Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 8, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 8, 1867 Page 4
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COHGEEBSIONAt PROCEEDINGS. [Continued From First itye.] I have no objection to th!« investigation being Enrsued through the channel of that committee; nl at the same lime, to be consistent, I must asy 100 oppose and shall oppose, until I have some enderceto my mind to show royerro*, that we make an appeal to the conscience of tu* great natlrn when we seek to deprive it of the Execu tive head." Mr. ASHLEY resumed the floor. Mr.NIBLACK rote and said: Mb. SrthgTß > This is a serious matter, sod If the gentleman from Ohio was not in possession of the Cscu to Justify him In bringing this matter before the Boose I presume bo would sot do so; hut there is a charge going the rounds of the newspapoia affecting the gentleman himself, and lending to show chat be ts not the proper person to bring this matter before (be country; and cer tain letters have been published purporting to have been written by him several years ago, while a member of Congress, of a somewhat Sneer import. 1 desire to ask the gentleman am Obio whether those papers are genuine, so «hat If they are a fraud be may have the opportunity of exposing it. I-do thi* oot of po nnkindness to the gentleman, but simply looking to the truth of hiftory. 3he SPEAKER asked ilr. Ashley u he yielded the floor for that purpose. Mr. ASHLEY. No, sir. Ido not yield the floor to have gcnilemen come here with any each Im pertinence. The SPEAKER called Mr. Ashley to order for the remark, stating that while he mar say the re marks ofa gentleman were cot was objectionable and out of order to say they were Impertiorpt. Hr. NIBLACE remarked tbat he had no per* tonal matter to fettle with Hr. Ashley here. He always settled bis personal matters outside of this House. Hr. AKHLEY said: I want to say to the gentleman from Indiana, that 1 should perhaps not have used the words 1 did. 1 meant to fay bis fcwrcrftion wa? not peninest to the question before the Uouae, hut I will answer it. Hr. NIRiACK—Hoes the gentleman withdraw the expression? Hr. ASHLEY. I do; and wish to say to the gentleman that the point which be raises against me has no possible connection with this case, end it Is not pertinent to It When those charges were first made against me 1 came Into the House and asked an investigation of them, and a com*. Tuittee was appointed* two of them Democrats and three Republicans, and the committee nnam monslr exonerated me from any improper mo* live wbateva. Hr. NIBLACK had never heard of the gentle man's vindication. After some farther remarks. Ur. ASHLEY yielded the floor to General BUTLER, who made so eight minute speech In rapport of J!r. Ash* Jcv’e proposition, ana Mr. HILLER made a five rninmc speech, counselling moderation. Mr. HOLMAN moved to lay the resolution oo tbetsb'c. Negatived—S3 against 119. Alter speeches by Messrs. BROOa.S, WOOD and CHANLEIL the resolutions in regard to Im peachment were adopted without division. Xhc L SPEAKEU then announced the Commit tees on Electionejfofics and Judiciary: Committee on Elections— Messrs. Hawes, ;Sco fleld, Upson, Sbellabargcr. HcClorg, Cook, Po land, Nicholson and Kerr. Commute on Judiciary—M’sers. Wilson, of lowa, BouVwell. Thomas, Williams, ot Pennsyl vania, Woodbridge, Lawrence, of Ohio, Chnrchul, Marshall and KldLridge. Committee on Mileage —ile=Ers. Anderson, Plants, VanAcmam, Banm and Gelt. Committee on—the Speaker. Washbnrne, of Illinois, Banks, Blaine, and Brooks. Joint Select Committee on Ejuallzaiion of Pag of Employes— Messrs. Woodmidgc, Eckicy and Hc- Cnnoopb. Joint&t*ct Committee on Befrtnchment—Messrs. Schenck,Tan Wyck, Rauditl, Logan and Wash* bnm, of Mas achnsctts. Hr. bCUENCK was excused from serving on the Committee on Retrenchment, alleging that his time was fully occupied as Chairman of the Committee on Military Afla’rs. Mr. rchenck was excused, thns leaving Hr. Van Wyck Chairman of tbat committci*. air. >*IBLACK arose lo a question of privilege, and presented tbc credentials of A. B. Green wood, as Representative from tbe Third DUtrict of Arkansas, and asked that they be referred to the Committee on Elections. On motion of Mr. STEVENS tbe credentials wietabled Mr. STF.VENS moved to f ascend the rules to enable him to introduce a bill to repeal an act re troceding the county of Alexandria from the Dls tiict of Columbia lo Virginia. Tbe rules were tauptrdcd, and the "bill was introduced and passed—yeas ill, nays 2S. Mr. PRICE moved »o suspend (he rule?, to en able h'm to introduce a joint resolution anthor ’xinc the application of part of the funds now in tbe Trcasurv to the redemption of outstanding compound Interest notes. Mr. tIOOPEIt objected, expressing hopes that tbe House would not begin to tamper with the cusrency so soon. Tbe Joint resolution to direct tbe Secretary of the Treasury lo use all money in tbe Treasury over and above seventy million doll ire ft r the purpose of redeeming compound interest notes now outstanding, so far as tbey ebatl be presented for redemption, was called up. Pending consid eration of (be question the House adjourned. IHE ILLINOIS DAIRYMENS CON- VENTION. Flist inuaal Itlceimg: at Rockford— Frocet-dlpgs n'cdacMiy Kvculug and Icstcrday lntereatlnc Discussions and Addresses on Butter and Clteese Mabing-Valuable Units to Hairy* men—Tbe Importance ot tlie Dairy Iktirests of lllinolH. I Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] RocKTonn, HI-, March 7. FIRST DAT—EVENING SESSION. , A session ol the Il.inois Stale Dairymen’s Con vcittlou was held last evening, and a general dis cussion on all subjects relating to the dairy took place. ak nrrrßEFTiko disccrsioX. Mr. Jones liked tne Ayrshire cow the best. They were more gentle ana easily handled than ar.y'o’bere. In the months of March and April he regarded core meal a? the best feed. Be thought that barley was good ler calves, and an excellent snhßiitute for imlk. It contained many of the properties of milk. His opinion was that tender prairie glass in the early part of the season was better for ccws than grass. Later in the seasr.n, when ihe prairie grass grew to he rank, it was rot good for calUc. lie said be could make pounds of cheese out ot the c *xne amount of inllk that be could make one pound of bmter, at-d therefore he rave bis piclerence to cteese-maUag. In answer to a question, Mr. Joars said, cows did rot reaciij eat whey. Tney soon begin to like it. when mixed w-jtb com, meal and then cat l: with avidilv. Whey was betlir tor calves that for cows. In fleecing It to calves, groned Parley should be mixed with it; and it is better foi bop? than either cows or calves. Mr. Jones '■ave hi-derided pteference for Ayrshire cowa for cheese making, and Alderney owa for bnller mnkirp- Ihe former gave the largest amount of milk—one ot the essentials In cheese making, while the latter gave much the richest milt—an . essential in butter making. The former were al ways g* x*tie and easily bardleo. aad the latter, on accoCLt of their tlze, jcquirel Jess f edtnsn ipv olbcrb;e<d- , , . ~ ' Mr Eldrid-’c, of Wisconsin, endorsed Mr. Jones’ new s fa regard to Ayrshire cows for ebtese making. Be also endors'd the statement that the mors qniel cows were kept the more milk they will His own experience had verlfi'-d t* i« tact Levond. controversy. He never allowed the milk- »s’to rnlk loeacb other, orto aiifoat- Fidu, while ergaged in milking. He decid'-dly pseferred men lor milking, akhonga ‘las idea was history and icmanca- He also wanted the *atiie man to milk Lbt same cow. The cow soon beclns to iiuow the milker, and, if at;§ kind to her, ehewill repay sis kindness by an increased vieid of "he lacteal bald ,* 3 .? n " spot to a qut-llon, Mr. Jones said that a- scou »a the nights begun to get cold he nut his cattle under shelter. In the anm mci he alwavs secured enough of cured green corn loddertotapuy his cattle during the winterer unlit towards spring. This fodder was more na tiliions. and the rattle liked itbettet than biy. Toward* epilt-g te fed them with hay ana com meal ui til grass time. He was oppoiod to feed ing Hungarian grsrs to cattle, unless it was cut i-rccn. Ifciorc seeding. 7he seeds were in jurious to the cattle. Mr. tidcidge said he always sowed one or t«<» acres of corn for foddering purposes, lobe cut and cured when green. Two acres of this green corn foddur would aeep thirty or forty ro«s doriijg a goca pa’t ol the aimer The Mi ne relish ii, and It is in every respect lor them—better than any grass that can be ob-amed. This general discussion was continued nntti nine o’clock p. in., bn* no new fact* of Importance w ere elicited, and tbe Convcmiou adjourned until ibis morninr at ten o’clock. „ . l<unnu the proceedings of tbe Convention in the afteinion of yesterday, the Court Hons? was ci owdtd to kf utmost capacity, audaueep ir.tcr e?l was manifested In the remarks of the speak ers. Tuis Convection inaugurates a d;w era m fcurbandry InNotibwolem llliaoU, one which will b«* feh and recognized in tho tuture. There is no d-übl tbut the foil and climate are admirably sdarted to tbe dairy business, and the Umawi.l mi n come w ben the products of« he < ‘s lr J r ? Co ,w°£ f athered licre. and others to be added to their i,umber, will enjoy a popularity second to none in atv o-Lcr scamn of onr l^Bon. &ECOND UA^—MOl-MNG SESSION. CUEESE itAKISO- Tbe Convection n*aas«n hied this morning. /,fter come pre Imicarief, Mr. J. I. ••pen* demer ed an ndarieg at considerable lemrJi oachce.c nationDefcalo, that farmer of the mine State. U was with fcdmgs of humiliation and re gret that Le bad to acknowledge th»t the cheese consumed in this Stale is imported from the Era; and time many thousand dollars forthts Slide are pent ont of the S'atc, when we not only possess ail the natural resource! r ? r * incr for bt me consumption, but might m.lit. it a Tnuch more paying business for export than the »Sf«’hat,csm,«>c. SoSltteposJWcnjre fertile river t'Ottoms, or anr vdiich 8 treater amount o' rrass lian >ortocm liUnoL. All that we vccu to this branch of bosban £?i l Si leadiS and most lucrdive one to tbe S-ate is an immigration of experienced dairymen from ewer StttM What we need fs men and women experienced la the art of He bad be n p*m«d to ace the cheese from deities of 'hint or forty cows sold for less than the co-t of manoSS-all for want of a proper rmitini' of ratting wheat, com, Ac. Mr. Joacs related tis fxpmieuce for the past *cn J - ea« ir* i i.-~ In this conutT, and, while it was for ttS '^&iSZJtSfo®SrS l & ana Pasturing ITO cows at £4 i cr head wSteritC-13£ 1008 01 bß> W eBCh Co *’„.. 575 llJkfn? fend mak‘ng cWeee S months 523 IS C 175 orr cow, at 7 per cent. . Cloth lor seeking. marketing, &c- Toil ciptcse i tzcrT n?. One handled H» chcOBO «*. rt oS'Sfewar. 100 •ffbey lor bogs •• - . . *7.000 Total teceiptß ..r£oas K Mr Fr rate- J£3™£fflSS££* ,a **- ?2W rnftnrirff 4 ■ cows. g-jP o ®?^'!' 1 "'.'.‘.V «» 4M liSwcßion*4ocotrß, $lO per Vea3» 7 per cent. U- nr CEUTA Cheese from 40 cows. Nonprofits f ■these results were produced from April ist to l2lh December. Mr. .Tones verified the above hy a immhpr oi lads and figures. cryme teed fou cattle. The subject of soiling or feeding prepared green fetdlo cattle m the stalls, was aL-cosscd by Mr. Vti.HfAtrf* lie thonghl that one acre oi this green ?ul teed would go as far as two acres of ripe feed Vbcxfwcbegin to cultivate smaller farms and mS« thoroughly than is now done, soiling will be more of a necessity.than cow. DAIRYMEN 8 ASSOCIATION. On motion of Mr. King. acommittee of seven were appointed to dnlt a ConsuluUon and By laws lor a permanent Dairymen « AssQdauOD.,i_ The Chairman named as such committee the followtnr gentlemen: W. G. King, Of » J. B Rose,of Boone; J. P. Jones, of Win rebate: D. o. Eidridcc, oi Wisconsin; T. k. Wood, of Will County; John James, of Ogle; It. K. Slone, of McHenry. WASHING OF BCITEB. In response to an invitation irom the Chairman, !Mr Rugg gave 11 as his opinion that U was of no ukilictuar importance wbelhcr butter waa washed in coin w cr or not, if the hnitermlls was entire lv expelled from tbe butter. Jhc halier must he free from buttermilk, or it would not keep. 800 TO COVEJtHTIIE PABTORIRG OF COWS Mr. Murtfeidt otiered the following resolution fer oLcnttion; * RfMolttd, Th»t it is perilous to keep sheep or homes in *bc same paatona with dairy cow*. ilr. il. enstainedT the resolution. Be asserted t v ei cows could sever thrive whoa pasta red wl h horses and sheep. Dr Brno, oi Ogle Consty. sustained Che views nrgedhyMr.Mnrtfalrtt, a* did Mr. Eldiilge. Be said that cotls were greariy disposed to worry cows, and 5f they were allowed to ran together, the cows woald erectly redace the quanniy of milk. Hethoughtadalry farmer shoo'd keep as few horses as possible, and these to the stable, rbeep he would not keep at all. Hr. Jones' 1 experience was that It was detrimen tal to cows to hare horses and abeep ran with them. In bla dairy it wonld make a great diJTer ejee. Be bad bad cow-and horses pastured to gether, and he was obliged to separate them. Bo rood and discreet dairyman will allow his cows .o ran with bones and sh*ep. Ihe resolution was adopted, and the Conven tion adjourned until 2 o'clock. ▲rmoroov srssiojr. The Convention assembled at 2 o’clock. the cheese narar. The President announced that Ibe subject for consideration was the making, curing and keep ing of cheese. The Chair suggested that the speeches be short and to 'be point, as probably a number wonld like to speak. Hon. Anson 8. Miller related what he ssw among the cheese factories In Gael da County, New York, cod the manner of conducting them. It seemed to be the universal opinion iu New York state that cheese mating was a very profita ble bnelnera. He felt sure there was a ready mar ket (or all (he good cheese that could be made. Mr. Bronson said that Herkimer County cheese was more popular in England than any other cheese made. H« recollected, when in Genesee County, the only cheese made was Hemlock Bark. Now it was the great crop of the county, and nothing wonld compare with it lor profit. Mr. Bronson related many important facts in rc-ard to cheese making io New York, nod the position, the business. Ac. s. W. Taylor, of Owen, was called upon to give seme points in cheese making. . Good rennet Is important ILemilk and utensils should he clean, wtth the milk at eighty to ninety degrees. He used a thin bladed knife to cut the curd, then breaking it gently with the hands, in cold weather they set the heat at ninety and In warm weather at eighty-five. He used Ashton salt, from two a»d a half to three and a quarter pound* per hundred pounds of curd; puts the cream into the cheese; commences to increase the beat in about two hours aft* r it is set; allows it to ret nearly cold be fore putting It mto the press; change the cloth about three times: first. In about an hour, then in the evening, and then in the morning; employs from fliteen to twenty cows, and makes about three hundred