Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 10, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 10, 1867 Page 1
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jPJI BMft latest News by Ocean Tele graph. Combing Action of the European Governments in the Interest. 0 f the Christians in Turkey, Another Sub-Marine Cable Con tracted for by Mr. Field. FROM WASHINGTON. Bill Fussed in the Senate to Ap propriate $1,000,000 In Aid of the Southern Destitute. The Alexandria Rebels Anxious for » Compromise. Details of the Reconstruction Meas ure Passed by the Virginia Legislature. Hon. George C. Bates, of Illinois, KomimUed as Governor of Idaho. Conditions Attached to the Bill Tor the Construction of Itock Island Bridge. FROM EUROPE* DY OCEAN ThhBGBiPII, >'LW St'UMAUINB CARLE, London, March 0. Cyrus W, Field has consummated the pur pose on which cbicllv he camo hither a few weeks ago, by contracting lor a submarine cable from Placentia, New Foundlund, to Sydney, Cniar Breton. rt’NCUAL or " AKTEMAS WARP." London, March U—Evening. The funeral of “Artemis Ward," Charles F. Browne, took place to-day. The remains were burled In Kcnsal Green, and were fol lowed to the grave by u great number of Wends and The United States Legation was represented by Benjamin Mo ran, first Secretary to minister Adams. MOVEMENT IN MPIIM-F Of Tilt CUIUSTIANs IN TURKEY London* March B—Evening. It is slated that the leading Powers of Europe Lave united In urging uuou tho Ot toman Government the immediate enforce* incut of the provisions of the treaty of IS-W, and the granting of liberal concessions to Christian subjects. MEOROAMZATION OP THE BRITISH CABINET. London, March fi— p. tn. The reorganization of the Derby Govern ment Las been completed. The Duke of Marlborough becomes Lord President of the Privy Council in place ol" the Duke of Buck ingham, appointed Colonial Secretary, and the Duke of Richmond will take the Chair at the head of the Board of Trade. STEAMER ARRIVALS. Queenstown, Mirch 9. Steamships City of Washington and Chica go, from New York, touched here to-day. Latest Foreign markets. financial. Londos. Friday evening. Consols, «Q«; 5-20 e. «J?i; lOlnois Central ITJi; Erie, 10, Losoos. March 9—Noon. Console, 902**; United Stales 6 20s, 71!-; Illinois Central, 77 2&; Eric.S6JS- Londos, March 9—Evening. Conrola closed nnthanscdttOOJi; United states 5-208,7-U»; Illinois Central, 4* js: Enc,3Q!t. FnaNcrour, March 9—Evening. United States llooaa closed at 773*. COXSCUCIAL. JavniPOOL, Friday evening. Cottoe tlofts easier, Brcadstnlls steady. Corn, S7f Cd for mixed Western. Provisions steady and pncesflrm. heavy,with a downward ten dency; mlddlit; uplands, iS’-Jd. Orleans, 13’jfl. Breadstuff's quiet. Oats, 3i 21. American provisions dm. Lard 50s 0J Slanctcstcr advices aro nnlavorahlc, dull end heavy. LirsurooL, March It—Erenimr. The market lor cotiuu couticncs dull and quo tations show a lurlfccr derlnio ; juiiWlin; nplands closed! t Ud,m Orleans KtKd. sale* foot op to-day TOCO bales. The market lor brcadelnsa closes easier. Pork prime cl’v mess Tss Cd per 20d lbs. Amer ican Lard SPa Od per ICO lbs. Kotin Common Wilmington Oi Cd per 109. Ashes, 5Sj Cd for pots. spirits turpentine 37s Cd per Iflfl. Petro'cam is 'd rcrcallon, re fined »t.d Canada white. Whale oil 3ds per t£3 cations for Iceland. FROM WASHINGTON. (SpecLl Despatch to the Chicago TnboncJ Wasimnotom. March It. ft AFPRonttATioK rou the nni.inv or sot-ru- EUX DESTITUTE* General Howard had an interview with the Judiciary Committee of the Senate to-day in regard to bts recommendations for relief for the Buffering people of the South, and subsequently Judge Trumbull reported a Joint resolution from (hut committee appro* priatiug one million of dollars to enable the Secretary of War to supply food to the needy in that section. The debate ilwreou occu- pled about two hours—tcverjl Senators ex- pressed great reluctance t«» voting for It on the ground that it was not within the prov ince of Congress, but U finally passed with out ft division. General Howard estimates the number of whites who will need food from some souicc before the next crops arc made at thirty-two thousand six hundred and sixty-two ; and the negroes twenty.fonr thousand two hundred and thirty-eight. HOUSE committees. As the Senate secmsdlslucliu.ii to agree to the House resolution for a speedy udjqnrii xnsnl, Mr. Colfax will probably on Monday announce ench comnnltecs as arc necessary for the Immediate work of the Uou»c. A CAUCUS AND A KNOCK-DOWN, A caucus of the Conservative members of -the Maryland Legislature was held last even- Jng to make a nomination fur the United States Senatorship. They ses sion tilt midnight and had eight ballots with out making a nomination. During the even* Ing one member charged another with at tempting bribery, whereupon u melee en sued, In which the former waa knocked ilfcWU. VtttOtKlA lIBCOSSrUUCTION MBASt'tlE. The bill which h»» been passed by the Senate of Virginia by a vole of -I tnO, call ing's State Convention to lorm a Conullu lion under the act ol Congress to piovldc a more efficient government lor the rebel Slates, provides that tbo Governor shall, on or be foie the tenth of April, appoint three Commissioners in each county, ward, or corporation, who shall on tho lln»t Thurs day In May next open the polls at all places, for voting Id the Commonwealth, for the purpose of electing delegated to meet in Con vention, lu the city of Richmond, on the third Monday In May next, t * fom a Con stitution of government In conformity with said act ot Congress The number of delegates to said Convention shall he the same as the number of mcmlMirs allowed by law for the House of Delegates, and shall be apportioned among the counties, cities and towns of the Commonwealth as said mem bers of thcHouee ofDclcgatcs arc apportion cd- All persons shall be entitled to vote In sard election who ore qualified to vole by the act of Congress aforesaid, and raid election shall, in all respects, he conducted in the mode now prescribed by law. The Conven tion thall he judge of Its own privdeges and election. Immediately upon the pas sage of this act, the Governor shall issue a proclamation giving notice of the time of holding the election and ofthe meeting of the Convention herein provided for. No person shall act as an Officer of elec tion under this act, unless be Is qualified to vote for delegates to said Convention under said act ot Congress. The Constitution framed by the Convention shall be submitted for ratification and approval, us provided by the act of Congress af)rofa.d. ai’I’BOI’BIATIONS FOB AESEXALS. The act maklne appropriation* for the sup port of the at my for the current fiscal year, as passed and approved, provides sums foi ■various arsenals as follows: R-k-'k Inland, six hundred and tlghty-slx thoasaud live hundred dollars; Allegheny, thirty-tour thousand ; Columbus, one bundled and thirty-nine thousand six hundred and tweuty-five ; In dlanapulis, one hundred and eisly-nincthoii hand six hundred and twenty-five; Salat Louis, sixty-five thousand; Leavenworth, fifteen thousand. HOCK ISLAND BBIDOB. It also appropriates tor the erection of a bridge at Rock Island, Hi., as recommended by the Chief of Ordnance, two hundred thousand dollars, provided that the owner ship of said bridge shall be and remain in the United States and Rock Island, and the Pacific Railroad Company shall have the right of way over said bridge ibr all purposes of transit across the Island and rifer, upon condition (bat said company shall, hclorc any money U ex pended by tbc Government, auroo to pay, and shall secure to the United States, first, half the cost of said bridge, and, s;cmd, half the expenses of keeping said bridge in repair, and upon guaranteeing said condi tions to the satisfaction of the Secretary of War, by contract or otherwise, said com pany shall have free use of said bridge for the purposes of transit, bnt without any claim to the ownership thereof. TWO XIATOBS IOU ALEXANDBIA. BotU.of the gentlemen voted for as Mayor ol Alexandria, at the election ln«t week, have been sworn luto office. Tucker wasclccted, if the negro vote Is counted, and Latham, If that is thrown out. The case will go into the com ts and bring a decision as to the scope of the new Reconstruction Low, unless Congress sets the election astde- TUC INDIAN BUREAU CONTBOVEUST. Senator Harlan’s defence, this afternoon, of the management of Indian alTUra by the Interior Department, was very vigorous, and his denunciation of the military policy la dealing with the question very severe. He charged ten times as much fraud upon the army olllccrs os upon the ludlau agents, and declared that the army and settlers on the herder desired tbc extermination of the In dian race. CONTUACT3 FOB ARMY SUPPLIES. The contracts for transportation of army supplies during the present year, across the I’lalns, were awarded by tbc Quaitcrmastcr’s Department, to-day, to tbc following par ties: Routes No. 1 and 2, to A- J. Hill, of Denver, Colorado; route No. 3, to Alltcucll iV: Craig, ofNew Mexico, and route No. 4 to C. A - Uuflcc, of Minnesota. (iOVLUNOU OF IDAHO. Hen. George C. Bates, of Illinois, was to day uomluaUd by the President as Governor of Idaho. THE NEW COI’YRIOIIT LAW. The new law relating to copyrights pro vides that every proprietor of book, phatn phlct, map, chart, musical composition, pilot, cngratlng or photograph for which a copyright shall have been secured, shall de liver to Uto library of Congress, at Washing ton, u printed copy of every such book, pamphlet, map, chart, musical composition, prim, engraving or photograph within one month alter the publication, or be subject to a poi oily of twenty-five dollars, to bo col*. IccUd by the Librarian ol Congtess. NOMINATIONS. Tb*'l’rr-uknt rent to the Senate this of terno-. n about <me hundred and fifty nomi nations Among those for Indiana were the following Postmasters: Bailey, for Plymouth; MurxUy, fur LsPorte, and Keuch, for Valpa raiso. The only ones for Missouri wore Ru fus Tampion, Pension Agent, Macon, and (tcoruc B. Kellogg, District Attorney for the Rosie: ti District. NOMINATIONS. Tho nomination of John Quincy Adams, sonol Minister Adams, as Naval Officer at the port of Boston, has Just come to tho Senate. Mr. Ancona, member of Congress, has been nominated os Naval Officer for the port of Philadelphia. cowan’s chances. vv 1* n.. a vuA.ll. aa ■ The NewTork TVftnue’s special says: “Tho President yesterday returned to the Senate the name of Mr. Cowan for Minister to Aus tria. It was not rejected by tbo last Senate, but laid on the table. Ills friends assert be can be confirmed. TlifcAStfnV DISBURSEMENTS. Washington. March 9. —Disbursements for the week : War Department. $4,4-15,22:} ; Navy, §5fiy,2»57; Interior, $1,05(5,123. INTERNAL REVENUE RECEIPTS. Week’s receipts cf Internal Revenue, $4.101,<525.C0. Total since July first, $205,£72,501 .