Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 16, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 16, 1867 Page 4
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Chicago tribune. SATtJEDAT, MAECH 16, IS6T. THE CITY. Commit Coukcil.—A apodal meeting of the Common Council will be held Ibis evening M to consider appointments and to transact general ■business.” Fire.—Tbc alarm of fire from box 8, at 12 o'clock last night, was caused by the burning of a few paper bags in the rear of Gilbert & McCann's warehouse, Id LaSalle atrecL The damage was trifling. Presentation.—The gents' class at Marline's Dancing Academy presented a very handsome gold watch and chain on Tuesday evening last, to Hiss Mcßaltham, the lady teacher at tho Academy. Fob the Exposition.—Frank Leslie's of this week has a fine Illustration and complimentary notice of the ready-made school house and resi dence sent to the Paris Exposition, by Lyman Bridges, of this city, as a sign to the people of Ihe old world ofwhat we in the West are doing. To the Soldiers’ Hohe.—The following dona tions have been received from the Elgin Aid So ciety to the Soldiers' Borne: 10 bed comforters. 29 sheets, 96 pillow-slips, 1 lot of rags for ban dages. 3 framed pictures (Niagara Falls), and 1 engraving of tbe Proclamation of American In dcpecdence. Also, 8 sheets from Mrs. Dr. Small. A Horse ok the Court House Dome.—Mr. R. P. Hamilton, the gentleman who, with his horse, climbed the cupula of the Court Douse a day or two since, will reneat the test at one o'clock this afternoon. Hr. Hamilton is a well-known hor*c lamer, and has succeeded not only in taming his pet out in making him do wonders. Arrested ok Suspicion.—Th ree or four of the parties supposed to have participated in the re cent extensive robbery at Hr. Snell’s house in the town of Jefferson, have been arrested within the past two days. One of them had 51,C30 in his possession when taken Into custody. Their names are suppressed for tbe present. A Jealous Woman.—a Mrs. Rsy was arrested In this city, on Monday, and taken to Logansport, Indiana. It la stated that a few days ago the woman, in a fit of jealousy, shot- her “man.” one Barney Knight, of Logansport, wounding him se verely In the ehonlder. She fled to this city to avoid arrest, but was traced out by an officer who was sent In pursuit Ok Heb Wat Again.—Jane Barr, a notoriously abandoned woman, at the Police Conrt yesterday morning, was committed for trial. Is bail of *2OO. upon the charge of stealing a watch worth fiom a negro named Isaac Felton, of Batavia, 111. Jare has been at the Penitentiary one or two teima, chew* and emokes tobacco. Is very blas phemous, and seeks the most debased associa tions. Bosks op Ksnrnwnnxn.*.—At the last regular meeting of the Chicago Board of Underwriters, h> Id on the 14th instant. Mr. Allred Wright was nxaniincnfly chosen Secretary. The officers are now as follow-: President—S. T. Atwater. Vice President—Thomas Goodman, Secretary—Alfred Wright. Treasurer—John C. Haines. Tea Cheat Concebt.— Crosby’s Music Hall will donhfieea he filled again to-day with the Juveniles In preparation for the Sunday School Urlon Concert. Those who wish to participate In the rehearsal will have to be on hand prompt ly, as Ihc doors will he closed at a quarter pari ten o'clock. All who hare not received tickets will apply before ten, in order to gain admission. The lists of singers are now full. Removal.— Many of onr prominent business houses are being forced by the needs of their in creasing business to remove to new and more commodious quarters. The heavy firm of Messers. Scehcrger & Breakey, importers and wholesale dealers in hardware, cutlery, tin plate, Ac., hare Just taken np a new location at Mo 63 Lake street, comer of State, opposite the City Hotel, where they will doubtless do a stililarger hurinees than before. Hat Manctactout. —The public are invited to examine the stylish and serviceable hats manu factured by Messrs. Cavanna & Co., 133 South Clark street. Many who have worn them for years say that they are superior to those of any other dealers, ibe covering for tbc head is a very prominent and important sari of the dress, and it is ceriaioly desirable that it be well-fitted, com fortable and handsome. Cavanna & Co. claim the lead in these respects. A Fine Business Location.— Mr. J. N. Field, Of the firm of Field, Lelter & Co , at 80. 1H T-qVn alrcet, offers for sale a very desirable business lo cation In Council Bluffs, lowa, one of the best commercial points In the West. It consists of a large stor-, with its stock on band, embracing the ut-nal miscellaneous variety of dry goods, notions and qneensware. The property is located at the most desirable business point in the city, opposite the principal hotel. Sec advertisement on first page. A Battled Thief.— At a very early hoar on Thursday morning, Peter Mahr, residing on North Clark street, was aroused by the violent barking of bis dog, the animal being chained in the ham a few rods in the rear of the saloon where he slept. Before he bad dressed, he heard a man paas by the window and through the front gate. Upon going to the barn he found his horse sad dled and bridled, besides other evidences that it was Intended to steal him. Tne dog bad made desperate attempts to get loose to attack the taiel hut bis barking bad accomplished the same result that bia teeth would have done in frightening the fellow away. Ikpbotekests or Piasos—Steixwat’s Full •Acuxite Scales.—Claims as to the originating of great improvements In pianos are eo fr£ qncntlymnde by manufacturer?, or tbeir agents, that we are requested to state m reference to this que.-tion, and especially as to the new and Im portant application of agraffe, that ‘‘Steinway was the first to apply the ugraje* successfully to square pianos; that his arrangement of them (by far the most svlid and permanent that can be made) is patented by him, and can be used by no other maker; thar U i-> applied to the treble of all nis pianos, and that for many ytare his triple elrmgpd ‘ square grand’ piano has had The much valued egraye to every airing in its frame.” Episcopal.—Lenten sendee will be held to-day In tie Church of the Holy Communion, com mencing at nooc and continuing one-half hour. Rev. H. K. Bishop, D. D., will officiate. Bishop Whllcbouse is expected home this even ing. He will probably deliver an address on Monday morning in the Catoedral of tit. Peter an J Paul, on tne comer of West Washington and Peo ria sheets. At the reception to be given on Mon day evening. In Trinity Church, addresses will be delivered by Rev. Clinton Locke, Hon. Isaac A. Arnold, and Bishop Whttchouse. Thz Cost op Akusesekts —The revenue offi cers' returns cite the following receipts from our it-adirg places of amusement lor the month of Pchmary; Wood's ilnscnm.... McVicher's Theatre Variety Theatre Coliseum The receipts for Janoaiy wi-reae Vol'loV?'. Wood e Wcsemn «ia oci McVlcker'a Theatre roil Variety Theatre a's^3 Coliseum ’ i’79l _ Id January also the receipts of the* Opera House for Klstorrs performances were ( 13,000, and for those of the blmkosch troupe SI2,"W. Dischajiged.—Henry Bnrdean, charged with larceny aa bailee, the complainant, Alice Foster, having lone been a “"fellow traveller ” of his, was yesterday morning discharged from custody at the Police Conn. Daniel E. Horn, charged with con«piracy to de fraud, (arrested wltn J. IL Cofcr in the matter of the forged bonds of Buena Vista Comity, lowa,) was also dhcharged from custody, and ihus ends in mystery a case where it was evident a great wrong had been done, bur the victims, for some Inexplicable reason, failed to make any eaort to punish - he perpetrators. Detectives Dixon and Ellis worked up the case well, but met with no assirtance in prosecuting It, though a whole county was the loser. The Bicktkg Mchdeu.—The prisoners M- S. Stlckneyand George W. Black, arrested on the charge of having murdered James A. Picking, on the Plains, in the month of October last, were taken before United States Commissioner Hoyne yesterday afternoon, by United States Marshals Munson and Toortciottc, for examination. The Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Bouiclle, at tended on behalf of the Government, The only evidence adduced was that ot B. C. Yates, the de tective who arrested the prisoners, and nls testi mony oiflered very ittile from the facta which have already been published, the only point of differ ence being that he stated that Black, in hla state ment of the affdr to the witness, claimed that Bickiue fired his pistol at him. the ball parsing through his coat, and that he (Black) then fired the shot which killed Picking. The examination will be resumed at ten o'clock this morning. The Fexiaks at Trnxrn Ball.—A grand Fe nian demonstration 10-k place last night at the Turner liall,ls’onn Clark street. Colonel Roberts having been announced to address the Brother hood. an immense audience assembled, the hall being packet! to us utmostcapacity. Mr. Roberts arrived at the hall abont time o’clock, accom panied by a military escort and several oi the prominent leaders of the movement in this city. Be was loudly cheered as be took Ins seal on the platform. On being intioduced to the meeting, he spoke for an boor and a half on the question of irieh independence. He expressed his sympathy for the rising In Ireland, and prom ised them the support of the Fenians in this country, but he considered the movement there a hopeless one, and meed the importance of secur ing the “kej to Irish independence,'" Canada, that being. In his opinirr, the most advantageous grouzd on which to crash the English power. air. A. 1~ Morrison followed, in a stirring speech, and a large number of those present vol unteered as recruits m the campaign against Can ada, which was acnoni ccd si.on to commence. The Pamekoee Eqnpurjrr op tub Erie Railway.— This great and deservedly popular ILorongbfare, regarded by a'l who have ttaveiled over it to he one of the best managed and most carefully operated roads in the country, is now so complete in all Its appointments, that ire doubt whether ingenuity can devise, or experience sue* pest anything which will contribute to the better operation ol tbe line, or secure to the traveller additional comforts to tboee now provided. Tbe coaches of which its Day Express Trains are composed, arc indeed a great desideratum. The artistic designs and decorations, the finely caned and mounted woodwork, the luxurious upholstering, the perfect construction of tbe scat’ with curved backs, and other desirable improve ments. all combine to lllnstralc the enterprising and liberal spirit of tho present efficient officers of tbe companv. The sleeping coaches of the Erie Railway are in themselves a wonder and marvel of beauty; being eleven leet wide by sixty-seven in length, and nine leel in height; perfectly ventilated and uniformly heated by registers, with slate rooms, dressing rooms, and every convenience of a first-class hole.. The fnrnlurc and fixtures In these coaches are of the most approved patterns, and equal, if sot excel, anything of the Kind heretofore or at present In nse on any other line ofrallwar. They have been fifed up wf bout regaro to expense, and cannot toil to excite the admiration of the traveller, while contributing to the pleasure and comlorts ol the tup. _Tbc caches of the Erie Railway arc supported on six-wheeled tricks constructed with tbe most To add to their etrengihard l f»l li r eCoD *l >Bn i has adopted Millers Im- Emooii p»». s c w,s Tom o° "cJ'tV «..o“ber a!I J greediness ts attaineo wkiiethe train i« io°mn en<sS and in cases of collision or ratuiu- offVh??™?!?' that frightful class i f accident scoping, or the shutting no of one coach liu> another, u entirely obviated. 4ai ° Throngh tickets ria this route can be obtained at all principal ticket offices. l*W INTELLIGENCE. Decision on the Statute In Belation to Assessment of Damages in In* jonctln Soils—The Pntner, - Knight & Hamlin Snits Ended—Proceedings in DI- Torce—The Black and Stlckncj Cjbo. Judge Drummond Is at present enraged in de liberation upon a case which will develop in its trial questions of great interest Henry B. Goodyear, as administrator of Nelson Goodyear, and Samuel A. Duncan vs. Dr. Bun singer. Bill for an Injunction to restrain defend ant* from the use of Goodyear's patent for manu facturing rubber in dental operations. These cases, on the application for the Injunction, are being heard. Several actions of ejectment were commenced, affecting land* In Whiteside County. Joseph Guliemon ct air. vs. Simon Welnhaos et ala. Assumpsit Pracipa filed. _ CIRCUIT count. The business of this Court is somewhat Im peded by “snaps.'’ Chancery cases are apt to find for themselves a great length upon their bear ing. i csterday the result of Judge Williams’ labor was shoun by the following orders: William A. Putney vs, Seth T. Otis and als BDI for injunction dismissed. The trespass case of Putney against the same parties, and the ac tions on the case of the same plaintiff against Knight A Hamlin, were also dismissed. John B. Lillie vs. Peter A vet Appeal. Order to dUmlss set aside and cause reinstated. The only new mlt commenced was of John H. Manlton and many others vs. the town of Niles, the Supervisor and Ihe Collector, to restrain the collection of the bounty tax of the town of Mies. The proceedings instituted yeaterdav were as follows: Edward Preston ve. John Doyle. Plaintiff's an peal from Dresser. Justice, the judgment on a de mand for si3, being for plaintiff. Daniel Darkness vs. Jomes Sherrard. Trespass on the case; damages laid at {I,OOO. A. J. Miles & Co. vs. J. P. Merrill. Assumnsit: damages {2,000. ’ SUPERIOR COUBT.. The several branches of this Court were each in session, pushing forward business at a Uvelyrate, In the branch presided over by Chief Justice Wil son, tbc following decision affecting the statute fur tbe assessment of damages in injunction pro ceedings: Sherwood ct al. vs. Andrews & Bigelow. The original bill was filed by complainants, and an In junction obtained prohibiting tbe defendants from using the name of “Holbrook” on school apparatus, claiming that tbe name was a trade mark of tbe complainant The principal case was decided last fall, dismissing tbe bill,the Court finding they had no such right in the name. Al that time a motion was made under the statute to assess damages of the defendants upon the in junction born. This motion was continued until some time in January, and the proofs were taken and affidavits filed by both parties. Tbe damages were then assessed. After wards a motion was made by counsel for complainant, snppored by affidavits lo set aside tbe finding of the Court on the question of damages and lor a rehearing; this was on tbe St'und of tbc nnconstitntionallty of tbe law; that e finding was against law and evidence, and on the further ground of newly discovered evidence. That motion was argued several days since and decided by Jncge Wilson yesterday. He over ruled the motion. An appeal was allowed on a bond of {5,000. Tbe orders made by Jndee Gary in the common law branch were as follows: Samuel P. Townsend, for the use of AmasaS. Foster vs. James Mix. Debt. Rule to plead. Cyrus Bentley vs. William A. Putney. Assump ell. Dismissed. * The people vs. Bailey. Mandamus; venue Charged to Circuit Court. Wiuiam Stacy ve. William Wallbrecht Defend ant’s appeal, in which be gained the verdict Mo tion lor new trial denied, and appeal allowed. Frank Porter vs. William Hague. Ejectment Finding for plaintiff and appeal taken. The same vs. Thomas McCabe. Ejectment Same order. The business done by Judge Jameson is repre sented hr only a few orders : Tbc bill of Knight against Putney was dismiss ed. This it will be rembered was a nait ortho Putney, Knight & Hamlin controversy * which was announced to have been amicably settled in the TxiincKE of yesterday. Robert 2. Watson vs. Helen Watson. Bill for divorce filed January 15th, ISG7. on the allega tion of adoltcry. The default of respondent was entered. Mary A- Groendycke vs. Aaa J. Groendycke. Bill for divorce. The fail particulars of this case. Including the allegations of both complainant and respondent were pub lished in the Ibibune of the past week. Yester day an order was entered, overruling complain ant's demurrer to the cross bill, and given time for the complainant to answer the cross hill. Temporary alimony was also allowed; and *IOO to be paid by Monday next as means to prosecute the suit. The defendant Is also required to file the record from Washington County, lowa,which be referred to iu his answer of a previous proceed ing by the wife for divorce. The cases of G. W. Black and Milford S. Stick ney, held on charge of the killing of Picking, in Dacotah Territory was transferred to the juris diction of the United States Court. The new suits in this Court were as follows: Louis EnsUns and Henry Bartels va. Henry E:b. Replevin lor grocery slock. Freeland B. Gardner ct al vs, Thomas Swann. Assumpsit: damages *35?. George Home ve. Bonce. Defendant’s ap peal in replevin. Samuel B. Pierce et al. vs. Henry A. Johnson, Mary H. Johnson ana J. S. Hill, fini to foreclose a mortgage on one river lot of Green’s South Branch Addition, Mo. 17. C. E. Durand et al. vs. Joseph Hicks. Confes sion of judgment for *315. Tbesame ve. Robert McLain Confession of judgment tor *464.73. Tho eame vs. C. * p’. Leßeau and William Dler. Confession of Judgment for *1)1.41. Nicholas H. Kldgely ve. Hcman Baldwin. As sumpsit; damages, *15.000. . Augustus H. Brake & Co. vs. E. A W. Good kind; damages. *5.000. George Tbirei vs. Robert Fleming. Case with caplet in old. Tbc action Is brought to recover foren alleged slander; tn charging plaintiff with stealing. A. HT Louis vs. Ragan & Allen. Assumpsit, brought on a note at foor months, dated Jane Ist. ItCo, for *135.30. In re application of Margaret L. Rockwell, guardian, to sell real estate—lots 69 and 70, in block 44. Canal Trustees’ Subdivision of Section 7. Township S 9, Range 14 cast, and 1 wo-third! part (undivided) of lot 79, block 3, Hamilton's Subdivision. H. C. Champion and al. vs. Mary Ann W. Fen nel/. Assumpsit. Dam aces stoo. SFrederic M. Meas vs. E. &W. Goodkind. As sumpsit. Damages fiuOO. Edward W. Russel! ve. Henry Wlsner and Abner Taylor. Assumpsit. Damages $1,500, on a note dated January 3d, 1667, at sixty days, for $1,200. Charles Ratcliff and al. vs Robert McCabe and John V. FarwelL Assmnnalt. Damages S3OO. Thomas Parker vs, tne same. Assumpsit. Damacis, SI,OOO. Ezra B, McCagg vs. William Kelley and ala. Bill for an accounting of the amount dnecom plainant on a mortgage, and to recover tne amount. The property affected Is lot", blocks, Kirzics' Addition, and the amount of the original loan was $731.70. A. Trowbridge vs. It McCabe and others. Pe tition lor mechanics 1 lien on lots 13, li, 13, 1G 17 and IS, in Wilder’s Sonin Addition to Chicago, to the extent of $525.70. cockit conrr. The attention of Judge Eradwcll was called to business connected with qulie a number of es la’cs. The results were as follows: Estate of John A. Brosa; claim of A. D. Jan sen ; dismissed. Et-IMc of lewis W. Clark; claim of Marla M. Dennlston allowed for sC'.»l. Estate of Jesse Bryanl; claims for SIS 1.50 al lowed. .Estate of Dawes A. Boyer; proof of wiQ and letters testamentary loJaJla A. £- Boyer, widow; bond £18,(i00. Letters of administration hereto fore entered revoked. By the will all the prop erly of deceased is left to the widow. -ts'ate of Ulrich Moler. Isaac Katlshauser, a creditor, appointed to administer under a bond of .*13,803 . ji.tra . 2,373 3,325 Estate ofArtcmusßsLong. Helen M. DeLong appointed administratrix on bond of €I,OOO. Estate of Valentine Hohenadel. Declared set tled. Estate of Monroe C. Sherman. Claim of Thomas C. Graves disallowed. Estate of Clara M. Salisbury. Administration granted (with will annexed) to 2?. B. Harrison In bond of f 6,000. Ella il. Salisbury. minor, placed under the gnardlonship of the same party under a bond of SC,ODO. EECOBDEn’S COPBT. The business ol tale Court progresses rapidly, and some of Us great success In the speedy trial of causes Is perhaps doe to the fact that the ses sion 01 each day is continuous. The Court only takes a nooning when there is a 101 l in business. Yc.-lerday the business was as follows: Amoiue Olson. Larceny. Verdict of guilty. Frederick JScbrocder. Assanlt. Verdict, guilty of an assanlt with intent to do bodily injary. Estella Webster. Larceny. A'ol. pros, catered. Esteila Wcbst-.r. Larceny. Discharged on bail. Mary Wood. Larceny. Plea of guilty. William Grebe. Assault. On trial. Henry C. Homes. Larceny. Verdict, guilty, vrilh two years in the Penitentiary. Cairns ts. Muleahy ct al. Assumpsit. Verdict for plalstiiT for {519.83. The only new suit commenced in this’Conrt was of James M. Taylor vs. Sarah E. Tavlor. Bill for divorce. The complainant sets forth in bis bill that be was married to respondent April 27. leso, in Ibe county of Boone, her name being then abelden, with whom be lived until February 15. IS’Jo. Having in the meantime removed with his family to Rockford of this State, be charges she deserted him without cause. THE EENO ARRESTS. A Good Commencement—Excuses For Playing. The arreet of sixty or seventy men and boys of vatlousages, at a Leno room shoaled at >'o. 81 Randolph street, was mentioned in yesterday’s Tiancsz. When the long list of names was called at the Police Court yesterday morning, one would bare been tempted to believe that tbe Smiths, the Joneses and the Brown; were all at once brought to the bar of justice, and it was a noticeable fact that a la:gcproportion ofthemhad visited the place out of cmiosltr to satisfy themselves upon the point of who said “ keno” and who made allusion to toe brimstone. a nnmber had Inst “dropped in fora minute or two.” Some had felt a desperate and urlonunate thirst for a glass of lager only three minutes before the police came In. and others, with -‘just their confounded lack," had wanted a cigar, and 'bos brought upon them this fatal coin cidence of the meeting with the gentlemen in blue. 'Whatever were tnelr various beliefs In as trology. it is quite certain that the “ stars" pointed oct their destiny for the time. They were “ gob bled," and many of them enjoyed the hospitalities of the Armory during the night. Some thoocht It was a good joke; nut it was quite apparent yectcioay morning that many of them felt a proper sense of mortification at the position in which they found themselves. One man said that he was from the country and bad only “Just stepped in " and was not playing with the cards. “Bad yon ever been mere be fore?" sternly demanded Judge illlhkec. “Well, yes. your Honor, bet —" “Jive dollars fine, Mr. Clerk" exclaimed the Judge, and the conntyman “got hack." Another man went there to look for his son, to to sec that he was not Indulging too deeply in ibe fascinations oi the place. “Have you visited the niece bclorej" asked his Honor “Yes, sir.” “Do you play keno, elrt" demanded the Magis trate. “No, sir,” replied the man. “that is, not lately.’’ “Five dollars fine, Mr. Clerk,” and the anxious “ panent” was disposed of. A tasn named Robert Powers was charged with being the keeper of the den. Powers alleged that be was employed by a man named Cameron, though the latter bad long since sold the estab lishment to another of tbe fraternity named Jack son. If any hopes had been entertained that this showing of no “head-centre' - to the concern wonld shield him from punishment, the keeper wa- qmckly undeceived, by the very plain state ment that he was fined f 100. Tnc inmates of the place were fined ?5 each. it is a curious lacilbat two or three names were called tbat filled to produce any owners, nor were there bail bonds for their appearance. What be came of them f , .. The police have done good sendee to the com munity in beginning operations, and we trust that they wilt not lire in the work. It is terveutly to be wished tlso that they will be impartial in their favors. The gambling dens that are so numerous in onr city, under other auspices than the keno caia, are as great evils, and should be abated ny the strong arm of the law. Let not this good be ginning be the prelude to a speedy and bad teding. Police CoMaufisioscna.—The regular semi* weekly meeting of the Board of Police, Fire and lieniib war held at the Central Station, yesterday afternoon. Present, T. B. Brown, Esq., in the chair. Commissioner F. Gond, and the heads of the three deportments. The monthly bills for police, fire and health ex* pendltnrca were examined and audited. The resignation of policeman John SL Nelson wan received and accepted. Policeman Patrick J. Rowan, of the Second Precinct, was tried on the charge of Intoxication and using ollensivc language towards his fellow officers, nnd suspended from Uie service for twenty days. A charge was examined, preferred by one Welch against officer* Moore and Ullch, of the Third Prcdnrt Police, elating thaton last Sunday night a* (he complainant waa standing on the comer of Chicago avenue and LaSalle street with some comrade?, these officers and drove them a«iiy with abnrlve language and blows, and that pfcoitlyaficr.officerUlichtook him bythccollar and while holding him, shot him throaeh the shoulder. Inflicting a slight wonnd. It seemed evidt nt that the shot came from some other per son than the officer, and being probably Intended to lake ctrcci upon W acd t£e policemen wire, therefore, honorably acquitted The Board then adjourned. DIVOBCJB SUIT. An Absent Defendant Appears—Hei Plea—The Bepntatlon of Chicago. II will be remembered that some time since a billfor divorce was filed by William S. Sampson, who ashed legal separation from his wife Eilza bclb. The bill was filed December Ist, last, and its allegations were of adultery with a Mr. Borers, or Gananoqnc. C. W., Into whose house respond ent Is charged to bare gone. Tho non-resident wile has now submitted her answer, taking issue with her spouse ns to the truth of bis statements. She admits the marriage and the birth of four children as the issue of the union, und then she sets forth a complete denial of each statement of the complainant. She denies that he has resided in Chicago since July 33th, 10G5.ortbathenow resides hero, or that be has resided here during one year preceding the filing of the bill. She therefore starts a question of ju risdiction. She states also that she has been recently confined of a child, which Is his, being bom. She denies with much particularity the truth of the charge of adultery by her with William Rogers, and asserts that the arrangement by which she lived In the house of Hr. Rogers, at Oaranoqne, was made by her complaining husband, and In support of thia she rays that he has himself, always, when not en gaged, as be says, on business elsewhere, resided in the same house, where be has lived with her since July, 1861, the dale fixed In the bill as that of the separation. In conclusion sbo charges the husband with cruel y and neglect, aod states that she is also advised and believes Chicago is an immoral city, or, at least, has that reputation, and for that reason, “was not the proper place lo raise a family of young children In or to attempt the reformation of a dissolute husband, such as complainant has shown hlmselt to be.” She Inci dentally charges him with adultery. ABIUSE mtENXS. Opera House.—Lotty as Topsy in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, afternoon and evening. MoVickeb’s.—Matinee and evening; Vestvall as Angelo In bcl Demonio. Museum. —Afternoon and evening; tbc Frozen Deep. Coliseum. —Afternoon and evening; last ap- Scarance of Mr. James Robinson. Proteisor amilton, with his wonderful norseTom Tnumb, who ascends to-esy to tbe dome of tbe Court House, will appear at the Coliseum at both per formances. Another Projected Railroad. General White and Colonel H. D. Mackay, of Leavenworth, Kansas—the latter Treasurer of the PlafcClty & Fort Des Moines Railroad Company —are stopping in this city for a short lime and en deavoring to interest some of oar moneyed men in another railroad enterprise which, while it will be more immediately for the interest of their own thriving city, will also add another to onr lines of connection, and open np a rich region of conn try not now directly tributary to as. A moderate amount ot pecuniary aid from this city, added to what will be promptly furnished by the people along the projected line, will build a rail road from Leavenworth, on the Missouri River, northeast fifty miles to Cameron on the Hannibal «t fct. Joseph Railroad, whence, ria that road and the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Road a splen did continuous ronie will be opened from Chicago to ihc richest regions of Kansas. At Quincy a great bridge, tbree-qtuutere of a mile Jong, is being (brown across the Mississippi, at a cost of about one millirn or dollars, and one is proposed over the Mijsonrijjat Leaven worth in connection with this proposed line—the Platte City and Des Moines Railroad—on the com pletion of which trains can run through from Chi cago to Lcavecworth, a distance of 480 miles, without change of cars. The only route at present between these two points Is to St. Joseph by rail and thence by another road down the river thirty five miles to Cameron, thence by boat seven miles to Leavenworth. The projected cut-off will save twcntv-ulne miles of distance and two transshipments—including a tedious un loading from to boats, end is ia all respects a desirable and feasible one. it runs through the counties ol Platte, Clay and Clinton. Missouri, which arc rich in agricultural resources, and being rapidly Ailed up, and which should look to Chicago as their natural market. From Leavenworth, which is termed the commer cial capital of Kansas, a valuable trade extends hack to Lawrence, Topeka, and the vast and steadily developing regions to Santa Fe and be yond. St. Louis ia before os In this matter, having a direct line of transporta tion to Leavenworth, but with the completion of this short line or fifty miles we shall at least command a very valuable share of the commerce that centres there. The people along the line are awake to its advantages. Leavenworth has sub scribed *300,000, and Platte County *200,000, and the bonds for *500,000 arc already in the bands of the company. Our enterprising business men will see at a glance (he importance of this proposed line, and, we hope, will not hesitate to render the UlUe aid asked, both with a wise view to the future benefits to the city, and with the undoubted assurance of fair returns on their own investments. The Dearborn Street Fart—lnsurance. The total loss on the Dearborn street fire was in the neighborhood of *IIO,OOO, of which Jones & Co., lost shoot *OO,OOO, Mr. Dickey on the build ing. *IO,OOO, and C. L. Wilson A Co., *5,000. The lollowlng arc the insurances on the stock of Jones & Co., a partial list of which vve gave yesterday; Pbmnlxof Hartford *2,500 Alma 2,500 Garden City 5,000 Security, New York 2,500 Western Pntcnix 5,000 Hanford a^s'X) Home, New Hampshire 5,000 Norwich, Connecticut 2,500 National, 80.