Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 8, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 8, 1867 Page 1
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PROM EWE. Latest News by Ocean Tele graph. Benewal of ilie Fenian Disturb' auces in Ireland. Collisions With Government Troops—Loss of Life on Both Sides. Dr. Livingston, the African Traveller Killed by Caflres, The United States Gains Posses sion of Another Ex-Eebel Orniter. FROM WASHINGTON. List of Standing Committees Agreed Upon in the Senate. Mr. Ashley’s Emphatic language In Support of the Impeach ment Resolutions. Synopsis of Mr. Wilson’s Bill for tbe More Efficient Govern ment of'the Southern States. The House Adopts the Resolution Providing for Adjournment till Hay 8. final Proceedings in the Dairy men’s Convention at Pockford. "/fee Virginia Senale Vote to Call a Constitutional Con- vtntion. FROM ECROjPE. BYOCEAN TELEGCiPH usktwax. op mien DismujAxcEe, London, March C—Evening. The Fenian agitation in Ireland has been re newed, and Is increasing. A meeting of several hundred Irishmen near Dublin ha? been dispersed by troops. The telegraph wires have been cat in various pans tof the country. Losnos, March C—Evening. Is Ihe House of Commons, Lord Naas, Chief Svcrvltry ol Ireland, slated to-day that the Fe nian rising around Dublin was supposed to num ber from 1,0; 0 to 4,000. Dublin, March 6. An attack was made by a boay of Fenians upeutre Drogheda barracks yesterday. Toe at tacking pally was received with great gallantry by the military and polic* stationed in the bar racks, axd several volleys given the assailants, who retired in contusion, losing a number in killed and wounded, whom they took from the tcid. The reprd<e was complete. Several of the Government forces were wonnd id. including a number of tbe police. Lxtxkfool, March C. Despatches a>e received by the Government Ma:i: g that au attack was made by a small force r-f Feniwjs upi>n the Castle of Martyr yesterday, but the enemy were repulsed. One of the attack l; g force, who proved to be an American officer, vus&bot. Loxdox, March 6. Tte Fenleue bate torn up and blocked up the roans between Coik and Dublin, completely eus 1-tn hut; travel between those cities, the Govern ment does not tcel any at tho aspect of aflairs, aa efficient measures Dove been made and are making to suppress at tempts at Insurrection throughout Ireland. There ha- seen as yet no scrioas outrage- committed hy the Fenians, cither on the persons or property or pmale citizens, the rebels appearing in a quasi elate of strict military discipline. At 4 o'clock ibis evening reports received at Hie Government headquarters state that all is quiet. nnrona oieasuue postpoxed. IrfisDOS. Match G. Tie Government has postponed the pre-eala tioc of a Reform Dili to the tsth of March. RAILPOAD COUiriieJIO.N to visit casad a. Tie AUaitic & Great Western Itsilroad Com pany is about to send a commission to America to promote the interest oT tent enterprise. rrarxAX leadec Aimesrxp. Genera] Massey, a supposed Fenian leader, bos hcer arrested in Jamt-rick. ADUir.XI.Tr CASE. Loxdox. March C. In the esse or the Culled Stales against Wag ner, the court has decided that the Atneucau Government mus‘ appear in Court by some person. tEAin or pc. unxcsTOX. the africax tbavel lxb. Advices Irom the Cape of Good Hope, bring the tad intelligence that Dr. Livingston, the cele brated African explorer. Las been killed by Caflxca. TBE ES-BEBEL CBUISEtt AIEXAXDr.IA. Lohdos. March C. The case c f tbe United States against the cx- CouftdeßJte steamer Alexandria, ha a been do- Afiotdbytbc* Aomlralty Court In favor of the American Government. TIXECT. Loxdox, March 6. Advices {tom Turkey state that the Servian Prince has been summoned to Constantinople by the Forte. JAPAX. Loxdox, March 6. Intchig(cce is received from Japan that th< Tycoon has requested j n Interview with tbe Am haeftdors of the United States and Enropear powers. steahtb abbivals. Brest, March C. Tte steamer St. Lawrence, from New York, has armed. jf~3 LoxDOKDEnnr, March C. 1 be steamer Ncrtotian, Irum Portland, has ar med. SorntAwrox, March 6. Tho steam« Hermann, Irom New Yurk, has a :ived. Latest Portign aiarKctx. FXXAXCIAL. Loxdox. March fr—Noon. Contis for mency 51; 5-Z0 bonus, 73 ; Illinois Ce tral.TtK; Bne,DC. Loxdox, March 6—Evetloc. Consols at mooey; 5-2 us TJX Kile.s6i, ; Illinois Central,77. Fbaxetort, March 6. United Sutea binds sold to-day at 77. Loxdox, March 7—Evening. CouicJa closed «.t WK lor money; 5-20 s, 71; Hliuoi Central. 77X t Rrlv> Fcaxsfoet, March 6. United fctatefi bonds, 77%, Loxdox, Thursday—Soon. Cctirtls weeker, at WV for money; 5-Bt'?, TJJft HR nolb Cmtrt.’, 77K; Eric. £f>- Livrci'OOL, March &—NOIO. Cotton—Earier. WiddilDcnp aads, Kale* es timated at 7,I'M bales. Adnces fiom Manchester are unlavorablc. Bn-acsUil!—Firm. Corn, 37s Sd tor mixed Western. Csllfomia wheat, id* 41. Provisions—Lire, 50a Cd for American. Produce—Ashes, tar pots. Linseed OIL 38i. 1 ctioicum, IsCd. Liveepool, Tuesday p. m. Cotlou- U'csed steady at 10>;d tor middling uplands, e-sles reached SCO rtilcs. BreadstulL —Firm. Ash'S—Doll and without chance. Soles of saltpetre zo-dsy at 15: per ca L LrvBBPOOL, Wednesday Eve. Colton—Quiet; cl:sod at lt>?» 10 r miadlmg nplandf. ITorielom—Steady and unchanged. Ashes*Dull at Stgt&sicr pots, reteoleum—Declined to is 5d for refined. Lfteiu-001, March 7—Noon. Cotton—Quiet. Currint qaoutions: Uplands i3Kd; Or'canslSKd. DrcodStnlfs— Firm. Mixed corn 7» Cd. provisions—Uudianscd. Lard 63i Gd fur American. Rosin— l3s JR for flue American, 4- icons. Linseed Oil—GSs. Pctrrifnm—lf M for refined. BY STEAHEK. New Youk, March 7.—Tracy, the reporter of the New York Herald, lias been arrested lor tele graphing false reports uf sedition amoog the Eng llsbtroope. . Govemmen*. in reply to the inquiry In tn® Ho- si- of Common:, etaicdteatil was considering The subject of assuming control of the telegraphs in England. LuTtng the debates un the continuance of the Mi-ptaeion of the A abeat corpue In Ireland, Major b’usrt Kj.ox nrt'cd a snspcuslon for one year, a«.d * I.urged Mr. Bright with raising a false hops In •t<- minds of the Irish people. Mr. Bright repelled the cnirge, aud denounced a? dangerous and pernicious Uie system of mak ing arrests on mere susp:cion. «.ord Nubo wan ed Irishmen to bewareo! the inacbloaUuD: .ot selfish wire-pullers iu New York The Governor of Castile proclaims ‘hatpersona who edit, write or print paper* againn tin »e --iigion of tbe (Juetn or Government shall he pun ished by death. Tlrslnla to C-all a Mute Convention. IlicnjjOND, March 7.—The Senate has passed a hill to caU 8 -late Convention on the second Monday in Way—by a vole ol tojj. Richmond, Marco At a mevtlnc to-night of Z LOO r effro- s to ratify the Sherman Bill, the while sneakers give Ihe prorramme lor a cal> for a Con vention hr the negroes to adopt a Constitution wl ich will be Bcut to Congicse as the loyal men’s Constitution. The negroes were advised to rote acSwlanj ConmUntioo adopter to lh« Coarei. tlon to be called 1)7 tfte present Legislature. jMr. Bimnjcait pas leader ot the meeting. FKOM ITASttISOrOS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Wasehcotoh, March 7. tsi nt*i.6sacßtiKa or cosqugss. The Republican mcxnbers of the Senate he'd a caucus of about sn hour this afternoon, to oi* tiderihe question of general legislation at (tale pCffiou, and the propriety of agreeing with the House proposition (or an adjournment from next Monday to the eighth of May. The sentiment ot the entire caucus, with two or three exceptions— thirty-eli members present—was very decided against atc-assembllng. either in May or any of the summer months, sud there was pretty general concnireuce in the Idea that when the adjourn ment takes place It sbou’d t>e till toll, and not earlier than .the middle of Oc tober. Mr. fesbenden favored meeting again on the first Monday of November, hut some fcenalura thought two weeks earlier would be better; and finally, on Mr. Wilson’s motion, the whole question was laid on the table. This action Is to be interpreted as expressing the opinion that the time has not yet arrived for de i cidinr when the adjournment shall take place, and it may he considered as settled that the Senate will not consent to adjourn before the close of next week or tho first of the week following, aud v ill vote uy more than five to one against meet ing In Mayor earlier than October, unless the situation very materially changes within the next five or six days. THE IHPZACnBEST qUESTZOW. The debate in the House this aitemooa on the impeachment question was entirely needless, as Ashley’* r solution referring the records of the lest Judiciary Committee to the new committee, withmetincttouß to continue tbe investigation and ait at will during the session or recess, was not op posed by anybody. Mr. Ashley, however, wanted to make a speech, which was ao abusive of tbe I’restdcnt that the Speaker was obliged to call him to order. General Bntler also wanted io apeak, aud the galleries wete anxious to hear him. They were evidently disappointed lu his manner, lorbe is neltPcr easy nor graceful as a speaker, though hi& style is clear and direct. He spoke batten minutes, aud was baidly able to do himself juauce in so abort a lime. Brooks, Wood and one or two other Democrats also wanted to spvuk, and the Republicans finally gave them an boar, after which Ashley’s proposition was agreed to without division. TUB FEW yUDICUST COtUOTTXS then announced as follows: Mr. Wilson, of lowa, Chau mau; Bontwcll, ot Jlassachusetts; Thomas, ol Maryland; Williams, of Pennsyl vania; Woodbiidge, of Vermont; Lawrence, of Ohio—all members of the Isst committee—and Churchill, of New York; Marshall, ot Illinois; a :d Eidnrtgc, of Wisconsin—new members— Churchill also being a new Congressman. The ru-oidsof the old committee have already been placed In the bands of tho new committee, aud the inquiry will at once be taken np where It was dropped last Saturday, when tho preliminary report was made. TUE »TTTAVTIRIA EtECIIOV. The direct result ol the recent electron at Alex andria appeared in the action of ttc House this ‘atternoon. A memorial setting forth all tic facts iu the case was presented t>y Judge Underwood ana others, and Mr, Stevens bronghtin and car ried through, by yeas 111 to 28 nays, a blit repeal log (be act which gave that city and county hack 10 Virginia. Trrr NIAGARA SHIP CANAL BELL will be Introduced Into the House to-morrow, by Mr. Van Horn. Representative from the Niagara District. He has drawn the bill with _.,cut cure, and it has been submitted to and apptoved oy Mr. Judd, of Chicago, and other piomiacct Western men.