Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 14, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 14, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. latest News bj Ocean Telegraph. The Dehris of <he Late Irhh Revolt, Arrest of a Number of Fenians in Limerick. The Prisoners Openly Encouraged by the Populace. Bismarl: Challenged by % Member of the German Parliament. FROM WASHIMBTON. Text of the Supplemental Reconstruction" Bill. District Coiamaiidcrs Appealed Under the Original Act. Lengthy Debate in the House on the Southern Belief Bill. TBE SOIITBMN FLOODS. Immense Destruction of Valua- ble Property. Thousands of Cattle, Sheep and Swine Perish. Hundreds of Thousands of Bushels of Grain Destroyed, Large \nraher of Houses Com pletely Submerged, JEon. Francis Thomas Elected United States Senator from Maryland. FEO3T EUROPE. BV OCEAN TELEGUIpfI. Great Britain. DEBBI? OP THE LATE Illicit UEBEIXION. London, Wednesday Evening, March 13. Despatches from Dublin this'Tcuing stale that Jreland is quitL Nonew Fenian demonstrations were reported. There has b,-ca a great fall of snow In Ireland. Aor.mbcf of Fenians wera at reeled at Limerick. The prisoners, while on their way to the police Barracks, were cheered by the people. Placards, emanating from ibe eml-sarles of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, are posted In the etroets of Cioucii.l, forbidding the people pajlug taxes. CABLE TOLL®. March 13. The Cable Company has refused to reduce tolls ETEAWXIt AUUIVED. Queenstown, March 13. ■ The steamer China, from Boston, arrived this momm™. prnwia. BJEgLALE CIIAIiESGED. Bebun. March IS. Herr Jltmchanscn, Premier of Hanover, in the Government of the late . King, has chaUergt-d Count Ton Blsmaik for worde u' tcred in debate iu 'be German Parliament. The Eastern DUDcnUica. rcyrxus trxPATnT roa rue casdiasb. Vienna, March 13. Despatches received here state that the Viceroy of Egypt withheld th; tribute mlucU Hip SmtAlme S*orle ot Turkey levied on the people of that country to meet the expense of crushing the it surrcctSon in Candia. An*trta, TnxfTEnKCTHESiSG or avstsiak posts. Vienna, March 13. Emperor Frauds Joseph his given orders foi the strengthening of the Austrian posts on the Servian frontier. Laics' Foreign Jlorlccts, FINANCIAL London, M irch IS. Consol* aevaceed to9lJf, Erie declined a, f,;rs,V. United Smtts MU advanced io"l)j. Illinois Centra! to IS. London, Marc VU Tii*-bank* a*. Am*'cdam and Berlin have reduced LLerete of di&cocct to S per cent. losook, March 13—Evening. Cccsc'rs. 91S- Erie febarea, 33k'- IUIdo.? Central, SIS. FHe-lwenty btrnue, Sis'. A despatch from Frankfort says United States bonds cioitd at Ti‘f conmeucial. Lrvniu'ooL. March I**—Noon. Cotton open* firm aud if more active; advance; H # - Er»adt>intl«« generally firm. American oats SO* 2d. 2*rovi£ioL6 Cm and g-.ncral!y unchanged. Liverpool, M irch 15—Eveolng. Coucn—Market quite active. Sales ogrreratin? bales, an advance in prices width closelatmid Ulrg uplands J3iid; Orleans 12^d. BnasMuO— Generally quiet. Com ?i?adr. at Ss for nixed Wivteto. Best grades of CiUtoraia wheat aateble alias aa p r r cental. provlsonf—Dull. Lard quiet and TDch iugHl. Bacon 4f V cwt Tor C&mbcrlano xuiudlca. I'oik Tia Cd tor prime Eastern tresa. j*ctJOleum—ls P gallon for reflnel, and lid for spirits turp nilce; 3Ts Cd V cwt f»r spirit? 10-in: ya For common Wilmington. T»llow ICi Od- Aelirs 33s an pots. mo3nFAsmAcros. : [Fpod-l Despatch to the Chicga Tribune.] Was imfuton. March IS. THE 6CTnXJJENTAI. UECONSTUCCTIOS HILL. Tbes-uptU-mental RecouelrucUon Bill, report ed to the Senate this morning by Mr. Trumbull ns a EubeUtnre for the bill passed fey the House on Monday, is a re-catt of the i<teas crab-idicd iu thfttmeasuie. and dluera from it in but one re apect It for a registry board tor the registration of voters and elretT.nol Convention delegates in the same manner a* the House bill, and (ben provides that when the Convention has assembled ?rd organized 11 shall firrt determine by a vote whether it is the wish of the people of the State to frame a Constitution of a civil gov ernment Becoming to the provisions ol this act, and RecoiLnruciion Law, and If toe vote on this question be in the affirmative, then the Convention shall proceed to form a Constitution. With ibis exception, the bill is substantially li-e the House bill, though the phraseology is much changed, it requires, Hue that measure, that the new Consti tution shall be ratified by a majority of all the electors qualified under the act. The Intention of the Senate was to consider the bill to-day, bm the objection of Senator Howard carried it over. THE BELGIAN XIS9ION. The proposition to raise Minister Sanford, at Eelginm, from the second-class position he now occnpie- to the grade of Minister Plenipotentiary Tta* tabled during the closing rays of the last session, but w»s sent to the Senate last week, by the special dt-tirt of Mr. Seward. Its considera tion occupied about two Lours and a ball of the Executive session this afternoon. Messrs. Sumner *t.d. Anthmy urging it. The vote reacting it was iben very decisive. XPE SOirrUERK RELIEF BILL. Debate in the House this atternooa on the bib giving ote million dollars for the relief the South. va« Interesting, bringing out csitdld speeches from Mcser-. Butler, Wood, Logan, Bltigbamaad othera. Mr. Wiltlams, the new member from the Tenth District of Indiana, spoke for the first lime, and acquitted himself very handsomely, and much to thu satisfaction of the Republican sloe. The opposition to the bill was very de cided and Re prospects of its uassare are very doubtful. Tec impression that Gcaertl Uowa-d is anxiou •to have it passed Is wniily jncor.-cct. Be eays tfca* the amount can well be used in the late rebel Stales with advantage l.» the needy, and he is willing to undertake Us di®‘rlbuliou if Congress sees fit to rake the appropriation. ASSAY omCE AT ST. LOUls. General Pile u.tiodaccd iuto ’he llou-e this af ternoon a bill establishing a United states Assav Office at St. Louis. Action may not he bsd upoa it at this session, but It will next winter. 2rrw OCLEANS aACSUAUniP. Frank Herron, late Major General, from lowa, how a resident of New Orleans, Is a prominent candidate for the Marihahhip of tbr cny. and stands a fine chance for being appointed. It lias ■between him and General E. Kirby br-Üb. bounties to xiasocm tboops. The House to-day passed Mc'-Turg’s oi!l, «-bich pat- the Missouri Slate militia and an colored troops from that Slate on the same footing wito ropcetto bounties as all otb-T troops. BOGY’S SUCCESSOR. The nomination of Colonel N. G. Taylor, o* Tennessee, as Commissioner of Indian Atfura, xlce Bogy, rejected, was sent to 'he Senate this afternoon. There has been a severe struggle for this appointment, and half a dozen difisrent g-tn rlemcnwerc strongly pi eased dunsg the forenoon. It appears that the Presidmt became with the fight, and about noon flanked the wbo'c crowd by giving the place to one whose name had not even been mentioned la connection with 'he office- Col. Taylor was the Representative in the last Concrete from the First Tennessee Di-trlcL Several RcpnblScan Senators hive already cZ preesed a jmrpoKc to vote for bis confirmation. CCMaiAKBEBS UNDEB Tun EECONB BUCTIO S ACT. ILo asfclgninuul of District Commaudcrf gives pretty general tatisfactiou to the majority ia Cuo '-it.-es. Tic appointment of Sheridan and Thomas war only secured t»y a bard contest. CltrXß BEEKEB6. Tbe city is still as much crowded as diring tbe feit week !n Fcbroary, Ihonch (he strangers here are of a dice rent class. Then the Capitol was throoerd with persons interested in the assjge of mp laritf Bill; sow Us balls am blocked erery afternoon with office seekers and their f;l:>ds. Ibe somber 01 Demons here on this business s greater then at any tune daring the war, when tboßsatda of military appointments werependis THE AUBTCIAH JOB Sion. The vacancy In the Ans Irian mission has not yet been Oiled. The President’* intention re* t-pcenug it is not Lro-r-n. Several Republican Senator? would Ute to ace the place given to Ex- Senator Foster. assessment or Tne government tax. Tbe recent nc- chancing the tins ot assessing annual tazef> tiom May to March, dors notaifecl the yme lor wh ch the special taxes are payable. The 3 eat for which the special taxes are one com mences and cuds May Ist. a® hcrofofo-c, although U.c ictarn and assessment is made earlier. HIUTAKT CHANCES. By direction of the President, the following changes ate made In the Gcocraphlcal^Depart ment* as tow conciliated: First, theSlttcs of W« at Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky to con stitute the Department of the Cnmbetl.nd, Brig* ud'pr ar.d Major General John Pone to command, headquarters a*. Loni«ville; Second, the counties of Alexandria and Fairfax are annexed to the cotnmacd in the First District; Third, the Indian Territory Is attached to the Department or Mis souri. CKPZn TUT UECOKSTItOCnOS ACT Gtneral Grant, in General Order No. 10. pub lishes 10-day, for *hc Information and government of all concerned, the act. to provide lor a more efficient government of tho rebel State*, and con-, citid'-s as fobows: In Pursuance of this act the I’re-idcm directs tbe following assignments to be made: first District— Q ialc of Virginia, to be com* mended by Brevet Major General J. M. Schofield, headquarter* at Richmond. Stc<-nd District—CoiisisUngorNorlh and South ('aroitc*, to be command'd by Major General D. E. Sickles, headquarters at Columbia. Third District—Consisting of lie Stales of Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, to be command* cd by Central G. H. ihumaa,'headquarters at Mopironerv, Fourth District—Comi«ting of the Slates of Mississippi ar d Arkansas to be commanded by Brevet Vojor General K. O. C. Om, heaaqaarlera at Yickfbuig. Fifth District— Consisting of the Slates of Lou j.tana aid i'cxa-, to be commanded by Major General P. B. Sheridan, headquarters at New Orb ana. The powers of Departmental Commanders arc hereby delegated to the above named District Comu*3mle>*. By command of General Giant, E. D. Townsend, A. A. General. COLD UUNTEnS. A party in Now Oilcans now claim the gold belonging to the Richmond hanks, and whirh is ui tt e custody of Treasurer Smancr. He required them to They asked to see U, and thru they conlo tell whether it was theirs. Mr. t-l'intier thought if they could not identify it with out hre : sceii g it, their claim was a very flimsy oi.c 'they that attempted a description, but tailed. CONTESTED SEAT. TueisewAorK rnournrs special says: “The House Committee on Elections yesfPrdt.y bad under consideration ibe Colorado contested elec tion case. lb*y agreed to allow neither of tho ■ipi'licants to occupy ibe seat until the matter was rU'litTtly ccUled.” an mroftnoN. Jay Cooke & Co., ns also the First National Bank of this city, deny the statement that they are dcpofitarks fer a lottery enterprise purport ing to lie for tbe bcmfll of the National Soldiers’ and bailor?’ Orphan Asylum. General VanVFyck. of New York, algo warns tho public against the fame scheme. CONEMIATIOS9. Wasdi rton, March 13.