Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 5, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 5, 1867 Page 1
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FROM WiiiGW Closing of flic Thirty-Ninth and Opening of (he Fortieth Congress. Senator "Wade Elected Presidenl Pro Tcm. of the Senate. Eon. Sclmyler Colfax Ee-electsd Speaker of the House. Seminations in Bepublican Caucus for Coder Officers of t!ie House. Major Robert A. Gilmore Com finned as Postmaster of Chicago. .Trotest of the Democratic Mem bers Against the Organization of the House. ‘The President’s Objections totie ■Army Appropriation Bill. 1811 EUROPE, Ne ws by Ocean Telegraph. Arrest of Colonel O’Connor, the Fenian Leader. Icid Brcngiiam Favors the Prlocipie of Household Suffrage. Announcement of Changes in the English Cabinet. Garibaldi to Tate Up Aims in fence of tbe Cretans. rnOM WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Washington, March 4. THE NEW CONGRESS. The proceedings at the Capitol to-day drew out an immense crowd of spectators. The galleries of both Houses were packed"?© their utmost extent, and hundreds of persons were unable even to get near the doorways. Everything passed off with decorum and jiropriety. Senator Wade, on taking the chair as presiding officer of the Senate, was a trifle embarrassed, but soon re gained his usual coolness and self-possession. The outside work of the Senate was of no general interest. EXECUTIVE BUSINESS. There was ah Executive Session of about an hour and a half. Rejections were more numerous ihan confirmations. An effort was made to get up the nomina tion of Cowan for the Austrian Mission, and General Bartlett for lheSwedisbMi«sion, hut the motion in each case was decidedly reject ed. Both nominations, therefore, fell. An cffoit was also made to get Saudford, of the Belgian Mission, laised to a full Minister, but this also failed, and he must remain with a secondary rank or resign and come home. IN THE HOUSE. The scene iu the House all the morning was one of remarkable brilliancy, the gal cries being crowded, uud about a thousand ladies and invited guests being on the floor cl the chamber. Bositess was rushed thtough in a most energeiic manner, and a large number of Senate bills were concurred in. There was, of course, much noise aud confusion, hut everybody was iu excellent humor, and the closing hour of the session was in the highest degree creditable to Con gress and the country. BILLS APPROVED AND OTHERWISE. The President and his Cauluet reached the Capitol about ten o’clock. He signed the Bankrupt BUI without objection. The Army Appropriation BUI was signed, hut hi? signature was accompanied by a written protest against the 2d section, which keeps Grant here and requires that all the army orders must come from his office; and against the Cth section, which disbands all the militia organizations in the South. THE WOOLLEN TARIFF BILL was finally sKned, though the President be iran by pronouncing it a villainous measure, and declaring that he would not give it his signature. We understand that the Cabinet were unanimous in advising him to give it Lis approval, and {that the consideration which induced him to do so, was the idea that It might do something towards breaking down the movement for a high protective tariff. NEW SENATORS. The new Senators who were sworn in to day were Pattcron, Terry, Conkling, Cam eron, Moilmi, Drake, llariau, Thayer, Tip ton, Colcard Corbitt. Governor Swann’s name was called, but no one answered In his behalf. He las resigned, but the papers Lave not yet reached llie presiding officer of the Senate. riir. von: ron speaker. It was noted a* of tome significance, tint in choting the Speaker of the House. Messrs. Phelps of Baltimore, Stewart of New York, and Robinsc-i of Brooklvn, all elected by a fusion of Democrats and Jobusonltes, voted for Colfax. A SHORT SESSION. Both Houses meet at noon to-morrow. It is understood that the President will not have any special message to lay before them, as his views have recently been made known, and do not scum to have much Influence. It is thought by many leading members that the session ought not to last more than a week or ten days, and tome arc of the opinion that an adjournment should be reached by Saturday. The old Congress fin ished up Us business so well that very little appears needful now. The Paris Expo sition Bill is almost the only mea sure, seriously considered, that failed to become a law, and among the best men there Is a disposition to not bring for ward much new matter beyond a bill, which some thick recessary, to provide for reas sembling in October. Some informal consul tations on the matter will take place to morrow. NOMINATING CAUCUS. The Republican members oftbeilouse held a caucus this evening to nominate can didates for Postmaster, Doorkeeper and Set geant-ak Arms. It lasted about two Lours, and resulted In se lecting Gcucral Chas. E. Lippin cott of Illinois. for Doorkeeper, Wm. S. King, of Minnesota, for Postmaster, and N. G. Ordway, of New Hampshire, for Ser geant-al-Arms. Mr. King was Postmaster of the Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth Congresses, and Mr. Ordway was Sergeant of tbe Thirty-ninth. THE NEW TORK CUSTOM HOUSE FRAUDS. The report of tbe committee on the al leged frauds in the New York Custom House exposes the most reprehensible conduct on the part of the present Collector, Mr. Sruythc. There appears to have bsen estab lished whut was called “a general order r, as J D^ ss '” ' ? hich Mr. Smythe sold out, and that I etcr A. Van Bergen, George F. Thomp son, Senators Doolittle and Patterson, and a Mrs.l erry tad Interests In the business. Sir. fc,myibc informed Mr. Humphrey lhat he had obtained $40,030 per annum for this business from Messrs. Miller & Conger. On Mr. Humphrey's remon strance against being trifled with in this manner. Mr. Smythe coolly offered a gratuity of $3,000 ont of this. It was shown the $40,000 was divided as follows : Geo. F. Thompson, late of the Daily Xcws, $3,000 ; Senators Doolittle and Patterson, S3.O>J each: E’nhro®, ouiiwtvi, n,4m•, Humphrey, (and by him at once rejected) $3,000; Brown, Private Secretary ol the Col lector, (and by him rciectcd) $2,030; ‘‘Politi cal fund,” $10,000; Mrs. Perry, known as a Washington woman, £I,OOO ; Bergen, $5,000. This makes up the $40,000, so as to corre spond tcchically with Smythe’s oft-reiterated assertion that he was not to have a dollar of it. This showing, however, left him sole almoner of the SIO,OJO “political fund.” The report also exposes an existing system atized and protected extortion. NATIONAL. HANK TROUBLES. Washington, March 4 —The First Na ttonal Banks of Newton, Mass., and Hudson, N. Y. have bee* Placed in charge of the agents of the Comptroller of the Currency for investigation. It is expected that tbe First National Bank of Hudson, New Yoik, will pay all its losses and go on. The Mechanics’ National Bank of Bath will not suspend bu siness. The directors and stockholders are •wealthy, and will pay up the amount of the defalcation. NO FORMAL MESSAGE. It Is not probable that any formal message .will be sent to Congress by the President, so short a time having elapsed since that of December. There certain!/ will be no mes sage of extended length. A PHOTBST. In the course ofhla remarks In the House Mr. Brooks said : ' If the Indications In the public press and elsewhere are to be realized; If the process of im peachment Is lo co on, or, what is more revoln uouary, the suspension of the President br the action of this House. it la revolution, and nothing °c* whatever name yo-i r!^f e *«,« Tlie . S . pea ' £er J )f 1110 House is to create a commitlce ol impeachment, and to create and lo cave Ine whole direction and control of the pro cess or impeachment through this House. Isay, therefore, that the most serious of all stops is the organization of the Home, and, in case the pre cedent yon threaten ua wltn is created Oy jon, and the existing President is deposed, and in case of Iho new President’* death, the Sneaker of the Uonec becomes Presi dent of the Onitco States, so that in point of tact, here by our solemn action to-day we may b: creatine a President of the United States, I pro test therefore in foil solemnity of the occasion. I protestbefore my country and In the presence of the gen lieman from Ohio, fMr. AableyJ who Is to be the leader in this revolution, 1 protest most solemnly against takiagany farther steps toward the organization of this House until all the Slates aio Cully represented. Mr. Brooks then read the following pro test : WmxEAs, It appears by the record Just made that the following States, seventeen in number, are not now represented on the floor of this House, viz: The stales ofNcw Hampshire, Uhode island. Connecticut, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Fioriaa, Alabama, Mis sirtippi, Loulntana, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Caiitomia. Arkansas and Nebraska, States enti tled by act of Congress March 4th, 1562, and sub sequent acts lo representatives in Congress, as lollows: New Hampshire, three; Rhode Island,; two; ConnectlcaMoun Virginla,eight; North Ca ro lina, seven; South Carolina, four;Gcorgia. seven: Fiorina, one; Alabama, six; Mississippi, five; Louisiana, five; Tennessee, eight; Kentucky, nine: California, three; Arkansas, three; Ne braska, one; in all eighty Congressional Districts now unrepresented on the floor of the House, and Wnxßxas, of these unrepresented States, seven arc of the original thirteen that in 1787 met in Cotivcn'ion and created the Constitution of the United Stales; New Hampshire, Connecticut, Virginia. Gcoicla. North Carolina, South Caro lina, Rhode Island,a majority of the thirteen; therefore, We, members elect of tho Fortieth Congress, do now enter onr most solemn protest against any and every action tending to the reorganization of this House nmS the absent States be made folly represented. (Asigned) .Tavt-b Brooks, X. Y.» W» S. Holman, Ind., W. E. Nibi-ock, ind., Chas. E. Eldbidoe, Wis., P. Van Tnuap, o., A. G. Glosbsbemneii, Pa., •J. M. HmiPiniErs, jj. V„ il. C, KEiat, XnQ., Stephen Tabsb, N V D. H. Van Auktv p A *' Iwts W. Erjsa, hi* ’’ S. S v 111., F. \\ Ood, Jf, Y., h. G. Sstz, Pa.. J. V. L. Pbutn, N. Y. n. McCollocc Aid. Cuas. Dennson, r a . Jho. W. Cbanlzb, jj. Y. Chap. Hoiqdt, N. J. W. Munoec, O. Stxten Ancnrri, Jid. W. E. Robinson, N. Y. Docas Babnes. At. J. Jno.Fox, N. Y. Albent G. Btmn.l'i. Jno. Uobbissbt, N. r. P. Stone, Md. Q. W. Moboan, Ohio. COAS. SlTGGKiTES. At. J. B. P.Boteb, Pa. T. E. Koell, ilo. CONTESTED SEAT. Mr. Schenck presented in’ihe House the paper oi Columbus Delano, contesting the scat of Geo. W. Morgan, of Ohio. Referred to Committee on Elections. xerrea the photzst against the ARMY BILL. Armv messa £ e concerning To the Dense of Representatives: The act entitled an set making appropriations S r ?