Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 6, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 6, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. latest News by Ocean Tele graph. Reported General Uprising of the Christians in Turkey. it Liberal Reform Bill Prom ised bj the English Ministry. Mistaken Identity—The Fenian Colonel O’Connor Still at Liberty. FROM WASHINGTON, House Election of Republican Can didates for Doorkeeper, Post master, and Sergeant-at- Arms. Amusing Scenes Attendant Upon the Drawing for Scats. The Standing Committees not lo be Appointed at Present. Eesult of the Municipal Election in Alexandria. The Election Officers Decline to Receive the Votes of Colored People. .Municipal Elections-in Various Eastern and Western Cities. The RumUican Ticket Generally Triumphant. HUH! EEROrE, BI OCEAN TELEGRAPH, MINISTERIAL POSITION DECLINED. London, March 5. The Duke of Richmond has declined the Colonial Secretaryship, and the Duke of Buckingham has accepted the position. THE ENGLISH REFORM QUESTION. The Government promises that the pro visions of the Reform Biil,which is preparing for submission to Parliament, will he lib eral. STORT OF THE ARREST OF COLONEL O’CON- NOR DENIED. London, March 5. A despatch from Dublin, says the rumored ■capture of the Fenian Colonel O'Connor is untrue; that the arrested mau proves an other party. EASTERN COMPLICATIONS. Vienna, March 5. The Eastern question Is becoming marc complicated. Despatches have been received from the South which indicate that a rising of Christians throughout Turkey is feared. Latest Foreign markets. FINANCIAL. London. March 5. Consols steady. Erie, Sihj. Illinois Central, • etj. 5-21's, COMMERCIAL. UvmrooL. March 5. Cotton quiet, anfl declined Sd since lost eve Ding. Middling uplands, IS*-. Provisions generally firm. LardSOs Cd. Breadstufls quid and steady. Petroleum Is Cd per gallon refined, 2nd lid spirits. TEO3I TYASHISGrOS. Special De?pa*ch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, March 5. THE ALEXANDRIA ELECTION, The municipal election held in Alexandria 10-day was very important, because it Is the first in the South since the passage of the Reconstruction Bill. It is claimed by the Republicans of that city that under the pro visions of this act the negroes have a right to vole. This view was sustained by the Governor in a letter written to a prominent resident of the city. The Democracy claim that the negroes cannot vote till the Slate has been taken possession of by the Govern ment, or till a Convention has been called to reconstruct the State. The Mayor and two or three citizens came up here yester day to get advice from the Administration- The President declined to give an opinion -on the question as to the right of the negroes to suffrage, and referred them to Ihc Attorney General, who also declined to give an official opinion till he had given the matter his full consideration, but informally Eald he he did not think they were entitled yet to vote. The Republicans held several meetings yesterday evening, and decided to present the votes of the negroes this morn ing, and carry the case up if they were re fused. The Democrats made mauy threats of violence, and General Canby was accord ingly requested by the Governor to take military cognizance of the situation, and see that the peace was preserved. This he did, and about lire hundred troops, infantry and cavalry, were sta tioned about the city all day. The polls were opened at nine o’clock, and negro votes were presented at every precinct, hut were refused by the Commissioners of Election. The Republicans then demanded the fact of such votes having been offered and rejected, and the reason for their rejec tion should be entered on the records, but this was also refused. Voting places for colored men were then opened by their friends, and in depositing their ballots they were required to register their names and prove their eligibility to suffrage. The day passed off without serious disturb ance, though there were several street fights in the course of the morning. The colored men behaved with great propriety and probably polled about twelve hundred bal lots. The election will undoubtedly be car i xied into court as a test case under the Re construction BIIL It Is understood that the I questions in issue were laid before the Cabi j net session to-day, but nothing is known of the action or advice of that body. IN THE HOUSE. The session of the House to-*day was about two hours long. The candidates selected i last night for Postmaster, Doorkeeper, and Sergeanl-at-Arms, were chosen by resolu tions, and Rev. Dr. Boynton was re-elected ■ Chaplain by 87 votes against C 2 for all other ■candidates. It is proper to say that the election of General Lipplncottas Doorkeeper as a tribute not only to his merits as a man pnd officer, but to the wise and energetic . inner in which his claims were presented 7 J urged by Hon. Shelby M. Cnllom. DBA'WI3fC FOB SCATS. * The greater part of the session was taken lip in drawing for scats. The names of all the members were written on slips of paper ind drawn from the ballot-box by one of the ?agcs blindfolded, the members meant! me Handing in an area ontside tbe semicircle of cesks. When a member’s name 'was drawn aid announced, he advanced, selected his scut and occupied the same. The scat Df E. B. Washbhme was - reserved for him. Mr. Stevens was allowed to retain his old scat in the centre of the Republican lide, and ex-Govcrnor Thomas, of Maryland, in consideration of age and character, was illowed to choose before the drawing began. Che fret name drawn was that of Mr. Bea nan, of Michigan ; then Mr. Ferry, from the ©me State; Spalding, Kelley, Butler, Sbellabarger, &c. Hr. Hooper took tbe front seal, directly in front of tbe Speaker. 3lr. Kelley took Mr. Morrill’s old seat; Mr. Spalding, that formerly occupied by Mr. Ashley, who went to tbe rear and took Mr. loutwcll’s, who whs obliged to go around near the west door* Ben. Butler found a place next behind Mr. Stevens, alongside of Ivclley, and Wilson isfat Butler’s right, and Garfield, coming late out of the box, went to tbe rear with Ashley; General Schenck got Ils old seat; 31r. Eliot sits at Mr. Wash- Lurnc’s right, and has C. C.Wasbburne at his right; Mr. N. B. Judd sits alongside of Quincy Harding, in front of the Speaker, and half way to the door. Mr. Bingham was among tbe .ast called, and found a scat on tbe Deuiocaiic side, with Oakes -A-ines. John Covodc is in front,.at the Speaker’s left; Sbellabargcr is three seats to Mr. Stevens’ left, and Allison Is three seats to the rear. Fernando Wood was the last name drawn, but begot a central seat on the Dem ocratic side, > with Brooks across the able to bis right, aud two scats in the rear and Morrissey away to the left and TA rear. The proceed tpvapled About an boor, and ku - much .amuse ment. > c> THE QUESTION && *gj vNSCKNT. The principal sub}, ' conversation among Congressmen is cP tlon of ad journment. The genera, ,-ailon seems to be that an early day "will be agreed'upon. There appears to be three parties, one head ed by Butler and others, who favor Impeach ment, are urging the continuance of the ses sion and immediate action on that matter ; the second party wish to empower the Judiciary Committee to continue the im peachment inquiry during a recess to extend to October; the third class wish to remain in session for a few weeks, till it can bo ascertained whether the President will execute the Re construction Bill. An attempt is being made, by parties bent on immediate im peachment, lo create a Select Committee to consider the matter, but the opinion is gen eral that this will tail, because of the appar ent discourtesy to the Judiciary Committee. The question will come up for discussion in caucus to-morrow night. SEIZURE OP SMUGGLED GOODS. The Treasury Department to-day received information of the seizure of a large lot of coods at Bellas!, Maine, that were smuggled into this country from Canada. These goods are valued at upwards of thirty thousand dollars. Prominent merchants in Canada are said to be implicated. BUSINESS OF TEE CHICAGO POST OFFICE. About ten and a half million letters passed through the Chicago Post Office last year, and the receipts of the office for postage amounted to over four hundred and twenty two thousand dollars. HOUSE COMMITTEES. The Speaker announced this morning that he would appoint only three committees at present, unless otherwise ordered by the House, viz: On elections, mileage and rules. Mr. Dawes will be chairman of that of elec tions, as heretofore, and Shcllabarger, Up-, son and Marshall will be among his associ ates. E. B.Washburae will, remain at the bead of that on rales. SUIT TO RECOVER CONFISCATED PROPHETS’. Washington, March s.