Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 19, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 19, 1867 Page 3
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THE JEFFERSON ROBBERY. The Suspected Ones—Examination in the Police Court—Tlio Pris oners held for ' -Trial;* ' The examination of Benjamin Sabin, Dccnls Smith, Jeremiah Gorman -and John Gorman, charged with the robbery ofthe house of A.J. Snell, at Jefferson, about eight miles from this city, on Tuesday night of last week, was held at the Police Coart, before Justices Millikan and Slurtevant, vesterday aitcmoon. Jefioraon Isa “wood" station on the Northwestern Railroad, ana consuls of a email cluster of bonding*, and Mr. bnell’e house stands away from them a distance of about sixty rods. Mr. Snell left boms on Toes* day morning and did not return till Thnrsdiy. • He has resided there sixteen yean, and is a con* tiactor, supplying the raiboad company with wood. When asked yesterday whether he had ever seen any of the prisoners be! vro, he scanned them closely before replying. He oebeved that he had seen “Jerry" Gorman, hot con'd not Bay when or where, am he thought he might have seen Sabin. 32je robbery consisted of si,ooo In Get crnmcDt bonds, £42.50 in bills and currency, n gold watch, a pair of gold bracelets, and a brace of revolvers. The watch and bracelets were taken from a bureau drawer. The money and bonds were taken from a email sale of the Wilder patent, to which there were - two keys, one of which he carried, and the other was lelt with his wife. The railroad company had no propertvm the safe. On the night of the robhcryanelghbor's daugh ter and another lady were passing the evening there, beetles whom were the family, consisting .-of Mrs. Snell, her dan> hter, a yona? lady of six teen. and two or three small children. A hired man was In the kitchen sorting over a barrel of potatoes, the doors being open which comninrJcatcd wnh the Bating room where the ladies ana children were. Abont half-past nine o'clock a slight nobe in the kitchen attracted the attention of the family for a moment; bm, supposing it to be the hired , man, no attention was paid to it. A few moments later the family group were startled by the en trance ol two stranger*, their coats tightly but toned, their faces concealed by masks, and re volvers In their hands. One of them said. Good evening, ladies." The frightened panv then ob served that two more men had entered the apart ment, their faces covered black cloth cr crape, with boles ent to permit item to eee and breath through their disguise. They also bad pistols, one or two of the focr had knives obtruding from their .pockets, and one was provided with a large quan tity of tmall cord. The first of the robnera that entered coclly informed the inmates that the Cot one of them wno attempted to leave the room or give an alarm would be shot] Mrs. tncll, much alarmed, rose from her chair and said, “For God’s sake, gentlemen, what do you wantt’* The reply was that if they kept still none or them should be hurt. 'Jbey then inquired for the safe. Mrs.Suell said, “if yon don't kill us you shall have eveiylhing," and then went to her bureau, cot the safe key and accompanied the leading Li lian of the gang to an adjacent room. fche open ed the cate and banded out the package of bonds. She acam implored him. piteously, not to take tbclr lives, for he should have everyhlng. The man thin searched the sale ana found between forty and City dollars in money and a brace of pis tols (which Pad been placed there to keep them Irom the children), all ol which Lc appropriated. Then the ruffian ashed her where the gold wa*. She told him they bad none, This seemed to offer u him. and he again looked through the safe. Musterit-g cdurace to look him in the lace, Mrs. Site,l.said “You will not kill me. will von!” He assured her that if they kept still they thonld not he hurt. Then hecouducied her back io the other room, at,-; the entire part? of ladies and chilnreu were ordered luto a small ciosei, and adores-ing cue of bis companions as George, told him to shod th«* first one that came out, and then closed the door on them. While thus confined in the little closet, the terror-strick en group hea»d theclock strike twice. They cried om to l*c released. They were stifling, and when, at last, near twelve o'clock, they ventured out, th»-y found that the despera does hrd left. Jhe clock had been removed to the floor, ihe bureau had been nfled of the watch and bracelets. Mrs. Snell, In aeltcatc health, was nearly suffocated by the close aimosphere o: lire closet. William, th* hired man. baa been confined m the closet with the rest. Mrs. Snell was pretty certain or the identity of Ben Sabin an the leader of ice robbers. His mask was an old one, und somewhat broken about the mouth, revealing a portion of bis moustache. The iclaiive sires of the others were identified very well, but not their person*, tier daughter Mary’s testimony was itnoort, and the Court next heard the reluctant testimony of John l.awrcncc, the harkman. Laurence’* evidence was substantially (?) that on the afternoon of the duv the robbery was com mitted some person whom'he did not know en gaged him to take a party of tour men todefier son. They were po muffled up that he did not know them. He beard no conversation, nor en gaged in any, eltner going nr returning. lie did not know the object 01 the ride. It was his im pression that the prisoners were the tonr men whom he carried rut there, bu< ho was not en tirely positive, though he had known Sabin by almost daily intercourse for two years, and one of the Gormans a long time. Be paid that he received $lO for the joo Bis manner wag very nervous, especially when occasionally prump'ed to remember that be was under oa h. The evidence elicited wa • deemed sufficient to told the men for trial. Sabin was required »o give bail of £i,UUO and the other three in $2,01*1 each. Lawrence, as a wilbers, wa? also repaired to fu:i.lsh baQ in the sum of $-LOJU. UW INTELLIGENCE. ‘iLe ficodjcar Patent—Action in Di vorce Cases—Judgments—Aew Suits—Criminal Business. The business in the Courts progresses smoothly toward the closing up of causes. Some, which have quite an Cage upon their respective dockets, are being cleared off, to the saii.-faction of litigants. It it almost more pleasant to lose a cate than to remain In sunpmi&e during a series ot jiars. In the UNITED STATES Cir.CVTT COURT. Judge Dtumtnond decided the Ci*e of the Bard Rubber Company agaiu-t the deudrts. under the Goodyear patent, mentioned on rhiirsday, ny granting an injunction. <o be dissolved at tae cad of ten days, by the de ei dai.ts gJving bond. This order was made, not tbat the company migh* co;n l>el other dentists to take out licenses, but tbat it might obtain from them security (m case the Goodyear patents should be >u-talued) without the necessity of bringing more suits. lb:se cases were brought against Drs. Allpoct and Botuiuger. CLECt'fT COURT. Tm «l>. DmmU O / t.. . . ll . .1 In the Circuit Court (Judge William*,) the basi nets transacted was as.ioiiovig; Chaurccy C. Wilkinson vs. G orge Whitbeck. Case, brought to rccuvci lor alleged enm . con. Rilh th*iwiie of the plaintiff, wuj js partv defend ant in a divorce proceeding. Dismissed! In the divorce case, burnh J. Wilkinson with drew her answer denying -be adultery with which she is charged, and the bill was referred to the master. Gtorre Rofenbergcr vs. Frederick Kuhn, at tacKment. Dismissed. The same v». me tame cud Charles Fels. case. Some Older. fcamuel Kilham etal. vs, Robert Belhy ct al. BUI lor injunction. Rule on complainant to show cause by Monday ncx why be tnuuld not be re* -qnired to Ml additional i junction bund. Caspar Pfcider, Ta le Arc., v*. Gt-orge T- De- Roe cl ah bill; caa-e heard and dictee tor com plainant. Appeal taken. William S. Sampson vs. Elizabeth Sampson. Divorce proceeding. Dismissed. Andrew Ortmayer, Wii Urn V. Kav and William H. Zmner ve» Charles W. Schmid, assumpsit. Dismisr-rd. An attachment Issued agaippt W. F. Noysfor ton-attendance as a jn'or. under summons. * Ipcatz Herzog vs. Leonard liotbgarber. Dill Ect for heating Tuesday next. Christopher Flnetcr re. Henry Ktmpmanr. At tachment- Judgment against Moses & Godfrey. Soydacker garnishees fors MS.G3 N. J. Brown vs. t hicago <k Alton Railroad Com pany. Appeal contlnuen. Christian G. Axcrbeck v.». Andrew Robbins. Ejectment. Plaintiff lakes a njn-suik The new EOils were: William Niederzany vb. Peter Bulger. Trespass on the ca- c e. Damages $3,090, wild cajnix. To recover lor false arrest, etc., on charge of robbery. Tbe common law brauch of the Superior Court Is still occupied in the trial of the cause men tioned on Saturday—of Joseph L. Jenccgan vs. N. P. Igiebart and Aaron 1.. Botvcu ; assumpsit. The orccr business was as follows: Francis M. Wood vs. Simon K. Johnson; as sumpsit. Default and judgment for $1,511.06, of the inth instant, set aside and leave given to plead. Will-am 2L Doane ct al. vs. Ehenczer Cheney, JohnL. Post and D. J. Board; assumpsit. Dis- JD'BSed- Thomes W. Weaver vs. Edward I. Tlnkham and John C. Ambler; assumpsit. Default 01 Piukham and judgment against him ior $269. The bnsiotas transacted by Judge Jameson was as follows: Mary A. Groendyckc vs. Asa T. Groendvcke. Bill lor divorce, the particulars on both which wore published last week. Cros* bill dis missed and leave to amend the answer by ttnkmg out the allegation of complainant's prior mar riage. John bchouber ts. Charles Sheer and John and Cornelias Ryan. BUI for injuucaoo. Deiault of Cornelius Ryan. Elizabeth J. Varnell vs. John H. Varnell. BUI for divorce. Decree. The ne* this Court were Morris Scbncr et at. vs. Louis Williams. As sumpsit. Damages SSOO. Charles Uansell vs. E and W. Goodkind. As sumpsit. Damages S3.(K)J. COUNTT COrUT. The boeinesi in the County Coart wa» as fol lows; Estate of Cyras P. Bradley. Claim of Charles W. Seeley for $ JILTS allowed. Estate of Henry Smiih. Will admitted to pro* bate and letters to Mehlon I), and William B. Ogdon is individual Loud of fItI.OXJ. Estate of Alfred Id. \\ liiiscy. Claims for $11.25 allowed. Estate of John Carrothcrs. Claims allowed for $ 07.03. Thomas Hnjrhes brought before the Coart a». the sail of White & Damon on petition allegin': his insolvency, was remanded to the castody of the Sheriff. EEConDEc'e court. The business in this Court for the March term has about closed. Vanburen lias set this rooming at ten o'clock to bear motions for new trials. At elevtu o’clock the couvicied prisoners wid bo ecut-mced- Tlie jury was yesterday dis charged for tbe term. William Kciderganz and T. Miller; robbery; verdict of not guilty. Tbe accused parties were convicted at a lormer term or the Court, and this lea new trial. John Van Horn, assault with Intent to murder. Case continued by agicement, aid set for bearing on the first Thursday of tne April term. THE SOCTHtE.'V SUFFERERS. Appropriation of SI 9 OOO by tbe Board of Trade for Their itcliefi Abont one o'clock yestetday the Board of Trade was called to order by the President, John C. Dore, Esq., who addressed them as follows: At the commencement of oar commercial year, which will close with tbe present month, mu in debtedness of Ibis Board, together with obliga tions altcrwards a-tumed, amounted to abuat twelve thousand dollars. One-half of all this indebtedness, ard we hope some what more, will be cancelled daring the present year. I make this statement in order to enable you to vote intelligently upon a resolution for r< lief which will shortly be ode red. And - lest some of you. under the impulse, might vote dlfibrunlly than after consideration, allow me to say n word. All the world knows that tne re bellion ended In the defeat of our enemies, and, when conquered, Ihcv found themselves dread fully impoverished. Their misfortunes came not singly. Their seed time came, but their harvest came not. Onr enemies and our friends, both whiles and blacks, men, women and children, arc now prostrate, helpless, naked and hungry, and wlih a wail ol anguish they turn to us. whom the Lord has blessed with most abounding plenty, with longing eyes and outstre-ebed bands, im ploring help. Shall wc pai® by on the other side? God forbid I Shad we not help them f Yes let ns help them ;It fs blessed to give, ibis Board is on record for Its many loyal deeds In the coun try’s extremity. Let ns go on record again in compassion foronr lellow-ruen id distress. Make a contribution, however small it be; not that we Lope that it mav return to m» after many days, but ns dictated by'that butter impal-c of onr nature which touches the heart with sympathy for all sufienng humanity, regardless c,t-nationality, re gardless of religious opinion, of politics or of color. | Cheers, f The golden rule knows no condition. Gentle men, 1 am aware that this'Board os an associa tion, being hi debt, cannotadord to make a large donation, but 1 am desirous that this Board in its corporate capacity shall do something, as an earn est of its sympathy. And it does not require, tinder the circumstances. a large donation to do this. lam aware, gentlemen, that you are called upon often to contribute, bnt such an appalling calamity as this, does not nfit-n occur in this coun try. There is a wail of woe that comes up from all this desolate country: if yoa could we it yon would not withhold. us not, there fore, turn a deaf ear to It. Gentlemen, id this coble, this loyal. setf-sa crificlng. unflinching, brave Board of Trade, as Ita numerous battle* ci C6 fibow, become no less distinguished for I*B generosity, for ita magnanlmitr.