Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 15, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 15, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 18G7. THE CITY. Light Cjojchdah.—Only fifteen coses came up yesterday morning at the Police Court, only one of which was from the North Division. Bcbclaut.—The jewelry store of H. A. Whit ney, at Columbus, Wisconsin, was entered by burglars, on Tuesday night, and robbed of silver ware to ice value of SSOu. Bishop WimcnoDex will rcachbfs home In this c«y on Saturday evening. He will be publicly received on Monday evening, in Trinity Church, fhe reception commencing at huff pas: seven o clock. Lxktes Szbtices.—Lenten services, consisting of the litany and a brief lecture, arc held at noon every day In the Church of the Uoly Communion, on Wabash avenue, near Randolph street. The various Episcopal city clergy officiate In rotation. Asoniru Mzseiso Max.—a man abont flfly ycara old, named J. R. Frond, who was stopping at the Lloyd House, has been unaccountably misslnn since last Monday. As he had abont S«W in money In his possession, fears are entertained that he has been fonDy dealt with.. Asonim lUiLnoAn. —A despatch from SL Lotus, yesterday, announced that a committee from Leavenworth was *n route for Chicago, to confer with the Board of Trade of this cilv wi»h a view to the halloing of a direct short railroad from Leavenworth to Chicago. They will arrive here this morning. Fibb.—The alarm rung from box No. 28, about half-past eleven o’clock yesterday morning, was caused by Arc on the roof of a building owned by Edward McDonough, at No. 51i Clark street. It was extinguished by officer Downey with a few paiUfni oi water, the damage amountin'* to abont f 10. G. A. it.—The District Encampment will meet on Friday evening, at 8 o'clock, m room No- 4, Uhlich’s Block, to take further action towards the raising of funds for the relief of the widows and orohaus of deceased soldiers. Post Twenty-seventh meets this Friday evenin'* la Uhlich's Hall, at 8 o'clock. ” To CojsmAcrons.—We call the attention of con tractors to ihe advertisement in this Issne lor pro posals lo construct the twenty-two thoa-and yards of masonry for the new bridge over the Ohio River at l*ou:sv!ll<‘. Plans and encclCcudons are now ready for insp« ction at the office of the engineer of the Lou Bvll'e A Nashville Railroad at LouisrlU.*, To ran Ladies.—M. Campbell, No. 81 Son h Clark fctretr, is now offering great bargains In hair goods. His entire stock of switches, carls, wigs, braids and other works ore selling at ex ccedirglylowprict-s, prior to building. Intend ing put masers should call at once and make their selections. Accident at tub Fisc.—Mr W. W. Wbecler, a well-known citizen, while passing through the crowd oi people watching the lire last night, standing nrar the com' rof Dearborn ar.d Ran dolph streets, slipped on the icy pavement, and i- Lhc fall broke hi* leg. He was couveved to his resldecce, and medical aid was immedia’civ nro enred. Lose Woolled buEEr.—We call the attention of onr readers to tbc advertisement, in (his issue, of this most vi laable breed of ‘•hetp, whose wool is nearly double In value of that or the merino?, since the <Rry has been Imposed. The long wool led sheep Is admitted to be the best suited to our pastures, and lie fleece is beautiful in texture. Some specimens exhibited In the office yu-terdav were alt that could be desired. Otsteh Bat Bestac'dant —This is the Utlc of one oi Ihe neatest establishments west of New York, which has just been opened at No. 121 Dearborn street, under the superintendence of Mr. D. E. Taft, a getitcmau well known here as a successful caterer. While the material furnNhod will be °: the best, the patrons of the house will bo enabled lo enjoy the privacy of a well-ordered European Coflee House, and will be waited on by tbc most attentive of garcons. I'll* Disposition.—Nathan Sheppard, Esq., de livered a lecture on “The Disposition,” last even ing. In the Union Park Baptist Chmch, for the benefit of Providence Mission. The audience was a large and highly respectable one. The lecture was a talented chon, equal to any lecture which has oeen delivered In this city for months na«t, and was delivered with excellent elocutional cf focu it is worthy of being repeated la a much more central location, and we are informed that arrangements lo IhU effect will probably be made ere long. Ladixs’ Ftrmnsmifo Goons.—The ladies’ fur nishing goods department of Messrs. Brown & Matthew's, Nos. S 4 and 86 State strert, though al ways attractive lo the ladles Is now doublv so. having been replenished with a large and varied stock ofthe most exquisite goods known to the nomenclature ofthe temiume wardrobe. Includin'* infant’s wear, most bcautiinl bridal trouts>au», morning robes of every description, elegant skirts, a full line ot children’s clothing, and a gen eral stock of lingerie of the most elegant designs and perfect workmanship. The stock has been opened but a day or two, and Is being largely drawn upon. Those who would wish lo inspect one of the largest and most superb assortments ever collected should not Unger. A New Fenian Oecanization.—A meeting was held last evening, at Union H*ll. No. Cll State etiect, for the purpose of raising men for a military organization os the eighth company of the Fenian Regiment of Chicago, and to organize a Chic Circle to maintain them in preparing for the field. There was a large attendance, and the result was tne gathering of some men as the nu clcns of both organizations. It was expected that Colonel W. R, Roberts would be present at the meeting, but another en gagement compelled his absence. Somespeeches were made, but no facts were developed by them; they were of the character which have been so nu merous oi late years in onr midst. The speakers were Mr. J. Mahoney, of the Weils School; Mr. J. J Crowley, and Colonel Cosgrove, of the Irish regiment. Raid TJros a Reko Bask.—The came of *• Kcno” which for come time past bss been growing in popularity among the “ sports” of this city, received last night an unexpected check at the hands of the police, who seem de'crmlned to break up the gambling houses. The house selected for the raid last evening was one occu pied by Wat Cameron, at Si Randolph street, lender the direction of Deputy Superintendent Kelson, a detachment of police nnder command of Captain Hickey were sent to visit the rooms at 10*4 o’clock. They found concrcgited around the tables a large and miscellaneous githeriog of young men of all trades and professions, some ergaged iu the little game, and others merely looking on. They were somewhat surprised to And themselves in a few moments marched alon" 1 Randolph sin et. and conducted to the Annorf, where tne majority had to remain all night In the cells. There were sixty-Uo individuals in all, palled, besides thekeepers of the bouse. Anoth errsld wa* made upon the gambling bouse of Jim Gallagher, where, however, only two poisons were found. They were taken to the Armory with the others. A large quantity of gambling tmp e menu were secured by the police. ilrmorcLiTAK Ixscuaxcb Coxtaxt.—a notice in our advertising columns from the agent of this leading and popular Insurance Company enables us to announce the gratifying fact that having ob tained the sanction of the Legislature of its Stale to fix its capital at 5500,000, It again takes its stand among the foremost of our Insurance Com panies. 'When wc say that it has paid losses within the past twelve months over *2,000,000, wc cannot give a stronger recommendation of it, or one which ebotJa more entitle It to the hearty and liberal support of our merchants, some few of whom have reason to rejoice that in the fiery or deal throogh which we cave passed, they had held policies in the Metropolitan. We bespeak for It in the future the success it go well deserves, as we know that Chicago merchants arc always ready to appreciate liberality and promptitude on the part of ln«-arancc Companies, oud these qualities have ever been among me most prominent characteris tics of this Company. We are informed that their business will In tbe future be confined to insur ance on leading first-class merchandize, dwell ings and such other risks, affording a better se curity to tbe insured by tbs avoidance of special hazards. Mr. Thomas W. Blayney, who ts well known as a careful underwriter in his long filled position of agent of this Company, will continue to transact their business at his old office, No. 21 LaSalle street, in Tyler Block. Tbe Battle of Gettysburg. The lecture on this eubjfct last evening, by Rev. J. B. Warner, of Gettysburg, Pa., was the most graphic, eloquent, and continuously interesting description ofa battle that we remember, next to Victor Hugo’s “Waterloo.” Tbe lecturer was an eye witness of the scenes of tbe terrible time from the twentv.«ixth of June, when Earlt’fi men came dashing through on their way to Harrisbnrgh, to the closeorthe three days’ battle on the right of the third of Jnlv. and his narration contains sot only the military move ments in detail, bnt descriptions or personal im pressions. which bring the fading memories of the great war vivmly back to oar minds. The lecture commences with tbe repulse of Stuart at Beverjy Ford. Tucn follows au outline of the events preceding the arrival of the rebels in Gettysburg, the opportune coming of Buford, and tie arrival of General Reynolds on July IsL rhe position of botharmies is next minutely portrayed, and a thrilling description given ot the com- : mcnccment oi the engagement by the cannonade, opening at twesti minutes past Tour ou Thurs day. The i-attle of that night and the death of the gallant Reynolds follows, ard the splendid charge and still more splendid repulse of Pickett on Friday afternoon, which substantially ended the struggle of the three days, constitute the finest part of the de scription. Then follows the evacuation of the town by the enemy on that glorious Fourth of July, 166'’.—the day on which the Republic was thrilled with tbe joyful news from Gettysburg and Vicksburg. in both matter and manner this lecture is a de cided snecerp, as was shown by the breathless at tention of the audience. Wc learn that Mr. War ner has received a pastoral call to SL Louis. auJ hope that he will decide to make the West bis home. AKOTUEK TIMES CANARD. Tfce Chicago Timet is great on sensations. It is noted for Laving tnc news, and not only that, but a creat deal more. It gets facts fonts corrupt history In the same way that Andrew Jackson Davis procured his facts for the history of the creation—by the exercise—ofa lively imagination. Itptrhaps was of the Timet that Sheridan spoke prophetically when be described one as a biing “indebted to his imagination lor tacts, and to his memory lor original ideas.” Anything tor a sen* aation. Last fall that veracious sheet described with wonderful minuteness a horrible attair which, it said, occurred on Bine Island avenue—a child he* lug eaten up by a dog. Since tnat time it has published many marvellous recitals which bad no foundation in fact; bnt these little ones were ail outshone by the Issue of last Saturday, which con tained two sensation reports—one of a prize fight between two human brutes, and the other of a fight between two dogs. Both were absolute filschuode. Yesterday morning’s Timet famished still an other. Under a flaring head we find the following harrowing recital: °P en ,P : »irie. In the immediate vicinity of the village of Bsrdolpn. McDonough County. sit uated on the Chicago, Burlington Quincy Kail read. was the scene m a cold-blooded, brntal murder oil last Monday night. It was a deed committed apparently only for gam, and as yet the perpetrators of the dark deed have not been discovered- The victim is a man well known in Chicago, a cattle-drover named Jasper Banholo new, residing in Frl’on County. He disposed of a large number ot cattle in tuts city last week, which realized a large sum cl money, and wim this he returned to his home The village of Bar - dolpb, situated about thirty miles from his home, had been one oi bis chief points for the reception ot cattle. a:d thither he proceeded on last Mou day, on horseback, to settle np old claims and new- investments. For this purpose ne carried upon his person a large araonni °r money. Beforn be had reached ovcr look him, and while prairie, within a few miles S3STSS **• conSM/l^ U tsSqnciiM C 2r a the S^ o “3? M^ 0 d ° brutal murder, is Intense, and hastily Improvised vigilant committees hare been scouring tie conn try for mile* around, hi tain endeavors to discover a due of the TiOalus who did the deed. Ihe deceased was a man of considerable mesne, “d generally respected among the men of Ms own calling. The citizens ol his own comity ate determined to give the matter a fall Investtga- Uon ’ d <he perpetrators will, no doubt, Tie eventually brought 10 justice.” To all whsch we eaythat the Mr. Baitholomfiw referred to was at the Union Stock Yards yester <sa?;.a, e BT * a ’‘■di; We suppose the Times will publish affidavits to-morrow morning to prove that the mas was really murdered and that it was ms cheat that was seen ytaterday. DESTRUCTIVE FIRE. A Brick Building? in Flames—The Journal Office Damaged. A Tlirllllng Scene—Loss About $150,000. An alarm of fire rang from tor No. (5, atom half-past ton o’clock last evening, gare warning to the people that the destroying element was again threatening some central portion of the city. The engines quickly ma.’c their appearance • near the comer of Dearborn and Lake stream nnj dense volumes of smoke issnmg from the win dows of the third story ofKos. Vand « DmS bom street, indicated the locality of the Are ‘ UMr Itprovcd to he the extensive panerwnr*hnne» occupied by J. H. W. Jones, the firo Mlcd Id Ihe bindery, on the Ihlrt fln?r R Rl ‘ The cause of the are conld not be ascertained It was first discovered in the bookbinder? in a room adjacent to The editorial rooms of the SSuStd\Su Ail lhe '"Wor'S of the eeib- Trem »«Uoh«c mif*S« ed T7 a pc £ cct H“kto the scene from all S 1 en *£7Jii 5 Ihoiooi'bfarc'ln the vicinity was i n on -_-v Caße y crowded, and as usual 1° cases, the operations of the ♦ . wcra , considerably impeded, twenty minutes nothing could be per cchedbut thick volumes of smoke issuing from thewirdows, and completely blinding gaSers on /£« kv«y window and balcony xSI thronged by an eager crowd, and a variety of primitive costume* could be discerned among that portion who bad been hastily roused from .1 . c ?