pounds of cheese to the cow; docs notmilk so long In the season as Hr. Jones. He makes considerable batter, no: employing the entire product of the cows for cheese. Hn Brown, of liarrl't, said his wile was greater on chccec than he was, and be then called upon hie eon to explain the mode. The younger Brown then endorsed what Mr. Taylor had said upon the subject. He might differ a little as to the temperature at which be set the card. He set it at eighty-eight, and run it np to one hundred. He had sbont thirty cows, and employed ibema portion ot the year in making butter. Conld not, therefore, say how much ccecse a cow would make in a season. A gallon of milk wontd make a pound of green cheese, and when ripe it wonld sbtink about one-quarter. PERSIAN£JtT OBOANIZATIOJI. The committee appointed to report on the per manent organization ot a Dairymen’s Association made a report, which was adopted, sa follows: The name of the Association Is the Illinois and Wisconsin Dairymen's Association. The officers consist of a President, Vice-Pie? idem, Secretary and ircesnrer, who snail constitute an Executive Board, to be elected at the regular annual meet ing, and to hold their offices null! their successors are elected. Ihe animal meeting is to be held on the first Tuesday of February. Any person may become a member by paying two dollars an nually. rmaAsryT omems elected. The following officers were elected: President—'VF. G. King, oi Winnebago. Vice presidents—J. B. Rose, ot Boone; D. O. KUtildce, of Bock Coucly. Wla.; Thos. B Wood, Wilt County; K.W. Siewait, McHenry County; George B. Mnrincr. Winnebago: Joan S. Lee. Kane County; D. S Biewsier. StepCieuson County; C U. Wilder, Green County, Wis.; James Dan ton, Cook County; Mr. Trueedell, Kenosha Coucty, Wta. Secretary—J. P. Jones of Winnebago. Treasurer—S. W. Stone, of Wlcnebago. The next annnal meeting will be held in Bdvl dere nextPebrnary. TliE CHEESE qCXSTIOS. J. P. Jotea stated that in manufacturing fais cheese he sets bis ml k at a temperature of eighty degrees, uses sweet rennet to coagulate In twen ty to thirty minutes, cuts Jt with a cutter of about « nc hundred asd forty four squares, taki - g about on.; minute; lets it set fifteen to twenty minutes, then draws ibe whey ofi; then be commences fOildu.r, gradually increasing the neat from • Ighty-Cve d» grcce to ninety-eight, and then re cedes in the same manner. Does not break tho ctnd while scalding; works It over gently, lets it scald about ore hour. The curd should be cooked Inside as well as out. When ol »he right consistency, puts it in*o the press and keeps It tfccie five hours. IChccselumps because it is not cooled sufficiently before It Is put Into press. In saulcghe uses three pounds of sol; to one hundred ponnus of cheese. One gallon of milk, beer measure, produces one pound oi cheese. He took the cheese out after ft bad been in tbe nrcss and bandaged it saturated ■be bandage whh oil from the cheese, and never afterward. Mr. S'cwart, of McHenry County, said they mined many of their cheeses by following the hooks. The expression meant simply acid, not sonr, asm generally understood He then related his experience In cheese making, which did not difler materially from (he statement? of Mr. Jones at d others. He salted his cheese in a vat prepared for the purpose, and not the vat tn which it was made. In this wry two pounds and a half of salt would answer the purpose ol three pounds in tbe ciic'nal var. Be was of the impression that the f clory system was better than the dairy ejstcm, not because it made better cheese, bat be cause of tbe con>l l*>ation of labor. Dr. Stone, ofMcHenry County, a cheese manu facturer, advocated the cheese factory over the old dairy system- Cheese making was a scientific business a: d scientific men should ccgagc In the business. In a factory the cheeses are all made alike, dinereice In them. In dairy-made ebres** they differ in qnah'v. Dr. 8. described tbe details ot making cheese in a facto ry. lie thought two pounds ot salt. In the tall, to the one hundred pounds of curd was sufficient; but in tbe »nrnmcr three pounds wire needed. Northern Illinois was well adapted to dairy pur poses. and be thought lactones were es-ruiial wilbin a radius of five or six miles. In answer to a question. Dr. S. said be regarded '.'actorr cheese as worth from two to five cema per pound more than dairy ch- cse. This was because scientific men were engaged In the factories and perfectly understood tVtr business. They had he* n making ebeese for two cenlsper pound, the farmer surplvirg lie rennet. He thought tbe beat plan was for tbe farmer to sell hi? milk to ibe factory. Ten pounds of milk, o* about one ualiOn, would make .a pound of cheese. Cheese can be dtihered in about ihirly days after •be nrlk laO been sent to the factory, w. S. sta’cd that in marketing the cheese in Chicane the c cal era would give two rents a p< nndmd’e for it if It was stamped “ New York” tD.rtead ql ” Illinois.” In fart, some of ;fcetn would not have Illinois on it under any cir mnwtapcee. This was simplv prejudice. He sold no cheese in Chicago with Illinois marked on it, Hhbougb ali of his cheese was made in McHecry County. Ho woo'd not start a taetory unit’s? tie could get nt lea&l four hundred cows. That cumber wiu just about pay, and an increased number will aid the profits. , Mr. Eldi Idee, of Wisconsin, who is ballding a cheese factory m Rockton, addressed the Convention. He described the manner of secnrli.g and disposing of the milk at the factory, and tbe,iiiaJdpalation it underwent until s:finallybecamethocse. Inclosing, he described the manner of coloring cheese, which Is oow neccssajy, as che« se makers generally understand it_ and It they do no: It is not necessary that they should. . , Mr. Jones thought coloring cheese was not ad visable. It did tbe cheese no good, and was pretty certain to do barm. He was decidedly op posed to it. . » . . . Mr. Etdndgc endorsed Mr. Jones m what he Dr. Stone nas also opposed to coloring, but by being colored it would sell better in the market. Dealers wanted it colored, and Insisted that It would Mil more readily. %t . ~ . Mr. King made ao earnest appeal in behalf of the new organization jrst formed. Forty gentle mio bad become members of the Association, •m* he hoped to ser the number largely increased, until Ir brean e a pone: In the Northwest. Atteravolw of thanks to the President of Ihe I'opvriitic-u. itc Convection adjourned ehi‘ die. FJiOM SPRINGFIELD. Number of SHht VaH-icd by lUe «.ast Hiilfdautrc—Bill* Approved by siiu G«»v*rin»r— .Negotiations for fbo Sale of tne Old Smtc Uuunc— |>pedftl Despatch in the Chicago iribnn*.! BKttsnrgLn, 111.. March 7. Ttc cumber of b'dls pa«ii d al the recent • f the General Assembly Is as folluWJ* Sesiats •Mile, four hundred and fortv-fiv;; Hon«e "als, ?«jbt hundred aod eighteen—a total oi twelve hau and rixty-three. T-e Governor to-day tinned the act Car a rcd".c s<;n of the rate of State taxation for payment o: merest aren tne on die public debt, which pro . me- that it t>' all be th- duty cf the Auditor or I’ubllc Accounts annually to compute and coll ate aisle ot Taxation eutficieur to provde for nod pay the accrntog Interest on the pabij; Mt of the State. Whenever sack ,o competed and estimated fhall fall below ibe rate now requited by law, finch rale so com* • nttd shall be taken b# the rate of taxation tor hat year, and die Anchor shall certify the same o the several County Clerks, and the said Clerks hah extend said rate of taxation so ccrufled in len of ibe rate now provided by law. Tt>e following, amors other '•ins, have been aiipnn d to-day: An act to incorporate the Chi cago, Blue Island and Indiant Itailroad Com naiiy; an act ‘o Incorporate tbe Chicago Stage •«no Bo" , ra'*e Comrar'’; an act to amend the cnao tei of *tht* Revised Statute-. entitled the Wills \ct, in relation to married «oman: an act to famish the Stale Library; to Incorporate the Chicago Building Biock Company ; an act to amend tne General Banking Law. so ai to prevent the withdrawal of securities; act to nrorporote the Ominna’ Asylum for Southern tlinols at Cairo; act in relation to the crime of : o:ceny; act to incorporate the Chicago District ■ - ai!ip Ground Association: act to amend an act .•a:ab!i*hi: , ' y CountvConrts, and providing for the Uftlun olJustices of the IVace «n«i constables. Uegotlatiors are now pending between IhoSn iKrviEore of Sangamon County and the City Conn- Ml of the city of Springfield in regard to tbe State 'loose and grounds. It is understood that the • ottUy will pay enm of fSWMW* for the State * ■ loose, and subscribe SoO.OOO towards the por- M ate oftbe new grounds. , „ _ , L 1) Cleveland, FuperlelendfDl of the Spring* .Leld Water Works, ban resigned Colonel Robert u. insensoll, Attorney General, *cft here to-day for Washington City. FHO2I DES MOI2JES. incn of a Murderer—Court Adjourn ment—The Gram Trade—tnla* Bea man—The Late Flood—The OTcathei —Prospects of TmmlgraUon-Caudl daie« tor Governor. [Special Despatch to Ihe Chicago Tribune.] DEs Mourns, lowa, Match 7. Marsh, who Wiled a man named King in the Mayors office In this city. Jane 2Sth, 1532, and .»bo was at the time Marshal of this city, and who avoided arrest hy flight, has been arrested ; ;t Sait Anlcnlo, Tcsas. The Mayor of this city deceived a despatch from Ihe Mayor ot ban An* soiilo ycfiteiday, announcing hta airest, and stated that be would beheld subject to the rcqnl* liaon cl ihe Governor of lowa. The act was one of cold-blooded murder, and if returned he will surer the penally of ihe law. , . Ibo District Court of Folk County, which has been in seesion neatly a month, adjourns on & l 5e a Sid weather making the roadsgooda ercat deal of g*eiu Is now coming Into this mar- CS. Competition among buyers has run prices triid. andheyond a .easonahle profitable margin on Chicago Quotations. Wheat 10 day sold for ' who ™ >0 badly Wared by bar clothes taking Are. on Monday, still lives, but In m S t esSttpa*|e'Si !r reportan tn tbeshade. Zero mornings arefashionable. 1 ibSibsSom arc favorable for a great taflor of ss sr .sss. TSf i>le are lor the soldier candidates. .$2,055 $1,113 .$3,000 TKOM MEMPHIS. SrrlonH Damage from Pioods-Lcvecs Broken and Towns nod Plantations Inundated— Negroes Arrested and Sold to Planters* Ac. MT-wpitis. March 7.—The weather continues In- Tie river rose one inch in the past iwraty-tour boutf, and Is up to the high-water m The°levecat Helena, Arkansas, broke on Tues. daT nicht at tea o clock, washing away the lower . pan of the town and inundating the whole town Ihelevcca twelve miles below here broke last night. The whole com.try !• umtdtted. Thomas Woods, laborer, was drowned In the bsiou lari night. Allen Walker, who killed the musician in Cor inth, was arrested here to-d-xy. George B. Wadowas sentenced to the Peniten tiary for three years for obtaining cotton under :aU«pretences. , . . , „ . ocrerol Howard has ordered Beaumont, Chief of the M-tropollian Police, to bo prosecuted lor arresting negroes and employing them to plant ers for stipulated rums. Report says bo arrested many negroer, and released ’hem from Jail with out trial, employing them (o planters for suns ot money from ten to fifteen dollars. FROM MADISON. Grand Reunion of the Potomac Army Veteran*— Bloqnent Speeches and In teres line Bcmlniaccncc*—An Annual Gathering devolved Upon. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Hapison, Wls., March 7. The Wisconsin soldiers or the Army of the Po tomac had a reunion last evening, attended by about 100 officers and men, representing nearlyall of the regiments and batteries connected with that army. The meeting ffu called to order by T.S. Allen, of the. Fifth regiment, and the following permanent officers elected: President, General Lucius Fair child. Vice Presidents, General Thomas S. Allen, Colonel John Green, General J. A. Kellogg, Colonel Mark Flnnlcan, private Henry Adams. ErivutcM F. C. Dillon. Secretaries, Richard ester, lieutenant Harvey, B. Hargbavf, Captain J, A. Watrous. .. , Governor Fairchild, on taking the chair, made some very appropriate remarks. After prayer by Rev, M. A. Spooner, Chaplain of the Assembly, Colonel C. D. Robinson, for merly on General King’s slatt, delivered an ad dress of rare beauty and eloquence. Heutenanl' olonei R. E. tden, tormerly of tho Thirty-seventh, read a poem containing many good things, and General J. A. Kellogg, formerly of the Sixth, delivered an able and eloquent ad dress. . . . With a few invited guests, the veterans, led by Governor Fairchild, marched to the roons ot Ibe Republican literary Association, which were appropriately decorated, where an ex cellent supper was partaken of, and several hoars spent at the table with toasts, speeches, songs, remitilecncee of the war, Ac. Among the speakers were cx-Governor Salomon, Speaker Cameron, Generals Allen and Kellogg, Colonels GUI, War ner, Fmnlcan, and others. Letters were read from Generals Grant, Sher man, Meade, Sheridan, Burnside, Gibbon',.Han cock, Wright, and W. T. Smith, who had command of the Wisconsin soldiers In the Potomac Army, some of which were of the most flattering character. It was resolved to have an annual reunion here after. The whole affair pasted off very pleasantly. It is understood that the soldiers of the Army of the Tennessee will have a reunion in ibis city on the fourth of July next. Most of the members of the Legislature have returned and business will be resumed to-night. The Dawn of tacason In Georgia, New York, Match 7.—The Herald's Georgia correspondent says that a strong party, enunciat ing ite pnnciplcs contained In ex-Govertior Brown’s recent letter, favoring tbc acceplanceot Shuman's Military Reconstruction plan, baa sprung np, ami bids falx to he the controlling party of the Slate. Equal Suffrage in nissoarl* St. I.ocifl, March 7.—Tbo Lower House of the Legislature to-night passed a bill to amend tbo Constitution so as to ollow negroes to vote—ayes 7G, noes 46. THE CITY TUB LIKE TUNNEL, Tlie Great Boro Pilled at Last. After numerous delays, and disappointments, i,nd promises, which were *• spoken to the ear and broken to the hope," tbe great tunnel under tbe Jake is at last filled with water. 1c was intended, about a week ago, that tbe water should bo lot in for the purpose of proving it, bn*, in consequence of some disar rangement of tbe gratings, it was Sound impossi ble to "ork Bum, and it wag delayed—those hav ingthe mailer in charge gosling out of the diffi culty bv stating that the TuinuNE was not author ized so announce tint the water would be put In on Be day iu question. Ycrfcrduy it was again intended lo fill the tunnel, at.ri a party started oat oa tbe tug G. D. McClellan, from the foot of S<ate street, for the purpose of goingout to (be crib and lut ing up tbe llood gates, ibey proceeded a distance of some three hundred yard!