Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 6, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 6, 1867 Page 3
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BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. The County Poor House-Salary of Clerk and Pay of Ecporlers—Sol diers’ College—piormal School, &c,, &c* The Board or Supervisors assembled at 10 o’clock yesterday morning, pursuant to adjourn ment of the previous day. The roll was called, and a quorum found present, when the minutes of the last meeting were read and approved; arw boiler wanted. A communication wns received from Wo. H. Thomas, Engineer of the Court House, casing at* teutlon to the worn and unsafe condition of the 1 Killers In the Court House, and recommending that new boilers be purchased at once. The mat* ter was referred to the Committee on Public Buildings, to report at next meeting. nzrusDuia or taxes. Petitions were received from P. H. Smith. X. W. Conger, John Hale, Jr., John Forsjnh, and John Wall, for refunding of taxes. They were rclcrrcd to the Committee on Equalization of Taxes. county roos HOUSE. The report of M. L. Finney, Warden of the County Poor House, was read and referred to the Committee on Poor House and Paupers. It con* lams the following farts for the quarter from .December Ist to March let, 1817: Humber of inmates December let, 100; admitted rince. 2’3; discharged, 41; average number dor* jcg the quarter, 293; number remaining March Itt, SCI); number of births, 3; number of i- sace remaining. 93; number of dtalhs, 12; the amount due the county Match Ist, fS3.CS. Eiu from will county. A communication was received from lbs Clerk -T ibe Circuit Court of Will County reacting ice due that county in tbe case of Jobe Brown. Jtcfcmd to the Committee on Claim*. COUNTY TREASURER'S RETORT. Tho report of 3. M. Allen, County Treasurer, t ee read, Ehowicg the following figures: Balance on hand Dec 3, JoOO * 40,571.5X1 Deceived from railroad warrant and Town Collectors. C,5W.00 Deceived from County CUrUs for licenses 330.00 $105,1*21,91 To tracffer from General Account bal ance ol Interest Fund over payment ol interest on War Fund Bonds $ 3S.iCI.IJ Cook County orders paid 44.1T5.9T Jury Certificates rjnpenor court 3,221.50 Jury Certificates circuit Court 2,1*87.30 Commissions 1.151.40 *87,578.01 Balance on band $13,043.23 The report was referred to the Committee on Finance. COL'KI'X CLEEE’fI 6AMBT. On motion of Supervisor Pusheck llic Chair an pointed a committee of three 10 fix me salary ol the County clerk for the balance of bis term. The committee were: Supervisors Pusheck, Far* veU, and Newton. soldiers' college. Supervisor Aiken, of the committee to whom was referred the communication from me Dimers of the Illinois Soldiers' Cohere at Fultoa. re* ported, recommendin'; that the appointment of two students fiom the county be left mm the Cuaitmau of this Board. Tue report was adapted. Supervisor Dalton moved ibot the county ap* propriatc gIOO each a rear, lor three years, for tne orphans ol soluiere, to enable mem to attend the dnstltmion. A debate arose on Ibis motion. It being stated that ttie county was already in debt gjj.ujj, and that sncli an appt opr union would be umiutlfiahle. The motion finally referred to the Committee cn Education. r On mouon ol Supervisor Pusheck, the Board then adjourned until two o'clock. __ AFTERNOON SESSION. The Board was called to order at two o'clock. PETITJOKB. A petition from A. c. wwis, for refunding of taxes, was lefured to me Committee oa Equal!* nation ol Tare?. A petition irom the Commissioners of High- W2.ib lor the town of Jeffeitou, Qtkiug that the sum of gI.OIO be appropriated lor the repair of the highway from the l»>ll-nate to the Poor House,was jelciTvd to the Committee on Poor House, CO CHIT rurstClAH. The renort of Dr. M. W. Webber, Physician to the Comity i’oor House, was then read.* The sab t-Wrco is as folio ive : Number of visit* dnnng <he quarter cubing 2Jmch let, 80; .prescriptions, 1*13; deaths. Id; births, 3. Causes of death: cooemnp*io:j, i ; de bility, 1; mara:tnus,£; typhoid lover, l;tnilemula tion or bowels. 1 ; chronic rheumatism, 1 ; 3y-Js, I; chronicdUrrhera, 1; siulbmtljn, 1. Ibe t-m-iiury condition and police regulations, under the direction of tne Warden and Matron, are o! the very best, adding mat- rially to the comfort of Hie inmates. The report was accepted. rermojs vou neesrr. Gray read a peiiuon from John Grant, lonOcriy of Company U. fwc'ftu liliuola <'.walr.». Hiking for bounty paic to other coldiers by the county. Xhepcllaou was rcierrcd to the iiuance committee EqUAUZATIOK or TAXES. A petition from O. B. i’cnick fur the einalks tiou ot loses was rclcncd to the Commisiee on iqnellzatiOß of Tuxes. nuptmsor SVuodrutl pre-ented a p jillion liom l!.c-Loire of Jacob jtiljiuu'i, u-siug ior u-ri teuits siun of losrs on properly v-liicu has been oacu jed l«y tr.c city a cemetery. Supervisor Parwt-li moved lo 'ey on th 3 table. Snpcivis-or fctackforu txyJaiaid tuat the pall liumrs bad already rcerhed ?32,tl -U trom Uwcitv. Mid Lad bccu relieved from the paymeut of taxes f..r fifteen years, a£ loig as the city had us.d the pioputy. hupeiTisor WoodrnlT claimed that a? the pelniucers had !»ven found fo n B the itghuul owrc*e of the property, cusht not to pay taxes upon itwb.ic (he city Le d I*. ‘ibe modou lo lay on the table was car by a vote oi m to 11. water rates ror. coi'.v:r no»rrrAn. fcjapcivisor Aiken picct-nlod a blit from tbe jloerd of Public Woiks lor water n«ea in the County llc?j*Hal, to the amount of «ic;: ff', and moved that il be referred to the Corumtiieo on City Itelaiiuna, with the that th-: charge be remitted. Mipervijor Woodruff tuoughiiuat, as the greater part of .he inmates of the Hospital are Horn tbc city, the corporation ought to remit t-c amount. Supervisor Higgins moved that Supervisor Al k-n be auihorlz-.u to consult wi;h the Board of Public U orka on the matter. The modem pro- Toiled. pat or ncrourms. SupervisorHirgins prescu'td a rcso!ut : on that the Committee on Hiscekaneoua Claim* bs au< thorizvd, iu making out tho jrrUtiw oi* the mom her*l of tli-; Board, to Inccde one reporter from each daily paper in the city, pajing them Hie tame as tiie members. enp'-jTisors WooirnfE, Shockford and otbera spoke in tavor ol uic rcsulnlion, savin? that the Voluntary publication of the proceedings of,the X>oardcacU morning saved the coauiva large ex pense, a“ the law reiitiircd U.cir publication, and that ft wns asrrea! accotniaoaaiioo and benefit to the members, and proper lUai tome remoneraaon te Supervisor Fanre*] Fib-titate that jio money be paid on any claim unless ths bill therefor Lad Lce:i made out and presealed lo liie ls,;aid. j lie substitute -.vae laid im tLe table by a YOlCOfCJloia. Supervisor Reynolds moved to lay the first reso lution on the fai»le. 1-os: by a vote or IS to 2J. Supervisor i'arwell moved aa atr.ond.iic?.t that repertory ne paid SIU pci day a- a more ad* itialc CumpcuM-tion. Suptni.-or lUrcics paid that the Dar.rd ccnH hardly ali.-rd to di.-pense with tiic daily rephrt- of their procecdiii"s,ai-d that it was very prop or to I»av si'mctMnpfor it. tinpeiv.sor Aplel moved to lay ibe amendment of Mr. laraelrs on the tal<le- Carried. tupuusor boiion moved to postpone the mat ter turn! to-morrow. Lwt, bnpervwor Dolton tboashl lint the appropri ation was not uetbon/ed. Supervisor SLtchfora reminded ibsa- that he drew miiejiae which was tol aathormea ~vy iuo:t olearlr than this. i he resolution of Supervisor was then adopted l>v a vote of 23 to 13. youaiAL sccooia. Supervisor Whitehead. oJ the Commutes on EuucuUon, lo whom wao referred at ths la-1 Sr*. rlcn the matter of establishing Normal Schools, reported tuongly urging the importance ol these iutlitutione. and recommending Ihe passage of the Jollonlne resolutions: I. Tint: the Committee on Education be In structed to confer wuh ano reccvc propo-dtiom Si. regard to the location of a County Normal School; and in case any town shall guarantee' pnio Cook County the peaceable and quiet poeecßsloi: and enjovment of a building or rooms sufficient for the wants of a Normal School fora period of not Jess than two years then and In that cate Lhceaid committee vball have power, and it is hereby instructed to locate said school In the lown making die be?! pronodfloa therefor. 11. That the pan? committer, on tbs above term? being compiled with, shall have power and it is hcieby instructed to locate, cushion and in augurate a County Normal School, and for that purpose the said committee shall have power to employ teachers, celab’.isu a course of study a-;u rules and regulations for llu governtncut and control oi said school, and do and perform such other mat l ere and things as shall be beet for the Juiciest of said school. 111. That for the purpose of carrying out the tan going provisions. the sum ol ttarty-ilvc hun dred doljurß he appropriated out of the moneys in the County Treasury tot otherwise appiopn (Signed.) E. J. WmTEaEAp, li. M. nioctss, C. F. CuilsoS. Supervisors, WooodrafC, Shackford and Bax ford, epoUe iu favor or the lesolutions and mov -ea their adoption. Supervisor Far-well said that the County would have to borrow from S ->V t*io to $75,001), for the csj»eu?c« of the year, and v bile he was lu favor ol me Norma! School, he thought the question ought rot to be settled ret, He moved thsl the matlcr he postponed iuitil the September term, 'i he motion was lost. » Supervisor Aiken moved that the term proposed for the schools he five y-.-are, instead of two. The motion was not supported. , . Supervisor Dolton had felt the need of such a school, and hoped the resolutions woa»d be .adopted. The resolutions were adopted by 41 ayes to 1 j lft y_fcnj,cm*or Farwell alone voting In the nega tive, explaining tis vote by taylug that u’there were any money In tbe treasury he would vote for it: and would do ao in September, when tnc f budget Is made up. mraov. A petition was read fiom Messrs U. BarUngatae A Co., asking lor the rcliuiddt£ of laxci. It was laid upon tie table. ADJonamtirT. Ob motion of Supervisor Shackford, the Board tlmn udjonrncd tmUl two o’clock this aiwinoou. CiiiCAGD MEDICAL C3LLECE. Llghth Ann mil Coramencoweut Exer clbcs—Address to tlis Graduates —Diplomas—Alumni— Dennlon. The eighth annuel Commencement exercises of Uie Chicago Medical College were held yesterday forenoon, Is presence of a large and brilliant au dience, in the lecture room ol the Collegr,l*o.lois f-jale Bticet —Dr. K. fi. Dari: presided, aud Ihs ex ercises were opened with prayer by Uev. Dr. Hat field. Dr. Davis spoke trieily of the purposes in view in the foundation of ibis College, the estab lishment ol a place of thorough medical educa tion for elndenlfi. where they might have placed belore them in most compact ana practical form, for subsequent esc in life, the lore of past days and the light of modem discoveries in the science of medicine, and by the aid oi these acquire a thorough knowledge, based upsn correct and permanent pno' tplea. of line great and heredeeut edence. A lull meed of f access had, he said. u»en accorded to the lusii iniion, which has, in the eight years of i:s ex istence, increased tlie number of Its pupils from thirty t'» one hundred and icu. •jbe diplomas conferring the degree of Doctor of Medicine were then formally presented to the following graduates* __ _ „ _ jf i\ Baker, -1. W. EarloW, Thos. S. Bind. Cha«. C. Crocker. John T. Curtiss, 21. J- Dldiabc, P. 3‘ppler, John G. Fredigkc, David J u a a . Ja. Hutchinson, l-a«c 11. Lane, Elmer Y. law fence, William Martin, Tnnron Mehols. l*. Cggel, Thus. D Paimei, Wesley Park. Jacob Ad ribert Parmealcr, David H rnry Ration, Fred. Al bert Rccbard. Cheater Header, Rntus R. Kcsae -I'iac. Da ad Robertson, Win L. Secomb, David A. fcr-tffiiU, Bdwaid T. rwLJug, Martin 7. alt map. Wm. J. Whelan- , Certificates of aUcrdanre upon the regular cliric courrc and •ervice us pjyeiciaos aud surgeons at the bos .-Hals, were *»i«-*eut<d to twenty-six of the above-uamsd gradoahPg tlcsc. , luo.special prizes for t’,c wri'.iag of medical tnesefe were avnrccd. The first, to John Gao. >ied>pl;e, of Chicago, for a paper on "The llu-aan Voice,” was a splendid copy of “Atiuos’ IVac lice of Medicine;” the second to Theron Kichois of Appleton. Michigan, l«<r a naper on ‘‘Catalytic Dh-eaws,” a copy of “Chambers’ Lectures.” Dr. Davis further announced the conferring of the honorary degree of 11. D. on Messrs 13. W. Jleebe, Asher Gosling, M. Dolton, Wm. Law and Jos. 2’. Johce'on. The I’rceidoul then addrrfsed lbs graduating clef-s briefly, as follows ; GatTLOfKK —The privileges and reapcnslblli* lies ot the practicing physician are sucu that in taking Uie mponribility npoa ourselves, *a a Cacalir. ot conferring upon yon, each of yon, the d *grce <>f M. D., ana thereby enabling yon in all pane of the world, m every civilized comma® ity. to be reeiignlk*d a** tuenbeci of one of the most ancient and most noble calllars In which men bare ever enlisted—* r.iiW which has had for Its object tbrooch all the aces of the past the alleviation of banian aaOhr me—the gathering of knowledge &oa ; every source that ia accessible to the human mind, ana to the concentration of that knowledge > tn<l colling from it all- those things which would enable (he physician to minister to the wants aid necessities o! hi* fellow men; in doing this we feci It incumbent upon ourselves to call your attention to three items which we would indelibly Impressed on your minds. First of these, that In becoming a member of the profession to which you are now fotmally admitted, every act of yours, ihronghalltbesnbscqm'nt periods of your life, will be pari of the acta of tbalprofeseion. What ever honor yon gain is an honor as much added to the profession to which you belong; if a ataiu marks jour lives, that stain la on the profession to which yon ate admitted, and in this aspect we, as the responsible parties who have endorsed your attainments, one the correctness of your moral training ana menial worth, will feel in you a deep and abiding Interest. Another Item Is that Jou.aayoungmen entering upon your profession, ave been endowed with the privilege of taking In, for 3 our future application, the results of the labors and tolls endured by jour predecessors In centuries gone by, that have been .gathered no and bandw down to you; and each of yon. In a lew brief years, have thus been enabled to reap the benefits of, and inasmuch as you have enjoyed the benefits of those la bors, there is a duty Incumbent on each and every one of you to so pursue your studies. to continue your mental application that ▼on will iu your tarn, add to the general store house of knowledge, so that those who succeed von may also be enabled to reap the fruits of your toil. Yon owe this as a duty, as an obligation. The third Item Is most beautifully and directly expressed in that excellent code of ethics which has almost universally been adopted by our pro fession In its definition of the dalles of thephy- ficion and his obligations to hU fellow men. Ti ensure up that clause as a treasure of gold.and, among the earliest duties that you perform- obtain a copy of that code of (Abies in fall, and keep it by jou through all your professional career, second only to the greatest and best of all books, the Bible; and U yon do this and ever remember that however secret may be many of your duties In the stereo mystery of the family circle, and waatever the re«poreibuUics devolving upon you, there Is an All-seeing Eye ever on you. One to whom you must ever be accountable. It you remember trese things, and with them maintain an orderly ar rangement of your time, cultivate • your already acquired knowledge, bo prompt In every engagement yon make and untiling in yonrde votlon to vour profession, success will attend, you wherever you go. „ Professor Pnttereoti delivered a Valedictory of great merit and considerable length, warning tba graduates against emulating or envying quacks and <xnpiriCß In their professional career because of their apparent temporary success; exhorted them to cut :i vale the moral virtues and be of ro- Jigions tendency, and laid before them some ex cellent rules for life and conduct. The auoience was then dismissed with ft bene diction byßev. B. SL Hatfield, D. D. Dr. Darts announced that there would be & summer coni se of instruction, consisting of regu lar recitations, and also regular at'cndmccnpoti Uic hospitals and clinic Instruction. This course will commence on Monday next and continue to the first Monday in July. When the audience departed, the Alumni held a meeting and formed a society lor the purpose of maintaining in after-llie the intimacies funned in college life. In the evening a very pleasant reception was given by Dr. Davis, at his bouse,‘No. 25 Washing ion street, atwhicu the Faculty, Alamo and in vited guests were present. It was one of the most enjoyable features ol the Commencement exerclioa from the air of sociality and the select cuaracter of the company present, and can only be most pleasantly remembered by all who participated xsit, Death or a PoucraiaH.