Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 11, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 11, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. latest News by Ocean Tele graph. Victories of the Crelaus Over the Turks. Attempt to Assassinate Victor Emannei. Horrible Earthquake in Greece- Several Hundred People Killed. Serious Railroad Accident in Russia-Ten Persons Eißed. Terrible Powder Explo sion in Italy. FROM WASHINGTON. Louisiana Legislature on the Rampage—Gen. Sheridan Stops the New Orleans Election. Serenade to Governor Horton— An Able Speech. General Grant and the President. Serious Destitution in the South. Official Enunciation of the Evacu ation of Mexico. Kax and Ilis French Legions on Tlielr Way Home. FKOM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. EVACUATION OP MEXICO, Paris, March 10. The JJoniteur states that by this time aD the French troops must have left Mexico, and that the departure of the Emperor Maximilian from \era Cruz was to have taken place on the Sth of March TEEMESATIOS OP 2SABTIAL LAW. Madrid, March 10. A royal proclamation announces the tcrmlna llon of martial law. ATTEMPT TO AhSASStSATB VICTOR ENANTEL. Florence March 10. An attempt was made to assassinate the King of Maly, near Milan, which failed. TEiminx earthquake. Atuavs, March 10. A terrible earthquake has taken place in tne Isl- Juid of Mytclene. All the habitations arc m mins, ntd bnndrtdß ol people killed. CONCESSION DT the SULTAN OP TURKEY. London, March 10. A telegram from Constantinople states that the Multan has made concessions which arc satisfac tory to the people of Scrvla, ana has promised to carry info effect the finnan of 1536. The Cretan deputation bos reached Constantinople. LATEST BY STEADIER, (ontixmed Suspension or the Habeas Corn*™ in Ireland—Lord liutmell on Government—Powder Explosion in Italy—. Tinny Killed— Railroad Accident In Rnula —Ten Killed—A Denial—Defeat ol the Turks Ry the Cretans. New York, March 10.—The steamer America T urn Southampton 21th. ha? arrived. In the House of Lords on the 2oih Ear] Derby moved the second reading of the bill continuing the suspension of the Jtabtct corpus in Ireland. Lotd Russel) gave a cordial assent to the hill, which he considered fully justified by recent events, and commented strongly on the policy oi the Fenian leaders in the United Stales. Be especially deprecated the irterference of the American (I’oxernment In relation to the trials of the Fcnfrn invaders in Canada. Earl Derby cave explanations on the part ot the Attorney General, end promised the correspondence relative to the paragraph In the American President’s message, concerning the Fenian trials in Canada, should oe laid before Parliament. The bill was then read a fecor-d time. Two Irish Americans were arrested on hoard a vessel fiom Cardiff, at Cork. Both were recently at Chester. A powder magarine at PosElppo. Italy, had ex ploded. Matir were killed and wounded. A railway accident occurred between Ecnslow and Raisin, Russia. Ten were killed and thirty wounded. La Psonce deiies that the American Minister at Constantinople had proposed to the members of (be diplomatic body, that remonstrances rhonld he made to tbc Pone on the subject of the Cre tans. Ihe new French law is expected to be greatly modified. The Polish confiscated properly will be sold at pnbllc auction. Arrival? from China stale that the rebels threat en Kanggon. A Con a telegram of 'he 25th slates, on Greek authority, that 8,000 Turks were delcaled on the l *lh and 14ib, in the western portion ox Crete, losing two enns and many prisoners. The Turks wet e also beaten on the Uih and 12tb, in another part of the Island. FROM TTASIII>GTO>. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, March 10. SCBENADE TO fENATOB KOHTOS. The serenade of last evening to Senator Morton, by the Indianians resident in this city, was a very pleasant and successful afiair. The Governor was happily Introduced by Colonel Henry D. Vt ash burn, of the House. After thanking Ms friends for the compliment they paid him, and referring with pride to the record made by Indlanainwar and in peace, the Governor continued: “Con gress has recently passed the great measure of re construction. It Is Intended by that law to ex tend protection to the loyal men of the South, black and white, by the strong arm ofthc military power; to protect them against persecution and murder, and from being driven into exile. It also provides means for the restora tion of the rebel States to the enjoyment of civil and political rights. It places the ballot in the handsel the colored man for his own pro tection, for the protection of the white Union man of the South, for the protection of the Govern ment, and for the reconstruction of society upon a new and solid basis, that shall endure forever. Ido not pretend that it is pertcct. 1 took an ob jection to it irom the first; that is, that it failed to provide any method for in itiating new State Governments; and 1 trust thatthis defect will yet be removed by a supple mentary bill that shall provide ways and means by which anew organization shall be brought in to existence, and 1 hope the President will exe cute U, In letter and in spirit. I trust, too, till such provision is made, the people of those States will set themselves aboct the work voluntarily. The people of the South have done nothing for the last few years but make terrible mistakes. They made a fatal one when they em barked in the rebellion, which cost them pearly half a million of lives and made their country chaos. It was ui deriaken In the interest of slavery. It ended by destroying slavery and elevated the slave to political and civil equality with his master. They made another mistake at the end of the war, when they demanded Immediate return to the en joyment of civil and political power, just as If nothing had happened. That was a mistake not only against common justice, but against com mon some; and they maoe another mistake in supposing that they could persecute Union men with exile, and even unto death, with impunity, and without being overtaken with the vengeance ofthis people. They trade a continuous mistake In accepting the pernicious counsels of the peace men of the North. The people of Alexandria made a foolish mistake last Tuesday, when they defied alawol Congress and the National author ity by refusing colored men the right to vote; and the Southern people will make a fearful mis take if they refuse to accept tho terms and con- dlllons provided by that bill. There maybe de lay in reconstruction—tbe good bonr may be ymt but U will not be in dtflnllcly postponed. I have faith in tbe destiny of tbe nation. I believe that all will yet be w ell; that the bleeding wounds of our - country will yet be staunched; that in tbe coarse of a few years the reconstruction of society, npon a new basis founded on the equal rights of all, vlll be firmly established; that emigration from the North, and from Europe, carrying with it capital, industry, and skill; and tbe great pana cea, Time, will yet restore the peaceful and fra ternal condition or things between tbe North and South, and throughout the whole of this vast country. 1 cannot forbear referring to tbe last time 1 stood npon this verandah and spoke to the people. It was two years rgoon a pleasant afternoon in tbe middle of blarcb. President Lincoln watfstaudinc at my tide. >Jany of yon will perhaps remember tbe oc caeicn. it was three or four weeks before his un timely death, and Uwas alterwaids that Booth, with folded arms and upturned face, leaned against that lamp post and glared calmly upon tbe man whose murder he had then contrived. lam permitted to return here to-night, and if it Is permitted to disembodied spirits lo revisit the scene of their trials, triumphs and death, may we not hope that ids great spirit Jj cow hovering over the nation, and will Inspire all hearts with that lore of Liberty, Justice and Tmth, by which he was animated through* out his life r* BneTepccchea were aiicrwardsmadebySpeaker Colfax, Representatives Williams, Shacks, and others. KIAOARA BUTT CAXAL. The Niagara ship Canal Bill, brought into the Senate yesterday by Mr. Chandler, is a measure of seventeen sections, with an appropnation of twelve millions of dollars to give it effect. It pro* _ rides for the construction of the canal, as a mill* lary work. 0 The surveys are to be made by three Entrinee officers of the army. It is made the duty of the President to secure the right of way for the canal, acquire title to the necessary lauds, and the rhrbt to cross and pass any highway, streams of water, and railroad, by agreement, purchase, or volun tary cession from owners and corporate author ities, till can bo done on reasonable terms: but if that shall be found impracticable then he may at any time thereafter, enter upon and take pos ccbeloq of said lands, highways, railroads and sii earns of water, and appropriate the same to too use ofthe United States for the purpose of the construction cf said canal. Cases growing out of each entry and . possession are to be settled by commissioner?. The title to lands and right of way is