Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 11, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 11, 1867 Page 3
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KASJiY. mr. Kishy la Despatched by the Presi dent and Secretary Seward Upon an Important filiation* Similar In ita Na ture to that of air, fitcCracken—His Itcport. Post Orns, Coyrinmr X Hoads 1 (Wich is in the Suut nv Kentucky), >■ February 11,3357. I It wuz a crooel necessity, after all, which druv me into the servis uv his Eggslency, A. Johnson. Crooel, I say, tor whenever fie 2iez a partikelerly mean piece uv work to perform, suthln so inexpressible sneakin Ibal Seward nor Randall wont undertake it, they alluz send for me. Welles is alluz Trillin, hut while he has the disposition to do anythin in the line, be lacks the ability. The oiliers, however, hev the ability to do most things, and therefore I hev been em ployed in only extreme cases. The success wich attended McCracken’s mission, endin as it did in Ihcresinin uv Mot ley, stimulated Seward to prosecute similar researches into the uctooal oplnioua uv the home crop nv olllsers rccaidin him and his end ray sooperior, A. Johnson. Randall wuz applied to take a tour among Post Masters and rich. Ue declined the mission Indig nantly, with the remark, “Is thy servant a dog or the son uv a dog, that he should do tins thing?” And cz Welles isn’t trusted out ot Washington any more, I wuz sent for. The biznis required uv mo was stated by Seward in bis yoo&ual lucid style. It wuz merely to c:rkelatc iucoguito (wieb Is Latin for sneakin), among the recent ly appointed oflis holdeis and ascertain Ihcr views upou General politiklc topics, but more espesbally tber fceimpti toward the President and Sek*- 7>lary of State. Jest as I wuz startin, not at all pleased with the tnisboo, Woiles put in LUuar. lie wuz affoJc to jyivc me lu-rtruc fcLuns cz lo wal I wuz to do. Welles is a lu- Balik 1 never cood abide, aud I felt it my dooty lo wither him. Transfixing the venerable tfekretary with one nv my most pierceuiat jrazes, I remarked; “Siri In imitaibeu uvtl.e man who Inflicted ic-asl uv his acts for which the country cusses him, I propcserelatinaliitlc anecdote. Tber wuz wunst a man who wuz inebriated, and that he might present himself in a state ap proximating sobriety* to the partner uv bis Liizzum, he wuz essayin to vomit, trying thus to eaee his titumicK uv the uqpleasaul nis therein, but he coodcut do it. lie heaved and heaved, but ther wuz no result. At this critikle period anothermanapproached, remarked kindly, that of he desired to vomit, L|s test holt wood be t* ruu nis fiuuer down his throat. The druok iudividooal looked up, iudiffnant at this unwarranted iaterfer eace with his constit-ooshucl rites: 'Blast Ti-or eyes, sir,’ sed he, ‘arc you or me boss in this yer puke T “Thjs, Sekictary Welles, is the anecdote. I respeck the po.iliou vou hold, aud dislike tayln anjlhin disagreeable, but sir, thlsi* a puke, and 1 purpose to bosa it myself.” startid lo wunst, and found things in a uichly mixed condition. The followln is coinmled from my reports: In Noo York the ro&lmaslers Keneially are sound. The crops were poor last year, and all kinds uv hizuis Loin dull, the Postmasters are gene rally anxious to hold on. They arc, there fore, outspoken in their support uv the coz. i'hem ez wuz men nv ir<>od sUndin and re ligiously inclined, bcioie tue rupcher be tween the President and the party which re doost him, says but very little iu public, and that little they don’t say very lomp They Generally can’t see that tber is any partike k-r difference between the President’s plan aud the plan uv Congress, and there bein so little, ought to yield for the sake uv peace. The Dimocmts holoia such places aic loud cnull'la support uv the Admiuistni shen; hut, {rood Heaven! toe endorsement uv sich men is 100 hcaw a load lor any parly to carry. Now, that I think uv it, 1 hev at last solved the mystery uv our wide spread dclcat last fall. Ju some Dccstncks the Dimocracy found Jobusou too heavy a load to carry, and iu the balance the Johnson men lonnd the Dimocracy too heavv a load to carry. In Ohio, the first place I stopped at wuz Oberlin. tnc idaec where iheiiiauer college is located at. I lo say that tue Post master at that pint is a ruutiu Ablisbnist and iu the two hours I was there, I coodeut find a Conservative RcpubJiken who wood take it. I £<*toue ncariy persuaded, but just ■ez he wuz about to consent, his wife fell a weepin onto his buzzom, and with techiu pathos wanted to know ef he was wiliin, for sich small pay, to leave a tarmsht name to the tour children now born to cm and the vuu which was expected? Uerepentid and leiused. I didn't invesiiffale cz tully cz I nnffht, for there aiut a drop uv ltk*tcr £<Jd there, and cz my give out, I felt that doo considerashen tor mv healtn wood cut permit my slayin another hour. I recommend the abolition uv the office, or the establishment uv a grocery, with a bar In the back room, cz a nucleus around wich the Dimocrisy kiu rally. The next place 1 come to 1 found the Post master asuspishus caraccter—very sn.-pishus. ■Whenever he is drunk he speaks verry high ly uv the Sckretary nv dale, but wneu sober Le avoids politiklc nmters. I sejesta raise iu the salary nv the offis. tuat he kin aiTord to ktep drunk all the lime. At the next pint I intudoost myself ez a English nobicusau :n disguise, studying Amo rikin raannerc and customs, and meushuad caielcsely that I lu d bie to Washlaton, and hed bin pieseuicd to the President and Sec retary uv State. The Postmaster was viznbly ntTeciid. G;ancin{- lurtiveiy around lo see tout no one wuz lookiu, he* rein irked in a low tone; “My deer sir, don’t, 1 uvyoo, form yoor idva uv the put die men uv Amcricy from them fepeeiueus. Don’t, Ibez. The first, sir, is a accident—sich a man cood. never hev bin made on purpose. Tue second wussuthiu, in his early years, but now, sir, now— Le’s a degraded old man,” and iu* bustid into tears, “ik-in determined to hold onto his place, he tried at lust to britu me President, by accident, up to hi*level; Lmtihatbeiu im possible, he delibcrate'y let hisself down to the level uv the President, aud the distance, r,ir, wuz urcat, the Sckretary beiu sulbin, that the shock, sir, undoubtedly knockt bis intclleuk out of him, lor he aint displayed r.ny since. lie iPeially fell amous thieves. May the Lord 10.-gwe William H. Seward for the shipwreck he made uv his repula tliCn, tor-—” At this pint the poor man stopt. I baupen ed to pull out my hundkercher, and in doia so dropt upon the ficoru ideceoi wich Be seed, it resd: I*ZTKOLECai V. 2s assy. Dr. ’Jo G. ISascornb To drinks curie the month uv Jicusn-, at lUL-enispcr diimc, ", $35.00 He looked at ray lace and seclu that that r?dr hill b’ionged to me, I'uU faiatin onto the floor, ehrekin “I’m McCrackeucd.” I leave the case in the bunds uv tne Cabi* net- Ifsaggnivaiin- Auolber h*an opctly defied me. lie want ad rae to take the oiks ■ elf h;s hands, flis children, he ted, wuz made mouths at and akofled at, at skool, bccoz, ther father, wicb lea bin a Kepttblikin, held a Fedral oflis, and his wile wnz delected for President nr the Scwin Society, a i oeitiun she lied alluz held, on the same akttouni. He bed stood it lomr cnulT. El be eo rdentcit it oil bis Laud he’d commit toicide, and by thus putr ling histelf out uv tne way mase* his abuzed Jamily the only reparashen in his power. I sejeet that he be removed. Sich talk may be safely eel down cz incendiary. Another bed the highest possible opinion tit the President, and worshipped the aek relary. He considered his plan of reeon* ctrnctlon the best wlch cood lev been de vised by mortal wisdom. ’He hed vainly striven to get a nomiim-b'-n for an oflis from the Kcpublikln party for years, but failed, owin to a lack uv confidence, lie wood hev lined the Democracy, hut ez they wuz hope lessly in ihemiuonty, it woodn’t hev helped him. He considered Johnson’s noshun of film the ofiisis with Kepublikins bully, ther bein so few uv mat persuasion who’d take em, and he did’ut want any accessions to theparty. Ther wnz now just enniTto hold the ollisls in the control uv the Psesideut, and them wuz all the ofQsis they cood get anyhow. I sejest that he be contin yood. He is’ul discreet, but we can’t expect all the virctaoos at so small a price. None uv ns Is nerfcct—l spose I hev my failing. I shell conlinyoo my invcsticaabens, tho it is dreadful trying labor. Goin, ez I do, thro Abolition sections, I hev to carry my own whiskey, and, cz sad experience hez demon strated. quart flasks won’t do. Sometimes I lev to lay in one of them towns /or three lours. 1 respectfully submit that arrange ments be made for the transportashen uv a leg uv sustenance to accompany me, other wise I shel peremptorily resine. At my lime uv life regclor supplies is necessary. Putuolcum V. Nasju- P. M. fTViel is Postmaster), and likewise Professor uv libUkle Politicks in the Southern Classikle & Military Institoot. DEATH. A Ftmcral DHcouroc by Victor Unco* An American lady passing the winter in Dresden, capita] of Saxony, sends to the edi tor of the Philadelphia J'rets, the following translation of an address delivered some moo Lbs ago by the French poet, Victor Hugo, nt the interment of Miss Hmily De Putron : Within a few weeks wenave been occupied with two sisters—the one we have married, and now we are burying the other. Such is the perpetual agitation of life. Let us bow. jny brethren, before inflexible destiny, and 3et us bow with hope. Our eyes are made to weep, but they are made to see. Our heart is made to sutler, but it is also made to believe. Faith in another existence springs from the faculty of loving. Let us iiot furget that In this inquiet life, which is controlled by love, it is the heart that be lieves, The sou hopes attain to Hud his itather. The mother will not consent to lose her child forever. This revolt against anni hilation is the grandeur of man. The heart can never err. The flesh is a dream, which Jades away. This trauce, were It the cud of man, would take irom our existence every sanction. We cannot con tent ourselves with this vapor, which Is mere matter; we must have certainty. Whoever loves, knows and feels that the prospects of man are not upon t nis earth : to love is to live alter life. Without this faith, MO deep gift of the heart were possible. To love, which Is the aim of man, would be his liuuisbment; paradise would be a hell. Jfo; ct it be declared the loving creature de mands the immortal creature. The heart must have a sun. There is a bean in this coffin, and that heart lives. At this very moment it listens 10 my words. Emily de Patron was the gentle pride of a respectable family. Her friends and neighbors found enchantment In her graces and pleasure In her smile. She was like a full-blown flower ofjoy in the bouse. She is gone. Whither Is she pone? luto darkness? No! It is we who uremthe darkness; she is in the dawn ing light. She is in the light, In the truth, in the reality, in the recompense. These early dead, who have done no ill, arc the blessed of the grave, and their heads rise gently from the tomb towards a mysterious crown. Emily de Patron bae gone to seek on high everlasting sincerity—the compli ment of an Innocent existence. Youth has -pone to eternity, beauty towards the ideal, the pearl towards the ocean, a spirit towards its God. The soul, tbc marvel of the great celestial departure which we call death. Is here —those who thus depart still remain near ns. They are in a world "of light, but they as tender w itnesses hover about our world of darkness. They are over ns and near ns. Oh ! who ever it may be who have seen such a beloved being: sinking into tbe tomb, do not tbink It has felt you. The beauty of death is its presence. Inexpressible presence ot a soul which smiles upon our tearful eyes. The being that we mourn has disappeared, but . has not departed. We uu loiter see its gen tle face, but -we feel that wave beneath its wings. The dead arc Invisible, but ther arc not absent. Let ns be just to death. It is not, as has been said, a ruin and a snare. It Is an error to think that here in the dark ness of the open prave, all is lost to us. There everything is found again. - The grave is apiece of re tltution; there the sonl resumes the infinite, there it recovers its plentitudc. There it re-enters on the possession of all its mysterious nature ; ft is set free from the body, from want, from its burthen, from fa tality. Death Is the greatest of liberties; it • s . also the farthest progress. Death is a higher step for all who have lived upon Its height. Dazzling and holy, everyone re ceives his Increase, everytlungls transfigured in the light and by the light. Do who has been no more than virtuous on earth becomes beauteous; he who has only been beauteous becomes sublime, and he who has only been sublime becomes good. And now I, who am speaking,why am I here f What brings me to this crave,and by what right do I aduress the dead? and who am I? Nothing. But I am wrong. lam something. I am a prescript. Yesterday exiled by violence, to-day a volun tary exile. A prescript is a vanquished, a calumniated, a persecuted man, a man wounded by fate. A prescript is an inno cent man, weighed down by malediction, liis blessiug ought to have virtue in it. I bless this grave. I bless the noble, gracious being that lies there. In the desert we find the oasis in exile: we meet with souls. Emily de Putron has been one of the lovely we have met. I come to pay her the debt owed by a proscript whom she has consoled. I bless her in the dark prefund. In the name of the sorrow, whereon she gently beamed; in the name of the trials of destiny, which for her are ended, hut which continue tor us; in the name of terrestrial things, which once she hoped for, and of celestial things, which she now obtains; In the name of all she loved, I bless this lifeless being; I bless her in her beauty, in her youth, in her Innocence, in her life, and in her death. I bless her In her white sepulchral robes ; in her home, which she has left desolate; in her coflin, which her mother has filled with flowers, and which God is about to fill with stars. X Chess Tourney at tUo JParls Exposl* tion* iPa:!s Correspondence of the Spnngaeld (Mass, Republican.) There 1b probably no nation on the earth ■which delights so much in games of chance and those which imply skill, as the French; and the liveliest Interest is felt in the grand International game of chess which is to come ojf rduring the Exhibition. The nations whose champions are to contest are Russia, Germany, England, France and America. Russia's knight is said to be a magnificent player. Germany boasts of a man who has vanquished twenty players at one time. M. Devinck, Counsellor General of the Depart ment of the Seine, is the defender of France; and Pan] Morphy, whom the French jour nals speak of as “ the handsome young man who plays blindfold,” is to represent Ameri ca. Morphy is spoken of with genuine ad miration by all good chess players, and It is evidently feared that he will carry off the laurels. I have called this a tourney; I be lieve it is intended to have, during the pro gress of the Exhibition, a veritable tourna ment, when the old • days of chivalry, prancing steeds and lance in rest, will be re called by the pomp and splendor of a tilt between good horsemen. CITY COMPTROLLERS MONTHLY STATEMENT. Gccclpts and Bxpenditnres of tbo City . of Clitcasc, for ilie fQvnili of Fet>ru« ary, ISG7. Wafer Fund. P:om Board of Public W0rk5.516,271.15 Waller Kimball, Compt t 4,0110.00 $20,274.15 Setcerane Fund. From Board of Public Works. $150.00 Heard of Pubhc Work* Appropriation . From Board of Public Works. -190.75 Taxtt of irCC. From City Collector. 