* beyond the light house, when they found that the ice was packed so tnlckly that It was impossible to get to tbe cnb. The proje*,: was again abandoned. Last night, however, a party of rour workmen were let down Into the tunnel through tbe shore shafu. Tbey walked out the dreary distance of two miles, and came nr through the crib shaft. They then raised up tbe floodgates and let In tbe water, ihu* shutting themselves out effectually from tbe world of Chicngodom, nnui they snail be rescued by a tug which ft is Intended to take out there to- ray. It may be as well to state, lor the information oi those whom tne above paragraph might lead lo infer that they would have the plca-ure of drlnklrg pore lake water for breakfast ibis morning, that the attach ment has not yet been perfected, in other words. It t? only tbe funnel that is filled, and not the con duits which connect tbe shore shaft with the Dig pump. About a week will yet elapse before that is done. We nndemand ft, however, to bo the well-defined inientionof ihe present Board of Pub lic Works to serve lake water lo the citizens of Chicago before their term of office has expired, on the Bret of April, as they are exceedingly unwil ling lo let their successors have the credit of being tlie gentlemen under whose auspices the first dranebtof tunnel water soall be supplied to the people ol Chicago. RliV. TV. W. HATTON, D. D. tils Brtura Hfxuc-WVJcorao l»y his Cvnsrrgnllvu and Friends. Tbe Fi»st Congrcgstlonal Chnrcb, on the corner of Washington and Green streets, was the scene jatl evening ol a very large and cheerful gather ing, assembled lo welcome beck ibe able and cs tocmeu paslor. Rev. W. W. I’ultou, D. D., from hi? tojourn of nearly a year in Europe and the Holy I and. The fltst hour was spent very agreeably in soeni converse and uand-shaktng. nMll the church was well filled, wben, aOcr a voluntary upon the or gii*. Deacon J. if. Dewey called the meeting to, ordrr. . - Rev. Joseph Haven, D. D., ol the Lnion ibeo Seminary, then addressed the retarded tu.ior ina short and bapt-y speorh of welcome. Rev. Dr. Ration responded in a few remarks, lie u'Cd scaicdy sav lint this eeem- d the hippiest .v ot his life. It made him rejoice to find that absence cad not chl!lc r « tbe atrerti-'n of people, ,nt that It sccm.d ra’.ber to have .*rous warmer, and that his charge bad increased instead! of dlminisUnc. '.VhHe he nad ioan.eyeJ tiia mind had often cverttd to ihein. Tbe Wednesday evening • raver meeting had be-n particularly remetn •eild, and be bud esrimated the difference ot utoe, according lo the longitude of the place where be ivas, so as io know when their hunr of rhverbsd cornc. Since he hsd left them, eleven mtnths ago, he bad iourueyed over twenty-five bousand ‘miles—more than the .circnmlcrence of die glebe—without accident or'inmble. I: had -nrpiised him to tind so many ot the children grown un out of his remembrance and t> peed to ‘ c InJroouced to many ol his spintnaKauiily who l;:.d Joined th -m ridcp be had left. He conc.nded by tendtring tncmhlu beart’eli thanks for tuis l.ind nception, which they had given their re ,avr.d Jj a w°Whit‘lc.of the Tabernacle Chnrcb, an otT-ihcot of th- First Chnreh, *a? called upon, made sonic very appropriate remarks on tne character of a ••on who had married and loft the parent church to set np for bimaalf. He said that ibe Tabernacle Church, which was organized finly r ight months ago, in tbe ahscoce of Dr. I at ton, im'd crown wonderfully, and now contained trom 2io to •’.'hO members. *_ B-icfn marks were made bv Professor F. W. R< v. 11. L. Hammond, ari'i olhers, and »•* eatrci'ca w ere closed with tbe Dosology. I raise God from whom all blessings flow,-’ and the bcrcfilctloi. by ibe pastor Anal sfiiAiifiNTN. Mceroi.— I This evening Mr. Thomas Barry, |he veuenud stage manager ol the Aluieum, takes a bcneS«. Ui feds only ihe annonuceo.ent of the 'act to Insure a crowned house. The be'icilclary worthy ol honor as a veteran of the Am trican rnaop undone who ha# labored long and iallh* Uilfr It the fcrvlce ..f the drama. The play «e --ketidfonhe otcasion l» Arnold’s sterling come ■lyof “Man and Wife,” tne same in Which he i-fade bis first appearance her*. It wilt be hrtmgnc nut «I:h the full rtrength of the company. McVtcKtr.’s TnEAT»c.-iJau Bryant takes a benefit this evening, when “Shamna OBnen will be repeated, and “Handy A-dy ' Orf-BA llncac.—lmtla’a ber-eht is announced t-nr this evening, when she will appear in one of I,l CTOira.-Urt'cvratns Mr. James lioMnson, who ha's contributed i-o moch to onramnaemunt for tbe past few weeks, was last evening pre sented by a number of his friends withan ele gant gold medal, a testimonial which was well merited and appreciated. Twektt-Seves Trans op Puoobess.—Tho well* known bouse of WhHtemore, Carter & Brown, wbicb is now dolne an extensive business in ow citv, was established mS u Louis in the year »w. For ihc last five years they have held a prominent position atnonc the merchants of Chicago, and bare built np a trade which will rival that of some ot the largest Eastern turns. Xhelr extensive establishment occupies five stories and a basement. .Noe. 11 and 13 Ulte street, and is Ailed with a slock oi hats, caps, millinery andslraw coeds which may challenge comparisoni withany similar assortment In the West, sufficient to k-cp np their sloe! (icnressecl stale of trade, ciul witp Mr. w ume tn die's constant alt-mslon to the Eastern marked rhev are enabled to sell coods to tbc country dealers on conditions that will Insure as "ood a trace and as fair a profit as can bo geared m this city. A special department has been fitted up Si the store for trlmmlcc ladies’ and misses’ anting and summer bats, thus eavine a ~ ar* *e rStage m Ate «ne of business. Umbrellas and parasols form a te£ue part of the trade, while their millinery and f tr«.v coods. both in r. gat'd to quality aud cart, will be found worthy of attenlioii. .^to are iooklug out for eprlue coods will do well to examine Inc stock of Messrs WUlWmore, Carter & Brown. Their card will be found on tne firet page of this issue. Fobeiosem abe stooge by the elegance of ottr American residences. Everybody feels that in -B‘dcls the home necessary to any Irnc hnman heart. The Interior arrangement ot the splendid mansions standing on our avennes or fashionable etreeta Is each as to give all the conveniences of Drivatelifc. In them 1? fonnd. Inside, the com mon so much enjoyed by the Englishman, and, oo>ldc. tbesty'iUh archOcctnte so well aporeci !.ca byuio frenchman. Aay of oar weabby readers wis-hlrg to posse s oneef these American mlnia’ore palaces will do well 10 examine ihe brick hone e advertised by A- Gage & Co. In ano* (her column. REerECTXNoAcniomTr.— The Inmates of Emma Brandon's estabhenment, on Fourth avenue. were fined five dollars each at the Police Contt yester day morning, as inmatee oi a “disorderly house. There was no evidence to show that the house was SdSy, hut It la alleged, that the place was ‘•nulled” to appease the outraged dlgntiy of a Dohcemau who was denied admission to It at a «ate boor in the nichl to hunt for a vagrant. A Mad Doo Holed.-A mad dog was shot yes terday 'morning about T o’clock, neat Douglas Flare!where he tind previously created much_coa stenitttloa by chMlneiray ponou ho cMnred lo see. II lßM«ledlt*tciraMOTMc aMoMJi.soI slrjchiinc have been sold since s A l?.„hJhe he vale parties, and the police should not be . feiionalblc for the death oi every whose owner knows that he had tol been ou si the doot-yatd. Tde Auction Sale of silver-plated ware at the establishment of Jones, Berthaucr & Co , No. «J Lake street, up-stairs, wilt commence at ton o'clock this (Friday) morning. Patties wishing am thing in 'lie line oi ..Iver-platea m»- find it to* Ibeir interest to bo present. Ev -*7 , a . r " tide will be warranted, as all has been plated In their own manufactory. Sec advertisement. Coke and a Little Ton.—Can anv one tell us whv the Chicago Gas Company has put up the price or their coke from ten coni* per bushel to fifteen wilhln the last few days. Has the adjourn ment of toe Legislature anything to do with UT Temperance.—A public temperance meeting will be held at cteht o’clock this evening. In the Wesley ChapeL comer of Blackhawk and Rdgaick streets, under the auspices of the Northern IJSU Lodee. I. O. G. T. Good epeikom will address the meeting. LOCAL matters. Both Chronic and Inflammaloir Rheumatism are being dally cured by Metcalfe a Great Rheumatic Rcmeoy. Sold by all drug gists. The i( £tua H Poimlch Lock-Stitch Sewing Machines, for family and manufacturing purposes—western office. 97 Washington street, Chicago. J. H. Lxnow, Agent. What Wlll’Cnro the Itch ?—Swrayn©’* Ointment Is warranted to do it m forty-eight boms. Cores tetter, barber's itch, and all skin diseases, bold by all druggists. Beltefand Health to Your Children. —Mrs. •Winslow’s soothing Syrup, for Children, relieves the child from pain, invigorates the atom achand bowels, correct* aadity and wind colic. Perfectly safe in all cases, as millions of mothers can lestfly. Tbiny-flte cents a bottle. Offices, 4S Dey street. New York, and 205 High Holbora, London, Engined. Bair PrcMins wlthont a particle of creafle. “ Glyceria” restores the hair, communi cates a delicious cooliDff Bon?fttion to the scalp, cleanses It from dandmlr, and is absolutely free from grease, so as not Ip soil the finest fabric. Caswell, Mack & Co.. Now \ork. Sold by all drr—’^ts. rrigfSa» Itch j scratch!! Boyd’s JTledlcalnd Crcam cures Web, scia'Chos, and all skin diseases. It is scat, pleasant, ammatlc, safei and certain apcclally adapted to children. Sold by all drag gists. , The Franklin Brick machine, J natty celebrated for perfect simplicity, great strength, ano immense compressing power, u opaiiakteed, with eight men and two horse?, to self-temper the clay, and make 3,000 to 8,.'00 elegant brteka per hour. J. B. Hesick. proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York. Boom 23. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. ftew York Financial News. ffpccial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tons. March 7. The Stock mart etopened heavy In the long room, but with more disposition to evil. On the market was Iriegnlar, bur with a firmer undertone, contlnu* fcgso daring the morning. Pacific Mall sold at 117 j Atlantic Mat) at 86#, with strong parties buying the former, and looking for higher figures. The parties controlling the Union Navigation are reported as op erating In the Utter. Sew York Central 1* btronß, Erie (common) irregular, the short Interest alone keeping np the latter. At the 1 o'clock Board there was no change, bat afterwards the market stiffened. TheJhSOmarkstwas strong on E*ie, (common), Bock Island. Pittsburgh. Fort Wayne &, Chicago, Chicago & Northwestern (preferred), and Pacific Mall, the latter telling at 123. After the call Brie (common) rose to 51, bnt shorts frightened the market Into such a state that it will break suddenly II the money market be come* very strong. American Gold opened weak at IS, and sold down to ISIJf. with some variations. There was consider able changing of loans to-day, with rate* remaining the same to good boose*. The ••bears” attempted to make mot ey scarce, but this movement, however, lasted only a sbojt time. The t:45 market was strong, baring advanced 1c since tcecall on all stocks txcept Erie (common.) which sold at MY. and afterwards at SIX, when there wat a fight between the “bears" and “bulls,’’ bnt the former will bo ahead by Saturday. [Associated Frets Report ] Hew Tons, March 7. ao?TXT. Money easy, at 6®7 V cent for call. PO EIIOS EXCHAKOE. Sterling. 108# tn cold tor first-class bills. OOLD. Gold Is Irregular and unsettled, opening at 135, de clining to 133 k, and closing at 131#. oovkh.vuests. Government stocks are J«t* M P cent lower. oczam rueioiiTs. Freights to Liverpool without change. LATXR. Nzw Toes. March 7. BA ILWATS. The Stock Exchange was nrm on the railway list this morning, and prices were hotter. After the scation the market was 01! *®k V cent, and rather quiet, aaa »t the ore o’clock board the market was turn ana ft fraction better, and continued bra to tbe close of the day, with a farther fractional improvement. tTEAiisniP HUABES. Stcnmehlo shares were excited and higher this p. m. Psnflc Mall rose to fit, and AUantie Mall to 66X399, with ar iLcrcased activity on both stocks. IVm. Heath & Co. report tbe following: nuezs at ox p. m. N. T. C 102*0102* I R. 1 91 *® 91* trie 54*® sijj X. W 34*® 3t* Hudson 138 (f«139 1 Preferred 6l*« 63 He*(ling. IClkMlOiy i Ft. Wayne 91k® 9l* M. tk... 106 ®IC7 Pacific Ma11...124 MWIU M. 8 71*® 7i* I Atlantic BBk® t«* 11. Central....lll*(fclls IW. U. Tel 41* Pittsburgh 73*® 86 1 aorxaxvmrn. Market moderately active this afternoon, and rather firmer »t closing prices. „ , _ , flcg’d. ’£l 109 V 1 1040 rez’d. 97*® 97* Coupons,’Sl....lo9*®lo9* I Coupons 97 k® 97-* 5-20 rcK*d,’l>2...lo7* I August 7-308....105*0197* 5- ccups, ’64..107*0107* July 103*0105* 6- coups ’65..107K01W7* | . v . Border State bonds Dr in on Issues of Missouri, but dull and heavy otherwise. MI6CELLAXEOCS. Miscellaneous and coal shares ail firm, bat without much activity. BOSCT. Bather more activity lu the money market. Rites «f luterest lime flnne-. Call loans 6®7e on collaterals, &no 50 on Government. Prime disccunis are current at 7 9 cent. Very Utile doing under this rate. GOLD. Gold opened heavy and rcclin-d to 133*. Some bulls sold cutthcpißt few days. The market was ure-.glh eu‘"d, as day tciranced, asd closed at 131*. The short interest basbern largely lucre-ced t>y the recent decline. ta«h gold ir scarce and active, with a borrowing de mand. L.aus were made t'-'day at i-l6j#>» premiatn. FOltßlfiX EICUAhGE. M&rkCt more active and decfdculy firmer. Prime bunkers up lo V»*®tCß* and atroeg. JIISISO EIIABES. The mining share roaikel wat active and cicltcd on Onßolidateu Gregory tivday,' and tranMCtnm were lame. aggieeaUne over gt,ooo shares, prices oncnetl at UOO, decllßefl to 975, but ial-inthcday tallied to IMS. Quartz Bid active and fl>m at 39j®10S. Dealings in Alatuada silver were mote liberal at 6ls®6(Q,closing rtrocc. Columbia cold and iltver la demand. Rost. *45. DesMolucs sold at 100. Other changes cot im portant. mcru BTrtnr. An crican, TJnUM Slates ana Adams 55 each; Wells Fargo All 1100 paid to Mcrcboats’ Dtitan 12*; J17.C0 paid in. The Prodnce Markets. MILWAUKEE. (Special Despatch to tne chtcago Tribune.l Milwacesz. March 7. Flour-Dull. Sales 400 hrls at #10.25®10A0 for coun try spring; MX city do held at |11.00; choice extras held at s9g}7*®lj.OO, with Payers at J 9.73. Wheat—Advanced. Morning board sales. 12,000 ecu-. ♦als; L»on board—isles 10,0.0 centals at 21.70 for No. l' io store; *3.46 for No. 2 do, and seller’s option next week; ISAC, seller's option April; *3.68 lor No. 3la store; f2.73@2.70 lor rejected in more. Onjs—Steady. Salsa 200 centals No. 3 in store at *1,43. Corn—Quiet. Sale* 700 centals at *1.43 for new . hcl'ed in store. It) e—Dull. Ba ej 200 centals at *1.75 for No. 3 in st;re. Barley—Ucchargcd. Sales 310 fairs by sample deilv cred at *1.50® 1.70 per cental; 100 bag* inferior a 5 1.34. ' * Frsvklobs—SnlL City mess pork held at $23.03 pickled ham* lie. Drc-KCd H^s— Unchanged. Receipts-® brla H0ar,3.000 centals wheat, 100 do oat.'