Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 10, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 10, 1867 Page 4
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®)icajga ttnimne. SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 1887. THE CITY. . Mcaic.— u Berqnensc,” and “An dint?.“ two really classical compositions by the well known Paul Becker, are Just issued by Lyon & Mealy. Bnucrtov zx Puoss.—We call attention to (ho urge redaction Is the prices of boots, shoes, bal ttorals, gailera and children's shoes which la promised at No. ICS sum e'reet, where Mr. Roald radlh‘pntl£“ r '* dJl ° ' v “ unpoll hUfriend. * NabokjcJ Faem-au-TLc first annual Festival «X Deubom Lodee Ho. 310 A.F.&A.M. t wlll ®? odd at the Brian House on Thunder eve- CnSd lh " Great Weetem LlfrW rf, Bd ,nll famish the music, and a very pleasant time map be s 1 I.ISCI rnnn °f “* *“«*»T«.-At the Police “ nril, » noraluc George WDllenu end oi a. i!SKSr5sL";j;;r KosnmiTSßs Jocbkxu—lho sixth number of the eecond vol ume of this monthly, If before ns. | n a new and band'ome dress, *nd conulns come valuable including a fall report of the annual ifriwi 8 of U»c liatlonal Board of Fire Under* T^xes.—lt will be well for taxpayers foremcm oer that the Stale and County taxes arc cow due, sad can be paid at the office of the Collector for Sooth Chicago, al his office tinder Miller’s Jewel -17 store, comer of Clark and Randolph stree'e. non t wait until you hare to stand one or two noon in a string. Pamuto Couwrtnmr Moktt.—The examina tion of Richard Cary at the Police Court on Sat- Jirday morning, charged with passing another of the numerous 1 10 counterfeit cotea on the Flour City Na'lonal Bank, of Rochester. New York, was Richard being required Tbaibxxo Cuss.—The Teachers of our city Sunday Schools wDJ meet again, as usual, on Tuesday evening at 7*4 o'clock, al the prayer room of the Young Men's Christian Association. Jter. Prof. J. Daren will speak upon the “ Mem ory—How to Strengthen/’ and Mr. E. 8. Wells wul conduct the “ Practice Lesson.” from Mat thew S 3: 11, 30. All are welcome. St. Uiu’t—Onxcia —The openin'? of a new church is an event of no email magnitude in our ecmmnnlty. We arc sure that many of our dU aena will visit St. Mark's Church, Cottage Grove, this afternoon, to rejoice with Mr. Tuttle and bis people in the success which has crowned their el forts In a building nesurpaseed lor beauty and fitness in the city. It I# said to be one of the neat* Cit rural churches in this section of the country. Hon fob Tin: Fuixbdlsss.—An unexpected emergency requires a prompt and full meeting of iLe Board of Managers of the Home for the Friendless. Every manager la earnestly request ed to meet at ibe rooms of lhe Young Men's Christian Association, Methodist Block, on Mon day afternoon, at halt-past two o'clock. Business of great importance Is to be brought before the Board. ABnrnm PaoTooiura.—The cabinet cjrd photographs of Mr. S. M. Bassett are real works of art. One wua laid on our tabic yesterday, the finding of whose equal would require a long March, and that might be fruitless. The general opinion of an appieclating nubile is that they vfjuutulttv of excellence, and the tliori ctala t6 * t I»™iMTTSo QcAnmTE.—About tour ” on,lD " »““™ PHnce nnd revrl "08. !l n Y.fS M b 4* r ?. a ?“ V «■' Cocrt as “ At. »*tes. Mrs. ates. J. Sprague and Mr« Sprague. The detail* of their appearance end conduct when found are too disgusting for nab 11 cation. They were fined gio each. 1 Surnma.^Fillln» every available Fpace In Mnslc Hail, on Saturday, the youth of our schools thronged the place, and very naturally bad a most happy time. Almost all were prompt fhor?^i!i n^« n, 5 aftw be tog shut out through the do. log of tho doon at nalf-paat ten, as pre* Mously announced. The singing is steadily im* Jhe drill cannot bathe of the highest i l l2 e c U l ajl i Wbo Participate. About seventy sab* Dj»h Schools were represented. How to Beit Yocs Wife.—On Saturday morn* ing Cohen Blakely, a colored man, residing at Iso.StS Uaik street, was arraigned before Jus tice MlUiken charged with extremely disorderly conduct. Feeling one of those dreadful “spells" he deemed it necessary blB wife, Blakely deliberately tied a » V n r n hcf »» fac s ao “ mouth, so that she S?nl # MiiJi 0 VS r Vi #,ia to beat her! Pms—Focn Houses Bcuked.—About mid {' w *b diicorercd in a stable at B*7 Wendell street, owned byW.B. Thomas In which eight horses were alaUoncd. The him was soon enveloped In flames, and below the cn jfe *9 E* 1 in operation, the bnlMlog with a considerable portion of Us Four of the corses were burnt to ssjs? srn.'sywte Dtouko llocßr Dunum,—A fire broke ont Jn a residence No. Wt Wert Lake etrecr, about four o deck, on Friday afternoon, entirely de stroying the building and its c-n'enu. The bouse S?.V?n p, T» d V c *| Mje * E* I'COunrd, and belonged in C .v cbU’c. Mr. l-oonard’a loss, M c^ l !,«^ a \fM 1 i ie liI r * ,BtWe9 » " mi, ants to near °J5 08 , "$l cb lbcr « ' r#i 00 Insurance of TLc building was valu'd at £*,oou. The ihS & ire J* ad lu ori fi1 !l In a flue of Co"S£ t?wcr * ,,na Coob Timtxn l.tcnmc.—Hon. 8. D. na*l- Jocf t cx-Sccrttary of State, of Wisconsin, and for the past eight years night Worthy Grand Chid Templar (chief officer In the country) ofthe Order ®l riSJrITO ,ar, V* n |./P c,k nndcr the aa»plcee SLS2SS. to Sr’ *Ol- atUlclr hall (seventh ♦ C 5 n, ? no,tl,wes l comer of Harri son i nc K '. Topic. ‘ Wipe? the Bible Doctnna on tbs wm-Md?! SSsmeif-“ or Tcn, ‘ crn " cc ,n ““’ in , ?B &#f " n eitmdcd reputation as a ?P caker i “d * l*’»o audience will un doubtedly be present to tear him. Dw. AxiroßT nr New Yons.-Onr New York exchragea are unanimous In ihclr pral«e of the valedictory address of Dr. W. W, Allport, of Chi ,b® New York College of a* « 0111 Th ®y Characterize It * en^! ,,,e » Poetical discourse, l ne v . t L?' ccrs '‘ i, y ‘of industry, economy. b?e«w?f« C sL , «^7.'V I<ltasr de »Jiog, as indlapensa rt?nl”;sa *0 the success ol all professional w rw 't r^ 7.* M *TOt Hoffman, of 7v®Ti. rk ’ trad Prof. Prank Ilammlllon addressed in l hc w ßhcat terms of Dr. V s “ rinß Ib ® graduates that If they followed the advice given they could not fail of success in their practice, and or becoming use ful and respectable members of society. k Ajfonraa Doo Tbocbi.*.—Abont one o'clock cn Friday aflemoon, Ludwig Spnck, a Ud of sixteen, was passing N’o. 539 Canal street, when, aathe boy aliens, Christian Crater's do? came ont and wanted to hltehlm. With a great and wholesome tear of hydrophobia, the boy kicked «i e Ji£' a, ii th £r X,t 2? Incident of his life was a Mlntauoo from Mr. Creter who appeared In some mcompreDensible manner right behind him and expressed an Indention, it was alleced, that be wonld mnrdcr him. Ludwig was thrown down and lacked acd pounded nntU the blood flowed, as he expressed it. like “a hydrant let loose.’ 1 s* r ». *£. ,cr WM subsequently arrested, andalth'* rollceConrtpn Saturday mon in?, notwithstand ing hi-m-coi Jar defence of himsell by speaking for thf padflecharacter of hla do?, he was commuted lor trial on ball of S2OO. Rimt or Gcnrsßuna.—Rev. j. b. Warren, paetor of the Prcabyteitan Church at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is expected to deliver his celebrated lecture, descriptive of the creat and decisive bat tle fought at thatplace, In this city on Thursday even Inc next. Mr. Warrm «a« a resident of Getiyebnnr at the time of the battle, and an ere witnefa of Its progreaa from the beginning, He baa delivered ala lecture twice In Boston, three timet Id I’biladelpnla, once In tbe House of Rep resentatives at Washington, when Mr. Lincoln was present, and lb many other places. Every where tt has been attendee by large audiences, ■ml received wiib the highest laror. The part taken by the troops from Illinois and other fcta»e« In the Northwest Is duly set forth. Its accuracy and reliability has been folly cn d2,rf< ‘ d by General Meade and other prominent Ouiccrs. *ibe place of Its delivery will be announced in one lime. Baaor WnnxnoCTE.—Oo Friday evening last, a meeting cf the clergy and laity of the Protestant Episcopal Church of thla city wa a held in the Church of the Holy Communion, to take meat* area for welcoming home lit. llev. Henry John VWtcbotwe. D. D, LL.D„ Bishop of this Dlo ”*f : T* l ® toauU of the meeting was the appoint* co ? klaUT1 C Of the clergy of welcoming home their Blshon ‘ih«»S.u U, 5r cs or the names or the lay dclStw JSno “5 power to dll ant vaaaer which t?iL oln,ed ’ "Hh E. H. cwt T OCCttr: M Mayo-TrinityChmch!** SrfefSSS^Kgas* The twaSffiJSr 8,1, An| P ,r,u » Church. oßlceottsSS k rSi» , . eq !l Mlcd e, to moct al tb « ctcmag. March mb™ 7;“o ? cl'ock! q ‘’ ° n M ° ndty A Ur of .Brill imirnn™. t”" t0llc lor.lj MonllDr. <m.n p 0 Suni^'i,,?■>»«■ Coper to myetcile* unrcr,-«Vrf der, the little real aid tamMu l^!SL ~,T to mnr * na only tcafllae lo ,« £f? cc bcfJrc speculation*. nd *** aurnuaca sod Aboal oue o'clock on Saturday •»!>■> I«p* on tun cn.f I.oJ'»"“p'-.f- “■ oil.. uloc • .lion OIIULCS btlow V-Jv Wood l>ndcc, observed a small n«iL.i *5. alowty by on tho river. It was ! rrlt«« flo * Unc a delscbed piece of aoft Ice,” rool^ar 0 ?. 0 square. I‘rocniior a boat book, alter sotnelimS trouble be succeeded In spcnrinc the packaoeiiJS raialoff II lo .hr deck of ft, boat* |, SSSJiJSj a leather wallet about eight turbos In length, and secured with the customary etrap. Written nlaln It upon (he halberd one or the pocket* to the wallet wan "If. 0. Cady, j.lmi. Ijeranre County, Indiana,” There was pot K a cent of money in it, but there wc'o four p.omlaaory nolca, amontilins In all to fsro dated al •‘tsclplo,** August With, Isr.'J, payable «t iiiflemil dates lo 11. (J. Cady, and sljrnoo " It II Chapin.” Also a due bill of fill, given ai *• IJeacby,” Hay IWtb, IMW. and signed by Wllllata T. Klnr and b. U. Kaion. UrsMot a teller with a prln'ed beading of a Haring* Uank and dated at CoMwatcr, Michigan, In last, and address, ed lo some other parly, Hie wallet contained a let ter bearing dale Hcpicmber until, |nwj, written upon a half sbeot of nolo paner, with tue printed Leading ni “Houtbwoatcm J’aclflc Jbulroad, Hu ruilti'cndcM'a Office. Ht. louls.” and signed by \Vllilant A. Pile, Intro .urine Henry (I. Cady to Colonel 1. H. Cave. Kan»a* City, as a rcnllrmau vlal'lng that notion for the pmpoto ofprospixi* li-rfor coal. *ibo pocket bonk and Its conleala were taken to the Centralisation. Ii Is a lact somewhat stngu itr tbit it bad not >bo appearance of bavins been wet through,- which mmia lead to Urn belief that it bid Tiacn lo the water but a abort lime, and It would also seem scarcely probable Hut it bad floated any considerable distance. Who Is or was (I) llcorr u. CadTf Woere «nd bow did bo lose ibis pocket book? Who were bis companions at i the timet aru qneatlona that canao* now bn an> I awered, bnilbo future may reveal theao facts and In e manner, possibly, ibat will rereal tbe perpe tration oi oa awful emue. j THE (PARR HOMICIDE. Inquest on the Bod; of iho Deceased- The Testimony—Statement of tho Prisoner—She is Hold For Trial TBc Fatal Reran of Playing with a Strumpet, A fnll investigation was held at the Armory on Saturday afternoon Into the circumstances at tending the murder of Michael bparr, the partita lars of which were given in (be Tnucxi of thst ~*?*• T} 1 © facts developed at the mqnest do not ®®cb additional light npon the motives which may have actuated the woman when she struck the fetal blow. There seems t? ,M Te . b<t ’. n . no ro»anco whatever in theaflair. K™“s Uluatriona prototype. Molilo Trusseli. t: turns Howard ba« no extraordinary share of personal beauty, and no story of wrongs to otfer in excuse for the commission of tbe deed. She simply q narrelled with a mao for a very silly cause, and having a dagger at hand, she took the roadt cit means of settling the dispute. It will remain fora Jnry to ray whether the art was premedita ted, or was only an accidental pushing of the blade alible further than it was Intended. The following Is the testimony given at the Inquest yesterday: * TMTtnojnr of Tire roues omcm Robert Thotnptop, police optcer, neom, testi fied a* follows: About half-past n o'clock, wblro travelling on Stale street 1 heard an alarm, and was told that a man was stabbed at 520 State sheet. On going np stairs 1 was (old that the prisoner was In a back room. Emma Howard opened the door, after 1 pot my shoulder to U. 1 asked herwbstehe bad done vrl'h the knife, and she told me it was at the back of a lookin'* class. Sarah Collier removed the class and the knife dropped down. It was covered with blood. She told me she took the knife out of her trank and stabbed the mtn with it, giving as the reason for so doing that be had slapped her lace. 1 ar reslirtallthe parties in the house and brought them (o the Armory. There were three In the h >nse at the time, one man and two women. 1 have known the prisoner far three or lour months. She need to board at 510 State Street. . Officer JTmry Wood, nrorn : i saw the deceased lying on the floor at Hitchcock’s drng store Just as be was breathing bis last. I recognized the body as that of hlicfaae) Spur, who used to drive an express wagon. It was about half-past eleven wbtn the ahum was elves. nn.». at. TTcxxn 1 • • I/, sworn .