Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 18, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 18, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Ne Fenian Demonstration on St. Patrick’s Day. The New British Reform Bill. FROM WASHiNSTON. Passage of the Supplementary Reconstruction Bill by the Senate with Amendments. Collector Smythe Must Go Out. Probable Adjournment of Congress on Thursday. FROM KENTUGXT. General Thomas to Remain at Louisville to Look After the Kentucky Eebcls. General Pope to Go to Alabama. FROM SOFTS AMERICA. Another Bombardment of Fotl Curupati. frcp vmm\L SCHOFIEL STOPS NEGRO WHIPPING He Also Slops the Municipal Elections ALBANY, Gfl., DESTROYED BY FIRE. The Inundation at Mound City —Great Suffering. Dastardly Eebel Outrage in Nashville. FROM EUROPE. BI OCEAN TELEGRAPH, Great Britain* ABOUT THE FENIANS. Dublin, March 17. The fears that tbe Fenians would attempt another general rising to-day have not been realized. Despatches from ail parts of Ire land report the country quiet. Frequent ar rests arc made by the police in the disaffected districts. Uugluod. Ijvzepool, March 17. No disturbance was created here by the Fenians to-day, as was feared, and the city is entirely tranquil. London, March 17. The Hcform Bill, which is to be brought into Parliament by Government to-morrow, will give the right of suffrage to rate paying householders, alter two years’ residence; to men paying one pound yearly taxes, or hav ing thirty pounds in a Savings Bank, or fifty pounds in funds; and to all members of the learned professions, and graduates ol naiver jiltics. The bill also provides for a fifteen pound franchise in counties. Soctoaxftok, March 17. The steamship Mississippi, from New Tork, arrived here iMs evening, and alter landing her passengers and mails, proceeded on her voyage to Bremen. BY STEAHBS, New Touk, March 17.— The steamer City of Baltimore, from Liverpool, Gth and Queenstown 7th, arrived. Cork and Dublin papers have copious details of the first oper ations of the Fenians ut Tullagb}, Drogheda, .Kiilmallock, Tipperary, etc., but they con tain nothitgorspcciafuoVe additional to the Cable telegrams. FLOM WASHINGTON. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] WisnutcTOK, D. C.. March 37. I SUri'l-EMEXTABT RECONSTRUCTION’ BILL. 1 The Supplementary Reconstruction Act pasted by the Senate last night differs very materially from the bill passed by the Honse last Monday. The essential points of differ ence are as follows; The oath to be taken at the time of registration is much longer and more stringent; electors, when voting for delegates, must also vote for or against a Convention; and the Convention shall not he held unless a majority of all per sons registered vote on the question, and a majority of the rotes cast in favor of the same. If the Convention be called, it shall, when organized, first determine by vote whether it Is the wish of the people of the Slate to frame a Constitution and civil , government, according to the terms of this act, and the act of winch it is supplement ary. The Constitution may be ratified, not as ia the Douse bill, by a majority of all the votes registered, bat by a majority of all the votes cast on the question of ratification; provided, however, that at least one-half of the registered voters shall vote oc this question. No State shall he restored to representation till its Constitution ling been lormalty approved by Congress. The provision relating to ratification was very strenuously opposed [in the Douse when moved by Bingham, and the sentiment against it was so strong that he conld not get the ayes and nays on the question of adopting it. It is the only matter on which the Douse is now likely to disagree with the Senate. The hill will be taken up in the Douse to-morrow, immediately after tbc morning hour, and disposed of during the afternoon. The committee which orig inally reported it will hold a meeting at ten o’clock to consider the Senate amendment, and decide what shall be done about the rat ification of the provision. COLLECTOR SMTTHB. The story that the House Committee on Public Expenditures Trill report in favor of .the impeachment of Collector Smythc, ol New York, is denied by its chairman. It is understood that they will report a concur rent resolution calling on the President, in the name of the people, to remove Smythe, and the impeachment party say if he retains him In oiOce through the summer, it will be a strong point in their favor against the Ex ecutive himself. The Sunday Democratic paper of this morning says that Smythe has not only disgraced himself and the Adminis tration, but even American manhood, and calls on the President to remove him forth with. STEAM PLOW FOR THd PROVINCES. The Finance Committee of the Senate will to-morrow report a bill, under which the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to refund the duties paid on any steam agri cultural machinery imported into the United States during the current tiscal year, as models or for experiments, and to remit du ties on any steam machinery of like descrip tion which may be imported Or such pur poses prior to the thirtieth of June, IS'JS. It it understood that if this act be passed a large steam plow will be sent to the West ern prairies this summer, to sec if it can be made available for farming purposes. SHAWNEE INDIANS. The Secretary of Interior has sent a report to the Houec saying that the number of the Shawnee tribe of Indians Is about thirteen hundred, and that one hundred and fifty-two thousand seven hundred and forty-six dol lars will be required to fulfil our treaty stip ulations with them. AWOI'UXMrST. The adjournment of Congress will un doubtedly lake place this week. Many mem bers are in favor of bringing the session to a on Thursday, or perhaps on Wednesday. To do this would give the President but two days at most for the consideration of the Supplementary Reconstruction BUI. If he did not choose to act promptly, then the re sponsibility of its BDure to become a law would rest on him, and some gentlemen would not be unwilling to see this result reached. ALEXANDRIA ELECTION* The late Alexandria election is to be used as a means of testing the Military Rccon sti action BUI of last session. The case is being made np very carefully, and will bs pushed up fo the Supreme Court as soon m possible. the IMPEACHMENT COMMITTEE were engaged Yesterday in tbe examination of General Fullerton, of Freedmen’a Bureau notoriety, and will have Miles O’Rellley be* fore them to-morrow. NEW HAITPSHIBE CONGRESSMEN. The newly elected Congressmen from New Uampshlrc have arrived here, and will pre sent their credentials in the House to mor row. BECONSTSUCTION IK TUB SOUTH. Washington, March 17.—Numerous let ters have been received here from various parts of the South, showing an astonishing revolution in public sentiment with regard to reconstruction. The bill recently passed by Congress for that purpose, has already met with much favor from prominent citi zens In excluded States, who were at first earnestly opposed to it. Virginia, In accepting the terms proposed, will be speedily followed by all the other States. The tew who oppose this course ex ert little if any influence to defeat general restoration. The Supplementary BUI pend ing before Congress is hailed with pleasure, because it effectually prevents conflicting conventions, and insures every person au thorized under thelaw to vote, the right to do so. DEATH OP HON. CHARLES EAMES. Washington, March 17.—Hon. Charles Earnes died yesterday, in the fifty-fifth year of his age. lie was actively engaged in his professional duty as counsel for several branches of the Government In important cases, until about a month ago. when he was overtaken bv illness while addressing the bench of the Supreme Court. lie was for merly Commissioner at the Sandwich Islands, and afterwards Minister to Venezuela. FROM SPRING FIELD. About tbe Supposed Theft of the Chica go City Charier—Tbo Old Battle Flagg —lllinois State Fair—Tbe AVcatber— Political—S»u Patrick’s Day—A Procla mation to Come, [Spccml Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Springfield, 111., March 17. The rumor which gained some currency in official circles in Chicago, and was the sub ject of a few sensational locals in the Journal of that city, touching the disappearance of the Amended Charter of Chicago, was all gammon, and without tbe shadow of foun dation first or last. The bill was promptly signed by the Governor and placed in charge •. f the Secretary of State, where it has since remained in safety.