Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 13, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 13, 1867 Page 3
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Aid. Pronaroomowa thatthe following be de clared inspectors ofEleciion for the Second Dis trict, Thirteenth Ward: * Inspectors— Conrad Schnell, 6. w. Can line, Ttti. WBtxcnViacb. * Vototq Place— No. 626 North Wells street. The motion prevail^. Aid. Engel moved tbnt the following be declared .Inspectors of Election lor IheFirat District, Four* teenib Ward: Inpfectors—Louis IL Berger, John McHugh, F, E. Gerbiog. Voting Place—Comer Larrabee andClybourne _avenuo. The motion prevailed. . „ , Aid. Engel moved that (be following be declared Inspectors of Election for the Second District, Fourteenth Ward: __ * Inspectors— Phil. Ptclnmuller, J. E. winkle* man, Isaac Itatiabauscr. _ , _ , Votusq Flacb— Comer Wells and Division streets. , , The motion prevailed. Aid Sbackiord moved that th*» foXlowlng be de clared Inspectors of Election for the First District, j. A. Nelson, Henry Wendt, Owen Place—Comer of Wells street and Chi cago avenue. , , The motion prevail L , _ Aid. Lawson moveu hat the following be de clared Inspectors of Election for the Second Dis trict, Fltteenth.'Ward; _ „ Inspectors— AndrewNelson, C. W. Sherwood, John McMahon. Voting Place—Northwest comer Green Bay street and Chicago avenue. The motion prevaiied. Ald. Clark moved that the following be declared Inspector* of Election for the First District, Six* Lccuth Ward: *• XsETEcrons—Andrew Nelson, D. H. Lincoln, Tbos. Carney. Voting J’lace—Comer of Indiana and Welle streets. The motion prevailed. Aid. O’cutHvan moved that the following be de clared Inspectors ot Election tor tbe Second Die trict,SixtecEih\Vanl: IserrcTOts.—A- B. Beynolds, A. G. Basse, Pat rick bml;h innwn Pl.tra—N'o»tL ilxrkct IlaU. be motion prevailed. The loHowing is the list as completed. riHsr waud—nnsT niiTnicr. Jnfptclort. —Simeon tv. King, George E. Kim berly ,\V. Kelsey Beed. Voting Plao— No 49 Wabash avenue. ZItST IVAdU—SECOSO SZSTIUCT. Jnfpeetart— Coarlea F. Chllson, Peter Begltz, A. Banyan- . , ) olttit; floe* -No. I*s South 7T>l»s street. eECOSD WAUD—TIHET DISTRICT. 2rrptcTors~ \V. B. 11. Gray, George H. Laffic, W- T. Hancock. Voiiug i7oc«—Comer of State and Van Boren streets. EbOOKD WARD—6ECOSD DIBTIUCT. Jntprttort— Arthur Dixon, Michael Doyle, A. F- Becker. Tvlng Piacf— Northwest comer of Sherman ■and Yan Boren streets. Temn ward—riUST DISTRICT. Jntj)fCtort—F. D. Gray, Peter Ecis, J. D. Jcn- Dlnpp. I dling Place —Corner Taylor nnd Clark streets. THIRD WARD—SECOND DUTUICT. Intpectore— W. W. Smith, James Dalton, N. S. Bouton. Foting Flaet— 724 State street. roUHTHWARD—FIBBT DISTRICT. Jnfjiectore— Wm. IVbccler, Ciacccy, John Forsythe. I bung' i-fCM—Southeast corner State and Twenty-second streets. ' TOLUTU WARD—SECOND DISTRICT. Inspectors—H* Van Alien, W. P. Comstock, Mark Kimrall. Voting Place —Engine House No. 0. nrrn waud —fjbst district. Jntjiectort— Henry Morris, Jos. j Michuel Schmitz. Voting Place— l 29 Archer road. nrm ward—second district. Jnti*c(ort— James Clare;, Christian Bond, Tboe. McMahon. Votb;g pfcct —Corner Archer road and Deerlng street. SIXTH WARD—FIRST DISTRICT. dowry, W. Jaaneey,>rc'ore~Jercminh 2tlcn. Linden. Voting i’kcv—Encine House on Maxwell street, eirrn wabd— slcosd dietiuot. Jnrpfdort —Jacob Yeager, W. Anton Scbaccer. Voting I*lcje— Comer Canal and Polk street, f sEvtsxn wam>—rmsr justbict. Inejxc'orf—Gco. Leslie, Gotihard Schaaf, Cbns. icurmcrer. Voibiff Jivct— Corner Ut-lon and Mitchell street*. BETTKTH WAM>—SECOKD DUTETCT. Jntprcton— J. J. Gillespie, Aog. Brumsg, Fat. Carrahcr. Voilr.g Slace— Engine Eoase, Bine Island ave nue. eighth ward—rxnsT distuict. Inspectors—H. L. Fribbec, Wm, Kaiser, John Comuilskoy. Voting place— Corner Blue Island avenue and Fampsuc ftreer. riCHTH TVAUD—BECOJtD DDmiICT. Inspector*— E. M. Guilford, Geo. Soirgc, Pat, Cndmorc. . .IIIIIIIUI 1.. Voting Place— noose of James Bridgman, West Polk street- yisrn wann—rmar district. Inspector*— n. A. Wynkoop, S. McCoUcr, D, Worth inglon. Voting Place— Corner Southwest Plank Boad and Madison i-treet. Kisrn waud—seco.vd distwct. luptetors—tieo. W. French, It. Taylor, John £. Siridiron. Voting Place— Washington Skatin’ Park. tlvti! vvauo—ruisT msroicr. Inspector*—E. 1L Aiuen, C. G. Cro«f, J. W. Boyaen. ioiing P’ca—Engine House on Jackson street. TLKTII WAIID—RECORD DISTRICT. Inspector* —Alvin taksbury, G. W. Bobannan, A. L Ambt-rg. Voting Mace- Engine House, comer of Clinton and Washington streets. vt.TrvEKTit waud—rreFT disthict. Inspectors— Wm. Waymai., George llorey, Hen ry Grade. Voting Place—Comer of Desplatnes and Carroll street;. ___ T-r rt-EKTH WAHD—SECOSD DISITUCT. Insnectort— Joteph E. tius, Oliver Johnson, Pat. itagtoms. Voting Plot*— Comer of Ilalsted street and Mil waukee avenue. twelfth wann—rntsT diftojct. Inspectors —L. A. Hamblen, C. Duecslng, E. O’Dnen. Voting Plac* —John BnblerV, comer of Chicago Avenue and Ml!’-’ atikec avenue. nViXITH WiiID—SECOSD DISTEJCT. Jif]K!of t—o. ’.V. Potter, Cnaumaa, Henry Tbeit. lot tug riaci —House of Jjooia Krcmer, His ton road. Tuir.'mrrn ward—first Dprnicr. Inrp.C.ort —C. Jaufer, Ctina. Nibbe, German EJetgen. Voting Pic:*— Engine Donee, Lanabee street, sear North avccnc. TUIKTtUKTIi WARD— EECOXD DISTRICT. Pirptctor*— I '.ourad Schncll, G. W. Can tire, Eir. walxcnbacb. yotirg Piece —No. C2C North Wells Ftrcet. roCRTELSTU WARD—riBBT DI6TOICT. Jnijjecforr—Lems H. Berger, John Mcilagh, r. E. Gerblnr. Tofitig J'-jict —Comer Lorraboc street and Cly bourne flv,unc. rOCETEE.VTU WARD—fECOKD DISTRICT. In*p*ciors— Philip S;cinamUer, J. iL Winkle* Stan linsc Dutirhaneer. Voting nett— House of Fritz Fridman, comer Wcllaaud JlMrien stmts. nr;EZ3tm waud—juist district. 2r,tpeefon —J. A. Nelson, Henry Wendt, Owen McCarthy. Voting Ftace— Korthwcst coiner Wells and Chi cago avenue. nrrEEsru wadd—second nisnucT. Jnepte'ors— Andrew Nelson, C. W. Sherwood, John Mediation. roftr# /fact—Northwest corner Green Bay atreet and CLicaro avenno. HXTIXKTn WAEX)—TTOfiT DISTUICT. iMjHCiors —Andrew kelson, D. XL Lincoln, Thomas Carney. Voting Floe* —Comer Indiana and Wells street. SIXTEENTH WAUD—SECOND DUTIUCT. Reynolds, 2n*j''fctcr* —A, D. Patrick smith. Voting I*iacc —Korth Market HalL unco Jf sipebatj 0 s. Aid. Moore moved to reconsider tie vote where* by further action of tbc Connell on‘be nomla t liot) for Tax Commissioner was postponed until the next regular meeting. Cairied- Ald. dark, by □ suiuioca consent. submitted the following resolution and mov« d Its passage: J2ttu!cid, Tbutlht City Clerk be instructed to proceed to Springfield and get as soon as possible a certified copy of the charter amendments passed by the Legislature at its recent session. ’The resolution was adopted. rEHTIOKB AKD COUXCTNICATIOSB. Petition of E. B. Phillips and others remon strating agalt-sl the passage ot any ordinance cir cumscribing the fire limits. Aid Knickerbocker moved to refer to Commit tee on Fire and Water, Carried. Petition o! William Bamgwanath el al., for passage of ordinance permlt , ’tig erection of wood en buildings ir fire limit in certain cases. Aid. D’Woll movee to refer to Committee on Tire ai d Water, r'arried. Petition ot A. Dixon, Cross & Dane, and others for xcptal or modification of lire limits of iho Booth inviiiou. Aid. D’wolf moved to refer to Committee on Fire and Water. Carried. Petition of citizens for the passage of an ordin ance in regard to wooden buildings in the fire limits. Aid. D’WoU moved to refer to the Committee on Fire and Water. Carried. Fetiuou of Wlluam Lewis and Others for pas sage of ordinance in regard to wooden buildings In fire limns. Aid. I)’Wolf moved to refer to Committee on Fire and Water. Carried. Petition cl “ Ovcrwriicre” recommending the Sassage of ordinance allowing wooden buddings 1 the fire limits in certain cases. Aid. D’Wolf moved to refer to Committee on Fire and Water. Carried. Remonstrance of members ol the Board of Trade againstany change of the fire limit?. Aid. D’Wolf moved to refer to the Committee on Fire and Water. Carried. Remonstrance of Board a! Underwriters against any change of the fire limits. Aid. D'Wolf moved to refer to the Committee onFire and Water. Carried Remonstrance of members of the Board of Trade ngainst anv change of tbe fire limits. Aid. D'Wolf moved to refer to tbe Committee on Fijc and Water. Carried. Petition of John Cosgrove for free peddler** license. Al a. Kann moved to refer lo the Mayor with power to act. Carried. The Major *'a*ed that in several instance* he had piven permit* for p-aumer* to ran without license until the first of April next. Aid. Knnr. moved that toe action of the Major be approved,and tbel be have power lo issue aim* liar permit* to Hamsters until April Ist next. Car- Aid. Wicker submitted the following communi cation, which. on znotiuu of Ale! Wilmarth, was otdered to he published and placed on file. To tbe Honorable, the Mayor and Common Conn ell of the City of cbicaso, 10 Connell as sembled: GfXTLLimx: Since the la t meeting of tbl« Council our city ha? been vxfi’**d by a delegation of nine member* irom tbe Bnnalo City Council. On s.onday las the Mayor or Chicago r.-c-ived a despatch from the Mayor of Buffalo, advi-lnehim that a celadon of clue membra rrom the City Government or Bafiaio would leave that evening for cfairano. Tbe> arrived here on Wednesday morning, and, agreeable to the request of Majorities, tbe under signed called upon iLem. and icndcteaio ihedcic railon of oar ctyaui such atten tion from her ofiiers as wot Id best conduce to the accomplishment of :bc object of tbdr visit to Chicago- Tue delegation having been sent here for tbe purpose of inspecting eotnc of our public improvement-, and desiring tc see as much of Chicago bj they v ere shown by the undersigned to a? much ol our city and its improvements as the time they remained Lnu would enable them to visit. The otliccrs of the several departments ol our city frovcrnmecl done all in their newer to make the visit of onr Buffalo friends a pleasant one, for which we commend them to ice grateful acknowl edgments of tbe C'-uccU, and *e should be un faitnfuJ to the promptings of oar own hearts, aid we not mention witb rratclul emotions, the lib eraliv ol tbe Crosby Opera Boose, McVickcr’* theatre and Colonel Wood sJluseum m admitting ocrviellors to. and providing them with-most excellent seats in their place* of amusement. We mav add that the delegation lext on Friday even in" ior S«. Louis, and were passed by Pi*e*-idcnt Douglass, of she luinoi* Central, over their roan, lor which we desire to express our grateful ack nowledgment*. Ecepcctinlly submitted. * CUAS. k.Wiqstb, H. M, WIL2MKTH, Calvxr B'Wonr, W. II Cahteh. M. O'f-CIXIVAK, Host. Clai.k. COKSTASiTIKE Easb, a. c. CaPEISB. Jo UK WiLLWOBK. Petition of Cornelias Shea for free express Aid. Moore morc't to refer to the Mayor, with power to act. Carried. .. , Petition of K. li. Nilca for free peddlers Jlcetite. Ala. Schuller moved to refer to Uio Mayor, with power to act. 'arriurt. Petition ol Hannah Maloney for free peddler’s license. Aid. Schuller moved to refer to the Mayor, with power to act. t amed. Petition of James Clcland lor equal rights and privileges for ell. Aid. Wilmarth moved to refer to the Committee on Police. Carried. Petition of the .Executive Commutes of the ■Waehirgtosian Home for tb« remission of taxes. Aid. calkins moved to reler to the Comptroller. Carried, ■Bemoorirancc of dliicM tabut Uio pnsa-i of an ordinance authorizing tbe.Cbfcago. Alton & Et JiOiiig Fafitoad to lay their track on certain £ *Ald*"Knickerbocker moved to refer lo the Com* tnittee on Streets and Alleys, Sonth Division. C retiUoa of John Murray for free peddler’s li cense. Ala. Knickerbocker moved to refer to the May or, wltbpowerto act. Aid. Clark moved to amend by referring to Committee on License. The amendment pre vailed. . Petition of cltlxcns for sidewalk on Labar street, from Arrabee to Division streets. Aid Moore moved to refer to tbe Board of Pub lic Works. Carried. Petition of Tmeteefl Firet Presbyterian Church for ahalcmcnt oftaxea. Aid. Carter moved to refer to the Committee on Finance and the Comptroller, with powrr to acu Carried. Petition of W. P. Myrrick for abatomenl of larva. Aid, Moore moved to refer to the Comptroller. Carried. Petition of Mark Doouer. to refund taxes, Aid. Moore moved lo refer to the Comptroller, Carried. „ . ... Petition of James Dolton, Jr., & Bro., for abate ment of fax. . - Aid. Moore moved to refer to the Comptroller. Carried. ~ .. , . Petition of Hugh Becd for compensation for in- Knickerbocker moved to refer to the Com mittee on Finance and'Counsel lolhe Corpora tion. Carried. Petition ot Aeabel Gage to refund taxes wrong fully assessed. Aid. Knickerbocker moved to refer to Commit tee on Finance and Comptroller. Carried. jviinon ol B. F. Kimball et al. lor passage of ordlnsncefto regulate sale offruit by weight. Aid. Knickerbocker moved to refer to Commit* tec on Markets- Carried. Petition of citizens for free peddler's license for Bojit startle. Aid. AckhofT moved that the prajer of petition ers be grunted. Carried. Petition of John A. Woodruff for rebate of amountpalo for t ample license. Alfl. Knickerbockcrmoved to refer to Commit tee on License. Carried. wo uu uiveuru. v-Aiiicii. Pctlllon ol citizens of West Division for dray and express stand in West Division, _ Aid. O’Sullivan moved to refer to the Commit tee on Sired? and Alieva, W. D. Carried. Petition of E.izabelh Galvin for remission ol taxes. Aid. Clark moved lo refer to the Comptroller and Committee on Finance. Carried. Petition of citizens for sewer on Prairie avenue, between T«entj-hlXlh and Twentj-Nlnth streets. Aid. Clark moved to refer to the Board of Pub lic Works. Carried. Communication of A. B. Walker, relative to use of an improved punt, &c. Ala. Wicker moved to refer to the Boardol Pub lic Works. Carried. Petition of Elizabeth Vaughn objecting to the opening of Mitchell street. Aid. Kami moved to refer to the Committee on Local Assessments. Pelulou of F, H. Blodgett, for extension of sample license. Aid. Xalcott moved that petitioner have leave to withdraw. Corned. Remonstrance of James Barnet, againstopemng of Mitchell street. Aid. Ksnn moved to refer to Committee on Lo cal Assessments. Carried. Aid. Woodard presented an ordinance for ex tinguishing the title of lot-owners in Chicago Ccmcteiy. Aid. O Sulllvan moved that it be referred to the Committee on Btreets and Alleys, N. D., and pnb listed. Tbe following Is the ordinance: An OzniKASCE for extinguishing the title of lot owners in the “Chicago Cemetery.” 