Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 9, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 9, 1867 Page 4
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djicajga QTcUmne. SATURDAY. MARCH 9, 1867. THE CITY. Amaru.— The Schooner Gnldc, CptMn Sjl- Yester Chase, arrirefl In port on Thnradaj from £L Joseph, rrith a euro of Umber. cmmnn Oraraxo.-St. Mark’s Chnrch, Cottage Drove Her. E. B. Tattle, Rector, trill be fonnsllr opened on Sanday far divine worship; the oennon «ffl he preached by Rev. Clinton Loctc. Nothing Like I-eatheu.—Gould, of 163 Lake Street, is selling bools, shoes, balmorals, gaiters and children's shoes, at a very cheap ratcforcash. Be asks an examination of bis stock and prices on the part oi intending purchasers. Doctuboeii.—William Wccke,Cbarlcß Schenck, Charles Schrdber and Joseph Herman, charged with stealing a cow from William S- Phillips, were Thursday afternoon finally examined at the Police Court, and discharged from custody. Tubt Challenge.—A. Waddles, of Springfield, in a communication dated Chicago, February 16th to VTtUut' Spir\t y challenges Mr. Williams, of Chicago, to run hU mare. Kilty, against any horse, mare or gelding in America one-half mile, run or catch, for from to 520,000,0 r any nag owned by Ur. Williams in a quarter stretch for all that be (Mr. Williams) and hie friendi can raise. “Os the Steal" Aoaik.— Edward Miller, who was before the Police Court some time ago for taking a grain shovel from in front of a store on Milwaukee avenue, was again before that tribunal yesterday morning, charged with the larceny of a coat, worth sls, from the store of U Barnet, No. 42 West Randolph street. He also had In his possession two large new brass faucets, which may be seen by tbe owner al the Central tauon. InENrmm.— The body found in the South Branch of the river last Tuesday evening has been identified as ibat ofMlchael Schlick, a German by birth, who resided on Clark street between Folk ntd Tavlor. The last seen of Mr. Schlick was on the night of Sunday, November 19th, 1565, in a saloon on Wells street. The night was dark aud stormy, and as Mr. Schlick was under the Influ ence o‘f liquor, it Is supposed that he fell into tbe river fiom the bridge. WALsnfis a CnmcAL Condition.— The readers of the Titinncr will remember a publication in these columns in December last of the details of the shooting of Jerry Walsh by a man named Sup pler. tbe affair occurring on Clark street, near the SL Charles saloon. The trial of Snppley was set for yesterday, upon the charge of assault with In tent to kill, was ascertained that Walfh was not only unable to leave the hospital, where he Los been confined since tbe shooting occurred-lmt ih&t be was so much debilitated that his death was hourly expected. The Puice or Coke.— The Board of Directors of the Chicago Gas Company wish ns to say that the paragraph In the Thibcke of yesterday stat ing that they bad suddenly raised the price of coke from tec cents per bushel to fifteen cents, was the first intimation they had of tbo fact, and that on investigation they found that (be man la charge of the works had mane this increase with out authority from them, giving the excuse that ibe rush for the article had been so great that he thought to relieve himself in this way. They say that there is no change in tne price. Aesmroc Pawcttit.—A man named Lmry. alias Dionyr-Ins O'Neal, assuming to t>o a Catholic priest, bad the “soft impeachments'” of drunken ness and vagrancy preferred against him at the Police Conn yesterday morning. He had m his ?oesessinn some ordination papers purport*!" to are been issued br Bishop Johannes Martfcjus, ot Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Court nothing an ecclesiastical body. Mr. Leary denied Its to pass judL'Bjccl on him. lie was fined £5 r ), its fire being snspmuied to give him a chance to di ctate to “Grassvilie.** Maet, Queen or Scots.— Last evening Judge A. McArthur, of Milwaukee, delivered his third and last lecture on “Mary. Queen of Scots,” belore the Caledonian Club at Crosby's Music Hall. It was one of the most interesting of the course, comprising a discussion of (be events.from the conference at York to the execution of Mary. The lecturer displayed a thorough knowledge of the subject, adapting the views expressed by those historians who arc inclined to uphold the inno cence of the unfortunate Caeca. The lecture was frequently applauded by the andience. PnsTAT.rxcto Navigate.—-Tbc Chicago River Is porting with Us Ice quite easily, the winter coating hailng been pretty effectually chopped up by the movement ol vessels from their moorings to the docks where they are taking on cargo lor ’the initial voyage of the season. Mr. Thomas Bam, ol TtavJte Bay, arrived in this city yesterday, nod reports the Mralls of Mackinaw as almost clear of ice, ihcre being ice only along the shore. To a few rods out, and It ss of it than in Chicago, lie says they have had a good deal of enow this winter, but very liule ice, in consequence of the prevalent thaws. Look Oct fob a Swindluh.—A pretended agent of Appleton & Co., of New York, and a solicitor of advertisements for their Railroad operating with some success in this vi cinity. Messrs. Hall, Kimbark & Co. gave their acceptance of £2OO to this man who received an advertisement Irom them for the “Guide.” Per sons are cautioned against negotiating the draft. Under date of SI arch 4 ,1E6T, the firm of Appleton & Co. acknowledge the receipt of n letter from Hall, Kimbark & co., and inform them that “Mr. E. A. Hall is an impostor, who has. tinder several chasts, endeavored to Impose upon tbc people in various sections of the United States.” Batesiaka.—lt Is reputed that the President has appointed G. C. Bates, the Niobe of the Bar, of tbf« city, to the Governorship of Idaho. Should the Senate conflim, Mr. Bates will have an opportunity or adding another to his list of bantlings whom he has known ever since they were babies. His inaugural speech will probably contain a few passages to this intent: “ 1 knew the Territory ofldaho when it was nobigger than a building lot, ana in iact have mvny a lime covered it with my hand. At that time I used to plav with the Infantile T erritory and turn it np edgewise, so that if a farmer had tried he might have cultivated both sides at once,” &c., &c. The Lamb Exitosg Machine.—ln another column we publish the advertisement of the Lamb Kntm g Machine. Those who have seen the op eration of this machine, the simplicity of its con- Etrnction, and the ease with which it can he used, are convinced oflis utility and the profit of its liossession. To farmers, wool-growers, and wads of families in the city, as an accompani ment to tbc tewing machine, mis slocking, vest and shirt maker strongly commends itself. It might be especially profitable forwool- growers nifibn nse of this inanimate agent to doable the vainc of their raw material, and they can do little better than examine it before they dispose of their spring clip. Fob Board op Pcblic Works. —ln compliance with a private circular, issued to some of the res* dents of the West Division, about forty men met last evening in the office of the B*c!c Works of Messrs. P. W. Gates & Co., No. 4S^ B aal street, to consult with regard to a properpereon 10 recommend to the Mayor ns a member of the Board of Public Works for that Division. The mectlngwas called to order by P. W. cates, Esq., and Judge Nathan Allen elected chairman, and Seth Paine and Reuben Taylor secretaries. The Chair appointed a committee ot nine to nominate candidates, who. after consideration, made the following report: Jiesolted. That we recommend to the considera tion of his Honor the Mayor, (he following names, any ot whom we believe will be acceptable to tbc people of the West Division for appointment as memlier of the Board of Pnblic Works, namely: 3. K. Thompson, EL Witbeck. General J. McAr thur. Reuben Cleveland. W. W. Carter, D. Good man and Robert H. Foss. The report of the committee was concurred In, and the meeting adjourned. State Fetus Cosvzjmos.—At a meeting of the Fenian District Officers of Chicago, lost even ing, the matter of preparing for the Convention to be held in this city on Tuesday neat was taken op. It was voted to instruct Colonel Cosgrove to or der out his regiment to receive President Roberts at the depot, and escort him to the hotel, and a committee of four was appointed to conduct the reception. On the evening of the 13th Instant &■ grand hall and banquet will be given under the auspices of the Liberty Circle, to invited delegates from different States, representing abont seventy flve Circles. On thin occasion an Irish fisg will he presented by the ladies of the West Division, to the com pany attached to the LUterty Circle, President Roberts n calving it In the name of the organiza tion. As this will be the only public address by Mr. Roberts here those desiring to hear him are Invited to meet at the Old Board of Trade Ha!i at that time. On next Sunday the regular district monthly meeting will be held in Fenian Hall, to complete arrangements for the. Convention, and all Fenian Circles and military bodies are ordered to attend. Obtazkiko Goods bt False Pcetexces.— lsaac L Van Fant, recently a dealer In clothing at No. VC Randolph street, was brought before Justice •Brown yesterday, charged with obtaining goods under false pretences. It was alleged that some time last fall Mr. Van Sant presented himself to the firm of William R. Lovejoy & Co,, wholesale dealers in clothing at Nos. 15 acd 17 Lake street and represented that be was worth noise sst,OuO in goods and money.over and above hts indebted ness. Bis statement was written In one of the books of the firm and his signature attached. Supposing him to be “sound” he wus permitted to buy nearly $2.00-* worth cf goods. About three weeks ego Mr. Van Sant failed in business, and among bis creditors were Lovejoy & Co. It is understood that there were only SI,OOO or f 5.000 worth of goods on hand at this time, and Mr. Van Sant In making his assignment, mentioned the name o( a Mr. Smith, of Baltimore, as a preferred creditor to whom he owed about SI,OOO. Being quite unable to disprove the charge made against film yesterday, Mr. Van Sant was required to furnish bail of $2,000 tor Lis appearance at the Recorder's Court, in default of which he was com mitted to jail. The Li ex Tcxsru.—As announced in our Issue of yesterday the water was let into the lake tunnel about seven o'clock on the night preceding, u was intended that a party should go out on a tug to the crib during the day, hut the Ice was found to be 100 thick to allow of their making the jour ney. and they came hack. In the evening Captain Berg was sent out with a parly of tour men and a stock ot provisions through the tunnel to the crib. They let the water in to a depth of three teet and two inches, leaving two feet between the surlace of the water aud the top of the tunnel at the crib end. It was Intended to flll it, but It was found that the preconcerted signals did not work, and so the tunnel was left a little more than half filled. When the tug went out to the erib yesterday morning the water was let into the fall depth, with asllght head lu the shafts. II win remain so for twenty-tour hours, and will then be pumped out, after which the tunnel will be thoroughly ex amined throughout its entire length, to sec if it ahallhave given way in anyparL If found per fect, the citizens of Culcago will be supplied with tunnel water very shortly thereafter. The water went through the runnel at ihe rate of two aud a half leet per second. Police, Fmi asd Health.—The regular scmi xreekly meeting of the Board of Police, Fire and Health Commissloncre, was held y esterday after jiooo in their rooms is the Central Station. Present—President Brown and Commissioner Gnnd. Fire Marshal Ilarrla reported that be had ex* amiced the waJa of the building recently bumo l on the corner ot Klnrfe and Cass streets, with Mr. J. K. Thompson, of the Board of Pubhc Worka, and had found the walls in a dangerous condition. The Board instructed Ibe Marshal to make fur- Iher examination, and. unless the safety of the public xnay be secured bv bracing, to tear the walls down. Health Officer Bridces reported that the men lo his deportment were busily engaged in removing the dead dogs from the streets. On recommendation#)! Captain W. W. Kennedy, Benjamin M. Rickets was appointed a regular policeman. A communication from 0. H. Crosby, Esq., re questing tbe appointment of Andrew Erepman as a special policeman at the Opera House, was read, and the request granted. On motion, the Compti oiler was requested to withhold from firemen leaving the department the value ot their uniforms. Adjourned. ANOTHER MURDER. A Yonng German Stabbed bja Pros* tltote. The Xfeed Committed In a Bouse of 11l- Fame—An Imitator of Mollle True •el—She Takes Bevenge for an Old Quarrel—Prophetic Dreamt| [Strangely FoUUled-AJ Fight Over cards and Its Con sequences. ARREST OF THE MURDERESS. The pardoning of Hollie Tkneeel Is already bearing its fruits. Last night, about a quarter to twelve, a young man was stabbed to the heart by a prostitute m a sudden fit of spleen. As the keeper of the bonse in which the murder was done remarked last night to one of tbe police officers, “Since Mollie got off the girls all think they ore quite secure." It is even so. Women of the class here alluded to no longer seek to gratify their anger by mere abusive language, or even scratching the eyes out They carry concealed weapons, daggers and pis tols. and woe betide the man who crosses any of them. Michael Sparr, a young German, who has been well known in this city for some time as the driver of a United States Express wagon on the Bock Island Road, followed the fate of George Trussell last night, lie has been In the habit of visiting occasionally a house of ill-fame kept by Sarah Collier, at 620 State street, aud in that bonse lived a woman with whom be was on terms of intimacy. Her name is Emma How ard alias Grant alias Hurlbut, and her bnsband. •*ho‘e name Is Barnard, lives in the city with an only child. It appears that Sparr and Emma had a quarrel a few days ago in an Italian restaurant, in the course of which he kicked and abused her in asomewhat violent manner. The girl entertained a gtuoge against him for this, and was heard on one occasion to utter something which sounded re markably like a threat It also appears that three nights ago Annie Stewart and two of “her girls," who lire at No. 516, dreamed simultaneous ly that a murder would soon bo done. Possibly the utterances of Emma bad some thlrg to do in suggesting the dreams, for last night tbe three dreamers were heard to remark significantly, “I told you so." Sparr passed several hours in company with Emma and Sarah Collier. They were all three In one of the rooms up Etalrs, Sparr being seated on tbe foot of the bed. when Emma asked the keeper playful ly to tell hex fortune, at the same time pro oucing a pack of cards. Sarah Col lier remarked that she could not tell fortunes, and the girl dropped someot the cards on the bed. Sparr picked them up and held them in his hand. The girl Emma exclaimed peevishly, “Come, this is played out; I want these cards," and thereupon a little quarrel spring up, which speedily grew to be a rather big cne. Sarah collier left the room in disgust. Idling them to cease fighting. Soon after she returned to the room, and beard that the quarrel still continued. Opening the door ohe rushed in between them. The room was totally dark and the two were fighting vehemently. Suddenly the "irlmake a thrust at him with a long dagger which she held in her hand, and plunged it into hie left side. Spare pave a cry and sprang towards the door. On reaching the sidewalk be screamed for help and ran across the street to Hitchcock's drag store, at the corner of Hannon court and Suae street. He fell to the floor, and, in fire minutes alter receiving tbe wound, ex pired. A crowd immediately collected around the spot, aud the cry of murder attracted the attention of officer Thompson, who proceeded to the room of Emma Howard and placed her under arrest. She bad concealed tbe dagger, behind a largo mirror In the room, and, without saving a word, she accompanied tbe officer to iLc Armory. There were spots of Mood on her drees, and on her attention being called to tbe tact, she turned deathlv pale aud shook like an. aspen leaf. Her agitation was increased when iniormation was sent that Sparr was dead. She almost dropped to tbe ground, and bad to be sup ported while being taken to her cell. It appears that sue came into possession of the dagger a lew days ago, having stolen it fiom the house of a young man in the city. sparr was about thirty years of age, and.bad a broth r and several relatives living in the city. He was a young man of somewhat Irregular habits, although he was not, strictly speaking, given to excess. the boose in which the affray occurred was tahp.n charge of hy the police, and nil the inmates were conveyed to the Armory, where they will await the investigation of tne Coroner’s jury. The of the murdered man was carried to bis residence Ko. 219 Third aveune. ANOTHER “TIMES” SENSATION, The “Prize Fight A Wholesale Fah' rlcation—h. Fight or Sem blance of it. letters from tbc Partle* Named—Tlicy Deny the Charge Xoto, The Chicago Times devoted upwards of two columns of Its issue yesterday moving to a tediously minute description of a prize qght, said to have been fought last Sunday, on the “ «ands,” between two “Canadian bruisers.'’ The narra tive is plentifully besmeared with slang teuns and much pious horror is expressed regarding the disgraceful character of the scene. Full details of the preparations are given; tbc personal ap pearance, age, weight, height and nativity of the contestants are described over and over again, and the imaginative reporter fails not to speak of Aurora gilding the Eastern sky just on the eve of the battle. It may he needless to say that like a great pro fiortion of the sensation rubbish which the limes e daily In the habit of dishing up as news, the whole story is a pure fabrication. No such en counter ever took place in ibis city, and the pnblication of such a wanton and malicious lie must be exceedingly injurious to the reputation of the young men whose names are made to figure as the prominent actors In the affair. It is to be inferred, from tbc frequent appear nice of these bogus sensations in the T<m«,that f 1 ® class of readers among whom tne paper cire** 8 *? 9 Is protonndly Indifferent to me thing called truth. Whenever a scarcity of local new.* occtv®* •J® Times is ever ready to supply the deficit®?, by some sllmsy fiction dishes up from 15 s “once Gazette and other flash papers, **■* served as city intelligence. Now it is a s of 8 wno swallows a live child, and ago* l, “® connnn nily are startled hy the recital o' , EOa i® bornhle onlrage whicbiwas never comm*}®®- . •These scan dalous reports are quoted ab“f “ D °t to be wondered at if onr fair Harden City has come to be regarded throughout * l ® country as a second sodom. iheatoryof“Tlico nlon HieSacdß”i3 one of the most barelaced, impudent frauds which that sheet has recently o/empteu to perpetrate. Coold it claim even the trait of originality it might pass as an e!abora : c ifoot very amusing hoax, .but it Is merely an adaption from some Eastern paper of an txcetdin/ty prolix account of a pugilistic fight, and itposthe said the adaptation Is not of the best. Wc e*Moln the following communications from • ihe tb<e individuals whose characters have been tbuscauselesely attacked in the article in ques tion CmcAoo. March 8. no the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: ’ 1 was smpt feed to find in tbc limes of this rooming my name mixed up with a supposed prize light, tbe particulars of which are minutely de tailed. It will not perhaps surprise your readers to learn that there fa no foundation whatever for the report. 1 Know that neither of the parlies there mentioned were on the “Saiidb” on Sunday morning, so the “brutal and bloody” exhibition must have originated with certain ardent spirits— peihaps after sixteen rounds. 1 have read thai prize fight belore in some Eastern paper, bat the names were quite dtfi'erent. Michael Woodlock. Nobts Clack Stbeet. March 8, 1867. To the Editor of tbc Chicago Tribune: There i? a long story in the Chicago Times this morning, giving an account of a prize fight be tween me and another man. The man who aaw the fight nanst have had very sharp eyes. As I am one of the parties referred to by name, I may be allowed to say that no snch encounter ever took place. I was very mnch surprised and an noyed to see my name made public in connection with each a disgraceful affair. Perhaps U is not always understood that the Times' stones are nothing but fabrications; and if tbe columns of tbc daily papers are open to every ill-natured In dividual who chooses to indulge his fancy at an other man’s expense, who is to be safe from snch attacks? Mr. Editor, I hope you will do me the jcstice to corrrect this tniamous libel. Jakes Melbick. Chicago, March Blb, 1357. To the Editor of tbe Chicago Tnbnne: The Chicago Timet of Ibis morning contains an account of a prize fight, which they say was fought last Sundry on the Sands between Jim Meirick and myseli. Mr. Editor, the whole thing Is a lie from beginning to end, and as 1 don’t want to figure as a* 1 gamy png' 1 ocCorelhe pub lic, I respectfully ask you to contradict the story. There was no fight arranged between Meirick and me, and no fight was fought on Sunday or any other morning. Such wilful lies as the Timet is in the habit of perpetrating are very hurtful and do st rve to be exposed. Jons McGill. TVc leave oor readers to form their own con clusions. THE BICKING MURDER. Blncfe Ecarrested—The Hearing: of the Habeas Corpus Case Postponed— A Acquisition Applied For* If any fraud were intended in the release of George W. Black, arrested some time since on the charge of haring murdered or aided in the murder of Blckcc, that object has been defeated . Black is again confined within the walls of Cook County JaiL and there awaits the ac'lon of the Governor of this State upon the requisition of the Governor of Dakota Territory. it will be remembered that btlckney, accused as the associate of Black In the commission of the murder of Bitkin?, sued out a writ of /tabeat cor pus. The bearing of the testimony upon this writ wus set lor yesterday, but the counsel for the pris oner awaiting the opportunity to examine the requisition, there was no action taken upon the writ, except to postpone its hearing. The only incident connected with the case was that even so slight as were the proceedings, they cansedlhere arrest of Black. When the fact of the discharge of this man was learned by the State’s Attorney he was ranch ear prised- lie had been ■wailed upon, while 1q the tml of a cause. to prosecute the case at that mo ment. He declined, as hs should properly do. then to leave bis duty in the Eccorder’e Conrt,but ashed that a continuance might be hid. Since that time he was not informed of any stage of the proceeding as relating to Black, until he read In the Tbibcke, at hla breakfast ta ble, of the discharge of the prisoner by Justice Winship. Heating of this, he caused proper means to be taken to procure the rc-arrest of Black: he caused the proper avennes to be watched, and perhans because his friends were under surveillance, and there was an active pursuit, Black retained to ihc city. He came into the court room yesterday with mnch the air of an injured man; he came as a witness to testify against hie com lade. There being no however, bis testimony was not needed, bat bis person «as. Deputy Sheriff Edward I-ongley availed himself of an early opportunity to renew bis ac urointnncc, which promises to become more intimate, as they will be together inmates of the jail for some days to come—the cue being a keeper and the other the kept. Ihe arr» et having been made, the State’s Attor ney asked for authority to bold the prisoner. The Court then made out Ihc following order: To the Sheriff of Cook County greeting; Wheieas, it bos appeared to the Court that a requisition has been Issued by the Governor of Dakota Territory upon the Governor of >be State of Illinois lor the body of George W. Black upon the charge of murdering James fA. {Dicing within said Territory, and whereas the said George W. Black is now before the Court, yon are hereby commanded to take’fhe bodvol said George W. Black and hold and detain hitaln sale and secure custody until the further' order of Ibis Court. Bone in open Conrt this March Sth, ISC7. Jons M. Wiuok, C. J., Snperior Court of Chicago. It Is expected that the warrant »of the transport ation oftnc two men, Black end Stickncy, to the ’Jerritoryof Dakota, will be received from Gov ernor Oclesby this day. Ifeo ills probable that they win be in Conrt airsin. Cdeap KurauKo Wood.— I Certain families liv ing in the more remote quarters of the city have struck upon a new mode of obtaining firewood,at extremely moderate prices. It is famished by the Board of Public Works in the shape of side walks, and only requires the labor of tearing up the planks. Many tamllics have recently adopted this economical Plan, as may he seen by the con dition of the sidewalks towards the city lim its. In some streets, where the dwellings are few and far between, tbe sidewalks bavo almost disappeared, and look like mere oatlines or skeletons of a sidewalk. Ibe blanks are at present well filled up with snow, bat as soon as this Is melted the difficulty of using them for ordinary purposes will become more P| fbeie Is a sidewalk on Van Bnren street, be* tween Benben and Paollos, which was in good condition daring tbs past summer. It Is now CTTiEmn»rt vrlth the exception of a few strong planks, and these are rapidly disappearing. Every morning sees another stick gone, and If the Board would only take the trouble to place a watchman there for a few nights be might easily see the band which seises them. It is melting away under the influence of the cold weather, and ere smnmer comes probably not a vestige oi the walk will be left. The honest citizens out there who prefer to use sidewalks solely for legitimate purposes took the trouble lately to find oat the caose of this extraordinary melting of • the wood. Towards nightfall a man came ont of his boose —a very respectable house apparently— and coolly took away a couple of planks. This process Is repeated every evening, it would not oe amiss if the Police Sergeant at the West Sub button would send a policeman to look after that sidewalk some evening. It makes excellent kindling. LAW INTELLIGENCE, Orders, Applications and Decrees in Divorce Cases—Judgments—The Schweitzer Divorce Case Patched Dp. The'business of tbe several Courts progresses with that speed which does not preclude the idea of proper consideration cf tbe claims of clients, but which should be gratifying to tax-payers and litigants. cmciJiT count. The business in this cotut looks toward pre paration for the coming session of tbe Supreme Court. The orders of yesterday were as fol lows: The Singer Manufacturing Company vs. James Hamilton: appeal. Kale on plaintiff to show cause by Weunesday next, why his appeal should not be dismissed for want of prosecution. Myron C. Brown and Nelson K. Pettibone, vs. Joseph P. Clarkson and Lambert Tree; assump sit. This Is a suit brought many years since, it stood upon tbe present docket No. 5. Dponthe docket of 166311 was No. 11. Yesterday the case was submitted to the Court, and delondonts re ceived a j augment. William E.Doggctt and als. vs. Anthony Ver vcmau; assumpsit. Dismissed. In the divorce case or Channccy C. Wilkinson against his wife Sa*nb Jane, for a divorce, on the showing already made in the Tribune, it was or dered that the complainant pay, by Monday morn log, as temporary alimony, SSU, and SSU monthly thereafter, upon condition that within ten days the defendant leaves the premises now occupied by her, aud that complainant pay SIOO to the so licitor for defendant by Thursday morning next. JobnHossackva. Frank Pnlver ct als. Injunc tion dismissed. Clarkson & Tree vs. Myron C. Brown ct ala. Injunction dismissed. This was the bill spoken oi in tbe common law suit above mentioned. Eiastus B. Drake vs. The Same. Injunction dismissed. The following wore the new suits • George A. Marsh el al. vs. Benjamin P. Law rence et als. Assumpsit. Damages $2,600. AndrewOrtmayer et al. vs. C. W. Schmid. At tachment writ as against on absconding debtor to recover a debt sworn at SI4S. Mary J. vs. John A. Richards. Bill for divorce on the ground of desertion, long-conlinucd cru elty, very extreme, and adulteries very frequent. Tne bill sets forth that the parties were married January 9th. 1665, In the city of Philadelphia, and lived together until December Ist, 1860. The com plainant charges cruelty and a roving and ram bling course oi life in all parts of the country, the respondent doing many acts and things to bring disgrace upon her. She also charges that her husband has made frequent boasts of his adulter ous intercourse with females, bpectflcacts of cru elly by actual assault are also charged. Jennie F. Holeroan vs. Frederick Holeman. Bill for divorce on the ground of adultery. „ „ John M, Durand ctal. vs. Grand Trank Rail way. Case. Damages, $6,000. , . William Cutting Grant vs. John J. Floyd and George H. French. Confession Of judgment, $1,566.67. BCPEdon OOtJBT. Each oftbe branches of this court were in ses sion ye-terdav. The habazs corpus sued oat hy M. S, Stlckncy was not heard, although Chief Justice Wikon was prepared to go into the inves tigation. The Governor of the Territory of Dako ta having scot forward his requisition for the ptisoncr and his associate. Black, the counsel of the prisoner fcllckney asked a postponement that an examination of the papers might be bad. The ynnri George W. Black appeared in coart and was at once arrested. . ~ ~ August Wayrard ct ai. vs. John Muldown. Assumpsit. Judgment on default £214 05. James O. Parker and al. vs Benjamin F. Green and al. Assumpsit- Judgment $LC15.46. Theodore Hclnr and al. vs. Jacob Poths. As sumpsit. Dismissed. _ „ _ Charles L. Charles vs. Hamilton P. Dalton. Assumpsit. Judgment £420.53. King & Scott vs. Emanuel Honslngcr. Case on trial Wednesday and Thursday. Verdict for plalntifls, £225. . John wangle vs. Machael MeQuade. Assump sit. New trial denied. Andrew C. Taylor vs. George W. Perkins. Case on trial Thursday. Verdict of guilty with five cents damages. _ John nepsimannvß. Jacob Vcliense. Trespass, on trial. The following are the now sails: Dill & Dtversey vs. Elias Wolff and al. Bill for injunction becobdeb’s count. In this Court an order was made in the case of Rose M. Schweitzer vs. A. J. Schweitzer. This Is a bill lor divorce, the oce In which the irregu larity appeared of (he defendant moving to set aside the decree. Yesterday, on the affidavit of Mr. Thompson, one of lb© attorneys, that there was a power of attorney executed ny defendant, authorizing the entry of his appearance in iho mit, the decree heretofore