40,733.41 Fpfdal Atsefrmrnt. From City Collector $2('.3-8.5fl Board ol Pubi c Works. 14.302.54 W alter Kimball, CompL 505.06 33.055.2 Hirer Improtetnent Fund. From W. Kimball, Compt 3,023.40 Haiool Tax Fund. From W. Kimball, Compt -152 01 Personal Jiedemniiont, From W. Kimball,Compt. ... 439 40 General Fund. Prom Licenses 2,217.50 Fites, Police Court 8,iM0.00 Bridewell Fines 4!i3.M Itt-nt- i,r,i7.5< Wharfirg Interest 527.66 Fuel Account 73.10 Bridewell.... 77.7 b North Market 16.91 Fi-es 11.50 Fire Insurance Prem. Fund 4,919.71 Marine InsurancePrem. Fund PO’i.9l Recorder's Court 24U.53 Pest House 74.25 15,353.53 Old Gtiural Fund. Prom Waller Kimball Compt 55L5S Certificate! oj Indebtedness, From Walter Kimhnll Compt 1.675 00 folic* Lilt and Health insurance fund. Brown... 20.00 Total £jp<ndi'uret. Warrants nave been drawn upon lbs Treasurer during the month of February, 15C7, for sundry accounts as follows, lo wii: Water Fuad 510.703.11 Sewerage Fund 8,377.73 Hoard of l*nblic Works ap propriation 15.G29.33 Special Assessment J7.U70.-9 Tunnel Fund 2,227.53 Bher Impiovemeal Fund. 13.532.27 School Tax Fund Rcloim School Fund 9.131.0 J Police Fund.... 63,619.70 Personal Redemptions.... 470 03 Bridewell 5 1,061.90 Certificates of Indebtedness 86,000.00 Interest Contingent Fund 3.8.30 city Cemetery 87.50 Health Department 3,516 S 4 Krroria 'iax Warrants 617.30 Damages General Tux War rant - 2.53 Fire Department 30,493 03 Lepal expense 251.43 Public Square and Build ing 226.22 Police Station, North Di vision 5,143.31 Recorder's Court 1,965.U0 Refunded Fines Police 70.00 8C37.43 813.45 Conn Salaries Street lamp repairs.... Printing and etat'oeery. Election expense Police Court founds saloon Licenses DG.75 *.oo ira.sß 82 W) 12.53 $133,46^.34 WAirzn Korns 11, Comptroller, FINANCIAL AND COMSRCIAL KOHETARY. Satcbdat £vESUO, March B. The following is Manager ItcO exhibitor the buslx-esa of the Clearing House for the week end ing 10-daj; Clcarlmrs. Balances. 1,0'.i6,53i.10 145,2-10 70 1,485,740.30 160,088.80 1,412,760.00 133.3J1.91 1,417,009.80 miT.UU 1,162,127.73 185,00084 1,434,413.76 181*103.60 March 4. “ s! *• 0 Total f 8.523.966.73 9C7.fW5 07 Lnstweek 8,823.540.251,107,791.73 Business ic reviving slowly, and there Is an Ih rreased demand for money. Some, if not the most, of the hanks report that currency Is work* Ing closer. There is no actual stringency, bat the discount houses are obliged to be more conserva tive in making loans. Paper that is denominated “gilt-edged” find no difficulty In obtaining re cognition, bnt all other signatures are obliged to seek tbe open market. There la no change in the rates of Interest either nt banks or on the street Exchange was rather flat In the forenoon, and round lots were placed between banks at par; bat In ifae afternoon there was a firmer feeling, and we heard of no transactions below S 3 cents pre mium. The demand for Foreign Exchange has been moderate during tho week, and rates are lower, wing to the decline in gold. We quote; Gold. Currency. London, per pound fs.oo f6.75®6.85 Pans, per iranc 20 27® 27)4 Berlin, per Prussian (baler.. 75 1.01®1.02 Hamburg, per marco banco.. 26 49® 50 Norway, per six mjnt 30 41® 41)j Sweden, per specie daler.... 1.16 3.6701.51) Gold was higher. Ibe market opened at 134)4 and closed at 135. Tbc following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold brokers: HKSomm 13114 12:00 m ISlv 10:45 “ 134»i 12:50 p. in 133 11:00 *" 131 ?i 2:30 " 13*%' IBIS 41 134*s, IkOO “ 131 N 11:30 “ 134*4 3:30 “ 135 11:45 “ 134)| Here the market was quiet at 123&®134t4 buying. A few lots were sold over tbc counter at ISC<3ISC!4> Silver was nominal at 125&12T buying. The following tabic shows tbo daily range and closing price of American gold in New Turk, for tbcwcek ending to-day: Range., Closing. *1.38*@1.383* *1.35* . J.3->S<fcl.Bß& Monday., Tuesday, 2.3s>?®LßGtt 1.85*£ I. LSI* J. 1,33* LB3 Wednesday, Thursday,.. Friday Saturday,... Government Securities were steady. Site fol lowing chows the closing prices to-day compared with the three previous days; Si 2 g a. 2 • i 109J4 1W SfXGF Of '61..*. Five-Twenties, *C2 110 109J4 109 109 Five-Twenties, *R4 107J£ 107 lOT 107^ Five-Twenties, *65 107*£ 107« Ten-Forties 9T?i 97« 97*4 97*4 Seven-Thirties,' Seven-Thlrlles, Jnnc....105J4 105% 103?$ 105?* SeveD-TUlrUcs, JuJy.....1U5?6 105$ 105% 105% 2few irivt-XwcDties 10C-U 10654 10CJ4 106J4 Here the martet was steady acd quiet. Wc qnote: comurrrxT excunmss—cnicAoo xahket. Baying. Selling, .life* 309 ,I(IS2f 109 U. S. Sixes, of 1881. U.S.IWOu, 16K.... :iocs iorji 0. s! 5-20a’ Jg'«! iocs io7fi b. s*2Ue, 'US ami ’O6 (dcw).. .10fr* IOC 14 S.&-20F. email lOOiaiC72£ U. S. 10-408, large Vl% 07£ U. S. JIMOs, email OCj4 .... D. S, 7-aKte, let eerice .V6H 105*£ D. S. 7-805,2 d series 105*4 103*4,Cd eerie* 103*4 105)4 C.S.T-COe. email IWS@IOSU .... Compounds, June, IPC4 117 ** July, l*C4 u 6« .... ** Aujj m ISO! 116 44 Oct., 3804 115 ** Dec., Itoi iu “ Way, 16C3 us« “ Aug., ISCS 111*4 4 ‘ Sept., 1805 UQI* 41 Oct, ISCS no The Second JSalloxial Dank quotes the Public Funds as follows: Coupe.‘Bl..lOSJi® .... 7-SOs(Bma!l)lol^<jJlos*4 5-20 crops, Juno comp, lS6i 111 (Jarpe)....lCß»l ... July •; “ uc>4 5-20 coups, Aug. * “ 116 (email)...!(?♦>£© .... Oct. “ * 115 10-40 coupe. Dec. in (larce)r... 97«© .... May 1805 11a 10-10 coupe, Aug. * 110)4 (email).. 07 <a Sept. 1,0 7-Soe Oarge)los*4@los34 Oct. 41 44 109)4 Locals are quleL There i» more inquiry for Chamber of Commerce, and the market is firmer, with tales ot 97. We quote Saying. Selling. . 98 . fHf 97* .• M 07 Chicago City 7s Cook County ... Chamber 01 Commerce. hew Font si Closing prices for cam. Joseph M. Lyons & Co., flro' nt nd.m Bdi K.Y. CentraL.KE* 103* | Erie (com) 54* 65* 11. S. (com) 71* 73 C. A Pitts Sl* Rl* Hdce Island 95 95* C.4K. W 34* 34* Dapl’d 6;-*- 6»* P„ FU W. & C... 94* 95* Quicksilver 36* .... W. U. T 42 « C. & A. (c0m).,.107* .... B. Q 129 .... 11. C. 196* .... Hudson iilvw..l33* .... 111. Cent 114* .... I'bll.** .... C. 117* .... Tol.* Wabash.. 88* ... M. * St. I*. (com)34* .... UO do (fid) 55 .... Market—lst Board strong COMMERCIAL. Satcboat Etzkiko. March 9. The following tallies show the receipts and ship ments of Produce fluting the past twenty-four hours: UECZUT3 PAST TVTEKTV-FOGB noimg, Flour, brls ’ C,«3 4,114 Wheat, centals S.b’Jl 7.021 Com, Centals 9,*235 7,213 Oats, centals LGsfi 8,017 Kyc. centals 1,3-14 CU2 Barley, centals 013 211 Grass Seed, tts 153,723 2 0 444 Broom Com. tt-s 0,555 7V33 Cured Meat, lbs 325,114 6L3GO Beet, brls 130 Pork, brls 57 825 Lard, lbs . 105,115 17,260 Tallow. ftß 5,832 7,048 Butter, lb 5.505 11,731 Bicssea Hogs 707 511 Live Hogs 2,518 1.620 Cuttle 473 3 4S>» Hides, lbs 129,883 51,000 Hffibwices, brls 202 80 Wool, lbs .....10,531 3,850 Lumber, m jru 70 Shingles, m 420 279 Lath, m 720 .... tsBIXatXXTS FAST XWZ2J3X-rOUII HOUUS. Flour, br15...., Wheat, centals, l orn, centals.. Oats, centals... Rye, centals... naricy, centals. Grats Seed, S>s.. Broom Com. lbs. Cared Meat, Be. Beef, brls Pork. bils lard, lbs Tallow, lbs Barter, lbs iheu-ted Bogs, No. Uvc Bogs, No. .. Cattle, No Bides, lbs lilgbwlncs. brls... Wool, lbs Lumber, m Shingles, m... .. Lath, m Sail, brls There was a large movement in Provis ions, to-day, but the business was very qnfelly conducted, and s largo num ber or the transactions were not made public. Tbc demand for Mess Pork was less ac tive, bnt the market was firm at previous prices. We report sales of 1,800 brls—a large portion yes terday afternoon—at $20,03, at which the market doted strong. There was no demand for Pnmc Mess.and the market was nominal at $1 *.75® 18.00. For Extra Prime Pork there was alimltcd inquiry with soles ot 2(XI brls at sls.oo—part at Milwaukee and theremainder here. Tbc demand lor Sweet Pickled Baioj was active, and tbc market ruled firm, with sales of 3£5 tierces ail2«jc hero and 1. brls at Peoria at (24.00. In addition to-ihe consumptive demand for Bulk Meats there is a large speculative Inquiry, and prices are steadily appreciating. We note sales of 440,000 Iba at lie for Short Bib loose, delivered at Keokuk; iGjfc for Clear Sides and Sc tor Shoulders, loose both here. Green Boms sold to the extent of 2, CCU pcs at 12c. Bacon Bams were firm, with sales of COO casks on terms not made public. Lard was dull, neglected and cutlrclynomtnal at 13c for prime steam. Grease was Arm with sales of 13 pkgs choice Yellow at oc. Dressed Hoga were quiet and unchanged, with sales at $8.5009.00. There was no demand for Whiskey, and the maiketis entirely nominal at 25c for bonded and 42.20 for Ircc. The demand for Flour was fairly active, and the market Is characterized by great firmness on the part of holders. Wc uoie sales of 2,500 barrels at $14.00(0.14 75 for White Winters; $11.00012.25 for Red Winters; $'.>,51)011.75 for Spring Extras; $7.75 ©B.OO for Spring Supers, and $6.00 for Rye. The Wheat market was less active, but an ad vance of J4©lc was obtained on No. 2 Spring; No. 1 was Inactive and nominal at $2.2502.20; Rejected was steady. The sales foot up 23.000 bu. at 12.0502.07 for No. 2 in. R, I. ; $1.0201.91 for do. regular, and $1.7301.76 for Rejected; clos- Ing firm at $1.04 for regular No. 2 Spring. Com was less active, and the market declined J£GHc,,lhough at the close there was a firmer iccllng. About 97,000 bn. changed hands at 7S4®79cforNo. 1; CTc for No. 2, and 03®ffl4c for Rejected—closing firm at the upper figures. There was more activity in the demand for Oats, and the market advanced l@l’£c, with sales of 52,000 bushels at 425-14 C for No. 2—closing Crmat 13Q43iic for ficsb receipts. Rye was in moderate request and l&Uic better, with sales at M 2.994 c for ircsh and 974 c for win ter receipts of No 1 In store. . Barley was steady and firm, with sales at for No. S and GSc&fl.OO for sample lots. Timothy Seed was a trifle cosier, with sales at 52.50@J.C0. Clover was firm with sales at $7.75 (39.00. A few sales of Hungarian were made at •Cc, and Millet at 65c. Tallow was quiet, with light sales of country at HMC. .$127,237,45 The following telegrams were read to-day on’Change: New York, Match 9. Flour salable and firm at s9.~£/,10.b3. Wheat quiet bn: Arm at $21502.2J. Corn heavy at ?:.0U in rtorc. Oats otrocjj ai Cn®6?c. Pork dull at ?.v2.00. laird nominal. Whuhoy quiet at die. Coldsl.3l?i. Medium grades wheat stronger and active. Low gradta dull. Wheat inactive. Corn Arm and salable at Sl.OO&l.iOK. Oats active and firm. l*otk a shade lower. LITER, Id the afternoon the leading Grain markets wore active, closing with buyers of No. 1 Spring Wheat at $1.9534 and sellers at t 1.0334. No. 1 Com was firmly bcldatT9>»c. Provisions were dull and inactive. The Cattle market was steady and firm at pre vious rates. Ihero was a lair Inquiry and the few oficrlcg were readily absorbed at good prices. The market closes strong at 54.00&T.50 for com* mon to choice grades. * Live Hogs were in demand and sti/Tal fall prices. The pens were cleared, chirfly on shipping ac count, at $C.35£j,7.'25 for very common to prime Hogs. The market closes firm at Cbo range of prices given above. CHICAGO DBY GOODS MARKET. Eattkdj The srect cloaca on a quit inciare tncderate)? activ easier. Bleached biartlngi scire brands prices are a », Striped Sblrtlncs arc stead unchanged. Prints arc qal Ing prices as loJosrs: Merrlmac T). Cocbeco 19 l-BClfiC IB Gamer's .IS*^ Epragne’s IB Donnell's....- 17 Manchester....* 17 Lowell 15 Arnold’s 13 Lancaster. 17 Richmond 17H Cilaton.... Lancaster. naovr.v si Banner. Btark 4—4 21K Appleton 4—4 21 X Medford 4—4 wok Nashua. 2fl Indian Head 4—4 Cabotl A 4—4 21 Atlantic 4—4 r.*X Amoskeag 4—l 22 balmor falls 4—4 VIK Agawam F 4—4 IS Appleton D 4—4 19 Illinois A 4-4 IS# Swift Hirer 4—4 17 PepgeteU E 31 ** n."***!!!”'.is American a... 27 _ ulus cnEi> N. T. Mills 4—4 40 Wamsutta4—4 SiU Bates 4—l 28 White Hock 4—4.......27* Hills 4-4 25 - 7-8 23J4 Masonrllle 4—4 2734 Bar Mills 4—4 23 Androscoggin 4—4 v 7 “ 7-8 24 LandosT—6. 23 “ 4-4 35 FATES CAJIBBIC3 Lonsdale 18* i Engllsb 20)f Cambrics.. 12K@13 I DSMVB. Amoske&g 89 I Connecticut. .33)4 York A6V | Washington 2t Manchester. ?7v 1 Miltord improved A 3 Oziord 28 k I nine Hill 23 ■Union 30 I Cora City 16 Haymaker’s 2134 I Pawnee 20 BTBIPZD annrruraa. p Amoskeag sv WblttendenC .20** Yrrk .. SO “ A OilJf American 16*019* Uncasrille.... 