2i< if ordatued by the Common Council of the City of Chicago : - Section l- That the Mayor and Comptroller be, and they sue hereby aulhorizea to extinguish the titles of the different lot owners in tbe “Chicago Cemetery,” by refunding the purchase money paid to tne city of Chicago, together with six per cent interest thereon to the pmchasers severally, or their belrs or asrigns, upon such purchasers, their heirs or assigns reconvey tog tbe title thereto lo said city. Sec. 2. In case any lot owners should prefer or elect,the Mayor and Comptroller rosy cause lots to b« purchased in anv of the several cemeteries near said city, of as nearly equal value and eligi bility ce may be, and cause conveyances thereof lobcmaaeto them, upon said lot owners con veytoffi bv good and sufficient deed, their title to lots In fcafdVhlcajjo Cemetery to tne city. Petition of Alfred Guthrie for passage of an ordh-ance preventing doge running at largo in tbe city, muzzled or unmuzzled. Alfi. D’Wolf moved to refer to Commute on Judiciary. Carried. Petition of citizens for opcnlng'alley In block GG, N. W. £. Sec. SI. Aid. Schuler moved to refer to the Board of Public Woks. Carried. Brennan, Waahbnrac, i UUIIL TTVJLDi Petition of citizens for water pipes In Brown street, be’wecn Twelfth streei and Taylor street. Aid Fchulcr moved to refer to the Board of Public Works. Carried. HETOBTS or cur orncEns. The Clerk presented the City Comptroller’s znoblUj statement of receipts and expenditures for the mown of February, 1867. Aid. Calkins moved mat it be placed on die. Carried. Xbe Beard of Public Works presented a report and ordinance for lamp posts on east side of Mich igan avenue, between Lake street and Elver street. Aid. Earns moved that it be referred to the Com mitlee on Gas Lights. Carried. The Board ot Public Works presented a report and ordinance annulling sundry assessments. Aid. Clark moved to concur in Ibe report and pass tbe ordinance. Aid. Bolden demanded the ayes and noes, and the report was concurred In and the ordinance passed by ayes and noes as follows: Ayes —Alo.Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D'Wolf, Wicker. Wilmanb. Calkins, Kami, Fmnucan, Hatch, Wallwork. Moore, Schuler. Talcolt, Wood ard, Holden. Bussell, Ackhoi£ Gastfield, Hantlcy, Proadfoot. Franzen, Engel, Shackford, Laweon, Cla.k, CSulilvau. , Sues— None. Ayes 27 Noes 0 Tbe following is tbe ordinance as passed: onnctancs. Be it Ordairudby the Common Council of the City of Chicago: bcciiuK 1. That tbc following named assess* mcni*, confirmed by the Common Council upon :bc dates named in ibo lollofflnj: list, be, and the “Hire are hereby, annulled 2fq. Of Dateofcon- W. Object of Assessment flnnaron. rJW c J ravit!£rlaSiallesljfcct,from I Qri s Isr . 508 s * < Madron to Jackson street f uct * * iConstrccumr sidewalk on i llocroe & LaSalle sheets V0cL22,1305 in ironl ofblock t*S, S. Sec.) ConttnicUnj sidewalk on l ort nj] Iftr t B tinker street J-0ct.30, IS-5 J PavicpliUwiukee-ar.from l s „ t Jf IWi . I Kinzie to Indiana street... se P l i Second assessment for pa v- J inj: Canal street, from Lake -OcL2d, ISCC f to Madison street- I Pavii-clla'Btea street, from i ,V. J stieet to tbe Kali- >OcL2S, 1836 (road CroFeuje... J SCI N. * ~ coi W. 711 W. 7C2 W. Op-nine Goethe-st. iron) {.q on ,oj 1C «; < iark to State street f- epl Erecting lamp posis oa IKarfcom eircth between >Oct,23, 1300 Oak and liable streets.... Gravelling St. Clair street, from Superior to .Michigan -Oct,-2,13-30 streei..- ... *. Paving North Mate street, from Michigan street u> -Oct. 22,15G6 Chicago avenne Sec. 9. The Comptroller is hereby authorized and Erected to refund any amounts which may have been paid on any of the assessments named in the foregoing section Ihe Board of Public Works presented a report and ordinance lor vacating alley in block 91, 2SO N. 2E3 N. Cle'.oo'e Addition. Aid. Clark moved to refer to tbe Committee on Streets and Alleys of the West Dlvl-lon. The Board also presented a report and order recommcnclrng that an employe or toe Board, in jured vh .e in the employ 01 tie city, be paid jor time lost, and also for surgical erpen-e*. Aid. Clark moved to refer to the Committee on Finance. Carried. A. G. riussec. The Board also pmontod a report and ordi nance vacating an alley io the rear of iota 1,2,3, i, 5, 6 ai.d 7, in block 3, C.eaverville. Aid- tA-nliivan moved to itfer to the on Streets and Alleys, South Division. Carried. 'I be Boaro also presented a report and ordi nance providing for the issue of $50t),000 in Water Loan Bonds. Aid. KannJ moved to refer to Committee on Fi nance. tamed. Tte Board also presented a report and ordi nance vacating a part of Wig M’s Subdivision, end the substitution of anew subdivision there- for. Aid. Talcott moved to refer to the Committee on sttccts and Alleys, W. D. Carried. Tbe Clerk presented the ooimou of the Counsel to lie corporation on tbe Petroleum Warehouse cram to tor Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad Company, Ain. Clark moved that (be opinion bo accepted and filed. Carried. AJo. D'Wolf moved ‘bat the amendment sug gested by the Counsel to the Corporation be adopt ed. Carried. , The ordinance as amended was then referred to the Clerk for cngi oaaraent. Aid. Calkix $ presetted an ordinance requiring the Comptroller 10 pay over certain moneys to too Washingtonian Dome. , . Aid. Wiimarth moved to refer to the Commute on Finance. Carried. . , Aid. Eann pre-ented an order directing the Board of Police to luroish certain articles of fur niture lor the Engine House on Twenty-second Aid. Knickerbocker moved that the order be referred to the Board of Police. Carried. ADjormoroT. Aid. Clark moved Ibal lUe Connell do now adjonnj. Ihc motion prevailed and tie Council ad journeo FINANCIAL AKD COMMERCIAL KONETAEY. TctSDAT ErariKO, March 32. There was very little animation In financial cir cles to day, and moat of the banks reported bust less decidedly doll. In some quarters there was a fairly active demand for money, mostly lor} epee* dative purposes, but borrowers found the market □ccomfortably close. This docs not arise from any scarcity of currency, but from the unwilling ness uf bankers generally to discount speculative raper. The shiftless and eycr varying policy, or rather,want of policy on ihe pai t ol the Secretary of the Treasury,has thrown a cold chill on capitalists, w ho are unwilling to place their money out of im mediate control, so long as there Is no confidence in the fnture. Paper is more rigorously exam ined; but all firsl-claea commercial signatures pass nt 10 per cent. In the open market good names arc taken at cen * P® r “oni*l - was weak in the forenoon, and sales were freely made between banks at par. Later in the day, the demand exceeded the supply, and round lots sold freely at 25c premium. Tue coun ter rates were steady at pat buying, and 1-10 pre mium selling. Floor was firm but less active. Wheat was quiet at an advance of He on No. 2 Spring. Corn de cline He on No. 1, hut advanced £®3c on Re jected. Oats were more active. Rye advanced Ic. Barley was steady and firm. Mesa Pork was In acure—held for higher figures. Bulk Heats were film and in good request. Lard was qmet. Dictsed Dogs weie easier. Whiskey inactive. Seeds m good demand and firm. Gold was on the down grade to-day. The mar ket opcbcd at IWH, declined to 133*; adrenced oli-lH; fell back to lS3H,and dosed at IS3*. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., geld brokers 11r.30 a. m. Ife« “ 11:00 “ 11:15 “ 11:00 “ , 11:43 “ Here there was very little oC«Jrin?. The brokers were bnyJng at 188&131— closing at 18‘1}£I&183!j. Over the counter there was considerable demand to pay duties, and sales were made at 181‘4®135. Silver was nominal at 125@127. The Public Fund* were a shade easier, owln to the decline in Gold. Sixes of ’3l and Five- Twctticß of ’C2 declined The ’Wd fell oIT and the , Css'}*. June and July Scven-lhlrties depreciated ?g. The following shows the closing prices 10-day compared with the three previous days Pri. Sat. Mon. Toes. Pive-TWcntles.’C2 J' 1 ? 39?, |‘‘?M Five-Twenties, M 10. Five-T«cnU«, *OS I}£H J ;2X Ten-Forties •£/» Wh 97*, Seven-lhirtles, August 2pjg Seven-Thirties. June.... 105? j lga» 'J®?« *£-i Seven-Thirties. Jolj lt»S JSg JJJ& Kcw * Ivt-fwenUes *064 106 H IWSJ» 100^, Here the market was quiet. We quote: GOVEUKKE2JT BEOLTUTIES—CHICAGO JU.BKCT. Bnnmr. beiiine. Ills mx 103 H .ISB 1« ,101 107J4 TJ. S. Sixes, of 1631. H.S.WS*, 1662.... D. S. trSOe, 1861.... U.S. 5-SWfi, 1bC5..,. U. 8. B-2Ce, ’65 and ’G6 (new).. ,10C« JW# U. SrC-eOa? email ;,IDO@ICB .... U. B.IC-4CN, large 97# Wi TJ. S. HMDs, small 9B# • D. S. 7-»*e,lat series 105# Itejf D.-8.7-30s,£:d series 1» .... , D.8.?-30s,Cd series KB • ■ . 105# U. 8. 7-CCsJ email IWJ£©lO% .... ComnDonds. June, 1664........1*7 .... July/ 116# “ Aug., 16134.....' 116 .... “ OCL, 18(34 115 “ Dec,, leM 114 “ May, 18(35 la « An 2., 1365 UU4 “ -Bepc., 1065 UO# “ Oct, 1865 110 The following quotations lor the Public Funds are given by the Second National Bank: Coups,’Bl..lo6#® .... 7-30i(emall)HM#®103# 5-20 c«m?s, June comp, 1861 117 - (large)....lDS# ... duly “ 44 116# 5-20 conns, Aug, *• 44 Ufl (small)... 107#® .... Ocu 44 44 115 10-40 conpa, Dec. 44 44 114 (Urge).... 07#® .... May “ 1665 112 10-40 coups, - Aug. 44 4 ‘ ■ 110# (small).. 97 @ Sept- 44 44 110 7-BUe (large)los @los# Oct u 44 109# In Local Securities there Is nothing ol Interest transpiring. We quote: Chicago City 75... v Cook County 7s Chamber of Commerce. —The New York Shippirg lAtt remarks: Financial circles betray a feeling of nervous nesi, consequent npon tbe disposition In Congress tonnfh tbe Impcachmect qneatioa to an Issue. The xontracticm of five muljoiis of greenback currency, too, as shown In the March statement of the public debt, has a tendency to render capi talists a little more cautions. The money market, therefore, la working a little close, tbe leading. nt« for call loans being 7 $ cent, with 6 3 cent as tbe exceptional rate to favorite borrowers.wlth special securities. Discounts am slow at 7 N cent for short-oated high grade paper, up to b@9 3 cent for other good names. Wequolo: Per cent per annum. Loans on call, stock securities Gft 7 Loans on bond ocil mortgage —& 7 Prime endorsed bills, 60 days.. 60 7 Prime endorsed blits. B®4 mouths 8® 8 First-class single names -. 8® t) Other good bills 9®lo —TheNeir York Journal of Commtrce is engaged In exposing the frauds committed in tbe NcwTork Custom flense, and. In a recent issue, says: There has been a practice fora series of years ol charging the importer •* naif-storage” lor the detention of on Invoice of goods on board a vessel In which the Government bas no in'erest what ever. Thus a merchant, owning a shin, and im pelling in it a cargo ot Don, may desire to retain this Impor'atioh lor a few davs on board. In bond, preferring to keep It afloat until di-poted of, in or der to fare hm> If unnecessary expenses for storage and cartage. The Government charges him lor this (on Ms own vessel I) constructive storage, a tnongb it has been at no addi tional expense, and suffered no loss. Some time ago one of our first merchants paid tola charge under protest and brought suit against Mr. Barney, then Collector, fur the exaction. 'The Judge belore whom the case was tried, asked the United Stales Attorney what law be relied on for tbe exaction of such storage charges, and was coolly told that there was colawlbr it, hut only ‘ l a Treasury regulation.” Tbe court was very severe upon the Department for this extortion, and gave judgment for the merchant. This 13 about as good os charging 44 cooperage” on pig Iron—a tax sold to have been charged and collected by Cleveland forwarders several years ago—previous to the eta of railroads. —The Boston Advertiser observes: The money market shows symptoms of return ing ease, the banks, which have been reducing ibtir pans and strenglheningthemselvcafor some time past, now being generally well supplied with loanable tnnds. Tbe demand is moderately active, but all borrowers in good standing find tbe re quisite accommodation without difficulty. Tbe banka arc discounting for their customers at 6@7 percent, and while there la atill a good deal of strong ontsidc paper offering as hlgb os 8 per cent, ibe ruling rate appears to be gradually soft ening. Much discrimination is Bull used in the selection of names. Call loans ore freely offered at 6 percent on Govcnimen* collaterals. —The Pittsburgh Commercial remarks: There continues to be a very heavy and urgent demand for money, col so much from anv re quirements of trade, bnt mainly to support and pur forward maturing obligations which most be earned until a more prosperous condition of affairs is established. Our banks are able and willing to take care of their Blanch customers, bnt new applicants for loans are rarely accommo dated. —The following Is thejstatement of the Bank of England for the week ending February 20,1367: issue departhent. Notes leaned. £33,231,075 Gov’t Debt... £11,015,100 I Other Secnrl' • tics 3,931,90) Gold Coin and j Bullion 16,231,075 Proprietors’ iGoremm c n t Capital £11,553,0C0 Securities..£l3,lll,CC3 Best 8,552,259. Other Sccurl- Public De- 1 ties... 13,201.350 DO*iis 0,503,865 Notes 10,935.135 Other Depos- Gold and stl* its 18,559,453 verCoin ... 1,030,333 Seven Day and other Bills.. 449,661 , The reiam, compart d with that for the previous week, shows the following changes ; Rest £3.002.250 Decrease.. £2.600 Public deposits... 0.29.1,865 Decrease.. 600,612 O iher deposits.... 1e,559,433 Increase.. .1,083,'.88 On tbe other side of the account: Government securities.£ia,lll.W):> No change. Other secnriiies 18,291,330 Dec...£llo,lK Notes unemployed ... 10,935,4*6 Inc... 31*3,190 —llic weekly return of the Bank of Franco snows the following results os compared with tbe previous account: Cash In hand.... Private accounts. Bills discounted.. Notes Advances.... Treasury balance. New York Si define prices for cash. Joseph M. Lyons & Co.. Urol ibtßd.2o Bd K. T. Central..lo2* 103. V Kilt (com) aa.v AI.S. (esc.) Tiit 71k C.