-tor lu sympathy for all in a isfress In (he time of peace. | Cheers.] Colonel John L. Hancock, moved that the Board donate one thousand dollars for the benefit of the enfieiirgnoorof the Sooth. r. L. underwood moved to make It five thou* sand. The Prceldect said ‘hat they had taken the mat ter under consideration, and In about two weeks they would have a statement of finances, when they would be able to do more If deemed ad visable. Mr. Besley said the Board bad a membership of almost fifteen honored, and if each individual member only paid two dollar* ft would make a contribution of three thousand. Would they not put their bands into their pockets and pay this small amount } The President said that the associative appro priation would, not hinder any member or other Individual from giving in addition. A thousand dollars given from an empty treasury was more than five thousand from a lull on l ’. Mr. Underwood «=«id that a thousand dollars over the whole South would do but little. Be hoped the Board would do nothing short of five or ten thousand ; they should do something in accordance with the character they had gained previously, end they could make it up by an as sessment at the annual meeting. - - The President suggested a? a better way that each gentleman present should tax himself five or tm dollars and pay the money on the spot. He did not think they could do more In their corpo rate capacity as they were in debt He would, however, be glad- to see a much larger amount raised, and would contribute bis share. Colonel Hancock moved that the members present pay five dollars each. Carried. Co.oncl Hancock then moved tbe appropriation of the one thousand dollars by the Board. Mr. Underwood moved to appropriate another thousand. A division was ordered on this ques tion, but the ayes and noes heingso nearly equal, it was decided to defer the co’underatlon or the matter till ten minutes before one o'clock to-day. And ihcjßoaro adjourned. COMMON COUNCIL. OFFICIAL REPORT. Special 31cctictr, Chicago, March IC, ISC7. Present— His Honor the Mayor, and Aldermen Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolf. Wicker, Wilmaitb, Calkins, Fincacan. Hatch, Wallwork, iloore, Schuler, Rafferty. Talcott, Woodward, Blxhy, Holden, Ackboff, Gasiflcld, Huntley, IVondfoot, Fraczen, Unh, Engel, Shacklord, Law son, Clark, O'Sullivan. AOunt -Aldermen Barrett, Kaun, Friable, Rus sell. ecu. CALL. The Clerk read the call fur the meeting, wh T cb on motion of Aid. Clark was Placed ou file. tax coxanssioNcii. The Mayor said, I desire to say that on Monday evening last 1 nominated to this Council, C. N. Leiden. Ksq.. as Tax Commissioner. By the vote of the Council the nomination was rejected. Jihis since appeared to me that a comber of tbe votes cast against tbe nomination were so cast because the Council were not, at the time, in postes ion of a ceiti&ed copy 01 tbe amendments to the City Charter—in other words, the Council did not know whether the law bad been passed by which this office was created ard under which this appointment was to be made. Believing that to be the truth, and haring no desire to enter into any of these matters save as my duty requires, I think it proper, now, to withdraw the curoc of W. IJ. Barley, Esq., whom I nominated secondly—he being second on the l>et—and again nominate C. N. Holden, Esq., as Tax Commissioner of the City of Chicago. Aid. Holocu moved that the nomination be con firmed. Aid. CJa’V, Talcott, Huntley, D’Wolf and Ack boil made f-talcmci-ls in relation lo their action on the snl'i^ct. Aid. Bizby presented n commnnicaUon from S. P. Walker, ol the Chicago Firemen’s lDßnraT>co Company, in relation 10 the condnc'- of C. N. Hol den, Esq., as Secretary of said company. J-aiu outhe table. The question tbtn being on the confirmation of the nomination of C. N. Holdup, Eaq.. as Tax commissioner ol the city tf Chicago, u was so cocfiimcd by the following vote: Ayes —Ala. Knickerbocker. Cos, Carter, Wick er, Wilmarth, hinnnean. natch. Wallwork.Moore, r-cbulcr, Wocdaid. Bixbv. Bolden, Huntley, Prondfoot, Frauzen, Rub, Lawson, mark, O’Salu van—2o. Aoes— Aid D’Wolf, Calkins. Rafferty, Talcott, AckLofi, Sliackfonl—l3. INSPECTORS OP ELECTION, ETC. *.iUA -VIWIM V* JaWiLUViI, The Mayor, by request of Aid- Bixby. asked tbat the nanus of A. G. Lull and Michael Me- Auley be gnoptlinted fjrthoee of C. G. Cross and J. W. Bovdcn, as Inspectors of Election for the firpt district—inuh Ward. Aid. Woodard moved that the substitution be made, as requested, and The motion prevailed. Aid. Calkins moveu tbat the place of voting in tic second district—Fourth Ward, be changed trom engine house No. », to the uew Police Sta tion in said district. Carried. Aid. Frarzcn moved that the name cf Thomas Kelly be subsistnled for that of Km. Walzea bscb, as Inspector of Election for second district — l Thirteenth Ward. 1 Demotion prevailed. —— —* i—VI.U4I JUCCU.VU. salazhes. Aid. D* Wolf moved that a select committee of two Aldermen from each Division of ide city, be appointed to consider and report to the next regu lar meeting of this Council, in relation to toe sala ries of fax Commissioner, Assessors and Board of Health. The motion prevailed, and the Mayor appointed as euch commutes. Aid. Clark, Lawson, Wicker, Calkins, Bixby and Schuler. PETITIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS. Aid. Clark, by unanimous consent, presented a icport fiomtbe Board of Public Woiks, asking the passage ol an accompanying ordinance to aimni an assessment.for the reconstruction of a sidewalk on the west side of Ada street, between Lake sue-1 and Depot place, which, on motion of Aid Ktickei Docker, was Referred to Committee on Streets and Alleys, W.D. Petition of Pleasant Am:ck. and others, pray ing for ihe passage of an accompanying ordi nance pro\ idmg for the inspection of steam boil ers, which, on motion of Aid- D’Wolf, was Refen cd to Committee on Harbor and Bridges. Petition of William Fry, for five scavengers’ license, which, on motion of Aid. Wicker, waa i.clerred to me Mayor, with power to art. Aid. Lawson presented a communication cover ing an ordinance to amend Chapter XLVTL of the Revised Ordinances of the City of Chicago, which, on motion ul Aid. Law-eon, was Deterred to the Committee on Police. Communication from Dank! O’Uara. Clerk of the Recorder’t Court, asking the Council to fur i.ich the names of five hundred good and lawful men to svneas Grand and Petit Jurors in said Court. Aid. Carter moved that those Aldermen who tod rot already larnkbed lists of nam* s bo re quested to do so at the next regular meeting of Hie Council. The motion prevailed. Official bold of Pleasant Annick, Assessor of the West Division. Alfl.D’Woh moved that the bond be referred to the Mayor. Carried. Communication from Aid. Proudfoot, asking lor tbe extension of the Fire Alarm l elegrapain the Norihjlivision. Aid. Clark moved that tbe communication be lelcrrcd to tbe Committee on Fire and Water, and ibe motion prevailed. REPORTS OF STANDING COMMITTEES, rzs&xcE. Aid. Holden, of the Committee on Finance, lo whom had tx-co referred the petition of E. D, 1,. Sweet and otheis for tbe remission of a fine to Ed«rtd Vandcrcook, submitted a report recom* mending the rcaa.-sloa of tbe eum of ten dollars. Aid. Clark moved to concur in tbe report, and The motion orevtilcd by the following vote; Ave*~- AM. Knickerbocker, Cor, Carter, D‘Wolf; Wicker. Wilmarlh, Calkins, Finnncan, Hatch, Wsllwork, Mcorc, Scbolcr, Rafferty, Talcotf, Woodard, Blxby, Holden, AckhotE, Gastfield, Huntley, Piondfoor. Ftanzco. Rnh, Engel, shack ford. Lawson, Clark, O’Sullivan—23. A'oet —None. Also. of the same committee, to whom had been referred the petition of J. H. Dole for compensation for the Jof b ot a horse and carriage by tbe breaking dovnoJ Ilueb street bridge, BUbu<ltted a report recommending that the prayer of tne petition be not granted. Ala. Hartley moved to concur in the report, and The motion prevailed. Also, - of the Fame committee, to whom bad been re fined the petition ot James It) an for the remis sion of a fine, .-cbmittcd a report adverse to tbe prayer of ihe petition. Aid. D’WUf moved to concur in the report. Carried. Also. of the Fame committee, to whom had been referred the pedlicn of T. B. Bridges, ashing payment of costs Ji-curred by him m the case of the City of Chicago vs. Elcb, submit!' d a report recommend ing that the costs, amounting to $22 90, be paid. Aid. Clark moved to concur in tbe report, and Tremotion prevailed, by the following vote: Aors —Aid. Knickerbocker, Coil Carter, D’Wolf. Wicker, Wilxnanb. Calkins. Finnncan, Batch, Wallwork, Moore, Schuler, Rafferty, Tal cotL, Woodard, Bixby, Holden, Ackhoff, G&stfleld, Huntley, Proudfoot. Rub, Shackford, Lawson, Clark, O’Sullivan—27. you— Aid. Fronzen—l. Also, Of the same committee, to whom had been refer red sundry bills of U. P. Harris and others, for DiCdlcal attendance, Ac., submitted a report recommending tbe passage of an accompanying order. Aid. Holden moved that tbe blank in the order be filled by inserting the name of U. P. Harris. Carried. Aid. Knlckcrbockermoycd that the report and bids be recommitted to Committee on Finance. Aid. Ackhoff moved to lay tbe motion of Aid. Knickerbocker on the table- Aid. Knickerbocker demanded the ayes and nocs, and the motion or Aid. Ackholf prevailed by the folio* ing vote : Ayes—Aid. Cos, Wicker, Wilmarfb. Calkins, Finnncau. Wallwork, Moore, Rafferty, Buhy, Holden, Ackhcfl, Ituh, Engel, shackford, Lawson, Clatk, O’-^nlltvau—37. IToeg— Ala. Knickerbocker. Carter, D’Wolf, Hatch, hcbnlcr, iaicotr, Woodard, - Gaatfield, Huntley, Prondfoot, Franzen—ll. Aid. linntley moved to reconsider Ihc vote by which the blank in the order bad been tilled with the name of U. P. Harris. Carried. By uuatiimoca consent, the Committee on Fi nance amended the order by filling the blank with the woids “the proper parties.” Aid. Wicker moved to concur in the report and pa : s the order as amended by the Committee on Finance. Tbe motion prevailed, and the order was passed by the lollowing vole: Ayea—Aid.Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker. Wllmartb, Calkins. Fitmucan. Hatch, Wallwork, Moore, Schuler, RaSerty, Woodard, Buhy, Holden, AckhotT, Gastflcld, Quutlcy, Prondfoot, Franzcn. Hub, Engel, SaacklorU, Lawton, Clark and O'Sullivan—27. A'oee—Aid. Talcort—J. The tollowisg is the order as passed: Ord*rt<U Thai the Comptroller be, and is here by authorized to dmw his warrant on me City Treasurer, in favor ot me proper parties, lor the stun ot two honored and thirty-nine dollars, ana the same to be charged to me Firemen's Belief Fund. STEETTS AN li AXXHT6, 6. P. Aid. Wllmarth, of Committee on Streets and Alleys, S. !>., to whom bad been referred a report and’ordinance for a sidewalk on south side of Twenty-ninth street, from Calumet avenue to Kankakee avenue, submitted a report recom mending the passage of tbe otdfnanco. Aid. Knickerbocker movea to concur in the re port and pass the ordinance. Tbe motion prevailed, and the report waa con curred In and the ordinance passed by ayes and noes,as follows: Aya —Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter,!) Wolf, Wicker, WDinailh, Calkins, Flnnucan, Hatch, Vailwork, Moore, Schuler, HaCcrty, Talcott, Woodard, Bixby, Holden. AckhofT, Gastfhld, Huntley. Ibonarooi, Franzcn, Hub, Engel, Shackiord, Lawson, Clark, O’atUlivan—3B. Abes—K one. Aid. Carter, of Committee on Streets and Al leys, South Division, to whom bad been referred a report and oidlnance rorcnrblng.fillingand paving Ty ler street, from Wells street to Market street, submitted a report recommending that the ordi nance be not passed. Aid. Wicker moved to concur in the report and pass tbe ordinance. The motion prevailed. STHZTTB AJtP ALLEYS. JT. P. Aid. Shscktord, oi the Committee on Streets and Alleys, North Division, to wnom bad oeen relem-d a icport and ordinance for improving Chicago avenue, from Clark street to Pine street: a report tod ordinance for improving Chicago avenue, from Clark street to the river, with sun dry petition* for, and remonstrances against, th same, submitted a report recommending ttiatal docoments relating to the matter be referred to the Board of Public Works, with the request to report the came again to the Conn cil as soon as possible In path manner as will conform to the recent amendments to the city charter concerning special ass. temcnls. Aid. Wicker moved to concur in the report. Carried. rrtuc bcildiscs. Aid. Carter, of the Commi.lee un Public Bnild who had been requested to examine the rooms occupied by the health officer, and report to the Council what changes were necessary, or what additional ftmiitnre was needed, submitted a report recommending that the subject matter ber*lcrri d to Ibc new Boaid 01 Health. Aid. bthuler moved to concur in the report, and Ihe motion prevafled. rKFJKUUSS bottom. ComnumcaUon from A’d. Knickerbocker en- 1 closing draft of an ordinance for the better reiru* la'ion ofKlgbt Scavengers within the limit* of the dly ol Chicago, and asking Its passage; laid on the table February 25, VBC7. , • Aid. Knickeroockcrimorad'that the roles be suspended and the ordinance pat upon its pas* sage, and demanded the ayes and noes thereon, iho motion was loatby ayes and noes, as fol* lows;- - . . - Aye a—Aid. Knickerbocker. Cor, Carter, D’Woit Pinnocan, Rafferty, Talcott, Bizby, Holden, Ack boft,' Gostfleld.Proodloof, Franzen, Lawson—l 4. lice*— Aid. Wicker. Wllmartb, ('alkies. Hatch, Wallwork, Moore, bcholer. Woodard, Hnniiev. Cob, Engel, Shackford, Clark. O’SnMvan—l4. The ordinance was then .referred to the Clerk for engrossment, nnder the rule*. 