though she had no recollection of tb- occur ence. She was ieccgmx«d ns an old oy odtr and was committed fortrfal in ball of Z'M J. ArrtcnoKXTtNKioimoite.— Mrs-MinnlcToong lifts reaiocd on tbc bios lot ol land with Mrs. j. rmih, at No. 705 Canal street Sho was arraigned at tbc Police Court, oo Saturday motwnp,eharced as being disorderly. It «w alleged that besides failing to pay her rent, she made secret incursions upon Mrs. Smith’s wood-pile. Their troubles v un each other became dally less endurable, and about a week ago Mrs. Young concluded to vacate tbe premues. After taking out her bedstead and two or three oiber articles of furniture. the fickle woman changed her mind, and, much to the dls cast of lira. Smith, began to 4 * move In” again, in tact, Mts. Smith entered a violent protest against her reoccopatipn ot the boose, and pre** t nil) Mrs. Yoons uaa constrained 10 ftiaanU her with one of the riats from the b dslead. A gene ral scrimmage ensued, in which Mrs. Smith got ber fitters exceedingly mangled m Mrs. Young's mouth. She extricated heiself from this dlf fli-cliv, and rewoD-traiod with bet neighbor npon such cannibalistic conduct, to wnlcb Mr*. Young responded in behalf of herself that she was In a d, iicate situation, and could do anything she nlca-ed. this argument may have bad its weight in mitigating the amount of her fine, (who shall say l> but *bc was requested to pay the sum of five dollars and costs. Chicago College of i’uAiutACT. —This Associ ation or druggist*, which had become almost ob solete* was revived, on Wedccid-iy afternoon last, t>v a meeting called to inspect a valuable collec tion©! chemical specimens presented to the Col lege b- Messrs. Powers & Wl.'htinau, msnnfactnr inccbcialsie. of Philadelphia. The organization LOW n.s*«secs a Cne variety of specimens ol ma urtamdica. and It Is proposed to organize a li brary containing the best work* oa pharmacy and co-ou U ate branches. A coarse or lectures »n tier haps be pioviccd for In future, hot at present mjiplus Ilccu will be uwd to procure additional specimens and boohs, 'ihe following officers were elected: P csideni—Mr.E. U. Sargent. _ Vice J’ltsidcnia—Messrs. George Bock and W. n. Metier. Fecrttary—Mr. James W. MUL Treasurer—Mr.J.r. Sharp Trustees—Alnrrt F. Eoert Henry Sweet, Johr •vr Ehrman, William Ilelnbold, Emil D refer. Messrs. Whitfield, Ehrmau and UlocU were ap pointed a special committee to reenre permanent i oome lor the meetings of the College. Ibc attendance at the meeting was large and mcch Interest was manifested in me proposal to n!ace this colicge on a footing *fh tbo*e of other laige cules. Druggist* and nine's interested are invited to job. the association Copies of the con (ihuUon eud bv-lawa can be had on apphca’lon to the Secretary. James W. Mi’l, Xo. 119 West Adam* 'the next regular meetlrg wf.l t>e held at the rooms ol th' College. No. 20 Klee s building. Dcasboni rtreel, on Monday afternoon. March nh, stC'j p. m, All druggists arc invil.*d to be piceeiiU Teovejx* Ajtoso me Don Mosde.— A finely dressed womar, wearing expensive fats, n«d civ* isg Lcrnatnc a.- eith*** Helen Hale or Helen Terry, acrordit g to convtnleice, appeared before JmUce Uftiwn on Saturday afiernooon, bringing suit ngamstai other clrl of canally good repalaMoo, caiudbonisa Morgan, for false imprUoamml. Each of tne warnco was accompanied byafemale IrifLQ. vbo twoic, of coatee, in Ui« Vitere*v of tier pauper. The evidence elicited the folio wing Morgan m a “boarder” with Helen rule or Perry—you pay* your miner anivou i*ke*TOOr choice—who lives on Ontario street, and expisti ed Ihtl the had been ooco married, but vu now divorced, though ehe claim* the UUe W Od*Sc January Lou gave j MrB. Hale;f23 to annlv upon tbt purchase of * silk dress which Sc SS Kw for her. Mrs. Hale made a eelec lion aflhe store of Field. Palmer* Uiter of a piece of e«k valned at *54, oa which she pam an advance of *25. and left It marked with one of her names, to be delivered when the P*v * bh«* wenthome and showed Lon a Btt “? la j£L{“? dtrsr atd told her the conditions on wblch i cTnld be obtained, portly after this thetwo womci. bsd a tailing out m jveyd to a *®H®* for whom both had a tender feeling. and Lou left the ertabllsbmcDt. She also called at the ?orc tnoaSi d for the goods. hot her name not belnc npon mem the salesman dec-Ined to e tb l“n°?Jjeme to have seen to thw an opportunity ~, 'rrvcEce and swore oat a warrant for M.s. ftiiK SSSi on the charge of larceny at bailee ot j-i orVdnir, intending, as she awceuy inOmsN arod the venerable German canine to the ivt.lisi.imrr though ehe did not expressi w Jhai wirt? Acrofdln S .y,lMt rcsk the accnscd .1 ».d l*» io tfio Armory, where .he re.hailedunmi.titd«y,et-d then on .ml die cljarm-d. Sbe»o» turned the tables by bringing amt action I-ou- W O‘T BD f®«“ Imprisonment. ffei -he nsnal amount of peUlfort'igbr thei a ; toici-ys the Justice pave Llr dechlonlhal the suit Mrt io-frircnmti t on the charge of without just foundation, and he’d the defendant. liu:?a i!cf-an. lo bail, to ♦G-' cuilly ot mti* CLDiearor, to epp- ar at *h--‘ Kvcorder s • oait. ORGANIZED RASCAIITT. Bold Attempt to Swindle s life In- surance Company. A Fictitious Browning—A Well Organized Plot-The Details—lts Dlicortry, misplaced Sympathy for a Pseudo Widow. For some time past a amt has been pending in the Circuit Court of this county In which Snsan Rigger was ploinUft and the “ Travellers In •nrance Company of Chicago were defendants. ahe anil was brought to recover the sum of fS,OOO lilo insurance. upon the allegation of the death of her hnsbird, Monroe t*. Rigger, who. It was claimed, had been drowned in the lake- about fif teen miles northwest of Cleveland on the night of the SOtb of July last, between nine and ten o'clock. Be «as engaged In the capacity of deck-hand on the brig Mechanic, and while acting under the orders of the second mate be fell, It was said, from the bowsprit and was never seen again. The uctof his aeath was attested bv no less than ten affidavits, including thojc of the captain of the vessel, James Todd; the owner, William Daniels: and (be second mate, Joseph Warier. The latter claimed to be on deck In ebarue ol the watch at the time, and under nis or der* Bigger wvnt out cm the bowsprit to fix a sail, wteu bis fool slipped and he went overboard. 3bat salt has been dismissed by toe filing of a document signed by the plaintiff Susan Rigger, under date of February S 5, In wh‘ch she acknowl edge# that lor a valuablccouslderaUon.the nature ot which will appear in the sequel, she relin quishes her claim to tbe Insurance. , buck, briefly, appeared to be the feet* In the cans, the beginning In the progress of wolch was noticed In the Tmucwr a few montha ago. There were clrcoms’ances connected with It, however, v> hicb called lor a strict investigation on the part ol the Insurance company, and recent develop ments bare tended sirongly to confirm the origi nal suspicion that a gigantic fraud has been at tempted. Traffic In life assurance policies oner many temptations to crime, and a vast amount of chicanery has been, from time to time, brought to light. Dickens' story of “ Hunted Down.” pro duced a powerful sensation at the time of its pub lication,because It contained a startling disclos ure of practices which were not then generally suspected, and that the fiction was based upon actntl (acts has since become rather painfully apparent. The lasdnailng gentleman who parted bis hair In the middle was the representative of a class of speculators, and the type has not yet be come estixct. It l* to be suspected that Individuals as well as Insurance companies are still victimized lo many ways to an alarming extent. Within a very short time a ci>cum*tance was brought under the no tice ot the •* Travellers' Insurance Company” In bis dty, which it may not be out of place to men tion in this connection. A gentleman had his life Insured lo the amount ol eight to ten thou sand dollars. Three mouths al»«r the policy was Issued be called at the office and requested them ro cartel the Insurance, as be bad good reason to believe that some of bis “friends” were plotting to destroy bis Ufo In order to secure the amount for which It was Insured. It is worthy of remark that a lengthened converse* t:on with tnc gentleman failed to develop in him any symptom of monomania. Two or three other tiisiai ccs ol attempted fraud have been discovered by the tamo company within a year, none of which were published. The case now under investiga tion presents some remarkable features, and tbe police are now aenveiy engaged in the work of “ bunting down’* ibe parties Implicated Ihe circumstance* under which the fraud was Otempwd to be perpetrated maybe narrated as follows: Rigger resided at No. 203 Church, street, la this my, ana was a mi or by profession. Sometime in June last he went to Mr. Page, of the Travel* UiV Ixturacce Company. and took, out an insur ance policy for tS,O(W, lor wtuch he paid sao aa the first Instalment. A few days thereafter be again called at the office of tfio company, and •taied that be wanted to make a special arrange* meet for hazardous risk, permitifog him to take a voyage upon ibe takea. Ills policy was changed in accotdance with hia request, npon a lurtncr payment of ten dollars. A day or two after that be called for the third time and had the special ebauc* d to a general permit to tail epen the lake during the year, for which he ad* vauccd the farther earn of twenty dollars, making his (cud payments sixty dollars. t'bU last ar* langtmcntwasmadein thcabeeneeorMr.Page.atid was contrary lo the rules of the office, one ot the regulation* being that no risk of that class shall betaken for any sum • zceedtng The fact ot a man in Rigger's position paying such a large stun—about two months' wages—lor one year's insurance, could not but be regarded as a aom** wbaicnrlons circumstance to say the least. But the policy had been effected, and nothing more could be done by the company but to await events. A few days alter the stlth of July, the date on which the sad catastrophe was raid to have oc curred, Mrs. Rigger came to the office of the ’ Travellers* Insurance Company, accompanied by J. C. Wicker, an attorney, who fa known as one of the devoted attendants on the Police Court, and presetted affidavits of the death of her bus* . i>and, at the same time demanding payment of t’<c $5,000. There were two suspicions dream* ntonces attending this application. One was that i Joseph Wagner, the second mate, whose watch it bad been on the evening of Rigger's disappear 1 arce, took the trouble to procure the affidavits in ; Buffalo, when he might have done It lit this city on the blacks of the company, and without ex* i itenee. The other was teat Mrs. Rieger had em ployed an attorney lo the matter, which la not 1 necessary in one oat of a hundred instance'*, the oartlea id crested usually producing the proofs or making affidavit, and that process being facilita ted by the offices for the special purpose of obvi ating expense to applicants. It was decided by the company that there was something sufficiently suspicions in the case to warrant them in withholding payment for a time, until further investigation. They did withhold it, and elneularty enough neither the applicant nor her attorney ever appeared again, bat forthwith instituted suit 1c the Circuit Court. At the same time Mrs. Rigger became au object of great sympathy among certain portions of the community. She industriously promulgated the particulars of her pitiiol story, one item Id which was that she was soon to became a mother, and succeeded in obtaining not only sympathy, bat snustantul relief. The action of the travellers* li suxatce Company was made the subject of In dict ant protests, and the wrones of the poor aldow became the theme of much com men L The case was brought the notice of tb*t Young Men's Christian Association, and societies, as | /ell as individual.