entered was affixed. Qutry— KTio nas committed perjuryl Tbe grand jury was discharged, they'made no presentment, hot asked that a resolution of thanks, adopted by t*etn. to Charles H. Reed, Esq., he spread npo* Hie record. The Court or dered that tho be allowed. THE ESTATE OF JUDGE BARRON. Xfae £*lt Against tbc Illinois Central H-tllroad fur Damages—XHe Appeal, The appeal of the Illinois Central Railroad Company from the Judgment of the United Slates Circuit Coart of this District, in the case of the administrator of Hon. William T. Barron, baa been lately heard by the Supreme Court. The circumstances of this case mar not he fresh In the mli-da of the readers of tbc Tamcxr, and as the decision will involve a very important question under the statute for the benefit of Ihe next of kin of one accidentally killed or slain by negligence, wc restate (be case as it appears upon the record: “ i be executor of William T. Barron, deceased, broagbthis action against tbc plaintiff in error for damages occasioned by the dcatn of his testator, caused, as alleged, by the negligence of tbc company. In January, 1662, while deceased was getting oil' a car at Kenwood station. The testator was a bachelor, about thirty-five years of age, and owned an estate worth trom £OI,OOO to £40,000. The plaintiff was bis father, and he left brothers and sisters, one of whom bad formerly received some assistance from him for her support. The verdict was for the plaintiff, £4,000, aud Judgment was entered thereon; to review which the company took out a writ of error. It is now contended that lu order to recover more than nominal damages it was necessary to t how that there were next of kin in existence’en titled to claim the indemnity given b/law, and that they bad sustained a pecuniary loa* justify ing the claim. The intention of the act anasr which the action nas brought was to compensate the widow and next of kfn of the person Killed for the pecuniary injury to them occasioned by his death. If tho death caused them no pecuniary injury, the act gave them no damages, for tho compensation for such injury -as the measure of damages. The act of New 1 ork for this purpose is quoted, it heir g similar to tho Illinois statute, and the decisions of the conrts of taat State under that law arc cited to maintain these propositions. In this case there were no next ol kin who could properly be said to sustain any pecuniary loss hy the testator’s death. None of his next of kin had any pecuniary interest in bis life. No one stood in the relation to him that the mother docs to her child, and whose dnty It would he to fornipb it care and nurture. No one In the relation that the minor child sus tains toward Its mother, who could receive the benefit of its services until it became of age. The Slain tiff In this case was not dependent upon the eceased, as his eon; oot entitled to bis lutnre earnings; nor were his brothers and sister*, in deed, instead of a pecuniary loss to them, his death gave them an estate of great value, which otherwise they could not receive, and which they might never receive. A railroad company Is not a warrantor of the Uvea of its passengers against the negligence or wilfnl acts wrongly committed by another. Its duty is to provide proper and safe vehicles to carry passengers, and to run them with skill and without negligence. It is not of the obligations of the company to warrant passen gers against an injury caused by the careless driving of a horse or load against a car or one oc casioned by the wrong of another in placing an obs’ructlon on its track. In inis case the acci dent was occasioned by the wrongful acts ol an other railroad company which was authorized by la*v to run Us trains over the same track.” BHOTHCBI/F LOVE. Scenes Among; tbo Cook County Super- visors. The session of the Cook County Board of Su pervisors, numbering fifty men, supposed to be chosen for their ability, dignity and fitness in every way to represent the Important Interests of their constituents, was the scene yesterday of noisy and disorderly conduct hy no means com plimentary to the body. Supervisor W—f, in replying to a resolution inquiring bow be had dis posed of money received irom the sale of tickets to medical lectures, became considerably excited, and to open a safety-valve, came out pretty strongly on the Warden of the Hos pital, charging him with haring an account twice audited, Supervisor D—n, as the champion of the Warden, fired up at once and eaid that as “ the gentleman on the other side of the house” had seen fit to charge another wilhfranu bo would like to ask him to explain about putting nine hundred dollars of county money into his pocket to speculate with on (bo street, and if the latter refused to refund it be wonld move to expel him from the Board. Supervisor W—f of course rose to a boiling point, denied that bo had ever specu lated with a dollar of the people's money, and “went in” pretty strongly on Supervisor D—n. The Chairman rapped loudly with his mallet and called the gentlemen to order, hut they would not he stopped; otbersjoinedin; the malleirapped still more loudly without affect, and several of the members, fearing that a general row would cnsoc, moved hastily to adjourn, although tbo session bad hut just Begun. At last, however, the nngrv parties were Induced to sit down and the Board went on with its business. In a short time, however Supervisor S—d. who had not token part in the tumult, took occasion to give Super : visor W—f a lecture for bis conduct, saying that “he always went off half-cocked,' and made enemies n t every session, and that hc“blowed off a great deal of ?a*,” etc. Another tempest threatened, but the Chairman managed to thump it down, and again peace reigned. The Chairman i hen said that he owed nn apology to the Board for allowing these personal talks to go to such j.ngth, and no promised not to do it again. Super visor D—n rose and apologized for hislntemporato conduct and “ took it hack.” Supervisor A. rose and made / Uj apology, and a “love feast” was spread for the moment, until W f waxed warm over the remembrance of his wrongs and ended hy being about as near the boiling point as before; hntbappllvno explosion followed. The parties to this scandalous performance ore all able and active members of the Board, and or dinarily disposed to respect law and order, hut ihtir tempers ran away with them. It must be said mat there has been throughout alt the pro ceedings of this Board a disregard of the minor parliamentary rules, and of order'and decorum, wlildi have luted the gates lor just such an out break as this. As they are. perhaps without ex ecution. Intelligent, honorable ami efficient repre sentatives of Cook County, they will doubtless in future shut down on all such opportunities for unenviable notoriety. It should be said that the charges against the Warden and the Supervisor were found to be unfounded, and that those gen tlemen were completely exonerated. The Drnmtnlns Championship. Many of oar readers will remember the recent excitement in this city in reference to the Drum mer championship. Some one has written (o TTettea’ Spirit; that pacer publishes the commu nication as follows, with Its reply: There has been a great drumming match for the championship of the United States between Wm. Ncvans and B.U. Ucndershot, Drummer Boy of the Rappahannock; and tne latter has been declared the winner by the judges, and be issnes a card stating that be ” Kill accept all challenges,” excepting those that coma from his late opponent, Wm. Ncvans. Mr. o. C. While, of this city, issued a card before the match be tween Messrs. Uendershot and Nevens took place, elating be would ‘‘challenge the winner,” and repeats his challenge immediately after the match. Mr. Novans, not being satisfied with the decision of the judges, issues a card immediately after the match to play Mr. Bendersbot again ‘•within ten days.” Mr. Bendersbot ref ised to accept cither the challcope ot Mr. White or Nevans; and I would like to know who Is the true champion. I claim that Mr. White Is, be cause be Issued bis challenge to play the “win* net" prior to ihe match between Messrs. Nevans and Hendcrahot, and the winner is bound to re spect his challenge first. Some claim that Mr. Mevans Is entitled to the championship, because ho issued the first challenge tvlmqutnt to the match—his challenge-having been published In the morning andMr.WhUb’alniheafternoon. The match has created great excitement, and the pep* fie are cot satisfied with (he decision given in be late match. As long as Mr. Hecderfhot has refused to accept Mr. white's challenge, amt Mr. White the champion t Your decision will be looked for with a great deal of interest. An steer. — As Nevans and While have both challenged Hen* derfhokandhe refuses to play either, they bad better play a match, and toe winner may then call himself champion. CHICAGO ENTBUPBISE. Tbe Card Brick machine—A Brilliant Success. Among tbe many Inventions of this money' making age, there Is notone which bos achieved a more brilliant success than the Oard Patent Bnck machine. It was perfected only In August last, and yet since then it has attained a reputa tion worth millions, having been put to practical test in tbe yard of the inventor, who has manufac tured several millions of bricks with it, reaping a Kflt of 116,551 on the work of three machines ween the middle of August and tbs close of the season. The practical value of the machine thus determined, has become so ‘ widely known among brlckznakors that the fifty men employed at the works of Mr. Gord, No. 53 South Jefferson street, arc so wholly unable to supply the demand that he bos been compelled to secure (he assistance of another large establishment, which Is capable of turning ont one machine per day. And even this enormous demand Is on the increase. Tbe claim of the Inventor, that it will supersede all other brick machines now in use, may seem to be insti lled In the enormous demand. The triumph is a great one, especially when it is remembered that ■ICO odd brick patents have been taken out Id the Dulled Stares, showing the expenditure of a larger amount of money and genius than in any other department, except, pernsps, that of fire* ° The machine is beautiful in Its simplicity, per fect in Us action. It consists principally of an upright cylinder, standing on a revolving disc, all standing in a space of abont eight feet square, and weighing but two and a half tons. Tbe top of the cylinder Is about breast high, and into it is easily thrown the clay as dug from the hank, ex cept when too dry, and then it is simply watered. There is no other preparation. Tbe machine does its own tempering. Within the cylinder revolves an upright shall, furnished with blades set at an angle, which cat up and temper the clay, at the same time pressing it downwards into the brass moalda,lDibe revolving disc as fast as they are brought round. By a simple arrangement the clay is farther compressed as it travels round, ana is then tilted out—a perfect bnck— In a few moments, and lifted off ready for backing. At a trial made yesterday, at which a representative of tbe TTubukk was present, the machine turned out f Jxty-flvc bricks per minute, or at tbe rate of 39,000 per day, and there was no apparent reason for not doubling the speed of tbe machine if the bricks were removed fast enough, nor did there seem to bo any danger of clogging, or any chance therefor. The machine worked beautifully, smoothly as a steam engine, noiselessly os a sewing machine. It is the very periecllon of mechanism, with no apparent pos sibility of getting out of order, and it Is difficult to suggest an improvement in tbe bricks; they arc not made from dry clay, as is tbe case with some machines. The clay Is dry enough to give firmness, and wet enough to secure solidity after burning. The chief features of tbo machine mar be thus stated: Its weight Is but 5,000 pounds, making It portable; two horse power works it easily, tam ing out 20,000 to 30,000 bricks per day; any num ber of machines can be ran from tbe same shaft ing; it is very simple in Its construction; it uses cloy directly from the hank, doing its own tem pering ; tbe bricks esq be hacked directly from the machine, obviating damage from rain; the bricks are fine pressed, worth one-third more than common bricks: no sanding of The mould Is needed; the machine Is cheap—costing only 11,000, exclusive of the right. We advise those interested in bnck making to examine the machine, at No. 53 South Jefferson street, at any time. Payment of Penalona. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: You will do the renders of your paper, who are United Stales pensioners, a greatfavor by inform ing me why it is that Cnarles O. Hotchkiss, the paying agent at Chicago, has not yet begun to par. The law requires him to begin on tbofourth of March, if wc understand it correctly. Some of ns arc very much In need of the money. A. D. 8. Pensioner. Wc know not the why or wherefore, hot pre sume there is some valid reason. The following paragraph was published in onr Isaac of Monday last, at the request of the agent: “The payment of pensions at the Chicago Agen cy, dne on the fourth of March (Monday? will not commence for several days afterwards. Notice of the Umc will be given In the Tribune.” An Old Citizen YUllUed. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune. The police report of the 7tm<« of the6th instant conlalts » notice of a case of fraud In giving the weight of a load ol liSy, which does great la iusilcc to one of our oldest citizens—Mr. D. 11. ’hilllps. the City Weigher—m stating that be was implicated and arrested. Mr. Phillips was not ar rested either then or at any other time, and for therm ore,has done more for purifying tho bay mar ket than any other man, as all the papers have la (set, acknowledged at dilfferant times. We wish the statement to be contradicted, In Justice to an honest man. Faiu Plat. LOG AX MATTERS. i' For Coughs and Throat Disorder* a*e “Brown’s Bronchial Troches,” having proved their efficacy by a test of many years. “I have never changed my mind respecting them from the first, excepting to think yet better of that which I began thinking well of.”— Rev. Henry Ward Beecher. The Renowned Clairvoyant Sister*’ National Cancer Institute and Magnetic Infirmary. 3C5 Wabash avenue. Instantaneous cures of many diseases, hy the healing power. Patients cured of cancer, consumption, asthma, rheuma tism and other diseases, can he sceu daily. TTe call the attention of oar readers to th«* Brivertisomont of playt* by McNally A Co.. 81 Dearborn street. Corns Extracted Without Pain.— Corns, Bunion?. Enlarged Joints or Ingrowing Nalls. Go to Or. Kenibon, office 119 Clark street. Dr. E. has operated on the feet more tban sixteen years in Boston and Chicago. Rooms for ladies. The Best Tonic.