Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 14, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 14, 1867 Page 3
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a terrible shipwreck. tDW of a vatne >chooM' , -TW Crew Twcxny-'hrec jray*~-««Hfa9 Wreck. [From the Boston J nrml, March ITJ ItUtrAdom that a moiethnliina: narrative of shipwreck and anfferiog at sea is recited than that given by Captain Sparling, of the schooner M. F. Yamum. of Bucksport. Me.. who, with bis crew, rem .Incd twenty-three days on his vessel, after the was completely wrecked and disaolcd, before assistance came to him. Be. with two of his mtn, ar rived at New York on Saturday, on Inc schooner Sedona, which bnmcht them from Bermuda, where t hcv had been taken by the English ship Sedbudir, which rcscnedlhcm. The account of trie wreck and sutrertngs of those on bK Civcu by the master, Is sub ®*xsi to iSo!»«r l M! r F. Vanrnjn, « 'lunch hnd rell.Slc emit, Ich hit on'y .oan uvo jmrsof Si MmS.'i-h IlucWnrt, DcccmiOerffli, vilh n" oiorted <ais.t, for rcn-.cob, Florida. 5 “amain lad (0110-rd Ihe tc. lor maoj jm iidto- crew were . irked l.nay of jornis but experienced and hard; men. lift vora-i opeoed •with a steady northerly h-cerc, which strength ci.ed.and the northwest or January 6 burst nnon her in all It- fury. The vessel was then oQ Cane May. Gallantly the struggled, bu at one « m amid a blinding snow-storm, away went her ioremasi, U snapped ou about foarTeet above the deck, as clean and smooth as the breaking of a pipe-rtem, and wi’h tall- and »pare went bouncing into the sea. col so much as crazing the bulwarks. Jt was hut a moment's work to cat the ropes ana let it no clear of the ship, so that U should not punch a hole into her side or bottom and cu •danger sinking her. But there was one ma<it and her jID? left. With there the continued to wcadi cr the storm, whicn, it will b-i TemcmO *rcc. In stead or abating, grew more furious, and under the circumstances, succeed'd admirably. Cap* tain Sparing believed be con.a make Bermuda. Tor thirteen days no ves- p i was spoken On Jan nary ID the schooner K. T. Fisk, from Maine, for » aidenas, canw* “Li-V hy and take on the crew as soon a«i tn»* wc*th«*. moderated. Th\*hum«ne proniv«e Captain spar ling, though fully appreciating n. dI. not think it best to accept, a- be sub ha'l ra-UJi- co.ild cave his vessel and cargo and bnn_ them eafelj into port. On tlic .iicrMiilnu day be also spoke Uie hne Halo s»«u. f">“ PhlljacliihU, for Mo Jh»em>. the caplmn ot which reseated the same Itnerai odcr, «'bich likewise was de clined Atthistim*- tbo storm had sornnvhst Itulcd, but It soon broke out with seemingly rc doubKufcry. There was no le: np. Tne storm continued dav and night. On the tWd another dis aster bciell ilk vessel—tbc 10.-s of the mainmast, jor which the loss ol f.e 10.-emast paved the way, through the slacUeui’ig of *he bead- j ray a . Not darlnr to 'rust lhr« mast under much sail on this account, ibc captain at lhi« lim6 Was sailing wlrh only a Jih, and using his main throat o*ki pink halliards a* stsys to support the'mainmast. The lores of the hurricane may be imaiL'lrcd trorn the carrying away of this mart with no sail on her. Toe ves sel's upper works were now greatly damaged, lira wrenching of the mast at tbe bottom had set her leaning her rudder bad become aleaWi <l «•* ‘bn heavy seas, and ehe was >n utter and hopeless wreck. All Ihntconld-be done w*j to let her drift, work o’ the pumps to keen her l*om sinking, aed, with fdmal ot distress Hying, ke-p an Incessant look ont for passing vessels. It comlnu.-d bitterly cold, which made the ince»-a»‘l working a* ibe pumps terribly sovere. But tne crc-** did their work jno.-t uncomplainingly. The caotain took hold ol the pumps with them- It was a work jor life or death, and all saw it and knew it. Who c-.n describe those days and nights of toil, suffering and anxiety. There was no deep nor rest for any- Clad lu icy garmca o. tbe men woreod at the pnmps. No fool could be ealca onlv such as could he hastily snatched and swallowed. The water galrel on lhepnmp ; ;flt snym roeut sue might sr k. She bai neco so fekwined by the c nUnuons lashing of tbe waves that she ecemea bur a shell. Every eye was on the lookout 'or passing vessels. A iar oT sail would now and then be seen, but nothing cotUd attract their notice Glimmering TigaU would rleam at night m ihe dim dittoes. bat. instead t*f coming near, they soon ladef fromvi*w All this time the \csml b-lag carried farther away loses. The men -rcrc becoming more cl handed. It was evident, unless help sooa cane, all Bust find a common waterv grave. On the atternoon of January 2’J a sail was s-en- Dcre was a chance for their lives. The weather, fortunately bad tuodeiaicd a good deal. A small boat pushed oil to b-.-ad off ihe vessel, and suc ceeded lu dolt gso an a it attracting attention to the wreck. The vessel proved to he the thipScri budg. Captain Hneall, from TJverpooi for Bermu da, The Captain cam- promptly to ihe i-choonor’a aid. -It was Ihcn neatly dark, and the sen was rolliugsoheavilytliai wi li the utmost dlfllculiy the men were rescued from the wreck. Thav .coulotake noihlrg but whal tie? "ore, bit tn-y fell ipexpres-ibly thaiiklut for Ihe of their live*, after the severe and protracted hard ships they Lad nnJcrvone Wb-n re-ent-d tlic schooner was to la), fit SC arid long. H 2 »vcsU or about one hundred and eighty miles cart of B »r --jauda. After betn~ abandoned, and nnmolng stopped. It Is probarue she did not remain above the water long. Jllarriagft Tinder Try ing Circumstance*. A correspondent of ihc Af-iAo Time*, writ ing from Horse Shoe Bend, Boise County, (I. T.), January 11th, relates the /bl owing story of love ana marriage uuoer difficulties: As I know that it i> your aim to place be fore your readers, and more especially the ladies, all and every tact wtiicb is calculated to be of any Interest, 1* concluded to send you the particular of u late marriage, which are not without interest: "Who has not heard of Schaffer’s Station, not over fifty miles from Harris’ toil-house, on the Harris road leading from Payette to riacerville. Not many days bet Ore last Christmas a little love encounter to >k Place at the ah* retained Malion, wnieb nearly resulted fatal to u young man who kiudly volunteered to a-slst a friend wao was very desirous of taking unto him-elf a wife, but in order to get hers .me tail geu<;raiship had to be resorted I*>. The yuuu< miss lacked one day ot being sweet fourteen, and as her parents would not listen to her thinking ot getting married eo yooug, she differed from then, as did also her Intended. The young miss talked to her mot h» r, aud then to her father, to get. their comem, bat without success. At last an elopement was decided upon as the only alternative. New for strategy, raj boy. How was this lo be managed 't* Tee girl was kept locked up in her room. Her parents were on their guard; tart their pickets thrown out, and, an a word, left nothing undone which the human foresight of exasperated parents could do. The intended greora had cat leu on a young man, Mr. tV— d. who, having served his country honorably and had his di-charge, why, of course, under such circumstances, yV-. - d agreed to aid his friend I)., and, after maturing all their plans, set out for the t-cene ol facslilitb s. Arriving ot the rcsi dence**of the girl, alter having drove In the pickets, they found tne house locked up. As the*word “charge” wefl given, both yonng men made a rush, and irn mediately ‘he door gave way, and instantly bo*h parties were viewing each other—but it was only for an iosUm. The yonng men drew their pistols and pointed them at the lather of t)*e girl; but ihe mother was not to bi cowed by looking uta cocked pistol, and claimed to have a hat d iu the desperate straggle. W. end a !o‘*k ut«on the old lady, und.'stild he “Madam, d*» you think you can frighten me, who have been ihrougn a thou sand battles, under Sherman J” “1 will show you,!’ was the old lady’s re • ply, and in-tanlly seizing one of two rifles that were staodW* iu tbe of the room, and, fortunnttly f«*r the soldier boy, the got tin* rifle without a loud, atd drew a head acd snapped the ea_>, bat ol course without any tlJcct except to rid the house of both incu, but not until ibe girl had run out with he* bonnet and shawl, with her in tended aft-T her, while tV. covered the re treat as long as h«- cor si lered it safe to re main around the premises. To be brief, the your g pair cot mimed; but things are not vet settled. X understand that the’old gentleman is aboat to have the voung men arresicd for house-breaking, Brawmg deadlv weapons, and, I suppose, girl-stealing, tlo-v the affair will be ended js not for me to say, but is not this another Verification of lae old saying, that “love can laugh at the ingenuity of the lock smith T r Tfirilllne incident in the Lift of Gene* erai KnNCigiwj tlie New Creek .tilnlstci Cu tlif I imcd Slnit'H. l?l. I’ctcrtLuic Corner' ioi'dcncaor IhcZ^ewYork Hc.-aM] I heard yesterday an auerd'dc of General Kasergi?. ibe new Greek Minister to the United Slates, who has always played a prominent part in the affairs of Greece since iiU lioxbood, in the battle as well as la the council «*f Mate- During the Greek revolu tion Ms father, a dirt’nguhhed leader, com* manded a little Ivnd of patriots bolding the Acropolis in Athens. Am -ng them was the grandfather of the present General, bis uncle, cousins, and, X believe. brothers, indeed nearly the entire family was gathered at that last galla-il stand. The garrison consisted of less than four hundred meu, and weak as 5t was def- tided the fort against over twenty* thousand Turks under the cruet Ibrim Pacha. Finally, alter a long and Mo :dy contest, when the garrison Was reduced to fifty or ; Eixiymen,it feilhy an assault, and about forty of the remaining defenders fell into the : Turkish hands, and among them the present | General, then about fifteen ».r sixteen years j of age. By order of me Pacha, the prisoners i were at once sought out and arranged In a line, the tallest oa the right and the youth ful K&scrgis on the left. Ibnm Pacha, a powerful mar, then drew hts famous Damas cus cimetar, which he knew well howto handle from long use, and quietly proceeded to execute the prisoners by his own hand, go skilled and powerful wns he that he was able to decapitate a man at one blow with the greatest facility. So for sonic time he wielded tills teuiblc weapon, and cut off the heads of the entire number of pris oners, among whom was- the famer of the present General ana an un cle. On reaching the youthful pris oner he stopped hs horrid work fora mo ment and eyed him keenly, then raised his cimiler and whirled it as it tm were about to cut offthe head ot the bi»v, who stood bravo ly up and made the sign of the cross as the l»een blade flashed iu his «-yes. Instead of taking ofthe head the skilful rascha changed the direction of the b ow and cut off half of one of the boy’s ears, nod then told him he would give him his life if he would remove the bkiu from the skulls of the dead Greeks, .and stuff them with straw. This the boy «Jid, and his life was spared. Subsequently the while skulls were piled up In tae form of a pyramid, and left to bl«-uch In the sun. [More than ten years after ihcy were seen in Athens, on the spot where the gaHant de fence was made, a memorial ol the barbarous cruelty of the Turks and the courageous de- Totiou ol the patrio's. The sUoy may appear a little romantic.lmt J am assured by a gentleman aim knows the Gereral well, and to whom he narrated this .account, that it is llteral’y true. Sale of tlie .‘nemphi* & Little Bock Jtailrond to (irueral Freni-uu. IFrom the Memphis Balle-ia. March U.] We are advised that President Briuklev, of the McmnhU d: Little Roi-k Railroad C>m ■panr has effected negotiations which secure the Immediate completion of awork which, through manv years, has uccn pied i he alien tion of Memphis it sterns that while mer chants and others of this city found it itn ■possible to manage their private affairs, and at the same lime build h railway line through Arkansas President Brinkley, comprehend jug these diflicuPics, vb-Ite I Eastern cities, and has effected a sale or the road with its assets, to one John C- Fremont, of ‘ woolly Lead” and woolly horse notoriety. The •politics of General* Fremont signify nothing. Let him build the railroad, and he will find himself welcomed by the citizens of Arkau ras and Tennessee. Very fortunate it may be Ibat'Senoral Trc inoi-i becomes pecuniarily interested »n the rehabilitation of Arkansas, Texas-and Ten nessee. He will specdile discover how es sential to the success of his schemes is the jcetoraiion of peace in Arkansas. That be should prefer the ownership of a Pacific Jtailway, which traverses the Continent on parallels of latitude where frosts ol winter will never obstruct the progress of bis work, and along a route wlucb Texas renders fcasl- blebv munificent donations, end through a jemon as rich as others, that Lave been se lected a*e poor and unproductive, need sar iriJe *no one. Mr. Fremont was not a wonderful man in the United S'atea Ornate * ns a statesman, be was never, the peer of Clay or Webster: aa a Genual, history will never recite bis deeds with rapture ; his achievements as an ex plorer of Wet-tcm wilds o*e their wonders to the art of cra’pblc newspaper letter wri ters ; ard now be may have dlscove cd the path that leads to glory. If he succeed in hnildlrg this road he will win tame as en during as the blessings conferred npon these impoverished Elates. It is stated that. General Fremont has bought, and will finish and equip at once, the Memphis & Little Lock R*.ad. From Memphis, through Arkansas and Texas to El Paso, the whole line w*ll be rapidly no ifibed. As a practical and political event we deem tliie contract between Mr. UriuKiej and Fremont and bis associates the moat im portant of tbepast twelve months. A Dastardly and Urliarrats AtWmpt at AoiOMlnatlon, [From the Lonl.ville (Ky.) Courier,Mirth 11 ] At about 7 o'clock