Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 17, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 17, 1867 Page 4
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Cljimstf tribune. SUNDAT, SIABCH 17, 1807. THE CITY. Fsxn Dopousb is expected to speak la Chicago os Saturday evening next. BmoiABT.—’The duelling bouse of Timothy Lynch, at No. 534 Sonlh Clinton street, was en tered by burglars on Friday night, and a small amount of money and clothing was stolen. Fsxus MOTKO.-A xnaas meeting of the Fe nian Brotherhood was held on Saturday evening, at No. SlO Archer road ; Uwaa largely attended. Tht meeting was addressed by Senators Morrison and Scanlan, and Hon. J. W. Fitzgerald, of Ohio. •p A x comssioimn.—A special meeting of the Common Council was held last evening, at which C. N. Soldin. Esq., was appointed to the office of Tax Commissioner, created by the Legislator* tH« wlnicr. msscxTAnoß.—The genie’ class at Maniac's rtnclcg Academy presented a very handsome gold watch and chain onTnesday evening last. 10 Mus Myra C. Balkan, the lady teacher at the Academy. Mb. Jobr B. Gocou wlb lecture on ’’Facta and FicUon,” before the Yoong Men's Association, on Tuesday evening, March 19th, at Crosby’s Open Honsc. The sale of tickets will commence at nine o'clock on Monday morning, all be ticket office of Crosby’s Opera House. J bis will be the la*i lec ture of the scaeoa. Dti-m or as Ex-Crrx Omcuu—Edwin A. Webber. Esq., a resident of this dey for twenty two years, and who was connected wltn the city government nnder Mayor Boone's administration, died on Saturday morning after a brief illness. Mr. Webber leaves a very large circle of friends in this city, by whom his memory will ever be held In high esteem. Tons Bcbciabt.- At the Police Court on Sal cxdav afternoon Samuel Isaac and Helen Day were held for further examination on Wednes day next In ball of SSOO each, upon the charge of entering the premUes of Thomas Martin and ulucg abont Cny pounds of pork from a barrel. Mr*. Martin stated that when she went to tbc barrel and lonrd no meat she was so completely taken aback that she came near fain*lag. Rchawat.—A horse attached to a wagon ran a? ay from the corner of Clarkand Madison streets on Sataifiay at a little past noon. After coming in collision with one or two vehicles the wagon •truck again«ta lamp post, breaking the latter •tort off mar the ground. Toe horse was soon alter caught by Officer Drury near Monroe street. Stvenl ladies and children narrowly escaped be ing run over. Yon.o Men’s Associatios.—At a meeting held In the library room* in Portland Block, on Satur day evening, the folio .ring named gentlemen were elected inspectors of the annual election of offletw, wnlcb lakts place i.-xt Saturday night: Dr. Aaicn Gibbs, Tertlos Wadsworth, u. M. Frink.. An opposition ticket will probably be pnt in nominauen dorirg the week. The “regular” Is pcbllencd la this issne._ The Panircx Rinoc.—lbe Chicago 7imei % whose enterprise In the matter of prize fights, dog stories. a«-d vn-Laary deeds of blood Is beyond dispute, gets into strange vagaries when s’tempt isc to deal with matters of f»n. On Satnnlay the Turn cem<’ oat with a rumor to the effect that the chartt-r amendments bad mvsterionsly disappear ed at n riugfield, asi that Mr. Boa man lud gone down tie.eto leek for them It the could ta>e te« l a reporter down totbe “bands” on bat nria> mentieg. he might tare been able tosec, with the n.ken eye. ibe charter amendments, jnst as the lof-y-fingcred Aurora bad begun to glia the eatlaxi sky. Tbe New Wateh Wonns— Hasosic.— The ceremony of laying the corner stone or the new baildlnrs at the Lake Tunnel will necessarily require the presence of the Masonic Fraternity. Tte Boa*d of Pabli; Works have extended an in vitation to me il- W. ii. M or the Grand Lodge ot lie S'aie of Illinois 10 oflicisle on the occasion. He will require tic assistance of the Craft of this city, and Uis hoped that every I edge, as well as the Knights Templar and Chapters, will partici f ate in lie ceremonies. The Grand Master will wnc a cal! to the brethren in doe time, and we trust there will be a goodly number ol white aprons present. Tbeoialion will be delivered by bis Honor Mayor Hire CosaniseiojiAi. TiaiPEiiAxcr Societt.—A meeting of gentlemen interested in the formation cf abianch of tbe Congressional Temperance So dety was held on Saturday afternoon in Commer cial Hall. and a punnaneol organization ejected by tbs choice of the following officers: President—Hon. 1. IS. Arnold. First Vice-President—Rev. W. W. EvarU, D. D. Second Vice-President—Senator Yab>«. Corresponding Secretary—Major j. W. Wood. Becoming Secretary—J. A. C. 1 hompson. An address was then delivered by Major Wood, and a scries of resolutions wee ad picd, roe im sending a mo;e rigorous prosecution of the war against King Alcohol. A DisarrotSTXEKT.—A numerous art ly of cu riosity seekers gathered around the Court House on Sitmdry - about 1 o'clock, in impatient ex pectancy of the advent of Professor Hamilton, who was annornetd to take his tnck horse op (he flight ot steps which lead to the cupola. The Pro tc?for did not, however, apnear, haring been fore warned that the police were there in force to pre vent the ascent. It was not stated that humanita rian or equlnUticrea-ons forbade it, bat simply that the steps were not built lor horse travel, and might come tumbling do? n about tbe ears 01 the crowd if weight’d too heavily, ills due to the I‘roftssorto say that it was not his fault that the waiters nereditappoiuifd. Death or Rev. B. It. Dasbt.— The well known musical composer. Rev. B. U. Hanhy, died yes terday morMLg in this city, from con nmpUon. For a long time Mr. Hanby baa been connected with the firm of Root* Cady, and was one of the anthonsoftne favorite children's publications of that house, entitled the “boi.g Birds.” A? a writer of words and mneic pleasing to children Mr. Haaby possessed a remarkable rift Among the many popular compositions of Mr. Hanby are the song* of ‘•Darling Nellie dray” ana “Old Shady,” familiar to every one. In private life Mr. iiaubr was one of the most quiet 01 gentlemen, and was widely beiored nr a large circle or fnoids. the remains of the deceased will be scut to ilia relatives residing in Columbus, Ohio. ilAVTTAcrrcjsc JcwELsne.—Messrs. Horse, Roddln & Hamilton, the well known dealers In American and few its watches, diamonds. Jewelry, silverware, French clocks, bronzes, and fancy goods, on the northeast corner of Clark and Lake streets, have jnst added to their business a com* pMc msnniactnring establishment, and are now fully prepared to execute all orders for diamond », enamelling, scroll engraving, and .the ma-nfacturc of oil Linds of solid gold Jewelry. They have a corps of woikmeo not excelled in the Uhlitd States, and having superior facbities for doh g all kinds of work putlalnlng to the Jewelry business, they are prepared to execute all order* with piomptness and despatch, and warrant all work to "tie entire satisfaction. Ten Tcssna.—The authorities are now quite sanguino that preparations will be complete by next Then-day so as toullow the formal admission on thst day of pare Lake water into the great ton* ncl, thence to be distributed by the street pipes through the aty. In connection with that the correr-stone of the new tower for the water-works will also be laid with appropriate ceremonies. Work has recommenced on tbe Washing ton street tunnel, although the frost makes pro gress clow. A stetm engine with a crane for hoist ing have been erected on a movable platform over the land excavation, so (hat they can be slid along on rollers when the earth has been Itred oat tremany given point. Tbe piles for the coffer dam are almost all driven, and as soon as me icc is out, probably, the work on the puitg will be resumed. Wasiiixotoh SKanxa Pah k.—The stockholder? of the Washington Skating Park Association held a meeting on fcatarday evening at the Park, for purpose of hearing tne reports otthe oScer*. and of determining what should be done in the future, as their lease tor their present site had expired. .Mr, G. De Clerq, Preaiueat, occupied the chair. Mr. G. C. Street, Secretary of the Association, submitted bis report. In which was g<ren the num her of days of skating, fony-elght, an account o. the two masquerades and two benefits given dur ing the season. The report was accepted. Mr. U. I), Unchnnan, Treasurer, read an acconnt of the receipts and expenditures of the Associ ation, of which the following la a summary receipts ■Expenditures Amount on bond *1,317.61 On motion Messrs. Samuel McCotter, W. Lowe and I). Ely were appointed a committee to deuse a plan for intore operation. Theeneetfcg then adjourned.* Tin Jcrrauox Honncns.—lt fs. believed that the party of participants In the robbery of Mr. Snell's boose, at Jeff rson, on Tuesday night, are all under arrest, with suffic ent proof against them to lead to their conviction. The pecuniary extent of the robbery Lae been stated at (6,u00, bat It has bees ascertained that It was only about (l,tiCo, at least £590 of wbicQ was not very easily disposed ot tn the brief fme that elapsed before the tilcf was arrested, it l«eing a Government bond, and f.nml in the fellow's possession. 1 be names or the arrested parties ate John Law rence, Jcny Go-maii, John Gorman, Ben. Sabins. and W ealcr. better known aider hli ailat of Denny Smith. ILctt men are representative-oi the most desperate clm>s of criminals that Infect oar city, and cover the lung scale of rascality and vie*, liom a will ngnese to sttal five cents tromja blind cripple *o the commission of a mnrdef. Theirmoti enjoyable amusements aro dog and priae fights, ana ibay hatetevery species of mor «;i«» “us tataa docs holy water.” They will, probably, be examined at the Police Court early this week. QTDSorooBtA Dt a Uouar.—On Thursday last the Snpcrintei-dcnt of the West DlrUlon City Ballway Stables noticed that one of the bones of the company, a fine-spirited and gentle animal, bad -it ibe course of the diy become so violent and fici ned that l« was dsngerous lor any one to come near nlm. Or. U U. Sadrcn. the veterinary surgeon o' No. 424 btate street, was sent for. an» bu piocounccd the horse to be suffering from hydrophobia- Imhc early part of the Oav, while tbe animal was yet manageable. a partial par* alysis oi the bind legs, with a eomewbat cus'cady gait, were noticed. Doris? the day he refused food bed diti.k, ana towards evening became very res Jess In his ►till, startin': and tremblin'* violently ai tbe least noise, such as lootstcps or the too:ting of a horse at a distance. He atired wildly ana opened his month riih a peculiar grin nlrg fercciiv, and would rash at any one coming near him. In hi* intense sufies mgs he attempted to Mte end destroy everything about him, and In hla paroxysms did not even spare his own body. Ihcte was difhcmty in deglutition and a frequent o' n c di, Q , e projres.,ll rapidly, attended with petal agony, and as It was undoubtedly hydrophobia, which in man and ani mal* is mail ca*-es latal. It was deemed an act of mercy to relieve the animal fiom bis sudetln? br killing him, which was accordingly done. tcveral of tbe horses of this compsoy have lately been falltcn oy dors In tbe streets, nnd thU one la supposed to nave been attacked some two weeks ago. Rntei [From Ibe Chicago Times cf Saturday, j Ajc Ckfixasakt Itc jrou.—lt Is claimed by pailieawbo claim to be informed in regard to the mailer, 'bat the Charter amendments for ih» city wh>b were pa-ecd by the last ses sion of tne Legislature have myttrriotMy tfU cmxcrtd at Sprlcg field, before receiv ing the elgnatnre of the Goveinor. U Is e>ld teat City Clerk Bodman, who left for Springfield on Tuesday last for the purpose of procuring a certified copy of these amendments, has beet* CKiBIE TO mSD TUI tittt. if mis minor be tree, not a few of onr citizens, and particu larly members of the pouee force, win be sorely disappointed. It is quite probable, how ever, that the papers hare only been tempo rarily mislaid. i rise. tFrom the rWcam Tri bniit of Ibe Lily Clerk, A. H. Bodman, Esq, arrived in Chicago yesterday, baring satisfactorily performed the duties of □ls mission to Spring field. Be Drought with btm a certlfiea copy ol the City Charter, wuicu ws mesEirr to oua CEADLUS ESriBE, Ou readers wHI peed no other assurance ol tha fid that tbe rumor pub ifebed yesterday to lb: effect that the Charter Dad bo n trrccorcnibly lost, was without found ation. ihc changes are nu merous, bo’b from the former Charter and from that published la tbe TniDojrE heretofore aa proposed by the Com mon Council. It will repay penutl. THE EIGHT-HOUR QUESTION. Boollnp of Employers—Discussion of the Subject—Hen to bo Paid br the Hour, A f f , tb ' end m.-lor builder. ... brio .1 their room, on Mtnrd., evonluT Some icrenlj pereoiu were preernu cl “ led Ch *'™- •»* ». commnnltles or Stater cannot long > BB , me rel4tllf e position where—all things eise being eonal—the Inhsbiianta «r mom todStrlSS?SidrVr. f£l**%i b » , J °£ 11,8 otier. Illinois cannot at iht« , * deprited of °n«-fiflhof her pro if^. d t a f ,r7 . ® nd creinve wealth vrith ?hi mI 01 oat*tripped and ft dn.son,mlVhtam| 7 Cnt ' rptUl “ g * nd ™>» When It coats so much to lire as l» ro«.jA». ? £« f .T.UlSlVl'S’n sa&“&Bss? , s ffjj’jstf'sa s tfr^fiiV * 8 no . l lbe !,eJtt Wi »caUolncrt*adc OQr wning., rather than by relaxa’- w?rh B ?£> 8 . 10 •“scocnr Income one-fifth do£r,ScpS5 1 /, ° U ‘ Cr ““ l ” S Ul ' P rtcc »f «li .k^f*^? ctories ) a . 11118 and State are bnt in ohaiSll? 16 */ *° d J 1 Is deefrable that no nnosnai vSftnnrtM^ 0 mentß b f thrown In their wav. >£ 8; ?, B0W made in Chicago which we "OMjared onder the presentaiate ot things barely ?pfiHn!, i «wi? l Ti ll ’ 88 *** haTe tocomelncS- fame cjub of goods nronebt bore trim the older Sistcs. What then most he M«t r of°thi f iiK en,y * fl J e » 1)81 8801 18 added to the cost of the labor need In the production of these articles here, while the Imported goods cost no Either an Influx of lahoMrom ?iteJ?^ tet *5 aßt ,&1 ° place 80 88 to keep prices relatively as they are now, or many of these manu factories must stop; metn*nlfe the Interest on the value of the maemnery. Ac., In some of these establishments will impoverish the In onr cold climate, out-door labor can only be snccessftiHy proreented n Utile more than one- Ualfthe Takc mastnry for Instance. New bricks are seldom made and delivered before tho first ot June; after the fifteenth of November the weather is nnfit to lay them. Ought then tSs snort season of less than six months to be stilt furtho- abridged by enuiug off one-fifth of tho the balance. Oncht we not rather to do “ d , «»ni all wc can while l£«r!I orab^ le weather lasts, and rest, recaperai" a 2f*i° Itr 1 t r0 M C °? rmt^ llect s dnrtng the rector the i«? r i=K j6ltl,otnn " *° say that a mason shall not labor more than eight hours a day. when for five months In tbeyear ft Is almost wSpkJS I S«» , v«! a f ind “oproflUble iSr him to What sjmpailu does he deserr: who pleads poverty In winter, and yet refuses to S7nmmeJ? nrfl ““ 0f Wtot be «'CwSdi”aS Wrrc the whole year like June and September Are the people of Chicago and of the State pre pared to pay one-filth more taxes than thev all last year, with an addition of twenty-five pe/ceot pit store ana honse rent ? Yet enchmnat ineritv. bly be the result It this law le genera Jy enforced for It not onlv avpitvos ns of one-fifth ofompniSl ent stock of labor, bnt it will nJ to ?av more for tbc lonr-flftbs remaining Lmiffi ever done lor lbe whole, ihe dMtrSuon of “*? fifth of an article that does not noweSual Uie demand must result in greatly enhanem- the value, or at least ibts pntchasable rate ef ifie re *£s**• f Wc «s. however, how thHslale 8 to benefit those who were so anxlons for theiparaape of thla law. If they ob tain more lor their labor It will cost them more to I'.'ti. {he? cannot expect to have the advantage uor f in - themselv.s and deny It to their neighbors- the tailors of whom they their clothes, or the shoemaker who o«s£**iJ l^e^M boca .