to be rested In the Uni ted States. The canal is to be constructed by the beerctary of War, and must be begun within twelve months alter the passage of this act, and ■o ben completed shall forever remain a naval, mil itary, postal and public highway. Foreign ves sels and crafts passing through, will be charged tolls, not exceeding those of the Welland Canal in iSGt United States vessels are to be free of tolls until Congress otherwise directs; but within one year trom the completion of the canal the secretary oi War la required to submit to Congress, for its consideration, such a taiiuof tolls as shall he estimated suffi cient to defray the actual expenses of operating raid canal, and maintaining the same in good order and repair; and such other lailffof tolls as be shall estimate sufficient to dettay such ex penses, and also yield six per cent interest upon the cost of. the canal. TIIE IWrEACUXENT inquiry has been taken up by the Judiciary Committee of the House, and several witnesses are summoned to appear this week. The new Democratic members. Marshall and Eldridge, are not at all satisfied with the manner in which Jack Rogers did his work last session, and will probably recall several persons who were exam ined then. The entile evidence heretofore taken is of course open for their examination, and they were engaged yesterday In looking through It. The majority intend giving them every advantage they can reasonably ask, and the minority express themselves much pleased with the reception ac corded them by the older members. Arrange ments arc making to dlviuo the committee into three or lour subcommittees, for a more rapid and thorough prosecution of the inquiry, and one of these will probably visit Tennessee during the Congressional recess. a denial. The story, so generally circulated within the last four or five days, that General Grant oas recommended officers for District Commanders In the Sooth, under the Reconstrction Law, Is wholly unfounded. The commanders are to be appointed by the President He has not yet asked Grant's advice, and the General is the last man who would force Lis opinion lu such matters upon the Executive. The Resident and his Cabinet have considered (he question of “appointments," and will, doubt* less, consult General Grant before reaching afloat decision. When this is done. Genera] dickies cannot, however, be recommended as one of the five commanders, for his rank In the regular army Is only that of Colonel, and they must all ho at least Brigadiers. ADJOURNMENT. The time of adjournment has not yethecn fixed, though much consultation on the question has been going on during the last two or three dare, between-leading members of both Houses. The Senate must remain to act upon about four hun dred civil nominations, rather more than onc-half of which have already been sent in by (he Presi dent. This wotk will keep that body here about all the present week. A general desire exists to tcmaln long enough to see how the President be gins his work under the Military Reconstruction Rill, as further legislation In that regard may he necessary. The President, la view of the numerous rejections of his ap pointments, by the Senate, is re ported as saying now that be will make no moie unless they arc recommended by the Seo • officials, they will ha respon -ilde. A majority of the nominees sent to the Sen ate last! week, were acceptable to the Republi cans. sunas tt. ..1. ..rik. n.i t , n ... The March term of the District Criminal Conn begins to-morrow. The general expectation la that Surratt will he brought to trial during the month; but the prosecuting attorney is noncom ronDicalivc, and very little is known of his pur pose. • SANTOUD CONOVER will unquestionably be sentenced before the term ends, probably daring the present week, as al motions of his counsel for delay, appeal, Ac., have been overruled. ALEXANDRIA ELECTION. The prompt action of Congress relative to the Mayoralty election in Alexandria has greatly alarmed the people of that city. One delegation came up here Friday to protestagalosllhe passage of the bill repealing the act by which tnelr county was ceded to Virginia, and another delegation came up yesterday to get action deferred on the bill setting aside their election. SENATOR WILSON’S BILL r.upplcmcntary to the act to provide for the more efficient government of the rebel Stale*, by P'ovlding lor the registration of every voter in each military district, through the commander; crowding for calling a Constitutional Conven tion, and for other purposes. preparatory to ad mitting reoresentauves of Southern States, has been Introduced. ADVERSE REPORTS. The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations is -aid to have made an adverse report on the nom ination of 11. b. Sanford, now Minister Resident to Brussels, being Envoy Extraorolrary and Min ister Plenipotentiary. Also, an adverse report on ci-Scnator Cowan to he Minister to Vienna. OLT. RELATIONS WITH PIIANCB. Our Minister under da T e Pans, February 10th. «tI es Secretary Seward of the expression ol much vood feeling towards the United States, and the arrangement of the abandonment of the Mexican enterprise, contained in the armed expo sition condition of the Empire presented by the Government to the Senate, and tbc feeling which eiii-tR there on both *ubjec a. The foUjwingia a transition of that part of the exposition in reference to Mexico: ‘*We need not recnr, at ibis time, to the necessity which led ns to under take the expedition to Mexico. We sought re dress of every description, and for injustice from which our people had Buffered for many yean, and animated by that generous sentiment which will always induce France to render her iotorven tion neelul wherever she shall be led to cany her arms. Wc did not r Jose terms by which all in serests would have profited, but in lending cjop eiation to this work the Government of the Em r.eror had assigned beforehand limns to Its sacri fices , and the Emperor had fixed the end tor the present year as the extreme term of oar military occupation. The evacuation was to have been made in three detachments; the first leaving In the month of November, 1800: the second in March, and the third In November, 1337. These arrangements, conformable to onr previous intention for reasons arising out of the circnm stances, determined the Emperor to substitute narliol evacuations at a time with the simulta neous transportation home of tbc whole corot <T nrmtf In the spring of the present year. These measures are now In course of execution. In the month of March next onr troops will have left Mexico. Far from desiring to tree itself from engagements which It has contracted *n Its own account, which it has pnbliclr announced, the Government of the Emperor will hasten their ful fillment,” general grant Arm anurasT Arrocrmsrs. New ytiEE. March 111.—'Washington specials «talc that General Grant had an interview with the President yesterday, when, it is supposed, the question of military appointments under the Deconstruction Bill in the South was thoroughly discussed. General Grant is believed to have completed a eel of Instructions, approving the bill, to Secretary Stanton, and to hare submitted ibtm to the President. senator Wilson's bill has been approved by the Judiciary Com mittee of both Houses and will probably pass FT ATT GOVE RICKETTS IK TUB SOUTH. A prominent Senator has received positive in formation from three Southern States that they will immediately proceed to organize State Gov ernments nnder the Military BUI. and It Is now confidently asrerred that all the Southern States will be re-organized under its provisions, and be admitted to their former relations by the first of January. ALEXANDRIA ELECTION. George Tucker, Kepnbllcan candidate at the late Mayoralty election in Alexandria, called on Fri day morning on Major Latham, who was declared elected by the judges, and demanded the seal ot Ibe Corporation and books of office. La .him dc dined to yield them up. DESTITUTION IN THE SOUTH. Further accounts from Alabama and Georgia represent thedestitntxon greater than has hereto fore been stated. Deaths are reported from star vation in Alabama, while a leading paper in Georgia estimates the total number of starving there at 50,000. HOKES TOR FREED KEN. Since March Ist, iBB ireedmcn from the District of Columbia have been provided with Homes in the Northwest and South. HEW TRIAL DENIED. A new trial has been denied to Sanford Con over. • THE ABSCONDING CLEBS. A. F. Lee. Treasury clerk, who absconded with {38,100 In Treasury bonus, has been brought to Washington and made a full confession, averring the theft was not premeditated, bathe had been drinking when he committed 1L AH the money is recovered except SOOO. COVED*.OB NORTON, in & speech last night to the scrcnaders, spoke In favor of the Military Reconstruction Bill. He hoped the I*resldent would execute the law in its letter and spirit. The South would make a great mistake ii they refused to abide by thi* law. There might bedelays in reconstruction, but be boned in two years the Sooth would be admitted to ail its rights, and we may soon hope to see a restoration of peaceful and fraternal feelings everywhere. SPEAKER COLFAX being called for, endorsed what Senator Morton said about reconstruction. Con tes had opened a door to restore Southern states to civil and political power; ont Congress bad said to them, yon shall come back clothed In new robes of liberty and Justice; you shall be led bv faithful men into the Union, which you de spised In your fancied triumph of a miserable confederacy. Friends who listened to him would say, as the country would say, those who love the Hag shall rule the country. FROM SEW TOBK. Tbe Fenian Excitement Unabated- Sailing; of Steamers—Stock movement —General Grant has an Interview with tbe President on the military Appointments for tbe South* • New York, March 10.