Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 7, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 7, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. THURSDAY. MARCH 7, 1867. THE CITY. Judge O. I*. Ext, a popular temperance lec turer, lies severely ill at the residence of % friend la Woodlawn, near this city. Old Liprw’ Ho**.— The regular monthly meet lug of the Board of Managers will be held at the Home this afternoon at 8 o'clock. Tttt yyojasoTOjT Burner.—The trains on the Chicago, Alton 4 SL Louis Ballroad now run through wlfhout change, the bridge at Wilming ton having been rebuilt. ft Atpoiktmxht.—Dr. Lewitt, demonstraror of anatomy at the University of Michigan, has ac cepted a call to the same chair in the Kush Medi cal College of this city. Citt Abbessoub.—The following gentlemen have been nominated In Ecpnblican caucus for Assessors In the three divisions of the city: South Division, W. B.H. Gray; West, Pleasant Amies; North, Andrew Nelson. Commuted.— At tbe Police Court yesterday morning George K. Albro, charged with larceny, in relieving Mr. Q. Graves of {335, as mentioned in yesterday's Tbiucxe, was committed for trial in ban of SI,OOO. AatrnrciKS Df Pams.—Bowles 4 Co.’s IT ’etkly Circular gives the following names of Chicago citizensregistered In Pails for the week ending February jsih: Mr. John A. Cutler, Dr. D. T. Smith, and Mr. E. B. Washburne. The Funeral of Capt. E. Lyle Wadsworth will lake place this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o’clock, at tbe old St. James Church on Cass street, between Illinois and Michigan streets. Friends of the family arc invited to attend. Yorxo People’s Entebtaihmest.—An enter tainment, consisting ol tableaux, pantomimes, old folk's concert, will be given on Tuesday everlngnextin tibe(Second Universalis! Church, on the comer of West Washington and Sangamon streets. Aukested on Suspicion.—Martin Pfeifer and Joseph Schwartz were arrested on Tuesday, having In their possession a quantity of fine cut tobacco. At the Police Conrt yesterday morning they were held for further examination on Friday in bail of SSOO each. Vocal Culture at the Opera, lloube.— The Thursday evening close for ladles and gentlemen will receive their second lesson at seven o’clock this evening, in the lecture room of Profe-sor McCoy. Farther applications for membership may be made at the meeting to-night. New Bhooe at Wilmington, Illinois.—The contract for building the bridge over the Kanka kee Elver, at Wilmington, was on Monday last awarded to Messrs. Csnda 4 Uincklry, of Chi cago. Tbe bridge is to replace the one carried away by the recent freshet, will be a Howe Truss, five hundred feet long, and will cost about $15,000. CmcAOJ Illustrated.—Parts 8 and 9 of this valuable work are jnst issued. They con tain views of the Crib, Plymouth Congregational Church, Soldiers’ Home, comer of South Water and Clark streets. Union Stock Yards, Bough House. First Congregational Church, and the Il linois Central Round House. Papiu JIANUTAcrmiB —We call attention to the card of Harrison B. Mccch in another column. Is answer to a curd published by L. C. Woodruff osJPresidcrt ol “The Hydrostatic Company;” also the opinion of Joel Tiffany, K-q., of Albany, on the validity or the patents of tho The Chicago Fibre and Paper Company. Auction or Plated Wage.—John Berthaner & Co., Ro. 79 Lake street, np stairs, invite the pub lic to examine their stock of silver plated ware previous to their sale on Friday morning and af ternoon. All to want of anything In this lino will find a large variety of goods—every article being ■warranted to bo the best of silver plated. Bee advertisement. New Palace Cabs.—Two new palace sleeping and refreshment cars, named tnc “ Western World” and “Plymouth Rock,” hare been con structed in the Michigan Central car shops for the Pullman line of sleeping cars. They are gor geously fitted up. and possess the best ot cook ing facilities, making them refreshment as well as sleeping cars. Tneybave cost about $24,000 each, and will be pnt on the line shortly. Cook Conor Medical Society.—A regular meeting of this Society of Bomoeopethisia was held on Tuesday evening, when the following officers were elected: President—John Davies,M. D. Recording Secretary—T. C. Duncan, M. D. Treasurer—T. ?. Hovnc. M. D. Board of Censors—lt. Lndlam, M. D.: E. M. Bale, M. D.; L. Holbrook, M. D. Baltxmobe Otstebs. —Dealers in the bivalvolar delicacy which is called “oyster” will be Inter ested in knowing that D. D. Mallory & Co., No. 72 Randolph street. Chicago, have Just received from their packing house in Baltimore a large supply of the choicest specimens cro-n in that choice locality. Their depot is well noted among dealers as the place wbtre the best and freshest oysters can he procured at tbe mo«t moderate rates. Fite Minutes most Death.—A wan named Bacon, in a beastly state ol intoxication, was found about twelve o'clock on Tuesday night, lying across tbe track of tbe Chicago, Burlington & QaincytEailroad, on Van Burcn street. The police man who thus found the bclpleig. man at once rescued him from bis dangerous situation. Less than five minntes afterwards a heavy freight train passed over the spot where the man had been lying. Compliment to a Chicago Lectubeb.—The T Testem Christian Advocate (Cincinnati) says of Nathan Sheppard, of this city: “ A* lo thought and style few men in ihe nation surpass Mr. Shep pard. Be Is also an excellent elocutionist, know ing bow in U-c best style to utter bis thoughts.” Mr. Sheppard will deliver his lec’nre on ** fhe Disposition.” in tbe Cnion Park Bapirit Church, os Thursday evening. March Mth, at 7fj o’clock, for the benefit of Providence Mission. Chicago Franc and Patch Comcast.—The at tention of capitalists 13 called to the advertise ment of this company In another column. This company organized ccacr the General Law, are now reorganizing under their charter procured from the State of Illinois at the last Legislature. Tbcr are now in the market manufacturing under their patented process a first quality of paper. Tbe subscription books for slock sreju-t opened and the eclemc is worthy of the attention ol par ties desiring a safe and profitable investment. Fahewell.—Rev. Nathan Colver, D. D., pastor oi the Fifth Baptist Church in this cily, is about to leave for ihe South, thtreto engage in the work of educating colored people for the ministry. On Tnesday evening a large number of his friends assembled in the lecture room of the Second Baptist Cbnicb to bid him ia:ewell. The cxercries were highly interesting. To short addresses from several of Ms fellow workers, Dr. Colver responded in a very touching marncr. Rev. E. J. Goodtpced then rose and aeid that be was instrucU-d lo pl.dge on behalf of a'ladythe sum of three thousnnd'dollars to the cause of Southern cducailn. A considerable sum was also collected among the audience. Rev. Mr. Goodsnecd extended tbe right-hand of fel lowship and parting to Dr. Colver, and the exer cises closed with prayer. Duowked.— On Tnesday evening the body of an unknown man was discovered floating tn the South Branch, near Polk street Tbe corpse was tf ken from the river and carried to the Dead Bouse, where it remains awaiting iden tification. Coronor Wagner held an inquest yes terday morning, when the Ju*y relumed a verdict 01 “ death by drowning.” The body has ibe ap pearance of having been in the water fora long lime, most probably throughout the waole winter. The man was of medium size, and appeared about Ihe age of forty-five or fifty years. He was ol muscular build, with face smoothly shaven, bnt mnefa disfigured. Hia hair was sandy, mixed with some grej. Ills dress consisted of a black dress coat, black silltvcsM black ribbed pant?, and light gaiters,! white linen shirt with n*w underclothes, in his pockets were found a small silver watch with hair chain attached, and a small tin tobacco box. Died in New York, of typhoid fever, March 3d, Thomas M. Tnrlay, formerly of Chicago, aged thlrty-slx years. •Mr. Tnrlay was well known to a large number of our leading merchants. Though one of the most energetic and successful business men, he found time lor literary and especially for artistic culture. He bad a large circle of mends wher ever hewed, who, from bis Integrity and high social qualities, were dwotcdly attached to him, and will not cose to mourn his early departure. Three or four years ago be left this city and became an active partner in one of the largest houses in New Tork, and though not advised as to the immediate can;c of bis last sickness, we have no doubt that a* too constant attention to business has deprived New York of one ot her most useful and promising young men. Mr. Tnrlay has left a most excellent young foimcrly of Sterling, iu this State—and a very interesting family, to mourn the loss of one of the best of husbands and oi fathers. Reception and Serenade.—Hon. Henry M. Shepard, member of tbe Legislature, was sere nade last night about 9 o’clock, at his residence. No. 370 Michigan Avenue, by the Journeymen Stone-Cutters’ Union, on tbo occaslon-cHiis re turn from Springfield, and In compliment to his efforts to secure the passage of the Bight Hour Law. Some four hundred people were present, and the Great ‘Western Band rendered a number of etfrrlrciune-. Mr. Shepard appeared at tbe close, and thanked the company for the compli ment—saying that he bad just received a tele gram from tbe Governor stating that be had Figucd the hill making eight-hours a legal day’s work, and that It was now a law. He believed that employers heartily accepted the new arrange ment. and he could say tbal the first day's work under tnc law, was performed yeaterdav in Chi cago. He bad endeavored to do bis duty faith fully towards bis constituents. Responses were made hy several ot the party, and the committee werexnvited la and refreshed in a handsome manner, while the gathering dis persed. German Ixmcrast Aid Society.—The re port of the agent of this Society, in this city, for February, contains the following facts: The num ber of applications for employment is 203; situa tions procured, 415; letters written, 40; cases of advice given, 68; families aided, IS, to the amout of 551.50; admissions procured to the County Hospital and Poor House, 6; aided by the County Agent, 15; articles ol baggage recovered, 5. A large immigration from Germany Is expected during the prceentyear, and Chicago being the railroad centre through which all mnst pass, the agent recommends the employment of a number or special policemen, speaking both the English and German languages, for the protection of these travellers, and to have the supervision of hotel runnera, ticket, baggage and other railroad agents, porters, intelligence office men, and dray, express and omnibcs drivers, as a prevention against extortionate charges. It often happens sow that immigrants are twice compelled to pay chargee on over freight fa ibe transportation of their baggage, as railroad officials ai Chicago do not respect theiruckcts for over freight, leaned by the agents et Castle Garden. New York, unless tbe weight is distinctly written in ink. and as these figures arc often omitted or written only in pencil, the amount is thcrelore charged again. The agent urges the abolishment of the immi grant train on sanitary and humane grounds ; and recommends tbal these people be forwarded from New York to Chicago by passenger express trams. Tne report complains that the County Agent here has neglected, jq gome cases, to supply needy families with food, though they had their own rooms, and were only temporarily In want of assistance, on account of lack of employment. The agent only ofierco coal to such applicants, and mef their request for food with an ofi’er to Eccd the whole lamily to the Poor House. The agent thinks that this last course tends to destroy the self-respect aud self-confidence of the worthy poor, and in the end increases the expenses of the county in caring for them, more than if food were famished when asked for. * The Immigrant Agency famishes sil kinds of laborer?, servants, mechanics, free of charge. Xte office la at Ko. in Hoith Etnxlc street. THE BRENNICK HOMICIDE. Inquest on the Bodj of the Deceased— Ihe Evidence—Details of the Fatal (Jnarrel—Hart Held for Trial. On Tuesday night, between the hours of ten and eleven o'clock, Eobeit Brennick, who was stabbed by William Hart on Snnday evening, the tenth day of February, died from the effects of the wound received at that time, the particular of which were published in the Tninuitx o! Feb ruary ISth- The fight, in which Mr. Brennick received the stab, arose in the saloon of Mrs. Murray, on the southwest corner of Wells and Adams streets. Between the hours of nine and _ ten o'clock of that night William Hart, Jbbn Kava each, and a man named Beatty, entered the saloon, and called for drinks, Mr. Brennick, who was In the saloon, came up to the bar and spoke to Kavanagb, at the same time being invited to drink. A number of “saloon birds” were silting around ihe stove, and gave evidence ofbeinff ut> pleased in that they were not invited to drink also. One of the number, named Brown, took a chair and threatened to “split Kavaußgh. At this time Brennick and Brown, with their asso ciates, who were lounging In theeaioon,took sides against Earl and Kavanach- Theee two men left the saloon, and were followed by the crowd. When jnst outside theidoor a fight, man for man. ensued. Brown c gainst Kavanagh. and Brennick aoinel Bert, me Oght nunehort une, ancr which Bnrt 1 end Kerannsh retired onletlv to tbeir home and went to bed. Brennick went to another saloon, where It was found that be bad been slabbed From there be was taken to his sister's, .No. 338 Adams street, where be re mained noli! bis death. Yesterday afternoon, Coroner Wagner held an inquest, at the Armory, over tbe body. The following la some of the most Important testimony given on tbe inquest. Joseph A. llagcmau being sworn, testified, that he was a policeman, and assisted to arrest Wil liam Hart and John Kavanagh on tbe mgbt of Sunday, February 10th: tbe men were at their home m bed; the men did not open the door, and the officer broke it down; tbe men were arrested and scutched: on Uart was found a knife with a blade three inches long; on the blade was blood; a pair of iron knuckles was found on the table; liart said that he had stabbed the man, bnl did it in self-defence. . . Thomas Brown sworn; testified that he lived on the comer Jackson and Franklin streets; a tobacconist by trade; knew the deceased; his name was Hotter! Brennick ; was present at the fight; it was on the evening of February lOlh, between the hours of 10 and 11; Brennick, • Wil liams, O’Brien, O'Daren and witness were sifting In the saloon; everything was quiet until Hart and Kavanagh came in; they called for drinks and procured them. The bartender came to the stove to procure some hot water; he told witness to get out of the way; one of the men at the bar said “throw him away;” “some words passed when they dared ns ootin the street to fight; Dart and Kavanagh went out first; Brennick and I followed; wo all had a fight; 1 used nothing but my fists; did not sec a knife in aoy person’s hand; Brennick and Hart were scuf fling on the sidewalk; after the fight 1 returned to the saloon, when williams came in and said that Brennick was stabbed; my clothing was cat; knew not how It happened; went to see Bren nick; he described Dart aslbcman who slabbed him; Hart and Kavanagh were drank. Dr. J. K. Gore, County Physician, sworn, testi fied ; That he mode a poet mortem examination ol the body; founds small wonnd on the Idt side of tbe body, rather low down: iontid general Inflammation of the viscera. The bladder had zoom probably been wounded; it contained abonc one quart of bloody fluid, and some coagulated blood. The death was caused t>y inflammation in Ihe abdomen; the inflammation arose from the wound; the cut was partially closed at the gmiccc, but open below. John Williams sworn; testified to about the same facts as did Thomas Brown. John Kavanagh, sworn, testified: I live near the comer of Adams and Weils streets; am a labor in'* man. On Snnday night, about one-half past y o’clock, William Hart, my brother-in-law, my teir, and a man named Beattv. went to Mrs. Mur ray’s Ealoon Wc called forfdrinks; found seve ral men in tbe saloon around the stove; Brennick came op and took a drink with us. 1 was ac quainted with Brcsmck; Brown began to crum ble and kept watching Uart very close. Hart said that “he would know bun the next time he (Brown) saw him.” Brown called him a s of a b— and took a chair la his band threatening to spilt me; Brennick took offhla coat and tola Brown that they would fight Dart and myfe‘.f; I refused In the bouse; Mrs. Murray be gan to cumplalc, and we said if they would come out on the sidewalk that we would fight them; Brennick and Brown went oat first. Hart and 1 fol lowed ; Brennick attacked Hart, and knocked him down; Brown struck at me; 1 caught bis arm, when we both fell; Brown bit me in the cheek; J had no weapons, nor did 1 see any: 1 then went to my home; did cot sue Bart after he was knock* ed down. William Hart sworn; testified: Live in rear of Ro. 21G Welle; am a laborer; came to Chicago last Acgn-t; went In November to Twelve-Mile Grove, will County, to teach school; returned shortly after New \ ear’s day; am twenty-seven years of age; single; was born in Ireland; did not know tbe deceased: myself and brother-in law went to Mrs. Murray’s saloon; found a num ber sitting around the glove; Brnmick came np and spoke to Eavanagh; he drank with ns; the remainder said we ought to (treat them; after some words passed. 