Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 12, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 12, 1867 Page 4
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(El)icaiga tribune. TUESDAY. MARCH 12. 1307. THE CITY. Dailt Lxktxk SrnvTcxs.—a thirty-minute ser vice wilt be held daily during Lent, in the Church of the Holy Communion—being* union service of all the Episcopal Churches in the city. Rev. H. W. Beers will conduct the services to-day. SirrmatT lll.—JusticeSlnrlevantis now con fined to bis home, ruflenng from an attack of in flammatory rheumatism. Justice Millikcn is do ing double duly in the Police Court, pending his recovery. Fxkuk BnoTiiznnooD.—A Convention of dele gates for the several wards of the city win be held this evening in Ullch’s Hall for the purpose of coueuilirg on the best means to unite the friends of Ireland in a general movement to assist the people of Ireland in the present struggle. Fmx.—This morning, at half past one o'clock, a fire broke out In a small dwelling house, situ ated on West Lake street, between Union and Halgted. Tbe Fire Department quickly respond ed to the alarm and succeeded in extinguishing the flames, alter a loss of about S2OO. Tse Uskatcual CuncE.—At an early hour yes terday morning the police found the unborn body of a child on tbe sidewalk, near the corner of Ran dolph end Curtis etreets. It was taken charge or. ana the matter is now nndcr investigation, with but taint hopes of success. This crime is never punished is Chicago I! J Tns Torso lint's Litzbaut Socistt will meet this (Tuesday) evening at the Circuit Court room, to discuss the following resolution: EssoZwd,** That the Bankrupt Law. recently passed by Congress, is Impolitic.” Affirmative— Jcnkß and Culver. Negative— Herbst and Mason. Ail lovers of debate arc invited. Meuited PnowonoK.—Brigadier General Julius Whilehas received the certificate of his promotion to tbe rank of Major General of Volunteers (by brevet) the order dating from March 13,3805, and is for gallant and meritorious service. Tbe pro motion is well earned, and the Iriends of General White, who will rejoice at this recognition of his merit, arc numbered by thousands. To Wholesale Mebcuaxts.—A. Bauer, Esq., Architect, No. 47 LaSalle street. Invites proposals for the renal, tor five years, of a first-class five etory stone front store, J PiiC3 feet, which is to be completed by October let, on Wabash avenue, be tween Randolph and Washington streets, with stone front on Wabash avenue and Dearborn place. Plans may be seen at the office above stated. Ajisok.—‘last evening Henry Keeling, proprie tor of the cigar store No. 161 Ton Buren street, which was set on lire Sunday evening, came to the Annoiy to inquire concc'.Liuc bis clerk, who had been arrested. Officer Charles Perry, keeper at the Armory, having acquainted himself with all fseta attending tee attempt to cam the building, arrested Mr. Keeling oa Inc charge of arson. An examination of the case will be held at the Armory this morning. Ajromrwoua Conntspox-DESTs.—We are daily In tbe receipt of communications which we can not use, for tbe reason that they are anonymous. If the writers desire their letters to be published, they must furnish the name, not necessarily for publication, but to enable us to verify satements and lac's H needid. Letters reflecting npon the character or conduct of other parties, cannot be published without this guarantee of good faith. Tim Hackxzs's Ustox, under the ordinance recently patsed by tbe Common Council, has adopted a scale of prices which they propose to enforce. In doing this, they hav< made, to some extent, a calculation of distances that there may be a niilforroitj in the charges made lor their ser vices. These charges are in no wise in excess of the legal rates, and. to procure ialrticss on tbe partol tbe drivers, (bey ask their patrons tore port attbi ir office any refusal to conform to them. The tariff will be found in another column. Paris Exfositidx.—Travellers who propose to visit Europe will be interested in knowing that Messre. Henry Greenebaum £ Co., bankers, arc prepared to furnish letters available throughout Eng'&nd, France, Germany, Swlwcrl&nd, Italy ana all other conotrics of Europe, 'i bis will ob viate the necessity of carrying large gums of money, aa at any of a long list of places men tioned in the advertisement elsewhere, corrc gponcents will be found to honor the drafts of Henry Greenebaum & Co. Sx, Jakes* Church.—lt Is stated that Rev. J. H. Rylaxce will probably be the next rector of St. James' (Episcopal) Church, in this city. An ex change says: **Mr. was a warm and earnest friend of this country when a resident of London, and old much to enlist the sym pathy of bis countrymen in our behalf. He is a gentleman who will prove a valuable aconsiUoj U> Chicago, and bungs to the responsible uos - Hon, we believe that be h'-s been called to dll, i pure Christian character and a high order uf ability." Hath Work Asm Switches.—The present fash ion cf dressing the heads of ladles will commend to the Attention ol the fair scxeoch establishments as combine neatness of execution In their work with comparative lowness of prices. Mr. M. Campbell, of No. 81 Clark street, advertises that he is now reducing his stock on such term*. Be docs this in view ol the tact tbat shortly his pres entstand will be Interfered with, during the pro gress of building. The stock includes all articled in hi« line. Fmr—An alarm rung from box No. 4 a little after nine o'clock last evening, was caused by the dlscoveryof a bright light in the rear portion of a building at No-1© Randolph street, near Welle, occupied by 11. Tcckhom. In the sale and manu facture of cigars and tobacco. Tbe Are caught from a defective chimney in a small wooden ad dition to the trout building, used for manufactur ing the tobacco. The damage to tbe building and Stock was abou’ $l5O, wtucb was foilv covered by insurance. The building was owned by Charles Dtosc. Amateur—The entertainment to he given In the Second Univcrsalist Uhnrcb, this evening, promises to be one of the great events of the sea son. Several of the prominent citizens of the West Division have the matter in charge and will appear in tbe tableaux and pantomimes, and if tbe nature of tbose who will appear on tbe stage were onblisbed, the bocec would not hold tbe crowd which would rush to see them. Tbe West elders and tne rest of mankind are advised to se cure their tickets early, and escape the crowd at the doors. Tnx Cabinet Card Photograph.—A gentle man in Blue island writes ns Inquiring if the Cabinet Card Photographs taken by Mr. S. M. Fassect arc really all that was claimed In our issue ot a day or two since, Wc answer: Yes; they are cxQuisite. One of them, now lying on oar table, is about as perfect a pictnte es was ever produced in any way. tbe fleure standing out from tbe card in'solid relief as if placed in tbe stereoscope, every hair perfect, the features life-like. The Cabinet Card Photograph is a genuine artistic novelty, and too much cannot be said in its praise. Newsboys* Meetinc.—'The old Board of Trade •n«ii was occupied on Sunday forenoon by a meet ing of tbe street boys and others to tbe number oftwo hundred or more, under the direction of the Chicago Sunday Scbool Union, ilr. G. W. Perkins acted ss Superintendent. Addresses were made by Messrs, skinner, Blacxall aud Van- Andale. A small choir of girls from tbe Railroad Mission sang several pieces. Tbe meeting was a very interesting one, aud results are already noted. The boys behaved better, had cleaner faces and bands than heretofore, and evidently appre ciated tbe object of the gathering. Accidzwt. —About nine o'clock last evening, as Rev. C. V. Kelly, assistant rector of Trinity Chord), wae passing the corner of Dearborn and Randolph streets, tne treacherous enow caused him to slip and fall heavily upon the stone pave ment. In a partially insensible stare he was im* mediately assisted to Dycbe & Story's drug store, where restoratives were at once applied, and in a few minutes be expressed himself able to walk to bis residence, deemdeg the proffer*d use of a carriage. Hjs injuries consisted principaily of bruises, and the severe jar experienced in the fall. Drowned.— On Saturday s fern dou last, a boy, two years old, the eon of William Docnslng, re siding near the lighthouse at Calnmct, was drowned a few yards from the door of bis father's bouse. The parents were busily engaged in the bouse at the time stated, and the door being oi'CD, the little fellow strayed out, set hU feet on the rotten Ice. broke through, and was drowned. Shortly after, the father looked round tor the boy, and was terror-g truck to sec ihe body in the river, which at that point is little belter than a slough. The body was brought to Chicaco, wncre ao in quest was held by Coroner Wagner. The jury re turned a verdict of acduen'al drowning. Chicago Artists’ Association. —A meeting of Chlccgo artists was held lan evening in Room 19, Reynolds' Block, for the avowed purpose of form ing an association for their mutual improvement in art studies. There was a full attendance. Hr. Chari cs Peck presided. An e-lection w«e held for officers, which resulted as follows: President—Seldcn J. Woodman. Vice President—Cba-lta Pack. Secretary—W. Shlrlew. Treasurer—J N. Gookins- Courcil—He?srt. VoegUm, Binkert, Daliliay, Picking. Chambers, nuiech and Gort*. The meeting then adjourned to nest Monday cicniug. Ciiahotd with Bavtaisdt.— Upon the com plmai of Martha Gasway, a colored woman re siding on Dtrn'ames street, William Trent, alsi coloree, bur not so "mnch-ly,” was brought he roic Justice D'Wolf yesterday afternoon, charged wltli the rntcn/ity of a gin Infant now three month* old. Mnnha exnnloyed counsel, bat «e«‘m'Kl abundantly able to conduct b*r nan CMC, «-uiie confounding ire lawyer- and Justice with her volubility, acd ni-o dinu much amazement to the lawyers ft. the room cy h-;r threatening looks and speech at the unhappy WJI lam. The defend ant was required to tlgn a recognizance In the f=nro of JwO- 1 for appcaiance at the Recorder's Cocrt, end Maitba, in a similar miuncr, reluc tantly favc bail or fill) to keep the peace. UstxATfUAx. Conduct.—Au inqn:et will he held tbi* morning at the Armoiy on t*:o body of au In fant which die ’ rn Sunday night. at :hc “ Brown llone,” a bamio. at No. —"7 Wells .-treot. The child was three weeks old. and was left there. It is alleged, ou Saturday afterfloon, its mother ijrombTng to return in an hour or two. She did jjot come, and the vomta in the uou-e treated the infant with much t»-nderxt*s ills said, toougb the event v.a«r«sardcd as lather common-place, er cent iu the ammumect It afforded them. J-'he child's death was nol known till ycstercay morn ing. instead of cat-riag a shadow over the hearts ol (hope who bat fondled the lefsm, the presence of diaih seemed rather to excite a thocki eg airth fulcc?k the cbis passing the life’e-* body to each other, uficcting to teed It, to make It laugh or cry. and talking prattle to the silent corpse. A police man interrupt' d this horrid revel and conveyed the body to the Armory. Eetthk or Bishop Wuiteqocse.— A meeting of the clergy and laity of tne Episcopil Churches of Chicago was held last evening la the office of G. R- Clit'enden, E«q., on Dearborn street, for the ■purpose of completing the arrancem nta for the reception of Bifbop whitchousi- on his return to this city Kev. U. W. Beers, President. In the cbmr The following is a summary of the ar rangement* made. The exercise- will be held in Trinity Church on the evening of Monday, the 16ih instant .... The following committee was appointed , to wait upon the Bishop on his arrival and notify him of the proposed reception: Kev. Clinton Locke. D D.. Dr. C. V. Kelly, George C. trect, Judge I-. B. Otis and George I'. Toe. Committee on Services—ib-v. Clinton Locke, Rev. IJ. W, Beers, and George P, Lee. Tbc adorers ol welcome on buna If of the clergy Will be delivered by Bcv. Clinton Lo'iie. The addrciß of welcome on behalf of the laity wlb he delivered by Eon. Tbniaaa Drummond The clergy arc rcqne'icd to be present at Trin- Jtv Cbttich vnth their surplices at a quarter before eevcu o'clock ou Monday ev uiug. The Church cl* rgy arc requeated to give notice of the time avd place ot the reception from taelr pulpUa oh nest babbaih. COMMdN COUNCIL. Effrnlar Meeting—Appointment of Tax Commissioner Postponed— Choice of Cifr Assessors. Inspector* of Election—Uncertainty afeont tbe Charter. A regular meeting of (he Common Council was held last evening, Bis Honor the Mayor—John B, Rice—preeidirg. There were present Aider men Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’ Wolf, Wti marth, Calkme, Kaus, Fionucan. Hatch, Wall work, Moore, Schuler. Rafferty, Talcott, Woodard, Bixby, Bolden, Russell, Ackbofi; Gaslfield, Hunt ley, Pioudloot, Fran re n, E ngel, Shackford, Law son. Clark and ©’Sullivan. The reading of tbe Journal having been dis pensed with . TAX COKWISETOITETL His Conor the Mayor nominated for Commissioner of Taxes—C. N. Holden. Aid. D'Wolf asked that evidence be prerented of the passage of on act amborizinc the appoint ment or creating the office. Aid. Holden moved to confirm tbe nomination. Aid. D’Wolf moved to refer the nomination to Ibe Committee on Judiciary. Tbe Mayor ruled tbe motion out of order. Aid. Sbackford demanded the reference of the communication, . . Aid. D’Wolf appealed from the decision of the Chair. Aid. Telcoti then remarked that he thought the nominee to be an improper person to receive the office; tbe people having once voted him down as a city officer when he ran as Mayor against Mr. P, C. Sherman. Aid. D’Wolf spoke against the confirmation, urging that by age aud habit the nominee was in capacitated to attend to the minute details of so Important and active an office. Aid. Lawson advocated (he confirmation, ex pressing it as h!s view that Mr. Holden was fully competent to the discharge of all tbe duties of tbe office, and one who would control the public sen timent in bis favor. Aid. Bixby, Knickerbocker and C. C. P. Holden advocated the claims of the nominee to be con firmed. Tbe vote war taken, with the following result Apes—Aid. Knickeroocker, Cox. Carter, Fiona can, Moore. Schuler. Woodward, Bixby, Holden, Proudfoot, Lawson, ©'Sullivan—l2. Soya —Aid. D’Wolf; Calkins, Kano, Hatch, Wall- Talcott, Russell, ACkhoff, Gar field, Hunt ley, Franzen, Engel, Clark—l 4. ilia Honor, the Mayor, then announced that Mr. Bolden not being elected, be should nominate for tbe office Augustus H. Barley. The Corporation Counsel being called upon in regard to tbe legality of the appointment, said •hat he doubled whether the law had passed. Aid. Lawson moved to postpone tbe election of Tax Commissioner to the next meeting. Tbe Mayor said (bat every man's name whom he proposed to nominate baa been written down in ms office and exhibited to almost every one who came there, end the universal lediog seemed to be that he was tbe best man for the place. The vote on the postponement was then taken, witn the following result: Ayes, 16; uoes, 13 Tbe appointment was, therefore, postponed. Ala. Clark moved that the Mayor appoint a committee of two, from each Division of the cl IT, to report on the salary; proper to be paid to the Assessors and