- o] :v lf tbtf y d ° «»ist upon pnying these thing* in other States, where men no»k ten hoars per day, what then mil be the results to ns as a Slate? There can am.V o, i .F 00 itnporledsroods to protect home (Illinois) Industry. Suppose tse ta'iora of this state were to work bnt lour Lours a dty.and those of Indiana ana Ohio ten, how much clothing wonid be manufactured In this State! And will not the mult be partially the same as between ejjbtand ton hoars? He must own a fast horse tbul esn afford to give his opponent one mile In a race of five. It takes two, however, to make a bargain, and we cannot expect to compel workingmen to ac cept our view of the case. They have tbe same rights In the premises (hat we have, neither more cor less; but we do think that whatever Is for our interest, and of (he community at large in this instance, is also for (heirs; but if they insist upon woiking but tight bonre, we cannot compel them to work ten} but In to mitigate as far as possible the disastrous effects to those who have to ran all the risks, we submit to yon tbe fvlowing resolution as onr report: i.Vsoitrd.'Thal on and alter the first day of April, ItCT, all manufacturers, builders, and others in the habit of employing men by •be day, will, from that time forward, engage and pay them solely oy tbe hour, an t that w call nee our utmost endeavors to induce those in onr employ to continue to work ten boors a Cay. as heretofore. On the motion to adopt the report, some discus sion arose. Mr. Knight said that he was an employer, bat be thought the plan proposed would work trouble with employes. He thought It was an attempt to dodge tbe law, instead of coming oat openly. Mr.Bonlon and others defended the report, laying that they did not wish or Intend to control the laborers, hot only to make a lair, open state* tnenl of tbe system on which they would act. Mr. Seth Paine said that be was opposed to the preamble and resolutions. He thought «i«t they were really intended to defeat the law ot the Stale. Similar lans fcsd been passed In thirty States and would probably be passed by the United Slates Government. He thongtat that it was poor policy for them to try to combat the law by resolution, but it ibey wUhed, tb?r should meet It at the bal lot box. Be tbonghtalso that the steps proposed were to defeat the principle underlying the law. Be advocated the right of the laboring classes to opportunity for the development of tbe Intdlecl- He could remember when fourteen boors were a legal day's work. As Cast as men can make mi chli cry do their work, and i-pare their brain and mnscle, U should be done. Men must be lifted up; employers and employe must shake bands' and recogriae each oti'cr’e rights. The tendency of the age Is to HR up mao. It has been iegun with the slave nn the plantation. TLe*e resolutions Ignore tbe humanity of men and treat him as a corse nr an ox. He spoke as an employer, to bebaifof the employed. Men du not do a half day's work now. There must be some arrangement to Induce them to do a lull day's work. The lack of understanding bctwc-*n employers and employes causes this. An ar rangement can ho mane ly which they will do as nnch In eight hours as they now do in ten. Thu ray" —* •- way to meet this question Is tor employer* to take emplnjcs by the band and make them feel tb&t their interest* are ote. Mr. O. B Greene thought that the gentleman did Injustice to the laboring clause*; that they, as tar as be bad cxperici.ce, were ready to work laitblnlly. and that there was a kind feeling toward* their employee. After eome o*hir debate the preamble and re&o lotion were adopted with but one or t.vo dis senting toicc*. The Secretary was Iretructcd to inform railroad companies and other emplovers of the procscd inge of the meeting, and the assembly then ad* jourced. ST. PATRICK’S OAT. lUObtcrranceia Cblcago—Procession, Banquets and Balia* This Is “Saint Patrick’s Day In tbe morning.” On account of Its falling upon Sunday it will this year be celebrated on Monday, and there will probably be much more general demonstrations on Ibe part of the Irish people than at any former time tor several years. The Fenian excitement has stirred up their patriotism and also cre ated a tiding of rivalry among different par ties and sects, so the tom out will be made as complete and brilliant as possible. During the day there will be a street parade of tbe Irish military, citir.ens and coddle, in the evening the two divisions 01 tbe Su Patrick Society, which Is divided on the question of toast ing the Hierarchy, give their great banquets and balls at the Tremont and Bngcs hotels. Several of the Fenian circles also give balls, rhst of the Logan Circle will be at tbe 010 Board of Trade Hall, where a grand swoid and musket exhibition will be given: that of the Klckham Circle will take place at the Iron-Clad Hall In Bridgeport, where the Crest Western Light Gnard Band will fornl-b lie music. The Thomas Davis Cirdo will rlvo their hall at the new I timer's Hall on Twelfth street, and an exhibition and hall for the benefit of the “ utile Zouave Twins” will como off at the German Theatre, corner of Wells and Indiana streets, with a full orchestra and two military bands in attendance. Tbe Hibernian Benevolent M«acfy will give their annual Dali in Crosby’s MnslcUalL The following Is tbe programme fixed upon at a recent meeting of delegates from the several Irish associations of thedty. All tne Irish societies are requested to join In tbe procession, each car r.'lng Its banner, and every person wearing the badge of his society: . 7,i)Sd.i: obpxu or rnocnssroK. Chief Marshal—Redmond Sheridan. Aids—P. Foley. J. Bonis, P. Nichoison, Robert Willmarth, John H. Donltn, Robert Sherry and Prank Ballew. Band. Military Escort—First Regiment of Fenian Vol ankers, Colonel Cosgrove, com manding. Band. Benevolent Societies, Associations, Clubs, etc. LINE or XAUCU. The procession will move from Market street, cast on Lake street, to Micbiganarenue; couotei manbirgonLake struct .to Clark street; south on Clark street to Van Bareu street; can on Van Bnren street to .State street: south on State street to Twelfth street: west on Twelfth stmt to Rai ded street; north on Ilaleted street to Randolph fe&eet; cast on Randolph to Wells street; north on Welle street to Oak street; east on Oak street to Clark street; south on Clark stmt to Michigan etrect; cast on Michigan street to state street: south on stale street to Washington street; west cn Washlcgton street to Market street, whore the procersion will disperse. The several organizations taking part in th* procession arc requested to be on the ground, as as above indicated. at nine o'clock In the mornin" Ibc procession will novel at ten o'clock. Societies or organizations not berelo enumer ated, that may desire to join the procession, mav report before ten o'clock in the morning, to tn* Chief Martha), who win be found on the "round anawil! assign tbem suitable positions. “ a nonnißLE death. A Woman on Pfro—Probable Intcn< Ilonal Suicide, An Intense excitement was created in the i:tichboti:o‘*dol Cofage Grove, on Friday morn ing, by tbe current report that an old lady rcsld lug In the vicinity had been so dreadfully burned that theie was no prospect of her rccoverv. The mmorwaa Indeed true. Mrs. O'Neil, a 'woman who bad attalbcd the advanced age of seventy-tree years, residing on Calumet avenue, between Ihtrlleth anollay streets, was the unfortunate victim, and after several boors of dreadful pain tbe expired at one o'c ock Satnrdaymomlng. In the forenoon of Friday a ccullcman named Jxe, residing on Kay street, while standing oat ride his premises, heard feartnl ter cams and cnes of distress from some peison on the prairie with in a few rods of his house. Looking in the d'roc- Pon whence the sound# proceeded lie was shocked at beholding Mrs. O'Neil, her garments all on Are, moTing bUudly abont on the prairie. Calling to hasten to the spot with l°°ir^ hc Jumped the fence and the water that vaa brought and thrown in paiUfal noon W extinguished the flints*, ES they bad already performed their horrid wort Thocch the timely efforts of Mr. Lee undoubtedly saved her from Immediate death, the injuries eb-« hsd already received were too severe to admit of her recovery. He caused her to be conveyed boire, where ter clolbes were carefully remov'd by cutting them from her person, and cverr en. dtavorwas made to relieve her suffering Tho flesh on her arms.and ihc lower portion of rcr body hung flabby ana loose-a mere dead sub-tnnee and presenting a very sickly spectacle. Other parts « f her body were burned nearly to a cm der. Alter hours of physical misery the poor old crcatniediedan hour aftca midnight, aa previ ously stated. When qnesiened as to tbe origin of the acci dent, she at first stated that ehc bad voluntarily set fire to her clothing, bnl aftcrwird* said tha* her dress caught fire from tbe stove. Those who were beet scqnainted wilb her are of the oplnlou that as she suffered a great deal mentally, from heavy domestic affliction, her first statement may haveners irnc. Her melancholy fete ta a them ol general conversation ia the neighborhood of lit occurrence. ’Mrs.O'Npiiwasawiiow lady, her family con iS{iX°si!Lir<Jr TO Workf , h!? , ? l Sr d *V h ' ■om22,nV« l,^ l,Te comfort»blT, bQt to care iU possession of physical com nlr«-i«« b ,°.* ever ’ docs not slnaye bring hap- Prff C ih*pm I «ftif ,?reas o 1 evcnu ° n ‘ n accompany r*« sorrows for which mere money “Vn^T-l„ bn ? comp»matlon. beared widow’s K doinc * lic happiness wa* creatly »^SKi o Vl b7 «"li»Uona of death to th? lt b i r ? nt a short time af^r i? 5J ,e ,f lb °{, ber hnsbsnd, her only daughter, Mary, tuarned a man named Mnlbsrtr emoioviA tijf iSJ'T’,? n ,tock lUllrola. About d , , .f alr “ ncr "“'l*- Mulh.rty, .till In the £nPl? y ». of tbL * company, was almost Instantly killed by an accident, Thla sodden event was ffi Uf Jirt nen rt d }* Tbo & MarT "Cd her mother. ihiM«J l(1 -" ea . t d4ach,cr and her young children, a girl and a boy. then removed lo Ibe house of her mother. Many days of banni ncse came to them, but an unseen doadwa/K wfc» ll,e J ,M,Clsir l w,a ' ictltn to ,be cholera !hl t Si;™l.«» a^vbro^ hl . dee P amiciion. m ‘JI.i 118 chfid It was thought lit to h l,B tolher, and the »rave was^opened r n^P arpoe .t- Tbe mother bad “morbid Si*?!? 8 nT *° *$? lbe of her hnaband. bnt the coffin was uncovered and exposed to hj ß * *s° sapataral, ghastly and terrible slab! a ? dl ‘, l 18 “ ,d * never ftilly recovered hLuSJ 11 ! 8 fe T she died mod Fas * r b , eildo toe loved bnsband and child . to the brim for those who were left. Her mother coaid never be passively resigned to the sad event, and at times was thought to have been par tlally crazed. Appealing cries to her daughter to ‘‘come back,’’ expressions of wild sorrow and en dearment when alone, are mentioned by her mends as of frequent occurrence with her. She bad often expressed a wish to die, and the wish has been sadly and dreadfully consummated. THE BICKINQ MURDER. Examination—The Prisoners, Stlckney and Black—Tho Samo Attorney Prosecuting and Defending— A Continuance. The examination of Stlckney and Black, the two yonng men who are now in tho County Jail under a charge of murder, was resumed yesterday, after noon before United States Commissioner Home. J °rL^« Annan, £aq., appeared for Stlckney, and C. R. Jones, Esq., In behalf of Black. Sev eral witnesses were examined In regard to the char acler of SUcknev, the object being to show a state of facts In relailon to bis drcuiMlanSi if SIS general behanor which would belie the Imputa tion cast noon him in the story related by hi* companion. Black. The first witness examined MB. JOUKSOR, £ ln tb 9. t ?^ n ° r Elgin, who testified that he had known Stlckney since kls retnrn from Hie mountains; that bo bad been endeavoring with otnera to raise a company here to go out to work certain mines In that region, ana mat he came to Chicago to operate on the Board of Trade. Mtchney had no mouev when he returned. Wu the custody of It. u. Yales, the detective. Yates accused Mlckner of swearing to a lie, and In presence of tbc prisoner, said that be had enough against him to convict him of murder. AKPUEW WEMFLX testified that hebad sumo conversation with Judge t '?f t £ r J a . ,elatlo,i 10 *h« murder, in me course of which te inionncd him tha< while he was In Den ver tho wifeofßicklup(tnc mnrdercd min) lud sent for him and aeked him to ferret out the mar dents oi her husband. He told him that while he knew Stlckney his character was above re proach. Croaa-rtanslnetf—Judge Carter stated in that conversation Ihathc had beard of Stlckney trying todhpoeeot certain lands which wore already deeded away. MBS. BTICKNXT. _ . ■**-. oiivaAfti, the mother of the prisoner, was examined. She "trued that her eon left for the West In the fall of iboi. When he relumed he was very poor, had no baggage and only twenty-five cents m money. He was muen distressed In rcmrolng home In anch a condition, but said be bad an Interest In some mines which might hereafter be valuable. Before he left home be bad contracted no expensive habits, and since bis retnm be manifested no change in that respect. He was obliged to borrow clotting and money from bis friends. _ . , DWICTXVX TATES. Bartholomew C. Yates was re-examined. He paid that be omitted In bis testimony of tbe ore vious day one part of the statement made to him by Hlack when be was arrested. Black, In giving an cccumu of the death of Sicking, said thal when they came to the first or second ranche alter Sicking was killed. Mlckney went ontso as to avoid being seen by the ranchcmen, some of whom be knew. He tStickney) mentioned a Mr. Thom son, and said if he cot Into a scrape about il he would keep him out of it Judge Carter told him (Yates). In presence of Mr. EIL that Stlckneyhad to deed ‘and to some one m that section of tbe country, on account ofhavlng taken a draft from a letter. Croie-tramlned byJJr. Van Arman—l believed, this story told by Black; from all the circum stances 1 thought it was true that be had killed Blcking, and that SUckney had robbed him. 1 think Plickney ran Black exactly as a confidence man runs his men. I Judged so from the appeaiancc of Mlckney. I have been working to send both of the men on to Dakota Territory. 