Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 13, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 13, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. The Paris Exposition Build ing-Strike of the Workmen. Bismark’s Recommendations to the German Parliament, FROM WASHINGTON. The New Southern Ena hliog Act Before the Senate. Probability of its Immediate Passage. Ex-Senator Cowan Again Re jected for the Austrian Mission. FROM MEXICO. Occupation of the Capital by the Liberals on the 17th nit. The Imperialists Hold no Garri soned Place in All Mexico. HEW HAMPSHIRE ELECTION. Three Eepublican Congressmen Chosen. Seth Houses of the Legislators Eepublican by Large Majorities. FEOM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH, Germany, Bismark recommends a compromic cetween tbe several factions in the GovcramenlParliament, in order to adopt tbe new constitution. Frailer. LACOD BTUUTE. Paius, March 12. Laborers on the Exposition bniidmg have strnck for higher wages. Austria. TTTT rrmtnil VISITS THE nnrOAIUAS CAPITAL. Tiexka, March 12—Evening. The Emperor cf Austria left the city to-day on a visit to the Hungarian capital. Cireat Britain. STEAK En AUniVED. tomiAKrTON, March 12—Evening. The steamship Baltic, Irom New York, touched at iiiU port tnis afternoon a-d sailed lor Bremen. Latest Foreign StarlicU. rirruvi-TiT l, . London, March 12—Noon. Consols. 01; Erie, 40*: T4*; Illinois Central London, March 12—Eveahg. Corsets close: 9P* for money; 5-2Ce,TI;,‘; Illmolf Central, 7»\’; Erie, 40. Pacts, March 12—Evening. American bonds, 84. cosoikbcxaz~ LivcnrooL, Mircb 12—Noon. Cotton—DtUL Brcsdstnfls—Quiet and steady. Lara—Dali. Bacon—lls for middles. Liveetool, March i:—Evening. Colton—Continued qukt, b;.t closea firmer at prev ious quotation", viz: Middling uplands 11J ; X;w Or -I(mub lt*d. Sales lules. Market stesly but without Improvemcnr. Breadstuff*—Firm and strong. Corn US i for mixed W» stern. Oils—Ammcvaand Canad'anSs Sdper 45 Jbß. Tt ucopo— AtUi nr>k for pot*. American rea clover eeeusCe fcd P cvrt. BY 3UIL. The Cretan Revolution Promises Success. New Yoke. March 12.—The T’riiuv corres pondence from Crete confirms Ilc news that ihe Turks have virtually abandoned tbe larger portion of the island, and are nol expected to be able to renew the The rc?n»ts of the latest engagements was favorable to the Christians. In the meantime n :icw Min istry is appointed in Constantinople. which is fa vorable to reform. FROM TVASHISGIOS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, March 12. co wax aa atx beje ~te d. Tbe rommatlou of ex-Senator Cowan, as Minis ter to Austria, was tabled in the Senate, on tbe second instant, by a strong majority, and not again taken np prior to the adjournment of the last Congress. Mr. Cowan was not content to take this bint of Senaloiial Judgment respecting his fitness for Mr. Motley’s successor. His nomi nation was therefore sent in. and to dry rejected by the decisive vote of 3U to 17. Senators who voted for his confirmation wcie: Anthony, Bunk slew. Davis, Dixon, Doolittle, Henderson, Hen drick 2, Johnson, Norton, Patterson, of Tennes see, Ramsey, Riddle, Paulebnry, Sherman, Trumbull, VauWlnkle, Tates. The question of courtesy to a late colleague probably influenced the vote of several Republicans. clothing ron disabled soldiers. The bill Inirodnced yeet-rday by Mr. Judd, giv ing clothing to tbe Inmates of the Chicago Sol diers’ Dome, was ictcrred to a special committee. He this morning reported a general bill directing tbe Secretary of War to furnish annually one com plete suite of clothing to each invalid soldier who Is nu inmate ol anyregtilarly constituted Soldiers’ Done In the United States, *.o ne delivered on the requisitions of tbe managers of each Hume. The measure was considered so clearly proper that it went through without opposition. THE POCTUERN ENABLING ACT, cr Supplemental Reconstruction Bill, was report ed in the Senate from the Bouse this afternoon, and rclerrcd to the Judiciary Committee, which *in h; Id a special meeting to-monow for its con sideration. THE QUESTION OP ADJOURNMENT, Tbe sentiment in favor of a recess till fall is in creasing in Congress rapidly, and there Is no doubt that a majority of the House are now op po&cd to rea«*cmlilti.g again in May. The proba Dilutes are that as soon as the Southern Enabling Act has become a law, an adjournment will take place to some dale near the end of October, wl'b tbe hearty concurrence ol three-fourths of the Re publicans In Congress. IBKEGULAC BUSINESS. It appears that the Postmaster General’s pay ment of twenty thousand dollars to certain steam boats for tbe transportation of mails on While River, was made while (he boats were in tbe reg ular employ of the Quartermaster's Department. DECLINED THE JIOSOU. Speaker Colfax and Representatives Orth and Julian were tbe Republicans of the Indiana dele gation in tbe last Congress wno decancd the President's invitation to a stale dinner, THE OEODOETOWN ELECTION—INVESTIGATION. Tbe Georgetown < ‘ommon Council ere making an investigation relative to the recent electron in tbntatr. It comes up on the choree or some de feated candidate that the majority polled a large number of illegal negro rotes. What the result will be is not jet dear, viuoikia POLITICIANS. A considerable nnmberof Virginians arrirefl thlr morning to advise and consult concerning the new Enabling Act passed by.the Boose yesterday. Among them x\cre Governor Plurpont and Robert Oold. Ihc Governor is strongly opposed to tbo hill end Us modifications in the Senate. Bis jmudpal grievance seems to be that he will not, under the measure, be allowed to name the offi cers of registration and Commissioners of Elec tion. Several Scratora told him his objections were selfish and personal. Be is cot very well FStlrCed x»Jfh his reception, and tl>e prospects for a modification of the bill in nis interests are not favorable. eernrarn const. The new law relative to lie Supreme Court pro vides that the Chief Justice and hie Associates shall be allotcd existing circuit* by order of the Court, and whenever a new allotment becomes ex pedient or necessary, the Court, if in session, shall make the same, and il not in session, it shall be made by the c biel Justice himself, and be binding until the next term, and until new allot ments arc made by the Court. The law also pro vides that the Conrt shall appoint its own Marshal. BEOISTBAHOS OP TOTED' The Registry Board ofthls city ravels nest Mon day to receive names of persons entitled to vote at the coming municipal election. SENATOR TATZS, this evening, joined the Sons of Temperance, and wax admitted to one of the principal Divisions in the city. EEKI-OmCLAr. The Tntellig'r.e'r , tMs morning, in speaking of the Reconstruction Bill passed by the Honse yes terday. says: “ The Executive will not long hes itate iu regard io «uch a bill, and will act in time lor Congress to adjourn next Monday, if tbe bill Is emt him this 'eek.” cosntAsnntt ukdeb the eecoxsteuctiok act. It is slated this evening, on excellent authority, that the President bail to-day, after a long inter view with General Grant and the Secretary of War, decided upon the following commanders under the Reconstruction Act: General hchodeJd for Virginia; Sickles for North and South Caro lina; Thomas for Georgia, Florida and Alabama; Sheridan for Louisiana and Texas; and Ord fjr Mississippi and Arkansas. nox. e. n. wAetmcitNE. A letter of tbe 22d ult., from Pan*, say?; Jir. Waahbnme has arrived, is living very quietly! and has pot hitnetlf under thorough medical treatment Hla health was no hotter thin when hcleflhere. COXTUIIfiTIOSI—mLTTA.Br. The Senate confirmed-the following nomina tions: Commodore i in the Navy on the Retired LUt— Captains Lawrence Kearney, Charles 8. McCauley JofanH.Aulick, Josepn Armstrong, William In man. John A. Chauncey. Joseph Glynn, ttobert Ellchic, Francis B. Ellison and Charles Green. . Commodore*—3. D. Shaw, John Calhoun. Ben* lamln J. ToUi-n, John C. Carter, John C. Giossoa, Edward B. Thomson, Gusums Ganaeyoort and Robert Handy. The follomni? on the reserved list! Cajifatn* —William D. Salter, Charles Beeman, wm. Jameson, John H. Graham. Stephen Cham* plain, John Q. Yonn&. Oscar Bellas. • Commander? —Edward W. Carpenter, H. Bruce, Charles B. Jackson. James P. Wilson, Peter Tur ner, and James F. Miller. Brigadier Geneni—J&cob Saelln, Commandant of the Marine Corps. cosnßKAnoKS—cmL. Collector of Cwiomt— Jolm Bridler, District ol Montana and Idaho. Beceivert of Public Money • —Thomas Saylor,Bast Saginaw, Mich.; Joel Hrmdon. Topeka, Kansas. BegUter of Uu Lend OJlce—JL. 0. Bipley, East Satrliiaw. Mich. CornruU —G. C. Salter. Hankow, China; H. J. Cnnlffe, Paso drl Norte, Mexico; Omlle Alien,, ol Michigan, lilnldad Island. Ur. Utd state* Attorney—A, D. Griswold. Eastern District of Michigan; XU chard Williams, District of Oregon. Aumtors of Internal Revenue —James B. Weaver. First DUtrict of lona ; HenryHcmdon, Second District of Wisconsin; Smith Wilkinson, District of Wisconsin Collector* of ’lnternal R*renve—Keot Jarvis, Seventeenth District of Ohio; Wm. O. Collins, Sixth District of Ohio; Wm. Bolien, Second Dis trict ol Illinois; Cnaries M. Hammond, Sixth Dis trict of Illinois; Bcnry M. i<enis. Second District of Wisconsin; Geo. w. Fish, Sixth District of Michigan. Jndian Agm( —Wm. F. Army for