&lbttS M 80* Ib>ck Island .... 9*V C.AN. W aix 1)0, U'l! 6 'iji €’’’% P„ Ft, W. A C... «X 95*' Qnlcksllrcr SB;< 36* W.U. T..., «s «•; f.* A.(Ccm)...U7V 10"*J j».& q ico M.C. 10T 107 JIlUm n r.1rer.,137 mo 111. Cent 154 V ll*!4 I'll! .* ttfad....iCUV ICIU C. AToedo UH US Tol.A Wabash- 35 SS 5L ft bt. P- (corn >34 Ou do (pld£s .... Market—lst Board steady Toesdat Ercraro. March 11. The following tables show the receipts and ship ments ot Produce dating the past twenty-foor boers: Floor, trip.. Wheat, cenlala... Corn, centals,.... Date, centals..... Bye.centals ..... Barley, centals .. Grate Seed, tbs... Broom Com. ttg. Cored Meat, lbs. Beet, iris pom, nria Bard, lbs Tallow, lie Batter, lbs Drcspeo Hogs... live Hogs Cattle Hides, IT's High wines, brla Wool, lbs Lumber, m Shingles, m Lath, m.-... ... Flour, bi1e..... Wheat, centals. Corn, centals.. Oats, centals... Bye. centals... Barley, canals. Gn>a Seed, Die. Broom Com. Jbs. Cored Meat, Tbs.. Bert; hrls Pork, btla Larfl, lbs Tallow, lbs Butter. Tbs... 13,330 BtCifcd Hogs, No I*o6 850 live Hogs, No CIS 339 Cattle, No 75 628 Hides, lbs 77.438 73,508 Hlgbwlncs, brie 143 204 Wool, lbs 10,090 25,421 Immuer, tn 7fi6 715 637 1,117 lath, m 307 HO Salt, hrls 823 215 The Provision market was firmer, bat tbe ac tivity was confined mostly to Balk Meats, for which there was a large speculative demand. Mess Pork was strongly held at (21.00 for stand ard brands, though some specified makes were not offered. Bayers were offering $20.50, and In some instances (20.73, but no sellers coaid be found at these figures. A lot of lOObrls Clear Pork sold at (23 00. Sweet Pickled Hams were firm, with sales at 12&c for City*; 12J*c for Mil waukee, and lie lor an Irregular lot of Country. Oho movement In Balk Meats was large, and for some styles prices were firmer. Wo note sales of 570,K0 Os at loj£c for Clear Sides; 10c for Short Bib; Sc forSboaldcrs; Hams oat ofplckle; Pc for Cumhcrlands loose, and 9&c for do packed —closing strong with more buyers than sellers Lard was qnlet bnt firm, with sales of 550 tres at I2@ia&c for City; 12*$c for Settled, at Milwau kee, and ll&c fora small lot ot fair Country. Grease was quiet, with sales at BJ4c for a mixed lot ol Brown and Yellow. A. n. BODMAK. City Clerk. Dicsscd Hogs were quiet, with sales at (8.50® 8.00. There was so demand for Whiskey, and the J market I- entirely nominal at 23c for Bonded, and . $2.20 for Free. | Flonr was lees active, hot Holders were firm in their views, and refused lo make any conccsrions. About 2/'OO brla changed bands at 512-75CJ15.73 for White Winters; $13.00 for Red Winters; $10.00(312.00 lor Spring Extras; fS.OO for Spring* Sopers; ?C.40 for ityo; and $0 00 for Buckwheat. The demand lor Wheat was less active. No. 2 was quiet bnt firm, and at the close the market was about >4c higher. Rejected was quiet hut steady. No. 1 was irregular and B®7c lower. Wo. report soles of 31,000 bu at S2.SO for No. 1; 81.05® l.rOforNo. 2; and f1.7C®1.7Gj4 for Rejected—■ do»liig steady at fI.OG for No. 2. The demand for No. I Corn was less active and, Ihcmatkct declined 14c, but for Rejected there was an aciivc speculative inquiry, and prices ap preciate d*2Gsc. The sales loot up 111,000 bn at 71,(2Stic for No. 1; 70Q.71C for No.«, and for Rejected—closing quiet at 79c for No. land firm at Csc for Rejected. There was moie activity In Oats, and the market Is firmer, with sales of 45,000 bu at 45®45‘4c for fresh and43K®44c for Winter receipts of No. 2. There was a steady demand for Rye, and the market advanced Ic, wl.h sales ofNo. 1 at fl.oo@ 1.01 for fresh and tHUGOOfor Winter receipts of No. 3, There was nothlngdoingln No, 2. Barley was in good demand and firm, with sales al $1.10forNo.l; G3>:&72c for No. 2,according to location, and $1.15 lor choice lot by sample. bccds were in active demand and firm, with sales at *6.0039.23 for Clover; f2.23Q-3.C0 for Ttmotbv, and f2.65®2.80 for Flax Seed. The following telegrams were read on'Change to-day .3344* 32:00 m IS4 Atoll l&aop. m 18144 .134 12:50 “ 134 IS3S *:00 “ IS3** .I*l X 3:00 “ IS3-!X .184 3:30 133/j Kew Tons, March 12. Common Floor qnict ami firm: er at i9.4CCdO.SS. Wheal stroccer at $ Coro In-avy a- *llO in Ptore. Oa'e firm at C.® CS«;f. Pori; firmer at ?S2 00®22.G2. Lard firmer atl'2j£©l2-BC. WhLey Bteady. Gold 151. LATEH, FJour 5c belter. Wheat better at siJ2o&*.2s. Corn firm at Oata firm. Fork and Lara a tirade firmer. LITER. In the afternoon Corn was firmer at 79}*@"9V4c for No. 1 in store* There was nothmc dome In Wheat. Provisions were quiet bat firm, with sales of 75 tree bweetPickkd Hams at 12J4C, and’ 3,000 fits Beef Hama at ?57.00. Beef Cattle were la moderate demand, and firm at about the closing rates ©Hast week. The ro Baying. 93 fle# 90 • £33,231,075 £33.331,075 bakktkq rtrADTSErrr. IKCTIEASX. .fr. 19,000,000 ... 0,900,1)90 Sl'ffl«'Ono 15,000,000 500,000 4,0011,000 •lock illarkcti , March 12,1967, rccelredby aken: Ist Bd.2d B 1 Con. Gregory-ISOO .... U. b. 6 v cent bonds. 1551....109 109 U. b.« Pct 5-s0 conp. 1563 109 V 109 V U.5.6Fct5.30 conp. 15C4....107 IC7 n.S.CV ct 5-30 coup. 1565 107 V 107 V 0. S. fl P ct 5-33 conp, new,’6s.lC6V 106 V U. S. 5 V cent 10-40 97V 97. V TrtaSn 73-10.1 st series -102 V 103 V D. p. 7 3-10 2d sen el 105 V 105 V U. 6. 7 3-10 Sd ‘htflrt IOt»K XMJrf American G01d.134 uzh : 2« Board firm. COMMERCIAL ns cans cast TtnuTT-rotm noons. 1367. \m. . 3,013 3.625 . 3.279 7.OSC . 7,105 11,7*4 . 951 2,370 . 052 420 567 621 .153,570 63,307 . 8,922 1fi.331 .131,903 2D,RJC . 6,530 S6.frri . 4,615 4.426 . 212 231 . 230 (>62 . SIS 293 . 75.002 65,114 . 401 7 . 7,533 7,922 . 131 813 1 430 smratEXTs past TWEsiT-roun nouns. 1867. 1806. 6,501 4.155 8,164 3,361 6,785 221 .... 649 9,633 1,557 2M 70.906 70.522 3.098 38.037 010,209 47U.330 472 1 0)6 2,837 2,560 201.329 191.C50 69,280 cclpts were 1,068 head, and tne entered sales 1,167 bead, at H.25@6.25 for common to fair, and 15.75 @7.87# for good to extra, grades. The'marker cloees strong, with 800 head unsold. The Bog market was dull and 15®20c lower. The receipts were 4,118 head, and the entered sales bnt 2,763 bead. - These were taken almost exclnsmly on shipping account, at $6.50®7.35 for common to prime Bogs. pork PacMlog Id milwankee. The&mlineJ contain* a lea jlhy account of the Pork Packing at Miiwaruec for the season Ju«t closed. “ProK a glance at tbe statistics siren below. It wtll be seen that tbe pork packing during tbe part season foots up 133JT0 head, againstß7,Bs3 the previous icaiou, and 107.229 during the season ol 1854-3. This Is an Increase ol 45A17bead,or nearly £0 per cent, over tail season. Tbe beef pacxmj, however, shows a different result, there being a steady islllag off to the number of cattle packed dnrltg tbe past three seasons—aggregating 7,di( bead during the season lost closed, against 10,716 last year, andlS-978 In 1364-5. Ol the stock of hog pro ducts on band. do very see orate Idea can be given, as one cf the pnnctpaTpsckers refusesto give any infor mation whatever concerning the amount held by him. An approximate idea of tbe stock ol pork and lard, however, may be gathered by comparing shipments * rincs the opening ol the season, with tbe result of the packing. ThetbUowlng table gives the result ol the pork pack ing In this city during tbe season ot JoC6-7; g * sr g I *§3 ® S 3? Sn - ■*■ • tr a I =a | e S = gS p ; rianklnffton,Anaoar&Co. 61,531 219 230 4.337 Layton*Co 59.142 21G}< 81* 1,331 J. T. Woolley. 14,071 218* 29 E. liOdms& CO 8,504 2JI 23* 1,336 M.&G.FUTIoag.... 7.87? 2373-5 272-5 .... E. White 2.250 229 81 ,133.370 3183-5 31K fiCOfiOU of 180-6 23.'* 37 3-5 10.716 M . ISCI-6., 107,229 196* 23,V 19.973 ** - 1653-1 141,019 SOI 2i« 18,2*4 “ ISC3-3 192,40 219 33 I2AW The following table gives an approximate idea u? the stock of pork and lord now held here: Forbbrls. Lord. Big. BecMvedbyrall since Oct. Ist, ISG6 130 81.540 Made by packers.. 71.793 4^03,423 79.643 4^37,963 Sblyped from OeLlst uTiiarch 76,311 L 817.420 Et limited stock of new product on baud This stock Includes all kludg of barrelled pork. The stock of lard U equal to 8.G83 tiercel of 80) fts sach. The lotal packing©! poraibou up 77,733 ns. The following table shows the number of Hags packed In Milwaukee, Chicago and Cincinnati fer a number of seaeota: IOOS PACKED IX SULWAUSEE, CHICAGO AXD CIS CIS- NATL TOE TWELVE bZAtOSS. -Miiwaoxee. Chicago. Cincinnati. Season. 186646.. I?SW 1857-58... 185859.. 1859-60.. ISGC-61.. 186143.. IBC2-63.. 1864-CS.. 166546.. ISC6-67.. CHICAGO DRY GOODS MARKET. Evsaiso. March 12.1SCT. during the past week has I price* bare undergone co s arc ample and well assort' md, and nnnly held, Sheet ire Heady. Cambncs,Tlcfci. u ©derate inqnlry.and prices tfe repeat quotations: I.TS. Americas 17* Amoskeag. IS* Dncbess D 14* U< timing II Allen’s 17 Providence IS* James Saunders’ 17 Gloucester 17 W. tv. Freeman & C 0.15 Ui-i-'n. It . Wamsutta Colombia .«.w\7 Tuisdat ; The Dry Goods m&xket < been remarkably quiet, and special change. The stocks ed. Prints are to fair demai Inge and Brown blittings at Drllh and Delaines aielnm are quotably unchanged. W vzo> Merrimac D -18 Merrimac 'T 20 Cocbcco 19 gitclnc. 18 Garner's Sprague's 18 ounneD’a 17 Manchester 17 Lowtll 15 Arnold's 15 Lancaster 17 Richmond. ............17K Glasgow. Roanoke. ISETUQS. Clinton.... Lancaster. dcowk u Banner. 3 Lawrence 3 bunt 4—l UX Appleton 4—4 21 >4 51rdfora4—1 *hi Kashaa. » Atlantic Mills 13 t-epperell O 17 Great Fall* U 13 •* ** 8.... Indian Orchard A. Indian Head 4-4 72V Cabott A 4—l 21 AUnlld—l 22V Arnuskeac 4—l 23 bamoE Falls*—l. 21V Agawam F 4—4 17V Appleton D 4—l 19 Illinois A 4—4 ....IS* Swift hirer 4—l 17 iypgercUE............jl - 41 W..... 16 “ “ L 15 BoctMUUII ...19V “ ? « 17V ** *• 8 21U Western World 16U Arkwright. 20 porumsath P 13. x Kspoteon 17 Quaker. 15 XX Standard 31,V Nonatooic. vi SUIKTUtOS. “ N. American A. lied Dank 7—B 15 V •• - 4—l 17 Lonsdale '.’Q Arkwnrht Si Wamtiecs S 3 J. & w. Slater 4—4....25 Canoe 3—4 13,V Blatervlllo7-S 16 Hlacksione Rlrcr | ....33 nia>ik3tone AA** 24 Ballon * Son 4 -l z<H " •* 7-8 30 N. T. Mills 4-1 40 Wamsuttal—4 S2W K»U*4-4 -a White Hock 4-4 Sri!*' UIIIB 4—l 25 V - 7-8 231* Masonvllle 4—4 27v nay Mills 4—t as Androscoggin 4—1.....27 •• 7-8 51 LandOD 7—B 27 ** 4-4 35 PAPER CAVDRICKB. Lonsdale... Uv r English.. SOU Cambrics I2V@lB 1 DSMWB. Amoebeag 88 i Uannecttcnt 31 v York S6UI Washington 21 Manchester 37V1 Mlliord improve! 31 Oxtord 2£Ji Blue IltU -,....35 Union 30 I Corn City 15 Haymakers .31V1 Pawnee ao stiopkd satamvos. Amoskeag S 3 WhittendcnC so*' Tcrs - .30 •• A. 37V American ISV@I3V Fncarrtlle 23323 Halls 2S Thorndike —...35V Roanoke SO bhetockct 30 TICKS. Ainoekeag ACA Six Hamilton, regular.....SC u A............Us “ U........... 30 ** B 86. x Pemberton E ......J7U “ C .31* “ x 30 “ D Swift Elver 25 TotkSO-lncn 3H* Htnr Mills 3Mnch......*37V Albany 13* ** ” Sfrmcn 37V York 32-iacb 49* COKSBT jkass. Amotkeag 23* 1 Indian 0rchard.......,!® Lai-oua 23* I Androscoggin 13v Bates 15 IPei-pcrell .....23 Naumkeas Satieen....2sV I Glow 15 CA2.TOS PRASTXTL*., Hamilton stout. »v I Thormiac - 23 QurtonT I NanmKeagbleached...9o BBOWS SniUA. Bolt. 33* j Pennington 22* Laconia 23* I Peppered 22* delaines. Manchester, rew S 3 i Hamilton 25 Pacific, new 35 | all Wool 40&S0 ualuokal skirts. Gilbert’* *3.50 I Uao»aTid;Mni:eken«2.l2X Wilcox 21A5»5.C0 I Hildgh’a 3.00 Pcutooiuc- 3A0®3.25 j Bruner ..2.00 Wasnlogton Mi115...-2XO .1 JUJc of the season.. 2.25 ■ TmiiM. .7. ft'P. Coats *l.lO | Green & Daniels 72* Clark’s IJO White Skein .v 90 Hadley* Co’s 90 I Col’iL„. L« Worsted Braid*;.— S 3 I WXClmanflc- 82V itt110K1........ 70 ( corros TAtsfß. rrc. Eagle CO I Eastern SB Hone 60 Carpet Warp .4530) Franklin CO Candlemck «®7O Park. CO {Chicago Satis *U.W - cacpins. L0wc1L3p1y........*2X0 Snpcrflje 51.0031J8 “ super ; 1.57jf Croasey’a Fat, Tapes “ medium.... 1.42 V Brasse s 130 aartlord.extra 3-ply 3.10 Roxbuty 170 ” ln.p’l3-piy. 2.00 Empire Mills 1.10 M super IA7V Belgrade LlO M medium.... 1.43 x CALsIUXCES. Famers&Merch*s...Ao lErerettl 53V Wabash..... 45 lErcrettO 4<V CHICAGO LITE STOCK MARKET, omci or ttik Daily Tames a. > Tczspat Evemso, March 12. f The following table shows the dally receipts and shipments of Live Slock during the week, up to thtl evening as reported by the Secretary of the Union Stock Yard Company: CitUe. non. Sheen. .. 213 233 Sunday and Monday. Tuesday .1,953 4,118 U : <o Total 2,218 44E8 1,350 Same Ume last week..... 6U 8,150 wj Week before l*»t 1,751 8,361 787 The receipts to-day were by the following routes: Cattle, lion. Sheep. ByDUouU Central 171 461 .... By Btuimgl.n & Quli-cy Road... ao 1,033 451 Jlv SL LouU & Alton Road 211 4SI 313 Bv Northwestern Ri«d 171 1,001 33 Bv Michigan Central rtoad 47 .... By Dock Jslwiul Flo id CM 1,075 181 By Michigan Southern R. H sn Driven in... 120 Total I.BCB 4.119 1,30 Tie sbtpmenu to-day, and for the week np to thU cvtnlos were: Cattle. Hon. Sheep, 75 315 833 1,691 Sunday and Monday, Tctadaj Total 403 2,207 The following were the shipments to-day: Cattle. Hoc*. Sheep, . 323 wi Bt Mlchleio Southern U. 1t... By FUUburgh & Ft. W. R. B. Sales to-day, as entered sc lbs dlflerent Scale-homes •wwe as follows: Cattle. Bon. Hh«p. At Illinois Central Scale SCO 737 03 At Burlington Scale Cll GU (Si At Alton bole 67 431 813 At Northwestern scale. BEEK CATTLE—The weather was fine, and with an abundant supply of stock and a respectable attendance ofnuyers, the market, for this day In the week, was active. There was nothing In the characUr ot East ern advices calculated to stimulate shippers to active operations, though notwithstanding this fact there was a good degree of Interest manifested on the part ot Eastern buyers, and a large proportion of the offer* logtwcrctakcnnp on shipping account; principally fortbcnaikeUofN'ew Turk, Pittsburgh and Buffalo. Buyers were generally demanding concessions ot 25® 5i c, but holders were firm In their demands, and from the reported transactions It does not appear that vat* ucs suffered any depreciation. Good stack Steers were In ftlr request and salable at fS.OfysS.O.’X. The Inquiry for butchers’ Cattle, on local account, was somewhat limited-, a few only-being taken lor city slaughter. The entered sales of Beef Cattle to-day number 140 head. These were divided between shlpperr, feeders and city butchers at for common mired Jots, Inducing rough pocr Cows, icalUwag Steers, coarse Oxen, Stags and Bulls, to choice tat Cows and prime stock Steers; (5.7K5C.55 for medium to fair ship ping Steer; and prime Oxen, and(0.75(3• .SIX lor good to extra Bollocks. The receipt* were liter*] but of rather poor average quality. Nearly all df tlrable lots were closed oat, *o tliatoftlietlOtiendleftoverumold, very few can be clashed as eood. Tbc market closes Urn at the qtnta lion* given below: QCOVATJOSB. Ertra Secret— Fine, tit, -well famed, 4 to 6 jewi old Steen, and avewtiac 300 as and upwards... 