Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 5, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 5, 1867 Page 4
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(Eljicaga * TUESDAY, MARCH 5. 1867. THE CITY. Soldiers* Hoke Bills will be paid In room No. S, Court House, on Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock. _ Chicago Out ran Asylum.— The regular monthly meeting of the lady managers will be held at the Asylum athalf past two this afternoon. Metropolitan Gymnastic Club.—A apodal meeting will be held at the hall this (Tuesday) evening at eight o'clock. Business of impor tance will be called up. Valuable Property tor Sale.— We invite attention to an advertisement In the proper col umn, offering for sale the dwelling No. 193 Michigan avenue, and lease of the lot on which it stands. Bridges* Battery Association. —A meeting of Bridges* Battery Association will be held at No. 45 State street this (Tuesday) evening at half-past seven o'clock. All the members of the Battery are requested to be present. Chicago Mining and Supply Company.—A couple of errors crept into oar report of the operations of this company, made In our issue of Sunday last The present number of stockhold ers is about seven hundred. Instead of three, and the name of the Secretary Is I- H. Lawrence. The Light House.— The lantern in the Light house at the entrance to tbc Chicago harbor was lighted last evening for the first time this year. The port of Chicago Is Urns practically open to all vessels whose owners choose to risk the passage before the Inaurance season begins. Chicago Baptist Union.— Tho Chicago Baptist Union holds a meeting this (Tuesday) evening in the Second Baptist Church, corner of Monroe and Morgan streets, for a public leave taking of Rev. Dr. Colver, who enters immediately upon his work in the Sonthof educating the colored minis try. The public are invited. Teachers’ Training Class. —The regular meet ing will be held this evening, as usual, in tbc Tonne Men’s Cbnsi tan Association Rooms, at 7)4 o’clock. The exerdees will consist of an address by Rev. Prof. S. C. Bartlett. Subject, “Analysis of a cblta’s mind," and a “Practice Lesson," conducted by Mr. b. Johnston. Trade Sale of Dry Goods, Ac.— At ten o'clock this morning at Daniel Scott A Go's, 164 Lake street, “the trade" will find a staple lot of dry goods of every description—Chicago custom made boots and shoes—custom made clothing— and a fine line of domestic sheeting, shirting, blankets, Ac, Ac. Chicago Medical College.— Tho annual com mencement exercises of this institution will be held this afternoon, commencing at half-past three o'clock, in the College building. No. 1,015 State street. The address will be delivered by Prof. R. J. Patterson, and diplomas will be given to S 3 graduates. Tho public arc Invited to at tend. Organ for Chicago.— A Springfield (Mass.) exchange says: “Tbc great organ, which William A- Johnson bag been building at his manufactory at Westfield, for several mouths past, lor the First Baptist Cbnrch ot Chicago, Illinois, is nearly com pleted, aod Dudley Back, Jr., of Hartford will give an exhibition of its powers on Wednesday of next week at 2 o’clock, p. m , atMr. Johnson's es tablishment.” CoKrrytJED.—John Kavanavb and William Hart, charged with assaulting with Intent to kill Bohert Brcnnock, some days ago, near tbe comer of Adams and Wells streets, were brought before the Police Court, yesterdayiaftcriioon, lor further examination, but the case was again ccnturned nntil t-’fl'utdav afternoon, tbe hail of each being raided hom fiUKJ to SS,WO. Physicians present In Court pronounced Brennock’e recovery as noty hopeless, 05 the Wat Again.—One “Shorty 11 Conning ham ,who was not long since committed to the Bridewell on a SIOO fine, somehow mmaged to cficclhis release before he had been there three months, and he soon after resumed hU ancient, but not time-honored, pursuits oi vagrancy, thiev ing and confidence. Officer J. H. Clark arrested “Shorty 11 at a saloon on Clark street Saturday night. Al the Police Conn yesterday morning Cunningham was fiued SSJ. Mns. Lopez.—A letter from Jersey City, signed “j, 1 open, 11 . asks ns to correct a statement made in October last, with reference to a lady who died of cholera in a house on Monroe street, on the S4th of that mouth. The statement was to the cttccl that she was enticed from her home, by a seducer. The writer denies ibis; says be was married to her in New Haven, Connecticut, eight years ago, and that there was never any trouble between the couple to the date of her death. The Phcekix Ikschance Coktaht.—Messrs. Homes Bros. A Holden have recently succeeded to the agency of the Phoenix Insurance Company of New York, and will issue and renew policies in this standard company at favorable rates. The Phoenix has an enviable reputation ior prompt ness in adjusting losses, and the arrangement with the above-mentioned agent- is euco that payments will be made here without the delay of reference. The office is in the Mercantile Build ing No. 118 LaSalle street. Fire.—Al one o'clock this morning a lire was discovered in the rear of a shoe store, No. 1M Wells street, occupied by L. Koch. The alarm was given from the Armory, and fire engines were soon at the scene of the conflagration, which was Toy qolcklr subdued. The greatest loss was by water, the shoe store, which was partially Insured, being damaged to the extent of nearly $ 1(H), and an adjoining tenement, occupied by Charles Dyer a saloon keeper, suffering to about a similar extent. Mr. N. Adams, who occupied rooms above the shoe store, lost a portion ol bis furni ture. The entire loss is estimated at about SSOO. AnccFTDiG as AucnoKrrn.—With a mistaken idea ol his duties, and perhaps somewhat over* officioue, officer Bowan arrested a Ban of E. A. Jeseel, the auctioneer, on Tuesday last, for ob etructirgibeEidtwalkat the comer of Indiana strcci and Milwaukee avenue. An auction had been in progress in the store, and the property unsold was a torse and wagon, which was “knocked o£” in the street and attracted a con siderable ciowd of peonle. In this manner ihe walk was obstructed perhaps ten minutes. The case was brought before Justice Surtevant yes teidaj alternoon. and after being heard its charge was at once dismiss* a- The Case op Mr. Cosvts.— Albert D. Convis. a lawyer of this city, arrested on Tuesday of last week, and taken to Dubuque, lowa, on a charge of obtaining money from a client for cervices not rendered, has returned to Chicago. He writes ns averting his entire innocence of the matter, and alleges that he removed to Chicago on the so’.iciiatibn of friends, aud wrote bacn to lowa, stating his readiness io appear there to answer any chargee which might be found against him. If notified. He never was notified, and of course did not appear. This is the main point 2 the letter, whirii is too lengthy lor publication. Public BAmsM.—On Sunday afternoon the ordinance of baptism -was administered to five corner;* connected with the Church of the United Brethren- The preliminary ecrviccs were held in tne church, on thccomcr of Clinton and Wilson streets and the immersion was performed In the basin at the loot of Van Huron street, the pastor, Itcv. E. A. Tan SanU officiatin';. An opening had been cut In the lee, and the three young ladies and two yonne men. attired In robes prepared lor the Icwilon. were com eyed from the church In car riaces. After the Immersion they were taken to the Louse of Mr. Quinlon, corner of \an Boren street and Michigan avenue, who kmdlv afforded facilities for their warmth and change of clothing. MonE Beutai. UcßßAsns.-Patrich Conroy, re- Eidinß at No. 2M Clark street, was brought before Justice MUUkcn yesterday morning, charged with the most Inhuman trea’ment of his wife. She wa« confined about a week ago, and his ill-ircatment of both her and the babe, since that event, baa been such that she is not expected to live. Con roy was fined *SO, and required to .give bail of S2oO to keep the peace. _ „ lt _ , _ Ira Fryer, residing at Iso. 211 Sonth Jefferson street, on Mmday cvcnimr kicked bis wife ana threw her down stairs, aiuTwhen arrested by the officers be reflated them with much force more than half the way to the station. At the Police Court TCttcrday morning Mrs. Fryer appeared against ter husband. Both her eyes were yet Sack from beatings the had received last week. Hethoabai d is a moulder by trade, and earns enough In one week to last him on a carousal of two or three. Having threatened bis wife’s Ule, In addition to an Imposed fine of *SO be was re quired to give bail in foUOtokoep the peace. News Box's Meetiko.— A motley group were assembled at the Old Board of Trade Booms on last Sabhath morning, at the call of the Chicago Sabbath School Union, whose agent had, from an early hour, been sconring the streets In every direction, to pick up and gather in the newsboys, bootblacks, and others of the neglected classes, to a religions meeting. George W. Perkins. co»«riatendent tho Befona School, directed ihe meeting, aided by the President and other officers of ibe Union, and one of their mission ones, Mr. Van Aredale. Only a firm, as well as kind, band could have held such a class in chcck- Thc exercises consisted of singing “Dare to do '‘Right 1 Dare to be True I” and a few other pieces, and a couple of sumng addresses, after which cards were issued to the boys, with the under standing that all who were present three consecu tive times, would be entitled to a admission to a sapper to be given on some weekday evening. Nearly two hundred were present, among whom were some twenty or thirty ladies and gentlemen inteiested in the movement. Future meetings wilt be held on Sabbath mornings at 11 © clock, to which all who live in the .vicinity arc invited.' Isernancn. —Outadvertising columns contain the announcement that the old and well known firm ol Hubbard & Hunt has been dissolved by mutual consent, and that Mr. Charles Hunt, who has been for tbc past twenty Teats a resident of iM« city, aid well and favorably known among our business men, and who, lor the past ten years been actively identified with (ho late arm as a Sarlner, has associated wilh.him Sir. J. Goodwin, r.« (formerly an officer in the .Etna Insurance Company at Halfoid, but for the past two years a residentof this city. connected with the insurance interests.) nnderlhc firm name of Hunt «fc Good wic for toe purpose ol continuing the general In surance business of the late firm. Messrs. Hunt & Goodwin represent some of the largest and strongest insurance companies in the (Jolted States, and those seeking policies which ensure unquestioned Indemnity in cases of loss, will do well to investigate their sunning. In these times oi extensive conflagrations, when property of im mense value Is daily destroyed by the flery ele ment, it is especially necessary to sec that our property is protected by sate and reliable com names Messrs. Hunt£ Goodwin, at tbeir office. No 3 Loomis Building, corner of Clark and ■South Water Streets, will be happy to allord every information relative to the reliability of the com panies they represent. A New Law Pmu.—'The announcement will be received witth especial pleasure, that Charles T. Scammou, Esq., eon of lion. J. Y. Scammon, and Robert T. Lincoln, Esq., son of our lament ed late President, have formed a law partnership in this city, under the name ot Scammon & Lin coln, to take effect upon March 4th, at which time they will enter upon tbc practice of tbc law In our Courts. There Is an especial fitness in the association ofthese yocngmenat the commence ment of the active duties of life. Their fathers were old and tried friends for a quarter ofa cen tury, practiced together in the Courts, were inti- socially and Vt all the in’ercourse oflile, were closely allied. It is, thcrciorc, peculiarly approprmte that thesons should continue this bond of amity both In eocie lv and business. Mr. Lincoln, after the death of lis lather and bis graduation from college, as is well known, served for a time in the army, amt then removed with the family to Chicago and en tered the office of Scsmmon, Puller & McCagg, •wberebe completed his law studies. Mr.Scau mon who also served In the army, finished bis i»w stoics at the East, and the two young men rometotbebar at the same lime and henceforth «ni act together and still further cement the SmnSbond which Gristed between the) fathers. S tfir oi Clucaco will cordially welcome the - rae D ” ,L 7na»e heartily commend them to fhp W ahleaud responsible practitioners, “OTI Se a high mrlc and pro« an honor to thfir pretension, j . UW INTELLIGENCE. Alimony In the Ton Glahn Case—Large Amount of Business in the Su perior Court—Action In Dl- Toreo Cas:s and a Bill for Dirorco Filed—Hew Suits—Criminal Bnslnecs. The dnlnees of the past week in the law Courts has ended. Business has commenced In earnest All the Courts arc running, and the record of yes terday ahows a result which will tax the industry of record writers. vULUi. This Court Is engaged in settling natters for the approaching term of the Supreme Court, and in the hearing of questions of pleading and mo tions for new trials. Beyond snch questions the following was the business: John G. Weld ye, Richard P. Morgan, Bill dismissed. Jos lab L. Robinson cl al. vs. Gilman M. Sar gent. Cose. Motion to discharge hall denied. The new suits in thin Court were as follows: B. F. Hadduck vs. Herman Violet and Charles T. Jansen. Distress for rent of the basement of No. 196 Randolph street, amounting to £133.32. W. T. Shnfeldt A Co., for use of Allan c. Story ve. John Leonard. Assumpsit; damages, |2OO. Charles E. Snow vs. Mathew Lynch. Con fession for £112.10. Elkins A Merrill vs. William M. Babbitt. Attachment as against an absconding debtor to recover £2,500, and Interest since February 12, Charlotte Wernicke vs. John L. Beveridge, Sheriff, and F. H. C. Dncnslng. Replevin to re cover provisions. T. G. Hanson vs. Casper Gcring. Replevin of contents of liquor store. Theodore ft, Sitgrcans et al. vs. Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railway Company et al. Replevin to recover a quantity of hqnors. Tbc March term of this Court commenced yes terday, when also commenced its continuous sessions of the year. In the branch of the Court Jireeidcd overby Judge Gray, the business was as ollows: Barnum & Richardson, manufacturing com- Sony, vs. A. H. Hornnunp, attachment instituted ovember 21. Default and Judgment for £140.65. Bammn Blake vs. Thomas Doherty and James Toting. Assumpsit; commenced January 23; dis missed. The Bank of Prairie dn Chlcn vs. John N. Wil lard and John C. Pettit. Case; death of Pettit suggested, and suit to proceed against the survi vor. Charles W. Drew vs. Sherman G. Wheeler. Assumpsit. Finding hy the court for plaintiff, $9,678.53, on February lath. Motion for a new trial overruled, and case appealed. William Frasds vs. George Z. Uhl. Assnmp tit, commenced December Bth; dismissed. Robert D. McFarlane vs. Charles Lets. As sumpsit, commenced February 12th; dismissed. The same vs. J. C. Dunlap. Assumpsit; dis missed. Tbc same vs. Geo. W. Dunlap. Assumpsit; dismissed. Jeremiah Nottingham vs. Lemuel Fowler. As sumpsit, bronghtOctoberl2th. Default andjudg mcul for £},OSS. Thomas Milner vs. Francis Ecnker. Ejectment. Judgment for plaintiff. ix>me Commllti vs. Tbc Illinois St acts Zeituny Company. Case. Dismissed. Peter Bcrgmann ve. Catherine Bergmann. As sumpsit: dismissed. Mery Ann Huber vs. the same. Assumpsit; dis missed. . . _ James Sullivan vs. Michael Walsh. Debt com menced Feb. 15; leave to plead. Job Carpenter ve. George Lawler. Defendants* Spool dismissed. August Fisher ve. Henry Smith, Defendants’ appeal. Finding tor defendant. Joseph H. Bnkman ve. Hugh Maher. As sumpsit. brought January 2?. Dismissed. Jobu Flavin v£. Edwatu Donoboe. Defendants’ appeal on trial. Judge Jameson made a number of orders ad vancing the stages of chancery busincsss. The final orders were: iiuai uiutir nciv. Louisa R. Pitkin ct ah vs. Johh C. Phelps ct als. Bill transferred to Untied States Court. Adam Hirechmann vs. Catharine Hlrscbman et als. Petition for partition commenced January 28- Decree. Clarissa A. Buibans vs. Charles A. Barkans ct ‘ al. Petition for dower. Referred. Michael Quinlan vs. the representatives of the estate of Henry A. Chamberlain. Petition died January 21th. Referred. The Chicago & Great Eastern Railway Com pany vs. School directors In IgJre, Calumet, Cicero and treasurer of Cook. Bill to restrain collection of taxes, filed February 1. Dismissed as to school district No. G. town of Cicero. Lewis M. Andrick ct. al. vs. Richard P. Mor gan, Bell and James 11. Roberts, ct al.. vs. the tame. Ordered to be stricken from tbe docket unless mandate of Snpremo Court he filed in ten days. Ralph Cheency vs. Wisconsin Central Railroad Co. and representatives of Ibe estate of Lewis W. Clark. Default and reference as to the railroad Company. Harriet £. Bills vs. Jabcz Bills. Bill for divorce, tilca September IS, ISG6. Default entered. George Allen vs. Mary Allen. Bill for divorce. Sled November 13.1SCC. Default entered. William R. Loomis vs. Burdette Loomis and als. Bill filed May 20. Referred to Scott, Mas ter. James H. Hoes vs. Frederick J. and Oscar J. Wallis. BUI filed February £6. 1561. Dismissed. Enoch Allen vs. John w. Lamhicr and wife. Bill, tried with verdict for complainant, February Cth. New trial denied. Mathilda VonGlahn vs. HBderbrandt August VonGlahn. Decree for alimony, the complainant to receive tbe homestead, valued at 18,000, and in money $20,000 in lieu of dower, expenditures, maintenance, costs of suit, Ac. Decree not yet entered. Tbe new suits were as follows: Ferdinand S. Winslow ct al. vs, Cyrus J. Ward. Assumpsit. Damages, S3OO. Julius Berghold vs. Augusta Bcrghold. Bill for divorce. The bill alleges a marnage at Bohen stcin, Saxony, in September. 16-17. He charges that be came to this city daring July, ISCL and had lived with respondent nntil April 2'Jth, of the sane year. He charges her with desertion and with adultery with one FrangnUZonger in Saxony. Joseph L. Lombard vs. Thomas Sntton. At tachment against defendant as a |uon-resldenl on on indebtedness of $1,530. John I. Wills ct aL vs. Charles E. Barnes. As sumpsit ; damages SSOO. Elizabeth Hughes, Guardian. &c,, vs. Mary C. Hughes ct al. Petition to sell lands of tbe estate of Collin Hughes, deceased. The property is lot 17, block 4, Canal Trustee’s sub-division of part oi section 5, town 30 north. COUNT! COUBT. The business of this Court is somewhat retard ed by tic business of the quarterly session of tbe Board of Supervisors. Yesicrday a few appraise ments were received and approved only. This Court will convene this day, and during the meeting of the Supervisors, in room No. 5 of tbe Court House. lUU V.UU4I UVHCC. KEConnm's comr. The March termiof this Court openedrvesierday, The grand jmr was empanelled, F. C. Van Wyck, &q.. being appointed foreman. Hiram Roscbrook, indicted for sellmg lottery tickets, was bailed until next term. Betsy vs. Mis Ulaon. Divorce. Decree granted on the ground of desertion. Rose -M. Schweitzer vs. A. J.Sweltzcr. Divorce. Time to plead extended ten days. This is the case in which the decree was reopened noon the affidavit of 'the dtlenoanu alleging fraud, a few days Eincc, as was then fully explained in the TmurrE. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. Quarterly Meeting—Report of County ’ Agent—The Soldiers’ College, &c. The quarterly session of the Board of Snper vigors of Cook Connty. was commenced at the Court Douse jeslcrday afternoon. President D. S. Danunoucl'in .tbe chair. Present—Supervisors Aiken, A’bert, Anfel, Allen, Battcnhaos, Blunt. Brown, Chilson, Dalton, Donlon, Ehrhardl, Far well, Foster, Gray, Gore, Gerber, Gwin, Ham mond. Deacock. Discing, King, Kott, Lodding, Miller, Newcomb, Pahlmar, Pusbcck, Pcnnoyer, llcsford, Keynolds. banter. Banders, Senne, Shackford, Stcinmncller, Stndlcy, Timme, Vial, Wcmple. Whitehead, Wilde, Wilmanh and Woodruff. 'ihe minutes of the last meet lug were read and approved. nrruynixo op taxes. Petitions! of H. C. Kelly, William J. Rosan, Kent, Foster & Peck, P. P. Matthews, William H. Haas, W. K. Welle, Samncl Donglaa, and E. J. Dunn for the cquallrAtlon or rcfandlne of taxes were referred to the Committee on EquiUxalioa ol Taxes. BETOUT OP COUSTT AGES 7. The report of F. Harding, E?q., the Coonly Agent, was then real. It contains the following expenses of the office for the past quarter bare been about one thousand dollars greater than for the corresponding time last year, caused by lhe.cholera, many of Ihe victims of which were dependent on the county, and by the arrival of a large number of Immigrants. The total expendi tures are *11,703.40— mainly for provisions, un dertaker's bills and transportation. Ihe whole number of persons who have rcccivedald is 3,037. Of these 1,417 were Irish, 910 Germans, 2-15 Nor wegians. 01 Swedes, £6 Americans, 70 English, 15‘Scolch, 38 French, 21 Hollanders. 13 Danes, 77* Bohemians and 53 colored. The whole num ber of visits made by the visitor was SSO. The number of persons sent to the Poor House was IC6, of whom 63 were Irish, 48 Germans, 3 Nor wegians,! Scotch, 15 Americans, 0 French. 5 English, 5 colored. The number of persons who secured transportation was 140, at an average cost of *9.50 each. The icportwas referred to the Committee on Poor House and paupers. PETTTIOS rOB BOCKTX. Supervisor Woodruff presented a petition from Samuel Burgees, formerly of the Twenty-second Illinois, for county bounty. It was referred to the Committee on Finance. SOLCIZBS’ COLLEGE. The Clerk read a communication from James McCoy, firman of the Executive Committee of the Illinois Soldiers’ College, at Fulton, white eldc County, calling attention to the toct that cachßoard of Supervisors or County Court of the State may select two persona from among indi gent orphans and halt-orphans of deceased sol diers and sallore, above the age of twelve years, upon whom shall bo conferred the privileges of ihe institution, at the rate of *IOO per year. On motion of Supervisor Aiken the matter was leferred to a committee of three, consisting of Su pervisors Aiken, Farwell and Sauler. SUL JOB HSU VICES. The bill ol SL A. Kobn, attorney, for services in the ca s es of two insane persons, Elizabeth C. Staples *nd Henry Drees, was referred to the Committee on Poor House mid Paupers. On motion the Board then adjourned until 10 o’clock this morning. THE DISCHARGE OF BLACK* Iso farther developments were made yesterday in the core of Black, who was so unceremonious ly discharged trom custody on Friday last, by Justice Wiushlp. Black has left the city, and it is stated that Yates is also out of town, having left on Friday night, with the intention, perhaps, of returning atsome time or other, though when can scarcely he told. . The friends of Snckncy are indignant at the ac tion taken in the case of Black. 'they claim that hy bis own conieseion Black was the more guilty or the two, and that if Stickaey he worthy of be ing held, which they are willing he should bo on til a proper Investigation can be made, they cer tainly can see no reason Black, the man who everybody considered to be the one who fired the lital shot. The case is a mysterious one. We trust the case will not be suffered to end where it now is. It is due to the public that! the matter should he fcrreited to tbe bottom, a full investiga tion being made into all tbe circumstances at tending it, and not only tbe guilt located where it belongs, but adequate punishment meted oat and administered to the entity party. Justice Wlnahip, by whom the prisoner was discharged, submits a statement of his action in the matter. Ho states that be issaed a warrant on the 4th of February, on the complaint of B. C. Yates, when the prisoner was brought into court and committed for farther examina tion, On the tith he was brought before him and recommitted to await examination, on his own request. Thlsproceas was again gone through with on the 18th of February, and on the first day | of Harcb Brack was brought In on order, and no i one appearing against mm he was discharged. Tbe Justice farther stales that he called on the Prosecuting Attorney in company with Judge Car ter, at hU request, and the States’ Attorney stated that he could not attend to the case, and that it was not his province to attend to 1L In the same statement It u said by Justice Wlnahip, “ I had nopowerto continue the matter more than ten days,and tfthe prisoner had remained In jail without examination for a longer term, he would have been entitled to a discharge on a writ of na btascorjius." . ~ The statement of the Justice may seem to him satisfactory. It seems, perhaps, singular that having Issued a warrant for tbe arrest of two men. on a charge of murder, on the affidavit of B. C. Yates, Mr. Wlnahip did not con slder him as appearing against the prisoner. Bat ft would appear, from his own statement, that be knew ot the existence of Judge Carter, and that be was cognizant ot tbe acta or the case. It can scarcely either be possible that Charles H. Heed, iSii could, m view of the statute, have declined to moeeculc this case on the ground that It 1 was not* a part ol hla duty. The statute docs not make U a positive duly, hut it requires bun, when it U convenient, to attend the examination within his circuit, of persons accused of felouona Crimea, or be ire notified of the came. With regard to tho duty of the justice in the Tnattgr oi continuance, a total mtconc.'p’ion of law la exhibited, hot If there was nos snch mis understanding on the pari of Justice Wlmlnp,bo far hxceedei 126 wovin.e of his office when be undertook to adjudicate upon the right of the prisoner to be discharged under a writ of/ioifoi corrmt. It may he for the well-be ing of the community that Justice Winfihip should learn that that high perogativo wnt Is not issued from any other than a court of record: nor is be bound to coualder whet would be tho result of a full Investigailonjbefore the presiding officer of snch a court. A greater error oflaw Is made by the Justice in his decision rendered upon the subject of continuances A most casual reading of the statute will inlorm him that he Is advanc ing a rule of practice before Justices which ap plies only to aril cases, os he will also find that be has mistaken his duty In the premises entirely when he rends these words of the law, “The Jus tice may at any time con'lnne any case without oath, if the parties consent, or if but one party be present and shall consent, or, if be shall deem it essential to justice so to do, for any good cause shown." It (bis provision did not however exist Justice Winshlp was still in error os to (be point of the ten days, for the continuances having been granted on the motion of the defendant, counted lornotbing as against the rights of the people. By the showingof the Justice the people were entitled to a continuance of ten days. ELOQUENCE. Lecture by Ealph Waldo Emerson. Ralph Waldo Emerson lectured last evening in Unity Church, on North Dearborn street, under the auspices of “Unity Cbnrch Fraternity. 1 ’ The subject discussed was “Eloquence." . Tho speaker was introduced by Rev. Robert Collycr who said that it was Mr. Emerson's de file that tho lecture should be reported very briefly If it all, and that especially tho anecdotes and personal allusions should he omitted. The lecture Is one of Mr. Emerson's most in tcrcstlEg efforts, and belter adapted to the appre ciation and enjoyment of a mixed audience than most offals productions. Those who have the Im pression that be is only a dry, metaphysical phi losopher, murine always didactic, oracular sen tences. without descending to tho level of hmnor, would have changed their minds last night. The lecture was both Instructive, Interesting and amusing, some passages provoking hearty laugh ter, andeomc eliciting applause. The wisest, said the speaker, think that eloquence Is better than a battle. Itlsatrinmphofpnrcpowcr. No act in dicates more universal health than eloquence. It is literally a speaking out, referring to the utter ances of tbc orator, bnt hooks and writings often contain true eloquence. Dr. Johnson wrote in a stilted style, but there are passages in his works where tbc beat of Inspiration appears. That rnvn has little of eloquence in him who Is not inspired by Marathon, or by onr own recent history. In Italy the talent ot Improvisation is much practiced. A company assembles, and a poet, perhaps, commences reciting in a measured manner, ana gradually rises to fervor and elo quence. Instances are by no means uncommon In (onr cities, of eloquence appearing in some strong English sentence expressing a common thought perhaps. The orator most oe a substan tial reality; ho must have the power of fact and knowbowto state 1L Him people will listen to, though be Is coarse and- ungraceful, though he stammers and hia-'es. In courts of justice a few facts in the testimony stick out of the mass, and to them the Court fastens. Elo- Jinence is the power to trac slate a thought per eclly into the idea of the hearer. This was illus trated when efforts were made to obtain enlist- * meats doling onr late war. Tbc draft was un popular, and people were slow to give themselves to tbc army, but a speaker wonld often rouse and surprise them Into what they did not Intend to do. Eloquence is as natural as swimming—an art which all men might learn, though few do. They only need to be pushed ofl'into the deep and maaoto swim. Sometimes a great opportunity will surprise a man Into eloquence. Eloquence is a certain heat which a man feels, petbapa once in hU life. Some men have the power of husbanding this beat as if they had the hand on the organ stop, and could let it out as they pleased, home men at a sadden call collapse and canoot tell what they know. Voice, {fancy, wit, might, sincerity arc component parts of eloquence—and sincerity is nine-tenths of tbc whole. Tbc best way to make an audience feel is to believe. In every argument or debate which has two sides, there is a way of stating tbc fact so that the mao must bend under it and admit It. The lecture closed with en appeal to any young men who might desire the attainment of elo quence to study the example of the great and good and uscial men, whose eloquence has blessed them and others. DOG DATS IN WINTER. Tlte Work of Canlno Extermination. This, it is feared, will he a day of mourning In aildogdom throughout the city. An old proverb Is handed down to os saying that “every dog has his day, 11 and if it had been added “of reckoning, 11 It would apply very appropriately to the inaugu ral services of ibe pouce force to-day In beginning the work of extermination among the canines found al largo within the city limits. A proclamation Irom tbe Mayor, officially at tested by the City Clerk, elves notice that ••all unmuzzled dogs found running at large In the aty of Chicago after Monday, March 4,15G7, will he destroyed. 