Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 16, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 16, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. latest News fcj Telegraph. Additional Arrests of Fenian Leaders. Grand Banquet to the Atlantic {’abic Heroes. Paris Exposition to Open In formally on the Ist of April. Demand of Eussia in Behalf of the Christians in Turkey. Turkey to Continue Hostilities iu the Island of Candio. FROM WASHINGTON. Debate is tbe Senate on the Supplementary Becon stmetion Bill. Explanation in the House Eelative to the Hew York Custom House Frauds. Confederate Cold Turned Over to the United States Treasury. FROM CANADA. Preparations in Anticipiiion of Anoliier Fenian Raid, The Whole Available Military Farce to be Called Oat. FROM EUROPE. BV Or JEAN' TELEGRAPH, Great Britain. me nisTunnazrcEs nr Ireland. London, Friday—Noon. Four more vessels of war have sailed for the Irish coast. Fears are entertained of a rising of the Irish in Liverpool. Dublin, March 15—Evening. Four prisoners have been committed at Limerick for high treason. Archbishop Ca J en praises tbc Government for its clemency to rebel*. k A rising cn Sunday next is feared. Dublin. March 11. Two Fenian Dead Centres named Bums and Rea fcav-. been arrested In Belfast, CHARD BANQUET TO THE ATLANTIC CABLE HEROES. Litectool, March 14. The American Chamber of Commerce gave a grand banquet to-night In honor of the heroes of the Aflac tic Cable, at which fine gold meda’s wrre presented to Cyrus W. Field, Cap tain Anderson, Mr. Canning, and Mr. TYUloncLby Fmilh. The entertainment was a splendid affair. Ihc American Minister and all the leading American merchants of the city were present. Wm. Ralhbone, Esq., presided. The usual loyal toasts were given and the health cf the President of the Untied States drank. Mr. Adams in reply to a highly complimentary toast, disclaimed all personal credit for the main tenance of peace between England and America, faying bis course bad been dictated by tbe American Government. Be thought the magnitude of the relations between the two coun tries bag been the guarantee of peace. The tele*; graph would, be hoped, strengthen that guaran tee, and ultimately supersede diplomacy and merge the world into one nation and one lan guage. Mr. Rathbone, Chairman, proposed ihe health of the projector of the Atlantic Cable and his as sociates. lie awarded the highest credit to Mr. Field as the projector of the great undertaking, and extolled his perseverance. Mr. Field ictniLcd thanks for the honor cs* tended. Dc said he would be eve* grateful for the valaalilememcnto he hal rccciv.-d. De contrast ed the present suedes of the Cable with the severe ff isappoinlmcnts the work had mot with in the past. Be did justice to all engaged it the great enter prise, from the Government authorities d'jwn to the saviors acd workmen. He said existing cables were perfect in their con struction, and conld do twelve times thcamoutto! work whkh offered. Be therefore boped the tariff on messages would soon be re duced so that both lines might be kept constantly In operation. De was in favor of allowing the tnvnsmlesiou of political intelligence to the press or-bo’h sides of tbe ocean at rates which would enable them to publish fullness of Ihc world every day. Be promised that the working facilities of 'be Cable should be improved and ex tended in America, and eloquently expatiated on the futnre benefits to be derived when these 1m provements have been completed. De concluded by hoping the Atlanlic Cable would be lie means ot cementing the friendship of the two nations; that words of enmity might never pass between the mother and the child, who enjoyed the only blessings of liberty existing in either hemis phere. Mr. Field'* speech was received with most en thusiastic applause. Captain Anderson made a speech, in the course of which he declared tlm had it not been for the exertions of Mr. Field the Cable would never have been laid. A speech was also made by Willoughby Smith. Mr. Canning was unavoidably absent. ertiAxm abuttals. Valestia, Ireland, March 13. The steamship Delaware, from Philadelphia rla Norfolk, wrived this morning, ont of coal. IjtxupooL, March 14. The steamship Helvetia, from New York, ar rived out. Tivbbfool, March 15 —Evening. Steamers Tripoli and City of New York, from New York, arrived. UNITED STATES STXANEB CANXNDAICCA. London. March 15. Advices state that the United States steamer Canandaigua ha» gone to Crete. Tbe Eastern Question. TBE DEMANDS OT UtTSM 1. London—Thursday Evening. It Is slated that the European powers have failed to agree on the Eastern question. Russia demands additional concessions for the Christian subjects of the Saltan. TBE WAS IX GAMBIA. Despatches from Constantinople state that the Turkish Government is determined to continue the war in Candta, and is preparing to send ten fresh battalions of ti oops to tbe Island under com mand ofHasßam Pacha. France. opening op the pauib exposition. Pams. Friday, March 15. The Universal Exposition will be informally opened on the first day of April. The in angora I • ceremonies will take place st a later day. bise ix Mexican bonus. , There has been a rise to Imperial Mexican bonds. In consequence of the rumor that tbey are to be converted Into French ihrce per cent rentes. TQOOrS PBOM MEXICO. Tbe steamer Nonvcan Monde is at St. Nazir, with French troops from Mexico, and twelve mil lion dollars. nep "3 I£us*l«. BALTIC POUTS ntOXES CP. Ft. rEray-ucEO. March 24—Evening. The ports in the Baltic are closed by ice. sanatAiiT rarrATATiosa. St. Pmmastmo, March 15. Russia is Increasing military preparations. Austria. Vxssha. March 15. Semi-official Vienna papers say the question of the Servian Forts is settled. The new WsTachian Cabinet Is liberal In Its tendencies. Latest Porticu market*. nSOSCtAL. Lox Dos. March IS—Koan. Cctiol*. 91 for money; United States nois Ce: trah 77*; Eric, At Frankfort, lait cvealsp, Dolici Elates bonds were ■quoted at 77J£. Lo.vpojr, Maccb 13—Evctlng. CoaeolsSfeadyatSt lor money; 3-20 a, 71* ; Illinois Central, 77J,'; Eric. 39*. Faaxkpoet, March 12. United States bonds 77*. m>ni*n~ul- ___ LiveepooU Friday— noon. Cotton market la the beginning experienced raastd erable decline, and transactions were very light, but tht market is gradually recovering from Its depres sion, and quotations lor thr« days p vst show increased firmness and upward tendency in prices. Sales for the week. CS.Oufi bales. Market cp'n? firm tc-day «t the followlrz authorized quels tiers: Middling up rods, lS«<d; oncars. t::kd. Sale* estimated at IQ.COO Laics. Brrtdstut>—Corn sclJirp to-day at 39*1*1 for mixed Western. rrovlticns eicacy and price* unchanged. LivimrooL. Friday Evening. March It. Cotton iaaik-t quite active ana closed firm. Up lands tSj;; Orleans 13k. Safes l?,OCO bafes, Man chester market for good* and yams firm with upward tendency. Prcbdrtnlißlmoyait. Corn advanced lo 51s per quar ter lor mixed Western. Wheat—Milwaukee red and amber JSs Sd pf-r cental. Oats—American and Cana dian 3* £d ptr cs j.ouhds. Barky 4s Cd pur CO pounds, fur American- Provisions steady and firm for produce. Linseed oil fe quoted atD&pcrtcn; cakes JttOss per ton. UY IBAIIi, Hefonn Prospect* in Great Britain— Sinking »*f a French Iron Clad. New York, March 15.—The new Hamburg steamship, Btnmo&n, from Hamburg, sq, Ha Scnlbampion, Cth. arrived to-nlgh taller a remark ably rapid passage. The resignations in the Bril- Bb Ministry were Lords Carres cm andCraaboarne and General Peel 7 In tbe House of Lord*. Lord Derby expressed a regret at the throe resignations, and said the Gqrercmeiit would speedily again be complete, ana rronld erdcayor lobrfrg to a successful coa c usion the qneetlon oi reform. in the Commons. Disraeli announced lh*t tbs Cabinet has resolved to revert to their original policy iu regard tet the fraocbise. Be hopea on che Eib to complete the new Mini-try. Od tbe Itinltopropo-cd Introducing a new Reform Bill, and move its tccotd reading on the Monday fol- Jewing, and il It went into committee, be should 81# jr- tbe Bonsc to complete up passage . Toe y?n;es, la a leaner on tte resignations, said this change was essential to the cuuUnued exist ence of ifaft Minister. Northcote. it appear?, sue cecocd Cranbonme as Secretary of State for India. Ibc Tvnet beliefs alt parties arc bent on work ing together to procure a thorough settlement of tic reform question. Mr. Gladstone announced in the Commons that if the Hcfotm Bill contained tbo elements of a satisfactory eelUemcnr, tbe Opposition would not receive it In a grudging spirit, but with a desire to bring the efforts of tbe Government to a pros-' pe’otis issue. Tbe cholera has considerably diminished in the Island ol Jersey. Tbe Empress Charlotte tuts entirely recovered. Tbe French Iron clad Comnne, was lost In the Gnlf of Lyons. Several of her crew perished. New York, March 15.—A telegram Iron SL Petersburg says, at a banquet the Grand Duke Nicholas proposed a toast to ibe Greek Vblnn ft-cisin Candta, whohad fought so heroically, and sacrificed their Jives for a great cause, and whose brethren were tbe only allies of Russia In the Crimean War. An imperial ukase has been issued extending the emancipation of the serfs to the peasants in Mingrcli. A Vienna telegram says the dissolution of the Diet of Moravia and Catucnia has been deter mined. Both these bodies have opposed tbe as sembling of the Auttrian Parliament. The Em peror would proceed shortly to I'esth to r.-celvc the oaths of allegiance of the Hungarian Minister. The Galiiciaij Diet had resolved to send Depu ties to the KUchsrath. Ihe Lover House of the Hungarian Diet adopted by a large majority a Government bill for the le»y of forty-eight thousand troops In ilcugary and Traneyivama. Denmark baa concluded a treaty of commerce with Japan New 1 ouk, March 15.—Steamship Union, of the same line as tba Hammond, has also arrived, with the same dales. FROM WASHINGTON. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington. March 15. f-TTrLEMENTAI, HECOKSTRDCTION DILL. 1 he Senate made hut little progress to-day with the Supplementary Reconstruction Bill, though it spent nearly ibreehours and a half upon mess me. Ur. Drake’s amendment proposed yesterday, requiring the new Constitution to provide for voting by ballot was rejected, after a brief debate this morning, by more than two to one. Tha re mainder of the day was given to the considera tion of Mr. Fessenden’* amendment, which pro vided in effect that the registration ol voters shall lake place first nnd.