17.2337.50 Prim' Jirerea— Gooo, well tatted, finely, termed Steers, averaging irom l,uo to 1.400 88, at... G. 7337.00 Fair Grud Fair Blccra, In fair D«h, av f racing I.OCCftI.IKO Csat C.C036.53 Mmtum C/ff*f-s!cdlam Bi«ers nod good Covt.flt for city alaagmcrasdaver aging ,ba»yw f ttß,««.^... A . v< ... v .. u .,» v 5.w®3.75 Stock Cuttle Common Cattle in decent Hull, avoracli-g fcOOi.l,ol/0 n.», at Jnferlor—Ught and lain ami Steers, tOQRIi and coarae, averaging72o(2*oo Bs - 3.2531.00 CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. Thirty bead medium fleshy Steers, averaging 1,011 Bs, olf cm, at fi.C5. Twelve bead fair fleshy Steers, averaging 1,000 bs, fed and watered, at $5 65. Eighteen Lena c<iod shipping Steer*, averaging 1,160 bs. olf cate, ats'j so. Eighteen head good pacing Steers, averaging 1.021 Be, on care, at Mho. Sixtv-cne bead choice State Steen, averaging 1,815 Bs, off can, at *7.60. Fourteen bead prime fat Cows, and tncdltun Coehy Steen, averaging I.OjT Bs, off csrs.Btfj.7s. Fonmtn bead fair Cows, averaging 1,032 Bp, fed and watered, at fi.Wh Thirty-three head choice shipping Steers, averaging 1.T31 bs off cars, at f 7.50. Fifteen head fair fleshy shipping Steen, averaging 1,186 BS. off C*rs> at 85JU-. Fourteen bead fair shipping Steers and Oxen av eraging J,WO Bs, at fC.l?*. Sixteen head good straight shipping Steers, averag- Iniri.lfO Tts. oil cars, at fii crv. Fcriy-MT head extra smooth llllcol* Steen, averag ing Bfl, off cars** 57-S7H- Forty-eight head prime shipping Steen, averaging ty-TlsliMd prime* State Steers, averaging 1,220 head pnme Steers, averaging 1,331 Bs, off market opened dnll and heavy. The re ceipts were liberal, and under the InCucrcc of nofa rcrable advices from Ibo East, tbc Improvement ot «(«texds; was lost, prices receding 13Q25 per 100 bs from the closing rates last night. Of the 1,113 bead received only about 5,600 found bnyeis. These were taken thlsfly for New Ycrk market, at f6J:@G.SO for Very common to mcdlnm. - and |6.75®“.55 lor fair to prime lines. We note tbc InNomni: V EOG SALES TO-DAY. No. ro prime nogs r S julrtven r0t..... Cl coed llgfct Hogi. 45 »anve quality.-. KB cood nnevoo lot. HI prime light 10t... os (rood fat 10t.......... 20 folr ticht H0t5..:..., M piitneereo 10t....... 66 commcn nneren lot.. 3* pood Boc*—.. 81 cholcofot Hops SHEEP—There was a good Inquiry today both Tor ahlpmatandos local account, and all desirable lota were readily closed out at an advance of 25c oa pro* ' rises rates. Prices range at $5.75(5(7.00 for common to extra grades. j WEEKLY BETJEW O? TOE CHICAGO market. Alt tales of Grain reported in this market report are mode on the basts of winter (4c) etorage, unless 'otherwise expressed. . TcisDxr Emno, Msrcb 13. 1307. FPFinnTH p i Tt-Bfi.iD£ Etianrs— Ara ioc lover ca Fonrth Ua«. TCC toUowlos a the tariff ol the Eastern Beads 34 4tb Drs'd Bales from Chicago to- clajis. class. Floor. Hoe*. Buffalo, K.T.. 3 OX « ■ £ Toronto, C.W , ®*J» 22 ,1? :S UentreaKC.E “iSums.T.:::::.. vs New Ycrk...i 1.15 70 1.40 1.15 sStontfeXn>a«C... I-W n IJO L» Boston rlo Grand Trunk IJS 75 1M J.» Portlandrla QrandTrunk... ~ VS Philadelphia L 9S S V 32 • in? Balumore IM 65 L3O .L® Plttaborgb. « £> ’ S ' S Cleveland, oblo 45 Bj;i 55 47 Jeflereonvltle, Ud O ® 22 •• Cincinnati. Ohio 4i 30 60 42 . F4.llUK—Received, 3,013 brla; shipped, 6.801 brla. The l-Jonr market daring the past week baa been reasonably active, and prices bars been firmly maintained, winter Extras are In lair request. Bonn* Extras ara active, and choice grades are scarce. Supers are In very light atnek, and firmly held. Tc-day the market was quiet. Sale* include the billowing: Wcttbb Rxtbas-00 brla not tamed at 315.75; 100 brU •‘Star of Ullool*” at 315.00; SObrla • Wl*roEßla”at*J2.T3; Bso Wnrraw-IM brla not named at f 13.00: Spbiko Extbab—so> brls “Valley” (S- * K.) at |12.00; 100 brls“RranaiQ' , qt f'100; SCo brla not named at »WJ»; 2WbrHdoat 31'-.67}f; SSOhrUdo at 310.75; 50 brlsdo at flOJO; 2~Ji brla do at3lo£s; 100 brla do atflO.UO: Sracfo BCP»bs —134 brU do at ski»; Buckwheat Floub-« brla at 3u.00; lira Plops-ioo brU at *0.40. We quote the closing pr)c*«ambilo>»s: Wesizs'Wbs&tv-Choice Southern 11- llools $15.00 ©IO.TO Choice St, Louis UXU ©17.00 Wuc0n*15........ ... 11.00 ©I3.U) Bpbinq Erraa£—Fancy brands U.W ©12.50 Choice Minnesota.... 11.00 ©liAO Choice Illinois, TP*. . „ • M cousin and 10wa.... 10.75 ©ll.OO Fair Grades 10.00 ©IO.M Low Grades 9JO © 9.75 • Sortoe; Superfine ASO © B.M Rye Fleur 6J5 © 7.00 Buckwheat Flour. OJO ©7-75 puuk» iiu, riuur.i,. u-w w WlllSAT—Received, 3,778 centals; shipped, 8,164 centals. Market a shade firmer on No. S Spring. No. 1 was unsettled and .vs 7c lower. Sales were: S.ooobu No. 1 at 12.30: 40u bo No. 2 (fresh) at «I.PBV; 16,000 bit do regular at <1.96: a,COO bo do at $1.95#; WOO bn do at *1.05; 1,600 bo Rejected at $1.76#; ROtO ba do at $1.76— clonag steady at $1.96 for No. 7. CO i< N—Received, 7,165 centals; shipped. 6,735 cen tal*. Market declined Uc. Rejected advanced 2©3c Sales were: 400 bn No. lat 80c; IVOOU Da do at 79 He; 4S,Ct>O hn do st 79#c; 5,000 bndo atTOe; 1.000 bnNo. 7 at'lc: 9,(00 bn do hi .0c; 6£oubu Rejected at 65#c: 9,(00 bo do at C3c; 4J3W bn do at 64c; 2,300 bu do at 63HC 5 1,600 bu do at 633kC -. 7,000 bo do at 63c; 4.000 bo do at 67# c: 1,200 bu do at 67 Vo—closing quiet at 79c fbr No. 1, and tec for Rejected. OATS—Received, 954 centals; ablppcd,nons. Mar ket more active. Sale* were: 000 ba No. t at 45 Vc; 9,0 W bu co at 45c (tie b); S 3 000 ba regular at 44c; ?,4W bo do al4.l#c; 600 bo Rejected at 4lc; GCObado at 41c, delivered—eluding at 44©44Vc10r No, 2. BYE—Received, at centals; shipped,2.s33centals. Market advanced Ic. Sales were: 2,iXW bo No. 1 at $1.01; 1,200 bo do at f 1.00 (fresh); SoObu doat£Bc;2.VW bodoatoSJic;3,6Co budoat 9jc; 4,000 bo do at9;#c (wirier). BAKLTcY—Received. 667 centals: shipped, centals. Market firm. Sales were: 2,700 bo No. 1 at Sian; 3,(o'JboNo.2at(Sc; 2.500 ba dontCJVe; 2.500 bo do at 64c; 400 ba B. 1. at 73c; 800 bo by sample 3.430A13 RUV. IIROOU OORN-Uvkit Sales of 1 tons tntdimn atflM.OO. DBA NH— Market quiet and prices nominally cn chanstd. hales wores brli at $2.33; Bdo at|2.l?x. BKAN—Tbc martet u lalrl* active and prices rule steady, bale of 10 tons at fSO.oO, on tract. BuTTKB—UeCHlved, -1,613 lbs: snipped, none. There la a continued cood demand for prime table qualities, for whlrh tali price* are realized. Common acdlnieiiordescrlptlonsarostlU dolt and neglected, with no prospect of an immediate eliante lor the better. A very prime article. In small packages, tvomd find buyers at 3»o®c, bnt there la Utile ol this description oileilng, aid It la rarely that over Cc u realiz'd. tVo quote as follows Choice Dairy. Coed Tub. Common Firkin 10 (£l3 c Prime Firkin 20 Q'£\ o UAIIGINCJ—'There 1* nme little Improvement la the demand. tuongb trade is still tar from being ac tive, and with full •lock- In the market, prices are no mure than sustained. The demand Is principally to fill small orders from the country. Ihe following a^e U(e price* comnt: ■ National A, 2 ha, seamless linen ..fSJ.OO Union A. 2 bo. do SSA) lillnol* A, 2 ho, do SGifl Corn Exchange 33.00 Stark A, cotton seamless &jJX) Lewiston A. do W-00 Androscoggin, do 00-00 American. do CO.nO BcaTrr Mills, do 60.00 Pittsfield 8, do C.*XO Penn Mills, do WXO Fort Pitt, do M.W tiico, • do coin Saco, linen and cotton 53.00 Ilirtgewood, linen and cotton 53.00 Springfield 53.U0 Gemiles 26. M Burlaps. 4 bu. No. 1 27.00323-00 Empire City 40.00 CUlvß** E—Dealers report a fairly active and stead ily uxreaslne demand, and as the stocks oi prime p>od* are becoming much reduced, full rates are tn all lusiancos demanded. We quote the market very firm, at the folio* luc range ol prices: New York Factory (genuine) Factory (Illinois). Hamburg Western States.... Western Kcseryc. C.V.V.IBU D8....17 “Yoons America” 30 c (MIA I/—Trade I* lair and prices, eipceially for the better TftMctits of soft Coal, are firm ns prorlo'ishr quoted. Tlie Mocics of Bltmnlnou* Coal arc a tUtfe fliort, and I older* are firm, bat of Aatbraeltc there U au abundant itipply, and the feeling is rattier caller. We mate no change In our quotations, as follows: Eure—ltrooklleld fll.OO do OrmcbT 11.00 CirracaifD—Briar Dill 11.00 do Mineral Kldzo 10.00 do Willow Hank 10.00 do Tunnel...*. 10.00 iblppewa. .... 10.00 loEsbnre... 12.00 imp j>-* ■ Lump LeiiltUi Lackawanna, prepared. Scranton 2'lttson Illinois do os crack .. 5.300 cj» Toucblochenjv t 11.00 OUFFBK—In tbli deportment ot trade, during the paat u tck. bnaunaa lias been steady. and In sympathy with the decline in cold, prlcej bare fcll off ye. Choice gradts are in light stock and firmly held. We continue to quote: Java »UO»*c Kto, common to lair OlXrtSO.'-iC i:io, gocdto prime ?7£(§2!> C Ulo. prune to choice.... X «19Mo COOJ EltACSE—'The general market 1* quiet. and price* ate nominal. Sale* ol 6000 flour S-ares (oak) stl'JfcTw per thousand. Wfl quote: I’ rs Barrel* * t. 00« IJ3 Hunt. I.5U* 2.00 WbUkcr Rarrc'e Lsft* V.OO Butter fcec«, ¥ dozen 13.0ft.t15.01 Lard Reps, each 9ft* 1.00 flour Bane)*, round hoop S&* 70 flour Darrel*. flat hoop Oft* 35 HoopPobs ulckoiy 20ltt«».00 Hoop Pole*, oak U.OC«JIJ.oO Hi ope, flat A*h 3.oft* 7.50 Shared Hickory Hoop* ihert* ha* been an Imrrorcment lo lb*- dctiißLd since the date ot oar isit review, aud with afalrtoppiy the following prices firor bnysrt. We rerlse fjnotaHOna: Kalrbank, Peck <k Co.’s Stearic Lights IS AlS^o Extra Tallow. Stcarlce* otHKC Tatlr.w.Vtt U aittfe Vaume. * » l«K«M*c HUr, ft (Echneldfi ft Co.n 17 (A 7» e increased demand. ibo market 19 Orm aod prices arc a eliadc tdcber, We rerlse rraotauons; Aloe*. Socotrlue, (Oom Trad sorts. W.fflc ' - *■ elite V s> 00c A'uro. 5 06 c Annalto |l.oCft|L<s Arsenic, p0w.... SoiOc Arrowroot, Jam. 35c Arrowrcot, Iter. 20c Uni. Coparls.... K> Bil.TolQ 2.00 Enc.Ul-carb.Soda l®c lil-carn. Potash. fOc Uojax, refined.. 40042 c Camphor, d 0.... 1.10 Copperas. Am... 3.4 c Cream Tar n parc si@suc Cuoeb« Ssc Glue, white COfUAc Glue, con 2r*t.'Bo i Aqua Ammonia. 12<$14c| ChrjsWl Silicate 9X«IOC ga'fcoda IviStfcl —Were In lair loci (nupiy in the market, lal chieflr at 17c. FltClTf* AND NrTS—There Is no material chance to note m the Fruit market Trade Is steadily piecing up, and prices arc well sustained ad around, and gc nera'ly firm at quotations. Foreign Dried Fruits are la moderate supply and rery firm, winter Apples arclnialr demand to supply the wants of local con* snrnrrs, but there Is an ample supply In (be market at present and sates are slow at f1£0(%5.00 forcommon to lair iota. For choice varieties, In a small way,<isAo may occasional;? be realized. Cranberries arc in request, and a prime article sella readily at quo tations. Nuts are steady. Wo repeat our list: Guxex rntnra. Apples, ? brl f 4.00 a SJO Lemons, M’Bstca 8,10 a BX3 Oranges. P lx>x 7.T5 a S.W Cranberries, V brl 15.00 « 25.00 dcied fbcxtb. Figs, dram Figs, cartoons Dates Can Beaches, p doz 3 & cans. Aplcs, new Peaches, halves and qnarters. Pesclica, pared Blackberries, new, p a Raspberries, tew, V & Cherries, pitted Elderberries, p lb Kali Ins. seedless, 50 jb bags.. Sardine*, jf boxes Sardines, X boxes iruTf. Almond*, hard-shelled Almonos, eoltthcllcd Almonds,’nopc*-*helled. 50 « CS Peanuts, Wilmington, %) ba2C Ra 4.00 6ft 4J5 Brazil Nuts. S 3 a *44 Filberts French Walnuts, new.... Naples Walnuts Pecans, email and large.. nickoiT Nuts CliPttLUta, v bn FIJ* ll—Dealers report an active trade, and with no surplus stock on band are generally realizing at (nil rates. CcdiUh are scarce and Arm, with an onward tendency. Mackerel are also In light supply,audstllf at quotations. WhiicOsbaro plenty with price# steady