—Caswell, mack Sc Co.’s Combination of Iron, rhoapborns and Call saya, known as Ferro—Phosphorated Elixir of Calieayo. Tho Iron restores color to the blood ; the phosphorus renews waste of the nerve tifl-nc, and the calteays gives a natural heallhlnl tone to Ihe digestive organs. One pint coulains the vir tue of one ounce of callsaya, and one tcaspoonfal a grain of iron and phosphorus. Manufactured by Caswzzx. Mack & Co.. New York. For sale by aU druggists. The “JEtna” Noiseless Lock-Stitch Sewing Machine?, for family and manufacturing purposes—Western office, in Washington street, Chicago. J, H. Lebow, Agent. Itclfef&nd XlealUi to Your Children, —Mrs. Window’s Bon thing Syrup, for Children, relieves the child from pain. Invigorates the stom ach and bowels, corrects acidity and wind colic. Perfectly safe in all cases, as millions of mothers can (cstiiy. Thiny-five cents a bottle. Offices, 48 Dey street. New York, and 205 High Holborn, London, England. The Franklin Brick fnachlno* Justly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great strength, ana immense compressing power, is ouauaxtzed, with eight men and two horses, to self-temper the clay, and make 3,000 to S,£oo elegant bricks per hour. J. H. Rckick, proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room 23. a Grand Council or tlie Seminole In dian Nation. [Seminole Agency Correspondence (Feb. 7) Kan sas State Journal.j A grand council of ttie Seminole Nation bos just terminated, after a session of twelve days. The council was called to settle all matters of difference between the northern and southern portion of the people, and the object of the convention was successfully accomplished. A description of the cere mony may not be uninteresting to your readers. Each party went into camp about one mile from each other. First a detail was made from each party to select a council ground, mid way between the two camp®. After domi ciling for two or three days, the day was set for the grand ceremony of shaking bands and smoking the pipe of peace. The North ern Seminolea, headed by John Chup co, Chief of the Nation, formed in line, single file, and marched to the Council grounds. At the same time the Southern Scmlnoles led by Colonel John Jumper, the former Chief of the Scminoles, advanced to the same place. When each party had formed in a line in such a manner that the Chief of the Scmlnoles stood opposite to. and about six rods from the laie Chief, these great men advanced with stately tread and held a private consultation which lasted about fifteen minutes. After resuming their places, the northern portion of the tribe advanced and passed down the line, shook hands with each other, and con gratulated one another upon the return of peace, among themselves, and all the people of the Indian Territory. Afterwards they qnlctly took their seats In the conncil. Pray er was then offered, partly in English and part in Seminole. The English part was very neat and appropriate, and I presume that portion in Indian was equally so. The Chief invoked the blessing of Heaven to rest on their deliberations, to incline their hearts to peace, forgiveness and brotherly love, and prayed that strife, murder and evil passion wonld cease among all nations and tribes of Indians throughout the land. After the pray er was concluded, the orator, a very aged and fatherly lookingold Indian, made a speech in which he counselled forbearance, forgive ness, and good will among themselves. The province of Orator at the ceremony corre sponds with that of President of a meeting among ns—ln stating the object for which the assemblage is called. Two pipes wore then filled with tobacco and a young Indian from the Northern side presented it to each person on the Southern side, and a young man from the opposite party Scrformed the same office for the ’orthcru side. Three or four vigorous puffs were given and the smoke mingling to gether ascended to high heaven, in token of perpetual peace and friendship among the Seminole people. These pipes were buried when the war was declared, and the Indians separated, and were only unearthed when this Council was called. After these cere monies the Conncil adjourned until the next day without transacting any farther busi ness. Tbe Feacli Prospect in Somliera IIIX* note* [From the Jacksonville (111.) Journal, March 4.] We learn that the prospect for an abund ant crop of peaches the coming season, is considered by good judges very flattering. There has been no weather severe enough to injure the buds in the least, and our horti culturists can now, therefore, calculate al most confidently on a large crop. The pros pect for a large crop in other parts of the State Is also excellent. The Carthage Ga zette says: Upon an examination of the peach trees, we cannot find a bud that has been killed, and If moderate weather con tinues, wc shall have a bountiful crop. sbw Tons, Friday Evening, March 8. BEEF CATTLE—These wore yarded and mostly sold to batchers to-day, at the Screen Market, (opposite New York, on the Jersey side) 3,030 head. These wore taken up at 16®l6tfc for first class bollocks, the best In the market; llX®lsXc for lair mediom, such as smooth Illinois steers, and 12®13c for the lowest graces, each as thin steers and heifers, rough oxen, dry cows, 4c. The weather is fair, bat the market Is doll, and sales drag heavily. The average price paid was less than 15c, showing a decline of fully Ic. A lew prime bollocks sold at 17c. SHEEP— The receipt* have been very light. There wrre none on sale to-day; bat there was an active de mand at 7tf@9XC. MARKETS BY TELEBRAPH. | HOGS—The market is qalet, at B®BJfc. Ncxr York Financial News, [Special Despatch to the CbicagoTrlbune.] New Tons, March 8. The stock market opened quiet, and afterwards fell H p ccnt,but con tinned steady Oaring the day, aatil the re port of violent discussions In Congress on the Impeach matt question, and measures looking to coaflscitlon la the Southern States. The Treasury reports shows that contraction also caused an uneasiness. Govern ments arc qatetbnt weak,sellers predominating. After the 10 o’clock call the market stiffened, as the “ bears " were covering larseiy, which excited outsider* to bay, and at tbs £3O hoard the market was buoyant acd 1 p cent higher, Erie (common). Dock Island, Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago, and Northwestern (preferred) being the strongest, bpeculatlon seems to have re covered with renewed force. 0010 opened at tSltf, fell to 153*, but afterwards ral bed to tatK. closing at IWi. Tbe demand fjr customs li light, hut with a better Inquiry on foreign .ex. change account. At tbs I o'clock board tbs market vu strong. tot without special change la price*. The mooqy market has been excited and firm at 7 9 cent on stocks. There Is considerable of loans and the market looks favorable tor higher prices. . [Associate! Press Report.] Nsw robs, March EL jfornrr. Motor market easy and steady at <37 p cent on on, fobtioe exchange. Sterling firmer, at 108*0103* in gold tor first-class bills. American gold without decided change, opening at 184*, declining to 133*, and closing at 181*. QOVKBNMCm. Government stocks a shade better. lA-nm. Nxw Yosx. March 8. sonr. The money market was moderately active with am ple supply, working raster at the close. The railroad □target opened buoyantly jit an early hour.and nlzhsr priors were made for all teas log shares, call loans gradually rcttUnr to 5@6 at the Ant open board, the market leh off *o* per cent, with fair business. At the Stork Exchange the market was firm right through cal', al though hammered somewhat by bean. After the ses sion there was a decline of *@Vpci cent, but the mar ket was s<eady at th-s decline. The market was firm srd generally belter at the one o'clock board, and at the tobsequent board there was a further advance, the closin' prices being the highest of the day, with the bnll Interest In the ascendant. William Heath A Co. report the Allowing: PEI CIS—SIX P. V. MAESET. AmericanGold.lß4 0151* Hi. Central 114*0115 Ohio cert. 26*0 27 Pittsburgh 81*0 81* W. H. Tel 42 ® 42* Toledo .117 ®ll7* Cumberland... SI R.L 94*» 93 N. Y. C 103*0102* N. W 81*9 31* fcirie 54*a 91* Preferred 62k® 62* Hudson' .138 0139 Ft. Wayne 91*0 93 Reading. If2*@lo2k Pacific Ma11...121*0121* M. S 71k® 71* Atlantic. 91*® 91* flflFkHlJlag., m. Government securities are heavy this afternoon on cold bonds, and a decline of *o* 3 cent on &-20 s. Closing prices: Keg’d, ’fli 109 ©lo9* DoJanoaryand Coupons, *81... .108*0109* July. 106*0106* 5-20 reg*a,'63...107 0107* Augußt7-305....105*0109* Coops,'6l 109*®lC9k June 105*0103* Coups, *GS .107*0107* July 103*0105* 1640 coup 97*0 97* I nOBDEBSTATE STOCKS steady with large business in Missouri's, and rise therein to 95. which sobscauentlr toll off to 94* BTEAiISUir active and h Isbcr. COAL AMP HIBCKLLAKCOrS SHAPES firm and advanced In some instances. COLD. Gold active, during morning frequent fluctuations, closing steady, loans made from flat to 1-16, premium. The largo short interest prevents any material de cline. FOUEIOB EXCHANGE. Sterling opened active and firm at 109, aud Closed more quiet at 108* for the best bills. ucrcra shakes. Mining shares quiet and firm. Gregory rose to 1150 @ll7O, and Quartz UIU steady and In demand;at 4lß.and Increased actively In Alameda 6450649; Columbia u strong demand at V7O; Gold 11111 declined to 335; Des Moines steady at 100. Tlio produce markets. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] March P. Flour—Dull but firm. Sales light. Country XXsold at I10A0; choice city do Is held firmly at Sll-00 ; spring extras, f 9Jo@ioflo. Wheat—Firm. Bales at the morning board, 7,000 centals. Bales at the noon board, 7,500 centals, at 53.70 for No. 1 In store; |3.4G®3-48 lor No. 2 In store, and seller's option last half ot March; $3.4703.43 seller's option next week. Nothing dona In No. 3or Rejected. Market closed firm. Oats—Weak and lower. Sales 800 centals at |LSO tor No. 1, and f 1.43 for No. 3. Corn—Quiet. Sales 300 centals at $1.27 for new shelled In store, and|Ulfordo delivered. Rye—Unchanged. Bales 300 centals No. 1,4 c storage, at $1.75. Barley—Steady. Sales SO bags by sample at $3.35. rrc visions—Firm. Bales 130 brls clear pork at $20.00 @2?-CO ' Dressed nogs—Advancing. Soles at |3.25@3.40, Recelpta-1,000 brls floor, 4.5 W centals wheat, 500 do oats, 1,6C0d0 corn, 350 do barley, 50 dressed hogs. Shipments—s,ooo brls floor, 4,000 centals wheat, 609 brU and 50 tres pork, 50 tres lard. NEW YORK. New Tons, March 8. Cotton—Heavy and lower. Sales of 1,500 bales at 29Wc tor middling uplands. rlcui—BecetptslUlT brlf. Market rather more ac* live and more steady. Sates of 6,SX) brls at for super state; fa,40®9.«5 for sooer Western ; |9 73® lO.TSlorextra western; |10.80®13.06 for choice do; J10.50@11.50 for shipping brands of extra round hoop Ohio, and t1i.53@12.50 for trade brands, market closing quiet. whisker—Quiet and steady. No receipts. Wheat—Market dull and drooping. Sales ot 14,000 bn at «?.lofor Milwaukee and f2dflfor Winter rod Canda In bond. Itye-Quict, * Sales of 1,200 bn Western at J 1.12, and B,too bu Canada free at f 1.33. Barley—Without decided cbangc. Sales of 29.000 bn at SI.CC@I.IS for State and f 1.05@ 1.20 lor Canada West free. Earley Malt—Dull. Corn—Receipts, 1,035 bn. Market l®3c better. Sales, 69,000 bu at f 1.07(%1.v9 for mixed Western in store; 11.1 l fordoofloatjfl.lOlor Western yellow in store; and f 1.17 for poor white Southern. Oats—Are in moderate request, with sales of 49,000 bn at i9@6tc for Western. Collee—Firm, but quiet. Sugar—Lower, with sales of 1,500 hhds Moscovado at 1 ftolawcsl-Dull . quiet and steady. Petroleum—Lower, at 17®17)(c for crude, and 25327 c for refined In bond. Pork—Opened heavy and closed more firmly. Sales 3.400 brla at t21.37ftZ.M2 for new mess—closing at f i‘3.C6 cash: s2u.7J@3l.a tor old mess; f1i.C0i317.3S fur prime; |l9 506.30.00 for prime tneis. Abo. 3,750 brla ntw mtas at (133.12333.75, seller and buyer March and Abril. Beef-Steady and unchanged, wlih sales of 459 brla, Bc-f Dams— Firm, Bales, 333 brls at aSS.OOI3io.OO. Bacon—Quiet, bales of lit boxes, at luai.tKc for Cumberland: UXc lor short ribbed, and URc for short clear. Cat Meats—Firm. Bales of 380 packages, at 9311 c for shoulders, and U)fdl3Xc lor hams. Dressed Hogs—Unchanged, ot9X@loc for Wcittm, ana tor city. Lard—H*-avy and drooping. Sales ol 460 brls, at MkQlStfc for old, and 13313*0 for new. Butter—Dull and heavy, at 11320 c tit Ohio. Chicso—Dull, at 15®19c- Flour—Closed more active, at a tricing advance 0Q medium grades. Wheat—Quiet, at 12.1532:23 for No. 3 spring. Rye—Dull, at f l J0®1.13 for Western. Corn—Quiet, with sellers of prime Western mixed at fl.tO In store, and fl.liK afloat, and buyers a; f 1.08 In store, and fIdOJiAI.U afloat. Oau—Steady, at 60561 c fer fair to good Western. Pork—Quiet and steady for new mess, with sellers at $23.10 cash, $33.13)4 regular, buyers at 133.06*4 cash, ana 123.10 tegular; for sellers’ option April, $31.13)4 of fered. and $25.35 sited. Beef-Quiet and steady. Cut Meats—ln lair request, at steady price*. Bacon—Dull. atOKc&lOc far Cumberland middles. Lard—Dull, and declining tendency. CINCINNATI. CtsciNTtaTi. March 9. Flour—Steady and In moderate local <tem*ed at last quotation*. Wheat—Finn. No. 1 sprint, $3.50; No. t winter, $3.90. Corn—Dull; 63c for No. l In elevator. Oat*—Dull; &0)4<&$1-00 for No. 1 In the elevator. Receipts ofcorc and oats have been large. Kl e-$1.25®11.36 fir No. 1. Bariey—Unchanged. Cotton—Dull and prices nominal. No demand, and quotations nothing more than estimate!. Mjtlallag colled, has been bought at 26c. Whiskey—Steady at 26c In bond. Provisions—Unchanged, and quiet—rather easier to bov. Ue« pork—City packed can be bought at ».‘O.OO 6tf20.73. BukmcaU in demand, with tales of 50.000 B* at for shoulders; 9#«i»jfc for.ildss, and lOVc for hams, the inside rate for country cat. Bacon—la demand at 9Rc for shoo .tiers. Sides easier to day, bet not qnotably lower. Sales add tip 111 hbds at 9Vc for shoulders: 10K®10jfc for sides; live tor rib, and I3‘.'c for clear do. Card—Dali at 1‘.014c; cl tv held at the latter rate. Seeds—Market unchanged. Clover $3.33&3.90 irom store; timottiTtS.So63.4o. , „ , . . Oil—Linseed $1.44*1.49. Lsrd oil 11.05^1.10. Butter—Dali at 22®2Jc fir white, and for ycl low. Chet**—Firm atlSkQltd. . , . Qrccerlee—Fttm. Sugar l2sLsc for raw; the latter rate fbr choice. Rio cotfte 2H&.79C. Gold—l 33), buying. and 151 selling. Exchange—Par buying, and 1-10 premium selling. Money—ln good demand at 9@U $ cent. sr. louis. bT Lons, March 9. Tobacco—Tolerably active bnt unchanged. Cotton—Doll and nominally lower. Ficnr—No market for low grades. Medium grades quite and unchanged. Best extras very Qrm. Super quoted at |9.00@9J0; extra State $10.15011.00; double and tripleextra $12.00014.75. Wheat—Firm and fnacllve. Choice clnb SLSO per cental; choicefsll $4.91. tcuuu, uiuitc tail n.,i. Corn—Heavy and drooplng-closlng lower and un settled. Mixed 11.41Ct1.13; yellow $1.1301.49. Oats—Unchanged. $2JJ0(,*2.05. Provisions—Dull, heavy and unchanged. Lard—Firm at UJfc. Whiskey—Dull and ntectUed. Ranging at $2.1003.15 for free and 26 for bond LOUISVILLE. Louhvtllk, MarchS. Tobacco—Sustained; 132 blid s. at $3.00022.75. Flour—Doll: Super. $9.15. Wbcat—s2.Bß prime red. Corn-CSaTlc in bulk. Oats64C. . Mess Pork—s2l.oo; Bacon and *honlder*.9Jfc; clear sides, 13MC—market quiet; lord la tierce, l2*c; to keg, 13Wc. __ Raw Whiskey—s 2.23. Cotton—Middling, 27c. BALTIMORE. Baltuobs. March 8. Sugar—Firm. Sales at ICJfGT.OKc for fair to good refitting. Floor—Steady. Wheat—sales of winter red choice at $100(33.30; Pennsylvania red at $2.70. „ . Corn—Sales of white at $1.03; yellow at 93C0I1.OI); Western mixed at 95097 c. Oats—bales at 57®60c. ~ , Clover Seed—Sa cs 1,300 bu old at $ i .0(737.75—near1y all at the ta t er price; new steady at iM-5038.75. ProyMrns—Mess pork f21.7V3i22.00; shonlders $3 9Vc; lard 12ke for city, I2*c for Western. Whiskey—Nominal. BUFFALO. Buffalo, March 9. Flour—Doll: $11.33 for extra State. Wheat—White Cat soa active and nochanged. Corn—New Toledo scarce and firm; sales at 86037 s V bu on track:o'd Wo-tcrs held at 93c to store. Oats, Rye, Barley and Highwines—Nominal nnd hoavv. MfBS Pork—Quiet, and held at $21.50. Laid—l3c. PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, March 8. Flour-Dull. Slate, $13.00. M M Wheat—Dull. Sales 2,000 bu prime State at $3.00 C Ctfrn^Qt^ct*. o *Palcs 3,000 bu yellow at 99c. Provisions— Unchanged. Whiskey—Contraband, $1.40. Albany lilvo block Market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Albany, March 8. There was a marked change la the cattle trade to* day. Advices were received early ot heavy shipments tor New York by the Erie and other routes, and the result was a falling off in the demand, nntll holders rc* dneed prices 3»c per lb, and later In the day prices declined XG.Sc per lb. About one thousand bead were bought lor the eastern markets. J. Sinclair sold ICO extra Illinois, averaging 1.350, at Bjfc. James Farth ing llO.avuraglDg, 1,310, at Btfc; 44. averaging 1,410, at Slid 31, averaetng 1,385, at 814 c; 150, averaging 1,210, at (ICO per head nod |IOC bonus, and 81, averaging 1,230 at TVc. B. C. Coon, 70 Kentucky, averaging 1,550 at 8c; 28, averaging 1,630, at B#c, and 13, averaging 1,550 at Bc. J. A. Monroe, 44 Illinois, averaging 1,550, at 85<C. John Sawyer 84, averaging 1,230, at Bc, and 48 Michi gan, averaging 1.470, at7J<c. C. Bcgers 121 Illinois, averaging!,26s,atß#c. Bowen & Co. 60, averaging 1,230, at BUc. Bamsey & Co. 80. averaging 1,300, at 112 dollars. Total receipts 2,900. Sheep are higher and In good demand at 7<aS#c. Re ceipts C^CO. Hogs, receipts S£oo. Small sales fcere at B<<®9e [Associated Press Report.] albast. March 8. Tbe cattle market opened with holders firm at last week’s prices, bat being advised that the ran of cattle over the Erie and other roads was large, buyers held back fora couccß9loE,and finally forced a decline ofKft vn for live weights. The cattle ranced from fair to extra, but there were none that approached premium grades. Prices ranged from 6c for common to 9c for but extra heavy steers. Total supply, 2,000. Sheep In good request at TftSjfc. Supply, G£oo.