—Officer James Crane, a member of the police force In the first product, died yesterday morning of bralc fever, and his funeral will take place at two o'clock mis after* noon, from the corner of Kiuzlo aud Franklin streets, whence his remains will be escorted to Graceland by die Police Department. After n taithfnl service of Joar years for h!s Country, in an infantry regiment trom thy State, .Mr. Crane joined the police force in Only last, aid was greatly esteemed by his associate? and respected by all who knew him. Ee was a single man aud abont forty years of age. ’MEAL AND COMMERCIAL. KOHETAUY. Tuesday Evening, March 5. Tto local Money Market present no new fea imos worthy of notice. Some of the discount houses icpo.’t an active demand ior money, but i-lsewhcjc the inquiry Is moderate. There is no marked increase In the amount of loanable funds, out as the demand foracommodacicn is not press ing. the market. works along comfortably easy. There was a baler supply of Exchange offering tc-dcy. owing to larpc remittarcss from St. Louis and other inferior points, and the maikcl was rcarccly so Arm. Itouud lots were placed between barks cl psr&'3sc premium. The counter rates •Acre steady at par baying and 1-10 premium selling. Flour wag steady. Wheat was H'S.Jc lower on No. *3 Spring. Com was less active and e ielcr. <Jaifc cdvanced i-jc. JJyewaa easier. Barley was quiet, ilers /’otl: advanced 235tSic. Bnllc Meals were Crocr. I.ard was dull. D:ess«d Hogs wete -caice and Ann. The annual meeting of ibe stockholders oftbe Mctcharts’ Trust & Loan Company was holiyes tvrdsy, at which the following onicer? were elected: P.-esldent—Sol. A. Smith. Vke Pits ideal—lV. E. Doggctt. Cm-blcr—L. J. Gage. Directors—Geo. Armour, H. 13. Magic, A- U. Denlcy. J. U. Foster, E. Blackman, P. L. Voe, E. K. Itogers, Sol. A. Smith, W. E. Doggclt. Gold was on the down grace to-day. The mar ket opened at 135?5, and closed at 15G*J. The fol lowing quotations were received by Boyd Bros, gold brokers: :u:3tja.m is 6?.; 15:00m 137*; UhlSfl.m V.o'>» p.m Wtu 11:P0 a. m 137Ji &0U p. m 137 y 11:73 ft. m 137? i 3:00 p. in 137‘fc ll:3Ua.m U77ri 2:13p.m 137?,; 11:45 a.m.... U7J£ 4:l)dp. m V'JjJi Here the market was dull and weak—opening at 131-!*, and Closing at 13*-JA- Most of Ibe offer ings hck bought at 1377-4. Blver was nominal at J3U. Gcvtnimcr.lp were weak end lower. Sires of 81 declined J 4; Fivo-TwenUeS of ’CS. •£; do ’6l, ::; do ’GT-, a. Tcn-Fortic* were of. Scven- Ihiitics cf June and Jnlywere Ja lower. The Soliouirg f-hov.< the closing prices ofto-day, com pared with the three previous day?-: IIP?* 110 w 109 ssc6 of *SI. 110* llu 107 V I'JT-; Jo7«i IGS’i lOSJ-i 103 03 m Five-twenties, ’C2 11l Fivt-Twcntiea, ...lO7Ji Five-Twenties, ’(>s. ICSJi len-Foniea SJS* >cven-Thinies. At3206t..1U5?i 11T>S 1057,' 103)j SeTen*ThirtlcS, OuDe....lOj»j lU3J* 10>?* 105‘i ?seven-Tirtriies, Ja<y IQ5’» ICS;J 3Usii *\ew Five-Twectles 1 OCX lw?i •£s-Coupon. Herelbe niuket-was quiet and lower in eym -athy with New York. We quote: COV£HKX£ST EECinUTIEe—CHICAGO maeket. Unrin". iJellinp. l(i«i lUj U 310 Whi U. S. Sixes, of 1 Cl. U. S. 5-iili‘f. JSC-2.... U. S. l-2b’6 t 1801 ... .JW« .JW>5 .mo;iios?£ . »Tfi U7"i , !)Gu .... .103 H inc^ i:. S. 5-20’f, ISCS D. S. 5-20. To and ’Co (hew), U.5,5-‘~o>. Etnull U. S, IC-iti’e, Ja:ce .... U. S. KWC’f, small 0. S. 7-SO’s, Ist Series U. a. 7-iti’s, 2d Series Ibs*i U. S. TCO’?,Sd Scries... ..ll'o’i U.S. 7-Sii'a, mull ... ~lu3 @los?* Compounds, Jane, ISC4 117 July, lSf.i 116J4 “ Ang., IBG4 11C “ OCL. 350-1 115 4 ‘ Pec., 1601 114 44 Jlav.lSßS 112*4 “ Aug., 1805 111*4 44 Sepl„ 1505 110*4 *• Oct.. ISfio .....'.’..110 Secocd National Bank gives the following quotations for the Public Funds: U>nps.. 1 H..109&@ ... 7-80, («nall)loSH3lo3ss 5--.‘u coup., June comp., 1301..117 (lcrpe)....lJi> 1 3© ... July 44 44 --3t*«VS 5-su coup., A»ig. 44 44 ..UR (small)...K»H@ ... Oct. 44 44 ~U 5 BMu coup., Dec. 41 “ ..114 (large). .. 97y@ ... Slay 41 1533..U2 ID-;o coup.. Aug. 44 " ..Uo*s (small)... 9" @ .... Sept. 44 * 4 -.110 New cert Ct .... Oct. 44 44 ..199J5 T-'W, (larre).ins?£@ios?4 , , 144 . . , lo Local securities there is very little doing. tliL brokets arc buying at the following rates: Baying. Chicago City 7s 93|i Cook County 9R?j Chamber ol Commerce 93'a>9i —lhc Bo? ton Advertiser of Saturday says: 44 ine money market to-day continues rather close to miscellaueoos borrowers, unless backed by tbe most undoubted security, and rates still icpge widelv according to the nature of the col laterals, or ihe recognized responsibility of the names to be negotiated. The general features of the market, however, appear to be unaltered, the demand being fully no to the tupply, aud the cau tion of lenders being in no wire abated. Mercan tile paper of the best quality Is readily obtainable at 7« to Spec cent, and there is a good deal con. sideied cqusilj pood which is ottered a? high as U per cent. Loans payable elnctly on call are made at 6 per cent on Government collaterals -44 There bus been some excitement on the street this afternoon, in consequence of the suspension o! a leading firm of bonkers and brokers, which was announced soon after 1 o'clock to-day. • The firm oi Mellen, Ward & Co., it is generally understood, bare hccu largely interested in slock operations, and through some complication in their financial arrangements to-day, luey were unable to provide for thvtt check*. It is thought by some that au adjustment may possibly be made, to enable them to go on, but at present little is known in regard to the matter beyond the fact of the sus pension- As usual at such times, a great many unfounded remote were afloat, and among others ue hear that there were s-.-mo reports refpocU"g an officer in the Sub-Treasury in this cur. We are glad to learn, however, that an examination ofthe accounts in the Sub-Treasury shows that everything in that department Is correct. We korn. however, that the Cashier has resigned, ” ihe President of the First National of Newton requests ns to slate that tbe C&.tuor O that bank, K. Porter Dyer, Jr„ came into th-s ciiy ftomNewioiivllle at half-past 13 o’clock this fore noon. and bad uot been seen since half-past 13 o'clock.” —Toe Philadelphia Ledger flays: *• There is a very moderate demand for money at C(fJ7 per cent npon good collaterals, with larg er transactions to first-class borrowers npon Gov ernment securities at 551 G per cent. Business pa per sell? slowly, and only selections have any con siderable currency at 7@S per cent per annum. Foreign exchange is nominally the same, with lit tle activity. Leading drawers of sterling arc ask ing KKJb lor sixty days, and 109?* for short eight.” —The New York pipping List says: Money on call continues easy at 0 per cent, wllb exceptions at 5 and 7 per cent ITicre is rather more businvFS paper offering, and discounts are not quite so free. The rates for prime notes are R@7 per cent, according to date, with fair names _ y Per cent, per annnm. Loacs on call, slock pcccritles ---5 (2i G Loans on bond and mortgage 0 7 Prime endorsed bills, CO da ye C @ ‘ Prime endorsee bills, 3®4 months J Gl o Ffrst-class elnclenames Jii& 0 Other good bills 9 @ lO —The unexpected and disastrous failure of the banking hotue of Gurney, Ovcrcud <fc Co. (limit ed), has led to much litigation. One of the ques tions arising out ol It has Jnst been decided by Vice-Chancellor Halims. The holders of a large number (sixhundred and soventy.six) of shares applied to hsre their names removed from the list ot shareholders called npon for contributions tumect the liabilities of the comoany, on the grountt that they were Induced, to take shares by take ana fraudulent statements <u the prospectus. ‘lhc Mco-Cbanccilor reviewed the esses which bore upon the question which bad been argued before him, ano decided that tbnugh the share holders who moved to he relieved tnirht have clump as acairsi the directors, they were liable to (bo creditors, and their application must be refused. New York m Closlnc Prices for ca»h. jotcfiU M. Lyons ft Co., Itro lit 80. fid JW N. V. Central.. U2[< Eric (com) £‘.-% "/< M. S. (com) *J **S< C.ft latu.. • «>!/ W< Hock Iflund 32'/ MV C. ft K. W—... 3»?i SIN I)o~ prrbricd... <s* cl ‘-« l*.,Ft. W.ftC.. 93 •iSH Oulcndiver 3c 39 W.U. Tel -UV 41 C.&A.(«>ni.)...lC[s*< IWY ii. ft Quincy 12a* .. Mich. Cef iia1.,.107 MC HndMmElver...lsJ7 149 ill. Central lie* 115 V ]'hU«.&Bead...lolx 101 C. ft Toledo lit* 116 V IcL ft TTabaih.. 55 36 tocu tlarkcl. Marchs, isj(, rewired l)T okcre: r - r .. 3stca.2aß<L U. 8. 0 celt bonds, 13V U. b. 6 i? cl 5-SU ' conp.. irdt....uox no r. 6. 6>«:>Z) ..icrry ijjv u. s. 6 7' cl 5-20 coop- ISO 103 V 133 U.S.& V cl 5-VO coup., new, O.iscy iocy ’ISSW..* D. 3. 1 5-10. si series 105 V 1®)/ U. 8. 7 MO. W eerie# Am encaa Q oid.. IJiVIST H 3d Baud steady. Market—l *t Board weak rnymuTT at. TuksditEttsixo, March C. Tbs following tables show the receipts and ship ments of Frodnce during the pul twenty-four heart: ! ‘ BEcmrra past rwzarx-roun nouns, Floor trls... 5,200 i 3,628 Wheat. centals - 7,508 4,508 Com,centals ... 9,689 12.875 Gats, centals C3S 3.352 Kye, centals S 3 : I,S>3 Barley, centals 1,17 a .... Grass Seed, P's 73,580 ; 75.315 Cured Meat, Os 81518 ,63,900 Pork, bm ■ SGO Lard, lbs 47,934 1.810 Tallow, lbs 2,825 6,793 Butler, B>s 12,650 15,795 Dressed Hops,'No 618 C 72 Lave Hogs, No 1435 370 Cattle, No.'. 49 817 Hides, lbs 74,826 51.400 nighwlnee, brla... 150 860 Wool, lbs 14,400 11,950 lumber, m 161 93 Shingles, m 63 ; 1,050 snipaosTS past TWE!>rr-rouß novas. ISCT. 1868. . 8,707 5,797 . 0,855 2,331 . 7.690 1,500 . 729 437 . 2,198 9U 2W .100,941 GV27 . 48.321 1-J.Sill .&U3,13S 930,833 . ... ' I^ll3 . 851 852 150,425 103,662 .122.832 2^-10 , 22,807 S,uC9 . 1,807 . WlB 107 . 509 712 .161,129 21,010 532 453 14.990 19.434 807 618 592 019 457 . 6U 503 673 100 Flour, brls.. Wheat, centals .. . Cota, centals Oats, centals Itye, centals Barley, centals..... Grass Seed, 1b5.... Broom Com, lbs... Cured Meat, 1b5.... Beef, brls Pork,brls Lard, lbs Tallow, lbs Bolter, lbs Dressed Hogs, Ho. Live Hogs, Xso Cattle, K 0.... Hi( ; CS, lbs Eichmncs, brls... 'Wool, 1b5.... Lumber, xu Shingles, m Lath, m Sait, brls Salt, bags FLOUR AND CHAIN Qt STORE. The following table, complied irom the official returns, of the warehouse-men. shows the amount ofFlourand Grain in store in this city on Saturday last, compared with the amount xo store at the came date last year: 2SC7. ISCS. Flour, brls 67.400 20.000 Wheat, centals 387,911 725.737 Com, cemals 431.053 85V-*- Oats, centals 842,353 31U831 Kyc, centals 68,544 G 0.167 Bariev, centals 140,831 • 121,706 There was a stronger k-ellng ih the Prevision market, and prices favored sellers for all descrip tions of product except Lard, which was dull and rather weak. There was a good demand for Mess Pork, and the market advanced 35@5(3c in view of the unfavorable news from New York; but at the close buyers refused to pay the extreme advance. We note sates of 3,400 barrels at *19.25© 10.75 cash, and *20.00 buyer March. At tho dose, holders were asking $20.00 cash for favor ite brands, but there were no buyers over *13.75. In Prime Mess there was nothing doing, and the roatket is nominal at *17.50@18.00. Sweet Pickled Hams were quiet but Arm. with sales at 1114© 1-Hc—the inside figure for an irregular lot. Bulk Meats were in good demand and firmer, with sales of 340,000 |Tbs at for Clearbides, and 7%c lor Shoulders here; and for liongh Sides, delivered at Peoria—all loose. In English meats there was nothing doing, and the market is nominal at our quotations. Pigs’ Tongues sold to the extent of 50 brls at $12.00. Lard was dull and weak, with sales of IUO trea Etc&tn at ICcbere, and SOO tc* at at Peoria. In the summary of the PorkPackiug, made up bj Milward <fc Co., Messrs. Tomer & Co. Inadver tantly made an error In reporting the average weight of the bogs packed by them. The gross and not the net weight was given. This will re duce Ihc general average net weight about one pound—22o*,' 9-s Instead of 227» a ' Ihs. The receipts of Dressed Hogs were light, and the market was quiet, wiih sales at SS.IK)©9,OO— upper figure for a heavy lot. Whiskey was neglected and entirely nominal at 25c for Bonded, and $2.20 for Us paid. The Flour market was steady ami unchanged, wl'h talec of 2,075 brls at s!l.2s©'.2.iX)iurltcd Win ters ; JIO.COtfIiO.SO for Spring Extras, and $3.30 for Buckwheat. The demand for Wheat was less active, and Ifcc market declined HCilc on regular No. 1 Spring, but other grades were firm. We note sales of 54,W0 bn at §2.27 ior No. lin Rock Island; 53.13 ©2.24 for do Regular; £2.03 lor No. 2 in A. D. & Co.; sL9l@i.ol for do Regular, and $1.72©1.74 ior Rejected— closing dull at sl.Ol for Regular No. 2. Corn opened strong, and a great cdort was made to hold the market up, but a weakness in the knees was visible, and prices became a shidc easier, though no material dcclice was sustained. About 181,000 bu-chonced hand*, at for No. 1; C7c for Nc. 2, and Co©cic for Rejected —closing quiet at 70‘5©Tij2ic for No. 1. For fu ture dvlnciywc heard of sales at TtiJic for No. 1 aCoal, seller last half of April, and TTc far No. 1 in store, seller April. t Oats were more active and c higher, wl’h sales 0f50,000 bu No. 2 at 11‘j3U?