Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 17, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 17, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latfst News by Ocean Telegraph. Anticipated Eenewal of the Troubles in Ireland, An Attempt at a Gcncnl Up rising Expected To-Day, Many Fenians Arrested and Committed for High Treason. Action of Turkey Toward Her Oliriatian Subjects. Result of the Bcccnt Elections in Spain. FROM WASHINGTON. The Reconstruction Bill in tlic ?ennle-Aii All- Session. Outlines of Stevens’ New Confis cation Bill. FROM e.\MBA Intense Excitement Amona the People. Rumored Concentration of Fenians at Points Along the Border, Bioody Ido: at tiic Carlisle. Pa., B£ cracks. FEOK EUROPE. Bi OCEAN TELURttIPn. Great Britain. TUE ZUISU TBOURLES. London. March IS. Large bodies of troops have t>-.-cn sent to Idvcr pool to preserve the peace, a rising of Fenians (here being apprehended. A large nnmber of Fenians have been captured in various parts ot Ireland, and many committed for high treason. London Mirch 15—Evening. A general rising of the Fenian* is expected to take place throughout Ireland to-morrow, St, Patrick's Day. ihc Government, which is tally informed ol tLc movement. U believed to be able to suppress any insurrection before It assumes very foimiciable proportions. Kmlgtation to America irom Cork for Die put few days is extremely large. Many ot the emi grant? are recognized as being connected with lh recent Fcniau uprising iu Eiilaruey. GREAT ZA-TERN. Liverpool, March IC. The Great Eastern win sail on Saturday next foi New York. Torkey. THE EASTERN QUESTION. London. Marc a 10—Noon. The Servian qncstlon has been settled. 1-ord Derby say s, officially, that the force i o. the Porte are to leave Belgrade, and the couvtry will bo practically tree. The Turkish authority will be merely comical. Lotd Lyons, Ambassador to Constantinople, writes that Turkey v. 11l hasten reforms In favor of tLc Christians ; n Candii and elsewhere liv»tbc Turkish domlrlone. Vienna, March ifl. Despatches received announce that the Turkish forces have been successful in battle with the rebels In Thessaly. ViEifNA, March IC. Despatches announce that the Turkish Govern ment has consented to the return of the Cretan exiles. Ihe Candlan Deputies to the Sublime Porto have reached Constantinople. Fraucc. CASTIXNAO'S RETURN TBON NEXtCO. Paris, March IC. General aid to the Emperor, has Juettctumcdfrom hla Mexican mission. Paris. March IC. JJohVtur to-day. In an official article, says thu Marshal BazaTne and thu >ast of the French .troops left Mexico on the 10ib of March. Spalu. ELECTION 71-R NENUCCa OF TOE rfin-fry, Maduid, March 10. I« the general elections recently held throughout tbc Kingdom, toe candidates favorable to the Government wet e mainly snccesstul. litttrst I'ordgu markets. FINANCIAL. London, Msrrta tc—Noon. ConfnUSl; Eric :9k'; lum-ib Central TUX; Hulled butea 540 Lolcf HX. loni>on. March 10— Evening. Consola 91 for money ; V3O oonds 74V; Erie 10; 111 nofs Central 7S. Fbanesobt, March 10—Erenlng. 9-'JO bonds 77 V, CONNEECUt, Cotton active and farther advanced; middling up lands ISXd- Brradstufi. firm. Com, Us for mixed TVMicro. Lard steady. Pork, 77s Cd ► Jxi ns fjr prise Eastern mess. Petroleum, is 7a for standard white. LivrcpooL, March 16-Kvealoc. Colton closed firm, tfalcs: 15.03 bales ralldllaj up land* atlSk'd. OieadAturs firm. Wheat dosed at 13s 3d per cental for spring red. Frovla'oa*—l'crk quiet. lard, however, has ad vanced to Sis for American. Product—-1 allow 4la CO. Spirits of lurpcaUne—36* Cd. Linsced-CSs. C».cniu whale oit £ll per ton. FROM WASHINGTON. j_Spccivl Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Washington. March 16. CONFISCATION CtU.. Tbctneaenrcenlilted Ablil relative to dama ges done to loyal men," Introduced into the House two or three days ago by Mr. Stevens, is a confiscation act of a very sweeping character. He will call Uup some day next week and sup port it in an clabotaie speech which be prepared more than a month ago. The following is an abstract of tbe VII: Section one dedan s that all public lands be longing to tbe tea rebel States are forfeited to the United States. Section two directs the President forthwith to cause tbe seizure of such property belonging to the belligerent enemy as U deemed tortUUd by the act of Jnly 17, JBG2, and hold and appropriate the same as enemy's property, and farther directs him to proceed to condemnation with that already seized. Section three preacnbea bow such properly shall be condemned, ms: by a Coamlfialon oi three , I«r#cna for etch rebel State* to be appointed by tbe President. to consist of one I’my otlicer and two noo-ietident civilian*, who shall adjudicate and condemn tbe property aforesaid each ferns and procceolng# as eball be preaenbod by the Attorney Gereral of tbe United State#, where* noon tbe title to »aid property aball become Test ed in the United State*. ... . Section four provide* that of the land? tbns con fiscated there eball be dlatilim'ed to ttbera'cd slave* as follows: To each adult male, whether the bead of a family or not, forty aove; to each widow or male person wljo is the bead of tbe finulv, tony acre-, to bt held bj them in tec simple, bat to be Inalienable for the next unycar&aficr they become eeiaed thereof. Tbe title to the*-? hotaesi-ad# eh»11 be veiled in trustee* appointed bv the Secre tary of War, and held for th* nee of the liberated person*aforesaid: l.nt at tbe end of tenyta:? the abeolnte title to raid homestead* f halt be conveyed to raid owner*, »r to tbe belts of each as are dead. This lanJ Is to be distributed and allotted by Commbaloncra appointed by the Secretary ° f Sc<sion five provide* that ont or the balance of tbe properly thus seized and omfii'cated. there f hill be raised, in the manner hereinafter provid ed a rntn equal to fifty dollars for each home etead. to ba applied by the trurlce* hereinafter mentioned, toward* the erection of bnlliUcsrs on raid homestead#, for the nee of said emancipated persons, and the further too of five hundred millions of deHart, which shall h« appropriated a-follows: Two hundred million* shall be In vcAttd in United state* elx per cent seem ate*, and the interest thereon aball be scmi-annoaUy added to the pension* allowed by law to the pensioners who cave become so by reason of the lati- war. Three hundred million?, or so much thereof as may bo needed, sbai be appropriated to pav damages done to loyal citizens by tiro civil or mflllary operations of tbe Govcnitnem lately called the “ Conlederate States of America. brctlon si* enacts exempDnn lor all persons whose property, on tbe tin ol March, Ibus, was worth left* than {5.000, except such as voluntarily btxsmc officer* la the civil or military service of the rebel Government, and dcclaios bat la on lorcloc confiscation. tiWO worth ol property shall be leßeach delinquent. . t „ , Section seven makes Jctbo doty of the Commis sioners named in *«-ction third lo make afair valua tion of all property sensed and fotfellcd, and when such valuation Is completed in the f.cveral States all ot said Commissioner* shall meet In tbe cliy ol Washington and assess the five boo «lrcd millions aforesaid, a* well a* the allowance for bome?t**ad buildings pro ram on each nf the properties or e taics tbv* seized, and shall cite police of such as-rfsrocul and apportionment by publication for sixty day*. •'CCtioo elebt provide* that if the owner# of said seised and forfeited estate* sba 1 willil’i ninety clay* after the first ol slid publication*, pay into the Treasury ol the Utilo i Slates, tbe sum asses sed on their estate* respectively, ail estate* and land* not actually appropriated to liberated - slaves shall be released and rcstoicd to their owmr*. . ~ Section nine declares that all property not re deemed aa alorraid, *h»ll be sold fur the nenefit of tic United States. lYoildfd, not more than three year* ciedlt rball he rireo on the purebtae of money, and tbit arable land abtll not he sold in larger tracts than 60J acres. cononnaioaaL elictioss. The House Judiciary Committee u considering the proprie'y of reporting a bill fixing Congres sional eVcttous throughout tbs United Slues, on the 1 nerday next after the first Monday In No vember, lECB. and on the corresponding day m every second year thereafter. The committed f r. von snch a bill, hut hat not yet decided whether to press It now or not. Tuiasunr cmuiunaom. WaaniKoTo*, March 10.—Disbursements of *he week: War -Ucparnnen' *1‘32,780; Nary, * , jCB,E24; Intcilor, fSTTiIOu! iHTcnwai. nsrsKUR nscstrrs. • fl»l*nun UW.BM tB. Receipt* of Internal Revenue for the week. *£,317.430.16. xtiryonKSiTAiomc*. The New York TVituni’i special iiti: “Ills gmcially bo’levcd that iherc will be no nomlna :ton com to the Senate at present lor Nani Officer f.-r New Yosk. Mr. Franklin will,therefore, hold the place. It la understood that Tbnrlow Weed ejected this when last in this a*y. One or two of the applicants, cow here, asaert that the Presi de m has positive y promised to /end a nomina tion to the Senate, for that position, before Con* cress adjourns." .wiivil'lJ HIAT. Wasuixcton. March Hi.— Judiciary Com milt e contlnnes to examine witnesses on the offi c'al acts of the President. witha view to snstaln the charges of Impeachment. a union There are rumors about an understanding be* tvsen France and the United States Uia* we arc to nurcba«c Chihuahua, and that the proceeds are to repay the Frcnch-Mexican war bond:;, which France is in the meanwhile to assume. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS* Wasqihotoh, March 16. SENATE. Mr. HOWE presented resolutions of the Wis consin Legislature-Tor the Improvement of the Mississippi River, acd aid In the cuas’rucUon of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Keterred to the Commlitre ou Commerce. Mi. MIEUMAN, from the Committee on Fi nance, reportea a concurrent resolution that the Joint Committee on Retrenchment be instructed to make a careful and minute examination of the mefhods adoo’ed by the Treasury Department of printing bonds, notes and securities; whatguards have been adopted to protect the Interests of the United States; what additional guards are neces sary; whether there has been any fraudulent it-rucs of bonds notes and coupons, and if so, by whore fault or negligence, and fnilher »o examine the official conduct of those charged with the print ice, roghtmlon and Issuing of notes, bonds and securities of the United Stales, and tbit said Committee have power to send lor persons and pap> re, and to examine the same and taice testl rain y. and report at the next season of Congress. Mr. SHERMAN said the House and Senate had each agreed to a separate Special committee for this purpose, but ho tnongh’ lac Investigation could best be made bv a Joint Committee like that cn retrenchment. The Treasury Department ncelrcd the Investigation so as to set at rest false reports circulitt-d fora speculative purpose re garding tbu fraudulent la'no of bonds. Mr. GRIMES said Ihc subject was of great Im uotlance. and ll would not be amiss to make such luvcsUssUuns annually. Mr. CHANDLER, from the Committee ou Com merce, rey,cried a bill to allow an abatement of duties on damaged goods imported into the United States. Ur. chandler asked the Imme diate cot eMerStiou of the hill; but Mr. MOD- H!TXmoved tba< It Re over till Monday, and be panted, and