—The Senate to-dsy confirmed tbe nomination of James C. Parrott, postmaster >f Keokuk. Iowa; James A. Walter, yoetm. sicrof Kalamazoo, Michigan. FUEfS CIO BANQUET. Tbe Correspondence Press Club celebrated their organization to-night by a banquet. Among the invited guests were tne Speaker of the House, S nstor Anthony and Bon. James Brooks. COSGEESSIOSAL PKOCEEDXSGS. Washington, March 13. SENATE. Mr- TRUMBULL, from the Judiciary Commit fv, reported adversely on ihe bill conferring on the rtmieual court* Jurisdiction under the Bank rupt Bill. Mr. Trumbull said the law as pass ed confers tafficlenl jiuL-diction on Ibis court. ILeluil »a- indefinitely postponed. Mr. MORGAN, irom the Committee on Com tncice.reportcd a joint rctoluUon directing the s-urvey for a thlp cans! between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Ta?scd. Mr- YAi KS introduced a bill to pi ovlde for Cir cuit and Dislrict Courts for the district of Ne luaska. Referred. Mr. STKWAUT introduc' d a bill to establish and create the office of surveyor Gen ral of Utah. Referred Mr. TRCTMBDLL offered a resolution inquiring of the Secretary of lb<? ITe*;-.., bow many persons are employed iu the;; of the direct tax rntbc rtbei Nu-t*. ; .-j paid ib-;m.and vvhetfccr the r cauac: be akpeesed with. Mr. 3LLMBULI. ropt-.ted follovvln'* t-uDstl tutc for the House supp;emejiiarr bill to the Re construction Bill, and usked its immediate scon ;s'icrafion. Mr. HOWARD objected, and It goes over under the mice. AN act, supplementary lo an act, entitled an act to mo'i»l-: tuoic efficient measures tor restoring the rebel Mates, passed March 2,1507, and to iaciittatc their restoration. lit V. tiioctfd* <tc.. T hat betorc the first day o >i‘plcmber, 1507, the Commanding General iu each district defined by an act entiuid an act to ptovide for the more cfilctenl government of the rebel States, appioved March 2d, 1567, shall cause a mristrailon to be made of tbe male citizens of the United State?, twenty-one years of age aud upwards, lesidsnt In each county or parish in the Mate or Slates included in lus district, watch registration will include only those nersons who an' qualified to vote for delegate? by tbe act afore said, and who shall have taken and subscribed the follow Ins oath or affirmation: - of - , In the county or parish of ■■ - Slate ot —, do hereby solemnly a "ear or affirm that I am doc excluded from the right to vote by the tilth and sixth sections of said act, to provide for a more efficient govern ment of the rebel States: that I will support the Constitution and obey the laws of the United Slates-ai<d that I will to the best of my atomy rtcouragc all otoers to do the same, so help me Geo. Which oa'b or affirmation maybe administered by auy retislerirg officer. mc. 2. 'ihataferthe completion of tbcrcsto alien bi .-chy for in any State, at such time a d place therein a- thecummaixUng General rl ali a].j.o.m and direct, of nbicb at least thirty ay- public notice shall be tnven. an ciecdon shall he held ot delegates to a Convention lor the pur pose of establishing a cousllta r i r, nai and civil Government for each State loyal to the Uuion, ftJJ CotivcD'lon m each >iate, except Virginia, to ••em-ist ct ibe number of mcm&eis of the most ma crons branch ot the Slate Legislature in each S« c In me year ISOU. to be apportioned amors the several dbtricts. counties or vaiibt es of said Stale by Ibe commanding Gen* end, giving *o each representative in the ratio of voters registered as aforesaid, as nearly as may m. The • onvenilon ic Virginia shall constat of be * ame number of members as represented in the te iborv now constituting Virginia in the most numerous branch o: the Legislature of said state in the year iwjo, to b-? apportioned as aforesaid. Sec. 3. That tne Commanding General of each district stall appoint such loyal officers or per* sons as may be necessary, not exceeding three In mth election district In any state, to make and complete the registration, superintend the elec* too and make return lo him of the vote* and a list of lelr.ibs of the persons elected as d-.'legites by a pluißiily of voles cast at the said etecnon, ■rad upon receiving satrt returns, he shall open ih** ‘ame, ascertain the position of the persons . ‘uctedas delegatee, according to the returns of be officers who conducted said clec'ioo. .rad make prcclamarion thenar, and v ithin sixty days of the dale of the etecUon he -hall t>o:ily the delegate* to assemble in Conven iiot. at (he time and place to be mentioned in the unification, and said Convention when organized shall Cist determine by vote whether it Is the wish of the people of each Mate to iramc a Coa litution and civil government according to the provisions of tLL* act, md the act to which it is •njiul' UH-ntary, and if so shall proceed to trame such Constitution, and when so framed snail be rubmlttcd by the Convention for rail location to the persons under the pnm;. ions of this act at an election t>> be conducted by Ibe officers or persons appoint - dby the Commanding General, as hereinbefore provided, and to be held after the expiration of ihiiiy da's from the cate of the notice, to be glvtn by the game Convention, and the return thereof shall be made lo the Commanding General •.{ gala district. Sec. -1. 1 bat if, according to said term?, the re ronetmeion gball be rarifled by a majority of the voters qualified as therein provided for, toe Com aiHcd-ng General PhaJl transmit a copy of the ramc duly certified, lo the President, woo shall forthwith transmit to Congress, if Ju session, if not. then immediately on its assembling, ana the Mate ehao immediately be reclared oy Congress to be in couioimi'y wiib the provisions ot the act 0 wltic*.-tbi- Je supplementary, and shall ueen riijcd ton DreseutailloTi. and and Renre -euriivee shall be admitted theref'om as therein provined. fec. 5. That election? in the Sta’ca mentioned therein to provide for more efficient government of the rebel States shall during the operation of m!d act. bebv hallo:, and officers making such r< c gUation of voters and conducting said elec tions, on entering on the discharge of their duties, rbnll take and subscribe loan oath faith fully to perform the duties of tbelr said office, and the oath r>re-cribed by the act approved July 2d, iWAt-miilcd an act to prescribe an oath of office. mc, t . Tt at all cxpcuscei li.curfcd by the seve ral Comaasrlhg Guueral?,or by virtue of any enters Irrutd. or appointments made by them, nrdcr and by virtue of *his act, shall be paid oat 01 any money in the treasury not otherwise ap piouiarcd. Fec. T. 1 he Convention for each State shall pro tciihc ibe fete, eatery and compt-n-alioa to be raid ail delegates and other officers aud agents authorized, or necessary to carry into ciTect the purpose o> this act not herein otherwise provided or. and shall provide tor levies and coliec iou ot :Tcli taxes on property iu such state as maybe atcesrary tc pay the Fame, fc-tc. 6. TJml the word article in the sixth sec lon of the act to which this Is sunplemcmary, rLfill be construed “section.” Vr. asked the Senate to take np the (.111 directing the Secretary of War to tarnish arms aod equipments to lh; Governor of Tenors .<•«- for tc.i-co tniUhn, hntlt was subseqijvmty jgiei d between Messrs. FOwLilu ana HAI li£l{- &ON to take it np to-morrow. Mr. WILSON called np the Joint resolution In relation to tfae settlement of claims due to colored providing that they be paid through the • otntnissloncr ot Freedmen’s Affairs Into the Frcudmcn’a Savings and Trust Comi any. Atu r debate, recommitted to the Military Com- mittce. , ~ , Mr. HENDERSON introduced a resolution for an appointment of three Senators to examine and report on the conduct of the Printing Bureau of the Tr< npurr Depar'mcnt, v hclhcr the fame map not he dispensed with, or Its expenses lessened, and whether tbe ?aieirnardi are sufficient to protect me mUTc«to* the GourumenL Agreed to. Mr. WILLIAMS called up the House Joint Resolution direclng the Secretary of the Treas ury to refund certain discriminating duties levied Mncc the first of January, 1865, upon Hawaiian vessels and goods bf-vond the amount k-vica on »efscl6 of the United States and their cargoes. It * “wf d *IHaYER introduced a joint resolution to rruuce (he military reservation of Fort Saunders, L-acotah, and Fort Ridge. In Utah. Referred. Mi «'OLE mtrodneed a Joint Resolution to nu .hoilzc the Secretary of tr.c Treasury to tease Cir •an* property in San Francisco lor Government vniroses. fteterred. , ... .Vr HKNHERSOXrcportcdfromtheCoainittee « n Indian AStirs a Joint resolution amhonzing ibehnleofanortlonorilje United Slates stO'-ka iji-lrt jn trust for tbe Choctaw atid Jbcrohec In dians. to satisfy certain c'aims nf loyal members ot iLcectritics forlosressu-tamco through their lovalty to the Government. . .... ilr. HARLAN introduced a blit in relation to troths wiih Indian tribes. It provide that, hereafter, lie latter shall not be recognized as in independent nations, hot as municipal domestic orgautrations. lor which bemad • on hrhair of tbe Dni'ed Ststo, sob’cctto tbeap provai of Congies- before taking ofleet. Executive session. Adjourned. HOUSE. Mr. JULIAN Presented a resolution of the In rtta’in Legislature in icfercace to ue equalization of tioufitics. Hcterrcd. Mr. luKLLKY asked leave to Introdncea joint resolution fixing th-; duties on Imported um brellas, Ac., but Mr. Holman objected. Ihe lioc-t went into Committee of the Whole, and proceeded to business on the calendar as fo.lo«-e; the House joint resolution providing that cer tain Mieeruri troop? be placed ou an equal foot ing with other volunteers as to bounties. Alter remarks in favor by Mr- McClure au<i Benj imm, and the wdoplion of so amendment making it spd'V to ibo o borne on »oe roil as slave*, tbe joint resolution was laid aside to be reported to ll joint resolution prescminc the thanks of Congress to Mr. Peabody, Mr. Uo vard moved to slilke out that part cf the joint resolu tion which provides for a gold medal to he pre sented to Mr. Pcabodv, ard declared in some re mark thatMr.Peabody nod njade profit by the rebellion, and given it aid comfort. Tbe amendment was rejected, and the joint res olntion laid aside to be reported Ibe Senate joint resolution tor rebel lo the ier Utnieintbe South and Southwestern States, di rrciinc ibe SecteUry of War 10 . food Hufflaeni to prevent starvation and e* l VOL. XX. want among the people rf all cJa«Kca.and appro priating Jt,hro,moioribls pnrpo-c. A long debate followed, iJurii g which Hr. BUT LER oOercd a substitute, wnlch was to strike nut after the enacting words, and insert a provision appropriating fi,000.000, to be expended under direction of the Secretary of War, in relieving the widows and children of Orton soldiers starved to death in the rcbH prisons of Ande/aonvllle, Salisbury, lobby. Miller and Belle Isle. The committee ro?c without deposing of the bill, and reported back two other bills, placing a certain number of troops on equal looting with others as to bounty, and presenting the thanks of Cotgresa to Mr. Peabody, which thereupon passed. Mr. BANKS introduced a bill more effectually to preserve the neulrtl re’atlons of the Bulled States. Referred to the Committee on Foreign Adairs. Adjourned. THE FLOODS IN THE SOUTH. Farther Accounts of Damage on tlio Olilo, KrQiucky and Dllsxbuiippl lllverw lmmentto Destruction of Hail road and Ollier Property lirowainz of Cattle* Sheep and Uog» XbounaDda of Biuliela of tiraln Destroyed, Ac,« dec. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Louisville, Ky., March 13. The railroads South are in a terrible condition. So far oh | amal sdvic.s Inform ns. low lines have escaped disasur. The oniy route py rail bead lo Memphis and New Orleans is riu Nashville, De catur and Corinth, and there arc breaks on that line over which passengers are transferred. Tbe telegraph wire? arc down iu so many places tbal vve have only partial advices as to tbe exteat ol the oleaster? by the Hood. The Louisville & Nashville Railroad bridge over Bacon’s Creor, carried away. mil. we are assured, be repaired on Jhnraday. and trams will run regularly through lo Nashville. Tbe Memphis Branch Is only tena ble to Clarksville. bonih of that point it is cov ered with water, in many placci eight or ten feet deep, auditts believed that many damages not jeidisccinable to me eye will he discovered whrii the water subsides. The Nashville & ‘.battanooca Railroad Is the most seriously injured of any. Bo far eleven known bridges, culvert? and embankments have been swept away, and it will take from two to three months to repair tic damages and pat the road in musing order. The Nashville & Decatur Road is all right, the damages being slight, when compared with tbe other*, and trains are making connections for Memphis and New Orleans. This morning a portion of the track at New Bsven, on tbe Lebanon Branch of (be LouUvil'e & Nashville Railroad, washed away, and tbo morning tram out retnrmrt to the cty. The (rack v ip. probably Pc repaired In a few days. Therivcristiiuighcrc at tbe rate of an Inch per hour, with an enormous Ircshel coming down. Ibe w> arher has lamed intenely cold, and peo ple ai d stock driven from the houses lo camp out cc Pish grounds mast sutler lenloly. The Kentucky River Is on a rampage, carrying away bouses sod bams, drowning cattle ana sweeping ofi fences. [ Associated Press Report.] Cincinnati, Match 13.—Reports f-orabolowrep rescit great destruction ot properlv by the flood, in many place? between New Albany and Evans ville the river Is thirty miles wide. Tbousauds of cattle, sheep ard hogs have t-cen drowned, and hundreds Ol thonsards of bushels of grain have been lost. Tbe country is corercdwith floating stacks ol Lay, wheat and oats. Nearly all ihc steamboat landings arc under water, and boats cannot make ibe landing. Sbawueetown Is com pletely inundated. In tbe lower pan of Clncln rati aud Covington hundreds of houses are under water. Cincinnati, March 33.—The F.nosvlllc despatch fays: v *lt Is estimated that tbe iate flood has damaged East Tenne?«ee s3.o(j[> I C-i-0. Over two hundred persons were wa-bed out of their homes in Knoxville.' Tbe damage to fanning interests is very heavy. Many fanners lost tbcli Loom s, barns,grain and stock.” Cincinnati, Match 13. The river at Ibis point is high* r than at any time since 1830. I here arc now fitty-lour tcel six Inches m tbe channel, and ilsirg about one Inca per hour. At Ripley, the nver rose nine Inches ln-t uighU At Ports moa'b. tbo river rose five feet m the last twenty lonrbonrs, and is still rising nvo inches per hour. At wheeling, there are 1554 feet and rising slowly. At Marietta, there are twenty feet, and rising about three inches per bo tr. Loci?vtt.t.b. Ky . .March 13.—'Tlie river rose pine itches in lourteco bouts, np to H;3O this morning. It ts now within lour feel ol the rise of ISI7, and within five feet ot tbe nsc of 1832. It L rising one itch perhour. The weatoer is cloudy and grow ing cold. Caibo, 111., March 33.—The Ohio River broke through the 2e* ee at Mould City at too o’clo-k this morning. Ibe crevasse is lo the rear of the town, and is fotty feet wide and six Inches deep, and the water is running in lively. Efforts arc beinc made to stop it by placing a boat outside of the breach. Mzmruip, March 13.—Weather cold. A severe snow-slonueetin at noon and continued several hours. Tbe river is rising slowly. People living along the Mississippi arc suffer* itig from the overflow. Business Is stagnant FROM SPRUiGFIELD. Action of tbe Board of Trnutcc* of the Industrial University—Election of Treasurer, romspoiiUlnir and Re cording Secretanes-Comniltteo Ap pointed to Prepare a Course of Study— Tlie ITleclianleal aud Polytechnic l.cpnrtnicot—meeting of ilie .\civ State Xloasc commissioner*. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] brnisoriEU), 111.. March 13. The Board of Trustees of the State Industrla' University brought its Cret meeting to a close this afternoon nfter a most Industrious aud banno lions session. In which a large amount of highly Important business was transacted. A tew ot the important Items arc as follows : The salary ol Ibe Regent was fixed at $3,000; Messrs. Mahan, Allen, end Brown were appointed a committee to prepare by-laws and rtpoil at the next mceilig. Messrs. Cobb, VanOsdell. Cunningham, Gala* sbaand Unrdmg were appointed a Committee on Finance to serve one vear. Three gentlemen were pul in nomination for the office of Treasurer, vir.: Hon. C. H. Griggs. T A Cosgrove, Esq., ol Cbamoaign County, and John TV. Bunn, Esq., of lhl« cl'y. and were sup* ported with gtcat tenacity by their respective friends. Under fl icrolulioDof the Board a majority of all the members, sixteen, was nece-rary to a choice. On the seventh oal'ot Mr. Bunn received seventeen votes, and was declared duly elected. This was a result no less unexpected by himself than a large majority of the Board, and is due fto the division ol ecutimem on >be subject amongst the people of Champaign. Had they been united upon any one candidate there Is no doubt he would have been elected. Mr. Buns has 'teen tor mans years Treasurer of the Btatc Agricultural Society. He was also Pension Agent ol this dis trict lor several years, is a thorough businessman, acu will make an unexceptionable officer. The Regents of the University, Messrs. Bray man, Hays, FJagg and Dr. Bateman, were ap pointed a Committee to prepare a coarse of study for the University, and indicate a facility. The Tieasurer’s bond was fixed at $3,000. Mr. Willard C. Flaeg, of Madison County, was, after considerable ballottlng. elected to the office of Corresponding Secretary, Messrs. Mahan, Galuaba, and Scroggs being bis competitors. Mr. a. B. Galnsba was elected Recording Secre tary by acclamation. Ibe terms of the preceding officers was deter mined to be two year.-, amt the amount of com pensation for all the officers, except Regent, was referred lo the Finance Committee lor determina tion. Messrs. Flagg, Daye and Van Osdel were ap pointed a con.mi.tee lo prepare a design for a seal lor the University. Ar, Auditing Committee was appointed, of which Mr. Doninj) is Chairman. A 3-ecbanical ana Polytechnic Branch of the University was cstahlbhed at Chicago, of rriilch the members of the Board residing in the Third (•rned Judicial Division of the State, and the First Cor-gu-stiotial District shall have the oversight, and may locate the same, whenever sufficient funds lor Us maintenance shall have been placed at their disposal; provided that no part of the funds, scrip, or other property of the Dniver-it? be used in any connection with the Branch De partment, ami that it be located os near the centre of the city as po sible. Resolutions of thanks to the presiding officer and Recording Secretary were adopted, when the Board adjourned till the drat Tuesday In May next. The new Slate Honsc Commissioners mot this afternooc in the stale Library. Present—Messrs. Robinson. Bunn, Wad«worlh. Vanderver, Smite, :ird organized by the appointment of Mr. Bonn President. The act under the provisions of which they were convened, was read by the Secretary, Gen eral J. C. Webber. after which the meeting ad journed till nirc o'clock to-morrow. Messrs. Robinson, Vnrdervcr and Wadsworth filed their bonds with the Governor to-day as State house Commissioners. Mr. Starr, late Stale Treasurer, left this cltv for NewYoik to-day to purchase the iron for the Para and Sprlrgfleld Railroad. JTJW3L ST. LOUIS. The Weather—Conservatives Ousted— iUUfeonrl StatcCrcdi'-Thc Insurance CvDipxuics and the Steamer White Cloudy &c. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sr. Louis, March 13. Ijisl night was or e of the severest of the season. The general opinion of hortJcnltnrlets is that tbe ncacb blossoms arc killed. The cold weather bos made freights active. Pending an expected change of i ates, over two thousand tons were engaged to day on ’Chance. The CcnservatlTCS recently appointed to city oti ces arc all ousted, under tbe new city charier passed by ibe Legislature. The-bill concerning State credit has passed, providing for the pavmrnt of five over due cou pons by tbe Isl of July, and funding tbe balance l«i two years, beside reserving a sinking fund an nually bcrotier. Missouri bonds have advanced over par within tiro days. Tbe Insurance companies who Insured the steamer White Cloud, recently, have declined to *.ay on the ground of gross carelessness on the part of the owner. Mr. McPherson. Ihc Toronto (Canada) girl recently arrested for victimizing a Main street merchant bos been com mined ;or trial. from aiADisox. Xlic If catlicr—Appointments—Mcmen* ant Governor Bross’ Lecture—Wis consin irubllaliem. fSuccial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, March 13. Tbe weather to-day is very cold lor tbo season. Tbe mercury was ten degrees below zero this morning, one above this noon, and lour above a t -uudowu. . _ _ The appointment of General Harvev Harding, fomeily of tbo Flint Wisconsin C .valry, ns A"- scsor, and 11. H. lewis. Collector, of Ibis Dis met. elver general satisfaction. , ~ , . lieutenant Governor Bross delivers his lecture, “Across the Continent.” here Friday evening. 'ibe Convention ot Wisconsiti pubiishers called here to-clav to consider the orowet of ing u paper mill nmier ibeir indcpculem pauer monopoly, la a failure-onty two or three leg. ' FItOSI JIUAVAtJKItf- Senatorial Election— tlnxiol Bxak Notes* [Special Despatch to The Senatorial election u»-J* T to v^°‘ cy catued by tbe *«••«* OI seta, w Jackson Had lev rp*.««• the election of Hon, H. I* Democrat. The vote was very light, and weather extremely told-. Cotmici tell five dollar National Bank notes are in the hands of tbe police, raised so as to repre sent fifty oo'iar denominations. The word fifty in the left hand corner is not shaded equally, some letters lighter than others. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wls., March IS. SENATE. In the Senate, among other bills Introduced, was a bill to provide for the collection ol claims against counties; also to fix the term of office o> County dodges at four years, and make elections for such officers uniform; also to provide (bat estates of married women who die shall descend to tbetr children or next of kin lo the exclusion of husbands. The Committee on Rallroids recommend that the Senate b>ll No. 27, being to liiclllrate the construction of a road irom Monroe to Dubuque, be amended by striking out Uiatnortlon au'hor iztngthc consolidation, and when so amended that It pass. Tbe Assembly bill roaklngan appropriation to pay tbe expenses of Commissioners to tbe Paris Exposition was killed. 'tne Senate finally concurred In the bill, fixing the salaiy ol Judges of the Supreme Court at J3.SCD. Senate bills were passed to encourage tho col late ot the cranberry, and also to regulate th-r pay ol County Supervisors, surveyors uuj town asses sors; also lo appropriate Daniel Baxter 53.3G1 for work done on the .territorial Capitol thirty years ago. ' ASSEMBLY. In the Assembly a resolution was adopt'd, the objm of which is to ascertain how much Rock County owe? tbe State, said to he about #19.000. Bids were Introduced to regulate BUb-dlvUiuns ot land in evcticns not fractional; also to am«nfi last winter's law. which prohibits minors from playing billiards: also to incorporate tbe Eight Hour League or Wisconsin; also lo provld-: against accidents on railroads, and a few others unimportant. In the Assembly last evening the Eight Hour Hill, which had been once killed and raised to liio again, passed—ayes 51, nocs S 2. The bill incorporating tbe Heef Slough Boom, was ordered loa thud reading. Ibe Winona Cut. Off and Bridge Bill engrossed theat'enUou of the Assembly most of the fore noon. Speaker Cameron opposed tbe bill with all bis might. He denies that its provisions are in con flict v ith tbe act of Congress; also, that It would i>e disastrous to LaCrosse. having an effect to de preciate property there. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.| Lansing, March 13. The trictids of the Railroad Bills aud Swamp Laud bdls have been acting in combination, but a temporary derangement has dcvcloocd itself lo ony tn consequence of tbo Senate baring nlfixed a ’proviso lo the Swamp land Cilia that the lands fhould bo selected in counties where improve ments arc made. Ibe iriends of tbe Swamp Land BUI In tho House will bring up several railroad bills. The final result is uncertain. The House passed bills to amend the General Banking Law; to incorporate tbe vitlsco of ( bree Rivers; toreml’. specific taxes in the Upper Pen insula to counties; also a resolution fer a final adjournment on the 28th. which goes to tho Sen ate lor concurrence; also passed tbe following railroad hills; from Marshall to Joncsvllle; tn aid of Grand River; from Paw-Pjw to Son'b Haven; Kalamazoo to Lake Michigan; St. Joseph to Lawton, The Peninsula Railroad Bill was lost, rccon sldered'ano tabled. Jeffeebon City, Mo., March 13.— Ihe Finance Bill, as finnlly passed, places seven hundred aud fifty-nine thousand dollars now in the State Treas ury to tbe benefit of the Interest fund, provides a four mill tax which will realize fourteen hundred tbutu-ai.d dollars per annum, and appropriates tour million dollar* of the sum due the State by the Federal Government. These amounts will re tire ;hc pns> ut year ten overdue coupous on each uond ot the State debt, wnich Is eighteen millions four hundred and iblrty-alx thousand dol lars, uua leave a sinning fund of four hundred thousand dollars to retire th" remaining coupons, or they may bo funded as bondholder* choose. Ibe Fiatte Valley. South west Pacific. Iron Mountain and Cairo & Fu'tor railroads are compelled to pay oue hundred uud thirty ett thousand per aunum lo the staking iund. T he bill allowing delinquent faxe« due before 18'53 to bo paid without Intero-t, which under the law was Uileen per cent, will add several hundred thousand nollais to the State Treasury. Tbe Legislature aojournea ibis afternoon until the first T nceday In Jautuuy. Annapolis. March IS.—ln joint Convention to day lb© Legislature of the State declared Hon. Francis Thomas os elected United Stales Sera* tor lor six yean, to fill the existing vacancy. The Governor was dbcctcd to Issue the necessary commission to the Senator elect. '1 he Registration Bill has passed the Senate. A Servant (ilrl Attempt* the yiurdcr of Her .’nlstrcM by Admlubtprlna Arwcolc Willi Hit Food—Two utber member* of tlic Family Become Polaoucd—Tire Victim* LlKcly to Recover. (Special Dcapatcn to the Chicago Tribune, j Marshall, Mich., March 13. Considerable excitement exists in our city o ver the disclosure of a poisoning affair which for innately was frustrated before a fatal result. The victim of this cow-ardiy attempt to murder Is Mrs. J. F. Thompson, wife of the Michigan cniral Railroad Engineer ol that name. Mrs. Thompson hi.s been for along time sick and con fined to her bed. Until recently btr housework ras been done by one Emma Morey, a daughter of one ot the neighbors, a girl sixteen or aeveii tc’cr ycais old. For some time past Mrs. Thompson has fancied that her food was not all right, and has had suspicion? that some one was attempting to poison her, hut was laughed at by her nurse, a relative of her hosband. About three week? ago her nurse brought her some gruel, but she not liking it pat it aside. The nnr*, however, ate a quantity of it and was soon seized with vomiting ard all the svm? toms ot poisoning. To farther tes*. Jl some’ was given to o?.e offer boys, with the like result. 'The cat managed to gel at some of St aud was similarly affected. Udod tills the girl was sent away ard a portion of the gruel submitted to an Imperfect Chemical analysis by Dr. Gill, of this city, who found the undoubted presence of nrsenlcum. The girl was then brongbr before Mrs. Thompson and charged with the otfencc. which she at once admitted. Bb*- state? thm she sprinkled Ibe poison I■« Mrs. 1 bompfoc’s (nod five separate times. This Is prob able, us Mrs Thompson bos bad several relapses in which vomiting and burning at (be stomach were the chief characteristics, but which the phy sician could rot at the time account for. The girl Morey assumes the entire responsi bility of the poisoning, and completely exoner ates every one else from complicity In It. There appears, as yet, no motive which should induce her to undertake so serious a crime. She is a dull. Ignorantgirl, with no very clear preceptlons of right and wrong. She has waived an exarnio trtiou, Death by Freezing—A Bmtc—Tli< AVeothcr—The Roads Blockudcil, &e, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Des Moines. March 13. Intelligence has reached ns of the prohabU death by freezing of James Aldea, ol Fonlauclle, on the prairie of that county. Samuel Bornnort, s orate of East Do Moines, whipped bis UlUc nephew of sis years most to death yesterday with a black snake whip. He ba- been arrested ami his trial is now in progress. It is intensely cold here. The tneicury was twenty degrees below zero this morning, and re mained below at] day. At the present time—eight o'clock—lt stands ten below zero. The snow is six inches deep. No mail yesterday, nor none to day up to eight o'clock. The trains on the Valley Hoad are blocked up between here and Woodvillc. flie Northwestern Koad Is the worst blockaded it has been this winter. A despatch from Boone they will not get the train through before next Tuesday. The Trial of Jo*cpb Tlbbit* for tin [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.] Mouitta, 111, March 13. The Circuit Court of Grundy County is now in session, Judge Mcßobcrts presiding. The trial ot Joseph Tibbits for the murder of Thomas Page has just commenced. An account of the murder was published in the Tribune some mouths ago. The Sheriff of this county was sent to Maine, and a *r<-Bt<-rt Tibbtin while in the nineties la the northern pan of that State, and brought mm Here, where he has laid In jail over since. 'J he smt is prosecuted by itc Stain’s Attorney. S. W. Mutm, assisted by Olio & Armstrong. Armstrong is administrator of the estate of the murdered man. Tie prisoner U defended by Soutbworth & Fel lows. The prisoner appears calm andao,'is tutUd by the trial, and apparently Is confident ot being cleared. CENTRAL AND SOUTH AHERICA, Affairs in ISTcnragna and Guatemala— Iho War Between Paraguay and tbe Allies—Prospect of a Naval Battle- Attempted Revolution in Venezuela. New Yoek, March 13.—The steamer Ocean Queen, from Aspinwall, airlved to-day, with f •MS.MiU in gold. In Nicaragua President Martinez was to sur render ib'. chair to bis successor, D. P. Guzman, on the Irl instant in Guatemala a revolutionary outbreak has taken place, which was not of sufficient import ance to interrupt seriously tbe rapid progress ol Ibo Republic. Buenos Ayres papers of January 18lh mention an eiu-aeeroent which is said to have resulted fa vorably for tbe allies, but there were no particu lars. H Is stated that tbe proposition that the United Slat* s mediate between Buenos Ayres and Para guay w ill be acceded to by Lopez, Tlic Spanish fleet which left Montevideo fr thought to be destined lor ifao Straits of Magellan to intercept the allied fleet from Valparaiso. . The Uruguayan Government, in answer to protest ol Chili and Peru for harboring St?"* 8 *? vessels, stated tnat they only pursued course. / Nothing new from Chl'L xa,.ii.>a Tee Peruvian Cabinet ha* been Diplomatic asylum, ns deflcedX uuUoiiii, will be tbu only osylw' rec °S lJi -.ea b J Peru here after. vW 7th nit ftI"'* 1 "'* move- Alvarez bad ax-ciaufrfy »ht oerson of Gomez. was between MoDtascne aadLonez. \\*r L tmgi com p ; onil6c having faUed. * all attempt m ■— FROM. CAIKO, ILL. Tragedy In Ittlssonrl-Slclc enlHSr Details. Camo. March 13.-A bloody and fatal tragedy occurred al ibo Hull n™” »> “tfodc. Mo., alow davi, tinea urowlni: out of an old fend ensti-g Wlwnn dacob and dobnslnn BamocC btolbcra, ol bleb «“baias and One ..i tii-i non It appears the younger brother, Johnston, bad been attacked by the cluer, on occasion of bis ylamna the residence of tbo -Ider and was terriblT maluetled, being cut and badly bruised. The younger brother then sept the elder word lo arm himself, as be intended to kill him on stent. Neighbor- aud friends of the two men then interfered and used every possible effort to atop ibe feud and reconcile them, but to • WISCONSIN. ASSEMBLY—TUESDAY EVENING. niCUIGAN, missocui, RIARVIiIM), POISOMSG CASE. FROM DES MolX£b« I'KOa MORRIS. murder r.f Tnoroa* Pasc. CHICAGO. THURSDAY, .MARCH 14, 1867. n«' purpose The two men went heavily armed on all occasions, and finally they met on iho high way, near the residence of the elder, and Imaie*, dlately commenced firing at each other, at the same time pporoflchltiir. They emptied two revolvers each, and then clinched and neat each other. In a horrible man 1 cr, with the not? of their pistols. I bey continued m this horrible work □Dili they fell apart from sh.-er exhaustion. When Annd by some men who happened alone the road, the «Ider brother was aillf and dead, and the younger horribly wonnded and trying to drrg nimscif av%ay irum the bloody and ratal spot where bis hi other lay. The survivor was at once aneuded >o. and when our informant left he was still alive, uito no hones oi h'fl recovery, as ho was terribly wounded In five places and continued to ravellhco maniac. MEXICO. Departure of French Troop*—Move ment* of tbe Opposing Forces— Cortl non9 Army Dwindled A way to a mare t'orporai’a Guard—matters at and A bom Vera uruz. New Yotoc. March 13.— JlnaWt Vera Crux -let tciF. March 2d. elate that 10,Udu French troops bad sailed for Franco up to that time. Great prep* aialiens were making to defend the city after the Flench had I'ft. Ills said Maximilian trill expose Napoleon's intrigue against the United States. New Ouleakh, March 13.—Matamoras ndvlcca ofthuTih say datea-aio received front the in terlor ofMcxico dated the 25tn nit. At QaenaU ro. on that day. tbe column under'Command of the Emperor Maximilian, ma>coed upon the posi tion occupied by the Northern Republican Army. ibe Liberal (itncral Lamar was to make a June lion vUh the army in Siayla. General Dim: whs near Puebla, wblcb place was occupied by (ho Imperialists under Qalvoz. It was probable that the expected battle be tween Maximilian and the Liberals would take place on or betore the (*lb or IfUh lust. Aqvkcs from Brazos of tbe 7tb, ear Cortinas was reported at Mlcr. with a decreasing force. Hall of the Americans and foreigners In his army had ueserted. Report says be has only elxly-flvu mm. WasniNfiTOv, March 13.—An extract from a let ter r< edven to-day by nay of New Orleans from Vera Cruz, first, says: (•cuerni hnzuinu umved to-day. The Liberals under Salcido Gomez aai Rodriiincz have tswen Orizaba and t*o»do»a. The Irapeilallsts retreated to the city, but it Is ihoiurht tsey win ad desert before they reach Vera Cron. They aro very mucb afraid of yellow fever. General Alatone Is about Puebla. General Uctavedevi* is three leatmes from this city with a large mice. He expects to occupy Vera Cruz vhet) abandoned by the French. romuiuncailon with the Interior is entirely cat oil'. We have no news west of Orizaba. The French are between ttta city and Ptn?o Del Macho. They all expect to leave early this month. Their iron clan fleet is still here. New Yoek, March 13—Vers Cruz advices to Match 2d sure that great excitement prevailed, and a strict surveillance was placed upon the ap proaches to the city. It was rumored uia* the marines from the Aus trian war voxels would he transferred to St. Juan de Ulloj lor Ibe protection of the city, and n sweeping conscription was expected at any moment. Maximilian left bis business In the bands of his Connell of Ministers on taking the field. * The garrison at Mexico City was continually on (be run on account of alarms from guerillas. One tboiuar.d French deserted in marching from the Capital to Puebla, and most of them joined the Liberals. FEO3I THE PACIFIC COAST. Sacramento ITiunlclpal Election-Ex tra SvKsfon oftiic nevada Legislature —Sandwich Inland* New*. San FuANcieco, Match 11!.