.iiO do corn, I,WO Jo harl» y. >bjpmtnt»—l.s2o brU Dour. 3,000 centals wheal, V 0 bru and 11 ties port, 30 tres Isrd. HEW YORK. Hew Toes March 7. Cotton—Dali, bevy ana lower. Ssl s 400 hales at ;Xc for tniddlirc upland. , .. ... Flouj—Receipt* tin ba-rels: market dull; 5013 c losn-. r- lca 4.1(0 Uriels *»t *s.mß.7(i tor super uliiir;JH.-lffta7l forfnp-. fine Western; *3.75® 10 03 tor extra Wc*iern; *!O.tO012 00 for choice; Slo.sodll.yJ 1 r ehlonlce? primus extra round hoop Ohio, and lor Vade brands. Market do Ins dull. Caiihniln r.o-r in 111 derate request. Sales 13bass .irtl loire.s at *18.75014.50. IVhissry—Ouleta nsUi-r.y. Uht"t—Dull. In javer nfbny*r. Sale* bmhela at $2.16 fer i;c. 3 Milwaukee, and *3.1403.20 for So. 2 dc; latter extreme. ’ . Kvc—Du l. Sales 3.W0 bushels Western at *1.120 Inrirtc. for wO-rtor. . . . ... U,rier—More active, ssto* 11,(00 Imtbels at 1105® l.if. for •ttw ar d*l.l?«l 31 for Canada West tree. Barley Malt—Steady. Sale. 1.000 bushels state. Corn—Receipt 11.000 bo. Market l«7c lower. Pales 7.500 bn at *|.f fiVCil D? tor mixed tvmem In store; *l.H*# afloat nut; *1.19# for Western yellow la store. Oats—Receipts 3.150 ou. Market drooping, bales 21.(00 hu at 59««c lor Western. Rice-Dull at IDAfolOifc. cotree—Quiet. Snear—fca‘e* of Cuba atlo#3lic. ♦ l*«trel*um—Dull at l"#®18c tor crude, and 25©29c for reflDfd il bond. . . ... Pork—Stead i. but autet. Sales2.Soo brls at *21.870 22,13 for new mis—cicalas at * 22.10 for reaular. *21.00 6211? l« r old meis; *17.00017.25 tor prime, and *19.73 w2oi« f t prime mesa. Also 2,150 brls now mess at f2 , 4XC0?2.» 1 sellsr and bnver March and April. ■B.‘tf—st-ady:, a-Obris at previous prices. Beef Hams-Firm. Bac'-n heavy ; sates. 2jl boxes 1 at 10@10Kc fur Cumberland; 12*fc tor lone cut hams. Cot Meats—bales, 293 pk*s at 0311 c for shoulders; J *Urtk«l C D^-Unchanced; 9X@loc for Western: lower; sales, 253 brls at 11#012#c for old; 12kialJXc f r new: choice. X2#ol3c. Duller—Dull and heavy, at 12023 c. Cheese—Heavy, at »ol9c. LATEST 5 I*. M. Flour—Doll and 5c lower on common. Wheat—(Julet; limited milling demand; noiaets disposed loaccept s lehttw-ime to reallte. Rvc—l *11301.16 l°r Western. Corn—Lower and dull, at |l.o£/Ql.OC# far shipping mixed Wtstern in store. _ Oaw—Dull-at690,61c for Western. . , , Pork—Dali; new messotfered at *22.15 regular, and *22.21# cash, with buyers at *22.10 regular, and *.2.00 ath. Beef—Qolet and steady. „ . , , Bacen—Dull and nominal, at 10c for Cumberland □tdulcs. Cut Meats—Quiet and steady. Lard—Doll, and nominally #o#c lower. Dressed Dugs-Quiet, at 9*@9;<c for Western. ST. LOUIS. 8T Lotus, March 7. Tobacco and Cctton—Unchnngcd. Floor—Quiet and cl chaoeec. Wheat-Dull, bnver* stunning oil. Prim* fall tl.w» percental; cbo-ceJ4AI. V Core—Heavy at, Jl.tGiQllJX. Oa»f—Dull at J 1 SI&7.K. _ 4 ... rrovldons— Deary at ycßUrd&j’sadYaacc, and busi ness small. . . Whiskey—Ncmlnal. PHILADELPHIA. FniLADELTOTA, March 7. Ftcnr—Dec lucdCc. Sutedro6plßeat|i3,Co. Wheat—Quiet. Stales 3,000 bn California at 1-15. “cSnSSSiIf t i air aemmiJ. Sales 2,C00 bn rellow «t 95c. Oats— Firm at C2c. . . Coflee, Sugar artl M olaß*c« —Quiet, Whiskey—contraband, POcfa tuss. MEMPHIS. Memphis, Mirch 7. Cottar—Small receipts. Nothing dolog. Middling at 27@iSc. C0rn—?1.0201.05 Hsy-f:a.«O0SOOO. Fiour-|3 0009 50. Pork-£21.00(*21.50 KuUM-atg—9Xolls*o. Round Canvassed Hams—lsol9c. Laid—UQltc. LOUISVILLE. LocisvxttE, March 7. Tobacco—Market active: sales. 220 hbds. Light con mm lues, f2.MQ5.00; medium to good, lest £ 13.73 032.60. Flour—Superfine J 9.75. shelled, 7ft: In bulk. Fork—Mess. £21.00; bulk shoulders Arm, at BJ<e perked; cactn shoulders, OXc packed; clear sides, ,2 & —ln tierces, l?Xc. Whiskey—Raw, £“.25. Cotton—27c. BUFFALO, BUFFALO. March 7. Donf— steady. Sates ran brla from No. 1 spring at mi AO. ann ISO oris from Western spring at |U.a. Whf*t—ln pond milling request, and unchanced. Corn—New Toledo scarce and wanted: sa ea 4 car Joadson track at *1.54. Old mixed Western scarce; eaiesScarlcnd* at *IX6 In stoic. Port—New mors dull, but firm, at *sl AO. Oats. Rye and tllcbwtnes—Nominal. at $5J7®2.19. BALTIMORE. Baltinobe. March 7. Flour-Dull and unchanged. _ Wheat—Light supply; salesol ordinary and medium Maiyltind at*a.l2; Pennsylvania red iwfJ.6C3.2-75. Corn—Active for white; sales of 4,jW bn atJLU2 lor mixed; aSe for vellow. Oats-FlrmatCOc. w Provlslota-Flrrocr. Mess perk at SSl.ia. Coffee—Flrrr. but unlct Whisker—Nominal. CINCINNATI. •; Cincinnati. M»rcb7. FJcnr-Ir.batbmltcd actnand; very little doing la tower grades. Trade brands are taken to a moderate extent at SU.sfgl3Ao, and laucy at flJ.Ol@lG.oo. Wh< at— Dull and ucchsnged. - . O rnr—Go.Ml snpriv. ana prices lower, no.I at6i lii elevators, and 70c Id sack*. Oats—Du'l and lower. No. lat 51c. 5i.2jG1.76 for No. 1. Collo^—Duh atd C pri ccs nominal at 37c for middling ,lr K\TiW-InSo“Smnna.ti«li> I* rt—Quiet. Holders, nrm, but no demand. cl r.&| 2 S?«<-E«'® »»»»a *• aaa martel- . f2IQ hhd , Rt gi^ c for shoulder*. deitilb. «M K«« »■;»!«" lin F^ ,n falr dt ' maD ' l at 13 - 13 -^ c 'uiSSfSSS city; 100 tierces procured •* p Sy-M«tot more •Mitogen*. mo <■«““! » gold hud a depraving Influence on prlt e*, and th s pro once market vu consequently unit. flew York Grocery Market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] N*w Tour, March?. Coffee—Unsettled and nominal. Bio. 22936 c. Bngar—Dull and heavy. Fine to prime grocery, 10JC @UKc- _ New York Provision Klarkotf (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Nrw Toss, March 7. Pork—Not salable at over *21.00, hut closed nominal at OMSK. Lard—New Kc below the rated ol last week. Bacon—Doll. Hama drooping at U3f®l3c. New York BreftdstnlDi market# [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] Jt*w Tout, March 7. Flour—Comparatively steady. All grains lower, but closed with a good Inanity at ihedec'lne. Prime No. 2 club wheat *2.15. New York Live stock market# [SpecialDespatch to the Chicago Ttioauc.) New Tonic, March 7. Beef Cattle— Receipts, 3,105 bead since Monday. Market again dal! and heavy. Fair to prime Western steers I3\'ais\(c. bhcep—Firm atTKSSkc. Bogs—Receipts 1,30 t bead. Steady, at TK9B& Albony Live Ntock market, [Special Deipatch to the Chic*?oTribune.) Am ant. March?. The cattle trade was rather slow uxlay* but sellers re firm at .ast week’s prices. Pair to good Illinois teers command Dorn "Vc to SVe. No change' In sheep or bogs. New York Dry Goods Market. NbwTobk- March?. Vatbcr an Improved Incjulry lor cotton fabrics, and prices ol All desirable mules are nretlf well main tained. If w« tx«*pt dark styles ol Maccbrsterand Mor nmne prints. The former sre reduced to 15c and thv latter to lie for D brand, but a-as unable colors show co cliansc. Heavy hhfoiines— _ „ _ . Bleartied Muslins—Steady, at 40c tor Now Tork Mil's; S3XC tor Wamsutta; Wkc for Biles; 35c for Lonsoale,and2lVclor Locdon««aie. . Wcollen Good—Moving rather more Irecly, and selling at previous asking prices. Worsted braid is firmer. Goods which ao'fl flown to7sc are now held at edc, and there is no material In market for wool lens, but as toon as the stocks became reduced, higher prices are likely to prevail in sylnpaniy vlih the raw material. ' IHABBI ED In this city, March 7th, by Jadcsan, Mr. SAU’L ROBB.of lowa, and Miss UABGAKEX Ml- CABLES’, oC this city. In Ibis citr, ilaret Cth. at the residence of Christian Zachow. blue?. Robert Hentley, Mr. PfIABO OBAI and Mus MINNIE E. EULERS, noth of this city. In this city. March 6tb, by the A. Vacant, at his residence. 9S‘Jodd-st., Mr. EDWIN WINXEtt- BOKN and ANNA DAT. DIED In tbl* city, on the' corning ot the 7th instant. CHARLES t!, only son of Elizabeth J. and ttte late Df. wu lam Whitney, aaod V 4 year*. . Notice of the funeral will appear in the dally papers. amusements. THEATRE DAN BRYANT, THE POPULAR IRISH COAIEDIAN, AND LITTLE MAC, THE WONDERFUL ECCENTRIC DANCER, Most reapccUotfj Inform die Ctilcaso public luelr FAEEWEDj BBNEFIX And last night but one, will takcplaco Friday Evening, March 8, 18C7, Wbcu will be produced the Successful Drama cl g=aTTATvrrra O’BRIBKT O’BRXBN THE DODLD DOT OF GLEKGALL, Anti Samuel Lover's screaming Irish Drama cf BANB7 ANDY. DAN BK-VANT and LITTLE MAC In their sldc-spiunne Fighting Scene. LITTLE MAC In his COMIC ESSENCE. Dan Bryant In Soots nod Dance*. “The Green above tlxo Red.” McVICKEB'S TBEATItE, Farewell Bcocfli to Dan Bryant A Little-Hoc noi. WOOD 8 MUbEUM. C3L. J. H. WOOD ....Proprl-tpr Director of Amusements •A-.F*,£*,£‘JhS;V Biagu Manager THOS. BABBY mage ““ oF jm. m O S. DAUBY. Great Comic Attractions. This (Friday) evening. March Btn, will be petf.tmed the fin-. ComcdV of MAN a>D WIFE, with the strongest cast ever presented In the United states. To conclude wltb atlecOcms from i'EEl* O'Di V, with songs. Dances. Fair Sports, Ac. Grand Matinee Saturday afternoon—MAN AND WIFE. Saurday night—MY WIFE’S Milt doll and HIDDEN H\Nl>. Monday will be produced the great London Drama of THE FKOZfcN DEEP, With new scenery, lo.lumes und m&t-hlLer>_. vr cVICKER’S THBATUE. TuAiCKEHfc MTHUa JIANAGEBS. Friday. FaicweU Benefit and last night hat one of 1 MU. DAN BRYANT. SDAMDS O’BRItN.TUB Boold got or Olenoalu Shsmus O’Brien (with snnp. “The Green Above the I>d."> Mr. Dan Bryant. . Kit Burns (with Ruction Jig)....,.. Little Mac. To ccnciude with II ANDY ANDY. Eatdy Andy,(wlth song and jri*h jjg)....Pai Brrnnt. Mac. eatnrday afternoon—Dan Hrynot Matlnco. Monday—Mile. Fellclta VestvalL ONDEi; OFIVOjnOFKS, and Na tore unveiled, at the Urancb ol the New York. Rlu*eam of Anatomy. Important Lectures dally. TLote unabl 4 to attenl may receive them by enclosing 10 cents and addressing Stcfttary of Museum, 96 Randolph-*!. Mall tree. -y'AKIETY THJSATRE. This Evening, the Benefit cf the clever Yankee C< median. YANKEE HILL. Last night hot one ot the celebrated rLORENCid TE3IPLE And her Trained Trick Steed, PIRE FXiTT. A host of taUnt bare volunteered, making A RA&S ENTEKTAINWENT. A splendid bdi for Saturday Night. Vfai lea—A few more Uallet LaJlcs. rU&T ADDED. ° The Celebrated Little Gcrtn, At the Branch ci tbo SEW YORK MUSEUM 0? ANATOMY GYMNASTIC AT ETROPOLITAW \o a-wurned meeting of tne above Club wll bi U*W at their rooms In Blade Hall oaThursAijr even- Ins. March Ith, *1 half P*st V o’rloclc. An aUuadaanc t .f a i the tncnincn is desired. as tbere Is business o, liniwrtnice to transact. Uiucgar. OGRE 1 CIDKU Vr-Nl-X; VK, Warranted pure. and to preserve pickles. Large « r ,teiiud VKwstso, 339 acd 341 Staic-n.. Ciicago. sanction Sales /-f ILEEhT AND SAMPSON, otnerol Auctioneers 47 and -19 Deaiborn CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE, at auction. Elegant Household Furniture, Car pets, Curtains, &c., rn-s (FRIDAY) Mllienxo, It 10 o'clock. rcomr,47 and 49 DcarDorn-it.. conal-Ungoi tnocn r Ore bomeho'd tlTecU.lrcln Mug Bedding. PI lows,Hal.; and other Mattre***, Linen Sheets. Curtains. Ac also, several Rosrwocd. Mahogany ant Ma.oCIOP Ur»,.cll, to ■?a l gff l gg'AMrg[« , ,Sollimwr.. GILREUI *.aAMPSOA, General Auctioneers. 47 and 40 Dcaroon»-6t. New and secend-hand Furniture, Piano, Cabinet Organ, Etc. AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY. March 8. at 10 o’clock, at oar 47 and 49 consutlne of a KMera l . as sortment ot Ucufccold Furniture, Organ. Aifo, a very superior assortment ot Chamber and Parlor setts, loclndmea larpe sßs:rtmcat ot Dar in* DiclnCTLom and Bedroom Fnrnltnre. Jor, mnu>Krt.o oiLßaKT aAMt . S oy, Auctioneers Gilbert &t3AMi’hON, . Library of about CW yolf- mlsccU'neons ai*o. 5 Koirt watches. at auction, on TUEaIJAx. March Bth, at 10 o’clocs, at our sauarooms, 47 a tl 4« Dcr bo re-a I- oioiEicr S SAMPS')*, Auctioneer** A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneer* & Commission SJeicfiftQts 44 *£ 4H EANUOM'U-HT. Between Statist, and W»bulM7ii Hold regular aalea, at their saiwrcomf, o» DHT GOODS, CLOTHING. BOOTS, SHOES. 4t.. EveryWEDNESDAY aiuITHUItSDAY. every BAIDBBAY J£LEGAKT BOVBEHOU> rnHWXTUHB. A-t DwcUliiir 138 Fourtli-iv. AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY. March 1?, at 10 o’clock a. m..we shall (M*ll the entire Furniture contained In flou»s N'. law Fonrlb-av., ccnsl-Ung of elegant Parlor and Ch*saber lets. Marble-top Tables. Mlrrorj, Urns*e.a and VttWet Carpets, Hair Mattresses, Bcfldiog, Dintne-roorn and Kitchen Fomltarn Glys and China y>re, &c. WM. A. BUTTERS A UO., Aoct’ra. CUKE I EIRE! EIRE! in consequence ol Are at No. 79 Lake-el-. JOSEB, EBBTHITJB&CO. Will jell at Public Acetton, FrifiaT morning and afternoon, at their salesrooms and manufactory, No. 79 Lake-st., the largest assortment of Sllvci-platfd Ware West, consisting of fca feels. Cake Baskets. Utr s, Casters. Cap Goblets, Table Cat krr. Ac. Each and every article will be warranted to the purchasers. Please call and examine tpwds previ ous to ttee&le. J. Xl* REYNOLDS, Auctioneer. QAUIEL SCOTT * CO- AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 1«4 litxk*~st.« cor. LaSalle, Chicago. Cash advanced oa Merchandise consumed for sale. Out-door sales prompt!? attended tc. Stgcfetoiacts' faceting. GLASS OOM- At /mSlit ct the Board of f-SSSSwW’^JSt M&tN&ySE' On Saturday* .tUrch Oth, 1S«7» \»*> nvirek n. m:. at which tic e and place a praopsi Hon will be submitted to said nxc»txo?« that the capital atock ol sald»Conipany bo diminished to Two Hundred w. M u“eretsisgbe. p.' b.' sbomwat Ml TALCOTT. . Director.. gate fttills, engines, &t. rJiRE LANE <to RODLEV Portable Circular Saw SUlis, POBTABLE STEAM EHGESES, jingle Machines, Com MlUs «f« Bhalting, Wocd working Machinery. I,ANE A BODLKV, Comer ol John »pd Water-sto, Cincinnati. jssstt asr- ’sassa* Business ®imnees. FOR BALL—Betel, desirably located, having Ifcm SO tn 60 hoarders and from 10to IM tt«n£?S£?s? Onil; tet*. H*Vi« for %13,«0 AddrcM JOHN W. iiEBBITT, ffllolcgton. II 1 . ___ 1701! SAIL—A grocery -store on the r West Sirt«. ttJCO. lartufltog tootan and wagon. Addraas * T W.” Tribune office. rpOK fcALE— *S,W)C—* ive thousand doV Jr lar* win buy the stock, fixture* arrrydeMrahie crocery business. locadon. in best holiness pcrtlon of the city, c*ih trade, retail going Into wn«.eaale exclusively. Addrera P. O. Drawer SS7 J, giving real name and where interview can be bad. . 170KSALE—Atl21-3 per cent disonimt, ft for cash, stock of dry good*, ready mace nothing, hats and cap*, boots ana snoea, groceries, crockery and