*r the orders oftiie military commanders, and that the people of the State shall then decide oy voting whether they will or will sot hold a Convention for the purpose of reconstructing under tbe Congressional plan, and if ibey decide in ;he affirmative, a Convention shall be called, and other proceedings had in accordacce.wilb (he pro visions of the original bid. The debate waa eaniest but took a very wide range. Messrs. Fessenden, Trumbull, Wilson, Howard, Stewart, Johnson, Morton, Henderson, Nye, FreUngLnysen and others, took part therein. The amendment was voted down by a heavy majoritv. Ibe Senate is sißl manifesting a disposition to stand by the bill as it came from tbe committee. Ibe Debate will certainly occupy another day. Ibe Senate voted early this afternoon to have a ses sion ibis evening so as to finish the bill; but re scinded the order afterward, when it was found the House bad adjourned over to Monday. SEW TORE CCSTOU HOUSE PBAUD9. The persona! explanation made In the Douse to-day by_ Mr. llulburd in reply to the denial of Senators Doolittle and Patterson, end the letter of Collector Smytbc, created a general sensation, and was regarded not only as e com plete vindication of the committee, but as placing the persona named above In a far worse position ihau before. The Douse went even further than was desired by Mr. Holburd, who desired the committee t j pa*s on the whole matter and continue ihc investigation, and otdered the same committee to continue the Inquiry and to determine,also,whetberJMr. Smythe bad beeu guilty ol high crimes and misdemeanors wiifatn the meaning of thd Constitution, and If so to present articles of impeachment against him. TBE COSTED EH 4, TE COLD. ILe joint resolution passed by the House this afternoon directing that the so-called Richmond gold, now on special deposit In the Treasury Dc rsitmentslislibepsld into the Treasury of the United Slates,was moved by Mr. Cook, of Illinois, and sets aside the order heretofore made by the President. The case came the notice of the Impeachment Committee of last Congress, during its investigations, and was followed up by Mr. Cook, who became con vinced that the gold really belonged to the Gov ernment. ills was sustained by the Douse almost unanimously. SUBSISTENCE ETOBES 808 BCTTOrES AND FBEED* arxN. A report from the War Department shows that the money voted lor subsistence stores issued by ihe Commissary Dcpartmcntof the army to desti tute refugees and freedmen in the different Slates, trom July Ist, ISCC, to December 31st, IS‘H3, was five hundred and thirty-nine thousand four hun dred and twenty-nine dollars. QUESTION Or ADJOURNMENT. The House is getting very anxious to adjourn, and at least one-found of the members axe al .-cad> absent. 'J lure is an apprehension on tbe pari of a few gentlemen, that so many of those who favor a recess t!>l late in tbc fall will leave before the time for taking It is fixed, that tbc im peachment parly will be strong enough lo prevent an adjournment. NOMINATIONS. The President to-day sent lo the Senate but few nommsuen?. Among them were General L. T. Rose, for Collector, and A. R. Chase for Assessor of the Ninth Illinois District. GENERAL CHANT. General Grant was on the floor of the Senate ior nearly an hour this afternoon. INDIAN APPBOpniATTON ACT. The official copy of Ihe Indian Appropriation Act of last session shows that the Conference Committeefinall* selried tbe troublesome ques tion about the Navajo Indiana by appropriating for tbe subsistence and purchase of sheep, seeds, agricultural implements and other articles neces sary for breaking the ground on the reservation uprntuu Ptcos River, one hundred thousand dollars; for the relief ol the Navajo Indians now at orncm Fort Sumner, lo be exceeded under the direction of tbe Secretary of tbe Interior, one hundred thousand dollars, provided that no rations or supplies shall be famished to .-aid Indians by tbe \Var Department after the first day of Jnly next, except in cose of extreme neces sity, the facts of which shall be certified to the of War by the officer commanding that military district. svrsjusTnsnEST or public ncmnctoß. B. D. French, late Commissioner of Poblic Buildings, bas tarred over the books and papers ot his office to Brigadier General Michlcr, the officer detailed by the Chief of the Engineer Corps ottheAmy, ondertherecentactof Congress, to perform the dories of that office. SEW SPANISH KINISTEB. Scnor Don Fscnrdo Goal, the newly accredited Envoy Extraordinary aod Minister Plenipoten »iary of Spain, wa« received by the President to day. In bis remarks Goal said : “Ihe principal üb'eclof tbe mission whicb has been confided to me is to maintain, as my worthy predecessor has dene, aid even to craw more closely each dav. Jr possible, the relations of friendship tvh’lcb unite Spain with this Republic, by bringing to a close at tbe present, and avoid ing in the intnre, every question capable ot dis turbing ibe harmony which exists between the two nations, and which my Government desires to preserve also worthily*with all the State? of America. To obtain this 1 hope to merit your goou will and the co-operation of your enlight ened Government, bolding myself fortunate should 1 achieve the lull accomplishment of so noble and devoted a purpose.” The President, in reply, welcomed Signor Goal, and added that the United States and Spam were at first allies; thevhave never ceased to be friends. I sincerely hope these relations will be conducive to tbe prosperity of both countries and to peace, and that the progress of freedom throughout the woild may continue forever. NAVAL TUASSTKSiS. Wasbixctox, March 15.—Captain Joseph P. Sanfutd is relieved from duty oa Fleet Captain of the Norte Pacific Squadron on the arrival of the Pensacola at San Francisco, and ordered to the command of Ihat vessel. Captain John L. Wor cen is relieved from the command of the Pensa cola, or. her arrival at San Francisco, aod ordered to re'tim to New York. Commander Paul Shierly Is relieved from the command of tbe Suwannee oo ihe arrival of the Pensacola at San Francisco, and ordered to duty as Fleet Coptalu of tbe North Pa cific Sqaadroo. biliciocs fbeedom in home. The President has communicated ro the House 0 letter trom Minister King, dated February 17th, m which tbe latter says be has directed- (be arms ofthe American legation to be placed over tbe building ii. which rue American chapel is located. This stems to have -atlshed 'he requirements or rcrnples ot the authorities, and thus tar no one hat Interfered with them, uor does be believe they will be disturbed during the preseat season. Ihe authorities may possibly hereafter insist noon ibe rule ttat the worship shall be held under the Minister's roof. He gays one solution of the difficulty has been sug gested. This is to purchase or hire lor a terra of ycais a building for legation purposes, including ample accommodation* for a chapel. Under this arrangement there wontd be no lurther question as to the right of American protestants to assem ble for worship within the walls of Rome. EXECUTIVE BUSINESS. The Senate tc-day coLfinned only one nomina tion—:ha( of a chaplain in the army, 3he time was principally consumed in referring nomina tions to appropriate cuminktees. CUSTOMS 11ECEIPT9. Receipts or cnatoms last week at the principal ports were LOUISIANA UMTEP STATES MARSHAL. Thcr- are sc-tcu candidates for the Louisiana Marslialstlp, the most prominent being General firm n. The rebel General Kirby Smith is also a candidate. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS* Washtkgtos, March 15. SENATE. On motion of Air. GRIMES, the Senate, after pome debate, agreed to bold on evening session to-cay. Tec concurrent resolution to amend one of the Joint rules prohlbtring the sale or introduction of mal< or spirituous liquors into the Capitol build ing was* adopted. Mr. MOUtuN presented a resolution of the In diana lA'gislatnrc In favor of the equalisation of bounties. Referred to the Military committee. Mr. CILANDL.£U reported from the Committee on Commerce to amend the ninth section of tbe act tnrtncrto protect the lives of passengers on steamboats, Ac., so as to exempt steamboats from ueirp compelled to carry friction matches in an Iron tale. Passed. < a-ked (hatthe committee to i c ?.U? a!lc thc condi ct of the Printing Bureau of the mauiiry Department to consist ot five in stead of three members. Mr. SHEHMAN spoke in favor of the Joint Committee. lie was authorized to say there bad beenzo duplication ot United State* bonds In all esses ol presumed duplication, nothing had been discovcied but erroneous stampin'* the same numbers havlflg been placed 0 n iao bonis, Tno amount thus erroneously Mumped was *ig 000 Pending the consldetauon ol the motion, the morning hour expired. Mr. POMEROY introduced the bill to secure the speed* construction ol the Union Pacific Rail road, Southern branch, and telegraph line, and authorizing the Secretary of tie Treasury to uusr anicettho bonds ot tbe company, Ac., being the bill oflasisestiou revised. ~ Mr. POMEROY Introduced the hill of Ia«l ees tlpD, granting lands to aid in the construction of a rallrcad and telegraph line Irom Lawrence. Kansas, to the boundary line between the united States and Mexico, m the direction of Guayamas. Referred to the Committee on Pacific Road. Mr. COI.E Introduced a bill providing that, in »ieu ol the appointment ol a special agent of the Post Office Department for the Pacific States and Territories, there shall bo appointed a Superin tendent ol Posts) Affairs for that district, who shall superintend the postal affairs of the same. Mr. MORGAN Introduced a bill, providin'! nothing contained in the act for the preservation VOL. XX. ol the neutral relations of the United States be copsttned In render it illegal, to sell or charter eny vessel built within the United States, and purchased from the United Slates to any Govern ment then at peace with the United Stales, or to any subject thereof, though each vessel be prepared for war; pro dded snch sale or charter be a commercial transaction, and no intent on the part of the sale to participate in any hostile act of the purchaser. It provides that all penalties incurred under the acts referred to shah be disposed in accordance with the act regulating the disposition of the pen alties xt:currcd nader the laws relating to cus toms, approved February 23, 1867. Referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. Mr. PATTERSON Introduced a resolution Jo eiroctlng the Committee on Claims to Inquire into the expediency of pajing tbe loyal people of Tennessee for Commissary and Quartermaster stores taken and used .by the Federal army in chat State during the late war. and report by till pro viding for the appointment of three gentlemen, one of whom shall be learned in the law, to Inves tigate such claims, and give vouchers lor the same when found correct. Ibe resolution was agreed to; but Mr. ED MUNDS subsequently entered a mo'lon to recon sider lor the purports of modification. Mr. MORTON offered a joint resolution to pay Indiana for Quartermaster and furnished to the militia ol that State when colled out'o repel invasion. Referred to the Military Committee. Ibo Supplementary Reconstruction Bill was taken up. Ibe question was on Mr. Drake's amendment, which was modified by the move; to road that the Constitution ol the Slates referred (o shall pro vide mat all voting for State, county and munici pal officers, shall be by ballot. Disagreed to. Mr. FESSENDEN moved an amendment, the effect of wbicn be explained yesterday to be that the Convention to frame a Constitution shall he caked only on a legal expression *n favor of being transmitted from the Provisional Govern ment to the Commanding General. He moved to strike out ol the first section tb following words: “ Ibal before Scpfrinpter I,ISOT, the Command ing General iu each district defined by 'an act to provide for tne more efficient government of the rebel Slates.’ approved March 2,1567, shall cansc the registration," Ac , and insert in lieu thereof the following: “Thai before the Convention shill be boiden for the purpose of framing a State Conatilntiou, under and by virtue of an act to provide for a more efficient government of tho rebel Stales, approved March 2d. 18C7, the Com manding General in each district defined iuaaid act shall cause a registration,” &c.; also, to strike from ibe eicoud section the following words: “That after ibe completion of tbe registration hereby provided for in any State, at such time and places therein as.tbe'‘omroanflingGeneral shall appoint and dncrt, of which at least thirty days’ notice shall be given, for the purpose of c-tabliehing a Constitution and civil gov ernment. For snch State, loyal to the Union/’ uvid insert, in Hen thereof, a pro vision that, after the completion of the registra tion, hereby provided tor, in any State, the Com manding General shall furnish a certified cony thereof to the Provisional Governor of the State for which tbe same was made: and whenever the Provisional Governor of said State for which the same was made, and whenever the Pro visional Governor of said State shall, by legal enactment provide, a Convention shall be called for tbe purpose of forming a Constitution and civil Government, and than furnish a certified copy thercofto tbe CommandingGetteral, he shall direct that a Convention shall be held, and chan appoint tbe time and place for bolding it, Tta's gave rise to a discussion which took, a wide range and was generallyparticipatcd m last ing from ono to four n. m., when a vote was taken on the first Feesccdcn amendment, it was dis agreed to—yeas toarteen, nays thlny-two. Mr | FESsENDEN said he regarded this as a test vote, and Lis second amendment being depend ent cn tbe first be should withdraw iu Mr. BUCKALEIV moved to go into Executive session. Mr. TRUMBULL hoped not. De hoped that Senators in lavoroftbla bill would continue it until passed. If it was carried over from day to day It was hard lo tell when a result would be reached. The debate of yesterday bad been re peated to-day, and would be to-morrow if the bill was kept before the Senate. It one amend ment each day was to be offered and voted on, with such amendments os were understood as ready to be offered, he could not tell when the bill wonla bo passed. Mr. FDFRMAN interrupted tbc discussion to offer a joint resolution to remove the disability to hold office from Robert Patt on, of Alabama, and Joseph E. Brown, of Georgia, which was referred to tnc Jndiclary Committee. The faenatc went into Executive session, after which the resolution for ai! ovuung session was rescinded and the Senate adjourned. DOUSE. Several amendments to the rules of the Douse were adopted; none important. Mr. BOUT WELL introduced a joint resolution rela'iog to claims against the UoveramcuL Re fened to Committee on fotefgn Affairs. i Mr. DDLBURD offe/ed a resolution requiring the Speaker lo appoint a Committee on Public Expenditures, era that such committee take into consideration the report of the committee of the last House on the subject of the New York Cus tom Douse and report what action, If any, is ad visable in tbc premises. Mr. It ULBURD replied at some length lo Col lector Smythe’s card, declaring in the course of bis remarks that the New York Custom Douse was, nnocr Mr. Smyihe’s administra tion, reeking with corruption. In refer ence to the bonded w arehouse business, a more Cagailon#, improper, disreputable and dis graceful transaction ilnn that shown tn the testi mony, had never been made public. De also declared that the evidence showed that while Smytbc took an oatb every mouth Inat bo received nothing from cartage, etc., be actually rid receive every mouth *230 trom that source, which money was handed in bis secretory, who kept it until tbc monthly oatb had been taken by toe Collector, and then paid It over by cbccks or othcrwire. De would never forget the indigna tion be felt when a witness totalled that Mr. Smythe had said to him. *‘l am damned fotry that 1 ever undertook to carry the President's daughters.” Mr. Muythc, to be .sure, denied saying so, but tbc witness said to him “I do not know what you thought. I do not know whit occasion yon bad to say so, but! do know you used these very words." Referring to the name of Mrs. Perry, he said she was no myth; her veritable presence in the Ex ecutive Chamber was proved more than once, and the rofllovv words there spoken to ncr. Itwas in proof that she was lo have shared one-third of the profits of the general oraerbusincss, and one of the witnesses had told him after be had left (he stand, that Mrs. Perry had n wn'ten agreement to that effect, and that the President of the United States had icad that agreement, lie char acterized Mr. Smythe as a vampire sucking out the life-blood of the commerce of New York, hampering commerce and making It subordinate lo his own personal aggrandizement, and to political objects. No action \va? taken. The SPEAKER presented a message from tbe President, wl»h a letter from the Secretary of S'atc, transmitting an additional report from Minister King, at Rome, dated February IS, on the subject of the reported removal of the Ameri can Protestant Church from Rome. Referred to the Committee on Foreign Adairs. The House agreed to adjourn to-day until Mon day. Un motion of Mr. FARNSWORTH, the Secre tary of War was directed to furnish the House with a report ot General Wihon’s sur veys of the Illinois and Rock Rivers. Sir. MALLORY, a member from Oregon, bad the oath administered, and took his rest. Mr. ELDRIDGE. on leave. Introduced a hill for the creation of a National Bureau of Insurance. Referred to the Committee on tbe Judiciary. Mr. LOGAN offered a resolution for tbe imme diate appointment of the Committee on Military Affairs, and that it be authorized to sit during tbe recess lor the purpose of Inquiring Into the man ner of procuring Beavy ordnance for the Culled States seniic, tbe disbar.-ement relating thereto, qualify ofrifled and smooth bore guns heretofore introduced and hereafter to oc introduced, with, pover to send for persons and papers, and to em ploy a clerk, and olrecting the Secretary of War to cause experiments to be made, &c. Alter some debate, the resolution was postponed till Decem ber next—yeas W, nays 50- ThU vote is regarded as an indication of the temper ot the House on adjournment. ilr. J.OGAN then offered a resolution request ing tie President to Inform the House as to ihe amount paid by the Government since April, 1801, lor cannon, ordnance, projectiles, andfsmal] arms by the er and Navy Departments, as to contracts for ibe rime, and wheiher officers of Govern ment aic pecuniarily Interested, Ac, Adopted. Mr. BANKb then oQercd ilr. 1-ogan'a first res olution, moulded so as to provide for tbe ap pnit tment of a military committee temporarily. 31 r. SCOFIELD moved to lay the resolution oo the table, Yeas, 03; nays, 58. Mr. EI,BRIDGE presented a Joint resolution of tbe Wiscom-ln Legislature asking aid tor the Northern Pacific Railroad, ana relating to the Im provement of the Noi lb Mississippi River naviga tion. The SPEAKER laid before the Bouse a message from the President announcing that be had ap proved and signed the House hill making appro pilaUon fonbeexpenscs of the Commissioner to the lioian country. Mr. VAN WYCK, from the Committee on Re •rchchmciit, (o which was referred the resolution of n qmry in reference to iho com of tbe Rich mond banks, now on special ccuosit lu the Press nry, reported a joint resolution directing the Treasurer to sell the coin ami bnllion, about SHIV W, and place the amount m the Treasury, and allow the claimants to assert their rights to the same In tbe Court of Claims. On motion of Mr. WILSON, of lowa, the latter clans'* was struck ont. Mr. COOK moted hat instead of the coin and bnllion being sold ilbe paid into the Treasury. Agreed fo. 1 he joint resolution, as amended, was passed. >.r. FERNANDO ODD made a speech to the effect tlat whether criminal or not. Collector Smythe bad not tbe capacity or discretion to fill a place of magnitude and importance, ilr. HUI.BDRD’S resolution was adopted. Mr. SCHENCK offered a resolution that the Committee on Public Expenditures Inquire Into the cccauct of Henry A. Smylhe, Collector at New York, in connection with the administration of bjs office, and in connection with life testimony and proceeding as a witness before the Commit tee on Public Expenditures. The resolution was adopted. House adjourned. FIS 031 SPRINGFIELD* meeting: of tlie Trustees oftlie Soldiers' Oriilisiik’ Dome-Proposals Invited for ibe Location of the Institution— JPlou lor Hie Aevr Slate House Wont ed. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.j SrcLVcriELD, March 15. A meeting of the Trustees of tbe Soldiers' Or phans' Home was belu here to-day. The follow ing members were present: Hon. Gustavos Koemcr, of Belleville; Uos. A. S. Miller, of Rockfoid; J. W. King, of Jacksonville; Colonel John M. Snyder, oi Springfield ; lion. John L. finchcr. of Danville, acd Colonel George S. Allen, of Springfield. Hon. Gustavos Koemcr in the Chair. The Secretary was instructed to request the Commissioners to proceed to the location of the Dome alaa eaiiy a day as practicable, in com pliance with tbe law. , , , The Treasurer, Colonel King, of Jacksonville, was required to file a bond for $50,000 for tbe faithful performance of his duties. The President and Treasurer were instructed to request the Auditor of Public Accounts to draw hia warrant for the amoont now In the bands of the State Treasurer known as the deserters’ fund. A resolution of thanks was tendered General John A. Logon for hla able and eloquent address in t chaif of the Home during the session of the Legislature. T ht Treasurer's report shows that the Home has an available fund ot one hundred and eight thou sand dollars on hand. , The Board, alter consulting wilh tho Commis sioners, adjourned to meet again when the Homo is located. The Commissioners to locate the Home organ ized by electing Dr. H. c. Johns, of Decatur. Cfiairman, and Colonel James M. Beardsiee, of Rock Island. Eecretazy. S«alea proposals wilfbe received by the Commis sioners from apy city, county or place for the It onion of the Home up to tho SOlb day of April. I&C7, at which time all proposals will bo opened and the location made at whatever place they may conclude will be most advantageous to the insti tution. 