Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 14, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 14, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. THURSDAY, MARCH 14, ISC7. THE CITY. Pxubohal.—Jobe Raj, formerly ITesident TJn coln’a Private Secretary, and recemly United States Secretary of Legation at Paris, is stopping In meaty. ' Cttaifitnio tub BEStßvtims.—The supply of water was partially cot off from the dty for sev eral hours yesterday to a’low tho of the reservoirs- This ia rendered necessary every year by the amount of sediment deposited. “HurAKirr.”—The letter ot “ilnmanlly” on the subject of corporal punishment In schools, is inadmissible to onr columns, because the writer has sot forwarded brr came. We may, however, icionn her That ibe event tn which she alludes as baring been hushed np, did not occur. Rtornts ArjtxsixD.—Michael Clifford, Thomas Safferty, John Clark and Tbomss Thompson, were examined at the Police Coarc yesterday morning charged with riot at Williams’s saloon, situated at No. 431 Canal street, one night last week. They wete committed for trial in bail ol S2CO each. 800 Lxcnrsxs.—'The following interesting query was propounded yesterday. We leave U for onr readers to answer. If a man has taken out all ctcsc to keep a dog,the said license being issued bribe county authorities, has the Mayor a right to order the shooting of the aforesaid dog, am can the owner recover damages in case bis canine property be shot or poisoned pursuant to munici pal order! Not Issaxe.—The rumor circulating through the public press to the ePi-ct that Fitzhugh Lud low is an inmate of an Keane asylum, is without lonndation. A renrltmHn cf this city has re ceived a letter from him, dated at New York, within the week, in which there is not the re motest ot insanity. Colonel Ludlow left this dty about ten .days since in excellent health. A Norm Bar.—Tho loungers in the Court House yesterday afternoon were surprised to see a “solitary horseman” with his “ teaming steed” enter the building by the north door, and ascend the stairs, up two fligb's and then the spiral way till be bad readied the lop of the dome, after which be retreated In good order by the same route. The journey was a perilous one. but was penormed safely and atmu loud plaudits. It was stated that the same of the rider t r Hamilton, and tha’ he is under engagement to appear shortly at liobinson’e Circus. Tnrrn:A?:cE LrcTUEE t'o-Nionr.—'Hon. S. D. Hastings, It. W. G. C. T. oi tho Order of Good Templars, will speak at eight o’clock this evening !n aid of Elmore Lodge, No. CM. at their hall in tbe Seventh Presbyterian Cbnrcb, comer of Hal ■trd and Harrison streets. Subject: “Wine—The Bible Doctrine on the subject, and the popular ideas on the subject ol Temperance in wine-pro ducing countries.” Mr. Hastings was for many Jeara Fecietary of (be State ol Wisconsin, and as held other important offices, being known as a man of marked ability. The lecture will uc doubUdly be both interesting and profitable. Tbe Battle or GEtTrsnunc.—Our readers will sot forget the lecture in '.be Clark Street Methodist Episcopal Cnnrcb, this evening, by Rev. J. R. Warner, on the decisive three dars* battle of Get tysburg, of which tbe speaker was an eye-witness trom me atlir of his bouse. The lecture has been delivered frequently m some of the principal dues. President Lincoln and many m-mbers of Corgre*? having be-.n among tbe audience. The Boston Trartllir rays; “Be describe* with great force and graphicbeauty, the gra'd and sublime, but terrific scenes of rhe battle,” aud tnc Philadelphia Inquirer describes it as “tbe great lecture cuter*, lammcnt of tbe season.” Laecixzes from a Railcoad Gomtast.—John Stack, Tbomns Stack. John O'Dowd, Thomas Hickey and John McCaitby, were further exam- Ilcq at tbe Police Court yesterday morning, upon tbe charge of stealing tea, flour, hides and other articles trom tbe Northwestern Railroad Company during the past three or four mor.tbs. A more nn happy mao than any in ibe box was a witness named Jas. Welsb. a tradesman at no. 57 West In diana erect. whose tesumony vo-ld bare been of a very damaging chsrar ter, it is presumed, to uue or two of the prisoners, it be could have given it withont comnniUtig himself. John Stack. O'Dowd and McCarthy were discharged; the other two were held lor trial tu boil of SSOO each. St. George's Soccett.—A social gathering of members of this Association, with representa tives from the Caledonian, SU Andrews, and olocr similar organizations, wa* held last evening at tbe haft ot the Sr. GeorgcV. No. 225 Clark st-eel— prompted by tbo speedy removal to St. Louis of ilr. Wm. Holdewonh, one ot tbe oldest members of tbit Society. After a pleasant c nvcrrc, enliv ened with tongs, ale. and the smoking of Ion; white pipes, tbe Presides of the Socle y in a net' speech, presented to Mr. Hold-iwo.tfa, in behalf i< the members of the St George'? Associa'ion, a elegant gold wa’ch and chain, tbe firs: ever sol by the National Watch Company ot Elgin, an valued at some S2OO. Mr. Uoidawortb replie with thanks, saying that he believed the reeling which prompted tbe gift to be as pure as tbe gold of which it was made. After lurther social enjoy ment the assembly dispersed. Strange Disappearance.—A gentleman named John Ward, of Peoria, Illinois, accompanied by his family, arrived m lid* dry about four o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, stopping at the Masaasoit Bouse. Mr. Ward left tbe Louse about half-past five o'clock, saying to his friends that be would go tollic Rock I«l*ud aepot to procure a vali«e. Since bis departure trom tbe hotel no trace of him has hoes ascertained, though some unknown per son took the valise trom the depot. The missing man hadzn his possession a check on the First National Bank ot Bataua. New York, for SI,OOO, amrurez wme same Dana -u« eo»-u, states currency to tbe amount of f a silver watch with a gold chain, and a targe gold ring. As Mr. Word was a man ot very regular and temperate hciiits and fastidious regarding bU associations, it is greatly feared that be ha? be n made the vic tim oi cut-throats who have assaulted and robbed him. LtUßmxEN’s Association —A meeting of this Association was held at their rooms on Sooth Water street, at the foot of Market, yesterday afternoon, Anemna Carter, Esq., being (be pre siding officer, and George C. Morton, Esq., Secre tary. lire fallowing officers were elected for the en suing year: President—George C. Morion. Vice President—Jesse -paulding. Secretary—Wm. S. Sou’hworth. Treasurer—A. G. Vansitalrk Business Committee—James Farr, Jr., S. A. Insb. J. «l. Borland. The committee were authorized to nse their discretion In regard to teasing for the coming yiar the property now us d fir a -umber market. It was voted that if any xnemoer offer a sub scription to the Association fond not in propor tion to the atnonnt of business done by him, the a mmiltee shall have power to reject his ofl'er and assess such an amoLnt as they think proper. The Serrelary wan Instructed to call in three fourths of the subscription fund at the time of subscription, and to nay it over to the Treasurer. Flic meeting then adjourned. Woodeh-Wabx WANCFACTcnEns.—The filth nnnnat meeting of the Western Wooden-ware Marn:actnrers’ Association, which represents all .the firms in this bn-icess la tbe States of Penn sylvania, Ohio, Michigan. Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Missouri. 1- in session in (his city. 'ibe meeting yc-Urday oiganized and elected officei s for the cnsntng year, as follows: President—A. S. Curtis. Marietta, Ohio. Vice President—Milton Fro-t, Detrolt,Mlchlgan. Secretary—J. G. Graham. Cleveland. Ohio. Treasurer—Cnarles Everts, St. Louis, Missouri. Some business of minor importance was trans acted and the meeting adjourned until to-day, when a scale of prices will be fixed. The folowing are the names of delegates present: A.b. Curtis. Marietta, 01-Io; B. P. Putnam, Marietta, Ohio; E. D. Smith. Menasha, Wls.: Henry Mann. Milwaukee, Wts.; George S. Wirt, Alton, ill. :D. C. Dimmocl. Moline, Hi.; J. U. Graham, Cleveland, Ohio; Charles Evert-, sc. Louie : Milton Frost. Detroit; D. U. Wilde", Corry, Pcx»r.; J. S. Wit rax. Toledo, Ohio; B. H, Kidder. Toledo, Ohio: John Poole. Cleveland, Ohio; William Aldtich. Chicago; J. M. Whit man, Chicago ; D. C. Monroe, Chicago; 27. A. Mowry, Chicago. Tee Turned.—Charlotte Diehl was brought before Justice MilUkcu yesterday after noon, having been arrested at the instance oi her husbano, Charles Diehl a dear maker at No 3)9 Clark street. Ihe husband complained that bis wife slapped him In the face, and afterwards threatened to put the bicad knilc through his heart. He bad brought Ibcir little hoy, a lad of e'eves years, to testify to tbe eamc tacts. The child cried violently, sod seemed to stand in fear of his father, who was caused to tike a “back seat,’’ while in slowly delivered scn f ences the boy eobbtd out the following facts: On Tuesday evening, be said, his lather told him to Induce bis mother to gel tne knife and try to “ stick” him (Ihe father) with it, and then he would “ fetch his mother to some had place.” Mrs. Dfehl stated that her husband came home et h very late hour on Tuesday night, aod was exceedingly abusive because she had suffered tbe fire to ro out and bad no supper for him. He calico her vile name-, and repeated them the next morning, and she flapped his Face once and took bold of the knife, hut said nothing. Her husband said it was et-ougb, end be would now get her into Bride well. He bad abased, her factors, ard whipped the child considerably. His manner in Court was quite corroborative of her statement. Tne wife was discharged, and the angry husband was re quired to give bonds of £2OO to keep the peace. Pumic Works—Awards.—Scaled proposals for building a new bridge over the South Branch at 1 ske street; also for paving, curbing aud grading 1a Salle street, between Washington aud Madison streets, were opened yesterday by Ihe Board of Public Work?. Tbe awards were given to Messrs. Foxand Howard, ofChicagr, tor removing tbe old 1 Akc street bridge and replacing it with a new one complct*. arflio Me«riw D. L DeGnlyer and R. M. McClelland, of Chicago, for gracing, paring nod curbing LaSalle i-troei. The following is a list oi the proposal? made for bulldinglbc Lalestrcctbridg*: A. G- Seals, of Chicago, $14,193: J. I*. Guerman, of Chicago, SIC,U2r»; •'anduA Utuck lev, ol Chicago, Si 1.739; 1 homes Maikeu. of Chicago. Smgi'/J; Chapin «fc Wells, of Chicago, fIG,SJU; Fox & Uo\va.d, of Chicago, $11,430. For grading, paving with the block pavement, and curbing LaSalle street, between ibe i*oath line of W nehingmn street, and the north line of Mad eon street: James Mclanrcy, icms twenty-five cents per ccbic yard fo« gracing: $2 1C per square yard for paving; cuib wails at ibcratcof sl3 per cord. Total charge, f I- Kobert Smart and L. McKicbcu: term? $2.14 per ccrarc yard for pavement. James 11. Lake and Brbert WcClcl‘and. Total charge for work, $3,174. D L. Golycr and li. M. McClelland, terms, $1.93 per eqnare yard tor paring; sili per cord, consist ing o? 100 cubic teet, for euro walls. aOonncn.TTEAi.SociiTr.— llie regular month ly tnee-ibgollhi# Society was held yesterday afternoon in Ito office of the Fratile Farmer* cor ner of Wells and Lake eireeJfi. .air. Edgar San ders, Vice I’resident, in the chair. Th'igExecuUvo CommiUce reported through Sir. R. A. Meets, fcecretaiy. that they recommended the boldine of n Fair on the ICih, 17;b, I3ih, and 19th days ol April next. The followingpersons were elected members; Slefisrs. David A. Cushman, James M. llarvey. W. J. Elienwood, carl Mulder, John llaeae, and A. C. Wood- Sir. F. Sulzer then read an essay on the cultiva tiun and propagation ot ihe rose. On motion, the thanks ol the Society were tea deied to Sir. Sulzcr, and the essay was ordered to beplactdon file. . . The subject was then opened to the meeting, when several of the members exptesaed tneir news concerning the culture of the rose. ThemeeUnc then look und -r coiir-merafton the report of the Executive committee, and alter some discussion it was voted to hold a Floral Fair, commencing on the fifteenth day of May. On motion, the Executive Comm lice were in struct* d to procure room? tor the hold their meetings and lalie In curing the coming season. On motion, the thanks of »he Society were voxd to the proprietors undvditoii-of the Prairie Par> tutr for ihe use of their looms The subject cho on lor the out mceli-J" was “Mildew on tbe Hose. 1 ’ Mr. It. Kutuxe was ap pointed to read the regular oemy at the next mctllog. On motion, adjourned rnul tbe evening of the second Wednesday ol Apjil. FENIAN BROTHERHOOD. State Conyention—Second Day’s Session—The Desolations. Sympathy with the English Reformers —The British People Not Responsi ble for the Oppression of Ire land, Excepting those who Actively Aid It. The Evening Gathering—Address by President Roberta—Sympathy for Ireland and Blowe for Cana* da—Flag Presentation* The following is the official report of the second day’s proceedings of tho Convention of delegates from the several Circles In the State of Illinois, now In session In tho Fenian Ball, comer of State andßandolph streets: The Convention met yesterday, at 9 o’clock a. m., persoant to adjournment. Fifteen additional delegates reported and were admitted into the Convention. The forenoon was spent in hearing reports of committees, and discussing the reports by sec tions ’the » omm'ttee on President's Message reported to the Convention the necessity of tee Illinois Fenians asse-slng themselves at once to meet the requirements of the limes in one hun dred thousand dollars, and the Convention, after a mil and cool discussion, passed the resolution unanimously. The report of the Committee of Ways and Means was then read and adopted; one of its chief leatures being the recommendation of a United Monster Fair of the entire organization, with solicitation to the Irish at home to take bare m the same. The proceeds of their contrilmtiots to go to the lamiUcs of prisoners, and ike proceeds of the American Brotherhood to ihelnrtiicrance of ibe unitary preparations. The Committee on Resolutions and Addresses reported. The address, which is rather lengthy and coveting a variety of subjects, will ho pub lished in a lew days. Prominentia Ibis address will be the expression of a desire for co-opctatlon with the Reformers in England, that is if they mean Republicanism. That the English people arc not beid responsible for the misery and sutler ines of the Irish people—a distinction being made between the English people and the Gov ernment. That should lhc> push things to ex tremes the Fenian Brotherhood would lend them all the ain in its power to tnrow off the meseut detested yoke ot servitude, and (he cs'ablishing ol a Government for the people in England The Irish people hold the English responsible for the vrones Inflicted only so tar as the English pconic willingly assisted the Government in depriving ibe liisn of their national rights. Ibe following arc the resolutions: Wuebea®, Wm. B. Roberts, President of the Fenian Brotherhood in America, in answer to a despatch from J. J.’ Geary, and Centres of the iilsu Revolutionary Brolheihood from Ireland, lirgiand amt Scotland now in America, bar sent the follou leg reply: TncMOkT House, Chicago. March IS. To J. J. Geary, Apobo Rooms, 7ti Prince street. New York: . Your de-patch received. Do I understand yon tbit the representatives of the I. R. B. from Ire land, England and Scotland, now m America, agree to unite with ns tor the purpose ol giving aia to the men said to he m revolution io Ireland i If so, as President of the Fenian Brotherhood, ana speaking on behalf ot the organization, while hoteling ourselves irresponsible for the re sults of what 1 fear is a premature movement, nevertheless,we will render a! the aid in our pow er to our brothers, m the field. Our objective point is Ireland. We labor lor Ireland, aud fill strike for Ireland. W. R, Rosters. I’res’fF. B. Am* Whereas, The rcntlments expressed in President Roberts’ roplv to the above representa tive*,’of tie i H.B. agree in all respects with tnefeel it gs ot tbe enure Fenian Brotherhood, whose sole atm bos ever been tbe liberation of their country, by the most practical route, asd with ade-jus'-e mefl.e. never promising what ibey could not per foizn. ncr exciting men into revolution wilhnn* having some reasonable hopes lor success, but laboring with steady z».al to organize and unite the lilsb people a’ home and aoroad, and when reedy to strike, altose’her: nevertheless. If our brothers in Ireland arc in.thc field; be it Ureolttds Tbatwe, the delegates from the vari ous circles rf tbe Fenian Brotherhood of the " ate of Illinois, in Conventiou assembled, do heartily indorse President Roberta* reply to tbo 1. K. B. Centres, and pledge ourselves and our Cir cles throughout the Stale, to lend him hearty and immedia e aid In bis co-operation with the man now in the Hein tn Ireland: and. UnznEAS, Our people have be»n'distracted in ibeii intentions and discouraged in tbclr exertions in promoting the cause of Irish National Indepen dence by individuals without honesty or anility, wro represent our people m-liber at home or abroad, ard who have precipitated our brothers in Ireland into premature and unprepared revolt by promis-a which they knew the? were powerless tolulfil, and which were impossible to realize; Hetcltfd , That the presence ofthose Individuals before the Irishmen of America has bad a ten dency detrimental to tbe cause of our country, and their nmmdiaie withdrawal from public agi tation will enable oar great organization to render more aid to our friends in tbe field, as then the people will not be ’retted by the useless agitation of persons without organization or means at their disposal; and. Whereas, J he Fenian Brotherhood throughout ■be length and bread'b of ibis Continent will give immediate aid. as tar as lies in their power, to our brothers in the field, m Ireland; therefore, be 11 Jletolud. That we call on all Irishmen and all lovers ot freedom throughout the country to con tribute their means to Circles of tbe Fctlan Diotbcrbood alone, and thus feel assured that their contributions will be legitimately used for the purposes tor which they will subscribe, and we hereby call on all who have heretofore held aloof from onr organization to fall into line witb ns at once, isolated or individual efforts to aid onr country amounting to nothing. the action taken by the President of the Fenian Brotherhood to support the men now in tbe field in Ireland, and the bearur co-operation ol the Convention, leave no room for factions on this fciuc of the water, as all who desire to render im mediate aid can do so in a systematic and practi cal manner, by assisting and working with the Ftnian Brotherhood alone. in answer to Colonel Roberts* reply, J. J. Geary (late Centre of the City of Cork), speaking in the names of all the J. R. B. men now in New York, sends the following: New York. March 18,1567. William R. Roberts, President F. B.: All r«|\rMaTitativ«a nf the I. R. It. far Troland come oust once. J.J.Ueaht. FBESIPEKT EGBERTS' REPLT. Chicago, March 1), ISC7. J. 3. Gary, New York: Will be m New York on Tuesday. Gctlhe I. R. B. together and annonoce your resolves. Cal! opus the people to send their contributions to the organization. Unity sow. among the people, is icdlspetsable if we would give efii-ctive aid to the men m Ireland. Tee Convention of the Illinois Fenians has spoken to-day. Wjl R. Roberts, Pres. F. B. This gives the final clinch to the unity of the Irish people once more, and the Convention ad journed sine die at five in the afternoon, feeling that the great work of onion, under the banner of the Fenian Brotherhood, bad been eff-ctcd during its session, and determined to push the work to its fii;a) completion. To-night there will be a pub’lc meeting on Slate street, at Union Ball, for the pnroose of organiz in'; a company to complete the Fourteenth Regi ment of Chicago. On to-morrow night (Fndav) a public meeting will be held at Turner Hall, North Clark street, and at which Hr. Roberts will spi-a*. Uc then leaves for Buflaio, co take partiu the cele bration of SI. Patrick's Bay in that citv. On Fri day nicht Colonel Cosgrove has ordered out the Fenian Regiment to meet at o'clock at the Fenian Hail, proceed to the ’Fremont House and thence escort I’reeidcnt Roberts to Tnrn-T Hall. Ihe public are invited to the meeting, and of course there will be an immense crowd. EVENING MEETING. The old Board of Trade Hall was the scene, last night, of a very pleasant and enthusiastic gather ing among the reman Brotherhood of ILts city. !he occasion was the presentation to the Liberty Circle of an elegant flag wrought by the ladles of Chicago, and to add more interest to the proceed ings of the evening, the President of the Brother nood. Colonel Roberts, was present and mate a sni-ech. A large number of the daughters ot Erin were in the hari to participate in the ceremony of the prceenta’ion, and to Join in a dance which was given at the close. Colonel Robert- was escorted from the Tremout House about ten o'clock, by which time the tall was well filled. Tne soldiers marched into the place and were stationed in front of the platform and around the etdei of the ball, and as the President, accompanied by Mrs. Della Burkbaidt, who took a prominent oar: in getting np the flag, ascended the platform, the auotence rose to their feet and cheered heartily. W. P. O'Rjan called Ibe meeting to order, and Mr. A. L. Morrison was called to the chair. On being introduced to tbo meeting, be said, before proceeding to the regular business of the even ing be desired, in the name of the Fenian Brother hood ot Chicago, to express their grateful admira tion for the pattiolism of the ladywbobad been Ac means of bringing them together. In the darkest hours they bad seen the had ever done ail In her power to promote fheir interests, and it was owing to her exertions that this appropriate gift had been gotten np. He then introduced to the audience Mrs. Borkhardt, who was greeted with cheers. Miss Henrietta Borkhardt, a young lady who was giacefuily attired io gieco, with white muslin snirt. then delivered a poetic address in present ing the colors, daring the tccitsl oi which she was frequently interrupted with enthusiastic applause. 1 be Chairman men took the flig and presented it to the soldiers. He said it was not intended that this flag should be used merely for holiday display around tbo streets ot Chicago. It bud been tbe fashion in days gone by to present colors to military companies for the purpose of making a show on St. Patrick’s Day or the Fourth of July. But now sterner times had come, and tbo Sag would be more honored when it came back to them rid dled and tom by the shot and shell of the enemy, and when the boys again crossed the borders no hoped they would see lo D that many would be ready to fall before any Saxon hand should be allowed to pollute it. The uiganizatlon bad taken root here, and Dorn Ibis, the well-spring of liberty, the stream of liberty would go lorth to fertilize tbe Captain O'Connor replied in behalf of tbe sol diers. Be thanked the lady who bad done so much for them, and tbe other pa’riotic ladies who had aolibcraliy assisted, and be Trusted they would never have cause to regret their work. Hsac cepled the fiag in bcnall of the comoany. and hoped they would soon be able to place it in the position in which it should hare been a century ago. They were ali determined to support ana maintain the cause they bad undertaken. Before Grd and ' their country they bad sworn to hefet It and never let the hand ot the tyrant soil its sacred fringe. They received the gilt with feelings of the kindest grat itude and brotherly fading, and if ever they re turned that flag would bring back bright recol lections of this happy occasion. After tbe singing of a patriotic song by two little boys, Robert Em met and Alexander F. Morrison, the Chairman introduced to the audience Colonel Roberts, who spoke as follows: Colonel W. B. Boberts. President of the Irish LepuMic, then stepped forward. Be was received «im much applause. When tbc dapping of hands and the rattling of muskets upon ibe door had subsided, the Colonel spoke as follows : Ladies and Gektixvek: I was silting think- ire, when 1 heard somebody calling out for Kob crtK that it would be a perfect blessing If the day tor talking had passed. Because,! mink mvseli, though speaking may be well m its way, it is not -o good at blows. 1 think there is a greater locic in blow? than in the greatest of words. I think mas in Hie presence to-night of the bovs in preen, considering that they are standing in the shadow of this mighty Kingdom oi Canada, os 1 suppose, that is coming, and that it is a fact plain tome that Urey nrc not In the least (tightened at the prospect or this power which is threatened on ihe borders of thin Ueuublic. saiistbo with having crubbcd out the”)lbcrtle3 of Europe ; the is not satisfied that she had ground the Irish race beneath her heel for * the is not satisfied that the Continent of Ireland should be almost a desert, end that ibe brave hearts and kind natures of the Irish race are im prisoned by thousands in the poor houses and that her jails are groaning with snfienng and brave and patriotic men; hut she wauls to transport her cursed power o*uo this Continent, that in the end it may overshadow this lair lard of liberty planted by tbe lathers of this Kcpnblic. But on that question tbe Insbm.nof America have a word to say, and that word will not be raid until a blow ha- been given that shall proveto England and to rhe world that though she hunted the Irish race from their native soil, that she bad put them in a position where they can more ethereally strike at and bomule her. [Great applause.J 1 was more man pleased to-night at the beauti ful address made by lire young lady who?e patriot- Ifni, with Har'd Ler mother and (mods, prompted bet to give expression in so beautiful a manner in Ihe presentation ol this flag. I do not know that 1 could add anything to the remarks tha’ tbe gentleman who prc*ertcd it or tbe soldier mat re ceived it made, bnt there was one thing said which 1 frost wit) sink deep into the hearts ol the soldiers here to-night, that is. tha Hinder to ciicums'sr.ccs of danger they wUI let mat flag he tainted l>y a single act of cowardice. [Applause r bv. cat to-night oat when that flag is raise- on tbe field of battle, you would die ten thousand deaths rather than sutler disgrace. B>veardtat the man that v> on Id so disgrace his face; that would so disgrace LL> laud as o turn bit back upon tha*. emblem of his counirr,that you yourselves will be the first to suike blm to the earth u an exam ple io all who may dare to ttUow his. That flag ha* gone down on many a a balile-field. For ceotnrtes It haa triampheo on msr.yhaitle-fieldP. hat never has It been stained by a single act of cowardice or dishonor, f An planse.l To yon, soldiers of the Irish Republic, remember, to »on Is committed the holy trash It Is not alone that you should raise your drooping and enslaved land to a career of freedom, bat that you make that flag Immortal byyonr occoa In tlis generation. I trust you are wot thy re pre serlativcs cf the men whofought and died for it on their native soil [applause]; of those who followed the Eagles of France, and reared erect thin flag at Fontenot, and carried It over tte ruins of iho English anny. [Great applause.] It is to-day, for ausht we know, nn fai led orce more on the green hills of oar native land. Looking back at hat country and ber con dition, and loving her as we do; feeling for her struggles and hating her tyrant, who Is there in this brave land with a spirit of STtnpatby for freedom and for tho down trodden Irrsh r*ce but raises bia hands to Heaven and prays God that the men who wish to se* the i ation tree will succeed and strike the oppressor low. [Applauie.l ' To us, roy !■ lends,, It mMres voir little difiercnce wheie tnat Sag is raised In behalf of Irish freedom —to ns It makes but little dlnerecce where the soldier elands for Irish freedom, hat whcrc ever be be there we are with him with heart and sonl and sympathy to the last man and the last dollar; there we will send him aid It God gives us life to do it and the people furnish ns (be means to accomplish jt. We are going, 1 tell you, to help the men in Ireland, If they are fighting, but. In doing so wc are not going to give up our purpose here on the borders of a threatened Kingdom, hat wo mean to stay here until wo are ready to cross. tVe also mean to strike at England Sn Ireland. From Ireland to America, England will find Irish hearts striking ber until she goes down in dis grace and odium. [Applause.] As this was not intended, to-night, to be a meeting for ipeaking, and a« there arc numerous leans enxfons to enjoy the pleasure* of the dance, and indeed as lam rather tired. I should ninth nave prclerrcd that yon had nor called me out, for lam tired of speaking, but sometimes it Is necessary, and I have accorded to your wish. X nave great faith In the saying of Napoleon that Heaven is on the side of tho heaviest battalions. Believing that, I trust we shall give them a little of Ileaven and a good deal of atdileiy. [Great applause and laughter.] The next bust! css tn order was wh :t Mr. Mor rison called ibe serious business of the evening, namely, dancing, and to Ibis the sons and daugh ters ot Erin vigorously addressed themselves for the remainder of the night. A banquet was given in one cflhc rooms adjoining the ball, at which several patiiotlc and other toasts were drank. The festivities were prolonged to an early hour this morning. SUICIDE. A Poor Woman Poisons ITergolf—Des titution, Despair and Death* Yesterday afternoon a woman named Georgians Royland committed suicide by taking poison at -her boarding house. No. 192 State street. Tho maiden name of the deceased was French, and she was a native of Ireland. Two years ago she came to tbU country, and settled down as a ser vant ol Hr. Bigelow. residing near St. Joseph, Michigan. There she became acquainted with Ro.yJand, and about five weeks ago the newly married couple came to Coicaga and took boarding at Mr. t. Maloonoy’fl on the southwest corner of Klnz'.e uiid North Dearborn streets. Here the honey moon was passed, hut when the cash began to fail Mr. Royiand started for Galesburg, Mlcb., where he expected to procure some money yet due him on the Government pay rolls. Two weeks ago lost Ftiday be baoe bis b'lcte farewell, and left whh a promise that on the following \Vtdnetday she should receive funds sufficient to pay their debts, and to support her until be should return. Wednesday came, but no news, or money. Time wore railing until last Saturday, when she procured work in tnc kitchen of Mr. Goodwilllc, residing on the comer of Wabash avenue and Twenty fi>st street. On Monday she was paid for her services and left, being unable to d > ibe woik re quired. With this money she undoubtedly pur chased the poison, and then that she might have a n ! acc to die, procured board on State street. Yesterday morning about ten o’clock sbe too* the draught, ami died at four o’clock in thsafiernoon. It teems that after tbe departure of Mr. Roy laid bla wtie grew* despondent, and suspected her husband of desertion. She ve»ted expressions ot this nature to ncr associates in tbe boarding borne, and at times said she did not care to live. Information was songhi from ail quarters. With no money, no friends, and no “where to lay her bean,” the sought cUatb ratoer than life. Wnen the keeper of tn** boardinghouse discovered that th«- had taken poison, medical aid was procured, bet Ibe woman with clenched teeth refused to take the remedies off-red, Haying that she wished to die. The quantity of arsenic was great, and dur ing tbe day she was deathly sick. Every effort po-.