|lt is true as alleged that bill stealing and Interpolating was prac ticed loan extent probably as yet unascer tained during the session of the Legislature, but alter bills reached the Governor, or got into the clutches of our vigilant and excel lent Secretary of Stale, they were inevitably secure from tbe ravages of the stealer or dc spoiler. Some four hundred of the blood-stained battle-flags and guidons of the regiments of Illinois have been carefully and neatly folded aed stowed away in the office of tbe Adjutant General, and upon the pole of each a neat silver label in the shape of a shield has been affixed, bearing the number of the regiment and arm of the service. In their solemn and stately silence they look like so many senti nels still on a live duty. The premium list of the Illinois State Agricultural Society for 18G7 has just issued from the press in a neatly p:lntcd and bound pamphlet. The Fair will be held at Quincy, commencing on the 30th of Sep tember. Another smart snow storm visited this section on lost Friday night, and still covers the ground several inches, with a tempera ture a little above zero. Spring seems far ther a wav than it did a month ago. The Republican voters of Springfield Township are Invited to meet in mass con vention at the State House, on next Thurs day, to nominate candidates for the various township officers. There is no lack of ap plicants for the positions to be disposed of, and if proper selections are made, there Is little donbt but the Republican ticket will he triumphantly elected. Ireland’s national holiday was celebrated by the Hibernians in this citv with the usual accompaniments. The Fenians will have a grand ball. The Governor will issue a proclamation at an early day on the subject of the return of fugitives from justice- The fiist requisition under the new law was issued on yesterday on the Governor of Missouri. The managers of tbe Oak Ridge Cemetery have just paid into the treasury of the National Lincoln Monument Association the sum of collections at the Curator’s house during the past year. FBOM LOUISVILLE. General Tbomss to Remain at Louis ville to Look after tbe Kentucky Rebel*—Pope to go to Alabama—Tbe YVcuthcr—Tbe Political Campai^a, etc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] LouzsnLLC, March 17. Bishop McTyeire, of the Methodist Church, pronounced the memorial sermon on Bishop Soule to-night. By orders from Washington, General Thomas remains here, and it is supposed General Pope will take command at Mont gomery. It is not known whether or not he Is suspended as Military Governor under the Reconstruction Bill. The weather remains very cold, and the river ha? lell fourteen Inches in the last iwenty-four hours. The political campaign is fully opened. Helm, the rebel candidate for Governor, made a speech a lew days ago at Lexington, jnstiiyiug the Southern rebellion, rehashing the State Bights doctrine and denouncing Congress and the Reconstruction Bill, and declaring that the Kentucky Democrats Mill not submit to its enforcement. Here U a fair sample of how rebels talk, and it may be that General Tbomas is retained here to meet with his indomitable lirmness the issues presented by the coming election. Tue rO-calied Democrats carry their proscriptive’ priucinlcs even into municipal affairs. There ,s a large party In the State glad of the pass age of the Reconstruction Bill and the ap pointment of Military Governors. If Helm is elected Kentucky may find herself amen able to military authority. Fuoa Nashville. uebcJ Oatrage— Condition of the Roads and River*—Rutorl. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribtme.J Nashville, March J«. This aflernon, while unarmed soldiers were quietly amusing themselves near Cumber and Hospital, they were cursed and fired upon by a company of mounted citizens, who swore they hud whipped the d d Yankees, and could whip them uga : n. Pursuit was made by tb* soldiers from the barracks, aud wool the citizens captured and put in the guard house, the soldiers chasing the others. Communication is open from Dalton to At lanta. Ilolsten River is forty-nine feet above low water mark. A rumor says Representative Dougherty has been murdered. Travel will be resumed over the Chatta nooga Road nest Thursday, and all the bridges be replaced except at Bridgeport. Ristori appears here to-morrow mght. FROM NEW YORK. War Steamer* Gone to Houdnra»-Bo« S> -litneml Mmp*on Order from General Sciiofleld—SeSßacionai Fenian Report* Licensing Prostitution Southwestern Kol'road. New loek, March 17. —Several war steam ers which left Havana recently, under sealed orders, are reported to have gone to Hon onras. The Herald's Washington despatch says es-Commlssloucr of Indian Adairs, Bogy, has been specially appointed by the Presi dent to conduct the treaties cow being made with the Santee. Sioux and Chippewa In! dians. _ General Simmon, United States Commis sioner of the Uniua Pacific Railroad, has been relieved from duty as Chief Engineer of the Interior Department, the duties of two places being too onerous for one officer. Mr. Blots, of the General Laud Office, la appointed 10 the office duties of the Engi neer Bureau. General Schofield has Issued an order pro hibiting the whipping of any person for crime, in Virginia. New Yoke, March 17.—1 n a case before Commissioner Betts, regarding the seizure of a distillery, it transpired that the owner has been engaged in feeding 500 cows on swill, on the premises adjoining. New Yore, March 17.—A sensational Sunday paper s'ates Roberts and the Fenian Senate arc making extensive preparations for a new Canadian campaign. They possess twenty thousand breach-loaders, and it said fifteen thousand lo eighteen thousand Fe nians will cross into Canada at the order of Roberts, as soon as transportation cau he furnished, the objective point to be Mon treal ; bat Kingston and Toronto will also be attacked. New York, March 17.—A committee of the Legislature have agreed to report a bill appointing three commissioners to regulate prostitution In New York city, with powers to grant licenses to hons'-s of prostitution and assignation. Medical Inspectors are also provided lor, to iuspcct the inmates ol euch houses. C. E. Evans, General Eastern Agent of the Southern Railroads, reports that the dam ages to the Virginia & Tenn=ssee Railroad will he repaired so that freight aud passen ger trains will run through to Bristol on the 17th. The East Tennessee and Virgin's railroads are running trains through, and will run trains to Knoxville; the Etist Tennessee Georgia Railroad is all right. Freight aud passengers go to Dalton, and thence lo Arlington without detention, on the road to Chattanooga, by the 155th. Arrangements arc now complete {ar trans ferring freight and passengers to Bridgeport. The track between Chattanooga and Nash ville is badly damaged. A large force is at work, and it is expected the trains will be run to Nashville iu two weeks. FROM THE PACIFIC. SrnioTtant from .Tlexlco-TTio TTliirc abouth «.i inaxiniliian—Ccniral Paci fic Ituilroaa—Mjow Mide, Six Marcl. lli.-A letter from General Alianz to Godty, of tills city, dated lummTUcn February IStli suv s Maximilian le:t the City of ‘Mexico the Marquis and two thousand m« n He must now be at Queruto, were to eight thousand traitors are assembled. General Escobedo ,is inarching twelve thousand men in order to attack theta. q d the way will incorjronite his array with the lorccs of Genera’s Regales, Aoza, Amillon, and other officers, amounting to about eight tl.-ou; and men. Myop'nion is. that ln ono month more the so called eini lre will have terminated forever. I give you my host con gratulations on such favorable news, and rec ommend you to give it to all our frauds. General Hornn. Imperialist, commanding the City of Mexico, addressed piopositlous for arrangements witu General LioCi, the Republican, coouuaudiog at Cuernavaren, to ' r. ■ ■ Ti *» I , —■ - ■■ I —. ■ - VOL. XX. surrender tie city to the Liberal forces. The Liberals look peaceable possession of Aca pulco. The United States steamer Saranac left this port to-day on a cruise to the Northern Pacific. • Tbe ship Egmont, from Mauritius, with the Russian Telegraph cable, arrived at Vic toria today. Sak Francisco, March 17.—The Central Pacific Railroad Company, on March 14th, filed articles in the office of the Secretary of Stale, extending the road from San Francisco to Goat Island, by San Francisco. The sur veying will commence immediately. The steamship Mosea Taylor,' from San Juan, arrived to-day. A snow slide occurred on March Ist In the town of Keareage, Nevada, killing oue per son and destroying nine houses. FHOM. MEMPHIS. Destructive Fire -Howard’s Rowßorn ed—Loss #IOO,OOO. Memphis, March 17.—Thcfire In Howard’s Row, last night, involved a loss of $150,003, onc-ha)f of which is covered by insurance in Northern companies. The fire originated ac cidentally in the basement occupied hv Jas. Lambert. It then communicated with the steam bakery of George Hume; thence to the grocery 'and produce store of Cox & Humphreys; the wholesale liquor house of W. H. Carver; thence to the grocery and commission house of Norraent, Ruflln «fc Co., aun also the agricultural warehouse of W. 11. Wyatt, all of which were consumed. About eleven o’clock the wind lulled and the almost exhausted firemen were enabled to arrest the flames. Had tbe wind kept up the flames doubtless would have been communi cated from the row, and a large portion ot the city have been consumed. FROM SOUTH AMERICA. Another Bombardment of Fort Cara pail—The Offer of mediation by tbe United States Rejected—Tbe Revolu tion In tbe Argentine Confederation. New Yore, March 17.