£c cash, and 42»4c buyer March. Rye was less active and scarcely so firm, with etlce at hIKGpUSc for No. 1— tho imido figure for wider rrccipts—and SMH@P3c for No. 2. Bailey was quiet, with salea at $1.0031.03 for No. 1; C-Jc lor No. 2, aud.lOcoSl.l3 far sample tots. Timothy Seed declined 10®15c,but tho market was more active at tbo depreciation, with sales at $2 80(2,2.1a Clover was a trifle higher, wuh Miles at SS.WK&9.624—the latter for a choice article. Flax Seed was Inactive and nominal ui $3.20 ©3. CO. hallow was a shade firmer, with sales of City Packers 1 at and small lots of Country U I£©loc. The following ftlegrams were read ou ‘Change to-day: Srw Yoke. March 5- Flonr inactive and heavy at *3.:kst&iO.S>. Wheal Stroup aid quiet at 5 , X.15J>,2.-.iT. Corn better and unsettled at jSl.thu&l.lU in store. Oats stroeger at Wj&Wlc in store. X'ork firmer at §2161. l.a:d heavy and no.nmat at PJvChM;. iioge scarce and firm at £3.S7&@ 10.00. IV uiskey steady. Gold l37*j. Common Flour heavy; choice do firm. Wheat quiet out firmer. Coro e&lsblc it fl.lO&t.iui* in store. Oats ttrous. ForL Letter at jjI2.LU Lard heavy. LITER. The Grain market alter the adjournment of the regular board, was dull and loner, closing at ?<.b9jt(S.l.oU for No. 1 Spring Wheat. No. 1 Corn was quiet, closing at rro vis lons were Inactive and neglected. The market for Beef Cattle was doll and inac tive, hut under light receipts prices were tolerably well sustained. About SCO head, only, changed nar.fle. These wore taken chiefly by shippers acd city butchers, at 54.2306.73 for common to prime drove*. Live Hogs were fairly acllve, and prices ruled a shade higher. Sales were made at?6.it057.25 lor litfcilor to prime grades. AH were Bold, and ihc market closed strong at ike above range of prices. Scarcity of Wheat. The Cedar Falls (Iowa) Gazette pays: “Oar ml'!? can bsrcly find wheat enough to run their stone?, about the whole crop (which w*s rtiort) recming to nave b-rea marketed in these part*. The price in this city has gone up to ft.W, as seen by our market report*, and ytskrday ihe mills put up flour 50 cents per hun dred, to fr».SO, It »eem3 as though they would have to be ttipplled with wheat from the East this season.” New York Grocery Market' [From the Shipping Lltt.J Ooffejt—The market lor itlo retails# quiet,hat Is very bt:eng at u»e advance noticed In our last. U'e be like it to be a very reran Kah:c circumstance, tbit tbt-relßimrallTnoneoOemff trotn flrrt hands. Tne Cable advice* fiom Kio Janeiro to SUi February are still r*-jy lavorabl-. pried bavins tonsi lerabiy ai* vacecd fwre, with continued light shipments to the Cnitfd feistes. I,'OObacs. balance per eicarar G.Ud ine Star, sold at cent*; 717 do per Gertrude. Utfc S>1(1, in bond; ano 1,200 cantos, per Insalanean, on rms not marie public. In other kinds there is eiual qnkrtirte. and we only report I.WO mats Jura, and 3JO buys BauiUlPa, oo term* not iruutpiml. bwcK InNcw York. Marcil. U>67. 186 j. ISTS. 1961. nio and Santos, bags 3J£SO 35.131 S2;WS P. 950 tlalilu 8,t16 C-ara 3.700 Cuba 4.292 Maracaibo 3.590 3,6*1 227 4,213 lAguayra ..... 3,761 4,470 .... U4l broAB—TLe Llch rates ruling for gold since oar lan have imparted additional strength to the market tor raw sugar, and prices of relUiiuc grades aru tie* eighth, and pome descriptions IC&'i of a cent hleiitr— w. revise our quotations accordingly—closing Crm. The receipts and stock coaiinoe hunt. the former showing a large lading oil Irom last year. Grocers’ grades are rather neglected, particularly tfood quail* vlc»; whm-tfair, owing to the scarcity ot desirable re r dilu grades, has been taken to some extent late y for raining purposes- Jiellncd Is In good request, atd pnera are a Jbtle higher: we quote other than sm art’s: Hare, 15Xf*15>»c; sort white, l4H.4lVte; an! yellow, Vi',:Q,U}iC. Merit's- It- L. &A. Smart quota ernshed ana around, white A. 14Xc, andyel'ow C, He, ca»h—which. tor the sett, ars X<*U of a cent higher, lae sates ot raw are nois hesds Cuba at l(,v<yir i .C; 190 hhds and 20 brls new crop do, lO>jteJ2j<c, per seliooner Grand Prc, arrived 2tth ult, second arrival, the first ha vine come to naud cih r eb.. per urleTnomasTurnll; lOOhhda Jamaica, lO ic ; 59 Uarb«aoca,llftllXc;BC new crop fct. Crolt-Uie Cm* arrival, ptr Glassy, rtth uU: 47chiritlsd Dadiartra. on terms notroade public; 1,100 hags brown Pernambuco, lie, BLd 1,121 bze Havana, B^(»l3iKC,4 trios. Stock la Sew York, March l. JS6I. 1&5. IS'-G. 1967. Cuba hbda, potto Ulco 1,116 775 I.CC9 VIC tndlsh Islands 743 123 760 323 Martinique 42 fct.Cr.di 3TI .... 59 « New Orleans 6,1(3 167 lezas .... .... <0 Total hbds. 16.580 18.553 20.718 17.726 FaciT—Tbe market remains very qalct, the demand being chiefly xor goods In small or mod era to sized lots, to tupoly the Haaedtate wants of the trade : pnccaro maic steady and arm. The sales arc 1,500 bxv layer raisins. In lots, at <4.00: 2uo do bnueb. ISA): 103 hr do Valencia, 16c. generally held at 16vc; 13i) brls currants, J3J«C; 451 brls Tunis dates, part about 23c; 33325 c«44 Turkish prune*. part 20c; 100 bags Bordeaux walnuw. ISVc: a small lot shelled almonds,B6c; 10 coses, whole nxs, sardines, 53 (geld); 125 do. or bsa, pan 13c; 39,0.0 £an Bias cocoa nuts. In lot*. f Cj.OU; 33,04 0 i.artb.igena ca, fSC.CO; 800 bn Wilmington pea nuts, $2.73® 3.15; SOO brls Havana oranges, per steamer, <12.00; Sorrento oranges, <1.00; Palcrno leu ms. s3«e3iQ; 390 cases ptaM sago. Cl casks Turkish prance, part toarrlve. 109 breach plains 50 l«les i'r»Tence slmonne, 53 do Ivies do, 103 bxs Spsntih shelled, ICT hairs Bordeaux w»mnt*. to arrive, 250 cases ht bxa, and 250 do orange*, do, 5,093 B 9 Sal tans ral>lns, and 703 and CTObxs Catania lemons, on nr.ratc Terms. The demand tor domestic drlet is Jlgbt. Wo quote Western apples a; 11X311 he lor air to mime: 4,000 lbs peacbe* soil aiSO&Ue lor peeled, a* to Quality; ISKCfHIfc for impeded qaart-r<.and 15® 16c for halves. Green apple* are ejsicr. We quote river at f4.Ctt4J.OO; Wtstcr.ubv roll and fruro store, fC.Oo as tbcyrnn, and fT.CO tor round. Bv auction, 4,CC9 bxs Naples onmpes sold at f5.CV5.3.75 per box. sloiJkWT6—There lets acUvpyln this arti cle our lasr.owlcc to the paucity of ma oflerlng* Pt tew crop, aid the almost entire exhaustion of tno o'dcrop. The market la very strong, and prices are acalu rather blthcr ihaabe.orc. Kodue’S and dliti'; te.eare still the principal buyera. The sales arc 39< I lihdsaudiOtcs net Cuba Murcovado a» 50o; 133 hints sa3 20brlBdi>,4Sia5fic; 169 bhd* and 17 »ci cow clayed Cuba, 47c:3ii bbds old St. Croix, «cs:S do. as* crop, theflret arrival, per Gipsy, SlUi alt.. b ß c; 3 ib»o pew Porto Mco.flSc ;11 Old do, sift 3c; and JOatOC otn Cuba Mnecorsdo, Daro&docs and Porto men, irom JST&S ES 1564. Ibfij. 13.6. »sv»*« Muscovado, hhds v'Jf I,;M n 5 ‘}B ‘*l -f pt. Gr01x..., V.-c KrtilHh island* 4‘ “] 3 Kew Orleans, brls S3X* — 3 119 tIJ Arnace Crop of Cereals iu Euzlaud, The JlnrkLnnr Exr-rftt publishes thfi'jllowlngrs tlmatc of the overfiße yearly crops of cereal* ladU for the past lea years: •* I'attaer more than three mllllor-s ot acres arc sown trlthlSSl-SS;.ver-RC yield of when per aero I* twccty-nlne bushels; ana the total thettlore, ha* nveraetd eleven mMloo fjj and nfty-tluto thousand quntteib. million acres are sown with °' rllJ /*,= * v jti» thirty-seven «ml three quarter busLUs t^ e JJ» tatal aversco yield, nearly rune mill on fttj-rtOT. A million and a-balf aero* *“5?. with * ai«. producing loify-six wndtt tutnl averaßC yield, same as barter. fialf a million acre* are devoted to ;h» production or beat-s. and nearly aa many to peas, pr.-duclne on to notrli two million quartern of Nans, and a mtiiion ««;U qcart>ra of nets. The avertae crop of whest IB the whole United ;Ktnrdom ill pr.nably ehmt sixteen million ouattert annually; but, rrckoam* the coo tmmpuou of each rrdmdaal at a sack of floor a year, tw« nty-two million and a half quarter* of wheat atu oecdoo for the supply ol our thirty millions of people, leaMagi-lzir Keren mill!one ol quarters to be »op plh d by ImportaU" a." Theclo-lOßrfmarlcottheJSrpressl* ctolocnUy do aerrlLC cf attention by the farmers ot the West, both as an laflucemeat to tht more extensive growth of whet. sadesMteaeisniMattg eeoemdse ftr-ftf trws ro—ldsrettoß la ibt peeagoanat of thstr prairie farmer- *f * •♦* These it reason to bdlera that Iks breadth oflsad -devoted to wheat culture Is. •dsereaemg tarßstlaad ' year by Tear; mad so U abaold. Oar-ajcrlcaltarlsti ought i* devote theatselves more to the production of itooc. Ibelsod In the midlands and westoCßsgland I> properly pasturage; and a deficiency-of corn can ha merit Dare<-a»lly«opp)ted'from abriad than a flaQ dticy of meat, Bmau pasture ftmaytold more psr acre to the landlord than broad sweeps el arable land." Seed* io New Tar*—March 2. Tbebaalnck* In grata la veryjlgut,«tlS^ltVcfor Ohio clover, and iSVaKe tor Toymylvanla. and *&SO FUi IB selling only in atmfliway at*2.Stei?.9o. in bird seed, we have only to notice the file ota trail! lot Bpenlah Casary at *1.37.1*, cash. The market fbr Unaeed hrmy Ann, and the stock of ecodlsredooedto 2,000 bass, which U held at *£6o; theeilef are I,GOO bars and 7,000 packets In Boston fin* cladinc iJOO pockets to arrive) *2.10 In bond, aad*t.3S dntrpald: uso.bags hexe ner “Bonnltoa" at 12.55, cold; MO do.SlcllT, on private terms, and ICAftObaet and .8,000 pockets damaeed Calcutta, per "Oneiza" and ••Tartar," at 11.15 currency. -By auction. 10,000 bags Calcutta Unseed, damaged, sold at *1.15, cash. Seeds in Baltimore—March 3, Clover has been In tatr demand for local wants chiefly, wltu sales of M 0 to I.oob bushels new at 58.37a58.87K. as to quality: 100 do old at *8.71. ‘i troetby is steady at *3.73®1.60, and Flax *3.80(33.90. Cot lag at the latter. Needs In Philadelphia—March 2, Tbfre I* more dolcglo clova- sttbe late decline: 2,000 Umbels of prime o'd crop sold at $7.25. ana 1,500 hufhcls of mtnmon to prime new at trom $7.7538.25 G 4 ms. Tlmotbr Is unchanged; L,*JO baihel* sold at from meitlj at $3 bJK f* bushel. Flaxseed is In good demand, and sells on arrival at *3.23 P bushel. CHICAGO DttY GOODS MARKET. Tuesday Bvmmro. March 6, 1567. Jo this department of trade, during the past we»t, business bas been reasonably active. Spring goads have come In freely, and with a fine and favorably as* sortment, quite a large number ol buyers have visited the city. The stock of Pilots U moderately large, and only desirable brands axe sought after. Brown Sheet* legs and Shirtings are steady and quotably unchanged. Ticks axe quiet and prices a shade lower. Carpets arc In tail demand, and on Lowcil we note a decline of 153 lie. We quote tno closing prices as fbllows: Utnlmac P A3H American.. Mcrrlmac IV. 20 Amo*Keag. Cocheco 19 Duchess B. ieclLc..*. 13 Mcurolag 17 Garner's .18# Allan's *. 17 Sprague's 18 Providence IS uunncll’s 17James Saunders’ 17 MancbeaUr 17 Gloucester 17 Lowtll 15 W. tv. Freeman & C 0.15 Arnold's. .15 Huron 11 Lancaster 17®17K WamsuUa 13 Richmond I<H Oolombia 13 lAMS. Ulassow. Clinton. ! K0an0Ke................19 UUCTIHUS. Atlantic Bi Ills dS>tf Lar.cuur... .»>.>•••••£( 1 SKOWS fi ,« Banner. Lawrence 23 •suuitl—l tik Appleton 4— l 21k aitdfonU—l 'ihi Mshns. SO Inaian licid 4—4 23% Cnbott A 4-4 2! S' utanttc 4-4 22k Auiobkeaß 4—l 23k fcßlmot l»Ua4—l 21k Agawam F 4-4 ........18 Appleton D 4—4 JO ritr.olft A 4—l IBk Swift Kitcr 4-4 17k i'cppeieU E 21k *• K 13* “ N 16 AmerlcanA 23 Peppereli O 18 Great Tails M ....IS “ “ S 16 H Indian Orchard A 2l,*t M *• c u *! .*; “ “ IV l‘i ‘i u ** L Ij't Boot anus n is '* •• 0 17H •• “ 8 21 ti Western World Aicwneht. ao PortamouUi P Napoleon 17 Quaker. 13 AX Standard 21tf Nonstock. 21 BLZACUED eniBTINOS. S. T. Mills 4-1 40 Ilea Bank 7-8 17* WttniSUUft4—4 s!* *' ** 4—4... 17* Bute* 4—4 73* Lonsdale 26 lYiuteliock 4—4 27* Arkwrißlit ai Hills 4—4. 25 Wambeck U 53 - 7-8 23* J.&W. Slater4-1....35 Masrnvllle4—l W Canoo3—l 13* Hav Mills 4—4 23 SUterrlHo 7-8. ...19 <il.(lrOßCvgcln4— 4 V 7 UlackaWne XUvof 1 ....33 *• 7-8 21 A J.... tendon 7—B « Blaekatane AA 2t •• 4—l 35 Halloa* 6an4-4 3J* “ M 7-8 .30 PAPER CAVBStCS lorsJnlc 18* I English 30* Cambrics. 12*016 I sixm. Arocikcaß .Si* ) UrnmecUcut .27* York .33* | Wualdogton 21 Manchester 37* I Mlltoru improved. Si Oxtord .28* Bice Hill 35 Union .30 l Corn City 30 Uaj maker's 31* I Pawnee 22* unui'co smrmNus. Amoskcap -....32 Whlltendea C. 21 ,y« ra 80 •• A .23* American 20&21 Uncasvillo 22&73 II Thorndike 22* Ucacokc .....30 Shctuckct.... SO TICKS, Amofkeac ACA 51* < Hamilton, regu1ar.....56 •• A ~4ls( d ua •* B .86* > Pemberton E 47* “ c 4i*j ** aa “ D 2i.* i Swift Elver 35 T<rkSo-lnch 83* Star Alula 3Hncli 27* Albany 13* J •* “ 3C-iach 37* i DTK 82-lUCb 48* I cou&et jeans. Air.o'kese 32* I Indian Orchard ,ic Laconia KJ* 1 Androscoggin., 15* Bates 13 I Peppcrelh 2J Nuim.kca» 6dU'>0n....35* | Ulotw 15 CANTON PLAN'MELa. Hamilton stmt 33 | Thorndike 25 HlitrlonT. HS3* I Naamkeagbleached.,.3o begun vniLu. Holt 23 j ('euaingiou 33* Laconia ....33 | Pcppcreli 23 DKUANES. Manchester, rew 25 | Hamilton 25 I’iiCiUc, new 25 | All Wool 4P@SO baxuubai. musts. Gilbert's *2.50 I Uaman AMullekeu *2.12* Wilcox.... ?.2T<43.00 | lUJclßh* 200 Pcuto'kuc. 3.5U&3;35 | Unmer 2.00 IViuulngtou Hi115...-2.UU J Belle ol Ike season.. 2-13 TUBEAUS. .T.&P.Conts *l.lO Green 4-Daniels 73* CUrfa 1.10 White Skein w lludtey A Co’s !X> Col’d 1.03 ■Worsted Braid? B 3 TVll.linaaUc B** Station! 70 COTTON YXE.VS, ETC. F-filc CO (Eastern 55 lU»l*u CO I Carpet Warp 15^03 trstalln GO (Oandlewick *U*7O Park CO (Chicago Ball* *Li.W CACI’ETS. Lc-well. 3 pIT *23)0 Sunerflec 51.00ai.33 “ 5uper....... 1.57* Crossjya Fat, Tapi** “ uicdluzs.... 1.42* Broate-s If) Uurtlcrd.extra 3-ply 3.10 Boxbnry 170 “ imp*] 3-piy. 7.00 Empire Mills 1.10 “ suj>er 1-57* Belgrade 1.10 u medium.... 1.43* CA&TUCTIBS. Fanners A Mcrch’s....S2* I Everett I S3* Wnhatli 50 I Everett O 47* CHICAGO LITE STOCK fiIAUKET, OFFICE OF TUB Dailt Tntnc.Hx, > TrcsjuT Efemso. M>rcai. j *D-A following table thows Hie <lslly receipts and »Upn enu» ol Lire Sloes during lUe week, up to this vTCLicp, as rcpoi teo by me Secretary ol tbe Union aioclt yard Compasy Cattle. llos*. Shetp. .. 49 4.15 58 .. 7ilJ 2,713 418 SimCiy amlMonday. 'luescvy Total Ml 5.150 . 551 Bcme lime last werk 1.751 3,36:1 . 7e7 Week before «a*t 1,050 *.6*l 214 The. receipts, to-day, were by tba following routes: Cattle. Hogs, sheep. Py Illinois Central 80 401 i.r Burlington & Oulncy ItoaJ. 373 751 i:t l.y fct, Louis & ./UUD Hoad 171 .... liv Fontwcttern (toad.,*. .... 5G6 Til 159 id Michigan Central Kcad IS .... by Hock island 123 G« 371 Tctal 731 2.719 4 M aTheshipments to-day, and for the weex up to thU evening, were: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. .. SCO 1,11.1 .. 201 1.720 atd Mcndar. Tuesday Total 51.1 2.5J3 The folic w:a;r were the shipments to-ivy: Cattle. Sheep. By Michigan Central R. TJ iti .... By Mlcblcan SDUthtro it 1t,... 56 I.J.VJ By Total 201 1,731 Sales to-day. as tutored at the dilfcrcnt Scale-boaies. were as follows: Cattle. Hots. Suet'p. At Illinois Central Scale 153 i,A/j j;j At luttlnatcu Scale.. ltd 1,03 .... Ai AJun scale AtNbrihwcalcin fccalc Tclal 483 3.(«9 hit DEL± CaITLE.