* I was called at twenty minutes past eleven fast night. While standing al my window 1 saw two men come out of a salooo at Stu Stale street. One cried out be was stabbed, and the otberhnrricd him aciosathe street. I followed, and found the man covered with blood and vomit ing blood freely, fitting on the steps. I found a wound just between tbe first and second rib*, be yond lhe breast bone, cutting off tbe subclavian artery and entering the lungs. He a red In aboat mcmiuntcs. No blood came ont of tbe wound, it all came out of his month. The opening was so large that you conld have pot in yonr finger. He died from internal hemorrhage. He did not speak at all after I saw him. «|~*» M UIU » CIW UtD. . axnon coxxtxn S™?J, J >«Me at JSO state etrotL Emma Howard has boarded whh me lor three weeks, ahe sometimes went by the name of Bmma Helm « ,ch I J* 1 * 1 ? her nght name. She u married, and her hu‘band is living in Oxfords- Mile. Mike Scare came in about 9 o’clock in the evening, and sat there until eleven. He looked at bis wa*ch and told me what time It was. when hmma ccroc In with a pack of cards and told me to tell her fortune. I aa!d I could not tel! her for tune. She was shuffling the cards and dropped one on the bed. Spare picked It up, and she wanted to take It hack. Spare told P Ler If she would say “please’he would give her the card back. She said she would not say “please.” Itey had afew words, and she dropped another caid, which Spire also picked up. She then com menced cursing him, and said itLe didnolgive her tre card she would cut his heart out, She turned round, and he turned round on the bed and langbed at her. She got mada» him and went oat Into her own room. He followed her, and I saw them scuffling, and told Mike not to hive nny tn*s there. Mike then passed by me, and I asked him R Fmma hurt him, and he said “Yea, I am cat.” u.arushed by me. I -aw the blood and thought it was pis nose bleeding, and went down after him. 1 saw tmma with the kutie in the evening, and told her not to have such a thing around, and >h? wt it In her trtnk. It was dark, bat I could see her strike at him with something, though I old cot know what it wa*. tasked Emma If she bad cm him. She said “Yes, a little.” ShosaM he bad strnrk her, and she did It In setf defcncc. Ididcotthlnk there was any serious trouble between them. Mike was al- EJJ&i ® et and never bad any trouble. He never spoke to the girl . n t D ’? f «, ebe fPoke to him. I did not we him stride her. I caw them sen filing, and tried to #ne « l is^?h?’i, an * V 1 f ot ln between them she raljed her band and struck at him 1 saw thu day before yeSS©. n i do 7 n ,. to , a fellow s room and got it there, bhe ebook it at my face, and I asked her what she warned to do with Ju and she said she was going to fool the man with it I don’t know the “ a fis *be took it from. She someUiKS t£iM«.T h i?«r,» C * ptala * 1 heard Mike and Emma ab ? nt a which they had In No. i^ et ’ a * al ooa kept by Charles Nichols. Emma told some of the other girls bdc would rnrf C pifp T h«i ke * B,>oat flvo m,nute s bc tome him. fchc sever made uny threats , mbs. muz PTirronn ncom: I live at 401 South Clark etrecL I was acquainted with the d'ccased. 1 saw the girl K«?'iiw^]^ 0 - ECO .V c { orelasi evening, I ucntfo B alhali-uasi eight last evoumgaud -i’. 8 «f«' Ta “ •here when Emma came in and began aom i C CBrda - Bh , e drooped one and he irMPirniT p ’vn WOD " °?* ° vV*® room and left them sraramg. Mike way Lughlng niid I did not think 1b.7l b . 7 - HI 89 •cnous. tfjmrr to'd me hehsd 4 • fbea with Emma some time btftore. Emma fbc J / U ;id"? t ”uVhc«no“i E ~e b,d U,c “ rds rBO*PEnt7»L3JH . a ? a eeloon keeper m 510 Slate street. las up-stalrs between eight and nine last even. lug m the room where tbe deceased was I saw ■ o k?iSt n .«it?» mn, . a,B ?^ ckct and fbfnktog it was ? took it out. She missed it and seemed to feel had about Rand looked round for it. 1 iravo . er r and D i ad u ber Pr o ® s *’® to put it away! As soon as I gave It she wenl Biray to another room JUUc wasi not then In the bouso to my knowledge* That Is alii know about themaUcr. * uuw ‘ eQ » e ’ , . TUE pmsogEß, who is a woman about thirty yean* of age. of hJrfiZthJft? an “ PBlcfocc. wa* Ihencalled ing stafomtmt?’ wLcn abo Tol uuUcrcd follow- .^?J niWe “ Dame 11 Ann* Grant. Foma time JS° * bcro '™B a drover, or a Californian, who bad a ogblaomc five wccksaco In No. nil State street Jlwas tben living lu No. M«. I aa\r nan nr !io«f anrf v^ w K kc Wm** bold the man down and Mike bparr kick him In the face. 1 went in Ibrrc a few evenings after that, and Sl a £ pftrr i U w *V- on *r«IIy loTctck the man in tbo face. I gave him some hard names, and be ati nek me seven! times. Kdward Tagncs, the bar-tender, ami Ldward Davis wore present. 1 aid not see him but once or twice after, and that was on hut Monday evening, in Mrs. Collier’s. He began casting tome slnr* about myoyes. 1 am u mile cross-eyed. J told him U was my mis lortune. not ray fault. lie laughed as ho wont ° ul * ® D d i did not speak of it again. 1 did not euc him again till yosiordiy. 1 ornnk one glass of lager before I came up. Me were talking about the fuss, and wo agreed to say no more about n. Later In the evening we nine in again to see Mrs. Stafford. Drink? were brought in, and we were playinsr cards round Hie table with some vonng soldiers. One of them wanted me to go down, and 1 took three glasses of beer with him down stairs. When 1 went np again. 1 asked fcarah to tell my fortune. Mike nas lying on the bed, and 1 dropped one of the cards, fie picked it np. and 1 said, “ Como, Mike, give mo ibe cards.” He said, “You moat say ‘l-leasc,’first,’ and I said “No. I won’t nay 1 lease. I then dropped another, which ho PJJ,.” °P, a 9“ w oald not nve me nil I said Please. I salt!, “ 1 must bavo the cards, and 1 aio t going to ear ‘Please,’ either.” | trl-d to teke the card away from bim. He was laughin'* and so was I, when I got my band In hla Docket and took a.piece sol the card. lie said. *• VouwUl have a piece of 11, will yon r’ and, with that, be T he , f,ce j wlcv ' koocklm* me Into my own room. I turned my back to him, and he kept on striking me. I then took the knife ontof {!}X, tn, r^ ud fi racl i at bI “* ™th nr back toward mS' i ß «l t:rlb ? acbt . ofßacba thing as touching him. I never turned round to strike him. He 1 Btrack ,the fcrafe at him, and 1 11 V s ooseib.e. therefore, 1 coaid have hart him. I pot the kuite from a friend. bu. j. n. cone I made a poet mortem examination of the body of Michael Sparr at 2ID PhlrU avenue? I found one wound. It was a puncture between the cartilages of the first and second rib, on the right cavitr ot the chest nearly directly backward and slightly downward, ft penetrated two inches in the right lung nearly to the root. The Instrument divided the internal mammary artery and vein, and wounded some of tho larger branches of the pulmonary veins among which the wound terminated. The cause of cSth? BQIUn,: rr ° m Uiat WOttnd was the __ . thk vxudict. Tcrdict that the deceased deaUll, optbe elfects of a blow in flicted with a sharp lastmment In the hands of flmma Grant. 3be prisoner was held upon a Coroner’s war rant, and committed to the County Jail to await th* action of the Grand Jury. Wo arc Informed that Spare was engaged as drl- J? r ,° r * Unltrd States mail wagon, not United Mates Express as was reported THE SOLDIERS’ HO3IE. Tlie Act of Incorporation, The bill to Incorporate the Soldiers’ Home in the city of Chicago, which has now become a law by the signature of Ibe Governor, since the ad journment of the Legislature, is before ns. The following are its principal features: The advisory committee are made Incorporators. The following named, with snch other persons as mar become associated with them, are constituted a body corporate, wilb foil power to do all such acts as may be necessary lor the furtherance and advancement oriie purposes of said corporation: 1. B. Bryan, J. B. Bradwcll, Mrs. O. D. lunney, Jra Amlinwe Fo«cr. lire. E. W. Drerm.s Mrs. L. J. Gage, Mrs. Myra Brad well, Mrs. C. W. Andrews, Mrs.B,S. Bail. Mrs. E. o. Bnrkitl, H. Jr Bristol. Mrs, W. D. Blam, Hisa K.A. Blakie, Mrs. Thomas Church, Mrs. Dr. C. M. Ciark.Mra. p. Bageohart, Mrs. E. F. Dickenson, Mrs. J. ml Harvey. Mrs J. Q. Bamllton, Mrs. Br. Hitnlll. Mrs. E. Higgins, Mrs. B. Ingalls Mrs Kimball, Mn. C. kSWMfb?James lingNSfj. M Loomis. Mrs. McCalls, Mrs. J. B Moore. Mrs. W.l r M}7lck,Mra. Joseph Medill. Mrs. J. D. I. Mrs. C. W. Sanl-nd. Mrs. O. Schneider. Mrs. i . Sutton. Mrs. C. B. Sawyer, Mrs. J. C jheplcy. Mrs. M. L. McAuley, Mrs A. c. Sayres.’ Mr,, s. Ttnkham. i(,V w. w®. j r ’ M rPl*' ?•Williamson, Mrs. J. M. Underwood, Mrs. I*. lamb, Mrs. L. A Wil i| r cnfcmn J’S' 81 2 1D ’ Hosmer, Mrs. C. oilSiS j ii U ri;?i, ance, T T 4l lcoU * °o«n3or R. J. o lumiii “““non,Dr. R. PnMtS' md 'r” £: te, v ‘ n u - B - “• Ire real estate held by the cornonlton la «t emp ed from State. County, ToiS and MmlciSS h* Md n f n ? of 11 •“•N ** alienated or sold C -^ P -- T M”i D,, * ot t T To,c 81 Ujc annual meeting. H meeting of the manage™. « T ?? ® Qd Secretary arc ordered tore port In writing to the legislators at each regular session the condition of the institution. S ' SUIT FOB DIVORCE. A Pecnllar Case—sin solar charges. An application for divorce was fled on Hatnr oaj in iba Superior Court by liannab Charlton, c”tV!?,l\^ lTOrc . e . from hcr husband. William *blchu , . t^* n . ,^ nnc,,on °D OI > hit property PtcnluHtw ! .w. bc * orlh » 3 000 - There are a 2Vwirenf h .‘i? C wmV * h , ,ch diaUmtoish it Courts. TbelrwiSlllH'm 1 1 daily presented la oar o» a period larly unbann* * m£ ra *V° *?* re **en • aloca* onboard of ■^ n, « k,c *« ° r ~ ho most perpetrated by lie h B !M ,e «*S lo hare been some Itisit ness. as aime«sS l i2*.»? r,,0,e c °t«*uct In bolter half, would almonj. Sm te ! nenl of “a tbat be wta ball craar Twf 1 lhu Impression «Tlh of February! aTVr^7.? ,rTI /* 1 on ,ho cm, by Hot, ir.Croseireit «rVfc o, » <,nueeM * Church, and lived locOhrMlll rhe , lMft^L p J. , £ 0| *• , i.ln rre.y of their wedding. t!m ceteK£ ,??* day by separating from rJcb other! ffl diinlna bis hoo*e%raUrgcd cause lU * * M * ab#n * She entrees tbat It In unsafe for her to it*. «mi. borlinsbaml. who. It Is alleged, w a ”culltr tirtnc and rep< tied cruelly toward her. Amon* olhot Instances of cmcltr, she stalesurn on 228 1 mITs"! 101 ? b ?. * truck her on the bosom,** hU oblfft belt.? to “came a cancer In ih« breast" ai dby Ihiaiiieana drive her lo a ho*plUlaud so R e, .» .? f h . er * A* . I, V nhpr time, tils charged! l J ,p .f*l ,c * ,cnr<l lo threw burning fluid on her mtrl* ' flicoaid eyes, to boro them out, unless she would h-arr Ihe bouse whore they wero lode. Inir. She further accuses him of Improper Inn* rnan with one Mar> Franks, with whom It Is aald bo lived occasionally, passing tier off as hU wife. PnraDrrAno*,—On ha>»tday oveutag a patty oflfaemoro Intimate Meads of Hergcant Jan aim, of the Third Police Precinct, visit'd bts residence atlhc corner of llla-dsle and Nona Wells sireets,aml there presented elm with a mag mdecat silver lea service, coastitlagof a salm tad six piece*, besides sercnl solid silver nankin rings,» set of silver spoocs. s set of sliver forks, etc., the aggregate cost of which was JiOU. The presentation speech was mads by Alderman Clan., who la a very happy manner recapitulated tboeergeant a many merits as an officer and a man. The preeent was cot given for Its Itunnalc va'uc.hnl as a token of appreciation of bis scr vice? from bis nnmer.itw friends not only In tho Norih Division, hut other pon.ons oi the city, ft «a» hoped by his irlonrts that this expression or Itclr n paid wonld he an incentive to him to (oottnneas lalinlnl to bis trusts in the faturo as Le bad teen In ibe past. The Sergeant was evidently affected by the heartiness and sincril'y of the address, and re* a ponded In a brief and feeling manner, thinking bu mends for tbe splendid testimonial, and ex* pressing a wbbthalJohnS. (julnn, K»q., would >ay lor nun what be could not (hen asy (or him* self. Mr. Onion’s remarks were coached In most appropriate language, expressing the Slide felt by Ibe worthy Bcrgcant In ting considered worthy to receive so flatter ing a recognition or bis services. This Icclllc was shared by bla eitlmable family, and In their CKbsifh.i (t-anked tho friends ot Bergeant Jt nulugs fur this worthy token ul their esteem. A very graceful allusion was made to the happy do mestic relations existing In a household where three families bound together by the ties of con sanguinity «nd aflectlon, enjoyed each other’s so ciety in harmony. Tne silver, beautifully chased, bears Urn follow ing Inscription: “Presented to C. U. Jennings (Bcrgeantof Police). From bis friends. Chicago, J 867.” AficiftbeTspecch-making the company indulged In the solids and fluids which were provided for the “Inner man." and the remainder of the evening was passed In the enjoyment of pleasant soda] intercourse. THK KICKING IQUBDIIR, The Arrest of Black and Stlekncy—A Few Facts and Statements* Tho two men. O. W. Black and M. 8. SUckney, now held to await their transfer to Idaho Terri tory, there to answer to the charge of haring mnr dered James A Sicking, have been already written of at some length In these columns, particularly the former, on account of bis release from cus tody by Justice Wloshlp. Now that he Is again In Jail, It may be well to supply a few -additional particulars, in justice to all parties conccrnedand named in tbe reports previously published. Mr. B. C. \ aies, the well-known detective of this city, was the man who made the arrest. He was in Denver City for the purpose of bringing home (ho Inn Hamilton*, suspected of bavin?