- There is no expectation lLat it will become a law at the present short ses sion, bat its friends desire to get it before the country, and in good position for action next winter. it proposes that tbe canal shall be a Gov ernment woik, rnhstontlally ires of tolls, and not under tbe control ol New York. Illinois zurxn ntraorzims. Mr. Judoiaprepanuga bill (or the Ulinola River imsrovemt.ntand Canal, whether it will be introduced now or next winter depends on the length ol the present session. GLOME C. BATES. It Is nnderstood that the President has given George C. Bates, of Chicago, the Governorship ol one of the Territories. The Senate has not yet confirmed the nomination. arriiopniATiDsa at tub last besbiov. The specific opproprlallons made at the la*t ses sion of Corgress foot up $141,791, WO. NO JUNATION6. Che Prcslccnt sent to the Senate this afternoon about 11UJ military, and one hundred cml nom inations. None of the military appointments are of epccialconseqncncc. There were no nomina tions of officers in Missouri. Those for Illinois aie as follows: D. M. Weed, Postmaster, Peoria; Giorec B. Eajmond, Postmaster, Pans; George s. Ba-gcn. Assessor Fifth District; George W. iiayne. Assessor Eleventh District; Samuel H. Alrnou, Ase-.'fsor Thirteenth Dlilrict; 3. C. i bonipson. Collector Ninth District. There were ,io non luaUons of Postmasters in Ohio. HASTY LEGISLATION, Jtmay he mentioned, as illustrative of the re sults of hasty legislation, in the lost hours of thesession, the first section of the so-called omni bus hill passed last Sunday contains a large num ber of rems of appropriations to be expended under tbe direction of the Commissioner of Public Buildings. The second section abol ishes lha office, and says bis uuttes shall he performed b> the Chief Engineer ol ibe Army, without giving this officer autaorliy to upend men eye already appropriated. Tbe present Commissioner, Mr. French intimates that tom of office docs not expire, therefore, until tin-sc moneys arc expended, and still affixes bis , (rrature to documents as Commissioner of Publicßuildings. THE CONCSESSIONAL GLOES - aggregate of appropriations for ihe Congret nof ot Globe and Appendix, was: Senate, $35,737; House, $12(1,392. An amendment to the hill givea > oticc that at the close of the Fortieth Cocgrus*, l.e United States will tcnaloate the purchase ol tht Globe provided lor by the act of July, ISCC. 11 Ain AM) WOOL BAaLPLLS. The Sec:c ! ary of the Treasury to-day addressed r .tllcr to Collector Smythe, of New York, in *brcing him that Ihe distribution to the various dicers of the Government ot the distinctive atnples of various kinds of wool or hair pro ■ idtd for tn the tariff act on wool, passed ,:l ’lie lost session,. cannot be made .‘or several weeks. He is directed to permit the , irtjj of wool and hair as heretofore, and lo re quest the Appraiser to make return* eccordiug to the classification in tho act. Tee latter is dl rrted to retain samples of all woo! and hair ex by him, for the purpose of comparing i eu) with reiffitd samples when Ibcy are sent from the Department. Samples of the wool and airtxamlncd arc to be sent to the Department <■ ith explanations. DIBTBICT COXXAXDEBS. The President has not yet Inlly settled upon the District Commanders under the Military Recon -Jrucuou Bill, bntlt is understood that General j-x.mas and General Sheridan are to be tabooed, and more conservative officers appointed. Gen erals McDowell, Schofield, Meade and Hancock are likely enough to be selected. HEW TOBKXAVAL QmCEE. Tbe World** speclaltays: “ the name of Col. A. 11. Wood, or Brooklyn, was yesterday sent t<> the Senate lor Naval Officer of New York.” cosufAxema rjfDEn toe nEcpssrnccrriox act. WAemycTON, March 7.—General Gract to-day sent to the President the names of General- Schofield. Sickle?, Saeiidau, Thomas ani VrDowcli as ice five commanders of the military districts Is rebel States. TUZASCTIT CIBCCLAB. The Secretary ol the Treasury has issued in structions to collectors to permit the entry of wool and hair as heretofore until they receive distinctive samples of the various kinds pro vided for under the recent tariff law. Samples of each kind of wool and hair, however, to be re tained by ibc appraisers lor comparison with tbe verified sample when received from tne Depart ment. COSGUESSIOSAL fIiOCEEDIJiGSi Wasbixqtox, March 7. SENATE. An amendment to tbe rules was adopted that all amendments to the Appropriation Bill coming hum committees shall, one day before being orVrcd in the Senate, be referred to the Committee on Appropriations. The CHAIR submitted a communication from the Secretary of the interior, asklngan appropna ■ioq ol S&i.frtO to pav the expenses of s Commis sion to treat with the*lndians aod secure their re moval funber West. Ordered printed. Mr. ROSS presented a blB to give the right of pcichase to certain scttiers on tne Cherokee set t <ment. In Kansas. Refcned. Mr. KO-o iLUodnccdnbill donating a portion ot tbe Leavenworth Reservation lor Ibe exclusive use ofpubltc roads. Mr. WILSON Introduced a joint resolution to : revest the sale of spirituous liquors in the Cspl toi tmiloine- Mr. ULNDEESON introdneed a bill declaring ibc bridge over the Missouri at St. Charles, and the bridge over the Mississippi at Louisiana, Mis -mn.leealetnictures. Reicrred. Mr. HENDERSON Introduced a bill to pay cer ■aln Missouri troops wbo served in the laic war. Uvtcncd. Mi*. HENDERSON mtrodneed a resolution to amend tbe Constitution by providing that no Male shall prohibit any of Its citizens from voting or holding office »n account of color. Mr. SAULSBURY raiecd a point of order tbaf a? the CoDßtl'nilou of ibe Dulled Stales had been blotted ont ol csls’cncc. B could not be amended. Ibe resoinion was referred to the Judiciary ComtuiUee. Mr. HENDERSON gave notice that he should •o morrow introduce a bill to provide tor repre •cp ation of ibe rebel States iu Congress at the cariics* possible momeut. Mr HOWK introduced a bill to grant aid In the < onetmetion of (he Wisconsin & Lake Superior J lailroad. Referred. Mr HOWE Introduced a bill to extend the time for ihe completion of ihe improvement in the Foxacd Wisconsin rivers for five years. Passed Mr. EENDEIteON Introduced a bh) to grant aid in the constrncHou of a military road from Galveston to UUle Rock. Referred. Mr. CRAGIN introduced a bill io regulate the rejection ol gionu and petit jn*orsin the Jerrllory ulVttU. r.el»Tr. d. ... Mr. MORRILL offered a resolution ins’rncticg the committee on Piiutlng lomonire what further leclslaiion is necer?aiy to peitect the arramre uitiilpfoMhe publication of the debates and pie ce* dings of Congress, and whether it would be advisable to make the Globe reporters responsible to Hie Senate iustead of the publishers of tbe Olobe. After debate, adoptcu. ..... . . Mr SHERMAN called np the bill construing ibc bill to increase the duty on wool to take effect ij. leu duye after Us passage- Mr. SHERMAN explained that since offering Hie bill he had received information from th*.