-, being liable to deception, notwithstanding atl precautions, they were In { dneed lo believe her sorrowful tale and afford her | relief. , Meanwhile the insurance company, disregard ing ail sympathy, public or private. In bchaif of the widow, were persuing investigations Into the circnmsiances attending the melancholy death of ibe husband. The mait-.r was entrusted to tue ca>c oi Allan Pinkerton, Eeq., by whose dciecives It was most eaccesfelolly tracked, although for a long time no clue could be found to the mystery. At length it was discovered that the whole affair rrom fiwi to last was n conspiracy ontbepaitof itlggct, bis wife, and the second mate, to defraud the insurance company. It was ascertained that the Pile Mechanic was not fifteen miles from land at the time of Rigger's dldaopearance. On the contrary, the second mate, who was la collusion with the other conspirators, bad run the vessel so near the t-bore that night mat she was in danger of being stranded. The appointed hour having arrived for the development of the plot, the ma e, at a cignal agreed noon, ordered Rigger to go out on iheboweptiiandfixasail. The man obeyed ana in a lew* moments dropped Into the water. Wag ner immediately raised the alarm, ‘“Man over board," the crew were summoned, the vessel was fcwnng round am a boat was lowered from the stem. The second mat- took the management of >he boat, and by a dexterous movement he con trived to push off in a contrary direction to that which bo well knew bad been taken by hie con* 1 federate. Tnc’Upposcdd'owomg man did not l utter any loud cry tor help- He waswcll provided 1 with a life preserver, and. having not moretmn three quarters of a mile ‘between him and the shore, he was soon on dry land in safety. Wanner, ae may be sup posed, soon gave up ibe search lor the lost man tle rejoined him. shortly after (bis even*, lo Baf. ialo. where be took the affidavits of tus death, and brought them to this city. The it enreocc company, on becoming acquaint ed wt*h these facts, went to Mrs. Rigger, ana in duced her to make a clean breast of It, She con fessed everything, and gave the (nil detail* or the conspiracy which bad been concocted between her husband, the mate, and herself. Having un careened her mind to the satisfaction oi all parties concerned, she deemed II prudent to withdraw from the city al together. Bcr husband is now said to be ►aßlnron the ocean, and tbc second mate has also departed into unknown regions to screen Limst-lf from (he police, who are making every effort to discover his whereabouts. W ari er is represented to be the worst charac ter in the whole conspiracy. and was probably the instigator of the affair, lie has neen arrested in this city and tried lor rape, and be baa on several otcasions been suspected oi burglary, theft ano other ktodri'd offences For some time ne was connected with a Mcchanis’ PoMcc force In the North Division, but lattctW up lo a recent date he has been sailing on the lakes, only returning lo .ula city at intervals. ITUD DUGS, \ Soy Bitten on Saturday—The Animal Milt at Large. If anything more wcre.ncedcd. to stimulate the city authorities to Immediate action In extermin ating the surplus number o’ dogs In Chicago, than tbe facts which have been already published within the past few days, It is afforded in an oc currence which transpired In the West Division onbamrday. . . . On the evening of that day, about six o'clock, Allred, a too of Alfred Guthrie, Esq., a lad of ten or clcvm Tears, was at play on the sidewalk Id trontof his father'* residence ou West Mad 1-on street, near th*? city limits. While thus engaged he was approached by a small oa»k colored (gray ot Mack) null dog, nud before tbe boy had time to entertain a thought of the animal's peculiar manner, he was bitten severely on the wrist, the wound being about an Inch long and across the wrist. After eQipptogat several other boys, tbe animal ran away from that locality, bat it has been ascer tained that he bit one or two other dogs in the im mediate neighborhood of Mr. Guthries' residence, otter which be escai>ed and is still running abroad, douhilefs blang other brutes £nd possl- My several persons. Medical attendance was Immediately procured or Maater Guthrie, and tbe best remedies were applied as fart aa poirihle, aod U is hoped that tie youth will escape the horrible death attending hydrophobia, one instance ol which was pub* iUhed m these columns only last week. What before has seemed a matter of conjecture now assumes the fonnidable appearance ot an ap palling fact. Ul* believed that thete are quite a aige number or does now at large lothiscby, a’rcady mad. and which have commnnlea'cd the olfonong virn* to many other animals. CiUzrns rcwldlug In the West DtvUlon, la view of wbal has diicadv transpired among th m.are very Justly ■slarmcc at ihe presence of hydrophobia In their midst, and appeal to tbPanthorUlesforprolKUon. It is a mutaVen Idea tnat the present season of the >ear I* not favorable to the development of his fcowge to the canine race. On theconfary, n Is a period of the year when arc most like- It to become rabid. Housed up dnclug the cx iretno cola weather, many of them become sickly and diseased. Gibers, witnoat owners, wander over the cby, neglected, hungry and ill-kept, acd itn- worst el the.-e develop ihe malignant sickness cf bvd?Dhobla, and communicate it to any and 4 very sjulmal oc man that UxT chance to blic. tlnzellng these animal* !■ only a nil Jgauon of th- evil, as all canncl or will not gel taumed. and < hose pievenlcd ftom biting are equally « r P®*f d .o being bitten by other dog*. It I* hoped that a iirociairiailoawjll be Isned without delay, waging deptmctljn on all dogs found ntunlng at large l»» he cuy. AMBJiKITIKN IS. The Irish drama has had lb* full share ot repre sentation at both theatres during the past week, ard It has pi oven exceedingly popular, uwe may judge horn the well-filled bouses every nigh*. Ibis week wo are promised a little more variety. Several benefits arc announced and they always break np the monotony of the week Further mote little J<otta will beat the Opera Boose, and this will io<n> a brilliant contribution to onr vn ttnah meats _ _ SlcVickzb's Tutvnvx.—Dan Bryant closed tbc first week ot bis engagement which has proven to every sen#*- a successful one. Ue is announced as tbc star for another week, and tbe play of -'Sbaame O’Bnen,” which ho* crested a great tenradon in Kew York and elsewocrt, will be P BmnrorWjL Ccims.—An extra matinee wlil be civen oo Wcdcc-day afternoon to me benefit of Mr U, D. Cnnla, the oopnlar doorkeeper of Mc- Vickcr'a Theatre. Mr. Cords baa long filled that position, and that, too, Xu such a manner as io ut c bl*n to tbe respect and consideration of every one who is Id the uaoit ot visiting thclheaue. Be deserves a ical benefit, and we have no donht he will get one. The “Honeymoon will be presented on the occasion snd Mr B. Macauley, who wa> lading man at McVicker’a some Tears ago, has con*eatei to appear. “UttleMac” »Ul be therewith hU cro usone danc*», and the entertainment wilt con clude with the fa-ce of “I am bo Jam. In this last piece Captain Ed. Went will appear In the principal pari, beln* his first appearance in th " &ty. Although r.o prolesslonai, Mr. Went u hy ro mean# a novice la Ihe dramatic art, and v • may expect something racy and novel from him. Mt ext*.—“Tbe White Boys” had a snccciaful nr. dunnfr (hr week, (ill Friday, when It w»» withdrawn for Mr. Nichols' benefit “ A Dream at Sea” and (he “bpeciro Bridegroom” were very well produced on (hat occmioo. and Mr. Nichols was aade the recipient of a handsome cold-hcidefl catie—'he ctrt o( bu friends. Mite. Alice Hollasd lake# a benefit on Monday cveute. when Che will appear in her favorite character of “Cabiloia” lo the “Hidden Hand.” Her rendition of tbU cUracler during her pre xiou# engagement at the Muunm added rm mnsdyto her popularity. Mra. Holland is a yovg actress cf eaperlor merit, and one who ex* dibit# an Intelligent concep l lon of every part as* Bizmca to her. We bespeak tor her a crowded fc °orEEA liotnnc—Lotta. —Aa already announced, lid# brilliant yonng soahrerts.who has been d«w* Inc crowded bouses In every aiy In which she has #i>praTt d,wlU make hei first appearance allhe Opera Rouse, where. It may be anticipated, a anccess will attend her. Lott* 1# sop* ported by a fall ana efficient aramailc company, and will preteni during the acason some or her m><st popular impersonations, mtrodnaec her tvU biated banjo solo, her clog dances and other performance# which have contributed so much to mskr bet thr favorite the I*. .. , . Coussr*.—iLo Circus has been well patronized dorlnc the week and continues 101 l of attractions. Ihe frequen'ers of the Coliseum, as well as those wbu may not come under that category, will be clad to learn that Hr. James Robinson, the un equalled hare back nder, baa been re-engaged for another week or two. Perry and Loalow will also remain. _ „ Tinmans' Masque uadi Ball. The Second Grand Masquerade Ball of the season will he given on Monday evening by the Chicago rum* Gcmentde. at the New Turner lull. Great pre parations have been made tor this event, wh'ch will probably equal the great success of the last one. THE MURDER OF BICKIND. The Prisoner Black Set at liberty After Haying, as It Is stated. Confessed tbe Crime. A Man Suspected cf Murder Placed in Custody of His Cousin. A CltAln or Suspicion* Circumstances— An Investigation Uequlred. In the Tiusuint of February 7th, last, we re ported the details of the pnrsnlt and arrest of two men, M. S. Stlckney and George W. Black, who were supposed to have committed a bloody mur der on the Plains, in Wyoming Territory, on or about the 18th day of October last. Their victim was a person named Bicking, who had contracted to convey them from Sast lake City to Denver, for a certain consideration- It will be remembered that Judge W.A. Carter, of Ctab Territory, having reason to believe that the two mm had come io the direction of Chicago, followed to ibis city and stumbled across Stlcknor In the tsbexman House. Under his direction B. C. Yates went out to Rockford, tbe residence of rhe father ot one of the supposed culprits, and there arrested Black, and after bringing him to this city he also arrested Stlckney. The two were taken before J. Wl*iship, a Justice of the Peace in Ibis aty. and upon complaint being made they were committed “tor farther examina tion” To ihe County Jail. Oar report con taint d also tbe sab#lance of a confession, pur ported to hare been made to Judge Carter, by Black, in the County Jail on the 6th oavof February, In which Black acknowledged tb&t be committed the deed, giving a circum stantial account of the journey from Salt Lake City to Wyoming .Territory, and mentioning ibatsl shout three hundred and fifteen miles on this tide of Salt Lake they encamped near Wasbakee Station, where one of the mule* stray ed ; ILat after some search for it on tbe part of .'•ttcanev and Bicking, Black and Bicking started oat in company to continue tbe search, and while ont, be. Blade, rbol Bicking with bis revolver, they being about two bundredyardsolatantfrom the camp, . and m full view ol Stlckney. Onr report also mentioned Ibe fact that the two men bad been tracked to a “corral” on the North Platte, about sixty miles from Ihe scene of the homicide, where they left the wagon and harness of the murdered man. They then went to the nearest station and bought tickets to the station next beyond, whence they look passage for Denver, apparently with the ol uirowing any searchers trom their deck. It vas then shown that (bey came by way of St. to this city. Black, in bis statement, tnst he fired the fatatehol; but be did zoi Mute mat Bicaiug ovenjmllcdouthls weapon, much less that he fired. The only palliation ol extreme unlit that he offered was that be bad been nrged to the deed by Stlckney, who bad persuad ed Lim that Bicking had taken a dislike to him Slid lisa cuuecd him to tear that Bleltlig was in tending to take his life. In the eye or the law of this Mato both men, under this confession, were property chargeable with murder, and their sub* sequent /light and attempt io avoid punishment would legally raise an additional presumption of their guilt. . ... The narttc#, aa we have ssid. were taken before Justice Winship and held lor mrther examination. Meanwhile Judge Carter, who had received the ccnlesßlun, and who bad tracked the prisoners, wctilonio Washington, whence, wc believe, ho baa not reinmed. On the- 6th inst. Stlckney sued ont a writ of Aa beat corpvt before Judge Gary of tbe Superior Court. By request of the pmoncr, the heailnc of the case was laid over until the 6lh day ol this month. He la still in Jail. we write now chiefly concerning Black. Qe la at liberty 11!! 1 _ , On the afternoon of Friday, as has been before the case. Black was taken oat of tbe County Jail br B. C. Vales. In pursuance ol an order of wblcb the following is a copy: State ol Illinois, I M Cook County, f lo tbe Sheriff or Jailor of said county; Deliver Into Ibe custody of George w. Black, a prisoner now In yonr custody, in order that ba may be brought before me for farther examinee tioo, and for so doing this shall be yoar satflaent waxranb Given underlay band and seal, ibis Ist day of ilarcb, A. D. 1807. [SaaLj flints WiKsnrP, Justice of the Peace. Similar orders, In his case, had been issued be fore, ana on one occasion, under ju>t such aa or der, we are informed the prisoner was conveyed hr Yates to Itockford, the residence nthls fa-ner. 'ne prisoner was Ihrn conveyed to Wlnshrp’a of fleei and no one appearing against him, he was discharged—the ou>t tenure, and that a frail one. upon the man being tost be was held on a bond of throe hundred dollar* to appear as a wit re»s againstSdcimcy. Upon this bond Yates, the detective and custodian, was accepted as emery, Xu connection with this pretended examination, for which no subpoenas w«rc issued, and of which no notice was given to the visit's Attorney, it is worthy of remembrance I ibat to confident or release was the prisoner that 1 be cau?