22^23 Hall Thorndike 25* Boanokc .20 Sheluck ct 20 illjflßi AmoskeagACA 51)4 Hamilton, regular 36 *♦ A. 41* ** D 30 “ D sc* Pemberton E A7* “ C Al* ” X 30 •• D... 2C* Swill Hirer. 23 TorkSO-lncb SB* Star Mills Sldnch 27 V Albany lav •* “ 36-tuch 37V York 33-lnch. 49* CORE ITT JEANS, Amoskeag 2VVI Indian Orchard 18 Laconia..... 22V I Androscoggin IS* Bates 15 j I’eppcrelL 23 Naun.kcag aatteen,...2s*l Globe 15 CANTON FLANNELS. Hamilton stout .29 [Thorndike 25 EllcrtouT 22V IN tamtam bleached...3o SBOWN DQILIfi. Bolt. 22V I Bennington 22V Laconia 22V1 Fcnperell 22V DELAINES. Manchester, sew 25 I Hamilton. 25 Pacific. new 23 I All Wool 40®50 . BALUOBXL SEIBTB. Gilbert’s 92A0 I Maorau AMnlleken 92.13 V Wilcox .2.2563.00 I Raleigh’* 2.00 Pontootuc. .VAtVAAS 1 Bruner 2AO Wnsulngton Mi115....2.00 I Belle of the season.. 2AS Til DEADS. .T.AP.CoaU 91.10 Green A Daniels 72V Clark’ White Skein 90 Hadley A Co’s 90 Col’d 1.00 Worsted Braids - 85 Wililmantlc 82* Stafford 70 COTTON TADNS. ETC. _ . Eagle CO Eastern 55 Hope CO Carpet Warp 450C9 KraLklin 60 Candlewlck Mc«j7o park. 60 Chicago Batts 912.D0 -* CAE ETS. LowelL 8 ply 92.C0 Superfine 91AO@1AO . “ super I.S7V Crossey’s Fat, Tapes «• medium.... 1.42 V Brussels. lAO llnrUord.eitra 3-ply 2.10 Boxbury 1.70 u m imp’lS-piy. 2AO Empire Mill « 5uper....... 1--7 V Belgrade LlO u medium.... 1.43 S CASSIVEBRS. Farmers AMerch’ 1 Everett I. W.V Waboah 45 1 Everett O 47V 10835 JO? CHICAGO CATTHE NAUIiET. For iho Week Ending March 0. Omci or nr* Dailt Tcibcy*, 1 Batcedat Ettvinq. March 9. i BEEF CATTLE. The Hallowing table shows the dally receipts and shipments ol Beei Cattle during tbe week ending to day, compared with the receipts and shipments of the corresponding week last year: Receipts. 1567. 1966. 1867. 1566. Sunday and Monday... *9 613 SO9 I.*® Tuesday 703 817 534 711 Wednesday 2.069 1,455 7a 414 Thursday U 99 Friday 473 4.5C1 1,739 4kJ Saturday 268 1,233 300 1.776 Total 4.935 10,914 5,'.69 9,301 Last woek 8.905 .... 6,610 .... Week beura lut. 6&6 .... 4,170 .... Waek ending: Feb. 16... 4,771 .... S£U Week ending Frb. 9.... 6,903 .... 4.18 S , MV Weekending feb. 8..., 3469 .... By conparug the receipts for this vssc and last we find the following: stock Jlurkcu , March 9, 1967, reott red ty oken: Receipts Uu thsn last week 8,968 Shipments less than lost week 1,451 They compare with thareoelpU fjr me corresponding week of 1866, as ibiiowi; Receipt* this week 4,915 Iloeefpta lor corresponding week of 1666 13914 Etcuptt less this week 6,9^ for the tame period la the year 1865, we Had: „ litßLßdßd Con. T Grerary..WW .... p. B. 6 t> cent bauds. 1851....108 D.8.8V ct 5-20 coup. 1662 139 U. 6.6 Vet 5-20 coup. 1564....107* U. S, 6 ?> ct 5-20 Receipt/ Ibis week 1,9 n Receipts lor the ccm-SDcndiag week of 1563 9,631 Receipts lesi this week. 3.718 Sales to-day, aud lor mo week up to this erltuug were; coup 1665 107 D. S. C p ct 5-39 coup. newjss.llljf U. &. 5 V> cent 10-40..... 97* serlci .105* D. H. 7 3-10 3d 6BIM 106* U. B. 7 3-10 3d . CatUe, Ross. Bbeea. Mondny 164 new 113 Tcc-fdar 453 K. 016 819 Wednesday .Lst3 4.234 XCB7 Thursday LKJ3 3.932 411 Friday 770 3.CT3 1,035 fcaturdsy 353 1,548 161 Total .JUHC 17.093 3JW Tho following is a comparative statement of the re ceipts andshlpmcats tor the past two mouths: series 105* .... American Oold.lW* 131* : 2d Board strong. . , Cattle. Boss. Sheep. Received In January 19,0 n 219,419 9.119 Received in February 25.038 71.112 9,130 Mapped in January 11.490 4.679 .... Shipped in February 13,003 14,174 3.531 By the following table la shown UlO receipts and shipments ot Cattle, Hogs and Sheep since January 1. 1567: CatUe. Ilogp.i Sheep. The market fbr Beef Cattle lor the week ceding ti ght. has beta a fairly active one, and much more fa able fordrovers than coaid reasonably be expected, when we take into cocsldsraUon the drooping charac ter cf the markets abroad. Eastern advices have been decidedly unfavornols to the shipping Interests, bat this fact seems not to have checked operations to any considerable extent, nor interfered with tho regular course ot trade. The receipts have been light—falling nearly 4,ooohead below the receipts of last week—and with a Rood general attendance of buyers, and trader a ttronz shipping demand, all the offerings have been readily absorbed, aud fair to prime grades hare ap preciated In value to the extent ot 35A33d per IC3 as. and tills in the face of a decline of i@l*c. In the New Fork market. On common and inferior! mixed total and on medium grades, for which the demurd has been less active, tho improvement hat not been so marked, tbouch in mot I instances holders have been enabled to realize nn advance of 10315 c. Tho character cf the demand was substantially me fame as that noted in our laslwerkly review. Tho Inquiry as heretofore has been chiefly for folr to choice shipping Steers for the markets of New York, Buffalo, Albany. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and of the total arrivals more than four-fitbs have been taken up on shipping account, at f5.75@5.25 for choice fat Cows and medium Elects and Oxen to fair Her h> Steers and prime Oxen, 5ndf6.75g7.75 lor good to extra smooth Stale Steers averaging from USO to 1,800 as and over. a few packing homes havo had ttclr representatives In the market, bat piesent rates are altogether too high to Justify extensive operations ou their part, and their purchases havo Imen restricted principally to common and medium Cows thin rousb Etccre, and coar/e oxen, at and wlttJu the range of $4 lor very ordinary to prime pack ing Cattle. The demand for “Stockers, 1 ' tbouch less animated than during the two or three weeks prece ding this, has been fair, and holders of fair to prime droves have found icady rale for their offerings at 45.C0&5.7S per ICO s>s. Duricg “Lent” butchers Sind slow sale for their prolucts. and hence the demand for butchers' stock has been quite moderate, and for such sales have dragged somewhat at |TArs5.C3* for com mon mixed lots. Including thin rough cows, half fat tened Bteers aud Oxen to medium Steers and prime fat Cows. “Springers" have been In moderate request and salable at f&.PIQCS.OO for common to choice qual ities. 3357. 18*16. 8,049 3,fftt 5,813 5,99-1 5,187 9,51 t 5X2,003 50,408 10,705 0,033 339,437 839,331 352 1,3X0 3,33 i 878 101,415 14,172 00,717 800 8,010 0,603 383 1,789 «57 1,131 1,770 100,801 30,010 311 OS 41,300 3,033 803 CI7 070 1,052 331 143 833 ISO CLOSING 07 THE SIAEEET. To-day— Saturday-trade was exceed LDglydull. Tha receipts were lighkand with eery few exceptions, of an liferlor criiiT. There were but few buyers In al ter dance, and as holders were firm In tbetr views, trade dragged heavily, and compuatlvcly little was accom plished In the way of sales. Some 253 bud chanced bands. These were divided between thlppcrs, feeders and city botchers at $5,000 7.10 for common to choice beeves. 'With the exception ol a few odds and ends, the pens were cleared ot stock, and the market closed strong at the subjoined quotations: CXOSINO PEICKS. Extra Uteres— Flue, fat, well formed,! tofi year old Steers, and averaging 1,330 &>» and upwards 57.3537.50 Prime Bret's— Good, well fatted, finely iormed Steers, averaging Irom i,COJ to l,'4X) Be, at, 6.7307.00 fair Grade* —Fair fctecru, m fair flesh, aver sions 1.CC001.2U0 Bs. at. CJM36.S3 JfetUum Class— Medium Steer* and cood Cows, fit for city eluncbter. and averaging 80001,000 as. ftU 5.0005.73 Blot k Cattle— Common cattle in decent flein, avcragtnz BCOOI.COO as, at 4.7505. M Injrrlor— lJzht and thin Cows a”d Steers, rough and coawe,.vcraelu2 7700333 &«, at 3.5031.80 HOUS. The following are the receipts and shipments for the current week ana lor me corresponding period last year: Itecclpts. Shipments. , . ... ISCT. ISW.' iSJ?. 1535. Sandav and Monday..,. 433 BC7 1.113 j.irM Tuesday 2,715 WTO 1.7.*3 JO7 Wednesday Thursday.. Friday Saturday... , Total 14.712 0.120 lU7J 2,601 LMt week 20,103 .... 16.317 Week before laat 11,194 .... 7.RU ■Wrekenolnt: F*-|>. 1C...1C.C11 .... C.:S9 .... ••'V* .UUUIh I 'Mt IVM*IV,Vii a... U.<U. a.aa Weekending Fcb.S 22Ad .... 4.31.1 Week ending Feb. 2 Uasi .... a. 053 .... The recelpu tills week nod last compare as follows: ib*celvcd this week 1t.743 deceived last week rig deceived Icrs this week. The receipts tills week compare wlm lUe receipts lor the same period In 1566, as follows : Urcelpt* this wcec 7 i.rpj itccclpts for corresponding week In ISC6 g.jie Becelpts more tbla week 5/U6 The receipt! for the week bare been light, falling 5.6G7 head below the receipt* ot lift week, an i under contlnned fhrerablo artrlcca from the Ka«t there baa been a strong shipping dcasnd thronghont, *o that each day arrivals hare teen icadlly absorbed at a eLade better rates than obtained at Uie closs ct las: ■week. Of the 11.7 U bead received, u,47l head have been taken np for New York, Bnlfalo ana Philadelphia, leaving 3,23) bead tor b'lme coustnnplion. The odor* Inga bare generally been of a rerj low order. To-tiat there wt* a lair demand, and the prices were clu. dat $C.4&?,G.C3 lor common to medium lots and $6,75.',T.25f0r talr to prime Hoge, lelng on advance of on the doting ratea of yesterday. The market closes Arm at the (inotationa given below: Tills week. Last week. Good to Choice 17.00*7.23 JC 6V47.10 ilerttam to Fair C .7J common c.s.\t«.so HOG SALES TO-DAY No. - • , , Ar. Price. 40 prime fat lot -,»5.5 44 common qna.ity ; /jj 7 u 195 shotea <fi g.»j a? ilock Uogi IPO e.a U fair bacon Hops IS • g 93 tdpord baht Hops .’.!*« fi'j) 63 (-rime bacon Hogs jflj 7ca CO pood fvtn lot jo ;.K) tfi pood ev»n lot I*9 7ci Cl rune quality 1W Joo U 7 same quality ISO 709 C 3 prime fat Jot .191 715 40 rush uneven lot.-. 740 7.15 41 choice Dog" v«o 7_«j9 61 cool tat Hops mi 7ie 57 pilme even lot '.,.191 7.131* bQEKH—The demand has been fair daring the week - , and good to prime mmtou grades lave fouad ready sal** at lair rates, (ommen and medium lota have lech somewhat neglected, and slow at any price. The market may be quoted Btcady at f3.S9jtG.CO far com mon to fair, and lor pood to prims She-?. Received this week, sjso ; received to-day, 520. Ship ped this week, 4C5; slipped to-day, nine. CHICAGO DAIL.T MARKET. AO sales of Grmn r'p?rW in this market repo't ire matte on the busts of uiuler (1c) •luraje, unic*s otherwise espres-eti. gATVBDAT Etksiso. March 0. J 3.77. FREIGHT?*— KailikjadPHEKiiiTi— Arc tin 1 .wrr on FoartJi Uasj. The lol.owms is tue tang ot the Eastern floods: •at Etetoco.March 9,1957. let Dry Goods Market. Sheet tc and prices arc a shade ;s are in lair request and on *<c oIT. Denims, Ticks, and dy, and prices 'are quotibly let. We quote to-day's clos- „ . , 31 4th Drs’J _ RatM frotn Chicago to— c,a‘s. cmsj. Floor. BulTalo, N. V f 62,* Toronto. C. W c*« :rj 73 73 Montreal, C.E 1.25 73 LU 1.03 Albany, h. T €■',% i.r.l 1.13 NewlcrK.... 1.13 i.n 1.15 Boston rta Albany. 1.33 73 1.50 125 Boston rla Granu Tronic 1.23 75 143 1.33 Portland rla Grand Tronic 1.53 » 35 Philadelphia 1,05 63 1..73 j.os Baltimore |.w C 5 i;a 103 Plttsbargh 05 40 SJ C 5 Cleveland, Oldo 45 87« 53 47 Jeftereonvllle, ltd 45 33 TJ Clnrlnnatl. Ohio 45 S) CO 43 .FMllJlt—Keccired 6,643 hrls; shipped 5.013 hrls. Tncie was a Pair degree uf auluia’lon exhibit-;! lilho r lour market to-day. Choice Dranesot Spring Extras vrre In lair demand, and with rather light stocks prlcci ruled ojcceOlncly firm. There is nothingofnny conseqcence doing In c-prlag Supers and the stocks' arc nearly cxh*muc. winter Extras are In fair re* and flmly held. Sale-emhracs 'ho following: Wnna WiiTExs—'.s hrls not named, at SU.*,5; M hrladn at ri4dC; Bed Wixtef&—so brH not named at f J*-23: IKbrUuo alfn.OO; BrancoEXTEA-20J hrli foie’s Alternate, at *11.73:10J hr!?, “Wisconsin,” at 911.00; hr « not named at JlLCOaoo hrls. “Emerald" at j 10.SU; 150 hrlsnot named (ito brls do at fio.RO; 150 hrls do at 11C.75 ; 100 hrls do atflOdM: 100 hrl* do at SlO-t'O; 130 brio do at (10.10; 740 brls do at (10.00: 340 bis do Goto atJP.SO; Branco 100 Oils not named at 93.C41; ICO hrls do at Flo cn—loo brls Broad head. at ( American I7?f AmOsSear. 15^ Uucbcas B 14J* ilrnrnias n ; Allen's 17 Providence i« James asunder*’ 17 Gloucester .17 W. iv. Freeman <t Co.IS TMon it Wamsnna 13 Colombia „,13 3UAH3. I Glasgow 33 i ! itoaooKe 19 jHEsnnas. -<?naas. Atlantic Mills .IS Feppcrrll O ; 17 Great Fall* U. 19 •• “ S 16)4 Indian Orchard A..... 21 “ •• C 13 « *• HD....17 “ “ L 15 Boot Mills a ISK - - o 1-3 “ M s .vt3 Western World 16M Arkwright. 20 Portsmouth P. ujf Napoleon 17 Quaker. 15 XX stardord 2i)f Nona took 21 snnrTDfoa. \\ HEAT—Kccelved 8,921 centals: shipped 5.218 cauls. Market advanced Vftlc cn No. 2 Spring. Sales were: 5,000 ba No. 2 at 91.91; s,i>ooha do at 9LWY: 5,000 ba flo at 91.9 JV; TOO budoat*l.9l: 10.000 bn do at 11.92; 400 ba do A. D. dr Co. at t 1.07; "2.000 bn do at t2.<5; 800 bn Rejected at 91.7 C; 490 bu do at f I.TS-cioslng tirm ab9l.9>. I OUN—Hccclved, 3.23 centals; fhipped.s.lß7cen tals. Maraet lower. Sales were*: 40,000 tm So. 1 at79c ; 10.000bn do at 79&c, 26.000bn do st73*{c: LOCO bn No. 2nt 68c; 800 bn do at C7c: C.OoO bn Reject oil at Cl),#; 2,(00 bn do at Clfcc; 13.0 CU ba do at 01c ; 2.4t0 bu do aiCOc j Eui bn EaralSCc—closing firm at 79c for No. 1. BUIbUJIUD. Hod Book 7-8 ..15V •• “ 4—4..., 17 Lonsdale 26 Arkwright. 31 Wambcck 32 J.AW. 51ater4—4....23 Canoe 3—l uv SlaterrlUeT—B 16 Mlacfcstone Hirer > ....23 A }.... niackstaoe AA 21 Ballou A Sou 4 —1 2JJ4 “ “ 7-6 » «ATsa—necciTfdl r sSscentals; shipped none. Mar* ketadvanced IfclKc. Sales were: COO bu No.3at4tvc. 1,200 bn do at 440 (fresh); 5.000 bn do at 43)4c: 4j,ojU on do at 43c; COO bn do al42c (winter)—closing firm at 43 @433, c. . RYE—Kccclred 1,824 centals; shipped 2.751 centals. Market advanced Italic. Sales were: ;i,Cofl bu No. I ftt99,sc; 406 bn do at 9Jc (freeb); COO bu djatOlVc (winter). UAKIjBY-Received, CIS centals; shipped, 953 ccttalj. Market firm, bales wcie; 5.