* Sec retary of the Treasury which Induced him to move it* indefinite P ( slponemeiiL it was postponed. Mr. WiLtON lutrodnc- d a bill supplementary to an actio provide lot the efficient governmentoi tbe r be] States, and to tadlitate their restoration. Rcfcncd to the Judiciary Committee- Sccltou one declsti-s that commanding officers of each district ftal! cause a registration to be made before Srpt-mocr 1, 15C7, in each county or pai isb of his district, of male citizens over twen ty-one years of age, residing therein, to Include oily those qualified by the act to which this is a ruppteuient, and who tball take and subscribe to the following oath; “I do hereby solemnly swear or affirm that I an. emceicJy and earnestly attached to the Union aud Government of the United States; that I will Bitadlastly support the LonsMtntion and obey the laws ol tbe United States, and that I will, to the beet of my ability, encourage all o hers to such Mipttot and obedience; no help me God.” Section second directs the Commacdme Gene -a’, a- soon as ibe icglslratlon Is complete d, to cause tne election lor delegates to the Convention to be i,eld on a day not less than thirty days from the gate cfth» proclamation of such elections, for the purposed amending the existing, or framing a new constitution, firmly establishing a loyal civil Government, and passing Ibe noedlul ordinance io pnt tb«* same into operation. Sec ion three directs that such Convention shin Li* failed ot. me l>ai*is of representation on which tbe rot-mtera of Congreeßare apporttmed. Section lour provides tor the appointment by tio Commonolr p General of officers or persona to make tbe registration, preside at the elections, ro- sifimtio Ar-Z> : VOL. IS. cerve, sort and count the votes, and make return thereof, and of the persons elected, ann he spall then make p'Oclsmation of the persons elected, and notify within sixty days when and where they shall assemble to organize the Convention sand when said Convention shall have amended the fin tips, or framed anew Constitution, In accor-d with the act to which this I-a supplement, It shall he submitted to the people at an clecuon to be held after the cxpitatlon of tb rty days from the notice thereofglven by the Convention. Section five provides that U said ConsiltaUpn is ratified by a majority of votes cast, the President of the Convention shall transmit the same to the P. csldcnt of the United Stales, who shall transmit It to Ccngress, If in session, and U not In session, th»r upon its next assembling, and If It be de clared by congioea to be m conformity with the provisions ot the act recently passed to Con c'Css known as the Military Bill, the Mate rbalt be dtclnred entitled to rep resentation, and Senators and Representatives shall be admited a« provided In said act. Section six provides that the duties and powers cvlepsied and conferred upon ibe Commanding General may, with hts consent, be t’ansferred to the acting Governors ol tbo States on bis taking an oath faithfully to pcnoim and exercise the same. . Mr. ANTHONY moved a suspension of the rules requiring the election of committees by bal lot, and olTered a resolution appointing the com mittees as follows: . , fortizn ifgforiofls—Messrs. Sumner, Chairman; Ffssi-ndcii, Cameron, Harlan, Morion, Patterson, (N. H.). Johnson. . „ _ F.nisr.a— Messrs. Sherman, Cbalrmau; Morgan. Wi'jlome, Van Winkle, Cattcll, Henderson, Mor r^jilwroiniaflons— Messrs- Morrill, fMo.). Chair man; Grime-, Howe, Wilson. Cole, Conkllng and C wrr.iTcr— Messrs. Chandler, Chairman; Mor rill. (Me.). Korean, Sprague, Corbitt, Patterson (Te«n.), andDooliulc. _ , Manvjaavrre— Messrs. Sprague, Chairman; Yale-, cole aud Dixon. „ , Ayrictifrt/re—Messrs. Cameron, Chairman; Ca tell, Morton, iipton, Guthrie Military Avoirs and Ok jTditta— Messrs, WH gon, Chairman; Howard, Sprague, Cameron, Motion, Thajtr, PooUlUe. w , , Acral JTTttre— Messrs. Grimes, Chairman; An thony, Ctogia, Nye, frellnghnysen, Drake and De sua<«ajy— Messrs. Trumbull, Chairman; rtevatt, Kielinginiyscn, Edmunds, Conkllng, Johnson and Ucndiicts. T , iust Offictt and ibsr lioadt— Messrs. Ramsey, • Lai> man; Conners. Pomeroy, Van Winkle, Uar lan. ■ Vt.i.MorrlU, Dixon. Public lands— Mess’s. Pomeroy. Cnalrman; Edmunds, Cattcll, Williams, Tipton, LcTid Claim s~ Mcsbib. Williams, Chair man : Howard, Ferry, itiddb-, Norton. Indian Affairs— Messrs. Henderson, Chairman; Mon ill (Me.), Rots, Coruitt, Thayer, Backalew, Doolltlle. _ „ . Jinsions— Misers. Van Winkle. Chairman; Edmunds, Tiumhall, Fowler, Tipton, baaisbory, Davis. Revolutionary Claims— Messrs. Nyc, Chairman; Chandler. Howard, Saulebury. Patterson (Term.) Claims— Messrs. Howe, Chairman; Willey,Fre- Idiehnyfcu, Howard, Morrill (Vt.), ‘‘ole, Davis. IMsirlci of OdluvttAa— Messrs. Harlan, Chair man; Snmncr. Hendctson, Wliley, I J aticrson (N. II.). Corbitt, Patterson (Tenn.) _ , Patnus andPiunt Office— Messrs. Willey, Chair man; Sherman, tbaycr, Feriy, Moiton. Public Buildings and Grounds— Messrs. Fessen den, chairman; Tramboll, Grimes, Ferry, John son. 7'errifotUs— Messrs. Yates, Chairman; Nyc, Cragln. Fowler, Ramsey, Ferry, Davis. HjdficPoxlroad^- Messrs. Howard, Chairman; Sherman. MOjgan.Conncss, Hamsey, Stewart,Wil son. Harlan, Drake. Cot;f«t-£rnt Etpinue— Messrs. Ctagln, Chair man : Drake, Buckalcp*. Engrossed Pills —Messrs. Fowler, Chairman: Sumter, Norton. Mines and Mining— Messrs. Conncss, Chairman; Su-vurt. rbstidler, Yates, Conkling, Sanlabnry. Printing— Messrs. Antnony, Chairman; Boss, Kiddle. Committee on Enrolled Pills —Messrs. Res*. chairman; FaUitson, Dixon. Libraty— Messrs. Morgan, Chairman; Howe, Fessenden. Joint Committee on Retrenchment— Messrs. Ed moods. Chairman: Williams and Bucuaic v. To Betiseand lixibe Pay of Offc-re of the Fitrt Houses— Messrs.Fessenden, Chairman; Sherman and Dnckaiew. Mr. ANTHONY stated that Mr. Fessenden li:'d bciu relieved irom the cbalrmonvhip of the Com mittee on Finance l *! his own request. The committees were agreed to. Mr. CRAUiN introduced a Joint resolution pro posing to amend the Constitution by pioblbitmg there-eUclion to office of the President or any person who nas once served a- such, whether elected as President or Vice Pre taunt, Deferred to the Commiuee on the Judlcla y. Mr. SUMNER cailed up tbe Joint resolution cppiopriating fSO.MO for Pat is Exposition pur poses. It was passed. A concurrent resolution for a rcces- from Mon day next until tbe bth of May, was received from the House and ordered npon the table. It pro vides cnlv lor the adjournment of the House, and must therefore be amended before it esn pass. Mr. SUMNER introduced a J am rcsotuiou de claring tlal certain further guaiantees are needed in the Constitutions of rebel States in eddition to universal suffrage. The resolutions require that ilic existing Governments most ne vacated, an-1 be no pen in the Constitution; that the Consti tutional Governors most supersede the present illegal Governors: that none but loyal persons shall take part in toe formation of the new State Governments; that public schools must be estab- ifcted, open to tui, and tlmi a homestead must be secured lu freedmen. CoDrideialton ol the rcsolnlion being ohjecbd lo by Mr. JOHN>ON, Ibey wen: over. Executive session. Adjourned. HuUoE. 1 te speaker presented a letter from the Clerk of the Honsc tmatniiiing a communication from tbeSccietary uf>ta(« scknowledlng the receipt cl the act lo provide lore more efficient govern ment of ibe rebel Mates, andanuounci’rg his pur pose lo promulgate It, La : dot-the table. Ai.'o, the loilowing teicgrapblc despatch; l'haulxston, March 4 to the Sneaker of the Douse of Representatives ot she Fortieth congress : The numbers ot the South Carolina Mission Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church no" in session, send greeting to congress and doom tt sckerlvlLg to Almighty God for the parsngc ol the Reconstruction BUI to protect the tights of all das so- in tho South. (Sicced) ijsvx Scott, President. A. tfiMTßi, Secretary. _ t a Also, a communication from lion. John A. Hogan, announcing that be contested the scat of Win. Pile as Retires. maUvc Irom tne First Con gressional District of Missouri, Al.-b: s communication from tbe Commissioner of Public Buildings in reference to the appropria tion in the Deficiency BUI for completing the re pairs and furnishing tbe President's house. Also, a communication from the secretary of the Interior urging an appropnaUon for the ex penses of the commission to 'be Indian country. Mr. STEVENS, in connection witn the latter communication, unreduced a blit appropriating *20.000 for the purpose indicated. Passed Ur. I’OMEKOY, as a question of privilege, of fend coiiCmrent resolutions that when the two Houses adjourn on Mutdaynext, they adjourn to meet on Wednesday, the 6th ol May nest. Mr. FARNsWoRTH inquired whether U was necessary to include tbe Senate. Mr. POMEROY did not suppose It was, and modified ine resolution so as to apply only to the adjournment of the llonse, .Mr. ELDRIDGE asked whether the amendment was In cider to acjimrn till October. • 'ihe SPEAKER reported that it would be if the previous question woe no' seconded, ilr. DOLMAN moved to lay the resolution on ihetaule. ;te vow re.utled—yeas ai, uajs lot. Ibe resolution was then adopted without divwton. (be SPEAKER presented a message from tho smate u Ith concmrent resolution to tbe Joint Cenimlliec on Retrenchment. the resolution w-e egivedto. *• Mr. KELLEY moved to respond the rules, that be might offer are-solution m-tructii.g the Judi ciary foramlUce, when appointed, to report a bill otcluring who shaft call a Convention for tbe ro crgciiizailon of tbv rebel States, and providing 1. r thciegielrailon of voters, and (bat in all elec lions until the ConglilU’ions ot such States shall bsve been approved by Congress, voting shall be b' ballot. 