the Indians of Lower Mexico. Petition Apenf—Joseph Wiggins, Indianapolis, Indiana. PonUnattert —Geo. B. Raymond, Elgin, Illinois; Francis Foster. Kansas City. Missouri. BEJECIIONB. Lewis V- Bogy, of Missouri, was rejected as Commissioner cl Indian Adairs; also John Quincy Adams as Naval Officer of Boston; ex- Congressman S. E. Ancona, Naval Officer at Philadelphia, and James Severns, Surveyor of Customs at the same port. A»»r*»or* of Internal Revenue— Benjamin Piatt, Tenth District of Illinois : G. Thomson Gndlcr, Third District of Mlc&lgan ; Jacob Cooae, First District of Michigan: O. D. Harris, Second Dis trict oi'Miseouri; William Steers, Ninth District of Illinois. Collector of Internal Revenue —Thomas H. Byrd, Second District of Missouri. —William Gramm. Kanawha, Va. Sttruyor of Cu-fom j-Sheridan s. Hnnt, St Louis. Supervising Jjixptetor of StexunboaU— James Cragg, ThlidDlstmt. THE WOBK or JICCOKSTHDCnOX AT TUB SOUTH. Two distinct parties are at work in every Southern Slate to organize Conventions under the Recocsiruction Bill. Ibe unconditional Union men say, however, that the disqualifications of the Reconstruction Bill are not comprehensive enough to Insure the safety of tbe Union cause, as many men now in office will be able to take tbe prescribed oaths and secure a re-election. In Georgia there Is a thorough organization of the (recomen, and Governor Brown's party has Joined forces with them. In south Carolina, Mis eirsippi, Alabama,Florida, Louisiana and Texas, ihe organizations are not so complete, but their tamlflcations arc being rapidly extended through ont every county. On tbe other baud, the class ■ho fill the offices at present are also organized. TRIAL OX FUHHATT. .lUAitUr No day isyet fixed for the trial of Surratt Ills supposed toe trial will take place on the 18th or 2utb instant TUB riNANCIAL KIASCUEB. TV.A Tariff P.. 11 nn.l all A.ha.l The Tariff Bill and all other Important flnanclr measures are certain to go over till next fall. aUSSTATXaCZXT. Wasuincton, March 13 —Tae statement having been published that there was trouble at Williams burg. Va., between the whites aud freedmen, and tnat the military had been called out to suppress the same, General S. C. Armstrong, Superintend ent of tbe Filth District of Virginia, tele graphed General Howard to-day that be baa not asked for military for Wil liamsburg. Eight mounted men had been sent to Y orktowu tor a few days, to assist in re moving the freed people, but there had been no tionble whatever. RECALL or THE SPANISH JOXIBTEU. Washington, March 12, —Senor Toscana, who, fonbe past ten rears has most acceptably repre sented in the United States the Government of Her Most Catholic Majesty, in the quality of En voy Extraordinary acd Minister Plenipotentiary, presented his letter ot recall to the President to day. liei-savtxo nrromoxe. The Secretary of tbe Treasury has, in accord* ance wiih 'ngcvatlons, ordered the assemblage of a Commission In New York, on tbe second Mon day of April, for the purpose of examiu* ins and testin': the merits or such inventions of a life-saving character as may be bronchi before them, taid inventions will embrace boilers of steam engines, anli-crnstadors, safety valves, ' v f tcr CTopes, steerine apparatus and life boats, wltn detaebincapparatus. invent ors may appear in person before the Commission lor tbe purpose ol explaining their Inventions, butno expenses trill be allowed, under any cir cumstances. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Wapotngtok, March 22. SENATE. Mr. WUSON, from the Military Committee, re ported back the resolution declaring that, Wuebeas, ihe arms and equipments for the militia of the State of Tennessee were takes and des-tioyed oy the rebel antboriJes during the late rebellion, and the present Executive of that Shite, in order to enforce laws In that Stite, deems It necessary to employ the militia; therefore the Secretary of War is authorized and directed to furnish anna and equipments lor 25,0.0 militia to the Governor of Tennessee. M. WILSON asked immediate consideration. Hr. JOHNSON objee’ed. The bill went over. Hr. SUMNEH, from the Committee on Foreign A Halts, reported back the bUI In regard to toe French spoliation claims, and the bill to provide for the defence or the Northern frontiers, with fa* to i able iccommencafons in each case. ».w >.u,Lnuiu-u(|c Ul VUUI tjrc. Hr.NYE introduced a preamble and resolution declaring the sympathy ot the United Status with the irl-h people in their rtrnggle against BrilUh oppression, and asked Immediate consideration. Mr. POMEROY, from ’he Public Linds Com* mmee. reported a bill relinquishing the title of the United states to certain land in the Public Square at Rnrlicgton. lowa. Passed. Hr. t-ALLSHCRY Introduced a resolution dt rfetirg the Secretary ot War to return to tbs ar mories and arsenals of Delaware Certain arms and equipments belonging to the State taken by the Cloven meet daring the rebellion. Referred to tbe Military Committee. Mr. TRUMBCIJ, inirodnced a joint resolution to make valid certain lawa oi tbe Legislature ot New Mexico, parsed in I6OC. Mr. MORGAN introduced a joint resolution for llie survey of a ship canal from Rake Erie to Lake CnJario, for military, naval and commercial purposes. Referred to the Committee on Com mnee. Mr. COLE introduced a bill to enable California to reclaim certain unproductive lands within her Irmile ; also a bill to grant lands to California for he construction of a canal fur irrigating pur posts. Referred to the Committee on Pnolic Lends. Mr. WILLIAMS inirodnced a joint resolution ocfinlrg the meaning ol tne second section of the act cf March. IStit, relative to property lost m tne military service, to be that whenever any claim ini for lojt prep rty »hall comly with all the terms it the act on the t-nbject of property lost a* above, be shall be paid the amount ol awards made bv ti.c Commissioners who audited the claim. Re ferred. Mr. MORRILL re-introduced the bill of last scs -ion repealing the charter of the cities of Wash ington and Georgetown, and providing for the gtv- rrai-ol of th- same by a Board of Commls ricnera. Ac. Referred. Mr. WILSON introduced a joint resolution pro •*;diug thu‘ checks io be issued from the Trua-ury f.>r the settlement of claims for pay, oonoty, Ac., due :o soldiers or sailors, who may have resided in tbe late stave States, me claim for which hav ing btcu presented by an agent or attorney, shall bo mad* payaolc to toe Commissioner of Freed men, rnbjectto payment upon identification of tho claimants, the Commissioner first paying! be lawful tecs and expenses to the attorney. He lmed. Mr. MORTON, of Ind-, moved that the Senate take np the resolutions of Mr. Sumner which yes terday weie tabled. He said be voted agamst tabling tbe resolutions because he was unwilling to sec them disposed of In that wav. lie dissent- cd entirely from ihc views expressed by certain gentlemen that the act of the 22d of March was a pledge. it could not be regarded in tne light of a contract, be cause that lakes two parties, one to propose and ore to accept; consequently it Is entirely compe tent for Congress to alter, amend or repeat that bill without dishonor ur breach of faith. There was modi in the resolutions which he coaid not approve, but he did approve most heartily ol what they raid about the education of the people of tbe rebel States. He contended (bat there could be no iepubhean form of Government In Ihc South unless white and blacks alike were admitted to tbe benefits ol common schools. If Congress bad the right to giant suffrage -to blacks it had the right to provide that they shall be qualified by educatiou for the exercise of the tran ehice. It was duo to the whole country that this be done. Regarding the lUitu* of the rebclStates he should always oppo e tbs theory of Mr. Sumner that they were reduced to a Territorial ccncition. He bad always neld that Congress had full jurisdiction over them as States since the rebellion, and under this power could ao what it was now proposed to do—reduce them to Territo ries. Mr. HOWB thanked Mr. Morton for bringing the resolutions biforcthe Senate. Re voted yes terday against laying them on tbe table and found himself compelled to do so without giving his reasons, lie proceeded to address the Senate on the subject of the resolution', prefacing his re marks w ith Ihe assertion of the control of C .ngrese over the wnole subject of reconstruction. Herc raididthe provision on the subject of education as more important than any other. He did not think it could be controverted. He assented to the proposition that a homestead was necessary (or freedmen, but be was not prepared to say this conla not be obtained under the existing home stead law. Mr. TRUMBULL moved (bat (he Senate take np tbe Supplementary Reconstruction BUT. It was taken up and referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Tit DAIBULL moved Executive session. Mr. bUMKER opposed if, sod a slight passage occomd betncet mm and Mr. FESSENDEN, Mr. Stunner finally saying lie would not proceed with hie remarks Joel now, bat when the Supplementa ry Ilccor.Ftntctlon Dill came np, he shonld move to amend 11 by n provision that education shall be Htcnred to all in the rebel States, and be should then address the Senate. Executive session. Adjourned. HOUSE. Mr. WOODBIUDGE made a personal cxplana lion in regard to some remarks, yestcidny. in re tard to claims ol the heirs of JonnE. Bunliguy, declaiming a desire to be discourteous to any gtnik-nian. Mr. WASHBURNE did not suppose the cenfle man meant to attribute to him the resolution con* mining falsehoods, oltbougb he confessed the language used seemed to him at the time most discommons. He denounced the claim os utterly groundless and irnuduknt, After discussion, the matter dropped. Mr. STEVENS Introduced a joint resolution providing for the expense of carrying in:o full cflect the act of the 2d of March for the more effi cient government of the rebel Slates, and aapple mcuuiry flcie. He moved to limit the amount to £S,(.