11 At the police stations, yesterday afternoon, ap petizing pieces of meat and bread, with a lituc sprinkling that resembled sugar, were being pre pared for such unhappy dogs as might he abroad and hungry to-day. This work has not commenced a moment too soon, and it is believed that if the official order be lully carried into eflec, a great many cases of hydrophobia will have bccn avcrtcd. Many will be gratified to leam in addition to this active reform, that it Is understood that at the next session of the Common Council a peti tion wilt be presented asking tbe enactment oi an ordinance requiring the owners of dogs to keep them off the street, whether the animals arc muz- zlcd or not, or Incwr tbe risk oi having them kilted. Sccb an ordinance would, perhaps, be none too stringent in such a crowded city as ours. Tli Stewart Divorce |CnjK> Agaia. The pool of filth which has home the name of the Hart L. Stewart Divorce Case has again been stirred, and the dirty slime Is eougbt to be thrown on parties entirely disconnected from this case except as their names arc dragged In to gratify that reckless love or recital which id aptly describ ed as “ glorifying in their own shame ’* Tbe Chicago Evening Poet of yesterday con tained the tallowing recital. We heard of the oc- cnrrcrce here noted, on Sunday, but refrained from mentioning iL the charge being evidently false and Sis origin unworthy of notice. The mat terhaving been given to the public, we give tbe following recital ol the scene in Unity Church on Sunday morning last: After the benediction Mr. Coliyer came down from the pulpit, having previously requested tbe congregation to remain, and stated that some one bad called bis attention to the following passage in me Times: We then eat down by the open window, Stew art on one side, 1 on the other. Wc sang to gether. and Stewart told stories ol being at ‘Harry Dili’s Free and Easy,’ in New York city, where he canghi a Rev. Mr. Collyer. of Chicago.” Mr. Collyer said that when be first read these words, his hist impulse was to seek out this man Stewart at once and take him by the throat. On reflection, and alter having considered other reso lutions. be bad determined to call the attention of the church to the statement, and to ask them to appoint a committee to investigate this muter tnorouchly—to And Stewart and demand of him the truth; and, having ascertained the possible, to publish the result of the investigation in the ’limes. Do was anxious that this should he done immediately. Be could not bear to stand in his pulpit with the conscious ness that any ofhis congregation might suspect that bis living was not in accordance with his preaching. If he thought himself that his prac ticc falsified his professions, be would never enter the pulpit again, but would go back to his anvil at once. A motion was made and carried that a chairman be appointed and that the congregation resolve lucumto a meeting to consider the matter. Mr. Adams was made chairman of the meeting, and on motion be appointed a committee to report im mediately on the course proper to pursue. Ibis committee reported in favor of appointing a Com mittee of Investigation, and further reported the names of Wirt Dexter, Eli Bates and S. S. Greeley as Ct persons to compose this commltlc'e. Their report was adopted, sud the committee was ap pointed and given power to select two other per sons to act with them. A meeting of the church was appointed for next Wednesday evening to listen to and act upon the report of the committee ffhe passage at which Mr. Collycr and his con gregation arc so justly indignant is contained In the statement of the detective, Margaret McMas tcre, of her conversation with Stewart at Michigan City, Stewart has heretofore asserted that this statement of Mrs. McMasters is a tissue of false hoods, hut whether the statement concerning Mr. Collycr was made by Stewart or manufactured by Mrs. McMasters, matters little. It is a charge which no one who knows anything of Mr. Collycr will believe, even on the testimony of more credi ble witnesses. Bonn iso ok tbs Smear Cabs.—George K. Albro was brought before Justice MilUkcn yes terday morning charged with larceny, on the com plaint of Mr. H. Graves. Mr. Graves got on a Cottage Grove car, at the comer of Slate and Randolph streets. Saturday night at twelve o’clock. The car being full, be remained on the rear plat form. While in conversation with Mr. E. 8. Alex ander, with whom ho was acquainted, bo was ad dressed In a rude manner by a finely-dressed, youngish looking man, a stranger to him, who re marked that he was “making too much noise.” Ihe speaker bad only that moment got onto the car. A minute or two after wards another man, Albro, also a stranger to Mr. Graver, got on the car from the other side, and etc long be also interrupted tho gentleman’s conversation by telling him to keep still, and five minutes afterward told him that be (Albro) was a Boorman and labored for hie money, but that Mr. raves stole bis. Mr. Graves asked him who he was, and received the sullen reply that be was an “honest man, but,” says he, “yon steal,” and at the same moment made a heavy push toward Mr. Graves that nearly threw him from the car. This Incident, occurring near Harrison street, created gom? excitement, doting which the stranger first mentioned left the car. A few minutes after the fracas, Mr. Graves, in accidentally passing bis hand over bis pantaloons discovered that his pocket on tho left aide had been cut and its contents removed. He lost a wallet containing in money. His suspicions immediately reverted to the two insolent stran gers. and as Albro was still on the car he caused hla Immediate arrest The other stranger, the well-dreased man, had claimed to bo a stock holder in the Street Hallway Company, when asked to account for his “airy” conduct At the Police Court Albro Denied having committed the robbery, and no money of any account was fonnd upon him. He de sired a continuance of the case till Wednesday morning, which was granted, he being required to give bail of *1,500. He expressed a hope of obtaining as a witness in ihe case, the other stranger, but, under the circumstances, it is very unlikely that he will appear. . ihe “swell-mob seem to be on their peculiar “racket” again, pnrf people cannot be 100 careful of their purees. Besektiko Isbclts to Docs.—Two different cases were presented at the Police Court yester day morning in which tie unfortunate prisoners were in Umbo in consequence of their champion ship of the outraged feelings of their dogs. Their unwarranted zeal in behalf of the brutes whoso lender sensibilities wero Insulted, warmed them up to the flchUng point, resulting In temporary triumph: bat a Judicial investigation of the mat ter baa riven them so ranch annoyance, pecuniary and otherwise, that they doubtless wish their ca nines had been drowned In the river before they were ever adopted into their families. On Saturday afternoon, Stephen Stepper visited the saloon of Frederick Kaoscr, on Archer Road, and whUe there Kaoecr’s dog jumped at him. Stephen followed up the dog behind the counter ana kicked turn. , ... The owner of the brute was angered at this and ordered Skcpper away from behind the bar, saying that be had no business there. Other hard words resulted In Skcpper’s striking Ka oser, and the latter responded by producing a formidable hickory clnb with which he struck Skcpper two or three severe blows, marring the manly bcantyofhis countenance and creating painful protuberances on his head. This trilling occurrence resulted m the arrest of Kavoaer, hU hickory club and a frightful looking bowleknile. The possession of the last mentioned articles, a species of life preservers not uncommon with some saloon keepers, was so much solid testt* monv against Kaoecr. It was stated in bis behalf that the clnb was a *• banc-starter, and therefore had a legitimate use. The knife, how ever, was not thus defended. it being undeniably a “blood letter.’' Knoser was committed for trial in ball oi £4OO, charged with assault with intent to kill. ~ .. „ John Kavanagh was taking a walk on Sunday morning, about ten o'clock, and arriving oppo site the saloon of W. H. Smith, situated near the comer of Harrison and Franklin streets, his pro gress was stopped by a hone dog, which was gnaw ing a bone directly in bis path. Assuming Kava saebto be an enemy, be only cost ono ominous jinnee at him, ardtne next moment sprang upon him. Eavanagb expressed bis sense of injuries received by kicking the dog with the toe of his book Tbc animal made a second assault upon him, and the persecuted man picked op the “re jected” bone and flung it very forcibly at the ca nine By a slight mistake in the direction the bone went crashing through Smith’s window This caused another row—tbc "bone to pick" with the proprietor, whose dog had already been Ins nl ted. Pmhh demanded pay for the window. Karan agh told him that IT be would go with him to tho Armory he would get Hm the money end settle It; Smith preferred another mode of arranging the matter and gave Earauagb an unmerciful "thrashing,* 1 the effects of wfaica were still visible yesterday morning. The assault was so violent and unprovoked that the prisoner was fined 830.. AHICSEaiIiNTS. Opera House.—Lotta, after an absence of two years from Chicago, made her re-appearance last evening at the Opera House. The reception she met with, and the very large audtonci which came to welcome her, was a proof that she has not been forgotten. Lotta is as small as ever, and yet she has grown considerably in these two years. She retains all that irrepressible gaiety and quaint humor which was ever the moat con spicuous feature of her acting, while her vocal powers have been immensely Improved. Tue piece chosen for her de&ul—the “Pel of the Petti coats,"—was not a very fortunate selection. It is a ratter a tiresome and frailless production, and neither gave Lotta, not the company who have come to support her, a fair chance to display (heir abilities. Little “ Paul" (Lotta) Is the only character who has anything to go m the shape of acting, excepting perhaps “ Job the Gardener, 11 who has found a very Ihnmoroos exponent in Mr. W. P. Smith, and the task of amusing the audience appeared to rest upon her shoulders. The company has been well selected, a fact which are pleased to note, especially as the dramatic companies which have recently exhibit ed on the same stage, were so far below the aver age. In the farce of “ Han the Good for Noth ing," Lotta appeared to better advantage, and the latter part of the entertainment wont ofl In a real ly enjoyable manner. This evening “ Irish Diamonds 11 and 41 Good For Nothing.” Orau.—Max Maretzek has at lost decided to give a season of Italian Opera is this city, and will make his first appearance in Chicago m May next. He will bring with him the following strong troupe: Parepa, Kellogg, Pocb, Teats. Banco, Antoinette lionconl, Stella Bonhenr for prlma donni; Mazzolenl, Baragll. Testa and Ber nardinlfor tenori: Ronconi, buffo; and Bellini, Antonuccl, Fossad, andßacelli for baritoni and bawl. Tbc leaders arc Marctzek, Bcrgmann and . Torrlanl. Museum.—Last evening Mrs. Alice Holland took a benefit, and was greeted with a tall and appre ciative audience. The drama of **lll6 Hidden Hard" was {produced on tho occasion in a very spirited manner, Mrs. Holland sustain ing the part of “Capltola," and John DUIon as “Wool/ 1 Capltola Is one of the bout assumptions of Mrs. Holland, who has not recently had an op portunity to appear to snch advantage. The play went off admirably, and received frequent ap- Elause. This evening “The Hidden Hand" will e repeated. Mcvickeb’b Theatre.— Dan Bryant opened the second week of bis engagement last evening, with a new Irish drama entitled “Shatnus O'Brien," which has had a successful run In sev eral Eastern cities. It was well brought out, and the verdict of the audience was ananlmons. Tbc same play to-night Coliseum.— The Circus was well patronised last night The principal attraction, though by no means the only one, was Mr. James Robinson, who u re-engaged tor the remainder of the week. Turners’masquerade.— The second masquer ade of the season was given last evening by the Chicago TnrnGomelnde, at the Tomer Hall. It was very similar to tho last one, both In regard to Its character and tho number of maskers and spectators who were present. In other words, it was highly successful affair, and no doubt was well enjoyed by those who ore specially fond of amusement. TUc WlnneibeUi iniorance Company. A meeting of citizens of the town of Calumet, Cook County, u to comtidcr tlic late extraordinary assessment of tbe Winneshelk Insurance Com* uany, 11 was hold on Friday evening last at the School House iu the Holland settlement, Bohert il. Murray was chosen Chairman, and A. B. Wheeler, secretary. After several addresses and considerable con* versation, on motion. It was I'otaf, Tnat a committee of three be appointed with authority to act for this meeting, and tor those Insured in the Winncsbclk Insurance Com* pany who may cooperate with It. Q. Vander* syde. H. Hell and Robert H. Motiay were nomi nated and elected to serve as such committee. Voted, That said committee he recommended to obtain the co-opcratlon of parties similarly in sured In other towns throughout the Northwest in resisting the unjust claims of said Insurance Company. ' Voted, That feaid committee be authorised to call upon ’ie members of ibis meeting, and those di'r.Vng with It, lorn contribution of ten per cent of their Insurance assessment to pay necessary expenses; and that O. Vandcrsydo be Collector and Treasurer. Ordered, That the proceedings of this meeting be published in the Chicago papers. Adjourned to meet again at tbe stoic of H. Van derbilt on Priday, iMarch 6tb, ISO 7, at 7 o’clock P ln* furtherance of the object* of above meeting, the above-named committee Spucit cor respondence with those interested throughout Jae Northwest, with a view to eliciting seen facts as may have a bearing npon the subject, and to call ing a meeting of delegates from the various towns w hose citizens may be interested in tbe matter. Tbe committee may be addressed at Calumet, Cook County, HI. Recokstbuctios op the South.