Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 19, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 19, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. latest News by Ocean Telegraph. Further Precautions Against an Irish Uprising. Another Phase in the Eastern Question. Joint Proposition from France, Austria and Russia. They Advise the Cession of Candia to Greece, FROM WUHINOTOH. Action in Both Houses of oon - grecs on the Reconstruc tion Bill. Debate in tbe Senate on tbe Question of Admitting tbe .New Maryland Senator. Fenian Leaders Have an Inter view with the President. Their Assertions and His Promises. THE SOUTHS FLOODS. The Mississippi Still at a Very High Stage. Mississippi and Arkansas Towns Fader Water. FBOH EUBOPE. BE OCEAN TBLKGHAPH. Great Britain. THE X&IEH TBOUBLE3. London, March IS—Moon- One of the Iron-clad ships of the fleet at Wool wich has been sent to Liverpool. 6TOBJCT WEATHEU. LivEnrooi, March 13. There has been an unusually small number of arrivals at British ports for two or three days post, owing to the strong eastcr.y galea. The Eafttem Question, TCBKET AND GUEECE. London, March 13. Despatches from Constantinople report that the Sublime Porte shows a disposition to grant the demands of the Viceroy of Egypt. It Is asserted that France, Austria and Russia have made a Joint proposition to the Turkish Gov ernment for the cession of Candia to Greece. Latest Foreign markets, FINANCIAL, London, March 13—Noon. Conso's?! for money; 5-50 oonda 74*; Illinois Cen- Pal7?-.Erie 39*. London, March 15—Evening. Consol* steaey 91 tar money. Closing Quotation! 5-50bonds74*; Ilfraoli Central 7S*; EriesS*. COUKZrCIAL. Lives pool, March IS—Noon. The Cotton market opens very firm, with continued activity and an upward tendency. Brices, mHining uplands. 13*@13*d- Estimated sale*. 12.003 hales. Breadstuff?—Market opens quiet. Cjra unchanged. Provlilons generally steady and nnfhtn-f Beef extra prime mess, I*s* per 394 as. Produce market quiet aad steady. Lttzbpool, March IS—Evening. Cotton—Activity Increasing, and the market closed firm. Middling uplands, 13*&13Vd; Orleans, 13*1. hales loot up 15,009 bales. Bre&dstnfis buoyact and firm. Cera adrarced to 41) Gd per quarter lor mlxrd west m. Provisions steady. Atrtucau lard sls rrrewt. Produce—Ashes.S3spcr cwtfor pots. Linseed oil, £39 per too. Petroleum, xehned, 1* 7d per gallon. FEOSI WASHINGTON. [Special Decpral! to tbe Cbio ;o Trltaoo j SviSHTNCTox, D. C., March IS. Tnr.sfcCOSSTECCTION BILL The Supplemental RcCoUsL-nction Bill of the Senate was agreed to in the Uou=e this afternoon with three amendments, as follows: First, a change in tbe oath to be taken at tbe time of reg istration to cover tbe case of certain pereons In “Virginia who have held State office*, but have rover sworn ro support the Constitution of the United States ; second, a change eo that ncwCon ttltulloiißinnst be ratllcd by a majori-y of all registered voters; and third, an addition providing that false swearing un der the act be punished as perjury. Tbe Senate at a later hour in rue day agreed to tbc first and thlid amendments of the House with out a division, and dlsagieeed as to tbe second one by a vote of twenty-one lo twenty-three. This question as to tbe number of rotes necessary for a ratlGcailon of the Constitution Is therefore tbc only matter of difference between the two brunches. Tbe House by a vote of ninety-eight to twenty-eigbtlcalets that that shall require a ma jority of the whole number of registered electors, while tbe Senate Insists when an members In the •city are present, by vote of twenty-seven to twenty four that It may be by a majority of tbe rotes cast at tbe said election, provided that at least half of all who are registered most vote on the question of ratification. Ihe bill goes to the Bouse again to-morrow morning. If that body recedes on this point tbc measure is ready for tbe President. If it refuses to recede, as probably it will, the bill must go into a Committee of Con ference. A strong effort will be made to dispose vt tbc subject in some way to-morrow. THAI). STEVENS. It was generally expected that Mr. Stevens would deliver his great confiscation speech to day. He baa been unwell for several days, but was in his seat awhile thl? afternoon, going Dome when It became apparent that be could not get tbc floor tin a lale hour. His friends will try to give him the floor to-morrow. THE NEW NAUTLANB EENATOU. The debate in the Senate this afternoon on the case of Mr. Thomas, the new Senator from Mary land, occupied three honre. It gtewomol amo tion made by* Hr. Howard, as soon as the credentials were presented, to refer them to the Judiciary Committee. This was supported daring the discussion by Messrs. Howard, Nye, Conness and Sherman, and opposed by Messrs. Trumbull, Fessenden, Johnson and Davis. The grounds on which the reference was asked were that Hr. Thomas showed disloyalty by resigning from the Buchanan Cabinet because reinforce ments were sent to Fort Snmter, that he was in sympathy with tho rebels all through the war. and that he has since his election denounced the majority of the Senate as traitors. Kcverdy Johnson defended him as best ho could from these charges. Hr. Tram bull and Mr. Fessenden held it to be the plain duty oflhe Senate to admit him to his seat, and then. If any formal charges were made against him, go into an Investigation. They thought no man could be kept out on common rumor as to his standing. No decision was reached, and the question comes up again to-morrow. -LDJOtnu.TLEJfT. The time for adjournment has not yet been fixed. A prominent Western Senator prepared a resolution, this moraine, for a recess from next 'Thursday to the first Monday 10 November, which would have been offered in the Senate this after noon. had the Supplemental Reconstruction BUI been finally disposed of. It may, perhaps, come lu to-morrow. So many members of the House are going away that a quorum cannot easily he kept here beyond this week, and an adjournment by Saturoay seems every day more probable. There is some talk of a caucus to-morrow even ing. to settle this question and tpifr over some oth er matters. COLORADO. The C dorado election call, about which there were so many contradictory despatches at the tim* of the bread-and-butter Philadelphia Convention last August, will probably come up In the House to-morrow. The Committee on Elections report against giving the scat to anybody till full inves tigation has been made. They find that Hunt, the Conservative, who holds the Governor’s certi ficate of election, was reported by the authorized Board ofCanvassers ai havingrcceived S,-t2i,while Chllcott, Republican, received 3,959. They say, regarding it, that Hunt baa a certificate that Gov ernor Cummings informed them that on the r>tb of last September the canvass of the votes cast fo; delegate was had in his presence by the board of canvassers; that two of said board found a ma jority of all the votes had been cast for Chllcott, and that one of the board dissented from this con clusion, and that he (Governor Cummings.) con sidering himself one of the board, agreed with the dissenting member, making a tic, whereupon be determined the elec tion himself, and made a certificate in opposition to the conclusion of two members of the board, and they add that the certificate thus appears to have been issued in violation of the Territorial laws in order to reverse the facta of the canvass. A minority of the committee, consisting of Herr, Nicholson and Poland, report Ham Isprima fade entitled to the seal, and Chllcott must contest it. bole mu’ akd eailoiis’ mass xeetikg. Tbe soldiers and sailors held a mass meeting this evening, at which General C. C. Andrews, of Minnet ola, and Representative Perham, of Maine, were the chief speakers. General Acdrows eulo gized the soldiers and sailors for the ready man ner in which they had resumed the dative of citi zenship, and when the country was disposed to pay them anything more he recommends that fvery soldier who shall have occupied in good Jalth one hundred and sixty acres of public laud under the Homestead Act, lor five years, shall reed re one hundred dollars. The no* blest men ament that could be rated to those who had fallen in the war waa the conn* try united and great. The first grand step toward that was reconstruction.on toe basis of liberty, secured bj the ballot, and hs Uuvgk’. Lincoln would have favored that plan. He ex pected matters would henceforward improve in the South; that the Southern States would in a year or two be back In the UnVn; re.l feme of their Congressmen would te of loyal antecedents. Yet he expected acd nas willing to see such men as Johnston. Ho d and Forreat in Congress, for thought they heartily wished the country united ia friend-hip, and that they would be Influcttlal is secanng the weakest of their constituent! in the enjoyment of freedom. XQiISTUIWBIOIZT. A letter received to-day trom Beriin says Minis ter Wright has been tapped twice for dro; ay in the chear, but is not el all likely to live. c osrennnaTE cold. The bill ordering the Btcbmond gold on special deposit to be paid into the Treasury Department has passed both Houses, and goes to the Presi dent to-morrow. liirmicr nxoisniATios. The Registration Board of Washington met the firs', time this afternoon to make out a list of the voters for the ntztmanldpal election. rOBCEH AUBCSTXD. The authorities of Berkeley County, West Vir ginia, on Saturday last, secured the arrest at Jlarllntburg, of A. B. Stelnmetz, for the forgery of £16,000 worth of tho bonds of that county. Steinmetzbas confessed bis emit. and says he was origically from Chicago, where his family now reside. THE rUESroXMT AKO TUB PBKHS9. The ff-nla't special says: “Messrs Banjimin Baler ard James W. Meagher, representatives ot the Irian Republic in America, bud an imporran Interview with President Johnson yesterday alter* noon, with a view of soliciting recognition of bel ligerent rights by the American Government The r*elegalion was cordially received by the Preel dim. and Mr. Baker, on behalf of the Fenian- Brotherhood in America, made an address, in which be asked that the Irish Republic shall be respected as a Government actoally la existence, and at war with Great Britain, by the Government of the United States, and that the Government of the United States insist that the rights to which the said Irish Repoblic are entitled durin* »he war shall be respected bv her adversary, the Government of Great Britain, and accordin'’ to the rales which na'ions should reciprocally'’ ob serve, when deeming their differences by arms, the President listened very attentively, and said the great question was, la there a de jaefo Gov ernment actually in existence. Tee delegation assured him that there waa, when be continued: ‘Thisqncsclon shall receive tho mostserlons con fitceratioL—that consideration necessary in de ciding a matter of snch great Importance. Yon arc aware that my sympathies hare always been with your neonle.' The dehga'iou asked the prompt interference of this Government in behalf of the American natural ized citizens now pining ia Biltish dnngeonsfor no crime whatsoever. The cases of Messrs. S. J. Meaner and M. O’Brien were dwelt opoa. They argued that If the British Government were Justi fied in detaining these persons lor fighting mil speaking in America against English tyranny, it would be equally justified In Imprisonin'’ prom inent journalists and public men who were natu ralized citizens and who had written and spoken in a pimliar way, should ibey happen to pm loot on British soil. The President f aid measures had been taken for the release of several naturalized citizens, and that the details and particulars of all other cases forwmdcd to the Government would receive attention, and that fall justice should be done to naturalized citizens.