‘-15. VIRGINIA AND TOE RECONSTRUCTION ACT.’ New York. March 0. Tbo Now York Timm Washington special says: “A delegation of prominent Virginians arc In Washington for an Interview with President and the Attorney General, and to obtain from the latter a decision authorizing the military commandants to appoint the jndgts of election of delegates to the conven tions provided forundcr the Reconstruction B.U Judge Ould, who denounced in the Vir ulula Sratc Senate the proposition to call a Convention, and all Us supporters as ‘ trait ors to the South.’ Is one of the delegation, the proposition having passed both bouses notwithstanding his opposition. This dele gation seek to get control of the appoint ment of the judges of the election, so as to influence the choice of officers. Senator Wil- son’s bill now before the Senate will proba blv pass at one**, aud thus settle the ques. limi as to who shall control the prelimlaarr elections. DEFENCE OF JEFF. DAVIS. l/4«i ' •-'* Tlie Mississippi Leffifilaturc has appropri altd $20,000,10 be expended In Ibc defence of Jell*. Uflvis. THE SIA.UTI.ANn SENATORS!!!!* A. D. Jones, formerly Reprcicnutive In Congress,will probably be elected as Senator from Maryland. LENGIII OP TIIC PRESENT SESSION OF CON- GUESS. WASiinfoTON. Match •!!.—lt appears can celled to-day that the scwlon'or Congress will continue for several week?, hut with the undcratacJluK that no uow fituxuoUl urea agreed upon. THE ALEXANDRIANS COME TO TERM-*. OCiciaia at Alexandria, Ya., &ay they arc* rcadvmr another election, with negrj suf- Jraet-, to-morrow, it'Congress will let them remain with Virginia. THE FIXtR Or FRIDAY Povr dead bodies have thus far taken in-iu the ruins cl* the uro ofluat uUbt, In eluding; V. Emmerich, the restaurant keeper. Vt'PLIG LAN!* SALES. The CVitmlsrioncr General of the Land Office las received returns exhibiting the dispoNil of Hi.bUi acres of public lauds in the mouth oi February ul the following cili ces ; Nebraska City. tf.VA) acres; St. Peters, Minresots, 4,013 acres; Humboldt, Kansas. ■I.2W notes. A large portion of the Una was taken under the Homestead Law for actual settlement ami cultivation. The re mainder was sold fur cash and located with Agrlcnlnrai College scrip and military war rants. The cash sales amounted to $3.51*9. The Commissioner transmitted to the Gov- eruorof lowa Talent No. o, cmbraclnxl.vio acres of swamp lands la the late Chariton district inuring to the State under a grant .of September ilSih, ISSO. onsnitAi, rrLi.nnroy. (.'(ncrnl Fnlleiton, now Postmaster at St. L<<uis, who has been dodging the flub|xc nus of the Judiciary Committee In the tin- T*eae]imcut matter lor about a month, Is to be brought to VV'ashmgtoa by an o:ll«r. COXnitMATIONS AND IIEJECTIONS. The Senate iu Executive session confirmed Wiliam M. Swuyne, Collector of Internal Revenue for the Seventh District of Penn s>Jv«nia: John Wytork, District Attorney fur the Eastern District ol Arkansas; and rejected William Price, Surveyor of Customs, Qniuey, Illinois. ONGKESSIONAti PROCEEDINGS, Washington, March 9. SENATE. The Chair submitted the annual report of Hie National Academy of Science. Deferred to Committee on Printing, with a mo tion to prlul 1,000 extra copies. On motion of Mr. CONNK3S, the docu ment b on file In relation to reciprocity be tween the United Slates and the Hawaiian Irinnds were referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Mr. HtNDKRSON. from the Committee on Indian Affairs, called np the House blit for the appropriation of $20,000 to pay the expenses of Indian Commissioners. .dr. »VJI>ON presented a petition of the citizens of Alexandria to delay notion on the bill .annulling the elections In Alexandria until the citizens had an opportunity to be beard on tbv subject. Mr. WIJ.SON aald, since offorlntj tbo resolution referred to. be bad been trailed u|tuii by a delegation from Alexandria. who moured bim that they did not believe the lute ael ot Congress applied to their late election, bb no District Commander had been appointed, and in the May clectlou they should receive the votcaof negroes un der tbo Military Law. Mr. JOHNSON* said the people of Alexan dria bad consulted several eminent proves iiotia 1 men, who bad told them that the colored people of Alexandria were not en titled to vote at the late election, under the Military mil. Mr.'fßUMßCLLreported a Joint resolu tion appropriating $1,000,W0 lor the rebel of the destitute people of the Southwest. of any and all classes, to beexpended underlhc niiiM rlntcndonce or the CommMmmr of the Kreedmen’a Bureau, in Bupplles of food. Mr. Trumbull sold (icncnil Howard had called on the Judiciary Committee this mornltur uml testified that unless something of the kind was done there would be actual statva t on among the disloyal portion ot the Soul h. Fortner appropriations have been autlleicut to provide ter tbo actual wants of Hie freed nien uml lovol refugees, but under the reso lotions passing them no money could Lr swat In relieving the destitute ofthe dls. lovol Stales. It wus now asked to extend Hie aid to all alike. The recommendation of the Committee was $555,07S less than that Oi-ked for by General Howard. After diacus sion by Messrs. STEWART and POMEROV Ic. tavor of the resolutions, Mr. SPRAGLE moved to amend by increasing the appropr.- a - inn to $1,500,000. Mr. DOOLITTLE advocated the amend ment. , Af<or further diseussloA/thc amendment wup dbagiced to. In the'.course of debate Mr. STEWART assailed the management of Indian Adairs, and Mr. HARLAN' denied that there was any more corraptioo in the Indian than any oth er department of Government. After a lonu debate the resolution passed. Mr. CAMERON introduced a resolution In structing the Comimtttfc on Foreign Rela tions to Inquire what steps were necessary to proven foreign Governments from Intro dnelD" upon this Continent Institutions and iroTt rniiicnts contrary to thisc established bv the founders of this Republic. Referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. Executive session; and «oon after ad journed. Sot in session HOUSE. II! Oil DfcSMOIXES. Public officer* for a aJurderer-Mlsbw.y Kobbcry. isptui Despatch 10 me COlcac^TribMC.) 1 * Des iloxx**, Marcos- Mr. Wells was to-day appointed Sapcrlm tendent of the Conuuon Schools, to fill «e vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Oran Faville. Uc look the oath of office to day, and entered upon the discharge of his du^ S ; cos, of lowa City, has been appoint- VOL. XX. of the Deaf and Dumb Asylum, rfcvßrant, resigned.- A requisition was Issued to-day by Gover nor Stone, on the Provisional Governor of Texas, for the person of A. IL Marsh, who killed King In this city six years ago. Another highway robbery was committed near this city ibis afternoon. A boy named Uarvev Miller was stopped by two men, and robbed of all the money ho bad, which was o small sum. Two persons, supposed to be the robbers, have been arrested. THE STATE LEGISLATUEES. WISCONSIN. (Special Despatch to tbc Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wla., March 9. The Senate to-day refused to agree to the Assembly Joint Resolution for final adjourn jnent ou the 25th of March. Bills were introduced to extend the time for the completion of the Fox aud Wiscon sin River Improvement two years longer, and providing that the funds held by the Slate Treasurer applicable to said Improve meut bo expended under the supervision of the Governor; also amending chapter 190, laws ofltiUO, relating to commencing actions for the recovery of real proiwßiy j'also re pealing the law of last suasion which vests the title of unredeemed lands in counties. A bill vu passed requiring the Superin tendent of Public Property and Managers ol State Institutions to purchase furniture, boots, shoes, itc., of tbc State Prison Com missioner. The Assembly, last evening, was mostly occupied with filibustering Itnjar (be call nf the llon*e, ordered mainly to bring back tbc members who went to Gough’s lecture with out leave. A bill uns parted regulating thc/llshursc ment of appropriations to State Institu tions. To-day, In the Assembly, they expunged from their journal of lust evening the record relating to proceedings under the call of the House. A resolution was adopted looking to pro tection to employes on railroads against ac cidents caused by low bridges and getting otT the deck of curs. A few local bills were introduced; also to regulate marriages; also relating to taking ; nleo regulating hour# of labor. The Juau£f* Committee reported In favor of the claim 01“ Booth, which Is about SS.7UU, aud introduced a bill appropriating to Mr. Bo??h lb<> amount ol bis claim. This wonderful astonishing, learned auJ legal conclusion of the Judiciary Committee In favor of Hoot b’s claim, has led many, both Ucm«*cratft and Republicans, to make tin; assertion that II w ould be quite os just to make the Southern States pay the rebel debt, or even make the States pay It. The bill will pats, 'ho a horn.” Both bouses adjourned to Monday even- nitHIUAN [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l Lansing, Mich., March 0. A decided advance was made in railroad legislation to-day. All pending hills In the Senate was disposed of In Committee of tho Whole, and will pass on Monday. Tbo Senate Committees reported in favor of tbo passage of bills changing tbo name of the township of Lafayette to Paw Paw, and of revising tuc charter of the city of Niles. The House passed some fifteen railroad bills which had previously passed the Sen ate. Some of these hills received slxlv-six volts In a thin House. It requires sixty seven to pass them over a veto. This strong ly Indicates their final passage despite the objections ol the Governor. TKNNKNSEE. Nashville, Match o.—The Legislature adjourned on Monday. Nashville is authorized to subscribe $500,000 stock in the Henderson Railroad. There was much opposition on the part of property holders. The bridge over the Tennessee, at Bridge port, is BtlJi under water, hut Is considered safe. VIRGINIA* Richmond, March 9.