Saturday Cretans, as Cantata E. B. Kennedy late scent of the Frecdmen’s Bureau at this post, ana at present practicing law, here, was Bitting m his office on Jefferson street, between Sixth and Seventh, he was fired upon by some person through the window, and only es caped death by the clotcf-l chance. Captain K.'s office Is in the basement of one ol the houses on the north side ol the street, which house sets back from the street about twenty leet, leaving ft small garden lot in front. A little before seven o’clock a man wns seen to enter the pate and go towards Kftiuedi’s office door. Another person, pas sing tbo ctroot, taw this man peering through Kennedy’s office window, which Is on a level with the ground. When one of the servants of the house came out, a few minutes before the firing, she saw nobody In the yard, and she presumed the man must have hid under the d«-or steps. The lower part of the window, through which the shot was fired, is iron-prated, and In one of these iron pratlrps the would-be assass’n rested his pistol, oiid taking deadly aim, fired at Remedy's heart. The Utter was sitting diagonally across the ,room and the hall sped trnc toward the mark; hut. lortiicately for tfcc intended victim, struck upua toe attachment of his watch, which wi.6 in his left breast pocket, partially smashed up the watch, and then fell harm less In his pocket, having passed though his coat in its course- After the shot the man who fired ran down Jefferson eticct, and then turning the coiner of Seventh, ran down that street and then up Congress street. As soon as Kenned v got out on the street, he, in company with the crowd that rapidly gath ered, pursued the fugitive, but he escaped Irom them. This is the most cold-blooded attempt on a mau’s life that has occurred in oar city for some time, and the caustfor it cannot be di vined by Captain Kennedy, nor has he any suspicious as to who the party may he- One thousand dollars Is offered lor the ar rest of the party who attempted the assass ination. Hon. S. W, moalton. [From the Washington Chronicle, March 6.] Amocgthc retiriegmetnbersortne Thirty ninth Congress i.« Hon. S. W. Moulton, of Illi nois, who declined a renomioation as Con gressman ot large from that State, and gave his iotlneuce and earnest support to General Logan as his successor in the Fortieth Con gress. Sir. Moulton was elected toihe Thir ty-ninth Congress by 33,000 majority in the Slate at large, having .previously served for eight years In the He was put put on the importfcpVC'ommittee on Ter ritories, from the me-«**€s of which he was never abrent, and MWtflso a member of tbe Committee on Naval Expenditures and tho special Committee for a ‘National Bureau of «if Education, on both of which he did excellent service. As a mem ber of the Union Congressional Execu tive Committee he wns especially val uable to the cause, and well deserves the thai ks of bis loyal countiymcn. Mr. Moulton was among ibe foremost to de nounce the treachery of Andrew Johnson, which he dia iu an able speech on the sub ject of reconstruction, delivered in March, ISGti—a speech o( winch 75.000 copies were published in English u;.d t!?rman, and which was distributed a: 4 elfcctuaUv used as a campaign doenme* . jg the measures ably advocated by him on the floor of the House, were theN'maura Ship Canal Bill, the Frecdmet’s Bureau Bill, and the bill estab lishing a National Bureau of Education. Mr. Molton has been one of the earnest, working members of the illustrious Thirty* ninth Congress, always in his seat, and al ways outspoken aod unequivocal in his sup port ol Radical measures. lie returns to the practice of the law in his own district, car rying with him a record of which his consti tuents may be justly proud. The P«pt?« I.aicsl Allocution. (Rome (February Zi) Telegram to London Times.] At a secret consistory, held this morning, tte Pope announced bis intention to canon ize Brother Lcuardo. ofPorto Manrizio. His Holiness then delivered a short allocution, in which he alluded to his letter to King Vic tor Emmanuel in ISCS, written wnh the ob ject ol providing for the vacant bishoprics, and Cvelaicd that the negotiations for that purpose, which have now been resumed, were not broken oil* through the fault of the Holy Sec. His Holiness lamented the fac: that the bishops, whom* he sends to empty churches, will find their property appropri ated and their religious congregations ex j cl’od, neding: “They will And affliction and misery. Nevertheless, we send them lor the salvation of soul?. They will go in t lie name of Jesas ChrM, confiding in the protection of the Slather of God.” ills H« Hness concluded by grating that It was pot expedient to sav more in the present of things; hut unices God interposed, the future was clearly to te loretold by the diploßiblceveuts which have already taken olace. •'Nevertheless,” said Iris Holiness, “wi- must rely ujou the protecion of Heaven to chargeoursorrow into joy.” The rope then announced that he had precognizcd several bishops, and hoped to in ert aso the number ai future cons-storics. Tlie number of bhhops prec>irnlzed this raorninr ifi SO. two of whom are for France, three lor the Island of Sicily, f»ur for Tus cany, t* o lor ttie Marches, two for the pat rimony o; St. Peter, fire for Hungary, one lor Bavaria, oue.for Ireland, and five In jiar- A I>lood(lilntty Government, The Spanish dovemment has decreed the punishment of death against ali wi iters wbo shall discuss public questions in a manner of which it disapproves. The following procla mation wa> posted in a’l the public places of Madrid on the IGtn ultimo: “Hon Jaan de la Pezuela, Count deCheslo, f'flpiEin (imeral Of Castile, notifies as fol lows : x , . “The exemplary punishment recently in dict* d on persons guilty of clandestine pub lications not having been sufficient to pre vent a repetition of the otfcncc; and being resolved, as long as I possess the exceptional lowers conferred on me by the stale of siege, to spare no pains to extirpate, at a single blow, those vile publications which are intended to injure, to discredit and destroy the ho iesi, most respected, cherished and honored institutions ot the Spanish i eoplc, to relax the discipline of the army, and to foment conspiracy against the public safety—l declare that I win inflict the punishment of death—first, on auy person who shall edit, *riic, or print clandestine papers hiiaii-st religion, Ihe Queen, her dy rattv, public order, the security of the Stale or the obedience of the army; second, on any person who shall aid intellectually, ma terially or pecuniarily in the execution of such publications. Every person caught iu the foe twill be carried before a court-mar tial, which shall at once proceed to pass sen tence un the prisoner conformable to the tenor of this proclamation. (Jueste. “Madrid, February 15,1507.” Ltcc! Tender Liable to Local Taxation. IFrcin tho yew York Herald, March S.] OnthcSCUiol February amotion was made bv tbe Bank of New York lor mandamus to crmpcl tbcßoard of Supervisors to audit the iclalorV cairn for the refunding of taxes paid iu ISO 3 and ISO 4 upon capital invested in legal tender notes. The following opinion was yesterday delivered by Mr. Justice Leonard. denying the application; Jc tin act of the legal tender notes arc called money. Ihc principal object of the act •• a* to give mem currency as money. They draw no interest- They were put into circulation, and have oten received in payment of debts, public and private, as money. The volidty or mead has been ennamed by ihc court of last resort, ihc Judges of that conn, in the difT rent opinions of arguments in relation to the cnnsiltutionallty cf the law,speak of them as issued upon the ciedit olthe Government, and as e means o' bor rowing t.tiool' d bv tne Government, but tne con clusion doe» not follow that they are not to he conoid- »cd as money. The notes are not commer cially known as public securities, nor urc thev demtin as such. It is only indirectly Ihnt they operate In favor ot the Government as a means of bonowmg. Unlike “ Government securities.” ihey are parable • n demand. I hey arc not wiihln the cxcmpiloi. from taxation given by statute in respect in the various loans offered by Congress, and were received hy Government as mosey when itelr nonds were otlrred for u nle or to c:)cct loan*. I think Ccmrtces din not intend ibat they should he i-xcmpl irom Incfllmration. For these reasons lam inclined to hold them to be money, and as such to be puhj-.ct to taxation. The application Is debit'd, v. ilh costs. Kale of Aim-srapb*. fFron) tbe New York Express. March 9.] At a final fait* of autographs in this city, amour the signatures disoost-d of were those of General Kobcrt Howe, (two) SSS; Major General Samuel Parsons, $'J; William Penn, Hannali Penn and Lady Juliana Peon, sls; Ed«mr A. Poc. $11; William 11. Prescott, $3; Count Pulaski, $22; Red Jacket. $«; Count de Rochambeau, $7.50; Dr. Benjamin Kush, So; John But ledge. $5.50; John G. Saxe, MS. “ Sonnett to a Clam,” $11; Major Gen eral Arthur Bt. Clair. $7; Baron Steuben, nwo,)so 50. Coloml Tarlclon, $10; George Walton, signer Declaration,; George Washington fA. L. S.) $25; James Clinton, S 10; William Moultrie, $10; Horatio Gates, $10; Charles Lee. S2O; Thoma* Sum ter, sl9; Anthony Wayne, $11; a complete set of the signers of the Constitution ol the United States, $210: a complete set of the signers ol the Declaration of Independence. $035; Ludwig von Beethoven, sl3; General Braddock, $23; General Buraoyue, two sig natures, s2s; Robert Burns, five signatures, S7O; Edmund Burke. sls; Lord Byron, five signatures, $75; Ladv Noel Byron, $7; Sir Guvt’ailion, S2O; Samuel Taylor ColerMge, $11; Ma»qtns Cornwallis, sl7; Sir Humphrey Davy, $5.25; Thos. DeQuincy, $3.75; T. r. lUbdiu. $7; George ’ll.. King ol England, sls; Count dc Estuiag, $34; Napoleon Bona parte and twenty-three signatures of at tacln'fvT'stS; Marshal Xey, $7; Robespierre, $9; Mimbeau, $7.75; General Thomas Gage, s2s; Minister Genet, $22. • Tlic y<ilior. Bays that the Tariff Bill which didn’t pas? “ hears about the 6'auic relation to a cood law that u Celtic cairn bears to a bnlldiuj'. The cairn is a heap of stones con tributed, one by one by the passer-by, to the memory of o mmdered man, and it often at tains to considerable magnitude. The new tariff Is a strinsr of taxes, each clapped on bv one member, and nobody cantw whether Ufa tax harmonized with anybody el«c’ S ornot. provided it swelled the total bulb, all con lending for the honor of furoulmi- the but uefit contribution. The resell Is o hill which tes no parallel in am civilized country within the last century.” ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. BegrulM*-Meeting—Donations Mem bership— t polemics— Meteorology —Discussion of tie Laws of Combustion. flhe following of ettr news were crowded ont of oar issue of yesterday by a pres sure of aoMTtist mcnts.J A regular monthly meeting of the Chicago Academy ol sdcncea wa» held* last evening In the rooms of the Academy, In Metropolitan Ulock, President George C. Walker, in the Chair. Dr. Walter Hay was cuected Secre’ary jirotem. •Jhe Secretary read the following list of dona tions; DONATIONS TO THE MUSEUM. Fiom the Smithsonian Instltme,thirty two rire Arctic water Li ds. lb«' pick of a large collection, sent down by the nflievrs of the Hudson's Bay Company. From Mr. Oord. a fossil from Colo rado Territory. From Daniel Thompson, Esq., two specimens of the wild imUey, from MlsaonrL From Captain W. W CalUim, ninety fossil sheila from the carboniferous of LaSail**. IHlnolfl. From the Ottawa Academy of Natural Sciences, one orthoccrolite, one plreo of shell marble, from Lasalle, anti 21 fossil ferns, from Morris, HI. From Prof. Marcy. land sheila and other specimens, from Idaho Terriory. From C. Sonne, 400 B[ ecimens «.f colcontera., From II Cite, specimens of la go eolcop era, from Capo £t. Lncsa. The Secretary also announced the arrival that morning ot eight noses of specimens from the Smithsonian Institute, which have not yet been unpacks a Their contents will he ocUlled at the next meeting. DONATIONS TO TUB UEUAUT- Therc have been received, since the last meet ing, lorty-one volumes and el* pamphlets worn ILe Smithsonian Institute, tlia American Philo sophical Soaety, the Entomological Society of Philadelphia, the Calliomia Academy ot Natural Sciences, the United Stales Agrtcalreral Depart ment, ihe United States Sanitary Commission, Eon. John Wentworth, Dr. Walter Bay, and Dr, E. Cones. TEIOTB OF MEMBERSHIP. On motion of Dr. Aud-ewa, certain amend ments to the Constitution and By-laws to limit the membership, proposed at the last meeting, were adopted. The fol.owing Is the material change: “Candidates for admission Into the Academy as members shall make application in writing to the Secretary, who shall refer said application at once to the Committee on Membership Said committee shall carefully examine each case and decide whether the applicant .possesses sufficient scientific attainments, and has shown sufficient Interest In the So ciety to entitle him to membership. If toe decision or sard committee he favorable to the ad mission of said c indicate, they shall. so report at the nest regular meeting oi the Academy, and the candidate shall then be balloted for, the same as in the case of corresponding or honorary mis: JVorid-d, that no petso-shall heelecteda member who has not previously been recommend ed t»v the Committee on Membership, or paid five hundred dollars, ns provided in the Bv-laws. ATSIOMUirJIIC OBSERVATIONS. Dr Hay suggested tnat m view of the great In terest tell in the scientific world with regard to thi- origin of epidemics, the Academy should in stitute microscopic observations on the condition of the atmosphere. By these observations, with there which nls hoped the ne«v Board of Health would institute, some valuable discoveries mien* he made of the possible eonreo of epidemic dis ease Be did not agn o with the sporadic theory ol cholera, tmt thought that these observations would throw gome light on the subject. On motion if