< d bis jail tecs to b-*paid before he started i to iht- JcfUce’fc ofilce, thus saving hlmselfibe ex | tictnc inconvenience of returning to the even tem- notary company of the jail keeper. ItisdliUcnltior an nnsophtaucated IndJvidnal •o nniernand bow the discharge of Inis man could Lave been permitted under such circumstances With the question of his gm;t or innocence we have nothin* to do. We do not wish to pronounce upon lu Wo con* cent ourselves with static# tbc facts. Ibe public (s justified, however, in expecting that when there l.canythiig like a reasonable ground to suspect >bat a mania guilty of murder, be shall be held nmll bis case shall bare been thoroughly investi gated by an authority higher than that which is limited to action, even on money accounts, in rnits involving less than a hundred dol lars, and to o tribunal which is prepared to receive a tall statement of the facts In Its supe rior importance to a Court not|Ot record, which can act only to commit on a reasonable presomp liooofculu. The Justice ot tnePeacd had un doubtedly exhausted bis jurisdiction In the case, and wbeihet he ban done so or not, it seems At tire that a prisoner who Is held in Jotl. espe cially upon a charge of mnrder, the more so when he it- imported to have confessed hlscrtoie, should not be discharged without, if uot some action oi a Court olreco:d,alleastsomc token of assent from ibc officer o! tbc Mate who has in charge the prosecution of criminals. There is a ternbls wrong somewhere in this case. The welfare of lie coDiinunlly demands that It be ferreted out, that hereafter no »"v» lying under such suspicions as Ulack does, at a mortal crime, may be Jet loose ppon me community without a proper investiga tion. It may not be out of place to mention some clicumstaiiccs narrated as facta, which may aid in any future investiga tion. It is said by those who Know both tbc parties that tbc detective Yates and the accus ed Ulack, are first corn-ins. As we hare said they have. In company, nndet Justice Wlnshlp'a order ‘•forfurther examination” on several occasions taken the benefit of fresh air, and once. It is said, they went together to Rockford, where the father of ibe prisoner and the nncle of bis custodian resides. Bis father Is represented as being a wealthy man; his worldly goods being estimated at a vainc of »7tl0(». ... The public will draw Its own conclusions as to the brought to bear to se cure the release of Black. FIRE ON UKE STREET. Two Buildings in Flames—Los? Nearly SCSjOOO« It has become almost a matter of certainty* seemingly, that Uan extensive loss, created by fire, occarc either on Laic or Water street. It will transpire on Saturday or Sunday. Consequently, whee an alarm from box No. 9 was rone about a quarter before seven o'clock on Saturday evening’, toe Fire Derailment was called to extinguish the flames kindled at one of the reenter appointments ot the fl-e-ficod—this time on Lake street. The fire is reported to have bad its origin in the rear part of So. 173 Lake street, between LaSalle and Wells, on the drst floor, occopied by Messrs. Unchbergcr Brothers, dealers In ary goods. The store was t-liut np closely, both in rear and front, and when the engines arrived there waa no flame io be teen from the outside, but a dense smoke issued from the windows. Indicating that the fiery clement vra? secretly but surely perfonulng lia woik of destruction. An entrance 10 the building was very soon effected, and one or two rireatna of water were turned on to the fire, or where it waa presumed to be, the heavy clouds of smoke quite obscuring it from view. In a very few minute*, however, the fire men were enabled lo trace the course of the dames as they made their wav through the vari ous doors to the fourth story, finally bursting out at the soot and causing a portion ot it to fall to. Wlihl*-. the holloing the Cre, instead of spreading, »ccmed to make for luelf a hatchway, which was peihaps by the draught through one door opened at the trout. Tneaopcarsncc oftheflro through the roof occurred about half an boor at tertbe bells first rung, end at Una indication of .ho imminence of an extensive conflagration, the Court House bell rung u second peal on No. 0. which brought to the scene the ci.tlu- Fire Department of the city. Fortunately, towever, the carats wcrecoufliicd to Nos. 173 and 1 71, the latter occupied on lao flr-t and second doors by Koscuau Brothers, dealers In taucy dry goods. No 111 was but slightly damaged by fire, but received a copious drenching by water. Such vigilance was exercised, and so much nmer war showered upon the place, that the fire was soon brought under subjection, ibe losses occurring more in consequence uf the totmev element than the latter. The buildings are ot brick, four stories high la front ni.o two in the rear, owned by Cyrus D. CobV, and w ere damaged to the orient of about jS,UX I , which Is intlr insured la the “Merchants'" and “ Firemen's" of this city, Itoscnan Brothers, occupying N 0.171, are about icmovmg to another store, ana a large pr ’portion of their goods had already been taken away. The icmalnderofthcir neck was dsmaeed by water, shout f3,00u. which Is fully Insured in V. L. Mil ler’* *pcbcv—companies sot ascertained. BncLberger Brothers, occupying lire first floor ot No. 173, iiad a stock on band valued at $50,000, which Is believed to have been injured by water to the amount of s£o,nu). Ibelr insurance la as tolluw>; Id T. L. Miller's agency. $20,000; in the •• Home.” of New York, f 10,000; in the “ iOm mrrtJal, 1 " ot thl« CUT. «S,OOO. The second floor of No I*3 wit occnnled by Cogswell & Co., agents for the Waterbary Clo:«c Company. The loss was about f2J,OOO.ths nock bciLg entirely destroyed, and the book* saved, the stock was Insured tor 1 15.0J0 The third and fourth floors ol No. 173 were uu- Are was first discover* d byaybnngmio In the store adjoining No. lT\who observed through a small aperture admitting light tbrougotbe shut* ur,» lltue flame shout as large as his baud, a few |»-et north and east ot the centre of No. 173. Messengers were Iramcdia'cly despatched io the long John Engine House and the Court Hou%c to notify Ibemol the Impending danger. Various surmises arc indulged in regarding the cause ot tbc Came, some attributing It to the sod den rupture of a gas pipe, others to the careless tueoT a lamp, besides many other conjectures, none ol which seem to tie of a rca-onable char acter. Ok Scsncioir.—Ou Friday night, some time be* l\v«cn st'enand eleven o'clock, looms in lh r> car riaev bouse on «he premises of A C. Oidger, at No. 401 Wabash avenue, were entered by some person and robl-efl of fl7ln ro:ney, a watch val utd at $-5, and a oold bieast pin. The apart mentr arc occupied l>v James Moureaod bis wife, •lamer being a coachmnu lor Mr. Badger, and Mrs. Moore employed as a cook. A party bring in progress at the house, these servants were away from their own dwelling. A colored man named Ssm Coleman oas seen tanging about the alle* n>-ar the carriage boon in the varly par; ol the vcninc. and be was arrested on suspicion of be log the Iclcf. At the I'ollce Court on Saturday morning bam doniea (be “impeachment” He vald bo was at church that evening. To give him a chance to prove an ofifil. he was granted a con* (income of examination till Monday afternoon la. ball of tfiOO. * LAW INTELLIGENCE. An Old Case Decided—The Elopement Divorce Deferred-Bow Suits—Judgments, Ac.. Ac. The change In die the terms of cour* bad the efircton Sstmday ot closing off the huatneu of trials to the (only court (the Circuit) In which evidence was being received. The record of the day was consequently brief _ CIRCUIT COUBT. n Tbe Juries lo the cases of Bernard Silver vs. Reuben B. Debar, ana Mary Comfort vs. Tbe City of Chicago, falling to agree, they were discharged. These cases were on trial on Friday. Marion M. Grover, guardian. At-. vs. Marion B. Grover «t al. Petition to sell lands of minora. Master's report filed and confii mefl, and decree of sale of property In town 59 n*-nh, range 13 east. Royal A. B. Mills vs. Henry Graves. Ibis ac tion was commenced «t<he April term of 18U. it was for tte forcible ejectment of plalatlff from, aid trio detaining possession 01, the northeast quarter ot tectlou *4, town 29, north range It. Ihe case was tried during November, 1913, wben the defendant wa< found not guity. Ihe case went to ibe Supreme Court and (he judgmen*. was reversed. It was, on Saturday, re-tried by the conrt. when the court finds that the title of plaintiff had expired after the commencement of the suit and before the tml thereof. Judgment was given that the plaintiff recover hla damages forlhewllbbolairgof the premises by the de fendant, and that as to the premises claimed the defendant go therefrom without delay, it will be taken again io the supreme Court. Maty Devine, indicted for murder, lo having caused the death of her Illegitimate child a few days since, by causing ft to be thrown Into the Chicago River, was arraigned and pleaded guilty ot manslaughter. George u. Scoheld, indicted for murder, by shooting Edward S. WlUon la Ogdens’ saloon. pleaded not guilty. Patrick Lynch and Philip Moran, Indicted for larceny of a violin, the property of Lawrence Mc- Kenna. pleaded not guflty. Patrick Powers, indicted for arson In setting fire to a barn on the property of Simeon Lee, at Hyde Pars, pleaded not guilty. Bryan altaa Byron Doran, indicted for on as ranlt with a deadly weapon, made upon Henry McDonald, tbe weapon being a pistol, pleaded not William F. Welch, vs. Illinois Central Railroad Company; case re-instated. barahJane Sevenoke va. Frank Sevcooke. BU) for divorce. Default entered on personal service. BUI taken pro conftuo and reference •o me Master. This U a case btougbc a« the re sult ofau elopement. The parties tan off to Buffalo and were married. They then returned to tbe city and tbe complainant was already se verely tired olberlover-bnsband,BDecoascqamt ly celebrated the middle period ot her honey moon by petitioning lor a divorce. Tbe Grand Jury was discharged. The new culls commenced in the Circuit Court were aa follows: Uotalle Aeuca Grebe vt. William Grebe. Case, with capiat la aid. Action bioncht for ao al leged slander, accusing tbe female plaintiff wltb stealing ?W0 lism&ce-; laid at 45.0UU. IbomasUllgbeTe. Andrew W. Blitjhe. Asa amp alt. Damages SI.UOO. John Scbnstcr re. Milton Forbes & Co. Pe- U lon for mechanics'lien on the premises on lot ID.block l. S*ate Banks Addition (No. 852 North aveuae). Lien sought to the extent of $G7,970n a contract to introduce water Into the premises. aCPXBIOBCOtmt. This March terra of this coart will commence on Monday moraine, the saw suits on Saturday were: Henry W. Schroder vs Junes Forbes. Conies* eion of Judgment for (200.81. John s. Wiles etals. vs. Charles H. Barnes. As* suropslt Damages SSOO. nzCOBDEU’S COURT. The sew salts In this court were as follows: John ikillcervs- Frcdnch Eohlhammer. Case. £2,(00. I'. W. Watson ▼». W. I*. Pierce. Assumpsit; brought on an, open accountfor £737.33. City of Chicago v*. Uarous Newtmrg, Appeal from a Police Court floe of $lO, on a charge of peddling without a license. CONFIDENCE AT TBE DEPOTS. A. Nest ot Thieves—Bail jins and Tempting. The Tuzbukc of Saturday pare an account of a confidence game which was played upon a col. oted mao in charge of a sleeping car running into the Orta’ Union Depot. The recent law aiming at the prevention of these occurrences was not passed a moment too soon, as »hia depot has for months past been a dec ol thieves and a regular resort or confidence operators. At least half a dozen ot these characters are Known to have made it their headquarters, and they bad become so hold as to overawe some ol tbe officials there. I bey work together In pairs, accosting a stranger and playing the u«naj came of Asking a temporary loan to pay a debt, exchangioga bogus package fur whatever currency tbe victim baa, selling a pinchbeck watch at an astonishingly low price, or some other oftho numerous kinds of swindling, while tbe rest of the rang stand on tbe defensive, remaining at a distance and warning off watchmen and others who might be disposed to interfere and Inform tbe nnwaryof their dan* per. It should be stated that the railway officers and employes appear to take every possible measure to detect and punish these scoundrels; but tbe task Is a difficult one. Among recent Instance- of this klxd of villainy two may be given. In January a porter 1q the De pot wa« knocked from the top of a ladder, on which he was standing to torn off the gas. by one ol these blacklegs, In vindication of bis right to swindle passengers without molestation. The Sorter had a few nours before prevented the trans fer oi a hocus bond for <3OO to the pocket of a countryman in exchange lor his hard-earned cur rency. Only two or three weeks ago an employe of the Adams Bouse saw t»o men walking the depot with an old man of some eighty years, and, suspecting then Inten tions, followed tnem a short distance. One of tne scoundrels turned, and seeing that be was watched esme notohun and exclaimed longhly “Do I owe you anything!” The other answered “No, not that I know of. 1 ' and the response was a voliey of expletives, the substance of which was that if he continued to interfere with their oosincss the speaker woald split bis skull open. The threat was not carried Into effec*, however, probably through fear ot the consequences, rather tbau any luck of disposition. The Intended victim was i laced on bis guard by the conversation, and turned a deaf car to the deceivers. An instance was reported to ns a few days ago, in which an employe at the depot, who bad been mgagi <1 but a few days previous, wa« approached by one of the confluence men and offered two hundred dollars If he would stay at the other end of the depot for half an hoar, the Intention being, of coarse. In the meantime to relieve some verdant gentleman of bis spare funds, or perhaps rub the baggage room, we understand thatar niher depot watchman was approached ny one of 'here scamps with the remark that it was a pity Uut a fine fellow like him should wear each poor i-lotbe when he tnfebt easily make plica of mon ey. We are glad to be able to ear that the bait in neither care was taken. If it bad been accepted we should not hare been able to report the fact. It is astocisnmg with what accuracy these ex perienced villains judge the extent of each mtu'a pile, adapting thi lr offer a accordingly. Tucy seem always to be in need or just about ibo sum wblcb tpdr nosn-pecUng easterner has in bis pocket,, so that be U completely exhausted in respect to bis flnaoces when they have done witn bim. I'hey undoubtedly have confederates U numerous po sitions. and a system as thoroughly organized as that onhe detectives, so that their plana are rare ly toiled. rbey learn lojuage the character of inelr victims and the degree to which they may be duped, and thus realize rich spoils from ibeir inlamoQß skid. It is evidently high time that stringent measures be taken to rid our city of this nestof nlla-ns, and we trust that astbelaw now authorizes the anest of these men on what may be called “general principles,” the dtr of Chicago will soon be too hot to bold ibem. We ran very well afford to bare our census reduced by tbe substruction of these fellows, even though Milwaukee should bo the numerical gainer there ; h *- _ ESCAPE PBOia TUB JAIL. Laxity of Discipline and Us Oou«* qaences. The notorious Billy Childs, who was committed for trial recently on various charges of forgery, made bis escape from the county Jail yesterday morctng. and, much to the chagrin of the police authorities, Is once more at large. This Is to be regretted, "BUly” being