—Tn the House to day, tbo Senate bill for a Convention was re ported, and un amendment protesting against the constitutionality ol the Sherman bin. f 11031 ST. LOUIS. Quarrel between Uxe mayor and Police rvimuiNiooen-Feolau Excitement— llakirond ill alien. [Special Despatch to tbc Chicago Tribune.! St. X.oct9, March 9. The quarrel between tlie Mayor and Police Commissioners bos culminated In a publica tion of a serlts of charges by tb*» ar«yor against me integrity of tbe Commissioners. *1 hvv arc charged with immorality and other (ilkiiccb,while in turn they charge the Mayor with lalscliood and malice. Thu Irish population arc much excited gtui the ncus fiom Ireland, and propose Uolclng a grand moss meeting next Monday evening to raise lands for those struggling. It is stated that a largo quantity of muskets lately in St. Louis are now in Ireland, ready to go iiuo Ihe hands ol the insurgents. Iho proposition of the principal owners of the Union Pocille Railroad Company to pur chase the Missouri Tactile Railroad is favora bly received by the community, hut is pre sented too late for the present session of tbc Legislature. The proposition embraces the payment of cash to St. Louis city and coun ty for her stock, and payment of four mil nous to the Slate for her interest and expen diture, and one and a half millions of dollars in improvement of the road and rolling stock. XIOIIT. FROfl. BLOOMINGTON. Attempted Sutelds-Tlie Victim Likely fSpcdal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Bloomiaoton, Illinois, March 9. A man, who calls himself Robert Dwyer, went to the drug store of J. FJggall «fc Co., lu this city, about seven o’clock this evening, and called lor an ounce of the tincture of oidutn. It was put into a bottle, properly labelled, and handed to the man, who drank down the entire draught before any one pres* cut could interfere. AutidotcsJwcre adminis tered at once, and the man is now under the treatment of Dr. Wra. Hill, who la of the opinion that the effects of the poison can bo counteracted. The man says he has no family or friends in this port of the country, and Is out of money and employment, which he al leges us the cause of his attempt to take his own life. IKOJI CINCINNATI. Ibe Prolan*—An Aged RcTolntlonarr Widow—Kxpulßloo or Durnljr Stu dent*—A Hold Against Thlovea mud Gambler*. Cincinnati, March o.—The Fenians of this city are preparing fbr a grand military pa rade on St. Patrick’s Day. They expect to have a lull regiment under arms. The Pension officer here, yesterday, paid the claim of the widow of a Revolutionary soldier. Her name Is Mrs. Nancy Cooley, and she Is 105 years old. Sotno students at the Athens, Ohio, L Di versify attempted, last night, to snake the Knculiv out of their quarters—a prank that mulled In the expulsion of tlvo hitherto blnniclesb'students. .. .... The Vigilance Committee at Mansfield arc still engaged In the work of hunting black legs amf thieves from the place. Fifteen lumo have been escorted to the cars, and many moio have departed without walling ibrtlic attentions of the Regulatory The streets are patrolled nightly, and the depots watched to prevent the return of any ot thoic CXJHIIICd. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST* The New Naval Officer at Ran Francisco •••Adjournment or ibn Nevada Leals* Inum—xsoiitxml Compliment from nut Lieutenant Governor* San Piianuioco, March It.—A. J. Bryant, the newly appointed Naval Officer of this port, illumed his duties to-day. . A (espatch from Car&on of the Blh says the NeViulaLvglsUturo adjourned tint tilt at mid night. The Lieutenant-Governor, bclbro it adjourned, suld tbc Legislature brought no credit upon themselves or the Slate. No Revenue Dill hadlpataed. The Stale was with out lands, and tnat evening had been refused credit fora hundred pounds of tlourfortbc Stale prison. Within twenty days they would turn the priet-uera loose to sock a living for theun-elves.' The closing scenes wcic dis graceful. FROM Miapins, Sinking of a Mranicr—One Paweneer Drevn ned—Total Lom of Teasel and Cargo. . Memphis, March lh—The steamer Cler mont struck a snog last night at half-past un o'clock, and sunk, sixty miles below tho city. Her cargo consisted of two hundred bales ol cotton. The boat and cargo was a total loss. The boat sunk in twenty minutes In twenty-six feel of water, which covered her chimneys and hollers when she fell over. One passenger was lost. The crew and passengers were rescued in small boats. She was valued at $15,000, owned by Cap tains Williams and Smith, and Insured in tie Cincinnati offices for SO,OOO. FBOM SEtT TOKK. Suiting ol Commlmloncrs to the Part* KxpoAltlOQ—Burning <if a Steamer. N*lw York, Match o.—Samuel B. Buggies, United Stales CommUeioncr, and . Lawrexu c .'inlth. of Kentucky, Cimmlsaloncr to the Bails Kxpo.ition. sailed to-day. The old aeamo ml Glps-y, In Government c >-i>loy during the war as the “loUs,”was burned at Jcr«cy City this morning. Ue*olia ol tbe Klav aebnastta Liquor Boston, March o.—lt U estimated that alnco the State constables commenced liquor seizures! they have secured 76 000 gallons, estimated to he worth $2.50 per gallon. Of this amount, only 1,500 gallons wore ale. About ‘4,000 gallons have been destroyed. THE IRISH REBElllOil Further Particulars-Progress and Extent of the Uprising. Fears of an Attack on the Town of Tipperary. The inhabitants of the Town Inclined to Aid the Insurgents. Fenian Patrols Scouring the Country for Plunder, Indiscriminate Impressment for It Is reported from Ireland to day that tranquility Is restored throughout the Pro vince of Leinster, and there has been no recent disturbance in the county of Kerry, the scene of the abortive outbreak oi lust month. A dc&pftlch from Waterford stries that the Gaily Mountains, on the borders of Tippe rary, arc swarming with FemalU, and U Is feared that an attack will be made on the town of Tipperary, the Inhabitants of which arc disaffected and strongly disposed to help them. London, March 9—p. m. The ofllclul despatches received from Ire land say that loads of arms have been dis covered and seized by tho military, and that this fact seems to confirm the report that the rising of the Irish has failed to bo general. London, March o—Evening. Despatches from Dublin state that small bands of Fenians are 'patrolling the counties of Cork, Waterford, Tipperary and Limerick, pressing people Into ibe ranks, and committ ing robberies everywhere. Taverns lu the city of Cork have to be closed every evening at dusk. Stephens Is still In Paris. Dublin. March o—Evening. A dispatch from Waterford ruporU the Fe nians have appeared in force at Devil's Bit Mountain, Tipperary County. Troops with artillery have been sent to dislodge them. The result Is yet unknown. Tho Insurgents muster la strong force,par ticularly in Tipperary County. No bands have as yet appeared lu the county Wicklow, and the town of Wicklow is quicc. Reports from Drogheda say that there Is no further disturbance there up to this hour. Twelve of the foremost of the rebel lead ers have b< cn captured and arc held at the police barracks at Killed In the couuly of Kildare. Full and InK-rcMlng Details oftlic Early Uprising—Cttlliotie prelates Discoun* teoancs Hie Outbreak—Scenes In Court on the Sentenced Fenian Leader*. 11 Is more than probable that among the Fenians *ho have been recently operating about Klllarney there are a few experts—as tar as tapping the wires go. In Lbe late war In America, Forrest, Stuart-and Morgan pained ranch popularity m cortcqucncc of the manner In which the; tapped the wires,and ihci eby conveyed Important Federal news to the Son them authorities. One or two tncle of ibis kind have just been enacted In Ireland, and it ts stated that the Fenians, had mere really been any serious assemblage, could have tapped every wire from Fairhead to Valentia. (Fertnoy (February 16) Correspondence of Bablm -Fpwmaa,' , . . , ]*rotn • report which reached here yesterday that the telegraph wires between this and Lime rick were cut lu »wo places, near Glaaworth, the constabulary, under the command of Chief Cot* stable Budge, oi Mltcbclstown, went to inquire Into lbe mailer, and found such to be tbc fact, 1 bo w ires were severed, and from the appearance they picscnied must have been done by a atone orsotnc other blunt instrument. A magisterial inquiry is to he herd here to-morrow relative to (be circumstances. f From tbc London Post, February 18.1 Id consequence ol information received on Sat* unlay night, tbc precise nature of which is not known to the general public, the moat active and complete measures were taken by tbc commander of tbc garrison and other authorities, and were continued during yesterday, to meet any attempt* cd Fenian outbreak which It was strongly rumor* eo was to take place, and the programme of which Map slated to include the seizure of arms and am munition at the drill establishment of the Black* hratb and other local volunteer corps. 0 his to be presumed Mat eontUirrabte Import* cree was attached to the rumor, a* s detachment of total aiUllery and the military train coroa were despatched to Blackheath on Saturday night, and were engaged yesterday in the removal of arms. Ac., belonging to the voluukvrs. to the repository at the Boytl Artillery lUt racks; and the available treopa in garrison, both royal artillery and royal marine flight Infantry, were kept In reserve in barracks, to be available If required. Thu same was aLo the case with regard to the royal arsenal and deck-jaid police force. As might bo expect* ed. tbe stnogestrumorp were afloat during yes* (eidav. none of which were realized. (Boldin Correspondence New York llerald.] Bunux, February 20,1967. The Fenian rising, which created a perfect storm of excitement for a few days, has collapsed. It sprung up when least expected, and his as quick* ly crumbled into airy nothing. A few of the followers of O’Connor are still hid* Inc In the caves ut the Elilarnrr mountains, but tbc great body have succeeded In crossing lbe mountains, getting tnlo tbo district of the Black Valley, aid thence dispersing toward* Cahtret vitc and Dingle. Bands of military, numbering front liu to StO, wander dally over the hills In ecaicb of the remaining ingftlves. Magistrates accompany the oDicers and endeavor to extract in* foimiitioD, but with little result, the people not being willing to give It. Notwith standing all these exertions, they have not succeeded in making a single capture. There Is little reason to doubt that the Feoiaus have been supplied with food by some of the inhabitants of Klilarncy, and thus enabled to bo concealed tu , the cavos ano woods of the lake district. Those who have visited Kllianiey will remember that there could scarcely be found a locality cutting I greater taciliUcs for concealment. roomie* (contain, now celebrated as tbc stronghold of the first Fenian forte, rises from the border oi the , lower lake and ascends almost perpendicularly to a height of MfO feet. The side widen overhangs the lake Is thickly covered wiiharbnlii*. holly and variegated shrubs, completely concealing cumci* oa> Atm, which an onljr he cached liy pirUai thoroughly acquainted with the mountain. OVonnor. with some hundreds ol bis followers, must have crossed‘Ms mountain, guided by per sons conversant with its paths. Ills saldtbal some oi the leaders ol the move ment have managed to get oat of the'"! - together by means of a sma.l schooner, watch baa been lying eft the coast for some days. Three gunl*oats are now stationed “» Benraare Biter, two war frigate* are croi tog round coast, and light boat*, retrying a few guna each, keep watch between Baiitry and matfe. Gructal lloefbrd hi* declared bis Intention to crashoul the movement if possible, lot, under hi* command ha* beau ,n , c, *f*s (1 nf squadron of lancers and somc iroon* or the Fourteenth infantry,making• total ofclose two thousand mm. In addition to the local police force, now available to pour on auy district where disaffection may show Itself. , 1h ..