—Thu wcutacr was clear, cool and bracing, ai d Uirorabie lor operation*, but ttcre w-ru few buyers la attendance, and but little dcslraM Hofklnlhe pens-, bcncc the marsat opened very dull title morning, and has continued thus throughout. T!io y.eas of buyers and tellers were at Tatlancc. Tlic onntr. In view of the reported decline or ic In the New York market, were generally demanding a con crstlon 0t23&50: per 100 ms, bat prelerrlng to take the cbnncct of to-morrow's market, holders In most In stances refuted to meet the views of buyers, and sales, in ccnttQUißce, dragged heavily, and comparatively little stuck changed bunds. borne 500 head were taken by shippers, feeders and cltr butchers at prices ranging from for com mon mixed lots, including poor Cows, tbm, rough steers, fciags and Boils, to prime :st batchers'Cows and good straight stock bteers:ss.7-136.75 for fair to cood straight shipping Steers. From the reported tiansattVonsltdcesnovappeai that Calves have suf fered any material depreciation, though, had the re ceipts been large ihc result might have been different, 'lists market dotes heavy at the quotations given be low: cioeiso rsicu. Extra Flue, fat, well formed. 4 to 8 icartold Btien,ana HTeratang 200 69 and upwards f7.OiS7.VJ Pr>me iieexr*— Uo:d, well tatted, Uoely formed Steen, aTeraglae irom 3.100 to 1,410 16 ..... w; . W5&5C.73 Pair GratUa—t air fitters, id fiUr llcab. a?- e.-dklug ttß. at 3A0&3.73 i/niiiifii i.'lutt —Medium Steen and good Ct-wa, lit for city slaticburaodareraclng bC%J.WO CS, a: L50®5.50 Slock Cattle— Common Cattle Id decent U.Bb.aTeraptDß »r, at 4.0531.73 ittfi-rior— Liflilaad Uiin Cows and stocn, rcQzb and coarac. areradns TA)(3SW as. 3.3331.00 CATTLE 8A» EH TO-UAY. Elcvcahend good sf nigbl shipping steers, averaging 1,081 bs, fed and watered, at |u.<s. 'bit bead roiuh Oxen. aVeraglng 1,636 Bs, led and wa tered. at|s.»7jf. Seven bead etock Steen, averaging 1,033 bb, ltd and watered. at {3^s. Four bead rough Oxen, averaging 1,823 Bs, Ted and watered, at fti.w. . . Mne bead fair fleshy Stccre, averaging 1,133 fit, fed &bd Wfctere.l, at 85.50. Seventeen bead lat Cows and Steers, averaging 1,007 BS ltd and watered, at $3.10. Fourteen bead good shipping Steen, aver aping I.OH Be, at 16.25, seventeen head good straight shipping Steers, aver agUit fit, at *6.75. Eicbtccn bead fair fleshy Oxen, averaging 1,220 fit, fed and watered, at <5.83. , Fifty.bead good straight shipping SUcrs,averag ing 1.220 bp, nl <BO 00 per bead. _ Fttteta ntadjjood butchers’ Cows, averaging 936 Bs, ° Cows and Heifers,averagingßlo Bs,led and watered, at f 4.50. - ... ~ HOGS—’lucre was a fair demand to-day on shipping . account, and the pens were cleared at a trifling hotter rate than obtained on yesterday. The entered sales number B,CCS bead at <6.0036 JO for inferior to modi am lots, <6,7036.95 lor fair to good droves, and f7.1t37.23 for prime Hogs. The market closes firm at the above We note the following transactions: HOG SALES TO-DAY. At. Price. ..!*) fwa ..UIB 6.65 Xo. 57 median lot coarse uneven lot. 113 ulr buccn Hues 22 good bacon 110gi... Vl i»lr bacon 10t....... Utt ffuod even i10i8..... 73 good bacon Hoga... 00 nudlum mixed lot.. 11-c. (irlme lat 1i0<8..... 46 good even lot 7< lair lot »,1 common mixed lot. 173 medium Hugs l&l 6.35 67 medium lot MO 6.6'Jf 70 medium Boss .....2/1 C.oi 65 (blr barns Hogs... 192 6.70 50 good lat Hogs £l2 6.97 uiiKt-'p—Thrn> was a fair Inquiry to-day tor good to prime Qualities to mpply tbe wants of the local trade, acd previous rate* were folly aastalncd. Common acd Inferior grade* were doll anil la a measure neg lected, with no Quotable change In prices. Prices range at 15X9 for common to (6.73 lor prune Sheep. Sale* include Ko, M. Average. Price. M ?».*) 'Ji 0.00 . . - yF TOE CHICAGO „lAiCKfc.T. WEEKLY • All tale* of Grain reported in thin market rew > .on; wade cm We turn of xclnler (ic) ntorajo unle* othtrtctst txpreesul. Tdssdat Ethctso, >f«rch 5. ISS7. pßFlOlfT!*—K*n.iiOAi)FcEioirra—Aro jjc lower oq t'<.ar;a Uui lUe following la the uriif of Uie Laticru Uoatla - 3<l 4tn Drs'd Pates from Cblcaco to— cla*g.class, Flow. Uocs. BalJalo, K. i MX «j 73 l«m»Pto.C. W 51 , .75 Monlrt-ul. C.,C 1*23 TO 140 J-8j All>fti.y. N. 5. I-W MX 1-60 1.18 Nctf M 3 TO 1.10 1.15 Boston rU/Aloanr 1*25 75 1.50 1.23 Button r/n Oraun Trout.... Lss 75 I.M 12.1 Portland no Grand Trunk... .. .. MO 3.23 l'lii:aof]pliia M® 6> i.« 9 l.cs liSirtiEore »•£ O >•£ l-w ® 40 S 3 65 LU.vHanil.OWo 45 2i>f jj 17 JcifciscnvUnulud •}? •* TO LinciLiall. Olilo 45 .*> CO 41 FI.OCIt-Bcrcmd, 5,200 brli; flilppoi, 3,707 bris. Ito Floor market daring the week has been ncdtralely active, otd prices bar« un. dercone no special .change. spring Extras have been In active demand, and balden were ucneralis'retllzi.ft Odl prices. Winter Extras hare been In' moderate request and price* were itrraly nalntalced. Bapera are steady and in exceedingly ftib stock. To-day the market was steady aid prto-s vere nominally unchanged, hales embrace tbs f»« lowing* -ked Wijttkes—£o brls, not named, at $12.00: 1M l>rU** Wisconsin,” at*lL£; »««brls ••Illinois," at VuJbti Bpkmw Ermas—2oo brio “ al MAJ*;-lIS brto «• A»*3«.75; 1M *rls “Faloae, U gj£S; IfiO-brla, sot at $19.70; )00 briadoal |lWft: 400bri* do atIHUJU; 1« brl« do atSUUSX; too brls do At $10.10; on orpd* At SI 0.00; Usboubd— to brls, not Darned. *t 19.00: Buckwbxat Ploub—s l>rla At tS JO: Cons Uaat-1 tern Fins At |3UO,: - Wo QUOtO dosing PtlCS* AS tOIIOWB ■ Worn wheat— Choice Southern U- _ n llnoH. ...IU-00 01640 Choicest. Louis 1540 01740 Wuconila JO 01340-• Brsnro Extjlas—Fancy brands 1140 @1240 Choice Minnesota.... 1043 01141 Choice Illinois, Wls- • cousin aod 15m.... 1045 010-00 Fair Grades. 9.73 01OJ5 Low Grades ,8.73 S 940 Boring Bnecrtoe.. 640 9 B.s Bye Flcnr?7. 645 » 1-2? Buckwheat F100r.... 640 9 7.25 •WHEAT—Received, 7406 centals; shipped. 6JSS centals. Market less active and kQjc lower on No. a Sprite. No.lSpriflFwaiatrlflenimar. tia’eawere: &0 bnKo. x (H. 1.) at |2.J7; 1300 bn do regular at $344; 800 bo do at 1233: >3OO bo Ko.rfreiQatml: 21,000 bu do.repuur.a: sl42*; 1.000 fm do at 11.92 k; S.CM ba doatllJiv; 15.C0* budoatfUl; 34M centals da at $341; l.ccdbn do (A. D. * CO.) At *2.03: 800 bo Reject-, edit $1.71; eOObu do at fl.73—dosing doll at 1131 for r< s^KK—&«fve£B4Bo centals; shlppM. 7,B9ocen tals, Market less active and a shade easier.' Sales were; 45 000 bu Ko.l at 79XC-. 23,tr0 budoatTTkc; 15,000 bn do at 7V<c: 15.C00 ba doat79kc; 6.000 bu do, anoar,at76kc,p-Ner last Pall of April; 10,000 ba do. In store, at 77c. seller April; 4CobuNo.3at67c; 3,0(0 bn Rejected at 6!c; 2, C00 bn do at 6031 c; 8,000 Da do at 60Kc; 400 ba do at &kc; 3300 Da do at 60c—closing quiet at79Uo79£c for r*o. I in store. H OAT?*—Rrcelv»d 623 centals; shipp'd 739 centals. Market u&ye belter. Sales weru: 30.000 ba N 0.2 at 41ki; lil.OCi/bu dost 4l*c; 10.600 ba do buyer March at 43Vr—cloringfitni at 41kc for cash. BYE-Received W 2 centali; shipped 3,198 centals. Market less active and scarcely an nm. Sales wrre: 1,400 bu Ko.l at 9 : c*. 3,800 ba do at 97c (fresh): MO bu at 90c:2,U>0 bu do at 95c; SOJbu do at IMJfc (winter); aoc bu N 0.3 at 93c; bu do at 91KC. BAHLKt —Received UW centals. Shipped 9M centals. Market quiet. bales were; 400 bu No lat fI.W; 100 bu no at *t.CO;4OO bu No 3 at etc; 490 bn by sample at |i 15; icCbu do at $1.10:493 bn do atlOc. A LEOJlOL—Nominal at $14504.*). It HAN—Market inactive and nominal at $13.00. J!EAN*-Aio duU at tor commou to prime. Sales cfSbrls “Navv" ats3,(o; boat $240. MLTTKH-Recelvetl, WSO tts; smppad, 333*. tts. The general market rcmalui quiet, without material change id prices. We continue to quote; Choice Maury -.■f* ®{J ® Goodlub -r® c Common Firkin -I® ® Prime rlrkln.. ..>..*****o 023 c 14AUI41M;—The market exhibits some little Im provement In polatcfacilvliy, though the demand la py no means active, and priors aro barely sustained. v,e note a nwiin* in Lewiston A, and quite as fjl- National A, sbu, seamless linen Union A. 2 ou, do 3W» Illinois A,2bu, do Cora Exchange ®?-~ Stark A, cotton seamless Lewiston A. do fl-g 2 Androscoggin, do w.oo Atnerlcar. do ■ g-W Heaver Mills, do ®>®® Pittsfield S, do 6--J2 Penn Mills, do 65.00 Fort Pm, do ®-W Sligo, do 6® 52 Saco, linen ami cotton Ridgewood, Uscu and cotton 5*40 bnrtLgfleld 62.00 (lUonlrs Burlaps, 4 ba, No. 1 27.00029.00 Empire City 4000 C UElaK.—Under afalr and steadily increasing de mand, the general market rules firm at the late ad vance, and Indeed for Prime New York Factory, of which the market Is nearly bare, a Inrther advance of Xc is being dtn-added. VTe now quote: New fork Factory (genome) 19 •021 c Factory (RUnoH) 16 018 c Hamburg 17 :019 c Western states 12 »16 c Western Deserve 16 Pel" c “ Vor.Dg America” fa*) c l O.\L, Imar Is good, and for the better varieties ot liitniuinoua Coal, of which there i* no surplus, prices arc wesv sustained arm toierawy firm at previ ous rates, but Anthracite, under the large stock, is Binnhly lower. Wo now a luilhcr decline la Lump Lelimh, ami quoto as follows: ErtK—Uroowflela fIIJM Co Onasoy U-W CLkVU.ASD— Briar Hill U-00 do Mineral Ktdgu 1C CO do ' Willow Hank 10.00 do Tunnel 10.00 Chippewa. Fi.oo Utossuartr 12.00 Lump Lelugl l 11.00 Lack«waim, prepared 12.00 Scranton 13.00 I'lltsou _ 13.00 Illinois 6.0CV3 6.00 do on track 8-50« s 0.00 Toiisliiochmy . . 11.00 rOFPEB— Has !)ffn la modcratedcmand throaph cnt toe wee*. Good to ibclce crudes arc In lair ro* (jiust. and wUb me fsvo’ftlilo advices from the East, prices Lave ruled exceedingly Uim. iVe continue to qcotc Java. IUo, ccmuiiulofdlr 35)%'«*37 c Kio, roo<s to prime 33 d'&Ve Ulo. pitmc to choice. 2SJfi**‘iß.Vc COOl'Elt *UK— Thenmrtot 1b moderate!? ucilvc, ivDd will. 3 fulr auonl? oflerlne. i»rle«?9 arestcady* Sa!o oi 130 Whiskey llarrcis at sl.Ui». We bow quote: Ktk Uarrc'B f 1.C03 1.23 Lard Hems lixs AVldtUy Burred 1.5X4 S.OO llnticr K(C‘, 7? dozen. 13.00.415.0 J LardtKegß, each 9C.< I.OJ Flour Lancia, round h00p..... 6ij 70 Flour Barrels, Hat lieop W. 4 55 HoopFoKr, lilckOiy 00JX>bJ3J» (loop Poles, Oak 15.0U32J.i0 Htops.flat A»h 5.0>V4 <AO Shaved Hickory Hoop* 15.00.43 UK) CAM) Ihe market durlnr Iflr week has been steady, unci with a flight improvement In the demand prices rule ilr: - i. We continue to quote: IV.rhank. Feck 4: Co.’* b«anc Lights 16 d&l» c rami Tnllaw, btcarinc......... ’otitic Toll-w, UfcutiXe Vsxinie, Hjfr4HX'c blar. V & ({(checker 4; Co.s> li (431 c l)lll)i;SAM) CIIIC.H 11,'A IjS—i;n<lcra»ll»h*ly Inrcaseddemand. priCco areaehado better. We re- TltC QUOtHTItuS: _ ... Aloo*. Sototriie. Gam Tras a**rt%. 5(V>.63c li, 90c Cum Mu-liar.... 33a60fi A'um e i;«m T.rr.Dakc LSO&I.TS Annatto fi.Outfl.o tlum Myrrh.‘lky «jc AtMjile, p0w,... byotOc Gum Opium .... 9.40 Arrow root. Jain. Sic Arroartol, Her. 10c ItdUo LJ333.U1 IJiU.ropr.vla.... IStfl.OO 1 outre T.'.O Hai. Tolu 3.U> lodloc I’otiu* &A 0 J.’uß.Hi-carli.Smla Wc Jalap 3.9333.00 Ll-cat l*. Potash. JO-* Juniper Berry... S-j’.Oc liota*. retmed.. 37ft &>c Morphine.. . 7.U3 Camphor, Cu.... 1.10 OU Castor. J.OJ&Z.IO Cupirtras, Am... Cc.lo tjuicaillvcr MKI Cream Tar.,pure 50c Culnlnu 3.3OGt'JJS CUicli' l Iw i \ Urol, Mue J t&ISc Glue, while COfttSo * Soda ash aKGWc Glue, core Slujthoc I Glauber ba’.U... Aqua Ammonia. 1%-i I tc I Caustic Soda.... lOhc ChrvoUl SldcAle Carl* Ammonia. sV4'idc StlSoua 4Ja(4l>3iC | Sp. Turpentine.. 91*41.(0 Wore in diort aupplv, and with a Rood Inquiry < n local account talcs were quick to-day, ut 01 fiUCc; chlctly at 'i'-c. IfIHHT* AM) NUTS—Dealers report a fairly ticuvc and btutuily Increasing demand, and thu gen eral tnerlirt I» Cmi* r. with an advance «m several vari eties. Wc revise our list of prices rw fvhOWS; Applet T br! Ixmons, Me.-Man. OronK'e. V b 0:.... Cranberries, V bn. Ftps, drmn Fit». cartoons iMl* Can I’t-aclice, V dc- 2 15 cam*. Apples, new Pi aches, halves ami quarters. Peaches, ptnd niackberrlc*-. new, p s. Kanplicrrlr*. new p & Cherries, pi. ted Mrterbcrncf, P B> Itilsms stcdlcts, W a ba»s... )i nuxrs bai dines, % boxes M.TS. Almonds, linrd-rhcllcd AlniMids, Bolt ehtlifd Almonds. paper shelbd I’erjiut', wiimiciiton. V bu 1C Brazil Nut 5..,..: Fllwrts Freed* Walnuts. acw Naples Wait uts Pecans. small nt d large. Hickory hula, bo. Cctscuu. «• ou FISH—The martcu-ildbila no new tcature worthy of epcclal note, TraceU picking up slowly, and a rithirhruier feeling obttlts, though prK'es arc tin* (lugged. Mackerel. No. 1 prime, aredroily lieid at f-l'JAu*2o.7j. Won-pcatcoriialufprices,as tallows: W!,ittli*?i. No. 1. A Prl 28.7J0 7.W WbitctUb, N 0 .% brl OACn f».*s Trout, No. 1, A !, r •l.iUrf 1.73 T»wttt,No,*i, A btl 4.t&'4 *.50 Mackerel, No. 1, A brl, new lu.OJ.UO.tU Muikell.NO. 2, A hr l 9-50 Q 9.75 Mackerel, family. V H brl 9.<0.v 9.25 ilackcicl,extra mew, V 14 br1........ 14-50 *15.00 Mackerel, extra Mackerel, No. 1, kits new 2.55c* 2.C3 Mackt-tci.lumily. aits 2.1.V4 2.23 Cut lleh.Junk, V 101 ft* 7.00.* 7.30 George’s Bank 7.50(4 B.CJ Hake 5.00,4 5.23 Herrings, cried. No. 1. 9» Dor 50.« 55 Herrings. scaled 704 73 latcrudar ilerrlnci, f> brl 10.00(410.50 Labrador Ihrrlnrs. 14 brl 9.23(4 5.50 Norwegian Herrings, K’« P brl ccIS.OO Kwrwrztiin Herrings, M'S xx hn (416.GQ HtfEASE—Morxa inacavo and nominal. We quote: White 9*910 c Yellow fi'xCA 9 c Brown 7*« 8 c IlHSllWlMlw—Bcceived. 15U hrls; shipped, 532 brls. .Market dull and nominal, at 23c fur Bonded and r.’.'iO Dr tux paid. HOl’S—Arc selling at CC&(¥c lor Eastern end 539 CCc.r .T Wr-i.-f, J) It EssEO HOG!*-Deceived, 513; shipped. 1,807. Market quia. Hales were: 79 averaging 256 Bs at 99.00 8 •• •• 8.25 4 dlrldlm; on 20ii Bs. at 9.00 andßAo li A V—'there 1* not an active traded dm; In lids de partment, tlicrnrh with rather light su>cka on hands dealers are holding firmly at previous tales, which arc m lode vs: TCTH>L'K?AtA! PtICZS. Timothy, roller and taatcr pirated 914.00Q15.00 ’1 luioUiy. Pose prt «s»d. Prairie, bc&tcr prerifd.. TlmcUiy, rrll«r and boater pressed $11X0319.00 Tip oti-y. loots presr-ed 17.00*19.00 JTainc, r«lkr and beater pressed IIXOAIUO ITalrie, loose on wagon, delivered 1J.Wv411.00 HIDES— deceived,74,K!6 lbs; shipped, 171.129 lbs. There is no csseMhil change Id the tone of the marKot, nor la prices. There la a fair Inquiry both for ship* nxntatdoD local account and previous rates were fully malr.latacd to-day. The receipts arc moderate, ana all prime aides are readily taten op at the follow ing range of prices: Grrcn Imtrhers’ S Q Btfc Green £«Unl, trimmed. Green C%!f. Kip Cricn. salted 14 @ls c i)ryFllLL,trlmnie<l ...17 Dry Sailed, trlirmed UJiffelß.iC Greet baited, part coral 9li@lo c BIICON AM) STEKIj—‘tbtr«jt6B>3cfewit;e tanote riQcrtn ttio tnteol tae market or prlc<i«. since the data of our last report. Wccgntinuo to quote: Common liar B Ufo BJtfc liwrae Shoo iron Heavy Bat cl Hoop and Ltcht Band. KoucO and Senarc .... Oval lliiTf o'riTf.nd7fi f Ronia'.•••*•*• C&c