^’ l s eßt of 1116 sweet sleep of night." bo great was the confusion for a time, owing to the smoke and the noise, and the terror, that many families, becoming alarmed for their personal safety, might be seen making active preparations to move, while not a lew rim oron? individuals crept forth Into the frosty air naif clad. Ihe names soon commenced to shine through the clouds of smoke, and nenetralmg throujih the :oof of the building made fora lime a brilliant Illumination. Theeflorts of the De partment. however, speedily told, and la the 1 course of an bonr the conflagration was In a fair i way of being snbdned. 1 In a very lew minutes several streams of water were forced npon the flames, which seemed to be confined entirely to the story in which they origi nated. The large crowd of people assembled on the opposite elde of the street could only epfcn latc npon the course the fire was faking, or the damage it was doing. .Nothing was to be seen except heavy clouds of steam and smoke occa sionally limtened up in a lurid manner by the destroying element that caused their existence. arum twtnty mionus the flames seemed to communicate with the third floor of the Even ff'o Joumvl building, situaten next to the somh, and the windows of that room, fronting on the alley, were soon emptying forth large quantities of smoke, requiring the immediate attention of the tire department. About ibis time the second a'ann from No. C brought to tho scene the entire foice of the fire department. Large qu-intilie.i ol water were thrown into both buildings, and the fluid came down upon the lower floors ol ilr. Jones’ establishment in perfect -floods, doing very groat damage to the various mncMres aid mechanics' appliances used in the bindery, and quite ruining toe entire stock of goods on hand. One or two sho.r cases filled with gold pens and other fancy articles, besides some other portable property, were safely re moved without the least damage. The loss su-tamed by ilr. Jones it was impos sible to ascertain definitely Ilia stock of sta tionery had recently received Urge additions of spring goods, which had not been insured, and bis entire loss may De solely cstima’eda* The stock of Hr. oones was insured lor **o,ooo. Among the companies in which it is Insured arc the liartord, of Ilarlfoid, $10,000; the of iiartloid, SU’.OOO; the Western Phtenlx, of Chi cago. $5.0,0: acd the Home Insurance Company. New York, $5,000, 3 The building Is owned by Hugh T. Dickey, and was seriously damagid in the roof and the upper walls. Ihe office of John V. LcMoyne, Esq., a lawyer. wa«s located upon the second door of the Journal building. His rooms arc materially damaged by water, which was passing through the ceilin'* and ice f oor over the library, which had its place In a neatly furnished room. Ihe value of the library was a few daya since estimated at S2,CUJ; the furniture was perhaps worth *3OO, Ihe actual 10-s upon these it isriimcult to state, as Mr. LcMoync resides at Lake View, and is prooa b.y unaware mat he has been drowned out, Mr. Lelloyne has associated with him the office of Mr. Hugh T. Dickey, also an attorney. These prem ises uicportially insured. Ihe fears that the Journal office would be so much minted as to seriously interfere with the is sue of that paper, were fortunately groundless. A quantity of blank paper was destroyed, and some of tbc partitions were damaged, while the “plant” suffered some from water, the building being completely Hooded. Ihe huildm'* and slock arc lufly insured. We beg lo assure oor neighbors of the Journal that ffasristancc be needed, they may command our services to ihe fullest extent In avoiding Ir regularity In the issue oi iheir paper. TLMPIiBIACEc Lecture by Hon. S. D. Hastings. Last EveningS. D. Hastings, Esq., of Madison, Wis., delivered a lecture betorc the Elmore Lodge of Good Tempers, in their ball, corner of Hal sled and West Harrison streets. The address, In shoit, was an examination of wines, the Bible in ftrucilons concerning Its general n?e, and the views on temperance in wine producing countries. '1 he following is an outline or the address : The sneaker first described the magnitude of Ihe work of converting the world to temper ance. All of roan’s passions naturally lead bin m the use of intone ulng drink*. The only source of hope is in total ab stinence. Some are now advocating the use of beers and wines as a beverage, but the evils re sulting from tbia practice arc so evident that they are difficult to explain. Tho component parts of spiritual liquors were stated, and the opinions of many scientific gentlemen were quoted to prove that alcohol is a poisonous element, and that Us u=e is rainoa»to each and all. 'I hough liquors of different kinds vary In color and taste, and seem to the tongue and pal ate as harmless, yet the effect on the brain is the same. Many parent* who would not nfe or en courage ihe me of the stronger drinks, permit their families to use the home-made wines, thus allowing poifonoae elements to enter the bra.nof the young. The principle is the same In both cases, and though the effects are not made appa rent at equal times, still mentally and morally the eSe-ci is uniform, thus violating a direct law of God. The assertion that the Bible permits the use of wine, is a false one. It cannot be that the ruinous effects of all alco holic drinks are ssnc’ioned In the Bible. Misery never results from obedience, hut trom disobedience, and, if the elements oflhebevcraec arc ruinous it is impossible that God could sanc tion the use. The word “wine” as used in the Bible has nine different corresponding words is ihe originaL and we fi"d!tb&lh condemned and sanctioned, but the articles referred to are entire ly dtcerent. It is the innocent cl*ss which is re commended, but the deleterious are condemned. A careful atd critical isvesUga’ioa of the Bible will show that it docs not sanction the use of any intoxicating drinks. The idea that the grape couid be cultivated and maun taenred into pure wine is quite gereral, still It possesses alcohol, and this element wIU produce a craving, and at leng< h the drinkers will corn into drunkards. The Pudency is to go from tue weaker to the stronger, and not from the stronger to the weaker. Ibe end for which we labor is lo remove from the land all alcoholic drinks, under whatever name they appear. In wine growing countries it is claimed that there is little or no intoxication. An examination of the facts proves a different state of affairs. A great num ber of authorities were quoted to prove the exist ence of a vast amount of intemperance in Eng land, France, Italy and Germany. The audience was dismissed with tbc benedic tion. CHEATING THE GOVERNMENT. Elastic Conscience*-The Paris Expo, sltion and Its Opportunities, It seems to be generally accepted as a rule that a man may steal from the Government without laying himself open to the charge of breaking the sixth Commandment. There are thousands of honest citizens wholay this flattering unction to thelrsouls. Tbe elasticity of the human conscience In this respect is wonderful, and It might not be difficult to show that after all, the poor thief who gees to the penitentiary is really one of the most honest members of the community. The irish man said -It a man is drank, and knows be Is drunk, then be isn't drank,” and by a similar process- of reasoning we may say that if a man is a thief, and says be is a thief, then he is an honest man. A great many people whose reputation for honesty and piety would never be questioned, who would scorn to steal outright, yet wUI not scruple to commit a fraud upon the Government, and think they have done a smart thing. Many a pious member of the Church who might shrink from picking a lock, or picking a pocket. Is perfectly willing to defraud the Government to the extent of twenty or thirty dollars by making false re turns of income, or business, or by evading the direct tax; while again there are thousands more who would regard such a thing as eli.iui, andycl will not hesitate to cheat la a still more roundabout way. It Is all a question of terms. “Stcall toh? a fico for the phrase” ; said Ancient Pistol. One of the most curioas de velopments of the pious system ol stealing is to be found in those mvstenoos acknowledgments oi conscience money received on account of in come tax which tbe English Chancellor of tbe Ex chequer so frequently publishes in the London Timet. And the penitential senders of the money arc ridiculed by the common sense people, who think that a man is a fool to entertain any scru ples about cheating the Government. There vri.l be glorious chances this year lor neop’e who have propensities In thw direction. Indeed there is good reason to suspect that exten sive plana are belug laid for the purpose of defrauding the Government, and, that too, among people who would not readily be suspected of such things. The Pans Exposition will draw thousands of ouf citizens over to the thither side of the Atlantic daring the coming summer, and the inducements to nuy cheap goods them, and smuggle them over without coming through the Custom House, will be too strong lobe resisted. It may safely be carcnlated that an abundance o poods of every description will be brought over, ostensibly for personal use. In quanU lea sufficient to last ono during the term of his natu ral life, and perbap? that of the third and fourth generation, it would almost pay expenses to go over to Parts for such a purpose, it the Custom House can be successfully evaded. Of the nature of some of these schemes, an idea may be formed from a conversa tion which took place on tbe streets last evening between two gentlemen Oec staled bis intention to go to the Paris Expo sition. and the question woe asked II his friend wanted a watch and chain, and bow mnen he was willing to give. But Low to get itthrongn tbe Custom House without exciting suspicion? rnc Difficulty was easily overcome. The Intending tourist was to leave bis watch at home or let his friend wear It for him in his absence, while be went across and purchased another, which he would bnn* over as bis own. This may oe taken as a specimen. Doubtless tbe traffic will bo extensively gone Into by our American tourists, and the Custom House officers may look tor plenty of work during the summer and fall ol the present year. The Putney, Knight &. Hamlin Contro versy Ended. The following document signed yesterday will show to the public that there is no farther gronad of trouble between the parties: The finn of Putney, Knight & Hamlin has been dissolved by mutual consent. The tmiereigned having adjusted all matters of difference with nis former partners upon satisfactory terms, deems it an act of justice to state that upon carefully ex amining ail matters connected with their business, his partners have settled with bim fairly. The undersigned withdraws all suits heretofore com menced by him against his partners or otners. upon matters growing out of said partnership; and being satisfied that the sale of tbc partnership property to li. B. Clafllu <£ Co., was lair and tor the best interest of sit tbc partners, be hereby ratifies and confirms the same, bald IL B. Glafira & Co. are authorized to collect all moneys due said firm of Putney, Knight & Hamlin. Wu-i-iam A. Purser. March 34, 13L7. AMUSEMENTS. Otexia Hocsx.—Lotta will lake a benefit to night. The piece is “ Uncle Tom's Cabin.” McVicsm's Theateu.—Vestvail ui ** Bel De monic.” Wcbeoil—“ The Frozen Deep.” CotisEtm.—Last night but one of Mr. James Robinson aod the infant Clarence. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnne.] Madisok, March U. SENATE. The Assembly resolution fixing the Anal ad lhn^S? l S?.. fbeflrßt . dajof wafc ** oa the table. Bills were introduced to repeal section one. cbapUr thirty-five, revised statutes, antbonz- b D j{\ irovidfn« f^ Iqaor ,n £mall quantities. The hr*ccmn^»b«l bat n ? echo °l district shall cm- It 80 011 C town-hip ofUnd. The bill Monroifti rPt consl niction of the railroad from ®ut>“que, and to amend the articles of the M*ee & Prairie du Chlen evening *? aile lte B P eciaJ order for this tn-i r ty l WSB passed proridifg for jury w»i I®.* 01 ® 6 -losme of mortgages; also sundry local and unimportant bills. ! In the Assembly tbo Pari* Exposition Dili cime «JL a *i 1 and tue Assembly receded Irom Us amendments appropiiatmg f 2.000 to pay the ex poises of Commissioners to Pjiis, so the Com missioners must themselves pay their expenses A resolution was introduced requiring the se lect commlttie appointed to Investigate the cor ruption In lEConnu ISC-t, to report forthwith. The long aeries of resolutions introduced yesterday by Mr. Robbins, defending the land policy of the &c., fferc laid on the table. The Winona Bridge BUI was concurred In as it came from the berate. The Senate bill appropriating Daniel Baxter S3,aKJ for work on the Territorial Capitol was killed Immediately on entering the Assembly Chamber, by a very large majority. Among the bills introduced was one relating to the probate of wills which hare been proved in a foreign State. lUcißOx. March 11-Tho bill to bridge the Mississippi at Winona has passed both Houses. MICHIGAN. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] LaxeiKO, March 14. The Senate has not yet taken action on the voiced bills, owing to ihc absence of some of the friends of the railroad measure. The considera tion of the veto Is sa down for to-morrow. The general appropriation bill for the Kalama z°° Asylum was considered in the Committee of the Whole In the Senate, and agreed to The Senate laid the Douse resolution for ad journment on the table. u Bills passed to authorize mtmiclpn] corporations to aid Id the codslrncnon andmaralStmicsof trapon roada; to dcflclcocios In the asylum • In corporaUnp the yfflai-c of Three Oats; to provide Wardtf°CdW I tvatc > r. ecllool <d’ tho^ffi , ( The House .Mmmlttee reported In favor of the County rcp(a thc 111,1 Washington cauthorizing the appointment of a Commissioner; Grand Hirer Valley Railroad bill; making appropriations for the ex penses of the Agricultural College. NEW iORK. Conlereuce Committee n?J£ e for a Commission to revise the Constitution, have agreed toieport In favor of holding an election for delegates on the 4th Tuesday In April, fonr delegates to bo chosen irom errdr Senatorial District, and Thirty-two at large, colored men to be allowed to vote for dele gates. Deserters and rebels to be excluded from voting. MASSACHUSETTS. Bostox, March 14.