Dr. Rauch, the Chair appointed o« a committee to consider the subject suggested. Drs. Hay, Johnson, Woodward, Lyman, and JcweT. METEOROLOGICAL OnSEKVATOUT. The President stated that one of the towers of the Fir t Baptist Cnuicb bad been offered to the Academy for the purposes of meteorological ob servations. KEW METHOD OP COMBUSTION. Prof. E Daniels then exhibited a new furnace, explainingit «Ith the fallowing remarks: This Invention is designed, Ist, To secure more peifect combuttlon ol all kinds of fuel, and thus prevent vosto; 2d.To o'>taiupitre manageable heat cl high intensity, n-lapted to reducing ores, woikiic metals, and lor all uses in tboartsand domep’lcpurpopcs; Sd, Toreoderth'-empioyment of inferior kinds of tael possible, which are no a nearlv wonhlees jorgoneratlngheat. It is well known to-allwbo have given any In telligent study to me subject, that our present modes ctutinc luel arc esc- cdingly Imperiect and wasteful; At be-t on* -half of lac boat-producing material passes Into the air la the shape of pow dered carbon, tailing again upon tbo earth a« soot, or in the shape ol carbonic oxMc loads the atmos phere with impuritv. This waste is observable ou a vast scale wberev. r manufact in volves Ibt consumption of large quantities ot coal. Pnitbured U proverbial for if* enveloping clouds ol smoke which blacken everyihircnota’isolutely air-proteclcd- Cb’cago. with it-* rapidly extend me manufactures, arid in spite of the free circula tion of air, which makes it one of the healthiest cities of tnc world. Is already becoming a dirty city from ns coa. smoke. This evil will bo much agpiavatcd when the great Iron interest Is devel oped. sarelv destined to locate here, from the proximity ol ores acd coal which willnaiuraliy meet at this great concentrating and distributing Ce Two-thirds of the fuel put into ibe iron furnaces now passes into the air naburut. An ordluary blast lun ace lor molting lion ore, yielding twen ty-five tons of pig iron per day, uses from fifty to seventy-five tons of soft or bitumiaon* coal. Accordingly we have a waste of thirty to fiity toes dally. In the running of such a furnace; an enoimous profit of itstll *1 saved to the mauufac- :aicr. This subject has engaged tbe attention of both •cbntiflc ai.d practical men to a greater or less ertcni foi fitly years. ' Varionnmodes of utilizing Ibo enisle gases ea- C'plrg trom the furnace, have been Invented, ana ! In some coses. they have bcsn used lor cihtng ' coal, burning brick*, &c., hut no parisfactory re fcull has bi en rcac'ud. The difficulty J? too radi cal to be reached by any mechanical appliances to our pieseiit furnaces. It c»n only be remedied by an cnthelynew mode of treating our fuel. And this roede is readily pointed out to ns Jl 1 ire keep close to nature. If we on alvre the process of combustion we find that tbe development of heat la principally , due to tbo rapid combination of the carbon aud t 3 droccn of the fuel with oxygen of the air. in vcod, coni, peat and other common taels, wo find thc-e enbsißDtes combined with others in « goi»d form. Bnt ns oxjgcndoesnotcomoine witn them at ordinary temperatures, we apply heal to start a file or to decompose ibe Inel into Its chemical cinethnent?. and enable the ox>gen ot the ate to unite with diem. two dieonct processes are here irvoived. FTii-t, a d»coroj;OfUtion ot theluel, and vneb a change oflts coLMlitucntsas to rcnrleriDetn capable of combining frtcly vltb oxygen. Second. 2, combination of ibcscconstitucnts.aud the form m:it»« rol r«w mbrtatwea. Wc -imaaic the com l.itlicn by nnp’yinc beat, and cinverl ing the superficial portions of the solid fuel into gases or solids, bo finely comml r.nicdof to be diffused through gas?s. The re comhinatiin ol these develops heat again, ana the process coct or. till Ibe fuel disappears Ccvh"n anil bvdioecnflro the two eu stances prin clpallvcoi.cctTiedin rhU proce-s. Iho combus tion Is pci feet when all the ca*bon of the tnol has combined with the oxygen of the air in such frupt rtlon as to forr> carbonic acid, and all the h'dn pen has similarly combined with oxygen to lona water, i his combination develops t-c degree of heal which a given amount of reel can yield. Bn' oher combinations arv? possible, and the fuel may all be dt elpated. csrrkd up the chimney and diff se i t K orgh thr air. without d- log the service of which It is capable. "When ibe Tiro is slartcd the cases evohedby the beat tend *o paas rayiaty Into the air. The heated current drags away wi;n It everything volatile. Hydrogen is fourteen t rees lighter than atr, and bnrrtei> away from the tne like an nnoilting bride from ber father’s bouse lo meape a dlstaritlal msrnagu. Its heat in" power is tbreo time# as great os that of car ton—fqnai weights—but unless supplied with ox*g n, at the verv moment ol Its liberation it c«r rff Ibe union to form water, and Is lost. Carbon, for want of abundant oxygen, combines wnh only one a'om of the latter to form carbonic oxide, indeed ol two atoms to form carbomcacld. In tcretn- carbonic txide t.sw degrees of heat are cvclved, while ifcarbonh bnriit with oxygen to carbonic acid 1.(00 degrees ie obla-ned. There f rcthecarbonic oxide which leaves the fare ace ca ri-> with It -,SM degrees ot beat which tl would have yielded tl the oxygen had been sup pUiehe prime defect of existing furnaces Is the Tolr.rci of two radically distinct processes In one. We need to separate these, and give each its ap propriate lime and place, as in a well ordered tnamrfncrory, vbero perfection is attained by dl vt-lon ol labor. We feed a furnace wish solid foil, fins and ore, it is icnewca from time to lime, and at each enormous volumes of cambasti ble gases ore evolved which rush to the fur pace bead and escape. The air which feeds the furnace Is an clastic fiutd com ing In with a constant steam, and Is unable to provide for these cslraordlnary and In ti rmillcnt demands. No m> chanted apolianco orar.iouiatlc expedient can meet this difficulty. Wc must separate the process of distillation from that of combustion which wc apply to use. We musttefine onr tuel Into clastic iluidi ii!;e air. Then »e can introduce it into the beating cham ber of the furnace in a constan*, s'cauv stream, ready to combine icstfirtly with tne oxygen of tlic air and give up its heat. In this form we may purify It of a'l obiccllonal eab-'raricci', and regn iatc by simple methods the relative amount of air and gas lutrouncvd. Wc approximate perfect combustion ond achieve eoormou? economy. All progress in generating and applying heat in the Mast tnrcace appears to have been at a eland point for fifty years. The great cost aud the irfe iluroualilv of a large part of onr iron Is o»-lrrg to onr rude end temi-barbarons modes of heating. The ore Is rais'd with the fuel, absorbing tu im purities, and suffering in various ways from the riregnlaraDdnnrcilabieintcrcor the heat The principle ol cas burning i* as widely ap plicable as heal itself. The rapid destruction of inginfc boilers would be in a great measure obvi ated bv purplr.g cases under them instead of t-olld fuel. All great cutes should be warmed. as they are now illuiwlnaicd, witu gases distilled and dPtrloutcd in a similar manner. Strange ns thl« mav seem to many, it will yet bo dons. Smoke* the gttatnoisarcs of the city, will disap pear. meeting then adjourned. Collection of Internal Revenue. Wc ba\c obtained from the ofttce of the United States Ecvenno Collector tbe followin': figures BbowiDS the collections in this District for the month cf February: Total receipts Tbcsvare pat'Jy classified as tollows: From matmfuctnrasand productions... 5128,3- From crops receipts H 5.503. From sales From special laxea... 2,10G.2i From bank emulation and deposits.... 2,;i1J.3. The following aru some of ibe principal sub' divisions i!A37UrACTCIIES AKD rBODCCTIOSa. Carriaccs ano other vehicles $ 2,0,w W Carp, railroad. MSri. Cieor? i'wil- Clolbimr r^wr-J Confectionery .i'SirS Fermented liquors ytunUmc 3,85". W Gas, monthly product over 5,003,0 0 cubic feet Iron costings, not exempted PfiotonpU*.... •••• Sntrar refineries Tobacco— chewing smoking ono-s nncEirTri, Insuinnce Companies. Kaiiroads.... '•theatres, &c, Brokers, cattle, sa'cs In excess of SIO,IOO Dealers, calcs in excess of $30,000 Income exceeding IGOO and not exceed tnr ,t1 2 .:*xS Ihmk dividends httilrond comp •nles’ C ividcuds 7,(|jv.71 Bank cncolauon and deposits a*? 1 ?-?! Perallies ~05(183 The total collections for tbc year !&>G, from in comer. In this dv-tiict «crc and rn the Slate $3.403,.40; from manufactaies In the district $3,301,757, and in the Riate $8,821,307. The cor responding receipts m Indiana vvete fi,oll,Hssfor Incomes, and ? 2,717,500 tor nianut irturcs—show jug ibe collections irom one dietiict alone, out of the thirteen in Illinois, much greater than those from the whole eleven dt.-tricts of Indiana. lIATr-niOKiAt iKrxuciTiES.—People who are contemplating matrimony, but full *• I jug* r, shivering on the brink. And fear to lanncb away," will not lake much encouragement from the Ire nuenl stories which arc told among ns of troubles between husbands aim wives, and the number ot applicationt- for divorce which are daily undented ai ourcourtf. Wrhavc to reason to thhk that cn-capo contains a disproportionate number of nuferinnato wretches, and must itcrelorc con clude that there is in the world a large amount of unhappiness of this kind. /?„ Tne followingappeared in the Cincinnati Off -■HrQ\ a few days slcce, as a*porlion ofo spe cial '* from Chicago \ . . . , . •‘There Is evidently great matrimonial demoral ization in thi*> cny at mis tltie. ApphcaHonS for divorce are of cany, almost hour]., occurrence, some «>f the grounds for divorce are novel, u not onrlcHtlmg city clergymen, In bis pol nti this morning. In commeuilng upon this alarm ing matrimonial demoralization, related a case mat came under his own observation. •• During the past week, a lady, hitherto regard ed as highly respectanle, came to him and wished to consult him, as her pastor, InrclaUon to get ting o divorce from her husband. The clergyman, greatly astonish* d, asked for what cao-c sh" sought a divorce. She rfphed'hat her hosban.i. when she married him, was quite wealthy, but oao lately become so rrauced in ci'crmstauces a* to be enable to supply her with the luxuries to which she bad been accaaiomed. and this was an* whole ground for asking a divorce. The clergy man dismissed her with a sharp admonition. “Another lady, a few days since, went to a law yer ard sought Mr advice as to the quickest way of ceiling a rlvorce irom her husband. When a>k*d for a cause, she replied thal her hnsbaud was so trots she could not toPraie him. She acknown deed that he never showed any riirus ol violence toward her, and that he. supplied her wiih every necessity. . “Anob*r quite well-known lady, gome time, sought hr teller the protecilon of a weli kxowo hanker, because her husband waa unable to traiify her fasnionable taste?. , . “But the strangest case transpired last .week, ihewifeof a well-known lake Captain sought a divorce upon the ground of uncongenial! ty. Au investigation developed the fact that the lady had neverhecn married to the gay Captain, and that he bad another and lawful wife living. Of coarse the lady got the divorce wlf out difficulty, bar tailed 10 get what she mo«t «ongbt—alimony. To Km* the Peace.—Jacob VeUlnger, a scav enger, residing at No. 627 Larrabee street, went home on Monday nleht accompanied by a com panion of similar pursuit*, and ordered his wife to vacate the bed m order tint he and bU'nend might repose thtir weary limbs thereon. Veiling er’s friend wore snch aoexceedlngly dirty suit of clothes 88 to regeest to the tidy woman the belief that the soil bad srnick Ic, and she rcmonatralcQ- Her hnsbat-d then relred a razor and threatened to “dissect” heron the soot As he had mam fe-ted Mmllir intentions before, his wife caused b«s Bircfi, and, at toe Police Court, yesterday, be was required to give hall In ?30010 keep the peace. , Alleged Violation or Revenue Laws.—Yes tcroay the members of the Arm of Moses Burton £ Sons, proprietor* of a large tobacco factory at Peona, in this Slate, were brought before Com missioner Boyne, charged wlvb violating the in ternal revenue law. One cbarce was that of hay- Irnuuold cigar boxes, and using without restamnlng. About un,uno cigars, and half a ton of tobacco were discovered, lor which no return had been made. The firm, consisting of Mores Burton and sons, BarxW and Davis, were held to ball In the sum of 55,000 each. • Inquest.— Yesterday rooming Coroner Wagner held an inquest at the Armory on the body ot the babe, whoso death at the “hagaio,” N 0.2-77 Wells flrcct. on Monday mornicg last, has been already reported. The moiher of the coildts Mra.boell. now confined to her bed by sickness at the house of Mr. Clark. No. 24 tVesl Randolph ctree'. Dr. Gote, Com ty Phyrictan. made a pots mortem es amiia'i.n and found only one-balf spoonful or food in ihe stoiuacn. The jury returned a verdict oi “death from want of proper care and nounfh meet.” Bbwabe op Counterfeits.—Oa Moudw a’to: nron a gang of expert thieves aproid a p-rlcct flood ot flve-oollar Natlocal Bank notes “ raisei' 1 so as to represent the fllty-nollar denomination. Several of the hills have already fallen intotnr hands of the nonce. One dletlngnlaaine feature in there bogus Mis Is that »ho word “fu.y“on the tett hand corner is not shaded a'l through alue— the letters F am! i being lighter than the remaining ponton of the word Be*!d“S ihi*, the vignctics and oiher engravtngaretotaliy didorcnt- [KAKCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, MONETARY. Wednesday Evekiko, March 1". There if nothing new in financial circles, Iho momy market Is close for speculative paper, which is oflenng freely, but first-class mercantile signatures experience no difficulty In ootaimng accommodation. Business continues did’, and If there he any improvement, it can only ho dis cerned by fooling up Vie tranracUons at the end 01 the week. There is no change In the rates of discount. •* Tr ere was more Inquiry for Exchange to-day, and as the offerings were leas liberal, there was a firmer fclirg in tbo market. Bound lots were placed between banks at par©2sc premium— mostly the upper fi*»nre. The counter rates were steady at par buying and J-10c premium selling. Fleur was firmer. Wheat advanced 8® Ic. Corn was active and JH®2c belter. Oats were higher. Dye advanced i®lJ4c. Barley was in good demand and a trifle higher. Mess Pork was ifactive for Immediate delivery. Bulb Meats were less active, and the market betrayed symptoms of weakness, lard was quiet but firm. Dressed Bogs wete firm. Gold was a trifle higher to-day. The market opened at advanced to 13l»g, and closed at 13414. Tt'c following quotations were received by Boyd Biothcrs, gold orokers: ICiCfla. m J33?i 12:00m 131 10:15 a. m J 5334 litWp. nt 131*4 11-UOa. m 13-1 2:00p.m . KJt?