—The Sacramento municipal election yesterday resulted In success to the tuion ticket by a Jarre majority. A Carscu telegram bo>s the Governor will call an czlia session of the Nevada Legislature to meet on (be iSm lust, lor tbe purpose of pacing iLe revenue taw. j-ardwich Island advices to February 2?d are re ceived. The Government authorizes the Minister of Finance (o depreciate Spanish reals (o an English sixpence In value, ten Cents la American cur rency. TU Hards were visited by abundant rams in FcVtnaiv. A unuber of eases of curiosities imended for tbe Paris Exhibition have been received, which, with those previously forwarded, are expected to fill die derailment allotted to Hawaiian products. **AN Fna>cisco, March 13.—ibe British bark Golden Sunset was lost on her yassage to this port from Newcastle, New South Wales, with ft cargo of coal. The paafcmrers and ciow arrived at Honolulu, ano sailed fur San Francisco Febru ary filth The vcsfcl was owned iu Liverpool. No particular*. The United States steamer Lackawanna has ar rived at tbe Sandwich Islands. Shu is restatloned at Honolulu. Tbe Custom Douse authorities of tins city have seized opium valued at about three hundred uioupaud collars tor au attempt to defraud the revenue. A judrmert was rendered yesterday In tho United Mai s circuit Court against ttio Central -American Ttausii Company. 'two thousand dollars damages was sustained by the wrecking cube Golden Halo on Houcaaor

Reefs. FROM >Etf YORK. llimlhou River Navlgutlou—Fenian IT) niton*—m umn Itlectlus lu Union £»<juare. New Youk, March 13.—Arrived, ship Kate i’rlcce, from Sait Francisco. 'ibe liudpon lUvcr ta open to Tivoli, and it Is •xpeoted navigation to Troy will be reanmed this week. 'the Senate of the Fenian Brotherhood has been called tocrUier tor next Tuesday, to take action •id tbo present condition ot tho lri**h movement, it is authoritatively slated that both Senators and the crganizmlon they represent will mlfil the liroroliei* mode by president Hobert in Ibclrnarae :o extend all aid in their power to tbo Irish Repub licans In the field. A Fenian mass meeting took place at Union 'ijuare Ibis evening, as announced. The alien dance was no’ large, and not much enthusiasm was uianLeftrd, ilie meeting was addressed by i number of prominent leaders, and resolnllons were passed pledging the support of the various ' irclua in this vicinity to the men In the revolu lon In Ireland. Thu project of a New York merchant to raise ore million ooilatß for privateers bus boon favor ably received, aud meets with considerable suc cess, Private letters from Washington state that ihe committee now in that city have been cor- Dally received bv the Senators and Rcprusenta :ivcs ol bulb parties. FROM HHT 0 RLE ASS. Scorral Mierldnn’e Order Postponing ilio City KicctloD nadeatibe iiequesi of tlic I'rcaidful—Proposed Test of tile New Reconstruction Law, Etc. New Yohk. March 13. —The New York Tribune learns from trustworlhy sources that Ihe order of General Sbcilocn, prohibiting the boldine of the municipal election In New Orleans on March lltb, war Icsm-d under imtrncUoas trnm the President io suspend ihe ejection and depose both Governor Wells at d Mayor Mon’oc, it lie saw ill. Iht Herald'a New Oilcans rpcclal snys resolu iloi-s were yesterday Introduced in the btate sen ate declaring the Sherman bill occoaetitatlonal, ana demanding a teat of it In the Supreme Court. 1 Ley w ere referred lo a special committee. The Senate bill suspet dimr State and municipal elec tors "as referred to the Judiciary Committee in ■ he Uoutu, PROM RICHMOND. Ocm rnl Scb.-.floldh* Order on Assuming (onmiand Under ilio Reconstruction Act. RicnuoNn, March 13.—General to-day issued Order No. 1, assuming command ol Vir .■inla. Dr says all oillcets »ir.dcr Uie existing Pro visional Government will con’lnne to perform the outli'eAit their respective offices, according to law, unless ’otherwise directed in individual cases, until their successors are elected under tho act •>t Congress. lie says it Is desirable that tho military power he cscidftd only so far as ncccs •ary to accomplish objects for which it was con-, omd, and appeals to thcpcople. especially tbc cull othcers. to render the necessity for Its exer else as e'ltrlit as possible by a strict obedience to the laws, and the Impartial administration of justice to all classes. FROM'ST. PAUL. The ITlurOcrer liawkn Held for Trial. St. Paul, Umn., March 13. Jndgc Lambert baa decided to hold H-iwkce for uial at the District Court. The prisoner was much disappointed, as he was confident of ac* 'initial- Tfao Cold Term. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Triban/.] St. PAUL, Marc) 13. Mercury 25 degrees below zero this mon»"”- St. Louis, Match 13.—Tho weather is pill v ery coiO, the mercury being many degrees lelcwthe •freezing poim. A heavy snow ba<» fallen lo the wesiempart of ■his State mid In Kansas, and the wcalhr u very void. St. Josrrtx, Mo.. March 13.—The TTCif‘- r 18 VBf T cold, ihemtrcuiT at But o’clock thls*oralO£ be ing trn degrees below zero, and nofnncb higher :o-nlgbl. Heavy he in the river. .... .. , llitwAVßEt, March !<*.—To-da* 18 coldest ,f ihc reaMin. At Si. Paul the '?, n S°®. ctc ,s ™A a t«enty-five degrees below zero At Madison, La* Crosse, Wisconsin, and Mllv Qkce . twelve bc ' low this morning. Operation* of H«Oe»A Kobbcr, and * *•*• PrnrQvr T mt , M ;cb 13-—Burglars are bc -ondf«?tM*i banded” lhcir depredations alone nrd Slotw «*y Railroad. .IV Sum ihe depot at Dyers vJll? d ininmnplnrt bc Prenu-o?, placed a bn fall and built o rename Are. ™Vaueu”wf* C Jncendn,s -m laiK'd of Its pur- Y.ibdayrnoinmg they fired the depot Ac f hiev -- f1 destroy, d lr, with a large quantily Ibc a £ cct and clerk, who were «” |! building, secured the money from Vi a e«f dD d barely escaped with Itelr lives, leav i‘„ .circlofbltic, watches, and the office books JJIEi/flames. They also cntcicd the office at ij/iwnre Centre, and finding nothing more Im #ianl, stole accident insurance cards and pas ■/•uper tictcds ; thi n mad * a raid on Mr. Brown’s stoic, carrying away clothing, pocket knives, hooks, and ennt'ry other articles. A “walking clothing store” was subsequently arrested on the tram, and most of these articles found in his possession. Bemarksiblo Escape from Death. Cincinnati, March 13.—Atthe Columbus, Ohio, Opera llou-c, on Monday night, Lester, the cym- Hast, in a'trmpling the feat of dropping head downward and nanging by hli toes to a trope:*. lost Lie bold and tell into the orchestra. In fall ire, however, bc contrived to change bis position so that he struck upon his feci, sustaining no other injmy man a sprained ankle. Tbo distance tom the itaptzt to the stage waa over tmrty fest. ITlmdcrer Uopltcd. llAimisncho, March 13.—Governor Geary, at ■he solicitation of the spiritual advisers of Ales. Wylie, wntweed tube banged next Friday, has cianted a respite until March 21. Victor Hugo nnd Hie Cretans, Some tliue ago Victor Hugo addressed a "etter full of generous sympathy to the CretuHP, who, in a grateful reply, entreated him to old in completing the work oi nel ieuic emancipation which Lis genius had con tributed *, O inaugurate. To this appeal he has rctpoua*q hy a second letter, which con eludes with il® following characteristic sen tences: “And public opinion? 'What is it doing? What Is it saying? Nothing. It Is turned In another direction. Alas I What can you expect? These catastrophes are unfortunately not In fashion. The patient policy ot Governments is sum med up in two results; denial of justice to Greece, denial of pity to humanity. ATon archs! one word would save this people. One word from Europe is soon spoken. Sneqk it. What are you good for. if not for that? No. Silent aro they, and silence they command. Greece mnsc not he spoken oi. Such is the expedient. Six or seven great powers conspire against a little people- And what sort of conspiracy ? The most cow ardly of all—the conspiracy of silence. But the thunder is not io the conspiracy. The thunder comes from above, and lu politic*! language, the thunder Is called Revolution.” Tlte Forrcston & Clucauo Railway. fFrOia Ibe Freeport fill.; Journal. March 6.| We congratulate the people of Freeport for another line of railway, more direct and nearer to Chicago than either of tbe two we now have. A charter haa just passed the Legislature fora, new road from this city by way ot Forrcston and Aurora, being almost an air line, making the distance to Chicago a little over one hundred miles. It is a Hue of road mucb needed hy the people, and traverses the finest and most wealthy and populous sections of northern Illinois. By careful estimate it Is expected that tbe road can be built for loss than ten thousand dollars per mile, ready for the rolling stock. It Is also expected that the portion of the line between Forrcston and Aurora, will be completed, and the cars running over the same the present season. Wealthy and influential parties have, at this early day, we understand, signified their willingness to subscribe largely lor the stock of the road, and there is no question but that all the stock will readily be taken as soon us the hooks arc open for that purpose. This road must be of immense advantage to all tbe people along its contemplated route, and will open a short, cheap route, not only for Freeport, but also one for Dix on, Polo, Haldane, Forrcston, Balleyville, and in fact for all Carroll .direct to Chicago, it also gives the snug little city of Aurora a northwestern outlet, and brings tt in a close connection with western Wiscon sin , northern lowa and Minnesota. The lat ter city, with its splendid water power on Fox River, and manufacturing facilities, aud other improvements, Is greatly in need of this road. There is nothing theoretical or speculative in this enterprise. It is n practicable thing and much needed. Tbe charter is granted, ibe people want the road built, their inter ests demand It, the local trade will suoport it when built. The division between Forrcston and Au rora, of seme sixty-six miles, being com pleted, the connection at Chicago is at once perfected by tbe Chicago, Burlington 6c Quincy Railroad. Wo look upon the enterprise as feasible, and expect, ere smother Jsew Year to make our bow from the cars to the good people along this con tcmplatcd route. Tran*pollution oi Can Across Hie North Ktvcr. (From the Now York Evening Post.) During tho past five or six months one of the five great railroad companies whose com municatbn with this city Is interrupted by the North River has had m operation a llout for the transportation of cars from its depots in New Jersey to the docks of this city. This float Is exiled the Duuderberg, from its pecu liar shape rather than from anj* offensive qualities it possesses. Its length is one hun dred and thirty-seven feet and its width thirty feet. It is fitted with bulwarks along the sides and is provided with two tracks, so that whin it is fastened to a bridge at one cud of tie railroad the cars may be backdd upon H. As It is now arranged eight cars, in two row*, are curried ; but, with alteration, there would be room enough for twelve. The cars arc in this way brought to the city, with their contents, and are unloaded on tin* docks. Then they arc loaded again, and wltnout further bundling the freight is taken several hundred miles, or to its destination, A New Sons to an Old Tone, At a reform nicotine in England last month, at which Edmond Beales presided, a letter was received from John Stuart Mill, the “Reform League Minstrels” sang a version of an air very familiar In this coun try. Its new title, adapted to the needs of the English workingmen, reads, “We’ll Rally Round the League, Boys,” and the chorus is sung by thousands with great effect, thus “ Freedom forever 1 hurrah, boys, hurrah I Down with the Tories, np with Reform, While we rally round the League, boys, rally once again; Shoutluir the noble cry of freedom.” rr«S IT ItItOTHKK* Ad«>riHina As'U L2t) t)rurb<>rn»*i„ receive oitu-niKumciit; for alt the letdiDg pupera iltrouubout the Untied !