one of the biggest scoundrels extant, and one who baa cost the po lice an Infinite amount of trouble. The very free ard-eaay manner In which the escape was effected would seem to reflect very seriously on the con duct of some of tbe officials, and is worth! of in vestigation by their Chief—ShorltT Beveridge. If tbeic exists such a laxity of discipline as toe cir cumstances attending this one case would indi cate, It is high time it were corrected. It appears that there are, or were, two inll duals confined 1c the county Jail—one known as Butch Louie, who has been there fomcerlva year onahaeta*dy charge, soda boy named Edward LinSer, formerly an inmate of the Itefonn School, ibese two, ** For some gracious service unexpressed. Ano from its wages only >o be guessed, have betn allowed ths “run” of the jail—thatls, they can come and go at pleasure, ranging over the whole subterranean domain without question asked. Yesternay morning Mr.TuUle, who is In charge from Saturday night till Monday miming, in place of Mr. Polz, tell asleep in the outer hall, leaving toe keys of th- cells on a desk luarhls conch. Ihe boy, who bad douhtiejs bren tam pered with by one of the prisoners, „to!e cautiously into the hall, where be had no right to be, ana seeing the bunch of keys, Piocceded to the cell doorot Blijy Childs, and quietly unlocked U. The prisoner foVow.d his deliverer to tne hail, where lay the slumbering lapor. Inserted his conning right band into bis pockets, and abstracted the key of the jau, which as enfolded by a handle of greenbacks amount ing to forty dollars. Honest thlei that he «ra«,he r. sored the filthy lucre to Its unconscious owner, an act ol gratitude which any prisoner would pay to such an accommodating Jailor, and opening the jail door walked out The boy went out -long with him Drncb touts was ihefini to per ceive the escape n| the iwopi’socers He snoow Puttie awake, and remarked that Billy bad gone. Mr. Tuttle rubbed hb« eyes aod was soon con % faced of the fact. H- had good reason to c n cratnUte himself that only BO iy tad the boy had -one, and not the ennre corfonls of the Jali, • bleb mfahl have been toe case. As above hinted, aoveraJlndlciraenlswerehang ing over thl-Bltly Childs- He has bat recently t-s-capcd from tbe Penitentiary, and he Is much w« t.d ibeio again Not loug«tr.eei he was com netted on one charge under ball of $3,1*10, bu tby ihsaidof an attorney be had Ju»t succeeded !«■ -eitirg out. when Captain Jack Neipoc, tarough ?U detectives, secured him on another charge be ho had reached the Conrt Honrc eaoaie. Lilly was again committed wrier 12,000 ball, and •Mr time the police thought they had him safeiv nooked. They had tot calculated ou tbc losocu nty of the county Jail, it may be suggested tbai ihtie boys from the Beiorm School arc not alwa>s to Iks det ended u;.on, especially when invested i with such questionable authority In such a place. i • co*oPEKAnv£ sroau. The mining and Supply Company* How to Obtain Woods at Coat. The wmperatirestore, which hxs for tnatty years been a source of extensive henefil to the people of other cities, and been tried herewith ont Indifferent suer ess. seems at last to have been taken hold o' In a way which will .insure Us acc ces . The Mining and Supply Company of tblv, cur, located at yJoa. St and 66 Randolph organised on a plan t-bidi avoids the enls Mate times complained ot, and has already met with a suffciei-t amount ot public recognition to place Uon a firm ba*lf. . , . , As luji aroc Implies, the company Is fomed for thi piupote of furniahlcg all kind* of coal, wood, ciocvilia, provisions, cic.—ln shot!, everything uhlch tanMiallyfonrid In a flrsKlass exc*-o: wince and liquate. These are supplied to at as n< ar cost price as dcilvtjtd to any part of the city, m ch «f the company may bo one hundred ihoa sand! tour tnou-aca e-arc* of twenty five dollars each About three htridrcd share* ' ate nlreidy »«ken, only one man holding mote than one rfeire. and h« holding Tto * company has thus seventeen tboos»nd dollars ot sub'-enbed capital, with wblrt: U t fliiic to three hundred families thofe staple articles of bonrehotd cousurapUon watch every (amliv mart buy, and aupplylng them at ibe ret cost, the a»socia*.ion l*«m* a muoia'.pro lectit.p sraety,the ptoicclicn being agnail high pilro. audit'ill >ca ll* be seen that the more stocUboldva the Ura will be the expense o utand 11lc for each, tod the lesvihe aciua £os ro :thc cooda fnmlsbrd. *lbe saving to each family, la ibi article of IbH alone, will pay the amount of their Block every year, and the Incrcm ntsof profit at the supply store will save Ore or six rimes the amoatit of Uteir stoex, per anonm, ac* coidlngfo tbcamoonlof th- pnrenaaes. Tboln ■tlintlon Is conducted strictly on the principle of cash payments ana no debts, rbe membership Uraptdlviccn a-ins. Tbe Board of Director* are: J. D. Decreet, *C«it ol I'Qlon KolHng Mills; M. W. Lest r, hot* sir Inmaces; J. B. n uilstne, ot weber, WuJums Js Fitch, bats and fnrs; £. S. skli-ncr. of Mousoa, skinner dr Clark, stationers; ana b. M. Moore, of Mooro & Steams, Ininrance. who bare a general overnight of the man* acement or the company, wttboat fee orrtwsrd. Theegent, Mr, L. U. Lsmertcc, may always be fontdat the store, and win famish all dealrrd information and receive subscriptions or stock, VVc would advise those who are groaning under heavy ctoeery Mils to call a r -d ace for themselves what are the advantages ottered. ACTION OFCBANDJCBIES. Tho Enzlbb Court*—The Case of Xlar* tot Doolltlie —A Query. A question has arisen In tbo English courts dor* log the moo lb of February which coo talas mutl'T of Instruction applicable with especial force to the proceedings m courts to this country. Dar ns the past year the people have been much stonlrhedatthe quality ol several “true bills” of Inula men t relumed, as compared with the understood nets ox the esses, sod perhsps more eoibst In other cases no indictments were found at all. Perhsps the xno*l prominent los lance of the Ist* ter class is In the case of Harvey G. DooUlUo It is staled that two witnesses appeared before a grand jury of this city and testified to the wrong, ml piscine of a signature npon certain bonds sold by the defsnlter In violation of a deposit made, lio bill was returned In the case. It would have seemed from the notoriety of Ibe facts that some consideration should have been given to the mat ter. Especial attention was called to the matter In the Tnincjm it the * time, but no action was taken. A similar case, although of much less Interest, has been before the middle sessions of England. The grand Jury retnsed to Isdlcr in a case where the purloining of marked coins from a drawer was positively testi fied to by three witnesses. The conn, upon sug gestion of the prosecuting attorney, called the 'u ~ the bar- tela..£ Vue testimony in their presence and demanded of them to retire for con sultation, remarking that It was a duty that they should say whether or not there was a esse for In vestigation. Phis action was taken by the court there under the common law, or rather the power was exercised as an Inherent power of a court. This coarse, if It were to be adopted In this coon, try, would aid much In the fulfilment of the de mands of justice. Many men have recently es caped the punishment for crimes which have be* come notorious by the failure of grand juries to find “a case fur investigation.” Western Patents. The following patents were lasned from the United States Patent Office, for the week ending February 19, ISO 7, aa reported by Q. L. Chapin, Patent Sol'dtar, Chicago: Churn—B. Bandtorth, Chicago, Illinois, Device for Slaughtering Hogs—W. M. and R. Savage, Chicago. 111. Foot-rest—o. Vanllagan, Chicago, Hi. Horse Rake—S. £. Ament, Oswego, ill. Cultivator—J. Armstrong, Jr., Etmlra. 111. Odometer—W. H. Prescott, Galesburg, ill. Washing Machine—O. A. Robinson, ml Pains' kl. 111. Metallic Unh for tbo Wheels o 1 Vehicles—J. B. Stuart, Busker Hill, UK Churn—D. O. Blair. Ablngton, 111. Apparatus for Saturating Timber—W. B. Smith, l-aiamie, 111. Railroad Car V ntliator—B. RenllT, W. Bui toiph. Bloomington. 111. Grain Dryer—J. £. Strode, Litchfield, HI. Mop Wringer—B. VanAlaUno, Chansaban loM-ui-htp, HI. Horae r hoe—C. M. Werner, Rockford, ill. Plow—H, J. Wheatly, St. Johns, 111. Table Leaf Supporter—D, Bolt, Amboy, IK. Cultivator—J. W. Cocnely, <.'hsrlcatoo, 111. Sad Iron Holder—Lewis Hover, Chicago, 111. Axle Box—P. PJlior.i B ;ird-ioun, ill. Chum—B. U. Eato», CUT,on, Wl-. Axle Bex tor Vehicles—C. F. QHUite,Spatla, Wia. Bailroad Axle Box aud Journal—Q. Lynch, Mil waukee, Wle. Sending Machine—A. R. Eggleston, Bipon, Wheelwright Machine—O. O. Chapman, Seneca, WK P Wathirjt Machine—W. IL Short, Ml. Pleasant, lov*a. Com Huaker—o. M. Pond, Independence, lowa. Apparatus for Unhitching Horses—J.K. Barrla, Maaßon, Ind. Spilnp Hinge—C.W, lAwrcncc,Milton, Ind. Table Cupboard and Clothes Back—w. Baker. Forlvflle, ind. Washing Machine—James Sine, North Vernon, Ind. Mump Extractor—J. Qlelcbmsn, Evansville, Ind. shingle Band—J. W. Wells, 9t. Joseph, Mo. Type to Print for the Blind—H. Robyn, St. Lonls, Mo. Ditching and Grading Machine—W. Wanchope, Brookfield, 111. Sugar Evaporator—S. M. Shattnck. Cambridge, Ladder—l). B. Taylor, Avon. Ulcb. Pump—J. Bean. Hudson, Mich. Revolving Bread Toaster—J. C. Palo, lowa. Ditching Plow—J. T. MUer, lowa Falls, lowo. Rotary Steam Engine—F. Fisher, Garlbtudl, lowa. Car Brahe—A. Dicier, South Bend, Ind. Making Plows—W. I*. Cong. Wheatland. Ind. Well Bonos Auger—Peter Ollom, Munclc, Ind. Washing Machine—C, Pendleton, loira City, lowa. Railroad Car Starter—A. A. Wilder* Detroit, Mich. Rial Ebtitk.—The following sales have been made or A. J. Averell since Ist January: Marble front bouse on Michigan avenue, south of iVelilo street ..... SIO,OOO Seventy-five leet on Michigan avenue, corner Fourteenth street 11,350 Forty feet on Washington street, near LaSalle 36,833 Twenty-six and a half feel on Prairio aveiise, corner twentieth street 5,300 One hundred and twenty feet on West Washington street, near Robey 4,800 Buck store on Michigan avenue, between _ lake and Randolph street* 50,500 Marble front boose on Van Bnrcu street, near Wabish avenue 18,000 Tuemy-slxand mne-lweinhs leet on Ml chigan avenue, corner Madison street.. 10, *OO Forty-clch« feet on Wabash avenue, be tween Washington and Madison streeta 20,000 Twenty-four feet «»n Madison street, near Mulligan avenue 5,500 Brick house on Wabash avenue, near Har mon court 6,500 Fifty feet on Prairie avenue, sooth of 1 w enty-llnst street C. 500 Total Akottjeb Skxak.—J. V. Finch, claiming to have a home at Beilin, Wisconsin, enjoyed a com* fortablc week or more of thehoapttal'Oes of me Bnpgs Houee, and when called upon to pay his board was compelled to make the humiliating ronf'seloi* that far was without stamps. He ha.l can fa’lv avoided th- office of the fa del curing bis su; and (be evidence was plain that fan was a •‘bummer ” Attb>-Tollco Court on Saturday he was fined (20 for vagrancy. Boos Bntnxitß.—A special mediae ot the -faicago Book Binders' Colon wilihe held at noon to-day (Sunday) io take action on the death of Benjamin Davis, ft late member o'tbs Union. LOCAL MATTERS. Rbctnnatismt Neuralgia, and Nprroui Heanachcs cured i>y a few doses of MclcaU's Great RncnmaUc Remedy. It never falls. Loan AbaiTu, Agents. The Worst case «>l'ltch Cured la 12 boms, by t v e application ot Swayne’a Ointment. Sod everywhere. Belief and Health to Your children. —Wrv. Winslow’s bo-thing Syrup, for Children, relieves the child from pain, invigorates the stom ach and bowels, corrects acidity and wind colic. I'eifi cilr safe Id all esses, as millions of mothers can testily. Thiny-flvc cents a bottle. Offices, 4d Dey street. New York, and SOS High Holbora, London, England, Tbe Fenownrd clairvoyant Slater* s Xauonal Cancer Institute and Magnetic luflmary. JbA Wabash avenue. Inrtantsueous cures o| many dlse-ses. by the beating po er. Patients cured of cancer, consumption, asthma, rheuma tism and other diseases, can be seen daily. Itch I Scratch. 11 Boyd 5 * medicated Cream cures tlcb, scrs'chce.and all skin diseases. It Is neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain* specially adapted to children. Sola by all drug gists. . rolgate d: Co.’a Winter Soap.—lle« commended for chapped hands and for general toilet use during cold weather. It may nc ob* tolued ot all druggists and fancy goods dealers. The Purest and Sweelwt Cod liver OH In the world, manufactured from fresh, healthy livers, upon the sea shore; it is pcrfccUypnre and sweet. Ask for “Hazard £ Caswell’s Cod Liver Oil,” manufactured by Ci'wnx, Macs & Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. The Franklin Brick Hachtne* inatly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great sUerclb, ana immense compressing power, is ocAiuxnccn, with tight mer and two horse*, to self-icmpcr the city, and make 3,nOU to 8,? 00 elegant bricks per hour. J. U, Resick, proprietor. No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room 28. Tttc <(£iiia ss NoiwlMS Lock-Sittcb Sewing Machines, for family and manniactnnng purposes—Western office, ift Washington street, Chicago. J. H. Lnnow, Agent. MARKETS BT TELEORAPH. Nftr York Financial News. (Special Detpatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Mew Yobs, March 2. The stcck maritet opened doll, bat firm, more was no dl'poiluon to “bear" the market after the call, and priors anracced S But at the board nrtcea were weak. Tbl« was caused hr therenort of tie Cooler* »nec Committee on the Finance Bill, which Umitathe iwuaofiertiflcaieitoflfty millions. andatsr acrlklag ont the'ccuoa prohibit ox Ibe payment of Interest oo revenue dew* it*. There was bnt little doles at the taocartet- Governments are stead? but inactive. Gold opened at 139*4, declined to 13S**, advanced to 139. doting at 13$ V- The effect eftbe veto cl the Recrnstrnctloa *llll has ocen discontinued, and the defeat ol theTarlff BUI hi* uerected price* from raisins much. Mrney ha» been more retire, pot at about the atme rate* at yesterday. [Associated Press Kepott.l >aw Teas. March 2.