the motion prevailed. Mr. EDMUNDS called up the bill to provide for u Circuit and District Court of the United Stales in the Stale- of Nebraska. Parsed. Mr. Wll LIAMS called tip the joint resolution or the House in regard to tae com taken irom th? Richmond banks and now on special deposit in the Tressury. .vhlcb parsed. Mr. HOWARD reported Lorn the Comniiilco on IMHtary Affiilni a joint resolution defioi g tbc mecnnir or the second section of the act of Inarch, rffjt. relative to property lost as above: the claimant to be paid the amount or award made bv the Commissioner auditing the claim. ihc Reconstruction liiil was taken np. Mr. HOWEmowd to amend by striking oat the «ords, “And if the said Conslitation shall he de clarco hy Ccngicss to be in conformity with the piotisK-ns of Ihc act to which this Is enpplemen tarj.’ and Insert In Hen inercot, “It said Conall lotion shall he approved by Congress. Mr. *t HUMBL'D, said the hill had bc»n amend ed since it was reported, to embody this pro* virion. Sir. HOWE withdrew Lis amendment, and then moved to strike out the voids “shall be enti'led to** l of a ” Rejected. air. nUiVAIu) moved an amendment suosll uting a tew oaln ior that la the bill, which after tleba'c was rejected. Mr. SUMNER moved to amend iho fourth sec lion, making the result of the vole on the ratiflca tion of the CoLstitnUon deoend on the maioritv ol the rr B flcrtd iMKaa of a majority of «h* qualified electors. Rejected—idscoiostn . Mr. liOWAKD, at four o’clock, moved to ad jcum. Negatived. Mr. MORION moved to amend the fourth sec tion, to that the Constitution ehalt be adopted wuen voted for by a majority of the votes ca«t. Adopted, against 21. Mr. EDMUNDS moved an amendment, that at Itast Ihrec-fiftLe of the registered voters shall vote on the question of ratification. Mr. CAMERON, at six o'clock, moved to ad journ. 1-ost. lie then moved Executive session Dtsigiccd to. Mr. EDMUNDS* amendment waa los:: veas III; lays, 21 3 * Mr. EDMUNDS ag--m moved that it be modified so that one-half shall be r- quired to vote on the aueetlopof ratification. Apoptcd; 21 against it Several o« her amendments were offered and re jccied. Mr. WILSON offered on amendmont as an ad uHional section that the dunes tmuo-edby this act noon the commanding officer may by his can ►ci.t be transferred to the Governor, and noon hU miring the oath prescribed hy the act of July hS, fhc hill was then, at 7:15, taken ont of Commu te.- of the Whole and reported to iho Senate. MR. DRAKE rerieweo his unendincnt, which was voted down on Thursday, providing that a vote should he taken in csch fctate for and against a State Convcnticnto fotm a Stale Constitution antlaccoidlng to the result of tul.: vote aConven lion shall or shall not bo held. Amendment adopted. MR. EDMUNDS moved to amend by requiring bat a majority of the registered voters shall vote vii the question ofcalllng a Convention Adopted. Thu Senate *a- sail is session at midnight. HOUSE. Not In session. EXPECTED FENIAN EAID, Great Kxcltonzcnt Among tbo Eanaelu -liumuted Coucemratlon of Fenians ai Various Points on itio Border— Trouble hxpectnl To-Ony. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnne.j Toronto, C. W n March 16. Excitemrr.l mrardiag the expected Fenian raid continue?, snd troop? are rapidly betng moved to exposed points o' the frontier. There are rumors ol the assembling of Fenians at Buflilo, Ogdens- Utrgb ur.d other places, bnt they do not appear to hj w»»i "roandea. La-t Mgbt guard? were doubled In several msecs, and sentries were placed over (be dnll -Led, magiiziru* and otherimuortantpiicej. The country-accudtng U) all reports. Is hi a perfect statu of defence, and troops arc :o deposed t.«y can to masted at any Important point la a few hours Volunteers are ordered out for extra drill next week, and also tor nils practice. At ihc inspection ot the Grand Tiunk Battalion licjo to-day, General Misted said a ratd was ex pected, though tbc Government did no* thin? It would occur for some little time, yet all the present cbsngcs xrcte being made merely for nrerautionaiT purpo-cs. There will be no demonstration hero on St. t*a:ric«»*s Day. The Hibernian Society now num bers only a few members. Ihey decided to march to •hutch In procession to-morrow, but Bishop Lynch directed bis clergy not to admit them nu !'t*lbey came b? private citizens. Should tlwy T.m out trouble will follow, as the clergy ate dc 'ennmi-d to put the organization down, and the public are fierce against them. A BLOODY RIOT. Tlie Citizen* of Carlisle. P*,, 1 Attacked toy thf Soldiers from the Barracks- Two Persons Killed and a Large Number Wounded. CAtai«LX. Pa., March 16—Last evocing two -oldkra came into town, and when near the Coart House were attacked by A. Hammlll and I*. Oil* mote. Neither patty was hart and the soldiers JcH forthegjirisoa. About eigh» o'clock some filly soldiers came into town, armed with carbines, revolvers and sabres, hatted near the Court House and fired Into (he cro"d of clDsena standing near the point where the polls were located. The citizens drew revolvers and returned the Git-, when the eoldicra retreated oo a run. and the citizen? gave pursuit. The soldiers took a posi tion si the edge ot town. A guard arrived from the poet, and the firing was kept up for some lime. The guard arrested several citizens and started tor the garrison. Oo the way they met liamml], who had a gnu on bis shoulder. Lie was ordered by the guard to lay the gun down, and on bln re- Inning, find upon him. One ball struck btm in the left breast, to the left of the right nipple, and came out near the left shoulder blade. The uuci.ucd man died in three hoars. Among the wounned are: Mrs. Stewart, who was standing in the door of her own house, shot through ibe Icit foot; Thomas Zimmerman, through the forearm, crushing the hones; Jacob Small, thot through the centre of the right hand; a man named Uallebangh, shot in the head, cut* ting the scalp. There were two soldiers woneded, one in the bead and one In the leg, the former mortally. For several nights past the soldiers have, been In town creating much disturbance. There arc about 400 soldiers now at the post. FBOM ST. PAUL, Democratic Nominations for City OfQ- cers. Imperial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sr. Parts Minn., March 16. To-day the Democrats nominated George L. Otis, for Mayor; Harvey Officer, for City Attorney; .John Dolan, for Street Commissioner; ffn. -mipphall. lor Judge of the Criminal Coart. jLi.h is a much more respectable ticket thaa thev aie in lt»c habit of nominating. •flic Republican Convention is not yet called. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. WISCONSIN. ISpeoal Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribnne.l Madison, March 18. ASSEMBLY. In tnn Assembly, to-day, tbe general file of bills was greatly rrdnted lo Committee of tbe W hole. About one hundred and fifty were leported back; so raid a member. A great number were ordered to a third reading. Bids were introdneed to repeal chapter IST. laws cflSCl. relative to Conntr Courts; to amend section 10, chapter 110, Revised Statute?, con c- tsmg estates in dower, Ac ; lo provide for tbe education of convict* tn tbe State Prison, and a lew other unimportant hill*. ASSULSLT—LAST EVENING. In Assembly last evening the vote by which the lull to establish a Board of Emigration wi* passed was reconsidered and the bill referred to ihe Committee on State Afiatr*. Among tbe Senate bills concurred in was* bill imlhorlzlre the Milwaukee & St, Pan! Company to endorse the bonds rfthc LaCrossA frcmplcan ano Prescott Company, and a few local bills. Aesembly bills were passed lo regulate toll* iMidlng; for grinding grain; lo amend section 1, chapter 3us. lawa ot U*i&, relating to evidence; also to amend section I. chapter «L Revised ~fi la ’ e 9. to auctioneer*; also to pay tbc L »lvenniT He gents. b . UI chapter o». Un of isGr*. re riirt««tK-uVf 2, *. tTT of Cltnps of persons do lCDtlSa*^lo hceomc cili7..-ns, and amending section .-. chapter 134, Uvs of 18C». tics, were InorUnlti-ly postponed. :l Z.^ nd ,“ • q ;°o”»ed Ull evening. , There is no partlcnlar sign or omen Indicating tbc day of &nu adjournment. • MICHIGAN, ispccial Despatch lo tbs Chicago Tnbune.J Lansino, March 18. ' 'I he Scnsle passed bills accepting the land grant for the harbor at Portage La*-e: amending the charter of Three Riven; incorporating tbe village of Berrien Npnoge. The bills relative to Imuntles in Columbia. Van Durcn County, and authorizing the county nt Kccwcrawto aid the Mineral Bangs Railroad, verc reported favorably by the committee* and placed on the ccLCral order. _ Tbe App'OprtaUcn Bill for Stale officers and o-- pemes ot the Constitutional Cocvcntton was par- Icrtcd In Comml'tce of the Whole, lu tbo Home Pc Flt«» and Kalamazoo Asylum atiprtJpilaUou hills were reported and placed oa the gcne-al order. Tnc committee to investigate the account of tbo late Auditor General Annckc, reported a deficit on account ot office tcc* estimated about three thousand dollars. Majority and minority reports were submitted on tbe Female College BUI. Dills paased lor psjinglntercsl on the Stale debt; Kalamazoo Asvlum Dcflcloncy Bill; for planting and protection of shade trees to highways tto amend tbe charter of tbe village of Marquette; dLt)im£o VOL. XX. to authorise the nsc of ibo metric system of r debts and measures; to provide for the incor poration of an Industrial School; to amend the mmlne laws ; relative to annua) meetmes ; to smetd the laws relative to the Incorporation of Insurance companies: to qnlt the title to lands foimerly owned by the Chicago & Fort Wayne Railroad; to provide for a better protection of game; making eight hours a legal day's work. A resolution ofinqnlry was introduced as to the propvrely of a retmrehase by the state ot the Michigan Central Railroad. Referred to the Com* mlttco to Ini'real Improvements. FROM MADISON. LccfAlatlvc-An Old Story to a New Press-Governor Dross 9 Lecture. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Maxusoh. March 16. The Legislature has adjourned over, as usual, to Monday evening. The Senate not having had a session to-day, the Assembly has cleared np the large general file, and there la less business on the table now than for several days, there arc no prospects of a final adjournment. Some citixens and members of the Legislature and lobby bad a rich time last nlcht with an in nocent Cnicagolan, named bwanbere, who adver tised in your paper for a wife, lie was answered by a young fellow of this etty. as a young lady ready to receive bla proposals, and on coming facie and meeting the supposed lady, was arrested by a bogus officer, and tried by a bogus court, for the attempted abduction of the lady, and to ob tain her property. The proceedings were wit nessed by a crowded court room, ana wer* .•* nch. The victim was much alarmed. .. .'/UviS to detect the sham character of the ’ H .?“£ MSgSE* wUh ,n -i.M ™ 1 Go«™or u™. here bal”f»e tilled'' ,Ulr P ro ‘“ )u ‘ ,cea «> lie BECOSSTUDCnoS, Arrival of Southern Dei elation* in Uusblngtou-The Feeling la Geor gia—Deport of the Virginia Unifica tion. March 16.