« litis a. in 131 S:OU p. m 13t»i ll:,)0a m 134 3:30p.m 131J4, 1:45 a. m 13t Here the market was quirt at 138gt131>4 buying -clcsit-g at la32£. There was a ellcbt counter *le mnd, and sales were made a 1 1312J®135‘4. Sli er was nominal at 125®127. Governments were H&H better on the gold bearing bonds, but ihc currency ocos arc un changed. The following shows the closing prices to-day compared with the three previous days: Sal. Mon. Tucs. Wed. Sixes of'Sl 10!) 20% Vf) MO* The-Twenties. 'd iw 10% iu;*3« ioo* FlTw-l wen leg, -M 107* 107* 107 107* Fhe-Twemies,’(w lU7* 107* 107* 107»J Tei-Forlie< Wf < 07* 07* 07'* Sever-Tblrtles, August. 100* 102* 105?» lUsjj .-tven-Tuirtlos, June....105* 12?* 105* Jo2?* Seven-Tniriles, July ...102* 105* 10% Hi** >'cw Flve-Tw* nlics 100* 100* IOC* IOC* Here the market was steady and firm. We nuote: OOVEEKVE3T SECCJUTIZS—CHICAGO atAUKET. iJoymg. Soiling. U. S.Sixes, of ISSI 103* 10% L 7. S. 5-‘KJe, ISCS ... .100 10% U.S.S-SO.ISCI ‘..lOC* 107* U. S. C-2US, 18G5 107* l'-7* U. 5.2-got>,'(Sand ’oo (new)....loC* 10C* U. ti. 5-£os, small W* ®IOS U. s. JO-iCs, largo 07* 07* U. S. UMOs, small W* U. S. 7 liU?, Ist scries 105* 105* U. S. id eeiwf lUS 103 V. S. id penes 105 lus> U.S.VSOp, MnalJ •• Compounds, June, 13*V1... .17 “ July, isgi not* “ Ang.,l?ol H<i “ OCU, W»1.........113 “ Dec., IBM 114 “ yiay. i?* : :> Hi “ Ang., 1505 llOJi “ Sept.. 1-03 lluli ...• •» Oct., 110 Locals are firm and waited. The brokers an bailug At the following raus: CMcago City 7 ; Cock Comny,... Chamber of Commerce Ibc FbUidelpbi* tiMpplna Jo al.ndlng the recent National Bank investigation, eajj “ There hove been some shortcomings among 01 or two Institutions of this illy u on terms kept secret.*' as the sureties o> me partis* politely in formed ns upon inquiry si to the ci cuiastunccs.” —A corresncndent writing from C mafia says that a new bank under the presidency of lion. W.l liam Mcllaster la logo Icto opo-ation tbo lal of May nest, The name of the new institution la to be the Canadian Bank oi Commerce. It will corn met ce with a c tpital of f1.t09.C03, one half of which waliejcyrnhscilbed, Many of our leading mer chants ate luge stockholder?, and there is every profpcctonts taking the first rank among the monetary-Ujlllnilona ofthe country. Mr. Grier, :ormeriy ca -unor of the Bank of Montreal has been appointed manager oi the new bank. The bnlld- Ug occupied by the laic Bank of Upper Canada ha* been purchased lor 530,000. A return has recently been made to the Brit ish Parliament of the number of companies registered nnderlhe Limited Liability act during the years 15C1,1865 and JSCO, with the amount of capital proposed to be raised la shares. The •utitulary Of the return Is as follows: In 18 : 4, 9JI companies were registered, with a proposed capi tal of £237,137.033 11s.; five companies were registered withqut nominal capital; total, W 7. In ISfo, 1,013 companies were registered, with a proposed capital of £203,301,819; 20 companies were registered without nominal capital; total, 1,033. In ISCC, 75a companies were registered, with a proposed capital of £70,5X1.522; ID com panies wcie registered without nominal capital; total. 70S. —'ihe New York T/ihunt of Monday remarks; “Tee street was more active lhau for eutnc time, and an ctio-t was made to put some Hie into fancy ►tucks. Eric taking the lead. The professional bpcculaluis lor an advance were. In February, cieaced out, and have neither confidence la them selves or money to back their opinion If they hid the latter. Tbo market la also without public support. Ihe Class ol Fpeculators known ai the •‘public” having as much as It can do to pay p nls, store expenses, home bills, and to keep frtm protest on their regular business. Prudent people also see that Secretary McCulloch means contmctioE, and has the power to carry out hU opinions, and aic steadily getting onl of debt and avoiding new en casements. “ Shrinkage * of assets is and must be Ibo order of the day, nutilthe iNauonaldebt is funded and specie payments as sured the c emor of speculator* to the contrary notwithstanding. A now crop of co ton, grain and provisions means lower prices oftneso arti cles at an ca»ly day, and the loss of millions of debts made by parties whoso assets win not pay more thsn half tlieir debts. It Is tiie-efacta which make speculations for an advance extra hazard ous, and ture to bo fatal to those who make i&etn. in the redudlon of the volume of tbo currency fcurelohc-shown in 18C7, ail market prices mast shrink, ond Intrinsic values lose,much of their power In arresting the decline in commodities, and in stock* especially. The*-© are now piled up in Wall street as never beiore, on speculation, by parlies willing to pm np ten cent margin on 1,100 shares, who have no more idea ot homing 10 < shares as an iiiV'-siracut iban they have of paying tnc National debt. Upon a shrinking currency theso hypothecated stocks will. In some unexpected tnomcnis, be forced to sale, and a panic be produced unner which margins will oleappcar, nnd large diner enc<s be loft against Uictr holders. In short, an oer contraction, prices of stocks will go down as they rose during expansion, by sharp spasms, which will sweep off {he profits of the past two vears as rspidly as they were made. ' —The gold values of the Import entries of for d'Timeicrandlsc at New York since July 1, toCO, rbe beginning of the correct fl-cal year, are offici ally (to febmaiy 1) and Femi-uolctally (riucet re ported as follows—the entries of foreign specie ncing omitted: Jjtiy 186,595,226 January 830,832.373 August 2-1,015,435 Feb. 0 5.720,373 September.. . 21.883,616 Feb. 16 5,7-10,153 October 23,309,020 Feb. 23 6,572,006 November.... 10,907,1)17.March 2 5.833,031 1 December.... 10,500,CSl|Marcti 0 *. 4,7>1,103 .$207,357.13 7,822 W 5,292.21 aia.n.i 2,30132 8.U30.03 15,503.80 2,313.72 13,103 49 703.01 Total since Jnly 1 Against same time last year. Decrease since Jnlyl $21,101,873 produce and miscellaneous goods from New York, Including foreign articles rc-oxpnr cd, since July J, 16( 6, ore as iollo'vs, the figures be ing officially reported to February 1, by mouths, and tcml-pfflclslly. by weeks: j u tv SltVlVvltW I January $13,448,017 August. j2,U2;f,310 February 0... 2,631.1(12 <enletnbcr... 11,071,2211 February 19.. 8,410,830 October 14,812.8X1 I February 20.. 3,237.021 Kovcmbt-r ... 38,031,003 February 27.. 4,017,023 December.... 17,418,537 j March 0 •1,192,561 Total since Julyl Against same time last year. Decrease since July 1............ ... {33,3G0,7C2 Gold, March 0, ISoT Scent. (iolQ. Hutch 10,18tC 132»i $ cent. —•1 Le exports of pold and diver from New York liare been as loH'hvb since .Tatmary 1: July $5,£21,-159 FebroaryS. .. 56^,003 Aiuruf* 1,387,651 February *J 97G.5U7 tfcnlctnlicr.... 831,050 Fcbrua»y 10.... SiJ.iaT October.. .... 1,163,450 February 23 47UMJ 2s«'eiii"er... . U,7of>,olK) Harelip 739,182 beccmbcr 8,297,270 Match 9....... 4*3.'-13 January... 2.723,702 lotal since July 1 Againai eamc time last year Increase since July 1 $5,051,2(17 Thc« ellvence oi California gold at New York July 5 53,113,813 December.,..£1,113,551 Ancaoi... 6,012, iCi January 2,43i3M v cr.... 2,865,102 February 10,., 783,(127 Oclobcr 8,714,727 February 22. . 031,871 November... . 2,04V,337 March G 818,514 Total since July 1... Against same time last Increase since Only I. Tba tollonisc are H sold at Few Y* rk and tbe soma of gold Interest or the i’u'iliC Debt paid out at lbs New York ofTce of the Treasurer tbs United since July U IS6G CMtoin- Cold inanut PaW. Jn'J t11,G1T,373 July * 5,873,T0 ~cpS mber... September... 9,«|,v3j OcJ.bT 11,50T,’31 OMOber Noveteber... 6.067,581 November.... 5S5”:::: -»:SSS SSS3?r SSSP •.: ,1 253?. T .:::: >-S siSSs;::,.. 3.011.00 s l^lll T/.ini «57165.01 ft T0ta1..i....555,1C5.01J To dftlC, 1800. 81.,31,-lOj COMMEECIAL. Weonetoat Errarao. March 13. Tbe follorriry tables ebowlhc receipt! and ship ments of Produce oarins tbe prst livcnly-fonr hours: urczxrw PAST TWESTT-roun noro. , ire 61«3 5.930 4,615 . 10,000 12,818 . 855 4,303 (2 3SI 227,504 -80,041 .433,985 110,183 120 10(1 953 07,015 45,256 4.4'Ju Gl.-liS 6,430 fi,l s o 112 132 4,133 445 . 1,971 1,183 72.130 30,446 . .... 311 0,070 9,‘iiK) 53 8< 063 420 Floor, brls.... Wheal, centals. Coro, crntale.. Oq*e, centals.•• Rye, centals... Bailey, centala. Grass seed, fts Cmed Meats, ft? Beef, brls Porh, brls LarC, Tha TaliOw, E»a Butter, X&b 1). Ho«js, N 0... Lave llotrs, No.-- Cattle, No Bides. Its Hipbwince. bits. Wool, Its Lumber, in Shtnelee, m Lain, m suitiiujts r±sr xwESTr-roun nouns. ISC7. ISGR. 3,' 9T 8.333 2,323 3,IKU .... 2,133 210 1.333 2,011 303 Float, brls, Wheat, cen'ula Coro, centals.. Only, centals.. Kyc. centals... Barley, cental* G ' “ _ .a b Sctdtußte. Broom Loro. lbs. < orea Jlcatd, lb.-. Beef, brig , Pork. brig. lard, D)? (allow, !b« BntUr, Ub l ire Ilotre, No. * Cattle, No Hides. IbK ilighwlijeß,brJß Wool, lbs Lumber, m .. . shtrclee, m.... [nib. m.. •alu btla, fXOUU AND DRAIN IK STORE. Hie followlc" table, compile*! from the official returns of the warehouse-men, show the amount of Flour and Groin in store ift this cV*y ot Saturday, compared with the amount in store ai the corresponding dale last year I*o7. 1506. Flonr, brie 3***® S Wheat, centals Sa'lls (Virn ilo ... •..‘loS.uo!] 0ii0,135 oSS; fo && Htg. do 4(,CL» 02,.J'U Barley do ..,....,127,531 121,731 There was a good attendance on 'Change to* day, and the lea-line Grain markets wore more active, and in most Instances a higher range of prices obtained. The buoyancy which has characterized the Pro* vision market onrmg the pa«t lour or five weeks received a check to-day, and very tittle business ! was (’one. Holders, however, were tolerably stiff j Inthelrviews, and though there was more dl«- 1 position io cell, no concessions would bo submit* ti d to. There was no demand for Mess Pork for Immediate uelivery at e ver *20.50, though there were tree sclleia of pood brands at *21.00. For future delivery there was some speculative In quiry, with soles of 1,000 hrls Standard at *21.00, seller April and May. Sweet Tickled Hama were quiet but firm, with sales of 101 tecs at 12>£c. Bulk ileal* were less active. The speculative demand experienced a “ pull up," and there was no ship pine inquiry. Holders offered their stocks fro-dy nt yesterday’s outside prices, without attracting purchasers. The sales were restricted to 225,030 lbs at 10UC for Short itib; Sc lor Shoulders, and lie for Coun‘ry Dams—all loose. Lard was firm, i but quiet, with sales of WO tics prime Steam at : 1214 c. Grease sold to the extent of 23 pkps White at 1014 c. Dressed Doga were quiet hnt firmer, with sales at *BX'S(J?.y.OO. The receipts are light, and the demand is mos ly for shipment. tallow was quiet, with sales of 25 (res choice City at ICJ4C. fbere was nothing doing in Whiskey, and (bp market is entucly nominal at 23c tor Bond.tT«ur *2 £0 for Free. The advance in Wheat, and more favorable ad. vices, cam-cC a firmer feeling In Flour, and bold, ers advanced their views 2»323c, which, how ever, was only obtained la a few Instances. The transactions loot np 2,000 brie nt *l3 00314.50 for While Winters; *l2.oofor Bed Winters; *10.033 ii.tatocSptlng Extras; and*3.oo for Spring Su pers. inerc was a fairly active speculative demand for Wheat, and iho market advance J 031 s onjall grades. About 63,000 bu changed hau ls aiTTsT (7r.2.35 for No. 1; *2.02 for No. 2, fresh; *1.073 2.0(1 for do Itigular. and *1.50 for Dejected— closing firm with more buyers than sellers al *1.93 for Regular No 2. Coin was in ucavu speculative demand, and the movement was laree at in advance or 114552 c on all grades. We noic tales of S3I/UI) bn at 80@31c lor No. 1; T2c for No. 2, an i for Rejected —c os Inc flm at C2i illc for No. 1, and W;.j©C'c for Rejected. There was more activity in Oats, and tbe mar ketudvanccu wlihaalos a*. i-iHQXje fur No. 2, ami -sCc lor Rejected—closing linn at the upper figures. Rye was in demand, acd (be maiket ad* vaoccd lJilljC,wiib sales of No. 1 In store at Sl.flK'Sl.fciH forfrosb, and 03i4c@51.C0 for win ter receipts. Nolnltg doing in No. 2. Earley was In good demand and a trifle better, wnb sales of No. 2 at »>o©7sc, according to loci- Uoi: and date of receipt. Ti«no*t*y feed was in moderate demand but a shade easier, with sales at f2.23J52.f13. Clover Seed was firm—sales at 57.73J5f1.3U. Flax sold at f2.B‘s*©2.sU* The following telegrams were received to-day on Change* Buyinc. I>S Wa U 3 New Tons. March 13. Floor Kc heller 9t $!1-lOlTolO.lio. Wheat belter at J£.2C(S2.:>7. Corn active ami better at $1.13 in Moie Om» strong at Porte easier at s*!.