«5 P 2i,y*f the my for lhe eu<lE»ir Jane and for other purposes, contained pro \hione »o which I must call attention. These pjortsions are contained in the second section certain ca*cs virtually d e ! prives tbo President of his constitutional functions as Commander-in-chief of the Army, and In the : ;!*?*» section, which deny to the Stares of the Lmon their consUtulionai right to protect them i .-elves 11. any emergency by meats of their mill- P r^ vtsi ? na o« oat of place in an an propriation act. lam compelled to defeat the necessary appropriations If 1 withhold my e ~na- S c l S 3 Ti J*™*! »T these arcSmsan constrained to return the bill with mi signature, bnt to accompany It with mv nr ft t«? TsfficU 1° eCCUOnB in^te P d. oteSt l&i/,ncuj Avnatw Joturaox COXFIEMATIOXS. IViSniXGIOX, March 4—Thc Senalc haa confirmed, among others, the following nominations; United States Minister, A. *f Williams, San Salvador; United States Con sul, Andrew N. Duggan, of Michigan at Port Sarnia. C. W.; Governor of Dakota, Andrew J. Foulke, of Pennsylvania ; Arbi trator on the part of the United States, to resident Sierra Leone, Africa, F. A. Whlt tlciey. New York; Postmasters, John B. Purcell, Bloomsburg. Pennsylvania; Daniel W. Erwin, Oswego, New York. "Washington, March L—The Senate also confirmed Thos. Russell as Collector of Bos ton, and Robt. A. Gilmore as Postmaster at Chicago. Among those rejected is Frank McLaughlin, Post-master, Philadelphia. Attestors o f Internal Jtevenue— A. J. Morrill Second District, Minnesota. ’ Collectors of Internal Revenue —Robt. Larur Second District, Minnesota; J. J. Randall’ First Disirict, Minnesota. HiffNtrsof Land Orfke— Jas. R. McClure, Junction CTty, Kansas; Edmund Browuin ,r , Indianapolis. Itect Iven of Public Honey— W’m. Boose, In dianapolis; Cyrus Aldrich, St. Cloud, Min nesola; Lucas K. Stannard, Taylor’s Falls, Minnesota. Pottmashn— John Crawford, Craw fordsville: Robert R. Bush, Elk hart ; Ezra Read, Terre Haute ; Cyrus ?. Morfi-rd, Attica ; John M. Wilson, New Albany: M. D. Jacket, Greensburg; Edwd. W. Freeman, Kokomo; Juo. Hen dricks, Shelbyville; Wm. Schocucmaun. Michigan Citv; Jos- H. Teller, Peru ; A. W. Whittlesey, Evansville; Jos. Vaughn, Law j'-nccbr.rg: E. Jones, Richmond. All the foregoing are Indiana. Wm. Jl. Streeter, Houghton, Michigan ; Wm. Morgan, Danville, Illinois ; Chas. W i-lair. Fort Scott. Kansas ; Wm. S. Webb, .Junction Citv, Kansas ; George Seymour! Uoonvsboio, Iowa: Chas. E. Hedge, Fort Ilaudall; Harper M.O’Neal Wood, Blackhawk Feint, Colorado; J. J. Humphreys of Tenu ncssce. Chcsokic Indian Agent— Morris S. Millers. ZimUiry dominations —Deputy Quartermas ter Generals to be Major Generals by brevet: Russell A. Alger, Michigan; William L. Stoughton, Michigan; William L. McMillan. Ohio; Willard Warner, Ohio. To be Brevet Brigadier Generals: Jefferson Crumock\Ohio; George H. Hays, Ramnq REJECTIONS. The following nominations were rejected: PoiiliiunUrs —W. H. H. Taylor, Hamilton; Jp.-eph Hoyle, Xenia; Charles Sage. Circle wile; Jacob R. Uubbell, Dayton; Jefferson I aim, V erren ; Samuel McKee Troy • Mathew W. C. Hale, Srdney; Daniel Upton’ aalem; WUllim Medford, Mount Vernon • IsaaiZ. Bryant, Bucyrus; all of Ohio. Robert Flint, Fond du Lac; Thomas J. Janesville; Edward Hicks, Green Bay* Henry Bertram,Watertown; all of Wiscon-fn.’ Michael Dunn, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas • John E. Page, Marshal, lowa ; Samu'-l J. Harris, Columbus ; Andrew G. Wood, War saw ; Charles Hall, Princeton; 6. Bla«r Plymouth; Edwin S. Greco, LaPorte, Indi ana ; J. J. Nash, Kendalrille ; S. Graham Delphi; C. L. Shrewsbury, Madison ;J. B. Marshall, Valparaiso—all Indiana. Charles li. Taylor, Grand Rapids ; F. W. Anthony Jackson ; Foster Pratt, Kalamazoo ; W. j! Edwards, Niles ; James Monroe, Marshall; William Hasslctt, Dowagiac ; Henry Barns Detroit; G. Vandemark, Battle Creek ; C*. W. Fonda, Three Rivers ; S. E. Bliss, East Saginaw—all of Michigan: J’auion Agent— Ezekiel T. Cos, Columbus. Ohio. United States Attorney —Charles S. Whittle sey, Eastern District of Missouri. Indian Ager.t— H. TV. Martin. Sac and Fox Agency. THE AMERICAN CHAPEL AT ROME King informs the State Depart ment that there is no truth in the state ment that the American Chapel had been re moved by direction of the Panal authorities outside the walls of Rome. A letter from Amos Kendall, however, says that the chap el was ordered to be closed, and the congre gation accordingly sought accommodations outside the walls. BILLS APPROVED. Washington, March 4.—The President has approved the Bankrupt BUI, also the bill to make valid the proclamation of the Pieeident, thus exempting military officers and soldiers from operations of the courts. All the important appropriation bills and all other bills presented to the President, in cluding the Wool Tariff Bill, have been ap proved and signed by him; also the Tax Bill. PARIS EXPOSITION BILL LOST. Washington, March 4.—The bill which passed the House this morning, appropria ting s£o,ooo additional for the Paris Exposi tion, was not engrossed In time to be pre sented to the President for his signature. INDIAN TREATIES. Tbe Commissioner of Indian Affairs, on Friday, concluded a treaty with the Chero kee Indians of Kansas, modifying the treaty of July Gib, so os to allow the tribe to sell what is known as tbe neutral lands, com prisingaboutSOOjOOOacrcs, to the Atlantic «5c Pacific Rnllmnd Company. Tlje mornin" a treaty was entered Into with tbt sb a *£ nces, cf Kansas, in which prorisioa is maa-» to remove them into the Indian country. Treaties have been made with all the Kansas Indians for their removal. CONSUL RECOGNIZED. The President has recognized Gulfrand Thorrsdeu Longanas Vice Consul of Sweden and Norway at Decora, lowa. FROM MEXICO. F.x-Bcbel Officer* in fccasnc wltli the Imperial!*!*— capture, of tanauajuaio by trie Übtrab, New York, March 4.—The Herald's Mexi can correspondence says: “Mlramon recent ly informed a gentleman, that the Southern Confederates were yethand-m-haud with the Imperialists, and that General Hindman was corresponding with them, in the hone that the two dclunct establishments might so work lotcthcras to-make both a success 11 Washington, D. C., March 4.—The Mexi can Legation has official Information .'-‘■v*- capture of Guanajuato J»v • ls ’ to ’ getber with onn and llfty prisoners, sve hundred muskets, twenty-two cannon, ammunition and war materials. Tjie battle lasted six hours. THE SOUTH. Tlic Cougrcrcloual heaven Working— ISckpoiiMe* from Virginia and Georgia on the Subject or Uecoiutractioa Richmond, March 4.—The Governor sent a message to the Legislature to-day urging a call forai Conventionuuder the Sherman Mil itary Bill. Richmond, March 4.—The resolutions to call a State Convention were referred to a committee ol both Houses of .the Legisla- Augusta, Ga., March 4.—Meetings are be in" called to consider the recommendations of Governor Brown. Public opinion Is di vided. Three-fourths of the papers are in favor of their acceptance,but the majority of the people are strongly opposed to it. Atlanta, March 4.—A public meeting "was held to-day to consider tbe condition of the country. There was a large attendance. Resolutions approving the terms of the Sherman bill and the coarse of Governor Brown, were rejected. , .. The meeting then divided, the minority Cl|xmgxr VOL. XX. approving Sherman’s bill withdrawing, and will hold a meeting to-night. The majority organized a new meeting and passed a new resolution counselling quiet submissionto the bill,bat characterizing it as harsh and unjust; expressing approval the noble course ol President Johnson; asserting that the honor and manhood of the Southern people were left, and announcing as the sense of the meeting that the freedom of the people must not bo bartered away for the provisions of Sherman’s bill. The reso lutions recommend the Governors of South ern States to take steps to test the con stitutionality of the bill In the Supreme Court of the United States. COSGBESSIOSAL PEOCEEDISGS. WAsmsGTaK, March 4. SENATE. At half past one the Senate reopened its doors. Mr. SHERMAN called' up bis bill provid ing that tbe act of Ibis session to increase the duty on wool shall go Into effect in ten days after Us passage. It was amended by striking ont ten days and inserting five, and passed. At 2 o’clock a recess was taken until 9. On reassembling, some District of Colum bia business was transacted. The Conference Committee on the joint resolution to facilitate the settlement of accounts of disbursing officers, made a report which was i ßre cd to" Tho ’oint resolution for the reduction of Military Reservation at Fort Reilly and a grant of land for bridge purposes Jn the State-of Kansas was passed. President Foster rose and delivered bis valedictory remarts, whereupon he vacated the Chair and Secretary Forney assumed the duties of presiding officer. On motion of Mr. ANTHONY, the Senate proceeded to elect a President pro tem. Mr. WADE was chosen and escorted to the Chair, returning thanks for the honor. The Secretary was directed to inform tbe President and the House of Mr. Wade’s election. Mr. ANTHONY psid a q eloquent tribute, and moved a vote of thanks to Mr. Fester. Mr. TRUMBULL moved to take up the Iloose joint resolution to repeal the actap noiutlrg Commissioners for the payment of loyal men for slaves enlisted in the