Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 13, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 13, 1867 Page 4
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Cljicagcr tDribmte. ■WEDNESDAY, MARCH IS, 1 867, THE CITY. ZepLorantHT.—All persons having employment Of any kind for men or boys are requested to ap ply at the rooms of the Tonne Men’s Christian Association. Methodist Church Block, where num bers are applying dally for work. Fxbsoxal. —Colonel J. A. Potter, formerly sta tioned is Chicago as Quartermaster, and who was recently ordered to Detroit, has received far ther orders to report to Galveston, Texas. Colonel Potter with his family are now slopping at the Trcmont Bonse. SOBTICC2.TUIUX, Soctett.—The regular meet ing of the Chicago Horticultural Society will bs held this (Wednesday) afternoon, atS o’clock. An essay will be delivered by Mr.Snleer, on the pro* Jagation and cultivation of the rose, andtbesab ect will be afterwards discussed. Rectum tom Evexiho.—Dr. N. 8. Davis will deliver h:e second lecture of the regular series, at the Chapel of the Washingtonian Home, No. 572 West Madison street, this evening, at 7*4 o'clock. Free to all. The Ladies Committee, Officers and Directors are Invited. Ixbuhaxce Removal.—Messrs. R. D. Jordan A Co., one of the oldest established and best known Insurance firms tn our d'y, have removed from No. 86 to No. 113 LaSalle street, where they are prepared to do a general insurance cosiness, as representatives of the most reliable East ern insurance companies. We request attention to their advertisement in another colnmn. , FonTmPAinaExrosmox.—Mr. louts Celia, a resident ot this city for the past thirteen years, intends to start for Fans on the first of April next, and will remain there for some months. He la an Italian, and speaks the French language flu ently. He propose* to aid such persons a a m&y desire his assistance at the Exposition,and maybe relied on folly to do anything agreed on. Be mar fccaddressed atP. O. BoxS&S. Chicago. ' ■ At Retail.—Messrs, Bowen, Whitman & Winslow, in their neweetabluhmcnt. Nos, 15 to 21 Randolph street, have arranged one-half of ihclr stores with especial reference to the retail trade, and are now receiving direct from the man nfactmer* a fine stock ox white gold band and decorated china, dinner, tea. end dessert sets, toilet sets, vases, spltioons, match boxes, smok ing sets. Ivory table cutlery at.d rich silver-plated wares, which are offered at retail at low prices. Battlx or GnrrsßCßo.—A lecture descriptive cf ibis great conflict will be delivered od Thursday evening l» the Clark Street Methodist Episcopal Church, hr Rev. J. It. Warren, pastor ot the Pres* byterian thnrch at Gettysburg. The lecturer was an eye-witness oi the battle throughout, and his description is endorsed by high military authority as beirr both accurate and vivid. It has been delivered in Boston, Plnlade’phln, Washington and other places, and leceived with great lavor. Tonksbs and New York Fine Insurance Co up ant. —We invite attention to the statement of this well-known end popular company, pub lished on our first page. The ‘‘Yonkers” shows an unimpaired cash capital of half a million dol lars. with a surplus of over one hundred thoc sard dollarr. It ranks among the first of Kew York offices. The officers ere gcn'lcmcn prom inent in insmascc circles as first-class Under writers. its agents in this ci'y are the well known firm of Tcall & Fisher. Wu. M. &J. B. Mato. —These gentlemen, suc cessor- to Mr. Edwards, the oldest jewelry houae in the city, are still advancing. They have the only genera! .Northwestern Agency for the celebrated American watches. Their stock of jewelry and silver ware is large and select, and thev have also a large variety of the nickel ware of Gorham & Co., which i« becoming very popular and largely sought for. Their location is No. 101 South Clark street. Dbt Goods.—We call the attention of the pub lic, and ol the ladiea in particular, to the removal of the well-known and popular firm of Simpson & Hughes to tbclr new and commodious store. No. 11l T-ake street, between Clark and Dearborn. Their store has been fitted un expressly for their rapidly increasing trade, and they have just re ceived an immense stock of new, choice and sea sonable goods which will be offered at prices that will repay investigation, as will be Been by their Card in our advertising columns. Accident.—On Monday evening, about eleven O’clock, Frederick Flcnry,a German, fell from the approach to Randolph street bridge, on a pile of coal below, a distance of nearly thirty feel. The accident resulted, not so much from intoxication, as from the defective railing, the man breaking through the railing, and not over it. Some spec tators rc-cncd the fallen one from the coal heap, and carried bun to the bridge house, whence he was taken to bis residence at No. 70 Larrabee street. His injuries were painful, bat not serious in their nature. Honorably Acquitted.—The case against E. F. Adams, indicted for larceny as a bailee of a United States Paymaster's check, was tried yes terday in the Recorder's Court, and resulted In the acquittal of the defendant. The prosecution called two witnesses, woo clearly showed the en tire Innocence of the defendant, and the Court, at the suggestion of the prosecuting attorney, and without waiting to hear any testimony for the de fence, directed an acquittal. The defendant ex pressed himself as being disgusted with the ter mination of the suit, aa ne was “prepared to show that the object of the enit was black znaiL” A First-class ComnssioN House.—We ceil at tention to the change in the well known commis sion bouse of H. Bacon & Co., which has been, for twelve years past, one of the most prominent flour end grain firms in this city. Mr. Henry Ba con withdraws for the pnrp O<M of giving his en tire atiention to bis profession of civil engineer ing. He has been only a nominal partner for several years, having been engaged in nis profes sion on several ciflorent railroads in the West. Mr. Robert B. Ennis, a young man with means, who was one of the originators and owners of the Commeiciai National Bank of this d:y,now takes an interest in the house. Accidents. —Ad employe at Sands’ Brewery, rained Jerry Fiannlgau, on Wednesday alter* soon, tell from an eleven d platform a distance of sixty fee t, striking npon a heap of filled grain bags with each force as to rebound six feet. Strange to relate, be escaped wuhont more serious injuries than a fe-v bruises. Yesterday morning a window-washer, employ ed at tbe 'lTemont House, lost bis footing and fell from a second-story window on Dearborn street to tbe sidewalk, itisisg from tbe pavement, be nibbed the dust from bis clothes, and, much to the astonlrbment of those who witnessed the oc currence, ran np stairs again to resume bis labors. Lecture for Providence Mission.—’The Christian Times at.d of this date, eays: *• As we announced last week. Dr. Natium Shep pard, cf tins city, will lecinrc at the Union Park Cnrch on Thursday evening, March 14th, lor the 'benefit of Providence Mission. His subject will be “xhe Disposition,” a lecture n*rer before de livered in Chicago, we believe, but which has re ceived the highest commendations oi the press elsew here. We urge our city readers to greet Dr. theppard with a crowded house on Thursday evening, and enjoy a choice intellectual treat, and gladden the hearts of onr Providence Mission nrethnn, who are laooring so faithfully in the ex treme western part of the city. Tu.reoiß Foldizns’ Coileoe.—Rev. W. Gay, Agent of tbe Illinois Soldiers’ College, localea at Felton, is sow in ibis city, by direction of tbe Ex ecutive Committee, for tbe pdrpose of tollciting contributions oi money and good- necessary to complete tbe lormebicg ot the building. The pas sage of tbe law empowering tbe Board or Super visors ot each county in the stale to send two pupils there necessitate* an accommodation for abnnt two hundred aflcitiouai inmates, 'they nave now one hundred and twenty-five. Mr. Gay U slaying for a few dare at tbe City Hotel, and wilt cad on onr citizens in person for aid. We trust that tbe appeal will meet with a liberal response. Taken Cade Of.—John Wait, driving hack No. £4, end a member of the Hackmcn’s Union, was ergi'ged yesterday afternoon to carry a gen tleman to snch resorts as he might wish to visit. As his paesemger IrcqnenlJy stopped at various .-■'alooiis io relresfa himself be soon became very jovial and hilarious, and Wail observed that he had a tame amount of money upon him. Not wishing to be held responsible If the man wa* rrbbcd, be drove to the Central Station and the rnlcrlcft-d individual m« induced to leave his money, aimmntjng to JI.2CKJ 0rf1,500, in charge of Captain Kelson, except a small amonne wnicb he insisted on retaining that be might carry oat his carcase to a encce-sful termination. Aotuicaxs in Pahis.—Among Lho names of Americans registered in Paris,'dmlng the week ending February 22d, we find the names of Mr. John H, Small and wife, and Mr. IS. F. Sherman and ton. The Pails correspondent of the New York TFor/rf, In a letfcr dared February 2-ifl, says: “1 he Hon. £. B. Wasbburae, of Illinois, is In Paris in search of health, which, I am happy to state, i? ’ciproviEg. The honorable Senator was cminxtned at d'ncer on Friday lust by Mr. Gibus, Umiqd Slates Treasury Agent for Fiance. Gen era! Mr. Beckwith, and other notable Ameri can* were present. General Dis gave a dinner on Tuesday to Messrs. Globs ana Washbarne.” Fateh Wxcmousz.—Wc call the attention of onr readers to tbe stlv'-nLement, in another col jtac, cf Messis. Dickerson Sherman, manufac turers©!, and dealer* la, caws and print paper. They tare cateblfabcd at No 14‘j Randolph street their ijaper warehouse, and deal largely In all If.m'ia of news and print paper, mad© under the hleecb process. These gcn’lcmcn arc receiving dally supplies f«om the mtifa for which they arc well as supplies of all kind* ana qualities oV print, iK’ok and wrapping papers from ca*tem xnlus. The’r stock is large oi«d deafars and con sumers will d© well to look iuj on them or corre sold with Vi*m. Vit! taut great pleasure In recommending this lionet to onr readers. Nothing it sot CnmcAL.—One of onr city papers applies the epithet ••precocious 11 to u sentence id a colemporary which speaks of ••flow ers to '(HI bloom offerin'* themselves for sale, and laughing the retreating winter to scorn.” This vary Jit-ral cntlc probablynwerlicard of a “figure of speech. 11 He never read that •• mountainj skip like iambs, 11 and “floods clap their hands,” and “ valleys smile. 11 and “fields laugh with plenty', 11 and “ the sun drinks np the dew, 11 and “ streams dance,” and “tbe oak laughs at the storm. 1 ’ What havoc this literary censor would make with the Bible, and the work? of Shakespeare. Milton, Tennyson, Longfellow and the host oX “preco cious” willers who venture to indulge la flights of tancy. He would eviscerate every sentence in tbe language that does not consist of “ tacts, Jacts, tlr.” Escape of* a Piusoneb.— A man named John Williams, recently tried at Decorah, lowa, aad sentenced to one year's Imprisonment in the Stale Penitentiary, upon tbe charge of an assault with intent to kill, accompanied by Deputy Sheriff Fcof-tad, of Wmi lehiek County, lowp, and an assistant named Samuel West, arrived In this city afternoon, e topping at the Girard House. The officers were taking Williamson to the State Pit-on at Fort Madison, lowa. Weary from the journey, ihe two men engaged a room on the second floor oi me hotel and throw themselves on the bed la the apartment, requiring their prisoner lo lie beside them. They had removed the mana cles from hi; wrins, believing himVnfllaent'y se cured by ihe shackles ou hu an /les. They fell asleep, ana, upon awaking shout five o'clock-m the attention, their prisoner had vanished, and has not since been seen. Seventy do.lara reward will be given for Uls delivery at Chicago jail. Cofeb Discharged. The case of John 3L Color, charsed with conspiracy to defraud, in being one of the parties Im plicated in the alleged forgery of Buena Vista County, lowa, bonds, was called at tbe Po lice Court yesterday morning. Tne details of ibis transaction bare already been published in these commas. The case had been continued from lime tu lime to await ibe arrival of import ant wlirc-scs from ice interior of lowa, by whose testimony it r-as expected that the f Tgcry, and theextent of it. would be cleaiJv proved, and an entire (3-jfoee of ihe matter riven; but. :cough every cflort was made to secure iheir attendance, they had not arrived yorterday morning, end Mr. Color, ronld not legatly r c held any longer. He ves discharged Horn custody. iW t a |7, ee tor gery baa been commlitrd ibere is Rule doubt, and ibat the Lneua Vista county officials ahould ne"- lectto hHrist in bringing the perpttrafara to tna. lice is somewhat fclraugc. * THE FENIAN MOVEMENT. SUtfl ConrentlOß of the Brotherhood— Secret Session—Address of Fresh dent Boherts—A Question &nd Beplj. ’ '• The dly was enlivened yesterday by the revival of the Fenian excitement, aided as It waa by the presence of the President of the Brotherhood, Colonel Boherts, who is hers on a short -visit. The titate Convention waa opened in the after* noon, and a considerable number of strangers were in the city to attend Its deliberations and assist In shaping the latere destinies of Ireland. Fenian Ball, at the comer of Wells and Randolph streets, was decorated with flags for the reception of the delegates, who were ushered Into the place amid strains of mtulc from (be band of the reel* menu The Convention waa not open to the public, bnt a very keen interest In the proceedings was manifested hv the people outside, whobeseiged the doors of the halt and eagerly caught up every stray Item of Intelligence woleb could be gleaned. The Convention met pursuant to the call of the President, st two o'clock in the afternoon, John Forrests!, Esq., ofLaSalle, in the chair. Committee on Credentials reported represents* lives from seventy-eight Circles. - - - Colonel Roberta was then introduced, and spoke for two hours on the present slate of. the organization. Its past record and ita future pros* pec is. In the course of bis remarks be presented a minute detail of the amount of moneys re* celved atbcadquarlcrs since the Troy Congress, together with an account of the expenditures. The matter was referred to a committee of fire. Most satisfactory reports were received from the different circles regarding their spirit, strength and discipline. Committees were appointed, on Ways and Means, and on Address and Resolution. The Convention then adjourned UD this morning. The following despatch waa received by Colonel Roberts yesterday: „ „ . New Took. March 11.1 SST. To Colonel Wm. R. Roberts, 396 West Taylor street, Chicago, UL: Deputation Centres representing Ireland, Eng land, and Scotland, request your immediate co operation. Aneweryesorno; publish your ideas Immediately. Reply. • . _ J. J. GeaeV, Apollo Rooms, 78 Prlnoe street. To which Mr. Roberts returned the follow tag reply: Themoxt House, Chicago, March 12. To. J. J. Geary, Apollo Rooms, 78 Prince street. New York: Your despatch received. Do I understand yon that the representatives of the L R. B, irom Ire land. England and Scotland nowln America, agree to unite with ns for the purpose of giving aid to the men said to be in revolution In Ireland! If eo, as President of the Fenian Brotherhood, and speaking on behalf of that organization, while bolding ourselves irresponsible for the results of what I fear is a premature moremcnt,{|Qevertbc lese, wc will render all the aid In our power to our brothers in the field. Onr objective point Is Ireland. We labor for Ireland and will strike for ii eland. W. R. Robebts, Prest. F. B. This evening a flag presentation will take place at the old Beard of Trade BaQ,whon Mr. Rooerta will deliver an address. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Judgments—Criminal Business* The business o' the several Courts yesterday was more important than Interesting. A number .of final orders were made. These were as fol lows: cm cm court. Juliette A. Hlnrie vs. George fi. Robbias, et el. Petition for dower. Final] decree, awarding a gross snm In lien of dower. Appeal allowed. John Gall vs. Graham Thorn. Bill. Infncction dissolved. Bushrod W. Raustcad va. Joseph £. Otis et al. Bill on hearing. George Adams et aL vs. Hean Bencher. Ap peal diemlsaed. Henry Appel et al. vs. Henry Ichcere et al. Case. Motion for new trial overruled. The People ex rcl. Swinburne vs. John W. Laimbeer. Information. Motion for new trial overruled. Thi- is the cose of the election of Con stable in Cicero Township. Jolla E. Day vs. William L. Molony et al. Re plevin. Finding for plaintiff. Tne same vs. the Sheriff Replevin; finding for plaintiff William Y. Tucker et al. ve. David Walxel. As sumpsit; dismissed. The following are the new suits: .ikj ivnu-w; aicuic ucn suiu. William F. Fanber vs. Ann R. Fanber. BUI for divorce on the ground of adultery alleged to have been eommtttea with men named E. H. Hull, J. J. Johnston, and others, daring the years 1561 and Daniel Bunker, junior, vs. Benjamin F. Green, et al. Attachment superior court. Ira W. Case et als. va. Frank J. Howes. As sumpsit Judgment against defendant for 1155.77. Charles Beardslee et al. vs. John P. Frey et al. Assumpsit. Plea* stricken from flies for non-com pllance with rule to file affidavit of merits. De fault of defendant, and judgment for $577.80. Isaac Marks vs. The garnishees of Marcus My ers. Judgment against gamlshves on their an swer filed for SSOO. Salt Company of Onondaga ve. Chicago Dock Company. Demurrer to plea In abatement sus tained. Sylvanus Bollock et al. vs. Christian J. Engle. Assumpsit. Default usd lodgment for $316.56. Albert W. Edwards vs. Hiram Bosbrook et al. Debt. Leave to substitute declaration in place of one lost and Judgment for debt $220. Damages $n7.50. Judgment to he satisfied on the payment of damages. Timothy J. Darcy rs. Klrcn Cash. Suit dis missed at defendant’s costs. Robert B. Parks ve. Ellas B. Stiles. Un trial. Andricks and ale. vs. Morgan and als. Dill. Rule on complainants to file security forcoste. Mary Van Horn vs. John Van uom.aßnle on complainant to return to defendant a sum of money and “the record of the married life" of de fendant. or show cause. The following are the new suits: ■Robert Walters v-. E. A Wing and al. As sntnpslt. Damages SBO9. Simon RelnmiH and al, vs. Moritz Koraoiky. AssumpsK Damages S2,WW. Frcoalin Wadlener vs. George Meleter. As sumpsit. Damages S3OO. Daniel Lawrence vs. David A. Gage and al. Ejectment. Henry D.Mlonckvs. William J. Sheik and al. Assumpsit. First National Bank of Memphis vs. Ralph W. BUI. Assnznpeii. Damages SUSUO. William B. Ogden vs. David Goodwlilie. Cov enant, Damages SI,OOO. COUNTY COURT. Estate of Frederick W. Hhrcnfcts. Citation against Sarah Haddock. Dismissed. Estate of Jobnfl. Klnzie. Objections to con firmation of sale of real estate ordered to be filed this day if there be any. Estate of James Savage. Claim of William S, Lincoln allowed. Estate of David Diebop, Jr. Inventory and ap praisement ordered. recorder's court. Henry Rnssell, larceny. Plea of guilty. C. F. Adams, larceny. Vcrilct oi not guilty. . Isaac Shockman, arson. Verdict of not guilty. Henry Arnold, larceny. Verdict of guilty, with two years in the Penitentiary. Alexander W. Corliss vs. Eliza L. Corliss. De cree of divorce on the groend of desertion. CENTRAL lUSSOUBI RAILROAD. Bcsolattons by the Board of Trade. Tbc following preamble and reeolations were adopted unanimously by the Board of Trade yes terday: Whereas, We have heard tho statements of Messrs. Smith and Jaynes, of >cdalla. Mo., a com mittee appointed by the people of that section of country to confer with the business men of Chi cago with regard to a railroad from Sedalta to in tersect with the Hannibal A St, Joseph Railroad, by which Chicago will have a direct com munication with Central and Southwestern Missouri; having examined the maps and routes proposed, we find that (his important con nection can be made by building a road seventy five miles in length, which ron(e will unquestion ably open up a new and Important line of com mnnicaiion with Chicago and the great South west. We, therefore, offer the following reso lutions: Resolved, That whereas tbo people of Sedalia, Mo., and vicinity have Inaugurated a project to bnlld a railroad connecting that section of country with Chicago, that we mo?t beartllv endorse tbe enterprise and recommend to the business men of onr city that they encourage the same by liberal subscriptions and Influence. Retolved, That onr city papers be, and are here by requested to aid this enterprise by giving It fa vorable notice inlthelr columns. Revolved, That wc receive with pleasure, the ex pression of tbo people of Southwest Missouri, made manifest by their propositions and desires to secure railroad conned ions with oar city, assur ing them that we are willing to receive them as they are to come, and that we believe our interest I* their interest, and that a onion of eSorts will result in the general good of tbe country. AiQCtiEItIEATS. McVjckeh’b Tuzathe.—VcstvaM appeared for the second time last evening in “ Bel Demomo.” The attendance was rather small. This evening ibr- same bill is repeated. Mcfiuji.—"XheFrozcn Deep.” with its thrilling regions of thick ribbed Ice, will be presented at the matinee this afternoon, and in tbe evening. Ofeha Bouse. —Lotta as “JJule Nell” and the “Marchioness”proves a source of great attraction and draws excellent houses. “Little Nell" will be given at the Matinee and evening perfor mance. Cotirarx.—The splendid performances of James Robinson, Perry in his four-horse act. Ut ile Minnie, and tie men on stalls prerent a power ful combination at Yankee Robinson’s Circus, and nightly fill the boose. Tula afternoon a grand matinee will be given. Policy Fire and Uealtb< The regular semi-weekly meeting of the Board of Police, Fire and Health Commissioners was held at their rooms yesterday afternoon. Pres ent— President T. B. Brown, m tie chair, and Com missioner Good. Fire Marshal Harris reported that bo had con* suited on architect in regard to the walls left by the fire on the corner of Kimde and Cass streets, and they being deemed unsafe he had caused them to be palled down. The title to the property being tn chancery, the city would have to pay tbe expense and sue tbe owners. The resignation of Lawrence U. Beech, Fore man of the Tempo, fc Hose Company, was accepted, and Nicholas Bill was appelated hosetnan In the same company. James Donegan was appointed driver on the *‘J. B. Rice.” A complaint was read from James Walsh, stating that while be won standing at the corner of Market street and Chicago avenue, on Sunder nlghi. conversing quietly with some friends, officers Dlricb and Moore approached and ordered them to disperse, sinking them with their c'ubs; that when he had gone oil' a little distance officer Ulrich came np, and drawing a pistol, shot him In tne shoulder, too rail lodging and now remain ing there: nod that the complainant was conduct ire himself In an orderly and respectful manner, and was entirely sober. Jhe complaint not being sworn to, the exami nation was postponed nntil the next mcailng, A communication was received from the Board of Underwriters, complaining that the Are which occurred at NO. 178 laVc street on 3larch 2d, would hare been extinguished with trilling loss by men from the neighboring stores, had it not been for the interposition of certain policemen. The Boaid having Investigated the matter, in structed the Secretary to inform the Board of On oerwriu-rs that there was no regular policeman on the spot at the time. The party refened to was probably a member oi the Merchants 1 Police. On recommendation of Cupfala Hickey, Charles 31. Bay. Andrew Allen, Patrick 3lcLoughlln and James Marks were appointed policemen lor the SccoodPieelncUandon recommendation of Csptaln Sherman. Henry Walts, William Lobecker. Christ. SerdcnscLwanz and Henry Brandt were similarly appointed for the Third Product. The resignations of the loilowiug policemen were accepted: William 3lem, William il. McHucb ana John Mattes. Peter Post was ap pointed for the Illinois Centra] depot. Ibe fallowing named men were appointed special policemen: John Hortnctt, Jamca B. Cook. John B. Holton, Morris £. Barrett, Solon 11. Rngg. Arnold Richard, Michael Morphy. 'I he Board then adjourned. Mechanics 1 Institute. — A meeting of (he members of the Mechanics 1 Institute was bold lust evening, in ibe office of J. M. Van Osdell, £eq, Masonic Temple. In tbe absence of all tre regular officers, Mr. W. Wisdom was chosca Chairman, and Mr. H. Petbybridcc Secretary. ilessiff. T-H. Brown, M. Douavan and P. J. McGinnis were elected members of the Institute. Mr IVlbyhridgc read Ibe new Constitution of the Institute, which was laid over one week for fiuthrr consideration. On motion the nomination of regular officers was postponed for one week. On motion ihe Secretary pro ttinpote was in strocied to write to the Secretary and procure the books and papers of the institute. F. Stephens' Ciucle.—A meeting of the “James Stephens 1 circle” was held last ovco- U-g in Uhlicb's Hall. Aid. O’Sullivan of the 16lh Ward presided, and Mr. Patrick UcGrecvy offi ciated as Secretary. The object of the iu*?eting was to enter upon the enrollment of volunteers to proctad to Ireland, to aid their countrymen In their present struggle. "It was also designed to 1 collect fends to be at once forwarded to the seat of the conflict. Mr. Thomas Desse made some remark*,' com* taenting upon the intelligence last received from Great Britain. In ’.be coum of b» remarks he read a letter from an official source in New York, reciting the fact of the arrival from Ireland of a apedafcuToy, whose Information la to the effect that an Irish*American officer is in command of fire hundred men in Kilmarnock, while other officers from America are distributed throughout (he Island. This messenger expresses the belief that the present , belliterents can maintain their ground daring six months. men enlisted m the service, and one hundred dollars wore raised on the spot- An othermcetingwillbe held on the evening of Fri day. ATTE flip I’M D yiUBDEB. The Footpads Abroad— A Gentleman AnaaKed by Two BofflaaS) nod Stabbed. Between eight and nine o'clock on Monday evening. Mr. C. S. Harris, of Racine, Wisconsin, took a West Division car at the corner of Dearborn and Randolph streets. Two r?ngh looking men entered the car at the same time, ont attracted no particular attention. Ur. Bonis left the car at "Wood street and proceeded north. Be was some what unpleasantly surprised to observe that the two etrangeis mentioned were following him. .Be prepared for any possible trouble by removing a seven-barrelled revolver from his pants’ pocket to his overcoat pocket, ready for immediate use. When between walnut and Lake streets he heard one of the men nttcr the exclamation “now J” and, turning around upon them, he was Jnst In time to receive a desperate assault from one of the ruf fians with a long dagger, which penetrated his overcoat ond undercoat, nnder the right arm, and was only stayed from taking bis life by coming in contact with a compactly folded newspaper which was In bis pocket. The blow staggered Mr. Garris, bnt recovering himself be drew his revolver and attempted to discharge it on the miscreants, bnt It missed fire. The scoundrels were fngbtened and beiore their Intended vlcim had nnlunbered the remainder of bis artillery they baa made a rapid retreat from the street. Mr. Hatrl? seems to be a peculiar object of “re gard" with the cut-throat fraternity, having bad narrow escapes from murder and robbery on one or two previous occasions. About a year and a bait ago be was wounded by a pistol shot. In Waukegan, and robbed of f 1.500; and only three months since, in Racine, at his own residence, was nearly “ done lor ” with chloroform adminis tered by burglars. Fibs.—This morning, about half past twelve o'clock a fire broke oallna small -stable on Fourth avenne, between Thirteenth, and Four teenth streets, The stable belonged to William Ryan, and was rained at £SO. Patrick Corcoran, wno rented the building, kept a bone rained at 1250 in the stable, which was burned to death. No insurance. Fins ox Lake Stbebt.—A fire broke ont be tween one end two o’clock yesterday morning in a frame builoing located at No. 184 West Lake street, owned by Ciark & Wright, and occupied by Lind & Brown, in the commission business. Ine loss amounted to about $4,600, which was fully covered by insurance. The fire la believed to have been incendiary. Sunday School Entertain* est.—The panto mime and tableaux in the Second TJolvcrsallst Church, last evening,was an entire esccess, giving complete satisfaction. It will be repeated this evening with entire change of programme, except “ Cinderella,’’ which will be repeated. Discharged.—Richard Cary, a saloon keeper, residing on Sebor street, charged with passing a ten dollar counterfeit hank note, was finally ex amined, at the Police Court, yesterday afternoon and discharged. LOCAL MATTERS. Come, Indies, listen while I tell You of thia wond'ronseoap, ’Twill make year hearts to swell. Your money to elope. It leaves the skin so white and fair. King Is the lucky man; Cold Cream prepared with greatest care, The beet made in the Jana. Then, ladles, to the druggist’s speed. This womi’rons soap secure. Which whitens, softens, aa yon need, And made ot cold cream pnre. Retailed by Dttcbz & Storey and Bees, apothecaries; wholesale by Sutra & Dwteq. Sold by Druggists generally. Tbc Klembcra of ttie Lumbermen’s Association and all other parties concerned in keeping a lumber market at tbc foot of Franklin street for the coming season are requested to meet st the Lumbermen’s Exchange Rooms, foot of Franklin street 10-morrow. Wednesday, p.m,.at S o’clock, to elect officers and other business. A full attendance is desired. aiitehas Castes, Brest, Geo. C. Morton, Sec’y. March 12,1667. A Sore Care Tor lick, Tetter, and all skin diseases is found in Swayne’s Ointment. Nothing like IL Sold by all druggists; whole sale, Burnhams & VanSchatck. It la Not a Humbug!