- been engaged in the robbery of (ho Elkhorn Bonk, and was staying at the Pacific House there when he was waited on by Mrs. Blcking. who de tailed to him all the circumstances of the death known to her, and. stating that the two men had probably ' come to wards Chicago, asked him to track them up. He came on with his prisoners, and. af ter baring put them In j*U, went out to Rockford. w berc be arrested Black, and then arrested SUc£ ney in Chicago. Mr. Tates give# as the reason wby Black was allowed to go to Rockford, that be (i ates) bad to pay the entire expenses of Black In the jail; that he intended him to be takento Denver as soon as the requisition should arrive, «nd had made arrangements with aniuiin Rockford to watch him closely, so that Black was really in the custody of Vales at the time. Mr. r ates is ‘‘out’’ to tbe amount of nearly one hundred and fifty dollars on tbe capture Justice WJnsblp desires us to give the facts In ihchmorr of this case so far as he was concern «♦.% » 1 !?. onld *1 e,at ? d the reference to State s Attorney Reed is correct only in this respect, that Mr. Reed was engaged In trying a. case when called on, and said that it was not his duty to leave that case and go to another. Since the release Mr. Reed has exerted himself in the n al.or to ihc utmost, with what result has been a ready stated, lhe following is Justice Wiushin’r* statement: To the EOUor of the Chicago Tribune: Ihe warrant In this case was issued February complaint ot B. C. Yates, (who Rom first to last ha* been the only prosecutor), and the prisoners bilckney and Black being brought be fore me, the case was continued at the request of ia er, and they were committed lor furtherex amlLßtlon. On the B‘h of February, having been notified by Captain \ates that he desired to bring the case up for further examination, I wrote an ?™;'; r , oi fu ectlDff Sheriff to bring Umm up. but they were delivered to Yates by the t>her aa ? rde f* .? te . prisoner Sttckoey '« out of his hands on a writ w„ Ac6<ca CoJ T’’ l *’ and Black, being brought before me, asked a continuance for ten days, which was granted to February 18th. On that .fay 1 Issued an order to Ining up Black for further examination, and he was Drought before me. and asked for a further continuance lor ten data, which (there being no oMecilon) was granted, and the case cobliuucd to March lst.atlp.m7 On this occasion (fcarifig that Captain Yates would not arrive in town no as to be Present, and that 1 mlebt have to discharge the prisoner, ‘for want ot Reception) 1 requested an attorney w for ?£?? lo ,?.V d demand a coniinoanco. The ne v/tM *u mlf obv ' iatcd J j y the appearance of •I . ,» most also have been on this occasion that Yates look him to Itoekfart “Sr be ever did lake him there). I $ course. know nothing of what was hm hufdiL °? c *’ Wlth tbo mittimus JJ co £ lm J I tt,0 ff iho prisoner for further ex- S!£!S? ttoa * °» :lß ,t Inst- I Issued the order which you published, and the prisoner was brought on by CapL Yates, who #Stad th.»>w! aeSnst him I N°tM 1 “ Uoa a ! ld decUned appear fZ siu«* remained for me to do; but to discharge a man against whom not a particle of crioence bad been produced, unless you claim that the statement of the Tnißtmn (In regard to bis baring confessed himself guilty) should be V^iL“^l3 dQn . ce ’ or . lhftt “7 eistcmcnts made by done? Cai * er conversation, was evf- You charge me with fal-ebood. Yon say “It ff” el'brr be possible that Charles n. ’ OOlllll In view ol ibe statute have do riinea to prosecute this care, on tbe ground that it wa* not a pan ot bis duty/* I thing Mr R«d IS il£ ar ? c < ? nl *. n lhat “tatemooL At the reqtre-t of Judge Carter, 1 called on Mr. Resd wiihnim talk with hlm b J{? o f,??h d) 0,81 lhe Jooge desired id taiK with him about thoio men who were arrested ? nrder * Mr ‘ need » a,d that he could notaUsnu to u on account of bis duties to -■“* >l.O th.l u m'SStjig. & SS?M ass to he discharged under a writ oT habtat cornm." I andV hi>wirll>f ll cb , tblng. 1 merely'stated thelact, Mdl hwonol 'o letrn from any one that that f « rotra,, \ c 7 ril ” ’r not Issued from any olh.r than a court ot record. J. Wnistnr 1 Bight Hours. A meeting was hold on Saturday evening at the rooms of Mr. Van 0?dcll In the Masonic Temple. The meeting wae of manufacturers and master bnlldrrs, and It was called to coailder if any measures are necessary tobe taken In viowofthn enactment of the Legislature prescribing the limit l ar * f V r * ? oTkla * d *y* when special co 2. tra sif - aro . nol made totliu coutrarr. i-onicllit* I’ric;’* moved, In amendment, that adcpUd da f the eight-hour ayslombe Ibis resolution was presented. Iho mover hav n‘S w t 0 bn l l£P ‘K® *ohJecl before the ? bcro was but little dtecusalon In the tb ? B®«®ral result being that the mas (er builders bavo concluded hereafter to par Iheir hltcd men by the hour. r . alc * raoved, In amendment, that hour racn be worked by . Tca rnr,bcr ,o ’" raai or lietiitced, That after the first davof Mar. ISB7. wc will consider eight hours as a days* work and wil! pay our employe* lor eight hours labor at ihc ten hour rale of wages, a* at present established. i«i# n », XBO r onor Mr ‘ A- W. Carter,theenUremat ter thus far presented was laid upon the table. On motion pf Mr. J. c. Dambled.m, Ibe Chair , il lrncled “PPOlnt a committee to report °. r contractor*, builders nnd StSr'ilv ~e' r 0( o'"'' 1 1 0 HL«hSEP° tat ?? flncb co “ralttco Messrs. n'JrJ C Pi ice, A. W. Carter, D. Goodman, Peter i.aaslday, iohn U. Van Osdell, Ea. Bailing and George lit*. 1 cvcnhag X next. Uß ,hCD adJonraed 1111111 Saturday Chicago In Skating; Attire, We hare not nnfrcqnently famished oar readers with the opportunity of being gratified as Bums wanted to be when he sang— “uh, wad some power the gtfile gle us To see ourselves as Ithors see us" by publishing descriptions of Chicago found In our exchanges. The following is a little ont of the usual line. It may do as Josephus did for P?“’ n . Ie Sampson, “for light reading.” It Is SSS.te.dL ta “- or ,h ' vapWrf “ When a cnatry feller goes In tu sec the city shows Be enjoys em. And they form a staple tale Till the enmin of the m n ij Half destroys I was up to see the sights, stayed divers days an nights On a bender. With my breeches foil of money. Bo and to snicker and be funny. And to spend ’er. I like the city well, And the tunnel. thatU-he*yy, But the takio * Thing about the corporation nasthe beautiful gyration Uy the ffkalir, I couldn’t get to enter bo I paid my fifty center In a hnffef. Bnl when I saw the suimmln. boothln postures of the wlmmln it was wuth IL There was fellows without number CuUln entley cues like thunder And a bobbin In.« °OL an hither, thither. With their cost tails in a culver Like a robin. But what made me kinder tingle, Cal( S- inj ’., brc . fllsj ‘ “dwiib 1 r 9 single, Was the lasses, wiih tbelr dresses Inches shorter Than snm people think they onghlcr, Makln passes. ’ Why l a little mis* Inycllcr Batted round nntll her feller Couldn’t find her. Then the gntu pereba critter Looked at me and Van to Utter At me kinder. Boyish blood I felt In plenty And my years crept down to twenty As she did it; v And I swow, 1 blove a sermon Couldn’t made no list determine To forbid IL With tbo whitest IltUe hoses Covering whiter I supposes As they bound cm, And a brace so slick and brassy Runiting np, and mighty sassy Bncklm round cm. Why I snickered out in wonder Ano 4i2?^ t t now who 1“ thunder' '> onldnt p]ory. GelUn appetites for dinner " Ith a sqntrmln little sinner Donkey-dory.’ Hut the likln ,I ‘°' Thing that flnmmnxed all creation "* i vro ! d ?. rfo ,l W«tlon Uv tbc ekaUn." Dig Oil Ntnke. DcarAicn mow imrott. Tho following dcspalcli was received by Joilih LombKd. I><1„ Trcunror of the Kmplie Mluinu & Oil Company: .lorUh Lomh.rt!, M,rth ’• ,Bin aoSW^'isa.s.'.i'd'S! 1 wcU ,o ri,hol °- K. G. UimAu, President, mu. LATtn. »*. , . *. . I’ithoix March P, IW7. u. M. Whipple, Esq., Secretary Empire Mining A OH (,'ompany: " The Hub/ Well doing SuO barrels ami Improving. . B. O.Kvxau. Pro. Moot. .i ? c prodncllon of this company Is now about 2L1? ,a,r,1 .‘ & r d * r * probably the largest of any company InPcnnsylranla. Y — - * ♦■. l 0^ T,<o Wm ' b Aoiocunon.—Tho mcmhonol in • Aoooclillou mot on Kilnnlijr nooning. In the U1.f.0, lloomo. In I'oiU«nd Block, for Iho nnr. Er.'f!' • insnUr uckcl lor tlio nnon -1o>>" hold Hiiutdijr, Mirth old. The SJ. r Vi” of «“"ri nomlmlod: of ! &orif.S!f;^ a ' orß ” w - T , {,,RO * of Merchant*’ Sivlnjj, Luin tad Itmi Companr. * wr. ! .? ~l« rr, i 7 lkT< Collier, derg/nip: William 11. Carter, architect; Kdirard Ponnaa. Ucnjtmm Wile/, ten mum BHellne fiDCSBnBNTS, Y in. rbu not so f«r lefi os as to Ire,,. s awaf.lihhlm u; ollurof lb. comm of inTm • thin »kiUn s _ih.t h.i"° bema. at d one of (bo pub. bu roUoS!,. br . Toe Wublrplon t. no more. In tho centre] n..t!!r Ibo clly the attraction. b«. bo.„ nicrone—embracing the Celtic, (be nJX , the sensational dramatic, fcmeflia hsE, .tiL.bttto.y on. No Vick ku’h Tuxarni.—Dan. Brrast th» commedlan, has departed of ter TiMjiceeH pond wesson of two w«-oUh. || c u ‘ VealvaU, the aacclflcenC’ who Monday evening tn “Hello Dcaonio e»t character. VestvaU has caused nulfel uirbS^wr I’’ 1 ’’ ' hansb s s^^-aTOfiS4*JV.»“S;s Jho principal features of the Museum bills dnrinS Jf 1 ? 0° Monday, a new sensation, entitled . Ibe Frozen Deep,” which has been some i In prenatatlon, nllTte forth. S?-t Urn. It bu been .nccMifnlij ptodoced tn SowvSt and In one of tbe Boston theatres, and from cue be. owed open It by the manj“em?ou we rn'il“ n cuo P ‘ t "" Jrtbe “ 'qbaUrcoMron Lotta.—This child of nature improved Into the woman of art, Is drattog wondertnUyat tho OoSa Ilonse. In a somewhat regular list of IrrernUr characters. The (act is thatt he ebarseter Isnoftini cither with her or to the audience. She ilijs Lotta always and the people go to see Loti? whose only charm Is that she dares to he artftufe natarai, even to laughing on the stage when others wontd keep a sober countenance. Lo*U plays Lotta on Monday night, using the words intended to by one acting the part of “UWe Thosccnery and appointments are new andher associates well up in their parts. The Co lib mt.—-Yankee Robinson’s Coliseum has drawn crowded audiences during the week a - nnmcro ? 8 * The two men on stilts give one of the most laughable entertain, menu we have seen in many a long year, and draw forth bushels of laughter, while the fonr horecactofMr. Perry and tbe doable riding ol Lillie Minnie are sure to bring down the house BpMbogfcatest attraction u the bareback riding ?f Mr. James Robmson. which is too well known by this time to need description. There is 0U» fad, however, with which the public may not oe acquainted, and that u that tbe champion rider will positively leave ns at the close of the week now just begun. Only six nights more la little enough of time for the thousands of those who admirer Robinson to see him once more In his unapproachable feats before be bids na adieu probably forever. Their high appreciation of Mr. Robinson s riding was manifested on Thursday evening by a few of his friends who presented him with a splendid gold medal as a parting token. DELICIOUS INTELLIGENCE, The one hundred and seventeenth meeting in h k! e ,} Christian Asso aatfon, wliloe held this evening, at 7)4 o’clock, w ,l L? n i? aa l Congregational Church, cor ner of North Dearborn and White streets/The cause will be presented by interesting speakers £ om a . Assodatlon, and by the pastor or the New England Church, Rev. J. P. Gulliver lhe following annonneementa are made forser vires to-day luthe various churches. A cordial Invitation la extended to all, and s*ato will be pro vided for strangera: EPISCOPAL. Tbe new Church of Su Mark’s, Cottage Grove, being finished, will be opened at 314 o’clock? with appropriate religions services. First Sun day In Lent. Divine service at lU*4 a. m. and 3J4 &”b lrSmt7 K ZT* Uclare ’ 7 * “• “• Church of the Atonement, located on the north cast corner of west Washington and Robey. Rev. s. Russell Jones, rector. Regular morning ser vice at iH o clock. Evening service m 7)4 o'clock. The holiday School and rector’s Bible class as semble at 2)4 o’clock. Rev. J. U. Rylance, of Cleveland, Ohio, will preach at St. James’ Church, corner of Cass and “■ “■ 1M P.m. Chriat Church, comer Michigan avenue and Twenty-fomthstreet- Rev.C. ClCbeney. rector, service In this church at 10)4 a. m. and at 7)4 o. m. Sunday School at 214 p. m. hj; John’s Episcopal Church, Union, park. Rev. U. N. Bishop, D. D., lector. Morning norviccs at 10)4 o clock^evcniugservices at7)4 o’clock. Ser vlets every Wednesday morning during the Lout en season at 11 o’clock, and every Friday evening al 7)4 o’clock. Sunday School at 9a. m. St. John’s Lake Street Mission Sunday School, No. 73 West Lake street, op stairs, commencing at 2)4 o’clock. 6 Church of the Holy Communion (Wabash ave- SVn’i?A C^ce^5 n .'J olph Bnd Washington streeta) will be opened daily at 12 o’clock (noon), during the Lenten season for a short service, composed of utany ti id a ten mmute lecture. The* different c ergyof the city will officiate. Monday, March of Grace Church, wul preach. St. bteiihen s Church, comer of Bine Island Av enue and Porqocr street—Rev. A W. Snyder, rector. Morning service at 13)4 a. m.j evening B^r* c eat7)4p. m. Sunday School at 2W p. m/ .There will be frill services at the Cathedral co . r ?