1 went out of the house; Brcnnick struck me and knocked me down; then he took me by my hair and kicked me: while on my hands and knees 1 took my knife out of my pocket; opened SI, hut do Lotremcmbcr using it: took my knife out for self-defence : my left band was cut: when 1 got np we both walked away; 1 old not know that Brcnnick was slabbed until I was arrested. William Reid sworn, testified that hc.waa pres ent at the death of Robert Brcnnick. A deposition was read, which was made March 4th. 1807, by Robert Brcnnick in which he de scribed Bart as the man who slabbed him while trey were engaged in a fight. Michael O’Conner and James Morgan signed the deposi tion ns witnesses. The Jury reined, and in a short time returned with the verdict, “that the said Robert Brcnnick came to his death on the night of Tnesday, March sth, from the erects of a slab, indicted with a Unite in the hands of William Hart, on the night of Sunday, February 10th, between the hoars of ten and eleven.” In accordance to this verdict William Bart was remanded to jail to await his trial, while John Eavonaghwas detained as a witness. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. Third Pay’s Session—More Boom "Wanted—Salaries—The Law In stitute—The Court Honsc. The Board of Supervisors met at two o'clock yesterday afternoon, pursuant to adjournment. A quorum was found present, and tbe rc-iding of pi evtoua minutes was dispensed with. LOOM roil THE COUNTS’JUDGE. A communication was read for Hon. Jaa. B. Bradwell, County Judge, etatirg that fl the business of his office made necessary a constant session, and asking that the Board provide a per manent room for bis use. The request was refer red to the Building Committee. nuj£ and rcTmoTts. A bill from J. D. Palmer lor coal was referred to the Committee on .Miscellaneous Claims. Petitions from Wells A' Spaulding and George leslie, for remission of taxes, were referred to the Committee on .Equalization of Taxes. school coaoassioxußS. On motion the Chair wae instructed to apnoml a ccmmutee ot five, to ascertain and fix the dntict ana compensation of the School Commissioners. CHICAGO LAW INSTITUTE. The Clerk read n communication, signed by the President, Viee-Preeident and Executive Com mittee of the Chicago Law Institute, slating that whereas, by a previous arrangement the county had given to the Institute the court House lor the purposes of a libiaty on toe agreement that the institute would attend to all the legal business of 'be county without charge—the Institute is ready to carry out the agreement in good faith: and they t>ropoec[to appoint a committee to attend to nil such business in the future. On motion of Supervisor thackford the com munication was received and ordered to be placed upon the minutes ot the Board. LEOAL SEC VICES ron THE COUNTY. A bill of $7'J was received from Geo. M Gray for leral cervices rendered the county in cases of lunacy. A discussion arose on the justice of paying this bill. In cooeideiation of the agreement made with the Law institute, just mentioned. It was stated, however, that the Institute would, proba bly, at once pay this and other similar utils, as the county was giving them the use of a room worth from fi,SUO to Sd,OU) per year, without any equivalent- Supervisor Newcomb moved to refer the matter to the Fuance Committee, with instructions to confer with the Law Institute, and report this af ternoon, concerning this and oil similar bill*. The motion prevailed. comss TOR THE POOR. A petition was received from the Sl-tcrs of Mercy asking that ibe Board furnish coffins lor • uch poor persons as die in the Mercy Hospital. The matter won rclcrrcd to the Committee on Poor House and Paupers. BUILDING COX3OTTEE. ,„It was voted that the County Clerk be consti tuted the Clerk of the Building Committee, and (hat no contracts tor building or office furniture be allowed nnlll they have betn submitted to the Clerk and approved by the Building Committee. jurors. Supervisor ChQsoo moved that the Boird pro ceed at two o’clock “ to-morrow ” afternoon to draw jurors. WATER DOR THE HOSPITAL. Supervisor Aiken, to whom was referred the bill of the Board of Public Works for water fur nished to the hospital, stated that that Board bad not yet acted upon It. Supervisor Dalton moved that as the dly members had showed themselves liberal towards the county, that the Board pay this bill without asking lor a remission. The motion prevailed. EXPLOTVENT OP COUNSEL. A resolution was offered that the reso lution, adopted at ithe last session, authorizing the County Judge to employ legal advice in the case of insane per sons be repealed, and that ail applications be re icmrd to the Law Institute for such legal advice; but in case the Institute refuses to furnfrh it, the authorliy to the Judge continue in force. On motion of Supervisor Dalton the case was postponed until the report of tbo committee appointed to consult on that motion w as heard. RETORT ACCEPTED. UU Ui*l AV.VU The quarterly report of the Warden of the Boor House was accepted. PURCHASE OP THE COURT HOUf^E. Supervisor Biggins, of tbc committee appoint ed to confer with a committee of the Common Council, m relation to the purchase by the county of the city's interest in tbe Court House, report ed that they bad conferred upon the sub ject, but had not yet received any prop ortion from the Common Council. They had proposed on the part of the county that tbe coonty pay tbe city tbe present value of its iLtcreslinlne Court House, said Interest to he de termined hr two men chosen, one by each of the parlies, ano these choosing a third In case they cannot agree. They have beard no reply from the city. Tbc report was accepted and the commit tee comlnned. COUNTT CLERK’S SALARIES. Supervisor Puahcck of tbe committee to whom was referred the matter of establishing the salary of the County Clerks, reported n commending that It be fixed at f 3,000 per year, to include the copying of tbc Assessor's lists, for which, heretofore, separate payment had been made to the amount of 52,200. They stated that bis tecs on the former basis would amount to 522,700, and that ibis sum named was a voluntary compromise on hla part. He pays bis clerks out of this sum. BILLS TOR SERVICES. Supervisor Woodrnil moved that the per diem bills for committee service be audited by the proper committees before being paid. Carried. On motion of Supervisor Higgins the Board ad journed nntil ten o'clock to-day. OCR BUFFALO VISITORS. A Vlalt to tbc Lake Ttmncl. The visitors from Buffalo, who are at present stopping at the Sherman House, or, at least, call ing there occasionally in the course of their labors of official inspection of this elephant vclept Chi cago, were taken out yesterday to view the Water Works and what can be seen of the Lake Tunnel. Ibc party stalled at near eleven o’clock from tne Court Hcnse, in carriages provided fortheocca slon—the visitors consisting of Aldermen J. Walls. J. L. Haverstraw, J. Bander, G. Bnchhelt and S. Sclien. and City Treasurer J. Churchyard; City Clerk J. I). H. Chamberlain; City bnrvevor J. A. Ditto, and “City Panor” Isaac Holloway, were escorted by Aldermen Wicket, Carter. Wilmartb, Kann and Clark; Corporation Counsel Irwin and Mr. Cbesbromrh,the City Engi neer. Before Icavingtbe hospitable shades of the Court House, Mayor Klee formally welcomed the official representatives in one of bis neatest and briefest speeches, and then A-H-Bodman, Esq., the popular City Clerk, extended the fluid hospi talities of his now quarters. On arriving at the Water Works, Mr.Cheobrongb conducted the party through all the seven! departments of the insu lation, explaining, with mi Us accustomed grace and forte of illustration, the \mwag of u>« machinery, the pumping system, etc. The now engines, notwithstanding the very chaotic appearance they present Just now, • were only admired—tic new supply well enter ed and descanted upon—and then the shore end of the lake tmmcl became an object of in terest With the exception of two or three local dignitaries whoee care for personal comfort was stronger than their curiosity, the party descended into tne deep, damp dingy hole to (he month of the great bore, when the muddy platform plunged down wlih a sullen splash on the surface of iho pool at the bottom of the vertical shaft the explorers stepped out into the round darkness of the tunnel Itself, hot did not go In any distance. Standing near the month, theßuflaloea gang songs of patriotism, and the majority of them having been “im Jfrnttc/uana gihoren" and now bright and shining lights In “bangverelns.” “ iiiennerchora,” etc., m Bnflhlo, they also rendeied finely several songs of “Faderland.” A strange and rather beantl fnl effect was produced by the tones floating up the shaft. In their ascent, the majority of the ex plorers passed through the drift to theanpply well and having duly inspected Its huge propor tions, reached the surface of upper earth hy climb ing the long ladder. Two or three, of znoro than ordinary avolrdnpola,Alderman Schca, per exam ple, regarded the ladder feat with positive horror, turned their backs In disgust upon it and came up by the platform mode. Ur. Cbeshrongh explained, regarding the nee of the tunnel, that it is under process of cleansing, a work which he expected to be com filmed by this (Thursday) forenoon. Immcdlate y upon the completion of this work, the water will be let In, in sniQaent quantity only to fill the bore of the tunnel, not to fill the supply drift, or even the vertical shaft up to the drift. Ibis will be lor the purpose of testing the tanners strength, nothlngmorc, and after about a week all that wa ter will be pumped out, the tunnel walls carefully inspected and then if all is found light, the water will be let in at fUU head, the supply well filled and thenceforth all Chicago supplied by this means. Ur. Ches brough nopes inatthls will all be accomplished this month, hot declines to name any day for the turn- ing on of (bo water as a permanency, stating that it cannot be in less than a fortnight in a°y event. The visitors, as was expected of them, professed to be overpowered by the magnitude of tbe en terprise. Returning to the city, the visitors were, os a matter of course, escorted to the Board of i'rade hall, arriving there just as a stalwart Ethiop was performing his accustomed one o’clock solo on the Chinese gong, with a taste and rigor peculiarly bis own. They admired the size of the ball—wondered (as who does not) at its ornamentation—learned “ with pleasure” of the vastness of the business done there—were “ charmed to meet” Mr. Dore, and much edified by his definition ol “ grain scalpers.” Dinner was partaken of attho Sher man House, and the afternoon was spent in visit ing ihe Stock Yards, Elevators and other points of interest to tbe commercial and municipal mind.. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Fire Decrees of Divorce---Collection Snits Ended—New Soils* The business of the Courts is Increasing, and there is every prospeettbat for sometime to come matters will go through with a rush. The busi ness in tho cincuir court woe as follows Sophia Lancland vs. William Norlhcott. De fault and judgment for SI,OOO. The lollowing were the new soils: Lot C. Whitford vs. William J. While. As sumpsit : damages S3OO. Mira Maynard vs. Elite Fisler. Attachment; debt $550 and interest. Tator 4 Gildlcy vs. George S. Huso and Thomas Monlion. Case with capiat in aid. Damages SIO,OOO, based upon on allegation of conspiracy to defraud. H.r. Fames va. Warrick Martin. Assumpsit; damages $5,000. . _ _, Samuel G. Damon vs. William D. Edson and Hiram E-Barstow. Attachment: debt $1,208.18. William WBdom et al- vs. John Norcntt. As sumpsit; damages fI.DCO. William F. King and Ira Scott vs. Emannel Uonsinger. Asenmpsk for the recovery of legal charge for defending two actions of trespass on trial. eurxßion cocbt. The business of this Court was important. It Included sixteen money Judgments and five de crees of divorce. Defaults were entered in the following cases: Jonathan Richardsiet al. vs. D. D. Davis. As sumpsit. William T. Allen vs. It. M. Whipple and John £ Pollard, of Pollard only. J.IU & Diverty vs. Michael Hambrecht. George E- Atwater vs. Sidney W. Sea. MorriaFeshel ct al. vs. Julius Ucbtcnhcltn. John 11. Landrcth ctal. vs. JamesSbcrrard. Jacob Kern vs. Patrick McCullough. Allied I- Sivrcr ctala. vs. John Abrahams. Charles Bradley vs. Adomram J. Thurber. Robcst D. McFarlane vs, James Gallagher. Union National Bank vs. Wm. H. Dorothy. John M. Mauby vs. Charles M. Day and Daniel Eerum. Daniel W. Gale ct al. vs. James U. Moats, John B. Terry and Josephus Moats. C. Cornwell el al. vs. Daniel N. Parker. A. C. & O. F. Badger vs. John E. Pollard. Judgments were rendered os follows: Thomas Christy et als. vs. George Drake. si.ibS .ya. William E. D ogee it el al. vs. Anthony Venne man end Anthony H. Kcttcler. $233.45. Rodney M. Whipple, Ac., vs. Warrick Martin. $1,116 33. Rodney Welch vs. Thomas J. llolt. $101.63. Manufacturers’ Rational Bank of Troy vs.Lewla and Lewis C. Lillie. SIO,OOO. Mathew Knowles ct al. vs, Harrison and Lloyd Tuttle. $147.50. Charles 11. Bcckwilh vs A. W. Fitts. $377.87. Anton Ronscur vs. Sebastian Lindner. $173.56. David B. Lincoln vs. Oliver Adams, Orlando C. Blackmar and George C. Lyon. $263.93. Louis Lang et al. vs. Thomas BligUe. $1,076.09. Charles M. Clark ct at. vs. John Uagbcs, $116.80. C aroline F. Brownell vs. the same. $315. Jacob Stock vs. D. J. Uesant. $229.73. Louis Plelzer vs. Robert Burrows. $153.70. Cornelius Cornwell el als. vs. Amory and Gilbert Bigelow and David Barr. $8,200. Joseph 11. Burkman vs. Samuel J. Walker. $28,239.93. Andrew N. McEanion cl als. vs. Samuel 13. Ker foot. Debt $5,000; damages, $4,405.20. Daniel C. Brant etal.vs. William BueU. $155.95. The same v e . A. Way. 593.3 L The same ve. A. Gladden. $23.86. The same vs. A. L. Chase. $164.53. The loUowinp sails were dismissed: D. It. Bract ct at. ve. Jacob Moore. The same vs. William Raney. Tboedorc Hi acfft vs. IV. Goedccke and S. Pickaid. George W. Champlin vs. Ingcrson & Eaton. James C. Grant vs. Henry £. Ilamilum. John Parrish ve. James B. Tower. The results of lie day in the branch of (bo Court presided over by Judre Jameson were: Harriet E. Brils vs. Jabcs Bills. Divorce peti tioned for September 18. Decree. George Allen \b. Mary Allen. Divorce filed November IS. Decree. Elizabeth Rewbnrv vs. John Rewbury. Divorce tiled Fbercary 15. Decree. Jabca A. Demi vs. Alfred Decel, Divorce com menced December 13. Decree. Mary Herzog vs. John Herzog. Divorce com menced January 8. Dismissed. Eliza J. Fazakor vs. Andrew A. Fazakar. Di vorce. BUI filed February 10. Referred on de fault. Helen Trims vs. Lcandcr Truax. Divorce. Bill filed December 26 Default and decree aims branch of the Court Is engaged in the trial or the cause 01 Andrew B. Taylor vs. George W. Perkins, Superintendent of the Reform School. This i? an action ot trespass for an alleged false imprisonment. Damages arc laid at $5,000. The following were the new suit-: Wm. Archenboru vs. Henry Reinhardt. As sumpsit. Damages S2OO. Administrators of Luther Haven et al. vb. Heirs and Legatees cf Flavel Mos-lcy. Bill for a dis tribution of the funds of the estate. Jamc.