HoEßßjf®9c. Supply, 3,100. Nexr York litre Stock market. SALES 07 CATTLE AT TUB HEDGES MADE EX. [Reported by telegraph exclusively for tbe Chicago Tribune.) Solos Robihbos. New Tork Breadstuff* .Barnet, [Special Despatch to* the Chicago Tribune ] Nxw Yobk, March 8. Breadstuff's—Flonr sold pretty freely,hut at theclose buyers Insisted on lower prices. Coarse grains are all active, and com closed at f 1.00 In store. Whtat—Very dull. Ocean Freights* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toes, March 8. Freights—4s,ooo bushels corn to Ireland at 5 pence and 60,000 bushels bailey to London at 5 pence. New York Grocery market. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yoke, March 8. Coffee—More active; Kio*ff2®26c. Sugar—AcUto* Fair to prime grocery wjffcUHc reflate Jo wwr, best embed 15*c; soft white U4ll*e; jeHow«H»UXc. Hew York ProTldon Market. fSoedal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nrw Toss, March 6. Pork-Closed at 122.00, though selling since 'Change at $M 10 tor regular. Flcklcd Haas—l3ol3*c. Lard—ln better demand. New York Wool Markef. f Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nxw Toss, March 8. Wool—The advance of 5 cents early la the week Is only half supported. New York Dry Gorda Market, h xw Tobx. March 8. Gotten Good*—Market fairly «we able styles, and prices fairly saitatoethexcept torsome dark styles of caltcoe*. which b?r b redncM two cents rerjard. Merrtmacklf redueM tertolfc.and Wauregan to lie. sell readily at 17c for all flesh •Wle»,aadM«rtoacks bring iße/ In other styles there Is no Important more fr«lr|,Ddralher firmer, a, are staple styles ot Imported stun g"™*-. Carpets or best imported makes Silk dress goods doing better. Ribbons and doJis doll, and the fbrmer remains depressed. Plttibnrgh Fetrolonm market, pirrantmon, March 8. Oil market quiet. Sales of 500 brls tobulk, tor im mediate delivery, at 6*c; 2.000 brlsln bulk, seller iop tion, deliverable during the 7 car-**, s %, brI8 6*c; IMbrlsatTc. Receipts of crude, 2360 bris. nned in bond, no transactions. FrceioU, “Mhwwed. Naphtha and residuum quiet, with small sales at 13.25 per brL DIED In this city, March Btb, ot scarlet fever, JESSIE 8., only daughter ol William ILaniAnnle K. Petty Friends of the tomllyaro halted to attend the to ncral from the residence, 141 West Twelflhual., Sunday, the 10th Inst., at 1 o'clock p.m. _ . In this city, of typhoid fever, EMORY G. CLAPP, -“pen, please copy. In this city, March Blh, LEWIS W. NOTES, aged 40 7 rawral from his late residence, 217 Btate-st, Sunday, 10th lustn at 2 p. m. amusements. McYXCKER’S THEATRE, CKEB A MYSSS MANAGERS. Last afternoon and evening of DAB BRYANT and LITTLE MAG. Saturday afternoon Matinee, 3 SHAMDS O'BRIEN. SUamus O’Brien, with song and dance..Ur.Dan Bryant, Little Mac In a Ruction Jig. To conclude with HANDY ANDY. Handy Andy,(with song and Jig) Dan Bryant. Simon . .Little Mac. ° Monday— VESTYALI In BEL DEMONIQ. pIROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE, McWADD A RIDDELL Lessees and Managers WM. S. WARREN Treasurer Z.OTTA TBZVBPBANTI CROWDED AND DELIGHTED AUDIENCES: Saturday Afternoon, March 9tb, LOTTA GRAND MATINEE- Brougham's Operatic Extravaganza ot PO-CA-HON-TAS, And the uproarious Sketch of FAMILY JABS. Lena in each. Lotto's TBanJo Solo. Saturday evening, in compliance with universal do* tnand. tho qe'w and startling Flay of the FEMALE DETECTIVE I Lotta In six characters, with new Bongs and Dances. To conclude with ODB NAN. N»n (with Banjo Solo) Lotta Monday, with appropriate scenery, mechanical cf* foots. &C-. LITTLE NELL. ■yAMETTf THEATRE. This fSaturdav) evenlneTLast Appearance ol MISS FLOUEN CE Ti&IPLK, when will be presented the great Ono Thousand Dollar Prize Drama In three acts, entitled VE7ARZ, THE ADVENTURER; Or, The Steed of Modena. Received everywhere lo the Eastern cities with ad* miration and eclat. Miss FLORENCE TEMPLE Will introduce her trained steed FIRE FLT, lo new trick feats anc startling sltnations. Look ont for BELL UPON EARTH. Wanted—A few more Ballet Ladles. rsoh. WOOD’S -MUSEUM cbL. j. a. wood ’ jiircctor of Amoßcaeula Stage Manager...... THOS. BARRY Unprecedented Attractions, noon and nlcbt. Tbt» (Saturday) afternoon. March 9th, at the Grand Mat* Inee at 2K o’clock, will be performed the fine Comedy of MAN AND WIFE, with the strongest cast over given In the United States, in the evening, at a•» to & the new Museum Comedy ol SIY WIFE’S MIItrfOR. To conclude with the great Ledger Romance of THE HIDDEN HAND. Monday, alter several weeks of preparation, the new London Sensational Drams of THE FROZEN DEEP, with new scenery, new cos* tames, new machinery, and a powcrlul cast. auction Sales. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants 44 Ai 4tt BANDOLPn-ST.. Between state-*:, and Wab&ah-ar., Holdregularaaies, atthdr salesroom*, ol DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, 4C., Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE. CARPETS, fau, every SATURDAY jgLEGANT HOUSEHOLD PURHZTUBS, At BwclllnK 138 3?ovirtli-av.» AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, March 13, at 10 o'clock a.m..wo shall soil the entire Furniture contained In Home N% 13H Fourth.av., conM.tlng of elegant Parlor and Chamber Sets. Marble-top Tables, Mirror*, Brussels and Velvet Carpets, Hair Mattresses, Bedding, Dining-room and Kitchen Furniture. Crockery. Gla--8 and China Ware. 4c. WM. A BDTTEKS 4 CO., Auct'rs. SCOTT & CO., AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 Lake-si., cer. LaSalle, Chicago. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Out-docr sales promptly attended to. RUCTION. Tuesday. March Uth, at 10 a. m., at Daniel Beott A Co.’s Rooms, 101 Laso-st. Dry good*. Scotch Tweeds, Cosslmercs, Sheetings, Shirtings. Prints, Cotton Hose, Dress gcods, Boots and Suocs. Ac., Ac. DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Aoctloneers. RUCTION. Thursday March llth. at 10 a. m., at Daniel Scott A Co’s. Booms, 104 Lake-st. New and second-hand (hr nltcre of every description. Carpets, Cutlery, Mir rors, China ana Glassware. Ac., Ac. DANIEL hCOTTA CO., Auctioneers. RUCTION. Saturday, March icth, at 10 a. m., at Daniel Scott A Co’s. Booms, 1(M Lske-st. Groceries, Chrcse, Sugars, Teas, Codec, Spice, Grocers scales. Signs, Tobacco, Ac., Ac. DANIEL SCOTT A CO.. Auctioneers. 01LBEKT & CSAMFSON, \JT General Auctioneers. 47 and 49 Dcarborn-st, Superior second-hand and new Rich Curtains, &c., AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY, March 12, at 10 o’clock, at onr sales rooms. 47 and 49 Dearborn-at.. consisting of a large assortment of Furniture for Chamber, Parlor and Dining Room, Including a great variety of full Mar ble-top Chamber Suites; also. Parlor bets, four win dows rich, heavy Curtains; also, a lot ot Miscellaneous Books, fine Single Buggy, Harness and Household Goods. GILBERT A SAMPSON. Auctioneers. tinttllwa fHaejitnc. rpHE LAMB KNITTING- MACHINE Knits Hosiery of all sizes. Knits the heel and narrows olf the toe complete; sets up its own wore; widens and narrows, and by knitting the weh cither Tubular or Fat, Single, Double or Bibbed, produces upward of twenty articles ol apparel. No Other Machine in the World Can do These Things* The most profitable and labor-saving Invention for woman. Agents wanted. Call or send for circular and sample stocking. Ad dress, (enclosing stamp). S. BEAMON, Gen’l Agent, 99 WaHhlngiQO-st., Chicago, IH. Sato mills, jSngtnes, &c. 'J'HE LANE & EOOLET Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM EHGIHES, Shingle Machines, Core Mills and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. LANK Ac BODLBT* Comer of John and Water-ets., Cincinnati. Applicants lor descriptive circular* will specify the machinery they need. *vsKite3-4nxiu l£eal Estate, JpOR SALE— A BEAUTIFUL LOT, On the corner of Wert Monroe and Rucker-sU., 76 Icet by <35 fett. running back tn an alley. No better neigh borhood la the city. Al*o. a btautlfUl block of six lot* la Evans on—m (bet, the handsomest lot In Evans ton. It Is near the depot, and next north of H. 15. nurd's residence, with abnnnance of targe oak and or nan.ratal trees, and some two hundred trait trees. For prices, apply to _ * v GEOKCE P. FOSTER, dpnr Sale. FOR SALE—At the Lake Tonnel—One S 5 horse power engine and upright tabular bolter, unc 20 horsepower engine and upright tnnnlar holler. OnelShoise power enginelandnpnght tubular boiler. These cnelnce and boilers are new, have been In use bnt a very short time. 21.125 leetT rail, welching 23 &s. to the yard. 1 large tan for ventilation, M. U. Aidcn'a patent, built exprewly for this work. 3 flie, well-broken joung mules. _ 2 pumps and 2 seta Improved hoisting apparatus and gearing. 25 cars, capacity 1 cubic yard. A large lot of tools. A lot of timber aud lumber. A'so, the buildings, sheds, outhouses, connected with ttao Lake Tunnel. A lot of cast and wrought scrap Iron. BULL & GO WAN. Contractors, Office, chore Shaft Lake Tunnel. FOR SALE—At the Chicago Driving Park, second-hand lumber, consisting of boards, joists, scantling, clc„ all thoroughly seasoned. Also the buildings known as “Floral nail” and “South Amplthealre.” • Inquire ol C. A. FORaYTiIE, on the grounds. FOR SALE—Counters, show case, shelv ing, cigar stand fixtures. Ac,. Ac. ol No. 14 Sonth Clark-*t. Apply to THOMAS LONEBGAN, No. IQ South Clark-st. FOR BALE —500 tons No. 1 steam coal, In lots to salt purchasers. Inquire at Sugar Be flnery. North Watcr-st n near the pier. T7OR SALE —A No. 1 new milch cow and X* calL Reason for selling, going to leave the city. Call and see, at 293 West Twelfth-st. FOR SALE—New milch cows, and fet cows taken in trade. Call at 444 North Clark su corner Dlvlaloa. F.KfEXIO. FOR SALE—Steam Cooking Apparatus —AU persons wh> are Interested than invention Which for domestic purposes is unequalled, and which can be made by any tinner, are inviied to call at 176 Sonth Clark-tt-, and see It in operation. County rlgou for tale. All orders for the article promptly supplied. TT'OR BALE—IOOXOO Bnck. Apply at F 34 and 30 West WashlngtonsL. np-stilrs. Pianos. rpo RENT —Pianos, Organs and Melo- JL deons; also, new and second-hand Pianos (hr sale on time payments, received in Installments. W-Vv. KIMBALL. 63 Washlngton-st. TO RENT—Pmnosand mclndeons. All kinds of Instruments tnnod and repaired br com petent workmen. Pianos moved and boxed. Wlua. PBO6SSR, 130 Clark at, fto amfcggouggfe. T> RENT—The base mw.t msrb o-trout Wtet Lake stw tronttncoQ T7uoe>paiiuliJMMßfniiiuiilliUix. Call at ala Palton-sfc, tor particulars. XO RENT—A new Cottage, with ten rooms and all modem Improvements, at 114 lh Paulic»-at. rpo BENT—Hotel at Lake Forest—This M desirable summer resort, Omllea noeth of Chica go, will be torrent on the Ist ot April, for a term ot yean. The building contains 31 rooms, Is la good re pair, and will be rented on favorable term* to a person who can furnish and keep a good house. Nona other need apply. Address P. O. Box 8141, Chicago. TO KENT—Two-story and basement house, with all modem improvements, 10 rooms exclusive of cloieta and bath room, good location on the North Side. No one need apoly unless wishing to purchase about S7OO worth oi furniture. Inquire at B ELDING BROS. A CO.'S. .14 Lake-sc, up stain TO RENT—A first-class new house, No. 7S now vacant, to a flnt-c ass ten ant. B. H. CUMMINGS, Boom 19 No. 133 Sooth Clark-st. rpo KENT—House to rent and furniture | for sale cheap, only five minutes’ walk from the Post Office. Appiy at no. 18 Fourth-av. None need apply unless they wish to buy the rural tare. TO RENT—Ten room house, No. 351 Calumet-av., J4Botouc ou Madlson-sh, near La haue. >450. PETES BHBIP, 92 Monroe-st. TO RENT—House, completely fur nished. containing, in all. seven rooms, double parlor, dining room, gas, good water, bath, from £m« day till the Utol May, 1967. Inquire atsß State st. TO RENT—A first-class- French-roof house. IS rooms, situated between Reform School ana Kenwood Station. Srice S6O per mouth, from first ot May. Inquire on the premises. T. O. OTIS. TO RENT—Two desirable houses, cast front, 517 and 519 North Clark-sL. containing water, gas. mantles Ac., with shrubbery in front yard. Possession of one April Ist, the other May Ist. Bent quarterly. In advance. Inquire at 517 North Clark-st. O RENT —Brick dwelling house, No. 119 Wahash-av. Immediate possession given. Apply to J. O. RUTTER. Traders' National Bank. TO RENT—Furniture for Sale—A new house at Evanston, 7 rooms, convenient to depot, can be had low. Address a S,” Tribune office. TO RENT—At Harlem, 25 minutes ride from North Wells-st. depot, a large-sized dwell ing. suitable torboardlng bouse: alio, dwellings and several small tenements st a low rent. Apply to JOHN H. S. QUICK,Boom 7, No. 43 South Clark-st. TO RENT—Two-story frame . house of eight rooms, near Twenty-seeond-st. Furni ture lor sale cheap. Bent low. ARTHUR A BOY TO RENT—Splendid residence on South Bide. 14 rooms, sellar,'cistern, bain room. Ac.; V acre of ground, shrunbeir, garden and fruit trees. T. H. dft.kieLD A CO.. IQ Post Office Block. TO RENT—House No. 283, corner of Illinois and North BUte-sts., sult».’olc for private boarding bouse, and the furniture tor sale cheap lor cash. Apply on the premises. rpo RENT —A dweWmg hotzse, near J Mlchlgan-av M stocked, with good furniture, which will be sold to a good tenant u applied tor at ooce. Money can be made *,y a party desirous of keeping boarderi. Address -» a 1) w." Tribune office. ®o ucnt-iaoomß, rpo RENT—Cheap, a double back room. X and furniture for sale low. Most sell to-day. Call between one and two or seven and eight o'clock p. m., at 33 Speed's Block, Deirbom-at. TO RENT—A furnished room, suitable lor two gentlemen or gentleman and wife, at 178 CUnton-»t„ between Adams and Jacks on-eta., cheap. TO RENT—Four neatly furnished lodg ing rooms. Rent low. Apply at No. 311 Fourth- TO RENT—Furnished rooms, with or without board, at 133 SUte-st,, suitable lor a lady or gentleman. TO RENT—Two newly furnished front rooms, in a first-class new house, soluble for housekeeping (separate entrance), bait block from Blue liland av. cars. 240 Bwlng-st. nno RENT—Room, central and very de- I slrable. Furniture will be sold, if wished, in whole or in part. Address W K." P. O. Box 1376. i£ent-Sbtc«s3, ©acss.