—Ibe lower branch of the Massachusetts Legislature has passed the ConaU tutlocal Amendment by a vote of 120 yeas to °o nays. FKOM SruL'iGFIELD. New State House Commissioners—Their First Electing, [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.] SrnixoriELD, March 14. The new State noage Commissioners met this moraine In the Lelind Hotel, pursuant to ad journment. Present—Messrs. Jacob Bunn. Presi dent; Smith, Vandeveer, Wadsworth, Beveridge, Robinson and Hamilton. The Secretary, J. C. Webber, at ,his poet. The Board visited and In spected the site for the new building Commis sioner Smith was appointed to examine the title to the Mather lot, and to spread an abstract of the records on the minutes of the Board. A committee was appointed to have the grounds surveyed and sketched for the use of competin'* architects in the preparation of their plan® On motion of Commissioner Smith, the Governor was invited to visit the Commissioners and make sued suggestions teaching their duties, and the best method of performing them, as his en larged judgment might indicate. Commissioner Beveridge submitted admit of an advertisement for plans and specifications, which was laid over till to-morrow, offering 53.000 as a premium to the successful competitor, the plana to be snhmlcted on or before the second of Jnly next. The present buildings on the new state Uooae lot were ordered to be sold, and the proceeds deposited with the Slate Treasurer. Adjourned till to-mor row morning. The Trustees of Ibe Soldiers’ Orphans’ Home will meet In this city to morrow, when it la ex pected some steps will he taken to locate the In stitution. W inter etui lingers with us, quite contrary to our wishes. In short, he has worn out his wel come, and whenever he feels disposed to pack up and go we will be reconciled. For two days past the temperature has vailed but slightly from zero, with several inches of enow on the ground. CANADA. Honors for the Canadian Volunteers— C. J. Bridges ont on Ball—Captain flinty morlarty— Preparations for the Reception of (ho Fenians. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Todo.vto, C. W., March 14. The Queen baa informed the Colonial authori ties that she will hereafter confer the Victoria Cross on the Canadian volunteers who distin guished themselves in the field. C.J, Bridges, Managing Director of the Grand TVnnk Railroad, who has been arrested for breach of contract, is out on bail. The Grand Jury m Montreal returned a verdict of manslaughter against bus lor the accident caused by the bad state of the road. Captain Minty Moriarty, recently arrested in Ireland, formerly resided here, and belonged to the Hibernian Society. Ills brother was one of those who escaped with Murpbey from the Corn wall jalJ. Over five millions of dollars have been appro priated by the British Government for the defence of these Provinces. General Slested, commander of this district Is now txamiulng the exposed points along the frontlcrand making himself acquainted wan the geography of the country. Preparations lor the reception of the Feniaus arc still being made, and constant additions are being made to ihe volun teer forces. FBOM MADISON. Electing of Wisconsin Publisher*-Gone (o Pari*— DtmocraUc Nomination for Supreme Judge—The Weather. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, March 14. Several Wlscoii'in publishers met to-day to take measures to remedy Ihe cxMing monopoly on printing paper, and appointed a committee of five to make Inquiries and investigations in reference (o the purchase or building of a news paper man ufacturing establishment, lo report at thcEdlto rial Convention at Sparta next Juno. Professor J. W. Hoyt, Secretary of tbc state Agricultural Society, and President of the Wis consin Committee lo ihe Paris Exposition, left for Europe last evening. The Democrats of the Legislature made a very weak Tiomlnaiion for Judge ofthe Supreme Court In the person of Judge L. P. Weathcroy, of Hud son, formerly Judge ofthe Eighth Circuit, where he was defeated for re-election on account of his sympathy with the Southern rebellion. The weather conlnuos very cold; the thermom eter twelve degrees below zero this forenoon. FROM LATTKESCE, KANSAS. Railroad Travel Besomed—Rich Coal Vein—Senator Rom Censured. [Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tirbuce.] Lawbexce, March U. Tbe weather has moderated a good deal 10-diy. Several trains got snowed In on IhcPaciflcßallroad, seventy-fire miles west. One passenger train was delayed twenty-four hours in a snow bank, with a large number of Methodist preachers on hoard -on theirwsy to a Conference. The prospects of tbe Coal and Salt Manufactur ing Company, at this place, are growing more en couraging. At a depth of seventy feet they have struck a vein of the finest quality of cannel coal, twenty-two inches in thickness. Arrangements have oeen consummated, and the Company ex pect by fall, to manufacture one hundred barrels of salt per day. The many Radical friends of Major Ross, Sen ator elect in place of Jim Lane, felt greatly hu miliated and chagrined at his (Roes’) vote for the confirmation of the rebel Cady. The leading Radical papers of the State have not hesitated to censure him most bitterly for his protection of that DD’orious rebel sympathizer. Wild BUI. of llsrper notoriety. Is in tbe city. FROH ST. LOUIS. Charges Denied—Nominations for tho mayoralty—Burglars—The Weather. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, March 14. The charges that Sam. Simmons, John F. Hum and others sent twenty-five thousand dollars to Jefiereon City to be used to influence the sale of tbe Iron Mountain Railroad are emphatically de nied, and tbe statements of witnesses in (he re port of the Legislative Investigating Committee pronounced fabrications. Tbe contest for ibe Hadlcil nomination to the Mayoralty is becoming more bitter dally. The present Incumbent Is bitterly opposed, and is working bard to secure a icuomlnatlon. Burglaries are growing common. list nigbt a Firomincnt merchant and bis wife were prevented >y burglars from raising an alarm by drawn pistols. The cold weather continues. Many kinds of fruit are killed. eroh horbis. Tonus Sam. Buckmastcr on tho Ram* page—lie Attempts to Shoot a Police* man on a Railroad Car, and is now In Prison. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Mounts, IIL, March 14. Samuel Buckmastcr, Jr., and two guards from (he prison at Joliet, have been raising a disturb ance in this city, and got Into trouble. Tbe depot policeman attempted to arrest Buckmastcr, when be ran iato tbe care, his companions stopping the officer from following him; bat he finally over took him in tbe smoking car, when Backma*tcr drew a pistol, pot it to the breast of tbe police man, who. seizing tbe weapon, turned it one side, ai d tbe shot passed through the car window. Buckmastcr was arrested, his revolver taken from him, and be now lies in jail. The grand Jury al ready have his case before them. CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA. Action of tbe Peruvian Congress la Re lation to mediation Between that Country* and Spain —Revolutionary movements In 'Panama. Kew 1 ons. March 14. —Intelligence from Cen tral and Snath America is important. President Prado, of Bern, has abandoned his dictatorship and the Congress has been regularly installed. b A bill has been presented in Congress in which it was declared that Pern would listen to no offer of mediation until Spain bad declared that the acts of ber agents in the Pacific were in violation of mtci national la w. Out Panama correspondent reports that the revolutionists bad defeated the Government forces in two engagements. Revolutionary action was manifesting itself in the North, and icvolts bad occurred among the troops. SHOVE ISLAND. Democratic Nominations for State Offi cer* and Congressmen. Provtdekce, March 11.— The Democratic Slate Convention to-day nominated Lyman Pierce for Governor: Glncon tl.Durlee, Lieutenant Govern or; Wm. J. Miller, Secretary of State: Geo. N. Bliss, Attorney General; Jas. Atkinson. General Treasurer. In the Eastern Coneresslonal District the ques tion oi making a nomination was referred to a committee. In the Western Cou'*rc' , aional Dis trict, Henry Butler was nominated Extra Session of tue Vermont Legisla ture. MomrEuni. VI., March 14.—Governor Dilling ham has issued a proclamation convening the legislature in extra session on the 37tb Inst. The object Is to afford relief to tbc southwestern por lion of Ihe Stale, where the people are cat off from a railroad outlet aonth and west by the ac tion of tbc Troy A Boston and Benaeeller & Sara toga Railroad Companies. Both operate these roads in this dlate-wbicb are under rfae control of the Legislature. The reme:j proposed is the chartering ofa company to build a road connect ing with the Harlem Railroad, MEXICO. Letter from General Alrare* to Minis ter Bumero— Preparations form. Final Blow to tbo Tottering Umpire.' WAPimroTOK, March 3L—The following Is the translation of a letter received to-day by Minister Romero: . La Pbotidencia, February toth, 1807. Acapulco is stiJi In the hands of the French, bu t will be abandoned, according to a communi cation that the Fn neb Con-ul addressed, in the name of ihe Admiral, to the officer commanding ®? r forces at Camp Labana, a-kiog an lutorvlew! ] instructed thatoffleer to decline this, os I sec no obicct m It t lncc the tost will soon be abandoned. .? t fDvGenera! Diego Alvarez, left this place op the 3-th nit. for Iquala, this city having been abandoned. My son went with -1,000 men from this state to Cnernavara wftb this force, which la well equipped, having artillery and cavalry In due proportion. He will contribute, with the other forces now in the Valley of Mexico, to give a final blow to the loitering Empire. (Signed) Juatt Alvarez. Bdownsviixe, via New Obleans, Murch 11.— Tbiec days later military news from the interior, to February 22d, and general news to the 23th, has been received. Marquez takes command of the Imperial forces In the City o! Mexico. lie Is called the Tiger of La Cnbuva. lie says In his proclamation. I have given proof enough how 1 shall conduct myself and defend what la intrnsled to me. On the *Jih Maximilian marched to meet Esco bedo and give him battle- Maximilian's forces are estimated at 14,700 and the Liberals at SLOCK! The entire armies in the Held number—Republi can, 45,000, and imperialists, 35,000. 'A decisive battle wonld probably be fought about the SOth. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. Arrival of Shipwrecked Pouengom aud Crew. SahFiiakcibco, March 11—The passengers and crew numbering Iblrty-ecvcn. of the wrecked bark Golden Sunset, arrived from Honolulu to day. went ashore on Derby Island, one of the Fhtcnix Group, December 11. A seaman was drowned in launching ibe gig. 'Xheremainder of the crew and passengers were landed safely. The disaster is attributed tolncorect chart* of this group of Islands. The vessel and cargo were a lotal loss. The British Commissioners at Hono lulu have Investigated the circumstances of tho wreck and acquitted ihe Captain and officers of all blame. In thecaso of the United States rt. 300 baskets of champagne In theiDlsirict court, judgment was rendered in favor of tho Government. Fires, Beaxstillb, C. W., March 14.-Tho house of James Wilkins was destroyed by tire last night, and five children were badly burned. Two are not expected to live. _ Tnor, N. \,, March 14.—The cordage works of Dptcer & Neely, and the Twine Faclory of Tib betts js Briggs, m Schaghtlcoke, was burned this morning. Loss twelve to fourteen thousand dollars. Whitehall, N. Y.. March 34.-Tho grocery of Charles Nichols, with a number of adjoining buildings,was burned this morning. Loss il j.OOO. Partially insured. Auodbta, We., March IL—The cotlon batting mill in this city was destroyed by Are at noon to day. Tbemachlnery and a large quantity of cot lon was destroyed. Loss 520,000. Fatal Boiler Explosion. BnocKynxK. C. W., March 14.—Tbc boiler in the Novelty Works exploded this afternoon, kill ing two men Instantly. One body was blown into three pieces, and the trunk was found one hun dred yards irom the scene of the explosion, bevcral others were severely injured, and one has since died. SlclcnesM in tho Ohio JDcaf and Dumb Asylum. Coi-uvncs. Ohio. March 11.—Diphtheria In a ty rhom form has become aa'epldemJc in the Deaf and Dumb Asylum. There have been over thirty cases. Tho school is suspended, and Ihe pupils mu being sent home os last as possible. Texan Politics. Galveston, March 11.