—’The Fenian excitement is unabated. Numerous donations have been ac cepted, but, owing to the lowness of the funds, hundreds who offered to volunteer|were refused. An enthusiastic meeting of Irisb-Amencan olfl cere was held at Masonic Hall last night. The members of the Brotherhood, in Washington and ehewhere, are also moving in the matter of aid lo men at tbe front, N lueteen steamships sailed from New York yes teiuay for Eutopa, Vvestlndics, Central American and coastwise ports, carrying I.UOJ passengers and {Gt.oco in currency. A Nicaraguan steamer took 400 United Slates troops. Eric Railroad stock having been largely over sold- advanced yesterday lo ou, amidst great ex citement, but afterwards reacted, closing at _ _ FROM. ST. LOUIS. Reward for an Absconding Sheriff— Ibe Fenians. c T Loris March 10. Governor Fletcher oners a reward of *3bo for the arrest of JohnW. Ormoy. fate shenfi, and ex-offidocollcciorof Adsir Coan tvrwho baa absconded with a large amount of money belonging to tbe State. _ „ , A delegation of nine numbers of tbe Buffalo Common Council arrived here to-day. ate Feelen, to tin dtj Mro Mllrf« miss meeting lor Moods? nlglt to iffl condition of allaire lo Ireland, and provide *lO, for their struggling brethren. V * XX. TEE IRISH REBELLION. Further Particulars-Progress and Extent of the Uprising. An Attack and Repulse 3,000 Fenians in the Neighborhood of Aberlais Abbey. Capture of a Fenian Council. Arrest cf General Bnrke at Tipperary. Fears of an Attack on the Town of Tipperary. The Inhabitants of the Town Inclined to Aid the Insurgents. Fenian Patrols Scouring the Country for Plunder. Indiscriminate Impressment for the Eehel Army. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. Dunns, March 10. A band of Fenians, which was previously reported to have taken possession of the bar racks at Kitted, in Kildare, have been dis persed by the troops. The insurgents made an attack on the bar racks at Mount Melick, and were repulsed. Two of the attacking party were shot. The rebels arc said to have assembled, to the number 0f3,000, in the neighborhood of Abcrlais Abbey. Troops have been sent out to disperse them. Dublin, March 10. The existence of the Fenian Council, which has been secretly in session in this city Ims been discovered and Its members have been arrested by the police. General Burke one oftheFenlanleadcrslnthe South, has been captured at Tipperary London, March!!—Noon. It is reported from Ireland to-day that tranquility is restored throughout the Pro vince of Leinster, and there has been no recent disturbance In the county of Kerry, the scene of the abortive 'outbreak of last month. ♦ Dublin, March 9.? A despatch from Waterford states that the Galty Mountains, on the borders of Tippe rary, are swarming with Fenians, and It Is feared that an attack will be made on the town of Tipperary, the inhabitants of which arc disaffected and strongly disposed to help them. London, March 9—p. m. The official despatches received from Ire land say that loads of arms have been dis covered and seized by the military, and that this fact seems to.conflrm the report that the rising of the Irish has failed to be general. London, March 9—Evening. Despatches from Dublin state that email bands of Fenians arc’patrolling the counties of Cork, Waterford, Tipperary and Limerick, pressing people Into the ranks, and committ ing robberies everywhere. Taverns in the city of Cork have to be closed every evening at dosk. Stephens is still In Paris. Dublin. March 9—Evening. A dispatch from Waterford reports the Fe nians hare appeared in force at Devil’s Bit Mountain, Tipperary County. Troops with artillery have been sent to dislodge them. The result Is yet unknown. The Insurgents muster In strong force,par ticularly in Tipperary County. Ko hands have as yet appeared in the county Wicklow, and the town of Wicklow is quiet. Reports from Drogheda say that there Is no further disturbance there up to this hour. Twelve of the foremost of the rcbellcad ers have been captured and are held at the police barracks at Klltect In tbc county of Kildare. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. INDIANA, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Indianapolis, March 10. Both branches of the Legislature continued in session until 13 o'clock Saturday night. SENATE. The following House bills were passed: To enable owners of wet lands to drain them where It cannot be done without affecting lands of others; punishing the selling ol unwholesome provisions : authorizing the removal of the convicts from the southern to the northern prison: postponing the final time for paying taxes until Maj; authorizing Hydraulic Companies to appropriate lands needed for the construction or such improvement: appratsment and taxing itailroad property; piovtdlng for assessment and collecting taxes on bank stock; amending the school Jaw; providing for vacating abandoned highways; amending the act regulating the loe of omcers in i elation to conveyances ny persons of unsound mind: prohibiting the working of children under sixteen years of age over leu hours per day. In factories; providing for the protection of wild game; prohibiting the locking of railroad passen ger cars when under way; preventing the spread of sbeep diseases; In relation to compounding Crimea; requiring town plots to be transferred for taxation; lor the In. pcctiou ot coal oil; for the change of highways for construction of sewers in Incorporated towns, apply ing same furnished as In construct ing sidewalks; allowing builders of flouring mills to construct dams; amending the marriage act so as to prevent licenses from being issued to tcmales until the female has resided In the State one month: providing that Judgments shall hold good for ten years; requiring Clerks of the Cir cuit Courts to make iucloEures when Commission ers require it; providing that tenants at will may be ousted in ten days' notice; legalizing the ac tion of the Slate Board of Equalization in l&M ; providing that railroads shall have the same tariff on wsy as through freights. The following House Joint resolutions were passed: Instructing the Indiana delegation la Congress to secure the passage of an act indemni fying the citizens of Indiana from losses daring the Morgan raid; allowing soldiers who were prisoners of war extra pay daring captlvilv; s-mendments to the resolution providing for the stale Military Agency; urging the payment of the interest bearing debt of tbe Government first and placing the soldiers of 1813 on the pension rolls. The Senate concurred In the House amend ments to the Soldier's Home Bill, and authorizing ci’ies and towns to levy a special tax to complete unfinished school buildings. A Joint resolution passed—39 to I—au thorizing the Governor, Auditor. Treasurer . and Secretary of Slate to hire the labor of tbe Mate prisoners. *i he Conference Committee reported in favor ' nf ih<‘ House receding from Us amendments to i tbe Regbtry BUI. HODBK. uuuoa. The following Senate bills were passed ; Re pealing all laws In conflict with the decision of the Supreme Court; fixing the rates of fees to be cuarged sailors' and soldiers' families by Justices and others fin taking affidavits for pensions vud bounties; protecting fish; providing for the Issue of cajnat in replevin of personal prop erty: providing for guardianship of persons and property of habitual drunkards; amending the ( act lor the construction of turnpikes or gravel I roads: authorizing County Courts to make ap- e propriations In aid of manufacturing or machine 1 rhops. when approved by a majority of tbe legal \ voters; authorizing Township Trustees and city { councils to levy a School Tax not exceeding ] twenty-five cents oneachflOO, and twenty-flvccta. < on each poll; providing that more than six per i cent, inteiest maybe charged whena higher rate I may be agreed upon, not exceeding ten per 'cent ; for the establishment of a Soldier's Home at Kniphtstown Springs; providing that road tax shall not he less < than one nor more than twenty-five cents on each 1 tllO of personal property, nor less than two or more than five cents on each acre of land; incor porating Slackwatcr Navigation Companies; au- i (homing cities lo issue bonds to complete nofin- i ished school houses; repealing the law for rais ing revenue for township libraries; requiring 1 clerks to itemize fete in cases of administrators; I making Warren and Tippecanoe counties tbe \ Twenty-third Common Pleas District; Imposing conditions in granting requisitions for fugitives from other States; providing for incorporating electric telegraph companies; incorporating steam -1 packet companies; providing that tbe President 1 of the Senate shall be Governor In case of tbe death, removal or resignation of Governor and Lieutenant Governor; establishing comical courts in Allen, Wayne and Tippecanoe counties; to remedy detective bonds; authorizing towns and townships to take stock in slackwalcr, railroad and gravel road companies; amending the charter of Evarsville; to enable cities to take stock la . railroads; authorizing insurance companies y, reinsure risks and cluse business; providing abandoning nnllnisbed railroads, and. ferring the beds to other companies; who shall bo witnesses; ir„- -R it felony for persons to set fire to their ow»- -J-tng erty ; in relation to erecting buildings P Ic lodges; for the prevention of the y Sffl D /uSMSS u " 1 h,,(Anf,—fnrf f Of the COUStItUtIOUSI uehouor traffic unchanged, to the SeiSc l£ -ded Atom Its amendments Tbe hdl 51s-ristry Bill, and adopted It. laid on the * -istrlLullng tbe judicial circuits was ti i.. l table. I aw .v, amending the Common School white olishlngthc distinction between blucke and .s, in taxes or attendance npon schools, was .»