to the Tax Commissioner. Car ried. Alderman Wicker moved that the salaries of the Eosra of Health be fixed at SSOO each. Alderman Woodard moved to indefinitely post pone the matter. Carried. CITY ASSESSORS. On motion of Aid. Lawson, the CouncD pro ceeded to ballot for three Assessors. Alderman Wicker nominated as Assessor for the South Di vision W. B. H. Gray, who thereupon received 27 votes, tbe entire number cast, and was declared tmacim onsly ei ectco. Aid. Clark nominated for Assessor for the North Division Andrew Nelson, who received 28 badots, the entiie number cast, and was declared unani mously elected. Aid. Bolden nominated as Assessor for tbe West Division. Pleasant Amlck, and Alderman Talcott nominated Samuel McCoitcr. Aid. Holden aud Bixby spoke In favor of Mr. Amlck. end Aid. Talcott aud Woodward for Mr. McCottcr. The Council then proceeded to ballot with the following result: Amick, 18; McLotit-r. 11. • Pleasant Amlck was declared unanimously elected. zkevxctous or ELicnox. On motion of Alderman Lawson the Council proceeded to elect Judges of ERcilon, with the loliowing result: finer Waud— First Precinct—Simeon W King, Geo. E. Kimberly, W. Keisevßeed. Voting place: 41* Wabash avenue. Second Precinct—Coas. P. Chllson, Peter Bcgtiz. A. Banyan. Voting place, corner of S'ale and Van Bnreu streets. Second Waud—First Precinct—W. B. D. Gray, Geo. H. Lafim.Wm. T. Hancock. Voting place, sombwest corner of State and Van Boren streets. Second Precinct—Arthur Dixon, Michael Doyle, A. F. Becker. Voting place, northwest corner of Sherman and Van Boren streets. Temp Warm—First Product—F. D. Grav, Peter Reis, J. D. Jennings. Voting place, corner Clark end Taylor streets. Second Precinct—W. W. Smith, James Dolton. N. S. Bouton. Voting place, 724 State street. Fomrn Ward—First Precinct—Wm Wheeler. Clancy, John Forsyth. Voting place, Buel Douse, southeast comer Twenty-third and State streets, second Precinct—M. vanAHen, W. *P. Comstock. Mark Kimball. Voting place, Engine Douse. Cottage Grove avenue. Fifth Ward—First Precinct—Henry Mori’z, James Brennan, Michael Schunlz. Voting place, No. 20 Archer road. Second Product—James Clary, Christian Houch, Thos. McMahon. Voting place, comer Archer road and Deenng streets. Sixth Ward—First Precinct—J cremlah dowry, B. G, Gil), Nicholas Linden. Voting place. Engine Donee, Maxwell street, between Cmal and Clin ton streets. Second Precinct—W. C. Doncher.W. Washburn, Andtew Enzcnbach. Voting place, ’ northwest comer Canal and Polk streets. Seventh Ward—First Precinct—George Leslie, Goiblod Scbaal, Christ. Fitchmeycr. Voting place, southwest comer Union and Mitchell streets. Second Precinct—o. J. Gillespie. August Burning, Pat. Garagher. Voting place, Engine House, Bine Island avenue. Eighth Ward—First Precinct—H, L. Frisby, Wm. Kaiser. John Comisky. Voting place, bouse of Fred. Hanky, comer Blue Island avenue and Sampson street. Second Precinct—M. Gifford, George Virge, Patrick Cadman. Voting place, house of Ja>. Bridge, near West Polk street. Numi Ward—First Precinct—G, W. French, R. Taylor, John E. Slridiron. Voting place, cor ner Southwestern Flank Road and MadUon street. Second Precinct—H. A. Wynkoop. s. McColter, D. Worthington. Voting place, Washington Skating Park. Tenth Ward—First Precinct—E. H. Aiken, C. G. Crook, J. W. Boydee. Voting place, D. P. Darns Engine Douse, on Jackson street. Second Precinct—Alvin Salisbury, Geo. W. Bohannon, A. L-Amberg. Voting place. Engine House, comer Clinton and Washington streets. Eleventh Ward—First Prcdnct—Wm. Way man. George Morey, Henry Osade. Voting place. Cambridge House, comer of Carroll and Dcs plstnes streets. Second Precinct—Joseph I*. Sitts, Oliver Johnson, Pat. Maginnu. Voting place, house oiD.AckhoS, comer of Daisied street and Milwaukee avenue. Twxnrm Warm—First Precinct—L. A. Dans -1 Men, C. Dnensing, £. O’Brien. Voting place. John Bidder's, corner of Chicago and Milwaukee avenues. Second Precinct—O. W. Potter, W. rbapman, Henry Thles. Voting place, bouse of Ixmu Krcuster, Elston road. TnmTEßxn Ward—First Precinct—C. Lauder, Cbas. Nibbee. German Kiergen. Voting place, Engine House Larrabee street, neir North are rue. Second Precinct—Conrad Schell, C. W. Can teen, E. Wakenbeck, Voting place. No. C 26 Wells street. , _ . fonrmSTß Ward-First Precinct—Chn§. Pasch, Jno. McHogb, P. E. Gerblng. Voting place, cor. Larrabee and Clybonm avenue. Sec ond Precinct, Phil. Steinmueller. J E.winkelman, Isaac Ruttiehanser. Voting place, boose of Fntr Frfliroan, comer Webs street and Chicago av. enue. Futeexth Ward—First Precinct—J. A. Nel son, Retry Wendt, Owen McCarty. Voting place, northwest com r r Wells street and Cbicigo avenue. Second Precinct—Andrew Nelson, G. W. Sherwood, John McMahon. Voting place, north west comer ol Green Bay street and Chicago &V |txTEEjrnx Warp—First Precinct—Andrew Nelson, D. H. Lincoln, Thomas Carney. Voting place, comer of Indiana and Wells streets. Sec ond Precinct —A. B. Reynolds. A. G. Bnsscc. Pat rick Smith. Voting place. North Market Hall. On motion of Aid. Moore, the vote postponing (be appointment of Tax Collectors to tbe next ses sion was reconsidered and simply postooned. On motion of Aid. Clark, the Cleric was Instruct ed to proceed at once to Springfield to procure a certified copy of die amended chy charter. THE FIRE OUDDJAKCE. Aid. Holden offered a petition for the repeal of (he fire ordinance, which was referred to the Com mittee on Fire and Water. Aid. D’Wolf presented several petitions In favor of the ordinance; which were similarly referred. Surety petitions for pedlers' licensee were re ferred to ite Mayor with power to act. Tire Bt-TfAiO ALBEUatBK. A committee, consisting of Aid. Wicker, Wil marib and others, reported that in behall of the city, they bad entertained a delegation o( nine gentlemen from BoCalo, and convey q them about the city to ail places of interest, &c. The report was accepted and adopted. FUNDUtES. A complaint from James Clcllond, In regard to the lenity showed by policemen toward wealthy offenders, &c., was referred to tne Committee on Petitions of fhe First Presbyterian Cbnrcb and others, for abatement of taxes, were referred to proper committee. Apelilonfrom certain parties in the northern part of the State for on ordinance requiring the purchase of fruit by weight, was referred to the Judiciary Committee. _ . A communication from A. R. Walker regarding a paint which he has invented for preserving iron work, was referred to the Board of Public Works. A petition against an ordinance offered by Aid. Talcotr in regard to the Chicago, Alton & St. Louis Railroad, was referred. Aid. Woodward presented an ordinance in regard to the existing title of lot-owner* in the City Cemetery, providing that the purchase money paid for lots etnUhe refunded if demanded, or, if owners shall elect, that new Jots shall be purchased for them. It was ordered to been grossed. _ The monthly statement of the City Comptroller ol receipts and disbursements was received nod referred to the proper commiuce. An order from the Board of Public Works, for ihe refunding ol taxes paid for certain street Im provements,lllegally ordered, was directed to »e juhliehed. „ _. A peiition from the Pittsburgh & Fort Wayne Railroad Company, for permission 10 store pecro !• nm and other combustibles on the corner ot state and Twelfth elrc»;j?. was ordered to he cn- Rl Aif ordinance requiring the City Comptroller to pay ten per cent of the money received from liquor licenses to the Washington Home, was re icrrcd to Ihc Finance Committee. The Council then adjourned. Tttt Cheat Chicago Op.oak.—The llarlford Cour ant of a recent dale contains a lemrtny description of the organ just completed at Westfield (Mass.) for iboifirstßapilstCburcbln this city, for thesnm of SIO,OOO, exclusive of case. We give the follow and the builder may confidently claim that It is unsurpassed In beauty ana purity of ton-, cust&e tet bite voicing, perfection of action and general ••fleet, by any organ of Its size ever built In this country. Tuc voicing of each stop ts positive and characteristic, and an expert organist can in this organ fled bis complete orchestra. The lol loping shown the compass and capacity of the organ: Compass ofllrmuab from CC to A In alt., 53 notes. Compass o* pedals, from <’CC to E ... 27 ** The Great Organ contains 127 d pipes. The Choir Oi gau “ The Swell Cbgan “ The Pedal Organ ** Total 8031 pipes. To these arc added twelve mechanical applian ces for varied combinations.- To the great man ual ip applied the so-called pncnmauc lever, an Invention for the purpose of lightening the touch, and ot incalculable advantage, if not a necessity, in an iiiflrnroeut of so great dimensions. By an ingenious contrivance called the ‘Great Organ separation,” the other key-boards receive the benefit of this application, without necessarily makiTS me ot the Great Organ, The stillness of tire, a* well a* the pedal action, is admirable. Another admirable Invention, applied 'or the ficEtumeto any organ, is the "leaf-turner,” by which means the performer, by a touch of the fin ger or foot can turn-bis leaves at pleasure. It can be cppUcd will equal advantage to the piano. The Feslaks— Ahhiyal op Golosh. BorruTa. —1 be expected arrival of Colonel RuberU, Ihe I’iCfidcnt of the Sweeney wing ol the Fenian Brotherhood, occasioned considerable excitement last night among the Fenians of ibis city, o ma jority of whom crc adherents of the Roberta fac tion. rhere appeared to be much nccr talnty ae when ce would come and at wbicli of the depots, and tide caused a vast deal of unccceespry marching and coumcrmatchltig. El”ht o’clock being the time originally an nounced. the miltary portion of the Brotherhood assembled, eh bom in advance, a! Feman Hall, to make p»erar al l° us 1- ° r k* 3 reception. The “ Boys In Giecn, about three bundled In number, with a band of music at their head, and with banners firing, marched from the comer of Randolph and Wells streets to the Pittsburgh 4 Port Wayne depot, to wait (be coming of their chiet The nlrbt ires one ol the *' most distressful” that coaid , have been chosen. A heavy sootr storm wag falling, which did not much enhance the pleasure of the march. The Precdent did not come to time, eo the regi ment, iollowed by a large concourse of Irish citi zens, proceeded to tbe Michigan Central depot to the tune of ‘‘Oarryowen.” 1 hey were again disap pointed. and thinking Mr. Rooerts might arrive at tbe Michigan Hon them depot, they struck up *‘Sf. Patrick's Day In the Morning,” and went in that direction- Mot finding him there, the regi ment separated and went home. Colorel Roberts arrived sbont midnight by tbe Michigan Central, and pot np at the Tiemont House, where he was received by a select party of his countrymen. Be ing latigued with his long Journey, be was doabt less glad to be spared the pleasant cask of making u speech, and he retired without a serenade. THE EDWARDS’ ABORTION SUIT. The Case In Court—A Singular Scene— The Proscutrix Ketoses to Testif j aud is Committed for Contempt, Dr, Edward* Discharged) there Being No Evidence Against Efim* Tbe indictment against Dr. E. W. Edwards, pre ferred some months since, in tbe Recorder's Court, charginebim with procuring a miscarriage upon the person of one Kate Marlowe, was yes erday called into court npon trial. The medical profession was largely represented in the court room. They seemed to manifest con siderable feeling In the matter, aud somewhat reeiy expressed (heir op inion that the prosecu tion originated in a desire to black maQ. There seemed to be indications too of a length ened discussion of tbe merits of tbe statements of the only witness for ibe prosecution, which it was proposed to submit to the scrutiny of science and tbe test of cross-examination, The line of tbe defence in tended to be made can now only be learned by a short summary of tbe opening for the defence. As It will appear, a trial became impossible. In opening the case, the State's Attorney, Charles H. Heed, Esq., merely cited tbe Jury to the statute under which (he Indictment bad been lonnd. Hiram S. Chose, Esq., on behalf of the defend ant, having referred to the personal history of thedoctor, then stated tbe points in the intended defence. The young and very unfortunate prose cuting witness was led away through seduction, to a course of prostitution. The evil results cf her life were produced and the defendant was called m to visit her professionally at the house of tU-famc of Kate Hutton. Shu was prescribed for. Subsequently Dr. Hahn was called in. He also prescribed for her. She re moved to a bouse on Fourth avenue and con tinued to ply her evil cotuse of life. From that bouse she wa? discharged on account of her physical condition. She then sought tbe estab lishment ol Emma Brandon. There, admitted by reason of her feebleness, she again received med ical attendance, being found in a highly advanced stage of disease. Next she took up her abode with Madame Buford, where she was still treated, and where she was found by her family. Here, be said, was developed a plan of securing to herself some sustenance from her se ducer. She Informed her associates that If she could lead him to believe she was pregnant be would marry, or at least support her. She then turd out the warrant against him for fornication, which she snpposed was in bastardy. Shortly after she escaped from her home and sought coun sel rad comfort m another house ofill-Tame. Deie a second time Dr. Edwards was called in, and then she claimed to be pregnant. Examina tion developed Ibe presence of B'.pbllla, bar. tbe absence of the otner cause of inquiry. He pre scribed for her again, and all his prescriptions In the original ate in the hacds of the drug gists who compounded them, to be subjected to physicians present in court who would testify that far from procuring a nn- carriage they would teed tf need, to prevent it. Heexjrcssed it tbal this prosecution was, in the bands of its originators, first a plan to blackmail, and secondly, that ru , new of ibe oath made in the prosecution of Gard ner It b» came necessary to support that oath by some course which would explain the absence of the infant. In concluding, toe counsel stated os a fact that within forty-eight hours two parties had wafted npon the detendaut with oners to Lush up the proceediugfor a consldemtion. Mr. Rccd demanded that the names of these parties thou be given him. Mr. Cbo: e declined at present to give the names. He would, however, say that one is a lawyer, hav ing an office in Morrison Block, and tbe other a man who wears a star as a county constable. The counsel for the people then called the pros ecuting witness. rate ttAunowE. She had been previously swore, and now, when she came upon (be stand, a most unusual scene transpired. The proceedings were aa follows: A. What is jour name? A. Catharine Mar lowe. Q. Where do you live now, Catharkc! A. I don't live anywhere. lam In the convent. Q. Where r A. On the North Side. Q. Do yon know Dr, Edwards, this defendant f A. Yes sir. 1 don't wish to have anything to say about the case. The Court. Catharine, you must answer the questions which are asked you. It yon do not it will be my doty to send you to jail and keep you there until yon do. You are sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and 