arc unchanged. We girt tbe following os the current talcs: _ _ . ■ Whllcflsb.No. 1, Jfbrl 16.73® 7.00 Whltcflsb.No.2, X GAO® G. 75 Trout, No. I, if on 4AO® 4.. j TrontJ No. 3, S brl 4.25® 4AO Mackerel, No. 1, * brl, cow .10.5fc410.75 Macke* I, No. 3, H brJ 10.(0®iUA5 Mackerel, family, P x brl 9.00® 9.33 Mackerel, extra mesa, V Jf br1.... 14A0@15.00 Mackerel, extra n»*a, Pklt 3.50® 313 Mackerel, No. 1. klu now 2A5a 3.® Msckeiei. family, kits 2.15® 3.43 Codtlsb. Bank, V 100 ns 7.00® 7.50 ; Ccdrtsb.George’B Bank 7.50® 8.00 HnVi» ....... ..................... 5.00® tk’2l Herrings, dried. No. 1, p b0x..... SO® 55 Herrings. settled 70® 13 Laorudcr Herrings, P brl 10.00@i0.50 Labrador Herrings. Jf brl 5.35® 5.90 Norwegian Herrings, ars * un wISA3 ClHKA!«E—Markclflrm.jsnlci were: 30trcs Brown and Yellow atsve. WlNE*—Received4ol brls: shipped. 119. belt. Market dial and neglected at 25c (or Bonded. and 12.30 lor Free. 1101*8— Are selling at G3@Toc for Eastern, and 63® Cse fbr Western. Hales ol 46 Dales at Gs@7oc. DUEBMcD Market quiet, bales were: IS all round at 44W 44 dlvldlrg on 200 Bs,*nt „....f£ift3S.6o 58 dividing on 2Wltß.at SAOfcS a it V—There Is comparatively little being done In Una branch of trade, but as the stocks are running low, dealers ore not dlrp sed to shade prices to any consid erable cxtci t, and the general market may he quoied steady and Arm at the ranee ol prices given below: wholes ate micas. _ „ Tlroothv, roller and boater pressed f14.00@15.00 Timothy, loose prc«sert Prairie, beater pressed Xo.oo@il.W ' EETAIL PHICEfI. Timothy, roller anl beater pressed 117.00@18.00 Tiraotby, liose pressed . \7-00® 19.00 Prairie,roller and beawpresied 14AJffll5-0 Prairie, looso on wagon, delivered......... U. 00311.00 HinE*—Received, 73,004 fts; shipped, 17,4fc> as. Under moderate arrivals, ana with a continued good demand both for shipment and on local account, prices keen well up, and were tolerably Arm to-dif: all prime codings being readily absorbed at our quotations. Prices range us follows: Gtfcnßutchers* -■ ® Green ba'ted, trimmed }l«@l2 ® Green Ca 11........ « « Rip Green, sailed... 14 @ls c Pry Flint, trimmed. .18 gISHC Dry salted, trimmed Mlfff U'fC Orrcn salted, part cured ..10YO11-4C IKON STEEli—There has j>eca aCiir Tr.oTi-mcnt In the market during the week, and with I'hcral stocks prices have been uniform throughout. We continue to quote: Common Bar |£® Horse Shoe Iron ®Ng Heavy Band... Hoop and Light Band awc o?;r ,J iS Halt oVa! and Half R0und."..... s^® Kbetilrcp. common 4'3S* c Fjttra Brands.... Bliett Iron, galvanized.. 18 « Sheet iron, charcoal. Sheet Iron, Juniata, l}X®i2 Ji Norway Nall U^Sii’c Plow Steel, German “ «‘t ® Plow steel, cast * ~ Sprioc and Tire Steel, English c Tool Cast Steel, ordinary sizes i IjlJftlßKK—The Lumber market curing luapiit week h»» been ncrive. Shingles are in inr m-o lb ce the date of our last res 8w prices have ad vanced 25c. on “A” or Star Sawod. TT’C ftock* are ratfccr light, sod dt-alers sic ozcrcdlogly flrmlnthelt vuwsatihefoll'-wlDgouslatlona: LrunrK—Flrst CUnr, I.l*. 1* and 3 toctk Third Clear, Inch Firei and second Clear. Flooring, to »SJ& 0 5S4Sfa5i-riJaiv.^a» Matched and Dreastd 8-lnch Common siSosSS-M Clear Sldlnit, Wgrthef~ Full Common Dmsed bldltg’ ~........ wagomßox Boards, .select, IWnch 4J5£3.53 At. Price. ..753 (7.10 ..174 6.90 ..199 7.00 ..199 7.00 ..253 7J» ..376 7.00 A stock Boards, 1Unchra,.....;... »-W3S».« B Stock Lairds, U Comoioß Eosnl*. Jout*. ScutUnr. Foe- ; lot* and: tmail Timber. 11 to .10 foet • ■■ loo* H.WO3UO Jolau aad Seaatnoz. 18, aO. S 3, and U fee:. 23J0»y».p0 JoUU and g^wtiipf....................... 15.00 Sncrai-xfr-Aor Star Shared bhltgles,.,.. IJO A or Star Saved b bln pic*. AOOA 6JO No. 1 Saved Bhm«ie LSO& Au Lath—Per mln jara......... 5.09 By car-load t<7 Northwestern Railroad* d-llreiedinanryardwhSTs Caracas be *»lwhed-or asp de;ol» A or Star Saved ShlnfilcaTby load, on track.... B.M A or Star Shared Shingles, by car-load, ' on track. 11&3 *-M No. , I Sawed shingles, by car-load, oa tnclt. < JO Three dollars a car-load added vhn tranafemd which charge follows th* Shingle* in freight bill. ..*» ■ ..IS B.BS 7.17* ..IST 67i ~IM -7.00 .J3H 745 eaisaus stjlxdabo. Thickness—Fire Shingles to bo two Inches la thick. hcm. Length—Sixteen Inches. Bond*—Twenty inches, ConrfCA—TwefllT-fivc. IEATUEk-The demand U steadily Improving, ana the market rules firm at previous rates. Wee in* tlnne to quote: HEMLOCK. „ . City Hamas F Slaughter, Dal n ..4 S&3 40 CUoSole.... 1403 *5 Country liarneas. 36© S 9 Slaughter, Sole, Line,Fib 13ft 41 CtnMKO,No 1... 40ft 44 Kip, zncdam, F Slaughter, Sole, EOcftLSfi Chicago No. 3... Sift 37 CalCFlb .1.4031.50 Bnenoa Arm..... Sft»,4o Upper, per f00t... 30ft St Orinoco 501e~.... 87© 84 Country Upper... 23ft 35 Orinoco, good. Collar F foot 23ft 24 damaged... Sift 32 Slaughter. 501 e... Stfe Si French CalC 31 Harness, Ftt 40ft 46 ns J.lOftWS Upper 30® m French CaU, 81 Kin, No. 1, me* Bs 3.00ft3.10 dlom Uoftl4o French Cni^Le* Klp, Ko. 1, molnes, - per heavy.....? Bftl.lO doz 80.00ft9C.00 IUA I' L.K SEGA It—ls In good leanest, bat owing to the liberal supply In the market, prices role Ift’-'C lower. Prime new commands SOftZle, and poorer qualities 16?19c. __ hi ETA I.** AND TINNERS* STOCK—The mdrkel thronahont the week has peea moderately ac tive. and prices were generally well austauted. vfe quote * frcr. I Box Tin Plate, 10 - ! Laice Plga. 37 Small Pl*a S 3 Bar Tin 89 OOPPEB- MetalllcAl’ 801t5.... S 3 Copper Bottom 55 Braziers oyer 10 lbs.. 43 Sheet. 11 to 16 oz 45 T Innings 10 1! AB2IT M*TAI* lit quality-- Antimony.. Fine bolder. zero. lit quality, cask 13# Ist quality, 5heet.....14 Slab 13 NA] ES-Areln fair req light stocks prices role Ann 10 to 6u* keg 17.001 6d .. 7.25 6d 7.50 4d 7.751 3d BJS I NAVXVr^TOitfcsi-T prices are qaotahly onchan Tar. s*.uo Yankee Pitch 6.(0 N. C. Pitch 8.00 Italian Fiaz Packing She Italian Ucmp Packing 4Cc Fine llemo. Sop 22c Am. Hemp, No. l 20c Am. nemp, K 0.2.... 15c ceoeral mar J Ihcugh lor moit dewrtctlot cd. ucd comparatively firm, a liberal supply, ana wltt ctsP-r.aod on round lots or log prices a little. ‘Wo ms’ ti'is: Linseed Oil Linseed Oil, b0i1ed..... Olive 00 Whale Oil. W. 13 LardOU. extra./. Lard OH, No. t Winter. Lord Oil. -No. V Winter. Bank Oil, round lots. Dank Oil’ Strait*. Machine Oil illX muc U11....***.*...*...***.*.*...*......*.. Sperm Oil, W. 8.90 Lubricating OH SOftl.OO CARUUN OIL—U In full supply, bat the low ratft of the psitr-w day* bare l-ducea a more active drmand, and the feellna to-day. among dealer* General ly. waa rather flrmer. Tho following are the prices curreit: Carbon, V car load 46c .n ass c .30 @(3:6 Carbon, small lots „ 4Sc Benzole 30®Uc PROVlSlON*—Received. 10.371 tt» Cored Meats, acd i:u,909 C* Lard; ehlrpctl.Clo.3v9 ft 9 Cured Meat*, <7i hris Feef. brls pork, and 901,839 TS* Lsrd. Mean Pork—Market arm bat inactive. and nomi nal at |;0 60@a.M. •*wcet Pickled llama—Sales were; 200 tree at 13#«-;Hotrcf«at Milwaukee,atl2*c,37 trci Country at lie. _ Clear Pork—Sales were: 100 brli at 41300. Balk Alcuta—Markctacareandllrm. bales were: ICO.OCO Its (Ir&r Bides at 10J(c;7UCOO its dost p. t.— bow. loose ;K0 000 &8 Cumberland! at 9<c, pocked; <O.OOO its do at Sc. loose; cu.OJO fts B'P at ICo; JO 100 its do on 0. to,too &>i shoulders at 8c; 70.(00 Its do cii p. t.; SO.OCO B>s Uam» at out of pickle— all loose. rLnrd—Market firm. Sales were; 300 tci stl3((e; lt< tree at 13c; 100 <rrs RetllM, at Milwaukee, at 13*c; SO hru Countrj at llifc, (dark). tVc auoie the tango of prices far to-day as lollowi: Clear Pork. 122,00 aw.OO Mess Pork 20J0 WJi.OO Prime Mess Extra Prime Pork. Hump Pork Mess'D«f. Extra ll'M Beef.. Beil flams luoia Wee* Beef, p tic.. Prime Mess Ueei; p trc. Bwcet Piet led Hams ... Cumberland Middies (1005 e).... Short UU> Middles (loo>e) Short Clear Miuuica n005e).... Vxj Sa.Ud Shoulders (pacted). Pry Sttifpo Shouidir* (1005 e)... Pry Sailed Hams (pacted) Loose KcaKUblde*(cUlcd) New steam Lara ... .20 ®2t C .17 «u c .19 «23 c .15 ®l9 C .16 ®l3 c /io.lL&rd VAlATrt—TrmrteU plci ftf)lDi.'ObUk*. We quote following range of prices: H. L. I’earl 5i:0w....|11.00 Head Lead. 13.00 O’Fallon Standard Lead..... 1130 St.Louutitar U.CC Freuci Zlac, pure... 13.60 P.H.Shiptnan’swar- Amer. Snow white.. U.OO muted pure lu oil. 15.50 American Bt%r 10.00 CMcaearalnlWoik* Garden City ujfl In on U-NJ Diamond ILSO Dearborn loOU UK- D. D. sblpman'e Zinc, hew Jersey ' 10JO pore 15. W St.Louis,pure WOO Parlor grow White, Bt. Louji union..... 13.00 Zinc, pore 11.50 Charles KlTer, Bi*i* . Lehigh lOAO ton lIJO pii; | ftO.N—'Tie Block* are rnoarrate, usd under A Ctwd Inquiry lie market remain* am at prerloos rate#. wiki are as folloirs: Scotch Pig. .No. 1, V ton fc&OOaC.CO Hamilton, .No. 1 68.00 Masatllon.No.U 63.00 iructos.No. I SOJ) Tuacaratras, No. 1 68.C0 6.003 6.03 - “Kt cxr »• « 55.03 « NO. 3 33.00 Lake Sopcrtcr. No. 1 Morgan 59.00 ** •' No. 1 Greenwood 58,D0 PATER—The demand I* fair, and price* remain steady and unchanged, as follow*: Dock Paper, if> it 36 <290 C Newsi’aper, V ® 19 cstt e Wrapping,common <Jf(4 5 c PAPER STOGK-Is In fair request at the fol low leg quotations: advance ot Kc on Cotton Hass. Wc now quote: Colton Itaes. tUzod 91C(36t<e Rope and Lancing. (41 e Cable Rope 5 035<C I’OVVDEIt AM) SHOT—There 1* little orno IniprovuD' nt to notice In the netrand. and ptlcesare entirely nominal, W« repeat quotations : Rifle reader <7.50(29.011 Tt.asttng powder - 5.u>.(9.50 Shot ri>r*p}...~. Bur&bot Bar head. V 0... It ICK—liein’iini *iwLuy.* Weoaoic: ArTtcnn 1&X&IV C iun^obs. Carolus ... .*.’llVai2’ , ’e »TA KCII—The demand i« moderate, and prices arc a tlimoe ruler, n e bow quote: KUCSford, Cars Qnm •bellar.... si>6oc 1 Gom Trajr. flate LSOwt.TS Onm Skj Oam Oninm J. 75310.00 Ipecac! 500 IndlffO lodine 7.U) , lodine I’otu 5.Tj®6.00 Jalap 5.90'43 00 IJ nnl per Berry... fcjtiOc 1 M0r0bi0e........ 7.33 I Oil Caat0r....... 3.20®3.73 I QatcnllTer 1.00 I Quinine 3.30%7J& |\ iJiAUo Km c*furd. Pore.... MneHfcid, Kefinci Kli.g*for(j' bilTer Ulots. Pure Laundry Ottawa Corn MIA P?*—Are la uir acmuu ana fine at tee annex ed onotaUrs*: E.bclu.ei'-er&Co.'sPaim..... 8 c Krocior* Gamble’s German Mottled 11 diliic Caetl e goap. Am 18 (sl7 c KoteittD Castile .33 ($23 c Hwlcht's lull weight U oilttc Old Knclleh,full weight. U 011*0 Old English, snort weight, 10 MiO*c Kirk's German Molded 10*«1CXC Kltk’s autUliD 9*« 9 c K’rh’sNo. 1 Valm 6XI-t 7*6 Kirk’s rale Family 9XOIO c Yankee Chemical 9*o»lo*c Emery's Improved Eradre B*a B*c Faltcmnk, i’eck a Oo.’a German MoltiCd 9 c*lO c “ •• •• Erailve 809 c “ “ “ Palo 6XO 7XC Hook’s Erosive 8 W S -iC SPICKS—'Tho market continues quiet, and wlih rensoDßO'Y lame Blocks cnees are aieadf- We cob* tlnoe to quote: __ Pepper..., % *SO W Pimento _ 330 36 Nutmegs, No. I J.W01.65 Nutmegs, No. 3 Cassia . 35 Cloves ... Ms 3) SODA AND *'* iUATIJH—The market la fairly active and v • • are unchanged. We quote: Babbitt's Medicinal VtlidUXe •• pure U (AVt)fC Hclasd’s Chemical 13X013 r 44 Healthy' 13 «vI3X< « pure U tMltfi SUUA B!"— l lt* market present* do new feature* and prices are without decided chance. We repea quotations ‘ Cuba Porto itico. LSoda Ash SV&Sc i Glauber Ha 10... Caustic Soda ... 10sc iCarh Ammonia. 313280 I Bp. Turpentine.. 9X1.03 »1 request, but with a tar«u es were alow at iGglSc; K a 37 30 ® 33 35 & £5 4.C5 a 4.u » a 1C 0 10 45 0 49 si a si GO (H C 8 Gj @ 60 15 « lb 9XI B 10.43 20 a 21 S 3 o 40 2J. Y. Hctoed,?owde»ediuidUrkim;»l«L....W>J<i*l6xc TOutoA Circle A.. Whitaß... Extra C... Yellow C Oxnard( Oxnard C, extra US<*nvc, New Orleans prime 14*((*H\C New Orleans CUr 14 QI4HC 8 Y KUP?*—Are in only fair request, and dealers •would shade tbe following prices: Ronton Amber t1.A)01.40 New York Syrups MW1.15 Yellow Drips 1.1a@1.20 Cuba Molaascsa 73« a so : 21 <j US » 45 io a ii 31 & 24 33 a 34 28 (« SO 3.r0 a sjw c.OO a 7.00 tUUA . Porto Rico 605 ft 85 New Orleans 9u51.00 Philadelphia IDe Ulvo 70 Chicago KeHnery, Amber. 1.0031.15 Chicago Hennery, Goldco 90? 90 Chlcairo Hennery, Bazar llouse 75c? &0 8A LT—Received, none; shipped. 328 brls. Mar' ket firm. Hales were; M 0 brls Fino at $2.55, delivered; 2 brls do at (4.45. We continue to quota: New Floe >315. Coarse 2.65 Ground Alum f2.10@3.15 GrocDO solar. Turk's Island, bags 2M Dalrj»wlUi sacks.. 5 00 Daliy. without sarks. . 6.75 f»EEII!s-iic«:i. . The marECl to-day wu moderately active, and prices ■were unchanged. Sale* were as follows: TotemrY—so Uu at *3 00; 95 baea do al*3 00; 6j do at SJ.9S; 193 do at ft.oo; 7 <)o at «3.5); 21 do alfi.B3; 116 da at 12.80; CO do at *2.70; II do at *2.25;— -13 bags Mammoth 5’*2.25; 10 bag* do at *9.00; 113 do at *8.50; 15 do at *&25; 21 ao at *8.00: Futx-Bbu at *1>0; 50 baca at *2.05: IltnraxnLLK—2s ba at 50c. IGAS-Ite general market during the week bas ruled steady, and prices have undergone no special change. Dealers are, bow ever, Arm In tbelrnewsat therollcwmg ticnrea: „ \cnnc llyeon, taoenot to floe, V ft *1.2031.55 Yonng Ilyaon, extra to choice, l..Ualjo Imperial, superior to One, V © Imperial, extra to choice. *1 ft. LSi<(s2J)o Gunpowder, superior to flue, 7 a............ l.ltt«i.eo Gunpowder, extra to choice, V ft.... 1^32.0) Japan, natural leal, flue to extra floe, V ft... 2.05(41.15 Japan, natural li at. nn«* to choice, ¥ ft 1-TCcil.lO Japan, natural lent, colored. 1» ft. iJCai.4O THUaCCO-The market exhibits no new feature. The demand is limited, tnoneh under light stocks nrlces are tolerably well sustained. TVs Quote: * FI'K CUT CftKWWQ. Extra *1.150*1.50 \ Medium .... Choice 1.CCQ1.15 | Common... Esrosireo i Virginia's Favo- I Jte £6CftSJ.CO Choice 22»aa)c | cuuicv... ....... i TOBACCO. Loyal Citizen.... 7S(iS}c Medium fi3®7sc Farmer'® Ue Igbt CBot73e Common sC@7oc Natnral L-af....?1.Jt\31J0 Carles 55c<*73c Half Bright..... 7i«li.w VirpnlalOs&Bs,..sPjS6oc Cbolceb’K sound 73®90c Flounder* 70Q75c *TAMOW-Market steady. Sates were: 40 brls City aticc; 6 brls Country at 9*c; 19 brl* do at 9«c. UOOIM'.N AND WlbliOtV WAitE-Tbe market itmalns quiet at prenous price*, wc repeat Tabs, extra size $16.30317.03 Tubs, No. l.perdoz 1153313.03 Tubs. No. 2. per doz. 13 Odd 13 JO Tabs, No. 3. perdoz. 11.00311.50 palls, two-lJ' op. painted 3.2-V3 3JO Palls, Uirccboop, painted 3.C0& 3.73 Wai.liDoaras.zlQC 3.Z.V.4 4.00 MWUUU tti WIHow market boskets. Com baskets, l bushel.. tom basket, 1V bnsbcls 730 ft 9.00 Chums, No I,« Itrh llJXtftlUh Churns, No. 2 23 inch 13.00at5.50, ISinch....'. TtW® WOOD—Ib qule; with prices unchanged. We quote; Maple, p cord, delivered fi; Maple. V cora, m yard U3oftt2.oo Ilccch, P cord, delivered ft 9.0} Bctcb. P ccrd. In yard ft 8.90 JJickerr, p cord 13.ffVai4.00 WOoL—Kecflrod, 7.553 as; shinned, 10.W6 as. The «coimark»t remains sabstantiallF the name as at the date of our last review. The demand Is limited am. prices jire qnotably unchseced. _ WlXEs* AND I*IQOOIt^— Trade Is miaiDy plckltc up, and prices are & thado timer. We con* tiaue io quote DOUEsne GOODS. RecntedWUt»key;3o _ V ctnt U.P. |1.65 Do.VOpccnlU.P.... 2.10 Wononcahcla, V. a.B. —45 Rye Wlil-key (i:lilc).. 2 50 Bourbon do (CMc).. 2-53 Pore Spirits (proof)-- 2.40 Cologne bplnta, 98 f> cent 4.n0 CbiCTRO OlO» 2.50(32.73 do do linmi....ajnc«?.7s do in. Wme.l 7*42 00 do Sh’y do.. 2.00 do Malaga..! 7*32.00 Ginger Wit c .i.« Cherry Wine 1.7*43 00 Bloat berry wine. 2 sduc&oo Ilaarlwy Wlne..Sso6tS 00 N. Enel.nd KomJOOftJJO Penn. Rye Whis keys JJOatCO KentnctT Boar boa Whiskey*. 60 Ohio Catawba W4BC i&t&Jf) ‘Nets llitbUtationg. CONTINUATION TO FREDERICK XHB GREAT AND HIS COURT. jj. /iPPUTOW . COX PART; Vos. 443 üb« 445 Br*adrmy, K. Y.» s. C. GRIGGS Sc, CO., BERLIN AND SANS-SODCI; Frederick the Great and his Friends; AN HISTORICAL NOVEL, Aottor ot “ Joseph 11. and HU Court,” ‘'Frederick the Great and DU Court," “il irchant of DarUa.” etc., etc. Translated from the German by Mrs, Chapman* Coleman and her Daughters. 1 roll Kmo., Cloth. The*unlnent authoress, Mis* Muhlhaeh, (Clara hlunnt) whose works hare become so popolar tn this country, and who lias chosen incidents a* the oasts or her work?, writes In her - Be marks on the Historical Bomaree:” • • To inTedlgateandexplalo the secret motives, the hidden causes of the bets, to Pie. sent them in coantclloc with ail that impelled to th»m, tHslstbo task of Historical Bomance. The historian presents to ion the outward face, the external mrm' of history; Historical Bomance would show yon the HEAEx of history, and thus bring near toub ntABT what else would slard so lar 08. 