army. Mr. TRUMBULL, in a few remarks said a ffreat many loyal men of the Border States were opposed to the payment contemplated in the original act. Secessionists were ap plying for pajment, and If the act was kept in force many of them would be paid if ready to make affidavit of their lovaltv if necessa ry. He read aletter to thfs effect from a Kentucky gentleman. Mr. DAVIS called for the name of the author. •Mr. TRUMBULL said it was written by a Mr. Malone, and endorsed by Hon. Samuel McKee, oftlie other bouse. Mr. DAVIS said neither the writer nor the endorser was entitled to the least creditor confidence. Mr. TRUMBULL rose to call Mr. Davis to order for referring in this manner to a mem ber of the Home, but Mr. HARRIS moved an executive session, and tbe doors were dosed for executive business. When 13 o’clock arrived the Senate was still in exccu. live session. The doors were not opened until 12:15 o’clock. The Thirty-ninth Congress was then declared by the presiding officer adjourned sine die. HOUSE. The House resumed its session at 9 o’clock. The Senate hill releasing to Wm. 11. Webb, of New York t the iron-clad ship Dundcrberg on Ida refunding the amount the Govern ment paid him on of his contract passed. ' variety of unimportant business was dis posed of. The Senate bill to provide for the exchange of certain public documents between the Government of the United States and for eign Governments was passed. The Senate bill tor the relief of Samuel M. Beatty, of Ohio, for services as Chaplain of the United Stales hospital at Cleveland, Ohio, was passed. The Senate bill in reference to court mar tial in the army was indefinitely postponed. Tbe Senate bill to amend the act of July 27, 1800, for the remora! ot causes in certain case? from State Courts, passed. Mr. HASSON, from the Committee of Conference on the bill to fiicilitate the audit ing of accounts of disbursing officers, made a report which was agreed to. The Senate bill to amend certain acts re lative tolbeuavy was amended somewhat in Us details and passed. The Senate joint resolution of thanks to Cyrus W. Field, passed. The Senate lull authorizingG. V. Fox, and officers of the Mlautonomah and Augusta to accept the presents tendered them by the Emperor of Russia, and the Senate joint re solution thanking the Chamber of Senators and Deputies ot Brazil, for resolutions ot sorrow and sympathy for the death of Presi dent Lincoln', were passed. The Conference Committee on tbe Indian Bureau Bill reported that they were unable to agree, and were discharged. The Senate bill relating to brevets in'the army passed. The Senate hill making additional appro priation for the representation of American industry at the Paris Exposition, was amend ed by a proviso that the Commissioners shall serve without compensation, and reducing the appropriation from $103,000 to $50,000, and patted. Mr. FARNSWORTH, from the Select Com mittee on the murder of Union soldiers in South Carolina, made a special report, which was laid on the table and ordered printed. Mr. FRANCIS THOMAS, from the Judi ciary Committee, made a report of the testi mony taken in the investigation into Frecd men’s affairs in Maryland. Placed in the custody of the Clerk'd the House, to be submitted to the Fortieth Congress. Ou motion of Mr. MAYNARD authority was given the chairmen of all committees to pursue the same course. Mr. MARSTON offered a resolution to add to the joint committee of both Houses a joint committee on ordnance. Adopted. Mr. HART, from the Committee on Indian Affairs, presented the evidence taken in re gard to the Indian Surerintendency In Colorado. Laid on the table and ordered pnntcd Mr. SCHENCK, from the Committee on Military Affairs, reported a bill for the relief of Elias Bcdlc, of the Eighth Ohio Infantry. Passed. On motion of Mr. DAWES, a committee was appointed to wait on the President and inlorm him that the Thirty-ninth Congress was ready to adjourn. The hour of noou arrived, and the Speak er. rising, delivered his valedictory. The remarks of the Speaker were delivered with great effect, and listened to with Intense attention. When he closed he declared the Thirty-ninth Congress adjourned sins die, and vacated the chair, when he was enthu siastically applauded. Opening of the Fortletli Congress. SENATE. _ „ . Washington, March 4. The Senate was called to order at 12;20 by Mr. WADE, President pro tem. Afte rprayer by the Chaplain the first busi ness m order was declared tbe qualifications of new Senators. They were sworn in the following order: Cameron, Corbett, Conk ling, Hanlan, Davis, Drake, Howe, Morton Morrill, Nyc, Patterson, Pomeroy, Sherman and Trumbull. The Clerk called Thomas Swann but he was not present to respond. 3!r. TRUMBULL presented the creden tials of the Senators from Nebraska, John M. Thayer and T. W. Tipton, who were sworn in as Senators from Nebraska, On motlcn of Mr. TRUMBULL the Senate proceeded to classify the Senators from Nebraska. Mr. Thayer drew class No. 2, and goes oat In IS7I. Mr. Tipton drew class No.'l, going ontinlSCO. Ifc b It was ordered that the hpur of meeting of the Senate be twelve o'clock. On motion of Mr. TRUMBULL a com mittee, consisting of Messrs. Trumbull and BnckaJew, was appointed to wait on the President and Inquire if he has any commu nication to make. The Senate ordered the Secretary of the Senate to Inform the House that the Senate was ready to proceed with business, and men, on motion of Mr. TRUMBULL, the Senate at one o’clock adjourned. HOUSE. Afrcr tbe confusion subsided. Mr. McPHERSON, Clerk of the House in the Congress, called the roll. Dur ing tu* of tlie ro ji the Representatives from Conijv..y| Cu t, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Kcuvicky, did not respond. Mr. WILSON, of iowa, having moved to proceed to the election of Speaker. Mr. BROOKS arose, and after a speech in which he denounced the organization of the House in the absence of seventeen States, as a revolutionary proceeding, presented a written protest against it on the part of the minority. The protest was not received, and the House proceeded to the election of Speaker. Mr. COLFAX was elected, and on taking tba Chair spoke as follows: sprxen or uit. coltax. uESTtnus: Ktectcd ror tbe third time •Hlpport. r. or do I overrate the gravity of our po sition as Americans and legislators, and the years have never dropped their panda on mortal Itsne eo vast and grand as oars to-day. A na tion decimated by conflict of fraternal strife; e land desolated by destructive marches of hostile armies; a people with the fruits of pro longed wars ripened Into a harvest of hearts dead with tbe bullet, as well as hearts heavy with be reavements and broken with angnleh, look anx iously irom North and South alike, and by that lighlehould we walk. It is to guide oar steps by tbc justice of God and rights of men. It is to banish all malice and revenge, audio justify oar faith by oar works. It Is to anchor oar legislation on what the great commoner of Eng land, Join Bright, declares the simple but sub lime principles on which the great national ques tions should be settled—the basts of eternal right. It is to write on oar banner these words, that will shine brighter than the stars which gem the Armament, “liberty, loyalty and law.” It is so to moke such history that posterity shall rino up and coll ua blessed. The Congress which has just passed away has written a record (hat will be long re membered by tbc poor and friendless whom it did not forget. Misrepresented or'misunderstood by those who arc denounced as enemies; harshly and unjustly criticised by some who should have been its friends. It proved itself to bo more faith fill to human progress and liberty than any of its prcdvccseots. Inc outraged and oppressed tonnd in these Congressional halls cham pions and friends. Its key note of policy was prolection to .the dovvn-lroddcn. It quailed not Delore the mightiest and neglected not the obscurest. It lifted the slave, whom the na , tlon baa freed, to the full eUture Qf maqhqod. u placed upon our statute books the Civil Rights Bill as onr rational Uwna Cforla, greater than all the enactments that honor the American code ardin all regions where civil government bid been destroyed by a vanquished rebellion, it de clared, as a guarantee of defence to tbe weakest, that the freeman’s hands should wield the free man e ballot It proclaimed that there could beno sale or loyal reconstruction on a foundation of unrepentant rebels and disloyalty Forturareit will be for ns if when we anirender these seats to our successor*, we can point to a record which will show on onr history’s page like that of the Congress which has just expired. Thrice fortunate if, when we leave this Capitol onr whole national struct are shall he permanently restored, resting on the sure foundation stones of loyalty, unity, liberty, and right. With ench convictions of duty I come to this chair to administer yonrntTe,but not as apartisan. I anptal to you for that generous support by which alone a presiding officer can be sustained, pledging you fn return an Inflexible impartiality which shall be proven by my deed, and invoking on yonr deliberations the favor of Him who bolds the destinies of nations In the palm of flla hand, I am now ready to take the oath of office prescribed by law. The SPEAKER was solemnly sworn into office by Mr. DAWES, the member having the longest continued service, and then the Speaker proceeded to administer the oath to members by States. , The House, by resolution, elected Edward McPherson Clerk. The SPEAKER announced that the Presi dent had signed the bill in reference to wool and woollens; also the Army Appropriation Bill, with a protest. The President’s message on the same sub ject was read and laid on the Irible. The House adjourned at 2 o’clock. tliOM EUROPE. BIT OCEAN TELEGRAPH. London, March 4—Noon. ARBEST OP A FENIAN LEADER. Despatches from Dublin announce the capture of Colonel O’Conuor. He was over hauled by the authorities at Atz Bone, nearly two hundred miles from the scene of the in surrection. LORD BROUGHAM ON THE REFORM QUESTION. London, March 4. Lord Brougham made