1 learn that Decator,.Springfield, Rock Island ccd Lincoln wll] all contend for tho location. The State House Commissioners whl offer $3,9# for the best plan and specifications for the budding. Governor Og’csby has been invited to attend the Union meeting to be held at Louisville next week, and will probably attend. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. WISCONSIN. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison. March 15. SENATE—Thursday Evxsnto. Last evening’s sesaion of the Senate lasted till after midnight, the subject under consideration being tbe bill to amend the articles of association of the Milwaukee & Prairie da Chlen Railroad, and to facilitate tbe construction of the road from Monrce to Dubuque. Amendments were offered Siohlbitiug the consolidation with the Chicago & orthwestern Road, or with the St. Paul Road, and divers other amendments, but all were voted down, and the bDI was finally ordered to a third reading by ayes, 20; noes, 6; absent, 7. S£ NATE — Yesterday. In the Senate to-day a bill was introduced to remove the State Capitol to Milwaukee; also, to return to seven per cent interest; and several other local acd unimportantbills. Among ibc Assembly bills concurred iu was a bill to increase the bounty for wolves to tea dol lars, and giving ten dollars on lynx and wild cats; also, to amend section IS, chapter 131 Revised Statutes, concerning executions and Judgment liens;also, to encourage the preservation and growth of forest trees; besides twenty other local and special bills. A large Lumber of Senate bills were passed, mosllyTocaJ In character; also, a bill amending dopier I3T, Revised Statutes, relative to evidence. The bill amending tbe articles of association of the Milwaukee and Prairie auCbien Railroad Com pany, Ac-, passed—ayes, J9j noes, 4; absent,9. ASSEMBLY 3n tbo Assembly to-day Mr. Proctor Introduced a icfolution to ascertain what amount is being paid for lighting the Capitol and Pork wiib gas, and inquiring Into the expediency tf thebiate manufacturing its own gas. A resolution looking to a return to the system of Town Superintendents of schools, was indefi nitely postponed. Mr. Prentiss’ joint resolution to adjourn tint die on the 8d of April, was adopted; A resolution to meet at nine and a half o’clock in the morning, was killed. Bills were Introduced to amend the law nro bibtting minors playing billiards: to exempt col lege loud from taxation; also, university land from taxation; also relating to proceedings by attachment against debtors. ASSEMBLY'— Tnun a DAY Evening. In’he Assembly last evening many local Dills were introduced, none important AFfcmbly bills were pasted to amend section GC, chanter 10, B S.; also faction 5, chapter ill, of ]6t(i, and several other unimportant bills. The Assembly will bold a session this evening. 1 he Senate stands adjourned (Ul Monday even ing. iii* nicntciN. (Special Despatch to tbo Chicago Trihuac.] I.AN9C.-0, March 15. Every day diminishes the prospect of tbc pas sago of the Haliroad bills. The Senate to-day passed a resolution adverse to appropriating any more swamp lands for roads or ditches nntll the appointment of Swamp Land Commissioners, and the adoption of a definite system in regard to the some. This action will have a damaging effect on ttac combination of railroad and swamp land in terests. Tbc consideration of the vetoed bill by the senate was further postponed nnul Tuesday. 1 he Senate passed a bill appropriating ctghty-ono thousand dollars for building and supplies of the Kalamazoo Asylum. Ino Honso passed bills to lay oat a State road in Washington County; to organize ’he township Mnnislng; relative to schools; cities and town ship lines: to organize tbc township of Marion, Emmett County; for the relief of railroads in the Upper Peninsula; to require county clerks to rtcord soldiers’ discharges; a joint resolution asking Congress to grant lands for the harbor at the mouth ol Sccboygan River;-a supplementary act relative lo the railroad from Lancing to Battle Creek. MffBYLffND, Annapolis, Md.. March 15.—The Legislature has elected LeFcvrc Jcrretl, E. Carr and William H. B. Foseclbaugb, Police Commissioners. Baltimore, March 15.—The new election bill has passed the Senate. FJJOM CANADA. Another Fenian Bala Anticipated—mil iary Preparation* on a Large Scale— Authorities on the Alert* Toronto, C. W., March 13. Fears of a Fenian raid are very strong jn«t now. It Is said that (be Govcrnmcatbave positive infor mation that the Fenians have everything In readi ness ana will pay ns a visit In a few days. On fhe strength of this Inf- roallon the Government have commenced prepa tons. A battery of ar tillery and some Infantry eft here this morning for Brantford town, on the Buffalo £ Lake Duron Railroad, about forty miles from Buffalo. They will there be joined by the Seventh Fnsilccrs and one thousand volunteers. Two troops of the thirteenth Hussars will also join them In a couple of days. colonel Peacock will have command in this city. All volunteers are being called out, a~d will be brigaded with the rcgu'ar troous under the com mand of Colonel Wclsley. We have here now two boiicries of the Royal Artillery, the Thirteenth Hussars, Seventeenth Infantry, and a company of Engineers, all regulars,and about twice as many volunteers. In Lower Canada preparations are beta? made, ana last nigbt a detachment of regulars were sent to the trout from Montreal. Ihe authorities are od the alert all over the country, and if the Fenians come they will find tbe people prepared to receive (bem. Ottawa. C. w. , March 15.—There are rttmora of atFcnlan movement tear Si. Albans, Vl. It Is e'ated the Government has important Information on the subject. Toeokto, V. W., March IS.—The military au thorities are making active preparations to re ceive the Fenians should they attempt another told. Half a battery of artillery and fifty men of the Scventecmn Regiment were sent to Brantford this morning. It Is expected that two troops of tins tats will join them In a tew days. A brigade, to consist of artillery, cavalry, and infantry ot the regular army, ana 10,000 volun teers, will rendezvous at Brantford. From tide piece they can be transported cast or west on sboitsottce. Oodensbuhgb, N. Y .March 15.—The Fenian ex citement Is reviving tn this direction. Fort Wel lington, at Prescott, has been pot tn a defensive cuualtlon, and garrisoned with troops. The Provincial authorities regard this the objec tive point of the Fenians, and arc hurrying for ward troops to its defence. On Wednesday the first detachment arrived, and yesterday the num ber was increased to three hundred, and others arc on the way. Last night the Superintendent of tbe Ogdens burg & take Chamoism Railroad received a mes sage from Montreal, requesting lha railroad ferry steamer to discontinue her night trips. An unusual number ot strangers are travelling this way, and tumor credits them with some new Fenian movement about to take place. For three miles above Ibis place the river is iro/en over,nod ihc Ice would afford a qafe crossing foe an at my were one here ready to cross. The Fenians here are holding night meeting?, but maintain the utmost secrecy in regard to fu ture designs. Moktheau March 15.—One hundred and twen ty-five regulars left here for Champlain this morn ing. A strong of Royal Artillery, with eight pieces, will go to the frontier to-dav. Tonor.To, March 15.—There will be a move ment of foices to-day. Particulars withheld for the present. KECOSSTKUCTIOS. Political Feeling In ilie Varlons South- cm stales. New Yens, March 15.—The Herald?s Washing ton special says: Information from Richmooa. received in this city to-night, renresenta that General Schofield's order resuming 'command of Virginia as Military Governor, gives entire satis taction. It was read in the House ot Delegates and referred, after considerable debate, to the Committee on Federal Relations. The Senate res actively employed in .apolitical discussion onlbe Wilson bill. Sena tors Onld, Mcßae, Trout, Mercer, Robinson, and Keene have relumed to Richmond from Washing ton, having, os is reported, partially accomplished the passage of the Wilson bill in tbe L'nlted Slates Senate, which was the olject of tbclr mission. Political movements are In progress all over the Stale or Virginia. Luncnberg, Mecklenburg, Fredericksburg, Williamsburg, and other coun ties hare, by a popular voice, called a State Con vention under the Sherman bill. A gentleman from Georgia informs me that tbe people there were ready to accept the terms ol tbe bheiman Dill, under the proposition of ex- Govemor Brown. 1 am in rccciot of information from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi. : Louisiana. Florida. Alabama. Arkansas and Tex as, as well as Virginia, that tbe negro vote will undoubtedly be on tbe rebel side, under this bill, and also, I believe, In Delaware, Maryland, Ken tucky atd Missouri, where the rebel element Is stronger than in any other Stale. Wabuisotos. March 13.—1 no delegation ap polnte 1 by the Lvgi.-lalurc of Virginia, called yes terday on tbe Senate Committee on tbe Judiciary. The interview was of a highly satisfactory charac ter, and the latter were assured of the earnest de sire of that Stale to reinxn to her place in the Union under the terms proposed by I’ougrcs*. Toe delegation just previous to their returning to Richmond, visited the President of the Halted Mates, who according to the statement of one of the members of tbe delegation, said he was op posed to the object of their mission; that, not withstanding his opposition to the Reconstruction BUI. it was now a law ot the land, and ho should now faithfully execute it: that be thought tha Legislature had done tight by promptly accepting Its lofins, which would lead to alleviate the bit tcruea* produced by the late war, and at in early day restore tbe Southern States to all their rela tions to the Federal Government. RicujioXD, Va., March 15.—The Senate to-day adopted a resolution appointing a Joint Commit tee to wait on General Schofio'd and tender him their co-opcratlon by passing and executing laws to promote harmony and peace. FROM 10DISYILLE. Sinking of a Steamer—A Wounded Bob- Her—Personal. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribanc.] Louisville. Ky., March IS. By a private despatch from Helena, 1 learn that the steamer Mercury, Captain Dickinson, sunk in the Arkansas this allcmoou. Tbe boat is a total lose. No lives lost. No particulars. Last Jawuaty U. C. Burris and a gang of other ruffians attempted the robbery of a negro In Bar no County. Burris was severely wounded by ihe negro and bas only recovered so far as to be bronght to the city to-day to bo tried before the Bureau, General Thomas and staff arc preparing to go to Montgomery, Alabama. General It. W. Johnson, arani courier, goes down to establish quarters as soon as the railroads ace open. Weather more open, and the river declining rapidly. ihom xswixatous. Tlic Coming municipal Election—THc Laic General Assembly—Veto—Resig nation and Appointment-Appointed Judge. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] iKDiANArotiB, March J 5. The Convention to nomluate city officers for tho ensuing two years, comes off to-morrow. There arc from two twelve candidates for each office, and the contest will be a hot one. Meetings are being held in various wards to-night lo select delegates. Tbe soldiers are generally conceded to he roas ter? of the situation, and will doubtless be given the largest share in the distribution of offices. Geneial Dan. Nocauley and Colonel Wm. H. Schinter are candidates for Mayor, and Major General U. sL Foster, lor City Treasurer. The General Assembly, at its late session, passed sixty-two Senate bills, and tho some num ber of Honsc bills, making in all one hundred and twenty-four bills; nine joint resolutions were also parsed. The blit allowing County Com missioners to make appropriations in aid of manufacturing establishments and machine shops, CHICAGO. SATURDAY. MARCH 16, 1867. l-aa hr en vetoed by tho Governor slnco the ad journment. General A. E. Stone, for eomo .rears past State Quartermaster General, baa resigned that office, and Mr. Peter Schnmlck, bis Assistant, has been appointed to succeed bun. Senator T. J. Caseon, of Boone, has been ap pointed Judge of the new Twenty-third Judicial Circuit by the Governor. FROM ST. PAUL. Price of Flour and Wheat In flllnne- Kota— Largo Exports During the Winter. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribncc.J Sr. Paul, Minn.. March 15. No. 3 wheat has advanced 23c here, and no.v commands $2.00 per bushel. Fionr wholesales at SII.CO, and will soon be higher. Minnesota has attempted to leed the world, bnt lias raised the price of hreadstnCs here. 1c would not be surprising 11 dour should he Imported be fore the next crop of nbe.ii.ia harvested, the ex port bar been so large during (he winter. FROM NEtT YORK. Condition orthe Labor Market—Fenian Affaire—Heath of Hiram Woodruff} ilio Celebrated Home Trainer. 2srw Youk, March 16.—The Herald says the present and prospective condition of the labor market is exciting considerable interest among ibo working classes ot the city. Advanced rates ot remuneration, with few exceptions only are con'emplucd by men of building trades. Ship building is dull, and the mechanics employed ore working at reduced wages, i'be present unsettled s*atc ot the labor market is unparalleled. Colonel L, U. lurner, Judge Advocate of tbe War Department, died lo Washington on Thurs day. Ihcbicamcr Caledonia, arrived to-day. She report* having encountered a large amount of Ice. ibe cxcl'cmcnt at ice Genual Headquarters of ibe Fenian Brotherhood ia unabated. An Impor tant communication was received to-day from the executive oDicer of the Wish Republic, announc in': that war bad commenced in tamest, and the

movements to far Mere merely (data to cover more important ones which will be made beioie many days; also sta'lng that tbe men were In {rood trim for the light, and anticipate success. Stephens lias been in Paris for some time, but I*, piaciicaUy speaking, disconnected with the movement. An efiort is being made which, It is thought, will mult in n fund of SI,OOO,WKJ being establish ed. 'i be members of the Old Directory of 191.1 are about to band over the land? In their bands to the care of a committee, to be used In forthor unco of a movement In Ireland. General Gleason arrived in town to-day from Washington. dram Woodruff the celebrated boric trainer, died last night. France confirms the Intelligence that it is pro posed to present tho sum of 400,000 francs os a rational testimonial to Lamartine. The proposal originates with Ibc Emperor. IniurmßtloQ bus been received that the cable in tended for tbe submarine telegraph from Cuba to Florida, is now in satisfactory process of con- Eimclon Id T-ondon, under tbe supervision of Mr. Willlem E. Evcrct. Ills expected to be laid by the early part o( June next. ■ Distilleries belonging to Mosers. Howe, Antho ny, Barrett, James Devlin, John Ityan and Charles Goodwin, in Brooklyn, were seized by revenue officers yesterday. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. Seizure 6l a Largo Amount of lm* ported CUlneae Goods, Saw Phascisco, March 15.—Chinese goods to the value ofhalfa million hsve been seized by tbe officers of the Government for alleged under valuation. Importers generally regard tbe seiz ure as unwarrantable and arbitrary, Thu Chi nese merchants have telegraphed to Bong Kopg revoking all orders for goods unlit the matter is settled. The Trustees ofthe Crown Point Mining Cora cany have subscribed $123.0C0 in aid ot tho Sutro Tunnel. Ibe total subscriptions to this project amount to $490,000. THE FLOODS. State of (he Water la the Ohio and ITlUslmlppi. Cincinnati, March 15.—The flood is still swell ing slowly, but has nearly reached its maximum. Wafer ondFront streets are partially flooded, and there ore fifty-seven feet In the channel, rendering It impossible for steamers to pel under the bridge.* Mramie, March 25.—Iberc is no coznmunlca- I inn by rati except with New Orleans. The river Is stationary here, bat a large volume of water is runningtbiongh the Arkansas, finding an outlet o tbe bt. Francis River, MEXICO. The Capital SHU In tho Hands of tho Imperialists. Sak Fn an cisco, March 15.—Manuel Tauter, Maximilian s agent at this citv, publishes a card conirndicUng the statement that the City of Mex ico was captured by the Liberals, February 17. lie cays be bus later tnlormatlon that General Margucz bad possession of the city at the time referred to. ICullrond BUaiten. Cotranrs, 0.. March 15.—There was an accident near New Brighton. on the Pittsburgh and Steu benville Railroad this morning. Ono train ran into another passenger train, killing one piascn gei Instantly and breaking the Ices of others. Ceuas Ratio?. lowa, March 15.—The express ’.rain on the Northwestern Railway from the cast, due here at 7 o'clock this moraine. Is off the track live miles cast of this city. A broken rail over* mined the express, injuring (be express messen ger somewhat. None of the passengers ore in jured. Colcvbcs, 0.. March 15.—The railroad accident last night was on the Pittsburgh, Columbus & Cincinnati Railroad, near llauliirs Station, ten mile* cast of Steubenville. The reporter was wrongly iulormed about the calamity. Fire*. Cincinnati, March IS.—A fire nt No. S 3 Lower Market street, this morning, neatly destroyed the dry goods store of J. M. Johnson. Loss about JHi.OhO ; insured, ? 1 3,000. Watektown, Wisconsin, March 15.—A Arc last night burred Meyer's boot and shoe store, and Rock & Sip’s feed stoic. Folly Insured : loss, «10,UW. The Wauregan Mills—Correction. New York, March 15.—The reported failure of the Wauregan Mills, of Providence, proves incor rect. The error appeared to have arisen from Vho fact that Orrary, Tuft & Co., who recently failed ucre treasurers or the Waukegan Mills, and a heavy line of pilots, known as the Wuurcgun prints, owned by Orrary, Taft& Co . recently sold at a heavy sacrlrce. The company Is not affected. Aid for the Southern Dcstltnte, Philahetjula. March 15.—A meeting was held at the Board o I Trade rooms this forenoon to In augurate measures to relieve the suffering In the South. Major McMlchacl presided. Resolutions were adopted expressing sympathy with tbo des titute people of the Southland a committee was appointed to collect money and supplies, and to superintend their distribution. Yellow Fever at Panama. New York, March 15.—Panama correspondence to March -lib, reports the prevalence of yellow (ever Sixteen deaths from the disease bad oc curred on board the United States ship Jamestown. Ibo Executive officer of the John Adams died on Washington's birth-«av, and ibe Paymaster and another officer were in a critical state. Elio, Pa., Municipal Election. £mr. Pa., March 15.—The municipal election to-day resulted In tbo election of Noble, Indepen dent end Improvement candidate, by a majority of 813 over the anti-improvement and regular par ly candidate, Cochrane. It Is tbo largest majority ever cast in this city. Both candidates were Re publicans. Gold Discoveries In Canada. Ottawa, March 15.—Largo nnggeis of gold have been found in the county Renfrew, -ihe local Crown land agent ha: in consequence been noti fied to sell i o more lands in bis Jurisdiction. Pennsylvania municipal Elections. liAiiuießuno, March 15.—Municipal elections to day resulted in the usual majority for Democrats) vote cast. LOUISIANA. The Diarffea Against Governor Wells. [New Orleans Correspondence (March 0) of tho New York Herald.] The following memorial was presented by Mr. Fagot yesterday in the House of Repre sentatives, who requested that it be read by ibe Clerk: To the Honorable Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives: Wuureab,J. Madison Wells. Governor of the State ol Louisiana, has ecvenU times violated the iawa tba» he has sworn to execute faithfully: has iu various instances acicd contrary to said au thority. and, moreover, Is a defaulter to the State, » bich disqualifies him, according to article thir ty-five of tie Constitution of the atoresaid State, from holding any office of trust or cmolament; and issued a proclamation as Governor of the State in regard to the late Convention ot 1601, which bad no longer an existence, as the purposes for which It had been elected ceased (be moment that tbe people had approved all their acts; and, therefore, liable to bo elected from office for the following reasons, viz: 1. That the said J. Madison Wells is a defaulter to the Stale ofl-oulslona in the sum of Ss«,OW as State Tax Collector for the parish of Kapldea for the year 15-10, as will appear by answer of tbe Auditor ofPubhc Accou-.ts to a resolution passed by the House of Representatives, requesting tbe said Auditor of Public Accounts to inform, offi cially. this House what was the Indebtedness of said Wells to the State, up fo dale. 2. That the said Wells did, withoutany authori ty, sometime In the month of July. 3SCC, issue his proclamation as Governor of the S ate, ordering the bhcilll's of the different parishes of this Stale to cansc elections to beheld for delegates to the late Convention ol iSdl,which was convened to bo assembled on the SCih of the month of July, I£GC. In the city of New Orleans; and that ibo said Wells, having consented to issue his official proclamation, is a proof that he was in favor of permitting an nniawful assemblage to meet that was calculated to create disturbances, lie. said Wells. Is the only person to be blamed and guilty of all the blood that has been shed, and he Is, in the opinion of your petitioner, re sponsible for (be said riot. Allot which your petitioner respectfully sub mits, and asks that a committee be appointed by the honorable Speaker. C. it. Faoot. S«orn to and subscribed before me thtq sth day of March, 1807.