—A largo audi ence was gathered in the First Baptise Church on Sunday evening, at the meeting held under the auspices of the American Tract Society, in behalf of Sabbath School and missionary cflort at the South. After the opening exercises, Rev. Glen Wood introduced Rev. Q. S. Shearer, the Society’s Sec retary for the South, and since the close of the war a resident of Richmond, Va. Mr. Shearer said that tho great sacrifices which tbe people of the South had made In support of ihclr cause, the deflations of war. and the comparative failure of the crops have filled the laud wit 1 ! want, so that there is an absolute necessity of help from abroad oven more for educational and religious interests than for bodily wauls. Now more intelligent and reliable persons aro ready to accept aid and to work heartily for the education of both whites aud blacks than means can be found to assist. Tbe ncgrocs arc anxiona to Icam,and many thousands Have been educated by too several Commissions so that they are qualified to teach the primary branches to others. The American Tract Society Is organizing secular and Sabbath schools on the plantations and In tbe rural districts. They are supported by the people, assistance only being required in organizing and supplying books at the outset. Seventy dollars supplies me needed cards and books lor a school of from fifty to a hundred pupils. Nine hundred sucbscbonls have been organized with over sixty thousand pupils, and the entire cost falls short of s2o,oUo—or an average of one-third of a dollar tor each pupil. “Uncle John’ 1 Vasaar made some Interesting statements, showing the cagerndas with which tbe people, while and black, seek tor knowledge. Largo cards are nailed upon the trees, and thou sands arc taught in this way. In one case a group was gathered by tho roadside and taught for three months, from letters made in tbe sand. Tbrcc hundred dollars pars the salary of a colpor teur, who will, perhaps, in a year, organize from twenty to a hundred scnoole, with from twenty lo three hundred pupils each. Itcv. Dr. Everts spoke briefly, urging tbe Im portance of the work, and tbe meeting closed. A Ijquoe RxrLEVis Suit.—A suit was com menced yesterday in the Circuit Court, the object of which was to replevin a large quantity of liquors. The suit was by Theodore R. Sitzmans, a liquor dealer In Easton. Pennsylvania, against the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway Company In whose custody the liquors wore. The goods were shipped over the Pennsylvania Cen tral Railroad from Philadelphia, and were des tined for Prairie City, Illinois. The alleged facta of the case are, * that oo the thirteenth day of February a firm composed of James Scamp and David Scamp, doing business in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, purchased of Welch & Co., wholesale liquor dealers in Easton, Penn sylvania. & large bill of goods. In accordance with orders 1 the liquors were sent to the firm, properly xnaikcd. “rfa the Bclvidorc & Dela ware Railroad to Bull's Island,” from which place the firm were accustomed to cart their goods. Shortly alter the sale, information was received hyi*Welch & Co., of Easton, concerning reported fraudulent operations of the Bucks County firm. Sir. Welch immediately started to find the men, and mako a collection of them, but found that they were missing. On tracing up the liquors it was found that when they had arrived at Ball's Island the mark had been erased, and all shipped to Philadelphia, from whence they were traced to Chicago. Mr. Welch followed closely oo the trail of the liquor, and arrived in Chicago on Sunday afternoon. Yesterday morning be found them In the freight office of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne Road. The parties who shipped the goods were not to he found as was hoped by Mr. Wclcb, and In order that he might regain bis goods a suit of replevin was commenced yesterday la the Supe rior Court. Tbe firm in Easton have given bonds in double the value of Ibc roods in ques tion, and intend to return, undoubtedly feeling rejoiced at averting the loss that threatened them. _ Cnr Mobtautt.—The city mortality during tho month [oi February was .unpreccdonlylow, even for a short month, the total number of deaths being but 255, which U carried out through the year would give an annual death total of 3,129, or one and a hair per cent per annum, on a popula tion of 220,000. „ iw v The deaths were: South Division, 61; North, 07; West, 106; unreported, 1; total, 255. Ages—-Under five years, 118 ; from five to ten, 17 ; ten to twenty, 10 ; twenty to thirty, 35; thirty to forty, 31; forty to fifty, 10; fifty to sixty, 8; sixty to seventy, 10; seventy to eighty, 0 ; eighty to ninety, 2; unknown, 2. Total. 250. Nativity—Chicago, 121 : other parts of the United States, Sit; Canada, l; England, 12; France. 1; Germany, 80; Ireland, 83; Norway, 8; Nova Scotia, 1; Swodcn.3; Scotland, 2; wales, 1: un known, 4. Total, 255. Causes of death—Accident, 6; asthma, 1; eb cceSl2; bronchitis, 1; cancer, 3;cold, 1; croup. 8: consumption, 42; convulsions 18; childbed, 5; congestion of brain, 7; congestion of lungs, 2; delirium tremens, 1; decline. 2; diarrhoea, 1; dlphtheria,6; dropsy. 9; dysentery, 1; disease of brain,l; dUeascof bowels, 2; disease of heart, 4: disease of liver, 2; disease of lungs, 2; disease of throat,!; epilepsy, 1; crysiptlas. S; congestive fever, 3; remittent fever, 2; scarlet fever, l4;-ty phoid lever, 10; hTdrocenhalus, 4; inflammation of the bowels, 4; inflammation of the brain, 5; io flamation of the lungs, 19; inflammation of the stomach,!; inflammation not stated, 1; killed, 1, marasmus, 2; neuralgia, 1; oldagc.O; paralysis, 1 * pneumonia,l; phthisis pulraoualls, 2; rheumat ism,!; still bora. 22; small pox, 5; teething, 9; whooping cough, 1; worms. 1; wound (gun shot), !; ulcer, l; unknown, 0. Total, 255. Connor or Phahhact.— The regular monthly meeting of the Chicago College of Pharmacy was held yesterday afternoon. In Room No. 20, Bice's Banding, the President, E, Q. Sargent, Esq., in in the chair. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. The Committee on Renting Booms reported that they had secured a desirable suite of rooms in Rice’a Block, and that the same would he suit ably furnished as soon as possible. On motion, a committee was appointed to pre pare a design for certificates of membership to be issued to each member of the College, as provid ed lor In Ihe by-laws. On motion, standing committees were appoint ed on the progress ot Pharmacy and the revision of Pbarmaconaia, and also a temporary commit tee on the solicitation of specimens for the Col lege. The Secretary was on motion instructed to noil ly the dilfcreot organisations throughout the county ot the rc-organlMUion of the Chicago Col lege otPharmaCT. Several contributions to the library were re ported by Jlx. 11. Ebert, and a vote of was Tendered to him for hts donations.3t M. Ebert read a paper on the preparation of Blbromlde of Mercury, and on a substitute for Liebig's food for Infants, made from wheat bran. The subject was fully discussed by the members present. The meeting then adjourned. Death at the Aumoet. —On Saturday evening, a woman named Mary Adams called, with a baby in her arms, at the Armory, and asked leave to remain until Monday, as she had neither a home nor friends in the city. Sbe told tbc officer la charge that for abont a month poet she was an in mate of the County Hospital, where she became a mother. Two weeks afterwards she obtained a situation in a private family as servant, bat was 'discharged on Friday last. For two days she wandered abont the city seeking employment, bat was unsuccessful. Driven to the last resource, sbe sought shelter in the Armory for herself and child. On Sunday the child was taken sick and aled In convulsions. Coroner Wagner was sum moned, and bold an inquest, when a verdict of “natural death” was returned. Pocket Picktko in Cucucn.—Mrs. Mary Lat een, a-bard working German woman with a large family to enport, while attending worship in the St. Francis Catholic Church, on Arnold street, on Sunday morning, bad her pocket picked of a wallet containing some car tickets and 310 In money. Tbo thief was a “professional” named David Marshall. Discovering her loss, she men tioned it to some persons standing by, which Mur shall observed, and suddenly left uu* oburcu. His batty manner ot departing at once attracted at tention, and m a tew moments a crowd of two bundredwero in hot pursuit. Artec a lengthy chase be was captured and delivered to a police mao. The pocket-book and car tickets were found onhlzn,bntnot the money, whichhe mast hare either thrown awny or banded to s onw con federate while yet In the church. At the Police Court, yesterday morning', he was com ultted for trial la ball of *I,OOO. BunonanT.—Ou Sunday morning Thomas Gray, residing at No. *8 North Dearborn street, beard a noise at the back door of h!s house, and upondreraing himself, lighting a lamp and going into the hack kitchen be there found a stxanjer named Morris O'Donnell, with a lighted match In hia band. Though the door had been bolted on the Inside, and the bolt was lying on the door on the inside. Moms stated that he found the dour ajar, and being sick be entered. He stated that in company with a friend he had the night before been to McVicker’s Theatre, after which be got dmrJc and fell asleep. Upon awakening he felt sick and so availed mrascif of the hospitalities of Mr. Gray’s kitchen; Morris was held in ball of SI,OOO lor trial at the Recorder’s Court. Intoxi cated folks should avoid peoplc’s.dwcUiogs in the nighttime. Stealing Lead Pips.—Three email boys, on Saturday afternoon, entered the house of Leon ard Ruthparber, on Clark street, and cutting off two or three feet of lead pipe communicating with the hydrant, subsequently sold it at a Junk store near Twelfth street, for twenty-five cents. Mr. Rutngarber, who was removing bis boosehold goods to another residence, upon returning to the dwelling found the basement flooded with water. The juveniles were arrested, and at the Police Court, yesterday morning, were sent before Com missioner ‘Williams as candidates for the Reform School. Alleged Labczkt or Cows.—William Weeks, Charles Schenck, Charles Schrclber and Joseph Herman were held to ball in SSOO each at the Po lice Court yesterday afternoon, for a further hear ing on Thursday, charged with stealing a cow from William S. Phillips, of Holstein. Tbe Decease of B. D. Stratton, Esq. The committee appointed by the Chicago Mer cantile Literary Union, to draft resolutions con cerning the demise of H. D. biratton, Esq., of Bryant & Stratton’s Commercial College, report ed tho following, which were unanimously adopt ed : Whereas, Ithas pleased tho Almighty Disposer of events to remove by death one of Chicago's prominent business men; and Whzueas, Wc deem It worthy and proper to notice and respect departed usefulness, and to profit by tbe solemn lessons and admonitions of the Great Destroyer; therefore, be it Resolved, That by the death of U. D. Stratton* Esq., the world has lost a noble and useful man, oor country a patriotic and philanthropic citizen, society an accomplished and courteous gentle man, and onr “ literary Union” a warm hearted ‘ and generous patron. Resolved. That the memory and virtues of the deceased shall blossom in our memories, and we will ever remember him as a friend to young men, a benefactor always ready to assist them In their straggles, to encourage them in tbelr desponden cy, and to rejoice with them in their success and prosperity. ' Resolved. That while we deplore his removal we will strive to emulate his example, to perpet uate In onr lives his virtues, to catch his spirit of enterprise and Imurovcmcat, and to shape our lives so as to reap like him the glorious rewards, of a noble and useful career. The Grave by the L«Ke. I The following Is the finest passage in Whit tle*’sla'e poem, “ The Tent on ihe Beach." The poet stands beside “The Grave by the Lake * Fart tby bine lips, Northern lake t Mobs grown rock?, your silence break! Tell the tale, thon ancient tree I Tbon, too, slide-worn Osslpce I Speak, and tell ns how and when lived and died this king of men I Wordless moans the ancldnt pine; Lake and mountain give no sign; Vale to trace this ringof stones; Vain the search of crumbling bonest Deepest of all mysteries. And the saddest, silence Is. Imen and Esousa CaunHAx Statistics Cox* rxciD.— There were fear persons executed in Ireland daring the past year, and twenty in Eng land. The verdicts of coroner's Juries for mar* dcr were seventy in Ireland and two hundred and sixty-seven in England, If the English ratio of taSlbiicidca were to prevail in Ireland, the num ber of coroner's verdicts for tbot crime daring the past year, would have been 55; it was only 89. If the number of indictable offences committed in Ireland were In proportion to those committed In England, it would be 29 per cent higher than it actually Is. And if the criminal classes in Ireland bore the same proportion to the popula tion that those classes do In England, their pres ent number would be more than doubled. local mattebs. Corns Extracted Without Pain.