—The New York Ttmet' Wellington rpcdal says: *• Delegations from the >onlu are arriving here daily for the purpose of obtaining the views ol the President ou Ihc Htcozitl'UcUon Bui. Governor Jenkins, of Gsor da. the hiad or the delegation from that Stale, will soon he here, and among other im portant questions Involved In the opera tilon cf the bill, to which be will call the attention of the Administration, is the repu diation of ihc Stale debt. Since the close of the war, the Georgia Legislature passed a law paring the old debt o! the Slate by 'he issue of new oonds, which, beititr issued under the authority ot the poeenl Government, and declared illegal by the mil, ore row worthless. Allot the Southern Sides ate now Id the same predicament, as they have also issued bonds in the same manner.” Is aw York. March IC.—'The New York 21m** Georgia conespondcrt sa>a: “Tbecfforls which ate made In Georgia to arenee Ibe people to the duly and necessity of taking an active p»n fure* otganizing ihc State Gminment under tbc bid of Congress meet with htile re?po£se. Tbc peo ple do not like Ihc terms imposed upon them, andtheyara therefore disinclined to take any partln the action under them. He also speaks ol the prcscicc in Angnsta and elsewhere of croft**- slonai agitators, who are doing everything in their power *o arouse the prejudices ol n.e and color, and to array the blecka against the whites.” Wasdiwoton, March IC—Tte loHonlng is the report of the comnliteeofiheVirginia Legislature rtccnOy eentio Washington, made yesterday to the Senate of that State: “Ytur committee, acting under a resolution ap pointing them to confer with the Government at Washington as to whether the Convention pro posed to he called by Genera) Assembly of Vir ginia, wonld bo considered recognized as a legal moce of bolding a Convention under Iho actor Corgress passed March £, 18V7, have the honor to report that they repaired to Washington, and were politdy and kindly received by the author! lice, and inviteu hy thu prominent members of Congress to make suggestions or amendment? to the pending resolution before Congress, to be mace supplementary to the act aforesaid, whicn tugpcsUonsthey made, and. If adopted, will ma terially soften He tenne, and make it more con ciliatory. “Your committee entertain the opinion that the CovcnUon Bill passed by the General A-sem bly of Virginia, eo far as la confoi rally with, and not m conflict with the act of Congress aforesaid, would be recognized by the authori ties as tending to prodnde harmony. Your com mittee are further satisfied from an Interview ailh Iho authorities at Washington that the demonstration made by the Legislature of Vir ginia in favor of framing a Con stitution as required by law prompt ly and Hi good frith. Is having the most salutary cfleet in softening the asperity of pervading opinions, and changing the tone of sentiment toward the oeople of thu South, and the desire expressed was that wc should at once comply with the conditions imposed and’has be lestoiedtoonr rights to the Union with repre sentatives in CongruM.” Gxo. w. Bollino, Cnamnon, E. K. Keene, . Jons 11. Lee, A. S. G&AT. March 15, 1567. THE SOUTHERN FLOODS. The Waters Receding—flallrund Oozn> mnnlrallon Still Suapsiwicil—Suflorlnir In Southern Illinois ana Kentucky— Afd Contributed. Louisville, March IG.—Tbc river Is falling slow ly, hsvSctr receded eight Inches since yesterday. Weather cold, and growing colder, with about sn inch of enow. N'ArimLtx, March IC.—At a meeting to-day, lor the relief of 'he Chattanooga sufferers, there were large sabtcrlptlons of money, and committees vroie appointed to solicit, the citizens arc re (•ponding liberally. Louisville, March IC.—Railroad communica tion with Memphis is cnurclysnspenard, the road along the v'nmbcrlacd River being several feet underwater. Intelligence from Friar's Point, Miss,, says the river is six inches higher than ever known. Thf flood extends back to the hill?, a distance of thirty miles. Great destruction and desuintlon prevails. Iho people are very much • Übeartcned. Cairo, 111., March 10,—Nona from Smithlan i, Ky ,Is ot the most distressing charac'cr. Almost tbc crmrr town I? inundated, and up Main street i current Is taidtontn so svvittihttitis Impos sible to row a canoe against it, borne ot the Douse? arc already washed away, and more it 1? expected, will fill or be washed awaysoon. Peo ple arc doing their best iu the way of providing homes for themselves. Tbc Coart House Is 'nil of lauiilte? who bav6 tften 'driven from their homes, and have taken refuge wherever they can find It. Tbc people of Cairo have been ap pealed to to relieve, eo far as they can, the people of Mound City, many of whom are actually eofi'erlt g for the common necessities of life. consequent up on 'ho lose of everything In the recent overflow of that city. Prominent citizens immediately inter ested themselves in the matter, and arrangements are made, and a tag will be sent up to-day load id with pjovtalons, clothing, ana such other articles os ma>* be contributed tor the relief of our Buffer ing neighbors. snow covered the ground this morning to the dentb of halfan inch. It U anowinghvely to day, and thawing as it falls. The river rose four inches In the past twenty four boms, and Is still rising. The levee Is being strengthened to prevent a possibility ol its giving way. Kveiy effort is being made to meet the worst, should the worst como. It Is believed that Cairo will pass the ordeal unscathed.. FROM JiEff YOKE, Small Ocean Craft—Snow Storm-TThlt* key Thieve*. New Tors. March 16. —A schooner, like the metallic Ute-boat Red, White and Blue, but fitted np much better, will soon sail from this port for Vera Out*. . . The New York Volunteer Firemen's Association have made arrangements to have a new hose car nage built for Columbia, South Carolina, in place o' the cue destroyed recently on tbe steamer An dalusia. A bvavy snow storm ba« prevailed all day here and as tar south as Washington. Several panics were arrested to-day charged with a conspiracy to steal whiskey in charge of the Revenue Department, and held for examina tion. Their names aie Charles □. Ratnsdcn, John D. Ramsden, brothers, keepers in employ of tbe Revenue Department; a liquor dealer named Roger Lang and his sons, named Michael and James. Among tbe passengers sailed per steamer Ful ton today were Governor Curtin, of Pennsyl vania. John W. Forney, Jr., and George Alfred Townsend. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. Extra Session of (ho Nevada Legisla ture-Indian Treaty— Kick Gold Dis coveries. mn Francisco, March I*.— Tne steamship Golden Ace, from Panama, arrived this morning. Ibe Nevada Legislature convened yesterday. The Governor’* message was trauimltied. It re ten only to tbe Revenue Bill. Tbe act introduced provides for taxing ores tbe same as other prop city, deduction transportation. It was thought that the mining Interest will be defeated. Late advice* from Arizona state that a treaty ba* been made with ibe Apaches at Fort Giant. Tee Indian* tcaliy mean peace, and will abide ihepro posed term* should the treaty be ratified at l)o --partn enl beadquaitcr*. Colonel Crittenden*# command had arrived at Fort Ynma. Much excitement exist* at Pre-cott over tbe dis covery ol new rich placers cn a tributary of the Aqua Frio, sixty tr tic* from Pre coil, Xao In dians ate troublesome about Prescott. FROM. MEMPHIS. Large Paving Contract—Snug Little Fortune. IlExrm*, March 16.—A contract ba* been awarded for paving the principal street* of this city. The wort will be commenced onthclOlb . f May. City scrip wit) be isem-d similar to tbat L-sued by tbe city of New Oilcans, to the amount of {SleO.illfi— the banks to receive them at nar. 8. H Howland, the night clerk of the Worsham House, received news to-day fioip England of hi* having fallen heir to the estate of eight millions. FcnnsylTanla tannlrlpal Clrclloua. Allentown, Pa., March 16.—yimncl McQosc »a>ehc‘cd our fits: Mayor ycstoiday by about ore bendred majority. Toe Htpubllcan city ticket was elected by a bke majority. McAPrnxE, Pa.. Mar.-b IC.—At l e city election yestetday. Dann (Kcpubhcau) was elected Mayor ovcrGlu (Democra:). Arrest of a murderer. rLATTsnrno, March 16.—Wm. Kennedy who tourdoed G. N. Williams, at Urookvlltc, lowa, was ambled near tbe Canada hne. In Clinton County, New York, yesterday, and detective Ciall. Pom lowa, will leave with him tor home on Monday. Irinrdrrrm Respited* Lonrnixa, Ma-cb 10.—rtte railroad robbsra ana murderers of Harry King, tried, convicted J-mi tcnienccd lo he hong, at Fran*liu, Ky.. have been respited by the Governor till the ITtb ot May. Illness ol lion. Triad. Stevens. «--^ n . l^L TOX : > ’ a,ch l fi .—Hon. Tbad. Stevens TiShi- ~ V V.e rl l , n>uU ol • eeven- cold. i.VJ? ? ‘ O, ' u cod to leave tbe House. To^lar, m* SpS?c£ 10 tu “ Boston Financial Trouble*. Boston, March 10.—The recent financial devrl. opmctti on btato street are under Imes'lntion by the Untied Bute* District Attorney, ami oar sens implicated arc under examination No* ar real# arc yet made. Fire- Boston. March 10,—The First Orthodox Con grrgatP.nal Churrhtn SpnenLic was bnrnt (bi» morning. ix«* *23,T00. iniared ftr SI7.TOU. Tbe fire was tL cm diary. THE GENERAL ORDER BCSI- NESS. More A boat tbe Mm, Perry-Andy- Johnson natter* We arc clad to see that Congress has de termined to probe to the bottom the New York Custom House corruptions. Mrs. Perry, the iollacDtlal widow* seems to have supplanted Mrs. Cobb,the pardon brokeress, in the affections of A. J., or at least ob tained a fair share of them. What she gave him In return for an undivided third in the stealings of the “general order business” has not been divulged, but is left to sur mise. In reference to Sirs. Perry’s particular “ service’* in securing the “ general order business” of the New York Custom Hoo^ c we take the following Interesting Extract from the testimony of Edward R. Vbc'lps be fore the committee: Q. Did von have any negou— to the general order basin*' -*uon In reference Smj the became t oll'"-* -s bctorc or after Ur. Mate with ..ort A. Yes. Thomas J " it was. A. Myself and lug »'■ . *»arr, ol New York, decided on apply - .v ihc President, through a Mrs. Perry, of Cincinnati,for the gi-nciai order business from pier L 9 to the Battery. Q. Did yon meet her at’the President's bouse? A. 1 did meet her there several limes in the months of February and March; we went there at one time ou an appolntm**:-! made by the President; toe Pres ident letjuestcd ns to call there at six o'clock In the evening, when be would seo ns alon** we vent and had an interview with him, and he as sured ns ital Phelps and Barr enomd have the general order btudnees, as above elated, they brltping mopertcstimonlale. He remarked that he gave this to Barr and Phelps as much for the beceflt cr Sirs. Perry as for their benefit, because be wished to help her: be said: I*apooiO that yon will make u all right 3Uh Mrs. Perry; and 1 went unto elate Ih- arrangements, and he .aid : -Never mied, yon nerd not tell me all that.” Q. Was It not then determined what portion" she was to hare of this business? A. i*he told Mr. Johnson the arrangement, or in’erest she was to have, and Mr. Johnson then replied he was satisfied if she was. ii- What was the proportion she was In have? A. Mic was to have oue-thlrd the net profit! (j. Did yoa produce the testimonials rcqmred J A. I'CS. * Q. Tell the commUtec about the substance of that interview. A. I said to the President there woold bo a great deal of contention among the New York politicians, who would try to gel tin*.as It was a great thing; he patted me