1 •U3JOUBJOOOT. Aid. Wallwork moved that the Council do now adjourn. Tbe motion prevailed, and Ihe Council stood adjourned. A. 3L BODMAN, City Clerk, Belief to Needy Soldiers and tbelr Hu milieu. To the People of Chicago s Ills already known that during the winter a committee, appolmcd by the soldiers resident here, have bad m charge the relief of destitute sol diers end their families. By the old of some con tribntlocßfrom Udlvldnals. but chiefly through the liberality of the proprietors of places of pub lic amnf uncut, in the way of “benefits,".a con siderable sum has been realized, and dispensed by tbe committee to the necessitous, almost in variably to tbe absolute necessaries of life—not in money. 'Jhe Institution of this committee and its opera tions have developed a far greater number of mer itorious applicants lor aid than were supposed to be found in Chicago. There ate now on the books of tbe committee, to whom supplies are issued weekly, eighty-eight lamibes, of whom iorty arc soldiers (Ernorably discharged); fifty-nine wid ows of soldiers, and two hundred and twenty-lour children. This comber—three hundred and twenty-throe persons—ls increasing weekly. It must be borne in mind that tbe Soldiers* Berne is lor soldiers only—not for their wives or children. Many of the lorty soldiers named above arc cripples, or are enfeebled by disease contract ed in the service of the country. They cannot, of course, abandon their families to find a refuge In (he Soldiers' Home. The- lands realized heretofore aro'complclely ex hausted; and for two weeks post the Vourg Men's CbristlanAsgoctatlon have generously responded to the request of the Committee ol Soldiers, and have paid lor the supplies Issued. The necessities of the people are very pressing. Ihe appealing look, the tremulous voice and quivering Ups of applicants tor relief, admonish tbe Dispensing Committee that they cannot remit, bn*, on the contiary, must renew and increase their efforts. It is believed that the relation ofone incident will bo sufficient to illustrate the necessity for, and In duce a prompt exhibition of that spirit of benevo lence wuich is known to exM in an eminent de gree among the citizens of Chicago. A lady neatly, but thimy clod, applied on a very cold day for relief for herself aud children. Her nppeaiame led the committee to doubt whether she really was needy, ana one of their number vis ited ber residence. She was found living in a basement, in the midst ol winter, without fuel or provbfons, her children wrapped m the scanty bed ciothing they possessed to keep them from ft cozing, while their mother, a soldier's widow, was out looking for work. Other cases, equally distressing, might be cited, hut we believe itnn necessary to do so, or to make an argument to the people of Chicago showing (heir obligations to tbe needy defender* of tho Gov ernment,' At a second meeting, to con sider Ibc best means of securing funds, notoniy for pr< sent necessities, but foi some time Co come, It was resolved, among other things, that a com mittee be appointed to canvass the cityiorsub hcriptlons. to be paid in monthly instalments. That committee cons! tn of the following named ficrfons, any of whom arc duly authorized to col ect subscriptions. Others may hereafter receive such authority but to guat a against imposition, the public wiV. plea e sec that any sack have written authority from the chairman of tho com mittee: NOSTH DIVISION. I. Rullehaaser, Basbrnuck Davis, A. F. Slovcneon, E. F C. KloUkc, William S. Swan, Jonn McCarthy, •Joseph Stockton, J. B. Filch, J. U. A. Bar tela, Peter Dai d, Louis Scbuffncr, Jbhn il. Peck. SOUTH DIVISION. R. M. Bough, W. B. Sca’es. A. C. McClurg. H. B. Dox, J. L. Beveridge, b. H. Whittlesey, M. R. M. Wallace, B. W. Phllnps, 1. O. Ocborne, R. A. Gillmorc, T. M. Thompson,- A. W, Edwards, John Mason Loomis, Julios White. WEST DIVISION, R. W. Smith, Major Carpenter, John McArthur, 7«. 11. Drury, J. 8. Reynolds, William Quinton, Charles E. Moore, M. Kauffman, U. L. Mann, £, S. Salomon, Charles B. Adams, A. C. Ducat. The committee arc authorized to increase their numoer, and all persons who arc desirous of aid ing it) this work are respectlully invited to report their names toibc Chairman, at No. 83 LaSalle street. The committee aro requested to meet at ‘parlor Iso. 1, Tirmont House, to-morrow (Tuesday) even ing at 8 o’clock, promptly, for the purpose ol per fecting measures lor immediate and vigorous work. By order of the Committee. Julius White, Chairman. House Keutlng. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: 1 observe In one of your cotcmporancs a letter signed “ A Tenant,” suggesting to advertisers of houses to “ state the number of apartments, the location, and especially the rent.” No doubt it would save agents and advertisers from a'great many acnt-ccEsaty calls, and be a boon of gome value to “ bouse hunters.” 1 highly approve of this suggestion, and would in addition throw ont a bint to “ A Xebaci” and every other tenant and bouse hunter in the city, to be in no hurry renting at aovanced rates, or even old rents. I have not seen so mony vacant bouses in Chicago lor five years past, and I estimate the number of new unfinished Louses, which are to be ready for oc cupancy on or about May next, at irom litteeu to sixteen hundred. No class of people get them selves “ cornered” so fmoch as “ house-haulers and tenants.” If Hey would only told ofl rente womd soon tumble down from tbelr present lofty position. a Tenant at Will. Tile Stxtenb Operatic Matinee.— The first of the scries of btevens matinees was givcu at food’s Museum yeslerdny afternoon, to a large audience, with a large programme and a large number of performers. The vocal parts were in hands ol the Orpheus Club, a mile quartette who tang some everyday music In a manner neither better nor worse than the average of quartePe ringers; Mrs. Carnugton, who Is still open to ail ibe faults we have oe;ore mentioned, acd will persist in doing beiseli Injustice by attempting operatic arias; Mrs. Pratt, an amateur with very bad faults; Mr. Sloau, a very fair basso, slid Mr. Ncilson, the tenor di gracla, who has a very light but sweet voice. The vocal parts of tue programme acre all com monplace, and the orchestra! playing would have been better had the players rehearsed more thor oughly. The really enjoyable members or the concert were the rendition of bchuoert’s Serenade by McstiScLcwu, Root and Robjobn (vlollo,cab ii’«l piano) and the claironct solo (Mr. Zeucb) with Bieytspiaak’s elegant accompani ment. Ibirc is great room for improvement iu luluic matinees, which, we have no doubt, Mr. btevens’ welPknown Industry will supply. As It was the Initial performance, we forbear any at tempts at vivisection, for which th*; opportunities hic laibcr templing, and shad live upon the hope that the remainder of the matinee* will be better. A piece not set down in the programme was en acted which brought the boose down. During one of Mr. Neileon’s pieces an unfortunate baby, in the balcony, ol an enterprising spirit, got Its bead wedged in between tbe supports of the bal cony mil, and unable to get it back set op a scream not exactly in tune with NeiUon and kept It op for some miuntes, while its parents were endeav oring to get ibe bead back and thus prevent am putation. The lingers might have learned a use ful lesson as far as power, life and spirit were concerned, from the unfortunate youugetcr. LooKnro fob His Snomm.—Between one and two o’clock yesterday morning a policeman found George Osborn looking for his brother, who he said was a painter, living on Archer road. His confused manner upon being questioned re sulted in his being locked np. He bad Inblspos-ea tiou a written appeal to the charitable of this city, by which it appears that be was making his living by tbe deaf and dumb dodge, though he beard and talked without difficulty when brought before the Police Court. Tbe pathetic document alluded to was plainly written with a lead pencil on a piece or note paper, and punctuated with great ca:e. It read: “The bearer, George Osborn, a deaf and dumb man. came to (bis city last week, expecting to live and get work with hisbrctner, who, he finds, is lately dead. He Is without meat a, and is cow trying to raise enough to rake him back to his friends at Springfield. Canyon help him a little?” Attached to tbo piper was ten or twelve nance of subscribers, tbe more lib eral of whom had given twenty-five cents, while those in the possession of only moderate means, save fire cents. Wbeu questioned regarding the life of that paper, Osborn remarked that its rep resentations were in part true, as be was slightly deaf in his left ear. ibc State Legislature having adjourned, the fact that be was on bis way to Springfield was not considered ss mlihaTng against him, and he escaped with a Hue of {2O. A PnonauLß BonncnT.—A man named Ter rence Clark was arrested on Sunday morning, ap parently much intoxicated. Ho was trying to get into a building, and eaid be was freezing and going lo die. At the Police Court yesterday morning he appeared to be extremely ill. He stated that be was subject to fits, and that on Sat urday ever Ing be anlved in this city from Mar seilles, LaSalle County, Illinois, and was oa his way home, which is at Evans’ Mills, Jefferson County, New York. Thai evening hi met a man whom he used to know as a saloon-keeper in Os wego, New York, with whom he drank once or twice, alter which be remembered but lirtlcfor some time, except that bo was attacked bv one of the paroxysms to which be Is subject. When be enme to bis senses he found himself lying on tbe ground iu bis sbtrl sleeves, with an old coat lie side him. Of {233 in money that ho had when ho came to the city, not a cent was iefr, and he bad also been robbed of a broadcloth coat He was discharged. Testimonial to a Faithful Teachth.— I The ladles of Wm. Lawrence's Union Sand Bible Class at the Second Baptist Church, desirous of showing their appreciation of Mr. L. and his “belter balT* by some substantial token, took possession of her boose, on Tnesday last, undlaid down an elegant Brussels carpet, and Jell a purse of SSO, to complete tbe famishing of her parlor. These gilts, most worthily and cheerfully be stowed, were handsomely recognize! by Hr. La •• tence at the session ol bis class on Sabbath morn ing. Those who contributed Lave been Invited to a boose-warming on Friday evening next, when me accustomed large-hearted hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence will be enjoyed by a happy company who lure their teacher and his wife. Disobdeblt Saloons.— John O'Dowd, a saloon keeper on Indiana street, was fined SCJ at the Police Court yesterday morning for the general disorderly character of his house on Sunday night. Dandng was In progress, and tbenoUcof the revellers was heard at some distance Seven inmates of the place were fined f 4 each, it is the same establishment that a parly of supposed thieves were arrested Irom last week, O'Dowd being of the number, but there was not sufficient evidence to bold them. Michael Kelly, another saloon-keeper on the same street, was Used {ls lor keeping a place ol similar disorderly character, except Us not betas Blhiol rendezvous. Mnomen who were “palled’* at the same tunc were permitted to pay 91 each. Exposing His Pebeon.—On the testimony of a legal gentleman residing in the West Division, a yonng man named John Hiller, from Lennawce County, Michigan, was brought before the Police Court yesterday morning, and committed for trial in bail of 94U0, upon the charge of exposing bis person. It was in evidence that this conduct of Hiller occurred about 5 o'clock on Saturday after noon at a distance of seven or elent rods from the dining-room windows of the witness. LxncENiEß.—William Wilson, charged at the Police Court yesterday morning with stealing a valieefrom a room in the New York ilousc, the proper! v of John 8. Dcßurhc, was held for lurtbcr examination Ibis morning to bail of 1410, Anna Murphy, a servant employed at No. 49 Bush street, lor the larceny of several aiticles of clothing, vas held tor trial In bail of SIOO. Rats.—Thomas Mack was fined $5 at the Police Court yesterday morning, lor (roubles which oiiclnattd in the lact that bo was a •* Union” printer and the other man whom bo kicked out of a saloon was a “rat,” Rats were not be tol erated. Finn.—The alarm of fire rung from box No. 61 yesterday, a btllo beioic noon, was caused by the partial destination ot a small one-story irame building situated near ttte comer of Ktnzie Canal streets. Ibe damage amounted tq less than (SO. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL iIOHETAEY. Mohsat Etxkdto. .March 18. • The following is tn exhibit of the Doziness of the Snb-Trcaeury in this dty for the week ending March 16. Customs Miscellaneous Total. Ppccifl! warrants... DUburtiug officers. Total. C01e.... Currency. . Total. 