~4() to 44, A number of unimportant bills, in addition to I foregolng, passed both Houses. a* The Legislature adjourned to-morrow. EEOM HEW OKLEASS. The Louisiana' Lesls latore on the Rampage—They Protest Agalmit the Reconstruction Bill—Proposed Im> pcachmcnt of Governor Wells for Issuing a Proclamation In Accord* ance with the Reconstruction Bill— They Rave an Interview with Gen eral Sheridan which la not Satis factory. New Yons, March 10.—A special New Orleans telegram to the Herald says the Louisiana House ot Representatives concurred In the Senate reso lution appointing a committee to protest against the Reconstruction Bill of Senator Sherman. Charges have been prelcrred against Governor Wells in the House for usurpation In issuing his proclamation declaring the qualifications of voters In tbo State in ac cordance with the Reconstruction Bill, and his impeachment Is probable. Mayor Monroe, the Lieutenant Governor and others bad an Interview with General Shendnn regarding the right of the negroes to vote at the election, when they wore informed that if negroes did not vote the clcclicn would be null. A bill was immediately passed in the House postponing the proposed election. New Obubahs, March 10.—Trouble being appre hended in case the municipal election is allowed to be held on Monday, General Sheridan has issued orders that no polls be that the day of election be postponed till the District Command er, under the law, is appointed, or special in suuctione are received covering the case. FEOM LOUISVILLE. Attempted Aasonlnatlon—Tke Colored Kentuckian—llorae Thief. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lopisytt.t.k, March 10. An attempt was made on Saturday to assas sinate Captain E. D. Kennedy, an ex-Soperin tendent of the Frccdmcn’s Bureau. On Saturday night a pistol shot was fired through bis office window, between seven and eight o'clock. The. ball passed through bis coat, and, striking bis watch, glanced off. A reward of SI,OOO is offered for the detection ot the would-he assassin. The first number oi the Colored KentucHan* a paper edited and published by colored men, made us appearance Saturday. A horse-thief, named Frank Bradley, was ar rested by the police to-day, with a fine grey stal lion, which be bad stolen a few days previously, m ms possession. lillo In LoulsvlUo. Louisville, March 10.—Two Irishmen at the Nashville depot on Friday eight bad a difficulty. Connelly was probably fatally injured. A hack driver named Aggee cut J. M. Read, street inspector, badly In the throat yesterday. Snow Storm, Milwaukee, March 10.—Tnere was a enow storm through Western Wisconsin and Minnesota last night, six to ten Inches of snow falling. No snow here. Drowned. Richmond, March 10.—Edward W. TroyJer, ft prominent citizen of Petersburg, was drowned to-day In crossing the Appomattox River. The new railroad bridge at Petersburg, has been washed away. Tbo Hudson. Albant, March 10—It Is raining here to-alght, and icc in the river is rapidly wearing away. Heath of lion. William A. Hooker. Caibo, March 10,—Hon. W. A. Hoeker, formerly a fmctnberof thelllinois Leg islature. and late City Attorney, died at bis residence lari night. The deceased will be buried at Jonesboro, with Masonic honors. Fire* Tnor, N. Y.., March 10.—This morning Nathan D. Warren’s barn, at lela Hill, was discovered to be on fire. There be ing no water in tbo vicinity, the building was to tally destroyed. Several valuable horses cows, carriages, Ac., were horned. Fire at Nashville. Nashville, March 10.—A fire occurred this morning on College street, horning Treschler’a roanntactory of mineral water, and contents; and three houses adjacent. The German Methodist Church was also badly damaged. Loss about tao.uxu * . One of Jefl*. Davis’ Counsel, Fortress Monro*. March 10. George Shea, one of Jeff.Davis’ connsel,reached here thlsmorn tag on a visit ffibotogtapflg. QAK'T BE BEAT- 102 GREEN’S 102 If yon want eplendtd photographs, always co to thl« favorite gallery. »cri photographs 11.00 per dozen. Porcelains m colors. sl2; old price. >35. Ipg Laks-st. accturcs BY Nathan Sheppard, Esq., Of this city. In the UNION PARK BAPTIST CHURCH, corner West Wubicgtun ana Paullna-sts., on Thursday Evening, March. 14th, AtSo’cicck. for the Benefit of PROVIDENCE MIS SION. Subject, **Tn# Dupoiltlon.” Tickets to cents. amusements. “YOWG PEOPLE’S ENTES JL TAINMENP,’’ consisting of Tableaus, Pantomimes & Old Folks 1 Concert, TUESDAY EVENING, March 12, AT THE SECOND UNIVEBSALIST CHUBCH, Corner of West Washington and Saugamon-sts. X3T Tickets for sale at McCurdy & Co.’s, 34 Dear hom-ac. Street & Pearson’s, 10] Wasblncton-ju, Kid der a Co.’a, 64 lAke-eL, and at the Church on tne evening of entertainment. Etatrologg. jy£ ADAME ALWLN. All persons wishing to know their FUTURE PROSPECTS IN LIFE, Can have them correctly stated by the Madame by calling at 347 booth Clark-st. (opposite Jones behoof) where she may be consulted about all matters concern ing Busicess. Marriage, Love, cul, and will tell the name of the lady or genUeman you are going to marry: also the name ot her visitors. Crockets estate. QROCKERY, ETC. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, 15, 17, 19 & 21 Randolph's!., Importer*, Wholesale and BetaU Dealer* la CROCKERY, CHINA, GLASS, Silver Plated Ware, LAMPS, LANTERNS, LOOKING GLASSES. Assorted Crates in Original Packages. Goods Sold at New York Brices, adding Freight * hoofing. pLA&TXO SLATE ROOFING. A TEST OF FIVE TEARS has demonstrated the superiority 01 this material orer every other now known. A mastic—lt adapt* itsell to every shape and slope, from Cat to perpendicular, covering the whole root without seam or Joint. Non-combustible—it la not the means of dettroying your property, but of protecting It. Non-expanslve—heat nor cold, no mat ter bow Intense, can compel It to expand or contract. Impervious—water nor even tieam, can penetrate or dissolve It. UndecaTlnz—time and the elements only mature nod peilecl it. to earn up the whole matter, itu Fire, Water and Frost Proof, and toeieaptr than any othergood material, and ha* loan the most expensive. _ .. ,t«i The New Tort Tribune In speaking of it saw consider this invention the greatest boon of s :**We The Farmer'* Club ol the American Ir the age.” conncethe invention one of the most te ~utnte pro* discovered. .. ever For tbe past ycarwe have boo en r •his material to tne people ol imp in supplying and from the many flsttorlnr vr .ois and Wisconsin, in our office, we tec' v«ctant£r iimonlal* now on die tire satisfaction. - in saying, to their en- • ROOFING FET.T „ FELT used lor hr’ . the new SHEATHING stoutly on haac acd COAL TAR,con soot oo appllr . •’ market rates. Circulars -alto-, and for rights. Apply to WHITACEE * RAYMOND, w 98 LaSalle-fit- Chicago. lIL gSspr tm gtainpgnlgg. r r -HE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITAL - - $30,000,000. Owned and Operated by Onr Merchants and Mannfactnrcrs. CARRIES RV EXPRESS* Money* Valua bles, Freight and Parcels* over more than 13,000 miles ol Express Line* at Just and liberal rates* saves aillllons yearly to Ex press Shippers* and can be made permanent only by (holrllibcral patronage* This we hope to merit and receive. Office, Hos. 103,106,107 & 109 Dearhorn-sL S. COOPSB Affent- CHICAGO. MONDAY. MARCH 11, 1867. 