—Bo convinced* Though baring been in use only for a short time, Metcalfe's Great Rheumatic Remedy has gained a world-wide reputation, and Is recommended by the best doctors in New York as the only sure cure for Rheumatism. Lord & Smith, agents. The Franklin Brick tTlacblne, Justly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great strength, and immense compressing power, xs guaranteed, with eight men and two horses, to self-temper the clay, and make 3,000 to 8,(00 elegant bricks per hour. J. H. Renics, proprietor, No. 71 Broad wav, New York, Room 23. Itch! Scratch!! —Boyd’s medicated Cream cores itch, ecra<cbes,and all skin diseases. Ills neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain specially adapted to children. Sold by oil drug gists. . Colgate 4; Co«’a Winter Soap*—Re commended for chapped hands and for general toilet use during cold weather. It may he ob tained ot all druggists and fancy goods dealers. Tho “JEtna” Noiseless Lock-Stitch Sewing Machines, for faintly and manafaclnriag purposes—western office. 'J7 Washington street, Chicago. J. H. Lebow, Agent. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, March 12. SENATE. In the Senate to-day, among other bills intro duced waa one appropriating to the Deaf and Dumb Asylum $27,613 for current expenses; SIO,OOO for tho completion of tho west wing, and $3,000 for beating apparatus; al«*o. to revise and consolidate laws for me assessment and collection of taxes ; also, granting 7,000 acres of land for the improvement of Lemonwelr River. The Senate has been occupied last evening and much of to-asy discussing tbc Baxter claim for work on the old Territorial Capitol, amounting to about $3,600. It was ordered to a third reading by 17 to 9, but will be killed in the Assembly without much discussion. ASSEMBLY. In the Assembly a joint resolution was adopted to receive no new business after the 19th of March, and to adjourn ou the first day of April. A resolution was adopted requiring tbc Judi ciary Committee to inquire into the propriety of getting uo a complete index of all amendments to revised statutes and general laws, and publishing the same in pamphlet form. Along series of resolutions were Introduced declaring tt the Slate policy to prohibit the con solidation of competing lines of railroads, Ac. The bill providing for a return to the old sys tem of County Governments was killed by one majority. SENATE-XONDAY EVNNINO. In the Senate, last evening, the Committee on Benevolent Institutions reported In favor of the appropriation to the Blind Institution of 116.000 for current expenses, and SI,OOO to purchase a pasture. Among the bills passed was a bill amending chapter 162 of the Revised Statutes, concerning the relief of persons confined In Jail on civil pro cess; also amending section?, chapter 124, Re vised Statutes, relating to the title of real proper ty; also authorizing the managers of tbe State Reform School to parebaee and sell lands. MICHIGAN. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] LaKsixo, Mich., March 13. It is strongly Intimated that tbe Governor will veto the Swamp Land Road bills, the wholesale appropriation ofswamp|lsnds now being mode be ing directly contrary to the policy inculcated in his annual message. Tbe Governor signed the Constitutional Conven tion Bill and the bill providing for County Super intendents of Schools. Tbe Senate passed a bill relative to the railroad from Battle Creek to Sangatnck or Holland. The House parsed a bill to revise the charters of Marshall and Berner springs; also a bill relative to (be Mmcral Range State road; relative to the Upper Peninsular military wagon road: to pre vent cattle roaming at large In public highways; relative to tbe railroad from Battle Creek to the Indiana State line. MASSACHUSETTS. Boston, March 13.—1 n the Eonsc of Represent alives, this afternoon, the report of the Commlttet on Federal Relations on the proposed amendmen to tbe Constitution of the United States came np the question being on (be substitution of tbe re port of tbe minority of the committee, which recommends the adoption of tbe amendment with an explanatory resolution, for that of the major-' I tv, the latter recommending tbe reference of tbe* amendment to the next A-egtaJatore. Alter two hours deliate on the amendment to tbe amend ment In this shape, a resolution was offered, as follows: Resolved, That ihe Legislature ofMaasachnselts earnestly request Congress to propose to the Stale? an amendment to the Federal Constitution prohibiting the disfranchisement of any citizen on account ol color. .... . . Tnis amendment was rejected by a vote of 14 to 130, which gives a pretty fair Idea of what will be the result when the question on the adoption of the amendment comes np. MISSOURI. St. Louis. 3larch 12.—The State Senate has passed the Finance Bill, with an amendment cut- Un" down the appropriation for the payment of over due interest three hundred thousand dol lars for tne benefit of the School Fond. It is Uionghtthe House will readily agree to the amend ment. min inland, BALTmonr. March 12.—The Maryland Senate to-dav. by a vote of 7 to 1, passed a hill appropn ating'f 100,000 for the suffering South. THOM ST. LOUIS. State of the River—The Pacific Rail road Purchase Abandoned Fenian movements. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, March 12. Tbenver is falling here, though immense quan tities ofrain have lately fallen. The project of buying out the Pacific Railroad, on account of parties Interested in the Union Pa cific, has failed for want of time. The project Is well regained by the public, and Boston capital was represented in the matter to the extent of seven millions of dollars. Robert E. Rotibauer has been appointed Cir cuit Judge. Tee Fenians arcactivcly collecting funds to for* ward to Ireland, though there Is great indiffer ence among many those prominently identified with the movement heretofore. ?>t, Louis March 12.—31r5. Lucrelia Pope, mother of 3lajor Genera! Pope, died here to-day. The delegation of the Buffalo Common Council left here tins afternoon for Cincinnati. HSOJI LAWEESCE, KANSAS. Cold Weather—Preparations for the Upper HllftNonri Trade —Salt filnnnfac lure—lklscuvery of a Goal Vein* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lawrence, Kansae, March 12. To-day has been the coldest and roughest of the sc&i-ou. ’i he oldest inhabitants have never known such on the 12tb of March. At 6p. m. tbe mercu ry was six degrees above zero, with a prospect of failing several degrees below during the night. A furious storm of snow.and wind prevails from the nor h. Sleighing is good. Boats are advertised re leave St. Joseph for Ne braska City ard Omaha to-day. Five first-class rackets connect with the Hannibal «fc SL Jo-cph liailroad, between Oraaliaand SL Joseph, Mo. Prcpa'Btfaus arc nearly completed for the man n&ctnre of salt on a large seals, from tbs brine recently discovered la Ibis city, at a depth of eighty feet. .An loch vein of coal hu also been btrack in boring for salt. FBOH CANADA. The Oorernonblp of Upper Canada— Bon, George Brown Retire* from Po> lltlcal Llle. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Toboxto, Hatch 12. Judge Draper is spoken of as Governor -of Up* per Canada. Be is a most popular man, (bough a strong Tory of the old school. Be la now Chlet Justice of the Province. Hon. Geo. Brown has retired from political life. Moxtbeal, March 12.—The Canadian delegates In London will pall on tbelr return on the 20lh. Messrs. Oaltand Rowland arc busily engaged In bringing to a conclusion the preliminary arrange ments. They have almost dally Interviews with DTsraell, who is to bring a bill into the Hon?e of Commons for the guarantee of a loin ot $20,000,000 foran inler-colonial road. I-can lobe paid off by moans of a sinking fond, in not less than thirty years, nor more than forty-five years. The nego tiations for the loan ore supposed to be easy. FBOM TEXAS. martial Law Declared In Grayson County—lnitial movement Toward Reconstruction. Qalvestox, Texas, March 12.—General Griffin has issued an order that in consequence of re peated outrages and murders in Grayson County, and the seeming unwillingness and inability of the civil officers to give protection to the citizens, the operations of order No. 5 are suspended in Grayson County, and the Sab-Assistant or the Freedxnen’s Bureau is directed to arrest all per sons charged with the commission of enmes and offences against the citizens, refugees or freed men. In cases where civil authority has failed to bring the parties to trial, and detain them in con finement until a proper judicial tribunal la ready to try them. Toe General also orders the ose of military force to enforce this order whenever re quired. Mr. Lamp, private secretary of the Governor, has gone to Washington to consult with the Pres ident about reconstructing the State. FBO2I2IUSCATINE, IOWA, A Citizen Asian] ted and Bobbed la the Public Street, Muscatzxz. la., March 12.—A most daring and murderous occurrence took place In this city last night. As Mr. Philip lenhart, a respectable citi zen. was returning to nla home in the outskirts of the city, he waa accosted by a man as to the residence of some person in tbo vicinity. Mr. Lcnhart turned round to point ont the direction, when the man dealt him a blow on the aide of the head. A scuffle ensued, and Mr. Lenhart. who la a powerful man, waa getting the better of his as sailant, when another man came at him and struck him on the bead with a slung shot, which rendered him powerless. The two then kicked him, and inflicted several stabs in the shoulder and region of the heart, and robbed him of $360 in aaoney, which he had drawn from the bank daring tbo day, intending to start early this morning to bay cattle. Mr. Lenhart, although be has two riba broken, and the stabs arc severe, will probably rccovir. His assailants were to him unknown, and they have, thna far. escaped. FROM. DUBUQUE, IOWA. Lead Dlseoveriefr-Boy Attacked and Lacerated by Doe*. Dubuque, lowa, March 12.—Two promising lead lodes have been recently discovered in this vi cinity—one near Fairplay, Wu„ hr a Chicago com pany. and another three miles northwest of this city, by the Dnhuque Level and Lead Mining Company. Alining interests are flattering Just now. Two dogs attacked a boy about twelve years old yesterday, threw Urn Into the gutter and fearfully lacerated hla flesh before assistance reached him. Powder .Hill Explosion. Xikia, Ohio. March 12.—The dry house of the Miami Powder Company, five miles north of here, blew np about 9*4 o'clock this morning. Two men were killed—J. I.ncke and Ira McMaonlgal. Jbe explosion was heard at Dibant, thirty-five miles distant. The shock was very severe here, rattling windows, etc. Shocking Railroad Accident* Marshalltown, lowa, March 13.—A shocking accident occurred here thia morning. William Thompson and two of his sons, emigrating from EcUhsbnrgb, Illinois, were run over while driving across the railroad track. The father and one sou were very seriously injured. The son loses one arm and a foot, and his recovery is doubtful. General Crook’s Bald Upon the In- dlana. St. Louts, March 12.—The Democrat's SL Jo seph special says General Crook's recent raid on the Indians in the region of Stein's Mountain, resulted killing sixty of the savages. MARKETS BY TELEQRAPH. New York Financial News* [Special Despatch to the C&lcagoTrlbane.] New Tons. March 19. Tbc stock market opened higher, bat soon became heavy. Brie (common) opened at St, and advanced to GOV- On call the market was heavy, and # percent off on the entire list, with great realizing. At the opening of (be regular call rumor# of all kinds disturbed prices. At the 1 o’clock board the market waa again heavy. At 2:30 Erie (common) broke to 57#, with great excite ment in the whole market and 1 per cent lower things looking panicky fora few minutes. Eric (com! mon) and Bock Island being the weakest on the tut. 11 U reported that Uncle David sold oat the former Tester* day, and (bat the tatter wonld pass the dividend in April. At the 330 call the market was steady. At i o'clock It rallied from #®l per cent on the whole list. American gold opened steady, hot afterwards was lower, and will continue to Call, so long as the Govern ment sells Its receipts. Mosey is about the same as yesterday, and without active demand. Governments continue dull. [Associated Press Report ] New Yoke, March U. NONET. UOLcy steady at &37 V cent on call. foreign exchange. Sterling firm at 106#9U«# in gold for first-class bills. GOLD. Gold lower, opening at 131#, declining to 183# and closing at t»#. OCTZCNXCNTS. Government stocks a shade easier, LATER. MON ET. There is no change to notice in money. Ths market remains easy. GOLD. Gold opened dull and heavy, and declined 1 P'ceot— closing a Halo firmer. Cash gold was loaned at M 6 cent to fiat. GOVSHNVTNTS. Government securities dull end without material change. Keg'd. ’£l 109 ©lo9# | January and C0up0n5.’81....109 &H9K Ju'y 106 #®lO6V S-50reg’a,’62...107 ©lo7# 110-40 coupons.. V7#C6 97# Coupons,'CL...lo9 ©icu# i August7-3os...Am,HuKAK C0up0n5’64....107 KQlO7# June 10S!(®10J# Coapsns, , Cs....loi#®JC;# | July 7-83* WS^atOS# RAILWAYS. The railway market opened firm In the long room, hat weaker at the first session in the open board. At the 6tcck Ezchacee the market waa seoerally firm ana ImprovedßOmcffhat. After the session the market was heavy iu long room, and with a decline ol U&H porcerttrom extreme quotations. Dealings in brie formed ths great feature of the list, and the market fluctuated with every variation In this stoct. Eric opeoetlatCl.andd'CllDed to 59#; recovered to CO#, and afterward* receded to S9V. The downward move ment was occasioned by rnmofs that the veteran Di rector was not really moving in stocc. and tho present manipulation was solely by other parties. At the one o’c:ock board the market wa* generally a traction off. andat tbc second board It was heavy and lower, Erie falling to 57V. The market 77m. Heath A Co. report the following: quotations at 6.-00 p. N. American eold.l»#®l33# M. S 72#® 73# 0.&2J.ccrt.... 27#w 79 Di. Central JUkoSUJ Canton 45#w 46 I Ittsburgh SO#® 81 Cumberland... 34 a 35 Toledo 117 Quicksilver.... 