—Henry B. Tavlor, formerly Major In the Marine Corps, who daring the war served in the Confederate army, has commenced a suit against John D. Defrccs for tbe possession ol half a lot in this city. Tbe property was libelled by the court daring the war, and under the Confis cation Act toe life interest of the plaintiff was sold to the defendant. This is the first suit of the kind instituted here. REPUBLICAN CAUCUS. The Republicans hold another caucus to morrow night to take into consideration the business which should be transacted during the present session of Congress. It is be lieved that the question of impeachment and of a recess will be discussed. NOMINATIONS LOOKED FOR. Many new nominations will be made by the President to the Senate to fill the vacan cies caused by rejections. Tho Postmaster General states that not less than $2,OlK).000 are now in the hands of Clerks of Post Offices destitute of Postmasters. •ALEXANDRIA MUNICIPAL ELECTION. According to information from Alexandria the Ropuhlicans held a mass meeting, which was largely attended by colored men, and after addresses by the Republican candidate lor the Mayoralty, Geo. T. Tucker, and oth ers, they were instructed to offer their votes to the Commissioners of Election, hut if re fused, committees would take them this morning. This course was pur ged by the colored men, and the Commissioners ruled that they could not receive their votes. In conse quence, places were opened for the reception of their votes. Mayor Latham, with some citizens, waited on the President of the United States to inquire as to the right of the colored men to vote, and was inferred to the Attorney General. The to give his opmion in so short a time, but said he was inclined jo believe they would not be thus entitled until the Government had formally taken possession of the Stale. General Canby, in response to a request from Governor Plerpont, made the neces sary arrangements for a sufficient military force to be on the ground to preserve order, if necessary. Two companies of the Twelfrh Infantry, under command of Colonel Stan hope. arrived in the propeller Backer, from Washington, last night, and about daylight this morning three' companies of the Filth Cavalry arrived, the whole being under command of General Emery, who has quar ters at the office of the Freedmeu’s Commis sion. A telegram from Alexandria, received to night, says the election passed off without disorder, Latham was re-elected Mayor by sixty-three majority. The negro vote was not recorded by the Commissioners, hut re corded by the Radical candidates for mu nicipal offices. The Radical while vote is fifiy-eix. It is reported that more than one ihou&and negro votes were recorded. HOUSE FINANCIAL COMMITTEE. Washington, March s.—lt is understood that there will be no change in the members of the House Financial Committees, but that the Speaker will leave two vacancies to he hereafter filled in each. IMPEACHSIENT. The New York Post'* Washington special rtates that the extremists of the House will try to-morrow to raise a special committee on the impeachment of the President, with Sutler as Chairman, instead of Wilson, of fowa. The intention is to constitute the cjmmittcc so as to insure extreme meas ures, but its success is improbable. NAVAL. Washington, March s.— Advices from East India squadron report the Hartford at Hong Kong on the 81st December, having completed her repairs. The Wyoming left Nagaski December 13 for Yokohoma with our Minister on board. The Wachnsclt had been actively scouring the coast for pirates, vith headquarters at Hong Hong, and has rendered efficient service to the Consuls in obtaining redress for wrongs to our country men. Her commander reports no piracies •'ceurring, hut this is always the ease after the northeast monsoon set in. The leader of the pirates who took the Libra has been executed. The Board of Underwriters now insist that all vessels of certain size shall he armed, which will doubtless have a good effect. The Ashuelot was at Manilla, soon to sail for China. The storeship Supply was daily expected at Hong Kong. RELIEF FUND EXHAUSj^D, A circular from the Frcedmeu’s Bureau announces that the Congressional approgri ationol 000 for relief of the destitute citizens of tne District of Columbia has been expended, and no further aid from that source can he expected. REVENUE CIRCULAR. Washington, March s.—The Commission er ol Internal Revenue has issued a circular rehearsing the provisions of the recent acts of Congress relative to distilled spirits, and stating thatßolleclors will forthwith require distillery inspectors to deliver up their in spectors’ brands and the keys of the cistern rooms and distillery to the bonded warehouses wherever a general bond ed warehouse may be convenient ly accessible to a distillery. The Collector will at once direct the transfer of stored in the distillery and bonded warehouse to such general bonded warehouse, and where general bonded ware house is not conveniently accessible the use of the distilleries as bonded warehouses will be continued. Particular directions arc given as to the details of the enforcement of law. THE PUBLIC DEBT. The statement of public debt expected to day will not be in readiness before to-mor row. SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE. In the Senate Mr. Fessenden withdraws from the Finance Committee, of which -Mr. Sherman is Chairman. MILITARY TRANSFER. Washington, March s.—Captain Henry W. Patterson, Fourth Infantry, is relieved from special duty, and ordered to join his company at Fort Wayne, Michigan. NORTH CAROLINA FEEEDMBN’S AFFAIRS. The report of Colonel J. V. Bomford, As sistant Commissioner of the Freedman’s Bu reau for North Carolina, for January, is re ceived at headquarters. It shows that dur ing the mouth the officers and agents of the Bureau in many parts of the State have been busily engaged to the full ex- Unt of the powers ' delegated them for alleviating the destitute. Suffering from want of clothing and food is still prevalent, but it is hoped that spring will to a great extent lessen the number of dependents. The work of breaking up the settlements of the freed people under charge of the Bu reau progresses favorably, and in a very short time the Government -will be relieved of & very onerous burden. No arrests have been made by the Bureau and no outrages com mitted. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Washington, March 5. SENATE. Mr. SUMNER pave notice of a bill to guarantee a republican form of government to the lately rebellious States; also, a bill to provide the form of oath to sustain that republican government. Mr. SUMNER presented a joint resolution of thanks to George Peabody for his muni ficent cifls for educational purposes, and directing the President to cause a gold medal to he struck for presentation to him. Tabled for the present, until considered by tbe committee. Mr. SUMNER introduced the joint resolu tion In relation to the Paris Exposition, which passed both Houses during the closing moments of the last session, but did not reach the President in time to receive his signature. Mr. TRUMBULL objected to the consid eration of the measure without reference to a committee. Mr. STEWART int reduced a hill to reg ulate certain proceedings in criminal cases, similar in its provisions to a bill of the same title introduced at the last sessson. Tabled and ordered printed. Mr. SHERMAN introduced a hill to extend the time for the taking effect of the act re lating to wools and woollens to ten days from its passage. This bill passed both Houses yesterday, but not in time to get the signature ofthe President, Mr. STEWART Introduced a hill concern ing Injunctions and proceedings in civil cases.' Ordered to be laid on the table until the committees are formed. Mr. TRUMBULL, from the committee appointed to wait on the President, reported that he had performed that duty, and had been informed bj the President that he had no communication to make at present. Mr. STEWART introduced a bill to reor ganize tbe Judiciary of.Uuited States. Or dered to lie on tbe table until the formation of committees. It is a bill of tbe same title a c that ofthe session just closed, with verbal alterations. Adjourned. HOUSE. On motion of Mr. PRICE, the usual resolu tion relative to drawing of seats was adopted, those of Mr. WASHBURNE of Illinois, aud STEVENS, being reserved to them; but was tcmporily postponed. Mr. DAWES reported from the committee to wait on the President that he had no com* YOL. XX. municatlon to make at present. The rules were suspended, and the follow ing officers were declared elected and took the oath of office: N. G. Ordway. Sergeant-at-Arms ; Charles E. Lippincott, Doorkeeper; and William S. King, Postmaster of the House. Mr. FARNSWORTH offered a resolution directing the Clerk of the House to place on the roll the names of the territorial dele gates, whose credentials showed prima facie that they were elected. A discussion took place, from which it ap peared that in regard to Colorado it would be difficult for the Clerk to say which of the two persons claiming scats held a prima facie right to it, one having the certiflcate of the Government with the Territorial seal at tached to it, the other having the certiflcate of the acting Governor, majority of the Board of Canvassers attached, and also the seal. Finally the resolution was laid on the table. Then, on motion of Mr. WILSON, of lowa, the papers ol the two gentlemen claiming the scat from Colorado, were referred to the Committee on Elections, and the Clerk was directed to place on the roll tbe names of the delegates from the other Territories. The delegates from Idaho, Holbrook; from Arizona, Rushford; and.from Dakota, Burleigh, stepped to tbe Speaker's chair and took toe oath prescribed by law. The SPEAKER presented papers in tbe contested case of Burch and van Horn, of New York; Stewart, of Maryland; and a despatch from Salt Lake City, from Wm. Mc- Groter, giving notice that he would ‘contest the seat of Mr. Hooper, delegate from Utah, whose credentials were not received. Re ferred to the Committee on Elections. Mr. NICHOLSON