«/. Lard Him. Whiskey quiet utC3c. Gold, r:4. Floor again butler; good brands active ats3.fio (T>ll 00 Wheat a fbade firmer. Corn firmer at $1 14 in store, and $1.15 fldoat. Gala belter at C-'ctKlc. Potk heavy ar.d dull. Gold, 131>{, LATfcH. r-yj Jo the aflomoon there was a Cnncr feeling in the Gram markets. Wheal sold freely, and closed flmi at f for No. 2 Spring. Com was firmer at PltStlKc. Provision! were quiet with sales of 500 Mi. ft-CM Pork at 521.10, buyer 10. The Cattle market waa active to-day at an ad vance of 15® 25c0n yesterday's price?. Hccolved, •’.U.'Sbean; entered sale?, 2,2*0 head, a155.C0®7.T5 for common to extra. Live Uosa were active, and pens were cleared, and nmsed from for Inferior to prime Hogs. Jtccclved, 3,412, New York UrculfttuflN Market, {Fr« m the Tcllmn** ol Monliy.i We have bad an improvement In the demand for w> item at d rotate floor «mc« oor la»t review, the In oulry being moicly lof the medl am aid better grade!; tlKecbitve been taken freely for thvbcal and Ea-.lcrn trade,and at very' irregular rate*; common spring wbca> extras nave sold siowly and answer prlccitihc Senthcro coastwise trade has been comparatively quiet, ana So. i and sonerfloc have declined; the large arrivals of California uoor have served t, choc* the nnwaro tendency in the men'nm grades; this descrip tlon ol Hour U gelling into more general rue, and Is l-ocotLine more popular; our »t»cic h remcul to .Ti'flow hrls; a fair bu-lne*s was done today, the de inai.dbelngcot.lrcd cblelly to Hie medium grades; these an? tenter and close ftrm; die low grades wtre dull »t the opening of ’Chance, hot firm at the close; the sales arc ?.‘- , n brN at #S4s®o.T3lor superfine State; 59.73,111.01 for extra do; m 41V 10. SO lor the low grade? ol Western i*xtr.»: Ml.lo r-1:. in tor cc o«i to choice branus do; *lO 40&11AU for shipping Ohio; SU.BSiHJ3.tiO tor trade bran :a do. atd .5 for St. l.onU extra*. California diur hln fairrcrinMd amtlssrcady: lhC‘noplyls «o.plr. Sales 11 7-0 lirls and bags al SMJi‘SU.S3. C«nrJlaa flour is siCAoy. Sales of 350 brlant for lair :o choice extra. Southern flour Is heavy t*nr| in limit d dema: d. S.Jea of 300brUiitfl0.39«fLe0 for common to mir extra Ua tirr.orc nod c.untry. and (’i>.3U for trade and fimilly extra*. Bye Hour Is firm and In fair reward. Stvlci nr (HO brls at 03. Corn in-al Is stearlv. Smia ol 283 brla at at *i.ou for Jersey, auo £3.4" for llrandywinc. ua oin b j- i:om keptejirct J, 15.76, to pate. Great Britain Otherforclgn tad Ireland. ports. Trial Flcor brla. * I»|9. hri-c Sew Vort. March 8.... 49.010 237 KB W.OT I'.miln.cre, Mirth 1.... 3 .i-fM iS a . u C;i. 5 ““.V; mm S:S S& Hew Or.eans, March 1* OH Totals CI.7M 451,071 515.722 * ii.,r, 0!3,fC0 1.051;M2 ISOJ IW.IT.J , »XIM l.fjj.i'rj GBAtjr—sim-c ’he (Into of onr last weekly review wo havetiMln comparatively qnlct market for wheat; mil era hare tho*t. hut llttlu disposition to purchase sum c whcit. and hard y cooush has bseudoce from t. establish Us value, and the few sal'-B made wire at very Irregular nu.ea; thccintlnnr-d de nr'S'K'ii lr the low giadcs of flgur. arm the moderate actuat'd for them have udders from operating to lpt ext*-it. and the unfavorable weather hat also restricted mititcss; holders federally have loana It irrnofsiolc to ellcct salt* nmiss they butmlttedlo much lower figures. and to prices that are ceiernlly iccardtdas uurfasnnah c, and certainly with tballm- IfUßiipp.lcalD prospect from the Inlcilortibocom neilt-d to sell at uic prl*c> now ollered-aflcr holding nil winter, is r*ally unforturnie; at tliu coacci-lin thetebat I ecu some demand for Investment, and It would serth that 11 ever in the history of the trade theie really was a chance for a rise In prices, we have even reason to expeit it now: we allude raoropar tlcjlsrlt to gpnm:; Ibe liberal *npnli‘H from Califor nia will checw the upward tendency In wtlto wheat. Thee carancc* from fan Francisco, slrce the 7th of November, for Allattic p-rti have been SOO.OOO sacks; CJC.COO aarks to Great Britain, and 40.000 sacks to France. The hulk cl this wheat Is now mtraußltu, - In order, wi 1 give ns a llb’ral snptdy for the sim mer months. Tne baslcev a* the Prodnro Exchange to-day was limited; sprlncr being hHd above the views of buyers. sab-fl ol 4.0& bu at J 2.30

lor choice 80. 2 Milwaukee, anc *2,00«2.00 lor whi-o Calllf-rnla. ii«rley has bten moderately active, the run ard oelnc mainly lor h-roe use. Tne decline in cold bos thecccd ttc export inquiry but P/lcs* are wllhr.ijt cbtucc. The stock is r-duccd to about lw‘.b,o>M>v.vlotlocrj«l«l;saleSQtTl,G''o hu at Canada Wool, In b no fl.Wtor orimedofree.and ?UI for nood two row*d fltatc. barley mslt Is quiet out Bt« July ;fnles of 2,010b0 atfl.&ftl-®- mut with a fair demand, but at variable prlc' S. tho Inquiry early In Us* week waa in part lor witha ocelli c in cold, prices hove yielded, closing bet lernndmt re active; ealca or 59.,<0 b.l nt W3CM lor "Western In store and ah at; GftCOc for Oh loin start, G9c lor Jersey and <oc for State. Kychaancen more active, but prices have fluctuated; iiaa been ma nlv In the home trado— closing qnletwUn £fa"l®lc. ol State at gl-TOQIJJJ. Indian cpra l lm been in brisk demand, but at very V6rl^’^ r ' r^ t , iß,* llucnrert by ibe chai gcable news from FafOM aDd tho rapid arertne In solo; at the co active demand prevaded, In part fpecalaUvc. and w lh mod crate a’r.vals o» new and someo§2l if Jfhr are is 1 c hteber; sales or mow bn ar mr Western tnlved lu store-closing at |l.luoiai lor oo afloat, and IV frr Jersey yellow tXrOtTs >EOU ISCO, TO DATS-^ s il ■ n j gc J g,| if • imb. imih. D»b. J7l • 5,1)45 tJ50,113 fi-US J7.SSJ 21. M! 7,201 • .€'81,831.863 . 205.427,733 Wheat. .*118,863,733 . 149,982,319 New T<*rk, March 8... I'h'Jffltlpf ia, March I. Pcrtlano, Match Tolßl, iw i“S® Iww I.SUOK urourabv b*ptii*mb 1. ißft to date. „S ►-= tf Is £ 35 • | Cobs, &: S : lioßb. tfu3h. Bart. KewTork. Mftrrh 8 3,79«tf Ig.Jg 3 £gv*| Bnlllinore.iUr.hl }j ? 5 J 5|.«» rhilatWnhia, March 1 19J.13* W*'" 21. Bo’ton, sj.rcti l Tf.o2 isn? i*orUdnd, March l 1U» J -_-’ j 257.813 215.83 4,-*Ul7* 519-rW 2*19.12-1 5,775.919 78,273 ISUuI 879,180 .S-22.7J2.003 17,078.771 Total!. Vhllmlclßhrann Goods market. lo a wry treat extent control this, ttc pi« ,rco here, porebaae* ar- cotflgcd_f dutnbu* yoimaU iota tor assortment ana immeataw emmou .*30,213.325 . J 3,210.07 T ic Customs recslpts In tton In low and heavy woollens there bat been a lit tle dUi otjuon 10 speculate, o * K JJ »JUuen *f*t>rica tbeUrtff, and pnccaforail de 11 r*Ole wooUtm fannta have cither advanced ia-' been more 0 miy * lapusa Q l y tbe Increase of dottes. If tnls liner*. It will be of no advan’ase factmera. eaccpt a* It may help tee lj.e of old it’ ck on hand. The lncrea-ed co*r 01 tie fabriis wil mote ttan counterbalance the a - . vat relr oner while «1l sner. cnaDV - *leadtodlm'Tii»h c,nt >t in. nr. of tbe»e roors mav be inerepyc r tafud The bl-b*r co*t of domestic Roods thefoVe?c.emPfttt'rib= same relative now cccontea; a«>d t when on ea arerettb-'i, jjo proftM on lmp?r6 will b- vt eater tmder . Mb tariff teanunder a lowJte. Tic best qa'liti*« cfbl-ath'd sheeUn,i atdshlrtlrescoctinneln stradycle-nand al Qrra rates: oonriar mam of medara grairs are also in good rtaottl ana melntala prices: others les favorably known and common etod-a are obcreaat asme con* cession The market fir brown cotters Is with* out animation, Tbe dcm»cd f*r the yartoas descrlpuoosl- chiefly Unltei to small low, while the stock fn Drsl hards has semewhat increased. Pnr®s of these are held with some brmn-ss. C >mmoi goads of llcbtwelchlare sold at a d-.cllne. Prints of lead ing Mylea are in actUoa-mand, ant prices ar-* Qimiy fiirtnlfiKl. and there arc nom lcatloni or nnyrteel'b© upon ib-so a*, present. Infert-t qaillties of oast stiles can only he fold at relatival* low fl*ures. Ttero H a little more movement In ninths, ownx cbisdv to the recent advance In tariff rates. Most maenfartbrera -re mu offering their goods at on* rhsnr«l retest and buyer*-, havlnr 'ess fear or any further decline, are now laying in modsra « supplies. Present pilcca will pro-ahly be sustained ; bat II pro duction is cssi-ntlsl'y stimulated by higher duties on Imported got ds. It mav be d .obtful if any permanent advance can he established. CHICAGO LIVE STOCK. MARKET. Omct op the TUtlt teibcss, I Wbdsespat ErsKiau, MsreU 13. > The loUowln*tw.» »a>«* wv- aal shipments ot Lira 6lode daring the week, np to tills evcnlcß. as it ported by lie Sscrelary of lie Union Stock Yard Company Sunday and Monday. Tuesday "Wednesday Total 4.301 7,810 2,710 Same time last week. 2.7 W 7.0 vl iyWO Week b*fotf last 5,514 9.0j7 I.iJG Thor«.cflpu w-day were by ibo fjilowme roain : Cattle. ilJza. tinpop. By IXUncls Central..... ilia soj 165 Byßor lnston&Qolncy R00d.... 7TC 9|U 21, By M. Louis A AU ’D Bold 513 291 2>75 By Nortbwutero Riad Sal M*' 133 By Itock Island Bead 801 • I3y3llcMßantioutberaß.lt 60 87 Total 2.C83 3,112 630 The aUlptncMs to-day. ond tor the week up to tala evening, were .100,592 12,135 . 10.2 IS 1,"30 .440,593 355,614 90 709 , 1,700 1,154 85 1 83,445 , 63.277 55.710 . 8,993 12,593 . IJ7J3 . •• 323 112 - . 10,830 46,490 . 42 477 . 1,600 10,991 .. 953 925 .. 919 973 .. 113 121 .. 153 650 fionday and M0cUay....... Tncartoy Wednesday (cot returned.. Total.. 103 2,20? .... Theiollowln* were Ihethlpmentsn-day: UttUl*-. lUc*. Sheep. By Mlchlcau Southern B. n.. s£) 1.256 By Pimlicrch A: Ft. W.% K. W 6 l,m .... By Mlcidfsn centralit. U.... on .... r*6 Total 1.7C6 2.&J3 M: Sale* (o-4ap. oi entered at ttic dlflercnt vtrciulollowß At Illinois Central Scale. At Tlorlireion scale MAI on Se»\r At Northwestern Scale.., Total 2.273 4.230 1.023 BEEF CATTJ.E—To-nU’ht closes one of the trust ac tive days of thescason luthU department of tho Live Slock market. Ttie weather was Icteusrly cold. but notwlilwundicgthlsfact, there was an unusually lib O' the different cUsset ol buyers, and with some 2.500 head of fa-tle In the sal-; pens, and under a strong demmet for nearly all grades, trade opened lively and continued brlik amll the pens were FDtirety cleared o‘stock. The shipping Int-rest wa’j largely represented. md though fitsrcrq, advices were not cf a pjrtlcu’ariy stlmalaii-tg character, there was an animated Inquiry /or good to prime shipping Steers, and nnd-ra bealthv competl ion for the differ ent Eastern potols, holders of droves answering the aboved-scrlptvmwereenaoled toiealtze-ao advsocc of fully 33c per .100 its, on tho closing rates of yesierd&y. Buffalo, xlban-, Pittsburgh and Pbtla* delpbla each had their representatives In the market, nnnlthc great bulk of the arrivals were taken np fbr there points at <C.2337.t0 for fair to good droves, and f7.50C57.75 lor prime to very choice Bollocks. Medium and ci mmon descnptioos were In leas active demand, and accordingly the appreclatuo la value* was leas marked. Sillers, however, were generally enabled to rtom out nt an nno-ovement ol 10415 u B ICO ai.j ' recil-inTfrom IVe-tru 1 New Vort,,.PcnuiylvaaTZ Ohio and Indiana were In attendance. and all ottering* suited to thulr several wauta were readily absorbed st f5.Cfa5.75 foi medium t.o fair *• Stockers.” One or two of our packing Lousoi were aliorcoreicntedln the mar ket, but the amount of stock taken In their Interest was IncDnsidcrsble, a* prevent rates will tot warrant them In operating extensively. Thilr [purchases were con oned prltcioaily to Ccws. thin rough Steers, and coarse Oycn. at and within the range ol f*,tt333.V7;* for com mon to falrpaculng Cattle. New Mlicn Cowa were in moderate rcqae-Vhnt thirc wera lew ulterior, (nnd quotationsa»o altogether nominal at .?IXo>379.oin«r commeo to cholceqa-htles. The Inquiry for catchers* Cattle eihlhi’cd rather wore life lhaa on any'ofTßS half dozen days prowling tala, and, owlagti the active demand from oilier quarters, the wants of our local buyers were barely supplies. Transactions embrace 3J75 head. These were taken at f 1.75Q5.75 tor common to good butch-is’ Cattle, medium to prime Stoc< Steens and common t >g;>oa packmg^tock; f j.2ia7.CO ferfMtto &zA shlapl-ff Steers, and <7,3137.73 f> r ptimcta vary choice Bullocks, averaging .from 31.100 to 1.4 M »*- The pen* are empty, and the mukc; closes stremr at our revived gustations: CATTLE (Jt'OXATIOS. Brim B'frri—T l' c, fat, wen lormed. I *n 0 year oia Ktrers. ftt.d av. rametf 200 as hii«l upward*.....- |7.r0,a7.73 j>,nnr Jlrrrr*— G od, well fittL-d. fln?Jjr. unui n h veranda r from I,J(W to I,looß*. at 7.00(557.25 fhir Oratlf*~T*\r ai-erMn lair tleth. ay. uaßm=J.Woi*V2oo i n>9.oi 6.2530.75 Maliutn Clu^~ slcdhm blent? and good Cow«, ftt tor city aianiiJiter and avcragng HCwl.OtO B8,a» ......... 5.25Q6.00 AVer A- onttr— iiommon • atti- to d.cen t flesh, avir?ulDKtJX>ai.ofo bs, at ... ucoS.7s lu rVrf"»—l-U'lit aud ibln Cjh> and Steer', avcrastnir T.’OiSW as... 8.7504.25 CATTLE -.ALES TO-DAV, Fourteen heart extra Illinois S‘x-CM, averaging 1,333 Bs.oifcars at 91.75. TweLtv-l ur head extra smaoth Illinois Sierra, av cractcc 1,-05 cm, oir car-*, at 97.71. Twenty heart«lnice smooli Steers, averaging L 215 Be, oil cm. at 97tOi{. < w *1 wcntj'M'v-u heart prime Tat Illinois Stccri.iaverag log i,4M bi. oa car*, at *7.30. TLlrty-ihiar bead com straight shipping Steers, averaging 1,098 B*. oflear*, at RO UTS’* Tw ent>-** ven Ueao fur tlf*liy Steen, averaging I,OCI 6p, fed mt,d v atcteO, at *6 85. Sixteen head ronOiisiotiipplng Steers, averagingl.lUO Bp, i ll cars. »t fG.bD. FourUrrtl heart rough Ihtu Steen, averaging 1,130 Be. fed and watct«l,at96 73. Mxtcin medium ruuchieb Steers, averaging 1,100 Be, fed and watered at 93.25. Fourteen head »>*lr batchers’ stock, averaging 933 Be. < IT cars, at f5.7!>. Fllb-cn bead tiraigh’. MCtrs. In Cur llcjh. averaging l.CKJSe.*irrar».ai»6 50. Seventeen head ialrtoQ*;hißh Steers, averaging 1,110 Bs. oh can, •t§6.7J. Eighteen be»o &*“ .Mpp-ng Steers, averaging 1,150 B Steers, averaging 1,151 81, fe« and wat n-rt.ct 96-SO. TaeMj heart cood.l>ck Steers, averaging 030 B», led nrd watfr*d,als3.9s. Thirti-aix li«»d stralcht smooth shipping Steers, averaging I.IM as. off can, nt?7 00. Tttrtv-four head good vunothfiu slipping Steers, averaging I.lts Bs, off cars, at $7.(0. Eighteen hi ad medium Meets, averaging l,im Ba, oil C THrtecii hekd medium shipping Steers, averaging 1.027 B». f«lasd Wilcred, »tF>.73. Sercnt:en brad go* d t hipmjir Ste r«, averaging 2,167 B . <eo ana wnt* re*’, at {6.75. _ X tct'ct beau mediate Steers, averaging 1,000 Bs, od { C *Eight«V*i i cad medium shipping Steers, averaging i Cli b». led and watered, at 16-83. Scrent- eu heart good fa; butchers Cows, averaging frW Be, cfl ran*, at f.’.f Jv, Fuurucn lu»rt Ki»od smooth ahlppUigStccra, averag ing 1.176 B". ctfo.. S, at f 7,u0. Eighteen head « d rough s i Sterre, averaging 1.271 ft*. oil car>. at f 7.