—A Rio Janeiro conespondence of February Bth, reports another bombardment of Fort Cnrapati, on the 13th of January. On the 18th the allies captured one of the enemy’s entrenchments. The Brazilian papers denounce the report ed offer of mediation by the United States between Brazil and Paraguay. The Brazilian election resulted in the suc cess of the Conservatives. The revolution In the Argentine Confed eration is cot suppressed, the Government forces having been defeated; bat vigorous measures are in progress and the. National Guard called out. The Buenos Ayres papers bitterly denounce the continuance of tbe war with Paraguay, and the alliance with the nigger Empire as they term Brazil. FROM PITTSBURGH. Tbe TVeatber—Tbe Great Republic) Ac. PirrsßiniGn, March 17.—The weather on Saturday was cloudy, and towards noon it commenced to snow. The storm increased in the afternoon, and was equal to any we have had during the winter. Snow con tinued to fall Saturday night, and at inter vals to-day. The river is falling steadily. Notwithstanding the snow storm, hundreds of people wcuded their way to tne steamer Great Kepublic, and it was utterly im possible to keep them off, although the order had been promulgated the day be fore that no visitors would De admitted. Tn* presence of several police officers was inade quate to the task of keeping the crowd back, and up to tbe time of departure the crowc continued to increase. Men and women stood the pelting ofthestorm until the mam moth vessel disappeared from sight. Tbe Maggie Hays, for Cincinnati, and Mes senger, for New Orleans, have departed. The Allegheny River packets arrive and depart on Umc. FBOM ST. LOUIS. Copperhead Movement—Arrest ofa No* tortous Horse Tblel. St. Lons. March 17.—The Democratic State Central Committee publish a request that the Democracy of the several Congres sional Districts in this State will appoint delegates to the National Democratic Con vention, to be held at Louisville, Ky., on the 7lh ol’Muy. Sam. B. Clifford, a notorious character, with several aliases, who is under indictment here for horse i-tealing, was arrested again yesterday as an escaped convict from the Northern Indiana Penitentiary, to which he was sentenced in IW4 lor horse stealing. About lour inches ol snow fell yesterday. Weather clear to-day, but still cold and freezing. FROM CAIRO. The Inundation at .Humid City—Great StnOtrlng—Kflicf Sent from Cairo, Ac. Cairo, March 17.—Great suffering exists at Mound City in consequence of the inun dation of that town. The citizens of Cairo to-day sent up u lout nun oruvistuua umi tiftecn hundred dollars in money for the suf ferers, which were joymlly received. Trains on the Dlinois Central Railroad run through water about a foot in depth for a distance of three hundred yards, at Mound City Junc tion, but the track Is still firm. flcavy Snow. Storm at Boston anti Portland. Boston*, March 17. — A snow storm com menced here last evening about six o’clock and continued, with more or less severity, up to eleven o’clock this evening, covering the ground to about a foot. A heavy north •asl wind prevailed during a portion of the day, drifting the snow considerably. The train which left New York last evening ar rived here about 10:30 this forenoon. Portland, Maine, March 17.—A heavy northeast snow storm has prevailed here ail day. The steamer Nova Scotia sailed for Liver pool at ten o’clock this morning, but at three o’clock this afternoon-was seen an chored below. Fire lii (Vorwicb. Norwich, Conn., March 17.—A fire on Franklin street, this morning, destroyed the dwelling house owned by Michael Colyer, and occupied by him as a grocery store, and by bis own and two other families as dwell ings In tbc upper stories. They all lost their furniture and clothing. Loss, four thousand dollars. *0 . From -Halifax. Halifax, N. S.. March 17.—Parliament met on Saturday. The Governor’s speech congratulates the country on the peaceful and prosperous condition of the Province, and the success of the Confederation amend ment. A lively session is anticipated. Destructive Firo In Georgia. Augusta, Georgia, March 17.—The busi ness port of the city of Albany, Georgia, was to day destroyed by tire. Loss $300,000. The weather is very cold. Tbicklce form ed last night, and ia still freezing. General Schofield Jmong the Virgin' lan*, Richmond, Va., March 17 General Scho field bee suspended the municipal election at Fredericksburg. Jt is probable that he will do the tame oil over the Slate, and the old officers tv ill hold on until a new election. A Brilliant Wedding. | From the >'cw York .Evening Gazette, March If.) On Tuesday evening the church of the Holy Trinity, corner of Madison avenue and Forty-second street, was thronged by the fashion and wealth of the city to witness the nmrrlageofMr. Charles Rockland Tvng—son of Rev. Dr. Tyng—to Miss Mary Edmunds. It was one of the most picturesque ana beau tiful weddings we have ever had the pleas ure of witnessing. The interior of the church Is very beautiful and upon ihe evening of which we write, filled with elegantly dressed ladies, it looked un usually so. The gas Is so arranged that no fixtures are seen, and when the stained glass dome and windows are illuminated the effect is truly grand. The cards announced the commencement of the ceremony at cWUt o’clock; but, as It Is not fashionable punctual at a wedding, the bridal party did uot make their appearance until half-past the hour. The bride wore a white corded silk, cut low, with an immense train, and tulle veil. Rev. Dr. Tyng performed the ceremony in an impressive manner, and, as the bride and bridegroom stood before the altar, with Hie pnrplc and crimson light shining upon !litni from the dome, it formed a most beau* Iiu 1 , ami, withal, impressive picture. At the conclusion of the ceremony. Dr. Tyng em braced them both. Previous to the arrival of the bridal party, the organist performed a bcautflhl selection of opera music. We no ticed that some of the ladies wore their cMrj uons very high and of immense size, with two very thin and extravagantly loeg carls down the beck; the whole odect, indeed, be ing very ridiculous. It Is In belter taste, perhaps, to accept the fashioua in modera tion, rather than to adopt these eccentric ex tremes. Garibaldi’s Electoral ITXtmifcsto to tlie People of Italy. The Avanauardia, a new Democratic journal published in Florence, contains in its first, number and in very large type, the following manifesto, addressed by General Garibaldi to the people ol Italy : Flobekce. February 22. Citizen;’! to the electoral urn. Wc nuwt secure for Italy liberty, retraced and imperilled by ihe clerical parly and Its accomplices. The efloitsof ever}- freeman should be directed to this vital aim. 'i hr new Chamber ehonlo have so partisans of Hbcrtyclde projects tor the sat'cllltes of fallen dynasties—all accomplice? of the Empire and of the Papacy. The pcceral election may either sue oc rum the natlor, may make an arena tor reac tion, or a focus or progress. The clergy are the u«.d soldier* of a foreign power—an ou thoritymised and universal, political and oplmn oi, rl ich commands aud willnot permit discus sion, which tows dl-.cord, and wlilca corrupts. From these obstinate enemies of our coun try and of civilization we mast take the means of miernicf. The patriotism of priests thoald he do- v «t* dto the iotcllerixal, moral, and material pro- Brew* of the people, and come forward to assist the public fortune. As our contest whh the clergy i* liiU ntly wnt bed by the whole civilized world, our victory over them will be the rstoration of hbertv ol consritnce, and the triumph of reason over ore indices. 3o the tun, then, ci-lzcne. To the urn all of von. \ our vote** w lll proclaim to the world what kind of government wo are worth? 01. and whether wo axe fit to be a nation great and free A STRANGE STORY. Extraordinary Romance of a Soldier— Be l» Reported Read—His Property) an Immense Fortune) Stolen by an Uncle In lowa ( Who Flics tbe Country. XTroj Correspondence (March 13) of the New York Tribune.] There arrived in this city last evening from New York a young man named William jj. Lewis, late a Major in the Federal army, whose adventures constitute a chapter as romantic and interesting as any found upon the page of fiction. Haring letters to Gen eral Wool, be disembarked at this point while cn route for his home in lowa, and was in the act of registering his name at the Troy House, when ho staggered and fell to the floor, profusely bleeding from a wound m the right lung. Ho was picked up by the attendants of the hotel, conveyed to a room, and medical attendance summoned. After rallying somewhat from the effects of his sudden prostration, Lewis requested that a messenger would be dis patched for Major General Carr, of this citv, and that gentleman called npon him. To the General be related his singular story, and as he has abundant evidences in the shape o! letters and commendations testify ing to his character and position, there is no doubt oi the entire truth of all he says. At the beginning of the late war Lewis was a student In Eastman’s Commercial College at Poughkeepsie. He enlisted In Dodge’s Mounted Rifles, and was transferred from that organization, as Second Lieutenant In tbe New York Oue Hundred and Fifty-sec ond Infantry. Subsequently be was made Captain. While engaged In laying the pon toon bridge at Fredericksburg, he was wounded in the