—Coma, Bunions, Enlarged Jomts.or Ingrowing Nalls. Go lo Dr. Kenibox, baa operated on the fet’ more than sixteen years In Boston and Chicago, for ladles. Cure* Itch* Tetter* Scald Head* old Sores, Barber’s Itch. Swayne’e Ointment Is war* ranted to eflcct a perfcctcnre In all cases. Sold everywhere. Wholesale by Burnhams & Van* Schaack. Relief and Health to Yonr Children. —lire. Winslow’a Soothing Syrup, for Chlldres, relieves the child from pain. Invigorates tbcstoa ach and bowels, corrects acidity and wind caic. Perfectly safe In all eases, as millions of mothers con testily. Thirty-five cents a bottle. Oflees, 4dDcy street. New York, and 205 High Hoiborn, London, England. The Renowned Clairvoyant Sisters’ National Cancer Institute and Magnetic lifltnary, 565 Wabash avenue. Instantaneous cures of many diseases, by the healing power. Patients eared of cancer, consumption, asthma, rheuma tism and other diseases, can bo seen daily. Juniper Tar Soap'enres chapped hands salt rheum, pimples, and all cutaneous a erections, rendering the skin solt and smooth. Manufac tured by Caswell, Mack & Co., New York. Hold by all diuggists. The Franklin Brick Machine, Justly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great strength, and Immense compressing power, is quauastbed, with eight men and two horses, to self-temper the clay, and make 3,000 to 3,100 decant bricks per hour. J. □. Unties, proprietor, No. 71 Broad wsy, New York, Hoorn 23. RABBI ED. Id tbit city, on the 4th Inti., at the resident* of W. n. Stowe, by the Iter. J. W. Healv. Mr GEO. T. I’ITKIH and Mias MINNIE A. BATTKAY, all of Chicago. In thlaclty. Feb. 10th, by Henry Arnold. E«„ Mr. O. H. HAMMOND, oi Chicago, and Mrs. OEOIWIEITA V. FABU, of Peoria, 111. CSTPeorla aad Bloomington papers please copy. In this city, on the 3d Inst., at the residence of the bride's Iniher, by the Iter. E, O. Taylor, Mr. S. WIL SON and MISS ANNA GOLDIE, both of this city. In this city, on the Sd Inst.. by the Rev. C. H. Whoel cr. of the Illlnohst. Independent Church, Mr. THOM AS EDEN, cf Chicago, and Miss IDA M. KABO, of Poo nsjr Peoria and Bloomington papers please copy. At Aipcnnnin. McHenry Co., 111., on tbo 3d Inst., by the ItevT pTlrerdson, Ur. WILLIAM B. CAQQEB and MBs JOSEPHINE A. ALLEN. DIED In this city, March 3d, ol liver complaint, Mr. AL EXANDER PAUL, ageo 41 years. flTßoslon and St. Paul papers please copy. p OYERNJIENT BONDS. CAPITAL, *1,000,000. Merchants’ Sayings, Loan & Trust Co., Southwest comer of Lake and Dearbora-sts. S. A. SMITH. Prea’t. W. E.DOOQETT, Vice Fres'L L. J. GAGE, Cash’r. CHAS. lIENRUTIN, Ass tCaiii'r. This flank is now prepared for the conversion of Seven-Thirties Into Five-Twenty Bonds of the new of every description boncht and sold. amusements. OOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM, J. O. WOOD .....7. ....Proprtetor Director of Amusements ...F.E. AIKEN glace Manager TIIOS. BARKY The great Ledger Drama, as played In all the panel clpal Theatres In the United Slate* with great success, and received here with distinguished applause. Sec ond nlcbt ot a new Museum Comedy. On Tuesday evening. March stn, will be glrm, for the second.time, a new Com-dy, entitled MV WIFE'S MIRROR, OR THE IN CHICAGO. To ocnclnde wllh the sen sational Drama of TUE BIDDEN HAND. Wednesday afternoon, Grand Matinee. Friday, Benefit of Mr. fhos. Barry. MAN AND WIFE Is In preparation, with a great cast. FROZEN DEEP and DANGEROUS GAME.BOOD. McYICKER’S theatre. CKER A MYEKB MANAGERS. LAST WEEK OF MR. DAN BRYANT AND LIT TLE MAC- Tuesday, the great drama, written expressly for Mr. B tfliAulrß O’BRIEN, or the Bonld Boy ot Olcngall. Shamna O’Brien (with song, “The Green Above the Red.’’) Mr. Dan Bryant. LITTLE MAC IN A RUCTION JIG. Mr. Bryant in Three Chatactcr*. Friday—Farewell Benefit of Dan Bryant, Saturday—Dan Bryant Matinee. pBOSBrS OPERA HOUSE, MCWADD A RIDDELL Lessees and Managers WM. 8. WARREN Treasurer BRILLIANT RECEPTION! TBIUMPHANT SUC CESS of the bewitching little LOTTA! Tuesday Evening. Match slb, 1567, Bonclcaolt’S cele brated ccmcdy, entitled the TRIBE DIAMOND. Andy, with popular sobg “Pat Malloy” Miss Lolta Followed by the uproarious farce of the GOOD-FOR-NOTHING. Nan, with Dance and Banjo Solo Lotto Tc-morrow. the FEMALE DETECTIVE. Lolta In six difierent characters. Lotts Mstlnee Batnrday Alternoon. ■yAKIETY THEATRE. This and every evening until farther notice, wUlbe presented the great One Thousand Dollar Prize Drama in three acts, entitled Vetatl the Adventurer i or, The Steed of Modena, Reeeited everywhere in the Eastern cities with ad mliaticm and eclat. Miss FLORENCE TEMPLE Win introduce her trained steed FIREFLY, In new trick feats and startling situations. Look out tor HELL UPON EARTH. QDICAGO CALEDONIAN CLUB. LECTURES

Mary, Queen' of Scots. The Officers and Clansmen of the Chicago Caledoni an Club respectfully announce to their toOow-cluzens that a COURSE OF LECTURES, three In numaer, will be delivered before the Club by tno Hon. ARTHUR MoAETHUB, Of Milwaukee, formerly Lieutenant Govffaorol Wis consin, on “Alary, Qnecnof Scots, and the Prominent Men m Her Time.'* at CROSBY’S MUSIC HALL, on TUESDAY, THURSDAY end FRIDAY, March slh, Tlh and etb, at a o’clock p.m. _ T , Tickets tor the Course, fl; Single Lecture, 50c. To bo had of any member©? the Club ; at I Mayo> s ißdMe- Pliereon’s. comer of Washington and Clark it*.. A. Mnrrav's.36 Deaibotn-et.; P. McFarUnJ’s. 44 La- Salle-Bt.; John Alston’s, Bandolph-st., and at the door of the Hail on the th*u meL WM.M.DALE, Secretary. Chicago, March 1,18C7. WONDER OP WONDERS, and No turo unveiled, at tbe Branch ol the Kcw York Museum of Anatomy, only. Important Lectures dally. Those '??sSd«i?drMSlnX may receive them by enclosing lO centa and adarcssm* Secretary of Museum, 06 Randolph-BC_MalMree^^ printing. PRINTING, Book .and Job, At Tribune Job Office, Fuollltie* for dolor Work ,C Anf Dooerio lien Unequalled Is the Wb* Ertfmne’s prospectus. 1867 Prospectus 1867 OF TEE CHICAGO TRIBUNE Daily, Tri-W eeUy and W eeMy Editions Ic Publishes More Telegruvhle News, Better Market Reports* Store Interesting News* snd a Grenier Variety of Reliable and Oscfnl Inform matisn tti *" ether Pa per In America. The Chicago Tmscnrs, now approaching its twenty-first year, is recognized as the leading organ and exponent of the great, patriotic, domi nant Republican party of the Northwest. The Turn due is no ephemeral concern of donbtful du ration, bat a permanently established institution, known and respected throughout the United States. Ita circulation exceeds the combined Irenes of the other Chicago dallies. Its past record and career may be pointed to with pride and pleasure by Us conductors. Since the Repnblican party was organized, the Chicago Tntßtntz has stood by it, through evil as well os good report; never in the rear, out always In the front, beckon ing It onward and upward; never faltering or weary, but always hopeful, earnest, fearless. Its blows have fallen incessantly on slavery, oil gareby and treason. During the entire period o tne rebellion It blew no uncertain blasts, bat sounded the charge and cheered on the defenders of freedom to renewed efforts, assuring them of a glorious triumph for the right os tho reward of perseverance and sacrifice.. The Chicago Tuibukb sincerely believes iu the principles of tho Declaration or Independence, and Is, therefore, radical in its aims, Impulses and endeavors, and is confident of witnessing, at an early day. the acceptance and adoption of the beneficent doctrines of Republicanism in every section and subdivision of oor common country. A. FIRST-CLASS NEWSPAPER. Tbe Chicago Txubuks, while fearless In the ex- Srcsslon of its opinions, and patriotic in its cn cavors, aims at being a FIRST-CLASS NEWS PAPER. It brings the news to the people of the Northwest several days sooner than tbe papers ol the seaboard, and surpasses all its contemporaries In the Northwest In every deportment of news en terprise. It discusses every subject of interest to Western men—moral, political, -literary, commercial and ffrVnffifti. No Western merchant, bankcr.farmer, mechanic, drover or manofactnrer, can study bis own Interest and do without It- No farmer should sell a bushel of wheat, com. oats, or a pound of beef or pork, without reading tbe TRIBUNE; no merchant should sol! his goods without read ing the TRIBUNE; no manufacturer his wares: no mechanic the product of hla bands, without tlrft consulting its well-filled, accurate and re liable commercial columns. XXto Content* of Each Edition ©Tithe Tribino Embrace, Ist—A COMPLETE*CURRENT HISTORY of the progress of events, with general nows of the 2d—COPIOUS TELEGRAPHIC DESPATCHES, containing the Latest News from all ports, down to tnfi hour of eplngto press. Sd—REGULAR CORRESPONDENCE from nu merous points in the Sooth and the Capitols of the western States, Washington, New York, St. Louis, California, Kansas, Canada, Great Britain, France, German? and Italy, besides occasional letters from many other Solnts where interesting news is transpiring. Io other Journal in the country employs a larger or more capable corps of correspond* cuts. 4th—ABLE EDITORIALS on Political Topics, and all subjects of current Interest, and Re* views of New Publications, h—POLL REPORTS OF .MEETINGS, whetbe Political, Religions, Agricultural, Educa tional or fix'scellanoons. I—PROCEEDINGS OF CONGRESS and State Legislatures, important Speeches and Docu ments. —COMPLETE MARKET REPORTS, embrac ing every article the farmer or dealer can ex ■ pect to find quoted in a newspaper. The TRIBUNE has achieved and maintained the highest reputation as a Commercial Paper. -CAREFULLY PREPARED AGRICULTU RAL AND HORTICULTURAL ARTICLES, by “Rural,” and other able writers on the Farm nnd Garden. ~ . •POETRY, TALES, ANECDOTES, and Inter esting Miscellany. 7lh.—C* Btb-Cv Terms of the Chicago Tribune, PAYABLE IN ADVANCE* DAILY. .812 00 TGI-WEEKLY. Stogie copy, one ytv* Single copy, one year. Five copies, 44 Ten 44 44 WEEKLY. Single copy, one year. Five copies, 44 Ten 44 44 Twenty 44 . Persons ordering ten or more copies may deduct from the subscription price tea percent, as a commission, and also open each club ol twenty we will send an ex tra copy. This commission applies only to the Weekly edition. CF" Remittances tor Clubs must, in all cases, be made at onetime. Dot additions may be made at any time, at club rates, arrcc the club has been raised, provided a full year’s subscription is made. Dlonev. by Draft, Express. Money Orders, ir in Ucgtstered Letters, may bo sent at >ur risk. Address TEIBUNE CO., Chicago, 111. auction Sates. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneer! & Commission Merchants 44 Sc 40 XtANDOLPn-HT.. Between State-st. and Wabash-ay., Hold regular tales, at their salesrooms, oi DRY GOODS, CLOTHING. BOOTS, SHOES, AC.. Every WEDNESDAY aadTHDBSDAY. FU UNIT DUE, CAIiPETB. every SATUBPAY ASSIGNEES’ SALE. Fine Custom HI ado Clothlna, &c., AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY. March 6th. at 9J,' o’clock, at Bat tors' salesrooms, 44 and 46 Itanclolph-st. Th<* stock consists of about 133,0)0 worth ol tho best class of Custom Made Clothing, Ciolhs and Famish- Ine Coeds, being the entire slock of a merchant tailor. Bale positive, without reserve, for cash. BJ order 0 ? the boTTEKS 4 co _ Auctioneers. oaa PIECES ALL-WOOL CASSI t)V\/ MVRRS AND BROADCLOTHS AT AUCTION, On WEDNESDAY, March 6th, at 10 o'clock, at Bat- Mi.’ AMi , B _ CTAPLE DRY GOODS, Prints, Mns o Jins, Flannels, Jeans, Stripes, Cloths, Casslmcres, Yankee Notions, Ac., AT AUCTION, On Thursday, March 7, at o’clock, at Butters’ sales room .14 * no. teiWMi -pvAKIEL SCOTT & CO., ADCTIONEEHS ADD COMMISSION MEKCHANT3, lU4 I.nko-si.* cor. LaSalle, Chicago. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sals. Gat-door sales promptly attended to. A UCTION, at Darnel Scott & Co.’s r\ Auction Rooms, 164 Lakp-st.. on TUESDAY Evening, Bth March, at 7 o’clock. Bare and Valuable Colna^Anto graphs, Ac., In all about Catalogues to be had at the Auction Rooms, Monday morning. DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Aoctlonecrs. A TK TI ON—Tuesday, March sth, at 10 XJL a, B, at DANIEL SCOTT A CO.’s, 164 Lake-at. Custom-Made Clothing, Casslmcres. Satinets, Heavy Woollen Shlrte, Blankets, Hosiery,etc. etc. DANIEL SCOTT A LO-, • Auctioneers. A UCTION—At Daniel Scott & Co.'s J\_ Auction Rooms, 164 Lake-st., at 10. a. m., on TUESDAY, March S. Catalogue sale of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, etc*, Including Shirtings. Sheetings, Irish Linens, Gents’ Dress Shirts, Dress Goods, Sewing BUk, etc. for particular, rue amUou Boom. Anctlone era. T M. REYNOLDS, • I . AUCTIONEER, Sells at bis salesroom. No. 127 Dcarborn-su, on Tues day, March Stfa, at 10 a. m„ One 7-octave Rosewood Plano, In fine order. McClellan Saddle (cost >SO). Bridle, Ac- Ac. JE REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, _ 127 DEARBOHN-ST, Fell*, at 1128 Indlaaa-av., OH THURSDAY, MARCH?, ATIO O’CLOCK, Household FT'.ultntfl, Brasselß and other Carpets ,Mar hie-top Tables. Chain. Tables, Bareaus. Crockery, and a general assortment ol first-class Furnltarc. JM. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • 127 DEAKBORN-ST., Bells, at 1122 India na-av., ON THURSDAY, MARCH 7, AT 10 O’CLOCK, Household Furniture, Brussels and other Carpets, Mar tie-top Tables. Ctatrs, Tables, Bureaus, Crockery, and a geteral assortment of First-class Fornlture. &ILBBRT & SAMPSON, General Auctioneers. 47 and 40 Deftiborn-st. Large assortment of Jfc. PHUlTtrilE, *o., AT AUCTION, On TUEBDAT. March 9, at 10 o'clock, will be Bold at our salesrooms, 47 and 49 Dearbpro-«U a splendid assortment of Parlor, Chamber and Dining-room Fur nimre, including severe) very fine polish oil walnut Chamber Suites and Parlor Seta, together with a gene- M!a r, E c». o «n™^«i. ONi Aceao;ieenl- ILBEBT AND SAMPSON, It General Auctioneers,47 and 49 Dearborn-fit. we (hall sell at Auction, at our Salerooms, 47 and 4!) Dearborn-sU on WEDNESDAY, March 6th, at 10 o'clock, a large and beautiful collection of stuffed binds, Preserved by Mr. J. R. Galbraith, of New York. The mbraces a large variety M the handsomest Birds Iromthe WEST INDIES and SOOTH AMEUKjA, arranged on sprays and under class shades. This beautiful collection will on Monday ootUIMUIo. £ate fHills, Engines, &c. rj-iHE LANE & BODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE BTEAM ENGINES, Kwngtft Machines, Cora mw and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. ... LANE Ss BODLEY, Comer cl John and Water-sts., Cincinnati. JWH.iSVZ S lpa?g arCTl “‘ iUehlcaU J-JE. ANTONIO’S Female Periodical Pills ABE PERFECTLY Safe and Reliable in all Gases of Irreg- ularities. Wkolefl * le ABen j?DENHAMB AYANBC HA ACK, 16 LakMtn C&lC6f9« ®o sKent=ioouses. TO BENT—House No. lUO Hnron st Anew.two-story and brickbasement withall mod era Improvements. Good nelrtoorhrod. two blocks from street caw. Inquire at No. 05 Haroa-et. TO KENT—The fine three story and basement itosa treat bouse, Ko. 90S CarroU-st* two blocks north of Union Pars. Possession Immedi ately. 