(0, Foity-cicht head extra Illinois Steers, averaging 1,5. t» t-s. ot?«.oo. HOGS—I h" market opined dull and heavy, and un der Ihe Ufluencc of unfavorable advices trom the Eiir, huytrsr.fas*d to “take hold,” except nt a rc ducllon et 105.13 C 7UCO Bs. To this demand holders unwillingly ncccdod, and la the alternn-.n a fair busi ness was do-c at the above decdic. Sblppvs were the principal operators, and hythem the pens were pretty well el'atnl at fS-TOQC.W for slock Hogs and ntdlum cradea; fCSOffil.M lor fair to good droves, and *7.‘,.'Q7d50 for prime Hogs. We note ihofuilowing | u-oenou: 808 BißE£ To . uiT . Av. P.-lc*. ISO CJO , 171 6.7 C 3J3 7.25 • ~.13j 6M coo 0.90 «J 6.95 23J 7.00 asj 7 <>o ■; 202 7.00 2'il 7.13 ** 211 720 BllEEP—The market woa .(ctlvc, both for shipment and on local account, and price* experienced an ad vance of »c V IOO bj . Thu market clo.cs Arm at $5.10 ■7 sJfcr common to prim* Sheep. 11f!..!.,. 40 CIIICAUO DAILY MARRET. All teles of Grain retried in thle market reyor ate. made on the Uaiti of tauter (Ac) ttorage, unUit olhenche WK>?fSSDAT, March 13,lSuT. FltFlGllT**— lUilroai> Freights— Arc 10c lower on hourtfi class. The followlnc Is iho tariff of thi EaMonltoad* 3d 4th Drs’d Rates Irom Chicago to— class, class. Floor. Uop. Bullilo.N- ? 62* :i7* 8j 73 Tororto. 0. W gX ?? *5 , £ Montreal. C.E..... *•*••** t<23 *0 Alban?*:* 1.10 CTJtf 1.60 1.19 \e«r Vtrk l.u it) 1.10 !.!■> Beaton r«a A1bany........ 1-23 75 3AO 1.25 Boston rlrt Gr«»u Trunk Irk» *5 IJJ l.£ rortlaml tta Greed Trunk .. •• 1-50 1.25 Philadelphia i.W K I.SJ 1.05 Baltimore Ga 1-J0 l.Oi Pittsburgh fij 40 SO Gj Clevvlat-d. Ohio 45 27* M 47 Jetfor-onvlllo. Ind 45 & .0 .. fUnrlnnatl 011i0........... 45 SO GO 44 FMIUU-RM-lvcu. 3.178 brls; snipped. a o*7 brls. Thcrcwasonly o moderate movement in Uie Floor matVtUo<my.and -lib the advance In Wheat, and the favorable advices Iroai too t«8l, price* were 2ca73chkber. bales Inclu-'e the f.dto>clns: White •WivtEßP—3o bilsnot named at $14.j0;23 brls do at *l2'O' lOObrls •“ Wisconsin” atsl2.oo; ItBD Wixtebs -ilMbrW •• Gold Medal •• at« 2.00; Si*Rlm» Extbas-- ICO brb not rained at $11.15; 100 br soo at ju.i;.*; 100 brl* do at sll CO; 3UO btls “ Bte Loaf at SH.OJ; BJO tip;i " * liver Crick " at sll-00; 100 brls *■ C. Lamb 8' atlll.00; 700h»ls •‘Ke-rsace’ o' $11.00; IW brlsn'.t named at fID.'JO; sfOorl* do at flO.'v.; 10) brls do at Sio23* 100*oris Jlo at $10.00; Ussonstr-Jfc brls not n.ircd’; SPittxoßmmia-ICO brls oat named ntfS/u: Uxsousl—loo brls not named it $3.00. lii*A l---U-celved, P,930 centals; shipped. 8,87 d pf ntifis. M.irsitadvarcc-- 4c V bn. bairs_ we*o: cfo jjj, v 0 i Sorlt-jr at $2.35; 4t)u bn do at Z o trc-h.ats2e2“wwbado,rcsalar, Tt $4.00;23.U0 »m dTiatSl 99: S.UW ba du at 51.93*; 2,000 bitd3 at *1 OS - 25.0C0. ndo at $1.97*; 5.000 bu do at $1.97; I.OJO bn Rejected at SI.RO-cli.Bluj: firm, with buyers of regu loliri»iiN-bccelvfd. 10.CO0 cc-tal*; shipped, none, r. nctivrVcnl illve demand and firm, at an advance cf P/fiCc. Pa’tswcre 35.U10 bu No. lat Bic; 10.000 bn rtoat’^Kc-10 POO bn doa»M)\c; lO.OiOba doxviWJ<c; srJKObndo atbO c; 23.CC0 bu da nt soi*c; 5.001 ba on it’l£too bn do a. hTc; 2,*.00 bu, N-. 2at 7 -c; 11 .000 hr nViectcoato.c; 100 bu oout Go*c; 1.C3) bu dual «v/c*'*4loo bn do at 6*c—cl llrmat ittjfdalc for NiV.l!aodcG*®t7cli)rKejectcd. fiAV—Received. »6 ccnials; shipped, 210 centals. MTketodvor.CCd *®lc. Sale* were; GOO buNo.2(2c itorase) at 4- r >Kc; Ii,OW bu do Regular at 45c; 15.( C 0 bu do ” ttycVrsbOO baco at; bOO bu Rcl-cted at 43c. I» y lice l itch, 214 cetiais; shipped. 2,011 centals. Market advanced K3ISC. sslks were: I.WO bn No. 1 atslo2*;l,&o bn do nt $1.02; 8M bu dontsl.oU4; 10Whu«o atfl.ol—fredi; 4.500 bu do atsl.oo; 2,100 bu dw at Wj»c; 2. : M bu do a- 20c; 1.0 Obado at94^'c. llAltXfr.V—llrcelvcd, 4-“ cmu'«: shipped, .-j7 cen tals. vflrßethrm.witha K-oddennnd. Soles were: 400 bn N<*. 2 (It-1.) at tic; Si obudo at 71c; SOObiido at Tuc 1400 bn do at uSc; 400 on do at 67j<c; 2,0u0 bu co qi 67c; 2.500 bn do at CCc. -. • i,(*OIIO I#—Non. leal at $ 1..5? 4.10. HIM N—Markit tiniei and firmnt UIUIOM roICN-rsllrmly held a; sli>JM®2oo,oo, | nC nEA r >r^-'°cio > li«ht demand. Bales of 8 basa at Plt-ilwelved, 6.150 b«: shipped, 8.093 ns. Tr!e ctnerai market continues qulr; wliboul m«erl t »I chantwin tncc». The supply of prime dudillca is hiMtivrlv nebt. but of ccamoi urnoe* U Srn?fsVtrcli r salMincluiesoo3.s prime ro'l at 23c; S° ll " r rJKlv““pM>SC««2lc: snrkuuatUc. 3Vi ccntlnne to QU^te: smsSt Good Tub.. loiai3c i sij-There Is but’a silent improvement to UrlooA.Br<u, 5® jij.po Illinois A, 2 bn, as.Od CotoEsthance..-- - wnn Mark A> coilon seamlcs Lcwlst«»*nA, do 60.0(5 AbdroscoctiD, do - ,CO 00 Ameiican . do cq.oo JkavQ Mills, do JltUti'ln S, do PfnnMirs, oo K Fort Pitt. do Sligo, oo • UJW Saco, Its cs and cstten..... 5 2 item and cotton. - ppringflcld * “aaStaf ftP*««*. We quote the market Orm at the (gcnnlLC) ■» <|« | Fscfry (Illinois) U c Hft- bnrr SfS S Wc»t«m *g g“ ® w-terr B-t-rve.- •“ '•Jjg e i^^hfrr svas a- active demand to-day, and foFfrUto2-2rwi6« to the light supply la U» mil rales w r re demanded. ilarJ Tarfcti-a ate tn am- IMIUNK,and pneca for sneb are Lot remarkably firm. ' We quota; . *ll.OO Erix-BrooWe * n M ci°,a£S£3>nar mil„ " Jig w do Mil eral rtjrtce do Willow Bant Mg . <3o- Tonne; gg Chippewa. £3, Lackawanna, prepared Jig Screntcn iljloi PlIt*CD fififtiiOO Illinois v ' ItnSgjo do o- tract aJU %u| The market is fairly active, and prices continue orm. We qaote: mofeonmon to fair legate Bjo. coon t> prime 2<a« Sa.o 01 (LO Fork Barrels at f WO. . . _ . . EWtSH-lLerew&aatalr inanity to-day, .0 wantsol local cuMon ers aQ we<esteady ala range cfwauto, chiefly at lac. Tbe *“PP , r wM.alr. vu 1117?* aKII NTT!*—There was an active ir on irrto-dav lorifVnefil assortments and tb' market Kl« QoMUons. «l'b the «ceotloo of a alight aovanre i& Flcs, prices are unchanged. Tbe lot* lowu-c are the Prtcea . wrwts Gallic. Boss, tibtcp. ... an ?SJ •••• ...1.9(3 4.H3 I/JM ...WSJ 3,113 SOU Apples,?! t'rt Lin.ons, Mesalna.. Lrance’.V b0x..., Cranberries, V brl. Fles, drums— Firs. caitcoca. Csmed pracncs, ¥ doz 2 B cans. APPler. new * Frarlup, Halves and quarters.... Peaches, parcl Hlstsbertlc*. new, P B Raspberries, new, P B cnemc#, Elderberries. V nilsina, seedless. 50 b bees Sardines, H boxes Sardines, S '■sirfi’/*' Almonds, bard-shelled ?5 » !* Almoid«,»f -9lielled... S f « § I 51 tteoch Walnuts, new 21 « 23 ffiffijris"::::::::::::"™::;:;:; US ?. Si? Fi«H—.Dealers report a not'd bealtby trade, and ai e fioimna ibUr stocas firmly at the prices girea be- | i wmteflrti, No. i. a brl.. J*£9 jg® M°ck«el!No. L vKrCttnr uackeS&mUy?? W Mackerel, cxira mess. ¥ brl U^Orflj.Ort Maekcrtl. extra mess. ¥ kit 3 3J@ 3.. s Mackerel, No. I, kit* new JUS Msc*erd,ramlly, kits 2'}%* iS cniasii, nan. ¥ ico » t-OOat Codas*, George's Bant l?0a 8.(X» Hake 5.* Hcrmge.drlefl.No.l.Pbox 50® a ilmlnes. (waled 7ft® 75 Labrador ITerrlncs. V br1..,. 10.0ft310.50 IJHEa*»E— Sales were: ?3 les white, at lOVe. HIMUWISE - —Kecelvedmnci skipped -13 brl*. MntKH i» wtlse and entirely nominal, at £sc for bond eailC^pl^Arerscufßj; at COSCJc for Western, and 63$ <tclcr Eastern. DUE?*s*ED nOGS-Sslea were; 43 dividingon JfO »s,*t. ]0 u aw b*, at 8.Cj«o.oo ik averaging its B». at. b.ts g “ ...Of, at 8.15 1 1 x y—'lbe market was qnlct, wllU prices unebaag ed, os follows * Cftfle. Uoz9. Sbscp. 73 513 323 1.02 Cattle. Sheep. (110 03 31t 1.008 1,517 2-W ■ita tas aa ifS3 1,550 210 Tlmolbv, roller nefl ocatcr pressed. Timothy, 100-e preesco Prairie, neater preyed Tlmothy.rolleran-' waterpreasod SI7.OO^IP.OC Timothy, I' oro pressed i7.CftAia.oo Praine, roller ard Water pressed 14Jr®I3^c Prairie. loose on waenn. delivered 12.00.^11,00 IIIUKS-KccelYcd. 72,130 lbs; Stikped. IC.SV) S', Tliedemaod continues trood.and price* we.o veil SOS' tallied. AH prime ollrrinjjs are readily taken up atlali rates. TVcrepealonrhstot quotations: Greta Uatclura* Green SaltfC.lrltmaed e Green Calf. 19 m 23 c Kip Greco, sailed ...................14 013 c ■iiry Flint, trimmed 18 (3!9'<c Dry ba t»d. trimmed U){ftl3£c Greet Halted, lortcnred. . WXQUKc IKON AM) ?»TEEl..—Thccarkctrnies firm and one bat Red- M’e continue to qncler Common Bar HciFeEboe Iron Heavy Band • Hoop and Ltelit Band Hound and Square. OTat. Hall Ot»1 and Halt Hound SX& 6.'«C Sheet Iror.ccmmi.P 7j«ja ...c Extra Brands ...c Shc-tlion, K»iT*ni2fd 13 &2J c Kh‘Cilron, charcoal. *6 9X9 ...C Sbartlrcrt.lnntata.2t HX9I3 e Norway Nall Kod» HJ4ftI3VC Mow blcei, German IS alt c iMow Sieil. can it aIS c sprlntr one Tire Steel, Enpllrh T-'K9I3 C Tool Cast Stc< I, ordinaryclzca 23 m.D c Tool Cut Steel, American..... 1) fj.s c Ull*t r reO steel .’....T0 fi*® c LL'iUUKK—The Lumber market rules iuvly and Es key are ilrmly maintained. Wo repeat quotations : uuues—Ftrai Clear, I.IH, l# and 2 Inch, 1- it ICO.OG3CSXO Second Clear. I,l*-;, IX and 2 lech S 3 i00.G0.00 Thiro Clear, In h. 50.00055.00 First and S-rond Clear, Flooring, to* ccthsr. roucb, the same as Second Char 50.Cfa55.C0 Common lloonntr, rough 35.0U.4a7.00 Man lied and Dmwd Common Flooring. to 00*12.00 ilatctrd and BreiJCil 8-inch Common Flooring 36^0*37.00 First ant. Second Clear Siding together.. 30XJ*:r}OT First Common Dressed Biding 4J.00a33.00 War on Box Uoatos, select, IMncb and upwaiils 37.ft13t2.C0 A Sicck Boards, 12 inches 33.UU33.00 II Sleek Ikards, 12 mcnes 2C.00tj37.00 Common Beards, J»l9ts, scantling. Fenc ing, and email Timber. 13 to 16 fret loop 2].ooft2Loo Joists and scantling. 18,30. ii and 21 fiet Joisls and Scat Um* 23.00 SuiaoLEa-Aor Star Shaved Shingles til A or Star ?awcd Shingles. 5 00ft 3.50 >o.l Sawed shingles 2.00 a 300 Lamt—Term M yard 5.00 By car-load by Northwestern Railroad, delivered Id any yard w here cars can bo swi chetLor acy depot, A or Star Sawed Shingle*' by load, on track 3.00 A or Star shaved, by car-loil, o: track.... 3.<jG 4JO Nc. 1 Sawed Shingles, by car-load, on track 4-50 Threw dollars a carlca-' artied when rranafsrzcd, which charpeljllows tho sbtrg'n In freight bill. Thickness—Five fmrglcs to be tw o Itches In thick- .CM. l ength—Sixteen laches. U»nde—Twenty b«im. Courses—Tweety-nve. . . I.EATHEIt—Ibe market exhibits considerable irp'ovcmei-t m point o< activity, and a much borer C(llcgobt«i s. The stocks arc moderate, and prices tin, at yievlous quotations, which are os fallows: City Harness 9 » ... * SS® 40 C uttry ilirncts l r <*4 3d Line, 9 ft £& 44 ““■““.T £•««•> f»l£ 9 ft 1.1C0C.50 Upper. 9 foa... sect 31 Uo;cr.. sw 35 Collar, 9 100 t... i3<i 24 Slaughter, folc.. C»3 M Ilanitiß, f> “H« 4G Upper 50® 34 Kip. No. I, me mum... M0fc1.29 Kfp. No- X. i‘eavr 6TAI in .UEtAE* ANIXTIN) Is co i ha. jre u> j«. IK verbs rr prices; t.u#li.€»»comic nrm In their view* at the an. TIM. I Box Tin Plate. IC X to 5 10x14 Jls 031 •. 8 and 9.. Large Plg» 5? I Ijjtodll Kraal Plea £Bl UarTin 53113 and H corraa. |lsa. a 16 Metallic AP Butt*.. SI VI Copper Bet id..... £3l IS Kmzlcrsovcr 10 Bf. 43 J l9 Sheet. U to 1C 0r... 451 SO Iltblngf 101 hence Wire . KAUUITSIETAL, j BtSSlAfl, l»r quality SO I Nos. 9 utd 16 23&J6 Amlmny JO I Amerlctn, Ist qual- FUeSolder. S3l Ity.D sheet...... 19 zimc. 1 Americas, Ist quat lettjnalltr.vask,.. ...XSXI Uy, P u 11........ 13 Ist quality, shcit Hi American.Mqml- Slab 131 Ity, V Sheet 16 NA i E«*—Trade is finny active and dealer! are ihaaluciht follow! g pricer: 10 to to pkc/ $7.10 j 2d tVS g(l 7.251 SO, fine blued 9.J5 7.M 12d, fine blued 10.73 4d 7.75 t cut Spikes 7.13 market was quiet to-day, and far Lin seed the feeing was easier. though prices were with out quotable change. The loUowlng are the prices current: I.inicedOll {L5&31.55 Linseed OH, boiled lA&ai.CO Olive Oil . ©2.30 "Whoie Oil, W.B L20.t1.25 LaidOll, extra - UVSIJO LsrdOll No. IWi ter. X.lU<dU3 Lard Oil, No. ■} Winter l.lfijeuo Bank OH. round lots l.'sc-el 'JO Hnr.k Oil, Straits L39&1.2S Machine Ol».. WUUO Sperm OU. W. 8.... ©3AO Lubricating 0i1..... 9t@loo CAUDdN Oll<—Pwmalnsquiet, and under a full 6opply,dialtn» urc peteraPyshailim: prices on rooed lots, wo make co change in our quotations as fol lows ; Csrhcn, V car toad 46c Carbon, small lots 43c Benzcie. ..3C©49c PROVISION*—'The receipts and etiipmsatsdnr- Irßlhcpast twenty-four hours were: Receipts. Shipments mt Meats, B 8 413,956 4tU^r. Brel, _ 93 rork, brls 100 1.706 lard! Its 67-fil» 830 [tlcsM Purk—Marker inactive and nominal at ?20.«©21.W), for cash: for future, 1,000 brU standard, ee'icr April aid May. at 831.00. ~ Hwect Picklcn llnnm—Sales were 101 tes at I3*c. fla'k nien’M—Less active. Sates were: 120/00 Ds Short Bib at'Olic; C-GfOpcn thoulacrsatSc; 5,000 Bs Dry Salted Hams at Uc—all loose. l.nrd—Marketflm but quirt. Sales were; 400 tea prime straw allJ^'V. POUi.TItY—Toe market to-day wm quiet; sate in clude the fo.lowlng: Dbesskd Ciiickkms—3 dozen at jj.SO; 3 dozen at $5 S 5; l coop live at fL‘43; SCO bs Dicssed Turkeys at 16c. "•CGAltS—The general market presents no new Icaturiß, and with the exception of a decline ol Hu on Bern ed and "While “A” aosam, prices arc without quotable change. We now quote: Cuba Porto Itlcn .....t3,*i@’4kc N. Y. Defined, Lowered auo Granulated....ln^oilGVc White A Unlive Circle A Extra c Yellow 13. ©l3 c Oxnard lOJfall c Oxnard r, extra UJ»«ll3fc New Orleans prime.. li^aiiYC New Orleans l»ir 11 ©UKc SYRllPb*—Arc >n moderate demand, and steady, at the following prices: hcston Amotr 8UJ*31.40 New York Pjrnps . to«US Yellow Drips I.lS©l~O. Cuba g p, 8o« 85 New Orleans J 9?©l-J5 Philadelphia bee Hive «•© TO Chicago Kcflncry, Amber Chicago IDflnery, Golden 80® 90 Chic* go Kfflmry. Sugar House.. aja » SODA AND SA LKII \TOS—Trade wasa lUUo elack to-dny. and prices weic unchanged. Wo con- Babbitt’s Medicinal ~....12h"®13Yc •* pare. « Delano’s Chemical c •• Healthy 12 013UC ** pnte I' ©Hkc SAI.T—f-ccclved. none; shipped, 153 brio. Mar ket Heady. Salescf i4sbrlsNow Fine ats4.s3,deliv ered. We ci lUduc to quote-. New Fine 8«5 Co arte... ........ 3.65 Ground Alum I3.10&3 15 Ground solar 2.