56 «5S 111 95# Mariposa B#® 9 N.TV SIVO 85 Western Union 41#® 4J N. W. pt’d 63 ® 63# N.Y.C .102#®!02# Ft. Wayne 98#® 93# Erie 59#® 59# PaciflcMall...,l23 Hudson .736 ©ISB Atlantic 84#a 81# Beading. bondeb STATE bonds. There was a sharp rl*e in Missouri 6s to 99. withjtbe Improved prospect of the funding of basic Interest, unt otbenrjFcßorder Bute bond* showed no Improve ment. illfßomi afterwards receded to 96. steamship snares. SVeamitJp shares were quiet and steady. D Mining shares were firm and active at tbe morning Board, os leading stocks, bnt at tbe afternoon •>u«stuu there was a general decline, with less doing. Quartz lUil was the most active, and rose to fCO.bntreccd'-a MJSP. Gregory opened firm at 127’, and fell to H 73. There was increased business la Corydon, and it rose to CTi5, closing firm. Now York Dry Good* Market, New Tome, March 12. The Inclemency of tbe wrsth«r l« rather a drawback to trade; still a fair business is being transacted both in cotton and woollen goods, prices showing bnt slight variations. Great Falls muslin* are rvdjcsd la price to lijfc idU lf=c lor M. y. ana F. brands. Prints in eooa request, at )3c for Victory, lltfc for Wnuregan, lAXc for Manchester and Amcrlciu dirk stylet, and l‘Kc for light patterns. fctaiicsrd sheeting* steady, st S3c for best makes, 31 C»2l,vc for seconds, tCc for Augusts and Itoihury, and l9c lor Western heavy AA. Tlic Produce markets. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] Milwaukee. March 13. Floor—Firmer. Sales of 400 brls, at fU.OO lor River Street and Elvenlde XM *, StQ.M tor country do; $9.13 @10.50 far spring extra. Wheat—Firm. Sales at lie morning board, 13,5D0 centrist at the noon board, T.OOO centals, at |3.5t@3.53 for N0.21n store; $3.33 edict's option next week; $3.53 idler's option 13th to iCtb; #3.16@3.18 for No. S store, and $2.83 lor rejected m store. No. 1 scarce and nothing doing. oate—Firm, bales oi i.oo> centals, at $1.36 lor No. 1 in store and sl.lß for No. 2 do. Corn-Film andjactlve. Sales ef1.200 centals, at $1.13 for No. 1 old and $1.38 for new shelled. By©—Finn. Sales of 200 centals No. 1 in store at $1,43. Barley—Steady. Sales cl 400 centals by sample, de livered. at |UK»3.DO. Provisions—Firmer. Sales of 175 tres sweet pickled hams at rttfe. Mesa pore la hrid at *21.0?, with buyers at *20.40; extra prime Is held at *16.50. Prime lard firm, at 12Kc. Dressed floes—Firm at f 3.5035.73. Reeclpta—l,ooo brls door, 4,000 centals wheat, COO do oats, 400 do coin, 200 do rye, 600 do barley, IDO dressed hogs. shipments—Boo brla flour, 2,700 centals wheat. NEW YORK. New Tore. March 13. Cottoo—Scarcely an firm, with sales of LOGO hales at 39&39HC for middling uplands, chiefly at V9*c. Flour—Receipts, 3,330rfa. Market about 5310 c bet ter. wltn rather mme doing. Sales of 9,250 brla. at tSAo@9.£ofor puptrline State; *3.5r@9.80 for euperUne TVer.ern; J9.WG410.50 tor extra 'Western; 1U.C03.t3.15 for choice do; fio 10®1L50 for Bblnplng brands of ex tra round hoop Ohio; and *n.CS&U.SO for trade brands —n arket closing nrtn. Wheat—Kicclpts. 3.000 bn. Market S3sc better'on spnnc Sales of 3AOM bu, at I2.JU inr No. 3 Chicago: iiXt for strlcUv No. 2 Milwaukee; t5.90a2.53 lor white California; and 12.00 for rejected spring. Rye—Market aoSc better, and more active, wltn sales of 29,000 bn V> esters, at *1.2031.23, ami small par cels at *1.24. DRarley—ln lair request; sales 37,000 bn at 93c for Canada Weit In bond; *I.U ter co tree. Barley Malt-Doll. Corn—Receipts, 8,030 bn. Market a shade carter— closlcgfim. Sales 75.000 bn at |1.W,5©.1.10 lor mired Western Instore; *l.ll@l.ii;< far do aileat,and*l.o9 (51.09 K for new yellow. Oats—Receipts, RO bn. Shade timer. Sales C3OO bu at oU3&tc for Western; 65(467c lor new Ohio, and 70c for Slate. flops—Qnlct bnt firm at for new. Rice—Nominal. Coffee— Very flrm but quiet. Sugar—Quiet bnt steady. Sales 60 hhds Cuba at 10Wc. and 200 bxs Havana on private terms. Molasses—Dull. Small sales of Cuba at 51c. Petroleum—Dull and heavy at 16c for crude; 36V0 27c for refined in bond. Fork—Firmer. Sales 4,100 brls at *23.12321.61 fbr new mess, c:oelcg at *23.0033315 cash; toroid mess, *17.00(317.50 lor prime India; *19.73(3 20.50 for piltre mess; also 3.750 oris new mess at *30.02)4(3‘.2.57.H, seller and buyer March and AptlL Beef—Steady. Sales 650 brls. Tierce Beef—SteaCy. Bales 335 tierces at *30.5C&33.50 for prime mere, and *33.00335.50 for India mess. Beef flams—Firmer. Salrs 30 brls at *36.00(310.00. Bacon—SieaCy. Sales 750 boxes at for Cumber lands: liailH lor «hon ribbed, and long clear on pri vate terms. Cut Meats— Steady. Bales 47D pkga at 9@lDc lor shoul der?, UAGilic for bams. Lard— steady, sales 930 brls at U&flHfc old, and 15 WGUSkc for new uatter—Dull, heavy. HasCc for Ohio. Cheese-stea dy and lam quiet, at E&ttkc. LATEST. New York, March 12-5 p. m. Flour—sc better on medium grades; fair demand, partly speculative. ... . , Wheat— Firm and advancing, with fair speculative demand lor No. 3 spring at *3.3053.33. Bje—Firmer. Buyers of Western a; *1.33, and sell arley—Quiet and strady. Corn— Firm and fairly active at *l.lO in store and fl U)f afloat lor shipping nixed western. * 6au—Advancing; 6IQMc loi oVu Western, and 6ta regular; closing with free sellers at *22.73 cash aid F uw&Joict, with scarcely so much firmtees. Bsoon-Dnl! at UXeiOKe for Cumberland aid-- ffiM. ; Cut Meats—Fair demand at full prices. lArt-suady to prime, . dHODRun; March 15. Flour—Dnllbnt price* rndimri. Wheat—ymn for spring bat dolt lor winter, end the latter «usc lower at Uteclose. NO I spring, |IU; Wintet,»Lßs. . Goto—Dali st6l@63c; closing weak. Data—Unll and pncre drooping. No 1,51031,¥c. Bye—Eiwdr at 813501.3*. Barley—la better demand. bat price* are on changed. F51i.81J001.53. Whlfkey—Steady atßfe In bond. Cotton—Dali, bat holders orm. Middling," 36C. Tbs news from New Orleans regarding receipts, and from Liverpool dispelled. specalatlTe leeltng noticed yesterday. Pork-Mess held t2OjP, wl < b a demand at 110.00. Unite Meats—ln good demand and prices tending up* ward*. Sales of. coo st, all country cared. City is heid at 6910 c tor shonldeta and sides, and 11c lor clear sides. Bacon—Hardly so firm, the demand baring ftllenoffi Bale# ot ICO hhds; shoulders at 909 vfc; aides at 10J(c; Clear rib at HJfc, and clear at JJ*c. Lard— Unchanged. Country sold at 11c, and City is bddatlSHdllXc. Uniter— Steady, at37oSsc. Eggs—2sc. Seecs—l lover In demand, at 19.T055.90 for new and 58.75 lor old. Tlmotby In demand, at 03 JO, Flax at fijoasjo. ' Sugar—Dnl), at lltfaiSc. Coffee— Declined to tfgtficior rood to choice. . Oold-133«. Exchange—Steady at par baying. The money market 1* quiet and steady, at 9315 per cent tor good paper. BUFFALO. Bcttaio. March 15. Flour—Finn, Bales d* 800 brls at 9UJO for No. 1 spring. Wheat—Quiet. Sales of Canada elnb at *l9l per cen tal. and 6 cars White Canada at IL8502.8& Corn—New quiet and a shade weaker. Sales ol 10 car-loads new Toledo at 86337 c, on Btate Line track, and 3 can old mixed Western at 91095 c in store. Oat*—DoU. Small sales were mode at sOe loi Western. Rye—Neglected. . Bariev—Steady. Bales of bn Canada atfl.OS. New Mess Fork and Lard—Quiet and unchanged. Uigbwlnu—Nominal. MEMPHIS. Uggpina, March 13. Cotton—Steady and firmer, at 370580. Cora-Firm, at 81X501.09. Oats—7oo7sc. Day—fctf 00080.00. corn Meal-g 1.2004.50- ■Flour—Superfine. 19.2539.40. Perk—taijoasi.TS t bul* meats, 9Koilvc;round ba con clear sides, is®l3Nc;shoulders, liaiike; sugar cored hams, canvassed, 17319 c; l&r-a 15014 c. PHILADELPHIA. PraniPKLPtna. March 13. Flour—Finn and In fair demand. Salts of S.OOQ brls Northwestern at 112.50; BUte.BIJ.CO. Wheat—DaiL Ssireof2,ooobEprtmeSUterodjß2-95 for California; 83.15f0r Western. Bye—( Coro—Yellow in good demand, with sales of 6,000 bn at tI.OQ; white, |l&. Data—6l e. Coffee—Finn at IByc fbrßlo. Sugar—Sales of 500 bhds Havana at lOtfc. . Whiskey—Sales on contraband at 89c. BALTIMORE. BaLTQtoss, March 15. Coffee—Firm. No sales. Sugar—Quiet, bat steady. Flom—Steady, but Insctlve. Wheat—Unchanged, with ealea of red at 83J0 Ibr ctsoicn. Whiskey—Finn. Corn—Active and advanced sale. Sales of white at ftl.O3dl.oA and yellow at 9*c®*l.oo. Oati—Slightly advanced, with sales at 63a65c. Provisions—Firmer. Mess Pork. $23.f10®3i25 for Western. Lard, l3V(3l3Jfc. Balk shoulders, 9tfc. Sides at lOjfc. Pickled hams, 13c. New York Live Stock Market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toac, March 13. Hogs—Receipts, 3,600 bead. Selling at Me lower— 7*«etfc. New York Provision market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toss, March 13. P0rk.—153.0 at the close and qnlot. Othsr hog pro* oncU less active, and the advance barely supported. New York Breadatnflb market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] - New Tonka March 13. Breadstnlft—'Wheat largely withdrawn Dorn sale, bnt'ln floor and coarse grain the buoyancy was check ed by the storm and tho decline in gold. New York Grocery market. (Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tribune.] Nkw Yob*, March 13. Coffeo—Rlost23®36c. More easy. Sugar—Fair to prime grocery at lOJfaUtfc and quiet. Ocean Freights. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nzw Tons. March 13. Freights to Liverpool—By steamer, 15,000 bu com at Td. Weekly Exports of Breadstuff*. &e„ from New York. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nrw roUK. March 13. Exports the past week—3,ooo brls floor; 17,700 bn corn; 17,000 bn rye; 55,C00bu barley; 20JXX) brls pork: 1L350.000 as bacon; 916,000 as lard. Cambridge Livestock market. Camjgrpo*, March 13. Cattle—Receipts CS bead. More half from the West. The quality good and the market active and unchanged. Sheep and Lambs— Receipts 0333. The bulk of the sheep sold early at marked advance equal iojfcper pound, owing to the failing off In receipts of tho week, bales iromStolOc. Plttubnreb Oil Market. PmsnußOO, March 13. The market wa* quiet and nnsettled, and It appears a most difficult matter to determine whether or not the bottom has been really reached. Reports from Oil City are uofavorable. The market there Is weak and lower, sales being quoted at V1.75A1.90. Sales hero to-day amount to’ 5,000 brls at to arrive. Bale* ofreflned foot up 16,000 brie afgSc, delivered in June, Jnly and August. The best offers for Immediate delivery In Philadelphia, ol prime light straw to white, are 25Me. Free oil is dtm and unchanged. Small sales were made at KKSJIc. The arrivals reach 8,001) brls. ItIARKIBD. In this city. March 7lb, by tbo Rev. J. Back, at No. 199 bonth bedgwlck streeCMr. GILBERT D. CAR PESTER and Miss ELLENWE AYER, of this city. DIED. At bis residence. No. 313 Clinton nrccLln this city, March 12th. ot typhoid poeumona fever, CORNELIUS CAGNEY, aged 43 years. Friends ol the family are Invited to attend, On the evening of the lltb lust- CULISTA, wlfeof Charles Watcrberry, of this city, and daughter ol the late Daniel W. Mather, of the same place. funeral service at the residence ot the family, No. 57. Twenty-four tn street, on Wednesday the Uta Inst, at three o'clock in the afternoon. Friends and acqnaln taaccs of the lamlly ars invited to attend. On the afternoon ol Tuesday, Mjrch 13th, FREDDIE, Infant sen of William H. and Jolla G* Jenkins, apxj two weeks and three days. Funeral from tbs house. No. 83, Twenty-second street o® ifttmoon at 3 p. m. amusements. ('JROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE, UcWADD a RIDDELL Leasees and Managers WM. S. WARREN Treasurer LAST NIGHT DOT THREE OF " 1. O T T A. WEDNESDAY, March IS, last night of KITTLE NELL, Little Nell and The Marchioness, } , with Banjo bold and Dances. { LITTLE NELL MATINEE this aßsrnooa at 3 o’clock. To-morrow will be produced, with magnificent new scenery, mechanical cif ecu, appointments, and a pow erful clstrlbutlup of character!, the great moral and reunions drama ot UNCLE TOM’S CABIN. Lotta Topsy La retlte Come la as B'a Geo. Alktn as George Harris McVICKERJ_S theatre, CKEK A MANAGERS. Engagement ot the renowned Lyric Artiste, ' VESTVALI, Who will appear in John Brougham's Spectacular Play ot BEL UEMONIO. Angelo Ves trail Her original character, with Songs—“ You arc the Star and Brave Marco." In rehearsal—THE BRIGAND, Friday—Benefit ol Vestvati. Saturday—Vestvall Matinee. pOL. wooira museum. C&L. J. D. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements F. E. AIKEN 1/ucvi.i u, Aim..* Blase Manager. TQOS. BARRY Great success of the sew scenic drama, by Wilkie Collins, pr. duced with rare mechanical effects, floe pictorial llloslratloiiß, as played for many nights in London and New York, and now In Us sixth week at the Boston Museum. This, Wednesday afternoon, March 13. at the Grand Matinee, at K past 9 o'clock, and also in the evenlair. at a j* before 8. will be per formed, after minUis ol careful preparation. the new London sensational drama of THE FROZEN DEEP. To rocclnde, In the evening, with fSdtlme) A QUIET FAMILY. 1c tenearsal—A DANGEROUS GAME. ip H E BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG. LBCTXTRB! Bov. J. B. WABNEB, OF GETTYSBURG, FA., In Clark-st. M. E. Church, (Southeast cor. Clark and Washlngton-cts.) ON THURSDAY ETEN’G, MARCH 14, Commencing at 8 o’clock. Mr. WARNER, known for many yean as a popular and eloquent preacher, was an eye-witness of the great and memorable battle of Gettysburg. Ascend ing to the attic ot bis dwelling, wmch Is built upon the highest ground la the place, be there remained an entranced spectator ol all the events and operations of those three sanguinary days, which covered the Union arms with glory. Bis notes, taken at the time, he has woven Into a Lecture, which be has unci delivered bo fore Congress, and in the principal Eastern cities, with immense applause, as may be seen oy the following OPINIONS OF THE PRESS: “The scenes and Incidents ot those three eventful days, seemed to be crowding the lectorci’i mind with a vividness and freshness which led his audience right into the midst of me battle. Delighted, unwearied, the large audience listened with the deepest interest. To hear this lecture la to see and tcel the Battle of Gettysburg. Every citizen ol the United States ibonld hear it.”—{Presbyterian. ••It was the great lecture entertainment of the sea son.”—[Philadelphia Inquirer. “Mr. Warner Is an attractive speaker, ot easy and graceful address—of warm and ardent oratory. He dorcrlbes, with great lorce and graphic beanlr. the grand sne sublime, hut terrific scenes of the battle. He was trequ'-ctly interrupted with enthusiastic ap plause.”—{boston Traveller. Tickets of Admission, Fifty Cents. To be bad at Walsh's News Depot, southwest corner of Madison and Dearbotp-sts.; at W. O. Holmes', 170 South Clarx-st: at ibe Drug Store southeast come; of Washington ana Clark-sts.; at the News Depot, comer cf North Clark and Elozle-Bts., and at the doors. Doors open at 7 o’clock. Proceeds devoted to benevolent purposes. THEATRE. An Entire Now* Elegant and Attractive Entertainment. TEE BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF 20 Years of a Drunkard's Life, WANTED FOB THE BALLET, A FEW HORE LADIES. WONDER OP WONDERS. AND NATUitE UNVEILED, at the Now Tork BXaseam of Anatomy f f)0 Randolph-st., comer Dearborn. Lectures oally. Those unable to attend may receive them by enclosing