—The Conservatives are moving lor a session of the Legislature. The San Antonio Erpress, a Radical paper,Jeny* one will positively bo held lo divide the lands on hand and organise for future action. Weather cold for the season. An Abandoned Woman’s Farewell Lei ter to Her Lover. The Detroit Post save the following is a copy of an Interesting letter picked un°at or near the house of the colored man on Way ette street, where Nellie Ward, alias Green, attempted to destroy her life on Friday even ing last, by swallowing poison. The epistle was written in a neat style of chirography, carefully folded, and placed in an envelope which was left unsealed, and directed to a gentleman in this city: _ • Drrnotr. March B. ISGT. Mt Deaii J : Before yon receive Hus I shall be no more. Life, many say. is sweet. To mo it baa been fnll of bitterness and woe. I have long since wished myeclf dead, and while probably 1 am not prepared to die, lihmk death is prefera ble to leading the life I have been leading. You know that since onr acquaintance began I have loved you tenderly ana devotedly. I could never expect to bo yonr wife, bat as it has been spokeu of between us, 1 cau now tell you, with a pure bean, that, had you desired such a thing, I would have conducted myself ns an honorable woman, and never given yon cause to re gret our union. I have been what the world terms yonr mlsirea?, but yon will, after I shall be no more, give mo credit for being true lo yon. 1 need not tell you. for you are already acquainted with the truth of it, that 1 haro also been the mistress of ;,Mr. , of Ingham’: Mr. . . , whom you have often met, ami your .i 777* They have all deserted mo, when tired of Iheir sensual desires, probably for others of my kind. Lately yon have shown a desire lo do the same thing, and the thought has caused me uiisnfferable anguish and pain. I respected, yes, even loved some of those whose names I have men tioned, bntnowlcannot but feel ihe most bitter passion of hatred lor their cruelty to me. When ——— deserted me I then, for (he first time, sought to take my life, which woa to me then 100 painful toendnre. Idid no; succeed then, buthavo taken every precaution to do so now. It may appear rash, but 1 have determined to carry out my origi nal Intention. O, forgive me, dear L , as I hope to ho for given. The mixture that 1 have prepared i< of a character to lake mo to that undiscovered country Irom whose bourne notraveller returns. Farewell, dear L . nndwhcn I am laid in the tomb, always think of mo. Farewell. A Criminal Wife and a Pending 81. force* [From the Pllslmrgh Gazette, March 13.] The leading partner in a well-known firm in this city has a wile who is beautiful and well qnalliCed to Please In society. Her husband’s position'and her own attractions made her welcome in the “best society,” and she has hitherto mingled freely therein. She made the acquaintance of several fust young men of the “ upper circles,” and some time ago, as It seems, became regardless of her own womanly character and her hus band's honor, and became criminally Inti mate with some of these acquaintances. Her criminal kindness, it seems, was not granted to one or two, hut to quite a large number, some of whose names, if published, would set Dame Gossip’s tongue wagging for a week. The lady’s husband at length learned his dishonor by proof too strong to he gainsaid. Ho decided on a legal separa tion as the only remedy left to him, and Im mediately set about instituting the necessa ry steps to obtain a divorce; but sbe Insists that it shall bo obtained quietly, with as little publicity as possible. The husband, on the other hand, demands that bis wife’s whole course of crime shall be laid before the public in the Court proceedings and even that she shall make a confession, a la Mrs. Sickles, to be publicly used in the Court. He moreover Is determined that all the part ners In her guilt shall be summoned as wit nesses in the case. She refuses to comply with these demands, and so the matter rests atprejent. The unhappy couple arc living separated at present, and their children have been sent away to a boarding school In prepara tion for the impending results, wo shall probably be able to lay still farther facts bc lore our readers soon. Failure and Elopement* (From tbe Wapeilo (Iowa) Republican.] Columbus City and surrounding county was thrown into a great excitement last Tuesday, by the announcement that Mr. John F. Reiner, an old and leading mer chant of that place, Lad departed for parts unknown, leaving family, business, and creditors behind. The cause of the startling denouement is said to bo three fold, domes tic infelicity, drink, and financial embarrass ment. He was a man of good standing, much respected in the community In which he lived, and up to the day of his departure no one suspected anything wrong. Two or three weeks, however, before his sudden leave taking he borrowed considerable sums of money and so great was the confidence reposed in him, that some of those who loaned to him did not consider it necessary to take his note therefore. We understand that Mr. A. F. Bemls lost $l,lOO In this way. He borrowed twenty dollars of Judge Allen, of this place, as he passed through ou his way to Burlington, on last Friday a week, ard his accounts were closely collected up. Not more than $1,500 worth are now outstand ing. How mnch money he took awav with him is a matter of conjecture. The guesses range all the way from $3,000 to $30,000. His stock of goods on hand will Invoice be tween SO,OOO and $7,000. His liabilities foot up between $12,000 and $15,000. He owed for goods in Chicago, Davenport and Mus catine, but the hulk of his debts are in this county. The Pay of Army Officers. Considerable misapprehension having ex isted relating to pay of army officers under the act of March 2,18G7, the Second Con troller of the Treasury haa rendered the fol lowing decisions: The first section of the act ol March 2,1507. pro viding tor a temporary increase of tbo pay of offl. cers. Ac., applies only to those who were officers or the army, regulars or volunteers, at the date o : tbe act. Ibis appears, I think, exvi Termini, as well as fr( m the debates on the subject, for the parlies named as the beneficiaries are, “allolfi ccrs ol the army below the rank of Major General, not those who Lave been officers. The officers who had been discharged previously to the dale of tbe act wcie to longer “officers of the army.” but citi zens, with no more military rcspnsibillty or prjvl leges than any other citizens. Allboueh tbe in crease of S3J4 per centum to their pay proper h to be paid from an antecedent dale, vet that has i o effect, cither of inclusion or exclusion, as to the parlies entitled to receive it. The ctnirmau of the committee who repored the bill coucuni entirely in ibis construction, such being, in his opinion tbe undoubted Intent of the law. * The Second Controller has also written the following letter to the Paymaster General: In reply to yonr letter of the 9th Instant, I give It os my opinion that “pay proper,” within tbc meaning ol the law. “as used In tbc am section of the Act of March 2, 1857,' 1 means the pay pertaining to the grade, and docs not include an increased compensation dependin'* open particular doty. It follows that line officers acting as Aides-de-camp, company offi:ers in com mand of companies, &c., aie not entitled to an in crease of one-third upon Uic addition they receive for the perfonnnnce of special service, as they at morc others of their grade. The diflcrcnce in compensation should not bo made greater without express direction of law, by allowing a per centum npon their extra pay Reg imental Adjutants, Commissaries and Quarter masters, having been made grades by law, are en titled to lb® ihirty-three and one- bird per cent upon what was previously additional par. but which is now a part of their pay proper. Bnricrt Alive. In the early part of October last there died at Rome, with choleraic symptoms Signora Amaha Barbierl, wife of Count BemTici'H. ‘After the funeral solemnities the body was deposited in the Campo Santo, until It could bo transferred to the church ofthe Jladelcna, when the tomb which was being prepared had been completed. The tomb being finished recently the corpse was uncovered, when the fact became evident that the unfortu rate lady bad bees placed in her coffin while she was yet living. The hands were bitten, the face was lacerated, the hair disordered and torn. The lid of the coffin had been forced np, and the mnsclcs were contracted by the violent efforts that had been made. The unhappy lady, whose health bad been delicate, was overtaken by a sadden attack, and as she cvmccd no sign oflife. it was pre sumed she was dead. Themmors of cholera led to her being hostly placed within the tomb. LOCAL MATTERS. We claim for Swayne’s Ointment that 11 la the only sure ana positive care lor vbe itch, we coailemre medical ecicnco to proancc Its equal. Sold by ail druggists. Nerron* Headaches are Instantly 5?.-,K one (“forty drops ll ) of Metcalfe's Great Rheumatic Remedy. Sola by all druggists. n/i ?7 ie i Franklin Brick machine, jnatly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great eUeneih, ln i D l e . ll9e compressing power, is oitatuxteed, with eight men and two horses, to self-temper the clay, and mkc 3,000 to 8/00 elepant bricks per KmncK, proprietor,No.7l Broad way, New York, Room 23. Hair Dressing without a particle of grease. Glyceria restores tlio hair, communi cates a delicious cooling sensation to the scalp, cleanses It from dandrulr, and is absolutely free from grease, so as not to. soli the finest fabric. Mack & Co., Now York. Sold by all Icch I Scratch M-Boyd’a medicated Cream cares itch, scrarchce, and all skin diseases, it la neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain spcclally adapted to children. Sold by all dnnr giete. - “ The “iEtna” Nolaclen Ciock*Stl(eh Sewing Machines, for family and manufaclmlne purposes—Western office, U 7 Washington street. Chicago. 3. H. Lebow, Agent. MARKETS BT TELEGRAPH Now York Financial News. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] NbwTohs, March 14. The stock market opened Irregular, and with but lit tle disposition to rcallre. On call the market was lower, Erie (common) and Michigan Southern being thelarorltca. The former fell to 58*. and was ham mered severely by the “nears,” bat soon advanced to 59. Michigan Southern opened at 73*, and (old np to 15, with considerable excitement, the parties buying intending to control the election. Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago stock la very firm, with a good borrowing demand. At the one o’clock Board the mar ket was Inactive, and prices were lower. Afterwards Erie (common) declined ana sold at 53*. At &35 the market was Arm, and prices were the same as they were on tho regular call. Erie (common) being held lor short Interest. American gold has been very Steady. Governments are still selling, bat shorts being in the best demand. Money condones easy at the nr pal rates. Ohio certificates sold at 29*. The Increase In tho earnings of the road go considerable toward sustain ing prices, although several of the combinations have notyct matured. [Associated Press Keport) New Yobs, March 11. ~ kro.ygr. Money rather more active at C®7 per cent tor call loans. £y .. .. FORKJOK KXCIUVOB. bterllng firm at in gold lor first class bills. ntVwU 8aBhlde ftrmcr,C ®^“ ,D ßat 13iy;and closing _ governMena. Government Blocks quiet and scarcely so firm. New York, March 14. RAILROAD STOCKS. Tl‘ c S tock Exchange was somewhat Irregular on the railroad list this morning, out on the whole in rather Eric was the weakest stock. seUltg down to aBI ra^ylr K 55. Iho features of the day were Ohio certificates ana -Michigan Southern. The former lose to JOJ4. and »he latter fi> *ISX. The market was firm at Uic coe o'clock Board, and rather better in After the session, tho market wS steady in the Pong Boom. At the Second and last Open i oard the market was generally iirm with an advance in Cumberland. «««• wi Ji an Win. Ilcatb & Co. report the followin'-: . . MUCR* AT 5:30 J». ». American Hudson IK ©is? JW 8“ SSZzrzvS&SS SSSS?.::: i*§ B* {ftSfc’S V 8 Mariposa.. ... B,V« 934 Toledo... 118 Stiav Marlpoaa pM..S3HA3S\ It 1 .... 95V® M* Westcro 0. Tel «v» « N. W si® loswtiosg N. W. pi’d raj;® rau 111,6 s*>3t@ &9 I Ft. Wayne W, I *® 9634 „ GOVERNMENTS. Government securities steady. The rnruor started oJ A®®' " Usnc railed to have anv etlcct on price?: I teg d, 81......100 CslOOi* iS-ajconnons’CO.lKVffliOTv coaiwn*. 81.... 1 10-10 resist'd, orv a &J..1C1 r<(i(nti | io4o coupons... ofx® orv Anciut7W:;AiwwaS Jan. I Judo como 105«(AiQj« asd July 10C,v@106iK I July comp MS&ilOO* _ GOLD. Gold etosed steady, at iw,V. The two extremes ol at hJJi&wi.S. cash cola was from 1-ct » cent to fiat _ STATE DOSP3. «'J? ( fMh , .2 re ni ,ht bta,e Bonds was a rise la Missoarl 6sto 69 bia. Other btate Bonds nail and heavy. STEAMSHIP SHAKES Pacific Mall rose to «5; AUaallc, 81 __ .... MUtCELLANEOra. The point of Intorwt in the mlscellascatts shares was a rise In coupons to 51. Coal shares steady. Gor°e^mTnta^ CtffllrlS,aCUve * at Culet “ a “*7 00 fORtIOS excnASOE. There was an improved demand for forel-m , pilme bankers bills rose to lo93iw£ wiin V Iniportcra are disposed to remit liberally again. and bills are ecarcc. v , . . MINI.VO STOCK*. d^riMM.?! 6 fbares market today was “£-*V n C® In Qnartz mil. A regular raid wa? made 2S r , il*5 t f >c^?<I T H ,eh . BO,<l down 390, hat qnekly re «y«cdt° 410. closing strong, Con«ofidatcd Gregory gmcland iteadv, ranging trom 1190 to 1*95. Colnm ivf, o° ld t ß od Silver in demand and selling at 290i3W5. anfm^iS2 «??• “k/C* hut /inlkc firm, telling at 673. h LP h f. r u-broußht (Mam. Benton quiet at 610, and Lacrosse CO. Other fluctuations not Important. The Produce .Tlarkcle. MILWAUKEE. \ (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] „ Milwactix, March It. ileux-Qulel, firm and tic higher, Sales at m.OOlo Dlawatha and amber lowa XX; $10.30 fbr choice extra, and flO.STtf tor good extra. Wheat—Unsettled and higher. Morning Board— bales ll,wo centals. Noon Board-Sales of IH.OOO cenUU at JJ.6153.71 lor No. 3 In store; J3.6i, relict’s option, Horn isth to 31st init • J3dS, seller's option, this week; M.C7. seller’s option! April,and bnyei’s optional! month; JS.Wfbr N 0.3 la store, and J3.CO lor rejected in April. Cat*—Advancing; sales WTO centals atjl.63 for No 1 In slcre; Jl 63®1A6 lor No. 3 go. Cora—Nominal. Bye—Held higher; 1,500 centals at J 1.73 for No. 1 old receipts In store; J 1.5031.83 lor do ftesh. Provisions—Quiet and Una. Sales 100 pkgs prime lard at Wa c. Mess pork held at jy.. Dressed Hogs—Firm at JB_SJ®S.7S. Becelpts—Kfl brls floor, 2.000 centals wheat, 6CO do oats, 600 do com. CCO do rye. Shipments—loo brls flour. SACO centals wheat. NEW TOHK. Colton-Firm but leas active, owln^to* ihe* high Splaml“ kCd ' 5a es ° r s^oo ba,ea at 8I « ror middling F-lour-Rccdpta 9.512 brls. Market 10«25c better £***} £ 0 ? t U n 9 ulry ;. ,£ alea of 13 000 brls at J3.90310.rf 5 f »■*»«.« for extra Wj-stern . |ll_Assliil lor choice do; J11.00313.0b tor ?Hn I r nK ,ilf5 ril ?.* ot «tra round hoop 6hto, and $13,103 12>0 for trade brands, market closing quiet but scarce ly 80 frm- Included in the list arc 1.400 brls at *lO 09 Whiskey—Quiet and steady at R2c for bonded. * closing quiet but scarce > m&’.ST‘ffifoViSS: _ I* » shade firmer, with sales of I.OCO bu inferior f f Wert ’ ttce * at * 1,15, 40(1 9 - 000 bu Western at Itarley—Uore actlvc and firmer, with sales of (3/00 Cm *‘ ' v “‘ Barley Malt—Quiet. islfcWtV.'iti.a m ° n «f n^£7 l i w ,' ,pu W bß * u#rkct active and excited. ?5 t vS?l cbet . ,e ri? ,08111 sscarcely 10 firm. Sales were: *r : RuJ , t Q iQ at tA 'i 5<^1 n a Western in store; 1U.8tf31.19 icr do afloat; JI.J7 lor white Western— closjng with sellers of mixed Western In store at Nellie. Oats—Bocelpts, 969 bn. Market more active. and 1» 2cbelter, bales of81,(00 bmal w<*C3c for Western: C6«B8clor new Ohio. ana lor State. ' lilcs—Qnlel. Coffee—Quiet. rt ?,W" l is!l lU3d hC4T T* with sales ol TOO bids at 10* 3llfcc for Cubs. MojM?e»-Qaiet. Sales of 60 brls New Orleans at 86e; 30 bbda Clenfngos at 43360 c; Porto Rico at SSe. PctrolSHm—Stady at 16*®l7c for crude; 3C®3Bc forreQnedlnbond. Hops—Quiet and arm at STQTOc. Pock—Firmer and In fair demand. Sales of 6.100 brl« at I3i.3s(arijf7 for new ntii, closing at *32.87 ~ 0,(1 neu : *17.55 for prime, and f for prime mess; also, #23Jolorncw rawi; |23.e«53.15, seller and buyer March, April and May. Heel— Steady. Sales of 515 brls at previous prices. Tlercc Beef—Steady. Sales of *3O tierces at $30,500 151.73 for prime mess, and *35.25330.33 Ibr India mess. Beef Hams—Firm. Sales of 113 brls at *37.50340.50. Bacon-steady. Bales of 450 brls at tOtfc for Com berland. ll@llXc for short ribbed, and liy@uuc for short clear. Cut Meats—Firm. Sales of 750 pkgs at 9310 c for shonldsrs, and 12V0UJ.C for bams. Lard—Qnlct and steady. Sales 890 brls at liaiiVc for old, ai.d 15 VOIS&C for new. Cheese-Qnlat at llsSL** 12310 c for Ohio. __ LATEST—B f. M. Floor—Quiet and scarcely so Arm; 2,ooobrls poor ex* »* "***«/old at *10.00; SCO brls extra California at *J->.75011*50. ..Wheat-Quiet and holders more disposed to realize. No. 2 Milwaukee. *3.:002.36. Bye—Steady atflJG for Western. Barley—Quiet and Orm- Corn-Dnll at *U6jfoU7lnstore,and *U3 afloat for shipping mixed Western. 0° 8ta —Steady at CB®C6c for Western; CC3ffic for new - I ?fc9 alet / br D f w “ fSS; offared for regular. April bl? ° aSh Mke<,; * ma ** *cUcr’9 option for Itecf— Doll urn! nominally onchanced. Ilacoo—Quiet, without decided chance. , .«.T Btca(, y al 12XGil3Kc for fair to prime steam, n<t 10K®W,\c for kettle-rendered. CINCINNATI. _ Udienteratt, March 11. Flour—Flrrocr.bat prices nncbanced. No demand lor lower ptadea. Trade brands 111.50(313.50, and fsney hratidalll.tioft|ii6.(o. Corn—fi3c In bulk, and 76c In racks. Oats—Advanced to 53c. Wheat—scarce; no No. Isprluc In market. Sales N o. 2 at *2.50, and winter at #2.90. Kye—Scarce, and not offered leas than #l.lO. At the clasc there were buyers nt #1.35 for Ko.l. Barley—Unchanged and qukt. Whiskey—Unchanged and steady at JCc. Cotton—Held higher; 28c a?ked for middling, bat 27c was the best olTer mane, Ealcs of ordinary at 25c: tu“ favorable news from Liverpool caused holders to pat up prices. Mots rork—Unchanged; city held at (22,00 bat there were no sales. There is a good demand for balk meats with sales of