* 1 uuuc iu üßVuiau/.uu uiucut. COSTIUKATIOXB. The Senate In Executive session to-dar con tinued tbe fotlowixg nominations: Consuls— S. C. Mounfroy. Lamboyeruc, Pern; Jae. R, Bond. Para, Brazil; C. Rabighm, Ancona; Duncan McPherson, Hoban Town; E. E. Lord Mngpo; Lorenzo Dahl. Bilbo; John Faroa, La Union; C. Jlaye, Chlhnahna: A. Hartman, Galnlz; C. E. Lcland. Cayenne; U. W. trameucs, Olden burg; fl. Le Boniiller, Gaspe Basin, C.E.; Meriu Dndoe. Ostend; G. Crane, Bogota; F. a. Hosier, Goldenburg; Tho«. Brown, Bathurst; J. B Pear eon, Manilla; A-N. Miller, Beliz*; H. J. Jock wooo, Bergen; N. Pelrocochmo, Scio; F. W. Echo, Messina; John W. Jones, Bombay J M Leonard, ban Jnan del Sur. Postmaster s— Jos. Whitten. Colnmbns, Ind.; Jno. C. Harmmtn. Madison, Ind.; J. M. Lynd. Lpckport, 111.; F. W. Swift, Detroit; P. W. Lawrence, Mineral Point; D. Mcßride, Sparta, Wis : Alonzo Heacb, Joliet, m.; J. R. 7mJih,_ Meridian. Miss.; C. J. Bowline, Wheel ing. "Va.» J&s M. Borcman, Parkersburg, Va.; Vra. Fiances E. Lathrop, Colombia, MoTVs J Burnett, Warrcrslmrg, Mo. Supervising Inspector of Steamboats- John Devinny. Seventh District. Registers of Land Office— Michael Field, St. Croix,Wis.; G. E.Porter.EanClaire,Wls.; George A. Meizgor, LaCroese: H. W. Briggs. Versaha, Cal,; Vesnaslaro Smith, Bayfield; W. G- Stewart, Slonx Uty, Iowa; Charles B. Richardson, Fort Dodee, Iowa: Joseph IL Baker, Boonevlile.Mo.: Stephen H. Alban, Stevens’ Point, Wls. JucnvfTi 0/ Public Honey— Aimonson Eaton. sUvens* Point, Wls.; Wm K. Smith. Sioux City! *owa; S. Burton, Lffross, Wis.; Henry Uay " Illiams, Lao Clalre.WLj.; Asa P. WnmJe eev, Bayfield, Wls.; C. G. Berries, Marysville, Cal.; Jas. Rowe, Chllilcothe, Iowa; IL C. Bar •-auk, Su Cloud ; Chas. Pomeroy, Fort Dod-’e, lona. Assrtsor* of Internal Berenne -Jacob 8. Fifth District, Wie.; G. B. Bingham, First Dis trict, Is. Ur.iftd S'c'es AUonfy— John N. Noble. East -rn District, Mo. Major Ge/iei al by Brevet— Brevet Brigadier Gen eral John 11 Giec&qn. Collector of Interned Be venue—bS Bead, Sixth DLiricl. lowa. Indian Jo-™'?—Lon is M. Berea, New Mexico; S. Stover, Kansas; Albert Willey, Sjc and Fox Indians. BEJECTIONS. The Senate rejected the following nominations: Po'Unastfr. —William W. River, Parn, 111.; FiuStevens, St. Joseph. Mich; George U. Bale, St. Joseph. Mo.; John A. Patter;-on f Jefferson ville, Ind ; S. Q. Roberts, Brooklyn. N. Y. Pension Agents— F. Knapp, New Orleans; Rofaa Campcon, Macon City, Mo. BfCtivers of Public Money—T. A. Ryan, Menl shaw, Wls-; Robert L. Liducct, DesMoiues, la. BrauUrt oj Lind Ofx- —John W. Scott, Hum boldt, Kan.: J. B. Barnett. Nebraska City, Neb.; F. S. i hadwick. Resbnrg, Oregon. Indian Agents— Robert S. Moore, for the Paw nees In Nebraska; ihomas S. Ward, for the Umafca Acencv. Ae*'S»or or Internal Revenue —James G. Blrney, sixth District. Michigan. A Dorxnrci. NosnNAnoN. l*beNew York limes' Wasbtngtoaspcclilaays: *• 11. J. Sullivan, who has been nominated as Min ister to Bogota, has undergone a scrutiny in the jei.ate as to his character, fitness and even identi fy, akin to iba' which McGinnis, the nominee for the Stockholm mission, suffered recently, and It is likely that Sullivan will meet with the fate of McGinnis—a rejection. It Is found that Sulllvm U tbe lawyer who L'onght mi' against a man lor ‘occiing a pole in the ground,'as alleged in the lawyer’s pleadings.’’ , * - Of A UtPTEIi. Charles Karnes, the well-known find talented lawyer, died in tfis city on Saturday night, after rn illness ol s everal weeks, having been first stricken down while arguing a case in the Su* prune Court about a mouth ago. BANEUVPT BEOISTEBS. Chief Justice Chase, on whom devolves tbe duty ornomioatlng ana recommending the rcgis te-s In bankruptcy provided for in the bankrupt net, decline? to assume tnc labor and responsibili ty of making the selections, without submitting lo ibe entire Court the question oflbe power of Con gress toimpose upon him this duty. SnUTABT THAkSFEBd. ■Washington. Match 18.—General Pope is order ed to command tbe Third DGtrici, consisting of Georgia, Florida and Alabama, and General tbomas to command tbe Department of the Cumberland. PENALTIES FOB CAUELCSSNESS. Soldiers carelessly losing carbine? or revolvers uiij hereafter be charged SIOO for tho former, and J3U for tbc latter. CONSCIENCE NONET. Five hundred and sixty-five dollars in consci ence money was received at the Treasury to-day. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Washington, March 18. SENATE. Mr. JOHNSON presented the credentials of Phillip F. Thomas, Senator elect from Maryland tor six years ending March 4,1571. and asking that they be read and Mr. .Thomas be sworn in. The credentials were read, when Mr. HOWARD moved they be referred to the Jndiclary Commit* tee. stating in reply to a question from Mr. JOHN* SON, that it was a matter of common rumor thit the gentleman wno was an applicant for admission to tbc Senate sympathized nith the rebellion in the late elvdwar. Mr. JOHNSON did not know what minora Hr. Howaa a referred to in relation to any pardca’ar act ot (be Senator elect which had given aid and commit to rebels. Perhaps he referred lo the fact mentioned on the floor of the Senate on Saturday, that Mr. Thomas, while Secretary of the Treasury, transferred a large amount 01 money from New York to Louisiana, that it might be there to assist the rends. He (Johnson) hod mentioned tha* to his colleague, and was authorized lo say there was nor a word of troth in It. The transfer oi fords he mads while Secretary of the Treasury in ISGU, was of some seven or eight Hundred thousand from New York to Washington, to meet the necessary disbursement of the Treasury, and the whole of U was disbursed here. The only other sum transferred by bis orders was 80,000 or lOn.OOO from Arkansas to New Orleans, where It was ad expended before tbc rebellion com menced. He bad already said in what be bad elated of the character of the honora ble gentleman. that his word on that subject would convey with all who knew bim the most absolute confidence. It is possible Mr. 1 homaa might have supposed the war could have been avoided. He was not alone in tbit opinion. It was entertained by thousands in the loyal Stales. Mr. HOWARD said his objection to Hr. Thnmas wae ibe language attributed to him la the speeches be made after the election. He was reported to have said that the senate of tbc United i-Ules had done all In its power to dissolve the Onion by war. in whlcn they failed, and wc.*enow attempting to destroy It by legislation. He (How ard) thought that a very unkind remark on the purl ot toe applicant, if be made that remark. Ifa man could be coiled strictly loyal and attached to the Government of the Lulled States, who held that the entire action of Congress in the prosecution of the late rebellion was an ebon on the part of Congicssto dissolve the Union, then be (How «d) bad lost lo a great degree his knowl edge off ha force of language. Mr. JOHNSON knew nothing of Ihe speech to which Mr. Howard referred. Whnt he old know was, that in a letter accepting bis nomination, there would be found nothing inconsistent with his duties to the country. The letter of Mr. Thomas was then sent to the Clerk's desk and read. Mr. NYE said it was claimed by the loyal men of Maryland that the election of the Legislature by übicb Mr. Thomas has been elected, was a pal pable trend upon the existing laws of Maryland. It *as asserted by those Onion men that they had a law staediog on the statute book that prevented all persons sympathizing with the rcbeUlon from voting at their elections. At the last election that law was disregarded, and per sons of all kinds, the worst rebels among them, were permitted to vote, and by their votes a Legislature was elected that bad sent the hon orable gentleman here ss Senator. When Thomas rerignea from Mr. Buchanan’s Cabinet, be wrote a letter stating his reason for so doing: That be was forced to leave from the fact that be could not concoriu the act to rclafore Fort Sumter. He denied entirely the power ofcoerclon. Mr. TRUMBULL spoke at some length on ilie eobjccL He was opposed as much as any man could be to admitting traitors or ene mies of the Government as members of ihe - Sen ate. He was in favor of receiving none but loyal men; but the objections to Mr. Thomas were sustained by nothing but rumors. No specific charge was made by any Senator against him. Mr. T. was certainly entitled to be sworn m unless there was something to overcome the pi Una facie case which was in bis favor. It any Senator could bring a specific charge against the applicant, he would go as far as was necessary in making an investigation; butuc understood that Mr. Thomas was willing to take the oath required by law. If so, he has a right to be admitted, un less there was a distinct charge made against him. Mr. FESSENDEN said he was unwilling by his vote to establish so dangerous a precedent to re fuse to receive a Secatorwhocame here with prop er credentials, ana baa been elected in pursuance of jaw, and against whom there was no specific charge from any responsible source. Mr. bHLRMAN read from the letter of Mr. Thomas resigning LU office as Secretary of the Treasury ol Bcchanau’a Cabinet, in which Mr. Thomas says: “ The United States has no power to collect the custom duties ortho portot Charted ton.” This as an endorsement of the right of secession. It at least placed the applirautln an emharrassin tr pi sitlou, which required an explan ation. Bat be would call attention to the speech of Mr. Thomas, to which reference had been made. In that speech the Senate was referred to ae a body of men who always bad been and were now traitors to the Union. . Mr. MORTON said the quotation he just beard was sufficient to justify on Inquiry. If what Mr Tbomns said was not true, tne converse of tue proposition was true; if the Senate was a body of traitors, Ibomaa was a loyal man; bat if the Sen ate was not a body ol traitors, then Xbomas was a disloyal man. Mr. SAULSBUBY raid the report of the speech of Mr. Thomas, from which this extract bad beea read, appeared in the Baltimore Am'riCin, lie read the speech In the Baltimore Gazette % and YOL. XX. there eas no each language attributed to the that report. Aflersome further debate‘he subject, waa, on motion of Hr. CHIMES, postponed till to-mor row. Mr. HARTAN introduced a bill authorizing the payment of the First lowa Cavalry. Referred to the Military Committee. Mr. FREUNGHUYSEN introduced a bill to confirm certain t ales made by the direct Tax Com missioner in South Carolina to persons in the ar my, navy, and marine corps. Referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. WJIBON reported from the Military Com mittee a bill‘providing that money appropriated to reimburse the Stale of West Virginia for war expenses shall be disbursed under the direction of the Secretary of War, which passed. Mr. POMEROY introduced a bill for the consol idation of the Indian tribes and the erection of a qualified Territorial Government for the Indian*; also, a Joint resolution to authorize the Command ing General to permit traders to remain at certain post*. Referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Mr. FOWLER called upthe Joint resolution dl reeling the Secretary of War to furnish tbs State Govcrnnuntof Tennessee witnarms and equip ments for 2.500 militia. Passed. Mr. TRUMBULL called np the joint resolution to declare valid tbe laws of the Territory ot New Mexico, parsed during the session of!850 and 1557. Passed. Mr. HARLAN called np a bill appropriating fIEO,OOO towards tbe completion of the work on the distributing reservoirs of the Washington aqueduct. Passed, Mr. HENDERSON called np the bill for the sale of stocks held in trust for the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians, intheirfavor. which, alter discussion. wo« postponed till to-morrow. Mr. TRUMBULL called up tbe Supplementary Reconstruction Bill, tbe question being on con currence in the House amendments to tbe senate amendments. The first amendment, which was of an unim portant character, was agreed to. The second was to require a majority of all registered voters In stead of as by tho senate bill a majority of tho votes cast, to adopt a State Constitution. After debate the amendment waa disagreed to —2l against 24. 'The next amendment of tbe House relates to punishment for swearing falsely under this act. Agreed to. 'Jhc bill now goes back to the House, and tho question wii] be on receding from the amendment disagreed to by the Senate. The Senate went into Executive session and soon alter adjourned. DOUSE. Two of the newly elected members from New Hamptihlre. Messrs- Eta and Elevens, appeared, bad the oath of office administered, and took their seats. Bills were Introduced and referred— By Mr. CHANLEK—To prevent infringement and frands on patents: to establish a National Schorl of Sclerce. By Mr. RANOALI/—To authorize the is«ue of Treasury note* not bearing interest to bo used in provjdlng a sinking fund for the extinguishment of me National Debt. This is the same bill re ported at the last session. ByMr. HOOPER—To amend tbe National Cur rency Jaws; being the same bill reported by him on December 12. By Mr. LAWRENCE, of Ohio—To define and pnnfsh certain crimes in reference to qualifications of jurors in certain rases; lo authorize deposit of trust Binds in the Treasury of (be United States; to protect the rights of action of loyal citizens, and repeal cer tain pans of the act of April 30tb, 1799, for the punishment of certain crimes against the United States. By Mr. WILLIAMS, of Ind.