-, VUvhuudred toldler? occupy the holol in Klllarccy. Tlicy tio down dreasmi. knapsack unuertheir hearts, arms plied •lung, ready to move at bugle call. Other cum le* are billeted In roanalona convenient to the inouniaioa, to b« ready for exploring at daybrota. Tlej are slio dUlHbntca to K«nmart\Klllo*gl'n, Cabkctveeu, Snettn, and districts where them* gltlvta might bo received. .... . the great body ol the troops are concentrated at Mallow, a town about twenty mUc* I 1 communicates by one of the arterl-i t*']"*!* of the tommy with Dublin and tee Ctutaghcamp, and branch tinea lead from It to the ex-reme south, and tbo southwestern and southeastern U WUb\n an hour hundr;da of troops con veyed to any of these points* and reinforcements iap.l«S"irom VvbU Ihu. It “V.J’f that anf fallher tKcmal to •tlmnlaMaUncCMW ce checked immediately. A aort of cuerliu war Sremlgbl be kept up In the moantaln districts, but.cutofffrom supplies by land and sea, that w ould soon spend out its , fQT Tbero la little reason to doubt that but ror me MPir lolormauon and prompt action of the Gov • loyalty, j f of O'Connor, which were pletcly ovstrojed during the V of Un- M i’oar.ndT.d h i.^ to Uccovcr. Lair. the Bebol Army. BY OCEAN TBLBr.It.IPJI, London, March o—Noon. DoaLtN, March 9. <; LAIGSXAUVIUEK BY HAIL, {Fioto the London Post, February 19.1 been anj dcmonstrati , )wao^c church have fir. Kerrr, la Id. «- b^coa 010 m Renr have b ftafl . t y eft y is witaont a jusdtess lunacy. I should have pattUeltntbe ann spacious accoauao w« to?“wSmtSkS 1 . V lB £n?ihe avowedintention of making «ac on ofKßPiatd and of upsetting the Ir rieb me Queen qfhoci «hc«ia not one inmate of the l mVn l n t wonld cothoW hl» sides lor laughter asymm who would wore Q . ly follj **l lo’drplore IN nut these people to God for th:ir conduct. Tor E. W fc2s*TM«*llo*ay,»«i»« enough to know they bad, *Js*??ioinc was a giitvous crime. It ts i ra »VJ»loiomoi Ihs ago since 1 explained at con- feMthmmr bculen pastoral the deep *«.« against la#ihUna»o.*lty. so ihiir bkaaihauney were not mstnicied they cannot P m.. restated the ordmaocecr r J?V^db?£*do2«‘ibM pmchasoiSftSa. cadmjw tin men ol the CHICAGO, SUNDAY. MARCH 10, 1867. mtn tnut thcm-wbo cite ml ho« mutdtred bl die rebel or hojiced by « oD nl, qj mm OI ihe lew, provided Ihoj w n B-t * dollars ellbet for Ihelr pleases or lor mm want#. O God’s h'avlcst enrsfr-ula w biaatinir. blighting enrae la on lhj;n». ignJtlS to you larthttnday on lb? *of hells wr mcnU. Unman rewon was Inclined, W . 11 Is . herd word, and who can ibrtt 11 1 »ol "hen we loot Into tho ailomless 4«dhs ot'hisliilamy of tae beads or the Fenian acknowledge tbit eternity Is noUotc euonfbnor bell hot enough to ptmuh such mifcioanu- DoriEß the cKll*err of tt*e discourse numbers of vonne mm left the chs'jel* , Cardinal Cnllcn, a». the Lord Mayor « •ion dinner last tVT mce< “hoped Jbo soon arrlre when 'those things degraoe the cou. trf and las-j fi «« PM'*™ might be awe r wc»t.ay. Fairo patrlo datlon and he perverted to ™ ln * the last F jW u was plain that the P^otiMn to whijj toallnfitd ought to heprotubliod by onewholOT'dhia country. , ,a,, r ._ !i most dutiTfßicc acet e took place J® ’mlwlon Court on tba occasion of aemlendog oriaonera who pleaded guilty to the charge o (reason f-iony. , . ~ Baron Fiircsn.l.l, In passing sentence, «ld: Power, yon ha* e be-’c at the Lead of this campl racy In Dublin. You assumed to yoarseWthe power of appoin.lng centres, and was accrety engaged In the dlairlhntion of arnu. Von* De toy. was ceitio for the ruUlUry and enn«ed la eedneing them from their allegiance. *ho sen tence, penal servitude for fifteen years, bln. clalr. Same?, Stack* Stanley and Brown, fof ten years each. Casbman and Wal*h seven years. The prisoners cermed to bo horror atrooc with the sc* verity of the ecnteocte. Powers face assumed a deadly hue; Balnea burst Into tears. Ibe galler* tea were Oiled with their wives and children and other relatives. Their screams and sobs were violent. Some became qmto byatericat, other* fainted and bad to bo carried away lo*cq|iote. Joyner and Wtlllauia wcr« aenlcuctd to twelve nowOts imprisonment each for nosseaeiftn ni aims without hccneo. Stephen J. Heaney was bronchi before Baron Hughes. The Attorney juOfCCOtcd, John Decani in J T^otaai Boyle proved the connection of Moauey with the Brotherhood in Now York* having beard him sjnakal Clinton Hall ami Been him oJTer Fenian bends foi talc. After heariigali Ibe evidence tendered by the Crown, (bo JuHgu requested |o know what hid been proved that brought the prisoner vrllbm toe Jurisdiction or the court. The AUoroey Ueoeial coutcm-ed that, although no net was proved In tbl* country, yolas h» bad proved tbo existence or a crn-piracy to depose the Queen, set* lending :i> (tie nmo done outside the United Kingdom tbauul cqovU t. Ilielordthlp was of a different opinion, and ns fated to pas# senunco. tie, however, acranied a verdict ot eatiiy, ana pnt hack (he prisoner till ho should lurtlier examine into (he case. [New York lieiald Correspondence, Pcb 2L] Conic, Feb. 21, 1807. Account* from Itoescene of the Fenian outbreak repron:mth<* minrifents flying In every direction from the lualice which surely awaits men If ar tc-icd. The authorities are determined to nse .-crons measures to exUngnlrh the last embers ot icbeihon. and boaic# of military have bocndc ►notched to scour tie conn-ryaud shoot down lho#o vbo are In arms, tip to the present no en gagement ha# inkt-u place between (he Fenians and ooverrnunt troops: and It is not likely that any collision will take place between the parties II it cau be avoided by tnc former. The latest particulars which have come to hand bom Kerry, which baa been made the base of opettUons by the Fenians, I beg to appeud: The policeman Dnrgan, who nad been abol by a party of hen Una, wo* atatt’d to be in a precarious state, and slight hopes were entartatned of Lla recovery. Tbo coolness and bravery displayed by Duggan are tbe subject of complimentary refer* cncc ln I'arJiamr-EU end the itoman Cathulie cler gyman who attend-d him and cave intelligence lo the police of a neighboring police stationer the dancer that wan imminent regarding (he Fenians baa also received much commendable praise. It la known that the man wno fired at the policeman belong*.tl to a body ol thirty Insurgents who were passed t>y several on the road leading from Cahlrclrcen to Kelorglln. The man described lobe at the head of that email party docs not answer the description of General O'Connor, who was supposed tone the assassin; besides infor mation bss reached Government that ibh General was leading another division In another direction ol the country. It U said ou good authority that Stephens u in the midst of tbe insurgents, ana that Government is taking steps lo secure bis capture. On Monday last a number of Dublin detectives arrived in Kit lamey. and minor has I'. tbat ituy bavc been sent down there for the purpose of naming up the chief. Although the iwormation as to ihfa bet comes tiom a good court?, it la yet generally believed (bat Stephens is no more m the county Kcrrv than be la lu Wountjoy prison. Toe military ore still busy in their movements, and tbe moat rldicnlon* and contradictory reports are being received in Ktllamsy. From Wednes day up to this day large bodies of troops have bom located at or about the Toomiea mountains, and night and day the bugle call is sounded in the s'recta ol Kiliarney, and reliefs foe the wearied sentinels on the bUljjdq march out lion the town. Friday event the Sixtieth lUd.s left the town to panne the Fenians, who were reported to be retreat ing across the mountains to Keumare. The movement was considered to put the finale to the Insurrection In Kerry, and eooo after rumors reached the town that the famous sharpshooters wore popping oft* the Fenians rapidly. No sooner however, bad this report gained circulation than the alarming intelligence had arrived that the I tides bad been beguiled by their opponents Inio one of the deep ravines with inter-ect the mown tains. One ac:onnt was to the effect that titty had beta roughly handled and forced to retreat; on orhertiiattAty disarmed the and gave no quarter. Ab soon as these reports had spread, considerable fcommotlon wa» observed among tbe military in town. At the bugle call tb.*y as sembled in the street, and cars being pro- Tided, nunlwn of them drO'C Off through the town at a rapid pace. After a length ened and t.uxious suspense the news arrived that the insurgents had advanced to meet therein torcemcuttint out. thatduultory &rU<g was car rUdon, and Uia r there were wounded on oath slier, and that tachjorceof Oeltgerente h.rtiak>n pris oners. In the midst of the excitement which this. Intelligence caused Ibe ebrlJl tingle blast again sounded through ibe streets, vehicles were again brought into requisition, and more troops dis patched to the tccoe of battle. The people watched, with 'bated breath, these movements, and ever; one seemed to have the abstracted air ofpersons trying to bear the rattle of musketry afar off. All these rumors proved canards. No engagement whatever took place bitween the vol unteers and the insurgents. in fact, only a few— about a dozen—ot tbo latter were seen on the mountain. They showed themselves suddenly, and as suddenly disappeared In the rocky re cesses. The troth, Judging (100 their move ments op to this, seems. Indeed, to be tbit tbs same mystery marks the proceedings of the Fe nians in the camp as there did in the senate; and, where such mystery exists, the same vague ana groundless reports will bo circulated as bare been from the beginning. If cue were to credit the information obtainable from official sources, the insurrection has been 01 an inslgnttlcant character, and that (be extraordinary display of military strength made by (be Government was done with the charitable view of showing the In surgents tbcinlUlty of tbclr attempt bcrcralarrcpts have been made through the country, ami on tbo lllth Instant a number of men were arrested on board the Holyhead and liver pool steamers. Two arrests of passengers by the steamers uniting nt Cork from nogitih ports have