Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 15, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 15, 1867 Page 1
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FROM LUROPJ. Latest News ly OceuH Telegraph. English Erecautions Agiinst Further Trouble in Ireland. FROM WASHINGTON. Debate in the Senate on the Re construction Bill. The BUI "Likely to Pass as It Came from the Senate Committee. The Virginia Convention Scheme Pronounced a Failure. FROM MEXICO. A Great and Final Itatflc Ex- pected Soon. FEOX ELUOFE. BE OCEAN TKLBGBIPH. Great Britain. Lokdok, March M, •mt late inisu urvoLT. The Fenian troubles arc not entirely ended. The has Just sent four gunboats to Dublin to bc~posted on Lidy River. The Fenians tavc taken refuge luihe Wicklow Moun tains, where they are perishing from cold and hunger. Italy. FnonescE, March 11. ranUAMEKTAEf ELECTIONS. Nearly ore-hnlf of the Italian elections are to he repeated. The re-nlt is exceedingly doubtful. General Gari'.ald! ;a at of the Opposition piny. Lnusti foreign norkets. IINS-VCIAL. Lonoov, Msrch 14—Noon. Comoj. Sli.; trie. S)X; imroU Central. 71* Uhltcc Static 5-205. "J V* London, March ll—Evenlcg. Consols cloi-ed at 90 1,- ; S-iiO*. 74k; Illinois Central, 77 i ; Erie Railway stares, S 9;». 1-ivEcr‘OOL, March 14—Noon. Cctt-.n crttinuci firm and active. Cera advanced to3sß W pvr quarter ca mixed Wt»:era Calilornla. TVhcat firm at lo.«r.:. Larn unchanard. >lar<h<viern/lvice«:eporl Improved feeding and ad vanced pricca. LivEnroot, March U-Evcalns. The acilvpy js rr.ttrn centinutd the day. The markft cWed Arm at an advance of fully fvd. Middling u,-iard-. 33kd; middling Orleans. 15v-- Saks, 3j.Cl’C hales. The market f>r breadstutfs vu firm, with an up ward tendency. Com sold daring the afternoon at US lor mixed W«itcm; advance Sd. I'rovi.-loas steady and uncJ-anged. Prime Eaitun ac.s pork firm at previous prices. American lard, Zlt. (id. Lit seed '4l. i"7S 3(F ptr ton. Fin** American rode, Jjspcrcwi. J’orrolfjm,lsCd for refiaal Pcsssylra n!aand C&nada. Fl-Oi2 ASiILNGIOX. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnlmne ] Washington. March 11, UEItATi ON THE EITPEENENTAL ItECONSTBCCTION Tbc debate iu tbe Senate, this afternoon, on the Supp'cmcutal Reconstruction Bill, Indicated a disposition ou the part ol the majority to take the measure as it came ft omjibc Judiciary Committee without much change, though it also radicated that the minority will offer a large number of umcndm* ct-. Mr. Drake, the new Senator from Missouri, cflcri-d two and has three more. Mr. Sumner has three or four; Howaidtwo orthrec, nnd various other Senators one or two each. Mr. Drake’s first proposition was lost by about two to one. It was that lo Convention shall he held till the people vote iu its favor. The debate on ibis covered about two Lours, and was participated In by Messrs. Tiumbol 1 , Howard, Drake, Fessend°n, Morion. Tipton, Johnson, Stewart and Howe. His second proposition was to keep the rebel Slates out till their Cc-nstitations provide that voting shall rorever be by elored ual’.oL This was discussed by Messrs. Wilson, Norton, He dcr* son, Conklicg, Drake. Trumbull, Fessenden, Bnclmlcw, Howard and Corbitt, hut no decision was taken prior to adjournment. The galleries were well filled nil day. It is doubtful if the bill can be passed to-morrow, though many me Fbers of the Dense are very anxious to bare It returned to that body ou Saturday. iu icitu uvui uu cumua;. INDIAN AI’PEOEIATTOSS. The act making appropriations for-the Indian service daring the ncH fiscal rear c mimes s danse instructing Uie Attorney General to inquire into the condition of tic funds held in »rusl by the Tnited Slates for any tribe of Indiana, and what remeny exists for rbe security of tbe United 8 mice in respect lo the nou-psying stocks so held and the value thereof; what stocks are non-pay- Inc, and what proceeding should i<etaken for the security of tbe United states In respect to' the same, and report thereon to Congress on tbe first Monday of Decembtr next. rroontia. Advices from Richmond to-day arc that tbe pro ject for callin'; a Stale Convention Is probably dead. Ills opposed on the onebana by Robert Ouid and other prominent ex-rebels, because they don't want anything done under tbe Recon struction Bill, an.l on the other band fay John M. Bolts and other Unionists, because it does not ab solutely enfranchise all rebels, and gives Gov • emorPierpont too much power, they say, iu the appointment of officers. COLORED SCHOOLS. The whole number of colored schools in the Department of Washington, ns reported by the Superintendent for the month of February, was ISJ, employing 1-1 teachers, with an attendance of 7,328 scholars. executive ncsntEss. A lann nnihlixr nntnlnillnm tMrn unf IfitA A large number of nominations were sent into the Senate by the President to-day. Few of par ticular importance weie acted upon. The nom ination of Colonel Jones, Postmaster of Cincin nati, was referred to the Commifce. The nam of General Bassett Langdon, for Assessor of Cin cinnati. was returned agqlu to-day and referred to the proper committee. xniALor socnarr. No time bus yet been fixed for the trial of Sur ratt, and tbe impression prevails among members of the bar lhat the case will be put over lo the next turn of court, when Chief Justice Carter will preside. ON TUE ALEUT TOO FLA VERS, The United States Consul General at Havana informs the State Department that the Spanish authorities are vigilant and active all over tbe Island to ducover and. thwart any slave esoedi tion. and that there has been and (.til) is a chain of night sentinels throughout thecoa-tof Cuba, guarding ail points where a landing could take place, and the impression is general that on ac count of each vigilance no slave expedition could have been fit’eo out- The Consol says he has be come entirely satisfied that tbe Rosa del Turn, whose arrival in Havana was announced tu the Department, came lit ballast from Ferdsndina without Alncans or cargo. CONrinvATtONS. The Senate to-day, among others, confirmed tbe following uomttiadaus: U. Barnard, Commissioner of Education; Ben jamin LeFcvrc. of Ohio. Consul to Batavia, Java. Eo*ftno*tcr Thomas J. Roger. Janesville, Wla.; Fred.S. Lovell. Kenosha, Wis.; Elbert A, Jonea, Chattanooga. Teen. (yolltcfor of internal Jlrvaiut— Robert Little, Third District of Illinois. Ass*»sor* of internal Ittremie— James U.Hart, Fourth District o! Ohio; Daniel E. Ncvin, Twen ty-third District ol Pennsylvania, EEJECTIOSS. The folio win "nominations were rejected; CrM*d Stott* llcr-haU— Borman s. Andrews, first District, Michigan; Joe. Henry, Western District, Michigan. Caifta Stair- Attorn*#—G ccrge W. Maguire, Eastern District, Mbsoari. tcllfetoi e of I/iifrnaJ J!ecfnue~Wm. P. Moore, Third District, Missouri; Wm. C. Webb, Sixth District. Tennessee: Edward T. Ward, Fifth Dis trict, Missouri; James W. Black, Sixth District, Missouri. Aucxkvts of Interred Revenue —J. V. Kelso, Second District, iml Inna; John H. Thomas, Sev enth Dl-tricu Ohio. i*o<in«t*fm—lsaac 11. Hildebrand. Huntington. Pa.; Jeren.iah Ackley, Genesee, 111.; Cuarlea Glass, Carlinvlllp, 111.: A. W. Rawh-y, Sueqne hauia Depot. Pa.; H. M. W**td, Peoria, 111.; C. C. Case. Waukegan, 111.; George Eiseusleiu. Clarksville, Tens.; J. J. Lusk, Keud&lviMc, lud. Revel Opc-r—L. P. Ashmead, Philadelphia. tsmimox ACAIHaT TU2 INDIANS'. 'I 11, G,pa* 4. 'l’lm .v.btillnn The 2/trc!(ft -pedal says: 4 * i’he expedition against the hostile Indians uf Kansas end No hraska. under the command of Major General Hancock, ts tally equipped and supplied, and 'lll start Irom Fort Leav«n»'orih on the Pith instant. General Hancock orders all trains to be organized for dctci cv by electing a Captain and Other offi cers, and crgnctziug the I-mu lera and employes, and all others belonging o the train, into one or mere compmies. No trains arc to be allowed to pass into the Jnainn country which number I-ss than twenty wagons and twenty armed men. Whenever an attack Is made by Indians upon ai.v train nnrpomg the overland routes, the command ing officer of the nearest military post Is directed to furnish prompt assignee." TUE KEW OP LEANS UNITED STATES XAnSiIALEUir. The New York Iribuut'e special corrects Its statement that th*.’ name of General Herron Dad been sent in as Marshal for New Orleans. No nomination lor that position has vet been made. There is great rivalry for the Marshalship of Louifciana. icciea-ed, no doubt, by the fact that the emoluments of the office are increased to two hundred nnd fifty thousand dollars per an num by the past-age of the Bankrupt Act, with lees atteLdert. tOXMiKSSrO.NAL pboceedinos. Washington. March JL SENATE. Mr. itAMsFV. Rem the Committee on Post Cfttces am: P<*>; Ruadi, reported back, favorably, the bill authorizing the Atlantic Telegraph Com pfcw ri New Vovkto make eoundiugs and lay a cable on the American coast to connect with the rr«nch coast: at-o. a bill to'declare certain bridges ar,os- ibe Missouri Hirer public high r aye. Ibe House b;li. to suspend the law of last sea gion for l: c relief of tl.c beiru of John Bonligny, was referred to the Committee en Private Land Claim!. Mr. FESSENDEN, from the Committee oa Buildings and Grounds, repored a bill to pro vide in part tor the extension of the Capitol grounds. It appropriates Sid.oO'j for the purpose of pradleg and mlm/ up the grounds. Passed. Mr. VANWINKLE introduced a resolution in structing the Committed ou Pension* to inquire into tne expediency -f putting pensions ersnu d by epfccial nets of Coagrcaa on the same looting it. Uiuj-ecraneJ undcrtbe general law*. Ad Mr. FOVEBOY introduced a bill anlhorlziar ilie Postmaster General to contract with the Con' ji.crelal Navigation Company for the weekly uaaeporutlon of European and foreign maiia be iwe« n New York and Bremen. touching at South rmpton, and acthoridt.g a guarantee on behalf o;' li.c United States of bonds to said company to an amount not exceeding J3.s<iO,(KiO; ihc company to fit out within one year seven first-class ships for the e(-nicc named: the bonds to be Issued upon completion ol the tame, bn- noKon greaterautount than fifty per cent of the value of each respective ly ; tbe compensation of the company for the aor tic- ict.iiered not to exceed in nmonst the whole t-nm received for postal on letters, ne '••spapera, Ac, transported. Reicrred to Committee on Post Offices. Mr. reported from the Commit tee on Public Buildings and Grounds advetsdy ou the Joint rcsolmion of Mr. Wilson, prohibiting the use of Honor in tho Capitol, but presented an amendment to the Joint rn!c providing that ’to liquors be offered for »al*- or kept within tbe Capitol or any room connected therewith, or the pnbile ground adjacent, and that fhc Sergcant’-al- Aimsol tbe two bonnes shall enforce the provU ions, and any cfllcer or employe who’ahall violate the rule ‘•hall be dismissed from office. Mr. t ONNtsS introduced a bill granting lands to aid the construction of a canal from some j oint In Tcabama or Colnaa County, California, to a point on the Saciamcnto River In Salons Conner. California. Referred to the Committee on Public J-ands. Mr. RAMSEY irtrodneed a bill authorizing the Southern Pacific Railroad Company to extend their road westward through the Territories of New Mexico and Arizona to the cast boundary Hue of California, and with the consent of that Stale through the same to the Pacific Ocean, said com pany vote entitled to all the privileges to grants of hinds. loans of builds, Ac., as granted to tbe Vniou Pacific Railroad Company. Referred to ih' Committee on the Pacific Road. Mr. TROMBCLL called up the Supplementary Reconstruction BiH. which was read at length. Mr. BRAKE said he bad several ani-ndm--iiij to cher. The first was to insert in the fifth section a piovlciou that ut tne election provided lor in the preceding sections, tbe registered voters of each State el-all v ole on the question of bolding a State Convention aud forming a Constitution. Those ia tavor of the Convention thall hare writ ten -or printed on their ballots. “ For a convention." Tbo.-c opposed shall have “Against a Convention” written or printed on their ballots. The persons appointed to snper iutcid the elections shall make returns of votes for and against. Tbe Commanding General, to whom the same shall be rotnrneu, shall ascertain the total vote, aod if a majority oftho whole num ber of those in ary State shall have voted for snea a Convention, it shall be held; If a majority shall Lave voted against a Convention, no anch Conven tion shall beheld. Mr. DRAKE said he did not like the provisions of the bi’J as reported on the subject. He did sot think the Individuals clcctcu as members of lie Convention should have It ia Hicir power to make as official expression of what they choose i..dcc;aie to be the wishes of the people, but that ihepcoolc themselves should, by their votes, di rectly declare their wishes on that subject. Mr. TRUMBLI.I. said me Judiciary -Jormnittcc had coDeidertd u proposition similar to that now inrodneed by Mr. Brake, but bad concluded it urn* best ns now presented. Frauds were effectu ally guarded against by provisions that the Con stitution must bo ratified by a majority of tbe reg irrtrcd voters. Be hoped the bill would be nafsed as it came from tne Judiciary Committee. If many amendments were adopted - ft would be iLcongruou?. Mr. BRAKE replied, argamg the necessity for guarding the Southern people against the possi bility of a betrayal into the adoption of a Constl u.:louacaia?t their wisue-. Ihc very men who I ad misled Ufa people during the last six years, t.ic now reaflv to mlshad them again. Mr. HOWARD supported the amendment as necessary togctthefnli expression of the popu lar vote. Mr. FESSENDEN epnbc In favor and Mr. FRE LINGIiITVSEN opposed the amendment. Mr. MORTON was opposed to submitting the question orconvention orno Convention to rebels .: :ill. In the beginning, lf|nvo-thirds of the law- I ul voters of the south were not in lavor ofa Con vention, let them star at home, bat ftp them rot '• •; able to defeat tbe work of reconstruction. Let a Uotvcntioji be hold and a Constitution formed, it Is quite enough fur them to have a voice in ratl i.' mg the Constitution alter it is framed. Mr. HOWARD contended for the right of Con c; ess. at inch time and in such manner aa It saw at, to restore tec rebel States. He was not In .-neb a hurry to complete this work as to admit a Mate without a clear and fair expression of the Win Of the majority of its dozens. A minority (jovemment conla not exist m this country, ana it anv State contained a majority opposed to re luming to the Union, he was for keeping it M.t tiirdoomsday. or nctil Its people repented in dust and ashes of their crime.*. Alter further debate the amendment was reject ed—l 7 against 56. ■'amcron, Harlan, Patterson, of IT., Howard, H., I rake, Howe, Pnmner, Ferry, Morgen, Thai or, Fcsscidcn, Morrill, of Me., Tipton, Fowler, Morrill, of VU, Wade. NATS. Anthony. Doolittle, Ramsey, Bucl.alcw, Fri-lmgbaygen. Ross. Coh.% Grimes, Sherman, Conkllrg, Het:dersoa, Sprague, vcmets, Hendricks, Stewart, Coibilt, Johnson, Trumbull On."ln, Morton, Van Winkle, Lax 1-, Patterson, of Williams, Dixon, Tenn., Yates. Mr. DRAKE moved to amend tbefourth section by the following: l‘tot%atd. That no such Constitution shall he considered as entitling the State for which it is ;>amtd to such representation, unless it provides lat in all elections: for Siste, county or mnmcloal . tUccis, the electors shall vote by closed ballot, ..:.d sect mouc of voting shall never be changed without tbe assent ofTotgri.-s. A ochafe of some length followed, daring which ,Vr. DRAKE expressed the belief that Congress has tic right to thrust out Senators and Repre yntativea where the State has formed a Constitu tion with this provision In it and afterwards vio lated it. Mr. MORTON said he would vote for Mr. Drake' amendment if tbe clause referring to the tuturc were omitted, and the simply voting by cloeia Lailoia shall be provided tor In the Consti tution. He believed it very important that the voting should he by dosed ballot, but doubted ♦he nght of Congress to Impose a condition of this bind which should he binding in the future. Mr. HENDERSON spoke against tbe amend cert. After farther debate, and without action, the senate went Into Executive session, and afterwards adjourned. HOUSE. Sir. COFODE asked leave to offer a resolution .'