1507,603.34 Last week. 426,188,43 There Is nothing tn the tone or condition of the Money market differing from unr report of yester day. Loanable lands for legitimate purposes are In excess of the demand, and some of the conser vative banks are temporarily investing tbelr sur pins curreucyln Government securities. There Is a good speculative demand for Money; but bor rowers of this kind do not meet with much favor, unless their paper Is short-dated and backed by the most unexceptionable collaterals. There was a good demand for Exchange, and the market was firmer, with sales between banka at 25@40 cents premium. The counter rates were ett ady at par buying and 1-10 premium selling. Flour was firmer, but not quctably higher. Wheat was 2c better on No. 1, and 3@4c on No. 2 Spring. Com was irregular at an advance of 2®Bc. Oats Improved 401 c. Rye was 7®Bc higher. Barley ruled firm.-Mess Fork advanced 124 c. Bulk Meats were quiet. Lard was active end He higher. Seeds were firm. Gold was a trifle easier to-day. The-market opened at 1344, advanced to 131 H, and closed at 134 Jj. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., Gold brokers: lOtSOa.m 184$ 12:00m 131 y, 10:15 a. m 1314 i&sup. mill 11:00 a. m 1344 2:00 p.m 131)4 11:15 a. m 1344 S:00p. m ISi 1 ! 11:80 a. m 134** 8:15p. m 131*1 21:43a. m 1344 8 Here the market was quiet with very little offer ing. Tbe brokers were buying nearly all day at 134, but at the close there were no buyers over ICSJ£, Silver was nominal at 1230137—the upper figure for largo. Ihe Public Funds were m good demand, and prices were generally better. Thefollowingsbowa the closing prices to-day, compared with the tbree previous oays: Thor. Fri. Sat. M-*n. Sixes of’6l 109}* Iffjl* Uflw ioui: Tire-Twenties. ’CI 1094 109,4 209*4 1094 Five-lwen ies, ’O4 1074 11*74 11f74 10744 Five-Twenties, ’OS 1074 1074 1074 1074 Ten-ForUe!* 974 ff»4 07Ji £evcc-Thirties, August.lW>4 1054 1054 lUO4 Scven-Toirlles, Jane. ...1054 1« 54 1054 losu Sevcn-Tiilriies, July ...1054 1054 1054 1054 New Five-Twenties.... 1064 IOG4 lOCR 1094 Here there was an active demand, bat tbomove meat was eilght, owing to the meagre offerings. Five-Twenties »ro scarce, and cannot be had m a large way. We quote: GOTznsitzaT sccuumxs— cmcAoo seackht. Buying. Soiling. D. S. Sizes, of 1881 ll»K joy« U. S. 5-20 e, ISC2 100 1098 U. 5.5-20e.lSCI 107 W io7«t U. S. 5-‘ids, 16C5 107jf lfß‘ S U. 5.5-2UB, ’CS and ’C6 (new)....1002* 107 D. S. B-2Gs, small lOOUffiIOS U. s». 10-K's, large 97« «jg U. S. 10-lOs, email 07 .... U. S. 7-30 s, Ist series lusjf 106 U. S. 7-808, 2d series ....1 l%u lUS« U. S. 7-30 s, 3a senes 106^ U. S. 7-308, small 101X@lCC!.i Compounds, June, 1801 H7j2 “ July, ISM new .... “ Aug., ISM llfl - “ Oct., L-C4 115 “ Dec., ISM 114 “ May, 1565 112 Ang., IBCS iiiw w Sepu, ISO 3 110J4 OCU 1805 no Locals are in belter demand. We quote the buying rates as follows: Chicago City 7, Buying. Cook Coun>y 7s «*jj/ Chamber of Commerce —Notwithstanding the seeming absurdity of the proposition, il is stated that the bills of a broken National Bank now command a premium, ani the reapoa given lor this apparent anomaly is said by Ifcc Boston Advertiser to bo found In the fact that the limit or circulation allowed by law has been reached without giving all the banks In the coun try an amount of circulation corresponding to thcirciedit. This paper says: A bank, however, can obtain notes from lh“ Government on surrendering an equivalent amount of currency, wweb is not to be re-lssned. As soon, therefore, as a bank breaks, its bill-arc sought alter by other banks which wish to enlarge their circulation, and the demand arisin'* irom this cause Is sufficient to pnt them at a premium, which has sometimes ranged os high a* one per cent. A very brief period of circulation is enough to repay the premium to the purchasing bank, and as the new bills rarely return to the bank issuing them It very soon realizes a hand some profit on its investment. —The Boston Advertiser of Friday says: There has been quite an active demand for mon ey to-day, but borrowers In good standing have generally found accommodation without much difficulty, lucre la moieor less uneasiness fell In financial circles, lu view of the present condi tion of the business of the country, which the oc casional large failures which are made public serve to perpetuate. There was au unusual press ure among commission bouses to realize upon their goods in New York to-day, ana standard sheetings are said to have declined one centner yora* •the impression prevails that a consider abi-> decline in the price of cotton goods must soon take place. We learn that there has been considerable ex citement in Providecca in consequence of the failure of Orray. Taft i Co. for <I,SUU,(KMi, and that ofAma-a Manton for about SUU),UOd, and Bailey f° r $500,030, ana much anxiety has becu lelt for the safety of others whose business is con siderably extended, but a more quiet feeiim* pre vails and no more trouble la now anticipated. —The New York Journal ot Commerce , in com menting on the “close communion” policy of the Treasury officials and the rumored gold sales on tnc part ofibc Government, remarks : But there can he no reason why the general pub lic noi engaged In these specula ions should con sent any longer to the derangement ol their busi ness by their constant interference with me mar ket, and ue ore not surprised, therefore, that they ate daily becoming mute and more restive wmie U continue*. Itmakua no difference whether or not there arc any actual sales of gold from the Treasury, a rumor ofa sale is enough to npsei all proper business calculations, aud to derange en tirely the best laid plans of ibe whole mercantile community. No such discretion should be left to ary Government official; and, if the majority in Congress wish to prevent a panic endiu<* in a financial c/a*h, they bad better take this hist without delay. —Tbe Bnlirh Board of Trade retarns for the past year have been Bened. Tfteyahowihe total valno of exportations to bate been i‘l?.-.827,T*5 which is fonrtecnperceit over the total of the ceding year, and eighteen percent over that of icCl. Ihe amount of shipments of cotton manufactures was {60,665.022, being an increase ot lolrty per cent in value and t»tn'y-cighr percent In quantl tv on those of the preceding year. Ha'*erdaihe.-y shows an Increase of eoven per cent, linen manu factures an increase of flvo per cent, woollen mauultclnres five and a halfpor cent, and Iron manufactures ten per ant. The imports of cotton timing tic year were 12,295,602 cwr, against 8,731.W9 in 15C5 Of Oils total, 4,013,2711 cwt were troro tto Unif-a States, against 2,212,790 in 1563. and 125.822 in 1661. —The following are the footings of the last Bos ton bank statements, with those of the two pre vious returns:— „ „ , Mch 11. Mch 4. Feb. 25. Capital sii,!wa,otiu f1i. , J0".00-'i $ ti,90u,000 Loam 92,078,075 95,(50,727 83,332.900 Specie 693,447 9jQ,f*7 m-PA I-egal-Ten. Notes. 13.719,479 35,9?8,103 13.711.0 P! Due from olh. bkß 13,696.091 13,736,471 13 27:1.506 Duo to other bks. 12,030,437 12.821,208 12,013 »J 8 Deposits 30,112,052 t8,51G,573 37,897,963 Circulation Circulation (Slate) 289,538 201,437 803,228 —An experienced and Intelligent officer of one of the largest banka in Philadelphia, sends the Ledgertbc followlngvery comprehensive rules for bank government, which, if faithfully observed, we feel assured bank failures would seldom occur and spccnla'lons and frauds would he almost iu -possible. They arc as follows: 1. Divide the Board of Directors Into two com mittees ; 2. Let these commillees, alterna’cly. once a mouth at lost, go to the bank at 3 o’clock, zri/A outnvUee to President, Cashier or anybody else, and count the cash 3. Twice a year at least let the whole Board ex nminelbc entire a-sets tuoronghlyauamako a de tailed report for their minutes. 4. Let the discounted paper acd notes deposit ed for collection he examined in part occasionally, ictrhouc notice, say, take any day or any week of days, and, with the ’• Tickler ’ln hand, require the production of the paper described. 5- Do (be same wito regard to other securities and investments or the bank. C. Rotate the Individual Ledger Look-keeper quarterly, by drawing lots, and if there he no other nay of chancing the General Ledger Book keeper, include him in the relation os the Indi vidual Ledgers. 7. Don't set any one mac i stllon as to become imbeddi Cl for other positions In the 8. Once a year ut least ms leg a holiday, and while ab‘ his place. i*. Pav employes liberally. 10. when you are sure any one Is living beyond his uicacs, advance his salary or discharge bun. —The Buffalo Courier eays: The depositors of (he delunct First National Bank of Medina, held a meeting Saturday, and passed a resolution that they would not accept less than flily cents on a dollar. As mat'ers ap pear, there is not much prospect ol gelling thirty cents on a dollar. stay so lone in one po led in hia tracks or an e hank. slat on every man tak iscnt pat a new man in —Tne following* is the statement of tbe Bank of England for the week ending February 27, ISC7: ISSUE DETAimtEKT. Xotes 15fUed.£0U,406,285 Government • Debt £11,015,100 Other Secu rities 3,031,000 Gold Coin & 8u11i0n.... 18,406.335 £33.400,285 BANKING PI Proprietors 1 Capita1....£14,558,0C0 Rest 8,545,031 Public De posits 17,817,021 Seven Day and other Bills 490.403 JPAItTjreST. Government Securities.. £13,111,063 Other Securi ties 33.013,8X9 Notes 11,030,450 Gold and Sil ver Coin... 931,027 £43,171,364 The return from the 4 £43,171.304 Bank of England for the week ending February 27. gives the following re* mils when compared with tbo previous wocek: Circulation issue £33,400,2% Joe. .£123,310 Clrcnlallonactive Jnc... 80,245 labile deposits 0.7/1,059 Jnc... 551,091 Otter deposits 17,W7,031 Due.. 713,133 tiovem&ent sccnriti'P ic hankies dc;-;*.i» ment 1V?:,368 No change. Other !7,Ui5.819 Dec.. 153,531 banking dej. Coin and bi 19,89;',313 Inc. both departments. Seven day ana other bill? 490,163 Inr... 8,315,931 Dec.. 30,333 11,030,450 Inc... 41,955 The Beet. .. Notes in itscrve. .. . Total reserve (notes and coin) in hanking department 12,011,477 Dee.. 1,51 C —1 be latest weekly return of the Bank of France shows the following changes: Coin and bullion Inc. £185,000 .Inc. 1.200 JOO ,lnc. i:H,'»CO .Inc. 1,CII»,0C0 Dec. 307, CPO Dec. 2j,0C0 Bills discounted Government deposits Notes in circulation... Private deposits Advances The slock ot coin and bullion is still rising, but the increase is not so great as daring the previous fortnight. —The rate of interest on the Continent has not materially altered. The following are tho quota- Hons inthe leaning cities: London. 3— 24; Paris, 3—2»g ; Vienna, 4— l; Berlin, 4—34; Frankfort, 34—34; Amsterdam, 34—34; ntrla, s—fl; Brmsels, 3—251; Madrid, C—o; Hamburg, o—2; Bt. Petersburg. 7—B—9 ibe caimnee ot the Erlo Railway for the month of February were: 3507 $917,039.13 1806 937,W35 63 Decrease •-The Michigan Southern IliUroid tuned the first week In March 3SC7. ISCC. Decrease 11,937.00 —The following are the companllvo earnings of (he Chicaco & Rock Island Eallroad for therflra] wecklnJlarch JBS7 13CC .$64,713.00 . 05,681.00 Decrease ..$ 9C300 Comparative earnings .of the Western Union Railroad for the first week In March 1807, 15C6. • S 7,121.22 .110,973.12 .<143,093.31 .* 52123 - 6,157.06 Increase Prom Jtnnarr 1 to March 7: 15*?.....'. - |75,«9 1860 89,0T7 <0,673.69 .<270,606.47 . 236,938.37 Decrease. The following arc the comparative earning.* of the Michigan Central Railroad for the first week In March: Increase. Rates oPisanitASCEoy Elevatous asd Guais at Chicago.—lte following rates of Insurance on S ram elevators wore adopted on Thursday last by' e unanimous vole oi the Board of Underwriters ’ ofßutlaJo: !.■ Building. Contents. Central A 300 230 - ** B 300 259 Armour, Bole & Co.'s, A 825 273 »• “ « B 300 230 Sock Island, A 350 300 “ “ B 273 223 Union (uiihout dryer) 275 225 Galena .275 223 Clly 300 250 Northwestern 250 200 M uncer i Armour's 350 -’too Hiram Wheeler’s ....330 BXI Newberry's (Iowa) .435 dOu Ilium Js Scott's 373 335 Illinois River (Fiuley & Rallaid)TW 390 S. P. hunt’s 500 501 —Bowles, Drcrct & Co.'s Paris circular of March Ist, says: ‘ American 5-20? alone continue unaffected by the various influences which agitato (be Bourse, i'be course of gold aud the news, favorable or other wise, whtcS the telegraph brings from New York, produce slight movements of advance or decline, with, however, no considerable variation. Sellers speculating on apprehensions they believe well loondcdarc numerous and active, but purchases for Investment establish the equilibrium and prices are maintained. On the report, which has been but little credit ed* (feat two bundled millions 8-2(Ja of 1833 (the only Issnefrcely negotiable at the Paris Bourse) had been dLcoveiea to he counterfeit, a slight dicilnc has takcu place. The news that President Johnson will not do impeached has had no influ ence on this security, which wa- quote! mour ksi circular 63 9*iC and close to day hi 81J£. COimEECIAI. Alondat EvETitsa. March 18. The followirg tables sbotvibo receipts and ship ments of Produce during the piat forty eight hours: UECBiPTs past ronrr-Eiairr notnts. ‘ 1807. 1850. Flour, brl*.... 2,733 3,903 Wheat, centals 3,181 5.010 Com, centals. 