called attention to the the fact that he had signed the protest of fered yesterday by Mr. Brooks, but that his name was omitted in the published copy. The House then proceeded to draw. The first name called was Beaman, and he se lected a seat Immediately in front of Mr. Stevens, and it was noticeable that all the Republican members who had an early choice of seats chose them in the same local ity. The change of base by Spalding, who. last session, sat on the Democratic side, and who now moved over to the Republican side, two scats in front ol Mr. Stevens, created amusement and laughter. The drawing oc cupied about an hour, which, bciug Con cluded, Mr. BALDWIN moved that the House pro ceed to the election of Chaplain. Agreed to. Nominations were made as follows: By Mr. Baldwin—Rev. Dr. Boynton, Chaplain of the last House. By Mr. Pruyn—Rev. Dr. Hall. Rector'ot fhe Church of the Epiphany, Washington. By Mr. Randall—Rev. John Chambers, of Philadelphia. By Mr. Noell— Rev. J. C. Berryman, of Missouri. By Mr. Ro.'S—Rev. Peter Cartwright, of Illinois. By Mr. Holman—Rev. Charles A. Gavin, of Indiana. By Mr. Hill—Rev. Ur. Crary, of St. Louis. By Sir. Driggs—Rev. Ralph Hoyt, of New York. By Mr. Banks—Rev. George H. Hepworth, of Massachusetts. By Mr. El dridge—Rev. William G. Brownlow, of Ten 6CSSCC- The House proceeded to the vfro voce vote. After all the voles had been recorded, Mr. ELDRIDGE said he withdrew the name of his candidate, as be did not seem to he ap predated, no person having voted for him. The result of the vote was: Whole number 143 Kcc« esary to a choice 75 Mr Boynton received 87 Wr.. Ball do 10 Sir. Chambers do C Sir. Berryman do 8 Sir. Cartwright do 5 Sir. Gann do 3 Mr. Ciary do H Sir Hoyt do i ”” 2 Mr llAlurArtK iln Mr. Berryman do Mr. Cartwright do Mr. Gann do Mr. Ciary Mr Hoyt Mr. Hepworth do Mr. Boynton, having received a majority, was declared duly elected Chaplain. Mr. ASHLEY, ofOhlo. presented the cre dentials of of Mr. TAFFE, of Nebraska, who was sworn in. Mr. WOODRUFF introduced concurrent reflations for the appointment of a com mittee of three Senators and three members, to revise and equalize the pay of employes ofbeth houses. Adopted. Mr. PRICE asked leave to introduce a hill to amend the national currency act. Mr. HOOPER obiccted. Mr. PPJCE moved a suspension of the rules. Mr. FARNSWORTH moved to adjourn. Pending the motion, the Chair stated that if the House were in session next Thursday, he would announce the committees on Rules, Mileage and Elections—committees that were necessary whether the House were iu session in three days or three weeks. He would not, however, for obvious reasons, appoint any other committees at present, unless the House should other wise order. He would also, if lue House gave its consent, appoint on the Committee on Rules, Mr. Washburne of Illinois, al though he was not duly qualified as a member on account of his absence in Europe, but to-day had been qualified as a member in having a seat reserved for him. Mr. ELDRIDGE inquired whether it was expected this House was to legislate for any length of time. The SPEAKER could not give any infor mation on that point. Adjourned. STATE LEGISLATURES. WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Madison, Wis., March S. SENATE. In the Senate to-day the bill to amend the articles of association of the St. Paul Rail road Company was postponed till Friday next. The bill for the improvement of the Chip pewa River was ordered to a third reading ayes, 14 ; noes, 10. Senator J. Larkin formally announced the death of his colleague, Hon. Jackson Hadley, in very appropriate language. On motion ol Senator Clark, a committee was appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the leelinga of the Senate on the occasion. Senators Clark. Parker, Shales, J. G. Thorp, and Geo. Reed, were appointed. After consultation, the committee re ported joint resolutions expressive of the worth and merit ol the deceased, and re solved that the - Legislature adjourn to Thursday eveening. and that the Lieut.-Gov ernor, Senate and Assembly, attend the fu neral, wear a badge of mourning for thirty days, &c. The resolutions were adopted, and a spe cial train of cars will leave here to-morrow morning at 8 o’clock, to carry the Legisla ture to the funeral. The Senate chamber is draped in mourn ing, and a message was speedily received from the Assembly that they had concurred n the above resolutions. Senators Shales, Lorkco, Clark, Orson, Reed and Roundtree were named a Senate Committee to super vise the funeral ccrcmomcs ; and the Senate adjourned. ASSEMBLY. A resolution was introduced instructing the Superintendent of Public Instruction to prepare for returning to the town system of Superintendents for schools; also, directing the Superintendent of Public Property to furnish each member and officer of the As sembly with a copy of 'Webster’s unabridged dictionary—lost. Bills were introduced to repeal chapter 120, of 18CG, regulating the rate of Interest; to amend the Bridge and Hoad Law, and a large number of local and unimportant bills. The Senate bill appropriating $2,000 lor the Paris Exposition was concurred in. The Assembly bill, reducing the price of swamp lands, in certain cases, passed. Several members made remarks on the oc casion of the death of Senator Hadley, and paid fitting eulogies upon the deceased. SENATE— MONDAY EVENING. On Monday evening, in the Senate, a bill was passed providing for a special election on the 13th of March, for Senator, in place of Mr. Hadley, deceased; to provide for re moving County Supervisors by County Judges, for malicasance in office ; to encour age the cultivation of cranberries; to ex empt husbands from disability to pay wife’s debts, contracted before marriage. Senate bills were passed providing for the support of Wisconsin soldiers afflicted with disease of the cars and eyes in the Chicago Infirmary. The bill amending the articles of associa tion of the St. Paul Railroad Company was amended so as to confine the consolidations to continuous and coterminous lines running in (be direction of the Missouri River. Another amendment was adopted in Com mittee of the Whole, providing for the Issue of 6,000 shares of stock for the benefit of tbe LaCrosse & Milwaukee Railroad farm mortgagers; also another, prohibiting con solidation with the Prairie du Chicn Road, or any road connected therewith. The bill was then reported hack to the Senate with these amendments, pending which the Senate adjourned. ASSEMBLY—MONDAY EVENING. In the Assembly a joint resolution was adopted to adjourn sine die on the 25th of March. Among the bills introduced was one to amend the law relating to highways. Also, to repeal section 1, chapter 118, of .the laws oflßo6. The Senate bill providing for special elec tion in the loth Congressional District was concurred in. A bill for uniform railroad tariff was passed—ayes 71; noes 11. A motion to reconsider was killed. Indiana. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Indianapolis, March 5. SENATE. The Select Committee returned the bill proposing an amendment to the Constitu tion, and reported a substitute authorizing the levy of an educational tax by towns ana cities, and providing for an annual session of tbe Legislature without limit os to dura tion. The offer of fISO.OOO bonus for the location of ibe Agricultural College at Greenfield was referred to the committee on that subject. A bill was introduced authorizing tbe Governor, Auditor, Treasurer and Secretary of State to contract the convict labor of the State prisons. A joint resolution urging Congress to re fuse the confirmation of' Presidential ap pointees to office, was passed. Tbe following bills were passed: Appro priating money to the National Cemeteries at Antlctam and Gettysburg; amending tbe act for Incorporating manufacturing and mining companies; requiring fees of county officers to be paid Into the Treasury; pro viding for an official visitation and Inspec , ticn of the Stale prisons and benevolent In* stUntions; requiring railroad companies to erect warning signs at crossings; assessment and. taxation of capital stocks of banks; allowing Judges of Common Picas and Cir cuit Courts to appoint receivers In vacation; providing for keeping a pauper record; fix ing the fees of County Treasurers for delin quent collections at ten per cent; requiring State officers to make reports within thirty days of the meeting of the Legislature; to prevent the spread of hog cholera. Major General T. J. Wood appearing in the lobby, was invited by resolution to take a scat on the floor of the Senate, and the Senate took a recess of ten m nates. A bill introduced, and under a suspension of the rales parsed, repealing the tax for the support of township libraries, HOUSE. The general appropriation bill was Intro duced, perfectea and passed to a third reading. The following bills passed: To consoli date the bonds and stocks belonging to the school fund into one non-aegotiabie bond; amending sections two and twenty-three of the act Incorporating insurance companies; placing directors of the Northern prison on the same footing with the directors of the Soutlhera prison; amending the gambling act so that parties can be lined in any sum below five hundred dollars; abolishing military claim agents, and making it the duty of the Adjutant General to close up the business; empowering persons building a flouring mill on bis own to construct a dam and race on the lauds of another; pro tecting wild game and harmless birds; ap pointing commissioners to investigate and adjust the claims for damages done by the Union forces during Morgan's raid. Major General Thomas J. Woods was iavl-. led to a seat on the floor of the House. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Bills Signed by tbe Governor—Fraudu lent Insurance Bill—Provisions of tbe Bight Hoar haw—Springfield Sav ings Bank— Personal. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribtmc.l Springfield, March 5. The following arc among tho Important hills signed by the Governor to-day : An act to increase tho fees of certain county officers therein named ;an act in relation to the Reform School of the City of Chicago ; an act to increase the number of notaries public ; an act in regard to personal liberty. A fraud was this morning discovered In a biil incorporating an insurance company in the city of Chicago. The bill was so altered as to give the Incorporators unlimited powers. The fraud was discovered by Messrs. Ellwood and Adair, clerks of the Senate. Lieutenant Governor Brass and Senator Woodson refused to report it to the Gjycr nor as properly enrolled. The act in relation to capital punishment has been signed by the Governor, which leaves It at the option of tho jury whether the criminal shall suffer death or be impris oned for not less than fourteen years. The law fixing eight hours os a legal day’s work, provides that on aod after the first day ol May, 1307, hours of labor, between the rising and the setting of the sun, In all mcchnuical trades, arts and em ployments, and other cases oflabor and ser vice by the day, except In farm cmploy menls, shall constitute and be a legal day's work, where there is no special contract or agreement to the contrary. The act shall nut apply to or In any way affect labor or service by the year, month, or week, nor shall any person be prevented from working as many hours over time, or extra hours, as be or she may agree, and shall not in any way apply to farm labor. The Springfield Savinas Bank was organ ized to-day, Melvin, President; C. A. Helene, Vice President, and John A. Chestnut, Cashier and Secretary. This Is the only Savings Bank in this portion of the State. Slxiy-si.\ thousand dollars stock was taken by the directors. Since the location of the Capitol build* irgs, much activity has prevailed among the real estate dealers and much property has been disposed of at high figures. The Adjutant General has employed a large clerical force to assist in preparing his report under the provisions of tne act re quiring him to publish the name and record of all the Illinois soldiers during the re* hellion. Lieutenant Governor Brass completed his labors aud left for his home this morning. Senator Woodson aud the enrolling and engrossing clerks will probably complete their work of preparing bills by Thursday evening. ’ MUMCIPAL ELLCIIONS. of (be Conte*!* la Eastern and Wo-tern tlllo* Tlio liepimilcan 'liraei Generally 1 riumpbum. DksMojnes, lowa, March s.—At the city election yesterday the Copperhead whiskey ittfl were scooped out —the Republican can didates for Mayor, Chief of Police, Treas urer, Assessor, and five opt of the seven Al dermen being elected. Tfrqgpntcst was fierce. The Issue was ou local maws?sl and the whis key question. JVaukeoan, March s.—Tho election for city officeis in Waukegan occurred yester day. There was no contest, except In tho Second Ward. C. H. Rice was the Johnson candidate, and Frederick Cleveland Repub lican. There were 254 votes cast in the ward, and C. H. Rice was elected by twenty five majority. The following officers were elected: C. W. Upton, Mayor; 11. A. Hlnckly, City Marshal; S. 11. Fllnn, City Assessor. Aldermen. —First Ward—C. C. Marsh, S. S. Grcenleaf. Second Ward—C. H. Rico, J. Simmons. Third Ward—D. P. Millcn, J. M. Truesdell. Fourth Ward—Cuplaiu S. Cle ment. Robert Douglass. Tee Council will stand politically: Repub lican C, Johnsonian2—4 Republican majority. Oswego, March s.— At the charter election the Republicans elected tho Mayor and three of the four Aldermen. Elmira, N. Y.. March 5.—E. N. Frisbv, Republican, was elected Mayor to-day, over W. R. Judson, Democrat, by7o majority. Rochester, March s.—Fish, Democrat, was elected Mayor by 393 majority. The Democratic gain Is 1,390. Langwortby, Republican, was elected Treasurer by 930 majority. The Democrats elected 10 out of 15 Aldermen, making the Board stand, with those who hold over, one Democratic majority. Auburn, N. Y., March s.—Fnller, Rcpnb- Mean, was elected by 025 majority. The entire Republican city ticket was successful. Tnor, S’. Y., March s.—The entire Demo cratic city ticket was elected, including Fleming Mayor, by 245 majority. Albany, March s.—Wilson, Democrat, was elected Mayor by IBS majority. The Democrats elect almost the entire city ticket. Cincinnati, March 4.—The municipal election In Newport, Ky., yesterday re sulted in a Union victory by 250 majority. CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA. Proftpect of a War Between Ecuador and Colombia—lndian Trouble* In British lloudnra*. New York, March s.—The Herald's Pan ama correspondence of the 28th says : “The subject of a war with Ecuador is be ing canvassed, and a surveying party has been sent to survey the boundary line be tween Costa Rico and Colombia. It is be lieved the latter is for the purpose of making a pretence for a war on that little Republic. In the meantime, Colombia herself is in a slate of internal warfare.” Yellow fever had almost entirely disap peared from Panama. The JJerald's Lima, Peru, correspondence of the 14th ultimo says; “It la reported that four Spanish Iron clads were coming round the Horn. “A small rebellion bad taken place in Chili, but was immediately suppressed.” The JfcralcP* advices from British Hondu ras, dated Balize, 12th ultimo, says: “ The Indians are still in arms against the English troops, and are marching on Balize with such steady progress that the worst couecqucnccs are feared. Despatches had been forwarded to the Consul General of England in Havana, asking the immediate support of a man-of-war ship from that station, but as there was not a royal vessel within cosy communication, it is said that the Consul General of the Uni ted States In Cuba was about to send au American gunboat to the Balize to aid the English. . This Anglo-Indian affair assumes a serious aspect in a territorial point of view, as a boundary dispute between an English planter and the Indians hinges it to and mixes it up with the Mexican question.” The New York Times ’ Panama correspon dent gives a report that Senor Antonio Gon zales Carasco. President of the State of Bo livia, was killed by his own body-guard while travelling in the interior, and that la consequence a revolution had occurred in Carlhugeula. RECONSTRUCTION. How tbe Congressional Plan Is Re ceived in tbe South—Tbe medicine Distasteful, but tbe Cure Sure. New Yoke, March s.— The Herald's special says: “A delegation from South Carolina has already arrived in Washington to confer with tbe President in regard to tbe appoint ment of the Military Governor for tne Sec ond District, under the Reconstruction bill.” The New York Times' special says: “ Pri vate information from tbe South gives assur ance that the people v. ']] j. *, once accept the situation, ar < sr!.-.-- ••r'igates to form a Convention ji- • ...r mu with the provisions of the Milltat Bill. A dele gation from Virginia lias been assured by ihe President that the law will be executed to the letter.” FROM MEMPHIS. Tbe Floods in the Jnisslsslppl—planta* tlons Overflowed—Case of Drowning. Memphis, March s. —The weather Is in clement. It has been sleeting bard since 2 o’clock to-day. The streets and wharves arc impassable, and no business is doing. The river rose one inch in the past twenty-four hours. Mcarly all Ibe plantations along the Mis sissippi are overflowed, with much damage. A uackman drove into tbe Bayou last night with three men in Lis hack aud drowned his horses and one ofthe occupauts, u negro. The driver and the other men were saved. iHasontc Notices. VTASONIO. L>X Chicago CitncU No, 4.R.&5.M. Stitid Cooctavothis (WBcnwd»r> erenlug March Clh, o'clock, tor Muicca* aod work. By trUer T.l. U.M. A. E. CLABE, Recorder. CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY. MARCH 6, 1867. aJKatcfjes anb Jctoeln;. MERIOAN WALTHAM WATCHES, I.—We claim, and are prepared to prove, that the American Watches manufactured at Waltham, Masta chuictts, are not only equal, bat are for superior to the common watches of England, Switzerland and France. IT.—While wc admit that It would be difficult to ex cel the masterpieces ol the eminent .European manu facturers, and while we do not claim to have made any Ccclsive Improvements over them, we do assert and challenge a successful denial, that our superior class of watches are fully equal, in every respect, to the most expensive specimens of foreign chronometrical art. 111. Wa claim flat our watches are cheaper, more accurate, less complex, more durable, better adapted for American use, and more easily kept In order and repaired ttum any other watches In tbs market. IV. The reasons why our watches possess these ad vantages over their European rivals are chiefly: Ist. Because the prirclplo of the division of labor Is carried out in our workshops to Its extremes! limits, not in human Industry only, hut in machinery as well. Every watch passes through hundreds ol bands and hundreds ol machines. - 2d. Because we promptly adopt every new Inven tion to perfect our machinery, and every proffered improvement In the structure of watches. So. Because In eacb of the very numerous, minute, and often microscopic parts of which a watch la made op, we attain, by mechanical power, nearly absolute mathematical prccl-lon and uniformity, which It is ut terly impossible to achieve by manual labor. Wheels, pinions, escapements, balances, springs, and screws— exact counterparts in weight, circumference and di mensions—arc turned out by millions by the unerring, because unswerving, Ironhands of machinery. Hence, every watch of any one style Is a true copy of Its model. V.