on the shon'der and said : “Never mind, yonng man. I will stand by yon,” He then remarked to Mrs. Perry, ••itis v ill he all right;” we left the matter in her hands: she was to Iniotni me when we should callagam on iho Pre*lOi'iit; she sent word for me to come to >\ ashmgton again shortly before Mr. Smythe was appointed, and wc went and called on tta Preat dent and bad an JnK-ivlew with him—myself and Mrs. Perry; alter we had a private Interview with Mm. be called out his Private Secretary. Colonel Browning 1 think bis name Is, an>l be told me to state to him what 1 wanted to have written down; I stated to him what I wanted, and be then wrote to the Collector to give tbc general order bu-lnesa of the North River, irons Pier No. 59 to the Battery, to Edwaid K. Phelps and Thomas J. Barr, of New York: the President was present while the Private Sec retary wiotc this letter, and was talking in a low tone to Mrs. Perry, ana wben the letter wjs writ ten be eigned It; 1 think 1 can produce that let ter; 1 came back wilh the letter, and as soon as Mr. Smyihe was nominated and confirmed, I pre sented the letter to him; he appeared to os very much confused, and pot bis hand up to bis head and (bought for a moment, and then remarked that the general older business was ail disposed ot; he said: “It Is very strange that the President never told me to rcservo this for his friendsand be also remarked that he bad to aereo to give a portion of the general order bailees? to isentlor Doolittle’s sou, a por tion to Senator Patterson, the President*: son-in law, and one other person wbom i cannot now think of, bcioio be would be confirmed. Mr. Sroytbe then remarked that bo didn’t have a chance to (pare only a email intcre-U Id it for Mm-elf, and he asked ns if we would not take opefonrth interest In tbc whole business —nat perhaps he could let us have 'bat; we felt confluent wc could get wba* we wante-i tbtongb the President, and we declined : he then a-k«d u*- to waltlunlll the next week; in the mean time, Colonel Cooper—another ot the President's private Secretaries—came on from Washington and trad an interview with Mr. Smythe, and when wc called on Mr. Smjlbe again, he intormed ns that the general order business was all dis posed of; wo men abandoned any iurlhcr idea of it.” KENTUCKY. I Dion ConereMlonal Convention In the Sixtli district—Nomination ofColouel TV. S. Kaukln. The Cincinnati Gazette of the 12th con tains the proceedings of the Republican Union Congressional Convention of the Sixth Kentucky District, held at Covington on the day previous. The Convention was a large and enthusiastic one, every county in tbc District being represented. Colonel M, M. Benton, of Kenton, presided with a goodly number of Vice Presidents and Secretaries. Colonel Benton on taking the chair made an able speech. In speaking of the traitor Breckinridge, he said, ‘'Benedict Arnold had more excuse for turning traitor compared with Breckinridge, for he expected promo tion and Immediate advantage therefrom, but this modern traitor had been favored and fostered all his Ilto by his native State. And now, though an alien and a traitor, a fugitive from his own land—a double traitor, a trai tor against the Government of the United States and against his own State. And yet he has now more power in tbc Democratic party of the State than any other man in it; and though he dure not show bis face in the country, though not permitted to pollute its soil with his pesti lential presence, bis name Is still to be rung throughout the land, and be glorified in your midst; was there ever greater audacity or outrage? Docs it not make every man 4 ? blood run hot to hear such a man applauded, a man who Is responsible for the murder of thousands ot our citizens—a work that has not yet entirely ceased, for over in Bovlc and other counties a Union man dare not open hi? mouth for fear some assassin will murder him. Although thev undertake to glorify and make the rebellion respectable, the time is fast coming when the names ol Breckinridge and others like him, will be linked together with those of Arnold and Judas Iscariot. ibe Committee on Resolutions reported as fol lows : The Convention of Union men of the Sixth Con* gresstonal District of Kentucky— 1. Do hereby ratify and approve the resolutions adopted at the CoovecUon which assembled In Frankfort on the 26th of February, ISu?, and also the nominations made thereby, and pledge our selves to use all honorable m* ans within our pow er to promote the principles enunciated in loose resolutions, and the election of the candidates sdecied as our standard-bearers in this State. 2. Wo declare our lull accord and sympathy with the organization of the great Union Repub lican party ol Ibe country, and we propose to la bor for the promotion aad success of the princi ples, men and mi as arts of that organization, rvcognizing it as embracing tbe true and patriotic men of tbe country, who npbcld and sustained the Government against tbe struggles ol rebels for its overthrow, and who alone can save it from the still more msluious machinations of the nnregen erate Democracy ol the present time, having the same ved in view which they Called to accomplish by force of arms 3. We folly and heartily endorse and approve the measures and policy of the Thirty-ulnto Con gress, believing tbe same to be wise. Just, hu mane and patriotic, and in our opinion congress could not have done less and discharged its doty. These resolutions were adopted, speeches were made by Colonel Nison, M. V. Dally, J. W. Reed and Colonel Finnel. A ballot was then bad for a candidate for Congress, which resulted as follows : Col onel W. S. Rankin, 96; Oliver W. Root, 32. Colonel Rankin was declared unanimously nominated. Cok-nel Rankin returned thanks in an elo quent speech. He said whether the canvass will result in victory or defeat, the future alone can develop; and whether successful or otherwise at the polls, we know our prln ciples si 0 right. Of them I need snot speak: you have announced them for me In ad vance; the Unlcn party of the Stale of Ken tucky announced them In Frankfort, in ad vance ; and the Thirty-ninth Congress has announced them for me lu advance. [Cheer-.] On that platform I stand. If I had the mak ing of the law, I should have made It some what different, but none the more conserva tive, and not leas radical. Ido not mean to say that all who call themselves Conserva- fives arc disloyal, or enemies to tbe Union. There are good men in that party ; they mean well; hut unfortunately they arc be hind the times, fighting dead issues. It is to be hoped they will finally get loose, and catch up. The Chicago) Burlington Sc Quincy Car Shop*. On Tuesday last the people who make up the pretty Utile city of Aurora were thrown into a tip-top state of excitement over a re port that the Chicago. Burlington «fc Qalncy Kallroad Company proposed to remove their car shop* from that place to Chicago. Col onel llawkius had received a letter from Su perintendent Harris, desiring him not to purchase any more land at Aurora for the proposed enlargement of the shop*, a* the company had In view removal. On the following morning a meeting was called nt the Court House, and after several ad dresses, a committee of ten, consisting of Amo* T. Hall, Daniel Volmtlnc, R. C. Mix, E. U. Alien, Geo. W. Quciean. Chas. C. Earle. K. L. Carter, Jeremiah Goodwin. J. G. Stclp. I. A. W. Buck. D. W. Young, and D. B. Waterman, was appointed lo proceed to Chicago to confer with the company In relation to retaining the railroad shop* In Aurora. The committee visited Chicago on Tuesday and had an interview with the out ccra of the toad. On their return they made no report, but intimated that Messrs. Harris and Walker speak favorably ol the retention of tbe works at Aurora, if they can obtain a suitable amount ofland adjacent their-pres ent property, at reasonable rates, w bile they do not come a* beggars, they will not. on the other hard, submit to the exaction of anything hut a f«lr, .-very «,»-VPri? c for the lands. Messrs. Walker and Harris ycrc to visit Aurora yesterday to have an interview with the people upon the subject. protection In Bbodo island— Reducing Wage*. IFrom the New Bedford SUndard.l The woollen manufacturers of Rhode Isl and have just received a largo additional amount of “protection In ' the shape of higher duties and diminished taxallcm. But fearing that even now they will be unable lo make both ends meet, they have reduced the wages of their operative* ten per cent. It Is to be hoped that they will be able to keep out of the poor-house. But what friends they are of the American labotcrl How ouxious for hU priority and comfbrt! How eager to secure him against the pernicious effects ot foreign coca- CHICAGO. SUNDAY. MARCH 17. 1867. petition, by which, if permitted, he could buy bis clothing at hall the prices be ts now compelled to pay ! How careful they are that hy being obliged to pay a great share of h!a earnings to them, he shall not have bo much money to squander on “ luxuries or a piano fur his daughters, a silk dress fur his wife, or an expensive school for his children, and still less in liquors and tobacco for himself! Undoubtedly it is because they are great friends of tem perance that they constitute themselves guardians of his money I Deeply aware, too, ol how much more able Ih man who lives on day wages Is to pay than the wealthy capitalist, how ulsP, iere6tC d u Is in incuce Congress \ 0 re duce their taxes, and thus swell t jq amount to bo paid by their employes. jj UW gbrewdly they prevent uie of the “pauper labor of i. 1 *pc,” by putting down the wages of -ibor In America to such a point that there ie no Inducement fur the foreign laborer to emigrate to this country! Truly, the manu facturers arc a disinterested, patriotic and hebevol. nt set of individuals, who are. in the most Christian like manner, sacnncin_ themselves for the benefit of the laborer it the latter could only see it. COURTSHIP. How ic )n Done lu Germany* Berlin Correfpomlence of the Boston Saturday _ Gazette.) Oh I you American lovers rejoicing in your secret walks, your lonely rides, your escorts *« ,xr evening prayer meetings, those wcll- Cciabiisred rendezvous for lovers: you can indulge in secret sighs, billet dous atd poc try; little do you realize the inconvenience with which a modem German courtship is carried on. There arc no secret Interviews and smuggled letters to msuire the heart ot an amorous German. If he has any thing to say, he says It before any body and everybody who happens to be in the room. If he calls npou the mistress of his sffec'ions, he beholds her quietly' hutting a stocking in the midst of the family circle; und with all this array of spectators must he unbosom his heart and who his bride. By unbosoming his heart, I don’t mean proposing. Unless he can watch a second behind a door in a ball-room, or dude lor an instant the watchful care of the young lady’s guardians, that momentous question, “Will you have me?’* aud its delicious answer, *• Yes, dearest,” will never be whispered between them at all. He must go to palerfdmtl!