also been made. According to latest advices over thirty men have been arrested at fahiravecn. and yesterday a man named Flu gerald was returned for trial to tbo assizes as among tiio attackers at Hell's Coast Guard station. Twenty Fenians, armed, passed a place called Mltliown, on the evening of ibe 19th, and were supposed to be a portion of seventy under com mand ol O’Connor. The sixty concealed above Lake Cara are making lor the coast. As I wiUe KUlaioey Is slated to be perfectly tranquil, but the troops are still stationed tbere. and the same Ttellinco is exercised to prevent a Fenian mastering on the mountain. A correspondent writing from Dingle narrates the following Incident, which, if true, betrays the most wai.tou and unjustifiable conduct: ibe inhabitants of this town were thrown Into the greatest consternation by the marching through the dide:ent sne-H* ot a large police force, under the command ot Sub-Inspector Oil pin. Ibemi □ were armed with the brcech-losd ing rifle. and matched In military array through the to\«n as tar at the western extremity of the strand, near the seashore. When they bad marched to the outskirts of the luwr.and on the public roa?, Ur. Gilpin bad nut them through tbclr drill for some twenty minute* or so. On their return, and on entering the town. Mr. Gilpin gave the order " Commence flung." and from ihctice until they arrived at the tower end of Green sired, tbo party kept op a regular fuallace. On their arrival at the lower end ot theatrvot Mr. Gilpin gave the order “to ball;*’and after the lapse ot a minute or two again gave the older to •• commence firing.” The tusllace was resumed and kept up until they ar rived at Main street, and from thence through tbs town down to the constabulary barracks. They tired at the bouses on the left baud side. A» might naturally U supposed, aneb an unusual display of so anatd lorce caused great excite mi;*w York. March P.—The ll*raid'* Dublin cor respondence, February 22d, says; “The greatest iin-camhms to guard against any attempt at out break in Dublin are silli kept up. The soldiers are ratvly let out of the barracks,and not all at during tbo night. Meetings of the I’rlvy Council are held almost dallv. presided over by the lord Lieuten

ant. arid daily reports of lbs slate of tbo couutry are submitted to t'nrai." Interview U Itta JcfT, llatli. Four Monroe, March o.—Three of the most prominent merchants of New York city. Swiss importers on a general lottr of observation to the Southern Slatca, arrived here vesti rday, and spent the afternoon In an Interview with Mr. Davl*. They were pleasantly received and cnlortalned Dy Mr. and Mr*. Davis. The conversation on aevcml subject* was prolonged several boors. On leaving the Fort they expressed their sur. prise that Davis was so comfortably pro* vided lor, having been under the impression that he was very poorly taken care 01. They found him In good health and possessing all the means ol enjoyment which the leniency of the Government could bestow, under the grave nature o! the offence for which he re* mains imprisoned. _____ Fire*. Lockpobt, N. Y., March 9.—A fire last night destroyed the hardware store of Do. verlv & Stranst; loss about $10,OX); In- New York, March 9 % —The clothing ware house of L. Blanchard A Co.. South street, was damaged this morning by fire to the amount of $20,000; small Insurance. A Negligent Switch Tender Convicted nod Sentenced, New Yore, March 9.-Edward O’Brien, a New Jersey railroad switch tender, has been convicted of man!laughter, fined 5*500, and sentenced to three months’ imprisonment, for negligence in causing an accident, bv which two passengers were killed, last summer. Kev. R. F. Burn*, D.D. Sr. Cathabxx**. C. VT., March 2,1567. To the Editor ol the Culcago Tribune: Permit me, an occaelonal reader of your very exctileui paper, to occupy a email space thereto, with the lollOAlng communication. The Rev-Dr. Robert F. has been the aculidraaioroTcrtte Cana Jsi Presbyterian t-hureh m til* town tor the psst twelve having re- Slui? I ctii noa the first >cotch Presbyterian Church of Chicago, sometime sites, at the ia«ksnce Sdby lbead“«oWhe Prerbyterv otlnnAou,C. ba« been inrinced to arc pt such call, and tc i«w ,rT i..t Loid’s Day morning preached hi«^-flict?ic:ory § sermon to the Americas here ?Htv *£e £/hl* tarewell oneoaree, in his own ?hS5h MWtn overflowing hoa-a. which sol trill long bo remembered with de* onlvbv tbo writer,but by honired* of !& prl* ilege h was to witness a?d Slof. A« ottot Oospel ot Carlst Dr any equal* la Canada; as a firSuan none are mote scute; asphiianthropUl »rm more ecslons; and as a beneJscior none aremoreßbortlln cvrry good word and wo»k tn *l.bor oiloT.-- M.ddjrt.otto.rttr: u> l,«dom •irtmiTm Dr. Bunts hero always atooa lathe ?Sio to)J?or me »•«!• »nd .Jw.,. iwelrrt Uic .Sonera of .0« l “I • lltll or »« «>“W- For 'unlnliimcff the Integrity of your F* d<?ra! Uirj.iu. for anpportlns Abrabam I.lncotr ard the North, during your late gigantic rebellion, and for cm demnitg Southern alavtrj. rebels, traitors, and Copperheads, both In the united States ana in uiilled Canada, (ot whom, a one time, wc bad here thousands,] be brought do *n upon himself Use vnlgarabase and coarse epithets of ait the M»»y journals ana disunion paper* of the Province. tho-“M. Catharine* Evimng Journal?' not cx copied; hut. air, like Saul of old. be la hcari, anoulucn and head above ail bis enemies, and has lived to ace not only tic Integrity of your noble Union fully maintained. Abraham Lincoln a death avenged, President Andrew Johnson’s treachery nolllflcd and almost sqoclcbed, but your four mil* Bon* of ficedmen ootam their rights, suffrage and equal Justice meted out to one and to all. For ourselves, and on behalf of scores of others hare, not belonging to hia particular Zion, we arc heartily aorty at the departure of Dr.Danis from amotigetns: and we can tiutbfolly say that nearly all Methodist, Bautlat, Episcopalians,Pre»- bytensns* &c., in this icntauoua town sin cerely regret bis leaving oa; bur. sir. “oar lo«s is your gain." We thcreiore have very great p:c,i acre lr. commending him. bis wife, and dear fail tiy. to yon and to all “Chicagoans,” knowing fail Weil that Cblcagoms are so fixaousand celebrated for klndncse and bo«pltaIllT to nil atrangara, and particularly to all piety, worth amt excellence. r t). S. Pdzlts, Btcteorolostcal. The following la the meteorological record of the week ending Saturday, Hatch 9, 1951,. os kept by J, Q. Lancgpth* Jr., optician* No. 115 Randolph street. The temperature la taken in the shade. Ibc direction and lorco of tho winds are given approximately* with the barometric alti tudes—tl>c small letters being the initials of the '•voids “high,” “breese,” “gentle, ’ “ T f w y*k«., “tain,” “snow,” “moist atmosphere,” and “dry.’ Tusauriajrrin* fflcbt Dale, preceding *»a,m. -J 8an...... U xi IS " Tuet..... a « wrd a J 3 Thu. « ® Krt 2S » Sal 31 88 lUla t > Bj.a». jk' SO* 40 a jw at m S S tow ?S 53 :aii ojkßOUvrsit. 3 p. w. 7 ». m, Date. Mrr'y. Wad. Meriy. Whw. Mer'y. Wind. Stm... IBJjO S.B. g. HMU.itr. WMO H. B, gs. Moo.-rJ* N. W.e. MJ9K. W.c. w.nw.e. Tnca..»-» Vi. K. w. e. »A 4 vr. sir! Jt .w. g. Wed,.CV.6O K. B. ».I7 N. K.w. »uu f-U a. 1hu...:a.« N.b. NJ».fl’.b.w/4 fi.E. r. Fr1.,.X0.H) N.W. g. W.«t N.S.Vf. b.7>.no S.K.W.g Sal,..UO:K.C.ta.a. DJtb It.S. MARKETS BY TELE9.TAPH. INcvr York Financial .Vows, (Lpcoal Despatch to the cbicac* If.oune.l N’kwTmhx. MnrchS. The stock market opened firm. Un cad the marxtt waa firm, with large traoaactlona In Krle (itmimno). The balance ot the Hat was Inactive, continuing »j dannv the morning nntll 17 o'clock, when pMcusicll He, sBC at Uw 13:30 board Erie (eoninmn) advanced from to 30, and strong st tbe Utter Hauru. Atone o'clock there wai great ucltcwJot on Now York Cen tral, Erie (common). Itock I.laad and Michigan booth era. tbe former advancing Ic, and with heavy pur cluuc*. AllCTwarda Erle(common) aoln atst.siwlth vfty heavy tranaaetlona, amt t>ci&K grc*t<y OfeuolJ. A strong clique buying wat what caused the ■dr.iace, and It will In all probability go to CO by Taeodsy night. Thera w< re more itock uamaellou tc-day than there baa tueo for iwo moatha past. Atths Jo’clock board Etta (common) wai steady stag. Gold opened at 131M* running up to l&H, doting at 133. Money was quite active, and the bank itau meat a’so reported favorably. At 3:15 Kilo (common) advanced to 60, closing firm at &3 at 5:30, with great excitement, the balance of tbe Hit being Jfc better. [Associated Preti Report 1 Kxw Tout, March 9. vonr, Money steady at 6®7 > cent on call. roKXiOM excjiasoe. Sterling firm, at 1»X@108X » geld for flrsl-cIaAS bill*. COLD. Goldfrme*’, opening at 151J,', advancing to island cioetngat JWjf. ooTnsMxsra. GovcmmcaU nachanged. LATEC. VcvTobs, March 9. t BAItTiTI. The railway market wan all firmer at theopen Board, but tell off a little at the Suck Exchange. Alter the M»fl* n Here was an Increaml demand for Hocks in the lone loom, with general advance*. Kile was the faroiiu-. and rose to 55 v, which earned npthoeuUic tut. Tlie marketwasfirtueranilacUTeatuneo'clocK, and continued firm to the close. stea*? uu* eiLicss. Active, with wide fluctuations. Atlantic mall fell at one time to 83. STATE stock*. The featnre of State Stocks wa< an advance cl 51 >■ 6*tioW!« owing to the action of the Legislature of that State. Pacific hoods sold dp to M9f. Hannibal Abt. Joteph bonds to 80. Issues of other Border Slates were dull. . lIgCELLAXKOCS. Mlreellaneeus and coal rocks were generally strong but without much movement. t\ m. Ucaih* Co. report the fo lowlng: euexs at VAO p. ». Gold .US Reading. lC2V®lWtf Ohio cert 8? O «)tf M. tt 7**® Ti;f Canton IK«ell6 Cumberland... SO*® 311} Httaharch 8lt(* ta Quicksilver.... 8-1 <4 S 7 R.l «*■* MorlpCP-a p’W.. WXw. S.W. 3» W. if, Tel 4JJ.W N. W. prd.... C 3 (i «3Jf N.Y. C iro.Sutut* ft. Wayne OOJ,® hrlc «.\® 56.4 Pacific i!aU...L3>*aiV7H Hudson 139 t*HO AttaaUe. 