wosrr. Money more active at 6 P out for call loans, roaatov ssenaxoa. Sterlmc dull at ift'KOtrev in sola for first-class bills. oovcuxatxm, Govcrmnirt stocks quiet oou>. Gold lower, opening at 1»k, deellnlns to 123*, vvr etoetae at IS*. Total export of specie today. LATEST. CatLWATS. vw. m_.*> ili.m m.rvat An«fM ?rTn». tad hi »h«. Th* rallwav share mane: opeced firmer, and hlrher oners » err made tinder an Increased d«*jroMtton to purchase. Ihemirotvsi sieadv out don at tbeear- V bo*ro. and closed flftner and-r WasMne on adnees. The snonrest stockt ot the day were Hndson and Ohio C *Wxn C Qcart * U>. r«P"rt the t -Unwias: pntew ar six r- I*. Am.rln«nO«(!l2, »15« I g~'“ t«hio t ert* Tikd -Tm I Mien boa »s w. r Tel «S« 42* lllLCea,... XU\*lltS padfirMaii... ir?sat» |fomnnrj:h Bi*<» sty AtlanUr Mall.. S Y. Centrai..lia)***s‘a . Bock island..., knr..7T. »flf sortnweytern.. Ss»;* 3J* ErtepM .—. 1* » W t Wjrftl OHv* GSH goilwa 1II*«I42 : Fort Wayne.... M.Sa MV OovaasksxT sxccsntia. Govemmrct sretmties were quiet and anonc this . C !°?!nono\ i ConorsS»....lo7K«lfWV iTSOtCKV.*«...IKH«IO:K i Atxsn«i^M..^o3)i.*ins)l &.S0 Chores ■ Jnt -t* •*&» VA\'ilCCk STATS BONUS. State boeds doll and lower. siscnXAyzors. UteceUanconf share* stra- j. Coal stocks qotet and market renerally lower to-day owlnr to •otce extent m panic lnl*os:oo. Qaa-tz Qin tell to 4350 W l . hot at these flcarerweie pleatr of onyeia. Orecnry Micro fr.» UJSdiaW anl area Gold ailL cits at 4100455: D« iloine*,Onn at4lo® 4*. The Produce SarkeU, SUI.WADKEE. ISreclal Despatch to the Chicago Trtb-ns ] M avium, March 5. Floor—Pollandqtaet. Saleawere: JOOhrlsatllCLTJ. Riverside XX >nd choice conntry XX held at ti(L&— no tmyer»;eztraa nominal at $9.31449.73. meat-Steady. Moraine l card sa’e*. 7.500 cent It No-.n Board .no sale*. No. ipnnc it beld at IS.M*. arh borert !3JiKOLSIX Dr No. 1 la ftcr tASSH tilUr* optuca faaonth; do, M'ler'iopioo Msreb fiMS tar S». * » store ttUßKXbrrdeetad. . and lower. Bales, «0 ccnUU at far K So M». l.«» »»“>* •>" J3rjr S.l-.W ■»» 31 ”' tore « «ra M ,«•*. no bOTOT! prims ns« °*“M .1 »17_3, extra prtm®. fHAO. Lgrt—Firm at WX®. "ofSiolb. rood roll.. **. dr~M taptoj.. «X« no»r. WW o-'*'* -M«.l.»»<to vc«_tQodo barley. 20C dreewd boc«. *-®° floor- 8 -® 0 Motri* wbnt,ssa brt» and ISO ire* pork, *4 tic* i*rd 6T. LOUIS. 1 for itrtct middling. P rtc « nortanced. tbricrtpwSßV*® B ®** Bl * P°r <* nUl choice U Cofn-He*T7, lower *Bdua» B.«ai-MKpcr °oStJ-DoB, > l W cental. P?dm!wuH-Fnn bot doll. For*, tfW.opior xneu; •aSlbr clear men. Dacru. Sector abonldei*; W*c SiH»aWeat t»>c <wearaide*. “"“-^'•"newtdek. ST. Loins, March 3. Kxw Toxx. March 3. cotton—Dull; rather easier under large receipt*. Rktat ot 600 bales at 31&S1K for onlands. . nTour—lfccelpts LMS brls. Market dull and SAIOc loVerTtalMGl 4,W0 t>t»B at tSAßaun for suptmne. Rtmiß aid Western; 39 60®l0A0 for extra Western; •lOJMaUJWfor choice do; for shlppltg hratdsol extra roond hoop Ohio, and »U.tO tor trade Mands-matket cluing dtuL t “whisker—Qnm and In »t*adv receipt. Wheat—Market duil and drooping. Bales ofllOCO bn at IL2S lor mixed Milwaukee and |3JS for good he. S lsl^nrmer nr ‘sa’e* ol bo at tU3Al.Ufbr We»un; f1.25®1.30 lor Canada nee; |lso®ls lor Es £— WUhoat decided change. Bales 0f13,D00 bn twirowed Bute at 93c for inferior in store and|Kis for choice afloat. ha Canada. In bond, about 11.15. c«rn— Receipt*, LftSJ tm. Market opened I'Mc 1 lower'botclosed Qn»cr. Salta ol 10.000 bo, at II .to® siMlorcew Western nixed, at ral.waycepot, * itlis—HsMlolslAtO bn. Mar. el easier. Sales of western; 66®70c tor Bute, and StockofkraltfM» reb 15t—3,101.179 bu com, 2.090.013 bn wheat. bu oats, l£3ASi9 bo barley, bu Foreign scarce and flrmt domestic quiet and firm. Bales c i 380.000 ftt. at 4S®6oe tor domestic necce; 33k«50cmrpuUM; 39®33c lor Texas, anc 4ic lor »w Orleans. Leather—Hemlock quiet at previous prices. Bice— Komlnaly or changed. Bogar—Firm,* with fair demand. Sales of 150 bbds Cuba at lOsa'lc, a: d 1.650 bxs Havana at UCdtSHC, Molasses-sales of 200 brls Muscovado at »3&Me.. petroleum—Steady. Sales LOW Oris at I?,SC for crude, ano SSVftSuc for refined to bond, lions— Oui't and firm at 35®75c. &rV-M«mt firm, wtrh sales of JJCObrla at |D.AO>a IT JO fer new ness, oo*lng at 131.43 tor Western; fjo.w ASOaOlor old m<*i; 316.73®17.a for prime, and 419.50 for crime mess; aiso 1.3J0 brls new mesa at lil.7o<3ai.G£ seller snd barer March and April. * Bales 600 br.s at about previous P H«3 Hama-Firm. Bales ltd brls at fSLOO®3BJD. Bacon— Si»aOy and tn moderate demand. Sales 5® boxes at los,®l&jtc tor Cumberland, and 13c for short C, Cuicd Meats-Active and firmer. Sales: LfftO pkgs at 8i(?ltc for extra meu, and lUslS#c for skits. Pressed Hoes—Nominal at v,*®loc for Western. Lard— Quiet and heavy. Sa es; 750 brls at l2®l3ke tor o d. and t3.H®MHe for new. Hotter—Du'i; ISu'.dc for Ohio. Cheese—bteaay. UtTkkT—& P.M. Floor— pull and declining. Wheat—Quiet and heavy at 3L£®|2.73. bo spring. Corn—steady at 11.07 la Bio re, aaJ f 1.C9 afloat, far mixed WesU-ra. Mcs Beef—Quiet and firm. Haven—Quiet. „ t t __ ljoc»—Quiet at93fc tor Western. L»m— Dull; I3x®i3j<c tor talr to prime steam and kettle rendered. WKXXJ.T BKVIXW. Vinr Vninr Sfaroh O. New Tokx. March 3. Tberebafbten much Irregularjly and depression In Uiemaiktldunogibo week. The demand li chiefly » nflovd to the domestic trade, aid toe business done U oilv abcut oae-tonrth of th» amount tor the corre spc.wllnc r*e tod of last year. Kearny all *lanle articles Uave been sold at a material low to the prodneur. Hour sold Mowiy and neder anxiety to realize low grade* bare again art mol. They veremuen deprcs*ed at ite close, while the lami y brand* are quiet bm steady, me ttock Is reduced, hut is still largi r r the reason. C«ili< rnla flour has been quite active, and mill largo otfeiitps hits declined. Southern flourde diet'd jo to 15 cent* per bat rel, and sold slowly. Wheat opened steady, hat to ellect sales holders bad to rabmlt to a decline, and there is omy a moderate trareat the concession, Thestockls reduced about joe, out bushels r.t the home growth. The supply of Cwlloinlahaabeea large. _ Barley—Mora active, chiefly for export, and the stoex U materially r» duced. . , . , _ . live—Has been more active, and Improved sdghtly. Oats—Have been quite active, but at variable prices, tloslug dull at an Improvement. Corn—Has been pressed on the market, and ander less favorahlesewi (Wn Europe fluctuated material ly. I’nces have aecllaed, and there u a good Inquiry at the conce-nlon. _ .., .. . Provisions—Have Improved, t touch the market 1* urtactne. me stock Is le»s than anticipated. Decfls in moderate supply and firm. Bacon sold freely at full prices. Larulsf«tnyactlve.butiower. Dressed Hogs—Advanced. and wtth light arrivals, tn good demand. Wb ►kvy—l* ticelcmed and was unsettled at tue cloa e Cotton—3as been inactive and irregular. Kar.y in the week prices were unfavorable; at the close the market Is firmer. Bio Coffee—Advanced Me: stock small. BALTIMORE. Baltiuoij*, March 2. Ccflfc—Cmm and firm at ISkAUc lot sold in baud- Kay ar—Stead> and otchaiged. Floor—Dnll and easier. Wheat—Winter scarce bnt firm. Other descriptions nominal. Com—Active. Receipts light. Common whit*, omlnary, fI.CO. Prime, he.d higher. I’eJow, died > i.uo. Oats—Wo. Clover ficed-S.S7Sr®|S.TS. __ Whisker—Unsettled; lahood,2J£3Ss, Provulons-Steady. Mesa oork, f 21.30; shoulders. Id hoik. 9c for looee and packed. rgiL.iPri.PiUA, March 3. Business—Very dolt. Flour—Onles State. 118.00. Prime Wheal—Scarce. Bed State. *3. ; Call* forma, *3.23. „ Kre~Dec»tior at 11.80. . Corn—Active, hales ol 7,000 bn yellow at *I.OO, afloat. Whiskey—Contraband 50r. CINCINNATI. CiscisnxTi, March 2. Floor—Unchanged. and demand light. Wheat—Closed doll at 12.1052. U for No. 1 spring { acd *2.90 for No. I winter. Coro—Enchanted The demand U light. No. x 62c In el*rator. aid 77e m sacks; whiteßoajlcla sack). Oats—Dnll at ale fir So. I in clsvator. lire—Quiet at tl .23&1.A for No. U Cotton—Dali owing io tb* large receipts reported at New OrleansycsKnlar. Mladllng nominally 3»c. Re ceipts p»*l week T.Ti" bales, ami from September Ist lOdinfl bal's again** 119.930 hales tame time last year. Wht*key—Advanced »o2*cat ine cloae of ’Cnange, tbongb *ale« w.r« made to the lenmiin at 25c. Mens Pork—Qoif t, hat Is held at fW.SO for city, and *2O (A(s j(US fnr camelry. „ unlk Meats—Fli m. but qolet at ?Jfc; 9XC and lOVc for shoulders, sides and dear sloes, and lOJtfc for burrs. Bacon—Rather dull for shoulders, but clear tides are flrtnatlOc. . . !*■ d—Quiet, but firm. City cannot be bought be low ts»c®ia«c. . Tail« w—AiTanced to lie for city rendered. Butter—Oqll at 72A25e for lent colored roil. Choice vcilow would bring >9 to SJc, including Western Re -ervo. ,*a/).333 Cbecse—Firm nt ICQlle. _ Oi-v»rSeert—ln cowl demand at 15.75. Timaihy—Dull at *5.55®3.40. Flaxseed—steady. Culte**—steady at 26®33Jfc. siirar—J2®lsr. . „ Ll* seed oil—*, and dull, owing to the decline in Nirw York hnylnr.and 135*®133 selling. Errhance—steady. Money-market quiet. _ MEMPHIS. Mxtfrnta. March 2. Cottoa-Quiet: middling ?SA29o. Receipts tor the wctk.S.S.'B Dales; exports, 6Jm bales. Stdck, ID,Sot bale*. Fionr—Pull; superfine. 19.00A9 50. Fork—Firm and ►Wadv at *3(.00&2L5Q. Com—Mcady at*l.Uo®l.oJ. Oats—lV3 KJc. Hay—f*iOf® JO OT. Other markets uncharged. LOOISVIU.E. M u , Locrrvttt*. Starch 2. Tohaeco—Sale* Ul hhds at 1J.Wj515.25 for common lac* and t*lr leaf. Flour—Super flour at *9.75, Wheat—*2As. „ Corn— -belied. In bulk. 10c. Mm l*orfc-»20A0. Rnlk shoulders at 8c packed i heavy aale* at 7«c f.»r loose. Bacon shoulder* at 9«c, cleanhdesat Htfc fbr packed. Ijird— UMc. _ Raw Whl»kev—Free 12.25. Rio Toffee—Fair 24 J»'c- Sugar—Sew Orleans, falr.ltc. Ocean. Frclehts. [Special Despatch w the Chicago Tribmo.) New Yobs, March 3. FteUht<—To Liverpool, 50.000 bucorn at Cd by sail; 6j*d by steam. Neve York Wool fflarkct, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trbnne.l New Tons. March 1. Wool—Sa’es advaned 5c on the passage of the tariff, but nearly nominal. Near York ProTlnlon Ylarket, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New You, March 2- Pork—Closed quiet at 131.33. Other products very firm. Same—Active. New York Grocery Slarhet. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.) New Yoke. Much 3, Groceries—Ccchaaged- Bngar—Fair to prime grocery at U®H k'C. New York Live Slock market. [Special Despatch to me Chicago Tribune.) Nrw Yobs. March). Cattle—Fair to prime Western steers. 14 Sheep—ic lower tbm last Monday. Receipts, lAW selling at 7®»e. Hogs—Finn. Receipts, L 700; selling alSWfcSvc. New York Brcadatnflk Tlarket, [Specul Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribone.] New Yobs, March 3. EretuTstuffs—No spirit or tone to the market, but corn recovered ic cd the decline in freights, cloning firm at fi.o7 tn store. New York Dry Goods Market. Srf Tokx. Marcb J. In cotton goods there U a Rood business doiag. ITlnted eaUcst* are uartlcnlarly lo actlvvtequest. and prtcta atv «v»rty at JQt for Mcrrtmac W; r*c for Co cbwtlff for Sprague'* fancies; 17>,c K>r American and Richmond*; 19c for Gloacwter, l>Hc for Amo*. arac;li'.ct rLowell; 13c for Wamsutta; and lie for llcmeand Hovev’a print*. PnW. ached muslin in ateadv request at tail prtcta for nil ftardard mates. a» follow*: Atlantic A and Indian Head J?c: Pacific A 2l« ; lawmios C 21; a r,» ratr\ DwieVt A Mi* ; Roxbary A *1; Atlantic vandlndlao nead3olocfteei.VC.. . lilea. Led Mtytlin—oi Pes: make la rood request and lirm at 37VC343C for New York Mill*: 52 Xc lor Wamsutta; tSlic ftfdame*. Slat Mill* Waltham X lc ,0 and bear^ ‘tSOcfor Yartnm and Mect'anlo’; «*cfor Farmsfs' Cuoa A; 37>*c for T foreign and domestic, continue lan- KUtdanddepreMert.e»r«p» latilos aacilaga, which are fa steady request at «t.373»&t>*». Price* of mnlnff Slocks In Boston. Nrf Von. Martha. There was a panic In the B-it-m marstt t.wtar, with a heavy decline In prlcea. Copper t alia sold dawn to SilSa «®I •»<*•»«, <""•;»'« rn m. w»- portion. There wereacvcral failure* In couseqoescs- n a « B I « *> . In this city. Ternary S9Jh. at .it. Fatter* Church, h-* Rev. Pr. MrMilieu, Mr. JOfl> A. HUFFY and MIM MART A. WHITE. bothef chl<wg>. DIED Ur* ELRV CLIFFORP. danchtcr of Thomas Welch, aped 21 year* and a mount. The fnter»l will take rlace at her residence, >o. 2. Grtturr at half past nine o cfocki aora; Icp The mend* of the fintlf arc rcspecftnlly invited tO attend £a jb fftills, engines, rjiHE LANE & BODLEV Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE BTEAM ESQIHES, saiaele Coip_ mum sas wortiut Machism* l.A>fc BODLBY, Co raw ol Jotn *ad Applicants lor dwcnpare ereu:*n machinery tyi newt. p OVEHEMENT BONDS- CAPITAL »1, 000,000. Merchants* Saringrs, Loan & Trust Co., Southwest ccraer of Lake and rearbonwta. a a BMITK Fm't W. E. DOGOKTT, Vloe PfSf't. U J.*GAOK,Ca«ht. CHA<ueSßori>. Aaa'tCaah r. Thu Bantu now prepare.! the commlon of Seyea-Tbiroea into Pire-TwentT Bond.* of the new Bondi of errry ascription booeht and sold. amusements. VI c VlQgEß'b THFATBB, HqVICKEK * MYKttB UANAQSKS. of the Inimitable Comedian BRYANT, Whonine «■«»• BB&MDS O’BBUJM, Or, The Bo aid Boy of Glengall. low Well he Will personate THREE CHARACTERS, with OeW ut popular Bongs and Danoo», Aulskd by the wondirfal LITTLE MAC IN A RUCTION JIQ. The Bould Boy in the lion 1 * Ben. ESCAPE A>~D RECAPTURE. LEAP FOB LIFE. TAB BOULD BOT TRANSPORTED. Friday—Farewell Beneßt of Dan Bryant. Saturday—Dan Bryant M^ttrec. IJH3E GRAND , SECOND MASQUERADE OF THE Chicago Turn - Gomoindo! Will Uke place on Monday Evening, March 4, AT THEIR HALL, North Clark-flt.j above Ohicago-av. Koerpense has been sp-uedtomake this. « hereto fore, one of the best entertainments ol the season. TICKETS, admitting gentleman TV addltianal lady 11-W extra-are for sale aiF.BECK* EBS, erroer ol Clark and ttsncolrih; L. PADLI d, order Sherman House, and at the Ball, on or before Monday evening. N. B.