•entr? that charges of irregularities in the i reasury Department have been made through :iie press and in the House, and that such -uMuciiis a:e calculated lo cause great uncasi cm* in the coun’ry, and providing for the ap [-Diriment ol a select committee ;o investigate all -r.cb charges, and report to the House tbe present ouistar.dlLg Government indebtedness, as repre sented bv Currency Bonds, Compound Interest Nc.tcsard other promises topsy; deflccncics ex hibited by the books and accounts; the amounts ».f over issues, if any; wbeiber coupons ondu i.ftcaled bonds have been presented, and if so «Lai amount of such have been redeemed; and I'-<inirc in;o all other irregularities. Mr. CHANLER objected as the clause was 100 indefinite, and opened np too wide afield ofln qafty. Mr COVODE gave notice that he would on Mcndcy move to suspend the roles so as to offer :bu resolution. Mr. JLIIAN introduced a bill to fix the time for tbe eh ctionof Representatives and Delegates m Ccngrers, and a hill to constitute eight hoars .•p a legal dav’s vork for oil mechanics and labor cte employed by or on behalf of the Govemmint. Ud'-iTCd to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. HOJ.MAN desired to have the latter bill put on its final passage now. bat Mr. Mevens oh* >rud. FERNANDO WOOD presented s petition from '•'flyor Hodman and citizens of New York asking the extim-ion of the same privilege to sailors hon discharged as now extended by law to siidjcra. ibe SPEAKER presented the reply of the Con gteesional Printer to the inquiry contained in tbe resolution of Match 12, respecting the purchase tf prinungpaper. Mr. SCOFIELD offered a resolution instructing theommittce on Elections to report whether Mr. Bunt or Mr. Cbillicott, clalmlogaa Delegates r rrm C olorado, laprima facie entitled lo the seat. Mr. RANDALL moved that when the Bouse adjourn to-day it adjourn to meet on Monday. Negatived. Adjourned. FBOM J»E W TORE. Arrests for Resladog Law Officers—Ap peal In Behalf of the Southern Desti tute —yiurderons Attack on Albert D, Richardson. New YonK,March lE—The officers of the com pany owning thesteameip Baltic, which a’tempt cd to ran oil with three United States Marshals some weeks ago, were arrested this afternoon on a charge of obstructing the Marshals and resist ing the process issued by the United States Court. At a special meeting of the Executive Commit ice or the Southern Famine Relief Committee this morning the following were unanimously adopted: Wiikheab, The Southern Famine Relief Com mittee in advised by General Howaid not to relax its effort id ontaining contributions from tbe people of the Northern States on accoant of the proposed appropriation by Congress, tbe destitu tion being so wide spread and appalling aj to de mand all that can be done for us relief; there fore. lie sol ted, That the committee earnestly request the clergyman of all denominations throughout Ilc Northern fatales to jola iu a simultaneous ap peal for contributions on Sunday nex*, the 37th instant. (Signed), Aecjiibald rcssell, Chairman. John Bowen, Secretary, pro tem. Ihe Express states that a determined attempt was made lasi night, by a man named Daniel McFarland to murder Albert D. Richardson, the well-known hil/nnc correspondent. It is said it u McFarland was jealous of Richardson's at tention to his wife, who is an actress belonging to tbe Winter Garden. Mr. Richardson has, for five or six weeks, occupied a room in McFarland’s Louse, in Amity street, between Eleventh and Twelfth. Last night, as Mr. Richardson and the lady were walking down Amity fttuei, the irate husband came up behind them and fired three shots nt Richardson from a revolver, one of which hit him, Jodrlng in tbe ptoln- A police ofllccr seized Me r atland and took him to the station bouse. Rich ardson was taken lo his room, where the ball was extracted. Subsequently he was removed lo the iCidctceofSamuel Sinclair. This morning the «oun&el oi llichaidson slated to the Court that hi client declined to make any charge againut tin prisoner and be was discharged. New Voue, Maim 14 —Mr. Richardson's friends, deeming tbe account of the murderous assault upon him last night as calculated to do injustice bolb to bunstdf and Mrs. McFarland, deslr’j the following additional statement pub lished: cFarland, it is alleged, la subject to Ilia of drunken frenzy, and has for a long lime threat wird bis wife with personal violence, so that she 7-as compelled to lea\e him and -eur legal prelection from his persecutions. She had iiihUtmcd proceedings for a t-epa; alien, on the ground of crnelty and refu sal to provide for his family. McFarland, it is rep resented, had consented to a separation, and sue had cone to live with her inends, earning her own support npon the stage and by She labors of h'-rpen. Mr. Richardson had been requested to etcon her from (he theater last night, when he das attacked by the Inturlutcd hn-baod in the stit-el. Aficrthe second shot, he toroed upon his MitTl. AIIV4 UJC CCWWU ruui, UW .U4MVU M*. .irtitiiunl, clutched and threw him, the two being on tue ground when the officer reached the ?c-ne. Mr. lUchardson’s wound is painful but not con -idcred dangerous. At the examination this morning, Mr. Richardson being nnablc to ap* rear, ibe prisoner was dismissed, but proceed ing* have been instituted for hfa re-arrest nud trial, vbtn a ngid investigation will show that be "ns acting simply asa friendly protector against me unreasonable fren/v of Ibe husband. t Le Brooklyn Navy Yard baa been reduced to e peace-footing, and all of (he departments put in ordt-r. Naval officers say tha* the Dunderberg is cot as lormidablc as onr turreted monitors, and pr int to the capture of the Atlanta and Tennessee, which are types of the Dunderberg, as proofs of their assertion. At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Hoard of File Insurance was re solved that where the doors and windows of buildings locaied In streets less than eighty feet in width were so constructed as to admit ot their heiiip «P'-ncd from the outside in cases of emer gency, a ucdoctnmof ten cents may he made from the standard rates. All stores which have hoist ways, dummies, &c , inside of the building, with out iron coverings. ehiJl be charged tea cents In addition to me standard rate. A match wa* made yesterday between Sam Coll yer and Barney Aaron, to tight in June next for the championship and three thousand dollars. New YoiiE, March It.—The Board of Health have issued a circular warning the public or ike probable approach of cholera this summer, and mgiiigtbo l/’glslaturc to provide for suitable qti’araniice regulations- Fcllurc of the Wanrcgan Print Com- pnor. New Volts, March 14.—The failure of Tall & Co, of Providence, Is followed by that of the VVtturecan Print Company, with liabilities fo the exten* of f2,U0».00t1. iliese failures were caused mainly by the fall m cotton and cotton goods. F. Kurtz, Commissioner, arrived yesterday (Thmsday) in the Oc'an Queen, from A-piowall. with documents relating to the inter-oceanic rail road concession recently granted byCosla Hlca to General Fremont acd associates. 0 YOL. XX. THE SOUTHERN FLOODS. Accounts of Damages Sustained in Tennessee, Kentucky and Other States. Many Lives Reported Lost. Appalling Reports of Suffering from Hunger and Exposure. The C'ity of Chattanooga Tirenty Feet Under Water. Houses Toppled Over and Floated Away, Eennd City, 111,, Entirely Engulfed. TEPIJJE^SDS. •The City of Cbatianoogn Completely Engulfed—Tho Water from Tivelvelo Twenty Feet oeep In all Faria of tbe City—Appalling Accounts of iinfl'erlug from Want of Food rind Exposure— Douses Toppling Over and Floating Away many Persons Deported Clowned, (Special Despatch (o tbo Chicago Tribune.! Nashville, Tenn., March 13 Q A despatch reached Colonel Innes to-day, dated Chattanooga yesterday, which cams part of the v«y by courier, and ta the first news icceivcd since that city was engulfed in water. Tbe water yesterday was twelve feet deep In front of the LinicbCelo House, and to the road at ibclChatta i.ooga Depot, It was from twelve to twenty foet deep alt over the eity. Many houses were toppling over, ana others floating away. The Mayor, with a posse of citizens and sol uiers was foraging among tbe loaded cars fur toed. TLoflgcniaof the roa i protested, buttha Mayor said the people were starving. The water had commenced receding. Five spans ol the Bridgeport bridge are eav»d. Reports of suffering at Cbattmooga and other places along the river arc* appalling, the pecu niary losses cannot be estimated, but will reach millions of dollars. Rerun! Carer, of the Freedmen's Bureau, i» making cflbrts to send rations fiom Nashville to thesufiems. C*A farmer at Bridgeport reports seeing twenty five dead booies floating down the river yesterday. The weather has tamed cold. An inch of snow fell to-dav. KENTUCKY. The Flood at Louisville—Rulldins Swept from the Levee— Tiails Inter rupted—Report* of Great Dnoiugc, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Louisville, March 1 1. The weather continues very cold with strong Icc formfeg; still tbc water in the river is rising nearly an inch per hour. One building on the levee has washed away ; others are tottering. The water is nearly unto the flood height ot IS-17. 