« i : of West WsstungiCJt and j a> m- and 7*4 p. m. Ser f °™ d ai- BAPTIST. ~,^ C v| on _P* r k Baptist Church, corner of West Woehinston and Paulina streets. Preaching morn ft£“«* evening at luu and 7*. by the pSto?. Kcv. £. O. Taylor, babbulh School andßiole v? •*, m ’ *S fVer nteetiaga for Uic week will be on Monday, Wodneaday and Frl* day evenings. Mcoml Baptltt Church, comer of Morgan and Monroe streets. Preaching at 10H a. m. and 7U n. m., by the pastor, Rev. E. J. Goodspccd. Sah. rath School and Bible classes at 0 a. m. and 3p. m j oung people's meeting on Monday evening. Gen* erjlpiayer meeting on Wednesday evening, at 7J4 *i I “ dt “*Avcnna Baptist Church, corner ofThlr* t ctb street Rev J. A. Smlih. D, D.. pastor. Preaching at ll a. m. Sabbaih School si flw a. m. } oung people s meeting Sabbath at 3« and raes day evening at 7W o'clock. Regular prayer sabbath ani Wednesday evenings at 7^4 .NonhSlar Mission, comer Division and Scae. ■Mnu • C wT*’ Wr ® nn ' oastor. Preaching at 10*4;a. m. and C« pm. Sabbath School at Bp. S;J r iV c .i?/ d . Ilianc ?.2 r I,a PH Bm win *>o adminis* tcicd at the close of the evening service. Prayer and conference meeting Monday. Wednesday. Thursday and Saturday evenings; al 7K o’clock 1 here will be preaching at lots a. ra. and 7«s p. \tr »•''»> T* Bwwoort, of Wisconsin, at the Freo Wil ,DspUst Church, corner of West Jackson and Peoria streets. . cquauEoAnoxiL. Church, comer of Wabash avenue and Kldridge court. Kov. l„ K. Matson, pastor. Pub lie amlcm at iuub. m. and 74 p.m. Sabbath School ana Bible classes at 3p. id. Yonnc peo ple « prayermccting, Mondayevening. Con'cronce and prayer mcctlPjj, Wednesday evening. South Cbmeh, corner Calumet avenue and Iwcniy-sUth street. llev. W. B. Wright, pastor. Service* at l«u n. m. and 74 p. m. Habbath School and Bible classes at 3 p.m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening, Now England Church, comer of North Bear born and East White streets. Rev. J. p. Gulliver, panfor. J*nbllc services at 504 a. m. and 74 n. m. Sabbath benool and Bible classes at 3 p. m. *Con fcrencc and prayer tneeilntr on Wedneaday sven cv?nltijr°nnß I>eoplo,j! P ra^er meeting on Friday Salem* rhnrch, Cleavcrvlllc. Iter.C. D. Thomaa. pastor. l*nbllcscrvices at 104 «. m . and 74 p. m Sabbath School and Bible classes at 3 p m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. Union Park Chnrch, comer of West Washington and Reuben streets. Hev. C. D. Uelracr, pastor. Public services at 104 a. m. and 74 n. mf Sab bath School and Bible classes al3p. m. Confer mice and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. Young people’s {prayer meeting on Friday even ing. Tabernacle Church, comer of West Indiana and 1 Morgan streets. Hev. J, W. Healy, pastor. Poh- : He services at 104 a. m. and 74 p.m. Sunday School concert in the evening. Short addresses and singing by tbechildrcn. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 8 p.m. Young people’s prayer meeting on Monday evening. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday and Friday even- First Congregational Church. Bible class at 9 a. m. Communion services at 104 a- m. Preach ing by the pastor. Rev. Dr. Patton, who has re turned from Emope tho last week, after nearly a year’s absence, sabbath School concert at 3 n m. The pastor will address the children. Prayer- ; meeting each morning through the week at 8 1 o clock. ( Illinois Street Church, Illinois street, haiween Wells and LaSalle. Bible class for ladles am gen tlemen at D o clock. Prayer meeting at 10 o’clock. PreMhmg by Rev. James B. Danforth at 4 to 11. Sunday School and Bible classes at Bp. m. Ser wees m the evening at 74 o’clock. Mr. Chas/' M.MortonwiUspeak. Subject: “The Judgment MTnoniar episcopal. West Indiana Street Church, comer of Saaea. mon street Rev. Robert Beni ley, pastor, Ser vices aIIOW a. m. and 7H p.m. Topic for the evening, “Hfe to toe household.” Morning data at 8 a.m. Sunday School at sw p.m. « n .¥^ ATe 5J ie Cbl^ h - The pastor, Rev, R. M.HaUleld,wUlpreachln the morning on Whe Reasons why Revivals of Religion are not of Lonccr Continuance.” and in the evening on Ihc Peril of tbo Sleeping Sinner.” r^Sf.^TV^o! r H of 7^TD«f o ” r 4 S**>‘lcee at 10J4 a, m. and 7h p. m* Morning ser mon by Rev. j. n. fiaylba, of the Park Avenue '^H? ,cd 4t ?T® olr *T wmon by the naitor. Rev. H. Crewa will preach at the Park Avenue Church at lUWa. m., and at the close of the eer •mon will administer the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Sunday School at 2W p. m. AtTWp. m preaching by toe pastor, Rev.. J. 11. Bayllsa itayvrmeetingon Wednesday evening. Wrr^^Sn?"*' c^ rner ''’"hlngton. Rev. Dandy will Preach morning and evening. Sabbath School aid Bible class at a p. m in Lee. tore room. Prayer meetirg at 6w p. m. Centenary thnrch. Rev. C. 11. Fowler panor. Tubing at 3(bi a. m. and 7W P.m: Sabbath School at 2 p. m. Love Feast Monday night. Preaching cveiy evening throoghont the week ex. ceptmg Monday and Saturday. rßKtnrmuAx. «* Scotch Presbyterian Church. Rev. Charles Klliotl, D. 1)., Professor Presbyterian rheological bnniutnr. *lll preach in St. George's llsll. 228 booth Clark Street, at low a. m. aud 3w p. m. Jefferson Park (O. S ) Presbyterian Charch meets temporarily tor worship tn the Free Will Baptist Church, comer of Peoria and Jackson rireels. Rev. Robert Patterson, D. D , will preach at SH p. m. Sabbath School at 3W p. a. Prater meeting Thursday evening at 7H. Third United Presbyterian Church, North Side between Wells and FionkUn streets, on Superior Pastor, Rev. John S. McConnell. Public wonhio al low a. m. and 74 p. m. Sabbath School aud Bible elm** at 8 p. m. Cavalry Pretbyleritn Church, comer ofTweniv second atrect and Indiana avenue. Services at Sunday School at 19 m. Woettninetertbnrch. comer of Nor b Dearborn and Ontario ttii-tls. Preaching mcming and eve ning by the pastor. Professor Swing. Moth Presbyterian Church, on ElHi-Avcnue comer of Oakland street Services by the raator Rev. A. Eddy, at 104 a m. and 7H p. m. iinonßOUGux. Xew JcroMlem Timplc, on Adams etreef. near the lake. Servlets at lOtf a. m. and 7«iP m. Subject of evening dUcoum*. •• 1 he Sacrsraents ” i rc« Church. corneT or TUrty-lhlrd street and hankakce avcnne. Services in Germ an at 10« a. o. English at a p.m. 71 .urnriniAy. vnii. uia*i • Church of the Meeslas. coroor Wabash arenas and Hubbard coni I. Iter. Robert Lard Collier, pastor, Morning service ai 104 a. m. Vesper* at • K p. w. Lolly Cbnrcb, comer of Chicago arenne and Dearborn street. Her. Mr. ElUoTt, of si. LouU. will preach at li'4 a. m. CATtIOUC. V A A IIUI«IAf« Lenten Lectures—Rev. Father Deßllccko, S. J., will deliver on each Sunday evening daring commencing to-nlglA, at the Church ol the Holy Family, on Twelltti street, a lecture upon the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Lectures com* rnence at 74 p. m. . xiscxLLAintors. United brethren. Rev J. K. M. Looker, Treat* dma’Elder of the Chicago district. Rock River louferencr, will conduct the public somcea to* ~s-1.11.1. Chmch, Dr. D. II Smith will m * ,n ? w 11 ■ m., to the church lion.. . h?~u , /! cc “ , ' ,r ' 1 "I u "' »l. Jm Kpl.cop.l cil.iliVctV* " r ”‘> bc, '"' l ‘ Miction .nd lilt *lcm'n™',,^. 01 '“'“ t nolch Church, comer of I!S.i j, r'o-cf, Ko«. Dcm* ntesi. Jr., Pastor. Service* at tou a. m and 7u p. ni. Sabbath School at 24 p.m. * (butch of Hod. Warren and llobey streets. Preachlng by the pastor, llrv. a. X. sYoenakerl at 1* 4 a. m. and •?t p. m. Sunday Hcbonl at tt4 Prayer meeting at op, m. General prater rnrellng every Wednesday evening at 74 n m subject Sunday morolng, •• biiigion*!* «f p p” r *. .Tf'f' ««■> »«d onlln.nco ratrUnr will bo held on Monday evening at ?u o’clock 44 "* Indrperdent Hoclrijr. Chiu. A. llmrdoD Will leciaie at Washlnsum Hail, Washington Street! opposite the Conn llonse, at "VS o’clock H Cljnrcb of the llcdccmcr (UnhersaUst), comer of Wet Mublcrton iiid Kinstmon l i nk^l iSp*S*- ** Her,J ‘ K * su Johc * •* *■SKS lira. Addle 1- Ballon, of Wisconsin. imnir*. tlooal speaker, will lecture at Crosby’s MtutcUall aI«H p. m. * Spiritualists Meeting at Crosby Uulc QaU. Children** progressive Lyceum convene* at 10‘( a. m. Cooforeace tp. m. Dr. Leo: Miller, b? Boston, lectures in the evening. Subject “ Thn Law* of Ule'*—by request. A Washtmrtonlan 1 cmn**ranco meeting will ha held at (be Borne, No. 571 West MadUoa utrecL this evening at 7 o clock. s Yoane People*. Colon Prajtr toMtlnirlo hrld this evening In Room No. IS of the Young Men’* Christian Aasoclallun, *'Ulhea«t corner of dark and Washington streets, st7>< o'clock A meeting will bo held In the Old Hoard ol Trade Hall on booth Water street at 11 a m. Newsboys and bootblacks are especially lunlod LOCAL MATTERS. The Benowoed Clairvoyant Ninters’ National Cancer inetliale and Magnetic InOrmarv 36S Wabash avenue. Instantaneous cures of many diseases, by tbe healing power. Patienta cured of cancer, conanmpUon, asthma, rhenma- Usm and other aitcosoa, ca*t be teen duly. Corn* Bxtractcd Without Pain.— Corn*, Bunions. Enlarged Joints or Incrowln? Nells. Go to Dr. Krmaow, office HD Clark street Dr. K. has operated on the feet more thau sixteen years in Barton and Chicago, Rooms for ladies The “JEtna” Nolaclewa Lock-stitch Sewing Machines, for family and manufacturing pnrpoees—Western office, W Washington street Chicago. J. H. Lrnow, Agent. ISABBI BD. XL thl. cltT. ot tie rala-Dceor P.ul Dcnnli, n. on Thursday evening, March ?th. by Eev. E, » rotth?r£ tor Bt. Mark’s Cottage Grove. Mr. EDWARD vf C * »*? KINBON and ABMK F. DENNIS, all of Chlca« In this city, on the 9lh lose, at Fullertin avena* Church, by Ilev. Dr. Lord. MtTXIKXANDEK i CAKTUY and Miss JANE DELL, aU of Lake Vle w* In this city, on tho Bth last- at the Tih.m.’n. Rev. J. W. Hcaly. A?J*hilsKL\s P% EmmotSnVvt. M 1“ “ MA c - ULUFrEiiftr AtLockporL onthstth tntt., by n» y t n n.x.n Mr. WiL LAUDS, of Carlyle. Ulf and LomsfiPeMMt SS liL * »««». »S“5 jSS* DIED. Kyan. ° ltr ’ ° B 0,6 tXh Uat ’ ilica Aßl* SPARE, aged The inneral win Uke place from the family r*.u gence,2»ThUd avenue, March 10th, at l^o^ixk, -At Genera, March Bth, of heart disease, awtr °‘ J - C - w *“»-««VSS amusements. QUOSBY’B OPERA HOUSE, lasi sianxs or the lotta. end antll farther no a cc. tbennr c SJ^i , '?.r»’A ma ,n F . onr Act> f suggested b/ an “pl« LITTLE NELL. LUtie Kell and ) The UsrchlooeM ( Act I—Dinner for three. Act ll—The ** Old Curloilty Shop.” „ Art m-Fatr at Illgbgato Art IV—Will of Daniel Quiip, Sen. Owlngtolta great length, “LITTLE NELI." «-m consulate the evening's entertainment. aflSSt aSSS <!5Sf.V im “* ,c “ crr ' «"*“• ic - UNCLE TOM’S CABIN. McYICKER’S THEATRE, CKEH ft MYEHB MANAGERS. Engagement ol the renowned Lyric Artiste, VESTVALI, SwMDESlffilisfo?” Bro “ B " m ’ s SW'tKOl.r AtEt10..,,,..., Vntrall s&'lS’lS&uSSS'' «“* Sow-MTiS .re u. OKIOASD. Filday—Benefit of Veetvali. Saturday—Vca trail Matltee. nOL. WOOD'S MUSEUM. cbt. J. H. WOOD . . SSS’Sf.s? *■>«“«<• a BARRY * J“7. J 0 ? 0 !? dr »ma, by WUkle ColUcs. with rare mechanical effects, noe pictorial Illustrations. intro* ro^&We.S. 8 ? 2 ** BWP.MPiSSiwtolonaw 10 fOiany weeks, to crowded boos». H 2? d * y evening, March U, will be produced with ?ftJn.!J2 erT^ ,l 5 w winery, chemical Hghu. new eatltlei THE FROZEN S>M A QUIET FAMILT 1 "’ ““ W “ or "= ,Ml <*». .t I wSSES!? I S A J >AJ SH. EBODS 0 no » Pi*7»e at WaUack s, N. l w with great sne* - *"*, v ’ " ■y-AIUETT THEATRE. An Entire Sow, Elegant and AttraotlTo Entertainment. inn Deactiful piece of 20 Years of a Drunkard's Life, WASTED FOB THE BALLET, A FEW STORE LADIES. GRAND BALL. ' A Grand Ball will be held by the Hibernian Benevolent Society, of Chicago, AT THE MUSIC HALL (Crosby’s Open Build's), On Btondny Evening, March, 18, 1867 tF^sSfc^°i7H ,lte e «? Arrangcmcn’A will spare no paii to make It one of the most p;eaiant nail* ol the sea»oi Ticket* admitting a gentleman and ladf, 81 To be had at the door on I tie ercnlng of the Dell, or (rots any Member of the Society. 1 n*nd. U ‘~ MQJIC hT 1110 orcat Western Light Ouard VANKEE ROBINSON'S CIRCUS .1 ANDMfiNAOEma. vinuuD K<s«ng»genicnt. acd poaitlrclr the Last Week of the Mr. JAM *\B lUJDINSON and n s tou CLAUKSCK. Monday ermine, March tlth andcreryevenlngduring the week, and Wednesday anemoot a. Menagerie open at all hoan auction Salco. A. BDTTEIIS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants M * 40 HANDOLPH-HT., Between State**;. and Wabuh-ir., Hnldregnlar lain, at their laJearoooi, oi DttT GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES. AC Erery WEDNESDAY and THDUSDAY. FUkNITPRB. CAUPETS. erery SATDBDAY J£LEQANT HOU8BBOZ*!) FVBNZTVBS, -A-t Dwclllnff 138 Fourtli-av. AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY. March 1», at 10 o’clock a.m.,w« ihall v ll fLt,re Furniture contain.-* tn Houss N > law Fonrth-av., ccnilHlng of elegant Parlor and OTAPLE DRT GOODS. Bools and Shoes, noop Skirts, Yankee Notion*, 45., AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY. March Uth, at sv o’clock, at Hntt«v baltsrooms, 44 and 46 Randolph st. K Bnttera A. RUTTERS A CO., AucUoneera. T ARGE and desirable stock of Cloth, log. Cloths, Cassimerea, &c n v,oin AT AUCTION, On WEDNESDAY, March ISib. at 9v o'clock, at n„t ten’ balorooma. 44 and 4 B Randoiph-at. il Dut * WM. A. BUTTERS & co„ Anctloaeers. The entire DBT GOODS WnCCHBEROEB BBOInEBS, dun«td b,u,,1 1w AT AUCTION, ’.'Sb , r ”c:s?ffi‘“” oru ‘ 01 owo*3Sffl. Auctioneers. JQANIEL SCOTT & CO., AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS 164 linker cor. LaSalle, Chicago. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned far salo. Out-door aala promptly attended to. PJIATTLE MORTGAGE SALE-On \ Monday. Starch it, at 10 o’clock, at nn, .rVII ;S“‘- ”■ 77 “ d 7 » ™'» •>, SsSdJgS GOODS & CBLA.TTI.ES of Emile H. Donaldson, consisting of a lot ol Miwi Dros^uand Wool CiroSi 4 Wiusa'a Sewing* iffi rJ.nL2‘ r « DCT ‘Ed Ornamental Ocod?. *c. sSS? J, lIKAHKI «!; CO., Auctioneers. A At Daniel scott & x\. CO'SRoom*. le iUkeSslrtcU 11 * TDKSDAY, .TKAHCIt 12th, 1867. DANIEL SCOTT i CO., Ancuottm.