*ttittHHU() (lunu<<ai. ILatiics’ jfurnistins (Goohs, QRAND OPENING. LADIES' -DEPARTMENT Brown & Mathews’ Burnishing Store. On Thursday, March 14th. The HIGHEST aid MOST ELEGANT stock of Ladies’ Furnishing Goods F.Tfrcp«n«J In Chicago, HrMal e-tu. LadlW, Chil eans’ nnJ Infants’ Wardrobes and Undergarments, in the latest ana nu st beautiful styles. Every variety ol COBBL.TS and eSIt-I ttTfi?. Klrli F.MDnOIDPRED GOODS, nt execeiUcely ul tra, tire prlcM. M«lv CHOICE NOVELT.Es. The finest material f«r manofscuirlmr in the dry. EVEKi’TUItsG la NEW at their itagmilcent room*, 84 and 8S State-st., (Crusby’s Opera Uutue.) AIU». A, MAYNARD, Superintendent. ILecturcs. BY Nathan Sheppard, Ksq,, Of Ibis City. In the UNION PARK BAPTIST CHURCH, comer West Washicgtuu ana Paullo.-sU., on Thursday Evening, March 14th, Atfio’clccb, tot the Benefit of PROVIDENCE ML 1 * bION. Subject. "TneDisposition.” TKketflDmnu. fHasnnir Sotictg. “VfOTiCE —Annual Meeting n' the stock i.\ htldmcfiho West ChicagoMasonicßcnevoVnt Association, F«<r th'clectlc n of aDoiMlof Dir‘.’tors fir the emu- It ir year, will he held Maim 18« l«-'f- *t Cleveland Lodge Jlall. I'OiD opci. IromS-' 1 1 n «-l<>vk. - CHaSK. fcecr-tary. JMSlnalcß- T UCRA-UTE EMPLOYMENT- I j Wnutol. ore ef twi g<v*l Agent-*. to canva*w the n<s for PvTUSOX'S PATENT ICMFB AND FORK .SCOURiNO MAC<II>B- • bcours from enu lo six at a time, wnh rreat rapiJUy. A good chance to nuke motor. And* »t tv salesroom. J JSStsOUfR CLARK-ST., Between wonroe atd Adams, «’Ucago. gaclcti) fHectings. -VTOTICE TO BOSS .PLASTERERS.— li At a meeting oftbo OpcraHro Piastcr-r#’ Society It was resolved to demand four dollars pir day, on and after April Ist, 1667. JOHN G, NORTON,President. A. t raconAx. Secretary. jljatg aiib (Caps. STYLES. The tntrcdnclnic of everything that la r.ex and fasty in the way n HEAD DRESS FOR YOUNG MEN’ 5 WEAR, we moke a specialty. BEEWSTEB, HATTER, Sherman yo^e. EiKool Etomc. TWINE. A SUPERIOR ARTICLE, Atvtiy ow rates, lor sale tor SMITH, DENHAM ft AIKEN, Wo. iai Lnse-at. CiVockErn QMITH, BENHASI & AIKEN, O SO. 151 l.lltE-ST. IrnDcrMtßßtd Wholesale and Keinil D-al-rsln crockery and china wake. Assorted Crate* In orlcinnl package. Goods sold si New Trrt pMces. ireljtr.t added. Also, raanatictnrrrs’ agents for White and foored Cnrn-t Warp. Batting. Cotton Tare. Twines. W*dillmr, Wlckl'g.&c.. &c. l-dobcs. TTYDKO CiUHON Xi COOK STOVE, For all kinds ft conking and beating at n cost of ore cent per hour. Call sud see It, at the Furnace Svircol y F. A. SLACK, SS LaSalle-st.. Chicago. Jpentistrg, TEETH EXTRACTED “ L •WITHOUT pain, Br THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Itocm a. Times Bnlldina. IIS D-nrhorn-st. They ate fresh and pure Nitrons Oxide, or Laughing Gas, aid pnnrartce to pain or nepleaeant alter cflect. ©ii Stones. JjrUERT OH. STONES. Something P3ew. OllStoufß, Raxcr Denes, Emery Wheels. Camera' Stoner, warhn lets* Eqon'lzlur stoce», ®i®.. at low prli’es. manufacturen l» the KM Ell Y '4L STONE CO -144 Fulton st, Cht- ago. M-sdenf any desired grade ot cilt, and In lorrn* to salt «ny *bocd tool. * ' FAIRBANKS. Gl’f ENt.EAF * CO- General Agents. 2t!U atd ‘J'iSLvkc-st. printing I3resscs, NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS. FOR SA LB-A No. 3. Single Small Cylinder Printing Pre*s,of B, Hoe* Co.’s manufacture. This Presit near It new. and will be warranted tu perfect working order. It will be sold to a cash purchaser at a ORSAT BABOAZN. Inquiries rtaybeaddreaaedto “PRINTING PRES?,” Box 3033, Chicago, 33 tj) ©OOBS. JJEMOVAL.- SIKPSOK & HUGHES HAVE REMOVED TO THEIR flew and Elegant Store, 111 Lake>sL, Wltbnliarao and Attractive Shock of DRY GOODS WHICH THEY OFFEB AT Wholesale and Betail, AT TfIEIB USUALLY LOW PRICES. SIMPSON & HUGHES, 111 LAKE-ST., Between Dearborn and Clark, Gargets, ©il (Elotijf, Set. DEPARTMENT. 153 & 155 Lake-st. CARPETS, Oil Cloths, Druggets, MATTINGS, Curtain Materials, *&c. Wo have opened a Department for tbo salo of tbo above Goods, which have boon recently bought at a great decline) and will bo sold at the lowest possible prices* Wo will at all times soil as low as tbo market, and oar stock will com* priso tho Latest and Bost in that linei W. B. WOOD, SSaatrljcs aifO JJctoclrj?. M. A J. B. MATO, (sCCCEpeoBSTO Edwabdi,) *■* *Xlio Oldest EstaT>llslicd JEWELRY HOUSE Id the city, and the only General Agency forthe Celebrated American Watches fa the Northwest. We have added to our large Btocfc a Jewelry, Watches, and Silverware, A large and well (circled assortment of PUBE NICKELWABB, From the celebrated Factory of Gorham * Conpacy, which we t el a pride la intr 'duclng to tto good tasteuf the CUUensot Chicago. 101 South Clark-st° gyptesg tSompanies. JHE MEECHATJTS’ TOIO K Express Company* C&PX TAXi - - $20,00^,000. Owned and Operated by/ Onr Merchants and Manufacturers.. CARRIES BY EXPRESS, .Honey, Valuta bleu, Freight and Parcels, sver more than 13,000 miles of Express Line, at Just and liberal rates, saves MtXinas yearly to Ex urcss r-btppcrs, and cna b* made permanent only by tbclr* liberal patronage. This we bopc to merit and receive.' Office, Nos. 103,105,107 4 109 Searborn-at B.m.COOPSB Aeont. A TJDiTOU’S OFFICE, ILTINOIft XX. SPBrvoriKLD. March Notice is bm-by given, th't wh-reas t>* McLean County Bank.” located al Bloomlnrto** RR®®*?* iled in tfcla r ffcuo bond, ns required oy'ha provisions of an act entitled ”Annet to -rnend the general hank ing law. so »* lo uero/t the withdrawal otfecnrlties in certain ra*os.’’ approved Feb. |h.Vefaro. tinittu theholders of ctrcnlatme n»ic9 ot said Dank ?h»lfprcM'nt thc^awcforn:dcn'^°o troni this date, at mD h?hS?Srt p_ .. *>■. ppTiT,fpr cf «iuJ Bank, they will be barred frnm rpcFlvmerfrt-^P tlon ‘hereof. Said notes will bo m tte cVof Chicago at the Mechanics* Na- Rstk an / fl “he Office of the .Marine Company, tl&nal Bank, an O. H. MINER. Auditor. ISricft. ttEEKs-KILL manufacturing [_ CO.’B best Improved BRICK MACHINE, simple, cheap and doraoie; TEMPERING MACHINES, and ,11 machinery for marine brick. Machines to he seen, and all Information pained, by calling nn or addte-slny WHITING d: WENT\V;IRTEI* P. O. Box U 703. Chicago. HL p ABB'S PATENT VX BRICK IWAaBEIKfS. Office and oanniactory 93 Booth Jctferßon-n. For nfotmatloc tnddesertpave clrctUAraddieas & B. uAKU, S 3 South Ch utgA “T>RICK MACHINE.” ■° DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE, Office. Room no. 3, 47 garb s':., Chicago. jy^AGAZINE JBKICJK WORKS, Comer Daisied and Twenty-sccond-ets. Office, No. * ■ UIS Block. As J. KNIsi.LT, Proprietor. (General Notices. O™ O.S. BOHDED WAREHOUSE Ccrccr Slate and SLzteeath-aU., NOW O 3PE IST. Cot nects with all the Railroads, tins string cartage beta to receiving and Bhlpplrg. ST OBOES. McALLISTEU ft CO. pAKK STOCK FOR SALE. FIFTY SOARES OF TOE MANTTFACTUEEES’ NAT’L BANS STOCK FOR SALE CHEAP. Inquire of PUBINGTON ft SCRANTON, aog Sooth Watrr at. WHEKEAS my wile Hilary Betz has leftmy bedandboa'd without Ju«t csuac or Krorocntior, 1 hereby caution all persoosajaln*t bar orinc or trusting her on ray account, as 1 shall par no debts of her contracting alter this date. P. W. UENZ. ©russcs. TRESSES. ,1 „VVE\H Torn. OLD TBCSHEH. With lh»m filthiness, and chaioc f. r llfr. or the HARO KUiir.EK TRUSS, and to cured. Surgeons ss? It is the on it philosophical Truss In use. It never rn-ts. broui cr becomes filthy. Does not press or injure the cord. Pamphlet Dee. I. B. SEELEY * CO., South Cbck-st. isjoto CEarhs. QET TOTJR PAINTED SHOW CARDS At 84 DEABBOBN-ST* Boom 4. Up Stain. NUMBER 278. patents. X 0 Paper Manufacturers. T S £9 Hydrostatic Paper Company, In aortdng the card (dated Feb. 2 ff) or n.IKRISOY B. MEEcn. and tbe cerllßcafls appended thereto, of JOEL TlFFeNY.hta partner and aC:oroey, consider It their duty to continue and repeat the caution contained In their published card of f eornary Ist. They aver, and arc ready to substantiate the aver ment by competent proaA That tfacybave ibo sole right. under their patent*, ta use Hydrostatic, Hydro-dynam ic and Pneumatic Pressure.ln a rotary or revolving cylinder, for the sabtlalng and bleaching of all material ased in the mana factoro of Paper Palp. Their original Patents give this fully, in the opinion ofemlncEtlawyerswho have »rannnn the matter; but to set tbe question at rest, so far as verbal phrase ology could Indicate the same, the Company obtained a rc-tssue ol their patents on the 33d cf October, 1366, covering the ground In dispute in positive terms. This fact Is emitted orcouccaled by Ur.Uee:h and his at torney, in their statements. These re-issues, by opera tion of law. aid la direct terns, ante-date and tike precedence of the Meech palerl for Pneumatic Pres, sure; anileo lar as that code of pressure U concerned, the Meech patent Is a nullity, aid is rendered absolute ly void. In fact, and in law, it was so without the re issues. So Car, therefore. as Mr. Meech or hU asilgnsatteapt to use Fueumatlc Pressure m a revolving or rotary cylinder, the act will be a direct Infringement on oar rights, and we again notlly all perlons concerned, that prosecution will Immediately follow their attempts to ose ihla mode of pressure la the manufacture ol •paper. As to other processes of Mr. Meech we bare at present' notbit g to say, being entirely satisfied by oar own and the experience of others, that the processes we claim under our patents are &r superior to all others In use In this country or abroad. We invite the attention ol all Paper Man nlkcth re ra te the practical working cl onr process. Orerfbrtyof the drat manufacturers In theNorhern Mates bare purchased rights, and so far as th-.T have pnt them In practical operation, they hare met with unvarying success. Anrng others ih.s using the process, and' wb< se mills arc most convenient of access, we refer to. the Niagara Falls Paper Company, and the Bochester Paper Con pany, of Bochester,N.T. In these mills the process has been in ose on a large seals for over eight months. All wbo take the trouble to visit these establishments, will Hod satisfactory evllence of the great value of our discoveries* and will have ocular proof that the claims made in oar origmal circular were cot exaggerated. l. c. woosaurr, President, Siaoaha Falls, March 11. 18b7. IJO PAPER MANTJEACmiERS. My attention has been ca:lcd to annular paroprnha to be from one L. c. Wcoamir, as President <>f the ‘•XljtlTLt*iaUcP»PtrCompany.