—The sale of tea erred scats tor the Gallery will commence on Friday, March 1»L, « 10 a. to.. atthe Ball. Regulations tlm same as at the previous ball. COJmiTPBE. QDHJAGO CALEDONIAN OLDB. lectures Mary, Queon of Scots. me Officer* and Clansmen of the Chicago Caledoni an Club respeclluily antounce to their fcuow-cttlzeus that a COURSE OF LECTURED three In number, will he delivered before the Club by the Hon. ARTHUR MCABTHUB, Of Milwaukee, formerly Lieutenant Goyernor of Wis consin, on-Mary, Queen of Scots, and the prominent Menoi Her Tunc," at CItOSUY’S MUMC HALL, on TUESDAY. ITIijRSDAT and FRIDAY, March sth, ■ph and Btb, atS o’clock p. m. , „ _ Tickets lor the Course. |t; Single Leetore, 50c. To be yi»n of any member ot the Club; at Mayo <• and Me* Person's, corner cf Washington and Ciark-sts.; A. Murray’*. 50 Dearborn-*!.; I*. McFatUur *, 44 La -1 Salle-st.; John Alft d’b, Randolphs!., and at thr door .... B.U .»... “VSSTet. cma. WM M.DALE, Secretary. Chicago, March I, JS67. rpHE GHEaT GERTU **■ DAS been added to the XS3CTO VOBB WIDSEUWI, BO RANDQLPH-ST., cor, of Dearborn. A LECTURE THU. BE OIVESBT RALPH WALDO EMERSON In Dtltv Church, corner Cblcaeo-av. and North Pear botu-«t-,Q& MONDAY EVENING,March 4th, at boll post? o'clock. Subject, » ELO QUBNCE.” Tickets 50 cents each—maybe bid atthe Bookstore* of S. 1/ Onpgs A Co. and J. K. Walsh A Oo,; also, »t the Ro< ms ot ttc Young Men's Association. In Port land Bock. gOCIETE ST. JEAN BAPTISTE—The riBST AKNTJAI* BAU Of the Society win be k'.v~d at TJWlcb'a HaV, on MOS» DAV EVEMKC?, March iUu Oanclac to eminence at 9 o’clccs p.m. txTONDER OF TVONDEKS To he seen only at the NEW YORK k 'MUSEUM v Which has removed to 90 Randolph-sL, comer ol Dearborn. , QOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. BENEFIT OF ME. THOMAS BAEET, Mr. Barry respectfully announces that bis annt benefit will take place on FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH Sib, On which occasion will be revived the floe old Comedy oi MAN AND WIFE with the strongest cast ever or* sented in America. T> conclodewlin selections Dos tie great Irish Diama of PEEP O* DAY. 'y'AUIETY THEATRE. This and every evening until farther notice, will be presented the great One Thousand Dollar Prize Drama tutbrec acts, entitled Vetarithe Adventurer; or, The Steed of Modena, Received everywhere in the Eastern cities with ad mliauon aidccfst. Miss FLORENCE XE3IPLE Wiiltntrodaceher trained steed FIREFLY, In new tnck feats and startling Mtuatlons. Look oot fur HELL UPON EABXR. pUO&BV’b Oi‘EKA HOUSE. McWADD * RIDDELL Leasees and Managers WM. 8. WARREN Treasurer Vlrst appearance in two years of the youthful and fascinating AXtitte, Miel LOTTA! Monday evcilng. March 4th, 1867, tbs Musical Com dy. Id three acts, the F£T or TBS PETTICOATS. Paul the pet ; ...Miss Lotto To conclude with the irresistible farce of the GMH>-MIR.NOTHING- S«n (with characteristic Dance ani Banjo «'*> LOltft CT'Scats for Latta’s nights may be eng-gedslx days 1L fIOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. vbl. J. H. WOOD S-lTffKSf FiuinlfiUtctatiew Maaeam Comedy. Reflval of ThK UIuDEN HAND, a drama or)oteiseltt»resu On Mcnosy evenlcg. March 4tr. nrsttlosane* MmeomCam df,entitled Ml WJFEB MniHOB.OKTHE DEVIL IN CHICAGO. To con dndV wlth the tamtd Drama of THE HIDDEN HAND, wednetoay afteww'O, Grand Matinee. Friday. Hi-Lent ot Mr. ihpa. Barry. Therarc old Coiuar of MaN ft-ND WIFE U in pr»paraUor. with a great cast. THE FROZEN PEEP. soon- IMPORTANT LEUTDRE& DAILY— I At tbe Branch ot the New York Museum of AnaVv njv Persons unable to attend too*e instructive and Inurwtlnc lectures, may have IWm torwarajd by eo rloijiie u-n cenls. ana addressing Secretary of Museum A(j Uandolph-st., corner of Dearborn. VANKEE ROBINSON'S CIRCUS X AND MENAGERIE. Engagement of Mr.lJohn Lowlow. JAMES ROBINSON and hi* aon CLARENCE will positively appear every night and Wednesday and sat craay aftemooo*. QTJOITING. —A meeting will be held at 8L George’s DalL in this city, *Oo Thursday Uarch7thy For the purco.e ot fcrmlnc a QL'OITiNO CLHB. AJ] goed men and lovat ot this game are MMlaiivJ lamed tc sttccd at ~h' Q >“ _ xy -. Uuicgar. pURE 1 CIDER VLVEGAB, Warranted pure, and to preserve pickles. Larger ,o,w or me>u.du ggf£gga-?p acS siKo. g.TQard :M1 State-st.. Cp’casro. Doarb 33aantcD. BOARD— In a good locality, lor a geo liman and wife. Addrcaa * J B.” Tc.bnns office, stating terms and .ocallty. OOAKH—By a young gentleman, in a t ) private family °n tSs South Side, within twenty mimics’ wa’k of the Court House. References ex changed. Acaws, srith particulars as to logbUou, terms. ’•l,’*!'. O.Box 6032. TIGARD—An American conple, without Jj cbtlircn, with a pleatant room on the North bide, or would late a rnrnuhJd house at a moderate rental. Address ♦■tern.** P. O. Box 319. partners gjgitanteli. PAftTXEU— VTarued—A business man with a little means to take one-half Interest In a cood, lecitlmate business. Apply for two daya at Kcom 16. No. 187 boa’b CUrx-tt. OARTNER Wanted —An enereetic 1 mao.with|»o,la*akea halt interest in an ea t-btlsbfdbn ireet. part ns a large profit. Apply* at spkrr a HKO.'s. ttfy South PAHTXEK— Wanted—TVith *2,0C0 to 0.000 to encase In the nronnon bottness on >octb Watcr-su, already established. A fine chance Apply at 133 C.*rk-*Uroom3. PAkT NER—Wanted—WUh a cash capital of fIKO, one who woald like to engage wun a v-tlt establish! c commission boose. OhJ-ct to extend their trade. Address ••«. A. S-~ Tribune Office Ho£t ana ,-ffouiui. T OST—jlO IJcwara—On Snuday eren- I .< Inc on Halsted**t. between Monroe and stadia >O, or in Madl'op-between and the uarden City Hotel, a Fltcn Victonne. The finder win receive the stove reward by leavlnr It at the ofllce of the Workingman's Advocate, 153 SontbClarlut. T 05T—From 289 Illinois-6L, nn Toes- I j <j*y afternoon, a Black and Tan Terrier Fj* c t about 8 month* old. Rad on, when laat seen, a per* man silver cohar, with two nvet boles, not so attached; answer* ti the name cl ‘'Orp.'* naa no halt on urfltr side ot neck. AJlberal reward will b* nala on hU return to the above number, or to 9J Waatlficton-it. T OaT—On Monclav evening last, at the I j Am«t>ni> i heatrleals. at CrosM’a Opera Honae. aaumond ring. Tb- finder wtubehaudw.iaesy re* warded by Icavtog u with the casbler at Ktu*lcy_«.__ iDianos. TO RENT—Pianos, Onmns and Mdo t drcn«; alao. new and Plano* tat ta t rr tlmepfc\m»r.u>. received la Inatallmeefc. W. ff. KIMBALL, Qtt tv wtunetop-et. StocfetjoUicrs’ GLASS COSI- At of the Poard of Director■ ol.thes°pSl w-*ttrrMaas Company, add cs W.e tlthdat of Fel> rnary.ise?, U »a» ordered,that a coeiloe bolder* ot aald Con easy be held at the oSce ol the ■ 'ompany.No. 248 South Water-iUChlearo* On Saturday. tirrehOth, lS«7t At S o'clcck p. m., at which Un e and place a promai non will pe snbmltted to and m>*cnc. tb»t ma_ capital atcck rl said. Company be diminished to Two Hundred TtomandDolari. . „ , K. LCDISQXON, J. FAHR. J«~ J. Mb PILL. A. P. KELLET. W. H. FBETSINQBB, P. B. SOOiIWAT. JL TAlCOrr, Director*. 43eal 35statE-«ntß. lAFtfOTBDi TT’OR SALE—By Snyder * Leo. Beal r KilAle ApaoU. No. 4 Metro poliut. niick.» now {vc-»torr #r.d rwincct borne of U room*, ana lot, with barn, on Waia»h-*v..ncar TaretUeUnt. IT'OK bALE —By bnyder & Lee. Real f 1 EiUte Apcnla, tfo. 4 Mctropohtio Clock, tiro artr Uir. e-it-rjr and basement boasei ol U rooms each, ail mfdrro Improvements, and lots, on Bandolpb-st.. near FUubclb. F'OU C'ALE—Bj bn - der &Lee, Heal Es tate Ace&ta, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new frame cottage nonces, of 8 rooms each, and lots, on PJK BALE—By Snyder as Lee, Real Es tate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a l«0- itorj frameu use and brick baaotoenr, and I fit 90 loet front, comer Calnmet av. and Twenty aixth-eta. FOR SALE—Lj Snyder <te Lee, Beal E**»te Areata, No. 4 Mmipolltan Wcek,*new b-lck house ofu room*, and lot, with trick barn, on Washlogton-ai., near Cnitu. F )R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Ealate Areata, No. 4 Metropolitan Clock, a new tw&story and basement bnckhnaae of \% rooms, hot and cola water, water c'os-U, six marble mantels, ftc.. and lot, 90 fret front, on Mlchlgaa-av., near Xwenty tflb-et. T7OU SALE—In Thcs B. Bryan & Co.’s lot 30X131 leet to W MADISON-ST., northwest corner ol Cnlon-sL, iSxSO fc m.iVToy.ST.. south ol Jladuon-st, lot 40x30 feet, with three dwelling houses, two In front and one In re west Ot Wood-et., \n story frame house containing eight rooms, with plaxza, and lot 33 a 1 orth ofTwelflh-sUcottswboiwecon* tainlnz all looms, ana closets, bam. and lot 21x100 fe cast of cnark-st-. two-atorT frame boose containing ten rooms, toh, with lot rCxICO met, 6TATK-bT.» sooth cf Eldrldee-coart, block of three marble-front stoics, three stories Md basement, frame oweUings in rear of lot, and lot 60xlW feet to so toot alio desire to draw attention to the large list of Imorored and unimproved city and sobnrban property for sale npon tbebolleUn board in our COR SALE—A fine residence on Park r4 av.; alto, one on Ada-sL, cottage and two acres of land on Fultoo-ay.. and a flrit-class honse. renr ph> ap. on Calomtt af« CLAFLIN. 93 Washlcgtoo-4t. 1708 BALE—The elegant marble Lout J; home. No. 223 Mlchlgan-ar. 5 aUo marblo frout Son-«e, IBS Mlcblcan-aT.; also, mwble front hotwe on Wabash In Mock corner of FoorVenth »t- A. J. AVEHKLI*. rtal ealate agent, No. 7 MetropoUtan block. r*OK bALB—On Micbican-av, near T Eighteenth st- a flnt-claas house with lot. Flee 323.100. A.J. AVbRBLL,TtaI eatate office,ho. 7 Metropolitan Block. LTOR bALE—On Wabash-av., two frame Jr booses. NOS. 4f»q.and 492. Also, frame house acdtuf«t,No.46l Wabash.ay, A. J. AVEBBLI. r»al estate offle No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOK bALO—That three story brick bnlldleg-No. 151 Fonrth-aT-attbevery low price oi SCAW U tasco immediately— honse has l6or 18 rooms and is in good cider. Title perfect. Vtica merely n-mlnal. WAIiUEN A GOODRICH, 125 Dearborn ij, FOR SALE—Three new and cointerta ble houies on Park-av.. Nos. 3-11. *351 k 4 253 Fark-sv., btiwein Leavitt aid at only f4.x 0 each. IT taken at once, on reoiarkab y easy terms, only a small payment being tequued. WAR REN A GOODKICd, 125 Dearb,ra-4U Boom 2. iron SALE—By Kecs dc Ayers, Real r Estate Brokers, office tO C;o»Dy's Opeia House, fine residence cor. . Caittmet-av. ana Twentj -flret-it- bnnga thrce-‘U.ry »ndbasement brick aouec, with nas. water ami all other modern Improve ments. Lot42xlSO. 170 K SALE—Residerce on Indiana^ar., r nearTweoU.foorth-»U This u a large two.«;ory brick house, with the be-tof Improvements. Lot 7Ux 170 tccu I&ES 4 AYRES, Office 10 Opera Boose. COK SALE—New two-story Loose, P i o t aria, east front on Calumet-are., near iBEES * ATBEd, Office 10 Opera House. 170(1 SALE—A first-class laree brick 1 residence on ibe cor. of Washington and Carpeo tcr *tr.-|ls.Ko. REES & AYRES, Office lO Opera Hucse. F'OR SALE—That elegant three-rtory marble-frcnt reMdence No. 24fl Wabasb-av. (now occupied bT the Her. Ur. Hatfield}, wLI be sold at a low otfee andon very liberal term*. If applied for im mediately. It is In every respect oce of the most de sirable honpra on the avrnne. Title perfeil. WAR REN 4 GOODRICH, 173 Dearboro-tt.. R>um M. FOR SALE—A noma and lot 182 North Btate-st. Apply on Ibe premises. Will be sold cheap Ibr cash. F)R SALE—A nice cottage and lot. Boose well built and In pertect order, 5 ro'ma. water in kitchen, ice bouse, new cellar and other cap venlenccs. Lot 34x100. Call and see the premises, 110 West Dlvlilot-it., near Uiiwaukce-ar. 170 R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real 1* Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, anew two-story ana basement bnck boose, of 11 r om#. mod ern improvement*. and lot. with barn, on Wabash-ay., near T wenoeih-n. __ COK SALE—Two homes and lots in r me of the pleasantest localities on the West Side, cn Tbxtop-et-, near Jefferson Park, Orlck basements, marcle mantles, ample closet room, bath rooms, gas, etc. Wilt «e<l me or both. 13.300 each. GEORGE V. DYRP. lUO Ranc-olDh »t. 9Scal 3Sstatc— etnnmtg. T7OR SALE—A lam ot ICO acres, with r lo one mile of a railroad station and 17 miles trom Chicago. Well watered, good bnllolLg*. over 50 fruit trees, and stocked with cow*. Will sell with or wlth rmlcowk. Also. €4O area adjoining the above, m lot* to suit ptfrcbatcre. Apply at 133 Kmae-eU t7OE SALE—B2a Acres. A splendid I’ farm nine miles tonlhot this Rillr.tad lUall 'n. SSO tertp U'der plow, 250 In tame grass, 3 nooses, stock, water, bearing orchard, a Urge amount of hedging. *c„ &c. <33 per acre. A. J. CROPSBT, Falrbory. LlvlnsstoaCoonty, HI. I7OR bALE—lllinois Stock Farm—64o I 1 acres, all improved, near Joliet 111., SO mile* trom Chicago, known aa the ‘♦.Tones Farm,” valtred »t <30,100. Most be sold at a sacrifice to close an estate. For particulars address MATTOCKS 4 MASON. F. O. BoxIOGD. Chicago, 111. FOR SALE—I-ine Land—B,ooo to 1,000 acre* bf»« quality ot ptne. well Pl»naled fbr West ern or Eastert market. peremptory pale at 11.63 Per acre. Applv to J. BOUT, care b. U Sheldon 4 Bro., Madison, Wls. * r-01l SAI.E—J-arm—nnc ot the best t 1 farm*, of 120 acres, IB Cook Cnontv. slluate lo the Town ot Lyons, 16 ml’e* from tne Coart Haase la Chi cago. acd miles from H»nsdal-», on the Chicago, Ihirilttton A Oalnci Rauroad: aia-re* of fine grove: 4f» choice hearing anolo tre«s chr -rlfes and otaer trolt, Ac.: school and cborch** corn er,lot. Any one wish lag «o purchase a l*rm will do wed lo examine this, as It will iieaT Inspection, and will be sold at a bar tain. A« ply to A. DOUATIIT. 