>u t or some married friend whose affections are doubtless as withered as her features, ai.d make them the mediators. When ail la arranged, the engagement announced, and the romance entirely over, then he can see the lady alone, take her occaslonatlv to the theatre (when he wished to do this before the engagement he must invite also the mother or the aforementioned pitheied relation), and Indulge in a walk once a week. This extreme reserve seems at first glance the moiounnatural, from the fact that Ger mans arc essentially a romantic and poetical people; their literature, their love of music and worship of art show this, no less than the mistaken and romantic attempts at chivalry among the students, and the tender ness and kindness one meets with every where ; their politeness, rough though It sometimes is, and the interest, almost curi osity, which is taken in your affaire. But Germans have to look beyoud mere flirta* tion and love-making. They arc' usually poor, aud must choose a wife as the Vicar of^Wakefield did, “for wear.*’ A flashy, brilliant girl who lacked the usual domestic instruction would never do for them, and a lady who should throw of her reserve and openly accept the attention of gentlemen* would, 11 she succeeded in keeping her character, never win a husband. German meu arc not easily canght by appearances. There arc some sad stories connected with German engagements owing to the excessive poverty of the men, and the necessity for al most every une to work his way from the bottom on be ladder. Frau Dr. S. told me with tears In her eyes, of on elderly lady liv ing near here who has been engaged fltty years. At no time has her lover earned enough t« marry upon, and now both are gray-haired and approaching the grave, and though their hopes ‘of manriage In this life are now over, they keep their vows sacred for another world. There are many such cases, doubtless, where a whole lifetime is one continued struggle between hope and despair, a slruggleonlycndedwith death. The struggle is not always on the part oftte bridegrooms, for there is a custom here appalling to a man with several daugh ters and a small income. In America if a lady consents to deliver np her own precious sell, the sacriflce is considered by the enraptured lover quite snfli efent, hot here, the lady must bring as a dowry, all the furniture, linen and house hold utcneils—in fact, everything necessary to housekeeping. The absolute dismay Of an honest German with eight charming daughters and flve hundred thalers income can easily be conceived where such a cus tom Is in vogue. Perhaps there la one rea son why the mothers do not spend their lives like the English dowagers in constant endeavors to knock their daughters off to the lowest bidder (I fear that the “ lowest bidder” will not be understood by the speculative Yankees); I mean to the man who will take the smallest amount of money with them, for Englishmen never think of taking the Incumbrance of a wife without the jointure. German girls arc not so anxious to get married as ladles are popularly supposed to be. While they live at homo they have comparatively an easy life, and, except in matters of cookery, do little work. But let them once marry, and now aeons change tout ceta. The couple take two small rooms, the lady dees all the work, and the probabilities are that a large Increase of family comes be tore any increase of the income, and conse quently it is a melancholy fact that the whole country impresses one with the idea that the angel or demon (whicheverlt Is) of poverty is hovering over every house,

frightening each family out of Its wits lest It should take it Into its head to drop down upon them in particular. Yon have doubtless heard that a young lady must never take a gentleman’s arm or pass any more time with him than is abso lutely necessary, and can imagine that such reserve tends to produce such constraint and awkwardness on both sides that, when the two sexes are brought together, as at a ball, the effect Is Irresistibly ludicrous. I never passed such a miserable evening In my life as at my first and lost ball in this country. There seemed to be a dumb show of a battle going on, In which the youth ful maidens were surrounded by a body-guard of old maids and aants, who stood ready to repel the attack of the sterner sex. The sterner sex, howaver, seemed by no means inclined to commence au attack, but kept together, solemn and stately, in an opposite corner. When the music began, there was a feeble rush toward the female phalanx, and a few of the boldest * penetrated the lines and bore off a prize. Bat even this seeming success only added to my amusement, for they would come forth one by one, at arm’s length from each other and just touching with the- Ups of the Ungers, os if each one was mortally afraid of catching the measles by contact with his companion. The instant the dance is over the lady must be led back to her mamma and deposited there like a pair of gloves or a piece of furniture. The incon veniences which 1 have herein described are applicable chiefly to a man In love. To one who Is not they become merely national idlosyncraclcs which arcsoon got over. The ladies of Germany I like exceedingly. They are always so ladydlkc and modest, so foil of deep, strong feel ings, so soundly educated, and so intimately kind and considerate. In fact these last qualities are common, so far as I know, to all ladles of th's land, young or old, rich or poor. Politeness ot a peculiar kind and genial nature is an Instinct, and not a for mal ceremony; a real sentiment, and not merely an outward ornament. Tncy actu ally labor to promote one’s happiness, go out of their way to do a favor, and pay yon such continual' and delicate attentions that (such Is man’s depravity) you begin to be annoyed, and wish they would allow yon, even'll you suffer thereby, to rest in peace. The Sbkkipeare .tlonmnent in Central Park* New lork. f From the New York Time?, March 19.1 It will be remembered that on th<y2od of April, two years ago, the corner-stone of a monument to Shakspcarc was laid in the Central Park. At the same time commit tees were appointed to collect subscriptions and select a suitable design for the monu ment. The subscription list, aided by the Krocccdsof theatrical representations given y Mr. Edwin Booth and other artists, now amounts to $20,000 On Saturday evening the committee appointed to select a design met at the house of Ur. Sheppard Gandy. Judge Dalv, Chairman of the committee, presided, and’after the merits of the several designs presented had been fully canvassed, that of Mr. J. Q. A. Ward was selected as the best. The committee will therefore report to that effect at the next meeting of the subscribers to the monument fued. The design of Mr. Ward represents Shaks* pcare la amcditatlveatlitnde. the expression of the face being remarkably line. The Qgurc is about ten feet high, and is replete with vigor in every detail. The design for Ihe monument Itself is very beautiful, but It is not improbable that some portions of it may be altered. It will be executed in bronre. If the subscribers to the fund adopt the committee's report, and will probably be ready in a year from the present date. The site selected for It in the Park is at the south end of the Mall, and is one of tbs finest and most conspicuous positions that coaid have been chosen. The foundation for the monument Las been laid and covered over. htrange Scene in a Theatre# A etrange scene took place on Tuesday night at the HarrUlmrgU (Va.) Theatre dur ing the perfoimancc of the “ Long Strike.’ The audience were cpell bound when It came to the court-scene, and the Judge asked the question, gnillv or not guilty ? A well dressed, intelligent looking gentleman left his scat in the centre of the parqnt-ttc, wended hit way through the crowd to the edge o r the blace, and tery calmly called out, “Slop!*’ The actor, who was person ating the part of Moueyrenny, thinking the man Intoxicated, walked down to the footlights, and the following dialogue ensued: ••Will you oblUfO mo by Ukmc Tour scat, sir?” Thcgcntlemnn> replied, ‘‘l want to give opinion. worthy manager, ar , c ,^il la f t 0 , bej i U " The stranger proclaimed, ip a loud voice •*• It waa not that man (polntlngto the priwier: Vrm Starkie), who killed him. I £aw who did It. 1 saw the nersoo shoot from behind the hedge.” Thea, turning upon his heel,«he left theßthestre, escorted by a police officer, and venting his anger in subdued curses upon the iojustlce of the English courts, who refuse to lake the evl dence of an eye-witness. The man was not intoxicated, os was at first supposed, but his imagination became excited to such a degree that he forgot where he was, and thought the murder and trial a reality. MARKETS BT TELEQRAPH. New York Financial News, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. 1 Kxw Yobs. Marcfe*' t Tie nock market opened steady, and, within*;, disposition to realize. On the regular call waslower.Brlt (common) declining to 59*,-, Southern to TIM. and Rock Island to o'clock Board was firm, and with more tn bur. Afterward the market was )» betW „ . w tn«n) and Michigan Sen them being ta> • • “ r * e com * Chicago & Northwestern p*r cent was paid to call >'*■' ..ed) Is ttrm at SI; I dsn; 4* per ctn» ' -.e (common) at Ci for thirty Island stock* ■ *• tuu bW for dividend la Rock telCO -- * Canton stocks aie In good demand and —alyattT. The dalness that prevails la the dry goods trade la owing principally to a want of con fidence. At the foar o’clock can the market was lower. Erie (common) was fold at Mtf, and Michigan Southern at •<£. Gold was doll and Inactive. Tlu« ku, «ney market continue* easy at pet cent, and with bat little apposition to realize. [Associated Press Ueport j New Yoas, March 18. _ kajLWAT stocks. Tht railway market was dull and lower at the open IC , e «->ck Bxchange, especially oa Brto and ptloccruficatct ATer the reirular te‘slm. prices Imprond in theloa.; itoom, aadtrle rallied from to ~9X' while OMocerilOcaies rote from t)« Tm namt was firm at the one o'clock U. anL but aubse. r*'iShl!r«?. ech £! i P“ r M general ten >r of lorthcomlap bask statement became known. The do cUnc was most perccpuble on Kne and Minorca:, soetbern stock. The market closed quiet bat steadv- W m. IJestta ft Co. report the following: Ptiera at Sda p.'*. * * .taertean gclcUSiVAlSty Beading. ICiyaiOl v ULIUCO-I SO t» 26* SI.C IWx*lSi's Canton <sy& wy 31.8 ?aus a'u «SS?SK Bd •** S, » *»« u - c«»tr*L,...mjJs;u2 Uolca&Uver.... SoHia -toft nttaaareU nSi siv J]arti>o>a...... BV4 9*« Toledo..?: io;*,4lU* Mariposa DM.. 23*<i 3d It I Mmicto (LTet ukw •»«* N. w S': N.T.C lUWAIO3K S.W.ptd W a« r r } c ‘dri Ft. Wayne 95 0 96* FM< pfd <0 &73 I’aclflc Aisiu Uouaon Atlantic Mail., si gsty _ u'lioiAauTj, uorernaret scenntles nelet and firm v„w v* coupons and or»t serlea ot 7-30 wove. CI.OSOfO PBICSS. “ VM,C * lift'd. *£!......1C9 i Jalr’ tocv.-ii.YT tot*pons, Jg1....1a9 ctuut i 19-10 regard l.t&Hfllv 6-rt legtst'a'6l.l27 ; v l r.Q i 10-W cunronsll twA glj. !-30coupgn 'tt.ljgXfetwx Angu*t 5-20coupon' ’M.IOTMmIOI* j June7-MM.... “l©V4i^v Jan There ha* been a good demand for monev to-dav uom bankers, bnt the market was easy. The dhcotmt market* as flm. “ W,IU “ „ GOLD. Gold was firmer after the closing of the room. Cash told u ore plenty toward and loaned flat afSsr comaanfling 1.16 per cent premlnm. BOKDCC STATS BOSM. Stile band* Quiet ami without any decided , , «u*.