(00 bu No. 2 ut pVc; 4(0 bu da at 6;-c; 800 bu by tample at f 1.00: 403 bu doatßSc; NX)bn dost Site; 4-.0 budoat Sue; 400bn do at He; 400 bn do at 73c; 800 bu do at 7vc; 4ttibu do nt 68c. A l.rOTlOL—Nominal BEANS— Bales were: 13 bags good at 93.00; SO bn at 93^5. BItUUSI COUN—Sales were; 4 Dob medium at lIUI.OO. Bit AN, dtc.—Sales were: 10 toss Middlings at 25.C0. BUTTER— Received, 0,566 as; shipped, S,9tMai: There 1» no chance to note In toe gt-nerai character ol the market, m an; essential particular. Tocru contin ues to be a steady and lalrly active demand fur prime table qualities for home consumption, and a* the re ceipts of such are barely »ufflcl*nt to meet thedc- msed, cnees are thoromcbly sustained, nod lor choice Dairy the market rules firm at s<»3.’bc. For something fancy, a very prime article in email neat packages, ZK%lOc may occasionally .bo - realized, bnt ollixlngs aoswcrlnir tMs description ■ are rare, and isle iat outside figures, exception . la < ommon tub, and common tirkln, mere is scarcely any movement, and certainly no chance lor ttic better. With ro outlet for tbe large surplus already on band, and with the storks etIU piling up, tne feeling is dc clJejJy weak, and dealers find It fmpoMlblo t> realize, except S' reduced rate*. Bales to-aay Include 5W aa choice roll, at 2tc; <OO as prime roll, In tubs, at lie; a pkgsnt Sic; I.CCO ns at WJfc; 3 firkins at 10c. We make no chance In our quotations, as fallow*: Choice Dairy Si (2.73 c Good Tub .SO <s£} c Common Firkin 10 <cl3 c Prime Firkin . .50 Cii 3 o NC»— I There is but a slight improvement tc note in the demand, bnt in anticipation of increased actlviiy a little later la the season, a rather llrnur lecling obtains, and sales are being made at lull prices. Burlaps and Gunnies are In fair rcqnest and*teai>y and firm at previous rates. Wo giro tbe lollowiog as tnc prices enrrent: National A,2bn, seamless linen $39.09 Union A. 2 bn, do SS.On liiinol* A, 2 bu, do 30,00 Com exchange 53.00 stark A, cotton seamless 6\03 Lewiston A. do 61.09 Androscoggin, do CO.OO American, do 69.00 Bearsr Mills, do 60.09 Plt’rfleld 6, do ... 61.00 Penn Mills, 00 .... 65.00 Fort PUI, t ■< (55.01 til go, •<.>*• 60.00 Saco, Unm and 5-* 00 Itidgewood, linen nx.o cotton 33,03 Springfield Gunnies 20.03 nnrlßpf.Tbn’.No. Empire C1tr........ . .. 40.03 CHEEs*E—Dealers report a fairly active ami eteaciiy Increasing ckmvnd, and u the etocks of Stlme cooas are running very low, they are being rmly held; dealers Invurlably realizing at fnu rates. ! The supply ol West>rn Dairy la morn liberal, bat Talnes hate appreciated, in sympatay with the ad vance In prime factory. We revise out list as fol- i lews: New York Factory (ceanine) 20 an c ! Factory (Illinois) ,319 c namlmrjr 19 c Wrfitcm States - 15 eis c Western Reserve 15 u ia c “Ynnng America" 30 c CO A *f~Tradc continues gr ao{l p r j CC3 werc wc ji Epsbilned to-day nil around, im i( ar the better varie ties e>r Bituminous Coal, r f wl Ich the S'ocej are con- Blderably reduced, the mf . r fcet was firm at quotations. Hard CoaU were easier without quotable chance In nrlcea. Wercpcatoo' j lßt . n * EniE—Brookltdd.... tlt.oo do Onmby.... 11.09 CL»rrLA»i>-nn* jr pm 11.03 da r ineral Ridge W.OO 9» willow Bank 10.00 . <*» Ttmnel 10.03 Chippewa 10.00 Uloaeborr, Lump 14.01 Ler-t' .wanna, prepared 13.60 &rua»0nr...:...».. U.OO £*.ttaon ■ ■ Illinois tOW 8.00 fl. oi Aek - SAte t 6AO I Yoochloeheny. - iuim Shipment*. COFFEE—fainc# tbedatoof our istt rewrttbere has been no chanre to noace t* the enerai diarseter of the market. a* d prlcca are firm at the recet decline. We coDQane to quote t / J&T&... .J<ii®39Vc Klo, good to prime e Rio, prime to choice S attUfi COOPbIiACJE—'TIio market ruled dull and Inac tive. Ko sales icportcd. ECJUM—There w< s a large mpplv in the nsrket to day. ace with only, local wants to supply, prfcea ruled Sd3c lower. Sales were slow, at l««.19c, will an occa sional «ile at Ith;. _ FRUIT** AND NDTjs—There is alkliiy active hneln-SH doing to this department, and the general market ruUaflrmat quotations. There u a steady, Cslr cemard fnraome<il<* Dried Fruits, and lemest In stance! dealers are realising at lull rates. W.ster Ap ples continue in good request on local acciuut, and though the snpp’y Is very lloerat, prices kcey well op and arc firm at Ji.EO.iSW for common to prime d r fcrlpTns. Jr-ccd, for very choice varieties |3.15<3 6J!i is not nafir.quently obtained. Oranges *rr In more literal supply and 50c lower. With thl* etcepuon orlccs arc unchanged, and we continue to quote: UnXKit FBCITS. Applet, 3» brl 14.00 A SJO Lexouf, M-erica 8/n c EJ3 Or.uij.xa, V Ik>x 7.7". ft B.CO CratEcXilts, p br) UX3 £ iU.« CEtED yOCtTB. _ __ Pie*, dram Fid*, cartoons, Dates Cnnpcacbe?, Sdoz'J a cans, Aples, new , Peaches, halves and Quarters. Pesches, pared;.., - -- blackberries, new, V a Raspberries, lcw, )< a Cherries, pitted Elderberries. >i a Rat'lns, seedless, 50 D hajrs.. Sardines, jf boxes Sardines, % boxes, Receipts. Shlpmeits. ... 49,(179 33.7(7 THE MARKET. .. sins. ' Almoadr, hard-shelled 2! ft 21 ■ Almonaa, ion shelled 39 ft 45' Almonds, paper-shelied 50 ft 55 Pcannt*. Wilmington, ¥bo26 OS 4.W ft 4.23 Brazil Nuts 23 ft 21 Filberts 16 d 17 French Walnuts, new 31 ft 24 Naples Walnnti 23 ft 21 Fecans.ioiullaodlaree. 2d ft SO nu-kory NUU .. 3.C0 ft 3AO Ctie«ttnts,j» ba '6.00 ft 7.00 FISH—The market exhibits considerable anima tion. ted for nearly all decerlptlcns prices are lully eusuincd, and tirm at our nuoiations. atankerel a> cla light supply and Him at *10.50310.73. WhltcH-h.Ol which the stocks are also moderate aru BtltL with an upward tendency in prices. The following aru tha prices current: Whltefl rfi, No. 1. j<brl : 16.730 7.00 WhltctMi.No.2, U brl 6.73 Trout, No. I, vTirl 4.50 ft 4.75 Trout, No. 2, x br! 4-2Sft 4A6 Mackerel, No. 1, X brl, new Jlackcil.No.2. X brl 9.50 ft 9.73 Mackerel, family, v v brl 9.00 ft 9.25 Mackerel, ext ra mcaa, 71 tfbrl 14AUjtl5.00 Mackerel, extra mess, v Kit. 3.50 ft 3 73 Mackerel, No. L kits new 2.65 Mackerel family, kits 2Jjft 3.23 Codnsh. Bank, VIOO Bs 7.00 ft 7.50 Codfish, George’s Bank 7.sftft 8.00 MAte- 5.00-4 SJB Herrings, dried. No. 1. F box 53ft 55 Herrings, scaled . 700 73 Laorador Herrings, F brl 10.00ftll)AO Labrador Uerrtnss. X brl 5.25 ft 5.50 Norwegian Herrings, M’s F brl ftlsA3 . I»K KAS?E—Market firm. Sales were: 13 tres Yel low at tc. # Illl.ll\» INReceived tw hrls. Shipped, 311 .Market dull auu nominal at 25c tor Bonded and fi’.'fO lor Free. i tOi»s—Arc selling for CCQGSc for Eastern, and 55® COcfnr Western. I)l'ES»M) nuj;.^—Received, 7C7; shipped,SS2. bale* were; 24 divldlhgon 2fo ft?, at «....M.COftS.7S 31 dlvidlne on 2CC ms. at BAoft3 75 Wavcraclrg 175 tbs, at 8.73 15 averaging 244 Its. at 9.00 IIA s—l he market continue* quiet, betas the sup ply on hand is moderate price* keep well up, and were tolerably firm to-day at quotations. We repeat our list: VmOI.tSALE PBICES. i Timothy, roller and beater pressed fU.OO®IS/!0 Timothy, Ico*epre«sed HAU13.50 Pialtlo, better pressed IO.OJ^U.OO : BETAIZ, PBICEK. Timothy, roller and hosier pro sed tn.OOQI3J>O Timothy, licto prised 17.003W.U) JTalne, roller and better pressed H.s.Xai3*o Prairie, loose on wason, delivered 130UH0Q II HlESs—Hecelvcd.l29.S-0 Bs; shipped. 10fi,S)| b«. I idler* continued active ucmand, and with light re. cupis the remit improvement Is well sustained, and alldeilißble offerings were readily absoebeJ at full rates. The Inquiry is chiefly on shipping nccoual. tboneb lecal tanners are bnyfoc freely. The demand at present Is principally for light Hides. Grubb? lots are taken at otc-thlrd olf. We quote as follows: Green Butcher** SUfZO c baited, trimmed 11UA13 r Green Cull 1.....!.”.,!# 1439 c Kip Gre«n, salted c Pry Flint, trimmed 13 «iguc Dry baluu, trimmed MW'jLWc Green Salted, pin cured lOyigntfc IKON aM) s«TE El.—Trade continues steady, ana prices are without perceptible chance. Wc quote l Common Bar sue.* sv c Horse Shoe Iron .. tU(<t 7'*c Heavy Hand 6 a 6'.< c Hoop and Light Baud CVftU c Hound and square ... 6jJcj gwe Oval .. Sioot flue Halt Oval and Half Hound sv« 6Wc Sheet Iron, common 7i,'tc....0 Extra Brands 7*3....c Sheet Iron, galvanized 13 />m c . Sheet Iron, rharcoai. 26 9*<a.. c Sheet Iron, .lumatn, 25;t**e Ncrsrav Nail Ib'fls, liV(>>l3!/e Blow Steel, German 13 ftU c Plow Steel, cast.: ,17 c spring ana Tire Steel, English c Tool Cast steel, ordinary tires 2i «.*W c Tool Cast Stc*l, American oK (£33 c Blistered Steel ~20 @3O c I*C MEEK—The market was moderately actlr&and price* ruleo llrm. We quote: LiiHUKK—First Char. 1, 1£.1,¥ andSlnch, * ni...... fCa.CUCS.OO Icur * *• 1)4.1>» and 3 inch ai.0T400.00 Thlnl Clear, inch WJOiijj 00 First and second Clear. Flooring, to* c-’hcr, rough. the some as Second Char wide 50.00353.00 Common flooring, rough... lij.tOari’PO Matched and Urejst-d Common Flooring. 18.0041300 Matched and Dresied S-lnch Gammon Flooring 3-i.OOmoO Fl»st and second Clear Siding, together.. SO.OQ 432. M First Common Preavcd Slditir 2i.Coi.ii 00 Wagon Hex Boards, select, IMnch aadl npwa-d5..,.. 3-.OCffin.oo A Str>ckßoardMTlncli*9 33.07.i3*03 »• Slock hoards, 12 tncncs 2e.00it27.00 Common h oards. Joist*. Scat Hint. Fenc ing, and small Timber. 13 to 16 feet icne.... 2i.aU27.00 Joist* and Scantling, 18, '.0,23.and 24 fret. 23.00*30.00 „ Joists oad Scaalllnc 23.00 Sui3(iLr>—A or Star Shaved staUirtac 4AO A or Star Sawed Shingles 5.004 SAO So. l Sawed ShiiiciC' 2AU 3JU L*m—Perm In yard By car-load by Northwestern Railroad! d limed in any van! wiure cars can he SW on? depot. a or Star Sawed Shlnclei. by load, on track 5 90 A or Star Shared Shingles, by car load, .on truck 3.73® 4.CC 50. 1 Sawed shingles, by car-load, ou track' 1.50 Three doi’ars a car-load added w!i-a transferred Which charge follows ?h-> ahlngiev In frelsnt bill. SUINUI.X STA-NOAIItI. Thlckctss—Five Shingles to be two inchoa In thick- Lend b—Sixteen Inches. llar.a—Twc-tv incher. Court or—-Tweet y-five. LI'ATII Fit—Under a it dculc* ate holding their Ho a-elr. the u.aikrt. and ordn liear lunr to strive quite fr< sirotg nt the.oilcHiuL- r»i e ucui 3ftO 747 a,413 3.JC9 2,131 3.533 1.583 1.310 1,701 3.7 city namni * » f no-* ri Com tiv iiurnu&i. a Mm% V ft <l* 44 Kip.' ioulut* T‘ ft... f (*31.30 Calf. V ft 1.40(41 :-0 rpper. C-nttfy Hpicr... 23c* ;5 cellar V ftor 33$ 2* oai Blsnshtrr. 501 e... Kkl M 1 Hamers, P D tOai 46 J.’pprr. COG# a> Kip. Xo. 1, me- I dium. Kip. Xo. 1, .HKTAI> AM) Tl? r-arkcl act st-.HCy as follows: rrv. Cox Tin i'lale, I C 10x14 113.00 Latuft liga. 7t Small i'Ue .14 Karlin S 3 COTITH. Metallic Al’ H01t5.... 31 O bper bottom. Krazlnsovir 10 Bl.ri't, It to lb 02.. ■Ju nines JlAliUll XILTAL. HI quality .10 ABilnionv 20 Fine adder. Cu ZI.VC. l‘t qnatlty. cask J3.V Ist quality, shctU....U blab..., 13 NAll.S—With rath»r llg malctiut t-d at our quotatlnc 10 tofu?, keg S7XOI 8 SiCMnchVo NcL'.*’!.’.’!!.'! flio «II».SS—Hie eetrral market tpm nul?t to-day. tlioucL prjrfg were well Fiialnlncd anil comparatively rrm.H* previously <inolf*l. TVe make no cianne in our quo’stlooa. *a follows: - Unwed oil «i 55 JVhfcie Ot'l, T 7. ii, i ;mj 95 Lan! Oil, extra'ilJO L«r<l Ol). Kn. i winter l.iudi 15 iin r t V. V* No- * > v ! ,ntcr * 1.a81.10 IH'.koil, round lot* I.isai.Bo K«nk oil. Strait* 1.20'*1.55 IIkIiIuoOJI Clfll m Sperm OH. w. I) 3 S 0 Lubricating on ", sogjkoo L—TLe market was qolet to-day,and 2r lower. enow quote; Cart-on, * rat load iGe CurbiD, uaul lqt£ * jst Bcn.tcJo.......scffljoc Itctelve'l.b.'S.n I It's cored me it, n..Ssrfi , f" r^V5 lt,n * m Bs Lard - shipped,a».tisas L“nl dM€ aabn « Be ' ;r **r33 brlflpork and 101,02 as illraß Pork—Market Arm bat Ices active. Sal*si ,w r i»Rt*2o.oo,; I,loobr.s (yesterday p. m.) at ~rT.r ,me Pork—'’a'cf were: CO brla at 91-MO; 150 itrls do at Milwaukee, at »i5.(0. . J’whlcrt Hams—Sales were; 365 les at 12*c: WOO brls at Poona. at 12c. •„H?. cnu Hnni*—Sales were: 600 tres Sugar Cured and Lauraa-Hl on p. u tirevo Kudin—sales were: 2.000 pcs at 12c. Hu Ik .Hem b—ln good demand ami a shade higher. 5? lr *. ? rcrt ' : Ib« Hear Sides at 10Vc; CO.fOO lbs Sbouldera at fc-ull loose; 260,000 lbs Short KID at heoktik at 10c loose. There were other Urea transac tionß - bnt 'he particn'ara were not made public. dul, « neglected and entirely nominal at 12c lor prime t-team, • TAI.UMV-Market quiet. Bales were; 23 hr I* Country at I'OITi.Tk V—Market steady,'and prices remain un changed. Hales were as tallows; UtißasßO CincKßSs— dozat?s.M; doz at-£4.75; 9 djzat»l-V); Mvs CnicKK.\»--2 doz at £3.00: g coops atflAO: Lrvß CitEi-E—2 coops at J 9.00; Dbesjzd TtJEErrs—32s tss at 16c: 410 its atlMfc; 103 &s at 15c. hTJ<»AIcS—Tne eencral market was quiet, and as la nenally thccatcatthispi-rlod ot the week, andtmsl* ness was restricted to iheflillng of orders. Woropcat qnotatloni; Cnh» UUaLV.'c I’orto Kico WkteUvlc K. \. UcflDert,Powdered and Granulated.....lG^ftlouc tj£co A isiauxc Sh,MP5 h,M P- .V.'.’IIIIIIIiajJ-aiSIJc Extra C llXftlS c Yellow C M*«S c Oxnard C..... .10 Wall c Oxnard C. extra 11 wail Yc New Orleans prime HWWI4YC New Orleans fklr „u' @u»J c NVRfTrf*—Aiejn only moderate demand, and prices ruled flrm at the following quotations: Boston Amber ....t1.a0ai.43 New York Byrnps Yellow Drips...... !. 1.«a1.M <?nha Mnlasscse gj Porto Klco 8»a 85 New Orleans 90*1.00 Philadelphia n*e Hive * 70 Chicago Kcntjcry, Amber 1.0041.15 Chicago Reunery, Goldsp ssa 93 Chicago Hennery, Snrsr House 73® 89 f*OIIA AND utiic tiTu^—For both theMj ar* tjc-’e« *?,° Tl'l'i 6 . 1 rn,c * "Wady at the following prices: Osblutl’e Medicinal ilstaisge B eland’s Chemical ‘uwew^c . PAljT—PeccivM. none; rhlpped.aa brls. There isnocnongctonoticeinthc gen-ral character of the market. Prices are tinn os follows s New Fine «?at> Coarse. 2 fa Ground Alum 1032.15 Crocnd Solar 2,63 Turk’s Wand, hugs 2.VJ Dairy, with sacks 3 00 Baity, without in: ks 5,73 SEE D?<—Received 1R.729 lbs. Shipped 112.009 lbs The market was lairly active, and on Timothy, prices were a shade caMrr. Sa'ea include the tolUwlng Tjhotut—3S hag. at *3.00; 63 do at *3.9?: Sdo at *3.80; 370 do at *2 73; i> do at *3.50 ; CnorßE-4 brU “Mam* nritb” a* *9.60:10 do at *9.20: 00 ones do at *9-s<h' Sao