33 Dfl*rborn-BV. Room «■ P)R bALE —3ly place at Wmetka, con taining about seven acres. house, and barn. co*l orihatd of laree and small trnlts, sbruhbcry, etc. L. WILI-BON. isoattiing, r> CARDlNG—Furnished andunfurnish- I 1 ofi li o’ t rooms to rent, ttuh boxr J, Inclailiae all the comf rU ol a home, at 99 Gdt Uarrlsoo-st. lems moderate. OOAUDING Two pleasant rooms, I J tollable for one or two gmUetnco, can be ob tain'd wits board at No. 303 Ohlo-st., between Rush aid Can. BOARDING —First class board can be bad at 157 Fonrthav, ftamfihel or un* r imlsiM-d. Terms moderate. Alan brick bam to rent. Apply on premises. _ OOAKDING—-A peasant suite ot front X) rooms to rent, with noard. by a family on Onto east of Term* macerate. Address “M," P. O. UrawiT 01 GO. FiOAKDLNG —Two gentlemen and k wives or four smsle genU-.tncn can be accom modated with good brant and neatly ftimubed roim # , ca-, closed, rod Included, for |7 per we*k exeb. Al-o, two lady clrrt*. who Wf-nld roam toge'her.l-r flAu. Addms - i‘iu VATE FAMILF.” Tribnae office. OOaßDJNG—Wanted, in a private tam- I) lly. on and wife as perma* ntulbiarden*. wbo aie willing to p%y for the cumfoiia cf a home. MBS. USE, Box «13. F>OaRDING— In a private family, suit* > able thr two slngte centlemeo or man and wife, in a neat flifPißhcc! room. Can have • c"n»i''iru*H hOTe wl<b an LogUah family. “TA W 333 South Cllcton-Bt. DOAKDING—I or 8 gents desirous ot a F> comfortable taeme. e'eeant rout room* and excel lent a reapectable tamuy. living on Waba«h av.. not very fat from Boat Office. B*st reierencea re qulred. Aadreaa - C,” P. O. Box 13‘4Q. O CARDING —A nicely tanusned front 1> room u> rect at *74 InJlata-su « very low i.rms, BulU6leforaladyaudgcntleroau,or two gen* tlrreea. auction Sales. A. BUTTERS & CO, Auctioneers & Commission Horoiiants M A 4H KANI>m.PI»-«T. Between State-st. and Hold regular wits at their salesroom*, ol PRT GOODS, CLOTHING, DOOTS, SHOES. kC„ Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FUKXITPRF. CARPETS, every SATURDAY SALE. Floe Caxiom made Ciothlnar* Arc.. A.T AUCTION. Od WEDNESDAY. March 6th. at 9X o'clock, at Bat ler»* salesroom*, 44 and -IS Itandolph-st. Tbt stock consists of about 133.000 worth o> the best class of Custom Made Ctothlns. C oths and Famish- Inc Goods, beloctb* entire stock of a merchant tailor. Sal* positive, without reserve, fur cash. By order of the asslsneei. , WM. A. BUTT EES & CO- Auctioneer*. OTAPLB DRY GOODS, Prmls, Mas vl lies. Flannel.', Jeans. Stripes, Cloths, Caxslmeres, Yankee Notions. A.T AVCTIONp On Tharsday, March 7, at 9J* o’clock, at Batters' sales rooms. 44 and 46 Handolph-et. * WM. A. BUTTEBS * COn AQCUoneers. r\ LLBEKT &. 3AJU*SOK, U* General Anctiooeert. 47 and 49 Dearborn-it. FTJHNITTjnE. d>o., at On TTESDAY. March 5. at iQ o'clock, will he Mid at oar sa-esroom*. 47 and 49 Dearborn-su a*p.endid assortment of Parlor, Chamber and Dlnloe-room Fur niture. Including sitetal very fine poil-h oil wain it Chamber finite* and Parlor bets, together with a cent ral assortment cf Household Goods rai aasorimen QILpKKr A Auctioneers. QiNIEL SCOTT & CO- &CCTJOSKEBS AND COMMISSION MKB CHANTS, 1(14 Lake-flt.* car, Chtcaao. Cash advanced oa Mercbandl»e coausaed for aale. Outdoor *ai«* promptly attended to. A UCTIO.N, at Daniel Scott & Co.’s J\. Aoetlon Booms. On TUESDAY Evening, sth March, at • o clock. Rare and Valnable Coin*. Aatompha, poo lots. Csialecne* to he had at tbeAncflon Room*. Monday motntLK. DAXIEL SCOTT A CO, Auctioneer*. U( TlON—Tuesday, March stb, at 10 a. m„ at DANIEL SCOTT 4 CO.’*, 1 «4 Lake-su Custom-Made Clothing, Ca** Inert*, f a’lncts, B«vr en Shim. B'Mkets. Hosiery,<ac. etc. DANIEL SCOT r4CO» Auctioneers. A DCTION—At Daniel Scott & Co.’s t\, Auction Nootn-, 16-1 LaSMt., at 10 a.0.,0n lU6SDAT. Marchs. Catalogue rale of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, etc., iLclodlr? Shirting*. Sheetings, Itlib Linens, Deals’ Dress Shirts, Dztw Gooot, Sewing 81 h. etc. For particulars tee catalogues at Auction Boom. DANIEL bCOTFACO., Aoetiooe era. JM. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • 127 DEAROORN-ST, sells, on TUESDAY, March Mb. at IQ o'clock. at salesroom, a general assortment of . SECOND-HAND FDBNXTimD, beds, BeddUg. Carpets, Stores, Bureaus, Burma Stands, CroUary, dc. JII. RETKOLD5 1 , Auctioneer, fedlf, at ITudiacjkaT^ ON THURSDAY, MARCH 7. AT 10 O'CLOCK, Household Furniture, Brussels a ad other Cargo;*, Mar* bletopTftsic* Ci airs. Table*. Bureaus, t.roclcery, and • gq «a 1 assortmet-t of First class Furniture. fHccting, CHATTEL. MORTGAGE SALE—On V J iiONPAV, Mirrh 4tb. ISC7, it 10 o'clock a. m . at oar talrtrrcma, 73.77 iad?o TVdJa-ttJcc-nar Ban doipb, a large Tartety of SOUBSBOU> GOODS, tfrcf »eli at d Wool Carpels, Oil Clotha. Caena llattlnr. Chamber feet*. Bedrte*da, Bureau*, Wait-aunJ*, vtarorubea, Heals. Table*. lVbaaK>**,Offlc<sand Ulu it>c Chair;, Warbxe-icp Tablea, Hair ClothS-fta and Cbaua, 1-cucce#, Mirror*, etc. G.S:SKS! uor,M ' x ”- J. HEANEY & CO„ Aucttcceere. Foil SALE—On Ind ana-av,, corner of sixteenth-*!., an) feet, fronting nut. Aim, sixty-iwo ftet on w*ba»h-*r., nmr Eighteenth-*!. Fin* teuton Wabash-ar..near Taenticunt. Iwo hundred fort on ladiaoa-aT.,near T«eotlelh-st. me hundred feet cn Fralrte-ar., n«"»r Twentieth st. Fifty teetoo Inojana-aT., Boain if Twenty-third-* . A, X AVERELL, Ue&l Estate omee, Ho. 7 Metropol itan Block. ¥' ,*OR SALE—Uj snyder &Lee RcaiEs g’ tele Agents No.< Blocttlirealiti on LJrcoln eMKt*r«i Monroe *td Adiai- I’ncetSl per foot. Lou i d corner of Jacuon ana Wiacbesier>at». Price r* ocf foul. taipc; T7OR SALE—By Kccs & Ayres, Real I l slate Brokers. Oflfce 10 Crpsbt’a Opera Uoote. Ctark*st pear >culh WnU-r. lot 30ta» feet at »I.«V per foot; Rlvcr-rt corner Mlchlc*n-*v, lot 51x100 fe t at UN per foot; Clark-st near Polk.'WxWO leet sttvu act foot; Horloot-rt aonth of Black Hawk. lota at *5»; laduua-Kcorner Woe. lotMxHW 59.-430; Mlcblgan-ar near Cocgrejs-st. lOOxUO left, gW; Western-ar near Foiton-it analn me Immediate rtdnlly, at trom «60 to WOO; Fuiton-st near Utica Park, lota at fto per foot. T?OK SALE—SO acres cn Reubeu-si,, J* north of Mllwankee-ar., at (1,000 per acre. Block ». Sheffield's -Addition, containing Ul lots, Twenty-two acre* on Stat&at.. Inafdo city limits, at 12,000 per acre. REES fit AYBSB. IO Opera House. T?OR BALE—River 10t25C leet iron .ton JC rhe North Branch uearWanT* tolling mllis. Pnco fIP.CTO. cur-quarter rath, balance I, 2. and 3 years. REES d: AYRES. Office 10 Opera Pome. F)h bALB—J.ot No. ICI South Clarlc st n between ifarilson and M«nro«,24sf feettroar. inqmre of JOHN POKSYIHg. 13J K*odulph-«t. 'OK SALE—Lots on WabasJwiT., $1)00 X* each; tots on Dine Iriand-ar- (6CO each. Two years hence they win fell jor doable the money. GEOUGE* WILLIAMS,? Sonta Ctarte-tt. FDH SALE—ElipiOle business and resi dence property. In the threw Clvltjon* of the city; also, choice tmeta ot land in and ndjoinlnx tne city. T. WRIGHT. T, LYMAN, Agent, it Potuaod olo.k. F'OR SALE—At Hammond * Butler’s landMHce,limes BnUdln?. US l>rarborn-st. bonies and lots to all part* nr the citv; too *mil'ling k>t», atlr< mgS tof 150 per toot; nutatile property, by the* lot or acre; Improved lama and larmUs lands In all sectloca of the Northwest; pine lands tn Wisconsin and Michigan, and two itcam sawmills oa the Missis slppl River. Great bargains. FOR bALE —CO feet on Washington, $29 per loot; on Park-av.. f 77 per root, ao( a mile In side city limits; also, boose (two-storyj. ot 30 by 113, on Ant-*t., lor FLUOO; two V-ta lor *l3O each tear horse caw. JOHN F. BTABB, 114 Randolph St., boom 1. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee Real Bute 4 seen,So.< Metropolltaß nioctmm on Indlaoa-st pear BenPcn and St. LotamhUU Chnrch. - _ _. BOOKSEEFEBSi SAIiESHTBW &c. TTfAN TED Salesmen A few first- VV class, experience! salesmen f*>r oar spring trade. Apply at CURRAN’S, 125 tor two pays. TXT ANTED —An energetic man with V V * ICO to (300, to < usage In a money making busi ness. Will bear -Diet Invest! »U<m. Apply at 194 BoothClaik-it.. Boom 5. trom 3 a. in. to 3p. WANTED— 100 smart, energetic, live roco tc sell one of the beat domestic articles ever offered I'.r sale, nai do competition. Every fsmlly wart* from two to a dozen. Profit Terr ’arse, call Im mediately at 124 Booth C ark-«U, Boom 9, ap stair*. J. U. NASON. TXTANTED—B coppersmiths and 2 VV brass finishers, at FULLaGKK 4 BUEETH’S Grass Foundry. corner Raadolp. and Deaplaloenu. IX7 ANTED— Bnck- V V trakT. to take charire ol yard and bora bnck. Apply *t 133 South from to 13 eaca da?. _ . WANTED— A good heflbhy wet nurse. App F to DR. BEY 1) «CK, 9*l Oear born-st.. Room No. 6, tram to to 11 a. m. or trom 4 to TXTaNTED lmmediately A crod VV cook.wapherand Irtner. Apply at 13*3 Cass st„ corner Superior, bona aide. WANTED— A swart, tidy Girl, to do npstalra wore, and mind young children. Must tie a cot d, neat, plain eewer. Inquire at M6O Ontario tt. TXT ANTED—Toting men in the conn* V V try wishing to obtain situations, such as bo Me keepers, clerks, collectors, salesmen, conductars, ex mcsiinep.dc^ to apply at Itoom 13 lOU'eton B'ock. 9*i IVarrwrn-st., or address J. M. MOORE « co.. Box 1707. enclosing 10 cens» lor fall pat Denials. \TT ANTEU-2 nsslstirl bookkeepers, 2 V V sslcsmer, 1 conrinctor. 2 braksmen, I fireman, t porter, 2 drivers,2 expressmen. Adplv at Room 13. rnUerion lltock. 93 OearNirn-st. AppUcaDU dv mail adCr*-ss J. M. MOOKh 4 CO., Box 1707. e.closing 10 cents for reply. JliHaritea—JElscrUancotisS. V?l7 ANTED—Business—A man with V* some means la desirous of engaging In some mercantile btultess cither In city or lown. with a pnsptxUve partnership. Will loan his emp’oyer mtney.or hr will take a stock of goods tx eelttaedmo thitvue town. Aadrese, “ XIE> liY WILBUR,” Box 899. Decatur, ill. WANTED —$0,000 to SIO,OOO worth of boots* And Bhoc**,cJonilegorgror»4 tea. for which will he raid store ann i-'t, fS.3oo.hrm ring in fiCO rent; <5 txo re»l estate bends, btlnglsz In 1? per cent; f3sou cash- Address T. EDWARDS. Dot IflOfl. IX7ANTED—To invest *81)0 in some V ■ klcd of buslneas, with my own labf r. as oartper orotberwlie,by* ateidy. induiirlooi man Apoll canb must stale tba business. Addi cas *U F,” Chlca poP.O. IX7 ANTED—Ii sold low, a News and Y > BtaUoncrv Depot In a good location, ot wbi re the custom Is temULcrallvc ar>d permacent ana Capa Me ff extension. Addreas 133 North Clark-st. IX7 ANTED—A good second-hand len \\ ps&eeonr omnibap. Harrow track preterred. ACCrts* P. O. Box 313, Osbkcsh, Wii. \\r ANTRn—To ezebange, bouse and V\ let cn the West Stde »nd property ont of the city, tor stock of boon and tboes. AC dress “B P,” THbucc office. WANTED— To lease U>r a term ot ten yesrs. ab'dlolngSOxlOO; one soluble for man nfnclnrmgpwposcs. Addrets “J D C,” not 1737, \/VT ANTED —Pupils tor Piano Lessons. V> A teacher olmxay year*'experience,an!rom it untilra the i t<lol rfftrctc**, isurslr-iu* 01 ootalilug huv l unUa fer tee rlano Ladle* Lot hiving pi mo* can practice alter kw-nhonts. For mother pa*Ucu inra inquire at sil* East Madisoo-at. Terms (II per qtmter. ITT ANTED—Even one to call and ex VV amine WICKHAM'S BURGLAR ALARM, titatr. county and city rights for sate. Terms to suit all. Aho. Mngle alartns-torsne. Can be B>*cn In op eratli n at oar office, 133 Dearoora-sL, Boom 11, up ktaite. Chicago, ill. Sc HtntsiUousts. rO KENT—House No. US fluron st I A new twt 'ttory ard brick basement, w'tball mod en. improvements. Good nelchoorhcod, two-blocks trutn street caas. Inquire at No. 95 Huron-st. 'I'O KENT—The fine three story and 1 basmcnt.toneironthouse,No. 505 Carroll-sh, two b:octa rorth of Untop P%rr. t'o«'-ossiOD Immedi ately. OATRD A BRADLEY, corner Lase and LaSalle* StS. pO KENT—Two-siory Dwelling House 1 So. *3O Kewberry-Bl n n«-ar C. B. A Qt’B.R. In quire ot FERRY A Son. west end Elgntcenlb-st. Bridge. TO KENT—Ihe and base* meutmarbe-tr -tt House, Ko. 56S Woi* Lake* st.. frcntlng ot tTnion-park. ImMwsioolmmediately. Ca l at <126 FuUoo-bU. lor paitlcnlars. TO KENT—A new Coltoge, with ten romn» and all modem Improvements, at 114 N< nh I’anUca st. TO KENT—Furn-.sned House. Aocsv rable bouse, lumlihed throacbont. in a choice iLcalKUontneSonhhldc, ibr six mouths or longer. Iltni f 115 per month. Address j». O. l*ox i£‘3o« T O KENT—A iunushed house, ou iltch- Ican bedding, cioc*crr and everything com plrte for housekeeping. For particulars, call at 74 ACami-et. TO BENT—House—And furniture lor sale—B roottf. omy Fid & mouth. Tti cheapest bargain ever oncredin ihscity. Will besold at ouc* Uon<nThurrrtai,m.le«->dliposed oi tefireat prlrtte sale. For p.rUcnlara, Inquire on the premises, or at I*7 Sooth Drarborn-iU rpo KENT—House No. 1053 XVabasb* 1 av.; houeKo. 113 Eut Adama-st.: boa*e No. 31* fctale-«U booses Nos.Afell, ’413 and *415 Faurth-av.; homes N-m. 29, 40 atd 3l Fourth at. Apply to J. M. MABSIIALL. 07 South Clark-st. Large assortment of Heat £ota«-ffiug, Cft|JU*KOVK^ aasautea-JHaie JUci?. TBADES. HiHantciS-jFctnaic ISiuplogmcut agents. Eo Cent—Hooms. T) KENT—To a small family, the up per part ol a new Hon'C-ove rcoms. two pintrje*, No. 37 fi w. at Tayior-st., naif b'oek Iroro Bla-. island* av. horse care. Apply at 3N6 Wen TO RENT—"With board, one unfur* nlshec parlor: also, two furnished rooms, tor sin gie Apply at 44 Jackson-st. TO RENT—The B|peT part ol 336 NorthFtflakHo-it-.Srooas; also. cotnje In tnc rear, 3 room*. Po*se»il» n lmo.raUtely. DalilD & RKAnLEY, corner Laie and Laballe-sts. TO KENT—Two very desirable rooms, centrally located fnow occupied by a ar*t-cl«s dressmaker). Part ot the tutored for Address, 1* r tvro dajs. ** 11L,” Tribune tfflci. None but re sponsible parties need apply. STo sKcai-S>tfltE3. (©Sjtza.Sei 'T'O RENT—Store—loo Monme-st, two X doom west from Post Office. Excellent room fir any tr»t-class bnstaea*. Apply at No. 2 Custom Uuase-plsce. r pO KtuNT—From Ist May next, -ive 1 story marble-frctt boi'dit* on Clara-iu. tew tAke; bncdtas finished throughout in sipertir sty c. let u to reduce tbe con of store and bij»meat to (2,000 or lets. App.r toTOUSQ ft bPBISOER, ho. •Jt MttropolltaP Bloat- TO RivNT—From the Ist of Ma>, one of the stores to tbe Dole Building, fronting both booth Watcr-«t. and the River. Also, offices and rooms shore, fronting cither Bonth Water-*t. or the River. RCMSEY, BKO. ft CO. 116 LaSalle-st. rpo KENT—Second ard third floors i»l X 30 Lake-st. Apply to PHELPS, PODGE ft CO. TO 'RENT—One good dock tor lumber or coal. Call at once at Boots S. Pardee’s Baud* toe. __ TO RENT—Lumber yard, on the North pJer.KO fret front by 500 feet d*«p. For Inrther parucnlais, Inquire of THOb. GOOD WILLIE, North bier. TO RENT—Kirer lot on iouth Branch, adjoining Pittsburgh 4 Port Wayne Railroad atldce. with 290 t*-M of doe*. railroad tract on lot. A. j. AVERELL, Beal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Uloct. 