knee, captured, and taken South, where he was detained lor months and months, and had no oppor tunity to communicate with bis friends. When released, he again joined the army, was wounded at Antictam, and afterward at Gettysburg, where he received a shot In the head, fracturing the skull, and from July till November remained almost totally un conscious in one of tbe hospitals at Phila delphia. Recovering, he again re-entered the field, and at Sailors’ Creek received the wonnd through the lung, which reopened last evening, and prostrated him as stated. And now comes the singular part of the story. The father of young Lewis was a man of large property in the State of lowa, was a Brigadier in the volunteer service, and fell mortally wouuded while leading his brigade at the battle of Chattanooga. His only brother was Lieutenant Colonel of tbe Twenty-first lowa and was killed at Antictam. His mother died during the war, and while her husband and her only children, the two boys, were In the service. While the young man was a prisoner iu the South, General Jlalleck certified to an uncle ot Lewis, living In lowa, that Wm. H. was among 1 t!l? killed at Fredericksburg. On the strength of this certificate, it is alleged, the uncle secured the necessary legal papers to ad minister npon the estate of his brother and deceased family. The uncle was declared the only heir; ho Immediately sold the property, receiving therefor over #150,000, and with this money at oucc left lor Europe, where he now is. The first intimation that young Lewis had of the death of his father, mother, or brother, was after his release from Southern prisons. Subse quently he wrote to bis friends in lowa to look after his property, and also to send him means; and to his great surprise then learn ed what his uncle had been doing, and that he had lelt the country. About a year ago young Lewis resolved to pursue the uncle, and has been absent from the country on this business, arriving in New York by'the ship William P« un on Saturday last. The uncle was found living In Paris, and a man of urop erfy. The whole facts of the case have been laid before General Dix, the American Minis ter at Paris, and a dwelling house in Paris owned by the ancle, and also a deposit in one of the banks, have been attached under legal proceedings. The uncle lied to Prussia, and detectives are now on his track, in the earnest endeavor to effect his arrest. Learn jug that some months must elapse before an issue in the case could he finally rendered under the French laws, and further testi mony from lowa being required, young Lewis left Paris 'recently for America, and arrived in New York as above stated. Pa pers in possession ol Major Lewis include autograph recommendatory letters from General Grant, General Sheridan and Gee * ral Burnside. The one from the latter ofiictr Isasfollows: 1 Lake flexure in eulorstng the many recom ji!CUf!a;iOD» iLlioducing Major William 11. Lewi.*, having knows him upon the field acting as Aid de-caum on General VanaScld a eta& T»a record as an officer is without a blrmlsb. Ambrose E. BunKsins. New York. November 5, iSGtI. The following is from General Sheridan ; XBUKTOIf, N. J., August ia, IsCC. Gekts: Yon ash me if 1 recognize the hearer. Major William U. Lewis, as being on General Mansileld’s ein£ and can recommend him. I bare to say I havo received numerous despatches by his hand* up«n the field; Lnow him to ne a meritori ous nfliccr; and, as lor recommendation, his hoc orahjc scare can letter testify to bts gallant con duct than can an; word from your friend. Pun- SusnroaK, U. S. A. The following is from General Grant CUAuntfn llAtt, jLt » 4w, Joly 6. IBC3. To the Hoo. E. >l. Stanton, Secretary of War. Sin: indeed you wit] ulca-c find u statement of the military rareet of Captain'William 11. Lew ie, whom 1 strongly recommend for a position of Dtcvct Major, or perhaps yon can find some po sition for him in the nnmerons offices in year do i&t&ivut. Hoping thtd will find the proper re i-PODse. I am, Sir, vour obedient servant, XI. 8, Quire, u S. A. He also has letters from General’ Schcnck, Governor Slone, of Ohio, Marshal LclTeris, W. G. Hunt, of New York, and a number of olherwcH-known gentlemen, who seem to have taken a warm interest in his case. It now seems probable that Major Lewis will ioc nbe able to resume his journey to lowa, though he is quite feeble. Large numbers of our citizens have called upon him, and as he it in nearly destitute circumstances, have provided him with every means to alleviate nis sufferings, and will see that be is abun dantly supplied with funds to reach his des tination Id lowa. PERSONAL ITEMS. Signor Glrolama Scoia, the owner ot the famous Villa del Galcotto, on Lake Cotno, has lately blown out what brains he hud. Rev. George T. Williams, who was com mitted for trial on the charge of picking a lady’s pocket in u Broadway stage, Is hope lessly insane at Annapolis. Samuel Smiles, author of “Self-Help,” has become Secretary of a Loudon Fire Insur ance Company with an anuual salary of $30,000. Bismuth drinks a bottle of wine a day. Mr. Wluwood Rcade, in a letter to the Galaxy, sais Mr. Swinburne, the poet, is but little more than twenty-six years old. He is the son of Admiral Swinburne; his mother is Lady Jane Asbburnham. The Swinburnes arc one of the oldest families in England; the Ashhnmhams are historical. His parents not only belong to the aristocracy, but to a very exclusive set within It, composed of Catholics of old blood, who form a clique of their own somewhat like that of tbc ancient Codinl families at Florence. His literary in spiration is derived in a great degree from the writings of DeSade, colored by medimval studies. Jean Ingelow always keeps her mann* scripts In her desks a year, it is said, before she lets them pass out of her hands, reading them carefully over, and frequently rewrit ing them before they arc put in type. A "Washington letter writer remarks: “There Is an nuusual number of visitors about the eapitol this morning, the library having Us fall share of ladies walking abont. sitting, reading, looking at pictures, and looking at each other. By the farthest ta ble, near the new extension, sits a dark, middle-aged, sad yet fine faced woman. She Is Mrs. Southwortb. My impression is that the woman is greater than her books. Then In her personality there is something fine and tender which has never run out Into ink, or been imprisoned in paper. She Is to bo honored as one of the few women who Las worked her way through misfortune to for tune by the work of her hand, and brain and heart. She Is one of the very few women who has been able to bring out of literature not only a remuneration, but a fortune. By the labor of her pen she has educated her children, and secured for herself and them the lovely home which she now inhabits on Georgetown Heights. Here, surrounded by her family, by flowers, books, beauty and friends, the impassioned, sensitive and suf fering heart at lost finds rest.” The Democrats of Connecticut have select ed for their prominent candidates this spring men who cau afford to pay tolerably heavy electioneering expenses. The wealth of five of these candidates, State andCongrcsstonal, is estimated as follows; James E. English, $1,000,000; Edward B. Mosely, $300,000; Jnlins Hotchkiss, $300,000; "Wm. H. Barnuta, $500,000; Richard D. Hubbard, $250,000. Total, $2,350,000. English, Hotchkiss and Barnnm are large manufacturers ; Mr. Mose ly is a retired merchant, and Mr. Hubbard Is a lawyer. FOREIGN ITEatS. The Leipsic papers contain the particulars of a very singular literary event. A novel Is said to have been written by a simple peas ant in the Vorarlbcrg, and its publication is close at hand. The rural novelist, it is said, has acquired in the solitude of bis rocks and mountains, by dint of hard reading, an un usual degree of education, and has been pre vailed upon by competent judges to venture out into the literary market. It was only by accident that this hidden talent was discov ered. A Frenchman has compiled statistic* which show that bat a quarter os many women are struck by lightning as men. That when a man and woman are walking together, the man Is invariably the sufferer. Gallantry Is certainly a new property in electricity. During the whole of the great World’s Show visitors will be admitted, without any CHICAGO. MONDAY. MARCH 18, 1867. fee, to both the palaces of Tralnon and Mal maisoD. where her Majesty the Empress Eu genie Is now having organized a most inter esting exhibition—that of the furniture, jewelry, plate, pictures and other works of art which adorned or decorated these cha teaux when they were Inhabited by Napoleon I. and Empress Josephine. In fact, these two favorite residences of -the First Emperor are now going to be restored, refurnished, and arranged such as they were when occu pied by the Imperial couple. A letter from Stockholm says: “At the last meeting of the Idun Society there was served at supper a curious sort of beef that had been preserved for forty years. In 1527 Captain Parry bad placed at School Point, at Spllzbcrgen, a depot of meat. The flesh was In tin hoses, buried beneath a quantity of stones. The white bears had displaced some oi the stones and