—To suspend the act of April 12th. 1665. authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to cancel four mil lions of Treasury notes monthly. By Mr. DONNELDh—To amend the act granting lands to aid In the construction of railroad and telegraph line? from iho Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean, ai-d grantinglanus to Minnesota to aid In improv ing the navigation of the Zambro River; to amend the act of July 26,1660, granting lands to Kansas to eld in constructing the Southern Branch of the Union Pacific Railroad from Fort Riley, Kansas, to Fort Smith, Kansas. A concurrent resolution for a joint rnlc provid ing for the appointment <f the Joint Committee on Ordnance, to consist of three Senators and three Representative?, to which shall be referred all matters relating to ordnance, ordinance aims, small srms, Ac., was adopted. Mr. BINGHAM introduced a resolution author izing members nf the lasr Bouse Committee on Military Affairs, who are members of the present Donee to prosecute during the recess an investi gation Into the management and general admin istration of the West Point Military Academy ordered during the late session. On motion of Mr. BANKb’ the President was request'd to communicate information of the re soli ol the late (rials of citizens of the United Mates in Canada on charges of com plicity in the so-called Fenian mva non In that Province ; also the latest official information received as to the withdrawal of the French troops from the Mexican Republic. In reply to a question by FERNANDO WOOD, Mr. BANKS staled lhaltheCommittee on Foreign Affair? had had under consideration, his (Wood’s) resolution In regard to the Irish revolution, and that other meetings would be had and beftro ad journment he should make a statement on that question. The Senate concurrent resolution to amend the 19ibjointmlcsoa« to prevent the sale or use ol liquors in the Capitol btuldings or gronuds adja* cenlto was adopt'd. The Senate concurrent resolution relative to the Investigation ol the Treasury Department by the Joint Committee on Retrecchment, was taken np, and aftera short discussion, was agroep to. At 2:15 p. m. the Senate Supplementary Recon- Btmnion Sill was taken np. Mr. WIISON, of lowa, from the Judiciary Com mittee, moved loamenfltte first section by add ing to the prescribed oath a clause thatthe per son proposing to vote has never been a member of any State Legislature nnr held an£ executive op Judicial office In any State, and afterwards engaged in in surrection or rebellion agsmst the United Siatcs, or given ald aad comlon to the enemies thereof. Mr, WILSON explained that In Virginia and perhaps in other Southern Stales, the oath to ustuntaln the Constitution of the United Stales bad not been for some years previous tq t>- 0 re , beiHon. admlmsttrcd to Slate oDicers, The Amendtnent was agreed to. Mr. WILSON, ol lowa, moved to amend the fifth section bv striking ont the words rcqniricg the vole cast to be at least one-balf of all the registered voters voting upon the question of ratl fica'lon. Be explained that this wonld leave the prO'T-lon in tbai respect the same os when passed (be Bonss. The amendment was agreed to. On motion of Mr. SHELLABARGER, the word “registered'* wa? prefixed to the word electors. Mr. WIJ-SON, of lowa, moved an amendment to the sixth fcruoc, by adding that any person knowingly taking and subicrihing to the oath falsely, should he subject to all the pains and penalties of penary. Agreed to. Mr. GARFIEi.D and others desired to offer amendments, but Mr. WILSON Insisted on the previous question, and under Us operation (be senate amendments, as amended, were concurred in. The Senate amendment lo the Boose joint reso lution in relation to the coin and bullion of tbc Richmond banks, on special deposit In tnc Treasury, wa concurred in. The Senate bill in relation to a certain tract of land In Borlington, lowa, was passed. The Senate joint resolution providing for the ne cessary anneys fora eb>pcanal between Lake Erie at d Lake Ontario, for military, naval and com mercial purposes, passed— yca«, 62; nays, 34. The Senate Dili to amend the 9th section of the act of August 9th, 1852. providing for the better se curity of the lives of passengers on board steam vcstels, was passed. Mr. TRUMAS offered a resolution providing that tbc testimony taken by the Judiciary Com mittee of the last House, concerning pablie atlalrs in Maryland, now In custody of the Clerk of the House, be committed to the Committee on the Judiciary, with instructions to complete the in quiry; also, to inquire whether the pcuule of Maryland have a state Government, republican in form, and each as Congress can, consistently with tbc Constitution, recognize and guarantee, which was adopted. , Mr. SCHENcE, under a suspension of the rules, introduced a joint resolution suspending all payments lor elaves drafted or received a? volunteers Into the military service, which parsed. Mr. KELLEY introduced a joint resolution, fixing the duty on umbrellas, parasols and fun ehades imported from foreign countries, when made of silk, at no lower rate of dnty than that now imposed on piece and dress silks, namely, sixty per cent ad valorem , and when made of other materia) than silk, 50per cent ad valorem; also on wire spiral furniture springs, S cents per ponnd, and 15 per cent ad valorem. The resolution passed, >tr. BU'-LEK Introduced a ioint resolution authorizing tne Secretary of War to turn over to the United States the property at Camp Chase. Ohio, for (he nse of the National Asylum for dis abled soldiers. Passed. Mr. FAItNSWOIMH introduced a joint resolu tion extending to the employes of the First Di vision of the National Currency Bureau in the Treasury Department, and tu the employes in the public buildings and grounds, the provisions of the twenty pur cent additional compensation bill. Passed. Mr. WASBBURNE. of Wie., introduced a joint resolution, reciting that the Treasurer of the United Stales has now In his hands several millions of dollars, the proceeds of property captured daring the rebellion, which might be disposed cf in settling the claims of alleged former owners thereof without the sanction of Congress, and that it is considered proper that such claims should not be settled and claimed without tbc approval of Congress, and, therefore directing that tbc same shad be imme diately conveyed by a warrant Into the United Slates Treasury, only to be drawn out by authori ty of law. Passed, The SPEAKER announced the Committee on Pnhnc Expenditures as Messrs. Hulburd, Broom all, of Pa.: Plants, Bromwell, of ill.; Coburn, Pe ters, Taber and Noell. Hr. BLAINE introduced a bill to exempt wrap ping paper from wood trom the internal tax. He explained that it was intended by the Conference Committee on the Internal Revenue BUI of last session to have exempted the straw and wood wrapping paper tax, and they supposed It dose, but It speared that wrapping paper Rom wood was not exempted. Mr. GARFIELD suggested also (o exempt wrapping paper made from corn-stalks. Mr, BLAINE accepted the modification. Jlr. JUDD proposed also to exempt ladders, hut Mr. Elaine objected as not being garmaln. The bill passed. Bouse adjourned. FEOM ST. LOUIS. Municipal Politics—Extensive Burgla ry-Trade In Favor of Chicago, Ac. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.J St. Lotus, March 16. The Conservatives here are indignant because of (be attempt to rule them out of the anti-Radical ranks In the coming city election,, by the Demo crats, who propose running a straight Democratic ticket. They threaten a tnlrd party ticket. An extensive burglary was committed last even ing upon the dry goods house of Bagwell & Voor bees. A large quantity of valuable silks were stolen. . _ Since cars can bo run from Chicago to St. Jo seph without breaking bulk there is quite a loss of trade to SL Louts. Even the North Missouri Flour Mills are using wheat brought in bulk Irom Chicago. „ . „ it is reported from Johnson County that five men, laic members of the militia, have been buag i.y a Vigilance Committee. FROM LOUISVILLE. r<iid AV rather— Railroad Prospect*— Kentucky Politic* Suicide Bony Identified—Steamboat Accident. iFpcclsl Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Louisville, March 18. Considerable enow has fallen and continues. STcicury several drcrcts below the freezing point, ihe Inhabitants of the inundated districts ore en during tbe tortures ofhnrgerandcold. At a meeting of tbe Board of Trade, to-day, in tpiatloD to shipments South, assurances were given that trains from Nashville to Chattanooga would run tnrongh in a week, wLlcn is simply impossible. General Don! Carlos Buell is strongly urged to become a candidate tor Governor by conservative Union men. but the idea la opposed by many, say ing that, while be would attract many reoe’a, be would alienate a portion of tbe conservative P f riy. The rebels to-night nominated a cltr tenet. As nsnal, the boys in grey were ignored, and sympathizers pat in their stead. A man named Addison, living near Bean’s Sta tion, shot and killed himself while lying In bed this morning. The slrtnger murdered by three policemen . lately, waa to-day Identified as Michael Noire, of Cincinnati. The ferry-boat Bowman, loaded with railroad passengers, bound North, grounded at the land ng, ano in pulling her on, a hole was torn in her side. Tho leik was discovered In time to run the boat ashore, and to save many lives. FROM SPRLSGFIELD. Rules Governing the Granting of Requisitions on tbe State Executives— Ariiclesof Association Filed, Ac. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] bpniNopuaD. Hi., March 18. The Governor to-day issued his proclamation based upon the late Important enactment of the State Legislature relating to requisitions upon tbe Governors of other States and Territories for the return of fugitives from Justice. It Is a lengthy aud somewhat cumbrous document, the chief ob ject of which would seem to be to throw addition al safeguards around personal liberty, to keep sharpers from speculating on the Treasury, or travelling for private cods at public expense. It may also, to seme extent, diminish the number of convicts annually sent to the State Penitentiary, a result much to be desired, in view of the over crowded stale of that Insulation. Tho first pre requisite to the granting of a requisition Is the presentation ofapetitionlo tho Governor, which shall set forth the name of the fugitive, tbe crime charged, tbe county in which it was committed, and the time, as near as possible, when each fu gitive fled. It must also contain tbe rame of the agent sent to receive him. a certificate oi the Judge of the con-ay in which the crime is said to have been commuted, stating that the ends of Justice require the return of tbe fugitive. If tbe application shall be based uponanlndictment,ocopythercofmust bo pre sented, duly certified, under seal, by tbe Clerk of tbe Circuit Court, if the application shall be basco anon an affidavit, the same shall set out tbe crime charged in the words of the statute, de fining crime, all of which most bo written In a plain, legiolc hand. Applications based upon either of tbe foregoing 1 grounds must be accompanied by an affidavit that 1 tbe party named ia a fugitive from justice, and that the affiant believes him to be io the State or Tcrritorv, and must also set forth tho grounds of such belief: all affidavits to be made before a Jus tice of ite Peace In the county where the crime is charged to havo been committed. Nofees, expense or mileage will be paid ontol the Stale -Treasury unless the messenger shall actually return tho fu gitive to the proper county for trial; nor will any fees or mileage be paid without au affidavit before some Justice as to tbe miles travelled, the points to and from, and the particular route travelled, and the correctness of snch account must be certi fied to by tbe Connly Judge. tbe Secretary of Slate Is commanded to cause tbe law and proclamation to be printed, and fifty copies thereof to be furnished to the Mayor of Chicago, ten copies to each County Judge in tbe State, and ten copies to each city in the State of over five thousana inhabitants. Tbo following companies have to-day filed arti cles of association with the Secretaiw of State, un der the general lucorporatlon law or Illinois, viz.: The Chicago Envelope Manufacturing Company, capital stock, $50,000; the Atwood Saw Company, of Joliet, capital stock, f 250,000; theSomonamt A- Mawger Mining Company, of DeKalb County, capital stock, $120,000; the Monticello Mining and Manufacturing Company, of Piatt Connty, capi tal stock, $10,000; llio Joliet Woollen Manofictor ion Company, capital stock, $40,000. The State Beyieter of ihls evening gives notice that a 1! tecs for the announcement of candidates for offices for the approaching town election mast he paid In advance. This is an ill-omen for can didates, and still worse for (he lost cause of De mocracy. About one hnndrcd and fifty members of the Fenian Brotherhood paraded the streets of this city this afternoon partially armed aad uniformed. FKOM CANADA. No New military movements—Arrest of a Fmlau Spy—lmportant Document* Pound on ills Penom—Canadian Fi nances—Railroad Scheme. (Special Despalch to the Chicago Tribune.] Touojtto, C. W., March 18. No new movements In military circles to day. All is qniet aloeg the frontier, and no immediate :afd Is expected. Yesterday a Fenian spy was arrested near Suspension Bridge, as ho was about crossing over, and brought to this city. A plan of Toronto and the banks and public buildings was found on him. together with the names and residences of the Judges and jurors In the rccort Fenian trial?, and many other documents of like character. lie is now In lali here. Month eal, March 18.