—These results enable us to defy foreign rivalry, because no similar uniformity and precision is attaina ble by band, and because In Waltham alone Is machin ery exclusively employed in the manufacture of this 1. triente and delicate mechanism. VI. Now, as win be seen at once, tMi similarity la structure reduces the cost of production; It secures uniformity in rcsnlts; It perpetuates and Infallibly oif lilies any excellence that may be once achieved; and mates It easy to repair any Injury sustained, or replace any part that may be Icet or destroyed. VII. In addition to tbeso mechanical advantages, our -watches arc simple In structure, and, therefore, stronger and less liable to be Injured than the majority of foreign watches. They are composed ot tromlSto ■JOO pieces. In an old English watch there are more than TDD parts. VllL— Wg begin our experiment In 1533; In the (ice of a formidable prejudice against American waicbe*. Our system was new aid untiled. We have steadily Increased our facilities until now we employ over 700 artisans ana sell 10,000 watches a year. Nearly a quar ter of a million of our watches are In use to-day In every state of the Union, as well os in the Mexican and British Provinces and Colonics. Their universal pop ularlty Is the beet proof of their merit that wo can pro duce. Ther hare won their way In spite of every opposition and of Immemorial prejudices. Hundreds cl dealers all over the country have expressed their preference for our products after a loos and practical experience with foreign watches. Any of me graces of Waltham Watches may be pur chased of watch dealers generally throughout the country. iiuoDina fit APPLETON, 19s llrona— BT. K.w VorU ICOnniN-, APPLETON <t CO.. 138 Wnnhinaton-at., Bosion.l fHacijinctg. piTTri 4: CO.,

manufacturers of < Tiirc&ling Machines, Horso Powers, Trip Hammers, Scak’ri Combined Corn Planters and Cultivators, otc., etc* iiearcis, Mowers and Farm Machinery Itesalro I. Patterns and Costings mode to ordtr. Griming, Puliahmg, etc. No, IQS West RnnJalph-st., Chicago, 111. A MBS’ 11. Celebrated Portable and Stationary STHaH EIN GINEB. all sizes. Supcrlot to all others. C. L. KICK As CO., idilragr.; SMITH & Bir.Gs, bl-Lonls. Mo.: W>l. p. FOVfcV, Milwaukee: JAMES JKNKS.DrUoIt, agents. Call or tend lor clrcnlar. Boots nub SbQES- YyTHY GO BAST? Bay Chicago Work- K!P BOOTS, S43perdor. CALF “ 51 “ “ High-cut Bal. Brogans, 527 perdoz. Boots warranted best Chicago cnatom made. Send Tor complete Price List It. Journal of (Jormn-rcc. E. TIIAIMN. I ll (Stackers. QKACKERA /Erated Crackers. Tlic on’y original and c'nulnc -.Eratid Cracker made >.gi ot New Y»r< can no Lad at A. ifOLLANSUBK A rO.’S Mammoth Steam Cracser Institution. 4(HI and AOt Main-st., Milwaukee. Merchant* autl othem who have not u«cl these One poous should send lor •strides. Ala*'. Assorted Bjv Cractnra. ncatlv pat np 5.8,10, IS and 30 pound?, (Or Argt>class retail trade. AcdrcM A. rOI.LANNDKK & Cll.» 4f»o«tidsol Mamst-. Mtlwaofce. ®ljc Jpftating Season. SPLENDID ICE. =s= grand Carnival To-night. ’ FINEST ICE OP THE SEASON Powers’ Contest This Evening, FOR THE CHAMPION BELT. grrauspottation. 170 K FORT BENTON AND THE JT GOLD MINES OF MONTANA. Tlie NORTHWEST FuR CO.’S regular picketsteam ■•r MINER, Hawley, Master, will leave 8U Louis, Mo., on Wednesday, March 30th. ISST, at 13 o'clock m„ for Forts Sully, Rice. Bcrthold, Union. Hawley, Benton ard Intermediate points on the (Toper Missouri River. The MINEU being admirably adapted lor the trip, aid of very light draught, precludes the possibility ot delay from low water or high winds, furnishing a>sur ance to shippers and passengers that the trip will be made to give entire saturation. The NOirrnWESTFDRCOMFANTwin receive and <>rward during the seann. irom th»tr Forts at the dove mention d points, freights In any quantity to Fort Benton and ail points in the mining districts, idvaurlng charges, Ac. to, W,bu or DATES, •M Fork-Place, N. T. JOS. McKNTIUE, Or to _ st. Loci*. Mo. J. A. SMITH & CO., 118 l,ahc*rU , Chicago. Kcte sJublicatums. \[ \V. INSURANCE AND iIERGAN -1.1 • TILE JOURNAL. FOR MARCH (Just Oat.) contains, among other articles, a valuable list of busi ness changes, copartucrahlt s and dissolutions, tram January i. Also. Histories of Culver, Page 4 Ilovne, and King. Kellogg & Co. A Lost Policy Holder (story.) Fall proceedings ol National Board ot Un derwriters, aid various ether articles ol Interest and Importance. For sale by all news dealers; price. 10 cents. Address all communications to the editor, P. O. Box 16». WESTERN NEWS COMPANY, Agents. ■ iSbucational. pLASS FOR \J n ISEHAIAN INSTRUCTION- The Professor of Ucrman Language and Literature connected with the Quackcobot Coileclato School Is now forming afternoon and evening classes lor ladle* and gentlemen. Terms tiLOO lor a course of SO les sons. Apply at the Collegiate School, 108 and 110 Cass-st. between 9 am. and 3 p. m. yOUNG LALIRS* INSTITUTE, AT MAPLEWOO O, Pittsfield, Mass, The spring term commences March Ulh, 1867. For circular address Bcv. C. V. SPEAR, the Principal. Host. JTOST— Monday, March 4th—A Lady’s GREEN MOROCCO PURSB, With gold mountings and chain, containing a small amonnt of money. Valuable to the owner as a present, a suitable reward will be paid tor |t« return to 427 Wabath av. or 5S LaSalle-st. DANIEL THOMPSON. T ObT. "on Friday last, from Slowest Adams-sC alight brown St. Bernard Dog. about cne year old, answers to the name of “Mlneo.” Whoever wilt return him, or give Information leading to his recovery, will re ceive a liberal reward. L. DE GRAFF. Chicago, March 5,19 CT. JHehiclnaX, QOSJIOPOLITAK AGUE PILLS TYiil positively Core Agne, Nervous Headache and all Neuralgic Affections. BURNBAMS & VAN SCHAACK. Wholesale Agents. fflfjinatoate. H AVILAND, CHURCHMAN AND ENULAINH, 47 Jotm-sU, New York CHINA.. We arc rocclvlngfrom our factory In France richly decorated dinner, tea and toilet sots, vases, and & lull supply of white china. Senttettfi. npEETH EXTRACTED i WITHOUT PAIN* BY THE COLTON DEN FAL ASSOCIATION. Who originated the amcsthctlc use of Nitrous Oxide Gas. and have given it to over 30,003 patlocts for tne extraction of teeth, without an accident. They guar antee no pain. Cime to headquarters, B joins J <k 4 Tiroes Building. 1 IS Dearborn-st. QROUND OIL CAB.B Is tlio Cheapest Feed in the Market Fcr stock of all kinds. Orders BtomDUv flllM lor cash hy E. W. BLATCHFOSn * CO„. 1 No, 70 North Cilhtoa-eL ©lathing. J}E GRAPP’S ORDER DEPARTMENT. Hew and Elegant Designs Just Received. L. EE GRAFF, Corner Stale anil Kamlolph-sts. QLOTHING. Spring Overcoats! THE BEST ASSORTMENT IN THE CITY Can I>e Found AT DE GRAFF’S Corner Stale and BanJolph-sts. (Eruufts. LADIES’ AND GENTS’ TKAVEL LING TRUNKS! CHAS. A. TAYLOR, MaaoflictureranaDcaler In every variety of TRUNK 9, Valises, TioTelllng Bats, Ladles'ana Gents* Satchels, Bonnet Trunks, loori-t Satchels, Baggage Straps, faLodder Straps, Shawl straps, and everything, in tact, FmcEs De 10 1116 U ’ ade ’ Bl 1516 LO * VE&T CAS “ Manufactory. T?<l and 17G Stale st. Silcsronm, ox Ciark st., oppositeShi'mian Honte,and 1(11 South Clark-eC. corner Washington. ffitmsignwcnts. pAUILT PLOU !FL. Now receiving a consignment of Jen* Ison's, Michi gan White Wlmcr U beat XXXX Family Float; aim, Minnesota, Korin Star, and Clear Wat;r Donb.t Extra Spring Wheat Flour, (cnUce.) HALE & CO., IDljotograpljs. PHOTOGRAPH'S ARTIoTIC. Do n*t rqnnndcr yonr prcclins time and th*ow away your money (however small the amount) out go FASSETT’S, Wbcioyon will get a truthful, artistic, and beautiful picture. The new French process is working to a charm. Children's pictures taken almost instantly. Gallery, 114 South Clnrh-st. T>RAND’S ART GALLERY 16 THE I ) only place where superior Carles de Vl.-ltc are to be h* d ut 11.00 per cozen, .M>J »r Brand having secured therervlcfS or Prof. W. C. MULL, the rival artl-t of the West, and has now on exhibition the finest Por traits in Oil ever exhibited In the city. Cali and sec specimen*. Finest Porcelains, only $3.00. (litAND** ART GALLERY, 109 Lakest ffiffllaitteo. WANTED —lo Kent—Belore the Ist of May D-It, A GOOD DWELLING HOUSE, with modern In provements and barn. Locatlonmost he Sooth Bide, m uh of Twenty-second st. aon east of Wabaah-av. iarilea having a pood house Hut they with taken care or, and who desire the rent paid l rumptjy, will plcs?c address E. 1). SMITH, t| Partridge A RtnUh, Dry Goods Jobbers, 61 and C(| Michigan- av. TO SEED DEALERS and Acricultural Implement Dealers. w WANTED. A SITUATION, r.y a man who thoroughly nnderstands the Seed and Asnicultural Implement buslnear. No objection to go out of city. Good relerujcc given. Addrtss “I T jj.” Tribune office. qPO STONE MASONS.—A Mas*!