-ion £SOO North American. Philadelphia 2AOO Atnaof New York. 2.500 Bamc ssS Lqnltible, Providence 2 500 Commercial Mutual o 500 Albany City £wo Total .$50,000 The following was the Insurance on tdelr’fix o^seulou Sillfi ’ 8 tOUI lDenrance 011 tDelr property Springfield... si,ooo Mercantile Mutnal 2.000 Pltemen’a, Chicago 2 000 Pdomlx aiwo Total SII,OOO A Snoitx-tnxD Bcsofzss.—The Monroe (Wis.) Stnftnel states that certain parties, purporting to represent the mythical firm of “ L. B. Stowcll & Co., wholesale dealers in groceries, Chicago,” came about two months ago to that place and es tablished a store on the underselling plan. They had a swimming trade for a short lime, selling groceries of all kinds so remarkably cheap that they could scarcely supply the demand ; and they also lectured numerous debts for printers’ Ink, etc. In a short time, however, “L. B. Slowed & Co. had sold out lo one U. Sherman, hat the lat terwas prevented from taking possession by the bberlfl of Green County, who closed their doors to satisfy claims which bad been preferred, and In a few days more the original creditors appeared and lookback the remaining stock to the place from which it came, berating the bubble of the adventurous grocery dealers, and leaving some of the Monrocites a little the worse for their con ing. A Watpb Sell. To the Editor of the Chicago Tnbnne; Some-two or three weeks since my attention was called loan advertisement In the Toibosx, headed “ Great Watch bale,” wherein was set forth, in the most plausible manner, bow Messrs. J. Hlckling A Co., No. U 3 Broadway, Now York, were disposing of their Immense stock ofwatchea, “thnsly:” Certificates wonld be Issued at twenty-five cents each, or five for one dollar. Said certificates to entitle the recipient to the kind of watch described thereon, • npon return of certificate, accompanied by the sum of ten dollars, and if it be sent by express seven ty-fire cents extra for care. Well, having been greatly disappointed at not finding myr-clf in the long failed night shirt that drew the opera Mouse, I concluded to see what fortune would do for me in Messrs. Bidding & Co.’s scheme, and immediately forwarded one dollartoNew York for certificates ;in dne course of mall five of those Jirecions documents arrived, one of which called or a snperb silver chronometer watch, valued at one hundred and twenty-five dollars. Surely I was In luck at la-t; fortune had smiled upon me through the medium of the bouse of Hlckling, and I at once hastened to despatch (he certificate and ten dol lars which was to bring me tbepnae in an elegant velvet case, and then after waiting long days of anxious expectancy the package came, how ten derly I cut asunder the paper cerements that 1 might not injure the elegant velvet case in which my chronomcetr was snugly laid away, aod how grateful I felt towards Messrs. Hlckling & Co., when I found that they bad taken the precaution to put the elegant velvet case containing tbo magnificent silver watch inside of a coarse pasteboard box. and mentally reproached myself with having for one brief moment allowed a doubt of the Integrity of the house of Hlckling to cross my mind, I forced back the lid of the box, and beheld what appeared to bo a wad of brown paper stalled into a crevice formed la the ccntic of the bos by two upright pieces of paper, my heart misgave me for a moment, hat 1 rallied again with the Idea that Messrs. H. & Co. bad pat that splendid watch Into that beautiful case, wrapped it all np In brown paper, and staffed It Into that orifice to guard against the possibility of Injury, and again 1 was in a gashing condition towards Messrs. Hlckling & Co. I banished the last thought of disappoint ment. aid clawed ont the wad of paper when there was immediately disclosed to my as tonished optics the most remarkable thing in the shape ol a watch (hat 1 bad ever beheld. Tbo cases rcsemb’ed a conple of email-sized bri’tanla tea-pot lids stuck together by a binge, convex sides ont. Upon opening the contrivance with mvJacN-hnifo. 1 discovered a beautiful blue dial, with a pair of pointers which looked as though they bad rrlginallr done duty as jewebarp tongues. Then I came to the move • men\ which might easily have been mistaken for the ranting gear of an apple paring machine. “Pliancy my pholink*,’ l as it dawned upon me clearly, through the medium of that repeater, that I had been “Peter Funked' 1 not only out of some twelve paltry dollars, hut of all my bright anticipations and glowing hopes of a tbst class ticker from the eminently respectable house of Messrs. J. Hlckling & Co. Herewith, Messrs. Editors, please find the aforesaid time piece, logclbcrwito the balance of my certificates, which yon wonld perhaps like to try your luck upon at the trifling expense of ten dollars each. Very truly yours, I. M. Sold. LOCAL MATTERS. O t come To the fount of beauty and hope, Xbouph great be thy errors and rongL be Iby O. come and buy Ring's Cold Cream Soap, That will render it soft, white and clean. Sold by Dyche & Story, Bmllh&Dwyer, Apoth ecaries. Wholesale by Burnhams <S Van Schaack. Druggists generally. Corn* Extracted ITlthont Pain.— Corns. Bnnions, Enlarged Joints or Ingrowmg Nails. Go to Dr. Eehisok, office 119 Clark street. Dr. E. has operated on the feet more than sixteen years in Boston and Chicago. Rooms for ladles. For a Cough, Cold) an Irritation or soreness of the throat, “Brown's Bronchial Troches” trill often give Instant relief. Brown’s Bronclilal Troches, when allowed to dissolve in the month, have a diren In ilucncc to the affected parts: the soothing effort to the mucous lining of tac wlndplpr allays pnkno nary irrlta'ion and gives relief in CoachP. Codi. and the various Throat Aflectlons to which pulllc speakers and others arc liable. Jnat KecelTed, 100 cross King’s Col* Cream Soap, at Dtcee & Stout's, comer of Dear born and Randolph streets. Wo claim for Swamo’s Ointment that It Is the only sure and positive cure for the itch. We challenge medical science to produce its equal. Sold by nil druggists. Nervous Headaches are Inatantlr cured by one dose (“forty drops”) of Metcalfe's Great Rhenmanc Remedy. Sold by all druggists. The “-Etna” Noiseless Lock-Htl(ch Sewing Machines, for family and manufacturing purposes—western cilice. OT Washington street, Chicago. J. H. Lebow, Agent. The Best Tonlc«—Caswell, Slack A: Co’s Combination of Iron, Phosphorus and Call saya, known as Ferro—Phosphorated Elixir of faliftya. The Iron restores color to the blood ; the phosphorus renews waste of the nerve tls-uc, and the caltsaya gives a natural health!ul tone to the digestive organs. One pint contains the vir tue of one ounce ofcallsaya, and one teaspoonfol a grain of iron and phosphorus. Manufactured by Caswell, Mack & co., New York. For sale by ill druggists. Tlae Franklin Brick machine, jnatly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great strength, ana immense compressing power, is ooarartbbd, with eight men and two horses, to self-Lemper the clay, and make 3,000 to 3/00 elegant bricks per hour. J. B. Bewick, proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room 23. Hair Dressing without a particle of grease. “Glyceria” restores the hair, communi cates a delicious cooling sensation to the scalp, cleanses It from dandruff, and is absolutely free from grease, so as not to'soil the finest fabric. Caswell. Mack* Co.. New York. Sold by all druggists. Itch! Scratch!l Boyd's medicated Cream cores itch, scra'chcs, and all skin diseases. It is neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain specially adapted to children. Sold by all drug gists. FOREIGN HEMfI. Great efforts arc being made in Venice to give animation to the carnival, as a means of encouraging trade and diminishing the mis ery suffered by many In the newly Icmancl- pated city. The Journal de St. Petersburg pnblishes an account of a magnificent ball given by the Spanish Ambassador in Russia, tbc Hake d’Ossuua. The Duchess, who wore tho grand cordon of the Order of Maria Louisa, did the honors with perfect grace. The fete was hon ored by the presence of the Czarewltch and the Princess Dagmar; the Grand Hakes Vla dimir, Constantine and Nicolas Nicolaievitcb; the Grand Duchesses Alexandra Petrona and Catherine; the Grand Duke George, ofMcck- Icnbarg-Strelitz; the Princess Romanovsky, the Dukes Nicolas and Eugene, of Leuchtem berg, &c. • The saloons were snpcrbly deco rated, and brilliant with flowers and lights, the private drawing room of the Imperial family being filled with the rarest exotics. The Prince de Waldeck has entered into negotiations with the King of Prussia to cede to his Majesty the German principality so called. This little sovereignty, forming a piece of territory within Electoral Hesse and the governments of Mindcn and Arens burg, of Rhenish Prussia, has about 1,200 square kilometres and CO.OOO inhabitants. The Prince used to vote with the sixteenth curia in the old Germanic Confederation. The Archduke Joseph has left Vienna for Mentone, to be present at the funeral of bis late brother, the Archduke Stephen. The Court of the Tnileries offered .to pay to the funeral procession of the Archduke all tho honors due to his exalted rank, bat, accord ing to the custom of tbc Imperial family of Austria, which bha always conducted its in terments with the least possible pomp, the funeral will be of a simple character. Some of tbc foreign papers have erroneously stat ed that the remains of the Archdake would be taken to Pesth. They will, however, b laid In Vienna, in the vault of the Carmelite church. On the Lancaster and Carlisle (English) lino of railroad, a van containing five tons of gunpowder, attached to a down goods train, exploded on the 27th ultimo, while meeting an up goods train, between Clifden and Pen ryth, killing the driver and stoker ol the latter, and destroying the engine and up wards of twenty wagons. The latter taking lire prevented the clearing of the lino for some time. The cause is unknown. The population of Berlin, accordiog lo tho last census, is 632,879. Prom the statistics of the Registrar Gener al of Great Britain, it appears tbatamnch larger number of those children born at the latter part of the summer die within a year of birth than Is tho case with those bom at other periods. A plated frigate named Prince Frederick Charles, is in progress of construction in France for the Prussian Government. She is to be two hundred and eighty feet long, fifty feet broad, and 4,050 tons burden. Her draught will be twenty-three feet, and her engines of nine hundred and filly horse power. London contains nineteen thousand miles of gas-pipe. The North British 2Tail explains a delay in its publication by the occurrence of a curious accident. A cat in the press-room found a sleeping place in the large cylinder of Hoe’s printing press, and was not discovered until the press was under full headway. In at tempting to escape, the animal was crashed and the “form” was spoiled. On tbo evening of the 22d of February, a grand ball In celebration of Washington's birth-day was given at the Grand Hotel, Paris, and was the means of uniting In the dining-room of that establishment between four and five hundred persons. Says a cor respondent : “The room was brilliantly lighted and hung with American flags. The honors of tho evening were perlbrmcd by General Dix and his fatally, to whom the guests paid their re spects upon entering. The General was dressed fit his military uniform, and ilias Dlx. simply, but in great taste, m pink tulle. “The toilettes of many of tne ladies were magnificent and in point of beauty a finer display could scarcely have been gathered In Paris than that made by our fair country, women. It was remarked that on this occa sion quite a number of persons were prescut, who, from their political sympathies, have, during the past five years, failed to partici pate in the celebration of any of onr national anniversaries. “Most of the foreign legations were re presented either by the Ministers in person or their First Secretaries. The Ministers of Russia, Prussia, Persia, Bavaria, Switzer land, Portugal aud nearly all the South American Republics were present in person, while England, Italy, Austria and some others were represented by their First Sccrc tarice. “ One notable fact in this celebration was the presence of General Dubois, the Minister from Hayti, a gentleman of most Indubitable “ color,” and one whose complexion would a few years since hare insured bis ejection from any railway car, omnibus or theatre In the United States. Yet here he was, the representative o£a negro Republic, himself a dark mulatto, mingling in the gay throng, among which was some of the very creme tie la creme of American society, which a few years since would only have permitted him in their presence in the capacity of a servant. “The Imperial Conrt was represented by the Duke de la Bassano, Grand Chamberlain of the Emperor.” The last grand ball of the season at