1 be rote on suspending the rules resulted—yeas 111, nays 81. Ibc resolution was offered and adopted. Tbe SPEAKER stated that he would regard the resolution as an instruction to him to appoint the Jnulnary Committee immediately. ilr- ELDKIUGE asked leave to offer a cesoltt lien requesting the President to inform the House of the condition cf the public funds os affected by ihe Tenure ol Office Acts, and the numerous va cancies in subordinate offices in the Treasury and Post Office Departments. Mr. STEVENS objected. Mr. MJi.l.l ABAIuiER presented and had read uy the Cicik u petition fiom Judge Undciwood ani tome twenty others of the loyal clilzena uf M'glnia, asking Congress to pass certain laws tot thecarrjjtgoutot the recent act lor the bet ter government ot the rebel States He moved us reference to tbe Judiciary Committee. Mr. BROOKS, supposing it so referred, moved to reconsider tbe vote in order to have a chance IU ltil> .WIV tM Ui-.. .V lor discussion, but Ibe Speaker recognizeu Mr. -HELI-ABARGEP as still entitled to the floor, ard a discussion on tbe point of o>dcr arose, Mr. BROOKS appealing frum tbe decision ot the chair,bnt subi-* qucntly withdrawing tbe appeal "I he resolution wai> then referred to the Juuicia ly Commillte. A tnoiloii to reconsider was then laid on the fable. Un motion of Mr. SCHENtE, the Paymaster General was directed to furnish a full statement of ihe pay and allowances of each grade of army olfic* rs. Mr. STEVENS asked leave to introduce a bid to repeal the act retroceding the county ol Alexan dria to tbe District of Columbia. Mr ELDRIDGE objected. On motion of Mr. ROBINSON, the President war it.p .sted to communicate the correspond -nr»- dccnnieuts or piccecdlncu in possi-ssion of the Executive Deparumnt relating to the arrest, imrrtßonmcDt and trcfitmrpt of American citi zens in Great Britain or its Provinces within two years past lost. . . . M». FERRY presented the Joint resolution o! the Michigan asking for protection to fisheries ot the Stac 1c the Cpp*r Peninsula; al.-olor an appropriation of land lo endow col leges in that Mstc; also for a grant of land to aid n deepening the channel of navigation between Lane Enperior and Eagle Harbor. Mr. ASHLEY, ol Ohio, offered the following nsolutioi s as a question oi privilege: Wbeucas, Tbe Honsc of Representatives of ihe Congress adopted, on the *lh day of January, ISG7, an ; Inquiry into certain chorees preferred against the President of the United Stales; and, Wbebeas, The Judiciary Committee, lo which ssid resolution ana charges were reierrod, with authority to investigate the same, was mode for uai.l of time in investigate said charge beiore the cxplraUoD.or the Tub ty-Nluth Congress; and, WuitiiEAs, iu the report submitted by said Judiciary Committee, on th- second day of March, it is declared teat tee evidence taken te of such character as to justify and demand the continua tion ot the investigation by this Congress; there By tbe House of Representatives, that tbe Judiciary Committee, when appointed, be aud it ta hereby mucncied to continue the Investigation authorized in said resolution of January 7, *6C7, and trat it have power to send for nertonsand papers, and administer the customary oaths Io witnesses, and that the committee have authority to sit during the session of the Honsc, or during any recess which congress or tte House That the Speaker of this House be re ouefted to appoint tee Commit!cc on the Jndl ciarr fortbwilb, atd that the committee so up noiiited be directed to take charge of the testimony taken by tbe committee of tho last congress, and that said commit ec have power to appoint a clerk, ala compensation not to ixcctu six dorian per cay, ana to employ the necessary fteno ' SJr?leWIISON, 1 e WIISON, of lowa, submlticd a farther amendment as follows: , _ . _ Incit'd, ri bat Ibe Clerk of the Honsc ol Rcp n-sciistivia be directed to pay ont ol the Contin gent Fut d of tee Uoupc, on the order of the Com D.Mceou Hie Judiciary, such sum or sums of mon- v as may be required to enable sain commu te- to'prosccmc the Investigation above a’rected, m d iiivesiigetions as may be directed. Mr ASHLEY accepted tho amendment, and proceeded to address the Hon e. He said : Mr. FpiTAKtn. This resolution brings tbe Honsc ol a question of transcendent Importance. It bring* n* {ace to faco with a man whose usurp ations nave appalled the Republic- We cannot escape the considerations ot this question if wc wou’d, and we ought»ot it we could. The report ol tee Judiciary Committee of tee j&et House, made on is a sufficient mdiemon of the action ot that body on the charges looking to an impeachment of tbe President, it is a report which tbe moral sense of the nation will approve. Ulslo beregielted that tboc.mnuttee were not authorised at an earlier day to proceed with tbe investigation, so that It might have completed ft acd presented the case for the final action of the Jan Congress. All true men who have examined this matter impartially should regret that we have not been able to act before; but X think I may, without hazard, express an, opinion that there’s no cause for discouragement—that the foundations have been so careful >y laid os that the machinations of the conspirators and ol their chief, with all the immense power and patronage in bis hands, will be unable long to stay Ihe doom which awaits them. It is to go Into the record ol tola House, and it will so Info history, that the people of the United Stales will never permit anyPresbicit to nsnrp tbe prerogailvo of the law-making power; nor will they peimlt any man In tho Presidency to disregard the deliberately recorded judgment of (he nation. shey will permit no man, cer tainly no man who came Into the Presidency thionch the door of assassination, to use the vast powers with which tho President is clothed la defiance of Congress aud of the people. That tbe acting Presided has done all that, and more, win not bo seriously denied. His usurpa tions of power havo been in clear violation of the Constitution,and manyol his acts tend di.ectly to revolution. In fact, the message to which >va were compelled to listen last,returning with his obicctions the Reconstruction till), was but an in vitation to revolution and civil war. If any man had doubted before he can doubt no longer, that while this mail remains in the Presidency, there cm be no tranquility in the country, no security for life, liberty and property to the loyal citizens of the bomb, no suco perfect restoration ot the Govern ment as the Union army and the Union men of the nation have decreed; no safety lor a single iionrfrom rebellion and revolution. Such a min is Mr. Johnson coming into tho Brest i ;ncy a< tc camo Into it, a mau ot bis tu.-ibil and moral culture—l sty nothing of ih: dark (Ufplciou which crept over the minds ol meu as to his complicity In the as sassination of Mr. Lincoln, nor of the fact which 1 cannot batitb from my mind of the mysterious connection between Ills death and tbo treachery of his > neceasor—l say i-nch a man, tu v.ew ot ul< that has happened, should have walUea with un covered bead and voiy numbly lu tbe presence uT tne loyal men of the nation and of their Repre sentatives n the America-! Congress, if this na tion does not brand with the ureal seal of iH cut den nabon the u urpations and crimes and misdemeanors of tbm man, It will be bnt vn Invitation In the. future for a repetition of his usurpations and of his de meanor. Sell-protection, and a dcalro to pre set ve the honor ol the nation, demand that the reprcemtatlveaoftho people shall declare in a iiicuior not to be misunderstood, that no man henafler elected President, or this President, rhall present hlmsell at hU Inauguration drank, nor shall bo tom Ihe White Bouse into a den of thieves and pardon brokers; nor shall be bo per mitted vtiih impunity to usurp the prerogatives of Congress, and to assail this body with inde cent language all o-er the country. Unless this committee take charge of this matter, and pro ceed with 11, this Congress might as well lay down Its power. If even the evidence which nas already been taken was nabli bud. and no further action by Congress shall be bad. I am satisfied it would go to the country as « delibe tale, solemn | roteet against the repetition In fu ture of a drunken electioneering tour which last year mauled the cheek ol the nation with shame; that it will be a protest agnicst his attack upon the law-making power of the country, and a pro test against bis usurpation, his crimes, and his misdemeanors. Ilia crime is not, as many suppose, tbe mere perhdy of which hu is guilty to the men who elrctcd him, in an evil hour. Vlcc-Tresident of the United Slates. Clack and infamous as that crime is, bis crime Is the highest known to tbe country— a crime against tbe Republic itself—a crime of « hicb.lf tbe investigations go no farther, will establish ihe question that tbe people of this country will not permit a man with impunity to be guilty. Tbe United States is not tbe only country that has been disgraced by such an Exe cutive leader, Fortunately, however, for man kind. such men arc born in the world bat once la centuries lo curse the human race. The nation cries ont In its agony and calls upun Congress to deliver it ironi Uie thamc and disgrace which the acting President of the country has brought upon ]i,dema’ ds that ihe moral incubus which has blot- 3 ud our hisloty with its foulest blot, shall be re moved. In tbinam- of loyally betrayed, of law violated, of Hie Constitution fampkd upon, the nation dematds the impeachment and tcuiovu] of Andrew .Tobn“on. ihe SPEAKER hero Icto.Tliptcd Mr. A»hley, and said that while 0c knew there was a license of debat; on a resolution m regard to Impeach ment, tethought Uie gt-Dliiinan bom Ohio was proceeding beyond that limit. Mr. ASHIEV, alter some interruption from members, contii ued: I know ]oya) men. many among tbe timid win are Joval. hesitate in this matter, and the late rcbela'and Northern allies »f tbe President, with ail bis corrupt followers, all, malely threaten and supplicate that wo shall postpone the considera tion of Uiis matter. They also threaten, in case* wc proceed with It, that there shall be rebellion and civil war. and all of them join in prophesying financial ruin lo the country If the Congiesaof tbe Nation undertakes to impeach the Pies idem, as provided in the Constitution. 