11ATRD AUK ARLgV,earner Lata and LaSalie- StS. T) KENT—Two-story Dwelling House So. 239 near C. B. ftQ. 8.8. In outre of FEBET ft SON. west end Eighteen th-st. Bridge. T) RENT—The two-story and base ment marb'e-lront House, Ko. 36S West Lake- BL, fronting on Union-park. Possession Immediately. Ca lat 320 Falton-aC, lor particulars. TO RENT—Furnished, a private resi dence, Dorn Ist ol May (excent carpels, which are for sale cheap), of brick and marble, tor one year or longer, to a genteel private family. It has modern Im provements. cl-aiant and healthy location, near West washlngton-st., schools and churches near. Hone cars every mre minutes. Ala?, an untarnished first class biles residence, from Ist of May, in the near vi cinity of the above, to a first-class and prompt tenant. Apofy st 13 Metropolitan Block, comer Randolph and LaSaile-sls. TO RENT—A new Cottage, with ten rooms and all modem Improvements, at 114 North Paullna-st. TO RENT—Furnished House. A desi rable bouse, famished tbronshoat. In a choice location on tneKorth bide, tar six months or longer. Bent f 115 per month. Address p. O. Box 220. TO RENT—Hotel at Lake Forest—This desirable summer resort, a miles north of Chica go. will be (or rent on the Ist ot April, for a term ot years. The building contains St rooms, la In good re pair, and will be rented on lavorablo terms to a person who can taimeh and keeps good bettae. None othar need apply. Address P. O. Pox 6142, Chicago. TO RENT—House—And furniture tor sale—B rooms, only &0 a month. The cheapest Bargain ever offered In tbe city. WIU be sold at auc tion cnThnriday, unless disposed ot befjre at private sale. For particulars. Inquire on the premises, or at 127 Sonlh Dearborn-sL TO RENT Three-story brie* bouse, with bam. 320 Van Bureo-st.; alio, two-story irnma house, 134 Aberdeen-*t. Possession Immedl ate. A. D. MEAD, 131 Bandolph-st. TO RENT —Cottage bouse No. 325 Tv ler-st., corner Centre-av., five rooms and closet#, water in kitchen. Inquire ot U. j. ADAMS, corner Adams and Canal-sta. npo RENT —House 110 South Sangamon- X st., rent £3O a month, in advance. S. W. SEA, 104 Clark-st. TO RENT—Cottage bouse No. 211 For quer-st, of 5 rooms and S closets. with water, ftS q month. JAMES M. BILL. 55 Clark-st. fpO RENT—A furnished bouse, with I modern Improvements and la nice repair. In quire at the door. 922 Mlcblgan-av., first la the row soutn ot Twenty-filth-st. TO RENT—AtEvanston—A house with 7 rooms, 10 minutes’ walk from the depot. Furni ture for sale. Address ‘*X, r Tribune office. TO RENT—Cottage house 342 Waluut- S rooms and pantry, bard and soft water, one block from Lske-st. cars, and good neighborhood. Call at 648 Fulton-st. TO RENT—Neat house, 801 West Mad- JBon-et.,7rooms, sas, water and bath room. In perfect order. Possession Immediately. OOODWRr LIE & CO„ 182 Madison, corner LaSalle. ®o 3U.ent--13.00m5. TO RENT—The upper part ol 336 NorthFrankllo-tt-,srooms; also, cottage Id the rear, a rooms. Possession Immediately. BaIED & DRADLbY, corner Late and LaSoXle-sts. TO RENT—Two very desirable rooms, centrally located foow occupied by a flnUclasa dressmaker). Part ol the fixtures for saie. Address, icr two days. “ ML,” Tribune office. None hat re* sponsible parties need apply. rpo RENT—Pleasant famished rooms X and one front room, saleable for gentlemen. at M2OH sute-st., cohyenleat to business. TO RENT—Twenty separate tmtar nlihcd rooms, at 17 North Wetla-it. TO RENT—A tarnished room, suitable lor two gentlemen or gouieman and wlhs. at ] 78 C inton-lt., bt tween Adams and Jackson-eta.. cheap. ■ TO RENT—A tarnished trout room, closet and stove, suitable lor one or two gentle men; also, one single room, famished, without board. Terms very reasonable, uefertnee required. Apply at 77 Jacseop-st. ‘ TO RENT—A tarnished lodging room, for one or two gentlemen, in Ecynolds* Bloch, inquire at Boom sg. TO KENT—Two newly famished front roorai In a flrat-clvs new house, satiable for nocaclccrplnir (separate entrance), half a block from Bine ißland-aT. cars, 240 Ewlng-sl, rpO BENT—Furnished lodgings, with- J. Crat board, to cenUemcn only. Pleasant roocnf, VUh closets and gas. kept in order to rent on reason* able terms. Apply at ‘J3 Mlchigan-ay. TO RENT—With board, a large fur nished room, suitable for two single gentlemen, atlSKosb-gt. Kelerences required. TO KENT—Five rooms, besides pantry and closets, being the lower part of ogood bouse near street cars, four squares west ot union Park. None need apply who are not wiltlnz to bay tbs lurnt ture, provisions and inel on band. To parties about to commence housekeeping this Is a rare chance. Price of furniture about <ioo. Kent <23 a mouth. In advance: can have the whole bouse lor <4O. Apply at itoom 16 Mo. 133 Booth Clark-st. .8 0 00 . 27 30 . 30 00 ®o i&fnt-Stowßi ©Sices, &c TO RENT—Second and tliird floors at 50 Lake-st. Apply to PHELPS, DODGE & CO. .8 2 00 . 900 . 17 30 . 33 00 TO RENT—River lot on South Branch. adjoining Pittsburgh & Fort Wayne Ballroaa etwee. with 290 reel of dock; railroad track on lot. A. JbAVEKELL, Beal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan HpO'RENT—A. desirable suite ol front X office*, at 168 Randolph-at. Apoly to GEORGE M.nion, 104 Kandolph-sL, Hoorn 12. TO RENT —Store 101) Monroe-st., only two doors west from the Post Office; room large. Kent and desirable; flre-ptoof vault. Apply at No. 2 Custom Ilouseplacp. TO RENT—For a term oi five years, a well-furnished hotel, with large yard and barn, sufficient tor SO horses, sheds, situated on Stato-st,, Ih tween Twentieth and Tweaty-nrsVst*., known as the Washington Hotel, to a good tenant, who Is willing to purchase the fixtures and furniture. No others need a;plr. Inquire at 164 3. LEON rpo RENT—Desk room in a central front I office. Desk furnished, if required. GOODWIL LIE a CO.. 102 Madlson-st., corner LaSalle. TO RENT —And fixtures for sale, base ment Baiooa, 123 Deal born at. Apply at Boom 2, No. 125 Dearborn-at. TO RENT—Store No. 207 Racdolpb-st; also, new store. 77 West suitable for fancy dry goods business. A. U. MEAD, Beal Estate Agent, 151 Handolph-SL TO RENT—Dock property, on the Bomb Branch, on lons lease and liberal terms, ■nltabio for coal, lumber and wood yards, or for manu loctnrlng. GEO. V. BYBD, No. 100 Bandolpb-st., Boom 8. aSHanttb-aEo Sent. WANTED— To Rent—A small boose on South Side, pleasantly located. Rent not to exrccd itOXO per month. Address “B. S_’’ I*. O. box 888. TXTANTFD —To Rent—By a prompt- V V paying tenant, a small cottage, or six or (even rooms, on the South Side and convenient to the Tribune office. Either famished or untarnished- address “L E C." Tribune office. Wf" ANTED —To Rent —A house on the VV South Side, with from 10 to 20 rooms. A good Jrlcewtillncly paid lor a good house. Address •* B," . o. Bor 1883. TXT ANTED—To Rent—By a prompt VV paying tenant, a good house, two stoiles, and in goed repair. Want a place on Wabash av„ north of Twcltth-si. Address for three days. “E A," Tribune office. Kent from <7OO to SHOO a year TXT ANTED—To Rent—A nicely lur- VV nlihed Honso, complete lor housekeeping, on Wabash-av., north of Thlrteerth-st. Address P. O. Bex xsay. TXTANTBD—To Rent—ln the country, V V westot Chicago, a store suitable for the grocery trade. Address “D S,” Tribune office- TXTANTBD—To Kent—On Wabash •V V or Ulchlgac-av.,toron«of the cross streets to tween tbem, a Boose; from the Ist ot Mar. by a prompt paying tenant. Kent not to exceed 1100 to |UO per motth. Address P. O. Box 770. TXTANTBD—To Rent—B or 4 Rooms VV on the S'mlh Bide, north ol Harrison and sooth a man and wlfb without children. Address, statinglocatlcn and terms, "OWE," Box 3033. TXTANTBD—To Rent—Bor a young V V lady attending sibool, a pleasant room and boaid, with a private family. Address “A C L,” Tri bune office. TXTANTBD—To Rent—A famished V V room soluble for two gentleman- Must ba con venient to business. North Side preferred. Address 121 Booth Water-st. TXTANTBD—To Rent —By a young VV married couple, one or two tnrslsbed rooms snlUble tor bomekeeping. or board in a private tarn lly in tho neighborhood of State and Washlneton-ats. Terms most be reasonable. Address ROMEO. Tribane office. References given and reqo’red. Worses, Carriages, &c. WANTED— A licht top-bnggy, for which I will exchange a lot on West Twelfth st. Address P.O. Drawer 6137. F)R SALE—A pair of black camaae horses, yonng and sonnd. A second hand family carnage, also a single and doable silver plated har ness. Will be sold altogether or separately. Address P. O. box 1050. T7O R BALE—Iron axle wagon, with pole C 1 and shaft. In good running order. GOODWIIIIE & CO., 16*4 Madison, comer LaSalle. FOR SALE— No. 1 express wagon, a grocery wagon, one two-seat nice baggy, one see ora-handbarey.anaa goad saddle. Inquire at 84 North Franklln-st., corner Indians. F)R BA LE—A second-hand open buggy, nearly new, to be seen at Carriage Factory; no. SSSSlste-st. Gotosameplaceto get yonr old car riages and wagons repaired. L. F. HATHAWAY. \\l ANTED—A good three-spring one VV horse Express Wagon, tor which we win pay a fair price In eoodllqnon. Call at 19QX South wa ter-s>., or address F. O. Box 5817. FOR SALE—One pair Morgan mares, dx years old, weighs I.tOO pound* each, and as One drivers and sogood steeds In harness as any In this country, at 104 West Lake-sU FOR SALE—A span of bay mares in toil, close matched, 6 and 3 years old, sound every way, weighs to-day over 5,000 pounds. Applytp Sr MdnSwTsLWATTS; 173* South WatcrsU Chi cago. Ill; T?OR SALE—Two good horses and ono r fine vonne mule. Wifi exchange tor lumber or fl Apply at 34 and 36 West Waahlngton-st, up stairs. ——^— Host anfl jfouwb. LOST— From 280 Dlinois-st, on Tnes day afternoon, a Dlack and Tan Terrier Poo, aoout 8 months old. Badoa,whcn last seen, a Off man silver collar, with two nvet holes, but no Ejdjock attached; answerata the name ol ‘*O7P-’ Has no halron under side ol neck. A liberal reward will be paid 00 bis return to the above number, or to 93 Washlngton-at. t OST—On Monday evening last, at the I j Amateur Theatricals, at Crosby’s Opera House, aoiamond ring. The finder wlllho handsomely re warded by leaving It with the cashier aVKlnsley s. T OST—$lO Reward—A small black I j Pocket Book. In the Post Office, or between the office and comer of Dearborn and Madlson-sts. me above reward will be paid on leaving It at tbe Tribune office. rpAKEN DP—A blact Horse, Bor 0 I years old. Tbe owner can have the same by o^fiLSPSs Washlngton-sts. pianos. TO RENT—Pianos, Orcans and Melo deous t also, new and second-band Planoe tor sale on time payments, received In Installment!. W. W. Washlngton-st. stock^JO^le^a , faceting. -VTORTH WESTERN GLASS COM *At /meeting of the Board of Directors of the North western Glass Company, held on the 12th day of_ Fetv Sary, 1667, It was ordered, that a meeting of tbs block holders of*said Company be held at the office of the Company, No. 248 South Water-eU, Chicago, On Saturday. March Otb, 1867* At 3 o'clock p. m., at which dm e and place a propoel p-B-aQDUS^w 3£eal Estate-Cits- IHPBOTIB* FOR SALE—An elegant marble front oaMlchlgat-ar.,oearTwelfUi-«t. . . _ a twc-*tery bottse and tot. Mo. 586 Wabash-aT., aearxweina-sr. . . A two-fliory and basement brick boon north of Twelfth-st. A commodlooa brick borne on Mlchlgan-ar., be* tween Twentr-flflb and Twenty-slxih-a 3. A floe residence, Mo. 414 Wabash-ar., near Bob* bard-court. A desirable three story brick bense, northwest cor ner jackaoa-sCandWaoash-ar. „ A valuable to ar-ilory store on South Water-sL, Ko. 33. Mes. 886.688.890 and 899 Mlchlgan-ar. Also.Mos.lia4 and 1130 indianaar.,between Twcnty-rourlh mod Twcnty-flllh-*tj„ with large lots, barns, elm, from f4.Soi] to ISJXO each. Each oa easy Two new house* on Waaaah-ar., Just completed, a little north of Twcaty-nitth-st, Lou SSxIM each. O *so?’ oM e * ca ' U u * ea &t once * Ko# * I**S and Also,' numerous other houses and lots In an parts of the city. WARREN A GOODRICH, Beal Estate Bro kers. iX3 Dearborn-st, Boom U- F'OK SALE—In Then B. Bryan & Co.’s Beal Estate Office, Bryan Hall. fARK-aV., Just west of Benben-at, tot 30x131 feet to M ma msON-ST., northwest corner ot CnlOMt, 4SxSO CXJNTON-RT., loath ot Madlson-st, tot 4QxSO feet; . with three dwelling booses, two In float ana one In rear of lot. PULTON-STh west ol ijf story frame bonse conUlnlng eight rooms, with piazza, and tot 23 sICS feet to alley. CANAL-ST., north ofTwelfth-«t- cottage home con taining six rooms, and closets, barn, and lot 31x100 feet to alley. ADA MS-ST., east of Clark-SL, two-story frame homo containing ten rooms, with tot 26x160 feet. 6TATE-6T., sooth cf Eldrtd re-court, block of three marble-front stores, three stories and basement, frame awelliLga tn rear or lot, and tot 60x170 feet to 30 toot ftllfy. We alio desire to draw attention to the large list of Improved and unimproved city and anbnrban property for sale upon Uie bulletin board in our office. T?OB SALE—A desirable residence on JP Wabash-aT.; 10 rooms; water, sever, gas, and lot too). Two-story boose on Mlchlean-av. of 10 rooms and modern improvements, and lot. Air (B,ooo* One on Michlgan-av. of 10 rooms, water, sewer and ga*. trr isaco. ITew cottage on Adams-sU, 6 rooms, and large tot, (&DCC. Very cheap. '"t on Calnmet-av., near Twenty-fhorth-st^ Fifty feet very cheap. An extraordinary well-built house on Twenty-ninth st~ of 10 rooms; cheap and on time. Seven acres sonth of the city limits. In the vicinity 01 the new Part, ihr *S£OO. ■ Homes and lota in all parts ot the city, tram S3OO to *75X00. Also, the Garden of Eden, Or sl3-000. AB THTJB ft BOTDEN, 310 Stste-st. T?OR BALE—The elegant marble tront P borne. Mo. 223 Mlchlgan-ar.; also marble front bouse. 168 Mlchlgan-ar.; alio, marble front boose on Wabash In block corner of Foarteentb-st. A. J. AVEKELL, real estate agent, Mo. 7 Metropolitan Block. F)R SALE—On Micbigan-av, near Etrbteenth st„ a first-class bouse with large lot. Price* A-J. AVtBELL,real eslaft office,Mo. 7 Metropolitan Block. F)R SALE—On Wabasb-av., two frame houses. Nos. 490 and 492. Also, frame house aodlofeet.Mo.46l Wabasb-ar. A. J. AVEILELL, rtal estate oflle Mo. 7 Metropolitan Block. v FOR SALE—House and lot on South Jeflerson-suNo. IN3. Lot 35x150 feec Water, 6as, sewer, &c-4c. Route In good order. There ta a am on the lot. WASHES A GOODBICB. FOR SALE—Ahonse and lot 183 North State-st, Apply on the premises. Will be sold cheap tor cash. FDR SALE—A nice cottage and lot. noose well bnllt and In perfect order. 5 ro*ms, water In kitchen. Ice honse, new cellar and other con* veolences. LotVixlOO. Cat and ice tho premises, 110 Wt 6t Dlvlslon-sL, near Mnwaukeo-av. F)K SALE—Two houses and lot?, ?1,250 each, large and desirable. In Kenosha, Wu. Ap> ply to 6. Y. BRANDS. Kenosba, Wls. FOR SALE—At a great bargain, small home and lot, on Asylum-place, corner of Or chard-st. Most be sold. Inquire on premise*. FDR SALE—The two-story and base ment dwelling, 193 Mlchlgan-ay., together with mrnltore and lease of lot. Lease terminates Oct.' Ist, 1975. PossessionUtof Maynext. J.G. HAMILTON, Boom 7 Methodist Chorea Block. FOR SALE—A cottage and barn on leased lot, close to street cars, cheap. Apply on the premises, 43 Plerce-st. * FDR RATE—Three new and beautiful booses, Koa. 231. 231 X and 233 Park-ar, with lota;sxil2stt*cb.atomy 81,7(0 each. If taken at once—oniy a small Payment down being required. 1 he balance can remau for one. two and three years. Ilonsea will rent ibr (GOO each. Titles beyond ques tion. WARRbN A GOODRICH, Beal Estate Broker*. 123 Dearbcrn-st.. Boom «. 17OR BALE—A large thiee-story bride r building. No. 151 Foorth-ar., In eood order, will C« sold at the onprecedaated low price of (6,250, if taken at once. Bested to a respectable wbo« lease explrea May Ist prox. Title perfect. WABEEN & GOODRICH, 123 Dearborn-* U Boom 2. F)R SAXiE—House and lot on Warren near Bobey-*C, may bo purchased at a bargain. Apply to I. U. ANDREWS. Beal Bstato Agent, Boom 7, Methodist Church Block. FDR SALE—A well furnished cotlaae containing 7 rooms, pantry and closet, with fot axiMlt. Price (3,800. Inquire on the premises, No. 333 Fnlton-st. Not for rent. T? OB SALE—Tbe elegant residence cor r nrr Waboah-av. and Peck-court, No. 441 Wa- Caah-av. The borne Is Orst-clars, with all the modem Improvements. The lot Is TO feet front on Wabash-av. by 167 ftet deep to a3O ftst alley. Half or more rf the purebsse money on time, U desired. C. B. UOSMEB, 116 Bandolph-et. FOR SALE—On Wabash-ar, comer of Fourteenth-sh. fronting west, a ffrstclaas ibree story and basement, marblu front house, fall depth brick bam In rear; A. J. AVEBELL, Real Estate Office. • TNUIPBOTED. FOR BALE—On Indiana-avr, comer of Sixteenlh-8t.j200 feet, fronting east. Also, fcixty-two feet on Wabash-av., near Eightcenth-st. Fifty leet on Wabash-av., near Twentieth-st. Two hundred feel on Indiana-sr., near Twcntleth-et. One hundred feet ca Pralrle-av M near Twentletb-st. Fifty loci on Indiana-av., sontn ofTweoty-Uilrd-*-. A. y. AVER ELL, Beal Estate Office, No, 7 Metropol itan Block. , FOK SALE—Lot No. 101 South Walk gt- between Madison and Monroe, 24 If leet front. Inqnlre of JOHN FORSYTHE. 