the Tnlleries took place on the night of the 2Cth ult., on which occasion the following resi dents of Chicago were presented the Em peror and Empress: Dr. D. S. Smith, Miss Smith, Mrs. James Boylan and Miss Boylan. Says a Paris correspondent: “ Americans are beginning to arrive in town in order to house themselves for the Exhibition, and the Saturday evening receptions at General Dlx’alooklikcajamat the "White House, only that hero the ladies are in fall toilet, and there is music and an attempt at danc ing. Soirees, dinners and other gayeties arc quite common in American society, and the man who jnst now is the most dined out is Hon. E. B. "Washburnc, of Illinois, whose health is improving. The leading secession ists have scattered out a good deal lately. Mr. Toombs, after sending bis wife to the United States, has gone back to Cuba. Gen eral Brcckenridgc left lately for England. Senator Gwin and son have gone to the United States with a view, I believe, to re sume planting in tbo South. Mr. Slidell and George Sanders are the only secessionists of note now here.” PJEESONAL ITEMS. It is believed that Governor Browalow can ‘not live much longer. Ills present nervous disorder grows more and more thrcaien- Mrs. Frances Lord Bond Las made appli cation for a foreign Consulate. The Presi dent and the Cabinet agree In recommend ing her, and she will be nominated to some British port. Place auz dames. Bistort is said to have made forty thou sand dollars by twelve representations given at New Orleans. She appeared in two now plays, “Myrrha” and Victor Hugo’s “An gelo.” The President of the National Bank of Bel lows Falls, Vt., Is Nathaniel Fullerton, Esq.,of Chester, who will be ninety-two years of age if he lives till next September, and his signa ture to the bills is still clear and bold. Ho has been President of this bank for thirty years, having succeeded Judge Kellogg to that place in 1887. He Is also supposed to be the oldest Mason in the country. He took the first degree as Master Mason In Westmoreland, N. H., in 1700, and In 1797 took the Royal Arch degree at Chester. The Van Wert (0.) Times tells a story of a y /oung lady in that vicinity, who, several weeks since, accidentally swallowed a num ber ol pins, which she had placed In her mouth, and Is now suffering from their ef fects. It is stated, that at first she did not experience much inconvenience, but a few days ago she was seized with spasms, and her recovery is doubtful. The Florence (Italy) correspondent of the N " ' -• ' ' few York Timet, writing on the 24th uIU, says; “General Garibaldi arrived unex pectedly in Florence, a few days ago, and left yesterday for Venice. He was met at the station by two of his friends, Crispl and Mordini, conspicuous political leaders, who seemed to be the only ones apprised of his coming. Boring his stay he drove in a shut carriage to sec some of his friends, and the people had no opportunity to do him honor, except for a moment, when they caught sight olhim and surrounded his carriage in the great square. It-was remarked that his face wore an aspect of concern, as if his mind were pro-occupied with some new care. We do not know what enterprise in the eause of freedom he is ready to undertake, er whether ho believes his active aid In Greece or his good counsels for Italy make tie strongest claim.” Joseph Bion, the Canadian champion, is challenged to a billiard match by an Ameri car, a Frenchman and an Englishman. N>w that the Washington correspondents taveasserted that neither General Grant nor Chief Justice Chase nor Speaker Colfax are candidates for the Presidency, the country will feel easier. As none of these gentle men have aspirations for higher places than tlcsc they now fill, we must of course look oitsidc their circle for candidates. They 1 wculd bavci saved the newspapers some tremble if thej bud mentioned the matter a little sooner. The Congressional career of Hon. Henry J. Raymond having ended, a cotemporary thinks no Representative ought to be so popular. He charmed the Conservatives by his speecle*, and the Radicals by his voles. Kmpp, the gunmaker of Essen, has re ceived orders for 2,370 cast steel cannon from various Governments daring the last four months. A Russian Generalof artillery has just died after depositing £B,OOO to remain at interest until the year 1935, the anniversary of the death of the Emperor Alexander 1., and then to be given to the author of the best history of that sovereign. The sum will them amount to £331,000. MISCELLANEOUS TTFira The Cleveland Leader Bays: Some idea of the magnitude of the iron trade of Cleveland may be formed from the fact that during last week three million one hundred' and eight thousand pounds arrived in this city, and one million four hundred and seventy thon* sand pounds were shipped. This does not include nails and spikes, of which one hun dred and forty-seven thousand pounds ar rived, and two hundred thousand pounds were shipped during the same time. A “ Parent” in the Zanesville (O.) Courier gives somcof the results of the non-whipping system of the School Board in that place: 1. The order and scholarship have deterior ated more than twenty-five per cent under the Board’s new-fangled experiment—so say a large majority of the teachers, and so say a majority of the parents. 2. It bos caused a considerable number of children to be turned out of tbe schools. Those children mostly belong to the class for whom “free schools” were created. Any hoy who prefers playing in the streets to going to school, has only to take advantage of this beautiful “ rule,” and get dismissed from the school. One of our old and honorable citizens informs me that his business for many years has re quired him almost daily to meet the pupils of one of the ward schools as they leave the school room, noons and evenings, and that until within a few months past ho was never treated uncivilly by them. They have now become so impudent and so rnde to him that he avoids as much as possible meeting them. A few days since ho threatened to report them to their teachers for their rudeness, and was answered by “ d—n the teachers; they don’t dare to touch us.” The grape crop on the Ohio lake shore has failed only four times in forty years. In the southern part of the State it fails almost every other season. Thirty Arab emigrants arrived In New Or oeanslost Friday and will settle in that city. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New York Financial News, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Now Yobjc, March IS. The Stock market opened firm. On call the market was strong on the miscellaneous list, but prices were considerable lover on the general market. Afterward Erie (common) advanced to 60 with large transactions, the balance of the list being also stride better. At the 1 o'clock board the market was firm but with lit tle disposition to hammer the same. After the regu lar call Canton and Ohio certificates were lower, which weakened the market, and prices were lower, Erie (coinmcn) declining tos9*. Rut at the &30 call the market woe batter and with more disposition to buy. Michigan southern and Bock Island being the weakest stocks. American gold was Inactive. Governments are still selling, and 3 per cent is being paid lor carrying. Tbe Money nmket ta active at the must rates. [Associated Frois Report.) Nxw Yobs, March 19. kosrr, . Money market easier and demand less active. Call loans 6®7 per cent on stock collaterals, and the ten dency rather towards 6 per cent as a general rate. Government bankers have largo balances oif-.rcd them at 5 per cent. roßciay exchange. Foreign Exchange less active and hardly SO firm as fSS rdar ‘ Fr mc baaSLer4 ’ WU* nominally at 109® GOLD. Gold qniet and steady. uuijuuiaun. Government securities dull and steady. Hcg’d. 'fil--.... 109 ®lo9w 15-90 coupons , 6S.lo7V®lo7k' Coupons, yi....109*®1C9* 110-40 reglst’d... V7HC4 9}v 5-M coup *65 Jan and I Juno comp KD&aiOJK •JaJj 106X3106* I July comp 105* JIO3H BaiLWat sum TLe railway market was quiet and firm, generally, during the morning, but In the afternoon there was a firmer feeling and higher price*. Ene was the favor ite and rose to 63*, with an increased business. The market was firm at the one o’clock board, and mod erately active, F. W. and N. W.twereJMronr and more acUveowingtolncreasedrecelpts. At second board the market waa steady. Subsequently the market waa heavy and lower, and the deellte was quite marked on Erie, Ohio Certificates and Cumberland at the last open board and alter <vards In the long room. William Heath A Co. report tbe following: CLOSIXO BATES AT 920 P. U. American gold.lSi*aiM* Reading 101Y&1Q3 0h10ccrt....... 37 ® 57* M.C «IC7 Cumberland... 31 ® 81* M. 8 74*® 71V Quicksilver.... 3fi «37 111. Central Us*«ns* Mariposa B*® 9* Pittsburgh 81*® 83 Mariposa nW.. 23 ® 23* Toledo US «119 Western U. Tel 41*® 41* R.l 96 ® 96* >-F.C 103 ®lo3* N.W 35*®®* trie 59*® 69* Ft. Wayne 83 ® 9J* Hadsoo ®W7 * BOBDBB STATE SOJTPfi. Mlsfouri fell to in*, but closed at 98. Tennessee, 66*; new do, MV. BTSAtISmP BSABKS Steamship shares dull. Pacific, LS; Atlanta, Si. . SIIBCBLiadrEOUS. Miscellaneous and coal shares steady without much movement. .. . SnxiTTO STOCKS. Mining shares steady. Quartz Rill, 59f®393: Ai med*. 7*; Atlantic A Pariflc, 235; American Flag, 105; Columbia. 253 ; Gregory firmer and rose to 1775, but reacted to IM9. The Produce Markets, MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaokix, March 15. Flour—Dull, firm. Said 600 brla at $14.35 for Bertrchy’s Bcjl and Naugatuck superior winter, 111.00 for Douglas doable extra; 110.45 for good extra; $5.50 for rye flour. Wheat—Unsettled and weak at the morning board. Stirs 32,000 cental*. Noon Board-Sales 7,000 centals, at $3.81®3.5S for No lln store; $3.65 for No. 3 do; $3.75 seller's option May: $3.62®3.63 seller's option next w«k; $3.63 seller's option 16th to 3lst; $3.67 buyer*' option alt month: SASO lor No. 3 In store fresh. Oats—Steady. Sales LSOO centals at $1.5631.62 for No. 110 store; $1.56 for No. 3—3 c storage. Corn—Firmer. Sales 1,600 centals new shelled at $1.3131.32. Byo-Advancing. Sales 300 centals No. 1 in store at $1.9. Barley—Quiet. Sales 500 centals by sample, deliv ered. at lI.SO. Prorlilona—Advancing. Mess pork 121.C032t.50. Dressed Uoge—Finn and advanced 25c. bales at $8 7139.00. Rtcclpts—£oo brls floor, 5,C00 centals wheat, WOO do oats, 1,000 do com, 200 do rye, 500 do barley, 100 dressed bogs. Shipments—3,soo brls flour, 1,500 centals wheat, SCO brls and IM tierces pork, SO uerces lard. NEW YORK. . active, and N«IT blgher.^^M' ’of bales at 31)*®32c for middling uplands. Flour—Receipts, 4J73 brls. Market 5c better, but less active. Sales of 10.200 brls at for so perflne Bute and Western; $lO.4O®llAO for extra Western; $11.15912.80 for choice do; f 11.10313.00 for shipping extraroundboopOhlo; and $13.15®1L90 for the trade brands—market closing enter. California flour moreaetlve. gales of 1,200 brls and sacks at $13. 4 54$ 14.75. Whiagey—Quiet and steady; no receipts. «T^ w .H'^ e J w M 0 5 tdecW “* change. Sales ol <7,000 bn at $2.05 for lolerior Cntcago spring; 62.30® 2.41it0r No.J price tor a small fotj ; W-lOfor amber state; anti $3.2693.25 for white Michigan. Bye—Firm and active; Bales, 17,500 ba Western at si.VG®i^n. naricy—lfiMc’better and active; sales, 42,000 boat ciffifUWMMM? ‘ l - 1 “ ror s ““ “a lUSaUJ for Barley Mall—Quiet. Corn—Receipts 12,760. Market opened 1c better but deed dull with advance last, hales, 4.900 bn at sM>®l.l6 for mixed Western in store, and «1.18 afloat closing, buyers at $1.16 store and sellers atf U 7. Oats—Receipts »,205 bn. Excited and 193 c bet ter tiaies, 110.00 bn at 6J367c for Western and 72c for Slate. Rice—Doll at lOU’ailc for Carolina, (.’••flee—Quiet and firm Sale3 ° f 7JO bfls Coba &t ir^llc * Petroleum—Firm and In fair demand; sales at 16® icwc for crude and 2f@26c tor refined In bond. Hops—Quiet nt3C®7vc. rxner ana In good demand. Sales of 7.500 brls at $32.50931.13 for new mess, clcsln* at s33A7for reca ll; faMMfMfor old mess; $17.30319 Oi for prime, and stt.ot®3C.7sfor prime mess; also 2,750 brtsnew mesial «23.53®23A1, seller and buyer March. Aprll and May. ” 1 r Beer—steady. Sales of 330 brls at previous prices. Beef Hams—Scarce and firm atSCT.OOatO 50 ta . ,r demand. Sates of T3J bn tttiOtfaiOfccror Cnmhcrlanfls; HK@HJ4c for short rjb.anu HR®iJc for short clear. .tv, ,'ji augi.tfCM. Cut Meats—Firm. Sales of 810 pkgs, at 9&IOKC for shoulders : and ISNSUNc for hams. A Lard—Him. Bales of 650 bits, atl3®l3\’c lor old ami for new. Baticr—Dull sod heavy, at 13®20c lor Ohio. Cheese—Unchanged, at 14®30c. _ LATK3T—S P. M. Flour—Qnlcl and steady. Extra State. $10.52® 13.00. Wlunt—Dull, at®342for N 0.3 Utlwankre. Ryo-Steady. at *1.2G®1.27 for Weatern. Harley- Fairly active, at 86®8Sc for Western. Co»n—Dnjj. Shi oping mixed Woitern nominal a,«l.lfi)4, in store; afloat. Oats—Quiet, at 66967 c for Weilcrn, and 67@68c for Ohio. Pork—lrregular, feverish and unsettled. Sales. 3,000 brla new Wca'cm mess, at *23.25324.12*—c105ing with w;Il. rs at M3.6Bjf(£:j.iscam, and regular buyers at (&62K, • Beef—Quiet and steady. Bacon—Quite llrm, allOJfc for Cumberland middles. Cut Meats—Steady. Lard—Firm at IS(2I3A'C for fair to prime steam and kettle rendered CINCINNATI, _ Cincinnati, March 15. Flour— t innerarn more active,hot prices not higher. Snpcrnne, none In the market, and not wanted: trade andfancy trands *11.003*6.00. Wheat—Scarce, ana not much offerlcg. No No. I spring in market; No. i winter *2.90. Corn—Finn, at e3c. Oats—in good demand, and market dotes Arm at 53 ©KSkcforNo. 1. Bye—Scarce; held at * 1.40, w»Ui buyers at *1.39. domatd; No. 1 spring *1.2031.25; Whisky—FJrm;’s6c In bond. Cotton—Firm; JBc for mld.Ulcg, hut the demand Is Ight and buyers offer3T<a27*c. The great overflow In the lower valley of the MlßjUdppt has atoppei re ceipts at New Orleans to a gieatextent, eothatllgnt receipt; at that point have the Influence m producing a speculative demand they would have tmorr different circumstances. Receipts the past 21 hours, 520 bales. Mess Pork—ln active speculative demand from East ern operators chiefly and sales reach S.CJO brls at *21.00 ©21.25 for country, and *21J0@22.W for city, closing with no fellers btlow *22.10 lor city. h Bulk Meats—Firm, but the demand lesi active and there were more sellers .of country at the close than ptjycj* M 6©loc for shoulders and sides, loose: about poutds city sold aj 10c for heavy. Bacon— ld lair demand and market firm at 9Wc for shoulders; tor sides; lO&cfor clear rm, sad |2*c for clear tides packed; sugar cured bams, 153 Lard—Firmer. i2*c offered for city and 12 Vc asked. There Is very little offering. Good country la sold at Butter—Steady at 29(232c for fteih made, all other kinds dull, f.gcs, lC©l7c. Clover—Dull at *8.75®JL90; timothy dull at *3.253130, Coffee—Dull at 35©27c: sugar steady. Linseed Oil—Dull at *UO. Gold—l 33 buying, and 1*1®I3<!1 selling. Exchange—Steady at par buying. The demand for money la moderate and the market firm at 9313 per cent LOOISVILT.E. „ , LouisvtLLH, March 15. Tobacco—Firm lor choice; lower grades dull. Sales )1 % hhds at *2.25©3u.00. Flour—Super, *9.15. Wheat—None. Corn—ln bulk, Csc. Oats—Sc. UOLO—UCU Provisions—Bulk shoulders. 6Kc; bacon shoulders, 9we; clear sides. 12*c, packed. Mesa Pork—* Lard—ld tierces, 12*C. Vi hlakoy—Raw, *2.23.