1 A tram came through from Nashville to day and transferred tbe baggage and passengers on Paeon Creek, Mails ore ellll Interrupted southward, and in ftimatlon cornea that tbe damages arc extraor dinary amongst a people not prepared for dis asters. Tire Flood In the Ohio at Louisville— A Large Portion of the City Sub merged—Accident* to Railroads. [From the Louisville Courier. March 1.1.] For ecveratydays pact the mighty Ohio, that had nearly reached its old sod proper limits from a previous flood, haa been swelling again, and has advanced, Inch by inch, until it surpasses the previous flood, and has oil that portion ol tbc city occupied by river-taring people in Us control anu beneath lis mighty torrent. The city, seen from the nver, presents a ca rious appearance. 'The water Is in the second sto ry of most ofthe houses along the levee, while MilppisgEporf, tbe Point, ami other localities, arc entirely submerged, and their position only to be defined by the Louses and house-top* projecting f. om the rapidly-flowing stream. In the upper pai t of tbo city tbo saw-mDls arc ail under water □esilyro the roofs ol most ol them, aud all the lumber yards and frame shanties arc afloat. Bear grass Creek and tbo river a:e blended into one great stream, with all the Bcargrass bridges sev tial fu-t under water. Toe rolling mill is some ten Jei tdown, and tbe waves are laving the bank wlthlnaconpleoffectof the Gas Works. Dosn •be liver farther, the stream has Jclt only a small h<nolng at the foot of Third street, at which steamboats ere huddled close together, loading and unloading their freight. in all the cioss sucela below Third the water extends tip nearly half tbc square—reaching nearly np to Gray’s alley on Fourth street—the water being close nplo the ceiling in Ucn. Bar rel's store. Wherever the steamboats could find landings they availed themselves of them. One boat, & Kentucky River packet, was lauding her freight up the aucy Between Fiftli aud Sixth, and othet boats were larding at Tenth street. Thir teenth aircfct, near tbe canal bridge, and other points favorable. The canal and river were M.tded in one stream—tbe intervening strips of lend beli.g entirely under water. Ou tbe island foixned between t r c canal and river tbe only dry spot left was immediately at the canal bridge—tbe Louisville Garden. All the rest was under the flood, and tbe eye bad an uninterrupted water Ucw lr« m the c nal bridge to New Albany. Nearly all tbe people who resided along the river were forced t»» move or flee into the second or third stones of the houses. The river was dotted with skids, canoes and other crafts, mov ing these refugees, and some ludicrous sights were to oc witnessed. Every tiring in the shape of a frame outhouse along the river was afloat, but many of them were chained or fastened to keep them from being taken off in the current. Thenvcr was still rising last night, and the prospect seems to be that It will perhaps teach the Hood mark of 1817. It is alreadv more than tour tea above the highest attained' in the first flood this >eaeon, and if the ram is being received as plentifully at the b« ad waters of the river as it inhere, ue might venture lo say that all Louis ville will be snumerged. From tne railroads wc bear of accidents and ru mors of accidents. The small aitcams both in this Mate and over In Indiana arc running full, and (he railroads have therefore been In danger. The Louisville & Nashville Railroad has sustained perhaps the severest damage. Two culverts were injured or destroyed and a land slide also occurred- The tram due here at V.i p. w. from Nashville did not arrive, and the train that started from here south only went as far as Lebanon Jnnc ioc. The stream over which the cnJrtrta were Injmed were Big Creek and Bacon Creek. It is believed though that these accidents Mill not cause any delay of consequence on the roao, and that trams will start onto* usual to-day. Great Flood in Kentucky—Frankfort Inundated. Fpasktoet, March 12.—TLe Kentucky River Is higher now than it has been since the greatfiood oi IS-17. It rose four feet last night, ana from tno drift which is now running, old river men say we may look for at least three feet more. It rained here incessantly last night. A large portion of the city north of tbe railroad ir now Inundaß-d. The turnpike between here and Lawrcccebnrg la In many places under water and impassable. Mr. John Martin, who keeps the toll-gate be tween here and Lawrencebnrg. baa to move hts family and household goods tnls morning. 'i he river, early this morning, was covered with hay, shocks of com, new rails, ben coops, <£c., showing that the rise above must have been tre mendous and sudden. May God pity the people on the low lands be low us. The rlveris now two inches higher than it was in iel«. It is now rising at the rate of three inches per Lour. lusraiuA. Grent Damage to Property at New Al bnxiy—lubabltaxitM Drowned out of lltelr Honsrs, [From the New Albany ledger, March 12.] Contrary to all expectation, a fresh impetus was given to the great flood In the Ohio River last night and about II o'clock o. m., the rise commenced increasing in volume with a rapidity never before known at each a stage. From 11 o’clock last night until 12 m., to-day tbe rise was foil seventeen inches; and ot 1 o'clock tils afternoon the stage of water is but two incite* below the great flood of 1853, which was the high est water since 1847. In IM7 Ihc water reached half way np the hill to Mam street. It reached tbo upper corner ot the iraroc house oa the east side ol Slate street, be tween the Jeffersonville depot cud the comer of Main and Slate erects. To bring it up to (his point during the present flood will require an ad oitiona! rise ol about six feet. Aiieadr all the low grounds between the sonville Railroad and Water street are covered by water from two inches to eight feet in depth, water street, from Upper Thirteenth to Lower Eighth Is under water, except the ground on which the Ase manufactory, the GlassjWoiks. the inierican Font-dry. New Aluany Rolling Mills and the iioosicr Rolling Mill are hulk. These buildings arc still high and dry, hut If the water continues to rise during the nest twenty-four bourses fast as it bos done in the past twenty lonr, all Uie. : c establishments will be Hooded. On Upper Fifth street, where the ferry landing is located, the water is four to five feet deep, ana many leaded teams have had tbo goods in them damaged in crossing the water, in order to get on or os the ferry-boats. A large crowd has been assembled at this crossing during the day to wit ness the many funny scenes enacted there by the teamsters in making the passage. Nearly all the residences between the rail road and the river, from Upper Tenth to Pearl, ate flooded to a depth of from three Inches to six feel. The people who live in one-story houses 10 this district have nil been driven irom their residences, while those whose honses arc two- Btorlea high are living In the second stories. 