1 shad re* quire of you to remember the solemn character of your oath. Q. How long have yon known Dr. Edwards? A. 1 won't answer. The court—So yon refuse to answer? A. Yes, sir. 1 do. And then it was ordered that the Sheriff dispose of the contumacious witness in the Jail. She was at once taken down. The mother of (bo girl, in view of the fact that bertestomony might be needed, bad been ex cluded from the bearing. After some Utile delay tbe Court ordered bet to be produced. Whcnsbe came to the bar, the following conversation passed: The Court—What is your name! A. Jane Marlowe. Tbe Court—ls Catharine Marlowe your daugh ter? A. Yes. The Coml—She has been on the stand, she has refused to answer tbe Questions put to her. and has been committed to jail. If you thick you can prevail on her to answer yon can eo to her and remind her of her duty to the Court aud the public as well as to the defendant, and yon most uo conversation with her about the merits of ibis ease, and you must speak with her on no subject, excepting to advise her to answer aud tell the truth and all the truth. ICII uic uuiu auu an iuv m u<u. Tbe mother went down In charge of an officer, after some delay. Mr. Thomas, counsel assisting the prosecution in behalf of the parents of tbe girl, moved the Court tbat the defendant end bis counsel he al lowed to gu to the jail, and in presence of an officer urge upon tbe girl the propriety of re spending to questions put to her. Tbe Court al lowed this, and a space of about fifteen minutes expired before word was hi are), wren it was re ported that the witness still declined to testify, The Court then ordtredihet to be produced again id court. When the came in she slated, in reply to the Judge, that she now would testify. The examin ation nas then resumed. Tne witnee said that she knew Dr. Edwards since last April, she had twice thought herself tncittUf, but was oMy so once, and that was when she was at Mrs. Bulord's. She «as treated for U in October. Tbe witness again declined peremptorily to an swer an* other questions, especially ebe would not state’at wh-.t place tbe miscarriage was pro cured. some length of time was spent In endeav oring to procure a reply. The Court ex- Siained to tbe girl her personal danger, at eho still declined. An order was thereupon entered committing her during ten days to the County Jail for contempt. It needed a consultation to know what waa now to be done. The jury could not be kept in duress ten days, awaiting the pleasure efthe contumacious prosecutrix. Neither could the Conrt allow that testimony delivered under inch drcoroslances should be considered, the more so &e the opportunity lor cross-examination was lost, and there seemed to be grave doubta whether the jury would believe her if ebe dll tes tify further. . . . . ... Mr. Thomas suggested that, perhaps, the de livery was in the convent, and that there might be some objection to making the statement on this ground. Dr. W. D. Winer staled that this conldnotbe the cause, as the thing conld not have happened in her case. , It now seeming necessary to abandon the pros ecution, bud the "defendant being, ashla counsel claimed, ready to receive his acquittal, the * Conrt Instructed «be Jury that a verdict of " not guilty" ought to be rendered. Tbe verdict was so recorded. AIHIJSU.nENTS. Grata House.—The dramatic combination, of which is the chief attraction, appeared lust nlgntlnanewdiama,writleufor Lolta by John Brougham, eniiiled “Mttle Nell and the Marchio ness.” Uis not, as announced In the play-bill, an adaptation from Dickens* Curiosity ahop. but seems to be a play founded on one Incident of that story. It in'rodnees, however, some of the most prominent characters, including Onilp, Dick Sniveller, Samoson, and Sallv Brass, and the result is a very entertaining drama- T*otla herself personates a character which few who are familiar with her Eeculiar ways on (he stage would have expected er to undertake, and she throws a degree of pathos Into the rendition whicn In Lotta was sur prising. There is a complete absence of that pe culiar mannei ism upon which she chiedy relies. The play will he repeated every evening until lorlber notice. _ . „ . McVickeb’s Theatre.— Vcstvall commenced nn engagement last evening, opening In Broughams spectacular play of "Bel Demonlo. A fall house greeted her on her first appearance alter an absence of two years. The part of “An gelo” is one wnicU Vestvall has made her own. and at a rendition of a male character by one of the weaker sex It is eminently successful, she avoids to a great extent, many of those excesses which tcm&les ate apt to fall into In presenting snch characters. Uer voice is a pare baritone, and this ald» her materially in sustaining the Illu sion. To-night “Bel Demonlo” will be repealed. Mcsevn.—Anew scenic drama hy Wilkie Col lins, endued the “Frozen Deep” was produced for Uic first tunc last night to a good house, it might have hetu more acceptable to present such a piece during the warm saromcr data when the sight of the polar regions would be refreshing by way of contrast. The author appears to have •riudied Agassiz to some purpose, and bis drama is full of icy Ideas and glacial phenomena. Con siderable rime seems to be frittered away in un important action. ns in the throwing of dice, which Is lencthllv drawn out, which Is not at all necessary. The'play was creditably presented, and drew torth ircqucnl applause from the audi ence- II will he repeated to-night. emeus —Mr. James Robinson commenced his last week at the coliseum last evening, a crowded hou«e greeting him. lie has made hosts ol friends and thousands of admirers during his brief stay here, and many good wishes will follow him across the water on his European tour. The Con tend wi’l not be barren of attraction after bis dc p-utme, though he is (ho bright particular star of thecomranv, and has done ranch to render the ivlntci seaeon a great success. promises to be good, unless a thaw should come upon ns sooner than want-id. • Unlimited Pact nehsii it.— Some time since we announced that John B. Walsh, Esq.,- the well known new® ngect and bookseller of this city, had formed a parnursbip for the purpose of cp la-cieg Ms bn-lnes* faculties. Woaronow able to that be has entered into another part ner-hip. this time wPh n lady. We trust that the new partnership will prove both agreeable and profitable to bom partle*. Convention Nominations Primary' .TJcetingß To tbo Editor of the Chicago Tribune: . it will be recollected, Mr. Editor,that sev eral meetings were held In this city last nil. to consider what changes might be made in our del egate-convention system of nominations to obvi ate the maul abuses that are gradually creeping in and threatening lo destroy the usefulness of that method of concentrating strength. At those meeting* a proportion to substitute direct toting lor candidates at the primary elections was ably advocated by several prominent ilemcn, having in view the public welfare and the preservation of an iodepcnilent elective franchise, acd was also favorably noticed in the Tiubuse. . Atone of those meetings a committee was ap pointed to report coon subject, since which there has been no action or conclusion made public. As chairman of those meetings, the proposition to change the manner of selecting candidates for ofiice by the primary meetings, without the intervention of delegates and convention?, pressed itself noon my atusn tlon; and I have since given it more carciul con sideration. While the objections to the present mode of making nominations ore as many acd as forcible as ever, no eub*l!tme has been suggested mote free Irom nlllicaitles and objections. It ought not to be said that In this progressive dvy of thought and action, no other plan of indica tion, (to concentrate the power of a people or a purl») could be proposed; bat there I? generally so litllo interest manifested to build a new bridge, untb tome terrible accidenthappens by the break ing down of the old one, tnal it is to be appre hended the present method will b? adhered to until a similar calamity overtakes us. Neverthe less, It is the part of wisdom, so long as we make n«eofthe convention machinery, to preserve It Irom abuse, and prevent, as lar as vre possibly ib2 “ car. the wire palling, and dishonesty so frequent ly charged, and so seldom dlaprored. Onr municipal spring election is apuroacMng, and the usual convention for nominations will undoubtedly be called. Are not the following sug gestions worthy of ccneiderailon; and If we moat continue the convention sja’cm, abouM we not : make It ae perfect and unobjectionable as pos sible ? lit. The committee selecting the Inspectors of tbe pilmary meetings should first consult with the pr isons tiny select, and have tbelr consent to serve; to be on hand punctually at the time and place of meeting; andooiemtbe iostracnoos of the committee aithtully and honorably. 2d. Instruct the lospeciors to procure a good ballo'-boi, in which they shall deposit the bal lots ; to keep a poll boot, ana enter the name of every voter whose vole is accepted. 3d. To confine the vote strictly to the voters of the Republican Union party, and to require of each perron offering to vote, to state publicly and unequivocally that be voted for the candidates of (be last Republican Union nomination, (if be voted at that election), and that he Intends to vote for the Republican Union candidates of the nest convention. 4tl». To procure a list of the registered voters of their ward, and receive no ballot except ibe per son's name be on that Hat, or be be qualified, ac cording to law, to vote at the next election. Sth. If any Inspector falls to attend hU polls, or refuses or neglects to act, the inspector or inspec tors present ehail select other inspector or in spectors, and require of him or them a promise to fiutbrally observe the foregoing instructions. To the above instructions, donblles*, others mlghlibe noded, which, with them, would obviate many of ibe objections to the convention sys tem. At many of our primary meetings, unscru pulous politicians bare elected their dciera’es by enticing voters from all parties to cast tbelr bal lots for delegates, and urns, by inviting the ene mies of. the Republican party into their midst, have placed ft In danger of being overthrown, in some unguarded hour, by pretended Iriends, who only await an opportunity to overthrow and de stroy it Ills greatly to bo desired, that some method, order and rules, for a fair expression of a Republican choice of tbelr own party candt dates, sbonld be adopted and strennooaly on foiced; and that delegate?, surreptitiously elect ed, should not be admitted into Convection; It is with this object in view that the above eugecs- Hone have bera writbn; if anyone can add to them, or suggest better ones, be shall have my thanks, and. 1 think, the thanks of all the friends oi right, Justice and order. _ Wh. n. Sticsset. jhixli MATTERS, A Reliable Remedy for expelling worms, so common with young children, will be found in Brown’s “Vemriroge Comfit*," or Worm Lozenges, which arc pleasant to tbe taste: and no child will refuse to take them. Tbe combination of Ingredients used la making the '‘Comfits” is such as to give tbe best possible effect with safety. Brown’ii Bronchial Troches* when allowed to dissolve In the month, have a direct in fluence to the aflected parts; the eootfilug effect to the mucous lining oi the windpipe allays pul monary irritation and gives relief in Coughs, Colds, and the various Throat Affections to wmch public speakers and others arc liable. For Thirty-five Tear* Swaync’* Oint ment has been the sovereign remedy for Itcb, Tet ter and all Skin Diseases. Sold by all druggists. Wholesale by Burnhams & VanScbaak. The Franklin Brick niacblnet lastly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great suenctb, ana immense compressing power, is octauaxteed, with debt men and two horse?, to self-temper the clay, and make 3,00 Uto 8,!00 clerant bricks per hour. J. H. Resick, proprietor, No. 71 Broad* wey» New York. Room - i3. Juniper Tar Soap cares chapped bands, salt rhenm, pimples, and all entaneons af fections, rendcrlrz the skin soft and smooth. Manntactnrod by Caswell, Mace & Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. The ‘*JEinn*t noiseless fcocb-stltch Sewinc Machines, for family and manafactnrlne purposes—Western office, U 7 Washington street, Chicago. J. H. Lebow, Agent. A MARINE DISASTER. The Banting of the Steamer Anda* iDsla. {From the New York Tribune, March 9.] The following la the s'atementof Captain West: Wc left New York In the steamer Andalusia at 3:10 p. jo. on Saturday, March 2, 1667. with nine cabin passengers and a crew consisting of twenty* tight persons, an d a very large general cargo. Saturday night and Sunday we had the wind strong from the nonbeast to north, with rain and heavy sea. On Sunday evening, at seven o’clock, while wc were at tea, we beam an unusual noise on deck; 1 left the cabin to see what was the matter. When I got out on deck, the engineers and firemen were coming oat of (be engine room hatch, crying “fire! fire 1” The smoke was com ing ont at the same time. I ascertained from the Chief Engineer, who had just come out of the engine room that the fire was forward of the boiler. The hose was pointed down the hatch, and several meu were working the Eumps, when the flames burst oat up the alcn and around (be smoke slack, which was less than five mum tee after the fire was discovered. 1 then ordered the sills clewed np and laid aback, and the fhlp beaded for the steamer Man hattan, which was about three miles occur port bow. Ihe officers ol the Manhattan must nave discovered the fire the moment it burst out, for wbtlewewcre taking in sail I saw her lights coming towards ns, We were going ahead at least seven knots. The fire and smoke bad driven every one out of the engine-room before the engine could be stopped. 1 then ordered »be safety-valve lifted, which was done by the chief engineer and bis first assistant, by taking an oar and lilting the safety-valve lever. The oar was held nntii it burnt in two. Hawsers were towed over the side in hopes they would foul the propeller. Finding the fire could not be kept coder. 1 ordered the first offi cers to take charge of the starboard after-boat, second mate starboard forward, and purser port after-boat. ] gave them orders not to permit the boats to be lowered until the ship’s headway was stopped. The two lady passengers were taken out of Ibc cabin; one I gave In charge to Mr. Norton, first officer, and the other I kept with me, with four passengers. In a few moments after pning these orders the second officer rclnrned and informed me that the starboard forward boat was goce. having been cut adrift. After getting onboard ibc steamer Manhattan we foned that •be boat bad been cut adrift at tbe time the sails wire being clewed up by two men and a mess boy. Only the mess boy was saved. Tbo port ■ficr-boat was lowered down bow first before tbo ship was stopped. It was swamped. Tbc putter, second assistant engineer, one pas senger, and two firemen were washed out of tbc boat and lost. Tbe patent towing apparatus on the port forward boat broke at the alter cud, which caused three passengers, New York pilot, and one other person to be thrown ont of the boat and lost overboard. They were put lu the boat wltb a lady passenger and her son, ready for lowing, when the ship's headway was stopped. After the ship was stopped tie boat was lowered lu Ibc water. Her bow was stove is. and she was filled with water. I bad the boat bailed out by the chief engineer and one of tbc cooka. 