'The ‘Olhar* esa belßff thoroughly conversant with the history of Cermsßy. and alf.ed with great facility of crpresslon. hat pictured some of the leading events In thei Mte of Frederick theQrcatin the Tolumes entitled ••Frede rick the Great and his Court,” “Berlin and Bans* &ncl" fnow ready). end “ Frederick the Great and bis Family” (n«riy mdy). The story, as sae tells it, u ftiU oi paulo* and power, and introduces historical character* of fascinating interest, me ihree rolumta form aconiinuon* story of a. deeply Interesting and graphic character. DOanT WIBB. 1 to 6 U I 7,Band 9 U ’ 10 and II is i w u i 13 aad U. 15 15 and 16. 16 i 17 17 > IB .IS ‘ l 19 71 1 20 i Fence Wire..., 10 BCaSIAS. I Not. Sana 16 .75@75 ) Araerlcan.lstqual- I lly, * (Beet 19 Amerlcao.lst ottal icy, $ M 1...:.... 18 American, 2d qual ity, V sheet. . 16 latct, and with exceedingly n. W« quote: i I 2d...... $9.25 > 3d, fine blned uja i 2d,findbmed 10 75 i Cut Spike* 7.75 HClluchwi Net. 9.60 The market is steady, and aged. We anole: i Lath Vara Han- - “Oneeannotfislltobe improved by inch noreli as these, so fully are we Impressed with the trothfulncfs of the description, Tboy are tact and fiction com blned.”— (UUca JoomaL “That the book la one of singular interest and fttscl* nation li undeniable."—{Christian Times. * u To any person who baa read a single one of these Sletorlal and dramatic romances, the name of the an icr will assert the vivid interest ol the book. They are more than entertaining; they are tamable aa care ful siudleaffOni history, minutely and appreciatively drawn.”—(Chicago Republican. ill* 23tf$31e .ManlllaHayßopeOJ «Ile Manilla K0p0....J3X(i»31c Marline 30c Sash Cord. sic Oakum *7.00(5730 Hutup Twine 30 alOc Paper Twine SS atOc rkit wai rather quiet to-day 3DB price* were wellaaaUlo c. Linseed, howerer, under tb a leas actlre inquiry, wan ’ealors were generally shad ed no change In oar quota* D< Appleton & Co. hare pabUihc<l,tiy I*. Mahlbacb— FREDERICK THE GREAT AND HIS COURT. 1 TOU Umo. C<oUu|3. JOBAPB 11. AND HIS COURT, With UlllstntlOCS. 1 TOI..STO. Cloth, »2. Paper, SI.BO. THE MERCHANT OF BERLIN. iTOUUmo. Cloth, &r Copies of the above sent by mall oa receipt or price. .t 1.3031.55 . W531.M ■jftn . 1/20(91.35 . 1.1&J1.30 . 1.1031.13 . 1.0321,10 s. C. GRIGGS *!fc CO., U.V-ri'.JQ U0H1.13 Ofcl.OO GEEAT REDUCTION in tie Pricos of Watcie*. Previous to the present ytar (1367) wa bate been dealing largely In Americas and European Watches selling exclusive at wholesale to tbo trade la ttte East ern and Western stales, aad In New Tork elty. Tne wnoleiale business, necessarily eondacted npon a crsdltavatem. having bten attended wllb considerable loss ana Inconvenience, we have determined to aban don altogether,undoing outseivea to a BaraiLTkaot for Casti oirt,T. and supplying our customers with aim gle watches at our termer WBOhzsai.xPßiCKS,thu giving them the advantage of purchasing at tbo same prices which watches usually coax retail dealer*. The prices wc offer are guaranteed to be at least owe. tbisd less than usual retail prices Id this eft/, inr flne watebas, and the reduction U still greater on many kinds ot medium quality. Our facilities are such lor porchar log from tne mannatturcr*, that otner dealers oocxn mot, II so disposed, soil at our low prices. Every w atch Is fully gnoranteod as to quality of the movement, fineness or gold or silver in the cases, and Is warranted to ke-p accurate time, and to give entire eatUlaelion to tbo purchaser. At a guarantee that we Oral thirty and honorably, w* relerto the following well known bouses lu New York: A. Morton. Gold Pen B 1 atnfkcturer: Hy. Gmnel; A. Berger & Co„ Nos. ‘25. 44 ami 13 M*idcu*larc: American Clock Co., It conrtlandkst. Catalogues of pnest sent free by mail. TVstcLu scat by express, to bs paid tor on delivery. C. E. COLLINS A CO*, Nos. 4*2 and 42 Nasasu-st.. (mutatraJ.N. Y. 19.(0 14.00 01940 1540 «IC4O 13.00 019.00 19.00 031.(0 33.(0 «VhOO 033.00 033.00 U*« 13 M 9 10 (i ion 10 va u 6*5 *n 8 (A 8K ill » ntf 9XA 10 m a iin r^HREAD. J. & P. COATS’ \\X(a ii£ Id: Dp a HtUe, and a flroire itejuij - at tna ...fir oo . 10.00 •J.CO B.OU Superior. Premium Ijwlcde .. Mlwonrl. Best Six-Cord Cabled THREAD. JOHN & HUGH ADCOINCLOSS, pOK KALE. AFOUNDEY, MACHINE SHOP, AND PLANING JiILL, AT WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS. Well supplied with suitable patterns and flasks. In eluding icur fires of stationary Engine*. Barn-door Hangers, and Kal! rations. Flasks, ant shop-right of Leonard's Patent Seamless Tbtmulc hkelni. Good and suitable machinery lor (inWiioc. The Blank s Mill ha* Matcher,Snrfaccr and Re-saw* Irg machltitkind complete machinery for sash, blind*, dooi*. *c. Will »« told low tor prompt par. Apply to TIFFANY ± LUCAS, at Waukegan. 5.A+3.40 5A0&3.36 13 Wl3 C .n «JJK« Q.OURLAT BROTHERS, Shirt Mannfoctnren, 27 PARCLAY-ET., UEAB CHUKCH, NEW TOOK N. D.—Price L!at« mailed oa application. ,U'J*u£e .is a)3 Up .12 Ql2* C >l3 «13*c » aio c ..U 6t13 C QE»T, BATTEN & CO, Wholesale Commission Merchant*, ‘exon c [BetwccnF andG-Btg] Estate op franklin tanner, DECEASED.—PubIic notice U hereby dvcato # n persons having claims and demand* against the es tate ol Franklin Tanner, deceased, to present the same loradjorticatlonand settlement at a regular term of Hie Coenty Court of Cook County, to be holden at Use Court Bouse in U-.e City of Chicago, on We first Mon day of May, A. D.ITO. being tbe sixth day thereof. UIARLEb JO'-FS, FKANCIa TANNER, Executors. Chicago. March6.lS67. TVBSOLUTION. The copartnership I j heretofore existing under tbe name of 8. if. SORB A CO- is this oay dissolved by mntnal consent Tbe boslneis will bo conducted by S. M. BURR, under the old firm name ol S. M. Burr A Co., at heretofore. S. M. BUIUt February lit 1567. 11. D. PULLING. IVTOTICE.—In consequence ot & change I_\ ol firm, a Grain Commission Boose wish to find a situation ler their Bookkeeper, .13K'.<I4UC A Eoliable and Competent Kan, Thcroaebly sxpcrlenWd la Wholesale and Commission Acccnnlg. Address “A E." Trlbnne once. ,i5K3U;$e .»V«ls c .12 <413 C .lOfcfijll C PROCLAMATION. iiATon’B Omcr, Chicago, > MarcP 2d, 1367. I Notice Is hereby given tbat all unmuzzled does (omul running at large within tho city of Chicago, after MOW.AY, M.tcl. «fc IMI. «U ta Attest: A. P-Booms. Clerk. A K RIVAL AITD DEPARTURE OP TRAIN B. Winter Arrangement . CHICAGO AND NORTHWESTXBN RAILROAD —COUNCIL BLurra and oxaha line—depot north wells STREET. Leave. Arrive. Omaha Fast Line........ *BtUa.m. *7:20 p.m. Omaha Nigbl Express... 7:80 p.m. tC:00 a. m. Dixon Passenger 4:00 p, m. 11:10 a. m. m EXPORT LINE. Freeport Passer per L *lo:oop.ia. *JfclOa.m. Freeport Passenger. *9:00 a. m. *3:40 j>- to. Kockiord, Elgin, Fox Kivcrnnd Slate Line... *4:oop.ia. *U:lofl.ia. Geneva and Elgin Pas WISCOHUIX pmsiOK—DEPOT COIMTO or OAXAX. MW a Day Express *9;ooa.m. *&3op.m. Night Express. •■1:30 p.m. *5:15 a.m. Janesville Accommod'n. *5:30 p.m. *2:35 p. m. Woodstock Accommod’n .sdXJp.m. *9:20 a. m. MLWAUKTE DIVISION—-DEPOT COBNEB OP CANAL AND KZNZZE STREET, Tlnv Pvn.Dfla. thflfl fl. Tn. llhflO D - AAW Day Express 9:00 a. m. 12:00 m. Kosebih, Calvary Md ... Evanston 1:30p.m. S;4op.m. Night Express 4:00 p. m. 3:30 p. m. Kenosha Accommod'n... 4:10 p. m. 9:15 a. m. Waukegan Accommod'n. 6:30 p.m. 6:56 a.m. Milwaukee Accommod'n. 11:45 p.m. 5:30 a. m Geo. L. Dunlap, bcn’l Snp’t. B. F. Patrick. General Passenger Agent. .soswc .sV*7sc X3CHIOAK CISTRAL RAIiiOAA.—CIUOE aj*TO*, TOOT 07 XAQ DTBXXT. TOBACCO. _ Medium 31025 c Common Stems 19&S3c Morning Express •5:00a.m. *8:45 p.n. Day Express *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p. a. Evening Express 15:30 p. m4*li;.*C p. m. Night Express 7*9:45 p. m. $3:35 a. a. Cincinnati and torisvtLLa trains. Morning Express *7:00 a. m. •10:P3ft-iu, Night Express $5:00 p. m, •11:00 p. m. tncmßAS southern and an* bbobs inrs—db* POT OOBNS3 VAN BUUEN AND SKKHXAZ RBBBTB. »UDO UNB. - - HtAn. m m Day Express.... *7:00 a. n. *11:00 p. m New York Express 3:i5 p. m. $12:30 p. n Night Kxprew. t*lo;W)p. m. *6:00 a. a DETROIT LIKB. >.,nn m m «11. IV) m _ Day Express *7:00 a. m. tIL-OC a. m, Night Express $10:00 p. m. *5:53 p. n. riTrmußflH, son watn* and cexcauo. Mail *t;2oa.m. 6:00 a.m. express *7:00 a. m. 12:30 a.m. east Line 8:15 p.m. 7:10 p.n 5J3« 7JO 6.00tf 7.30 Day Passenger *9:20 a. m. *10:30 p. m. Night Passenger $10:00 p. m. •IMS a. m. Kankakee Accommod'n. *g(Bp.m. *«2sa.m. Hvde Park and Oak Wood »C:2O a. a. ••:45#.n, « “ ........ *is:lop.m. *9:528.ia, ** « ■ “ .... *3:3op.n. *l:sCp.xxu u “ “ *5:55p.m. *7:2op.n CHICAGO. EUBUKSTOK AND QQINCT. Day Express and Ma 11... *2:2oa.m. *9:OOp. m« Galcshnrg Passenger..-. *2:00 p.m, *4.30 p. m. Aurora *s;Cop.m. *9-00 a. m« NiebtExpresa $12.00 mid’ht $5:50 a. m. Chicago tso rr. Louis. FOEEIQS^aOOOT. BRA.KDT— Cojrnac .f7.5Q315.00 Gin— . _ Holland S.CO£. 6.75 Bum— Jamaica B.WWO.M bt. Croix 7,7*4 8.50 Wises— Port>a 9.00 Sherry 4.OX* S.CO Maderla 4.50# 8.00 oasr GOODS. Bitter*— Bed Jacket S'omach 9.10 Drake's PI«otatloo..lOXO □oJietter’sSlomacb.U.SO Wises— Stranbfrry 9.50 Chcrr* 7JO Raspberry 8.00 Blackberry 9J» Gere— Ole Too Gin........ 10.00 Holland Gin. 11.00 Bxprcaa and Mail 3:05 a.m. &-i5 p. la - KlghtExpres* .. 9:15p.m. 6:50 a*m. Joliet and Wilmington Accommodation 4:00p.n. 9:43 a.n. CHICAGO AND QE.RAT XArTSRK—<.IAT3 oatciHKi« aiu mre)—MLWAtncaa bateboao cxror, oob, canal and xiKrrg struts. Day Express.. .... 6:30a.m. 10:55 p.m* Nlghtiixpmfl 9:00p.m. 9:50 p.m. ••ou INIUANAPOUA, LOOSmLLX AND CTHvTNNATI. bay Express 6:30 a.m. 10:55 p. m. Night Express.9:oop.m. 8:50 a.m. Columhua Express 6:30 a.m. 10:55 p.m. *i « 9:00 p.m. Biso a. m. Lansing Accommodation 9:05a.m. 9:00 a>m. »!• 5:15 p.m. fctO p. m. CEK A&O, 8008 ISLAND AND PAOZTIO BAZLBOAD* Day Express and Ma 11... *9:oOa.tß. *s; Night express 12:00p.m. *3:45 a.m. Jo net Accommodation.. 4z4op.iL *9:40 a. m. •Sunday excepted, tMondayexccptod, ttiataruiy seep tea. Hare Jut published, and nxrz fob uij ST L. iTUHLBACH, 39 and 41 Lakfrit. agaatcfles. gEfrmftr. Bole Agents in Hew York. jfor Sale. Business ffiartrs. Wo. 50 BloGaa-«tM DENVER. COLORADO. Htgal. dissolution. ©metal 'Notices. ffiitij Notices. 3KaUroaso. ASP SB4ZIB STPEXT. TT.T.moa OXSTBiX. Special Kottog. . A Taint CS Which AU Ffc»alei»»* A«ree. Out of in thousand regular f®2 £*S3J find ouewno will not say ui*i roitto are abr lately n»c«»»T 10 Aidy«tln bygone yean humaaa P^s?22J2Lhil e hesitated to autainistcr thou, became tts Bendlth In ffcsolty of wretches who mate merchandise ofl«tm»a r Infirmities had so poUalea and deteriorated than* that • the remedy was deemed u dairtroai as Vto disease. IblsperpUxity si happily don* awsy with. Physlclaca know, because th«flm analytical ebemista of the age save denon-trated the feet, that BOSrbTTRR'a CEl#- ■ £BBAT£D STOMACH BITTER.* are absolutely “d tntirely free from all petnicio u elements. Bonce toe* Dare bees Introduced into the United States Army. ana are accented, whereon the te«Umoty of lie wli-c, the intelligent and the philanthropic u rated at Ut just value. ae the pest protective against and core for all dlitawsarts'ci: tram impurity In the air or other on*.: healer y climatic InOaenceMbat has ever been tested hi experience. In caaea ofDyepepsia and Lltct Com pUlat, w* itale without qualification or merratioc, that the Bitter* are as nearly Inlallible u anything pro pared by human sail can hr, Thontaoß, Proprietor of the Medical and Surgical Institute, t*H Booth has aealeo ail terms of venereal dis ease with onprewdffl led eacoaas tor nearly tarty years. Spermatorrbaa and impotence treated with the happl eat results, particulars of the institute and the Guide mailed tree to any address. P. O. Box 7S, Chicago, minoU. « ■ The Only Bledlelae In the World That la warranted a 8or« and BerCfet Core for all kinds Of BILES. LEFBO3Y, SCROFULA, SALT RHEUM. £jd allOfidrtSs Of M* is POWLETS PILB AND HUMOR COBB. Buy of none who do not refttad the money tn every cast of failure. Par ex ternal cse. No taitore tor elchl yean In Piles or Du. mors, turn a Bottle, gold every where. The Beallof Pool and Bonne of merer* Howard Associationreports, lor young men, on the crime of eolltude, and the errors, abneea and diseases which destroy the manly powers, aid create Impodl mens to marriage, with sure means of relict Sent In sealed letter envelope*, free of charge. Address Dr, J. reii ltv BOUQHTON, BowaicttAtooclatioa.Phladei phla.Fa. ■ Dr, Bigelow* Having the confidence of the public and the medical faculty at large, ts the most reliable physician in the city fcr chronic nervous and sexual diseases. Call at htt office. 170 south Clark-it~ comer of Monroe. Booms separate. Consultation free. P.0.80x 134. Els guide to health, published monthly, sent free to any address. Dr* James ■Whose success In the treatment cl Spermatorrhoea (seminal weakness), has given him a world-wide repu tation. can be consulted at bis office and parlors, 93 Baadolph-sc, comer of Dearborn, from 9a. m. to Bp. m. P. O. Box 696, Chicago, El. ©ccaw Steamers. 