1 bailed Black ont In order to oso bin as a wit ness. and partly from the suggestion of Mr. Car ter 1 employed Mr. Jones to prosecute the case against the two men. 1 can't explain whv Mr. Jones now* appears for Black. 1 asked Jones to appear lor bimthroneh&lr. Galt who is a friend of Black's. 1 worked according to the direction of Judge Carter. Mr. Ton airman—When Black owned up, did Ton leel It to be consistent with your duty, alter hating ferreted ont tbe case In the Interest of Bickicg's wile, to ball unt Black and get an attor ney to defend him ? Mr. Yattt— Yes. I think Black acted right. I would have done tbe same myself node: the cir cumstances. loon’t know that 1 have gone round the city slandcrlngHiicknoy. 1 thenghthe robbed Sicking, and 1 think so still. 1 had a nerfect right to say what 1 have said about him from what 1 beard from people who lived beside him. rnx rmsoxza black stated that be desired to offer evidence as to his character, bat would not be* able to produce each testimony till Monday. 11 was quite willin'; to go back to the Territory, and the evidence be de sired to offer waa not with a view to fight the ap plication for a requisition The further examination was accordingly post poned till ten o'clock on Monday morning. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Judgments and New Suits— Divorces Jsked—TLe O’Snlliran lYatcb, &c. The business of the several State courts was greatly Impeded on Saturday, by the crowd ol cnriooß people who assembled during the hours of the forenoon In hope of seeing the manoeuvre of a horse on Its progress to the cnpaloofthe Court Donee. The authorities having objected (is persona who had bntineea to transact said “very properly") to the change of the building from a hall to a elicits, the performance did not come off. The business of the day was as fol lows: cmccrr copht. The Mtrch term of this court will commence on Monday morning, There arc 851 eases ou the trial calendar. William B. Ogden and Cyrna McCormick vs. Sophia P. Newcomb et ala. Bill, Venue changed to the Snperlor Court. Isaac \anßnreo, for (be use of the Bamnm & Richardson Manufacturing Company, tb. The Chicago & Northwcatcin Railway Company. Jndgmentmade absolute against garnishees for 17,000, rendered February 2d. F * Knowlen. Malthew Kill than and Phllmon Andros. Appeal. Find* ms lor plalotln for f 2, and motion for now trial. Allen Newcomb tb. James Bligh. Assumpsit. Finding for plaintiff for *OOO. Motion for new trial. ...Henry Lclbensteln vs. The the Baltic and the Metropolitan Insurance Comoanles. Three suits snbmlitod to Ihe Court. Finding for the defendant in each, and appeal allowed. The new suit# In Ibis Coart were as follows: John W. Osborne and Johanna his wife vs. Michael Cowl and Mary his wile. Case. Dam ages fIO,OOO. Bitbop & Dames vs. Richmond & Chadsey, }IOQQ nßaiaon Uonn, T* Assumpsit. Damages Foreman vs. O. L. Goodenow and Henry C. Baliaid. K plevin for the possession of four horses and equipments. George M slow vs. Maggie Fielding, Con fession of lodgment for S3O 75. Joel Kills and al. vs. Charles Confession cf lodgment. Oily of Chicago vs. Peter Weloard. Appeal ftom a Police Court Judgment under the va grancy act. The judgment is that the defendant be confined doting thirty days m tbe city Bride well. B. bllber vs. Ruben B. Dcßar*. Appeal with a wnt; of ortlorari In aid. The object or the nro seeding is to teal the truth of an affidavit that de fendant bad departed Imm the State with the In tention o( removing hie effect* to the Injury of plalatiQ. * Anton Malcrska vs. Frank Nowak. Defendant's appeal from Judgment of Eowatz justice: the judgment being for (61.50 and costa. scpsiuos cocbt. Charles Reisslg et oh vs. s. S. Knox and T. W. “ton. Assumpblt. Default and judgment tools Goodheart vs. Solon Cummins. Theo dore Zander and Janvier Lednc. Case. This case was continued on Ihe ground that the ap pearance ot t.cduc and Vancier had been entered witnont authority. Francis M. Wood vs. Simeon R. Johnson. As sumpsit; dctanlt and jademoat for (-1,811.06. Joseph 1~ Jenuegan vs, N. P. iclehart and Aaron Brown. Assumpsit; on trial. The call lor Monday Incudes fifteen cases and commences at No. 43. The last cue on the call is Ot. fc The only final order made br Judge Jame-son was In the case of Robert Z. Watson vs. Uehm Watson. Ibis was a bit! for divorce filed Jan uary 15(b last. On a bearing In open court a de cree wasodcrcd on the ground of adultery. The new soils in ibis court were: M-n runo ui uiio vuuik ncic. Lawrence Doyle vs. Casper Geering. Replevin for household furniture valuta at (SO. Constantine Kano vs. Charles Kappcnan. Con fession cfji. dement for (211.5 d. logic. Hicks Jt Co. vs. John McCormick. As sumpsit, Damages (I,<«00. Claude J. Adams and James Leonard vs. Al bert U Ha.c. A-snmpslt Damages (200 The Mae vi. Whliam Longhorn. Assumpsit. Drmaccs (500. George Blcklncer vs. Andrew Brown. Assume sit. Damages (SCO. ElUa D. Towns vs. Joslah S. Towne. Petition for dower. COVET i CO CUT. This Conrt yesterday decided In the mailer of the controversy concerning the watch, ihu property of ibe late J. J. o‘Sulllvsr, Alderman of ihe tfixiecntn Ward The watch was claimed by ibe admicstrator aid Johanna Fir.nlgan.tlie lat ter of whom claimed li as a dying gift. The cir cumstances are fresh In the minds of tbe readers o| the Tbibiue. tbe case having be*n several times referred to. Tbe Conrt decided that tbe title bad passed. The ciatlon was dismissed without costs. nrconpsn's cornr. WllUaxq Grebe, assault with intent to murder. *R... ,sCpa f ff * d * Dclcndant admitted to ball, william Dunn,larceny. Tnis’ is the man who was shot by Roger Plant, his bondsman, when he attempted to escape from custody. Vcrdlc. of *c C valu ° J* kbe property being found at rld.Si. benuncc fixed at seven veara In the peni tentiary. ” Peter Peterson. Laiccny. On trial. William Brann. Pcrjurr. Plea of not guilty, sod ball. v ’ Charles Miller and William Niedergary Rob bery. On trial. Alton Brachtccdorf. Assanlling an officer 2>ol. prof . entered. AMCSKUEMS The theatres have been well supported during the week, and tbe character of the entertainments has been such aa to merit that support. It seems that neither badwesther nor had trade can ever operate unfavorably on onr public amusements. Ibe skating rinks, too. hare been patronized with as ranch regularity as in the first week of winter. The recent cold spell gave them a fresh lease or life, and although most people would rather see the ice melted away, the number who have fre quented the two skatorlal resorts was great. Opeua llocrez— Lotta's engagement terminated on Saturday. She has been very successful here, a fact wnlch is due not only to her own pow ers ot attracion. bnl to the general excellence of the company which snppo trd her. “Uncle Tom's Cabin" proved a wonderful bill to draw, as was exemplified at the matinee on Saturday, the Opera House being crammed ae it has seldom. If ever. formcr occasion. Messrs. SicWaac “ Riddle bare amply redeemed their promises to .V, «0«u coidcomblniuon to support this little favorite. Mpsed*. t “l be Frozen Deep." a drama of an perior merit, by Wilkie Collins, baa drawn good booses during ibe week. It was rotloved each even’Dgby the “Quiet Family “ which was mod commerdabiy presented. On Monday. “Tne Fol lies of a Night,’’ and “To O - Uge Benson." McYickxu'b Tuxatue.— VeslTall tenntait<!4 on Un l^ da li,irh eD l Dff 8 conns of represents- H?? 8 11 ;?, 8 , “? l b «m very satlifactory Jo hereelf, the mao a cement or the public. We have had nothing bnt ”80l Demo nJ«C^*n< 08lo 8lx M Dlc i ltß of “in more than ciiongD.' On Monday night. 44 Oemm"-.* t,w« gi,IUK opportuull, tor thu duptay Si™? 5SS 01 /®l pi f-~'Y«nkee Robinson’s Clrenahtslo*! one of lie greaio*t attractions inMriSJe* Robin la Ulrai°«onv%fs h h a dl 'Pariorc for Daria. There ta taienienonga left, however, to mn** «h* rv,*,- .turn ouu ot the bet rc,ort. l n u,??K “* ss^iM:ass&jssffi^ luees Is shorn to bo iuansnratea at Wood’s Mn. scum by some or our vert beet mn««! il!m? Mr. George Stevens, the solo leader of the Mn icnm orcbcjlri. ulm the u.l.lmm ol .n?b mi “ r “; r «" Mrasr.. Nelson and 31m D , M? £.£!£ Ibe vlollnlil, Ibe Orpbeus Club. 5S CairlDKon end Mr.!, will’ cl.e “Sday’ .IwSSL uwiu consul of two overtures by a foil orches tra. a trio on the piano, cabinet oran and violin and various concerted pieces and solos vocal and inetTOmcoul, from ibe flmU „ nomi f * lloWlD£ 13 :t:<l tor ilonde'ynftcr -BSSX tOM ' irtl “ .....Orcheeti, Cavatina firom CriVplno.V.*.*.*. Mns?Camnpt3a ™“ tor pUno, cell? and noiln. iil'mf Hand and Hnnneman. »wcung, Art/froni i£L r ’ pSJS quartette.... Mrs. Carrington,’SSal Preit Ur. Nelson and Mr. Sloan. s ° l0 ’ C .SS X,^* 00 “«■«• *•<* bong Horn the German v. %*...■ Irio,«htact organ, violin and ?» W» Hoot, Lewis and Itoninhn SSnetVe ...Mr. Nelson CarrlC sSSf * Sabotl “ b ’ b 7Oeo.‘ bs«m “ -riS ,Wednesday evening next Mr Metah, ihc popular treasurer and box-keener of the Museum, will lake a benefit. As a manly and obliging man, Mr. Marsh baa d?m- K O .^ 1 , 155 qaallfled for the position be bss so long filled wni credit to himself and MtWsctlon to tie public. Wc hone to sec him hom C . B o‘f ttalaSSr'** D, ' l ‘ l b!r lta rQIIM, HisTOßi.--The Queen of comic tragedy will 0 °? 9 1 * 28111 tcstanl. She has and «jSrt?ih C -£?*u°rJ the t U uxt of pad “) Uolofeines* among others. The twoi pieces here mentioned have met with a wUch evening at eight o clock. 3 BELIGIOtS INTELLIGENCE. The following services are announced for to day. In all the chnrcbca mentioned strangers will he furnished with seats, and all are cordially invited to attend: EPISCOPAL. £ f n 1111110,8 . wm officiate at the Cathedral pf hL Tcer and Pan>, comer of W S ,t «^Y aßb,DKton Peoria streets, at 10 >4 a. m. and 7*4 p. m. T ,'?. nal 7 Church. ITiis parish has called Rev. Rob.rt I. Keeling, who, for four years past baa been rector in Trinity church, Washington City. We are Informed that the call hus been accepted and that be will enter nponhia duties here the first week Iu April. He is highly spoken of as an eloquent divine, and, wo toast, a worthy successor to tho excellent and popular Bishop Cummins. bu Mark’s Protestant Episcopal Cbnrch, Cot tage Grove, K. B. TnUle, rector. Divine service at 10V4 n-.m. and 3)4 P- m. Sunday School at 3U h-m. \\ edneiday evening, Iccloxc’and service at llarloro—Rev. Dr. Bishop will bold Episcopal service at the Harlem Honse, at 3 o’clock p. m. Christ Church, comer Michigan avenue and Twtmy-fonrlh street. Rev. C. E. Cheney, rector, birvices at 10J4 |a m. and| 7« p. m. At the evening service Beat* are free. Snncav School at iJA p. m. Ctmrcb of the Holy Communion (Episcopal), comer Randolph street and Wabash arenas. Ser vices at 10)4 a. m. and 7)4 p. zn. cbnrch of the Atonement, comer of West Washington and Robey streets. Rev. S. Hassell Jones, rector. Morning service at 10)4 o’clock: evening service at 7)4 o’clock, with sermons during Lent to young men. Sunday School and Bible class atS>4 o’clock p. m. Lenten Services —Daily morning prayers at 9 o'clock; daily even ing pravers at 4 o'clock, except on Wednesday and Friday evenings at7)4 o'clock, with lectures on the Passion of our Blessed Lord. COXOUEOATIOKAE. First Congregational Church, comer of Wash ington and Green streets. Rev. W. W. Pafon, pastor. Public services at 104 a. m. and 74 p.m. Bible class at 9 a.m. and Sabbath School at3p. m. Conference and piaycr meeting, Wednesday evening. Yoncg people's prayer meeting Friday evening. South Congregational Church, comer Calumet avenue and Twenty-sixth street. Rev. W. B. Wright, pastor. Services at 104 a. m. and 74 p. m. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 2 p.m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. New England Congregational Church, comer of North Dearborn and East White streets. Rev. J. P. Gulliver, pastor. Public services at 104a.r0. snd74p. m. Sabbath School and Bible classes at ß p.m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. Young people's prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. Salem Congregational Chaich, Cleavcrrille. Rev. C. B. Thomas, pastor. Public services at 104 a. m. and 74 P- m. Sabbath bchool and Bible classes at 9 p. m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday Evening. Union Park Congregational Church, comer of West Washington and Reobcn streets. Rev. CV D. Helmer, pastor. Public services atl(i4 a. m. atd 74 P- m. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 3 p. m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. Young people's prayer meeting on Friday evening. Tabernacle Congregational Church, comer of West Indiana and Morgan streets. Rev. J. W. Hcaly, pastor. Public services at 104 a. m. and 74 p. m. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 3 S. m. Young people's prayer meeting on Mon ay evening. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday and Friday evenings. Plymouth Congregational Cbnrcb, comer of Wabash avenue and Eldridge court. Preaching by Bey. Starr H. Nichols, at 104 o'clock. Evening service at 74. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 3 p. m. Monday evening, young people's prayer meeting at 8. Caurch prayer meeting on Wednesday evening, at 74. Illinois Street Church, Illinois street, between Wells and iabalie. Bible claea for laolea and gentlemen at 9 o'clock. Prayer meeting at 10 o'clock. Preaching by the pastor. Rev. C. H. Wheeler, at Mto 11. Sunday School and Bible chafes at 3p. m. Services In the evening at 74 o'clock. Meetings In this church every evening. Lincoln I'utk Congregational Chapel. Preach ing at this chapel, comer of Center and Church streets, at 74 o’clock. eueeir, at <;% u tiuvn, FBESBmitUS. First Scotch Presbyterian Church. Rev. G. Cnthbcrtson will preach In Si. George's Hall, 226 Sooth Clark street, at 10K a. to. and 8K p m. Rev. R. F. Boms, D. D, will be lodocted into the pastoral charge or this congregation by the Pres bytery of London, In Crosby's Mnalc Hal], on Wednesday next at 2 o'clock p. m. Rev. Dr. Onslaton will preach. The pastorand people will bo addressed by other ministers. Sooth Presbyterian Cbnrch (Old School), corner or Wabtah avenne and Congress street, Services by the pastor, Rev. Hr. Harsba. at lUH a.m. and IKp.m. Sunday School at OK a. m. Regular services morning and atternoon In the Cbnrch, Fourteenth avenue, near Cltntoj street, by Rev. W. It. VasDorco. Westminster Cbnrch, corner ol North Dearborn and Ontario streets. Preaching at lUK o'clock, by Rev. £. A. Pierce. In the evening Sunday School concert. Jcfieison Park Presbyterian Chnrch. The ser vices of this congregation aie held at present in the Free W'lll Baptist Chnrch, comer Peoria and Jackson streets. Preaching by Kct. Robt Patter* son, D, D., at 54 p. m. All arc cordially lovTcd. At the Ninth Presbyterian Church, Bills avenue, a sermon will be preached for the young people in the evening hr the pastor, Kct. a. Eddy. ber- Tices In the »ormng at 104 o'clock. METHODIST EPISCOPAL. Clark Street church, Methodl-t Block, comer of Washington and Clark s’rcets. Preaching, morn ing ana evening, by the pestor, Rev. W. C. Dandy Sabbath School and Bible class In the lecture room at 24 p.m. Prayer meeting, room 17, at 64 p. m. Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, comer of LaSalle street and Chicago avenue. Service at 104 a. m. and 74 p. m., conducted by 0. XI. Tiffany, D. D., pastor. Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, com*'* of Indiana avenoo and Twenty-first street. Rev. P. A. W. Jewett, pastor. Rev. a! J * of <• lowa, Will preach at 104 a. m. Sermon at *4 p. m.. by the pastor. Subject, “The Wedding Garment!” West Indiana Street MemodUt Episcopal Church, comer of Sangamon street. Rev. Robert Bentley, pastor. The former pastor will preach at ll>4 a. m. The Bible cause will be presented by its appropriate advocate alter tbe sermon. The parlor will preach lo tbe cvciimgat *4 o’clock. .Sunday School at 24 p. m. Young people’s meet ing ato4p.m. Special week evening services Wcdce.oayand Fndav eveiitngs. Rev. U. Whipple will preach at Wesley Chapel, corner of filackbawk and Sedgwick streets, at 104 a.m. and 74 p.m. Sunday school at 2p. m. Wabash Avenue. The pastor, Kev. K. M. Hat field. D. D., will preach in the morning on “ Jesus a Piuee and a Saviour.” and In the evening on “The Hard Way of the Transgressor.” Sunday School and Yonng Men’s Bible Class at 2 p. m. First Baptist Church—Wabash avenue, south of Hubbard court. The pastor. Rev. Dr. Evert*, be ing absent in Cincinnati, the pulpit will bo sup plied by Kev. Waylnuo tloyt, pastor of the Ninth Sheet Baptist Church, Cincinnati. Ur. Zloyt Is one of the foremost of tbeyoung preachers In the denomination. Services at 11 a. m. and 74 p. m. Sabbath School and Bible classes at 94 a. m. Aonlt Bible class at 3p. m. Young people's prayer meeting Wednesday evening. General prayer meeting Friday evening. The dl<coarsc on the “Philosophy and Power of the Temper ance Fledge” la postponed until Sabbath evening, March 2ttu. Second Baptist Church, corner of Morgan and Monroe streets. Preaching at 104 a. m. and 74 o. to., by the pastor. Rev. E. J. Good speed. Sab bath School and Bible classes at oa. m. and 3 p. m. Young people's meeting on Monday evening. Ocneial meeting on Wednesday evening Lnlon Park Ban'ist Church, corner of West Wn.-bhirton and Paulina street. Preaching at 10*i* and 74, by the pa.-tor. Her. E. U. Taytor. Sabbath Sclioul and Bible class meet at 'J o'clock a. m. Prayer meet ngs for the week will be on Monday, Wednesday ai d Fnday cvei.intrs. Indiana Avenue Baptist Church, comer of Iblttfclb street. Rev. J A. Smith, D. D., pastor. Preaching at 11 a. m. Sabhalh School ana Bible class at 94 Young people's meeting at 14 p. m. Piayer mcetlnc at <4 o'clock Wednesday evening. Rev. Dr. Jeffrey, one of the mo>t eloquent and successful Captirl preachers to Philadelphia, has received and accepted a cal', from the North Bap list Ctmtch ol this city, and will preach his first sermon there this morning, A tist Clinrch. correr Peoria and Jackson struts. Ft etching at 10a. m. end 74 p. m. There will be a conferst cc meeting at 6 p. m. Firth Pspiist Church, ibKovcu near South Des plaices street. Rev. S. M. Osgood, late missionary to Bnnuflb. will pteach at 104 a.m. Rev.M.G. Clatk will preach at “4 p. a.' Sunday School cf 3 p. m. SWIBtJfBOBGIAX. New Jerusalem Temple, on Adams street, near thclalo. Sciwccsat lou a. m. and iun m Subject lor the evening, “The Sacred Scrip tures. Free Church, comer of Thirty-third street and Kankakee avenue. Services at 3p. m. BOkJK CATHOLIC. A lecture upon doctmal enbji-cts will be de livered every Sunday evening during Lent, at 74 o'clock, at tbe Church of the Holy Family. Twelfth street, near Blue Island avenue, by the Rev. Father Du Blleeke, o. J. A series of Lenten Lectures will bo delivered on tbe evenings of the Sundays in Lent, at St. Patrick's Church, comer ot Adams and Desplaincs streets, by Rev. Dr. John McMullen. At St. Patrick's Church, corner Adams and Des plalrce streets, night Rev. James Duggan, Bishop of Chicago, will celebrate solemn High Mars. Schubert's Mass in C win be performed bv tbe choir, with orchestral accompaniments, under the direction of Prof. R. 8011. During tho ser vice Mr. Nelson will sing “Oqjus Animam.“ tod Miss Heinrichs will sir? “Indammatos." from Rossini's “Siabat Mater/’ The service* on this occasion will be of a very interesting character. ittscxitAsrxors. _ «uvi>uuiuir. St. Paul s Church (First Dnirersaliat Society). S > ™ e iL or JS r *b“h avenue and Vanßuren street, f?.y* "• H- Ryder, D. D., pastor. Services at S* and , P- m. Dr, Ryder will preach, ‘he morning service will be, “ The Memory of the Patriot Dead ” t rr?™m f } .'H” tl%h Rev. Robert c . orner _s,»ba*b avenue «nu Vcs^iSatTHp. n. l ° sMrTle «« 104 o'clock. ..Si 04 r^ D, r 3r \- er C f and WU*on streets. Rev. E. A. \arbant, panor. Sucday services at 104 a. m. and 7»;-n m wnnd.i Sctool end Bible class at lijf. “*r 'f MfJ rcy, of Decatur wjU prcach la ‘ gnago at 54 o clock. » ‘“ J lidcpcrclett Society. Chas. A, Eard"nwil speak at Washington Hail, Wa*hf n .ton opposite the Court Douse, at 74 o'chjet. ibothiUilan eongrvgatlun tonnriciV*wnr«hln. ping on Monroe street between »r,\ Rnckcr streets, have pnrehased tho ch£«h u -. "•* formerly St. James' hpiscopal, on CasX*‘ioei,^V. ts ten Michigan and lillnou streets, nut* have em ployed Dr. B. U. Smith as the regu'ar minister. I bey are desirous of collecting all ttuA ►cattirea members and friecas of ibe primitive ’ ana worship of the New Tceitmca; Ulo and Invite all each to meet with them. Regular service on Lord** D*j at 10V4 a. ra. and p. in. Spiritual meetings at Crosby's Mu-ic Hall. Children s Progressive Lyceum convenea at 10: -'to a. m. Uonfcrecce at Ip. a. Mn B F H. Brown will lecture In the evening S¥ b S’?]P?!! , A lenp»r.iic« maetlne will be held at the Chapel of the Home .No 57* West Madison street, this evening’ at 7 o'clock Free Spiritual meetings will be held ever* Son* day at lOJi a. m., and Tuesdays at 7« p. m., at the hall or the Mechanics* Institute. No. 153 South Clark street, room 80. 0, third floor. lh« tilanlDS P<-ople of tbo South. To the Charitable of Chicago : The subscriber baa waited patiently for aome more influential pciaon than himself to take the Initiative in starting eomrthmg aa a Chicaao aid to the starving P' ople of the South The cry coming ftom them is one which should appeal to every man regardless ol party or section. Teat ciy b now intensified by the new misfortune heaped upon them by the flood sweeping over itcfr connlry. In a few mom mjj tnelr Wer- Inn will be appalling. The mistake# or crimes of Southerners—by whatever name called, have been a boon lo Chi cago. The war loond her almost bankrupt; it leu her teeming with wealth. She can afford to be generous in this direction aa ahe has shown herself In every olher. “* w Starvalion threatens hundreds of thousands of .Americans—loyal aa well aa rebel—perhaps more particularly the former, for the poor who were truest to the Government, are now the greatest sufferers. Chicago should at once do something, ar.d on a large scale. She should act as a corporation, and as Individuals. The subscriber proposes a beginning. He will act alone or with others, or through others He proposes to buy corn mtal and salt meat, and" ship it Sonlh to sneb quarters as General Howard or others of bis character shall thmk best to he reached horn this point, if thought best to dis tribute through General Howard/ He calls upon the rich to rome forward and assist him. II thought heit he will receive sub scriptions and will give his personal guarantee that every dollar shall be honestly applied, and refers lo Messrs. A. C, Badger, Wm: J.fcoo!- baogh, David Gage, Bowen Brothers and Hark Skinner as to his ability to make the guarantee Let subscriptions be started In meetings and churches and by individuals ; correspondence he opened with General Howard, to know wuen best lo ship the food, and alter distribution every do nation and Us application shall be published in the papers. To prove the subscriber’s earnestness in the matter, he now subscribes fSOO. The public are urgently called upon lo act trd act quickly; «100,UOT should be raisedlifiChicago in ten days. Caktzb H. Hanaisos. . . 82 Dcarbom street. meteorological. The following u the meteorological record of the week ending Saturday, March I6lh, 19GT, aa kept by J. G. Lancgutu, Jr„ Optician, No. IXS Randolph street. The temperature la taken in the shade. The direction and force of the winds *Pproxlmately, with the barometric altitude*—the small letters being the Initials of toe words “high,” “breeze,” “gentle,” “veer mg, rain, •* acow,” “ moist atmosphere,” dry;” ... . . liuuuuiu, _ . bight Riiato Date, preceding ,7a. m. X m. 9 |.m. a p.m. fe;:; S S S' S' 1 S S " d g g BAHOMETXB. 7 a. m. 3 p. m. SS? aISX-R W i! d - Mci-t. Wind.' Dao...Ati6 b.K. gr. 25.56 S.W. &t. ?9.i5 W. hr. Mon..jg.»B}».E. b. 3U.50N. S9TSV E w TUM..29.59N. R.h. 33» vw ?’ M S. W. g. 39A9 a. W. g. S,TV ' c * »•« S.S.W. g. 23.59 S. W.g. Sat., .49.40 E.g.a.r. 39.24 LOCAL MATTERS. . Rood New* to All.—Spring; atyle of hats at prices to suit the times. Best quality silk hats at f 0.50; beer do cass'merc at |5. Soft hats and caps In the same proportion, at McKcnxle’s. practical better, No. 103 Madison street. The shape of heads taken by conformaturs and hats made at the above prices. These bata are war ranted to be equal to any hats sold In this air at any price. Call and examine before pur chasing elsewhere. Oh, for a sure and ipeedyenrefortbe Itch, Swavne'e Ointment Is guaranteed, to do It in forty-eight hours. Sold by druggists every where. Wholesale by Burnhams ds VanSbaack. General Railroad Ticket Office. CO Clark street. H. S. Barlow, agent. Open all day Sundays. Berths tu sleeping cars secured. Tlie ‘‘.Etna” Nolaclea* Gock-Stltcli Sewing Machines, for family and manufacturing purposes—Western office, 117 Washington street, Chicago. J. n. Lxbow, Agent. DIED. In this city, on March 15,16«7, OEOBUIE J. STONE, sou of George P. and Celia L, Stone, aged 3 years 5 months and adays. OnthelSlh Inst.. JENNET GERTRUDE, youngest daughter of John W. Slavers, aged 6 months. Funeral Unlay, at 3 o’clock, trom the residence of John W. Slavers. 16 South CUcton-st. February sCth. at Bastings, Sussex, England. JOBS WOODS, aged 79 years. amusements. QOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. GRAND OPERATIC MATINEE, Monday, March 18lh, To commence at half past 3. Box Office now open. Usual Matinee prices. Grand Stock Piano and Cabinet Organ from Root a Cady’s. • QOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. WEDNESDAY EVENINO, March 20, BENEFIT -OF- R. Xj. marsh TB£ABUIICB. The sterling Comedy of WILD OATS! Acd a New and Langtaable Farce eaUtled the fibe-eater: cYICKER'S THEATRE MoVICKER * MYERS MANAGERS. CHANGE OP TIME -On and after March ISlh, the doors win open at «x—performance wUI commence at 8 o'ilo< k precisely. Monday, Shakspeare's ROUfcO AND JULIET. Romeo. Tuesdsy—'THE BRIGAND. Saturday—Vastvall Matinee. non. WO OP’S MUSKUII. cbL. J. il. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements F. K- AIKEN Stage Manager TUOS. BARRY A great Comedy by Planche, the famed dramatist and wit. On Monday evening, March 18th, for the first time here, an elegant comedy, emit ed TOE FULLLKb UF A NTOOT, To conclude with Tom Taylor’s force ot TO OBLIGE BENSON. BWednesdtT. Bentfit of K. L. Marsh, Treasurer. Monday afternoon. Grand Operatic Matinee. Wednesday afternoon, the usual Grand Hatlneo. Fnday, Benefit of Mr. W. Crouse, Machinist. *yAKIETY THEATRE. One of the best Pieces ever produced—the CHAMBER OF DEATH. And s splendid 01*10 ENTEUTAINMENT. Lcok out for HELL UPON EARTH. WANTED—A ffew more Ballet Ladles. JpiHST SCOTCH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SOIREE, BY THE LADIES OF THE CONGREGATION. TO WELCOME * REV. DR. BURNS, In Crosby's Music HatL WEDNESDAY, March 20th. at;* o’clock p. tu. Df* Music and Befreahmeats during the evening, t perches by Rot. Drs. Ormlston and Burns, Rev Mewrs. Gregg. Duncan. Cnthbertsog, and others. Tickets, tU Children’s, 50 cents. pOL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. Benefit of Wm. F. Crouse, Machinist* FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 320. Grand Comedy Night—Four Splendid Pieces. Box Book now open. Secure your seats. QROSBV’S OPERA HOUSE. BBVSN SCADS I tes Hoawsi WILL APPEAR APRIL STH. auction Sales. A UCTION SALE xjl. or FURNITURE, cfeo., on Mordav. March 10 o’clock, at our saler rooms 73.77 and 79 Wells-su. corner ot Kaadolpb. A great variety of household consisting of B;u*- remand wool carpet*.oil cloths. *ofos, lounges.bed steads, bureau*, stand*, chairs, what-not*, ciu-ndcm Üble». tcgvtner with a Urge a*«ortment of mlrrots. crockery, glass and plated ware, Ac., Ac. Also, a lot of office furniture, d-ak*. table*, courier*. &e_ ke. J. HEANEY A CO., Auctluneer*. /> ILREK’T * BAAIFBON, VJj Ueneral Auctioneers. 47 and 49 Dearborn-st. Elegant New and Second-band FURNITURE, CARPETS, ETC., AT ArCTION, On TUESDAY, March 19th. at 10 o’clock, at car rw.mv47 and 49 Dearborn-st- consutingln part ot the entire Furniture aid KSeeia 01 a enLeuanbreU* ing up tioarekeestcc. The rood* are at of the b**L and are u good a, new—only been used a few mom's* Also, a larcc anj splendid ct new Par or* Chamber and Dining Room Ftunlture. eral veiy fine Marble top Chamber Suites of the choic est styles and made by the beet makers. nji(> GILBERT & SAMPSON*. Auctioneers. SALE OP BOOTS ASD SHOES At 122 Lako-st. The entire stock of Doots aed Shoes 01 the most choice selection In the Eastern market, eowlsanc ol nium werk by nm claw Chicago tr*de»m*mnow ta tS store. l*4*iLake-»*-win be dosed out furthwitn. iS? thebenffltofcreditors, Willbe»ctdoa the moat iihT eral terms to purchasers. hr wholesale or rct»n Chicago, March 16.1 °’ UA “ 4 ’ *«««•• SCOTT & CO- AUCnOKEERS AND COMMISSION MSBCHaSTS, 1W Ult(^K N csr. l.aT'nllr, Chicago. Cash advanced on Merchandise conMcned for sals. Cut-door sales promptly attended to. CTION. Tuesday. Mar th Mih. at 10 a, m-at Daniel Scott A Co’s. Booms. 164 Lako*t- a lat«r n *todtof CwSs£ made Ciothlnc. Dry Goods, Dress Goods. Lac«! l»bm Cellars, AC- AC. *.icva DANIEL SCOTT A CO— Auctioneers. AUCTION. Chinese and Japanese Goods, Ctcton China—cnriosltles never beiore prrvratcdtntbl*country; Camel Hairandotherbeau. f:ta. Sttawls, at Auedouen Wednesday,Tbursdar Fri day and tatnrday. March 30th. 2i»t,Kd aM ii'i* Dastei Scott & Co.’s Rooms, 164 Lake-st. Gouda oa