33qp (Soobs. gPKiNG GOODS. li d ill 167 & 169 Lake-st., RAVE RECEIVED IK THE LAST FEW DATS, A VERT LARGE AND COMPLEIB ASSORT* MENT OF THE “Latest Novelties” Paisley Long and Square SHAWLS, MANTWira India Camel’s nair Centres, Of a Quality never before brought to this market* ALSO, LARGE DALLY ARRIVALS OF The Keivost and Choicest Styles of French Chintz-Prints, Ginghams, Delaines, Organdies, Tissues, Grenadines, Poplins. Travelling Dress Goods. BEST MAKES OF BLACK SILKS, Colored and Fancy Silks, Shawls, Domestics, Linens. and Housekeeping Goods OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. All bought under the most favor able circumstances, and which we will guarantee to sell as Cheap as the same qualities can be bought in any house in (he United States, and much below the usual price in this marlict. Sole Agents for the Celebrated “Bullion, Harris Seamless” KID GLOVES! REMOVAL. SIMPSON & HLKiIIES Will open their NEW STORE, 11l Lake-st., On Tuesday Next, with a large and attractive stock of DRY GOODS Which they offer Wholesale and Retail, At their usually LOW PRICES ! SIMPSON & HUGHES, 11l Lake-st., Between Dearborn and Clark. OTICE. NORTHRUP, TAYLOR & CO., Importers and Jobbers of Silks and Fancy Dry Goods, Shawls, White Goods, floalorr. Gloves, Ribbons, Dress Trimmings, dec.. Are-, NO. 312 BROADWAY, NEW TORE. I take plcaiurc In Informing my irlends in the West that I am now associated with the above House, where I an all be happy to see them whenever they visit New York. JAMES P. STREETER, LateoftheOrm of Partridge, Sntth A Streeter, Chicago. General Notices. O ra U.S. BONDED WAREHOUSE Corner Slate and Sixteenth-sis NOW OPEN. sTDRURa. X° WHOLESAT J i fi merchants. a fln°tlclaßj o £?* .nvlted for the rental. f<*ff™ TC m?L if Is proposed * . e story stonefMnt store.^o, “V"' WcSStSA" 4 ' -ne Plans oi ihebnlWlngniayheeeeo, and fall intor nation obialatd, at the Office ot A. BAUER, Architect, No. 74 LaSalle-iL Ucmohala. JJEMOYAL. Eisendrath&Co., HAVE REMOVED TO THEIB NEW STORED No. 97 South Watcr-st. Educational. /"'ILASS FOR V' .GERMAN INSTBUCTION. The Professor of German Language and Literature connected with the Quackenbos Collegiate School 1s sow forming alternoon and evening classes lor ladies and gentlemen. Terms f 15.00 lor a coarse of SO les sons. Apply at the Collegiate School, 108 and 110 Cass-sL between 9 a. m. and 2 p. m. Y oUNG LALIES’ INSTITUTE, AT MAPIiEWOO D, Pittsfield, Mass, The spring term commences UUi, ISG7. For circular adurcss Rev. C. V. SPF the Principal. financial. $4}300 Tt * tor one y®* 1 * On Beal Batata Security Chicago. Apply ta O. K. A., HUTCHINSON. poom No. 18. Block, Doarborn-st. Jvv 13anfts anti Bankers. il pARIS EXfOoiriON. Travellers to Europe • * Can procure ol the undersigned Letters of Credit, Available throughout England, France. Germany, Switzer land, Italy, &0., &0., thnKlDCnrrlDethflezpensaof premium oa sold only on ttio amount actually used while abroad, wo fool a

Just ptlde in presenting to the public a list of our ior> elgn corresgmdcnta comprising the leadlog Banks and HENRY GREENEBAtJM CO. lutMiv CHEr.\matrif. datids. gzzeseauz. - LOUIS BULLUJjr. List of Oar Correspondents. ENGLAND. London.... Liverpool.. ■Union Bank of London. Colon & Co, IRELAND. Dublin. .Royal Bank of Ireland. FRANCE. Bordeaux. Le fils dc J. J. Klganean Lyons Aynard A Buffer. MancUlce .Vve Rodrigues, ElyfilulneACo. Paris FraLS. BalUn A Co. btrasburg Oilman A Ols. SPAIN. Madrid. PORTUGAL. Perto.. Lisbon. ITALY. Florence. Milan.... Naples... Koine.... Em. Fcnzl A Co. .FlgU WellL Scblott & Co. S. Guadersbelm. Charles Kolb. HOLLAND. .K'eJd. Credll & Deposit TUnk Amsterdam. .Llppoajj j Boseolbat &"Co. Amsterdam. BELGIUM. Ljtcd, Frcrcs &Co, Antwerp. anmells. . j&cqaea Erma OppeaLcim. SWITZERLAND. UCD6TA Gay, CoeairdACo. Znrlcß .....A. KIj&Co. HAitl Jselln & butuin. NORWAY. lierecn. .H. J. Loctrrood CbrlsU&nla. .Thos. JohTHeltya Vc6. SWEDEN. GoHenbnre John Lvoa * Co. btuckbolm tißllietmot & WcjUod. DENMARK. CopenhaKen D. B. Adler * Co. HOLSTEIN. Kiel Vcrcinsbaolt. GERMANY. Ancsburc Paul von Sutton. Bamberg.-. K. Wasseamanu. Berlin Dtsconto Gcsollschart. tiraonscbwelß Lehman Oppenbamer <t son. Ilrcrn- □ Ed. Jcban. Breslau. . EJcbborn & Co. Caniinuie Gelrnacr lias*. CaHHtI J. a. Amtbal. (olococ ScrdlltzeMeraenß Fiankfort-On-ilsla M. A. Gracocbanm 4 BalJlu Hamburg. D. Behrens A Jolme. Lapd»o MnUler A Wcylaadt. Leipzig. ..Barter A Co. Majdtucc ♦ O. h. Schlocsunann. Mannheim Babus A Stoll. W.H.Ladenbarg & See. Mnltllhatuen Thrgn. A. It. BinciMtem. Munich Jos. too Hlrsch. Nenataat-on-ll Loul* Dacaae. Number? j. C.Cnopi. Po»en Philipp Behrend. Stuttgart Schnabel & Uaeru. frier... Vienna. ...Rereichon A Co. ..Credit, Anstalt (In* .Handel & Gewcfbe* Itfcto iilublications. ij H E GALAXY FOB MARCH 15. CONTAINS: WAITING FOR THE VERDICT, by Rebecca Hard- Inc Darts. Illustrated by Hennessy. A LIT EBARY COUPLE. By Pamela Pcnfeathcr. ZISCVS DRUM. Bye. A.M. WORDS AND Tiuan USES. By Richard Grant White. GEORGE SAND AND HER WORKS. Second Arti cle. By Eugene Benton. A BY-WAY OP HISTORY. By John H. Pell. PICKPOCKETS. (With tour Illustrations). By CUdoid Thomson. THE ALCHTMIKT. By Arthur Fleming. A PARISIAN ATELIKIt, By lon PtrdicarU. POETS. Rv Paul 11. Hsyoe. C AIT AIN TOM’S FRIGHT. By C. L. K. TUB BANSFKS OFTHEPOOR. By K. Howland. MISS DIX AND WHAT SUE UAS DONE. By L. J. Bigelow. NAPOLEON 111. AND THE PRESS. By IL A-Delllle. Ur. SWINBURNE: A Sketch. By W.W inwood Keade. NEBULA. By the Editor. in Uie next number will be commenced the new story hr Mrs. Edward*, author of " Archie Lorcll,” entitled "STEVEN LAWRENCE. YEOMAN." The prtcj of lUE GALAXY Us 3 a year: |3 tor tlx month*;3o cent* a single copy. Addiera W- C. &F. P. CIiUr.CU, _ Kn. at) I’arx Row. New York. SEtoincs anh (Cortrap. CORDAGE, ETC., ETC. GUBEET HUBBAED & CO., DEALERS IN TWINES AND COBBACE, 205 & 207 SOUTH WATER-ST., CHICAGO. The largest and best assortment In the West of COTTON AND FLAX DUCK, all widths and weights MANILLA. AND TARUKD HEMP HOPE; COTTON BEAMLESS GRAIN BAGS; GUNNIES, WOOL SACKS AND BURLAPS; TAB, PITCH. OAKUM: COAL TAB ROOFING PITCH AND FELTING CHAINS, TACKLE BLOCKS, Ac. COTTON, FIiAX AXD HEMP XWETES Ot every description; Cotton, Flax, Paper and Jate WnipplnkTwites; Dell and Sash Com*. Gill Nets anc seines, with every variety of Seine and Netting Twine. Tents, Awnings, Wagon Covers & Tarpaulins. F Xa G- S Of SHE or Banting, a* per Army Regulation*, con stantly co hand and made to order. o.mißiußX), j. a. re axis, oxo. b.*cabtzntss. iHarijinets. piTTti & CO., nioobfocturcrn of • Tlircsticg Machines, Horse Powers* Trip Hammers, Soak’s Combined Cora Planters and Cultivators, etc., etc* Reaper*, Mowers and Farm Machinery Reoatrei. Pattern* and Codlings mods to order. Grinding, Polishing, etc. N'o. 108 West Randolph-sl,, Chicago, 111. A MBS* XI. Celebrated Portable and Stationary STEAM ENGINES, all sizes. Superior to all others. C. L. RICH A CO., Chicago; SMITH & BIOOs, bL Loula, Mo.: WM.F. ROVEV, Milwaukee; JAMES JESKS, Detroit, agtafe. Call or tend lor circular. Humter. J^TJMBER! LUMBER! 76.000 Ft. 'Wldtowood X>ORS. 60.000 ft. Basswood « 96.000 ft. .Anti ** 10.000 ft. Elm. •< These Logs ate lying la a mill-yard beside the track of the Michigan Southern Railroad, at Rolling Fralrle Station, sixty-six cnllea from Chicago, and can be sawed to order, and will be sold low. COOBIBS & 00., Bolling Prairie, Indiana. aaeal JBstatt. EAT. ESTATE FOR SALE, That Desirable Vacant lot On southeast corner of North ZaaSalle and Blm-sts.> 06 toy 150 foot. Apply to SAM.*!. GEHB, 114 Dearborn-st, Booms 10 and 19. T>£AL ESTATE. 11l WANTED. - . We have constant applications fur botn improved atd unimproved Real Estate, which wc arc nnable to sup ply. Owncraof such cannot do better than to place their property la oar bands for sale, where they can have the advantage of oar services without charge un less sales arc effected. BEELER &GIBB, Beal Estate Agents, 199 death Clark-et. pOE SALE—On the 111. Central R. R., A House nod Two Lots. Also, Dry Goods, Hardware, Ac., If wanted. A good location lor business. House new and well built. _ Itqnlreof REIN BOLD & MAGNUS, 69 West Ran dolph's t-, Chicago, orjiOVETJlßOs^Mgnge^ltL^^ proposals PROPOSALS FOR REPAIRS OF STBE*r cE TTTt Boaed OP Pf hue Woaxs, I u,7ICBU, CniCAQo. March I S»alcd proposals will be received by the Board of Public Works, at their office, until 11 a. m„ W ei f?£?r Cay, Marcb 2T, 1567, fur keeping In fepslrall the etreet tamps belotcmg to the city, from April Ist, 1867. to vith sureties, to be approved by the ttoatd, Vhe Board reserve tne rkbt to reject any and all MdkMd no proposal will be acceptcdurless die party Attains It shaUclve evidence, sattslaclory to the that he has the necessary s*:lU, experience, en errvand ability for dolor the work, ts trastworthy, and has sufficient pecuniary resources QiyDgLEt FRED. LffTZ, , O. J. ROSE. Board of Public Works. fgarbtoatr. globes, &c. REDUCTION OF PRICES. We bare this day REDUCED PRICES on the.'olloir* log Goods: DlMton’s 7x26 Handsaws, per dozen ?2C.SO Spear A: Jackson’s 20 inch Hand* saws, per dozen 28*00 Parker’s 3-Inch Blind Butts, per dozen 3*15 No* 25 Coffee mills* per dozen 11*00 Best Sad Irons, per lb Oc aiaj dole’s A* C. Hammers, lib per dozen 14*00 Bfsydole’s A. E. Hammers, 1H lb perdozen 12*50 Door Locks, 10 per cent* discount from list* HIBBARD & SPENCER. Chicago. March It. 1867. JJAKDWARE & CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Labo-St. The attention ol close buyers Is invited to our earn, piste stock of COOPERS’. MACHINISTS’ and CAE RENTERS' TOOLS, AMERICAN TABLE CUTLERS and BUILDERS’ HARDWARE, direct trom the best manufacturers. We offer, also, a complete Assortment Of WObTENHOLM’S POCKET CUTLERT. SPEAR 4 JACKSON’S SAWS. JOSEPH RODGERS A BOSS' SCISSORS end RAZORS. STUBBS A ROTHESY 1 ! FILES, also SKATES and Straps of every deacrlpUas. We also keep constantly on band full numbers o: iCHOEKBKROEH’S JUNIATA NAILS. C. b. Hurd. Edw. pbxscqtt. 