»■ omr <• *£*wt n iTwi nßol an t>. For partlcuVwa, eal on Si’STrS'.'l:StOS? 10 J West Cnl cago. PL, for 20 days. •* FOR bALE—One of me best located sslecns to lie CUT. 36 te K rue rwrer h»« ether hn°lo-.°i to stteeJ t . Inqiilre ef GILBERT & BENEDICT, 13’-* Boom 7. TTOR ~&AlE—Panics desirmg to pur r chare an Interest In a eoiv’pairlae ®«lc hou« la Chicago will pieasc address-MuSlr, Tnbane office. F'OR BALE—Hotel—A new brick four story hotel. Leave and larnlture for "ale. All _kpventv rooms. In one of the b<*t buslnes* frrther pariiculara call cn A. c STKDJAS. B jom 4, Cobb’s Building. 3 26 Dearborn-sU Chicago. Dl. 170 R SALE—Drug store, situated in At r cblkon, Ksnaat. doing a fl»lj" reNU trade. Stock r*w-nd will invoice about Flxtires newvnd of the latent nyl*. Fur tnrther pirlicalar.-, addraaa “ W,’’ Box 2 82. Atchison, Kansas. r'Oli SALE—The pnccipal furniture r Moreau, rt-ck in Ui« l;rml■ Interior w In Minnr«ii2 Th“ bo»l*ef* has b".en CHtabll-bed ten vcnrsjlfrd an investment of *?,0C(l to |IO,OW wH real lz, a profit » f ifo p-rr «vot In, one year. Address, lar particulars, **T Z i\” Box 5861, Chicago, IIL rrOR SALE—A warebopse, wlih ele r vator, S 5 ml'es wevt frem Chicago. A firstrrale rhsrer lor anv one wanting such property. A. l. BROWN & CO* 328 frake-et. FOR SALE—One of the most public and best located saloon* In the city, lor one hall mice, as the o*nci baa other business to attend to. Inquire at No. 87 South ClartMt„ in basement F)R SALE—SIOO to S3OO will secure a cash buriuMS. Also, a partner wanted, with SI COO cash. Call on or address TRtTESDELL & CO. Room 13 Lombard Block, twodoors west of Post Ofßce FOR SALE —An undivided interest in a first-doss business (wholesale) on South Water at. Capital required, about This la * rare chacce tot a good man. Address ,4 P.” Box 1087. Cblesco. Unavoidable absence from the city the rea eon of selling. T7OK SALE—First-doss grocery, located P ins gcod nelchborhood fir hnsmsas. Address TO. MA&CUESTEB. Tribune office. Ti'Oß dALE —The good will and part or r of the furniture of a boarding house. The hTuae conT-Mg* 15 rooms In perfect order. Will he sold cheap andwttbont ary Incmnurance. Apply on the premises, 144 Nortn Clark-SL, corner of Ontario Room 4. FOR SALE —The small, select stock of fkiDllf groceries at 820 Lake-st., and two-years lease ot itore. Inquire mi tbo premises, or at <l7 Sontti Water-et. K. CHESSMAN, Assignee. 17’OR SALE—At a Bargain—Lease; stock I* and fixtures of a wcll-Citaollshcd grocery store, ontof a flood trade: very low rent and lontr lease. Would exrrat-re for bouse and lot or homo on levied ground. Inquire or tielamater, Boom 1 Murrl son Block, Clark-st. F"OR SALE—The stock, fixtures and leaser!aterfrmen's fttrnlahlng goods storela our ot the b"M I rations In the city. Address “FUR-- NiSHINO GOODS,” Tribune office. rpOR SALE—The oldest and best Jew- I; elry store In Wankegan, doing a very good? bmtn»«. Terms easy. For particulars. Inquire ot M. URONBEBO & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Watches and Jewelry. 124 I-ake-at. Chicago, 111. F~OR & ALE—One ot the finest and best restaurants or dining rooms In this city, or will take a partner. A. J. MILLS A CO., 130 South Ciark-Et., Hoorn 7. TOR SALE— First class grocery, doixur F* apiyinsbmlncf*, at 103 Sat isfactory reason lor selling. T7OR SALE—A slock of watches, jewel- JM ry, silver plated ware, Ac, all fine goods, and of good styles, wltn A No. 1 nxtun** for some, and lease ofß»me will be sold, scr arately or teg-ther. at a Pir g»ln. for cn»h,or exchanged for city prop* rW. Uwa. tlon «ce of tha b*6t Id town. Apply at QUIMUY A HAWLEY'S, Boom 7 Reynolds' Block. Catcago. FOR SALE—The stock and fixtnres ot thestore 10-JLnkc-st.roostberlcHcd onr in tea day*, a* the store wll be remodelled for other busi ness. Thestcekl# new aod dedrable, and embraces everything In the line of fancy goods, notion*. perfume. rl«. 4c- Will be sold at a sacrifice, orwould exchange tei real estate In city er country. For particulars, ap ply on premises. FOR SALE—Live paying business, 103 Lako-st. upstairs. f*r hale, part cash, balance on lime. A rare chaice for an established business. Wonld exchange for real estate m city or country. jrax Sale. I?OR bale—At Kankakee, 111, on the f* HllrolsCentral Railroad, astocfcofijardwarnand tinner,.’uiateilais. Ihc owice wishes to rente from btt-un»s, ou acr-.unt i-f 1U hrallb, and will lease the spire tor % term of years. Them ate six rooms a’ovc the store, -nd h good basement with three r-M)ins. Located In (he centre part of the city. A rare chance for a bartv with some meats. Fur further particulars addiess “I*G D,” F. O. Oox 111, Kankakee, 111. J?OU BALE—At tiie Lake TaLnel— One 35 horse power snglnt* ned upright tnbnlar holDr. Oae it hoi w newer engine aad upright tn-ujar halier. OLclSlii.’sepd.wcrecgiie Hiidutirunt tubu’ar boll**. These mutate and hellers are new, have been In use bnt a very short time. 21,125 IcrtT rail, weighing 23 jss. to the yarjL 1 large lan for ventilation, M. M. Aluens patent, bom expreviy for tills work ilfl c. wclMiroken j oor g mules. . 2 { nnipsatd? eels Improved apparatus and gearing. . . 25 cars, capacity l cable yard. A large lot of tools. A lot of tic ber atd lumber. . Also, the bnt:dinzs, sheds, outhouses, Ac, coxtccted rith the Lake Tniiaci. a tot of cast and wrought scrap IrjD. a lot ot c*» ou LL A uoW AN. Coctranors, Office, ihcre shaft Lake Tnnoei. J.-OK SALE—Ai the Chicflco DrtTinjr I s park, a* cond-hand umber, consUilcß of board*. Jolsta, ecuntllug. etc- all thoroughly seasoned. Also the nnlldmes known as “Floral Had and So nth Amrlthcatrc.” Inquire ot C. A. FOBsYTUE, on the _ T7OR jsAljß show case, shelv |i leg, clear stand fixtnres, 4c„ Ac. rf No. 14 South cJark-Bt. Apply to THOMAS LONEBO AN, >O. 16bontb Clark-Bt. Tj'OH SALE-500 tons No. 1 steam coal, C In lot* to suit purchasers. Inquire at Sugar Bo- Cect7. North Watcr-n.. pear the pier. F’OR fcALE—Smcer {Sowing Machine, No. 2. In perfect order. Price 160. Will salt a tailor or aheenmker. No. 144 North Clark-st. FOR SALE—Lumber Wagon—Medium iron axle, with polo and shalts-good as ne r—HSj In lumber: 10 per cent lots lor cash. OOODVVILLIE& CO.. ICtgMauU' O-st.. cor LaSVlg. (ffilg Notices. AN ORDINANCE to repeal section **ven ot chapter fcriysevea of an ordinance en titled “An Oraloance for revising ana consolidating the ccncral ordinance* of tbo City ft Chicago, and to provide a snfcfltltnU* therefor. , „# £e u ordaitifd by (He Common Council or l*ecuy oj Mature only prices to be charged, received or taken by the owners or drivers of any hatfcney coach, car riage or other vehicle, except omnibuses, tot -the con veyance ot passengers for hire, wl'bla said city, shall be as follows, to be regulated and estimated by the dis tance on the most direct route*, namely: for conveying each pa>*encef Irom one raiimau oe pot to another railroad depot, fifty cents. For conveying each passenger not exceeding one Fcr conveying a passenger any distance over one mile ana ku than two miles, one debar. , For each additional pa'senger of the same family or w fS’«“toSlt»pi»>oK» ■.idcuriuivauuoe, exceeding two miles, one dollar ana titty cents. For taHi additional passenger ol the same family or 51 F&unvSlsg children between live and Dartrcn varsof ageVhaif °1 the above prices m«y be chirred for like dibinocrs. bnt for children nnder cve years of ace oc ebarue shall be mode: ifortaeO, That the dW tance from any railroad depat, tieamboatlanilngot hotel to any other iblirosd depot, steamboat landing or hotel shall In all cases be estimated as not exceeding Cn Foi the use by the day of any hackney coach or oth er vehicle dtavu by two hoiscs or other animals, with one or tnorepasseasers. cleot dollars per oay. For tb*. us*. ot any aucU carriage or vehicle by toe hi»nr. with one or more pawwgers. with the prlvl ege ol going from place place and stopping at often ns mu tc fpqolred. as lol.ows: For lb» Am bow, two dollar*. , for each aooltlonal hour or part ot an hour, one dob For conveying me or more passensets to or from any place lu said city, between the horns ofn o'clock midnight and i o'clock a. m., for cacti trip two do lat* a licout regard to the distance or numocr ot passca* S For tlic we o! anj call or ether vehicle drawn byonc hmseor anlfiui.h* »r.t. h/ or, with the l rlrl «e tf going from place to place, with one or more passen* serr, and BU’pPit g when required: Fcr the nr*thcui. cor. dodar. Kci cadi additional ho ir or part of an hour, City thetwt of any such carriage by the day, font <1C Eai l h*ra#nns«*r Minll be allowed to hare conveyed unci such vehicle. Tiihoctccarre. nU ordinary trav* eilinff iw-’rac*', not exceeding In any case twa trunk atciwcpty-fiv-:poundsofothci baggage. Forovery oadltlciial package, wheio the wh'dd weight ol bag* gaccl«ovtf»iteliundr«lpound?. If conveyed to any D ace wUr.Ui l v c cllT limit*, the owner ot driver shall pc pnuilt cd to charge hftecn cecta. . . _ Section seven of auld Chapter forty-seven is hereby ( ehal be ta force from and after Its paaraceaml due puoilcation. Fat Bed Feb. 15th, 1867. Approved Feb. ifitlulSOT. J. B. BICE, Mayor, Atirat : A. H. Bodmas, City Clerk. PROCLAMATION. Matok’9 Office, Chicago, > March 2d, 1367. f mo"£ay, M.fei. an. wm 5. gf sggg- awor . Atttst: A. O. PoDMay. C.erb. ytflposols. PROPOSALS FOR A BRIDGE AT 1 Chicago, March 2, loot. j , Scaled proposals will be received Board a Pudllc Works, at vhelroffice,Nos. 15 and 17, Well* s!rtct. ontllll a. m., Wednesday, removal of the bridge now crossing «« of Chicago Ulvcr at Lake street, ana the replacing the same with a new structure, Inc ndlne all wort on the centre pier, and the abutments and approaches, accord ins to plans and speclflratiocson Wo at said proposals must he addressed to the Board of BuMt Works, endorsed ** Proposal lot Late Street Bridge." and be accompanied wlUi the usual S3OO oord, with sureties, to be approvedT>y;theßoaro, The Board reserve the rlcht to reject any bid not u accoidaoce with the coodltlons oltnls □r to reject all bids, and no proposal will be unless we party oflerlne UsUall Clve ertdence siUaao torr to the Board that be has the nec pcnccce, energy and ability for doing the' ** trustworthy, and has satQcleot iiecui^i^^reM^reae. FUKo, nBT2, O. J. UOs£ „ _ 10t Board of Public Worts. TDHOPOjALS FOR PAVING LA- I 8 ALI.E bTKEET FROM WASHINGTON STREET IT) MAD q^ c J hoard of Public Wooks, I Chicago. Marcn 2, iSo t . § Seated proposals will be received by the lizard of Public Works, at their Office, Nos. 1* and !7 Wclla street, until 11 a. m. Wednesday, March for toe wading aid having J-aSa'le street, from Washington street to aiadhonslrctt, according to plans and speci fications on file at said office. , _ ._r Tl-VTI. D proposals mustbe addrrased to the BoaM of Pnbllc Worcs, endorsed “Proposal lor Paving a ties tr^et, and he accompanied with the usual 1200 bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. . The Board reserve the right to reject any bid not tt conditions of orto relect all bids, and no proposal will be^accepted FRED. LCTZ, O.J.UOSE, _ Board ot BubUc Works. Proposals for five million SEWERAGE BRICKS. Of net or Tiix uoabd or Public Works, I Ur COICAGO. March 41b,1566. f Sealed_propos»u will ba received br the Bnart of Pnhilc Works, s tbelr ofllc-*, >ls. is aodli Wclls-st, trHi it a. ra. Tharsday. Marcb :4th, for the delivery SaU orknyPanel Bsweraaeßtlcia. * 0 Tbe bilcki mut be whaic. hard ouracd. flee from Iteeand square edited, and of the standard dimcMiOLS <«oy4 by 3« InehC'l. and be delivered ollMrtiP alone inline of tlto fearers to pecontsmcied in tblscliy.sotjict to the count ana inspection of the 'half million during Mar. one «Bd a half nulllctsdnrlDe Janc,and one million during each of-th* months of July. August and September, “wposati mast Vc addressed to Hie Board ol Public vrVrks. endorsed “Prcpoial for Sewerage and be accompaded with the usual (200 bond, with ■nMtie*. to be approved by the Board. Tte Board reserve the right to reject any bid not -n ftreofdaneewlthtie conationscflhis nrtcretect all bids, and no proposal will be accept-a SISISStJ Ofcrtns it .Udn Srv to the Board that he has the necessary iufi, experience, energy and acuity for doing ttewofL • is trustworthy, aud ba* sufilcieat feed, letzT^ o..i.bosk. Board of Public” wk», ftp %lenfcg»ouggg» TO KENT—The two-itoiy and base- Dntnub e-lroLt Douse. No. 568 Bate au fronting oc Union-park. Iwwbbb lamfrtimuy. Ca 1 at 536 Falton-sh. lor paitlcalara. TO RJiNT—lunushed bouse. Apply at 346 Ctlctgo-*F.. between 10 and U a. o. TO KENT—hunuture for Sale—A new boa** at Ex ana tin, 7 room*. C3cVet leal to depot, cau to had low. Address a X.” tribune office XO KENT—A new Cottage, with ten rooms and all modern Improvements, at 116 lb. Panllnwst. ’ TO RENT—Hotel at Bake Forest—This desirable summer resort, ®mU«a north of Chica go, will be tor rentonlhelst ol April, for a term ol sears. The bullcm* contains 33 ronsi. Is In good ro pair, atd will to rented on lavorable terms to a person who can ftenuhetd keep ncooi brass, aoue other need apply, addresa P.0.80x 6142, Chicago. rpO KENT—Cottage with 6 rooms and X detets, 421 Korth Statist. TO KENT—Two-story and basement boose, with ill modem improvements, ID rooms ezelrulve • f cloicts and bath mom, good location on the Bonn Side. No one nnsdapoly unless wishing to nun-haw* about *7OO worth ol furniture. laqalie at b&LDINO BBOa. A CO.’B. .74 LakfrSt-. up ataira TO RENT—A first-class new house. No. 75 Warren-at.. now vacant, to a fira« aw ten ant. B. n. CDMMXKQ9, Boom 19 Ko. 138 South Clark-st. TO KENT—House to rent and furniture fbp sale cheap, only fire minutes’ walk from the I’ost Office. Appiy at No. 18 Foutlb-ar. None need nppiy unless they wish to boy the taraltore. TO RENT—Possession immediately— neat house No. SOI Welt Madlson-at* 7 rooms, gas, water and bata room, in complete order, splendid lo cation. LaSalle. qpO RENT—At Harlem, 25 minutes ndc A from North Wells-st. depot, a.Urw-slzed dwell ing. lO'taWe tor boarding Copse: SS g-veral stna 1 teaemenisal a low rent. Apply to JOBN H E, QUICK,Boom 7, No. 43SouthClark-it. 'T'O RENT—Dwelling house No. 103 t Thlrd-aT., with or withoot parlor carpett and stoves. Everything about the bouse Is In order, roeseaslon at once. Apply to J. SL MA±s tallALL & CO* No. 97 South C&rk-au rpo RENT—Ten room house. No. 35i I Cslamet-sr., MS3 ; one on Madlson-st, nearta i-alle. *450. FCTEB BMMP, 92 Monrofrat. rpo RENT—House, completely for | nlitacd. conta’Dlng, In all. seven room*, douolc narlor. diumg room. gas. good water, bath, &c* from th|a day till the Utot May, Inqnue at 58 State at. rpo RENT—Two-story frame house A. ef eight roomfc near Tweniy-sccoad-st. % portipn of tar furniture lor sole cheap. Bent low. ARTHUR Si PQYDBN. 216 Statc-st. _—’Uaamn, TO RENT—A tumished room, suitable ter two grnt'emen or gentleman and wife, at 1 78 C intcn-tt.. In tween Adams and Jackstm-giA. cheap. TO RENT—Two nicely munched rocma one Week imm P. O. Reference required. None hut gentlemen need apply, at 02 Adams-et. T'O RENT—Furnished lodgings, with- I out boards to gentlemen only, xleosant room*, with clostts and ga*. kept In older to rent on n»oa ab;« terms. Apply at 25 Mlchigan-av. TD RENT—Pleasant famished rooms sultaolo for gentlemen, at 228# Stato-sLrCoa venleal to basinets, _ TO KENT—Eoraished rooms, with or JL without board, at 133 suitable loro lady or gentleman.- r rO RENT—dSiccly famished rooms, 1 Canbeieenbf appljiigatKo. 118 Moaroe-sL, near ran Office. CfTo KCtli-^tOttSa, TO RENT—A basement room, suitable ft>r a banking olllc* pr Insurance bislna*a,nb7 JOfeei. located at 126 Washington-at., opposiwCourt FTouitp. with targe rault, water, gas. etc. Apply to JOHN SCANLAN, on the premises. 