1 hope Cougiess will not hesitate to do its duiy, because of the attcmbls In onr own ranks, ami of the elToits ol the President’s satrap* aad ot bis rebel allies. I hope Congress wilt proceed with dignity and deliberation to the discharge of tblshlgn and impor'aut duly, uninfluenced by passion and nnawed by fear. If the country caa -land tbe shock caused by the asi-ssshiition of a beloved President,-Jt can certainly stand the .bock caused by the removal of one who Is de .esten as the acting President, if bis removal is in pursuance of law. Before ho had been one uioith In tho Presidency bo. catcrco ln»o a combination wiih the late enemies of the United States to usurp the prerogatives of congress, at d combine not lo aid the loyal men of the South, nut to put the government of the South iuto the bands ol its mortal enemies and r,roars. V>Uh me this wou'd be enough. But add to ibis his other acts, and the case against him is complete. Itc doly of the President of iho United States is to ext cute, not to make taws. His oath re quites blm to see that tbe laws tre faithfully ixeculed. That ’he President has no gecled or failed to cxccatc many of the • laws of congress, no mau ques tions; that be has 'tailed to execute the Civv Kir l.ts Dili, nmUias not even attempted to do so, idc whole country knows, lie has not only failed to execute it, but basin indecent and oSjusivo language assailed and denounced the law as tin coutu.uiloua). In his faUutc to cxccn c thi-» und mbit necessary law, ihe crimes of the Presi dent become perlecily colossal. Since the sur render of Lee a»<d Johnston, more than five thou •eud American citizens, guilty of no dime but love of Country, have been murdered by the men who were fai-ly In arras agola-t the country, and many more thousands have been oiiveu Irom their homes. Still do effort has been made on the pan uf Ue Executive Department of this Government to give them tbe protection which the law guaran tees to them, and which bnmai-ity and justice denande for them. There never was a Govern ment cniliy of the infamy ot treating Ha citizens as the President of tte United States ha; Heated tbe* loyal men of Ibe South. 1 brow bow easy it |s for the President and his co-conspirators to deny bis guilt. 1 know alsj, bow difficult it is to prove by technical rules the guilt of a man oc cupying his position, although the whole country may know be is guilty. When the rebellion broke ent, in 26(11, a few months before and afterwards no man could have been arrested, tried and con victed before a conit and Jury of this District for conspiring against tbe country, although no sane man don Med hie emit. It is much more dirflcnlt in a case of this kind, where tbe rebellion la not an open rebellion, but a negative rebellion, a re bellion which the whole country recognizes the President as being the head 01. ami in which be is surrounded by ail the late rebels ot the Sonth. AUer several questions by other members, Mr. AbIiLEV conduced as follows: In view of ail the facts we have before us, if this investigation be not punned, and If this man be not put oo his liU trial and impeached, the provision of the t’ou stitntion providing for impeachment of tho IVcsi dciit is valueless to the nation, if be is not tried and nepoecd from the high place which he has disgraced, no man who succeeds him need ever fear trial and conviction, no matter what may be his crimes. J hope tils Congress will not bo deferred from doing its whole duty in ihe matter and proceed to tbe investigation, and 1 am convinced if pnr sued with the energy which attends ordinary criminal trials, tho conviction and impeachment o! tbe President ore os inevitable as death. 1 de sire now, merely to make a suggestion. Ills this: That all persons, citizens or foreigners, who have in their possession doenmenfs time can be of evidence in the case, or wbo are in possession ot any facts tending to show technically tbe guilt of this man, are bound la doty to bmg the facts to the knowledge of tne Judiciary Committee, Any person in possession of tuck facts, aud refusing or neglecting to do so, becomes an accessory to tho crimes o* this man, and be held responsible before the country, and m the great tribunal of human history as a part ner in hi; guilt. Mr. SPALDING, having bad five minutes al lowed him by Mr. Ashley, denounced tho whole scheme of Impeachment as one or consummate folly. “No one act amounting to a crime or mis demeanor has yet been proved against tho Execu tive of ibis nation, and 1 challenge any man to icply to mo when 1 make the averment. I say more. 1 say it Is not required by some of those wbo charge tho Executive with high crimes and misdemeanors that proof shall be obtained; it is only necessary, as has been sold in high places within the past week or ten days, that it shall beknown that the President was on obstruc tion in tbe way of what gentlemen call progress, and that therefore the Radical majority of the country must remove him. Sir, f-claim to bold to no such doctrine, and X say to my asso ciates of the great Union party, they mast lock well to their way if they suppose the intelli gent people of the United States are going to np hold lb*m In the promulgation and practice ol any such principles. I have the utmost confidence .n ttcJndiciary Committee as constituted In the Thlny-ninih Congress. I doubt not 1 shall repose an equal degree ot confidence in any committee that shall be constituted by oar present speaker. 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COOFSa ASent. ©tolars anu (Eorftage. jpWHJiJb, UOIUiAGE, ETC., ETC, GILBERT HUBBARD & CO., DEALERS IN TWINES AMD GOBI} AG-33, 205 & 207 SOUTH WATEE-ST., CHICAQO. The largest and best assortment In the West of COTTON AND FLAN DOCK, all widthsand weights MANILLA AND TARRED lIK4IP ROPE; Cv-MON BEAMLESS GRAIN BAGS; GUNNIES. WOOL BACKS AND BURLAPS; TAR, PITCH. OAKUM; Oni TAR ROOKING PITCH AND FELTING CHAINS, TACKLE BLOCKS, &c. COTTON, FLAX AND HEMP TWINES Ot every description; Cotton. Flax, Paper and jute Wrapping Twites; Bell and Sash Cords, Gill Nets and Seines, with every variety of Seine and NettingTwlw- Teats, Awnings, Wagon Covers & Tarp»aUns. FLAGS Of Bilk or Banting, as per Army wgnlaUons, con stantly in hand and made to order. a.nuDBACD, J, S. ICBNKB, OEO. B.JCAtIP*3T2B. Uaiiks tztrti Cankers 'J-ALER, ITLIOIAXN <te CO., bankers AND Dealers in Government Securities, Gold, etc. Southwest Corner Lake and Clark-sts. As wc h’re able, through oar New Tork Home, to loan large sums ON CALL, with Government Securi ties as collateral, wo have determined to effer FOUR PER CENT per annum on DEPOSITS to bo checked for at pleasure. Also, wllllssueccrtlflcatcsot deposit bearing FIVE PER CENT Interest, for money lell thirty Cays or over. * Seven-Thirty Treasury Notes cf all series converted Lola ,1-20 I’ONDS.on terms more favorable tbaa to send to Waihlngton. Gold. Stocks and Bonds bought and sold In New York by telesraph. jab. >. iTHti. j.J.m.uxaxK. jxo. n. vnrasa. ffiffiloon arts ®oal J^AOKAWANNA COAL! Wcbnve for sale One Hundred Tons best Goal tn man-et—bought at reduced rates* and to be sold accordingly. SLEEPER &. CO., 73 STATE-ST. Atlantic cable The united Elates and Great Britain United. J. & J. CAMPBELL, Although desirous of obtaining as much as they psssl- Diy can for their large and superior sUckJ cf wood and coal, Hive at length found out the Impossibility cf selling at (be present high prices, and t ave a locly determined to sell at greatly reduced rates. Call and s-o lb*m. anc get good re ensure and good wood at reasonable rates Ofilres, 47 Biver-st and northwest corner ol Halstcd-gt bridge. THIS. GOAL AT SUMMES PRICES! We have a few hundred tons ol best LACEAWANA and PITTSTOK COAL more than will supcly our cus tomers, winch we ctfcr.dc.iverud in any part of thr city, altbelollowlng prices: (fringe. Esgoad large sizes* 81S per Ton* CbCHtnai 11 “ I MIKING AND SUPPLY CO.. 54 and 56 Randolph-st Insurance. pHCBNIX, OF HARTFORD. THE AGENCr OF THE PIHESiX INS. CO., OF HARTFORD, Having been tra» ffenvd from HUCBAJID dfc HUA’T TO HOLMES BRG. & HOIDEH, The undersigned are prepared to Issue and renew poli cies In this old. first clou Company, at current rates. All losses in the rnCENIX. at this Agency. wM he adjusted and paid here, wltnout reference or delay. HOLMES BBO.&HOLDEN, Agents, JIH iJifialle-sL, Mercantile Building. Chicago, March 4. 1867. Sraneportatimx. jiLLS, FARGO & COMFANV’S FAST FREIGHT LIKE. Omaha to Denver City. WELLS,FARGO*COMPANY having cstibUshed, In cot ccclion with their HXFBESS AND OVERLAND MAIL business, a FAST FREIGHT LINE from OMA HA TO DENVER CITY, connecting with tno AMERI CAN EXPRESS CO.* ot Omaha, are now prepared to forward Freight of all kinds AT TSS7 LOW HaTflS. TIME AND FACILITIES UNEQUALLED For Contracts or tnrther IrformatUn apply at the American Express Company’s Ofllce, Chicago. Wcllm Fargo Sc Co.'s Drafts on Cnllfn’nln, Payable in Cold cr Currency, for sale at ttUs otficc. Orders received lor Telegraphic Transfer tf Fund# to He Pacific CcnsL ISritk. p AKD’S PATENT Ur BBICB MBCSasana. Office anti tnancMctory 311 SonUt Jefltnf Tor lUOrmaUon ana ae«crlpUTo 03 Booth Jeoersoo-fU Uhlckk* H DRICE MACHINE.” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office, Room So. 3, 47 Clart-at., Chicago. Jjj£AQAZIHE BBICE WORKS, Corner HaUted and Twcnly-second-atn. Office, No. 3 Otis Block. A. J. KMhELT, Proprietor. attorntfis. gCAMMON & LINCOLN, Attorneys and Connso’.lors at Law, Boom No. 1, Marine Bank Building, Chlcigo, HI. CHAB.T. SCAMMON. ROBERT T.LINCOLN. A CARD. Messrs. SCAMMON & LINCOLN, _ Attorneys at Xaw. Will hereafter collect my renta. Tenants wUI And them In the office heretofore occupied by John For sythe. Esq. AppUcatloa for lease* may be made to them. J. YOUNG SCAMMON. March 4.1867. p ROUND Six, cak-b Is tbe Cheapest Feed In tbe Market V. r■ )<■•■ .t an in-i- UfUtfl tlwA.t) Dijt.l.- .-a a f, ,wu B. W. EIiATcHJOHD A CO* J No, 70 north CUnton-fl. tfarprting, Eloper hangings, tailing, ©ft <Elotf»s, &c. IMPORTANT NOTICE. GREAT BARGAINS IN CARPETING f COME NOW AND BUY CHEAP. Alien & Mackey’s Carpet Store, Bi-yaxi Hall, 80 SonUi Clarhc-st. Paper Hangings, Bedding, Curtain Goods, OB Cloths. Wo bold die Largest Btock la the West, a* The recent Tarttl upon Wool will cause aa advance non. lor Spring u** should avail lhnns*lvefl ot the advai iSSlatci)ES. WALTHAM WATCHES. I.—We data, and arc prepared to prove, mat the American Watchc-S manufactured at Waltham, jfassa chuictts, are not only equal, bat are fhr superior to (be common watchct of England, Switzerland and France. IL—While we admit that It would be ciifllcu’t to ex cel the masterpieces ot the eminent European manu facturers, and while we do not claim to have made any vcrlslve improvement over them, we do assert and challenge a successful clrnlal, that oar tuperlor class of watches are foily equal. In every respect, to the most expensive specimens of foreign chronomctrlcat art. HI.—Wo claim .bat our watches are cheaper, more accurate, less complex, more durable, better adapted for American use. and more easily kept la order aud repaired than any other watches In the market. IV.—The reasons why our patches possess these ai vantogf s over their European rivals arc chiefly: Ist. Because the prlcclplo of the division of labor Is carried out in oaf workshops to Its extremes! limits, not in Untran Industry only, but In machinery as well. Every watch passes through hundreds ot hands.and hundreds ot machines. 2d. Became we promptly adopt every new Inven tion to perfect oar machinery, and every proffered lmprov< ment In the structure of watches. 3d. Became In each of the very numerous, minute, mid often microscopic pvrts of which a watch is m»de up. we ttuln, by mechanical power, nearly ab«*mt« mathematical prcclslsn ana uniformity, whi«n It w ut terly Impossible w achieve by manual woof. Wheels, pinions, escapements, balances, springs. and screws— exact connwparw In weight, circumference and dt meosloni—*fo turned oat by millions by tne unerring, because oasWervlug, iron hands cf machinery. Hence, every witch of any is a true copy of Its model. V._7bwe results enable us to defy foreign rivalry, otcauie no similar uniformity and precision is attalni blc Vy band, untt because in Waltham alone Is machli .ryexcloilvely employee In the manufacture of this i.irleate and delicate mechanism. Vl,—Now, as will be seen at once, this similarity In •itructnrereduces the cost of production; It secures uniformity id results; it perpetuates and Infollioly dif fuses soy excellence that may bo once achieved; and maxes U easy to repair any injury (ttstalned, or replace soy part that may be lost or destroyed. Vil.—ln addition to these mechanical advantages, our watches arc simple in structure, and, therefore, Wronger and less liable to be Injured than the majority of fotdgn watches. They are compoicdot irom 13 to JOO pieces. In an old English watch there than 7UO parts. MIL—We begin oar experiment lalC3, In the face of a formidable prejudice nsaiust American watches, Onr system was now aid uuulci. We have steadily tccressed oar facldtiCi, until now we employ over 7CO artisan-, an < BcII7O.CCO watches a year. Nearly a quar ter of a million of our watches are In use to-day In every State of the Unlo.<, as well »s Id tne Mexican aad British P. evinces aid Colonics. Their universal pop clarity Is the beat proof of tholr merit that wecaa pro duce. They have won th?lr wsy in spite of every opposition and of immemorial prejudices. Uundrels oX dcoitra all over the country bare expressed their preference for our products after a long and practical expert, a a: wTh foreign watcles. Any of ih. graocs of Waltham Watches may be pur chased of Witch dealers generally throughout the country. UUHBINS «t APPLETON, IS3 Broadway, Nevr York. KOBDIN-. APPLETON A: CO., IDS, Boston.? gPECIAL NOTICE. N. MATSON & CO, (Successors to MATSON A HOESj, No. 117 I.:ike-iSt-. CHICAGO, Having been appointed ib'only Wholesale Agents for Chicago and the Western country, for the American Watch Company Watches, v OF WALTHAM, MASS* Desire to stats to the public that they hare at an times \ full end complete assortment of above Watches, cased In GOLD and SILVER CASES of every concelv able nylo and finish to be loucd, and at FACTORY I'BICBS. Jewellers and Watchmakers ol the Northwest can ■aow beiupplvcd at precisely same rates as at the Fao tury, and save the delay sending East. We are the only authorized Agents In the West for these Italy celebrated Watches* uao fully recommend them to the public as die best of the American production* *, MATSON, L. J. NORTON, W.B.HIOLBT, IX7 Lalie-s.t., Clilcago, IU. jftir Sal?- r'OOFEKAGF. ‘ V_, FOP. SiLE, £,500 ? 000 Floor Barrel Staves, With HcjQli g to match, thoroughly seasoned, good A ldth. and A No. i m every, respect-by LINDEN, si h WALL A TEED. Mercantile Building, opposite me Cha niber ot Co a merce. Chicago. JJUaKS FOR SALK 25 Tons of Husks For sale at a bargain. Inquire o» TitUF. WOLCOTT A CO.. ia Labolle-BU or MIGHT A DUnTON, 57 MreMgan-av. pHUKOH ORGAN iron saxiT^ Suitable for a small Cbnrcb, Mission School, or Lodge Rue-D; contains 8 Stops, with Swell, Pedals. Ac. For tans, Ac* address «T. A. FAEWELL, 30 South Clatl-sL, Chicago. nro capitalists. 1 MttWArrrK, March 1.1837. Having decided to relinquish badness, we oiler oar establishment for sale. Our bouse was EBT &BUBBSS IN 1846, FTas been In existence 31 years, aid la now on a safe, firm ano permanent basis, and to men of capital who are ocslruus of embarking to a PROFITABLE -.ranch ol trade (wholesale and Jobbing only ) this pre -tCT.G a rare and valuable opportunity. Our stpek is mil, embraces none but the most staple goods, and the ;um.ciß is In perfect running order. n, boswuktii & son?*. Wholesale Druggists, Milwaukee, Wla. BARRELS. Number 1 Wll*kcy Barrels, both Iron and Wood bound, FOB SALE. CHICAGO BARBEL CO.. No. 00 LaSailo-St. POK SALE—I,COO brls choice varieties Apples; Bolttr—Choice Table. In tabs and Jars; Frefb Tomatoes, a delirious article, out op In 1 and i-calcaas, for sale at 70 cents per gallon; 4,000 Sucked ilatr.o. *cgar cored, a tbolco snide; LOOo pieces Brrasiast Baas, sngar cored, a choice article, orders solicited. E. WHYTE & CO.. 141 Sooth Water**!. Jpoß SALE—The best Retail Wood and Coal Business In the city. We also oner oor stocK of Wood and Coni at U£Bt7C£D PBlG£2d, To close oot the same. CCBTISS. BROWN Os CO* 13 West Madison-it. pOR SALE- Shingle, Stave and Barrel Machinery, Comprising shingle mills, heading mills, shingle anc sending Jointers, stave Jointer*, stare cutters o c admi ruenders ana planers, eaaahnng and cntotl saws, Ac All new. c € oor own manntactore, and warrantod- FDLLEU & FORD, 2S* and 254 Maoisoa-ft. DARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. X FOR SALE; A CAREFULLY BELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, i avolcug about tHOCO; a 1 pnrchasec within a yrw -atuaiuleaseon sure. Store located loathnnn* town a short distance from Chicago. Satisfactory rea »o3s $ iven fbr sei.lng. For particulars imjolre^ol^ Commission Mere Cant, 83 LaSallc-sl* Chicago. faceting. OFFICE OF 7*E EQUETADLE IN V / SUR4NCE COMPANY OF CHICAGO. THE AMJUoL BAECTIoN r-r Director# cf this Company will hch*M at the office .f ihe C< mparv, southwest corner of Randolph and hafcallc-tu* ec'TUEbDAV, March I'A ls-il. I>. IV. PHILLIPS, Secretary. fVFFICE MERCHANTS’ SaVINGI U LOAN AND TRUST CO. M CmciPo, Peb.9, l3u<- The Annual Menu c ot the stecahoWenof the Mo -nauts* savings. Loan «nd Trust the el& doo of Trnstns, will ne he ! rt at the office of SMd Con.