Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 12, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 12, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest Advices by Ocean Telegraph. Serious Illness of the Princess Alexandra, Hie British Government Pro claims til Quiet in Ir ’and.” BY STEAMER. Reform Prospects the leading Theme of the English Press. Proposed Liberal Concessions to the Roman Catholics and Jews. FROM WASHINGTON, Passage of the ?app!e mental Reeonstraeuon Bill ia the flocse. 'The Niagara Ship Canal Bill Again Brought Forward. Executive Business in the Sen- ate Yesterday. Congress Likely to -Remain in Session a Fortnight Longer. .Probable Commanders Under tbe Becoustrnction Act, Correspondence Touching the Bights of naturalized Cit izens Abroad, FEO3I EUROPE. nr OCEAN TCLECBiPn. Great Britain. THE IRISH REBELLION. All accounts from the scenes of the dis turbance in Ireland represent that matters have become qnlct, and order reigns once more. There have been no fresh conflicts be tween the armed police and the Fenian bands, who are fleeing to the mountains and biding from pursuit. London, Monday. March 11—Evening. Ireland Is quiet. The Government, how ever, is organizing its forces into six flying columns for the pursuit of the scattered hands of Fenians, and active service in case of necessity should arise. The band of Fenians which recently en camped on Gatlee Mountains, has vanished, leaving no trace of their whereabonts. The Government has offered a reward for the apprehension of Dunne- the Fenian leader. Right Hon. S. 11. Walpole, Secretary of State for the Home Department, announced in the Commons, this evening, that the news from Ireland was good. Walpole also elates that the Government will not proclaim mar tial law in Ireland, bat will try the Fenians by Special Commission. WILL OFAETEMUS WARD. “Artemus Ward” has directed, in his will, that his property, aßer the death of his mother, shall go toward the erection of an asylum for printers. ILLNESS OF THE PRINCESS ALEXANDRA. Lo.vnox, .March 11. Princess Alexandra is reported to be very ill. THE CANADIAN BAIL WAT. A subsidy to the Canadian Rad way is to he proposed in Parliament this week. Italy* Florence, Mirch 11. ELECTION FOB MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT, Elections for members of the Italian Par* liament Imre generally resulted in favor of thcJGorcrnment, which carries a majority of the electoral districts* Latent Foreign niarbete. riNAS CIAt- Losnox, March 11 N'oon. Coufuls, SI; United Stales 5-20 a, 74}*; Illinois Central, 7S&. London, March 11—Evening. Console closed at 90** for money; 5-20, mmols Central, 75; Enc, SSi£. Fiunktojit, March 11. United States bonds. 77?;. coaifEnctiL. March 32—N’oon. Cottonjopens qnlet at 13Q,13Hd for middling up lands and Orleans. Breads tufli and provisions quiet. I/ird, 50a 9d. Ltteetool, Monday Evening. Cotton closes quiet at opening rates of to-flay, Tiz: ISd lor Middling Uplands and for Or leans. Sales 8,000 bales. Breadelona quiet but Arm. mixed American Com at S7s 6d. Provisions—lard declining tendency, though vlthout change in quotations. Produce steady. bales of Spirits Tmpeotmeat 37s Sil per ctvL Ashes in light demand at 33eCd for pots. Basis quotable at os3d for common Wilmington. Petroleum changed with sales reflu-dat leTdpcr gallon. Linseed oil easier, sales at 37a I'd per cwt. BY STKAJILK, Bcform Prospects the leading Theme ■of the EnglUD Pre**—Propped Con ceMiona to tbe Boman Catholics aud Jew*—The Bohemian Parliament BIMOITCd. Portland, March 11.—The steamer North American, from Liverj>ool the 2Sth ult., and from Londonderry the Ist Inst., arrived safe this morning. The Befonn prospect® continued the lead ing theme of the press. The Government withdrawal of the resolutions and promised introduction of a Mil met ail that was de manded by tbe Liberals, and the details were awaited with much interest. The Reform Leagues show signs of In creased agitation. They adopted resolutions for a mess meeting la Trafalgar Square on the evening of March llih, with District meetings In the interval, and also one ju riling the people of London to assemble in Hyde Park, for purposes of action on Good Friday. In tbe Commons, a bill bavins for its ob ject T the throwing open *,[ ihe offices of Lord Chancellors of England and Ireland, and Lord Lientecant of Ireland, to tbe Ro man Catholics and Jews, by amending tho oath required, was passed to a second "read ing by 103 majority, as was also another bill, opening professorships in the Dublin Uni versity to Roman Catholics. An arrangement has been effected between Ihe Prussian Government and the Duke of Nassau, and it was reported that an under standing was almost concluded between Prussia and the ex*Sing of Hanover. The Emperor of Austria, in an Imperial patent dated the 26th of February, dissolves tie Bohemian Diet and orders a fresh elec tion immediately. The reasons assigned in the patent for the dissolution are that tbe resolntions adopted by a majority of the As sembly, it they received tbe Imperial sanc tion would frustrate the successful settle ment of the constitutional relations of the monarchy. The Corrltal of Agram has resolved to send ft protest to the Emperor against the scheme of military organization, and insistin'' on the integrity of Croatia. A Florence telegram says that R-stom Bef, ‘who has been named for the Turkish Minster to America, remains at Florence as Ambassador ol the Porte. FEOH WASHINGTON. special Despatch to the Chicago Tribacc.} Washington. March 11. •JDI BUrrLZMEXTAL BECONBT2UCTION BILL. lie supplemental Reconstruction Bill P&i£d by the House this afternoon is sub etalially the same as that introduced into thclcnate last Thursday, except that the eecfcn giving commanding Generals of mill tarjdlstricts power to transfer their duties to GfVcrnors of States is stricken out, and a Defection inserted which provides that all elevens shall be held by ballot, and that ©fliers who make registrations and conduct •oledons shall be men who can take the oattofisca. The House made short work ■will! the measure, occupying but an hour in its consideration. The threatened a little filibustering but bally contented themselves with a mo tionp lay the matter on the table. This wasbst, and the bill was then passed by youlvr.iiajß Ip. every Republican voting m to affirmative. The UU win go to the Genre to-morrow morning. It i iafi already been treed upon by the Judiciary Commit tee oilhat body, and an effort win be made to tab It up for action in course of the day. Leading: Senators hope to get it through in tiro or three days at farthest. COMMISSIONER OP EDUCATION'. The President to-day appointed Henry Barnard, of Connecticut, the editor and pub lisher, Commissioner of the new Department of Education, created at the last session of Congress. An effort was made in the Hoa.-e to get an appropriation of fifteen thousand dollars to pay of Commissioner and clerks, and fit up his office, but the Demo crats joining with the few Republicans who opposed the establishment or the Bureau, prevented the consideration of the bill. REPUBLICAN SENATORIAL CAUCUS. The Republican Senators held another caucus this morning at which It wai agreed that Wilson’s bill,or something like mcntal to the Reconstruction act, should he passed, and that legislation with respect to the Southern States should stop there for this session. The caucus further agreed that nothingshould be done about fixing thetime for adjournment until this bill has become a law, cither by the President’s approval or by Us passage over his veto. It is plain, therefore, that adjournment cannot lake place under about two weeks. SENTENCE or A TREASURY THIEF. A. F. Lee, the Treasury clerk who ran away some weeks ago with thirty thousand dollars worth of bonds, and was arrested in St. Louis early last week, arrived here on Saturday. He made a full confession of his crime. Yesterday he was brought Into comt and arraigned. This morning he plead guilty, and was at once sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. COMMANDERS UNDER THE RECONSTRUCTION The President has not fully decided upon the commanders under the Reconstruction act, but all indications are that Sheridan and Thomas are to be avoided, and Meade, Scho field and Hancock retained, it is also said that Sickles, being Major General of Volun teers, may be appointed, though only Colo nel in the regulars. EXECUTIVE BUSINESS, The Senate lu Executive session this after noon, acted upon a large number of nomina tions. That of Cowan was reported again, and would have been rejected but a slng’e objection from the Democratic side prevent ed action till the next session. Sanford’s nomination as fall Minister to Belgium was also reported against again. Bartlett’s, for SiockLolm, will probably be rejected. John Quincy Adams, for Naval Officer of Boston, would have been rejected to-day but that Reverdy Johnson prevented action. Alex ander McCook was confirmed as Lieutenant- Colonelin the regular army. The promo tions of Generals Steele and Mower were not acted upon. TRIAL OF SURRATT. The general expectation that Surratt might be brought out for trial to-day was not realized. Nothing Is known of the in- u-utiors of the authorities regarding him His brother and slsterare frequent visitors «t the jail. THE NIAGARA SHir CANAI. brought into the House this morning, and referred to a special committee, is the same as that introduced In the Senate on Satur day. It makes It a National work, and i*-- noies New York. a ILLNESS OF UNITED STATES MINISTER A letter from Berlin mentions the serious illness of Mr. Wri-ht, the United States Minister to Prussia. He is said to have the dropsy, and his recovery is considered donbtfhl. MILITARY EXPEDITIONS IX PROGRESS IX THE 1 INDIAN' COrN'TBV. Washington*, March 11.— In response to 1 a l rc ®?