destroyed several of the boxes, hut a few still remained intact, and were brought to Sweden by tbo Swedish scientific expedition. It was one of these boxes that Professor Thorcil, of Lund, had given to the Idun Society, who found the meat perfectly eatable and of good flavor.” Paris is going mad over a sort of humming top, just invented by a patlentlcss doctor. It is made to revolve by vulgar whipcord and handle, and when it reaches its maximum of rotation six small tops come of it and begin to w hirl round it; at the will of the spinner they return to the bosom of their mother. The Inventor calls this the prolific top; a happier name would he the opossum top. The Cafe Chantants of Paris have intro duced a tragic soliloquy between their comic songs. There Is a Mile. Cornellc, who ap peared at the French Comedy some years since, who Is freezing the blood of beer drinkers at El Dorado with the dream from Athallc. It is said Mme. Ugalde is going to sing at some Cafe Chantant during the Exhi bition. Mile. Theresa Is at Nice rsstlng her throat. Poor thing, she is almost heart broken I She signed an engagement to sing at the Chatelet durlngthc whole Exhibition, receiving one hundred dollars anight. The evening of the day on which she signed this engagement she received a letter from the manager of the Porte St. Martin Theatre, offering her two hundred dollars a night. She cried her eyes out to think she was obliged to refuse it—obliged to lose eighteen thousand dollars from April to October, be cause she had traced|hcrname on abitof stamped paper. “Oat damned spot, out, I say.” The Italian journals annonncij |* na j jj Girolamo Scola, proprietor of the celebrated Vllie del Ga'cotto, near Lecco, on the Lake of Como, and possessor of an Immense for tune, has just blown oat bis brains. The cause is attributed to grief at haying lost a small sum of money. When, after bis death, the authorities came to make an examina tion of his boose they fonnd there upwards of two hundred thousand francs in gold. H'WAIT OaOTUEHH Advertising As'ta 130 Dcnrborn-ai., receive advertiaemonta for nil the tending paper* throughout the United £tnt*<« and (innttdaa. 2lljc Scaling Season. QGDKN SKATING PAItK. Wc wllloffer to aU the skaters In Chicago A New Sheet of Ice. Any persons who wl»h a good outdoor sraUngcan fomeaLd see for then selves. A gay time is erpcctod, fHasonic. IVTABONIC.—There will be a Special J.VI Convocation of Lafayette Chapter No. 7, R. A. U hi nelr Unll in tho Masorle Temple, tbl* (Monday) evening at ~U o'clock, for work on the P. and 34. K. Degrees. A full attendance Is desired. Visitors arc coidlaily Invited, j’er order M. E. □. P. E. N. TUCKER. Secretary. General 'Notices. gUTLKH, -MILLS & MOKKXS, .Real Estate Acency, lirirtse-sl .opposite the Post Office. MltDeapolJg. Jlln- U'Soia. Forms. Lands,Houses, Lots, Stocks. Courts, •ollfgp Sc: Ip, etc., bought and sold on cnramlsslon. Col'fs iloD* made, titles examined, taxes paid, and gen • ral care taken of Minnesota properly, for aon-rcal •lCblh. Rpf«»to W.F. Goolbaugh, President, C. T. Wheel er, Vice President, Union National Bank; Mich & ;vllliHinf, Chicago; Gov. Wm. R. Marshall, Gen. Van « love, Minnesota; Winslow Lanier & Co., New York; lion. J. Harrison. J. A. Frazer, Esq., Cincin i all ;Gor. u. P. Morten, Hon. Schuyler collar. Hon. John Coburn. Indiana. jS^OTICE. I wish to In'orm the public that my printing office and composition room were ISTot Tnjiax»o<J iij' os to interrnpt that portion of the tiudnoes. Printing will be dono u formerly. Will rc

,amc business in all the departments In n few days. J. M. W. JONES. VTOTICE IS HEKEBT GIVEN THAT IT I will not be responsible for any debts contracted bymj son. HF.NRY GtJNDERUAN, Nrd will not pay Mr any debts contracted by him after '{.is (lair. March Ulh, 1&57. HENRY OPNOERMAN. iLccturcs. VOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSO- X CIATXON. Yeung Men’s Christian Association ?QungMen’s Christian Association A POPULAR LECTURE, “The Disposition,” “ The Disposition,” —BY— NATHAN SHEPPARD, -AT- . CROSBPS OPERA HOUSE, THURSDAY EVENING. March 21st. Tickets SO cents, including reserved seats, t o be ob tained at the Opera HonsoTlckct Office Wedncsdayand Ttaqriday. from 9 to 13 and 2 to II o'clock. jgtocftflolfrErg’ jHeeliwg. VTOTICE—Is hereby given that the an il nnalclwtlf.nrf Directors of the LMON DE-P\ICH COMPANY Will occur on the twenty-flist lo<t., at the office of the said Comptay inthUcUy. Polls open Irom 8 o'clock n. m. until 6 p. m. CRAB. B. BRIGHAM. PresL N OTICR—The Board of Directors of WEST SIDE HIKE ASSOCIATION AreTcqnesled to meet at THE RINK, bATBKDAY, ftiARCEI l» t 1567. Office merchants' savings. LOAN AND TRUST CO. _ , . cmoAflo, Feb. 9, ian. The Annual Meeting ol the Stockholders ol taeMcr- Bonis’Savings, Loan and Trust Company,for the dec rion of Trustees, win be held at the office of said Com cany, In Chicago, on MONDAY, March 4th. betweet he pours of 10 a.p. and 12 m. L. J GaGhTcashler. UentistTg. • r rEETH EXTRACTED JV THE Who originated the anutliellc nae of Nitrons Oxide Gaa, uc hare glvco It to ever 30.000 pitlents for tho .xtrucllon of teeth. without an accident. They guar antee no pain. Como to headquarters, Booms U and 1. Times Bonding. US Dearborn-st. , 'iitTiC " NO EXTRA CHARGE for Extracting Teeth 'WITH* OUT PAIN, by the use ol Nitrons Oxide Gas, when ar- Uflclai ones ate inserted. at TREGO’S Dental Booms. 711 south Clark-st., Chicago. New Teeth Inserted Homo day ns f-itmemd ffiarhs. Q S. HDTCIUNB & CO., Commission Merchants, ii n i o a o o. Agents for T. Elngstord d; Sons* Oswego starch. gMOKED MEATS! E. P. MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IN PORK, BEEF, LARD, AND 3 STOCKED MEATS, ISO SOUTH WATEIt-ST. Storage, lorwardlng and commission merchantf, lor the purchase and saleof all kinds of country produce, and give special attentton to sale ol 1 * * Broom Coni) lllghwlnr*, Drcaaed Horn* . , «nu i,lre Slock. Also agents for sale of SAGINAW Salt. . N-H.—Our rates of commission are those established bribe Loan! ot Trade, troia which we do not vary. Consignments solicited. 1 Holden & Pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Hardwood and ‘Whitcwood Lumber* Ofllcf and Yard, 301 South FraukUn-st, bet. Vat Bares and Ham So:.. Chicago. P. O, Box 2211(1. cut to Order, gl tajLxe n.PonpjaLJE. _ edmund pEypLwrow. gtstrolotre. jyj-ADAME AIAVIN. All persons wishing to know their FUTURE PROSPECTS Iff LIFE, Con have them correctly stated by tho Madams by calling at 347 South Clark-SL (opposite Jones Behoof) where she may he consulted about all matters concern ing Business, Marriage, Love, etc* and will tel) the name of the lady or gentleman you arc going to marry; also the name of her visitor*. Insurance. JUSUKANCEI INDEMNITY. /Etna Insurance Co HARTFORD, CONN. Paid np Capital, . - $3,000,000.00 Assets, Jan. 1, 1867, ■ 4,478*100.74 tosses paid in 48 years, OTer 20,000,000.00 NORTH AMERICAN INSURANCES. HARTFORD, CONN. .9300,000.00 Paid up Capital' Asset* Jan. 1, 1807* TRAVELLERS’ INSURANCE CO., HARTFORD, CONN Paid ap Capital------ Assets, Jaa. 1, 1007. HUNT & GOODWIN, AGENTS, Sacceuon to HXJDDAUD A HUNT, Office, No. 1 Loomis Building, Comer Clark and Soutti Watcr-ats. In these times of numerous and extensive conflagra tion,, look well to your Insurance Interest*, and see that you are protected fly companies that oiler un questioned security. CHAS. H, HUIiT, J. GOOWIS, Jr. (Carpets, ©il ©tori)?, &c. 153 & 155 Lake-st. CARPETS, Oil Cloths, Druggets, MATTINGS, Curtain Materials, &c. Wo have opened a Department for tho sale of tbo above Goods, which bavo boon recently bought at a groat decline, and will be sold at the lowest possible prices* We will at all times sell as low as tho market, and oar stock will com prise tbo Z«atost and Sost in that line. W. R. WOODs JUawtoare, globes, &c, AItDWAIiE AND CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT & CO., 173 Lnkc-st., Chicago, The attention of clone buyers Is Incited to oar com* plctestock of AMERICAN AND ENGLISH HARDWARE, Especially adapted to the Country Trade, Wc off.-r oho a fall n*Mirtm*-ct of Coopera’, machinist*’ and Carpenters’ Tool*, American Table Cutlery end Bonders’ Hardware. Also, WostrtJbolai’n Pocset Cutlery. Spear <t Jackson's Bows, Joseph Rodgers A Son’s Scissors and Razors, Stubbs A Rjlher>’B Flies, etc. We would cipicialty call attention to our prices and aceut tmeutol HAJRVEST TOOLS Of all klniD.lncludlagillLLAßD’S, BATCHELLER’S and those n.anniacinrrd at Jackson, Mich. Wc also keep coniiaitly on hand full numbers ol ECHOES’- BERGER'S JUNIAT* RAILS. We acnld be pleased to give prices on any ol the above goods. Older s by moll carefully and promptly lined. REDUCTION of pkices. Wo have this day REDUCED PRICES oh the follow ing Goods: Dlwton’s 7x20 Handsaws, per dozen $20.50 Spear A; Jackson’s 20 Inch (land* saws, per dozen 28.00 Porker’s 3-lucli Blind Batts, per dozen 3.16 No. 25 Coffee mills, per dozen 11.00 Best Sad Irons, per lb 6c Play dole’s A, ms, Hammers, lib per dozen 14.00 .Tisydolc’s A. E. Bummers, i^lb per dozen 12.50 Dour Locks, 10 per cent, discount from list, universal and Fitsburch excepted. H3SRARD &SPEHCER. Chicago. March 11.1557. (GlDtijmg. gPRING, 18G7; • The most CHASTE and HONEST Stook of GOODS FOR GENTS’ DSE Ever shown In the West, is now opening at ELY’S, Cor. of Washington and Dearborn-sts. B JT Many of these Goods are of our OWN Importa tion. N. n.