- jany. la Chicago, on MONDAY, the noun of to a. d. and 12 tn. L. J. OaQE, CMhlcr. NUMBER 272. id Never Allow Ourselves to bo Undersold. :eln the ptlce dour Goods, and parties roQtdrlag antages of the prelect low prices. ©lotiiing. QJLOTHING. Spring Overcoats! THE BEST ASSORTMENT IN THE CiTY Can be Found AT DE GRAFF’S Corner Stale nml BanJolph-sts. JQE QBAI'F'S ORDER DEPJRTiIIHT. Hew and Elegant Designs Just Received. t,. DE GEAFF, Corner State and Randolph-sts. LUMBER! We have a Large and Choice Stock of Lumber, Lath & Shingles, Which we ofler to Country Dealers at prices which cannot tail to be satlslhctory, fat good assorted goal* * U (Jar stock consists in part ol Wide Ist. 3d and Ad Clear; Clear and 3d Clear Flooring and Siding; select ami Common Stock and Box Boards; Wide Saginaw Cot' men Boards, joists. Scantling, Timber, Ac. We pave a large stock of 12,11, lb and 15-feet Fencing which we otfer low with other lorn her. pr Orders solicited. Oflice and Yard on Mnaon’a Canal, In the new Lumber District. SCOTT A POUTER. Business <Eaths. ARE prepared to ship WHEAT TO ALL POINTS, EAST AND SOUTH, Without Transfer at Chicago* fy orders uom MUIuS solicited. Samples seat ot .p.ucuoti. sioa BaoTHEHBj MILWAUKEE. WIS. MRWOOI) & CO., General Commissjon Merchants Cor. LaSalle and Washesgton-sts. CHICAGO. Give particular attention to both buying and seQlog Crain, Flour, Seeds, Port* Lard, Beef, Tallow. Property bought and held on margins, and sold elUa to this or Easters markets. %W~ Special rates ol Commission made to those vht tarnish their own money for large purchases ol prop erty to be held fi» sale by ns. P. L. Dnderwood. Ben. w, Undorwwwd CLARK &CO., Manulacturera of and dealers in Boors, Bash, Blinds, Mouldings, Brackets, etc., comer of Flek aadTweaty-sccoud-ata, (new Brick Planing Mill). Box 873. Chicago, 111. AL*o, dealers In Lumber. Lath and tihingles. QILBEBT & FIELD, GEHEBAL COMMISSION HEBCH&OT&, (Successors to Gilbert, Updike & CoJ 103 "Waslilnuton-Bt, CfIAS. J. GILBERT. GEO. FIKLE Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Hardwood and TThitewood lumber* Ofllct: and Yard, 304 South Frsnkllo-sL. bet. Vac Cortc ami Harrlso., Chicago. P.0.80x3336. cut to nyler. n ISAAC n . HOLD EX. Jg. XDMCXP PXXPLkTOH. ivailroabs. Chicago & Alton railroad COMPANY. „ SUPgsrsTxypxyT’s Omcx, j Chicago. March 7,18 CT. > fflCUl MM The bridge at WUmlrgtOD recently carried away by the heavy freshets, baviog pom replaced, the Paiscn gor and Freight Trains cr this Company will, on and afterdate, mu through without transfer between Chi cago and tit. Louis, on regular advertised time. The Mail Train lor bioomlngton, Spitngfleld, St. Louis, and intermediate points, i-aves Company’s De i oL near Uadlson-iL budge, at 8:05 a. m., ana Night Express Train »l 9:13 p. ro. „„ ROBERT HALE. General Superintendent. aspmoeals. JJEUOYAL. Eisendrath & Co., HAVE REMOVED TO THEIR ISTEW STORE, No. 97 South Wator-st. 13roposals Proposals for a brick. SCHOOL DOUSE. „ Omc* or tub Boabd op Public Wosks, ) Chicago, March 7,1357. > Sealed Proposal* will be received by the Board ot Public Works, at their Office, until 11 a. ra., Wednes day, March Stub, the contraction of a Bnck School Bm dine, according to plans and specifications on file at the office of A- Bauer. Architect. 47 LaSalle street. The building will be lour stones hlcb, and will be located at or n»or the cortcrof Desplalces and De- Pnyster streets, os tbs Board of Education shall deter nine. The stone cutting, the masonry, the painting and closing, or the carpentry, zsay be hid for separately, or the proposal maybe made for'he hollaing com p>ir, incinolng ail the virions kttds of work. Proposals mas t be addressed to the Board of Public Wcr«, endorsed ‘•Proposal for Brick school Balld- Ilc.*’ and be accomtauled with the usualsloo bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. % Ibo Boaru reserve the right to reject any bio not in accordance with the conditions of tms advertisement, or to reject all blca, and no proposal will he accepted unitss the party offering it snail give evlaensosatis lactoty t>the Board that he haa the necessary still, experience, energyacd abtiityfcr cotng thowort,is trustworthy, and has safflticnl wa. FRED- LKTZT^ O. J. rosbT: Board of Public Works. PR OP 0 SALS FORF LLLIN G NORTH FROM ERIE TO DIVISIOS-ST. omci of tun Boacn of public Worn, I emcaoo. Match 4th, 1567. I Sealed Proposals will oe received by the Board ot I'ntlic Works, at .their office. Nos. 13 and 17 Wells fL. ontl 1 11 a. m. Toarsday, March Itch, for filling with cla> Ninn Market-et, from the south Uneof Erlo-st, to the south line at Divblou-sl.. aeccrdlsg to plans and specification* on file at <atd office. Said improvement will be paid for as the work pro* etttses, excepting tho usual reservation offilteenper must be addressed to the Board of public Works, endorsed “Proposal U r Filling North Mar kei-st.," and be accent panled with tho usual $309 bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. The Board reserve the right to Meet any bid not In accordance with the condition* of this advertisement, or to reject all blaa. and no proposal will be accepted nnleaa Uie party offering U shat, give evidence satis factory to the (Ward that ho has the ekUL exo-ncnce. cnergv and abli'ty tor doing cue worw. Is UustworthVt and has snfflrirat pe«nlf.ry rewurcea. J. G. uL.NDr.LE, FRED LETS. O. J. ROSE, Board of Public Works. ' Pusincss (Earns. I BAKU BROTHERS. 1 BABSTOTT&,.£TT Cooking Range, Tie Be« Ears# !b the World. Tooktoe. LnandrT nod Tailors* i store*, Itßrt«ers.Veatilatoi», Arc., Are.. 8 9 MOKR OE-9T [ (yearly oppoMie the Post Qg^j — BILES, 810. &GO-, Wateif&Wanoods. jimn aks SILVER GOODS. pS&isrjrufi^S'iifsi* of cnK>go- KIMBALL, STEVENS & CO., wholesale CLOTH-HOU.SE, 64 and 66 MICIIIGAN-AT. PHILIP WADSWORTH & co>, MASCTACTCBSSS AST) JOBBZE9 Or CLOTHING, 34 & 36 L&ke-at. 2£ SdTOiiaiure-rt. Chicago. 111. Cogros.MAsa. J. J. M'fiRATH, MaxmCTCBIH -SXD IMFOBTXB or PAPER HANGINGS A3TO WINDOW SHADES. Warehouse, 78 Randolph-st., CHICAGO, nx. TURNER, BRISTOL & CO ptuxrs si Leather & Shoe Findings, Importers of French and German Calx Sdns, 1C & 18 Statc-st., Chicago. Agents for Taylor's Oak Belting. HIBBARD & SPENCER, Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 233,0 0 O WHEELEE & ■Wn.SON Sewing Machine IS USE. increasing 1,000 per week. BUBTABBAB, it, AgLfortbe Northwest. The number i ABTI 106 Lake i N 3. D. WELLS & CO., BOOTS & SHOES, 38 LAKE-ST^ CHICAGO. LUNT, PRESTON & KEAN, BAiVEEKe, And Dealers in Gov’t Securities 47 CLAHK»ST. LAND WARRANTS and SCRIP ior Bale. ISO-acre Scrip, co«tlng{9o tof3s. wlllbnj as ninch land as S2OO in greenbacks. WM. W. STRONO. FURNITURE. 203 Randolph-st., P.Q. Pox 8383. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, 'BCCCESSOE3 TO BOWES BROTHERS, Wholesale Dry Goods, And China, Glass & Crockery, 15,17,19 & 21 ItaDgolpVst Hayden & LEATHER, CARRIAGE GOODS, SADDLERY HARDWARE, 45 8t 47 Loke-st, Chicago* HART, ASTEN & CO., FLOUR SACKS, CRAIN BAGS, And Bags of Every Description. Paper Floor Racks ot the Best Quality. 183 Booth Waterwst. J. BAUER & CO., Manufacturers and Importers ot Musical Instruments and Strings Alio, Wholesale Dealers la PIANOS & ORGANS. No. 630 Broadway, SEW TOEK. 1y0.69 Woahlogtoa^t.CniCAGQ DR. J.O. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, HO Dandolpb-st. Teeth Extracted 'Without Fain for SI.OO, By the use cl Nitrous Oxide Ga». or Vi talized Atr. Teeth Inserted on the Vnl canite or Robber Base tor 111 to < iO a get. IRVINE, JONES & CO., (Successors to Graves & Irvin-,) Wnomilf SXALZE3 is WHITE GOODS. HOSIERY, Dress Trimmings, nxroTxorzxrs, efcc., 10 LAKE-«sT. up-slalrs. WHITTEMORE, CARTER & BROWN, Wholesale Dealers In DATS CAPSMILLINER V AND ftl It AIV GOODS. | A large stock for spring sales, bought at pat ic prees, and will be rolii at very low est figures. 11 &13 Lake-st, Chicago. I JOSEPH L. HALL & CO., -tJIAifCFACrFBIia OF Hall’s Patent Concrete, Fire and Burglar Proof SAFES, Victor Combination Locks, 93 DEABBOBN-ST. S. M. FABSETT, AUTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY. gjT" Pictures taken in dark as veil as In pleasant -weather. Gallery, 114 South Clark-st. GREENLEE BROS. & GO. Monnlacturers' Agents for and Dialers in STEAK ENGINES, Circular Saws, Belling, WOOLLEN HACHINEET, And Supplies for WooiJa Mil's. Mvhln lets'loo:* ol oil kinds; also Wood Work it g Machinery. NO. 32 DEARBORN-ST. HALLOCK £ WHEELER, Maxct&ctcbzbs* Aoests ros ETJBBEE AND LEATHEE BELTING, Rubber Goods, &c. 11l Randolph-st. !J. E. WILSON & CO., j Manolactaren and Dealers In Mens’ and Youths’ FarnUli* in? Goods, ASD SHIRTS. 126 Pearbom»3t» SPRING STYLES. 6BW DRESS HITS, GESTB’ BTJSHreSS BATS, YOUTHS’ DRESS AND SCHOOL H AT«. All the latest and most fashionable styles. BISHOP A BARNES, 115 LaltMt,. Patents. rjX> i*APER MANTJFACTORERS, u T »Opndoß baa been caned to a areolar purorrtlrc to BeSomOBB L. C. WoocraX « Pirmdcnt of the *mdrcatallcPap<rCotnP«J; 4*»d Ma**r» Fall*. Fthfrci*rT li», to gp«f manalbrtufer*, rnSSsib»t»t>erffo*l“ c f. t ' l T? clJ& s,P a ’i* »r Of ta. MUnu Md 2,“?5* dydrostatlc Piper Company. *od that .So process is financed in tint ot the said By. ?4JSMcComp* T T.*od taat titer win proeecnto for oSk ycmenta *ll persons woo attempt to om tie pan* m*Uc process andefcranMtrcm me. Socttsutezsenu. IntbeOceot the facts of the cue, are abturd,apd,l rearet to oe tcnpellid to ur. are maUrioamy i«i«- and libellous. and I anal] bold ue author or authors ttereof to a strict accountability. In the otnuie I leave tM merit* of the question to admesqual fledtotacn. Tre majority of mypsteata. embraced la my “pro fm,’’ are an»*nrr */. «tir bekt by W ** Hyapwtstlc Paper Company. andl bare coiyt? leare tbs public to «j who arc the Infnsgers there;/. I harcsuosmted to most counsel *scb of my patents as oe*r dates •ntHequent to. together wltb copse' of tbe patents onder wblcb tba Hydrostatic f*a per Company elMra their procr**. ana sire here wltb Uic opinion vf sucu counsel on u.e qu«s>Uoa of tnfirlntfO xnent Tbmttbl* qne-tlon may be properly understood, I wld hMesUie tbattbe patenta held r*y tbe dydrostade Tapei Coup*ny» ere assigned to them by tn« patent eeaT&tasr*. 