&c TO RENT—A basement room, suitable fbr a banking ofllct or Insarsnee business, 13br 50 feet, located at 120 Washlngton-st., opposite Court lloQse, with large vault, water, gas, etc. Apply to JOHN SCAN LAN, on the premises. TO RENT—Second and third floors at 50 Lakc-st. Apply to PHELPS. DODGE A CO. TO RENT—From May Ist, store No. 278 South Water-st. Apply to O. A, SPBINO* Elt. Room 9 Metropolitan Block. rr O JiEOT—Dock and yard, lOCrSCC " I Good location for lumber business. For particu lars, Inquire cl TUPS. GOODWILLIE, North Her. Proprietor .F. E. AIKEN TO RENT—Steam Power and room 60 feet square. A good point lor sash and door bait* ness. For particulars Inquire ol THOS. GOODWIL LIE. North Pier. rpO RENT—A fine (trort proof) ware- X house,in bulk or by the barrel: will bold 10,000 barrels. Ju*t the place for beer, ale, apples or pots toes. Handy to river and railroad. QBBRYE. DAN FORD. Jr., Room 2. No. 48 Sontb Clark. rpo RENT —A flrst-c l ass trick Store, A 552 next door to corner Twelfth, to gether with two large rooms In rear suitable for sales room and manufacturing shops. Apply at JERVIS HO U BE. “ TO RENT—The second and third sto ries ol 103 Latest. The location and rooms are very desirable for retail business. None but responsi ble parties need apply. For particulars, inquire ou premises. TO RENT—Power tor scroll saw and turning lathe, at Bash Factory, corner Twelfth STQ Lumber-eta. Need not apply for other purposes. npo RENT—Choice ofßces for physicians, X dentists or lawyers. No*. A and 6, Vi and 13, and IS and IP In McCormick’s Buttling; also, a small frame dwelling honse, No. 40£ Erle-st Apply to C. A. BPRING, Mo. 8 Larmon Block. TO RENT—Fine suite of offices, run ning through from Iront to rear of halloing, at 108 Randolph-*:. Apply to GEORGE M. HIGH. lU4 Randolph-st., Boom Vi- TO KENT—Second FJoor—The whole or part ol second floor. 81 and 83 Sontb Water at. Apply to J. H. DUNHAM, 6 Btate-at. rpo KENT—From May lat, second floor, 1 with tront office, at No. 91 South Watei-st. DIED 4 WELLS. TO RENT—Store, 109 Monroe-st., only two dcors wot from Post Offlce. Room large, light and pleasant: fire-proof vanlt; reat, $100; Fix tures, |SOO. Aoply at lU7 South Ciark-sL jtfnegg <Btiane*B* PDR SALE—Hotel, desirably located, haring Irom 50 to 60 boarders and tram SO to 100 transient guests. Dulletngs. tnrnltore, loti, yards and stahrfj for $13,000. Address JOHN W. MERRITT, WilinlngtoD, Hi. T?OH SALE—The principal furniture I * store and stock in the largest interior town in Minnesota. The business has been established tea years, and an investment of SB,OOO to $10,0(0 will real ize a profit of iro per cent In one year. Address, lor particulars, **T Z C.” Box ai?6l. Chicago, 111. FDR SALE—Ad undivided interest in a first-class business (wholesale) on South Water si. Capital required, about SIB,OOO. This is a rare chance lor a good man. Address U P.” Box 1067. Chicago. Unavoidable absence from the city the rea son of seltlng. T?OK bALE—The small, select stock oi 1? ftmlly groceries at SJ9 Lake-st., and two years lease ot store. Inquire on the premises, or at 47 South Water-st. N. CHESSMAN. Assignee. J7OR SALE—The stock, fixtures and r lease of a eeoVemcn’s fUrnl-hlng goods store In one ot the best locations In the city. Address “FUE NISHINO GOODS,” Tribnno offlem Tj'Oß SALE—The oldest and best jew- J_ elry store In Waukegan, IU n doing a very good business. Terms easy. For particulars, Inquire ot M. FUONBEBO A CO., Wholesale Dealers In watches and Jewelry, 184 Lake-st, Chicago, 111. FDR SALE—One ot the finest and best restaurants or dining rooms in this city, or will take a partner. A. J. MILLS A CO., IRO Booth Clot k-at., Room 7. FDR SALE—First-dass grocery, doing a paying buslneta. at 103 West Madlaon-at. Sat tefactory reason lor Beilins- FDR SALE—The stock and fixtures of the store] o‘4 Lakc-st. mast be closed oat In ten days, as the store wil bo remodelled for other busi ness. The stcck is new and desirable, and embraces everything In the line of fancy goods, notions, perfume ries. Ac. Will be sold at a sacrifice, or would exchange tor real estate In city or country. For particulars, ap ply on premises, FDR SALE—Live paying business, IC2 Lake-st, up stain, fbr sale, part cash, balance on time. A rare chance for an established business. Would exchange for real estate in city or country. |7OR SALE—At Kankakee, 111., on the JC Illinois Central Railroad, a stock of hardware and tinners* materials. The owner wishes to retire from business, on account of ill health, and will lease the store lor a term of yean. There are sis rooms above the store, and a good basement with three rooms. Located In the centre part of the city. A rare chance fora party with some means. For farther particulars address **f G D,” P. O. Box 111, Kankakee, HI. FOR SALE—A dim? store, medical prac tice end residence. A rare chance for a physi cian. A large practice guaranteed. A finely assorted stock of drugs. Alifbr|2JOO. Address »FP VV B, n Reading, Livingston Co.. lIL FDR SALE—Cheap—Saloon and board ing house In the best location of the city, all com plete, with cne of J. M. Brunswick A Bro.’s third-size rosewood four-pocket billiard tables, Just bought new. The above will be sold cheap, on account of the pro trlctor starting fbr the Territories. Lease on baili ng for one year from May next. Price |1 ,'U}. In quire at J. M. BRUNSWICK A BBO.’S, 72 Ran dolph-sL TpOR SALE—s2oo—Saloon stock and 1/ fixtures, lor S2OO, in a good location, at 71 Bine liland-ar. XTOR SALE—Vinegar Works, with lease JC 1 and all the latest Improvements, comprising steam holler, mash mbs. fermenting tabs. Ac* all of which Is In penhet working order, by which vinegar can be made Irom corn, sorghum or cider, at a very low price. This U a rare chance, and one that la seldom met with, and will be so'd very low. Inquire at No. 30 North Dearborn-st., between 830 and 1330 a. m. FDR SALE—An established drug store, well located and doing a good business. Besson for se'llrg, dissolution of copartnership. Address •• DRUGIHST." Tribune office. FDR SALE—The good will, stock and fixtures ol a first-class retail drug store, all in completeoidcr,situated In a good location Intbedty of St. Joseph, Mo. Lease 2K vears to run, at low rate. For further Information. Inqntre of J. M. W. JONES, Stationer, 42 and 44 Pesiborn-sU, Chicago, 111. ■ TT'ORRALE—A stock of watches, jewel- J* ry, silver plated ware. &c., all fine goods, and of good styles, with A Ko. 1 nztures for same, and lease of store, will be sold, separately or together, at a bar gain, for cash, or exchanged for city property. Loca tion one of the best la town. Apply at QUIMBT A p AWi.trti. Boom 7 Reynolds' Block. Cnicago. FOR SALE—WeII-assorted stock of dry goods and groceries, In a flourishing town, the centre of athilny farming region. For particulars, address Box 61, Oregon, Wls. FOR SALE—A first-class grocery. Bent low. Address WM. MANCHESTER, Tn bnoe office. FOR BALE—The stock and fixtures of a first-class grocery store on North Clark sL Also the tease of a store and basement on Klnzle-sL, under the Revere House. B. C. MOREY dr CO., S Metro politan Block. purges. (Eattiages, Set. FDR SALE—Fourteen horses, lost arriv ed irom Indiana, suitable lor tracks.’dnrs or ex press wagons; also, some splendid buggy and family horses and mares. Can he seen at WHEN'S Sale Sta ble, L 434BtatMt. TXT AN TED—To huy a good, sound, VV well broke horse, together with harness and ex !re£B wagon. Parties having such lor sale at a very ow Cgnre,may address “H," Box 3568. P.O- FDR SALE—A pair ot nice, light car rloge or buggy horses, five years old, sonod and desirable in every way, color black. Price 8330. Ad dress P. O. Bo* 1030. TT'OR BALE—A span ot nice young I* horses, with hugsy and harness, well orokeu, good travellers, suitable for carriage or private ftm lly. Apply at 14& West Lakt-sL FDR SALE—At a very low price, a flrst class buggy, nearly new, at PRICE'S Stable. TT'OR SALE—An openbmrgy and good J} sleigh, harness. Price 1100. Caubo seen at No. 4WO Wabasn-av, FDR SALE—A supenor Kentucky jack, fifteen bands one Inch blgb. thorough-bred, rich dark color, six yean old. and a fine breeder, will be •old cheap. WM. G.'MILLER, cheaoa, McLean Co., TT'OR SALE—Good express horse, wag- J on and harness, at 42 and 44 State-st. FDR SALE—A nice pony, 4 years old, well broken to saddle, kind ana gentle. Address P.O. Box 3300. FOR SALE—A good riding or driving horse. Bss been used la the city about 6 months; is sound tad all right. Is for sals f«r IbQ want ot use. Inquire at 38 EUodoipb-it, itealffegtatt-Citg. nrioiif. P)R SALE—To lawyers, doctors, der gjßca. bookkeeper* ud m uf—lnwsl neo-TMee rerr Sated bow*, with jnajDd “a*** ere improvement*, Noe. I*oß. Is*® •*?****,? Pralrle-av. The low w tttiSO to »Ifr to»l itey. vub good bams. Also, Hm-class house. 1330 PralrlMV*. with lot 86*130. and all modem Improvement*. AIM. new twc-corr bouse on Wabatb-av., near Twenty dghlh-et, Theabovewlll ell be sold chew Md oa good time. wiTJOTT ANTHONY. 77 Dearbsraet. F)h SALE—Twohouses and lots. |L3SO each, lam and desirable, in Senoaba. Wu. Ap plyJob;T:BKANDEiK«ortiO?la; __ £i* OK SALE—House and lot, No. 75 Jda -1 ple-st, east ot North Dearborn-st. Haase fin ed last October. inquire at 430 North Clark-st. F)B bALE—Store and lot, No. 161 South C!ark>tt.. between Madison and Monroe, 21* feet front. Inqalre of JOHN FORSYTES, 133 Baodotpb-st. F)K RAT.h.—For |tOO cash, balance m montb’y payments, new dwelling bouses, on Mad ison. Warren ana at city limits, WU. HANBBEODOH, 90 Washington et. F)R SALE—Or Rent—Houses and lots In all parts of the city, and (knot in an parts of the country. Call at onr office, if yon want to buy, rent or MIL A. J. MILLS A CO., 130 South Clark-st, Boom 7- tt'OK SALE—Bnck bouse, lost finished, JP good location. North Side, large’lot. ten rooms, Hath room, closets, modem Improvements. _ Price *15.000. For terms, apply to A. GAGE A CO., 44 La Salle-st., Boom 4. T?OR SALE—On Wahash-av., 3 houses C 1 and lots, between Eldrldge and Qsrmotrcourc*. Each lot 25 by 130. *IO,COO each. A. J. AVEBSL, Real Estate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. T?OR SALE—Two-story house on the f South Side, In a good neighborhood; lot 23 by 133; rented for *360. Price Most be sold this week. PETES BHIMP, 93 Monroe-st. ; TTOR SALE—ISS Icet on Van Buren-st, JC with buildings sear sew depot, S3LSGO. House and tot on Acams-at-. 96J00. One on LaSalle, PETEB SHIMF, 93 Monroe-Bt. F)R SALE—By Rees & Ayres, Real Estate Broker*, Office 10 Crosby’s Opera Hoase. miaeicefor £II,OOO, In the moat desirable part.of the North Side. This Is a flnt-claas brick boose, and is offered at a low figure. FOR SALE—One ol the finest marble front residences on Ulchlgan-av., complete to every respect. Lot S 3 by ISO. A. B. MEAD, Beal Es tate Agent, 151 Baadolph-et. F>R SALE—Two nice houses and lots, pleasantly situated in a good neighborhood on tha North Side. One hoa«e contains 10 rooms, tbe other 13. This Is a rare chance for persons wanting a good home cheap. Price* 9ACOO and 9L500. part on time. Inquire ot F. STONE, coiner ot Sedgwlck-st. and Lln coln-av. F)R SALE—Wabash-av., near Four teenth-.' very desirable boose, with modem lm provemeuts, on leased ground; will sell furniture. North tide residence. In good locality, three-story and basement brick, brtc< bam. Al, at tow price. Resi dences lo all parts of city. J. D. HARVEY, 78 La balie-st. F)R BALE—West Madison-st., two booses, comer of Wood, very cheap ; also, SO ft belwern Boyne and Robey; lots near Park, on Madl son, very cheap. J. D. HARVEY, 78 La3alle-9t. F)R SALE—A new two-stoiy Irame house, with a rooms, conveniently arranged and in lOffplcte orCer, lot 35x130 to 13-foot alley. Title per* feet. possession will **e (riven on or after April Ist. Terms easy and price low. Call and see It. at No. 463 We*tjack«m-«t,Ja3tßonihof Jeflerstn Park, or ap ply to owner, No. 49 np stairs, F)K SALE—On south Otorfc-EL. two good brick stores. With lotol .W. taree frame WSS J2 1 * °Vt*! ment. Terms ea»y. F)R SALE-'-i'xrgt class brickdwclling, a jTwet,tv.fourlb-e:_onWahasn-ar. <3,300. 1. wa-aFIIS, 93 Wasalngton-st. . ■pOR SALE—A two-story frame house L 1 and stable, to be moved IMs spring. Inquire of CHARLES O.E. TRUSSING, 339 and34l Sute-sL, Chicago. FOR SALE—Two-story bnck noose on Oak-sU, near the Lake. Nlceroomi. Gasflztnres gowltbthehonso—|s,3to. Basement cottags audio* onOnt4Jlo-et_ near LaSaHe-sU 10 rooms, good bare. ta£Co. H. C. MOREY A CO., Real Estate Brokers. 3 Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—Two-story and basement house No. 1296 Wabash-a Tc., 10 looms, bath room, good barn, Ac., <3.300, part cn time at 6 per cent. Two 2-story houses, very convenient, on Van Buren-st., Dear Halited-st. Several cottage* on leased lots In the West Division. Ot.e onS.locam3n-sL.nesr Adams eu 9 rooms. 81,600. H. C. MOREY A CO., Real Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block, FOR SALE—A first-class marble front boose, tbreestorlea and basement, on Wabash av- between Thirteenth and Fifteenth sts., <19.000. A. J. AVERELL, Office No. 7, Metropoli tan Block. FOR SALE—On Michigan-av. The flrsLclass marble front home, No. 223 Michigan av.. residence of the late John L.Bcrlpps. One of the best bouses on the avenue, tor sale cheap. A. J. avcQgLL, Beal Estate Office No, 7, Metropolitan Block. T?OR SALE—A splendid brick residence J; rodloton Wabash-ar., containing all the mod ern Improvements, elegantly finished, and very cheap, and on good terms. Lot 9U fret front on Calumet, near TwenQ-tblrd st.; 35 feet on Indlana-ar- near Twenty sixth 100 leet on Pralrle-ar. Cheapest lots in mar ket. Ihlrly leet on Wabash-av- cheap: 5 acre lot one halfnilewcstofthe city limits lor 13,000 If taken this week.- ARTHUR A BOYDttN, 810 State-st. FOR HALE—A very desirable new two gDry house and lot on South Halsted-at, between Madtotn and Monroe, with 10 rooms, 10 closets, calclstned and grained throughout. In perfect ord‘r, lot 251125 with good barn, thorough sewerage. Title tmanatlooable. Price <O,OOO. Immediate possession. LocaCon exceUent. WARREN & GOODRICH, 120 Deartorn-flt, Boom 2- FOR BALE—At a bargain, business DBDertr C 3 Madison, near Wells. Also, one-half intern tin a store ZZ* lot, corner of Hoisted and TweiS,aDda UyerTttblfc ?OUNG & ROWLEY. 100 Uadlson-flt. 17RUUBOTEB, FOR SALE—A fine lot on Wabash-av. between Edridge and Harmon court, 2TxiGO feet, at onl/1360 per front foot u UK»a at once. Title per fect. WARREN & GOODRICH. 