86.v® 88 UOVKSXME.Vn>. Government securities were heavy and lower at the morning board on the’Sis and 5-10 coupons, with the exceptionot tew bones. Prtce* arete firmer thuaf tcrecou t n all 5-30 bonds except January and July cou* pOlia ol IM9. ctoeit g nrlcci: Ueg’d, ’el tDfiifftlWV 1 MO eonps dsn- Coupon*,’ta....K9l<witO}tf I uary and JulylM V&IO6V MO Coups, 110«coap roncf. *i3 UrnJotKTH I August Conpons, *81... .119 1 June 530 rcg*d,'bß...lot &lOT}< I aoXET. Tbe week clomw with an easy mosey market, and borrowers are very rc»ulaily accommodated. oou>. Gold stronger, doting quiet. Cash gold loaned at per cent. roexins exchange. Btcrllng closed quiet and tinner. Tbe produce Jiarkelv. MILWAUKEE. , (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune 1 MtL'warxxx. March 9. Flour—Dud. but firm. Sales TiO brls aIfU.W tor winter; 111.00 fbrdouble extra spring: lIO.M for choice country. f9.B7jtfcalo.oo for choice extra. Wheat—Firm aad very active, especially No. 1, which advanced s^6c. Sales at *3.73 tor No. 1; 93.43 K ;or No. 2; f3.tex tor No. 3. Oats—Firm. Sales 400 centals at $5.50. messed Hogv-Flrm. |Sal» ct VS, dividing oa tOO ns. at|3»«BM. Ucvcipt*—: W btl* flour, 4.500 cental* wheat. Bhtpacnta—9oo hill flour; 1,199 centals wheat. NEW YORK. Naw Tovjc. March 9. Cnttcn-TTcary and a shade lower; 1,300 Dales up. ! ih U our-Hcw-v 1 'pis*. J.6IJ brls; msrkct fairly active, quiet ai d Ann; 7,100 orl* «up*r BUte, at f9.WU9.7U; *q. per Western, at &.4I ft9.7*; extra W cstem. at f9.79a 10.73; fjo.WMl7.lO; ehinrtng brands round Loop Ohio, at |lO 50£1UOt extra, at 111.33(417.30; nonthem extras, at (11.90A13.5): closest Arm. Whti key—Quiet and steady. Wheat—Quiet and fli m; 7doo bu No. 3 Milwaukee, at 13.16; Canada club, fL3O; while CaaUorma, 13,00; no receipts. Hye—Quiet and unchanged. Uirld—Mode' ate request tnicrior Stale: f 1.03 tar Inferior Canada W«l. free; fUI for good butc, and 99c lor good Canada West la Barley Malt-Qnlct. . _ torn—lc better and in good demand, part fbr export. 9 ales Kioto bu mixed Western at 9L>ai*Llo instore; ft. 1t01.13 afloat. Krrctoiaa^dTba. Oats—Firm, Sains JkS» bu Western at fiOgQc; Slate. C.M7DC; new Ohio, 61A66C. UeCMptS 9,113 bu. and firm. Sugar dull. Sales 400 bhds Cubaatll&irtltVe. Uolatsev dull. Itops-Qwet aad unchanged. _ . , . . I’ctrolesm—Bull. Crude 17®17jtfc; refined la bond 4.'«J7c, „ , t eal—Dull and unchanged. c . , WIVV , „ . Wool—More active and timer. Sties 400.000 (Moods domesitc fleece at 4*367Jtfc; pulled, »£33*c; Tex**, Hemlock sole tn lair demand and nn rbl-ork-SteadranduulsL Sale*a.Mlbarrel#at MI.M finro. doting at fgl .win cash for new ni«*; 9A..3 H3i.moro»Qjnc*i;»l7.«o(»l..«f..rprime; an<l f»AO ,4-p jo for pi line mess; alto 4,999 torts new meat at 175 WV.122J0. seller March m-d April. Hetl— l Ucchaneed. Ssaoa brl*. Beef Hams—Firm. Bales 130 brl* at |3fi.00339.00. Iltctir—Store active and ra*h«T firmer. Bai*? *l° boxSc‘fCuttbcrUnd at for short ribbed, bafes*ttpackage* ofihouldenat K-UcaVy. bale* 9iM brls of old at lUst3s*c :new *Vo»tef—lmll and heavv. Ohio—l2A3o. Chttsc— , UTOT-vMI. Finer—Closed Ee better on medium gradei, with fair dcrr,*r<-. Whest-Qnlct. limited mll'lng demand. ll> i -linfl at ti.WI.W. . «»at»—Firm and unchanged. . .. . t'ore-Kslrly acilve ana Ormeri 80.000 bn shipping mixed We»»ciß.fU r **l.iy. v instore; f 1.13 afloaU I‘eik—Qnlct and nun: oris new m-ss.ia.locaslu and oo>lcg at in.lo, bid regular, and SB.iSMKed, sclUr’s ' puon IlMSbULfta masked bum’s option; 133 co Mxed boycr'* Xplkn. (53.60 asked and 943.41 vul. Urraoinfi*-btcady. t;«t Mraia—Fatr.y activ* and firm. i:acm.-Umte firm. Cumberland middles 10VC. Lanl -steady at lt*(MlUe lor fair lo primp wkcrlt ncviiw nr .iin wuolualc vatuccr Tb«fr baa been abjU*Mooedttilas the pul week. Moiey (■ raster. and there is mote CMQurare aiucetba paMas* of the reconstruction measures ol Congress. Floor, wheat, corn and cats are better. tilocXa are ■it-l Urve. Hun- was a material Advance la proTlslot* vita in creased demand, And a cal; tor breadstuff* tor (he Bnuthern blates. A opw fe*iare ol the market Is large oiutDfi* In i autorni* Soar. Mclm*p»—To aa or New Orleans 8orgo»»tOc, sort in ccmand ftomtnercneers. . .. . , Uottrr—Hull but prl.-rt utchangtd; light colored tjcii.w j.ft lie. cnte>v—l6 mKc »lib asoeddemand. irn?; C *t t° j\Wo #OOO for clover, sat 5.30(3 JUO ror timothy: (Ux doll at 541 a ILW th« Utter rate 'an oa>y be obtained f r choice (T.*a>. The money market 1* cJo-psi Stall per cent. Eicx arise—Pull at par bajlcjßU. MEMPHIS. ynwin. Marrii 9. Cotton—Market den and onlet; mlddlins. -’tos SSc. Receipts for me wees a. MO pales; export*. bales; stccktn hand. Jfi.*37laki. Core—f 1.01^1.55. t*aia-?0r«;sc. nay-feioijtaxp. Pcrk-fri.notiAO. t lout—l9.oCvt9.3i. Caavased DAiL*-* Lard-loauc. PHILADELPHIA. . PmLaßELmu. March 5. Floor—Dali; nader decline of 50c. Superfine, Wtest-Dulh prime red IkLOO/Sales, 10. COO California cn p. t. Bye—Sale* SCO ha Western sltUtc. Com—Active: rood demand; tales 13,093 bo yellow at _ Oat*—Firm at 65c- Coffre— Steady. BtO,ISJ<C In KoW. Racar—For Havana an tnortrrcd demand. TVhUtcy—Seda at tor contraband. LOUISVILLE. LomsvnxK. March 9. Tobacco—Quiet. Balog rt hhd» I2.GOAIMO tor man- UTariuilap leaf. M"cr- Snpcrftne dull at |9JC. wheat—Roc. IJJC. „ , , Core—Sbelltu, m EarncmlaaL Oat»-C;o6~c la bolt. Mr»a Pork-nj.rssa to. Lira—ls titrcre in kegs, XfiHe. liaia loose. Bacon Shoulders— »),c. packed. CevaFlder— __ „ Whiskey—Raw steady; nee. #3-3. CINCINNATI. ctsctxwan. March 9. Flour—Steady, wl’h a OMatno. Sm«.. |d.7Vat r .si; trade brands, |ILSA»iOAi, and cancy, 4l Wi,rebisicadr. with a fair dcmsnd for spring at n«V* * SO for No. I. AUU #l9O lor wtoter. Corn—ln moderate deniand at 6Wtf7£_p r NO. *• Oati—ln betttr drmasd. No. I. Mi332c. •Bye—Bi» aay, ar U-3aotl.t&- W l.Utey—rteady. at.ScJn bend. ColtoT—DniCpncer nomlnaJ,«nd no clin* could bate been boorht at 3ic- riffie re ctlpurrpoTted at New Oricaos bau a cepreastni. itjuj eocr,«bu.h,wlthibedUcourailj« newsjron Li»rr pco),cau,e* buyer* to wtobdraw too® the The receipts ounce tbeweek were 4,175 Dale*. Ifroto the ut ot srpttanbhr. wests ua e*. agamst Vtajs; bates at ibe same mne last leaaon. . r UisSi“otk—Firmer, gale* cf city at fJ9.7s.Wdcf foun-ry at f:0.25. Ooldcra at the close Wc hiebrr. i nlk M-itf—lo good eotnand. Sales oMW.riCOpanndJ nl 7\r for FlmoMera: ,*t»c aides; jllc lor cleat »lce« : for ham*. Lard-Firmer under niw* from Liverpool. Sales of courtn at r.e-.dty held at »■*■». Bacoa—Le-» ac-ivc. >*o change in prices. Should era. Si,c : slden, 10clear rib do. like, and clear at iske. The damage done to railway* Inleancjs- o has caused failles off in demand from aud Ala bama. Sugar cured hams U-ili’a'c, and the demand fair. .« hugar—bteady at isaise lor raw. Mew York Grocery Market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] Bzw Toai. March 9. CoCte—BJo. Save, and firm. Sugar—Fair to prime grocery at lOVailtfc. * Row Torlc Provtaion Market, {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Mw Vobk, March i. Pork—Finn, and biloga a fraction over ta.hl.aad other hog products Felling briskly, Hog>—Kccelpta,L7Do. Selling at ftJS.Sc, and market firm. Near York HreadvtnfT* .Tlarket* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Naw Yobs, March 9. Flcnr—Veryiteadyfteliag.hut holders men too de mand freely. Wheat-Bed tends upward, but white California li ICc Corn—Sprculatlte demand at 11.10 in store. Rye—An aavaace atkad. New YotkDnr Goods Market. M« Teas, March 9. Th9^ r , poods market Is rather qulcv yet vte«dv fbr " * At* tS'mAaD d Indian Head, S3-lach khrellnss. 82c; fiUrka.Ue t Cabot A. Wc; Frpporrll K, 30 s do IL 18c; {ifipson 3lc: 00 Uirtieti 3Mnch, ; tTrS’ Qualities qnlet. Aracskmg. A O Aj»JCi tor B, Ce; Cor **• WaniUton. rcanlar. SSSus \ork,»li«:h.asSc; 6wut u Willow ilrcok, 48Sc: Kagw.-.W; Kverett, He: ihoinpT^J^^ariit.light styles; Mfrrlmic A, Frlnfs Bit'flark lie i light, l!Sc; Troy, lose. Bp. m. Nevir York Taper narkft Kew Ymuc, March 9. «.qnlct. Itag. U HQ ICHr. a decline u xc. __ tr\<StT RRUTHKK* 1 *av»-rll»lng A«*ls 12« De-.rb-ri.-T,. rwiv’ far all the leading pnpera tbrotrehoaUhe Uniter, Malr*«.nd Canada** Ittlllmcrj). pAIiIeIAN MODES. a,ooo SCT or most eleosst English, French and German Pattern and Pattern Hats, Kor Ltd let* Mlurt* tn-i Children'* Sprjyr tad Summer Stylet, JUBT RECEIVED* AT Mild. D. A. JACKSOHU 113 Lake-*t, Cblc*so. Send in jour mdm. Satisfaction guaranteed. MILLINERS AND DRESSMAKERS An Impostor having purchased quantities ol my pat terns, hr* ootn covering in* ita.uj-s hu<l i axing interi or interns with Item, andniiret ntlnc thema*J**w York Patterns. Duty tooiyHK and to the public de • and such rascedty Hi-ula tc ua-uMteJ. My j-atternscanbedetecieabyrenjovlng the gilt sump, a* n.y uuuc will appear onderm ath. _ MRS. H. A. JACKSON. S3iir ggciorftff. QHICAGO Steam Dyeing and Bleaching ■WORKS. Offices, 109 South Clsrk-st. (Methodist JChurch Block) & 82 Dearhoru-st. FACTORY AT CLEA VEB.VILLK. LACE CURTAINS cleaned and bleached to Rule coua ly at* good as new. CltAl’K SHAWLS cleaned or dyed. PLUMES dyed, c eaned and curled. HU) GLOVED dyed or ciiancd. CARPETS ol all kinds cl«anod. GENTI-KMKN’S GARMENTS cleaned ordyed. Alto, General Pyetng In Silk and Woollen Goods. COOK & NIcLAIN, 100 darkest* SBiantca. I^OOKKEEfEIt, BOOKJIEEPEn. We wirt to secure a situation for oar bookkeeper f« one of the firm will hereafter have charge of cut i>coks). He U thoroughly eomuet-nt. ana reliable Is tvery rew.M. capabit of tilling a nnt-c aaa sttaatlotu and will expect a roci! salary. We can moat heartily recommend tilm to any wishing such a man. DUNLOP, SEWELL & SPALDING, 13S Latent. WASTED —To Rent—Bclore the Ist ot May next, A GOOD DWELLING HOUSE, With modem la provemrata and bam- Location must hs South Side, nmtb of Twent>-«ecooa «. anu cast or Wahaah-av. I antes having a good hjnse that they wjsh lakes cate 01. ard who destre the rent pata promptly, will please address E. D. SMITH, ot Faitndse & Smith, Dry Goods Jobbers, 3Sral Estate. T^OR SALE— •** OR EXCHANGE FOR Improved or Unimproved City Property. Five Undivided meets, containing about|twentjr acres ot Flee Residence rreperty, in town ol Auiora, 111. ibupropmy ls bMatUollr l> rated on a ndge, within lout aquaics of the V*wt bide Depot, and commands the finest view In the place of the Fox Klvex and Valley. . This Tamable property will be aoM cheap, or ex changed fvf Chicago property at a bargain, torpor- Oculars Itqulro at 3? South clark-sU JJEAL ESTATE FOK SALE. That Desirable Tacaul Lot On southeast corner of North I*asaUo and Blm-sta*, 80 toy ISO foot. Apply to 114 Dcarborn st, Unguis 10 aad ivl. ESTATE.; We have ron»tMl applicatinna fur botn Improved ar d tmiiupn vrd Fataie, w bleb we are unable to »nr>- mv Oh tii'ta of such cannot do better than to place tht-lr pn-rrriy In our liaids for tale, where they cvn bavetncaovanugeot our wl»ii<jut rbarjre tin KECLBU 4iii,,U,BtilluUlo Agents. Viff tkiulb liMjotogtapljg. QAUBUTTo CABINET ALBUM PORTRAITS, Brillinnt and Artistic. trtCIUE.NS OS VIEW AT Ills O.U.LEUV, 131 I..VKK-BT,, One door west of Clark-it. /■'iDAULIE MOMIEU would announce ' J loM. i-.trrn.andK.lmdMUl .Inca be has re* (luce*: Uic puce of Card I’hoiotrapb* TOOMC HOLLA It PKU DOZKN II t rcomf sre »o crowded In the altcrnoon ihel ho w .hcamlbU Patrons would .Vi"r' , . f , enoon I • 4I eni M CUAlt^U* ttaicouu. | inL*keMr»*tt. Soap- O OADI S o A P»! See that lha brand yon ose ts The Chicago Soap nni Candle Hannlatlnr in? Company. OFTICK-h'ot, 14 and -10 Rardclnh-st. FAClottV—Archer-ar.. career ol Quarry-st. General Kotices. fjo WHOLESAIiB MERCHANTS. proposal* ire invited fb? the rentaJ, for five Toarj, of & flrtt-ciati five story stene D-ret store, i, oroToed to erect at once, frosting west oa WaM*h* Lt P bvtiv« Rttdoipb and Wwtdarton-sts-, wlto “tonefrcntonWAbash-AT.and on Dearborn-puce, to “ffi’iiKw’SS KuSuSmr »m»arai* maxtoa obtatotd, at the Otflcc ol A. BAUEB, Architect. Ko. H LaSaUvsC gAMPLE KOOMS k Commercial Travellers WHO J. C. TODD fit CO«y 86 Randolph-st« T — hk SDBSCRIBEK IS PREPARED to nsdertake the erection ot TURKISH BATHS f cw- f SKfc. AtO p.BaoCaU’s ArcoliceiOfhce, So. poruand biotic, Cblca&o. _ tiro Kent. r£\\ 0 DOXjSES TO R23NT. Frame non»e». water, pas A?