-ILIe was made to restore her, but withont effect. Mr:. Rcyland was a woman weltjepokcn of by ber acquaintances. She bad no relations in Amer ica. Her mo’her died when she was eight years of age. Her lather was soon afterwards drowned, and ber only brother is now a British soldier in Jcoia. ibe authorities of the city have taken posses sion ot tbe corpse and an Inquest will be held this morning at tbe Armory. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Judgments and sew Suits—Tlic Baron Von Claim Divorce Cose Again, Business in the several Courts progresses wi’h sufficient rapidity to warrant litigants, wno have placed their causes upon the several trial calen dars, to expect a speedy submission. Tbe Jury in the exited states couni has sot yet been empanelled for tbe March term. The following new suits have been commenced: A. A. Buckner and al. vs. Cornelius Lane and al; tbe eamc vs. James E. McPherson ; fhesame v*. F. Engel and al.; tbe same ve. Jonas Watson, and the same vs. Lumau Wakeman. All of the actions are* in ejectment. Jofclah Bacon and U. G. Goodyear each filed bills against Dr. Emanuel Houniger, and against W. W. AUport. ciucurr cocnr. Tbe following orders were entered by Judge tVillama: b J * Singer Manufacturing Company vs. James Ham ilton. Appeal dismissed. John Mitchell vs. William Saladm. Assumpsit. Finding for plaintiff $1,192.50, and appeal. Lewis and Mary O’Neil vs. John O'Neil cl sis. BUI referred to a Master. Charles Comstock ct ala. vs. John Fnssey ct al. Bill for injunction dismissed. The new salts were a s follows: E V. isbam rs. Alexander Kingley Appeal by d< readout from a Judgment of lluislnglon, J. P. W. W. Washburn vs. John Keating. Appeal by defendant from a Judgment by Enzcnbockcr, J. P.. ior the possession of 218 South Wells street. Union National Bank of Coicago vs. Alice B. Sroltbl Assumpsit oit a note for £207.41 at one days date. SUPERIOR COUBT. The business of the common law branch of this Court was as follows : Philip Metz vs James Pctcrkln. Assumpsit; judgment for £4OO, entered January 15th. New trim denied. Jldward J. Gray vs. James Disney, Attach ment : judgment on default for £l2l. Robert li. Parks \e. Ellas B. Stiles and Joseph McPherson. Assumpsit: on trial. dan e.- M. Bill yr. william G. Lewis. Assump sit ; dismissed. Osro A. Craue vs. George C. Nlxou. Assump sit ; finding for plolutid, £l3l. Cnatlcs c\ Hudson et al. vs. Thomas Rock and others. Ejectment; damages $5U<«. The business before Judge Jameson was as fol lows : Hathilde Von Glabn vs. Bildcbrandt A. Von Glabn. A petition for on attachment on the de fendant on an affidavit of bis icueal to pay over the alimony awarded against him, was denied. The denial was on the ground that the order (or rbe payment of the money having, by Counsel, perhaps, inadvertently been made a part of the decree, and the decree, as a whole, having been appealed from, ibe order for alimony must abide the orderof the Supreme Court on the appeal. Clorisea A. Buibatts vs. Charles H .Kurbans ct al. £lil forpcunon. Da Scott, Master, appointed to make sale. Micha-1 Qnirlan vs. the guardian of heirs of Henry W. chamberlain, Decree of sale. Henry Dodson vs. Adclt, administrator of estate of Charie? N. Mackubm, deceased, and others. Decree. i he following new suits were commenced: Joon J. Palmer aud Ambrose Plamondou vs. Ellis Msrplc. Debt, 55,000; damage*. £ Jod Lull vs. J. W. Hobb- and C. P. Mixer. De fei dent’s appeal from a judgment of £70.50 aud cosit, by slits, J.P. Frederick Gade vs. Bands' Ale and Brewing Company. Appeal l»v defendant from judgment by Moore, J. P.. lor £lO and costs. Brayton & Youug vs. G. W. Gee & Co. Debt, £2l LOU; damages, £IOO. Wake Unbbbeil ct als. vs. William G. Wing aud Charles Stebblns. Assumpsit; damages, £7BO. COUNTY COUBT. The business of the Comry Court was yester day confined to the beating of claims. The fol lowing were allowed: Judgments were rendered against the following estates: JoLiiF. Crash, £402.50; class four. Lewis Gastfield, £1,063 ; class four. George Herman, £10.40. Elijah W. Herrick, £250; class four. James W. Flnncrty, £50.10; doss four. Thomas C. Hamilton, £47; class four. UECOUDER'S COURT. The criminal business of the day was as fol lows ; A. I*. Langdon, larceny; plea of guilty. Sen tence ten days In the County Jail. barah Green, larceny. Pica of guilty. Mary Jane FUbourno, larceny. Verdict of not gnilry. Duncan Goodelickc, larceny. Verdict not guilty. Edward Halsey, larceny. Verdict guilty. John Haverty and John Flemming, larceny. Pit a of guilty for both. Caroline Gcb), larceny. Jury unable to agree. George Johnson, larceny. Verdict of guilty. an affair of honor. A Duel In Embryo—Not a Fight, We rarely hear now-a-daya of “affairs of hon or.” Ihe days of chivalry arc gone, and as Tom Hood says, “None engage at tourneys now hut those that go to law.*' There be man fights and dog fights, stabbing affrays and alt sorts of dis honorable brawls, but a] good old-fashioned duel is one oi the things which belong to the days gone by. The following doughty challenge, which wo print rerbaiitn ti il-Uterailm, seemed to promise some good spoit of the ancient hind: Chicago March 11 Cbas D Evers Yon have grosly Insulied me by sending me a valentine and letter witch wai sup posed to come Irom me. I did not send it. Iheroiore i challenge you to fight me 4 weeks from today any where out of the City knives and Jistols not to be used. If yon ate a man yon will keep this a secret you may bring your Friends as many os you like 1 wilt bring nunc 1 am your mao, Edward Stsozirmakk. Bnt the party thus challenged was not “game,” and Instead ol going forth bravely to meet his lalelikeatnat’, he encloses tbs paper, with the following request: To the Editor of the Tribune: you will pleas pubbltsh tills letter In yonr paper for 1 do not ihlnK mysclt low enough as to go to gnch dirty work for tbc time is to pood ana tbo n an to low. J CnaalD tvEiu.^j \\ e arc tempted to exclaim with Morentto. - calm, dishonorable, vile submission 1” Bat Mr. Evers is a philosopher, and to bim time Is too pit cions; he is high-born,and declines to fight with one who is beneath him in the social scale. Perhaps the exclusion of knives and pistols dis gusted him with the arrangement, and ho antici pated fre-m bis adversary some base oealing, which would have reflected no credit himself. We would suggest that Mr. Evers communicate on tto subject with the Chicago Four weeks being given to prepare lor the fight, the public mi"ht he treated to a few columns descrip the of the encounter, which could he arranged on tiic ‘’s-and*” about the hour when night forsakes his ebon throne and morning gilds the East. Child Ktuiso.—lnfanticide seems to nave be come alarmingly frtqncut in ibis city, and as in each instance, Uio amhor ofthe crime has rarely been discovered, tbe escapes from punishment brve tended to increase the evil. About four o’clock on Tuesday afternoon. In formation was left at the nub-police station un Tv ciily-scconrt street, that the body of an infant was lytosr in the vault ol aa oot-bnUdlng connect cu with tbe Bapast church, at the corner of Thir tieth street and Indiana avenue. The place was soon after visited by officer Cald veil, wto tonnd iu the loathsome place the corpse o* a newly boro male intanf. A portion of tbe face was much blood stained and scratched, and tne head bad so-tained some bruise?, all tending tu show that violence ban had a share in producing Iss death. The remains were yesterday takcuin chat ce by the Coroner who will bold an inquest upon them to day at the dead home. In addition lo the tacts given, some others are worthy ol men- tlcn, though at present they only involve the matter in adll greater mvstery. About a w«ek ago. it Is stated, the sexton of the church above named, lost the key to the edifice, ard was obliged to procure another. At the Hoe ol officer Caldwell’s visit to the spot, in company wl'h the ftxton, he entered the chuich, and they were n< t a LtUu surprised to find that some per sons unknown had removed two long-seat cop ious to ite north end of t* c building near the or gan ; the eros ol the cushions were resUugagalna: the wall, t bolts end altar furniture bud been fihlfuo about, which oa the previousdayhad been ]• ft In ibe usual good order. There circuut n nccs poitted plainly to the tactlbal some unau ■honzed persons bad rued the sacred place tor theii own purposes, whatever they xztiznibe, and It Ib hoped that the inquestmay throw some addi tional light upon the mttier. GREAT inFfiOrsaißNT lN pianos. The Square Grand of Knahc Sc Co.— The Combination Plate, and Foil Agraffe. It Is notoften thatwe have a sensation In the world of musical instruments. Great Improve ments have been made within the present century, but they have been nearly of the credos! order—al most imperceptible. Now, bowever,we have a sen sation; a revolution in the art of piano building is promised. Knabe & Co., the well-known veteran piano forte makers of Baltimore, have, under date of August If, 16CC, secured letters patent up on an exc eulngly valuable Improvement, the only one Mr. Knabe has ever patented, though daring his thirty-five years of experience as a piano man u'aciurer bo has originated many now m exten sive use, ana hiebly prized. This patent covers the new square grand piano, a Dumber of which have Just been received by Ju lius Bauer & Co., the well-known dealers in in struments. Opera House Block. They are well worthy ot inspection by every one possessed of a musical taste having either eye or ear fur the beautiful. They are furnished with tho new com bination plate, the treble string, and racial agntfe bridge arrangement through the entire scale. Oi the latter feature we need not say more than that this Is the only piano having the much valued agtafle to every suing in Its frame. Thepccular excellence of ibe patent combination plate wilt bo understood when wc say that tho bridge, over which the strings pare, forms a por tion of the metal frame, giving a far higher degree ofeonoiousncgß than is possible with the usual arrangement of a colored wooden pad laid on the mew plate. The tones of the piano are almost miraculous. They must be heard to be appreciated. They arc the very perfcclon ot purity, resonant power, and bell-Ilke vibration, while the action Is equal to the very best. The quality of the Instrument was fully tesud yesterday by Mr. Siaab, arouud whom gathered many, alike charmed with the tones and execution. Jhosc who wish to (cat the quality of these gems are advised to call in at the establishment ot Messrs. Bauer & Co. without delay, as the instru ments will undoubtedly be soon disposed of and I'is impossible to say when others will arrive io fiU their places. The demand for them at the manufactory has been so great hitherto that Messrs. * Bauer & Co. have been till now nimble to procure a Western consignment, and may not for some time be able to piocnre another. As the general Western agents ol the Knabe pianos ibis firm is generally able to secnreufull supply, butin the case of the square grand, the demand at the factmy la so great that ut few have been able to teach distant cHes. We do not wordcr at the preference, as the instrument combiner all the qualities ol the grind. Its depth, fulness ana power, while it occupies bat (be space of the ordinary parlor t-lano. Ancau.nKN rs. Opera House.—Lotta appeared last evening for the last time Id her doable Impersonation of “Lillie Nell” and the “Marchloorsa. 11 To-night tbe popular drama of “ Uncle Tom’s Cabin” will be pioduccd, Lotta taking the part of“ Topsy,” La I’eiitc Cornelia “Eva,” and Mr. George L. Aiken “George Harris.” Era has bad few better representatives iban little Cornelia, who will add coneid* rably to the strength of the cast. Museum—“ The Frozen Deep” is sill! on the boards and Is drawing good houses. Unlit bo icpeated to ntebt. iloViCKEn’s Theatre—Vcslvall Is still enact ing the part of Angelo in Be) Demonic, to rood homes. Sic has evidently made the port her own, and gives it to the Hie. It is a very pleasant ex ception to tbe nsnal run of male cnaractcrs rep resented by women, in that it is a true portrai ture, without catering to evil passions or pruri ent tastes. She is ably supported- Cmcvs—A lather slender attendance at tbe Cir cus last evening, due to tbe cold weatocr. The tiding was, however, as good, and tbe jokes as piquant as il a full bouse bad greeted tbe efforts. This week is the last of James Kobinron’s won derful riding In Chicago- The Death of the Dooa.—Health Officoc Bridges reports that during the eight days in which the Mayor’s proclamation of death to un muzzled dogs has been In force, his assistants have carried off tbo bodies of 1,210 victims who devoured the fatal bait, and bo thinks that proba bly five or six hundred carcasses are now lying about Ibe city. Wagons ate kept constantly in mo’ion, during the day, passing over all the streets, and when the; have received a fmliload *f dogs, are driven to the offal depot of Wahl & Bros., near Twenty-second street, where tbo con tents are placed upon cars and carried to their station near Calumet. For tbe iniormallon of the public, it may be stated that a wsgi n load containssometlmea as many as one unedred and eight dogs. It should no; be sup posed that a’l this dog-meat is thrown “to the doge.” On the contrar> it Is manufactured by machinery Into (uot sausages but) soap-fat; and so the poo? canine returns into <mr houses in an other ana a more useful state than when he was In the bod;. It is hoped that the good worit of extinction will go on until the number of tbo slam reaches at least 2.0C0, Tbe recent crusade agaiust the dogs has pro duced quite an Improvement in several respects, one of tbe most noticeable being tn tbe compara tive Immnmty with which one can now traverse the streets after nightfall. Reporters have ample opportunity to notice the change. Formerly tbe newspaper man.aftcr staying in the office till a late hour, would walk home, his every footfall along the sidewalk wakening op a perfect chorus ofoog discord, and he would not nnfrequeutl; be fol lowed for two or three clocks by a pack of curs barking at bis heels. Now one can walk the streets in peace, except when called upon to dodge a gaiotcr. A Coat Thiep Ann ester.