(iU,bUI. Agreed to, and the hill as amended passed. Mr. JUDD, from the Select Committee, reported a bill directing the Sccietaiy of War to furnish annually one compute soil of clothing to a disa bled soldier who is an inmate of any regularly constituted Soldiers’ Home, private as well as public. The Senate joint rcsolation of thanks to George Peabody was referred to the Committee of the Whole. The Senate joint resolution, appropriatin'? sls,<>Co for the relief oflhe destitute colored peo ple in the District of Columbia, paused. Tbe t>enatc joint resolution, appropriatin'? f I,UUC,OOO for tbe relief of destitute persons In tbe Sontb and southwest, tvas referred to tbe Com mittee of tbe WLoIe. Mr. HOOPER moved that the Honse go into Committee of the Whole to dispose of tbe two bills thus Mcrrcd. Motion rejected. Mr. LAWRENCE introduce? a resolution, In structing me Committee oa Roles to report a rale reqnlrlrg the committees to report back, without delay, all htlls and joint resolutions referred to them. Adopted. .Mr. SPALDING, for Mr. Washburne, of Wis consin, introduced a resolution authorizin'* the Secre'ary of War to snsDcnd action on the claim of JobnE. Bouhgny. The resolution recites that an act was pa* sed in the last hoars of the last session without discussion, and under a mis apprehension of law, that directs land warrants to be issued to the amount of 75.51 U seres; that by solemn judgment of the Supreme Conrt oftne Untied Stales, la 1353, It was adjudged that private land claims on which the act was based were In valid, null and void, and that to reverse and legal ize it wonJd also revive and legalize claims to the amount of many millions of acres. 1 he resolution, under the operation of tbs pre vious cncsiion. passed—loß against 20. Mr. BENJAMIN moved that the House go into Committee of the Wnole to dispose of the bill ap propriating a million of dol-ara for the relief of the destitute in the South and Southwest. Mr. GRISWOLD moved to adjourn. Carried— -62 to 18. YOL.XX. £ THE IRISH EEBELUON. The Entire Island Reported Tranquil. Precautions Against Another Up- rising. BT OCEAN TELEGBAPH. London. March 12. The Fenian bands in Ireland hare all been dis persed. The entire country is tranquil. The au thorities have good reason to fear another rising and have taken measures to frustrate it. Dublin, March 12—Evening. Arrests of Fenians are being made in all parts of the country, and large quantities of anus seized by the police. A despatch from Cork states that a detachment has been sent in pursuit of a large number of in surgents who are reported to have gathered in the vicinity of Mallow Junction, an important rail way centre in the County of Cork. ADVICES BY MAIL, The Fenian Uprising Looked Upon os a Grand Revolutionary movement— The First Outbreak Announced as Premature —Unanimity of the Irish People -Account of the Recent Dem onstration at Chester. New York, March 12.—The EerahTt AlhJone, Ireland, corretpondencc. February 251 b. contains matter which goes to prove that the Fenian insnr notion In that country forms part of a revolution ary movement, which is dally becoming more im minent In Great Britain, and In which tbe Irish military organization acts according to a clearly defined ana strictly ordered plan. Anticipating the last rising by many days, he states the very day on which it occurred, and sketches pretty freely the coming operations, such as the de struction of tbe telegraphs and railroads and re specting tbe safety of the Atlamic cable on ac count oflhe American Interests. Of the affair at Chester, be says: “Officers left their hiding places. Ammunition was being collected m con venient magazines, acd hundreds of young mon were prepated to leave their homes to participate in the struggle. At the same time. 2,000 stalwart men in the workshops of Manchester, Liver pool. Stalejbndge and Birmingham threw uuun their tools and started for Chester, where was situated an anti quated castle in which were stored 33,000 stand of rifles and a very large qnsutlty of ammunition, guarded by about fjrty infantrymen of very doubt ful loyalty. The men arrived in Chester, and the Government was terribly frightened. Just at tills moment James Stephens, having been appointed to direct the movement, arrived in England, and learning the condition of afialrs, Immediately sent an officer to Ches er with orders to prevent an attack on the place- He arrived jnst in time. Other officers were sent throughout Ireland to stay the movement, nod they all were successful except is Kerry, which was not reached in time." This orrespcndcct further says: “1 am pre pared to state, and the result will show the cor rectness of the assi-rtiou, that In several counties ot Ireland every able-bodied man—except some priests, all the partons. soldier?, policemen, land lords and other perron* dependentnpon tbe Gov ernment—is ready to join the Insurgent forces or tender them asristauce. Tbe principal officer In command (f the Fenians was formerly an officer in the English service, und lately of the American rebel army. Uis Adjutant General was r ormorlT in the French service, and lately a Brigadier Gen eral of United States volnntecrs.fll'here are others 01 like standing and experience." RXCITESUSNT IN CANADA. Another Raid Anticipated—Troops Or dered Oat—The Fenians Promised a tv arm Reception—lndignation at the Rcsolmlons of Sympathy Offered in Congress. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tirhure.] Tobojtto, C. W„ March 32. Tbe excitement over Fenian matters is on the increase here. It Is generally expected that a raid will be made shortly. It Is rumored that tbe Gov ernment baa received important information from defectives in the States, on the strength of which they have decided to put the country in a state ot defer ce. Tn o regimen te have been called out in Montreal, and orders have been issued ro bold several regi ments in Upper Canada in readiness for immediate call. New arms have been served oat to volunteers and ammunition Is bung stored in large quanti ties in all parts of the country. Everything indi cates tbat trouble id expected before long, and if the Fenians come they will find the Canucks pre pared to receive them. The reerlu'ione introduced In Congress by Mr. Donnelly, rega* ding the recognizing of the Irish Republic, occasion mnch talk here. Thu whole thtrg Is looked upon as bunkum; though many express strong indignation. The papers com ment on It In s jocular way. Montocal, March 12.—One or two battalions of th r : Mci.tieal militia will be called out shortly for Irontler service. The second battalion Twenty ihlio FuMlesrs, first battalion Twenty-fifth, and lomlh battalion Sixtieth Rifles will return to England during the summer. Kingston. Match 12.— The company of volun teer aides on service here last mouth has been relieves. Three men ot the Royal Artillery deserted lasi night. movements of the Fenian Brotherhood In ibe, Putted State*—Tleetln'ra Held) money Procured and Hen Full*ted. st. I,oms. St. Loris, March 12.—Tbe Fenians had a very large and enthustastlcmeetiiig last night, Reso lution* were adopted plecg-ng the assistance of men and means to the present movement In Ire* lard; d<mandoi our Government an imm diatc acknowledgment of the belligerent rights of the lileh Republic, and calling on wealthy Irishmen In this country to purchase privateers to prey on English commerce. DETROIT. Detroit, March 12.—Fcnian'sm Is again on the i amoage here, and leading men of the order talk loudly In favor of another movement on Canada, '’apiain King, one of the Ridgeway warriors, has been appointed Captain of a Detroit brigade, and is now drilling detachments, whose numbers arc increasing. Liberal subscriptions of money are also being made. Head Centre Verdon, of this State, and bis friends, who opposed the Ridge* *ny movement, are now fierce for invasion, claim ing that by this course they can greatly aid their friends in Irelard. One of the leading Fenians, Head Centre O’RcllK, of Detroit, states that inside of two weeks there will be an army of occupation In Ire land from America, and other troops ready to fol low, and tbe American Government would not be able to tell bow they got there. Nineteen steamers, bo says, lelt New York on Monday, each one of which carried out more or less Fe idans. Ue folly believed that by St. Patrick’s Day. or the first of April at the farthest, there would be an army of occupation in Ireland of fifty thousand well-disciplined and equipped troops If tbe disturbance In Ireland continues, we shall undoubted!