a speech strongly urging the adoption of the principle of household suffrage. CHANGES is THE ENGLISH CABINET. , The following changes have been made in the English Cabinet: Duke of Richmond becomes Colonial Secretary ; Sir John Pock ingtou, Secretary of War; SirStalford Ntrth cote, First Lord Admiral; Right Hon. JI. J. Coriy, Under Secretary for the Colonies, and Mr. Stephen Cave, President of the Boird of Trade. GARIBALDI. Florence, Mach 4. Garibaldi, having sent his sons to Crete, rromises now to go himself and take up arms. STRIKES AMONG THE FRENCH OPERATIVE: Paris. March 4. Strikes for higher wages among the #pera lives of France ore very frequent, and cause trouble, tending to increase tbe prices of food. GOVERNMENT SUIT AGATfST A FRENCH JOUR- _ L Paris, March 4. Ihc Government corametcca legal pro ceedings ia the Correctional Court against Emilie DeGarurd for a leading editorial lu his journal boldly criticising lie policy of the Emperor. CONSTITUTION OF THE GERMAN CON7EDERA- TION. Bhblin, Mara \. Blsmark to-day came forward before the North German Parliament with a draft of the new Constitution for the Confederation STEAMER ARRIVAL. Queenstown, March 4. The steamer Australasian, from New York, arrived here this a. m. latest Foreign markets. FINANCIAL. London, March 4—Noon. Consols unchanged. Illinois Central, 3-20 P, war—opened at 73?,*; 72 Is asked for the is sue of liCo. London, March 2 Evening Consols closed at 91; 5 304,733; Illinois Cen txal, 7CJI; Eric, 3Cs.i. Frankfort, March 4—Evening. United Slates bonds 75£. COMMERCIAL. Liverpool, March 4. Cotton declined Hd? breadstnffs qnlet; Cali fornia wheat firm; corn declined to 36s ad; pre visions quid; lard, CflsCd; refined petrol*am le Cd. . ' Liverpool, March 4—Evening. Cotton closed steady at an advance of Middling uplands being quoted atlSKd. Salea 10,0(0 bales. Ashes, Old. FHOM SPli IN G FIELD. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] Spuinofield, 111., March 1. PERSONAL. In this, my last despatch from the State Capital, I propose to give yon a few lines on the personnel of the House of Representa tives. I have heard It very generally re marked during the session, by those who are posted in the past legislative history of the Slate, that In point of forensic ability the present exceeds any other representative body ever gathered la the State Capitol. So far as my own knowledge and experience goes. lam ready to endorse this opinion. I will give a few details. The House contains eighty-llvc members—sixty Republicans and twenty-live Democrats. I will take up the Republicans first in order. Among them there arc iwcnty-nlne able, ready andaccom plished debaters, twelve occasional speak ers, and nineteen whom I will class as silent members. Ido not wish it to be understood that I put the intellectual capacity of the si lent members one iota behind either of the other classes named. The first class I ■ enumerate ns follows: Hnrlbnt, of Boone, in every respect the ablest man In the House; Corwin, of LaSalle • Griggs, of Champaign; Smith, of McLean; Green, of DeWitt; Taylor, Shepard, Bond Stevenson, of Chicago; Kin*, of Iro quois; McGalliard, of Logan ; Baldwin of LaSalle; Peirce, of Kendall; Moore/of Peoria; Bailey, of Stephenson-; Eddy, of Kane ; Brnncr, of Warren ; Jones, of Doug las; Bunn, of Macon; Thompson, of si. Clair; Payne, of Lake ; Stacey, of Bureau • Dlnsmoor, of Whiteside; Waterman, of McHenry; Conkllng, of Sangamon; Alexan der. of Bond; Yeager, of Madison; Bow yer,of Richland, andStrawn, of Livingston. Those who have spoken occasionally) and spoken well, too, are Reynolds. Singer and Leavitt, of Cook; Allen, of Henry; Cox, of Fulton ; Hanson, of McDonough; Parker,* of Kankakee; Green, of Jo Daviess; Childs* of Dn Pagc—whose greatest efforts are on “points of order”; Bates,of Marion; Enoch of Winnebago ; and Coe, of Rock Island. The following I class as silent members- Cassell, of Woodford; Sellers, of Tazewell • Otman, of Stark ; Collins, oi Grundy; Web* ber, of Marshall; Fnnk, of Carroll; Pope, of St. Clair; Clemens, ofPope; Fox, of Fulton- Gray, of Knox ; Sedgwick,of Mercer; Ryoo, of Lee ; Hay, of Washington; Hewitt, of Ogle • Stage, of Edgar; True, of Coles; Clow, of Will; Fonda, of Hancock; and Hampton, of DcKalb. The Democratic members I classify as follows: Ready debaters, Epler, of Cass ; Hanna, of Wayne; Knapp, of Jersey; With ers, of Greene; Harlan, of Clark ; pcesiey, of Mason; Yorls, of Shelby,- Dolou, of While; Shirley, of The ablest man of the lot I* aalinfl i although Epler did the la rsr** 1 cUaro °f talking. He has a re markable capacity for putting a few ideas Into an Immense volume oi words. “Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing,” Is the expression that tells you all about Epler,' of Cass. Pat Dolan is an Irishman,'so full of mother wit, that he never can retain it, not even at prayer time. Whatever Shirley said was received with shouts (j£ laughter, whether it was funny or scnW; ditto Voris. HollowbusU addressed *ac House briefly on imminent occasions; so did [Odell of Crawford, Metz of Schuyler, Murphy of Perry, and Wirren of Adams. The silent Democrats were John ston of Campbell of Raniolpb r:— of Williamson, Sharp of Walash* Gorkins of Adams, Dennis of Pike, Mac r Ua of Saline, Casey of Pulaski, Farrell of Mor gan, Ricks of Christian, and Cornwell V Effingham. \ THE SPEAKER. Never was a Legislative body presided over with more dignity and impartiality. There wn* not a man In the House that did not re spect and honor Speaker Corwin. If at any time his rulings were not in accordance with parliamentary usage, he was piompt in recti fying the mistake ; but for this there w*a no necessity more than twice during the session. He is one of nature’s noblemen, and an hon est man. THE CLHBKs ■ The clerks of theHouse—Messrs.Paddock, Magic, Thompson, Wood and Mason, dis charged their duties with courtesy, precision and dispatch. They had a place for every thing, and everything in its place. TUoy always ready and willing to respond to any calls upon them for information by cor respondents, reporters, members, &c., andl hereby tender them the thanks of all for their courtesy and kindness. SECOND DESPATCH. .Special Despatch to the Chtcaco Tribune.] Springfeld, 111., March 4. signing bills. The Speakers and Clerks of both Houses CHICAGO, TUESDAY. MARCH 5. 1867, axe atm here signing bills. Several hunired bills remain yet unsigned. STATE INDEBTEDNESS. The indebtedness of the State has been reduced $578,000 since January Ist, 1807, which reduces the total indebtedness below eight millions. EAST ST. LOUIS POLICE COMMISSIONERS. Under the new law creating Police Com missioners for East St. Louis, the Governor has appointed E. W. "Wider, Samuel W. Le omer, and John Eidman, Commissioners. Also, Henry Mirtz, Public Administrator Ibr Pulaski County, and Charles M. Carter, Pub lic Administrator for Lawrence County. TUB NEW STATE HOUSE COMMISSIONERS. The State House Commissioners will meet and organize this week. The vacancy of one Commlssoner has not yet been filled by the Governor. PEBSONAL. Colonel Robert G. Ingcraoll, Attorney General, returned hero to-day, and will im mediately open an office in this city. QUIBTNESS. The city is quiet, and the Leland almost deserted. - THE NOTARY LAW. Since Urn adjournment the new Jaw increag log the number of NotariesTublio and Com missioners of Deeds has been signed by the Governor, and has greatly increased the num ber of applications for appointment. The law requires a certificate of the Mayor In all eases, stating the number of inhabitants. FROM MADISON. Dcaili of Senator U ad ley—Preparations for tlio Funeral—Senator Doolittle and the Custom JElonse Frauds—Judge of tlie Supreme Court, A:c. [special Desp tch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Match L The announcement of the death of Senator Hadley caused much feeling here. It occur red a little sooner than was expected, though lor the last five days It has been evident that he could not long survive. He was In the Senate on Saturday, and left for home the same evening, expressing to a friend a hope to he back here this week. The Governor bus issued an order directing the flag on the Capitol to bo placed at half-mast till after the funeral, and paying high tribute to the deceased as a legislator, keenly alive to the interests of the State, and untiring in his efforts to promote Us prosperity as a pub lic spirited gentleman. Appropriate pro ceedings wUI be holcUn the Legislature, of uinch the Senator Ttus one ol the most ellicient members. In order to avoid interfering with the public business, the death will probably not be announced in the Senate till to-morrow, when appropriate resolutions will oc adopted., and the Senate adjourn till Thursday evening, the Senators attending the funeral at Milwaukee, on Wednesday, in a body. It Is understood the announcement ol the death will be made in the Assembly to-uigbt, and a committee ap pointed to draw* up suitable resolutions, and on their report to-morrow the Assembly will adjonrn over. 1 he reports of Senator Doolittle’s connec tion with the New York Custom House abuses, causes considerable sensation in po htlcal circles here. * Ihe name of Judfic Qrgamus Cole for re-election to the Supreme Bench, and he doubtless will be rc-clected it the April election. A hre broke out the lurulture store of Barchan. A Kcgelcr ‘his forenoon, but was extinguished with damage; cover? ed by Insurance. ” ’ ,w * About three iuches of sn, w foll h terday. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. INDIANA. [Special to ttat Chicago Tribune.] IsrxiNATOLis, March 4. SENATE. A resolution was adopted, directing the State Auditor to furnish tic facts In relation to the contract with John Pettit, bv which he claims SB,OOO as a fee, for prosecuting In the case ot the defaulting Treasurer of Mont gomery County. A joint resolution was Introduced for the relief of Morrison, late Treasurer of the State, In the sijra of $3,000, stolen from the State Treasury. The Committee on the Southern Prison re ported favorably in regard to its manage ment. A bill was introduced to hire the convict labor of that institution to Abel W. Hall The bill lor tlio relief of Montgomery County, from liabilities growing out of the defalcation of its Treasurer, was rejected— -10 to 25. • The following bills passed: Amending the act for opening and vacating highways, bo as to provide for a record of roads that have been in use twenty years; and for burning the bills of broken banks, plates, etc., now lying In the State Auditor’s otlice; rules and by-laws for the government of railways, and providing punishment for violating the came. A number of bills were read a second time and ordered engrossed. HOUSE. The Senate Temperance Bill was reported back from Ibe Committee on Temperance, with amendments, and recommending Us passage. The Senate and Honsc bills on the subject of a registry law were considered. A motion to postpone the whole subject was lost 4to A provision was added to print tbc ballot on while paper, with nothing but the names of the candidates voted for. and per mitting the voter to write his name upon it. A section was added requiring the foreign born citizen to bring bis papers for Insnec lion of the Board, and prove he was the per son Indicated in the paper, which was agreed to—47 to S 3. An amendment was added that no person shall he considered a resident who has not lived in the precinct forty days before voting. The bill passed—sl to 33. The Democratic members wbo voted against the bill said it was on account of the amendment discriminating against foreign ers, but stated that they favored a registry miCKIIGAN, {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lansing, March 4. SENATE. The Senate passed a large number of local bills: To organize tbe town of Lincoln, Ber rien County; Howard, Muskegon County; to accept the grant of land for the Portage Caral; also, lonia, Lansing «fe Greenville and Toledo, Ann Arbor & Saginaw Railroad

utils. HOUSE. TheHonse was* very thin and spent the day in Commute of the Whole. No decision was arrived at by the Conference Committee on the Constitutional Bill, nor upon tbc question whether the railroad bills shall ho passed over the Governor’s veto. MINNESOTA. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sr. Paul, Minnesota, March 2. The leading matter of local interest in tho Legislature is tbe contest for the removal of the county sent of Wabashaw Conaty from Wabashaw to Lake City. Rorvescntatives from both towns arc here h* three. A bill passed the Senate to-day removing It to Lake City, and tbe fight Is now translerrcd to the House. The Senate bill for the adjustment of State bondelssned to the railroad companies, men* Honed in previous despatches, passed the House to-day. A.yli£ IBO ,P a63S d the House approprlai-ior 8150,000 for tho. Normal Sc£ool»*« Winona, Mankato and St. Cloud. 0“V flve more days of the session re iw»XU- [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Paul. March t Both Houses arc holding two sessions dal ly, and running a large numhea of bills through, but few are of any general interest. The House is getting mixed up on the Maine Liquor Law business, having recommended the passage of another bill in Committee of hole to-day, after a lengthy debate This bill leaves it to the people of each locality to decide whether they will put It Into force e b l l Providing for publishing the laws in country papers was killed In the House to-day. by an Indefinite postpone- 9SSSfh.? C i nln,a i. cn| ? aßemei,t at tho Opera onse has been broken up, and JSJcForland May s i commencing Tennessee. NASnni,t.E Mtrch 4.—The proposition in the Honse to re ww the scctioS of tho Fran nmS mLSSP hl, “ U ' s ne ff roea Cromliolding Jtrorswas lost by three FROM. si. LOUIS. Pacific BolVoia—Political—Bailer Ex* plokloa-BuiAifaj wltlx the Funds. [Special 'Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] . 'i, , ! St. Louia, iio., March L Addiilonarjtanors are published concern* Inptae laleofthc Pacific Railroad. Respon sible raiboadhapitaliats are offering to give tune millioniof dollars for It. St. Louis city tta S'* OWD » controlling interest In Committee have passed teolnaou dopre., tl tllo „ nm , n „. tlon offfay row to office at o, A „«* w oln „ ttn „ wbo retains Mown rebels employ. \ cr “ m 1113 The boiler of\bo Union Rolling iinu An Cass avenue, esrioatd early this mornjmT tps carelessness of the d.a! man. The mgl»er -was badly wounded Nobody else lurt. \ A Canadiii in our' insurance ; agency bas ilsapperca-witU funds belong ing to Ms eaployers/ Underwriters pubfah Batsstics of premi urns and losses ou mouH a j Q i ftS t year, footing up wfoU ws; Receipts, $154,332.15; losses, w 4,098** • unadjusted, $10,500. . ; * Petitions arc clrc-aallng: U PtUis bounty asking the County C«rt to orao* * social election to decide whether the county shall aubacribe $200,000 in aid of a railroad from Sedalla to connect with the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad. FEO3I LOUISVILLE, Heavy Snow Storm—A Flood Antici pated—ComemniTc Union Conven tion— municipal Visit. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.] Louisville, March A A tremendous snow storm has prevailed the last twenty-four hours, the heaviest of the season. The street cars are stopped b( S£ BnOW and a ® tribe of the drivers. The river promises to be an absolute momUalns? Waterriiinff a “ tlieway from the Several steamboat captains and engineers hjye been heavily lined In the UniietfiS Union Conservative Convention for the bth promises to be large and enthnal astlc. A full ticket will be put in the field °2? e : £h e Eemoerat is the only paper in the State that is with the movement The Mayor, Aldermen. Common Connell f«i Boardo C T . rad ? will visit Indianapolis to-morrow at nine in the morning. FROM LA CROSSE, Snow Storm—Another Gift Concert Drawing—Killed by Falling Trees, [Special Despatch to ihc Chicago Tribune.] LaCrosse, ‘Wts., March 4. Another snow storm came suddenly yester- The weather Is Intensely cold. The Mississippi Ice is twenty inches thick yet. Stanley’s Gift Concert |was completed Sat urday evening. Bacon’s brick block of three stores, valued at SIB,OOO was drawn by Bates & Pjjme, of Belleville. Illinois, Oliver An derson, of Winona, and another person as yet unknown. y ■ > - Two men, named Charles Gilverson and £avy Oleson, were suddenly kUJed by the MoiSay recs ®' acb River pinery on SOUTH AMERICA, Unsuccessful Revolutionary Move- • ment at IQaracalbo. New Youe, March 4.—Steamer Moro Cas tle from Havana February liG, arrived. Her news is important. Advices from Venezuela state thit Mara caibo tad been tbo scene of another revolu tionary movement. General Casso, with 400 men, attempted to surprise the place, and a dcteimiued fight took place' In the street with the forces of the State of Tmxlllo. He warkllled, and his men dlspeiscd. V 1 troubles in arc about to be amicably arranged. Tlio Financial Trouble* la Boston. Boston, March 4.-— The Eceniwf Journal says there is a general feeling of distrust on the street ns regards the transactions of bro kers and bankers, the recent failure havin'- brought to light such gross irregularities that even well established] and high toned houses suffer from suspicion. The First Na tlonal Bank of Newton appears completely cleaned out, and there are many cases of in dividual suffering relating to it. It appears jrobablcthat one or two otherbauks besides hose enumerated have been subjected to loss, and $20,000 was taken from one individ ual whose friendship made him an easy dune There is every prospect that the whole affair ™ be made the subject ol legal investiga- Eastern municipal Elections. Poktlano, March 4.—A. E. Stevens. Re mhlicau, was elected Mayor by 1,134 majo-- ty. The Aldermen and Councllmen are Re publican. George W. Wilcox, Republican, was elect- Mayor of Gardiner unanimously. w * pnisbury„ Republican. «as jo-Vy Mayor of Lewislown by a large mi- Me., March 4—The municipal elec }}°, this city to-day resulted in the clcc ♦ Irs^C 11011 ' ■ r6rael Putnam, Republican, by llurv-ii ve majority. _ Fire*. irrocerv‘. MrTOK ’, Felir “ :,ry 4 -— Fo ' lr large llnm ond “Oil an extensive ‘lf ry connected with the n. llotc1 ’ in ' vllic l‘ 'Tore seventeen i.v d 1 ? 60 Elock °f wagons. &c. were Ssnred J forii , 8 C^ tary to ‘ d “ y ' LossSSO.OOO. stnhlcViii'lldin i' <:bruur y 4 -—Sloan's livcrj ?o a,v it wA™ bur “ ed b >’ »“ incendiary wdh &0Te t rnSc. ccupicd b - r Ca P tata UlW®™ nrlvnte denof ?o, Btores ' aml lrai Uied lbr a lor rcsidincra ; S- r n SCS “ nd carria g‘-'3, and {dO.OOof ' Tbo a Sg rl! g a lo loss Is Storm and l no,. a , mcmpllto . Memphis, March 4 r t llfl , , )Pen broke v.-as ilos away fences, ndltn-o num hereof cattle, horses uud miuj \T ve »j Pen drowned. Nothing doing on accoun of th.* weather. Incarceration of Fenian Prison^ Kingston, C. TV,, March 4— EJgtccn fcnlun convicts, whose sentences wet re cently commuted to twenty years Impru dent, arrived by special train from Toroto this afternoon, and were Immediately Crj. veyed to the Penitentiary in open sleighs. Discount on American Invoices for th ensuing week 28 per cent. Investigation Into tlie Now York WHls key Frauds. New Tobk March 4. —lt is stated that Collector Shook is making an im portant investigation in relation to the fraudulent sale of. immense quantities of whiskey and wines from the bonded ware house at the loot of Eighteenth street, East River, by means of bogus bonds. m Ibo Goa question In Cincinnati. Cincinnati, March 4—The City Coancil, in special session this afternoon, passed the ordinance providing for the purchase of the' gas works by a vote of 23 yeas to 8 nays. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Nott York Financial Netre. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yom. March 4. The stock market opened steady, but afterwards be came weak on account of failures *moig the National Banks. The bank statement was un favorably. The market bccane mere steady on call, continuing so during the mooing. At the l o’clock Ikard there was great picture of cash stock, bat afterwards became heavy, .bwer. and Irregular, New York Central being the suengeststock on tbo list. At the 3JO call the market vas weak and Irregular, with no desire to realize. R/Ck Island sold at 93. V, after wards advancing to 93£ in consequence of the rumors ofno dividend. Gold has been steady all day. Governments arestcady. Money easy. At tho o o’clock Board the market was steady, and prices were unchanged. [Associated Press Report.] New Yonk.March4. NONET. Money market rather more active for call. ynEEION EXCHANGE, Sterling heavy at 10SJ«@1Ch£ lor flrst-class bills. GOLD. anafiSSlf' '•* “»• to I3BK, _ ' aOVEBSEZSTS. Govcraacnt stocks Ann. LATER. New Yoke. March 4. EAILWATfI. dvchS^rt l^?.Ti m&rkct 13 heavy and dnll at the stock S 3 >«S?? e i^y , . an av cr*gc decline ofMOJfpercent. noint a wntn , so c f“ QK statement acd general dlsap- SSSWPT&h!"* Certificate BUI tended to pro- Bt^changc” 111101 * and without BOHDBfi Glatv tiavtm *rc dull, with a marked decliui . . THE «MCFUju;EOt“sn*irFa arc Inactive and lower. Among tB? ibaJ itocto Cnm bCTlacd 1b down; bat otherwise the Market tnu firm Attha afternoon boards stocks were cenwanJdniirmd n iu . l ircvalt othcovlnc9s contlnaicg»» »jie C | Mv wssaj" l weati “ mi ,ac *«* Wm Heath i Co. give the ‘ " ' 6 r. m. - following rsico. CcrU 2CVO 2C*f Jl. IT. Tel A't 0 42)5 l*ac Mali Atlantic Mali.. Bl£w 8?Y c ijnx&mx Mic. StkGA MW £rlepld 71*%%* K«whng icuaemjf M. C 107 ©lo7* M. 8 TH'O 71J< Illinois 115V<#m.K Pittsburgh 80 0 so* Toledo 117K®ll»V K. I W*® North western.. 31Y© a s. w. pid ax& ©y Ft. Wayne 9J. ® ©x __ MO.VET. acc money market remains eaiy at 5f)6 per cent for .ou loans, and 6®7 per cent for prime discounts. _ GOLD. Gold clo«cd quietly at 13S?$. Loans were made to-day from flat to 7 per cent lor carrying. _ COVKIDJiIKNTJ. '•OTemment Securities aredcll and steady: ncßl9torcd , 81..110Va .... I Coupons’Gs Jan Coupons i«ji Jia (anoif andJnly lOftxaUM# Coupons ’61....10*jf51w» I’o.ia«nnpoD9.. 93 a mm Coupons’GS....loS>i®lo3af I Augu f .' ß ...io3^Mlo6a I Jane i-30s -^HSICOi IfTSCia STOCKS. Mining stocks dull and lover: American Flag 251 Colombia 330 DcsMolccs 2101 Gregory 1255 Gold mil 43 People's ITS Quartz mil 4031 Keystone G The Produce IT! artels, MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] MiLwarsKS, March 1. Floor—Dull and nominal, city spring XX held at $lO-75(311-00; country at t10.15310.37X with no sales: choice extras arc held at |9.s;x with buyers at $9.75. "Wheat—Advanced S@7o per cental. Thu sales at the morning board were 11,000 centals ; at the noon Board Uic sales were 11,000 centals at #3.61 tor No. 1 la store ; $3.4C@3.1l for No. 2 In store ; $3.43 seller’s option next week; 3.10 seller’s option sixty days and all month $3.43 bnrer’s option next week; $3.0102.01 for No. Sln store ; $3.6603.091 or rejected. Oats—Doll, with sales of 192 centals at $1.42 far No. 3 In store. IJyo—"Weak. Sales of 2,003 centals at *1.7331.73 lor Ko.i instore. Provisions—Advancing. Hess p:rkla held at % 10.50. Pickled buns sold at Prims lard sells at lltfc. Dressed Hogs-Steady at 57.7535.25. Bccelpts,9oobrl3 flour, 3,000 c?'*' 'ls wheat, i.loodo Aftts, 3.CCO do ccrn. 803 do bad . dressed boss, HEW YwfK. x 2 *? 6B H la « Market lf@Uc law er . S?J£ffi.'iasSSK. on Western; 11WTS13.0O tor “£* shipping tranda extra rouad-hoopT ManJsJ Whltkey—Quiet and steady. Ko receipts. Wheat—Market otul aca (trooping. wie* V 7,000 bu £ " c “'«» Barley—Qnlct. £ e “—Canada dull. £a1«2,750bn at 81.30 free. A<Vir^s e^. 1 ?- tsl ’ fltol,a * V lO “-fleet la better, with a loir aemaod for export and borne nse. Salca 67 COO bu at fLOTtai.os for mixed Westers la (tore; 11,00*1.10 IHR. ftr ffltern jellow in (tor©; 6outhtn) 7eUoW Southern afloat, aad fiao for white more active and I "«SfSw»tefV& l! . s ““‘ w “ •' sa3Mc< " Elco—hDlfat XoH®llc for Carolina. Coffee—Firm. Bncar—Finn. Sales 1,200 bhda Cuba at lOVaiCKe. Uoiaates—Scarce and flnn. No sales. * iofsS!fSmto;d.“ u7Blw fJr vxaac Hops—Quiet and Arm at SfaTOc lor new. Sales3Joobrls at fa.»a2l.s7rorncw niesfr—cloalor at 831.50 for Weatero; Hxjaa'jo S 3 for old mess: *16.73(317.25 Ibr prime; *19.30327.35 for prime mesa; atso brls new mess at 6 L eellei and buyer March and April. * *•* Beef—steady. Sales 65b brls at previous prices. Tierce Uecf—Qnlet. sales 170 tjs at C29.0UA3J.C0 for prime mesa, ana 533.0Ca56.C0 for India mess. 40 Betf Hams—Firm. Sales 150 brls at *310)036.50. , Baeon-Qaiet. Sales 430 on at 10@lic for Cumbe rland; llKfeUe for ahott-rlbbed. Cut Mtats—Steady and Arm. Sales 53 pkgs at Salle lor shoulders, and 11)i(3153*c for bams. city*” 1 HoK8 “ 10c tOT western, and lOjfoilc lor .K jSSlfffif &Si. ““ ro brl, “ “a* B *® Butter—Dull at ICQ2SC. Cheese—Doll at 150120 c. , LATEST—3 P. S(. oflssasssastsfflf*^ ea!ltr - iOTcr waQkee. t “ Closcd daU 81 ««S«MB for No. i mu- V<a?k^DSii du!cl &t tL1231 - lG tor Western. i Vll b , 8 falr “port demand at *lo3a vv>uu»£ e *£ r ft l&9 ' i,6l K c TllT Western. Wbijkey-OuU at SOgSc for betded. WMtonmw" at for resular new S£l r n st s ßd,r . Bnd moderately active. Cut Meats—Firm. Bacon—Quiet at 10« c tor Cumberland middle*. prccEcd HoK»-Qaict at 9X69Kc for Wettem. Lard-Qalet at w-kawbe for fair to prime. BT. LOUIS, ’ _ vt _ BT. Loro, March 4. chso«d CC °“ SM * dy * flem&Dd 11113 Prices on- Cotton—Dull; 27c tor middling. . t lour—Low g roaca dull and drooping; high grades fl t ?cc®iiSo r 5 ertra ?iff.WGaIVAO; double extra ; 91.7baL80 per cental tor prime toU, ands4.9oA-l.tfsperceotallbrcholcc. Corn-Slow; 91.42®1.M per cental. n*U—Dull, at per cental. ■«? r( l vlß !° ES_s . lcad y-. 21683 Port, 820.00, Bacon, 9Wc ,Q r ahoutoeia; 11 Jfc tor rib sices; llixc ciear sides: £??. 1 . c 9L£ r ,5 ai ? Ta “* < l ,n Sar cured hams. Lard nrmer! at ll for kettle. 82J^xH” 1)allt loWer olld ansetUc(1 ‘ lUI sales at CINCINNATI. _ „ , CntccssATi, March i. Flour—unchanged and steady; superfine t9.7VaiO.SS: trace brute*, SIOXCdUAJ, and fancy do. 9U.0Q0i6.00, W hsat-i- inter as regards spring, and No. 1 sold at 12 •l ( , oad waii held nr At the close winter was dnil at 936.@2.'Xi for Nu. 1. Corn—ln good demand at the close, and prices a shade higher. Ear, SSaSTc; shelled, 62c In cJoretar, and 77c In sacks. ' Oats—Steady; sales of4,ooobu at 52c ftrNo.lla elevator. . Kjo—9UlSl.2s for No. 1. Barley—tliOfel.a) lor prime to choice toll. Cotton—Pull and prices nomlnrl at 27>f023c tor middling uplands. WhlriMW—ln moderate demand at 26c In bond. Mess Pork—Odd flrmly under advices from New Or leans. and city brands held at #20.50331.73, and hat few willing toecif; TOdbrla country packed sold at 870.33. Bulk Meats—Bridge higher, which checked the de mand in the forenoon; 460.000 tbs, chiefly country, sold at 7,’<c for shoulders, ‘JWc for side*, and lOKc for bams. Bacon—Good demand lor clear sides at 12c. hut tney were held at uxc at the cio»e. and shoulders sold at OSftS’.c: nb sides at aid clear rlo at Jl*c—-.he demand for shoulders and cTear sides, sugar cured h«u)s in good demand at UvitlOXc tor canvassed and packed. 1-ard—«<c higher; sales of country at 12Vc and city at JSgc. and at the close K was dXmcalt to buy to any extent at these rates. 3 Cotiec—bteady lor EIo. bugar—Firm at IStflSc tor Cuba, and ll@lsctor Porto Uicoond New Orleans. Motor ses-83aM)c. Clover Seed—SS.p. Timothy—Dull. Flaxseed—9? .30*2 .50. Butter—B3ft2sc lor tight colcrcd roll, a-d 60i37cfor choue yellow. Kg,'*—toe* ad In good d'-mand. Lir.rotd OH—Dull at J1.ia31.40. Tallow—hi demand fct lie for prime city. Cracklings In pu d d»n and at 9i.75-a2J , J P I'jO tt*. tj.-ld—.'U) buying, and lift selling. Exch*n?e-h Ism. No rhangu in the money market. LOUISVILLE. ... .. , „ I/insnus, March I. lohacco—bales9j hbds at fully summed rates for , ■rirMicgf. and mo sclrrtlona atiiO.UXsis.OO. flonr-fcoprr floor aISIO.M. Wheat—Journal. Corn—ln bulk. 71©75c, Oats—Clc. Sagar-New Orleans, prime, Uyc. M ss Pork-120 50. Balk shonidera *t 7*c; clear slues, 10 vc for Icose. It scon 6houiae« at OXc, packed. lAnl-tn tlcrrcs.irtfc. Whlelicj—Free <2.25. MEMPHIS. „ „ , Mkupqis, March 4, Colton—Quiet 1 2S®29c. No ctiaßKu la toe oilier markets. SAN FRANCISCO. Sax Feaxcisco, March 4. Wlieat—Market nulcv at 91.C(31.06V. Hour—j; duties at this port since January New York Live Stock ITTarkct, SALES AT THE XATIOXAL TAUD9, TOEEVTIXE. Ucportcd by Telegraph Excluslvcty tor the Chlcag; Tribuflc.J New Tobt, Monday Evening, March 4.15C7. Brer Cattle— There were yarded at the National Yards tfwtor.«o'l mostly sold to cltv batcher... ijxn head. These were trom toe scvenii aures ai follows: New York, 210; Ohio, SiO; Kentucky, 2to; Inliana, Michigan, 4C; Illinois, ISO. The wcath-r was uafivor able tor operations, rain lollowlus the snow storm. and trade was dull at 17®17,Vc for flrst-ciaa;, for second-class, and 13Q15c for common to racolon graded. The average price paid was 13#c, which Is ic lower. Drovers have lost heavily. Sheep—Tht market is Mahlly supplied, and the do omed la active at 7 , <(so>ic. A few prime sold at 10c. Uocs—Received, 23 cars. The market is active at &as\'c. The following arc the total receipts of stock for the week ending to-day, at all the New York markets: 3**cf cattle b,190 Sheep lioso Swlno 13,300 F.AI.ES OF DEETE9. J. Dalby Fells ISO head of prime Illlnoli, ia second hand:*, averaging 7T3 ns, at 17c—at Bergen. J. T. Alexander sells £6 head Illinois, averaging 673 tts, atlstf®l7c. L. Templeton tolls ICO head Indiana, averaging 700 as. at Is*@ic*c. J. Boss sells C 2 head fat Illinois, averaging 773 as, at .13®17c. n.R. Smith sells 93 head Illinois, averaging TOO ns, 1 at ICc. D. Ccpclln sells 30 head Indiana, averaging 1,730 2>B gross, at 9c, or *109.80 each. Solon Robinson. [Associated Press Report ] ‘ . New Toes. Starch 1. I Receipts, 6,130 beeves, 17.709 sheep and lambs, JWO3 ' bom. 4,273 bcovea were from Illinois, <<o from Ohio, 181 trom Indana, 100 from Kentucky and 41 from Mich igan. Under allargdy increased supply there ts a 17*11- r,g *lf la prices ol *j.Coaio.M tut head In nedlun to choice beeves. T>day with VJ79 Inatl on the books at Ons Hundredth vtrecl, ‘St to arrive during the day, the brokers were treabh to keep the prices at tbo mark ot Mon day; acdbcSoicnooD it was generally conceded that prices were le lower on all grades. Tse average qual ity was better than fbr a lone lima the bulk of the wrings being good to prime lulnolt and Ohio steers ot'G9cwt, hence the average of a!.'the sales cannot be Uwcrcd, and this high average of quality keep t the rangc-iarrow and quotstlocs out* >fc R a lower, i here w<;re hut few cattle sold for less than 14c, and [ number for more thin 17c. Quotations: Extra, 1«6>7-4c; prime, .16016/.C; good. 15yjl3!