1 gave orders to the second officer to bc<ld a nit, which was done wltb the water casks, spars, ami the doors ol tbe pilot and other houses, 'ibe left was launched and lay alongside of the ship, ’ibc first officer lowered bis boat as soon as the ship stopped. The lady pas sengers were put in the port for ward boat with nine others. At 10:30 p. is. I got in the boat and palled round the ship to sec if any one was banging to tbe ship. Just before leaving the ship 1 beard the Manhattan whistle close to os. When we got on the weather side of the Andalusia we saw one of the Manhattan's boats go up to the ship. We spoke them and In' I formed them there were several on board. Fi nally, we nulled for the Manhattan, our boat being half-full of water, with two meu balling her out with buckets: tbc bow was stove lu, and by the providence of God we reached the Manhat tan. Tbe sea and wind in the lost two hours bad abated, or the boat would not have lived. When wc arrived on hoard tnc Manhattan we found the other boats bad been picked up—tbe first officer's boat, the starboard forward boat with a boy in, and tbe port after boat with four firemen (the rest having been washed out); one of the men had a death grasp on the seals. Tbc chief officer of tbe Manhattan, Mr. McCrea, to whom too much praise cannot he giv en, along himself in a bowline, went in the sink ing boat, and slung the man and got him on hoard. I Ihe above facts I was Informed of after I got on board tbe ship. Tbe first fifteen minutes after the fire broke out tbc men were panic-stricken, and all those that were lost were lost in that time, ex cept those that were lost by tbe patent lowering apparatus giving away in the port torward boat, wc succeeded in abating Ibe excitement, and got tbe men under control, and they behaved very well alter that time. As we left tbe Andalusia tbc mainmast and smoke-stack fell, and before tbc Manhattan lell the wreck she was enveloped in flames, and in a half hour after It set in a thick fog. Tbe passengers, officers and crew lost every thing bm what they had on. DUEL SEAK TIEX3A. A German Prlnc Killed by an Adjutant. [Correspondence of the Now York World.] Vienna. February 20. On the ICth Prince Bernhard Solms. an Aus trian artillery officer, and nephew of the former King ol Hanover, fell in a duel with Count Wcdell, Adjutant of “Elng” Ueorgc. About seven o'clock in the morning an expressman brought a note to the police, which said that a duel between two officers belonging to the high aristocracy would take place at eight o'clock in the neighborhood ol the pleasure-house in the plain of the Prater, and begged them to prevent U. several members of the police were hastily de spatched in flncrcs to the'spot. Here they found a couple of equipages, the drivers of which at first refused to give the names of their masters, but at last confessed them, aod said that they bid brought thitber five officers and two gentlemen In civil drese- They also gave a direction as the one Ihe company bad taken. About ten minutes at leewards a group of four officers and a person tkaihly pale and In citizens' dress, came out of a grove diti'erent from the one pointed ont.bflsltncd to tbc carriages, and, unmolested by the police, hurried back to the city. The missing officer was Prlcce Solms. Ho had taken his place, ami. motionless, awaited the fiist slot: Von Wcdell, at the appointed moment, advanced to the bnrrlcre ten paces, and shot him through the breast. Carried at first to bis carriage, and ’hen on a stretcher to his boose, a council of sargeoue decided that oil that could be done for him was to alleviate bis agony as much as possible and he died at 2 o'clock the next morning Count Von Wcdell was the pallid civilian. He had on the same morning received permission troro the King to travel, and so nt 5 o'clock in the afternoon, having passed the time In Dommaytr's Cassioo, be left by the Western Railway. MARKETS BY TELEBRAPH. New York Financial News. [Special Despatch to the cnicagoTrlbane.) New Yoke, March 1!. The stack market opened e‘.ro; s, Erie (o irainon) be ing the favorite stock, bat afterwards fell from fCtf to 51*. Alter call the market was excited, Eric (common) advancing to 6.', the balance of the list having ad vanced I V cent. At the 12;'W Hoard the market was th>bUhcst; but at one o'clock prlctß fell J(. with loreo realizing. Altrrward?, there was no Interest tiken, at.d Eric (common) became the favorite stock. Attbo 8:?0C HI the market was lower, and with no disposition to sell, but with no signs to “bear'’ the market, tbs •*bcois*havinc turned •‘bnlU" for tbi present. Toe nark statemtnt was received very favorably, whlcn went towards helping the market, and also giving tt more snjpcrt from outsiders than tt lias for some month! port. The money market Is easy. Gold opined at IJjtf and became weak. Governments were steady. At the fire o'clock Board Erie (c:mmon) was steady at GOiT. The market looks like bruing. Speculation has commenced, with a good borrowing demand for stocks. 353 [Associated Press Report 1 New Tons. March 11. MONET. Money more steady at 6 ¥* cent on call. FCtEIGN EXCHANGE. Sterlirg Aim, at 10S;,'gHW.v in gyld for first-class Gold shade h'dic*. oppuing at 13a, advancing to ISSN, and cicsiDg at 131£. GOVEUNtItXYS. Government stocks shade higher. LATEH. MONrV. The week epen* with a better feeling in financial circles, and an merested disposition u specu’ate lor a tl«e «t the exchange the monetary situation la without df-clded change, although capital h oITTcd more freely. The weekly bank leturnls ve.*y favor- Gold opeaed firmly, bnt became weaver as tho day advanced. Government la selling almost dally, bo' col fall? ap to receipts from customs. IhAlMt* The rallwar speculation opened firmly at the open Boarcabd gain'd strensth at the Stock Exchange. After ibc rccniar call the market became very buoyant in the lons room, acd a large business was transacted :r the if'dinc tliarta. The greatest Interest was on Erie cottmoa shares, which rose to Ci*. amid consid erable «al<OTcnl. The balance a ibi lUt was up tMmUto ermpatbr- The preauit movement in &«toct attractsa great deal of attention. Ihe gen- SS ISS cS“u 'St a V. toraa unatar uu oaco Erie taking the Iced ind eeUlas down te (t.NAfier cmnKrtofriito«*.modreactwitoo*. which»n*a a better feeling generaliT. The market was generally lover u compered with the highest point, nutorm. At t&e reduced quotations the number of outside bay «n vu ateacliy increasing. end theie vh mere activ ity and exdutHit chan for m lose time. The Dlrec* ton ol the Hndson Blver Bomd rocommeni an increase la the capital stock to *15£37,4C0 lor extra depot*, double track, 4c. Wm.Heath* Co. report the following: PSICCB AT 9.33 P. V. American gol<Usi*atsi* Hudson 137*0135 0.4 M. cert.... 37*0 nZ Reading. 83W0103* Cantos 46um 4C« il. C ...137* Bo*ton Water *'**** M. 8.. 73*0 73* rawer........ a 0 25* li . Central iisjfcmx Cumberland... 80 a 39 vdltsburgh 82*0 83 QolcisUrer.... 36* « s7* Toledo. . .H7*OU» Mariposa...... 9a 10 R. I.APaclflc.. 96*0 95* Uanpoaa p’ld.. 22*0 a N. W Si a»* ■ 41* N. w. pfd 64 a 64* «• w «™ “*® "* oomavDm. Governments a little nrmer. bat not active. 5-20 Coupe, ’64 IS7* ■ Treaaury.lvt aeries...Uß* 1340* 97* | Treasury, 2d series...lo9* _ BOBDKB STATE BOND*. Steady. Tenne*«ee,6s*; Missouri,97*. . STJummp stocks. Steamship share* Qntet. Atlantic, 87: pacific, 171*. ra i. wm—« Coal stocks qntet and firm. rotnoi KZOHASOS. Sterling dull and weak. The mining market ts more active and firmer, with a general adrance. Cosiolldated Gregory rose to 1,360. Corydon sold at 6103660. Quai tz BUT more active, and rose to 44504C0. Atmsda Silver firm at C 93. Columola advanced to 280Q290. Tbo Produce Market*. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune) Milwaukee, March 11. Floor—Steady bat qntet. Bales 900 brls at f 10.03 for choice single extra city; double extra held atsU.oo; counuydo, no buyers. Wheat—Firm andS£Bc percental higher. Morning Board—Bales 33.000 centals. Noon Board—Soles 23,000 centals, at S3JO@3J2 for No. 3in store; s3^3*.buyers' option next week and sellers' option next week; $3.16 for No. 3; |2J3 for rejected in stcrc and sellers'option next week. Oats—steady. Sales 1,600 centals No. 3 fresh receipts at SU6. Corn—Dull. Bales SOO centals new shelled at $1.29*. Bye and Barley—Unchanged, Provision;—Firm and advancing. Sales73obrts mess pork at $70.00030.50. Pickled bams at I3*ol2*c. Dressed Hogs—Steady at $3.50. Becelots—l,6oo brls flour, 4,000 centals wheat, 40} do oats, 400 do corn, 800 do barley, 150 dressed hogs. Shipments—2,6oo brls flour, 1,300 centals wheat HEW YORK. New Toee, March 11. Cctton—Market more active and a ehvdc firmer. Sales 0f2.800 bales at 39*c lor middling uplands. Floor—Becelpts brls. Market shade firmer and more active, bales of 8,701 b?ls at $3.4009.75 for super State; $8.4009.75 lor super Western; $9.60010.60 for common to medium extra Western; 112.W017.T0 (or choice do; $10.2(011.50 lor shipping brands ol extra round hoop Ohio, and SU.6OOUAOfor trade brands. Whlfkcy—Quiet and unrnangvd. Wheat—UarKct2@3cbelter.and moreaetlre. Bales 0149.4C0b0at for No. 3 Chicago: $7.3707.39f0r No. w Milwaukee: $2.16 for No. 3 do; *2.65 lor winter red Canada and $3.00 lor white California. Bv e—More active and a Hide firmer. Sales of bn Western at |U7kSI.TO. Barley—More active. Sales were: 46,000 bn at 09c for Canada Wcstln bond: $1.3001.31 for Canada West in-e, and |).I2OUS for State. Malt—Barley quiet. Coin—Ktcriptc, 2,750 ba. Market shade firmer bat less active. Sales were: 56,000<*for mixed Western 10 store; ILll*do afloat, and s{.loo* lor sew yellow New Jersey. Oats—Receipu, l.Jit , Oats rather more steadr. Sales were: 49.DU0 du atCOftMc )or Western; C3s67>4Q for sew Ohio; 69070 c for B'ate. STOCKS. .1,441.9311 Barley, bo. .1.871,334 I Malt . 410,360 Wheat, bo. Corn, ha. Oats, bn Rye, ha Hop*—Quiet, luce—Nominal. Coffee—Firm. No sale*. bncar—Bteaoy. wt-h lair demand. Bales were: 900 hhdsCnbaatlOXQiOKc; boxes Havana ut 9\'& 12 c. Molasses—Bather heavy. Sales of SCO bhds Porto Klco on private terms. Petroleum— Drooping. Sales, 2,000 brls at ISC for cruce ana 27c for refined la bond. Potk—Opened qniet and doted firmer, with salnsot 4.200 brls at (32.0fra22.50 Ibr new most, closing at (23 45 regular: 92u.7353t.3S for old mess: (17.00017.50 (or prime, and (19.75M20.5( for prime mess. Also, 1.750 brls n-w mess at setl=r ana buyer March and A P.'«i ..... Beef—Steady, with sales of 395 brls at previous prices. Tierce Beef—Steady. Sale* of 3lt trea at 251.0Cf03J.50 for prime mess, and f15.50055.7s for India miss. Bcel Hams—Firm, with talcs of 199 brls at 136.00$ Bacon—Quiet. Sales of 445 bxs at lOVOIOKC fir Cum berland; for short ribbed, and lie for short clear. Cut steal*—firm. Sales of M 0 pkgs at 9011 c for shoulders, and for hams. Lanl—More active ana firmer, with sales of ],isobrls at 11 VsK%c for old, and for new. Butter—Dull and heavy at 1i229f0r Ohio. Cheese—Unchanged. LATEST—S P. M. I*A . H . 1, J|. Flour—Quiet. Medium grades firm. Wheat—Finn end advancing. Pair speculative de mand for No. 2 spring at (3.250(2.30. _ Corn—Doil. Free srilers’ snipping mixed West ern IMS in store, ard (Mis afloat. Oats—Finn; 60063 c for old Western, and 64067 c for new Ohio. Fork—Steady. Sales 500 brls new mess at (32 593 (32.63 V. ard 350 brls at (32.6214 seller April—closing seller 122.63. S cash and regular. Beef—steady. Bacon—Finn: tOVaIORc for Cumberland middles. Lard—Firm: 11X0l3>Cc for fair to prime. CINCINNATI. CtsctKSATL March 11. Flour—ln fair dtmand and the market Is steady. No change In prices. Wheat—Firmer; (3.60 for No. 1 spring, and (2-80$ 3.90 for winter. Coro—steady. No. 162 cin elevator and 76c In socks. Oats—Firmer and at the close could not have been bought below 52c for No. 1. Rye—Firmer at (1.2301.20. Harley—Unchanged. Whisscy—Steady at 26c in bend. Cotton-Flrmcr, with a local speculative demand and sales of middling uplands at 26c. This demand Is founded on the btllcJ mat prices have reached the bottom. Receipts from Naw Orleans on Saturday were but luco bales, which strengthens mis belief. Mess Pork—Firmer, and at thn close fir-t-cla*B city brands could not have been bought below (21 AO; second class brands sold at 131.00, and country was held at (30.00. Balk Meats—Finn and unchanged. Lard—Higher and very little offering. City coaid not have been bongot below I3#c, and country URc. Bacon—Unchanged and qnlet. Better—Unchanged and steady; sales choice fresh at 30038 c. Eggs-Dnil and prices lower and unsettled, closing at R&lbc per dozen. Orocei les—bteady. Sugar—l2olsc. Codee-2G(«2Sc. aover-(5.:0@9.00 la the jobbing way. Flax, (2AOS (2AO. TIC-Olhv, (3^003.10. Linseed OU—Dull and prices la tbe large way nom inal ai(L4301.«8. Gold—l3l VSI3IY baylnx and 1330135 V selling. Exchange—Dull at par baying and l-io premium scUlng. PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, March U. Flour—Quiet aud unchanged. Rye—Sales at (lA3. Oats—Qilet at 55c. \\ heat—Dali. Sales of prime Pennsylvania red at (3.(6. Com—Dali, Eales of yellow »l 11.00. Coffee—Firm, tales of Rio at 18VC In gold, provisions—Steady. Sales ofmeas pork at (22.00; Bhcnloers bVc; lard 12KC. . Whiskey—Sales of contraband at 85c®l A 3. BALTIMORE. BALTUfonx, March U. Fngar—Qnlet and firm at lo,v@lo;<c for fair to good refining. _ Mohus**—Finn. Cofltx—Firm. for spring grades, hat winter K Com—Actl™‘. White, (1.02; yellow, OToQtl.OO; mixed, Oats—AVtC2e for common to prime. Bacon* atm good demand and firmer. M«.« pork—(St-25. LOUISVILLE. Lonsrttts, March U. Tobacco—Pales UK hhds leaf tobacco. Luca—Cota mon <eaf a fraction lower, at *23.05(324.00. Good leal steady. „ Flour— Superfine. |9.,->- Wheat—Prime red, *3.85. Coin—Shelled, iDc in bolt. Oau—63c. MEMPHIS. Hxupnxs, March 11. Cotton—ln fair demand, and firm at S7d2Sc- Jlay-CB.tAs;3<3,CO. Oats—.ianc. Corn-9: C3JI.M. F10ur—*9.5539.50. Com Meal—. P0rk—fV1.906(31.75; bulk meat*. 9#3l3tfc. round; bams, canvaaned, I9#ft3oe; clear sides, shoulders llQUlac; lard. I3,S@HC. ST. LOUIS. Sr. Louis, March 11. Tobacco— Unchanged. „ Cotton—Dnll and lower. Middling nominal at 25e- Floor—Business very small. Prices nominally un changed. Wheat—Fall very firm at *1.50; good 91.93. Oats—Easter at *2.0032 02, provisions—Firm. Mess pork *31.00. Bacon Wfc for (boulders; JVC lor rib sloes; IJtfc for clear sides. Lard—Sales at UKc far kettle In tfcrccs. Whiskey—Flmtr at ti.15a2.17. Uogß-sM®t*c gross. BUFFALO. Buffalo, March 11. Flour-Dull: 111.CC311.50 Tor spring. .... Wheat—htearty, but quiet. Sole* of 8 cars white Canada at per bushel, andl car No. 4 Mil waukee club at £L3O. _ . . , . , Corn—Old Inquired for; now To’.ado fairly active. Sales of 6 cars old mixed Western at 91395c.and 17 cars new Toledo MaFic on track; closing about 1C lower. Oats—Nominal. Darlty-Btles ol 3.CCO bn Canada at fI.QS In store. Pork—New mess anil. Small lota at *31,50. Lard—Dnll, at 13k(313c. . Hlghwlnes-Nomlnaliy unchanged. Kew York Live Stock Market. PALES or CATTLE AT THE NATIONAL TABD3, TOEKVTLLE. [Reported by telegraph exclnalvely for the Chicago Tribune,! New Yobs, Monday Evening, March 11. BEEF CATTLE—There were yarded, acd mostly lold to batchers, tcnlay, at the National Yards, York* rllle, 1,150 head. These were from the several Slates, as fallows J New York. 550; Ohio, 650; Kentucky, 52 : Indiana, 40; Illinois, 375. Tho weather was fine, and f.vorahle for operations, but holders were gcnerslly dcmandlcg nn advance of Jfc, to which buyers were unwilling to accede, and trade, In consequence, was very dull, and tellers were barely enabled to close out. Prices-arc no higher than lari week, ranging all <3 17Nc for Hist-class bollocks; 16®16NC far good flair stock, such as smooth Illinois steers, and 1331 tc for the lowest grades, such as thin steers and heifers, rough oxen, dry cows, ftc. The average prioe psid waslSJtc, Some very fine Ohio averaged 17c. There woe a few lots ol bard oxen and rough balls. Over 3.0T0 brad were sold at Had»os City. SHEEP—The receipts are very Ucht, and buyers go hundred* of miles vo meet slock and secure U. The few cflcrlng to-doy were taken up quick at 8310 c. Some very prime sold at lOXc.' BOGS—Received to-day, 33 cars. Tbs market Is slow at7k@SJfc. Total receipts of stock, for the week ending to-day,