® Turk’s Islacd.bag* 3~0 Dairy, with sacks Dairy, wunout sneas rr • *, M i 73 SEEoM—Kecclved, 2J7A01 Bs; shipped, 100JQ3BS. The marketwas only nu.Gcratcly active, an t onlimo thy Price* were OBli» i(ifad-r. tales wero aa folipws: 7 lioTinr—s3 bags at S3AS: 20 do at *2.99; -107 da at »j »; 134 doatWltt 244 do at «h 73 ; S 3 dost $2.60: *5 do at 82AS; It do (dlity) at teas: Ctovan-l bags mammotb. at f9AO: *5 bags at s3_/l; bdo at BS2S; 5 bushels at 57.75; Flax-S Baßbcl».at?3X)o; z(W oo at ' 2| S—Th t rc was a liberal demand for choice qualities, and for such the market rolid Crm. We Young Hyroc. superior to "re, fa. ® Young IlypfT l , extra to choice, V B m Imperial, superior to fine, V B }*«sl’S Imperial, extra ro choice. V I’SSI’SS Gonof.woer.suiwrior to fine V B J-jMI £0 Gnnpcwder. cxira to chnee, e 1 Jnian. natnra* leaL due to extra line, V flee to choice, V B UJn©UO Japan. nntu f al leaf, co;or»d. V 8............ i-T^L4O TA I. ■,UIV-The market is dull ana urlcciare no-n- Idml. Sale of twe; ty-flvr tlcrcrs clndcc Packc: a at luifc. TOIIArCO-Isquiet.butOrmatthe prices given: Lel-W. Tnetvock* atellsht We quote; FIXE CUT CHEWING. -..(q.liftl.St' I Mftiinio l.CO»ll3|Common BUOKLMO TOBACCO. Virginia’* F.vor- 1 Medium..... •?J?S C jle Common Stems ...19,333c Choice <s«3Cc| PLUG TODACCO. ' Lossl Citizen.... 75©8i.c J Medium Farmer’s Delight o©7sc , Common TIZ-'Z. Natural Lenf ..*UiytVso| Navies Da I Brlrnt 75*1.00 \ lrgln*a IC* * Bs-^%«c Cb"lfeb'karnnd WOOD—3 hfre Is little doing In ®-Si at though price* are well snauwed and tolerably Arm at r.ur quota-Ions; an nn Wopie. V cold, delivered "lAJamn Usole, V e-’fd. In q fn B-ech, V cord, £ *fS Beech. cow,ln yard Hickory, B cold Extra.. Choice. 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Chi cago, 111. - Take no m<*re Cupleasam and Unsafe Shottercd Constitutioni Keatered by nclmt>old*s Extract- Bucau. Beautiful Hair. n, lT aii ß >. LUe for the Hair p«mirely restores uray SSSSk^ .5 4.00 5,50 . 8.00 & 8.50 . 7.73 @ 8.00 . 15.00 023.00 27 « 23 50 O 33 25 « 25 4.0 8 4.T3 9 « life IS O 19 45 0 43 51 (% S 3 66 0 C 3 65 8 68 tt a 16 9.50 Q 10.45 20 & 21 33 0 10 A licady and uonclnalve Test sm ttiA nrrwrfiia ot Delmhold's Fluid txlract Oachu MuWSarisou wiuTUiuse set forth In the United States Dispensatory. The (Siory of (Ban I* Strength. Therefor?, tbe nervous and debilitated should imme diately use Belcbold’s -Extract Boean. Dr, Thomson* Pronnetor of the Medical and Snreical laatltute, 178 South CIHiU-st., has ti eatei a." tonw of 'uereali d»|* cve with nnprecsdeated Spematorrhcza and impotence fredodeflnt-a eat rrtuiu. particulars of the Institute)end tbeQni.e mailed free to any address. P- O. Box 72. Chicago, III] no u. - Enfeebled and Delicate Oen*t«u«om» Oi both sexes, use aelmhold*! Extract Bncho. It wu! ylVc ortsk ard energetic fceilnga and caaoie to a.eepweli. manhood and Toothful Vljjor Am warned hy Helmtwld'a KtUa Bocho. Dr. Bltjciow, a.<Hf.(rth« Mnfldenceof th<* oaDJc and the medical rSujß pJinau ij to« cltr fbr chronic nervous and sexual diseases, tall at •tli office, 17« O iinmis<DsuitA Conan UMon tree. isj; His cufde to health, published monthly, amt free to anj adatesa. ■ Uelmbold’s Fluid Extract Dacha la olcasant In Usto and odor, free from all injurious properties. and immediate m Its action. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM-. i-ASra I'lißotina I.INE, TO OAIiIPOHItfIA, CARRYING UNITED STATES Vlu Panama. Ilalirond. Steamers leave Pier No. 4*2 North Sfvef, foot of Ca nal-ft-aiiJo'clccknosn.aarollows: _ March I—RISING STAJt-Cant. W. O. Farber, con necting wUn GOLDEN CITY. Capt. Wat Kin.*. March 11—BENKY CILACNCEY. Capt. A. G. Gray. cotnectttKWlthMOXTANNCapt.buttcn. •* Match fI—OCEAN QTIEKV, Capt T. A ; Harris, con nert»Bß with Capt. Caverly. All departures tcoch at Acapulco; thoseot lh« first and flat connect at tagama with steamer* for sooth Pacific ports. Flr«t aad nth f r Central American ports, ana tbofe of first touch a* Manztolua. Departure of IHh each mouth c-mnecla with new steam line Irotn paaaroaro AustrallaacdNewZealand. Bieamer of March U, ISW. will connect* tih the ‘ Jm pant's steamer. COLOitA IK). to leave ban Francisco lor Yokrbam»andlloncKosC.on April %X36J. lOu ponuf s of t al.owcd each adult. Medicine* and attendance tree. . . , for passage tickets and a’-l lurtner Information apply at the cfflcooo the wharf, foot ol Canal-«u, North* er.Ncw York. F. E. B API. Agent. fjo YISITOHb TO THE WBOLSSAtS PEICKo. .fu.raais.oo . 14.5V313.50 lO.Otatll.'O s‘ta 5*6 6«(* 7*6 6 & 6*6 6KOSU C 3‘|® 9*e s*f« 6!<C •‘lauchter, Oaf* faloS .le * 403 43 Slauubter, Sole, CtiK’acOt'No. I. 40® 43 Slaughter, k oic, eiiicaao.Ko.t, si® s; I baenos Ayres... 3j ; j 40 1 Orinoco bo'c.... 373 Si Orinoco, «ood, (Lrinactd Sl® 33 iK. Frcrch Cslf, St as 2.103?-25 i Fr-.z,ch Call, 51 1 as 2J»32.H} I French Calf, Le* inolncs, ? I coz *00029X00 S*E!tf»» rtTOUti—There erln the tanei-r ■ tie market uin> steady, tod dealers are Qcexed quoiatloos: OBIUUTWICB. .soawc .U(sMc c,pcfial Notices. ®tcan Steamers. faxzib exhibition. parties Intending to vmt Europe this year, can hare staterooms eccute*i f- f the mist ns ol APtb, May,*iuiß and July, by malting timely appllcallnt-to the onaer slened. i lans of ire cau as or the KEOULA* MAIL STEAMSHIPS, Also of the masnlQcenf GltEsT KAbT i?hx. can be viewed. and berths chosen, at ray otDcs. Ihe advantages, la corafcrl and saf-ty, ol travelling by the BEUULAU LINES, acctirton ed to tee trade, la stescjel by acr wdcl c»cur«ionsteamer, are obvious. BOONDTItIt* TICKETS, either dim* to France, or teuh the option of st<.fn : tng In Englandor cn route, flnbciase, to Pari* and bac*, vnt> from $-W to lieu in currency, and are good lor 6 and « months, ana lotetr by special arrangement. Second cabin, to Fram e direct, only *l3O currency, round trip. Single at General European & American steamship Agency, 51 ncarwrn-sto OAb, nAPl^vlu QCEAN STEAMERS. GUAJfJO EXCURSION TO THE PARIS EXPOSITION. The new and first-class ocean-going Iron steamship 3,oCotons burthen, Btxpiikx WnmiAX, Commander, will cuke an excursion from New York to Havre and back, sailing from 16, North River, oa "Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o’clock M., taktre passengers for Part?, London and Bremen. B> tuning, wli) tall from Uavr- on Jane 5. givingoas seceers holding Excursion Tickets, about six weeks in *fbU C magDlflccat fatcamthlp Is dlvldcl Into water tight ecroparrments, ana has oecn newly furnished aid elrganiiy fitted up expressly for this voyage. TbeQava'.a will only carry first-class passeegers. An experftned Surgeon onboard, tsr A ftnl Baud cf JMHc will be htt-'hpd trt theshlo. Pricecf pas»»gc. In c-.rr00.5T. to ilu< .c anareturn, fdfi aid SOOO. according to sue ol aute-room. xo Havre cay. g!SO and f 173. For funhtr particulars andßassaee. apply to the Agents. MURRAY. FKRkIS A CO„ C'A Sauth-st-, New York. Cr to the Agent of Merchants’ Union Express Go., Chicago. . . AND NEW \’OKK STEAMSHIP LINE. Passage to London or Brc.*t,|no, fT3, and f3J, cur rCExcunlon ticket* at reduced rates, available for six mouths. Cells. Capt. ncadcll.lrcm New York, March 9th. Wm.Pern, •• Bllllnci, “ •* •* March 16 h. Aialanta, ** Pinki am, M •• ‘‘ MatchMtb. Bcllifiu, “ Dixon. “ •• u April 13th. The Hrltbb Iron Steamship Celia will leave Pier No. 3, North River. New Yonc, lor London, calling at Brest, on Saturday, March 9th. I nnl iurther notice, ah the Steamers of this Lice wul call at Brest to land p*»eage>a. TtMtet* sold through byrall to Pari#, at 33 percent less than regu- will be taken and through bins el lading given to Havre, Antwerp. Rotterdam, Amsterdam and U “c“'piss.n npply » CIIAS. A. WHITN'Er, 20 51 Drarbom-st., Chicago. Fox freight auply at 5-1 South-st. N.Y. “ UUWLA.ND & AfePiNWALL, Agent*. QTEAiISHJP GREAT EASTERN, CABKTINUIHB UNITED STATES MAILS. SirJaxziASDESsoK,CommsLdrf. The French ‘‘Company rl Charterers” of the QBE AT EASTERN, having provided tb**h!p with new Pollers, and thoroughly reutted and relhrclseed htr la every department, with soeclal relcrcacc to this service, wla run her reenlariy between New York and Brest, as fol l°W tKAVISQ SEW TOES. tSATEiO BUST. Tuesday Anri: 91 Saturday April 27 Thursday May 161 Tn-sdsy - Tl “« 4 Saturday JnneaJ I Thur»dsy Joly U Tuesday Ju y SWI Saturday..... Autf.M Ibuisday 8»p:. U) lu-»day jC-t. I Samroar OcUJ9 iTburs-Jay...,. Nov. 7 NtW YORK to LIVERPOOL, Tuesday. Nnv.2s, tak ing omythst class pASscnccrs. Passage rates la jrud. or tts toulvslett. sijp, fU3, sloo—according to loca tion atd *lt<* ol room. . Tli-grts lor the borne passage issued at a redaction of HOtopasseozex&mundne pt-vlousto August. PaseergeiscaubehirnUoed on board with railroad Mercs from Brest to Parts at the rr-Jured rate cl $10.50 forfir>t-cius&ndsLso iorsecond-class, belte*reduc tion ot 25 per cent on regular rates. Twenty coble leet of Baggage a lowed Uv each oaaftencet. U tiers ol credit issued tor Btgland aud the Conti nent. for passage apply la Chicago at the European ardAmeiican Steamship Agency, 31 Dsaroora-st., James TVat rack, A Bent, where plans c-f thy cabjus may bese*-r atdbcrtcs SfCnred; a'so, to Well?, Fargo « Co., St Broadway, N. Y., or to tne Am. and U. S. Ex press CcOs. it their varlou? agencies. Nith) %liil)licattoug. 'jyj'AbSACHUbETTS IN THE REBELLION. A RECORD OF THE Position of tfcu* Commonwealth* And the services of the LEADING STATESMEN. THE MILITARY, THE COLLEGES, AND THE PEOPLE, In the crvili WAR OF 1801-05. By P. C. 11 sad let, Jaclhor cl “Josephine,” etc. Thu Important publication has been prepared with the utmost care.and will be pronounced incomparably the moat valuable local contribution to the history ci the Rebellion yet published. Its interest to every son or daughter or M wsachnietts, or. Indeed, of N ew Eng* land, cannot be exaggerated. It centals* Eight Stecl-Plato Engravings, Including llk-nesses ot TUJRTV-TWO eminent civil* lans and military men, living and deceased, price. In cloth, $150; »hcep, (5.50; half calf, (7.00. PUBLISHED BY SUBSCRIPTION. Copies sent by mall, postage paid, on receipt of price. GEO. C. BAUD & AVEEY, Pnhlflhers. BOSTON, MASS, ra- Agents wanted everywhere. Address QEO. * C. W. SHERWOOD, 109 Madisoa-et, C&lcago, ■ Gertra Agents for the West. dFor Sale. jf>Oß SALE. AFOUNDET, MACHINE SHOP, A*il) FUSING AT WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS. Well supplied with suitable patterns and flasks. In* eluding tour tires - of stationary Engines. Barndoor Hangera, and Rail Pattens. Flasks, am shop-right of Leonard's patent Seamless Thunole hkclns. Good and suitable macblncrv lor flnDlung. . . „ The planing Mill has Matcher, Surfaccr and Re-saw* Inc machlce. and complete m.chlncry for saah, blind*, doors, Ac. Will be sold low tor prompt pav. Apply U* TIFFANY & LUCAS, at Waukegan. Stairs- p A I R B A K S S 1 fST ■*" STANDARD yIT*A , SCALES ./■■ '!» OF XIX SIZES. FAIRO ANKS, ORB Ell LEAF & gatf it 2‘JS LakfrSt, Chicago. " %aic 33ge. H ILL 1 * Hair DiE—so Cents—Black or Brown—laitantaoeons. natural, durable, Thebcstand muchs* assrydodarslre. mLLS A>.VT. ..or ALL HEAUNG ofcHNT, reliable tor . ■ ‘ntmeot PUiDi-s‘ , s. Depot C 6 Jonn-st, New T. -id by all druggists. tjatchklor’S hair dvjs. -Vo ia splendid Hair Dye is the best in the world, a-tr-im. rebabie, P.staataneoas; ths only Perfect Dvc. No dlsappctclaent. No ridiculous tints, but true la nature. Genuine sided WILLIAM A. WATCH ELou. sold cy Orngglsta and Perfumers. Factory. Hi n«rc'av-at,N&w Yore. (CtlS In elites. ■PROCLAMATION. , I Matob’s Offic*, Cmcaao.) X March 3d, IAU. f Notice ia hereby given tbat all uumuzzlod d -gs found running at largo wlthmtne city of Chicago, after MONDAY, March tin, UJ6T. will w AttiSl; A. H. Bodman. C.etk. Central pacific Halltoan fJHJS CENTRAL PACIFIC R. R. GO. Having Completed, Equipped anrf jmt in operation nearly One Hun dred Miles os' their Hoad, from Sacramento, California, to within 12 Mtlea of the summit of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, con tinue to offer for sale, throuyh'us, their first mortgage bonds, ImM m cmßraltJ with the Aco of Consreu hod tho aws oftho Suto ofCdUtonda, nsoa tho dlrtthm ot thdr road located la the State, of CAlfomia,aad ax tcndtairoae hundred and IHtT-tii mile. tro« Saora taeato city tothe Calllotala Stare line. He Bonos hare Thirty Telia to ran Iron Jd j 1 1565, and arc secured ty a first mortgage. Constituting an absolute prior lien on the portion of Bond abore. named, with all the Bights, Franchises, Equipments, &c., pertaining thereto. Tbe amount of these First Mortgage Bondi tu be issued per mile U limltjd by law to tbe amount of United States Bondi allowed and. Issued lo old tbe con struction of the Road, and the Mortgage by which th*y arc secured 1j DECLARED BV ACT OK fiON- TO CONSTITUTB A MEN PRIOR AND !*UPEKII»R TO THAT OF THE UNITED STATE* fJOTER-N.IIBN P- Interest at U.e rate of SIS Per Cent per Aflantn, pay able semi-annually, ou lbs First day* of January and July. Principal and Interest payable Id UNITED STATES GOLD COIH, In the city of New T ork. The priced the Bond* 1* flted ftp the pieaent iaVJK per cent, and accrued interest rrom Jatuary Ist In Cur rency, the Company reserving the rUht to advatce the price wljenever it U their Interest to do ao. The Boad tones the Western part ot the 3MAIKT TfIUM’S Of the Great National Pacific Railroad, Authorized, adopted ami aided by THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. It runs through the hem of tho riches*, and moit populous section ol the State of California, com.ectins the Extensive Mining Regions of Nevada,Utah and Idaho, With Sacramento and the Pacific Coast, iroro whence their supplies mist be drawn; and ths Saratoga otthe portion already running are very heavy, and largely la exccos of the Interest opoa the Company’s Bonds. Having been for some Urns fcmillar with the opera tions cf the Central Pacific Railroad Company, we are tails fled that they are conducted with rare ability and prudence, and that the energetic and economical' man agement of the Company's afialrs entities them to the confident* of capitalists aid of the public. Vfe have carefully investigated the progress, re-narco* 1 and prospects of the Rood, and have the fullest confidence in Its success, and In the valce.aad stability ct the , Company's securities. The aueatloa ol Trod tees of EsUtes,lastltuUc>B«.a3dlndindaaß desiring along, safe andrtmoneratlvatnvestment, Is especially invited to these first Mortgage Bonds. Orders may be fbrwarded to us direct, or through the principal Banks and Bankers In all parts ol the country. Remittances may be made In Drafts on New Tori, In Legal Tender Notes, National Bank Notes, or other fenas current In this city, and the Bonds will be for warded to any address by Express, tree ol charge. In quirles tor further panicniars, by mall or otherwise, will receive punctual attention. . FISK & HATCH, Bankers andDealersinGoTHSecuritics, so. 6 nassao-st. n. r. ! N. B.