*, 5»o«. X*.. 23 a and -ins KorthLaSalie *». i&=« 2*»Tiis «CSCn r >ea»,tif m May M. UQtilre of PL T BINOTO> & sCHANTON. ?»0.209 booCs Wattf-au jttusical. THE HNDEnSIGNED Hijxsa recently fr*m Vv^V 4 E .hua.,. Ap ( iy..UoD g u S s A .gg4cgg &n)L Refereore-LooU Saab, ATM Frcdem* sUtfntt* tc-a. NUMBER 274. 33tfl (Snobs. JJEMOVAL. SIMPSON & HUGHES Will open their NEW STORE, 111 Eake-st., On Tuesday Nest, with a large and attractive stock of DRY GOODS Which they offer Wholesale and Retail, At tlicir usually LOW PRICES I SIMPSON & HUGHES. 11l Lake-st., Between Dearborn and Clark. £1 RAND OPENING. LADIES’ DEPARTMENT Brown * Mathews' Famishing Stow, On lliursdny, March 14th. Thtf RICnESTma HOST £LEUA>T lUxkof Ladi'es’ Furnishing Goods Erer opened In Chicago. Bridal aetti. Ladjo*. Chil drens' and Infanta* Wardrobew and UndergarmnUA tn the iateat and moat beaaufltl rtfM. Every yarlety ot CORSETS and SKIBTS. Kirh EMBROIDERED HOODS, at exceedingly at tractive price*. Many CHOICE NOVELTIES. The finest irate rial for manofactoring In theclty. EVEKTTnLsG is NEW at their magnificent room*, 84 and 86 State-st.. (Crosby’* Opera Bouse.) MILS. A. 9IAYSARD. Soper tatcadgit. OTXUE. NORTHBUP, TAYLOR & CO., Importers and Jobbers of Silks and Fancy Dry Goods. Shawls, White Coeds, Hosiery, Glowr*. Klbbonm Dress Trimmings, ■l’Cm &.*e n KO. 313 BBOADWAT. NEW TORE. I take pleasure in informing my frteoda in the West that 1 am cow associated with the above House, where I shall be happy to see them whenever (hey visit New York. JAMES P. BTBEBTEH, LateoftheCrmcf Partridge, Saith A Scree ter, Chicago. "PIKE! FIRE! FIRE! $20,000 WORTH Damaged Dm* Trlmmlngm Laces, Embrol* dories. Notions. Mllltoery, Hosiery aad Gloves. WILL BE BOLD AT A GREAT SACRIFICE I ROSENAU BROS., 171 I.AK.E-ST. gy lr connection with the above, wo wish to itate that we have opened om HciV a tore. B(i LAKE-&T. GRAPPA ORDER CGPAIITMEiW. New and Elegant Designs Just Received. L. de Corner State and Randolph-sts* Jj’UIiNmTKE, UPHOLSTERED GOODS, PIER GLASS, &c. The a»derilpn«l vronld respectful'y invite the atm* Itcn ot hovers to their iniendfd stock offtnt class extra fine ard medlnm Parlor, DrawlDgdtoorn. Library, Chamber and Plnlng-lioom Furniture and Lphoincrcd Goods, of all kind*; also a Urge assortment of r raich Donb;e I'iato PUrUlssseg; all of which we are selling at who>e»aie or retail, at prices that catuat till to pleaie ttc closest buyers. .. 1 Onr good* sre manufactured hy oorselre*, and to or* der, by the best makers In Bo*»on and New York, and are ail of the choicest and most fashionable mwnand warranted tonal In style, ftnlih and make ip any goods kept In flrit class e«taotl»bments East or West. W« have ou hand and shall coctlnne to keep a large and splendid stock of goods, to which the atwnUun of borers Is invited, bclore purchasing elsewhere. Onr op stairs n>om» are fitted up expressly for wil ing Furniture, stc.. at private sale, to which we aro firing our particular nutation. OILHKKT * SAMPSON. 47 A.til Dearborn-si., Chicago. BAJI’I. (JEHR, p ENTs* vx runiJisHino house FOR SALE Having associated myself with the oldnml popular licnla* Furnishing bouse of K. C. Bempton» Broadway* N. V., (tbo same to lake effect April Ist) I offer my stock, Far* allure and for sale* for Cash. The stand Is one of Cbe best la Chicago. Tbo furniture is manufactured entirely ot Black Wulnat. the stock clean and well-condition ed in every way, salted lor Drst-clus* trade* w.vt. t»- ciimtcii. Of WM. P. CUUIICU k CO* ll'iaark su 30,000 FEET ASSORTED BLACK WALNUT LUMBER, BIX VEAII4 HtAUONKO. Foteale to lot* to »ult, by . B. J. FIIABIBR, Uftca it.. betweee Jecltaeß mo % an Hurra. T>AKK STOCK FOR SALE. FIFTY SUAHEB OF THE MANUFACTURERS' BAT't BANE STOCK KUE HAI.E UllEAl*. ttardwabe stock fok sale,- 1~1 pirty biTtne a »vck of BliptiU.,ooo, In ft floor jfbJDff town on the iTimoli Central lU*d. offer to *el on aracontoflU h«a th. It I* ft pood locaUcu. and «» botWUpwlUb«-»oi<Jwm» the Rooor. »r **de tired. rcr lurthrr particular* inquire of Wit. ULAII St CO., 179 and lisl lUniolplHt. rpo CAPITALIbTri. I MawAC***, March MSo.. TUvlte derided to relinquish bOilneas, *c oJcr our esiahUshmentlor sale. Our house was ESTABLISHED Irir 1846, c&'iSful? tonneas Is In perfect order. H. DOSWUKTH Jt »OVJ» Wholtsale UrupciitSi Milwaukee, ms. BARRELS. 2* umber 1 WLUkcj Barrels, both Iroa and Wood bound, FOB SALK. CHICAGO XT'OK SALE—l, too brla choice varieties Frol ! iooo pl£S P** P. aruclet 1.000 Sucked Hans. cured. » choice article, pirn* Dr*M»*rtß«ccß.««» r< gf^ , a YXK * CO.. Orders so.lcl«d. i4i south Water-eU For sale— shingle stave and'Barrel Machinery, iblucle mills. fciaduig nulls, Shinto and awe cutter*, a-adm* r^ucwanr"P»sn*r». eouaimng andi cuvott saws,Jrc. *u oor ova icanuiactuie, andwrantod. AU A FOHD, 352 and 254 kliaisoa-tt. •PARE chance for merchants. FOE SALE; A CABEFULLT SELECTED STOCK OE Dry Goods, Groceries, See* luTCldrc about llWUl; *1 purchaaee mthia a year eatu at-tflease on store. Store located in a thriving ion a abort distance from Chicago. Sstlsfictorr rea* •on* ,iren for acUtog. Bor parnc««a Coaalieloa Ueretsti. tia LsSaaWw Chicago. Catprttog, SJaP« p?angingg, leaning, ©U ffllotftg, &c. IMPORTANT NOTICE. GREAT BARGAINS IN CARPETING!: Bryan Hall, 89 Soutli Clark-st. Paper Hangings, Bedding, Curtain Goods, Oil Cloths. We bold tbe Largest Stock la (he VTetti Beware op vinegar contain -IKO BULPUCKIC AND OTUEB MINERAL At iD.“, deleterious to health '• Alio, Vinegar made of 1 1 rn. watt and otb« r Ingredients branaed as ** FORE CIDKH” MNEGAUI The Public CaailonedAealaat False Brnads. ELDER & MAXFIELD, CIDER VINEGAR, Would rail tbe attertlon of dctlen and consumer* to vbcM:cwUu»a*i;ata of tnelr Vicessr py Uut excel lent Chemist, PBOP. EODHEY WEIGH. {COPT.) Bavlflcmad* a cbnaica) examinition of tba Cider vlecfar matuflsetuisd by Mexsn. S det A Maxflud,of this city, 1 |lv. Ibe rpllowlaff aa tbo malt of my tnvm* UnUotn; nr the .idol the moat delicate teitir could discover do of toy miner*! or other acid a«.eteriau to bealtb. ActmcartaooofthlaVlnegarwlt't that afforded the market by tbe moat cxutmva maiuUctnrers ia this city, shows it to contain a staff Iralty tutor. aueß aa ia aeter ioboo ia Vtoeiar mtnnftctured la wh >lo or part from Ughwioe* cr jlsU, In Ab<l torrral excellent* it approaches Dearer tbs English standard Uiaa aay Vinegar t hats exauilm il. The ANTISEPTIC or PIUMBRVINa property or this Vlse*u la creator than that of ant Vinegar ot tered la tbia market, that I State etamincri. notstth standing Its mild taste, a* tbe snareceu of iw acidity !• modi (led ly tbe uwecoiapoaod siuar *ad otucr fruity matter if Web contribute U the rtduiosa of in 13 Lathe examination of thU Vinegar I did not limit siyinvtiitgalionuaiingle a pecan an s’jectcd !»y »ho propilctafa, hot 1 took teverai samplai from tbe caiks aa they were ready ftr tbe market. The gnat care taken t>y Uu> proprietor* oi thlacaUb* Jishmeut l& tbe election ol tho elder from which tbo Vlc r £*r la mute, m well aa the acrnattloo* neatness which leotaeivedttt every part of the manufactory, should eommead ttua Vinegar ta alldwdrrv anni con iimiff# KUi/PiKx >i RLtll, Prof. Chemistry In Hahnemann Medical College. Chicago, March Mb. K 67. rj*o i'APER MANtTPACTDIIERS. My attention haa been caned to a circular norportioa to be from one L. C. Wuoaraff, aa preaufrnt cf the " Hydrostatic Paper Company.** dated Massr* Folia. February Ist, tain, aodmaed to paper manufacturer*, alleging that the proce** ol hlramlng paper pulp by pneumatic procure, ottered to tho public by rte," 1» a direct and positive Infringement of the patrol* am! rlghU of Uia Hydrostatic Paper Company, and Out my entire process la embraced intharct the said Hy drostatic Compaiy, end that (her wif, proaeente for tnfilryementaall penoa* woo aiinupt tcrose tbe ptura* malic proceaa oncer groat* iroui me. Unci. statements. m the ffieo of tho fact* o( the case, are abtnrd, ard, I to be compelled to nr, arc mallrtooily Ul«s and Mbeitooa, and I abaC hold tbe author or anchor* thereof to a (trice accocntabillty. in the meantime I leave the merits of the question to ml menflual DedtoJutfef. Tec minority of my patents embraced in my " pro cess." areanu-ricr to any heal by the “nyornwatu: Fa per Company, and 1 have otdyio leave the public to aay who are the tnfrtns«a ttereif. I have aaomiteod to mod enanaat conned each of ay patents aa War dates anbsrntMwt to. togetherwab copies of the patenta tinder which the Hydrostatic sni per Company claim their prooea*. ima ktve berewllJa the opinion of each connect oa the qaesaon of infrtnire-' meat. Thattbla queflloa may bo properly understood. 