MEMPHIS, Untpnts, March 15. Cotton—Firmer, prices tending upward. Middling, Receipts, 531 hales; exports, 160 balss. Week's receipts, 2,?:» bales; exports, $,955 bales. Flour—Steady at *9.0039.51}. Ct rn—Dull, white at f LOialJJ3, F0rk—*21.50«22.00. Bacon—Clear rices, 13X@Uc. Lard—Same. Bulk Mea»-9*©X2C. Groceries—Steady and unchanged. SAN FRANCISCO. Bab Fbabczsco, March is. Flour—Unchanged. Wheat—Active; *1 COOL'S. Le^ to .-a. BitTiHOaE Baltzxobc, March 11. Flour—Spring wheat brands advanced 50a. w 6,1 rM< wu * «• Com—Bottle*. White, f1.05@91.08; yellow. |Lol@ 11.06. Small lot ofiPtzeosoldatfLDL Oata—63c tor Pennsylvania, and 61c tor Maryland red. clover 5eed—59.00099.53, PreTlncns—Enchanted. Whiakey—la bond, s2£l@ss.S3. No demand. PHILADELPHIA. _ whladelpiita. March 15. Floor—Firmer, with lares home demand. Sales 1,(00 lirl« Westerr, at fl’.vr; state at sls 00. Wheat—Searcclind In fair demand, sales 33) ha State red at «J 2. Bye-iuo. Com—AdTasdogtsndeneyandgooddemand. Sales SO3O bn yellow at SIXS. Oats—6sc. Provisions—Advscclng. New mesj pork $333: ha* con shoulders *@9tfc. BUFFALO. Dutfalo, March 15. Flour—Bechanced, with little doing. Wheal—Qnlct; sales ofwhlteCtcadaat $33. Corn—Advancing; tolrdtmandtsalesofucar loads new Toledo at *0 @33c, no State Line track; o.d mixed Western, in a>cre. held at 30c. Oats—Sale* of lACubu wo. 2 Westerns;s2c. Barley-Qui et; sales of 8,000 bn In store atSUJS. Provisions—New mess pork held at $13.00£33.50, Lard—Unchanged. . Hlghwlnee—Steady. S'ecs—Little doing; timothy Sc lower; clover held 6Cc higher. ST. LOUIS. Sr. Louis, March 15. Tobacco-Active and rather better. Cotton—Firm. Floor—sinner for high qualities, bat unchanged. Wheat—Active and hnoyaot at $3.93@L05 for spring: SS.W@SJ3 lor choice fall; 15.Dforiancy. b Com—Active and higher. SIA3@LTO. Oata—Firmer at $2.c3@2.06. Barley—Advancing at $2.5003 81 for spring; $3,953 4—u for tail. Rye-Quiet at *2^o. Provisions—SUlT. Mess pork, $33,09; bacon un charged ; lard 12c for choice kettle. Whiskey—Dull at $2.19. New fork Live Slock market. B>T.irg or CATTLX AT BZBGRf, [Reported by telegraph exclusively for the Chicago Tribune.] New Tons. Friday Evening, March 15. BEEP CATTLE—There were yarded at Hudson, to day, 2,400 head, and at Hundredth street 600 head, be sides several droves at Commnnlpaw. The Hundredth street market Is now opened Mondays nod Thursdays. Owing to tbe light going on between tbe different yards, prices are Irregular, though the Hudson City market is fully tfc better, and all offerings there were closed out at lT@lT.tfc ior the beat; 16c lor medium and 14c lor common. The average price paid was IStfc, which is tf c higher than last week. HOGS—The demand was fair at Ttf@3tfc. I aitolOc. ' SHEEP—The supply Is very light and sales arequlet SALES OF BEEVES. W. J. Templeton sells 80 head Indiana, averaging TOO a>r, at!s@lCc. F.M. Sims sella 93 head Illinois, averaging 6T3 us at 16c. W. V. Wood sells 135 head Illinois averaging 673 &s, at 16c. P. O’Neil sells 100 bead fat Ohio, averaging TOO us. at I6tfc. Geo. D. Alexander sells 181 head Illinois, averaging 1.2,5 us, home weight, at $103.50 per bead. J. F. Alexander sells SOO head Illinois, averaging TOO !bi, scant, at 15016 c. Solojt Bomasov. Albany Live Stock market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] AldajiT, March 13. The cattle arc of Inferior quality os compared with those in last week, nod this fact considered, prices are *o*c per n. higher. The competition on the part of Kew Yorkers was quite brisk, but alter they got through there waa enough left to aatlsiy the Eastern buyers. Henry Livingston sold 3? bead Kentucky, averaging I.L'O as, at IUS.OO. and 23 head averaging I, fis, at B*c; 51 bead Illinois, averaging 1,1)0 as, a 1593.60; 50 bead averaging 1,170 as, at 191.00, aid 51 head averaging 1,390 as, at 15.70. Mr. Ramsey sold 17 head averaging 1,050 a*, at $85.00. J. Farthing sold 4S bead averaging 1.3 M as, at 9c. S. Saspp sold 103 bead averaging 1,190 as, at (10J.0-3. J. Barrett spld 49 bead averaging 1,250 as, at SIIO.OO. J. Sawyer sold SO bead averaging 1,410 as, at 1137.00. W. Robbins told 14 bead, premium, averaging 1.550 as. at $151.00. B. C. Coon sold CO bead oxen, averaging 1,550 as, at B*c. J. Farthing sold 70 bead, averaging 1,390 as, at SIOO4IO. fheep—Demand good at 638 c. Receipts, 5,600 head. Hogs—Supply, 3,300 bead. Small tales at 7*®B*c. NcvV York Copper Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tons, March 15. Copper-Amerlcan ingot declined. Sales at 33c. Ocean FrelgbU. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] . New YotK, March ’5. Freights—More doing, but rates Irregular and nom inal. To Glasgow, per steamer, 23,000 bu corn at 4 penes; to London, 13,000 bu oats at 3* pence. New York Grocery Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs, March 13. Coffee—Better demand, Bio,7agt6c t Fair business and steady. Fair to prime grocery at 10*@n*c; refined lower. Best crushed at 15c; best soft white at 14*c; best yellow at l3*c. New York Paper market. New Yost. March 15. I The market is declining. Straw, 13©llc; rag, New York Provlalon market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs, March IS. Port:—Very active and excited market sines ’Change. Sales abont 5,000 brls from I3U3* down to $3125 closing at $33.63* regular. Other Hog products are in demand and tending up ward. New York Breadatnlla market. [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New Yoke. March 15. Brcadstoffs—Samples ol flour and wheat were more freely shown, buyers were less anxious, an! slate ’Change both are quite neglected. Com—Unsettled, there being neither buyers or sellers to any extent. Rye—sl,27 bid. Oats—There is somespecuiatlon and good trade. New York Dry Good* market. , New Yobk. March 15. The Jobbers trade Is fairly active in cotton goods. At the ooncluslon,Atlautic A brown sheetings at 3l*c; Indian Read at 2lc; Amo*kcagA at9o*c; Atlantic V an 2k’ fl . I £l*y. , ® ~* c J Doouat 16c; Pepperell E.C andOataiaacXsni 2Cc: Haill®H*c: Stark A aad Medfbtd alStc; Salmon Falla C at 2lc; dzark at IP Je; Lyman Cat 19c; Bedford Rat 13c; Roxbnry and An- Easts at 20c; Lawrence Cat 23*c; Shannon at 16Vc ■ sroola £ at 16c ; Fremont at J6c. n yum i. . riv4uuub a, toe. Bleached Muslins—Firm for best matea, and Infirm for regular goods. New York Mills, 40c; WUllams vllle. Sue; Dates, 26*c; Clinton, 21Ke: Arkwright WaterTwut, 38c; Ballou A Bon, 20:; Utica 4-4.54 c: do 9-4, 80c; do 10-1, Sc; Uxbridge, 13*c; and Glen brook, 14c. Tick*—Ot tbo best make are ic lower. Thorndike, aye: Nethun, aye; Everett, 33c; ana Amoekcsgi. 24V93C. -Actlwo, atl6Kc tor American and Donnell*, andl.cfor Spragues; llcfor Arnold’s; 17c for Pacific; Ji c fo / *lP me * 15 K c tOT New Londons and Drlggs; lOVc for Troy; ami 10c for Hovey’s. Dclalnre-Jn better request. at 23c; Armnrcs, 23c; Cashmere effects, S632Sc. Plttabnreb Oil ITlarlret, t ~.. mrsBCBOU, March 15. Little doing In oil to-day. Doyen are not plenty, and hoiccra are firm. Sales of crone, April delivery, at •IP® 15c. Gravity refined In bond quiet. No change in free, and prices qnotod at royeioc. DIED, In this city,March llth, OEOREN J. SfONE, son ol O. B. and belila bione, aged 2 years and IS days. lo Portland, Me.. March Stn, GEORGE FULLER TON, eldut son of George W. and Georgians S, Peer ing, aged 9 years and 10 months. amusements. McVICKER’S theatre. CKER A MTKKB MANAGERS. Engagement ol the great Lyric Artiste, YESTVALI, Saturday afternoon Matinee, and Saturday evening, last two performances of BEL DE3IONIO. Angelo Yes trail With Songs—“ Then art the Star” and “Brave Marco.” Monday—“Oemea." QOL. WO OP'S MUSEUM. cbL. J.D. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements f, E. AIKEN Stage iKnagcr........ TUOS. BARRS’ Last Night of the Grand Romance of tne Sea, by the author cf the •• Woman in While,” pi oduced with new scenery, machinery, costumes and decorations. This (Saturday) afternoon. March 16th, at the Grand Mati nee at 3Q o'clock, and also In the evening, at a k lo 8 will be performed Wilkie Collins’ grand scenic drama Of THE FROZEN DEEP. Wednesday, Benefit Of Mr. K.L. Marsh,Treasurer. PUncte’s elegant comeds of TDE FOLLIES OF A NTQRT, played In London with great success. Is In rebearaal. Monday aitemoon. Grand Operatic Matinee. QROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE, W c ELL Lrasees and Managers WM. S. WARREN............................Xrea5arcr GOOD BYE! The last appearance of M'lle LOTTA. This (SATURD\Y) afternoon, at 2 o’clock, and In the evening at 8 o’clock, the great moral and religious Crams ol “ “narcXiß touts cabin.” With Its magnlflcsnt scenery, and POWERFUL CAST OF CHARACTERS. ■yAUIETT THEATRE. Another Brilliant Entertainment. This evening will be presented THE COURSE OF TRUE LOVE. MiLLER 111 W 8 * reat part of DARIUS BELL UPON EARTH will soon be presented. c. IVA^. TEI>- : Tjn mora Ballet Ladles and a first-class btage Carpenter. JT IRST SCOTCH PRESBYTERIAN church soiree, BY THE LADIES TO REV. DR. BURNS, In Crosby's Music Hall. March 20lh. at 7* o'doe< p. m. t y Music and Refreshments during the evening. by Dr*.Ormlnton and Barns, Rev. M TV^;u«f K, M,' J .? < r' ,n ’, Ct iy isertJoD ' Md o inert. Tickets, fl. Children's, SO cents. ASHINGTON HALL, Opposite Court Hoaso* ON WASHINGTON-ST. TT7,vTTTr>^ eatovcllall we U arranged for LECTURES. CONCERTS. EXHIBITIONS, and PUBLIC MEEIINGS. Can be had on LOW TERMS. Apply at the Hall. QKOSBY'S OPERA HOUSE. SBVEW BOAB8! ten HORN’S I WILL APPEAR APRIL BTH. . omens M 1t0i55?* r 1 '• o£=n£o .7 jftre 33ricft. “ gUMMIT ' CUT WORKS” FIEE BEIGE! FIRE BEIGE! MILLS, 4c., made from the VERY BEST WARRANTED equal In quality to an?ESGLISifS? loration? 0 * 1 “ lVtor S’K Fcr lull particulars and nrlces address JAMES aicUAULEY St CO., 211 South WatCf-Bt. jgflto fHitlg, ISnttincg, &c. rpHB LANE <fc CODLEY Portable Circular Saw Sills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Shingle Machines. Com Mina and Shafting. Wood working Machinery. „ LANK 4c BOD LET, Comer ol John and Water-ehk. Cincinnati. Applicants lor doacrlpuve circulars will specify th« machinery they need* *ss®el4p*ra ®o Hcnt==Bou»es. npO BENT-By Wm. D. Keifint, 89 JL WaihingtOD-st., neat boose containing 8 or 9 rooms, vith large yard, 60 or T 9 toot Croat; oatho cor ner of Loomis and Haatiagvsta. RENT—Desirable house on the . North Side. No. 386 NorthLaSaLe-st. Apply to A. SPRING, No. 8. Larmon Block. TO RENT—A country residence. A sew cottage boose. 34x54 feet, brick basement, sit narrd on Balsted-st., half a mile north of city limits. PoMcsKtonplTr'istrT Aorii. Inquire at Boom No. 8. Nos. 15 and 17 Booth Wells-at. TO KENT—Desirable mrmsbed bouse, North Side, rery pleasant location, lor 8 months. rotsewlonat anytime. P.O.Boxg-26. ''f'O RENT—Furniture lor sale—A new M house at Evanston, 7 robins, convenient to depot; can be bad low. Addfe.~s‘*S. ,, Tnbaoeofflce. TO RENT—A good two-story bouse, 83 Baron et, Contains U rooms, closets, bathroom, &c., water and gas. Possesilon immediately. Good neighborhood. Apply at Ml Hnraa-sL TO KENT—Furnished boose ol 10 rooms, two Mocks from Port Office. Rent *IOO a month—throe months In advance. References required. Apply at 92 Adami-st. TO RENT—I tenements, 8,3, 2 and 3 rooms; cheap. In advance with stah'lng, if wanted. Inquire at 640 Hubbard-it* west of Eliza beth. r FO RENT—New boose, 231 TVest Mad 1_ Ison-sL, 9 r ooms, gas and water, furnished or an (umlihed. Possession immediately. Apply on the prcmlice. TD RENT—New dwellings, Nos. 21 Cottage-place and 33 Tblrty-arat-sL, eight rooms each, hydrant water-pleasantly situated and conveni ent to street cars. Fine view of lake and harbor. S3O nor month. T. a. FITOU & CO., Boom 2,169 Dear bom-st. r PO RENT—Cottage witn 7 room®, also ,1 cncwlth6room*.west ofUnlonjiark. Apoly to J. B. ANDREWS. Heal Estate Agent, Boons 7 Metho dist Church Block. TO KENT—First-class brick house on Wabash-av., near Tweifth-at.. three-story and oasemett. The owner will bn assent In Europe lor a time, leaving this place completely tarnished. Including piano and choice library, will be let to a private fam ily ostr, who can give best of references. Note others need apply. WM. HANSBROPOU, 90 Waihlngton-st. TO RENT—A desirable furnished house, corner of Twenty-Ofth-sL, on Mlehigan ar. Pos sesslon given immediately. No. 923. TO RENT—Two-story house on Fourth av„ near 8 rooms, bathroom, hot and cold water, good barn. Three tlrsc-claaa homes on North Clark-at.—ssoo. S6OO and SBOO per annum. Three stqiT brick bouse, 1445 lodlana-av., *>oo. U. C. MOBKT & CO., Real Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan HcnfcsHooms. TO RENT—Room 78 Lombard Block, and furnitcrc for sale very cheap. Apply as above between 7and 9 to-night. RENT—Furnished lodgmes, with _L out hoard, to gentlemen only. Suigteand doable rooms, with gas. and kept in order. Terms reasonable. Apply at 25 Mlchlgan-av. TO RENT—Two rooms, with or with out board, on th* South Side, In a sm\U private family. Suitable for man and wile or two stnnle gen tlemen. Terms moderate to a permanent tenant. Ad dress “MERCHANT,'* Trlbnne office. TO RENT—TJnlumished, by small pri vate'family, two new and very desirable trout rooms, opening on balcony, with gaa. Genteel board near. Terms moderate, ucterencea exchanged. 216 West MaaUon-st. TO RENT—Two nice rooms In Morri son’a Bnlldlrg, 127 South Ciark-st. Rooms 77 and 78. suitable for gentlemen or gentleman and wife, furnished or unfurnished, or turnlturelbr sale. Inaalre In the Building, at Boom 77. TO RENT—Neatly famished rooms, with or wltbont board, at 176 Sooth Cilnton-st. ®o3Scnt=«Dtores, ©ffices.