—Although there is nothing on tho frontier to cause alarm at present, yet active preparations are being made to have troops In readiness to move actively to any point. Ottawa, March 18.—The discount on American Invoices for the week la twenty-five per cent. The revenue of Canada for February was $“•!!' 655; expenditures, $709,750. Among the notices of application to Parliament is one for a charter to con-irnet a railway from Niagara River to Detroit Hirer. Toiiokto, March 18.—The Fenian spy arrested at Suspension Bridge had been followed from this city by detectives, who on searching his satchel lonnd a plan of the city of Toronto, and a plan of all the banks and public building?, a map of the Niagara frontier, a list of the judges who sentenced too Fenians at the recent trials, of the attorneys who prosecuted them, and witnesses who testified against them, and other doc uments containing information of a similar character. Re Is said to be a relation of the con victed Fenians now in tbe penitentiary. He was brought to this city this monmi" vriU to ln, P ori,ot - 11 ■“*'"* been nnderetood (hat the Hibernian occirty intended to parade yesterday, tbe police authorities were Instructed not to permit any band ot music to play on the street, nor allow any assemblage of persons carrying banners, etc as this was calculated to create abreach of tbe peace. Ihe procession conseqnentiy did not take place THE STATE LEGISLATURES, iuichigan. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lanbino, March 18. Tbe Senate psssed the hill relative lo a bridge across tbc Menomtuee River; tbc general appro priation bill for tbc expenses of tbe State Govern ment; the hill providing for holding Circuit Comte in case of disability of Judges; hill ex rmpting soldiers and sailors from pavmcul orpoll tax; Battle Creek School Bill; bill authorizing Ibe townablp of Marengo (o issue bonds ; bill for the protection of mechanics and laborers from the interference of strikers; bill authorizing religious societies to mrrtgage real estate; bill to authorize commissioners of highways to extend certain highways In Berrien County; organizing the to«nshfpof Mmnlsing; Hudson and Niles school Mils; bill relative to railroad from Battle Crock to tbe Indiana State line, via Constantino; bill au thorizing tbc formation of slack water navigation companies on the St. Joseph River. Tbe House passed a bill to provide for copying and binding mutilated assessment rolls; to pro tect tbe title of owners of floating logs and lum ber; to regulate the selection ofswatnn lanss ap propriated lor roads in tho Upper Peninsula; lo amend tbc General Drainage Law; amendatory of tbe act relative to county and town agricultural societies; to authorize tbe employment of con victs outside the Stats Prison. Both bouses despatched business at a rapid rate. Ibe Senate pasted fifty one bills to-day, and disposed of over thirty in committee. Tbe House passed over thirty, and as many more in committee. There la a general desire to get through this week if possible. The effort to pass tbc Railroad and Swamp I-and bills, will from present appear ances, be abandoned. IBA it V LAND. Annapolis, March 18.—In the House of Dele gates to-day tbe biP ijennitting negro testimony •n courts on tbc same footing as wbi<e citizen?, failed lor want of a constitutional quorum. The vote was—ayes, SO; nav?, ID; absent, 31. A reconsideration will probably be moved, and tbe bill eroded. NEW YORE, Alb ant. March 18.—Too House considered tbc bill abolishing tbc rate bills for tbe maintenance of common schools, and establishing free schools rhrongbout tho Stale. Ordered to a third reading. THE SOUTHERN FLOODS, The miffsiftslppl Still at a High Stage —Towns in Arkansas and misslsslppi Under Water-Tlie Inhabitants Con fined to Second Stories—Repairs of Railroad Damages in Tennessee and Kentucky* Hexvhib, March 18.—Tho river at this point Is forty-three miles wide. Xoconia Circle, which is protected by private levees, is still safe. These levees enclose 18,000 acres, principally owned by the Johnsons, Flour cays, and Blackburns, of Kentucky. The towns of Helena. Arkansas, and Friar's Point, Mlfeissipnl. are still submerged from four to fifteen feet The inhabitants are living In the second stories. Great suffering and destitution prevails. * The loss In stock along the river has been Im mense. Repairs on the Nashville & Chattanooga Rail road arc being pushed rapidly, and will ne com pleted by Thursday, except the biidge across the Tennessee, bkamers will be used to transport trains across the river. We shall then have regu lar communication with GeoijHa by rail. It Is reported that General Thomas will not go to Montgomery, but will retain bis present com mand, and that GeneralPopc will take the place assigned him i/wnirm.r, March 18.—The river has receded about five feet since tho rise, and Is falbng one and a half inches per boor. Ibe railroads between Louisville, New Orleans, Memphis and Mobile, tic Decatur, arc in good or der,and trains are running regularly without traos ler ol baggage. The route tia Clarksville will be opened when the Tennessee River recedes three leet more. That stream is now falling rapidly. MEXICO. plnxlmlllan’s "Whereabouts and Inten tions—Puebla and Vera Cruz Sur rounded by liberal*—French Soldiers Put to Death, Ac- New York, Match 18.—The steamer Colombia, from Havana 13tb, arrived to-night, bringing dates from Vera Cruz to the Dih, and Mexico to tbeSfahnlt Maximilian wr«rrp<-.t • it Queretaro at the head of D.tOO nit- . -.1. .“'.’.ramon, Marquc-e and Mejia and the advance guard under Ea coiudo. thiitecn miles distant, with (be main aimv. of 13,14)0 in close proximity. A battle wns considered imminent. Puebla and Vera Cruz were surrounded by the Literals, aod will be captured by them as soon as the French embark. ibe Custom House has been delivered by the French to the Impetialisls, subject to a monthly report or $30,000. r-evetal influential citizens of Vera Cruz have been sent to Yucatan. Uazalne was expected to embark March 15. Juarez was at Zacatecas, which fact disproves tbe statement of Mlraro on’s victory there. Bozaine’s safe has been robbed of $371,000. Morelia and Burmava were occupied by the Liberals. Llaz was being reinforced near Puebla by Lib eral troops. , , There was no communication between Mexico and Puebla and Vera Cruz. Over 11,000 French troops bad embarked prior to tbe Ist instant. Maximilian was frequently attacked en routs to Qurietaio. and one ol bis personal staff killed. Escobedo has executed one hundred French prisoners. Yucatan dates of tbe 2d instant stale that an at tack on the garrison of Mejia was daily expected bom the teoels. Broker’* olP.ce Robbed. Philadelphia, March 18.—The bicker’s office of Janus U. Newbold uaa robbed to-day of a bos CHICAGO. TUESDAY. MARCH 19, 1867. containing a Lumber of promissory notes and Government bond?, to the amount of six thou* saud dollars. STEAMBOAT DISASTER, Sinking oflbe Steamer Mercury at At* kansas Cut-ofT— Sad Lom of I4fo—To* dlncrlmlnata Plunder of ibe Wreck* CiKCiNNAn, March IB.—The Commercial pnb llfhee the particulars of the sinking ol the steamer Mercury, at Arkansas Cut-off; on the 13th. 'ibe boat Btrnck a snag and sunk to the hurricane deck. Twenty passenger* were lost. The boat was valued at gtiUU): Insured for $15,007. She bad a cargo 0f1,40U bales of cotton, besides a ]<>rce assorted freight for Cairo and the Ohio River. Bt. March 18.—The RepubHxn't Cairo special says the crew sna passengers rescued from the steamer .Mercury, recently sunk la the Arkansas River, arrived at that point.-Many of the passengers were badly frozen from standing in (be water, the shallowest places they could oc cupy being tour feel d-op. Captain Dickenson reports that the crew of the elcamer George D. Palmer plundered ibe wreck ol (be Mtrcury, and after the people from the wreck were transferred to the Palmer, their bag gage was rilled, and even the underclothes of the ladies, and boots, shoes, &c., of the men were stolen. Captain Dicknnson charges the carpenter of the Talnier with being at the bead of the robbers, and implicates her captain, clerk, and otherofDcor* In the transaction. Seven men, who floated down the stream on cotton bales, lodged against some datt below, and while there four of them were killed by a irec which was blown down by the storm. Two hundred and twenty-flvo mules ware drowned by the sinking of the Mercury, FROM IADIANAFOLIS. {Municipal Nominations—Bills Vetoed— ProMcutiug Attorneys Appointed— Tlxc Weather. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trthnne.l iNsiANATOLtB, March 18. At the Municipal Convention, bold on Saturday, General Dan Macanley was nominated for Mayor, and General R. S. Foster for Treasurer. The other nominees are nearly all soldiers. Asa whole, (be ticket is a very strong one, and will meet with little opposition at the election in May. Governor Baker has filed with the Secretary of Slate vetoes ol Senate bill 41, introduced by Mr. Church, allowing cities, towns and townships to bold stock in turnpike, rail and other roads: also, oflbe Douse bill 19, Introduced by Mr. woods, of Elkhart, to make uniform the price charged by ralltouda on the transportation of merchandise. The Governor has also appointed the followin'* Prosecuting Attorneys: Fourteenth Judicial Cir cuit, Major James D. Carpenter; Eighteenth Clr cni>. Captain J. S, Colaon; Twenty-second Judi cial District, Hugh M. Spaulding. The weaihcr has been very cold for several days past, and still continues chiiiv. Two or three Inches of enow fell on Saturday night, which still lies on the ground. mortuary. Cincinnati' March 18.—B. W. Foley, for tho last sixteen years Mayor of Covington, Kentucky, died on Sa'nrday. Samml Washington, formerly of Culpooper County, Virginia, and grandson of General Wash ington's brother, Samuel, died at Delhi, Ohio, this morning, aged clghty-ono. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New York Financial Nows. [hpcmal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs, March 19. The stock market opened strong, and with more dis position to buy. On tbe regular call the whole list wa* higher, Michigan Southern. New York Central, and Keck liland being the frvortlc stocks. After wards New York Central advanced to IWX, Michigan Southern to 77R. and Kock Island to 97)*. At the one o'clock Hoard the market was excited and strong, but with no disposition to “bear" the same. At the three o’clock call stocks were actio excited, New York Gen ual selling at 105 K, Erie (common) at 60, Michigan Southern at7E. Kock Island at 97Jf, and Chicago £ Northwestern (preferred) at Cljf. At hall-past three there was con-idernblc realizing, and the whole list was lower. Five per cent la being pild Ibr dividend In Kock Island and four p-r cent In Cleveland & Pitta but ph stocks. There la astroeg party buying la Chicago and Northwestern (prclerred) stock, and It U rather risky to be short, ss the “ bulls’* are la the ascendant, and the “ bears** arc covering with Ifajf on profit ar.d loss. American gold la lower and weak. At 1 o’clock there was considerable excilem-nt, but the market was Inactive, stocks having attracted the attention of operators. The Money Market is easy at 6 per cent, and with moteconfldcccc In the stock market on accoontof a large number ol roads paying their dividend!. At the 5:15 call the market was steady and strong, and with but little stock offering. Good Western roads ate In better dstuand and held firmly. Governments continue firm. [Associated Press Report 1 New Yobs. March IS. sioret. Money easy and steady at C®7 per cent lor call loans. FOUKIGN EXCHANGE. Sterling dull at in gold forflnt class bills. GOLD. WlfSnt.f A.,nln. .. Without decided change, opening at I3IM, advancloi to 134)4. aud cluttug at 134. (Jr>VEBNXE>*T9. Government stocks a shade firmer. LATER. SJD.VET. Tlieweek opens with an easy tnon**- w. rsli-s arcnnallcred. Th- hack • .uartet. The trie, and shows thatr» > * - •utemont Isuofavora bsnks into t'- .—.mcr has b-eu passing lrz>~ "■.uncaCJdJ"-''"" 1 low,l > ffl “ , ace tit tbeiuUc GOLD. biRVIOMd weaker dnrlD,;lllC forcc&oa ’ quiet. , BAtLWATS. l<.Hlwar speculation was yet buoyant at the Open Board and Stocir Exchange, wltn a general advance In price?. The Ivaturw ol the market were Mlchinn Southern, itock Island and New York Contraband the t lee was most marked on tnese shares. After tbe reg ular call there was a lurther advance, a&d New Torlc Central touched 101 V, Rock Island 97, aod Ohio certifi cates S7V. Tne PitPburgh dividend failed to have sny effect on thostock. 6TATI nOJiDt. Slate stocks Were weaker on C 6 ol Mlssonri. bot otherwise steady. Hiackt-LAtnors.

The mlFcellaneons list was higher on Canton and Marlpuia preferred, and steady on other shares. Coal stocks quiet and Hun. . . . AFTEHKOOX MARKETS. At the one o'clock noted tbs central market traa urn., and there wag a buoyancy ami higher prices at ih«* ftcoLd board, bot at the last epen board there was a central fait of per cent compared with* the hlshsst ixilnt of the second t*jaxd> New York Central was one of the stronger stock* of tte day, a.d rose from 103 v to 103. Thl» n due mainly to the fact of the road reducing the working expenses very materially, and the ceneral belief that the Mil lor increased fares will become a Uw at thingpjfloaol the Legislature. fort Wayne and (lock Island luvs been the most active stocks ot the day, and cash ttoclt of the former is scarce. These abates both advanced on the prospect cf a dividend of •X per cent on th« former snd 5c on the latter. Ohio ce'Ujcatei were also active and strong, sstllogap to _ HAtLWAT KTOCKS. The low prices ol Western shares are attracting more ntti nticn. and dealing in them show a steady Increase. It e mart, etek sed nrra. IVm. Death & Co. report the following: I'TtCZS at S;SJ p. st. American 1 M. C 103 V Ohio cm 57 c* 7»X M.S T7V<a 78 Canton... 193* Hi. Central 115*4113* Cumberland... 31 &35 lltUfmrgh W*3 83 Otiie*?llver.... 56*64 Toledo 118 c<«ll9 Mariposa pfd.. 25* It 1 .97*® 91* Western U.Tcl 41*t$ 41* S, W 35*'4 36 h-Y.C 105)<ai(»tf M.lY.pld 6i.s'4 M* t-rte WCO M* Ft. Wayne taj® 97 lludron «t:a I‘aclllc Ma 11... m Heading. 1U*&10I* „ oovxnsirßNTs. Government securities generally strong. CLOSUiO J’CJCCS. we’d, *Bl ICO ©lO9S* JO-SOcoop *OS Jon and* -? Coupons '81.... 109KRU9K 1 .Inly lors©loßX lepßl’a’W.lGl 64UHW 110-40 resist'd... 97V© 96 .-*0 coupon »WU coupons... 91y© 98 s-.'O coupon i’pi. f *■□ east ;<sus. ...U6k©jog | JnDo7-30i 105Xai03K STOCKS. □re of the mining market , which told up to 13J7 and _ , . mining The only Important featc wa» cjusolldatcd Gregory, dosed at 1255. New Turk Live Stock market. SALES AT THE NATIONAL TaBDO, TOtIkTILLE. [Reported by telegraph exclusively for the Chicago Tribune.] New Tore. Monday Evening, March 19. BEEF CATTLE—There were yarded and mostly sold to batchers to-day at the National Yards, Yorkvllle, I.SSC head. These were from the several States, as fol lows: New York CIO; Ohio 180; Kentucky 113; Mich igan S 8; Illinois SIC. The weather was fine, after the scow storm ol Sunday, and trade opened lively in the mornltg, bat later became quiet, and closed dull. Tht-rclsabrlfk tight going on between Hundredth ttreut. Hacson City, and Communlpaw, to sea who shall secure the stock, and prices. In consequence, ad vanced- Wecncsdays are the market days at Hudson City, and at Communlpaw and Hundredth street on Thursdays. Prices range at ITtfc lor real first-class Bollock, the best In the market; 16®1.c for good lair medium, such as smooth Illinois steers, and I3@Uc for the lowest grades, such os thin steers and heifers, rough oxen, dry cows. Ac. This la about the same as lost week, though at the close, prices were, Ifanythmg, a shade lower. SHEEP—Tbc supply Is very light, ana the few offer* Ipgwfntqulck at folOc. HOGS—Received to-day 9 cars. Prices rango at BW ®B*c. TOTAL &ZCEITTB OF STOCK For the week ending to-day at ail the New York mar kets: Beef Cattle «*«5 l*eep- Swine. .11,230 un tub. ~11,230 SALXS OF DZETM. J.-Fry, sells at Communlpaw no head Illinois, aver aging TOO Bs, at lIIO.CO per head. J. Moss wholesaled at Communlpaw, 03 head, Ohio averaging 7& bs at fIITAO per head, which retailed ttr dayatl6®l7)fc. N.J. Templeton sells at Hudson City, T 8 head, Indi ana, averaging TiO Be. at 13®)6c. H. Lehman sells 99 head, Ohio, averaging 775 &s,aC 13@17c. B. V. 8. Ramsey sells 63 head, Illinois, averaging 725 BP, at 15® ICtfc. 11. K. Smith sells 250 head, Illinois, averaging 723 Bs, at lS®l6#c, and a few at 17c solos Robissos. [Associated Press Report.) New Yobs, March 18. CATTLE EACKET. Bccelputpr the week 5.3 u beeves, 1L559 sheep and lambs, J 4.333 hogs. * The World says there were about 1,810 cattle In the market this torenoon, comprising a number of good to prime steers ol » cwt. and 9 cwt. The demand was fair, and tor the best cattle a shade bitter price* were obtained than last week, bat the market was dull lor r-rdiparv to medium, bal*s now, so that not more than half tbc cattle wire disposed of at noon, and sale* of the atiernooa show a reduction of nearly jfc. All IhUgs considered, the market was not so good lor sell ers as last Monday. Among the best cattle in the mar ket were 45 mini is steers. The lot averaged 9»f cwt.. and run out at strong 17c average. We saw no cattle selling f r more than J7c, and none arc reported below 13c. Generally, good strers s 'ld at 16®16m Quotations; extras, 17(3)1LS; prime, 16x®17; good. 15,v®16: medi um. 14X®15)<: poor to medium, : hulk, 12® ICW; average. luM: choicest, 17*: wont, U®l3V. The arrangements now made for selling cattle at tbieemarket placer,Thursday. Friday and Saturday, tend to destroy the hleof trade and divide competi tion. Next Thursday will witness the inauguration of the market at Communlpaw. How many cattle are to arrive there, is tot definitely known. Rumor puts the number at 1,300. Wednesday Is the principal market day at Hudson City, wnea there will be offered rot less than L3ou head, with nut far from 1,600 head on Tburtday. One Hundredth street will ais obe blessed with a fair supply on rhundav and Frldav; Pence butchers have not purchased more than euouah l»r imacdlato use. and the market la very dull, with a lew rertmaniscf droves unsold. Sheep—'To-day the market was nearly hare ol stock v Gocdrlicepwtielademand at 9S<®9xc; common to medium. BQ9c; average, tSJO B head. f»t Hudson City, 3Avr.*, atanavi-raccot $7.35 V head; at Comma mpuw, 2,7135, at B®B>«c * B. DufTulo Live Stock Harkct. Buffalo, March 13. Large receipts ot superior cattle have arrived from the West. The marktlls active, and large sales were effected at an advance ot jfc on last week. ILttts of extra quality at $14.00®k6.C l 0: fat heavy oxen and steers at f3J8;39,Ci0; good at 6ILCO-4ll.rO: tat cattle and and ste-rs at 67A5®8.00; (air at rLSOStII-W; cows and hciferv at®7.3o. Receipts, 2,Tit head. The sheep market Is ruling more lively and with a belter demand aid an advance of xc on all grades. Ibo receipt* are of more than the average of good quality, Hears lonc wooled at65A0.a8.00: fine woolled Western at (9AO®7AQ. Receipts, 200 head: shipments, 192 head. The hug market is very dull at present- The boat css U coldly euuiintd to shlpmonu. The receipts arc sne principally light and ordinary slock, and **e qnn&M at $7 000:7.40 per rwt. Prime hevw wonM bring from market. Receipts, 3.15)- head; shipped, 5,160 head. Philadelphia Live Stock market, „ ' PnitxDßLrau. March IS. Beeves advanced leper pound. Sales i,iooatl7aißMc for extra; 15016#c for fair to good, and 13#014tfc lor common. * •• . Sheep (carce aX advanced rate?. .Sales 7.020 at BaSJfc Bogs advanced. Sales *fiOO at *10.5001140. The Kroduce Afarkela, MILWAUKEE. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, March Iff. Floor—Advanced 25050 c, with sates of- 650 hr Is at 511-M for Hiawatha XX; $11.25 for Leon A Docglass do; { for Forget-Me-Not]do; $ll.OO for Forest City Choice X. Wheat—Advances s®6c percental, ifcralngßoard sales of 9.C00 centals. Noon Board sales or 12483 centals at $3.05 for No. 1 in store; 13.7253.73■ for N 0.2 do; $3.74 seller's option all month, and seller’s option 20th toSlit; $3.76 buyer’s option at? month: *3.73 leilertopllon 19th to 31st; $34303.40 for Vo 3 la store; $340 for rejected. Oafs-Stesdy, wllhsalesof 1,200 centals at 81.63f0r No. l in store. Com—Advanclmr, with sales ol SOO centals new shelled in store at sl4l. Bye—Nominal,with sales of!70 bags delivered, at $2.00 per cental. Provisions—Qnletandflrtn. Mess pork nomlnalat $2240. Prime lard held at 13c, with buyers at 13mc. Dressed Hogs—Steady at $3.00*9,23. Receipts—soo bns floor, 7,500 centals wheat, 600 do oats, 800 do corn, 800 do barley. GO dressed hoes. Shipments—3,2oo brls floor, 3,030 centals wheat, C3O oris and SO tierces pork. NEW YORK. . . New Tons. March 19 Ashes—Are qnlet *t $9.37j1@840f0r pot * -nJk77.Y^ 00 ’ f’V 1 < » ulct ’ Sales, 2,000 bales at S2a.3jtfc for middling onlanni. Floor—BcceiptStV. tStfbrla. Market about 5e better, bat Ins active. Sales. 6,400 r>rU atf9.v0010.33 for so •per Flat*; *3Jf<s 10.01 lor super Western; $10.50011.65 Motr.WfttenKiii.noia.iCfor choice d0:511,390 branos extra round hoop Ohio, and LyUfomlafloorflrm, with fair y t«* fca n > l l .°° b i l, ‘ ,D «ack*. at $13.73015.00. Whlfekey—Qnlet.and unchanged. No receipts. * ntl more dome. Sales ji.CXObo,atsi4so-.’4O for No. 3 Milwaukee, theioiide f- rlce . rSS lDf6not j *3-20 for wmtu Canada t $2.65 for No. 1 Chicago, and s3.ot lor white California. cl, “ Be - a,to !1 • t00 ‘ ,,, . Bamy-Very Arm. 'Bales 26.000 bn Canada West free « s..2rei.2i. and a rumored sale at $1.31; also 9,000 bu nestera at 91c. Barley Malt—Dull. Com—Receipts, 1,500 bn. Market opened 1c better, closedwlOitheadvatceoarUylosi. Salesof79.(W •mat $1.1901.20 for mixed western la store; SI4OVO 1.2looafloat; $1.23 tor yellow Sou»<l *1.1*3 USfornow Western mixed and yellow at the railroad » u t l ir? ecelots ?® oha ’ Sales of JC.OIO bn at MNO6Sc for Western; C6@CBc lornew OWo. and 71072 c tor Sisto. . Bloc* I—Wheat, 1.491526 bn: corn, 1,735.919 bn; oats, 1.W.013bn; rye.401.033bn; bailey, 976,179 bn; malt. 22491 bn; peas, ff 1.480 bu. ’ w Bice—Quirt. Bales of 45 pkgs Carolina at 10Ac, Coffee—Firm and qnlet. 