123 Dearoom-st. Room 2. F)K BALE—A fine property In the Ashland Second Addition cast of Hobey-et, at pncei below the current rates. G. 8. HUBBARD, Jr„ 33 Dear bo nut. I7OR SALE—Thirteen acres on West X'- LskMt- oce-half mile beyond the limits, and a 'number of blocks suitable for subdivision in oe West Division. Also a large list of outside property, at very lew prices. U. a. HUBBARD. Jr., 33 Dear born-st. EOK bALE—Lets on Wabash and JUich ’lpm-avs, near and op corner ThirtlethiiU, {I,OOO caco. Two years hence they will brine amble tbe monty. QEOUUE ft WILLIAMS, 7 South Clara-st, FOR SALE—Valuable Business Proper ty—CSzlCO fr, corner Micugx'-av. aad Blrer-st. Zihfton MadSaco, near WellMU. with wood home. 30 f. on Washloglonsl.. near LaSalle. River lot, between ttandoloh and W*shlngtou-its. Wilt tent tie 10 per cent on price asked. Cai*l st., tear Washington, some very deeirable property. J. I). UAttVar,7S LaSaile-st. FOR ijALE—Forty ftet on West iladi sm-‘t. A corner lot la a good location. Nice cit> ten tad corner lot on Msdlson-st, near Union Park, heveml ecod residence lots on Laae-st, near citv lim its. at {(00. Each on easy terms. H. C. MOBET ft CO..Real Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. CTORSAIE —Four corner lots aid nine P Inside lot* on Harrl-on, Sangamon, P'orla and Greei streits. Verr’deslraalc re-Idecca property. Call on T.F. BALDWIN, 104 Bandolph-st. I?0H SALE—I 9 1-4 acres on Sixteenth ft* it, only IK tulles from city limits. at {3,(00, V cash, balance 1,3 and 3 years at gper cent. {I.OM casbff taken this week, as the o«nern*eds and must have the* money Immediately. WARREN ft GOOD ERICH, 126 ucarboni-st. Boom 2. Real jSstatE-iKguiittij. FOR SALE—In tne city of Waukegan, Slarge.drebrla« residences—ample ground room, good barns. wafer, and everything in floe condition lor bcauuftn homes. Fiame bouse, i ins, on Orand-av. Frame bon** at d barn on MIU-.-t. Hou’e and cue acre ol land, oi Orand-av. House and two lota, on Count-st. UUU» BW fc. U lUM, UU W4IU*B.> Two large new residences, on corner of Washington and bouse, barn acd two lots, on Genesce-st, togf th-r with a list ol nlaeteen other residences, rang ing from |6OO to 110,000. Most of the above bouses hare good cellars, wells and cl*terns, and fruit on the lots, which are 66x132 feet, and are ottered on favorable terms, and cheap. I have also a lilt of twenty-one Farms, near Wauke gan, with good Improvements, containing from 80 to 310 acres, each ranging Rom |ii to {SO per acre. A home farm ot 84jf acres. S miles from depot, with good bulidlsga, fences, orchard. Umber, {SO per acre, part cash, balance InlanaSyears. immediate possession given. Two commntation trains, morning and evening, at halt lare. „ v au^e 2 an Be* l Batata Agency o! 0.8. FOR SALE—Four eighty acre tracts of choice farming land In Eahkakee Co.; high rolling prairie, soil excellent. Situated In a well settled neighborhood, and within sercumßesol Gardner Sta tion on St. Louis Railroad; one-tour h mile from Post Office; will tell together or otherwise. Can be had cheap aod on liberal terms. B. H. KEKFOOT ft CO., No. 71 Dearbom-st. FOR SALE—Farm on Galena R. R., one mile from Bldott Station, (bur miles west of Peca tnoica. 319 acres, two booses, a fine barn, timber, liv ing water, and la one of tbe best stick farms loDllnols. Will be sold at {29 pet acre, and Is a bargain. D. K. PEARSONS. 118 Randolph-sU Chicago, EOR SALE—Or to Lease—A well im proved Arm of 830 acre?. 30 miles from city, nin take part pay In dty property. O. S. HDUOARD, Jr n 53 Dearbom-st. 1?OH SALE—I2O acres ot os good frmt A? land as there Is In tbe State. In Union Conuty, north of Jonesboro, three ml'es from station. B. & CHAMBERS, 17 Reynolds' Block. A7OR SALE—lnEvanston —Eight houses Jj and lots, well located, some of which are among tbe best In tbe city, and fbur ot them built the nast sea son. Prices WLOaUIO.OOO, {SJOO. K.OOO. Apply to C. B. BBOWNE, Real Estate Agent, Evanston, or at his office, 17 LaSalle-sk, Chi cago. T 7 OR SALE—Iowa farming lands, all i» over tbe State, In lota of 40 to 29,000 acres. Splen did chance to get a large farm for a small amount ot money- D.B. HORNE, 14 Lombard Block. ITOR SALE—At Haflcm—Lots desirably JL located lor country home*, In the Tillage, neirlbe station, and la the vicinity of first-class schools and churches; also, within a short distance of the station, beautiful building sites, on a high deration. In toll view of Chicago, and surrounded by natural groves, water excellent; also, a buddies suitable for a hotel or largeboardltghouse; al«o. farms ta Cook, Kane and Kendall Counties; also, lands In lowa. Terms liberal. Apply to JOHN H. S. QUICK, Boom 7 No. 43 Sooth uark-st. T?OK BALE—Five acres oi line garden r* land, 20 miles west of theclty; also, a good farm of 80 acres, rear the tame locality. Offered cheap. L CLAFLDL93 Wathlrgtoa-st. iflatfliwerg. TTOR SALE—Three 8-horse power up- JU right engines: also six horizontal engines, 8,16 and 13-horse power. Barger or smaller engines far* ulsbed with or wlthont hollers. 12, is, 16 and 20-horse tabular and locomotive boilers for tale, best make. Also one 1-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, iron nianm. belCnt, saws, flies, Ac. Machinery Depot, 39 Chicago. ORkKNLEB BROS. A CO. |?OR SALE—Portable engines and hoil r era, 10 to 20-hcisa power, at very low prices, by OKIFFLN BEDS.. 116 LaSalle-sL, opposite Chamber ol Commerce. TTOR SALE—Portable engines, station try and on wheels, 10 and 13-horsepower, on hand and tor sale at low prices, by THE PESHTIuO CO., North North Pier. T?OR SALE— H. M. Ames’ portable and JD stationary engines, from 4 to w-bor*e power: also, Putt am Machine Co.’s tools; two 13-teet bed St- Incb, two 10-bet bed 20 and 32-lneo, one 8-feet bed 18- Inch, cne 6-feet bid 14-lnch swing, all screw-cnttlng engine lathes; three nprt-ht drills, two Iron planers bolt cutters, saw mills, shingle mills, twoWoodwprih Elan era sod matchers, Farrar’s surfkcers, pumps. Del t ig. hose, flits, 4c., Ac. C. L. RICH A CO., 19 and 21 Dearbarn-st. T?OK SALE—Woodworth Planing and J? Matching Machines of different styles and sizes; cne2l-tachßnrtoecr;alnll aaiortment Door and Blind Machinery. Monldlne Machines, Wood Lathes, Scroll Saws, Se-sawlae Machines. Saw Arbor*, fcu.. Ac.: alio, machinery fbr iron work—Biglns Lathes. Planers, Upright Drill*, Merrtmsn’a Patent BoitCntters, Davis* Patent Bolt Headers, Bralnard 1 Patent Vl«£-all at mauofacrarora’ pncei, Mleht md ded. circulars sent on application. MERRIMAN A WRIGHT. 14 Well S-st. F)RSALB— A superior low pressure engine. SO loch cylinder and 4-feet strike. In splen did murine order, with ihafc» inches In diameter and flv-wheel 20 feet, weighing aboatl tons. This engine laof mlOclestcapacltyto drive the largest elevator, and Is particularly adapted to a mill capable of maldog 400 barrels of flour per day. We offer the above at the low price of I7AOO. For further particulars. Inquire ol DATEB. WHALING A CO.. State MU s, Chicago, or MPnBKRY. STEVENS A CO., Mllwankee, WU. TXT ANTED A second-hand Engine V V Lathe, with from 16 to 20-Inch swing ana Bto 18-foot bed, npply at 97 Klnzle-*t. F)R BALE—A second-hand Buchky folding machine—la good condiaoa. Price, t4CO. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. T7OE.SALE—One 11 foot bed, 28 inch JP swleg, one 13 foot 20 Inch swhur, three? foot bed 30 tneb swing, three 5W foot bed 11 inch swing Screw Cnittrcback geared Ecglue Lath-a, mmi* at Spring- Reid, Maas. Two Woodworth Planer and Matcher Mschlc's. One Farrar Sarfaccr. One B horse power Portable Steam Engine, One Ofoot, three9loettron PUneis, Saw Aroota.Baws, Ac., on hand In stonand for sale low by HAWK INS A JAMES, 34 Booth Well* «Baateb~&ale »elp. bmuiktiui mmnH *» Wl ANTED—A man thoroughly ron * V Tenant with tbe *baw bcataesa, to taka bold of a flnt-ctai* panorama and collection of moving figures end tableau. IbU Ua dm class eolleeUan. and only want* a good min to ran It. Will piy tbe best of sala ry. Apply at tbe German Workingmen’* Han, Twclftb-aL, near Bme DUnd-ar. "\X7 ANTED—A good steady man. Must V V bare a knowledge of tbe liquor easiness. Ap ply at 39 South Water st. TwsnicL TXTANTED —A good heavy wagon VV builder. Apply to edwin WALTER stone Merchant, on dock, comer aarrlson and Pra&klm-st. \\f ANTED —A good grainer, nnmedi- VV ataly. Apply to BeST AQOWABO.3O6 East Madlsou-st. . Iliaaitlea-J^niale tirANTED—A first-class Milliner—one V V who la thoroughly competent to take entire charge of the business In every capacity, a good rec ommendation will be required. Apply at 240 North Dearborn-i t. BOUSE BESTAHT3. TjrrANTED—A girl to attend a baby VV and do up stairs work Must be American, German or English. Apply at 593 Indiana-av. TXT ANTED—lmmediately, a good plain VV cook.of good, willing disposition; one who will go to the country anditaylrom Ist ot slay to Ist of October. Must not expect to beaoletoattend church every Sunday, as there is none within six miles. Kef- Greece required. Northwest corner Bush and superior s'.. from 8 to 5 p. hl, fbr one week. WANTED— At 437 North Labalie-st, a girl to do kitchen work; wages 94 per week. No Irish need apply. Good rtfereccc* required. Ap plications to bo made from 9 till 7 p. m. TIT ANTED—GirI, to do general house- VV work and cooking. Apply touEOSGE A WlL t.t Atls. 7 South Clark-st. "WT ANTED —Ironers, at the Dearhom- V) at. Laundry, No. 145-Pearbore-tt. TXT ANTED —A young girl to do second VV work In a smaU'fAratly. Most bring good re commendations. Apply *t4o Bosh-et. TTTANTED—In a private family, a VV young girl about 14 years ef age. to do light work ana take care ot a child. Apply at 871 Mjchi- before 1 p. m. WANTED— An experienced dining- room gtrUst >'o, i26u Wabosh-av. \A/ ANTED—A good pirl to do general VV housework in a (mail tamily. Inquire at 134 Mlcfclgan-sL, near Clark. \\J ANTED—A housekeeper, at 6GI VV Jetfertoa-at. Apply Sunday before 13 ta. iStnplogmeut agents. TXT AN TED—Young men in the conn- V V try wishing to obtain situations, such as book keepers, clerks, collectors, saltsmeo, conductors, ex oter«mer:, Ac., to apply at Boom 13 Full*rton P-.ock, 93 D*arbom-st~ or address J. U. MOORE A Box 1707. enclosing 10 cent* lor foil particulars. WANTED—9 assistant bookkeepers, 2 V V Salesmen, 1 condnctor. 3 braksmen, 1 fireman. 1 DOft?r, 2 drivers, 3 expressmen. Aoplv at Boom 13, Fullerton Block. 92 Dearborn-it. Applicants 07 mail address J. M. MOOKb & CO, Box 1707. erclotlngll) cento for reply. T\T ANTED —ICO smart, energetic, live VV men tosell oaeof theoestdomeatlcartlclftrever offered for sale. Has no competition. Every family watts fiom two to a dozen. Pr-Et very iarce. call Im mediately at 124 bouth C ark-st. Boom 9. np stairs. J. H. NASON. XJSJ ANTED—Good men m every conn- V» ty In the West to tell Johnson's Copper Light ning Hoo. Energetic men with 1100 capital can mate Irom 3300 to f3OO per month soiling this Rod. TUU Bod combines ibe conducting ot copper with the strength cf the Iron rod. itecommendsd by the leading scientific men of the United States. Send rr pamphlet and price list. E. F. HENSHAW A CO., IGOLaae-SL, Chicago. WANTED —A good second-hand ten passengcr omnibus. Narrow track prelerred. Address K O. Box 315. Oshkoss. WU. WANTED— Illinois and lowa lands. — We wish to purchase a few thousand acres of unimproved land at a low figure for cash or its eqnlva- Sent, No swamp land wanted. DICKENSON A WEB STER. 98 Wasnlngton-st. \\7 ANTED—Every one to know that VV we have an article that sells everywhere. Something new. Qmcic sates and largeprofita.* Call and ece It at 130 Sooth Clark-sL, room 7. TXT'AN TED—An interest in a wagon V r and carriage shop, situated In some thriving railroad town, by a competent wood workman of la years’experience- Woold rent or purchase, if terms fan be made easy- Address Box 63, Witherjfield, Htnxy Count}, ill. TT7ANtED—An energetic man with VV lICO to <SOO, to engage in a money making busi ness. Will bear strict Investi adon. Apply at 194 South Claik-gt.. Boom 5. from 9 a. m. to a p. m- \\f ANTED—For ready cash, a stock ot VV- goods—eithtr groceries, dry goods, hardware, bcotsand shoes, or any other merchandise, in a well established location. Must be a bargain. Address, with full particnlara, “A H,” P. O. S-x 720, Chicago. TT/"ANTED —Any one having a good VV stock of hardware In a floorlsblng location, aidwlsblnetorealtzcnpootne same at a aacrlCce, may hear of a pnrch* J er by stating fall particulars and addressing “HARDWARE." Tribune office. TXTANTED—That soldiers who have V V lost their discharges and are entitled to the ad ditional bounty, should come to WILLSON & MEBRI AM; 48 Clark-st, and apply for It. i/«7AUTf;n—Coal—Wanted, to ex- VV change two or thrwaet ol wale*ftrhardor sottCCSL Apply at 34&ad30 West np-stalre. TT/" ANTED—By a young man, a chance VV to learn blachsmltnlng. Carnage preferred. Address “BLACKSMITH," Tritint e office. TXT ANTED—Any man wantine a first- VV rate business for Peon*ylvatla, Minnesota or Illinois, give os a cal'. We can give big bargains. 128 Lake-sL A. C. DROWN & Ctf. * XXTANTED—Life Insurance— Bxpen- V? need Lire Insurance CanrassersliScrallr dealt wuh by an Fostorn Life Insurance Company, oil-ring superior Inducements to rarer ante. Gcod terms offered competent men. Address GEN’D AGENCY, P- O. Btx 900. CUlcago. TXT ANTED—A good vegetable farm, V V within Bor Smlles’of Ch’cag;*. with Irom 10 to 25 acr's, with bntldlngi. Acorctfs -G H U,” 33 W«t Madlson-st. \\J ANTED —A home for a bright, V» healthy orphan boy, seven yes- a of age. Apply lo_or address w. CASPER, 170 Wea; Madl-on-et. WANTED— Ladles who desire to have flnej'we ry neatly and care ! n:ly repaired, will p'easc call at the Jewe.ry ito. e of MORSE, ItoDOIN & HAMILTON, 186 Lake at., niirCieait comer Lake and Ciarc. \\J ANTED—Bankers, lawyers, book- V * keepers, teachers, scholars, agents, and every bodv who toes pen?, cwnctl?, i*k#, or keeps account* of any klm, to seid So cent*—retail price, or f-or for {!,— and get the most nove l , useful, entirely new aud lodis persab!e article ever yet thought of; wertoten times its c> st. I prepay ail charges, aiu* rctu d the mouev to cli,ati-fted partite. Address FULLER, 133 S:ath Clark-st. SiSlantEo==Keal Estate. U/ ANTED —50,Ct0 acres of land in yv Northern lowa, allow prlcofor cash. Apply to T. S. BAKER, 124 Bandolpb-at. V VJ&TANTED—To buy a house and lot It ca the North Side; must be nit ot Ciark-st., lot to be about 60 IceC bouse 8 to 10 rooms; or a lot without tbe house. Anyone having the above cheap win oleine address ” A B,” care cl Whsclock, Dean ft Co„ North Pier, eait ena. WANTED —To purchase Lot, and hoo*ewtih9or 10 rooms. UusSbcwen loca tea. West Side preferred between Van Boren and Fnltoo.ataprice of {3AOO or {3.800; cash payment, to |l,£oo. Address “F W D.” Tribune office. TTI7ANTED—To Rent—A small for- V» nlsbedhouse. ScnttSldeoreferrsd. Ucstbe a very nice place, and reasonable rent. RetereLces. Address “SMITH.” P. O. Box shi6. Wf ANTED—To Rent:—Two rooms ad f V Joining, unfurnished, except carpets, and board Cor three persons. In private family preferred, east of State-sk, north ol Sixteenth. References givenand re qulrsd. Address “B S F,” P. Q. 80x427. \\j ANTED—To Rent—A comfortable W house of 7to 9 rooms, on South Side, north of Twelfth and east of by a family (man and wile) without children. The wife a thorough house keeper and neat In habits. Would have uo objection to take gentleman and wife, 11 owners, as boarders. Any one baring such a bouse (without furniture preferred) will please address M R," P.O. Box 1169. Chicago, stating where a personal Interview may be had. v\/ ANTED—To Rent—On the North VV Side, east of Ciark-st. and south of Chleago-ar., a tarnished or u furnlihed room, lor a gentleman and wife,withorwlthont board. Address ”W8J,”30 Char; her cf Commerce. asaanteh-Ce ISent. WJ ANT PD —To Kent—By a prompt- W paying tenant, a small cottage, or six or reren rooms, on the Booth Side ana convenient to the Tribune office. Either furnished or unfurnished. Address M L E 6,” Tribune office. Wf ANTED—'To Rent—Famished Cot* yy tage or small house, any time before May Ist, by a gentleman and wife, without children. Must bo neatly and completely lmulshed, and terms must be low. Address, stating terms, M JL 8,” Tribune office. TI|TANTED —To Kent—On Wabash or W Mlchlsan-ay., or one of the cross streets be tween them, a ttnt-ciass boose, from Ist of May. Rent fl(0 to fuo par month. Address, lor one week, P. O. Box 770, Chicago. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A house and yV barn; house to have Bor 10 rooms. Must be on tbe North Side, east ol Clark. Any one haring t'« same will please address care of Wheeioek, Dean ft Co„ Lumbermen, North Pier. TXT ANTED — To Rent Furnished V V room, without board, new the centre ot busi ness. Ad drees “T H W,’* Tribune office. WANTED —To Rent Furnished room and board, on Booth Side, north of Twen tieth-et, tor a young gentleman and wife. Direct to Box 2559. TXT AN TED —To Rent—A small house W of eight or nine rooms, north ol Tweaty-tecond st. and east rf State-et. Rent not to exceed CitO. Ad dicts ** Y. n 763 Wabaah-av. \\l ANTED—To Bent—A cottage house VV anywhere within decent reach of street car*. Prompt payment of rent. Apply to **B Tribune ctflce. Partners ZfiKanteb. T>ARTNER—Wanted—Competent to I take charge of and run a carriage maontactnring business la a tnrivlng city on the Mississippi River. To a man who can pot In a few thousand dollars aq opportunity 1s offered to et-p into • weil-establlihod business, running 90 hands. An energetic, reliable middle-aged znao more of an object than the acnoat ot capital. Best or references given and required. Address**CAßßlAGE MANUFACTURER,” Tribune office. TJARTNER —Wanted —An enereeUc JT man, with S3OO, to take a half interest In an es ttblbhedbn'iress, paying a large profit. Apply at SPURS ft 880.*3.182 South Clark. PARTNER— Wanted—In an old and wen established real estate office. $330 win buy one half Interest. Apply to A. J. MILLS A CO., 130 aonth Room 7. PARTNER —Wanted—Silent or active, to establish a Ant-class mercantile speciality la this city, by a gentleman or thorough practical experi ence, about ttthOOOeiplta) required. Fur an Interview and (till particular* please call to-day, Saturday and Sewirg Machine R00m5,97 wash- Ington-tt. PARTNER— Wanted—In a wholesale commission store, with ILSOBtoILDOO. Maitbe temperate and willing to work. Room 2, No. 48 South Clark-* t. T>ARTNER—Wanted—ln a light manu- JT factoring wholesale business. Nose but steady, {naustricas men. need call. SiCO capital required, la- Sire of JONES. DUSDT A TAYLOR. Room 12, Mhodlsirhorcb block, Chicago. personal. "PERSONAL—-A lady thoronjhly expe- J rtenced In travelling, would I'ke J® ol aa Invalid, a family or chlldrea^ or aalwtoU to C^i llomla or to Europe, as a expenses thither. Address “ASM. Boxo-»+»cm cago. - TDERSONAL— WiII the lady who bought T oiacgeot the peanut man- Patrick Berry. wWee*o<?vrtfnd iaon thecimef of Lake and Dear- checkerboard which bepre- Nohnmbug. Call and seolt. PERSONAL— A resrectaWe la4y, Ol Moh education and refined manners, would like wjhio a houseteepei. not servant, tor a gentleman or to travel, \ddresa. with confldenen, Chicago Post Office. EKfcONAL—Parties holding copies ol a iportlsg paper Issued by Ur. Andrews tame Kean ago, or any similar sheet laiued InlhUwtv, will e well paid tor leuno by addressing'-TUV’Ttl* bnagoffleo. St««io«« aumtta. 1LB» QITUATION—Wanted, in a priv* O tanDy, by aOennanSSyears of ars.*who tube ta tbn country and esty IS tenpins, and U able to wot He understands tardutcg very well, can taka care hone*, and la willing to make hlmsetl generally tu tul; liofrefloedTDanien,po*s*isee an excellented eailon. la able to teach «» German. Greek and Lai languages; bat above an,dt*lrea to obtain an opm taalty to gain a llretibcco. No objection to go Is the country. Bert relexmceecan be famished. A dress OAI&BSLENBROS., Sorlioy. Chicago. OITDATION —W anted, by a young ma O realdatorChlca«o.ln *flrsLcla« haese. C glre best of reference*. CITDATION—Wanted —A young He n lasder, fbr tbe lait lour month* in this eoanti desires a situation. He speak*.Batfub andjn«w writes a coi d bsnd. and ta well scqnalnteoiwttb tx* keeping.* Adurws 313 West Pola-sL, up-stsln. CITHATION—Wanted, by a sin clems ns rears of age. In a wholesale cr retail dreg boa Has bad tea years experience. Is a competent p scrlptionlst, Address ‘•DRPQSIST.’* Tribune osut OITDATION—Wanted—By a yon O nan from the East, a* clerk or salesman.- Bm reftreccc* given. Address, for one wees. "CO Metropolitan Hotel. SITUATION— Wanted—By a man a his wife, without any children. In a private fai iy; the m*n a< coachman. and the wife to do gene housework. Addreas **WM." Tribune office. CITUATION—Wanted—A rcspecial O lady, who bad full charge ot one of the urge*. I teistD Detroit, would lUe to get such a situation 1 first-class hotel m this city, or any other. Atldt Mr*. **M S,” Tribune office. SITUATION— Wanted, by a Protesta girl, as child’s nnrsoa&d aeamitre*'. Has ex neace in sewing, either bv band cr machine. Beat city reference. Address-SB L.” Tribune office. SITUATION—Wanted,by a young gi Oto do up-staln work or take care of a baby. Ap ot 16% pclk-st, corner Foster. CITUATION Wanted, hy a vou O ladv. In a private family. She can cock, aid derstanCs housework well. Good reference can glrtn. call at 13 Evaas-su Wat Side. SITUATIONS —Wanted—I h*ive a lai O "opply cf girl* fbr cooks, general boasew. chamber, dining room aed pantry wore, with • reftrenct*. at MBS. B ALKAM’B Office. 130 but- agents ffiaantra. A GENTS—Wanted—Male atd lemi il to sell a new article In great demand that ei tamily wants. 94 per day made without leaving bo Travailing agents can make from C to fX per wtthPSt interference with other business. The an shows Cr Itself. Samples, with terms and parffen ot tbe business, seat fbr id cents. Address K. CHAPPELL. Drawer C33.T. Chicago. 111. AQLNTc— Wanted—To ensase in sail of “THE HISTORY OP aCP.-XHAM i tOLNANDTHi OVERtHRUW OF SLAVERY*, one vol, octavcvof T3B pages. By Hon. 1. N. Arr late Member cf Corgrcfa, and fbr over twenty yea confidential friend of Mr. Lincoln. ThU ixpot work was undertaken three yearn ago with tbe proval at Ur. Lincoln, and is jost Usued. It I ready te'llng as rapidly a* tie pubdibers bs-’e able to fill orders. Tbe Ant coition sol; in tv days. For foil dwcrptlcn, opinion* of p* and men, and term*, address tbe oub Uhers, CLAI A CO.. 80 and S 3 washlnatiin-»t.. Cblcam. A GENTa—Wanted—s2o a day. XT. teen new articles for Agents. O.T.GAI Blddetcrd. Maine. AGENTS— Wanted—500 Agents w ed in a pew business. H. B. SHAW, A 1 Maine. 4 GENTS—Wanted—Experienced t class canvas»er»."gentlemen and ladles. SHINGIONS PRAYER AT VALLEY FORI a new and magnificent- steel engraving; price. . Has peculiar whtchcauae It admired by every American, cf whatever sect or p Agents everywhere are meeting with unparalleled cess. Publisher*’ hlgce*t comn’isaloa ziren. dress, S. 8. Buvngv 7; 'J:»rk-*t-, Calcago, n;. A GENTS—Wanted—sl2s per nu XI and expenses. Address SHAW & CLARK: INC MACHINE CO„ uiddclord. Maine. AGENTjs— Wanted, everywhere, to Patent White Wire Clothes line*. Can mak to |3O per day. Address “Mctalle Cloth** Line ( 92 Scncca-st.. Cleveland, Ohio. AGENTS — tnc very r nlar b;ok “WOMEN OF TU WAR.” Bt F Moore. Avery handsome volnmf. beautifully trated, and one ot the most interesting hooks c times, ladles as well as gentlemen are having 1 sneccstiellt-gthis work. For an agency call' address R. C. TREAT. 117 South Clark-aL, Chli A GENTS —Wanted—With $5 to jCjl capital, fcr a deniable and permanent m> maklrg hu»ln#iii at home. Energetic agents cleartrom <4O to <6O ner week. No compettUon no risk. Ladles, gentlemen, clergymen teac farmers, mectanlcs—everybody having call on or address, with stamp lor papers. IL 1 VEIL, 47 Lombard Block, Chicago- A GENTS—Wanted Gentlemen XA ladies throughout the United States for new Book, “LIVES of the PRESIDENTS.” from 1 to Johnson, by J. S. C. Abbott, the great l rtan. Complete in one to* 1 ?! volume, stmerbiy trated with steel enuravlnga. among which are traits of the seventeen Presidents, battles scones. This to the only work cf the kind yet published aflords to experienced agents a rare opnorturut make money with a splendid book, and no con tlon. Exclusive terrltcryand publishers’ highest mission given. Books ready for delivery now. BOYDEK. 73 Clark-st- Chicago. IU AGENTt>— W ante d—Eenevolenc Samples sent free. Recommended by first newspapers andUadiog citizens. As absolnt.- c slty to every Intelligent man or woman, and <*- sold by any pe?son. Address. GOODSi’EED & 148Lakc-s£, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—For Folsom’s: Under Feed. Letter A. GLOBE SEWING CDINE. Price ns to < to. Machines sent on trial ATKINSON, 16-1 Randolph-sL, Ecomg. Chlcagt A GENTS—Wanted—Male and tema XjL Boslnessathoroe. No capital a Aaentocyi make <5 daUr. Address, trlib atom DEVEBEAUT.Drawer 6044, Chlcazo. UL * GENTS-* Wanted—To sell a J\. ‘work. Jite*: !«««*• Commanders,” or ” OUR BELLION." By the world reuow^f 1 htolortae, J. T. llxadlxt. The only work on the Navy non Ilsbed. Comprising popular biographies of onr 1 heroes, and a complete history of naval warfare. Its origin up to the present time. One large vol btndsomely Illustrated on iteeL No work ever ilsbed is receiving higner commendations free press. In connection with this work, Agents caa orders tor flvo of Headley's standard works oi own publications. Our terms are nowhere exce Setd fcrclrcn'ars civics particulars. Address C LiLLET, Publisher, 26 Heycolda* Block. Chicago A GENTS—Wanted—North and 801 f\ to sell flue works of art. The largest com slons ever paid. Send for circular and be conns T. J. BOLENDER <t CO., 393 South Clart-sL, cago. UL AGENTS— Wanted—For “ The Hist or the War Between the Slates—Tracing its inn. Causes and Results.” By Hon. Alexander Q. pbecs. Asa for The Life, Letters and Speeches of I Alexander IL Stephens. By Henry Cleveland. ; fornrcnlnrsandseeonrlenr.B. Address NATIOL PUBLISHING CU,IQ Lombard Black, Chicago, AGENTS— Wanted—For “ W 03IAJ WORK IN THFCtVTL WAV.*’ prenarfd n me approval of the 11. S. Sanitary. Western Sanl and Christian Ccurrlsslous. History has no p dent, poetry no parallel, to the «cora of vorrenft late civil war. An eminent Divine says; “This t Is a household treasure. a Joy and blearing to fn times. It developea a tew. social era; a new nsc ourfreeinmtut.cus, our ichools, onr churches, polplt. and car pres»; a new power In woman: i phase In Christianity IWtlf.” T.B. Arthur’s ilaea says; "Wf welcome this hook most heartily ssthe rerorc cfWoir.»'.’»wortla the War which makes approach to completeness.” Scndfhr a circular, cctafall defcrintlonof the won and terms fo sgi Address ZBIQLKR, aIcCCBoT ft CO, Los Block. Chicago, 111. AGENTS— Wanted lmmediately, every county, to sell standard salable boor which large comtnlfslons will be paid. Address * SHERWOOD, 107 Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—Now is your 1 to make your fortune to selling Hlgley’s N American Prize Stationery Packages. OolvfiU hundred, and a beautiful banting esi'd sflrerw with every thousard rrteisd. Send 33c ibr a«i package. Address HIGLEY ft CO., p. O. Box 2f Chicago, 111. AGENTS —Wanted—For the Amer Conflict, by Horace Greeley. Agents who delivered vcl. L, and desire to deliver vot.IL, mate thrlr orders immediately. GEO. AC. W. al WOOD, 105 Madlson-st.. Chicago, m. A GENTS—Wauted—To sell, by t t\ scrlptlon. a new work, now ready, TBS L CAUSE, the onlv official Southern history of the' by Edward A. Pollard, of Virginia, In one larger octavo volume of nearly SCO pages, and coital more matter than any 1,300 paged hUtorynaw lx tbe public. 7hc work la meeting with an nntn sale. Over 30,000 ordered In advance of publics! The Peoria Democrat says: “In many respects li no equal in American history. Itwuibeontneshe and read by every scholar and historian.” F.Pfl . said: M lt U In fact Doth an epic poem and « drai tbe grandest epic ever written upon the grandest dr ever acted.” No Intelligent, ritht-thmkiDgmao.w ever be bis politics, can afford to be without work.” An agent In Bock County. writes have Just received prospectus, and have already ti five subscribers.” Another: “Have called on lour sons and sold three books.” One agent's eommla Ibr nice hours* canvass was over {£o. Another soi< In two week". Ampler to in three days. Onr t arc nowhere excelled. Addrea*,at once,C. W. T.iT.l Publisher, 20 Reynolds* Block. Chicago, UL ISoarhing. "DOARDING—NeatIy burnished roo JDwlth flrst-claas board. In a private family, at; South cilnton-st. "DOABDING—A few gentlemen I_J find pleaiant rooms aod good board, at aticblcan-st., near corner Nortb state, court to buslcess. Terms moderate. T>OARDING—A few eentlemen D be accommodated with board at ISO West: roe-st. *OOARDINQ—Four eentlemen can JJ board and p’easaut rooms at 591 Slat where there are no other boarders. Terms. {( week. "D OARDING—With very desirable tr J J rooms, unfurnished, with closets, gat and class board, on Irolana-av., two doors north of T ty-thlrd-st. "DOARDING—Two pleasant fumh 13 rooms, suitable for two or three gentlemen be obtained, with board, at 302 Ohlo-sc, bet Rash and Cass. T> CARDING —An untarnished ro I* suitable tor agectleman acd lady, to rent, board, at 266 west Bandolpb-st. Rsfarenca qulred. T> CARDING—Two front rooms, t ID board, at 136 Hurou-st. Rclerezces reqa Two day boarders wanted. T> CARDING—To Rent—A large fi I) room, suitable tor a eentfeman and lady. A! single room. A few day boarders can be aceoma ted, at 80. 263 Wabasn-sv. T>OAKDING—One large room, soil JD lor two, and a single room to rent, with boa S 3 Michigan sv. T>OAKDING—A lew young gentlei JD can find good board and pleasant rooms at North Peoria-41. TDOARDING—One ortwo gentlemen JD slrons of a comfortable borne, excellent b with a line large front room. In a respectable fS UvlatfonWaba«h-av„not very tor from Peat 1 Ben references required- Addraa *• C,” Box 13*J TDOARDING—A family who wiH JD fornltnrs (nearly new) for one room ean s an excellent boarding P'ace. near Union Park, drew **T V.” Tribune olfl *e. TDOARDING— Rooms to rent— ol ID front room—with or without board, at No. Forth Clark-at. TDOARDING—PIeasant rooms lor la O and gentlemen; also, a few day boarders. Si East Waahlcgloc-et. TDOARDING—Three or lour gentle JD can be accommodated with pod beard 1 pleasant front room, at 110 State-sc;also,aftt boarders desired. TJOARDLNQ—Fire or sir gentlei 1 s can be acconuDcdstsd with board atd plo rooms at 40 Md 42 Frarkha-sC, between Lake Rardolph. Alto. day boarder*. TDOARDING —Comfortable rooms l> eood board at moderate prices (lodgers or at 118 State-at- one block from Port O HoarJ ZlZEauttß. T>CARD —By a small family for ID summer, commencing about Ist cf April, at point cn the Chicago A Milwaukee Railroad, not E Waukevar, or on IhS Galea* Road at Elgin 01 side. Would take a famished bouse. Satis (hi reference given. Address Chicago P. O. Box 64f T> CARD—By two young men in a ID rate totally on the Sonth side, and nort Twelfth (t.; where there are tow or no other boar preferred, and where the comforts cf a home nu obtained cn reasonable terms. References cxcha* Addmi ** Z.” Tribune offles. Dost anb .jfomts. LOhT— On Sunday afternoon. Mart o* a largo gold plo, held aaen >vncr,a< It was left by a dead mother. The: will be baediomely rewarded by leaving It at Ilitnols-at. Strata awe Stolen. C TRATED—Or blolen—slo Rewai O Onthe3Sih of February- ■ large red anl . Cow. with large born*, aboot 11 years old, and some 10 quarts cf milk par day. The above k will be paid tor her return t 9 486 West ISAAC a. SOLD BN,