at JF.77: S 4 cro at *6.50; 1U do at $8.23: 10 do at *SJU; ST. do at *7.75; 3J brls at *7.75 ; UDSOAJJUN—tO bags at *K7"; MiLtsrr-rabaas common at *1.65. TEAS—TLtrc Is no Improvement to note In the de mand, and the general market remains substantially th* same as previously noted. Choice grades are la good demand, and for sneb the market roles Arm. The stocks lares, and prices are steady at the annexed quota-lons: young Ilytoc., tuperlor to fine, 9 A *L20@1.35 Young Hyson, extra to enolco, 79 A 1.TWg1.90 Imperial, superior to an«, 7> A 1.10511.60 Imperial, extra to choice. 9 a 1A5«3.t0 Gunpowder, superior to fine, P A Gunpowdet. extra to choice, |) A 1J537.03 Japan, natural .cal line to extra flue, V A... Japan, natural h at, nn» to choice, p A l^rai^fl Julian, natural teat, colored. V A 1.3341.40 TOBACCO—The market conttnnei very quiet, nut a< the stock* here, and at other points, are considera bly recnced, debte e evince no Disposition to shade pilees to any considerable extent, and among lenltl mate dealers the market may be considered mm at the pricesgKcn below; FIVE CCT CUBWCfO. .. I Common... Extra.. Choice. _ BSIOKUiO TOBACCO. Virginia's Favor- I Medium 21(X2Sc It. ECcft|i.OO common Sterna BtoSlc Choice Ha&Mj 1 PUJO TOBACCO. .. _ Loyal Citizen.... I Medium 65.* wc Farmer's Du lent r3*73c Common 5.54.0 c Natural L d af....f l.trftlASl Navies 553 s*. Half Bright..... 7:c«lAo V^rg^malOs&»s^c sound 73*S0c J Flounders TO'.jjc WOOD—Remains quiet andsteatly at prenoo'.qao talions. which arc as lollows: Maple. V coin, delivered.... 919 soaiS.M Maple. V com, in yard *11.50ai3.M llecclu * cord, delivered & 9.W Beech. 9 curd, in yard 9 8.00 cord lAO*»U.OS WUOIr-ltKeiTed, 10A84 fti; s>.ipped, 41. W St. The market is lairiy scute, s&4 p trees are unchanged. Rio, common to l«r. K U 27 sa tft S 3 22 ft 23 4.53 (ft 4.73 9 a Bftf 16 (ft 19 43 ft 4* 31 ft 31 66 ft GR 65 ft 66 15 ft 1b 9.50 ft 10.15 SO ft 21 S 3 ft 40 tMtllly icetcailne'demuwl) joks ilrniTy. Manufacture** it from ilia conntry are *leo rctly. We quote lao market ge of price*: ILOCE. Slaughter, Oaf uiuSuie.... f 433 43 Slaughter, Sole, Ctncaja*. No I.'.* SjAiietiter, Sole, CLicjco X0.J... sta 81 Ilunnoi Afros 3>£ 40 Orinoco Sols Orinoco, coed, damag'd., sl3 32 French Cilt 31 ft» 3.1032.33 French Ca’C 31 ft* 3.0033.11 French Calf, Lc moliicit, p* r do* .M>.oCa9T.<n NKEil**’ STOCK—The :Uve, and prices continue per t ml. ‘aftis 31 H.1C31.20 &31.10 I BRIGHT WIEE. 1 to 6 I 7,9 and 9 i lo ami U 12.... 113 asdli i IS and IC. 12 20 Fence Wire. KuaaxAS. Nos.Oaudlfi .25323 American. Ist qual ity. V meet..,., 19 American,ist quaj. Ily. V 1k1i..,. ... 19 dual ity, V eb<vt. . 16 Hit stocks prices are firmly ns: 12d $3.25 d, fine blnwl 9.25 d, find bincd 10 75 Jnt Bolknt 1.23 LIST OF LETTERS. “LETTERS BEMAINUTO DECLAIMED IK THE PcstOfllceat Chicago, State of Illinois, on thsday9(h cf March* ISCT. Z3f~ “To obtain any of these Mtcn the applicant rututcall Ibr ‘ABTra BiD LcttecV give the data of tbt* liar, anc pay ere cent for advertisin'*. f3r *• If not called for wlibm oa* ixotrrn. they will be rent to the Head Letter Office. C?“ “Lctuts are not advertised nnt*l they bare re* nalncd In tfac office one week, and on Frldavs and Sat* urcays letters to be advertised are In the hands of the Tratsonblsc Clem. ** 1. HIHECT letters plainly to the street and nmnbcr. as well a* the Host Office ana htate. “2. UhADleitersvUbthewriter’aPoerOmczand state, etseet and KcunsE, sltn them plainly wltb full name, and request the answers to be directed ac cordingly. ‘•Letters to itrancon or transient visitors In a town or city, whose special address may be unknown, should be matked.ln tbs lower left-hand comer, with the word Transient. 1 4. Fiace the postaee stamp on the upper biout* ,L4 t ,D .. C0K,1B ’ and ttAVB space between the stamp an ... t ll m:,lon . * or rtKT-HAttsiso without laterf-rlac wllhUiewtlMne. ’ •*K. E.-i KEQOEET fcr the RETURN of a letter to tb* writer, if unclaimed within thirty days or lea*. v. itten or printed with the writer’s s viut, Post Omci and iTATE aenwi the MUiaml cod of tbs envelope, on tb'face side, will becoronlled with at ths usual pre onirt rate of postage, payable when the letter la deliv* en'd to the writer.—{tec. 29. Law of 1563.” wf Free delivery of Letters to any part ol the city can be secured by having them addressed to the street and number LADHtS’ LIST. A Allman Battle miss Alwellil mrs Aloro Maltha J mrs And-rson father miss AlfJtancjer Alary mrs Ambrose Mary 31i;a AllleJPniK Armstrong Nelly miss Alsana AnnL Arnold Charles *1 mm Alexander s M mra Ashton Addie miss Alexander Charlotte tors Austin Afmon mrs B Baker L C mrs Boone Lucy A mla* ■user Elizabeth mrs2 Bowvn Annlomiss Ball Llbble A miss Bowman Eliza miss raidwm Nancy mrs Boyd Hattie miss Bambrldge Mary mrs Braodl Elizabeth mis Itenleter.Locmlamrs Brackett Mary Gcrtmoe Bancroft Mary G miss miss Barlow Mary A mra Bradford Mary mra Barney T L mrs Bradley Lucy mrs parser Fronl miss Bnges Andrew mra Uccimon E Aturs Brings E mrs Bernard Jolla miss Bronson MaryEmla Bench Mary alas Brookings W D mrs Bcthnne Harriet mra Brown Jazzlo miss? Bciuei Hattie mrs Brown Elizabeth mrs Benedict Helen p mrs Brown Ida miss Best LonUa mrs Brown Marla miss Brnscn Oeorse W mrs Brown Margaret mrs B nney S J miss Baker A 31 mra Bingham Mary Bullard C T mrs Blanchard Lucinda E mrs SBucklcy Jane 31 Bioenm Helen J mlfs Bnckley Minnie miss Blater Rosetta miss Budgher mrs Blanchard Madorn mra Bon Mary A Bormoro Mary miss Burgess Nellie O mrs Boardman W mra Burton Clara miss Jtond Harriet mrs Burns Maggie miss Booth Caroline Cndy Nellle L mra Colby Fanny miss Callahan Uonoru Cole Nellie il Caldwell Sally Coulter Mary mrs 2 Cameron M J mrs Conner basic miss Cambell mrs Conyne CBS mrs Caramel! Lizzie miss Converse Nathaniel mrs rampEJ mra Connor rale miss • Cnmi bell L P mra Condon Rebecca miss Capner Henry mrs Cotikllc barah M mw Cannon Alargaret miss Converse Millie miss warden Kate cuss Connor Luale miss Carlton Lonlea miss Connor Katie miss Carlton Kate miss cook Harriett mrs Casey Letty miss Coopvr A L mrs ■ Caswell L F mUs Corx Lucy mrs Caswell Nelson mrs Cor Annie mt»s Chevalier ECmadamo Cotter Atarlamlss CliaranersAva miss Cory Ann mrs Chambers M E in:s Corrigan B L miss Chamberlain mra Crawford Ratio tntna Chapman EII mrs Christie Sarah Clients J B mrs Crowe Nellie miss Uiuich U K mrs Crowe Ellen miss Chnstci her Mary miss Cul.en Alice miss Clcxtoti Mrvry L mrs Cunningham A nils* Clark .U-i nle n mrs Curtiss mrs dr Clifford Nedlcmlss Curtiss Anna mrs2 Cell M A raise Curtiss C B miss Cobh LucluaJ mra Curtiss Mary btowdl mra D Dadd Louisa miss Don-thne Mary miss Daiecr Maty miss Donavon Tretfa miss 2 DausAnambs Dunn Margaret miss oavls 11 A mbs Dunn Mary mlsa Davis E mra Dunn K«'e A miM Jolunna ran Dunn William mrs Dayton Mclrlna M miss Dowling Monica miss Deems Thirdoain miss Douglais Salhe mbs Decora Maggie mbs Dully Lucy A mra Dixon fcnrah mlas Duvall Mary K mrs Dhlon ilury mrs Dyson dr rors Doane C II rors Dutton Luibo C mra Dockrell KmiM miss Dya a Miranda mra Doolittle MAC mrs Eaten Addle M mlrs Ellla Abba E mra Eaton J Mmn Empsy Jenny mlsa EaM-.r Flora miss . Enixonn'Fmn Edwards Chariot mra Everett Lizzie miss Elliott liobert mrs Kyi la Ann mra El is Eliza mrs Ererett feus an miss Lldnogc Loulra miss Etcrltt Henry mrs F Farrell Mary Franks Clara E miss Kartell JxnKamrs 2 Freeman KOmra Hlzgf rale James mra Frecyan Mary miss Fleamlng? Maggie J Freeman Kittle Flint Eliza mrs Fulton Jennie miss Fogarty i* L mrs Fuller Mslt mrs •Foiter Jla’yJancmrs Friaiej OrscoCraU Fountain Jo-o;.U mra Fuller SUva J mrs Fitzgerald Mary Cannon MJ mrs Grant FII mrs Gammed J C mrs Gray Malvina miss Gndley Laura mrs Gray Martha E mrs Oirould Lorcctu mrs Gray Jessie mils Gideon Elian mhs Gray Alice mrs 2 Glllls U mUs Grant iiaaiel F widow Go.-tclan Mary Amiss Grady M mra Goodzr an Anna mra Grecnliov Martha mlsa Goodwin K 8 mrs Green Mary J mbs GoodwluMiirt ml a Grlllln Ihnea Goodwill Lou mlsa Gridin El;ea miss Geodull farrlt-nus Golllrcr Wm li mrs Graves >V b mrs * lisle Fannie m!t>j Haajsnre P A*nl»s llaJc Mary F misi Haywood Wm mra Haley 1 onl.e mr« De-ard Ocorce S mrs Hairy Emma h mrs HenuUiloUlot mlsa Hal- y ilary 41 mrs He'auh'y Mary mrs UartDaffk Jane mils Holt Charlie mrs Ut|r Am- ltn K Hooper Neddie on H-li mrs Hopkins Horace mra HhiißAmrs Herrick Cattarlno H«n Htzaoe ti ml*B Hofjcn Aaselh.o mr* Hamlin Molllu L mrs Horan Marj miss llamiuoirt L/ ls mrs Hoyt JertUemlss lUmlln AfiWiinilss Hoyt Swjhnn Hanu alary mra iiowaro came 1) tstsi Uanby 11 It om iiuwe Elizabeth airs Harrl* Mnry mrs lloweFrutiK raw IlnrrU Sorau omn . Howard Carrieml« Harris Celeste ml:* Howell Mary O miss Hama r tv mrs Hiurhca Mauls Harris II leu mrs Hunter KEen Han lotion i(o:atnrs Hutton '.amarine ml‘i Hannon hatlc miss Haruy Kaly mUs tlarty Manure; miss Hill Anti* P. mist Harr*! 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AbeelCfcasS Alexander J P Andatoo Charles Abbott Lewi* L Alexander James Andrews R S cap Adam»(b*sH Aldridge John Andrews H Adam* John Allen w D Andrew*Joseph Adam* Edward Allen WT Anthony FH A cams & 00 W Q 4Allao J D Archer John Aktew Henry Allan Thos rev ArxillswraE A hre: a George Al'an Thomas - AnerHU Aitcn L 11 or Al’an Xibea Aab W M Allan Os A«hJey&couS3 Albert* nr Andennan Henry Atkins Walter Albleo it - - AndertonLF Auer Albertß Alexander John llAndtrson James Aim BsbMtt Chas Blodar Deonr Braytoa R p»iy« Frmrt BlrgeßioryF BremDu John Baron KB dr* BlrseWm Brawdy Martin Bailcl H c • BUOy L J Brewster O P Baldwin T Bishop J K' ' Brlffireinan J W Baldwin Jotham Bishop RQsco Brigham wm T BisseuTJl BrUht* Armour Bollard r has G ElackJasPS BtllUnLcwii LM uUckbom C 0 Britton JC LancroltC V? cnot Britton pro! Barbour C A Dlackhurst Thos Broderick Joseph BarbourlUchtrd HakalKff. BrooksOeoE IV Borcar d Fred Blase Mat Brown * Mnlth Barnes .’ono MantbardMarrlnßrowa Tbos Barney Hiram bllnaJclm James Barrows Geo W BIUs Aaron Browu & Sir* Bartcy J K rev Blodgett P M wood„. Rattle Kinds* coßlylerWm Brown RL Baxter A>l dr Bogart Jacob • Brows Earnest Bayi»Tr John lUurgess il M 3 Brown CBS Beach Kelson Bohannon * Pur-Brown D J Beadle*co rtngton Drown R F BeaoktonAV Boland Christy Brown Mel Beans SamuelS Toiler John J Brown J W capt Rebh TV J dr Holier FA Brown Sami Beck Eugene Booth Itobt Brown Thos Jr Becker w Booth, SaUmau ABrncker John Beddow Wm Bay co J Backing ham mi Beebe Jerome Booth * Conwayßotll S B Beebe* co Bouton 11 FJ B.llock John Deers Samuel Bowden William Bundy Ti*os rapt Bclchcr Gm> Bowden & Cam-Bunker Dwight BeltteldHH mines Uarbant A J col 2 Bell Jos Bowen OmerC Burdick rdgar L Beniamin Mj ron BoweisSamnel Burgess I* A Bennett KB Bowes Brack Burke John F Bennett Wyeant Bowkerjoseps LBurahara JC BctmttlWmC Bowks Stephen BUurns blmon Bennett L Boa mar Don M Borns John Bennett 31A Boyd David Burt B Seymour Bennett Jostah C RlrharJDUuahman C D Bentley Calvin Boi Den N B bon 3Butterfield Geo Delian Jos Boyle P C Butterfield Baton Uevanjohn, Boyle Frank Butterfield mr Bevans J ll B- ynton B B Byrne Boko Bickford 11 Bradley Ihomaa Byrnes JT Bigelow Danl Brody s Mark Barger C K I!1 Spa BR* co Drndyßnch Brcnnock Jas Biggs A F Eralnard La Gee UradyUugti BignallLC _ C Cale James W ChaolnJaae* Colton R Caln Patrick Chapman ChasN Colvin W H' t sldwellJclinß CbapmanOM Colm Timothy Caldwe 1 David Chapman MortonSColvtn Albert Calkins j w Charoley Wm Conran Olcknell CalkinsLO charter MW i ComecFrcdXi Cnltawav dr GeO Chattcrton L> rone Samuel CamibeUDF cnocsebio Her- Cooley John Campbell James 2 berts Connor John Car,field DF Cheney T.H Cnnwny Thomas Cacnall * McrphyCbeater.Georee Conner Geo A Canning Charles ChldlsterWmM Conyne Eugene A Csray Charles CbKcote (apt M FCooke *co U C Cony Thomas Childs OA* UD Cook James j? Carey John O Childs Fred CookEC Carmody Patrick Lbln £ L Cooper F __ Carpenter LcwisßChristophcr AS Cooper dr ITT Carpenter G W Christopher rev WCornes rev E D Curpemer j It B Cornish M Carr Henry It M Church George Cornwell Wm U Carroll John II Gladstone H Q Congnlm Patrick Carroll Wat Clark PC] Cooiombe DenJa- Catse W S Clark dr min Carter James Clark Robert E Cousin Mitchell Carter J 8 ' Clark John C Covert rev John Carter Georeo Clark W W Cowan George Carter O M clurke col Geoß Cowell George B Carter *l)ro Clarke J P CowperWE Cary Jnmrs C Clay Stephen Came rev Wm Case Bradley Cleveland seth D Cianch Waller Case &co O D CicveUna Geo W Crawford John CiueJacs&onACoClinoniicnry Crocker F Casey John Clough George P CrofootCD CaecyLcwisE ClnmnT Croioot o p Casey * Frost Cubb wm L Crombie Wm J Cossin Dennis Cohb W M Cross James Caswell 11K Cobb Otis Cro-ismanOQ t'atklnsJW Cobora FIT Croutb Walter CatllnFil Cochran J W Crnieshank Chas ('avert R J CoferJonnll Cunts Cornelius ChadwU-KJC Cohen J Curtis J C Chamberlain rev UoH-ora Abraham Curtis i son J John Colby Enoch Cushman SR Chamberlin II K Cole n K CuslcE Morns Chamberlin BU CoiltnußfH CollinsWm Chapin E I. ColUns Jtnn Coombs Elijah 3 Chapm Edwin Dale S T Delaware A S Donahue Patrick Duter Charley Demander N L DorleyJas Davenport OllverDecny Wm Dou; lass Joseph Davenport A K Denstet Peter Dow Ueo n Davenport John Dtvenny Edward Dowd Leroy DavlcaonArcbd Dewey J W Dowling John Dans Charles Dickinson C D Doyle Langhlln Davis A W Dickinson & 'lay- Drabble Chas Davis ii Co Jor D;ounOA DnviaJC&co Dibble Orris P Dunbar WM DavlsoußL DuberryJas Dunlap JU. DuvUt* Andrew DittustVm Duustar Henry Day D W C DivenJaa DupeeCE Day Sami T Dixib%sß Duper C F Day Joseph DtddFtatcls DurfeyCH Dean dr Dodge W J Darken John Dicker Morgan & Dcds:a N B Duval Ueo E _co Doheny AYoung Duval Geo DeGaw Hctry Doyle Arthur DyosGeo K DeUavcnJoi Dolnnd Franklin Dyer CII , can Donaldson John CDcCoivcnsmr DuatdOß Eagle EJ EtdrldceLoreDZOEo/JfhtJoha Earl A c<> dr Elliott HW EnrlshtLK. Eaton A Maguire Elliott John Enright Thomas Eaton Mart Elliott L W Evans li Eddy K E EHUonRW Evans