110l2cf -<^U,et 111111 ,tCsdy * Sales of 500 bzs Cuba ft t Molasses—Doll ard heavy. Hop*—Qnlet, at 30®70c for new. Petroleum—Dull, at 160lfijfc for erode, and 3GaS3Wc lor rented in bond. Perk—Firmer, with fair demand. Sales ol 4.800 brl», at $23.1003441 for new me*s. closing at *31.12 for regu- Dlar Af : 2:‘^ J3 * 63 ,or old me « • $18.75019.00f0r prime, ana $214002340 lor prime mess; s’so, t-svi brls new n-wa at $21.00021.50, seller and buyer March. April ondAuguit. * Bert—Kteady. Sales ol 370 brls at previous price*. Beef Hama—Firm. Sale* of 75 brls at $37.0001940. Tierce Beef—Steady. Sales of 300 trea prime ana India mess 0* private terms. Bacon—! Scarce and qnlet. Sales ofsoo boxes at 1O«0 If Vc lor Cumberland; llftc for short ribbed, and 13c lor long cut hams. Cut Meals—Firm. Sales cflGapkgs at OwaiOMctor shoulders; 13,S0HJ<c for hams. Lard—Firm. Bales of 1,130 brls at 17,V013tfc fer Butter—Ball and heavy at 12020 c for Ohio, and 20a S3c lor stale. Cheese—Quiet at 14019XC for common to prime. Latest—s r. a, Flcnr-Qnlct and firm, with a fair local trade de mand. 10J C better; spring, $2.4002.50; No. U ILGB Kyfr-Stcady at s!42'<tl4i lor Western. Coro—Firmer; buyers snipping mixed Western at JUMUSk tnstore, and $1.31 afloat; sellers at $14(1 In ttoreand $1.21 U afloat. Oats—Dull and heavy at WaCfic for old Western. Pork—Firm; seller* of new Western meia at SOLD ca«b, end $34. la regular. Bctf—Qnlet (Mkrteady. Cut Meals—Quite Arm. Bacon—Steady at for Cumberland middles. Lard—Firm at 13J40l3j{c for fair to prime steam and k-tUe-retaered. CINCINNATI. _ . UrscitciATi. March 19. Flonr—Unchanged, and firm trade brands ilLSOft 13 50; laser HI.CCOIC.DO. Wheat—'very firm ; No. 1 aarlng |3JO; extra 81 (V); No. v $2.35 and No. 1 wln'er Core—opened quiet bit doted buoyant: holders asked Gf&GCj'C for No. 1, with buyers at (Sc. Oats—Sb^Stc. Itye— Utld at ft.l3, bnt In tho absence of sales this mint be regarded a nominal quotation. Barley—SlAs( for prims to cho'c* fall. CctloD—Unchanged and quiet; middling 2332354 c. nomma'ly. Whiskey—Unchanged at 26c In bond. Mess Pork—in good demand and prices tending up ward. Sales 0t1,600 brls, at f 21.50 tor country, and f:JiOaa.'.S for city—holders asking 23c higher at tha>. Bulk Meats—Firm. Sates 310,000 bj, at five for shoulders, lo@Hs,c f rsld-a, ana US« for clear aloes -holders generally a*ked B*. 10* and UHc, and could cot have been bought below these rates at the close. bard lo good demand at l2J4c tur cl>y. and all offer ed at these rate was tarcn, but it was held at fro higher and not much olltrcd at any price. Bacon—fleid orm at 9X&UC, and 12XC fbrThould'rs* sides, clear rib. and cterc tide*, bnt there was not tnucb acne u.d these having order* filled them at a tbadebclcw tho»a figures. • Pork-Prime sold •» 118.00; nreips, at|lsXo. sugar—Utchhmrert; Cuba, Porto BtCo and Mw Orleans. llftljc. Cdr to prime Bid Clover Beed—ln f- lr demand at |9.75^ a . 93 ; timothy, dull and not salaule at over 83.00; flax. $1.3)32.50. r.nitei—Scarce at :&i33v for freaa good color. Cbetse—lCVfiijrr. Udmco Oil—Dull, at 81.10®1.12; nothing beyond a retail demand. Gold-Closed steady; 133 V. 131Uandl3lX selling. Exchange—Firmer stpar to 50c per thousand pre mium baying and '.-10 premium, selling. Money mat ket continues close. NEW ORLEANS. New O blears. March 18. Cotton—Fins. Sales t>dsr cl 1.50 J bate? low mid dling at29fr@3oc. Receipts,s,3l6 bales. Exports,2,4o6 taW. Sugar—Dull. Falca at 13c for fair. Molasses—Very dull. No sales. F.our—ln good request Slock light and bold firmly at advanced prices. Superfine, 812.X5. Corn—Very active, at tl.Tt^ftiAS. Oats—Steady and firm, at TiiiTSc. "* Hay—ln light supply and good demand. Prime St. Lcnls. 143.00. 1 Pork— Sleek light and demand active. fillAOoffercd, 825.00 asked. Bacon—Good Inquiry. Shoulders, lie: nb sides, U\c: clear, I3VC. Gold—lSSOfclSSk- Sterling—lso4aK. New York Sight—XS J 4 premium. Ocean Prelcltii. (Special Despatch to tbs Chicago Tribune.l - Mew Tonic. March IS. FreUhts—Quiet. To Liverpool, U,GO) bu corn at Cd; to Glasgow, 8,4X0 bn corn at td. New York Provision market. ' [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] MewYosk, March 13. Pork—The closing sale was at *31.06. regular. Other bog products Arm at the advance, bat baoy&nt. New York Grocery market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Mew York, Marcn 13. Coffee—More active, tending upward. Rlo,ai4s6>«c Sugar—Dull. Fair to prime grocery, 10*@ll*c. New York BrcadtlafEi market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New York, Mtrch IS. Flour—Bnslncss U checked by the snow In the street?, but closed buoyat t. Wheat—Fair. Quotation for No. 1 Chicago since ’Chance, f2.6fte2.70. Corn—Market closes better; $1.20 In store and $1.32 afloat. Rye—Stlil buoyant. Oats—Dull. New York UryGoods market. New York. March 19. The cotton goods market Is rather quiet, owing to the great snow-storm and the cclebiatmg of St. Pat rick's day. but prices are steady and lh*rti l* a fair In quiry for staple fabrics which are tound to be low. Mardard sheetings steady at 21@3l.tfc, aod seconds at 20c. Print cloths held with more firmness. Woollens of dcMrai-le makes in fair request, at fair prices; but low grades sell more slowly at nnproat able prices. Mew York Weekly Sank Statement. New Tore. March IS. Loans f;63.077.973 Tccre&*e t 9.11.514 Specie... a.%9,722 Decrease 6911,460 Circulation R0.490.n5n 5u.975 Legal-Tenders.. 62.813,00 Decrease J.7HUOI Deposits Decrease 3,331,723 Nashvillo Cotton market. Nashville, March 19. Cotton market firm, and prices advanced le. Sales ofaa hales at 23®2Sc. Received, 74 bales; shipped, Xl3 bales. Other markets quiet. CT*WAIT BROTHEEh Advertising Ag’ta 126 Drarborn>Ht,» receive advertisements for all the leading papers throughout the United Stnteo and Canadas. JHasomc Notices. jyjASONIC. The Matters and Wardens of the several Masonic Lodges la the city, also tbc officers of other Masonic Bodies, are fraternally requeued to meet at Blair Ball, at TJtf o’clock, this (Tuesday) evening, to may? arrangements to co-operate with the U. W. Grand Master In the ceremonies cf laying the “corner-stonic” of tbc new building* tor our City Water Works, par* snant to his call thcrelor. J. W. CLYDE.W.M., OricntaliLodge, No. 83 F. & A. M. I\TASONIO. —A Special Communication It l of Ashlar Lodge, No. 808, F. & A. M., will be held at Blair H*H, on TUESDAY (TUTS) EVENING, at Jf past7o’clock, For Work to E. A. Degree. Members are notlned to bo prompt. Visiting mem bers are cordially Invited, PERRY TUCKER. Sec. Soclcts fHcetings. 'J'HE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE Chicago Mechauic’s Institute Win take place at their room*. No. 3 Masonic Tem ple, on Tuesday (this) Evening, tlio 19th lust. Elections of < Ulcers lor the ensuing year, and other Important action, will be had. A full attendance ot the members is desirable. All pa»idnes 01 old mem bm remitted on payment of one dollar and Ofiy cents. Dy order ol the Institute. JOHN 31 VAN OSDF.L, President. SUHlantcb “TENOR SINGER" WHO HAS HAD SOME EXPERIENCE. Would Accept a Position in a Choir. Address “A W F,” Pest Office, Chicago, Hi. JNSURANOE. WILL FAX 108 For few shares MERCHANTS’ INS. CO. STOCK. C. B. GOODYEAR, Chamber of Commerce. fgats anb ©aps. 'J'HE CELEBRATED ammoN hat: Is now for sale by BISHOP & BARNES, Sole Agents, 113 Lako-st., {opposite Palmer's.) Neiu (gompaitp. pfiOSPECTUS OF THE Pacific & Atlantic TELEGRAPH COMPANY OF THE USITED STATES. This tew Telegraph lino is cr oalzed nnfler a special charter from the aute of Pennsylvania. Its hea-iqisr leia are at Pittsburgh, where I s cM*f edlcets rulde, and a majority of Us Board of Directors. Ibeautb-rlzcd Capital of the Company is three mil lions ol dollars, and Its shares twrnty-flvsdollar* each. The Inuntlon is 10 make the hie a Westsen E.tteb paux.ano with tMt view the stock la pro raua among those Wctcrc cities aodlvwts the wire* of the raHoa will reach. The Corporation I* sow werklsg&om Pittsburgh to Portland, Maine—via Washington, Palladelphls, Bal timore. New Tcrk. Boston, azd other cities cd towns on that line—also to Brownsville. Cumberland. Hagerstown and tmmlt'Bbnrgn. Maryland, and Bar ' rlKuugb.Pa- and many intermediate points; also* the . entire length of the Mooongatcla Valiev—ona Boadred -and Uitny-tbrce mils*; and to Wheeling, West Vir ginia, on the way to CmclLnstt and Chicago. ThaCorporallonprtposesto extend its wires to St. tons and Milwaukee' and- ail principal commercial Joints In the Northwest* At Cincinnati and St. Louis ts wireswPl connect with those of the Southern Te.o craphCompasy. whose Unea are now building to New- Orleans, ttrouib the principal S-inthem cities and towns- At Baltimore they connect with tne inmlated Lima Ttlegraph Company to Deaton, and from there with the International uon to Halifax. Nova Scotia. HU* combination forma a complete and independent Une iram New Orleans to Halifax. The llu*, although the property of four distinct corporation*..!!, nmi*f agree menu, warked as one, aa far as transmission ofmes sages I* concerted. Of these corporations, the Pacific and Atlantic Is the most forming the Key to (he whole, as well as hems tne most extended in length. That this important Tne say at all time* be maintained tree from those stock manipulations which have Crum tune to time swept out :f existence indepen dent corporation*, such arrangements have been made aa will, so far as possible, guard against anyatteaot to abcorb it. The stock is anpicrlbed fir with the cx nre«*silpuiattoni&attbeline stall In no way becoa soildated with any other, unless with the written con sent of the holder* of thrce-fbnrtbs of toe stock. TMs stipulation,engrossed as a aartol theccnl&cate. reads “ that u U entitled to abates of the capital »tock subscribed and paid for, ultA the underttandina and agreement that tie promoted telegraph line Mall not be tola, eonreyed, iransferrea, asetgned, leased, consolidated, or in any other *raydtspesed of or tmide oeerio any other Telegraph Company,or tndlstduxi , parly or associ iHw.iettoout the 'rriiten consent of stockholders representing three-fourths of the stock, and then only after u notice of one month nos been given in at least one newspaper in each and every county in uhictr the Company shall hare an office." The power to dispose oCorln any waytobave the lino absorbed by another corporation, la taken from the officers, and placed, where it ahoold be, in tne hmvi« of the stockholders. The projector* of the enterprise and Its present offi cers, aware 01 the effort* that might be made to extin guish this opposition to telegrapMC monoooly, bave placed, as they thick, two formidable barrier* to Its removal; one i* the a a>lnc ltaWesiemoroanization, and having Us stock held oolaideol the ttoclccarrup- Uons of New Tork, and exclusively owned by (be bui loess men cf the We*t- The other is. that Into the band* of those who have reason to most earnestly der -lie the bulb and of an Independent Telegraph company, I* given the preservation ot Us existence, when they shall prefer monopoly, they and they only, cab cause Its absorption, but nntil they do, they have the power to easily prevent 1U destruction. A portion ot the line has been in opeiationothrelght ceo months; during that time six consecutive quarter ly dividends, at the rate of ten per cent., hare been paid. •t he following extract from tho Pittsburgh Commer cial of January JOlh, is given a* explaining the equity towards stockholder* with % hich the line Is bm:t and worked: Pacific as© Atlantic Telegram Compact.