10 cent, to Secretary. THE CaUsES OP DISEASE may be seen at tbo Hew York Museum of Anatomy, 90 Randolph-st.. comer of Dearborn. Yankee Robinson’s circus AND MENAGERIE. _ im-encagemcnr, aad positively .the Last Week of the Champion of the world. Mr.,IAM3S ROBINSON 1 and bis son CLARENCE, Monday evening, March Jim, and every evening daring the week, ana Wednesday and Saturday allemoots. Menagerie open at all hours of the day. QROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. BEVXU HOADS I TSNHOBKSI WILL ABFEAB APRIL BTH. 38ttsiwggg Changes. T7OR SALE—Gents furnishing goods. r Having asaoclatad ntysell with the old and popn largest* furnishing bcnwofP. C< Kemptoa, 2947 Bmdwsy.N. Y„ under theflrmnaateof F. C.Kotnp too A Co„ (the aame to take effect April Ist,) 1 offer my stock, furniture and lease tor sale tor cun. Tba stand isoteofthebost inCblcsgo. The iornltnroununn- Gsctartd entirety *f black walnut, the slock clean and well coreiuoned, and every way soltrd to fiiat-clasi trade. WM. P. CHURCH of Win. p. Cbucb A Co„ 112daik-st.. F)K SALE—At 121-2 per cent discotmt, for cosh, stock of dry goods, ready mode clothing, bits and capo, boots and shoes, groceries, crockery and glassware, wise, vine plants. For particulars, colt on or address N. A. EATON. 164 West Twelflh-sL, Chi cage, DL, for 30 days. FOR HALE—The oldest and best Jew elry store In TVankeitan. 111, dolors very good btumess. Terms eaty. For particulars, Inquire ot M. FRONBERO A CO., Wbol-sale Dealers In watches and Jewelry, 124 Lake-sv. Chicago, IIL T7OR SALE —At Kankakee, 111., on the L Dllnols Central Railroad, a stock of hardware and tinners’ materials. The owcer wishes to retire from business, on account of 111 health, and will lease the store tor a term of years. There are six- rooms above the store, and s good baaemect with three rooms. Located In the centre port of the city. A rare chance for a per tv with aome means. For farther particulars address “P G D.” P. O. Box 111, Kankakee, DU FOR RALE—A drug store, medical prac tice end residence. A rare chance tor a pbrtl cian. A large practice guaranteed. A finely assorted stock of drags. AUfbr*2JOO, Address “FjtVYB,” Beading, Livingston Co.. DL FOR SALE—The good will, stock and fixtures ol a first-class retail drag store, all la complete aider, situated la a go*l location tntcoclty of SI. Joseph, Mo. Lease sHvean to ran, at low rate. For further information, Jnqnlreof j. U. W. JONES, Stationer. 43 and 44 Dearborn-eL, Chicago, 111. F)R SALE—WeII-assorted stock of dry goods and groceries. In a flourishing town, the centre of a thrifty faming region. For particulars, address Box 61, Oregon, Wls. F)R SALE—Photograph gallery, situ ated tnabeautliUlclty-TOniUeawert of Chicago, finely fitted up, well stocked with Instruments, and is doing a good nnsinwa. Satisfactory reasons tor sell ing. and will be sold at a creit bargain. Apply at FULLER’S Photograph Gallery, 131 Sooth Clark-st., Chicago. IT'OR SALE—The oldest and best jew- F elryß, doing a verr good Easiness. Terms easy. For particulars, inquire of M. RBONBBBU A CO.. Wholesale Dealers In Watches and Jewely, 134 Lakost- Chicago, UL, or to C. 8. JOHNSON. Waukegan. 111. FOR SALE—An assortment of milli nery goods srd Yankee notions, and shop to rent. Can furnish board ana private room for one or two persons, at 747 West Lake-sL MRS. JOSEPH HALL. T7OR SALE—A stock of wntebee, jewel- X 1 ry, silver plated ware. Ac., all fine goods, and of good styles, with A No. 1 fixtures for same, and lease of store, will be sold, separately or together, at a bar gain, for cash, or exchanged for city property. Loca tion one of the best In town. Ac ply at QOIMBY A HAWLEY’S, Boom 7 Reynolds* Block. Cnicago. f?OR SALE—A Retail grocery store do- X 1 Ire a strictly cash business, averaging $l5O per day a'l winter. Can be doubled in snmoier. Reasons for selllnc. going into wholesale business. Inquire of SMITH A PESTER, No. 10 Deatbonx-st. FOR SALE—One of the best cash tea and coffre grocery stores In Chicago. No one need apply unless they have a capital o? 81,000. Ad dress “H.** Trlbnne office. T7OR SALE—A tine warehouse and stor- J 7 age room lor 10,000 brls. Room 3 No. 48 South Clark-Bt. FDR SALE —City retail drug store, well located. A good chance for an enterprising man. BaUMhcloryreasons tor seller. For particulars,ln quire of Sail H, CUTLER A CO* corner Randolph-et. and MlChipan-ar. FDR SALE—Lease, license, stock and fixtures of a saloon and boarding house, right o> posit* the first-class sitting room doors cl the M. S. audC„B. LA F.E.K. new rasaraccr depot, One of the best stands is tho city. Everything ready for bnal* ness, and low rent. Inquire on the premises, 38 Sber mafi-st. Good reasons given lor selling. F)R SAXE—One ol the heft located ss loons In the city ft>r one-h,lf price, as the owner is going into another business. Inquire at 87 Sonth Clart-st. FOR SALE—Grocery Store centrally located and doing a good basinets. will be sold at invoice. This J* one of the oldest stands In the city. Capital required, £3,000 to SI,OOO. Address Post Office Box9Bß. TT’OR SALE—Cheap—Meat market and F fixtures, injrood location. Inquire on the prem ises. 330 WeslTwellth-st, • FDR SALE—A half interest in a splen did exhibition, never has made less than (10,000 ref,per annum. This is a good thing and no humbug, and to aman willing to travel will Insure a fortune. Apply to-L B hV’Room 3, No. 193 Sonth Claxk-sfc, Chicago. FOR SALE—The lease, stock and fix tures ol a first data cigar store, in one ol the best locations In the city. Very cheap. Will take pait cash and balance In trade. Also, two new pianos on same term*. WEBBER A WILSON, Boom 18, Rey nolds Block. ' ' FOR SALE—The lease, stock and fixtures of an old established Confectionery store; also, ladles’and gents* ice cream saloon. Oneoftba beat locations In the city. Most be sold in a few days. Parties will find this one of the beat chances. Good reasons given lor selling. For particulars apply on premise*, No. 2118 State-sL FOR SALE—The stock and fixtures of a grocery and commission store, well located and doing a fine bnilncsr. Beaton of selling, death of my mother. Address, W. B. TISDALE, Trlonne office. FOR SALE —Lease, stock and fixtures of an A No. 1 grocery. No better location In tho city. Low rent. It’s a bargain. GILBERT & BENE DICTJI32 Clark-st, Room 7. filntses. (Farriases. &c. FOR SALE—Fourteen horses,.iostamv ed Horn Indiana, nullable lor trucks, drays or ex* Eress wagons; also, some splendid buggy and family ones and mares. Canbeaecnat WRBN’B Sale Sta ble. 454 Stato-st. FOR SALE—A supenorEenlucky jack, fifteen bands one Inch Mgo, thorough-bred, rich dark color, six years old. and a fine breeder, will be sold cheap. WM. O. MILLER, Chenoa, McLean Co* 111. ~\\T ANTED—An* open Buggy in ex- VV charge lor a good second-hand expzess wagon. Apply at 45 State-it. FOR SALE—Second-hand top buggy, in good order, very cheap, if applied £or soon. Gall at No. 30 Lako-at. TpOR SALE—Or to exchange for cigars, Jj 'ahorse, new open baggy, harness and robe. The nurse, a Canadian pony, is sound, gentle and quiet. Address, **T. D. R..” Tribune office. 17 OR SALE—One lieht topbugeyand ' single haixe’S.ln good order and nearly new. Will ns told cheap. 71 Stalest. F)R SALS —A span ol caniace horses, fine style, pood steppers, single or doable. Un equalled in imj city. Apply to J. C. DARNELL, Farm* •fee’s stable, comer Twenty-second and Btate-sU gltirtion gales. A. BUTTERS & CO, Auctioneer! & Commission Horchants 41 ds 4« RANDOLPfI-^T,, Between Statfret. and wabssh-ar.. Hold regular cole*, at their salesrooms, ot DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, AO, Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FUKNITOUE, CARPETS, Ac., every SATURDAY T ARGE and desirahlo stock of Cloth- I j log. Cloths, Cassltseres, Ac., AT AVOTZOM’, On WEDNESDAY, March 13th, at9X o'clock, at But ten' Salesrooms. 44 and 46 Bacdolpb-st. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Ancdoueers. TTN DERWRITERS’ SALE—Tde entire U .lock or DBY GOODS Of HUCHBEBGBB BROTHERS, damaged by the late Ore, AT AUCTION, On THURSDAY, March 14tb, at 9V o’clock, at Batters' Salesrooms, 44 and 46 Randolph-st. The stocr con sists ol upwards of (60.C00 worth ol Dry Goods, dam aged by Are and water. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO- Auctioneers. JJANIEL SCOTT & CO„ AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 cor. Luilnlle, Chicago. Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Cut-door solos promptly attended to. RUCTION. Thursday March llth, at 10 a. m„ at Daniel Scott ft Co’s. Roomr, 104 Lako-st. New and second-hand fur niture of every description. Carpets, Cutlery, Mir rors. China and Glassware, Ac., Ac. DANIEL bCorr&CQ.. Auctioneers. RUCTION. Saturday, March ictb, at 10 a. m., at Daniel Scott * Co's. Rooms, 164 Lako-st. Groceries, Cheese, Sugars, Teas, Codec, Spice, Grocers Scales, Cigars, Tobacco, Ac., Ac. DANIEL SCOTT A CO„ Auctioneers. A UCTION—At Daniel Scott & Co.’s r\ auction rooms, 164 Lake-sL, Friday, March IS, Staple Dry Goods, Satinets, Tweeds, Prints, Hose. Half Hose, Casstmcres, Crash, Shirtings, Sheetings. Ac., Ac- DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Auctioneers. Gilbert and sampson, General Auctlonecn, 47 and 49 Dcarbom-fiL Trade Sale ot 60 Crates Crockery, 250 Boxes Glassware, AT AUCTION, On THURSDAY. March 11th, at 10 o'clock at our Sales rooms 47 ami 49 Dearborn-st., 60 crates White Granite ware, la open lots, consisting nt a complete assortment of Toilette, Dinner and Tea Ware, In quan tities to suit dealers. Also, 3*o boxes assorted Flint Glassware. Goods racked tor the country. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auctioneers. iTi ILBBRT & SAJIPSON. \JT General Auctioneers, 47 and 40 Dearbom-st. Elegant New and Second-hand FURNITURE, CARPETS, ETC., at auction, On FRIDAY. March 19th, at 10 o'clock, at oar sales rooms, 47 and 40 Dearboro-st, consisting In part ot the entire Furniture and Effects ol a gentleman break ing uphousekeeping. The goods are allot the best, and are as good a* new—only been used a few months. Also, a large and splendid assortment of new Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room Fnrnlrare, Including sev eral very line Marble top Chamber Suites of the cholc ««,»«.4BudeWiS»^ngteS. siMMOSi Auctioneers. Utnegar. ■DURE 1 CIDER VINEGAR, Warranted pure, and to preserve pickles. Largest works of thcklnd In the United States. CUAKLEd G. E. TRUSSING, 330 and 1141 State-su. Chicago. Jrato liHUls, Engines, &c. rjpHß LAKE & EODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM EHOffIES, Shingle Machines, Com Mills and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. LANK db BODLEY, Corner ol John and Water-sts., Cincinnati. AppUcants lor descriptive circular* will specify the machinery they need. gaaieupnn printing. JJ HINTING, Book and Job. At Tribune Job Office. Pocilltle* for doing Work ot Any Descrip tion Unequalled in the City-; jpor jpale. HARDWARE STOCK FOR SALE.— A party having a stock of about $7,000, in a flour ishing town on the Illinois Central Road, offer to sell on account of Ul health. It Is a good location, and the buUdlrg will be sold with the goods, crleasaLude sired. For further particulars inquire of WM« BLAIR $ CO., 179 nnd 181 Randolph-* t. &o Hent==3oouoes. TO RENT—Furniture for Sale—A new’ home at Evanston, 7 rooms, convenient to depot, con oe bad low. Addfea t ‘X. ,, Trthanesffloe. TO RENT—Furnished borne. wiUi mod ern Improvements arid In nice repair, inquire st the doer, 9318 Mlchlgan-sv., One In the row sooth el rwenty-oniMt. • rpo BENT—The desirable residence, ftir- X nltbed, So. »27 Mlchlgan-av. Apply to A W. MoNTGOffitICY, 17 Soolb Water at. rpO RENT—'Two-elory House and brick' X basement, containing in oil? rooms i douhlepor lor. dining-room, gas. good water, and bain. Farm -tnrelorodle.. Kent ISS smooth. Posieaslan Immetfl. ately. wlib les«e nrtll Mar. IMS. Inquire 3b Btste-st TO KENT—That first-class House. 113 Cottage Orove-ar.: home <0x60,19 rooms, 6 mar* bie mantles, hot and cold water, gas, water closets, bath roetri, spending tabes, cellar, atore room, laun dry, cistern, bain, and sewer. Pomoosloq May lit.’ Bailable lOraUtge’fluslly or s flrst-closa private boarding boose, to a desirable tenant a lease for Tests, sad the proprietor weald board with the teraat. Inquire at 123 Booth Clark, Boom 8- CaUlromlOto 15 a.m. TO RENT—Small boose, partly fur nished. In a central locality, rutted to the con venience ol a gentleman and with who desire to keep house—one person requiring board with the soma. None but reliable parties ceed apply. Inquire st SB South Water-st. TO RENT—I have fire desirable houses, gas and water, to rent, in the North Division. 9 ana H rooms, rent (660 to 9650 to good tenants. Bend name and address to P. O. Box it ß6. T) RENT—From April Ist, the house No. 891 Wabaah-ar., cont«lnlng 10 rooms, with a good bam. Apply on the premises. TO RENT—Good house, with water and gas, five minutes’ walk mom the Poit Office. Fur niture lor sale. Apply at No. 18 Fonrth-sv. None need apply nnless they wish to boy the fartltore. TO RENT—Two desirable dwellings on com the street cart—one two-story, containing srves rooms and pantry, the other a cottage, containing five rooms and pantry—each bnlldlog accommodated with lake and eon water, large para and good yard. Apply on the premises. qpO RENT—Desirable furnished bouse, I North Side, very pleasant location, lor 8 months. Potscsslon at any time, p. O. Box 336- TO RENT—Pmctbree-stoiybrickhousc of 10 rooms, water, gas pipes, Ae~ between Stanv at. and Wabaih-av.-ono of the finest locations in the city. Bent only 85# per month. If paid six mouths in advance. Half a block from horse railroad cars. Also, furnished and oufuralehed rooms near the PostOOce; a cottage within six blocks ot the Post Office. JONES, BDNDr A TATLOR. Beal Estate Agents, Boom 12 Methodist Church Block. ■ TO RENT—By ’Win. D. Kerfoct, 8D Washlngton-st., neat house containing 8 or 9 rooms, with urge yard, CO or 70 feet front, on the cor ner ofLooml* and BasUngs-ets. TO RENT—A two-story brick bouse, with 40 foot lot, on Wahwh-ar-fnear Harnon court. Possession, April let. Ihreo-story brick hou'e on lodlana-avj near Xnlrtr-first-sL, .at 9COU. H. C. MOREY A Beal Estate Brokers, No. 8 Metropol itan Block. . rpo RENT—Desirable house on the I North Side. No. 386 North LaSalle-st. Apply to CTA. SPRING, No. 8. Lannon Block. TO RENT—Two two stoiy Frame Homes, water, gas. Ac.. Nos. Not. Sol and 393 North LaSalle st. Rent fCCO and 8650 ter year, tram May lit. Inquire of PDRISGTON & SCRANTON, No. 209 Sonth Water-it. TO KENT—A two-story frame house on the West Side. 1C rooms, gas and water, and bath room. ApplystNo. 