Hlicel Ijron. conimpa EsUoßrar-d5....; Bb«t Iron, palvanlzcri.. Sheet Iron, charcoal, 26. fchoct Iron, Juclata, SC. Norway Nail Hods Plow Steel, German.... plow steel, cast Spring and 1 ire StechEnglish ll'/i&H c ToolcastSteel,ordinary sizes... 2S (.$:» e Tool Ca*t but I, American 22 ®25 c Blistered Steel X) iiic e I,KATn FlS—Trade exhibit* a little more life, and a Letter fueling obtains. Manufacturers aronowour- It-g quite freely, and country orders aio also coming in more liberally. nEtmocK. • City Ilamcsi p Slaughter, Bat* si. |3% 40 lalosole % 40& 43 Country U&rncfß. w® S 6 Slaughter, Bale, Line, ff» 43® 41 Chicago No. I. 40013 Kip, medium,4l Slaughter,Sole, ‘ _ a! .LIS®LSO Chicago No.'.’.. 3V* 37 Calf. F Sr Lso(fti.oo Buenos Ayrei..,. SO® 40 Upper, V f00t..... BUQ St Orinoco bole 070 33 Country Urper. .. 2V3 23 Orinoco, good,- „ Collar v foot 23® 24 damaged 31® 33 Slaughter, 501 e... 5554 sil French Calf,sl , - - Harness, f> s> 4oc* 43 lbs 1409 345 Upper -Mi SI I French Calf. 36 . Kip, Ko.l. me* I Its 3.009340 dlum... 14C&1491 FreuchCalf, Le- Kip Ko. 1. I molnes, per . _ , heavy 839140 do? $0.00990.00 JU A FLE Slil.’AK-1» iQfalr request,and the liliio an lvine ia Ukcn quiet at 2,'353c forjicw la small has been brisk during thopast weefi, ana with the exception ot an advance oi 25c on •• A” or Star sawed Shingles, prlcoi have ruled atm. We continue to quote; . ' Uiinmi-Hrst Clear. WRO/A Second Clear. 1. » & i« and 3 inen 53.00 .tGO.M Third Clear. Inch Fiift and Second amr. Flooring, to-1 Kdher. rough, the wmo as bec°nd _ Clear wide. 50JM95.00 Common Florrhc. rough Matchedaod Dr f t«dCommon Flooring. Matchtd and Dressed 8 Inch Common „ Flooring. BbJu^SiPJ First acd Secondaear Sidlnr, together.. M.oftdg*oo First Common Dressed Md 105............ 23.00i<5.00 A Bvarii*. 12 Inch!* S'm^cu n Stock Boards. 12 laches ...... 20-ot>3—i.vU Common Hoards, Joins, ScanOlng.Fetc lug. and Small Timber, 12 to In leet tret. 23.009'D.CU Joists and Scantliuc rAtv; 1 SuiKcavt—A or stur shaved Sldnglcs A or Star tawed Shingles. ?/?2® ?,-jS Fo.I sawed Shingles.. -*•£* Latu—l*erm Inyards o,w By car-load l»y Northwestern Ballread. delivered in nnyvard where cars can be switchcthoracydecot, Aor ?lar saw ed Shingles,by cr-lood, on track Aor star Slaved Shingles, by car-loao. cn track ...... No. J Sawed Shingles, by car-load, on 4 M Three dollara’a car-load ad(i»d when *™ r *‘*r which charge follow, the Slilninc* In freight but. btttXGt.B ITAS’DSRD. tll , w . y Thickness—Five Shingles la be two inches in tnics nee*. Ixntrth—Sixteen inches. Band*—Twenty lobes. NA| ! trft--Xremfair demand,and tho Jiptu ccncitlon of the stocks, pilots ore uimiy luoicUlntd. IV c repeat quotations: Cd p keg «7.0 u 2d...... 81 5.2313 d, fine b.tted ' 47 7.ft|CnH»pik«. ; 2*£ o, H '23 S CllocDed J»et. ‘-'•J NaVA 1. >TO*UES—The market is steady, and ?"“• •" yS "iffi: „ SIS Italias Vax racking s*c Manilla Italian Hemp racking 4Cr M-fiine.... ££ Flat nnms 50y...... »*• Sa*h Cord «g Am.He*P.Kotl *oo Oakum. a».b™ p . 50...... ik KS? SISS - ;;::* Si* l OIETAL.S AND TINNKUS* STOCK— There .186 n.T3 .217 6.80 .207 6.7;,# .227 6.« .ITS C.Si .172 C. 60 .U 3 716 .1M 640 .173 6.70 .160 6.43 "ImsbwßAßtodttAtotrAdsaonflaortAg tkevaek. ana 11 «e except a& advance on Tta Plate price* have TPkdCnn throughout. Tfegagte; ! , * . •• • .itw. - • BJUUBT WlEJt,’ Bor Ho Plate,.T O .: lto6 ....11 • 10x14..—. 919.00 7,Band 9 „..L2 Large Pits 87 Idontt 11 IS ' Small Pin 88 12 .........14 Bor Tin* » 13and U U oofkkb. „ Handle is Metallic AT Boris... to 17 J 7 Copper Bottom to IB 18 Braziers over lIBS.. 13 19 .71 Sbest, it to 1C 0z..... 42 20 J 3 TlnnlDgs. - ;.. 10 Fence Wire 10 BABBIT nXTAS. „ KUSSIAS. IstqoaUty SO Nos. 9 and 16 23026 'to American,lit qua). Fine Bolder. 90 lty. 9 sheet 01) zikc. Amcriesmlst qual -Ist quality, cask .13)4 lty, *bdi 018 Ist quality, (heet 14 American. 3d qual- Blab :. 14 - Ity.Psneet...... 016 OlLS—^Theic U a steady f*ic Inquiry far standard Oils, and prices are well sustained sil azoaad sad gen erally firm at quotation*. Limeed is fa good demand, atd underredncetl stocks b flrmli.held at (U'l rates. Lard GU Is to demand aadunn. vTanialte no chaoce tc cur quctaticcs, os follows: UhSeCdOll |I4£OI.CO Linseed Oil, boiled L6^1.63 Olive 0i1.... 034 U Whale OU, IV. B L 5001.23 Lard Oil, extra 1.160U0 Lt>rd Oil, No. 1 Winter 14001.15 Lard Oil, NO. 2 Witter UWUO Bank Oil, round lots. 1.150130 Bitik Oil, Straits 14001.23 Machine Oil 6001.01 Sperm Oil, W. 8....; (0940 tUDricatingOll 6.1(41.03 (.’A KillsN 4) IL—Remains steady at previous rites. The demand is medtrate, os is also the euppiy. We coutlune to quote; Carbon, 9 car load 048 c Carbon, smaU lots 020 c Benzole 300409 PKIIVIMONS-IWcelvca. &OAIS ns Cured and 47.1 W ns Lard -.shipped. 803,138 ds Cured Meats, 851 brls Pork, and 160,420 &s Lard. 11l eas Poru—Market advanced 35030 c. Sales were: ICO br>s at fl 9 75; IPO brls at $19.62k ; lUO brls at $1940; OCo iris at $19.;5: 500 brls, buyer Match, at SvC.OO. . Siren iricltlfd ilnzna—Sales were: 100 tes at 11-kc; 13 hhcls Aid 7 tee at like. Pigs Tooiiues— Bales were: 60 brls at $12.00. Bulk Meats—ln good demand axd firm. were: 260,0C0 ns Clear Sides at ll>kc -, 4tt,ouu da bboul ders at 7kc: tO.CKO ns Rough Sides at Peoria at 9kc— all Icosc. l.arcl—Market dull. Sales were: ICO tea Prime l.arcl—’ Steam at 12c: 290 tes do at Peon a at ll)jc. We quote the rang* of prices for txlay as tallows: Clear Fork $21.00 02140 Mess Fork 1940 K2C.00 Prime Mess 1740 01&OJ Extra Prime Fork 1143 015.00 Rump Fork 15.00 ($1540 Messficcf. 15.00 01740 Extra Mess 8eef.....*... 1703 W.'J.iO BmHams 3J.CO 09340 liaia Mcssßcch I* tic. Prime Mess Beef, P trc. bwcetpicsled Bams CuubcrUml Middies (packed)., bbort Rid Middies (packed) ... Short Clear Mladics (tacked).. Dry baited Bbouldvrs (packed), Dry bttliea tihouldcra (100ie)... Dry baited iiama (pakcrd) Loose Rough bides (cured) N«w eleam Lani No. X Lard FOULiTUY—Market qnltrt, and prices are no* cboocia. SaW include the foiiowloir: Dsxsszo CmcKi7.ft— 2 dozen at JH-59; 2 dozen at H-U* i)HKSKEi>'IUKRBTfb—3 brig at 16c; WD3 at 15c. I»A INTS—There is very little Improvement to note m the demand, though price#; la sympathy with an advance East are higher. The stocks ate lair. We re* vheonrllstaa follows: B. L. Peall 5c0w....jl I.CO Superior {13.00 Bead Lead u.OO Premium lO.W O’Falbn Standard Laclede 4.00 Lead. 14.50 Missouri B.W St. Loalßfalar 11.0 C French Zinc, pure... 15.50 1). It.Sinpman’swHr- Amer. Snow Whiw.. IJ.OO ranted pure in oil. 15.50 American Star 10.00 Chicago Paint Works Garden City. IIJW id oil 14.10 Diamond lli>o Dearborn InOU ..... 1350 D.B.bhlpman'aZinc, • New Jersey. 10.50 pare v 13-50 Bt. Ltuis. pure 16.0 J Parlor Snow White, st. Louis union 13.0) Zinc, pure 1150 caarlcs lllver, U:s- Lehigh HMU UdO PUS IRON—The stocks are not large, and order lower prices, trade Is tnorcjlvcly. We note a decline of *3.CV, and nnoW nsfoliows: Scotch Pig,No. U * tun |55.0»3C2.M Massillon, No. 1. W.CO Massillon. No. 11 52.00 Iron tot ,No.l 60.00 TuaearawasjNo.t mao No. 52.00 Lake Superior. Ko. 1 Morcan M.DO *• •• Ko. 1 Greenwood MAW PAPER—There U a talr demand, and the .market rluialnssteady atprerloua quotation*, whlch.orc.os follows: Dock Ptiper, p 33 031 c Newspaper, v n> «sa c Wrappli'C.toinmon 5 c I'APErt STOCK—Is In demand anti Arm. at an wdvoucc ol Jfu on Coiiou Hags. Wc now quote: Colton lines, mixed 636Ue Hope anil LftitßUX (31 c Cable Hope 5 &siic Itiur-—Tlicrclfl onlr a iMr tnlc doinff. nntl prices are nnotublj nnciinnctd. We quote: Arracan c Patna 11 G6ll«c Ilai Curuiinn ..niujia c SOAl’W—Are Bfcadf, aca prices arc flra at our >lcot*Ucut>: R. tfchteircr & C'>.*« I*Biro 9 c I'foctor & Gamble’s Ueiman Mottled 11k(4U c Casll'e ?onp. Am 16 ttl? c Korcleo Castile '23 (*2r> c Haltin'* futi weight... ...UkwW c oirtKrciisu.fuu weight. n (*ukc Old Kcgllhh, bLort weight 10 oauk'c Kirk’s Herman Mot.lcu JWc Kirk’s c Ktrk’oKo. IFahfl Ktrk’A Tale I-'atmJF U&i'iin c YauKw Chemical UfctalO.HC liu. cry’s ImnroviM Er:»*lvc Sjjt* 8,4 c Kali baiik,l’w.k«Co.'» German MolCtd U c<*>o c “ ♦* *♦ Ij-asive H a U c “ “ I'iilm 7 f.t S c Hook’s EraMve 8 ri K'^c i’OU DEU AM) MIOT-TUc cumvulU aim pi K<*». ntv vmk. We ciuoic - Ulilc Ponder. K lewder. Sh'.t (Ur*p) HucfcHiot Bar U'ud. * tt 12 <413 C ?» PlCK?*—Are Ui fair demand, and ttfumtUie an neit-a yuoiatiou !*■ pinrr.. XUtlU('Kß,>’o. I. Nulo.e*,v, No. 3. f.Orbla Cloves t>3 STAKCII—'Trade continue* steady-. Sloccs are &ropl« and oruutaretlrai, as l-.Uc.W4 ‘ Mnesford, Con- Ku.jrjfcrd.J'urc..'. Mi, FEcClc'l Kli g-ford. silver uioss I*iue Laundry Ottawa Com. 5> i; <SA US—There u but little cltanse to note la the ceipftul character ol the market since the dutcufcur Inst nvlew. j’rlcrfl hare rated tirm Uirouel.oul, Ahbtncli thue oss bc*.n so csfcuttal improvement to the demand, fte renest mmuU<>n>: <;uba UKOISVC r'urto Uleo l^Vi'Wc N. Y. Iteilned, powdered and Granulated. c niiiwA c Circle A White tSJCsI-’tfc KxtraC 'ctj>ic Yellow C Ij>t' 4 l3'«c cxoaidC U <iUl4 c On ard C. ntra U.V'4l2 c Mew Orleans prime lts(>slS c New Orleans ulr u*«<£ll.V ! SYlti:i»S-llio Ktsicial market ha* bucalatrly ac tive. and, with a a luhtly Increased demand, pneuiare a shade tinner. tVe quote: lM>et«n Amber J1.20(51.10 Aew Ycrir bjrnps COaUS Yellow* llrlps 1.U;41.V0 Culm Molasses »V* 83 J’orlo lino New orleacs 9-)<cl.OO } 4.00 o 5.M . s.Ol) m 853 s'.oO u rt.'it) I3jJJ «35.U> 28 « 27 ID m h 5 aa a 4.65 et 4.75 » a iv.( 18 M 18 45 (4 48 31 « £> (6 (.4 CS C 3 (.( cc 15 ($ 18 9Ao fc 10.15 20 tt 21 as e « Philadelphia Ute 111v0..... C 0.3 70 Chicago Jtelineiy, Amber 1.UX41.15 Chicago llcflnwy. Golden 800 W Cbicagollettnciy, Sugar House 75ut tO MIDA AMS KAEE«ATH»—Thu omnud 13 only moderate, and wo note a decline of XC. Wc re* vim qn< tstlnna: JU (« 111 as (4 St 3.00 (4 3.20 ffd» (4 7XO Babbitt’s Medicinal nVAU£c “ Pure 12 (-U2HC pclncd’s Chunlcnl ISc.rui c •• llcidlliy tj ‘(.U2vo ** Purr ~U UUkc SA I,T—Hrculvrd. rone; sldppc-l, 203 brl.. fnc market rules steady and prices arc firm. We continue in quote: New Fine J2.5J Course 2.63 Uruucd AJuta (Irptuiu Solar Turk’s island, Dacs... Dalry.wlfh sacks.... Datrr- wlthontsacks. Ms.* !• lbs;' si 10C.1U Tb 7. The gcneta; nmrkct durtt-g the week lias be-n moder* ately active. lim-tby LaaKcn Inactive rcque.t, but prices hare declined lOglSc. Clover Is ei»ii ly atd tin* (Lunged. Flax is ntlci at #2.'.‘0(a3.00. Hale* were as loilcwa: TinoniY—i9 liars at fd.lU; 15 do at £1.00; do at JI.'JS: 50 do at *2.9:1 ]< ; 131 do at t 1.90; CIC do at tt.tu ; JIB do at *2.80; «do at 52JJ7M t tlLovcti—3 bag* I‘ij ni'ioili at fV.tJK: 1 Lac at fo.M); 3do ut S9.OJ; 10 do at*H.Ml tQ ImttuiU at IK.SQ TEA?»—i nere t» no perceptible change to notice la the general features cl the mated. Stock" are rcinm ably targe* and with a steady demand dcale;» arc brut in VLclt view* autie fcilowlna quotations: „ Voting llyecn, superior to tine, ** a Young ITyacn,extra tathofee. V 2. t."i),.*1.9fl la penal, superior toflne, V & 1.10-I. id Imperial, extra to <ti tee. tj* 8.......... ... jJ.M Cunpowcer, superior to fine, V a...*l Gunpowder, extra to choice. V B I.KWI.CW Japan, natural leal, tine to extra line. V D... 1.05:41.19 Japan, natural lent; One to choice, h B Jarsn, natural Pat, colored, ♦* B 1.5.\41.»C TOhACCO- I Tne market la very quiet, with prlccJ m-c Lunged. We continue to quote: rutb cur cnrwiAO. ~51.13141.50 I Medium.. .. 1.003,1.13 ] Common. EJIOKZSO TOBACCO. Extra. Cboce. YlrgDla'sFavcr* ) Medium .iv*;sc Ue 63C(3?l 00 Common Sleio*....l9oiSc Choice ttGtSOc | UXA*IS.M 10.W0U.00 tobacco. Loyal Citizen.... 7. ©SOc 1 Medium .TtVYTiB ratmer’aHelight 70w73c Common &u.#7Cc Natural J Nuvb*» .OtV-tTic naif Bnabi wcfai.Of i Vlrclnla Us ft zbi.X>o.;*.Poc Choice b’x sound 71(4Si c | Flounders li^SOo TALMI tV—Received, 3,b25 n.»; shipped, UUBJ D*. Market firmer, hales were: 24 tci City packers at lOxc; 1 brl Country at ICC; 4do at‘JVC. WOOU—llcmalus quiet, with no material change to note In prices: ~ „ Maple. ?• cora, delivered |U|.K»'»I3XO Maple. cord, in yard u. 50.413 00 Beccb, V cord, delivered 0 9 do Bitch, V cord. In yard 8.00 UJcSory, V cord. 13.CC.<UWJ IVOOULN AND UJtiblltV W.Mlh-The demand is light, slocks ample, and prices steady and micnancea. Wenuotc: Tubs, extra size $16.50017.00 Tull*, No. 1. per dor 14.MWU5.W Tub*. No. 3. per dor. 11l W* 13.30 Tnli*,No.a,ptrdoz ll.i<UU.stf i'm-8, two-beop, palnleo 3X30 8.30 Palls, three-hoop, painted 3.60,4 3.U WasbDoards,zi'.c S.‘A4 4.C0 Widow market baskets INI .is es» c 5*G» 7*C c «dkc CX(4II e 5*14 CUC Corn baskets, Ibnoftcl.... Corn baeke's, IV buslt-ils. dmtnßiNoVW Uch.... rtmrnc, N 0.2 SOucb..... Uliuma, No. S, IB inch.... cliurnß.No. -1.16 inch .18 ya c IVOOL— Recelrcd. H.tco »s; fhlpned, 11,W bs, Tho , market rules steady, and a belter letllne prevails. Wo clip tlic following from tbo Wool Circular of Sturgea, M'-AUster & Co. of to-day: 'ibe market during tbe ps?t week boa varied but lit tle from Ita predecessors. Freak receipts bare bsea tnCinr, and transactions molted. Tbe lolloping an oorinirfialrt: bb Coarse Wool, In pond condition. st4(c 71 B: S.ltb DS Fine Wool, la badcocillllou, at*Jc V t>l 5,000 bp Heavy Fine Wool, attic V ». At tbe eleventh hoar, Conzress has In Us wisdom deemed Itpecdfol topa»a a “Wool Tariff OIU," for toe farther prcttciKn rf AnuHcah wool-grower*. .That s ueb a measure would receive tbe early and full atteo tionentbepartofourlaw makers was penerollr ex pected ano bored. These cxpeclaflopswere not. how ever, realize; and, as a result, tho market baa for some time bast been in anything but a htaltby or evoa a aaihfactory copdltloi—manufacturers baring come to r.c conclusion mat tlic ecttlemeiit ol tbe qurstlun of an odoluocal tariff on woo! was postponed to a fumre U Tbc Ibllcwlns arc tho principal features of the bill which ha« now passed: For the purpose ol charging duties three clatsee of wool are made, namely, •clothing wools,” •‘comtrne wools” and “carpet wools.” Ob clothing and combing wools, tbe 4uty is fixed at 10c per lb and II per ctntoff valorem. There tbe value does not exceed Uc per lb at tbe port of ship ' merit; atdat file per lb and 10. per cent ad valorem for richervalues. Thepsevlousanty on thessclaites of wools waalOcpor lb and 10 per cent art ralorem whin the expart value was irom VJ&S2c per lb, and too same as now fixed on more expensive grades. On “carpet wools," me export value of which does nnt exceed lie per ib at tbe pot t ot shipment, tbe duty is !(o per Ih; acd exceeding 12c per lb at Cc per lb, bang mu tame rates as previously existed. - On woolieMabrlorcf all kinds. by the bill now pass ed, the dnty Is raised from Vic per is and l’c per B ad ta>orem tosoc per B and Sic per B adralor'ni. tens very materially enhancing the values or **cck* on hand aid to be manufactured, whilst U leaves wool., growers In very nearly the sxme.posltlon ns that they P Thla B U T pot C usr , klnd of legislation anticipated by wool*growers, for thrlr protection against lorclgn wools, and do»* not In any marked decree affect their fumre operation. For toe present, u wi.l probtbiy Btlmniate speculation. and farther remove any weak nc»* which pas recently characterized tbo market, see ing. however, that, inonr movements for eomu time oast, pricesbaveadvanccd, upon the reasinablesnp ursllior that Congress was prepared to do something, so Important Appreciation of values can tike place tor the balance of the season . _ _ ...... . 7o*io amniica ofibo trade Is now. however, directed rather to tho c>min£ “clip" tt« to any luQuencn «which this movement ol Con gress may have upon tho email amount tr wool new held. The favorer* c t a high pro tutiv« rntvmay take tbs present moa,ur« as an in *ta)m»i t, »rn, further, rea>un*blr antlcpute that me coming wrastn will oP«u with a more tetive inquiry end belt r prices tcau could have bceniculli'.d with nut the ti filing uid to wool growers wlXcb has now i b tvenniftr'thc market firmer, and notmmJly Ms* per B higher on all grade* than our previam quotations. V V I\P>, AXD LlOCOlt*—Tno market f-maUs* fitttsiauliuliy thft katue as previously sotul. Price* arc firm, ntibefol owlngguo tailors: JJOdlCsriU OOODS. I FOUkIGX.OOOiA. “«ScT. ssfei; “saw m«®m« MS S? ftSst: I 8 Pure Snlnta (proof)... 2.10 bt. Croix e.