^®t lc,D the Senate matins: iucjulrv ot the Secretary of War as to what militaryex veditionsaie in progress, or in contcmpla tion, in the Indian territory, <fcc., the Secre tary transmitted a communication from Gen oral Grant, enclosing correspondence with Lieutenant General Sherman, commanding m the Indian Department, and statin* that despatches fi are information o r ill hos tilities contemplated until the Indians bV their own acts, made further opera- Hons necessary, and that the present preparations look more to prev ‘ntin ,r furllier massacres than to hostile action ward the Indians on the Plains. The de spatches detail the proposed operations for the protection of railroads and safety of emigrants, and ask for reinforcements and the power to issue rations to peaceable In dians of hostile tribes as a means ol brm»»m<»- the latter to terms, which authority is «riveu by a telegram from the War Department. FALLS SHIP CAN-AL BILL. The HU introduced to-day by Mr Tan Horn provides for the construction of a shin canal aronnd the Falls of Niagara as a Gov eminent work, to be free from tolls except ing such as may he necessary to keep up the repairs. This bill is the same as the one recenriy presented in the Senate by Mr. Chandler. Action will be asked on these measures at an early day. THE BIGHTs OF NATURALIZED AMERICANS __ ABROAD. „ The President to-day transmitted to the senate a large mass of documents relative to etaim to military service, asserted by the (jorernments 01 France and Prassia by sub jects ofthose countries who were naturalized !?«i, t i be LT £L ted Stales, but who retained thither. The correspondence dates back to ISo9, and extends to December last It an- T»eajs from a letter written by Count Malewski, that French legislation does not comer on a Frenchman tUo richt Lu re noucce hia nationality, bnt he loses It by positive Jaw through naturalization in a torelgn country. If the Frenchman before he had lost that quality, shall have emi grated, thus placing himself oot of th* obli gation of military service, he would ;*F6nredly be punishable on his return to France, even though he should have obtained foreicn naturalization, and h“ mav be prosecuted as a deserter If he has not sat isfied the obligation of military service, secretary Seward, in repeated letters, a modification of French military laws. Our Minister at Berllu, Mr. Wright, speaks in his despatches of the extreme rigor of the Prussian law, but In November, 1805, Count Bismark Informed him that there was no desire on the pirt of the Prussian Government to arrest auv American citizen on Lis return to his native land on business. tthen, however, a case •vas to the Government by the po lice authorities, the law was imperative and the Govcrmneutcompelled to act. The*"en thral diflicnlty could be adjusted only by a ticaty. Many individual cases were present ed and acted upon by the Government CONFIRMATIONS. ' The Senate confirmed the following* rofiiuashrs~ Geo. Naylor, Pekin. Illinois David Gambler, Charleston, Illinois; Chas. Tyler, Green Bay. ‘Wisconsin; Cnas. Ktech, Valparaiso, Indiana ; O. 11. P Bay ley, Plymomb, Indiana; John 17. Mundav Laporte, Indiana; Abram ‘Wright, Red Wint! Minnesota; Cyras Aldrich, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Ellen Sanderson: Snrimrfield Ohio; Solomon 0. Kingsbury, dtanl Rapid?! Michicren; Cowley Townsend, Salem. Ohio* Harriet E. Drnry, Troy. Ohio. I’tnsfon Agents —Alexander U. Adams, Lexington, Ky.; Ira J. Broomfield, Spring field. ill. 1 Sales Western Collectors of Infernal Revenue— Alonzo J Pope, Fourth District of Iowa: William J. Landrum, Eighth District of Kentucky. A.v,e\sor of Infernal Revenue— William C. Kueflkr, Twelfth District of Illinois. Reffixfer of the Land Oflce— James H. Kidd lonia. Mich. Receiver of Public Jfonaj—O. S. Tower lonia, Mich. REJECTIONS. , iv., g. The following were rejected: Post matter.— John Wiseman, W.ishingtOß, lowa ; J. P. Evans, Waterloo, lowa : Wm. L.Uurscy, Clarksburg, West Virginia; H. C. Connelly, Bock Island, 111. Af>e*mrtof Internal Rnrnue— Jas Kevguen lud -i Edward 3L Phelps. Tilth District. lowa. * States Attorney— Geo. B. Kellogg. Eastern District, Missouri. ” b Pension Jyt/.t—Milton H. Butler, Detroit, Michigan. ’ POLITICAL AFFAIRS IX NEW ORLEANS. T ouk » March ll.—The New York lu.tcs Washington special thus states the s .'. tua . , on , iU New Orleans prior to General thendau’s order on Friday last, prohibiting tpe election; • There being indications of a not. General Sheridan made ail necessary preparations to meet and suppress any dis turbance. He has four regiment®, two bat teries of artillery and a battalion of cavalry togciuer with Generals Mower, Koatz and Ba.dy Smith, in the city, ready to take part m any hostilities. The trouble originated In the fact that Governor Wells recognized the Reconstruction Bill, considered the state Government reduced to a Provisional Government, and himself to be Military Governor only. The municipal au thorities, however, did not recog nize th;s change, inasmuch ns the Recon struction Bill had not yet been-received in official form, and Mayor Munroo and Chiel of Police Adams ordered the police to obey no orders not issued by them. An election ?or City Councllmen w»s to take place on Monday, and Governor Wells, in his procla mation, ordered that the freedinen enfran chised under the Reconstruction Bill should vole, and the class dislranchised should not vote. Here was an opportunity of a re-en aclmcLl of the lormcr riots, but Sheridan’s order postponing the election mill the Dis trict Commander is appointed under the Re ci-nstructlon Bill, or special instructions covering the case are received, has restored order. DOUBTFUL CANDIDATES. The New York Washington special ea>s : The Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs have laid over the nomina tion of General Bartlett, of New York, as Minister to Stockholm. The nomination of Peter J. Sullivan as Minister to Bogota was also laid over. The nomination of John Quincy Adams was sent to the Senate on Saturday as Naval Oflicer for the port of Boston. He -wil not pass the Senate ordeal. Itvas expected that the President would send to the Senate on Saturday the nomina* tion for Naval Officer for New York. The eontett has narrowed down between Colo nel v. ood and Colonel Ludlow. The latter’s irundt are very eamiuine that he w ill uel it. * c OSIMITTEK OX OUDNANCE. **'l> ma, le in the preheat üblislia Joint Committee on Ordnance.n allcpeJ that the present r rE^^?,* f » > o CC n tQ tlie Ordnance Department is rninoas to all attempts ot improvement in that hianch of the service. TIUGINI.V POLITICS. John Minor Bottshas written a letter tinder date of March 7th; to a prominent Congressman, In which be states that the rebel Legislature of Virginia will fix the first Tuesday iu May for a Convention • that the rebel forces are thoroughly organi Ized, and will certaiuly control the’Conven tion,unless a registration law and provisions lor voting by ballot arc provided at the pres ent sesson of Congress, lie says that not one-fifth of the colored people arc aware of their right to vote at the ensuing election. He and the Union people implore. Congress not to adjourn before providing the legisla tion suggested. Ould and Cramp have returned to Virginia. Before leaving here, the/ were advised by the President not to call any Convention, but to leave that outv to the military com mander. This will defeat the bill in the Virginia House of Assembly. There was a large meeting of the friends of Ireland to-night at the old Assembly Rooms. Speeches were made by Mr. Me- Neerhany, of this city ; Hon. W. E. Robin son t of Brooklyn; Hon. William A. Darling, of New York. Their remarks of cheer eli cited an enthusiastic response. The address issued by the Irishmen of New York, appeal ing for aid in this hour of Erin’s tiiai, was read by a gentleman of that city and received with general applause. The meeting unani mously adopted a preamble and resolution pledging themselves to sustain by all hon orable means what appears to be a general uprising in Ireland, until a consummation shall be rendered certain, and calling on the Federal authorities to recognize as belliger ents their countrymen nowin the field.' A band played Irish tunes during intervals of the proceedings. General Gleason was introduced, not'os an orator, bat as a fighting man, now battling against the oppressor, and seemed to regard the chances of success as more hopeful than the meagre Cable telegrams would indicate. Subscriptions of money were taken up as af fording the best evidence of sympathy in the cause. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS; Mr. RAMSEY introduced a bill to grant lands lor the construction of a railroad from St. Paul to the Missouri River. Referred. Mr. HOWARD introduced a bill for the disiribution of awards for the capture of Jeff. Davis. Referred. Mr. WILSON presented the petition of 837 citizens of Alexandria for the re-annesation of that c.ty to the District of Columbia. Rclerred. Mr. WILLIAMS presented a bill to pro vide for the registration of voters in the Ter ritories, which was referred. Mr. SUMNER introduced a bill to provide for the adjustment and satisfaction of claims of American citizens for spoliation commit ted by the French prior to July, 1810, being the bill of last session. Referred. Mr. MORRILL introduced a bill to provide for the defence of the Northwestern frontier, and the hill of last session to aid the Euro pean and North American Railroad. Re ferred. Mr. PATTERSON Introduced a hill of last session relative to the redemption of lands sold for faxes, <vc. Referred. Mr. CRAGIN introduced a bill authorizing the settlement of claims for extra nay grant ed officers, seamen and marines of the navy who served on the Pacific coast, by the Naval Appropriation Bill of August, 1853, and March, 1&3. Referred. Mr. MORRILL introduced a bill amenda tory of the act defining the number and re gulating the appointment of officers of the navy. It provides that the President shall nominate, and with the consent of the Senate, promote such officers of the navv not exceeding ten m number, who have distinguished themselves in battle and have • not already been promoted for such service. Referred. Mr. WILSON introduced a