36 South Water-st. . » ®n itcnt^Kooms. TO RENT—Furnished rooms, at FIS Clinton- it* between Adams and Jadoon. TO RENT—The upper part of house No. 336 North Fracklln-st., 5 rooms; also, a small cottage in the rear. Possession Immediately. BAIRD A BRADLEY, corner Lake and Latalleata. TO RENT—Two pleasant tarnished rooms, each suitable for one or two gentlemen. In hnck touae southeast corner ol Wells and Illinois-fit. Apply go stairs. TO RENT—Four rooms suitable tor housekeeping, with gas and water, ton minutes' wa k from Pest Office, Apply at 15S Xhlrd-av. fos session given immediately. qpO RENT—With board, a large tar* -.j ~ nlshed room, sultaols for two single gentlemen, at 45 Ensh-st. References required. TDRENT— Lower part of a good house, with or wl'bout furniture, four squares west of Union Park, or will st'l the larnttore—six room*. Ap ply a' Room 16 No. 133 Booth Clark-st. TO RENT—The lower floor of a cot tage, completely furnished lor housfkeeplce, cor .ncrol Burnside and Twentieth-eta. Terms, (90 per month, in advance. • TO RENT—Room 78 Lombard Block, and furniture for sale very cheap. Apply as above between 7 and 9 to-night. TO RENT—Front room and furniture lor sale cheap. Call between 7 and 8 this p. m.. at itoom 32. Otis* Block corner Madison acd Laaalle-ats. TO RENT—Good double room, and Iflrnttnro for sale cheap. Cal! between 7 and S this p. m. at Boom 35 Speed’* Block. Drarborn-at. ®o3arnt?Stows, ©fficcs.&c rpO RENT—Second and third floors at JL 30 Lake-st, Apply to PHELPS, DODGE A CO. TO RENT—Dock and yard, 100x500 ft. Good location for lumber business. For particu lars. Inquire cl TUPS. QOQDWILLIE, North Pier. T) RENT—Steam Power and room 50 feet square. A good point lor sash aod door bad* nets. For particular! Inquire ol TUGS. GOODWIL LIE, North her. fT’O RENT—Choice offices lor physicians, 1 dentists or lawyers. Nor. A and 6, 12 and 13, and |8 and 10 In McCormick’s Building. Apply to C. A* SPRING, No. 8 Lannon Block. rpo RENT—Lots lor lease, m Ashland's A second addition, fronting on Adams and Lincoln* at.; in J. A. Wilson’s subdivision, fronticc on Horne A Jacksos-et.; also, one lot on Lake-et, between wood acd Lincoln. All< callablelocations. GEO. V.BYRD, lOQ Randolph-st* Boom 8- TO RENT—New Store, 213 'West Madi son-st. Apply at store from 9to 13 a.m. TO RENT—The five-story marble front building No. 10 South Clark-st, YOUNG A SPRINGER. 2 Metropolitan Block. TO RENT—Offices on second floor, with vault, No. 100 Washlngton-SL Inquire of KTTtg HAWES. qpo RENT—The large front office known. X as Johnson’s Skate Depot, corner Stat * sod Ran dolph, with or without carpet and lamltnre. Apply on the premises. rpo RENT—Suite ol first-class offices on I first floor, on Ct&rk-st-In “Morrison Buildings." Inquire at Boom 8 No. 123 Clark-st., from 10 to 13 a. m. TO RENT—To lawyers and others—A beautiful suite of offices, consisting ot I rooms, very light, commodious and oeMrabK Bent ISM per annum. GEOBOE M. HIGH, 164 Randoiph-st, Boom 18. TO RENT—Nice office,-with or without turnlture. or will sell the lomlturc. Boom 16 >o. 133 South Clark-st. nrO RENT—First-class -store on Lake -1 st. W. H. SAMPSON. Boom 3, Metropolitan Block. T) RENT—Store No. lai Madison-st n with dwelling In second story. Also, fine base ment. Apply to W. B. SAMPSON, Agent, Boom 3 Metropolitan UaH. TO RENT—River lot 100x340 on North Branch, suitable for lumber yard. Also, store MOT Bandolph-st. A. B. MEAD. 161 Randolph-st. partners aSHanteu. "PARTNER —’‘Wanted—Special or ac r tlve—special preferred. One who has *J3,OtO to (15,000 to Invest In a Orst-class wholesale boalness. Only parties of the first respectability treated with. Reference* given and required. Address. confidential ly. appointing place of Interview, "WT H,” Tribune office. PARTNER —Wanted, with a capital ot 13.000, to take an interest in an old established anu well paying commercial busli ess la one oftheb-at locations In the city. Address “C. PARTNER," Tri bune office. TJARTNER—Wanted, in the boot and JL ehoa bn-lness, with a capital of abont 13.003. lam doing a good business, and wish to increase my facili ties. Address "RP.''Tnbnne office. PARTNER —Wanted—In a light nann aclorlnz wholesale business. fi)o capital re quired. Inquire of JONES. BUNDY A TAYLOR, Hoorn 18, Methodist Church Block, Chicago. PARTNER—Wanted, to take an interest .17 in one of the best patents in the market. Caller address GUAB. MESSENGER, 9S Washlngton-st- Room 3. Chicago, BL Send stamp for circular. PARTNER —W ante d—A first-class chance for a good man with $703. Must be com petent to do office business, packing oad shipping goods. Address J. C„ P.O.Boxi>9. : "PARTNER — Wanted With from JL (1,000 to to engage In the tin business in a flourishing part or the city. Business commenced Nov. IB.IBCB. Address " A B X,’* Tribune office. XJAUTNEH —Wanted—In a first-class J 7 business, re miring (3,000. Apply Immediately to T. Q. BELFIELP A CO„ Beal Estate Agents, No. ID P. O. Block. "PARTNER—Wanted—An opportunity IT 1> offered tor an active young man, with from (LIOO to UTOo ready cash, to take an interest In a gen eral produce commission business. Address, with reference and amount of ready cash, PRODUCE COM MISSION, care Tribune office. PARTNER— Wanted —With SIO,OOO, more or less. Id tho furniture business. I have a well established trade, a good store on Lake-sL, mod erate and well assorted stock, and doing a fair business, and desire to give an active and reliable man, who can command the above amount, an equal Interest. Address FURNITURE, Tribune office. "PARTNER—Wanted—I wish a good, JL Active banners mu for pamor la the Rock River Iron Works. Janesville. m Most hare a capi tal oflrom {30,0(0 to $50,000, imd bo able to show a dear record. One who Is acquainted with the manu facture and sale ol agricultural machinery preterred. The machinery manufactured at these works has a reputation second to none la the West and the de mand is nnllmlted. Address. JAMES RABBIS. Janesville. Wts. HHarijinrtg. TTOR SALE—Three 8-horse power up* JL* right engines; also six horizontal engines, a. IT and 12-horse power. Larger or smaller engines fur nished with or without boilers. 12,15, id ana 20-barse tubular and locomotive boilers for sale, best male. Also one 4-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, iron B lasers, belong, saws, flies. Ac. Machinery Depot, ay earbom-sL. Chicago. GREENLEE BROS. & CO. FDR SALE—Portable engines and boil era, 10 to 20-horse power, at very low prices, by- GRIFFIN BROS* 116 LaSalle-st, opposite Chamber ot Commerce. T?OR SALE—Portable engines, station- JL 1 ary and cn wheels, 10 and U-borac power, on hand and tor sate at low prices, by THE PESHTIGO CO- North Water-sL, North Pier. T?OR SALE—A superior low pressure r engine, SO-Inch cylinder and 4-feet strike. In splen did ranting order, with shaft 9 inches In diameter and fly-wheel 20 feet, welching about 7 tons. Tnts engine la of sufficient capacity to drive the largest elevator, and is particularly adapted to a nil! c&pableof making 400 barrels cf dour per day. We offer the above at the low price of Forturther particulars, inquire ol DATFR. WHALING A CO- State MU s, Chicago, or MEDBEBY, STEVENS A CO., MUwaakee, WlsT T?OR SALE—A second-hand Buckley JC folding machine—in good condition- Price, ttto. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. "Wf ANTED—To purchase immediately, V V for cash, a second-hand Engine and Boiler ol about 25-horsc power; a two-flue boiler preferred. Also a steam pump suitable tor a coal mine- Patties having such for sale will please address Q. H. LEWIS, 34 Lake-sc. F)H SALE—Fine 8-horse engine and flue boiler, at {650. (Woodbury's make.) Boom 3 No. 4» Santh Clark-it. T?OR SALE—To Printers —4x3 Buggies’ I combinations, bed Txli new; 1 half-medium (Jordon, Franklin,new; l medium N’orthrnp Cylinder, new; 3 Montas ne Paper Cotters, new; 3 Buggies' Card Cotters; 1 Adams’ press fly wheel; 15 ft-sin shafting, hangers pDllle&j; ipr e-columazews chases. Address uEOTn. FERGUS. IStalia Cfrfk-st.. Chicago. FDR SALE— Pottable Steam Engines ! Portable ttesm efljripefa sA*t(n’nber on baud in store, made by the *• Waiauffton Jron. Worts,” of superior workmanship, which we warrant to give entire satlslactlon. Will be sold cheap. Cali and take a look nr them. HAWKINS A JAMES, 54 South Wells-at. . pianos. 'T'O RENT—Pianos, Organs and Melo- X deons; also, new ana ieoond-haud Pianos for sa’e on time payments, received la Installments. W- W. KIMBALL. 63 Washington-st. ’ F)R SALE—Five new pianos tor sale cheap, cr will exchange Car real estate. PETER SHIMP, 93 Monroe-tL &eal Estate-(Sits. MFBOfP. T7OR SALE—lnEvsnston —Eight houses MSttWaMK Agent»Erfrtfr?P.or at hl«oCce;iy La , <all»sL.t'hlcigJ. TTOR SALE—Store acd lot, No. Itfl P South Oark-st.. between Madison aad Monroe, S4k fttl trout. Inquire of JOBS FOHSTXSB, 153 Randolph-tt. • ■ - • a FOR RALE—A new two-story frame bouse, with* room, coaTeeieaUy arranged and Iniotrpletoorter,lot3sxl3o tolS-foot alley. Tills per feci, fetitsanm win given on or after April Ist. Terms easy and price low. Call aad see it, at No. 443 West JactoOMC,jnst south of Jcffsrsra Park, or sp ply to owner, So. 49 np stairs. tPOR SALE—A two-story frame house r and itable. to be moved «tls sprlse. Inquire of C SABLES G/E. P8U&5150,339 and 341 Slate-st, Chicago. T7OR SALE—A two story fr&zne house, A 1 No. 26 North Benben-sb. fronting Union Psrk. Nine rooms, water and yas—cewly papered and paint ed—boose on leased Irt, eleven years to ran, at k*7AO per year. Price fi-COO.. Terms 81.0C0 cash, 81.000 la six, twelve and eighteen months, with Interest at six percent. Apply to W. W.BELL. Internal Revenue TT'OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real X! Estate Agrafe, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new two story and basement brick booses, with Maa« sard roc £ ol 18 rooms, hot and cold water, water clos et*, bath room, marble mantels acd lots, on Randolph- Elisabeth. » FOR BALE—Cheap—Lot 53x83, with buildings, at 89 West JacksoD-fft. Apply on the premises. FOR SALE—!a new two-story frame house of 11 rooms, brick ionodatios, hot and cold water, bath, cistern. and lot 3,V teet front on Washington-st. SNVDFB A LEE. Beal Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. T7OR SALE—House and Lot—Story and JO ahall Gothic cottage. No. 786 nesr Hoyne—fJ.CCO. Apply to BOND A CHANDLER, 106 Ciark-st. PDR SALE—Office formerly occupied by Kirby, Carpenter A Co.. North Side, near New- Derry’sEleriior.snlublodwelUncfara small family. Apply at 23S South latent.. Room 4- I"' OR SALE—House and lot on Adama ‘ st, with brick and frame buildings, SASOO; oae on Monroe-st~ near LaSalle, BASCO; one on west L&ks st.. PETEBSHIMf. 92 Monroent. FOR SALE—A seven-room cottage, No. 333 Calnnfet-av., rented ft>f 8360. lot 35x no; poeonTwenty-fimrth-eU 83A09, rented lor (500. PEfcEK SHIMP. 92 F>R SALE—On Micbigan-av., 56 ieet north at Hamou-conrt, wltn One house, bars, shroDDery, Ac. A. J. AVEKELL, Beal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. . FOR SALE—On Calumet-av., comer ot Twenty llrat-st.aflaeiot, 81 feet front, and ex tending about Soil feet tc the laze, with dne view per petually secured, and nice bouse on the premises. A. J.AVEHELL, Real Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Blcck-. FOR SALE—At a Great Bargain Booseabdlot4olThlrd-av H near minols Cen tral aad Bock Island machine shops. The lot alone Is wotth what the whole can he bought for. Most be sold within ten days. Inquire of 8. CLARKSON A CO., No. 19 Sooth Market-st. FDR SALE—On Wabash-av., near Thir tcenth-eL, ft first-class marble front boas'*, lot .23 nr 170. A. R. WING A CO„ Beal Estate Office, 82 waahlngton-sL, Boom 2. TT»OR SALE—Fust-class brick dwelling Jj on Wabasb-av.. near Twenty-tourth sL, s3£tf; also, one worth $6,000, with brick Dasemest. CLAF IAN, 93 Waihlngton-st.. FDR SALE—On South Clark-st, two good brick stores, with lota: also, three frame cottages, with Jots, on the North side. Good, Invest ment. Terms easy, CLAgHN, 93 Waahington-at. T?OR SALE—Fine marble front block JD on fctate-st., lot 60x17P feet. Win par 15 per cent. Terms easy. Also—Lot on North Clark-IL, 123 feet by 80 feet on River, with bonding*. Price low and on long time at Opercest, __ alto—House andloton West Folk near CUnton-it, at |Z,COO. Al*r—a choice ten-acre tract on line of West Late and Madlsoc-su. IK miles west of limits, at 1150 per acre. Apply to GEO. IS. £L HUGHES, 77 Dearborn sL, Boom 32, third floor. FDR SALE—Very desirable investment. House and Lot 35 North Ada-st, oce and a nail B<ory cottage. 7 rooms, bath, pantry, closets, china closets and other conveniences. Hydrant and rain water, basement, etc. Neighborhood pleasant and de sirable. Will be sold cheat) If called lor soon. SNY DER A LEE. Beal Estate Agents, Boom 4, Metropoli tan Block; FDR BALE—By Snyder &Lee, Real Es tate Agent*. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a two itory frame house, of Brooms, and lot, corner of Twenty-flxaKt. and Tblrd-ar. Price T7OR SALE—House and Lot No. 256 F Wabash-av., between Jackson and Van Bnren-sts. Price 87.060. Favorable term*. WAUBEN A GOOD BICH, 135 Dearbom-st, Boom 2. FOR sale—Three new two-story houses on Wabaah-av, a little north of Twenty nlntb-st. *5,000 each. Terms easy. WABBEN A GOODRICH. 123 Dearbcrn-st, Room 2. FDR.SALE— Nog. 251, 2511-3 and 253 Park-ar. near Hoyne-sL, new two-story and base ment booses. In perfect order, built separately, only $4,300 each. on remarkably easy terms.. Immediate possession given of No.aik—keyatoorofflee. WAR-' KEN A GOODRICH. 133 Dearbora-sL, Boom it. FDR SALE—Several cottages with lots, on and near Lako-st., will bo solo on long time if desired. Also, a lew lots near said locality at bar calLß. J. B. ANDREWS, Boom 7, Methodist Clmrch Block. FDRSALE— By A. B. Mead 151 Ban nolph-sU one of the finest marble front residences 00 elegantly furnished. Lot 33x130. A two-*lory frame house on West Adams-st, netr Halsted-sc, gas. bath-room, Ac. Lot 33>iz IS6, A fine two-etory frame house on Jndd-st.; good bars on lot. water in both. Lot ssxlOO to planked alley. Price 13.000. A first-class bouse on Park-av- near Park; 13 rooms, hot and cold water. Lot 9ftd33. Good bam with water. Prlce<lo,ooo. Seven cottages’on leased ground on West Side, from S7OO to fL2W. FDR SALE—Id Thos. B. Bryan & Co.’s Real-Estate Office. Bryan Hal), Blnsdale-sL, west ofXaSalie-aL, two-story trams house with piazza, in excellent repair: also, frame barn with lotMxXSO leet to alley. Will be sold at a bargain if applied for at once. XT OR SALE—Cheap. No. 404 Erie sL, a F desirable residence wltn modem Improvements. Terms verv liberal. BOZST A CUMMINGS, Beal Estate ano Loan Brokers, 98 LftSalle-st. FOR SALE—A desirable two stoiy and basement brick residence containing modern im provements, aud'lot, on Wahasb-av.. on good terms and less than cost. ABTQtJE A BOYDEN, 210 Btate-it. TT'OR SALE—A large irame house with F -valuable furniture, in eligible locality, lor sale or kaue. O. S, POSTON, No. 2 Smith & NUon’i Build ing. ’ FOR SALE—OriJ Mlchigan-av., near Twenty-founh-fiL, desirable dwelling with 30 feet jot. On Mlchlgan-av., south ofTwenty-secoud-sL, de sirable dwelling, large lot. good barn, *c. Wafinh-ar. near Fourtwnlh-su commoolons dwelling on leased <ot, east ftent, cheap. Desirable residence property on Prairie and Galumct-avs. J. D. HABVEr.yS LaSalle* st. VHIBFBOTBD. T7OR SAT.F.