10,000 88, at *e for shoulders, 10c for sides, lOtfc for clear rib sides, and lie for clear. Bacon-Steady; 91j@10i'c, lor shoulders, side?, clear rib and clear sides packed Lard—Frm: couttiy held at 12Mc; city, 12 Vc. sugar cured bams—ls&lsKC. and In lair demand. Groceries—Steady. Sugar at ll.'jftUlae lor Cuba and Porto Kico, and I4«isc fur New Orleans. CCflee-Qnlct at 25(327 c. Butter—steady at for fresh. Keen—Firmer, owing to cold weather. Clover Ee*d— Firm at. 59.75 for old, and *BIKViO.OQ for new. TlraotLy dull but onrhanged. Flax steady at fVJ«@v.SO. Linseed Oil—Dull nt £ 1.4001.4?. (Joid—Clo«cd at IS3 baying, 131-V selling. Exchange—atcncy. The mot ey market 1< close at 9&U per cect. bopfaluT ... „. . . . Buffalo, March It. Floor—Quiet and unchanged. Wheel—Active and market Arm. Pales 40.0 W hu No. 9 Chicago ai?UO, and C6.00C hu N 0.3 Milwaukee Club, part on private (eras, balance nt £3.30; 4.W0 bu Cana da spring atJ2.37e3.10; 25 car loads white Canada at J2.8U52.v0.and 8 car loads amber Canada at S2.CO. Corn—Active, and new higher. 6al-s 10 car loads new- l otedo. early, av 82c, and U car loads later at Site on btatc Line track. bn No. 2 Chlcato at SOUc hcld higher nt I bo clow. deUvcred"^* 163 6,000 Canada «t*I.CD la store and Ityc—homlnnl lor Wtstcrn new Mess Pork—Qolct and unchanged Lard—steady and quiet. Illghwlncs—Dull. Bales of small lots at 12 3SA2JJ. beetle—ln good demand and unchanged. BT. LOUIS. „ _ . St. Louis. March U. Tobacco—Firm and unchanged. Colton—Advanced; 26Xc for middling. Flour—Low, aid medium grades very doll: cholca firm and market unchanged. Wheat—High grades stiff and advanced: clnb at W.G5<jU6 per cental; caolcoCili at19.10< Corn—Buoyant era higher at 91.1531.0 i. Oat!)—Drooping at SI 9133.03. prrovMon*—Wry Arm. Mesa port advanced: sales |21.3Q&23.t0. Bulk meats—lUcud unchanged. - Whiskey—Dull at f2.13«2.U. Hcgt—flrlsk at G@7!<c. Baltimore. Coffco—Finn. Sales at 13«f®llcfor good and prime cargoes In licnd. fcurar—Komlnal and unchanged. Sales at 10¥310Me for fair to rood refining. * Flonr—ln Improved demand. Wheat—Steady. Maryland red choice, *3JO; Penn sylvania red, (S3O. • Com—Active and higher. White, »i.o? s tcUow 11.00; m15cd.93(395c. «w«. yejow, Oats—Scarce, at CTe. Provision?—Higher. New mess pork, f-Oar* 75 • bulk shoulders, 9®9>fc; sides, lh3lli<c fjrnb; firdj Dull. > Bales in bond stey—Dell. Bales in bond at 31c. Clover Seed—Sales ol old at $5.35, and niw at ts.'ft® PHILADELPHIA. Floor—Firm. Bales of LMObrf °stu«in sl3to* 11< * Wheat—Quiet and Orm. catered, *3.00. * Bye— Corn— Gocmi demand, and advanced. Sales of 7.000 bn yellow at SI.OO. ' Oat*—Steady at Me. rroTlilr cß—AoTanrinsr. Men pork 11150. Bacon •boulders, 9Uc. lard. '•'Wc. Whli key—Sales ct Ohio at *1.90. New-York Live stock market, [Special Despatch to me Chicago Tribune.) New Toss, March 11. Beef Cattle—l,4so bead at both markets to-day, most ly medium to’ good qaalltltt. Illinois steers, which acid at H®lGc. The demand U alow, bat price* are no lower. The whole range is nominal at U @t7tfc. Sheep—Receipts, 74. S<l ; loeat9)f@9^c Swine—Receipts, 1,700. Market very Urm; selUnei 7«®3*c. Ocean Freight*, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) ° New Yoex. March 14. Freights to Liverpool—Qnlet and nominally ni charged for grain, and fairly active and steady fa cotton. Albany Lire Stock market. [Special DC!patch to the Chicago Tribune.) Albast, March 14. The cattle market opened Arm and He V a higher, and with an upward tendency. Prices at 7VB9c. Re ceipts. 9,700 head. Sheep-4%@Sc. Hogs-7*®Bj<c. * New York Breadatndii market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toes, March 1 Floor—Market cloud quiet. meat—The demand lor wheat since ’Change has been for rcjcctsd Chicago to go South, with sales ol 15,000 bo atf3.05e2.10. Cora—About 60,0C0 bn sold since ’Chance at fiAca IJCX; closing at (1.16. Oats—Dull and heavy. Barley—Brisk. New York Provision market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New roar, March 11. Pork—Market closed with sales of 500 brls regular at *23.00. No change In other hog products. Now York Grocery Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbtmo.l New Yoke, March Coffee—Rio qnlcl at 22®2Gc. Sagar—Active, and demand flna. Fair to prime gro cery lo*an*c. New York Dry Goods market. some styieSf* 13 m ° re acUve at at fsc. Wamiuttas at 13 ; Spragues and Dnnnela i?s.ssrK;„wsav r fc =“«•■■>•= si “ aj « ‘ brAt te “ ma6M Miita * •« iw steady at 22c for Glasgow and S3c for Laa. 2J Dclamca declined 2c per yard, and are now selling at Pittsburgh oil market. Market for erode wl thou t anV ami quoted at s&@«eflria. R-celpta. 3,-ICO brls. Keflned in bond dnU and weak; vales I,(X - 0 brls standard white. the year, ten days' notice, at 30c • GnhrM&«i? n<la £ a whltc < buyers' option, delivered la «2BrtLw?^.?*2^?»f n * lt ?. 1,, i cc:aber ' ,nclud,D P : WWbrls deliverable Inm August to December. V°° Ur l ß PJ imu Hsl't straw to white, tree on board, from April to at sic* K*ra£^*brt <I9UTMed * at33 *® loc * Tar quoted ai in A UK 1 ED, _ In this city, on Ibo 14th Key W n Rv- McDONaId LEWIS J * MILLt ' I{ aaJ Alina MARY j. Lofrea r^u^ N &°^'‘ Wl rf - J -“ J M 1« <••• At Buda, 111., on Tuesday. the lith Inst., hr the Rer Jw c / Joseph, Mo., to Falls Ni’ C ’ M ‘ culi ‘ l)3 * formerly of Niagara DIED. Wheats* city, Marchl4th, WILLIAM MULVEIL,aged funeral win taKC placn troni No. CDS State sUcor ncr lonrtctnth-M., Saturday at to o’clock a. m. irlemlti and relative* are particularly Invited. In this city, March 14th, of dlptherla. MINNIE A only rmid pi llotllo W. and Almira M. Grannls. aged 5 yeurs and 1 months. wi:u Tmcral icjday (Friday) at 11 o'clocku.m.,from the USldence, UIC Calun et-av. ’ uc amusements. QROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE, wm W^w,4ueS e .^ Friday Evening, March 13th, BENEFIT OF LOTTA. «^ C il? w il? tl s? (1 ! A, * llol i a ' :),caDl,| eaco witnessed, last crenlcc, the crest moral and religions drama ol “ UNCLE TOUTS CABIN.” ir } h .u r w °rld-famed Impersonation ofTOP n\ It I *, cal 1 5 4 t ocvtr was born," Introducing new Banjo boloa and I‘lanutloa Reel. aew LA PETITE CORNELIA as ETA. amlmsgElQcent scenery by Crabtree and as elstants. New mechanical eflccts by Home and assist* ants. New properties oy Brower. To-morrow afternoon, uncle Tom Matinee. Wtta OITOW P° ,lllTc| F la* l appearance of M cTICKER'S THEATRE. MdVICXEK A MYHE3 MANAGERS. Friday, Benefit ol the treat Ljtlc Artiste, VKSTVALI, John Oroozham’s treat play or BELi DE3IOISIO. AbfltJo Vcs trail With Songs—" Thou art the Star" and** Brave Marco " Saturday—Vcstvall Matinee. Monday—The great play ot OEMEA. Ifl rehcaraal—THE BHIGAND. "yAIUETY THEATRE. Another Brilliant Entertainment* This evening will be presented THE COUESE OF TETTE lOTE. HELL UPON EARTH will soon be presented, SUge CaSaS° m ° re Bflllot and * | OL. WO OP’S MUSEUM. Stage Manager TUOB itARiiV The Last Two Nights of Wilkie Collins’ SpecUcnlw Drama, produced with solendid new *ce£ry. cos throws, decorations. Ac., Ac, and received with great evening, March ISth, the now sensa tional drama of THE FROZEN DEEP. To conclude with the new farce 01 THE QUIET FAMILY. Saturday oiteraoon. Grand Matinee. A DANGEROUS Q AMR, soon. QKOSBY’S OPERA HOUBE. SEVEN HBA27SI TEN BOHNS! WILL APFEAB APRIL STB. "VTANKEE ROBINSON’S OIROUS X AND SIENAOERIE. Ue-cngagemeat, nod positively the Lvt Week of the Champion of the World, Mr. ROBINSON and hisson CLARENCE. Monday evening, March llth. and every »vealng during thj week, and Wedncsd and Saturday aiteraoots. Menagerie open at sll ho av of the day. nr9 Utncgar. pURE CIDER VINEGAR, Warranted pare, and to preserve pickles. Large*! works of the kind in the United States. k CHARLES O. E. PBU3SIKQ. Statost.. Cntcago. auction Salta, ri ILBERT AND SAMPSON, VJT General Auctioneers, 47 and 49 Deaxbom-Bt AUCTION NOTICE. Will be Included In oar sale of to-day, a large amount of SUPERIOR SECOND-HAND HOUSEHOLD EtTENITUEE, Brussels Caroets, Fine Secretaires and Book Cases. Extra Fine Wararobe, Hair Mattraascs, ten Chamber acta ol various styles, Crockery, *c. GILBERT & SAMPSON, Auctioneers. Gilbert & sampson, General Auctioneers. 47 and 49 Dcarbom-st. Elegant New anil Second-hand FURNITURE, CARPETS, ETC., AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY, March 15th, at 10 o'clock, at our sales* room?, 47 and 40 Dcarhorn-sU consisting In part ol the entire Fnrnltnrc and Effects 01 a gentleman break ing np housekeeping. The goods arc all of the best, and are as good as new—only been used a few month?. Also, a large and splendid assortment of new Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room Furniture, Including sev eral very fine Marble top Chamber Suites of the cholo* cst styles and made by the best makers. GILBERT & SAMPSON, Auctioneers. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Sforchanti 44 dc 4H RANDOIiPII-gT.. Between State-st. and Wabaab-av., Hold regular calcs, at their saJearoon.*, oi DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, AC., Every ■WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY*. FURNITURE, CAHFEIS, Ac-, every SATURDAY SUOTT & GO., AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 104 cor. LaSalle, Chicago, Cash advanced on Merchandise contlgncd for sale. Ont-door sales promptly attended to. £ UCTION. Satordar, March IClb, at 10 a. m.. at Daniel Scott ft to*. Kooms, 10-1 Lbkc-flt. Groceries, Cheese, busrnrr, Teas, Coffee, Spice, Oroccra Scales, Cigars! Tobacco, &c., ftc. DANIEL SCOTT ft CO., Aactlonecra. A UCTION—At Daniel Scott & Co.’s JTJL auction rooms, ICI Lake-st., Friday, March U, Staple Dry Goods, Satinets, Tweeds, Prints, Hose, Half nose, Casslmctcs, Crash, Shirtings Sheeting?, &c., 4c DANIEL SCOTT & CO., Auctioneers gate ffitillg, iSngtncg, &c. 'J'HE LAKE ib liODLET Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM EKGD7EB, Shingle Machines. Com Milts and Shorting, wood working Machinery. _ . l/ANE 6e BODLEY, Comer ol John and WM<r-st«., Cincinnati. d «crlptlTe circulars will specify the mscblccrr they need. ags3ftel-4Disa gentses, Carriages, Set. F)R BALE—A span ot caniage horses, ?£?i5 l fhfaM^ <1 . stc (' pcr9 * elude or double. Un cuunited In this city. Apply to J. C. DARNELL, Farm afeo a stable, comer Twenty-second and Stalo-sl, I?OU SALE—Cheap— First-class plat nctr. Has been used rhrln 'W*,* Bh ° rt tITOC. Will be SOW cncap. Apply tow. D, PARKED, if bv letter. Hoi 305, Freeport, Stephenson Co„ * ’ FOR SALE—A good pair oi carriage bqrses. seed C and 7 jearsf well matched. will »^°n b C i UtMep Fuddle horncs tor"lady oiv “ c “ n “ s ” liani ' ,,< ' tro: n At a baraaiD, a pair cf Jtai?SfJKr*ISSSS? , ArSSS d Wf.l kifss: SKJEE '■ TEDESDEtt*OO,BoomI3 JFov Sale, TTARDWABE STOCK FOR SALE.— JJ A party ham* a stcck ofaboot 17.000, la a floor t«wn on tbe II tool, central Roai. offer to sell n f r£} ?iS, JV* 4 Rood location, and tie , the Roods, cr leased, aa de- S co; itiWiJrSSs&T* ° r m ‘- iLiU! i£cnfe=i)ouscs. TO KENT—From April Ist, the house No. 891 Wabaah-av.. cont‘inmr 16 rooms. with a good barn. A»ply on the premisea. 1- TO KENT—By Wm. D. Keifoct, 89 Wublsetos-at., neat house containing 8 or 9 rooms, wnh i«r« yard, 60 crW fret front, onthecor nerof Loomis and Hastlngs-ats. x nPO RENT—Desirable house on the Apply t> C-A. SPRING, ho. 8. Lannon Blocs. v v RENT—Another hist class boarding J- Bouse,wuhtnrtlturelorsaJe. A’ wlthaut gniluire. E.A. BICE, No. 133 South CUrk-lt, Boom 14. HpO KENT—The three-story brick house ■ . ecrper ol Van Bnrdn and Ab-rdeca-sts. A. I). MEAD, Beal Estate Agent, 131 Bandolph-it. r po RENT—Several good dwellings, in JL tbe but t arts of the North and West Divisions, mom May I. Also, several new store*, with dweMnes •oove, on West Madleon-it., cheap. MACLAY *KED AIE,No. J Walker’s Dnllding,over3 ‘Z Dearbornsir TO RENT—A country residence. A /ewcouacp bouse. 94x54 feet, brick basement, sit ua'»d on Balsted-st,, talf a mile north of city limits. Possession clve" Ist of April. Inquire at Room No. 8. N os. 13 and 17 South w*n*-«*. RENT—At Harlem, 25 minutes* ride trom North WeUs-at. Depot, a laree-aized dwell, leg. suitable ler boarding house; also, dwellmssand “'lf*! *niaU tenemer ts at alow rent. Apply to JOHN H. 8. QDICK, Room 7, No. 43 South Clark-st. "PO KENT—Desirable furnished house, J. horth Side, rtrj pleasant location, lor 8 months! fotsegfllon a: any time. P. Q. Pox jjfl. TO BENT—Famished House, coniaiu- Inc 11 rooms. Price *IOO per month, three months Ailsmwt 6 * Good iclerenco required. Apply at 9a TO RENT—Furniture for sale—A new house at Evanston, 7 room?, convenient to depot, can bo bad low. Andreas »♦ S.” Tnhnao offlee. v * r FO KENT—House of 7 rooms. West 1 Side, on line ot street railroad. Man and wife to Commerce* teoaL *‘ No. 30 Chamber©! T) RENT—House aud grounds, comer Douclos-place and Lake>av. House newly tnr nisoed throughout. Lot one acre, and handsomely laid ont.witn trees and shrnbnciy. App'yat Mrs, w J. JOHNSON’S, 71 Washlngton-st. Kent 1150 per month. r TO RENT—A splendid residence, 14 A rooms. acre or ground, garden, shrubbery, modern Improvements. immediate possession. T. H, BELFIELD £ CO., Itoom lO.l’oet Ofllce Block. Eo sL\cnfc=l\ooms. 