153 Bandulph-st. FOR SALE—Eligible business and resi dence property, in the three divisions of the city; also, choice tracts of land In and adjoining trie city. T. WRIGHT. T. LYMAN,Agent, 17 Portland Block. FOR SALE —Four comer lots and nine tealde lota on Sangamon, Peoria and Gre one house and lot on Oreen-st; two 35 feet lots on Green-st. T.F.BnLDWIN, 104 Bandulph-st. ' FOR SALE —Lots on Wabash . and Michigan-avs., near and on corner TblrUoih-st. (1,000 each. Two years hence they wilt bring doable the money. GEORGE A WILLIAMS, 7 Sonth Clark-st. FOK sa r,F—~Ry Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, lots Tillable for manuforturlnr purposes. 60 bv 150 tvct on Fultcn-su, near Union. 92 by IDO feet on near Market. 50 by 110 feet on Canal-st., near Harrison. TO by 190 feet on Adams-et., near Market. ISeal lastate—®simu7;. - F)R SALE—lllinois Stock Farm—B4o acre;, all Improved, near Joliet UL, 33 mites trom Chicago, known as the “ Jrmca Farm,” valued at $50,000. Unstb«so>datasacrlflcetocln§esn estate. For partlcnlan addrees MATTOCKS ft MASON. P. O. Box 19011. Chicago. 111. I7OR SALE—Earm —One ol the best t. farms, of 130 acres, in Cook Count?, situate In the Town ot Lyons, 16 miles from the Coart Moose la Chi cago, and 2k miles from Hinsdale, on the Chicago, Darlington ft Quincy Railroad; SJ acres of fine grove; 400 choice bearing apple trees, cherries and other irult, Ac.; school and churches convenient. Any one wish ing to purchase a tana will do well to examine this as U wilt bear Inspection, and will be sold at a bargain. Apply to A. DORATHY, 33 Dearborn-st. Room O. UOK~BALE—Splendid farm m Will Co., 1' cn D&plalnes River—374 acres, with wood, water, trait, pattnrage, meadow and arable 'and; sl3,(oo—k cash, balance at option. D. H. HORNE, 14 Lombard Block. U*OK SALE—Splendid stock, grain and- P dairy form, 300 acres. In McHenry co- I1J„ 45 miles from Chicago. Jf mile irom depot on N. W. Kali road, 3 booses, 9 barns: well fenced; never-filling stream runs throned the farm: 60 acres timber; will keep 200 brad of cattle; excellent location for large cheese factory: clay on premises for manufacture ol crcnm-coloted brlcz; the new Northern Railroad sur veyed through premises; depot oa the farm. Farm can be dlvlced Into 40-acre lots, each with running water and on public road. Price S3O per aero—very cheap. Also, tor sale, adjoining above, the best water power In McHenry Co„ and a large number of village lots. Apply to J. BONO.Boom 4,N0. 44 LaSaUe-st, or to J. H. NICHOLS. Kenosha, Wla. TT'OR SALE—Several desirable farms, X fO to loco acres each; 20 to 100 miles irom Chicago; f!s to $73 per acre. Also, fine prairie lands; $lO to sls per acre. No better in the West. Well located near railroads. J.W. HEDENBEEQ, 14 Lombard Block, 17 OR SALE—A fine grain and stock JD farm of abont 300 acres. In Cake County* 80 miles from Chicago. Plenty of wood and water. Apply to G. A. SPRINGER. No. 9 Metropolitan Block. EOR SALE—Four eighty acre tracts of choice forming land In Kankakee rolling prairie, soli excellent. Situated' In a wall settled neighborhood, and within seven miles ol Gardner Sta tion on St. Louis Railroad; one-toonh mile from Post Ofilce; will sell together or otherwise. Can be bad cheap and on liberal terms. S.H.KERFOOT ft CO n No. 71 Dearbom-Bt. EOR SALE—Twenty-five well im proved stock and grain farms, within forty miles oi Lihicago. Also, A 1 lowa lands: will trade for city Sroperty- JONES. BUNDY ft TAYLOR, Boon 13 lethodlst Chnrch Block. loathing. BOARDING —First class board can be bod at 157 Fourth-av. Booms fhmUhed or un furnished. Terms moderate. Also brick bam to rent. Apply on premises. *D CARDING—Two or lonr yonng gen- X_> tlemen or a gentleman and wife can be accommo dated with rooms and board at 142 WaDash-av n If applied for Immediately. T>OARDING—A lew gentlemen can find X) a good opportunity to practice the French lan guage, by taking their board la a Orst-Oass French family, at 204 Illlnols-st. A few-day boarders can also te accommodated. BOARDIN G—Good accommodations for two getUemeu sod their wires or single gentle men. at 236 East Washlngton-sU Also, day boarders wanted. T> CARDING—A few more gentlemen J) can And flrst-clasa board and pleasant rooms, at -100 East Adaru at. Also, day boarders. BOAKDINU —Two gentlemen desirous ol a comfortable home, excellent board, with a large liontroom. in a respectable family. living on Waoash'sv.. notftr ftbm Post Office. Beat references required. Address ** C," P. O. Box 1320. BOARDING —Furnished rooms suitable lor gentlemen and tbel* wives, or single gentle men, to rent with board, at 74 Jackson-sfc, two blocks sontb ol Post Office. . BOAEDING— A fine parlor to let with board, on first floor. In good brick block; also a large room and clo‘et on second floor, suitable for a eec'leman and wife, or the two might accommodate a small family. References exchanged, at 363 West Marflsoi-St. BOARDING —A nice trout room, with board, for a gentleman and lady, or two young men. Apply at 223 Fourth av. BOARDING —Furnished rooms to rent, one a front room, with or without board, at 177 North Clark-st. Beterencea required. TJOABDING—A gentleman and his O wife, or a tew single gentlemen, can beiaccpmmo dated with board and pleasant rooms, atS4 Adams bl Also, one or two day boarders. BOARDING —One handsome suite, of rooms will be let torether orjwpmmte,_wlth; flnt class board, fbr a gentleman and wife or single gentle men. Apply at 3B7_Mlehlgan^gL^^^^^^^^^^ M iSoatfr asaantefl. TJOABD—In a private family, on the !■ West *sido. bva sUitle gentleman. Terms most T k“sowl£.“wS other gentleman. Address H. T. KJiUWbls, west SldeP.O. _ t-\ n a ~RD — A voung man wishes day 13 board In a private CunUy living north of Van Sown and e&it of Please three days, sutlng terns, to. ** J S,” care Keith Bros. I> CARD—By a single young gentleman, 3 with furnished or unfurnished room, between ebteenih and Twenty-second-sta, and east of Bute. Address “ C A B.” Tribune once. OABD—And nicely furnished room. In, » I™!'““““S,; u, wue. We*t SUM orefemsd. Adarrt.«tatlng «rma and location, *fP," Box ,306. Bassists Court House. References ex- Sttageb awfl Stolen. STEATED— Or Stolen— tio Biward— On the 33th of Fettrnary. a large red. and white yjwlth large horn«, about U yews o.d. and give* some 10 quarts of mlUtvw win be paid fbr her return to 1186 West Ad sms-* t. ISAAC H. HOLOKN. »elj>- MOKKBSPIH* HIIWIW "VSTANTED —Salesmen —A few first ▼ V clast, experienced salesmen tor ocr spring trade. Apply at CURRAN’S. IX9 ** two day a. Wf ANTED—An energetic man with f » iico to immo enrage In a taroer making biiaf ness. win bear strict investi atloa. Apply at 194 Boatb CUrk-st., Boom a. from 9 a. p. to 3 p. m. "IX7 ANTED—IOO smart, energetic, live jT men to sen one of thobestdomeMcartlcieseTer offered lor sale. Has bo competition. Brery family waste from two to a doaeA Profit vary lane, calf im- South Boom 9. op states. "ANTED—A colored m<m to drive a rockawayv Apply »; once at 60S Mich* Igan-ar. TXT AN TED—An aetzveyonng man who W understands taking care of hone* and make hunt'll oaefUl around the house. Host bring good ref erences. Cad at 183 Mlchlgan-et. TXT ANTED—SO first-class tana hards. VV Apply at the Employment TJuieaoof the Young Men’# Christian Association Methodist Church Block. Best of reference reqnireiL TBADESs TXTANTED—3 coppersmiths and 2 VV brass flalihera, at FULLAGB& * SMECTH’S Brass Foundry, corner Bacdofy. and Peeplalosa-sts. TXTANTED—A good, competent Brick* IT maker, to take charge of yard and born brick. V f u-aan. hi kuu vk jwh w«h uwh h- .v^. Apply at 133 South from to 13 eacnday. ’ANTED—Two cabinet-makers, at J. VV E. WILLEIS A CO’S Fondtare Beoalrtog Booms, southeast corner Clark and' Monroe-stA. In basement. None hot flnt-class workmen need apply. Work exclusively repairing tarnitare. TXTANTED—A good cutter. Apply at VV H. BEtSHARDT’S. 330 SUtoeC \\ J ANTED—A No. 1 cabinet or pattern V V maker, «t L. J. TODD’S, macMUtit, m tbo al ley rear of Opera Hocib. ?|elp. BAJLE9WOBEEF f TRADES* Aft. TXT ANTED—A young lady of prepos- V V icaalDC appearance to attend ft dnr stand. .Apply between the hour* of 10 and 13 a.m.and3 and 4 "p. nu. at A. M. DELIGHTS, 122 Washlsgton-st. TXT ANTED—Two Hist-class operators VV on Slseer’a Scwisz Machines for coat*. Ala?, a rood finisher. Apply at 136 South Water iL, Boom BhBWIM. ROUSE SERVANTS. W/ ANTED —A middle aged 6ir! to take ?V chare© of a child a year old. Mono need apply hot tbose who have bad experience aod are well rec omm ended. Apply immediately at 332 OMo-st. ANTED—One good Cock at Oattla Fair Hotel, Union Stock Yard?. \\f ANTED —An experienced ana V » thoroughly competent Mam. to take care of an 1' last. Gocd city references required. Apply at 640 Mlchlgan-ar. _* ' \\T ANTED—Nurse to take care ot a V t lady and child. Only thrise who have had ex perience and can fUrnl»h satisfactory reference. need apply. Address, with reference and. wages expected, “liil M,” Tribune office. \\J ANTED—A girl to do general house- VV worklnasnullfh’nSly. One that Is well qual ified and can com- well recommended, can make ap plication at 64 Clark-st., ftom 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. on Wednesday. \\T ANTED—A girl to do housework VV lor a family of three. Apply at 46 North Ann-flt. TTTANTED—At 1208 Wabash-av., a VV good cook, washer and Ironer. Also, none, and one that can run a Wheelar Sewing Machine. \\r ANTED—A good cook, washer and VV ironer, eitherwhite crcolor-d. Apply at 31 Sonth Cnrtlut. TXT ANTED—A competent girl to cook, VV wash aid Iron, in a •mall prtvateiamlT. Ger man or Norwegian prefen ed. Call at 43 Harrlson-st. near Wataih-ar. TXT ANTED—A girl, at £W East Ran- VV dolph-sc.basement. _____ Emplogment agents. TXTANTED—Young men In the coun- V V try wishing to obtain slmattcns, such as book keepers, clerk*, comctor*. salesmen, condoctrrs. ex mesncm. 4c., to apply at Boom 13 rnll»rwa Block. 92 Dfarborn-st- or address J. 11. MOORE A CO n Box 1707. enclosing 10 cents lar fall pa: titulars. TXT ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 VV aaleames, 1 conductor. 2 brakemen, I fireman. 1 porter, 2 driven, 3 «n»fearaen. Apply at Boom 13, Fullerton Block. 92 Dearborn-st Applicants oy mall addren J. il. MOORE t Box 1707. eucloslss 13 cents tot reply. WANTED— This day, 100 men to work cn gravel and construction trains oh Batlrcad. tiooo wsxts paid. Free uansponaUtn. Apply at 100 Madison-t t.. Boom 4. ®2aatitth-jatgallaneouß. TXTANTED—Business—A man with VV some means Is desirous of engaging In some mercantile business either In city or town, with a prospective partnership. Will loan bis employer money, or be wilt take a stock of goods to sell tn some thrlvfrg town. Address, “HENBY WILBEB,” Box S9O. Locator. EtL IX7 ANTED—S»,OOO to SIO,OOO worth of VV boot#and iboea,clothlLgorgroC2rle3,tbrwhich will be paid store and lot. (3AOQ. bringing in (500 rent: (2 DOO real estate bends,bringing la 10 per cent; (3AOO cash. Address T.EDWARDa. Box 1606. \]CT sold low, a News and VV Stationerv Depot, in a good locatTon. or whf re the custom Is remunerative and permanent, and capa ble of extension. Address 133 North CUf k-et. XX7ANTED—A good second hand ten- VV passenger omnibus. Narrow track preferred* Address p. o. Ikix 315, Oshkcsa. WU. TX7ANTED —To lease tor a term ot ten VV year*,abnlldlngsoxloo; one soluble for mon nlactnrtnc purposes. Address “J B C,"i>oxl737* P. O. IX7ANTED—Even one to call and ex- VV amine WICKHAM’S BUHOLAB ALARM. State, county and' city rights fot sale. Terms to smt all. Also, single alarms tor anlo. Can be seen in op eration at onr office, 133 Dcarcwro-sU, Room 11. up i tairs, Chicago, UL VX7ANTED —The celebrated Gypsy wo- VV m*n. If yon wish to unow ail the smret* ct year past and fotnre life, the kaowlerleo of which may save yon years ot sorrow ar a care, don’t fail to • oo saltt&eG}psyPalmist.at329 Sonin Clark at. Fee. One Dollar. TTTANTED—To borrow -SICO for rix VV d onths,on good sccarltv, fir -which 15 per cent would te paid. Ad lrcas *’£ S L," Chicago P. O. VX7ANTEU—ReaI Estate owners hav- VV lng unimproved residence lots, or pirceJs, wMcb they are to cell cheap, may addreis, iu ting location and price. Box 2232. Chicago. TT 7 ANTED —To hire $0,000; on first \\ class real estate security. Anv one having 'hat amontl toloan will do well t. call at 110 South Ad»m'-*t.. Room -• Let those call who want to make a nice thins on: ot it. WANTED— Room and board m a pri vate family, by a young man of able references. Mott be north <•! Harrl-*on-st,, on tne sooth Side Addicts ♦♦ M." P. O. Box SOT. XX7ANTED —Sewing Machine. A good VV secoed-hasdG’Overftßakcr’* with or ft B. Singer’s improved. Address Immediately. P. O. Box .153. Chlrago. ffifcaness. F)R SALE—Photographers—Having tr be away on other business, I will sell my Gallery at S4OO, or Invoice the same at halt cost. Ad dress, •• It M.” Pox late, Havana, Mason County, in. FOR SALE—Valuable Mill Property— One arsons the best steam floating mills m South era lowa, containing three ran of foar-leet bans, en gine and boiler In good order, merchant and custom bolts cf the best—no better In use. Tne mill Is all In good repair, and in a good location. Water and tael in abandonee. For Inrther particulars, address WiL SHARP ft SON. Fairfield, lowa. . FOR SALE—Steam flour and prist mill, cn e&sv terms, now doing a good custom and local trade, situated at a railroad crossing in Indiana. For particulars, call upon or address HANCIIBTT ft PEI BONNET, No. 8. or J.T. NOTE, No. 2S Mariet-st. Chicago. FOR SALE—Stock and fixtures of a no tion store. Good location. 330 West Baadolph- FOR SALE —A steam sawmill at Green Bay, Wls., in perfect and complete running order capable of sawing six million feet of lumber during the teason, and admirably! ocattfd for the handling an shipment of lumber both by railroad and Take—raL road running past the property, and a good dock on the place, 'with all conveniences for shipment by lake In addition to the mill, there are between three and five million feetgof logs on hand, ready for Immediate operation. The whole for sale at low figures. For terms and further Information, address or inquire W. A. MOWBY, 106 Sonth Waler-at, Chicago. TT'OR SALE—A magnificent hotel for X lease, and all the furniture, complete, for sale— doing a first-rate basluees, located on the Ulssiulnpl Blver. An extra chance. Inquire at 147 Sonth Wa ter at., Chicago. TT'OR SALE—Cheap, a first-class hreaT X and pastry bakery. Teams and everything con p]cte,wlth an old established trade often thousac-- doHars per month. Address “P. B„” F, O. Box S Chicago. 18. F)R SAL'S—The fixtures, interest and tease ot a soap factory. Best moderate. Apply by teller, siring same and address, to **W S M, bane office. FOR SALK—Saloon and restaurant, N> 99 South Clark-st, cheap, or exchange Or prop* erty. Inquire at 99. FOR SALE—Confectionery, Fruit and Cigar Store, with a lease one year from the Ist oi May, at 144 State-st. F)R SALE—Hotel, desirably located, baTtng tram SO to CO boarders and tram SO to ICO transient guests. Dnllolnge.tnraltare, loti, yard* and stables for *13.000.- Address JOiZIf W. MfiSBXTT, Wilmington, PI. FOR SALE—A contectionery store, do ing a cood bnulneti, will be sold cheap. Apply to 8. OOWBZAaaB, 174 Btate-aU EOR SALE —Grocery store on State-st, near Monroe-st. Stock win ajasnnt to about M.UIO. Store la doing good basing?!. Apply toWAB -pp v & GOODRICH. 