<c; mniyim, 14<»u^e; poor to mollum, 13®14c, worst, t-hetp—Unsteaiy, Prices ha'C fluctuated consider ably since last Moulay. With light arrivals and a fair demand from sbcep'mtchcrs, prices advanced, so that on Wednesday isst ehsep E oU* at c, and extra lots 10(iUl>,r. On Thursday sno demand was not quite tolhrm, and on Friday wilts conceded about lie to (ell out; and on Saturday, about >(c more. To-day. however, with very JJgt* receipts. Uio decltuo of Saturday has been recovered, and the market la pretty Arm at 7#c for common, u 9}fc for prime. Ouolotof -*■ pounds sheep sold at N,»c; another lot of 100 pounds average at ORc. In consequence of recent losses to sheep brokers by tie failure of certain butchers, the principal bn kern « New York have organized what they term a “She*p Brokers’ Protective 00100,” for mutual prct:c<lor. swine—Onbatirday.lalr to prlmo were selling at 6?vftSic. To-dar, with 1,000 on hard, prime were selling at PKRFtc. Sales slow at from Be to B.Vc, and the tendency w*s downwacds. Budolo Live Stock Market. Buffalo. March 4. Receipts Cave been very heavy from tbe West, but the tuarKtl ruled very active at last week’s quotations, nearly all tbo stock in tbe yards having changed hands. Now York advices to-day caused a decline from ' i.o strong to 3<c on all quota tion?, but tbc market still remains buoyant and holiness brisk. Market rates: Extra quality, iI4.CC :o 81C.C0: ftr heavy oxen and steers. *B.OO to fSAOs good. *IO.OO to *14.00; for cattle and steers, jC.73rt7.73; fair, *9.30 to fli.CO; cows and Letters, j3.0Uj6.30. hecelpts Sunday and Monday, 8.143 head. Shipments Sunday and Monday, 2J36 head. fheep Market— I There is a slight Improvement In tfce market, and shippers have advanced. Receipts *ud elilimeaU aro very light. Sheep, heavy long wonled, per cwt. *6.1037.00; fair flue-woolled Western, i9.73G7.00; lambs, f6.01ka7.60. The hog market rules very dull, in the face of heavy receipts. Dullness Is contfncd to large shipments East. Prime heavy hofs range from *7.0037.73 per cwt. New York BrendstnOs market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] 2fsw Toss, March 4. Brcadstnflfc—Flonr more steady. Very small re ceipt*. and wheat wanted for milling. $2.30 was paid for choice No. 2. Corn— Some speculation; closing firm atll.o3Vta store. Oats—'Wasted for shipment. New Tort Provision market* [Special Depatch to the Chicago Tribune.] K zw Tons, March 4. Pork—ciosed at 521.36, regular, and £21.63 teller, April. Other Hoc products lire, the principal demand be ing for prime steam Lard at 13 Me, and pickled bams at 130IJKC. Now York Grocery market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] * ew Toss, March 4- Coffcc—Bio, 23ff128c, Qnlel and Arm. Sogar—ln brisk demand. Fair to prime grocery. HSU Jfc. Ocean Freights. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs, March 4. Freights—To London. 50,000 bn oats on private • to Cork, for orders, 31,000 bn com at &. New York Dry Goods market. «^^fP^s'°^°"ML° llcn ® ,^6T a^r S aeCTcc of activity ibr cotton rubrics, ftintwi miw are particularly active, and prices arm. Wo are on the evcol alargo lraae..Tbe pastago of the tantf bill will have a tendency tojadvaace the prices, woollens and all Imported material. Priming cloths lt®UV<c lor 64 square; Merrimack prints 19 to 30c; Sprague-s and Pacific prints 19c; Ar nold's and Lowell live; Home and Horcy 11c: Amen lean delaines «c; Lancaster ginghams 33 c; Glasgow 32c; Ladles' sacking cloth ISKaiSe; Exeter an bleached muslins icc*; Laconia A ICc; Hannon 16kc* ludton Head 4-4,22 c; do ft, 1734 c, and Massachusetts New York WocUlyßanU Statement. Loacs-,sauM,«6: ißcreasc.jfSj'/S 1 ’ Macc!u -fcpcde—BlU7lUSl; decrease, f lift i.uts. Circulation—|39.?w,433; Increase. *28«.2W. Legal Tcnder-«C3,0M,i95; decrease. Deposits—sl99,Oie, 9llJ decrease, t&I.ISJ. 31 Inins Stocks la Boston. _ , „ New Toss, 'March 4. Thorol.owinßaretho prices ol mining shocks bid la Boston 10-daj - Canada Copptr Falls. Frame in. Hanccci. .GO I Huron .ja I Minoraota 10 .27 Qalacy 11 .8 |1&. Royal 10 San Francisco Minins Stocks. Sax Feas cisco, Marck L S«TARC.. 19301 dollar. 2» rcllow Jacket 730 imperial ISI Crown Point K 0 | Lejral under*. 7 Hi Pittsburgh Petroleum market. _ Prmatmao. March 4. i aJJJC QU market waa dull, with only sale* of erode. I,ooolris crude. ?*, imrr.frfjate cclhery; 2.OCU br.s to arrive, terms withheld. iticcipto-Cnide, l,ipj hria. NUMBER 269, Keflnsdtabond, nosales. Free oil gain, with V ET? AI T BROTHERS Advertising a*»u n>^ 6 «i?^. rbfl . rn recelTO »**««iscßcnts Sr, ,e « d, "» paper* throDaboac tbe United states and Canadas. <&ijt grating Season. SIDE RINK. OPES DAT ASD ETESDfG. CARNIVAL TO-MORROW. ABASH-AT. RINK. FULL BAND THIS EVENING. QHAI9D BCSUB SACS AT 9 P. W,, FOB THE CHAMPION BELT. aaantcu. gABT PICKLES " "WANTED I tafflS tolS L. H. BCTLEE, 101 and 103 West Lake-st I WISH TO CONTRACT FOR 5,000,000 PICKLES, L. H. BUTLER, __ 101 Oc 103 West Lnlicvst.. Chicago. WffiSr 10I!ent ~ Bcloro 016151 A GOOD DWELLING HOUSE, WlthißOdenjiiLproTcineaUaiidbanx, Locationmnsf SKasiM" ®« ™ss E. B.SMITI}, ol Partridge & Smith, Dry Goods Jobbers, 64 and 66 311chlgan-y. TS.pS u £^ LERB “ d Agricoltsral WANTED, A SITUATION, ?L‘li n ,V lw ?9 tls 9 ron < :t, 7 on ‘ l erßtands the Seel and Inplempt business. No objectlorto go TObfie o?BcS 00tf rcicrcacc BITCB * ‘IT U," TO STONE MASONif.—A Hayn ex lisdrtt oCe<l ia the tonstra:tloll ot Skew jrchwork GOOD SITUATION By addressing, statin* terms, with reference, •‘mason,” Tobme office. JTODBASOE-Wm pay 165 lor a few Merchants’ Insnrance Co. Stock.. C. B. GOODYEAR, *A4 Chamber)* Commerce. jjngtahingg, Bit. M. O'BRIEN, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Engravings, lithographs, Photographs, AND EVERT VARIETT OP PIOTUtiE FRAME?, mirrors, At Cost for Thirty Days. f Cords and Tassels, Etc. IS3 DEARBORN . ST. insurance. ' 3HCENIX, OF lIAKTFOKD. TBH ACESCT OF THE PHffiSIX ISS. CO., OF HAETXOED, UaviSß been trsLaCbiml Xrom HUBBAKD «Jfc HDNT i TO \ HOLKIS BSIS. & HOLDER. The nndi.Ttlrneti are prepared to Issue and renew poli cies in tins old, first cia«a Cumpaty, at current rate*. All losses lu the k'IICENIX, at this Agency, wl.I be adjusted and paid here, wltnoat reference or delay. HOLMES BEO. & HOLDEN, Agents, 1 IS LsSalle-st., Mercantile Building. Chicago, March i. I?C7. ffjiotosrapjis. JpASSETT'S Photograph GaSlery, 114 SOUTH CZ*&HK-ST., Hu been established over ten years, ami durtnj that time millions ot picture* have been dnoUmteo from Maine to Georgia, acd, with rare exceptions, all were entirely »ntt>fled. We warrant oil pictures, and euar* aatee perfect satisfaction. Oar Colored Pictures are unequalled la this country. goetefg ffitetiugs. 10. O. P.—Members ol Pu Dearborn • Lodge, No. 211, BE OST HAND, AT NO. SO "WEST BANDOLPH-ST., TO-NIGHT. grt)e gating gtgie. CPBIHG STYLES OP HATS—IBO7. O TbcnewanabcautUal Spring 1 Style of Silk Hats For young men. Also, the regular Broadway style. • FULLEIt BHOS., 74 Statwt. them a call. (Consignments. I AM NOW RECEIVING DAILY, CONSIGNMENTS OF CLARIFIED CIDER, From Michigan Apples. Can and Inspect sample and leave yoor orders. Orders Crcm the country, accompanied by the oath, will be filled at market rates, and delivered at Use Depot. E. O. CRITTBNTrtN, Commission Dealer In Fruit and Prodace, ffitKooh anh areal. T> BARD THIS. COAL AT SUMMER PRICES! We have « fev hundred toasot beat LACKAWANA and PiTTDTO?i COAL more than wtll supply oar cos* tomer*, which we offer, delivered la any part of the city, at the icUowlng prices: v Baase t las and larse sizes, 812 per Ton. ChestQGt « j MINING AND SUPPLY CO„ 84 and 56 Baadolpa-st. £JOAL, COAL. 90 Tons Lackawana Cool At (1‘J.23 pec ton—screened and delivered—all sizes 2*one better In market. H HARGIS, 33 Clnrt-st. (General Notices. XTOTICK—On or before the Ist ot April X 1 I wish to fled One or Two Unfurnished Booms* ■With or without beard, for myself and wiffe, wlthsom* tlrst-class boarding honseorprivate family, on South bloc, north of llairUon, ana east of statists. State terms and locality, and address *♦£,** 87 SUtte-Bt. JJUDOLPH E. mouFLTZ, Practical Accountant, Will opes, close asd write np Books la the meet expe ditions and accurate manner; also, at*ends to aoloat* lac Intricate and partnership accounts. ill trainees matters entrosted to tua charge will *w attended to wlm strict fidelity. Cetera to several ol the best booses In tbe city. Address in person or by letter, B- K- SCHULTZ, XSS CWcago-ar. 2i. B.—lnstmctton will be given in German acd Bookkeeping. ehERAL CAUTION I One George VJ TT. Mecaoley, fcr the past two yeara travelling agent for J.N. Harris* Co, of Cincinnati, Ohio, was last heard from toy ns at St. Paul, Minn,, where he had been gambling and squandering hi« employer's Jtnonsy, and lor some w ceka past tailed to make any retarnsfor collections. AM those with whom we hare accounts are positively tbrhld settling with or paying him any money, or trusting him on oar account. And any ln loimatlon 'of him will he gladly received by os, that we may bring him to the bar of Justice. J. X. HARRIS A CO. ©enttetrg. rpEFIH EXTRACTED ” BV TOE Who crtfnated the anxstletlc nae of X*oons biida Qu. ana nave clvcn it to over 30.CC0 p* tiieta for the extraction of teeth, without an They £d«® antee no pain. Ccmo to headaoarterr n-uvna 4 NT/t Times Dnlldlog. IIS pRIUTISG, Book and Job, At Trijoune Job Office. nr dolor Work ol Any Descrip* iion Cneqaalled In the City. Heal Estate. ESTATE OFF ICE OF DERBY & RICE. No. 89 Waslunjfton-street, Boom 7. , A splendid Bealdeace oa tbe North Side, can be bid feriess than cost ol improvements, If taken imasdi ately. Oneclthotestmarhlsfront Booses on Wabatb-av. norm oi jsoksoo-st. A cew marble treat Boom, last south of Eighteen tb it. oa Wabaab-av. A very tire Besidence, esst front, oa Sfleldgaa.