—Cur stock ol Famishing Goods is being re r'cclshcd with the CHOICEST and NEWEST articles In this line. The largest and FULLEST assortment ol Gents' FINE Gloves In the entire West, shirts nude to ORDER ol superior QUALITY and FIT. ELY, Woollen Draper, Tailoraml Cents’Outfitter, CHICAGO. 4For Sale. pon SALE OEE F , U taken at once. 50 feet 101 l depth on Wabash-av. fronting cast, beiwceaTvtcuiy•ninthand Thlrtletli-sts* by N. U. KAIPLeYE, I?0K SALE— Jk' , t a grist aiii.i m >VUh_valuahle water power. 0&I7 '''■■'•half* ..—t-power. Only onobalf the power in use. neil.locatcdfcriannnfacturln* purposes and convenient to Chicago. Only a small amount ot m» uey reunited. Weald cxchatce lor Chlcigo city proa- F° r farther infermatiOD, addrm JAMES CAMPBELL, Chebanse, Iroquois county, Illinois. pOOPEHAGE. \J FOB SALE. Floor Barrel Staves* With Heading to mates, thoroughly seasoned. good width, and A No. l in every risnect-bv LINDEN. SEW ALL & TEED. Mercantile Building, opposite tno Chamber ot Commerce, Chicago. JM VXSTILEN T. I 3Ls X-n . THE PKOPRIBTOH OF A NEW A No.l FLOURING MILL, (Water power), located tn Minnesota, having more business than be can attend to, will ael. a one-half in terest In bis mill, The cash and good business experi ence necessary. To tntrlubt man It la the best invest merit in the State. Address “ MILLER,** Trtbnne office. T> ARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. FOR SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OP Dry Goods, Groceries, &.C..*" abcat <12,001; a’l purchased within a yea* Fait,»; d lease on store, glare located tn a thrlvlar town a sb<. rt distance Lem Cblcago. Bailefactory rea sons given for selling. For particulars inquire ci _ .... B. V. BOBBINS, Commlsstoa Merchant, Sa LaßaUe-sU, Cblcago. q’O CAPITALISTS. X k , ~ . Miiwackks, March 1.1587. naring decided to relinquish badness, we offer our establishment lor sale. Our house was S6TASLZBB2Q) IN 1846, Has been tn existence 21 years, and la bow plan d on s sate, arm aao permanent basis, and to men or capital who are ocelrpos of embarking la a PROFITABLE branch ol trade (wholesale and jobbing onli) this pre- I 0?; 1 * a »? ro Tftl °able opportunity- Our etoefc Is lull, ca bracts none but tho most staple goods, and the burincas la In perform running order. n. BUSWUIITH *fc SONS, Wholesale Druggists, Milwaukee, Wls, ©rockers ggaare. QKOCKERY, ETO. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, 15,17,10 & 21 Eandolpii-st., Importer®, Wholesale and Retail Dealer® la CROCKERY, CHINA, GLASS, Silver Plated Ware, LAMPS, LANTERNS, LOOKING GLASSES. 302,01846 Assorted Crates in Oiiginal Packages. Goods Sold at New York Prices, adding Freight . packmen’s sanion. .530n.000.n0 . 708,437.02 'J'HB Hackmen’s Union, of Chicago, Gives notice to the public that the/ will do work fbr the allowing prices: Theatre or Opera and Hvlarn. 8. D, north of Twelfth-st $3.00 8. D-, south ol Tweiflh-Bl 4.00 N. D., south of Chlcago-av 3XO N.D., north ol Chlcaeo-av.... 4.00 W. D , east of Halsied-st 3XO W. U., west of Holsted-st 4XO Funerals* 8. north of Twelfth-*:., to Graceisod, Jew or German Catholic BXO 9. Dm south ol Twetfih-st., to Uraceland, Jew or German Catholic 7.00 9. D„ north of Twelfth-*!., to Calvary BXO 6. south of Twctiy-sccond BC, to Calvary (Bridgeport included) 9.00 W. D., east of Hoisted and north of TwelflD-at,, to Oroceland, Jew or German Catholic 6XJ W.D-eaglet Halited and north of Tffclflh-u., to Calvary 0-00 W. P.. west cl Daisied and south of Twellth-stw _ _ to Jew or German 7X> \y, D., west of Hoisted and south of Twellthac, to Calvary j-w N. D., to Gracelatd. Jew or German Cathode-* 500 n.. to Calrury 7.W Cnr Fancrnla. North ot Twelfth-st, east of Halsted Mf P**t . „ it, J) 3.00 To cars, all other places .’1...”.** **o® Notice to lhoTrnvell«a Public. Passengers can ride from osetftpot to another, or to aoy hotel, for the same price a t die omnibuses, 50 cents each, ordinary baggage Included. . ~ Person* going to any other part of the city can ride tor the /allowing rates: . Any diiUtcc not (xceedlnz one mile. 30 cents each. Any distance exceeding one mile, $1X0; same fam ily or party, 50 cents each. , . Any distance exceedug twomiles, $1X0; same fam nr-r party, SO cents each. . . . and the public in general are requested to tec thatth<,-v ord hifnlon" <■ « *ho carnages they employ, as noiL -.tnexa oolong to tue ttarkmen’a Union ol Chicago. The public arc cautioned not to pay an? attention to any reports that may be made in regard to this tut of ..riots, for sbe members of iheUnion intend to live np :o it. Any tclnsal or misdemeanor on the port ot any owner or driver should be repotted, witubla number, to their office, Room 51 McCormick's Building. ,o ui«r ou-wr, WARREN, President. PATER JOHNSON, Treasurer. GHQBGg W. YolTiG. Secretary. fHacijinccg. pITTti «fe CO., manufacturers of Thresliug Machines, Sorse Powers, Trip Summers, Soak’* Combined Corn Planters and Cultivators, etc,, etc, Reapers, Mowers and Farm Machinery Repaired. Patterns and Costings made to order. Grinding, Polishing, etc. Xo. IQS West Rnndolph-sl., Chicago, HI. A MES* /A Celebrated portable and Stationary ©0M3A.31 33NGXNE8. all sizes. Superior to all others. C. L. RICE & CO., Chicago; SMITH & BIGGS, bt. Louis. Mo.; WM. P. noVKY, Milwaukee: JAMES JENES, Detroit, agents. Call or tend lor circular. patents. T>EEK&KILL MANE FAC TURING L CO.’B belt Improved BRICK MACHINE, simple, cheap ard durable; TEMPERING MACHINES, and *U machinery for making brick. Machines to be seen, and alt information ra'.nod. by calling on or adrft*~***£ WHITING «fc r. Q. Box *795, Chicago, HI. PATENT OFFlCES.—lnventors tvhc JL wish to take n«t Letters patent are advised tc »tmecl wltli JIUfS * CO., Editors ot the Bclenttft-* Vrrertcar. who have prosecuted claims before tSi raient Office f-r marly twenty years. Their Amerlou ind Enrr peas Patent Agency!!* the most extensive U 'he world. Charges less than any other reliatttt ''^Apamphltf.containingfnß Instruction* to Inro: irs. <■ seat gratis. Address ItUNN * CO„ 87 Part-row, Pew Tort SSialrijcg antt Jctoclt)). QFFICE OF ROBBINS & APPLETON, ISS Broadway, New York, Feb. 1,1567. TMIERICMfIMCO., or WAZ.TBAZS, STABS., Give notice that they have appointed Messrs. N. Matson & Go., JEWELLERS, 117 LAKE-ST., THEIR SELLING AGENTS IN CHICAGO. Dealers and the public will find at all times In the hands of this firm a very large stock of the Company's prodnctircs, to be sold os low as they can be bought In New York or Boston. BOBBINS & APPLETON, GENERAL AGENTS. hoofing. pLAbTIC SLATE ROOFING. A TEST OF FIVE YEARS has demonstrated the superiority ol this material over every other now known. A mastic—lt adapt* Itself to every shape ned slope, from flat to perpcndlcnlar. covering the whole root without seam or Joint. ■ Non-combnstlble—lt u net the means of destroying your property, but ol protecting It. Non-expanslve—neat nor cold, no mat ter bow Intense, can compel It to expand or contract, tmpcnlons—water nor even steam. can penetrate oi dissolve it. Dcdecavlnp—time and the elements only mature and perlect it. To sum up the whole mailer. It is * Fire, Water and Frost Proof, and It cheaper than any othorjjood material, andbcttei loan the most expensive. The New York Tribune In speaking cf It fays: •* Wt consider this invention the greatest boon ol the age.*' The Funner"* Club ol the Americas Institute pro founce tho Invention one cf the most ImporUutuvei 'Uncovered. For the post year we have been engaged In supplying 'bis material to the people ol Illinois and Wisconsin, and from the many hntterlnc testlmonla's new on Hit in our office, we leel warranted in saying, to their en tire satisfaction. KOCFING FELT, and also the now SHEATHING FRLTasedlorltnlnebutldlngs.aad COAL TAR,con stantly on band at lowest market rates. Circulars sent on application, and for rights. Apply to WHITACBE & RAYMOND. OMLaSalc-st.. Chicago. TIL gDntncs antu (Cocftage. 'J'WINES, CORDAGE, ETC., ETC, GUBEET HUBBASD & C 0„ DEALERS IN TWINES AND COBDAG-E, 205 & 207 SOUTH WATEE-ST., CHICAGO. The largest and best assortment In the West of COTTON AND FLAN DUCK, all wldthaand weights MANILLA AND TARRED DEMP ROPE; COTTON SEAMLESS GRAIN BAGS; GUNNIES. WOOL BACKS AND BURLAPS; TAB, FITCH. OAKUM; tOAL TAR ROOFING PITCH AND FELTING CHAINS, TACKLE BLOCKS. &c. COTTON, FLAX AND HEMP TWINES 01 every description; Cotton, Flar, Paper and Jute Wrapping Twmca; Bell and Sash Cords, Gill Nets and Scltiea, with every variety of Bclco and Netting Twine. Tests, Awnings, Wagon Covers & Tarpaulins. F £i A G> S Of Silk or Banting, as per Army Regulations, con stantly on band and made to order. O.mniBABP. j.b.tceocb. oco. n. cxepetttc. tEoilct articles, rpBE GENUINE FRENCH ONCUENT Itapurc liquid,freefiom Inlurloos matter.and war r.mtf d to grow a heavy and healthy growth of hair on the lace in from four to six weexs. „_ . . bold In Chicago by BLISS * SHARP. 144 :Uke*t.; «UITH A DWTKB. 