1 will heiertaiatbat the patent* held by the Hydrostatic Paper Coanany were lUa'gnrd ta them by toe tuttnr ee*. Beam.H.l^JO.NhSand D.b. and lamnotawan?thatmir so-called proems uem braced ta any itner patenta whatever. My own process la ctnbrwd ta n:t Ids than ten (10) different patenta, and tee n*e or operatluo of the poen mstlc prtoanre 1 do not regard abaolctefy noceiaary la working mr proceaa raccnuQily, either in tbe am reduction of flbronj anbetan*** to paper pairs or tn bleaching the umc; but 1 ocllrve the pneumatic prin ciple tar anpenor to the byrtnMttatie. and will prove moreiacceaflal,(otaraieitherd»tm reqairod. He*pectfolly. HAKHt*OK B. MEEUB. Fort Eowarda, N. T* Feb. ana, ISOT. (fflotljing. jfurnitutE. jfor Sale. COME NOW AND BUY CHEAP. Allen & Mackey’s Carpet Store, The recent Tula upon Wool Till came an sdvat hem lor Spring nae iho old avail themselves oi tbe adi (Etbcr Umcgat. MANTFACTCKERS OF 137 Kinzlc-st., Chicago, patents. fJO WHOM IT MAT CONCERN. As the attorney Of lIABRISOK B. MESCB, I pr*- corcd the atvtrsl p*Uu.u he now holds fbr Improved Processes InThoMantifactnre of Paper Stock, And am familiar with each ane every one of them. I laTC«sl»oc,rofully examined the patent* Issued to Jocer and Farquhanoo, one bearing date March isth. WCd,for an improved apparatus for bleaching of p.per stork, and one dated Jnne Sift. fbr an improved process o< treating wood, the maunfitetnre gt paptrpuip. mete two are ctnotuuatedtbo Fydro lUiterrociJi. I have oo hetlt&Don in awing that none of the pro* erase* paler ted b" Mr. MEECB, cr which be hold*, srut which constitute tho SIEECH PROCESS, Bo called, arc la aor manner Identical with the Hydro- Static Procrss, &or do tney luftloe* the same. Two cl the patents held by Ur. Meech are tho*e with which i hare been connected as owner. The &nt w«* Issued to myself on ny own app Icailcn, July Tu. ISM. It was for an improved ntocnw lathe manuGsctureot paper nock. The otberUsned to o'fseif and llarruon I). Veech, for an Improvement m thebleachlcgorpaper stock. Bach of these processes Involved the om o( the pneumatic rassausn, In the manner described In each oi them re ipectively. The u*c oi pressure as a part ollictj pro cess, whether applied them respectively. The use <>l ptetaorn as a part of such piocr»». whether ojpUM by steam, air, gas. water, or otherwise, is cot patentable la the present slateol the art; bat aa Unmoved meth od cl arplyicg such pressure may he the subject of a ***lhe’ Hydrostatic mode may be the subject cl a patent so tar as the same Is used and useful. bo like wise may be any other new and useful tnwlo—as the tacanatle. Hut such modes of producing the pressure are entirely dMinrt from each other. Neither the Hy drostatic or Pneumatic process are patealaMe except ae a erw and aselul mcac of obtaining a result, ai such ibey arc entirely distinct from, atd independent oL each other. I am well acquainted with the many processes in n«e for reducing straw, crass, etc., to a condition suitable tor the maantaciore of paper, and l am cleaxlv of the opinion that the process practiced by Harrison H. MeeCh. and known as Ilc Mcech Process Is snperUr to any other, 11 not theonlv one by which the grasses can I* sucerfalaliy worked. That they can be worked by hU process, both problably and fullv. I know. JOEL Tlr*Ah*. Albany. February 30t5.1967. JBtocft Subscriptions. pKOSPhCTUS OF "The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co.” Capital Stock - - $500,000, Five Hundred Shares! SI,OOO Each. This Company has been organised under the General Laws ot the ttalc ol Illinois, lot the psrpute of JJ» Ikctnllnk .11 kina, ol ™»« {hr other purpose! from the WILD UKAbb lonno in thii vicinity In great thondance. The practical development aud utilising ot inch ma terial has nren efiteted throngh the lavcattonj, and the tcTtral I'atenta issued to 3IR. UABttl!»«N B. MEECH. of Fcrt Edwards. Sew York. This Company having purthsiedtrotu Mr. Mccen all of the Bald patents ft* tnelot owing States, to*lt: Illinois, Indiana, Michi gan. Wlsconsin. lowa and Mlnnisota, are now prepared loffc-ivea limited amount ol subscriptions to the subscription* to this block, we would itate that the Company are sow tae owners ot the BATAVIA PAPER MILLS Which are producing at the present time two (7) tots nwday of nru.l paper. , , _ . . Thl* Mill has btlldmes and water power of sufficient rapacity, already erected, audio condition to receive two ih aadVUonal machlut*. which have been ordered, and it Is esilmaud can be put In running order oa or I«farr the first day ol May next, widrh will ißirewe thenpacilrandpruilucucftbe»aia Min* v> alx («) lea*per day; that, at the present market price*, should >l-~d to tm* Company a very satisfactory profit. The future operation* of LM Company «mt-nrt»'ate the errctlon, or cor soli dating of other mill* with tneti rnltrpnse, within the present year, lotting ins full aaoßht (Ylncrtr Hlocx. and which will probably more than Uouulo I be toiciuloe taUuaM ol product of Print, Manilla and TVrapping Papers. TW« ti tnoanjr U**tn« procured a cberter Irom. *b« Lc«i*Ulun> of the State of IllinvU. ltu*TMMnr Vxctr (lolflwt- where all farther inmrmaUoa iiwtuo P*l cst«, preepecta, Ac-. mil be fivee. , m.wk Id*oi|cmiKourfrteml*to»ob»crU>« *nwl we believe wa are warranted w eajlnt «»•**« • *?SS crUe promUe* an ucparaUciod retor® ® pared wtta ai y other manafactunuj: baiwMi bereto* fore pie*iDt«l. THOMAS S. DICKERSON, Pres’U CIO. D.MOfKTleePife'l. tfotmeilf ftetUest Itetsrta P»P«r Mill Co,) vu. DASSBEODGD. Sec'7. 1. N. tV. StiPnMAX. Treftiotfr. CDB&CRIPTIO2JS OF STOCK n* THE Sangamon Coal & Manufacturing CO3IPANT* The boot* ire bow open tor sahecrtpUon* to Uto Ca^ CohV* Botwmp. bearboiaetL. wnae ft copy.of Hi* stock n JpOO.MO. Only IWJOO ol ttie nrontbemartlet. Ottalsamount.*3looobasal* t**ea In SrrtnefiaKL 111. AnTnre«tiz*tlOL wttiaatlsiy any penoa tßftt It 14 ft safe. reliable and»• mDDer»UTC laTrttmmi. The vein oi eo&l Is nine feet la t£lcknc»e»ftoil ol ft ropfti lot Quality. USEO. H. LOCBY Sentisttß* Teeth extracted WITHOUT PAIS* BT THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Bocm3.Time* Building. 11S Dearboru-st. Thcfttsa jTcslj aid pure Nitron* Oxide, or Laughing Gt*s scd guarantee lo pain or unpleasant alter eHect. dFeeh. Q.ROHND OIL CAS.BI Is the Cheapest Feed in the StarKet Orders prorcDCytuled urcaah, iwiwwuiwhu. E w> Bi^ Tcl ri?eßn a co„ UJ No. VO North Cilnton-st. grjioto (gqrflg. p ET TOOK PAINTED SHOW CARDS At 84 CBAEDOES'ST., Ejom 4. Op SUD*. and Never Allow Oanclreaube CademJ#* mee tn the price el our Goods, and parties [vantages of tbe present low prices. Express Companies. 'J' H E MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITAL - - >30,000,000. Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. GARRIES BY EXPRESS. Money. Valua ble*, Freight and Parcels aver more than 10,000 mile. of Express Line, at just and liberal rate*, mitc* Million, yearly to Ex* prett. Shippers, and ran be mode pernaarat only by (bclrthberal patronage. This wo 1 bope to merit and receive. Office, Nos. 109.105,107 & 109 Dmbonut, a. W> OQOPBa. Agent* gEransportatiow. FARGO & OOHPANT3 FAST FREIGHT LINE. Omaha io Denver Citj. WELLS. PARfIO A COMPANY hnrtng eaUblUhsgL lacotbectlon with th*tr tiXPHS*B AND uVKULAJCO MAlLbnitania.aPAsTFltaiGUr LINK from OMA HA TODES VKUClTY,concreting with uw AMAHf- CAN BNPBRtfftco., at Omaha, are now prepared ta forward Freight of all kinds’ . at vbot tow arm. TIME AND FACILITIES UNEQUALLED. FcrCcr.tractaor tnrtber lofortnaUcß apply at th« American Express Company*# Office, Chicago* Welle, Fargo & Ce.’e Dradi os CalffsTwl** X*aj able in Oold or Currency, tor tale at thla elk*. Ordera received lor Telegraphic Trsntftr ofFimto to mo Pacific Co ant. «LMoob auu «toal. JVUAD THIS. COAL AT SUMMER PEICESL We have* few hand red t*«a ol beat LACK.VWANA and riTTBTON COAL more than will supply oar ena lamen, which w* effer. deirvered m any part of uaa city, at tbeioticwing pr.ccs; Rature, Eccand largo ilnv/919 per Tow* L'hcolDot 11 ♦» | JSININO AND SUPPLY CO Satnhcr. J^raUER! LUMBER! TO.OOCy ft. TThltcwood liOgg« 50.000 ft. Basswood ** 35.000 it. Atilt •*' 10.000 ft. Elm “ Them Logs are lyl»gtn*mUl-y*rd beside Uta tradfc of the Michigan houthem Batiroad, at Rolling PraSrta gutien, stxty-ilx m!Tc* from Chicago, ami can b« aawedto order, and vnR beaold low. COOKBI fc CO., . Boning Pralrte; TndiM^_ lousiness i£ artrs. p. marsh. 'WHOLESALE DEALER IST PORK, BEEF, LARD, SMOKED MEATS, 150 fetQTJTU WATER-6T. Holder & pendleton, Wholesale and Uctall Dealers In Hardwood and Tfhitcwootl Lumber. Office and Yard. 30*1 booth FrankUo-st., bet. Via Bnten and Barrlso:, Chicago. P. O. Box 233 H. nrßins cot to order._*3 taaac n. nctocr. jb. xomcxd rernutroy. T'II&SOLDTION. —Tbc copartnerahl I J bemolbra rxittlo* brtirwn William SHI ai.d Allen Clark. Sub mm SMx>r Alaao/atfiarcia. cone Of Flakard Twerty-tfrcond atreeta. la ttala day <ll a aolved by mataml content. Alim Clark aa»ome* all dfMi affalnat aald Ufa aod la authorized socollect all demand*. WILLIAM CLXiF3, ALLiLN CLARK. Chicago, March X«t. 15*7. Dissolution of cofartner 81111*.—'The Copartnership heretofore existing umer (be Urm name of LAbAK A MOKKIB, 1* US* day dial oltea. E. F. Um withdrawing from the ana. Either of the putio are authorised to dk the oams «C the firm Id liquidation. K. F. LAHAK, Chicago, Feb. 1,1967. T. B.MOtuai. The Dat, Cap and Far Business Formerly carried on nndcr the firm of Laatk AXsirfe «I>l be conducted tnc same as heretofore, at Um OM bland. No> 107 Randolph****) By the Snbsctllxr, THOMAS B. MORRIS. Chicago. Ftbmary 1.15C7. Educational. pLASS FOR ij (JEKItAN INSTUmrriOH. The Profcnwr of Herman Language and Literature connected with the Quicken bo* Cuilegltte School is no** forming afternoon and evening cIaMM tortautea and geotlttueo. Term* 113.00 lor a course of 30 lea* sons. Apply at the Collegiate bchool, 108 aad HO Caas-tu between 9 a. m. aud 3 p. a. yoUNG LALIEb’ INSTITUTE, AT MAPLEWOOD, rittsflrld. Mass. The spring term commerces March luklFTI. Fur circular adorcst Bor. C, V. hl’aAU, ttalTlnrtpal. C'torkljol'Derß’ ißccting. OFFICE OF IRE EQUITABLE HI bI'U&SCE COMPANY OF CHICAGO. TBS AHNUAL BXsBOTZoST For Dtnvtors of ibis Company will bo told at Iho office of the Company, southwest corner of Uandolpb aacS Labal|e-sls~ sc TUESDAY. March li iM7, H. W. PIULLms Secretary, OFFICE MERCHANTS’ SAVINGS, LOAN AND TUUbT CO. „ w „ cniciGo, Feb. 9.l**. The Annua] Moetleg ot the stockholder* of tte chanta* havings. Lid and Trust Company, for the flee* tloa of Tru*Ui s. will he tir'd at the ctSco of said Com pany, to Chtcajo, on MONDAY. Mateo 4th, between the hours ofto a.m. and 13 m. L.J OAOlLLaihter. _ Jjticft. riAEDa PATENT u BIUCH MkOmNn Ofllce and m amuse tor? 33 iontb laStaaUoa and dmertpurs 03 Booth JetfOfsoo^L.Cbla—i. H-pIUCK MAWIINE.” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. pace. Room No. 3. 47 Claret., Chicago jyjAQAZINE JJRICK WORKS, Comer lUliwl »a< Twealj-rocond-ow. ■ mum.**. A - ■*• ga. Slbbrttißina&sente- J NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. We are pleased to announce that we now hare oar “Chain ol A erode*" ao pertected at SEW TOBS, CIS CISNATI and CHICAGO, that we can have adrer tisemesta, or cotlces oC any kind. Inserted la kzr uni' paper is the Easuro, Middle, aouthera or We»tero States, at short notice and at low ruo. Beceat Hies of all newspawa are kept constantly at our office, tar the examination and convenience of AaTeraaers. Par ties desmrnaof having their ISVESTIOSS, WiKE OB HEBCUA3DISX ADVERTISED »n any section o t the Dated stales or Canadsa, will do well to call at ’oor office, where any desired injsrmatlon will So tlxoa as to the slrcnlattoa ot the papers, rates, terms, Ac. Office, SJ Dearborn-ac, Boom So. 11 (op stairs.) COOK, COBDttN as C’> . Newspaper Advertising Agent*- financial. S 4 300 T 0 (or oae J ear * On Seal Estate Security in Chicago. Apply to O. K. A. HUTCHINSON. Boom No. IS, Fallertoa Block, Deirbora-ac "VTOTICE.—An instalment ol tatty cents IN npon a share of stock in tbe NortfsreatexaPlaas Bead Co., la called tor,to he paid Into tasTreavutr on the 2CUi ol March next, at hi* office. No. OJ Scuta Ciark-su By order of tbeDlrectcrs, „ Chicago. bVb.I3.I9CT. M. trt.Ugegr^ 2jmohals. J) EM OVAL. Eisendrath Sl Co.* bate REMOVED TO THEIE ISTEW STORE, No. 9 7 South Watcr-fft.