—When E. M. Barclay returned to bis boarding bouse, at No. lU2 Stale BtrcutfOn Tuesday nigbi, and found that a flue dress coal worth SSO was mis- leg from bla room, his suspicions tell upon Robert Wilson, a room-mate; and while Robert was slumbering Barclay exam ined his pocket-book, not to find the coa’, but a pawn ticket. In this be was successful, lie made a note of ihc lutorraation conveyed on tbo card, and carefully replaced it in the wallet of Wilson and returned them to bis pocket Yesterday De tective blmpsou fad little difficulty In finding Ibe coat at a pawn shop on Clark street, the proprie tor of which fully identified Wllsoj at the Police Com t yesterday afremooc, as the person to whom he advanced $7 on the coat. Wilson was com mitted lor trial tn bill of SSUO. Knocked Down ms Sister-—Edwird Preston is not living in the most harmonious manner with bis brothers and sisters, and therefore when a newly married sister went to call at his house but Wednesday to receive congntnlation-, her broth er hinted the slate ul hi- mind by knocking her down. In anticipation of “the law” Edward thought It would be cheaper to complain of him self, and d'd so Delore a Justice or the Peace, and wa- gleeful over the fact that he bad e-capcd with a flic of only £3. Ills sister procured a warrant for his appearance ut the Police Court, yesterday afternoon, wh«re Edward was found guilty to the valueot £8 and coris. Bad Husbands.—Thomas Degman, residing on Fulton strict, was fined £25 at the Police Court, yesterday morning for kicking hi- wife out of doors at d abusing bis little girl. Barney Bicker was also fined for most outrage ous abuse of his wi r e, whoa* cries of “marucr” at'rscted the attention oi a policeman. Discharged.—Michael Dooly and Henry Keat ing, charged with arson, wece discharged at the Police Court yesterday afternoon, there not being sufficient evidence to warrant their being held for trial. Two Women.—At the Police Court, yesterday morning, Fanny McEwen was fined £25 and Emma Cunningham £SO for drunkenness and disorderly condi.ct on Ihe street. Emma is an old offender, and has betn in the Bridewell more than fifty times. Stealing Candy.—William S. Beany was cangfat on Tuesday night in tbe aci of carrying o(F aboxofcondyfromhls employer’s store, at No. C 3 Dearborn street. At tbe Police Court, yester day was for trial to ball of|2iJo. LOCAL MATTERS. Bronchial Troche*, when allowed io dissolve in the month, have a direct in llucnce to Ibe affected parts: the soothing effect to the mucous lining of tuc wiudpipi allays pulmo nary uritarion and gives relict in Coughs, colds, and the various Throat Affections to which public speakers and others arc liable. Sadden Change* of Weather arc pro ductive of throat diseases, coughs, colds, &c. There Is no more effectual relief in these diseases to be found, than in the timely nse of Brown's Bronchial Troches. They possess >eal merit, and have proved their efficacy by a test of many years, having received testimonials from eminent men who have used them. Tbe Franklin llrlcic vine bine, Justly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great strength, non Immense compressing power, is otiAnANrzzD, with eight men and two horses, to .self-temper tne clay, and make 3,DUU to S,tOO elegant bricks per hour. J. 11. Renick, proprlctoi, No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room 28. “ Formodenta” Tooth Panto prcserrcn the teeth, preventing decay, musing them white and beanUful. II is free from all injurious sub stances. Ills need and recommended by the heat dentists. Manufactured solely by Cab well, Mack & Co., New York. Sold by all drnggiste. The Noiseless l<ocb>Stltcli Sewing Machines, for family and manufacturing purposes—Western office, 97 Washington street, Chicago. J. 11. Lxnow, Agent. An Extraordinary Funeral, [From the Baltimore Sun, March 5.] In accordance with the wishes of the late Prof. John n. Alex under, who died on Sat urday last, at Lis residence, No. 272 West Lexington street, his funeral took place in a somewhat novel manner, at 0 o’clock last evening, the body being removed from his residence, carried by six persons, followed by bis relatives and friends on foot, to St. Luke’s Protestant Episcopal Church, on Carey and Lexington streets, where the proper religious ceremonies were read by Rev. Dr. Pinckney, an old friend and class mate of the deceased. The body then re mained in the church until midnight, shortly alter which hour, in strict compliance with the cxbrcsscd desire of the deceased in his last will. It was borne to St. Paul’s Ceme tery, on the corner of Fremont and German streets, where,after the reading of the burial services, the remains were consigned to the tomb. As the clock struck one this morn ing. in the midst or a pelting hailstorm, the cotDn, elegantly draped in black cloth, with handsome silver mountings, was lowered in the vault In the presence of a large number of his male friends, who accompanied the body to the grave. The scene at the burial was of an exceeding solemn character, the intense darkness, the late hour, the lurid torches, illuminating tbc faces of the attend* uuts, the solemn ritual for the dead, all add mg to the itnprcsrivc effect. married. Though Not married. The Hartford Post relates a novel matri monial Incident which occurred in that city a lew evenings since. A Hartford clergy man was absent from home over night. A New York clergyman, who was visiting him, remained In the family until bis return. That evening, ayouog man, accompanied by a girl who hung tenderly upon his coat sleeve, ap plied at the house and modestly staled that he and bis fair partner would be very much gratified to be yoked for life, and he wanted to see Mr. . The visiting clergyonn in formed him that Mr. was absent, “hut,” said he, “I can perforin the ceremony just as well.'’ The young man looked at the young woman, and she looked at him, then they both looked at tbe minister, ami there was a brief silence, which was broken by the young man, who said, “Well, you’ll do sir; come along Maria,” and the panics entered the parlor to proceed to bu-lucss. The knot was duly tied, and a ccrtllicalo made out, and newly wedded pair left to enjoy the theirbonejmoon. The next day the absent clergymen returned, when his New York brother toldhlm what be had done and band* t d oyer the marriage fee. He at once rea per ded that the whole ceremony was illegal, and the couple who had been joined were the victims of a mistake, as the laws of Con necticut do not permit clergymen from abroad to perlorm the marriage ceremony. All that could be done under tbe circum stances was to ascertain the whereabouts oi the deceived couple and notify them to ap pear and i»e made man and wife 'over again. When tbe letter reaches them they will doubtless expetlecce a queer sensation. To Dairymen, Persons Interested in aiding tbe develop ment of tbe dairy interest can become mem bers of the Dairymen’s Association of ITioola and Wisconsin by addressing the President, Mr. William G. King, at Rockford, Illinois, and enclosing two dollars membership fee. when they will be enrolled in the list oi members in tbe book of proceedings, about to be published, and in duo time will receive the number of copies allotted to each mem ber for distribution. MARKETS BT TELEBRAPH. New York Financial Nows. -[Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Nxw Tost. March 13. The stock market opened strong, and Brie (com mon) was firmly held at 59Jf, with considerable reali zing. After tbe regular call tbe market was lower acd Inactive, and matters locked demoralized. Bat after tbe one o’clock call tbe market took a sharp torn upward, continuing strong, and with but little pressure of stock. Tbo “bears,’’ however, were not satisfied to allow It to remain so long, and at tbe 3£o board prices advanced 1 per coat. At the 5 o’clock board there was asltchtdecllLe in Erie (common), the bal anced the lU*. remaining unchanged. Gold opened strong this morning on account of a rumor that pre vailed that there was a. ’•leak" in the Treasury De partment ; tbls report, however, was not credited for any lencth of time. Tbe stock market Is in a per plexed state, and all depends upon the working of Erie (common) stock. Tbe money market fs easy at yesterday’s rates. Erie (common), Michigan Southern, Bock Island, and plttcburgb. Fort Wayne & ChtCigo being the strongest and favorite stocks, with heavy short Interest. [Associated Press Report j Nxw York, March 13. KO.VET. Money steady at C®7 lor call. FOCKSGK XXCnANOI. Sterling firm at ica.k®nw lu gold lor first-class bills. GOLD. Gold firmer, opening at uwjf, advancing to iciv. and closing at 13>N oovzstmxxrs. Oovemmcntstocka a shade better. IATKB. Nxw Yobs, March 13. GOLD. Thegotd market ts firmer to-day, acd more active. Cash gold Is In better supply and lending fiat. EAJLWATB. The railroad market opened firm In the long room, and Eno was the favorite, selling up to 60. At the open board Erie declined to 53, but tne balance was t*nerally steady. At tne block Exchange. Erie con tiLurd weak, tut f e market was otherwise strong, eepci isliy on Michigan Southern, wnuh rose 1072 v. Alter session Erie advanced to 59X, fell to ZSX, but railed to 58if. Thereat of the market was genera ly him. The market was generally firmer at the alter* coon board. Wm. Heath & Co. report the following: .the following: U AT C.-00 r. M. CLOMXO PBICI American gcld.tSl*Bl9l*; O.&M.cert.... 39*® w* Canton 48*(4 49 Cumberland... 32 a.... Qulctsilver.... 35*® .... Marlpo»a 22*w 23* Western Union 41\'(4 42 N'.T.C 101*3103* hrle.... 58*0 59 Hudson 137 (4138 I Reading 101*3102 M.C lU7*W .... M. 73*® 71* 11. Central U4\@m* Httaburgb 61 *{4 61* Toledo 117*® .... K I. & Pacific.. 95*® 96 N. W S7V® .... N. W. pl’d 63*0 63* Ft. Wayne 95 ® 96* <XSST9. □OVEH.S Governments firm this mo mard. and closed quiet but: Rul'd, ’Si 103 0160* I Coupons, ’5i....109 «lU9* I C0up0n5,’64....101*(4107* i Cououm,*Cs....]ti7*olC7* 1 January and I July 106*3106* orpiufr, with moderate de- 110-10 reglsl’d... 9?*® 91 v 113-40 coupons.. 97*® .... { Aupaal7-W8....U«*«1D5* June 103UM1QW July 7-aij ius*3i<u* XOXET. The demand for money is moderately active, hat the supply Is ebandant and the market easy. FOUXIOS EXCUANOE. Sterling exchange Him. but very quiet. HORDES STATE DOSDS. Among the Border state (locks Missouri 6s tell to 95*. closing at 96*. The Issues of other Dora«r States arc dull ana luavy. KtSCBLLANEOra. Coat shares were firm but quia. STSAJtsnU* BQABES. Pacific Mall Unto to LIS*, but closed at 121. At- Intlc S3*. mxno fniAKTs. The mining market waa lower tn-day on Quartz Rill and Gregory. Corydon firm sad sold at 645&61;. Alme da firm and In demand at 690. Colombia sold at 1603 233, and closed firm Tlae Produce markets, MILWAUKEE. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} - Milwaukee, March 13. Flout—Firm and 10c higher. Sales of 5(0 brU at $12.62* 'or XX winter; |IC.3Oi3U.CO for do spring and SIO.OO fur extra. Wheal—Active and 7(4Sc higher. Morning Board- Sale: 12.5C0 centals. Noon Board—l3,ooo cental* at sl.9* forNo.lmstore: $3.5933.60f0r No. 2 in store; $3.63 buyer’s option all week and seller’s option April; $3.61 for teller’s option next week; $3.60 for seller’s op tion this week; $3.2633.28 for No. 3 In store; $3 30 sell ersopilonnextweek; $2.9132.92 for rejected In store and $2.96 for do In April. Oats—Steady. Saln4,OOOcent3lsatslA6farNo.l In store; SIAO by sample, delivered, and No. 2ln store. Corn-Firm, hales 1,(00 centals In store at SI.2S, Rye—Firm. Sales 1.200 centals No. 1 at $1.73. Barley—Steady. Sales 300 centals, delivered, at $2.50. Frovlalons-Qalet and steady. Mess pork $31.(0. Receipts—l,ooo brls flour, BAOO centals wheat, SCO do oats, 1,000 do conuSCO do rye, 500 do barley, 50 dressed bogs. Shipments—SCO brls floor, 1.300 centals wheat. 10U Uerccs pork. NEW YORK. Nrw Tout, March 13. Cotton—More active and tinner, Sales of 5,000 bales at >oc lor middling uplands. Fleur—Market U325c b*tter and more doing. Bales ol 14,500 barrel* at SBCSOIO.Ou tor mperuno Slate and Western; 5U.1Qr411.15 for extra Western: 11.25313.(0 for choice do; $10.64311 75 tor shipping brand* extra round hoop Ohio, apd $11.80(412.65 for trade brands— market closing WhiMtey—QulW Wheat—Rcm-lpUk 42.241 bu. Market 505 c better, with salc«ofs6,ao4n at $2.29*®22n* for Nu. 511:- waukee: $2.17* for .No, 1 Chicago: s3.23fjr white Canada, and $1.90 for damaged ,prlug. Kjc— lia2c better and uctlve. Bales ot 33.003 bu Western at $1.3531.27, the latter for small pa:ccl*. Barley—Firm. Sale* of 36.103 t»n at 93« lor Canada W«t In t-ond, and *1,2131.22 for do free. Barley Malt—Dull. Coro—Receipts. 5,090 bu: market ac.lvc. excited and 3«4e better, calcs of 216X00 ba at sl.ri< for mix ed Western instore, $1.13®1.15 afloat, and $1.12 for new Western yellow oa the wharf. Oat?—Receipts,2A94bu. Market 132 e better. Sales 77.000 ba at c?is 65c Lt Western, and 7Ju lor Stats. Hops—Quiet. Coal-DcmcsUc doll and unchanged; lore'gu U scarce and firm. Wool—Finn and In fair demand. Sates of hfl.ooOß* at ißft'Oc furdomotlc fleece; Me for polled, and 25® aSc for Texas. Leather—Hemlock sole in fair request at previous price*. Cojfeo—Dnll. Sales of2oobags Rinat !BVc. bogar—Quiet and firm. Solis of 450 hbda Cuba at 10,H 011 c. Molasses—Dnll. 4&®55c lor Cuba Mascovals. Petrclenm—Dull. 16c for crude, and 25031 c lor re* fined in bend. Pork—lrregular and lower. Sales ot 3.1C0 brls at f<2.1.'02'A56 for new m«*s—closing at $22.50 cieh; *21.5( Kir old n.ei( ; 81T.C0013.u0 for prime, and f 19.75 M2OJO for prime mesa*. also 2AOO brls new mess at 82IAr0V2.b«, seller and buyer March and April Rc-t-S'cady. Sales of 400 brls at previous prices. Becfllauis— Scarce and firm, bales of 173 brls at 837.0C040U. Tierce Beef-Sales of2M Herccs at 831.C0033.M for prime mcea, and $3.1.50036.01 for India mess. Bacon-Quiet. sales cf 330 boxes atlOHcfor Cum berland. and 11 He for short ribbed. Cut Meats—Firm, bates SIS pkgs at 509010 c lor shoulders: tSAinvc for hams. Lard-Flnm bales 101 brls at 12012VC for o d and iSVfcUHi: lor new. butter-null an'* hcavr at 17033 c for Ohio. Clucse— Quiet at 14020 c. New Tons. March 15—5 p. m. Floor—Fairly active and firm lor all kinds, with as acvacce of 5c on medium grades. Wheat—l(%7c belter on spring, with a fklr Inquiry Ibr No. 2 spring at 8L3002.33. . Ryo—Advaccmc. with buyers of Western at |1.73 and sellers at 81.VC0L27. Corn—fcuiady Mr mixed Westers, wllhsellcr* at 81.13 In (store and f i.ispifioat. Oa’s— Upward tendency. Old Western 63065 c; new Ohio Gt^Tbc. Pork—Market oulct, with idlers of now mesa a. BJ—lO cash ana f77.CS regular, buyers at $22 50 cash, and $<2.25 regular. Beef—Quiet and steady. Cm Meats—Firm. Bacon—Mm. Cumberland middles nominal at 12c. Laid—Quiet at 12\ - ol3cfor lair to prime. CINCINNATI. LTscDWan, March 13. Floor—Unchanged and doll; trade brands f 11.53® 13. U; fancy SI4.'X*tIC.CO. Wneat—Dull but not lower. No. 1 spting 13.50: wlntcif2S7. Coru-Btcady at GcforNo. tin elevator and 73c0.«c In sacks. ill B.tlfl, Oats—Qnlet at 52c for No. Its elevator. Rye— lt higher, closing at $1.30. i arley—Unchanged, Cotton—Held firm at76c for middling but nothing of cont-equence done. . . . Mess Pork—higher; a good demand at 831.50 lor city, sno at close holders asked 822.00. hulk Meats—Firmer: sales of 360.000 as at 7VO7HC for shoulders loose; bKe for packed, 9V®9;*c;ior tides loose, aid I’c for clear side. Bacon—Firmer. Shoulders 9tfc; sides lOjfc; clear r b do. live; and clear 13VC. . Latd-HHdat 12J4012HC for country and city with buyers at Kc less. Giocerles—sugar dull at 110I1VC lor Cuba and For to hlco; 35027 c tor coffee and9o®&c for New Orlcani* molasses. Sorghum Sota-tSc ana In good demand. Batter and steady. old. and for new. Tlmo- Uiy—dull at 8X8003.10. Flax—B2^o( An active demand for hay at 813 00®20.b0 per ton. The money market is unchanged. Exchange dull at car baying. „ Geld closed at 133H0103V baying, and 131,’f sell ing. BALTIMORE. Balttmobe, March 13. Wheat—Offering very light. Choice red erm ut BJAO. Crm-Sa.cs ot white at 81.0301.w6, yellow at 93c@ Oats—63o6sc, . . _ Flour— High grades firm and unchanged. Low grades not in request. . .. Dacca—shoula«Tß,llc; tides, 12Hc; bams. 1501 ( c; bulk sides, iKiUJ^c; sbouldcrß,9Hc; lard, l2Hc- Wtdakcy— Unchanged. BUFFALO. Buffalo, March 13. Flour—Quiet, but firm. No. 1 soring, $11.50. Whtat—ln lair demand and Ann. Choice white Canada, ; red «mter do at $2.59; white do at Fair demand ard firm. Sales 10,000 ha old mixed We*urn on pnrate terms; 10 car loads now ToledoatSTcontho'-tateLinotracK. „ _ . Oat:—Bull and holders asking 53c lor No. 2 western la store.,, Sfw Stsa Sales at retail, S2LSC. Lard—Quiet at 12 Vc llicnwint s—Sales of 10 barrels at $2.38. b^ids—Arc In »cod demand and Arm; timct.iy, JG.l'ifiS.'ft: medium c.ovtr. s3.*iS&J.tO; pj» Tine