'TO RENT—To Bakers—A store 55 Bine 1 laland-ar-snUablefiribakerv. with boose oven bake-shop, ham. Ac. Apply to 53 Blue laland-ar. ipo RENT—Dock property, on the I Son'll Branch, on lore" Ifeaso and liberal terms, rnltabie tor c2a». lumber and iwtf vvrd*. or for mano* lactnrln?. GfcO. Y. BTBD, So. 100 Randolph-su Hoom B._ TO RENT —Second and third floors at 50 Lake-st. Apply to PHELPS, DODQE A CO. TO RBNT —A nice Icrgß office at 07 Bantu Oark-sL, In Larmon Wock. suitable Joy a lawyer nr physician. Inqnlrool THOMPSON A LACK NEB, 31 tionlb Clsrk-st. ■** TO RENT—From May Ist, flora No. 278 South Watcr-st. Apply to G. A. SPBINO EH. boom 9 Metropolitan Block. TO RENT—Dock and yard, 100x500 ft. Good location for lumber business. For particu lars. Inquire t r THQ3. ouQDWILLIg, North Her. TO RENT—Steam Power and room 50 feetsonsre. A good point lor sain and door bad ness. For particulars inquire ol TAGS- GOODWIL LS North Fi cr. TPO RENT—An c-flice, and furniture for I b. c cbeap If app fed for fmroedlalefT- ttot eoW flO a veee. Apply at Room 20, second Boor. 114 Dcarborn-it. near Washington. To RENT—A fine (uost proof) ware -1 house, lb bulk or by the barrel: will-■hold 10,«B barrels. Jn-t the place for becr. pot*, toes. Handy to river ana railroad. Ofc RKY b- D AN FObD, Jr., Room 2. No. 48 Sontti Clark. -TO RENT—A arete-ass brick Store. I 582 Stato-8t„ neat doer to corner Twelfth, »o* rethcr with two larse ronns lo rcar sa 1 fah!rf> r »alw room and manafacturlng shops. Apply at JERvia HOUSE. TO RENT —The second and third sto I rlrs oil 02 Lakes!. The location and rooms arc very desirable for retail bnslness. None bnrrespinst ble parties need apply. For particulars, Inquire on premltes. rpO KENT—Wbilkowsky Hall. This I will be a splendid ball tor Masonic Lodge par* rirg. and will be Icfcbcao to good tenants. Apply to U. MARSHALL, 97 Clark-at. TO BENT—Desk room, m a splendid frent office, central location. 20 feet WacV walnut i.tnce rat Un- for sale at 7«J. GOOUWUXIE & CO rt ytfg MsdisoD-at.. cor. lASalle. 13attneta aiELautet) PARTNER— TVented—Competent to take charge of and run a ca*f lace manuiactartng tiasmess m a tnrlvlng city on the Mississippi River. To a man who can put In a few thousand dollars an opportunity is ottered to sfp into a weil-establubad boetaess. mtudng so hands. An energetic, miaole mldrt.’e-nged n-an more of on object ihaa the am tant ot r auttoL Best of referencra atd required. Addlces •• CARRIAGE MANDFACTHBEB.” Trlbnne office. ■ PARTNER— Wanted About $1,5U0 will purchase ono-haif Interest In a first-claw Hoot and Shce business in good loratloo on the Math tilde, ore partner wishing to ee'lto so away. Adores f. O. Ilex 2207. PARTNER— Wonted—In a good, eslalj hshed hush ess OnbllTO capita' required. Ap ply to JONES. BONOr & TAYLOtt, No. 12 Metbo rtW Church Block. , - , .. —* 13 aUTNEK—Wanted—ln a light manu- I fceturlnewtolessJebuslnets. None bat study, fi7dn*Truo* i*»d call. fiOO caidlal req-omd. in quire of JOKES. DONDY * TAYLOR, Boom 12, WHbodlst Church nlock, Chicago- PARTNER —Wanted —An energetic man. with S3OO, to ♦akoa half Inteiest in an es tablished bu-ine*s, paying a large profit. App.y at SPEEB & BBO.'S. 107 S&QthCiwk. T>AKTNBK—Wanted—A Business man, I with tWC. to take a oacvhaM Interest In anestaly ifthcd business In thU city. CaU Or three days at Boom 16,127 South Ciark-st- y PAKTFKR— Wanted—In an old and veil established real Miateoffice. M!0 one half interest. Apply to A. J. MILLS & U>. IJO Clark-st.. Room 7. * PAHTNEK— Wanted—Ina Ueht mann* factoring baulness, with a capita! of J4OO. Proflta 'argeaod no competition. applyatoaco alNo. 100 MaOlkOQ-eL, Room -1. PARTNER— Wanted—Silent or active, reestablish a Ant-class meic&uUtc speciality In tms dtr. by a gentleman or thorough practical expert* enre, about |i£ooO capital required. Kor an InWfrtetf *rd mil particular* ptcaso call MoidayatiEma Sowug Machite Rooms, 97 wash- Ineton-st. ijoatoing IJOARDlNG—Ncatljtnrnislied rooms, OwUh fltsvclaaa bowd, In a private tamily. at 17 6 South CUnton-st, P* OAHBING—A pleasant suite oi rooms, f lureUhcd or nnlnrnlshel. and one single room. «uh board, can be had at 277 West Ttandolph-st. p GARBING —Furnished rooms suitable ' for gentlemen and thel* wive*, or single gentle men, to tent with noaid, at 74 Jackson-st, two oiocka tenth ol Foit Ofilec. OOAKDUtO—Two gentlemen desironj I ) cl a comfortable borne, excellent board, with a larcc ncnt room, In a rudpectable family. living on tvabash ar., not fat from Post office. U*at references required Address u C.* 1 P. O. Box lil’jO. OOAKIiiNG—A few gentlemen can 1 9 find rl*a*ant rooms and jrood board, at 227 Kichlconst., near corner Norm State, and convenient lobnslces*. Terms moderate. OOA HDIN G—A gentleman and his J > with. or a lew single grmlcmcn,can be accommo dated wltn board and pleasant rooms, at Si Adams su Also, cne or two day boarders. TJOAUDING —A lew Gentlemen can IJ be accommodated with boatd at 130 West Mon ro OOARDINQ A large untarnished O room, with clcsets and gas. for a ceatiemaa a-d wife, at a moderate price,at 42 Michlgan-ar. T>OARDINQ —Four centlemen can find ,U board and n'carant rooms at 301 Ststo-at, where there ore no other boarders. .Terms, |9 per week. T>OARDlNQ—■‘Withyeiy desirable front. ,1J rooms, untarnished, with closets, eat and flrst class board, cc Irolaca-av., two doors north of Twea ty-t turd-st. r>OARDLNG—A lew gentlemen can Ind ll rood board and pleasant rooms at 227 Ulchl* nan-si., near corner North Stale and convenient to bittiness. Tennis moderate. T>OAHDJNQ—A young married couple ll or two iIDE?e gentlemen can Had an cnfornlsned frort room to rent, with board. In a private family. No other boarders and no children. 401 Wabash-av. pOAtiDING—Two pleasant furnished L) rooms, suitable for two or three gentlemen, can b= obtained, with ocard, at 302 Ohlo-su,- between ttusUanaCese, HOARDING—An untarnished room, n suitableforagentleroanatd lady, to rent, with board, at 266 West Bandolph-st. References re-, QQlred. __ • HOARDING— I Two front rooms, with D 156 Huroa-st. Eelerdicet required, fwo day boarders wanted. . t» GAUGING—One handsome suite of O rectos will be let. together of separate, with first class boaro.iorncertlcman and wife or single gentle men. Apply at 2H7 Michlgac-at. HOARDlNG—Pleasant irontroom. suit O able ibr a gentleman and wile or two-single-gen tl-tnen. with board, may ne bad at No. 4J Inird-ay. wheiethecomtorts of home may he enjoyed, HOLDING—A Gentleman and wife oi If two single gentlemen, can fil'd a cicely furnished room with cood board and the comforts ol home. In a private family at 115 South flalst-d-st. BOARDING —A lew tarnisned rooms and board, Ibr ladles only, a*. 291 Sooth Clark st. Ladles who wish to hav* a quiet home, may ap ply, second floor, to MBS. BROWN. BOARDING— Single rooms suitable tor cne or two gentlemen, can be bad at 121 State* pt.; alno. a few n.ore day boarders can neaccommo dated at K per week. footers, (Carriages, Set. FIU SALE—Fourteen horses,.instarrw ed irom Indiana. sulUble tor tracks, drays or ex* Eresawasous; also, some splendid bora? and family orses sod mares. Can be seen at WREVS Sale Sta ble, 434 & latent. FOR SALE—CBcap—A nice pony, good In harncis or saddle: also, buggy aud harness, to gether or leparate. Can be seen at ■13(1 Fulton at. TST'ANTLD—To hny a good, sonnd, V V well broke horse, together with harness and ex press wason. rartlcs bavins sneb lor sale at a very ;ow figure. may address •* g,** Box 3SCo. P. O. rOK SALE—A. pair ot nice. light car ” rlage or buggy horses, five years old. Bound uod desirable in every wav, color blacs. Price (35b. Ad dress P. O. Box 1930. __ PDR SALE—A span ol nice voting horses, with bossy and harness, well Broken c>od travellers. «nllablefiir carnage or pnvate tsm ily. Apply at 14h WesiLftbesU FOR SALE—At a very low price, a arst claes boggy, nearly new, at PRICE’S Stable. "fTTANTED—A good second-hand ero- W cerywagon. Cifl a% or address 331 South Clark-st. T?OH SALE—An open boirgy and good JD sleigh, harness. Price (100, CsiDOWea at No. sso Wabash-ar, «gal Estate- gits. USFHOTID. FOK SALE—By A. O. Stedmaa «Oa, Biom 4. Cobb’* BalWlmr ISSpawbo™**l - A>D U)rS, mh«« OnMJchliran-aT.near Adamt-st, ftone fttmt. •&«»• On "Wabieb-*v. near suteentb-rt. e»«JjSfSwS" third down. balazce on time, X 8 per caw itic^ between Tw»nty-flftn and Twenty* rtxlh-it*. new. ata cargaln, BAS». . _ Collate and lot on Asylnm-piaee and Orcbard-st. * SOD * HOUSES ON LEASED LAND. On State, near Noaroewc. f*». No. SO WcatLakMt, elthtyean’ leate. 82*00°. On Pralile-ar, near Twenty-nlnlh-st. On TMtUeto-ew between Michigan and Indlans-ar. between Michigan and lodlana-ar. *i«n a non*m and lota m all parts of the city. FOR bAUS— RESIDENCES. two two-storr and basement hr1 p ksnd frame home* onMlcll**o.*T-nearTwentT*Sf*ih-*t.; 81-000 each. Anew sndbaodattoiy faralshed thrse-atprf dwd* lin*w»Pralr!e-»Te^ - sear?Slxteeo’b sUhsrlog a fine , M«hsS.oonlffiSo-.Te-W«a lot «0 fMt Uecp. Ko. ? o m t lai&plaetu This boose has lost been thoroughly paint ed and Is In excellent repair. w«.» Frame boose and lot, No. 841 West lacmu Ea»y Frame boose and lot on Fnltoa-st, near Bcnben-st.; frame dwelling* with Mod I?* 1 5 a between Slate and Rash sts. chap. G. fa. HuIHJhSD, Jr., S 3 Dearborn-«f. f~OR SALE—A first-class lour-stoty and basement brick store. No. 33 SoothiWWa-st, rent.a for It,WC per annnm.) In perfect order. at tee rery low trice of tSXXn. the cheapest property of the kind in market. WABBKH A OOODBILtI. Beal «• tite Brokers. 1185 Boon %■ trOR bALE—A desirable bncS house, r Trlth modem Improvements. marile foodceilir. barn. *c. nw il r:omf. no basement. ICQPlreon the premises. ITSTMifI-av. I7OK SALE—To lawyers, doctors, cler r gymen,bookaeep«r*and nrofaslotalmcn—Three rery genteel homes, wlthgju waterand «m Improvements. Nos. 12BS, 1240 and 1213 t*ral: le-av. ThelOsare MHBO toalC-lhot a ley. with good barns. Also, first class bouse. 12.16 Pralrlo-av., with lot 50*160, and all modem improvements. Also, new twe-stury hnoso on Waba«b*»r.. near Twenty* eighth-at. The above will all be sold cheap and on good time, ELUOTT ANTHONY, T 7 Peatbora-st. FOR SALE—House and lot 53 South Oreen*sC,betwwn Washington and UadlwMts. House contains 10 rroms, besides bath room, closets, marble mantle, nt. sewer. etc. Possession given Mar liter immediately, by rating part of furniture, which will be offered at reasonable prices. Apply at 163 ■West Latent. r?oh SAlE—Tiro houses and lots, <1,350 fi eadi.lar»eaoflfieeli6ble,ln K<mosba,Wu» Ap* pfr to b. Y. B BANDS. Kenosha. Wls. J7OR SALE—A cottage and bam on J/ lessed lot, cl***e to street' cars, cheap. Apply cn theprennaeß.4h P}erce-st. rpoß SALE—House and lot, Na 75 Ma r pa-gt., east ol North DtJrboru-st, Honsa fin ished lav? Petri her. inquire at 43P North Clark-st. 170 R SALE —tj-iorc and lot. No. Iftl I 1 Scats Clart-st.. between Madjron and Moniw, x*X feet Iroar. Inquire of JOHN FWBYTUE, 13 J Kandoipb-eC F)|i SALE—A lame antf well tmlt hoofe.Nrf.lS3 South Jcfferson-sC.-wlth 12 roams, water, gas, sewer, Ac-. lot 25 by wits good barn. oulrJA&O irtrtea at once, macb bcldw Its value. T 1& perfect. WA2IREN * GOODRICB; Beal Estate Brokers, 3 23 Dcaroorn-BL, Boom 2. P)K SALE—At a great bargain, small house and lag on Asvlam-pUce, center of Or* rhard-tt. Mast bfWld. Inquire on premises. PJK BADE—A large two-rtory bouse on IndlMa-av.,-ne»r t%enty-fifth-9t. THOMAS FREEMAN, 1*24 Randoiph-at., Boom 6. TT 1 OH BALE—For SBOO cash, balance in r Tnnnth'y parmentcJ-cew dwelling honses/ott Mad ron. Warren ana WastmctOT-Bts., at city UrnlSr, WM. DANBBROUQH, 90 WaablngTon-st. P)E SALE—Or Rent—Homes and lots in aU parts of the city, and farms in all part* of me country. Call at onr office. if yon want to -dot, rent or self. A. J. MP-i-s is CO., 130 Sooth Clsrl-sL, Room 7- OR SALE —Commodious and elegant _C bouse, Ko. 376 North LaHaHe-sC, 18 room*, water, ■ss, bath rorm. Ac., ttr splendidcondition. lot 50 by HO feet, running through to inn-»f, large hire, Ac., can ironr. Title perfect. Thochespen pace m the Norm : Bid**, atsUXOO. Location not-* be WAR. KE2? 4 GOODRICH, Real EiiiUs jtrokew. 125 Dears , horo-tt.. Room 2. T7OR sAEE—House and lot, No. 133 I? South Dalsted-st. l*rtce tmproTemcnts erst 13,0n0, ctßrly new. E. R. CfcSSIINQS. Boom 19 No. 132 comb Clark ft. T7OH BALE—Bnck house, just finished, I 1 good location. North Side. Ursa lot, tea rooms, rath room, closets, modern improvements. Price 215.0P0. Purterrar, apply to A. GAGS & Sglle-Bt., Rocm4. ■T7IOR SALE—New two stoir and base _|j moot hooae. No. 551« f b=tweeh floyne and Lean tt-sta.. with ot rfK by «5 feet to alley, sewer, •to. only lI.COO If taken Immediately/-key can be had at cor otSce. Terms. fI.DJO cash, balaaeo on*, two ana three yean.- Nos. 251 ana 253 adjolnloc. »*mo price and terms; will rent for »CCO tot wonra. LTca tlM« delichtfDL Title pcilect. WARREN & GOOD RICH, 1 23 Dcaibore-SL. Boom 2. F’ OR SALE —On ■Wabash-aT: r 2 houses and lota, between Eldrldge and H*rojon*courta. Each lot 25 by 120- *IIIXOO each. A.J. AVER EL. Real Estate Office, No. 7 Metfopolltaa Block. - f?OR SALE—Two-siory house on the 1* Sooth Side, lo a good neighborhood: Jot 25 by 183: rented forfSfiO. Must he sold this week. PETER BHXUP, 92 Uonroc-9t. * FOR SALE—>ISS leet on Van Baren-at, with bonding* near new depot, {315X1. Hoase ana lot on Anans-st-, f6AOO, One on LaSalle, so£3L PETER SHIMP, 92 ilonroe-st. FOR bale—By Rees & Ayres, Real Estate Brokers, oraee 10 Cross's Opera Hooae, render re for >II.COO, mthemoit desirable part of the Notth Side. Tills t§ a first-class brick boose, and U offmid at a low flgare. rpOR SALE—By Goodwillio & Co., 163 I" 1 sradl«on-»t-,cor La£alie, three neat cottages on West Randolph and Von Boren-sta. Long ground lease on easy terms. FOR SALE—One cl the finest marble front residences on Mlcblgnn-av.. canxplete to every respect. Lot S 3: by 130. A.B. MtfAD, Real Es tate Agent, 151 Randotph-at. OdinFMOVSb FOR BALE—By G. S. Hubbard~ Dearb rn-st. Room rc ~ BUSINESS PROPERTY. Thrc«- stn*y and basement brick boose and lot, .airs 91'fect, front on Dearborn Perk, on Washlngton-st, In p»rfe«;t order and repair. 40fcet<>nStatc-st. ror'h of van Boren. 25 fret on ClarK-st. north of-Mo* roe. HP feet on Clark st, north of Van noren. 9efeetonMo'.roe.iuncarPostOlßec. . , , . .... „ £0 feci on Madlson-st, near Wells, with brick balldlng and 2 frame houses. Btick store on Dearborn-st.. cu ftet on Washingtoo-st. ea*t of Franklin. I?OR SALE—Bj G. a. Hubbard, Jr., 03 Dearborn-*f. t . „ , . 10CX16Q tect cn CaJumel-av., near Twenty-second-sL XOOztSO feet cn lUchtgun-sv.»Jiiar a Slxtecnth-fit. csxifio feet on pralne-ar., near Elenteenth-fit. incxlt'Of-et on Mirtngae-av., corner Twrojy-nflh-st. 100x180 feet on Wabash-av., corner Twcnfc-Mdwt- Lots fronting on Union ac-d Jefferson Farts, Riubeo. Adame, wcsr siadtson. Fallon, and Carroll-su., comprising some ot Uie most eligible building sites in tic West Division. ITOU SALE—Fme lot on Ualmnet-ay., f near Twentf-Worth st_ 50 by ISO lect to alley, at tbe very low price of $3,130 If thenar once; retrain lor one year at 7 ocr cent. Title perfect. Wiß* BEN & GOODRICH. 