resolution in siructing the Judiciary Committee to Inquire whether the sale of unarmed and unmanned vessels to belligerent powers bv American citizens is now lawful, and whether the right to do so can he secured by legislation, and to report by bill or otherwise. Agreed to. Mr. SUMNER callrd up the resolution In troduced by him on Thursdav last, declaring certain further guarantees required in the reconstruction of the rebel States. n££S^P D 6 debate Mr. FREEING ii L 1 wIN said three of the points in these res olutions were contained In the supple mentary bill of Mr. Wilson, which was now before the Judiciary Committee of the Senate. He moved to lay them on the table. Carried—yeas, 30; nays, 10. Mr. FOWLER introduced a rcsolntion di reeling the Secretary of War to furnish arms and equipments to the Governor of the State of Tennessee to replace the arms and equip ments of the militia taken by rebels. Referred. Executive session. Adjourned. HOUSE. WRIGHT. Bills were introduced and referred as fol lows: By Mr. PERHAM—Extending the provis ions ot the Bounty Law to widows aud chil dren of soldiers enlisted for nine months, killed in battle. By Mr. TAN HORN—-To provide for the construction of a ship canal around the Falls of Niagara. Referred to a select committee offive. By Mr. WARD—To guarantee to certain States that have been in rebellion a republi can form of Government. By Mr. MOORHEAD—To provide for in creased revenue. By Mr. WILLIAMS, of Indiana—To canal ize the bounties of soldiers, sailors and marine, in tne late war for the Union By Mr. JULlAN—Amendatory of the homestead act for Alabama. Mississippi Louisiana, Arkansas and Florida; also amendatory of the. pre-emptlou laws; also to extend the provisions of the act of August 4, 1852, granting the right of way for rail roads and plank roads over public lands. By Mr. WASHBURNE—Granting pensions from dale of discharge. By Mr. JUDD—To clothe a portion of the soldiers of the Republic now suffering from injuries received. Referred to a select com mittee of three. By Mr. COOK—Directing the coin claimed by certain hanksin Richmond, Virginia, now clt posited In the Treasury for safe keeping, to be paid out of the Treasnrv, with the right to claimants to prosecute their claims thereto in the Coart of Claims. By yir. BROMWELL, of Illinois-Declara tory ol the law as to amending the Constitu tion of the United States. By Mr. McCLUßG—Placing certain Mis souri troops on equal footing with other vol unteers as to bounty; also, to amend the net to divide Missouri into two Judicial Dis tricts. By Mr. BAHTE—A memorial of the Wis consin Legislature, asking a grant of lands to aid the construction of the Sugar Yallev Railroad from Freeport, Illinois, to Madison, Wisconsin. By Mr. WASHBURNE. of 'Wisconsin—To divide the District of Wisconsin into two Judicial Districts. By Mr.DUNS'ELLY—To protect and relieve actual settlers on public lands by limiting tbe amount of land that can he entered in any township with Agricultural College scrip to three sections. By Mr. CLARKE, of Kansas—To aid the construction of a railroad and telegraph line trom Lawience to the boundary line be tween the United States and Mexico, in the direction of Guajmas, California; also, to authorize the construction of a bridge across tee Missouri River at Fort Leavenworth. Kansas; also, to provide for giving the right of pre emptlcn to settlers on the Cherokee neutral lands in Kansas. By 31r. PILE —To establish an office for the assay of gold and silver at St. Lonis, Resolutions were introduced by Mr. MOR RILL instructing the Judiciarv Committee to inquire whether further legislation Is ac cessary to give the United States Courts ju' risdiction over offences committed on other waters than the high seas. Adopted. By 31 r. KELL EY—Declaring that the propo sition that the war debt ofthe country should be extinguished by the generation which contracted it, is not sanctioned by sound principles of national economy, and does not meet the approval of this House. The House refused to second the previous question by S> to C 3. and the resolution was then, on motion of Mr. WILSON, of lowa, re icrrcd to the Committee of Ways and Means when appointed By Mr. WILLIAMS, of Pa.—To rcgnlate the practice and define tbe powers of the Su pteme Court of the United States in certain cases arising under the Constitution and laws thereof. By Mr. STEVENS—Relative to damages done to loyal men. By Mr. SPALDING—A concurrent reso lution lor the appointment of a joint com mittee or two Senator* and three Represen tatives to examine accounts for repairs and furnishing the Executive Mansion, us pro vided for in the Detlciency Bill. Adopted. By Mr. SCHENCK—A bill to equalize the bounties of soldiers, sailors and murines who served in the late war for the Union r , being •he bill in the exact word? as passed by me House on the fifteenth of February last, giv ing bounties at the rateofeight andone-third dollars per month fur actual service, deduct ing local bounties and prize money. The previous question wa® ordered. Mr. BOUTWELL moved to reconsider the vote by which the main question was order ed. and Mr. HOLMAN moved to lay that motion •u the tabic. Negatived. Yeas, 01; nays. J * The vote ordering the main question was reconsidered. Yeas, 77; hays, U 5. Mr. BOUTWELL then i ising to debate, the bill wtr t oyer undtr the rule. The SPEAKER announced the appoint ment of committees as follows: foreign Affairs— Meters. Banks,.Orth. Cul lom, Washburne (Wis.). McCarthy, Biair, Myers, Robinson and Morgan. Joint Committee on Library —Messrs. Hayes Baldwin and Pruyn. ’ On L’urollcd Dibs —Messrs. Wilson, Hopkins nrd Holman. To Jill Vacancies in the Joint Committee on licccnsfruclhn —Messrs. Walker and Halsev. Special Committee on Xiatjara Ship Canal — Messrs. Van Horn, of New Tork ;* Stevens, Wathburue, of Massachusetts, and Manger. Select Committee on Clothing for Disabled SA dhra—Messrs. Jndd, Pile and Cobb. Mr. GARFIELD introduced a bill appro priating for the Department oi Education Referred to Committee on Appro priations when appointed. Mr. KERR asked leave to offer a resolution for the appointment of a Select Committee to revise all laws and resolutions affecting expenditures 01. the contingent fund, and other funds of the House. Mr. CULLOM objected. The SPEAKER stated that there was a certain doubt as to the payment of mileage to members at the present session, the law directing that it he paid at the commence incnt of each regular session, and this was a regular session, while the act oi the last ses sion directs that mileage shall not be paid to those members of the present Congress who were members of the last Congress.' He dc «i to submit the question to llie .Judiciary Committee, as he had to give certificates of mileage. h Mr. WILSON, of lowa, from the Judiclarv Committee, reported a bill for calling a State Convention, and organizing State Govern meals m the rebel Stales. It U the pm i n . Cfy Ui%o 0 VOL. XX. LARGE FENIAN' MEETING. Washington, March 11. SENATE. troduced by Mr. Wilson, of Massachusetts, in the Senate last Thursday. The bill gave rise to considerable discus sion, and finally passed by a vote of 117 to 27. Mr. DONNELLY offered a preamble and resolution, giving encouragement and sym pathy to the Irish revolutionists, but Mr. STEvENS objected, and pending the mo tion to suspend the rules, adjourned. FROM SPRINGFIELD, Pint meeting of tbe Board of Trustees of Uic Agricultural College—promi nent Candidates for Begentand Treas urer—tension Agent for the Spring field District—Appointments by tbc Governor. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sphingfelu, 111., March 11. The first meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Agricultural College, consisting Id all of thirtyrtwo members, the Governor, Dr. Bateman and A. D. McConnell, President of the Slate Agricultural Society, being ex-offlelo members, will be held in this city to-morrow In accordance with the provisions of the law, for the purpose, among other things, of or ganizing and electing a Regent wfio, when elected, shall be Chairman of the Board ; also, a Treasurer and two Secretaries, corre sponding and recording. The most promi nent candidate for the position of Regent is Senator Pinckney, a gentle man who would undoubtedly fill the place with great credit to himself and ac ceptability to all interested. He had been a successful and popular teacher for over thirty years, and is a gentleman of tbe highest moral character, and the moat thor ough scholarly attainments. The Hon. J. R. Griggs, of Champaign, Is named in con uectlon with the Treasurtrsbip, and will doubtless be appointed. J. C. Cunningham, Esq., and Dr. J. W. Scroggs, of Champaign County, have been to-day appointed Trus tees of the University from the Second Grand Judicial Division, and complete the list.,: Most of the members have arrived to day, and a foil meetiug is expected. From private sources I leam that Colonel Bloomfield, of Bloomington, has been nom inated by the President Pension Agent of this District, vice Merritt, rejected. Hla ap pointment would he acceptable to all inter ested. He will doubtless be confirmed. The Governor has commissioned Charles M. Barry Sheriff of Mercer County, vice T. Simpson, deceased. Richard G. Montony has been commis sioned Judge of the Court ot Common Pleas of the cities of Aurora and Elgin. THE STATE X.EGISLATUEES, INDIANA, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Indianapolis, March 11. SENATE. The resolution tendering thanks to Goy ernor Baker for the able, efficient ami Impar tial discharge of the duties of his office was unanimously passed. A resolution authorizing the Governor Auditor, Secretary and Treasurer of the Stale to rent rooms for the use of State officers at a rent not to exceed $3,000 per annum, was adopted. the concurrent resolution embodying the features of the Morgan Bald Bill, was adopt ed—27 to IS. v A resolution requesting the Governor to appoint none hut soldiers to offices In the State Military Claim Agencies was tabled. A message having been received