0,191 1,870 Oa*e, centals 1,860 I,4'HJ Bye, centals 210 42U Bailey, centals 1,030 831 Gioss becd.Rs 81,224 19,133 Cured Meats, lbs 2,820 51,u00 Pork, brls -30 Lard, Rs.; 89,450 14.510 fahow.Ra 8,210 6.120 Butler, Rs 4,175 1-1,937 D. Hogs, No 272 71 Live lion, No 1,897 4fi Cattle, No 28t 547 Bides. Re 3V>l9 22,115 Illphwlncs, brie 203 290 Wool, Re 15.830 5,115 Lumber, m...; 167 IT Snliglcs, in 707 500 Lath, m .... 807 SUIPSIEN7S PAST POBTr-EIOIIX HOCUS, ISO 7. 1800. Floor, brie .’ 9,231 3,257 Wheat, ccn’ala 8,619 7,513 Corn, centals • 5,362 199 Oats, centals 299 1,12*1 Bye, centals 215 193 Barley, centals. BJB 731 Gra>a Seeds. Rs 83,077 89,901 Broom Corn, Rs 0,215 23,955 Cured Meats, Ri 33**721 523,711 Beef, brie 73 217 Pork, brls fill 300 Lard. Rs 15,130 23,600 Tallow, R* 51,911 28.1 M Butler, Rs 50U 10,900 Dressed Hogs, No 179 106 Live Hoes, No 1,3;w 1,130 Cattle, No 395 2,613 Bides. Rs 141,330 133,630, brla ‘.03 85 Wool, Rs 22,f78 0,744 Lumber, in ... 924 44s Shingles, m 90a 833 1-aih. m 157 42 bait, brls 231 720 The market for Mess Pork was firmer, owing to the more favorable advices from New York, and sales weie made at an advance of I2«sc, though holders were generally asking a still farther im provement, which sellers would not follow. The sales fool up 1,400 brls. at $22.5(5022 02tf cash, and $23.00 buyer the month, and bayer 23. At the close there were no sellers below $22.75 ca?h, and for favorite brands $23.00 was asked. A email lot ofclear Pork sold at $23.50. In other cuts of Pork there was nothing doing. Sweet Pickled Hams were a trifle firmer with sales of 150 tes all2H®l3c. Bulk Heats were quiet but firm, with rales atomic lor Cumbcrlands loose, and S. P. Hams at ICc, packed In second band packages. In other cuts there was nothing doing, and the market may bo quoted at 6c for shoulders; for Cumbcrlands; 10c for Bough bides; lOiso lOJSc lor Short Bib and lie for Clear Slues—all loose. Bacon Bams sold to the extent of 1,000 pcs at 14c loose. There was a btlilc speculative de mand for J-ard, and the market was active at an advance of 14c, with sales of 2,550 tc# at lS3*c for country kcttied; 13c for ctlr steam; 12. SC for piiiue steam atSr. Louis, and BHjcfor No. I— all cash. A lot ot 139 keg* sold at 13^c.Grease was Him, with sales of 24 les prime white at 10‘{c. The receipts ol Dressed Hogs arc trilling, and ihc market is-almostentirely nominal at $5.75® tt.CO. The advance In Wheat gave a firmer tone to the Flour market, and for some favor uc brands an ad* 'acce of ICc was obtained. We note sales of 5,4t0 brla at slßsUfor White Winters; SIB.OO for B«tl Winters; $10.00013.25 for Spring Extras; 57.5KEfiG.73for Spring Supers; $0.50 lor Bye; $6.00 fur Buckwheat, and $4.5” for Com Heal. There was a good speculative demand for Wheat, and the market advanced 2c on No. 1, and 30 lc on No. 2 Spring. The sales foot np 122,000 bu at (240 fur No. 1; $2 1102.15 for Winter and fresb receipt- of No. 2, and $18001.83 for Bejccted eprlng—closing at $2.1102.11 54 for No. 2 in regu* Jar houses. Coro was In active demand and 203 c better,bat the market was irregular and the oscillations were quite frequent. About 159,000 bushels changed lianas ft 88090 c for No. 1; BCc for No. 2 and 720 7!»icfor Bejected—closing steady at 89c for No. 1. Oats were In fair demand, and the market ad vanced &®lc, though at the close the extreme Improvement was not maintained. We report sales of 01,COO bu at 4Sc for No. 1; for and 40.404’,t0r winter receipts of No. 2 —closing steady at 40f Jc for the last named. The decline in the Bye maikct,'noted on Sat urday, was entirely recovered to-day, though the volume of business was light. Thu sales were confined to a low car loads of No. 1 at $1.2201.23. Barley was firm and In good demand, with sales ft $1.1501.1!)>j tor No. 1 ; 78055 c for No. 2 ; 02® Gic for Bejected, and 63c051.30 for sample lots. The demand lor Seeds was fairly active, and the market was firm, with sales at $2.5C®7,00 for Timothy, and 18.0008.73 for Clover. The following telegrams were read on’Change to-day: New York, March IS. Floor o'shade firmer at slo.l3©ii.4u. Wheat firm hut quiet at' $2.C0@2.3U. Com better and salable at $1 20 in store. Oats firm atC>®»*3c. Pork better at 12-LCil). Lard firm. Whiahoy aicarty. GoldKM?s. J _ LATER. Flour quiet. Wheat firm. Corn buoyant at S'.lOQJ.ibjj. Oat a heavy at Porklirmer at tSiAS. LATER, In the afternoon the Grain markets were cscllcd and buoyant, corn sold up to ai@'J3,4c for No. I—closing firm. Wheat was wanted by the “short 1 interest, and prices ran up to $2.11 for No. 2 Spring-closing with f a.Jdft bid. Provisions were firm but inactive. Mess Pork was held at $23.0,1, and Lard at ld>.i<at3^ic. 3he Catile market was quiet but firm at previ ous rates; prices ranging at SLSO(&S.uo for com mon to extra Ihe market for Live Hogs was active to the ex tent of the oficrlngs, all finding ready buyers at prices well up to those of Saturday. The market dotes firm at 50,3067.03, A Mcniflcnnt Importation, (Ftom the New York Times,] Heretofore wo have looked lor cold dust and silver bar* from the State of California, latterly tb-s quantity aid quality ot tier wines have been noticeable, but witiiln tbe past two tnontns she bis soot us wheat and Hour in such Unit aa to attract atteation and mem ccmmcLt. By tbe arrival of tso steamer this week i,WO barrels, 2,016 sacks and 1,021 packages ol Hour were added to tbe stoat in market, while by a saillm: vessel which arrived on tne same day were received 17,915 lacks ot wi cat. ■Althonch tills flour Is not as desirable lor family nso as some of oar Eistern brands. It ii excellent In (mail* ty. and pays a very fair profit, old merchants who. In 1510. paid from (100 to *230 a barrel In San Fran* cisco for trwtcjn Hoar, may well open tnelr at a pic fit of a dollar a barrel oa a similar article raised at

ttic other end of the same route. Dalllmoro i’rnvlHlon Market—March IS. The market opens tiu increased firmness and activ ity. O.clen are arriving liberally, and there is eve»v prospect ofa la rec increase In transactions. Wo note ►alls today of 2CO orl- Western mui port at #2 j. 50: 5Q lilida bn k shouldersat‘JJfc; 10,000Babnlkjowis attic sun 70 tree Western lard at I2!fc. Holders are very tlrm In tlielr views. The latest advices irom tbo West Indi cate a funhtr advance In prices. Fcpd# In Baltimore—March 13. There Is considerable activity In clover seed lost now. Several lots chanced hands to-day at ad vanced rates. One lot of choice new seed was sold at an advance ot 25c per bushel. We note sales as fol lows: 110 bn.ln two *3.00; 50 baa1f3.33;73 bn prime new sold at f».7ScW.B7' t *. At tho crose of the TT.r.rtet holders were Renerallr astlmr 13.23 lor choice new seed. Old is quoted at £33,406,2=5 CHICAGO LITE STOCK. MARKET. Office of the Daily Tubctnx, > Monday Evening, March 13. ( BEEF CATTLE—The usual quiet of Monday’s mar* 1 ket ba-< not been varied to-day. With the exception of a few scrubby Cows and Scallawag Steers, there was no , at ck left over from last week’s sales, and as the fresh receipts i umber less than SOO htsd, transactions were necessarily eomeshit limited. The feeling, however, was decidedly Arm, and the few sales effected were at prices lolly up to the elosieg sales ot last week. Most of the darings were taken np by shippers and city hatchers at fS.ODS7.S7if for common to prime grades. The market closes strong at tbs following quotations: _ „ _ CLOSING PBICES. Extra StertM— Fuse, fat, wen formed, 4 to 0 year old biters, and averaging 1,700 and upwards f7.75®8.00 prime lUrrm— Gcod, well fatted, finely foiiD’d Steen, averaging Irom 1,100 to 1,400 &>s at 7-23@7.50 Fmr Grade*— Fair St» era, la lair flesh, av eraging 1,00061.200 050,37.09 J hdlum dunk —Medium steers and good Cows, fit lor ciiy slaughter and averaging _ 800@1,a0 lbs, a'. ......5.75©C.25 Stock Vault— common c ‘nttie indecent fleab, _ avcr9glng&»3l,oC<l tts. at v.COSI.B7Jf In/trior— Light and thin Cows and Steersl.W.<£ 1.75 CATTLE SALES TO-DAT. Twelve head prime lit Oxen, averaging I*sll 169, off can. at * Fifteen head good shipping Steers, averaging I*SCO 169. rffcars, M7.37W. Fonrtcet tend medium chipping Supers, avcraglc' £ j l.lUt Os, led and w atered, at fC.vo. Twelve head cord ktraight shipping Steers, averag ing i.iis at*, at UOGS.—The market was very qnletbot stCMy and firm at prcvluui rates. There were bat abont 600 bend in the pets, «.nd these were closed ont a 7.2> foi medium to lots. The follow‘mg were the principal soles: 73,899 UOO SALES TO-DAV. 2P2 cffKl M lot. '3 satce qaa.Uy 161 7.i3 f 3 good cvco lot 176 7.13 94 ulrlUlit 146 6JO B 9 medium llplil U0c8........ Ul 6.73 lUO roach uutven 10t....,., <46 7.i5 37 Roca even lot. I*9 7.25 BUKEi'-Tbc wu toacUre, wilt prices nom inally unchanged^ 67U,?96.50 ' CUICAGU DAILY 31AEILET. .fSS.SM.OO . 90,951.00 71 Att ealt* er.Oraia resorted la nu tuarlet report are'made oa Me basU qf u(ru«r(Jc) Uorage, unlta oiAervite expr fetid: '. • * • Uosdxt Btetcto. March 13.1357. • ' FttKlGllT^—-B*n.T»A.r* Pb*ibht»—Are 100 liwci cn Fonrta Hat*. -Tha IbHovloe Is lbs tariff of ti* MHuunwwi ■ £ 3d . 4lh ■ Drs’d Hates Irons Chicago to— ciaas. class. Floor. h o m. BuCUo.N y. |ov 87* |S3 *73 Tororto.C. W 63X' 87 • ;73 73 Montreal; C. E l.*> • 70 . ue us AlhaoyjN.T...; 1.10 67* 1.60 New Tort ... 1.13 70 L«3 |,is BO*tOOrW-A1ba0r..i..... 1.25 7a -1,0 !,«. floa’oorto Grand Trunk 1.25 75 1.53 .I.S Portland via Grand Ircnk .. •. LSO 1.5 Philadelphia. ; t.CS 68 IJO j 5 n*1tmi0Te..,.T7....; 1.05 O L3O is Pittsburgh 63 40 80 S Cleveland. Ohio 43 27V 35 ®2 jetTepoDTilia. lad 45 S 3 70 ' 4< Clodnoatl. Ohio 43 30 oO , ittcelred. 2.755 arts; shipped, *4nbris- Thc market rro rely moderately «ctlv». aid pMcei - were wiUo.nt decided change. .Sa'es include tbofoi-, lowloc: \7tiu;Wiiixts—SO brls “GclJcn Shear” at *W-M • Bu> Worms—2o3 brls not namtd at stl 40 1 fiPßiao txnus—ltO hrh not named at 313.23; aw brla ‘•Slarplea-XiX" at #13.00; 300 brla “DUer, W bating fe Co.’s state Mills” a - ’ SOC brls * l)a. ta's Advance” at *17.00; U 0 brla noc named at * 1L75; 7U) oris do at *11.50; SCO brU •‘Garden's Excel- Bk,r"at|U.3o; 403brls notnamedat *11.25; 100 brit -.00at*10.73; VOO brU do at *10.50; 47brlsdo at fJO.O ; L'NtofSD—7i7 brls not named at *10,00; 3i*oc>ci SiTEiw—6o btli not namtd at *8.73; 100 brls do at WdfS; 00 mlsdo at *SoO; 90 brls do at *7.50; Rrc fLocB-ioo btltstfsju: fitjcswunaxFujca-aobru at *6JOj CohnMiAir-25 hrlsat*, WHEAT—Bfctelvtd, 3.1&1 centals; shipped, 3.019 ccLUla. Market 2c higher on N 0.1, and 31 Ic on No. 2 Spring, Sales were: 3,100 bo No. I at *‘.‘.4l; 400 do X-. 2at *2.26 A. D. & Co.: 400 Da di at *2.15; 400 ba do at *2.13 regular freeb; 6.400 Da do at *2.12V; ba; S3.tM.Obu do at 62.11 V: 2j,ue3 ba do at *7.11; uvoia Rejected at »U 8; luHadoatJl-Sl; 4CO bu do at Si.SO—closing at |2 n*ii.llV for N 0.3 In regu lar (OlifCl, . CO ttX—Received,9,l9l cental*; shipped,3.3s2 cent als. Market advanced 2(<Sc: Salts-were: 6,0(M ba No. latSOc: MCObado at tbvc; 20,000 ba do at SOvc: IS.fOObudo at tyj,c; 75. CW) bud'i atSOc; 2),(XX) bu do atßß\c; 10,i o<> bn do at OS Vc V 5.000 ba do at 83*c; 10,190 bu do at 66c; 1.2C0 bn N 0.3 at 83c; 3.XW ba Ue- M-ctedatUVc; 4&0 bu do at73i*c: 7,900 ba do at 73c; 3,M0 Dado at73.Vc: 2,000ba do at Tic—cloilag at BJc IbrKo. lln etore. $8,583 7,1/70 I Cl 3 513,713 *93,193 75.921 *17,269 W 4 HU* X J«J C4V4C, OATS—Received. 1.8C6 centals; shipped, 203 cen tals. Market advanced ij@te. Sales were: 1,200 bu No. latiSc; ttfl Do No. 2 aUfilfc; 1.200 budo at ISl: I.iCO hu do at 47tfc. treah; s,ouu bu do at 47tfo; 13,W0 bu do at 47c: 10,000 bn do at 4CXC, Winter—closing Arm at 4GNc for the latter. KYE-Received,2lo centals; shipped. 245 centals. . MarkciqulctatanadvanceofTiasc. bales were: 1,200 bu No. lat SUB: S,COO bu do at sl2?. BABLKV—Received 1,100 cent*!*: shipped 500 centals. Market firm Salts were: 400 bu .no. 1 at $1,151* ; 410 bu do at $1.15; 2,000 bu No. 2at 83c; 690 bu doai file: 1.400 bu do atSOc; 40(1 bu da at 79c; 400 bu do at 7Fc; 409 hu Rejected at Wc; 6,(00 bu oo at Cvc; 185 bags by sample at $1.30; 400 baatJLIO; 800 Da at 65c. A I.COHOL—Nominal, at $4.£>31.33. : UlfOUiil CORN—Market stcaey. Balc of 1 ton commou at sleo.oo. BlCAN—Market dull and nominally unchanged. Sale of 1 ten at $19.00 on track. Middlings—to tons lev. at S96XO delivered; 10 tons coarse, at $14.00 on ua. tr.. BUTTER—Received, 4,173 fts; shipped, 590 fts. Tic market continues quiet without change 1c prices, baha to-day Include the following: 423 fts noli ut37c; 570 ftsdoat:Cc; 150 fts do at 25c: 713 fts do atzjc; 9i 0 fts gcoa lob at 22c; 1 Firkin at 19c. We quote: Choice Dairy 25323 c OcoaTah 29323 c Cccmon Firkin KVatJe Prime Firkin 20®28c UA<4I»INIJ—There U no chance to note in the gen* era I ot the market. Trade Is slack, and under full atocEs prices ore barely sustained, We rtpeal our Ilct as follows: National A, i do, seamier* linen $.13.00 Union A. 3 tin, do Si.o3 Illinois A, 2 Da, do S6.DO Com Exchange :h.03 Mark A, coiton seamlcsi bi.oo LewUtottnA. do • • 61.00 Androscoggin, do &0.00 Americas do so 00 Beaver AIIIU, do 60.03 Httstl'lfl 8, do 00.00 Perm UH'.B, do 62.00 Fort Pitt, do 67.00 bllco, GO U3.CO Saco, linen and cottrn 57 00 Klrtctwood, linen and cotton 53.0 c bDUDfftltld 93X0 tinoolea 33.00 itonapi. 