- Adams vs. Hart L. Stewart, Jr., and Ha»t I- Stewart. Confession lor $317.50. James Payne vs. Henry and William Pilcher and Hannah i>. Willard. Confession for f 595. Harriet A. Dye vs. Thomas W. Blaynoy. Re plevinc for a piano forte. COUNTY COtJBT. This Court is somewhat incommoded by the occupation of its session room by the Supervi sors. Some business, however, was transacted: Estate of Charles Giceuc. Asa Gaines ap pointed administrator on bond of SSCO. Estate of Cbnrlca It. Wentworth. Letters of administration lo Charles W. Wentworth, son of deceased. Maritta B. Wentworth appointed gnarclan of Infant children. John W. Bent appointed guardian of Charles Fisher, an infant. becodded’s comrr. Some civil business was attended to bnt tho on ly judgments were lit the cases ot Cbailcs Wicka ve. Patrick Mortcll. Judgment sls. E. M. Harris ctal vs. Michael Mclinald. Judg ment sl4l. Eameetlne C. L-M-Schlarbanm vs. Frederick C. H. E. Fchlarl aum. Decree for divorce on the ground of desertion. The grand jury returned twenty-three bills. The following persons indicted for laiccny pleaded nut guilty; Sarah Green, Edward Halsey, Arthur P. Langdon, (three Indictments). Martha Robinson and George Watson pleaded cmliy of larceny; the latter under each of font indictments. „ Emil l.oos vp.Jclia Loos.Bill fordivorccon the specific charge of dcseilion and on a genera 1 , charge of adultery. Xht* allegation ot the bill i 1 that the parties were married December 25, ISM. the defendent being named Deycr, at Row York dlv, where they lived together until Jnly oth, IBfD. THE OOGD-AYS. Poisoning tlic Animals—The Keces sity—A Girl Bitten—A Boy Poisoned by o Bite—Cau tion Required. Painful evidences of the thoroughness in which the recent precautionary edict of the Mayor against the canine race is being carried Into effect ore visible in almost any part of the city. The BIICeEC d caicaeece mI llw poor animate, unforta uate In not having owners wno care enough for them to go to the expense of a muzzle, lie about the streets nntil they ore picked up by tbc agents of the Health Department and carted off to an ignominious burial outside the city limits. More painful still is the sight oflhcunoflending brutes upon whom, the deadly poison Is beginning to take effect. Wandering abom, hungry and friendless, poor Tray has met a policeman who calls to him kindly and throws down a tempting piece of fresh meat. Delighted at ibis unwonted and unlooked-for boon, tbc confid ing animal quickly runs up, wagging his thankfulness, and devours the morsel. Tbc officer laughs nnpltyingl? as he thinks of the result, and passes on. Soon the poison upon the meat begins to work. The temporary joy of satiated hungerpasies Into griping pains. The fore 1< gs of the animal grow slia and he slackens hispacc. Then the muscles all become tense and neld ; Ihe hind legs stretch out; toe dying ornte falls over, foaming at the mouth; recov ers himself end runs on a little way. with wild eye, tormented with pain and mrddened towards everything he meets: pcibaps slopping to trap at a passer-by m bis frenzy; falls again, quivering in agony, gasps and dies. Innocent of any Instinct oi harm, doomed only because he is friendless, his boon of life mnst be taken lest some one of bis race become a vic tim to the terrible disease to which he is liable, and sacrifice a human life, far more precious than that of all his kind. W T e recognize the necessity and humanity which prompts the infliction of such wholesale suffering ano death, while we can not but pity the unreasoning and guiltless ne bbed proofs of the necessity of this summary slaughter of dogs have already been given, and others still come fn. Yesterday a little girl twelve years old, daughter of John Bout, No. £52 North avenue, while on her way to school, was bitten by one of (be animals, supposed to be rabid. It ia hoped that the result will not prove **While, however, these precautions against hy drophobia are being taken, there ia danger that the means employed may themselves produce fearful results. . . . „ It appears to be the practice of the officers to dron the deadly bait whenever they sec a dog, and to go on without walling tor the result. This is dangerous and culpable. Tbc animal, under the maddening influence of tbo poison, though be fore entirely harmless, may bring the very fate upon human beings which It la sought to avoid. A bite now, when the poisoned foam is running from the month, la komblc to contemplate, though by no means unlikely. Such a cose Is actually reported. It la that on Tuesday a doc which had just eaten the meat thrown down by a policeman, ran at a email boy on tbe corner of Canal street and Canatport avenne and bit him In the leg. TncUmb wae Immediately amputated but the boy died in tall an hour—not of hydrophobia, but of pot ten/ Tbe dog also bit another boy, but the leg being protected by tbe boot bapplly the result was not serious. A single instance of this Irina should immediately cause those engaged in this work to use tbe utmost care, ana on no ac count leave the poisoned animals until they arc beyond a doubt dead, otherwise tbc blood of tbe human beings who may die from their carelessness, will be upon the beads of these men. It is horrible to think that one human life has already been lost by such criminal neglect. 100 great care cannot be exercised by officers iu this respect, by owners In muzzling their dogs, and by all In dealing with them. SxuoetßD Goons.—The Custom House officials onlneedsy made another capture of goods, al i«s»d to have been smuggled over from Canada at some pui»t near Detroit. The goods constated of eleven cases of nutmegs, weighing 1,150 pounds, end were consigned to tfcQlashen 4 Co., of this city. They were seized at the office of the Mer chants'Union Express, at Taylor 4 Wrieht’B, on Elver street, and a el trie case at the Buffalo Cof fee and Spice Mills. The smuggler has boon ar rested at Detroit, and is there held in custody. The parties who innocently purchased the nut megs will be losers to some extent. IBS SIEVABI TABLE TALK. Report of the Committee oflnqnlry. The congregation of Unity Church, met in adjourned meeting on Wednesday evening to hear the report of Wirt Dexter, Ell Bites, and 6. 8. Greeley, Esqra., (he committee appointed on Sunday last to inquire Into ihe truth ol the wan*. Son assertion recently made respecting Hr. collyer. The chair was occupied by James P. Fogg, Esq. Hr. Dexter, on behalf of tbe com mittee, presented the following report which was unanimously accepted, after which the meeting adjourned: hxpout. Tbe committee appointed to investigate the charge against Mr. Collyer, contained in the fol lowing alleged communication from Stewart to Mrs. McMasters, published In the Timet ol Sun day last: “ Stewart told stories of being ata place called ‘Harry IlJll’e Free and Easy,’ In New York city, where ne caught Mr.Collycr, of Chicago,” re port that after ' giving the whole affair the closest scrutiny, they find not a particle of evi dence to snstam the charge. Mr. Stewart explicitly denies ever meeting any Mr. Collyer as above alleged. Amt your committee have called upon all the persons whose names are in any manner con nected with tbe charge, and they all equally with Mr. Stewart, dlaclalmany knowledge on the sub- committee must regard the charge as one of those idle, utterly without foundation ru mors wulcb abound in the progress of a ease like the Stewart Divorce Case, but which entirely dis appear tbe moment yon demand their origin, and Inspect the proof upon .which the? arc supposed to Your committee are of Ihe opinion that there la not and never was anything in the charge itself or in the source through which it reached the pub lic to make it worthy of the notice that has al ready been taken of it, or indeed, of any notice whatever. AMUSEMENTS. Opera. House.—Lotta Is drawing good bouses every evening. Last night “ Tho Female Detec tive” was produced, followed by tho musical bur letta of “Jenny Lind.” To-night, “Ireland as it is.” „ . MoVicheh’s Theathe.— 11 Sham us O’Brien” is repealed this evening. Museum.— 1 14 The Bidden Hand” and “ Tbe Two Polls.” Skating. —A grand Carnival will be given this evening at the Wabash Eink. Tbe ice Is in first rate condition. ' ~ Yankee Rouerboh’s Coliseum.—Mr. James Robinson, the wonderful rider, will take a benefit this evening, previous to his departure for Europe. Qo'Wlll appear In his two most cele brated acts, the hurdle leapland the performance with the infant prodigy, Clarence. Mr. Robin son, as tbe pnnee of equestrians, deserves a bumper benefit. Photebtant Dothan Asylum. —The lady Man agers of Uils asylum held a meeting on Tuesday afternoon—Mrs. TntliUl King In the chair. The Matron's report for February showed that eleven children had been received during the month, seven had left, and fifty-five were now In mates of the institution. The Treasurer, Sol. A. Smith, Esq., reported the following donations for the month of Febru ary: Messrs. Osborn & Adams, 925; smith & Dwyer, 135; Culbertson, Blair & Co., SSO; J. McCord, $25; “Drummer Boy of the Rappahan nock, M sls; net proceeds of the Fair conducted by the Misses Wadsworth and other young ladies, SU.4Q; donations received by tho Matron of the Asylum, tSIA'C. The Treasurer also gave the followingatatemcnt of tho financial condition of the Asylum for the lael month: Received from donations $ 210.26 Received from C. Follansbco, late Treas urer 700.00 8. A. Smith 100.00 Six months interest on United States bonds.... * 25 OO Rent 125-00 Total receipts for February $1,110.81 Balance on baud last report .. 6bU.53 Total $2,(«G.81 Disbursements for February. Balance In traesnry. * Rum Otzb dt a Can.—A shocking accident occurred yesterday forenoon, about eleven o’clock, whereby a ypnng girl was dreadfully In jured and maimed fop life. Nellie Cnriln, a child of nine years of age, was going to school along North Clark street, near Ohio, and was on the point of crossing the street, when she saw a street car coming up. She endeavored to get oat of the way, bnt was struck down by otic of the horses, ana the front wheel of the car passed over her left limb above the knee, nearly severing It in two. The girl was dragged for a distance of several yards before the car coold be stopped. She was carried to the house of her father, Pa'rick Curtin, at the corner of Illinois and Dearborn streets, and Dr. Winer was called to attend to her injuries. It is (cared that amputation will he necessary. The driver of the car was arrested, but was sub seqnenlly released on bis representation ihattherc was no brake on tbe car, anntb&tbewas therefore unable to stop the borscs in time. The company are mneb (o blame in neglecting to have tho car repaired. Signs or Navigation.—Yesterday, for thcfirsU time this year, the river bridges were opened to allow the passage of a few vessels which changed their moorings in order lo load In readiness for an ontward voyage. Tho white salts of a venture some craft were seen far out on the lake, giving token that the bands of winter are removed from the path of these messengers of commerce. Tho sight ol an unlettered expanse of water, covered with these harrying wings, will be indeed cheer ing. Retubn or Dn. Patton.—Rev. W. W. Patton, D. D., pastor of the First Congregational Church, returned last evening from an absence of nearly a year In Europe and Palestine. His mnnyfriends will give him a welcoming reception in the church patlors, corner of West Washington and Green streets, at half past seven this evening. Alt ore invited lo be present. A. Suggestion, To tbe Editor of the Chicago Tnbone: In a few weeks we are to have a new Board of Public Works, and if it be not 100 early to make a suggestion to the Commissioners, 1 respectfully advise that they change tbe present hours of busi ness in tbe public office. Tbe Board of Pnblic Worts has charge of a very extensive ranee of business, requiring hundreds of persons daily to visit (be office. The office hours now are from 6 to 12, and from 2to 5 o’clock. Tbe office is Alosed for business during the two boors, at which it would be most convenient for a majority of persons to at tend lo bnriccss there. Banks and stores do not clorc at noon; nor ought public offices. Bank clerks taku tneir dinner after office hoars, and wo do not Know why clerks in the public offices could rot do tho same. That office, and thc.olber pnblic offices <f the city, and especially the Tax Oollec tc re office osgbl to be open from eight o’clock In the morning nntil eight at night. The public offices are intended lor public business, and should be conducted for the convenience of the public, and not of the clerks. 