clover, $13.00. ST. LOUIS. ST. Lour*, Mar-:h 13. Ti baccc—Tclcrab’y active at unchanged prices. Cotton—Nominal. iWc lor middling fi. ur—Low cranes nerlectcd; Limner grades, dourl.. and treble exlias ab<:ut»c nlsner. Wheat— Languid. Chulce spring, $->.96 per cental, ctolce foil. $L5V5.5.00. C. rn—Firm at »l.«*t.Co. ProvLu}n^Firm. Bpeculßllve f«Bn;. Pork—saaAO&M.W. Lome bulk meat held at <3fcfof ehovldcrr: 9Xc ior rib slde»; 100 for bams. L«d^lmer. DS Cliolce kettle bald at 11*®Ke In tierces. LOUISVILLE. „ LoitidVl lt.u, March 13. Tl'eh water prevents ba*lncssotcrations. Tobacco—Active lor btcbtrßrades. Hales, line leal shoulder*. 9H®93C C 5 clcar Lard—Firm atl2.»c;^c. MEMPHIS. USUFQts, March 13. Cotton—Quiet. atsl®23c. C m—Firm, at sl.o«j>l^3. Uay-r23.OCKiJU.OO. Oat‘—7S@Boc. —.a u SSS^iCSmSS* 'wia.. =«o>J=; rr.^-1 iwillcs shouldcta. lOS-llc*. sugar cured hains,l9®l&t canvassed do, 17®20c; lard, iu&®lls. Now YorH Grocery Jlarlcci. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] New Yobe, March 13. Coffee—Quiet. 1U022526c. Sugar—Htavy. Fair to prime grocery 10,V@U«c. New York Breadstuff* llarket. [bpcclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toce, March 13. Fleur-Good Northwestern hrandt shared largely m the advance, but low grades were roast active. Wheat—Closed bouyant. No. 2 club s3.ns®*.lo. Com and Oati—Closed dull at the advance. The speculations in breadstuff*. Including corn. It based on the probable demand far tae South. New York Live Stock market. [Special Dcspitch to the Chicago Tribune.] NewTobk. Mtrch 13. DecfCaUle—^ln good demand and Ann at the late ad taace. Hscclpu. 1,700, wlthfalrfluppllei la prospect lor tie balance of the week Fatr t> prime Western steers. 15917 c; inferior to extra, tt&nxe. gheep—Firmandjcarcsatß#39,Kc, Receipts,TOO. bwlte—Steady at 7*®3J<c. t cceipla, 2,000. New York Provision market, [Special Dee patch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nxw Yobs. March IS. Port—Unsettled, doing at 122.58. Lard—Writ. Cat Mean and Bacon—Very fins. ocean Freights. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Nxw Yoek, March 13. Freights to Liverpool—Dull and drooping, with en gagements of 7,000 bu com, by Ball, at s«fd. New York Dry Good* market. Nxw Y’onx. March 13. The market for cotton goods l« lower, and the de mand Is more active. Spragues’ print*, Am-rtcao, Donnell’*, Richmond’s and Merrimack companies prints are alt 1c per y»rd I-wer on spring style*. Standard (heelings Kfllc lower. Indian Head de clined to 21c; Atlantic Ato 21tfc; Stark to 20c; Naum kca* bleached 5-1, ;2,S'C. Woollens—ln belter request, and price* firm. PJttsbnrgh Oi! market. Pmenußoo. March 13. Tte oil market U quiet. Buyers appeared more plenty at 6c tor good varieties of crude, but holders were a Utile firmer In their views. Sates am-unt to 6.166 bm at 5Y(?6c for Immediate delivery and to ar rive. Amber Green. 2fc, packages licmded. Total re ceipts. 6,100 brls. Helmed in bond without material change. Refiners prefer to bold on than to sell at pres* entrain. The only ‘ales reported were 1.003 bns ol ttandard white, April delivery in Philadelphia, at I,COO brls ditto, alt the jear. buyer’s option, at 31c. Free oil quiet. Sales small lota at 40c. Naphtha and residuum dull. Despatches from Oil City quote crude there f LBgIAO per btl. in A it n i e d la this city, on the lltb Init- by tbe Rev. Robert Berth y, Mr. t’liABLKa E. HUTSON, ol Chicago, and Miss MARIETTA lIOVEY. d Lyons,Til. In tMs city, on tbelSthlrst n at lb* residence ol Cant. L. A. Hamblen. by the Rev. n. N. Bishop, rector of St. John's Church, Mr. SVLVEVTER WILCOX and Miss FLORENCE J. HAMBLEN, ah oi Chicago. At White Blver. Mich„ at the residence d Geo.W. Mrody. Keo-, by the Rev. Lewi* J. Orlfijn, LUCIAND. CLARKE, M. D , and Miss ANNA W. YOUNG, both ol Chicago. No cards. amusements. OL. WO OP'S MUSEUM. COL. J. D. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements BLB. AIKEN Stage Manager THOS. BARRY Complete success of Wilkin Collins’ new sensational London drama, produced nfler mat ywe-keol active preparation, at great cost, with new scenery, cos tumes, decorations, and novel and complicated ms chin'ry. This (Thursday) evening, March 14th. will he per formed tbe great drama of THE FROZEN DEEP- To conclude with the new forced A QUIET FAMILY. Saturday aiternuon. Grand Matinee. A DANGEROUS GAME, soon. jyjcYICKER’B THEATRE. MuVICKER & MYKB3 MANAGERS. Engagement ot tbe renowned Lyric Artiste, YESTYALI, Who will appear tn John Brougham’s Spectacular Play of BEL LiEMONIU. Angelo Vestvall her original character, wllh Son<s— *• You arc the Mar and Brave Marco." In rehearsal—THE BRIGAND. Fitrtay—Benefit ol Vcstvali. Saturday—Vestvall Matlcee. ■yAUIETY THEATRE. An Entire New, Elegant and Attractive Entertainment. THE BEACTIFUL PIECE OF 20 Years of a Drunkard's Life. WANTED KOU THE BALLET, A FEW rnOKE LADIES. HALL, Opposite Coart House* ON WASHINGTON-ST. The above Hall la well arranged for LECTURES. CONCERTS. EXHIBITIONS, and PUBLIC MEETINGS. Can te bad on LOW TERMS. Apply at the Hall. QKO&BY'IToPEUA house! SEVEN BEADS! TEN BOBN3I WILL APPEAR APRIL BTH. Yankee robinson’cj circus AND MENAGERIE. Re-engagement, aod positively the Last Week of the Champion ot the World. Mr. JAM3B ROBINSON and Ins sou CLARENCE. Monday evening, March llth, and every evening during the week, and Wednesday anc Saturday atterooote. Menagerie open at all hours of the day. ' WONDER OF WONDERS, AND NATURE UNVEILED, at the How Torfc IBasonm of Anatomy, BO Randolpb-st.. corner Dearborn. Lectures aally. Those unable to attend may receive them by enclosing 10 cent, to Secictary. THE CaUqES OF DISEASE may he seen at the New York Museum of Anatomy, OU comer of Dearborn. 'tJuiEgar. IpLDER & MAXFIET.D—The only ex tensive manufacturers of Pure Cider Vinegar in Chicago. Unrivalled for pickling and tabic use. Warranted. gluction 3aleg, C IILBEhT AND SAMPSON, \X General Auctioneers. 47 and 49 Dcarboro-st. Trade Bale ol 60 Ciatcs Crockery, 250 Boxes Glassware, AT AUCTION, On THURSDAY, March 14th, at 10 o’clock at our Sales room* 47 and 49 Dcarburn-st., 63 crates White Granite Ware, tn open lots conal<tmg ot a complete assortment of Toilette, Dinner and Tea Ware. In nnan title* to Bvltdeakn. Al*o, 250 boxes assorted Flint Ulassuarc. Good*rackedfsr iho cmatry. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auctioneers. Gilbert * sampsoh. General Auctioneers. 47 and 49 Dearborn-si. Elegant New and £ccond>baml FDItNITURE, CARPETS, ETC., AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY, March 15th. at 10 o'clock, at oor sales* room .47 and 4!) Dcarborn-st., consirtioglnpart ot the entire Furniture KlfccU ol a gentleman break ing op nomrkcepiog. The goods are alofihebe<t, and are as good a. new—only been used a few month'. Also, a large atm splendid aasortneet of new Panor, Chamber and Dlnlig Room Furniture, Including sev eral vet j fine Marble top Chamber Suites of the choic est styles and made by the best makers. GILBERT & SAMPSON. Auctioneers. A. GUTTERS & r;a, Auctionesrr & Commission Kbrch^ctt 41 dc 4« KANUOI.FII-ST.. Between btatr-et. and Wabash-av., Holdrernlar sal's, at thar saieerootre, o: DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, Every WEDNESDAY aid THURSDAY. FURNITURE. CARPETS. Ar.. every SATURDAY TTNDERWRITER6’ BALE—TiIe entire |_J stock of DRY GOODS OfUUCHDERGER BROTHERS,damaged bythelate fire. at auction, On THURSDAY. March 1 lib, at9V o’clock,at Butters’ Salesrooms,44 and 46 Randolph-sL Tboswcs con sist* ot upwards of 860,(00 worth ol Dry Goods, dam aged by me and water. WM. A. BUTTEHS & CO., Auctioneers. JQANIEL SCOTT & CO- AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 16-1 I.nkr-at., cor, LaSalle, Chicago. Cash advacced on Merchandise conrtgncd for tale. Oat-door soles promptly attended to. A POTION. Thursday Mar'hllth. at 10a. at Daniel Scott & Co's. Rooms, 1 G-l Lake-st. New and second-hand fur niture of every descrlptioo. Carpets, Cutlery. Mir rors, China ana Glassware. *c.. Ac. DANIEL oCOTT & CO., Auctioneers. A POTION. Batnrtav, March 16lh, at 10 a. at Daniel Scott & Co’s. Rooms, IC4 Lake-st. Groceries, Cheese, sugars. Teas, Cotlcc, Spice, Grocers scales, Cigars, Tobacco, Ac., Ac. DANIEL SCOTT & CO., Anctlonecra. A UCTLON—At Daniel Scott & Co.’s /•> auction rooms, 104 Friday, March 15, Staple Dry Goods, Satinets, Tweeds, print*. Hose, Half Hose, Cosslmcics, Crash, Shirtings, sheetings, Ac., do DANIEL SCOTT & CO.. Auctioneers. AUCTION SALE. —On Thursday, . March 14. at 10 o’clock a. m., at salesroom. 73, 77 and 79 bouth Wclls-s'.. rern'r Randolph. FCKNITUUE* Bed. Bedding, Carpets, Lounu-«. Crockery, Gloss and Plated Ware, Desks, Countcm, 4c.. &c. J. D. HEANEY & CO., Anct’g. A TJOTION SALE. B. T. LEE, 123 DEARBOBN-ST., Hells This liar, march M, at 10 o. m , Counter, Ehclvlng, thow-Csßes, Dig Inolati, Furniture. Beds. Bedding. &c., <fcc. gate ftlills, sct. rj'HE LAKE & xJODLBY Portable Circular Saw Milis : PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, ihiuEo Machines. Com Mills and Shafting. Wood working Machinery. LAMi A ntlllLKY, Corner ol Jobo and Watcr-ati., Cincinnati. Apphcaataicr descriptive circulars will irecily tic mfcMi-tur tbry ner.**. «!S2!e3-4t>rr3 iFor .Sale. rjAR-DWARE STOCBT FOR SALE.— n A psrtF baying a st~ck of about $7,000, la a flour* I?hlne town oa the Illinois feniral Kotd, offer tu sell t a nrcoctl of 111 b*a th. It I* a good location. and the bnlidUgwlllb- sold with the iruoo*, • r Icasel. asde flrc‘i. sfrlnrth-r rartlculara inquire cf WM- HLAIB & CO.. 171) and IW| Ran-.olphst. pergonal. PERSONAL— The undersigned desires to lorm the acquaintance of two or three young ladies, with whom Le cac pas« two or th’ce eventegs a week, and abo have a companion to tbe ibc-itre occa* tlonslly. Addrcra ** Mr. L D.” Pox 162 A, Chicago. T)LR^ONAL —A lady oithorough quali- X fl cations and cxpcrlei ce wishes a position as Prin cipal cf Music in a Seminary West. Can furnlih bleb'st testimonials. Address MUSIC TEACHER. Tribune oMce PERSONAL— For ndoplion—A bright, bealiby boy. three years old. The mother Is so situated that slie Is forced to part with him. Apply to •*K U P." Jervis Haoße. where the child can be seen. PERSONAL. —Room-mate wanted. Lo cation, D s arborn-st- lu a new building. R'xim very n celv mmltbeJ. Address, stating where to be S Box 3005. P-O. ■QEHSONAL.— Harry, the only dlmng | room I c*n rccoamend you to is S 3 Randolph-**. ‘Hicy have a splendid bin of fare. Terms ate m(.dirate. s& per week. A. PERSONAL. —A hait-interest in nn es tablished wholesale bu-lucss In this city, Is for •• atear active businessman. For particulars ad dresa **H E F C." Tt Ibunc ofllce. for one weex. - S3OO huts Itif the party auito. Hianos. TO RENT—Pianos, Organs and Melo deons; also, new and second-hand Pianos for s£e ad ame payments, received In Installments. W. W. lIMBALU 63 Vrashlngtoa-st, ®o Hcnfeslbouaea. TO REKT—Hon>e 4C3 Booth Clinton *u Cara pass the door Hon»en-vatd desirable. Nine rooms. fiQolre of MR. SBOUP, R-al Bitate Of fice, comer Twc lla and Cdcton. r PO RENT—Furnished house,w.lhmod -1 erolmpr'T-meitsaTd Innlcereptlr. Itquirsat the dorr. 922 Mlchigan-av., firs; in the row sontn ol twenty-DTh-st. XO KENT —I he desirable residence, lur nl»hfd. No. 9*r Mlcblrac-fcv. Apply to 8. W. <TGOMaKY, 12 South Water at. fpO KENT—From Apm Ist. the house X No. 891 Waba»h-av„ coat doing 10 rooms, with a good bam. A.piyon the premiss. TO RENT—Good house, with "water and gas, five minute** walk trom the host Odes. Fur niture icr sale. Apply at No. IS Fonrth-av. None need apply nnless (bey wish to buy tbefartlture. TO KENT—Two desirable dwellings op West Oarrtson-sU No*. 201 and 199. K block trom the street cart—oce two-et ry. conjoining stvea rooms and pantry, tbe other a cottage, coaunalog five rooms and pantry—each building accomm -dated wtta lake ana soft water, large barn acd good yard. Apply on tbe premises. TO KENT—Desirable Junnsbed house. North Side, very pleasant location, tor 8 months. Possession at any time. P.0.80x 320. TO KENT—By Wm. D. Kerfoct, 8D Wasblogtoe-et., neat house containing 8 or 9 rooms, with Urge yard, 60 or 70 fbet front, on the cor ner of Loomis and Hastlngs-sts. T) RENT—A two-story brick house, with 10 foot lot, on Wahath-aWnear Barmon court, Potteeslon, April Ist. Three-story brick house on Indiann-av.: near Xblm-flnt-iU, at 8600. H. C. MOREY A Co., Beal Estate Brokers, No. 8 Metropol itan Block. rpO RENT—Desirable house on the X North Side, No.*3S6 NorthLaSahe-et. Apply to CTA. SPRING, No. 8. Larmon Block. f'T'O KENT—A two-story frame house X on the West Side. K rooms, gas and water, and bsthroom. ApplyatNo.3C South Water-st. TO RENT —To a small family, a hand some new Cottage. 7 roomf, pleasantly located near West Side cars. S2O per month. Inquire of D. C. BROOKS, Evening Post, 151 Dearporn-st. TO KENT —Two story house, in perfect order, wllh barn and large lot, at northeast cor ner Reuben and Indlora-sts. Inquired W. WALLER, 101 WathlDgtoa-eL, Room 7. rpO RENT—A House, and furniture tor X sale. Suitable for a private boardinghouse. Ap- - ” ply at 253 Illtnois-su TO RENT—A splerd d Residence, on South Side; barn, and all modern improvements, garden, shrubbery, etc. A. C. STEADMAN & Cl)., Cobb’s Building, Dcarborn-st. TD KENT—Furnished House, contain- Ing 11 rooms. Price |IOO per raorlb, three month# insavatce. Good relttcncc required. Apply at 92 Adamt-st. rpo Ku-NT—A new and handsome Cot- X taco, 7 rooms, very pleasantly located on West Sice, ccar Lake-st. cars. Terms low to asms l family. Enquire ol D.C CROOKS, effletef Chicago Post, 101 Deatborn-st. &o l\ent==Kooma. TO RENT—The upper part of house No. 33(1 Ncrtb email cottage In the re c r. P»*aeulon Immediately. BAIRD & BRADLEY, corner Lake and Laralle eta. TO KENT—The lower floor of a cot tage, completely furnished lor tnnv>keepltg, cor ner ot ana Twcntletb-sts. Terms, f3O per month. In advance. TO RENT—Room 78 Lombard Block, anf fnrniture for sale very cheap. Apply as above between ?and 9 to-nlcht. ' nPO RENT—Furnished rooms, withoi JL without board, la a private faulty. Apply at 59 Price tlace. • 'T'C RENT—Rooms in Reynolds’ Block, 8 errl furntnre for sale rh»ap. Call on A. WAT* SON. 1 llllaVc-6*.. Photogtapn Gallery. ©ffices.