94 hiCML: DVCHK * STiißbV. Randolph-su, c*.r. Dearborn; G.McPSEBSON, ccr. ■:iark and Wasningtoc-sts.: C. V. RAY a CO n 79 West JiadlßOP-st, and Diurtlsta generally smßu advvykk. Wholesale Agents, nr Bent to any adrtro« on receipt ctSliO. ETEY£.S-H, YAM PYHg. CO^ NUMBER 282. Slock Subscriptions. PROSPECTUS OP "The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co." Capital Stock - - $500,000. Fire Hundred Shares, SI,OOO Each. This Company has been organised under the General Law. of the ttate ot Illinois, tor the purpose ot mann* Uctm mg all kinds oi PAPES, and preparing FIBBE tor other purposes. Bom the WILD GRASS tonfid It Ihi* vicinity m great abundance. The practical development sod utilizing ot such ma terial bu Deco effected through the IflTentloaJ, and the several Patents issued to MB. HARRISON* B. MEECH. of Fcrt Edwards, New York- This Company bavin# Borcbascd Bom Mr. Heech all of the said Patents fbr letoi owlng States, to-wlt: Illinois, Indiana. Michi gan, Wisconsin, lowa and Minnesota, are now prepared to receive a limited amount cl subscriptions to the Capital Stock. In inviting sobscrlptiona to this stock, wc would state that the Company are now the owners ot the BATAVIA PAPER WTT.T.S Which are producing at the present time two (3) tons per day or print paper. This Mill has buildings and water power of soSeieni capacity, already erected, and tn conoition to receive two ft) additional machines, which have been ordered, and It U estimated can be pat la running order on 01 before the first dayot May next, which will Increase the capacity and products cf the laid Mills to six (0) tons per day; than at the present market prices, should yield to this Company a very satisfactory profit. 7he future operations of this Company contemplate the erection, or consolidating of other mills with then enterprise, within the present year, issuing tha fnl. amooLt of tbclr Stock, and which will probably non than double the loregoing estimate ot product of Print, Manilla and Wrapping Papers. This Company having procured a charter irom.the Legislature of the State of Illinois, increasing melt capital to one million of dollars, are nowrecrgaolzins under their Charter privileges. The btocv«ook*a« nowopen forsuhscrintion to the stock, at (be Offices of Messrs. DICKERSON ft SHERMAN 170 Ban doloh-fu, where ailfunhcr lolnrmatioa as to the pat ents, prospects, ftc* win be given. In soliciting our Blends to subscribe to this Stock, webelleTewc are warranted in sashu that this enter, prise promises an unparalleled rsfarn of profits, com* Jiared with any other manufeictuiag business hereto* ore presented. THOMAS S, DICK2BSON, JPros’t. Git>. n.MOSS, TlcePie,*!. (formerly Preside: Batav**a paper Mill Co.) WM. HANSBEOUQF. Bec’y, ?r. sngBMAN. Trp» ISoper. 'J'HE CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COJOUSSION PAPEE DEAISBS, ptALSES or Paper Makers’ Bindings, Chemicals, etc., 170 Zlandolph-6t«) Chicago* s We offer for sale to dealers and consumers 3.000 Bandies Kewe anl Frhit......<>38x49 2.000 do do do 24x30 1.500 do do do .22x43 2,5110 do do do „ 25x37 2.000 do do do 27x41 1.500 do do do 28x14 2.500 do do do :iox4:iX 1,800 do do do 31x44* 3.000 do do do 30xl*<i 1.500 do do do 25x38 1.000 do do do 20x38 600 do do do .......20x43 Extra ilzei made to order on short notice. For sale at the lowest market prices for CAB a. SffilDoir ana ®oal. T>EAD THIS. GOAL AT SUMMER PRICES! Wo hare a few btmdred too* ol best LACKAWANI and PITTSTON COAL more than will sapply oar cu mmer*, which we offer, delivered is any part of Us diy.aitheiollowlng prices: Range, Egg and large sizes, 819 per Ton. Chestnut 11 M I MINING AND SUPPLY CO -54 and 56 Bfindolph-rt. ISricfe. “•~;Kick machine.” JL> DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. _Offlce. Room No. 3. 47 Clorkat., Chicago. jj^AGAZINE BRICK WORKS, Corner Haltled and Twentr-second-sts. office, No. 5 Otis Block. A. J. ENISELY, proprietor. Q.ARE'B PATENT BBICH KSACSIKXL Office nsd maouisctory 33 South Jefleraon-sV Pot Information and descriptive circular addrese & B. OABD, gtotfe fHarfeet. T'.E YIN'S STOCK MAKE Is fastened to the ears of Sheep, Cattle, Colts. Hogs. &c„ by means of white metal rivets. Each Hark la stamped with the name and Post Office address ol the owner. It will save advertising, appraising and posting. Tbehew York Tritons says: •* It is the most simple, easy, common-sense method of marking eyer devised." 6ena&-ceni stamp or specimen Mara and circular. County and State Bights (except for lUqoUIj also, wcrklLg apparatus for sale. M. L. DCvDf. P. O. Dd 1024. Chicago. JSSoto Cartrs. p ET TOUR PAINTED SHOW CARDS At S 4 DEARBORN-ST-, Boom 4. Up Stairs. jporietg iHeetingg. A meeting of the “CHICAGO QtrOITISO CLUB” Will bo held at St. George's n»u, 02 i MONDAY" EVENING NEXT, at S o’clock p. xa. TV. ROBERTS. President iExprcss (Companies. rj>HE MERCHANTS' UNION Express Company. CAPITA!. - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated by Oor merchants and Manufacturers, CARRIES BY EXPRESS, Money, Valua bles, Freight and Parcels, over more than 13,000 miles oi Express Line, at Just and liberal rates, saves millions yearly to Ex press Shippers, andean be made permanent only by their liberal patronage. This vre hope to merit una receive. Office, Has. 103,105,107 & 109 Dearbom-st B, IS. COOPSR Agent. JLttmber. Shingles, lath, and Cedar Posts, On hand and for sale at lowest rates, at 11C Slarbchst,, corner of Monroe. Darios the coming season we shall 8<)1 at retail and by o»fRO, a-quollty of Lujrbcr Uat will compare fa. vorabiy with any that comes to this market. wnlch we mannfrctnreat Green Bay and Rogge River. We shall offer the eame to ca,u buyers at figures which cannot fail to suite. R. Mason & SON. (Groceries. Q.OLDEN T STORES. Choicest Japan Tea, $1.30 per lb. T. MASON,! 19S West Handolptt-st!! Grocer and Prorlslon Dealer. jftre 33ticfr. “gramiT CUT TVOKKS.’- Fire Brick! We can tarnish to order all sizes and shapes of t'IRE BRICK fbr CUPOLAS. STEEL WORK, ROLLING MII.LS. dc-madelrcm the VERY BbaT material, and WARRANTED equal In Quality to any ENGLISH or ECOTCU BRICK, and, lor with standing intense heat, SUPERIOR. . . For mil particulars and prices address nor soup JAMES McCAULBF * CO, ail Sonth Watef-at. SiHantea. -fTf ANTED A GOOD FIRE PROOF SAFE. Address u SAFE." Tribune office, stating price &c. Also a ataadlo* desk. TNSURANCE. WlXsla FAT 108 For lev shares mebchants* ins. co. stock. V. B. GOODYEAR. H 4 Chamber of Commerce. - ISwAntee ffiaflm. GREENLEE BROS. *6O. Manufacturers* Agents fbr tod Delias In BTEAM EHGET2S, . Circular Saws, Belting, WOOITEN KACHBEKT, icd Supplies far Tftv'nca Mflla, Mv-hla !iU*Too!j et All kinds; AIM Wood Won iigHachlnery. 80. 51 DRABBOB2TOT. HALLOCK * WHEELER, lUST7ACTCBZSA* ASXCT9 FOX HUBBEB AM lEATHEB BELTING. Rubber Goods, ftc. 111 Randclpb-»t» 1. E. WILSON & co., Jfanoflistnrers md Dealers la Mens* and Tenths’ Furnish- fag 1 Goods, SHIRTS. Hg Pear born-st. SPRING STYLES. GENTS’DRESSDATS, GENTS’ BUSINESS HATS, YOUTHS’ DRESS AND SCHOOL HAT 5 . All the latest and most tashlonablc styles. BISHOP A BARNES, BANOS BROTHERS. BABSTOW’S NEW Cooking Range, Cooking, Laundry and Tailors* STOVES. Registers ond Ventilators* 82 MONK 08-S T«, . OTeatlyoppasite the PostOfflce.) GILES, BRO. & CO., Watches, Diamonds, JSWSLZre A2ID SILVER GOODS. Z3T Agents tbr Eoge's. Smith ft Co.’s Piated Ware and U. S. Clock ft Brass Co. cf Chicago. KIMBALL, STEVENS * CO., TTHOjaSAIiE CLOTH HOUSE, 64 and 66 MICH IGAST-AV. PHILIP WAQBWSSTH & Cor| MIHCTACTreXBSAKD JOBBXEB or CLOTHING, 34 & 96 Lsko-at. 95 Dovosshire-Bt, cmcLtoo. m. Boston, Mas*. J. J. M’GRATH, .. MAHTTACTCnB AND IXPOBTEB 07 PAPJER HMGJiVGS AJTD WIXDOW SHADES* Warehouse, 78 Handolph-st, CHICAGO. ILL. TURNER, BRISTOL & CO Leather & Shoe Findings, Importer* of J*rach and German Calf Skins, 1C & 1$ States!., Chicago, flot’a Qak Belting. Agents for T\; HIBBARD & SPENCER, lIIPOBTXES 07 Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 MICmGAX-.VV.. CHICAGO- 2 6 0,0 O O wmfF.T.Tnt & WILSOH Scaring Machines IK USE. Tbe snmber increasing 1,000 per week. ABTBUB FABBAB, 106 Lake-*t.,Agt. for the Northwest. M. D. WELLS & GO., BOOTS & SHOES, CHICAGO. LUNT, PRESTON A KEAN, BANE£I!S, goteekmest secceities Also, land warrants and COL' LEGE SCULP. WM. W. STRON9. FURNITURE. 203 Randolph-st., P. O. Box 8383. BOWEI I, WHITMAN & tINSLOW, fsreesasosa to BOWEN BROTHERS, Wholesale Dry Goods, And China, Glass & Crockery, 15,17, 19 & 31 Kamlolph-st. I HAYDEN & LEATHER, CAEEIAGrE GOODS, SADDLERY HARDWARE, 45 & 47 Lake-st] Chicago* HART, ASTEH & CO., XANrJACTCBEES OT FLOUR SACKS, GRAIN BAGS, And Sags of Every Description. Paper Floor Sacks ol the Best Quality. 483 Sooth Wator-st. J. BAUER & CO., Manufacturers and Importers of Meal Instruments and Strings Also, Wholesale Dealers In PIANOS & ORGANS. . No. 630 Broadway,NEWTORK. 50,09 Waghlngtoo-at.CQICAGO DR. J.O. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, 116 Ban<lolph>st« Teeth Extracted Without Pain to SI.OO, By the nse ol Nitrons Oxl3e Ga». or Vi talized Air. Teeth Inserted on the Vul canite or Rubber Base for gU to $lO a set. IRVINE, JONES & GO., (Saccessors to Graves & Irvins,) vnoLzanx sSAZjms is WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, Dress Trimmings; NOTIONS. tfcO., 19 LAKE-bT. up-stnlra. WHITTEMORE, CARTER & BROWN, Wholesale Dealers In HATS, CAPS, IWILMNERY AND bl RAW GOODS. A large stock for soring sales, bought st psrle prices, and will b«,old st very low est flgnres. 