1 dr- not make this suggestion for tbe benefit of the present Board of Public Works; but hope that the candidates lor appointment to the now Board will cut this out and paste It to their hats; those of them who may be appointed can give it the attention it deserves. Tike. Widening tbc Avenue*. To the Editors of tbc Chicago Tribune: Wo wish you to draw attention, through your columns, to the necessity of widening Wabash and Michigan avenues from Twenty-second struct south, before many substantial dwellings are put on those streets. The ettv Is raj Idly extending southward, and tbc longer (his Is left nndono the more iiwillcofit to do it. Wcbavo confidence In your ability to bring this before the public and Common Council, and hope you will do It at your earliest convenience. Many Subscribers. LOCAL MATTEE3, Belief and Health to Yonr Children. —Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup, for Children, relieves the child from pain, invigorates thestom acb and bowels, corrects acidity and wind colic. Perfectly safe in all cases, as millions of mothers can testily. Tbiriy-flvc cents a bottle. Offices, 46 Dey street. New York, and 203 High Holboru. London, England. Throat Affections.—A Physician wri ting from Ncwfane, New York, speaking of the beneficial cflccts resol'lng from the use of “Brown’sßronchial troche?,’’says: “For a'lo vlallng that horrid liTiUtion only ten by those who have boltercd from Bronchial Affection, anl for Hoarseness and Sore Throat too, 1 am tree to confess (though laman M. 1) ) they answer all you claim for them.’’ To avoid disappointment, be sore to obtain the genuine •* Brown's Bronchial Trochee.” Corns Extracted Without Pain.—Corns, Bunions, Enlarged Joints,or Ingrowing Nalls. Qo to Dr. Kenihon, office 11!) Clark street. Dr. K. baa operated on the feel more tban sixteen years in Boston and Chicago. Rooms for ladles. Swayne’s Olmmcnt. Sw&yoc’s Oint ment. bwaync’s Ointment. Swayne’e Ointment Cures tbc Itch. Coies the Itch. Cures the Itch. Cures the Itch. »* Formodcnta” TootU fasto preserve* the teeth, preventing decay, man log (hem white and beautiful. It Is free from alt injurious sub stances. It is used and recommended by the best dentists. Manufactured solely by Cah well, Macs & Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. Tbo Renowned dnlrvoyam Sisters’ National Cancer Institute and Magnetic luflmary, 3*5 (Vabash avenue. Instantaneous cures of many diseases, by tbe heating poser. Patients cared of cancer, consumption, asthma, rheuma tism and other diseases, can be seen daily. The Franklin Brick iTOacbmo, Justly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great strength, ana immense compressing power, is guaranteed, with eight men and two horse?, to self-temper tbe clay, and make 3,000 to 3,100 elegant bricks per hour. J. H. Rekick, proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York. Room 28. A Terrific Boiler Explosion* [From (he Sc. Louis Republican, March 5.j Yesterday morning about a quarter to four o’clock, the people living in the vicinity of Twelfth elreet and Case avenue were startled from their slumbers by the sound of a terrific explosion coming from the buildings known as the Union Rolling Mills, situated on the corner of the streets above-mentioned. A number of persons hunied to the spot, when it was found that one of the hollers bad ex - ploded, shattering to pieces the southwest corner of the building. Owing to the early hour at which the explosion occur red, but few of the employes were in the building. The engineer arrived a short time before, and had just finished sup plying the fires, and was sitting in front of the fire doors, when, without any warning, the right hand boiler suddenly exploded with terrific violence, and a report which was heard many squares distant. The boil ers were built round with brick, but the solid masonry was rent to pieces and up turned fromthc foundation, the bricks being scattered for and near. The roof and frame walls of the buildings in the vicinity of the hollers were torn into splinters, and formed a mass of mingled debris. hollers which are about twenty-six feetlnlcngth, together with the drum, was npheaved by the force of the explosion and thrown from their posi tion about ten yards ont on the lot be hind the mill. Some of the posts of the fence were found standing, which shows that the Immense mass of iron must have been literally blown several feet into the air and passed over the fence. The explosion occurred in the right hand boiler, the upper sheets of the forward part were blown off and rolled up, but were not thrown any dis tance, being found near the spot where the hollers originally stood. The flues of the boiler were not collapsed, and suffered uo apparent Injury. The iron of part of the sheets blown oif had a burnt appearance as If subjected to great beat. It is fortunate there were only a few men In the building at the time or the accident would probably have been accompanied with scrions loss of life, os bricks and iron frag ments were thrown, in all directions. The engineer, however, was the only man in jured. He was sitting in front of the fire doors when the explosion occurred, and was thrown hack upon a pile of coal and covered with timbers and other debris, but, singular to say, although severely scalded In the face and breast* and considerably cat and braised, wasjnot ft tally Injnred. An Insane Hermit. Portland, Ky., March 6.—An unknown, well dressed man, probably insane, occupied an uninhabited house here without fire or foot for two days. The citizens were alarmed,: and it required the policemen to eject him. He assailed tbo policemen with brickbats, whereupon they shot him. He is not ex* pcctcd to recover. MARKETS BT TELEfIRAPH. New York Financial Newn. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New TOXZ, March 6. The stock market opened weak tbli moraine, aad with no deposition to sell. New York Central was •tcady atWy.Erlo (common) S 3. Michigan Southern 70#, Bock Island 99y. On the call the market was steadier and better, continuing so daring the morning, and at the 1 o’clock Beard was Sc better on New York Central aadßocklilaad, with a strong desire to boy. Afterward New York Central sold at tttt,Erte(common) atUaodßock Island at!M, and the market continued strong until the 3 o'clock call, when the “oear*” com menced hammering, and a close money market broke It, as the banks were calling In their loans, probable bank Investigations on the part of bank directors and examiner*, and partly cn account of the sndden close ness of the money market. At the &30 call the market became heavy, and the ••bolls" of the morning were selling at a general de cline. The "bears" predominate, with an uneasiness on account of the houses that help them. Gold op ned at 136# and fell to 135# on the report that the Booth bad accepted the Becoostroctlon Bill. Bat on the re pt rt that General Boiler bad been appointed Gnalr man of the Impeachment Committee, It rallied to 135#, with bids at this figure on the street. Money market Is more active, and the banks are more desirous of selling commercial paper than stocks. Governments are lower on account of the decline la gold. The Government is selling us receipts from customs. At the C o'clock e&ll the market was steady, with no disposition to "bull" or “bear." [Associated Freis Beport ] New Yoke. March 6. MOKET. Moncy.mnrkctlalrly active at 6®7 V ccncforcalla. FOBEIOH EXmLViQK. Sterling dull at 1030108# to gold for first-class bills. GOLD. Gold lower, opening at isey. declining to 135#, ad vancing to 136, and closing at 135#. OOTEEXHKXTB. Government stocks without decided change. LATEB. New Tobk, March 6. SCOHET. There Is rather more activity In money, the heavy business In stocks causing a large number of loans to bo shifted. The market, however, is not materially changed. The gold market Is heavy and decidedly lower. The Dill in exchange and the prospect of a larger cotton crop than was first anUupated tend to produce this decline, but tbe Immediate cause Is the prospect of au early adjournment of Congress. Government Is sell ing its receipts. It not more; atilt cash gold ig scarcer, and has been loaned iron fiat to # per cent pro mi tun. _ RAILWAYS. The rail way market opened heavily in the lone room ataa early hour, and a further <Uolne took place. Erie fell to S2>f, How York Central 99 Jf, (southern «OV, Northwestern common 33. end preferred 53«. At the open Board there was a steadier feeling, fol lowed by a general recovery and Increased activity at the first session of the Stock Exchange. After the Regular Board tbo wholo market was firmer. Erie rose to 53K®53J< and Central 101 if. At the Second Board the market was steady and hlcher. At the last open Board there was a general decline In prices equal to a halt per cent from the quotations corient at the Second Board. STRMISHIT SHARKS, decidedly firmer this afternoon. Pacific Mall ad vanced to 120 and receded to 118jtf. Atlantic Mall rose pom 79 to SSW, and closed strong, William llcnth A Co. report the market steady at the close at the followlngratea: TIM CCS AT SIX r. St. Americsntiold....l33X Mich. Son 70V® 70V Ohio Certs d?3VriS 111. Cen HiKailß W. U.Tcl 4lSa 41V Pittsburgh 79 ® 79V H.Y. Central..lolV®lolK Toledo It6wail6w Eric M « S3V Rock Island.... 93 a 93V Etlepfd 73 a 74 Northwestern.. S)V(% 31V Dodson lUver..l3B a 129 N.W.nfd S9VM 59V Reading 100V«10l Fort Wayne.... ftJVftl 93 M.C.... IOC «106 V GOTRHJfHKJTfS. Gold securities In better demand this P. M. with a general advance on the gold bonds from the lowest pylntof the A. U.: Reg’d, ’£l ItHVfcl® Vls-M coups ’65, Jan’y Conpons, ’81.... 109VW1WVI and July 106VdI06v 3-20 reg'u,’62...107 QIO7VI August7-305....105V«1M 5-20 coops. 'C4..107V(41(nv I done 7-306 lUVSHBV 5-soconps ’6s..io7k®ios JJaiy los*®iostf 10 40 coups 97 V® 97V I kISCCLLAXCOUS. Border State bouuS ulgbsr on Missouri, but were otherwise doll and lower. Tennessee Fs, C3,V®6I; Virginia. 53®37; Hortb Carolina. 44®tS; MiS33ur), 9fctd2; Hannibal A St. Joseph bonds, 78h«S0. Pacific bends, 90Q96. Coal shares are heavy and lower, sierra a stocks. There was an increased activity la the'mlnlng shares’ market, with some important finctnations, Gregory chief point of interest and registered sales of 9,500 shares. Stock opened at 1250, declined to 1173. when It rallied to 1210, and atterwards receded to 11 to, closing at IK’S. More doing In Qnartz Hill, at 3a, closing at 400; Gold lUU active, at 423; Dca Uolncs declined to 1900*125; Alamanda Is attracting considerable atten tloi, and sold trom 570 np to 603. Ho export ol specie by the Java or Tarlfa today. ZXFBC&> STOCKS. 665.63 .$1,570.52 Solct t>day at M®ss for Adams and United Slates, N (or Merchant's Union. Mr. W. H. Appleton, publisher, says the Commercial Adcrrtiier, nas re signed bis uoslUon as director In the Merchant's Union, the Company having, at his demand, given him a bond of indemnity against personal liability. The Froducc Markets. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee. March 6. Flour—Very dnll. Ho sales. City iprlng XX held atflKOC: choice country do. (10.50; extras entirely comical. Wheal—Declined 6®7c per cental. Morning Board- Sale? 19,500 centals. Noon Board—Sales 6,600 centals at 93.13(33.11 lor No. 2 la store; (3.4333.45, seller’s op tion, next week; 13.07 for No. 3 In store, and #3.10© aai fresh In ock. Oats—Firmer. Salcs’4oo centals at (1.43 for No. 3 In store. Corn—Steady. Bales 500 centals old No. 1 at (1.13. Barley—Unchanged, bales 300 centals, by sample, delivered, at (1.90®2.30. Provisions—Firm. Mess pork, (30.00; Cumberland middles, 9>;c. Dressed Hogi—Steady, at(B-23; live do, (6.50. Receipt*—Looo brls flour, 3,0(0 centals wheat, 159 do oats, eco Uo com. soo do barley. Shipment*—MOO brls flour, I.CCO centals wheat NEW YORK. . . „ , „ New Year, March 6. Aeha-6nlesat2sc. Cotton-Heavy onn lower. Sales ot bales at SOV formlddllnc uplands. Hour—Receipts 5.153 brls. Market a shale firmer for medium grades, bates of 7,930 brls at (9.5039.73 for superfine Stats; (3.5UA9.60 lor superfine Western; 19.80(310.80 lor extra Western; tor choice 00 ; (10.C0A11.50 for shipping brands extn ronon hoop Ohio; and (11.55At2.5d for trade brands—market closing steady. CaliOrnla flour in lair request. Sates ot 1.40 C bags and brls at (n. 75315.09. Wblekcy—Quiet and stoady. Wiicat—Receipts 1.100 bn. Market qnlet, without decldco change. Sales of 400 bn white Michigan at £3.2d; 8,000 bu white Calirornla at ; and 7,230 bn No. 3 Milwaukee on private terms. Bye—Gnict. Sabs S.CCO bn at (1.17®1.1S for Western, and (1.29 fur Canada (Tee. Barley—Without decided change. Bales 9.100 bn Canada West, In bond, at 91:, and 2,400 bu State at (1.03. Barley Malt—Dull. torn—Receipts I.tOObu. Market opened steady and clotud lieary and rather easier. Sale) 69,00 Dual fI.CO&UO for mixed Western lnstore,and *1.11®1.12 alloat. Oats—Receipts 9CO bn. Market opened steady, but closed heavy. Halos 33,000 bu at 59®63c for Western, and COA7Oc lor State. lUco— Quiet. Codec—Quiet and Arm. Sugar—Firm. bales of 300 bhds Porto Rico at liva HKc. MoiaEics-QnlcL Sales SOO brl* New Orleans at 663 SSL?, and S 3 brig Dcmara ats7K(ss*c. Petroletm-Duil at l7\olßc for crude, »and a'kaSOc lor rehned in bond. ' llops—Quiet. Bales at S7sToc for new. leather—Hcmlocß,sales viry quiet and unchanged. Wool—Very Arm and advancing. bateOlC.ou) Us at for domestic fleece*: tS&tSCc for pulled; (330 c lor Texas.andSOc lor California, cost—Domestic dull; lurelgn t-earce and arm. J’otk—Optnea firmer, but closed decidedly lower. Sales S,sCourls at |?1.57(522J7 fo-jnew muss, closing at 921.90 lor regular.tfcC’.TV.t.’l.B (br old do; 917.(0317.23 for prime, and 119A0a2000 for prime mc?s; alto. IJliO brls new mess at and April. Beef—Steady, with sales of 590 brls at previous prices. Tierce beef—Steady, with sales of 550 tes at $30,000 32.73 for prime mea*. and y33J56.35.73 for India mess. Beef bams—Firmer. Sales of 281 brls at 931.00$ S 3 AO. Bacon—Quiet. Sales 0f520 boxes at 10@llc Or Cum berland, and 11 Kc for short ribbed. Cut meats—Firm. Sales of 300 pkgs at 9sllc (br ehonlcerS' and li;»Qls*c far hams. Dressed boss— unchanged, sales at|9Y@9X. for Western, and lor city. Larc—Heavy. Sales of 730 brls at 12®13*,for old, and for rev. Buucr- Heavy and dull. Sales at 12320 c tor Ohio. Cheese—exchanged. Snlea at 15319 c. LATXbT—S P. M. I. A X U X r. 39 . Flour—Closed fairly active and steady lor medium graoca, and dull tor common grades. Wheat—Quiet and steady. Bye—firm, at 91.15ai.15. Corn—Dull and heavy, la sympathy with the decline In gold. Shipping Western mixed, 91.09 la store, and 51.11 afloat. Cats—Dull and heavy, at &3363 C lor Western. Pork—Finn. Sales: 5,000 tins new mess, at 921.12 W— eluting with buyers at 922.12;,', and sellers at 9’2A20. Beef—Quiet and steady. Cirt Meats—Quirt and unchanged, ftliacon— Da L at 10c for Cumberland middles. Lard—Heavy, at 12*@13*c lor good to prime. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, March 6. Flour— Unchanged and dull; trad* brands 911.50$ 13.50 and fancy 91t.00aiG.00 Nothin; done in super. Wheat—Umbangcs. and holders arc firm at lull prices: No. 1 spring 92.15a2.50. Corn—ln large suppiy and market dull at 62c In ele vators and 76c in bags. Oats—Duli.atSjc tor No. lln elevators. Receipts large. 8ye—91.24(51.25. Barley—Duil. at |1 .5031.55 for prime tall. Cotton—Dull and prices nominal. Middling can he bought at 27c. \v Ltfekcy—Steady at 7Gcln bend. Mes* Pork—Opened firm and no sellers of Inside brands below 931.C0. but too leehng is It-ta firm at the close, and 1.200 brls sold at 920.02020.75. Btiik Meats—Are In good demand, at tor shoulders and sides, but holders ask kc higher gener ally.which restricted biulccss. TQo sat>w reached Ml.UtO fiS at the quotations. Bacon—ln fair demand at 9K. IQJf and ISKctor shoulders, sides and clear sides, with sales of id, hbds. Imtd—Dull, but prices nominally unchanged. Butt«jr—Dull, ut 2rs2sc for light roll aad33®33c for choice yellow. Ch'.-eße—lG^<2l7c, and firm. Clover Seed—Firmer and prices tending upward. Holders at the close asked 99.9C@9.0C,bat there was no sales at over 98.75. Timothy Seed— Unchanged and steady at $3,33® 3.10. Flax Heed—Unchanged. Sucar—Firm, bat pticcn unchanged. Coffee—Firmer owing to the advance In New York, and mast be quoted at 27&29c for good to choice Bio. iiolasicf—Hrm. Sorghum—ln active demand at 25315 c, according to and sold at ltf){®l37. Exchange—Fat buying and 1-10 premium selling. BUFFALO. BUFFALO, March C. Fleur—Dull and unchanged. "Wheat—Active. Sales 6JW) centals Milwaukee Club at 13.50; 9 cars white Canada at $4.37® 440: 4 cars am ber Canada at * L 3034.50, and 1 car Canada spring at IS.Vs—all ptr sample. Corn—Now Toledo active and scarce and s®7c hotter. Bales 26 cars—part to arrive—new Toledo at I142&1.51 on track. Oats—Dull and nominal. Bye—Nominal at S2XS for Western. Pork—New mess held at $21.50. Lard—Dull ntl2*-®l3c. illßhWinoa— Unchanged. PHILADELPHIA. Fuiladelpbia, March 6. Flour—Superfine quiet at $8.75; State (13.00. Wheat—Heavy, sales 1,100 bn Pennsylvania red at (3XO; CalllornJa( . _ ... Com—Good demand. Baless,ooobu yellow at 93c; white 97c. Bvo-Onlet. Oats—Firm at 60c.