8. BBumtau* ■N. de Herrera. J3tiplei3Slliplu: Sfcitfa. ..Banco TTnlao .Banco Umao. T ATEST FASHIONS DEMAND J. W. BRADLEY’S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC ' (OB DOUBLE BPRKG) SKIRTS. Vbey will not Bend or Breaks Llkr tho atnjre springs, but will ever preserve their perfect and beantilul a nape, where three or four ordi nary Shirts are thrown aside aa nseieaa. They com bine comfort, durability and economy with that ele- shape which has made the “ DUPLEX klltp STANDARD SKIRT OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. E7~ Latest Styles Bradley’s INVISIBLE, for Street Dread, and Bradley's ESIPUESS TIIAIL, for Evening Dress. At wholesale by the exclusive manufacturers and sole owners of the patent, WESTS, BBADLET & CAET, Warehouse and Offlce, 97 Chambers and 79 and 81 ReadotL, fiewTork. Also, at wholesale by (ha lead ing Jobbers. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, By far the most popular and graceltu Skirt von. For tale at wholesale at manufacturers’prices, by field, palmer a leiter, 110,113.114 and llfl Lake-st* Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For Elegance and Economy are nurarpassed. for sale at wholesale by JOHN V. FAKWELL A CO* Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, rhe tightest, most agreeable and perlect Skirts mads. For sale at wholesale. BOWEN WHITMAN A WINSLOW. 15, 17,19 ana ai haadolph-gt* Chicago. Bradley’s Daplex Elliptic Skirts, For beauty, comfort and dnrablllty superior to an oth ers. For sale at wholesale by TORRENCE. MANNING A CO. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, At wholesale, at mannlactarera* prices. KEITH, WOOD A CO* Bradley's Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For sale at Manufacturers* New York Wholesale Prices, by SEYMOUR, CARTER A CO., No. ‘22 Lake-st Clotting. gPRING, 1807. The most CHASTE and HONEST Stock of GOODS FOE GENTS’ USE Erer shown In the West, Is now opening at ELY’S, Cor. of Washington and Dearborn-sis* ZT Many of these Goods are of our OWN Importa tion. N. B.—Onr stock ol Furnishing Goods la being re o enlfihed with tne CHOICEST and NBWEbT articles in ti l* line. Ibe largest and FULLEST assortment of Genu* FINE Olotw In th* entire West; Shirts made to ORDER ol superior QUALITY and FIT. ELY, Woollen Draper, Tailorand Gents’ Outfitter, CHICAGO. jyE GRAFF’S ORDER DEPARTMENT. New and Elegant Designs Just Received. JLu DE GRAFF, Corner State and Bandolph-sts- jFot Sal*. F)R SALE—The machinery ami; fix ture* of tbo TOBACCO FACTORY Now occupied by WAIT & MASON. Z'i and 24 Mlchl can-ar. Also, good will ol same, with two years* lease or tactory and business already «tabll*b«L For par ticulars, call on mo undersigned at above place of hnilness. MASON. asaoohani ffiual. JgEAD THIS. COAL AT SUMMER PRICES! "We have a few hundred tons ol heat LACKAWANA and PITTSTON COAL more than will supply our cus tomere, which wo offer, delivered in any part of the city, at the following prices: (tonge* Egg and large sizes, 912 per Ton. Cfaestnnt 11 I MINING AND SUPPLY CO- • S4 and 56 Bandolpa-st. rmx mOH ORGAN • FOK SAJiF, Suitable for a email Church, Mission School, or Lodge Room: contains 8 Stop*, with Swell, Pedals. <tn. For lei ms, Ac.. address j. A. FABW&LL. 30 Booth Clark-sC, Chicago. COOPERAGE. \J FOB SALE, 4*500.000 Floor Barrel Btawesy" 'With Heading to match, thoroughly seasoned, good width, and A No, lln every respect—by LINDEN'. SEW ALL 4 TEED. Mercantile Building, opposite tne Chamber ot Commerce, Chicago. HARDWARE STOCK FOR SALE.— A party having a stock of about f 7.000, in afloat- Uhlng town on the Illinois Central Road, offer to sell cn account of 1U health. It is a good location, and the bulldlccwlllbeioldwltb the goods, tr leased, as de sired. Per further particulars inquire of WSL BLAIR A CO-, 179 and 181 Banaolph-sl rpo CAPITALISTS; I MiLWAts**, March 4.1967. HtviDg decided to relinquish btuloess, we offer our eataL!ir" ,tal tor wle * ° Lr nGUiS' waa EBTADUnIirP IN 184«, Has been In existence 21 years, aid la now placid on a safe, firm ano permanent basis, and to men of capital who are desirous of embarking In a PROFITABLE branch ol trade (wholesale and lobbing only) this pre sents a rare and valuable opportunity. Oar stock is (all, embraces none but the most staple goods, and the business Is to perfect running order. H. BOSWORTH A SOM**, Wholesale Druggists, Milwaukee, Wls. BARRELS. Number 11711*1167 Barrels, both Iron and Wood bound, FOB SALE. CHICAGO BARBEL CO.. No. 90 LaSalle-st. TT'OH SALE—I,COO brla choice varieties t» Apples; Butter—Choice Table, In tabs and Jars: Fresh Tomatoes, a delicious article, put up m 1 and »-cal cans, for sale at 70 cents per gallon; 4.000 pieces Smoked llama. .ogsr cured, a choice article; Law pieces Bnauiast Baccn, sugar cured, a choice article. Urdus solicited. E- WnTTb * CO.. FOR SALE— Shingle, Stave and Band Machinery, Comprising ahlnple mills, heading nulls, shingle and heading Jointers, stave Jointers, stave carter-!, beading rounders and planers, equalizing and cutoff saws, Ac. All new. of our own roonotactore, and warranted. pm.y.p.R a FORD, 383 and 284 Maoison-lt. ■p ARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. & FOB SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OP Dry Goods, Groceries, Aft, InyoldßK .boat ,15.00; .11 porehuM WIM; . rn>r rast,ara leaseon store. Stare located,tnatarlvlof town a short distance from Satisfactory rea sons given for seliliig. For Cosunlssioa 89 LaSallVsV, Chicago. NUMBER 275. aaatrtgs. QFFICE OF ROBBINS & APPLETON,’’ IS3 Broadway, New York, Feb. L 1567. THE AMERICAN WITCH CO. ? Or WAZsTBASE, BZABS., Give notice that they bare appointed Messrs. N. Matson & Co., «T Pi W EXiLitiRS, 117 3LAKE-ST., THEIR SELLING AGENTS IN CHICAGO. Dealers and the public will find at all times In the bands of this firm a vary large stock of the Company’s prodacQccs, to bo sold as low as they can bo bought in New York or Boston. BOBBINS & AFPUTON, GENERAL AGENTS. WALTHAM WATCHES. I.—"We claim, and arc prepared to prove, that the American Watcher, manufactured at 'Waltham, Massa chusetts, are not only cqoaL bat are Or superior to tba common watches of England, Switzerland and France. n.— While we admit that it would be dlQcalt to ex cel the masterpieces ot the eminent European manu facturers, and while we do not elatm to hare made any decisive Improvements over them, we do assert and challenge a successful denial, that oar anpertor class of watches arefaily equal, in every respect, to the-moat expensive specimens of foreign chronometrleal art. UL—We claim that onr watches are cheaper, more accurate, leas complex, more durable, better adapted for American use, and more easily kept In order and repaired than any other watches In the market. IV.—The reasons why our watches possess these ad* vantages over their European rivals are chiefly: Ist. Because the principle of the division oflaborls carried ont in onr workshops to ltd extremot limits, not in homan Industry only, but In machinery as well. Every watch passes through hundreds of hands and hundreds ol machines. 3d. Became we promptly adopt every sew Inrtn tics to perfect our machinery, and every proffered Improvement to the structure of watches. So. Because 1b each of the very numerous, minute, and often microscopic parts of which a watch is made up. we attain, by mechanical power, nearly absolute mathematical precision and uniformity, which It la ut terly impossible to achieve by manual labor. Wheels, pinions, escapements, balances, springs, andscrcwa exact counterparts in weight, circumference and di mensions—are turned out by millions cry the unerring, because unswerving. Iron hands cf machinery. Hence, every watch of any one style Is a true copy of Its model. Y.—These results enable ns to defy lomgn rivalry, because no similar uniformity and precision is attaina ble by band, and because In Wattbao atone is machin ery delusively employed in the manufacture of this intricate and delicate mechanism. VL—Now, as will be seen at once, this similarity In structure reduces the coat of production \ It secures uniformity in results; It perpetuates and InCUlloly dif fuses any excellence that may be once achieved; and maxes It easy to repair aoy Injury sustained, or replace any part that may be lost or destroyed. VII, In addition to these mechanical advantages, our watches are simple In structure, and, therefore, stronger and less liable to be injured than the majority of foreign watches. They are composed ol from 135 to 300 pieces. In an old English watch there are more than 700 parts. VIII. We began our experiment in IS3, In the face of a formidable prejudice azalcst American watches. Our system was new aid untried. We have steadily Increased onr fhciMttei, until now we employ over 70U artisans, ana sell 76,000 watches a year. Nearly a quar ter ol a million of onr watches are In nse to-day In every mate of the Union, as well as in the Mexican and British Provinces and Colonies. Their universal pop ularlty la the beat proof of their merit that we can pro duce. Tber have won their way In spite of every opposition and of Immemorial prejudices. Hundreds ol dealers at! over the country have expressed their preference ibr our products after a long and practical experience with foreign watches. Any of the grades of Waltham Watches may be pur chased ol watch dealers generally throughout the country. BUllßtNd «Sr APPLETON, IS2 Broadway, Now York. BOBBINS?, APPLETON Oc CO.. lUaritinen’B 23niou. rp HE Hackmen’s Union, of Chicago, Gives notice to the that they will do work t>r theibUowlnc pmt>: Theatre or Opera and Benirn. S. D., north of Twelßh-et $3.00 s.D., soatD of Tweiflh-5t..... 4JO N. D-, sooth of Ctucago-av SJO N.D,northol Clilcaco-ar 4.00 W. d , east of Oahued-st. „ sjo W. I)., west of Halfltcd-et -ujo Funerals. 