'T'O RENT—Room 73 Lombard Block, A and farmtnro for sale very cheap. Apply as aboye between ?and tf to-night. y * * XO RENT—Cheap—One or two tor airbed rooms, saiubls for single cents, at S 3 3on tt.. near State, Inquire at the house. TJ RENT—Rooms 10 and 11 over 48 Bomb Clark-st. Apply to Dr. H. H. BEARDS* juju, Room 4, np stairs. TO RENT—Famished lo'dgmgs, with on t board, to gentlemen only. Single and doable rooms, jsnd kept la order. Terms reasonable. Apply at 25 Allcblgan ay. TO RENT—Two nice sleeping rooms, furnished or tinfmnUlied. Inqotre aflW Sonth gEoHenfagitomi, ©fSccs.&c TO RENT —Choice offices tor physicians, d cutlets or lawyers. No*. A and 0, VZ and 19. pa 18 and 19 In McCormick’s Building. Apply to C. A. SFBINQ. No. ti Larmon Block. TO RENT—-The tive-stoiy marble front banding No. 10 South Clafk-st. YOUNG & antlNGMt. ‘Z Metropolitan Block. TU RENT—Offices on second floor, with HAWES ’ No * IOU "’asblngton-st. Inquire of KIBK T° —The large front office known X as Johnson's Skate Depot, corner State and Ban doloh. with or without carpet ana larnltnre. Apply ontbe premises. ** J HPO KENT —To lawyers and others—A A P* "Jtitol suite of offices. consisting ot 4 rooms, very JJght, commodious and deslrebK Rea: ISM ner Cm 12. E M * UIGH ’ 164 TO RENT—The Store No. 82 Dearborn »t. Apply to JOHN DeKOVEV, Northwestern n auonal Bank, Chamber of Commerce. r PO RENT—The convenient dock and a»»^5S2?;* ICKEMA!i - T'O RENT—Second and third floors, 28 l&04L ke * tt * Apply *° BADNDEIJS BHO. & CO., 28 TO RENT—Prom May Ist, store No. 10 sI ' mXGEE - r T’O REINT—7BS Sooth Clark-st, 1 store ■ASitoffSS Si. 1 nwaa. ,a 3 room. 'T’O RENT—The spadons store known ■. a* No. 91 Waahlngtoc-st. Also, fine front urn™. with vonlt, on the first floor of the same building. A&. ply to ff M. D. KEBFOOr, 89 Washington-fit. TO RENT—The five-story store, No. 28 Market it., rromUaylst: this is the oldest mill tom !► bins stare In the city. Also, two lartre halls In Lloyd Block. Also, the hotel nr large boarding house, the Gorfrey House, comer of Clark and Uarrisou ats Alio, several storrs and residences in other parts of u»e city. CARTER H. HARRISON. S 2 Dearoorn-at. TO RENT—Desirable Jolt, formerly oc copied by Bowen Bros. SIzeSSiIGO. Can be had at reasonable rent. Possession given Immediately. Inquire of A. HERZOG, t£l Lake-at., upstairs. TO RENT—New Store, 77 West Had- Ison-st.and offices in same building on second °ooj- A i to .' Btor ® Bandolph-st. ATS. MEAD. 101 Bandolph-at. * TO RENT—Good light, dry basement. fort light manufacturing business, and can sight parties to two manufactures for sale, suitable for the p . . e * v Cfto ** Lad teawnable. Apply at 179 Clark st n in baiemenu TO RENT—A store, by the Ist of May. on the corner of Hamsun and Desplalres-sti. sons? complete. Inquireat 161 west Ham- nPO RENT—A 10,000 barrel wareroom, • froßt-pr:of, handy to river and railroad. In bolt orb7_the_barrel^_Room2.No.■l*l Soprb ClaA-at. Business (glances. FO H SALE— I The oldest and best Jew* flry store la Waukegan, UL, doing a very good M n? B D ™U-nJt^l£« r w f ' or Particulars, Inquire ot it. KBO>IBEBO A CO., Wholesale Dealers In Watches and Jewelry, lg-1 Lake-st-, Chicago, m. 70R SALE—At Kankakee, HI., on the *. minols Central Railroad, a stock of hardware and t men materials. The owner wishes to retire from business, on account of 111 health, and will lease the store tor a term of years. There are six rooms above l*i® ««■*, and * flood basement with three rooms. Located In the centre part of the city. A rare chance for a party witn some means. For further particular* address “POD,” p.o. Box ill, m. jOR SALE—The good will, stock and A. fixtures of a first-class retail drag store, all in complete oidcr. situated tn a good location Intteclty ££“*• J ? t ßCp ?’£*°* Lease3tf 'ears to run, at low rata. Stationer, 42 and 44 Dearbora-sL, Chicago. 111. j- floods Md groceries, tn a flourishing town, the ?OB SALE—Photograph gallery, situ- X . in » beaatlful city. 70 miles wcjt of Chicago, finely fitted up. well stocked with Instruments, and is P_ 0 * D BAfl2’s 53*me68. Satisfactory reasons for sell iSm at a great bargain. Apply at LSI South Clark-s: M 70R 6AXE—An assortment of milli* r.n JHS3JSPSS 3 sed5 ed Tfta s ce notions, and shop to rent. Can famish board ana titivate room for one or two persons, at 747 West Lake-st. MBS. JOSEPH ttai.t. T7OR SALE—City retail drugstore, well I located. A good chance for an enterprising man. Satisfactory reasons fop so ling. For particulars. In. aK < ic^n-av. CUfLEB * C CQraer **“*»s-«• F)R SALE—Grocery Store centrally !ocated and doing a eoodbnslncts, will be sold at invoice. Ibis is one of the oldest stands In tbe city. Box OSS qa rC ' 3 ’ * 3,00 ° *° * 4,0C0, Adaress Fo!t Office F)R SALE—Lease, stock and fixtures No better location in the .tEL’KP*-. 118 ft *>*«fam. GILBERT & BENE- DlCT.'ias Clark-et, Room 7. F)R SALE—New brick store, known as the “Post Office Building," with the entire stock 111 5 news and notion store. Bull dice ?*l'i ,o^f . 0 ‘? :,l,; » ,o £s^ lU!nTOlceal > oot HOW. Also, a complete lamlly residence. recently built, beautifully with river scenery and pleasant surroundings. Jt O. Drawer So! XT OR SALE—A retail groceiy store do -4 Inca itrlctly caih business, averaging fiso per day s i winter. Can be doubled In summer. Bensons [ 0 » r .K.*Jl n s , wKiEHr. lnto wholesale business. In qalre of SMITH & DEXTER, No. 10 Dearborn-st. ' F)R SALE—Tea and spice store, doing a Cnbclasß, profitable lobbing and retoll trade, -mis Is a *Pl«ndid opportunity Ibra man with moderate ff pl^ii!?.8 .19 nr . e JS established bnslncas. Apply to tbe NATIONAL TEA COMPANY. 63 Randolph-at. F)B SALE—Gents furnishing goods. HaTlreaisoclatedmyeell with the old and popu lar cents famishing house ol F. C. Kempton, HIT Broadway, N. Y~, under theflrm name of F. C/Kemp ton * l . 0 -’ (the tame to take effect April Ist.) I ofler my Mock, furniture and leaiofor sale for cash. The itand la oce of the beet In Chicago. The loreltnro is manu factured entirely of black walnut, the stock clean and well cordltloned, and every war salted to Arst-ciiat trade. WM. of Wm. p. Amch & t“* 113 Clark-ar. F" 'OR bALE—Lease, license, stock and JL fixtures ot a saloon ana bo aiding house, right on- Po*lJj th? first #«Unc room door* ottho M. S. ?£ v B.ncw passencer depot One ot the beat sued* in the city. Eremhlng ready for boat* ne*s, and low rent Inqnlre on the premise*. 3S Sher man-st. Good reason* given ior selling. f'OK SALE—Parties with irom |3OO to 5500 can iccare a business that will pay the amennt Invested each month. Call soon. If yon want to fleenre a snre thing. Boom 13 Lombard Dloct. FOH SALE—A large boarding bouse, in complete running order, on State-st, between ’i'y'SSS jnd Adamuts,, will be sold cheap, inquire at 19S State-at., in the store. None bat a cash*cu*- toicer teed oppiy. F}R SALE—-Saloonand boarding house, ‘127 Sopth Canal-st. Fixtures analamitare new. Ibe bouse Is now doing a good business. The present occupant U about I*a?ltg the dty, to tto Into other business. |6OO will purchase the abOTe. Call immediately. I/oit SALE—The stock and fixtures oi - a commission and jrroccry store. located on one of the principal street*, atd goldjc a Pao business. Ad. drtsa W. D. TISDALE. Tribute office. FOR SALE—Saloon, in a good location, on a level with the street, near the Post Office. DtSP-MO StatfrEL* 7 ° f buslocfia * ARTHUR & BOY- IT'OK SALE—Lease and part fixtures ol ■ a boarding honae. Call at 287 North Clarkst. jfot Sale. SALE—Brick. Apply at Lime j- Depot of WM. KIRK. Market-swnear Randolph. SALE—Show-cases (silvered) and side cases for sale. Also a small Herring safe »" Q “ J «ceWiider safe. Call and see thematVn. CwtHonae** 1,0,79 Clark-sL, opposite the F)R SALE—Job OlHcfr—One-third in- terze*} and ben book and Job ?Uy.°ac°^!°o?g'gfß-ja°. r|>arng ° l * n “ d lnKr " T? OR SALE—Lot of shelving, counters. XT OR SAXE— Two shares of slock in J| Addreaa“WMi," F. o. Box F)H SALE—Canal boat Norway. An- Pjr at 130 Wett Indiana-et. B. OLSON. r F)R SALE Chicago City Railway Steer—On account of the permanent removal of moowccr from tbe city, 500 shares of the above itoct wuibosoluin seme to salt purchasers. Inauire at >o. ]j chamber ol Commerce, JTOH- - SALE—At the Chicago Diiviug . Part, scccnd-band Inmber, consisting of boards, .jut?, scactuiff, &c., ail thorooehly season id. Also itc ooiiuicca known as “ floral Han'* and '• South Am phitheatre.*’ Inquire of C. A. FORSYTHE, on the grounds. * L/'OR SALE—3O,OOO leet choice black -1/ walont Id mber, water saved and sti rears sea ■oned. GROVER & BARER 3. U. CO., KMT&ndIOO >Vftihlcgton-Bt. F3R SAiE—l Wilder’s Sale, 6 tables, 24 stool* (suitable for dry Roods), skirt holders, rairt&aa-e. brass rail, Ac„ al 151 Lake-*t FOP SALE —One large Iren drill (press), at half price, nicest new. Apply to E. A. BICE,- 103 Sooth ulan-fit, Boom 14. itUal 35state- imPBOVBO. T7OR SAXE—lnEvanston—Eight houses I? and lots, wo l located, some *jf which are among t be beat ta toe city, and £bor ot than bnLt the oa«t»-». sot. Prtre»fll.wk»lfcOoo, *7,500, *7.n», fUOQ.SLOR. »iSM.*3,CCO. Apply to C. K. CKOWN& m&uk at bis office. 17 La itaUe-aL.Chlcagj. C'OR bAXE—Store and lot, Nr, 161 I' Sooth Cjjt-Bt.. be'ween tfadlaon and Monroe, UX &et tront. Inquire of JOHN FORSYTES. 133 Randolph at. • FOK SAXE—a two story irame house, No. 126 North Kenbea-st, fronting Union Park. Nine rooms, water and eas—cowlr papered and paint ed—honee on leawd i~t, clerea ream to rnn, at £37.50 per year. Price W.COO. Terms SI.OTO cash. slx,tvelTeand eighteen month.*, with interest at six percent. Apply toW. W. BELL. Internal Eorenae office. SF U SALE—Office foimerly occupied 1 £lL bs > terpen ter A Co.. North fide, near New- small fsmlly. at 23S Sooth Water-at, Boom 4. IOR SALE—At a Great Bar earn Botue awl lot 401 TblM-ar., near Illinois Cea* and K«fc island mschtns shop*. Tbe lot alone U wottb want the wholo can be boneht for. Most be “ s - clabksos a, FOR" sti SALE—On Wabash-ar., near Thir ttentli-sL. aflrst-cl4?smarblefront hoa«p. 10t.23 I? 1 *?- A. B. WING * CO., Heal Estate Offlce. 83 WaaUofftoa-sL, Boom ‘2. ■pOK SALE—Cheap, No. 404 Erie 3L, a J- desirable residence with modern Improvements. Tmns very liberal. BOZBT & CUMMINGS, Real Estate ana Loan Brokers. 98 LaSallo-st. 170 K SALE —The new and handsome fS-«i!3 !^i? ,lc &J ria i*»e erctmd* of the lata John B. Ideson. eltnatra on Lake-av., near Oakland Station. 2!1?.v.?J I ? rt .? ra ,i kfrom Donplas’ crave. The boose is 5? a In the best style, with all the modern Improre- 9 n *&« premises are a flm-cass and lares 4c *. TP® Rtoonla ate handsomely laid S«!«Sifs!.Tceetables. Ac. Ererythlnc conneciedvrltb this place renders It cne of the meat k;. ]P~ ' 3 I 'OR SALE—('ott R£G, 7 rooms and » P?ntrlo.No. 304 Vest AtUms-st., oppoUto P, Apply to J. B. BLKELEB, Soatli Wa- UOR bALE—Two-story brick dwelling JL house on Wabasb-av., near HaTnon-court. if rooms, bath rocm, hot ana cola water. 45., lot to feet £°fi£ POBiearton April l*t, *15.300. H. C. MOREY & CO„ Beal Estate Brokers. 8 Metropolitan Blocl^ 'C'OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee Real A Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new Dame bouses ol 8 rooms each, water, gas. marble mantels, and lots. Nos. 66*2 and |j64 Wait Wasting ton-si., between T-inro.n and Robey. * FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new iwo-stonr and basement brick house ol li rooms, hot and cold water, water closet, elx marble mantels, and lot, 50 lect front, on Mlctugan-av., near Twenty-fllth-st. FDR SALE—By A. B. Mead 151 Kan unlph-st., one cf the finest marble front residences od elegantly finished. Lot 33x130. _A two-nory frame house on West Adams-st, near mlsted-sL. la.rooms, gas. bath-room, *c. Lot 23>ii A fine two-story frame house on Jndd-Bt.; good bam PrlcefS Coo r la ® oUl * Lot 35x1C0 t 0 Plated alley. A flrsl-cIaM bouse on Park-av., near Park; 13 rooms, hot and cold water. Lot SinlS?. Good bam with water. PrtcctJO.OOO. I'TCO BC9 °“ leaacd * ronod on ' 7e9t Side,from F)R SALE—Ton can buy your homes tar cheaper than yon cs- rent them. I bare a nnmoer r.f new dwellings. containing parlor, dining room, kitchen, large pantry and fbnr chambers. Men or smell means can boy them, and pay the greater part ot me purchase, in monthly payment}. So that F)U SALE—By Snyder &Lee, Beal Es tsle Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a nearly new name home, with brick basement, n and cold water,Water clcsets, marble mantels, and lot. ?nd^6t, afn ’ Mlchlgan-av., near Twenty-aeo J7OK SALE—Frame cottage hnnse of C I rooms, sod three years* lease of lot. No. •»;i.a van Bnren-st., near Peona. SSYDER i LEE, Real Eitate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. C’OR SALE—Two handsome two-story JL Gothic cottages, on Lake Vlew-ar., in the soatfi. erepartof thecJ.y. Lots 40 by 180 feet. PriceHM. B. 11.TKEALWAY, Id Chamber of Commerce. F)R SALE— Bj tf. W. Packard. 187 Bandqlph-st., a flno residence, with 15 room, caa. waier, bath room, &c M situate oj a Jot feet. iroQtJneon Cottaee jnsteonlh ol Unlreral- IV • I’rtce ss,olo—•four-uflba cam, balance In six yearly payments, with Interest at six per cent. aibd. an otoeryacantlot,sameßl2C,adlolnineabove, atS35 ner foot, sane terms. * X?OR bALE—Cheap Homes—Two small X homes—one bouse ana bam on Blue Islaad-av and on South one f£,o, one $330. Apply al4Larmon Bloct. VV i UNiaPBOVEB F)R SALE—A beautiful lot on the comer of >Ve.*t ilonroa and Rncter-ats., 78 leet or ia fttt. running back to an alley. No bettor neleh* borhood la the city. Also, a beautiful block of six lots la Evanston—in fact, the handsomest lot lo Evans* too. Ills near ths depot, and nest norm of H. U. Herd's residence, with abundance of large oak and or* namrotal trees, and some two hundred tmlt trees For to GEORGE F. FOSTER, 217 Sooth "pOK SALE—Lots on Wabash and Mich- X . Igan-aTS , near and on comer Thirdeth-at- *I.OOO each. Two years hence they will bring doable the money. GEORGE A WILLIAMS, 7 goath Ciarx-atT PSP SALE—The best corner lot on X Mlchlgac-av- 46x170. 