'JO VISITORS TO THE PARIS SSBIBZTZOir. Parties Intending to visit Europe this year, can have rats-rooms secured f,r the months ot April, May, June and July, by making timely application to the unoer signed- iTons of the caD>ns ot tno REGULAR MAIL BTRAMSBLPS, also cf the magnificent GREAT BAST* EKS, can be viewed, and berths chosen, at my offle*. . The advantages. In comfort and safety, ot travelling by the REGULAR LINES, accustomed to the trade, In stead of by a crowded eseurslon steamer, are obvious. ROUNDTHIP TICKETS, either tMr*er to France,or tctlA Me option ttf itopt/tttff in Englandor Scotland en route, flre&ciasi, to Paris and baeci vary from *3O to UCD in currency, and are good lor 6 and 13 months, and longer by special arrangement. Second cabin, to France direct, cniytixi currency, round trip. Bingle tickets tor SUO to 1210. . • Apply, personally or by mall, at General European A American bteamshlp Agency, 31 Dearbora-sL. Chi cago, JAS. W ARRACK. YOKE JTO LIVERPOOL, NATIONAL LINE. WESBX.V Xiisra of btsaszu». CABIN, VO (GOLD); STEERAGE, (30. Etecrage, Liverpool or Queenstown to Chicago, (4S. For further Informaticn apply to 8. T- WEBSTER, Agent, 2X Clark-fIL, Chicago. . CTKAjM TO LIVERPOOL, &c., CALLING AT QUEENSTOWN, From Flcr4S, North River, New York, ear* rylng United States mails. INMAN MAII. XsINS \ EVERY SATURDAY (mall steamer). EVERY WEDNESDAY (extra steamer). Cabins. ISO to (no. to London, 13 extra. To Paris, with privilege ot stoppingin Liverpool and Loudon, |lO extra—ad in gold. RETURN TICKETS, GOOD TILL USED, AT BB* DUCED BATES. Handbills on application. Cabin plans on view, and berths or rooms secured oo application at Western A «“* 81 WiKBiCK. TYM. INMAN. Liverpool. QCEAN STEAMERS. GRAND EXCURSION TO THE PAEIS EXPOSITION. The sew and first-clasa ocean-going iron steamship HAVANA, S,OOO tons burthen, Etsphet Womuar, Commander, will make an excursion irom New York to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 16, North River, on Wednesday April 17, at 12 o’clock 9., taklag passengers for Paris, London and Bremen. Be* tnnlne. will tail from Havre on Jane 9. giving pas sengers holding Excursion Tickets, about six weeks In Europe. This magnificent Steamship is divided Into water tlsfatcompartmenu,aaahasbeennawly furnished and elrganUy fitted up expressly for this voyage. The Havana will oaly carry first-class passengers. An experienced Surgeon on board. . rw~ * mu Band cf Music will be attached to the ship. Fries of passage, In currency, to Havre and return, &C 0 acd 1300. according to size 01 state-room. To Havre only. (ISO and (179. for Further particulars -and passage, apply to tho Agents, MURRAY, FERRIS & CO., 6‘i S»oath-«t-, New York, Cr to the Agent of Merchants' Union Express Co., Chicago. ONLY DIEECT LINE TO FRANCE, m General Transatlantic Company’s MAIL 6TKAHSBLPS BETWEEN NEW TORE AHD HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. - Tbe splendid sew vessels oi this tavorlte route tot the Continent wlB sail trom Pier No. 30, North BITE. as follows: ■ PEUPTUE Ducheoe....March 9. TtLLE DEPABlS..fiarope.....March23. ECBOI E Apnl6. BT. LAURENT. BOC*ndi....April 20. PRICE OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. Pint Cabin, fi®; Second Cabin, 9108. inclndlajt Ml* wine la either class. The steamers of this Una do set cany steerage p» intending to land at BURST win be ter* Blsbed with railroad coupon tickets, and their baggage •becked to Paris, at an additional charge of|9 fbrffxst and |3 for second class. Medical aUenducatrM of charge. For farther tatormatlon, sooty, In Chicago, at the FRENCH CONSULATE OFFICE, 233 lUlnoU-rt4 Id New Fork, to 050. MACKENZIE, Agent, 38 Broad way. : ABO NEW VOKK STEAMSHIP LINE. Passage to London or Brest,flld, $73; and 139, cur rency. Excursion tickets at reduced rates, available for six months. Celia. CspLGleaden,tromNew7ork,March 9th. Wm. Penn, ** BlUlngs, ** •* “ MarchlSth. Atalanta, “ Plnkham, “ “ “ March3oth. Bellans, “ Dixon, “ “ “ April 13th. Tbe Brltfib Iron Steamship Celia wOl leave Pier No. 3, North River, New Yorx, for London, calling at Biest, on Saturday. March 9th. I mil further notice, oil the Steamers of this Line wut call at Brest to land passengers. Tickets sold through by rail to Paris, at 25 percent less than regu lar rat's. Freight win be taken and through bills cl lading given to Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam ana imuklik. Foe passage apply to CHAS. A, WHITSEr, 36 Broadway- N. T., tr to JAMES WABRAOK. 31 Chicago. For freight apptyats4 Bonth-st.,N.T. HOWLaNP A AapjNWALL, Agents. QTEA4ISHIP GREAT EASTERN, O CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAILS. _ felt Ansxusom, coamand»T. The French “Company ci Charterers” of the GREAT EASTERN, bavtng provided the ship with new boilers, ana thoroughly rentted and refurnished her la every department, with special r tier nice to this sendee, will run her regularly between New York and Brest, as fol lows: i.ttroro SBW TUBE. T.Tirrwn BUST, Tuesday April 9 | Saturday April 27 Tennday May 19 Tn-fday June 4 Saturday June 231 Thursday July 11 Tuesday ; Ja ySO I Saturday Aug. 34 Thursday B*pt. u I Tu*sa»y oct. 1 Baiuruay. Oct.]» Nov. 7 NEW YORK to LIVERPOOL, Tuesday. Nov.2t tak mgoQlyffist'Clasßpassengcrs. Passage rates in gold, or its* eqmvaletl. file, ciffi, sl6o—according to loca tion lire ot room. Tickets lor the home passage issued at a redaction of 9«o to passengers returning previous to August. PassengoiscanbefnrnlsDed on board wilh railroad tickets from Brest to Paris at the reduced rated UOAO fbr flnt-clau acd lor second-class, belagaredac ncnol 29 per cent on regular rates. Twenty cubic laet of Baggage adowed to each passenger. Letters ot credit issued tor Bsgiaad and the Conti nent. For passage apply in Chicago at the European asd American Steamship Agency, 31 D woorn-su, James Wat rack. Agent, where plus of the cabins may beseenaedbertns sheared; also, to Wells, Fargo « Co M 84 Broadway, N. Y„ or to tho Am. and U. S. Ex press Co.’s, at their various agencies- rpHE STEAMSHIP OBSA7 B&STBBN< trem meUteat Exhibition. As me Great Eastern tt the largest, safest sad most conunc dious stesrnitUp afloat, sod me fact rnst *430.000 tuu ben expended to Ct her especially fir this service, she possesses man? accommodations and conveniences not lonad on any other ve*el. Captain Mir James Andoxson, wnoso saceefslollj commanded me Great eastern during me Atlantic telegraph «*p«Jlttoo, and lor many years In me Cnnard service. contlnacs in command. Tnoave race speed of me ship made in her drat e even voyages between America and Europe, leads her charterers to expect the will make me presage in nine days. From her enormous size, sea-sickness Is almost unknown on hoard. She will take not one Cxass of passengers—all enlofinc first-class accommodations, the same table and same privileges. Every Hung having been done to make mo Great Eastern sife, speedy and cotnmolicas, the knowjedee that the well-known am rellab'e firm of WeUs,Fargo& Co have taken tae hew York Pas seneer Acenci.U ft sufficient gnaranteeandlodacemenl for an who may desire to visit mo Paris Exhibition, or any part of Europe, to patronize me noble ship. fHad)incrs- an THPROVfID PRE&S --9 X UKB TURBINE WATER flfe WHEEL NOW BEADY—Tne beat Wheel In muket, using fr iT I*m water and selling for l*ss than any other flr,t-cla*» Wheel. Every Wheel war- Uf -s'- ranted. Send lor adescrlptlve h* a>wW circular. Also, our Improved []f Brick Machine ana Brick Ms* Engines and Hollers, •Ta&rzlr i Cane Mills. Portable Forges, awl all other machinery. pEESSKILLMFa.CO, Feekskill,N. a. D.L. SEYMOUR will bc.&t the office of Bactard* BUI, No. In.'S Wster-sh.N* Y., Tuesdays, ihursdsya and Fridays, from 11 to 1 o'clock, to receive q£G»eai tlons and make contracts lor Machinery and Castings ol all kinds. JpAIOI JIACniKEBV. A. T. BATES & CO., 70 South Cantd-st*) Chicago, nPn.PM IN FARM MACHINERY. AND GEN- C miAGKT9 fOR THE NORTHWESTERN FOJ? THE CELEBRATED masu. FACICRES OF BLYMYER DAT & CO., MANSFIELD, 0„ AND BLYMTKK, NORTON & C 0„ CINCINNATI, O- Cnr List embrace* the Coo* race Mill*. Eurciia Cutting Amt, bar ter*:. Dor*e Hay Rase. Wocw-Sawlns aUeulnes, Cora Crushers. Ac. Parti* f applying Tor descriptive circu lar a will plea* e the machinery ?£air Bge. RiT.T.S Hair BYE—SO Cents—Black or Bio-wu—ln»taai»iieou2, natural. durable. Minium. The best aad cheapest In us*u Contains as much at as any do-tar sUe. HILL’S ARCTIC, or ALT. HEALING OINTMENT, reliable lor cental ointment pQTtcs'a. I)eoot 60 John-*:, New Tort. Sold by all dracglstß. O ATCHIfiLOR’S HAIR DYE. Tali spies did Bair Dye |i the beat in the world. HuaJee*. tollable, ItnUaUneoni; the oqlt Perfect Dye. No dlaappcictment. No ridiculous tints, bat true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A, BATCH* ELOK. Bom ny Dmjrgliu and f ertwaets, Factory, 81 Bicclai-at., New Tori. Central 'Uacific ‘ilatfroatt jhb CENTRAL PACIFIC R. R. CO. Having Completed, Equipped and put in operation nearly One Hun dred Miles of their Boad, from Sacramento, California, to within 13- Miles of the summit __ of the Sierra Xevada Mouniaitis, con tinue to offer for sale, through'us, their : FIRST HOETSJ6E BONDS, lamed m eoatarmlty with the Acts of Congress and the awsof the State of California, anon the division-ot their road located In the State of Cslltornla, and ex tending one hundred Ofty-*lx miles from Sacra* men to City to the CalUomia State line. The Boons have Thirty Tears to ran from July 1 JSCS, and are secured by a FIRST MORTGAGE, Constituting an absolute prior lieu on lie portion of Bond abore named, with all the Bights, Franchises, 'Eiinlpments, &c., pertaining thereto. The amount of these First Mortgage Bonds to be issued per mllo is limits! by lawto the amount of United States Bonds allowed and Issued to aid the coo- Btructioa of the Road, and the Mortgage by which they are secured is DECLARED BY ACT OP COS* GRE9S TO CONSTITUTE A LIES PRIOR AND SUPERIOR TO THAT OP THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT-! Interests!.*thorate of Six Per Cent per Annum, IS« able semi-annually,- on the First days of January aat July. . % Principal and Intereit payable in UNITED STATES GOLD COES', In the dry of New York. ' Tho price of the Bonds Is died for the present |af]9> per cent, and accrued Interest rrom January Ist la Cur rency, the Company reserving the right to advance ths price whenever It is their Interest to do so. The Road terms (he Western part ot the TVTATBJ TXt-UJM'K Ofthe Great National Pacific Eailroad, Authorized, adopted and alfied by '■ THE UNITED STATES ODVERNMENT. Itmcalhroush tho heart of the richest and mo»t populous section o! the State of California, connecting the Extensive Mining Regions of Nevada, Utah and Idaho, With Sacramento and the Pacific Coatt, iron whence their supplies mut be drawn; and mo Eammgw ol tha. portion already running are very heavy, and largely in excess of the Interest upon the Company's Bonds. Having been for some time' familiar with the opera* Hons cf the Central Pacific Baltrovt Company, we are satisfied that they are conducted with rare ability and prudence, and that the energetic and economical; man agement of the Company's attain entitles them to the confidence of capitalists and of the public. We have carefhliy investigated the progress, resources* and prospects of the Boad.and have the Ihllest confidence In Its snccets, and In. tha value, and stability ol tha Company's securities.‘ Tha attention of Trustees of Estates, Institutions, and Individual desiring along, safe and remunerative investment, la especially Invited to these First Mortgage Bonds. Orders may be forwarded to us direct, or through ‘ the principal Banks and Bankers In all parts ol the .country. Bemlttasc’B maybe made In Drafts on New York, in Legal Tender Notes, National Bank Notes, or other funds current In this city, and the Bonds will ba for warded to any address by. Express, tree ol charge. In qalrtesforfutherparticnlars, by mall or otherwise, .will receive punctual attention. FISK & HATCH, Banters and Dealers in Got* t Secarities, NO. 5 NABSAU-BT, N. Y. N. B.—All kinds of Government Securities received &t the full market price in exchange for the above Bonds. Also, pTAII descriptions ot Government tSecnri lies kept constantly on hand* and Bought, Sold or Exchanged, Coin and U.S. Coupons bought, sold and collected. (7~Deposits received on liberal terms, sab* Ject to check at sight. pY“ Collections made throughout the country. gVMlsceQaoocns Stocks axd Bonds bought and sold at tho Stock Exchange, on commission, for cash. {YHpcdal AtientiQQßlvcnta tho Exchange of SETES-THIttTY NOTES ofali the series for tho Near FIVE-T*VENTY BONOS of ISU3, on the most favorable terms. ffiroposala. PROPOSALS FOR A BRIDGE AT Boskd or pernio wohes, ) Cnicaoo, March 3,1557. I Sealed proposals will be received by the Hoard oi puallc Works, at their office. Nos. 13 and 17. Wells sireet. until 11 a. m., Wednesday, Marcn Isw, fijr the removal of the bridge now creulc e the Sonta Branch of Chicago River at Lake street, anil the rooisclng the same with a sew structure, Inc tiding ail wore on the centre pier, and the abutments and approaches, accord* Ink toplansand specJCraQouon file at said office. Proposals must be addressed to the Board of Public Works, endorsed M Proposal ' lor Law Street Bridge." and be accompanied with the usual 9300 bond, with sureties, to he approved hy tt« B iom. The Foard re-erve tne rijht to reject any hid not it accordance with thecondlticni of this advertisement, or to reject all bids, and no propose! will be accented unless tie party oflertug It shall live evidence satisfac tory to the Board that be has tbs necessary skill, ex perience, energy asd ability for doing the work, l» trustworthy, and has sufficient p «“■ F'liKD.^xjrrzr’ O. J. ROSE, _ lOt Board of Public Works. PRUPOSALS FOR REPAIRS OF STBEET LAMPS. - w oma OF TOE BOAED OT PtBLIO Wo ESS, > emcaoo. March f Braledpropesals will be received by tbe Board of Public Works, at their office, on til 11 a. m n Wednes day, March27,lS6l,forkeep\aglu«palrall the street lamps belonging to the city, from April Ist. 1567, to Aprti Ist, IS6S, Including the replacing of any which may be entirely destroyed during tbe year, according to tpeffiocailoas on file at said office, Fiopotalsmnstbeaddres'od to the Board of PnblU Works, endorsed “Prop sals .for R-palrs of b trees Lamps." and be accompanied with the tuoal I2CO oond, with sureties, to bespproved by the Hoard. The Board reserve the right to icVxt any and all bids, and no proposal will be accepted aMesi the party offering It shall give evidence, satisfactory to the Board, that he has the necessary s'ffU, experience, en ergy and ability for dolor the work, la trustworthy, and has sufficient pecuniary resources. J. G- GINUJELS, FRED. LETZ, O. J. ROSE, T>KOFOsALb FOR FACING LA r BALLS STREET FROM WASHINGTON STREET TO MADIvON STREET. _ omo or ths aoass of ppsuo Woßxa,» Cmcaoo. Marco 2,1537. t Sealed Proposals will be received by the Hoarder Public Works, at tbelr Office. Nos. 13 and 17 Wells street, until IX a,.SK Wednesday, March lst£,for tne grading and oaring LaSade street, from. Washington street to Madhon street, according to plans and speci fications on file at tail office. Proposals most bo addressed to tbe Beard ol Public Woros,endorsed**Propc9aii3rPaving LaSalle Street,” and be accompanied with the usual |2OO bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. The Board reserve the right to reject any bid not ir accordance with the cnn«ntinna of this advertisement or to reject all bids, and no proposal will be accepted unless the party offering it shall give evidence satisfac tory to the Board that he has the necessary aklll, expo, rlence, energy and ability lor doing tne work, is trust worthy, and has waaelsct pecuniary rewnrwi. ngT FRED.LETZr O. J. BOSE. 10t Board ot Public Works. RQpnsAT.S FOR FIVE MILLION fiE^f'flc*OT xttK^BoSVo or Public TVoKsa, ? Or/icz or T March am. j&jS. f - o.twi nrasouli ttIU t»4 received bT me Bf}*ra of VttcVnAMiWoaof' Xus. 15 aodl7t7ell**l, SulUa.Wlbnrsday, Marcb lllb.forthe delivery oraaypsrtoi S&o.o» Seweraxe Orica. Thebtlche mast oe whoie.hard harncd, Ttec Uom Hie ud pebbles, be square edeed, and of tho eundard dimensions (8 oy 4 by 3U Inches), and bo delivered pdrtTnp alone ttollneof the sewer# to *u muclty.sacfcct to the count and Inspection of the < oMdfya?, < oM balf million dnrlnsr Mar. one anda balfnulliona dorine Jane,sitd one »ujlM darlnß each of in - months ofdaly, Anpist and Septcrnb-r. __ Proposals mast be addressed to the Board ol Public ■Works. endorsed “Prcpo»al tor Beweraee njlcks.” and l« SSpluUedViUi me usual *2OO bond, With sureties, to be approved by me Boam. Tbe Board reserve tbe nvhtw re;*». accordance with tbe cctudtioas ent. or to reject all bids, and no proposal win be acccp.