—Pavx W. CoLLEJfe, Third Justice of tbe Peace. List of witnesses to substantiate the flrstarticlc of charges-H. Peralta, Auditor of Public Ac counts. To substantiate the second article of charges— J. 11. Uardy, Secretary of State; A. S. Herron. Attorney General ol state; Hon. J. T. Monroe, Mayor ol the City of Now Orleans. A Blan Assaults liia Wife wllb Batcher Knives. [From the taoUvillc Journal, March 11.1 A drunken man, named Daniel Vogle, at tempted to murder Hie wile of Ills bosom, on Tuesday right, in the upper part of this cify. The circumstances, as related to us by the injured woman, arc as follows; Vople Is m the habit of taking all the money’ his wife can earn, and spending it In debauchery, leaving bis family to shift as best they ctm for the necessaries of life. Sirs. Vople has borne long and patiently with this ungenerous ana unhustmndllke treatment until at last patience ceased to be a virtue, and the wants of her prow lap family prompted ber to remonstrate with him about his conduct. On Fiiday night, al a late hour, when she was in her bed, Voglecame home under the‘in flucuce of liquor, and becoming enraged at something, seized an old swor.d or sabre he has In the bouse,-and threatened’ to take her life then and there. She manage*! to escape Rons the room,. and only returned after his lit of passion had' passed 1 off. His threats hare been frequent, built is only recently that he has attempted to execute them. After the sword demonstration of f'.rlday night Vogle again resolved himself .into the quarrelsome and disagreeable. Bat on Tuesday night he not only was more brutal in his treatment of his wife than usual, butasainlted her with two formidable looking butcher-knives, with blades some five or sis inches in length. In endeavoring to ward olf his- blows sbe received four wounds, one on each arm, one on the shoul der, and one on her side. She managed to escape him again; and sought protection from the police. Vogle wua arrested and presented before the City Court, but the ex amination was postponed until this morning, In order to allow the Commonwealth an op portunlty to procure witnesses. The Popes Treasury, By a statement made lost week It appears that the deficit iu the papal treasury for the year 1860 is sveu and a hall million dollars. Last year It wat about six million, the year before about five. The deficits of those years were met by loans from the Roths childs. bnt tho Pope’s financial minister now expects to ment tho deficiency in part by the amount fine from Italy; and Italy to raise tbe money, proposes to sequestrate the estate of the Church ! So tho papacy is eat ing Itself up. Temporally and spiritual! also it seems to be approaching Insolvency. — oojru'pondence of the Motion Journal. Cr~tVAIT BROTHERS Advertising ak’U 126 Dearb«m-*il„ receive aavertiHemenie for all tbe leading papers throughout the Bolted States and Canadas, j&pecial Notice. J STILL LIVE. Honesty the Best Policy. WILLIAM A. PUTNEY, Of the late firm of Putney, Knlrht* Hamlin, bos leas ed store No. 93 lakc-st, opposite Faxon’s New Si re, where be wilt open as fsooa as It can oe re-madedut. vltli an entirely m-w.and rich stock ol LryGocda, at Putney's usual way of telling goods, that Is on the LIVE and LET LIVE pituclple, cheap: The original trouble wlta all bis partners since he lias neen in Chicago, was, he wanted to sell goods cheap, ATdtbey wanted such prices that weald drive every cuni.m-r from the store. Due nctliu will be given to all his Irienda when he govern themselves accordingly. Tours, Ac, WILLIAM A. PUTNEY. Skating. SIDE RINK. ICE LIKE A MIBEOR. tr Wanted, l.ono children to skate—admission 15 cents. Gents’ and Ladles’ admission, '& cents. Mnstc altertoon and evening. KINK. SPLENDID ZCS. Grand Entertainment this afternoon A evening fy See Evening Journal. (Groceries, O.OEDEN X STORES, Choicest Japan Tea, $1.30 per lb. T'xr A Cf\T\T l 208 Fast Randolph*!., • lllA v 9 ) lJJ*j West Uandolpb-.t., Grocer and Provision Dealer. toilet articles. 'T'HE GENUINE FRENCH ONCUENT Is a pure liquid, free Horn Inlarioos matter, and war ranted to crow a heavy and healthy growth of hair on the taco in from lour to six weecs. bold to Chicago oy BLISS A SHARP, 14-1 Lakc-st.; SMITH & DWYEB, 91 Lakc-st.: pYCUK * STOUEV. Randolph*!., cor. Dearborn; G. McPItEKSON, cor. ( lark and WusblfigUm-tts.; C. V. RAY & CO.. 79 Wert Madlsonet., and Diutrslais generally. SMITH A DWYER. Wholesale AvraU, CaT* Scot to any addre*» on receipt ol ft AO. Address STEVENS, VAN DYKE <fc CO., Chicago. 111. Isiprcssi Companies. 'J'HE MEECHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITAL - - 520,000,000. Owned and operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CARRIES BV EXPRESS. Dloney, Valua* hies, Freight and Parcels, over more than 13,000 miles ot ExpreflH Line, at Jant and liberal rates, oaves Millions yearly to Ex press Shippers, andean bo made perainnenl only by their liberal patronage. This we hope to merit and receive. Office, Nos. 103,105,107 & 109 Dearborn-st COOPER Agent. (Kitj) Notices. ELECTION NOTICE. Tt Crrr Clehk's omc*. I Chicago, March 16,1967 { PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that an election will be held on Tuesday, the leih day of April next, for Mayor, City Collector. City Treasurer. City Attor tey and Cieik of the Polite Court, and one Alderman and one Constable lor each Ward. A. 11. HODMAN. City Clerk. ffcriobicats. r o. o. p. i.« THE OLIVE WREATH Is tne title of a neatly printed and very readable new monthly, the third number ofwhlcb has lust appeared. Itisdevoted to the interests of Odd Fellowship, and worthy a liberal support. Address W.J. CHAPLIN, Room 34 Reynolds* Block, Chicago. Terms |3 per nnaum; *0 cents per single copy. fHasoutc Notices. j^jTASONIC. CHICAGO CONSISTORY, No. 1. Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Tills (SATURDAY) Evenlnff AT BLAIR HALL. 7 o'clock, sharp. Work. By command of JOHN D. M. CARR, HI. Com. In ChleL Jam as Stnwadt, 111. Grand Secretary. AfASONIC.—A Special Convocation ivJ oi Washington Chapter No. 43, U. A. SI., will be held at their bail. No. 82 Weatßandolph-iL, This (FRIDAY) evening, at IH o'clock. Work on IL A. Degree. Per order of the H.P. , JOHN WHITLEY, Secretary. 7VTOTXCE—AnnuaI Meeting of the stock- X. v holders of the West ChicagoMasonioßenevolent Association, For the (lection of a Board of Directors for the ensu ing year, wUI be heia Match 18th lust, at Cleveland Lodge Halt. Polls open trom 3 to 4 o’clock. CiIAS. B. CHASE. Secretary. <rlt)cl^^)^)Ulets , faming. ■\rOTIOE-Is hereby given that the on- JL I nual election of Directors of the 1.M0.V DErFArCii COMPANY Will occur on tbe twenty-first lo t., at the office of the said Company in this city. Polls open from 8 o'clock a.m. until 6p. m. CPAS. B. BRIGHAM. Brest. 'JV'OTICE. —Tie Board of Directors ol WEST SIDE RINK ASSOCIATION Are requested to meet at THE RINK, SATURDAY, MARCH 16, ISG7. Per order of E. F. lIOLLISIEH, President. CEO. E. AHERN, Secretary. "WASHINGTON SKATING FARE. STOCKHOLDERS' MEETING. A meeting of the Stockholders ol the WASHINGTON SKATING ASSOCIATION wiu be held at the Park Building, On Saturday Evening, March 16, at 730 sharp. A full attendance la desired, a« mattcre of Importance will be brought before the mooting. GEORGE Q. STREET, Secretary. O. DeCleecq, President. OFFICE MERCHANTS’ SAVINGS LOAN AND TRUST CO. emcaeo, Feb. 9, ISCT, The Annual Meeting ol the stockholders ol Ue Mer chants’ savings, Loan and Treat Comp&ny.for the elec lion of Trustees, will be held at tbe office ct said Com pany, in Chicago, on MONDAY, March 4th, betweer he pours of 10 a.m. and 12 a. L.J GAGE. Cashier. jpoctrtg fflcctings. yOUNG MEN’S ASSOCIATION. A meeting of tbe members of the Young Men's Asso ciation will be held On Saturday Evening, 31 arch 16th, At 8 o’clock, at tbe Rooms. Portland Block, for the purpose of appointing Inspectors for tho coming elec tion. Also, the transaction of other important busi ness. A lull attendance Is desired. EDWIN LEE BROWN, President. BkKjayiy F-> Ctrrrox, Secretary. (Consignments ON CONtIGN3I£NT AND FOK SALF, Western Reserve OBZO DHIED APPLES. C. S- HUTCHINS & CO- Commtsslou Merchants, APPLES! APPLES! APPLES! X ’jL I.KO brls choice varlcthe for sale, consisting of Grecslnca, Koiseu, Winttr Reds. Pounds, Wine Saps. Tollman bwcala. Red Stripe, Taipcbroccen, and New town HpT’tUl. BUnfcK—lso tubs Choice Yellow for table na*. E. WHITE 4 CO., 141 south WatcMt. Bead your orders ajjog. %at« anS (Says. 'J'HE BROADWAY STYLE -k)F— SILK iUTS FOR SPRING! NOW READY. J. A. SMITH & CO., 118 Tjalfost. gPRIKG STYLES Young Men’s Hats! A VAEIEXT OF i!EW SHAPES, JUST RECEIVED DT J. A. SMITH & CO., 118 Lake-st. JJATB. GAVANNA & 00., WHOLESALE 4 RETAIL BATMMFACTCfiiRS Have now a fall assortment of all the latest Paris, London and Hew York Styles. 133 South Glark-st. JQRESS BILK HATS! LATEST PATTERNS! GREAT VARIETY: ALL TASTES CAN BE S CITED. BREWSTER, Hatter, SHBBSIAN HOUSE, . N. B.—Tbe DUNLAP SILK BAT always to be had at our counter. Doss' (glotijtng. JgOYB' CLOTHING A SPEOIAU'ITI SPRING STYLES RECEIVED. With an entire NEW STOCK of SOYS’ CLOTHING, Bought at PRESENT PRICKS, I am able to olfer a HETIER ARTICLE at LOWBH PUICE than any bouse in the city. CHARLES C. COLLINS, 74- Handolph-st., (Old Stand ED. LOCKE & CO.) 33T A eili can cost you-nothlng.but may benefit yen much. Urmobals. removed. SEEBERGER&BREAKEY Importers and Wholesale Dealers -m- HABBWABE, CUTZ.EBY, TIN PLATE, &C-, HAVE REMOVED TO No. 03 Lake-st., Corner of Stalest., (oppcaltc City Hotel.) jlroposalg Location op the house op RKFUGE. Eixcnrv* Depabtuest, » „ Ikdiamapolis, March lUh. 1967. f uy an act or the General Aiacmbly to establish a House of Refuge tor Juvenile offenders, the Governor is empowered to select and establish a site fbr aatd Institution, and (or that porpoee be ts authorized to receive by donation, or to purchase, not less than eighty cor more than three hundred arid twenty acres ot land, giving preference, ether things being equal, to a location central and easy of access fromall parts cl the Bute. Now, to pursuance cf said act, an invitation Is here by given *■» Persons who feel an interest tn securing the locauon of the Institution at nr near particular points, to make ptopo*Ulooa to this Department tor the dona* tlon or sale til land lor the site of such institution.l bach propositions should be filed Is tbU Dt partment within thirty days from this date, and should state the quantity cl land proposed to be donated or sold, its precise location, ana the terms upon which tt la pro posed to be donated or sold, with the price it a sale la f imposed, and such other advantages as the proposed ocatloD may, lathe Judgment of the parties mattes ihc proposition, possess. By order of the Governor. J. M, COMMONS. Private Secretary. lousiness Cams. W. BCOVILL, U* S« Internal Bevenno Broker And Notary Public. Office, Room 23 Reynolds'Block. Z3T Attention given to any business connected with Internal Revenue. Q £. HUTCHINS & CO., Commission Merchants, ÜBU3ARO. Agents forT. Kingaiord & Eons' Oswego Starch. HVvIIEELEU PERCE & CO., who • were burned our at t{4o Lake-sL, have takes •tore 280 South Wator-Bt., where we will open with a stock of fresu •xwir. We wilt keep* good supply, as heretofore, ot CoaT** and Fine Hon Iny, Ssrap, Oat Meal, Farina, pearl Barley, Hpllt Peas. Tapioca. Sago, Buckwheat, Graham and White Winter Wheat Flour, and all grades of Granu lated Meals, clc. We take this opportunity n thank our customers and to solicit a continuance oftndr former patronage. Orders from the trade solicited. H. WQEKT.EB PERCE A CO., Commission Mer chants, 28P Booth Water-et. gMOKED MEATS. E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IH PORK, BEEF, LARD, AND SMOKED MEATS, 150 SOUTH WATBR-BT. Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and Betali Dealers in Hardwood and Wliitewood Lumber, Office and Tart}, 304 South Frsoklln-sL, bet. Vat Boren amt Harrtso:. Chicago. P. O. Box 3236. I2TBIIIS CUt to order.-ga PAAC H. HOLDEN. JB. EDMU.VD PXSDLXTOM. ,iFsr Sale. A DESIRABLE STOCK OF WELL kcptgoodsQDd movable fixtures, together-with tbe lease ot store for one year Prom Ist of April next, at Council Bluir, lowa, will be sold at a bargain to a cash buyer. Satlslactory reasons ter selling out. Stock consists of Dry Goods, Notions and Queens-ware, store, comprising main door and cellar, 2JiBO tee;, u the comer banding In s brick block. Immediately op posite tbe principal hotel. Is in line order and one ot tbe best In the city. Cash required, from ten to twelve thousand dollars. Apply, for farther information, to J, 5. FIELD. With Field, Lleter A Co., 114 Latest OLD ESTABLISHED WHOLESALE GROCERY BUSINESS FOR BALE. Tbe copartnership of tbe undersigned being about to expire by limitation, they offer for sale their stock and business, bald business js situated at Jacxsoc, Mich., the most central point la the state Being a creat rail road centre, It affords superior advantages for the lob bing trade. This house was established in 1953, and is now doing the largest Jobbing wholesale grocery trade ol any Loose In Central Michigan. Store and Warehouses for Sale or to Rent. Apply personally or by letter to EATON, KNICKERBOCKER & CO„ Jackson, Mich. DARE CHANGE POK MKKCHANTS. FOE SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, &c>, invoicing about flLOCO; a’.l purchased within a year fast, and lease on store. Store located tnathrtrla* town a shert distance t-om Chicago. Satisfactory rea sons given Ibr selling. For particulars inquire or „ . . .. Z. V. BOBBINS, Commission Merchant, 8a Las&lle-sUChlcage. TO CAPITALISTS. . Mxiwacsz*. March 4.1967. Having decided to relinquish holiness, we oiler our establishment lor sale. Oor house was ESTABLISHED IN 1846, Flae been tn existence 21 years, acd is now plac'd on a sslv.firm ano permanent basis, and to men or capital who are aeslrous of embarking In a PROFITABLE branch ot trade (wholesale ami jobbing onlj) this pre sents a rare and valuable cpwmuuUjr. Our stock U fall, cc braces none bat the most staple goods, and the hosiLtis Is in perfect muting ctder. 11, BO3WOH.TEI <Sc SONS*. Wholesale Druggists. Milwaukee. Wis. (gftinatoste* TTAVILAND, CHURCHMAN AND I 1 ENULAIND, 47 John-SL, New York FBENCH CHINA. Wcsrcrccelvirgfroranuf tactery in Fracce tlrhlr lecorated dinner, tea and toilet a?M, rases, acd a tall supply of white Chios. NUMBER 280. ffiaffemen's intern fJ^HE Hackmen’s Union, of Chicago, Civta notice to the public that they will do work tor iheollowing prices: Theatre or Opera and Bourn. 8. D., north of Twelfth-fit «?qq 8. D-, aoaib ot Tweifth-af 4^o N. D h wath of CbiCßpo-av OM N.D , north ol Chlcaro-av <jxj W. D ■ cast* of BjtlsteU-st. y,oo W. trefCof Halsted-fit. Fonernl*. 8.D., north of-Twelfth-at., to Gracetand, Jew or German Csthcllc 6.00 a. D-south ol Twe'fth-gL, to Graceiand, Jew or German Catholic 700 S. I)., north of Twelfth-st., to Calvary 8.00 8. D„ soatb cf Twenty-second-sC, to Calvary W. D., ea*; of Dauted and north of Twclfth-at to Qracelßßd. JeW or German Catholic WO W.D r eaßtol UaJsfed and north of Tweifth-*t., lo Calvary ’ 8.00 w. D„ west ot Saluted and south of Twellth-sL. teGraeeJatd, Jew or German ", 74)0 W.D- weatof Hoisted and sooth of Twehth-st.. toXalvary- i. k ....... 9JM 1|- W) Orecelatd, Jew or German Catholic.... 500 H. Dt to Calvary 74)0 Car- Fanerals. • North-ot east of Halsted, an? part _2f. D T/* ... SIM Tocws.aDotbci places... 1,19 Notice to the Traveling public; Fasten cers can ride from one depot to another, or to any h <S#U tor the same price as the omnibuses, w cents each, .mxllsary baggage included. t'erannseoiscto any other partol the city can ride lor the tbdowmg rates: Any (Jttacce not exceeding onsmlle. 50 casts Any g stance exceeding one-mile. *u»: tame fun- Uy or cents each. • Any distance ezceedic e two miles, $1.50; same {am lly or parry. 50 cents each. Citizens and the pnhllo is general are requested'to see that thswcrd “Union” & on-the carriages they employ, as nose others belong to ineHarkmeira Union ol Cblcaeo, The poblloarecansioned not to pay any attenOon to any reports that may be made Id recard to this Hit of prices, for U<e members of the Ualan- intend to live op to it. Any racial or misdemeanor on the part of acv owner or driver should be reported, wltnbls number, to their ofQce.Jtootn A] McCormick's Bull ding. FRANCIS WASHES, President. PATfiR JOHNSON,. Treasurer. __OKORGBW.TUtrSG, secretary. Slip Cfjaulrtets. J3IPORTANT. TO VESSEL.OWNERS. Important to-Wholesale- Grocers Important toiDardirare Merch’ts Manilla Rope, Tarred Rope,. Cordage and; Twines, Cotton and Demp Dock, Chains andlnchors, Oakum, Tar and Piteb, Ship Chandlery. Pnrington & Scranton, 209 Sooth Water-st. grncketg gjgtate. QBOCKEKY, ETO. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, 15,17, lt>& 21 Bandolpli-stoy Importer#, Wholesale and Eetall Dealers in CROCKERY, CHINA, GLASS, Silver Plated Ware, LAMPS, LANTERNS,, LOOKING GI^S£S. Assorted Crates in Original Packages. Goods Sold at JTew York Prices, adding Freight , ffiarßtoatt. Sumcs, JJAKDWARE «fc CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 latc-St The attention ol close buyer* 1* invited v» our etna pleta atock ol COOPEESIMACHINISTS' and CAB FENTEBS' TOOLS. AMERICAN TABLE CUTLBUY and BUILD EES’ BAKEWARE, direct trom the beat manntoctirera. Wc offer. ai«*v a complete aasortsuats of WOSTBNHOLM’S POCKET CDTLERT. SPEAK 4 BCiSSOBS and RAZORS. STUBBS A SOTHEBY'S FILES, alio SKATES and Straps of every description. We also keto constantly on h*nd full number* ol SCHOENBERGZE*3 JUNIATA NAILS. C.B. BtntD. Spw. pgasoorT. B.BPSiHm, jetoefe ffiarkel. jQETOJ’S .STOCK MARK la lastened to the ears of Sheep. Cattle, Colts, Boca. 4ix, by means of white metal rivets. Each Mark is stamped with the name andpost office address ot the owner. It will save advertising, appraising and posting. The new York Tribune says: “It 19 the most simple, easy, common-sense method of marking ever devised.** Sena 3-crai stamp lor specimen Mark and circular. County and State Eights (except torUdnols); a&>. workug apparatus for sale. M. L. DSvIN, P. O. Bex 1021. Chicago. istobes. TJYDKO CARBON COOK STOVE, S’* all kind* cl cooking and heating at a cost ol one cent per boor. Caused see It, at the Furnace Store ol _ F. A, SLACK, SSLa3»Ue-aU Chicago. Soap. gOAP! S O A P* Soe that the brand you use la The Chicago Soap and Candle ifannlaclnr ing Company. OFFICE—NM. 44 and 46 Randolph-fit. FACTORY— Archer-av., corner ol Qnarry-st. Nttospopers. ** ■yyESTERN INVENTOR,” An Illustrated Weekly Journal, devoted i o Inventions, Mechanical Arts, Manufac tures and Practical Information. PUBLISHED BT JOBN 3. O?tJRCHIN d: CO„ Solicitors oi Patents, PnbllihCrs and proprietors, 133 DEARBQIty.ST.. CHICAGO- ©il Stones, J£MERY OIL STONES. Something New. * Oil Stones, Razor Hones, Emery Wheels, Carriers Stones, Machinists* Equalizing Stones etc., at low prices,manufactured by IheESsEBY OIL BIONB CO„ 144 Fnitonst, Chicago. Made of any desired grade oi aili, and In toms to suit any stavnedtoo). FAIRBANKS, GRtENLEAF * CO.. General Agents, 22Qand8g8Lakfr<t. iilaper ftjangings.- JIAKOOTTE & CO., Furniture and Decoration. [Largest and choicest aazertmeat ol French Imported Paper Hangdogs, 01 an Uadi. Warerooma.3.s and 7 EastFoorth-st. NEW YOEB CUT. Liberal teims to the trade. October. Y H E HAZARD POWDER GO. Arc at all times lolly stocked wlih Sporting, Alining and Blasting Powder. All orders filled and forwarded promptly. V. A. MARSH & CO., Agents, 47 Sooth iVater«st., Chicago. (Vernal Notices. TVTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT it I Till not be responsible Dr any debts contracted by my ton, HENRY G UNDER MAN, And will not pay for any debts contracted by him after this date. March lilhTlSet. „ „ _ HENRY GUNDE&MAN. ptAITDIDATES POR “INiiPBCTORS OF LUMBER” are requested toneet tne ••Inspec tion LommUtee” at the Lumber Yard ot Messrs, liar ton <L Jones, Twcmh-»t_ on TUESDAY, March 19th, IStf. at 10 o'clock a. m- if the weather la favorable—li not. the next plesrant day thereafter. Fer order of inspection Committee. Carpeting, s)apet Rangings, iSeWtlng, ©ii Cfotfls, fcc. IMPORTANT NOTICE. GREAT BARGAINS IN CARPETING! COME NOW AND BUY CHEAP. Men & Mackey’s Carpet Store, Biyan Hall, 89 South Clark-st. Paper Hangings, Bedding, Gnrfain Goods, Oil Clotns. Wc bold the largest Stock in the Wcst» The recent Tarlfl epos Wool will caste an odvai then: lor Spring nse should avail themselves ol tbeadi Btg asoons. JJ.'EJIOTAL. Sira i HUSHES HAVE REMOVED TO THEIR New and Elepnt Store, 111 Jjahost., TVlthalouge and Attractive Stock of DRY GOODS WHICH THEY OFFER AT Wholesale and Betaily AT THEIR USUALLY LOW PRICES. SIMPSON & HUGHES, 111 LAKE-&T., Between Dearborn and Clark*. Banks anii Bankers. JgANK OF George C. Solti & Brother, 48LASALLE-ST, CHICAGO (3EECIAI AGENTS FOB THE BABE OF HOSTBEAi r EJ CHICAGO,). Saccessors taX, W-Drezel & Co., Bankers. Draw Sterling Exchange In asms of £1 to £t*ooo, and upward*, for Colder Currency* at the meet Rea sonable Rates. IaONDUN CORKESPONOBSTS. The Union Bank of Condon, tendon and Westminster H*nV- Clty Bank of London. Brows, Shipley A Co. Sterling Encbacge and Sterling Letters ol Credit poogbt at highest market price. Gold D rails on Now Tors bo tight and sold. Vm price paid Ibr Canada Cnrrency. Drafts issued ca.the Canada Branches cl the Bonk of Montreal. Stocks, *Bonds and Gold purchased i-Now York, and held on usual lenna. K. B.