—A beautiful lot on the I? aernerof Wc«t Monroe and 'Bscker-sts.,~& leet by 135 feet, running back to an alley. So better neigh borhood in the city. Alio, a beautiful block of six lots in Evanston—in toet, the handsomest lot la Evans ton. It Is near the depot, and next north of H. U. Hurd’s residence, with abundance of large oak and or namental trees, and some two hnodred trait trees. For prices, apply to GEORGE F. FOSTER, 317 Sooth water-* t, FO ft SALE—Lots on Wabash and Mich- Igan-ava. near and on corner Thimcth-sL, ILOOO each. Two years hence they will bring dcuble the money. GEORGE A WILLIAMS, 7 South Ctark-at. T7OBSAIE—Two very desirable build _C mg lots, Sizu£ ftet. to an alley, on CarroH-st, tesrnoyre. Ptlce fiis each, part on time. E. S. FOE, gob Lake st. TT'OR SALE—In South Division, twenty J 1 acres ot land, suitable for subdivision. A. J. AVERELL, Beal Estate Office, So. 7 MetropoUtan Block. F}R SALE—A fine lot on Wabash-av. between Eldrldge and Harxnon-cnnru—only SO3 per foot If taken immediately. WARREN A GOOD RICH, 135 Dearaorn-gL, Room 2. TT’OR SALE—By Snyder &Lee Real Es- X 1 tale Agents No. 4 Metropolitan Block, three lots on Übcoie-m., between Monroe and Adams; lot on northwestcomerot Jackson and Winch aster-* ta., 100 by 125 feet. F)K SALE—By Snyder csrLee, Real Es tate Agents, -No. 4 Metropolitan Block, lot 100 by l? 5 feet, northeast comer of Morgan and Jackson ats. shade trees, shrabbery, - F)R SALE—A splendid lot on Michi gan-ar., near Madison it, 26YX110 to a'ley, on fa voratre terms. WARREN A GOODRICH, 123 Dear boru-st. Boom 2. FOR SALE—The best corner lot on Michigan-av., 46X170.• st lots on Ranaom-st. and Wentworth-ar., south ot Thirty-first-* either in bulk or singly, at a very low figure. ifi lots in Ashland's Second Addition, cheap -14 lots second block t?esc of City Limits, on Washing ton and Bandolpb-st, 4 lots In McKeyuolds’ Addition, S3OO each, 4 lots on between North and wabassla ava. A. B. MEAD. 10l Randolph-st. TT'OR SATE—At a bargain,- if sold im- I? mediately, 10 acra on Twelfth-*!, and VO acres on Ctlcago-av., adjoining the City Urntta; and 43 iota, ta balk, near tbe corner of Robey and UarrUou-sts. U. C. MOREY A CO.. Real Estate Brokers, Boom S Ms ttopobtaa Block, F)R SALE—Eight acres in Sea 9, near Btate-at.: lour acres in Sea 9. on State-st.; eighty acres In Sea 17, 38, U. near Rock island Junction. Forty acres in S- Sea 9, S&, 14—a 1 desirable tor Investment- J. D. IIABVEY. 1 jFot Safe. F)R SALE—Brick. Apply at Lime Depot of WM. KIRK, Market-sL, nesr Randolph. F)R SALE—SOO tons No. 1 steam coal, In lots to suit purchasers. Inquire at Sugar Re finery. North Water-st., near the pig. F>R SALE—Show-cases (silvered) and tide cues far safe. Also a small Herrin# safb and a large Wilder 84ft. Cali and see them at E. a. STEIN’S store, No. 79 South Clark-st* opposite the Court House. T7OR SALE—Hardware manufacturers X 1 and dealers, carpenters and capitalists, will find a new and valuable Improvement In adjustable gate binges. Patent Just tuned, and will be sold at a bar* gain. Apply to L. D. SELLT, Boom 1, No. 197, fcouth Clafgst. F)R SALE—Sewing Machine, nearly ctw (Grover A Baker), fit for family or tailor wert; also, office furniture. Apply at 114 Dearborn tL, Room 20. second floor. Personal. T>ERSONAL—Wanted, to inform name- A ion* Inquirers, that **l am not a married man,” am not “stylish or lasnlonable,” am not “a lady’s man.” am decidedly opposed to gambling, will not. stake money against brains, having a little cf the lat ter myself- lam a practical man, and still ready.wftb a little money and my own time, either in Chicago or references which will not be question ed. H. DON BAB. Chicago P. o. PERSONAL —The undersigned desires JL to torn the acquaintance of two or three vouog ladles, with whom le can pus two or three evenings a week, and also have a companion to the theatre ocoa llonally. Address “ Mr. L D." Box 1023. Chicago. PERSONAL —It Maggie Neltnor is now J. in the city, an old friend would like to see her, at No. 9 Wabash-av* Thursday, between 3 and i p. a. PERSONAL —Will the lady who, on JL Monday last, on the Statest cars, spoke of having been to a dentist to bare teeth extracted, but old not because the gas would Cave no effect cn her, call at the office of the Colton Dental Association. 11* Dear born-st., and be convinced that pure Nitrous Oxide wii produce a profound sleep la every case, so that teeth can be extracted without pain? PERSONAL—A lady of thorough quali- A flcatlona and experlecce wishes a position as Pritj. clpal of Music Department In a seminary West. Can furnish highest testimonials. Address MUSIC TEACHER, Tribune offlee. Host anfl .-yattne. LOST— $50 Krwarf—Stmday last, a Pocket Boot, containing {Gro«la Treasury note*, about S 3 In tractlocal currency, and a few cents In cop per. Thu moneyits the little all of a discharged sol oler, without whies’ he Is penniless. Any person re turning it to the TWbuns office will receive the above reward. T OST—If the man who picked up a hide l_y girl’s Plaid Cape, on Sunday. March 3d. on West wasbingtoo-tt* will return it to 90 Weit Waihlngtoo, be will confer a favor and be suitably rewarded. LOST— Red Cow, of small size, some while under her breast and belly, very saon to come In wl:b new milk. Lett southwest career of Washington and Sangamon-sto. Monday afternoon. Whoever will return, or Inform where she can be found will bi liberally rewarded at 218 West Wash tngtomt. J. H. PEaBSON. 1-2** -i£ ; • r pAEEN UP—A team ol horses, a gray A and bay, with halters oa. Tbe owner can find by spplymg to MICHAEL WALSH, Lake £glanteo~jHale jjtlp. ■OOKKBEPKBIt Siinfllif *«• ANTED A bnroiess nun wlo f V tptth Fughih and German, as dark la akard. wirribn. Oblv inch peed apply woo are thoroughly aton,lnted with that trade. Oae who peuwwe •'>m« .capital can became • partaw. Addrew Bax 1313. \\r ANTED—Experienced Canvassers, J[J taTUittovaaanlclttu onlr, throughout the WMt. Call at Soum 23. ho. 125 Dearooro-st,. or address, with stamp, Box 1110. Chicago, LiL "VXTANTED—salesmen who An enease » > ftsr ooe Tear or iou*w. UaJtbeztabasioess~at l 3£?? 0 to oroportloa to ability, JO.SBS AOBVIS, IMDeartwra-sk. Boom 17. Three yormg men who V T mdmstssdtbedrr icoodstradeperfeefly. Ap ply, bow leny at the trad*, and sliert Termi •676. Od country meo preferred, W. *a. QLtNN, Indianapolis, Indiana. TX/'ANTED —At Boom 40, No. 240 V V Bonlb Clark-st, two gsod salesmen, to so to Ohio. \\f ANTED—A tew good men to can- VV rasa the city fbr a sew article needed tn every family. - Call from 9 to I at 99 Bond Dcspiiiaei. near Madison, or address Box 23. TXT*ANTED —A young, energetic man, VV from IS to 30 years old. to peddle In the city. Can make live dollars a day. Call between 6 and 1 o’clock p. m. at 169 Indlana-tt. XXTANTED—Five or six good men, to VV sell Powell A AIMn’B BURGLAR ALARM GONGS, applicable to doors atd windows. A [good chance tor energetic men to make money. J- M-TLS WILLIOEH. 96 Wathlngton-at. TBISEB. wANTED—A Tinner to go to Elgin. V V Steady work promised. Ihqturc of FRANK STPBOXS A CO. \\/ ANTED—lmmediately, a good, ex- V V perfeuced Tailor. Address Box 339, Harvard, Illinois. TXT AN TED A Furnimre nnisber, VV who onderstands bis business, at JUSLIN, SWAN A CO’S, 23S Bandolph-su np stairs. TXTANTED—Carpenter—To do the V T work of building two medium-sized housea eratrallylecatetLWestSide. Apply to K.L. chap. MAN. 15 Sooth Unloa-st, Chicago. TXT AN TED—Three or lonr carpenters. V V Apply to S. PALMER, Asylum-place, comer of Orchard-it. XTTANTED —Tinner—To act as fore- VV man at mV lac to rr. Apply 3 to 9a.m.or 13 to 1 o’clock p. m. A. O. GARFIELD. 39 State-at.. Maanteb—jfemalc ?belp. TXT ANTED—An experienced Nurse, to VV take cat eot an infhnt. Good city reference re quired. Apply at64o Miehlgan-av. Koyounggtrls need, apply. \\l ANTED —2O young ladies of good V* address can Dnd honorable and remunerative employment. Apply at 98 Waanington-ah,Boom It. XXTANTED —Experienced shirt makers VV with the Wheeler <e Will on sewing machine, at No. 60 State-at. TOMLINSON A CO. HOUSE BBHTAm \\l ANTED—A good girl to do general f i housework In a small family. A steady nlacs to a good guL Apply at 138 North Morg«n-st. \\l ANTED—A cook in a private lam ?T lly. A reliable woman wbo understands ber business and can furnltb reference, wm receive tatto fiictorr wage*. Apply at at the Tribune office, 51 Clark-* t. \\f ANTED—GirI to cook, wash and V V Iron. - Apply between 11 and 12 o’clock, at No. aw Eria-st. \\[ ANTED—Good girl to cook, wash V y and Ire n; also, a noire girl, capable and will ing. Both moat come well ree >mmesded, or else we don’t want them. Apply at 96 West Washington-**. TXT ANTED—A steady, reliable Girl, to YV cock, wash and Iron, can find a permanent sit-- nation by applying at 517 Ant doorcase ct Reuben. XXTANTED —Wet Nurse—A responsi- Y V ble. healthy woman, to take a child, three weeks Old, to ber own home, tbe child having lost Its mother. Apply at MBS. WILLIAMS’, 343North-«y-, up stairs. WANIED —Girl to cook, wash and iron, at 331 Ulchlgan-ar. Wage* $3 per week.- \\J ANTED —A competent girl to do y y general housework, at 991 Indiana-av. WANTED —A good American girl, to do tbe general housework of a small family. Apply at 333 Statist. TTTANTED—A good American or Gcr- Y V mas girl, to do general housework, at Ho. 87 South Hoyne-st. TTT ANTED—At the National Hotel, a YV elrl to wait In dining-room, and woman to scrub and assist to the laundry. Apply at the HoteL gmplogment agents. TXT ANTED—IOO smart, energetic, live » T men to sell one of the bat domestic articles ever offered lor sale. Has no competition. Every family wants from two to a dozen. Profit very large, call !ns- southClark-aL. Boom 9. up stairs. TAT ANTED—Yotmg men in the couu- VY try wishing to obtain situations, snch as book keepers. Clerks, collectors, salesmen, conductors, ex- Dtessum, Ao. to apply at Room 13 Pnlimon Block, 9'J Dvsrborn-st., cr address J. M. MOORE A CO., 80r17Q7. enclosing 10 cents lor full particulars. TXTANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 2 YV salesmen,lconductor.3bcakemen,lflrtmau. 1 porter, 2 drivers, 2 expressmen. Apply at Boom 13, Fullerton Block, 02 Dearborn-st. Applicants by mail address J. M. MOOKB A CO., Box 1707, ecclostsglO SMm*ei=zffliotellaneaus. ■ \\/ ANTED—Parties wishing clay or ' Y V tilling lor atreets, alleys, rinks, or any other purpose, can be accommodated by applying Immedi ately to the contractor ot tbe Washlngton-st. tunnel. Office No. 4 Lind’s Block.- TTTANTED—I want to lease a building YV lot in a;eood neighborhood. Will put a SLwO house on it. Address “LOT.” Tribune Office. TTTANTED—Ifyon have houses, stores, V V unimproved loti, or business property ot any kind to t* nt, leave them with ns and v e will rent them immediately. A. J. MILLS A CO- 430 Suoth Clark st. TTTANTED—If you want a good busi- Y V nets; ifyon want to see tbe best thing la the market; and If you want money, call at, or'address CHAS. MEsSeNGES, 98 WasntngtoiMU R»m 3, Chicago, HL Send stamp forclrciilar. Agents wanted. VI TAN TED—Employment by a man of Y V twenty jnn* experience as pecker and ship- Elog clerk In some of the best wholesale dry goods cues. Ben oi references. Address M p h,” 40L&U sh, Chicago. TTTANTED—Tour destroy. Madame YV Carlisle has Jest returned to the city from a Southern lour, and will be pleased to receive the calls of those who wish the past, present and future reveal ed, at 188 booth ciati-sL, Boon 6. . TATANTED —$3,000 on good real estate Y Y security, tor three years, at io per cast. Inte rest. Address “8 P C,” Pox 964 Post Otnse. lA/ANTED—A small stock of merchan* VV dire, lor which I will exchange real estate and pay some cash. Also, a horse and baggy tn exchange tor dry goods. Address M H," Box 414. ■ A*/ANTED —To sell—Wonderful yet VV true, that ••here are a few copies of tlje Ulster County Gazette that was printed in isoo, giving full accounts of th<* death and burial ot Washington, which I will send to any address Dee on receipt or 25c. Address. AIGLET. Box 8038. Chicago. \A/ ANTED—Guitar Pupils taught in V T twelve lessons, at 176 EutMadlsos-sL Terms £per lesson,erf 10,Inadvance,lor u lessons. App;y mediately, • VA/ ANTED— To exchange—Forty acres YV pine land at Green Bay, Wij„ tar a good strong horse, suitable for an express wagon. Address, or esu at corner ol Bunker-aL. West Side. \\! ANTED—To give 20 gentlemen V V Ant-class board, with rooms, for f 5 a week. Apply at 3S West Mamacn-st. TTTANTED—To Invest from $6,000 to YV |lO,(X01a the Drug business In Chicago, either as a partner in an established stand, ot purchase a storeofthatvatue. Address Drawer 33, Logansport, Indiana. TXT ANTED—A comfortable home lor a YY beautiful healthy little girl, six weeks old. Call lor two days at 314 Stdgwick-it, Chicago, 111. TTT AN TED—A man with S3OO to en- VV gage tn a money-making business. A good opportunity tor the right man. Apply at 194 South Clark-aL, Boom a. Pom 9 a. n. to 8 p. m. TTT ANTED—A party to take the ex- V V elusive agency of articles winced m every fami ly. A tew hundred dollars to buy stock wUI be re quired. Call at 50 Stalest. ffiaaumt-ao nana. TTT ANTED—To Kent, a mediam-fized, VV nleelvlurnlsbedhonic.lnaflm-class locality, during It c aommer mantra, by a small family (wltv ontchilflren), wno will take tne beitof care of iornl tare. Will tako ooi*e*slau any time between now and sth of May. Addrcis •* DANGER," Ttlbunooiaca. 'Wf ANTED—To Rent—A home and ft horn; house to havoS or 10 rooms. Uostbeos the North EUe, east ot Clark. Any one barlug the same will Pttaae address “AB," care ot Wbeelock, Dean A Co., Lumbermen, North Fter. TTT AN TED—To Rent—By a prompt V T - paying tenant, with a small family, a neat Cot tage. either on North or West Sldu. sail as near the Trlonne office aapossib'e. Would buy furniture. Ad dress "LSC," Tribune office. \\l ANTED—To Rent—Store onStatc- T I st. between Lake and Washington, or on Lake between Clark and btate, or on Randolph between Dearborn and State-*U. Addres* F. O. Box 3082. TTT ANTED—To Rent—From Jlaylsf, IT a small house or cottage, on the North Sl(fe. BcnihotOaK-at. Bent not to exceed |3S of 130 per month. Address ■* a E," Trlbnne office. TXTANTED—To Kent—Two or three .1? tnftmilitied rooms with closet*, sultab e for housekeeping tor gentleman audwlfe. Address, stating terms and location, ** S D,” Box 3XB, Chicago, UL Wf ANTED—To Rent—By a prompt YY paying tenant, a Cottage House with from sto 7 room*. Location West Side, north of Hamoon. Ad dress - REST." Bax 3945. Aa/ANTED —To Rent A hirniahed Y Y room, with or without board, wltbio ten infa ntes’ waiter City Dote!. Address, with toms, ‘•ABA,’’ 43 and 47 Lakest. 