'r^?.lS. ts «£?. Kansom-st. and Weatworth-ar., south ol TWfW*firßt*.»l., either la bnlk or singly, at a very low IR lota In Ashland’s Second Addition, cheap tiSiSSSfiSSS we “ 01 Clt> Ltolß -“ w “ Unt: - 4 lots In hlcueynolds* Addition. 1300 each. 4 lots on Boicy-st.. between Norm and Wabanala avs. A. P. MEAD, IQI gandolph-sc ’•*‘»** a » FDK SALE—At a bargain, II sold im mediately. io acres on Twemh-st. and ao acres on cmcago-av., adjoining me City Limits; and 43 lots. In R^M*ms2>v tl * rST 1 * o/ Robey and Ilarrlson-sts. H. “““ Brotos ’ FDR SALE—A lot on the corner ol Car roll and Jeffcrion-atA, 60x120. will be sold cheap rorcatb. Address *‘HJ B." AS North Jefferson-sL P laeal 3Hstate==(Cmtntrg. TD RENT—Hotel at Lake Forest—This dwlrablc summer resort, 25 miles norm of Chlca* go, will be fbr rent on the Ist ot April, for a term ol years. The building contains 33 romi Is in good ra* pair, and will be rented on favorable terms to person who can ftunah'ocd keep a good hense. None other need apply. Address P.O. Box 6142, Chicago. PDR SALE—Eighty acres mireraJ land, n**r Mineral Point. Wla.; w*rehoa«o and elevat °r-»est of Chteaeo, by A. C. BROWN & CO., Real Batata Agents, 128 Latent. FSR I? ALE — Three 80-acre tiacts oi de sirable fannies lands in Kankakee County, only seven ml,ea mm Gardner’Station, on the St. Loots Railroad. Win be so;d atalbargain, or exchanged lor city pioperty. 8; H. KERFOOT & CO., 7jl Dear born-SL F)R SALE—Bureau County Land—o2o acres In the town ol Belhv—the W. jr N. W W s«£29.atdtheN. W.Mand W.fcot N. Sec. 29. fp_Town It Ran pc ill e74—id lots to unit purchasers Address GEO. 0. MERRICK, Box 2375, cWagp.lft FOR SALE—At Harlem—Lots desirably E located lor country homes. In the Tillage, near the acd . ln lhe ▼tcinity of first-class schools and chorcboi; also, within a short distance of the station, beaudftil onlldlwc sites, on a high deration, in S 3 new or Chicago, and *nr rounded by natural grove, water excellent: also, a building suitable for a hotel or J?rce boardltg house; al-o, farms 10 Cook; Kane and *JJ s ®%H r, d9 In lowa. Terras liberal. tSui-su JOH2 * H * S ' ® blCK * lloolll7 So ’ 43 Soolh partners gatanteh. "DARTNER—Wrfhted.tolake an interest 1, la one efthe best patents in the market. Cali af i3.lra» OIIAS. J.K3BESUEB, »S Room 3, Chicago, lIL Bend stamp for circtilar. * "PARTNER—Wanted—With 310,000, boaluess. I have a well established trade, * good etore on Lakwt- mod* 11 if 80 ”®IBt"£* 1Bt "£* ftna dotnea fair business, and desire to give an active and reliable mao. who can command the above amount, an erm&i Andrew FTJByiTPRE. TTlbaneoSee. q “««•*• Part;- -itTNEK—Wanted—l wish a good, ■ftlfe boilne«B man ft>r partner la the Kocc j Worts. Jaoesrille, wfs. Mast bare a cap]* M »£i ro Si and be able to show a ? ,e f£JL econ J* One whols aconalnted with thn mmn. Actors and sale ol agricultural machinery preferred. Tbo machinery mannActored at these woftts h«a repctatton second to none In the West and oolltnued. Address, jambs HAKBIB. JanesTUle, Wls. * • (SVcr to! of "PARTNER—Wanted—Either silent or JL active, for six months, who can fhrnlsh 13.000. iiSSJK I ."**!.*® • n 'l th * hnslnesa admits ol the closest InvestleaUon; and If satatactory, loneer ar rangeg.ents can be made. Address “SW p,»» Thlmno PARTNER—Wanted—ln one ol the Hotels In UU CUT. OOUw a bnalneu ol gffi.Ta’S'gSii. 5f. p ,l T .'t mmw " lttlr “ T>ABTKER—TVanted A competent -|v„. S s ?® CAatji 10 Join Hie advertiser la an cntcrnrlae v leJdloe larp** profit*. Call Thnraday, Frl day. fiatorday and Monday, ftom 10 to 11 a. m.—iharp, KSTnd-llrSu. 211181 Ctltlrctl Blw *- c3rDcr ■pARTNER— —.£!?—Wanted—-A party to take the exdtulTß asencyof artlclci wanted la every reqaired.^Canataostate-Eu'* “ stock ’' lll >>' PARTNER —W anted—Special or ac • «-V yeraprclal preferred. One who baa SIQ.OTO to fc l n}2 C 2. t £/ I ‘ TC ? 1 ..! 11 S first-class wholesale holiness. Only parUea of the first respectability treated with. * nd required. Addrea*. confidential at pointing place of Interview, "ffi H,” xrlbane T>ARTNER—Wanted—To act as cosh* JL ler and take onc-half Interest la a flnt-clasi. pood, sale and permanent business. Capital required tSCO. Address P.O. Dpi US. Chicago. ' PARTNER— Wanted—With capital, to engage in a sawmill and lumbering business. No. 176 "pARTNER—Wanted—A business «iru. means, to take a one-half Interest In an old and reliable business In this city. AbDlr at Koorn 16 So. 127 Sonth Clark-st. 3 VVJ 1 T3ARTNER—Wanted— s3so will pnr- JL ch«e one-half of a well-established business. Itcason for selling. partner wishes to so away. Annlv at 155 Booth Ciats-st., Boom g. TJARTNER—TVanted—A good office X ir an* with irom 11,000 to 15,000, to Join lha adrer- User In a business alre idy established. Call at Room U, Lombard Blocfc, Monroe-aL, near Post Office. Jy ARTNEK—Wanted—To join the ad .vT er J ! . Ber ln „ lIie Retail Grocery and Provision trade *“J* city. Have bad good experience, and under- Bund the business in all ita branches. References gWcnjadregnlred. Address“J p."Trlbaneofflem fHacjjtnetg. |?OR SALE—Three b-horee power up* A. neht enjttnfes; also six horizontal engines, e, ic power. Larger or smeCer engines fur* slshcd with or without tollers. 12,15,16 and 20-horas moular and locomotive boilers for sale, best r"a*». A'soone 4-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, ircr masers, belting, saws, flics, Ac. Machinery Depot, 33 Dearborn Chicago. GREENLEE BBOS. £ CO. 170 R SALE—Portable engines and bod- I frs, io to ZO-hotse oower, at very low nriccs. bv oi commerce. Ij'OK SALE—Portable engines, station m. ary and on wheels, to and 12-borsc power, on band THE TESHTIQO CO., North WaW-sL, North Pier. FOR SALE—A second-hand Buckley folding machine—in good condition- Price, |4oo. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. TTTANTSD—To purchase immediately, Tf for cash, a second-hand Engine and Boiler ot about &-horse power; a two-fine boiler preferrei. Also a steam pump suitable tor a coal mine. Parries bavins such for sale wiU please address G. 11. LEWIS, 24 Lake-at. • FOR SALE—Portable Steam Engines ! Portable steam engines. A number on hand In store, mad* by the *• Washington Iron Works," of snpfrtor workmanship, which we warrant to give cnitre satlatacUon. Will be sold cheap. Call and take a look at them. HAWKINS s JAMES, 34 South Wcils-er. ; TXT ANTED—A second-hand lurning- V V lathe; also, a No. ior No. a Smith’s Moulding Machine. ApplrajOSNorth FraakUn-st. WOOL LOCOTTA ILAaBRIDGE. 770 R SALE—A fine 8-horse engine, with C 1 cue boiler, at |6sf. Eocm 2, No. 4S South Clark-st. Host anb .iFmtnfr. LObT —Two Cows, March 11th—one a large roan, the other a small red cow, white face. Any one finding and returnlo g the same to owner, tinn Twenty-flflh-st., will be amply rewarded. a LOST— $ <o—The baid earned money of a laboring man, with a large family to annuorr une finder wUlpe liberally rewarded and recrivemi Ul * owner, by lea ring it with MSB RILL & SBDTE, 47 Btate-et.up^lalrs. 1 OST—On Woshineton or Ciark-sts, XJ Wednesday altetooon. a sum of money (greea- ggtanteo—iHale j^etp. BOOMKBKPBBSi Ul>*>BOlV *«• TXT ANTED—E*penence3 Canvassers, “▼ to Tim towns tad claea oatr,thronthoot tno West. Call at Boom Zit, Vo. 1M Ocaroorn et~ or adaiess. wlta sump, Pox 1110. Chicago, ItL W 7 aNi ED—Three young men who • » nade-stand the d>r goca* trade perfectly. At>- P]T,statlii{*hovleogattbetrad>*.an«l There. Term* IC6. Od country mea preferred. W. A - OLhNN. iDd anapoll*. lri<l|«T>«- WANTED -a lew gcod men to can -V V ya» the dtr fo- a tew article needed tn trery t-all from 9 to t at 93 South Dcsplilnei, near Madison, or addreaa Cox 33. \\f ANTED— Good men in ever* conn* *° »«h Juhtson'a Copper Llsht plng Rod, l*o red v»s erer received with «nch enl- Tfisallarcr as thisc*>mblt lac xsltdret theconduct me pjwer of eeppet with the of the Iron rod. Onrseents las* reason ct-ared frem «2CO to tU» per mmth. seed 13r oampbtet and orlc-lut P f hpt. SHAW & C 0„ 166 TT7ANTED —By an old-established and ,V > first-class Life Insurance Cos pany, a good Life Irtnraccemac, to locate In tbe city of lndl* enesge a* General Agert for i&e stale of Indiana. None bat srat-cla?s insurance zceo cesotiated with (tocdlndnctmenta. Address tor one week, statins ex perience and references, “Snpcrlntencentwr Asenclea." braver 67, tf*umazoo. Mich. XyAHTED—lmmediately, a salesman, YY to travel for a boot and shoe hooso. cn comml«- (lob. Liberal lodgements offered to a competent pan. Address “A IV* Tribune office. trades* TXT*ANTED—A Turner to go to Elgin. VV Steady work promljed. Inquire of-FRXNK STDRGfiS * CO. \\T AA’TED—A first-class Scroll Sawyer ¥ » at wu. wisdom * sons, Door. Sub and Blind Factory. U? North Fr*r-biin-gt. aglantel?==jfciitale 10elp. TXT ANTED—lmmediately, a muse fora V V sick laov. Apply to Dr. B. P. REYNOLDS. Rooms i j and 14 Reynolds Block, corner Dearborn and BatUson-sts.. ihlcsgn, 111. TXTANTED—A middle-aged American ,f » woman, as housekeeper in a large boarding house, Must be a good cook and brim; hot nfrcT'ica ce* as regards character. Beat of wages paid. Ad dress, with name and references, “A T K,” city P. 0. TXT"A2S TED—An experienced Female V y Nurse, to take charge ol a nuroocr of Invalids. Apply at4SEattJackson,be.weenllandl3a.m. A permanent situation. TXT*ANTED—A few competent ladies in „f * this city, and In every Important town In tbe Northwest,,to solicit Life Inrurance. Those ol tact and good address can secure a lucrative and Derma nenbuilatss. Adcresa Box 1956,Chicago. MODMg SSaVAffTS, \\f ANTED—GirI to cook, wash and T f Iron, at 331 MichlgtL-av. Wages 93 per weik. TXTANTED —A capable girl to do pen .,» * „ eral housework in a family of live persons, at JOS IluroQ-st. \\f AN TED—Good servant eirl in a f T «m*a and respectable lamily. at 4.1.1 Fnltan et.. new Union Part, Must understand how to coot, waab, «c. XTtTAIsTED—A German or Norwegian, m as nurse and seamstress. None but thosi who can give tbc best ol reference need apply. 139(J Wa- ■f^ITANTED—A competent girl to do VV housework. A Protestant preferred, Apply at >o.2Q rfillard-p ace. "VXT'ANTLD —An experienced Protes lT tant tlrl, to assist In the care ol aninfantand do llent honsewort. References rwialred. Addlv at b 9 Third-ar., between 10 ana 13 o’clock a. m. ISmploemgnt agents, \\7 ANTED—IOO anart, energetic, live j t ecs to sen one of the bat domestic articles ever Offered lor sale. Haj no competition. Every family wants from two to a dozen. Proßtrery large, call In* SontL 3iart-fIU Boom 9, np stairs. \\J ANTED—Young men in the conn* . T V try wishing to obtain situations, aach as book keepers. clerks, collectors, salesmen. conductors, ex pressmen. to apply at Boom 13 Fullerton Block. 9 'Z Drarborn-st- cr address J. M. MOORE & CO., Box 1707. eaclogjogio cents ter fad partlc"’*™ Wf Ala TED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 V V salesmen, 1 conductor. 2 braketaen, 10 reman, t r'rter, 2 timers, 2 exprcsrmea. Aoplr at Room 13, □llcrton Cock. 02 Dearborn-at. Applicant* by mail address J. M. UOOtUs ft CO, Box 1?07. enclosing IB cents foi reply \\f ANTED—EaiIy this day, 75 rail- V V road laborer*, free transportations also, 25 word choppers, at * per coni. Apply at 100 Madlsoa-it- Kcom-1. ;an*eh==flflistdlaneous, TXTAN TED—Fames wishing clay or V 7 filling lor streets, alleys, rluka. or any other pcmoie, can be arcommsdated by applying Immedl- T\7 ANTED—If yon want a good Dnsi » V ness ; l/yoa want to see the best thing la the market; and Ifyon want money, call at. orad-*re;s CRAB* MESSENGER. OS Bj“m 3, Chicago, Hi. Sendstampfordrcnlar. Agents wanted! TXTANTED—Your destiny. Jl&dame v* Car.lsietasjust rct-med to the city from a Southern tpor, and will be pleased to receive the calls ofttMp who wish the pash presmt and future reveal ed, at 188 Sooth Claris:- Room G. \\T ANTED—$3,0C0 for six months. Adj;e=.p U o g toyg 1 a'gl&" TXT ANTED—To Loan—For 1,2 or 3 -iT.f-?!l M8 l?* CCO S nin:pro,rc ‘ 1 city property, first* clan, wlthont incumbrance. Address p.o. box 1403. Wf ANTED—Everybody cut of employ- c l .'S-.., A gg;gai- J - MLE - steß *™- 3»» soma \\/ ANTED—Every soldier whn ima >? lost his discharge can have his claim against the Government promptly collected by applying at once to WILLSON a merbiam, 48 Sonth ciAk-sc TXT ANTED—An Eastern man, to invest » T *2,500 in hnSlcers which will pay titm avyw • year. Adareta -R," Box 565. Chicseo. Dl. XXT AN TED—Tdree dwellings that are ill berapved—oco on me West Side atd two on the South. Address Room 3, No. 48 South ciark-st. W ANTED—Four Jots on the Sonth A *tJrr.e .** Most be cheap and In good localities. E. South CTarK-n!.^ 1411390118 omce * Boom 14, No. 135 \KT ANTED—Ladies wishing writing V V lessons at hone, by a sklUftal teacher, (o give their No., street and address to Mrs. -ML" Trtboneof nee, fanicnlarliutrnctlonforiooaeytohinff to teach. WANTED —Financial Three thous and dollars for three or Are years, on cord oer sonai recanty. Address “C D A,'* tirlbme office. WANTED_Anv one having a 4-barrel -T* Mott Settle lor sale cheap, can find a purchaser SZSP p i? lc s nt H Mlchlgan-et., Chicago, be tween the boors of land 3 o'clocxp. m. * T\TAMTJSD—To borrow ?2,0C0 lor five Vy, j«ub. .t to per cent interest, p.yahte antmOly. i4dle “ WANTED —Some permanent connec wLSfia. 1 . aclty section establishment. Will l, * ecrn °thiraruntil betterknovn. ! am a ■i'rtbme office an:ant * Addrcjs “NEWTON," WANTED— Goods to sell on commis _ *l oa - ]>r »young man of experience and large Irtsnce. such as frmts, canned Tnbnjte* fa Ildr *“' ■ AcJcirMl lor two n T,” AAT* for five years, sc- Vi cured by good city property. Will pay ten per cent. Call at or acoreas Boom 13 Lombard Block. Wf ANTED—To hny a dmc business in * T this city, well located and having a good trade Address in conbdcnce, wlthftill panlcaiars. “V.” Tn bnne cmce. * * :aw<ea-gra Sent W/ ANTED—I o Rent, a medmm-flzed, nicely tamlßheilhoo*e.ux»ftr3t-clisa locality. B ° m£ £ CT tnontns. by a small family (trlt.v pat cflWren), wao will take the best of care of lornT *S*% tare possession m time between now an cl sth of May. Addfeia»BASKEß.»Trlbmieofflce. \\A ANTED—To Bent—By a prompt S£fg , I. , ggJ*lSaSg , ais?° M s"T*™ilnnL An- ‘WI ANTED—To Rent—By a prompt „ JJfV*pDetnaat, a Coltaw Honse with from sto La ° arUl ° fg " rUM - •“- WANTED—To Rent—A Furnished BiThTrt .Pp 9oo haying a first-class Inr ® “.rent. located on the North or South P O.