} ex 1. perlenccd In the conttroxtion cl Skew Archwork can fimi n GOOD SITUATION By eddrcsilrg, stating terms, with references, "MAiON.” Tnbnne office. TN&URANCE—WiII pay 105 lor a few X. shares Merchants’ Insurance Co. Stock. (L B. GOODYEAR, !M Chamber ot Commerce. gftbertteins Agents. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. Wc arc pleased to announce that we now have oat “Chain ol Agencies" so perfected at .NEW TOUK, CINCINNATI and CHICAGO, that we can have adver tisements, or notices of any kind. Inserted In any news paper In the Eastern. Middle, Southern or western states at short notice and at low rates. Recent file* of all newspapers are kept constantly at oar office, for tie examination and convenience of Advertiser*. Par tic* desirous of having their INVENTIONS, WAKE* Oft MERCHANDISE ADVERTISED in any section ol the Untied states or Canadas, will do well to call at onr office, where any desired tmormallon will he elver as to the circulation ol thepapera, rates, terms, 4c. Office, 87 DearborD-st.,BoomNo. 11 (upstairs.) COOH, CODDItN A- CO-, Newspaper Advertising Agents. JJDNEY T O IjOAIT on lon ß .tan, on Ap -3 O Metropolitan Diode. MONEY TO LOAN ON GOOD PER SONAL property Security, In sums ta suit, by GEORGE WILLARD, Boom No. 1) 70 LaNalle-st. •'T’YLER, TJLLMAN & CO., BANKERS & BROKERS, comer Lake and Clark-sts. ■We arc receiving Seven-Thirty notes of all the scries, tor conversion into new Five-Twenty consolidated bonds, at the best market rates, which holders of Seven-Thirties will And greatly to their advantage. NOTICE.— An instalment oi titty cents noon a share of stock in the Northwestern Flans Hoad Co., is called tor, to be paid In to tae Treasurer m the a)th ol March next, at hla office. No. 53 Sooth < ' iark Dy.orderoftheDlrectots. . Chicago. Feh.13,1867. M._Lnij*,_Bcg|y»^ Sox Sale. Jpoß SALE—The best Retail Wood and Gcal Business In the city. "We also offer our stock of Wood and Cool at REDUCED FBIC£9> To close ont the same. CURTISS* BROWN A CO* rrmPTO FOB BALE—3OO,OOO leet of TIF.WED TIMBER for sale, from 11 feet to 50 feet long and from 10 Inches to 56 Inchts rquare. In lota tosmt nurchaacia. The lim ner Is laid near Sevrnteenthand Grovests. Inquired PETER WOOD. 2-13 Sooth Watet-st. UOK SALE— Shingle, Stave and Barrel Machinery, Comprising shingle mills, heading mills, shingle and neSing Jointers, stave jointers, stave carters* heading rounders and planers, equalizing and cnwiß saws, sc. an new of out own manufacture, and warranted. A FiiLLEit % fokd. -js» isa zsi am«Mt COOPERAGE FOR BALE, 4.500,000 Flour Barrel Staves, With Heading to match, thoroughly funned, cood wirttn and A No. Itn ever* respect—by LINDEN, SWALL* TEED, MercanUlo Bnlldlng. opposite Chamber of Commerce, Chic*. o. PARE CHAEOE FOR MEKCHAJSTB. " FOl! SALE; A CAEEFDLLT SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, &c, invoicing about I12.0CO; all purchasefli within a year STtSSnSe on store. Store located In a thriving L" atsMrtdmance from Chicago. SatlsfactorT rea -SSSV.TB. for ■'Uw. For Commission Merchant. S 2 LaSalle-sU Chicago. fHusical. Musical, musical. Two gentlemen of rtspectiblUtr and roterCTce, str sn in this Sty. of Musical capahlimes, desire acholart fnrftuitar and Piano. Terms salistoctsry. Addreu “MDsla" Drairr 6‘JOl. lor interview, or caU at Music ttore, 117 South uoitst. «?at?rting, lilaper Rangings, Ecbbing, ©ll ©lofts, Set. IMPORTANT NOTICE. GREAT BARGAINS IN CARPETING COME NOW AND BUY CHEAP. Allen & Mackey’s Carpet Store, Bryan Ball, 89 South Clark-st. Paper Hangings,'Bedding, Onrtain Goods, Oil Cloths, . Wo bold the Largest Stock In the West, and Never Allow Ourselves to be Uoderso’d. The recent Tarlfl upon Wool will cause an advance in the price oi oar Goods, and parties requiring hern lor Spring use should avail thf matlvca ol the advantages of the present low prices. JJafeuts. npO PAPER MANUFACTURERS—Mv alleging that the process of bleaching paper onln SV pneumatic pressure, olfered to tbs public br me. “ It * aired and positive infringement of the patents and rights of the Hydrostatic Paper Company, and that my entire process is embraced In that of ths said Hr. crpntatlc Com pary. and that thev will pro«cnte for Inft tenements all persons who attempt to use the nnen. matte proccis under grants trom me. Such statements, in the face ot the facts ol tie case, are absurd, and, I regret to be compelled to sir. are maliciously false and libellous, and [ shall hovi the author or authors thereof to a strict aecountahJitv lathe meantime I leave the merits of the question to ail men qual'fled to Judge. Tre majority of my patents, embraced In my “pro ws," are anterior to any held by ms “ Hydrostatic Paper company, and 1 have only to leave the public to say who are the Infringers ttcrecf. I have submitted to most eminent counsel such of my patents as bear dates subsequent to. together with copies of the patents under which the Hydrostatic pa per Company claim their process, ana give herewith the opinion of such counsel on tho question ol infrlngr meat. * That this question nay be properly underatopd, I win here state Uut the patents held tty the dydr-static Paper Company Here asrgned to then by toep-iMnt ces, Messrs. U.X. Zones and D. fc. Farguharwn, and I ampotawarothattbelrso-called processwembraced la any ether patents whatever. - My own process s embraced la n* Ic's than ton (10) oWsrent patents, aid toe use or opratlun of the pnea matlc pressure 1 donot regard absolutely necessary In worfclngmy proccs sncceaimil/, either In tho erst reduction of fibrous substances m paper palp, or la ’‘leaching the same; ball beliefs the pneumatic prln ciple tar superior tc the hydrostatic, and will prove more sncce&slul. solar as either may be required. Itepcctfhliv: HARRI-ON fl. MEECII. Fort Edwards, N. Feb. 30th, 1567. TD'wnoiirraui concern.—As the attcruey of Harrljon B. Mescb, I procured the several patents nenow bolds for improved processes In the mannfactnr ot paper stock, and am familiar with each and evry one of them. I have also careful ly examined thetatetis Issued to Jones and Farquhar eon, one bearing Hate March 13th, idfil, for an Improved apparatus for blracMcg of paper stock, and one dated June sth. isoe. wr an Improved process of treating wood, etc., for the tnanutactnre of paper palp. These two are denotxmated me Hydrostatic Process. I have no.beslUtton In saving that none of the processes pat ented by Mr. Slcocb. cr which bo holds, and Which constitute the Meech Process, jo called, are In any manner Idesilcal with the Hydrostatic Process, nor do mey Infringe the same. Two cl tee patents held by Mr. Meecbare those with which I have been connect ed as owner. The first was Issued tomyselfon my own npp IcfttUn, July S'st, 1£66. It was fur an improved proofs* la the mancfecturc of paper stock. The other issued to myself and Harrison B. Mooch, fur an Im provement in the bleacbk gof paper stock. Each of these pioces«es involved me u*« of the PDenmatlc Prctsnrc in me manner described in each ot them re tpecttvely. prea-nre as a part ot aichpro cess, whether applied them respectively. Tho use ol pressure aa a part of such process, whether applied by Jicam, air, gas, water, or otherwise, is not patentable la the present state ot the ait; bat an improved meth od ol applying such pressure may be tho subject ot a patent, iho Hydrostatic mooe may be tho subject rf a patent so tar as tho same Is used and useful. So like wise may be any other Dew and useful mods— as the ;ncau atlc. But such modes of producing the pressure ar»- entirely dhtinct from *-achother. Neither tho Uv □rostatic or Pneumatlr proccs* are patentable except -is a new and use.’ul mode of obtaining a result, as -neb they are entirely disiliict from, a*.*d Independent ’•r. each other. 1 am wet) acquainted with the many arcresu’s ta nse for reducing straw, grass, etc , to a < onuuioc suitable tor the manufacture of paper, and I *m t learlv of me opinion that me process practiced hr damson b. Mecca, ani known as tte Mcech procci’*. * sapcrlorio any ■ ih-r, tr noi the onlvnne hr which tie gr»s«*§ »sn be sncccsolnllv worked. That they cao worked bj hl» process, both pr Hiahly ana aa»ces»- fair, 1 know. JOEL TIFFANi*. Aihfipy, Fetrunry TQtb. 18*7. -yymTK-3 HEW PATENT MOP WHINGER, The most useful hcschold Invention of the d*v- Price (2. A liberal übcaiut to the trade. Manulactuted by O. A. 11ENOK1CK, Proprietor fa State of Illinois, 101 I.ake-st, County Tor GOOD AGENTS W\ktED, alt over the Slate. Sln cle Wringers thloprd V any part of the State on re ccipt ol Adtlrcss t^abuve. piPORTANT NOTICE; Parties who arc dcslrcu of becoming Interested in a VALUABLE PA TENTED IKVENIION, upon ex ceedingly favorable terms, Un sees model of tlicsame klNo. 11 Larmon Block. Ibis Is a valuable Invention dcslpsed lor ue upon Railroads. To those who desire to avail themelvesot a gooa opportunity to make money, this Inveaoa commends ItaOf. . PATENT OFFlCES.