from the Governor that he hadsignedanumberof bills and had no further communications to malic. Mr-Tlanna oltercd u resolution highly com plimentary to the President of the Senate Hon. William Camback, for tils ability In tegrity and Impartiality In the discharge of his arduous duties, to which he responded in a felicitous address, and then the Senate ad journed sine tile. DOUSE. A vote of thanks passed to the Speaker and otfleere of the House, and the following • Hrfolutl, That the thanks of tnfe House are hereby tendered to Me Eic-llencr, Governor w e £v for Gentlemanly courtesy and kindness which has so eminently characterized all hU offi cral intercourse w lin this House, and that In ecv enfc the present connection between him and this General Assembly the House desires to place upon the public records Its appreciation of those exalted qualities and high principles of honor which have clevat-dthe Guheniatorlil office. A concurrent resolution was adopted, re* questing the Governor to appoint none but soldiers to ollice iu the Military State Agency. Six hundred copies of the laws were or dered to be printed in German. The Senate concurrent resolution author izing the lease of the 1 abor of prisons was not concurred In. The joint resolution requesting the release of Bev. John McMahon, now In a Canadian Drleon wu jtuAcud bj- a unanimous vote. The Senate concurrent resolution Jo regard to adjustlcg damages by the Morgan raid, was adopted. Amotion to odjonrn sine die having been adopted, Speaker Branham. In a brief, but neat and appropriate speech, congratulated the members upon the good feeling which had existed during the session, and the amount of work which had been done, com paring favorably with any previous session. niQHIG.\N. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lax6U.a. March 11. Legislation to-day has been somewhat im portant, hot of an omnibus character. The Senate passed the remaining railroad bills, among them one from Jonesvillc via Mur shall to Grand Rapids; Lawton to South Haven, and St. Joseph to Indiana State line; also a bill to change the tame of the town ship of Lafajette to Paw Paw. The House was encaged during the day on the swamp land road bills, about twenty of which passed. VIRGINIA. Richmond, Mnrch 11—The Senate has ap pointed a committee of five to leave for Washington to night to coufer with the Gov ernment about the requirements of the Sherman Bill. from Nashville, Adjournment of tbe Tennessee Legis lature—Arrangement* for tlie im peachment of Judge Frazier-Killed toy a Policeman, Ac. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nasuvjlle, March 11. Both branches of the Legislature adjourn, ed at noon. Prior to adjournment, Messrs Trimble and Muse, of the Senate, resigned. The Senate, on adjournment, resolved It self into a Committee of Impeachment, for the trial of Judge Frazier. Samuel Walker was shot dead this even ing, at a Louse of ill-fame, on Crawford street, by policeman Green Thomas. George Pratt was sent to tbe Penitentiary 10-day. The Governor refused a nardon. [Special Despatch to the Chlcaeo Tribune. 1 Nashville. March 11. The damage by floods on the Cnmberlnnd and Tennessee is immense. The water is still rising. Vast quantities of freight are accumulating at this city. Dreadful distress Is reported at Chattanooga. The town Is reported as entirely submerged. FEO3I ST. LOUIS. Removal of a DMoyal Circuit Jadgc- Comroverar Between the mayor and Police Comaxisnionera—municipal Visitor*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Lotus, March 11. Governor Fletcher hns removed Circuit Judge Moody by proclamation, in accord ance with the decision of the Legislature. The Police Commissioners have published a reply to the Mayor’s manifesto, chargin'’- him with njftlicluu* falsehood, specifying several Items of misconduct—the wholesale pardoning of vagrants, licensing of bawdy saloons, etc. The whole affair Is generally regarded as disgraceful to the city. The Buffalo delegation arrived yesterday and have been entertained by the city au thorities. They left to-night for home. The weather is rainy. This morning a heavy fall of hail occurred. FROM MILWAUKEE. Fire—Steamboat Lines Preparing to Ro- »nme Businem— municipal Politic*. Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnne.l Milwaukee, March it. A lire at 2 o’clock this morning burned the bouse of Michael Schultz, Fifth Ward. Loss SI,SOO. The work of an Incendiary. The steamboat lines are getting ready for an early resumj lion of business. The steam er Barber, of the East Shore Line, com mences Wednesday, the 13th. The Democracy are organizing for the spring elections, Loping to regain their loss es sustained last year, but the Republicans are wide awake and expect to effectually checku ate all their manoeuvres. lUOM HUDSON, K. Y. Tlie First National Bank Resumes Business To-day—Brutal Wife ai der. Hudson. N. T.. March 11.—The First National Bank will resume business to-mor row morning. Robert B. Shepard, Esq. is appointed Cashier. The losses by the de faulting Cashier, Hnsbronck, are not so serious as to impair operations. A brutal murder was committed at Ger mantown on Saturday morulug. The victim was tbc wife of John Welch, an Irish laborer. Welch has been arrested as the murdeter. FJJOM CISCISSATL Sever* Flood in tlic Ohio— Honscg and ICallroail Track* Submerged Held lor Trial Robert Zdncoln General Hooker—mortality—Kentucky liCgtn- Inture Adjournment—Bounty Act De- clared Unconstitutional. Cincinnati, March 11.—The Ohio River is now higher than at any time since IS(15. Houses along the levee are ten feet uaicr water, ami the tracks of several railroads are submerged. The flood Is about at a stand, and will begin receding to-night. Professor Hutchings, of the Fifth Street Museum, has agalu been arrested for a swin- CHICAGO. TUESDAY. MARCH 12, 1867. dling operation. In default of ss,oooball be woe committed to prison. The Gazftte of this morning reports that Robert Lincoln Is coming to Ibis city to practice law. Major General Hooker and his wife ore in the city. There were sixty-seven deaths in Cincin nati last week. The Conrt of Appeals of Kentucky, on Friday lost, decided that the Bounty Fund Act, passed by the Legislature some two or three years ago, authorizing the levying of taxes to pay bounties to volunteers entering the military service of the United States, is unconstitutional.‘ MEXICO. Disposition of Uic opportnff.Forcca-i Grand Battle Looked for Between the Liberals and Imperialists—UlaxiinUl* nn’iiddrctsto Illm Soldiers. New Orleans, March 11.—'Matamoras dates to Marce 4th place Juarez at San Luis on the 21st of February. Maximilian was at Qacretaro with an army of 10,000 strong, In three divisions, com manded by Mlrumo, Castellan and Mejia. Marquese is Chief-of-StafT to the Em peror. Escobedo is at San .Miguel, eighteen leagues distant, awaiting reinforcements. Regales, with 4,000, and Corona; with 8,000 men, were expected soon to join bim, and on their arrival it was his intention to give Maximilian battle. The City of Mexico Is garrisoned with 2,0C0 men. Porfris Diaz was at Huamaotla with 8,000 troops, and expecting -4,000 reinforcements before attacking the city of Mexico. In taking command in person, Maximilian ; ays: “This day I desired long since, but tbere were obstacles in the way. Being now free from all compromise, I con follow my sentiments.” The foreign representatives at the capUol hare addressed u protest to Maximilian re hearsing previous murders and robberies by his chiefs, asking security. In the expected battle, Maximilian will command In person. San Francisco, March 11.—The steamer Sierra Nevada from Mazatlan, February 23th, with $170,000 treasure, arrived to-day. The report was current at Mazatlan that Juarez had proclaimed a general amnesty of all political offences prior to the date of the defeat of Mlmmon. The two engagements by Escobedo,near Zacatecas, were confirmed. There was no news regarding the move ment of tbe Liberal armies In the Yallcy of Mexico. FBOM SEff YOBK. Brutal Assault on a Lady-Sole of St. John’* Fork to tbe Hudson Hirer Railroad Company—Cose of an American Citizen Arrested In Eng land. New Tore, March 11.—Early yesterday morning two ruflians, named Wm. Slripp and win. Cunningham, broke into a room occupied by a lady. In the Branch Tontine Uotei, corner of Cortlandt and West streets, knocked her down, and kicked her In a most shocking manner. Stripe was arrested, but Cunningham escaped. No cause Is assigned for the outrage. The sale of St. John’s Park to the Hudson River Railroad Company, for $1,000,000. is completed. §400,000 of the amount goes to the Trinity Church, and the remainder to the owners of property fronting the Park. Several young men were arrested on Sun day for robbing the store of Ilennequln & Co., Broadway. Robberies have been quite frequent for a long time, and It is estimated that SIO,OOO worth of dry goods have been taken in all. The Commissioner of Internal Revenue sent Instructions to Collector Shook to seize all distilled spirits sold In New York at less than Government rates. A correspondence la published to-day rela tive to the case of Michael O’Brien, an American citizen. lie was arrested in Liv erpool on suspicion of being a Fenian, and brutally treated. At his trial ho was acquit ted, and laid the case before tho American Consul at Liverpool, claiming compensation for false imprisonment. Tbe case was referred to Minister Adams, who returned the papers with the intimation that tho home Govern ment had better be consulted before any de mand was made. Fit OH THE PACIFIC COAST. Staoclc of EortliqnaKe In Cnllfornla- ShlpmcntH of Fluor and Whcat-flin< In? Companies* Dividends, San Francisco, March 11.—A severe shock of earthquake was felt at Spellings, Mariposa County, March 7th. The oscillations were northwest uud southeast, and lasted fifteen seconds. The ship RoocwclJ B Prague, with a faU car/ro of wheat for Liverpool, baa sailed. Jhc bark Catharine takes 5,000 barrels of Hour to R2o de Janeiro. The trustees of the Crown Point Minins Company subscribed $75,000 to the Sutro Tunnel Company, subject to ratification by the stockholders, and declared a dividend of S3O per foot, payable on the 15tb. The Hale «fc Norcross Company has de clared a dividend of $125, payable on tho same day. Arrived—Ships Chieftain, Valparaiso ; Ho ratio Sprague, Boston ; British Consul, Liv erpool; Malabar, Bordeaux; Polymnlc Marseilles. ’ FLOODS IS THE SOUTH. The miMloslppi and Cumberland Hirer* Overflow cliclr Bank»-Oroivu> lug of Cuttle, Hogs and Alnles-Fence# Swept Away and Plantations Di stroyed, Memphis, March 11.—*Weather cloudy. River rising slowly. It Is one Inch hh-her than the high water mark of lbC2. The whole of the lower country Is over flowed. Cattle, hogs and mules are drown ing and perishing. Fences are swept away, pl anla tlons destroyed. Above here the inhabitants say the river Is higher than it was ever known before. The steamer Liberty No. 2 sunk In Bate ™aQ’s Bend, and Is breaking down fore and aft. The wrecking boat Saloon Is working at her. ° Nashville, March 11. —River risinfthalf an Inch per hour, and is within four feet ten and a huff inches of tho rise of ISI7, A rise of fifteen fiiet Is reported above to come down yet. EROM CANADA. Tlic Fenian Stephens Recognized on Board an Ocean Steamer Table Bock to be Entirely Removed. Ottawa, March 11.—The discount for the veek on American invoices Is twenty-four per cent. The Times newspaper says. Dr. Tacbt, Canadian Commissioner to the Paria Exposi*