} have trouble again on the bor der. WASHINGTON. Washington, March 12. —About fI,OOO collected and subecribLd lor aid (o Ireland at a public meet ing last night, NEW YORK. New York. March 12.—Efforts are making in this cilj by ibe Fenians to raise money set afloat a fleet of Fenian privateers. THE FLOODS 15 THE SOUTH. Unprecedented Rhe In tbe Larger Riv era—Bridges W&slicd Away, Rail roads Overflowed, and Dwellings Rendered Uninhabitable—lmmense Amount of Property Destroyed. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Louisville. March 11. Theii»rrl? rapidly rising, and is already be yond the highest water mark since 1817. The bot tom lands arc overflowed, and fences, houses and cattle canlcd o£, entailing Intense distress and loss ot property. 'i hcie is an almost unprecedented rise In the Ohio and its tributaries. The railroads South are blocked dj bridges being earned away, cuttings washed fin), ana by land elides. The Nashville roads arc closed; trains only went to Lebanon Junction, south of Nashville. The damages to the road and pnvato property Is g half submerged: Jeffersonville, I Ind., almost an Island: Evansville is totally so. Ihe water is rising rapidly and weather showery. Cairo, 111., March 12.—1 t rained moderately all the afternoon yesterday, and daring the night the rain came down In perfect torrents. Tbcnveris lising rapidly, having raised over seven inches in ibe pest eighteen hours, and is now on Inch higher than in tbe last life. Ihe big pump ntthe foot of Tenth itrect broke yesterday, but is being re paired, and will be woiklrg again this afternoon. The officers of the steamer Luminary have visdiy famished (be following important particu lars ot the (enable Clermont disaster: ** At 12 o’clock, on the night of the Bth, when opposite Fmdetie Cbnte, ninety miles below .Memphis, ue werebaiKdby many persona sor rounding a fire, located on a drill pile, to come to .heir assistance. They were some distance from the shore, tbe water being high, and the drift had lodged in the branches of tbe tr;cs. We landed, ai d were told that the Mem phis and White River packet Clermont, Captain Fclhcurrc, bound lo Memphis with a heavy cargo and many passengers, struck a snag when trying to go np the Chute and sunk. The accident occurred a few hours before our arrival. It was supposed that no lives were lost, “After striking, the boat swung aronnd|agalnst Ibe drift, thus udordicg all on board a place of safely for the time. The current being very rapid, forced the host againsttne logs until she careened, and the cabin ana boilers went overboard, and it was supposed tbe bull had tamed bottom upward. Had H not been for the providential aid of ibe drift, not a soul would have been saved. *• We brought the passengers and part of the crew to Memphis. Before leaving we ascertained ibatlbire was a habitation on the main shore, ahont a mile and a half off, and (he {cantata or the Cicimont concluded to stay and try to save -omc of bis freight, as there was some cotton lodged in ihc drift. 1 ’ Cauio, March 32.— The bridge on Ihc Mobile & Ohio Railroad at Union City was washed away last night, and the engine of the train due nt Columbus, Kentucky, (bis morning, ran into tbe breach ard was precip itated into the stream. No other damage oc curred to the train. Ibe cut back of Columbus is filled by a land-slide, which covers the track to a distance of seventy-five yards. Tbe track from :hc warehouse back to tbe cut is submerged. Tbe tiarsit steamer Andenon came up to this city for one hundred men to raise the track from the river to Ibecut and repair the damages, which, it is believed, can he accomplished In about three davs, and th 1 road be again in running order. A strong lorcc is at work strengthening the levee in front of Columbus. FItOJI QDISCV, ILL. Work Commenced on the Bridge Acrotw the Mississippi- Wneat Pro*- pccta—Bcliglotta Revival, &c, [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Qinscr, HI., March 12. Yesterday the first pile was driven for the rail road bridge across tbo Mississippi River at this point A large number of citizens witnessed the ceremony. Tbe bridge will be pushed forward with energy this season. The wheat prospect In this vicinity is excellent No danger ie now apprehended lo the crop. A religious revival is now going on in mis city. Among t‘:e notables who have united with the church is General B. M. Prentiss. Tbe weather has tamed quite cold this evening, and the gronnd ie freezing. Qcinct, ill., March 12.—A young man named Michels, while bunting last Sunday morning, bid bis leg shattered jnst above the ankle by an acci dental discharge of a gim In the bands of a com panion. lie may be obliged to suffer the ampuls* lion of his foot In order to rove bis life. A petition la tndrcnlsUon in Hancock County requesting Judge Sibley to become a candidate for re-election to the Jndgeahlp of thia Circuit. As far as we can learn. Judge Sibley will be as acceptable to the Republicans as any Democrat who could be selected. The track of the Toledo, Wabash & Western .Railway over tbe Illinois Kiver bottom is com pleted, and all trains are again running regularly. The Meredosla bridge baa sustained no injury whatever, all tbe damage having been to the em bankment across the bottom. We have been favored with a second edition of winter tor the past few days. Yesterday and last Sit snow again fell to tbe depth of two or three es. It is not, however, without Its use, as the snow will protect the coming wheat crop from injnry.. NEW HAMPSHIRE ELECTION* Republican majority In tbe State About Three Hioosaud—Three Republican Congressmen Elected-lhe Legisla ture Largely Republican. Coxconn, N. B, March 12.—Returns from ninety-two towns give Harriman 20.450 and Sin clair 17,433 votes. The majority for General Har nman will be about 3,000 in the whole state. Tbe Republicans elected the three Congressmen by majorities of about l,oou each, and will proba bly elect rlnc of the twelve State senators, four of five Councillors, and have seventy-five majority in the Home. The result Is more favorable to the Bepublicans than was generally expected. CoHconn, n. 11., March 12.—Returns from 126 (owns give Harriman 25,091 votes, and Sinclair and all otbera 22,482 votes. Ela, in tbe First Congressional District, is prob ably elected by 1,200 majority, and Stevens In the Second, and Benton la the Third District by about I,COu majority each. For tbe State Senate eight Republicans and four Democrats are probably elected. In the Ilonec there is a Republican majority of eighty. The Republicans have a majority fu six coun ties, and the Democrats in four counties. The vote la the Slate whl exceed last year 1,600 to 2,000. Tbe majority for Barriman will probably ex ceed 3,000. J FEOM MEXICO. Operations of the Liberal* In Yncatan —City of Mexico Occupied by tbe Lib eral* on the 17th nit,—The Brother of Miramon Shot a* a Traitor—French men Executed by the Liberals—mo Imperialists Now Hold no Garrisoned Place Id all n exlco. New Y ohk, March 12.—The Herald has City of Mexico dates of the ICth ultimo. The Liberals were bombarding Campeacby, In Yucatan, and bad captured the artillery sent to the relief of Im peiiallsts there. ’1 he Mexican Consul has information, derived from the Secretary and Governor of MazaUan, that the City ofMex'co was occupied by the Liberal*. February 17th. The President, Cabinet and suite were at Queretaro on the same day, three days’ jonnier irom tbe capital. The rei»ort that Ortega was ahot by order ol Juarez is untrue. Joaquin Miramon. brother of the Imperial Gon ■ ml, taken near Zacatecas, was shot as a traitor. In the lost engamment with Miramon. one hun dred and flf»> Frenchmen who were captured by Escobedo, having left the service of France to join the imperial army, were ordered to be shot at San Jacinto City. Morelia had been evaented by the Imperialists and occupied by the Liberal* under General Bo r fitlcs. Tbe fall of Morela baa left no garrisoned place to tbe imperialists in all Mexico. FROM NEW YORK, The Price of Printing Paper—Cheap ness of the Imported Article—Accident on the Camden & jmbor Railroad— Aid for the Southern JDestltute. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New York, March 12. Under the influence of recent importations of printing paper from Europe, and the probability of fnrtiur orders being sent oat, the price of rag print has declined to 15‘5®16 cents per pound, straw and rag mixed ranges from 33u to 15 cents a* per quality. The publishers here are deter mined not to snhmlt any longer to the extortion me prices imposed upon them fora year past. Good print paper, such as the papers now use, can tepniehascd in Belgium for eight to nine cents per pound In gold, and can be laid down here, including the duty, frcjgh'. insurance, com mission, Ac., at about sixteen cent;; and more than that price tbe New York dallies have resolved not to pay the domestic manufacturers. Tbe steamer Vllle de Paris, irom Brest, 2d Inst arrived to day. Tbe Paris papers contain no news. An Occident occurred on the Camden & Arabov Railroad, a; Bristol. Pa., this morning. The third passenger car of the Washington mail train was thrown off the track. Nobody injured. A despatch received by the aonihern Relief Committee slates, on the anthontv of General Uowaid, that although the prop-led Congre«- ?lonal appropriation off 1.0 U.lKWior the relW of the suCenng poor of the South be passed, private coutilbuilons ►honld rot be curtailed. Geueral Howard savs that, in addition to the million dol lars from Congress, ssvt),Wo should be raised br the people. J Go.micr Jenkins telegraphed that the destitute in Georgia numbers W.OO-j whites and 30,000 blacks, which R largely in eiceasof General How ard V estimate, and ll is believed that the real des titution in South Carolina Is even larger than in Georgia. Tne Government has given the Relict Comimtiec the free nee of the bark Purveyor, and she will be loaded this week with a full caigo of com. Her capacity is about 23.000 busncls. The Commission hope to obtain an other ship to be filled with corn next week. FROM SPHDit? FIELD, New Stale Honso commlMloncr-1111- nol« ludnMrlal Unlvi-ratty—Flint .11 ecu lug of the Trustee*—The Oath of ofllco —i»r. John ill. Gregory Fleeted lto> gent. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! SpniJJoFJELD, 111., March 12. Jacob Bonn, Esq., of this city, has been ap point- d one of the State Douse Commissioners, to supply the vacancy occartoned by the resignation < f John J. S. Wilson, whose resignation was ac cepted to-day. In accordance with previous announcement, the ■ Trustees oi Ibe Illinois Indnstrlal ( Diversity, lo cated by the last Legislature at Champaign City, assembled m the Rupro-cntailves’ Dallin this city this morning. ikesent, David S. liammond, 11. L). Unrchard. John S. Jobnsor, Samuel Edwards O. U. Ualusba, M. L. Dunlap. Lemnel Allen. AJ exonder Blackburn. M. C. Galtra, J. D. Dtmgate Williard C. Flagg, A. M. Brown, Charles 11. Tap-' ping, Thomas Quick, B. Pullen, Isaac S. Mahan, George Bardin?, J. u PlckcreiL J. O. Cunningham, J. W. Scrogge. John M. \an Ocdtl. J. C. Burroughs s. S. Doycs, Emery Cobb, Robert Douglas : cx ofllcio members, Governor Oglesby and Hon Newton Bateman. Governor Oglesby ci led the meeting to order at eleven o’clock a. ra., an : read tbe law under which tbe Board assembled, ex plained the outies it imposed and expressed Ibe belief that tbe Trustees were worthy of tne tru-l committed to them. The following gcn’lemen were put in nomination for Regent; Don. D 6 Pinckney, Dr. J. SI. Gregory. Dr. N. W. Wood and lion. J. c. Pickard, after which the meeting adjourned nmil alternoou. un neeemhiing in the atternoon, the following oaih of office wap administered to the members’; “You severally and solemnly swear tnat you will support the Constitution ol the Culled States ana of this State, and will faithfully perform the duties of Trustees of the Illinois In dustrial Unhcreiiy to ihc bettof jour knowledge and ability,” to which was added the usual oafli form in Section 2ti of the Amendment to the Con stitution. The Board then went into an election for Re cent, and after one or two balloting*, without a choice, Mr. Pickerel! moved that JJr. John M. Gregory he declared unanimously elected. Adopted, and tbe Chair so decided tbe result. Ihe question of salary of the Regent was referred to a special committee. The members then drew for their respective terms, and the Board ad journed unti: evening. HcellDS of Use Democratic National Committee. New York, March 32.—Tbe National Demo cratic Committee met this afternoon. In this city, at the residence of Mr. Belmont, Its chairman. Most of the Northern States were represented. The Committee came to the conclusion that it was inexpedient to call a National Convention pre vious lo tbe regular nomination in convention next year, but resolved on a thorough organiza tion or tbe Democratic party throughout the Union. Death Warrant Signed, Philadelphia, March 12.—Governor Geary to* day signed the death warrantor Albert Tcnfel, convicted of the murder of Captain James Wylie, at Bristol, Pa., in November last. The execution will take place April 10th, at Boyles town. Fire. Boston, March 12.—The building used as the planing mill of Everett & Co., nna furniture es- tabli hment of George W. Salford, was partially destroyed by fire this morning. Loss £20,000; partially insured. DTIVAIT BROTHERS Advertising Afi'li 12G Dearborn-Ht,, receive advertisements for nil the leading paper* throughout the (Jolted HtatM and Canadas, fEasomc JjJASONIO. A Special Convention of Illinois Connell cfPrinces of Juosalcm, will be held at the Masonic Temple, This Afternoon, at 2 o'clock, p. m« for Work. Also, a Special Conclave ol Gaurcas Chap ter of Rojo Croix De il. K. D. M-, will be held at the Masonic Tempi**, at ~v o'clock. for work. A. lull attendance of the members is requested. JAtt. H. MILES, March 13,16C7. Grand becretary. ATASONIC.—ReguIar Convocation of ItJ. Corinthian Chapter, So. 09. K. A. M„ in KII- Tvlnnlni: nail, comer oi North Dearborn ana Klnzle ate., Ihlfl (WEDNESDAY} fiVENINCi, at ‘X o’clocK, fok business and ttobk By order of the E. P. W. D. SMITH. Secretary. ATASONIC. —A Regular Comranmca ilJ lion cf Garden City Lodge, No. 111, A. F. & A, Sl„ will be held at Masonic Temple, THIS. WEDNESDAY F.VENINO. Business of importance. All members are requeued to attend. Per order of the IV. M.

C. u. LILUBRIDGE. Secretary. ffiije Opting Stfil?. TJK LAP. We are iu receipt of the Spring Patterns of DRESS HATS Is*n> d by this celebrated natter. BREWfaTtR,HAT!'Lit, feherman Rouse. aeaantrtr TEACHi/R.— A gentleman who has had three j ears’ experience os Principal of a Mass*- chuset; e grammar school, would like to Take Charge of a Country School, in any part of the West. Best of mer;nce» Given. Address HENRY ALLEN. Chicago, IU. CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY. MARCH 13, 1867. Insurance. JNSUBAKOE. YONKERS NEW YORK Fire Insurance Co., Or NEWIOBE. Assets on hand, Jan. Istj 1861 Cash oa hand. 548.404.8 S United Elates Bonds, 1881 110,800.00 United State* Bonds, MOs 147,178.00 United State* 7-CO Treasury Notes 73,800.00 Loans on Bonds and Mortgages (lint Hen) 133.000.00 Kev York State Bonds 32,880.00. Westchester County Bonds 80,000.00 Interest accrued. 10,318.10 Loans on Call 2,800.00 Premiums outstanding. 7,917.18 Due from other Companies, Salvages and Company Property 6.300.00 Rents accrued. 883.32 Total Assets. Liabilities. Losses is suspense, waiting proof* 813.000.00 RICHARD L. FEANKUN, President. WM. CONNER, Jr., Vice President. JOHNW. MURRAY, Secretary. TEAIiL & FISHER, AGENTS, Office, N. W. Cor. lake & LaSalle-sts. sapct. 'J'HE CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPEE DEALERS, pi.u-ira cr Fapei Makers’ Findings, Chemicals, etc., 170 Bandolph>sti) Chicago* We offer for sale to dealers and consumers 3.000 Bandies News and Print 25*42 2.000 do do do 21x3(l 1.300 do .do do *42x42 2.300 do do do 23x37 2.000 do do do 27x41 1.300 do do do 28x4 1- 2.30 u do do do :<Ox-i:sv 1.800 do do do lllxitu 3.000 do do do 30x48V 1.300 do do do 23x38 1.000 do do do 20x38 800 do do do 20x42 Extra sizes made to order on short notice. For sale at the lowest market prices for CASH. abbertising agents. o ADVERTISERS. Advertisements or Notices inserted in dallr. weekly or monthly EASTERS NEWSPAPERS, WESTERS NKWHPAPKRS, SOUTHERN NEWSPAI’ERS, QEitMAS NEWSPAPERS, RELIGIOUS NEWSPAPERS. AGRICULTURAL NKWSPAPER9. PICTORIAL NEWBI-APERA PERIODICALS. MAGAZINES, JOURNALS, A&, Upon the moat favorable terms. by COOK, COBURN & CO., ADVERTISING AGENTS, Office, NT Dearborn-su, Room 11. Express (Companies. 'J'HE MERCHANTS' UNION Express Company. CAPITAL - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated hy Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CARRIES BY EXPRESS, Money, Talon, bleu, Freight and Parcels over more than 13,000 miles of Express Line, at Just and liberal rate*, batch Millions yearly to Ex- Dress Shippers, andean ho made permanent only by their", liberal patronage. This we hope to merit and receive. Office, Koa. 103,105,107 & 109 Dearborn-at. B. 3g. COOPER Agent. jptocfetolfrcrg’ jgeefittg. SKATING PARK. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETING. A meeting of the Stockholders ot the WASHINGTON SKATING ASSOCIATION Wiu be held ot the Park Building, On Saturday Evening, March 16, ut 7:33 sharp. A full attendance Is desired, ai matters of Importance will b* brought before the meeting, r. ,s OEOBOIC O. STREET, Secretary. DeClxfcq. President. OFFICE MERCHANTS’ SAYINGS LOAN AND TRUST CO. _ . ~ CincAeo. Feb. 9, ISCi. The Annual Meeting ol the Stockholders ot die Mer .