123 Dearborn-aL, Hoom 2. rf OK SALE—A flue property In the r JUi'aml Second Addition EMI or Kbtiw-ie. at prices below the current rates. Q. 9. HU BDAKD, Jr., 0 j Peat boro-st. FOR SALE—Thirteen acres on West LakMt- one-half mile beyond the limits, and a number of blocks suitable for subdivision in tao West Division. Also, a lanro I»|J?£ ??*£ t(le , 1* very lew prices. O. b. HUBBARD. Jr.. 3J Dear born-fit. TTOR SALE—Very desirable residence r lo: OB Wsbath-av., betweenEldrldge andllsrmon c».urta.rtbviec fuel, at aiowpnce and on favorable toms. Title perfect. One of the finest tne avrnne. WARREN &GOODBICH,I2SDearborn-«t., Boom a. ____________ FO R sATE—T.rils on Wabash and Mich- Ican-avß . o*ar and on comer Thirtieth -st_ cacn. Two years heacethev will bring double the money. GEORGE &V* ILLIAAI9,7 South Clatk-rt, EOK SALE—A lot 04x160 feel to an alley, on Twenty-first-*near Archcr-’road—half pyn, balflrcela.oreai.d two years at S per cent— by JAS. T. aLLKN. I©7 Twenty-second at. Also, sev»- rai houses and’ h)ts on Michigan acd Indiana- at a barualm COK SALE—At a great sacrifice, 19 1-4 V acres, on Slitrentn-iL, my IK mileafrom city limits, at 19.000, one-fonrth cash.balance one, two and tl ree j ear*; or will sell u taken thla week at Uie more lv nominal orlce of SI.COO caa ri , as the own«.needJ the money Unmediwely. WARREN iGOOnHLCH, Real E-tate Brokers. 1*25 Dearborn-aL. ttoom.B. lKcar3E»tatf-ia:» unirg. T? 01( SALE—I arm—Gne ot tbe best T forms, cf 120acres,in Coo*Cotmtv.sltaatftlath* Town ol Lyons, 16 ml ea from tne Ccnrt tn Chl caro, and W miles from H-nsrlai«, on tbe Chicago. BurtUcton A’Qnlnc? Railroad; 20 aaeo of fine prove; 400 cho.ce beano? apple trees, chttries and otier irnlt, j c .; school and churches convento-it. Any one wish ing to purchase a larai will do we'l to examine this, os It will bear Inapecnon, and will ba sold at a bargain. A»ply to A. DOBATHT, A 3 Dearborn-SL, Room 6. FOU HALE-A fine grain and stock larmot aooutSOO acres, to Cske County, 30 mllea rrum Chicago. Plenty of wood and water. Apply to G. A. SPRINGER. No. 9 Metropolitan Block. T?OK SALE—A larm ot 160 acres, with ■ lu one mile of a railroad station and 11 mllea from Chicago. Well watered, good bulldlss*. over 5> 0 Unit trees, and stocked with cows. Will sell with or wlth cntcowi. Also. 60 acres adjoining the above, in lots to emt purchasers. Apply at tag KumHt FOR SALE—In tne criy ol TVankegan, 3 large, fir e brie* residences— ample ground room, good biros, water, and everything In fine condition lor beautiful homes. „ Frame house, 2 li's, on Orand-av. Frame house acd bam on MUI-st. . Bom e and cue acre ol land, ot Qrand-sv. Uonsoand to oloD. ou Count-st. __ ~ __ Two large new residences, cn corner of Washington and WesLitK bemse, bsra acd two lots, on Oenesce-aL, togftherwlth a list ol nineteen other reridences, rang- Ins from (600 to f K’.OOO. Most of tbe above homes hive good cellar*, welts and cuterns. and limit on the lots, which are 66xlS2f«t, and are-otiered on favorable terms, and cheap. „ _ , I haVe also a Hit of twenty-one Farms, ow Wanke csr, with good improvemert*. containing from 50 lo 3»fi acres, each ranging from f 25 to *3O per acre. A home farm ct 81K aciea. 3 miles from depot, with goodbalidlics,fences, orchard, timber, <xc M IM.oer acre, part cash, balance In I aids years. Immediate P^wo B commautlon trains, rooming and evening, at omy B*«the 8 *«the Waukegan Beal Estate Agency ol 0.8. LINCOLN. TT'OR SALE—Four tracts of l 1 choice farming land in Kankakee Co.; hleh rolling prairie, soil excellent. Situated In a well settled neighborhood. snd within seven ml’es ot Gardner Sta tion on St, Loots Railroad; one-lonrh mile from Post Office; will sell together cr otherwise. Can be bad ebeao atd on liberal terms. 8. H. KttftFOOT 4 CO., No- 71 Pearbora-st. • FOR SALE—Farm on Galena R. It, one mile from Bldott Station, four mile* wot pi Peca toniea. 518 tan, two houses, aflne barn, Umb-r. Uv- Ins ■aster, and Is one of the best tallllooU. Will be sold at 120 per acre, ud Is a bargain. D. K. ypApsQKS, 118 Bandolph-st.. Chicago. EOB Sale—Or 10 Lease—A well im proved farm of 830 acre*. 20 miles from dty. win take part pvr In city property. G. S. HOUQARD, jr„ 53 Dearborn-si. FOR SALE—I2O acres of as good tant landastlere is In the State. Is Union County, rortb of Jonesboro, three ml es from station. B. B. CHAMBER*. 17 Reynolds' Block. rrOR SALE—At Harlem—Lots desirably r located lor country homes. In the village, near the station, atd In the vicinity ol flrat-class schools and churches; also, wltbin ashort distance of *he station. beanUfnl bulldlne site*, on a high deration, In mil view cf Chicago, and surrounded by natural groves, water excellent; also, a bulldics snltaole for a bo-cl or largeboardl-ghcusa; al*o.fara|in Cook. Kane and Kendall Counties; alio, lands in lowa. Apply to JOHN n. S. QUICK. Boom 7 No. U South Ciark-st. COR bALE—In Evanston —Eight bonres t 1 and lots, well located, some of wy.cj Me the best In the city,»hd foaf ihcm son. Price* SII.MO. tIAOM, KiSS |l£W).fiooo. Apply to C. E- Agept,£vaLatco,oratbls office, 17 La3aue-»c.chl. pianos. rsno RENT—Pianos, Organs and ileJo- I dMu-ij, new and second-hand Pianos for sae od to itatollaett*. W. W. KIMBALL. 63 WaahlDKton-sL WANTED— Piano—I "want to buy a second-bard Pian>-oot leas than7-cctare-ia coca repair. Address Pox 6060. Host awi» .IFmine TOST— llOkcTvard—A Black anfl Tan j Sint, with a Mirer plated collarmarked “Cabas.” T*e atore reward wl'l ha nven on returning her to skEEB & PRO.. 107 Scnth Oaik-et. Sttaseiii awß Stolett. STRAYED —Or’Moien—*10 ReWaid— On the 28th of Fe?ntary. a lam red aal whlc coir*wlU»l*reet> f ni-,about U year* old, and riw »onelOooart«of milk per day. The aaore reward will be paid for her return 10’ 1280 llprt Adisiwt. ISAAC B. BOLDER. Eiaamsc-JHale *elp. BOOKSBE7BBB. TUT ANTED—Good men in every conn |V ty la the West to ted Johnson's Copjwr Light nine Roc. Energetic men «lU> %joo capita) can mate from KCO to |joo per moats seitlng this Rod. Tats Rod combine* th* coodoemg power of copper wtth too strength <f the Iron rod. Recommended by tbe leading KltsUflr men of the United Sta> es. Send rr psxpnlet and price luu E.F. UENBHAW A CO., 166Late-sk. Chicago. WANTED —Salesmen to sell paper collar*. scare* ard lies, fr*r* samo>. to tno ciiv trad*. Apgl* at office *T YOUNG AMERICA qOLLAB CO., 86 Bandolph-st. XX7 ANTED—IOO smart, energetic, live VV py*" to sen one of tfca peat domestic article* ever ,X«ri tor tala. compcutira. Brery family wants from two to a dojen. very large. call las medl»tri| at IS4 South Clart-sb, Boon 9. up gtalrs. TXT ANTED—A rood, active colored VV hor to take care of carriage team, one nsedtn t-ecareotbonea. Kone oOct ecM miy. C«U office cf KING & 880 .Sccth ad ot Caaal-st. THAPBB* coppersm’ths and 2 bSsaSibers, at SMEOTa Brass foundry, ccxnef Bandolg P?d Desplalaea-sts. TXT ANTED—By the snbscnber, an ei- W limed Tailor tsd Oitw I“.SSJSn? rnfrchiat titlorinz bniln»f • In tte city of Blpon. m EinplOTJttot tt ft n.«s«»l' salary w JjL£o,v Te ® saUatnr oenon. G. SEBBlNO?»HlP°n« Wls. ■epenoi WANTED— A No, 1 Carriage Painter, at ttAßnx'S Carnage Factory. '-Zsl Kimle- WANTED— A good heavrwagon builder. Apply &TDTO walsSb svjm « n t, on doet comer nftrrtMD *ad Frmfclta-gt. [Cretan t. TTTANTED —A good Cap maker (man). VV App'ratjja East pandalph-it. aaantgjg-JFentaig i^gtp. TTTANTBD —A flisl-class Milliner—one yr who is thoroughly competmt to take entire Charge of the business tnevsrj capacity. A good rec ommendation will be required. Apply at 240 Nortts DearboTß*st. - tttANTED —Dressmaker—One capable VV of taking charge otgsbop, and who Is wlUng to 1 carettS city. None othermeed apply. Apply Im mediately as MH3. JACKSON'3, 142 lAxe-st, op stairs. • HOCBB SEBVii^TS, Tfl7 ANTED—A good coofc, washer and Y Y inmcr rygo twenty miles' tnto the country, to speed tbe summer. No Irish need apply. Norwegian or Welsh preferred. Call at 340 west Monrue-st. WT ANTED —In a private family a first- YY class girl lor general housework. Apply at 30 South Carp enter-at. WANTED— A girl to attend a bany and do np rtalrt work Unit he American, oemaa or English. Apply at SOS lodlkoe-ar. TXT" ANTED—lmmediately, a gned plain YV cook, of good, willing disposition; one who will go to the country sndvtay Irom Ist of May to m of Ostohef. Most not esoect to be ab'e to attend church ervty Sunday, ns there is ncse within six miles. Kef* ererceretinlred. Northwestccrncr Bosh nndbnpcnor »l?„ from I to 5 p. m., fee onvweete. Wanted —ai wripbt's Hotel, five dining-room gtrla. at once. TXT ANTED lmmediately, cooes lor V V dir aadconntry; al«o. we laundress; Apply to iIHSI WHITTAKERS office, 826 Chtcag>sv. T 717 ANTED—A young ? irl to do general VV housework and cooking; 53 per week cad a ptrmaDent Maeetoraeood girl. Apply to GEOSGE & WILLIAMS, ysouUt Clark-«t. TXT ANTED—At 417 North Labaile-at, VV ft girt IP do kitchen work; wngeaf4 nor wfedA No Irish nerd apply. Good references required. Aik plications to 'bemad* tram 2 till 7 p. u>. TXTANTEU—GuI to do general boose- VV workm»sma)l lamtiyt one that can come well recommended will receive good wages nod * steady UtosUon. Apply at 7*s ADerde-M-st. XXTANTED—A rood masher and ironor V\ at 23 Good wages » a compe tent person. TXT ANTED—lmmediately, a good girl VV for dmlEttr-iTom. ord a good cook.- Mast hare reftrrace. Comstothebasementdoor, 5507 Mlchl- WANTED— At the National Hotel, ccrner Wachlngtan and WeH?-st n rwp girls— ote tor kitchen girl and one for laundry girt- • Apply at Hotel. ' [TAN TED—First class cook at Patflce 7 Hall Bestanraat; i 33 Dearborn-st. ItTTANTED—A gul lo do general bouse : VV work for a family ot lta«e persons, atd assist •to taklne care 01 achilit Irl'hnot wanted. Sor»e !dan or Welch preferred. Reforences required. Apply £eS7 Sooth Cmrk-»c,Racm;3. '•yTrANTEP—A* good girl to do general V * hoQfework in a smair family, from elehifen to iweoty-foor years old preferred. Apply at 12L AOttn CsrpenteMt. TNT ANTED —A.cood cook, washer and VV iroccr.forasmallprivate fcunllv. Apply Im mediately, with tween Twentyand Tweniy-«econd-sa. £mplo|jinent Hgentg. \\T ANTED—Ytumg ratn m tbe coub- VV try wublae to obtain cltimtions, such as book keepers. cierks. collectors, salesmen, conductors, ets- to apply at Room 13 Block. 92 Drarbom-st- or address J. M. MOORE * Roi 1707. enclotlog 10 cen» lor fall pactlc iiar?. VSL-AKTED—2 assistant boolieepers, 2 V V saleamep, I conductor. 2 ornk-men, 1 fireman.l porter, 2 diiTtrs, 2 expressmen. Apply at Room IX- FhUerton Block. 02 Dcarhorn-«t. abpltcants o? mail ■ address J. M. MOOBh & CO„ 8051707, etcioetns 10 cents for xeply. TIT ANTED—This day, 20 men tn-work VV' on railroad- Free transportation. Apply at Brom 4, a'»o Madlacn-'t. L TT7 ANTED —A good 1 second-hand ten- VV passenger omnibus. Narrow track preferred. AdcreM P.D. Box 313. Oshkostt. Wl«. WANTED— To lease lor a verm ot ten years, a building 50x100 vone suitable for man ufitctnnnc purposes. Address “J B C,” wii 1737, P. O. • WANTED -reinvest, by as-borand steady man. fl.loo in some good taring oun- Doautorootot Cn»cago;or would lean that sum where bis services would te available. Woo d not object to kerp ooocs a part oT the time, bn; active wot Rls thr- object. Nr. raVnt rights agency need np-- jjy. sotisfaclor? retetenew alvei Pie* « sure kind cf boa loess, »ndadaresa H. DUNBAR,-Chicago P. O. TX7ANTED—Tn buy a Vwo-sloiy frame VV Uficeo. StcrctiMJl Dreterrw?, to be reeved (on tbe Nona sice). <pply atglfl WANTED— Illinois ond Ibwn lands. — We wish to purchase a few tbemand acre* of unimproved land at a low tipnre for cash or Its caulya leot, 2*o swamp land wanted. DICKENSON AWEB STEB. 9** Washington-fit. XXTANTED —A cord' sized Iron safe V \ and Office Desk. Also, »cU of Falrbants’ ScaW. 2JOO to s,ool'connda. Afp*y to J. ULLMANN, 199 Latf-fL. upstairs. TXT AN TED —Every one to know that V> we have anartlcle that tell* everywhere. Something new. Qnirksaica acd lirte orotu. Call ata see It at 180 South Clark-;!., room 7- TTT ANTED —An interest in a wagon - VV andcamaeeshop, situated In some thriving railroad a competent wood workman cl n . years’ exu-rlence. Would rent or perch***. If lerms ’ran be made <a«v, Acdresa Box 61f., WUhewfirid,. : Btpry Count!. XIL TXT ANTED —-A second hand - plsreon : V\ Br.lo table. Must be cheap and In good court tlon, for cash. Address 239, Tribune office. TT T ANTED—To invest, by a young man V V ot sober end itcadT habits, &500, In «ome good and paying mriness It tela city, or wtuld'loaa that amount where hn fiewlre* won'd be available. lias had ccnMrterahlo experience In bnslnrsa. Samtaciory rcftrerce riven. Address ♦•aP.” Jcornal pmcCm XXTANTED—Any one in the boot or W shoe business wanting dentistry, tohetaften outlotheD lice, can do w by addressing “DSJiTIST,” Tnbone cClce. TXT ANTED—To Invest $3,000 in a part \V ner*blo. Persons having a mactrfaotnring mer cantile interest to offer, please adore** **■ S,”' Trlbnne office- XX7ANTED —Man and woman to go to VV Jackson,Tenneuee—theman to vorktnnr. den. the woman tocock. Inquire atiIRS.n.PRATTS In trill pence Offlce.iaO South Olaric-st. TXT ANTED —An energetic nan with VV |ico to SSCO, to snesce is & money making bosi ncas. WtU bear strict luveaii atton. Aooly at 10-1 youth Clark-*!., Room 5. from 9 a. m- toS p. m. TXT ANTED—Every roan who has got a VV small capital to Invest la a good thing, tocail 90 Slonroe-st.. Boom 3. ®saanteif==lSeal Estate. TXT ANTED—To bny Chicago piopertv, VV (bnflcess cr realdenre). Moat bo at low fig ures, Parties willing to sell cheap may send dencrip tirnf of property, with caih prices, to t*. O.Box •JS7C. "VX?"ANTED—SO,OOO acres of land in V V Northern lows, at low price Dr eatb. Apply to T. S. DAKEB, 124 Randolph-fit. TTTANTED— I To buy a house and lot VV on the North Side; most be east ot Ciark-at„ lot to be about 50 leet. house 8 to 10 rooms; or a lot without tbe bouse. Any one having the above chrop *lll please address’* a B,” cate ci (Vbselock# Dean & Co-, North Pier, east ena. TxTaNIED—To purchase Lot, and VV house with 9or 10 rooms. Mast be weQ loca ted. West Side preferred, between Van Boren and Fulton, at a uric* of $3,300 or fASOO: cam payment, tc Address ” F W D.” Trlbnne office. TXTANTED —I want lo lease a huildtnz VV lot In a good neighborhood Will pnt a f3,CCO house on it. Addreis u ixyr.” Trlbnneolßce. TyfTANTED—To purchase, a house and VV lot on emc of theaveuues, sou'h of Eighteenth st. Brick house preferred, modern style; price not over 19.000. Address **W.” 99 Lake-at. WANTED— House and lot on or eisi of Wabaab-av. Will pay $3,000 cash, oalance inoneacdtwoyesra,Drabarc*ln- Address *• CE, Trlbnne office. jHacflinera. FOR SALE—Three &-horse power Up right engine*; tueo six horizontal emrtces.Ku aaa U-bcrse power, Larger er nrtj* cartes *f; nlsbed with or without Dolicrs. W, 15,18 “0 2!