&c TO RENT—Choice offices lor physicians. dentists or lawyers, Kos. .7 and O, 12 and 13, 18 and in in McCormick’s Bullling. Apply to C. A. SPRING, No. 8 Larmon Block. TO RENT—To lawyers and others—A beautiful suite of offices, consisting ot 4 rooms, very light, commodious and ocalrabl*. Rant *550 per annum. GEORGE M. HIGH, 104 Baadolph-st- Boom 12. TO RENT—The Store No. 82 Dearborn* St. Apply to JOHN DtKOVEN, Northwestern ■national Bank, Chamber of Commerce. TO RENT—The convenient dock and sheds, with storage facilities in the fire-proof warehouse adjoining, nn North Water-st., east ot Kush- St. fridge. STAFFORD A TURKMAN, 342,344 ana 340 North Water-st. ' w , T-0 KENT—Second and third floors, 28 X Laks-st. Apply to SAUNDERS 880. A CO-, 28 Lake-s t. TO RENT—Prom May Ist, store No. 278 Booth Water-st. Apply to G. A. SPRINGER, no. 9 Metropolitan Block. r PO RENT—The spacions store known -la* No. 91 Washlngtoo-st. Also, fine front office, with vault, ou the first floor of the same building. AP ply to WM. D. KEBFOOr. 89 Washim-ton-at. TO RENT—The five-story store, No. 28 Market at., from May Ist: this is the oldest mill furnishing store in the city. Also, two large balls In Llovd block. Also, the hotel or large boarding bouse Ite Godfrey Rome, corner of Clark and Harrison-sts.’ Also, several stores and residences In other oaita o' the city. CARTER H. HARRISON, 82 Dear hornet. T} RENT—Desirable lolt, formerly oc cupied br Bowen Bros. Size 23x160. Can be bad as reasonable rent. Possession given Immediately. Inquire of A. HERZOG. 21 Lake-sC, up stairs. TO RENT—New Store, 77 West Mad- Ison st, and offices In same building an second floor. Also, store 207 Randolph-fit. A. B. MEAD. 1,11 Randolph-st. TX) RENT—A store, hy the Ist of May, JL on tbe corner of Ramson and Desplalnefi-sa. Water and gas complete. Inquire at 161 west Ham- Bon-st. RENT—Store, 177 Michiganat, JAMES f’PO RENT—A Stable, with three stalls, ,lc , ° n - ic - b > O RENT—Part of a first-class store, in one of tbe best business blocks lu Chicago, suitable custom tailor. Address “TAILOR,” P. O.Box 'T'O RENT—A brick building, two-story, A In a good locality, suitable for a bakery, with °jy i A b n.‘* 9 9 o P A good chance for bakers. Apply at 33 Blue li land-ar. 'T'O RENT—From the Ist of May next X thestore, and dwelling above. Ko. 337 Stalest. Apply at CHARLES O. E. PRESSING'S, 339 A 341 State it.. Chicago. • iHacf)incrg. FOR SALE—Three 8-horse power up* right engine*; also six horizontal engines, a. ID and 13-bone power. Larger or smaller engines fur nished with or wltbont boilers. is. IS, 16 ana 20-bane tubnlar and locomotive boilers for sale, best make. Also one 4-roiler Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery. Iron planers, belting, saws, files, Ac. Machinery Depot, as Dearborn-sC, Chicago. GREENLEE BROS. A CO. XT OR SALE—Portable engines and boil- X era. 10 to 20-horse cower, at very low prices, by tiHIFkiN BROS., 116 LaSalle-sL,opposite Chamber of Commerce. FOR SALE—Portable engines, station ary and on wheels, 10 and 12-hono power, on a and and lor sale at low prices, by THE PESHTIGO CO., North Water-Bt.. North Pier. F)R SALE —A second-hand Buckley folding machine—ln good condition. Price. 64C0. Apply to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. F)R SALE—Portable Steam Engines ! Portable steam engines. A number on band In store, made by the *• Washington Iron Works,” of superior workmanship, which we warrant to give entire satlalaetlon. Will be sold cheap. Ctll and Cake a look at them. HAWKINS A JAMBS, 31 South Wclis-st. T?OR SALE—One Fay & Co.'s Planer, X? 34-lscb, with counter-shaft. Price f 150. One wood turning lathe, $lO. £. W. ALEXANDER A CO., No. B‘J Wet Washlngton-U., comer Jefferson. F}R SALE—A superior low pressure engine, 30-lnch cylinder and 4-foet stroke, in splen did runnlngorder, wlthsbaft9lncbes In diameter and fly-wheel 20 feet, weighing anont 7 tons. This endue Is of sufficient capacity to drive the largest elevator, and Is particularly adapted to a mill cspableof making 400 parrels of Roar per day. We offer (he above at the low price ofs7Aoo. For farther particulars. Inquire ol DATER, WHALING A CO., State Mils, Chicago, or MEDBEBY, bTEVENB A CO.. Milwaukee, ffls. T7OR SALE—H. M. Ames’ portable and X? stationary engines, from 4to 35-horse power; also, Pntnam Machine Co.’s tools; two 12-feet ned 21-lncb, two 10-frei bed. 20 and 33-lncb, one 8-,'eet bed W inch, one 6-ltet bed 14-lnch swing, alt screw-cutting engine lathes; three upright drills, two Don planers, bolt colters, saw mills, shingle mills, two Woodworth plan ers and matchers, Farrar's sorfa> era, pomps, belting, hole.flics. Ail, Ac. C. L. RICE & CO., 19 and 21 Dearborn-«t. gorges, (Carriages, &c. T?OR SALE—Cheap—First-class pist il form sprlog wagon, nearly new. Has been used lathe Yankee notion trade a short tune. Will be sold cheap. Apply to W. D. PARSER, if by letter. Box 5(i3. Freeport, Stcphtnson F)R SALE—Valuable horse,well known In the city, kind and sale for any one to drive, and stands without hitching; also, huegy and harncsifor sale. Inquire of J. W, TOWNS, Garden City Home. FOR SALE—At a bargain, a pair of black horses, 6 years old, sound and kind; also, family carriage and doable harness. Will sell all to gether or separately. Room 13. Lombard Block. pianos. TO RENT—Pianos, Organs and Melo deons; also, new and second-hand Pianos for aale on time payments, received In Installment*. W. W. KIMBALL. OS Washlngton-st. 170 R SALE—One second-hand melode- X 1 on, nearly new, in good order, for $45: ono see ocd-bandDlano. pe>fecL at 1165. Pianos to rent, at ITU Madison su W. CASPER. FOR SALE—Pianos—New and second hand planes and melodcnna, and to rest. Repair ing promptly attended to, at 75 Market-st- comerol • Washington, by J. PRESTON. Host anb jfounb. T OST—s7o —The haid earned money of Li a laboring man, with a large family to support. Tne finder will be liberally rewarded and receive the heartfelt thanks of the owner, by leaving It with AfER BILL A BRUTE. 47 T ObT—On March 141 h, at 8 p m., a jj pocket-book containing sixty dollars, between Clark and I-aSalle-sts.. on MLblgao. The coder will rcc»tve ten dollars reward hr returning it to the own er, PATRICK McGOVERN. 110 Mlcmgau-st., north west comer. auction Sales. Gilbert & sahpson. General Auctioneers. 47 and 49 Dearbom-it. Elegant New and Secondhand FURNITURE, CARPETS, ETC,, AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY, March 19th, at 10 o’clock, at our sales rooms, 47 and 40 DearborauL, consisting la part ot the entire Furniture aid Effects ot a gentlemanbreak ing up housekeeping. The goods are all of iho best, and are as good as new—only been used a few months. Also, a large and splendid assortment ol new Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room Furniture, Including sev eral very fine Marble top Chamber Suites of the choic est styles and made by the best makers. GILBERT & SAMPSON. Auctioneers. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants 44 Or 40 RANIIOLPO-S?., Between state-st. and Wabaxh-ar., Holdregular sales, at their salesrooms, ot DRY GOCDa, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, &C n Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS. fee., every SATURDAY J)AHIEL SCOTT & CO., AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 104 Lnlifst., cor. LaSalle, Chicago, Cash advanced cn Merchandise consigned for sale. Cut-door sales promptly attended to. RUCTION. Saturday, March ICtb, at IQ a. m„ ot Daniel Scott ft Co's. Rooms, 164 Lake-st. Grccerles, Chreae, Sugars, Teas, Cofloe, Bplce, Grocers scales. Cigars, Tobacco, 4<x, Ac. “ DANIEL SCOTT A CO.. Anctloneera. tJinegat. TT'LDER & MAXFIELD—The only ex* Xlf tenilre manufacturers of Pure Cider Vinegar in Chicago. Uorlyalled fbr pickling and (able osc« Warranted. Heal Estate-ffiitg. IHPBOTIDt f'OR bALE—In Evanston —Eight booses •ad lota, wo>l located, nut of which an among beat In tae city, ud four ot them baLt the oa*t •cm. Price i fJl.OOrf, 113,030, *7.500, fLOO", SOOT. *I.OOO, tS&O. |3,000. Apply to O. K. BHOWNK. Beal Estate Aicpt,Kra£«tOD,or it Ms office. 17 Li^aUe-st-Chlcago. F)R SALE—Store and lot, No. 161 Sooth Clark-st- between Madison and Monroe, UX feet tront. Inquire of JOHN FOBSTTOE. 133 Randolph- st. T?OK SALE—Cheap, No. 404 Ene st, a J? desirable residence with modem Improvements. Terms yen’ llt-raL BOZKT A CUMMINGS, Beal Estate and Loan Broken, 98 LaSalle-st. EOK SALE—The sew and handsome residence, wltb »he grenade, of the late John B. on. situated on Lske-ar., near Oakland Station, and a stort walk from Douglit’ grave. The noose is Qnlitard In the best style, with all the modem Improve menu. On the premises are a Brst-cass and larse bam. Ice boose, Ac. The grounds are handsomely laid out, with flowers, fruit, vegetables. Ac. Everything connected with this place renders It cue of the meet pbasani residences In tnls vicinity. For particulars. apply to 8. HAL LOCK. 11l Baadolph-st. T?OR SALE—(’ottage, 7 rooms and 3 JO pantries. No. 304 West Adams-st., oppadle P. Schooler'S. Apply to J.B. KBELBB, 184 South Wa tcr-st. FOR SALE—By AB. Mead 151 Kan dolpb-sL, one of the Quest marble front residences on Mlchigaa-av, elegantly flnlsbed. Lot 33x130. A frame bouse on West Adams-st, near Halsted-sL, U.rooms, gas. batb-room, Ac. Lot 33KS A fine two-story frame bouse on Jndd-st.; good bam on lot. water In both. Lot 33x100 ts planked alloy. Price fJ.COO. A* first-class house on Park-av„ near Park; 13 rooms, hot and cold water. Lot 60x133. Good barn with water. PrtceJlO.OCO. . Sdren cottages on leased ground on West Side, from tTX to EL3HJ. FOR SALE—You can buy your homes far cheaper than yon can rent them. I have a number ct new dweuißss. containing parlor, dining room, kitchen, large pat try and four chambers. Men of small means can buy them, and piy the greater part ol the purchase mon*y In morflh'y payments. So that jopr T^nt ,f baring your homes. Como and see. WM. HANSBBODOH, 90 WasUngton-st. FOR SALE—By Smder &Lee, Real Es tate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a nearly newlrame house, with brick basement, 11 room*, hot and cold water, water closets, marble mantels, and lot, with barn. No. 776 Mlchlgan-av n near Twenty-eec! FOR SALE—Frame cottage house of 6 rooms, and three years’ tease of lot. No. 233 Van BnreMt., near Pe»na. SNYDER A LEE. Kent finite Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. XT'OK SALE—At Hammond <te Butler's JT Land Office, 118 Dearborn-sL. Times’ Bul’dlng. Elegant residence on Park-row; choice balldlng tots at Cottage Grove; home and lot on Twenty-slxth-st.; hrasc and lot on Fnltoa-st.: boose and lot oa Carrol st.; house and lot on Twelfth-*t.; house and two lots at Evanston; 4 two-story booses on MUwaukee-av.: bnliclcg lots la ail pa ts of the city. FOR SALE—Thcstoiy-anda halilrame Louse, with lease ol lot, at J 6? Huron-at. FOR SALE— House, with or without torn! tore, nine rooms, on leased ground. or coaid Sorcbara lot with bona*. situated ea’t ot OUrk-st orth side. Beat telgbborbood la the city. Address M Z," Tribune office, one week. F'Oft SALE—A story-and-a-halt cottace. coitalnlne? rooms, closets, water and gas. 39 T«ra lease ot lot. with low ground rent. Inquire at 739 West Lake-st. T?OR SALE—Elepant residence on the I South Bide, on one ot the avenues, near the Lake. OGDEN. FLEETWOOD A CO.. 131 Lake-fIL FOR BALE—A two-story house, and lot, No. 232 Ssngamon-st., at 21.350—1450 cash, and balance In i. 2 and 3 years, at 7 per cent. Also, three bouses acd lots on Jackson-st- between Throop and Loomli-Bta. inquire st 141 ? oath Dearborn-tu “[7 OR SALE—At a Great Bargain X 1 Bcuse and lot4olThlrd-ar-near Bllnols Cea tral and Bock island mscblns shops. The lot alone is woiUt what the whole can be bought for. Most be sold Within ten days. Inquire of S. CLARKSON 4 CO- No. 19 Bonth Market-at. Ij'Oß SALE—House and furniture, and I five years’ lease of lot, on Foartfi-ar- near Harrl son-st.; good bam—J3£oo. H. C. MOREY A CO- 8 Metropolitan Block. Tj'Oß SALE—House and lot. No. 256 J} Wabaeh-av., near Jackson-st. Price £6.710 If taken at once, on easy terms. WARREN St GOODRICH, 123 Dearbom-st- Room 2. F)R SALE—A number of desirable houses oc Wabasb, Michigan and tndlaua-ivs- at prices varying from *1.9(0 to tffMXO each. WARREN A GOODRICH, 123 Dearborn-st, Boom 3. T7OR SALE—A new two-stoiy and base t? ment marole-tront house, on Wabssb-ay- near Fourteenth-st- with water, gai, bathroom, marble mantels, 4c, One of the most elegant and complete rwiacuMS In the city, nt only «15.000, whloh price In cludes the gas fixtures, furnace, 4c, Lot 23x180. Title perfect, Early .possession. Afw»** fc .y_ •-£ •»£•£ WARREN 4 GOODRICH, 123 Dear horn-st-Room 2. FOR SALE—A first-class two-story and basement brick house, on near Mor cao-st.: French roof, furnace, bath-room, speaking tubes. 4c. Two two-story and basement bnck bouses on WeatAdami-suinaflne location. A large two story tramo house, bam, and line growth of shrubbery, with comer lot 100X125 feet, on Loomls-stT Thrse on Park-av., near the Ark. at 27.000, (19.000 and g&ASAf** CO - B " 1 I? OR SALE—TTe have a soft snap In the X’ shape of a piece of property on Wausau-ar- lor motc pCTson »tew thousand of the requisite. Tj'Oß SALE—Two-story house, 7 rooms, rti-,.T a ! er ’®**vs oo,J . birn » astern, lot 2SxIBO ftet on Laialle-sL, near Division—(s.oCO. Basement cottage, 20 rooms, on near LaSalle, with lot, SSiASl 14 C0 ’ S«a»<eßro- MHSPBOTE9, F)R SALE—A beautiful lot on the comer of West Monroe and Backer-stt., 7S leet uy fret, running back to an alley. No better neigh to^oofL 111 the city. Afro, a beautiful block of Sx l£? lo.Bfranston—in ftet, the handsomest lot InEvans ron- It Is near the depot, and next north of H. B. nora b residence, with atmnaanee of large oak and or namental trees, and some two hnedred fruit trees. For ?fattr , -sif Ply *° QEOBQE F - FOSTER, 217 South SALE—The best corner lot on JP Mlcblgau-av-46x170. _«lots on Ransom-st. and Wentworth-ay- south ol either In balk or singly, at a very low Ifi lots is Ashland’s Second Addition, cheap. 11 lots second block west of City Limits, on Washing ton ana Bandolph-st. TlotslnMcßernold*’ Addition. S3OO each. 4 lot* on between North and Wdbansla ars. A. B. MEAD, 131 Raadolph-st. FDR BALE—A lot on the comer ot Car roll and Jefferjon-sts.. OOxltO. will be sold cheap lorcaHi. Address-H J8."98 North Jefferejp-st. F l?OR SALE—I 9 acres on Folton-st, Ju-Jl 11 JESS of the city limits, at SI,OOO per acre. BEES A AYREr, 80. 10 upera Boose. TTOR SALE—OIg of the finest Jots on 1 Michigan-av., near Madlson-sc, SCjixllO leet to alley, at a low price and on remarkably easy terms. WAKUENAJIOODRICILIjSfI pexrborn-sL, Boom *j. Meal 35atate=s(KomtttP. FDR SALE—Three 80-acre tiacts ot de sirable farming lands in Kankakee County, only Bj-yen-mlies ircm Gardner Station, on the St. Louis BaUrood. Will be so dat a bargain, or exchanged for banisr optrty " H * K£niP ° oT * CO., 7i Dear- FDR SALE—Bureau County Land—32o acres in the town ot Selby—the W. VN.W. W Ser.3fl. and theN. W. M and w. J< ot N. IL Jf Sec. 29. In Town 18. Range 10 E.4—in lots to suit purchasers. Address GEO. G. MERRICK. Box 2373, Chlcago.lU. *l7 OR SALE—At Hammond & Butlers JL 1 |Lacd Office, HR Deirborn-sU Ttmes* Bui ding, unproved farms in Wlseoniln and illlools.fiom4oto ?