—lnvmtors whe I. wish to take oat Letters Patent m advised U. ioonse] with UITNN & CO., Editors ot the Scientific Atrcrlcar. who have prosecuted clalne before the Patent Office fur ntarly twenty years. Tfclr America: and European Patent Azrncyds the mos extenilve lx the world. Charges less than any oher reliable agency. i A pamphlet, containing 101 l Instruction! to Invest' ors. Is sent gratis. Address MUNNA CO., 3? Park-row, Niw York. CS Altn'S EATEHT BOISE TOACSIKE. Office and manufactory S 3 Booth JeCerun-st. F» lnu:maUoh and dsecilpuve eirealar addreai K. B. GARS, S 3 Booth Jefferaon-«« Oh lean. Business (ttarbs. T?LLIS & CLARK, Manaiactnrers of and dealers In Doors, Saab, Blinds, Scoldings, Brackets, etr., corner of Fisk and Twenty-secoad*sts. (nrw Brick Planing Mill). Box 573. Chicago, 111. Al*o, dealers la Lumber, Lath ana tihlnsles. Q S. HUTCHTSB & CO., Commission Merchants, v n i v a i) o. Agents forT. KlngMord & Sons r Oswego Starch. O.ILBERT & PiELD, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, (SocceeMra to Gilbert, Updike & Co n ) 103 Waslilnaton-at, CBAS. J. OILBEBT. OEO.FIKLT Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Hardwood and Wbitewood Lumber, Office nno Yard. 301 Sonlh FrankUn-st.. bet. Vat Daren and Uarnso:. Chicago. P. O. box ISTBllla ent to order. at Isaac n. hold ay. jh. ecmc.vd pgirpuroy. ■jfcjarmriars, &t. QAUDWARji/ cfc CDTLERT. HURD, PRESCOTT&Cc 175 Lobe-St. The attention ol close buyers is invited io our com Mete stock cf COOPERS*. MACHINISTS* and CAB PENTEBS’TOOLS. AMERICAN TABLE CUTLER* and BUILDERS'HARDWARE, direct tromthe tMff manufacturers. We offer, also, a complete assortment Of WOSTENHOLM'S POCKET CUTLERY, SPEAR 4 JACKSON'S SAWS. JOSEPH BO DOERS 4 SONS SCISSORS and RAZORS, STUBBS 4 EOTFISKY*! FILES, also SEATES and Straps of every description. We also keep constantly on band full numbers a sCHOENBtBOEH’S JUNIATA NAILS. C. D. Huso. Edw. Pbzsoott. 33rCcft. fc* DRICK MACHINE.” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office. Room Mo. 3, 47 Clark-at., Chicago. j^AGAZINE BBICK WORKS, S?S’SS‘“ <1 “'‘ Tw “‘ r '‘ ccon “ J. a Proprietor. attomegs. gCAMMON & LINCOLN, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law* Room No. 1, Marine Bank Building. Chicago, 111. f-HAS.T. BCAMMON. ROBERTT.LINCOLN. A CARD. Messrs. SOAMMON & LINCOLN. . Attorneys at Law* Win hereafter collect my rents. Tenants will And them in the office heretofore occupied by John tor- SJgS®’’ A ‘’‘ ,U “ Uo “ f J.TOUKOb ! 'cISI«o“. t “ March 4.1867. General Notices. ABE PREPARED TO SHIP WHEAT TO ALL POINTS, east and south, Without Transfer at Chicago* pr orders from Millers solicited. Samples sent or application. nIOB BSOTBEBB, MILWAUKEE. WIS. VfOTICE.—On orhelore tne Istol April JJN Iwlshtoflnd Ore or Two Unfurnished Rooms* With cr without board, for myself and wife, with som* Urst<la*nb-.ardlnghouseorprivate fimlly.on South slcc. north cfHairlson, and east ofKiatssis. State terns and Reality, and address t -e. M S 7 State-st. Stocfepolhrcrs* fHecting. 0~ FFICE’OF - 188 EQUITABLE In surance COMPANY OF CHICAGO. tbs annual ejection For Directors of ibis Company will be held at the office of the CcmpatT, southwest corner of Randolph ana TUESDAY, March 12,1361. B. W. PHILLIPS. Secretary. OFFICE MERCHANTS’ SAVINGS LOAK AKD TBDST The Annual Meeting ol the Stockholders of the Mo chants* Savings, Loan and Treat Company, for the eloo Uon of Trustees, will he held at the office of said Com oany, m Chicago, on MONDAY, Marcn 4th. betweer the aeon ofiO a.m. and Um. L» J, OaGE, ogalet. NUMBER 270, gfoefe .Subscriptions. JpROSPLCTUB OP “The Chicago Fibres Paper Co.” Capital Stock - - $500,000, Fiva Hundred Shares, SI,OOO Each. TWi WrapacT has been organized under the General ***?, **»te ot Illinois, lor the porpose of mans °* and Preparing Fibre for olvr purposes. from the •'wild Grass, loutd in this vt cy»T In *reat abundance. WHI Pfactical development and utilizing ol snch ma »em! has been eifected through the inventions, and nfV^.Vv^U 4^ll^-15311^ 1 £ Harrtioa B. Meech, of Fort Edwards, hew York. Thla Company havlint Meectl all of the Mid Patent* Ibr f< JU° wID K biatea. to-wlt: Illinois, Indiana. Mlchl in^^i^i 1 *™ 3 ’ Mlontsota, are nose prepared Captw Slodc! “ noaa * 01 subscriptions to the c subscriptions to thla Stock, wo would Ul ?i«9 iai> \ 3 . 7 J irß aow tQ « owner* ot the Ba tavia Paper Mills, which are producing at the present time two R) tons per day of ortet paper. This Mill has buildings and water power of sufficient f£^L t7^f 4djr . erec^“dlocODa “«OQ to receive two «) additional machines, which have been ordered, and it is estimated can he put in running order on or before the first day ot May next, which will increase the capacity and products of the tald Mills to six (6) tons per day; that, at the present market prices, should yield to this Company a very satisfactory proflt. Hie future operations of tnls Company contemplate the creation, or consolidating of other mills with thetr enterprise, within the present year. Issuing the full amount of their Stock, and which will probably more than double the loregoing estimate ol product of Print, Manilla and Wrapping Papers. This Company having procured a charter trom the Legislature of the Stale of Illinois, locreailsz thetr capital to one million of dollars, are now reorganizing under their Charter privileges. The Stocx Boors are nowopen for subscription to the Stock, at the offices of Messrs. Dickerson ft bberman, 170 Sandoloh-st, where all further inlormatlon as to the patents, pros pects, ftc« will be given. _ _ In sotlcldcgourfrlends to subscript to this Stock, we believe we are warranted la ssyMg that this enter prise promises an unparalleled return of profits, com pared with aty other manufacturing business hereto fore presented. TBO3IAS S. DICKERSON Pres’t. GEO. B.IMOSS. Tice PreVt. (Formerly Prcaldmt Batavia Paper Mill Co.) WM. HAKSBBOUOS.Sec’y. I. N. W. snsraxuN, Treasmer. CUEscßii-riasrs of stock IX THE Sangsmon Coal £ Manufacturing COMPAIS’T. Tlie books arc sow open for subscriptloos to the Cap list Stock ot this Company, and may be found at the office of OSBOKK. TUoSIPSOK ft STEADUAK, In Cntib's Bntldltg, Dearlomst., whete a copy of the charter can be rcen. The Capital stock la fSOO.OOO. Only 160,000 of the stock upon the market. Of this amount, s?0,0J0 has al r«-*-uy n-on taken In Springfield, 111. An Investigation will satisfy any pen on that it Is a safe, reliable aad re munerative investment. The vein o: coal Is nlnafbet In thickness, and ot a superior quality. IKF.O- If. LOfIEV asaatdjcs. gPECIAL NOTICE. N. MATSON & CO., \ * (Successors U.ji.vrSOK ft HOES), IKo. 117 Viake-st, CHICAGO, Uavlng been appointed the only Whole*j e Agents for Chicago ana (he Western u, e American Watch Company Watches, OF WALTHA3I, MASS., Dcslie to state to the public that they hare at an times a full and complete assortment of above Watches, cased In GOLD and SILVER CASES cf every concelr* able style and finish to be found, and at FACTORY prices. Jewellers and Watchmakers ol the Northwest can now be supplied at precisely same rates as at the Fac* tuty, and save the delay sending Bast. We are the only authorized Agents In the West for these truly celebrated Watches* and fully recommend them to the pablio as the best of the American production* S. MATSON, L. J. NORTON, W. E. HIGLET, 117 lahe-st., Chicago, HI. SipWOS Companies. rpHE MERCHAKTS’ union Express Company. CAPITAL - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CABBIES BY EXPRESS, Money, Talno bles, Freight and Parcel*, over more than 13,000 mile* ot Express Line, at Just and liberal rales, saves Millions yearly to Ex* pres* Shipper*, andean be made permanent only by thclrt liberal patronage. This we hope to meric and receive. Office, Nos. 103,106,107 ft 109 Dearbom-at. B.a.COOPCa Agent. lEtoinos anb (fforbage. 'J' WINES, CORDAGE, ETC, ETO. 6ILBEBT HTJBBAED & CO, DEALERS IN TWINES AND COBDAGE, 205 £ 207 SOUTH WATEE-ST, CHICAGO. The largest and best assortment In the West of COTTON AND FLAX DUCK, all wldthsasd weights MANILLA AND TABUED HEMP KOBE; COTTON SEAMLESS GRAIN BAGS: GUNNIES, WOOL SACKS AND BURLAPS; TAB, PITCH. OAKUM; COAL TAB ROOFING PITCH AND FELTING; CHAINS, TACKLE BLOCKS, Ac. COTTON, FLAX AND HEMP TWINES Ol every description; Cotton. Fla*. Paper and Jute Wrapping Twines; Bell andSoah Cora*. GUI Net* and Seines, with every vat lety of Seine and NetttogTwine. Tents, Awnings, Wagon Coven ft Tarpaulins. FLAGS Of 611 k or Banting, as per Army Regulations, con* stantly cn hand and made to order. O. ITCBBABD, J.ATUBSZH, CKO. b.Maepxstnb. JLutnto. J^UMBERI LUMBER! We bare a Large and Choice Stock of Lumber, Lath & Shingles, Which we oßer to Country Dealers at cannot Call lobe satisfactory, far good assorted (joal llOxur stock consists la part cl Wide Ist. 3d and 3d Clear; Clear and 2d ClearTloortM and lading. Select and Common Block j lOl ,tS!^V,h2? e A § ft * lIl * w Common hoards. Joists, Scanty?* We have a large stock ofli, H.lSsnd iS-ttet fencing which we offer low with other lumber, gar Orders solicited. Oflzce and Yard on Blaaon** Canal* In the Qcnr Lumber District. SCOTT A PORTER. asrtologg. jy£ADAME ALWIB. ah pcrions wishing to know their FUTURE PROSPECTS IN LIFE, Can have them correctly stated by the Madame by ghßa^sa*.ff“.a“ marry; also the name of her yitltors. Easiness (Saida. HLEt, 810. & GO., Watches, Diamonds. JBWTSUI7 Alts SILVER GOODS. Z3T -AzcnU Car Eoet T *. SnUthS Co.’s Plated Ware and U. 8. Clock * bnu Co. of C'tucsgo. KIMBALL, STEVENS A CO., TV H OI.T-B A T.T. CIOTHIOIJ.SE, 64 and 63 >MICHIGAy.AV. PHILIP WADSWORTH A CO., v l xT7Tirm>r« asd Joanna or CLOTHING. 34 ft 36 Lake-cfi. 95 Devonahire-st. Chicago. In. Bosnur.Misa. i. J. M’BRATH, Uahttactubib Jlsd Jobbzb cr PAPER HANGINGS ASD WISDOW SHADES. Warehouse, 78 Handolph-st, CHICAGO, nr. TURNER, BRISTOL A GO, Mim, ci Leather & Shoe Findings, Importers of French and German Calf Shins, 16 & 18 Sfate-sL, Chicago. Agents for Taylor's Gate Belting. HIBBARD A SPENCER, laPOBTXES OP Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 WICHIGAN-AT.. CHICAGO. 