WD Edo; Tzomos tmo son Ammon Evess M or P Eillnger M I) Emery A Mcfar-Evert d Joshua 2 Edwards J T laud Everett W M Egan mr England John Ewell Robert Egbert A co Fairbanks It C Finley Aco Fox Wm V fox Julios Falcb Leonard Flshhum J J Fanning Martin Fisher Henry FoxEaths&lel Farley Frank Filch Wm Is FooseJohn Fiunham 8 W Fitch A MsrehontFramel Albert Farnsworth M C Fltzi erald James Franclijohn N col Farnum George SFletcher EroatusJ 3 FarnnmJF Fima Thomas orFra&er George N Fan Edward Juhn Fredrlcg II Farr Geoire Flynn JP Fr«edmaaP Fujieli E M Flint W A J 0 Freeman Thomas Favour Lewis Foley Dennis French Geo W Fonactu Aibory Foley Jno FrtsbioJohnE FeeninMF Foote J D Frudaham B A CO Fetrlllß Ford Thomas 8 Fry Abraham Ferris Fred J Ford Uriah FullcnerAco Fcrion John J FowaitbTW Fuller A co Fensom Rtbt Foster George L FollerWmT Fenton A CO George Fuller Chas Fihich Chas R Foster Wm A FurgUaouK tlncgau 1 houuu J GaceGcoU GUI GW GraUamJE Games Asa GlHmr Graham Joseph UaieWm Ulilaro Thos Giancy Michail Gale Allred Gillen John Grant Lb U.UmIiuWD Ullmuio Adonl- Grout Wm Gabrieleon C L tr.n Grant OrvUIC Gandy.last. Gilmore C A Gray MG Gaucy Mletacl Glascock Mlc«JahGray S Gannon Tbos Gleason Watson G rectify John H GanoAaronP W GiteaJ r Gardiner ELU Coble PC Green Felix Gardner Jos GoiUdrAL Grren Frederics ■ GaiHcld K Goldmanll.3B Green A Holden Gsrrtcuon E K GoldMonU Green AUarlccr Garrison A J Goodhue UW Grlhncn Krankila Gasset Lotan GooGlnc Clinton Gnifln John GoGa Alloa I* Goldman Harris Grtlea Oco Ga tea It J Goodman Joseph Griadley David GateaG I* & CO OcotnlchA GntmelaSP GavanJctm GoodrichUC 3 Gmon Wm Caynor t'runcls Goodrich Jlt Gtwcsheck Aaron Geauqnc I* Goocrldi J E Grout Alonzo UeerCtia'll Gordon & Thais- Grout Front R Gemoell Hubert ton tirucb; Win n Gibbons i boa Gore AM Gmeu Wm ff Gltmun Hall &CO Gorman Geo GiueyJoha GibsouWuiD Goutiy WeC Gallaciier illchad GilbertC G Goucb.llt GafUnatlJaS GlldcaJas GobidWiu HacLettcV Hstl'&wayWm Hole .11* llutnea hlbrlce S Hathaway Wm Eliolhcirer Daniel Haley 6t 1 Huluiea Bilicr U»hI)A iiiiTeo Charlea Homer John HailtdwlnL HaMbeaG&S Hooper Eli Hall KG Hay Wru Hooper John n iMIKC Hayes I* Haskins Norman Uall Wm D Hayes .Nathan L Hoa-on Wmjr Ha.lillaro UayesJ&co Hope? Hall Jones & nU-Uayr» Uohl Hopklus Gl* mao ilayijasj- Uoukiuibros Hail (IP Haynes SO Hordl> U Hallman S A lUzleuGeoT Horn Matccw Halstead A J Ilcily James llopeweil 11-ary Hammond L 8 Hceley James Horn H Hatnllun MaribalHtnU'rsoa Vi m HortuaCGD U Hentilon Martin llortun W M Hamilton Hub* Henry Thomas lloinur K D card Heixet EdwardQHo»iuer O E Hamilton II £1 Her net iimuy C Hough F O Hamilton C 8 Herron Henry U Homihan P Hamlin FrcalN Hess II W Howard C H Man lltcnA co Ue?sF*B -Uuwes Sidney Hammond M m Heuaer Henry P Howes John Hammond ESI Ilexes Jacob Howland M W Hammond () Vi Hewitt Geo How.and Ulram J Hammond & Bnt-Ucwltt Darios Hoyt LD Jer Hewitt WmF Hoyt L Star Hancock E Hewlett J N Hoyt W C Hank* L 8 Heydock Miles 0 Hoj tJcase Hacks Albert dr ’ Hoyt Tliamas Hanlyrmncc DlatJM HoytßUhon llantiora Wm illckcyMP HoytFesriD Hanson Clarence Hickey .Bartholo-Hubbardt’U & co Ksnssca C mew Hubbard 9 ft co Harding John 2 IHcaoxJß Hubbard Warea* Harding Mike Uigtnbolham HN co HarfcrdCW ' Higgins Win 8 Hudson John HarsU Harry Utgglua David Hughes Gea Harms Wf Higgins John Hurlbut Chat J Harney Joseph UlH.ian.ta H Uumpliry DF' ilarrlnitonlhom-Ulll 11-nry Hunts dr as Hill Edward A HuatJaa G Harris Gao Hill BA dr Hunt W Car Harris B II Hill a co Huntington Chas Harris Ton UHlablddle 118 U pauis tun unuiuiuuic no u Harris Wm B HI. ton Geo H Huntley Chas Hart Henry W Hinckley HA Huntsman J A Hartcbailcs UIdCsJN HurlOurtNC liar toil Frcamas-Htnc.Thos Hum Ira ter Ilinman D P Huse Henry nsrtman D • HltcncoczHS Hussey David J Hartwell J 6 HlttßT Hyman S»ml U Harvey Fred L Hocart Andrew capt Harvey Frank Honan Michael HyrlckOS Hart A Gibbs iloc.m Martin HarceHH Haelcr W Jlocjjdcn T Hamlin li n Harrstt & Deltty Holden P JiaillcUl L S Holden & Harlan Ihlo Sate) Itcrahun Clias Irnlne Jaa Hoed ingle lYu A Inman J Q JactoonJohn John«on Dcnry JeneiWn juice John Johnson CA Jooca Samuel H James Geo Jobuon Isaac Jones R C Rceae Johnson ft Red-Jones LJ Jamtt Arthur R ding Jones M Jenkins Jnbu Johnston Arthur Jones T T Jenks Thomas Johnston JD Jones UC Johnson WJ JohtatonCbas JohnJas Johnson Wm Jones J A Joelln Orison B Johnson Cbna JonesP JndklosJß johnei a Goo Jones Walker Just Christopher Johnson Jff vvuuauuu ii Kearney Jas Kellogg A B King Jas KtelcrNyramT KclloggTlm KtogJ«s Keegan M B Kellogg Justin II King U C Kell Chas Kellogg John H Klnabury Wlt Hetty Wmxev Kendall Geo S 2 KiugmanNH Ktl.crJas Keneiy Stephen KlnterHF Keller Wm Kennedy Jas Kirkpatrick W J Keller Wm KetchamWO Knight Daniel B Kelley Jas KcntToblaiA Knight HF Kelly Jas Rlmber (Jeo 8 Knight Joseph Kelly Thos 8 Klmplco L ’I Knowltonßaward Kelly Titos Kins AC A Kehy Duncan King Wm Kavanagh Ml* Keliy Chas King John A chael Kelly A Lain ft co Lee Wm S Lrctwood J E Lamos ft Chapin Lett A B Lodge Burton Landcn ffailmg-L‘g< Jas H _ Loawc Philip L lord ft co Lciand FracclSW Locao geal Lane JD dr Leman Edward Loif W U capt Lane Jas 21 LcMoyneWm Long James O LoneJuliaaA Lennon Thos Loruoa Dennis Lane Elhha Leonard P 8 Lord Geo >7 Lane Silas Leonard U H Lonne Henry W Loner K A Leonard JC Love WtnDeLos* Lactermon Perry Leroy n rev L&ntcmaaAP Leslie Chas Lovewell Geo ' Lorey Jas Levi Nathan Low Geo W LarabecCbaaH Lewis Wm Lowe Edwin M bon Lewis JB Lowell EC UUU Ui.liuu uunuiuv LattcnNPS Lewis A Lowell LDmd LaugbllnP Llehuuildr Lucky 'Vm JjtwßS LUlig JotmE Lud’ow J W LawrenceEdwlnDJJng John Lather MJ Lawrence G F LUtcr Joseph Lynch lather rer Leach Thos 1-ltUe Edward Lynch Wm leaden Michael Livingston MM Lynch Martin Leavens Chas Lloyd FranclaX i Lyon J LcdleyEF LohdellAC LyonWm Lee t r haa LohcnsonLQ Lyons Dlghl 31 Mack A D ilerrthew ft Farr Moore George L Matbymr Merrill MU 3lore Sqaire Magee Guy Merrill I'rcd D More AO Magnlre Richard Merrill ft Uaat-Morgan Henry Mallory A F mg'on Morgan Wm G Maloney John Merrill Allaln Morgan LC MindervlUc Al-Mcmil N E Morgan Chas B nert O Merlng Bowers Moriartr M D Man can Michael MlcntT Andrew Morphie James Manning G Mlcbell Chas W Morphy St U ManFflild Andrew.Mlcks Jsnes Morris J 2 ManvHlmr Miles oiley Morrison Frank Merrincr J F MlUao Cbas M Morrison Daniel 2 Manh ft Gcod-Mlllor J J Morse Horatio G ridge MUler James Col Morse Edwin Man-hNAftco Miller H storeeKJ UUIPQ Al M th w dimu i< A«f Mania Robert It Miller John Mortimer Wra Mams George Miller Leo doct MortensenJ MastcyJoha Miller Michael MosellMCO Maxtotb Chat Muilcao Henry MosherSmltb Mut Wm M MUUKanJobo UasemJJ TIUI tfl (UUU&4U |/«JU u ill ORUI U tl Mather hmmettMtils li> ibert A 3 Mslhollasd Isaac capt Mill* John K Mollalby John C Matter P MlllsAJ&co roaj Mathews EF Mower EG MtulockJH Mtthcwson Wm SMIIU E&co Mahowny .John Haltingly liobertMina, Joseph Mulvlhm Daniel or Miner Benja Mnrdocc Edward Mathis mr Minn* George Morphy John Maxwell EG Montague GeorgeMnrphy Edward 3 May John ' Win Murphy Patrick MaydwellWß Mottgomcry n Murphy Cornelius Msybcw Wb Moody A K MavnanlWa Mooney iTirtstlanMurray James MeJon Jft) Moore Wm it Murray John Mellon Jasll Moore Job Murry JH MehineSD3 McoreJ E MuselemanH Mcretto George Moore J T - ■ Myers D flic McAllister Chas McCorey T G Mclntyre Wm B McArdcll MlcnaclMcCrory fcamucl Mclvor George McAvoy Prank McDcntt Ferul-Mcßay Michael McCabe Patrick nnnd McKay Thomas Mcfalfrny Wm McDonald A McKenna Alex McCatftey-John McDonald Patk C UcKibbea Homer McCnnnhJobn McDonald JA dr B McCann Jan es McDomellJobo drMcKlnned John Me Cain AJA CO McDowell Thos McKolcht BT F McCarty Sami McDoodk&co McLalne James McCuny Daniel McDudee Jos L McLean Kiel McCarty Timothy WcFarlam H J McLean Thomas McCa-hJamea McFarland JoscphMcMobsn Cjrne- MrCasilnJobn Me Ginn err Chas H Bos McClcathtn Jas UMcGoonegal Ter-McMinoa Thames McClltthy Edwd enco McMichach John McComiamr McGranc Henry McMurtyAC McCctubK McGrath Thos H McNamara An. SlcCccLell WTI McGregor John thoay McCcrmlrk John McGuire & Smith McNamara John Met onrrlck Chas McllrstbOP McKea/old* Chas McCormick Ja*T MdlwalnJ K McWilliams Phil S Nall Cbss Newton U NlgersonCcoß Nosh Chas Newton Morris Nixon Michael Nat-on Jas S Ncwt/n filing Norris John M Neßon Andrew Hanson NorthustEN N* Uoo Sami Nicho’sFJ Norton Jas W Nel.-on Sa . Nlcnols Alba A Noiton ruesira Nt Ison M Nlrhohon J O Noyes O G Newell A Nlckle Robert Nugent Henry Newton Sami Nlehon E Norse Wm Newton Henry 2 Nleis John O CBrlrnDH O’GradyJ OHs Jnttlo H o’CallaghaaP O’Hara 11 Oliver Henry T O'Callaxhan John O'Keefe C Ondcrdonx DWdr W capt O’Neill Patrick Cream Dar Q O’CcnnellJohn 'O’NeillJohn Oimtm.TEtJr O’Conner Law* O’Shea Patrick Overton Wm resce O'Shea Michael Owens OwhnU O’DonaehUA J O’Shea John O’Eoiliy Joicph O’GradyJohn OdOlJwM Pad den PJ Pennoyer Edgar PooleS Padcock Jaj p-tiiin Jonathan Pope Cbaa PaUeltora ffm A Perrlman J Hope *po Pace flirUa Perkins Geo or Porter A L Pace MU Henry Porter WaJ PalLeSamnel CJr Perkins Joseph Potter ReubenK Forest Joseph capt potterJohaC parUhF PaklnsN M * coPoweliF _ Perk A L Perry Johns Powell ffm S Parker Washtt g-Perry Geo power J«haß ton II Potttocse Chas Power* Robimoa Partes Robert Phelan Jas Pratt O W ParkWtn Phelrsor Pratt KH PaiesJoteph * Phillip* Oliver C FrattGea Parks J Phillips EM Pratt OD PatksJO Phillips John A Pratt Wm H ParmrleoßO picketing Albert Pnbblc Will C _ Parsons A H JJ Prenderza*t Robt Pa’.noce Joseph Picket Henry E * Pre*cott Chet A Patten JE& co PlcrcaKP- Piettymaa ft Gll- Patten Richard Pierce R Parker more Patten Daniel PlersonWmH Prevost Edward Patten J.N Pir-onjas Price Clay PaltcrrcnArchey Planted WD PrlcrJu Pavranriar-nceE Platt R Price l«aac Pcaslee O W Pwt Wm H rev Price j c PeesleyJA P nrotcerVinj Prsnoce Chu E prtbl'.j J 11 IV'-ln* TMcaUne Prictor Alfred H Pert Anson Pomeroy C C ProctorFrnlD PCCk COtSL-Jii-fc PluiCiC/ a W M Pousforrt John Parker AO Q Quackcaburb Jr.’. Quigley oha Qntm Junes Qnackrr dccG ' Fadatnsn tfm BcerCnrer Robertsvl lUdclUTe & Bald KellleyThosD Poberts Wn win Ikmlck Cnas S Robbins Wm Rad-ran IVm H Kunlnston IVmor Robinson Frankll Radlcan Marlin Reynolds GL C Rae John KeynoldsJasC Robinson Jnhn Ralthman & Man-Kcjtolda W U Kobm*on Wm son Rhodes Wm Roche Chas Randall TTP BLodcsJ U ItocKmP HandillUE Rhodes Jotas Ilockfd.ow B F Rankins John D Beetles BE - -’ RoßHwCeo F«nklnSS&Co Klee AM KooaWmT RappJp RlctartsJO - Roper mr BeyAFtn*'or2 Richards J •> linajJ H RaymondL BlchardalhotaasKoarkJ- ha nftimend 811 iu<batdsonCalncßno Adolpnasll Rcan Ifo * H Bunk W r ReadWTß RlrhardionJJ BussellF. Head W F Blrbn.ond«l hoe J Hasten F C HradGeo BtdlcyJchn Hassell Geo P Read E Rttmey Patrick Rus*e!l & Dixon Brad Royal rev Rliey John RjaaPanlck Heaa CL BloidtnG Frcv Ryan Michael Bead A U HlvcrscnPS Ryder F I! M«UA U Read AM dr 2 Rcltrtt Wm U Ryersonjil Retd & Morgan FallsbcryL Slmcuson mr SplccrXFjrJ Sanborn s A Simonda J L Spoor Z W ■Sanborn W Simmons Wm F SpnneJos Sncdtnry John Simmon* O B c;l Spurr Geo W binds Crrot bttnontoaßX SparrJobnM Sarnies Henry Sieger 0 J Stacey Se Wilder Sawyer J c singles Geo W Stafford William S Sayler Isaac StnnetJW Stafford J D Scanlar JeremlabSlstv Sami B Stafford John K Schenck Allen fckemp Staples Wm P Schn-omakftrWmSla.tcry Thss W Stanley JN Scofflrld Ed B'attcry H Stailey George Scott EL Sloan Wm B SlebblnsLC Kcovliinßyron 0 aluthour A buckling Wm ScDvillo A C • bma:l Chas II bterl James Scully Patrick Small CU is Stephen* John Scavey Geo L Sme»d Frank H 3 Stevens H B SccorcTS Smith Aodlson Steven* F A ss. 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Thomas Thomas TopUff W B Xnitjaa John Tracy AS Taimosge Henry Thomas S Tratne! Peter Tumbling Geo 8 Thomaion GeorqeTrane Marcus Tboguary J It • Thom won AP S TremalnC W lapiln Geo W Thompson R C Trenau W C rev Tupptn licoij B Thomi&on I’hiUlpTnpp A Taverner j W prcfThompscn Daniel Trotter Uriah Taylor J U 110-Thompson T Iroxell Joim A hart Thompson UP Tucker CC Taylor* Wells Thompson Wm A Turner & Van Taylor dr Thompson H Horn Taylor BA Thompson W P Turner James Taj.orNU Thompson JohnToraer Geormj Taylor Itardolpb U Inrner Geo K T» Dbllts Henry U Thonpe A P * co Turner A B 2 Terrill Sbinuei II Thunerr Wb TurnyW Tew ktehury Wm Tobias G C Juried E L •I Toll Simon J Tuttle K 51 Tb;yerT Tolls & co Tyler Elmer Thayer WHIG Tompkins Frank TylerWD Thomas capt Toohcy James Tyne Themoa O Underbill Henry Upborn*Crabtree Vandotn Livings-YanTlack P W YamneaanAS ton V dentine JamesVanslia Albert Ynnbtlcklcn ('has C Vcddcn J 8 VanStlcklciiCT ValentineV Vincent JF Yaablyke lease KVnilcOc ft Cody Waddcr Bryan Wells Jefferron Wllka Stephen 8 Wagner John Wentworth Chas Williams X P Wagner U W non Wlilaau Vfm U WmteMH Wlrts John 21 c»pt Waite Jit WcstJno Williams Alem- Waite BB W’estJndah bcrtG WalconbamC Weet David 17 WlllitmsE Walker Alvin mßjwesulial! A Williams u J Walker C We»ton Isaac N WilliamsJamei L Waller Til dr Weymouth M W Williams David If Walker EP Wheeler Albert Williams Daniel Walker Geo Wheeler Lloyd Williams Ooa> Walker J 8' Wheeler W u ft coWllson Thompson Walker Lucas P Wheeler n C & co Walfcei Alvin WheeierFA Wilson Edwin Wail Wm t Wheeler Chas B Wilson C B col 3 Wallace J M 2 rer • WlnderSJr Waller Wuren Wheeler NS Wlneman Parker Edwin Wheeler A F Wing Abram Wa’iinJehn Whittaker chas WlasaloCE Walla Tbomaa Whitcomb CW WmspearJasil WalshlUci.ard C Wluteft Hail Wirac F Walsh Owen W uie Wm ft co Wisncr Henry Waller HF Whitelleary Woicott John J Waiters Robert White H ror Ward Henry While G H Woll T Q Ward U 3 W hite Frank O Woll Char'®* D Ward HP dr White D WoodWP&co Rowland WnitePetcrW Wood Wm Word DM While Put Wood Joseph Ward Bernard White Nicholas Woo-J GB dr WsreCbuS White Bros Wood dr Warner c E Whitehead E P Wood \ N Warner John N W'nltcton John 3 Woodard Pat Warren C II Whiteman WII Woodbury W H Warren Samuel WtlfcvJoo Woodhuli Henry J Warren J E Whitlock J L Wordeli major Warren Wm 8 Whiting ft Went- Wort* S*** ft co Washington J worth WrightLS W.ikiLßtUaaM WhllocyO WnshtWrop WehbJß Whitney Edwin 3 Wrluht CO WcoberEdwlsA Whltnev EM 2 Wrljcfttjoha Wcbstcrlo'wls WichotTCL ftco Wright Alban M Webster Kobt • Wider Ferdinand Wrlcbt ft Ulds I Wvela. Gran villeMWiuclr s BradlurdWathL-l L J Wellington Daniel ftco Wallace atmwu Wcila Cco Q V.'