1 lie damage that will ensne from this flood will be imrrcnse.and It Is feared that when the waters subside much sickness will be produced by per eons moving Into damp houses and living over ci llura Ailed witu water. As soon as the watcis abate rufficienUy every flooded house should ho ttoroogb'y cleansed and dried. and the water should be pumped irom the cellars and drained Bom the premises. In Falling Run bottom all the bouses are Inun dated, and in some of them the water reaches to the celling on the first floor. Hundreds of persons arc to-day engaged m moving, and if the riv-r contnuei* to rise, many more will be ousted from ll.cir dwellings by to-morrow. On the bottom lands, below the city, great damage Ha* been done the fencis and out-houses of the farmers. Hnn dieds have been driven from tbcxr houses by ine flood, and compelled to eeek refuge on the nigh grounds. At Fort'and one-half the town is under water. From this city to Cairo Ihc river spreads out like a vast sea. Millions ot dollars will bo re quired to make good the damage done. Nearly all the towns arc so Inundated that steamboats are not able to land; and thousands of bushels of craiu, stacked on the banks ol the river tor ship mint iouth, have been swept away or submerged ami ruined. ITie river, at th! o writing, 2 o’clock p. m.. Is risii-gatthc rate of one inch per hour, and, as heavy rains have been falling along thcupp*,r river, as far np ns Pilisnargh, since Saturday, we lear the flood will be increased over its present boundaries. All the foundries on Water street bare been compelled (o suspend operations by tbe flood, except the American. It, with the Now Albany rolling mills, will probably bare to succumb to morrow. VZBGZHZA. A Disastrous Fresh cl In tbe Appomat* tox Diver. (From the Petersburg Express, March B.} The Appomattox River, which for several days has been gradually rising in consequence of the recent heavy and continued rains, arose night be fore last, and during the day yesterday, to within thirty-one inches of the mark reached by the wa ter in the great fresbel of 1552. Tbe upper wharves are submerged, and the wa ter extends out to the embankment of City Point Railroad. The old brick warehouse below Poca hontas b idge Is ent otTfrom dry land, and one or more of the yards, nnd the wharf-way immediate ly below arc under water. Vessels tied lo the wharves are many yards onl trom land, and have to be icicbvu by small boats. On the oppo-ite side, the Chesterfield pike ia submerged waist deep, and only the upper planks of the fence which separates the pike from Gilliam's meadow are visible. The southern ahntment of Pocahontas bridge was partially washed awav by (he violence of tne current, and one-half of tbe rccond trestle of the bridge was carried off. By the prompt action of tbe Mayor and several of bis officers, the threatened abutment was saved from great dam age, ifiiot entire destruction. Rocks, gravel aud other material were thrown in in such quantities as to turn aside the force of the water. The bridge was considerably weakened by tbe oarttal loss of the trestle, and the flooring sank fully two inches in consequence. Officers were stationed at cither end to prevent more than one vehicle cross ing at a time. This was considered UeCCsgarv, because at the crossing of even of a single one, the timbers at this point were sensible ailectett. Imtuedlat- ly above and across the treaties of the bridge, at the southern end. lies the bull of the city’s plJe-ariver, partially submerged. It is pressed with great force aramst (he bridge, and ;e ipardizes the safety of that structure, its shears have been wast ed away and lost. The water was silt] rapidly rising yesterday evening, and It is feared it has not reached Its ticliht Thcbridce was groat dangt-r. Its loss wouldbc a calamity. Dlxtrcta at Richmond, fFiom the Richmond limes, March 8.1 Since twelve o’clock Wednesday night, most of the hydrants throughout tbc city have ciostd opera'ine, thcrebv causing incalculable incon veniences to families, printing offices aad manu factories. Large quantities of driftwood hive floated down the tails, while in several instances yesterday cows and hogs were hurried along by thv same lelentlnss current. The rations furnished by the city are issued (o thirteen hundred families. Each family util aver age lour persons, Urns making the total number of persons five thousand two hundred. Ot this number none have regular. and very few any employment, while two-thirds are prevented by age or sickness from woikingat all, even could employment be obtained. During the month of February rations wore la sued by ice United Stales Government to seven teen thousand difiercnt persons, of which number one thousand were white. None of these arew rations from tbc city supplies. Ibo above statements show the appalling fact tratoutof a population of about seventy thou sand souls, twenty-two thousand two hundred, ora wholly or partially dependent upon the chanty of the public. Of the whole number, six thousand two hundred are whites and the rest negroes. How many instances of d- stitinlon there arc unre ported we do not know, doubtless many. ARKANSAS. The Arkansan River Overflows jit* Bank#—Helena Ten Foet Under Wa ter-Great Loss or Life, CAino,March 14.—Mr. D. Johnson, clerk of tbo steamer Blackford, just arrived from Little Rock gives pome very interesting additional particulate of tbe condition of tbe country and toe effects of the flood at points below. Oa the Fth the Biack lord met the Bertha at Pino Blnfiij. with recruit-* for the Nineteen’!! United States infantry. She rati into the banks of the Red Fork, tore part of her larboard guard off. lost some freight, and one soioicr and one deck hand fell overboard she found the steamer onlrolla laid up nt Mirer Lake, with her shall broken. Tec Arbgfpas River Is cut through at Lake .lot leieon. audan immense araouut of damage ha-* hren done. The whole comury, and more 100. u til be flooded. Tbe Arkansas Is now at a stand On tbe oih she louud Helena, what was left of that city, ten feet under water, many buildings haring been washed away. Skiffs and dug-outs were selling at one hundred dollars each and scarce. The levee above Helena broke on the morning of the -Uh, involving the los* of a large amount of property and twenty-seven Uvea, most ly Ircedmcn. SOUTHERN ZX.EZNOZS. Plonnd City Under Water—Fruitless Bflbru to Cloee the Breacii In tbo * Acvec. Cairo, in., March 11.—Last night was clear and intensely cold for tbc climate aud this season of the year. The mercury stoodut leu degrees above zero nt daylight this morning. Tbo day opened with bright sunshine, and continues clear, with every pro-pect of settled weather. Tbc river is using very slowly now, having men one and a hall inches in the twenty-tour hours ending ar noon. -Notwithstanding tbe hf"h stsge of the riverand very heavy wind of the last twenty-four hour?, which has lashed the waters about at a leartul rale, the levee stauds firm and unscathed. Our poor neighbor, Mottcd City, is less fortu nate. All efforts to a:op the breach in the levee Buironnomgitbave proved unavat'ing, and tbe water inside that town Is now on a level with the river outside. THE COLD TERM. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.] La whence. Kansas, March 11. At 6 o'clock this morning the mercury stood at 12 degrees below zero, the coldest weather this season. Thu weatner ie tbe coldest ever before known in Kansas In March. Uts MOWSB, March 11—The cold is Intense. Trains are embargoed at all points. Tu-oe trains arc on the road between this nolnl.ind Keokuk, the engines being frozen up. A relief train suit ed out yesterday, bnt was obliged to put back. Tbe following telegram was received by tbe agent of the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, from Boone, yciterdny: ' “Boose, March 13. “i o Mr. Holton: Wo are blockaded with snow —tbe worst ot tbe season. No prospect of"etting a train through bciore Tuesday of ncxt°week Will keep yon advised. PJcaso notify passengers. „ “ J. A. Head.” Muscatine, lowa. March 11.—The weather for the last forty-eight hours has been as severe as any tm« winter, with most of the time a sharp wind blowing. The thermometer at 9 o’clock this morning was fourteen degrees below zero. The ice In the Mis-issippi Is still solid. Since the settlement of this country, thirty years a"o. It baa remained Urns laic only six times: In 1838 till MarchSKh; iu 1513 till April S»h: inlSlttill March 19lh; in lfs*; till March 23th; In 1857 till March 25th, and iu 1802 till Match 20th, Hudson River Navigation. Hudson, N. I’., March ll.