—Bills paid and Deposit* piacedln New York, bv telegraph, through Erexcl, TTlnthrop & Co., and- TVlnalow, Laaltf A Co- Special attention given to Collections, at aQ points, in we United States and British Provinces. LANIER & CO., * ' ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT For Travellers. available In all parts of Europe* NOS. '27 & PINE-ST., NSW YORK. Uourion aglljisfecg. Address S. T. SUIT- & CO., LOUISVILLE, KESTCCKY. _.CF"Conntry Druggists can procure the above rape rior whiskey In bands and half barrels Irom-lhc ;m- Clptl Wholesale Drag Houses In Chicago. 33en,tisttj). 'T'EETH EXTRACTED ■WITHOUT pain, BY THE COLTON DENTAL. ASSOCIATION, Room a. Times Building. 118 Dearborn-**. They use fresh aad pure KHrons Oxide, or Loathing Gas, and guaraatee no pam or unpleasant alter oOect. iilapev. rpms CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COMMISSIOH PAPER DEALERS, DEAtZES X 3 foper makers’ Findings, Chemicals, etc., 170 SaadolpJiwstsy ChicagOi Wo offer tor tale to dealers and consumer* 3.000 Bandies Xews and Print 2Sx-l2 S.OQO do do do i44xa« 1..T00 do do do 2.3(10 do do do e.trif 2.000 do do do 1.300 do do do 2Hx44 2.000 do do do .‘iOxiltk i.bOO do do do ....".'IItUu 3.800 do do do .’aojcls* ImSOO do do do .... iMv'itf' 1.000 do do do boo do §o at Ito ? !° °. rd ' r °n *Sort notice. For sale at Ueiowfit market prices for CASH. Dissolution. TYLSSOitTTION OJT CorABXHER XJ Firm of FEEZD, 'PAIMEE. & EIETEE Havlrere xplred by limitation on thi first day of Jam ary.lSb., the same Is dLtolvcd as or that date, by mu tual cement. ’ (Signed) POTTER PALMER. MARSHALL FIELD. L. Z. LEITCU, Clucago, Uarcb 13, 1667. !ULmS '-****o. The undersigned haye this day formed a •©partner ship, for the purpose of doing a General D.r Goods business, under the firm name of FTEID, LETTEE & CO., hath partnership taking effect iron January 15M347. MARSHALL FIELD, LEVI 2. LEITEIL LORENZO G. WOODHOU3E, HENRY J. waiLVU, „ HENBT FIELD. Chicago, March 15th, isc?. Erick ‘ ‘ T>hTCK JIAOIKNE.” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office. Room No. a, 47 Clark-at., Chicago. jyjAGAZINE BKICK WORKS, Proprietor. pEEKSKTLL MANUFACTURING JL CO.'S best Improved BRICK MACHINE, simple, cheap and dorable; TEMPERING MACHINES, and all machinery for making brick. Machines to be seen, and all inftrmaUon gained, by calling on or addressing ■WHITING & WENTWORTH. p. U.Roi tf79a. Chicago, PL Q. ABE’S PATENT BBIOK MACmNZL Office and aanutactoir 33 South Jeflersoo-oL For Intimation and deecripUvo circular addtgs^^ Siioto ffiatbs. ET T OUR PAINTED SHOW CARDS At S 4 DEABBQBN-ST.. Boom 4. Up Stair*. dfeeb. gj,ROTJKD OIL Is tile Cheapest fetd In the Mmkei ForgtocXcf aUkinds. Oners protcpt.ynllcci.rcsi. by e. w. iu*aTcH)OEi> a co w HO, 70 Hocth ChiWML ind Never Allow Oorselfestobe Undersold. ee la the price cl oar Goods* sod parties reqairtng intxrM of tie present low prices; patents. o Paper Manufacturers. T H E Hydrostatic Paper Company, in noticing ie card (dated Feb; 20) cf HA3SISON B. MEECH. and Use certificate appended thereto, ol JOEZt TIFFANY. &15 partner and attorney, cottdtfcr It thrtr duty to contains and repmt the cindon-contained ia their pnblisheicird or Fconury Ist. They aver, an.* are ready to subsfaatiate the aver ment by competent proot That they bavd lhe sole' Hekt, under their patents* to nsr Hydrostatic* Ilydn>«dynam~ lc nod Pnenmctle PmsoW, lo a rotary or revolving cylinder, for tee subduing aad bleaching of all material ased In the mua faesnre of Paper-Palp, Their original Ritentrgive this mu/. In the opinion of eminent lawyers who- hare examined the but to se: the Question at rest, so far as verbal phrase ology could Indicate the same, the Company obtained a ro-usne ol their patents carthc 23d of October, isas, covering the ground Is dispute In positive terras. This fact la omitted or concealed Sr Sir. Uceth and hu at torney, In their statements. These re-usaes, by opera i tlon of law, and In direct terms.ante-Uatc' and take precedence of the ileech patent Or Pneumatic rrea snra; and solar as that mode offrreaanre is concerned, the Ueecb patent Is a nullity, asd'is rendered absolute lyvold. inlacvacdlnlaw, It was so without there* issues. So Ikr, therefore, as Ur. Ueecb ortds assigns attempt tome Pneumatic Pressure in a revolving or rotary cylinder, the act wm be a direct inAtoe.-ment on oor right*,.and we again no til, all persesa concerned, that prosecution will immediately follow their to nee this mode of preasare in the msncffcctore ol paper. As to other processes of Ur. Ueecb wo have at presait nolhltfc to say. being entirely satisfied by oar own and the experience of others, that the processes we claim muter onr patents are ftp superior to elf others Innas In this country or abroad. Welnvlteihaa««tion of an Paper Uannlactarerc to the practical working ot oor process. Over forty ofi thoflrst njannCactmcre in the Northern States have pnrehaeed fights, and so fir as they have put them in practical operation, they bare met with unvarying snsceas. Among others thus nslng the process, and whose mills are, most convenient of access.we re&r ta the Niagara Falla Paper Company, and the Hocheetar Paper Company,, of Bochester, N. T. In these mills thaproceashasbezßinnseoa a largo- seal? for over eight months. All who take the tronble to visit these establishments, will find eatis&ctory evidence of tie great value of onr discoveries, and win have ocular proof that the oiaima made in onr original -circular were not exaggerated. l. c^wooDßurr, President. Niagaea Falls, UarcZtU,lßb7. T>ATEIfT OFFlCES.—lnventors wlio : JL wfrttotals out Lgttera Patent are adrljedis counsel wiIitSUTNJ* & CO., Bdltcr* ol tta Americas. 7&0 have prosecuted rfnm« oeAre OB ratencOlUcstornfarlynreotTjean. Their America* snd Enrcocao Patent Aceucrna Use soaiexteulvel* tbe world, Charge* I«a than any osier ntUttM agency. A pamphlet, costainingtall laatmctlcaa to iqtW Address MUNN * CO -37 Jerk, Stack Subscriptions* JOROSPECTUS OP “Tfe. Chicago Fibre & Paper Co." $500,000. Capital Stock - Five Hundred Stares, SI,OOO Bach. This Company has been organized under the General Laws of the elate ol 1 Uncts. mr the purpossof mmo factuMßgal! Kind* cl PAPES, and orepartns FIBRS for other purposesjJom the WILD GRASS toond la this vicinity in .treat abunoauce. The practical development and titlllztas ol web ma terial baa o?en effected through the ICTeaaoai. and the several Patents issued to MR. UABRLSOX B. OIBECH, of Fort Edwards. New York. This Companyhavtcg Sortbaied from Mr. Meec& all of tb-tsald Patents ssr leib? owing States, to-wlt: Illinois, Indiana, Mlchi pan, Wisconsin, lowa and Mlsn*spta,arCßowprepared to receive a limited amount cl sobarripuona to the Capital Stock. luldvlUdc subscriptions to thla Stack, we would state that the Company, are now tne owner* ol the BATAVIA PAPES Tvrrr.T.s Which are producing at the present time two (2) ten* per day of print paper. This Mill baa building* and water power ofsnißciesC capacity, already erected, nnd luccuoition to receive two 13) additional machines, which have been ordered, and it la estimated can be pat la running order on oc before the Crst day ol May next, which wu tnereaae thecapacrtyand products of luaiaid Ulbs to Six (A tons per dav; that, at the present market prices, should yield to this Company a very satisfactory profit. Ibexatnre operations of tali Company conlrmplata the erection, or consolidating of other milla with their enterprise, within the present year, Dsoing the frit amount of their Stock, and which whl probably man than doable the loregoing estimate of product of Print, Manilla and Wrapping Papers* This Company having procured a charter mux ths Leglalanzrc of the State of Illlaola.' increasing thstr capital to one million of dollars, are now reorganlxttur under their Charter privileges. The StocS Books are sowopeaforsabscrlDnonto the Stock, at the Odicm of Messrs. DICREKSCN & SHERMAN, 170 Ran dolph-* c, where all further intormatloa as to the pat ents, prospects, fto. will b« gives. In soliciting our friends So subscribe to this Slock, we believe we are warranted la saying that thla enter prise promises an unparalleled return cf proflu. com pared with at y other manufacturing boaiacsa hereto fore presented. THOMAS S. DICKERSON, Preset. GIO, B.MQjsS, Vice Prea’t. (Formerly President Batavia Paper Min CO.) WM. Han SB ROUGH, Secy. 1. y. W. SHERMAN. Treasurer. Kansas ilaniis. SALE OE KANSAS LANDS. On TUESDAY, the 3d day of April. 1367, wlQbe o2e.eC at PUBLIC SAT^ At tie EWriilge House, ip “ e c ' l^ KANSAS, II,o«t uj,ooo Acres of Land, c.. nnfa a the ccanilea of Leavenworth, Wyaadctta aid Douglas, aad known as the “ DELAWARE RESERVE.” These lauds He directly on the main Use of th« Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division The branch of theaame Bead from Leavenworth to Lawrence passes through them, and the railroad iron St. Lools to Leavenworth runs along their Eastern Fertility, Location, and abundance of Timber and Water, these are the FINKoT IN TUB STATS. By the treaty with the Delaware* in IS4Q. tne Indian Hue to the "Reserve** w&a extinguished, end since that date many (anas nave been Improved, and chorcher* ichool houses, grist and saw mills erected, and many other improvements made thereon. The climate of Kansas is remaricahiy healthlol, and to farmers and settlers these lands offer Greater Inducements than any others latfco West. Also, at the same place. Immediately alter the dispo sition of the above Lands, will be sold about 38,000 ACHSB OF LAND, Situate In the southeastern part o| the u Sod and Fox Reserve,” In the county ot Franklin, Kama*. ITrn Also, a large number of TOWN LOTS and BLOCKS in the towns ot Sortk lawiente, Tonganoiie and Perry. The sale will commence on April 5tL isw.ani wfll continue from dav to dar until al lav land* aoovw earned have been disposed oL The Lands wIL be ftred In tracts to salt purchasers. . , Txaaa or Sale —One-third cash and two equal annnsl payments, with 6 per cent interest there on trom date of purchase. r. W. psnTaoMW, Agent. ffartngraftips. NOTICE,—The / undersized have this aay formed a copartnership under the came cf MOSEBACK & HUMPHREY, For the pnrocse of transacting a General B raker age Bnslne? *. as buyers exeltutvely, in Drain. OIU, Chemi cal* and Dye bluffs. Office, 13(1 South Water-st-% Room NO. 5, Dole's Building. W.MOSEBACK. B.M.BCMI*aBKT, _ (Late with Fuller, Finch a t niter.) Chicago, HI.. March H. ISC7. _ w . We refer, by permi«ion. to Fuller, FlnchAFalJer; Smith & Dwyer, Day, Alien A ra H?* n^vi? c s„ Co.. J. H. Reed A Co- Smith. Cutler & Co., Whitaker, Barmen & Co., Goold & ®i3oou ans goal. THIS. COAL AT SPMSTEU PRICES! W- have a few hundred tins cl belt LACKAWaKA. onu PiTTSION COAL mere than wtU anpDly oir cus tomers, which w«* tOer, delivered la any partof out city, at the tollcwlng prices: Kansr, Egg and large dzn ( Bl2 t»er fn< Cbestnnt... 11 “ I iCNiyO AND bUPPLY CO.. 34 and 06 Sasdolph-su