*u^u>suet». The only important change in muceliaaeoai shares t'aa a decline In Canton to 4*x. .. . . .. _ iwu. biw;u. Coal stocks all tinner, bat very quiet. Mtvivn _ . . MIXING 6UAKB4. Toe mlnlcgmarket was generally quiet and flnaer JO-day- Orcaory was thestocr, ana roecto JW. Quartz Bill qolet at3K3e»\ Alameda rose to •JO. and la demand. Cotumola steady at w TUB BANK STATEMENT cn Monday will be rather unfavorable, and there will probably be a raarkPd decrease ta Legal-Tenders and deposits. The Sub-Treasury has been absorbing Urge ameun's of currency from sales ot eoM. and the ac cumulation has been greater than the disbursement for purchases of Seven-Thirty notes. The Increase in loans will be quite moderate, as the banks are now preparing for the next quarter. Tbs chance m circula tion will hclijjht, but the specie average will shown loss ot nearly one million. The Produce .HarkeU. MILWAUKEE. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, March 16. Flout—Active and firm. Sales 2,CCO trls at *14.50 for superior winter; *11.50 for Riverside double extra; 11U0 for Utawstaa, spirit Lake, Leon, forget-me-not and Columbus double extra; *10.50 Yabarra vxtra. Wheat—Finn at the morning board. Saks 1 9,909 centals. Noon Board-Sales 9.600 cental*, at jI.W for No 1 In store; 3.C?for No. 2 In stuff; fufc selltr's option next wc*k; *3.57 seller's option all month; J3.C9 buyer's onlloncext week; *3.11 lor No. 3 fresh In store; *i33 seller’s option next w-t-k; {3.93 fbr rejected fresh in store; *3.9 t for winter receipt!. Oats—Urn. bales SOO centals at tor No. 1 In store. Corn—Adranccl Ic, Bales of 439 centals at *L3I for tew shelled In store. Rye—Firm. Sales of 4» centals at f t. 87 for No. 1, three cents storage: *L9SK do, two cent* storage. Provisions—Advancing. Sales: 250 brls mess pork at *32.00®—-50; buyer till May in, {33,00. Dressed Hogs—Firm at tS.7is9.-10. Sundries—Prune clover seed at *»AO per bn; choice roll butter 32c; eggs, buyer's count, 17c per do*. Receipts—lSO brls flour. 7.300 centals of wheat, mo do oate, two do rye, 200 do barley, 2LWO Ds butter, ICO , dressed bogs. Shipmcnta-LIOO brls flour. 2.0C0 centals of wheat. NEW YORK. „ „ .... _ New Tour, March 16. Cotton—He higher. Business restricted by iba ad vantc. bales 4.b00 bils mlcdlmg at StoQVc. Fleur—Recelp s, 2,300 br.s, Fxlc-a toijj hlghsr. JAlrxVA* brt*i coper State,'auper We-tcro, extra Western, f WAtCpll 60; choice. SU.TUa 1X«: Ohio, 10; trade bra. d*,*l3^o^ixbo;erin California Flgur-Siles CCO brU WbUkey—Steady. Wheat—Belter. Sales 23,000 bn at MJO for poor mixed •prior; *2,13 for No/? Milwaukee. poor DU *» <t-l3 lor Canada H rat; *t j.ui.25 tor tree Canada. Barley Malt—Dull. Corn-Active and excited. Keeelpts,3.t6sbu. Sales raaflokv U ' ied ' Tt * ltra Instore, *IJS\3 Oats—l«2c better. Receipt*. 8,111 bo. Sales of 510 X) bn Western at 6W*CSc; State, 71.*ii73c-Uie market cl»ing with the advaneepartiy losC i-.'flee—RuH. busar—Sn-ady. Bales ot 400 hhd* Cuba at lOVaile Molaare*—Firm. Petroleum—Sa.ei of crude at IGtflSHc and refined at Leather—Steady. Wool—Firm, with agaod demand. Sa’es of 3:0.600 Bs.aiX«C7,\cfirdomesticfierce: ngs3c for super pulled; JtWiQc for Texts, sialic lor spring clip. rorx—Firmer. Sales of 5,150 brls. at {JO.COAIi.oo tzr n-wmeis; H1.5C022.tW lor old; |17.7t0W-50for prime, at d |JO.lO<a?ijo fir p’tmc mess; also. 3.450 brls on Utnc, at*JU.R«j|JS for new me»s. Heel—steady; kales, 350 brls. Beet Rams—bales,SUbrl* at Uacon-Flrmcr;s%les,63sbrsai l0V«U))<c tor Cum berland ; ils,ou*-;c tor short rlblnd; UAUHc lor short clear; 10 vc tot long rlhtK«d. Cut 3Uais—Hnu; sales, 670 bxs shoulders at SaiOct bamsl2t4llj<c. Lard—Firmer; sales, 1,250 brls at UH®l3c lor old: IS,V«iSKe for new. Butter—Dull; Ohtol2®3oc; State!oaS3c. Cheese-Quiet ailaa**: V ft. mar. . N*w York, March 16—5 p. jr. Flour closed quiet with a good local trade demand. Wheat—Closed firm, with fair milling and sp-cn latlvocemand. Bales ot good to prime No. iMU wankee at (2.4CQ3.48. Rye—Sales ot Western at t1.3t01.31. . Corn—Closed firmer; *1.30 asked for shlnplar mixed V extern In store. Oats—Quiet at M»6Sc for old Western. Pork—FlrmtornewWes’erotneee. with sellers at *33,«USI S7H ca«h. or regular buyers at *23.81. Beef—Closed dull and otchangrd. Cut Meats—Finn. Bacon—Sales at 10H»10ifc for Cumberland middle*. Lard—Closed quiet at laKAUQc for fair to prim* and steady at ItolOV for good to prime kettle rendered wnuar bivixw or tot wbolkoauc mauct. BreadstuiTs have been excited and active, and prices materially advanced. The demand Eos been very gen eral t>r Investments. We notice material reduction In flour cow estimated at under 30C.000 mil. Tbs daily reduction tn stock is about B.OCO brls tn exeets of re ceipts. This fact has ccc*stoned me excitement. « hrat—Ha* teen excited am! price* advanced 153JU0, doling very strong. The -lock U reduced and is eiu , mated at lee* than 1,600.000 ensbcls. Corn—Has been active u-dr a speculative demon J end more favorable new* from Europe. Prices ad vancer iPe. eloHng strong. The stock Is reduced to about Loiu,ooo bushels which is one of the causes of thr excitement. ~Rye Advacred rapidly, the Increase reaching ito l£c, and is generally withheld from the market at the cirwe. Ot>t«—Excited and advanced abont sc. Turk—active and advanced *I.OO p*r brl on nsw n*»i acd fIAO cn old mess, bales ot the week, for prcseLiAT)'.fntarrdehvery,4l.Ck!o brls Lard—lmproved sLghtly and closes strong. CINCINNATI. _ „ civcrrfATT. March ift. RFlonr-Firm. A good trade dtmind tor the higher grades At the ’a«l quotations. Wheat—scarce. No. S sprlnc. f 3-30 ; Ko. l winter. Corn—Firmer. and the demand good—closing at Ma «c Tor No. 1 to elevator, ami At In ucti. Gate— Firmer. Sale* at S3Vc for No. lin elevator closing with co idler* below Me. —^ Rye—Was held at f 1.40 m the morning, hut the sews from Chicago reporting a decline mere ol 13c per bushel can*ed tuyere to withdraw at the dote. The stock here Is light, however. and Is the hands of two parties, aad they were sot disposed to make as; cos* cession*. Barley—Unchanged. Cottoo-Wa# held hlcher: middling at 7=VA Me. bet the demand was sot active asd we did out bear of any sale* at over Site Receipts lor the week. 5.301 oales, ana from September. 1uT.577 bales, agalsst JJIXII bales the same time last s-aaon. Mess Pork—Advanced to fiiM for country snd f iIAO lor city; the latter w**heldmosUvatfJ3Xioat the close The demand wa« bot moderate, however. Bulk Meats—Very firm, asd holders asking higher prices; as were procured at «Sloc, but SXs lOSc were asked at the close. Bacon—ls fee hlcher. with an Improved demand, fhooldcrs, *,vc; sides, lli*c; clear rib, 13c; and clear U\,c. Lard—Advanced to Use for city, and l!,Sc for coos* rrv. and tnt little offeilng. Butter—Firm and to demand, at 25333 C. Eggs. 16a l<c. Chtv*e, 16>i@ 17c, and the demand fair. Groceries—Steady. 6nj ar, UtftfUc. Colls?, TSaKc. baying. Eichaoce—steady at par buying. Money-Market steadv. PHILADELPHIA. Vrm .ninPTni. March 14. The mow rtona caoie* dnllnesi id trade. Flow—Finn wiihaiarae home demand. Westers. f1J.40; i-ute. <U.OJ. Wseat— l*oll. Slate red, $3.10. Bre-Adranced Sc. com—Good demand. New yellow, $!.Ci. Whlikey—Sales of contraband at Sbc^tfl.W. BALTIMORE. „ QaLTUfovc. March 14. Coffee—Sales, (.MObag'Rloonpnvatete’iDt Hour—Wutei but Crm at the late Advance of 50c ob fprlns wheat rrade*. Wheat—Active. Mary Usd active at $3.53: Prnasyl vaala Cora-Active. White, 1L0te1.99: yellow, fl.o3ai.oG; yellow Southern. su)i. Oats—Nominal itciitßc. Coverwd—Goodactcatd. 0M.45.75: new. J9.J5. ITovulose— Bifh-r. Me»« pork, $3J.7W9.03; balk »bo(itdet*.9<29V; sMe*. 11,311 He; Lsrd,lJXc. Uhiikey—Nominal atsa*.3lc in bord. Sncar-ijulet bot ttsady; 10*210*0 for good to prtnie. block scarce. LUUISVILT.E. _ LomTTLL*. March 14. Flow-Unchanged; superfine, $3J031»-CO. Wheat—Nominal. Corn—lnn; tactic la bnlk. Oat»-(fK«. Bye—sl.4s. Mr*# Fore— in. 73 : bacon (boulder*.9Vd?Xc ; clear #ice*,:jk,ftl3».c: lard la tierce*, live. Coffee- Mo 94V«34Ve. Wnlakey—Raw. frvc.fJ.2s. Tobacco—Bale* 130 hhds prune at $3.303 33.00. AEVT ORLEANS. NrwOanxAirs. March 14. , Cotton—Sale* of 4.710 bale#. Market active and firmer; low middling auustc. Receipt* bales; export*. Mil. Fu£*r ard Mola**?*—Only local demand. Float—Firm and advancing: super fi1.67K3>1.75. Corn—Aettre, hot easier; fi2D»tA5 tor *ll grade*. <)*!►-Active at 7fc. Ray-Good d-nand. Prime Ohio River. 111.03. I’crKsno Bacon—Unchanged. Tranaacilens nalm poitant. L*td-qnt(t.hntate&dy,ac H'-{333kc. uo»d-m\(4i». sterling— New York Sight—pretnlcm. MEMPHIS. , Mxvpntm March 14. Cottcn—Firmer and higher. middling tS3f>c. Cora—|'.oop.l.3J Hoar—Onset and steady at (9.£#«1k50- I\»rh-$a Aa3U.ce; bacon thoirflera XO.Hc; clear #Ww UVAHKc. tard-UVSltc. BT. LOUIS. _ . „ St. Louis, March 16. Tt biceo—Firm tad oochanerd. Ccttno-i irm atrte ft>r mWdliac. Fi< nr—Mw gride# mu. Medium and hleh era let better, paper# raaee at 97.13*410.(4: -a^ra*. double extra, SUAOIUAg; choice, IUJO9 Wl^at—nuoyaat. but Uttle doae. tad choice fall $*J9 pw eeLUi: fuicy. 43d» per cental. Cora—Firm atfl S'tUi .75 per cental. _ oata—DuU. Only cental belnß offered (hr ronw mu. ud auo. 93.9393.0 t per ceaM t^r p ».“ e choice «prtac; ft .S 3 per cental Ibr choice Oil. Me* Port—Advancing ASI-50 being rrfnso». If?“ 7 M 9iMs9}<c tor »bo older,; ux%U*c “ to: * wc *" r ,os “ “ to VI3O lor »»«•. New Vorlt MarKeU [ pedal w Q, e ChicagoTribune.] Tlenr and • N*W Tokk. Mirctl lS * boslaW Wheal—Very baoyaat since’Change, bat . u checked by me alarm. . .a— Close* it In store. Oats—Good Milwaukee sold elace ’Change at 6Tc. Bye—Closes at (lA2. Barley—Bnoj ant. New York Grocery Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] _ NkwYOßk, March 16. Coffee—Rio, ;.'32(c and quiet. Sugar—Doll. >alr to prime grocery at lOVOItXe, Molasses—Firm and mote active. Muscovado at 4S3<3c. NetvYork Provision .Tlorkct, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. 1 Sow Yobs. March IS. Pork—Sales of 1,730 brls since ’Change, at t&sl— steady. Oihrr hog prodnets tending strongly upward. New York Live Stock Blarkct. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tosx, March 16. flogß-Eectlpw, 1,7t0 and Ami- ] WiStfC. Ocean Vrelcbti* [Special Despatch 10 ths Chicago Tjtbnae.l Nxw Toes. March IS. Freight*—To Liverpool, Myoo bo corn at 6*d by steam and s*d by MIL New York Dry Goods Tlarkef. y . . New Tot*. March 16. Ju» the cotton roods market trade 1' fatny active and price* are *tr*dr cn all standard brands, heavy (beet* ugstedingat for best make*: JOftJOycfor *eccndr,aiai»>r(j h i9 c for connr>D traces, three vanl gx«*. Heavy shirtings steady at l«Hc, aoch as Allan- Llcht goods like Atlantic X brine JIVc; Owlzht A command 19Vr; Tremoat 16c; Mamcha-ctts flae 88, ; New i erk Ml. 1» bleached, *oc: « lUtaaavitle. SOc; Maaonville, ific; nill.SSo; ClUton CCC.JIVc: •I’O Hat K, 13*c; Waltham 42-lnch, 22c; do 6-L Siic ; do S-t Uc; do UM. CSe. * ' Amoskrag A tick*. 30c; do D. 54c: York Mi inch and Pemberton AA, 56yc s Thorcdyk». zlyc. Wbutentoo stripes DO, 99c; Amoescag, iSjjf&c- To'k, oiu denim* AXA. 33yc; do BD. S9c; do CC. He. Fame! * union cashmere*. -Wc : stark drlila. 