—The river is open to this point, the first steamer from New Voru hav ing arrived up to-day. From Bristol up the river is rail of tcc. trwAlT liItOTOERH Advertising Ag’ta 120 Dcarborn-siM receive odvertinemcnta for all tbe leading paper* throughout the Untied Statu* r.ud C'anmiua. lUjiotoscapbg. JQg FIiOZEN_DBEP! -J AD Everything fiT a day or bo ban been frozen dwoTbuj BRAND’S cleganlFholo Formula arc nnaUected by die weather. 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T ONfc "WOOL SHEEP FOB SALE* 70 thorongh-bred Cr.tswold and Lincolnshire Ewes, with lamb, for rale, at 135 South Csnal-st, Chicago. Also, a thorough-bred Sheep Dor. E. COOK. P. O. Box 08. Chicago. pOOPEKAGE. VJ FOR BALE, 4i3CO}ooo Floor Barrel Staves* With Heading to match, thoroughly seasoned, good width, and A No. i tn every respect—by LINDEN. SEW ALL & TEED. Mercantile Building, opposite the Chamber ot Commerce, Chicago, O ARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. FOR, SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF Bry Goods, Groceries, Invoicing abcut f!2,0C0; all purchased within a year past, ana lease on store. Store located in a thrum* tiwn a short distance pom Chicago. Satisfactory re*. Bonn given for selling. For particulars Inquire or * E. V. BOBBINS, Commission Merchant, S 3 LaSalle-at,. Chicago. 'T'O CAPITALISTS. J MilwaCske, March i. 16GL Having decided to relinquish ba-.lccss, wc offer onr establlabtncnt tor sale. Onr bouse was ESTABLISHED IN 1845, Ha* been Ip existence 21 years, and is now placed on a safe, firm anc permanent basis, and to men of capital who bio oealrous of embarking in a PROFITABLE branch ot trade (wholesale and jobbing onlj) this pre sents a rare and valuable opportunity. Our stock is full, embraces none but the most staple goods, and the business is In perfect muting order. ' 11. BOSWURTH & SONS, Wholesale Druggists, Milwaukee, Wls. JPORSALE- Shingle, Stave and Sorrel Machinery, ComprlilDs sbiuple mlU*. Leading milis, ahlnela and heading Jointers, stavejotntcri, stavecutlcr*. otadlnf rncnmrsana ilan*rs, canalizing and cni-ott saws, Ac, All new. of our own reanmarture, and warranted. FULLER A FOlib, 252 and 2si Modison-lt. 'J'O HOUSEKEEPERS. We manufacture all Kinds of Bedding And Bed Furnish- ings. Keep in Stock Ail Kinds of Curtain Materials. Have all the Latest Styles French, English, German & American Paper Hangings, And the Best Work- men in the City. E.C. L. Faxon &Co., 74 & 76 Lake-st. i3oper. 'J’HE CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Go. Warehouse. DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPER DEALERS, DEALERS nr Fnper Makers’ Findings, Chemicals, elc. 170 Bandolph-st.) Chicago. We offer for sale to dealers and consumers .1.000 Bandies Norm and Print S.Sx l 2 2.000 do do do 21x30 1 ~IUO do do do iW»H2 2..V10 do do do 25x37 2.000 do do do 2 7 ill 1.500 do do do 2Ms4-l 2.500 do do do ROs-l.'fM I.M>O do do do :{lx44* ;i,OOU do do do GOxISW 1.500 do do do 25x.TS 1.000 do do do 2 Ox.'lS fcOO do do do 20x12 Extra a(r»8 made to order on abort notice. For silo at the lowest market prices for CAHIL Ship ©banhlets. ’J'O VESSEL OWNERS & MASTERS. Russell Duck Sails, Lawrence Duck Sails, Woodbury Duck Sails, Druid Duck Sails, Full Line of Ship Chaudlery, Tarpaulins and Tents, Awnings and Flags, Made to Order on Short Notice. Fmington & Scranton, 209 South Water-st. gilm'nes anfr (Corßage. 'J' WINES, CORDAGE, ETC., ETC, GILBERT HUBBARD & CO., DEALERS IK TWIWES AND COBB AGS, 205 & 207 SOUTH WATEB-ST,, CHICAGO. The largest and best assortment La the West of COTTON AND FLAX DUCK, all widths and Weights MANILLA AND TARRED BEMP ROPE; Ci/ITON HKAMLESa GRAIN BAGS: GUNNIES. WOOL SACKS AND DUNLAPS; T AR, PITCH. OAKUM ; LOflL TAR ROOFING PITCH AND FELTING CHAINS, TACKLE BLOCKS, &C. COITOJf, FLAX AXD HEMP TWISES Oi every description; cotton. Flax, Paper and Jute Wrapping Twines; Bell and Saab Cords. GUI Nets and Seines, with ever; variety or Seine and Netting Twine. Tents, Awnings, Wagon Covers & Tarpaulins, X 1 Xi G> S Of Slllc cr Banting, as per Army Regulations, con stantly on hand and made to order. Q. DUBIUBD, 3. B. TGBXEB, GEO. B. CAEPESTSS. Business ffiaths, UNDERWOOD & CO., General Commission Merchants, Con LaSalle and Wastlagton-sta^ CHICAGO Giro parUcal&r attention to both baying and eeUlnj Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. Property bought and held on margins, and sold eilftx In this or Eastern markets. t3T Special rates ot Commission made to those wk» furnish their own money fhr large purchases ol pros erty to be held Or sale by os. P. I*. Pnderwood. Beo. W. PnderW— i. gMOKED MEATS. E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IN PORK, BEEF, LARB, ASD SIHOESD MEATS, ISO SOUTH WATEB-ST. Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers la Hardwood and Ifbitcwood lumber, Office and Yard, 304 South Fraoklln-sL, bet. Yat Corea and Harrison. Chicago. P. O. box 22110. KSTBtlia cut to order.^3 ISAAC n. nOLDET?, JB. gPUDSD PEVDLgTOS. asaoolr an* anal. JJEAD THIS. GOAL AT SUMMER PRICES! We have a few hundred tens bl best LACKAWANA and PITTSTON COAL wore than will sopNe our cus tomers, which we offer, delivered in any part of tbr city, at the loliowinp prices: Ranee* Etnr and lante sizes, Sl3 per Too. CfacHtoat •< i MINING AND SUPPLY CO, 54 end 5B Randolpt»SU Snap. gOAP! IS O .A. ! gcc that the brand you use is The Chicago Soap and Candle Jlannfaclnr ing Company. , FACTORY—Arcber-av., corner oi Qoarry-st. JFeeS. Q.UOCND OIL CAKE Is tie deepest Peed In the JHarle! For stock of all kinds. Orders oroapuyfliiedurcMk. by £. W. DLATCHFOfiD A CO* No.TONorthCUnton-«U gljoto (Earns. p ET'SOTJR PAINTED SHOW CARDS At S 4 DEARBORN'S!* Room 4, Up Stain. NUMBER 279. 33 rg GEfotilrs. JJEJIOTAL. SIMPSON & HUGHES HAVE REIMOVED TO THEIR New and Elegant Store, 111 Lake-st., With a Large and Attractive Stock of DRY GOODS WHICH THEY OFFER AT Wholesale and Botail, AT THEIR USUALLY LOW PRICES SIMPSON & HUGHES, 111 LAKE-ST., Between Dearborn and Clark. Banks antr Bankers. JXANK OP George C. Smith & Brother, 48 LASALLE-ST, CHICAGO (SPECIAL AGENTS FOE THE BANK OP MONTREAL, IN CHICAGO,) AND Successors to J. ‘W. Drexel & Co,, Bankers, Draw Sterling Exchange la sums of £1 to <£l,ooo, and upwards, for Gold or Currency, at the most Bra. sonnblo Oates. LONDON CORRESPONDENT:*. The Union Bank of London. London and Westminster pantr. City Bank of London. Brown, Shipley A Co. Sterling Knchange and sterling Letters of Credit bought at highest market pnee. Gold Drslts on New York bought and sold. Best Price pgld for Canada Currency. Drafts issued on toe Canada Branches of the Bank of Montreal. Stocks, Bonds and Gold purchased In New York, and held on usual terms. N. B.—Dills paid and Derrrits placed la New Turk, bv telecranh. through Prexcl, Wlnthrop & Co., and Winslow, Lanier & Co. Special attention given to Collections, at all points la toe United States and British Provinces. JAS. W. TUCKER & CO., * AMERICAN BANKERS, 3 AND 3 F.UE SCHIDE, PARIS, FRANCE, Buy and sell United States securities, negotiate loans 00 same, buy and sell Drafts on America, lisne Cash Letters of Credit, and transact a General Commlarioa basinets. Also, have connected with their Banking Bouse an American Beading Boom, Steamer Office, American Registry. and a Feet Office, where nil letters to their care are delivered or forwarded as may be directed. AMERICAN CORRESPONDENTS. 1- P. Morton & Co- 35 Wall-sL, New York. F. W. Andrews. 61 Stalest- Boston. Townsend, Whelen ACo., WalnuML. Philadelphia. State Savings Ingtltntlon. Chicago, lU. Q.EEENEBADJX & FOREMAN, BANKERS, No- 42, Chicago, HI- General Banking and Exchange. Special attention given to the Investment of Moneys on Beal Estate Securities and Flnt-CUss BualnSa Paper. TfffINSLOW, LANIER & C 0„ T ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT For Travellers, available Id all carta of Europe. NOS. ‘27 & t£o PLVE-ST-, NEW YORK. Bissfllutton. DISSOLUIION OF OOPAKINER SOU*.