255,000 I "WHEIXEB & WILSON Sewing Machines IK USE. Increasing!,ooo per week. BUB FABBAB, •at, Agt.fertheNorthwest. The number ABTZ 106 Lake-i K. D. WELLS ft CO., MaSTFACTUSKSS 07 BOOTS & sms, 38 LAKE-ST., CHICAGO. LUNT, PRESTON & KEAN, BANKERS, ' And Dealers in Gov’t Securities 47 CIiARK»ST. L AKD WABBAKTS and SCRIP lor sale. 205-acre Scrip, co*tlog |9O to *35. will buy as much land as (200 in greenbacks. WM. W. STROK!. FURPSBTU/?E. 203 Randolph's!., CHICAGO. P, O. Pox 2583. EGWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, (Succe-sora to Bowen Broth**,) Wholesale Dry Goods, And China, Glass t Crockery, 15) 17,10 &21 Randolph-st. HAVDEM & KAY, \ LEATHER, CARRIAGE goods, SADDURY HIRDWARE, d 5 fit £7 liSjlO-ST, Cticagft. HART, ASTEM & C 0.,! ‘ XISTTACTCEKES OF \ FLOUR SACKS, CRAIN BAGS,; And Bags of £7017 Description. \ Paper Floor Sacks ot (he Seat Quality- ' 183 Booth Water-st. \ J. BAUER & CO. Manufacturers and Importer^ Musical Instnunenls and Slings Also, Wholesale Dealers In; PIANOS & ORGANS. Ko. 630 Broadway, NEW YORK N 0.69 Wn»hington-st,CHICAo DS.J.O. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, HO Randolpß-dt. Teeih Extracted Without Pain for 81.00, By tae nse cl Nitrons Oxide Gas. or Vi talina Air. Teeth tnicrted on the Vul g*aite or Rubber Base for 111 to |M a set. IRVINE, JONES & CO., (Sncceuara to Graves & Irvine,) mini.wiT.T HBALH3 7S WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, Dross Trimmings, WoTIONQ, d)C., j 19 LAKE-aT, np-*talr». WHITTEMORE, CARTER & BROWN, Wholesale Dealers In BATS, CA PS, MILLINER Y AND »THA W GOODS. A large stock tor raring sales, bonzht at paste prees, and will be sold at very low* est flames. 11 Al 3 Late-aL, Chicago. JOSEPH I. HALL & CO., Hall’s Patent Concrete, Fire and Burglar Proof SAFES, AND Victor Combination Lochs, 93 DEABBOBN-ST. S. M. FASSETT, ABTISTZC PHOTOGRAPHY. gy picture* taken In dark as well as In pleasant weather. Gallery, 114 Sonth Clark-st. [BREENLEE BROS. & CO. Mannlactoren* Agents fbr and Dealers in STEAM ENGINES, Circular Saws, Be’!" w , 11/fIOT.T.KfI WAi!H t h KkVj And Supplies for Woollen Mill*. Mvbln- IsU’Toolaot all kinds; also Wood Work* leg Machinery. No. 39 DEARBOHN-ST. HALLOCK & WHEELER, MaNCTACCTOTBS* AGXST3 FOB BUSSES ABU LEATHER BELTING, Rubber Goods, &c. 11l Randolph-fit* J. E. WILSON & ca., Manuikttsrers and Dealers In Mens* and Tooths’ Famish ing Goods, SHIRTS. 125 Pearborn-st. SPRING STYLES. ■TS’DRESSDITS, GENTS* BUSINESS HATS, YOUTHS’ DRESS AND SCHOOL HAT*. All the latest and most fashionable styles. BISHOP A BARNES, BANSS BROTHERS. BABSTOW’S NEW Cooking Bangs, The Best Range In the World. Cooking* Laundry and Tailor*’ Stowes* Re«laier*.Veal«latu»s. we* we. • 83 MONBOB-BT., (Neatly opposite the Post Office.) Eeal Estate. ESTATE OFFICE OF DERBY & RICE, So. S 9 ITashington-atrect, 'Boom 7, A splendid Residence on lh- Korth Sid*, can be buf ftHeae itao cost of mproTmeau, if onecithateatßarblalroat Boasea on oenn cl jtctMMi. „ A «* marble front Hon*e,jwt aonth of Bahteeath ■*-j OBffIUIMT. Atptj Bsa Btaldaece, eait front,cmUidUraa-c-r seat Tweatr-Cmrtlhct, cheap, and os can tens* "* two-etory nd baaemat Brick Hook m a 7 hlrtocolh-tu on llme.^^^ inti's? lo RKSIDKIK3 on mfrle-ar.. vitk ip J c l rnß trooDrs. Priceßß.ooo. ' ~ «m»ar«aai jaF ssl-*' We cave aomo Tery One Residence Prn-u.i. t. «w_ Immediate TlanltT of the ShS? we are oOerta* below the market price.'™' 7 ’ wMc!t We hare Lea oa all the principal avenue*. and !«■**. b7tbeacre.natfiaDdweato:ibeeitr “»•*«» «dr* *£,!, e • *"** * M»Sf*L°f ckeap Bealdeacea cm Side, acme of which we will ecu oaloac Btowamm oo Twcoty-lhlrd-sL, oa easy terra, and Lot oa Twcatr-clntlnt,4o lectof oroaad; | transportation. Fargo & coiu-any-s FAST FREIGHT LINE. Omaha to Denver City, . WELLS. FARGO A COMPANY bavin* established. Hi COT tectica with tortr kAPRESS AND OVERLAND MAIL business, a PA>>T FREIGHT LINE from OMA HA CITY, coancatog wlto too AMBRI CAN EXPhEab CO. at Omaha, are now prepared to forward Frtigbt of aiitttoda y * AT 7587 LOW SATSg. TIME AND FACILITIES UNEQUALLED. For Contracts or timber Infbraatlf o Mplr at Ota American Eaprcss Company's OOice, Chicago; Wells, Fargo & Co.’s Drafts os California* Paj able in Gold or Currency, tor sale at tola office. Orders received for Telegraphic Transfer of Faads to tie Pacific Coast. sKatlroabs. pHIOAGO & ALTON RAILROAD £oito«tot, A IBCT* ScpsroT * 2 * DEJtT '*°"ic*,Cblcs- SPECIAL NOTICE. The Mali Tram lor Bloomington, Springfield, St. Louis, and intense-lato points on this Use, will tz&va Chicago ditly at S:OS a. m. Mall Train from St. Louis will arrive dally, at about the time- Panel gets coming from St, Louis on Klgbt Express Train vlll reach Chicago hy the Accommodation at 9:45 f. m. For»few days, passengers by these trains will ha transferred at Wilmington. Du* uoilce wll: he given when Klgbt Express Trains cmnccce running. ROBERT BALK. Central Superintendent. 32cmobals. J^EJIOTAL. Eisendrath Sl Go., HAVE REMOVED TO THEIR jSTE W STORE, Kc. 9 7 South t^atcr-st JgEJIOYAL. HAIL, KSBfSASS & GO. HAVE REMOVED TO THEIR NEW STORE, SOS. SO, 82 & Si MICHIGAN-AT., Ju-t ftonili of T.uke*dt. Bissoltition. TAIaSOLUTION The copartnership 1 J heretofore existing under the Crm name of PATTISON & KEULOGO, Engaged In the Hardware basinets at 17S Sooth Clark-eL, ts Ibis day dUMlved by mutual consent. Tbs sew firm ot KELLOGG ft KAau a’ e alone authorized to use the old Arm name m liquidation. RUFUB P. PATTISOK,’ March Ist, 1£67. HASLAK P. KELLOGG. COPARTNERSHIP. The undenlguEd have tali day tinned a copartner chip under the firm name i.f SSZ.Z.OGO & WASH, Succeeding to the btulnets of the late firm of Pattlroo ft Kellogg. KELLOGG ft HASH. Dissolution of copartner ship. The copartnerahln heretofore existing omierUu-nnnnamecilMcOtxstQcrrH has to U day been uissolveo by mutual consent. Mars McOlan will pay nil debts against, and collect all accounts dnn said turn of McGinn & Quinn. JJ AKK McGLNN’, Chicago, February 36,1SCT. JAMESJI. QUINN. NOTICE. We hare this day fanned a ’copartncnhlp under the style and Unu of ilcQcrs A Colzxan, tor the purpose cl transacting a general ship supply grocery and pro* Tl'lon trade, at the old sand* ‘Hi South C*nai-su, where ire will be pleased to see our old friends and the public generally. MAKS McGINV. Chicago, March 1,1857. DANL. C. COLE SIAN. rpHE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO j| fore existing between the ocderalgaed, aider the firm name and style ot ' "BROWN «fc SUTTON, Is this day dissolved by mutual ecus-nt. * PAM. BUOWN. EDWARD C. HUTTON. Chicago, February a, 1567. The todeesigned have this day formed a copartnership, for the purpose of continuing the gents* furnishing buslcew. at SI ana. S 6 State—ti, under the fitm name and >tyle of SAM. BKOWNiCO. SAM. BROWN. e JOS. T. 880 WN, JB. Chicago, February 71,15C7. Dissolution— The firm oi b. Fe dt rleln Ss Co. I* this day dissolved by mutual con •tst* Th*- bn* lueaa will be continued, as heretofore* by F.M. AKSSTZiN.who afore 13aulhorircdfo algnia liquidation. federLßlN. , B. M. AKSSTEIN. Chicago. March Ist* 1567. Nos 74 A 76 Lake-st. TMBSOI'DTION OF PARTNERSHIP Take NoUcp— The (Irmoi P. WARNEBACft, *c*Rd In the hardware business. at 43 t» bwojdli solved by mutual < p n^yM, 'tEK, H?TT.T,TAM £ GIBSO^T. aarciit,i3C7. Tie merrimed bare this day fanned a copartner ship tor*rrjlne on me CenerM Uartware ba»mes*. at 43 t-te-BL, tinner the name of E.M. DANIELS At CO. E. M. DaNIUA Alarchiv ISCT. WILLIAM D. UIdSON. T\ISjOIXJTION. The copartnership 1 J bertofine existing under the Ann name of HDB- Card & BUN* taa this day been dissolved by mu-oal "si'Srt; G. S. DDBBiKD. March CU AS. B. 1103*7- COPAiTNEHSSH’. The ondenlgset bavefomet a copartnership under tbeonnnameof lUNTAODODWIN. succeeding to the business ot Us lateflm of Hubbard A Uant. Slentd; CHas. h. HUNT. , , JONATHAN GOuDWIN, Jb- Marcb Ist, KCT* _ insurance. ■pHCEXIX, OF HARTFORD. the AGENCY ay THE PH(ENIX E»'S. CO., 01 HASTFOBD, Having been transferred trim BUBBABB dfc HUNT TO HOLMES BRO. & HOLDER, The nadenltmed are prepared to lame and renew poll eiea In this old. first cian* Company, at current rate*. AUloeseslnibepHtENlX.attbts Agency, wll be adjusted and paid here, wlinoat reference or delay. HOUSES BSO. ft HOLDEN, Agents, HNLaSaQe-sL, Mercantile Building. Chicago, March 4. ISCT. ©je Spring StSle- SPUING STYLES OP HATS—IBO7. Thenew tea beautiful Spring: Style of SUt Hats For vouncmen, Also, the regular Broadway Style. J k aut«t. gy Give them a call. KHoob anb ffioal. Atlantic cable The United States and Great Britain United. J. A J. CAMPBELL, Although desirous of obtaining as much oa pool* bly for their large and superior stcclu of ■WOOD AND COAL, Hare at length found oot the Unpoeslblllty of selltnjr at the present high prices, and hare »l«ty detc; udard to sell at greatly reduced rates. Call and seotlw-na. and get good measure and good wood at reasonable rales- Officer 47 Kirer-st. and aortnwest corner of _ this. CO All AT SUMMES PEICES! We have a few hundred tons ol best LACE AWANA and PlTTtrrOS COAL mors than will supoly our cas tomers, which we offer, delivered in any part of the city, aitheloUowlng paces; Rouse. Ess and largo sizes* 812 per Ton. L'IICBIQQt 11 “ i MINING AND SUPPLY CO.. 54 and 56 Uandolpb-sC QOAL, COAL. 90 Tons Laciawana Coal ! 152- 00 per t?n—screened and delivered—all sizes i one better In market. fl. nARfIIS C-ark-*t. ©ainijohi (Glass. J WILLARD FDS. WINDOW GL&SS. QOS