Provisions—Unchanged. Contraband Whlfikej —BO&S3C. BALTIMORE. Baltimore, March 6. Coffee-Firm and quiet. Rio I}»3®l4J(C In gold tor prime and choice. . .. Flour—Dull. City mills superfine *10.00; North- winter KL2S®S.S3; fair do *3.13. Corn—Supply light. Mixed white 9So; good ana prime do *I.VO®I.IX2; yellow *I.OO. Oats—6Bc. , . Sugar—Steady at 10*®10 Vc for refined brands. Provisions—Chicago mesa pork, (32.00; bulk shoul der;, 9®9Xc; nb sides, lOjfc ; lard, 13X012*0, Whiskey—Nominal. LOUISVILLE. Louisville. March 6. Tobacco—Sales of 130 hhda at *2.M>®25.25 from Ugh: lues to wrapper leaf. _ Flour—Superfine $9.75. Wheat—Nominal. Corn—shelled, per bn, CBc. Oats—Cc. Mess Pork—s2o.oo. Shoulders—9NC. Clear Sides—l2KC, packed. Lard—ln tierces, l7j(c *. In kc«. 13Nc. Whiskey—Raw, tree, Ssc; In bond, sac. Colton— Middling. 28c. Sugar—Prime New Orleans, lltfc. 6T. LOUIS. Tobacco— Unchanged. cotton—Unchanged. . .. . „ ~ Flour-Low grades drooping; doable and treble ex uss about 25c higher. Quotations range at $9.00* 10.00forf&ll snper;;prlne do. spring ex tra, (9.75®10.2>; tad do. $10X5@11.00; spring doable extra. (luJOsilao ; fall do, SUJS®U.SO; treble do, * at S3XI6 for choice spring, and $4.83 9 tor mixed, |MTOH.<9 tor yellow, and *143(311.60 for white. J OatS^-Firmer; *2XW2J37. Firm, with some speculatlre fteUns. Port advanced; WOjean.OO tor mejs. clear. Pnllc meats held higher; “fur Eftcfbrribndes.and 10ctor naam. BaconOrfaalJijo for shoulders, and i6Kc Ibr clearsWea. Lard firmer • Iltfol3o for choice kctUo la tres, aad l3j<4l3Xc in *^cchUkev—Firmer. bat nothing transpired. Cotton—Dnil and nomind at 27023 c. Corn—tl-0231.03. Hay-f2SJC«» 00. Floor—Bnpcrflto t 9.0003.50. Fork-fTI. Canvassed Hams—l3@l9c. Ijud-U s @lle. Clear Bides—l3ol4c. Shoulders—llol3c. No charge In other markets New York Live Stock Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toes. March 6. BeefCattrs-Eecelpts to-day, 2AW- Market dull, and prices half a cent lower. Good to prime Western steers, 14#0i5#c; common to extra, 13016#c. Sheep-Steady at 7#®9#6- Bogt—Receipt*. 3,800. Market lower, at <#oSe. New York Grocery Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] N bw Tome, March 6. Coffee—Currency pricesunsettled. 81032#037c,and quiet. sugar— KClower. Fair to prime grocery grades lOXOUHc. New York Provision Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New York, March 0. Pork—Recovered, and closed at $73.13#. Cumberland Bacon-Sold largely at 10#c, part for future dcllveiy. Lard—#c lower. New York Breadstuff)* Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] New Yoke, March 6. Dreadstuflb—Good spring grades of flour are very firm and wanted. Wheat—Dull, and coarse grains heavy. Cora—Closedat|U9 instore. New York Dry Good* Market. New Yosk, March 6. Trade in cottons la rather bettor but not lively. Prices are without change. All staple and standard styles hold their own. standard 4-4 sheetings of best maxes command 2!c; Inferior, 3 yard do i9#o2Oe; bcstprlols2oc,andlnferioMlc. The demand for domestic or imported woollens la sunlight. The practical working of tbo new tariff is not yet tally developed. Goods are held with more firmness, however. Pittsburgh petroleum Market. Pirrsnußaa, March 6. Market more active. Sales of M 0 brls bulkftt6#c, immediate delivery: 300 brls Franklin at 7c 1100 brls at 13c. packages Included. Becelnts ol crude per Al legheny Hirer were 6,100 brls. Refined In bond rcmalna quiet. Sales of 1,000 brls standard white, all the year, buyers' option, delivered la Folladelphla. at33c ; 500 brls samo brand. July delivery, at 30c. Free oil un changed, with sales at-I0&I1C per gallon. No Inquiry for Naphtha or Residuum. Minlnc Stocks In Boston. Tbe following are the prices ol mining stocks bid In Boston to-day: New Yoke. March 6. Copper Falls ...23 [lsloßoyal 10 Franklin 28 1 Minnesota .10 Hancock 8 IQalncy W Huron TO I JUA B BIED. In this city, March sth. at the residence of pr. Ken dall. by Rev. E.J. Goodsnccd. EDWARD Si, CAMP BELL and Miss HELEN D. KENDALL, all of this city. In this city, at 339 Forquar-at_ Match Mb, by the Rev. E. A. Vansant, Mr. JOfINQ. ADAMS and Miss BETTIE M. WHEELER The lanital of the late Captain E. LYLE WADS WORTH will he attended from the residence of his father, £.B. Wadsworth, Esq- this afternoon at two o’clock. Friends ol the family are Invited to attend. amusement. /"HARD. Yankee Robinson's Circus. MR. JAMBS ROBINSON, Champion Rider of tlieWorlti Will take bis Farewell Benefit in America; As above, this (THURSDAY) evening, March 7th, when he will appear in two of his Greatest Acts, with his iniant 100, MASTER CLAUhNCE, supported by the entire troupe ol the Establishment. ty Box Sheet alter 9a.m. QUOSBY’S OPERA HOUSE, McWADD A ntPDELL Lessees and Managers WM. S. WARREN Treasurer Fourth Night ol the brilliantly successful engage ment of OUR LOTTA! Thursday Evening, March 7th, 1567. win be presented the exciting and patriotic drama entitled IRELAND AS IT 18. Jody OTrot, with Irish songs and dances Lotta. McWadeas Ragged Pat. To cjncludo with John Brougham’s Operatic Ex travaganza ot __ PO—CA—HON—TA3. To-morrow—Benefit 0! Lotta. Lotta Matluie Saturday Afternoon* LITTLE NULL (from Dickens’ “Old CdriOJUy Shop”) on Monday. •\,f cYICKER’S THEATRI. MCVICKER A MYEK3.7.'.T7. MANAGERS. LAST WEEK OF MR. DAN DISTANT AND LIT- TLE MAC. Thursday, the great drama of SHAMUS O'BRIEN, theßoolditoy 01 Glcngnll. bhamus CDncn (with song, “The Green Above tbs Bid.") Mr. Dan Bryant. Kit Burns (with RurttoD Jlc) Little Mac. To conclude with the IRISH BARON. Battcy O’Toole (with Irish Jig) Mr. Don Bryant. Little Mac as the Monkey. Mday— Farewexl Benefit of Dan Bryant. b'ataroay—Dan Bryant Matinee. . ‘Y'AKIETY THEATRE. Tbli and every evening nntu firther notice, will bo presented the great One Thousand Dollar Prize Drama in three act?, entitled Tetari the Adventurer ; or. The Steed of Modena, Received every where In the Eastern cities with ad miration oed eclat. Miss n.ORI3NCE TEMPI/T3 Will introduce ber trained steed FIREFLY, in new trick Icsts and startling Mutations. Look oat for HELL UPON EARTH. nOL. WO OP'S MUSEUM. cbL. J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements... F. E. AIKEN Stage Manager TUOS. BARRY Laitsleht of the new crest ftccsaUonal drama, re ceived »lth dhtlnculaticd approbation. La;t night of the newfarcc,TnE TWO PULPS. THU (Tbunday) evening. March 7. at a U before 8, the great sensational drama, for the last time, entitled tbo HUGUENOT CAPTAIN, produced with splendid scenery, costumes, i avcl machinery' decorations, and a erratcast. To conclude with, also for the last time, the roaring larce ofUieTWO POLTS. Friday, BcnentorMr.riioe.B*rry. - MAN AND WIFE Is In preparation, with a greatcoat. FROZEN DEEP and DANUEKODS UAME,SQOU. WONDER OF WONDERS, and Na ture unveiled, at the Branch ot the New York Aluacam of Anatomy* Important Lectures dally. Tbose ncable to attend may receive them by enclosing 10 cents and addressing Secretary of Moacum, Ul> Raadolpb-tt. Mall tree. TUbT ADDED. The Celebrated Little Gertu, At the Branch ol the NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY n r etropolitan gymnastic Ad adjourned meeting of the above Club will be held at tnelr rooms In Rlnxle Hall on Thursday even ing. March 7th, at half past 7 o’clock. An attendance ot a I the members Is desired, ns there Is business of importance to transact. auction Sales. JUKE I PIKE! FIRE! Id consequence ol flre at No. 79 Lake-st., Josm BEBTHAtTU&CO. WID sell st Public Auction, Frldarrnortlng and afternoon, at their salesrooms and manufactory. No. 711 Latest., the largest ass >rtraent of Sllvci-platcd Ware West, consisting of Tea beta, Cake Baskets, Orns, Casterf. Cup Goblets. Table Cnl- Itry, Ac- Each anti every article will bo wairantcd to the norchatcrs. Please call and eximlno goods previ ous to theeale. J. M. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer. AUCTION SALE-Tlhs day, March 7, at 10 a, m.. an ats TtTnetil ot New and Second hand Furniture, Carpets, Beds, Bedding, Parlor and Chamber teltr, acd a large assortment of Oil Polished Minors, Crockery. Glass ant Plated Ware. Ac. -1. HEANEY A CD., 75. 77 and 79 Wells-st. A. BUTTERS & CO, Auctionsors & Commission Merchants 41 A- HI lIA NIXI I,l‘H-HT.. Between State-st. and Wabash-sv., Hold regular sales, at their salesrooms, ol BItT GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, AC.. Ewry WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. EUKSTTUKit, CARPETS. AC- every SATURDAY suott & co« ACCTIONEEUS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Kid I-nkt-sl., cor. LaSalle, Chicago, C»h advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Out-door sales promptly attended to. JiL REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • 127 DEARBORN-ST. fells, at 1132 Indiani av n ON THURSDAY, MARCH 7. AT 10 O'CLOCK, Hortfbcld Furniture. Brussels amlotbcr Carpets Mar bletop Table* Chairs. TboJm. Bureaus. Crockery, and a gsntral assortment ol first-class Furniture. GILBERT * aAMPSON, General Auctioneers. >l7 and 4!) Dearoom-st. New and second-hand Fnniitnrc, Piano, Cabinet Organ, Etc., AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY. March 3, at lO o’clock, at our salesrooms, 47 and 4!) Dcarborn-st., consisting of a general as* eortment ol Bonierold Furniture, Piano and Cabinet Oreaa. Aifo. a very superior assortment ot Chamber i.nd p&rlor ictu, locladinc a large assortment ol Far* lor, Dlntogrcom and Betlroora Furniture. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auctioneers. aILBERT & SAMPfcON, Library of about 300 vols. miscellaneous boohs; also. 5 com watches, at auction, on TOESDAa. March 6lb, at 10 o’clock, at our Salesrooms, 47 aid 4U Dtatborn-eL GILBERT & SAMPSON. AnctlocMra. jptocfeliolfrcrs’ faceting. GLASS COM- At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the North western Glass Company, held cn the 12th day of Feb ruary, l£C7, it was ordered, that a meeting of the stock holders of said Company be held at the office ol the company. No. 248 Broth Waler-at,, Chicago, (In (Saturday, March 9th, 1867* At2o’clcckp.m.,atwhlcb dire and place a proposi tion will be submitted to said meeting, that the capital stock ol saltLCompaay be diminished to Two Hundred Thousand Dollars. N. LUDINGTON, J. FARR. Jm. J. ÜBDILL. A. P. KELLEY, W. H. KBETSINQBR, P. B. SHUMWAY. M. TALCOTT, Directors. Sato fHills, asngmeg, See. rpHE LANE & EODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, FOETABLE STEAK ENGIHES, Shingle Machines, Com Mins and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. LANE Ac DUDLEY, Comer o! John and Water*«ts., Cincinnati. Applicants lor descriptive circulars will specify 1 the machinery they need. ttsateHoxxo pl{. ANTONIO’S Female Periodical Pills St. Louis, March 6. ARE PERFECTLY Safe and Reliable in aU Cases of Irrcg- Wholesale Agaffi^ BNHAUS & VAJJ BcaAACPi 10 LakwL, CTUCsgo. TO RENT—The two-story and base ment marb'frtront Boose, No. 3M W«*t Lake sc. fronting oo Union- park. Possession Immediately. Ca<l at 386 fnium-sc. lor paitlealars. MEMPHIS. O RENT—A tarnished house, with modern Improvements and In alee repair. In e at the Coor, 922 Michlgan-ar., Dial In the row sooth ot Twenty-fllUnt, Memphis, March 8. RENT—Cottage house No. 355 West Monroe-st. Bent gs pe month. 1300 worth ol nltnre for tale. TO RENT—Furnished house. Apply at 346 Chicago*'*'., between 10 and 13 a. m. Possession Riven immediately. TO BENT—Furniture for Bale—A Dew house at Evanston, 7 room*, convenient to depot, can be had low. Addrets "X" Tribune office. rpO RENT—A Dew Cottage, with ten I rooms and au modern improvements, at 114 North panllost. qro ttENT—Cottage with 6 rooms and tX closets, 481 North State-s- rpo RENT—A boarding house on the X Sooth Bide, In * eood locality. Furniture for sale, cheap. E. A. BICE, 133 South Clark-st, Boom 14. TO BENT— Two-Glory dwelling on Ren* Bide; also, suite of f.'ur pleasant rooms oo Etate-st. Inquire of WM. WALLEB, 101 Waahlngton-at., Boom 7- TO RENT—Two-story and basement boose, with all modem Improvements, 10 rooms exclusive of closets and bath room, good location on the North Side. No on* need spsly unless wishing to purchase about S7CO worth ot furniture, inqulte at HELPING BROS. & CO.'S, 54 Late-sc, op statu TO RENT—By Wm. D. Kerfoot, 89 Washlngton-it,.fine bouse on the comer of Hast legs and Loomlt-ata, with lot 60 feet front. Kent mod ctate. rpo RENT—A fiist-clasa new house, No. 1 7A Warren-* now vacant, to a fint-cass ten ant. £. H. CUMMINGS, Boom 19 Mo. 138 South Clark-st. TO BENT—A furnished room, suitable lor two gentlemen or gentleman and wlft, at 178 Cllnton-tt.. be tween Adams and Jackson-ets.. cheap. TO RENT—A tumished front room, closet and store, suitable lor one or two gentle men ; also, one single room, famished, without board. Terms very reasonable. Reference required. Apply at 77 Jacison-et. TO RENT—One or two rooms, furnish ed, three minutes'walk from Post Office, with gas. Apply at 89 Adatns-st. rpO KENT—A room on first floor, snit -1 able lor gentleman and wile or two gentlemen. Will be vacated lost of present week, at l£o6 West Randolph, comer Sangamon. Good references re quired. TO RENT—Three pleasant rooms on the West Side, lor housekeeping, to two persons only, of tidy habits. Apply at 209 rulton-st. TO RENT—A newly famished iront room. Apply at 130# Ohio ana Wells. rpo KENT—-Pleasant famished rooms 8 suitable for gentlemen, convenient to btulncu, a: ‘igGjj titato-et. rpo KENT—Jb'urmshed lodgings, with- J out board, to sentlemea only. Pleasant rooms, with closets and gas. kept I a order to rent on reason able terms. Apply at Mlchtgaa-av. rpo RENT—Elegantly furnished room. I bavins all at Ho. 34 Fonrih-av. DIED. TO RENT—Furnished room. Call at Bocm 66 Reynolds* Block. TO RENT Rooms—Furniture and lease for sale. Best location in the city lor a doc tor. dcotUt or dressmaker. Inquire of the JANITOR, at Morrison's new block. go Etent-jptceeg, T) RENT—For a term ol five years, a well-furnished hotel, with large yard and barn, sufficient lor SO horses, sheds, Ac., situated cm Etato-st b» tween Twentieth and Twenty-Brststs- known as the Washington Hotel, to a good tenant, who Is willing to ——ha*° the rtitujt b and furniture. Ho others need apply. tnqnlreailMM» odol P lMt ißooni3‘ I*EOH STRAUS A CO. TO RENT—A basement room, suitable ibr a banking office or Insurance basinets, 13 br SO feet, located at 126 Washlngton-st., opposite Court House, with large vault, water, gas, etc. Apply to JOHN SCANLAN. op the premlaesT TORENT— -Store No. 144 Madison-st Possession given at onco. n. O. STONE, 107 Stato-st. XO RENT—Prom May Ist, the three story and basement brick bnlldlng No. 107 e-st., referring one room. H. U. STONE, 107 Btate-et- • T) RENT—To Bakers—A store 55 Bine Island-av- eoltable for a bakerv, with house oven bake-shop, barn, Ac. Apply to 33 Bine lalantl-av. TO RENT—A ‘fine suite Ot offices, run ning through from front to rear ol building, at 108 Randolph st. Apply to GEORGS M. HIGH, 164 Randolph sL, Boom V 2. fT'O RENT—The second and third sto- X rlcs cl 103 Lake>it. The location and rooms arc very desirable for retail business. Hone but responsi ble parties need apply. For particular?, inquire on premises. TO RENT—A splendid wide basement, with office room In store above, In one of the bes* locations on LaVo-at. A fine chance for display of goods. Address " BUSINESS.