.ltCX S W W Yeung J P TawwondilN YoungW Yctt Jofoob Young £ Young WtuQ Young Ct lories 2 MISCELLANEOUS, ADI McM.rrti,deslsr la lam- AUG t*er A MS O'Bnen. book and station* A K ery dealer Advertiser Proprietor of the Clinton Dior ev Lodge, N 0.271, A J House Or AM Robbl-2 , Ctsblt-r Exchange Nation* Boom i, 61 Dearborn it at hank Sec’r Ashlar Lodge No Capt Davis, prop Delon 3tS Chicago Mnpioymsnt As- Scc’y Blshey Lodge No (Oria'lon 271 Ctiy collar Co Sec’y Dearborn Loags No Cvok Slu -Dealers In Ant»n Colors, sec’y Alllhra Lodge No Ac 410, AF A AM Drawer W,9 TV u Warren, Lodge No Editor Commercial Free 209,A b* AM Pre«s 2 Sec’v Prooncu Exchange F » SeCy Pleiades Lodge, A F FrLC SAM Place’s Belle! Scc’y Thomts S Turner, HO U Lodge No 409, A F & LHorJ A At Lodge No 3 To tbs masters and war* Mr Day, gec’l agent Mo* denser MiUiraLsdge, P tual ule Ins Co of N Y A a M Mr Fawcett, owner ot tbe VwR horse Dext>r WBU MrLewis«C«oClarkEt WBH Mr White, lUoley at XIOLLANDHHE BRIEF. From February‘-14th till March 3d. iB-Takey Van Zant I St—D Roozboon S3—Reinoer Dolioma 1 S3—Henry de Tonga 2 —Office open from the lit of April to tbe Ist ot No vember. from 7a. m. till 7k p. m.; from November Ist to April Ist, from Ba. m.tlllTp. m. TnevcsUbalo wih remain epen until 9 o'clock p. m. On Sundays from 8N a. m. till 10 a. m. ' B. A. GILMORE. p. AX. iKarijinccg. *53" ■piPROYED PKEsS- Jr J. URE TDRDfNE WATER fffil At iIEKL NOW READY—The beat Wheel to mukot, using I'M water and selling tor 1-ss than any other dr.t-c.'a«s Whoel. Every - Wheel war- H|D gp >O(3 ranted. Send tor a descriptive iftjQJi [*!!■ circular. Also, our Improved IIW}? ; .Sj flaw Bmk Machine and Brick Mi* liglvi lilw.sC-'«anehinerT. Engines and Hollers, Cane Mills. Portable Forges, shd all other machinery. PEESSKILL MFC. CO- Peefcsni), N. Y. • D.L. SEYMOUR will be at tbe office of Backard & EtlLNo. 103 Water-sU,N.T- Tuesdays, Thnndtys andFrldays.from 11 tolo’clock, to receive speciaca* tlons and make contracts ter Machinery and Castings ot all kinds. JfAIOI MACHINERY. A. T. BATES & 63,, 70 South Caual-stt, Chicago, DEALERS IN FARM MACHINERY. AND OEN* ERAJi AGENTS FOR THE NORTHWESTERN STATES FOB THE CELEBRATED MANU FACTURES OF BLYMYER, DAT & CO MANSFIELD, AND BLYMTEB, NORTON & CU- CINCINNATI, O. Our List embraces the Cock Evaporator. Victor Cane Mills, Eureka Cutting Box, Star Com sheller, War ner’s Bone Hay Rate, Wooa-Sawlng Macalnes, Com Crashers. Ac. Parlies applying for descriptive circa bus willplease specify the machinery they want. A. T. BATES & CO. SSaatcfies. GREAT REDTTCTIOg in the Prices of "Watches. Previous to the present year (1867) we have been dealing largely In Amen can and European Watches, selling cxcicsfve st wholesale to the trade la the East ern and Western ntates, add in New York slty. The wcoletale business, necessarily conducted upon a credit system, having bean attended with considerable loss ana Inconvenience, we have determined to aban don altogether, confining onmtvea to a Reran. Tjup* for Cebu oanv. und supplying our customers with sin gle watches at our termer wnouaauPßiCEa.U)as giving them the advantage ol purchasing at the same price* which watches usually coax retail dealers. The prices wo offer are guaranteed to be at least tpibd less than usual retail prices In this city, (or floe" watches, and the reduction is still greatei on many kinds ol medium duality. Our acuities are such lor porchadng fiom the manufacturers, that otaer dealers coclp sot, 11 so disposed, sell at our low prices. Every watch Is tuny guaranteed as to Quality of the movemeni.flnenessof goldorsllrerln the cases, and Is warranted to kc-p accurate time, and to give entire ■atlitaction to ibe purchaser. As a guarantee tbat we deal fairly and hotorably,wft reterto the following well known booses In New York: A. Morton. Gold Pen Manufoctur-r; Hy. Gmael; A. Berger A Co„ Nos. -AV 44 and Iff Matdcn-lanet American Clock Co II CYmrUindt-st. Catalogues of prices sett Dee by mall, watches sent by express, to be paid tor on delivery. „ . . . C. E. COLLINS A CO., Nos. 415 and 42 Na&sau-srf, (n? stain), N.Y. 13 us in ess arams. QOUELAY BROTHERS, Shirt IVXasufactnrers, 27 DARCLAY-ST., NEAP. CHURCH, NEW YORK N. B.—Pilce List* mailed on application. HATTEN & CO., Wholesale Commission Hcrciiai.^ No. 50 MoGaa-Et^ Between Fa 0-*toO DENVER. CULOFArnL %atr Bss- D VE— SG Cents—Black jraf bi'.urai. durable, ucauUfoi. The best and cheanest In a»«. Coatalas as UEAUga „ HILL ’ S ARCTIC, or ALL SraSui. 1)41,01 Bft JolUi ' 6t * No » Tone. Bold by all T>ATCHELO R’S HAIR DYE. TaU. tpiendld Hate Dye is tbs beat in the *«id. Harales». rehah!», loitanuneoas; the only Perfect pro. No dlsappclatnent. if* rldlcnloos tlau, bat tnu ts nature. Genuine alcssfl WILLIAM A- BATCH- jgpttial yptites. Pool ana Boum ol’Merey# Seward Association report*, lor young men, on the erlmei»f9olltudc.a3dlheerrof*, abuses aad 019-a*e* which destroy the xaaly power*, aid create Impedi ment* to a-arrtfiee. w'th rare means of re’lif. Sent In s-altd letter en»*l or*, free of charge, Adore** Or. J. SKILUN UOUGUTO>, lpUxPn. If You Aro Sick, The probiblltyls that lb- root ofynr sufferl-g I* I* theslon.arh. From a weak stomach pncrhli Drs pcn-ls, Ann-. Languor, Niu*ev and a l-cioa of othar terraentn* diswes. Inrtlgfsucu prod ices tola Mr* d. and theietore de?t;oy* the st-eu -th an t vigor of the enure ry?tcm. 1 y rrst.*r«: tn» toss of tue stomach-aud ftaKelltotbPW effard dismiss 1 refer all the>e tronbleecme sod dancerotii c jai.Valut-s is reei-sstf* bat a t-r«evtriric u* • of IP. J HOSTS,- XfRS CELEBRATEDSTOMACH tHTTKIIS. A trial of tbelr power rannntlsi! prove tn»t trier-Is to lal’nir lath'ir sedative effect*. Wech-erfnUy reoora mmo them to the public. kuo-Lag. as wo UJ. their nan For sale by and dealers general! j, everywhere., * Lont* Sander, HI. i».j Member K. C. Mir;coas.Lccdoc.Xo.S9 btt'ses tirJcslvtiy to the tneclcal trratmmt of Pri vate and seciet Diseases of both sctbs, ion* his spe cialty. female hemedles aro cerum in all case,. PtlreLecture on the ott.ventii.n of-iiprl"K.scat tv orj aildiw lor 50 certs. Consaiutloas private, p. O. Ct i 2573. I>r. Biechnv, ilsTtccthe c-ufidrccoof the paoJc and the medical fScuiT> at: r .rre,J: the most reliable physician in thf city fur chrome n-’WCtu nod sexnal diseases. Call at hia ctSce, 170 Soath corner of Monroe. Hocms eeparate. CGpaa'Lsiloa tee. P. O. Dox 154. Rls jnilde w health, published mo2ttl7»#rnt free tc hb> adrrcM. 3,3toposalg. PKOFOSAJ.S for a bridge at LAKE STREET* _ Oyjic* or ms Boa.bp or Public noses, I CtuciGo. March 2,15*7. ) Sealed proposals win be received hyih? Board M imolle Wcrk*. at ibelr office, *Jcs. 15 and 17, Wells s.rret. until 11 s. ni., weja-sdav, Marcn i:tta, far the reTT'oval of the bnd;e ?>ivrr. :£lr.c t;i“ Suntn Branch of CtalcaTta River a'. Luka ntiv.t, ai». Ui>i rcuiACla; the same with anew sric; t c, lac aiirn all wora on the centre pier, and me abaft % ch» ami a >i>faachc, accord- Inff to plans aad 6D-:cirratiocs :& i' c at said office. iToposals most dc addrts&t.'d to ih - Board ofPuolic Works, ecdorsed w Prcpo«ai Late street Bridze." and be accompanied wua the asaal £XO bond, with sureties, to be approved bv me Uuara. Ibe Board reserve thg rljht u reject any bid not In accoidacce with the cotdlllon* ot tnU aclr-jm-.cmcat, or to rejtt all bids, acd no proposal will be accented unless tae party oflerlne It shall trtve evidence s*tl*fao trry to the Board that be* has tha necessary skill, ex perience, ecerey ard ability for do.nj the work, la trastworuy.aiidliiUSttiEclaitpcouataiv re>oiirccd, J. Q. G^SDELE, FLKD. i-KTZ, O. J. KUS& l&t • Board of Public Worts. PKOPOc*A POK PA'VXNG LA -BAU.E STREET FROM WASHINGTON STREET 10 MADIrON aTKKF.T. Oma or Tim bcaod or Ptrsuo Wonxs, I Chicago. Marcn 2, 1567. J Sealed Proposal* will be received by tne B-ianfof Public Wort*, at their Office, Nca 15 and 17 Welts street, until 11 a. m. Wednesday. March Hita. tor tee grading and nanus LaSa.le street, from Washington street lo 51a01*on street, according to plans ana speci fications on file at aald office. Proposals most be addresaed to the Beard of Public Workß,endorscd “Proposal lor paring Street,’* and be accompanied with the usual |2OO bond, with sureties, to be approved by the BoartL The Board reserve tha ncht to reject any bid not it accordance wltn the conditions of thla advertisement or to reject all bldi, and no proposal will be accepted artless tee party offering It shall give evidence satisfac tory to the Board that he has the necessary skill, expe rience, energy and ability lor doing the work, U trust worthy, and has sufficient pecuniary [ e^ p y?f^' nKT „ FBfcLD. LETZ, O. J. ROSE, 10t Board ot Public Works, P‘ BOPOaALS FOR FIVE MILLION SEWERAGE BRICKS. Oincs or nut boabd or Public Wobes, > Chicago, Starch 4th, IS»4. \ Sealed cropo?Rl* will b* recelvtd bvthe Buard of Public noru. at their office. Nos. 13 aad 17 Wells-st, until 11 a. m. Thursday, March !4lh, tor the delivery ©fall or any part ot 5.000,0T0 Srwcrag- CricKA. The btlckf* must be wtaoie. hard burned, free from lime and square edged, and cf the standard dimenslocs (Hoy 4 by 2M larhe-), nnd be delivered plleamp along tte lice oi Ute ttewerstooecoataructed In this city, fcut jtci to the count and inspection of the Board cl Public Works. Time of delivery, one half million during Mir. one and a half millions during Jnnejutd one million daring each of the month* of July, August and September. Proposals must be addressed to the Board ol Public Works, endorsed “ Proposal tor Sewerage Hilcka.” ase be accompanied with the meal |2CO bond, with aurtOes. to be approved by the Beard. Tho Board reserv* tte right to reject any bid not in accordance with the cosulilcna if this advertiaement, or te reject all bids, and no proposal win be accept'd unless toe party offering It shall give evidence •atxetoc tory to the Board that he has the accessory still, cxpertracj. su-.rgy and ability tordolog the work Is trustworthy, and has saddest re^oww*- FRED. O. J. HOSET* Beard of Public Wert*. PROPOSALS FOR A BUXCK bCDOOL HOUSE. OmCE OF THE Bo AUD OF PCTH.IC WOSKS, ) Cblcaro, March 7, 13j7. v Sealed Proposal* -will be received By the B.'ardcl Public Works. at lb«r Office, uctll 11 a. m. t Wcdnes- Cat, Match £uth, fo- the roimcctlcm of a BricE School Buidlhc. according to tlaas and sp-clflcations on 3;e al the office of A. Bauer. Architect. 47 LaSnl.e street. The building will bu tour nones Blub, and will :>e tocaUd at cr n»tr ihccorxcr of Dcsplalam and De- Ptiyster stretta, as the Board of Education snail deter mine. The stone cutting, the masonry, the palnrinz acd gJailre, or it* carpentry, n ay bo old for foparate'y, or the-proposal maybe made forth® bnlmlascom pete, Irc;nnlnsa.l the v-rionsklrdsof were. Proposals mas tbe addressed to tb: Bonru cf Public Wcnti, endorsed “Proposal for Brick tchoc! H>Ui. irr.” and be accocuauled with the SiCO uoad, with sureties, to be approved by Iho Boird. 1 ho Beam reserve the mat to reject any bid not m accordacce with the conditions of tn:s advertisrmeat, ortorcJcctallblcß.and no proposal will bf accc-t.-d ncl*-fs« tie tarty offering it brqlj give evidence satis, factory to tbe Boaid that bo has tne nece***ry skill, experience, energy aert aM'ityfrr cclng the work, li txustworthr, and has eufficicat pecuniary resources. J. a. GINUELE, FRED. LEl£^ - O. J. Bust. ICt Board of Public works. Proposals for filling north MARKET-bT., FROM ERIE TO DIYISInH-ST. ......... ..mb .v i/i vio;'i.i*3i, Orncßor TutßOAirou# pcblic nomta, t _ , . _ , Chicago, March Ith. 13c7. f Scaled Proporala wm o-i received oy tne Hoard ot Public W ork.", at -.their office, Son. 15 and 1 7 Wells st., untl* 11 n. m. Thursday. March »4lb, for aims with cia> Ntrih Market-fit, fr..ra the south line of Eile-st. to the south lint- of Divluoc-sL, accordl-g to nbnj and BptclllcaUocso'j d> at»aid office, Said Impr.-.unmt will be paid foras the work pro cresses, excepiiugthe usual reservation otfiaesaper Proposals must be addressed to ths Board of Public iVorlc?, endorsed “Prooo-aJ fjr X r:*i ilir ket•9t^,, and be accompanied with the usual SJJ3 bond, with eurollfp, to be approved by the Board. The Board r-‘serve me right to r-Joct any bid not la accordance with the coq'lUl.>os ox thU adveriiseaient. or to n-jtxt oil bid.-*, and no proposal will Uu accCDied unices the party offcrlcg it sbal. give evidence satis factory to the Board lh»t ho'ban the asee-airy skill, experience, cnrriv and ability for d-lng the work, u trustworthy, and has sufficl'Titnocani-irv resources. J. R. GINIIKLB, FREDJhETZ, ©tcaw Steamers. QCEAN STEAMERS. GRAC’D EXGI!ESiO?J TO TUB PAEIS EXPOSITION; The new and first-class ocean-going iron steamdiip 2,000 tons bnrtben, Stephek WnrraAN, Comraanrisr, will make an excursion from New York to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 40, North River, on TCctlllcsdaj', April 17, at 12 o'clock M., taking passengers for Paris, London and Bremen, lie* tnitlnc. wUleall from Uavr* on Jsae 3. giving pas sengers holding Excursion Tickets, about six weeks In Luroee. This magnificent Steamship is divide! Into water tight compartments, ana baa ceen newly farnlsbed and elrranily Uttcd up expressly for tms voyage. IbeUavaiia wul only carry Crst-clais passengers. An expei lercrd Scrzeon onboard. CT A fuilßacd of MoMcwtl; b<* attached to the ship, mce of rassige. in currency, to Havre and return, f~C aid *o(0. according to sue cl state-room. To Havre only. *l3O and *173. For furthtr particulars and passage, apply to the Age&U, MURRAY, FEUcIS & CO 6tS South-et., New York. Or to tbe Agcntof Merchant*’ Union Express Co., Chicago. . . ’ AUD KEW YORK STEAMSHIP LINE, Passage to London or Brest, *llO, *73. and *3O, car- Kxcniiion tickets at reduced rates, available for six months. Celia. , CapLGlearlcll, from Ne wTork, March 9th. Wm.Pesn, “ ailllmis, ” - March 16th. Atalanta, “ PlnkUam, ** “ M Marcb33th. Bcllonu, “ Dixon, M ** “ April 13th. Tbe Brltlib Iron Steamship Celia will 1c we Pier No. 3, North River. New Yonc, tor London, catling at Brest, on Saturday. March 9th. i ntil iurtber notice, all the Steamers of this Lino will call at Brest to land paisengeis. Tickets sold t brunch by rail to P«ub, at 25 percent lesj than rern* lar raUs- * freight win be taken and through bills cl lading siren to Havre, Antwerp, Buttiniain, Amsterdam and XJunbuk. For passage apply to CHAS. A. WHITNEY. 