—The Firm of x, FIELD. PALMER & LIETEE Havlrg expired by limitation on the first day of Janu ary, 1867, the same Is dissolved as of that date, by mu tual consent. (Signed) POTTER PALMER. * MARSHALL FIELD. L. Z. LETTER. .. w,. MILTON J. PALMER. Chicago, March 13,1567. The undersigned hare this day formed a copartner ship, for the purpose of dome & General Dry Goods business, under the firm name of FIELD, IiEITEE & CO., Such partnership taking efloct irom January Ist, 1307. MARSHALL FIELD. LEVI Z. LETTER, LORENZO G. WOODHOUBB, BENBY J. WILLING, HENRY FIELD. Chicago, March 12th, 1867. ISticfe. QARD’S PATENT brick macnmn. Office and man mac to ry 53 Sooth Jefferson-et. For information and descriptive circular sddreaa S. B. 6ABD, S 3 Booth JeSsnon-iL. CShlcsCfc ‘ I TSRICK MACHINE.” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office, Boom No. 3. 47 ciarkst.. Chicago. JJAGAZINE BBICE WORKS, Corner Hals ted and Twenty-second-sts. Office, No. 3 OUB Block. A. J. KNISELY, Proprietor. ffiatimiaie. Stotoeg, &e. REDUCTION OF PKIOES. We have this day REDUCED PBICES on the follow ing Goods: DLwton’s 7x20 Handsaws, per dozen $26.50 Spear & Jackson’s 26 IncZi Hand* saws, per dozen 28.00 Parker’s 3-incli Blind Batts, per dozen 3.15 No. 25 Coffee mils, perdozen 11.00 Best Sad iron*) per lb Cc tUaj dole’s A. £. Bammerfj lib perdozen . 14.00 ITTsydole’s A. E. Hammers, IK lb perdozen . 12.50 Boor Bodes, 10 per cent, discount from list, universal and FUibarcrh excepted. HIBBARD & SPENCER. Chicago, March It. 1867. lamocais. JgEiIOTAL. B. H. JOBBAN &, CO r INSURANCE AOENTS, HAVE REMOVED THEIR OFFICE TO No. 112 LaSalle-st., maacAagriM buHsPino, LANDON’b EMPORIUM for Drug cists’ Sundries acd Fancy Goods. Wholesale and JJ, REMOVED to four-story building. No. 07 LaKc-st., Where I »ball be happy to see our old friends and all new ones. The best stock cf goods westef New York. (Sag anh Skater ffipe. U NIOK Foundry and Machine 'Works. We are now prepared to famish, on short notice, CAS AND WATER PIPE, In lots to suit purchasers. Cities.To«ns nnd Private Corpora lions rap piled at Lowest Eastern rates, fseisfat added. Chicago. March 12.' 1567. A N. S. DOCTOR & CO. iStobes. TTYDRO CARBON U COOK STOVE, For all kinds ct cooking and heating at a cost dr one cent pet hour. -CaUandeeelUatlhe Furnace Store ot F. A. SLACK. SS Chicago. Business Grafts. HAILOCK ft WHEELER, Usjnjracnrnsa* A czars roc EUBEEE AND lEATHEE BELTIM, Rubber Goods, &c. HZ Hstcdolph-st- J. E. WILSON ft CO., VanaActarers and Dealers in Mens’ and Youths’ Furnish' ingT Goods, shunts, 186 Dearborn-3t« SPRING STYLES. GENTS’ BRESSII ITS, GENTS’ BUSINESS HATS. YOUTHS’ DRESS AKD SCHOOL HATS. All the latest and cost lashlonahle style*. BISHOP 4 BARNES, 115 Lalte-gt. BANGS BROTHERS. BABSTOtTS NEW {Cooking Range, I The Pest Range la the World. ICooUtbß. Laundry and Tailors* j tfiovesi Bu'l«cr«.Vci]tilaiai9, j <Vc-» &c., 83 MOIS'ROI ■ (yearlroppoane the Po! 6ILEB, 8R0.&G0., Watches, Diamonds, jswsxsr ANO SILVER GOODS. CM" Agents for Uogc'T. Smith* Co.’s Plated 'Ware and U. S. clock & brass Co. of Chicago. KIMBALL, STEVEHS & CO., ■WHOLESALE CLOTH BOUSE, 64 and 66 aiICHIGAN-AY. PHILIP WADSWORTH &> GO*, ILorcracTurzns asd Jonnma of CLOTHING, 3£&S6Xftke-st» 95 Devonshire-st. Chicago, 111. Boston, Mass. J. J. M’GRATH, iLiNCTACTTBSH AND iNTOgTZB 07 PAPER HANGINGS ASD TTEDOW SHADES. Warehouse, 78 Randolph-st, CHICAGO, nx. TURNER, BRISTOL & GO SEALSTSIN Leather & Shoe Findings, Importers of Erench and German Calf Skins, 16 & 18 Stale-st., Chicago. Agents for Taylor’s Oak Belting. HIBBARD A SPENSER, Ihpobtzes or Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 nncmCAN-AT.. CIIfCAGO- 2 S 6,0 O O wnram & WHSON Sewing machines IN USE. ’ per week. BUS YABHA3, ►at . AgL tor the Northwest. The number ASTI 106 Lat&i M. D. WELLS & CO., BOOTS & SMS, 38 LAK&ST,'. CHICAGO. LUNT, PRESTON & KEAN, BANKERS,' And Dealers In GOTEESMEST SECURITIES AIM, LAND WARRANTS and COL* LEGE SCRIP. 4? CIiABK.ST. WM. W. STRONG. FURNITURE. 203 Randolph-st., p.o. poiaasa. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, isrccxssoss to HOWE.N BROTHERS. Wholesale Dry Goods, And China, Glass & Crockery, 15.17.10 &31 Kamlolph-st. HAYDEN & KAY, LEATHER, CAEEIAGE GOODS, AND SADDLERY HARDWARE, & 47 la&o>sty Chicago* HART, ASTEN & CO., FLOUR SACKS, CRAIN BAGS, And Sags of Every Description. Paper Floor Sacks ol the Best Quality. 183 gpnth Water-st* J.BAUER AGO., Manmacturers and Importers ot Musical Instruments and Strings Also. Wholesale Dealers la PIANOS & ORGANS. No. 05 O Oread way.NEWXOEK. No,CO Washlngton-st. CHICAGO OR. J.O. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, IXO Bandolpli-sti Teeth Extracted Without Pain for 81.00, “By the nse cl Nitrous Oxlce Ga>. or Vi talized Air. Teeth Inserted on the Vol canlte or Robber Base tor <ll to t*o a set. IRVINE, JONES A CO., .(Successors to Graves & Irvine.) wnoLCUT.r nsauns rs WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, Dress Trimmings, t&o., 10 LAKE«sT t niwuiilrg. WHITTEKORE, CARTER & SROWH, Wholesale Dealers In BAT**, CAPS. MILLINER V AND MIIAWUOODS. A large stock for spring sales, bought at parlc prices, nod will be ioM at very low eatiUnres. 11 * 13Lake-«t, Chicago. JOSEPH I. HAIL & CO., MarrcracTUßres or 7 Hall’s Patent Concrete, Fire and Burglar Proof SAFES, AND Victor Combination Locks, 93 DEABBOHJT-ST. S. Kl. FASSETT, AUTISTIC PBOTOGBAP3I. ZF Pictures taken la dark as well as In (Neasont weather. CaUcrj-, IXI Sonth Clark-st. 63EEKLEE BROS. & CO. .Manufacturers’ Agents for and Dealers la j STEAM EJTGUT2S, Circular Saws, Belting, j WOOLLEN MACEDTEaY, jArdScppll-.sfor Wort!i»3 Mills, m* hln (Uu’lools ot all kinds; also Wood Wore lltg Machinery. I No. 52 DEAiiBORN-ST. patents. ip o Paper Manufacturers. TBS Hydrostatic Paper Company, In noticing the card (dated Feb. 30) of H ARSXSOiT R. ' MEECIt. and tte certificate apnendcd thereto, ol JOEL TIFFAI>T, his partner and at.oroey, consider It their duty to continue and repeat the caution contained fcx their published can! cl February Ist, They in/, and are rtaly to lubstontlate the aver ment I jj competent proof; That they hare the sole right. under their patents, to use Hydrostatic, nydro-dyaans* Ic and Pneumatic Pressure, io a rotary or revolting cylinder, for the sabdatng and blenching of all material ased la (be in ana— factore of Paper Pulp, Their original Patents Rive this ftUiy. In the opinion of eminent lawyers who hare examined the; hot to set the question at rest, so far as verbal phrase ology could Indicate the same, the Company obtained a re-lssae ol their patents on the 3Sd of October. iyw, covering the ground In dispute In positive terms. Tbit Csctls omitted orconcesled by Mr.Mce-.b and bis at torney, In their statements. These re-itsue*. by opera tion of law. and in direct terms, ante-data and take precedence of the Mecch patent for Pres sure ; and so tar as that code of pressure Is concerned, the Mecch patent Is a nullity, and Is rendered statute. Iy veld. In fact, and Is law. It was so without the re issues. B-BT. )st Office.) So fhr, therefore, as Mr. Meech or )U3 assigns attempt tome Pneumatic Pressure in a revolving or ratarr cylinder, tha set wIU be a direct Infringement on oar rights, and wc again aotll/ all persons concerned, that prosecution will Immediately follow their attempt* to me this mode of pressure la the manufacture ot paper. As to Oliver piocew of Mr. Meech we have at prtsoit nothing to say, being entirely satisHeJ bj our ova and the experience of others, that the processes we claim under our paicnfs are far superior to all others la um la this country or abroad. We invite the attention of an Paper Mannlhcrtrers to the practical working ot oor prcceis. Over ffcrty ol the tint mannlactarers in theKorthern States have purchased rights, and so far as thev have pat them la practical operation, they hare met with anvarjlnc success. An:ng others this using the process and whose mills arc most convenient of access, we refir ta the Niagara FallsPsper Company, and the Rochester Paper Company, of Rochester, K. T. In these nrnt. the process lias been in use on a large scale for over eight months. AC who take the trouble to visit these establishments, will tlnd satlsfcctory evidence ct the great value of our discoveries, and will bare ocular proof that the clstss made In oor original circular were not exaggerated. Zr. C. WOODEDFF, 27UOASA Falls, March 11,1&7. 