*d nnlessme party offertn g It sbairslveertdenM torv to mo Board tbat he turn me necessary «vi». expert ace, enersy asm ability tordoin* me wari, la trustworthy, and tas inßclent pec rtgouisct. FEED. LETZ, tj. .t. BOSK Board of Public works. Proposals for a brick SCHOOL HOUSE. _ _ Office of t"» Boasd or Public Wobks, > Chicago, March S Sealed Proposals will be received by the Board ol public Works, at their Office, until 11 a. m., Wednes day. March tOth, for the construction of n Bncfc School BuTdlng. according to plans and speclOcatiuas on 3ic at the office of A. Bauer. Architect. 47 T.aSal e street. The build lac will be tear »lories bub, and will be located at or n«ar the cortcr of Deaplataa and De> Puyster stmts, u the Board of Education snail deter* mine. . „ The stone cutting, the masonry, me painting and glazing, or the carpentry, may be bid for separately, cr the proposal maybe mane forme banning com plete. IncinaingaA the v«rl us fcltds ofworr. Proposals mas t be addressed to tb * Board of Public Works, endorsed Proposal for Brick school B’«Ud» ttc.*' and be accompanied with toe usual s*oo bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. The Beam reserve the right to reject any bid not la accordance with the conditions of tma advertisement, ortoreJectallblCß.aiia no proposal will be accented unless me party snail give evuUasesaUs. lactory :□ ibe Boaid that be has thenecessary stall, experience, energy and ability for coins the wort. Is trustworthy, and naj sufficient pecuniary resources, J- O. GISDELE, FRED. LETZ, O. J. P.'»5E, 10t Board of Public works. Proposals for fueling north MARKCT-ST., FROM ERIE TO DIVISION-ST. Office of tits Boacd of rusuc woasa, i , „ Chicago, March 4th. 1967. I Sealed Proposals will oe received ay the Board cl Public Works, at .their office, Nos. 13 and 17 Wells* ft., until ll a. m. Thursday. March iUh, for filling with clay Ncrtn Market-st, from the soutnUseof Cilc-st. to line of Divldon-sL, accordfog to plans and specifications oa Qle at *ail office. Bald Improvement will bo paid for as the work pro gresses, excepting the usual reservation otdlteesper cent. Propo'ala must be addressed to the Board of Public Worts, endorsed "Proso'al fjr Filling N >riJi Mat ket-5:.," and he sccon-panicd with the usual fax) hood, tcllb sureties, to be approved by the Boara. The Board rraerve the right to reject any bid not In accordance with the conditions of thU advertisement, or to reject all bias, and no proposal wl'l be accepted micas the party offering it abali clve evidence aam factoJT w the Board thit he baa theaeo->aary still, experience, cncrgv and ability Ibr dslntr the vorr, la trustworthy. haataflclent pecuniary rescareoi, J. O. GLSDELfc, FRED LETZ, *Board~'^Public Works. s>eales. P A I E BANKS’ STANDARD S <~) A_L ES./rl 07AXXB3ZBS. rAIBU ANKS, GREEN LEAF A S»0 A »‘AS Lako-st., Chicoco* ' JRrbfeal.. j -j QPINIOHS OPTHE PBOPUt CONCERNING HOSTETTER’S STOMACH BITTERS. PROTECTION' FOR THE HEALTHY, AND RUIN FOB THE Sltl. INTELLIGENT TESTIMONY IS ABIMPOBTASX IN MEDICINE as in law. The great Patrick Henry said that the lamp by which his feet ware guided waa the •'lamp of experience.” The statements et men cf character and standing In relation to the propertuv andeflects of a medicinal preparation which they themselves have tried, and the operation of which they have had abundant opportunity cf witnessing te a great variety ot eases, ara aosolotaly conclusive. They are so considered by the public, wha verynahb ndy prefer thlsspeeica of testimony to any other that can be otfered In behalf ol a proprietary remedy. Volumes of such evidence have been published la fkvor ol HObTCTTEIPS STOMACH BTITTERS during twenty yean that the unequalled Tonic and Mteratlv* has been before the world; and although Its reputation as u STANDARD SPECIFIC has long been established throughout the Western hemisphere, it la soil deemed advieah.o to exhibit, through the press, from time Cm tone, new proolh of its success. Recent facts add per* tlnence and force to laets more remote, and a err* ca show that the great rsmMy Is prepared with uniform exactitude andcare,ana that It la still, what It aw has been, the PUREST AND BEST OF ALL VEGETA BLE INTIOOBANTS. an Inevitable cure for DYSPEP SIA and all derangements of the Stomach and Liver, and a perfect antidote to the unwholesome Influences which produce and aggravate epidemic fevers. The subjoined letters are all trom citizens well known .and generally respected In the localities Orem which their ccmmomcatlona are dated, and are published as specimen* of an Immense mass of correspondence cf a similar tenor. Some Idea of the quantity of this kind ol testimony la the hands of the proprietors of HOS TETIBR’S BITTERS may he formed by the reader when It Is stated that the communications on the sub jertef FEVER AND AGUE ALONE, received by tha firm during the last three years, number upwards of TWO THOUSAND. They are all to the same effect an that ol Ur. Bourne, given below, and U ever anything was established on uncontrovertible evidence, it Is tha Important fact that: CHILLS AND FEVEB can ba broken up and radically cured in a very short spaee eg time by the use of this Incomparable tonic. Norlsthla aIL Entire exemption from the distressing malady, and all terms ol Intermittent Fever, is guaranteed to sueft resident* ot Fever and Ague Districts as may be wins enough to take the BITTERS as a preventive. Though malaria maybe prestating their neighbors on the right hand and on the left, those who have taken the precau tion to fortify their systems and constitutions. In ad vance, with this COUNTERBLAST TO ALL ATMOS PHERIC pOlSON.'wtll surely.escape the scourge. The physicians and others whose names appear In tha annexed ccrrespcndmce, are ready at all times to con firm verbally the statements made over their signa tures. Perhaps one of the moit striking proott that can b> cited of the intrinsic excellence cf the BITTERS, Is the central adoption ot tbs preparation by modfeal mew The profession as a rule set their faces against aovs tlscd medicines, but this unequalled vegetable tonic has vanquished their prejudices, and they recommend and admit later it to their patients as the purest stlzn clan* and best stomachic that money can preure. The present season of the year U a trying one to tfcn foeble and enervated—lndeed to aU. In July, lu Angus* and September heavy draughts are made open the sys tem, and It Is necessary to have a reserve ol strength and vitality Is order to meet them wubont flm cuing or breaking down. HOSTETLER'S HITTERS AHR A STAkONAL MEDICINE, sustains the vital ami mus cular energy of the frame with this powerful and gam ers! vegetable restorative, and any temperature, aor climate, sny condition of the atmoiphere may be «* countered with comparative Impunity. Read tbe following letter from E. Eomx » known clUzca oi imsoargh,Pax „ Pnoßintan,May 10,1SGS. Mrsirs. Hoste-Ur & Smith: QzxTUsosr: Duriuga visit to thcWeanlast fan, I contracted chills and fever, which brought me to uf bed, and finally terminated lo typhoid f-.ver and con hned n-e to my room lor several mourns, during wtlek time 1 was, physically, so prostrated that I almost de epened of evtr recovering my health; haring entirety loti m? appetite Cut cays, not being able to eat a mor» tel; added to which 1 was mneb (Ustressed with a reel* log sensation in my head, and passed many sleeplea nights, all IromdenUlty canseabymr prostrate condi tion, brongnt about by the fever. AC tCLS stage oi my condition, a friend recommended me to nse your ceio brated/STOMACH BITTERS; but, being morally op toeedtotbe use of stimulants in any fbrm.l at first de clined, bat aftewards yielded my prejudices, and af;tr taking tbe medicine frr sever A weeks M directed, my appetite returnee, and with it I am rapidly regaining my firmer strength rigor. My sleep (irom tne loss ot which I had sniftered much) has never pern better than it Is now, ard the reeling sensation (before minded to) has entirety left me. My oowels, wnicb were naocb coujauatod and irregular, are now Quite natural, ajil in fact I so giad to say that I feel my seif a new mao, and tender yon ItJistcstlmonlal of my appreciation or year valuable preparation la order that ethers suffering aslbavb may avau themselves of Us virtue*, which prejudice prevented me from enjoying lor so long a period. I may also add that my physician, after seeing tne llclal effect your Bitters bad on me. recommended Utah I use them regnlarly. B “ ,OT r “ P T.“SISW Another letter, trom a well known dozen of PUS*- burgh, dated Sep lember 4. ISCfi: Messrs.Hcstettcr &SmUa,Pltt*bargb-Pa.: Gestlxxexz Ithirklam only doing the part of a good citizen when 1 testily )to the great benefit, 1 havw received from your stomach Bitters during the lass five years. Being in tbe OU regions in’Bi. 1 bad a seven fcihlous attack, asd being dispeptic. which left me very wear, I was advised to try your Bitters. I procured one Dottle, ard tney worked as a charm on me. Inooa week I got eight (9) pounds heavier, and I seemed to have got new life la so tr.ncn so that I have used, them every summer since as a tonic.. I think they axe Invaluable. This summer, having anotcer billions an tacx, and much reduced in weight; being nndertoecara ofan ANo.l physician. I again had to have reeoorm to tee old Bitun, with the same good reauiu.ralnuc six (6> pounds In afrw days. I have bought a balfdo» en botUcss tew wc*ss since, and lotted to xc-p thca regularly a* atonic and beverage. WlaUngyou eveiy .uccm, 1 roar. ir»!«£'"- AM mLB> Errcfonaw. ErrvfoaxM Covstt, inn. • Messrs,Hostetter A Smith: ..v..,„,Tir- Gentzxvzw: Wttbpieasnrelcaasaytoaiyoarßn- TEBs are superior to any ocher*. In my taml ynir along tune, and atways wun bens ncwmaia. M SS-l H a“Vrr?=?“cfrEßß.r. ? . belt I. «. ixs zrH'£ isrxk'i^i^^ijsr I tiled themu please atrlend. I had been prostrata r>t several weeM with drapepaWOhd chronic olar rhim. i expected so die; bat las tSa we ucruo so La restored n-e that 1 ccnld attend to my boncen. La* October I overworked myself whlca resulted In n» tetamofthe same disease, accompanied *lth bron chial affection, Vben 2 asam csedsyoor BlXTEiti, sod was soon restored to health* I bare recommended* them to bncdredi of my acquaintance*, and haTS never tsom them to fail In cCectlng a speedy care* Tnuy toots. MIRANDA caAPPEL, Postal ester stßachland. VC. BtOTWroy, Pa-, November 6,135. Mcssra,Ho»tetur ASmllh; - BkGmm-xvxy: Wc Uavebect* elllncycuf STOMACH UrtTKES P.r eighteen months, and find mem an excel lent medicine. All that Is necessary is to let me perv- Pie know their virtue, and may whl use them. I bar* tried item myself; and sow recommend th*.m to all who luive weak stomachs. McFABLAND, Druggists, Oqoxsebcegh, Coustt, > September 13,13«. i Messrs. Hostetler ft Smith i , Gzstlemdi; For a ion* time 1 hare been afflicted wuh a disordered stomach, ana wa* ocabie toatteju* to any busmeis. I was advised to use roar BITTKIIS, which Idlil. and fauna them a g«*t _bengfl Wo me. I bcliere had it not been far them I should hare been m jjjy stave ere mis. I write not wuy to testify to Un ▼true of Tour BXTTEBr. but also to have you ship m« two dozen as »oon as possible, as I ■ow kcewns ft store. Yoais, respectfully, JOHN U. OHEACCN- Messrs-ncstctier* Smith: _ ukxts: It is with me greatest pleasure that I »* commend your STOMACH BITTErtS to the public. I thlnr ittnebest BITfEBS of the day. ItU specially adapted to the South and West, where biliary derange* meats of the liver are prevalent. Ten years’ experi ence In the use of compound', oa curatives, compels me to dive your BITTERS the preference mat Its ppjK marltymexlts. E. ANGLE, M. O. Gallatli. Saline County. HL Mouta* Hcttctter foSmiiu: GtmiMP: J have practiced medicine for many years, and have used your BUYERS ma camber ot cases with great success, and take pleasure in recoin* mending them to the public in general. _ Very respectfully, .1. SMITH, M. D. MATioojr.IJL, January 21, IS®. Messrs. Hcstctteri Smith; „ __ fip-<TTrvn.- Isellmote ef your STOMA H Dir- TEES than of any other medicine. Parilos who taro tried them speak In very high praise of their exc&iecs virtues. I have used them myselL and prescribe then with unparalleled success. Very M Tr-ttA. Clay Courty, m. Me««ra. Ilcutnter & Sntth: Gaartima: I eavo oaed, ana oitin prficriMa, yonrblOMACtt BITTEUS. a=d tate pleasure Id re rommtndlair u to ail whose stomacca arc It U an excellent appetizer and MSlcvaml I praue IS uott aMWlß»lt i££ ? j, O ORE.M.D. FtiSXLET, ClifiV>n County. Ind* > December 9, I 2«. ! Mesirs.llf*teUer t Smith-. . yisT>: Some eighteen months since I was trochlea with tc«ud-8S cf the stomach, a=d had myapyo* Ute, auo on (he reromcierdatloa of Dr. Co*. onrfamuT phralcta", I purchased arreral DotUes cf y«*ar »»*• TtiiS, which had the detlrwl «l«a ofre-torjcgmaiQ health, hot oflatc I bar** net been able UllTfcßS la cor place; pUue oTiSI purchase them, or If yon will send will be pleated to have tteaecte* taemxc he whit Ue/are m» T OS. PiIEPAHEP AND tfOLO BV WETTER & SMITH, PITTSBUGEH, PA For tale by all grocers and itorekeeptes throughout the world.