&c rro RENT—Deck and yard, 100x500 ft. I Good location for lumber builness. For particu lars, Inquire cl TUPS. GUQDWILLIE, North Pier, TO RENT—Steam Power and room 50 fret square. A good point lor rash and door boat* oerg. For particular? inquire ot TflOS. OOODWIL LIE, Ncnh Pier. TO RENT —Choice offices i*r physicians, dentists of lawyer*. No,. A and 6, I*2 and 1», and 1H and 1» in McCormick’s Building. Apply to C. A. SPRING, No.» Larmon Block, TO RENT—New Store, 213 West Uadi son-st. Apply at store from 9t013a. m. TO RENT—The fivc-stoiy marble front building No. 10 South Clark-K. YOUNG A Si'RlNQhlt. 2 Metropolitan Block. TO RENT—Offices on second floor, with vault, No. 10U Washlngtoa-at. Inquire©! KIRK HAWES. TO RENT—Thekree front office known as Johnson’s SkatoDrpbt, corner Etitr and Rai dolrb, with or without carpet ana lornltore. Apply on the premises. TO RENT—Suite ol firsi-class offices on first floor, on Cltrk-et., la *• Morrison Buildings." Inquire at Rocm S No. 135 Clark-st., from 10 to 12 a. m. TO RENT—To lawyers and others—A beautiful suite of otflees, consisting ol 4 rooms, very light, commodious aod deslrabl-. Rent 1550 per annum. GEORGE U. HIGH, 10-1 Randolpb-sL, Room 12. TO RENT—River lot 100x240 on North Branch, suitable for inmber yard. Also, store 307 Randolph-st. A. B. MEAD, 151 Randolph-st. rpO RENT—Fruit Store —Stock and fix- I tores for sale, amounting to about $125. 231 Sia’e-at. OHO RENT—A nice four-story and base- J, mint Orlck Store, No. H 6 Mlctilean-av., fronting west on Mlcblgsn-av. ard east on Ontral-av., Hutched complete, and ran t-e occupied by two tenants. Apply to WASUISOTON SMITH. 1 TO RENT —The More No. 83 Dearborn* ft. Apply to JOHN DeKOVEN, Northwestern National Bank, Chamber ot Commerce. TO RENT —The convenient dock and sheds, with storage facilities m ths ftre-pnof warehouse adjoining, on North Water-it.,east of Uuth st. bridge. aI’AFFORD A t UEEMA.N, 312.314 and 34U North Water-sr. ajtislngsa (Cfjangcs. TTOR SALE—The oldest and best jew- JT* dry store in Waukegan, HU doing a very good bnslnc*«. Tcnn* ea»y. For partlrutars, Inquire ot M. F RONBERO A CO., Whol*saic Dealers In Vvatcoa and Jewelry, 124 Lake-«, Chicago, XU. F'OR SALE—At Kankakee, 111., on the Illinois Central RatlroaL & stock of hardware and tinners’materials. Tnc owner wishes to retire firom bnucrf p. on account of 111 health, aod will lease the store ror a term of year*. There are six rooms atove the store, and a good basement with three rooms. Located In the centre part of the city. A rare chance for a rartv with some meaas. For mrther particulars address **F G D." I*, o. Box 111, Kankakes, PI. I?UK SALE—A drugstore, medical prac- J tlce end residence. A rare chance fjr a pby«i cian. A large practice guaranteed. A finely assorted •tcckof drag*. AJ.fotf7.MC. Address ”F PYVB,” Reading, Livingston Co- lU. Foil SALE—TIie good will, stock and fixtures ol a first-class retail drug store, all Id complete Older, situated It agovd location In uo city cf St. Joseph, Mo. Lease 2K sears to run, at low rate. For further lofnrmaiV r, Inquire ol J. M. W. JONES. Stationer, 42 and 44 Dcatborn-su, Chicago, 111. FOR SALE—WeII assorted stock of dry goods and groceries, in a flourishing town, the centre of aUulfiy farming region. For particulars, address Box 01, Oregon. Wls. |7OR SALE—Pbofoirrapb gallerv, stlu , r atrd In a beautiful city. 70 ralles we*t of Chicago, finely fitted up. well stocked with instruments, and is doing a good bn,mess. Satisfactory reasons tor sel imr. and will be sold at a ere it nargntn. Apply at FULLER’S Photograph Gallery, 131 Sooth Chicago. F)R BALE—An assortment ot milli nery goods ord Yankee notions, and shop to r<*nt. Can fnrn.eb b-a»d and private room Mr one or two persons, at 747 West Lake-st. MI». JOSEPH HALL. 170 U BALE —City retail drugstore, well P located. A good chance for an enterprising man. Satisfactory reasons for sc ling. For particular*. In quire i f SMl'l IT, CUTLER & CO, corner Randolph-et. and Mlchlgan-av. FOR SALE—Lease, license, stock and fixtures ot a saloon ami boarding house, right op posite th*j first cla»* sitting ro»m doors or the M. S. and R. 7. AP.R. B new passenger depot One of the best stands In the city. Everything ready f»r busi ness, and low rent Inquire on the premises, 3S Shcr man-st. Good reasons given tor selling. FOR BAI E —One ol the best located sa loons In Hie city fbr one-hilt price, as the owner is going into another business. Inquire at S 7 South Clark-st. F)R BALE—Grocery More centrally located acd dome a good basinets, will be sold at invoice. Ibis is one of the oldest stands In the city. Capital required, 83,000 to sx,ouo. Adnress Poet Ofllce Box 9SS- 17 OR SALE—Cheap—ilent market rmd ’ fixture*, In good location. Inquire on the prem iter. 330 WestTweilth-at. FOR SALE—Lease, stock and fixtures of an A No. 1 grocery. No better location In the city. Low rent. It's n bargain. GILBERT & BENE DICT,*I33 Claik-st, Room 7. FOR &ALE —New brick store, known as the M Post Office Bonding,” with the entire stock Inn first-class booe, news and notion s'ore. Building and lot. 86,000; stock will invoice about 81,000, Also, a complete family residence, recently bnut, beautifully Iccated. with river scenery and pleasant sumundinzs. at fTOCO. Address J. W. MERRILL, P. O. Drawer No. 1, Wlimlngtcn, 111. FOR SALE—Basement saloon and fix tures, No. 16 West Randolph-st., two doors from the bridge. Inquire oa the premises. FiK t-ALE—The whole or haU’oflease, stock and fixtures cf a meat market In the best locatlcL for vessel trade. Good reasons given Mr sell lug. Address •‘■BUTCHER,’' Tribune office. F'OH SALE —A ball mxerest m a splen did exhibition, never has made le«s than $13,000 net, per annum. Thl'tsa good thing and no humbug, and to a man willing to travel will insure a fortune. Apply to ”L B K,"Boom 1, No. 102 South Clark-at, Chicago. "17011 SALE—A retail grocery store do* J? tecs strictly ca»h business, averaging $l5O per «’aya 1 winter. Can be doubled la summer. Reasons for selling, c log lain wholesale business. Inquire of bMITn & DEXTEB. No. 10 Dearborn-st. T?OK SALE—Gents tarnishing goods. r Having associated mys> 11 wish the old aad popu lar pent* furnishing h-.u«e of F. C. Kempton, 8-47 Broadway, N Y- under theflrm name of F. C. Kemp* toe & ro* (the same to take effect April Ist,) I ode* my stock, furniture and leatefor saloforca«n. The rtatd is olc of tbe best In Chicago. The loroltnro is manu factured entirely of black walnut, tbe stock dcaa and well coreltlor.ed. nndrvrry way suit'd to flm>ctaas trade. WM. P. CHURCH of Wm. P. Cbmcb * Co -112 ClarK-et. . J7OR SALE—Tea and spice store, doing a 1 profitable lobbing and retail trade. This is a splendid oppartnoityfara man with moderate capital los’-cu’C no cst-bllebed business. Apply to the NAIIOSALTEA COMPANY. 05 Randolph-st. P)R SALE—Toe stock and fixtures ol a commission and grocery store, located on one of the pnnclpai stnets. Reason for soiling. death. Address Wat. U. TISDALE & CO. i-Hacl)tnetg. 2701? SALE—Three 8-norse power up S’ right engm-s; »<ea six horizontal engines f,« *rd U’-hrrse power. Larger or smaller ennics -nr alsbed with cr with »ot boiicn. lc, 15,16 and 20-horet •übn'nr and locomotive o-jliers for sale, b*»t make cce *-rtiloi Ualoo Matcher &Ld Planing Machine, iawrrills. bam I and wood-working nacUnory, iret o.aarrs, oeltise, tav s. flies. Ac. Machinery Depot, fl i Pearbirn-at.. Cbteare. GBSENLEB sPori. A CO. tpOR SAl*E—Portable engines and boil -1 ers 10 to 50-boiaccower, at very low prices, by UUIFFIN BROS- 116 LaSalle-st- opposite Chamber ol Commerce. F’OK SALE—Portable engines, station ary and on wneelr, 10 and K-horsejwwor. on hatd and tar sale at low prices, by TBE PeSHTIGO CO- Nc-rtb Wattr-st- North Pier. FUKaALE— A supcrxoi low pressure englue, Sblncb cylinder and 4-fcet sir 6c. In splen did rundinr order, with fly-wheei 30 feet, wclditngatontl tons. This erdee Isof futhclentcanaclty to drive itae largest elevator, and Is psrtlcnl.vriy adapted to a mil' capableofmaklre 400 barrels of flour per day. We offer in'* above at tne low price of ItAOO. For farther particulars, Ir outre ol DATER WHALING A CO, Slav MU s, Chicago, or MEDDLBY. bTEVENS A CO.. Milwaukee. WH. TTOR t?ALB—A sectnd-hand Buckley £? foidtnc machine—in zood condition. Price, life. Apply to the TKIBPKK COMPANY. TXTANTED—To pnrclmse immediatelv, V V for ca«b, a sccocd nand Eoziue and Boiler ol about SMiorse power: a two-flue boder preferred. Also a steam pump suitable lor a coal mine. Parties btving such far sale will please address O. 11. LEWIS, 21 Lakc-st. T?OR SALE—Portable Steam Engines ! r* Portable neam engines. A number on band In store, made by tbo ** Washington Iron Works,” of suprnor workmanship, which we warrant to give entire satisfaction. Will be said chtap. Call and taka a look at them. HAWKINS & JaMES, 54 South Wells-at. *\7I7ANTED—A second-hand turning* V V lathe: also, a No. Xor No. i Smith’s Moulding Machine. Apply ai 98 North Franklla-it. WOulr LOCOTTA HAHHIUDGE. ISeal 35state-Cita. IBPBOVSD. FOR bALE—In Evanston —Eigbthoascs r and lot*, we 1 located, *ome «f »btcl» are amoos the bestintnerify.snd tone£l thembnl-tj*psta'l;•-* aoe. Prlre J11.0to,«JO.O-0, r.»isXoO', SU3OO. UOi’. fisoo. $2,000. Apof* toC. E. BKJtW.SB. Ek«) ; Aicett.EvaiJtoo.oratbUofllee.iy L>-*allxt~t>mea<j» P)R aAEt —s*iore and Caik-it.. be*we*n wadUon and Miwrne. street front. Inquireof JOHN 'FOKSTTQB, 14J Randolph sU F“OR SAIjE—A new two story irame hca»e, with y rooms, convrrtolly arranged and In ion pktc orccr, 1et23x120 to 13-foo: alley. Title per fect. Ho***Miot. will **o given on or srter April tsU Term* easy and price low. ('all and lee 1U at No. 463 West Jack*oo-«U.jast soatbof Jeff-rem fate, or ap ply to owner, No. 49 LaSalle-*u, no stun. F'Oh MALE—A two fion* mime house. No. 36 North Penben-iU, fronting Union Park. Nine room*, water and pas—tewlv papered and punt ed—bouse on leased lit, eleven year* to ran, at $37 50 per year. Price kUCdO. Terms fI.OTO. cash, $l,lOO In six. twelve and eubteen month*, with interest at six per cent. Apply to W. W. BELL. Internal aeveane Office. FOR SALE—Office formerly occapied hr Kirby, Carpenter A Co- Norm Side. near New* hem’s Elevator, suitable dwelling fir a small fioulr. Apply at 23»> South Water-st, Boom 4, FOR sale—On Michigan-av,, 56 leet north ot Harmon-court,'witn tme boose. Mm, shrubbtry. Ac. A.J. AVERELL, Best Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOtiSALE —On Calumet- av., comer ot Tweniyflret-rt.,afloeiot. 81 teet troct. and ex* tending about SUOieettc tbe laxe, with fine view per* petoalit secured, and nice boose on tbe premise*. A. J. AVERELL. Beal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Elect. * F)R SALE—At a Great Bargain Dense and lot 401 Third- ar„ near Illinois Cen tral and Bock island macblns shop*. Tbe lot alone Is woitb west the whole can he bought for. Most he sold within ten days. Inquire of a. CLARKSON A CO., No. 19 Sontb Market-st. F)R SALE—On Wabash-av., near Thir tetnth-et.. a first-class marble front bon«e, lot S 3 by 170. A. K.WIKO A CO., Beal Estate Office, 83 Washlngton-gt., Boom it. FOE SALE—First-class buck dwelling on Wabash-av- sear Tventy-founb IU »BAoo also, one worth fAOOO, with brick basement. CLAF* UN. 93 Waiblngton-st. Tj'OH SAJ.E—Pine marble tront block I? on frtate-st., lot MxlTO leet. Will par 15 per cent. Terns essy. Abo—Lot on North Clark*sU, 139 teet by 80 feet on River, with buildings. Price low and 00 long time at OpercenC a Im>—Douse and lot on West Folk near Cllnton-tt, at *2,rco. Al*r—A choice ten-acre tract on Uns of West Lake and Madiso- *«te. 1 H miles west of llnltw atllMpo 1 acre. Applv to GEb. R. Q. DUOQEB, 77 Dearborn* gU, Room 22. third floor. 170 U & ALE—Very desirable investment A 1 H. uie and Lot 55 North Ads-st, ote and a nail S'ory cottige, 7 rooms, bath, puntrv. closets, china closets asd other eonventenres. Hydrant and rain water, twemenf, etc. Neighborhood pleisaot and do* Biraoie. Will he sold cheat) If called tor soon. SNY DER ii LEE, Beal Estate Agents, Boom 4, Metropoli tan Block. 170 It bALE—By &n- der &Lee, Heal Es X 1 tate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a two* nory frame home, of Broomt, and lot, comer of Twcnty-flrst-at. and Thlrd-av. Price FOR SALE—By A. B. Mead 151 Kan oolpb-st- one of the finest marble front residences on MicLigao-av- elegantly famished. L0t33x130. Atwo-storyframe house on West Adamant, near nalstcdst- ia rooms, pas, bath-room, Ac. Lot 23fcx lau. A flne'wo-stsry irame house on Jndd-st.; Rood barn on lot, water in Doth. Lot 23x100 to planked alley. Price fi.OCO. A first-class boos* on Park-av- near Park; 12 rooms, hotand colil water. Lot 50x133. Good bam with water. ITlceflO.OOO. Seven cottages’ on leased ground on West Side, from 87CO to IL2OU. J7OK SALE—Cheap, No. 404 Ene sL, a L 1 desirable residence with modem Improvements. Terms verv liberal. ROZET & CUMMINGS, Heal Estate ana Loan Brokers, 98 LaSalle-st. 170 U SALE —Two-story hnire, in per- T 1 feet order, with comer lot 73 feel bv 115. oa West side. Price J4.5M. Inquire of W. WALLER, 101 Washli gton-et.. Boom 7* Ij'OK SALE— The new and handsome T 1 residence, with 'he greunos, of the late John B. Idcson, situated on Lake-aw, near Oakland Station, and astort walktrom OousKn* grave. The bouse is notched In the best style, with all the modem Improve ments. On the premises,are a flnt-cass and large bum. Ice house, Ac. The groan Is arc handsomely laid cut, wito dowers, fruit, vegetables. Ac. Everything connected with tbls place renders It oa-i of the most platan residences In this vicinity. For particulars, apply to S. HALLoCE, 111 Randolph-et. FOR SALE—InJ. H. Keeler & Co.’s Besl Estate Office, 1129 South Clark-st., two new two-story homes, 10 rooms each, and hrlca basements, ardlots, on Fulton st-near May—B>,oOO each: an ex cellent one-acd-a-haf story cottage bouse or 9 rooms and basement, on South Peorla-st- lot 23H33-{3,690; four two-story bouses and lot, on Sangamon-st- n >rlh of Bubhard-Bt.. cheap—llti.OOu; cottage ana lot cn Bose-sL, near Cblcaeo-av- trees, flowers and bearing grace vines In the yard—ll,3so; large hotel near M. 8. K. It. depot: cottage and lot on North Side, comer ol Burling and W 1 low-*l#.—BL.6oo: cottage and Jot on Leavitt, near Fulton-et- 10t30x120 to an alley—£24oo; also, a large cumber ol cottages on leased lots. FOR SALE—(’ottoge, 7 looms and 3 pantries. No. 304 West Ad«ms-st.. opposite P. tthutUer'd. Apply to J.B.KRELER,Ia'A South Wa ter-et, FOR BALE—By B* W. Packard, 157 a floe residence, with 15 rooms and medem imp'orcment#. lor 16,300, on ground feet, tn University Addition. F)K bALE—Two-story brick dwelling bouse on near Ha*mon-conrt. u rooms, bath room, hot ana cola water, Ac., lot 40 leec front. Postesslon April irt Q. C, MOREY A CO, Real Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. FOK SALE—By Snyder & Lee Real Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new frilne bouses ot 8 rooTES each, water, gas, marble mantels, and lots. Nos. 663 ana 664 Wen Wasatng tonal., Between Lincoln and Bo bey. T?OR SALE —By Snyder & Lee, Real Jj Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two-story and basement brick boose of lx rooms, hot and cold water, water closet, six marine mantels, and lot, 50 leet front, on Mlchigan-ar- near Twenty-fllth-st. FOR SALE—House and large lot, pleas antly located, on Hur.hat-st., within one mock ol street c>r railway. May be bought at a lovpnce, on reasonable terms. Apply to J. B. ANDREWS, Boom 7 Methocm church Block. FOR &ALE—House and lot No. 355 Wabo*h-ar.. n*ar Jact»on-»t., only 15,730, If taken at once; |3.