'fXT’ANTED—To Kent—Sleeping Room, VV bv a single gentleman: a good room, pleasant ly situated, lurnlsbed or tmiumlsned. within a abort distance ot Sherman Rouse. References exchanged. Addresa P.0.80x 1267, stating location and price. "IXTANTED—To Rent—A store on VV Lake-il* between State and LaSalle, Clirk. Dearborn, State, or north of Madison or Randolph, cut of LaSalle, Address **X," Tcloane offlee. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A Furnished YV boo*e. Any person having a flrsr-ela«< fur. nlsbed bonre to rent, located on the Norm or Booth Bide, may bearol a responsible tenant by addressing P. 0. Drawn 6133. TXT ANTED—To Kent—Three to five VV rooms In a private family. suitable lor house keeping, by a gentleman and wife, in the West Di vision. Booth of Madison and east of Sfargaa-st. References exchanged. Address GEOBOE, Drawer 3781 P.O. \\T ANTED—To Rent—A respectable V Y man and wife, no children, want to meet with two or three rooms, unfUmlshsd, and suitable lor housekeeping. Must be rear to a line of car* on the West bide. A quiet, respectable family having such rooms to spare would meet with a prompt paying and respectable tenant. Rent must be moderate. Address “ B." Tribune office. \\f ANTED—To Rent—From May Ist, YV by a careful tenant, amedlum sized house, with modern conveniences, lo neighborhood of Union Park. Would not obpet to paying yearly in advance, it needed. Address, with price and location, P. O. Box 2Ulanteb==3£eal Estate. ~\\T ANTED—To buy a house and lot ,V V cn the North Side; must be east ol Clark-st let lobe about 50 teet, bouse Bto 10 room*; or a lot without the house. Anyone having the above chrer »inpie£Be*ddrM9“Aß,”c«ecl Whselock, Dean A Co- North Pier, east end. V\/ ANTED—A small, improved farm, V, v within iO miles ol Chicago, and not far trom a railroad sia.loi. Address, with particulars, ‘-PAKM," r, v, Box JZI3. Wf ANTED —We have constant appH* VV catipnaforbothlmprovedAtduniniprovy.Real Estate, which we are unable to suppiv. ovnex* of such cannot do better than to place th«f prop erty In our baadt for sate, where they can hove the advantage of our «rvlre» without chwre iuJes ai«*ffecied. hp.wiAUIBB, Seal Estate Agcato, . 129 Boulh Clark-st. TX7ANTED—A house ana lot on South W SlfleTworth f-offl to S3JXO. Am willing toffldte b » nsTwent otdorm and *SOO every six m<Stt?nntfi MJd?aV.°* kny one having Buch canbear (Smrrggpoitggnct SHantet?. Correspondence —wanted— By two young men ol means, with any number of rouae lailes.lor the usual objects., Addro;* UHAB j.tH or PBANKALSTIN, Inland, 111, Situations iiHantes. HAMS. RIJDATION—W mled, by , young mss, kou*«. m agent, wuo Is acquainted Missouri, Raa«s* aad Colorado CTea * Address -M H," 123 South S I L^SS!!P! f “‘ Wantc<i ’ ■* bookkeeper S. boose or bank. by om CITUATION —Wanted, by a younir Ger- O man, as coachman or servant. Cudwitand* bis bnsiaess, and can forslsb the best of rcferracra. Ad dress ~ J W K V* 87 Blgb-st. «■ CITUATION —Wanted, by ayouneman, Oln a wholesale store. Has bad exprrienee. aad cap speak tie Scandinavian Xaa use. References fur msbed. Adome •’LO,”Trtonne office. CITUATION—Wasted, by the first ot O Slay. In a hardware store, by -one who bss had rzrenercetathebastßetA References/Urea. Addrm* **Q A.** 57 flne-st. CITUATION —Wanted, to travel fora Cr JobbingGrocerylTon»«.hy a man of expertise* who can control a good trade;. Beat of rrference ftoa termer emp’oyers. Address, tor two days, T. T. MAN NING Ton, TribCPe office. CITUATION —Wanted, by a yotmg man O of experience as trareßer. on a salary or eomala slcn, expenses paid. Address **A H Q.” Thanae oCce. CITUATION—Wanted—In a commts- U lion house, or In a capacity where an opportnnlty fesftordsdto adrance In oostneM. Good raftraocew. Audrew Box •’O," Trlbnce oCQce. CITUATION—Wanted—By a practical i-lr Best of references gKen. Addreis J. bU.IBON, Jeifersoo, m. CITUATION—Wanted—By a young men as asitstant bookkeeper or copyist. Good references girea. Address A. Y. Tribune offlee. FEMALES, SITUATION —Wauled, by syonuglaiiy, to take care of children or do plain sewing la tk pnratefamily. Addrest ‘■MAI," Tnbnae©nee. CITUATION —Wanted, by a young lady, O as saleswoman In a mililaerr store, or as honse keeper In a small family. Address **L C Q.” Tribune efflee. CITUATION—Wanted, by a meat or O pastry Cook, In a hotel or private boarding house. Appiylor nrodsfsatTJlhnoeoClee. Osst city refer race given. Address “aM." CITUATION—Wanted, by a young girl O 18 years old. In a private femily. aa cnambermaid. Addrma EMMaLONG, 170 Chicago. CITUATION—Wanted, by a young wo* Ly man as lanudry girl, private fiuauy preferred. Can give good references. Please can at 866 Wabash ay. CITUATION—Wanted —For right ,ID smart irith girls, fbr roots and general house work. Apply to Mrs. WHITTAKER'S office, 22S Chicago-av. CITUATION —Wanted—A Lady wishes O to travel with a femlly a* companion fbr a lady, or to take care of the children. Address C. H„ Anti och. Laka county, HI. SITUATION —Wanted—To do cooking In ft private hones ft* cook. Understands her cosiness thoroughly. Address or apply at 439 SoatA ClftTfc-ftt. agents aaganteb. 4 GENTS—Wanted—Experienced first cum cmtiw m. • gentlemen and ladles, tor SHXNQTON'B PRAYKR AT VALLET FOBOK a newandmagnlhcentuteel aigravlag; price, f&s* Has peculiar frecommendatlons wblcbeanae IctoM admired by every American, ef whatever sect or party Agents everywhere are meeting with onparalleled ras ceaa. Pubhahent* hlgnest commission riven- **• dress. 8. S. BoTDEN, 73 Clart-«u, Chicago. HI. A GENTS—Wanted Gentlemen and 21 ladles throughout tbe United States for oar new Book, “LIVES of the PRESIDENTS,” Dora Was* Ington toJohnson, by J.s.C. Abbott, the great hlsto nan. Complete tn one large yoinnw, superbly mas trated with steel engravings. among which are par Waits or tbe seventeen Presidents, battles scene*, etc. This is tbe only worker tbe kind yet published, en 3 aflorda to experienced agents a rare opportunity to make money wttb a splendid book, and no competi tion. Exclusive territory and publishers'highest eoa mlsalonrtven. Books ready tor delivery now. 8. 8. BOYDEN, 73 Clark-sL, Chicago. Dl AGENTS —Wanted—In ail tfie impor tant towns In Illinois to represent the “Econ omical Mutual Life Insurance Oompanyoi K. I.** Address, citing name and relerences. TCCRKB A SIIUfELDT. General Agents, Chicago, fil. A GENTS—Wanted—soo Agents want xV td In a pew business, H. B. SHAW. Allred. Maine. A GENTS—Wanted lmmediately, in. XV. tvery county, to sell standard salable books, oo which larMCommlfilons will be nald. AiMrfii H. if- SHEBWOOD, IQ7 Moaroe-iL. Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—sl2s per month XXaad expenses. Address SHAW A CLARK SEW -INQ MACHINE CO.. Blddelord. Maine. A GENTS—Wanted—ilale and lemale— XX Business at bom*. No capital required. Active AcenU can mate 15 dally. Aodrssa, with ammo, a, DEYEREAUA. Drawer 6044. Chicago. DL A GENTS—Wanted—North and South, Jl to sell fine worka of art. The largest commis sions ever paid. Send for circular and bo convinced. T. J. BOLENDEB A CO., 393 South Clvk-sL, Chi cago. HI. A GENTS—Wanted—s 23 a day. FU XX. teen new articles lor Agents. O. T. CARET, Blddelord, Maine. A GENTS—Wanted—For the American X\.Conflict, by Horace Greeley. Agents w&o have delivered vcl. 1„ and desire to deliver vol. IL, most make tbtlr orders immediately. GEO. A C. W. stini*. WOOD, 105 M*dlson-»t.« Chicago, 111. AGENTS— Wanted—Iwant an Agent In every town In the Stste to canvas* tor a new paccrt article lor household use, sad which 1* meeting with a great sale. Good agents are maxing trom *ra to 250 per week. Apply to or address O. A. hev. PRICK, 161 Lake-SL. Chicago. IE. A GENTS—Wanted “ The Pictorial _TX BOOK OP ANECDOTES AVD INCIDENTS OP THE WAR.” Warranted the most attraetre. fan-sell- Inc book out. Pays largest proflu and gives best satisfaction when delivered. Agents nakokJO to |UD rr week, as we wl-l prove. Address SIODDABD COw 102 Washlugton-tL, Chicago. A GENT^—Wanted—For Folsom’s new ii Under Feed LETTER A SEWING MACHINE. Price S2B to *4O. Mschlne* sent oa trial, p. ATKIN SON. 164 Baodolpo sL. Boom No. 6. Chicago, las. A GENTS—Wanted —Five Ideal Reads Xm. of American Women: Angel ot the Hojpiui— Before the Battle—Color Bearer—At the Front—Army Neva. Tbe finert works of art ever lnt-oduco-1 InthU country. Experienced canvassers wanted tn every county in the SUU>. Address JOHN D. BICE. 9d Chicago, Dl. A GENTS- Wanted—Fcrßarber’s exeat II work Oust out)— u All the 'Western States and Territories, from the ADegbanle* to the Pacific, and bom the Lakes to the OaJf/’ containing their History trem the Earliest Times, with Local History. Incident# cf Pioneer Life. Unitary ErenU, Biographical Scotch es; combined with foil Geographical Description* ok the different States. Xemtorla, cities and Towns. The whole being illustrated by 2to elegant engravings, £rlncinally Dorn bla drawings taken on tbeaoot, show ig all the elites, principal town* and objects of his* tonc&nan.tnral interest In the van West. Also, tor M Times cf the Rebellion In the Welt” (just oat)—a book of thrilling Int-mt. with spirited engravings. Also, tor the M Bible Looking Q^asa”—l73 engravings. Kfttell'S ** One Volume History of the Rebellion/* ni English and German, ana other qal-k tedinr worts. Oct large and beautiful pamphlet circular, of 33 page*, with terms, descriptions, specimenpage* and eugrav- Inea ot our new works, mailed free, on writing to HENRY HOWE, lit Maln-st, CluciunaO, 0. A GENTS—Waned—For the very pop- J\. olar book “WOMEN OF THE WAR." Dr Frank Moore. Avery handsome volume, beautifully illus trated, and one ot the most Interesting books ot the times. Says the Chicago Evening Journal: It Is In the noblest seme a gallery of beauty, and we envy tbe au thor the grateful work he baa performed. It an read* like a romance. The story of the war can never be w'Utr>ldnnleas tbe i Cory ot the women is told with It-*' Ladles as well as gentlemen are having great anccesi selling this work. For au agency callonor address B.C. TREAT, 117 South ciark-BL. Chicago. A GENTd—Wanted—Male atd female, JrX to sell a new article tn great demand that every family wants, pi per day mane without leaving home. Travelling agents can mags from t$ to f2O per daw without interference with other potlneas. The article shows tor tUeIL Samples, with terms and particular* ot the business, lent for 79 cents. Address R. W. CHAPPELL. Drawer 6333. Chicago. HI, A GENTS—Wanted—To sell the Reason f~\ Why senes of books—The most salable books in tbe market. The bat of terms given tv energetic can vasaen. Apply to FINDLEY a RICHARDSON.Mat toon, HI. A GENTS—Wanted—No excuse lor be inr out of employment. Good wages guaran teed. Particulars sent Dee. and sample! for li cents. Ac dress M. E. PIERCE, Box 3394. Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted—The “Fenian Ma rtyrs.” Every Fenian, every Irishman, every uimolfc, wants this picture. Samples sent tor 50c. For circulars ma terms, addresi GOODaPEED &CO -148 LaM-at, Chicago. Boatfrtng. BOARDING —Good board with large furnished room* and hose accommodations |,,n be had at 2 53 Michigan-* t. T>OAHDING With p’easant front 1 J room*, unfnrnt'hrd, and Ore'.-vlisa board: alio, one lurxl.hrd room, at 1030 IcdUna-av., two doors north ctTwenty-tulrd-at. ’ T>OARDINQ—A suite ot rooms, beauh- JLJ fully furnished, tn renr. with board. In a private tamlly w fcrr*" there are :o other b'-ardrra Location ol TwsDty-Qfth-st, near Indlaua-ar. Apply to S. K. JONES, 198 Lakc-st. J)OARDING —Neatly furnished rooms, Jwith first-class board, in a private tamlly, at 176 nth CUnton-et. TTOARDING—A handsomely furnished JLT room, wl'h board, snitshla tor a gentleman and wile, or twogenUemen. at 142 Wabaan-ar. BOARDING— Ina private family—Two pleasant unfurnished noms, suitable lor gentle man sod wile or single gentlemen. Good location, and convenient to Madison ot Bandoipb-sC can. Terms moderate. ApplyatlßMay-st, T) CARDING—peur gentlemen ««t be JT accommodated with good rooms board at 466 North Dearborn-st. T>OARDING—A lew boardeis can be TJ accommodated with board and ro*im§ at 74 Chi cago-av. Also, afaw day hoarder* wanted. T> CARDlNG—Furnished room in a pri ll vate family on the North side, far a gentleman and bU wife. References required. For particular*, acdresa “ j D." Tnbone office. *D CARDING— Large famished room . XJwllh closet sod zrste,m:ahle lor a gentleman and wtfp.or two single gentlemen: also 3 single room to rent with board, at 30AOblo-at* between BmbaodCasa X>OARDING—A few gentlemen can be 1) accommodated with pleasant rooms, with board, Uo a tew day boarders at 42 Adaas-sc. T> CARDING—Two yonng gentlemen O can find a pleasant boarding place Trim a private family, in the West Division. t*n mltnles walk trom tne Court Bouse, bv aedieasing “BO B.** Tribune offlee. X) CARDING—"WeII furnished rooms tor D ladle* or gent'emea, sUo a lew day boarders, can be accommodated at 34 Hast Wuhlngton-sr. pCARDING—Good board and pleasant JL> room*, at Brtjgs House No. 2,8 S Monroe-iU Also a few day boarders. OOARDING—Two gentlemen can be JD accommodated wlthalargercomatdgood bo*ra at lO’ANcnhPeorto-at. between Hubbard andlmU sums. T> CARDING—Two gentlemen can be .1) accommodated with room and good beard at No. 116 stated. Also • ftw day boarder* eealrea at mocertte price. p CARDING—One handsome front room, with the comforts of a bam?, permanent or transient, sultabiefor a gentleman sod wlftr. or sin 6le gentlemen, also one single room, and a few day oamer* at 297 Mlchigan-st. PCARDING —Two gentlemen desirous of a comfortable ham*, with an derail large tront room, ana excellent board la a respectable lam lly, living on Wabuh-av. not vary tax tram Pest. Office. BeatreterencMreqnlred^Addiea^^^^^oijLflTOy 33aarh EElanteti. T>n ARP—And furnished room or rooms I* toe gentleman, wire, and UUX- girl two years old. Private taml'T preferred. Address, stating tun banlc fflars os w terms, location, etc* P. O. Box 2273. BOARD— In a private family cast of Sure; and between sixteenth ana Twcutv-fba-tb *;s. Address, with terms, etc* C. E. SMITH, 43 A 4T Lake-St. BOARD— A gentleman and wife desire board lo a private family. Terms mast be mod erate. Address. stating term* and location, far tvn daya.K. O. SMITH. Chicago P. O. Krai issfatc-=(Countrs- FOR SALE—Vive acres of fine garden land. 20 mll-t west el the city; al*o,a «Cd Una or slacrre. near the lame locality. Otfcied eheso Ml CLAFUN. 93 ffashlngton-st. mwp^i. FOR SALE—At Hyde Park—A pleas ant bouse, of 7 rooms, summer kltcheu, good cel lar, excellent garden spot, ample yard mom, fronting OQUireestreets,byO.C.PEAßSON, 179 South W«r FOR SALE—several valuable farms near Ballroads iu Illinois. Several tracts 01 land near Railroads, lame Slate. Valuable tr ict ot land atemllei west ol cltv. All far sale cheap. O. B. POSTON, He. 2 Smith A Nlion’s Building’,