tion, on being shown the photograph of Head Centre Stephens In the office of the British Consul at Paris, recognized it as the likeness of one of his fellow passengers in the steamer crossing the Irish Channel. Clifton, C. tV., March 11 On Wednes day nest, by order of the Town Council, the sole remaining portion of Table Rock will bo blown from iti present dangerous position. SOUTH AMERICA. Venezuela and Her French Debt— France to Force Payment at the Caa non’n ITXouili, New Youk, March 11. —Advices from Vcn «*zuelano|e the arrival of the French man of-war, D Estalcg. at Lougura, and remark that on the 3d of February Venezuela has to pay $150,000 to the orderof the French Lega tion, and Is unable to do it. This fact being fully appreciated by France, no doubt ac counts for the presence of her man-of-war. A New Trial Befowd. Saco, Maine, March 11.—A new trial is re fused in the case of Mrs. Sweet, for poison ing her husband, ami she Is sentenced to six years Imprisonment. ICELAND, Tli© military Sltnatlon-The Scene of lie volt—Where the Fenians are Flsht« Inc—lndication* ol Something more than a mere Faction Disturbance. [From the New York Tribune. March y.l According t «o the Cable despatches, the Fenians have nsco In ion or eleven of she thirty-two counties In Jreiand-Iu the North, In the Sonth. in the Sonlhwest.und In the centre of the Island, ihe iuanrrcctiua, called an agitation by Hie Britishi authorities. Is no sooner suppressed In Kerry than U breaks out afresh In the suburbs of Dublin, where an engagement Is reported to have taker, place; in Castlematiyr, in the county of Cork, about twenty miles from the city of teat name. OaßlleruartTr Is o oicttir csrjtie little town In the Sooth or Ire- Jacd, marly on the Hue of (ho Cork and lou-nal Italiroad, a branch of Uie Great bonthern pro western or Cork and Dublin IUII - which Is reported to have been tom np nod rendered wipasjable for travel. The Earl of bliaunon, an Irish nob'emaii of English procltvl lies, baa a fine estate and residence near the town, about flvo suites distant from which, at Middleton! U also iho acat of another nobleman. Lord Ml? dlcion. in view of the disturbed state of the country, a military garrison of a lew hundred men was established at Cvgtlemarlyr some time ago, and mla or Ihe police station it was, wo suppose, against which the demonstration was made on Tuesday last. Tho Fenians arc sard tO , /? e t “* , bUon ~ force In the city of nn d, doubtless, wait but a favorable opportunity to rise m that section. In the immediate neighborhood of Cora arc the Government powder mills of BalllncDlUr, on wnlch we may be assured tho insurgeata have de signs. Eachot the six counties of Munster, the southern province oi Ireland, ate more or less disturbed. 1 nna at a glance it will he seen that the *°or Principal cities of Icelaco, Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Belfast, and a lew of thuminor ones, an? rimullaneonaly threatened. Toerc has been fighting at a point about a dozen miles trom Dab 1. ’ faI !« Uu c ‘ , Ilvke ' lhe English Indian h ? 5, lc *T the Sepoys Irom tho British mortars in i’-tlla, m reported to be la v1g0r .... .« e .n *kore 1* a strong force o! some kind, it looks a little ndicnlons to see suchs dis tfngmsbcd Caplalu scouring across the country. Evidently the Genera! must be in pursuit ofaome llmm. Tho houtb oHrelandls. perluns, the most fertileporuonoit, urd an Insurgent lores would find little dlfflcnltj in sustaining themselves, par ticularly when the residents are in sympathy with them. Tho country |g not qnlte so mountainous a* other portions oitho Island, bulls, nevotihe lc?a, snfllclently rugged to materially hinder the ad vance of regular troops. Numerous hills, deep valleys, email streams, copse and heavy wood-laud are In abundance, all of which would bo well cal culated to aid a guerilla-: force. Slid there is an absence of any high mountain range?, m wbo->e fastnesses a defeated mrcc might seek eheherin case of defeat. The west of Cork is an ex tremely barren and cesolaio region, bRI wc have heard of no attempts at Insurrection Ikft qnarter yet Should fighting take place in Jr* W BI he a fierce struggle. It Is said tbit ibe Fenians are adepts In “barricade” flghtlog, and id the narrow streets of the city of Front the havoc would no doubt be terrible. Cork Is strong lygarrisoned, however* the barracks being ritiia tea on. a hill which overlooks the town. Queens town, the port of Cork, is almost impregnable. The fortress of Spike Island commands the month off tbe harbor, and many American travellers will remember the redoubts on the adjacent bills, which are plainly discernible from the decks of the New York steamship as she steams np the bay. Mallow, on which Ihe Fenians made a demon stration some weeks ago. k on the line of rail way iKilwccn Cork iond Dublin, nineteen miles from the former city, and 150 miles southwest of Dublin. Tlic cilT or Limerick, In the county or that , name, and built on the Shannon, is threatened from Rlhnallock, seventeen mile* from Uutciiy. The population of Kllmallock Isa lltllenvor I,‘iOO, situated on the line of the Cork & Dublin Hall way, it I? ratheran Important point. The ground Is historic: old castles, moats, fos-es. Danish re mains, Ac., are scattered all around it, while the country Is nccnllarly rich and fertile. In all the towns, with very few exceptions, rhe “police sta tion, so frequently mentioned in the despatches, is nothing more than a substantially built stone house, the windows of which nro stroncly ironed, while generally iron railings run around or in front of u at the distance oislx or seven feet. In towns they arc usually located in the most central and populous streets, and are so constructed, or located, as to command tneadlace-it avenues, or rather laces. The Imb policeman is more of a soldier than the police ofliceroi any other country. He is drilled like the regular soldles of the line, and has target exercise once or twice a month. The police sta tions are scattered all over the country, being larelymoreihantenmilesapart. iu many cases not overfire in regions which are looked on as dlsaflevtcd. He is an obnoxious character, re garden as a spy and au Informer, who does “ the dirty work” ot the Castle, meaning the celebrated fortress of Dublin and the authorities who there hold sway. Ireland, almost unlike any other conntry in Europe, is a network of small towns ana villages, as thickly studded as the dots on a crochet collar, the small, finer threads of which piece of femi nine attire will give an equally good Idea of the numerous hedgerows, stone walls; and dykes, which cut the surface of the country In all direc tions, (living It a more picturesque than utilita rian aspect. In such a conntry all warfare most be. In a great measure, irregular. No vast plains, except one, the celebrated Cnrragh of Kildare, no large fields, for thev arc all of the contracted di mensions of from half to two end half acres, very raiely exceeding five or six. It Is almost Im possible for cavalry to act with efficiency. The nimble mountaineer can Jump at a bound the dyke which the heavily accoutred horseman could not think of overleaping, biding away io the ravines of the adjacent mountains, almost everyone of which Is associated withsomo his toric memory. Limerick, one of the noted towns in Irish his tory, associated with innumerable sieges, deeds of daring and recklessness, from the first James and long before, Is the third city in Ireland. Tho population of ihc city and suburbs is trora 4j,oU.