>-tcr«( 'mbu'-ar ana loconcOve for »a]r, WJ mske. Also one 4-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmill*. barrel andweed-wortng machinery, irot OiancraTfrcltlnt, saws, dies. Ac. Machinery Depot, D - QBSBSLgB B«os. & co. rpOR SALE—Portable and. bod GRIFFIN BROS., 116 LaSallMt^ opposite Cbamoer o! Commerce. » FOR SALE—Portable engines, station ary snd on wheels, 10 and 12-torae power.on b«cd and tor sale at low prices, by THE PKaDTIGO CO-, North Waur-sL, North Pier. TT'OB &ALB—H. M. Ames' portable ana |J stationary from I to &hors« POW«S hUo, PuUstn Machln- Co.'s t oli, two L-lecr bed «• ineh 1 two la-bet b'-d 2) and 25-Inch, one 8-tect bed lw inch* cn* frfeet b*d ikinch swing, all scra a -cnlttrg three norl-bt drills, two Iren oltnera, planer* atd matcher*. VoSd log. ho*e, flits. Ac., 4c. C. L. BICE * CO.. 19 and 21 Pearbcm-st. _ _ np st i.k—Woodworth Planing and Matching Machines of different styles antTsizes; JWncb Surfacer; a lull assortment of Saan, Dooi aod 'Blind Macblaery, Moulding Markings, Wood tithes, scroll fiaws, B«awin* Machines, Saw Arbors. 4el 4e.t *l/0, macblreryfor iron work—Englns StW. Planers, Upright Tmils, Morriman** Patent Bolt Cutters, Davis’Pater: Bolt Header*. Bralaarc’s p-r-ot virw—all at manufacturers’ prices, relzbt ad dSdf CireolMii wt on application. MEBKIMAN 4 WRIGHT, 14 Wells-st. • TTORbALE—A superior low pressure p cpEtne, 85 Inch cylinder and 4 fret strike. In splen. did nmtdne order, with shaft 9 inches In diameter and flr-wbeet 20 fret, welching atonl I tons. This engine Is of sufficient capacity to drive the largest elevator, and Is particularly adapted to a mill capableof maklsg 4CO barrels rf floor per day. We olifer the above at the low price of tLSCO. For further particulars, Ir Quire of DATER. WHALING * LO- State SUM, Chicago, or MEDBMtT, NTEVENB 4 CO.,Milwaukee. V»ST TX7 ANTED A second-hand Engine V V Latte, with fr»>m 16 to 20-tnch iwlbr ana B*® 10-foo< bed, apply at 97 Klnzle-it. T?OR SALE—A new first class F Ol *? b J® s' Pnzme-of 16or 13-boraepower. WiUbe»Wlata creat garnilce. Fcr farther particolars ira t Rooip 4.Lino's Block, comer Randolph anoaiancs sts., t'htcago. Aooir tn Tn> THtnuyv ‘^jirionalT frncnva L ii lady thoroughly espc* w*>nW I'*Cs v» taae MuriM “ 3 ■'•" B “ 8 “• cnl ' i»iirs«« :,ETBoB£OT 5 gitmanona aaawm. WAbW. SITUATION—' Wanted, as bookkeeper, by as experienced accountant, wno vu lately dm* rngsgedmtnat espwaty. undnobtedettyrefarenoc* glyen. Address *%! K," Pox RiM, Chicago. SITUATION —Wnrted, hi a private Jamliy. b» a German a years ofsge. who Da* beca is this country and air Umontns.snaismMtto work, lie ondmland* gardtmtg vrrj well, can take care of fcorsrs, ana 1* willing to make blsueit generally nse «ni: l*crreflnfdmamer*,port*»aea an excellentedn aation, is ah'e to teach German. Gr*ek and tatm laranaats; but above »B, dtslres to obtain an oppor* trinity to galas liTellbcca. >o objeetjoo to ro fato the ecODtry. Best rdermcf* can befarntsbed. Ad draa OAENSSLEN BBOS„ Bos 1407. Chica«p. SITUATION —Wanted, by* young nan, resident of Chicago, la a Srat-rfM* hMso. V*a give best of reftrroces. Address "K. Trlbaaeoffiee. CXTUATION—Wanted—A Tuner, who O esn tire g >od refermce*. want* a situation. Ad dress Box 43, ttfgsupert. Isd. CITTJATION Wanted, as Shipping O Clerk, by a yoonr mao wBo has bad experience. Address Trlbone office. GITUATION—Wanted, hy a yonnir man o 35yars ofags. wbo thoroughly onceritands drtr ireanataklnzcare of horse*. Good city memce giYrt. tfrrqmrcd. Address •*o , &* , Tr!bnna office, or 315 Sonin llonror it. CVTtJATlON—Wanted, by the adveiti- O »er. with Ore year*’expcrlencft-in Qi» InedepaTtmmtolaLirdOU sea WorU. An drew •♦pg W," Drawer 6035. Chicago. CITUATIOK —TVan T eo, as bookkeeper, O cJerk, i»Ja*tran, or la aov other opacity wnere hjs service* eaa be appreciated. Is a g->oa peaasaa, asdesn tanmb tbebeatof reference*. opJecMPt* tole*np<Uiecity. Address ISDDsHWXV S3T stwr- Chicago* SITUATION —Wanted, in a store, as sa’ any eaparlty where by application and Industry permatent ernpliym-ntand firtt salary can ho secured. hr » married man who bu tadexpo rhncelathe grocery, clothing,and icou' forntiWam traits. City relcreooe* given. Address, for sis days, T.CAIN, care P. O. Box 17. CITUATION —Warned, by an English- O nan a* coachman.- Cnderatands and French. Country retoence. Address J. l>*, HO ■West Harrtatn-sr.. Cblcsgo* __ , FESALE3* SITUATION— Wanted, by a respectable girl, to wait cn an invalid lady or man bcrteJf gereraljy ruetul In a family.- Ha* no objection l»' travel. Adarcas "ME C,** tribune office. QITUATION —Wanted, by a respectable young lady, capable of leaching music, la a fami ly; Basni»chh?ctlon«toasslßtatp:»in sewing. Al ureas, lor three days. **f O LV* 3w? WatPoik-st. SITUATION—Wanted; by two girls, O one loccot. the other to do rer-ond work, on the NonL side. Doth prefer to live trretber. Inonlre at 200 Couth Jackson np stairs, note t 39. m.anill 6 p. m.- SITUATIONS— -WaiUfed, by a voong lady who desires to learn Ihe milliners* trade, orasit na*lon m a s’ore. Reierenccs given. Addreaa ** nfisa II m J,’* Tribane office. SITUATION— Wanted, by a:lady eape rleneed In themanagenentofcnil.lfrn.-asi govtsrn e»s or housekeeper. No objection to Ap ply at 260 rurk-wr., Chicago. BtlefeacauschangeQ. CITUATTON —Wanted, by a widow wo- O nan, to do general housework Id a snail family- Is a coed housekeeper aatl cooa coot- Qofvi n?ier i-nces circa, cadres for two dsys. MBS. &M. TAY LOR. Tnbanu ofle*. a widow lady* C? w takecareoran Invalid !artr. I«wtUtactnmake hfreelfirenerally-useful. Can give the erence*. p*esse address, tor two days. MRS. Z. L. »■> DONALD. Tribune office. C 1 rUATION—Wanted, by a Protestant, n drl, as child’s florae and ■eunffret'. Has-fipe rlcace In sewing. either M|t»n-« rr machine. Best oC ctly reference. Address **& BL, Trlpone offlee. CITUATION—Wanted, by a good girl, oin a private fatal 171 r s • coed cook, WMhcr--rad. Irooer. Cancome well recommended. Inquire at 311 lU tools sc SITUATION— Wanted, by two compe petPDt gulf, ot>e as-coots m a flret-cioss prlrltc* ismlir. the other as cooklrebosnuug house or mua-- raul. Address “ L S.'* Tf tonne offlee. CfTUATION—Wanted—A lady of ex- perierrft. desires a siraauonae copyist. Address/ *TF. 5.0-.” Tribune cfflcc; C2ITUATION—Wanted, try a lady who O undnstai ds dre«makltg>.to dfrw**lnr aad sew ing Dnd*'retards the ose of machines. Address, -x . j. Trlouna offlee. \ GEN To—iVanted —3fale ard female, X JL to sell a new article Is crest demand that every tamliy wants. 54 per day maoewlthdut Isatlbz home. Traaelltuc sceota can make from f 5 to J2O per day without latcA-rence with other Tre article shows fur lUeIL Samples, wttntermaaad partiralva of the business, sent for ‘A cents. Address R. W. CHAPPELL. Drawer 6333. Chksco, UL A GEN Tf—^Wanted—To engage in the saltof'TQE HIi,TOBT Or-.VBILIHAM LIN COLN AND THE OVkBTHKOW OF 3LAVEBI,"m one vol .octavo, of 75* pages. By Hon. 1- N. Arnold, lat* Memberof coccrws. andfor over twenty years a ccnfieenttal friend of Mr. Lincoln.. This important wort was undertaken three yean *«> with the ap proval of Mr. Lincoln, and Is Just Uined. It is af leody se’Une as rapidly a* t»e publliKer* have been able to SR orders. The first eoltico sole in twenty days. Per foil Ceccripllort, opinions of l-adtac P»P<« and men, and t» rm», address the publishers, cLAluva ± CO^>OaoaS2Waslilo>;t« i :n t.t.. Chiesgo. 4GENT&—^ Wanted—$25 » day. Fu - tees new articles for Agent?.-. O. X. CARET, etord, ainlce. AGENTS— Wanted—500 Agents want ed m a new business. H. B.'SHAW, Alfred, Maine. A .GENTS—Wanted —Experienced Tirst- J\. class canvas-er*. *ceo*lemea and ladles, file ArasHINGTON’S PRAYER AT VALLEY FDBOK. a new ana magnlnccoti steel engravlos; ■ price. 53X0 ‘Has oecaliar - recommendations which cecse It to be admired by every American, cfwbatevcreeeter party Asrenta-every where ore meeting with naparaneled sue cess. Publishers* bleaest commission given. Ad .dress. gA 7J Clark-fL. Calceso. IU. AGENTS— D anleo—*l3-1 per month aed expenses. Address SHAW &CLAB3S BBW ISO MACHINE CQ-, Ulddelord. Maine. a. GENTfe— Wanted, everywherev to sell Xi-Patent White Wire Clothes Line*. Can-oako 116 ■to 5X per day. Address “Metallc Cloth-s Line Co., cierelanc. Oh:o. A-, 6ENTS—Waned—-■or tne very pop- XX- olarb ok “WOMEN OF TIT WAR-'*" Prank Mrewe. Avery hanoseme volnme, beautifully Illus trated, and one ot tivj ttnsv mtirestlng ttmea. Ladies as well as gentlemen are havlmrgtcat ’succ»»»ellltßlbl* work. For an agency calioaor - address K- C. TREAT. 117 dooth Clark-st^Chlogo. A; GENTS—W anted—vv jth *5 to ?10 XXi capital, C:radc»lT«ble and permanent- tron*y iraklre bcsluusr at home. Energnic agenti can cWrirom 540 to ftO cer we*k. No compctltton and do rl?k. L»dt*s, geatkmcn, c-crgymcn teachers, lararre, nectanlca-evtrybody having spore Ume, ceil on or address, with stamp lor papers, IC WAY vvi.T 47 Lombard Btctk, Cmcsso. A GENTS —Wanted Gentleman acr r\ ladies throughout the United states* for one newTDock, “LIYESof »he PRESIDHNT9,’’ from W«*u Ington f»Jobnso». by J.&. C. Abo-'tt, the greit nlsto rUn- Complete in one argevolumt. saperblr Ilia* , tratsd with steel ea -ravings. among which' arc por traits of the seventeen battle# eccaea. etc. Thulstheonlyworkrf we kind yet ouMlshed, sad aflord# to experienced agents a rare opportunity o make mcney with a spler.dW boot, and n« twnpetl* ' lion. Bxcmslve territory and publishers’ hlcfcest com • mission clTc-j. Books ready for do nr try now. S. S. CGTOEN, 73 Clark-sl., Cb caeo, IU AGENTS— Wanted —*• The Pictorial BOOK OF ANE*'O *TES AVD INCIDENTS OF TOE WAR.” Warranted the mo#t aftraclve; ruMril ins boor tut. Pays l«ree»t profit* and- rive* best ssR-faction when de Kcred. Agents u ate *a) ip fiTO per weer. as we wi I prove. Address-SioDDARD i CO- 102 Chlcaa-. AGENT 6— W anted—Renevolcnce.— Samples sect free. Recommended try flrst-clars rewspapcraandl-articg citizens. An abwjlul-neces sity to every Intelligent roan or woman-andeanb« Wirt pr any pe-son. Address. GOODSPEED A CO., 148 Lake-su Cbicaro. A GENTS —Wanted—Per Folsom's new J\ Urder reed. Letter A. GLOBE SEWING MA- CtllML Price to |4O, JfacWn's feot on trial. P. ATKINpON. 10-1 Kandolph-3t_ Roomli. enicago. 111. AGENTS— \Vanted—Male and icmale— Buslcevr at home. No capital required. Active Asertn can mate $5 dallv. Ad-iress. with stamp. DEVEREAUS. Dra*er 6044. Chlcaro. 111. A GENTS— Warned—To sell a new _f\ work. Just lasufd, “Farragnt and oar KavjU Commanders,” or “ODd NAYS’ DURING THE RE BELLION.” By the world renowned historian, Hoo j. r. utitittt. The only work on tbeNavv now pno- Itshed. Ccmprlslrg popnlar blogrophleaof onrnaval heroes, and a complete history of naval warfare, from lu origin up to the present ilmo_ One large volaroc, handsomely llinftratf don steel. No work ever puo- Jlsbed is receiving hlgoer c-imroendatioo* from tbe press. IncornrcilocwlCh, Agents can tike order* tor five of Headley’s standard works of our own publications. Our t*rras are n&where excriled. S**t d f-r circulars ulvltc particular*. Andre** C. w. LILLET. Publisher, Vl(i RcyroldS’ Blcclc. Chicago, UL AGENTS— ITanieil—For “The Bistort of the War Between the tftalre—tracing Us Ort tin. Cant*.* and Resina,’’bv Sr?u- Alexander H. Sto thenfi.apd for The Life. Letters and Speeches ot Hoa Alexander O. Stephrus, by Henry tlev* and. Send tor ntcpian »utl >ce put lercia. Adttrcfi* NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO., 3 Q Lombard Block. Chicago. IIL A GENTS Wanted Knr “WO- A MA.V’b WORK IS TflE CIVIL WiE.- Prepsred nnder the sanction and aorrova] of tne United State* £au.iary, Wtstwn b&ol’aiy and the Christian Comn-isalona. Experienced Book Agents, member* cf Aid Soc’oties, and those who were inter ested in the wnrK/j- these Ccmmlsalona ale reqnestwt to fiend for clfcnlare. giving term* and deserti>- the w&tk. AcdrcSJ ZEIGLER. McCUBOk da CO., PcbU-hcra. Lombard block, Chicago, UL * GENTS —Wanted —North and tientb, jt\ to sell flee work* of art. The largest coramls rions ever paid. Send for circular and bo convinced. T. J. BOLENDER A csgo, ill. A GENTS—Waited—To sell one ot the creates! Inventions of the day— Paulson’s Im t roved Knife and Fork Securing Machine. A gi*at novelty; nothing like uln the United State*. Secured, by two patents, bconrs six knives at a time. Excur sive U-nllory to ?eh wUI be given to god A g eau. Ap ply to or address, with Starr. D. H. R. p.\TTls4>N. 198 south Clark-sL. between Monroe and Aduna, Chicago. 111. AGENTS —Wanted —For North Ameilcan Prize 6lJ»tlncera P«hages onyfiner bnedred, and a b-aaafhl tmctliiu cased silver w»tcb with every tn-mcarrf. fbr aim -61 e, or stsiup Dr clrcnlar. to H. QICLET A P. O. cxaoaw. Chicago. HI. - _ (SiHaßlED—ffio ISrut. WANTKD— To Kent—By a prompt paying leaaDt, a small ccttage, or six or i even rooms, r-n the Booth Side ana convenient to thtTribuiiQ office. Either ftrnlihed or nnlarnlshed. Address “L E C,” Tribune office- WANTED— To Rem lmmediately, by a prompt paving tenant, a cottage of t or 5 rooms. Address, stating terms and location, *-J U E.** Trlbone office, WANTED— To Rent—A small store In central Irrallos. or one-half t.l store. tween now and Ist cf May. Address **F AS." P.u Bex 1289. City. WANTED— To Rent—Furnished Cot tage or small boose, any time before May Ist, by a gentleman and wile, wltbont children. Must be really ami ccmpklcly tornkbed, and t-nns num be low. Address, stating terms, **J L S." Trtbooe office. XXTANTED —To Kent—On Wabash or VV MKhl:#D-av., or one of the cron streets be tween tbcm, s Qnt-ciass boose, from Ist of M-iy. Kent |UO to suo rer month. Adders*, tor one week, P. G. Box 770, Chicago. - TX7 ANTED—To Kent—For a young VV lady attending •-.bool, a pleasant room ana boaid, with* private family. Address ‘ACL."Trt bone office. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A bouse and VV barn; hou?eto have3or 10roTinJ. Mastbeoa the North Side, east of Clark. Any oeo “AL I ®?*?® same will please address “Att," care of Wbeeiock, Dean 4 Co., Lumbermen. North fler. _ TXT ANTED—To Rcnl-By two-entle- VV tbcs,aturulshed room. Address 27, 31 and 36 hUchlgaa-an. up stair*. _ TTrANTT”!'-* To Kent Famished VV hoard,near the ceutre of Dial- D ,V “T a g." mam °ac,. TXT aNTKD —To Kent Furnished W ra»m ftwi hrtATd. oa Soata Side,DOria ofTvtu liertV. *“» J oon « wlfe * Dtrcct » Box _ XITAIsTED —To Bent A Famished VV fieaw, Id good in»U tortlly. Acdigia J. FARS. Tribune oSca. -ITTANTED—To Kent—A neat cTrolling VV conlalfitoffaboat ? room** harlot nsbfe at tached, tn the North Side. between C atk-tt. and the Lake VarUrt havlDZ ssch and destrtns a c»» prompt p.ylur ter.apt. will sdoreM “M." Post OtUce B«x 9Nt3. B»totr«ter*nc»9 will be siren. Soarh 3153-antec TJOAKD —By a nr all family frr the il imitimpT. eopimenclng abont Ist cf Apnl, at some point rn f he Chicago * Milwaukee Rallroa i. nos Octow on th« Galen* Hoad at EJeln or mu side. Would take ft tarnished honse, SAiHnsctory r ftrence given. Address Chicago P. o. Box t> loj. T> OAKD—W anicd. tor a 3 cnng lady at-- J) tecdlcc school, a pleasant room anl t>oaril wlm a privatetamlly. AaOftai"ACL.”Trt jaaootfle*. VjOAItD—By two y<>nns incn ma pn f» vata Cially on the South Side, «£i Twelfth »L ; where there are ftw or no o-ber board»» prercrrrd, and where the coatorta {*£*!• cbtalnedcnrtrai-mable lerm#. ReftrwCM eachaagPO. Aden** •* g,” Trlbnaa oOce.