(oocsn reioln for twoyear* at 7 percent Interest, WARREN A GOODRICH, lgs Dearborn st.. Boom 2. FSR SALE —On Fcurth av., the iollow log bouses: No. 151. ttareo-storr brick, only 15.W0; So. IN9. two-story brick. 83,000; No. H 7, 14,000; No. lift, do— ‘JOO. Xiao. No. 168 Tbird-av.JNACO. WARREN A GOODRICH, 125 bearhom-st- Boom 2» FOR SALE—Three new houses on Wa bssh-av.. north of Tweoty-nlntb-st. with lota '.*BXl9l each. Price *9,000 each, on liberal term*. Will make a proper redaction fur cash. Very cheap prop* my. wauhem & GOODRICH, 125 Dear horn-fit, Boom ii. ‘ IT'OH HALE—A considerable number of j houses on Wabash, Ulcblcan and hi prices rousing trom $1,900 to t2\ooo each. WAR REN a GOODRICH, 185 Dcaroom-BU. Boom 3. FOR HALE—Elegant three-slory and basement marble front residence on Michigan* av.« near Twellth-st., with all modern improvements. Price s2l.l)oo—a low price for the property; Several years* time will be given upon a large part of the por ch vrm<.uey. Title Lciood que-Uon. WABBEN A GOODRICH. 125 Dearborn-st, Room g. CSIIBPBOTEEi r?OR SALE—A beautiful lot on the F errner of West Monros and Bocker-stc, 76 leet by 125 fete, running back man alley. No better neigh borhoott in the city. Alto, a beauUlul block of six iot>ln Evansion—in fact, the handsomest lot In Evans ton. It Is near the depot, and next nortn of H. U. □uni’s residence, with aousoanceof la'ge oak and or namental trees, and some two hundred trait Par prices, apply to GEORGE F. FOSTER, 217 South Wattr-fil. FOX SALE—Lots on Wabash and Mich- Igsn-avs , near and on comer each. Two years benc» they will bring druoie the money. GEORGE A WILLIAMS. 7 Sooth Cian-at, TT'OR HALE—In Hcurh Division, twenty JP arm of land. Ballade for subdivision. A. j. AVEBbtX, Real Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Ulotk. F}K SALE—By Snyder d: Lee, Real Es tate Agent?, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, lot TOO by 125 feet, northeast comer of Morgan and Jackson fits, a hade trees, shrubbery, LTOU HALE—The best corner lot on JT Mlcblcan-av„ 46x170. S 3 lots on Itansom-at. and Wentworth-av., south ot ellber In bulk or singly, at a very low figure. in lots In Ashland's Second Addition, cheap. It lots tccond block west of City Llmßs.ou Washing ton ana Rsndolnb-st. 4 lets lu MeKeynolds* Addition. *3OO each, I lots on Roufiy-su between North and avs. A. D. MEAD, 151 Randolph st. |7OK SALE—At a bargain, it sold im- P mediately, 10 acres on Twelhb-et. and 2) acres on Cf.lcagc-av., adjoining the City Limits; and 43 lots. In bulk, near tbe comer of Robey aod narrlsou-*t». 11. c. MOREY A COm Beal Estate Brokers, Boom 8 Me tropolitan Block. FOR SALE—Business Property—ssx 100 feet, comer Mlchlgan-ar. and Biver-sL; 30 feet on Washington, near LaSalle; affect on Maoison-st., near Wells; desirable property (Or investment on West Wasnlnztop, Canal, Lake and Bandolph-sts. J. D. HARVEY, 78 LsSalle-st, F OK SALE—InJ. H. Keeler & Co.’s Real Estate Office, 129-South Ciark-st., one block in Bridgeport, on tbe river, at tbe junction of the Ca nal and Chicago River, very low, only SIO,OOO, If sold soon; oce acre and a half Lake View, cheap: half block In Asblard'a Second Addition, on Jackson-st.; desirable residence lot on south Peoria-st. T?OK SALE—Choice lot on Wabash-av., JD 37x160, between lldndge snd Barmon-courta,at only $390 per foot—the cheapest lot north ol Twelfth-fit WARREN A GOODRICH. 125 Room 2 13grtntrg aglanteb. PARTNER— Wanted—A party now occupying one ot the m*Rt desirable stands in C’oicag' .and having a large wholesale trade estab Uh ed, would like to form business arrangements with par ies with capital aad good bnstn-ss qaallQiatiaas. Apply to Wjl. BABBR. General Manager Commercial Agency ofTapoan. McKlUou A Co n 47 S’Jite-st- or ly letter to P.O, Box 1606. OARTFEK—Wanted —Special or ac- I tUe—special preferred. One who baa $10.0(0 to {15,000 to Invest In a first-class whole*ale boilnes*. Only partle* of the first respectability treated with. References ctyen and required. Address. confidential ly. n\ pointing place of interview, M W X H,” Tribune office. "PARTNER—Wanted. with a capital ot I {3,000, to talte an interest In an old established and well paying commercial bosk ess in one of the b • st locations la ibe city. Addressee. PARTNER,” Trl bone office. PARTNER —Wanted, in the boot and L shoi badness, with a capital of about {3.000. lam doing a good business, and wish to increase my facili ties. Address ♦*BD. ,, Tnbuneoffice. PARTNER—Wanted, to lake an interest IT In one of the best patents in th** market. Call or andres* CHAS. MESSENGER, OS Waahltgtcn-sL, Kocm 3, Chicago. 111. Send stamp for circular. PARTNER— Wanted—An opportunity Is offered fbr an active young mao, wlfh from aided to O' ready cash, to take an Interest In a gen eral produce commission business. Address, with reference and amount of ready cash, PRODUCE COM- MiatiOK, care Tribute office. PARTNER— Wanted —With SIO,OOO, TT.oreorleas. Id tho furniture buslne-'s. I bare a well established trace, a good store on Lak<s«L, mod erate and well assorted stock, and dolnza fair business, ana desire to give an active and reliable mar, who can command the above amount, an equal Interest. AOdrcis FURNITURE, Tribune office. PARTNER —Wanted—I wish a good, r active bu*lne*s man fbr partner In the Bock River Iron Worra. Janesville. Wi*. Most have a capi tal cflrnm {30,010 to $20,000. and be aMe to show a clear record. One who is acquainted with the mann iMCtnre and sale ol agricultural machln ry preferred. The machinery manufactured at these work? has a reputation second io none in the West aad the de mand is unlimited. Address, JAMES HARRIS, Janesville, Wls. DAKTKER—Wanted—Either silent or L active, lot six months. who can furnish $5,000. IberetnrLsarelaigeand the business admits oi toe clrsest Investigation; acd If:Mt-stactoir. longer ar ran geo. cuts can be made. Address “S WF, ’Trionae office. T>ARTNEK—Wanted—To act as cash- I ier and take one-half Interest la a first-class, uood. sale and permanent nn»loe*e. Capital required, tsro. Address P. O. Box 15S, Chicago. P ARTNER—-Wanted—ln an old estab llthed real estate office, doing aflnt-rato basinets csottal reqnlr-’d $350, with good references. Inquire of A. J- MILLS ft CO., 130 South Clark-sL PARTNER— Wanted—In one ol tne best paying hotels lb this city, co'ng a business ol ra.tvo n»r month. Apply immediately to A. J. MILLS ft CO, 13» South Claik-tt. PARTNER —Wanted— A competent can, with {BOO cash, to Join the advertiser In an enterprise \leidlctr larg- profits. Ca 1 Thursday, Fri day. Saturday and Monday, bom 10 to 11 a. m.—>hirp, at ur on No. 7 Methodist Church Blues, corner Wath logton and ■ lart-sts. PARTNER— Wanted—A party to take the exclusive agency of articles wanted In every ratnl'y. A tew bnndrrd dollars to buy stock will he required. Call at 30 State-eL ■fDARINER —Wanted—Two yonngmen J with frem lio.tco to |ts.ooe in cash, aod good bnsl ness experience, wish to tnveit that amount in som» good boj-l-.ess. and btcome aetlve partners. Addrew. statlngDualaesLfte., ”W tt H,” inbane office. 2Etanteo-=ißaleJ9elp. ■MKumn. utnara *«. \%T ANTED—Experienced Canvassers, t» vlnt towns anirltjet onlf,lbrotubont ton West. Cali at Boom 33, no. 1W Dcarnora-n. or adoicM. wtta »Ugp.Dox 1110, Cnlcaco.HL W/aN'IED —Three voting men who V> unde stand the .irv co:d» trad* perfectly. A> ply. Hatltg how lony at the tra.-U-. anil vhero. Term* *6je. O d country men pfsJbrrod. W. AH. OLaN.V Ido acapon*, laaiaaa. ■IX7 AN TED -2k tew gpod men to can .* • »**• the C llr ft* * tew article needed to every family. call from 9tolat 93 South DcspLilnei. near Madison, or address Box it 3. TI7ANTED—a vonnu, coeicetic m*n * » from 18 to 39 years old. to peddle In the city. Can make fire do lari a day. C*U between 6 aod 7 o'clock p. tn. at 169 ladlaaa-st. THABK3. TXT ANTED—A Turner to go to Elgin, V * Steady work promised. Inquire of FRANK BTURGBS * CO. TXTANTED— Immediately, a good, ex- V V palctcod Tailor. Address Box 339. Harvard. mtnoU. TTCfANTED—Turner— To act as tore- VV trso at mr factory. Apply 8 to 9s. m.0r13 tolo’clotkp.m. A. Q. OABFX&LP. 39 State-st. WANTED— A hotel waiter, at tne City HoteL NooebntaanmberoDe man need apply. TXTANTED—A first-class Scroll sawyer VV and one coed Csrpen'er. at WU. WISDOM 4 PON S, Door, Sash and Bhnd Factory, 97 North Frank* Iln-st. _ asaantehssjFcmalr |hclp. TXT ANTED—Experienced shirt makers Vw with the irnyeter « Win oueewtae machine, at No. 60 State-st. TOMLINSON Ai.O, * HOUSE SUKTUiTh. TXTANTKD—A ircod girl to do genera] VV housework In a ‘man family. A steadv place to a good girl* Apply at 158 Nottb Morgan-st. WANTED —Girl to cook, wash and Iror. at 331 Mlcblgao-av. Wages *3 per week. 11/ ANTED—A competent girl to do V V general housework, at 991 Indlana-av. TXTANTED—A good girl for general VV housework. Mn»t be a good washer and Iron er and cook. Uquire, with references, at 71 Fark-av, comer rape, tttANTED—An experienced Female VV Nnrpe. to take charge ola number of invalids. Apply at 48 East Jackson,between 11 and 13 a. m. A permanent situatlcD, TXT ANTED—To take a child Dome to V V curie, by an American lady. Good reference given and required. Call at 300 Park-av. W/ ANTED—A good, competent clrl, to V V do general 1 casework. Liberal waeeswlll be paid. No Irish need apply. Call at 386 Waba»n*av. TXTAN TED—A good airi to do general VV housework. ApplyatNo.lOSonUsCArc-sL, Boom 13. TXTANTED—A capable girl to do gen- V * eral housework la a tamllj of five persona, at 305 Hnronat. gEmplogment agents. TXT ANTED—IOO smart, energetic, lire VV men to aell one of the De*tdim«atlc articles •-ver offered tar sale. Haa no competition. Everv family watts from two to a dozen. Profit very large. call im mediately at 124 south Cark-st- Boom 9. np stain. J.H.NASOH. TXTANTM) —Yoimg men in the conn* W try wuhlmr to cbfaln sltnations, such as book keepers, cicrks, eoll'Ctora, «a<csmeo, conductors, ex oicssmen. *c- dm, to apply at Room 13 Fnll»rton Block. 92 Draroorn-st- or address J. U. MOORE A CO- Box 1707. enclosing 10 cents lorfoll pat Oculars. TXT ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 3 Y V~-salesmen, I conductor. 3 orakemen, t fireman. 1 porter. 8 drivers, 3 expressmen. Aoplv at Boom 13, Fnllertoaßtock. 03 Dearborn-st. Applicants oy mail adCf-ss Jag MOORK 4 CO- BOX 1707, enclosing 10 cents foi.fwy 117 ANTED—This day, 15 wood chop- VV pern wages, »1.v5 per cord. Steady work. Ap ply at 100 Madbon-at- Bcom4. auaan'cXtelßUsteUancous. IX7ANTED—To lightning rod dealers. W Experienced agents to sell the most perfict rod In use. None except those having experience In this ora riztlar'buslness need apply. Address “Copper .Scroll Lightning Bod Co." Freeport, 111. TT7ANTED—Parties wishing clay or W filling lor streets, alleys, rinks, or ary other purpose, can be accommodated br applying immedi ately to the contractoi ol the Waihlngton-st. tunaei. Officejfo. 4 land's Block. \\J ANTED —If yon want a good busi- T V ness; ifyou wont to see the best thing Id the market; and If von want money, call at, vr address CBAS. MESSENGER, IIW Wasblogton-st- R»m3, Chicago, Hi. Send stamp for circular. Agents wanted. TT7ANTED—Employment by a man ot W twenty yrera* experience as packer and ship, pitgeierk In some of the best wholesale drv giuds honses. Best ol references. Address “1* H,” 40 Lsxe stn Chicago. TTTANTED—Tour destiny. Madame VV Carltie taajust returned to the dtr from a Southern tour, and vlll be pleased to receive the calls of most* who wish the past, present and future reveal ed, at 184» South Clar«-su, Boom 6. WANTED— Guitar Pupils taught in twelve lessons, at ITBEwiMadlßoa-iL Terms fl per lesion, or 810, In advance, lor 12 Ussons. App.y Immediately. TXTANTED—To invest trom SC,OOO to VV liaOTOlnthcDiug business fa Chicago.either as a partner In an established stand, or purchase s store of that value. Address Drawer s£, Logaaaport, Indiana. TXT ANTED—A man with S3OO to en- W gage tn a money-making hnslness. A good oopcrtnnltr for the right man. Apply at 194 South Clark-st., Boom 5. from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. TX7ANTED—S3,OCO for six months. VV Will give security on property worth $40,000. Addreas P. O. Drawer 5516. \\j ANTED—S»OO cn collateral &ecuri- VV ty. Apply to MB. BLACKWELL, 241 South Lanal-st. VA/ ANTED —Soldiers To know that all VV appdcsaois forflCO bounty must oe made be lure April Ist. Advances made «n clilms. A.GOUG RI dll, Attoroey-a'-Law, 126 Dearbjm-st- Boom 2. XX7 ANTED—To Loan—For 1, 3 or 3 VV years. 13.0000n1tx proved eltr property, first class, without incumbrance. Address P.O, Box 1402. TXT ANTED—Everybody cut of employ- VV mc.maleand 1-male, to sell a Ph tograob from I'fe, of the Fcplsq Mnnvr, PEV. JOhK McM V HON. Address T. J. BOLENDEB & CO- 393 South Clark-st- Chicago. ®Kantea--so ismt. T\7 ANTED—To Kent, a medium-fizsd, Tv nicely furnished hon<e. In sfirit-clss* locality, during a small family (vlt.v out children), who wiU take tne bettor care of land tore, win take po<i»sßl')D any time betweenmw and 9th of Mar. Addre s** BANKER," Tribune ogles. TXTANTED—To Rent—A noose and Tv barn; house to have Bor 10 rooms. Mast be oc tbe North Side, east of Clark. Any oce baring tne tame will pftase aadresa **A 8.,” care ot Wbeelock, Dean A Co., Lamhennea, North Pier. TT7ANTED—To Rent—By a prompt V V paying tenant, with a imalllamily, a neat Cot tage, either on North or West side, and as n-a* the Tribuneofficeaspoulh.e. Would bayfarnltare- Ad dress “L£C.”Tribuneoffice. T/ITANTED —lo Rent—By a prompt V 7 paring tenant, a Cot'azo House with from sto «rooms. Location West Side, north of Harris on. Ad drtss - BENT," Box 5045. TXT ANTED—To Rent A furnished »V room, with or without ooard. within ten ml*- ntes* walxoi City Hotel. Address, with terms, “A B A,” <ls and 47 Lake-st. 1 A/ ANTED—To Rent—A Furnished V V home. Any person having a Orsi-c’ass fur nished home to rent, located on the Nortn or South Side, mav hear ota responsible tenant by addressing P. O. Drawtr 6155. _ WJ ANTED —To Kent—Three to dve VV rooms In a private ffimlly. suitable lor boose keeping, by a gentlraian and wife. In the West Dl wl< n. south of Madison and east of Morgan-st, References exchanged. Address GEORGE, Drawer .1781 P.O. WJ ANTED—To Rent—From May Ist, Tv by a careful tenant, a medium sized house, with modem conveniences, la neighborhood of Union Park. Would not object to paying yearly la advance, tf needed. Address, with price and location, P. O. Box 363- TftTANTED —To Kent—A Hotel, with Vv flxturet.lnfomecnlerprislDgtowointoQWest. Address, with stamp, “J H L,” Fort Wayne, Ind. TIT ANTED—To Rent—One large, or If twosmaU(adjoining) rooms, on South Side, with board, in some building. Adaress Box 119. WANTED— To Rent—From first ol May. a Cottage bouse of 7 or 8 rooms, in south ern or western part oi city. Address, stating rent and location. -A.” P. O. Bex 5955. WANTED —To Rent—On or before the 10th of April, a good bouse, gas, water, &Cm not south of & Iztecntb-st. nor north of Cblcago-ay. nor westoleangamon-st. A cottage also wanted within same limits. The best ol tenants ard liberal prices will be o«ld. JONES, BUNDY ATAYLOP, Real Estate Brokers, Boom 12, Methodist Church Block. WJ ANTED— I To Kent—House of Bor TT 10 rooms, on or before the Ist of May, fbr one ot more/ears. North Division, east ot Clark and south cr Cblcago-ay. preferred. Call at, or address SO South Water-fiU,between 9 and 13o’clock, a. m. WJ ANTED—To Rent —A good House, T T wltb all modem Improvement?. In a good lo cation ou the North side, containing about 13 rooms. Addre-S Lock Box 5916. <EJaanteb==Hcal Sstate. \\J ANTED—To buy a house and lot TT on the North Side; must be east ol Ciark-st., lortobear»outsoteet.boaßs3 to 10 rooms; or a lot witbout tbe house. Any one having the above cheap willpic_Be address“ A B,” caie ol Whcclcck, Dean A North Pier, east end. WJ ANTED—We have constant appll v V cations fur both improved ard unimproved Real Estate, which we are unable to supply. Owners of such cannot do better than to place their prop erty In our hands for sole, where they can have tne advantage of our services without charge unless sales are rITm-d. KEELER A GIEB, Real Estate Agents, 120 South Clark-fit. \\T ANTED—A house and lot on South TT Side, worth from SiOOU to {3,000. Am willing to make a payment ot SSOO down and SSOO every alx months until paid for. Anyone having sach can near of a purchaser by stating location and addressing M OSC." 134Lake-sL, Chicago.HL TTtTANTED—I wish to purchase first* W class Improved and unimproved property cen trally located. Owners of property will please sute wher* th*ir property is located and price. Address “ B S P,” Post office Pox £l5B- WANTED —Houses or busmess prop city In city, or seborban lands. Customers wsitiof tor them. Apply to S. W. SEA. Beal Citato atd Merchttdlse Broker, in store 104 Clark-at. TXT ANTED—' To Buy—Lot, and house W with Sor 10 room*, east of State, between Eighteenth and Twenty-tbnrth-sts; price from {3,000 to {6,000 cash. Address •£ HB,” 162 Twenty-second- WANTED— To purchase a House with 7to 9 rooms, with lot. It must be west of UaJ »ted and pet wren Fulton and Aoaim-st. Will oay Irom moco to $4,200 tn monthly payments of |SO to {6O. Please address “ROUSE AND LOT.” Tribune offite.