-hunts’ Savings. Loan and Trust Company,for the eleo '.lon of Trustees, will be held at the office of said Com p;iuy. inthhago, on MONDAY, Marcn 4th, betweez he boors of 10 a.m. and 13 m. L. j.GAQETCashier. TO CAPITALISTS, WANTED, To Borrow Two Thousand Dollars, for Fire or Ten Years, On a X.lfc Insaranco Policy of 83,000, The money to be invested in bulldltg a house, and It wIU be given also, as security. oddfra*, for two days. It. A. WILBER, care of Trl none office, stating where an interview can be had. ffijotograpfjEi. QARBUTT'S Cabinet Album Portraits* Brilliant and artistic, specimens on view at Ma Gallery, 131 Lakc-sU, one door west of Clark. Photographs SI.OO per dozen. Ladles* Photograph# (LOO per dozen. Gents* Photographs per dozen. Boy Photograph. (1 t 0 per dozen. Baby Photographs < 1,50 per dozen, At CHARLIE MOSHER’S, 140 LakC-St. ■f AQLAKE. The Last Thing Out AQ JLUQ, PHOTO-PORTRAITS, iUo colored In Oil. snperlor to any kind of picture ever made. Equal to Portraits, and at hair the price. Bring all your old pictures before they fade, and have tnem made equal to any taken from lUa. lleauHiut for children. Call and see specimens. Cartes de Visits only <I.OO per dozen at OHAND'S. &strolggg. N persona wishing to know their FUTURE PROSPECTS LV LIFE, Can hare them correctly stated by the Madame by calling at 1147 South Clark-st, (opposite Jones School) where she may be consol ted about all matter# concern log Buslcess, Marriage, Lore. etc* and will tell the name of tbe lady or gentleman you are going to marry; also the name ol her visitors. JHeaieal. DR. DE CASTRO, Physician, Oculist and Anrist, 383 Wabaah-av., near Harrlsoa-st, me Doctor may bo consulted In all tbe modem lan guages. Special attention paid todlscases otthe HEAD. THROAT AND LUNGb, m which ho employs his en tirely rew system of Inhalation. Tbe Doctor has refo rencea to the most distinguished citizens ol Chicago. (Cj)inatoate. Haviland, churchman and EKGLADiu, 47 John-at. New Tort FRENCH CHINA. Wc arc receiving from our lactory In France richly decorated dinner, tea and toilet sets, vases, and a lull supply of white China, JJertobicalsi. /CHICAGO MEDICAL JOURNAL. % l nVENTT-FOUBTIi ANNUAL YOLUSIE. » . . * A UU4IIU dil.l UflU Y V/UUAJUi Tbe undersigned tanna resumed the editorial mao* acement and nnbiicatii,n of this long*e»tsbllsbed r.utttatl.u Ut UUA tUH.-I.WWM-.*. monthly, requests correspondents to address all com munlcatiocs accordlncly. Terms, $2.00 nor annum. In advance, Dlt. J. ADAMS ALLEN. P. O. Fox 191*% Chicago. iLOSt, 0*"h« —Strayed trom the subscri* A Large Tcllow, or Dmi-colored Cow* #lO reward will be given lorterretum lOTne.crfor Information where Bhe can be found. WILLIAM JONES, 190 Wabwh-BT. Urg ffiooßs. Removal. mmm HAVE REMOVED TO THEIR New and Elegant Store, 111 Lake-st., Between Clark & Dearhorn-sts, with an immense stock of DRY GOODS Wholesale and Retail, .8619.919.94 Which will be offered at their usual LOW PRICES ! faints, Oils anb ®lag». JMPORTERS AND JOBBERS IN BRUSHES, AND DEALERS IN 011 S, PMTS & GLASS, SO, 92,91 &90 South Watcr-st. LEWIS, HAM & CO. (giber Uincgar. J.EWARE OP VINEGAR CONTAIN > INO SULPHURIC AND OTHER MINERAL IDs. deleterious to health ! Also. Vinegar made of coni. Malt and other Ingredient* branded as -PURE CUJ&ii 1 ’ VINEGAR 1 The Public Condoned Against False Brands. ELDER & MAXFIELD. BOLE MANUFACTURERS OF CIDER VINEGAR, 187 Klozlc-st., Chicago, Wonld call the attention of dealers and consumers to the following analysis of their Vinegar hr that excel* lent Chemist, PROF. EODNEY WEIGH. (COPT.] Havlngmade & chemical examination cf the Cider Vinegar manufactured by Messrs. Elder & Maxfleld, of this city, l giye the following as the result 01 my Inves tigations ; By the aid ol the most delicate testa I coaid dlicorcr health? 8 of any mineral or other acid deleterious to A cc mparlaoa of this Vinegar with t&at auorded the market by the most extensive manufacturers m this ccy, shows it to contain a fine Irulty Davor, such as Is never loQDd in Vinegar manufactured In while or part (mm hlgbwtnea crmalt. In dearness and general excellence It approaches nearer the English standard than any Vinegar 1 have to mined. The ANTISEPTIC or PRESERVING property of this Vinegar Is greater than that of any Vinegar ol* fered in this market, that I liave examined, notwlth* standing it* mild taste, as the sharpness of Its acidity la modified by the undecomposed sugar and other fralty matterwhichconUlbute to the richness of its Davor. In the examination of this Vinegar I did not limit my investigation ti a single specimen selected by the proprietor! l , bat I took icveral samples from the casks as they were ready ftr the market. The great care taken by the proorMors ol this estab lishment in the selection ol the cider from which the Vinegar Is made, as well as the scrupulous neatness which is observed In every part of the manufactory, should commend Uus Vinegar to all dealers am* con sumers. RODNEY" WRLCIf. Prof. Chemistry In Hahnemann‘Medical College. Chicago. March sth. 1b67. SKmnlmls. REMOVAL. IT. H. JORDAN &, CO., INSURANCE AGENTS, HAVE REMOVED THEIR OFFICE TO No. 112 LaSalle a st., SOBBCAiaTIXtB BUILDING. LAND ON’S EMPORIUM for Drag gist*’ Sundries and Fancy Goods. Wholesale and Kctali, REMOVED to four-story building, No, 07 Lakc-st., Where I ihatl bo happy toseo our old friends and all new ones. The best stock cf goods west of New York. jFot Sale. pRINTING PRESSES. TO NEWSPAPER PUBL7BBSBB. . FOB BALE—A No. 3, Single Small Cylinder Printing Press, of R. Hoe & Co.’s manufacture. This Press u i early new, and wUI be warranted In perfect working )rdcr. It will be sold to a cash purchaser at a 6BZ2AT BABGAZN. Inquiries may be addressed to “PRINTING PRESS, Box 2035. Chicago. pREE IRELAND. FIFTY SPRINGFIELD MUSKETS For Sale, at 93,00 A.plooe. Cost Government 114.00 apiece, and are all as good as new, with bayonets. Inquire at 144 LaSalle 6t. COOPERAGE. FOB SALE. 4.900)000 Flour Barrel Staves, With Heading to match, thoroughly seasoned, good width, and A No. l in erery respect—by LINDEN. SEW ALL & TEED. Mercantile Building, opposite the Chamber ol Commerce, Chicago. ‘OR SALE —The good will of a PHTBIOIAN’S PHACTIOB, Near Chicago, worth <2,500 per year, and residence If desired. Address ■DANK STOCK FOR SALE. FIFTY SHARES OP THE MAUBFACTUBERS’ HAT’L BARS STOCK pOtt BAI.E CHEAP. Inquire of PURINGTON 6i SCRANTON, D ARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. FOB SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, &.c„ Invoicing about <12,0(0; all purchased within a year test, and lease on store. Store located In a thriving town a shert distance Crcm Chicago. Satisfactory rea sons given for selling. For particulars inquire or B. V. ROBBINS, Comtsladoa Merchant, 82 LaSalie-su. Chicago. rro CAPITALISTS; _L .MiLWAtSBE, March I.ISCT. Having decided to relinquish btuluess, wc otf:r our establishment for sale. Our bouse was ESTABLISHED IN 1849, Has been In existence SI years, and Is now placed on a safe, tlrm ana permanent basis, and to men of capital who arc desirous of embarking in a PROFITABLE branch ol trade (wholesale and Jobbing only) this pre sents a rare and valuable opportunity. Our stock 1# full, embraces none but the most staple goods, and tbe business is in perfect tunning order. n. BoswuiiTH & sons. Wholesale Druggists, Milwaukee, Wis. BARRELS. Number i WU«tcy Barrels, both Iron and Wood bound, FOK BALE. CHICAGO BARREL CO.. No. QQLaSoUe-at. T? OR SALE—I,COO brls choice varieties 1 Apples; Butter—Choice Table. In tubs and Jars; Fresh Tomatoes, a delicious article, pat an la 1 and s-gnl cans, for sals at 70 cents per gallon4,ooo pieces Smoked Hams, sugar enred, a choice article; I.COO pieces Bnaklastßaccn, sugar cured- a choice article. Orders solicited. £. WHYTE & CO.. lit South pOK SALE— Shingle, Stave and Barrel Machinery, Compruint Bbltipk mIKs, h'-adine miUs. shingle and beading jointers, suvejomtere, stave cutters evading rounders ana planers, equalizing and cut-on saws, Ac. Ail new, of our own manutactnrc, and warranted. FULLER A FOKD, *S3 and M 4 MaOlaoa-it. (Goons. 'J'O HOUSEKEEPERS. We manufacture al Kinds of Bedding And Bed Furnish ings. Keep in Stock All Kinds of Curtain Materials. Have all the Latest Styles French, English, German & American Paper Hangings, And the Best Work- men in the City. E.G. L. Faxon & Co., 74 & 76 Lake-st. 3flip gfjanbleta. 'J’O VESSEL OWNERS & MASTERS. Russell Dock Sails, Lawrence Duck Sails, Woodbury Duck Sails, Druid Dnck Sails, Full Line of Ship Chandlery, Tarpaulins and Tents, Awnings and Flags, Made to Order on Short Notice. Pmington & Scranton, 209 Sonth Water-st. gHatcjjeg. QFFICE OP ROBBINS & APPLETON/ IS2 Broadway. New Tors, Feh. 1. 18C7. TUEIMERICM WITCH CO. OF WALTfiAS, ZOASS., Give notice that they hare appointed Messrs. N. Matson & Co, JEWEIiIiERS, 117 LAKE-ST., THEIB SELLING AGENTS IN CHICAGO. Dealers and the public will find at all times in me hands of this Dim a very large stock of the Company’s productions, to be sold as low as they can bo bought in New York or Boston. BOBBINS & APFLSTOK, GENERAL AGENTS. Dissolution of copartner- SUU*.—The Firm of FIELD, PALMER & UETER Raving expired by limitation on the first day of Janu ary, I&6T. the same la dissolved as of that date, by am luai consent. (Signed) POTTER PALMER. MARSHALL FIELD, L. Z. LEITER, MILTON J. PALMER. Chicago, March 13,15C7. The undersigned bare this day formed a copartner ship, for the purpose or doing a General Dry Goods business, under the firm name of FIELD, LEITER & CO., bach partnership taking effect from January Ist, 1857. MARSHALL FIELD, LEVI Z. LEITEK, LORENZO G. WOODHODSE, BENUY J. WILLING. „ HENRY FIELD. Chicago, March nth, I£CT. pkISSOLUTION. HENRY BACON L/ having withdrawn from our firm for the purpose of giving his ccclre attention to his prr fusion ot “Civil Engineering.'’ we bare this day associated with ns Mr. ROBERT E. ENNIS, of this city, and will continue the business under the arm name of B ACON.-ENNia & CO. D. BACON & CO. BACON, ENNIS & CO., Commission Merchants For the S&lo and Purchase of Flour, Grain, and Provisions, 146 LaSalleast*. Chicago* M. S. BACON. ROBT. E. ENNIS, March. 