view Tuesday altercom. 00 DANIEL SCOTT A CO- Auctioneers. •yyjL A. EUTTEUS & CO, Aactioncsn & Commluicn Berchuiti 44 4 4tf kAMIULI i n.HT H Between and Wabath-ar- Goldregnlarsa:**, at their saJetrooms, « 'f), 005 *' L’LOTBINO. BOOTS, SHOES. AC- Kvwy aad THURSDAY, njitsiicus, varpbts, trwy saitjlday 33tislnesa gtljancea. FOR SALE—The oldest and best Jew elry store la Waukegan. HU dolor a very rood trairiflM*. Terms easy. Far particular*, inquire:ot M. BHONBEBO ft CO.. Who Wale DeyJcra la Watches mad Jewelry, I*4 Lake-st, Chicago. 111. FOU BALE—The good will, stock and fixtures ol a flrst-elas* retail drug store- aU to complete older, situated la a go>d location in tbeelty cf St. Joseph. Mo. Lease 2H > ears to run, at low rata, porlnrther lufanj:ail>:t,lnqiilieot J. U. W. JONSb, Stationer, 43 and 44 Dearborn-sL, Chicago, 111. P’OK SALE—WeII assorted stock ol dry goods and groceries, in a flourishing town, the centre of aim ifty farming regicn. For particulars, address Box til. Oregon, Wls. FOR SALE—New brick store, known as the “Post Office Building,” with the entire stock in a flrtwlass boot, newa and notton store. Uolldltg and lot. 16.000; ttocK wth Invoice about *I,OOO. Also, a complete family residence. recently bunt, beanUfolly located, with river scenery and pleasant surratmdlirei, at Rood. Address J. W. MEKUILL.P. O. Drawer No. j, Wilmington, 111. rpOH SALE—A large boarding bonse, m I' complfU runrlßg order, on 6tato-U., between Monroe and Adams-sts.. will be sold cheap. Inquire at 198Stste-«t..inlhe store. None but a cosh cus tomer teed apply. OR SALE —Saloon and boardinghouse, K 0.437 footh Canal-st. Fixture* and furniture new. The home Is now doing a good business. Tbe present cccnpantls about Itavlig the city, to go Into otbtr business. *6OO will purchase the shore. Call Immediately. I 7 OR SALE—The stock and fixtures ot ’ arresting home in Bloomington 111- haring a good run of custom. I offer <bls at a bargain, aa I mutt sell, bating bmiueuot great Importance calling me from the city- Addicts Drawer No. IQ, Bloomington, m. FOR SALE—Cheap—Meat market and fixtures, lo rood location, inquire oa the prem- Des, 35 0 West Twelfth-st. I ?OR SALE—Drug Store —The whole * or a half Interest In a new, well-stocked and ele gantlv furnished cnig Store, doing a good business \s ill leare fir three Tears from May next. Terms ca*b. or might exchaige for a nice residence property- Wilt alK> exchange good farming lands tor house on leased land, or for a couple of firtt-class pianos. Address M DRCOB,** or call between 5 and 6 o’clock p. cor ner Monroe and Weds-sts. DttDGS. FOR SALE—Two years’ lease of a store and basement under the Revere House, on Kluxle su Stocx and flxtnrre of a first-claas grneery store on North Cluk-et D. C.MOBB7ft CO., 8 MetropollUa Bkck. FOU SALE—One ot the most central and heat located saloons In the city, for one quar ter of what it is worth, as the owner must attend to other hualt-ess. Inquire at 87 South Clark-el., base ment. J7OR BALE—?SCO will buy a wholesale ' mannfactnrlDgbailDess.alreuly (stablished. Can carried on with *SOO, or as much more aa parties «Ub toluvest. For particulars inquire at 179 Clark »U, m baaement, P)K SALE—taloon and boarding bouie, with lease acd fixture#. Apply at 430 South State-at. JOHN O’BRIEN. FOR SALE—The stock and fixtures of of a flrst-claas millinery store, the rooms to rent. Also, a fine piano lor sale. For terms, apply at the reonn. 177 Candolph-st. ¥?OR BALE—A grnceiy, in a good loca 1* tloo and doing a good butlaeas. Cheap. II sold soon. AIM, business places IB all parts of the city. Itoom 13 Lombard Blccx. FOR BALE—Lease, license, stock and fixtures ot a saloon tad boatdlog boose, nsht op posit* me first class sitting room doors ot the .'L s. snd new passeneer depot One ot thebcsudasdslntheclty. Everything ready f>r bust oess, and low rent. Inquire on the premises, 3S aner mac-au Good reasons given tor selling. 6p. m. FOR BALE—saloon, in a good location, on a level with the street, near the Post Office, cneap rent acd plenty of business. ARTHUR A BOY DEN, 210 State-st. FOR BALE—A water power grist and Coming mil of three run of S leet ston-, situated in tne city of Ottawa. LaSaile Co.. lU. Tbe mill t« in good repair and doing a good Dullness, and now leas ed for (i. 400 a year. Tbe property will be sold at a atcmce. Cat) on or address HOST. MCDONALD, Camden Mills. Bock Island Co., PI. 'IT'OK SALE—Gents famishing coods. f Having associated myself with the oldand popu lar gents famishing h-.use ot F. C. Kemnton, S-17 Brosdway, K. Y.. under theflrm name of F. C. Kemp too A Co., (the same to take effect April Ist,) 1 ofier my stock, furniture and tease for aaleforcasu. The «taud Is ote of the best In Chicago. Tbe furniture Is manu factured entirely «f black walnut, the stock clean and well cordilloued, audit-try way suit'd to first-class trade. WM.F. CHURCH of Wm. P. Church A Co„ 112 Clark-st. F)R SALE— Two years lease Irorn the ihelstcfMay.ofone-ha'for store, 1 S 3 Klnxle st., and fixtures, inquire at 160 North Wells-su, cor ner of Ene. r?OR SALE—A Email, desirable stock ot X? Famllv Groceries, with over two years lease ot store No>2!) West Lake-suas good a location as can be fbund west of the nvt r. Call at the premises. 17'OR SALE—Cigar Store near Court 1' Boutc doing a spfeodld business. Cheap. WEB BER A WILSON 18 Reynold’s Block. IT'OK SALE—Tbe long established and A* live paying business. 102 Lake-st., np stairs,ls otfered for sale for a lew days. This is a rare cbiaca for some one to clcarfrom six to eight thoosanddollars per year. Come and see and Judge for yonncivcs. Price (5,000; ft,ooo cash, balance oa time or real estate. dPot gale. FOR SALE—Canal boat Norway. An* ply at 136 West Indiana-tt, B. OLSON. FOR SALE Chicago City Railway 6tcck~On account of tbe permanent removal of the owner from the city, 500 sbarcs of the above stock wid bo inlet in sums to suit purchasers. Inquire at No. 13 Chamber ot Commerce, F)R SALE—At the Chicago Driving Park, second hand lumber, consisting of boards, joists, scantliuc, Ac., a*l ttaorouehly seasoned. Also, the buildups known as “ Floral-flan” and “ South Am pbUbratre.’’ Inquire of C. A. FORSYTHE, on the grounds. 17'OR SALE—A nice lot of shelving. X* with glass saahes and comice, at 100 State-st. App y to L. D. OTIS, soothwett comer of LaSalle and Mamson-»ts. T?OR SALE—Or to Kent—AlO.OCO bap- X rel w arehouse, frost-proot; bandy to river and mlroad. In bull or by the barrel. Boom 2, N 0.48 South CUrk-tU 17’OR SALE—Ofic pair Howe’s scales, A 4.000 ut; 3 larre boiler-iron kettles, 3 cast-iron ket tlts, coolers, racks and fixtures Drlonclne to a soap fsetory. It lot* lo suit purchasers. Call at 14 and 10 North Cmnal-su TTOR SALE—Factory Building and A nachluery, lor the manufacture of felt roofing, m good order ana complete, wun a tavorableleate ©flat. For psrt.cntars,eall at 149 Klnzle H. FOR SALE—Shelving, counters, «fcc., in bssetrentof 102 Lak*-iU; cost over $ AO. Fries ym. In cash or trade. To be sold la five days. I? 0 K SAl.E—Black walnut shelving and drawers, be«t lo th* city, at 102 Lake-rt. %teal i3gtate==(Couuttp. I7OR SALE—Tliree 80-ncre tiacts ot de sirable farming laud* in Kankakee County, onlr srven titl e* ir:m Gardner Station, on the Su Loots Railroad. Wilt be so d at» bargain, or exenanged for city property. S. 1L REBFOOT & CO H 7x Dear bom-st. [TOR SALE—Bureau County Land—32o L acres In the town ot Seine—the W. wN.W. U Sac. 33, and the N. W.W and W. MotN.E.U Sec. 29. In Town IS. Range 10 E. 4—tn lota to salt purchasers. Address GEO. 0. MERRICK. Box tf 373. Chicago.lll. .Mile. Vcstvau T7OR SALE—At Hammond & Butler’s X 1 ILard Office, IJR Dcarbora-st., Times* Bui dine. Improved farms in Wlaconrln and Illinois, from to to I.VOO acre* each. lOo.coO acres of Carmine Uadi In Il linois, Wisconsin, Michigan. lowa and Minnesota. 100,000 acres of choice pee lands In Michigan and Wls ccnain ;several saw mills; al>o a good flouring mill <.n the Nortnwesiern road In WlKonaln—one of the best location* for milling in the State. F3H bALE —WeII improved farm, 2UO ac-r*. 13 miles trem Lcke-st,»enth, 10 miles trom Stock Yards. htnetw*, orebard, crape*, living wa ter, Ac. O. S. HUBBARD, Jr., 33 Dearbom-at~ Boom a. T?OK SALE—Farm, in the city ot While- X watT, WUm of 33 acres, with a first-nte two-«tory brick boose of 10 rooms, welt finished. To be scM for about half its real value. Price 11,0(0. BEES A AYRES, Office 10. Opeta nouse. T?OR SALE—Or to Rent— ** * r iil, a new. fourir*- *• . —• -aurora, house, Posios* l '" . —;»nch wall, two-story brick lus.t*'*' —»* given Mav Ist. 1557. For partlcu -«or address C. W. RHODES, ISD Bandolph »t.. Chicago, 111. r FOR bALE At Harlem A house and lot convenient to the Stathn He use. contain ing nine rooms, well finished. There are twelve good bearing apple me* on the lot,wlth shade trees In front, andis pleasantly situated. App’v to the Station Agent at narjem.or to A MILLIGAN. Wholesale Paint Dealers. 167 Kandolph-su bALE—Or exchange lor unproved or unimproved city properly—Five ntdlvldcd blocks, containing about twenty acres of fine residence propeitv. tn the beautiful town of Aurora, n. This property la hcautrally located on a ridge, within four >quaic«oi the Wctt Side Depot, commands the finest view In the place of the Fox River and Valley. This valuable property will be sold cheap, or exchang ed f'r Chicago property at * bargain. For paxUculara inquire at 37 South Clark-st. tootses, ©arriages, Sit. ‘Ij'OR SALE—Cheap—First-class plat- X' form «prlr.g wagon, nearlv new. Ha* been used in theTanlee notion trvie aslnn noe. Will be sold cheap. ApplytoW. D. PARKER, If by letter. Box 363. Freeport, Stephenson Co„ 111. F)R SALE—Valuable horse,well known in th* city, kind and sale for a:y one to drive, and fUr.o without hitching: also, buggy and barnc«<for sale. Inquire of J. W.TOWNC, Garden City Hou«e. FDR bALE —At a bargain, a pair of black mrses. fi yeurt old. aoutxl and kind; also, lamllyca’rtace and docble harness. Will sell all to gethcr or separately. Kojm 13. Lombard B.ock. UOR SALE—A valuable lot of young A hones, embracing draught, carriage, anJ gentle mra’s drlvl- g horses, at the Central stable. Nos. S and 10 South Water-st. W. COX A CO. TI'OR SALE—At a bargain, a pairot X black bone*; 6 years old. sound and kind; also, family carriage aad double harness. Will seU all to gether or Separately. Room 13 Lombard D.ock. Partners tESlanfcb, PARTNER—Warned With SIO,OOO. L more cr tn the furniture basin e*s. I hare a well cstaollstud trace. % good store oa L&ke-st- tnod crate and well aborted stock, and doing a fair bnrinws, aacdesire to give *o active and rellihlc moo, who cao Pontrard the »bore amount, aa equal interest. Andros FL RNITCRE. Tribune office. H PARTNER —Wanted—I wish a good, 4- 'bcslae*! man for parr-cr la the Kock KiTcrlronWorsa JanesTiUe. wfs. Masthave meant lal of tram f£.oto to *SC,OOU, and be aMe to show!a clear ree rd. One who Is acquainted with the manu we to re and sale ol agricultural machtnry prewired. The machinery maouftetored at these work* has a reputation second to none m the West and the tie- MrtU unlimited. Address, JAMES hakrh, Jan**svllJe,Wu. ’ PARTNER—Wanted—Special or ac- I tlvfr-spKiat preferred. One who has *ia.«o to fIS.C-fPtoliveet la a first-cia** wholesale bsilne&s. only parties of the nm respectability treated with Kc:frr-rr» given and required. Addre««. conaa-mU!. pointing place cf Interview, M W T B," Tribune PARTNER— Wanted—\Viih capital, to e. cave la a sawmill and lumbering bonnes* v tft£«* cat be mate, call immediately at No I9rt MadlML-at E. WnnNEY. airao.l7o p ARI NEK—Wanted—ln one 01* the 1 crest retail drug of the city. Canltaire. SluraiS??'tS”- . i Aaara. PARTNER— Wanted— SOSO will nur ci»i! a occ-balf tntercs' In a well ertablUhed btui nee*. Rr»*oMorieilPr.putaerwt»»-eito ro tnr Apply at 155 South Clark-st- Bocm 5. ’* PARTNER —Wanted—A voting mon pi eiperlerc* to uke stalf Interest In a Orst-rias. tobacco and clear store oo'rc a coo 2 hastn*»« Mni: u»e full ibarc-of store. Capital required, troa ssm IOR<O. Address Pox 41. PARTN ER anted—A gentleman with Uree cr f-ur thousand dollars wi*h*jto form a partaetthlp with some Rarities* mao wun caoi. talto e*tal>!l‘h a new bouse, or mora desirable, to be admitted into an fftabll»he>l h n ns« in any cool Darin? bnriness. l?ft Ltfe-st. i|llw lirrsonal. PERSONAL.—A hall-interest in an es- X tabUsbed wholesale badness In thle drr, I* for s»'c to *r active basinets mas. For particulars »d. dress-11 E F tv* Tubune oIEm, for cte week. »v«> buys It if the party suits. P ERSONAL—Mhit, my heart grows L bicker. Am using Mrs. Jn'lns ow‘s Sbnhlng birap, and evpect to survive! Will call and tcli * Q a all sbunt itai soon as this prr-ioiteroai westne.-sp:. U«-s. Hal hal ha! CHARLEY. ■pERSONAIr—The well-known univer l sal P.-onhet. the gv.-at EgypUis Chiroaaacer and EJpctnclac, Do<tor h Btlaro, from St. Loai*, l§ now in lhl» citv. cn bis way to Europe, sed b* can rw 00-- ■u.tedrn al! rnatras concerning humanity. Qed'oa sot with to be compared to any one In a similar oceu patlcn in thia conutry. No money is taken unless m. tsfsction U rerdervd. Crnsultatlcn Rooms for a svort time. N. E. corner Monroe and Ciat k-*M, (entrance on Moarte-sy T>ER^ONAL—Two widow ladies aged X stands, wish the acquaintance ot a few cutle men thatwoaldbeflt ccmpaMotu *ar tk«m for ths re mavnaer aayi. l’lea«e address the former A. Z. B- the latmr a. I- B- West Side Post Ofilce. V*uc*Eo, «Eo larnteSDouaeß. TO LENT— Hotel ui Labe Forest — This desirable aoumer resort, 25 tr.ltea north of Ctalca* go, win be tor rent on the Ist ol April, tor a term ol years. The building contain* 5* ro im«, is la good re pair, and will ne rented on favorable l-rms to a persou wbo can mtuth acd keep a rood hrm-. None other peed apply. Addmi r. O. Box 6145. Chicago. TO RENT—Two desirable dwellings on West HarrtMn-st., Nos. 301 aod 109. H Mock Horn the street exm—oco iwo-st ry, containing seven rooms sna pantry, the other a c/ituco, couiauicg five icems and pamry—each boildlas accornmi-daUd with lake ana tt ft water, large barn and good yard. Apply on the premises. TO RENT—By Wm. D. Kerfm t, 69 Wathlngton-st., neat house containing 8 or 9 rooms, withurge yard, CO or W test front, on the cor ner of Loomis and Pastings-m. 'T'O RENT—A country residence. A X new cottage bouse, 3U51 ie«-t, brick bosewoat, sit na:<donl3aUU.U-«t.,Lßlf a mile north of city limits. Possession stvsn jit of Anrll. Inquire at Boom No. 8, Nos. IS and 17 Benin Wells-st. rpo KENT—Desirable lurmsbed house, I Norih Side, very pteoaait location, tor a months. Pot session at any time. I*. O. Box 239. TO RENT—A good two-story house, b 3 Unren-st. Contains it rooms, dos-ts, bvlhroaro, ftm, water and gas. Possesilon Immediately. Good neighborhood. Apply at MI fluroo-st. TJ RENT—New dwellings, Nos. 31 Cottage-place and 35 Thlrty-UnteL, eight rooms each, hydrant water.pleasantly situated and convent ent to street cars. Fine view of lake and harbor. *3O per month. T. B. FITCH & CO., Boom 3, 199 Dear boo-st. TO RENT—Two-sloiy boose on Fourth av„ near Barrlaon-sL, 8 rooms, bathroom, hot and coin water, good ham. Three first-class home* oa North Clark-at.