*’ Tribune office. T) RENT—Dock property, on the Sontb Branch, on long lease and liberal terms, suitable foe coal, lumber and wood yards, or for manu facturing. GEO. V. BYRD, No. 100 Eaadolph-SL. Room 8. TO RENT —Second and third floors at gQLake-Bt. Apply to PHELPS. DODGE A CO. TO RENT—Eor a term of years, a lot 50 by 125 feet, on Grcen-st, between Monroe and Adams, by ALONZO BENNETT, Real Estate Agent, Room 1 Yates’ Bonding, corner of Randolph and Ca nal-sta. rpo RENT—A nice large office at 07 X Sooth Clark-su, In Lannon Block, suitable for a lawyer or physician. Inquired THOMPSON A LACK NEB. 51 booth Clark-st. TXT’ANTRD— I To Rent—By a prompt- VV paying tenant, a small cottage, or six or seven rooms, on the South Side ana convenient to the Tribune office. Either famished or tmlamlahcd. Address “L E C.” Tribune office. WANTED —To Rent A furnished room In some public building, with an entrance from the street. Address J. H. WILLIAMS, Drawer 6349. TXTANTED—To Rent—A small house V* or rooms suitable for housekeeping for a small family. Matt be within ten minutes' walk from the Central Depot* and moderate rent. Address “BF H,” Tribune office. '\\f ANTED—To Rent—A Store near VV the corner ol Clark and South Water, or Dear born and South Watcr-su. 11 necessary, possession need not be given nnri May Ist. Aditess ‘•CUE," West Side F. 0., stating term?, location, etc. TXTANTED—To Rent lmmediately, V V by a prompt paying tenant, a cottoce of 4or 9 rooms. Address, slating terms and location, “J O K," Tribune office. WANTED— To Rent—A small store in central location, or one-half ol store, be tween now and ut of May. Address *T AS," P.u Bex 1389. City. . TXT ANTED—To Rent—Furnished Cot- W tage or small bouss. any time before May Ist, by a gentleman and wife, without children. Mast be neatly and completely luroUhed, and Ortas most be low. Address, stating terns, **J L B." Tribune office. TXTANTED—To Rent—By a single gen- Y y demon, a furnished room, without board. In a private family cn the North Side, as near the Bevere House, as possible. Best of references given. Address Bex 1344. _ WANTED— To Bent A famished single room, South Side preferred. References given. Addiess •♦it,** Box 6430, for two days. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A small CoU Y V tage. or 3or 4 rooms suitable (br housekeeping. Address, stating location and terms, “J M DICE. 333 Lake-st. TXTANTED —To Kent—On Wabash or VV Mlchican-sv., or one of the cross streets be tween them, a Bn t-ciass bouse, from Ist of May. Kent 91(0 to sllO per mouth. Address, lor one week, P.O. Box 770, Chicago. TXT ANTED —To Rent—For a young V V lady attending school, a pleasant room aha boaid, with a private family- Address "ACL" Tri bune office. TXT ANTED—To Bent—A Barn laige V V enough to accommodate three horses and two carriage*. Must be on South Side, and north ol Adams- St. Apply to G. D. BEEBE. 66 Clark-sL 1708 SALE—At Kankakee, 111., on the r Illinois Central Railroad, a stock of hardware and tinners’ materials. The owner wishes to retire from business, on account of 111 health, and will lease the store lor a term of yean. There are six rooms above the store, end a good basement with three rooms. Locatcdmtheccnuepartof Iheclty. A rare chance fora party with some means. For further particulars address “P G D.” F. O. Box 111, Kankakee, Hi. BJlrtileai. alarllies. lieiiti=2>ouocs. iUnt-iacoma. agaatugß-gro tfox Sale. FOB SALE—At the Lake Tunnel—One SS horse power engine and upright tubular boiler, one 20 horse power engmeaad upright tubular boiler. Gaels hoi sc power engine; and npnent tubular boiler. These cnxln&e and boUers are new, have been In use but a very short time. 21.125 met T rail, weighing 23 ns. to the yard -1 large tan for ventilation, M. M. Alden’a patent, built cxprewly for this work. 3 flic, well-broken joung mules. _ 3 pumps and 2 sets improved hoisting apparatus ana gearing. 25 cars, capacity 1 cubic yard. A large lot of tools. A lot of Umber and lumber. Also, (he buildings, sheds- outhouses, Ac* connected with the Lake Tunnel. A lot of cast and wrought scrap Iron. DULL * GOWAN. Contractors, Office, fehore Shaft Lake TunneL P)K SALE —The tow-boat “Frauds Fisher," of about 300 tons; 26-lnch cylinder, 6 feet stroke. ABo. two locomotive engines, ot 20 and 21 tons; 4 lectßJ< inch gauge. C. T. FRANCIS, Bop’t, No. 1 City umldlne, SL Louis, Mo, P)B SALE—At one-lliird original cost, three C rat-class oamtlnes—Virgin Mary. Joseph and Hod. and South View of Rome, executed hr toe best artUts In Rome. Must bo sold, the owner being compelled to part with them under pecuniary dlOcul tics. Apply S. 8., Tribune Office. I7OB9ALE—Or Rent—Houses and lots I* in all parts of too city. Cali at our office If you want tohuy, rent or sell. 130 South Clark-sL, room T?OR SALE—At the Chicago Driving jP Park, stcond-hand lumber, consisting of boards. Joists, tcnntilng, etc.. all thoroughly seasoned. Also the nnildingn known as “Floral Hall” and “South Aropltbcatrc." Inquire ol C. A- FORsTTUE, on the grounds. PDK SALE—A newly patented mg and propeller wheel, having very superior advantages. A sure torture to the rlent man. Last year’s sales be fore patent issued, very satisfactory. Cali tor particu lars onS. W. SEA. Fancy Goods Bazaar. KMCtaik-st. F>K SALE—CcuD**ers, show case, shelv ing, cigar stand fixture*. &c„ &c. of No. 14 South Clark-at. Apply to THOMAS LONEBGAN.NO. 10 South Clark-at. F)B SALE—SOO tons No. 1 steam coal, In lots to smt purchasers. Inquire at Sugar Re* finery. North Wster-at.. near the pier. _ _ ISoatir ®2aant«». BOARD —By a small family for the summer, commencing about Ist cf April, at some point cn the Chicago * Milwaukee Railroad, not below Wankegar.or on the Galena Rood at Elgin or this side. Would take a tarnished bouse. Satisfactory reference given. Address Chicago P. O. Dot 6433. BOARD —And neatly furnished room, by a single gentleman. Must be between Feck court and Twelfth s:-, and east ol state. for three days. BMIIH, Box 6006. “DOARD—By a young man, in a private n family, on or near wsbaan-av. Address “GEO. CT 1 * Tribune office. Host an# jFtmn#. LO&T —Prom 289 Dlmois-st,, on Tues day afternoon, a Black and Tan Terrier Pup, about 8 months old. Had on, when last seen, a Ger man sliver collar, with two nret holes, but no padlock attached; onrwera to the name ol ••Qvp.’’ Has no hair on under side ol neck. A liberal reward will bo paid on his return to the above number, or to 03 Waablngton-st. LOST— About a week, a black NewFonndland Dog, white spot on breast, a small white spot on l«ft hind foot. A liberal reward will be paid for his return to No. 8 State-st. LOST— On Friday last, from 310 West Adatns-sL. a light brown St. Bernard Dog. about one year old. answers to the name of“Mlneo.” Who ever will return him, or give Information leading to bis recovery, will receive a liberal reward. L. DK GRAFF. pianos. TO RENT—Pianos, Organs and Melo deons; also,newand second-hand Pianos for aa]e on ame payments, received tn lastallmcats, W, W. KIMBALL, 98 WaahtogtCtt-et, *Ual jSatafe-gtitg. lAPBOTIP* SALE—In J. H. Keeler's Beal Es ne« shore, on South CljrlC SW twees Harrison and Polk-sts-, wlt& lease of lot- omy % two-story frame booses, of ten rooms wltli trick basements and loti, on Foltoo-SL, sear al*y**t ‘‘■fSU.ybc™ of ten rooms and good reg'table cxUar, barn and lot 3tttLs-on Warren-st, near union £nPciais two-itnry and basement bride booses on Adame Jeffmon Parc. . _ .. fA ,. CotuaeanQ Poitou st. SiCtW. Tw o-story brick boose of nine rooms and 101SSxlQO on Fourth-are. _ _ Cottage and lease ol lot on PeorU-Jt-, near Vanßuren **2otu«aßd lot on Pearson-ss, North side: cheap. 82.600. Also, a large n timber of cottages and Urge houses and lots In Tartcns parts ot the city. FOB SALE—By A. C. Sledman & Co., Eoomd,Cobb's Bolldlneiaß Dearborn-*!. HOUSES &SO LOTS. On Michlsas-aT, near Adams-st, fctona front, $35,000. On Wabash-ar. sear Slxteenth-tt. east Iront, one third down, balance on tune, at 8 per cent. Price, *Cin Pfalrie-ar, between Twfntj-firth and Twenty, sixth-sta, new, at a oargaln, t&SOO. Cottage and lot on ASjlom-place and Orcnard-ct. 1900. HOUSES ON LEASED LAND. On State, near Monroe-st, f9OO. NO. 333 WeatLake-iU, el*ht jean’ lease, *5,000. _ _ _ _ _ LOTS*.. ... On Pralrlc-av, near Twenty-nlnlh-at, On Thlitletc-st. between Michigan and In-llana-ar. OnTblrty-flrsLst. between Michigan and lodlaaaav. Aleo.Doaaa and lota in all porta of the city. TTOR BALE— r residences. two two-story and basement bridle and frame houses on Mlctlgan-ar.. near Twentr-Smh-st.; s7.o»each. Anew and handsomely furnished thrsc-*tory dwel ling on cearJSlxteenth bl, harms a fine view of the lake; $17,000. _ Brick boose on Calomet-ave- with lot 400 feet deep. One ot the finest residences In Chics go. Two-stoty and basement brick boose, No. 120 WH lord-place. This house has Just been thoroughly paint ed and is In excellent repair. _ Frame house sad lot, No. 8-11 West Lak6-«t- Easy terms. Frame hocse and lot on Fnlton-et, sear Reoben-st.; (3, too. Three frame dwellings with good lots on Indian*-*t., between State and Rushs to. cheap. G. 8. HUBBARD, jr n 53 Dearbom-st. F)U BALE—By Snider &Lee,Real Es tste Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new ITame houses, ol eight rooms each, water and gas, marble mantels, analots No. W 3 and 6W West Wash* tngton-SL, near Lincoln. TPOH SALG—Bv Snyder* Lee, Real I* Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two nearly new two-story and basement brick booses, of nine rooms, hot and cold water, water closets, bath, marble mantels, ettn, and lota on Aaamt-it_ between Throon and Loomis, treating Jencraoa Park. Price 46,500. Terms of payment mode easy. F)R SALE—A desirable bnck bouse, with modern Improvements. marMe mmteia. good cellar, barn, Ac. bos 11 rcoms. no basement. Inquire on the premises. 178 Tbltd-av. F)R BALE—To lawyers, doctors, cler gymen, bookkeeper* and professional men—Three very genteel hemer, with gas and water and all mod ern improvements, Nos. 1238, 1240 and 1242 Pralrie-av. The lets are 28x380 to a lfi-P)-»t a'ley, with good barns. Also, Erst class house, 1330 Pr*lri«-iv-, with let 50x380, and all modem improvements. Alio, new two-story bouse on Wabaob-av.. near Twenty dghth-st. The above will all be sold cheap and on gcod time. ELLIOTT ANTHONY, 77 Dearb im-at. T?OR SALE—House and lot 53 South r Green-st, between Washington and Madlfoa-ata. Housccontalns id rooms, besides bath room, closets, marble mantle, gas. sever, etc. Possession given Mar Ut or immediately, by taking part of fnmiture, which will be offered at reasonable prices. Apply at 163 West LakMt. FOR SALE—'Twohousesand low, $1,350 each, large and desirable. In Kenosha, WU. Ap ply to b. Y. BRANPE. Kenosha. WU. T?OR bAl®—By Snyder & Lee, Real J? Estate A rafts, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new neat framehouse of eight tooms,.water and gas, bath, Ac.. at No. 35 Ada-aL, bet keen Late and Fulton. F)R SALE—By Snyder &Lee, Real Es tate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two-eterr and basement brick boose, ot eleven rooms, modem Improvements, and lot with bars, on W*b(Wh av., tear Twentleth-st, FOR SALE—A cottage and barn on leased lon close to street cars, cheap. Apply on me premises. -i 3 Plerce-st. TTOK SALE—The elegant residence cor ■ ■ ner Peck-coart. No. 441 Wa bash-av. The home Is first-class. with all the modem improvements. The lot la <D feet front onWabaSS-ar. by 167 feet deep to aSO /bet alley. Palf or more cf the purchase money on time, U desired. C. B. BOSMEB, 116 Bandolph-st. T? OR SALE—A splendid two-story and I' basement brick house, with French rood on West Monroe-sU 211< feet front, with fnrnace, belts, speak ing-tubes, bath room. Ac. H.C. MOREY A CO., Beal Estate Brokers, 8 Metropalltsn Block. FOR SALE—Or Kent—A first class threo-story and basement brick boose, with all modern (improvement!, and brick barn attached, about three blocks from State-el. bridge, on the North bide. Apply at REES A ASTERS, No. 10 Crosby Opera Home, or 249 linnois-st. IT OK SALE—Honse and lot, No. 75 JVIa- P pie-sfi, east ot North Dearborn-at. Souse fin isbed tost October. Inquire at 430 North Clark-st. F)R SALE—Store and lot, No. 161 South Clark-st.. between Madison and Monroe, iMjf feet front. Inquire of JOHN FORSYTHE, 133 Randolph st. P)R SALE—At a great bargain, small bouse and lot. on Asrlcm-place, comer of Or chard-st. Must be sold. Inquire on premises. F}R SALE—A large two-story house on Indlaca-av., near Twcnty-OUh-st. THOMAS FREEMAN, 124 Bandolpb-sL. Boom 6. F)R SALE—For S6OO cash, balance in monthly payments, new dwelling bouses, on Mad lion. Warren and at city limits, Wil. HANSBBODGH. 90 Wssblngtohst. FOR SALE—Honse and lot on South Jeflcraop-sC, No. 183, 10t23x130 feet, water, gas. sewer, Ac n Ac. Honse In cood order. There is a barn on the lot. WARREN A GOODRICH. FOR SALE—Or Kent—Houses and lots in all parts of the city, and farms in all parts of the country. Coll at nur office, if you want to bay, rent or self. A. J. MILLS A CO., 130 South Clark-su, Room 7. • FDR SALE—By Wm, D. Kerfoot, 8D Waibington-st., fine bouse. No. 207 North Dear born-au cootalnlnc ll rooms, gas water, with ? rlce {f; 500 - Al<o.neatcottagr,No.2o})onsame FOR SALE—House and lot, No. 133 Scntb Qalotcd-st. Price »G.noO; improvements cost S',DCC, ctnrly reW. £. H. CUMMINGS. Boom 19 No. 132 South et. FOR SALE—F.y G. 8. Hubbard, Jr., 53 Dearbiru-st-. ttoom 3. BUSINESS PROPERTY. Three eto.y and basement brick bouse and lot. 35ux Ol'fect. front on Dearborn Park, on Wasulagtua-st, la p* rfect order and repair. 40f?et»a sute-ah torth of Vanßnrcn. 35 feet on Clsrk-st. north ofiforroe. lUO feet cn Clark at, north of Van Buren. 98 fee ton Mo~roe-n. near Post Office. €Df<ctcnttadlßon-et,ncar Wells, with brick building and 3 frame houses. Brick store on Dearborn-fit. 6u feet on Washington-*:, ea»t of Franklin. JT'OU &ALJS—Bj G. o. Hubbard, Jr., 53 3* Dearborn-st., 100x160 feet on Calnraet-av- near Twenty-second-st. 100x160 feet cn lllchlgan-aV— near Sixteen tb-*t. 66x160 feet on Pralric*av- near Elcbtccath-et. 100x190 ft et on Mlchigau-ar- corner Twenty-fifth-st. 100x180 feet on Wahash-ar., corner Twenty-fifUMt. - Lotafroutingon Union ard Jefferson Parks, Keaben, West Adsma.'Wcxt Madison, Fulton, and Carrolb-H --comprising some ol the most eligible bonding eltea la the West Division. F)K SALE—A fine property in the Ath’and Second Addition East of Kobcr-st., at prices below the current rates. 