> toso,ooo,covcrirgsn area of about 4fi,000 acres. It Is distant from Dublin about 120 miles, and 1« connected liy rail with Waterford, oii’ the aoa coast. At Clonmel, one of tho Intermediate eta* tiers on the line of the Limerick and Waterford Railway, and about fifty miles from Waterford, there has been some fighting. Clonmel Is 104 miles from Dublin, and built on both sides of the River Suir. and on two islands, connected by bridges. Population,about 13,000. The country in this region is rather mountainous, the peaks of “linockmactbonn, 11 the “Drown Dills,” looking down on fertile fields, woodland, copse and river, from their towering height of 2,500 feet. To many an outlaw have their rocky defile- afforded protection and many are the ►lories which the Irish peasant tells of tne rebel saved and succored within their fastnesses. Holy Cross, a email town about thirty miles Jrom Ciotrocl, also on the lino of tho Cork ana Dublin Railroad, celebrated for Its old mon astery, founded about a century alter the Crusa ders started tor Palestine, was attacked and the arms taken from the police station- The plan of the Fouiaus seems to bo to attack ever? place whote there are arms, seize them if possible, and inarch t-n the large ciuoh. Tho railway between Watciford ord Clonmel has been torn op, and be fore troops can cono from the large el'les to tho succor of the small conntry towns they will doubtless have armed themselves aud be better prepared for an attack of the troops of the line. With the rail ways cut and tom up, rapid transportation of troops Incomes impossible. Killelagb, a coast guard station !n the County Clare, that most Irish of Irish counties, was attacked and the arm* taken away. Here it Is possible that they got soracrroali cons, as the coast-guard stations are usually fortified with some light cannon, to be aged In emeigenclcs, such as chasing smugglers, Ac. Kilfinane, where an engagement Is reported to have taken place, is about five miles from Kil mallock. Dublin, the Capital of Ireland, appears to havo been seriously threatened. Wickiow, celebrated for it* grand mountain scenery, and adjoining tho Cooity of Dublin, Is reported seriously diaasject ed. Here, perhaps, the insurgents have abetter chance than In any other part of Ireland, the Wicklow Mountains being a series of almost Im passable defiles. Away near Belfast, In the north, that stronghold of Oranvcism, tho rebels are found In force, threatening it, the second city in Ireland, famous for Its Hot-r trade. Belfast Is 101 mip s north of Dublin, and has a population of about IftJ.oCW. Twelve mile? from the sea, at the mouth of the Lagan. It is a point of considerable importance, and a for; months ago it was supposed that Pc nlanlsm was a thing unknown wltnln Its loyal limits. Tncro Is a strong garrison at Belfast, and success in that quarter can hardly be hoped for. According to accounts which have reached us the Feu ana ate fighting more or leas on a line of 2WI miles, running right through the heart of Ire land, along the principal lines of railways, and diverglrpot right arrlcs at Tipperary and Lime rick across the country from coiat to coast. Tip nerary Is, and ha? been from time Immemorial, a uot-bed.of disaffection; and wlih its sturdy popu lation the Government will have more trouble than in any other part of Ireland. Tho simultaneous rising shows a gtca» deal of coucertcd action, and from the meagre details which come to n* It is im possible to conjecture bow far or how widespread r.fn,"J?T^r t M m '* y . bc ? ome - Anew feature enters ; I *?Jhhi rebellion in Ireland. The tearing up of rS bar ™ n, ;.°f barracks, tho cutting of -eltgraph lines, signifies something more than a mere faction Baht Irtsh-SaerlSn offl. ccra are reported to be at tbo head of the movement, and this accounts for toe superior In iclllgecco which appears to direct the movement dow far the British army is corrupted we will soon have an opportunity of Judging; and. doubt less. tbe strength of Femamem. if it ha? au» in iheiargetowra of England, will soon be mum. tested. The attack on Cheater, In England, some days ago. would seem to Indicate that it possesses «omc vitality In that quarter. “Creek tire” Is re ported to be stored in large quantities tu Ireland md in some of the towns in England, and if thN is called Into requisition the eflect will, iu ad probability be roost disastrous. In Ireland, nn less speedily dispersed, thi various Insurgent bands will probably coalesce, and a general en gagement is not improbable. In all other Irteb movements at insurrection Ibe rebels gene-ally waited to bo at’acked. In this thev have assumed the offensive, which tells better for their strength. Express (gompanteg. 'J'HE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITAL - - $20,000,000. Owtcd and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CARRIES nv EXPRESS, hlonoy. 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Travellers to Europe Can procure ol the underaigned Letters of Credit, Available throughout England, Prance, Germany, Switzer land, Italy, &0., &c,, thus Incurring the expense of premium on gold only on the amount actually used while abroad. We feel a JonpifCelnpreecatlngto the public a list otour lor eign correspondents comprising the leading Banks and Bankers In Europe. HENRY GREENEBAUJI Sc CO. ggSTTOBEmmiACM. DAVIDS. GBZESEAUX. LOUIS nULLUAX. List of Our Correspondents. ENGLAND. London.... Liverpool., .Union Bank ol London. Oulou & Co. IRELAND. •Eoyal Bank Of Ireland. Dublin.. FRANCE. Bordeaux. Lefilsde J. J. PJganean. Lyon*.. Aynorditltnlfer. Marseilles Vve Rodrigues, EljflUalno & Co. Nancy Lew. Binge A Co. Paris Fred. S. Ballln & Co. t txashore o ttmon & ms. SPAIN. Madrid. PORTUGAL. Porto.. Lisbon. ITALY. Florence. Milan.... Naples... Rome.... Em. Fenzi ft Co. •FlgU DeUU Schott ft co. Charles Kolb. HOLLAND. .Neld. Credit ft Deposit Bank ....Llppman, Rosenthal ft Co Amsterdam. Amsterdam. BELGIUM. Antwerp T.vgen, Freres* Co. Unuseits Jacques Errera Oppeshelm. SWITZERLAND. Geneva Gay, Cogn*rdftCo. Zurich a. RlaftCo. .•-it-. IseUnft btahiip. NORWAY. Bcrzi'n Christiania. J. Lockwood. Thos. job. Htltye ft Co. SWEDEN. Co'traborc, btockholm.. John Lyon ft Co. .Quilietmot & weyland. DENMARK. Copenhagen B. Adler ft Cc HOLSTEIN. GERMANY. Augsburg Paul von Stetten. bniriDcr}, A. h. Wassenmann. Berlin Dlsconto Gescllscnaft. Rrannscbweig Lehman Uppenheuncrft bon. Brcny-n Ed.jcbon. Breslau Ktchborn ft Co. « aulmihe intruder Doe-. J.A.ArnthaL (•oloerse. Seydutx Merkrns. Fiat bfcrt-On-Maln M. A. 'Jrnenchanm & Ratlin Ifamhnrg I. Bchaens ft Sons. landau .Muller ft Weyiandt. Leipzig. linker ft Co. ►'nytencf G. L. fachloeasmaon, Mannheim Raboaft Btoll. Mannheim...... IV.ll.Ladfntmrg ft Sac. Mnlillhauscn TLren A. R. Btackttela. MuoUh..... Jos. von Illrscli. NenMant-on-Uardt Lords Dacoue Number*. J. C. Coopt, 10«*n.... Philipp Bchrend. .Stuttgart Schnabel & Haem, •rlcr Reveichon ft Co. Vienna ...Credit, anstalc mr. ft Gcwcrbs* gANK OP George C. Smith & Brother, 48 LASALLE-ST, CHICAGO (SPECIAL AGEH IS FOE THE BAKE OF HOHIBEAL, nr CHICAGO,) Successors to J. W. Drexel & Co., Bankers. Draw riterlinar Exchange In sums of £1 t< 0,000, and upwards* for Gold or Currency, at ibe most Rea> sonablo ItalM. LONDON CORRESPONDENTS. The Union Bonk of London. London ana Wertmlßstcj Bank. City Rank ef London. Brown, Shipley ft Co. Sterling Earhangp ned Sterling Letters cf Credit bought at highest market price. Gold Drails on New York bought and sold, nest price paid for Canada Currency. Drafts Issued on the Canada Branches of tbe Ranh- of Montreal. Stocks, Bonds and Gold purchased in New York, held on usual terms. N. B.—Dills paid and Depcrltsplaced In New York, vviulow B Drexel * WtattoDP * Co, and Spectsl attention given to ColleetldSs, at all points in tho United States and British Provinces. issue LETTERS OF CREDIT For Travellers, available in nil parts of Europe. NOS. 'l7 ft S» FIN E-ST., NEW YORK. Gaipcts, (Qil (Elotijs, s(c. DEPARTMENT. 153 & 155 Lake-st. CARPETS, Oil Cloths, Druggets, MATTINGS, Curtain Materials, &c, Wo have opened a Sbportment for tho sale of tho above Goods, which have boon recently bought at a groat decline, and will bo sold at tho lowest possible prices. Wo will at all times sell as low as tho market, and oar stock will com* priso tho Latest and Best in that lino. W. R. WOOD, Bouse Jfuntisljing (EfooOs. gg J3ANDOLPH-ST. PIKE &“ CAVANNA. Furniture,’ BIDDING and UPHOLSTERY. amusements. ;i VOUNG PEOPLE'S ESTER JL TAINMENr,” consoling of Tableaux, Pantomimes & Old Folks’ Concert, TUESDAY EYEKHTG, March 12, AT THE SECOND UNIVERSALIST CHURCH, Comer of West Washington ard Sangamoa-sts, , tST Tickets fbr sale at McCordr & Co.’s, 3-1 D?ar- I ortMU. Street* Pearson’s, 101 Washington.?!., Kid d»r & Co.’a. 64 I.ake-st., and at the Church on the evening of entertainment. (general Notices. QKOSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. SEVEN HCAas! TEN SOBNSI WILL APPEAR ABRIL STB. QUK U.S. EOKDES WAREHOUSE Center Slate and SLrtccnth-aU M 7STOW O 3?Itl 2ST. STUHGES. MoiLLfSTEU ACO. SSoto fflaths. Q.ET TOUR PAINTED SHOW CARDS At 84 DBABBOKN-ST.. Boom 4, Up Stake. NUMBER agcnwbala. REMOVAL. SIMPSON & HUGHES Will open To-Day, TUESDAY, MABCH 12, A.T 111 Lake-st., Between Clark & Dearborn-si?,, with an immense stock of DRY GOODS Wholesale and Retail, ..Banco Ualao .Banco Uotao. Wbieh will be offered 'at their usual LOW PRICES ! fUacfettieu’s anion. rv^HE Hackmen’s Union, of Chicago, Gives boilce to tbo public that they will do work for the Allowing prices: Theatre or Opera and Belans- S. !>., north of Twelflh-st $3.00 N.D., soutn ot TweiDb-st 4xo N. D., south of Chlcago-av.. s£o N. D, north ol Chtcago-av 4JO W. d , east of Halsied-st 3XO W. D., weal of Holstcd-at iXO Funerals* 8. D., north of Twelflh-st., to Gracelsnd, Jew or German Catholic 6.00 5.0„ south ol Twelfth-si., to Greenland, Jew or German Catholic 7.00 P.!»., north of Tweifth-st., to Calvary 3XO B. D. sooth of Twenty-seccnd-st., to Calvary (Bridgeport Included) 9XO VT. X)., east of Haistedand north of Twelftb-st tu Greenland. Jew or German Catholic 6XO "VT. D- east ol Halated and north of Twelftb-st.. to Calvary BXO W. west cl Halated and south of Twellth-Bt~ to Jew or German 7XO W.D„weslof Halated andsooth of Twellth-at, . to Calvary 9XO N. D., to Graceland, Jew or German Catholic..., 500 N. D n to Calvary 7XO .Verclasbaak. Car Funerals- North ol Twelflh-st., east of Hal.