*' dated Niagara Palls. Ftbrnary Ist, ISC7, aadresaed a panel manufacturers, alleging that tbe process cl bleacbln; paper puip oy' pneami-tic prepare, offered to the pubic by ice, M is a direct and positive Infringement of the patents and rights of the tfydrcstauc Paper Ccmpony, and that my ci.tlre process Is embraced In tbit ot ibe said Hy rrostatlcCotr.paiy.and that the? Till piosecute for IcMt cements all nersnns wno atienpt to use t&e pneu matic process under grant* trom mi. Suet statements, in the face ot tlr facts ol the case, are absurd, and, I regret to he coooelled to sav. are malKiouely laise and libellous,, aed I shall bold the author or authors thereof to a srlct accountability. In tha meantime I leave thomeriaot the question to an men qual-fledtojurgu. Tee majority of my patents, embraced In my “pro cess." aro antcrlcr to any held by- the “ nyuroaiatic Paper Company, and 1 have ony to leave the puollc to say wbo ore the Infnngeis thee.l. I have submitted to most imineot counsel such ot my patents as Dear dates eubequenl to, t>ge:ber with coyie* of the patents under which the Hydrostatic pa per Company claim their ptooesa, ana sire herewith Uu c pinion of such coacse-on the question ol infringe ment. That this question maj ho properly understood, I «lil beiealata that the pßenta held by the dydrostaUe ibper Company acre asagned to them by tnepttent ere, Messrs. ILL. JONta and D. S. FARQUH&BION ami I am cot aware thet their so-called process u em braced in any i ther pa.cnt3 whatever. My cwn process Is enhroced in not less ttus ten CIO) Jifferent patents, anutoe use or operatk-n of tbc pneu aiatic pressure 1 do cut regard absolutely necessary to worglngtny nrocesv, elth-r In the nrst rcdurtlonol to Paper pulp, or lu Meuhlnc the same; bit I oclkvs the p'*cumatlc prin ciple tar superior is the hytro'-tstlc, ord will prove more* ancceastnl, a* lar as cltlicr rray no required. Re peclfullf, d. MBECD. - Fort Edwards, N. T n Feb. 20 th, ISS7. npo WHOII IT MAT CONCERN. As Die attrnryof HARRISON B.MEECH, I pro cured the atvaAlp.teLtane now holds tir Improve!? Processes In ibe Monofiutare ot Paper Slock, And am ftmlllar with each and every, ono a' them. 1 tave u>-o carefully era::: , ltd the pat«.b lasnedto Jour l anrtFatqnliarson, one licarlne date ilarchUlh, U*f,foroJ Improved appara*?? for bteschngof peper stem. aid one dated Jua* sir.. ISOS, for 10 Improved pieces of treating wood, et?n,r v r the manufacture ol paper rU’P. Thete two are denomltucd the Hydro scitic Froctsa. I have no liralUtioa in saving that r>ne cf the pro* jvmci pater ted hv Mr. MEBCU, or which he holds and wnicb constitute the sihvch pßosEsa So called, an in any moaner identicalwith the Hydro.- static Process, cor do they Infrlog-tne same. Twoct the patents held byMr.ileech are those with which 1 bav>- been connected asowner. The Oral w»s lamed torovself on iry own app lent l n n, July 3*M, 1666. It waa for aa improved proerst In me manufacture 01 pap«r»tock. The otherlssnedto myself and Hamsoo B.Meecb, fur an Improvemert in tbebleachlcgof paper stock. bach of these processes involved the nse ct the PNEUHIATIC FBBSSUaS. In the manner described In each ot (nets re spcctively. TLo use 01 pressure as apart of* ich pro cess, whether applied them respectively. The nse 01 pressure as a part of seen process, whethrf aopnea ny steam, air, gas, water, or otherwise, H ,0 * patentable In the present state ol the art; but an Improved metn od tt spplylcg such pressure may be *“® subject or a pi The* Hydrostatic mode may « the subject; ri a patent so tar as the same is ns*-* and useful, so like wise tn>y be any other now ar* u*e™ l uiad t—aa the pneumatic. Bnt such modes** produclagthe pressure are entirely distinct from ea*uother. Neither toe Hy drostatic or Pneumatic psrccss are patentable siceol asanrwanduselu) obtaining a result. as such they are entirely dado'd frora,»"d tnJcpcnaent oL each other. 1 am <vell annual'ted with the many prcccsses lo straw, crass, etc., to a couditloc snitable< or the mannlactnre of paper, and I am clcarlv of that the process practiced cy Harrison B yt.-eOh, and known as tie Meech process. Is snnerlcr u ary ether, if not the only one bv which the cro*H' can be siiccesatanv worked. That they can he work'd by bis process, both profitably and tally*™*- JOEL TIFFANY. jJo&dj, February 20tb, 1667. T>AT£KT OFFlCES.—lnventors who J. wish to take out Letters Patent are advised tc counsel with MUNN * CO„ Editors ot the Scientific Auerlcar. who have prosecnltd claims oefore thf Patent Otflcc fur marly twenty years. Their Anterior and European Patent Agency la th« mostes'.enaVveis the world. Charges less than any outer ntUabl* agency. A pamphlet, containing 101 l Instructions to InvenV or., 1. ientpratts. Alto, MtJNN 4 CO, 37 Park-row, New Fork. jffor Sal z. EGEBSS FOE SALE OF THE GGLDDUST BREED, AtEdoa Stock Farm, eight miles from the city ol Louisville, Ky. These hcrscs Include the ten head that have challenged tbe world for speed and bottom, through **WUkcs r Spirit cf the Times”; also, Lydia Oolddust, that wen torfelt rt Uosnot’s celebrated Bruno in three races; also. Matty Golddost, that wot torfelt over ten of the best two year olds cf Kentucky In the Call of ISGS, and tbe noted stylo and speed mare* Sue GoWdust, Uo"a Golddost, These, with many oth era, make up tbe best and most elegant lot cf trotter* ever oiTered lor sole in America. I am now breedint over 75 marcs annually cf the most improved crosses of Morgans and thorough-breeds, asd can supply sin gle and double driving horses, brood marcs, or stab ’ lom, ol any desired ages, at the shortest notice. oe4t>66-26t ni net L. L. DORSEY. JK. ESTABLISHED WHOLESALE tiHOCERY BUSINESS FOR BAI.E. The copartnership of the undersigned being about to expire by limitation, they offer for sale tbelr stock and bnslress. bald business is situated at Jackson, Mich., the most central p ilot la the State Being a great rail* toad centre. It affords superior advantages fbr the Job blngtrade. This house was established la lSSß,andls now doing the largest jobbing wholesale grocery trade ot any house In Central Michigan. Store and Warehouses for Safe or to Sent. Apply personally or by letter to EATON, KNICKERBOCKER A CO„ _ Joctsop, Mich. Jj'Oß bALE —The good will of a PHYSICIAN'S PHAOTIC2, Near Chicago, worth per year, and residence If ceslrtd. Address P. O. BOX 612. Chicago, lU. T3ARE CHANGE FOR MERCHANTS. FOB SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STUCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, Invoicing about *12,000; a'l purchased within a year faU,aidleaaeou store. Store located In a thriving town a shrrs distance f-nm Chicago, satisfactory rea sons given for sel.lng. Jtr porticmart inaulre E. >• BOBBINS* Ceomlssloa Merchant. 82 LaSahe-sU, Chicago. rpo CAPITALIbTrf. J MitwarKrr.' t, r-*\ i, ihsl Raving decided to relinquish built'.. % offer our eatablubucnt for sale. Otr house w*« • EsTaEXJsHEI) IN 1806, Has been In existence SI years, acd la now pla-< dona gab-. Hrm anc permanent bwU, and to men of capital wbo are oeslrous of embarking in a PROFITABLE branch ot trade (wholesale and Jtholng only) mia pre set ts a rare and valuable opportunity. Our stock U full. e:i braces none but the moat staple goods, and the tunities U In perfect iuniliu; order. n. fluswuHTn & «ONi*. Wholesale Dropeisia, Milwaukee, Wls. Sale- Shingle, Stave and Barrel Machinery, Lomprlnlna shiujtle milts, bcud ax mills, sulnzia and hesomg Jointers, stave jomtm, stave cutter-, a rad vug ruuudnrt ana tiantra, canalising and entail saws,*:. All sew, cf out own maunfaeture, and varrautoJ FUIXER 4 I QUR, 252 ami 2Q4 «V Kansas Aanhs. SALE OP KANSAS LANDS. CD TUESDAY, ths 3d day of April, 13 3, 'trill 1h ofieedat PUBLIC SALE At the Eldridge House, in the dly of LAWBSMOO, KANSAS, About 157,000 Acres of L-ad, Situate Id iba counties of Leavenworth, Wyandotte Reflet sen atd Bong-as, and known u the “DELAWARE RESERVE." Tl»S»l*ndalledlrecttyonthe oalnUnoof the Onion Pflrtlie Hallway, Eastern Division The branch ef the same Bead from Leavenworth to Lawrence tteo, and the railroad irom St. Loma to Leavenworth runs along their Extern f l«n«ioii. md orym w m Water, three Lancs are the ITIABoT I3TUB &TATE. Bt tttetrratvwJlb the Delaware* ta-WW, the Indian tluj to eaUn*aish«i. and since Ut»t date many farms have !KB improved, and churches, school nooses, grist asef aw milts cncted, and tuny otherlmtroveaents maewdhereon. TbeciimateofßaaefeS U" rcmarirtbiy healuoni, and to &nneri and settlers these lands offer Greater Indnceneota itea any rthew In the went.- Also, st the same place, Immediately alter the dispo sition of tbe above Lands, wlli biTsoldabiuf 28,000 ACHPB O? LANS, Situate in the southeastern Part ni -»e "bac and Fox Bes-erve,” In the connry ot FranuUn. Kansas. A:io. a lartre number cf TOWN LwTS and BLOCKS la the towns ot DTortb Lawrence, Tsaaanoxie and-Perry. The esle will commence en April Si. IWT, and w3l continue trom dav to dav until a I tb* ‘ac.l-t above named have been disposed OL The Lauds wll. be of fered in tracts to salt purchasers. TsEjisor Siij—One-third cash and balance ta two equal annual payments, with sper cent interest there on from date of purchase. 3P. nr. SABTHOLOy. Agettt. gdoefe J> ROSrECTUS OP “The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co, H Capital Stock - - $500,000. Five Hundred Sbztes, 81,000 Each. This Compaay has been orgaoixril coder the General Laws ol the r mtc cl I lldma, tor the purp .se of mvtn factiuiGgall kinds ol PAPBKato preparloi FtBRB fur otter purperes. trom the WILD 6BABB lound it tbi* vicinity tn *r**ar abundance: The practical development ami onrUiua ot such ma terial has been etftcted throngn tbs InrenDoaL and the several Psuna issued to MB- UARRISOS B. MEECU, of FcrbEdwarda. New York. This Coapaay having Enrehased from Sir. Meech all of th* said i*sient« mi heior owing Mites. to-wlt: Illinois, Indiana. Mlcni van. Wisconsin, lows snd Mltmrfoca, are now prepared torccrtvea muled amount ol sub»cripuacs to the Capital Stcck. Inlnvltlng subscriptions to this btoeg, we woulC state that the Company an now tne owners 01 the BATAVIA PAPEE MILLS Which an producing acthe- present time two (3> toes per day of print paper. This MU! baa wildings and water power of sufficient capacity, already erected* and in condition to receive two (v> acdlUosal machines, which'have been ordered, and Itlsestlmaudcan Depot In running order on or before the first day ol May next, wnlctrwUl Increase the capacity and prcducts cf the said MtlJa to six (5) tons per day; that, at tbs present market prices, should yield to tins Company a very satisfactory profit. Ihe future operation* of Inis Company contemplate the erection, or consolidating of other mills with taetr enterprise, wltbm the present year, 1.-solng tie full amount of toetr Stock, and which wul probably more than double the loregoing estimate of product or Print, Manilla and Wrapping Papers. This Company having procured a-cnarter tram the Legislature of the State of DHt-cist increasing their capital to one mll lon of dodarSrare now reorganizing under their Charter pnvUegta. The Mocs Books are nowcpenforsnhscrlptioo to the Sloe*, at the Offices of Messrs. DICKERSON A SHERMAN. 190 Ban. dolr-h-EL. where all further Intimation os to the pat ents, prospects, Ac*.w-.1l be glvso. In so'lciarg our friends to 80t>«rl05 to this Stock, we believe « c are warranted It saying that this enter* prise promises an unparalleled return of proa&scnm- J'arcdwlthatyother manufacturing bosiccis hereto* ore presented. THOMAS S. DICKERSON Preset. GH). B.BIOSS, VlcpPiea’l. (Formerly FrcaldestßatavlaFaperMin Co.) WM. BANSBROtJGfI.See’y. I. N. W. SHFRMAN. Treasurer. <JHI4 CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON &. SHEBEfiAPJ, COMMISSION PAPER DEALERS, Paper Hikers’ findings, C&emieaJs, etc., 170 Sandolph-st.> Chicago. We offirlbr sale to dealers and conaunerj 3.000 Bundles Jews and Print 2Sxl2 2.0(14 do do do 2 Ix3B 3.SCO do do do ......,22x-*2 2.3»0 dn do do 23x37 2.000 do do- do 27x11 I.iOO do do do 2Sxlt 2AOO do do do 30x13V 1.800 do do do ... 