RUCTION. Tuesday. March 17th. at 10*. m *, Co ’sKooms, 164 Lane-at. Dry goLiV Caaalsrtrc*, sheeting*, Phlnl dg. f pfi bthrifttZ Dree* gtods, Boot* and Sooes.ic *r ttU ’ Cotto ° DAMEL Anctloee^ A UCTION-Al Dnniol Scott & Co.’s X\ room*. 164 Lake-at— Tuetday March i* tear •> 10*. m. Beam, weight*. ura. 4 “!h" mo runt, pin machine*, ilaba. AC- Ac. The chatties of a ehnmat ■J.’?ss!f’J* r f* PASTEL SCOTT A CO-AnctloSSy* * cd arn «“L A COTION. KisrtT.*£nsy .asa^asfsSsr^ssa^fis: PANIEL »COTY a co.. Auctioneer*. RUCTION, V4S!?I" fg>« * tSoJ.T'.?”"- «"»»TSa.a;S: PANIM, BCOTT A CO.. Auctions O ILRERT & SAMPSON. 1 VjT Oeneral Aocuoneera. 47 and 40 De*rborn.«L superior *ec»d*bahd and new Fnrnlturo, Rich Curtain,, & e „ ataitctiox. On TDEBDAT, March n. at ip o’clock at . . roc-m*. 47 and 4I» l»«»fboriMt- comi.M’”* a»aorttrmt ol Kumltura fbr * ,rf ! Dtnlug Doom, trcimllng a great ranrtr'nr i r Jli r vf"' blotop Chan her bnlteas u f fill £f r ' dnwa rich, heary Curtafnt; al«o. *jot oiui! 'J2Rl Dool*. fine BiticTc itnjgy, T|J'* n C??! OiHda. uanKltT A MAMfMiX. An rjILBEI.T AND SAMPSON ~ U u.mrti 40V., Mn ,... 60 Ciatci Crockery, A 2 ®2_?oies Ola,aware, AT AUCTION, On Til I*ll,o AY, M.rch Illh.nt n ( i'rlv, ... „ , .17 «n,l .in iv.rl«n,‘.t° 1-'™- (Irarlte ware.innpm Into, fotti.nn# «r vr t llu aaiortn-eiM of Tolloit*. Dinner and Tc* W*h. < 7J, ,I ?,«rF title* to auUdealen. ,M«o, 5» t-otra alifT.’ ,‘I?.? 0 ’ Uiaaawam. il«v.|arackedfortha rlftl llQt ’‘U-imirr, T 3rt, REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, BelU, MONDAY, at 10 o’clock, at lale.rocou. Wow and Bocond-hand romituro, LOUMaSB.MArrUA4SKi.ACt 13U8ine»s (gflangeg. FOB SALE—Hotel, desirably located. having Irom W to ® boarder* tod Irom BO to 100 tractirot guests. Bulking*. lurnltoro, lot*.yards and iubfrt (or *13,0C8. Addict* JOHN W. ÜBUUITT, fflULirpQD, 111 T>OU SALE—The principal flirnlture ' »lore and stock In the largest Interior town in MinsnoU. The hatlaest has bscn established ten rears, and an investment of fI,OOO to 110,1X0 win real* Ire a proOt of iro per cent In one year. Address, tor DafUeolar«.*TZiV* Box 3561, Chicago, HL T7ot< SALE—An undivided interest in a P fint-class holiness (wholesale) on South Water* ■l Capital repaired, abont *19,000. This Is a rare chance nr a good man. Address “ IV’ Box 1087, Chicago. Unavoidable absence tfom the city the rea son qi selling. FOR SALE—The oldest and best Jew elry store la Waakngan. 111.. doing a very good husuw. Term* e**y. For partkolars, Inquire oi vj. b roNDERG * CO„ Wholesale Dealers In Walchta ud Jewelry, 134 Lake-si, Chicago, lU. FOR SALE—First-class grocery, doin~ a paying business, at 163 West Madlaon-sL Bat* Ufietury reason lor selling. FOR SALE—The stock and fixtures o( the store 103 Lake-su mut be closed out m ten 4ayi, as the store wll be remodelled fur other bail* uesi. Thestcckls new and deilrahie, and embraces everything In the line of fancy goods, notions, pertatne rlM.Sc. Will be sold at a sacrifice, orwouldexchaiice jar real estate In aty cr coantry. For particular*, ap* ply op premises. F)R SALE—Live paying business, IC3 Lakfrit, op stairs, far aale, part cash, balance on time. A rare chance for an established business. Wonld exchange fbr real estate la city or country. F'OR fcALE—At Kankakee, 111., on the Illlsoli Central Railroad, a stock of hardware and Unnera* materials. The owner wishes to retire from bmtncsa, on account of 1U health, and will lease the store lor a term of years. There are six rooms above the store, and a good basement with three room* Located In the centre part of the clly. a rare chance Ibr a Party wim some mj*aa. For further particular* address “r O D," P. O. Box 111, Kankakee, 111. * FOK SALE—A^irupstore, medical nruc* ace end residence. A rare chance for a ohvu. aan. A large practice guaranteed, a finely assorted itockofdregs. AtifbrftAOO. AdCress"Fl*VVK" Reading. LI Tings ion Co„ m. * r » v », T?OR SALE—Cheap—Saloon and board- I 1 Irg house In the best location of the dtr allcvn. plete. with cne of Brunswick *Br"Vihtrd^i« rosewood Rmr-poeket billiard tablcsjnst boueht new! The above will be sold cheap, on account of thonro. prletor lUrIIDK for Ibe T-rrttarlf.. Sbi on VjM. Ing ft>r one year from May next. Pnco ti rtfl in. J ‘ “• A DBO^fVa-BiS: FOR SALE—s£oo —Saloon stock and t° r 1200. ia a good location, at 7i T79S J ?,4J l ?r“X ule S Rr Works, with lease Improvements, comprtsmg steam boiler, mash tabs, termeotug tabs, Ac., all of which i« In perfect worldog order, by which vinegar can be made Irom corn. >orghum or cider, at a very low nrlce Riwin SS&M* 04 o t* “•?* u seldom mm with,* and will be soul very low. inqnlre at No. BO North Dearborn-st.. between BJO andlOJO a. m. ° * orm FSKSALE —An established drugstore, JhII good business. Besson "DBCoS!sT^inCSofficf‘ , "“' !,li:U1 ’- Aato " PJS.SALB— The good will, stock and fixtures ci a Crst*class retail drag store, ail tn ?r?f I j&ShV ,to ? led,n a location tabSdft cf fct. Joseph, Mo, Lease 2H *ears to ran. at lov rat/ Forlurilier JufoncaUcn, toqulteof J. M. VT JOVEs! SUiloner, 42 and -14 Dearborn-su, Chicago. HI * Eb * £tock pf witches, lewd ry. silver pitted ware. 4c., all floe modL'ind af tooo styles, with A No. 1 fixtures for eameTandbLSS i!MffglsS£ * ..MISS LOTT A. p'OB SALE—WeII- assorted stock of dry pOH SALE—The stock and fixtures of B ~ C - MOiIET ‘w-sS SAXE—Stock oi hardware, stoves, and tlnwsre, 130 miles from Cfilcago.'nlace of? son Johsbljyjts, In one C! the finest form regions in the ■nftmi abont 13.CC0, all in good oraer, well as* ‘°'*°‘ ra 01 Fl:iNK ’ ‘jC'OR SALE—The stock and fixtures of if^A.- cr - 0 S ery w* t ? prodQC « «d ccmmlsslon store, that BttmSMWSSS. A c=Mce - j- ’t'Oll SALE—Photoumnb traitor —*- beantirni city. TO miles weiVof Chicago* finely fitted up, well stocked with instruments and is Sn» B aA R »m 55 BsUgfactory reasons for eel* gyri m?m*b W?,* 0 d iV*.*™* bargain. Apoly at Chicago? 5 Pbotoprapll G »hcry, 121 South Clarlf-sl* FDU SALE—One third or one half ol a mannfoclarlrir business will be told at a great MQnlrcd.from two to three thou* sfolrs do ar *’ Apply at 2G North Jeflerson-st,, up pmLB-Btotl, fislnies and good J-. wilt, tncludlngone year’s rent, for twelve ban ißc*! dollar*, at the best location on Sooth Water «t iSsa* 1 n SJi™* 1 ’ * Dt! do * ceneral commission btisi- fW 6emts * Addxcs * E ' T " TT^ B ®ALE—An old established Yankee F)R SALE—The lease, stock and fixtures ol in old cstabll* hed Confectionery store: aw. tadtrs amt genla’ Icecream *aloon. One ol the tics will fira thts oce of the bc*t chances. Good reas f^^o?2as,§ttte*<lt For a P p, r oa Pfea- Jfor Sale. T79i? —At the Lake Tunnel—One o ?L r f^ lne:, * ndupnK,,ttQbo, » r ‘>oß"* *" MW.HwelKWilaiiM ’"i I S , . S 5i e *^ T r 5 ! ,« weighing 23 »s. to the yard. 3 fire, well-broken }onng tnnlna. genruig 1 * *° d * Mtfl ‘“Prosed hotating apparatus and 75 core, capacity l cubic yard. A large lot of tools. A lot of iimbor and lomher. connected A tot of cast and wrought scrap iron. BULL ft OUWAN. Contractors, Office, frhore shaft LakaTunnel. F)H SALE—At the Chicago Driving Park, P/rond-hand lumber, cor»l*tTne of board* J .h« t^< S. nl,,n,r : rtc ~ * ll thorotijthlr (w**«or*>rt. Al«o V 1 ® '‘Oltdinßa known aa •• Floral Rail" and -South p?uno«u fttro * ,cqulro 01 c - A. FoBsVTUE, on the A Inquire at Bugar I{> ftnery. North Water •«., near the pier. * FOU SALE—New milch cows, nnd fill cow* taken In trm*e. Call at did North Clark, •u cornerDirluon. K. R(KMU. ciara- 179,? ®nck. Apply at A. J-l and JO Wot natblngton at., up-gtilra. XT' o*l SALE—Cheap—Oood Wheeler & JL. WI.MO hewing Machine. Inquire at 233 State- —Two Phelan Cushion Bil* FOR SALE— Two sets ol Tea Caddies. t'OR SALE—ShoTV-cases (silvered) and ,(2 r “Je* Alao a mall Herrlnc safe srv/W^ c . Wl £ er i!#‘ a Call *"<l *** them at E. 11. Oourt lloMc rC * I '°* 0011111 Clark -*U oppo3lta the ■p'Oß BALE—Cheap lor cash 40,000 lbs «J otlle<i So»P. marts by the Chicago CarKJicSlamilictnrmz company, Office 4ft w^fQugy^t! 1 -* 1 - ffKXor * 00 Archer At. ■pOR SALE—A Confectionery Store in JL stood location, and dome a rood bsulnMs. will Ct aold cheap. Apply at 174 atatc-at. FSR SALK—One silver plated show caa?. fire foot lore, at 14d Siste-at. partners fflJHanteb. T>AUTNER—Wanted—Competent to X . take charge of and ran a carriage manufacturing basinets in a tnrlvlng city on the Mlnlatlppl River. To a man who can put In a few thousand dollars an opportunity la offered to *fp into a weil-oalabltsh*! ““Jnesa, running SO hands. An energetic, rellaole middle-aged man more of an object than the amount 01 capital. Beat of references given and required. Address “CARRIAGE MANUFACTURER." Tribune "PARTNER —Wanted—Silent or active, X to establish a first-class mercantile speciality In win city, by a gentleman or thorongh practical experi ence, about flo,ooocapital required. For an Interview sed roll particulars please call to-day. Satnrdav and Motday atwEtns bewug Machine Rooms, 97 Wash ington** t. PARTNER—Wanted—ln a wholesale I. commission stare. with f 1,500 to £2J300. Man be tempmte and wiring to work. Room 3, No. 4b South Clark-st. lARTNER—Wanted —An encnretic JL man, with 1300, to *ake a half Intmest in an es tablished bu'ineM, paying a law profit. Apply at SPEER & DRQ.’S, 107 South Clark. * 1 "PARTNER—Wanted—About $l5O will X purchase one-halt Interest In a first claas paying business—parties wishing to eo away. Apply st No. 133 South Clwk-su Boom 3- "PARTNER—Wanted —With a cash cap* X Ua] of £3OO to take halt interest In a pood paying pnilros*. Addicts L. MERCHANT, 130 Clark-it., Room 7. "PARTNER —Wanted—To take onc-hali J Interest In the b*st paying hotel la Chicago. An -slil£JaCO at 130 ScnlbClirk - ,t ‘« 7 - AJ. PARTNER—Wanted—An eslraoidioa- J iy opp'rtualty for making money. A good man. with frtW eaih. can as'ociate with a first eltsj panoer. In an WtaMi.bec basinets now paylug well. Address. tor three days. AMPLE. Tribune office. llcrsonal. ‘p.hßrfON’AL—A rpsrectiblo lady, ol 1 hUh cducatioa an: refined muiQtrt, would like to come a h”n»ckcepe», nst servant. ftp a gentleman of, nr to trsre.. address. with confidence. •* Vlf*. M E.” Chicago Pott Offlrc. PERSONAL —Parties holding copies ot a sporting psp-r ls«od or Mr. Andrew* rim* rc»r» ace, or anr similar lamed In this cur, win be *e»i paid lor iteesite by addwing’‘TUV’Trl. buce office. T>EKSONAL—A “ poor but honest” thalea-n*hDbrcvtby theiweatof hi* brow, wishes to become accounted with some lady. apiiS.CMa.yii^ o ' ll - laait “ "PERSONAL—Lizzie, I saw Fanny ves- I today. She had juatcomefrom nitchcxk*Vdnje Were, where *bc had been presented with a ctuouer. beard beratuc she pnrebasert • cake of Kina’* Cold Cte*m Soap. All the girls near the corner of ilarmon conrt andfcratc-jc are going there, as the presentation Igcxlmdco to all. , PERSONAL —William, Uml beautiful I innw.whiie appearance of Ornry’s ihlrt« waa oh. talofd hr tulrg so*n made by the Chicago Bmp and Candle Matmlartnnng Company. 1 will b* thrre ai you propose. LILLIAN. ** Cortrsponiirncc ffijaanfeb. pORRESPONDENCE—Wanted—The v 1 otdcr»l#rcd. being aeiandsoroo yonng ladrotn with llcht h*|r and blue etc*, an orphan, desire* the •rqnalLtaoce and kind sympathies of «om" orphan genllnuan. Don't forget this ureeliu* can. ik.*... men* exebanred. Andreas Utu JANIE B. tVnt Branch Pest Office. Chicago. * eu pianos. IT'D RENT—Pmnns, Oroms and Mdo -1 deon*: ala.\ new and aceond-fcand Plano* for as'e on time partnent*. roceired in Installment*, w. W KIMBALL, 6J tTaahtnttonat. r PO RENT—Pmeosand molodcons. All 1 kind* of mnrtunenl* tuned and repaired h» com. Ru nt woram-n. Piaeoa mored and twxed. WU. IL iUSSKIL t.’IO Ciark *»• Straccb anb Stolen. O TRATED—Or Stolen—slo Rcwaid- H Ot>ihe3HU>pf Febm»rr. a larre red *oi whPe Cow. with larnheni'.atwul.ll year* old, and giro* *<>n.e lo quart* <ir milk par day. Ihe a?»re reward •Hi be paid for her return to *JH6 West Adamswt. JHAAC il. MOLDRS. printing. piiINJINO, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. VkrillilMf*rd«lii Work el Aar Deaerl*- U»i Vaewaallod la the City* &o Bem=3gouaeg. TOSfT-®- two-rtory and base- T 7 flrat *dMS new house, No. an t Jt || y,* C4at « 10 a Orst-o an ten- CUrk-Tt. ~,LUM“ IN°i, Room 10 Vo. 133 South r | nret-class brunch-roof w 0 desirable houses, cast BP&amßs T°,Vn^.T~ h J!rlcl s dw “ llu >S house, No. A-^,i r i! y. o.uuxrEi^ TOPENT-Fimuinre for Bile—A new T°.f,fi?sT- Two - stot y lram ° T t L I . i ' E i NT ~ imnlsllHi house, Nonh T 9„ ilouse i partly lurniihed, f ‘"iSsiLfor izSw i'SSiiV. ar , e fi ar °f cronmL with an aoundance of ?I?d tt * c^ t4 T tor h °r»« an(l **ows, poultry c *. —b*pil terms will be made with a rean>nsi. SSiIPS-iw r r OIiENT-Fin cn ew house on Pnikav., S rOOlll *> * bedrooms, 2 marble house on South RENT—Neat cottage, containing 7 'T’O RENT—Enck dwelling, 013 State* ?1 a Qulwr-'t. 311,313 and TH S^TT- C^l« e dwellin ff on" North 2To Kcnt==ivDoms. TO RENT—Fcur neatly furnished lode* Ins rooms. Cent low. Apply at No. 311 Fourth- TO RENT—Furnished rooms, with or wirhont board, at 133 Statc-sL, suitable lora iany or gentleman. TO RENT—Room, central and very de sirable. Fnrnltnre will be sold, if wishel. in wnole or In part. Address “E,” P. Q. Box laffl. T® RENT—Corner room, 50 by 100 1 feet. In fourth story of Reynolds’ Block, corner Dearborn ano Madl«m-«l*. Ua* ea*t, west and north Apply to QDIiIoY ft HAWLEY, No. 7 Roy. no ids* glocx. • 'T'O RENT—Nice furnished room in I Reynolds’Block for sale cheap for cash. Address A B, Tribune office. TO RENT—Three rooms, No. 125 West Rmdclph-at. Inquire in store. TO RENT—A private family near Union Park will rent a furnished room, without board. *^.9. De - °. T . - l ? wim nrswdau references! Address JA, Trlbnne office. 