11. I- JO-NfcSaad D. 6. FABQCHARSOJT and I aa cot aware that tttlr so-calUd proceaa ta em braced la any other patent* whatever. My own proceaa I* embraced a net l«a than ten (13) different patents and tne use or operation! of tbe pneu matic prtasnre I do not racanl absolutely necessary la working my process succesunay, either In the am redaction of flbroa* substance. to paper pulp, or la bleaching tbe same; bat I tellers tbe pneumatic prin ciple tar superior to the hydrostatic, and will prore tar as either «>ay be required. B&pectfally, HARHI-ON a, MEECH. Fcrt Bdwardi, 2i. T~, Feb. 3Kb, ISST. rj-0 WHOU IT iIAT CONCERN. Af the altcrney of BAEUISOK B. MEECH. I pr»- cared the etrtrai p»uz.u be taw boidi t>r ImproreQ Processes in lie Manufacture of Paper Slock, And aa familiar ■with each and trety ora of them. 1t are aJ*-o e*refUlty crammed the patent* Issued to Jooei and Farqabsnon. one bearing date March 13th. 1*66, tor an Improved apparatus tor bleaching of paper stock, tad one dated Jane sth. 1866, tor an improved process cf treating wood, tor the manufacture of paper po:p. These two are denominated the sialic Prectss. 1 have co hesitation In spring that none of the pro cesses paUctcdh? Mr. MEECQ, or which he holds, aod which constitute the MEECH PROCESS. So called, are is any manner Identical with the Hydro static Process. tor do taey Uifring- tneaame. T»ocl the patent* held by Mr. Meech are those with which l bay- been connected cj owner. The first was tuned tomyscironuy ownapp Italian, July 3* st, 1364- j: was tor an improved process la the m&nulhetareOt nap'ntock. The otberluued to myself and Uamaoa B. Meech, tor an Improrement in thebleachlxgcf paper stock. £ach of these processes Inyoired the oh cx tho pitzvmAVxa pbbssubs, In tho manner described In each at them ns ipccnvely. Ttc moot prepare as a part olsich pro cess, whether applied them respectively. The use of pressure as a part of inch process, whether a>pll*d Vf .team, air. ga?, water, or utberwue, is not patentable la the present stated the art; hut aa tmpreved mctu od ct applying such pressure may be the subject ol» patent. . 1 tie Uydrcstattc mode may be the subject M apitentflo or as the same Is used aadnscral.- bo like wise tn»y be any other sew and useful mod*-aa the pneumatic. But such modes of produclnethe pressure are entirely from cachother. Neither the Of drostanc or Pneumatic ptocea* are patentatde «xcepC as ans w and useiul moon of obtaining a result, as such they are courtly dlsUrcl from, acd Independent ot each other. 1 am well acquainted with the many processes la use for reducing straw, grass, etm. to » condition suitable tor the manufacture of paper, and I am clearlr of the opinion thst the process practiced cy Harrison B. Meech. and known as tee Meech Process Is superior to any ether, if not the only one by which the grasses can be succeialnlly worked. That they can be worked by his process. Doth profitably mod success fully. 1 know. JOEL TLFFAJ»Y» A ihany, February 20th. 1567. NEW PATENT MOP WRINGER, The most useful household Invention of thedsy. Price |3. AUbcraidlscounttotbetradc. Manufactured by Proprietor for State of Illinois, 101 Lake-et. County Blftbts for Sale. GOOD AGLETS WASTED, all over the State. Slo pl-Wrlncm shipped to any part of the Slate on ra celpt ot |i. Address as above. PATENT OlTlCES.—lnventors who with to take out letters Patent &n adrlialta conn*el with MTJN.N & CO., Editors o! the Bcleatltt Anerlcar. who have prosecuted claim* Defare the Patent Office for marly tweety year*. Th'lr American and Enrctear Patent Amucj-U the moatextenilTela the world. Charges ie» than any otosr reila&ls asreocy. A pamptM, containing 101 l l&struetlsos to tnytav ori, is sent gratia. Address fijtotft Subscriptions. J>KOS?LCTUS OF “The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co.” Capital Stock Jive Hnsdred Shores, SI,OOO Each. This Company has b«u organized under the General Laws of th« elate ot 1 Hants, lor the purpose of moan factoring all kinds ot FAPiS&and ureparlßg FIBKS for other purposes, from the WILD GKAhWoond la thi* vicinity in steal abundance. The practical development and utilizing o( such ma terial nw effected through ma Invention*, and the several Patents issued to DIR. HARRISON D. MBECH. CniCARO. of Fcrt Edwards. New York. This Company haring purthued from Mr. Meech an of lb* said rttvow for the fhl owing States, ttvwlt: Illinois, Indiana. Michi gan, Wisconsin, lowa and Minnesota, are now prepared to receive a Halted amount ol subscriptions to the Capital Stock. In Inviting subscriptions to this block, wo wco!d state that the Company are mw toe owners ol the BATAVIA PAPER MILLS, Which are producing at the present Ume two (3) tons per day of prut paper. Tbva Mill has buuames and water power of sufficient capacity, already erected, and in condition to receive two CD additional machines, which hare been ordered, audit Is estimate dean be pat In running order on or before the first day ot May nest, wnlch wUI Increase the capacity and products of the said Mills tv sis (5) tons per day; that, at the present market prices, should yield to this Company a very satisfactory profit. T be future operations of tnls Company cont'mplato the erection, or consolidating of other mills with their enterprise, within the present year. 1 suing tie fail amount or tneir Slock, and which wbl probably more than double the foregoing estimate ol product of Print, Manilla and ITrapping Papers. This Company hating procured a charter trom the Leclslatcrcof tie Stale of Is, lucres Hoc tadr capital to oca mUilon of dodara, are now reorganizing order their Charter privileges. The Stock Booxsars aovopeafiyraaiMcrlotionto the Offices of Messrs. UICREJtSoN & SHEKMAX 170 Baa* doli>h-»t. -where all funher lalcrmatloa as to the pat ents. prospects, Ac., wilt be given. In fo’letnre our friend* ta subscribe to Utls Stock, we believe *e are warranted tusaylos that this enter prise promises an anp&ralleied return of profits, com pared wUhsty oUmr manufacturing buaineia herevo fort prestnied. THOMAS S. DICKEESOS, Pres’L Gin 8.31058. VtcePies’r. (Formeily PresidentßataviaPaperMlQ Co.) WM. HANSnROUGH.Sec’y. I. N. 17. SHEEHAN. Treasurer. CUBbCUIFTIOKS OP STOCK Sangamon Coal & Manufacturing COMPACT. The books Are cow opto for aubrcrlptlous to the Cap. Ijal Stock ot this Coirpany. and may be found at the cilice of OSBOHN. TUUiIP&oN A STEADMAN, In Cobb’s Building. Dcarborn-ah, wnaa a copy of the charter can be .ten. The Capital Stock Is fSOO.OOO. Only #(0.000 ot the ttset upon Uie market. Of thli amount, t iO.OOO baa al ready been tacen in Springfield, 111. An investigation will satisfy aiy perron that It Is a safe, reliable and ru mm>r»l>vctuvtsiment. The vein a* coal Is nlne&et In thlcknes*, and ct a supeilor quality. IUKO »I. LOOEY fHatfjincrg. prrrs & co., nioatfnctarer* of Thrcsliog Machines, > Borse Powers, Trip Hammers. Doak’s Combined Com Planters and Cultivators, etc*, etc- Bcapen, Mowers and Farm Machinery Repaired. Patterns and Castings made to ord-.r. Gtlnolng, Polishing, etc. So. 108 West Bandolph-sl., Chicago, 111. A MBS* J~\ Celebrated Portable and Stationary STEAM EiNGINES. all sixes. Superior to all others. C.l*. BICE A CO., Chicago; BiJITIX ABIGGS, bt.Louis. Mo.: VJf.P. BOVEV, Milwaukee: JAMBS JENK3, Detroit, agents. Cali or send lor circular. Bissolutimt. DlfifcOUmON OF COPARTNER SHIP.—The Copartnership heretofore existing otaer the firm came of LAMAK. A MORRIS. i« uua day dlstoivec, £. P. Lasak withdrawing mu the firm. Either of the parties are attthorUed ti tue th* name of me firtL in ilQcldatlon, R • F. pA 9 AK. Chicago, Feb. 1, IsCT. T. B. MOttBIS. The Bat, Cap and Fur Business Formerly carried on under the firm of Laaik & Morris >l.l be cocductea ttc same aa heretofore. at Uie OU bland, No* 107 &andolph*Bt«| By the Snbscrlb'r, THOMAS B. 3IORRIS. Chicago, February 1, X&67. jytSOLCUON. THE FIIOI OF WOODETTIT & PAINE Is this cay dissolved by mutual consent. Etth<t party u aottorued to settle the Indebtedness ol the Crra. ■ MASON WOODRUFF. WM. FAXNB. The business will be continued by WM. PAXNE, or the old ktana. N. E. corner Rosh-«r. Bridge. March Ist, 1567- TVt'SOLXJTIOJT.—The firm ot B. Be- Ud. rleln &Co.UUm day diuolredbr cntoal etaa- Best. Tbf bailee** will be conilc.o«l. *» ncretotore, by B. M. ABNSTEIS. wM *!or e Is antbomed tj lien jn liquidation. B. FEDERLRIM, E- U.-ARN6TKIN. Chicago, March Ut, !Sg7« Kc* 74 A7O Lalia-U TvIScOLPTIOK. The copartnership I J hercUifcre fxigdne under the firm same of nUfl- UiftlD ft HUNT baa tbta day betadtfsolrtd by main*! couect. sjieord: March It.t, 1567. CO^A3T29SaSHir. The nnderslEß*d hare fance' a cODarUsenhlp treder the Orm name of DUST* GOODWIN. sameiing to the business 01 the late Otti of Hubbard £ liact. SlzntQ: CttAS. H. HUNT. „ ““ Jonathan gol-DwiS, Jn. II arch Jflt, 13C7. (•Tractors, QfTACKERri. grated Crackers. The on’y orlclnal end setulne rat'd Cracker mvto west cl Sew Yin can tie had at A. »OLl.AS>n&££ CO.'S Mammcth Steam Cncicer Inst tutloa 41M> and 30t Mam-st.. Milwaukee. Merchants and othe*e who hare nr: cae: these fine rocas should s*nd lor samples. Also. Assorted Bvc Cracker*, neatly put up 5, a, 10,15 and 20 pouaUr, tor nrst-clas* r tail trade. Address jt. pOUiA.NsBr.K & C«».. 499 and sol Main i‘ u unwaiuce. O. A. ÜBNDKICK. MUJRf A CO., 37 Park-row, Sew York. - $500,000. O. S. HUBBARD, CU&S. H. DUST.