^^ w . ac^ 2. e4Cl, •. 4&M»0 acres of farming lands in 11- llnols, Wisconsin, Michigan. lowa and Ulnnes-vta. 100,000 acres of choker me lands In Michigan and Wis consin ; several saw mills; aho a good flouring tmlltm the Ncrtnwestem road In Wisconsin—one of the beat locations for milling in the State. FDR SALE—WeII improved farm, 3U9 seres, 13 miles Ircm louth, 10 miles from stock Yard*. Finn trees, otchaid, grape*, living wa ter. <Sc. G. 8. HUBBARD, Jnj 33 Rooms. XTOR BALE—Farm, in the city ot White- A, walT, of 33 acres, with a flnt-rate two-story brick bouse of 10 rooms, well Onisbed. To be sold for about half us real value. Price 14,000. BEES A AYRES. Office 10. Opera House. XTOR SALE—Or lo Rent—At Aurora, A 111., a new. lourteco-Incb «aIL two-story brick house. Possession given May Ist 1867. For particu lars, rail or address C. W. RHODES, 189 Randolph st.. Chicago. Dl. ' Mttginess (Eftancea. FOR SALE—The oldest and best Jew elry store in Waukegan, IJl n doing a very good Dnsmws TeTTns easy. For particulars, inquire ot M. EBON RERO A CO., Wholesale Dealers In watchea and Jewelry. 174 Loke-st, Chicago, IU. FDR SALE—The good will, stock and fixtures of a first-class retail drug store, all la complete otder. situated la a good locatlou inthedty of St. Joseph, Mo. Lease 2K Tears to run, at low rate. Forfurtherinformation,lnqulteofJ. M. W. JONES. Stationer. 42 and 44 Dearborn-sU, Chicago, 111. FOR SALE—WeII-assorted stock of dry goods and groceries, in a flourishing town, the centre of a thrifty forming region. For particulars. address Box 61, Oregon. Wls. FOR SALE—Grocery Store centrally located and doing a good nnslneis, will be sold at Invoice. This Is one of theoldeit stands lo tbe city. FDR SALE—New brick store, known as the “ Post Office Building," with the entire stock in a first-class book, news and notion store. Bnlldlng acd lot, $6,000; stock will invoice aboat SI,OOO. Also, a complete iamlly residence, recently built, beantifnlly located, with river scenery and pleasant surrnundlnn, at Elooo. Address J. W. MERRILL, P. O. Drawer No. 1, Wilmington, 111. Tj'Oß SALE—Lease, license, stock and X fixtures ot a salonn ana boarding house, right op* posit* the flrat«la«s Bitting room doors ot the M. S. nod C., R. I. AP.B. B new passenger depot- Ooe ot the best stands In the city. Everything ready for bust* ness, and low rent. Inquire on the premises, 3S Sher man-st. Good reasons given tor selling. T7' OH SALE—A large boarding house, in I 1 complete running order, on Stato-st, between Monroe and Adami-sts.. will be acid cheap. Inquire at 198 State-sc.. in the store. None hot a cash cut tomcmeed apply, F)R SALE—Saloon and boardinghouse, Ko.42JboothCanal-st. Fixture*anofarnlture new. The house Is now doing a good business. The present cccnpant I* about leavltc the city, to go Into ctbtr business. |COO wtU purchase the above. Call Immediately, TT'OR SALE—The stock and fixtures ot X' an eating home la Bloomington. 111., bavlnga good run of custom. I offtr this at a nargaln. as I must sell, having business ot great importance calling me from the city* Address drawer No. IQ, Bloomington, ni. pOR SALE—Cheap—Meat market and A fixtures. In good location. Inquire on the nrem* lees. 330 WcstTwelflb-sl. v TT'OR SALE—A Newspaper establish* I meat. The proprietor ol an old and well estab lished weeklypaner. located within 100 miles of Cul casro, In one of the moat attractive cities of the West, will sell the property at a low price for cash, as he pro poses to go Into other business. A fine chance for a practical printer who can ralte |1,7C0 or fl'3oo. la qulre of “FAUST." Tribune office. pOR SALE—Drug Store—The whole X 1 or a half interest la a new, well-stocked and ele gant! v furnished crag store, doing a good business will lease tor thiee years from May next. Terms or might exchange for a nice residence property. Wilt alto exchange good farming lands tor house on leased mod,,pr for a couple of first-class pianos. Address # DRUGS, or call between 5 and 6 o'clock p. aw. cor* Her Monroe and Weilsato. DRUGS. . *pOR SALE—Boarding house in first- Xxlsss location, on South Sine. Furniture for sale. JTR. ANDREWS, Boom 7, Methodist Chorea mock . F)R SALE—Genu famishing goods. Havlcg associated myself with the old and popu lar genu furnishing house ol F. C. Kcmpiou, SIT Broadway, N. T- under tbe firm name oft. C. Ectnp ton A t'o„ (the lame to take effect April Ist,) 1 ofler my slock, furniture and leaie tor sale tor cash. The ttaad isoteof thebest in Chicago. ThefuroltnreU manu factured entirely of black walnut, the stock clean and well conditioned, and every way salted to fifst-clas* trade. WM. P.CUUBCHofWm. P. Chtuch A Vo* 113 Clark*st. FOR SALE— Saloon, m a good location, on a level w Ith tbe street, near-tlio Post Office, inxn rent and plenty of business. ARTHUR A BOV* pen. aiOState-at. TPOR SALE—Parties with from S3OO to P " «pcnre a business that will par theamount each month. Call toon, if yon want to secure Boom 13 bombard Block. t7*OR SALE —$200 •will purchase an es- P übtutiedcuh business that will pay WO p;r day.. Call «t 95 and 97 Canal-st. FOR SALE— Two years’ lease of a store and basement trader Iboßsyere House, oa RUde »u stock and Bxtnrea of a flntelats grocery store on North Clait-it. H. C. MOBET * CO., 8 MalronolUaa Blccfc. ■ • ■ ■ FOU SALE—One ol the mo'ji central and be*t located saloons la tba city, far one ooar ter of what it Is worth, as tbs owner mail attend to other hotlcesi. inquire at 87 South ciark-it., bs>» meat* a&lanteo—iUale %elp. ■MKUIPIBSi SALUaEIT *e. TXTANTED—Experienced Canvassers, Jr? toTUUtovsi anaeltiea only, throughout the Wert. Call as Boom 23. Mo. IW Dearborn st~ or address, wita stamp. BoxlllQ, Chicago. jiL W ANTED—Three yonnz men who anne'sUadthedrT goons trade perfectly. Ao pir. itaUpg how long at the trade. anil whert Terms •676. O-d country men preferred. W.ah. ot.kvw, Indianapolis. Indiana. ‘ TXT"ANTED—J>y an old-established and Y Y flrst-clasa lift Insurance Company, a good Lift Icaorasce mao. to locals In the city of lodlaaapoiU. to encage as General Attest for the btate of fiwiuw None but crst-class menace* men necotlatsd with Good Inducement!. Address lor oae week, stating ex perience and references, “Ssperlntcucent of Agencic*.” Drawer 67. Kalamazoo, Mleh. * TXTANTED —At 123 Dearborns;., a V y salesman. Call Qua two to four o’d^cv TRADES. TX?”ANTED—A (rod experienced hat YV packer. None Others need apply. Good reft nnces required. Apply st 43 *ad 47 Lake-sL, up stairs. TI7ANTRD—A file grfnder. Apply at y y No. 55 North Dcsplalnea-sL, near Lake. TXTANTED—A good carriage mmer,at f V the Carriage Factory. 59Sstate-sC Goto same place to get old carnages repaired and buy new ones. TXT ANTED—A first-class Scroll Sawyer If at WU. WISDOM A SONd. Door, Sash and Blind Factory. 97 North FrankllMt. ai!aanfclr==4Fcinatc TXTANTED—A good healthy wet nurse. V V One «h*) will leave her baby at home, or whose baby Is dead, preferred. Apply ar3l7-West Moor Do st., near Aberdeen. XXTANTED—A German or Norwegian, VI as nurse and seamstress. None but thost who can give the best ol reference need apply. 1296 Wa bash-av. HOUSE SERVANTS. IXT ANTED—A competent girl to do V • geteral housework. A Protestant preferred. Apply at No. 20 Willard-p ace. TXTANTED—A good cook in a private YV family. Apply at 302Michigan-sv. TXTANTED—A woman to cook and Y V Iron. Cal! at 365 Mlchlgaa-av. (Not Irish.) ANTED—, -Ai the National Hotel—3 • : rtrlf—one t» wait eatable, one to rtotttcbea one toaMlst la laondxT and scrub. Apply at tbe Hotel. "IX7ANTED—A good girl to do general ~TI housework la a tamlly ol six. Appyatl34 Mlchlgaa-tL, near Clark. \\/ ANTED—A good girl to do general T T housework, at 991 Indlana-av. ■\\7 ANTED—A good girl to do general V v housework. A German who speaks English pre ferred. Apply at 48 Foorth-av, "VV ANTED—A goed servant ctrL One y v ..that understands cocking and housework. Ap ply at >o. 60 Tweßty.tairg-at. _ 35mplOBtnent ggenta. TXT ANTED—IOO smart, energetic, live f T men to sell one ot the oest domestic artlciesever offered tor sale. Has no competition. Even family warts from two to a doses. Profit very jaree. call im mediately at 124 south Clark-st, Boom 9. np stairs. J.H. NASON. VI/ ANTED — Young men m the conn- V V try wishing to obtain situations, such as book keepers. clerks, cou-ctors, salesmen, conductors, ex pteaemen, 4c- 4c- to apply at Boom 13 Fullerton Block. 92 Dvarbora-rt- or address J. U. MOORE 4 CO- Box 1707. enclosing 1C cents lor foil pai titulars. WANTED— 2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 salesmen, X conductor. 2 Drak-men. t fireman. 1 Krter, 3 drivers, 2 expressmen. Aoply at Room 13, llerton Block. 92 Dearbom-st. Applicants oy mail address J. U. MOORE 4 CO- BOX 17U7. etcloaing 13 cents for reply TXT ANTED —Early this day, 75 rail- Vf road laborer*, freolracsoorlatlon; aUi.Swovl choppers, st fl-t 5 per cord. Apply at 100 Maafroa-at- Bcom4. asaait’tissJHisceUaneous. TXT ANTED—Your destiny. Madame VV Carifrie tasjnat returned to the city from a Southern tour, and will be pleased to receive the eaity ofthose whowlJh the past, present snd future reveal ed, at 188 Bonth Clar?-st- Hoom 6. \A T ANTEB—To Loan—For 1, 2 or 8 f T yean, 23,000 on Improved city property, flrst class,withoutlncumbrance. AddressP.O. Hoi 1403. x* i ANTED—Eygry soldier who has T V lost bis discharge can have his claim against the Government promptly collected by applying at once to WILLSON 4 mrrktav, 48 South Clark-st XTTANTED—An Eastern man, to invest V V 32,500 In business which will pay him ILHO a year. Adaress “R,” Box 863, Chicago, EL XTT ANTED—Ladies wishing writing jr f lessons at home, by a akinrhl teacher, to gim their No., street and address to Mrs. “M.” Tribune of flee. Pamcolar Instruction for taoee wlahing to t^*-n. Wl ANTED—Financial Three thous v w and dollars for three or five years, on good oer sonal leconty. Address ♦ , CB A,” iVlbnoeoiflce. XTT ANTED—To borrow |2,0C0 for five Tv years, at 10 per cent interest, payable annually. AmplOßecurtt, glrea, on best of real estate. Address Box 23, Paxton, Ford Co., Hi. TXT"ANTED—Good men in every coun ,t T tT In the West, to sell Johnson’s Copper Light ning Bod. No rod was ever received with each uni versal laver as this, combining M It does the conduct ing power of copper with the itrenaih ot the Iron rod. Onr agent* last season cleared from 2300 to SSCO per moLth. Send tor pamphlet and price li*t. B.F. HEN SHAW 4 CO-166 Lake-SL, Chicago, HI. "^7ANTED —To buy 3 druc business in this dty, well Treated and having a good trade. Addms in confidence, with full panlcilars, U V.” Tri bune office. XXT ANTED—Parties wanting houses T T leased, rents collected, or any real estatebasl ncss dane, please give u» a call. Business attended to fj 78 Y C» BROWS 4 CO- Real Estate Agents, VV ANTED— Soldiers to know that aft It appllcatiors tor |IOO bounty mast oe made be fore April Ist. Advances made on clslms. A. GOOD RICH,Attorney-at-Law, 126Dearbam-st- Booms. \\/ ANTED—An interest m anestab y * luted irnit and confectionery or general com* mission noose, or manofoeuirl:g Dullness, by a young trap with five years experience. Can furebb sujcu with bat ol references. Addrcßifortwoday*,»tasng kind of business, **J 9.” Xnbane office. * asaanieh-Hc ISem. VV ANTED—To Kent, a medinra-fized, .IT nicely innilshcahouse.ln a first-class locality, during Ue summer a small fomllr (wttn opt children), who will take tne best of care of mrnl tore. win tase ooiieatlon any time between now and SthofMay. Addf e.« “ BAH KER," Tribune office. TXT ANTED—Io Rent—By a prompt .it paying tenant, a Cottage Bunin with from stb 7 rooms. Location West Side, north of Harmon. Ad dress -RENT," Box 5945. TXTANTED—To Kent—A Famished y.V tou*e- Any person haring a Orst-cla-w tnr mshed bonte to rent. locat'd on the Nortu or Sooth Bide,nmy weponslblo tenant by addressing Wf ANTED—To Kent—House ct Bor ft 10 rooms, on or befbre the Ist of May, for one or more year*. North Division, e«t ot Clark and MJfth cf Chlcago-av. preferred. CaU at. or address SO Booth Water-sh, between g sad 12 o’clock, a. m. TXTANTED— I To Kent—A good House, y y with all modem Improvements. In a gcod 1000 oo the North Side, containing aboat 12 rooms. Addrets Lock Box 5916. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A cottage house „v v of ato 7 rooms, within one mil* of Court Houfejby a respocslble family—no children. Address P. O. Drawer 6.117. TXTANTED—To Kent—A good house, V« convenient to business. Rmt not to exceed 150 permenth. Address t H3«ART." Tribune Qffk?. \\/ ANTED—To Rent—On or before T v May Ist. a house of Bor 10 rooms.with modem Improvements, on South Side, east of State and north ot Twelfth-st, or North Side, east of State-stand south of Cbicagq-av. Apply to. or address with particulars. DAY, TiLDEN A CO„ 11 and IHLaicesC^ XXTANTED—To Rent—On or before ▼,▼ *l*®* April, a cottage, or part of a bouse, not south ot Twenty-second-at. nor north ot Chlcago-av. Address, slating rent and location, “J ffß," Boom 14, S 3 Wosblngton-st. TXT ANTED—To Rent—By a gentleman V * and wile, on or before the Ist of May, a small boose In a good neighborhood, with water, gas Ac., not west of Centie-av. nor north of Lake-sc. norsouth of Jsekson-Bt., on the West side. Wld pay rent month ly or quarterly, in advance. Address, with, location and rent. Box 1169, Chicago P. O, TXT ANTED—To Rent—On- or before IT the first of April, a good house with Bor 3 rooms, and a stable, ou the east side twetn Madison ana Sixteenth-sis. Address, or apply at 163 State-st. w 1 TXTANTED—To Rent—Two or more vv Suitable rooms. With board, for a gentleman and wife acd single gentleman. II on South Side, east of State and north of Twelftb-st., and U on North Side, east ot Dearbom-st. and south ot Chlcago-av. Address, stating terms and hours of meals. Box 5H43. a2aanteb==Mcal 35stafe. TXTANTED—We have constant appli- VV cations fbr both improved aid unimproved Real Estate, which we are unable to supply. Owners of such cannot do better than to place their prop erty lo onr bands for sale, where they can have tne advantage of our trrvlces without charge unless sales are effected. KEELER A UIEB, R*«| Estate Agents. 