31xtl<i 9.000 do do do rjoxl**. l } i,ano do do do 23x118 1.000 do do do 26x3** fcOO do do do 20x12 Extra sir’s made to ord*r on abort notice. For 3ile at the lowest market prices for CASH. St)ip (Eljaifalcis. JMPORTANT TO VESSEL OWNERS. Important to Wholesale Grocers Important to Hardware Mcrch’ts Manilla Rope, Tarred Rcpe, Cordage and Twines, Cotton and Hemp Duck, Chains and Anchors, Oakum, Tar and Pitch, Ship Chandlery. Furinglon & Scranton, 209 South Water-st. ffaper flangings. J ■ MAKUOTTE & CO., Furniture and Decoration. ;Largest and choicest assortment ol French Imported Paper flangings, Ol an kinds. Warerooms, X 5 and 7 East Foorth-st. NEW TOEB CITY. Liberal terms to the trade. gHlcfet)olbers , faceting. SEATING PARK. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETING. A meeting of the Stockholders el the WASHINGTON SKATING ASSOCIATION will ba held at the Park Building, On Saturday Ziwoning-, march IS, at 7:30 sharp. A ftxU attendance Is desired, as matters of Importance will b« brought before the meeting. OEOKUb G. srrnhEr, Secretary. G.DzChkECQ. Presidrnt. i \ffice merchants?’ saving^ W LOAN AND TRUST CO., „ _ ’ Cincaoo. Feb. 9. ISCJ. The Annual ileeticgo! the Stockholders ol the Mer chants’ saving*. Loon »ndTrust Comoasy.for the eleo tlon of Trustees, will be beld at tbe office cf said Com pany. in Chicago, on MONDAY. Marcn 4th, betweet he hours of 10 a.n. and 12 m. L.J GA6B. < ’ashW. business (Earns. gMOKED MEATS. E. P. MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IS PORE, BEEF, LARD, AND SmOH£D MEATS, 150 SOUTH WATER-ST. Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Hardwood and TTbitewood Lumber, Office and Tard. 304 South Franklln-eL. bet. Vas Boren and Oamsu:, Chicago. F. O. Box 223 U, ETBllu cal to tb, »c n.notppr. jg. kdmusppxypuron. araonb ana Seal, JTJEAD this. COAX. AT SUMMER FRIGES! We bare ft few hundred tons ol best LACKAWANA ana PiTTSTON COAL more than will aupsly oar ens tomtrs, which we offer, delivered in any part of the city, at the lollcwing prices: Range, Eeg and large sizes, 812 per Ton. Chestnut ll “1 MINING AND SUPPLY Co_ lUjotogtapjjs. OAKBETTS Cabinet Album Portraits) Brilliant and artistic. Specimens oa vlaw at his CaUtty. 131 wwt ofCi*f^__^ ffittoßtcals. runcAGO MEDICAL JOURNAL. \ J TWENTY-FOURTUANNUAL>OL„ME. The undersigned tanug rr *a«eu the man ssement and oobiican n of_ ml* Icng-eitsbllsbcd tnoLihb.requoatacorreepoudcnts to address all com mnnlcfttiojaaccordlDSly- . 1 k tiji oiif annum. In advance. SS-LN. P- O- **<>* LOIS. Caleago. Host QOW LOST.—btruyed irom tne subscri- A Larg-e Tdlftir* or Dnu-colorcd Coir. fit reward will be given forberretarn tome.orfu? iomrmatloo ■wber-* sne can bo found. j 0 jitna, IQO WaUtih-nr. fcloutton JSljiafeeg Address 9, T. SUIT & CO., LOUISVILLE, KESTCCRY- t7* Coostry Brcggtja eaa procure the above strao rior Whiskey lb hams amt bail burred trom ihs prin cipal Whole«ioDnj(T Houses la Chlcagor ISanfte a&r Uanfccrs, jgAHK OP George tf.Smltft & Brother, 48 LASAL£E-ST, CHICAGO (SPECIAL AGENTS POB'xSB'BaSZO? MONISxLtL; 15 CHICAGO,) Saficesiois to J. "W. Drezcl ft Cl, Eaa&crg. Drava Mnllot Exthtlbife In snits ol %\ ta £I.OOO, and upWaiyd»,*for f>old or Currency. at iWmost Bni. sonabie Safes." LONDON COBKE^PdNDSN^: The Union EUuk of Loudon. Lsrdon ana Vfe*tmltJiei BanTT Cliy Bank of London. Brown, Shlpity A Co. Sterling Enrbaoee asd Sterll&r Letters ot Credit bought at highest market price. Goid Brails on J»ew V->rfc b.-ng'it and sold. West crice paid fir Canada Bran* Issued on the Canada Branches of the BacAof Montreal; • Stocks, Bends and Gold purchased lirS’ew York, and held on usual terms. ’ N.B.—cmapaJdardDercsiu piare-V*ti *ew Yon; by telegraph, laroogh BrexeU Wlnthryp A Co., aaa' wlmlow, Lanier & Co. Speca] attention given to Collectlors, stall point# Itr the United Sates and British trovlnccw *I3mK&LOW,LAKI&R & CC£ ISSUE LETTERS OJF CRF.DIT * For Travellers: available lo all parts of Europe. Dissolution. DISSOLniON OF COPARfUER SHU*.—The Firm or FIELD, PAIMEE &IIETES*. Bavlcc c mired by V-mltarTnu oo the first day of Janu ary, 1»7, ate same Is dissolved as ol that date, by mu tual; (Signed) POTTER PALMEB. MAKSfTAT.L FIEU&, L. Z. LETTER. MILTON J. PALMER: Chicago, March 13,1567. The undersigned have tht* day formed a eoptrtOT fhip. tr r the purpose ofdctss a General Dry Qvoi* business, t nder ibe Cim name of PH ID, LETTER & CO., fcuch partnershfpfaking effect Qua January ist, I3JT, MAKMLALL FIELD, LEM 2. LETTER, LORENZO- G. WiKJDnODSB, DENUT J- WILLING, .. HENRY FIELD. CUcajtc, March 13th, ISS7. — HEXRV BACO2T XJ havlrg withdrawn from oarflne fortheponosa cf Elm g bl» et tire aV>ttiun to nls prrftsainn ot “Civil Englnsenrc.'* we nave ibis da? associated wl*h ui Mr. ROBERT ET ENNIS, ol this citv. and wjn corttane the bestnesa under tbs Bra name of BACON. ENNIS A t-0. H.BACONdsCG. BACON, ENNIS & CO., Commis&ion Merchants For the SfJe and Purchase ol Fluor, Grain, and ProTi.iions, X.aßallfl*6t*' Chicago* M. s. BACOV. l«>.vT. E.BSNIS, W. K. TOMPKtXd, March, 12»t>,1ßT7. Bgc ®aorfes. OHICAGO Steam Dyeing and Dieaciiing WORK'S. Offices, 109 South Clark-st. (Methodist Church Block) & 82 Dearbonx-st. FACTORY AT CLEWESViCbE. LATE CURTAINS cleaned and bleached to lotk ccca le aft eoort v« n**w. crape shawls ci-ane-iordr-*d. PLUMES dyed, c caned and carisd. KID OLOV fib dyed or cLanrc, CARPETS oi all tines cleared. GENTLEMEN'S QißilE>Ts cfejned ordrtd. Alto, Central Ojelnz Id and Wooibn G >ods. COOK. & RflcU&lfJ, 109 Clsrk*st. t oase anb agaatcr pipe. -JJ K I O K Foundry and JfacWne ‘Works. We are cow prepared to famish, oa short notice* GAS AND WATER PIPE, la lot* to salt purchaser}. Cities*Towns and Pnmie C«rt>ornilon!i«ap* plied at Lowest Eastern rates, tieight added* Chicago, March 13,15C7. N. S. BOUTON A CO. _ Soap. gOAP! S O A S>! See that the brand 70a nsc Is TLe Chicago Soap anil Candle Xannfaetnr ing Company. OFFICE— Ncs.44 and-16 Randolph-st. FACTORV— curncf 01 Quairy-sC JFcetl. p KOU3D OIL CAS.E3 Is the Clicapest Pe,d in the market Fer stock of all kinds. Orders oioii.otynnedluicaifc, seriwcsoiw g. w. BIATcTOOHD d ' No. 70 North CU-.U-p-rt, ditu Entices COEi'OEATION NOTICE. omet of th* boxed or Public Wolxs, > Chicago, Marcn 13. 1867. ) ■Whereas, the Common Council of ihe City * f ChlraTO has oidetcd that the eighteen Pot alley r inning east and wot la b oet UJMjc.VoI section addition t<» Chi cago. be widened to the wlctb 0f53 ftet, and extended* ot tfie same wtnttv, east to Claw street, making the sooth lice thereof parallel to*.and 177 and 1-10 tset north ficm Iba earth ilneof Sloorce street. MAM. IMOiimri liUCV, MOU. h SiMCbM Atd wteress. at a meeting held by the Comrafrelon eraoftbe Bearn ot rnbitc Works, at theirofilce, at ID o’clock a. m. on Friday. March 8, 1567, for toe making cf an assersmtot tor said improvement, »atd asses*. ment was declared by tald Commialou-r* to b * acreed nprn and mede by them, which action was eUDicdmnt* ly, at ttc same meeting, roco sldcre.l or th-'n, and tbe ne*tlnradlr.urncd£ir the purpose of completing said asset sment. K St . AUJCM I . Now therefore, public not Ice is hereby given to atf persem ict-resud that said adjourned meeting or «be Cotnmis&lcmraoithe Board cf public woraawl.l n® helo at Itoom No. 1 (op statn) In rmlldmg Ngs. 15 acd 17 Wells street, la said city, on tl,e23d dayof March. A. D. JS67, at the hoar of ten o’cl'ck. a. m» to assess tha damages that wIL be sustained, and the beneflu con lermi.togetbrrwlth thecostsof the proceedings, by reastn ct the doing ot such work and tbe making of taid contemplated improvement. . . . The gent roi cescnpuonof the land to b* ccnaemced Is a strip cf land about 9 feet wide, from the vnt" end of tub lot 7 ol Assessor's .Division ol lot t and E- V lot 3, block 118, School Section addition to Chicago; a strep ot lard about 2 feet wide, trem toe fouth end of the west part cf lot 3; a strip of land about i tret wide irom the south, side ct sab lots a and 9 ol low 1 and 3; a strip of land about 23 f-et wide iron- the n rth end of lot 5. and from the east half cf I»s8, and a strep cf land about 13 leet wide fkem the north end ot thewrstb«li (u) of lot 6 acd from lots 7 ai da. all In block US, School htdlcn addition u. Chicago. Q GIVT>R FILED. LETZ, O. J ROSE. Commlsf loners of the Board of Public Works. Proposals for five million LEWEBAGE BRICKS. __ OrnncoFTiizboakdof Benue works,) Chicago, March «h, ISA. { Scaled proposals will rrcelvirt bv the of Public Works, at their office, >«•. M ana 1. Wells-*t, uo«llla.m.Thundsy, March Mlb. fur the delivery of all or any part ot D/iOOAfI sewerage Bricks. The btlcks must be wtu.e, hard aarnm, free from Hire and ales, be square edged, anil of the standard dlmenstoaa (tf oy 4 by 3M Inrhe-). and be dedvnml plleotip aloctr toe line of the pewert tooccoDtamctedro mis city, intpet to the coant ant Inspection of the Board ct Public Work*. . . Tlae of delivery, one half mllinn during Mir. one and a half miHKEs during Junc,and one million during eacb of ib- months of July, Angnst and September. proposals roust be addressed to the Board ol Public Works, endorsed “ fbr Sewerage bucks.” ana be accompanied wita th<- usual bond. with sureties. to be approved by the Board. The Board the nehtt": rri-ct any hid net m accordance with the coUw‘tffxi3--fmis advenisemoit. or to reject all bids, and no proposal wir. be accept-d unless the party offering It shall give evidence tail-fac tory to the Board that be has the necessary skill, experience, energy and ability fordoing the were, la trustworthy, and La: sufficient ‘ FRED. LBTZ, *’ O. .t. HOSE. Hoard rf Public wcr**. Proposals for flllingnokth MARKET-hT- FROM ERIE TO DIVJSIoS-ST. omc* Of TH* Boxci. of I c»t.:c, Woaa<.» Cxucaoc. March tin. I* 7 ?* * . Scaled Propofali will cw received *r tna noard of Pnpnc Works, at .ihdr office, .No*. 13 and ),* wHU *L, until 11 a.m. Thursday. March iim, for suing with clay Serin iLuktt-st, fruiu the swumjmo o. luloat. to the south line of Divlslon-tL. acccrdiug to plant and specifications on file at ‘a. l office. Said improvrm-nt wHlbepald fora* the wtrspro gresses, excepting the usual raervatlon of fl.tcsn per Ce prnmMoJ* must be adsreased to the Board of Public W«te? ISSS3 -PTODOjaI brmw North Mar kei-BLJ* and be icc.mpa'iled wlih tho usual fi>l bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. Tbe Board reserve me right to rjcct any bid not In ocrordautewim thecoudltiousot this advrrtl-ement, or to reject all bios, and no proposal win be accepted nnit** me party offering It tbal. m»e evM-snce sati*- factorytntbe Board lb«t he has the n- r«-a«ry skill, experience, enerrv and ability for d lor me wore, l* trustworthy, and has snffirlmt Mcnnlirr resources. J. O. (IISDKT.R, O. J. HO6K. Board of Public W./kf. Proposals for repairs of BTBEBT LAMPS. __ „ (jjricz cf tut Unam or Pmtic Woasa,) Chicago. Mjfrri { Bralcd proprsals wtl b? received by the Board of Public Works,at mttrr.Ulcr. until Ua. We aar,M»fch2l,ld67»f,*r ktcplna 1 1 rep.ui a'j the street maps beiortnni! Wlbe city, from April l-t 18-m, to At n* W.ISCS, Incladlar th- repl.rl g -«f say which may be entirely di-tioyed luring the year, accorcl-'g to sprcißcailouaun (lie at said office. Piopttalsmn»t>• addrta-ed to tbj B-3udof Public Wirks cum r»ed “Prop *ai, for K-pal's of M<eet Lau pe.” sml be accompanied w in* the usual #JCO OJad, wlih snreti*-. to oe approved by the Heard. Ibeßoord rvc me rUbi lo reject any and alt bida. andno ptcposal vlllbr a-rcepts* l -i li.e p irtv oCerlue It shah give cnc»tce x salUlsctory to the l-oaid, lhathebis ih- ecrcnvnee, »o erey and ability for thr work, is *ruatw'.<rtfey. and has sufficient rvs i | vrc* , a. .1. Ci. GINPVLS. Fd; I». 1.1--> - S, O J. Boar*: o! HuMic Wcrßj.