—*sTo, *6OO and SSOC per annum. Three story brick bouse, 1445 Indian a-av,, *6OO. U. C. MOSEY ft CO., Beal Estate BroKtrx, S Metropolitan Block. RENT—By Wm. H. Haase, Rea! . Estate Agent, 153 Raodolpb-st., Room No. 3. is on Madlson-st., near city limits. Lota on and near Mllwaukee-sv, DlTl«ioD-at. aod North-av.: on on Rlnzle-st.; on Kov rnth-st.; inDolsteln,nearme tod-gatc; and others In all directions. f’pO RENT—House 07 Grcen-st, corner J. of Monroe, from May Ist. Inquire at No. 9 Wig warn. HAWLEIGH A FBT. TO RENT—A cottage on Mendiau-st, near corner of Unlou. Inquire at No. 143 Dear coin-eU rpO RENT—Another first-class boarding L house, with furottoreforsale; also one without furniture. E. A. BICE, No. 155 South Clark-sL, room 14. rpo RENT—Boarding bouse, and lorni- J. tore for talc, in a firet-ci&M location on South side. I‘rtcc reasouable. J.B. AN DREWS, room No. 7 Methodist Church Block. TO RENT—A neat cottage, containing five rooms, on Fiae-aL, south of Chicago av„ lurtlshed or unfurnished, lamellate possession given. Inquire at 131 rinc-n. RENT—Or Sale—A furnished sum- X tter reaidence, beautifully tituated on Geneva Lake, Wla. given the lit ol sprit. Ad dress, or call on the owner. No 40 Walnut between S aod 9 In the morning. • TO KENT—A furnished House on Wa baih-av. north of Twelfth s!. Boose Is good con dition. Forntture nearly new. Bent 12.V0. Po*.<e>*ton Oven first of May or Jose. Address “KENT.” Tribune office. nPO RENT—Thai first-class House, 112 L fotlsce Gicve av.; house 40xCO, 19 rooms, 6 mar ble mantles, hot and cold water, gas. water, closets, 1 mth rooms, speaking tub's, cellar, store room, laun dry, cistern, barn, and s*.wer. Foa«e-sloo May flm. Soluble for a lane family or a Qrat-clasa private boarding house. To a desirable tyiant a lease fcr years, and the proprietor won'd board wljh tne tenant, tcqolre at 1*23 South Clark, Boom S. Call from 10 to Ui.m. XO KENT—Fine new house on Park sTn brick basement, 8 rooms, 4 bedrooms. 3 mar naoUe*,U ere-piacts, water, gar, extern, summer kitchen, plaiked alley in rear, 1-eaae for m*, ;wo or three years from May Ist. BmtlTlO. Inquire at 123 couth Clark-st., Boom a*. 'T’O RENT—From May Ist, lo a carelul J. tenant u two-ttory frame llousc, good barn, well and cistern water. large yard. shade irrts, etc., In toe mlgnbothood of Uckn Fait. Adcress Box 1010. Pest Office. TO KENT—Dwelling Houses, No. 1053 Wabash-av., with water, gas and bath: No. 44.“5 Cottage Orovc-av.; also, ether dwelling nouses and stores. Apply to J. M. MARSHALL, U 7 Clark-st. TO RENT—Splendid Cottaces—No. 204 and 2011 We*t van Horen-sb: 433 WAt Jack son-st.; 32 Ellxabeth-U.; 132 We>t Waabliigtoo-st. Look at these houses, and report at once. It yon want tnem Bouses are scarce. J. M. MARSHALL, 07 Clark-st. TO RENT—Two bouses m the fine tbree-story and basement ma'ble front block on w>trol]-it., directly north ol Union Park. Possession cfone tmmcdlstely—the other May lit. Good stable on the premises. BAIRD ADRAJJLEY. corner Lake and LaSalle-sts. r T'O KENT—Furnished house, comer of 1 Lake-av. and Donglas-place. Bouse newly for ntsheu throughout: let over one acre.aud handsomely laid out with shade tree* and shrubbery. Alargrnew barn on premises. Apply at Mrs. WM.J. JOHN SON’S, 71 Wasbington-at. r PO KENT—Toe house No. 247 North JL Market-sucontaining7or S rooms: also a neat frame boose on thecomcr of Reuben and Hubbara-sts., containingß or 9 rooms, water, Ac. Apply to WM. D. KEBFOOT, S 9 WasbingtoMt nPO RENT—Finely lumiahed house JL on n-ar Clark, nine rooms. WED PER A WILSON. IS Reynolds’ Block. ,4 pO RENT—A neat cottage containing -L seven rooms, closets, water on Jackson, west of Hoyne. inquire of Mrs. D. PRATT, 130 South Clark- TO RENT—Front part cottaee, three rooms, newly painted and papered, suitable for nouMkeeptng. Inquire at 303 South Desplslnes-at., a few doors north of Taylor-et. TO RENT—A first class lum;shed bouse on Michigan av., containing 10 room*, to a good paying tenant, cheap. ARTHUR A BOVDBN', 210 State-st. TO RENT—A first class boardiug house In the South Dtvtiton. containing SO rooms, with bouse fmi of boarders, and furniture for sale, at (300. ARBTUPB A DOYDEN. 210 State-st. IEo l\cnt==Kooms. TO RENT—Two room?, with or with* out board, on the South Side, in a sm«ll private family. Suitable fjr man and wile or two single gen tlemen. Term* moderate to a permanent tenant. Ad areij ♦’MERCHANT,” Trlbone office. ’T'O RENT—TJnmm»Fhed, by small pn- JL vste family, two new arid very desirable ironl rocBS, opening on balcoDv. with g*s. Gcaterl board near. Terms moderate. Reierences exchanged. 210 WestSlaolson-st. TO KE^T—Room—Cemra!, desirable and chesp. Fomitnrc (worth (300> ibr tale. If do. 137*6 m wbole or pait * Address ’’E,” F.O. Bo* r rO RENT—Furnished room, without L . board, at 1-13 Sooth Wella-eL, sear Madison, to gentleman only. 'T’O RENT—House, 6 rooms No. 313 X Wabash--from Nay 1. QDIMBT&HAWLEY, 7 Reynold** Block. r rO KENT—A furnished front room for X one gentleman, at C 4 Monroo-st. TO RENT—A nicely famished room at 11-1 East Monroe-st. 'T'O RENT—Room 73 Lombard’s Block, 1 and foroltore for sale vary cheap. Inquire be tween A and 6, and 7 and 9 o'clck to-day. r rO RENT—And furniture, for sale at ’a X lew trice, two very floe located rooms, second Coor; but two minutes walk Pom the Post Office. Ren;chc«p. Please adore** A. B. DAVIS, Tribune office. f T , O RENT—Furnished Rooms, at No. X 69 Fourth-av. JEo&cntsJrtotcs, ©Sices. &c RENT—To lawyers and others—A J beautiful suite of offices, consisting ol 4 rooms, very light, commodious and duirabl-. Rent 1330 per GEORGE M. HIGH, 104 Baadoiph-su, ■ iviiaNT—The convenient dock and X sheds, with storage facilities in the flre-proot warehouse adjoining, on North Water-«t.,ea»t ot Rash it, bHdge. SPAFFORU A TUBEMA.N, 3W, Bi t ana 31C North Water-st. * r PO RENT—The nve-story store. No. 28 1 Marketst.,from May Ist: this is the oldest mill lurmth ng store in the clfy. Also, two large halls In Uovd Block. Also, the hotel or large boarding house, the Got trty Home, corner of Clark and Uarrison-sts! Also, several Mores and realdence* in other parts of the chy. CARTER U. HARRISON. 8 J Uearpora-st. T) RENT—Desirable Iclt, lonnerly oc cupied by Bowen Bros. BUe 33x163 Can lie had at reasonable rent. Possession given immediately. Inquire of A. HEBZOQ. »A 1 Latc-su, up stairs. 'T'O RENT—Store, 177 Michigan-st., JAMSs'ffADSWOIiTg BII °°° r ’ A W>T «» TO RENT—Part of a first-clais store, m one of the best business blocks In Chicago, soluble io;a custom tauor. Address -TAILOh," P. O.Box RENT—From the Ist of May next, 1 the store, and dwelling above. No. 337 State Apply at CHARLES O. E. PBCSSING'S, 33D & 341 Bute st.. Chicago. TO RENT—The 3d floor of the build lug No. 137 Randolph-st. corner of la Salle. It nas four good-lrcd finely lighted room*, smuhle for office*. B. B. WILEY, 11 Metropolitan Block. nrO RENT—Splendid Offices—No. 4,13 I and 14. Speed’s Block: N 0.7. tlanl 19. Larraon Block. Several suites ouieeplng rooms. Apply to J. M.MARSUALI* 97 Clark st. TO RENT—II 7 Clark-st; 125 Dearborn st.; 137. store and dwelling, (possession at once.) with shelveis counters, etc. and 469 Clark-st. All are choice reUU locations. Other stores and dweillnei. Apply to J.M. MARSHALL. 97 Clark-st. TO BENT—The spacious store, known a* No. 91 Waihlngloa-st.. alio, two front office*, with vault, on the nm floor cf the same bullflln-. Apply to WM. D. KERFOOT. t«9 Washlngtoa-st. npb RENT —Dock property, on the X South Bracch. on long leaso and liberal terms, suitable for coal, lumber wood yards, or for msnu factnnnc. GEy. V. BVRD.No. 100 Randolph-s*.. BoomS. fUacjnncr?. |7OR SALE—Portable engines and boil- JL..f£?\P_ to SO-hr’tsc cower, at ear? low arte-’'*, by GRIIFIN DKOS- 116 LaSalle-st-opposite Chamber of commerce. pOK SALE—Portable engines, stall 011- 1 ary and on wheel*. 10 and 12-hone rower, on hand and tor ai.e at low prlcea. by THE PtSHTIGO CO- North Water- it— North Pier. w "* pOU t*ALi3—A second-hand Buckley A fo.dlac machine—is good conflluau. Price. ilhD Apjdy to the TRIBUNE COMPANY. * pOR SALE—Portable Steam Engines I r Portable tteam engines. A number on band In store. mad* by the •* Washington Iron Work*.” of suptrior workmanship, which we warrant to give entire saQstactloo. Will be Mid eh*ap. Cali and take a lock at them. HAWKINS A JAMES, 54 Sooth Wdls-it. POR SALE—One Fay <fe Co. s Planer, 1 St-Inch, with conater-shalt. Price fIV3. One wood tunvng lathe. »10. E. W. ALKXANUER A CO- So. S- West Washlcgt;n-tt., corner Jellersoa. FOR SALE—A superior low pressure ratine. Scinch cylinder and 4feet strike. In splen did running order, with shaft 9 inches la diameter sad fly-wheel JO fret, weighing anout * tons. Thle easlce Uqfsnflldetcapacltyto drive the largest elevator, and Is particularly adapted to a mill captbleol maklrg 400 barrels cf flour per day. We otter th* above at the lowprlceof j; vq y or tartar ptrt’rutar*. trqulreot pAt£R. WQA LIN G A CO- Stare MU «, Ctlcago, or MEDBEHY. bTEVEKS & CO.. Milwaukee, Wl*. FOR fcALE—H. M. Ames portable and stationary engines, from 4 to avhorse power; also. Putnam Machine Co.’s txds: two llfcet bed 14-lach, two 10-i-et t»*d. 30 and oa« S-.'eet bed li tneh. cne6-i,etbedll-lneh» screw-cutting cosine lathes*, three norlsbt drills, two iron planers, bolt cutter*, saw mill*. «h»ttur mills, two Woodworth plan eis and matchers, Farrar's era, _pump*. belting, hoie. files, Ac-4c, C. L. RICE A CO- Til and 81 "pOR SALE—At a sacrifice, a new port* 1 able steam engine and boiler, all tn complete run mo confer. 16-horse power. Inquire ot R. S. GALLO .7. ,4 « Washlagton-st. Tunnel, or addnss P. o. Bo* Ml 15. Chicago. FOR SALE—A fine 8-horse engine, , rt>«Uef.) 15. Jjf-tncb ones, at |6SC. RocmS.No. •*» eouth Clarkst. TXTANTED—A second-hand Portable ▼ V Endoe. of not mme than five horse oower. to reutor purchase. Addnss.oaMon.lay, **F £ a.** care American News Company, corner Dearborn and Mad- Hon. Eo£t ana iFounu. 108T —$1S Reward—A pocket dian* j contalnit c 1130. Th* finder will rccclv* th* above os ternnilric tne same to 151 Chlcago-av- North Side. JOHN WOOLLACOXf. I 08T—Saturday allcrnoon on Lake-st. J a Pitch MnS. with about 6100 Inside. Thenca-r »“• be Übcraliv rewarded oa leaving the propetyat Use police headauanen. ffiauoß. TO RENT—Pianos, Organs and Melo deons; alan. new and seoond-baad Pianos for save received in Insts lmeat*. W. W. &IMBALL, 63 TTashla£t9a*et, 3Jral 350tate-Cits. 101PBOVBD. t?OR BALE—By S. H. Kerfoot & Co., IT Besl Estate Brokers, 71 Deafxjrn-sl. 140—IJCdrabl-. residence no Twenty-tulrd-st, near the lake, with lot U)xl3o feet; price reaosable, term* easy—cto^oo, 130—A hn.d-</mc uwtlltng with frsm t*of)foar arm 11 gr- nn<i, a abort distance Boats ot city Unite, i ltuty of iratt, Bhrobhery, eta, etc. yt>, coo. 13G-Biuisess lit on Monroe-st, jait welt *f Her* chuo • union Express Company’* atablesja bargain. 135—Twenty-three desirable bonding lota to (own .... of Ujde Park, neai depot: will be Bold cheap. IJ4—Larue lot oo Stxte-?t, near Tweatr-slxtb, a flue opportunity for loos*- wishing to make an ln- vestment in d»lr*Uore»lf*t»t». 130—One hnndrvd lent ou Bait Washlngton-st; a choice piece cf tinslniai property, price $350 feet with building. on North Clark-aL fii axT* * 0l(I at 40 extremJ 3 r low °Kuro— 120—An elesaat lot on Fntrle-ar, near Twen ileth-st. 01 and H2—Two dealrablsds elllnn, with lota forty Act front e*co. on Wsbtsh-mr. north of Twelfth ■t. Price 116,000 and ll tAm. 133-Large corner lot oo Wabuh-av, Cronti east. Can be had at a moderate price and liberal tern*. 63—'Weat Washington-*!; residence, near the Parks; bouse has thirteen rooms, bathroom, cloaeta, etc. Lot lit) Cret front—will sell thirty. fifty or sixty Sect wltn dwelling. 62—Frame dwelling on Wsbaih-ar of ten rooms, closets, etc. with lot SxlS feet. Win be sold at a bargain—price 95,500. 3S—An elegant residence, marble front, on West Washington-*!, contains ten rooms, ciosetj, bathroom, cellar under basement, eta, etc..and every modern improvement. Lot 25x135, oruk barn on alley—price (17.DC0. 04S—New flame building on Warren-st; has every modern improvement. Lot 33x12 :wiQ be sold cheap—price 97,500. 943—Brick residence on North Side. In a desirable location; ten rooms, closets, bathroom,cellar under basement, cto, etc.—9^soo. 33—An elegant brick dwelling on Pralrlo-ar, near Klchteenlh-st, with large lot, good oaio, etc., 820, 844, 124. 44—Several desirable residences at Lake View, at from three to nine thoniand dollars. S4B—One of the best located residences in Racine, Wis, —large grounds, good Improvements. wui be Mid at a sacrifice—fiooo. SSO» SSO-A number of baudsomt reilJeacej ranging la price from to Also a Urge llit of Cams, country residences, and city property. Call la and examine. F)n SALE—Ey Wm. D. Kerfoot, 80 Washlceton-it. Fine marble irott residence, three stories m height, on Mlchlgan-av., north of Sixteenth-st., with lot 90 feet front. Large frame house, brick basement, with all modem improvements, bare, out-houses, on Elghteenth-st. near lodlana-ar. Ihree-story brick house, all modem Improvements, on WUlard-place, near Wa»hington-su, with lot 227 feet Iront by 117 feet In depth. Nest trame house (two stories) on West Adams St containing 9 oMO rooms, water, Ac. Lot 2?VH9B leet. Meat trame boose on tvabaih-ar- near SlxhwLth-sL. two stories in height, all modem Improvements. and large lot. Fine two story and buemett frame house on West Washlngton-sc, near Bobey-su, all Improvements, and full depth lot. Large lour story btlck boose and lot on Fourth-ar.. near ilarxtson-su, ail Improvements. Neatframe home on North Dearbora-st.. contain ing u ’corns. water, one barr and a lot Mil* feet. Mat two*tory frame hnnseon West Lake-it., near the Pa?x, with about 9or lb rooms, water, &c. Lot K feet Three. icry I rick house on state at..* tear Sixteenth- BL. aU Improvements, and One iol Neat brick boose id noya*-»t.,near Monroe-aL. con taining 9 rooms, water, 4c_ with large lot UxU3 leet Can be bongnt cheap ir applied for at once. Also, very desirable residence property in all parts of the city. l?OK SALE—In J. H. Keeler * Co.'s r Rea' Estate Office. I*2o South Clark-iL On Weil Side—four two-st.ry homes, aid lot, earner ot Foarth ard Sangamon-sts.: two 3-storr hoases. ot ID room) each, and lots, on Fulton st.,near Curtis—fl.OTO; two story home of nice rooms, oo booth Peona-st.; cot tage ano let on Leavltt-et., near Falton-SLUkI; cot tage and let on Lore at., near Cblcago-av, cheap—only *I,SSC: two-stnrr boose, or nine rooms and closets, ana lot, on May-st, near Washltgton; tvotwo-stsry and bsiemtnt brier hoases, sad lots wltn good crick barns, Jefferson Park. On North bide—Two-stiry home, of 10 rooms, closets, and lot, ot North ClsrK-sL. near Siphla; two-aiory boose ot nice rooms, closets, Aik, and lot, on Boribat-SL, near Asylum place; two-story boose, ID rooms,close’s, Ac., with good stone toonfialion. and tot, on North Writs at., near Michigan, well salted lor botlncis purposes; four story brick building. and lot, 293 Klazie-st, tor wnat the building is worta-.cottage and lot corner of 8 ir ling and Willow sta., near Newberry School— sL6U) ; cottage on Dlnaloo-tL, near Larabc*, to be removed— WtO. Sooth bide—Store, wltn dwelling above, oo South Clark-iL, Ktwren Harr Ron andpolk-stc. and leaseof lot— *1,900; a lino brick house and go-idhilck barn, with lot 35 feet front, on Foorth-ar.. near Polk-iL Jj'Oß SALE—By Anhnr & Bojden, Real E-date Urok ere, 210 btate-st.: IV. Quincy. V-itory house, 6 rooms f 1,000 XX. Thlnl-aw. C-story house and i d a.OOO XXX. >Uchlcan-av_ 10 rooms and lot BAUO XVII. Wabasn-ay., 10 ro"ms and lot SAOO XaII. Wabash-av., brick residence and lot SACO vui. statc-vt..2 two-story hoases, new and lota.. 6 COO XIX. Cnrtts-*t., 10 rooms and lot LSOO XV. Sangamon-SL, 10 rooms aid lot. 4,030 XXXI. Twcnty-nlolb-sL, 10 rorms and lot 4AOO XXXV. Clark-iL, 2 store* and 6 rooms 9,0t0 XVIIL Kankakec-ar., csttage. 