21c. tiul Bigelow's body Brnsrcl carpets, f i 60. U VTA IT OIUITHEKB Adiertlilu Ae’t* ISO l)corbarn-at M receive advertisements for all the leadtsc papera thraashsat the Coiled eUates nod Canadas. ©metal Notices. '■£H£ PUTNEY, KNIGHT & HAMLIN Controversy Ended. ThefoUowlngdocamestslgnod yesterday will show to the public that there is no further ground of tnuble between the parties: The firm of Putney, Knight A Hamlin has beesdia stlvrd by mutual consent. The undersigned having adjusted all matters of dlderence with his former part ners upon satisfactory terms, deems It an act of Justice to state that upon carefully examining all matters con nected with their business, bis partners have settled with him talrly. The undersigned withdraws aU sulta heretofore commenced by him against his partners or others, upon matters era wing oat of said partnership; and beUg satisfied that the sale ot the partnership property to 11. B. Claflm A Co. wse fair and tor the best Interest ol all the raruer», he hereby raffles and confirms the same. Bald 11. B. Clafltn&Co. are author ized to collect all moneys dne said firm of Putney, Knight A Hamlin. WZZsZiZATS A. PUTNEY. March It. 1567. J^OTICE. I wish to Inform the public that my printing office and composition room were rffot Inj urocl by the late Are, so as to Interrupt that portion of the builncss. Printing will be done as formerly. Will re sume business in all the departments in a tow days. J. M. W. JUNES. VTOTICE 15 HEREBY GIVEN THAT i. v 1 will not be responsible tor any debts contracted by my son, HENRY GUNDKKMAN, And will nr.t pay tor any debts contracted by him after thle date. March Uth, 1&7. HENRY GUNDERRAN. /CANDIDATES FOR “INSPECTORS V J OF Ll'M HER” are requested to nett the “Inspcc (ton Committee" at the Lumber Yard ol Me«srs. Hor ton & .lone#, TweUlh-lt-. on TUESDAY. March Uih, 19t.7, at 10 o'clock a. tn- if the weather is favorable—U I cot, the next pleasant dav thereafter. Per order of Insp.oMan Committee. 33ushtc0S Bircrtori). r pHE MERCANTILE AGENCY UNITED STATES BUSINESS DIRECTORY FOR 1867. CONTAINING THE NAMES OF TUE Merchants, Manufacturers and Traders gen erally tbronghont the United Mates. I‘CBUSBBRS AM) PROPRIETORS, XI. o. DCJJT db 00., ITopripfre of the Mctcanlle Ac<>ncy. 45 WatmtMT., Chirscc. 111., (opposite J, V. Ftrwell & Co.’s.) X. B.—We btvealso far eslu oar Reference Book, clr loc the pecuniary ttrecgtb sad cencral rred't of Mer chant*. *r„ tbroagboot the entire United States and Canadas. 2Baantrtf. ANTED A GOOD FIDE PROOF SAFE. Address *• SAFE.” Tribune office, statin* price Ac. Also a sUndlne desk. JKSTJRANCE. WZX.Z* PAY 108 For tow shares MERCHANTS* INS. CO. STOCK. V. B. GOODYEAR. M l Chamber of Commerce. JM3MBER YARD. WANTED TO BBNT, A convenient Deck and Yard on the South Branch. Would buy tne Lumber on hand. Acore**. this day. ‘•LI'MBt.U," Tribune office. fHrtiical. west SIDE HOiICEOPATUiC VV FBAUUAUT. WILLIAMS & DWIGHT, HOMEPATHIC PHARMACEUTISTS, And Drain* In Medicine Cam* and Vial?, Active Pm. clple*. Concentrated Tincture*. TrltaaUoae, Gloamea. SQ?ar of Mll£, 4c. 2-10 Went M&disoD'M.. Cblcoao, T. P. WTT-T-tiwt, WILLIA! gOUEEYES And other chromic dl»e»»«, »e never uil to cure hr aur new pr»rttce. KennUsia, Pile*. U&eamfttlars. ud scrofula easily cored. M-ileal Klectrlcttjr taaztil In a r«-w lesions. Dr*. LEWIS A DANIEL, 153 Sooth Clark-tu Boom 3. Gotsnltation free. abbcrtising agents 'J' o ADVEETISERS. Advertisement* or Notice* Ituertadta EASTERN NEWSPAPERS, WESTERN NEWSPAPERS, SOUTHERN NEWSPAPERS, GERMAN NEWSPAPERS, RELIGIOUS NEWSPAPERS, AGRICULTURAL NEWSPAPERS, PICTORIAL NEWSPAPERS, Perloelcals, Macailnw. Jonroals, upon the mo*! favorable term*, by cook, cnnrßN & ro.. Advertising Agent*. Office 87 Dearborns t., Ko,a 11. instruction PIE UNDERSIGNED, HAVING recently arrived f-om Hew Tort, Is starting, “by special request.” a cvclu# of Vocal Lcsfoca. according t > the Italian school. to which she respectfully Invite* toe tUtniion of the ladle* In thl# city. Reference*— Loni» gumh. Anna Fredertka Magnusaon. gy~ Appiy at 74 Clypocrp-av. QARL WETTER, Teacher of the German Language, Give* lessors after a new and practical method References «,f prominent cilUcna caa be given.] F.O. B3X 10.17. ?t>artitoarr. JJOUfcE AND KITCHEN FURNISHING HARDWARE! THB XtAROSST ASSOZZTSISCTT WJDBT or WBW YOBS. We are dally ncelving New spring Good* direct from Fac*ory. ana have marked down prlcea to correa pond with rveeat purch»»w. . fW~ Everything, ircm a MEAT SKEWER to a CUOKISO Sun, "“to ... ‘ 7 1 Lake-st. fHasomc Colitis. MASONIC.— The members of Clove la. d Lcdce No. 311. A. F. and A. M.. are hereby «1 to be at txelr ball. No. S 3 Writ Kaniolph-«t M to-cai (bnndav) at It o’clock vharp. for the pnrpoip of micndlne ih-facrr*' nt our l«te Itroth-r, E. A. Web ber. Member# u( ibe frateniiv are rr*p*ctniily mntrd to attend. JOHN WIUfLET. Sec’y. N OTlCE—Annual Meeting of the stock holder# cf the West Chicago Masonic Benevolent Association, Fit ih’decttrnot a Bo*rdof Director# for th- ensa* l-cycftr.wlllbehcla Much isih U*C. a*. CicvsUnd Lcdce Hall. I’OiU ope*, trom 3f> 1 oVioca. C»AS. K. CHA9g. Hecr-tary. IjHjotograplig. A A 1-EU DOZEN. —As cood Card Vl#uU Pfcotoxraptacaa bshad at FULLER’S, 121 a# at other places for twice that aaou&t, NUMBER 281. ffiats anb (Caps. JJATS, LOOMIS. j practical Hatter, 95 South Clatk-st., Hun the LATEST STYLES of Silk & Cassimere Hats Of bin ews manufacture, equal If not nape* rlor, to any made EAST OR WEST. fHusical. NEW AND BEAUTIFUL 3? X A . IST O . We baxejost received. and ihali he iaoii hapPT '5 have all aoiateon call ana examine one of the new 110(1 magnificent STEINWAY Patent rprieht Flacos. For pore and sympathetic quality of t: ne. ptcTertcfes of action and touch, aal all the meet tali cf a first-class instrument, thia cannotb? -urpas-cd by the finest grand or square Pianos while It' compact and elegant turm adapts it to many situs tlout where any other Piano could not so conveniently be placed. The demand ft>r the.<e Instruments very greatly ex ceeds all possibility ct supply. bat we shad retain It cay#, so that the cnrl us and music-loving may have an opportunity cl seeing it. SMITH & NIXON, Clark and Washlngton-sta. Socictg jHcctings. YOUNG MEN’S ASSOCIATION. Beg-alar Ticket. Election Saturday, March S 3, ISG7. President, EDWIN LEE DBOWN, of Brown Bros. Tint Vice President, Prof.TRUMAN n. hAFFOBD,ofCIUcago UnlTcrillj-, Second Vice President, BENJAMIN F. GUYTON, with Bowen Bros. Corresponding Secretary, D. E. PEARSONS, Land Agent. Recording Secretary. GEO. 17. MONTGOMERY, with King, Harmon A Co. Treasurer, L. J. GAOS, Merchants* Savings, Loan a Trait Co. MANAGERS J REV. ROBERT COLLYEB. WILLIAM H. CARTER. A rchltecC EDWARD FORMAN, with N. MsUcn A Co. BENJAMIN B. WILBY. Real Estate Broker. CO AS. J. IRVINE, of Irvine, Jones & Co. J A MES S. MURRAY. Clerk ol Clrcoit Court. SAMUEL D. FERRY, Mechanic*' National Batlc. MEETING OF THE « CHICAGO QUOITING CLUB” Win bo held at St. George’s Rail, ON MONDAY EVENING NEXT, at S o'clock p. m. W. ROBERTS. President. JDrg ©oohs. STOKE, NEW GOODS, LOW PRICES. ROSENATJ BEOS., LAKK.ST. oo We will tell the balance of oar Damaged Goods at oar New Store, at a GREAT SACRIFICE. Express Companies. rpHE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITAL - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CAIIUIESBV EXPRESS. Money, Talno bles, Freight and Parcel** ever more than 111,000 miles at Express Line, at Jest and liberal rates, saves Millions yearly to Ex* press Shippers, nndeno be made permanent only by Ifaclr liberal patronage. This we bope to merit ana receive. Office, Nos. 103,105,107 & 109 Dearborn*!!, B> Iff. COOPBH Agent. ILumtnr. J^UiIBER, Shingles, Lath, and Cedar Posts, On band and for sale at lowest rates, at 146 Mnrket«st„ corner of Monroe. During the coming season we shall s»ll at retail and by cargo, a-duallty of Lumber that will compare fa vorably with any that comes to this market, wnlch we manufacture at Green Bay and Rogue Elver. We shall offer the same to c*»n buyers at figures which cannot fall to suite. R. MASON & SON. iXcal Estate, JpOR SALE NEW BRICK STORE, KNOWN AS THE “POST OFFICE BUILDING,’ With the entire stcck In a Drst-clss* Book. News and Noftrn Store. Building and lot, J6.IOO; stock will Invoice aoout W.OOO. Also, a complete famMy res idence. recently huilt. tvanttfUily locat'd, with river scenery and pleasant surrounding*. at s.t.occ. Address j. W. MtUKILL, m n. dwidht. (Groceries. Q^OLDEN X STORES. Choicest Japan Tea, $1.30 per lb. T-\r * CAV l 20S Kast Randofph-st., • lil AljUil 9 f IDS West Banaolph-sL, Grocer and Prorislon Dealer* jgtoctvlioliicrs' faceting. "VTOTICE—Is hereby given that the an il nnat election ft Director* of the LXION DE-P\fCR COMPACT Win occur on the twenty-first Inn., at the office of the uia Compsny in this city. Polls open tram 8 o’clock a. m. nnui 6 p. m. CHAS. 13. BMGHam, Brest. "VTOTICE.—The Board of Directors of WEST EIDE IUXK ASSOCIATION Are requested to meet st TUE RINK. KATUUDAY. JIARCQ 19, 1567. Per order of E. F. HOLLISTER. President. GEO. E. attebn. secretary. OFFICE MERCHANTS’ SAVINGS, LOAN AND TRUST CO cmciso, Feb. 9, is?*. The Annual Meeting ot the Stocxholdenot toe Mcr chants’ Savings, I»ao and Trust Catnpaoy.fortoe eleo tloo of Trn,toes. will be held at toe office of said Com pany. to Chicago, oc MONDAY. Uaren Ito, between be bonrs of 10 a. m. and lu m. L. J- GAGS. Cashier. IDtoposals. QAVALUT HORSES WANTED. „ _ , Omct Depot ocAßTraxisrs*, ? Fort Leavenworth. Ks, March 9. iw. f Staled propoiaU will be received at this Office notll 13 o'clock m. cf Thursday, Match *l, IS«7, for famish ing at tots Depot, ..V . ,<» CAVALRY HORSES, ol the fsl’owtae desorlptl >n: Jlcitbe satin din all particulars, well broke, in lull firth and good eonUtion. trora fifteen (13) to sixteen (la) bands high, from five(*>) to ntno (V) jean old. and well adapted In every way lor cavalry purposes. Horse* between nine i?) and tan (10) yean of age, it •till vigorous, sprightly, and heritor, may be accspteo. Ihe horses will be subjected to a rigid inspection be fore being accepted. Horses tost have been sold by the Government will not be received. . The hones to bo dellveiod within thirty (30) days trom dste of contract. . ~ , Riser forms tor proposals win be famished on appli cation to tola office. Eaco proposal to be acromnamod by the Kusientes of two reapontlble persons, mat in ca*e the contract is aw&ruod to the blddtr. *opd “f --infficlent ponds will be estertd into lor the faithful ptucrmanceof theiame. .. . „r Proposal* will be roc-Tved for the whole number of horsta requited. or not Je»* than fifty. „ . . The rlcLt is reserved to reject arty or ail bids. Proposals to be made In uloUcata. and it do nod “I’rcposals fbr Cavalry Horses, and addressed to the ° modersart requested to be present alopetlag of the Bvt, Frlr. Ocn. L. C. Easton, Chief Q. M.Departmentof tho Me. Captain and A. (j. M. C',B. Army, rro CONTHAUTORS. Piopoeituns will be rreelved fbr the ciottranr.n-, of tbeaascnrv (sbint 29.000 yards) Of toe ttrld'-eover to-. Ohio LonUvlile, *■»‘‘'cover UNTIL THE lOTS OF APRIL, Plans a:d «rertflcstions win be ready for inspection after the I3to of M-rch. at toe Ennaer.-, officcol too Lociavl e ana Nashville Railroad. * ol No bids wU. be considered IT not by reepoailb.a psrtlea. Dr order of the Board Ot Dtr -cters of the LoulavUle Bridge Ccmpst r. alkkkt ki n* k, Chief Engineer, Souse jFutnfefjtag ffiooDw. IJV) housekeepers. We manufacture all Kinds of Bedding And Bed Furnish- ings. Keep in Stock All Kinds of Curtain Materials. Have all the Latest Styles French, English, German & American Paper Hangings, And the Best Work- men in the City. E.G. L. Faxon &, Co., 74 & 76 Lake-st. jfuriiiture. gg RAmioLPn-sT. PIKE CAVANNA. Furniture, BEDfiSJVG AND UPHOLSTERY. Bgc SiHorkg. QHICAGO Steam Dyeing and Bleaching WORKS. Offices, 10S South Clark-st. 