4 bn. No. 1 37X0 Empire CUT 40.00 <;f] KEJ*t—The marset u Fairly active and Orm, at lull prices. tVeqncte: New York Factory (Konnlte) 30 &7l c Factory (Bllbols) 17 @l9 u Hamoure @2o c Wcitcrn Sta’ci n qis c WetKra Kwcrve is ®ih c “Yoaocr America” . ao c CO A I.—Bemaina »icaay ana ana atprcnao rate*. Wcquoic: Ekik—BrooMeM fII.CO do Onwby. CtETrLAXP—Ilntr mil do Mlf.eral tddcc. do Willow Hank.. co Tunnel Chippewa Uloescur;; l.trupLeblch Lackawanna, prepared Seranton... Pirt*on Illinois do on track ',’.’.l'.’.'. S^U^G.OO youcblPirhcty CoFFEE—Thcrewasafalr order businessdoing, ar.d dealers were generally realizing toil prices. We repeat qnotatlons: .lava hlo, common to fair...* Kio, good to prime z7*<«a c lUo, crime to chclce Zi (*;nvo COOPEItAHE—I# Is slight demand, ami prices aro nominally nncnsnged. No tales reported. Were In demand and steady, at 17313 c, WUli »klw» chiefly at 16c. The supply u moderate. Fid'lT* AND NUTS—The otmand U good, and price* are well nutalned ail around, and generally nrm at quotations. We <|uotc: Apple’, V t»PI t 1.00 Cl 5.50 Li IlOlh*. Alwsla*. 8.00 « SJ3 CraDL'Ci.V box 7.73 (4 K.OO Cranberries, * brl 13.00 fe*£i.oo ulled mens. Tnrkerprnnes, now. French i’mnes, new, Fic», dram?... FICB, CattOCLS. Dates Canned peacces, f> dor 2 ttcansi Apples, new 1 fadin', halves ami quarters Peaches, pare! illwixberties, new, h ft. Raspberries, new, p ft. Cherries, Pitted tlrieroeirles, V D Ralsm«, Beeclees. So b kegs. hurdlnes, H boxes. Sardines.’ H Dozes Almonds, bard-shelled 22 a 21 Almotd«, sott-shtlltd IN & 43 Almond*. psp-r-shel cd 30 63 Peonou, IHlmlnrton, V ha IKtts 4XO <* 4.23 brazil NuU 21 g }| Filberts.. 1 1> « 17 Fie&ch Walnuts. new 31 g 2J Napl.g Wauu 9 23 <4 at Pfcaue, smaHand large SB ra 30 Hlctory Nutir. SXJ t 5 3.50 Chestnuts, p bit 600 (a 7XO Pit'll—'lhe trarkrt exhibit-* n good degree ofille. and, with so surplus on hand, dealers are bolding their stocks firmly, atprjcis given below: Wbltefl-b, No. 1, H brl $0.0(9 7.00 Whttrllfh. No 3. Jf brl CXOi» 6.73, Ml»r| 4A(»9 4.7 J Trout, No.'L a hrl 4 5-. Mackerel, N«'. 1. K brl, new lOXOItIU.TS Mackerel, No. 3, y» brl WX0d10.23, p S brl 9 004 9.-H Jlmkerd. cnr» mcs% p k t>»l l«Xo4lj.w Mackml, extra mew. p kit :t A® 3.73 Mackerel, No. I. ktU new 3V>.{ 367 Marumi,family. kite 2.15.4 2 23 Ccddsb, oahK. P ICO ft 7.o>a ~.jj Codfieb, George's bank 7.534 S CO Unite 5.00* 5.73 Hcmt g-, drier*. No. J. p bJX 504 M llprilrcn, waded 7J4 75 Labrador Herrings. P brl 10X0410A0 r i; lira—Sale ot 4 Mink at KAO. 44 It tA^E—Market arm. Sales wera; Extra Wtdte it Ui.Vc. llllillWlSE**—Received 235 brlss shlppM 561 Iris. Market 11 Hcitreaid entirely comma! at 33c for Bonceo. and |3.2«toi tree. IIOI»r*-Are Qocted at for Eaitern. and 63a £6O tot Wentrru. 11a V—la quiet and steady as previously ousted, as follows: • wnor.Ksai.B nure*. TlmftlhT. rr.lli>r fl.rt rw*,tj*. All M T'roolhr, roller ard neater pressed. Tlmoihy. loo»cpr»fßcn P/aliie, heater pressed crr.uh pcicea. Timothy, roller en: water prestoJ 417.00ft19.0C llmothy, loose pressed 17.00419.03 ITalne, roller ard heater prcsi-d lIA' ftlJ^O Prairie. loose on delivered HlDE"*—Received 30.919 :»•; snipped 141.333 ©s. There Is do material esarure to note In (he ecu ral mar ket. Prices were wo I suauluedaud tolerably urmat the followtr g range: Gretn HatcLm* g ft gv c Green Saltrc.tnmmcd 114«13 c Green Calf. 19 wh c Kip Green, salted H au c Dry Flirt, trimmed 18 oifi’<c Dry baud, trimmed 144cft134c Green Baited, part cured lOiftllUc lItr.NAM) S«TEEU—The m.rkel «'as roaiina lily active, and dealers are very arm In their view* at the K Mowing qaotoroas: Common Par. s‘(ft 54c HoifeSbcelroD Clift 7uc Heavy Band c ft cic Hoop and Light Hand 0S'(tll c Round and Senate 54ft 9Uc Oval 54c« CUC Hall Oval and Halt Round 54® <s'«c Sheet iron, common. '(ft ~,c extra Brands ...e Sheet lion, Galvanized 19 ftZJ 0 Shtetlron, charcoal. 26 94ft ~.c Sheet Iren. Juniata,26 It4ftl3 c Norway Kail Rods 114ft134c Plow bteei, German 13 ftu 0 Plow Bled, cast 17 ftlS c Spring ano Tire Steel, English 124415 c Tool Cut St« 1, ordinary »U-S 23 ftiO c Tool Cast Steel, American fi <3.5 c Blistered Steel 29 ft j) c I.U-nßEtt—Trade la the yarfla to-day was active, ana prices w ere firmly maintained. Wo repeat quota tions : LustPEt—First Clear, 1.14,14 and 2 inch, * m eco.ooftcxo Second Clear. 1,14,14 and 2 Inch 53.00ifi3.0i] Third Clear, Inch 50.<X>ft5J.0d First and Second Clear. Flooring, to gether, touch, the aame oa Second CKsr wine 50.0r<ft53.00 Common flooring, rough 35.00ft37.0i) Matched ami Dressed Common Flooring. 4Q.0014ri.0Q Matched and Dressed 8-mch Common ..Flooring 36.f0ft54.00 Fin-tano Second Clear Siding together., SO.Ooft-'iMW First Common Dressed Siding 2L09ft23.09 Wason Box Boards, select, 15-mch and upwards. 33X0.ftt2.00 A stcclc Boards, 12 Inches 39.u0ft52.00 B Etcck Beards, 12 inches V0.00ft37.00 Common Boards, Joists, Scantling. Fenc ing, and small Timber. 12 to IS Act long —. n.oto'B.oo .Joists anti scantling, is, au, n and 21 feet 3d.Ct4ctiu.uo Joist* ana Sea: tlm ajw SnisOLts—A or Star Shaved Shingles 4,50 A or Star Saved Shingles 5 031& 3.50 No. 1 Sawed Shingled Lath—Perm In yard 0.00 By car-load by Northwestern Railroad, delivered Id any yard where care can be BWltched,or any depot, A or Star sawed Shinnies. by toad, on track A or Star shared Shingles, bycar-loal, on track No. 1 Sawed Shingles, by car-load, on track Three dollars a car-lead added when tranafsned, which cbargetollowß tba Shicg’ts In freight bill. Sill KOLB STANDABI). Thickness—Five S cue pics to botwo Inches In thick nee*. Length—Sixteen Inches. Bands—Twenty lccl.cs Conrsce—Twcnty-nve. LEATHER—The market Is fairly active and Arm atonrqnotaU. ns, which aicas fullowa: ILEiILOCK. City Harness P sianehter, Buf fi. $ SO® 40 faloS-lc ( 40® 43 Ccnctry Harness %<a 38 Slaughter, Sole. lb 42® 44 Chicago.No.l. 43® 43 Kip, medium, p Sianehter. soie. St :.... 8001.20 Ohlcaco.N'o.2. 31® 37 Call p B 1.40®i.50 Buenos Ayres... SG® S 3 Upper, p f00t... 3C® 31 Orinoco b01e.... 31® 36 Country Uojer.. 23® 23 Orinoco, jpod. Collar,f) 100 t... 23® 34 damaged 31® 32 OAK. Slaughter. Sole.. 53® M French Cali; 31 Harness, Pfi»... 11® 46 fits 2.10®L23 Upper GO® 32 French Call, 31 Kip, No. 1, me- Bs 2XC®2AO dltmi 1.10&1.20 French Calf, Kip, No. l, molncs, P heavy 83®M0 Cor >0.00(293.00 111 A i/p—Sale ot Slbnes Western at (1.15. BIKTALS AND TiNN'Kltei* *rOCK—There wasaialr movtmcntln the market for this period of the week, and prices ruled Arm as TUI. BdiaUT WTEB. Box Tin Plato, IC 1 to 6 It 10x14 (15 00 7,8 and 9 12 Large Pigs 37 lOstdll W Small Piss S 3 12 14 Oar Tin... 32 Wand 14 15 cori'Eß. 13a:d 16 16 Metallic AT Boll?.. 33 17 17 Copper Boil;in ~5 18 13 Hn.zlcrsovcr 10Bb. 43 19 21 Sheet. Uto 16 0z... -45 20 22 Tinning* 10 Fence Wire 10 UABBITBKTAt, irCSEIAS. Ist Quality S 3 Nos. 9 and 16 25®25 Anllm- ny 70 American, ist qoai- Fite Solder 30 Uy, P sheet 19 * zinc. American, Utqual -Ist quality, cesk 13V lly, Pbdl IS Ist quality, sheet It i American.2d qoal- Slab t.'if tty, p sheet 16 SAI l>— I There Is bat little ebanze to notice In the general {catnrea ot the market. Manufacturers and employes arc still at a•• d*ad lock." and rcaamotton of went at the mills will not tike place until all dlifcr enc«s arcscithd. We continue to quote: ltd to eo p tes 5"-to 12d (3.25 8d 7.35 3d. Cue blued SiS Cd 7.60 12d, flue blued 10.75 4d 7.73 I Cut Spikes 7.25 5d 8.251 Clinched Net 9» OlLS*—The market is Arm, wlihpnccs unchanged, as follows: LlntCed Oil (LSO'JI.'S Linseed Oil, boiled 1.5531x0 Olive OH Whale Oil, W. l-23.t1.25 Laid OH, extra Lard Oil No. IWi-icr l.b«®US Lard Oil, No. 2 Winter IXjtM.lO Bank OU. round lots LJa<*l 20 Bank Oil, Strait? L23®1.2j Machine OU W.?-O0 Sperm 01*. W.B - Lubricating Oil offcal-OO CAKRON OIL—Is quid and steady at previous rstcfl. Vicquoie: Carbon. P car load 46c Carbon, small lots *?vv}or Received. 2,820 Bs Cured Mca>* and 39.456 bs L.rrt; shipped, 366Tf4 Ba, Cured 75 one Beef. Ml brls Pork and 15.130 b« Lard. mesa »*ork-Maikctadvanced 12J<«- lf 7.Wf*re: IftibrU at (42.<<2h;0>0 brl. at (32 5C.c»-h;MOr,-i,buyer March at *KU»; 600 brls buyer 2a at (23^0—closing Willi no sellers below 122.75 cash. C»cnr I'ork—2BbrN at (2L50. _ Pickled Moras—Market a shade firmer. Sales wese: lOubct atlSHc; SUtr’«a ,tl3c. Hath Meats-Market quiet. Sales were: 20,000 Bs At. Price, .sflj Ccmberlacds at iccctd-tamfl package*. _ Barao Hons—Bnles wen: 10.100 pcs tt Uc, loots. ' Lui-Vimt acttwe anafco higher. BtlM wen: 129krcsatlSjic:R>tica Country EetUe at 13*csU3f ■ tic* City siesta atl3e; XDC Uca bleao.atst.LoaU. u i2Kc;i2trcsi*o.i ati?ko-cloiingwltixno«eiien be low iSe for Prime City Steam. • . POI7I/TBY—lbe martetwa* rather quiet to-day, a'lbooqh oealers were firm in their Tiewi atSator- Cay*iO*nrT». ' . . PIII ATIIES—Ibo loDowlna aro w-day’a prices: Ptsch, -.:<sSsc; GOOU.IO Qiolcf, ana Common, ClfiTlc. ‘ MJGA'RH—Centlnne !n actlre <um»nd t an<l with owing prleca are firmly sustained, we itpeat quotations: Cnba 12J*@13Vo Porto Rico „ WjfoHUc - .. ----- Cranniatod....i6X(ai6jfc KTrTii^eid,*’Fowe^**^*Gri^al^^\**i6j3aisSc White A Circle A. White B. Extra C. Yellow C. Oxnard C. Oxnard C.* extra. ; yew Orica as price I4#ai4*e NewOrlesoaftir 14 ailHc ftYltDPft—Are In moderate request, sad nrtce» are wltncot perceptible change. We continue to quote: ■ - Pcston Amber... lIJW3I 40 New York Syrup* i 60«iaa Yeilotr Drip* l.Ufti.2o Cuba Moiasses .7N3 63 Ferro Blco, SOfj 65 New Orleans JOaUfl Philadelphia Bee Blve. 6P» 70 Cntcago Keftnery, Amber. 1.0031.15 Chicago Refinery. Golden * 805* 00 Chicago Ueflmry. Sneer House 73ti fcD £Ol>A AND »Al»E»4ATUs*—The market is only moderately active, acd price* nave undergone so as?b& 6 ?, n aisir. , f.; bwbw •• - 11 ai2tfc Delano's Chemical 13*«IS c *• Healthy is aiayc “ pnie ii @ii)fc BAl.T—deceived, note; shipped, SSI brls. Mar* ket tirade and unchanged. We quote: New Fine. 12-53 Coarte Ground Alum. Ground tolar. Tcrfs Iriacd, bag* 7JO Dairy, with sacks 5.00 Dairy, witnoutsscxs 5.73 SEEDS—Received, SU24 ft*: shipped, 83,077a5. The market wa» stead?, and on Timothy prices were a shade higher. Sale* wtreal follows: Tqiotut—loo bag* at fa.M; SS do at $2.90; 33 d>> at friO; 13 do at; SO do at $3.75; 15 do at S2.TO; 100 do at |7.63; ;oo (dim) at $3.50: Ctovxn—3s baas at $3.73; 4do at $*.30:200 bn at S6AO; 14 bags at $3.30; 9brU at $3 CO. ipfAhU-Trade was comparatively steady to-day, and prices were firmly maintained. We continue to Noting Hyson, superior to lice, P ft J1.20ai.55 Young Hyson, extra to choice, p ft 1.T031.90 Imperial, superior to fine, V ft 1.10,31.0 Imperial, extra to choice, p ft 1.B&33.00 Gunpowcer, superior to one V ft l.lOetl CO Gunpowder, extra to choice, P ft 1.5j@2.00 Japan, natural leaC One to extra Hoe, p ft.. 1 0531-13 Japan, natural leaf, fine to choice, & U 031.40 jsp*D« natural leaf. colored. V ft 1**0(31.40 TOBACCO—Remains quiet at the range of prices given below: Extra sl.Rftl.So 1 Medium. AOAWc Choice I.COOMS | Common 53®73C * EUOKI.NO TOUACCO. Virginia's Favor- I Medium 2141250 Ite. SScftsl.Q3l Common Stcmt ...19323c Choice I PLUG TOBACCO. loyal Citizen.... Tl&fiic Medium Cs®7So Farmer’s Delight fi'-GTSc Common MteTOc Natural Leaf ...$1.1001.50 Navies .sy«7sc Half Brfent..... 75*31.00 VirginialCs * ftß..sO^Coc CbcleebTcsound 793 BPC Flounders.....* TO^iTjC WOOD—There U little bring done in this branch of trade, though prices keepwell up, and are tolerably firm atqooUUoßS: Maple. V cord, delivered .SIJAOQI3J3O Maple, fl cord, la yard 1L5D212.00 Bredi, cord, AWO Beech. V cord, la yard & 8J)0 gjgafjitc iLeab. r ELDEST WHITE X.E&D And Oil Establishment in the Xlssis* sippi Taller. Ei7i\SLlBH23 M - - 1837'. - gj |g, fell V 4 w 1351. t|l? ffif w 11.0(1 11.00 10.0.1 10.00 10.00 10 J) 12.00 11.0 ij.eo 10.00 1.'.00 6.OCK4S.C*) CHARLES E. VICKERS, Secretary. THOMAS BICQESON, President. COLLIER CO.’S MANUFACTURES FOB SALS BT FULLER, PINCH & FULLER. BUKNUAMS it VAN SI’IIAAiX, .1. fl. KEED A CO., Ardall Wholesale Druggists. ISTeto jaitijltrations. jyjAb&AGHUSETTS IN THE REBELLION. 21 G 25 ID (4 29 27 (.« 2i 30 @ Si 3 8 23 4.M <A 1.'5 D (4 U* 16 0 15 45 G 41 31 G »1 66 9 |» 63 8 H 15 U 16 9.50 G 10.45 20 T* 21 ffi(S |0 A F.ECORD OF TUET Position of the Cozsxnonwoalth 9 And the senTf's of the LEADING STATESMEN*. THE MILITARY, TUB COLLEGES, AND TUB PEOPLE, la the CITIXi ■WAU or 1801-05. By F. C. DZADLSYaanthor ol “Josephine,** etc. This Important publication has been prepared with the utmost care, and will be pronounced Incomparably thsmust valuable local contribution to the history 01 the Rebellion yet published. Its intsnat to every son or daughter of 31 i?sncbi?etts, nr.lmiced, of New Bag* land, cannot be exaggerated. U contains Eight Steel-Plate EotniTlDgs, nclodlng Jlk»nesaes ot TUiRTY-TWO eminent civil ans and military men, living a"d deceased. Price, In cloth. $4 50; sheep, SSAO; half calf, |7.OC. PUBLISHED BY SUBSCRIPFION. Copies sent by mall, pottage paid,on receipt of price. GEO. C. BAND ft AVEET, Publishers. BOSTON, MASS. Z3T Agcrta wanted everywhere. Address GEO. & C. W. SHERWOOD, 105 Madlsonst.. (Jiicairo, Cetera Agents for the West. &o Ercljitcctg. r VO ARCHITECTS, X ILLINOIS NEW STATE HOUSE. Tbe undersigned, CommPeloucrs ot the State of Illi nois for the erection ot anew State Home in Spring field, give notice that trey wilt receive plana or designs aid specification* f«ra new State douse, tbs sane to be addressed to the Pres aent of tue Board, Jacob Bunn. Jv-q_ of Springfield, 111., Oh or belore the second cav of Jn<y. A.D.ISC7. Three thousand do jars will be mid as a nretalmn fer the desljm.with specification!, selected and adopted by said CommUrluncra. A sketch of tbexronncsand such Information as may he de-lted as to maximum cost, the required room, ac commcaatUns etc.,will teitimlshed t> nil wishing to compete, on application, oy letter, to J. C. Webber, teciiUry of the Board, tptlcencH, Illinois. Jacob BUNN, President. JOHN W. SMITH, PHILIP 'WADS AU RTJL JAS. C. KOBINSON. WM. T. VANDEVEER. WM. L. HAMIiLEroN. James h. neveuiugb. J. C. Wzbbct. Secretary. .814.00915.00 . 