12th. 1567. W. F. TOMPKINS. ©oieral Natures. pHE DALLY RECORD, LIST OF ARRIVALS, WILL BE SERVED TO SUBSCRIBERS, This Wonting and Evening. Qtm U.S. BONDED WAREHOUSE Corner Slate and Slxteenth-sts., NOW OPEN. Connects with all the Railroads, thus saying cartage both In rcaelTlng and Bhlpplrg. STD ROES. MCALLISTER ACO. \\i HEKEAS my wile Mary Bern has W left my bed and board without Just eacao or provocation, 1 hereby caution all persona against har boring or trusting her on my account, as 1 shall pay no debta of her contracting alter this date. p. W. BENZ. 3L cctures. JQEGTUKE BT Nathan Sheppard, ZZsq., Of this city. In the UNION PARK BAPTIST CHURCH, comer West Washington and Paullna-sts., on Thursday Evening, March 14th, AtSo’clcct. for the Benefit of PROVIDENCE MIS SION. Subject. “ Tne Disposition." Ticket# to cents. (Consignments. ON CONSIGNMENT AND FOR SALE, Western Reserve OHIO DRIED APPLES. C. S. HUTCHINS A CO- Commisslon MtrchanU, 211 and 213 Sooth Water-st. jßentisttg. 'TEETH. NO EXTRA CHARGE for Extracting Teeth WITH OUT PAIN, by the use ot Nitrons Oxide Gas, when ar tificial one* are Inserted, at TBEGO’S Dental Booms. 73 Sooth Clark-eL, Chicago. New Teeth Inserted name da ly ow extracted Sijcto Caras. Q.ET TOUR PAINTED SHOW CARDS At S 4 DEAEBOBN-ST, Boom 4. Up Stall,. jFrgb. QRODND OIL OAK. E Is tlie Cheapest Feed la the Market For fltoci of all kinds. Orders promofrailedloreaia, by K. W. BLATCHFORD A CO n i(O,yOHorUtCUnU>MU NUMBER 277. ISanks airtr Bankers. JAB. TV. TUCKER & CO, AMERICAN BANKERS, 3 ASD 3 HUE SCUTES 2, FABI3, EBANCB, Boy and sell United States Securities, negotiate lotas on same, boy and sell Drafts cn America, lisue Cash Letters of Credit, end transact a General Commission business. Also, bare connected with their Backing House an American Reading Boom, Steamer Office, American Registry, and a Post Office, where all letters to their care are delivered or lonrarded as may be directed. AMERICAN CORRESPONDKSTS. L. P. Horten A Co.. 33 Wall-st- Now York. F. W. Andrews. 61 State-st- Boston. Townsend. Whelen A Co., Walnuts L. Philadelphia. Slate Savings lastltntloa. Chicago. 111. Q.KEENEBATJM & FOREMAN, BANKERS, Wo* 4$, Chicago, ZU* General Banking and Exchange. Special attention given to the Investment of Honeys Estate Securities and First-Clan Business jjAm of ~ George C* Smith & Brother, 48LASALLE-ST, CHICAGO (SPECIAL AGENTS FOB THE BANK OF MONTREAL, IN CHICAGO,) AND Euccesiois to J. W. Drexel ft Co., Bankers. Draw Sterling Erehouse Id sums of £ll< £I.OOO, and upwards, for Gold or Currency, at the most Boa* souab'o Bates. LONDON CORRESPONDENTS, The Union Bank of London. London and Westminster tt*nir- Clty Bank of London. Brown, Shipley * Co. - Sterling Eorbange and sterling Letters of Credit bought at highest market price. Gold Dratts on New York booght and sold. Best price paid for Canada Currency. - Drafts issued on the Canada Branches of the of Montreal. Stocks, Bends and Gold purchased in New Tort and held on usual terms. N.B.—Bills paid and Deposits placed la New Tort by telegraph, through Drexel, Winthrop & Co- and Winslow, Lanier & Co. Special attention given to Collections, at aQ points in the United States and British provinces. TO"INSLOW, LANIER & CO., ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT For Travellers, available In all parts of Europe. sos. ar «* ao mnb-bt., mew yobk. gg RANDOLPH-ST. PIKE & CAVANNA Furniture, BEDDING AND UPHOLSTERY. fbatbtuan, Stohgg. Sit. REDUCTION OF PRICES. We have this day REDUCED PRICES on the follow* lag Goods: Dlmton’s 7x26 Hudnwi, per dozen 926.50 Spear & Jackson’* 26 Incli Hand* gain, perdozen 28.00 Parker’s S-lncli Blind Butts* per dozen No. 25 Coffee mils. perdozen.....'. Best Sad Irons, per 1b.... Qlajdolc’s A. £, Hammers, lib per dozen 11*00 aiaydole’s A. E. Hammers, 1H lb per dozen 12*50 Door l«oclrs, 10 per cent, discount from list, universal and Fiuburala excepted. HIBBARD &SPEMCER. Chicago. March 11.1567. JJABDWAHE & CUTLEKT. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Ziabo-St. The attention cl clots havers ts invited to oarootf> plete Btocx of COOPERS', MACHINISTS’ and raw. RENTERS’ TOOLS. AMERICAN TABUS rnrr.itrv and BUILDERS' h a rdwa Rg, direct from the Best mannflictaftn. We offer, also. a complete aaaortzneni of WOSTKNHOLM’B POCKET cptlW stoabji JACKSON'S BAWSI JOSEPH RODGERS A SONS 1 SCISSORS and RAZORS. STUBBS A SOTHEBY'S FILES, also SKATES and Straps of every description. Wo also keep constantly on hand fall numbers o< BCHOENBEBQEK'B JUNIATA NAILS. C.B. Hurd. £dv. Prescott. h. wmiytri. ■JJ N I 0 N y Foundry and Machine Works, We are now prepared to fttrnlsb, on ebon notice, CAS AND WATER PIPE, In lots to salt purchasers. Cities, Towns and Private Corporations rap plied at Lowest Eastern rates, feeishtadded. N. S. BOUTON ft CO. iHacfiinerp. piTTS & CO., manufacturers of Threshing machines, Horse Powers* Trip Hammers* Soah’s Combined Cora Planters and Cultivators, etc*, etc* Reapers, Mowers and Farm Machinery Repaired. Patterns and Castings mode to ordsr. Grlsdlar. Polishing, etc. Xo. 108 West Randolph-!!!,, Chicago, 111. ABIES' Celebrated Portable and Stationary STEAM ENGINES, all sizes. Superior to all others. C. L. BICE ft CO- Chlcaeo; SMITH ft BIGGS. St. Louis. Mo.; WM. P. ROVKT, Milwaukee: JAMBS JBNKsTDetrolt, azenU. Cali or send lor circular. gEtotnes anb (Sorbage. 'J'WIIfES, CORDAGE, ETC., ETC, GILBERT HUBBARD & CO., DEALERS IS TWINES AND COBDAOE, 205 & 207 SOUTH WATES-ST, CHICAGO. The largest and best assortment In the West of COTTON AND FLAX DtTCK, all widths and weights MANILLA AND TANKED HEMP KOBE} <U * U COTTON SEAMLESS GRAIN BAGS: GUNNIES, WOOL SAGES AND BURLAPS; TAB. PITCH. OAK UM ; COAL TAR ROOFING PITCH AND FELTING CHAINS, TACKLE BLOCKS, Ac. COTTON, FLAX AND HEMP TWINES Ot every description; Cotton, Flax, Paper and data Wrapping Twines; Bell and Sash Cords. GUI Nets and Seines, with every variety of Seine and Netting Twine. Tents, Awnings, Wagon Covers & Tarpaulins. X* Zs A. O S Of Silk cr Banting, as per Army Regulations, con* Btantly on hand and made to order. O. nrSHAUD, J. S.IUOU, geo. b^cibpzntsb. iSoots & Sijocs. GO EAST! Bay Chicago Work, KIP BOOTS, 543 per doz. CALF “ 51 " “ High-cut Bal. Brogans, 527 per doz. Boots warranted best Chicago eostom made. Send for complete Price List in Journal of Commerce. E. CHAPIN, 141 Itluzlp-st. Soap. S OAF! S O A F* ! See that the brand yon use U The Chicago Soap and Candle Jlannfatlnr ing Company. OFFICE—Ko*.44 and 4o Randolph-fit. FACTORY—Archer-ar., corner oi Qaarry-it. ague ffitis. QOSMOPOLITAN AGUE PILLS Tfill positively Cor© Ague, Nervous Headache and all Neuralgic Affections. BDBNHAMS & TAN SCHAACK, Wholesale Agents. business ®artr». I. E. WILSON a GO., ■) * .♦ Manuflssturen and Dealers in Hens’ and Tooths’ Furnish' In? Goods, SHIRTS UNO SHLES. GENTS’DRESS U4TS 6FHTT BVBISESB HATS, YOUTHS* DBESS A2TD SCHOOL HATS. ati the latest and most ftsblonablo styles. BISHOP * BARNES, BANGS BROTHERS. BASSIOWS SEW Cooking Range, The Best Bangs in the World. CmMbv, taaedrr mad Tallon’ more*, Begieser*, Venlllatois, dkc-, Ax.* 82 (Ksarly opposite the Post Office.) GILES, BRO. A CO., Watches, Diamonds, JSWSLB7 AND SILVER GOODS. tr Agents Ibr Rogers, Smith A Co.’s Piated Ware and U. S. Clock A Brass Co. of Chicago. KIMBALL, STEVENS A GO., CLOTH HOUSE, 64 and 66 MICHIGAN-AV. PHILIP WADSWORTH & GO.) ItoTiniitia ass Jobbewi or CLOTHING, 34 ft 36 Xake-rt. 95 Devonahire-it. Chicago, 111. Boston, Mass. ilAHTTAcnnas asp Ixfosisb or PAPER HANGINGS AND WINDOW SHADES. Warehouse, 78 Eandolph-st. TURNER, BRISTOL A GO Leather & Shoe Findings, Importers of ikeneh German Skins, 16 & 18 State-st., Chicago. Agents for Taylor’s Oak Belting. HIBBARD & SPENCER, IHFOBTXSS OF Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 MICniGAX-AT., CHICAGO. 256,000 WHEELEB& WHSOH Sewing Machines IN USE. The number increaslsgl.OOO per week. ABTBT7B PABBAH, 106 Lakc-st., Agt. fbr the Northwest. M. 0. WELLS A GO., MASTTACIUBgia OF BOOTS & SHOES, 38 LAE£-ST^ CHICAGO. LUMT, PRESTON A KEAN, BANKEKS, And Dealers in 3.15 11.00 GOYEBNMEST SECURITIES Also. LAND WARRANTS and COL* LEGE SCRIP. WM. W. STRONR. FURNITURE. 203 Randolph-st., P. O. Box 2383. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, BOWEN BROTHERS. Wholesale Dry Goods, And China. Glass ft Crockery. 15) 17, 19 Sc 21 Randolph’St. HAYDEN & LEATHER, CARRIAGE GOODS, SADDLERY HARDWARE, 45 & 47 I»ake«st, Chicago* HART, ASTEN & GO., FLOUR SACKS, GRAIN BAGS, And Sags of Every Description. Paper floor Backs ol the Best Quality. 283 Booth Vate>9t« J.BAUER&CO., Manufacturers and Importers ot Hnsical Instruments and Strings Also, Wholesale Dealers In PIANOS & ORGANS. No. 030 Broadway, NB W YORK. N 0.09 srashiagton^t.caiCAGO DR. J.O. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, 210 Bandolph-st, Teeth Extracted Without Pain for SI.OO, By thetuecl Nitrons Oxide Gao. or Vi talized Air. Teeth inserted on the Vol canlte or Bnbber Base tor >l2 to a set. IRVINE, JONES ft CO., (Successor, to Grafts & Irrtne.) WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, Bress Trimmings, JWOTXONa, <oo., 19 I.AKE-ST. BP^talrg. 'HITTEMORE, CARTER A RROWN, Wholesale Dealers in HATS, CA PR. MI I.T.INER Y AND OTKAW UOUDS. A large stock for spring sales, bought s t panic prices, and will be sold at very low eat flames. 11A13 Lako-st., Chicago. JOSEPH L. HALL & GO., XANTTAcrunns or Hall’s Patent Concrete, Fire and SarglarProof SAFES, ASZ> Tictor Combination locks. 