11A lii Loke-st-, Chicago. JOSEPH L. HALL & CO., vaNCTacrr&tßS or Hail's Patent Concrete, Tire Burglar Proof SAFES, xyr> Tlctor Combination Locks, 33 BEfI.'SBOHS'-ST. S. N 3. FASSETT, ABTISTIC PHOTOGMPay. T7T rictnrea taken In dork os veil as In pleasant v t atber. Gollcrj, 114 Soatli Clork-st Hamit anbASautetu.' JJASK OF Bemte C. Smith & Brother, 48 LASALLE-ST, CHICAGO (SEEOiI AGKHTS SOB THE BiSX OS XOBXBBAL, Ilf CHICAGO,) ( AND Ssocmoii to Draw Sterling SKtaa» l« * x " XI.OOO, nl mrrmrda, for U.ld or Currency. ai i#e »•« * Cf *' jfwniite Rates* I.OSDUN CORRESPONDENTS' The Union Banker London. tea Weitntiastex Bins. City Bask cf London. Brown, Shipley * to. StcrUcg Ssrhings and sterling Lettew ot CfedW boughtathichtttmarket pnee. -_. M Gold Draftson New York bought and sold. Beat nrlce oaid ftr Canada Currency, ni» Draft* I*usdon me Canada Branches ot the BsatoC “SSeKhonde sod Gold pmchaaod In New York. *ad held on nasal terms. K.8.-BBIS paid and I*poMU p’acedtn New Tofft Dt telecraph, through DrexeL Wlnthrop * Co* n“ Wlcalow, Lanier & Co* Special attenttop given to Collections, at all potsln in and Bntian mvlnces. ■rmNSLOW, LANIER & CO., »▼ issue LETTERS OJF CREDIT y or .ifmulture. g ~ randolph-st. PIKE & CAVAN N A. Furniture, BEDDING AND UPHOLSTERYV_ JDuplct Elliptic Stitts. T ATEbT FASHIONS DEMAND J. W. BRADldirs . DUPLEX ELLIPTIC (OB DOUBLE SPRING) SKIRTS. They will not Send or Breaks Llk* toe BiDfTe epilsge, bat wilt ever preserve thßtr perfect mod beantlnu s&spe, where threw or fear orm nary Skirt* ere thrown aside u nseica*. Toey m**- bioe com/crt, durability end economy with tost e!s- shape which lua nade toe “DUPLEX trr.rjw STANDARD SKIRT OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. £7* Latest Styles Bradley’s INVISIBLE, far Street Dress, and Bradley's SUfKittf TRAIL. for ErealDß Dress. At wholesale-by toe exclusive manofsctara* iM sole owners of tbe patent, WESTS, BBADLET & CABT, Warehouse and OlHce, 97 Chamber* and 79 and 91 BcadesL, New Tort. Also, at wholesale by toe lead ing Jobbers, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts By ftr the most popular and groccttu Skirt worn. For sale at wholesale at m.»rmflicmrenVprtcea.hy FIELD, PALMER ARBITER, IIP. 117.114 and 116 LakfrAC. Chicago- Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, Fcr Elegance and Economy are nnsnrna*se<L Fox nto at w holesale by JOHN V. FARWELL * CO, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts The lightest, most agreeable and perfect skirts matt. Fcr sale »t wroltiaie. bOWEN IVHITMAN 4 WINSLOW, .~ Bradley’s Dnplex Elliptic Skirts^ For be aoty, comfort and durability superior to all ot&> era. For sale at wholesale by , TORRENCE. MANNING * CO. 35 Lake-st. and 39 Wahaah-av., Chicago. Bradley’s Dnplex Elliptic Skirts At wholesale, at manning tor eu* price*. KUTH. WOOD 4 C 0„. Bradley's Dnplex Elliptic Skirts, For sale at Mannfectnrm' New York Wholefiala prices, by SEYMOUR, CARTER 1 CO„ No. 22 L2mL fHusical. BEAUIIFUL PIANO. WcbareJoLt received, and shall be most hattay to have all amateur* call ana examine one ol the ne w and magnificent STEINWAT trprjgLl Pianos, For pure and thiailty or tree, perfertnrss of actirn *oa touch. auJ att the tssectUia cf a fliat-claea instrument* this cannalo* nma doc* where any other Plano coaid u>c bo coarenienar be placed. The demand for these Instrument* very greatly ear* ceeds all possibility ot gnnply, bat we snail retain It *omC days, so that the cnrlcus and masic-lovtng mar have an opportunity ci seeing it. smith & nixoi;, .. Clark and Washington-* t*. ffiitg iSTotifEs. TJhOPOSAI.S FOE THE CONSTBUO JT ticn of the summit division of thb UXINOIa AND MICHIGAN CAN*>L. “ Dane* or the Bat so or Prstic ffmm > _ , . Cnicaoo. Mirth ISIS. 1857. C . etoledrroposa'swui be Jtcrlvixl by me Board cat ImbUc Works, at their office, anti! II a. m. Wednesday, excavation necessary to dceoes the IlUtots and Michigan Canal, according 10 the nlaa adopted, from Chicago River to Summit Lets, No. tw» (3) a distance of tw entrance) miles. Maps, pnmies. specifications. Ac., win he evhttHirtW at the office of the Board of mnilc Works in Chleara cn and after April Ist until the day of letting- There wUI be some cubic yard* ol e-rth excavation-some of it quite hard and em> bracing considerable detached rock—and about fimr honored tevtniy thousand (470.000) coble yards otnr£- tilled limestone. CHICAGO. The work must be Prosecuted so as not to Interiors with the use of the Canal oaring the season of naTlga- It u believed, however, that the most of the exnra> Hen, except the stratlOea rocc. can be dona with dredges without interfering with the navigation ofthw Canal, but the rock excavation will aJ have to be done between tte alost of navigation in the fall and tbs opening In the spring. Da new Unete adopted lor any portion of the dis tance, operations thereon may be continued the whole year; and the navigation cf ihe Canal will be lascend ed at least five months in each year nolsu otherwisK mutually agreeO by the Board and Contractors. The whole of the work most be doss on or before the end of the third season ol the suspension of navigation. A large as onnt of machinery win be recaired to excavate the work within the time required, mainly cf steam dredges, scows and cranes tor the earth work, and drilling machines, pumping machine ry and erases lor ihe rock. Contractors will be required to commence work oa tfce earth excavation wlmin thirty days of the time ot letting. andupon rock excavation oy tnt aratef Novem ber next. [AT, The oredges. cranes and scow* now in the Canal eaa be bad at an appraised value which win be w*- inown to bidden pilor to the letting. Parties ccntractinefcr the work will bo required I* provide all machinery, and to pot op and remove all dams ana wil works oi protection, and at tfcelr own ex pense to do all pnmplnc, or whatever oar bo ry to secure their work from water. Proposals mail be addressed to the Board of Public W o» a, endorsed ‘•Propoials for Deepening Illinois and Michigan Canal.” and be accompanied with tha usual two hundrsc dollar (JJcO) bond, with sureties, to Da approved by tbp Board. Contractors will bid. stating the price Ibr which the work will be done on each cf ihe different sections. sndtheworawUltelet as a whole or In part, and tS such quotUtl. s as the Beard shall detv name. Tha Board reserve the rtgnt to reject aoyandall bids, snd no proposal will be accepted unices the oartw offerlce U shall give evidence (atUlactory to the Board that be has t£« necessary skl'l. expert-ace, energy and nbUltvfor doing the work, la trustworthy, and nai suT- Qclent prcnDTary resource#. The Boaio will require inch secftrlty as, according to their judgment, will secure the doing of tha work according to the contract. J- O. CINDELB, FILED. LETZ; O. J. BOSE. WILLIAM GOODING. E. B. MASON, ISt Beard of Public Works. CITY COLLECTOR’S NOTICE—SIate Of Illinois, County of Cook. as. CtTT COUJ£CTOS'9 OPTICS, ) ROOMNO.II, COUST BorSK, I Chicago, March 16th. 1607, ) Pnbuc notice is hereby given that the folio wire de scrited Warrant has been placed In my hands fbr cc lUctlon, to-wlt; WarmtNo.TJO West, dated March 9th, ISB7. ami issued for the collection of a special assessment levied fbr oreninz Mitchell street slxty-su feet 166 ft) wide, from Waiter street to Halted street, la Brand's Afldl turn to Chicago. so that the same shall be os a line with that pail of Mitchell street east oi i street and vest of Waller street. All persona interested is said special assessments are requested to make immediate payment at my office. In ccfltblt of bucp payment the said asms* meet will be codectcd at the cost and expense ot perrons Untie therefor. . A. H. HEALP. City Collector, f 'IORPOKATION NOTICE. • Omci or in* boasd op ymtowom,} Chicago. March 16,1967. | Whereas, the Common council cf (he city of Chlca- S) baa ordered that the IS foot alley In B'ocfc 3, Batter, ’right* Webstcrs Addition to Chicago, he extended wrstwardly to Rlnsebcry street, of the fuse vidut and la the same line with that part cfsala she/ already °*NovT therefore, pohßc notice Is hereby given to aB persona intmsted, that the Commissioners oi tna Beard Of Public Worts will meet at Room No. 1 (oj>- stalrsi, In baildtcff Ncs. 1 3 and 17 -°, nl said city,on ihejeth day ct Mirrß. hour ol 10 o’clock «. ttto »***»«he dan»«« P description of the land to be caedemmed ofof w * * of Sec - 9 * T - »• K -“ hringparfe J.O.GINDEL*, XRED. LETZ, , „ O. J. ROSE. Ct commirslcnsr* ol the Board ot Pnbllc Wcrits. ©it Stones. jgHERY OIL STONES. Something New. OilSto"'*, Hones, Emery Wheel*. Camera Stones. Machinists' aqraiUlns' ftoce*. at low - Prices, manufactured lo thef-iLI.Y' ILSrD.sEco., l-I-l Fnltcast, ChLaca. Madcof any desired grade ot eiU and In lorm* to salt any »h iped t-wl. 01 gl “’ GBaENLEAF A CO, General Agents. SSOaLdggS Lafce-st. Consignments. AIPLES! APPLES! APPLES! LCCOhrls choicetstlelliaf:r silc, consl-tlsg o* Greenlees. Kn-sclr, Wmur Ren*. P.-nnd,,* Wine Sim. Tollman Sweats, Bed Stripe, Taipebrocsea, and Nev> town Plprlm. _ BCTIRR—SSO tabs Cholca TeUov for table ns*-. B. WHYTE * CO, 141 SOUUt W*«r*t, Bt&d you orders al»g.