at all the New York maikjls; Cattle • ji’SS B»T.gH cf BE .TEI. 17. B. Collars wholovaied 06 bead Minols, a - o:as-ng GSO 88, at ?3C.00 each. Emcrick & Co. sell 33 head Ohio. aTcraßln.t 7.5 ttr, at 15i'GlC*c. J. Mobs sells OS bead best Oh o hire, prime, averag* ing 90v tbs, atl7@l7Hc. j». Gray sells 96 bead Illinois, a-cr»glnr 6*5 Bj, at JJ.bolder sells Cl head otlo, areraring *SO ns,at l;(al7c. George D. Alexander sells—*at Ilndson City —li3bead Illinois, averaging CM as. at i4tf(3lC. fiODOX RoQtMfeOX. [Associated Press Report.] Sew rocc, March 11. Receipts—4.727beeves, 12,316 sheep and lambs, 13,613 ifsirviß—The supply early in the week was rather larscr than net (leu. and the market bire!y sustained Usvlf at the figures of last Monday; la fact there were B‘Tetal sale? at a decline from that day’s sales, so that holders at the Bergen Hl»l and Cammunlpaw lost eoms mosey. The light ran at Albany, coupled with the belter weather, bronchi about a more cheerful dlspteltton amoeg buyers, who. oa Monday, were expected to purchase mote freely. Arr.vals I:r Monday’s market were about 1 *fO bead of fair average grade, tbu owners of which helo the slock rery Arm and at extreme price?; but. finding tt useless to hold them too high, care way. and were ready sclera at an advance of about jfc. Prices ol poor to medium cattle 12®i3c; medium to fair steers 13W@l4i;c5 good steers and fat oxen l.tfSiPc; pntteotecrslffelTc. A majority of the sales wereat Uk&UX. end the average price was 39XC. A !e» choice sold at 17&l7tfc; Uic pooiest cattle brought I*3 13 sn*EP—Cnnscquentupon the Improved state of tho wcol market and a better quality of fitoeg. the sheep trade has improved In lone, auo sale? were taaUn« V>- day as high as 10*c for prime Canada stock, .We nuoto to-day common to lair sheep 935 c. eood to prlmo HftOJfet extra 9>» aiCKc. |-ambs nominal. Ilume & Eliots said ilnrlrg the week 4,163 sheep and lamlw for $33,>43.52. Average uer head, $8.09. fiamttcl SlcGuur reports sales of 1.174 sheep and lambs at $3,814.89. Average per heart. 18,36. Jarnee Kirby, at O'Brien’s. reports »a>cj ol 403 common sleep and lambs at At Chamber- Inin's, in Robinson street, there wore sold durlng tho week 1,715 sheep and lambs at {3A&29.C0. At city there were 501d3,459 sheep and lambs at pli,373^!}. A pwnfE-SnDi»iy lair,with but moderate Inquiry, and, with warmer weather, price# receded. Beit quality, fair to goed, S7.SIK; common 10 roagh,t«iO It I &" Philadelphia hive Stock market. FHUSELrau, March 11. BceTe*-*Dnll, unsettled and lower. Sales of I,COO h of 7.000 bead at poga—Dali and lower. Sales of 'J,iOO head at Italic. ocean Freights. rspcclftl De*patch to the CLlcaro Tribune.] New Toes. March lU Freights to Urerpool-riWO ba com at 6*d, by f««w. *d tookplace, fckt the Inquiry was chiefly from speciflatora. New York Ateadnnffii market. [bpedslDmoatchto the Chicago Tribnne.3 New Toax, March If. Door—lmprored demand tram the Bait, hot la freely met. Wheat—Good spring aold at S3OO. as adrasee;a farther advance mu generally demanded at the close. Bye—Brought 3c advance, with speculative demand. Con and Data—Somewhat unsettled. New York Provision market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) N*W Yoke, March 11. Pork-Cloied at »22. M strong, with buyer* at MhSO. Lard—Prime quick at 13 U ‘’ with choice at 13*c. Pickled Hams-13*014c. New York Grocery Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] N*w To**, March U. Coffee—Rio, 22026 c. Fair demand. Sugar—Fair to prime grocery, 19*0U*c. A good business doing. _ New York Dry Goods market. New Tons. March 11. Cotton good* in filr icqnlry and steady, if we exesot dark stylesof prints, which arc lower. The Wanregao dark prints ere selling at I4*c. and Victoria Cat lie. Quito o lire of dark Americans sold at!s*c, but dark styles are held Zchfeber. .. . frint cloths arc plenty, dull and nominal, standards wereheidal: Fall River, ll@ll*c. In Providence the best cloths can be bought at lie—some at lo*e, and some even lower. . ~ „ There ts a large failure reported In Providence la the print doth trade. . , , Woollens are selling more freely, and satinets arc held at an advance oi 50ltc. New York Weekly Bank Statement, Now Toes, March 11. Loans $362.141.455—1ncrea«c 81.1f73.02i Specie KLS«.,lfa—Decrease 710,199 Circulation.... JO.4o9Al:—lncrease 115,373 Deposits 200 383^27—Increase 3.764.613 Legal-tenders.. PltubnrshPetroleum Market* PrrrsBUBQH. March It. Business doll andqulet. Holders crude firm In de mands. Sales made at Cc In bulk, and ll*e for small lot—small let sold at 6*e, packages returned. Noth ing done In refined In bond. Kewafrom East still un favorable. Free oil quiet at 39040 c. Tar inactive at 12.33 per brl. MABB I E D . In this city* Marchloth. by Rev. K. J.Goodspevd, at SI Mr. JUDSDN S. SMITH sad Miss SATE McCOBMICE, all Of this city. In this city, March llxb, otthercsldeneeof the bride's Cither, by the Bev. W. IT. Ryder, D. D- JOHN R. WALSH, FsQ-, of this city, and Mias MABYL, WIL SON, Isi e Head Assistant of toe Haven School. In this city, March 6th. bribe Rer. J. W. Larimore, Mr.TiIGODOBE P. KILMOBE and MUS EVELINE BOLDEN, all oi Chicago. In this city, March 10th. by the Ber, J. W. Larimore, Mr. CHARLES N.DOKD. of Nile?, Mich., and Miss MARY V. DOUGHTY, ot Chicago. DIED in this city, March 101 b, EMMA LOUIaE, daughter of G. U. and J. A. Johnson, aged five weeks. Funeral services this (Tuesday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from their residence, 314 Wabasb-av. In this city. Msrch 11th, JOHN REED WITBBCR. aged 4 motiha and 15 days, youngest eon of J.H. and M ary E. Wltb^ck. Funeral on Wednesday. March JSth, at 1 o'clock p. m., from Ko. 181 Warren-st Friends 01 the family are invited to attend. Is this city. March 10th. WILLIAM M. HOYT, son of Henry O. and Lizzie B. Hoyt, aged 3 months and 10 days. S3f Boston papers please copy. At Spat la. Wl»., March 6th, of typhoid fever, WAY LAND W. WOOD, of the fins of James Durham ft Co., ot tblft city. 106,519 TBJ93 81,490 amusements. ~\T cVICKER’S THEATRE, MoVICKER A MYERS MANAGERS. Engagement ol tbo renowned Lyric Artiste, VESTVALI, Who will appear In John Brougham's Spectacular Play of DEL DEaIONIO. Angtio VestvaU Rer original character, with Songs—“ You are the ctar and Brave Mart o." In rehearsal—TßE BRIGAND. Friday—Benefit of Vcetvalt. Saturday—Vcstvalt QOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM COL. J.D. WOOD Director of Amusements. Stage Manager TUGS. BARRY a new scenic drama, by "Wilkie Collins, with rare mecbanlrat effect*, fine pictorial Illustrations, Intro duclngTHE FROZEN DEEP, as presented In London for many weeks, t» crowded booses- On Tuesday evening, March 12, will be produced with new scenery, new machinery, enemies! lights, new costumes and decorations, entitled THE FROZEN DEEP. To conclude with (3d time) an original farce, entitled A QUIET FAMILY. Wednesday afternoon, grand Frozen Deep matinee. In rehearsal—A DANGEROUS GAME, now playing at Wallace's, N. Y., with great success. pKOSBY’S OPERA HOUSE, McWADD * RIDDELL L»aeet and Managers WM. 8. WARREN Treasurer LAHT NIGHTS OF I. O T T A. . Tremendous HU ol LITTLE NEXjL, With Its startling incidents, characteristic scenery, el iccts. appolrtmectr. Ac. The play received tastnlgnt with the wildest enthusiasm, leaving an Impression listing and FROZEN SEEP In the mind ol every auditor. Boon to be produced, with new icencry, effects, ma chinery, Ac., the great moral drams of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, With an ursnpssscd distribution of characters- LITTLE NELL MATINEE to-morrow (WEDNE3- PAY) alterocon. ■yARIETY THEATRE. An Entire Kbit, Elegant and Attractive Entertainment. THE BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF 20 Years of a Drunkard's Life, WANTED FOB THE BALLET. A FEW 310 HE EADSES. >JiHE MYSTERIES OF MAN CREATED MAY BE SEEN AT THE NEW YORK MUSEUM OF AJVA.TOMY, 06 RANDOLPH-ST., CORNER OF DEARBORN. YACTRE ROBINSON'S CIRCUS X AND MENAGERIE. , , 4 , Rb-cncagemcat, and poaitlvclv the Lo.«l Week cf the Champion of the World. Mr. JAM *8 ROBINSON and b’a son CLARENCE. Monday evening. March lllh, and every evening daring the week, and Wednesday and Saturday atternoote. Menagerie open at all hours of the day. auction gales. A. BUTTEUS & CO, Auctionssr* & Coumlsaion Sarcianti 44 ft 4B KANDtH.Pn-ST.. Between Statist. and W abash-w., Holdregnlarsales, at their salesrooms, ol DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS. SHOES, &C., Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS. fte.. every SATURDAY J£LEGANT houbsbozsD ruENirtma, A.t X>wolllnpr 138 Fourtli-ar. AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, March 1?, at 10 o’clock o.m..we shall sell the entire Furniture contain*! In Home No. 13S Fouitb-av., ccnit-Unz of elegant Parlor and Chamber ScW. Marble-top Tables. Mirror/, Bruise’s ond Velvet Carpets, Hair Mattresses, BndUing. Dining-room ami Kitchen Furniture. Crockery! Qla»s and China Ware, ivucacn rym WM. A. BUTTERS ft CO., Auct'fS. CTAPLE DRT GOODS, Boots ond O Shoes, Hoop Skirts, Yankee Notions, Ac-, at auction, On TUESDAY. March I3lb, at 9tf o’clock, at Butlers’ Salesrooms, 44 and 4H Randolph st. swearogma, nutTERa ft cO- Auctioneers. LARGE and desirable stock of Cloth ing, Cloths, Casslmcres, ftc- AT AUCTION, On WEDNESDAY, March 13th. at 9# o’clock, at Bui ten’ baiesrooms. 44 and 40 Randolph-at. 1 WM. A. BUTTERS ft CO.. Anctlonecrs. TTNDEEWEITEBS’ SALE—Tne entile U dock of nitTC GOODS Of HUCSBEBGER BROTHERS, damaged by the late fire. at auction, On THURSDAY, March 1 llh, at 9V o’clock, at Batten falceroorr.i, 44 and 40 Randolph-at. The a.ocs cor slst* ol upward* of *60,(00 worth ot Dry Goods, dan aged by fire & CO.. Auctioneers. TA ARIEL SCOTT & CO., AUCnONEKRS AND COMMISSION MBBCHANTS, 1«1 l.akt-81., cor, LaSalle, Chicago. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale- Out-door sales promptly attended to. A UCTION —At DANIEL SCOTT & J\_ CO’S Itcoms. 164 Lake Street, TUESDAY, !fl AHGII 12»1»,1807. Balance stock of a Notion Store. landing Brushes, Oon.lw.ShrlUcldCoUciy, Writing faper, Pearl Bat toitf, &c.,*c. DANIEL SCOTT & CO.. Auctioneers. A UCTION. March«th. at 10a. m., at Daniel Scott* Co.’s Itooras, 16-4 basest. Dry gwd\ScoW>Tweeds, CaeslEi-rcfl, sheetings, Shirtings. Prints, Cottoa UO-O. Dress ecods. Boors and Si oes. Ac., &c. h DaNIEL SCOTT * CO.. Auctioneer?. A UCTION—At Daniel Scott & Co.’a A rooms, 101 Lake-st.. Tuesday, March 12,ISC* « ill a. m. Sca'cs, weights, urns, glassware, PWtlrs, mortars, pill machines. el*ba. a-Cm Ac! The chatties of » chemist acd druggist. DANIEL SCOT! A CO.. Auctioneers. A UCTION. bllili. at 10 a. m n at Dante! Scott * Co’s* Roomf, 161 Lawe-«t. Now and jeijnJMW* nltnrc of every description* Carpets, Gallery, Mir rors, China ana Glassware, A**.. Ac. DANIEL eCOTT A CO.. Auctioneers. A UCTION. !Mlnrlar,MarcblClli,at 10 a. ra, at Daniel Scott,4 .-,■l IWp.H. 1111 L.kc-at. Or..cetl«. Cb-eae, Sugar l , T«is, Codec, S;<lcr, Grocers Beales. Cigars, tobacco, fee., <s g , AjflEl< SCo tt & CO.. Auctioneers. o ILRERT & SAJLPSON, \jr General Auctioneers. 47 sad *l9 Dearborn-*!. Superior second-band andnew Furniture, Rich Curtains, &c., AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY. March J 2, at 10 o'cloci, at enr sale*, rocm*. 47 and 49 consisting of a large Wortreent ct Furniture for Chamber, parlor an 1 Dining Room. lcclndlD*a great variety of/all awr* ble'cpChaancf Suites; al*o. Parlor Sets, lour win dows rich. heart Cmtafas; aH>. a lot ol iioots. tine Bioate lingey, {Uru**« and n.ooseaoui on.BEgf & SAMPSON. Auctioneers- Gilbert- and sampson, Central Auctioneers 47 and 49 Dastbom-st. Trade Sale cl 60 Crates Crockery, 250 Boxes Glassware, AT AUCTION, Oa TmmSDAT. Marcli Uth, at in o’clock at oor Sate- T«3m9 47 and 49 Dcarbom-su 60 crates White rimnttp Ware, in open lots, conM*tme ot a complete a*™ nmeat titles to snlldralors. Also, »0 boxes assorted Flint siiiaswarc. Goods c acted for the country... Glassware. GILBKBT & SAMPSON. Auctioneers. JPor gale. Hardware stock foe sale.— A party harlne a »tcck of about $7,000, la afloar* itmcc town on the Illinois Cemral Bead, offer tofceU cn account of 111 hHiiditc will b>; sold with the Roods, trieasel, ascoj ycr tnrth-r particular* inquire of ffM. BLAIR & CO*i 170 and loi Uaoiolph-et. ffin Hcnteibouses. rpo persons that I can par o' J'er'a rest la rndvamce, throe or four rfw>iflpge«" UK'lrable locations. within five mlnatea wait or Court fi.' Bent from to S7OO, Ad dm* Box 1313. Jp*t Office. rpo HEKT—I>o-story brick hense, I with has-mcnC am. 1 all modern tmnnzvementa, Ko. 213 Erle-ft. Apply to KNAUER 4 M>LCOM. EwlDg Block, Boom No. 1, corner North Cl*k and Wata-sts, or at 313 Krle-at- 'O RENT—Hotel at take Forest—This 1 desirable summer resort; £ miles north of Chica go. will be for rent oa the Ist ol April, for a term ot yean. TbebnlldlntcontalnsStroimr.iS la good re pair, and will be rented oniarorable fens* to a persoi who can formrh and keep a good firm*. None other need apply. Addrest P.0.80x 6142, Chicago. TO KENT—Furniture for Hale—A new honse at Evanston, 7 room*, convenient to depot, can be bad low. Address " X.” Tribune office. TO KENT—Furnished bouse, with mod ern Improvements ard In nice repair. Inquire at the doer. 922 Mlchlgan-ar., Brsc is the row sonth ol Twcnty-urm-st. *t6 KENT—Dwelling with 0 rooms, in I perfect order, with larse lot and harmnear Union Park«at s33per month. Inquire ol WM.WAL LEB. 1 Ql Wa*hlngton-*t>, Boom 7. 3 PO RENT—The desirable residence, fur- L nlsbed.Ko. 927 Mlchlgan-ar. Apply to 8, W. ONIGOMkBY, 12 South Water eU TO RENT—House 463 South Clinton st. Cars pass the door. Bouie new and desirable. Klee rooms. Inquire of MB. HHOUP, Beat Estate Of fice, cornirTwe-ltn and Clinton. TO RENT—First-class three-story and basement brick Boose, No. 300 Wabasb-av.; wa» ter, gas, brick 'table, etc. Possession Mar Ist, 1957 . Inquire of PUBINOI'ON A SCBANTON, 209 South Water-st. TO RENT—Two'-slory House and brick bssement, containing In ail 7 rooms 1 doable par lor. dining-room, gas. good water, and batn. Furni ture lor a«ie. Kent SSS a month. Possession immrdl ntcly. with lease ontil May, 1563. Inquire 58 Statu-st. TO RENT—House 233 Illinois st, and furniture for sale. Will bo sold cheap for cash. Apply at the house. Eo Hent==s^ooms. TO RENT—3, 2, 3,4, 6 rooms, all near ly new: cheap In advance. Inquire at 340 Hub oat d-st, west ot Etlzsbeth-st. 