0.8. QU3DAKD, jr„ 33 Deaiboro-st. FDR SALE —Thirteen acres on West Lake-fit* one-half mile beyond the limits, and a number of blocks snllaole lor subdivision in tac West DIvUJoc. Also a large list of outside propettv, at very IcW prices. Q. 6. QUBBABD, Jr* 33 Dear born-st. . FOR SALE—LoIa on Wabash and Mich igan-avs. near and on comer Thirtieth-fit- 81,000 cacti. Two years hence they will bring doable the money. GEORUE ft WILLIAMS. 7 South Clark-st. F)tt SALE—A lot 04x150 feet to an alley, on Twenty-first-st- near Archer-road—half cub, balance In ore n,d two years at 8 per cent—by JAS. T. ALLEN. 107 Twrnty-seccnd st. Also, seve ral houses and lots on Michigan and Indlana-ara- at a bargain. F)K BALE—Two very desirable build ing lots, 31x120 feet to an alley, on CarroH-st near noyce. Price 1525 each, part on time. E.B. FOX, lio3 Lakc-gt. T?OK SALE—IO 1-4 acres on Sixteenth r* st-lJf miles west of the city limits, al onIyB3.DOC. if taken at once—H cash, balance In one, two and tores years at 8 percent; or will sell thesame lor 84,000. cash —a heavy sacrifice, belrg less than half what adUcmt properly Is held at. Title beyond question. War- REN ft GOODRICH. 125 Dearborn-st- Boom a. 3£eal SstatE-Ctomurg. FDR SALE—Farm—One ot the best farms, of 120 acres, la Cook Coanty, situate In the Town ot Lyons, 16 miles from the Coart Hoasfi la Chi csgo. and 3K miles from Hinsdale, on the Chicago, Burlirgton ft Quincy Railroad; 3U acres of fine grove: 400 choice bearing apple trees, cherries and other Imlt, Ac.; school and churches convenient. Any one wish* log to norchsse a farm will do well to examine this, as it will bear inspection, and will be sold at a bar gala. Apply to A. DURATIii’. 33 Dearbora-st- Boom B. T 7 OR SALE—A fine grain and stock r farm of about 300 acres, in tske County, SO miles from Chicago. Plenty of wood and wster. Apply to O. A. SPBINGER. No. 9 Metropolitan Block. T?OR SALE—Twenty-five well un 1* proved stock and grain farms, within forty miles of Chicago. Also, a I lowa lands: will trade for city property. JONES. BUNDY ft TATLOB, Boom IS Methodist Chnrch Block. FDR SALE—Four eighty acre tracts of choice famine land inEahkakee Co.; hicb rolling prairie, soil excellent. Situated la a well settled neighborhood, and within seven miles ct Gardner Sta tion on St. Lonls Railroad: one-lonrh mile from Post Office; Wiu sell together cr otherwise. Can be bad cheap and on liberal terms. 8. H. KRKFCOT ft CO- No. 71 Dearbora-st. F)K SALE—Farm on Galena R. R., one mile from Btdott Station, four miles west ot Peca tonica. SlSaacf, two house*. a fine barn, timber. Ur ine water, and is one of the best stickCartna lollllcoU. 'Will be sold at (SO per acre, and 1* a bargain. I). E. PEARSONS, ltß Bandolph-iU Chicago. T?OK SALE—I6O acres good fanninn X land. In Delaware Coonty, lowa. It is la a good settlement, 7 miles from railroad and count? scat. Price firOO. Addreis IOWA, Trt*»nne office. FOB bALE—Cheap home. Farm in Sebastopol, Door County* W|».;80 acres, good log borne, stable, large ont-door cellar, ts acres Improved and fenced, 5 acres ot meadow, large maple sugar or chard In running order. Good place fbr getting ont com wcoa. Price _|SCO. Inquire at GEOBGE B. FOSS’S, 669 Sooth Halsted-st. EOR SALE — Or to Lease—A well im proved farm of 330 acre>, 20 miles from city. «m tab* part pavla city property. G. 8. HUBBARD, Jr., g a Dtarbom-tt. P)R SALE—I2O acres ot as good trmt land as there is m the State, io Union Connty. north of Jonesboro, three mi es from station. B. B. CHAMBERS. 17 Reynolds* Block. T?OR SALE—A beantilul residence near X 1 E?aaston. consisting of 10 acres of groasd la a high state of cnlttvatKn, fruit and shade trees, shrub* beir, weil-finlshed house ol lu rooms, cellar and cellar fcltchtn, ten minutes* walk Dom depot of MU* wankee Railroad. Fine view of Chicago from the cu pola of the house. Will sell on easy terms, cr ex* chance tor city property. Apply to ALONZO BEN NETT, Beal £»tateAg*nt. Boom 1 Tales* Building, comer of Randolph and, caual-ata. ffißaanteb==?sleal JSstate. Y\7 AH TED—To bny Chicago pxoperty, VV (business cr residence). Most be at low Ag ates. parties willing to sell cheap may send descrip tion* of property, with cash prints, to p. O. Box WT ANTED—50.G10 acres of land m YY Northern lowa, at low price for caih> Apply to T. S. DAKEB. 124 Randolptut. Partners aggawtea. "DARTNER—Wanted—A man acquaint- X edwith thelnmher bnilnay. with from«s,lOOto tIQ.OCO. Address t. O- Do< 2036. TJAUTNEti— Wanted—Competent to J take charge of and ran a carriage manufacturing business in a tori ring etty on the Mississippi River. To a man who can put in a few thousand tWMar* an coDoitanlty Is offered to sfp Into a well-cslahlUhod hojlnesß. running 30 hands. An energetic, reliable middle-aged man more of an object than the ame nut ol rapltal. Best of references given and required. Address •• CARRIAGE MANUFACTURER,’* Tribune office. FARTHER— Wanted—With from SBOO tolLOCOtoeogaeeln a Commission buslneasln provision and produce. A rare chance. No risk to TJARTNER —Wanted About SI,BUO X will purchase one-half interest in a first-class Hoct and Sbce bastnosa in good location on the bonth Bide, one partner wishing to sell to go away. Addiei P.0.80x 2307. TJARTNER—Wanted—In a good, ealab- JT fished buslreas. Only t7to capital required. Ap pfy to BDNDT A lAYLOtf, Kp. 1% uistChoich Block. jfcrtp. BOOKCBBPKBS, SAUNHSN *«. TXT ANTED—An energetic man with W ticototSM.toracageloamenemaiao<bQSt« nea*- will bear strict Inresu Apply at 194 Sooth Clark-st., Boom 3. from 9 a. m. to S p. m. VXTANTED—To lightning rod dealers. f T Experienced agents ta sell the most perfect rod In use. None except those haring ezperletce In this ora similar busloeas need apply. Address “Copper Scroll MRbtnlng Bod Co.“ Freepart. lIL TXT ANTED—a good salesman to sell as V» .agcnllnthacltT. poorii by sample, on commis sion. Inquire at 803 South Watar»«ti. TRACKS. WANTED— a coppersmiths and a brass Cnltbers, at FULLager & SiIEUTU’S Brass foundry, ctrner Baodolo and Dospialm-ats. TXT ANTED —By the subscriber, an ex- VV porlraced Tailor and Cotter to c»»ryootbe merchant t»norfpp bnilneas in the city of Bipua. WU. Emnlonr cnt at a moderate salary will be clvrn to a suitable person. JAME 4 G. SSBBIXOS, Sljun, Wla \XT ANTED—A Miller to mi feed VV mill—one nn wltb stone. Apply ttwiay at 4Sg Caaal-sC, earner Bonkg^^ _ ggaanteß-female WANTED— A firsl-class Milliner—one who Ii thoroughly competsnt to takeaatlro cnargooftbebusinessinevery capacity, Acw»tee* ommendatton win be requited. Apply it 3-10 North Deatbom-et. HOUSE SBBTANTS. WANTED —A good, reliable girl, who understands general housework, for a small xamny on Wabash-av. Irish not w anted. References required. Apply at 49 LaSalle-st„np stairs. \i/ANTED —A young or middle-aged VV lady to do sewing and assist In taktogcare of a child two yean old. Apply Immediately at No. 343 North Clafk-st. WANTED —A good girl to do general housework, at 333 Statist. Apply Immedi ately, WANTED— A good cook, washer and Ironer to go twenty miles Into the country, to speed the summer. No Irish need apply. Norwegian or Welsh preferred. Call at 340 West Monroe-st. TXTASTKD—A good German Girl for VV general housewoMC. Apply at brick house, 373 West Monroe-et. \\i ANTED—A competent Woman, to VV be exclusively employed at washing and iron ing. Must be a good shirt hand. Apply at No. 23 Micblgmn-av. jSmplofflwewt agents. TJfTASTKD—Yonng mtn in the conn- V V try withies to obtain situations, saeh as book keepers, clerks, collectors. saltsmen, conductors, ex- Ptesrmeu, Ac„ Ac, to apply at Boom 13 FaU-*rtjn BwV, Dwhora-iL or address J. u. UOOKK* C'Oh Box 1707. enclosing 10 cent* lor fall psrtlculsit. TAT ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 2 VV salesmen, I conductor. 3 oraktmen.l fireman. I porter, 2 drivers, 2 expressmen. Apply at Boom 13. Fullerton Block. 92 Dearborn-st. Applicants oy mail address J. M. MOORE A CO, BOX 1707. ec Closing 10 cent* for reply. TTTANTED —This day, 20 men to work VV on railroad. Free transportation. Apply at R-om 4. 300 Madison-?*. gjMasteS—jPPUettUaiwmft. WASTED —It sold low, a News and Madoncrr Depot, In a good location, or wa* re the custom la remmeratire *rd and capa ble cf extenilon. Address 133 North Clark-et TXTANTED —A good second-hand ten- VV passenger omnibus. Narrow track prelcrr*!. Address P. 0. Box 315. Oahkisn. WH. TXT Ain TED—To lease lor a term ot ten VV years, a building 50x100; one anitablsfur nfiictnrlng purposes. Address “.J J} C," 110x1737, P.O. TXTANTED—Even one to call and ex- TV amine WICKHAM'S BUPQLAB ALARM. State, county and city rtshta for sale. Terms to salt all. Also, single alarms lor isle. Can be seen in op eration at oar office, 133 CwoorMU, Boom 11, op tajra, Chicago, XU/ TXT ANTED Every body waiitS U j VV Gives pencct sails taction, or motey retained. Free trom humhog. Sample sent lor 4cc. Addrcst A. B. JAMES A CO„ care Box 31 8. Fort Wayne, lad. TXTANTED -To invest, by a sober and V T steady man. H.COO in some good paying bmi ners. In or out ot Chicago; or wonld loan that sum where hi* services would be available. Would not object to keep nooks a part of the time, but active woik is the object. No patent rights agency need ap ply. Satisfactory references given. Plea*e slate kind of has In eg». and address g. DUNBAR. Chicago P. O. TXTANTED—A man with two to four V V thousand dolors to Invest lo a cood manufac turing business. Call at 26 North Jefferson-sc. sec oad floor, between 8 and VJ a. m. and from 2 to 1 p. m. TXTANTED—To bay a two-stoiy frame VV House, storefront preferred, to be moved (on the North Sice). Apply ot3l6Elozle-9t. WANTED— Illinois and lowa lands.— We wish to purchase a few thousand acres of unimproved land at a low figure for cash or Its equiva lent. No swamp land wanted. DICKENSON A WEB STER. 98 Waaolngtoa-Ht. WANTED— By a Notary Public and experienced Conveyancer, desk room, or a clerkship In a weUe*tabllsbed real estate office. Speaks German. AddressNOlAßY. Tribune office. TTTANTED—A cood sized Iron Safe VV and Office Desk. Also, sett of Fairbanks* Scales, 2AOO to 3,000 pounds. Appiy to J. ULLUANN, 199 Late-sL. np stairs. TXTANTED—Every one to know that VV we bare an article that tells everywhere. Something new. Quick sales and large profits. and tee It at 130 South Clark-st-, room 7. "\4/'ANTED —Lessons in French. Ad- VV dress stating terms, etc., JEANNCE ANGE LON, West Branch F. O. TXTANTED—Some kind persons to VV adopt two twin hoys two weeks old. the mother having filed cne wees alter tbetr birth. Would like to have them go together, or near each other. The best ot references given. Apply to E. X. JENNINGS, Evanston, Hi. TXT AN TED—The celebrated Gypsy wo- VV man. If you wish to know a-'I the secrets of yout past and future life, (he knowledge of which miy save yon rears ot sorrow ar e care, don't f*:i to '<w suit lS4au**, «• SIAM >2-.ntA Clii>r<t. Fe». , One Dollar. \XT ANTED—The public to know that VV A. A. Constantine A Co.’s nneaualled Persian Heallrg TAR SOAP 1» sold at 176 Soa'h C!a?s-at. A grits wanted. C. HODGES, General Agent tor the Noi tbwest. TX/"ANTED —Employment, by an expe- VV rlenccd, erergetic man. as eaesman, book keeper. crlOfftnin. Umlmtand- bottlingbeer*and the wine and spirit trade thoroughly. Address XEBES. Tnonau office. TTrAKTED—Employment, as salesman V . or bookkeeper, by a young man Know* thi lea end coffee trade and wholesale chemical Dullness. Addrcßß “GBD.’”lrlb , >n«»offlcc. Business ffihauEEg FOR SALE—Yaiuable mill Property’— Ore among the beet steam flonrlnv mil’s m Soa’h era lowa, containing three run of lonr*le«t burrs, en gine aco bol!»r la good order, merchant and custom bolts cf the best—no better in u*e. The mill la nil In good rcoiir, and to a r-oa location. Water and tn*l ic nbnrdaoce. F„r farther particulars, addtoss WM. SDABP ft SON. Fairfield, lowa. I7OR SALE—Meant flour and crist mill, A? cp eaav terms, cow doing a rood custom nod local trade, rltualed at a railroad creasing in Indians. For particulars call upon or address HANCHinT ft PEi- RONNET, No. S. or AT. NOTE. No. 28 Manet-as_ Chicago. PDR SALE—Hotel, desirably located, having from 30 to 60 boarder* and trom £0 to ZOO transient guests. Bullrings. taraltnre, lot*, yards and stalnes for JIAOCO. Address JOHN W. MEBBITT, WUtLicgtCD, Di. ITOR SAI-E—A grocery store on the I 1 West Side. tSACO. Icclndlng horse and wagon. Addrss* “ T W,” Tnbnne office. F)R sate—The stock, fixtures and good will of a first-class book, stationery and news store at Soath Bend, Ind. This Is a rare chance. In a lire maeafsetnrlng to*n of 8.000, aboat 109 miles from Cblcar.o* Apply to J. It. WALBK,coraer Madi son and Dearborn-fils- or address T. M. BHEBEIFF, Mies, Mich. 2 FDR SALE—Stock goods and fixtures, BAOO9 to 89X00. or exchange for real estate In or near city. s. w. SEA, Fancy Goods Bazaar, comer Clark and Washington. P)R SALE— $5,(K3C —Five thousand dol lars Win hay the stock, fixtures and good will of a very desirable grocery business, excellent location. In best business portion of the aty, cash trade, retail and jobbing. Am going Into wnoiesale exclusively. addrcfflP.O. Drawer 3872, giving real name sad where Itiervlew can be bod. FOR SALE—The popular billiard hall of Lafajette.lcd-sltna’edlnilienew Opera and Post Office building, containing tear new second-size billiard tables, tosetberwlth a splendid bar and fix tores, and a five years’ lease. Doing a business ol 810 to |SO daily. Reason far selling.sictnM* of proorletor. For further particular*, address OPERA BILLIARD HALL. Bor 343. Lalayette. Ind. FDR SALE—One of the best located saloons In the city, 36 bv 95, for one-half price, as the owner ha* other bnstnass to attend to. Inquire Of GILBERT ft BENEDICT. 13’A Clark-Bt, Boom 7. FOR SALE—The stock and lease of a corner grocery. A good chance for a man with a mall caultal. Inquire at the store, corner Maxwell and Waller-sts. FDR SALE—Parties desiring to pur chase an Interest in a good paying mnsie hon«e in Chicago will please addtess-MOaiC, w Tnbanß office. PDR SALE—Hotel—A new brick four story hotel. Lease and furniture for sale. All new, abont seventy rooms. In one of the best business cities on the Mlfsisslppt Blver, Wisconsin aide. For further particulars call on A. C.BTEDMAN. Room 4, Cobb’s Bolldlng. 