—All kinds of Government Securities received ’ at the fall market price in exchange for the ahovo ' Bonds. Also, 53TAH descriptions o! Government‘Sccorl tles kept constantly on hand, and Bought, Sold or Exchanged. C2TGolu Coin atd U.S. Coupons bought, sold aad collected. received on liberal terms, sub ject to check at sight, jy Collections made throughout the country. pyilfSceDancous Stocks and Bonds bought and sold at the Stock Exchange, on commission, for cash. Aiteniiooalvcnto the Exchange of SEVES-THIHT V N»»TES of all the -eric* for the New FiVE-T»VENTIf BONOS of I£>U3, on the most favorable terms. gjglftite ILeaß. WHITE LEAD And Oil Establishment In the 31issls* sippi Tailor* M 1837. gj |o taj 1851., % J&J XgEopiSggX CHARLES E. VICKERS, Secretary. THOMAS RICHE6ON, President. COLLIER CO.’S MANUFACTURES FOB SAL* BT FULLER, FINCH & FULLER, BURNHAMS ti VAN BCHAACK, J. H. RUED & CO„ And all Wholesale Druggists. proposals. ■pKOPOirAIiS TOR A BRIDGE AT Boabd of Ptbuc Woees, I Chicago, Marca 2, ISb,. f Sealed proposals will be rewired by the Board 01 Public Works. at their office, Nos. 13 and 17, Wells B.rteu naiu 11 a. m., Wednesday, Marcn MtD, fcr the removal ot the bridge now crossing toe sodto Bran on ol Chicago River at Lake street, and the reouclnir tne same with a new st'nctnie, lac news all work on tne centre pier, and the abutments and approaches, accord ing to pious and specificatiopf* on Pie at said office. Proposals mast pe addrcsswl to the Board of Punilc Works, endorsed “Proposal ipr La»s Street Sncee.” and be accompanied with the nsnai «30Q bond. With sureties, to be approved hr tse.Boara. The Hoard re«ervo the rlitit to reject any bid not It accoidnrce with the conditions ol this adv-irtuemein or to reject all bid*, and nc proposal'll ttnlsas the party o tiering It shall give evidence a-ul-fao , tcry to the Board that he has the nectssary srill, ex rcrlcicr, etergy and ability for dome »tn work. If trustworthy, and has sufficient fukd.^ietzT' O. j. ia*6E, _ _ 10t Board cl Public Wcrks. PKOPOc-ALb POU PAVING LA SAULE STREET FROM WASHINGTON STREET 10 MADUON STREET. „ Omn or tns Uoasd of Ptblio Wohss, { Chicago, Marcn 2, XSui. J Seeled Proposal* win te received by the Bj*m of Public Works, at their Office, Nes. 13 and 17 Weils street, nntll 11 a. m. Wednesday. March lath, for tee grading a«d Davis? LaSa li street, from Washington street to Madison street, according to plans and sped* flcatlons on flic at said office. _ , Proposals most be aldreascd to tne Board ol.Public Won s, endorsed “Proposal far Panne Stncu” and be accompanied with tne usual (Aw Dona, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. The Board reserve the right Old notu accornancewnn u»e conditions of or to reject all bids, and no proposal will bf kcroptefi unless tne party ottering It shall invec^ ll3 lory to the Board that he has the necessary skill, expe rience, energy and ability for dclag thels trust worthy, Md has sufficient pecuniary refoorces. f'beo. letz, o. J. ROSE. 20t Board ot Public Works. Proposals for a brick SCHOOL HOUSE. Omos of tbb Boxed of Pud ltd Wotncs, > Chicago, March l.lSb”. 5 Sealed Proposal# will be received by the Biardot public Works, at their Office, until 11 a.ra, Wednes day, March 20ib, to T the toLStructlon ot a brick School bid ding. accordloc'lo plans and speclflcations on die at the office of A- Saner. Architect. 47 LaSaL c street. The building will b*.- lonr Hones htch, and wIU tie located at cr n*ar the corterof Desplames and De- Pnyster streets, as the Board of Education snail deter* stone cutting, the masonry, the painting and glazing, or the carpentry, may be bid for separately, cr the proposal maybe made for the building com- B’etr, inc'uclDga'.l t hi v*rl ■oskteds of work. Proposals mus tbe addressed to th-e Board of Public Worse, endorsed •‘Proposal for Brick school BnUd lce. M and be accompanied with tno usual IJW bond, with sureties, to he approved by the Board. The Beard reserve the nebt to reject any bid not in accordance with the condition* of tn.s admtlaemrat. or to relect all bids, and no oropo*alwiU be accented unless the party otferlng It soall give evidence suds lactorr t° the Bosid that he nas me nectary skill, exptrtencc, energy ahd ahMtyfcr colng the work, U uwSoithV. anIU sufficient m-murgn FRED. LBr^* O. J. R‘»SB, 10t Board of Pnbhc Works. •isusiness Caras. QE&T, HATTSH & CO., Wtolesala Cosunisslon ISarshanU Wo* 50 MoGaa-«« DENVER. COLORADO. [BetweenF atdG-stsJ dissolution. DISsOLUTIOM. The copartnership heretofore Mining under the name o! 3. M bUKB & CO, I* this day dissolved by mutualI cement Tin* busings win be conducted by 3. M. BURR, dau«r the old Arm name ct b. M. Burr A befei^r.r«- February Ist. ISfff. n.». pULLISO. _ iEfcucatiflnat T AKTIT.T. PE3IALE Xj AUBUBNDiLE. . Coarifc IcnmllM from Hot tot. Four v*ars' Classed wope Fret eh. Music. PslnUnr. promlcenu Car ouj un» m a 1 Ene.lsn Branch-**, spring term P«?ms aii. -i .»*- Number limited to Fifty. cH VS- W-CDSIHSO. (General Notices. atition—The public are cautionei I I rJainsiVrect«atlnga t Ch 6 ck,ccitifl c donthe2lit of February last, on the Hanover National Bank. NevrYortt, tfnr vnartMilbttwtd loir Huolfrd »' d sU,U-Uw t.“Tiylor Alteed. which u »forget j. New YufK* March U, CC7. jHenteau rj'ILL THE HOUR OS' SICKNESS COMES, FEW CABS TO Read Anything ON TQS SUBJECT OF DISEASE. In th 9 year ISM, the writer of this article cmbtrted In tbe Deco Bcaisaw id the city cf phdadeloala, bnt for the last IS years most of hi* time has been occupied In Ibe ainaftcture o! the Solid and Dnld Ex tracts. The most prominent, and to which bedenrto to call tbe particular attention of toe Faculty sad the mbllc, are ibe Bxtjact Bncbn and tbe Extr-»ct Sarsa parilla, both of which are tozhly concentrated prepa tlocs of the ingredients entering into their composi tion. One bottle cf the Flnld Extract Bochuot 5 araa parUUU fully eqnal to streneto to one canon ol th* tyrnp or decoction* as osnsily made, and hundreds ct druggists throughout the country have adopted it to making their sjrnps cf this name, and one table-spcca- Col, added to a pint ol water, la tolly equal to th<* cele brated Llebon Diet Drink, so much oaed la former years to partly, mrlcA iht blood, and beautify toe la calling attention to my remedies, I wish It distinctly understood that they are not Fatal Medicines, mest of which are compourced by ptrson* too Ignorant to read a physician’s simplest presalp tloo, ranch leas competent to prepare pnanaaceutlcal preparations. These persona tdTtrfige. This 1 ass compelled to go tg brine my tame before the fmpto- In ccnyeraaUfm ... on Tarloo* occasions I bare beet as* ifiUbed at remarks similar totte (bllovlor, sad tbesc tide In man; caw* by vmons of no ordlcarr Infcltt eence—to wit: that tie medicine bnstaeaals the most profitable—all that U neecssary is to adrertl*®. Thoos oeds hare embarked with such ideas, and mimosa hare been expended la bringing them before the public. The restUt otsneb accumulated errwtuls. teat whet, troughs to the test, lacking merit, they hare oeen suort-Uved, Bov fev, of the many thousands embaritug. are coat* pdled to abandon the business in a Itv jean, entirety bonkrnptl Look hack tity years, and how lew hare heenanccestfnl 1 Ask the uuaoa ol their success, and yon will find my statement, in regard to merit, correct. The Science of Medicine. Uxe the Doric column, shonld stand tlmple, pure ana mnjettte, harlne/cct for Its ha-Is, induction Tor Its pillar, and tnUH alona for Its capital. I contend there is no business requiring thesa quail- Ccations more. The medicines are brought in contact with Druggists everywhere. lam also well aware that persons reason to this msnn-r—Uut which may benefit one may be ol no advantage to another, bow mistaken the Idea! A Diuretic for gac, a Diuretic for aIL A Narcotic for os a a Narcot c lor a>L A Purgative fbr ooa a Purgative for all. Just aa modi bo a* wholesom* food nr cue 19 whole some lood for all, with to more difference tlua that gome cooetltntlcsa require sore than others, ana that persona In disease are gives to despondency—expect ing In a lew days cr wees*, and perhaps with a Mast* hottle of medicine, to be restored to health, fnet « youth and hcanty. These persona rarely recover, lacking pallet ce, and tonslderlng a few dollars ex pended for the benefit ol their healtha waste of money. mei>c fame persons may hav**beea years mtoreasm* down their constitutions, and probably expended thou sands ot dollars in mesa and dissipation. and thiol nothing of It. Such frrget that GOOD HEALTH IS TRUE WEALTH. With upwards of SAOOO recommendatory letters and unsolicited certificate*. I have never resort-u to their pnbllcatlcn. Inlhlacasel sbaß, however, append • few remarks, trusting they may be appr-clatod. I an to the afflicted and aotferlrg humanity. Their Bumoie Servant, H. T. HELMDOLD, Manufacturer of Uslmbold’4 Genalse PreparaUoct [From the Philadelphia Ledger.] .PmMt.gtPnu.JalT 19- !WS. Onr esteemed friend and fellow-citizen, Mr. H.T Helmbold, inltrms ns that he contemplates removlnrtc the city ot New York, with a view ol enlarging his business. We have been acanatnled with him for up wards ol ten year*; have be*n pleased with hi* mteg- rity and lair dealing. Commencing to a small way, bis articles must possess aerlt to insure the success be bos met with, ana from our aeqaalntaecv wits turn cab confidently speak that we da notbHieve ho Is a mas who wonld wish to impose oa any on*, much less the a advertising medium we have never heard of the eccees of any medicine without merit. [From the Philadelphia Kv wring Bulletin ot June too. We are gratified to hear of the continued success Is New York of our townsman, Mr. H. T. lirlicboid, Drogcitt, Hl> store, text the Metropolitan Hotel, is 28 feet front, 330 leet deep, and five stones labrtzht It I® certainly a grand estabUihaicnt,aod speaks tarot* ably ol the merit ot his artclta. Be retains bis ofice and laboratory In this city, which axe also mode! tabllshments of their ocas. [From the largest Mannlacturtng Chita tats Is CM World.] lam acquainted with Mr. D.T. Hclmbold; he oecc* pies the drag store opposite toy residence. acd wassaa* cesstnl In conducting the business where oiners had not been equally so before him. I hare been favorably ImpreisedwUh his character and enterprise. wu. whioarMAN, Firm of Powees £ Wnotnaias,' Manulactnrinis Chem ists, Ninth and Brown-ats., Philadelphia. fßcmuks from Chemical Analysis.] After a cartful analyst* of Belabours Preparations, lh«y enjoy oar utmcst confidence. ITe consider Ifiem safe and reliable. NEVZER3 » TATES. Philadelphia, June 13th, IS6O. QELMBOLD’S ' Fluid Extract Buchu A positive and specific remedy for diseases ol tta Iliad* der. Kidneys, Gravel, Dropsy. The utmost coiffidtnca can be reposed In It* cnratlve powers laaiK'vedlssaset, also In restoring the exhaust, d sower* of nature which are accompanied tj to many a'armln? symptom* amenc which will be ffiond isdltposlllan to Exertion, Loss of Memory, Wakefulness, Horror o. Disease, or Icrebodmgsofevil; to fact, onivorsal Lassitude, Proa* nation, and inability to enter Into the enjoyments of society. Uno remedy is nsed in snch cases, Coasnmp* tten or insanity ensue*. Visit our ho*pitva, asvlnm* and prisons, and be convinced. The reader mas: vso be aware, however slight may be the attack It Is sate tn afflpptMa hodlly health, haoplness. and that ol hlx posterity. Hslcbold’s Exiract Bnctm wTJ give yott btisk and energetic feelings, enable yon to sleep well, and Is more strengthening than any of tie Freoar** Hons of Bark or Iron* KELEfIBOLD’S EXTRACT BUCSLU AND IMPROVED ROSS WASH, Cnru diseases arlslag from Mbits ot dlsilnatloo sad Imprudence*, allaying pain ami inflammation, and tor which these nnpleatant and darscrons remetlej are frequently used. It cures at Utce expeese, 11ttl<* or no chance in diet, no Inconvenience, and no expose* e. A n the above di=eases require the aid cf a DlanUc. BEOIBOILirS EXTRACT OF BIiCHU Is the Great Diuretic. HELKBOID’S ESTBMT SJUSJMSIUJ Cnrrs Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Sca d cr Sow U:4<J, Tet ter, Pimples on the face. Eryalpela«. and eruntlota of whatever nature on the cr skio, purging out tht tumors which make dheaae, tnnehlug me UlvwC, and BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. How to use th»se remedies «« as to goarart-'d a per ttcloore: In all dlscaies except tfo#e arising from habits ofdlsalraUon or imprudences, use the Extract Buehn. In these nse the Extract Bocnu and hose Wash- la liatnor* on the lace, or any and every part oi the body, ore Extract harsaparHla,a3rl?tugto Pim ples and External Humors or Eruption*. Improve* above diseases, Instead of restricted, avoiding nil tony and hlgn seasoned toed, and acidulous and Mimuialirg drinks. In recent cases, a cure a faceted Inauastcu- Ishlßßly short period, bur la cases ot :ocg aUmJlig It I* better to purchase a haifdax'-n atdnselkiuip fniiy according to explicit directions, in which case t am enabled to guarantee a perfect mrc. Direct letters to H£LMBOID'> Drug aadfhemca! Warehouse, 994 Broadway, New York, next Metro politan note!, or HELMBOU/s Medical Depot 11)4 Solfai Tfnth-st, Assembly Buildings, Philadelphia. Dcsetihe symptoms In Mi communlcatUas. gold by all Druggists Ercrjirhcre. BEWARE CF GOUHTERFEITS. a«u for no oin.r. rituus.Oiuo.