^u «g£,« AM rog.T. MMMO, do „ CXSRQOODfI. Jg B Rwf Jacket S'omach D~O do ilfllssa..! •09UM I'rakc’S Pi»ntxttuo..loio Ginser Wn c noMettcr’eSlomach.lUO 1 Cherry Wine,....1.T&3 to Wuiea— . Blackwrry Wine.2ffts43-fO H, ra grrT ‘ RaspberryWlno..2£><V*Soo Cherry *"* oTK . NTfengiind Unm.3,oo®iM I&rtgnT. B.W . Peso. Bid Wbls- Blackberry V^o • Imv* * “JjWOOS-M UW9- ! tJSartT bon Whiskey*. 60 QoUudOln «..w...A0X0 Ohio C*uwb* , Wine .«s«ire ■UJ<(*l3*o .u hu c .17 518 c SEtihunPs Vtegptctas. 1867 Prospectus 1867 OF THB CHICAGO TRIBUNE Call/, Tri-W cctlj andWceMj Editions It Publishes Mom Telegraphic News, Better Qlnxkct Reports, More Interesting * News, ond a GrcatorVarlcty of Reliable and Esefarlnror* mail on than other Pa per la America* The Cblcnpo Tbujttse* now. approaching us twenty-first year. Is rtrcosnlzed as the leading organ and exponent of the groat, patriotic, domi nant Republican party of the Northwest. The TnißUifE is co ephemeral concern of doubtful da* ration, hut a permanently established institution. Unown and respcctcn throughout the United Stales. Its circulation exceeds the combined issnea of the other Chicago dallies. Its past record and career may be pointed to with and pleasure by lis conductors. Since the Republican party was organized, the Chicago Tbiboxe bas, tioodby it, through evil as well as good report; never in the rear, out always In the front, beckon ing It onward and upward/ never Ciltcrlng or weary, but always hopeful, earnest, fearless.. Its blows have fallen mccssautly on slavery, oil carchy and treason. During the entire period o flic rebellion it blew no uncertain blasts, but sounded the charge and checrod on the defenders of freedom to renewed efiorts, assu:lnir them of a glorious triumph for the right as the reward ol perseverance and Mciiflce. . „ , The Chicaco Toibuhb sincerely believes In the principles of the Declaration of Independence, and Is, therefore, basical Id Its aims. Impulses and endeavors, and is confident of witnessing, at as early day, the acceptance and adoption of the beneficent doctrines of Republicanism In every section and subdivision of our common country. 033.00 eii'.co 4 FIBST-CLISS NEWSPAPER, The Chicaco TnrBWK, while fearless la the ex pression of its opinions, andpatrloUc in Us en deavors, plma at being a FIRST-CLASS NEWS PAPER. it brings the news to the people of the -Northwest several days sooner than the papers ol the seaboard, and surpasses all Us contemporaries in the Northwest In every department of news en terprise. It discusses every subject of Interest to Western men—moral, political, literary, commercial and financial. No Western merchant, bankcr.farmer, mechanic, drover or manulacturer, can stud; his own Interest ana do without 1L No farmer should sell a bushel ol wheat, com. oats, ora pound ol beef or pork, without reading the TRIBUNE; no merchant should sell bis goods without read ing the TRIBUNE; no manufacturer his wares; no mechanic the product of his basds, without flr-l consulting its well-filled, accurate and re liable commercial columns. 13 (sl-IHC 9 C 4 9Ho 10 C9loj<c IWfMUKo IJtCS 8 C u ®nvc uSPS U!<mUXc Xho Content* of Each Edition of ,the Tribune Embrace* let-A COMPLETE CURRENT HISTORY of the grogress of events, with general news of the id-CO?iOCS TELEGRAPHIC DESPATCHES, • containing the Latest -News from nil parte, down to the boor of going to press* Dd—REGULAR CO RRfisPONDEN CE iVora nu merous points in the South and the Capitals of Use Western Stales, Washington, Now York, St* Lonis, California, Kansas, Canada, QrcatDrllaiu, France, Germany and Italy, besides occasional letters from many other Solnls where interesting news is transpiring. iO other Journal in the country employs a larger or more capable corps of correspond* cats. JiII—ABLE EDITORIALS on Political Topics, and nil subjects ol current interest, and Re views of New Publications. CIh—POLL REPORTS OF MEETINGS, whetho Political, Rellslous, Agricultural, Educa tional or A. sccltaneons. tith—PROCEEDINGS OF CONGRESS anJ State Legislatures, important Speeches and Docu ments* 7OI—COMPLETE MARKET REPORTS, embrac ing every article the farmer or dealer cun ex pect to find quoted In a newspaper. The TRIBUNE has achieved and maintained the highert reputation as u Commercial Paper. SUI—CAREFOLLY PREPARED AGRICULTU RAL AND HORTICULTURAL ARTICLES, by “Rural.’’ and other able writers on the Form and Garden. •Jib—POEiRY, TALES, ANECDOTES, and Inter esting Miscellany. Terms of the Chicago Tribune, PAYABLE IN ADYASCE DAILY. Single copy, oneyear. 312 00 TRMTCBELY. Elngio copy, one year S 6 00 Fire copies, ** 27 00 Xcn M “ AO 00 t r 3 49.C0 a.tu.ts.jO &50&L&3 .% rsa C 3 . 3J-* 5C ■WEEKLY. Sind* copy, oce year. Fire copies, ** Teu “ “ Twenty “ l>So,sl.tiC ii/t SS ,13 SU c .11 (il'Ke .13 Win c .Ulitithc . u ttio c M Ci!3 C Person* orUrln* ten cr more copies re ay doioet from thosutscilptlcc price lea percent, as a and alto upon each rlnb ol twcntytvewill sendanex tra copy. Tils toxiflisilos applies only to the Weekly edition. ■ 85e«io c gSTßcmlttanccs lor Clubs mnst» In all eater, bo node atoneUmo, But additions may be made at any time, at club rales, after Ibocinb has been raise!, provided a lull year’s subscription is made. Money, br Draft, E*pre*«. Money Orders, or In Kcalstercd Inciters, bo bchi as our risk* Address TRlßllhh CO., CMcr.go. HI, ffiffilatdjcs. GREAT REDUCTION in theFricesolWatohes. Previous to the present year (1867) wo have bsea dta'di-s hugely In Ammcau and wv.ctm r-lliteexcirslv* at wholesale to the trade in the East* in. and vwaicrn Malts, and In New York city. Toe wholesale ctulctfs, necessarily conducted upon a tralltsystem. having bten attended with considerable loMSDdlncocTftiiei.ce, wo bare to absn drn altogether, lonfluing cmselves to n llktail Tkach lor Casu ost-Y. ur.d supplying enr customers with ala* Cf watches at oar tsrtner WiioLUAtz I’jncas, thus giving them tho advantage ol purcbtslog at the same price* which watches usual)? cost rcttll dealers. The prices wc offer are gnsrant?ed to be at least ovz- Tinnu lew than astud rtuil prices m this city, tor Quo watches, and the reduction la sell greater on many kinds ol medium Quality. Onr facilities are sneh lor purchasing fi om tu<* manul*;larcr», that other dealers so disposed, act! at oar lew prices. Every watch la lullr guaranteed as to quality of the movement, flumes* or gold or stiver In the and le warranted to kc-p accurate time, and to give entire faiHactlon to the purcuaser. As a guarantee that we deal fairly and reJer to the following well-known hoaxes la New York: A. Morton, Gold Pen Manufacturer; Uy. Uinael; A. Berger >t Co- Nos. t!3, •Id and 13 AMdrn-lanc: American Clock Co., a ’.Suite i-'tf i cortlatirtut. Catnioiroes Drpne*B soil free by null. Watches sent by express, to be paid for on delivery. C. E. COLLINS ft CO., Koa. 4*J acd Nossao-iL, (up stairs), N. Y» Business (Earns. Q.OHRLAY BROTHERS, Shirt USasrafactnrei’S, t»7 BARCLAT-ST., NEAR CTIUKCn, NEW TOOK. K. B.—Price Lists malted oa application. .SO.liMc .W$75C QBaT, HATTEIt & CO, Coaualsaioii Ecrohoat;, NOi 60 MoOaa>St«t Betweeg V a Gots..> DENVER. OOLGBAPC. Beales. pAIRBAHES' f3T "*■ STAKDABD . IT I*. 1 *. S GALE S ./H, or all Eiz23. i jjg~3BHjk FAIEBAKES, G BEEPLEAF <t £2O 4s 22S Latest* Cblcwax SKailrnaa*. A H RIVAL AMD DEPAUIUKE OF ±X. TlUUi't*. Vinter Arrangement, CHICAGO ASD KORtIIWSSTEHJC HAlmoAH— courrcn. ITLVFFS AHD OUAHA UN»—DEPOT NOUTQ WELLS BTDEET. B.Ofta 7.30 7.VJjS 9.00 IS.U9C<I3^O IWO<£UJO lU»i&UiO leave. Arrive. Omaha Fast Line *B;lja.m. *T:2Op. m. Omaha Night Express... 7:30 p. m. JC:00 a. m. Dixon Passenger 4:oOp. m. ll:iua. m. ntESPOirr tnrx. Freeport Parrccger *10:00 p. m. *3:10 a. m. Freeport Passenger. *9:00 a. m. *3:4op.m. Rockiord. Elgin, Fox ItivcrandStatoLlne... *i:oop.m. *11:10a.m. Geneva and Elgin Pas- - WISCONSIN DIVISION—DEPOT COItHEB 07 CANAL AHU KISZTB BTCEST. Day Express *9:00 a. m. *8:30 p.m. NlchtExptess *4:80 p.m. *5:45 «.m. Janesville Acconmod'n. *3:30 p.m. *2:35 p.m. Woodstock AccomtaoQ’n .8:00 p.m. *0:20 a. m. lirtwicm pITIBIOK—DEPOT COXUfIB OF CASAZ. AJTD KIKZn BTBXR* Day Express ftCOtum. 12:00 m. Uoeehill. Calrary and Evanston . ••• 1.30 p.m. 8:40p.m. Klcht Exposed.....' 4:00p.m. .&3l'p.m. Kenosha Accommod’n... 4:40 p.m. 0:15 a.m. Waukegan Accommod'n. 5:80 p.m. &SCa. m. Milwaukee Accommod’o. 11:45 p. m. 5:00 a. m Oeo. L. Dukiap, licnT Sap’t, D. F. PatoJCK- General Passenger Agent. «i>-Bjeaoi cßtizu-L hajluoai.—utuooi ii*rot,Foot OT UAJ3 ITB3ZX2. aiorniae Express *5:00 a. m. *3:45 p. n. Day Express *7:ooa.m. *lld]op. a. Evening Express 19:30 p.m,|*li:*op. m. SlSt Sxpresa 1*9:45 p. n. 15:35 a. a. cnrcDTSATi ano Lorxayn.i.s ttuwu. ifor^OR Express..'. *7:ooa.n. •’lirags.n. jlLrht ExpreiS Js;oop. a. *11:01: p. a, ajiz secac mns-t>a pot ooßirsß T42t bu uxs awp snshrAa Brants, tchxao uks. Dav Express. *7:00 a. a. *11:00 p. m ork Exprota 3:35p. a. «St3C p. m HlrhtExpress ~..s*lo:Wp.a. *6:00». a cxToon inra. -r- *rnn a w «ii-nn a t-i Dav Express *7.00 a. a. tll:00 a, a. >.VhtAxp«aß ...... lilkiHip.m, *6:55p.m, "yirrsaesa!!, voat wath* akd osrcado. a^ n il *£2oa;a. 6:00 a.n. “rr'ics?......— *7:ooa.n. 12:W a.a. Fust line »:lsp- n. 1:40 p. a Sxyroes ...*l'o:oop.a. 11:00p. a uiaow oxjrrßAh. Ooy Passenger. *fc2oa. a. *10:50 p,a, Kicht Pa««eugcr JlftOOp.m. *6:45 a. m, •u-n'to’-ii'. Accoataod’x.. *4;GS p. n, *'.u2s a. m. M V -'c I’art aus OakW'ood *6:10 a. a. *7:i3 a. a. « “ ,k *a;ii»p.a. *MS-i9.a. u •» “ .... »i •* *5:55 0.0. *7r*4s p. a crnrASO. BtnaiXdTow Aim t.‘3yExr*ir?aand .Mali... *t:2C a. m. *lhUJp. a, Aircra *j:M}p,*o. •9’Or n. m. CtflCAfO A£rs sr. ■Lome, tnrCM and Wall. EttKft.,;, .To liei and WUmlnjrtm . 4J3Q p. s*. 9;43 fi. n. cm:oi<c *im enu? Yicrs&y—(lata cuidHam lihl)— xAtLncAa oc^ t.kXALAS'j IDili* K£SRi. 'ils’httrart*? 8:00 p. a-‘ i3Pp a* roa c*/,usu'ous i tO£7STn.t« auu cts iu*kti. "L'sy 6:3c a. a. li-sSS p. ll S»pV'» Extirjii*.... fcOflp. a. 6:30 o. a. Uo r aElbiu Jftpri'aa 10:53 p-a, -.WVp.ri. &30 a-a.' IsMtiy Accoanodatlas fcs3 *. rs. ?:W a. a. * “ 5s wp. n- • fcufl d. m, catenae, bock slued ASSPAOinc buthoad. Day KxnrcjiandSUU... •JtMa.iu. *i3fl p. a. Siebv&prcs* 12:Xp.u. 9 iiAa uxl. Jofiet Acconnodalkiß.. 4:40 p. jr. *9s4i> a. a. •Sunday executed. tMoßday wtocpica, fijturdaj ze*pted< ... Special Notirfg. * 'isxs£* mmm * T"“ ■ coiqiot Sna, * i» (t possible fir layhamaa being to'jjor MiiriiHe ruffle from - • DTEPzmr. 1 Ni non than it is parable to .be poppy •d it>« net.-!•»«•* tromezperlaMe.' ■ . Ccxxox ssrsL tioppoMt, then, that* remedy tor thlrterribla complaint U offered, under the- guarantee of hundred* of inaivtdoala olhigh social at«dUr, '•who haye tesuathe effect of the artic'o In their own cates, 1« » cot unwise in any one aflUetea with the disease to neglect giving u a trial ? . _ . , Drerapnc. Unqnttdeeahir. I admit Ine premises.- What isthedednctlasi? ■ COMSOtf Bxss*. Give heed. HOSTffITEB’S STOMACH DITTOES Is «ucA a remedy, Thsevldeace of Us efficacy u » core Ur dy»pep«a u positive, com* plete, undented, and tmdeulabre. Have you ever u certalced by experiment whether 11U orianot thein lalUblerore that It U claimed to be ? Dtspbpiic. I ccmteoa that I hare cot. I'fliiwnv Kca, Then yon itaaa eotvlcted of fitly by yocr own showing. It tho cams stress prooli thiS havebeeaadvancedtnfavor Of this great took had been submitted to yoo wilb regard to any barioeti speculauon,youwouMtisvi} goae Kto It av oace. la B£ax.TH otle*a importance than the dollars and canU whichcomanraaenjoy withoallt? • Dmrnc. a thousand rime* ro. 1 Com aen- Setae, yon are right. IwlliglvclhclliUcraa trial. CoiaoJf Svss*. D-i ao, and I sbn’l never more have reatoa to address yon osadyspepUc. How to effect a certain and permanent care. Same occupation* ol life predispose to Cj3Uvene:S, especial* I) loose which allow bat tittle exerase. Persons woo contract thJ5 unfbrtntato habit of b.ily, under snob clrfnmitsrctf. might po'sthlr be relieved by chancing their «dtntaTy employments for etnera of a mote act* Iveklnd: bntihislsby no meant certain. lUoltnal constipation la a very obstinate disorder. All iba or* entry Kxailcd remedies invariably aggravate it. Notbmg can be more Icjurloas than the continued u-vo of strong aperients. They atdrst irritate, and finally almost paralyze the b*wels— rendering them so turpld that enonnona doses of cathartic medicines have no effect open them, a mild aperient, combined with a gtnt'c itimalsnt, Is the tree remedy; and a combina tion in the happiest proportion, of these Ingredients, U louod In JJUSrETIEIfS STOMACH BIXihRS. This Ismons stomachic Invigorates the whole intesti nal canal, while quit uy romvvingtrc.mlts convolutions nil impediment* to a tree passage through them. No mere pur* a tire has tin* double operation. No oidmsry stimulant effects tho desired object. Ca*o« ol coarilpa- Ucq abandoned as hopeless bv dlittugutihed medical men have been cored in a few weeks by the Bitters. To those who have tried all the mcdicides of the dis pensary In vain, wesay try this irresistible stimulant and aperient. There is no sufficient reason why “a* Btlnsi ion ehonld be thercneequencoof sedentary naWtt. DOSVETIEK'B CUTEKS, V supplying the vlenr which would otherwise be derived irom exercise, will In all cas*a enable the system to of rtbrm lu excrct-ry functlona regularly and healthfully. IfYoa Ar© Btek, The probability Is that the root ofyrar tufferlee U intbestomoch. From a weak stomach proceed* Dys peorla, Agne. Languor,Nnuaei onda indonof other torment ne diseaiea. ladUealton producaa Ulxl-lo d, and therefore de>tioya tic *tien<>th and vigor of the entire aystem. 1 o nstore the tone of the stomach.aad enable it to throw off aid dismiss t,lever all these troublesome and dangcrom eomo’nlnts octilug ta recessary bat a Derievcrlng rue of Dr. J- HoSTET TEB’B CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS. A trial of tbeir power cannot fail to prove mat there Is to failure in tlu-ir scdaUvo effeert. We cheerfully ireoo mend them to the public, knowing, ns we do. their many excellent qualities. For sale by drnggl,u and dealers generally. everywhere. Dr, James* Whose success In the treatment ol all dUoares of a pri vate Dature hafl given him a world-wide reputation, can bo consulted at his office and parlors. HI and 03 Raadoiph-eL, corner of Dearborn, iron 9 a. a. to S p. Spermatorrhea Semlcal Weakness Dr. James treats with an Infallible method, restoring full power and vlgcr to the debilitated orgta. F. 0. Box 1190. Chicago, LI. The Only IQcdlciae In tbe World That is warranted a Sore and Ferferl Core for all kinds of FILES. LEFBO3Y, SCROFULA, SALT KHKUU. and all Dlscnlera of tho Ski-, IS FOWLfTS PILE AND HUMOR CURE. Buy of none wbodo sot refund the money In every case of failure. Far Internal and ex> use. No failure for elchl years la Files of Hu mors. tl.ooa Bottle. Sold everywhere. .Tbe Healing Pool and Doose of mercy. Howard Association reports, lor young men, oa the crime of eollinde, and the errors, abases and diseases which destroy tho mnniy powers, aid create Impedi ments to marriage, with sure means of relief. Bint la sealed letter cnvtltjwe, ftee of chwgc. Addrc?