120 Dearborn-fi- Chicago. DU FDR SALE—Drug store, situated in At chlton, Kansas, doing a fklr refill trade, stock new *>nd will invoice about 82.900. Fixtures new and of the latest style. Fcr further particulars, address *■ W,” 80x282. AteMsoß. Kansas. F)R SALE—The principal fhrniture store and stock In tbs largest Interior town In Mlnneeota. The business has bten e»tabll*hed tea rears, and an investment of |B,OCO to fIO,(XO will real ize a profit of ifO per mt In one year. Address, far panlcttiais, **T Z c, n Box 5861. Chicago, UL F)R SALE—A warehouse, with ele vator, 85 miles west frem Chicago. A first-rale cnance for anv one wanting such property. A. C. BROWN A CO„ 128 UVe-fIU F)R SALE—The stock and fixtures ot the store 102 Lake-st. must be closed ont in ten days, as the store wl I be remodelled for other bust* ness. The steck Is new &rd desirable, and embraces everything in the line ofiancy goods, notions, perfume ries, Ac. Will be sold at a sacrifice, orwoold exchange jer real ermte In city cr country. For particulars, ap ply on premises. T?OR SALE—One of the most public r and beet located saloons In the city, for one half price, as the owner has other business to attend to. Inquire at No. 87 South Clark-sL. In basement. F)K BALE—*IOO to S3OO will scenic a cash barlows. Also, a partner wanted, with fi.OOOcash. Call on oraddres* TBUESDELL * CO. Boom 1 ft Lombard Block, two doors west of Post Office purses, (Carriages, Set, FOR SALE—A span cf bay mares in Wit, close matched, 6 and 8 years old. sound every way. weighs to-day over 3.000 pounds. Apply to oroodrrssJ.M. WATTS, 173#South Water-st, Chi cago. 111. TTOR SALE—A top Buggy,nearly new. X Can be seen at 379 Wabash-av., in bant. Price tsoa. PDR SALE—One pair Morgan mares, six years old, weighs MOO pound* each, and aa nm» drivers and as good steeds In harness aa an? In this country, at 164 WestLaxe-st. ■|7oß SALE—A good draught horse, f r weighs L3OO pounds, o years old. Inquire at 26 FOB SALE—Four horses, joat arrived from Indiana, aultab)& for tracks, drays or ex press wasons; also, some splendid buggy and family bones sod mares. Can boseen at WREN’S Sal« Sta ble. 434 state-st. FOR SALE—Cheap—A nice pony* good in harness or saddle; also, buggy and harness, to getaer or leparate. Can be seen at gysFuKoa-st. TATAK TED—To bny a cood, lomd, VV well broke horse, together with honjesa and a pmswagon. Parties havlngsach lor Mle at a very lawreorejnayadsiTTO^Hj^Do^aHoSj^Uj^^^ Pergonal. T>ERSO2?AL —Wanted, to correspond 1 wlih a widow lady not I»«s than SS years ofavv Ath?TlwwmaWmony. Woug prefer one of moderate means. Address UKB* QUA NT." Chicago F. O. PEESONAL— A lady tboronghly expe rtcared in travelling, would I'te to taae charge , icvalld. a Canlly ot chlieren. or aa intact, to Cai tiarsla or to Europe, at a means ot drfrayln* her own thnhtr. Address “ASM,” Box<K4,Chi cago, Sinuutoas HiLBI SITUATION—'Wanted, as bookkeeper, O br *» experienced accountant, who was lately dl*- engaged in that capacity. Undoubted city naraoeos glren. Address “J K," pox 1394, Chicago. CITUATJON—Wan ted, by ayounff mar -13 rled man. in a Publishing boose or Insurance of fice, or as clerk. Copt Ist. or accountant. Address M. LVwALTON, care Busbsell ± Annin, 193 Statist. OITUATION—Wanted, in a private O lsmUy.*jyaGmninSyearsofage.'wboaasbecm In this country and city 19 o> Is able to work. He understands t ardenog Ttrj well, can take cats of horses, and la willing to make himself generally nss tul; 1s ofteOned manzers, possrssea an excellent eda aalioru U able to teach tie German. Greek and Lana, languages; but above an,desires to obtain an oppor tunity to gain a Urellhocd. No objertton to go Into the country. Best relereueea can be famished. Ad dresa OAtLXBSLENBBQ3..Dox 1407, Chicago. SITUATION—Wanted, by a young man, O resident of Chicago, In a boose. Cm glre beat cl references. Address •• M.** TrOnas ofltes. SITUATION—Wanted, ma i-rfrate iam- O ilf. hy • young man, to drlTa carrlasn, ud is win- Ice to nuke himself oeflil. «d<l can ztre ccod Qtjr lefermeg. Pallor address •*A S,** 67g MV*hU*a-*T- SITUATION—Wanted—A Turner, jfho O csn give good reference*, win Is s situation. Ad dress pox 43. Logaaspor t. Ind. CITUATION—Wanted, by a respectable kj girl, to wait on an invalid lady or aue herself generally nietul is a tam Ur. H«s no objection t 9 iraTel. Address “MEC,**Tribune office. OITUATXON—Wanted, by a respectable O young lady, capable of leaching mnslc. laaUml- Jy. Baa no objection to assist at plain aewtor. AA drew, lor three daya, “go c.** 357 West Po.k-st. CITUATION—WauIed, by a young lady, *a Nuria Girl, to go travelling. Reference given and required. Address **S A," West Branch F.O. SITUATION —Wauled, by two girls, O one to cook, the other to do second work, on the North Side. Both prefer to live together. Inquire at SOU Booth Jackson sl, op stairs, from U a. a. until 6 p. m. CJITUATION —Wanted—A lady wishes JO. to get copying to do at home. Address M Mrs. X W.’Tnbunecfflce. OITUaTION—Wanted, by a young lady O who desire* to learn the milliners* trade, or a sit nailon in a store. References given. Address “MISA M M J." Tribune office. SITUATION —Wonted, by a lady expe rienced In the managemestof children, as govern ess or housekeeper. No objection to the conntry. Ap ply at ‘IbO Chicago. Reference* exchanged. agents ggaantea A GENT*—Wanted—Mate ard female, XX to sell a new article la great oemand that every family wants. per daymacowlthout le.vlng home. Travelling agsets can make from »5 to p 3 per day without interference with other nasao*. Tceartlree shows fjr Itself. samples, with terms and particulars ol the business, sent fer a cents. Address K. W. CHAPPELL.Drawer 0533. Chicago, lit. AGENT? —Wanted—To eneage in tbe tale of “THE HlsTORr OF ABRAHAM LIN COLN AND THE OVURTHKOW np SLAVERT,** in one vol. octavo, cf TJB page*. By Hon. I. S’. Arnold late Member of CorgrctS. and for over twenty yean * ccnfldcntlal friend of Mr. Lincoln. This lipirtaut work was undertaken three years ago with tne ap proval ol Mr. Lincoln, and Is Just 1.-sned. It Is al ready soiling as rapidly a* tue pub:i,h'T* bate b»en able icon orders. The flm e:ltion solo in twenty days. Per fan detcrptlcn, opinion* of trading pipers and men, and tens*, address tbe publishers. CLARKS A CO.. »Q and 82 washtnatTn-rL. Chicago. AGENTa— Wanted—$25 a day, Fu teen new articles lor Agents, O.T.OAUKT* Blddelord, Maine. AGENTS— Wanted—500 ivaiit aiaiiie. ed ‘a • harness. H. 0. SHAW. Alfred, A OeNTS—Wonted—sl2s per month J”1 ar.dexpcr.sfa. Address SHAW ACLABKSEW -INO MACHINE CO„ bldeelord. Maine. AGENTa —Wanted, everywhere, to sell Patent White Wire Domes Line*. CannukeSl# to 920perd.iy. Address “MeUllc Cloth-s 92 bgneea->t„ Cleveland, Ohio, A GENTh—Wanted—*»V>r toe very pop- JrX nlarbcok “WOMEN OP TH WAR.** tfr Frank Moore. Avery bannseme volume, beautifully llloa trsted, and one ol the most interesting books ot the times- Ladles aa well ss gentlemen are having great sneew? fWiCB 11!; »crk. For an agency call on or address K. C. TSEAT,!!? booth Clark-eu Chicago. * GENTS—Wanitd—Both male and J\ sell our new Prize S»»~Crrr* Packages. BciP readily everywhere. Agents make from eight to ten dollar* per day. Send stamp for particulars to niGLET & CO., Boom -7 Reynolds' Block, or Box 203», Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—With $5 to $lO capital, far a desirable and permanent money* making bnslnmi at home. Energetic agents cam clear from 910 to S6O per week. No competition and no risk. Ladles, gentlemen, clergymen, teachers, farmers, mechanic*—everybody having spire time, call on or address, with stamp lor papers. R- WAY YELL. 47 Lombard Block, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—ln every Town- X\ ship and YlUare, Clergymen. Teachers, h indents and Ladies who can devote all cr a part ot their time to the work, to act as agents In a new and paying business. Irylt. Send stamp for fob Information. R. A. CAMPBELL. 3 31 South Clark-st., Chicago, lIL 4 GENTS—Wanted “ The Pictorial BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND INCIDENTS OF WAR.” Warranted the most attractve, fktt-teil isg book out. Pays largest promt and gives best sttfrtoctlon when delivered. AgenUmateSSOto SIOO ptr week, uwe will prove. Address SIODDABD A COm 102 Wathlngton-iC. Chicago. AGENTS— T\ anted—Benevolence.— Samples sent free. Recommended by flr&t-claM newspapers and hading cltUeoa. An absolute neces sity to every intelligent man or woman, aud can be sold by any person. Address, GOODSi'SED A CO.. 148 Lake-sL. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—For a new book r\ ot great nubile intefdtt—‘THE MORMON PBO PHeTANDIIIB HAUEM,** or. An Authentic Historr of Brlgtam Yonng. his Numerous Wives andCblktren. By Mrs. C. V. Waite, wife ot lion. C. B. Waite, late u. s. Jnog* In Utah Territory. With steel pirtralti of Brigham Young, Joseph bmlth, G«u. Connor. Got. Doty, andafnil-ragaviawofthe “Phophet's Block.** and plan of the “Lion's House" or “aarem.** This 1* the only complete, impartial and reliable work upon Momonlsm ever published. It contains the personal history of Bnebom Young, which Is traced to u« set tlement in Utah: bis poll ileal, social andflasncla/cba recter and doings; a complete history of the Territory and ol MormooDm m Utah; the sjst*m of poiywny ; sects! life of the Mormons: lives oa-r serrlces orO'ao ial V. Edward Conoor and the late (Jcrenar of Utah, J. DusneDcty; the came, history aatf persons! de»cr>p tlwDofeachofthewlrerof Brigham ioung,and the eodo«Q>eßScer«mcoylafh!LAc.,de. > , . To he sold only oy sutucrlptloo. Liberal terms 01- O:.—<l lorrlionljir tarns, and if TOU STB j-eaoyto commence werr, remit $3.00 for agent's com plete ontfi% and name yr or choico ot territory. J. S. GOODMAN A CO, PnbUthirs, 3 Custom House-place. Chicago. 111. A GENTS "Wanted For “ WO- J\ MAN’S WORK IS THE CIVIL WAR.” Prepared under lie sanction and auproval or tae Cored States Sanitary, Western Sanl'aiy and the Christian Commissions. with as introduction by Henry W Billows. D. D- President cf tie U. S. Sanitary Conmfcson. Every member of the thousand* ol Aid Societies, t f coin the Sanitary anl Christian Commis sions. at d al- tbrse who contributed so liberally to en- Boie there noble women to cany on their labor of lore, •will ccn»ider this wrrfc intilspcnubleou ti-ir tablet. Ever* mother will bed it most valuable In impressing upon her daughters the true “Mission ot woman.’* hi !dlt-ra rescues from suffering aid distress. and Mends of three engaged in the work, win read It with tbnlhuglnterts'.aad all will fl;d bow exalted baa been the patriotism cl American Women, and how great ttuir sscnflccs. Expeiunced bcok agent*, school teacher*, and especially members cl Aid Sseietlc*. and those who were Irtere* ted In the work of tbs Sanitary and Cbil'tUn CommiMlons. are requested to send for circular*, civil e terms and a (Oil description of the work. ZHIOLEB. McCUBDY ft CO.. Pub lishers. Lombard Block. Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted —Fcr Folsom's new Ctder teed,Letter A, OLO3E SKWISG MA CHINE. PrlccSlS to |to. Mochln* a ?cnt on trtsl. P. ATKINSON, Hi t Eandolph-sU. B:ca6, Chicago, in. Boatsmg "OOAHDING—A tew gentlemen can find D agoodopDoitonlty to practice the French lan guage, by taoeg their board in a flmt-c ass French family, at 29-1 Ildnols-st. A f-w day boarders can aiao lc accommodated. BOARDING —A tew dav boarder and rooms for gentlemen at 34 East Washlngtoo st. "DOARDING—NeatIy furnished rooms, rjwlth first-class board. In a private tamllf. at 178 South CUnroo-st. T3OARDING—A nice suite of rooms, IJ with erst-clsss board, lor gentleman and wile g also, rooms for two single gents, at 133- West Mon roc-fit. BOARDING Pleasant front rooms, with board, can be had at 33£ lOchlgaa-ar. reacts reqalreo. ~ BOARDIN Q —A pleasant suite ot rooms, tarnished or unfurnished, and one single room. with board, can be had at 277 Wet Randolph-fit. T>OAKDJNQ—Furnished rooms suitable J_> for gentlemen and thel* wives, or single gentle men. to tent with coaid, at 74 Jackscn-st, two olock» sontb ot Poet Office. T>OAHDINQ—A nicely furnished room,. 1 ) with board, for a gentleman and wife or two ala gie gvptlemen, can be had at 115 Soath HaUted-sC "DUARDING—Two gentlemen desirous AJ ot a comfortable home, excellent beard, with a large front room. In a respectable family, living mt Wsbash-av-not far from Post office. Beat reformer* repaired. Address *• C,” P. O. Box 1320. T>OABDING—A few gentlemen can D find pleasant rooms and good board, at 227 Michlaan-st— near comer North a tale, and convenient to bnslreas. Terms moderate. TDOARDIN6—Front room for rent with fl board,flinxisbed or unfurnished, suitable for two gentlemenorgestlcman and wile, at 37Pme-st,cor cerofOhlo. Kefeience repaired. TJOAKDING —A gentleman and bis JO wife, or a lew slogle ccaUemea.canbe sccommo oated with board and pleasant rooms, at SI Adams st. Also, cne or two day boarders. *D CARDING—One or two ladies—school JD teachers—can find a pleasant, hoae-Uke boarding place, ccavenient to public schools, North Side. Ad dress -VII.” Tilbnce office. T>OARDING—A pleasant furnished D irost parlor to rent, with board. Apply at 071 state-st. T> OARDINGr-A furnished front room I* to let, with board, to a centred m mod wife: alto., room tor one or two gentlemen. Cad at 113 Ws* hash-aT. • T? CARDING—A few gentlemen can JCv b« accommodated with good board and. rooms st42 Adams-st. Also, a few daT boarders. Martinets. T?OR SAXE—Three 8-faorse power np- X right esgisea; aiao six bcnsmtal engine*, s, to and 13-Ucrse power. Larger or tmaEcr englees rar nlsbed with or without boiler*. 13,15, IS ana 20-bora* tabular and locomotive boners for tale, best **«*»- Also oss 1-roller Colon Matcher and Planing Sawmills, barm and wood-working machinery, iron mantra. bclCna. saws, flies. ic. Machinery Depot, as Dearbom-su Chicago. GBSBNLES 38C3. ft CO. F)R SALE—Portable engines and boil ers. 10 to 30-horse newer, at very low prfou, hr G BIFFIN 3 EOS., 116 LaSalle-sL, opposite Chamber ol Commerce. FOR SALE—A second-hand Buckiey folding machine—o good ecndittoa. Price. MCC. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. FOR SALE—Portable engine?, station ary andoa wh«l»,U>snai2-torße_power.r.nlj*tut and tor salo at low prices, by THE PESHTIGO CO-. North Water-sL, North Pier. TT'OB &ALE—H. M. Ames* portable and. X stationary engines, from 4 to &-horse power: alio,Pntzaro Machine Co.’at-oU; two 12-feet bed 24- toch, two 10-feet bed 20 and, S-tncli, one s-fret bed 13- tneb, cne 6-feet b*d 14-lncb swing, all •erew-eutttnic engine lathes; three upright drift*. two iron planers, bolt cutters, saw mills, shingle mil’s, two woodworUt £ loners and matchers. Farrar's surfheers. nompr.belt iz. hose, flies, Ac., Ac- C. L. BICE & CO-. 19 and 21 Dearbom-st. FOB SALE—Woodworth Planing ana Matching Machines cf different styles andatzea s one 3*-inch Sarfacer f ß il ° l f, s *f a, T P??2 asd Blind Vifhinwr. Moulding Machtota, Woo* fights, scroll Saws. B*sa»ln« Machine*. Saw A rbora, a. Ac.- alto, machinery Car iron work—Engine t «iliM Miner*. Upright Drills, Murrtmaa’S Pstcuc BoftCuttertTDavis’Patent Bolt Headers, BralnaWk PstMt visa—all at maaofhcauren’ price*, rrelzht ad £zs“ Circular* wat on sppllcaaon. MfiRRIMAN ft tv RIGHT. 14 WaUs-st. FOR SALE—A superior Jow pressure eflgiue, St inch cylinder and 4-feet stroke. In spies aio running cater, wimsltaft 9 Inches in diameter and fly-wheel 20 fret, welshing stoat 7 Coos. Tbl» engine Is of intndal capacity *> drive the larecsl elevator, and is particularly adapted to a milt capable of making 400 barrels of flour per day. We offer the above at tba low price of SMOG. For further particulars, lequire ot DATES. WBALING A CO, state Mil B. Chicago, or MEDBfcBY. 6TEV&N3 A Mllwaakoe, VYIS. WAITED A second-hand Engina Lathe, with from id to 20-lach swing ana 8 tea 10-foai bed. Apply at 97 -Stnzle-it. F)R SALE—A new first-cl ass Portable Engine. ofl6 or 18-horse power. Will be sold at a, great sacrifice. For further particulars inquire at Boom 4. lino's Block, corner Randolph and iariet stx. Chicago. SttageE aim Stolen. OTBATED —Or Stolen—slo Howard— On the 28th of February, a large red and while Cow. with Urge hern*, aSout U years old, and gives tome 10 quart! of milk per day. The above reward will be paid fbr her return to 359 W9t fidtfflWt, ISAAC a. ROLDAN.