14A3413X9 10,(W,*11.f0 33ge. TTILL'S HAIR DYE—SO Cents—Black II or Brown—instantaneous, natural, durable, beautiful. The best and cheawst In use. Contains as ,ub ircai auti (.uuura, m u.— wu >*n— much as at any dollar size. GILL’S ARCTIC, or ALL HEALING OINTMENT, reliable tar general ointment pniooM-s. Depot titi John-et, New York. Sold by all drnggttta. T>ATCHDLOR’S HAIR DYL. .This splendid Hair Dye la the best in the world. Harmless, reliable, Instantaneous; Uie only Perfect Dye. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints, bat true to nature. Genuine aimed WILLIAM A. BAT'IH ELOK. bold by Drejnpata and perfumers. Factory, HI nsrelay-st.. Mew York. Uailtoabg. Arrival ajxd departure op TRAINS. Winter Arrangement. CHICAGO AND NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD—COUNCIL BLCrrs AND OMAHA LINE—DEPOT NORTH WELLS STREET. leave. Arrive. Omaha Fast Line *S:IJ a. m. *7:20 p. m. OmahaNicht Express... 7:30p.m. 40:00a.m. Dixon Passenger 4:o0p. m. 11:10 a.m. PBEKPOBT LINK. Freeport Passenger. *10:00 p. m. *3:10 a. m, Freeport Passenger *0:00 a. w. •-WO p. m. Rocklord, Elgin, Fox JUverandSiateLlce... ‘nOtip.m. *ll:10a.m, Geneva and Elgin Pas senger. *’;3o p. m. *8:15 a. m. WISCONSIN DIVISION—DEi .t' CORNER 07 CANAL AND KINZIE STREET. Day Express *0:00 a. m. *8:30 o.m. Night Express • 1:30 p.m. *5:15 a.m. Janesville Accommodn. *5:30 p. m. *2:85 p. m. Woodstock MILWAUKEE DIVISION—DEPOT CORNER 07 CANAL AND KINZZ2 STREET. Day Express 0:00 a. m. 12:00 m. Hosebih, Calvary and Evanston 1:30 p.m. 3:10 p.m. Night Express 4:00p.m. 8:30p.m. Kenosha Accommod’n... 4:10p.m. 9:15a.m. Waukegan Accommod’n. 6:30 p. m. 8:50 a. m. Milwaukee Accommod’n. 11:43 p.m. 3:30 a. m Geo. L- Dunlap, oen’l Sop’t, B. F. Patrick. General Passenger Agent. xicmeAß central oailrua^—uMiua „srcx« Poos op tiw street. Morning Express *5:00 a. n. *3 45 p. m. Day Express *7:00 a, m. *l. ajop. q, Evening Express 15:30 p. a-4*12:»0 p. m. Night Express .1*9:45 p. m. tK25a. n. aur, rain.. 3.753 4.00 CntUdBATl AWL. LOCISTILLS SBAQIB. atomlnc Express *7:00 a. m. •Ui:3sa. cu Night Express 15:00 p. s, •u:Ct p. m, tnmZBAII 50UTH3TIK ATI: ill bZOdZ U5T—D>- POT COSJTBB VAN BDIiES ASO SHHB3tA» 3rS»*s. •i;CO s. m. *11:00 p. n 3:jsp.c. {lshXp. ra OjffcvtKT ItHS. Day Express New Tort Excrccs, Night Express Day‘Express * *7.UO a. E. fILWJ s. n. Sijrhi fcxpfvia notou p. n. »sas v, n. rmssoßtiH. «sr warns up csi^so, rtaii *t2oa.n. 8;lO a.m. •Express *2:oo a. n. a. m. FastUne 3:15 p. si. 7:10 p. m Uxorcaa . .. •llfcOUp.m. 11:00 p. a iLUUCtt 9XIITBAI. Day HLjflcmjci *&2O a. 2. *10:50 p. n. Ni«btPassenger ... 110:00p.n. *6:43a. m, iankakw Accoxoco J*a. •*:OS p. n. * , t25 a. cu Uvdc Park Qua OakWcod *6:30 a. n. **S5 a. n. “ “ *13:10 c. a. *0:53 a, a. “ “ ” •••• « “ “ *5:53 D.n. *T:2op.n CHICAHQ. SU3LUTCTOS AX’-' QOXKCT. ijav Szprt-52 aafr-Mail.-. *3:2oa.m. •9:00p.m. Mlesbnre Passenger.. . *&Oop.m. •4.UQ p. m. Anrora *s;oop.m. *9OO a.n* e«i?bi£zpres2 {liOO mid’ht td;3oa.m. UmSAAO AJtll si. ioca, tixprcss and Mall B*o3 a. m. 8:43 p. a* Eipresi .. 9jisp.n. 5:50 a.m. Toilet and Wiiminfjtcn Accommodation LOU p. n. 9:45 a. m. ;jncAflo ani) eaiAt sA?rsnN—(latr cw*iisruii am line) — jiiLVACxas aAiLaoAa ns?oi, ooa, CANAL AND KIM Id »*aSZtB. 3ay Express 10:55 p.ia* tfightExprera. ......... ftOOp.xL. 3:sCp,m« joa INDIANAPOLIS, LO73S7ILLtt AST? OtH'-TNSAT», Day Express.... 6:30 a.m. I ! jsss p. m. Sight Express WiO p. m. 8:50 a. m- Columbus Express (UOld. 19:55 p. el “ rt fltao p. m- a. m. Lansing Accommodation B;fi3a. a. 9:00 a.m. ** “ 5:15 p. mi 6:to p. m. CmCAEO, BOON ISLAND *wr> PACOT3 HA2LBOAXI. Day Express and Mali.*9:oo a. m. *5;30 p. m. Nl~ht Express UhlX’p.m *5:45 a. m. Johct Accommodation.. 4:40 p. a. *9:40 a. m. Sunday ex copied, excepted. tSAroidii scented _ ■ The following lathe new table for ihe arriva and departnre null? from the Chicago Post Office for the w\i.ter, and now In force: KAILS CLOSE, p, ©. craCAOO, T '~- BAILS AimiTS. a. m. p. m-. %. m. p. m. ...wich. South. R. R 12::v0 • “ .... m " “ “ •• C:CO 11;U0 • ••• 32:00 m Mich. Central R. R 12.00 8: 5.... “ “ “ .. 0:00 &IS ..... 2:00....Pitt5. & Ft. Wayne I*3o .... 8:15 »• “ “ “1:10 .... 12:00 m “ u » .. 6'iw 11:00 12:00 4:80 ...Great Eastern R.R.. St.fO ICfcOU 12:00 17:00....New Albany & Salem 8:20 11:00 8:00 7:45....Ga1ena Railroad...?. 3:10 2:40 12:00 tt«L...Dixon Air Line-. 6:00 7:20 12*00 Btoo,...Kocklslan'l EaDroad 5:45 2:» 12:00 8:00....c.,8.& QuiccyR.R. 5:50 ftoo S:M) 3*oo....Northwestern K.R.. &<5 6:30 6:00 2:45....1»nv.»Tik0€ Kaflrotd. 11:30 8:20 I*>*Co 7:45....1111n0U Central R. E. 7:00 9:00 12:00 7:00.,,.5U1xm1s Railroad... 5:35 8:15 iW ”‘ ROVT .A. GILMOR3, P ,M. Special Notices. 01 here leiee, nw BelmboWs Extract Buchu. 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Flans of tbe caoms or the REGULAR MAIL bTEAMSBUV. also cf the magnificent OBEar EAST ERN, con be viewed, and berths chosen, at my office. uheadvantages, lo comfort and safrty, ot travelling by tbe REGULAR LINES, accmtosed to the trade, in stead of by a crowded excursion steamer,, are obvious. BOUND TRIP TICKETS, either direct to France, or utth the option of ttnjiptng in Etopfand or-S»r hind ea route, firet-cioas, to Part 4 and Dacr, v*rj from iSO to ft CO in currency, and are good lor 6 and if months, and longer by special arrangement. Second cabin, to France direct, only 1130 currency, round trip. Single tickets. first clars, lor f 110 to UlO. Apply, personalty or b« mail, at General European A American Steamship Agency, 91 Dearaorn-st- Chi cago. . JAS. WABRACR, PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM FANY’fI THunrna line, TO CALIPOHNIA, CARRYING UNITED STATES MAIL. 'Via Panama Ballrond. Steamers leave Pier No. 4‘i North Blver, foot of Ca cal-st., at If o’clock noon, as follows; March I—BIaINQ STAR—Copt. W. O. Fnrber, con necting wltn GOLDEN CITY. Capt. WatOn?. Maiehlf—HENßY CHAUVCEY. Capt. A. G. Gray, connecting with MONTANA, Capt. button. March 71—OCEAN QUEEN', Cant T. A. Harris, con necting with CONSTITUTION, Capt. Caverly. All departures touch nt Acspaleo; those ot the first end 71st connect at Manama with steamers for South recillu ports. First and Utb for Central American ports, and those of first tooch a» Manziullla. Departure of 11th each month connects with new steam line trom Pasamato AustraliaacdNew Zealand. Steamer of March 11,1867, will connect w itb the Com pany's steamer. COLORA DO, to leave San Francisco lor Yokohama and Uoog Rone, on Aorli 3. 1367. lOu pounce uf taggago &Lowcd each adolt. Medicines and atti ndance irec. For passage tickets and all further Information apply at tbe office on the wbarLfootof Canal-st- North Riv er. New York. F. R. BABY, Agent. Or at the General Western Agency. 51 Dearbors-it, Chicago. JAMEaWAt.CACK. Agent. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE, The General Transatlantic Company's MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND Havre, calling at brkst. The splendid new vessels ot this favorite ream for the Continent will sail mom Pier No. no. North Hirer, as follows; VTLLE DEPABIS..Cspt. Lnrcfouut.March 23. EUROPE -Apnlfi ST. LAURENT Capt. Bccandj....Apm 20,1 PEREfKK Cant. Ducheoa...,sl:iy 7. PRICE OF PASSAGE FN GOLD. First Cabin, fieo; Second Cabin, fioo, inuudlrg tiLU w»ne in either class. ffi-VUVim UUfiM. Tbe steamers ‘ol this line do not carry steerage pas senger*. Pupencers intending to land at BREST will bo fur nished with railroad coupon ticket*, ana their biggagi Checked to Pans, at an additional charge of IS for urr and |3 for second class. Medical attendance true of charge. For further Information, aoply, in Chicago, at tht FRENCH CUNbULATS OFFICE, tOZ Liiuoivtt.; E New York, to GEO. MACKENZIE, Agent, Broad way. QOEAN STEAiIEKS:. GRAC'D EXCURSION TO THE PAEIS EXPOSITION. The new and firsKlsss ocean-going Iron steamship 2.CCO tons burthen. Stkfdsx Wnr«.ci, Commander, wiil make an-excursion from New York to Havre and back, Bulling from Pier IC, North River, on Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o’clock M., taklrg passengers fbr Paris, London and Bremen. Re tailing. will sal! from Havre on Juno 5. giving pas sengers holding Excursion Tickets, oboot six weeks la Euroce. ibis magnificent Steamiblp Is divided Into water tight compartments, ana baa seen newiy furnished and cl* runny fitted np expressly fbr tnis voyage. Tho Havana will only carry Crst-clits passengers. An fipti lenetd Surgeon on board. }3T A full Band of Music will be attached to the shlo. Price of passage. in currency, to Havre $l5O and. $173. according to rite rf state-room. To Havre and retain S»C at d 1300. according to size of slate room. For ponher panlcuiarfeand passage. apply to the Agents, MURjEIY, FEBrtiS & CO., U'i South-et.. New York* Or to the Aren tof Merchants’ Union Express Co.. Chicago. * QTEAM TO LIVERPOOL, &c t CALLING AT QUEENSTOWN, From Pier 43, (Vnnit Klver, New York, cttt> rytntr United States molls. INMAN MAIL LSNEI EVEBV SATURDAY (maU steamer), EVERY WEDNESDAY (extra steamer). Cabins. SSO to 1110. To tendon. $3 extra. To Parts, with privilege ot stopping in Liverpool and London, flO exa a—ad in gold. RLTUKN TICKETS, GOOD TILL USED. AT SB DUCED KAIBa. Handbills on application. Cabin plans on view, and berths or rooms secured on application at Western Agency, 31 Dearbom-it., Chicago. JAM£3 WARHACK. WM. INMAN. Liverpool. AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP LINE. Passage to London or Brest, sllO. $75, aod SBO, cur rency. Excursion tickets at reduced rates, available for six months. Tim. Pern. CspL BUUnes, Ire tuNew York, March 15'h. Alai an to, M Plnkham, “ M •• March 30 th. Bcllsaa, ,Dlxcn, “ M “ AotU 13th. Celia, ** Geaccll, •* “ “ April 27th. The new and elegant Brill'b. Iron Steamship Wm. Penn will leave Pier No. 3, North Klver, New York, lor Loudon, calling at Brest, on batorday. March X6lh at 13 M. Lntil further notice, all the Steamers of this Line wifi call at Brest to land paesencers. Tickets sold through by rail to Parts, at 2S percent leas than regu lar rates. freight win be taken and through, bills cl lading Sven to Havre,.Antwerp, Bottuiiam, Amsterdam and anklik. For passage apply to CHAS. A. WHITNEY, 26 Broadway,N.Y.,cr to JAMES WAKBA-JE. 31 Chicago. For freight apply at 34 Sonih-au, N. T. HOWLAND &AhPiNWALL, ACCnta. STEAMSHIP GREAT EASTERN, CABKYINU THE UNITED STATES MAILS. Slrjxiixi Amdxbsos, Comm%ud- ) r. The French “Company ct.Charterurs** of the QBE AT EASTERN, having provided tneshjp with new boilers, ana thoroauhlv rentted and refnrulaced her in every department, with special reierrace to this service, will run her regularly between New York and Brest, as fal lows: IXATISQ KKW 70SK. • USAVCIO BkEST. Tuesday ...wApnl 91 Saturday April 71 Thursday May 161 Tu*eday .Jsaa-t Saturday..-. -Jure 22 | Thorjiliy July U Tuesday Jaiy SO (Saturday Anc. 24 Thursday S-'pt. il I Tuesday oct. 1 Saturday. OcuihlThursday. 1 . Sot. 2 KMVYORK to UVJSbPOOL, Tuesday. Nor. 26, tak ing only flistdasa passengers. Passage rtteani gold, or iu equivalent. (lie, (lid. (UO—accartUag to loca tion osd size ot room. Tickets lor tbe home passage Issued at a reduction or (20 to passengers returning previous to August. i'aesengeracanberurnli'iwl on board with railroad tickets from Brest to Paris at tbe reduced rote ol (10 AO for Ore t-ciais and (7.3 lor second-class, being a reduc tion ol 25 per cent on regular rates. Twenty cubic leet of DaccaaeaiUwcdlocacb passenger. Lettera ot credit Issued lor England and tbe Conti nent. For passage apply in Chicago at tbe European and American Staamsmn Agency, 51 Dearoom-et., James Wat rack, Agent, where plans of the cabins may ooseer acdbenca. sheared; also, to Wells. Forgo 4 Co„ £4 Broadway, Jf. Y„ or to the Aw. and U. a. Ex pres* Co.'s, sttaedr Vwdou* agencies. gTljtcab. REREAD J. & P. COATS’ Best §ix-€ord Cabled THREAD. ! JOHN & HUGO ICCniXCLOSS, Foie Agents in Sew York. Seales. PAIKBANKs' fST “*■ htardaed Irt SCALE S ./l. ~L„ 07 ALL BIZIS. ■ f lk FAIRBANKS, GREEN LEAF A "2ti 4 2UB L&tMt n Chicago. IBnucationai. T ASELL PE 31 ALB SEMIN ART. Xj aubcrndale, mass.. Ten mile* trom Boston. Four Tears* Classical Count Preitb. Music, Painting. prominent. Cateim drill In ail English Branches, spring term begins Mxrcb 31st. Number limited to Fifty. Address * CGIS. NT. CUSHING. (£iftj Notices. ■pROPOSAJ.S FOR THE CON&TRCU ,-t. TIONOFTHB SUMMIT DIVISION OF THE HXIHOIS AND MICHIGAN CAN.'L. •*- w OwicaarTjL* BaiKooF Public Wonxs,) »-,-iSl e w?JS po# ?.* fc wsu be uc*Kcd l>7 me Board at l>wy *5 CTr c until 11 a. m. We tnesday. ..« 3 imsv^t fc *ls ) C.V lß a cav»tUn Ltcsoa to deeper to the plan adopted, from Chicago lUv r r v, surasit Lock. No. two - CO » distaste of twa>iy.*ii (K) mUts. Maps, profiles. specltlcxtJoas. «c..«iQ be exhibited" atlbeotteeof rhe Baird «.f Public Wort* la ChliaS ctf and afb r April 13th until tho dav of MUnc v ‘ uc *‘ <> There will be some twotßtlilcn«(;.CM.