-tod, any part D 3.00 To cars, all other places 4X9 Notice to the Traveling Public. Passengers can ride from one depot to another, or to any hotel, for tbo same price as the omnibuses, 50 cents each, ordinary baggage Included. prisons going to any other part of the city can ride lor the tallowing rates: Any distance not exceeding one mile. 50 cents each. Any distance exceeding one mile. |IX0; same fam ily or party, 50 cents each. Any distance cxceedlrg two miles, |LSO; same fam ily or patty, 50 cems each. Citizens aul the public In general are requested to see that the word •» Union” is on the carnages they employ, as none others belong to toe Harkmen’s Union ot Chicago. The public are cautioned not to pay any attention to an; reports that may be made in record to this list of prices, •for the members of the Union Intend to lire np ton. Any retosa] or misdemeanor on the part of any owner or driver should be repoi ted. with his number, to their office, Room .71 McCormick's Building. FRANCIS WARREN, President. . PETER JOHNSON, Treasurer. GEORGE W. YOUNG, Secretory. g?j)ip (CfyanfrUm JMPOKTANT TO VESSEL OWNERS. Important to Wholesale Grocers Important to Hardware Merch’ts Manilla Rope, Tarred Rope, Cordage and Twines, Cotton and Hemp Dock, Chains and Anchors, Oakum, Tar and Pitch, Ship Chandlery. Purington & Scranton, 209 South Water-st, JF ot jgalg. OLD ESTABLISHED WHOLESALE GROCERY BUSINESS FOIL fiAT.TT. The copartnership of the undersigned being about to expire by limitation, they offer tor sale their stock and buslcess. bald business is situated at Jackson. Mlch„ ths most central point la th- state. Being a creat rail road centre. It affords superior advantages tor the lob bing trade. This house was established In 1953, and ts now doing the largest jobbing wholesale grocery trade ot any house In Central Michigan. 3 Store nod Warehouses for Sale or to Bent. Apply personally or by letter to EATON. KNICKERBOCKER & CO., Jackson, Mich. Jj'Oß SALE—The good will of a PHYSICIAN'S PRACTICE, Near Chicago, worth IASOO per year, andreddeace. if ccsirtd. Aadzets , P. O. BOX 61‘A. jgAJSK STOCK FOR SALE. FI FIT SHARES OF THE UANUFACXUEEES’ HAT’L BANK STOCK FOR SAI.E CIIE4 P. Inquire of PURINGTON * SCRANTON. tf 09 Sooth Water-st. JJARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. FOB SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, &.C., Invoicing about |i2,oro; all purchased within a year last, and lease op store. Store located In a thriving lawn a short distance Pom Chicago. Satisfactory re£ joes given tor selilng. Fcr particulars Inquire of Commission Merchant, 82 LsSMlVtru!^hicago. XrOR SALE—The machinery and fix- X tares cf the J TOHACCC FArTORY how occupied by wait aJI ai>on, 2 -A and 24 Mlehi. caa-ay. Also, koo<l will oi same, with two years'lease of factory and business a* ready established. For par ticulars, call cn tbe undersigned at above place of bottom. MIAL MASON. TO CAPITALISTS. ... . ~ ~ MiLwarKss. March 1.13C7. decided to relinquish tun iness, we offer onr establishment lor sale. Our bouse was ESTABLISHED IN 1846, was been to existence 31 years, and is now plac-aona fare, nrm anQ permanent basis, and to men or capital who are desirous of embarking in a PROFITABLE branch ot trade (wholesale and Jcbbtoe onli) this pre- f c f, ts a rare and trainable opportunity, Our stock Is mil, ea braces none bnt the most staple Roods, and the business Is In perfect tannins order. H. BOSWOkTH «t SON-*, Wholesale Druggists, Milwaukee, Wls. "YySIsKET BARRELS. S!a' y B ' ,rrcU ' 6 '"" Im “ na W0! " 1 Chicago barrel 00.. No. flOLaSsllut. FOR SALE—I,COO brls choice vai leties Apples; Bntter-CholceTable,in tubs and lars: treruToa-atoe'. a dfllclous article, put up In 1 aai P* r wlloa; 4.000 pieces backed Harrs. -ngur cured, a choice article: LOW . p . , S^?. B S. ok i , . a l t Ba<xn - MRW cured. a choice article. Orders solicited. fi. WHYTB A CO.. 141 booth w» JpOK SALE— Shingle, Stave and Barrel Machinery, Coniprlrtns shingle mills, heading mills, shingle and beading Jointers, BtaveJ&lntera. stave cutter?, c-ading rounders ana clanurg, eauahrinc and cut-off saws, <sc. Ail new, of onr own manntacture, and warranted. ___FULLEB A FORD. 252 ana 254 Maiisoc-rt. Hectares, BY Watlian Sheppard, Esq., Of tills dry. In the UNION PARK BAPTIST CDURCH. corner West viashingwaandPaulto.i-3ts., on Thursday Evening. March 14th, Atß o’clock, ftr the Benefit cf PROVIDENCE Mrs blON. subject. “ Tne Disposition." Tu.ycts:oc*Et3. Ebucatimxal. riLASS FOR \i» INSTRUCTION. cennectM TH»s r ?h Jf»o»uagc and Llteraturt ltf t tlie Quackenbos Coilmltte School la 'pgarternoonand evening classes lor ladle* ??5. EeD . llt,, P en - Terms f 13.00 lor a course of 30 i«u at tbe School, 108 aad 110 Cass-et. between 9 a. m..and 2 p. m. LADIES’ INSTITUTE, AT JIAPLEWOOD, Pittsfield, Mast, The spring term commences March itthjiSCT. For circular adareas Bcr. C. V. SPAAIt, the iTuclpal, dtatpttln g, Bangings, iSehhing, <&il ®lofp, See. IMPORTANT NOTICE. GREAT BARGAINS IN CARPETING! COME NOW AND BUY CHEAP. Allen & Mackey’s Carpet Store, Bryan Ball, 89 Soutli Olark-st- Paper Hangings, Bedding, Curtain Goods, Oil Clotis. We bold the Largest Stock la the WeM, aad Never Allow OorkelTcotebe Undersold. The recent Tariff upon Wool will came an advancein the price of our Goods, and pvues remirlss hetaiof Spring nse shoald avail themselves ol ißgadrantsgeo oftho present low price*. gtoefe gutsertp Horn. Kansas nanus. piiOSPiOTUS OP "The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co.” Capital Stock - - $300,000, Xive Hundred Shares, SI,OOO Each. This Company has been organized tndcr the General Laws i f the tlate ol Illinois, lor the purpose of manu fhctuiisgal! kinds ot PAPER, and preparing FIBER for other purposes. from the WILD GRASS found In this vicinity la *reat abundance. The practical development and utfllzltg o( such ma terial has been effected through the inventions, the several Patents usoed to DIB. HABRISON B. MEECII. of Fort Edwards, New York. This Company having purchased from Mr. Meech an of the said patents lb: minols, Indiana. Michi gan, Wisconsin, lowa and Minnesota, are now prepared to recave a limited amount ol subscriptions to the Capital Stock. InlovitlDg subscriptions to this Stock, we would state that the Company are now tae owners ot the BATAVIA PAPER MILLS Which are producing at the present time two (3) toss per day of pnrt paper. This Mill has buildings and water power of sufficient capacity, already erected, and la conoltloo to receive two (?) additional machine?, which have been ordered, audit is estimated can be put la running order on or belbre the first day ot May next, which will increase tte capacity and products cf the said Mills to six (6) tons per day; that, at the present market prices, should yield to this Company a very satisfactory profit. The future operations of tnls Company contemplate the erection, or cocsohdating of other mills wltn tacit enterprise, within the present year, tuning we mu amount of their Stock, and which will probably more than double the loregoing estimate ol product of Print, Manilla and TFrapping Papers. This Company haring procured a charter Irom the Legislature of the State of Illinois, increasing their capital to one million of dollars, are now reonrantzm* under their Charter privileges. The Stock Books are towcpenfor subscrlottonto the Offices of Messrs. DICKERSON -t SHERMAN. 170 Baa dolpb-tL, where aUfortLcr Information as to the pat cots, prospects, 4c~ will be given. In so'lctatgoorfrlends to subscribe to this StocS, we believe « e are warranted in saying that tide enter* prise promisee an unparalleled return of profit*, com £sred with at y other mannlhcnmne business hereto •re pieataied. THOMAS S. DICKERSON, Pres’t. GEO. 8.1H035, Vice P,c»’«. (formerly President Batavia Paper Min do.) WiL HASSB BOUGH, Beef. I. N. W. SHERMAN - . Treasurer. patents •J'O PAPER MANUFACTURERS. MysttentJon has beep called to a circular poroorQna to be from one L. C. Wooaruffi as president of the “Hydrostatic Paper Company.” dated Niagara Falls, Febinary Ist, IBS7, addressed to paper manufacturer*, alleging that the process of bleaching paper pulp by pneumatic prepsore, offered to the public by tre, “Is a direct and positive Infringement of the patents and rights of the Hydrostatic Paper Company, and that my entire process Is embraced in that ot the said Hy drostatic Compary, and that ther will prosecute for Infringements all persons wbo attempt to use the pneu matic process under grants tram me. Such statements. In the free ol the facts ol the case, are absurd, and, I regret to be compelled to say, are maliciously lalse and libellous, ana I shall bold the author or authors thereof to a strict accountability. In the meantime I leave the merits ol the question to all men qualified to Judge. Tne majority of my patents, embraced In my “pro cess,” are anterior to any held by the “ Hydrostatic Paper Company, and 1 have only to leave the public to say who ore the tnCrtngcis thereof. I have submitted to most eminent counsel such ol my patents as bear dates subsequent to, together with copies of the patents under which the Hydrostatic t*s per Company claim their process, ana sivo herewith the opinion of such counsel on the question ot infringe ment. That this qnenion may be properly understood, I wld hete state that the patents held by the Hydrostatic Paper Conpany were assigned to them by toe patent* eee. Messrs. ILL. JONES and D. 2. FABQUHAB3ON and I am sol aware that their so-called process u em braced in any other patents whatever. My own process Is embraced in not less than ten (10) different patents, and tne use or operation of the pneu matic presyure I do not regard absolutely necessary la worklngmy process successfully, either In the nm redaction ot fibrous substances to paper pulp, or In bleaching the same; bat 1 believe the pneumatic prin ciple tar superior to the hydrostatic, and will prove more successlcl, so lar as either may be required. Respectfully, HARRISON B. MEECH. Fort Edwards, N. T n Feb. 20th, 1367. 