6 rooms i.?v> XXXiV. 9 acres J 4 ir Ue west of Umlts 3.000 yXXVI. SO ftet on Wabash-ar xxyx.lootedco Praulo-nr. 4,0 W FOR SALE—By William D. Kerioot 8A Wsshlngt-m-sL: sdxiSO feet on nabaib-ar n near Twenty-Elxtb-st. 50 fe«t on Calumet-av H near Twenty-iourth-sc. 50 foet on Mlcblgan-ar., near Fourteenth-sL 60 teet on Madhon-at, near Frankho-sL 40 feet on Monroe-«L, near WeU-at. 110 feet on Van near Morgao-aL 40 feet on corner of Uarilcon and Fraaklln-als. 135 feet on West Lake-sL.nßar 50 feet on Mocroe-st., near 5C feet on near Qoyne-sL 50 feet on Pultcn-sL, near Boyce-sL 100 lots In Brown’s Addition. Also, lots In Brand's ami Archer’* Auditions, which may be bought very cheap, on easy toms. FOR SALE—West Division—9sxlso fl. ftontlcc Jeffemo Park. 129x125 ft, (corner) fronting Jefferson Park. SWxlta ft., West Adams at. east of Reuben, koxisi ft. (corner) Carrol-st. near at. Joho’s-placo. 37 lots on Vanßurcn-SL between Uonoro and Robey sta * 90 lots on Hanl«on-Bt. between Robey and Qornc-ata. Hrlck house and lot, 20 WlUard-placo. lioure and lot, N4l Wett Lake-st. Rouse and lot, 330 West Waahlngten-sL (louse and lot, A 37 West WaantngtOfl-sL G. S. HUBBARD, Jr., 33 Dcnrborn-it. TTOH BALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real JL 1 Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two-itory frame boose of It rooms, and lot, M feet front, cn park-av., near Lcavm-st. FOR SALE—By Snyder ccLee, Real Es tate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, lot 50 X 153 feet, on CanaUu near Vaoßorer. Lot 9oxl3s leet on Lake-SL, between Paulina and Wood-sts., opposite Pagc-au T?OR SALE—By Snyder* Lee, Real L Baute Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Pfrck. two nearly new Dame hruscs of 9 rooms and cold wafer, water cka#t», marble mantes, and lots, on Ad ama-Ft. netween Thrvip and Loo mil, fronting Jcff-tr tonpark. ITlte each. Terms of payment mada easy- T7OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real X Kaute Agents, No. 4 MelropilUaa Block, two new frame bouses or 8 rooms each, gas. water, marble mantels, and lots. Nos. QtftS and <jC4 West Washing ton-sL, near Lincoln. f?OK SALE—By Snyder &Lce, Real Es 1 ut« A cents Ko. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two swry frame bonce or 11 room-, hot ana coM water, water closets, marble mantels a*d.otodteet front, on Michlgan-av., tear TwtEty-ufUi-M. FOR SALE—By bn-,der &Lee, Real Es tate A cents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two story atd basement brtcK house. ot 11 rooms, mod ern imnrovemeLta, and lot,wito bars, on Wobash-ar., near Twemuto-bt. 170 R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Re x' ettte Agent*. No. 4 Matropottua 810-K. a t »o •vrj trame boose of 8 rooms, and lot, comer ofTwen ty-flrst-ct. and lhtd-sv. F'OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es tate A cents. No. 4 Metropolitan Diock. a new frame bouse ofs room*, water, gn. etc-and 4 years letpeoflot, on Peorla-bL, between Washington and Randolph- TO RENT—New dwelling house 4C4 South Cllnlm-st,, wl*l be leased* fbr one or mire y-ars, at a cheap rent to a careful and prompt panne tenant. None otbo.a need apply. SUOCJjp-o Real Estate Office. corner Twelfth ana Cllnton-sts.. where inc key can be bad. T?OH &ALB—A new two story and baie (; meet marole-tront house, on Wabash-ar., near FotifteeHh-it.. v llh water, ga«. bathroom, marble mantel 4 -. Ac. Ope of the most elegant and complete la the only |ls,ooo u wblch £rtce In clndcsthe gas Tit!* per'ect. Early poMesst n. A remarkably cheap place. WABRfiN A GOODRICH, l‘J5 2- TTOR SALE—On Wabash av., 3 houses X? near HJri»lg*-court, bo. 4flo and 4!*i—Ho.oCo each. A.J. AYEBEU, Real Estate Office >o. 7, Mttropo.ltaa Block. F'OR SALE—House and lot on Wabasht av» It feet front, this side of Fonrteento-st. Price yiOACO: tlio,on<! ot toe finest residences (with fall view or the lake) In the city: bnlldinsbnck and stone, ample nronnds— J. R, ANDREWS, Room 7. Methodist Chnn-b Block. T7OR SALE—Cheap, a cottage house, ■ with lease ct lot. 4 rooms, ckaets, basemmt, Ac., one block from horse cars. Bmlt one year. Lease runs tin March, 1871. Apply at 35S Sooth Habted-st. FOR SALE—House No. 459 Wabash sv. Inquire on the premises, or at the Tnird Na tional Bank. F)R SALE—Honseand lot on Wabash av- between Thirteenth and Fourtcenth-sts.. east front. Lot llxiso fteL Bnck boose. 9 rooms, modern ImprovcTLents, bet and cold water, bath, three marole mantles, gas fixtures, not alt fnrnacMarft» stable— even thing 1- pertcct oraer. Prl e flfiAuO. THOMAS PARKER, No. 2 Methodist Ctmrcb Block. TT'OK SALE—Housi 405 South Halsted* X. st-with 49 by I'Otcet of gronad, superior location foMmslnesacr residence. I'ortcrms.tsqaireonprem- 17OR SALE—By Win, H. Haase, Real X Estate Agent, 133 Eandclpb-st.. Room No. 3, 2 twe-story bonses and lota on Po-k-st.; cottage and lot on Morgan-st.; cottage and lot on Bope-»t.; new cot tage and lot on Shalto-st.; House, biro, (tann-xy).with two lots, on llope-scj two-story bon-e on Henry ,t„ with lease It desired, all near Bine Isladd-av.; also. 3 lots on Bine tsland-av. soluble fbr bail: ess. 2jxlsofL. wltb;Bitf xrd 19feet alley on Ind'aoa-nLbetween May and Racier tt., all cn easy let ms. 1 FOR bALt—A number ol desirable bonses ot Wabato. Michigan and Indian viv«_ at price* from HRC to f30.1> 0 each. WARREN A GOODRICH. 1‘45 Dearborn-st. Room 2. F)R bAliE—(North Division, near City Umlts) a nrw Cottage House, 6 rooms, together with two io»b. posteseun Apnt ut. Addms “J d w,” D0i245- T TTOR SALE —Two new cottages on 1? West all modem Improvements. Also one co West Late-su, on leased sround. AU very cheap. WEBBER A WILSON, IS K-rnoidi' Block. FOR SALE—On Michigan-av. a first dare boose, marble iront, n’o. *£23, the real* aenceof the lateJehnL.SeiJpp«. A. J. Real Eata:e office No. 7. Metropalna. Block. J7OR SALE—Cottage house and lot on r Wabash-av.. near Ihlitj-firat-su cheap for cash. Immediate possession. GEO. V. BTKD, No. 100 Randolphs;., Boom Ko. 8* T?OR SALE—Siorc and lot, Nr. 161 Sc.nth Cark-st.. between Madison aed Monroe, rsjf feet front. Inquire of JOEN FOBSYT HE, 133 Randolph Bt. T?OK SALE—Cheap, No. 404. £ne st, a C desirable residence with modem Improvements. Terms rerv liberal. RoZET & CUMMINGr, Beal Estate ana Loan Brokers, 9S LahaMe-st. P>R SALE—\ ou can buy your homes tar cfcearer than you can rent them. I have a number cf new dwelhass, containing parlor, dining room, kitchen, large pantry and tour chambers. Men of small means can buy them, and pty the greater part ol the porches® mon-y tn month’y payment}. So that vonr rent is buying year homes. Come and see. Wk. BANSBEOCGU. 9U Washlagtoast. FOR SALE—At Hammond & Butler’s Land Office. 1 IS Dearborn-sU Time*’ Bul’dlog. Elegant residence on Paik-row; choice bidding lots at Coitapp Gr-'ve; bouse and lot oa Twenty-nxib-st.; Soureandloton fol'oo-su house and l .t 03 Carrol* >t: house and lot on Twlllh-st.; house and two lots at Evaistcn; 4 two-story houses 03 Uliwaukae-ar.: buLclnglcti In a.l pa ts of the city. FOR SALE—House, wuh or without furniture, nine rooms, on leased ground, or could purchase lot with bouse, situated ca>t ot Cisrkjt. S’crth Side. Best lelghhorhood in the city. Address “Z.” Tnbnne efflee. one week. F)R SALE— Bv Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new two-story and basement brick bouses of t| rooms, modern Improvements, aid lots, on Bandolph-st, near Elizabeth. ■XT'OR SALE—A iwo-story house, and X 1 lot, Ko. 253 and balance In 1.3 ardSyean, at 7 per cent. Also, three houaei aid lots on Jaclt*cc-‘U. t>etwecn Tbroop and loomli-sts. Inquire at 141 eouto Doarborn-sE I?OR SALE—At a Greal Bargain . Dense and lot 401 Thlrd near DUnola Cea trml and Kocfc island machine shop*. The lot alone u woitnwnatthc whole can be boucht for. Must be sold Within ten days, inquire of S. CLARESOK A CO.. No. IQ Sonin Market-st, 1?OR bALE—A first-class two-snry and . basement Prick house, on Mouroo-sL, near Uor can-a;.; French roof, furnace, bath-room, speaking tc -£?- &c - Two two-ston* and basement bnck bouses cn neat Adtai-»u in a fine location. A large two* story irame betue. barn, and floe growth of shrubbery, wnh corner lot lOOxia feet, on Loomls-it. Three on Park-ar-.near the Park, at *7.000, *iP.COO and JIAW). 11. C. MOREY A CO., Beal Estate Brokers, S Metropclttan Block. TT'OR BALE—Two-slory house, 7 rooms, XJ water, gif, rood biro, astern, lot JSxISJ fret ou rarslle-sL. near D-.niloQ-4i.DCO. Basement cutuce. 10 rooms, on Ontario-sL. near LaSalle, with lat. *UO3. A flic lesldeoccloteoraer Indiana and Plne-*ts.. »t 120. DCxlCOfeet on an excellent ict tor a manufactory, il. C. MOHBY A CO., Beal icstate Bro kers, y Uctropclltan Block. Keal 3SBtatr-Cttg. IfIPBOTBD. T?OR SALE.—By Clarke, Layton & Co. J No. 128 Wa<hiogton*«t.: A cne tbree-atorr ■M basement brick bun>e sad brick bins,—house with sll tne modem ioip'ovements. No. 47 Jackson lL_ia very cheap at jISM). Tcrmscaav. FOR SALE,—By ( Inrkc, Lay lon dc 00. Nos. 71 and 73Twent7-9lxth-sf. Doable two story frame h:u#es with marble mantles and ail moj em improvement*. Ttruoai. Theprop-rty ran ba bong* t before the Ist of May at a low price. Imp ire at our office, or at 1168 Indlans-av., near tio prop erty. T?OR SALE.—By Clarke, Layton & Co. P No. 1168 Indiana-av. a splendid two-story noose with brickba*emct t. i otWxiTOfeelcost fron’. Ills offered Uli April Ist fur the low price cf Fart payment ur ran for threcyesr*. Inqolrcatour office or on the [remises. T?OR SALE—On West Lake-sc., near I” Dcsplalncs. LotSOxliO leet. with good frame buildings. BEES A ATKB3, No. 10 Opsra Home. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agent*. No, 4 Metropolitan Block, a two-story framehouse of 10 rooms, water, g&j. mxrol* mantel*, era, and lot, on northeast comer Huron and Sedgwlck-sts. Wlllbesoldata bargain. T7OR SALE—House and tarmtnre, and A* five yean* lease of lot. on Foarth-av.. near Hurl •on-st.; gooebam—(3Aoo. n.-C. UOUE7 4CO„S Metropolitan Block. T?OR SALK—Elepant residence on toe I South Side, on one of the avenue#, near the Lake. OGDEN, FLEETWOOD & CO„ 131 Lake-et. DMJXPRUVED, F)R SALE—A beautiml lot on the corner of Wert Monroe and Bncfcer-sts.. 76 leet py 12 feel, running back to an alley. No better neigh borhood tn the city. Also, a beautiful block of six lota In Evanston—m fact, the handsomest lot In £t ans too. It Is near the depot, and next north of H- O. Unrd’s residence, with abundance of large oak and or namental trees, and some two hnrdred trait tr*es. Far ®SeMU Pply to GEOBGE F * FOSTER, 217 South l?OR BALE—I 3 acres on Pullon*st» jn lost.vest of the rltr llm;u.atjl,ooo peracre. BEES A AYRES, Mo. 10 Opera House. F)R SALE—East trout on Michigan* MOxJSO f-et, comer Twenty-slith »C for 921.0)0. Terms—W.COU cash, the balaaee In 1,2 acd 3 years,7 per ceit interest. This Is the finest ccraer on Jllchlgao-ar. Only Ln the marcel for tsro dan. in. ply to J. M. MARSHALL. 07 Clsric-st, * FOR BALE—Residence lots 11*1x2 Id ft,, on northeast corner of Chlcago-ar. and North Ktate-st. REES AAY RES. 1Q Opera House. T7OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real A Estate Agents. Mo. 4 Metropolitan lUock, Mich- Jean-ar. lot tOQxSCd leet, comer Mi:blgac-av. and Tveoty-nlnth-st. 43x110 leet eerter Mlchigaa-av.aad Twcnty-efth-at. T?OR SALE—Lofs on Fulton and Wal* 1 nnt-sts. near PsoUna—*l,oooeach, belos much be low current rate* In that vicinity, rerms easy. GEO RGB A WILLIAMS, 7 B;nth Clart-st. 7 F)R~SAI,E— Lots on east side Wabash ar.. from Thirtieth toThlrty-flrst-sL, at f 1,000 each—much below what they will bring a few months hence. GEORGE A WILLIAMS, 7 South Clart-st. F3R fcALE —One-naif an acre between Tbroop and Loomis and Van Barra and Jackson catb. Cneaoeat property offered. GEO. W. BILL. 17 Reynolds* Block. 170 R SALK —OIc of the finest lots on X Micblgan-av., near U4dison-sL,2?Nxlloleetto on remarkably easy forms. WALKEN A GOODRICH. 123 Dcarbora-SL. Boom *J. F)R SALE— To Lumbermen and Capi nVoU on the east side of I 1) ) 1 * J** for !*« •> » decided bargain. To a company of lumbermen I can offer gr-at Innate- Foot,'sat JSUSS:^ »»»■*»**■ °- fj'Oll SALE—One lot 50z202, and one I. 70x120 on in good locations. WK3- BKB A WILSON, IS Reynold*’ Block!/ T?OR SALE—In J. D. Keeler & Co.’s Jj Real Estate Office 129 booth Clart-st; Desirable residence lota i n Sooth Peona-*t. Two lota on Jacksoa-au, b* tween Aberdeen and lla:ker-sts. six 1/0 feet deep to forty toot alley. Sixteen lota earner of Jacsaon and Llncoln-sis. Tj'ORaALE—On lndiana-av. comer of Jj SlxUcnth-at, wanting cast, two fCet front, foil depth, tor sale cb*ap. A'ir>, so iret on Wabasb-av.. n**r Twentleth-»t. 203 feet ICO fleet on Pralrie-ay., near Tweniy-nr»t-at. 50 teet on Caiomet*aT..near Tweaty-Srst-it. A. J. AVCBELL, Beal Ertate Office No. 7 Uetronol- Itan Block. ‘ I7OR SALE—i'our lots on Hamson-su, 17 near Leavltt-at.. only |l*oo. OEO. V. DTUD. No. 100 Bandolph-SL, Boom So. 8. ’ FOR BALE.—S onth Division. lOOxISO leet on near Twraty-scc ood-st. 1 80qlS7 l»«t on Pralrte-ar., near Twraty-second-it. 68xlS0 fet- 1 cn Pralrie-ar., near Elghteenth-si. ICflxlbO fset on Utcbtgan-aT-,oear Sixteenth-«L G. S. HUBBARD. Jr„ 53 Dcaooro-st. aacuts gjgaanteb. AGENTS —ATanted—In all the impor tant towns In Illinois to represent the “Econ omical Mutual Life Insurance Conp-tay ot it. i ” AddreM, giving name and reJtreccta, TUCKER 4 SHLFELDT, General Agents, Chicago, Dl. A GENTcj—Wanted lmmediately, m xTL every county, to sell standard- salable books, or will be oald. Address Q. M. SBEBWOOD. 107 Monroe-tU, Chicago. A /TLaadranenses. Address SUAW * CLARK bBW -INQ MAtiuINE CO., Utddclord, Maine. A GENTti—Wanted—For the Amencnn T y Ho J“s e 9 reel ®7i .Agents Who have delivered tcl. 1., and desire to deliver vol. most S£^H I £2! r S« I V mn, ® Jl » l « l r. GKO. 4 C. W.bIIEB WOOD, 103 Madlson-at., Chicago, lit. AGENTS— Wanted The Pictorial OF ANEODITES AV’D INCIDENTS OF i tan WAR.” Warranted the mo#t attraclve. Cast-soli- Ing book cut. Pays largest profiu and elves best seUPfacilon when de lvered. Agents n ake *33 to SIOQ e M iag.