185 Dearborn-sL, Boom 2. EOR SALE—Two goodboarding houses well located and doing a good business. Apply to tVABBBN A GOODRICH. 139 Dcarbom-sL, Boom 3. FOR SALE—Lease, stock and fixtures of a well established boot and shoe store. The owners having gone East, will sell cheap. Capital about nine to twelve hundred dollars. Inquire oIIBA SHOWN, 28 Mltwsnkee-av. FOR SALE—HaIf interest in a well established retail grocery. A bargain will bo given to a good business man. L B. ANDREWS goom 7, Methodist Church Block. T7OR SALE—One of the most public tj and best looted saloons In the ctry, for onehalf oHee. as the owner has other business to attend to. inquire at No»87 Booth Clarte-sC. Inbasement. FOR BALE—A firsMlass livery and acd boarding stable. In a good locality. If you want a home by paying a small amount down and bal ance In monthly installments or otherwise, to borrow money or Invest where you are sure ol making a to SO per cent, give us a call. Onrllstof Improved and an. improved property la large, both In. tbs city and coma try. YOONQTbaWLKY. 160 Madlsoa-st. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Rea' . Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, tv * nearly new two-story and basement brtet Ihouioe o' ° rooms each, hot and cold water, water closets. bf - » marble mantles, and lots, on Adams-sL, betw ■*&, Thrcop and Loomis, fronting jaffersen Park. P f6£Coeach. Terms of payment made easy. nee. EOR SALE—A splendid two-stor ,~z basement brick house, with Trench rooC' / “UH roe-«L. Wt< feet trout, with ftirnace. befit JQ West luz-tnbes. bath room, Ac. H-C. MOBESTA I '.speak- Estate mokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. -0., Beal FOE SALE—By Snyder & 7 Estate Agentß.No. 4 Metropolitan, IT * J ® C * aouse of 10 rooms, water and gas. No. ' .‘fifif-Af”® 6 ■L,near Lincoln. - J2O warren- TT'OR SALE—The hestreta) - , woo d and JT coaltasliafialntlscltr. .‘Syrh-VCC CUKTibB, BBOWN se Co. tVest FOR SALE—One oi th* best flour, feed jletsir nal. ■pEBSONAL—A. •gentleman who finds ss T>ERBONAli—Wanted some nerson to woyouDg men oi pleas r ofy^nng^SS ll ■* corrapoodMce with any num- OWfcn fan and improvement. BOnSISStiL *** MQJtTi gintMioius s&aateo. hub ClTDAUON—Wanted—ln a store, ex O pfcasefflce, or other business, where Irdnstrysn application will command a Rur iiiary, by a your— man who hMUd. several yuan’ experience u Nfe man at tboEast- Can «m the best ot rcmrenco. dm* W3LBUS*. l’J-1 States CITDATION —Wanted, by an experi mented boekfceep r,lnawtolesaloortobhl=sboia> Utdentaod* German. Be. etty reference a. Go9t •alary» aa o»er, «s well as steady employment arm *xx E. ,7 XTOCCgot3ce. CITUATION— Wanted, a firsbclass cn»- O tom Cotter want* td engage * by the ttrsfctApriLorsooser. Address "EB."Doom 19 PostOfficeßlock. BMtofrstereneejfrea. SITUATION—Wanted, by a yotmsr O mra. m bookkeeper, clerk, ss'eancnr, or la scf otter capacity where hlrser. Ices can be tpprwlafed. Is a wood penman, and css turctsb the best or refer ences. Baa teohjectlcn to leaTttjrthecK/. AOdresa *» IMPOSTS?." 53 Sbermaa-gt. Chicago. CITDATION—Wanted, by a man who O understands carder In? and 1 the care ot horse*. Good reference. Address “lIMC," 112 North Clark •t. eiTDATTON—Wanted, By a German, O a» coachman and to do graerar work abtaJ tha bouse, man English lastly. Address’ r - F,” Tilbnco office. * CITUATION—Wanted, as bookkeeper,. O by an erperleseetl actDtmtaet.w&o'Wn lately dts engaged m that rapacity. Undoubted fit? refereaut* - Siren. Address 139-1, COcsgo. SITUATION—Wasted, in a store, aa O salesman, or any eapacUT where ny svohcatioa asdudnstry permanent empaoyment and mlr aalarx can be sectucd. by a married man who to' had expe rience in the grocery, ctothlnr, sod cunts'’ibr:*l*hlay trada. City merencea yiv-n. Address, fit six Jays, T. CAIN, care F. O. Box 171. SITUATION—Wanted, m a wholesale orreUUboalnesr. UnderscsndtQermae.and has bad irTeral years’ excerlenco m tc«tce»«. Wage* not so much ot an object as steady employment, city ref erence glTcn, it required. Address *-t> K,” Trloona FEBAMtS* CITUATXON—Wanted —By a youn^ 0 lady, a home In a private finally, whore I cm teach drawlsp. moMe, and lh«» common En<U>tt branch**, lo remaceration for the same. Address “ MISS E. C.” Tribune office. SITUATION—Wanted, to* do general LJ homework or plain sewlntrfot a small taatlr. Hsieience siren and required. Address, or call at 135 Weal ltdiata-at. SITUATION— Wanted, lor two girls, cse to do cooking andtbeothsrtadoaecind wars. Apply for three days at 271 Mortb Side. QITUATION —Wanted, as hull's maid, O nurse or seamstress, tn a respectable family, by a Frctebtapt vcman. fiesta address, ’tatlngmuvsaaa particulars. Mis. S C it, 257 Statist. CITUATION—Wanted, by a good sirl, O In a small flunlly. Good cook; etc. A-Urr**- 3-10 Third-ar. SlTUATlON—Wantcd,a»cook in a pn- O rate family. App.y as 112 DuKriimes-st. Good. city reference. CITUATION—Wanu-d, by a respcctab'e iO klrl, to do second wmk 1c a private Csniilr. Ref* ereuers glrto. it required. C=>U at 96 Monh Markct sc, betweetkOhi» aud XncUna sis. O ITU ATI ON—Wanted, by a coca girl* to do central housework la » pilvut-fUirUy. No objcetlcns to go in the cocniry. Good reference gives*. If required. Apply at 115 west Jockson-st. SITUATION—Wanted, by a widow wo- O man, to do general housework la a smat family. Best ol refc-ences cl-er. Attire*;, lor three oars. MBS. A. MoBSDES, TilDuse office. SITUATION —Wanted, by a respectable yonns elrl o> 15*, to do general housework, and du ring spare honrs tnleirn a trwle (dress natlas prefer red!. at *1.75 per week. Firfcrea-e- glv>-n. jf required- Address MARY A. GARRIIY, 09 Weaaot-st., North Side. SITUATION —Wanted, by ayoung lady, graduate trom a Commercial College, »* »•<!> taut bookkeeper, ctpyut, cr clerk. Address •* Mind E *,** Trfbone offlee. asntts.CHautec. 4 GENTS—Wanted—Experienced first- Class easva»»er». eeu' asd ladl**. fcr bHISGTOS’3 PEAT EE AT VALLEY FOSGIt a cewanrt m»snltcenti*te«i engraving; price, sqjj Baa peculiar 'recommendation# which cacsc 1; v, admired by every American, of vrhafeveT sect or pvey A genu everywhere are meeting with unparalleled na ceaa. Pcfctwh-rv hlrse-t cnmmlwlou given. Ad dress. 3. a. BOYDEN, 73 Clarx-sc. Chicago, i~_ A GENTS—Wanted Gentlemen and 11. ladies thnughoct the Cslfed Slates for da new Book, “LIVESof tie PRESIDENTS.- from Wna ingtoa to Jobcjon, by J. s. C. Ahoou, the great tut* nan. Complete la cne large volumt, »n>*rbl7 Ulus trated with steel earravtuga. among which arc por tram of the seventeen President*. Battel teeues, etc, Thu is the only work cf the ktud yet published, asH ahordj to experienced agents a rare opportunity to make money with a splendid book, and no competl. tlon. Exclusive territory and onbllsaers* highest com mualonzlren. Bosks ready fer delivery now. S. a. BOYDEN, 73 Clarfc-sL, Chicago, D 1 A GENTS—Wanted—£2s a dav. Fir xl. teen new articles lor Agents. 0. T.'GAF.ET, Blddemrd. Maine. A GENTS—Wanted—soo A cents want- XX ed In a new business. £L B. bB AW, Alfred, Maine. A GENTS—Wanted—To local book _Cx. agents. Free transportation to any part ot the Union. Old agents “do better on '.or premium and commission plan than ever before."—so they report. Our agents averaged eight copies each, sold every day, during tbe week ending Feb ath. Illustrated dcsclp itons sent free by mall. Appli to cr address JAMES POKTEUS, Gecei al As eot. Frurk Moore’s Worss, 43 Bible Booze, hew York city. (Aeects appljlug for territory will please state what paper they saw our advertisement in.) A GENTS—W anted —sl2s per month Xx. and expenses. Address SBAW i CLAEK SEW ING MACHINE BldCclord. Maine. AGENTS —Wanted, everywhere, to sell Patent White Wire Clothes Lines. Canmakegtß to (20 per day. Addres “Mctallc Clothes Line Co„** 92 tieneca-st- Cleveland, Ohio. A GENTS —Wanted—For a new book J\ ot great nnblle interest—“THE MO BMOV puo- PHKT AND MB HAREM." or. An Anlh*Dtlc Uiatory of BrlgLam Yonng.hta Wives and ChUOnn. By Sirs. c. V. Waite, wife ol Hon. V. B. Waite, law XT. S. Judge tn Utah Territory, with steel portrait* ot Bngham Tonng, Joseph aaith, Gen. Conner. Gor. Doty- sndafuli-pageviewoflhe “Phophet’s Block." and plan of the “Lion’s Hoase" or “Barem." This is the only complete, impartial and reliable werk neon Mormonlsm ever pnbiished. It contains the personal history of Brtcham Young, which Is traced to hi* set tlement lo Utah: his pclltlcar, social andSaanciaicha ncier and doings; a complete history of the Territory andcf Monsotlrm m Utah; thesjst*mcf polygamy; sr.cial Hie cf the Mormons ; Ims and services ofG'ao ral P, Edward Connor and the late Governor of Utah, J. Duane Dctj; the name, history and personaldesenp tlun of each of the wive* of Brigham Young, and the endowment ceremony In fail. 4c., &c. To he sold only by snbicrlptloc. Liberal terms of fered Send lor clicolor and terms, and if you are rcacy to commence work, remit (ACOfor agents’com plete outfit, and name year choice ot t-mtory. J. s. GOODMAN & CO, Pnblfebtrs, 3 Custom House-place, Chicago, 111. AGENTS— ‘Wanted “The Pictorial Bock' cf Anecdotes and Incidents cf tm War.** warranted the mo»t attract™, foil-calling book tot. Pays Isrcest profit* and gives best siU:tictlon wfccu de-ivered. Agen*scates3oto SIOO per weet. as wo will prove Address smnnAP.n ft CO., 102 Wash* lagton-»U,Cblcag . ffartnets asiantea. T> ARTIER Wanted —An energetic i~ mar.wlthSTOO, t: *akoa half l&tetest in an ea ubllsned bn-ttims, pqylt-g a large profit. Appiv at SPEER ft 880/S, 107 Clark. "PARTNER—Wanted —A man acauaint- X ed wttb the lumber bodnes*, with torn Sj.’.OO t> (iO,OOO. Address P.0.80x 2056. "PARTNER —Wanted—Competent to X take charge of and ran a carriage inana/icturlng Business ID a turning city on th“ AllssU-lppi River. To a man who can pal In a few thousand dollars ai cpportnclty Is offered to «*p into a wfii-eitablisbod business, running SO bands. An energetic, reliable middle-aged man more of an object tlom the amvnat ot capital. Best cf Teferccers ?lvrn and required. Address’•CARRIAGE MAN DFACICRER,” Tribune office. » PARTNER— Wanted—A person with a cash capital cf $5,000, to engmrp-tn themanutae toreof an article la wblcb a fortune will be made. Address •♦ALLEN.” Tribune ofilce. . JFor Sale. FDR SALE—At Kankakee, lIU, on the • Illinois Central Railroad, t-ulock cf hardwire and tinners materials. The owner* wishes to retire from. Dullness, on account of 111 health, and anil lease tha store lor a term of years. There are six rooms above tne store, and a good basement willk tJiree rooms, located In the centre part of thecity- A rare chance fora party witn soma means.. For fartherparticulars address -P G L>." p. o. Box 111, Kants cer.lll. li Olf MALE—Prop. Genesst ;e Uhiei, X 1 now lying at Detroit, Michigan. Cl oai A 3. Tun nace (old measurement), 35i- .Apply to WM-n.WAR BITER, Detroit, Mich., or to-HAP-aG ft B 40., 8-1 Lnmber-st, Chicago. FOR bALE— At tae LakaT ‘urnael— l One S 3 horse power engine and uprtid .ttnbiiarbolUr. one TO horse power encae and upr:s uttanJlarbollcr. One 15 hoi se power engine cttnbalarbcllcr. These englnse andbotera arc nsw . hav»boen in use but a very short time. * 21,133 leetT rail, weighing 33 ftt-T o the yard. 1 large tan for ventilation. Ml : m, Allen’s patent* Dnllt exprewty for this work -3 fine, well-broken ) 'gmg mul*»v 3 pnmps and 3 seta Improved h/’ latlßcaoparatoa and gearing. r 35 cars, capacity 1 enhleyapd. A large lot of tools. A lot of Umber and lumber Also, the iralldlflgarihetiLcwsif aouGes-dc* counseled rub the L*ke Tunnel. . A lottrf cast aodwronght sar 80 iron. IJDLI* & .U* »WAJf. Contractors, Offlce,fc> Shaft LatftTunael. '’OR SALE— = jectw .-hand lumber, in sgasfflSSgsa “lilOMmSVor'cSS JLnqum on Ibe eronntli, or FOR SAXE—-Thd tow-boat “Francis Fisher," of about . iOtire engines, ot 20 and 21 rK^Cl "’ s ° p v fiS <£?£££ 1 offices—We hwa a lot of sielr v&%nreMinurttf ’'.also, an upright snow case a far baker's use or the display e BIS&CO., B7: Soy CaUonWM * D - UJE ."F25 -An extra new milch cow J. wimalCjtt* WabashaT. , E—Or Exchange—Machin.: r£ih_ widths, at 25 per cent below cost tot ' norinanliv xchange for lumber, aashaad dears . GOODWILLS A CO., 162 Madison, corner LaSalle ; Fc5J^ 7 Set parlor furniture arc tores, brriaa Jtarr, wardrobe, largo let books and pic marble-ten t d bedding, domes. window shadf bat racks.*!* able. large and small mirror, wash standi ■ala*alldbr .cecurtatnr,trunks,clock; also,one smd Southed 'sale cheap. Apply at Boom 21 No. 318 F*m» SALT]—At one-third original coM Ed Son, e first-class nalntlno—Virgin Slary. Jo»ep Tjestast' , end South View or Rome, executed by to comba) tit* In Home. Must be sold, the owner bela eta. j :od to part with them under pecuniary difficu Apply Tribune office. : F' SALE—Two hundred han els 0M« cotr apples, choice varieties, at 12 Statc-su Jm-t r» ZS ed by EATON A COOK. Commlsaioa Merchants. jHacljinerg. EOR SALE—Three b-noise powt i o{ right engines; also tlx horizontal entire*, >, 1 ana 13-horse cower. Larger cr smaller em*»* fu. olahcd with or without boilers. lz, i3,i« and n-ccr* tubular and locomotive ootlers for sale, b*»t tr.a<- ■ Also one 4-roUer Union Matcher and Plamng ifachiv. Sawmills, barret acdwcod-vorkmg mpchlncTy. it-- Paatas TTOR SALE— Portable engines and boi-V J" era, 10 to 20-horse newer, at very low price?, b; OBIFPIN LaSalle-st, opposite Cham:.e • of Commerce. r- FOR SALE—A second-hand Buckle folding machine—tngoed condition. Price Apply to the TKIBPKBOIMPANY. ' .. TTOR RAT.TC—Portable engines, station X ary and on wheel?, 10 and 13-torse power, on S*n and tor sale at low prices, by TQB I’iSSITTIGD CO North Water-sL, North Pier. TT'OR SAT.B—H. M. Amps* portable ant _lj stationary eoglrcs. from 1 to 05-horsc power also, Putnam Machine Co.'s tcols; two 13-feet tuu ?' tneh,twolU-(betbed2oand 23-luch. one 8-fl;et bed i; Inch, ens 6-feec bed 14-inch swing, all eerew-cutftf engine lathes; three nprl-ht drills, two Imn pi«nrr boitruturs, saw mills, shingle mills, two Wood won filanex* and matchers, f arrar’s snrfiMxrs.oumprt. be!. ug. hoar, filet, Ac., dc. C. L, KICE A CO- lO ta 21 Dearborn-et. FOR SALE—Woodworth Mamas* an- . Matching Machines of different slyl-y mfifl:-.* one 21-Inch Surffieer; alull assortment ofSniti, Ivm and Blind Machinery, Ucnlctag Ifarhioea, W. « Lathes, Scroll Saws, ilachlnes, saw a rc->r ■ Ac- Ac.: alio, machinery fbr Iron work—Eic:u ' Lathw, planers. Upright Drill?, Merrlmaa's p.,;.- Bolt Cutters, Dana’Patent Bolt lioadera. Brain*;-. '■ Patent Vires—all at manufacturers* price*, irelght vV ded. Circulars seat on application, mf.p.rim \n . WBIQHT. 14 Wells-st. * XTOK SALE—A superior low presnif:. 1* engine, 30-Inch cjllnder and l-ltet strike. In a?IoJ, did running order, with shaft»inches indiameteraa-' fly-wheel Wftet, weighing about 7 tons. This ecsic - Is of lufficiebt capacity to drive the largest elev*to . and U nsTtlcalarfir ada?tcdto » =JH capable of ma';!' 403 barrels of flour per day. Weoflbr the above at a ; low price of ILSOO. Portarthsr particulars, trqulre< , DAtBB, WHALISO A CO«Sttv MU •, Ctlcago, C ! HPPPjrhv, bTgygys A co„ MUwaatoe, Wjs,