^ Heal Isgtatc==(Eountcp. T7OK SALE—First-rate tarm of ICO acres, f near Roctlord; one of the same kind, of 80 acres, near Babcock's Or-ive; also, one near Madison, Wls. I. CLAFLLN, 93 WasmngtoD-st. CpOR BALE—Eigntv acres mineral land, A? D'sr Mineral Point. Wls.; varetr.u<e aod elevat or, B& miles west of Chirago, by A- C. BROWN ft CO„ Hesl Estate Agents, 128 Lake-sL P)R BALE—Three 80-acre tiacts ol de rirablefamlcglandsin Kankakee County, onlv seven irom Gardner Station, on the Sc. Louis Railroad. WIQ be so dat a bargain, or exchanged lor city piOßtrty. 8. H. KERFOOT ft CO- 7l Dor barn-sL • T7OR SALE—Farms in Illinois. J 1 STI acres in Will Cb- (18,000—Vcaah. ...... 600 acres In DoPage Conjoining H.B. «Mtlin,{*o»*»- 4CO acres in Coles Co- near Mattoon. !>• Ogd; iro acres in Livingston Co. (or trade). |s,nv. >2O acre* In McLean Co. (st >ck). f 12.090- D. H. HORNE, Real Estate AgeoL * Lombard Block. tfot Sale. F°«.. s .^ii r AA 1 L a B t^r.g SALE —Snow-cases (silvered) and IH PAte s {nr »»e. Also a small herring «*fb A. f wi'der safe. Call and see them at E. n, I FEIN’S store, >'°- 7 9 South Clark-sL, opposite the Court llon*g- SALE —Job Office—One-third in- I* tsr» >tm me of the largest and best 000 k aid Job dtlopok offices In Chicaso. For parUculirsaad later- Ttow. adcress P. Q. Box 2939. TT'OR &ALE—Lot of shelving, connterj, J 1 work benches, Most be sold immediately. Will exchange (or goxu. Apply on premises. grtuatumg ggaantea. CITJTATION —Wanted—By a practical t~CT ) i r ißS^ k f£i- Bett rf refcreweta given. Address J. ELLISUX. Jfgewon. ID. Qll CATlON—Wanted, in a sb. p or on k. 7 » railroad, hy afint-daas a acbtiwt sod o‘floeer. l?^illl*5 oaWereßcet * Adores* E.S.SANDAU, ] 3 ATtO>l«* SITUATION —Wanted, m a wholesale! Dine boose, eubcr a* salesman or alert bva. yonr g man who has a thoroncn knowledge cf the bui tea*. Can reffcr to Eastern bouses. Address “ b M,** Trlbote otter, CITDATTON —Wanted—On a tana, by a man and win. Undents* d tarmtnr thoroughly, in all its branches. Womsa todohot*e»orfc. Addras fcr three days. **F. ABMES." Tnbace efflee. VBIBALISi CITDATION—W anted* by s young lady/ O u*alesvom»n a milUoer? store, rr »• boni®. ketper la a small family. Address **L CQ, * Tnbtine cfflce. SITUATION —Wanted, oy a meal or, pastry Cock, In a hotel or priva'e boarding house, appifior two days at Tribune office. Out city refer •( once given. Address **M M.** { SITUATION—Wanted, by a young ro-j Ly man aalanedry gltl. Private fun fir pr-fcrml. Can give good refetences. Please call at 806 Wabash- IT. SITUATION—Warned, by a young O Pr«.tc4t«ot BlrU to do wersd work in s prime Ctmljy. Call at 130 Batterfietd-st. C ITDATiON—Wanted, by an American U lady, as Tears old, as housekeeper. Tbe omi of e l h ss* cltto. PteMe,or aaoreaa for three day*,' 677 nea* Mmdl>oa-«t. CITUATION—Wanted, by a lady, as seamstress Ic a prime family where she would have the privilege* ano quiet of a comiortaole home. BeArence given ata required. Apply at 137 We«t OITUaTION—Wanted, in a respectable &T 5 private family la Chicago. hy a youiglaay who 1 wbhes to work lor her toard and co to school. Ad-o dress, with partlculars.sUtlnc location and distance teem school, •* MISS E A 9," Urban*. Champaign Co-,* SITUATION—Wanted—As cook m a O private b'ardlne house. Understands her ba>l-i neas. Best 01 city references given. Apply at -129 Sontb C.arkst. * F agents ffiaaantcß. * A GENTS Waited For “ WO-J XI MAN'S WORK IN TOE CIVIL WAR."' Prepared under the approval of tc« United SutoK Samtary, Western hanltasy and the Christian Commissions. History has no precedent, poe try bo panllei. to the work ot vozin In our* lalectrilwar. An eminent Divine says; “This Worn, I* a household treasure, a joy and Plea: lug to future times. Itdevtlopesatew.soclalera; anewreanltos ourneetnsatntions, oar schools, oar churchy, oar. pulpit, and cur preat; anew power In woman; t new 1 phase in Christianity itself.” T.s. Arthur's M*caaaes says; ~We welcome this bookmoat heartily sa the only,, reeorc cf Womar’i work to »a* War whieo tsaceaaar* appioacb to completeness.” Send fbr a clreular, get a full description of thewora and terms to agent*. Address ZFIGOR. McCUBisT A CO- Lombard l Block, Chicago, 111. •, AGENTS —Wanted—In all me impor-* tart towns In Illinois to represent the “Econ omics! Mutual Life Icsurance Comp-mr nr It. I.** Aridrew, giving name and references, TUCKKK A 1 SHUFELDT. General Agent*, Chicago, 1)1. , AGENTS— Wanted —500 Aeents want-i ed In a new business, n. U. SHAW, Alfred* Maine, A GENTS—Wanted lmmediately, in, xjl tvery county. to sell standard salable books, ot which la’gecommltrion* will be oald. Address H. MI SHEBWOOD. IQ7 Mofclo»>U Chicago. , A GENTb —Wanteo —sl2s per mnnllxt XA.acdexpenses. Address SHAW 4 CLARK SEW ING MACHINE CO- Olddctord. Maine. AGENTS —Wanted —Male and female— Boltnevs at bom*. No capital repaired. Actlvt AsectscOnmaselS dallv. Address, with stamp. U DEYEREAUX. Dra vet 6041. Chlcaio. lIL , A GENTS—Wanted—North and So nth, to sell fine work* of art. The largest commls non# ever paid. Send for circular and be convinc'd T. J. BOLENDEB A CO- 393 South Clark-st- Chi cago.ilL A GENTa—Wanted—s2s a day. Fit XA. teen new articles lor Agents. O.T. CARET Blddetord. Maine. * AGENTS —Wanted —For the American— Conflict, by Horace Greeley. Agents who bavi delivered vcl.l-and desire to deliver vol. II- most ma*e th»lr orders Immeolatelr. GEO. A C. W. SUBB WOOD, 105 Madison-»t- Chicago, IU. eg AGENTS —Wanted —Iwant an Agenda In every town in the State to e mvsss lor a new* patent article lor houacnou u'c. ana which is meett'>d>] with a great sale. Good agents are making tram k* » to #3O per week. Anply~(o or address O. A. lIE2C-M PRICE, 161 Lake-et- Cnlcago. IE. at A GENTS—Wanted u The Pictoriai r\ BOOK OF ANECDOTES AVD INCIDENTS Ol** To£ WAB.” Warranted the most attractre. fut-te,l tng book tot. Pays isrzest profits and elves bea«* satufactlon when de Ivered. Agents mage >3O to |10P» per week, as we wtl prove. Address SIODDAKI*® A CO- 103 Chicago. r« AGENTS— Wanced—For Folsom’s new. Under Feed LEtTER A SEWING Price 823 to WO. Machine* sent on trial. P. ATKIN 5 SON. 164 Randolph su Rooms No. 6, Chicago. Ilia. AQI NTS—Wanted—Five Ideal Tiead£ el American Women: Angel ot the Hoipl'Af-- Before the Battle—Color Bearer—At the Front—Anav Neva. The nne*t works of artever int’oducci Inlhlv country. Experienced canvassers wanted tu even county tn the BU»t-. Address JOHN D. RICE. Utr Stale-tit-. Chicago. PI. • AGENTc —Wasted— Male atd female" to sell a new article tn great demand that everv tamliy wants. W per day made without leaving home Travelling agues can make from IS to *2O per dot without intern rence with other ounaess. TneartlCb shews f.r Itself. Samples, with terms and particular— ot th* bnslneas, sent fbr vs cents. Address R. W CHAPPELL. Drawer M3:i. Chicago, 111. A GENTa— Wanted, everywhere, to sel* XA Patent White Wire Clothes Lines. Canmakell to |2operday. Address “Metatlc Clcthes Line Co-' 92 Beneca-st— Cleveland, Ohio. A GENTb—Wa» ted—To sell one ot thi XA. greatest Inventions of the day—Paulson's Im irovedKnUhasd Fork Scouring Machine. A gn*a novelty; nothing like it In tte United States. Secure* by two patents. Scours six knlvts at a time. Exclu rive territory to selj will be given to rood Agent*. Ac ply toor adores*, withstaau.R. B. sonlh Clark-st- between Moarcc and Adxma. Chicago AGENTh —Warned —To sell the Reasoi Whysenreri books—'Th* mret salable friotj f the marker. The beet of te ma clvei t ■ r-oergrtecar vassers. Apply to FINDLEY A RICHARDSON. Mil AGENTb —Wanted—The “Fenian Mar tyrs.” Every Fenian, eve r Irishman, ever want, Ihu pigtuw. S,im"l(S sent fop UX Fci circulars and te*ois, udoresa GOOD SPEED <8 CO. 148 Lake-st., Cblcago 33oarhing. BOARDING —Good board with large faml'hM rooms and borne accommodations ca te bad at 1485 Mlchlgaa-at.»* T>OAKDINQ—A suite of rooms, beauti D tolly furnished. to rear, with board, la a prtvat tamlly where there are to otuer bcard-rs Locatlo ooTwfnty-Bftb-tUnearlndiaoa-av. Apply to 9. B JONES, 19W Lake-fit. OOARDING—NeatIy furnished rooms Owttti first-class board. In a private tamlly. at 17< South CUnton-at. T>OARDING— A lew boarders can b Fl aceommoaated with board and ro - ms at 74 Ch cago-av. Also, afew day boarders wanted. T>OAKDiNG —i ormshed room m a prl Fl yate family on the North Side, f>»r a genllcma sndhiswif*. Reference* required. For particular; aedres s •* J D," Tribune office. BOAHDING —A few gentlemen can b accommodated with p’easn'.l rooms, with boon ojo a tew day boardsrs at 42 Adams-sr. BOARDING— -Well furnished rooms !<• ladles or gentemeD, also a few day boarders, ca be accommodated at 34 Bast Washlmtton-sf. OOAKDJLNQ—Two gentlemen can b I* accommodated wllbaltrgercomaxdcood at 162 North Peorla-at. between Hubbard and In J ana-fit. |_>OARDING —One handsome iron room, with th* comforts of a bom*, permmet or transput, suitable for a gentleman and wife. or si: gie grallemen. »lso one single room, and a few da boarders at 297 Michigan-fit. HOARDING —Two gentlemen desirou I) of a comfortable home, with an elegant larz iront room, and excellent board In a respectable lac, lly, living on Wabo»h-*v.nol v»ry tar trevn PosiOmr* Best references required. Address “C," Box 1321 BOARDING —Two gentlemen, or ger Neman aod wire.can obtain board andfmot rom at 157 Soutn Jelfcnoo-sL, one block ol CUnton-e cars. Terms moderate TJOAKDINQ—An unfurnished roon • J_> suitable for a gentleman acd lady, to rent, wli :< board, at 266 West Randolph-fit, References r <1 qnlrea. '• BOARDING —A lady mnsic teacher ca be accommodated with board in a private tamlJ' AdortsaDß. CALL. 545 fctate-st. BOARDING —A suite of fornishe rooms to be had. in cne of those large whli bonus,-!37 West Monroe-fiL, with first-class p jam. "OOARDING —One or two ladies ca i> find a pleasant home os North Side. Addres with xelennce, Mrs. Tribune office. "DOARDINQ—A gentleman and wii’i l> can find good board, with parlor asd hedrooc . partly fumlsbrd. at 2*»S North State-st. Pnra ;< family. Bo otter boarders. Apply np-stalrs, BOARDING —Two or three gentleme or ladles can ba accommodated with rooms an good board, at 116 State-fit. Also, a few day boar* ers desired. BOARDING —Fleasant front room: unfurnished, parlor and bedroom, suitable for g*> Neman and wife, con be bad at 352 MJchlg*a-av., ca ncr Twel'th-sT. Kelerencea required. Uoarb fflElanttb. BOARD— In a private family east r! State, and between Sixteenth ann Twcnty-foa'tl \ ms. Address, with terms, C. E- SMITH, 45 A 4; Lake-st. !■ BOARD— Wanted, by a gentleman an wife, a pleasant suite of rarslsned rooms In goo locality- South Side, east of State, where there si few ornoboarders. preferred. Address, with pattlci lari<, ** C L W,” Tribune office. T>OaßD—Two yotme gentlemen wisi J> to obtain beard in a private family. WabMb-a'! preferred. Address “SB M," Drawer 3877, italic tents and location. •; pOARD —By a gentleman, lor himsel. Owlfa and child. In a private family, or where tbei'j arebnt few bosrders. Child five vtarsef age. Tern J rooit be mederate. Addreaa ”P ITribona office. parses, gtatriageg. See. F)R SALE—Fcnrteen horses, iostamv td irom Indiana, suitable lor trurka,'dr»ysor ev E ress wasons; also, some splendid baggy ana fvral*- ones and mares. Can bo seen at TOES'S Sale SU. ble, 45-1 SUto-su i F}R SALE —A snpenorKentuckyJac^; fifteen bands one Inch high, therongb-bred. rtr. dark color, six y#ara rid. and a fine breeder, will t •old cheap. WU. G. MILL SB, Cheaca, McLean Col TXT ANTED—An open Boggy m eT VV charge for a good second-hand exptess wage:’ Apply at 45 State-st. : TT'OR BALE—Or to exchange for dean j I* a horse, new open buggy, harness and robe. Tt • burse, a Canadian mmy, u sound, gentle and qulc I Address,“T.D. R.” Tribuneoffice. ] j FOR SALE—A span ol can face horse ' U lino style, good steppers, single or double. IT • • V equalled in this city. Apply toX C. oaRNBLL. Para ; ; afee’s stable, comer Twtnty-sccood and Statest. t J ; JI'OU SALE—Cheap—First-Class p!a! I J, ' form sptlrg wagon, nearly new. Has been o-e i; the Tmkce potion tradeasbortnme. Will besoi : cheap. Apply *o W. if by letter, Bj I 365. Freeport, stephtnson Co„ DL [ | FOR BALE —Valuable horse,well ‘ i la the dtr, kind and eale for anyone to drive, si '■ I iMiufs without tmcninz; ako, baggy aod tunes? h t sale. Inquire of J. W. TOWNE, Garden Cily Hou*e. J FOR BALE—A good pair ot c&rruz U horses, aged 6 and i jeara. well matched. *i i work slrgle or doable, tip-tep saddle horses for lair c f gettleroan.ctlor black; a'so, set of carriage harc-m I Appl) at £73 West Msdlton-st. ! i FOR BALE—A Morgan horse, G year } I old. that can show a three-minute gait, and t‘ J ; never been trained. Warranted sound and km: t li, everyway. So.d fbrwantof use. Can b« seen L I & three days at Hl3Stat»st. i* Hoaf ana jFomtb. LOST— Red Cow, of small size, som - white under her breast atd bellf, very s-jiat come in wl*b new milk. Lett rootnwest • l ‘ warfalngton and Sangamoc-sts. Moodsy aferruwi I;; Whoever will retnm,or inform where *he fensd will b-t liberally rewarded at 31S Weal ffß' 1 ) ington-st. J. H. PEaKSON. *ll EU&T —Two Cows, March lllh—one !i large roan, the othei asmalited cow.whltefic Any one finciog and returning the sam» to owner. 30- 1 * Twemy-flfih-sL, wlq be amply rewarded- ;, T OBT— $70 —The btud eanied money c : ! I j altooilnx mm. with a largaUmliy to iuppon tj Inc flndtrwlll to liberally rewarded,and rec*tve iP' ( buntrli thanks of the owner, uy leaving it with liBl : rtt.i. SOUTE, 47 State-sL,up-*tatn, 1