'T'O RENT—Furnished rooms, -without J. board, sal table for twoor three yonmr man. Terns EISSm at 77 Fourth-av., between Van Bwea i?d 'pOKENI'-Puraisned mom, at No, 53 a o RENT—With cas and good hoard, A one »tUe of furnished rooms; also, n-e single c,^ J Loca,l V v J". bcactlfm—Weit Side. For particulars, address ** j H.” Box C 65. T° —A nice suite of furnished *‘5 0m ». °p Dearborn-st., near pottofflcc. Farat- SiSg.**"'•> -00 Lake- T 9 A nice furnished room. Can be seen by applying at 114 Monroe-at. —Furnished lodgings, with- J;. -?,?* *° Penilemt-n only. l*vas*ntrooms. rooms, without board, at 143 southWUls->t.,to genilcmen only T 0 tarnished rooms, EoKrnfcStovcs, ©fflrcs.^r 'T'O RENT—Second and third lloors at J- 30Lake-»t. Appiy toPHELI'S. DODGE ft CO, T'OnENT-Ucek and yard, 100x301) ft. 1 Good location for lumber bailnpMi. For partial lars. Inquired mos.ooopwiLUE, North I*ier. T 9 KENT—Steam Power and room 50 nA. 4 K°? d P° l “ l »'*'■ M«I aoi door hn«l- L!B,*No^thKer CtlUr,toa,llre °* Tflo3 - OOODIYIL- T ( L?S 1 ? T r A first c’ass brick Store, .'ffcs£?.. 8, i ltM . t “ next do<,r t 0 c °nier Twcllth. to ,ih ,ar K« rooms In rear *uiun;cr>r DOUSE o*l 0 * 1 manu^*clurtc l» lljo P<- Apply at JEUVJS T) RENT—The second and third sto rt*s Oil 02 Lake-it. Tlie locaUnn and rooms arc bi? narUM l> n<Cwi o Ann t iV l None bat reipauM® premUea” BWd app y ' toT PWhcalars, Inquire on 'T'O'RENT— Power lor scroll saw and ■ml i nsSsiss*i at: V?’ V M ** h Factory, corner Twelfth and Lumber-sU. Need not apply for other purpose*. TO RENT—Choice offices lor physicians drnmij or lawyer*, No*, a tod «. t*J and ij» A ** l » 'O KENT—Second Floor—The whole A r V l'j iTm: .Vo i l . * 'i. s u ’• h ' v ' tr7 ' T 0 KENT—From May Ist,second D ior, omn’i wells. oolo '' “ '*“• 01 TO RENT—Store on Dearhorn-st., near Madison. l’ouc*<lnn Mar tat. Annir tn uitim BV & HAWLEY, No. 7 Iloycoldi' Block. * ** 'T'O KENT—Stores Non 131 nnd 138 I) ?l5 0,n ,t - Inquire of R. MANIKUIIR. at the omccof Tbompaon Ahuhop. 78 Doarboro‘»t. RENT—Store and basement, 45 l Wabam-arc. Po*te«lon Mar i*i or iwhr* IcDOI'GALL, NICHOLAS A ABBOTT. 37 Uk£?t! TJ KENT—To oood tenants—Stores 117 ind 110 Clnrlc-it Store and naoement 12.1 uvarhora-it. store# and rtwrllln-n 100 ami *llll Clark : it. Stores and dwelling* Is 7 ami 107 Clara _Stor® Md . dwcHrp# *2OO sal 3l;i Clarfc-«t. SUte-#t., noMetwl-m at once. 8. I at U O7 CTart*»t‘ App,y *° J * M> " A|U HALL, '^OUEN , T r j KENT—On a lease of 20 years, 80s -- JWfret on WMhinffion-«i., Imiwmi WeiM aod rtankim-ita. BEKS * AYKES? office lO Crosor* Opcrb ilonre. 1 Boarding. TJOABDING—A few gentlemen can X 3 find plevant rooms and good board, at 227 Michigan near corner North btate, and convenient to business. Terms moderate. u.ciucui DOAKDING—A lew young gentlemen Nottl) bo#Td * nd e ““ at room* at 102 "pOARDING—-One orlwo gentlemen de- J-i ol » comfortable home, excellent board, wl'h a fine large liont room. In a reapectable family! hvlne on Wabasb-av., not very far from Post Office! Best references required. Address “ c.” Box 1320 POARDING—A lamily who will buy X 4 furniture (nearly new) fbr one room can secure an excellent boarding p-ace, near Onion Park. Ad dress "T V.” Tribune offl:e. pOAßDlNG—Pleasant rooms lor ladies JL> and gentlemen 5 also, a few day boarders, at 34 East WaMungtoc-st. pOARDING—Five or six gentlemen I.) ran be accmrmrrtatcd with board a&d pleasant rooms at 40 and 42 Fmkhn-st., between Lake and Rudolph. Also, day boarders. pOARDING!— Pleasant rooms, with 13 board, at 220 Hichlgan-st. Also, day board. BOARDING —At 8 Eidndgc-court, a partly fnrnlshed suite ol southern rooms; alsa, one single room, famished, with good board. Refer ences required. pOAßDlNG—Furnished moms to let, i) with board, with use of bath room, hot and co'd water. Bouse and furniture all new. No. 9 May-st* between Randolph and Washington. POARDlNG—Furnished rooms lor X) rent font a front room), with or without board, at No. 177 Nottn Clark-st. Reference required. pOARDING—Front mom for rent, i_) with board, at 37 Plne-sh, corner of Ohio. Ret erence required. BOARDING— A widow lady, living abnnt St miles trom Chicago, would like to take two or three children to board Uood reftr esces given and required. Address 237 Sooth Ciark-st. pOARDING—A tew day boarders JD wanted at No. SSS North State-st. Apply up alalrs. pOAßDlNG—Pleasant trout rooms. D with board, can hs had at 332 Mlchlgan-sv. Itelertcces required. BOARDING— Good board with large fDrnl*h«d roams and home accommodations "»w be had st 253 Mlchlgan-sL i3oarb ®23antcs. "ROARD—By twoyoonemen in a nri Twrti?ttt?2l ,,o 9 fc tte * nlb 6we * •»* north ol iwrjnh ft , where there are ftw or no other boarder* pre'erred, and where the comfort* of a home may be ob’nlned cn reasonable term*. Dcftrence* exchanged. Adc rce* ** Z,** Trtbaae office. * 150ARD—And room, by a vounffman, .£?« (p .fc T, il ft^ i, 7P re a ! i me ®’ ) * here there are few ST.i?rriS r . bo V!! M !* Mn J l ** winio ten minute*’ want of state at brtdee. *nd on North sine. Addreia. atating tenai and location, **F M D.” Tnbane ogee. pOARD—A French gentleman lately 1. Jenme from Europe, want* a furnished room with beard to an American family. Only Encll-h epsken. Addre** WILLIAM WEBER. Blchmond llotae. pOARD—"With tarnished room, on or U ce«r Wabash-ar.. rooTealcnt to Pott Office, for a yonrg gentlemen. Bt-fMeoees exchanged. Atldrea*. ;t*ilng trrtn* and requirement*, •• HOARD.” P. O. Drawer 57SS. Jborsrg, dtarriagea, At. FDR SALE—Fourteen horsesjostamv* td (rom Indiana, iniubie lor trucks, dnV* or ex* Brea* waiona: also, *ntne ipiendld bnrrr ana family orses and marc*. Can be seen at WUBN'B Bale Bta ble. 454 b latent. FOR SALE—A supcnorKenlncliy lack, firtecn hand* one Inch high, tboroncb brci£ rich dark color, m T**r* cl’L and a fine bre*|'r. will be eoidcbcap. tTM. O. MILLBII, Cbeaoa, McLean Co lli. • FOR SAJ E—Gooti express horse, wag on and barne«». at 42 and 44 BUI»iL FOR SALE—A good ruling or driving horse. Its* been need In the dir about 6 month*} Is *ound and all tight. It tut tala for the want ot ns*. Inquire at a* llandolph-it. I7OK HALE—A r alr ol nice, light car flare or buggy bone*, fire year* old. eooud and desirable in erirr war, color black. Price |.ix». Ad. drra* I*. U. Hot IDAO. Eofll anb .TFounb. JOST— It the gcntlcmnn who wns seen j to pick ub a imie girl’s |*tatd Cape on t‘e corn"* Ti<**p aloes atd tv**tilncf*a'*i.. on htturd*y. will tctnrn it to t)9 West Waibinglno, ho will coaler ala ttr and rccoit* allberal rcwanl, T ObT—Ycrtcrdny evening near the cor Jjß>r «1 Wadla-'n and Clark, a Imocli of key*. Tim m.urr will Ik rewarded l>y leaving thoin wlih Ch*«. H. U« Hooib’sOyiicr Depot, cornet Madlsoaanl IHarborO’ft*. TOnT— Tci»lcrUfty,ft pocket-book, con ■J talcing a small amount <if money and a few car tickets, va» toil between Oaktaue staUm and Poor, oo th« Hrie Park train. Anr oae retnimne It to the Tribune otace will roculvc a *ulUuln rcwarii* T OST—On Sfilunlrty morning, the Oih, ij scmewberc on Randolnn, xtaut. Dearborn, Wash tngtenor Ciaik-ala., a fltcklnr tippet. The finder win **nive the thaaka ot • poor widow by leaving it at Tribune office, Heal 15gtate-(gifrp, mruuv >l>< I? OR SALE—By Clarke, Layton & Co., . W*ihlnßt»»D-« BoninFldo—sJf, brick boms Mia ut o> Jarkaon-»t.. near Wah*‘h-ar., U raom*,wllb jw thenoderaimprovement!, brick liable, dc„ *iX -11 ?i ;wr-eiorr fratr o nome, cornnr Wallace and with 1 lots. fi'tfc. 1 111. one boaao • nill homo on Burtilde-sU with lota— both hnuM l mrnlahfd with water aad raa. *c- MJOO. •ytt’ajor* houao on nunsl> b 'twe-n Twen* fcntl Thirtieth, partially flolssod, tor salecheap. 1““> two-atort frame Lome, with brick basement, 1J raj"*! P»n»ne«. 4c., on Twcntr-fjnrth-st., is2*. o ‘ ,u ?T^. t,cu * ~lo ' ll, o n Burnsldoit., wUO S I2JOO. 144. Ihrtts.torr aod SSSfih 'I. 1 ?? l/oo» home on MlPhlzaa-ar., near si*. 1 1 roona ’ wtler clOeeL bathroom, dc.. ufr' 14K honae acri let on Wahsih-ayTnear Madlson-st.. iinjKO. 1.16.77x100 on Cottaze Groro -sriSf£?c^?.M ye ai y,nlnu> '’ t - wiUs 3 balldlnn (part cottage b.jtuni and lot* on *t!L^ , £ t V en .. lw .. rty,nr,t an ' t sta.. e rooms, good well and cistern*, »v»t men. 16M. auraeiwo*t.T7andbasement marblc-tronthomecn nu> ofElkhteenth-aC, u rooms, wito all the t.oCern improrcmoiU, IU.OCU. 17X, twtbstorr f”} O ?*V° n S, r .“ IDd Jt n * MV *’ nearTwentjMWra-st., on leaded lot. 12. W, j 73. c*tu«e homo on Calumet air!. K e ? I *. c 9 lv * Blxth . llo(l i‘wentr-nlntb-*U., r, rooms! c . l ' t ' rn R od lake water. I MU. 174. home and lot on comer of Twcntr-C nut., with f.£*'> , to r y boaae, atooe basement, *l9o*l, part on Side—2D. two homes and Jjts. earner of «.!** lh*sts., *6,O(V. 116. enttaze home on • oelwe t n Sanjramon and Peoria, 6 rooms, 41,rotu»e home on Scwbory-it, 4roomi, sc-, a kood basement, water In the *? Dr h ? tUf * oo between Monroe ajim JS.*’ i^°‘. tor7 f ud basemcar. m *rhlc mantles, (MJOOcacb. SI, two-ttorr home on MarshDela-av*! Jkctiou acd \ an fturcn-sls., 10 rooms, marble 4ro ' Ii.OOO. Ji.l, 1W story frame home. w lthlrocttß, cioaels, water and Mwrr, a zoM l* rc * W ble 40(1 • Bhop In the rear, onlea«ed lot on 1' eat Adams-su all for */,000. 30. Cottaze hou« and between May and Kncker, front nart «S*sn Ter t2 , ? , i* r , l .* l) ‘ e £ OQW * 6 fi»nm closets all Jrt» h ‘ u4,s and on Lincoln- Madison. 6 rooms. c.oaets and woo*. *». northwest corn* of pS '?aa w£ D ** t *" 4C ? tlaßel,o0 * e w,ta 6 tooms and imd ,< J t »1 b trees, *1,130. North bide-n- w tw c-atory boose, on J, acre of croond. two , F OK SALE—By Snyder & Lee. Real -- E*t*le AircnU. >o. -1 Metropolitan hloct m. aod Dfcsement ." JJtl brjck boo*e, Matuird Pf aJI modern Improveuenta Curtllii Wlh bricK bani 00 ' T **Wazton«t cutoi F 9. R SALE—By 6. H. Kerfoot & Co., * , Estate Broken. 7 1 Dearbcrn-st. 121-« o iorth bw». to a desirable location. a frame focn.*, -orltti lot » feet front! ~, . be bad at a decided bargain. 111“ A choice lot on Calnmet-ar., 30x190 fee: to al* 110-Fnme dwelling of ten -JJar&c-,«« ,«« . onWanen-at. Lot aixlta to an alky. 109-Large and desirable loton Siulto Ciark^t. •«*—A de-liable frame dwelling on Weal Waihlne. K°?fc l^«i e * r 0 *** Tlc - Con Ulna 13 rooms, afllf f oo ™-^ oß6^ 4c. LotaxlS3fe«toaa 124-An cfcßant rwldenr* on the North Side, near the b-rmlnna of the borne railroad, with one of . K T ? nnrt » ahronberr.fnits. *e. 126—Aiptendld lot on Pralne-ar., near Twentieth -I*4B—Frame house, with lot« feet front, on Wahaah 13?—A very desirable and cheap niece of bnstaesa propm? on North CUrt-at. na ” 4 OS—An decant marble fronton w«t Washington •t. Ha* erery modern improvement. Lot ea xIS few. Good brick barn on alley. Price «*»;nabie-termseaay. 1 e 40—Demrable business lot on Klnzle-iL, naar La 40—Kew irame dwelling on Pralrle-av. Uta la Lot a*aa feet to a .i e y. «»« bargain. 1 20. 38 and 41 —Kiver lots on North Branch, in d*. tlraoln locations. bnalneas lot on East Washington-*!. 1 if —Fllty leet tronl on Rn«h-aL,ln a choice location. Aico, a Targe Hat of coon try residences, farms and F)R SALE—By AVm. D, Kerfoot, S 9 Wiuibimrton^t. * front nrtdeowjJiißodern inraroreraeots on M ichlcan-ar., near Twi-mb-st, with full »ued lot fr , at 9? house, brick ba«emeat, on Indlaca-av., all modern improve m*™*, with lotasfaita feet. Fine two-story Irnme boose on Wabaah-ar., contain sl'eS' t * roonis » *ll modern improvements and mu Fine three- - lory brlcfe dwelling house on sizee; Jo? Bures-iU *** modt TQ improvement* «ad fail sn< * bMerrcDt brick house* on west Randolph gt. eaei of Union r*ark. with *n im proremeMswraiuti sued lots. ‘ au m Fine two-et:ry frame Boose. No. 20* North Dear borc-iucontaining u rooms, water,&**_ with lot; T<rr ? bcft P 00 ea *r terms. J , *‘iA^ > ' 3t . of s' aud oaaeraenl lioa*e, with all modern iSrMotaSiS'i®® - Wc#t Washington-jr., near Union «Al r w t -.°‘*^ )ryfrtl * ,nehOQSC aad lot «m Poorta-st., n«ar Nedlscn-st., all Improvements, jot 50x122 feet. ne 5 ,r “ mc bouses mntalnlns 10 or ll rooms ffilMr 10 ™-’ CeAr UieLake * alllmr rovementa. Also neat cottage on North l>earborc*it~ No. 203. containing & room*, good harm Ac. FOR SALE—By Snider &Lec, Heal Es tate Agent*, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two story and basement boose cf thirteen rooms, all the modern improvement. Lot on Mlchlgan-ar.. near Twenty-flrst-at. ForsaIe— ■RESIDENCES. and hrl-kand frame bonus od Mlet Isan-av., near TWentjr-Suib-at.; eacn nA^%??. (1 . Uaad « nici >-f on three-story dwel- BrtcatouM on Calamt-t-ave., with lot 400 feet deep Oneot the finest residences in bhicazo. ** *o*S brlclc bonse, Ko. tiO Wil- H“*. TbU honse baa Just been thoroughly paint eo turn 1* in excellent repair. lenni?' lou * e k * u *°* s4-11 WMt LakMt. Easy bonae and lot on FuUon-at, near Iknben-»t.; b«i5S BSKiiySf? yl't cood loti on Inal.nn It.. cb “'’- O.S.HDUUiHD, George & Williams - , X IlrolEttrc Accnts. So. 7 South Clark-it.: Neat cottage ami lot. West Twc4torjrlionee.tmhsC.foot lot. on indlana^L. very cheap •»* Mrcc bODie, dcoble lot, West Wa«htneton-»t'*.