'Methodist Church Block) & 82 Dearbom-st, FACTORY AT CLEA VERTH/LB. Lace curtains Cleaned asd bleacted to loch e<; as rood as new. CRATE SHAWLS cleared or dyed. PLUMES dyed. e’eaetd and curled. KID GL<>\ £s dyrd or cleaned. CARPETS ot all kinds cleaned, GENTLEMEN'S (itll'lENTii c!etnM ordrsd. Abo, General Dyeing in SUk and Wooden Go^da. COOK & McLAIN, loo Olnrk*st. Uanfes anti Bankers. J>ANK OF George C. Smith & Brother, 48 LASALLE-ST y CHICAGO (SPECIAL AGENTS POE THE B&NS OF MONTREAL, IN CHICAGO,) AND Successors to J. ‘W.Drexel & Co., Bankers, Draw Sterling Exchange la lams o! £1 to £l*ooo, and upwards, (or Gold or Currency, nt the most Bra* sooable Rules. L'UUKKdPUMIR.NTH. The Teton Bank of London. London and Wcstmlostei Bank. City Bank cf London. Brawn, bhlpuy & Co. Sterling Enrhange and aierlln; Letters et Credit bought at hifibi »t market price. Gold Draitaon New York bought and ioM. Best erfee paid for Canada Currency. Drafts Issued on the Canada Branches cl the Bank of Montreal. Slocks, Bonds and Gold pnrehssed in New York, and held on usual terms. N. B.—DUla paid and Dc?o‘lW_plared In New York, hr telegraph, through Drexel, Wlnlhrop A Co., and Winslow. Lanier a Vo. Special attention given to Collection*. at all point! Is the Doited States and British Provinces. “TOfINSLOW, LANIER & CO.. * ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT For Travellers, available In all parta of Europe. NOS. M 7 A ‘J9 I‘INB-ttT., NEW YORK. JFot Sale- BOOKS OF TITLE FOE SALE. Ravine Inst, in the Ore of Thursday evening, about twenty .eight volume-* of my Original Abstract, of Deeds recorded In this county, sent to be lettered by Mr. Jones* arm the day prevloos. I offer tor sale the rerrtlndrrrf the set. nponwhlcn I have been engaged since ibe year ISM. They emorace aoout one huadred volumes, and are very elaborately flnl»hcd upon a clan Insuring great accuracy. For further particular*, apply to J. .UAfllN PA.ItH.EIU (Of the firm of Patker A Lyman.) Nos. 15 and 17 Portland Block. JKVESTILEHT. MILL. TOE PKOPHIETOB OF A SEW A No. 1 FFOFRIXG MILL, (Water power), located la Minnesota, having more business than he can attend to. wl.I sel. a one-half In ttmtin bis mill. The cash and good huaine*. exprrl ante necessary. To the rluht man It la the best Utvest xncr t In the State. Address ♦♦ MILLER,” Tribune office. A DESIRABLE STOCK OF WELL k'pt goods and movable fixtures, together with the lease oi store lor one year from ut ot April next, at Council Bluff, lowx, will oe sold at abargam to a cash buyer, samtactory reasons ler selling out. Stock consists of Dry Goods. Notions aad oueens-ware. More. comprising main fioor and cellar. SUM teet, is the coiner building In a brick block. Immediately op posite the prlhUpal hotel. U In fine order and one ot the best In the city. Cash required, from ten to twelve thousand dollar*. Apply, for lortber tnlormatlon, to J. J». FIELD, With Field, Utter A TJ ARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. FOR SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, Ac, Invoicing about ?13,0CC; a'l purchased within a year past, and lease on (tore. Stare located In a thriving town a short distance trem Chicago. Satisfactory rea sons given fbr selling. Fcr psreealars mnnlre of E. V. KofaBINS, Cammlsaot. Merchant. S 2 LaSalle-sC.Chicago. 'TO capitalists. _L Mtiwsm», Math 1.13 m. Having decided to rellnqmsh badness, we oiler oar establishment tor talc. Otr house vu SSTAEUBHEP Ziff 184$, Has been In existence 31 years, ud is now plae< dona safe, firm ano permanent basis, and to men or capital who are oeslrooa of embarking in a PROFITABLE branch cl trade (wholesale and KbOlng only) thla pre sents a rare and ralnablo opportunity. Our stock Is fall, embraces none hot the mest tuple poods, and the cosiness Is la perfect running order. H. BOKWOKTII A* SON?*. Whol-sal* Druggists. Milwaukee. WU. _ ©U Stones. J£IIEKY OIL STONES. Something New. OH Stones, Razor Bones, Emery Wheels Comers Stone*. Machinists* Equalizing Store-. tic., at low prices, manufactured by toe EMEBT OIL STO.SB CO., 144 Fuitcn st, Chicago. Made of any desired grade ol Bill, and in lorra* to salt any »h oed twl. * FAIRBANKS. GUeENLEAb* CO. General Agents. 22tt and tsgtyLakc*t._ Business ©atbs. JJ w. tiCOVXLIjf 17. 8. Zatemal Bovnnno Broker And Notary Public. Office, Room 25 RcyaoMs’block. ry attention given to any business contacted with laicreal He*cane. gMOEED MEATS. E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IN PORE, BEEF, LARD, AND EIHOEED IKS ATS, 150 SQIITU WATEIi-tiT. Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers la llardwoffd and Whitcwrod Lumber, Office ano Yard. 304 Sooth Fraoklln-sc, h-t. Vac Boren and Harniot. Cnicef ?. P. O. Hot 32JU. pF’Ullls cut to DUAC B. HOLD to*. Jl. BDMC.VU PENDLETON. (gonsiguments. ATPT.ESI APPLES! APPLES! LOCO brls choice varieties fbr sale. o»«l-Uac ot nreenlßßs. Untsci*, Winter RM»,P.unit*. Wine s ,p«, Taliroan bwcou.R*d Stripe, Ta'pchrjcien, ant New *&BUTtKI--sso mbs Choice Yellow fbrublrjbis. B. WHYTE ACO., 141 boatoWator-st. Send your order* al-.of. SSip ffihanblew. •JO VESSEL OWNERS & 3IASTER&. Bussell Dock Sails, Lawrence Dock Sails, Woodbury Dock Sails, Druid Duck Sails, Foil Line of Ship Chandlery, Tarpaulins and Tents, Awnings and Flags, Slade to Order on Short Notice. Puiington & Scranton, 209 South Water-st. Stock Subscriptions. pKOSPECTUS OP "The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co.” - $500,000. Capital Stock - Five Hundred Shares, SI,OOO Each. This Company baa been organized under the General Laws cl the itate cl I Uncls. lor the purpose ot manu facturing all kinds ol PAPK3. and preparing FIBEA ft.r other purpcaei', front the WILD iikass in thu vicinity in meat abundance. The practical development mad nUUzlnx <X each Bi> terial baa Ekcq dieted Utrcngn the Xureuaoos, and the t extra! Patent# issued to SIH. lUBBISON B. 3Z&ECH. York. Thla Company bavin* porvhaacu frunj Mr. Merch »n cf the aald P Sfcnaig« k "° *^-9 wID 2 States, to-wit: minoti, t™*.... j| lc rr •an, Wisconsin, lowa and Minnesota, are now prepares Capital Stcdl! Itltea # “ oait 01 *°l»«lpuca» tothe lo inviting subscriptions to this Stock, we would stiTA that the Company are sow tae oxners ct the BATAVIA PAPEE TVnT.T.g Which are producing at the present time two (3) p?b» pet day of pnit pacer. This Mill has buildings and water power of sufficient capacity, already erected, mud tn condition to rtcelxu two «i additional machines, which hare been order*!, and Ills estlma'td can be put In running order on or before the first day ot May next, wnlch wLI Increase the capacity and pr.ductscf the i*.d Mils to six (9 tans per cay; tbs', at the present market prices, » b ouid j laid to this Company a very satisfactory p roflt. 1 he future oper.nous of tnls Company cont-mplata the erection. or consolidating of other mills with taelr enterprise, within the present year. t:sulng ice fofl amount uf their Stock, and which wt*l probably more than double the toregoing estimate of product ox Print, Manilla and Wrapping Papers* This Company having procured a charter tram the LeciiUiareof the suit of Illinois, Increasing taewr capital to out million of dodars, are bow reorgantsnc nader their Charter privileges. Thehtoca Boouare x.owcpeaforsnb*crtDtioata theStocc,at the OtScea if, Mwt». DICKERSON A SHERMAN. 170 Kao dvlib**t. where ail farther Information as to the pat ents, prospect?. 4c.. wjl be etven. la sa'lcttlcg our friends to sobocrlM to this Stock, believe *e are warranted U larlnz that this eater* prise promisee an unparalleled retain of profit*, cm* pared with acy other matnfactnncz holiness hereto fore ptesmted. THOMAS S. DICKERSON, Pres»t. GEO, B. MOSS Vice Piea’l. (Formerly president Batavia Paper MlHOo.) WSJ. HANSBROUQH.SeCy. 1. N. W. SHERMAN. Trearorer. ilapcr. CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON A SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPES DEALERS, DtMJEXS IX Paper Sukers’ Findings, Chemicals, etc., 170 Handolph-at*,. Chicago. We offer for sale to dealers asd consumers R. Handle. New* and Print SSsIS 2.<)UO uo do do -A-txAtt L.iOO do do do ....■...’J'lssS S-KMI do do do 2-Tx3T 3.0(10 do do do 27x11 1..T00 do do do 3Sxl4 S. do da do :tAz4.IV 1.5410 do do da 31544 V .*l,llOO do do do Uoxl*3 1.300 do do do 2A*:tS 1,000 do do do 3tixl|S 600 do do do 20x13 Extra fixes made ta order on short notice. For at the lowutmarhet prices for CASH. SXmobals. REMOVAL. B. E. JOB3JAN Sc CO, INSURANCE AGENTS, QAVB REMOVED THEIR OFFICE TO No. 112 LaSalle-st., ataacAOTiM bt7ilpxwq. LANDON’a EMPORIUM~for~Dra? gists* Pandries acd Fancy Goods. Wholesale iSa Retail, REMOVED to four-story building, IS'o. 07 Lakc-Ht^ Where I ihall be happy to s*e our old friends and aS cewonts. The beatstock <t «o->dß west of New Tor*. SJSloofc ami areal* THIS. CO All AT SUMER PRICES! We have a few hundred tons cl best LACKAWAIfA and riTTSTON COAL more thaa will supply our cus tomers, which we effer. delivered la any part of thn city, at the following prices; llnstr. Era and large sizes, 812 per Tex* Chestnut 11 “ I MINING AND SUPPLY CO .VI sod A«t Randolphs. Dissolution of copartner ship.—tlc Firm of FTTT.T), PALHEE &LIETEE Having expired by llmltat'on on the lint day of Janu ary, lied, thesamels diaculvcd asui that date, by mu tual consent. POTTER PALMER, MARSHALL FIELD. L. Z. LEITER. MILTON J. PALMER. (Signed) Chicago. March 12,1567. The undersigned have this day formed a copartner* ship, irr the purpose of doing a General Dry Goods business, tndcr the Ctm came of HELD, T/RTTTm. & C 0 bach p ante rehip taking effect trem Jauuary Ist. 19VT. MAW-HALL FIELD. H LEVI Z. LEITEK. LOKENZO G. WitODHODBK, BESET J. WILLING, Chicago. March 13th, 1=57. j3artnetgj)ipg. NOTICE.—The V > aoderelgcedhavethlsaayfhrmedacopartcetahlp under the nameef MOSEBACX & HUHFHEE7, For the purpose of transacting a General Brokerage l)ustne«*. a* buyers exclcstvely, la Drugs, Oils. Chemi cals and Dye Muffs. Office, 1 -TO South tvater-oL, Boom No. S, Dole's Building. W. MOSEUACK. 8. M. HUMPH BET. (Late with Faber. Finch A Fuller.) Chicago. HU March ILISC7. We refer, cy permmloc. to Fuller, Finch A Fuller, Fmlih A Dwyer. Day. Allen A Co., Falrhmk Peck * Co.. J. U. Bred a Co. Smith. Cutler A Co., Whitaker* Harmcn A Co.. CouM A Brother. iSticfe, pRICK MACHINE.” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office. Boom .Nc. a, 17 Clatkst., Chicago. |J\AGAZINE BRICK WORKS, Corner Haistod and Twcnty-secocd-su. Office, No. s OUs Oxk. A. J. KMSELY, Proprietor. /~1 ARD’S PATENT ' x brick mi’.iisirm Office and manunctorr 3 J Bento Yae tmnnniriMi and descriptive circular address S. B> QABD, 03 Bona Jefletsco-et, ca to—fc ißtocfe JBarfert. D EYII, S STOCK MARK la listened to the ears of Sheep, Cattle, CjIU, Hogs. 4e-,by means of white metal rivets. Each Mark is stamped with tos tume and Post CSca aedtees ct the owner. U will save adrmlnpg. appraising and posting. The Aew TorkTrlccne s»ys: *• It i» the mo»t simple, esfy.ccmmoa-senseneto'jd of narking ever devised. Sena 3-ceat stamp ‘or specimen Mara and elrcotor. County and State Rights (except for 11 mots); a»7, wetku g apparatus for sal-. si. l. Djtv IX p.O.Drx 1084. Chicago. _ Sj)oti) gqras. p ET TOUU PAINTED CARDS At S-t DKABBORN-ST.. (Jo SUln. jFrrt HOUND OIL C AK.B Is the fheapest Fetd la the Market by NQ.TONonbCP.tow- rVEiI, BATTEN & CO, maleail, ComaUtlet Kcr^jurM, jyo. KO MoGou»*t*' [BttwocnF aalU-sUI DhNVLB,COLORADU