* Dr. J. HKILLTN HOUGHTON, HowaidJAltodstloa Fhladel phla.Fa. Mrs. A, in, Nlcliolh, The great Mfgnetle l>oetress and wonderful tllalrvoy auu All MynierludUmodctl, ana all ducus-s cuiedln their wont forms. Sbechalenac* tie world lor any one else to do whst ehecea. For farther rcforeneaaw circular*. Call cn or ruMrm Mrs. A. M. NICHOLS, 97 Harnaju-n, Chicago, HI. ‘ Dr. TnoaiMou, Proprietor of the Medical and Surgical Institute, 178 South Clgrk-tL, hs4 Qeatea all itrms cf venoruil els ca*o with unprecedented anocea! It nearly torty ycari. bpermatorrhix* and impotmca treateil with the hasp:- c*trc.tuti. p&rUculars of the Jc3:ltulcandt:.eiJutde mailed free to anyaedfea*. P. O. Box 72, Ctlcagc, liUuol*. Dr. Bigelow, Having the confidence of the pooilc and the medical faculty at large, It tbe most reliable phy.iciau is the city fbr chronic n> rvum and stxuai nueajL-B. Call at ti* office, 179 South tTarh-st- enrutr ci Mi-t-'Ot. Knoms separate. Conroltadon free- P. O. B« I.H l. Ills guide to health, published montnly, sent free tc but nrfdrcM. AN OKDINaKUK to repeal section seven oi chanter fOrty-seren of an ordltaec* en uiltd “An Ordinance for revlsir.g am con-uildatli.g lb*, general ordlosnces of the City cl Chicago,” and to prov we a i>u\ eiUuln therefor. lie It ordaintriby tne Common Council of the City of (.It tea go : I, at cte only prices to be charge!, received cr taken by tbeowrer* or drivers of any hnekr.e* coach, car riage or other vehicle, except cmnlhiisra, fur tha con vejauccot nagcnutTß for hire, wimia s*»d city,shall be as follows, to be regulated acd estimated by the dis tance on the most direct route, namely: For ctuvi ylue each pa- sencer from one railroad de pot to another railroad depot, titty cent*. For conveying each parsenger not exceeding one mile, fifty ecus. K-r conveying a passenger any distance over one ante and Has than two mites, one del iar. For each additional pa.scngcr of the same family or party, nrtycinu. ForcfLvcjjcgapaMencer la said city nnv distance exctullng two mlits. one dollar ana fltty ecain. ForcacuaddltloLalpaaSiingcrol the same family or party, fifty cents. For convening children between hvo and fourteen jean of age, haT «i prices m»y be charged for like dtbtam rs. nut for children under eve years of s»2O no charge shall he made: I*ri<rttmf, Thvt the difr tunccfiom any ruUrcad dep»t, laming or hotel to any other ifctiro'.d depot, stcamnoat lancing or hotel shall in all cases he estimated as not exceeding cnomlle. S ifi 00 .1 9 00 US 00 Fur the nee by the day of acy hackney ccach or oth er vehicle drawn by two hotscs rr other animals, wim cte or morcpa**engcrs, elect doflsn per ciy. For (hr used anysueh carrUse or vehicle by the hour, with one or more passenger*, with the prlvTege *>l gome from place to place and stopping mi often as may te required, as tohows: For the lint hour, two dollars. Fcr each adcltlonal Lour or part ot on hour, one dol lar. For eoareyißg rnc or mere passengers to or from anv place to mid citv. b-trcecn tee bout» of I j o’clock tuldnU'htaßd »i>v<o,-k r.,Tc., for eacn tnptwodo-latr. vltcoulregard ia t;., or numOcf otpouec g*r?. For the ese oi a&y cab or other vehicle drawn by one hoiveor other ouliu&t, by the hr ur, with, the j tl«l ere cf going from place to place, with one or more passen gers and stopping when required: Fur the first hour, one dollar. Fcr each additional boor or part of an hour, filly certs. For tbc oae of any aacb carrlaso by lbs day, roar dol.ars. Each ruxtinr shall he allowed have conveyed □nonsuch vehicle, without charge, &U ordinary trav elling baggage. tot exceeding in any case one trunk ate iwcaiA-.ttve pounds of other baggage. For every aoulilcnal package, whole the weight ol bag gage Is over one hundred ptonds, If conveyed to say P oce will,ln «,c city limit*. the owner ot driver shall he permit ed to charge fifteen costs. Section seven of said chapter forty-seven Is hereby repealed. This ordinance thaT be in force from and after 1U psubuoand doe puntfc&Uon. Parsed Feb. »3lh. 1&7. _ Approved Feb. UClh, 1367. J. B. RICE, Mayor. Attest: A. 1L BoDMiV, City Cleric. PROCLAMATION. Matos's Ojtice, cniesao, ) March 2d, LW. f Notice Is hereby given that all numnzzlec <1 >ga found niDnU-uM large wllU-n 10e city of Chicago, after MONDAY,March 4th,ISCT, will be destroyed. J. D. KICK, Mayor. Attest: A. P. Bodmaw, C crk. jgKTIRE NEW bTOCK. EEITSY COHIT & CO., ilanufactcrtrs nod JoVuc-s ci BOYS’, YOUTHS’ AUD CHILDREN’S CLOTHITC 4-3:8 ESCAD'EffA'ff, yorii^ mxcTCtnu. lewis esikttkct. MILL’S HAIR DYE—SO Cents—Black or Brown—lnrtsnt&ceous. natural, dirable, dial, Thebest and cheaoest in use. Contains a* much as as any dollar sire. HILL’S ARCTIC, cr ALL HEALING OINTMENT, reliable Ursentrsl ointment purposes- Depot 00 Johu-et, New York. Sold by all druggists. T>ATCRBLOR’S HAIR xals splendid Hair Bye la-the best in the world. Harmless* reliable. Instantaneous; the only Perfect Bye, No disappointment. No ridiculous tints, bat true to estate. Genuine slgred WILLIAM A. BATCH* ELUIL Sc’.u by prorelsts and Perfumers. Pacuny, 81 New Tort. GREAT BARGAIN. 210 ACHES ©ELAND IN BEBBIES COUNTY, MICHIGAN, Tbit* miles from the Grand Havals ot Dunham’a Pltr. aidtevcoillufrcm at, Joseph. On tae.ltoo to a hm-class Lnttb-r and Shingle Swam saw mil., and aa abundance oi Fite, IVLite Wood, Oa« and Hickory •Uniter. Iho coil la excellent Or r sis tag any tied o( fruit, snch as prowi at y where around St. Joseph. The mill u al*.o*l entirety ntw. The proprietor; a mao in yeaie. Lad tie misltrtune to lose occ offals baedi shortly after como-cnclne Uie business, and in conie cucncedeslitatoseU cut. . For further InfbnnsUon call at Putnam's Steam Saar* mill, on tbe premises, or Inquire of th» subacrloor at Mira, Michigan. PABLET I‘DTNAM. VIREAT SALE OP PUBLIC PROP IT EBIT. Omen Ass’x QcaßTzxaAfTxa, ), Tenn- February aid, 1357. f I willoDer xit silo at Poollc Auction, commencing on Mcnd»r, tbelllh day of ilarcb, IBS*,at lha North' western Oram Snedatnibls city, a laige assortment of Ooartera.ajsur's Stores, embracing onward* oi‘-bOW Items. cons.sting m part at I band Ore eoeUe, nose and retli, 1 stt of tlnnats’ tool* and machines con* plctc, is anny wagons, 9 uanslir do-5 tw<>horjo do vsprincdo-wccu and lumber do., A water onclt-<s, 273 pl}e boxes, Kki b.lnd orldle?. 330 riding co- SCO baud* b.anketa, 4M king null-*. TM mule and noise collars, L*S4 breast chains, 723 stretcher do t£o seta mule harness, trias-itohoise co-CiO beau baJ ters. 2.23 window Bi;fh,’Sl3boxes g-aas Bxio,ixauviis. 70 Dourertc*. 33 B. S. bellows, 73 B. S. vlacs. m hartt rttp*. 91 hone hides, 2.500 pda. sole feather, bale* oakum. 1.500 wizen bounds. 10.000 pis. cwt scrap iroa, sj>oopd3. Wro’t do- pev gmplpe. 5,000 lect casDlDe.l.illpdi. bridle itatner.2,ll2 pas. harness d?- 4<>l augers asswlod, SID seubrace tarts. LO baotiataccs, 573 axes and es, Wiroo wlra, 1,1-0 Ret K»tber and combemnv. 120un cans. IJ> taaa saws. 9J.ogna -1 nys-c.5.2'.2E. R. paciuclta. 2 a Ills, ; i> boxes tin plat?, 1 biy scale. 8 pl.'tUorm scales, 11 i anal do.,4conjtcr do., l spr»rsdo.,l»&o:bcc:iry do., i 18 warehoutc tru<-n».'r cross boc*.(n, 131 ctcsb 23,W3 carriage bolts, autbolsoce boxes, nailer, stay sod ! i£ckcialnfi7i)te» t stKfcr, * rtainc and wagon rardle*. womcti MJrrups dcoble I and slnz’e tree", horse in»«.lciu«» cf ail kinds, vcterl* i n*ry lt»ucc.cnu,eje<h,'v, banA roiitmg. iivenar.fac : ins and farrtcr’s hammers, parallel vises, «ioc»s aad due. tunes, punches. tainU of all culors. lior-c and mule »htK». iK-we-sbie oaUs, twice, wire. wa-Urs, zlnc.e<U-s, Dicsd-uisa. awls, plane and gimlet t»t>*. item squares, on-rtou*-*, band*rlp, tennoi., Idloe and er.s pa»i, »ftwp,Bllrff»,bench screws, motikcy wrenches speke shaves, malltte, tackle bU.cks, brushes of ml kinds, bras* cocpUncs, stci-t dril s bay acd c aaure folks, baftaid Jlles, limulcmlf, htnoMof all km-is, car* fee and corn aids washing inscblaw and wriuicr*, Stove pipe, picks, paoltus. paltt mlfs, tin ware ofail kinds, cauldrons, pulleys, stove* of oB kinds, halter, door ato eye bolts, curb bits, eLStoeiied cloth, sheet copeer, waecu Umber of ail kinds. *c- Ac- Ac. Ssis to coxmatuce at ll* o'clock a. m. v and continue dally. cottmenciLg at lb« same boor each day. nmlt tbc prop erty is dim o*ed of. Term&caah in Qivemueat fauds. AdepoaltwiMbereoulrod from all purchaser* on tee day it aide—there WIT be no deviation troro thto ra.e, a. D. kius, tit Asa’tQuariermaoterU.S, A. ... 3'Hst. a. 8:45 p.m. fcbo a-m. □abltoal Coaeitpailoa. (ffitj) Kotiers. <£lofljfng. ?l}air JDge. jfor Sal?. FOR saxe; (Sobernmeut Sale. (Eccan Steatntta. i'OHK TO -LITBKHJOL. NATIONAL LINE; wsssz.7 linra or stuaitoss. CABIN, DQ (GOLD); bTCEBAQB, 930. Hernee. Hverpool or Queerstowu to Chicago, 913. Fct isithentftrmacroappiy to S, T. tVEUSTER, Agent, ~9X CUrt-ah, Chicago. 07EAM TO UVEKPOOL. &t, ‘ CALLING AT QUEENSTOWN, Frcm Pter4st rinvta Uitcc, New YarU«'car rying United State* ilaiin. j&m&w m&iiM Liras! ETEBV SATURDAY (mall steamer), pyitev tI'EDUSsDAV (extra steamer). CablßA ISO to tuo. To Louden. IS extra. To Parts with privilege cl stopping in Liverpool and Lsndoc, 910 exti a— ail in ROKL EitmC CSED, AT ES- Handbills on application. Cantu elan* on view, aril berihsor rooms sec urea on application at western Sl Se, TTAKRiCK. WM. INMAN, LIT! STEA3KSHIF CHEAT SASTSSW. This great ship bariog been thoronghly overhauled a»c vctun.on.pMe order, bas been chart re>t by a French Com: any. w> s»u tetwe-a New York and Brest durligthe ccmunrsns.iacr,cirr>ing tassenxrp* to sod frcm the Great Exhibition. Astre Great Eastern, is the largest, safest and m'-st c:nm dioos steamship afoat, and the tact that |4W,000 has two extended to fit her espot tally t>t tins r..-vi.v. ahe p many accommodations and any oiber vessel. Captain air Jaiuv* A'Ce:son. wno so EnecviHially commanded the G.i-ut L.v,;irn during the many years In the Cunard service, contixnf >la co:u- a:;o. The ave rage speed of the ship made in her Or *- eevea voysges between America and Europe. lc.uL» ner charterers to expeetthe will make the pe?»ace la nine days. From hercncrmonaslze.sea-sicttneealsatmuit cnxnowu on beard. ?he will take but one cn»«s ol passenger—all enjoying first-class accooimocsUous, the same table and same prlvlleses. Everything having been dsreto make the Great Eattrrn a<te, speedy am coamodicos, the ksowlcdse that the well-known ana rcll»b> firm of Weils, Forgo ACo have taken the New Tort raj stnger Agency,la a intficlcst guarantee aodlnducemsat lor all who may desire to visit the Fsrls Gxhlaitiun, or any part of Europe, to patronixe the noble ship. • ONLY DIRECT LIKE TO PEAK OK The General Transatlantic Compacy-’s MAIL BTEAMSBIFS BETWEEN NEW SfOEE AN! Havre, calunu at bhest. Ths splendid new veescla ot this favorite rente fix tie Continent wl2 sail from Fler No. SU, North Eire: as lollows: ECROi'B February 9. ST. LADUENX. Bocandl.... February 23. FEBBITIK amenmo....March A yn i.e pEPABIS..Europe March 23. PUICK OF FASSA6B IN GOLD. Ftm Cabin, 91 GO; Second Cabin, SIOO, including tab'< w<ue in either cUm. The steamers ol this Use do net carry steers* ops* ieagen. t*assen2tr» intendlne to land at BHSST vrlQ be nr sißbed with railroad coupon Uciets. and their bogcogt eliecked to Fart*, at an additional charge of |S for firs' and |3 for second class. Medical attendance tree of charge. 1 For farther intorcatlOD, apply, in Chicago, at Oh FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICB, ff 33 llUncli-fL; lr New York, to CEO. MACKENZIE. Agent, 38 Brow* , way. Steamship great eastern, CARRYING TDK UNITED STATES MAILS. Kit Jxwt, The French “Company ct Charterer*” of the GREAT BaSiEUN, having provided ttjeshlp with new poller*. snnUorouahiv reotted and refarnlaeed her la every department, with special rrlercnce to this service, will run nes regularly between New Tori and Brest, as fol lows: LSAvnro jnrw tokk. liatoo Bmst. _ Tuesday ..April 91 Saturday April CT Thursday. May 15 | Tn-sdav Jaoe4 Saturday Juae 32 I Thursday., July 11 Tuesday ..Ju ySO Saturday.../.... ..As*. 31 Thtneday Sept. 11j Tai »day Out. 1 Saturday Oct.j»|Thnr»jay Kov. 7 NfcW YORK to LIVERPOOL, Tuesday. Sdr.Co, tak ins only Hist class paisentrers. Pauses rates tn c>ld. or its equivalent. Iltf. fl-i, SI CO—according to loca tion ana rlxe ol room. rickets lor the home passage Issued at a reduction of 920 to passeasera returums previous to Aueiut. PasseccetscanbcfurnUcnl on board with railroad tickets from Brest to Paris at the reduces rateol for om-ciau acd S7AO for second-class, heUc a reduc tion oi 25 per cent on regular tale*. Twenty cubic lest of Dapcaseakwedtoeach paasindcr. Letters ot credit issued lor Rog Mad and the Conn pent, nor passage apply in Chicago at the Europe jq srd Ametican Steamship Astncy, 51 Deur.uru-st., James Wat rack, A cent, where plans of the cabins may l>oscer oi(1 bcit'Ji s-cured; a’so, to U uUi, forgo * Co.. S 4 Proadway, N. r., or to tne Am. and U. s. Ex press Co.’s, at their various agencies. ' ASD KKW YORK Steamship Line. Paisjßs to Loitlon cr Crest, ?lIC, and SO3, car* Tirey. Excnrsun tickets at reduced rates, available for air mon tiia, Celia, Cart. OleadelL from Sew Tots. March 3th. >\m.rean,Cbpt.lllUliige, ftcsuNew iUrcU u>. AtaUnta, Cipt.ldnklmm,from ;t O. Brilona. Cant Dixon, irom N*w Ycnr, April i;:th. The hnll'blfOD Steamship Cuba wit. 1-ivai'f r So. S. North River, Sew York, for London, callin'; it Brett, on Saturday, March »th. Until furtner not:c*-,all the Steamers ot this Line w‘II call atßreat to land passengers. Tickets sold ihrouuu U rail to pans, at» per ctflt loss than regular r. Freight will be tsk-n and threngft bills of ladles given to Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam ana U Foreportage apply to CQA9. A. WUirNET, t»t> Broadway. New Tort, or to 31 Dearnort-SL, Chicago. For Freight apply at 3-1 Tors. UOWLAXD & AsPI.sVaIX, A;cut3. SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE ESS CLIVtUhy the undersigned, until Eondrj, Karcli 25th, 1837, For BaUding a Scliool Eonue ia tli? Town of Forrestoa, OGLE COUNTY, ILLINOIS, Proposals will beratretalp-d for the Building as a wtio.e. orf-r theMasoarj, Caipeutcry, &c., separate ly. The Plans can b- seen at the store ot BORN & ED* MUMlh.ic said town, and at the Otffce tfo.S. Kt.f- XET, Arciduct, corner cf Clark ana Xwelfin su., Chi cago. The Directors reserve tha right to rcjict any and all bios. MATHEW FLAIR, SIMON OEETI.%O, F. A. EDMONDS, Director*. Proposals fob a bridge at LAKE STREET. _ Omcs or m* Board of Pcbiio wckxs, > Chicago. March "1* ifcb*,. J Sealed proposals will be received by the Boom cl Rcollc Works. at their office, Ncs. 15 and 17, Wells g.rect, until, Wednesday, March into, Csr the removal of thebndce now crossing the Scuts Branch ol Chlcairo River at Late street, anil the reeiacmg toe a&mo with anew itioctme, liic.auroc all wore on tlis centre pier, and the abets ecu and approaches. accord- Ins t» puna and specif enuore an Pie at avia QtHce. 