°gchi^ l;MSlUDDjtD AGINTS— w»n!e(t—Five Ideal Reads cl American Women; Angel ot the Oointtat— Before Die Battle—Color Bearer—At the Front—Aray Ne*s. IhennMt worksof art ever latrodnced inthu country. Experienced canvassers wanted In every rjajra&griii: JoUii °■ AGENTa —Wanted, everywhere, to sell Patent White Wire Clothes Lines. Can make tit ««*? pcr . Address “MeUllc Clothe* Ltoc C 0.,” 02 bcnccs-»t.. Uevelana, Ohio, A GENTS—Wanted—To sell the Reason whysenea..! booka-The ravat salable book* in mo market. The brat of trims given t» energetic can. toon'lll Apply 10 FINDLKY * RICRARDaON, Mat A GENTS—Wanted—sso per •week — ,-f* Male of female. at their owe home*. Bmlneva luftt, peaiant and honorable. For fan oartteolara addreaswilh sump. FCOT& CLARK. Mich- AGENTb— Wanted—Ladies or cents, at yonr own homes or travelling, at flip n«r mentb. poL’t negotiate with any other oarty ail von flr*t sji d for partu alar*. Address BRONSON ACO 181 Woodward-av., Detroit. Mich. ou A GENTS Wanted For Frank J. J. Moore’s latest wort ” Women of toe War.” * leed * heroism and self-sacrifice por- J r * , f d lolancuaee that It tere.t every reader. Avery bandsomevotuire, beautifully Illustrated. It recoin- Ki^. eIC r Salcs are Immense; uis troly “t»oTt?r reran acetry call cn or address U.c. TREAT. pnbueher. 117 booth Clart-et., Chicago. A GEN Tb— Wanted— New field tor * OQea Competent women with taste. Doarfring. R^A^^N? —For two gentlemen or niibc? tS # “ te I Qf roorag. beautifully fur •ltb b '" ro - a private fatally, where ii TA*? holers. Loeait-n on Twenty-Qilh- Innlma-av. Apply to tLK. JONES 168 pleasant mite ol ftir il« L i33,00 V’ 00 V’ w, . tb h 0 1 " suitable for a gerue *Vst& t HAYmS' W,,lt *™ ““ Conn Fu.iiishcd and unfar XJ rlsheu rooms, with board, at .*ia NoMbUsl ted dwl nom si* 1 * tX ° m “* C Cw,rt Haasa * V>OAKDUNW— Ftmmned largo, iront XJ rcom, gas, fire and ose of bath, for a gentleman P r two tingle gentlemen, in api Irnte tamilr > S ld -' on . t-cI ! M location, with all toe cimtorts of a home: toother boarders: late dinner. The best ot BoISm? rfqttlred * For ** lntcrTlc,T address p. o. O CARDING—Two gentlemen desirous XX of arom/cruMe home, «ltn elegant, largo front room and excellent board. In a rejp*cl»nie family iiy. tns on W left nets wqnlrrd. Address •‘C." Pox laid. T>OAhDLNG—A few gentlemen can be XX accommodated with pleasa-it rooms, with board, also a tew day boarders at 48 AiiiTmt * T>OARDING—To rent, with first-class XX board, apl«*as«nt front pwlor and bedroom, on txe first floor cf 219 Ontario-su. suitable tar a £»ml v or four or five gentlemen. Reference reqntred. ■nOARDLNG—Ten gcr.tkman can find JJ» flrst-claes beard at Iflo East Adams-sn. one mock south of the Post office. Alas, one unfurnished iiont room. T)CARDING—Two gentleman can ob- XX tain board In a private lamily on Elds-ar.. con- street cars. Andreas -WJ,” XXOARDING—’The boarding house at XX No. 100 land 104 Monroe-sL,opposite Post Office, bas changed hands ana is being renovated. A tew more tcardcra ran be accommodated wttbnleasant roomsacd guod board at a moderate price. TXOARDING—A gentleman and wile. XX or two single gentlemen, can find first class board S?A«*e# Ter3r ■* reb JamUbed room, at 649 SUtc corner of Thirteenth. IXOARDING—With pleasant rooms, tor AX two xoutg eenUcmen. In a private fkmtlv. Ap ply at 105 South PeorlatL, one block from Madison st. cars. Terms reasocable. « DOARDING—A nicely tarnished and XX p>a*ant rocm,with board, tor a gentleman and wifcortwo sltglegenU-mec, and one rmgle roam. In a private family, al l 15 sonto Halstcd-su . T> CARDING—Two young gentlemen X 3 ora gentleman and wife can nave Crootraom w.ih board at 353 Foanh-iv. OOaRDING—A Suite ol front parlor J_> and Lee room. also aeveral single rooms, and day board can De bad at 17 Dearbom-su. cp stairs. T3OARDJNG—First-class board m a 11 private totally, with a pleasant famished room •citable for two gentlemen, can be obtained at 115 be nib lUiSted-st* OOAKDLNG—For gentleman and wife LJ or oteor two ladles, oaFrankiln-at. nearOak-§u North side. Well famished rooms and good board in a private fsiaily. Address -Q 8,” Tribune office, wttn reference. OOAKDLNG—At 226 East Wasbington -1 ) it. Two or three single gentlemen can be accom moisted with good board and furnished rooms on res* ionable terms. BOARDING Pleasant front room?, suitable for gentleman and wife or two elude gentlemen, at moderate, prices. Please call at 213 V»'e»t LtIML, bitweca peona and Eaagamoa-sta. T3OAKDINQ—A few young men can XJ Cnd board at 107 illchlgan-st. Also, day btard- T 3 CARDIN G—A family ol trom two to X) four persocs desiring superior and permanent ac commodations in a airlcuy private tamlly of cultiva tion and social last's, c-tn obtain an elegant suite of front rcoms on first floor, targe double parlors with hedrcom adjoinl; c. ualornlshed or partially famished. House pleasantly located n«ar the avenues, la good nelrtbcrbood and convenient to business. Add»«s It EVIDENCE. Tribune office. areM OOARDING—Front room tor rent with IA board. Also, a gentleman room-mate Ibr a ven. ueman. at 57 Plne-tU Reference required. * T3OARD—In some private family, bv a 13 man. Pleas* address, stating terms and locality."OffOD.” 170 Lake-il. 33oarb tKHantcb. "D OARD—One large or two smaller un- JJ mrnUhed rooms, on Sonlh Side, and boar! In two young ladle*. K-ferencea ex changed. Address, with terms and location. P. O. Box DOARD—Bv* gentleman and wile, with 13 furnished rooms, on South side, hstween Six teenth and Twcnty-second-fts. Want good accoramo datlocs.ahd wlllpay CUrpncetoname. Address P. u. Box 159. r>QAHD—For gentleman and wile, in a XJ pfilate f.mllr- I P "K‘ i«r Refe:«ic'. exchanged. AOMtii v. Li, Ke vote Douse, staling location and terms. OaßD—On South Side, lor gentle man wife aod two children. 5 and 10 years of age, S 5 family pratorred. with rojms turnuhcd. or would airan-e wttn a patty about edng to hoa«<t v..mnf io famish rooms mrsclt B»ferences ex- IfffSSSl AedmiO.LEWIS. P.O. Box 727. T3OAKD—By a gentleman ana wife in a I > family where ihtreara lew or no other boarders. W«t side prefened. Addrtas **o. T, P.,** P. o. drawer <s3T5» BO 4KD —By a gentleman and wife with some genter! private family who will rent a suite or roots and ftmilan first-class accommodation. A pcnuaa*ntboardlogplarepreferre2. Address “MER CANTILE,” Tnbnne office. Situations aaantftT' BALBI, S Sm/ Sniff"*- g&£* ***•**££ if WULEB, SITUATION— \\ acted bv a Um« Sin lodo aeecnj y,| rK. (Lll at liwlteSg* ofllca »• u. a. Thbate F22S. ..S!s},r r fe a Sg u can be supplied at Mrs. D. I'lurr* £-A- rfTft, r-« 150 Sonin Clarg-et. *«Air3 Emporium. s£ ggaanteo==iHalc j&cip, BOOKK3EPEHB. SAtasgE-TTr TXTANTED—Experienced “CanTa.«,r- JrT loTlmtown»«ndclU« S,* Won. Call .1 Boom 33. lio. l-ji '» »ddre»». with lump. Box mo, i.~l :r WANTED— ABookkeeper, MosTE,; IT goed refeicnees. Salary fitr. Mm , e mcncy to loan the boose, for which good S* be ctren. Situation penrsneot if s«tsfacio-> to v Address, or call upon 37 Mlchlgan-av. w ANTED—Seveial Salesmen cl ab;h. T T tr- Apply to JUNES * OBVIS, st.. at office. or addreta P. o. Drawer 39U1. auilng age, expeilence. etc. •»wwt.w-i.a ok WANTED— A comi etent, trustsorthV mah. to go with a gent etnan’a family ia-.i ii country. Must un3erstaDdsrm*thlrgsboDt tars wort a-o come web recumtnendsd- Liberal wan* 311 7 Apply at IC4 Room 12, on Vocilt betwetonaiiQSp. m. K WANTED— A Bo>, to help around a boanUag hcose. at 1? upsUhj. \V ANTED—An experienced Hat I’a.k- T * * Noneotters need apply at 43 sac-*7 Lake-et., upstairs. *• TfiBES. ■V\7ANTED—One carpenter lor instfe v> . wort. Apply on Monday, to JOHNSON, SpfcN CER 4 CO. 44 Lake »L . * " W 7 ANTED —A first-class Wood- * i.-* \ at D. M. SWIN AT A HKO'j, 78 and ho fV \\7 ANTED A Jlachmerv .Moulder V l one capab'e cf acting a* a«stsunt forrxin Will receivealrndy cn plo'ir.ent acd good wa##« »n. P.J at once to DELObS, BOOT & CO., liidianji-jiu 2Saantcb==jfnnalc jl}clp. WANTED— An experienced Dress and Cloak Cutter, at 313 >outh Clark sL noiss ssaTAmrs. WANTED—A pood cook *n a private TV family. Apply vt 302 Mlchlgaa-ar. T\7 ANTED—A woman to cook and T v Iron. Call st 563 Michlgaq-av. (Not Irislu) W A good girl to do general T T Loosewurk,at9»l Indlana-ar. ® W ■A-hcaltny wel nurre for a .T.’nocj'tegy'ASifeM*" l7 “ 003 "VVANIED—A gcod, reliable middle- A;^l^d:3SdS{!!a!^.7K WANTED— A competent girl tr» do geieral homework, at S7O Mlchlfun-ar. «u«tccn:c rftctnctndeg. TV7 ANTED—A Protestant wiman"to y V take care of a child and do light up Mtir* work. TUuld be a desirable place for one wishing a iicaJy b.cgc. Aptly at >9 J Indlana-sy. 1 \V ANTED—A competent Girl, to do Tv thegeneiat tousettorklaasmaU family. A> Ply at S 7 tH.cth Hoy, c st. 3sniploi)tnnu agents, \\J ANTEL-—IOO smart, energetic, live j v men to sell one of U>c t*»v- artlcle«*vff offered lor sale. Ha# no corr petition. Every f»ml:y warts from two to a dozen. iV'in very '.arse, call In -iihCark-st, Boom9.op*uirs. WANTED —1 bookkeeper. 1 salesman, 1 collector, l porter. S drivers, Appl y at lio3lt Fuilef * ton Block. 02 Dcafbore-«t. ■TXTANTED—A lew men, wuh SSO to V T fIM cash, to engage m a neat, clean and profit able manufacturing hm-tcesa. Can be leaned In lire* days, tod la a splendid busicesa to travel with. Tnoso wbb’ngs respectable trade that wilt always Insure then prcuiableetrpluymcnt at home or abroad, aro tavitea to call at QQ Boom 5. SSlan’rlr==iUisrellaitCGU£>. TT7 ANTED—Pmancwl Three tbons- V » and Cellar* for litre* or five year*, oa go - d per tonal icccnty. Address ••€ B A." ivlbon tom**, WANTED— To borrow $2,0t0 tor five J ears, at to per c-nt Interest, parable annoMlv. Ample »«umv given, on le*t of reiu satate. Address Cox 23. Pax ion. Ford Co, 111. TTTANTED—To buy a dru£ bnsmcrsm T v tbla dty. well Ircatwl and having a good trade Addrt min coundence, with full panlc-ilars.«v,” Tn bone office. \\l ANTED—An interest m an cstab* ¥ ¥ ilshed trull and coclpctlonery or general com mission ooiu*-, tr manafsexurr g bn la >a b» a fa-\~e nan wlthlneycars experkucc. Can farel-b <1 a. with best cl references. A-idrca»for iwod»vj.»utm* kind of bmineu*, **J S.”Tn!mae office. \\J ANTED—To Loan —53,000, on .V * which an Interest of 15 per cent can be crantM a *Uemanner. Address n. MONEY, Tnbiao u- \A7 ANTED—Pupils for the piano and y »„ mclodeon. Plu« call at 368 Souto cilat Widresday aid Thursday. March 21th *nl )ut. Betcitncn If rcqnlred. WANTED —To sell out mv place of business, on acconntof Icavlrg ib-Vltv— or tu< best paylnc businesses id the city. The Wall >n lesse add mock are to be sold at a batialn. If rti->~s{ STKR L * Ic( l alre ‘ t Stole-M., ol H. UfCKIMN- WAN 1 ED—Soldiers to know that all spo lcaaots for SICO bounty mast oc mt*b* be u.rc.nPi’A,st * Advance* mane on claims. A. UOOH KI'. II.AtP-rceya’-Lsw. I’-;CD.arb.rnsU U.*o:a2. \\f ANTED—Families can be sun;ved 234 sjf.buaj.'L ll * ll "’- *< MKS - XXT ANT£D—A man wilh }s,oCotnen- K“C' ,J ol'«»lne»9lntbw city, wnlch wli: dst |2S.°CO a year. Addreis Box 396, IU. V«x the met tee and then decide. “** TX/' ANTED—City papers to publish on ~XL Ol l t T?s2* •no sre bann-rpapeisoab lUhedonrfntrscr „, j| ,] 0 wel to call and get mvflg nrtP: a.C. AKUERSUN, IIS Clark-et, Room in. W r ANTED—To Buy—A Meat Jfarkel, In this cltv, v«ll located and having goo-1 trale. Addresi.suUngparticUJara BAYARD.TnDnaeoffice. \KJ ANTED—A practical Fhoiograp^er, . Xtff , me with about fSOO. la toapmebase ol . Reference piven and reauired. dress, far three days. “ARTIST.” Trlbone office. W-ANTED —Ladles and gentlemen, tar -1 » rtera and others, to wii «t a.t Wm< t ancßeethebt.t Washln’g s2Sitoel?d mar*: \\f ANTED—Guitar Pupils—A limited flS m a al4 C^ W oflL«« n V r pn'- T\7 ANTED Persons wantim: shim „ in*de. or plain lewing aeally. ehesbly a-.d pcdlUonsly i*ote. will p;<ase call on MRS. ALLEN. 1.T4 East Meatoesu * ISiHsntvh—3Ea Tient. TXTANIED—To Kent, 3 medium-sized, .J ¥ nleeur tarmsbed hoa*e. la a flrsuclass locality 25P n ££ e *? sn:rermm,u, *- I, T * smaM Csmtljr (wttt hl w. r ,? , . ) ’ • ao w,u cf care of larnu Iff®:, -71 1 aD 7 t,me between now and Stoof May. Address “BANKER,” Trlbone office. WANTED —To Rent—By a gentleman V J,;„ aB(1 wLe. 00 or before the Ist of May, a small s«?Ui?t£. c ?J W . aP,BhbcißOO ‘ l ’ wltb water, ga*. Ac.. 01 L . vau c »t. nor north of Lake-st.. nor sooth of Jtck»on-st..on toe West tree. Wiu pay rent month- l r n S r t 2?^ r,s '4 , fcn lT^. c *- Address, wlto twaaon and rent. Bex 1169. Chicago P. Q. WANTED —To Kent—Two or more soluble rooms, with board,for a gentleman and wue men, single gentleman. Hon South Side, east of Twelfth-sL. and u on North side, east ol Dearborn-st. and south 01 Ctjcaro-av. Address. BUopg ttnns and honrs of meal*. Box 3Ht3« WANTED —To Rent—By a young man and wife, three or four untarnished rooms, suitable forhcnseketping. Rent moderate. Addreja. with terms, location, Ac.. ”D Q ST,” Tribune office \\f ANTED—To Rent—A small bonne, Tv psrtol a boose, or a ftw rooms soluble lor honsekreclng, ra*t of clark-st., not lb of Hamsomaad * oath ot Chlcsgo-sr. Bent promptly in advance. Ad orers, giving amount ol rent. Una of possession, loca tion, dc.. Hox lOlfl. T\f ANTED—To Rent—By a family of Tv two, a ralte cr rooms on West Side, fbr hiuae* keeping. Addreaa -H," Drawer a&?y. Wf AN TED—To Rcnt—From Mav Ist, TT a House containing about 3 rooms, wed ar ranged, with gas sad waur. in a nice nelghbotho-d. West or South hide,.within twenty minutes’walk of the Conn House. Address, sUOng particulars, “O O,” \\T AN TED—To Rent—By a gentleman T v sad lis sister, a luraish* d bouse. Would take tbargeofa bouse fbr the uieot a few rooms. Oae on etc cfthe avenues preferred. Further particu’ars on application. Best or rtftretets given. Apply at once to “La,” Box 1269. ' VV ANTED—To Rent—A suite ot tm .v T futnlihod front rooms, with first-class bosrf, for a gentleman ard wL*e.lo a oleaiaat partrf tneclty, South Side, and north of Twelfth-et. preferred. Would he permanent. If suited. Would not care to change be fore May Ist. References given and required. Ad dress, stating terms, location and accommodations, P. O. Box Ss4* WJ ANTED—To Rent—On or before VV the first of April, a good bouse with 6or S rooms, aid a stable, oa the cast aide oi State-sk. be twesn Madison ana Sixteenth-sis. Address, or apply at IBS htate-at. ;VST ANTED—To Kent —A good Hnnse, VV with 12 or 15 rooms, suitable lor a first class beardingtourc. cn the south S'de. north of Van Ba len-st, lx tween new and tie first of May. Please ad dress “A M,” P.Q.Bjx 25SS- TTTAKTED—To Kent—A good House, Vt on South or West Side, with all modern im provements. Must contain at least 13 rooms. lame clate pc:session required. Address, for two days, S. D jACFsOX A CO., 32 and 54 W«ca»h-iT. TXTANTKD—To Keut—Bclore the first VV ot sl«v. a Collage House coatalnlag «or • rtx-ms. West'slde preferred. AOdreas *’G FD, Box JS»3. WASTED- To Kent—Furnished lode ing room In central part 01 toe city, tor which a lair price will be paid. AOdressEox 5507- WASTED— To Kent —A medium sized furntsked House, with tam a?tache»l. rostesslcn required slay Ist. Locatun pteiirrew. NVrth aide, east ct Clark -■‘t.; o.- wlh purrhassa h-j’«*s iftheterets arescitab e. C»ll upon. oraddrt-»s Wiuut & DCKBAR. A 7 MicnlgiU-av. _ TX^AIiTED—To Kent—An unlmnUhed V» bedreem with dose:, bv r * J (brothers), wlth-n ten ml’vt.*’ .2 t ,,£. , '*Jr-5 Brt(*Bv—Ci-l prererred. Addrees A. P. O. Drawer 5910. £Kautca==Kral Estate. ANTED—Wc have constant apnl«- VV urprovtd c dunimproved Ural c/.,r, c ifc?,?h r J- are unable to supply. Owner* TSib” fcu^’Sf? “"in sn,r& erty incurbaids fbr sale. j» 129 etuth Clatk-St.