—The Pacific and Atlantic Telegraph Company ol the United State* has, wc notice, deciAredadlrldend at the rate of ten per cctt upon the stock ot the Monongahela Dt vision ot Italloe. This line la beingbollt and operated in dlvlilons, by which the eamlnss of socb sections as aie completed. are divided among the stockholders whose money has been expended In the conitrueuon, and so Cast as each additional section is completed. Its stock is added to tnat entitled to receive dividends. The Atlantic Division, reaching to the seaboard, bos been lately finished and pnt In operation. The n»xt di vider! will be, consequently, upon all the stock repre senting the motey used in tne const] uction of both the Monosicabela ana the Atlantic Divisions. The next fettle n. which la now under construction. Is the di vision from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati, and it comes into the dlvlcend-drawins line sosoon as completed. By this process the money of stockholder* is n ude to draw dividend! with the least poaeibe delay, wiinont havttg to wait nmtl the completion ol ihe whole stretch of lire. It is proper to say that the or--a-ct di vidend Is the sixth comecutlve nte upon the Moaooga lu-ia Dlvltioc. We learn that the bmlnwa of tbe com pany over Its newly opened eectl n from Pittsburgh to Uoaicn.vla Ualtimoie, Philadelphia ana New York, mending Qsnlibnrgh and other intermediate town* is quite as satlsiactury as tha: ol the Monongahela Dl- The estimation In which tbe corporation 1* held at Pittsburgh, wh.rc its officers reside, la Indicated oy the icllo-lng resolutions: f At a meeting of’-he Board-of Trade of Pl'tsbnrgn, yesterday. Jarnnry 9lh, the following resolutions were unaulmousiy adopted: tVnxBXAs, All now enterprises of a public character, designed lor the creation cf increased laclilfes lor tbe transaction ol bnstnes*. deserve, u Intended to be per manent m their character, the support ol the public: therefore, ’ ti'soirfil. That the Pittsburgh Board of Trade recog nize with pleasure the success of the Pacific A Atlantic Telegraph i.ompaty of the United States. In the con s-rucuon of Its ilnefroaPutsburgh to tbs seaboard; that in the construe: lon ot us tines toward the Missis sippi River ana the Lakes we feel gratification In the hope ol Increased meausof telegraphic communication wrh the West. linniua. That as competition Is the only radical cnrefjnhQfcvil cr monopolies, we heartliv endorse the Pacific & Atlantic Telegraph Company of tha Unit ed States as an enterprise worthy of tbe support of tne unslneas public, toe more especially as It is a Western oreai Izailon. and all po-'ibie means ore taken to have Ua entire stock »o)<ecnued in the West. fointnd. That we lake pleasure m noting tha provi sions Vtg certificates of siocr, that the line cannot be »ild without the written consent of tbroa-fuarths of us aicckholdeiA w provdlng a guarantee that tbe line will not he absorbed nr sold out, to a removing of a n-aitby competition In the cost and CuMtlea of lelo erapluccom'Aunieauon. andosanrtng to tne business public an cxitapUca from the evils ol tdegrapulc mo nqpoly. To Late ligcntboslnasamcn It is not neecstary to en ter Lto Finote details, it n sofileleot to give tne con trollltgacd Tifalfealurej. Enoogn has been narrated to show tbat an honest effort U being made Co polld up a pnmatient oppotUlon telegraph corporation, con ducted In a conscientious manner, lot tbe benefit of tbe stockholders ana tie public. It is >hawn thit, to lar as worked, it hss been continuously profitable. It is also shown that the coitinnatlon of its existence when completed is In the bands cl those who have every in ilm-t-meai—both of private gain and public accommo dation—to cherish it* life. Tht amount ol stock allotted to this city is light. That stock has been stesdtly profitable on what Is yet almost a local or sectional Hue. touching but few of the commercial centres. It is beyond doubt tbat as the line lecgthens and becomes the word-carrfrr ol Fiowerful and popnioni community alter community, u stock will oot be Ices remunerative than oow. Tbe support of the business men ol Chicago to tbe enter prise Is. then, one not likely to entail lo<a. Whlls the tcmmendsDiQ and nub c Impulse of public spirit Is grouted, no harm Is worked to that underlying feeling In all of desire for peiaonal gain. The public is bene nieo and redevrd from the evlis of teegraobte monop oly, aud the individual U remunerated lor his personal investment. Where this line comes In competition with existing Ines, the rates have been reduced Ofty oer cent, and it s the Intention of the Company that this resale shall allow the extension ol the line throuchont the We't. Dy order GEO. U. THURSTON. President. iSrintintj. CRAVENS & CO., STEAM JOB PRINTERS 5 - ASD MXSUTACTUEEBa OP SHIPPING TAGS, 144. SOUTH WATER-ST., N. Eh comer ol Chicago. CommUrion Merchants and Shippers famished with prices and samplts on application. (General Notices. '*PHE CHICAGO ARTESIAN WELL 1. COMPANY Authorized Capital. One Million Dollars. ITnctpr a charter recently granted by the Legislators of minds, Una Company baa been organized in Chico* go. It u based nror and owls Id lee the celebrated Attests? Well property rn *hls city, consisting of forty «rrci of valuable land, with the two splendid foun tains. now flowing one and a quarter mil lona of gat* lons per day ot the rarest water to be found on the g oot; mammoth lee houses, arUQctal ponds, wool and iflt factory, buildings, barn*, tencmert homes, hoisc*. wagora, tools. Implements and machinery, aod alloiher Iraprovemcitanownnon the ground. From theiccandotherboslnesscaru”l op. a present fixed revenue is derived, amply snfil ; nt V* remunerate In vestments. An enlargement of oms well, now in prog* rose, which will give a larger supply ol water, with a head ot abontloOfeeLapplledtomochlnery and for other purposes, and other improvements contemplated, wttn the natural rire aod advance m so large a tract ot greund In the great cl*y ot Chicago, will within a lew years make this property invariable. This Is noun developed mine In a distant Territory, bat property directly at home, and which Invites, as it will hear, the closest scrutiny and investigation. A small part ot the stock Is tor sale, aod information tarnished, by A. f. CIiOSKEY A Co.. 70 Wsahlngton-st. ■^totice. I wish to Inform the pab'le that my printing office and composition room were Wot Injxiredl by the late fire, so as to Interrupt that portion of the business. Printing will he done as formerly. Will re sume business In all the departments In a fow days. J. M. W. JONES. faints, ©Us anh ©lass. SALE—Samuel Greene & Co.’s STOCK OF FAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES, AND nXTTJBES, In Store 129 South Water-st., Chicago, FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN. ©lt® Notices T?LECTION NOTICE. I Citt Clebk’s Office, March 18.1867. • Public notice is hereby given that an election will ne held on Tuesday, April l£ 18C7, for Mayor, City Attor ney, City Collector, City Treasurer, Clerk of the Police Court, tcrce Police Magistrates, and one Alderman and one Constable for each wart. A. H. BOOM AN, City Clerk. ZDcntistrg. Teeth extracted WITHOUT pain. BY THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION. Who originated the anmth-dlc us* of Nltroui Oxide Gas, ato have given It to ever 30.000 patients for the extraction of teeth, without an accident. They guar antee no pain. Come to headquarters. Roams 3 and •1, Times Building, 118 Dearburn-sc. Dissolution. NOTICE. The copartnership heretofore existing under the llroi name ol COOK A MULLEN lathis day dissolved py mutual cocecnt. J. COOK, M. MULLEN. jy£ONET TO LEND, On First Class Farms and Chicago City Properly. Addrcii P. O. BOX 2570. ©onsisnmentg. A PPLESI APPLES I APPLES! £3L 1.000 brls choice varlctt-s ftr sale. consl-Ung ot Greenings.Ro«set-, Wnterßcdr.P-onds. Wine Sips. Tollman Sweats. Bed Stripe. Xa-pcbroctca, anl New tC tubs Choice Teltow for table us*. E. WHITE A CO., 141 South WateMt. Send your orders aluog. NUMBER 283. Express Companies. IJHE MERCHANTS' UNION Express Company. CAFZTAZ. - - $30,000,000. Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CARRIES BV EXPRESS. Maur. Ulu. Jbles* Freight and Parcel* over more than 13*000 miles ot Express l*lne*ati«sc and liberal rates* saves Ulllloss yearly to Sx* oreaw Shippers, and can be made penaaaenr only by Ibelr liberal patronage. Tbit we hope tv merit aas receive. Office, Hoy. 103,105,107 ft 109 Dearborn-st IScarJon 2®lt)isfeep. Address S. T. SPIT & CO., LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY. ty* Cooney Pnurglsts can oroenre the above anoe ri°r Whiskey in barrels ana half barrels Irons tbe prin cipal wboltme Urn; Hooves in Chicago. Besrrtrrs. T'\ESCRIPTI\ r £ LIST cf Deserters from the Regular Army, oi the United States, who are supposed to be in Chicago. B. ° Formant la instruction*,. Adjutant Gcoeral’s Offlce. March 31th, 1857. $2& REWARD It J ar . tile ' apprcbenvloi and delivery to i^ICMo 0 !!^ 8 Eeadt * TOQa * No - 66 Weslßanilolph-sU 1. COLUNS, RICHARD, private Sd regiment Intan try»en.lsted Jan. 31,1561. at Pittsburgh. Ra*. deserted EeO.lL 1867, at ChlcUs.o. 111. ®cVSt bine etas, Ugut hair, 21 yaars of age. 5 fen 4U inebe» helght v bora in Rochester, New Tort, o.xnoa tton teamster. y ~ JOHN, private 3d regiment irfin try. enlisted Jan. 19. 1867, at Boann. Masg deserted Feb. 3. 1861, at Chicago, 111. Description—Mediam comp ezlcn, dido eyes, brown Uair. at years of age. 5 feet 8X inches high, born In Lowell, Mur., occupation machinist. a. ROACH, JOSH, private, 3d regiment Infantry, cn llited Jab. 2», IS67.atNewYork: deserted F-b.t1857. at Chicago, Jit. Description—pair complexion. bine eyes, brown, hair. 37 year* of age. 5 feet i* high* born, la Cuik. Ireland, occupation boatman. CRARLtS B. CLARKE; CapL2Bth U. 9. Inlantry, U. SsA., Recruiting uffleer. ©as Bittner. ILLIAM H. bTOELKER, dealer in J. VON SCHWARTS’ Lava-tip Doable-cylinder Gas Burners. in^^?,M D ? r * , .Tf e . cI A , *E5 sr ® Bnl>ertor w others lo the world, fjr the tallowing reasons: , r , ?t Ti fley *J. C withsiaud the action of silactde, {alts, the remits of combustion and tbs moirtoie In the air. Second—lhey are unchangeable la. size of delivery and shape. lasting lorev-r. Third—They are not eflected In the least by any de gree ol heat or cold, or nay the nlcal agent. Fourth—They entirely etoo all blowing and watting of ana,by which meaaawattf-ct asaylog offrom 15 lojv.?' r . c, ‘l; to *S 4 »«heslde9Rlvlng us a steadier *nrt brighter tight. Thete Burners, and Gas Fixture* of all descrlptlots, Sut op to order by a practical man. Repairing done lorder. Address or leave yonr orders at 230 Ea« aladlran-iC, Chicago, HI. N. B.—A few good men wanted to put up these Burners. gEianspottation. -jO/?7 —THE NORTHSKN TKANS- J.OU I • PORfATION CO.,otOhio.. Will, daring the presenteesson, ran their well-known Line of First- Class Freight ana Passenger Steamers regularly be tween Chicago, Milwaukee, Oixezo. Capo Vincent, ana Osdcnsbargh. Connecting at Ocdenibnrgh with the raUroad lor 6o»t‘ n and aU points In Northern New York and New England, and line of steamers ion Montreal and Uaiocc. At Cape Vincent with the railroad for Now York. At Oswego with a line of tint class ranti boats, for Albany, Troy and New York. Steamer* leave Chicago tri-weekly—every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Throueh freight snnjcct to only one transshipment. Passengers ticketed to n 1 point*. AGENTS—J. >lr«?t an I >l. Higbec. No. 9 Astor Hon-e. New York: -''.Ln Hocking, No. 7 btate-sL, 80-un; O. Breed. 74 Pcarl-sL. New York; Geo. A. Eddy, Oaden>burgb. N.T.; Charles AUi«on- Oswego, y.; ffm. B. Baeltlcy, Cape Vincent, N. Y.; Walker. Haye* & Co.. Ttiedo, Ohio; N. J. Uodier,Ditruit: o.J. Hale, Milwaukee; French, Childs A Cleve land. O. N- J. HOWE, Chicago. JOHN H. GREEN, Oen’l. Western Passensur Agiat, Cbicsc'), 3£ral Estate HALE— To Lumbermen and Capitalists. The WHARFINO LOTS lylcg on the can side of tbe “Magazine Slip'* are for Bile at a decided bargain. To a company of lumbermen I can offer great Induce ments lo bay. For terms, apply to WM- D. KBItFOOT, JJJOUSE AND LOT Ho. 183 South JclTerson-st. Lot 25x50 ftet. Title perfect. House has 10 rooms. In good order, Ac. jpoß SALE, Fin be lass three story and basement brick house No. 200 Hnron-sU, between North State and Cossets. Apply to GALLUP & PEABODY, Boom 19 Portland Block. gtochljolherg’ faceting. IVnCHIGAN SOUTHERN & NORTH- JjX ERN INDIANA R. R. CO. No.IS WILLIAM SrSZST. ) Kxw Yobs, March IS, 1367. j The animal election tor Directors of this company will be held at the Company’s office In Toledo, Ohio, oo Wednetdsy, the 71th day of April next, at coon. The polls will remain open until 2p. m. The Stock Transfer Books will beclot.caontod3athlrst.at2p. and reopened on the 29th proximo at 10 a. m. D, p. BaBQYDT, Secretary. *VTOTICE—Is hereby given that theau- J.l nnal election nf Directors of the LNION DE-FAfCH COMPANY Will occur on tbe twenty.flrst ln-t., at the office ot tbe said Company in this city. Foils open Irom 8 o’clock a. ru. until 6 p. m. CHAS. B. BRIGHAM. P.-est. jFor £>als. jP OR SALE O B z: A. Z> v II Liken at once, 50 feet lull depth on Wahashav, froLilng east, bctwcesTwcnty-nuitband Thlrtlith-sts. by N.». KAFPLeYE. SAND, SCOTCH PIC IRON, FOR SALE. B. ASHLEY MEA83,168 Lake-st. TKVESTIIEHT. M ILL. THE PBOPBIETOB OF A NEW A No. 1 FLOURING MILL, (Water power). located la Minnesota. haring more business than ht can attend to, will eel* a one-nalX in terest In bis mill. The cash and good business experi ence necessary. To tbb right man It Is the best Invest mentlh the State. Address "MILLEK,” Tribune ofllce. TO ABE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. FOB SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, Ac, Invoicing about $12,000; all purchased within a year put, and lease on store. Store located In a thriving town a short distance irom Chicago. Satisfactory rea» sons liven Chr selling. For particulars Inquire of B. V. BOBBINS, Commission Merchant. 