28 Broadway, N. T., cr ta JAMES ffiilP.A^. _ , , . t _ .51 Dearborn-st- Chicago. For freight apply at 54 Soaib-at. N. Y. HOWLAND dr ASPINWaLL, Ag»Ut*, QNLY DIRECT. UXE TO PBAKOE. General Transatlantic Company's MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW VOEtt AMI _ . nA\"RL, CAJ.UNU AT BREST. •H19?5l? d KiW' °« ttu favorite route to: wld sail iroa Pier No. so. North Elver PEEK 1RE...........Dpch-ne.... Mirth 9. VTLLE DBPABlS..£urope.....March23. EDP.OI E ..................April 6. ST. LAURENT BoeuiUi....April to. PRICE OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. irffiffi 5 ”" 311 »"■ ttanaE * The steamers ol this line do net carry steerage kj Huger*. Passengers Intending to land at BREST will bo fnr nished with railroad coupon tickets, and ihtlr bazzagi shocked to Paris, at an additional charge cf S 3 tor mr and *3 tor s*coud clast. Medical attendaoee Dee or charge- For further Information, apery, la Chicago. at tin FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE. 2U3 RUncte-sts U lien York, to GEO. MACKENZIE, Agent, S 8 Bread- GREAT -EASTERN, O CARRYING TOE UNITED STATES MAILS. UIU A ua U.IUU/ 0 lAIU UUiLS, _ ' Sir Jaaini A.vozßons, tomanml'r. The French “Company ot Charterers” of the GREAT EASIEEN’. having provided tbeshlp with new boilers, snd tboronthiv reetted und refurnished hirln every department, with special relerence to this service, will nsn ner regularly between New York and Brest, as rol lons: _ utaTiso jtew toes. utavxkd Biusr. Tuesday April 9 Gltnrday .April 27 Tnursday May 16 June 4 Saturday June 23 Thursday July 11 Tuesday Jay SO Saturday Aug. IU Thursday Sept. 17 Tuesday Oct.l batnrdsy. Oct. 19 Thursday Nov. 7 NEW YORK to LIVEbPOOL, Tuesday. Not.'ls, tak ing only Hist class passengers. Passage rates in gold, or its equivalent, tuo, fIA, flOO—according to loca tion acd size ot room. Muuauu «i&cui Tickets lor the home passage Issued at a redaction of f<o to passengera returning previous to August Passengers can be futnlined on board wlta railroad tickets Dom Brest to Paris at the red need rateot SIOJO for fint-ciaes and f7AO lor second-class, belcg a rtdnc- Ccu ol 25 per cent on regular rates. Twenty cubic laet of Baggage slowed to each passenger. Letters ot credit lined tor England and the Conti nent. For passage apply in Chicago at the European and Amatcan Steamship Agency, ffl Dearoom-su James Wat rack, Agent,where plans of the cabins mar beseep ardbertns sheared; also, to Wells, Fargo A Co.. 84 Broadway-,N. Y.,ortonie Am. aadtlftLExt prrrs Co. a, at their yartoua agendes, STEAMSHIP : GBBAT B&BTBBZf* This ercat ship having been thoroughly overhauled ana tot incomplete order, bas been eharvred by a French Company, to sail between New York and Brest dork g the ccmmg summer,carrying passengers to aud Dent the Great Ezhioltiutu Aatne Great Eastern u the lamest, safest and meat cstam dtons siramanlp of oat, and the tact that $430,000 has been exploded to fit her especially fer this service, she possesses many accommodations and conveniences sot loom! on any other vessel.- Captain Sit James Anderson, wno so suci-ereinlly commanded the Great Eastern dorms the Atlantic telegraph tzpedltiob, and lor cany !«« In th* Cunard seivice. continues In commas a. Taeavo xrfte speed of the ship made m her o«t e even voyages betwetn America and Europe, leads tier eh *rtercra m expect the will make the p*»«age tn nine days. From her enermons size, sea-sicknej ls a muit unknown on b.ard. She will take but >;nac.a*a ol passenger*—all erjoyinz Ot a t-ciaos accomaocaU&a-s the same table aid same pilvliegvs. Eiertihmg i dbcew . moke the s*ie, »pe*l? an- as, the know edee tnat the well-known «e firm of Wclls.FargoACob»»elaaea tne New York ±-»*. serger Agency.!* a sctaclertgnarantoiaadlndaccmmt for all who may desire u» visit me Paris or any tart of Eorcpe. to patronize the oritg Noticgg* PROCLAMATION. Uaion’A Omcx, Ciucaoo,) March is, L?!7. ( Notice ts hereby etren that aR num oxt)-d d -g* fouM rcnniae at large within u« city of Chicago, MONDAY, March 41A, 1367, will be {fjwjg-y Attest: A, H. BopwAff, CArk. fHrhiral pHTsIUAL VIGOR. PDIWAL VIGOS It the mala satognard of health. It repilt an.t jt&u of tb: morbid elements tchich superinduce ditras*. Tte grand question, therefore. I*. How shall this rtLtUa^tpo, c *r he Increase! where it U bn: tocble, and acqnlrM where it scarcely exlstsat all? There was a time when this quoitloa could sa’l»U(K torlly answered. But the problem Is now solved. IC oss proved by caper lei cr of more Run fourteen year* that HoSTas'a'XESv* STOMACH BITTERS So thoronghly reinforce both the ccnstltnuoa and tha secretive and the nervoos systems as to render ttm body comparatively Invulnerable to the nnwhMe»om« ladcences which prostrate so many tsotxsaads on beds of sickness, In various parts oi the world, at all sca lons ol the year. Asan and restorative preparation, tnlted to all climates and to all contingencies. It stands atom anonj modcra medicines. It is the only tonic of which the stimulat ing principle is ptrjtcily pure. It 3 basis U the ettenUat principle of sound Eye, admitted by analyti cal chemists and medical practitioner* to be lh» most cental and harmless ox stimuli; and this Sold U parged of all the crudities which belong to It as Ik confes from the manufacturer, before twins used la the composition cl the Bitters. The altvratlvs. cerreeuvo and restorative properties cl the preparation are de rived exclusively from root, aad plants tho virtues or which are acknowledgedbypharmoceutlsU and phy sicians, and which are often preccrlbcd separauty by tb* profession. Xever, however, were these Invalu able vegetable asents combined ftr prevetiin* and remedialpurposes until tho hyjdaa compound. Uosteticr’s StG-aacli Biiterg, was given to the world. The stomachic and antl-biUou* operation ol the great restorative has long since rendered it a standard medicine for compialsU of tho digestive org tna and the U> er, tu all part* of the Western hemisphere: bat it 1* no lees deservedly celebrated as a preventive of epidemics, and of the various disorders generated by malaria and impure water. HiDIGESTION —DYSPEPSIA FEOCBrss has its penalties. As the world advance* In civilization. It becomes more luxurious ata the pampering ot the body seems to be an tnleparahle ac companiment ol the cultivation ot the This ought not to be; rat It t*. ami no argument con alter the lact, though wholesome advice and Judicious, pre cautionary and remedial treatment may mitigate tb* evil. Savages, we are told, are not trenbied with dys pepela; but this dictum Uopcn todousn Prlvailoa and hardship, as well as high living and dissipation, engendtr the disease; and it would therefore sAa «?»■»* the man ot tho wilderness, as well as the dweller In cldcs, must bo more or less subject to It- One thing; however, is certain; in no country acdsr heaves, is It so prevalent as in the United states. Here the dis ease'has become domesticated: It U to be found in almost every household; and, conseiurctly, a Rocstlioid Reaiedy for Djspspsia Is of Inestimable Talue to tba American people. Few disorders involve greater suffering; and, 11 not In Itself Immediately dangerous. It is die forerunner ami source of many deadly maladies. But even If It did sot tend to shorten life—which It undoubtedly does—the mental and pnyalcal ml'cry which It pro dcces, and which renders Ufa comparatively uaccjcy able, is a sufficient reason why no pains should b# spared In the effort to prevent aid core It. Physician*, as a general rule, admit that no disease sires them so much trouble as dyspepsia; but they attribute the difficulty of curls* it to the unwilling ness cf their patients to abandss the habits which occasion It,—such as excessive application to buss* ness, ha'ttnesa in eating, &c.,fte. It Is no doubt true that the best treatment of a complaint may fall to cute It, if the patient refuses to exercise common pra dtnee. But It Is also true that what are called the rtfleial remedlea for dyspepsia do not under aay cir cumstances produce permanent relief. On the other hand, it Is a tact established by thousands of creditable witnesses, whose testimony Is simply a statement et their own experiences, tnat Eosldli'r’s Slsciaeb Biilcrs trill ctire the malady, and that an occaalsnal uss of the preparation after the cure has been affected lx«. perpetual saffsanrd against tbe recurrence of the symptoms. Oa thU account many intoltizent mem bers cl the lacultytuvc abandoned all the stereotyped, prescriptions of tne pharmacopoeia, and now lava xlably.and, with great success, administer tnlspopu lar tcnlc. FSm AWT) A(?(lE--INTr;ilMrP TEHTS GENERALLY. Fivse and Aous, unfortunately. U toa widely knows by experience to r.nder a lengthened d£ tion cf its symptoms necessary. In order to escape lever and ague Is any region. It ts only necessity to fortify the system against atusa phcrlu polion by the regular ass of Eosicticr’s Stoaaeii Blikrs. By this means aU danger la avoided. Some rales have exceptions; tAU Hat none. Bo sunny as the BITTERS are taken as a preventive, so surely will tbe individual wbo adopts this precaution be exempted Irons thopalu and penalties ol one ol tho most harassing complaints to which tho dwellers in unhealthy districts are sub jected. As a. remedy, tbs preparation has no equal. Without entailing any of tbs unpleasant anj danger cos consequences which accompany and follow the use of quinine, it breaks Dp tho paroxysms and rapid ly restores tbe strength of the convalescent. IT tbe preparation bad no other merit man tta wonderful efficacy as a preventive of, and cure lor. Intermitted fever, it would be an article of the tint nseesmy In all sew setLements, and low, marshy districts. Add to this its value as a stomachic and an anti-bilious agent, oed wbo will venture to gainsay Us claims to Uit veru-Jirst place amatg Family medicines t BHicjs bsbew rim Tins Is a disease ol a more retailgnant type irdlnary ‘•chills and fever,” bat « springs fro n ue one cause, malaria, and may be forestalled 07 the lame means, viz- a precautionary coarse of Hostetler’s Stomach Bitters. In erdtr to render the system malaria-proof, limoit be endowed with extra vigor, and pat in all respecti In perfect order. To effect these objects, tbe BITTB&S must be resorted to. Remittent fever, it is flrmly bo* Roved, may he certainly prevented by the daily use of tins unapproachable prouctiee preparation. II the disorder in already in progress, K ibunld be taken be tween tho hot stages. As the pulse Is up to one hun dred and twenty or one hundred and thirty during hot fits, it would not, of coarse, be prudent to admits trier the tonic* Am; but when prostration carnet oa, and tbe poise is thin and feeble, it may ba given with great advantage, and also when the patient is recover ing, as a means of recruiting tbe strength, in all cases cf convalescence this powerful but harm less lorlc should be administered. It U the safest aw well as tbe bestol restoratives. BILIOUSNESS. Tin liver la the largest gland la thebedy, oedths moat Important of the secretive organs, except uas membrane which secretes the gastric Juice, the flam ■which dlsiolvcs the food. 'When It tails to peifbrm U* functions, the whole system suffers. Its peculiar office Is to tato the superabundant carbon of the blood. This carbon it unite* with other elements, and thereby forms the bitter Cold called bile, which Is poured Into the upper bowel, and greatly facilitate the pro* cesses ol digestion and excretion. When the Urer does not wort, the bile has to be token oat ol tha blood by the kidneys; and hence in billons disorders the nrlce Is ol a deep yellow color. The kidneys, however, cannot dispose cl all the btle, and, coaso qaenlly, much of It oozes through the surface ol the bedy, giving the skin and the whites ol the eyes that saffron tinge which la cne cf the cost noted symptoms ol a disordered liver. It’ls absolutely essential to wealth that this powerful gland should do its tiulM thoroughly and icttA clocl-llte regularity. Probably one-fourth of the people ol this country know what it Is to be billons; and In tropical cilcote* the proportion of sufferers la much greater. If what ate called “antl-bUlens medicine*" were really what they purport' to be, the dUesse would soon become obsolete; lor their name is leoon- Bet neither mer cury, theclidal remedy, nor the drastic pills adver tised under so many titles, seem to produce the de sired effect. In act, calomel and blue pill bare pro bably been more total to the human race than the va rious fbrms of Uvor complaint combined- Uostcttcr’s Bitten alone, oi all the medicine* at present In existence, fully meets the exigencies of whit ts termed “a bilious habit cf body." This pre paration, like the bile Itselt, bas almlid aperient pro perty . aad therefore (when the secretion of that natu ral cathartic Is interrupted or Impeded; it U exceal ingly useful as a means ot preventing hard accretions In tne intestinal canal and consequent oostrrrao'*. 1c also acta directly acd moat teneffclally upon Urn biliary ergon, u an Invlgorant and corrective regu lator. person* with a constitutional tendency to liv* disease may tcoMtoexrttPticn from Its attack* bytak cg a small of ttcBITTEEd once or twice a day. nosTS^TSsa’s GfIECRATED STOMACH BITTERS JK»:d by all Respectable Druggists la all pans ot the World. HOSTETTEE. & SMITH, Proprietors) PittsbarsD, Pa.