'O KENT—Front room, with furniture I. for sale at a sacrifice. Apply at northeast corner 3f Dearborn and Washlngton-*ts n Boom 18. Call liter 6 p. m. TO RENT—Pleasant turmshed room, with board, suitable lor a gentleman and wife or two slng’e Gentlemen; also, a v»ry pleasant front room for single gentleman. Inquire at IIP Micblgan-ay. TO RENT—Furnished rooms, at 118 Clinton st n between Adams and Jackson. TO RENT—The upper part of house No. 33G North Frackilo-st., 5 rooms: also, a email ccttace In tbo rear. Possession immediately. BAIRD fc BRADLEY, corner Lake aad Laealle its. nro KENT—Room, and furniture for X sale cheap (In Bevcolds* Block.) Coll 00 A. WAT SON, 113 Loae-sL, photogtaph Gallery. TO RENT—Two pleasant furnished rooms, each stiltab:efor one or two gentlemen. In brick house southeast corner cl Weils and lltincds-at. Apply np stairs. | TO BENT—Two nicely turnishcd front rooms. In a new houie, suitable for housekeeping (separate -ntrance), ball block from Blaelaland-av, care. 240 Ewlrg-st. TO RENT—Poor rooms suitable tor boost keeping, with gas and water, ten minutes' wa'kfrom pest Office. Apply at 138 Thlrd-ar. Po»- session given immediately. Soiaenfcgjtores, ©fKccs.&c TO RENT—Second and third floors at flOLake-st. Appy to PHELPS, DODGE A CO. TO RENT—Deck and yard, 100x500 ft Gocn location for lumber holiness. For partial* tare, Inqnlrc cl TRQS. GoODWILLIE. North Pier. TO RENT—Steam Power and room 50 feet square. A good point lor sun and door ban* nets. For particular* Inquire ol THOS. QOOOWIL LIE,Ncrth ncr. OTO RENT—The second and third" sto- J rltaoi 103 Lake-st. The location and rooms are vcrydealrable for retail business. None bat respotm ble parties need apply, for particulars. Inquire on premises. •T'O RENT—Choice offices lor physicians, A dentists or lawyers. Nos. !i and O. VZ and 13, and J 8 and 1!) lu McCormick** BnlMlng. Apply to C. A. SPRING. No. 8 UrpoD Block. Proprietor •F. E. AIKEN rpo Ri^T—Stores Nos. 131 and 133 I Dearbom-st. Inquire of E. MANIEBBE, at the office of Thompson & BUhop, 78 Dearborn-st. TO RENT—Desirable suite ot offices, running through from front to rear of botldlnc, at 168 Randolph st. Apply to GEORGE M. HIGH, 164 Randolph-st., Boom 12. rpO RENT—Lois !or lease, m Ashland’s JL second addition, tronting on Adams and LtncVn at; In J. A. Wilson's subdivision, tronting on Horne A Jacfcsun-et.; also, one lot ou Lake-et,, betw-en »voort acd Lincoln. All ccsltablelocatlons. GEO. V. BYRD, TOO Randolph-st., R'jom S- rpo RENT—An offlee, and funutare tor 1 sale cheap. If applied for immediately. Rmt only (10 per me nth. Apply at 111 Dearbom-SL,Room SO, zccond floor. (granges. F)R BALE—Lease and fixtures ol a meat and vegetable market; one of the belt stands In the city. Inquire at 813 State-*:. TTOR SALE—Confectiocan* and Dm r tog Saloon, right opposite Fort Wayne & St. Louis Railroad Depot, suitable lor man or vomm; belt loca tion In the city. Call or address SALOON, No. OS# South Canal-st. T7OBSALE—One of tte best located sa- I' loon* in the dry for one-hall price, as the owner Is going Into another bnsmees. Inquire at 87 South Clark-at. F)R SALE—Hotel, desirably located. having from SO to GO boarders and from £0 to 100 transient gnesta. Dnllclng*. larnllare, loti.yards and stables for (13,0(0. Address JOHN W. MERRITT, Wilmington, Hi. F)H SALE—Tbe oldest and best jew elry store In Waukegan, Illn doing a very good hnelnee?. Term* es»y. For particulars Inquire ot M. FRONBERO & CO., Wholesale Dealers la Watches and Jewelry, 124 Lake-at, Chicago. PI. F)R SALE—The slock and fixtures ot the store 10'JLakc-st. most be closed cut in ten days, as the store wl I he remodelled for other busi ness. The stock Is new and de.trable, and embraces everything tn the tins of user goods, notions, perfume ries. *c. Will be setd at a sacrifice.orwotud exchange ter real estate In city or country. For particulars, ap ply on premises. I7OR SALE—Live paying bun ness, IC3 r Lote-st, op stairs, for ‘ale, part cub* balance on time. A rare chaccc for an established business. Would exchange for real estate in city or coon try. I7OR aALE—At Kankakee, 111., on the r UUnoli Central Railroad. a stock r ZSZ Hon«n’ materials. tu*- uw»er wishes to retire from botinesa, on account of 111 health, and trill lease the store lor a term of years. There are six rooms store the store, and a (Mod basement with three rooms. ■Located In the centre part of the cliy. A tare chance fora nartr with some means. For farther particulars addicts **P G D,*' P.O. Pox 111. Kankaks;. Hi. FOR SALE—A dmcr store, medical prac tice tnd residence. A rare chance for a phvst man. A large practice guaranteed. A floaty assorted stock of drug*. Al. far *2.500. Address “FVW D," Beading, Livingston Co- 111. T?OR SALE—Cheap—Saloon and board- I' trg house in the b-«t location of the city, all com* plcte, with r n«s of J. M Brunswick * Bro.’i third-size rr eowood fonr-pocket billiard tables, Joss bought new. The shore will be sold cheap, on account of the pro prietor starling fertte Territories. Lease on build ing for one rear from Mar next. Pnce|l.sUo. In quire at J. M- BRUNSWICK ft BBO.’B, 72 Bia dotph-t.t. FOU SALE—TIie good Trill, stock and fixtures ol a first-class retail drug store, all In complete older, situated In a good location In tto city of Bt. Joseph, Mo. Lease VA rears to run, at low rate. For farther Informatfar, Inquire or J. M. W. JONES, Stationer, 42 and 44 Dearborn-su, Chicago, 111. T?OR SALE—WeII-assorted stock of dry X* goods and groceries. In a flourishing town, the centre of a thrifty farming region. For particulars, address Box 01, Oregon, Wlfl. F)R SALE—Photograph gallery, situ ated in a bcantlfal city. 70 miles we/t of Chicago, finely fitted np. well stocked with instruments, and is doing a good business. Satisfactory reasons lor sell ing, and will be sold at a rreit bargain, Apply at FULLER’S Photograph Gallery, 121 Sooth Clark-st- Chicago. FOR SALE—The oldest and best jew elry store In Wauk»p.n. HI., doing a very good tmsineiß. Terms easy. For particulars, inquire of M. KRoNBERO ft CO., Wholesale Dealers in Watches amlJewely, 124 Lsnost., Chicago, 111- or to C. S. JOHNSON, Waukegan, 111. T?OR SALE—Cheap—Grocery, doing a I* good business—only *2.500. parties wishing to go Jo the grocery hu-lccss will find IttotQelrlntere-t to cal! soon, Applj toTBUESDELLft CO., Room 13 Lombard Block. I? OR SALE—Parties with from S3OO to ' 1500 esn more a boilncs*. that will pay the amount Investee each mouth. Ca’l soon. II you want U. Becnre a sure thing. Bcom 13 Lombard Block. F)R SALE—An assortment of milli □ery goods ned Yankee notlcns, and shop to rent. Can board and private room far one or two poisons, at 747 West Lake-at. MRS. JOSEPH HALL. 'I?OR SALE—A stock of watches, jewcl- X* ry, diver plated ware. *c., all fine goods, and cf good styles, with A No. 1 nxrarea for same, and leasq of store, win bepolcLserarstclyor together, at a bar rain, for cash, or exchanged far city property. Loca tion one of the best in town. Apply at QUIuDY ft HAWLEY'S, Room 7 Reynolds' Block, Chicago. T7OK SALE—One-hall interest in one of r the finest dining rooms In this city, doing a splen did business. Apply Immeolateiy to A. J. MILLS ft CO- 130 South Clsrk-at. F)E SALE—Elegant millinery stand. with three years’ lease. *elect sL*ck, fixture* ana fcrnltarc. cotnuletc, for <AOoo—le<s, withont furniture. One ct the owt central locations in tno city. An no drillablebarjaln. Address “ J U M," P.O. Box iStt, Chicago, EOK SAXjE—Lease, fixtures nnd slock of a well-lccated grocery store, doing a business ot FLCCQ a werk, leas- ruaclog five Tears at very low rates. SNELL ft EVANmOO Madison st.. Room 4. f?OR SALE—A Kctflil grocery store do u 1 Ire a strictly cash hnslrcis, averaging *159 per day a 1 winter. Can ho doubled In summer. Reasons forsellins. g'lag Int'>whnl-sal-*bn<incs4. Inquire of SMITH ft DEXTER, No. 10 Dearbom-st. EOU SALE—One of Hie best casU tea and coffee grocery stores in Chicago. No one need apply unless they have a capital off 1,000. Ail drear “U," Trlbtme otace. Tv cal 35state==(gountrg. T?OK SALE—Michigan Fruit Land—lß3 r acres near the month of Kaiamasoo Klvcr; no tetter la the blatv for crapes and pc.ches; with now houre 51x30: barn, weir, Ac. Abaci 20 acres clean'd, ano wid be ready tot sevttoff out ww nn« vines «»o cciuing spnnc; may he bought for ?3,000; title per* feet; terras accommodating. ADo, about rcO conls of r.arfc ready for c-vrly delivery* Inquire or v% M. bCAit ii.TT, Aurora, 111., or E.P. n«E»E, on tho premises, near Paucatuck. fHcoigau jQE. ANTONIO’S Female Periodical Pills ARE PERFECTLY Safe and Bcliable in nil Cases of Irreg ularities. 0 A VAN SCQAACTf, 16 Lak-*st„ Chicago. Sab- fHills, Engines, &c. (JiHE LAKE & BODLEY Forlable Circular Saw Mills, SOETA3IB STEAK EHMSES, Shingle Machine, Com MUla and Bhafau*, Weed* WOrSlDg Machinery. LANK 6t BOD LET, Corner cl John and Wctif-fltc., Cincinnati. Applicants ler descriptive circulars will JWXifT the jaschiLer? taey need. aESateHoxni pRINTiNG, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office, Facilities for dolmr Work ot Aar Descrip* (ion Unequalled la the Cltf« FOR SALE—-By Clarke, Lwton 4 Co., tiSWaawngtoH* flooto Sldfr-53.brickbouae soa let ob J*ck*ou-»t., near fJr9omi,wiib aU ihenodern improvement*, brick *Ublt Ac.. 9*3.- 500. 114, twe-storv frane noose, corner Wallace and Xwenty-Cfib-stA, with 3 t015,9J.3W. 11 6»«»*>oo»o os BnttertlelJ andl bouse os Buradde-SL. wns loti— botk boosts tarnished with Water amt got, Ac-. lUtf,two-story bouseonßara9W«L, b-tmT«» tr-nlaih and Thirtieth, partiaHyWMrLior •4lecfcfcr>« 133, two-sum frame hoai*. vtib brick P»«m*i»t, 14 rtoms. pantries, Ac., on Tweofy-toorth-eL, CJW -138, two-story house mid lot on uutuflde-st., WICB ST ' roomi, a good bouse. 93200. bawmeatitoßefronthousc onMlchlgbo-av.,nemrarx* - teenib-»t.w*bi* rooms, water cio»*t, hathtona, Ac., 958.100. 148, boose ard lot on Walh*b-»r.. near Mailson-fU It&JOO. 136,77x100 on Celtic* Grovs ar-ccrucrof Twcorr-nnui-tt.. with 3 burning* (part on foe) Ill.Kff. Foot enttage houses odd lots on Wabwh-av., brtwrep Thirty-first and Tblrtr-second sii 1 .. 6 rooms, go<rf well mod clstcmr. *l,lOO each. 168. ii Im.ii ian ii nj iiiil lnw iinmt marble-trout hoc*e< □ Waba»h-av.,acoth of (Dffbttentb-st, 11 rooms, wlti all the modem tmp'ovraests, fl4J)od. I7t< two-*tory frame house cn Indiana-ar., near Twcnty-thlra-ic., on leased iot. 92.500. 172, c~tuae bo cm no Calumet av., bttveenTveorf-alztb andTwcnty-nlnth-sta..6rooms, new barn, cistern and lake water. aI.KO. 17-1. bouts and lot on ''atotset-ar., corner of with atwo-atoryboose, stone' basement, 918.030, part co tlme. West two- houses and i its, earner of Lake and Van Barcn-st, between Sangamon «ndt*eorl».6roooia, fljao. 41, cottaoe boose on Newbary-sL, 4 rooms, pontnr.Ac., a Rood basement; water In the basement, 92200. 73. toor booses on Eolwy-st., between Monroe and Adams, twe-story and basement, nmble mantles, 91200 each, 81, two»lory bouse oo Marshflela-av., between Jackson and van mantles, a aood barn, 97,000. 83, IV story frame boos*, with 7 rooms, cjosets, water and sewer, a good lam stable and a shop In ine rear, on teamed lot, on West Adams-st, all tor9/.000. 36t Cbtiage boose and ’ lot on Indiana-81., between May and Kocker, front part of brick, a Terr comfortable house, 6 rooms, closets all larpe, 92.500. 88, a cottage* boase and lot on Uncolo- st.,Jnat south ot Madtroo. 6 rooms, closets and woo J shed, t2£SO. 89, northwest corner of Paulina ana a cottage house with 6 rooms and good btrn, on a lot I7(VxX3O. with trees, 94,<g). North bide—n>w twe-story ooose, onJt acre cf ground, two doors west of C'ark et., cn norh, 12 rooms, well water, dstera and a am boose, 97.000. 'OR SALE—In Tbos. B. Bryan & Co/s t 1 Kesl Estate Office, Bryan Hall. M(chigan-av— Oneof ttebe*t arranged new three story and base ment marble front bouses, containing: IS rooms, with camerons clcsets, doobls parlors, bay window la ll brary. bath room, water In bedrooms, gas throughout, speaking tubes, laundry, lurcace, marble mantle*. Ac Containing. Inshort, every rrculiltc for a genteel city resmencc.vltb lot 33x130 fret. Price 920200. Also a large list ot other improved and unimproved proper ty to an parts of thia city- T7OR SALE—In Evanston—Eight houses X 1 and lots, well located, some of which are among the best In the city, and tour ot them bnilt the hast sea son. Prices 911260.910.0 a), 97200.97,000, *4,500. ft, ooo, 93200.93,000. Apply to C. E. BHOWNB, Beal Estate Appent.cTaiistCD,Qr si Ms offlce.l7 La sal]e-tc,Chicago. FIR bADE—Store and lot, No. Idl South Clark-st.. between Madison and Monroe, 24V fret front. Inquire Of JOHN FORSYTHE, 133 Raodolpb-st. FIR SALE—A new two-story frame home, with y rooms, conveniently arranged and in complete order, lot 35X133 to iS-foo: alley. Title per* feef. Possession will “e given on or after April Ist. Terms easy and price low. Call and toe It. at No. 463 West Jackson-sh,Jut south of Jefferson Parr, or ap piy to owner. No. 49 LaSalle-«C, up stairs. TTOR SALE—A two-story firame house r and stable, to be moved this Spring, loanin' of CHARLES G~E. PBUSSING, 339 and 341 State-BL, Chicago. FOR SALE —Two-story frame residence (new), on Fralrle-av., south of with all modem Itnprovemama; $7,000. A first-class three-story brick boose on Pralrle-sr.. sooth ol fclx tccnlb-st.. Inst finlsned, and having a fine view of the Uke; price 117.000. Apply to J. L, JAMEi, No. 9 Metro; ollUn Block. T7OR SALE—A two story frame house, 1? No. 26 North Renbcn-sL, fronting Union park. Nine rooms, water and gas—newly papered and paint* ed—boose on leased Dt, eleven years to ran, at *37.33 per tear. Price it.CCO. Terms *I,OCO cash, |I,WO In elx. twelve and eighteen month?. with interest at six per cent. Apply to W. W. BELL, Internal Reveane Office. T?OR SALE—On Wabash ar, comer of 1* Fourteenth-sh. a first-class marble front bonse, fail depth lot. ami barn In rear; fIKAOu. A. J. AVER- E|,t., Re*i Estate office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. T?OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real J? Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new two store and basement brick houses, with Man* sard rotf. ol 13 room a hot and cold water, water clos et*, bath room, marble mantels aid lots, on Randolph si, near ElUateth. FOR SALE—Cheap—Lot 58x82, with buildings, at S 9 West Jaclwonst. Apply on the premise?. FIB SALE—A new two-story frame bouse of IX rooms, brick Inundation, hot sad cold water, bath, cistern. Ac., and lot 3.M teet front on Washlngton-st. SNTOFB ft LEE. Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—Desirable property in all parts of tbe city acd coon try. We sdvaace money on property left with as lor sale. ll repaired. TBUkSDhLL A CO.. Boom 13 lombard Block. FOR SALE—A cottage bouse at No. C 5 petween Backer and fbrcop, will be sold at auction March 13th. withoat reserve. T?OR SALE—House and Lot—Story and P a hall Gothic cottage. No. 786 Fnlton-sL, near Hoyn©-SS,WO. Apply to BOND ft CHANDLER, 100 Clark-st. * t?OR SALE—A large Traiohonse and an P 8-horse engine, chess. and storage room lor 10,030 brls. Boom 3 No. 4H Sooth Clark-st. F3K SALE—Office formerly occupied by Kirby, Carpenter ft Co- North Side, near New* berry’* Elevator, soluble dweUlngfrra small family. Apply at 238 Sooth Water-at, Boom 4- FOR SALE—House and lot on Adams* st., wlthbrlekand frame buildings, *6.500; one on Monroe it-near LaSalle, ISAcO; one on West Lake* st, *5.500. PETER SEIMF. 92 Monroe-tL TT'OR SALE—A Great Bargain—Must be C sold— flonse and lot, 7 rooms, on Thlrd-av- near Ham*on-*t. immediate possession. Apply to FETER SHI Mi*. 88 Mocroe-st. P)R SALE—A seven-room cottage, No. 333 Calum*t-av., *3,530, rented for *360. lot S3x Ist; onoonTwenty-foorth-sU rented lor *SOO. PETER 6HIMP, 9i Monro c-st. F)R SALE—On Michigan-av., 56 feet north ol Barmon-conrt. wltn one boose, bars, shrnbDcry.&c. A.J. AVEBELL, Beal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. r?OR BALE—On Calumet-av., corner ot 1? Twenty-first-st. aflceiot. 81 feet troxt. and ex tending about awieet to the lake, with floe view per petually »pcme-t, and nice boose on the premise*. A. J. AVEBELL, Real Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Blcck. FOR SALE—Three new two-story and housei.wl’h lota 33K*IK each, oa Park nv„ between Horne and and 253—0n1yf1.500 e»ch,ll taken at once. Terms n s arkably easy. Houses will rent for |6OO each. Ooly sl.oofi down on each tense acd lot reqmrod: one. two acd tbrceyears’time will be given npon the balance. Title beyond question. Immediate pojsresloe given ol No. 23 1H‘- ot the otters, bossreiion May l*t. WARREN ft GOODRICH, Beat utate Brskers, 123 DearScrc-sh, Room 2. Fon cAf.n ai a erreat .Bargain Dense and lot 401 Third av., near Illinois Cen tral and Kock island machine shops. The lot alone Is wor in what the whole can be bonghc for. Mast be sold within ten days. Inquire of S. CLARKSON & CO., No. 19 Booth Market-st. FOR SALE—Four corner lots and nine Inside lota on Harrison, Saagamo?, Peoria and (irecn-sts. Verv desirable residence property. Coll on T. F. BALDWIN, 104 Rsatiolpb-St. TT'OR SALE—A beautiful lot on tbe r corner of We t Monroe and Knckcr-sls.. 75 lee: by 125 feet, naming back to an alley. No better neigh borhood jn the city. Also, a beautiful block of six lots Is Evanston—ln fact, the handsomest lot la E* ans ton. It is near the depot, and next north of H. U. Hurd's residence, with abundance of large oak and or namental tree#, and some two hundred trait trees. Far prices, apply to GEORGE F. FOSTER, 717 Sooth Wat'r-st. FOR SALE—Lots on Wabash and Mich- Icnu-ava , n»ar and on corner Thirtieth-it, *I,MO cecb. Two years becca they will bring dmiote the money. OEOKGE & ‘WILLIAMS. 7 gonth Clark-st. F)R SALE—Two very desirable build ing lots, Sixia) feet to an alley, on CarrolVst. icarlfuyro. Price *s*s each, part on time. £. S. FOX. 203 Lake st. F)R SALE—Pine lot on Wabash-ar, between Eldrldse and Haraon-courtt, 37x160 feet, at osiy *255 per foot. WARREN A GOODRICH, 175 Dcarborn-st, Boom 12. TT'OR SALE —In South Division,'twemv I' acres of land, snltsble for subdivision. A- J. AVEUbLL, Beal Eilate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. F)R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new tmurntg lot ICO by U 1 feet on Wasblngno-st, between Wood and Llncolo-sts.: ICO bv 131 feet corner Jackson and Wincbestc/.st«.: 60 by 121 feet corner of Madison aid pauilna-tts.; 73 by 123 feet on Llscoln-st. near Mocroe-st. XTOK SALE—By Snyder &Lee Beal Es- J 1 tate Agents No. 4 Metro pollean Block, three Jots between Monrce and Adams; lot on northwest comer ol Jackson and Wlnchsater-sts., 100 by Jia feet. __ T?OR SALE—Brick. Apply at Lhne JC Pepot of WM. KIRK. Markct-sL. near Randolph. F)R SALE—At the Lake Tunnel—One 63 horse power engine and uptight tubular boiler, one 20 horse power encine and upright tubular bailer. One 15 hoise power eogine.andapneht tabular ootlvr. These en triune and boilers are new, bare been In nae but a very abort time. 21,1?5 leetT rail, weighing 23 a*u to the y&rd. 1 large lan fbr ventilaUon, M. M. Alden s patent, built exprewly for this work. 8 file, well-broken >onngmulea. . . 3 pumps and 3 sets Improved hoisting apparatus and gearing. 25 care, capacity 1 cubic yard. A large lot of tools. . A lot of timber and lumber. . . . AlwJ the but’dlncs, sheds, outhouses AC- connected with the Lake Tunnel. a tut of cast and wtonsht scran Iron. A Jot oi cas ‘* uu I)UUj 4 GOWAN. Contractors. Office, .Shore ehsft Lak-» Tnitcei. TTOK SAIjE—At the Clncngo Dnrtnt p Park, s.cond-htnd inmlxr. eouslsilnc of boards. jcittt.senntllne.clc- all th*mniehlr •cas.-ned. Also the winding* known ns •• Floral Hull .and " South MnpltlwnUe.” Inqultool C. A. FOUaITUS, enthe grounds. r?OE SALE— WO tons No. 1 steam coal, I; in UU» to »’Ut Inquire st Sugar He nnery. Nordt Watcr-M., near theplec. rpol! SALK—SIKov oasoa (slivcrcdl ami *' »l>ln .-a»r« nr sale. A'»>' a «m»ll Mcrrlnff *aftj and a Ims»* Wl’drr saP* OH *''■! hikin'** "u«r«\ no tM *•»'•>•!* oi'i't*»uamo iVi.rt 170 R SALE—Fourteen horses, Just am v- V c«I irom liultana, sulWWe tor tracin', drays or or nrew waeons; also,some splendid buggy and family Lt>rMf •».! rcnri n. Can I'd seen at WHEN'S Sale Sta ple. .1,1-1 Msti'-'t. F'OU SALE— A superior JCtDlucUyj.ick. n'tccn rands one loca hlgD. thoroughbred. rb'h dark cob.r,six v-arsrlcl. and a fine brcM-r. will I>e ♦o;d cheap. IVM. G. Mlt-LBIt, Cheaca, McLean Co., 111. FIE SALE—Light ton boggy nod single barncts, nearly new. 40 Pearbcru-st. TTOK SALE—Family carnjicc, ran bnt 1' n short tlmeaiuHng.>«lri‘polr. Gan be seen at til 9 Mlctlßan-av., between the hours of 12 aad I and r> ana 6. J7OU SALE—Horse, wnson and harness. r Apply to AMMON * CO.. C-imml-slon Mcrrhanis, Juboets In fruits, cheue, 4c. f No. 9 South Ciark-ct. TXT ANTED—A family Carriage. Hurt f » be in rood condition end ol goadstyle. Cell at cr acrircfis 139 Sonlh I7ater-6t. LOsT— A large sized amethyst sleeve button, with double fMtenlnk on the buck. The imaer will he liberally rewarded upon IraTlns U at tae Central Police Station- r ObT—Saturday last, a pocket-book 1 j cnntalnlnir a smallamount ol[moony and a lew car ticket*, sttppoted to h*ve been lost between Oak land station and Focrtecalh-st, on tne Hyde Park tra'n. Anyone rctainloe It tJ the Tribune office will receive a satiable reward. griming. &ial iSstatf-Cits. upbovid. VNIOPROVBB. jFoc Sale. JQovtict.. Carriagts, Sex. TXf ANTED—An open Buggy in ex- V V charge lor a fcood second-hand expies* wagoa. Apply at 4 .1 State-st. Host anif jPDunh. 10 ST—jUaicb lOtb, a Pocket-Book con j talclcßa tnortcage asd note, and a lew c«m la cash. TM Bader will be rewarded by retnmlnp It to comer o! Slactcenlb and Grove-ats. T O&T—On Tuesday afternoon, in gome I j from Peck-court, op VrabA-'b-av., to Ricnmond liorgc. a Lfuiy’a Amethyst Pin. with jrokl band across toe top. The ceder will be liberally regarded by Isar* lr g the same at 4 IS Wabaih av. -| OST —On Sunday evening, March 10, I .In cclnz from Llncoln-av- on Wtns-Bt- to Erle-st, , « Pnr Collar—illnlc. Tba Under will be liberal jr regarded on leaving U With JOYCE 4 HAM, North Market. FOUND— Saturday last, a Bay Marc. Tne owner ran have the same by applying ** 47 ana 10 Wabssh-ar., foul paying charges. Mlmm=fiStole &tip. MOKKIIPIIIi SItHnEIV *«• ' ANTED—talesman. Apply at No. _6 Larmon Block, Chicago, TX7ANTED—CJerk m a Prescription kf bras Store. Addma «MH H.** Box 6SI 1» autisgreftrcflctsaadialarr expected, also, wns* ex penecce had in the Dullness. \A/ AMTKD—A bookkeeper in a coa -7 * ml»ajo8 bowse, who eaa Joan sexnefaoo. A |™^^EB.™»iLScr nri,r - *“• AiUra * \\J ANTED— A retail dry goods sales* 41/ANTED A bnsmesa man who VT- speatostoeUsb and German, »e:erklu shard* war*stern. OriT men retd ipair weo are tborooshlr tCQUatoted with that trade. Oei» who possesses soms capital on bteoteea oartaer. Address Box 1313. Ti7 : ANTED—Experienced*' C»Ta»eri W to Tint towns sndeiats onj* throaxhoat fna •Wat. Calf at Boom 53. Dearborn ««- or »ddieas, wlto stamp. Box 1110, Cnlcaec,Hl. 'IT/’ANTED —salesmen wbocan enesce »V Jbeoneirarorlotcer. MutSWclnbaiaewaf cace. Bettonentaon In oroporllon toXoHity. jI)NE3 A CRVI6; 1-35 DWDJRUt. Boom *9,- TBABKS. X\T ANTED—rifisterers and Lathcre. VV ippir.tjoßSsos.apKNCßß a co.-s. u fakost. \\J ANTED—Dv-y to mount pboto- V W craphs. Most outers land the boslosss. S.* K GREEN. 103 baJee-si. Slrip: BOCAE BEUVAITI-S, v\/ ANTED—A cock m a private tain* v f «y. A reMablewoman who understands her' business anc ran fumlth reltfeuce. will receive satis-- factory wages. Apply at at tne Tribune office, 31 Claik-st. WJ" ANTED—A good cook, washer and Tf Irouer, f’>a small limtiy—American, German or Korwerlao preferred. Call »c room 21. Larmon Block, cor. Clark and Washington-sta. or address P. O. Drawer 6067. TXT AN TED—A girl ro do peneral house* W work. One homing well recommended will re ceive good wages and steady employment. Apply at 78 Arxrdten-gc. ’VAT'ANTED—A good competent girl to If do nrera! housework. Liberal wares will be paid. No Irtab need apply. Can sc 386 Wabash av. ~\\r ANTED—lmmediately, a g<>od platn 11 cook.of good, willing disposition; one who wlllgotothfteonntryandttartromlstot slay to Ist of October. Must not expect to be able to att«Dd church every Sunday, as there Is none within six miles. Kef eretce required, Northwest comer Bush and Superior from 9 to 5 p. nu. tot onawetit. TATANTED—A competent girl to do V V general housework, at 357 iWeit Ban dolph-iL, Immediately. TT/ANTED—Kitchen girl. A good v v cook, washer and Ironer, will find a comfort able place at 239 Warren-sh,-weet Side. Apply Im mediately; Wf ANTED—AtiIO Ontario-rt. A good IV girl to do plain cooking. One who can come well recommended. . ‘TIP’ANTED—A second girl, at No. 101 VV Wabash-av. None bat good* ones need apply. No Irish. TTTANTED—GirI to do general house- VV work—Norwogloncr German. Most be a good coot, washer and Ironer. Apply lor three day* at 343 West Lalte-at. Smplogmenf Agents. TXT ANTED—IOO smart, energetic, lire VV men to sen one of the beat domeaUc articles ever offered lor sale. Has no competition. Every thmlly wants from two to a doxtn. Profit very large, call Im mediately at 124 booth Cark-aL, Boom 9. Qp stairs. J. H. NASON. ■ TT7ANTED—Yoimgmenin the conn* V* try wishing to obtain sltnatioDs, aach os book keepers. clerks, collectors, salesmen,- conductors, ex pressmen, ftc„ Am, to apply at Boom'l3 FolWton Block, 9*3 Drerbom-sU. or address J. M. MOORE A CO., Box 1707, enclosing 10 cents lor fall pax tlcnlara. TATANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 VV salesmen, X conductor. 2 brakemen.l fireman. I porter, 2 drivers. 3 expressmen. Aoplr at Boom 13, Pollerton Block. 92 Dear hornet. Applicants by mail address J. M. UOOUE ft CO., Box 1707. enclosing 10 cents tor reniy. _ ffiaan*cb==i*U!Sccllaneous. TAT"ANTED —The celebrated Gypsy VV Wamaa. If yon want yoar life told correctly by tbe palm ot the band, visit the Gypsy Palmist. Don’t be bumbngged by other*, who call tncmtclres tsrt nee teller*, bat come to the Gypsy Palmist and get fail satisfaction for yoor money. Don’t lorget the nnmter. 329 Sooth Clark-fit, Feefl. AA/ANTED —A lew energetiemen, with V* *SC and upwards, to enrage m 3 money msilng*. A pood chance. Apply at 194 Sooth Clark eh. Room 3. loom 9 a. m. to a p. m. ml/ ANTED—For ready cash,a stock ol V V goods—either groceries, dry goods, hardware, bootsandehoes. or any other merchiaalse. la a «eQ* established location. Most be a bargain. Address, with fall parti colors, “a H.”P. O. 8;i726, Chicago. WANTED —Illinois and lowa lands.— We wish to purchase a few thousand acres ol unimproved land at a low figure for cash or Its equiva lent, No swamp land wanted. DICKENSON A WEB STER. 99 Washtocton-et. TTTANTED—Any one having a good VV stock of hardware In a flourishing location, aid wishing to realize npon the same at a sacrifice, mar hear of a purchaser by stating foil partlcolan and addressing “HARDWARE.” Tribune office. 14/ANTED —Parties wishing clay or VV filling lor streets, alleys, rinks, or any other purpose, can be accommodated by applying Immedi ately to the contractor ot tbe Waiblngcon-st. tunnel. Office No. 4 Lind’s Block. TT7ANTED— L want to lease a building VV lot In a good neighborhood. Will pat a *3,000 boose on it. Address H LOT.”TrtbaneOffice. ‘TT7’ANTED —Ifyou have houses, stores, W unimproved lot?, or business property ol any kind to rent, leave them with us and we wtQ rent them Immediately. A. J. MILLS ft CO- 130 South Clark- VVTANTED —Everybody to call at 130 VV Sooth C\atk-Bt-,Boom 7. and see something new. Costs U cents, retails lor 75 cents. ■\Y7”ANTED —boldiers to know that ap- VV plications for *IOO bonotr most be filed before April Ist. A. GOODRICH, Attorcey-at-Law. 1*26 Dearborn-st. Room 2. TXT ANTED —Agents sellmc parnls and VV oils, will find It fb their Interest to call on the Oakland iron ochre paint co„ no. 10 sontb Clark-sL. op-sum. Room 1. WAITED— If you want a good busi ness; if yon want to Me the best ihlnjr in the market; and If yon want money, call at, or ad tire** TXTANTFD—A ecod girl to do general VV hrusework In a ?rp*ll family. A steadr place to a gcod girl. Apply at 1/IS North Morema-st. 'TXTANTED—Dining-room’girls at City W Hotel. Apply Immediately. "TXTANTED—An experienced Nurse, to W takecaieolanlnfont. Goodcity reference re quired. Apply at 640 Michlgan-sv. Nojouaggirls pted apply. TXTANTED—Employment by a man ot VV twenty years'experience as oid er and shlp- 6 log clerk in some of tbe best wboleisle dry goods unite. Beit ot references. Addttsa “y H," 40Xax&- st, Chicago. tx/ANTED —Tour destmy. itadame V v Car.lsie taajust returned to the city from a Southern tour, and win be pleased to receive the calls of toes** who wish the past, present and fatnre reveal ed, at 18b bonth Clari«st n Boom 6. TXTANTED—S3,OOO on good real estate VV security. fir three years, at 10 per cest. inte rest. Address ♦♦ S P C,” Pox 904 Post Office. aasntec-Cs TXT ANTED—To rent—By April Ist, a W house of from six to nine rooms on the South side, between Twelith sod Twctty-foorth-sts. east of Staie-tT. Will pay from lonr to six hundred dollars per year rent. A carelul arid prompt paying tenant may oe found by addressing E- P. G. Tribune office. TXT ANTED—To Rem—A home and VV tarn: bouse to hares or lOrooms. Must be oo the North 6We. cast of Clark. Any one bavins the same win pease aadress “A B-,” care ol Wheelock. Dean & 00., Lnmbermep, North Pier. WANTED— To Rent—On or beioie the Ist of May next, oo other Michigan or Wa baah-av_ north o| Van Rnrec-st- a small Uoose of 9 or 9 rooms. Bent punctually in advance. Give location, amount cl rent, etc., and address COOKE. Tribune office. WANTED— To Bent—By a prompt paylsg tenant, with a small family, a neat Cot tage, either on North or West Side, and as near tbe Tribune office asposiib<e. Would boy furniture. Ad* dress “L E C.” Tribune office. WANTED— To Rent—By the Ist ot 'Mar, a first class Cottage ot 7 to 8 rooms, gas, water, etc- on North Side, on or east of Clark-91, Ad dress *• B H,” P. O. Drawer 5885. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A gcod House, V V suitable for a flr»t-cla*a boarding hou<e, on the South Side, north of Van Bntcn suanyume before the UtcfMay. Please address *• B S.” P.Q. Box 1001. TUT ANTED—To Kent—On South Side, VV north of Silt«nlh SC and east of Stalest- a ccmfbrtablo bouse. Bent not to exceed *1,009 Most be in gooa condition. If a bargain, will pay six months rest in advance, U desired. Address JEBOME, Drawer 0817. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A house on the VV South Sice, with Bor more rooms, fbr three or five year* from April orMav Ist, at *3O per month or less. Address P. Q. Box 759. lor * week. TSTANTED—To Rent—Store on Slate- V V tt. between Lake and W*»b'jagtnn. or oo Lake between Clark and State, or on Randolph hetw-en Dearborn and State-ats. Address P. O. Box 7083. TXT ANTED—To Kent—Store, in afirst- VV Cam location, suitable fer Jiwelry business. Address P. O. Box 2348. TTtTANTED—To Bent—From May Ist, VV a small house or cottage, oa the North Side, SfnihctOsc-BL Beat not to exceed *25 or *3O per month. Addicts ♦» IIR.” Trlbate office. TKT ANTED— I To Rent—Two or three VV trefurtuhedrocm* with closet/, suitable fur housekeeping for eet Ucm»n nod wire. Address, silting terms sod location. ** S D," Box 31S. Chicago, HI. XX7 ANTED—To Kent, a mcdram-.'ized, VV nlcelv furnished hcn<e. la a first-class locality, durtn«tte summer months, by a small fatnUy, (wUq rSnlUf?n any*lime betweenmw and Mb of May. Adilrc a ♦•DANKEIV Trlbcne^olflcg^_ £Jlaniei==i&cal ISstate. \\7 ANTED—To bny a house and lot \y cu the North Sid-; oast bo east ol Ciark-st., l.tto be abeulSOtcet. houses to 10 rooms; or a lot without tic house. Any one haclncthe above cheap *IU nierse address** \ B," cate cl Whtclock, Dean & Co., North I*l er. cait end. T\7ANTED—A small, improved farm, VV wlthiniOmllfflCf CftlcaiW, and from a railroad MVI-r. Address. wltn particulars, -FAUU, * i». o.pox:itti:t. iflarijmets. *7O U SALE—Three 8-horse .power pp f 1 right euglnrf: ano iix bcrlsontal ecr—Vl - udienc Fewer. or maker »f?S£L.fe tuned with or wltnout bolicra. U, 15, l* and 20-tom hibniar and IccotJCUve cullers fer sale, belt mak_ ilB?one union Matcher and Flame? MftcPaue. Siwnllls. barrel arlwcc-d-wortrt:? macldafry, iret o aa-ra, bUHti, saws. files- Ac. Machinery Depo~ Si QttggyLea BROS. A CO. T?OR SALE—Portable engines nnd boil f 1 rrs, 10 to 20-hotse oower, at very low price*, by GRIFFIN DUOS., 11G LaSalle-st, opposite Chamber oi Commerce. FOB SALE—PcrtaWe engmus, station arr acd 0" whirls. 10 and on hied and ior Bale at low price*, by TEE PESHTIGO North Watet-sL. Norta Pier. T7OH SALE—A superior low pressure r engine. 30-lnch cylinder and tftet strike. In splen did tonine order, witli abaft Singes in diameter ana flv*W2eel 20 feet, welehmc tcout 7 tons. THU cosine liof fnlHclG.teapacity to drive the larcest elevator, and la particularly-adit-ted to a min captbleof makias 400 tvirrela of floor per day. We offer tbs above at toe low pr iceof *7,500. For Writer particular* irqolre ol oIfEH WHAttNG A to- StnteJlU ». °r v p.nDEBT, bTEVEXS A CO.. MUwankee, Wl* EOK SALE—A second-iand JS fo!dtP«m*cWne-la yowl eondiaoo- lwe ’ Apply to tarTKiBITKB c:o«?A!n. ———^ CortEspoitflencE \j two TOOD2 0*!B °* ®. £&lect'. Adorc‘3 CIIAK- llcrsonal. —_ c;ol j A j / _\Vanled, tomtom nume : iAKwva tbat**l an not a married map. or tasnlonable," ata not ' % lady’s am D 2V^ tJ decld«ny oppoeod to gambling, wIU not man. *°LS brains. having a little cf thelat- B t*se mo cy practical man. and stUl ready.wllh ter ro . y trlv«* aSd mr own time, cither in Chicago or wia not bo question- STafStrSBAE, CMCSJO P. O. Situations laagte®. niLKji. mws Wonldß?if ,^- &ml,, » 10 »**eear« ot boneaor Sool vwwnwe be carta visit Use tte CiJ u ® e ‘ AlUn " *V S O," ft ATDATION— anted—A young man. O fcrmttfy of Itpw T»r*. with rood bcst&rss onalia! cations and «tnoroß»b sess. a’so acqnstntec with Übaw a-d 6 !rt4. SwSS ■ aaltaUesttaattor. Afldtm*-ABo°ygsraS CinJATIOIt**TI DJled, by &younu mow O in a wholesale bonse. w aceot, wno Ii aronalatS tnnesb Western Hlesocn, Eansas aad Good rrfrrence ores. Address M M B, M i»ta Souta ClmCoD-iC CirUATlON—Wanted, as bookkeeper Cr of'as^lstaz.t.laawtiotcialsboaseorbank.brose who has >*<j experience and e«o ktre the best of refer* ence. Ad-trm -F K.” at 1333. SITUATION—Wanted, by a yonngGer- O maa.asjpacbmaa or servant. Understands bta basinets, an<f tan m»nl»h ttrw bert of inferences. Ad dress -J W K t," 87 Blgh-sc. FE9UI>EBi CI'X’UATION Wanted, by a young O J»dy.aa»ean»%rMih arrival* family. Canopy rateon Wheeler A-Wlisoa’s and* Grover & Baker's ;;wtnf machines. Call for three dhv* at 4S Bash between l and i p. m.- RVnJATION-Wanted, as housekeeper, lady who{vcomoetenttotakofallcharge. “« f " ®~*»- OITOATIOK Wanted Among the jT’larzeirap ply of domottc help I have a Scotch woman Ibr elt.v or country i also Germto help, two ot Api ” r K 138 C JTDATTON—Wanted, as housekeeper, OtotaKutArratlre charge ot afamily.ortotak^care^ ot anlnvainirertoscw: la thorooghlv competent. Ke l*re»ce exchanged. Call or address Mrs. J. L. fIOL LISTEB, Myrtaa*» Hotel. Cottage Prove. CITUATION Wanted, by a young O Vomanascoek. North Sldojprererrcd. Add rasa 391 Indlana-sc. agents SSSantch. At GENTS—Wanted—ln all the impor* aa tart towns tn Illinois to represcnt'the “econ omical Mutual Life Insurance Company of K. I.’*' Address. - giving came and reltroaces, TCCSKS A. SHUFELDT.GeneraI Agents Chtcazorni. AGENTS— Wanted —500 Agents want ed m » new bnsmesa. H. B. SHAW, Alfred. Maine. A GENTS —Wanted lmmediately, m xa. every county, to sell standard salable hooks, on which large coramitslous will be paid. Address B- M. SHEBVTOOD. 107 MonroetU. Chicago. A GENTb—Wanted—sl2s per month xA.asd expenses. Address SHAW 4CLAEKSEW INO MACHINE Maine. A GENTS— W anted—Male and lemale— XX Business at bom*. N’ocsoiUl required. Active Ac«it*canma«e9s dallr. Aodresa, with stamp, a. DEVEREAUN. Drawer 6044. Chicago. OL A GENTS—Wanted—North and South, jf\ to sell flee'wort'- of art. The largest commis sions ever paid. Send for circular sad be canvmrett, T. J. BOLENDEB ft CO., 393 Booth clark-st, Chi cago, in. A GENTS—Wanted—s2s a day. Fit- XA teen new articles lor A«enta. O. T. GABKT, Blddemrd. Maine. A GENTS—Wanted—For the American XA-Confllct, by Horace Greeley. Asenta who bars delivered vcl. 1., and desire to deliver vo). XL, moat mate their orders Immediately. GEO. a C. W.SRER* WOOD, 103 Madlson-st.. Chicago. lU. AGENTS— Wanted—I want an Agent In every town in the State to canvass tor a new patent article lor honaraotj aw, and which is meeting with a great aale. Good agents are making trom VO to >3O per week. Apply to or addreaa O. A. HEN DRICK. 181 Lake-su Cnicsgo. in. A GENTS—Wanted—With $5 to $lO j\ capital, forade'lrable and permanent money* making bostnm at home. Energsttc agents can clear trom *lO to S6O oer week. No competition and no risk. Ladies, gentlemen, clergymen teachers, farmers, mechanics—everybody having spare time, call on or address, with-stamp lor paper*. R. WAT* YELL. 47 Lombard Block, Chicago. A GENTci—Wanted—Male ard female, XX to sen a new article In great oemand that every tamtly wants. *1 per daymaaewilhcat leaving home. Traveling ages a can mags trom *5 to *2O per dar githiat laterf-rcnce with other Da»iaeas. Tte article shows for itself. Samples, with terms and paracolon at the business, sent for 35 cents. Address R. W, CHAPPELL. Drawer 6533. Chicago, 111. A GENTS—Warned “ The Pictorial J\ BOOK OF ANECDOTES AVD INCIDENTS OF TBE WAR.” Warranted the mon attractve. (kst-aeil log book cat. Pays Unrest profits and gives beat sstufsctlon when de'lvered. Agents make *3O to *iao .per week, as we will prove. Address SIODDSIRD ftCO., 102 Washlngtoa-sh, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—PorFolsom’s new J\ Under Feed LETTER A SEWING MACHINE, price *3B to S4O. Machines sent on trial. P. ATKIN SON. 16-1 Randolph su Boom No. C. Chicago. Ills. AGENTS —Wanted—Fire Ideal Deads ol American Women: Angel at tbe Hospital— Before the Battle—Color Bearer—At the Front—Army Ne*a. Ibeiraest works of artever introduced in this coon try. Experienced csnvaeseis wonted In every coonty in the Stare. Address JOHN D. BICE, 90 Stalest.. Chicago, ID. A GENTS—Wanted—For “ WOMANS Xa. WORK IN THKCIVIL WAK,” preoaredandsr Che approval of the U. 8. Sanitary- Western Sanitary and Christian Commissions. Ulstory has no prece dent, poetry no parallel, to the work ol women In onr late civil war. An eminent Divine says; “This Work Is a household treasure, a Joy and blessing to fntnrs times. It developed a new. social era; a new molt ot our free insnrof.ons, onr schools, oar churches, oar pulpit, and onr pres*; a new p*wer in woman: * new phase In Christianity Itself.” I. S. Arthur’s Magazine rays; “W* welcome this book ra«*t heartily as the only record of Woman’s work In the War wbten makeamsr approach to completeness.” Sendfbr a etrmlar, amt set a 101 l desrrloooa of tbe wars and terms to agenta. Address ZKIGLKR. McCUBJT ft CO., Lombard Block; Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted —For Barbe r’s great work (lost out)—“All the Western States amt Territories, from the ABczhanles to ine Psclflc. and Dorn the Lakes to the Golf/’ containing their History trom the Earliest Times, with t.ocal History, Incidents cf Pioneer Life. Military Events. Biozcaohical Bketch es; combined with lull Geographical Descriptions ot the different States, Tern tone*, cities and Towns, The whole being illustrated by 310 elegant engravings, principally from his drawings taken on the soot, show- Inrall ibe cities, principal town* and objects of his toric and natural interest In the vaatWout. Also, (hr “Times of the Rebellion In the West” (Jnit oot>—a book of thrilling loVrtkt. with spirited engraving*. Also, ibr tbe “Bible Looking G'au'*—lTSengravlnga. KitteU*a“ One Volume History of the Rebellion.” In English and German, and other qnl-k selling works, ocr large and beautiful pamphlet circular, of S 3 pages, with terms, description*, specimen pages and eograr. Insa ot onr new works, mailed free, on writing t» HENRY HOWE, 111 Maln sh. Cincinnati, o. Dartorrs SEtaiiteS. PARTNER— Wanted—A party now occupying one of the m*st desirable stands In Cnicagc, and barms a large wholesale trade estah'lsh ed, would like to form buslce** arrangements wuh dst les with capital and good basin-as qualifications, Apply to WM. BARkR. General Manager Commercial Agency ofTnpPsn, McKlUqp & Co, n or ty letter to P. O. Box 1606, PARTNER— Wanted—With $250, to take half Interest in an office and manufacture* business Profits Urge and sure. Apply at SPEAR* BEG- 107 South Clark-st. PARTNER— Wanted—$3CO will pur chase one-half Interest In a well established Daft ness. Reason for selling, partner wishes logo away. Apply at 133 sooth Clark. Boom 3. PARTNER— "Wanted—One with a cap ita’ orjlo,oCC.andorewlth|3.(ko, both la well established snd paring business. For paifcnltra asQ and see ns at No, lO Post Office Block. T. H. DKL- Fl£LD£ CO. PARTNER— Wanted—Special or ac tive —special preferred. One who basftoioro !• *15.000 to Invest In a orst-class wholesale business. Only parties of tbe Orst respectability treated with, Keftreocernven and required. Address, confidential ly. appointing place of Interview, “• W X H," Triban* office. TJARTNEB—Wanted A man with r *6OO capital, tqjoln me in a business to hekstaiv Ushed In a town U Wisconsin. Address 14 SJ, Tri bune office. PARTNER— Wanted, with a capital ot •3.000. to tak* an interest In an old established and well paying commercialbuslteaa la one of tbe tvrt locations in the city. Address -C. PARTNER,” Trt bnne office. T3AMTWEK—Wanted, A good office x man. with froralLWU to *5.000, to join theadrtf- Ustr in a cosiness already established. Call at Boom 1 3. Lombard Block. Monroe*?., near Post Office. ■DABTNER—Wanted, in the boot and _L shotba*lDtas,wlthacapUalofaboat|3Xoo.laiß doing a good business, and wish to Increase toy facul ties. Address • t SD.”Tnbnneofficc. PARTNER— Wanted—In a light manu facturing wholesale business. _*si)Qcapitalre quired. Inquire of JONES. fIOSPY A TAYLOR. Room Ig. Methodist cmreh Block. Chicago. PARTNER— Wanted, to take an interest Inonecfthebestpstentatothn market Call or addros CBAS. MESSENGER, 98 Washlngton-st. Room 3, Chicago. 11L Send stamp for areolar. PARTNER— Wanted—In one of the best p>ymg hotels in ihl* aty; doing a busliwa even these hardtlroci', over *LOOO per month. UWtd required Apply for two days to A. J. MILLS & CO., 130 South Clark-sL, Room 7. PARTNER— Wanted—?350 will buy one-hslf Interest In an oil eetabllibed real estate office. A smart boalnes* maa and gjod tefereaiea re quired. Apply Immediately to A. J. MILLS « CO. 130 South Claik-st. Jooarbins. BOARDING —One or two gentlemen desirou? ot a comfortable hem*, with an elegant a tesp-’ctable family living on Wabash-w- cot very tar from Post Office. Best references reqtured. Adartsa "C.” Pox 1320.» T)CARDING—At 8 Eldndge-conrt, a JJ partly furnished suite ot southern rooms; also, one single rcom, ftunlshcd, with good board. Bucr eccta reqnlted. I HOARDING —Good "board *?Uh large Ifhrnlshsd io?ms and home accommodations can be had at 283 Mlchlgan-st. BOAKDING With p'easant trout rooter, unfornUhed. and flnt-clsu board; alto, coe lnrel»bcd room, at 1000 Indlsna-av., two doors lortbctTgeotr-UUrd-at. T> CARDING — Larce farnishod zoom »nu grate, suitable lor a genuemaa and wur, or twe single gentlemen : also, a stogie roots tsrent. with board, at 302 Ohlo-ru, between Bull ard Cats. BOAKDING— Two gentlemen can find first-class beard and room, within two mtuutos* waisofCoan Home, by icqulrtng ol X) it. STEVENS, Chiropodist. 132 Sooth Clatk-et. BOARDING— A suite ot rooms, beauti fully luißlshcd. to r*nr. with board. In a prlratc t.y.ilr where there are to other boarders. Location on near Indlana-av. Apply to S. E. JONES. IQS Like-at. BOARDING —Fora few single gentle men, at 128 West Washington-**. Good rooms and good board. TJOAKDING—NeatIy furnished rooms, |~lwlth fim-claw board. In a private family, at 178 South dlnton-st. T> CARDING —For gentleman and wife, r> on Wa'blncton-su near Union Faik; rooms far nL«hec la part. For particulars Inquire ft Boom 7, 126 H Beatbora-st. BOARDING —A handsomely furnished rcom, wl'b board, suitable lor a gentleman ana wile, or twogenUemen, at 142 WabaJb-*v. BOAUDING— A nice blihcd, to rent with boatd ftr two * f torcealngle at 11 3 W«oa*h . BnAPTWKfi— Two front rooms, fur- cacti suitable tor tesUe nUhed ornnftmi“?o men, at moderate prices. Call at n '».?ufwwt^ tc-,t *' &eJW ’ een Peorta Saaga moo-tta. Uoartr Eiaantttt. OABD—In a private family, withm tea nitrates’ walk of tba Coon House. wbero {Acielss piano, preferred. Best of «{««»«» elrea aSfl reqalred. Addren -0110. SUte-«t. BOARD— And tunusbed room orrooms lor eeotlemaa. wlffe, and little clrl .two year* old* rmate taaily preferred. AdiM,, «atlns: tnll mrUo clan as so term*. location, etc** P* O. Box 3273* pianos. TO KENT—Pianos, Organs and Melo deoaa; al*o, cew and aeeond-hand Pianos for sale on time psymenm, received ta installments. w. w. KIMBALL* 63 Waahtnston-st. TO KEisT—Pianos and melodeons. AU kinds ot Instruments tuned and repaired ftr Mm* peu-Dl worsm'r. Pianos moved and oaseo. >va». m* PBQSSBBi 130 Clark it. FOR bALE—Five new pianosi lor sale cheap, crvrtUexchasz® for re** estate. PBTBIfi bUIUP, oi Monrot/»U t?OR SALE—A first class aeven-ocMvc P «W «■»» Urn- Sa, P iSfeJr““iASO,”Tr»»M<)aee.