83 LaSaiie-su Chicago. nro CAPITALISTS. J Mn-WArxrs, March 4.15G7. Having decided to relinquish bmlneas, we offsr oar establishment for sale. Otr boose was SBTABLZBBSS X» 1846, ITas been In existence 31 years, and U now plawdon a safe, arm ana permanent basis, and to men of capital who are desirous of embarking in a PROFITABLE branch ol trade (wholesale and Jobbing onlj) this pre setts a rare end valuable opportunity. Oar stock Is fall, embraces none bat the most staple goods, and the easiness is In perfect tanning order. H. BOMVVUUTH & SON*. Wholesale Druggists, Milwaukee, Wls. ©il Stones. J£MERY OIL bTONEa. Something New. Oil Stones, Razor Rones, Emery Wheels, Camera Slones, Machinists' equalling Stone*. clc_ at low prices, manufactured by tbeEMERT OIL STONE CIK, 344Fnlt«just, Chicago. _ Made of any desired grade ot die. and in lortn* to salt any snoea tool. l * ul,a FAIBBANRS. GBbENLBAF a CO. General Agents, 326atd32S Lake-st. patents. PATENT OFFlCES.—lnvemois wlio with to tore out Letters Patent an advised tC cotmsel with MUHN ft CO n Editors cl the scientist Acerlcar. who have prosecuted claims OsTare cu pßientOfflceforntarly twenty rears. Xli-ir America: and European Patent Agency-la the no«t extensive u the world. Charges leu th»n any oust reiiahk agency. A pamphlet, containing lull tnstmctlcca to InysnV or*, u sent gram. Address VUKK * CO -37 Part-row, New lea Stoto Gatirs. p ET YOUR PAINTED SHOW CARDS At 84 DBARBOBN-ST., Boom 4. Up SUUrs. <ggqpg«wg t jigger JEangtegg* Bdfttag. ©il ciotj&s, &c. IMPORTANT NOTICE. GREAT BARGAINS IN CARPETING! COME NOW AND BUY CHEAP. - Allen & Mackey’s Carpet Store, Bryan Ha.ll, 80 South dark-s t. Paper Hangings, Bedding, Curtain Goods, Oil Clotfls, Wo bold «be lanoot Stock te tbo Wot, Ml Sorer Allow Onnelrn to bo rnderaoM. Iba recent Tariff upon Woo! win cause ta advance In tie price otoar Good, panic* mtiziaf them tor Spring use should arvill themselves ol tie advantage* of tie present low price*. aKouse jpitmigjitns <Sool»g~ £tocfc Subscriptions. 'J’O HOUSEKEEPERS, We manufacture all Kinds of Bedding; And Bed Fisrnish- ing;s. Keep in Stock All Kinds of Curtain Materials. Have all the Latest Styles French, English, German A American Paper Hangings, And the Best Work- men in the City. E.C. L. Faxon & Co,, 74 & 76 Lake-st. Carpets, ©il ciotlj?, &c. DEPARTMENT.. 53 & 155 Lake-st. CARPETS, Oil Cloths, Druggats, MATTINGS, Cniiain Materials, &c. We have opened a Department fbr the sale of the above Goods, which have been recently bought at a great dccliney and will bo sold at the lowest possible prices- We will at all times soli os low as the market) and onr stock will com* prise the Xiatest and Best in that line- W. R. WOOS>. Kansas 3Lanhs SALE OF KANSAS LANDS. On TUESDAY, the 2d day of AprlL ISCT, will bt ofleiedat ’ PUBLIC SALE At the Eldridgc House, in the city of Z.AWKSNCB, KANSAS, About 155,000 Acres of Land, Situate In the counties of Leavenworth, Wyandotte Jefferson and Douglas, and known as the “DELAWARE RESERVE.” These lands Ue directly on the main Une of the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division The branch ff the same Bead Irom Leavenworth tc Lawrence posses through them, and the railroad trots St. Lonia to Leavenworth tnna along their Easters border. In Fertility, Location, and abnndaace of Timber and Water, these Lands are the FINEoT IN TUB STATE. By tbe treaty with the Deiavar** In iB6O, the funtan title to tbe “ Reserre’ 1 waa extinguished, and since that date many farms have been Improved, and churches, school homes, prist and saw mills erected, and many other Improvements made thereon. The climate of Kansas Is remarkably beaUhlnl, and to Ihnncra and settlers these lands offer Greater Inducements than any others In the West. Also, at the same place. Immediately alter the dispo sition of the above Lands, will be sold about 28,000 ACBEB OF LAND, Situate in the southeastern part ot the M Sac and Fox Reserve,” In the county ot Franklin. Kansas. Also, a large number of TOWN LOTS and BLOCKS In the towns ol North Lawrence, Tonganoiie anil Perry. The sale will commence on April 3d. 1897, and win continue irom dav to day until ad the lands above named have been disposed oL Tbe Lands will be of. ffered In tracts to solt purchasers. Tshms or Sal*—Onc-lhtrd cash and balance la twe equal annual payments, with 6 per cent interest there on from date of purchase. S. 3g. BAHTHOXtOWT, Agen». iSusincss (Earns. TT 31. DXJPEE & CO., * WHOLESALE DEALERS IN BEEF, FOBS, LAED, Smoked Beef and Breakfast Bacon. Also, Extra Sugar-cured Family Hams of oar own curing, and branded M fl. M. DupeeCo.” 124 South Water-st. HtVHEELEI! PERCE & CO., who • w ere humtu out at 24 O Lake-ah, have takes store 280 South Water-st., where we will open with a stock of fresh roods. We will keep a good supply, os heretofore, ot Coarse atd Fine Hominy, Samp, Oat Meal, Farina, Pearl Barley, Split Peas, Tapioca. Boro. Buckwheat, Graham ami White Winter Wheat Floor, and all {trades of Granu lated Meals, etc. We take this opportunity to thank oar customers end to-solicit a continuance of their former patronage. Orders from the trade solicited, n. WHEELER PERUE & CO- commission Her chants, 280 South Water-st. UNDERWOOD & 111., General Commission Merchants, Cor. LaSalle and Wagbingtoa-stn, CHICAGO. Giro particular attention to both buying and selling Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork) Lard, Beef, Tallow. Property bought and held on margins, and sold elite In this or Eastern markets. fW~ special rates ol Commission made to those vw furnish their own money fbr large purchases ol pro* erty to be held fbr sale by as. P. L. Paderwood, Ben. W. Underw— u gMOEED MEATS. E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IN PORK, BEEP, LARD, ASD SMOKED MEATS, 150 SOUTH AVATEB-ST. Holden & Pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Hardwood and ‘Whitewood Lumber* Office ano Yard, 304 South Franklln-st. bet. Yar Boren and flimiur, Chicago, p. O. twz ¥SJU. tF"Bll:s eat to ordcr._£l wiiCll, HOLDEN. JU. ■mtuMPFCrDLBTra. Sanfes an® Santos. &CO., 'T'mNSLOW, LANIEI! * ’ ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT Tor Tr»ver»rß. available In all parts of Europe. tor ** a yks.Vt7 C ‘29 PINB-ST^NEWYoUK. ‘Finegar, ELDER & MAXFEEiLD—The only ex tensive manuTactmers of Pure Cider Vinegar in Chicago-, No 137 Riazloat. Unrivalled for plclUns to/ Au6l - Warranted. pROSPECTUS OP “The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co." Capital Stock - - $500,000. Five Hundred Shares, SI,OOO Each. Till Company bat been organized trader tie Seoersl Laws of tie slate ct IJIncU. tor the purpose ol nut* fiiCtUiUi* all madid PAPE!*,and preparing FI3BS for other pnrpcses. Rom the WILD GRASS toond ta tbt* vicinity to treat abundance. The practical development and atnistac ol such ma terial has been effected through the Ihreuaon:, *gg the several Patents issued to JIB. HARRISON B. 31EECB, of Pert Edwards. New Trrfc. Tits Company hartay 6 archied from Mr. Meech all of the said I'aumu tar ien<! owing Slates. to-trjt: UUaois, Indiana, Mica*, sas. Wisconsin, lows ssd Minnesota* are now prepared to receive a limited amount ol to ths Capital Stuck. In inviting eubscTlptloDi tn this SUxk, we would date that Uie Company are now taaowncraot the BATAVIA PAPER tvttt.t.s Which are producing at the preseat time two CZ) to&B per day of onet paper. This Mill has bulldiegs and waterpower of auScteat capacity, already erected, and m coaattion to receive two (D aedlUoaal machine*, which have been ordered, and It Is estimated can be put In running order os or before the first day ol May next* watch will locream the capacity and products cf the laid MtLs to six (S> tons per Uav; tba*. at the present market price* should yield to this Company a very satisfactory profit. Ibe future operations of tola Company contemplate the erection, or corsobdatlnzof other mill* with mets enterprise, within the present year, 1-solar tea fan amount of the*r stock, and which win probably non than double the foregoing estimate ol product ol Print, Manilla and Wrapping Papers. „ This Company having procured a charter trora the Legislature of the siste of Xllioola, t n< *re** ,, *y uvr capital to one million of dollars, are now reorganizing under tbclr Charter privilege*. The Stoci Bociaars cowopea fur subscription to the ofica of Messr*. DICKERSON i BHKRMAN. 170 Baa dolch-iu, where all fnrtbs Safnrmattoa u to the pat ents, prospect*. &C-. will be given. IntoUclQcgourfriauUtoaabscrtbe to this Stock, we believe we are warranted in savins that tbl* enter* prise promises an unparalleled return of profits, eom paredwlthacy other manufacturing business hereto* lure presented. THOMAS S. DICKERSON, Pres>t- CJFO. B.MOSS, Tice Pica’t. (Formerly President Batavia Paper mi it co.> WM. QANSBCOUGH, 6ec*7. I. N. W. BHBRMAK. Treasnrer. Koofing. JpLASTIC SLATE ROOFING. A TEST OF FIVE YEARS has demonstrated tke superiority ot this materia! over every other sow known. A mastic—lt adapts itself to every shape at A slope, (Torn flat to perpendicular, covering the wboia root without seam or joint. Non-co mba'ti Die—it is net tne means of dtiiraylng your property, out of protecting It. Nos-eipansive—h-at nor cold, no dm> ter how Irtense, can compel It to expand or contract- Imperrlona—water nor even *te*rm. can penetrate oc dissolve it. Uodrcaring— time and the elements cohr mature and pertec; it, To sum up the whole matter. Firs, Water and Frost Proof, and I> 'brewer than any olhergood material, and better loan the expensive. IhoNewTora Trtbunr in speaking of It Jay*: •* We consider tula invention the greaust boot, ot theage.*- The farmer's Club ol the American Hutltnte pn>- cpODiethe InvenUun one cf tho meat Important ever discovered. For tie pastyearwe have been engaged 1c moolytnw this material to toe people o| Dlmou and Witcoasln. and from the many Batteriug testlmoma a now on £• In onr otflee. we leei warranted In saying, to fliHr Mi llie satisfaction. ROOFING FELT, and also the new SHEATHING FELT used tor lining buildings, aid COAL TAR cco ttanilyon hand at lowest market rates. Circular* sent on appUcatlon, atd for rights. Apply to WHITACBE A RAYMOND, OS LaSaLe-sL. oateagu. HL iUopcr. CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DI6KERSOH & SHERMAN, COHMIS SION PAPER DEALERS, Paper Maters* Findings, Chemicals, clc., X7O Bandolph*st-y Chicago- We offer for sale to dealers ard coaiamen 3.000 Bandies Notts and Print. 2.1100 do do do . 1.300 do do do . 2.300 do do do • 3.000 do do do . 1.300 do do do . 2.300 do do do , 1.9410 do do da . 3,(100 do do do , 1.300 do do do . 1.000 do do do . %00 do do do Extra Blz*s made to order on short notice. For ails at the lowest market pricer for CASH. 3322 1 QHXCAGO Steam Dyeing and Bleaching WORKS. Offices, 109 South Clark-st, (Methodist Church Block) & 82 Dearhom-st. FACTORY AT CLEAYERVILLB. LACE CURTAINS cleaned and bleached to lode as rood as new. CHAFE SHAWLS cleaned or dyed. PLUMES dyed, e'eaned and cnrlcd. KID GLOVES dyed or cleaned. CARPETS ol all kinds cleaned. GENTLEMEN’S GARMENTS cleaned or dyed. Alio, General Dyeing In Silk and Woollen Goods. COOK & McLAIM, 3.00 darkest. 3Kmnbals, JJEJIOYED. SEEBEISGER & BBMKEY Importers and 'Wholesale Dealers -IN— BABSWABB, CDTLEHT, Tllf PLATE, &C, HAVE REMOVED TO IVo. 63 Lake-sL, Corner of State-aL, (opposite City QoteL) ffiKoob ana ®cal. J>EAD THIS. GOAL AT SUMMER PRICES! We bare a few hundred toss ol best LACK AW AM A and PITTSTON COAL more than will supply oar ch> tomers, which we offer, deivcrtd in any part of the city, at the following prices: Bosse« Ess and torse sizes, 813 per Too* Chestnut 11 •* | MINING AND SUPPLY CO„ Brick. “ JJKICK. MACHINE.” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office, Room No. 3, 47 ctork-st.. Chicago- jyjAGAZINE ERICK WORKS, Corner Ralsted and Twenty-second-scs. Office, Ko. 8 OU,EI«x A - J ' QARD’B PATENT BRISK IHAOS2KA O-m and manaiaetory .*J3 Scuta JeffertCMU Foe IcaiiSffiMaaddtfcrtpuTa clicaia^gien^ g 3 floata Jefferson-*t_ ca laua. Humber. j^UiUJEK, Shingles, lath, and Cedar Posts* On hand and fbr sale at lowest rat:*, at 146 llarkei-et., corner of Jlanroe. Dazing the coming season we shall s*ll at retail oak by c»rgo, s-quallty ofLun-ber ttat will compare fa* vorabty wun any that come* to this market, waich we manufacture at Green Bay and Bo sue tliver. We shall offer the fame to c«u buyer* at flenrea whichcannotfailtosuite. IL MASON 4 UQN. Groceries. QOLP.'iLN X STORES. Choicest Japan Tea. SI.OO per lb. 'y.M • turn T. MASON, 1183 R£ SSSSS3: Grocer and Ptotlsiou Dealer. .22z 13 .23*37 .27*11 29* 14 .:io*43V .lilsMV .30* I** .23*39 .2«*.IS .20*4* .oouse,