93 DEARBOEH’-ST. S. M. FASSETT, ABTXSTZC PHOTOGRAPHY. , ffy Pictures taken la dark os well la pleasant weather. Gallery, 114 South Clork-st. GREENLEE BROS. & CO. Maaulaclurers’ Agents for and Dealers la STEAM EHOniES, Circular Saws, Belting, WOOLLEN MACHUIES7, And Supplies for W»lle> Mil's. Mvhln lili’Too.sol all kinds; also Wood Work* Ug Machinery. SO. 3* DEAUBORS-ST. HALLOCK & WHEELER, Ml VT-TirTTTEZS* AOETT3 FOB ETTBBEE ASH IEATHES BELTING, Rubber Goods, Ac. XXI Handolph-st* J»KO9PECTUB OP Capital Stock - - $500,000. IX Pitrborn-rt. of Fort Edwards, Sew York. Thl* Company hart* pnrehasedfrom Mr. Meceh an of tbetblmwlng.State*, to-wlt: lUlnola. Indlauv can, Wisconsin, levs and Minnesota, arenownrenanA tonwre* nmited amount oi wtaeripaJu* totS« Capital stock. la Inviting subscriptions to this Stack, we wooM stale that tbs Company are now too owners ox tbs BATAVIA PAPER MTT.T.g Wbicbare producing at the present tune two ft) terra per day of rnr t paper. Tbls Hilt has buildings and waterpower of sufficient capacity, already erected, and la conuuon to receive two fl) addlUooal machines; which hare been ordered, andltleatimatcdcaobepat Inrunningorder on or beftire the flrst day ol Hay next, which wm Increase the capacity and prodoeuef the said MEis to six (» tons per day; that, at tbs present market prices, •bonjd yield to this Company a Tory satisfactory proflL. Ihe future operations of tul. Company coQt<*mpi»ta the erect lon. or eocsolidatlcx of other nulls with tnetr enterprise, within tfc« present year, issuing the ftn amount of toelr Slock, and which win probably man than doable the foregoing estimate ol product of Print, Manilla and ‘Wrapping’ Papers* This Company haring procured a charter trom the Legislature of the Sure of Illinois, inereatias their capital to one million of dollars, are now reorgantans tinder their Charter privileges. XBe Stock Boots are now open forsuhscrlcnon to the Stock, at the Office* of Messrs. DICKERSON A SHERMAN. 170 Baa dolph-sL, where aQ further inlonoatlou as to the pot enn, prospects, Ac- will be given. InsoUcitugourfriendstosobscrlbe to this Stock, we bellere we are warranted In say log that this enter prise promisee an unparalleled return of proflta, cam pared with sty other manufacturing business hercto fcro presented. WHOLESALE 'J’O PAPER MANUFAOTURER& M 7 attention baa been caned to a circular porpjrttng to be from one L. C. Woodruff, u President of tbs “Hydrostatic Paper Company.” dated Niagara Falla. February Ist, isn, addressed to paper manufacturer*, alleging teat the process of bleaching paper pain by Snenmatlc pressure, offered to the public brine, **i» a Ireet and positive Inlrtugeceni of the patents rights of the Hydrostatic Paper Company, and my estliejiroces* is embraced In that ol the Mid Hy drostatic Company, tad that ther trill proaecuie for Infringements all persons who attempt to use the pneo matte process under grants trom me. Such statements, in the face ot the Acts of the ease, are absurd, and. 1 regret to be compelled to ur, ars maliciously false and libellous, and I ■**» bold the author or aathors thereof to a strict accountability- In the meantime I leave the menu of the Question u all men qualified to Judge. The majority of my patents, embraced in my “pro cess,” are amertcr to any held by me “Hydrostatic Paper Company, and I hare only to leave the public to sar who are the infringers thereof, I have submitted to most eminent counsel such eg xeypateataasbeardatessubseqneot to.together wlta copies of the patenu under which the Hydrostatic Pa> per Company claim their process, and give herewith the opinion of such counsel on the question ol lafdngo meot. i. J. M’BRATH, CHICAGO. ILL. That this question may be properly understood. t win heie state that the patents held by the Hydrostatic Paper Company were assigned to them by toe patent ees, Messrs. H.X. JOBES and D.S.FABQUHAS3OM and 1 am not aware that their so-called process is ea * braced In any other patents whatever. My own process is embraced la not less than ten (Ut different patents, and tae use or operation of the pnew matic pressure I do not regard absolutely necessary la working my process successfully, either in the first redaction ot fibrous substances to paper palp, or la bleaching the same; bot 1 believe the pneumatic prin ciple tar superior to the hydrostatic, and wul prom more successful, so tar as either may be required. Respectfully, BAKSIhON B. mbbiut. Fort Edwards, A. T„ Feb.3oth, 1567. IJO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. As the attorney of HARRISON B.MSECH, X pro cured the several patents be now holds fbr Improred Processes in the Manofaetora of Paper Stock, And am familiar with each and every one of thens -1 have al*o carefully examined the patents issued Jones and Farquharion, one beanos date March 13th, lS66,foras improved apparatus for Pleaching of paper stock, and one dated June sth. 1t; 66, fbr an Improved process of treating wood, et<L, f u r tbs manufacture of paper pulp. Theie two are denominated the Hydro staUcProciss. I have no hesitation In saving that none of the pro cesses patented by Mr. MESCH, or which ho holds, and which constitute the So called, are In any manner Identical with the Hydro static Process, nor do tney Infringe tne same. Two cl the patents held byMr.Meech are those wltb which l have been connected as owner. The first va Issued to myself on my own application, July Sist,BM. It was fbr an Improved process in the manufacture of paper stock. The otherlssued to myself and Harrison B.Meech,for an Improvement in the bleaching of pap« Each of these processes Involved the us of th« In the manner described in each ot them ■pccttvely. The use ot pressure as a part ol neb pro cess, whether applied them respectively. The use of pressure as a part of such process, whether anplled by steam, air, gas, water, or otherwise, is cot patentable In the present stale of the art; but an Improved meth od cl applying such pressure may be the subject of a patent. The Hydrostatic mode may be the subject OC a patent so tar as the same la used and useful. So like wise may be any other new and useful mods—aa the pneumatic. But inch modesof producing the preaauro areentlrelydUtmctfromeaehother. Neither the Hy drostatic or Pneumatic process are patantable except as a new and osetnl mode of obtaining a result, a* such they are entirely distinct from, acd Independent oC each other. 2 am well acquainted with the many processes in use fbr reducing straw, grass, etm, tom condition suitable for the manufacture of paper, aad 1 aa clearlr of the opinion that the process practiced by Harrison B. Meecb, and known as tee mmi-h process, la superior to any other, if not the only one hr which the crosses can be successfully worked. That they eaa beworked by his process, both profitably and tucceas fully.lknow. _ JOEL TIFFANY. Albany. Febrnary 30 th, 1867. PATENT OFFlCES.—lnventors -wlio wish to talcs oat Letters Patent an advised to counsel with MCTKN & CO., Editors ot the SeleatlM American. who bare proaseoted claims belbre tM Pa teat ODcotbr nearly twenty years. Their AmerleM and European Patent Agencyns tbe most extensive ta the world. Charges leu any other reOaan agency. A pamphlet, containing inll lastrnctloai to inyan on, la sent gratis. Address CHICAGO. QROCKERY, ETU. BOWEN. WHITMAN & WINSLOW, :at, CBOCEEST, Silver Plated Ware, S LAMPS, LANTERNS, LOOKING GLASSES. Assorted Crates in Original Packages. Goods Sold at Neio York JPrices, adding Freight, gMOKED MEATS. E. P.MARSH, PORI, BEEF, LARD, SMOKED MEATS, ISO SOUTH WATIEB-ST. Q S. HUTCHINS & CO, Commission Merchants, v CHICAGO. Agents for T. Kingston! A Sons* Oswego Starch. ARE PREPARED TO SHIP 4a/" xz xs a TO ALL POINTS, EAST AND SOUTH, Without Transfer at Chicago* tr Orders irom Millers solicited. Samples sent oa ippllcatlon. Bjgj, BaOTHEBB, MILWAUKEE, WI3. Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Hardwood and Wbitewood Lumber. Office ana Yard, 301 South Franklln-st, bet. YaO BarenandHsmsor.Chicago. P.0.80x2330. C2f Bills cut to ordtrr. an ISAAC n . HOLDCS*, JX. EUII3D FXXPLST3W. rjARD’S PATENT BBXCS Itt&©HTMB. OSee and mnauctorr 33 south Jefferson-sU For laftrmiUoataddeKrtpttTa circular k^ims & a. oAai*» aa Soat&jeflerKia-fc. catena* I‘T)MCK MACHIUE." " D DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office. Room So. 3. -17 ClarK-at.. Chicago. jyjAQAZINE BRICK works, comer Halted and Twenly.iecond-au. Office, 179. 3 OtU Block. A. J. KMSKLT. Proprietor. THIS. COAX. AT SUMMER PRICES! ■We hare a few hundred tan* ot best LACKAWASA .nil piiTSTOJJ COAL more than wtU supply oar cuv tomers, which we offer, delirerud in any part of tha city, at the lollowlng prices: Haute, Eos and large sizes, 813 per Too* Cbestnnt* “ | £toffe girtsctfirtioiw. "The Clricage Fibre & Paper Co.” Xlto Hundred Sharos, sl,oooEuh. this Company has been orgaslxed under the General Laws of the state oX imncte, tor tbs purpoeeof au» gets tec an kinds ol PAPBltand preparing FIBB* P“*7«»c». from the WILD GRASS feud la this vicinity in great abundance. racket- SUfSaSS'S I „£2 , «‘ ttTomow m MR. HARRISON B. BfRCR, THOMAS S. DICHERSOX, Preset. GEO. B. Tice Pves’t. (Formerly President Batavia Paper Min co.j WM- HAKSBEOUGH, Sec’y. I. y. W. SHERMAN. Treasurer. patents. 3XEBCH PROCESS, FMfiUSATZO FBSBBVBS, MUNK A CO -3? Park-row. Hew YoeK. gtrocSerg aggare. 15,17, 19 & 21 Randolph's!., Importers, Wholesale and BetaU Dealers is CHINA, GLASS, ISusinjss Catbs. WHOLESALE DEALER m Mticfe. litoolr anU <Cnzl. MINING AND SUPPLY CO -34 and 36 Randolph-fit.