'J’O ‘WHOM IT MAT CONCERN. As the attorney of HARRISON B. MEECH, I pro cured the several patenu he now holds for Improved Proteases tn the Manufacture of Paper Sloth, And am familiar with each and every one of them. 1 have also carefaUy examined the patents issued to Jones and Farqubarton, one bearing date March 13th, 13C6, for an Improved apparatus fur bleaching of paper stock, and one dated June sth. 1806, for an Improved process cf treating wood, etc* for the manufacture ol paper puip. These two are denominated the Hydro- I have no hesitation In saying that none of the pro cesses patented br Mr. MEECH, or which he holds, and which constitute the MEECH PROCESS, So called, are Is any manner identical with tho Hydro italic Process, nor do tuey Infringe tee same. T*o cl the patents held byilr. Meccb are those with which I have been connected as owner. Tba first Was isined to myseiroa n y own app icatloc, July Sist, iB6O, itwas for an improved process In the manufacture ot parift stock. The otherlssued to myself and Harmon B.Meech, for an Improvement in thehleachlsgof capes Each of these processes Involved the nse ol the F29SVSKATZC PBS88V&Z!, In the* msDcer described In each ot them re spectively. The n«e or pressure as a part ol sich pro cess, whether applied them respectively. The nse ot prcssorcasa pmofsoch process, whether applied hy steam, air, gas, water, or otherwise, ts not patentable In the present stated the art; bat an Improved tncth- sacb pressure moy be the snbjeet of a The Hydrostatic mode may bo the subject M a patent so tat as the camels n«« and useful. So like wise may be any other new and useful mod “—as the pneumatic. But such modes of producing the pressure are entirely distinct from each other. Neither the Hy drostatic or pneumatic process are patentable except as a n*w and nselul mooe of obtaining a result, as such they are entirely distinct from, acd Independent of, each other. 1 am well a equate ted with the ™«"v processes In use tor reducing straw, grass, etc~ to a condition suitable lor the manolactnre of paper, and I am clearlv of the opinion that the process practiced by Harmon B. iieecu, and known as tee Meech Process, Is superior to acy other, if not the only one by which the grasses can be succession? worked. That they can bo worked by hla process, both profitably and success fully, 1 know. __ JOEL TIFF AST. Albany. Febrnary 20th, 1867. 1 PATENT OFFlCES.—lnventors whe wish to l*te out letters Patent are advised tc counsel with MONK A CO., Editors ol the Scientific Aiterlcar. who have prosecuted claims betore the Patent Otoce tor marly twenty years, Thftr American and European Patent Ageucyha the moat extensive Is the world. Charges less than any other reliahli agency. A pamphlet, containing inn Instructions to tcvea ore, u sent gratis. Address UUNNiCO.. 3T Park-row. Kew Ycrk. ISusiness ffiarbs. RWRWOOB & CO., General Commission Merchants Cor. LaSalle acd Wasfclfgtoa-stA CHICAGO. Give particular attention to both buying and semai Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork. Lard, Beef, Tallow. Special rates ol Commission made to those wki lurnlah. their own money tor large purchases of ore* erly to be held for sale by or- P« 1* Underwood. tv. Cuderw—d H WHEELER PERCE & CO., who store * Were boraca ont fl t 1410 Lake-sL, have nfrw 280 South Water-st., where we wtn open with a stock of fresh goods. We win keep a good supply, as heretofore, ol Coarse acd Fine Hoaluy.SMip. Oat Meal, Farina, Pearl Barley, Buckwheat, Graham ami Winter wheat F.onr, and all grades cfGrana etc- We take this opportunity w thank our customers and to solid a a continuance of tuelr former gatronage. Orders from the trade souclled. -5-^lFdH.&^grfuCo E. P. MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IN PORK, BEEF, LARD, AND SMOKED MEATS. 150 SOUTH WATER-BT. Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers to Hardwood and TVhltewood Lambert Office ann Yard, 304 South Fracklla-su, bet. Yal Bures and Barrtru:, Chicago. P. O. Bov 2230. CZTBILs cat to order, gl Isaac u. nciajzff, js. tsmcjfp PestoLrros 53ticft PEEKS- KILL MANUFACTURING CO.’S best improved BRICK MACHINE, slmnle t-ncap et-d durable; TEMPERING MACUINfei and ail machinery for mating brick. Machines to be and all mltraatlon satned. by calling cn or WHITING At WENT WURTH, r. U. Box iS7OS, Chicago. DL Q.ARD-B PATENT BttICK maatuictory 33 Scum Jeffersos-st. For icSimtauca and fiesertpava circular address _ . , K. R. GARD, 33 South JeSet«on-«L. ca leagc- JJRICK MACHINE.” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office, Room No. 3. 47 ciaik-s;., Chicago. brick works. Corner Daisied and Twcnty-second-eta. Otffcc, No. 3 Oils Block. A. J. RNISLLT, proprietor. Stodtijolliers' iHceting. OFFICE OF THE EQUITABLE In surance COMPANY OF CHICAGO. TES ASiHJjAX* ELECTION For Director* cf ibis Company win be h-Id at Iheoffice of the Compacy. southwest corner of Randolph and LaSallC-stSn ec TUESDAY, March 1L IS6V. B. ly. PHILLIPS. Secretary. Office merchants- savings LOAN AND TRUST CO. Cmcaeo, Feb. 9, xaej. The Annual MeettPg ol the gtockhclder* of tne Met. Chants* Savings, Loan and Trust Company, ftr the elec tion of Truilets, will be held at the office of »an» Com pany, la Chicago, on MONDAY, Maxcn 4th, betweez b6hQunoriOa,iQ.uuiUm. L.J.UAQ&CiAhIer, SALE OF KANSAS LANDS. Oa TITESOAT, the-« day of April, 1357, win be offei ed at PUBLIC SALE At the Eldrldgc House) in the city of uvsmca, haws as, ibont 155,000 Acres of Land, Situate la ibe counties of Leavenworth, Wyandotte, Jefferson and Douglas, and known as tho “DELAWARE RESERVE.’ 1 These lands lie directly oa the rm»n use of the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern" Di vino* The branch of the same Road tram Leavenworth to Lawrence passes through them, and the railroad trona horde? 01 * T-*aveaworih rnr * along ttrctr t?w*tfrn In FcrtlUty. Location, aad abundance cf Timber Water, thews tanas are the FINEST IN TIiBSTATK. By the treaty with the Delaware* In 1360, tte Indian title to the “Reserve" was extinguished, sndsloce that date many farms have been improved, and ehcrcha. school houses, grist and sawmills erected, and hiT.. otter Improvements made thereon. The climate of Kansas Is remarkably bealttlnk aatt to farmers and settlers these lands offer Greater Inducement a than any other* la the wm. Also, at the same place. Immediately alter the ffispo sltlon of the above Lands will be sold about as,ooo Acasa or land, Situate in tlie southeastern oart of Use •» Sac and Fa* Reserve,” la tae county ol Franklin, Kansas. Also, a large number of TOWN LOTS and BLOCKS lathetownaot North Lawrence, Tonganoxie and Perry. The sale will commence onAprUM; 1®67. audwCT continue from dav to dar until a.} the lands above named have been disposed ot The Linds' will be of fered In tracts to salt purchasers. Tints or Batz—One-third cash and hahthce la two equal annual payments, with 6 per cent interest there on from date of purchase. a. ar. bahtholov, a genu pLAfeTXO SLATE ROOFING. A TEST OF FIVE'TEARS his demonstrated flu superiority ol thts material over every olacr now known. A mastic—it adapts Itself to every shape and slope, from Cal to perpendicular, covering the wbola root without seam or Joint. Non-combß'ODle—it la not the means of destroying your property, bat of protecting!!. Nou-eipamOve—heat mat ter bow intense, can compel it to expand or contract. Impervious—water nor even steam, can penetrate or dissolve tu Undeeaying—time and the elements anlr mature and pexlect it. To sum up the whole matter. Fire, Water and Frost Proof, and Is cheaper than any olberjjood material, and better tnau the most expensive. The Hew York Tribune In speaking of It says;“ir« consider this invention the greatest boon ol the age.** The farmer'* Club ol the American Institute pro nounce the invention oneef the most Importantevsr discovered. For tie past year we have been engaged in tnnplylac this material to tae people ot Illinois and Wisconsin, and from the many flattering testimonials now on Ole In oar office, we leei warranted In saying, to *n»ip en- Uiesaiisfacdcn. ROOFING FELT, and also the new SHEATHING FELT used tor lining buildings, and COAL TAB, can* stantlyon hand at lowest market rates. Circular* sent on application, and tor rights. Apply to WHITACRE & RAYMOND. 9H LaSalle-sfo. Chicago, HL Sue WElox Ss. £JHICAGO Steam Dyeing and Bleaching WORKS. Offices, 109 South, darkest. (Methodist Church Block) & 82 Bearhom-st. FACTORY AT CLEAVEBTILIiK. LACE CURTAINS cleaned and bleached to lepfci equally as good as new. CRAPE SHAWLS cleaned or dyed. PLUMES dyed, cleaned curled. KID GLOVES dyed or cleaned. CARPETS ot all kinds, cleaned. GENTLEMEN’S GARMENTS cleaned or dyed. Alio, General Dyeing in Silk and Woollen Goods. COOK & McLAIN, 100 Clark-st* (Elortjing. gPBING, 1607: The most CHASTE and HONEST Stock ot GOODS FOR GENTS’ USE Ever shown in the West, la now opening at ELY’S, Cor. of Washington and Dcarbom*sts. Many of these Goods are of oar OWN asporta tion. N. D.—Cnr stock o( Famishing Goods u being re pletlshed with the CHOICEST and NEW£aTamcl« in li la line. The largest and FULLEST assortment of Gents* FINE Gloves In th* entire West. Shins to ORDER ox superior QUALITY and FIT. E L Y, Woollen Draper, Tailor and Gents’ Outfitter, emc AGO. JQE GRAPE’S ORDER [llil’liraiHT. New and Elegant Designs Just Received. L. DE GRAFF, Corner State and Bandolpli-sts. Ilapec Rangings. MABOOTTE & CO., Furniture and Decoration. {Largest and choicest assortment ot French Imported Paper Hanging*, 01 an kinds. Wareroocs. .T,15 and 7 East Fourth-st. NEW TOOK CITY. Liberal tsms to the trade. 3£eal Sstate. ■pEAL ESTATE. Jjb . WANTED. Vt e bare t onstaot applications for botn Improved ar<L unimproved iteal Estate, wblch we are enable to tap* Ply. Owners of ?ach cannot do better than to dlacb tbelr property la oor bands for sale, where they have tne advantage or onr services wltnont char ire no less sales ate effected. KEELER & UIEB, EeaiEst-ito Agents, 129 soain CKrk-st. ** ESTATE FOR SALE. That Desirable Tacant Lot On southeast corner of NorthXaSallo and Slm-sts-y 96 Toy 150 foot. Apply to SAW Is (3EIIB*. 114D€arbom-st* Rooms 10, and 12. 2!51(Ui5 anis sFoal. THIS, COAL AT SUMffiEE PRICES! We have a few hundred tans ot best LACKAWANA. and PITTSTO.V COAL more than wUI sup: ly air cus tomers, which we offer.ue’ivertU in any oartoftha city, at toe following prices: Range* Eng and largo sizes* 912 per Tea. Chestnut | MINING AND SUPPLY C 0„ 34 and 36 Randolph-*- ffFccb QP.OUND OIL CA.KLB Is the Cheapest fft-d In the Market For stock of Ml kinds. Orders prcn.otiVH.led by R. w. BltoruaFulLD a Nc, 70 Ncrto CUston^u Soap- gOAP! st o Sce that the brand you use Is The Chicago Soap and Candle Hanufaclnr in? Company. OFFICE—Nos. 44 and 46 Randolphst. PACTOBk—Aicaer-»r.,c;ritrot yuairy-it-