129 South dark-st. TXTANTED—To purchase a House with ft 7to 9 rooms, with lot. It most be west of Hoi sted and between Fulton and ACanH-st. Will oay tram 13.0C0 to t-LfOO m monthly payments of |SO to icn. Please address “ HOUSE AND LOT,” Tribune offite. partners gjaantea. "PARTNER—Wanted With SIO,OOO, X , more or less. In the furniture business. I bare a well established trade, a good store on Lake-st- mod* crate and well assorted stock. and doluga fair bulnna, and desire to give an active and reliable mas, who can command the above amount, an eoual interest Afldreia FURNITURE, Tribune offlae. "PARTNER —Wanted—I wish a good, X activei twiners man tor partner in tha Rock RTverlron Worn Janesville. wfj. Most have acapl- UI of tram 890,010 to 850,001, and be able to show a dear record. One who la acquainted with the mann torture and sale ot agricultural machln ry preterred. The machinery manufactured at these works has a reputation second to none in the West, and the de mand is unlimited. Address, JAMES HARRIS. Janesville, Wls. * PARTNER —Wanted—Special or ac tive—special preferred. One who haaflWHO to 813,000 to invest In a firsbclais wholesale business. Only parties of the first respectability treated 1 with. Reference* given and required. Address, confidential lyjaj pointing place of Interview, “ffl H," Trlbtae office. "PARTNER —Wanted—With capital, to X engage In a sawmill and lumbering business. iitlOfQ net can be m*Ce. Can immediately at No. 176 Madlscc-st. £. WHITNEY. PARTNER —Wanted—In one ot" the X Brest retail drug stores of the city. Capitol re quired x&cco to $3,000. itetorencea required. Address ‘•CHEMIST.’* Tribune office. PARTNER— Wanted—With S2OO, to take a halt-interest In a light manufactories holi ness. Fit fits large and Quick. A young man prefer red. Apply to SPEER A BBOm 107 South Clarfc-sC jfot Sale. FOR SALE—Brick. Apply at Lime Depot of TO. BIBS; Markct sc. near Randolph. F)R SALE—Show-cases (silvered) and side cases tor sale. Also a small Herring safe and a large Wilder safe. Cali and see them at E. O. STEIN'S store, Np. 70 South. opposite the Court House. FOR SALE —Canal boat Norway. Ap ply at 13S.WatIndiaBa^_^^i2^1-__L FOR SALE Chicago City Railway Stock—On account of the permanent removal of the owner from the city, SCO shares of tha above stock vUlhesoldln sums to, salt purchasers. Inquire at No. 13 Chamber at Commerce. FOR SALE—At the Chicago Dnvmg Pad. second hand lumber, cooahuog of boards, joist*. snantllng, Ac., all thoroughly seasoned. Also, tbe bnlldlfigs known as “Floral Han”and “South A*u* phltbfalre. Inr-nire of C. A. FORSYTHE, on the grounds. *T?OR SALE—Having lost in the fire ot JT lasi crenlnp, about tweaty-elrnt To'.amM ot the UtlpnuU Abstracts of Oacds recorded la this coatty, seal to lelewered yntcrdar by Mr. Jones* firm, I otter for sale the remainder of the set-apon which I hate beta alnce the year 1853. They embrace about one hundred Tolmae*. and are rery elaborately finuh* ed npon a plan jnsurlnp creat accormcr. Kor fartaer partteaUrs apply to J, MASON PAUKBR. ot the firm cf ParlterAljmao.Noa»ls*ndl7 Portlandßlodc. F 'OR SALE—A nice lot of shelving, • with plaMsashe* and cornice, a* 160 Statist. App'y WL B. OTIS, Booiiiweat earner ol LaSaUo and MaSuon-tU. T7OK SALE—A fine poat, and kid thiee X 1 months old. from Uempbla. n. t, LEE. Citr Auctioneer, 143 Dearbeni-et, Situations £2lanteo. 3UXXS, “ «-wholesale jra?iSn«?s '“JJ" «•>—■ or elrrk. br> iS£rSa reft? oftha bun- ItwateVffiSr toE4sWrnho ««- Addrcas-AM.- S l sS^^T^“ , l d - T " Merchant l*»ce town TON lIAanL CHUATION—IYanted— $5000 to loan’ Q with a situation la me* o&tdiag. Address « M.” P. O. Box te ”* e ftITOATIDN—'W anted—A young ma£ O from the East wlih-s an u la any good bntfness house. naseroerlea«Sd|S3 rnewsce. Addrert-KNEhGY/’Tnbnaeofflcßr^” CIIUATION—IVanted, hr ayounsr man. . !“• taforlnge*ub-lsnm«t. touatrr cot objected to. B, n Irtbcne office. 07 ft It u ATI ON—Wanted—By- a venae *s travelling scent In a wholes tic grocery » tabllshment. Can Influence a large trade from tie northern oartof Indiana. Address •*&DIANA,~Tri buno office. * CITUATION—Wanted—By a yotm^ *2 »an shorthand, as copyist or amoa ve&tls. Address **A BC» Tribune. ClTuATlONS—"Wanted—Bytwoxomig O men. aged 23 and SO. Applya: 300 Twcn^-fli^ CITUATION— Wanted—By a yonerr rri tt vrti*ry.j^ a f n T. c^*°^ baker. Best of reference en. Adcrcta Aklb,** Box 13S. Bi-w»*r.tfd. IP. CITUATION— Wanted—By a young •Si l Si»2rj Ilor n* ,n a retii l grocery or bojt /tore, nave had an experience la both for and sabJtaatlalreftreac os. Address “HPb, Tribune office. FEMALES, SITUATION —Wanted, by a young lady, O as saleswoman In a millinery store; nr a? house! keeper In aam all family. Address “LC Q," Tribune CITUATION —Wanted—To take care O of children or to do plain sewing In a prlraft tam lly, by an American girl. iWt of refer eccea faraiihed. Address **M a L, TT Tflbune office. CITUATION—Wanted, by ay ountrEng kJ Ushmarried woman,with firsnbreastofmilr.a.* wet nurse, in a respectable family. Call at 192 Caas st- np-stalrs. agents Saantcb. 4 GENTS—Wanted—Experienced Srsl class eisTiiwn, gentlemen and ladies. tor SHLNGION‘3 PUAYEK AT VALLEY FOUGE. a newand magnificent! steel engraving; price, I3AC Hm peculiar Irecoamendatlons which cause it to be admired by every American, of whatever sect cr party Areata everywhere are meeting with unparalleled sue cea*. Publishers* hlenest commission gtvrn. Afi die**. 3.3. BOYDEK. ?3 CUrt-at, Caleaso, liL A GENTS—Wanted Gentlemen an<* XjL ladies throughout the United States fir oar new Book, “LIVES of the PRESIDKSTS.*- horn Wm ugton to Johnson, by J. 3. C, Ahoott, the great tisto mn. Complete In one large volume, superbly il;ca trated with steel among which are rwr SJJta iof the seventeen Presidents, pattlM scenes. etc. ILlsls the only work of the kind yet published, m 3 aflords to experienced agents a rare opportunity to “ake money with a splendid book, and no eompetl. •“* publishers* highest coa botdls 1 g ° ,r - 3 - »■ A GENTS—Wanted—ln all me impor lo Illinois to represent the ‘•Ecoa- UT6 Insoraoce Company ot It. I.“ * A GENTS—Wanted—soo Agents want iStae-* 1 ** * DeW bnslae,a - 2- B- SHAW. Alfred. A GENTS—Wanted lmmediately, m S^Hi7iL ct,nnty . , !? seJl a , f ? ndard idlablebooks,ou u - u - A GENT&—Wanted— sl2s per month i€*S?SSKSSS;~ A<Wfe " SHAW 4 CLARK SOW ING MACHINE CO— Blddctord. Mains. A GENTS—Wanted—ilale and temale— JIX Business at home. No capital required. Active A*«:bL/anume*s dallv Address. with stamp, S. DCVEBBAUN.Braver 6044. Chicago BL A GKNTo—'Wanted—s2s a daj. i'll. BMettS.SSL‘ rll ' Je ' 0 - T - GA "- 2T ' A GENTS—Wanted—For the American XXConflict, br Horace Greeley. Agents who have delivered vol.l- and desire to deliver vol. n_ must mare thrlr orders Immediately. GEO. AC. W SHFR. WOOD, IQ3 Madlson-st- Chicago, ill. * A SENTS—Wanted “ The Pictorial XV BOOK OP ANECDOTES AND INCIDENTS OP THE WAR.” Warranted the most artractve. fut-i&I- Ing book cat. Pays largest profits and gives hot satuCsetlonwhendelvered. Agents make *i) to t:aj SIODDAKO A nS^tj^. ! Sl ed - FnrF '’ ls ™ , 3 new ao-f. 16-1 A GENTS— Wanted—Pire Ideal Reads JX 01American Women: Angel ot the Hosni»au_ K^ Bt Th B U tll^ Co, 2r®f arer—Atthe Proat-irar ISKtfcMMTOm'. Aate * J Joas D - mc& a “ A GENTS—Wanted—Male ard female’. -LX to sen a new article In great demand that everr Wperfiayoadewlthontleavlnghone TraveUlng ageut* can, nuke from 25 to «30 p£gj? wuhoitt Interference with other tTUttucas. TCeartleia for Samples, with terms and partlenlan ot the bustuMs. sent tor a cents. Address KT W CHAPPELL. Drawer 6333. ChWgn, fii " A GENT>>—Wfrßted, everywhere, to sell White Wire Clotbea Lines. Can make 113 JPJSO Per , Addreas “Mctalic Oothes Uae Co-" 92 Seneca-st.. Ciereland. Ohio. A GENTS— Wanted—To sell one of the XX grgstest inventions of the day—Pattison’s Im proved Rntto and Fork Scouring Machine. A great novaty; Dothlnghkeltln the United Slates. Secured by two patents, bcoon six knives at a time. Exclu sfve tenltoy to sell wIU be given to goo<l Agents. Ap- Jo with sump, B. B. PATTISOJf. 198 bonth Clark-st-between Monroe and Adams, CMrego. A GENTS—Wanted—To sell the Heason why series ol books—Tbs most salable books in the market. The best of terms riven t-» energetic nn- Apply to FINDLEY 4 RICHARDSON, Mac A GENTS—Wanted—The “Fenian Mar sfX- 1 7 rt ‘" _ Every Fenian, every Irlaliman. every ! -aifiollc, wants this picture. Samples scut tor 50c. • I/oifr ß '? a ?s, t * rm ** htWres* GOOJdrEEOACO- Ho Lase-at— Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—150 per week— ffX Male or icmsle. at their own Somes. Bulnaia b 2s?A4! >le *^ For WOcnlars address with stamp, FOOT & CLARK, Detroit, Mich. A GENTS—Wanted—For General L. C XT. Bakers HISTORY OFTHE SKCSBT SERVICE. OTS?SXIS XOUnr “ d Interesting book over puWUhodl work was snnoonced more than a year ago, me ■ Uens Pts of the Government to enpores* TSJ 1 ® 2 yed * 11 wUI now 1» issued. ° unabridged, nnder the snpervkloa ot Tr.-l*. co l J , ta,os •ten and offleial expose of ? f tQ « secte * eoemla of the F ? r startling developments and thrilling ad ventures Una oook eclipses the fomons experiences of S’** Vldocq. The marvellous narratives of *S® mttested by to “ hlrhcst official Minority, it wU certain the only offlclu accountor the assasslnatloa conspiracy. AThJi history of this s****> and terrible crime, troo its conception & the fcanms otrlilalny, to th» burial place of Booth, has never yet been placed before the public. ThTwerk also tolly exposes ibe nefarious system by which Pres* blenml gardens were and are so readily ootalnecl at Washington. The n orals of the National Capital are and there are some strange rs ▼elatlois ccpfernlrgheads ol departments, members of Congress, frmale pardon brokers, and distinguished military characters. S'ndfor circulars, and see our terms and a foil description oi the werg Address va. SffiSffi™' 000 - >« w «> A GENTS^-Wanted— Immpdlftfrfw tor XX. onr new North American Prize Stationery Pack- Hundreds semog dally. Only sl3 per hundred. -2 i AGENTS— Wanted—Ladies or aents. at your own homes or travelling, at jlmoer mcnib. pot t negotiate with any other party all yoa srr d for particular*. Address BRONSON A CO.. ISI Wcodward-av n Detroit. Mich. * A GENTS Wanted For “ WO ttA<,MAN,S WORK IN THE CIVIL WAR.- Prepared under the approval of the United states san-tary. Western sanitary and the Christian a Commissions. History baa n o precedent, dm parallel, to the work oi women in oor cl Til war. An eminent Divine says; “Tbit Work *•“ household treasure, a Joy and blessing to future antes, u developed a tew. social era; anowreanttok our Dee Institutions, our school*, oar churches, oar pulpit, and our press; anew power In woman: a new phase In Christianity Itsell.” T.B. Artbor'sMagariae “I*l Wewelcoma tbls boOVmo« heartily satboonly record cf Woman’s wort in the War wbien makes aor iEPi o *!?.?i° copoptetene**.” bend ibr s clmilar, and t®ts foil description of the wore and terms to agents jgasbgK? * ccpb " * coitissi A GENTS—Wanted—ss per day can be 'JT 7 . lady or gentleman la tbc com. try, without Interfering in tbs least with their by learning a simple secret. The undersigned has done this for two years past, tod la willing others should do the same. Addroa, In losing one dollar and a stamped rave-one addressed to your eelL and receive by mall full printed tasunctlons. This t* & iwriectiy honorable bntlncss. aud one which would “mister, lawyer or doctor. JAMBA W. SNOW, Box 1179 Chicago, 111. P. S.—All who fear being humbugged are invited to take no notice ot this advertisement. A GENTS—Wanted—Lite Assurance— rtx Three or fbur good canvassers for life assurance business can find a good company, a good fimd and good commissions, by addressing “LIFE ASSUR ANCE.” Lock Box SO. Detroit. Mich. A GENTS—Wanted—“THE BETTER XT. LAND." The most popular engraving in Amer ica, and pays besr. “I shall caertsn it among my gems. —Dr. J. Q. “It suggests tbeChriitiaa Mase. the atue of sacred poetry.”—L. Marla Child “Charming.”—Henry Wardßeecber. "Flrmasman. mild aa woman, beautiful as Perserosa or Young UR ton or EvangcUne. cbeenol as ‘Sweet Sixteen.* hope nil as Runyan's Pilgrim, a tool replete with faith look ing out into the stillness ot eterultv."—Chicago Trl buce. “Destined to take rankwttti the finest works of art la this conMry."— Prot Ellis, Oberltn college. ••Thefinertcrcsaonol modrra art."—Chicago Jonr circular. AI-o for “TBE EMPTY SLEEVE,” by tbe same artist, and destined to become aa pepniar. Address, Immediately, STODDARD A CO„ 102 Washing!na-sL. Chicago. . 33oarhing. "OCARDING—Good board with large X) furnish'd rosins and home accommodations can he had at iiSS Michlgaa-st. *PCARDING —For two gentlemen or XX man and wlf*—A note of rooms, beautifully fur nished. to rent with board, la a private family, where there are no other boarders. LocailsnonTwenty-aßh m- near Indlaaa-av. Apply to S.K. JOSSd, 198 Lake &t pOARDINQ—A pleasant suite ot for- JJ Dished rooms, with board, suitable tor a gentle man and wile or tno stogie centletneo, can be had at theSt.Cloud Dome, 1 la and 114 Son*h Fronklla su. only two minutes' walk Irom the Court House. VINTON A HAYNES. p CARDING Furnished and unfor- XX Dished rooms, with board, at 33 North Qabted- ten minutes' walk Irom the Court House, secom* door from Lafce-st. PCARDING —Furnished large, trout XX room, gas, nre and tus of bath, tor a gentleman and whe or two slngl* gm Uemec, in a private tamity. North fide,firsbcl,as location, with all the comforts of a borne; no other boarders; lata dinner. The bat of reference* required. For an inte: view address P-. O. Box 630. HOARDING—To rent, with board, a X large famished room, soluble tor two single gen men, at 43 Bash-sL References reqmred. TXOARDINQ—Two gentlemen desirous XX of a comfortable home. »Itn elegant, large Boat room and excellent board, la a rt-p-ctoie family liv ing on Wabash*av„ not tar from Post Office. Beatre lerenca required. Address "C." Box 13:10. BOARDING —A few gentlemen can be accommodated with pieasait rooms, wlthhoard. also a lew day boarders at 43 Adams-st.. TXOARDING —To rent, with first-chus X> board, a pleaasnl front parlor and bedroom, oa tbe first floor of 319 Ontarlo-su, suitable tor a famliw or four or Are gentlemen. Beferecce required. J BOARDING— One handsome front reem, with the comtorts of khome. permanent op transient; suitable tor a gentleman and wife or ■in-i* ISoarh Effitanteh. BOARD— One large or two smaller ui> furnished rooms, ca South Side, and board in •■ two.young ladle*. Referen«j» «c --ebanged. Address, with terms and location, P. o »ox personal. "PERSONAL.—»A halt-interest in an es rr>* ~ ( ? .TJ . v L l lo’ it * *3 e bQ »lae*a In thiacur. li for mws - For par2talars ad ppya U if lae party atuts. "PERSONAL —Wanted* a comfortable A, home for a beaatllni heailhr lints ztrt, ilxvmi olil, Call tor two <Uy> at 314 BedgwtcK-«t» Chtcac». "PERSONAL—A lady, thoroughly expe- J. rlrscrd la fraTcUlDtr. would like to take charts of an IqTalld, a Xamlly ot children. or ax I aft at, to fca lope.aaameahsorrttfraTia* her own expense* tilth,, w, Addnw Bo* 9*9\ city ‘ ' r-trr . .