“ »e? 0«S' P " W <nKU«»Ug TXT*ANTED—To Rent—. From ilaylsL c * n ? l °l tenant, a medium sired house, with modera conveniences. In neighborhood of Union Park. Would not ob>ct to paying yearly in advance/H ” e^ M - Address,with pnee and Icxatlon,P.(Xbox w™ —To Rent—From first ol '» J, * Cottage house of 7or 8 rooms. In tomb* location. **A/* r ““'“ d WANTED —To Rent—House ot 3or Wrooms,on or before the Ist of May, for one “‘ ™°re yrarr. North Division, east of Clark and c ,v Chlcaro-av. preferred. Call at, or •****& 80 Sonth Water-at., between 9 and 12 o'clock, a.m. W‘^?¥ D T To Kent—A good House, «« A? w Improvement*. In a good lo gfldrgia iSckß^s9l6!* Dtal^g >b ° nt 12 n>om3 - VV —To Rent—A cottage boose _v v of sto 7 rooms, within one mile of Conn R°aDSwer6?l7 b,e&inll, ” 110CW1(!rea * Addr *“ Wf ANTED—To Rent—A good house, • v convenient to business. R*nt not to exceed SSO per month. Address “TENANT," Tnbone office. *** XSTANTED— £o Kent—On or betore T f Slay Ist, a home of Bor 10 rooms, with modem improvements, on South Side, east of Stale ana north °i eJflh * Bt -« or Jiorih Side, east of State-st. and sooth £f.’ssHSS'SJGi. Annly to. or address wlih Dartlculara. DAT, TllIl)KN & CO., XI and 13 Lake-st. Wl ANTED— To Kent A tnmisbed T T room, within one or two blocks of the Court Borne, Address “HABRT,” Inbnne oSlce TXT - ANTED—To Kent—On or before *.* Ist of April, a cottaze, or part of a house, not Bonlh o! Tweaty-second-at. nor north ol Chlcago-av. SJwdn'.S-!" 1 “ Il UK, “ O ' l - “ J B »" a "“ M. lATANTED—To Rent—For first-class V V tenants, a nice cottage-North or South Side. eice ? l *3®* Also, a first-class bouse on SoutlaSide. north or Twelfth and east of State-su rent S.°. t^SSs^,dsJ>s 2 0 .P er TCar - JONES, BODY A TAYLOR. Room 12. Methodist Church Block. SlSSantrtfevKeal iSstate. TTTANTED—We have constant appli _* v cations for both improved aid unimproved Real Estate, which we are unable to supply. Owners of such cannot do better than to place their uroo ertylnourbaad* for sale, where they con have tne advantage, of our•» t rvlceswithout charzeunless sales vlS^u&cst&f R &OIEDt Agents, Wf ANTED—Houses or business prop yl! ertyln city, or suburban lands. Customers wMtlat lor them. Applv to 8. W. SEA. Beal Estate and Merehacdlse Broker, la ttore 104 Clark-st. WANTED— To Buy—Lot, and house with 8 or 10 rooms, east of State, between FSSSS? 11 * “d Twenty-tonrtb-sts-.price jSoqB3.OX to $6,000 cash. Address **J H B,” 162 Twenty-wcand- W ANTED—To purchase a House with ,vy 7to 9 rooms, wlth lot- It most be west of Hal sted and between Fulton and Acams-st. Will par tr m KUCO to UiOO m monthly Mrmtni or JM to .oarg. “ MOUSE AND LOT." Tnhon-' personal. PERSONAL —For adotuon—A bright, A .wealthy boy. three years oldf The mother &m> t? o forcca to wluihlm. Apply to Etlß, Jerrls House, where the |Tn can be seen. "PERSONAL.—Harry, the onJv dmlng * 040 recommend you to is S 3 rtsodolph-st. tSpcrwlck* 8^ endia tire. Tern* are moderate. T3ERSONAL.—A halt-interest in an es- X tabllahed wholesale bu-lness in this city. Is for fcsie to an active business man. For particulars ad dress “H E F U,” Tilbane office, for one week. 8300 hujs It »f the party suits. TXEKSOKAL Wanted, a comlbrtable X home for a beanttlnl. healthy little girl, six weeks old. CaU for two dars at lit 4 Sedgwick-su Chlcigo. pianos. TO RENT—Pianos, Orsmns and MeJo deons: also, new and second-hand Pianos for sa e on ame payments, received in IcstaUmeaU. W. W. KIMBALL. 63 Washtagton-st. FOR SALE—One second hand melode on, nearly new, ta good erder. for 113; one sec coo-hand piano, pet i*ct-at giss. Flaros to rent, at 170 Madison st, W. CASPER. s Situations ggaawtea ft^7^ATloX—Wanted—Br a pn S , IF^? 1^)N -^ anted . in a wh. TcmrMal 0 ?S: “ aaleman or tie re-1 S thcronca knowledge of i TODWe*ibc C ;! r . toEut « abo “ f ** Addrea, CITTTATION—Wanted, bv a fir; (O §°S * C™-?^?cij2£SiSS" , ’”‘ ! h0 “'- “>'«>*»! CITUATION—Wanted— To Me l O Tailor?— By a first-class Esst-rn entter * larce town In »t>e ronetry. Call cr address’ i JOX A CKAtB. 78 MaatjWO-st. CMesgo. ClTUATloN—Wanted—|s,oU) to U wllh a situation in sone comserelai h o landing. Addressboa 23XV ClTUATloX—granted, by a ilr? VJJ Cottar,laa cootitt tovc—one ibatciM" oe»t of recommendation »nd ntderiti-ij* ' o* the hnriacM. Addreia “AMK CCIiEK," CAldpt, HI. OITUATION— Wanted— To lake c hersesaed worfcaronndahoa!e,by sto" SWiJS »«>» •evamted nun me city. Addi B, Tribune oOcc. QITUATJON—W acted—A yonnc kl? Irotn the East wish's cn encasement n «"> to any cood business boose. Uaj experience at Address “ENERGY," Tribune offlo FB3ULBS, CITUATION—‘Wanted, by ayotinc k.' os »alesvom*n In a nulUflery stare. or \T la a small family. Addreu C y/* 3 S^^P4? io^77^ante(l » *** Amt lady. 33 years eld. u bocscKceper. The 677°n,fiTai."X‘ “*° T ar ‘ QITXJATION —Wanted, by a lad O scams'ress la a private family where she have the privileges ano quiet or a comtortaol. KeTtrecce given aaa required. Apply at !•» Jladison-st. CITUATION— V» anted, m a respci O private lamlly tn Chleaco, by a voungiar wishes to work lor her board and go’to school dress, wttli particulars.stating location and ,* gimschool,“MlSSEAS." Urhana. Champii CITDATION —Wanted, as second kJ or tpasiUllntaklnccareofchl.dren.lor girl that I can recommend very highly, ami wi pleasure, to a good family. Andreis P. o. Bo\ Chicago. SITUATION—Warned, by a your.? k 3 man, as dining-room gIM, or to do secm<; Best of reference given. Address for two day Tribune ofllce. J OITTJATION—Wanted, by ayouni kJ'who thoroughly unoemandsthcSlnger' machine, and has a good Idea of coat making. In shop or qnl-t private family, where she can mi K , .\52 lulaaalce, » tllomc - Please address it M. Tribune office. Agents 2i£lantcli, 4 GEN Tfc—Wanted—Experienced canTa**er».'een»lc.Ten and ladi. tiULNOION’S PRATER AT VALLEY KO a aewanamaimltiCcnKstrel engrevlnc ; price “**l*Jollap ‘recommendations which cause ; admired byeveryAmerican. cf whatever sector w o ereare meeting with onparallei v*** Pubitsnera’ hl«r o»l commission pitch. drets, S. 3. BOTDEN. 73 Clark-su, Chicago, I» A GENTS—Wanted Gentlemen _CJL lames thronsbont The UuitM Slates f< S,'S^ O ?K'i JTES ? r '? Oi,I:EsI w j. s. C. ADoott, Ho car ”s°-, Complete in one .argevolute?,sttiwtM steel engravings. among which ar s?f. !, u 0 fa ,he, f T “ fc ff p»»lc| sc?nc Tbtilstho only work of the trad v t t DaSlntu-. abordj to experienced agents a rare opportun £ c, ? e 7 a splendid boot, and no co S%i«£ni2t lTe «i M T ! * or * F (1 pnbitsber*' bight o?ool^3 «>r dCtITCTy COW. POT.DEN. 73 Cb-cago.m J A GENTS—Wanted—ln all me m ; £A. lart towns In Illinois to represent the “ omicsl Mutual Life Insurance Comp-iUT or rtvlng name and relerences. TUCK SHUFELDT. General Auenu, Chicago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—soo Acents v tn a new busmen. H. B.SIIAW, ; A GENTS—Wanted lmmediaieh iAtTfrjcouDty, to soil standard salahu* bo-*. jKß?.£ oinm,, ' ,oos will be oald. Adiiraa- SHERWOOD, 107 Moaront., Chicago. A GENTS—antea—SJ26 per m -TXand expenses. Address SiIAW Art \t?e- ISO MACHINE CO- Alaine. LAg A GENTS—Wanted—Male and iemi Bnslneis at home. No capital required. * nSv^RPATTr*!** 3 Address, with stau DgVEBEAUX.Prayer6O4I. Chicago. in A ‘fEN’P —Wanted—North and Sr J~3. to sell fine work* of art. The largest ecu X j?‘Rmtvnpn'* cl r,'i?'? r be convj cago j|L ± CO- J9J South Clatk-st. A GENT&—Wanted— *2s a dar ;.ST Jf * rUgle * tor °- r -' G -' A GENTS—"Wanted—For the Amcr XjA.rorfllct, by Horace Greeley. Agrnts wn<> deliveredvcl. I.,and desire ti deliver vol It £™t^ I £.T; eri .. ,n,lce,llatc| f- GSO. ± C. WOOD, 1 Q.l lladlson-st.. Chicago, m. 1 AGENTS —Wanted “ The Pictf .9 I U. AF - E ' :DOTES AND INCIDENT , J Warranted the mo*t ctrractve. f*r fn *r Pj 1 ?" Urccat profits and give* satisfaction when de lvered. Agents c-ske ea •> £ e rn We snW u w we K. Address SIODI* »CO~ 102 Washington-*!-Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted— ForFoJsom’* • i£wF4 tI .l r .^ ed J LE K I 7 EE A SEWING MACTT ?t*chli,e*senton trial. p. AT SON, 164 JBandolpn-sL, Booms No. 6. Chicago, i A GENTS—Wanted—Five Ideal Ui JT\. cl American Women: Angel ol th* Hospj g«*° p o Cattie-colnr Bearc-At the Front- ‘ ?«12k.. 1 * ,e J me! i wop,a of ever Introduce !It country. Experienced canvassers wanted In e AM,m JOn -' i D - KIL-£ A GENTa—Wanted—Male atd fem * tx i cl ° d«iaiaad that <■ UmUywaots. *1 perdayma-iewlthontleavingh Travelling agents can make from « to r» net wlthont taterlsrcnce with other business. TTe Sanp!o, with term* and pVniCT ,tnt a cents. Address R CHAPPELL. Drawer 65.1.7, Chicago, l!tT B &?£££%: c ">““ < A GENTS—Wanted—To sell one ot XJI Greatest inventions of the dar—Patuqon’a 5!?IKi K ° l ?.f” d T^. ort Sc»»rtni UkiSL A t S^ ty; cotWae liken in the United States. Sec p S t,at8 * Plx knives at a time. E* *° will be Given to eood Agents. Ply with stamp, R,E. pattisov t acnlh Clark-sfi. between Monroe and Ad*™*, A GENTS-Wanted-Torell the Uea «rv/t * £2 >.* hpofes—The most sahible book toe market. Thehcstofteims gtrea t. rnerert’r SS'ni. Apply to vindlky * nicoAßDsojif: A GENTS—Wanted—The “Fenian3l t? Ta ' **<*7 Fenian, every Irishman r^W 0 !. m. nta lhl * Picture. Sample.) sent far an l terms, address GOODSPEED & 1 ±‘39 tsit-it, Chicago. A GisNTs—Wanted lmmediately, °ai°®w North American Prize Stationery P: A , *- - i*SS. BtJr VJ2 Bel, lEiC Oal- *U per hand c^nre Albnra given with every hundred, ar SSSI ' mi > • aSsST. oresa tUIiCKv A CO„ Room 27 Bevatid-a in. or Bex SOUS. Chicago, lu. wraciQ a ut. A GENT—Wanted—A good man to f&r,™ B a!J c S ,IT *.WI l!se 7 of "»dea w rated in ev t o -r atOCk oa *“£**&* AGENTS— Waned—^ortheTeiy pi i alar bcok “WOMEN OF THE WAR." B? Fr ‘ Jioprc. Avery handsome volnme; beautllallv 11 : trated, sad one ot the most imcrestlnc bxikaci ■ timed. Says the Chicago Evening Journal: Itlaln : Fv obl H t ieD *s aeallerr of beauty, and we envy the - thor the grateful work he baa performed. It all re 1 lU£ ?.‘l l S. n,a 2 ce *.J bc B*cryofltje war can never well told ntless the story ol the women is told w ’ IL Ladles as well as gentlemen are having cr ■' sncees* lehlac this work. For an agency call on address R. C. TREAT, 117 Sonth Chlo •; A GENTS Wanted —To sell t : °? E 4 T CAMPAICN3 OF GR ANT AND SOI aIAJi. By Eos. J. T. Headley, la one larce orit h *sd*g°»ly moatrated with portraits. ban *h® **U«* <3««ia ol tbe*e her k“ e . and tllclr commands deserre so imperlsha 1 i P nn?«£ssrt. , 2^ o,le ** lllllloo oU,er wort *o beai , X? d .®S. mm oratc t their heroism as tt .: rwpnlamy ot Jhe work Is folly demonstrated ™»<-b£ss?« j A GENTS—Wanted—“THE BETTJ j k 1118 mo f l Dopolar eneravtns in Am . •c*» ®Pd jays best. _ I shall cnerish it amoor? 1 1 K®** .7** J * °* Holland. “ItEntrees ts theChrli Mosc. the ttnse of eacred poetry.-—L. Maria c-i . $“«»»». "-Henry Ward Beecher. - PISL as n, * mudas womao.beanuftuaapenserosaor Toqm if Jog or ErangeUne. cheenol as • Sweet Slxfc-enT* ivr * fhl as Runyan s fllrrlis, a tool replete with tilth ■■> • sUllnes's ol etSy .”-Ottt ; Destined to take rank with the finest wortes I 13 ccut<try.”-Prof: Elm, oberlta Coli« • ««t hefl es e, i c l eal,< ? mcd,ra art.”—Chliraro Joi! p*l;.,,SfPd for circular. Also for “TEE emV^. 5Si ,amß 134 destined to beroi Mo!! 1 stoddabd ! A GENTS—Wanted ssO per week-i "ale or female. at their own home*. Basing licht. pleasant and For fall carticnia. address with stamp. FOOT A CXABK.%&™ \t * jßoatbing. board 'with lard; fiotel^ggS^L os3o C-.-; X>CARDING—A few boarders can I -LJ* accommodated with board and rooms at 74 ct! ca.o-av. Alio, a few day boarders wanted. i "DOAKDING—A few gentlemen can 11 JL* accommodated with pleasaat rooms, with boar • alto a lew day boarders at 43 Adams-su • T> OAhDUS G—An untarnished roon ' JJ enltabje for a gentleman acd lady, to rent, wit' at 266 West Bandolph-st, liefctesces rl T) OARDIN G—Pleasant iront room l JLI nnronilsLed, parlor and bedroom. tnttable for -c 1 tlcman and wife, can te had at 352 Mlchlzaa-ar co i w Twelilh-fit. Betereaces required- 8 | T>OAKDI2sQ—A tew first-class penile 1 JLi men cu be accommodated with force idrnlshe > roorna and ftm-c'ws board, at as* Soatb Clart-s 1 AJeo, a lev day bcaiatrs. ; 'OARDlNß—Handsome suite of mil -IX Dished roems, settable for a gentleman and w;ft also, a coopic of room*, desirable for single emtleaes to rent, at 205 Wsbass-av. "OOAPDINQ—For two gentlemen o' . X> man and wlf* —A suite of rooms, beantlfulJr fa: t I nlsbcd, to rent, with board, in a private family, wher < • there are no other boarders. LocatlcnoaTwentv-flrU! i T3OARDINQ—A pleasant suite ot furl j JL> nlshed looms, with board, suitable for a gctUr ; man and wile or two single, entle-seo, can be bid } the St. Cloud Home, Ha and 11-1 South Frautllri i VINTON £ HAYNES ’ Wllk lrom Coart Uoa *! | T)OARDlNG—Comfortable rooms amj -t-J cocci boart? at moderate prices at US one block from Port Office. I Boarding —Two ladies wui find *1 comfoftoblv furrlsbrd rroo, with b-ard, at 1 Si j south JelJersoD-si. Also, gentleman and wife or thre* I gentlemen. Lccsllon quiet sed convenient, adjjtniei i Jtgerson-at.cais. Terms very resscaaoie. !. "DOARDlNG—Families or single gentle ; JL> men desirens of a p!»a#ant tu meter the summer 1 may Cud It by appljltg at No. 31 Thlrty-flnt-sc. ea* : ' cf CottaseOnne-ar. a n*w house,newly furtlahed ; and pleasant rnors.wlth a floe view of the lake, whjcl l make* It very desirable far the tammer. Also, cat I boarders desired. Terms reasonable. j BOAHDUre— One front room, -mthl board, at 162 blate-at, tor gentlemen only. tjOAKDJNG—One Jarge tumished room' X) cr suite of rooms, also a single roin. with board.' snlfab e for ger ttecan and wlf« or single genUcm-n! I esn be bad at 124 f-1.-te-st. Alio, a tew day board-n I can be accommcdated. { TXOARDING—A lew vounggentlemen!' AX, can get heard, with nice front rocm*. at 109 * Mlc&lgac-st. v T3OARDJLNG—A nice suite oi untur* I X> nlrbcrt trect room*. wlthflrsPcLis*tccomrrods-« tiers, tnltahle fLr .ady and gentleman. Faml y strictly !■ bllnaird on Wabath-ay. For pamcalar* \ * please address -B.* Tribune office. v I, 33oarb ESI antes. BOARD-Wamcd, by a gentleman and;] p sulte nirtifiied roemi In good; \ locality, bcuih Sice, east of Stab-. * h»rr them are f i Pfvterred. Addrei?, with partlca- j lars, *♦ C L W." Trioone office. ‘j T>OARD—With unfurnished suite * f|* 13 rocm*. by ngettletnan and wile. On tao Sruih!- Sice, east «f Mate-et. and nrrta ct Twe’flh-at, prv{‘ lerred. AddfcssP.U.Bo»32o. i BOARD— A young man of good habils 1 , would like a htme In a private fatnby where Uro' 'j am no other boarders. ArtdicM, staQag IcciUon. "£ 1 L W," t< lonne c tfiee. |