8. D., north of Twelflh-Bt., to Graceland, Jew or Genran Cathclic 6JO 5. D.. aonth ol TweJlh-sC, to Graceland, Jew or German Catholic 7.00 8. D„ north of Twolfth-sL, lo Calvary aoo S. D„ south of US Calvary • (Drldgeportlncmded)...... 9.00 W.D.,eaatof Ualstedand north of Twelfta-at,, to Graceland. Jew or German Catholic &00 Halated and north of Twelflh-»l., to Calvary 6.00 TV. D., west cl Balsted nod sooth of Twelilh-stL, German .. 7JO W. D.-. west of Halated and sooth ofTwellth-stl toCalTary..... 9.00 N. D„ to Graceland, Jew or German catholic.... 500 H.D., to Calvary 7.00 Cor Funerals. North ot Twelfth-at- east of Hoisted, any part n. d s.oa To can. all otha places IjJO Notice to theTravelfaut Public. Passengers can ride from onedepot to another, or to. any ho W, Cor the same price as the omnibuses, 50 cents each, ordinary baggage included.; prisons going to any other port of the dtr can ride lor the following rates:. Any dlitscce not exceeding one mile. 50 cents each. Any distance exceeding one-mile. |UW; same fam ily or party, 50 cents each. Any distance exceeding two miles, |LSO; same fam ily or patty, M cents each. Citizens and the public In general are requested to see that the word ** Union'.* far on the carnages they employ, as none others belong to toe Ha> kmen v s Union ot Chicago. The pobilo are cautioned not to pay any attention to . any re pom that may bo made In regard to this lilt of prices, for the members of the Union intend, to lire np to it. Any refusal or misdemeanor on the part of any owner or driver should be rvp9ited.wltn.ins number, to their office, Boom .11 McCormick's Building. FBaNCIS WABREN,. President. PATER JOHftSO*. Treasurer. GEOBGB w. YuiTNo, Secretary. Utimfiet. LUMBER! Wo bare a large and Choice Stock of Lumber, Lath & Shingles, Which we oiler to Country Dealer* at prices ■which cannot Call to ho aatlslhclory, tor good assorted qaal* Ides. Oar stock consists la part ol Wide Ist. 3d and 3d Clear; Clear and 3d Clear Flooring and Biding;. Select and Common Stock and Box boards; Wide Saginaw Common boards. Joists, Scantling, Timber, Ac. We hare a large stock of 13,11,16 and 13-ftet Fencing which we otfer low with other {amber. gjr' orders solicited. Office and Yard oa Mason’s Canal* In thi new Xiumher District. SGDTT A PORTER. iSusincss ©aths. A glare & CO • kUanolactorers o/anddealersln Boon* Bash, Blinds, Honldingsy Brackets, etc., corner of Tialc and Twentr-*econd-iU. (new Brick Planing Mill). Box 873. Chicago, in, Also, dealers In Lumber. Lain ana Shingles. ARE PREPARED TO SHIP WHEAT TO ALL POINTS, EAST SOUTH, Without Transfer at Chicago* IF* Orders iron Millers solicited. Samples sent on application. *>' - BZCS BBOTHZIBB, MILWAUKEE, WIS. Storage, forwarding and commission merchants, lor the purchase and -ale of all kinds of country produce, and give especial attention to sale ol Broom Corn, Ulghwlnes, Dressed Boss and Uve Stock. Also agents for sale of «*GINAW SALT. If. B.—Oor rates of cdihmtoloO an those established by the Board ol Trade, Horn which we do not vary. Consignments solicited. Q.ILBERT & FIELD, GENERAL COXMISSIOH XEBCHAHTI, (Saecenors to OHberVDpdlke * Co.o 103 Washlngton-st. CBAS. J. GILBERT. QBO. FIELD P. HARSH, ■WHOLESALE DEALER IN FORK, BEEF, LARD, SMOKED MEATS, 186 HOG TIL WATEB-BT. Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and BeUU Dealers In Hardwood and White wood Lumber, Office end Yard, 304 Sooth Franklln-SL, bet. Van Bureaandflarmot. Chicago. P.0.80x333tf. g2TßlLscntto order, m THkAtl n.HOLDCr. J*. EDMOND PESDIMTOK. JReDlclnai. QOSMOPOLITAN AGUE PILLS Will positirely Cure Ague, Ncrrons Headache and all Neuralgic Affections* BURNHAMS & YAH SCHAACK, Wholesale Agents. business (Carts. SPIINB'STTLES. GENTS’DRESSniTS, GENTS’ BUSINESS HATS, YOUTHS’ DRESS AST) SCHOOL DATS. AU the latest aad most fwhlonable style*. BISHOP & BARNES, 113 I-ake-at. BANNS BROTHERS. BAKSTOTTS 2TEW Cooking Rsngc. The Best Range In the World. iCooblsfi Laundry wad Tailors’ I Sioreit Beslsierm TegtilatoiSt I Arc., Arc.. |S 9 MONROE-BTh I (yearly opposite the Post Office.) GILES, BRO. A CO., Watches, Diamonds, jawnnH’g and SILVER GOODS. f3t“ Agents ibr Rogers. Smith A Co.’S Plated Ware and C. S. Clock A Brass Co. of Chicago. KIMBALL, STEVENS & GO., WHOTTES AT.T. . CLOTH HOUSE, 64 arid 66 MICniGAS-AT. PHILIP WADSWORTH & G 0», MASUTACTUBZES ASD JOSBTE3 OF CLOTHING, 34 & 36 Lake-6t. 95 Devonahire-rt. Chicago, in. Boerog.Mim. J. J. M’GRATH, MUtTTACnmB AJTD IXTOETSB OF PAPER HANGINGS IHB WDiDOTT SHADES. Warehouse, 78 Eandolph-st, CHICAGO, ILL. TURNER, BRISTOL & CO Leather & Shoe Findings, Importers of Branch asd German Calf Skins, 16 & 18 State»st., Chicago. Agents for Taylorl Oak Belting. HIBBARD & SPENCER, Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 MICHIGAN'-AT-. CHICAGO. 3 3,0 O O WHEELEB&WILSOH Sewing Maehinei 2 S IN USE. The somber Incseaslng 1,000 per week. ABTBUB PABBAB, 106 Lake-et, Agt.for the Northwest. M. D. WELLS AGO., BOOTS & SHOES, 38 LAKE-ST., CHICAGO. LUNT, PRESTON A KEAN, BANEEB S, And Dealers is Gov’t Sscarities 47 CLABK'OT. BRANTS and SCRIP lor sale, nip. co«ttng J2O to*9s. wIU boy id as tWQ tn greenbacks. LAND WAS iCO-acreScr as much lant WM. W. STRONG. FURNITURE. 203 Randolph*st. r P. O. Box 2383. BOWEN, WHITMAN A WINSLOW, . {STTCCSSSOBS TO BOWEN BROTHERS,- Wholesale Dry Goods, And Cilna, Glass & Crockery,. 15,17,19 & 21 Randolph-81 HAYDEN & LEATHER, CAEEIAGE GOODS, SADDLERY HARDWARE,. £5 fc 47 Chicago* NART r ASTEN & CO., nurcricrrazEfi oi» FLOUR SACKS, CRAIN BAGS, And Bags of Every Deaeration. Paper Floor Backs at the Best Quality. 183 tlonthWatMfflt* J.BAUER AGO., Manofactaren and Importers of Statical Inslrnmentsand Strings, Also, Wholesale Dealers in PIANOS & ORGANS. no. oao Brouiwv.nEWTOßK. ■ N 0.69 Woshlagtonsst. CHICAGO DR. J. 0. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, HO Bandolpli-st^ loath Extracted Without Pain fas SI.OO, By the npe cl Nitrons Oxide Qu. or Vi talized Air. Teeth inserted on. the Val canlte or Bother Base for g!3 bo.»M a set. IRVINE, JONES ft CO., (Successors to Graves ft Irvine,) WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, Drssa NOTIONS, «bO., 19 LAKE-sy, npwualra. WHITTERHORE, CARTER ft BROWN, Wholesale Dealers in HATS, OAF9,WILIIKR7AXD 81 itAW GOODS. A large stock for soring sales, bought at panic prices, and wIU be told at very low est fla area. 11 Al 3 LakenL, Chicago. JOSEPH L. HALL A GO., Hall’s Patent Concrete, Eire and Burglar Proof SAFES, arm Victor Combination Locks, 93 DEABBOBN-ST. S. M. FASSETT, AUTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY. tw Pictures taken In dark as wen as In pleasant weather. Gallery, 114 South Clarh-st. GREENLEE BROS. & CO. iManolacturers* Agents for and Dealers In STEAM ENGINES, Circular Saws, Belting, WOOLLEN MACHUTEEY, And Supplies for Woollen Mins, M*-hla lm' Tools ol all vinrf*; also Wood Work- Ug Machinery. No. 32 DEABBOSK-ST. HALLOCK & WHEELER, MaStTACTUEZSS* AGENTS TOE ETTBBEE AND IEATHEE BELTIM, Rubber Goods, Ac. 11l Handolph-st* J. E. WILSON & CO., jlanoflsetnrers and Dealers la Hens’ and Youths’ Furnish - Ing Goods, 136 DttrboraHrt* patents. rjO PAPER JIANXJPAOTDBER3. My attamon hi* been caned to idmlsrpvrortiac to be tram one L. C. Woocrn.T, president of Ut “HydromtteP»perCpiDp«y." dated «u«sn Falla, February Ist, 196}. addressed to paper manufacturer*, alleging that the procos ot bleaching paper doip dt pneumatic procure, offered to the public Or at.