1 reposals roust be addressed to the Board ofPanllc Works, endorsed “Proposal lor Laee Street Bridge.” aud be accompanied with the usual S3JO bond, with e ore ties. Tc to approved by the B^arn. The Board reserve tog rl?ht to reject any Mu noiic accordance with the conditions ot this advert -'caont. or to reject all bids, and no proposal will to accepted unless the party oflerfnc It shall give evidence futH fac tory to the Board he has the accessary skill, ex perience. eaercy aud ability for Qovn; the work, li trustworthy, ma has safficleat pecuniary resource,, FRK2. LETZ, O. J. HOSE, _ lOt Beard of ruhTic Wort*. T>KOPO?ALS FOR PAVING LA i SVLLE bTRETCTTROM WASiai>'GTON6THE£X 10 MAUI-ON a'LBERT, O me* or rox board or public Wo ass, > Chicago, Marea 2,1567. f Sealed Proposals will to received by the IJ jarl of Public Wort*, at tfcdr Office, Nos. 15 and 17 Well* stmt, until U a. m. Wcdnefcuay, March Wth, fsr tae grading and caving street, from Washington street to Modl'on street, according to plans and speci fications on file at sold office. _ , _ Proposals must be addressed to the Board of Pnbllo "Won's, endorsed “Fmposallar Paving J,a lade Street,” and be accompanied with tae usual S2OO bond, with aaiettrs. to be approved or tbe Board. The Board reserve the neb', to reject any bid not it accordance with the conditions of thtsadventMrceiit or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be accepted unless the party offering It shall give evidence satlifoc lory to the Board that he has the necessary skill, expe rience, merer and ability lor doing the work. U trust worthy, and has sufficient pecuffiary resources. F2ELD. LinZT** O. J. ROSE. IDt Board oi PnbUc Worts. Proposals for fillinqnorth MARKET-bT., FROM ERIE TO DIVISIOS-ST. OFTICI OF TUB BOAED OF iTTBLIO Worm, » Chicago, March 4th, 1567. { Sealed Propctala will be received by the Hoard ot Public Works, at .their office. Nos. 15 and 17 Wette st., until J 1 a. m. Tnursday, March i4tb, for filling with clay North Marketer, from tbe south line of Et tost, to the south line cl Divlnon-st. according to plans and specifications on Ale at raid office. bald Improvement win be paid for as the work pro* prt*«cs, excepting the usual reservation of fiitoen per ce:-l. Proposals must be addressed to the Board of Public Works, endorsed “Proposal for Filing North Mar* ke-.-st-," end be accompanied with the usual bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. The Board r-eerve tborlghtto r.ject any bid not in aeronlsnce with the conditions of this advertisement, or to reject all bid*, and no proposal will be accepted unless the party offering U shall give evidence satis factory to the Board that bo has the nece*ssry eidll. experience, enerev and ability for doing the wore,is trustworthy, and has sufficient pecuniary resources. J. G. GLNDELE, l-DCT, T t-l"» O. J. BOSE, Board of Public Workr. Proposals fob five million tEWEEAGE BRICKS. Ornuu of tux eoasu of preue Wocss,.) CtncAOO, Starch 4th, j Sealed proposal* will h-r received hr the Bnara of I’ubllc Works, at their office. Noe. 13 and 17 Wells-st, until u %. m. Thursday, March 14th. for (he delivery of all or any part uL £OOO,IXO Sewerage Bricks. The bricks mutt m wboie, bard burned, free Irom lime and pebblcvbe square edged, and of tha staudard Ulmenaloca (S dj 4 hr 3M Inches}, and .be delivered niicc*op alsnzthellneof the sewers to pecontsrncted la this city, sntjtct to the count ana inspection of the Board ol Public "Works. . , Time of delivery, one half mllllrn during Mar, one and a half millions durlor June,irul one mutton during each of the mouths of July, August and September. Prcpomls must be addressed to the Board ot Public "Works, endorsed “Prcpoial fbr Sewerage ihluss.” aid he accompanied with the usual $290 baud, with sureties, to be approved by the Board- The board reserve toe ncht to rojet any bid not In accordance with the canulaons of this tdvertisemest, or to rejKtaU bids, and no proposal will ba ao«»pt*d unless the party offering it snaU give evidence »atufac tory lo the Board that he has the ceceasary ikltJ, experlunce, energy end ability fbr doing the work, is trustworthy, and baa sufficient . , PUED. LEnrz; o. .1. ROSE- _ Board cf Public werks. Quartermaster general's OFFICE. WaeniMaTOV. D. (X. Feb. 2i.ISC7. g-oaITONEMENT OF OPENING OF BIDS FOB ' AKMI' TRANSPORTATION. The time for tfce operinc ot the proposals fof Army Transportation, invited by advertisement ffam tais office of January 13. IM7. Is hereby extended to 13 m. of Thursday, the 7tb Cay of March, 13>17. i» order of the Duarte' mm lor Oercrai. JWW ALEXANDER BUSS, Ext. coL and AmL QaarUrmasw, U. b. A. fftadjinerg- V J. DUE TOBBiN’g WATER WfIEF.L NOIT BKADT—The beat Wheel la mwitch u*mc /f .f- ~\ i-ss water ana selling tor l-s< . trsi: vi than any other 0r» K^a-*# Wheel. o Every wo w>F, Also, our inpioved m if’ 1 v."/Wij Brick Machine ana Brick 31.- Jil? ■•Ercsyichmerv. Engine* and Honors, asw. rff~l C aae .Slllls. Forges, and all utlier machluery, ZJ. PEEKSKILLMFrj. CO- Fcetanil, y, r. R.L. BEnforßwn be at the odea of Rickard * Di.ISo.IUS Vfsl«T-:*t-N.5., TuesiUys 'thursdsys and Frlcsy**, from 11 to 1 o’cirs, to n-c-Jvo Bj>-clQca- Uons and mate ccntrucui-r Mftchlnciy u_d Canlugs ot oil kinds. JpAlill aiACHIKEBS. L T. 3 =? 7C Sonili Cas«Jw^t, 9 Cbicagos DEALERS IK FARM MACQISSRT, AVD OPK ERAJ. ACKjT» PDR TUE NOKfsIWEAriILH TUB CELEBRATED iIASD i ALIDUEi Ofc >_LTMTEB, DAY & CO- o- AND RLYHYKK, NORTON & CO- CINCINNATI. O. fTJ Lt« embrace * mo Coot Evaporator. Victor Cam Mlll»._Eare*a Cr.ttinr tVx, Bwr-C«wo Shei er, War atT*»Bona llaj Hose.'Wooe-Sawlag MM3«Vota,Con Crcebeiaic. Psttlre anplyuc n>r descrjDllre clrcu la:a willplc>r.aspecify too machinery u>e» wank A-T.UATBS ACO. fHehleal. QPUUOJU& OP THE PEOPLE CONCEKSOG KOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS. 3PKOTECTIOTST FOE THE HEALTHY, AND BELIEF FOB TIE SEEK. INTELLIGENT TESTIMONY 13 AS IMPORTANT K MEDICINE as m law. The Croat Patrick Usury said that the lamp by which his ftrt wen gnldfd wot the “lamp of experience.” The statements cl men of character and standing In relation to the proptrOt* and eh ecu oi a medicinal preparation which they thorn elves have tried* and the operation of wbicSi th-jy have had abundant opportunity cf witnessing ta a great vanctyot cases, an absolutely eoariaalve. They are so considered by the pabllc,who verynatn rally pieier this aperies of testimony to acy other that can be ottered In behalf 01 a proprietary remedy. Volamcsof such evidence have been published la fvvar ol HOJsTKTrEira STOMACH BIXTTEBS dnrtnr twenty jeans that the unequalled Tonic and Altera live h&s been before tho world; and although tu repuiadja as SPECIFIC haa lota been ealaVlahad throughout the Western hemiapuere, it ta stiil deemed advisable to exhibit, through the pr-iss, from time to tune, new proofs of Its success. Recent facts add per* tlaetce and force to UcU mors remote, and serve to show that the great remedy la prepared with uniform exactitude and care, and that it UstlQ, what it ew has been, the PUREST AND PEST OF ALL VEGETA BLE INVIGOUaNTS. an Inevitable cure for DViFLJr- StA and all derangements of the Sto;ua;h and Lire:, and a perfect antidctoto the nnwho;e*oa:e Induencce which produce and aggravate epidemic tevere. Ice subjoined Liters ate alt Irom cituona wall known and generally respected in tha localities from which their ccmmunicatlcns are dated, aad are pabil-tlied ar specimens cf an Immense mass of c ?rrcspantli*3ca cf r similar tenor. Some idea of the quantity of this tint? ct testimony In the hand; of the proprietors of ROS 'JEn'Eh’SCirrtHSmay be lormcd by the reader, whefe It Is stated that tbeccorunul.-atlors on the sub ject ef FEVER AND AGUE ALONE, received by the lirmduntg the last three years, nnn.bcr*nr>wardi ot TWO TEuUSAND. They are all to the same effect a& that ot Hr. Bourne, given below, and It ever anything was established on uncontrovertible evidence. It Is tha Important tact that'CHILLS ANO FEVER can bo broken up and radical! j cared In a very short space of time by the use cf this incomparable toms. Net U Udx all. Entire exemption from the dlttxeasing malady,an£ ail tonus cl Intermittent Fever, U guaranteed to such residents ol Fever aad Acne Dbtncts as may be wuc enough to lakothc BITTERS as a preventive. Th-nrth malaria iray be prodtatlog their mdgbbore on the rlgLt hand and on the left, these who bavc taken the precau tion to lortffy th»tr svstems and constitutions, in ad vance. with this COUNTERBLAST TO ALL ATMOS* PUEKIC POISON, will sorely escape the icourge. Tne pbyaiclars and ethers whcaa names aoue-ir In tat annexed correspondence, arc ready at »U tim-s to coa- Cite verbaLy the statements made over thulr -'jfta ture?. Ferhapi one of the most sinking ptooS that can be cited ul the Intrinsic excellence cf the BITTEtiS, Is the general adoption ot the preparation by medical men. The profession os a rule set their laces against oaver tLcd medlclm-s, tut this unequalled vegetable ionic has vanquished their prqjcdlccs, ana they recommend and. administer it to theft patients as the purest atimoiiac and best stomachic that money can p retire. The piesectscaaon cf the year Isa trjlce oss to the C-.hle atd enervated—lndeed to oIL in August -,cd Septccibei heavy diauchts are mads upon toe sys »cm, and It la necessary t-> have a reserve ot strength and vitahty in order to meet them without nuicaicgoc breaking down. HOSTEITEU’a BITTERS ARE A STAMINALMEOICIXAeosuIna the vIW and cu cular energy ot the frame with this powerful oed cen tral vegetable restorative, and any temperature, any cllmatr-any condition ot the atmovphare may be. es counter ul with coniparadvu Impunity. Read the lollcwloc letter from E. Boctovk, * cell txo<a citizen o*. httuomgh.Pa.: Pmhßmon, ilsy io, 135?. 31-Mra. Uojtetter & Salih: Burin ira Visit to the West, :a*t fan. I (lI.STLEUEi contracted chilis and fever. which biooebtme to my tod, and finally terminated io typhoid liver au4 con* unco roe to my room for several months, during wLlnk umel wae, physically,so prostrated that lolmurt uo tpstred or evtr recovering my b*r«ith; baring entirely lost my appetite Cor days, not tolas able to eat a mcr t ei; addeu to which 1 wo« much distressed with a red* Ins secsatlonin my head, and par.itd ctaey steeple* nlsbu. ul iron) denim* utos.-d by m» prostrate condi tion, bruugu: sb-nt by the fever. At Uus stage at ay o nmilcn. a fnfiid re- oromended me to use your brateiMSTOUACn BITTEK-'S; but, betas morally op. pcseoto the meef stimulants in any tbrm.l st first de clined, but stewards yielded my prejudices, ftf.rr taking the medfclce Dr several wee is as dlrectol, my appetite returned, and with it I am rapidly regaining my former stre-.RU and vigor, ily »Uep (irom toe 10-s ol which I hod suffered much) has never been better than it Is now, ai d the rtellngeensaitoo (tofore alluucd to) has entirely l-.ftme. Sly boweis, wnlch were much constipated and Irregular, arc now onlie natural, and in Cmt 1 am find to say that I Del mysed ancwmao.acdtend.Tyut nisterUmonlalof my appreciation ox year valuable preparation la order that other* suffering aalbava may avail themselves of Its virtues, which prejudice prevented me from enjoying lor so loneaperUxl. £ may nbo oda that my physician, after seeing the bene ficial effect your Bitters had on me, recommended Utac I use them regularly. Yours, very respectfully, K. BOURNE, 43 Markct-it. Another letter, tom a well known dttzen of Pitts butch, dated September 4.15C6: Messrs. U -uettcr i Smith, ntt-burgh, Pa.: Gsntuhrs; Units lam only doing the part of a good utlzen when 1 testify fto the great pcauat* I have received Cram your stcoach Bitters daring tbilast are yean. Being in the Oh regions in ’6u L and a sever* oihlous attack. acd being dupcptic. which left me very weas, I was advhed to try year Biu«r*. I procured one ootllc.acd they worked as a charm cn me. la on week I got eight (S) pounds heavier, and I seemed ta have got new lif-» la me, so much so that I have used them every summer since as a tonic, I tinna they are Invaluable. This summer, bavin* anotler billions at* lac*. nod much reduced In weight, being under the care of an A No. 1 physician. I ogam had to have recourse to the old Bitwn, with the same good resaitAgntninw six (O pound* In a few days. I have bought a half duo. on b;t:ies a tew wccsb eince, and intend to xc-p incm regularly as a tonic and beverage. Wishing you even siitccis, 1 remain years graidaliy. WILLIAM MILLER, „ „ EmsouAM. Erypra hah Cocxtt. ill. Messrs. Hostetler it Smith: GurzLxaiE:: Wimpleasure Icon say that your BIT TEBs are superior to any others, lhavo used them lo my Uml y for along tune, aud always with. bene* Ccial results. Touif, very truly. KOBT. GILBERT. Buczlasu, Pbutcb w nd-Lur Co'J.vrr. January 23. lico. t Messrs.Hostetlerd: Smith: 7 * , Etta: J believe year HITTERS are the best In osa. t rned them for dyspepsia laliSh aud mey cured It ws* net muh tbsc old it, fbr X had no faith la them ; Itiledtbcmtc please alrlend. I had been prostrslw L-r several weeks with dyspepsia and chronic aU»- rhc*. I expected to die: bat Jess than one ootu« so Sax restored me that X etuld attend to my busmen*. LaK October I overworked myself, which resulted la tha return-cf the same disease, accompanied with bran, clila.* affection, when I aeaio used your BITTERS, sad trss rooß restored to health. 1 nave recommended them to hundreds of my acquaintances, and havu sever known Ucm to Cdl In faceting a speody care. . Truly tout*. MXBaNDA chappel. - Postmaster atßoctlaud, Va, Eldestox, November S, Ida. Messrs. A Smith: « iCiu.TLX*E*: We b»vebeen fillingyearSTOMACH LITTKiia ftr eighteen aicnUiA. ana Rad than an excel lent medicine. All that is Decenary «to Jet thepo»- pic know that virtue,acdthey wIJ ns« tacta. lhav* tried them myself, and naw taco amend hum to &S who have wcai ibimacbt. mP \nT L^OV’ t McFAELASB. Drugiatt. &fes*!tettcr£SmUb. ,_ CTfTi.TMnr- for a loas time I naye been aQictM wiuj s disordered stomach, aoa «u unable to attend to any bnst&e&a. 1 was adyued to cm toot BITXKttS.. wMrh I rtiri, and fbenfl them ayreat benefit tome. X beileri: bad it not been fbr them I should bare been ns my crate ere this. I write so* cruy to testify to the ■nrtua ot your BITTHHa, bot also to bareyoa ship ma twodo:ena9»ooaaaposstble,aal am bow kcepicwft store. Tours, respectfully, JOHN M- GBEACS& Messrs, ilostctrer* Smith: , . Uksts: It Is with toe grcate»t pleasure chat I rw commcnd your STOiIACa BITTEaa to the public- i thing it tbc best LIT TEES of toe day. Ub socially adapted to the Sooth and West, where biliary dorang*. mettoof the liter arc prevalent. lan yetra’ experi ence In the use of compound*, as curatives, cotodcj* me to give year BITTERS the preference that lu po>- n .aHly mtills. E. ANGLE. il. D. Gaxxatu, Saline County, CL Messrs. Gcstetter &Smua; GastLavEs: I bare practiced rcedldnefor many rears, and havousol your BitTEUS Ina number ot cases with great success, and take pleasure in rccom iLUiding them to the pnbiicm general. \ try idpccifaily, J. SMITH, 1L D. Mattoos, lIL, January 21, itsssrs.UostettcrA Srmtii; ___ un- I sell more ofyoor STOMA H BIT TERS than of any other medicioe. Fatilea who have ‘ tried them speak la very high praise of their exta lent virtues. 1 have used them myself and prescrino them, wtlh übpoxal’eici iucce». Teiy M. XK •vvwia, clay Co arty, lIL Jlr-vs. Uomtter 4 Sclth: Gavn-Rtixn: i lave used, and often prescribed, yuuriTOMACU BnTEßS.atd take pleasure la to ron tr.fndlE- It to all vb<iK stomacas arc debilitated. It is an excellent appetiser and wsle;aud I praise U - oiu. cr lie tut nallclau ct t- 5 , D - FeisHJS. Oltton County, Tad- J Ptoemtmr 9, ISCL S 2lQß«:*.n&stcttcr& Smith: . Csn?: Some elehtccn months with wrain-M cf the stemaeb, acd nad tile, ano on lbs rccomxcndattoncf Dr. Cox, ou-umut physiuau, I purchased several botUea cf Tcurßir- TtltS. which had ihedeilred aLlY'to th in am., but of late 1 have not BUTfcßSlnourpime; pl-sse pnru-ase them, or If you will send me •??* J will be pleased to have tbeaeeacy- a* I •yss.r£a&&ss& prepared and sold by BOSTETTEE & SUITS, PITTSBUGEH, PA. Porfalebyaß druggists, grocers ul rtotckecpnw throughout the world.