*‘*.iaooo New cottage and lot. Wcntworth«ar \ fjoo Two*storT donee ard lot. Huron**! s’nt o btoro and cottage, nine l-dand-ar :‘'' ~rn Neat collage, Blue Island ar . cheap 1 «n lATKe cnttaß and barn. Twenty tlaoo \ cry line building loU on Walnut nod Fullon-iU* near union Park i «v» pood lot* near Utuc 1» and-ar *'SSf Lota on Thtid.»u near Horne SS Lou on Indiana, Prairie, Forcat and Kankakee*“ FINALE —In Tbos. B. Bryan & Co.'s .W-fi***® omr VDryan Hail. ‘Michlgan-ar nii<nMn*»hu‘r. arranged new throe atory and ha«o 2«^V.V n n a . tb ir.?«? nl l 10,I, ?'* Conl " ,n,Dir 18 rooms, with nun o.ona clcacta, duii'iw par ora, bar window ta It. room, waterinDfdronn,i,c»athroughout. ,nrt ‘ , c*v marble mantled , c Lontairlne. ln*horu every reauUltr fur a c-nto'il a iL f A r . r ’'f. lu ' J* 1 rotla ° *«t. Wie- no.ww: mS fr K c .n 'rl,u or al"f." rw *°' l °«°pn»"a pwiw T? 9?, s r u ' 1 ' :—B r Sn y*!» * Lee A * Vo * '* Metropolitan nioc./a new ln < t7*5 t L? D « ,u '* nien * hr,c * hou9e of thlrtec • room*. s&fs&fssxr*'* “■* T7OK SA7.E—'two houses and low, *1,550 p'y- FOH SALp;—llouse and lei, No 75 Ala .rTt * ll . * orl!l UtßrNinna, H inio n a . -**t October. Inquire at -lilO North Ulark-at. I' l “d lot. No. lilt Vorlliwn ami Monroe, KiuSj.liu ,nqtl,roof J °IIN fOHBYTUE. F°pS,.,s A . l ' t r-?- v Sn J' tlcr & tee. Real new rt ; ’• Metropolitan Hloefc. twi> M “ frame houses ol eight rooms each w.i,i. ft*™ ?J? #t V> e , n<l ,nu 00‘* Mfl 004 WaJhlocto£ •U, bvtwero Lltcoln and itobey-sts. »««mu*»on I^9,^. —Or Kent—Houses ancflots ht-usc, just timsbed. lh M ?li^ k ?is&2SS e, i Ur " ,ot> teo i;v • i Lj. TOi J? 1 '• cioseis, mod cm improvements. itiS llui" «., |££T’ * Plll|r 10 A - ° AUK A cu„ 44 a p'OK SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real !\ AgenU, No.-1 Metropolitan itloclc. two ne^ lw ‘ , . ,!ory *nd basement houses, ot ten rooms, all me derr ImproTemectiaDd lot fifty feel front on Mlc«l. Ciu-av. oear lwenty-faih-sU OD “ ,cel I7OH SALE—On Wabash-av., 2 houses I ,sn«JJots. Iwtween Eldridee and Harmon-coart*. Each lot» by I*o. yto.coo each. A. J. AVEBEL, Beal fcatate Offlce. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. F'Olt SAIaE—Two nice houses and lots, pleasant Iv situated in a good neighborhood on the Mde. Oneboa*econtain" 10 roams, the other 13. Tnt*lA a rare chance for persons wanting a good home cheap. ITlces *S.TO and #ASOO. part on time, cofifav ° l bTONE, comer ol Sedgwick-st. aLd Lin- T?OR SALE—A new and very pleasant I home on Sontb Bsl-ted-st.; to rooms, fe.; calco* mln«d«nd g»alned t’urnnchont. Lot with good bars. Only *3.100 cash, it taken at once. A bargain Passion given tn.meotalely. Title perlecC WAK RJEN & UOODKXCIF, 1*33 Dearbora-sU, Bxun 2. 17 OR SAIjE—A new two-story frame L heure, with i# moms, conveniently trrasged and la tottplele order, lot 35x150 to IS-foot alley. Title per fect. Possession will Ns given on or sfter April Ist. Terms easy and price low. Call and see It, at No. 463 Wt»tJack*on-«L.jtut south of Jeflrrson Park, or an ply to owner. No. 49 up stairs. * XT OR SALE—A two-story frame house 1 and stable, to be moved this Spring. InqnJre of CHARLES U. E.rKthSLSU, 339 Wld34lblit^U, T7OR SALE bnck bouse on A Oak-st. near the Lake. Nine rooms. Oas fixtures go with the house—fWlO. .Basement cottage and lot S n S5* 4 nw *lA* s *^ M *-* 1® looms, good barn, -MglV."i£aSg T * CO ®AL®—?y Snyder & Lee Real A Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Blocr. two nearly new two story and basement brick bouses ol nine roomt. each hot and cold water, water c’oseis. marble manu-ts, and lot on Adtms-st. between Threap tna Lcomi* sis..fronting JitfersooPar*. each; terras tnadeeasy. 17* OR SALE—Two-stoiy and basement . boose No. 1*496 Wsbash-ave.. 10 rooms, bath room, good barn, &c„ *3,300. part on time at « per cent. Two 3-stnry houses, very convenient, on Van pnren-sL, Pear Halned-st. Several cottage* on leased lots in the West Division. on Saogaman-st. near Adams st-9 rooms. *1.600. EL C. MOBEV A CO„ Beal Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. T?OR SALE—On Michigan-ar. The -L flrit-claMmarbe front home. So. 223 Michigan ■*- reldcnceof the late John L. bcnppt. One of the ii-Up??* t? a ~ l£ •▼eanj, tor Bale cheap, a. J. AWfRELL, Heal Estate Office J»o. 7, Metropolitan FOR SALE—House and lot House 20 by BC, lot 35 by ICO. No. 47 New berry-at. F'OK SALE—Rare chance lor specula tlon—A fine rf*ld»B« tn Unlrerslry Kubdlvlrloj. with M's fret front, can bo purchased Terr low for ln,mt£ilJ,telT * J * BARKER, lay F)H HALE—Ity Snyder ec Lee, Beni Es late Agent*. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two atoty basement Urtck House of ll rooaa. Hot awl co d watcr t water cloaeUwmarpie maate>a,and lot r> Ith bam co Wabath.av., near Twentleth-it, FJK SALE—Two-story frame residence fnew) cn Prslrie-av., sooth of Twenty-lourth-*L. wim all modern Improvement*: 17.000. X flnt-elaaa three-atory trick hunac on Prairie av.. aonlh ot six tm,tb-»u,JmifltUned.and having a ripe view of the An,J 10 J - ■“ JAUt:i - ■ Vo - » F'OK SALE—On Wabash ay, corner of . a ftntclaa* marble front houw. *un depta lot, and bam In rear: (I'l.w. A.J.AVEU* EIX. Beal fcsute office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Gatate Ag*nU.)No.4 Metropolitan Block, two pew two atorj and baaemcct and orick hom« ol eleven rooaa,Lot and cold water.waterclowu.marbte ttel*. lurnacc bclla, ctc.,and lot on Wabaah-av. near Twtnty-flnh at. jfTOK SALE—House and lot on Indiana ■ „ »T- Iht 53x150 leel; 15.003. REES A A 1 RES. 10 Optra lloaae. I?OR SATiE—A first-cla** marble front . hon»« on Wabaah av. near Tblrtc-nlh-aU wltn all ntvdcrn lmptcvea.ctu. Let twenty-are byonehun- SF.n’BSnMf- A -“- yliia * Co - M Vuolnr- FOB SALE—Two house* and lots No. 10 and 13. on rornar Dearborn and Old >«t. Ai»o, thffjbalclr houep*. two e'orlee and hMcnenta. on Waba*n*ar. north of r«rntr-mth-et« with all ihn "■odera lmprorrm»nu. a. K. WINU a CO., HA >\MblogU>n*»t. Itoom 3, OR F-.. SALK—By Snyder ifeLec Heal Ej UUAKeotaKo.lMctropoticaD Block,* new two *torr and T>M*tnml too brick boa« with Matnard root; containing fOuriwn rooma, hot and cold water! wa-rrcioMi. marble mauteU. and lot with brick barn oo Crotral At, or itackcMt nor Jackwo-it. °* m IfOR SALE—A two plory iramo house. No. tffl Nrrth Iteuben-at., fronting“ Son ?«** *.ror«nma.».irn.od iM—tcwlr papomi tod n»ini’ til—nn ifawrt IjU rlfteo yp*r* to run. at ujai Mr jrsr. Trrma Sl.orftcMh. %\Wi la i(i. twel»vin l i r/hirffi mntitiia. wap murrtt atiix t*i* 1 Vv! .2 to W. W, UKIU uoS£ '* ApV T li'bn RALE—Good store and dwelling "° U "‘ n«K»*AYI^.,S bALE—A two story nml basement W.BK »™FlS’i7o , « r K *“• ™‘ :W F ( J!I.?4 L . Bn }’ ilcr * Lec ’ >i«»> 'lMflroptmun Oloek. a !«5T» , ?lS ,t £ ry . ta<, . ,ll,t,,b<m,oel 6 h * rooms hydrant **«*J-room, »lin lot tj DjriffJon Atla-«i, tear f niton it, l>e»ir»ble location. '?PRBAL£=Br 17 V jAj — JevcnU fine two story and . Mtzbhorboo<l«.oa Fal* ion, Tbioop, Warren, Peoria ami uailliOmiM,; alto, £aa mMtocc loti on iVorla-at. RICKtKH.iI OIKS, Beal iKstlU AgeaU, 1)0 ftltfc CUrtut. Heal Hatate-CHg. ciiuraonw, P)R SALE—By Snyder* Lee, Real ARtpU, No. 4 Metropolitan Clocff, ■ nev SSHSI 1 *! 0 * m fteloa W«iblnxt3n-it, betvoei "»><l W>d Ljncol'nu.; UO hr «| im? corner Jsckmi “d Miocliester.iu.: CO br 15l tolcorner of uSa * J by fee * 08 near EOH SALE—A bcautilul lot on the anrapr of wa t Mwros ami Racker-su.. to lee: Df >3 ftet. runnlntrhickloan alley. No bWr neleh. borhood tn the city. Alia, a beautiful block of 11* loti la EYanron—la ftct, the handsomest lot la Esaiia- Jod. Ilia near the depot, and next north of u u Bard’* residence. with abundance of large oak ami or! natcrntal tree*, and some two hundred tmlctrrci Pnr to OKUUUK F. FOSTEIt, SI7 south XTOfl SALE—Bj G. S. Hubbard, Jr, 53 5 Dearbom-it., ’ looxlsotect cn Calumet *aT M lOOxIFO feet on Mlehigan-ar., near Sixteenth-st. 43x190 feet on pralrie-ar., near Elehtcenth-tt. jooxiMftet on Michig»n-ar„ corner Twenty.nnti-i:. 100x160 feet on Wahajh-ar., corner Twenty-tifin-at. Lots fronting on Union at d Jefferson l*arkz. lt*nbca. West Adams, west Madison, Fallon, and Car rollon., comrristDE some ot the most eligible bolldlns sites In the West Dlmlon. F)K SALE—Lots on Wabnsb and Alich- Igao-aTa. near and on corner TbirtletlMl.. 91JWO eacn. Two years hence they will brine doable the money. GEOKOE& WILT-lAM3, y Sooth ciari-st. F)R SALE—By G. 8. Hubbard, Jr., 53 Room 3. _ BUSINESS PROPERTY. oi7i! r . e *! 10, 7 and baaemeat brick house and lot, MUi nlv^h ft !S? lon P earb 9 m p * rt * on Waablngton*st,ta perfect order and repair. 40 feet on State-at. oorth of Van Boren. »ffctpn CKtk-st. north of Monroe, iw) ftct on Clark et, north of Van Rnren. * fee too Mo-roe-it. near Post office. JS "" Wem - ,Uh br “* b,1,1d1, « KMck store on Dcarborn-eC ai feet on Washington-it, cattof Franklin. T7pR SALE—A bcaulliui lot on Wa - sEtdrldire and ITannnn-conrts, 1360 pCf Tont ' Oneofthe finest lM“:^^iia B .ga. VABBBig * GOODRICH. F°'L^,Sr Uy Wm - D - Kerfoot.B9 60 feet on Mad! *on-sU near FrankUn. «feet on cor. Vanßnrea and Qrt»wold-«t«. au feet on Waba«h-ar„ near Twenty-stith-st. M feet on near Fourteenth-*.! 52 cn near Twentr-Ttlrdet. 40 ftet on near St. Clair. 40 feet on Moaroo-»t, near Well*. ,40 D* 1 on Harrison and Franklin-* ta. 110 feel on Vaaßuren-st., near Morgan, so feet on Warren -at., near uojne. 60 feet cn Park-ar., near Oakler-et. 47 feel on Uaai-ir., near Chic-icoar. 40 lots in Archer’! Addition. in unit, cheap, is lota m AaMand’a Addition, in bulk, ctetp. pOR^&ALE—To InTT—--- d SAui—To lawyers, doctors, cler- *£««>; bookaeepers and oroi<w«iota! men-Three ver? genteel hcnres, with ?ss and water and a»i mod Thelul» are 26x180 toa l>fon iley, wan SSVS °rsiC-’***boose. 12.10 Pralrl*-ar„ b. use on Wahash-ar.. near Twenty* ?<£l!f*l*** Tb g *borf wi 1 ; all bo sold chess and on good time, ELLIOTT ANTHONY, 77 UcarhirtMt; jp OR SALE —y , —. —Forty leet on West itadi corner lot In a cood location. Nice c->t oa M , 3flUja - st . near Union Part. iu T n» , lLsf'i o<l t- frt K eac * lw * oa L*«e-*u near citr hx rn K * cs ?, cn wj tonus. H. C. MOREY d: to - ilrotera. S Metropolitan Ulorlr Kees & A-yrcs, Heal o*rks?^2it r S. e S?ff l,pe I .° CroiM‘B fcpera Uouse. r ,f55, , 5. ,^“ t ® “”£s^ an f VOR bALE— In Evanston—Eiclit hou«es A «<1 low. w®*l located, unit of « Mcfi* at« am.ins the btjt In Uie cl tv. an«l four «n them IrnUt tae ua«t a^u SKwiSSiai fU - c * J .- *w.«o, <~.w. ?7.w\VS»t.arL nANLAfIOO. Appfj toC. K. Ajtct t.ET»n»toD,or « his offlpe.i? Lasaue-si^ctuca^” ■pOK SAL. *v ALE--19 i-i nrres of good diy - ,! ' e “«" l >iy IJ* miles from city Umiu. Oalr*i.oM—■ * 1.2 and 3 yew. at fi per cent, 7 Or wiil prlce or *4l*o c*«h. belts* about ss.y™««» * Jh'ORSALE —At a barcain—Thirtv lots - OH Itdlaift «nd Pr- 3 | ne , RT .~u f4r Thrnj-.t k frd-«'. »*entylotson«'alb'rlneftnd ititc elteis. near B'ne Ifla d av. A. B. WISG A CO., S 3 Wa>Wn2ton-«C Room 9. TpO? SALE—Residence lot 50x170 on A-bh??X™-7iSSL bees * I.xcat isjslatc==Countrp. SALE—Four eighty acre tracts of £!>!•«»»»« land InKankakeeCo,; tilth rolling S^r>. l^ysi, H CXC S ,lent * bltnated In a w?ll settled ?lnn h^«i°ill S thll !.' ieveu ml: “ 111 Gardner SU ostw?»ni I 9 »i U iv ofcd; onc-uorh milerrom Post umce, will soil toother cr otherwise. can ]>• h*rt cheap atd on liberal tenae. S. U. KKRFC<*~ * nn J*o 1 7lDearboni-Bt. -* « t-o>. FOR SAJ.E—-Farm on Qakna R. R., one die from HMott Station, four milna west ni p h*- wmca. MS acii/,twoho o( *£JfflS «?.* w?n*A t<r t^ a !?i , »? neor the best stjck brine to Illinois will r* rold at Iffl per acre, and is a bargain n r PEAHSONS, lIS ItamloipbTsU Chicago. 0> D * K * F? i^4J jE T 52(J Qcrea a* good irmt lnf d i!S.Mh« e *.i n ’ he . s,a,e > Id Union County rn*V?nwn^i2p r ?; , *‘ re S. m *' '** from •toUon. B. B CIIAMDfcR>. 17 Reynolds Bloct. “ SALE—Valuable farm. 160 acre? sw is? IorIKW° d "wlrVj.‘^N. n ßVim£iri3TKi?d'alpS: P9.£ij?4£ E ‘7£i‘. rm 01 00 acres, tttliom iddtm”lk.?dir“ rcl,r F OR SAI-E—“The Grove’’ Farm, of «a Uw ** t ® l* r -*?• A‘ Kennleott. con-dating SLISK 80 acM ol which are timbered, Mtiisie S&J I J2. f* "Of*l»wwt of Chicago. U la nnder a ftmi iJitiiSf cu l* l J’ n . t l° D a liven nnrnbcr of ii.'i.i.??" ornam-nlal tnw-s many of them of 33 year* Tbohou-e Is Urge and connuodlon* and c *n ifonac* l 4 AYIiES, 10 Croaby'aj Opera Situations Sdlanteti. HALKN. ClTpATlON—AVnnted—A youm; Hoi- V • lauler, for thnatt mouth* in Uilsconntrr i c ; :? n r l "':\' oa - t ,Tch P Mk * Kngli.h and OermauJ » rile* n co« d hnmt. * n<i is w< li scmialnloa with i«utl kr>pm gj __AoQr«,» 313 West rolt-ti.. k SL T r 1 '^ T / 0 X — " nnttd, l>y a single mS, •■rlntionl.l. Adana. •UKDUIHST," Tmuno ome«! OITUATlON—Wnntoci—Br a ynuuir r,^ t" 1 !”i ip f-M 1 * '* ‘’l"fk of «ile*man. 'jieat 01 SSS^nuKioirt'' I'' 1 ''’ 1 ,or °™ '"*• " c ° B " Wanted—By n man and iV. .h h i^L fe * w,tho . ut in r children, la n private fami ly . themsn a«caachltun, and the wip» to di> general homework. Addrers “Wu." Tribune „«&?.* * T * S l^S^ TI p 0 ? , ,-' Vnn,c,, i t>y « young man Mn£?