'J'O KENT—Lhoicestcres,No.UOSooth ChcVce Btorr', No, JOB Sooth C«ar<-st; Choice store. No. 20J Moth Clart Chelcestore. No. liSiDearborn-rt.; And other rorcs on Brtj*h «Tarlt»t. Apnyto-J.M. MaBSHAIX. Itoom K.N0.97 South Clart-et. ®aan{eP-®o tSent. TAT ANTED—To Rent—A small home V V on Moth Side, pleasantly located.. Rent notto firri-d f lO.CO per month. Address **D. S„ w P. O box SSS- V\7ANT'-'D —To Hem—By a prompt* VV paying laeaot. a small cottars, or six or,orwn rooms,in toe Sooth Side ana ccnTeoHutto the Tribune office. Either tbrnlshec or nnlnmlshed. Address -L E C.” Tribute office- - WT ANTED—To Kent—A hook on ilie VV SonlL Slfl-. with Horn iftioSO ropota. AS-r™ otlee wullntly paldljr agoodhotue. Addreio* », p. o. box WAITTKD-To Rent —A mlltow V V or cottage, cn South *SjL2£ Jh*d. e PO4- fouth of ticbte*Ub-*t. tarnished or no/hrw*n ee»«««i on or before May 1«- ,B sdraoce. dress »«U ST.” P. O. Bot2lC-1- —— fDnrsts. fitarriagts, -TIT atctED — A iielil top-bnggy, fnr Wf exrbxnr* »lot 03 West Twelfth* , * U-Q~«“ 8117 J t^rSALE—At Price's Stable, a flret JH "i... lager, m ilr °e *■ «■» » k>m tmt i°»- i>ORS4LE—A pair ot black tarmac p bor-eiL yotttis aidsoQQd. A«coQdt*od floulf -*rrlac*.»U'a single and double silver plated bar b's*. will »C sold al»«9U»*r Of BCpWiltlj. Addrevi p. o. to* ipao. S&imaiton? gfeaTuie - niLEa, OITOaTIOIi— Wanted—In j\ strre . ‘ L » cm* i filer, or ntber Im-lnr**. wbee.- irt>nc«.tloa wifi cuj iimctj s f* iP r ft «fl who h»1 had **rrrtd rmru a 7»i nx*a at the£car. Can rfre tbebegt firm -ftM.BU.-8, 1*24 BUtcftT 1 CITUATIOX—WeaIed, l)7'aiTl^^r- Croirnbookkeep r.lnaw o J -«i] eftr |o",|£?]* n * U r ccrmn<i* German. Be»i etti (altt? w ancbjrct. u well y V M : <wm -X 7 RXTflbaaroffice. 7 ec^°7»«*L j^lTEATloN—Wanted, a tirstdasTSf O tom Cotter wants to ermue * firstrl April. of SoOitr. Arldn-ea *'K p** (.5 ®« fort Office Clock. BeatoffeietcDCegivea UOu ® _ ~ SITTTATION VTantfed— As cook m firs'-oataftmUy. ran bea tan inn m,,vL m iron* 10 la 4 o’clock Monday r.r hsTTpon and Polk, and Clloion and JetTcrwf..«tl ** a SITUATION —hnntcd—Bv a nrr; ladr,*h°me in a private Umliy. wlhVi teach drawlrp, rnofe. aac iuf e tiunoa *>,?? branches. In remnrcratloo for the Same »7w, 4 •*MISbB.C." Tribune office. mt ‘ A(Wr «« SITUATION—Wanted— Bt a O elan gill, to do second-work or £lirft re w„fc7- smal family. Apply at 5*41 State at, from: iosp a SITUATIONS—Wan'ea—Sirs. Whin* O kcr haa some rood cook*. also aim for honieworkat her office, gtf g t'hleagiW. ° ***** agrnis asiantec, AGENTS— Wncted—“Tile Hstarv cf the War Between the -tatrs—tra-ior in ori *m,Caaa»i and hesulta,’ by ptesa, and for The Life. Le’Wa and -pcMhe-* m fj\a_ Alexander H. Stephens, by Henry Cieve and. i crcnlar ami *ce oar term*. Addrr«i N.\Tli>\n PCBUStUyOUQ., IQ Lombard Chicago.Hi \ GLNTa—Wanted—To ennage mii.e /Vtaleoj “THE HISTORY OF ABRAHAM LW COtN AND THE OVERTHROW OF SL WEUT’** ore sou octaro,'-I <36 pages. By H--n. I. s. Araoic late member a d lor r.T*r t-w<r.t7 r«n • co .fldcctla. trlsod of llr. Lincoln. Ttic liwruni wort in nndertaken thT*» years ago -*hh ,^ e priTalot Sir. Lincoln, sQ4 U Juit U-aed. It u al r« ady selling as rapidly as the nabtfine’i h,nv« bc« s ahletofiL ordcti. The tost edition ao'd In tctn;y dayi For InU deserlpnon, opl don oi leartlnz pan-rs aM men. and terms a<ldress the pnb Isbers CLARE S A CO-. *»Q and Chicago. A GENTb—Wanted—ATale and famaie, jta to s**]l a new article In great demand, every amliy wants. H per day made without borne Travelling a rents can male* from $S to fQOperdai wuhont Interfiretre with ether boslnew. Xne article »d:wb I-'r n**it. Sat pies, wnh term# and pvrfcn’an oi the rualaw*. seal lor 23 cents. Addnss B. W. cIIaFFELL. Drawer 63311. Chicago. 4 GENTS—Wanted—Experienced first clas# canvas-er*. • eep’lemen and ladle*, tor SsBINGTON’S FRATER AT Valley FORGH; a new ana maxnlnccrt st»e> engraving; price, #XSO Has ncmUar Ttcoismendatlons wbichcaniie Utops admired by even American, cf whatever sect or party Agents every where sre meeting with unparalleled son cess. Fuhr:*c«v commlssinn given, a* dress. S. S. HOYDEN. 73 Ciatk-au, Chlcaro.HU AGENTS —tv an tea Cxeuucmon ant* ladies throngbont the United Mates for oat new Book, **I.IVESof»hePRESIDENTS.* fTr-m Wash lepton to J> biuoc. by J. &. C- AhoMt, the crest di*m rlsn. Complete tn one arge vcina.,, *np<*rhly uas Hated with steel en -raTtnxs. among wbich are por traits of the seventi-rn Presidents. sei ne*. eU. Thu is theonlv work cf the kind yet ud adi>rds to experienced agentas rareoppoitunit» to make money with a iplerdld boak. ana no eoinpt>tt> tion. Exclusive t«mtory a&d publishers* highest com. mftslon clvea. Cooks ready tor delivery now. a. BOYDKK, 73 Clark Ch caro, 111 A GhNTs—Wanted—$25 3 day. Fif- XjL teen new articles tor 2&eaU. O.T. GAK.ET, Klddctrrd, Maine. A GEN IS—Wanted—soo Agents want ed in a new business. H. B. SHAW. Alfred, Maine. AGENTS— Wanted —With $5 to $lO rarltsl. tor* d**lrablc and permanent mousy* c&rnz b< slami at bonir. Energttfc agent# esa clear Irom <4O to <€n t,er wees. No competition aad no r*»k. Lad's*, cc tlemeo, c ergymen teach-rs, larntre, n«clanlcs-ere'yDO€iy tuvmg spare tl n% csilonnraddr i-.with «tatm> tor papers. K. WAY YELL, 47 Lombard Block, Chlcigo. A GENTS—Wanted —To local book J\. agents. Free transports Ucn to any pan ot the Union. Ola agent* “do better on 'iir premium and comrobMon Pisa than ever before ."—so tr-y report. Our ac*nU> averaaed eight copies each, sold ottft oay, anring the week ending Feo atli illustrated dFuciln 'lrn» sent free by matt. e ppl to cr addrt— « J AMR! POKTECS. Oecc al Ar ent. Frank Meore’s Wore*. 45 Bible Home. New York City, (Aseuu appnlng for territory win please state wbat paper tncy saw oar advertisement m.> AGENTS —Wanted—$125 per month si>d expenses. Adders* SHAW 4 CLARK SEW UJU MACHINE CO-, Oldcelord, Maine. A GENT&—Wanted, everywhere, to sell patent White Wire Clothes Unci. Can ma*e SIC to ISO per day. Address “Metallc Cloths* Line Co_“ 9g Sentence.. Cleveland, Ohio. AGENTfc —Wanted —To introduce a"d stil bit patint Orberlns Mart l:e (sieScleetlfle atLencao, October6, Ito6. pageJit.) wanted lx-m«a --atc-y. flease enrlcbo stamp. bAMUEL J. KELbO Box 10 |a Detroit, Mich. lausincgs criiaßCffi. )R SALE—Photographers— Uarin^ tc be away on other lusitu-*-, I will ieU my Galleryatj46o.orlnrolcclhes«mcat halt eo»t. Ad drt«. •• IL M.” Box 133, Havana, alasca County, UL F'OU SALE —At 121-2 per cent discount, for rash, stock of dry goods, reads n«v*e t-uiUiin-;. hats and cap*, boots and >D< es. crwi-.-li**. crockery and glassware, wine, wine plant*. For partlrulira. cal on or actress N. A. EATON, 1 ill West Twc3Ui-sl, Ibr 80 days. FOR SALE—Valuable .Mill Property— One among the best Meam Souring tnlV* mSon h ern lowa, contalsing three run of four-:wt bnrra. ct- Cine ano boiler Is gi*cd onler. mcr-h-mt and cus'om bolts c f the best—co oetfer In u»e. T;i* mill 1* ail In good rcD-*tr, and in a c~oa locatio n. Water and tn*l in abncdsi-ce. Fur rnrther psftlcfl'are, address WM. SHARP 4 SON, Fairfield. lowa. Ij'OK SALE—alcara Hour actl «nst null. r cneass terro*,towd>’lng a rood custom and local t«»de.cUeattdat AraLtnadcrspiacin Indiana. For rvartlmlare call upon or artdres- UANCUMT A PEI KONNET, No. 8. or J. T. NOTE, No. MS MariCCdU Chicago. . I, Oil SALE—Mock and fixtures ol ano- F non »tore. Good location. 3’JO West Randolph- F'OU SALE—A steam sawmill al Green • Par. Wl«„ in perfect and oimptcte njoniag orticc capabh or sawlcgMx million feet of Inmb*r dinng thei(a«on.»n<i armhahlyl <-cated Or the Uiid.mT *t ehTtncnlrflnmotf hom rf railroad and me-*af. road nmnne past lh« property, and a good cocos he. place.wttt* for shlumentbv aK It sdditloi to Inc null, tb-re ate between three anl fitr al'lh n f<et*rf Inga cu hfltif. ready fur ImmedUt <<p rati d. Tlic whole for rale at !os flgarea. Far ern aai d ftirti-er Information. addre<a or inquire W. A. MOWUY. I tm soul'i Wat*r-»t. Chicago. L'Oh SALE—A macmccenl hotel P«r 1 an«i aT Uie mnißure. complete. fop «*Je— (iolneadft-t-rateim-lbcss, located on the Mfo*'-»lfpi Hirer. An extra chance. Inquireat 1-17 South Ha let at., Chicago. t, OR SALE—Ghcaj, a first-class breaT a acd pastry bakrrr. iramaacd every thine cob pletc.witti an established trade often ihntisac d< Lara per month. Address “i’. U.,” I*. o. Box ?v Chicago, 111. 17 OR SALE—The fixtures, interest and I lease ol a*oap tictory. Bent moderate. Apply ty letter, (tvmg tameand address, in’* W o M, [* bane office. T?OK SALE Cheap Good business A 1 prem'ses, In fin excellent location. suitable • anylusinesr. Immediate poswa ion given. Anpiyi. flu Menroe-sU “ppowte Fo-t Office. F'OU SALE—Saloon and restaurant, It 00 South Claik-at., tbeap, or exchange ln» - * erty. Zsqolreat 09. ITOR isALE—A rolling null m good J 1 order. A coed chance to get a good thtass'i’i DALTOX ACO„7I Lafce-flt. F 'OR SALE—A good Ortccrv, on the West Side, with Block. fixtures, horse, wagon etc. Izcpruvementa good. Beat low. A-idrcas E£ A. InbutccOUe. I7OD SALE—Confectionery, Fruit and 1 Cigar Store, with a lease ooe year from the Ist t>l May, at 145 Slate-at. 170 K bALL—An oyster saloon, on X' ynrth CUrk-st. Atldrc»B "LA U.” Tribune office. jpet Sale. 'T7OT? SALE—A No. l grocery store, one A provision store, ore ce>n|-cuoi.e , ya*torc, two go d V.viS 1 !? - several good chance*. Appiy at 100 Madleon-at, Boom 4. F'OR fcALE—At Kankakee, 111, on the Illinois Central Railroad, a stock of hardwire and twiner, materials. The owiev wtsbe* to rutwe from but inns, aa account of lh health, and will lease tho store tor a term of year*. There ate six rooms aruve the slore. snd » good basement with three noun, u>catrd u the remre part of theettv A rare ebsnee for a rarty wita some mraaa. Fcr further partlcuian address ‘■PttD. 11 P.o. Box 111.Bahk-«lts.,lit. Ij'Olf Prop. “Genessee Übici,” X? now lying at DetU'tt, Mlchtcatu C.assA3. Ton* nage (old measurement). SSI. App'r to WM. *■ WAtS* KIXEB, Dttrolt, Mich- or ta UABIUS A DIM)- »4 Luzroer-st, Chicago. I i'O Ei SALE—At toe Lake Tm-nel—One J 85 horse powtr engine and apngat tubular Dollar. One:c buiespow*reseioeaodDprlgi>tta r n arb>tler. One IS haise power et.g ne and upnvnt tubular Roller. These enatnee and belters are new, bare beta la oao hut a very short time. 31.175 let tT rail, weighing 33 As. to the yard. 1 large tan for ventilation, M. M. Alutn’ft patPdit, bnilt expre siy tor this work 3 ft. e. well-broken j out g mules. 2 rumpsaid2seulmproved boistlcgappantnaana grarifie. 35 care, capacity 1 cubic yard. A tars*, lot of tools. A lot of tie. oer ard lumber. Also, the bnLdloss, sbeda. enthooses, &ih«coccect9d with the take Tonne'. A lot of cast and wrought scran liro. doll A GOWAN. Contractors Office, thole ahallLaksTuMti. F'OR BALE. —second-hand lumber, in qoantlms to salt purchasers, and the boittllncs Eooa-D as • Floral Ha l” a d "Sooth Amohilheatre.” at the r.Mraco Dfivlrr Part. Inquire on the sroands.or at 13 Chamber of commerce. F-OK sa/E—The tow-boat “Francis Hsner.” cf about SOO ton* ; 36-hch cjUadtr, 6 ftet sticker Also, two locomotive engines. jo and M tons: t feet 6k inch eanre. C. T. FBANCIS, bnpt. No. 1 City HmlrtiPg. M. Cools, Mo. FOK tfALE—Ad exceLent rfflee ea cloeare with larce class sash;Jnst the thins for a prtTatecfflce, cheap, at DALTON <t CO., 71 Mks- FOK b'ALE—To builders and those fit ting 09 rotes « T 4 offices—We bare a Tot of iSelv inr.drawer* sod bios; also, an upright snow case, with drawers. suitable lor baker'* n e or the dUolsy at or Hod of fiujcy cood*; also, two otßce dc*ks, hoofc fcerper> desk. chain. signs. Ac. Cali oB"WiL D. HaB BIS ft CO, S 7 Soma Water >t. l/OK fcALE—Lease und lurmcure of a JT bcoeec-'nialtlngUrocms. with, all modern lm rroTCißtstß. nrlh Sid*, rear cats. Pot»e*tton May Ist or before. Inquire at 39 Bandclph-st, ot •LAKE.” L'OR bALE—An extra Dew milch cow, i irttß calf, at £>B7 Wabaab-ar. FOR SALE —Two firsi*cJa«s billiard table*. Plulan cnthloso, In good order, fbr sale epeap. at IS2 Baodolph-st. Iflacijiner?. FOR SALE— Tnrte tj-nc.rsc poivtr np right eneisu: also *tx 7“ ard 13-horse p-.w*r. Larger or *s V*& S£»hania aiebed wlU> cr wltn'ml Pol<«r»- I*. *£r.rV.r». rubmar aao locomotive oousra fd- rm£-porlablc engites nnd bod- Fg nnK SALE —Portable engines, station- H vi\rrf onwpetl*. 10 and 12-borae eow P r. on HsikK tue f£nTiGa <»• *" nh water-st- North trier. F r OR aALE—One 12 and one 15-horse nower w rtaMe en«ae and two SQ-hano- power „ 73 and 75 tt'Oß t’ALE—H. M. Ames’ portable and P ,*abonarr engkes, irom I to C3-iorse power; »jsj. Pot: am Mschisa Co.’s t oll; two i2-leet rr>* 3V Inch, iwols-Detb'-dSOand C inch, one &f«t bed IS* Q-leet h*d 11- Inch smog, all eccine lathes; threenprl-hlonlls, two Den pliers, bolt ca»ter*. saw mi. s, sh>sg!e mills, two Woodworth eUcatsud matcher*, farrar*# sorfuap*, nnajp*. belt lac. ho»e,Airs,Ac..Ac. G. L. BICE 4 CD., I9and 21 Dearb’in-st. ®aantEfc=sKeal Estate. T\T A^TED—To porciase, a -Kell built V» ofClt:ta-«mdbon‘e aa<* lot, la * bl*a«aaw> fa.CM 10 (!.**'« wuioaT no arlrw. A-..Jre?(».»-t»Us.e«acl locality. pnte» n & B. lUuiccQlfe. Straptß awe Stoltw. CTRAYBD—A black borsc, wi^wUte Uou »vJ>o.9Mitr.)po'U*'- bl^W* «c-t *'\. flvreenw be rtytd, will be snjiabJj reward,