“ U a direct and positive Infringement of the pattata acd rights of the Hydrostatic Paper Company, aad that ray entire process Is embraced la that cl ths said Br crostatic Compacy. and that ther will prosecute for Infringements an persons who suempt to cm the pneu matic process ander (mats trom me. soeh statement*, to the bee ot the bets of the ewe. are absurd, aad. 2 regret to be compelled to aar. are maucmsly raise and libellous, ana I shall hold tae anttor or aathors thereof to a strict aecotmtabiUty. In themeastlmel leave thetaerlUol the question to aimenqualfiedto Judge. , . The majority of my patents, embraced la ray “pro cess,” are aaisncr v> any held by the “ Hydrostatic Paper compsn?. and 1 have only to tears the public to •*7 who are the lafTtagazs there-T. I bare scomitted to taost eminent counsel verb of my patents as pear dates subsequent to. together with copies of the patents uaaer which the Hydrostatic fa per Company claim their pn>ees#. ana arre herewith ite; pliuijC cf iudi coua»<_i ca the flacatlun ot taCrlniid ment. That this queeifon may be properly understood. X *lil here state that the patent* hMd bribe drdroetitle Paper Cottpanywereasrsned to them br tae pstear ccs, Messrs. U.I~ JO.NtS aad D.S. PAEtJCHAffiOK and I am not aware that their so-calitd ptocm. h pm. braced in any other patents whaterer. My own process is embraced m n;l less thaa ten nn> different patents, and tne tue or operation of the onea matlc pressure I do not resard absolutely -eco»ixrr ia working my process raecesjluJy, either la the am redaction ot fibrous eabstanccs to paper palp, or la bleaching the same; hot I dcM-tb the pneumatic prin ciple tar »np«nor to the hydrostatic. acd wiu prove more «acccs?lul, so lor os either may be renam'd. Itcpectfnllr. UARRI'ON A. MRHCB. Pert Edwards, &. Y., Feb. 20th, lc6T. JO WHOM IT MAT CONCERN. As the atterney of HARRISON B- SIEECH, I pro cored the ScTtralpitcitj to cow holds for Improred Processes in the Manufacture of Paper Stock, ’And am familiar with each and every oao of them. I have a)*o carefully ezucimedtbe patents issued to Jones and Faiqahanoo, one bearing dale March lath, lH66,foran Improved apparatus far bleaching of paper stock, and one dated June sth. ISC6. for an Improved proce-s of treating wool, etc.. fr,r the maLufwc’nre of paper oaip. These two are denominated tna Hydro static Process. I have no hesitation in saving that none of the pro evuer patented bv Sir. MEECU,' or which ho holds, ana which constitute the MEECH PROCESS, So callrd. are la any manner identical with the Hydro static Process, tor do tney Infringe tne same. Two cl the patents held byilr. aleech are those win* which l have been connected as owner. The first w*s issued to myself on my own app Icalion, July S*st, 1388. it was lor an improved process *n the manufactured! paper stock. The otherlssoal to myself and Hamsoa B. Mcecb, fern* improvement in the bkachingcf paper £acb of these processes involved the use ot the PMBD9IATXO FnSBBUBB, In the maccer described is wm-t, ot them ro •pectively. The useor pressure as apart ot a ich pro cess, whether applied them respectively. The two at pressure as a part of inch process, whether aoplted by steam, air, gas. water, or otherwi?e, is cot patoatabla lo the present state ot the ait; bat an improved msto od cl applying such pres*are may be the subject of a patent. The Hydrostatic mode may be the .abject cC a patent so tar as the same Is used and useful. bo like wise may be any other sew and useful modi—as the pneumatic, Bat such mode, of producing the pressor* are entirely distinct from each other. Neither the Hy drostatic or Pneumatic ptoceas are patentable except as a new and tuelol mode of obtaining a result. a* snch they are entirely distinct from, and independent o t, each other. 1 am well acquainted with the many processes la use fbr reducing straw, grass, etm, to a condition suitable lor the manufacture of paper, aad 1 amclearlr of the opinion that the process practiced by Harrison B. Meecb, and known as tne Meech Process. 1. superior to any other. If not the only one by which the grasses can be successloHr worked. That they eas be worked by his process, both profitably and sacceas faily, I know. JOEL TIFFANY. Albany. February 30th, 1867. PATENT OFFICES.-—lnventors -wno» wish to take out Letter* Patent an adrtjed to counsel with MUSS & CO., Editor* ot the flclmtlfle Aaerlear, who bare pro# ecu tad claims Deft re the PateotOfilceforntarly tweotyyesra. Th'tr Americas and European Patent Aenicyn* the mostezunstTnls the world. Charges less than any other reliabis agency. A pamphlet, containing toll Instructions to Intmv ors. Is Sent gratis. Address 'Slotfe Subscriptions. JpKOSrECTUS OP “The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co.” Capital Stock - - $500,000. Five Hundred Shares, 51,000 Each. This Company has been organized under the General Laws ot th» l late ot I.lln'.i*. lor the purpose of mmq ftctmirgall kinds ot PAPER, acd preparing FIBRE for other porpoaca from the WILD GRASS louucl in tht* vicinity in great abundance. The practical development and utilizing ot such ma teria! has been effected througn me Invention), and the tcvtral Fauns issued to MB- UABBIBON B- 31EEC21. of Fort Edwards. New Fork. This Company haring partbW'-fl from Mr. Meech all of the said I'stenta tor tae to* cwlDp States, to-wlt: DHools, Indiana. Michi gan, Wlsconfin.lQwa and Minn-sola, atenowprepartA to receive a limited, amount ot subtcrlpUoaa Co to* Capital Iztlnvttlre subscriptions to this block, we won. 4 state that the Company are now toe owners ot tbs BATAVIA PAPER WILLS Which are producing at the present time two (3) ton* per day of rnct paper. This Mill has buildings and water power ofsufflcfesft capacity, already erected, amt tn coooitiou to receive two ft) additional machines, which have been orders*, and It la estimated can be put In running order on or before the first day ot May next, wolch whl Increase the capacity and product* of the said Mills to six (5> tons per ctay; that, at tb» present market prices, should yield to this Company a very satisfactory prone 1 be future operations of tnls Company contemplate the erection, or consolidating of other-mills with their esterprlse, within the present year, 1-soluz tie fUB amount or tnclr Stock, and which whl probably mocs than doable the foregoing estimate ol product of Prints Manilla and Wrapping Papers* Thin Company having procured a charter Irom the Legislature of the state of lllictls. Increasing ttelr capital to one million of dollars, are now reorganizing under their Charter privileges. The stock Books are nowcpenforsubserlptionto theSioct,at the Otßcaa of McMra. DICKEBSOy A SHERMAN. 170 Baa ehts, prospects, 4m. will be given. InsolleiacgonrfrlecdatoSQbserlhe to this Stock, we believe we are warranted to say log that this eater prlso promises an unparalleled return nf proQu, com pared with at y other manufacturing business hereto fore presented. cmcica THOMAS S. DICKERSOX, Preset. GSO. 8.91055, Tice Pies’t. (Formerly President Batavia Paper Mill Co.) [AT, W ZI. HAKSBBOUGH, SccT. I. S. W. SHERMAN. Treasatfr. Dentisttg. 'T'ESTfI EXTRACTED X WITHOUT PAIN*. BY THE COLTON DENTAL. ASSOCIATION. Bocma.Tlmesßalldlng. 119D**rbcira-«t. Thryeie fresh and pure Nitrous Oxide, or Langnlng Gas, and guarantee so pain or nnpleaiant alter cCscl, jfeeh. QKOUND OIL CiIK.E Is the Cheapest Feed In the Market For stock of all Usds. Orders prtnrotlyfllledlorcaA. hy H. W. BLATCHFOBD * C ho. vo Nona Cttntoi-«t. jpftoto (garbs. rj.ET TOUR PAINTED SHOW CARDS At 84 DEABBOBN-ST., Boom 4. Up St&tn. ©Hantea. YyAOTiSD— 1 went to leate & BUZXjX)! 3NT <3- IiOT In a good neighborhood. Will pnt a s3,f OO boose on It. Address ** LOjJ* frthnae offlea. BOOKKEEPER, We wish to seenre a situation for our bookkeeper («■ one of the firm will hereafter hare charge of enr books). He Is thoroughly romoetent. and reliable la every respect. Capable of flUlng a ttrst-c.ass situation, and will expect a good salary, we can most heartily recommend him to any wishing sach a man. DUNLOP, SEWELL dt SPALDING* WAKTED —lo Rant—Belore the Ist of May next, A GOOD DTTELLIS6 HOUSE, With modem Improvements and bam. Cocatlonmost be Sooth Side, north of Twenty-second-st. mod cast of Wabssb-av. rartles having a good boose that they wish taken caxo ot. and who desire the rest paid promptly, will please address E. C. SMITH, 01 Partridge ft Smith. Dry Goods Jobber*. 64 and 6S Mlehlgan-ar. iSticfe. PEEKfcKJIX MANUFACTURING CO.'S bm improved BRICK MACBINS, simple, cneap and durable; TEMPERING MACHINES. and all machinery for mating bnct. Machines to be sees, ana all Information sained, by caning on or addressing WHITING «fc WENTWORTH. r. o. box tt7» a. cmeago. to. QAKD’B PATENT Oflco uid mumnctory 33 Boutu Jrf!WMl For Inxonnaaon and dawlpttT* eircalarNtogs fla South Jeflersca-su Chle—O. ‘‘■pRICK 3IACHINE." DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office. Room No. 3. 47 Clark-et., Chicago. jyjAGAZINE' BRICK WORKS, Corner HalstodaniTwenty.scccnd-sta. Office, Ko. V OttS Block. A. J. KNISELY, rroprlemf. g°AP! S O A F>l See that the brand yon nse la The Chicago Soap and Candle Sannfaelar ing Company. slsrttolsm^jßeettng._ TlFiTCiTor THE EQUITAELE IN II SUBANCE COMPANY OF CHICAGO. TBB ASNVAZ* BZ«BCTZoSr For Directors of this Com pany will bo held at the office of the Company, aonlhweat corner of Randolph and Xj£aUe-stß.,en TUESDAY, March liisei. , . B. tf. PHILLIPS. Secretary. OFFICE MERCHANTS’ SAVINGS. LOAK ASD TBDbT r m . The Annual Meeting ol the stccaholders of the Mss* dissolution. Dissolution.— The copartneishi heretofbre rxutLne between wllltam BUI acd Allen Clark, Sash and Doer Manufacturer cone of Flak std Twenty-Second stTbcU, la thU day dU tolved ty mutual constnt. Alien Clark aasumeaall oebu araluit said firm and is authorized to collect *»l Kaw*sf ltLUM mis, Chicago, March Ut, LS67. AU-S* CLAIUx. UUKKACO, 37 Part-row. New Ycrt Soap.