*T,, ecsr Twenty-lbnnb-st, cheap, sad oa easy terms. A new two-ilory sad baseoeat Brick Home, os Michlgan-ar- near lhlrte«ntb-«t,oatlme. A SPLENDID EE3IDENCE oa Prairie-ay.. with tpidoos eroasas. Price tasxoa. AOrU’ClsssUoase, on booth Hide, elegantly fitted op. can be bad cheap, part on time; A new two-story frame Honse and Barn, with large Jot. on Mlcblgan-ar.. near Twe&ty-aevsstb-st. for ilcuso number 808 Mlcblkan-ar., nsw!y fitted np and In perfect order, tv IU sell it oa easy terms. TS feel between Sixteenth sad Seventeenth-sts.. on Clafk-*t,al|Pper.fOot, mnning tbrongh to another street is seres on Barry Point-road, rear Joactloii ofMadl tor-st, half Bile vest of dty limits. We bare some very fine Residence Property In tbe *n imedlatevicinity of tbe Chicago University, which are cfferlrghdow tbe market price. ■n e have Leu on all tbe principal avenues, and lands bvU • *cre. sooth and west of tbe city. tv a also bare a large somber of cheap Bealdences on tbe So. tlb .Slde.sOEo of which to alll sell on long U Dense. tod Lot on Twenty-tbird-st, on easy terms, tmoo. rpo meti CHANTS.—The advertlserhas I a wtll-lm t£ OTe 4 Farm of ISO acres. good home, fenced, orchard.. tc *’ »itn*ted four mile* from railroad depot and a fine residence la tbe city of Madison, Wis.—flirn, and ret. '£?££?^ r ?I u iil?* ooa i (UUa gnaran teedV-whlcb.ilUh, 'WOO cash, wm Exchange for a Stoct of Merchandise. Any party wishing to t. .^ c * sneb an exchange win please address “CONFIDENTIAL," B. tx 311, Madison. Wis. Madison. Wls, March 4.136. ®ra«sporti.Ujmt. FARGO * COMPANY'S PAST FREIGHT L IKE. Omaha, to Denver City, WELLE FABOO ft COMPANY harlnir establii in ctrenecticn wUhthUr EXPRESS AND uVEBLA ND » PEEIG ilI LINE from Ol *A HATODEJiyEB Cti t, conccctlnr with inn aUki 11- CAN EEPhEhh CO, at Omaha, are now prepared . to forwardFrclght of ail kinds v y * AT VEBY lOW SATSS. TIME AND FACILITIES UNEQUALLED, For Contract* or tnrtber apply at tht Amctlaaa Express Company's OQlcc, Chicago. Wells, Forgo & Co.’fl Drafts on California, Pay able Is Gold or Currency, ft>r sale at this offlec. u'ssmsggii? Tr of-®™!- Oils. QHICAGO OIL WOKKS; LEWIS, HAM & C 0.,. MANUFACTURERS OF MACHINE RY AND IABD OILS. OFFICE, 90 & 92 SOUTH WATER-ST, iKailroaSs. pHICAQO & ALTON RAILROAD sWSioS; SCPIBISTKff D2ST , 9 OTIKS ChlM- spam ‘iTiei The Mall‘Train lor Bloomington, Springfield, St. lonlß, and intermediate points oa this line, win Pare Chicago dally at &05 a. m. Mail Train from Su Lonls will arrive dally, at about the usual time. Passengers coming from St, Louis on Night Express Train will reach Chicago by the Accommodation at 9:43 m. m. • For a lew days, passengers by these trains win be transferred at Wilmington. Due notice win be given when Night Express Trains commence running. ROBERT BALE. Geneml Superintendent. Ucmohals, JJEMOVAL. Eisendf£th &, Co., HAVE REMOVED TO THEIB NEW STORE, No. 97 South Watcr-st. PAL.—R. Abbey tfc Co., v Wholesale Dealers tn Ofcfo Stone Tf are, Glassware, &c., SSSWSgffZS&Sg I and 141. to the 129 & i3i North Wntcr-sr., cop. LaWaiie. CWcaSxrlh 0 ;?® vwr- kpan * 1118tora “«* for s*l*. __CMcago, f-.b. 22. li€T. B,Aaߣr*CO. E S?l^r to o” No. 97 GOtJTB WATfiH-ST.. aasaarsfa? 4 JJEMOVAL. HALL, KIHBARK & GO. HAVE REMOVED TO THEIK NEVT STOEE, SOS. 80, 82 & 84 HICfII6AJf-AT., Just South of Latent. Dissolution. T'JISBOLDTION OF PARTNERSHIP XJ —Taie Notice—Tie Dm ol P. WAEJJEa & CO., Encaged In the hardware business, at 43 Stde-sL u hereby dissolved by tnntoal ccnvnt. P. WARNER, WILLIAM 1). GIBX)N. March Ist, 1567. The undersigned hare this day fbmed a copataer ebip lor carrjinc on the General Hardware btuness ai43ttate-BL,QnderlhenaineofE.M. DANLEi* * CO. E. 11. DANIELS, • * March Ist. 1667. WILLIAM D. GISSO" TP|ISSOLUTION. The copartnershb Jrorl l 2*ißfeSS* , *!te c s ni,er the arm name oCaUa "AEjDj* HUNT has this day been diisolred by nSm*. Signed: O.'S. HIJIIRATrn March Ut,lS67. CHAS.H.auI?: COPASTNXSBBIF. The undersigned have forme I a copartnership undi theormnamocf HUNT* GOODWIN. •acraedlSrS thehastnesa ol the lam firm of Onboard ft nunt Signed; CHAS. H. HUNT, JO-'-AIHAS QOUDTON, JB. 33rtcfe. “jgRICK JEACHINE.” ' DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE.. Office. Room >0.5. 47 Clarfc-st.. Chicago. Iy^AGAZUSE BRICK WORKS, Corner Half ted and Twenty-second-sta, Office, Ko Otla Block. A. J. KMBELT.' ** ———— Paper Rangings. MABOOTTE & CO, Furniture and Decoration. [Largest and choicest assortment ot French Imported Paper Hangings, 01 an Unde. ssw Tof attomegs. gCAMiION & LINCOLN, Attorneys and Counsellors at" aw . Boom 2«o. I,: Marine Bank Bunding, C * C3AS. T. BCAMMO.V. BOBEKT T. 7 {SCOL^ 1 ’ A,4&SP- Mess,B - B 0A ‘ JDION & Attorneys at I Will hereafter collect my rents. *Z.7v them In the office, heretofore occur eyihe.Esq. Application fbr leas' „.~ y . Jolui F«r thcm. J.TO - March 4,1867. bCAMMOJf. jpinartMar. , T'TLBB, TJXiLMA.y.f & QQ 0 MSOM & BBOSEBP* conw Late ud Cl, r We are receiving ncte»of alit* *l?* lor conversion uto rmr Flv*:rwpn£r -»«criea, bond?, as tte best m..>« rates wWpS 0 Seven-TUinleawill flr jraatly tomeir * $13,000 TO JUO A* In sunn tosnlt, cd Cltr Real E»ta u, CLiIWM* - S 2 Dsarbcra-tt. "\TOTICiS. —An insta 1 r J77r~7 - rrr~ i_\ opo3B.3ftareofßtxki' ,?* Cents Head Co., U,called lor, to r j* “?JNorthwesters Plant on the 20th ol March ne*t £? Treaanier C:ark'-it. . »t hu oiflce, JJo. 33 Soot* By order of tbeD*.-.**,,.- - M- T.TTr.T. ■*... JFeeii. QROUVd 1 ! —- O If T'm - A 1,. J* 'the Cheapest Feed In the jjlrt!* gr Bate. Ortst. ctomi>ttj',,,Tn el *» B. W. >” XQi 70 y CO„ **• CUatOMt, isiptess Companies. IJHE MERCHANTS' UNION Express Company. OAPZTAZ. - - $20,000,000. Oiraed and Operated tor Our Merchants and Mannfaetnrer*. CABBIES BY EXPRESS. Htser, Tala*, bio*. Freight and Parcels, aver more thsi 13.000 miles et Express Line, at Jost rates, saves Jllllloni yearly ts a.- SMppen. and can be only by patronage. Tbls wb bepe ta Meric nod receive. Office, Noe. 103,105,107 ft 109 Dear bonnet. —SiMi£QO?BH Agnnt. pRIHTLN'G, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Facilities for doing Work ol Anr Descrlo- tlonJJpeqanllcd in the City. Jfurmtiirc. RA NDGLPH-ST. PIKE & CAVANNA. Furniture, BEDDING FBATfTTTTT^g; agricultural jhntfementa. jyUBbT & BRADLEY, MANUFACTURERS OF PLOWS, Sull'ty Cnltiratoro, Sniky Hay Kates. Cornstalk Cotters, Field Boilers, Scrapers,- Wheelbarrows, A 3d other Agricultural Implements. A lane uw'rftnent constantly on hand r itn.r_t .. counts and Lwat oocms offered <o itaSen. ®*" S2in> FOB PARTICULARS. Sm. 56, 5.V 60 * 62 Worth JegerjoMt. '• ftBICAGO, ILL. ffitmling. JMUNTING, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Facilities lor doing Work of Any Dcwcrlp— tlon Unequalled in the City. Justness (Earns. A TTORKS The • ArtnQo ■CA works, at Carbon Cllfl; Bock Island County I3_ manatactare Yellow, Rockingham and Stoss-Ware. Terra balding, drain pipe, wr>r| **“* all of which they sell cheaper thanlxabe £oorhlata&» other manufactory in the United States. woo S°‘“‘ n F CHRWOOI & CO., General Ccnrmlssron Kercfians, Cor. LaSalle osd Washiagtoa-stSe CHICAGO. Qlre particular atteaUoa to both buying and Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork. Lard, Beef, Tallow. tomffr’liKssasg?'uilUl tOMT aw Special rates ol Commission inm„ in riuaji Mil F. 1m Underwood, Ben. W. Ucrferwavtf, H WHEELER PERCE & CO., who oivec* were bUTO£O cut at UlO Lakc-st, hare taken. 280 South Water-st.- wherewewillotcnwltba stock offrsah cooL w« 5?’ 1 *« ep 9 coo l 1 soPSdy, as heretofore, of coarae Kl s ? m Heal. Farlr’a, Peirt uLSr our easterners and to solicit a ranUntumea of uS? <ft? “S ■SeVudwi ttAasiil?.awksr^ < - 0 -- m«- XIOLDiJN & PENDLETON, i » Wholesale aod Retail Dealers in HarfwMd and Tfhitewood lumber. Fraaklia-st.. bee Vaa Boreaaad Hamso:, Chicago. F. O. Box '•■••ikT *“ „ _ CT’Blils cat to order! or* apacKP ptspur"”. j3riuttug. JMiISTJNG, Boole and Job, At Tribune Job Facilities for dollar Work of Aar n.«crio_ patents. JMPORTAjST HO TICE; Parties who are deslrons of becoming f- . .., C VALUABLE PATESTED ISVMIIO ****** cccdloslr tarorsble tarns da tee. nod? atKo. IX Loraon Block I of too mao ,„„. m To liose who desire to aval! them.** Otoortaaltrtomti.taoac.touowa i„o C on?S P ®S l 'i I c < S’ p,J? mentors who gKfi“.®sfssus^ f PatentOfficetorntarly hreanyor cla iS 3 th« Md European Patent AKenwriatt *• Tll,lr Atoerlcaa the world. Charges iesa «Sa-> •* nostasenalTßla agency. iesa Ua3 any other reilaUt A pamphlet, containing tnn i n _ . on, Is sent gratia. Address itructlcns to lorecs- 371 MDNN & CO., /srit-row. Hew YcrK. I PATENT B2XICB M, . aesjjsg, Knit dacilpSrf SmSS .ddISS 11 ' 56 ’ 85 Bf „ E. K. BAKU. - /nth Jeffenon-iu Ch 1c JF° X Sale. -jpasERFOR .Sas-wum-tot* Tt-p.WT ?«re4le,troaxafeet • TIMBER Bv “re.' •*? *° long and frcra 10 Inches .Dtr 1$ laid near Hev. ji lota to sou nnreimers. Timti—- Pin nitecmb and nrnTo «r« j^ TOUD - 3 “"-'-' v —- ahiiufie. r .. ’ConpriaingaKt Jtav® Barrel Machinery. ■Mr Ailnewyof 01 planers, eqaaUang and laiSrS? **h? igsagasafagSag.^ CHOICE EVER— » baste' ’ 8ale « qamntutei toialt. Price tsjm Chicag Addm9E.A.lLlßaiS, 46 JiortnwSM? C f JOPBRAGE V " / ' FOB SALS, •» • jh Heading to mates, tterooghly seasoned. Mod 3 idjb. acd A Ko. lin cterr respect—br Ll>3dkv - SWALL * TfiED, McromUle fiSlffl. oTOcite ■Camber of Commerce. Cttcato. vyyww CHAMCEFOR JMEROHANT:?, ' FOB SALE; A tA3EFOLLT SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Gaods, Groceries, &c_ ; all porch as to within • year SroaahcrtriiS* 10 '?* r ® I(xat<rf IflatOnrcac C°™»UKm Imam. S 3 Austral. ]Y|USICAL gerMn stnm “MUSlC.”Drarer Addrwa printing. pHiEfTESG, Sock and Jab, At Tribune Job Ofice. Fadlltlea for dolnr Work of Any Deserip. Uon la ike City* Stocftfroiaets’ fficcting. O^EJS E „ bAYLSGA w WAS ASD TBTTbT Ca • MeetlEß ot IhesSScWiS'of UeMo- Sariagt. Loan and Tnat Company, t-.rtt* *t.v» Trcitees, will be held it the otHra of utd Cam- Jiff on MONDAY. Much «h. between IHWI, M IH- m . mll .„. Lj.c;Qcitiato lahuratioual. Y°tTNG lALIES’ INSTITUTE, ' AT MAPULTTOOD. HOiatW,ll„ % Thero^ct-rm Sft-nSijlif Ck ' =ul “ u '-'- v - '•