'J'O PAPER HAHUFACTURERS. ily attention his been catfed to a circular ponrrttne to be Trota one L. U. Wuodmil, as President uf toa “Ilj(lroaianeP#ptrCoap*ny. ,, tUt«l r.ta,iar>» Falls, Ftbio&ry Ist. 156,, eddreraed to tsj*r manufacturers, alleging that toe process cl bleaching paper pu'p by pneumatic pttosme, cilered to toe public ur r e, •* U a direct and positive Infringement cf toe oab-nu anil rights of the Hydrostatic Paper Company, and tone my entire proem U rmbraeeo la that oi m- said Ur crostatlc Company, amt tost toev will prosecate f<jr Infringements all persons wbo atif rap; to use toe pa-Ti matic procure under grant* tram me. Such statements, in toe bcc ct toe fact* ot toe cue, are absurd, and, I reettt to be comoeiled to say, are maliciously lalse and libellous, and I shall held toe antnor or authors thereof to a strict areoantablilty. In toe meantime I leave toe meziU ot toe question to ail men qnal-fled to Judge. Tee majority of my patents, embraced In. ny“prtv ceas,” are anienrr to any held by 'be ** QrarcataUc Paper Company, and 1 bare only to leave toe public to ear wbo are toe infringers wereif. I bare submitted to moat eminent counsel such or try patent* aa oc*r dates subsequent to. tcge'bcr wlUa copies of the patents under which the IRdrcStatie fa per Company rlMm (heir process, ana sivo herewith the opinion of such counsel on toe question cl Infringe* meat. That this question may be properly understood. I wltl hire state that the tateuU held by the Hydrostatic Paper Company wcroASaiencd to toembytoepaunt a Messrs. 1L L. JONb» and D.t. FAI«jCnAR3O!i I am net aware toot tteir process u em braced in any otter patents whatever. sty own process is embraced 13 tu t less than ten (13i different patents, ans we use or operatUra of tbe pneu matic prts.cre I do not recant absolutely ter* worsingmy process eocositnily. eltn-r la toe ar*c reduMioc «n hbrc-cs sap-um-vs to paper palp, or la blearhlng the same; bat I oolHvs too pneumatic prin ciple tar superior 10 the byuros&ttlc, and will prove more <nccr&slDi. solar as either may be required. „ Kepecifully. HAREI-OX j*. iIESCII. Fort Eawardj, h. Y-, Fab. 2) to, is 67. 'J'O TVHmr IT 3JAT COXCERX. As the attorney of HARRISON B- 3fEECB, I nra cored toe several patent* he now bolds fbr ImproTCd Processes Inlhemanufacture of Paper Stock, And am fstrlllarwlth each and every onoof them. I have n 1 to r*refhily eiamnwd the patects issued to Jones and Farquharaon, one beanus date March U6d.forsn improved apparatus for blcacblcgof p-per Rock, and one dated June Bth. IS6B, fbr an Impravut picersa cf treating wood, clu- tor toe miutfac'.urs of paper palp. These two arc denominated the Eydro static Prcctss. I have do heslUtion In siring that none of tbe pro cesses patented bv Mr. UEECO, or which bo bold* and which constitute toe 3IEECH PROCESS, So called, arc is any manner identical with the Hydro static Prccesa, nor do toey Infnog** ti.e same. Two ot the patents heldbyllr. Meech are thus wlti which 1 have been connected as owner. Tn* arst w*a loaned to myself on try own app Icalb-n, July Tat, lute. It was for ao improved process In the manufhcniread paper stock. The otoerlssacd to myseif and liarnsoa B.Meech, for an Improvement to thebleachlnzof paper stock. each of these pioccsjcfl Involved tie me ct the pneuzoatic pßßaauaa, In the manner described Is each 01 then re spectively. The oieor prr?«nreas a part ot sictj pro cess, whether applied them respectively. Tee oaeoc pressure sstpm of suchproew», whether steam, am eos, water, or otherwise, is cot pateurabt« to the present state of the art; hot as improved moot ed cl applying such pressure may he the subject of a patent. The Hydrostatic mode may be the subject of a patent so tar as the same la used and useful. So like wise muy be any other sew and useful m^d—as (he pneumatic. But such modeacf produclocthe preaaors are entirely dUtinet from each other. Neither tha Hy drostatic or Pneumatic process are patentable except ns a sew and uieiul medn of obtaining a result, oi such they are entirely distinct ftom,acd independent at, each other. I am well acquainted with the many processes la use for redactor straw, srau, etc., to* condition suitable lor the manuiocture of pupsr, »adl am clearly cf the opinion that the process ptaeticed by Harrison B. Meech, and known as tee Mcech Procese, Is superior to any other. If net the only one by whicb. the erasers can be succession? worked. That they cam be worked by his process, both nroflubly and success fully. I know. JOEL TIFFANY. Albttcy.feaniflry3Qth.l3C7. CHICAGO. PATENT OFFlCES.—lnventors who wish to take oat Letters Patent are adrlsedto counsel with iTONN & Ct>„ Editors ol me Scissttfla Airencar. who hare prosecuted claims oeßira tht Patent Office for nearly twenty yean Their Amolae and European Patent Aeencyita me acsteztecstreis the world. Charges less than aoy omer miatita agency. • A pamphlet, containing toll laatructloca to lrTO> ora, la seotgratla. Address jptocfe Subscription®. pKOSPECTUS OF ‘The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co.” Capital Stock - - $500,000. Five Hundred Shares, SI,OOO Each. This Company has been ergaalzed under the General Laws of the state ot Lunds, tor tho purpose of mann lactunc* all kinds d PAPER, and preparing FIBUS for other purposes. Bom the WILD GRANS loond la. this vicinity Ca'areat abundance. The practical development and utilizing o! such ma terial has oacn effected through tha Inventions, and the several Patents Issued to am. iiabbjson u. aiEKcn. of Fort Edwards. NewYcik. This Companyhaving purchased from ilr, Meech all of tbnsald I “stems ©r the fbhowlhj: States. to-wlt: Illinois, Indiana, Michi gan. Wisconsin, lowa and Uirnctoto, are now prepared toroctjvea limited amount ot sotxcrlpUoos to the Capital Stock. In Inviting subscriptions to this Stock, we would state that the Company are now tneonexsci the BATAVIA PAPES MILLS Which are producing at the present time two (3) ton* per day of print paper. This MSI baa hulfdinn and water power of sufficient capacity, already erected, and in condition to receive two Cl) additional machines. wQich have been ordered* and It Is estlznaudcac be put In running order on or before the ffrat day ot May next, wolch will lucres** the capacity and product* of iho raid MRis to six (6> tons per cay; thar. at tbs present market pricey should yield to this Company avcryaatltiictory proflu. The Intnre operations of tnls Company contemplate the erection, or consolidating of other mills with their enterprise, within the present year, I‘sulng tse fall amount of their Stock, and which will probably met* than double the foregoing estimate ct product of Print, Manilla and Wrapping Papers* T Company tSTlncprocnrea a charter Irom tse Legislature of the state of IlliscU, increasing their capltai io oce mlLloa of dollars. are now reorganUxaz under their Charter primers. The htoc* Rooassre nowopeaforsulwcrtctionto the ?ioct. st the o races of UeMis. DICKERSON & SHERMAN. 170 Ran dolph-* t., where all farther Inlcnaatlou as to the pas* exits, prospects, Ac., will be girea. In ?o;icia-goLr friends to subscribe to thU Stock, we believe we are warranted la raying that this eater prlse promises an unparalleled rears of preflu, com pared with si y ether manufacturing business htreto tbre presented. THOMAS S. DICKERSON, Pres’U GFO. tLMO&>9. Vice Pre**r. (Formerly President Batavia paper 31111 Co.) WIL HANSBROCOO, Sec'y. I. JJ. W. SHERMAN". Treasurer. Stocfefiolßcrs’ j£lming. SKATING PARK. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETING. A meeting of the Stockholders ol the WASHINGTON" ASSOCIATION wUI bs held at the Parx Dcdlding, On Saturday Evening, BXarcb 15, sharp. A (tall attendance Is desired, ai matter* will be crought before the meeting. „ __ _ OBORGr O. bTiihEX. Secretary, G.DtCuycQ, President. U LOAN AND TRUST CO. _ emcaso, Feb. 9. ian The Annual MeeOagol the BucKhrlden ot the M«- chants’Savings. loan and Trust Compaoy.for the «Ih> tlon of Tro'ltfa. will be held at the efflee cf said i panr.m Chicago, on MONDAY. March he hours oflO s.m. and lg a. L. J QAflft,.si^ g ©U stones. jgJIERT OIL STOSES. Something New. Oil Stotts. Ra*p? Hears, Kniery "Wheel*, Camera Stooe», VacliiDbts’ aquallzlue Stocn*, eu% at low prices, manufactured !>* OIUSfONKCO.. 14) FultLU3L,Cbti-ago. Made of any desired grade ot gilt, and in Xornii to salt any xhoed tool. FAIRBANKS. CRS ENLEAF & Ct)„ General Agents, SSBatdS3SLake-«. 'S3 President. MUNN * 37 Part-row, New TcrlL