£2l , i l ~ K% V ,,n .i. ,li r* or »nfclnn*e. whore he areai, lv"°rr»Uim«. W ° rk * Ad ‘ by a young mnn in a Wholesale has t «m. Bn-aka Kayllth an-i u«r. FEniLES. C ITU AT lON—Wanled—A respectable itnpriif SStJttwJtrSß, 1 * 0 ' ™ a Email tam gsaa.^”l -« sjJFst t s§ff- s *& Kigiassssrasr^SjSflE SSfJ gwflgtei. gfis^ffisaa^'saia^ OnUATlON—Wanted, as reamstreis: O redersunds the Wheeler am! Wll«on chine. Acdraaa ALICE TOBLvfTrtb^gonJ, Ma * CITDATION—Wanted—A young ladv k-A ofeipcrlcncr desires a iltoalton <u clerk la a An goods or trimming store, or a DhoSniSh i?au#r7 I‘leste Acdie>B omce. grapn k*uery. SlTUATlON—Wanled— Teacher A la- S\-7. or musical ability and extyt<i«c« wishes toontaln a position u teacherof Ko a flce. eSt ' lmmCtll ‘ teJy - Addnws-w T." frt* S l '^S, A PP N - Wantea l wlt hgood home M fo i * colored girl with a child a year 3° central hotuework. and exceflrat with chlMrcr. Caa be seen tad rccommcndeo at Hi Tweny secood-st.. whrre she has besa known and haa agents Silantcb. A GEN Tt—Wanted—To eneace m the sal* of ••THE HISTORY OF AfiIIARAM LIS. LOLN AND THE OVERT UKOW OP SLAVERY " in one vol, octavo,of T» pages. By Hon. I. N. Arnold, late Member r.f Coegrers. and for over twenty years a SSSfS" 1 * 1 «™A» r Mr - Llocoln. Til, f JoTrSo? work was undertaken three years ago with the ap proval of Ur. Lincoln, and is just leaned. It Is al ** t,,e Pnbllihers have been able to fill orders. The first edition soli m twenty days. FcrfUli description, opinions of leading nanert and men, and the publishers, CLAItKK A GENTS—Wanted—$125 per month ard expense*. Addreaa SQAW *rnm: cirir ISO Bg KW ‘ AGENTS— Wanted, everywhere, to sell Patent TO>l»e Wire Clothes Line*, can makeflC assess;?' Cl ° ui “ A GENTS—Wanted—North and South, Ji to aell floe work* of art. The larcwt commla caKoilU? LESDEB * CO., 303 South Clark-iL, Chi- AGENTS —Wanted—For tbc American ?«,!*£* 9 rcrte fi . A * enta who bare desire to deliver vol. in, mn»t wnni?a nu r *i , i. ,mffle . aa J£ ,f * GL ‘°- *C. W.anER WOOD, IQ3 Madlton-at., Chicago, m. AGENTS— Wanted—To sell, by snb scrlpOoß. a new work, now ready. THE LOST BE. tbe oDlr cfflcul hutory of the war, t'lward A. Pollard ofMrglota. In one large royal octavo volume of nearir wo pages. and cuLtatning ~ S 2, S Wl erf t“, u,JfJ »a oß pueJ history now before Ibe work la meeting wuhantmmeme Tt?!v 0 Tr r ? ,00 ° ofJered ia *dfance ofpoblicatlon. The Peoria Dunorrat aaya: “In many re«pecu It hit no equal in American hlatory. It win be on theahelvea ■ D ,d f tad hr every acholar and blatotlan." N.p WUlla *• In fact Doth an epic poem and a drama— the rraedrat epic ever written upon the grsndeat draw* ever acted.** No Intelligent. rt a hi-th mk 11 g man wha£ ever bj bit politics, can anord to he without this work.** An agent In Bock County. Wu~ wrlt« • “ i have jnal received proepectuj, and baTsalrcadv taken five aubicrlbera.** Another: ••Hayecailedon tonroa?. aona and aotd three hooka.** One agent*# commufinn Jbr nine hoar** canraia wa* over *AO. aoid'iM in two week*. Anflher 4.1 in three d iTi iinl i n .H. arc nowhere cxccllW. oncecwi it Publlaher, 26 Reynold** A GENTS— Wanted—1 want an Acent X> In every town la the State to e mviua p V.t?* tMlcle l°f houaenola n*eftnd whlrt*il o mA?. e^ A GENTS—Wonted Toko Notice—l iflacj)incn>. "K'OR SALE—Portable cnfflocs and boll* newer, m Tfff Jo» pfjf***. br OltimM U»iOB„ HO Uf«»lle-*t., 'ppo«lte Cbamoer 01 toaimc/ce« L'OU BALE—rorlnlilc engine?, station -F *r r usd CD whrrU. IO«nJ hard and lor Min at low prl<'«w, Ur TUB I’BSlinOO CO., NeriaWstfMi.. .Norm rirr. T?OU bALE—A superior low pressure P toiler, avincb rriloorratxl * O’"* ■tp'lcr.ln aplrn. lUd runtlfVc wife »t>*n «JBjuni Jo *l.lunoU*f nnd flf*whpri jop-rt, welebine atom j u»n*. Fbla rrsieo laof iufnrl«itP«PadtT to «ICl*r Ihn Ufliwt rlrp»tor, Iss?t |Jnart”ul«?lr adapted to * mlji caiuhlnotnsaninir too lirrrl* rf nnnr p»r «UT. We om«r (h- time at me Kortnrth*r pariinilare. IrqsiJrn ot IVaA L WIIAIISO A 4 O- l*Uif Mil *, coktiff,, or llKLllhUV.ftn VKSHA CO,. Milwaukee. Wl*. * or 17011 BALE—A steomMutnil Buckley S’ Tontine marble#—lß enAd rendition. Mice. iiofl Adittou& TIUUUNIC comp as v. tcy * ,M ” t T7OII SALE—One U toot liod, 28 inch 1 iwlic. odo 13 foci JO Inch twine, three 7 foci bed go Inch twine. UsreeSV l.*?t bed II inch awtac Scree CuslUfftwckeaarodKiigloaLaib'**, mule n Sorinr. neld. Mam. Two Woodworm Manor and Matcher Marblnta. Onn farrar Borfactr, One 8 borae nova* Itorublr Blwam Koilno. 000 ft foot, tbrro 9to jt iron Ptaaeia, baw Arnora, Be we, Ac,, on bend m atoreani for aalo low hr DAWKINS AJ AMISS, 94 Sooth TTcUa- Iti egaanteossjiaaiE BOOKKEEPKBB. gAEmSS;-;: V\T TED— A man thoronjrhW mn RtimEft I near lone I^TA. W A i?yT K iH — '(L^ 00 * 1 stca[, y man. Must P» »t 3»Unaw,Ti?li! ° r tht 11 ‘ , “ r tute “- Ap- W NT ?P —JIan antl wuc to go Booth. W A2s TED—A good salesman, who TRADES. \\T ANTED—A good hcavr wnmn Vt builder. Apply to EDWIs Wvi kpi» vt Merchant, on dock, comer Harrison and XVTA^ 1 -^ —one first-class Brass Fm” ,f I ithrrand oneorramental Paintar clunery. FULLBIt&FOHD.VsJ^£S&B?&42£ VV^Xo?rei!iMPiS^J» r asJS.P"cta{! \ATANTED —Two first-class barkeepers T», forcTPDlnirs only. Apoly between u wdia o clodcMcnday morning, at KiysT.Kys aca a w ANTED—An Engineer to ran a T T small stationary wclne and work In *bon * l '? a , t ’ o ?.- Apply «t Star MetS ® roondry. 21 booth Canal-at. T\7ANTED—Soap made bv the<’hica«o s* L. Iggaantrtfejfemalt: WdpT WANTED— Experienced dressmakers. co»P«cat tuna* n«j apply ai HOUSE SiiHVAfilar W ACTED—Immed'ntelr, a good plain w,n rn t°A ?£* of Koo ‘ 1 * w * , Un« iluooaltlon; oar -rt* ,h .i POULtrrmDlltt *- T,roni ot «%r io l« W^TED —In a private lannlv a *IJ.— rl »b-mt l4yeir*ftfaze.f»«loii»i*t w»v!Sg actlllJ - **** « iiicia- A good . I » healthy Wet Jlnree can obtain a aitnvHnn r\7ANTED -About the Ist 01 April, a JcWb^St. 000^WMMr “ dUaner ‘ A W**lsl6 W^J(TEI) —A respectable eirlor wo ilonioc?" “ ao I “' r - 1 taosewort. .1 m wt,t Wgood cook, 2 dntrg- TV A^TKu—At ilic National HotC t J» J. . con? ** Wwhlnsloaan'l w o ii** t t root ! *oI SuSShJta? 111t 0 as9,ai U l4Cndry iPfJ Two thorr.nuhiv compo tenl plrla-one fi.r rttnlac-r.orn and one fa roamocrworK. None omen need apply, mi t*«« ata-st.,yoithSide. >fV 7 * >l IMI "fTSTAJTrjED—Wei Knire fora babe five _f V months cld. Inquire at 176 Twenty-third-at. -A.NTFD—A trusty gill, fourteen or clXld C Vmi» 7,°V< i°w 3 *^ n( ' t»*e earn of a CD,l . a :_ A _PP'T »t 134 We*t Wathinijt.-mjt, WJ ANTED—A scrvant~ln a small f ? n ’ lly .*«!r.Tl. of reference* required. Inquire on Monday at 2tJl) >iorth btate-it. 4 "Wanted- * —A Sirl to do cookinc and Utchenwork In* ftmllrnf threr. Unit came yell rcccmmrnCed. Inquire at 9oa^ TTTANTED—A pood cook, washer and » • ironer, fT a smalt fimlly—American, German or **orwerlaa preferred. can nt room 'JI, Lana«m Plock. cor. Clark and ad dread p. O. Drawer 6007. Smylußingm tts ~ X\J ANTED—IOO smart, energetic, live aJLIL* 1 ?* 0 one of Iho beetdomotacarticitMever —-/g-djor e - Hu no cocpetiQas. Every nmtiy Pn>ot very Urge. tall lm ~NT r 3 TA -aiTED—I assistant bookkeeper, 3 •', •Mpplnjr darks, 3 portrr*. l drUer. aorakes t firemen, i watchman, and 4 Arm hiadJ. An- PT at Roam 1.4. FnlUrton Diock. 9 £ Dearborns. EstaiVel==jßisrrllaneous. W T-ED—A good second-hand ten- A v,;_. omalbnr. Narrow track prcXerrtl. Addrcf p. o. Bos aia. CHhkcab. Wu. w—lllinois and lowa lands.— *? Purchaaea few thousand aerrsni nnltn proved land at a low figure for cash or iw cnulrv bTV^Tw^lS^' 1 - WCBBMOS*^ ANTED—Every one to know t int c » *. wo h » T e *0 article that fells every wh-c e ii ll i? s ?£?.•„ 9 n,ca * aica ini Isw proflU: r*ii and see It at l jfl Soul h Clark-st.. room 7. ' - * l * W^i E P-4 n ln,crt:st >n a wniron eailMadV^Kl I** 1 ** ,hoo ‘ Mmn thrlvlnc rtilroad lju n. by a competent wood workman of is £* a *JV*?P , 1 r: lencc. Would rent or purchase, if term iSnSss&fTii;: ***** “»* «»• wid&aag T^-^TED— Any one Inmnj; apooil •tdil.i.lSS.'iinii'!,?' !5 * Iran..,. iL-LT**"* 0 ? to Pwlue open tho aaso at a ■arri“r • ® B 7l'.w °f » pored *«*r by atatlnr fall rartlcuura and addreaalng »IIAKDWAUK.» Trtbune omce. I W^‘h£X E i AJ irT hat sol diera who have glMhyir* and mv entitled to thr ad a'Hta 'a» n k ! ., , . I '^!'!.^'y f , LLau * * ««'««• WANTKi;— Coal—Wanted, to u- Chsnge two or three •etot «•»>«• r.-s.-.* joitwal. Apply at 31 tzd ;i«w”. A'SuV.WSK^t.. W' ANTED—Iiy a young man, a chance Ac,*,,. ■v;.&T Ks^!?l ?!te i a r af° ’ n,nM - \\/ AN! LD—lndies whn desire to have , • n . , jc I* "f ,*t neatly and raromily repaired, wjii Ti Ani n’/.l- l slfc l f e, 7 3r ■"** ot MttUsK. UUUOIS A Ciark* L1 °* S ’ *° Lak< ’ ,t- * n - rtsea, tcorner Lakean.l *O7ANTED—The lease, stock and fix- Wj lure* of a retail grocery "tore well located, m T*« .?r. B £ '!’. r r * >h K-khl faroit t lahca. AddroM *• B IV Tribune olUcc. \\T Al- TED—l’artics wishing clav or » ? flillnr tor street*, alleys, rinks, or acT'oth-f pnrpote. can be aecomtn«*late<i hr applying imn.-'ll fifty ol the Wa*hlngtou-st. iudjo;. OQtceNo. Lind’s Block. TXTANTED— mate, by a genlie- V T man oecupylns * *ulte of rooms at 3 I Van Dnrcp-st. Apply irom It to I o’clock. "\\T ANTED—To contract lor Idc Irarld- Hotel IBBOf »w°bouaw. Call at Room 0, Nstj .nsl V\7 ANTED—To exchange a UahtTon ,t ; Bnesy jer carpenters* work and matctuuti nrt»o a small tenement. For partlculari. aJdrejs Ujs 5?9. CDlcapo F.Q. WANTED —A part-.- now occupying ocecf the m st desirable standi la Cfil’cij;'. ana having a large wholesale trade estab hr-i. wonM nce To form business arrangements with pircis* with SPJ d good bosln-ssqaali»'Mtf>a«. Apply ta WM. BAKrR. Ocneral Manager Commercial Agon t to M lfiOfl P * t * ) ” ** Slate * st * or * e:tfr TATANTED —To exc&ance, merchan .rTili-J?! 1 ? or P'ftocai property for a harse. buggy and single haraeae. Address Drawer 3530- WANTED —1 want to lease a building,” • *** Mr afflicted to call on, or min’ Ei’Vri” .-"i.‘S?„ D ‘"i 1 *. A - KSIGHT. IW- Soots Accoucheur, at I*'.! fc dbeasM. *>* drealv of caroa- As’» WT^ANTED—Purchasers for our New agaanteb—go Krai. W J t£hT£ L> .T To !! c nt —Wabash or <l - 4 Mlcbuan-av- or one of the cpmi —■— - , WANTED—To Rent—A bonre and thk Xnrtfc rni- 00!e . or 10 roanw. Most be on Hll*^LT?, 1 ? s , ld * ol Clark. Any one baring tha tame wUI please address “A 8.,” care ol IVbeeioev Dean A Co., Lnmbermer. North Pier. * VV7ANTED —To Rent—A small bouse y v. of eight or nine north ol Twe*.tr-<vonii v*« w f «7lr*K ?* nt not 10 «cecd fttO. Ad orcis “I," 763 Wabaoh-av. \\T ANTED—To Rent—A collate house oJ-21.. within decent reach of street cars. Prompt psymett of rent. Apply to “B II," Tribune \\T AN TED—To Kent—On or betore . ,»J. nt of May next, op ether Michigan or Wa batb-av., north of Van t-nrea-at.. a amall lloaae of * or 9 room*. Kent punctually ip advance. Give location, ame out of rent, etc., and address COOKE. Tribune office. 1 WANTED—To Rent— By a nromnL dre** “LEC, S£V*"for r.Ti^JVsSSS?'* <***■«■' A,: W ANTED—To Rent—By the first of M»r. a Hoc. oa Soma Sice, e«t if state .art S^^’S , ‘tntaSh»S!'‘ ,Ml ° Kru ot« \V ANTED—To Rent—A good House, s* ,1 ci*e?i l i t, ‘ e .w or A. ftr, L f * a ** boar ltoj: home, on tiic ni°,ful e ’ n 2, rUl 01 ' *o Barca at., aor time before the i lit ft May. Pleate acdrtaa»a 3.” P.o. Box 1(101. /* TV ANTED—ToRent—Furnished room with beard, by a lady. Michigan or Waba>h f,V» hoph of Twelfin-it, preferred. A'Mre»«. with icnup, K J u,” Trtbane office. L>uexcepilonab:e rtf ercicea given. WANTED —To Rcni —Between now and lit nt April, a comfortable room and bed, ' with good beard, oa the south Md<*. convenleat to Lakt-it.. fer a nlocle eeeiletnan. AildrtM, atating to cation and tctmQ 1 w.‘* nil Ukt«-st. WANTED —To Kent —One large or two •mailer tipfumlah'd room*, hr two young ladle*. Addrwap. O. Box I If*. Mating tarma, etc. ~\\7 ANTED—To Kent—A tenement of . V* three or lour r >ool*. on South Stile, between *. Twrlltb and Jackacn at*. Apply at Planing Mill, 320 Clark-«t. YV t ANTED—To Kent—A furnUhod * * room, with or without board, by two ilnrlc gmllmirn. wltMc a fewJuock* of tbo IVulUffice. Ad dre*t e ALAMAMJKU. Tribune office. WA.NTJSD— To Rent—Two ilcsiraWo boiiwiotj th* tcatb »Mc. lonlh oJ EluVernUi 'i. mnrt oftu*l*»t. Will rent now or inr tiinV Ulwprn th»« ami till flr»t nf Mar. with u»r* tictiiitr*. UlLUEirr A SAMThUS. <l7 and I!) U,.»f. born »t. \\T ANTED—'To Kent—On South Side, * * rorthofSiit'otilhit. «nt ot • crmnirtaMaPouic. Itrnlimt h> mwmJ Mu«i b- In good romiiucn. If» Mr*un. will par m n;onun ri’nl in •iri.wr. If dwlrtil. Ai.lfrM **JKI|(iMK, M Draw«f .1M 17. £2ilantcfi==ivcal listatr. *\A7 ANTED— I To buy n House nn<l lot , Y,» . on the Norm SM»t n.u«t I* ran m I-1 tn b« aPout &0 Irct, luuk* * In |0 roostja; or % lot WJlhOtlt ttC lIOIIH*. ADT IV.r liASin.* Mlf hTnivi* i’ll 1 * it |) • 111 plft>p«o<trv«* M A ll,"r.ii«ci WbreiacK. P"jo A Co.. >wnb ncr, t*«t pen. Wf ANTED— I To purchase Lot. anil IT lion*o with 0«r ID roon*. Mn*l hr * <•!! I.iea. I/O. Writ Hide prrf.'frnl. Imlwr.n Vaa Hnrri ar.d rn'lor.atapric# of M.WO or W.M»s r»«tj parmeuC HJtOtctl.w. A'lmoi ” T W D." frloono oia^c. TA7 ANTED—To Hem—A comlortable V V hotaae of •mu room*. oa Milt H|<lr. north of Twelfth and eaatef *uu-»c., by a fiullr <nita end wire) wuhont children. The wits a Usurotjcn lumao* keeper and oral le hsMM. WoaW hare la ohkcttin t» take ctsutnan and wue, It owner*, aaboardera. An? ooebaflneaucb a h»o*e (witnoutfunittsrn pretermit will pirateaudroe••lt,** H. O. Itos lltttt, Ctuoaxo. lal«TUw may 5a had.