\(KOi cable vardt cl e.rlh excavation—some ot it quite bard and em. trader considerable detached r«ct—end «3j«t r, af huLdmltev*t»y thousand (4;C!,OC€) cable yams ofsm. llhed limestone. The workfruatDebrosecufedro as not to Interfere with the use or the Can*! cnrles the sexson ol naviea- Um. Iti9belevrt,b;wvrer, that the most of tfis exetrv lii c, except the stratified rocs, can be docs with itns dralces without interfering with the navigation of the Canal, bat the rock excavation will ad have to pi done between tie clostof oavlratlon la the fall and the upcrtoginthesprlng. * - .. Hase«'<ptsdli:r any perfloa of Uw dis tance, operations thereon may t>e contton-d the whole year*, aadlbenavigatloncf the Canal w ; Il M »thread ed at I'aitfive motifis lo each year unless otherwise mutually azreco by the Board aod Contractors. The whole of ihe wort; most he date on or before the end of the thlro aeasnn ot the suspension cf navigation. A Urge amount of machinery will be required to excavate the work within the dice required, cutulsrlng mainly cf steam dredges, scows and cranes tor the earth work, and drilling machines, pumping machine ry and era Bt s for the rock. . Contractors will be required to commence work on tae earth excavation wlimn thirty dajsct the tlmeoi letting. and upon rock excavation oy mtCratjf Novem ber next. The credgis, cranes aid scows now la the Canal can bs bad at an appraised value which will he made known t> bidden prior to the leitlng. Parties contracting tor the work will be required to provide all machinery, and to pat np and remove ail dams ann all works ot prelection, and at their own ex pense to do all pumping, or whatever may be neceua* iy to secure thdr work from water. Proposals mot bs addioaed to the Bond of Public Wor,s,endorsed **Propc«»lforDeeocmngnJUoißaad Michigan Canal.” and be accompstledwllb the usual two hundred dollar f>*co bond, with soreUes. to be approved by the Board. Contractors will hid. Mating the price for which the wore will bo done on each crifce diitrcnt sections, ind the wore will bo let a» a whoi - or la part, and la snch quanllu* s ss the Heard ikll d frmlne. Tte Board reserve the rl.u. u. reject any and all bln?, and co proposal will be accepted q&!c?s tie partv oiTerlcr it shall give evidsne-* t atlsfactory to tbe Board tbsr he has the necessary skl’l. experi-cce. energy and abllllvfor dcisg the work, te trustworthy, aodnassof- CcUnt p-cuoiary resouicea. Tne Boato will require such security a#, according to their Jnccment, will secure the doing of the work acccrclng to the c&ntract. J. O. OINDELE. FBED. LBrZT^ O. J. BOSE. WILLIAM GOODING, B. B. MASON, Lit Beard rf Public Works. CITY COLLECTORS NOTlCE—atate of IMnols, County of Cook. ss. CrrrCoLLEcroE'a Omci, i Boom No. 14, Court Housr, t , CmcAdo, March 16th, 1567.) Public notice Is hereby given that the following de ecrlted Warrant has been placed in my sands fox cclltctlon, to-wlt: Warrant Nc. 790 West, dated March Sth, 1597. and leeued tor the col.ectlon of a bpectal assessment levied for orenlng Mitchell »treetflxty-*nfeet(«t>ft.)wldA from Wat er street to Hoisted street, la Brand's Addi tion to Chicago, so that the same shall be on a line with that pat t of Mitchell street east ot Hoisted street ana west cf Waller street. All persons interested In slid special assessments are requested to make immediate payment at mr office. In cefoult of such payment the said assess ment trill be co lectod at the cost and expense of the persons liable therefor. A. H. HEALD, City Collectir. /CORPORATION NOTICE. V-/ OmcgoxmsßaaasoyFDßUO Wosxs,) Whereas, the Common Council of the City of Chica go baa crowed tbat the 18 ftot alley In B’ock 2. Bailer, Wright A Webftcr# Addition to Chicago, be extended wtetwardly toKlnxibury str-ct, ol the same width and In the same line will. that part qf ««fo nireyiy open'd. Now. therefore, public notice Is hereby given to aU persons interested, that the Commissioners ol the Beard of Public Works will meet at Boom So. 1 (up stalts), in bonding Nos. 1.7 and 17 Sonia Weds-st, in cold city, on thei6lh dayolMtrch, A- D. 1367, at the bonrol 10 o’clock a. to assess the damages that will be scstalred, and the benefit, conferred, together wita the costs of t&e proceedings, by teozou cf the doing ol such wont and the making cfsald contcmplaiad Im provement. Tbe general description of the land to be cptdemsed . is a strip cl land IS feci wide, lying between the nirth ardsentb lines ot the IS toot alley in block 7, Butler, Wright and Webster’s Addition to Chicago, as pro duced through Block6or Assessors’ Division cfp*tt of B. HOfS. W. of See. 9, T. 39, B. 11 ti,, being part of Kingsbury's Tract. __ FRED. LETZ, O, J. ROSE. Ct Commlssleners ol the Board ot Public Works. CORPORATION NOTICE. Omcz or tits do.ved of Public Wongs, > Chicago, Marcn 13. 1867. j Wberear, the Common Council of the City cf Chicago bar ordered that the eighteen loot alley r.inning east and west In b ock U 5. School section addition to Chi cago. be widened to the wlotb of 37 feet, and extend? 1, ot the same wlotb, east to Clark street, making the south lire thereof parallel fo.and ITJnndl-lO leet north frem the north lice of Mosrce street. Acd whereas, at a meeting held by the Ccnmtf«lon ers of tbe Beard ot public Worgs. at rh-dr office, at to o’clock a. m. on Friday, March 8, 1357. for tne maslag cf an assessment tor said improvement. <a»d assesv menl was declared by said Commisslon-rs to o-i agreed upon and made by them, which action was subsequent ly, at the same meeting, reconsidered or tivio, «nrt tne no ting adjourned for the puipotcof completing said ossetsment. Now tnerefore, public notice Is hereby given to a{l Ecrsozu Interested (bat said adjourned meeting of the ummisslcc-rsol the Board ct Public Worcswll be held at Room No, 1 (up slvr?) in nullLn* N< r. i 3 a* d 17 Wells street fo said rlty, on thcTTd csy cf M treb, A. D. 1567, at the hour of ten o’clock, a. m- to s-sessths damages that will ne sustained, and the benefits con ferred, together witn the costs of the proceedings, by reason cl the doing ot such work aid the making of said contemplated improvement. The genera, description of ibe land to be condemned is a strip cf land about9f’et wide, from the socto end ofinb lot 7 ot Assessor’s Division ot lot t and E. X lot S, block 115, Sch ol Section addition L> Chicago; a strip ol land about 7 feet wide, trom the ronth end of the west part ct lot 3; a strio of mnd about < lect wl-le from tbe vootb side ct sub lots 3 and 9 ot lots 1 and 7: a strip cf land about 23 P-et wid? troir. the n rth end or lot j. and from the nut half of I>s b, and a strip cf land abont 17 feet wide foom tbe north end ot the west h*IC (JO of lot 6 and from lota 7 aids, all tnbtockUS, school Section addition to Chicago. J. O. GINDRLB. FRED. LETZ, O .1 BOSK. ComtnWlcnera of the Board of Public Works. Proposals for a bkiok bCUOOL HOUSE. Ori iCE of ink Boaed of Public Wobks. > Chicago, Jfarvh 7.1?*?, j Sealed Proposals will be received by the Bioraot Public Works, at their Office, uatl* 11 a. m., Wednes day, March nth, foMberoLStmctlonofa Brick School Balding, according to plans and specifications on die at the office of A. Bauer. Architect. 47 LaSai.e street. The building will br lour atones high, and will be locaUd at cr mar the corner of Dcsplaines aa l Dc- Pnyster stretti, aa the Beard of Education shall deter mine. Ibe stone cutting, the masonry, the painting and glaring, or the carpentry, may be bid for separately, or tbe proposal may be made for the building com p et?, loc notngaJ tbs vrlus klrdsof work. Proposals mas t be addressed to tbt Board of Public Wtrga, eudersed” Proposal for Brick School B-illd- Uc.” and be accomrarlert with the asan ftCO ooad, with snretits. to be approved by the Board. Tho Buara reserve the right to reject any bid not In accordance with the conditions cf tins advertisement, or to reject aJlblcs. ana no proposal will be accepted unites me tarty otferlog it soali give evidence astro lactory t > Hie Boaid that be has tbunccesiaryekill, cxpettence, mergy acd abl’ityfor doing the work, is UustKorthv, and has safficieut pecuniary resources. J. G. UISDELE, FRED. LKlzr* „ °. J- R'’SB. lot Board of Pnbue Works. s3«jposal». QATaLUT HOKSihS WANTED. _ Omcs Depot QrACTEMism:, ) „ , Fort Leavenworth. Ks., Marcs S. isST, f Scaled pro petals mil tie received at this Oihco anal 12 o clock a. d Thursday, ilaich il.lSiT, fjr fainlih lag at thi* Depot, ..v . 450 CAVALBYHOBSE3, ol the ini owing dtscrlpti ,n: Slnst best and In all perOcniars. we’l broke, to 101 l and good cooolticn, Irora fifteen (13) to sixl-en (16) hatds high, from five (S) to nine (9) je.«rs old. and well sdapt*<t In every wav lor cavalry pnrpuses. Horses between nine <9)ood ten (10) vests ol ace, it «till vigorous, sprightly, and healthy, may be accept :<L The hotses will be subjected to a rigid Intpcctioo be fore being accepted. Dorses ttnt have been sold by the Government will not be received. The horses to be dsUvcted within thirty (SO) days trom date of contract. Blank forms lor proposals wTI be furnished on appli cation to this otflea Eacn proposal to be accompanied by the gnarentes of two rupoolble persons, that tn case Ihecontractla aw&rced to the bidder, good and snfflclent bonds will be enured into lor the faithful pt rtcrmaoce of the same. Proposals will be received for the whole number of hors*s not less than fifty. The right is reserved to reject anyor alL'blds. Proposals to be made tu uiollcauL_and indorsed u Proposals torCavahv Hems,” and SBlreased to tho undersigned. Binder* are requested to be present at opening of the bids. . By order of Bvt. Frl?. Qc*. l. c. Eason, Chief Q. M. Department of the Mo. J, Q. BELCH £E* Captain cod A. Q. iL. U. S. Ar my. Location op the house op 'BEFLGE. Eixcnxtvx DrpasrukST, > laDUaxrous, March 11th. iSOT. t By an ac. of the Central Assembly to ectablnh a Hcnseof Rstnge lor Juvenile offenders.the Governor• Is empowarea to select snd esubluhasltofur said. Institution, and lor that pnrpuse be Is amnonzed to receive by donailoo. or to purchase, not less than eighty cor more than three hundred, and twenty aeros ol land, giving preference, ether thing* being equal, to a location central and e&ay of access from alt parts cl the State. Now, in pursuance of said act, an Ixrrttstloi Is here by given to persons who feel an interest in securing the location, of the Institution at nru'jw particular points, to make proportions to this Department fur the dona tion or sale ol land for the site of. such lnsdtntlOD.l bath-oropoiillons should Mffiet lx tbl« D-pvrtnsent within thirty days from this date,.and should state the quantity cl Isnd proposed to be donated or sold, its precise location, snathe terms upon which It is bro pcieltn be donated or sold, with the price It a sale la E reposed, ardsnch otbet advantages as the proposM :cnlicn may, in tba Jndemcntof the pax tic* mating the proposition, pcsscas- By truer of thoGovcmor. J. M. COMMONS, ' Private Secretary. ryo CONTRACTORS, “pTopoelttcns will be received fbr the cnnntruutlon of the masonry (about 22.C0C. jardsi of tae Bridge over the Ohio Klver, at Louisville, UNTIL THE JLCteH OF APEIL, ISCJ. Plans asd speclficatlono-wm be ready ir Inspection after the 15th.ofM.-rch, ah the Engineers Office ot tne Louisvl le andNuhvllle Kallrcad. No bids will be considered if notmadn by responsible parties. By order ol tbo Boacdol Directors ottheLonlsvllla Bridge Compoty. AL3tKT FINK, Chief Engineer, jFinanciaL A TEDITOK’S- OFFICK, ILLINOIS. Xl dpnsoTiaxo. March 12,1867. Notice la hereby given, th t whereas tbe “McLean County Bank.’Mccated at Bloomington. Illinois, has tiled io this cSco a bond, as required by tbe provisions of an act entitle! “An act to amend the general nank ins law, so as to permit the withdrawal of securities in certain cafes,**approved Feb. SB. 1367. Therefore. nnltsßtbehoidersor circulating notes ot said oenk shall present the same for redemption within Use years Item this date, at mis office,or in the City of Chicago, or at the Counter cl said Bank, they will be barred ttrm rectlvu? redemption thereoC Said notes will bo redeemed In the City of Chicaeo at tbe Mechanics* Na tional Back, and at tbe Office of tbe Marin* Company. O. H. MINSK. Auditor. jFor Sal?. ■pORSALE. AFOUNDET, MACHINE SHOP, AND PHASING nILL. AT WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS, tfell supplied with suitable patterns and flask*. 1»- finding four »lze* of stationary Engines. Barn-door Bangers, and Ball Patuent Flaab«, ani sho>rt-»ht of Leopard's Patent Sc*m!e*s Thlm ilu akelos. Good and suitable macolncrv lor flnl-hiag. TbeWanltg Mill has Matcher, Surfacer and R*s*w log macbjL&ana complete machinery for aash, blind', dcors, Ac. Will bo fold low tor PMmot pav. addw to TIFFANY ALUCftS. at Waukegan. 1 PPJ (General Notices. OAUTiOH.—The public are cautioned \ I against negotiating a Check, ceitllled on tbe 21st of February last, on tbe Qanovcr National Bank. XewTorlt, For Fourteen Thousand four nomred a* d six. 13-103 Dollar*. signed T. L. Taylor & Heed. which tsa forgery. N*w York. March U, 1567. 300 BBLS - 0F rvas ohio czora, Instoreat Dapee’sHsm House, cor-er Clark »ad Six ttenth-sts. For sale at retailor discount t > tlv- tfAJe. Address OTP Wabasn-av. JAMKSTCKNfc-**. Bissolutiun. Dissolution The paacershm heretofore existing between under ttf Cm. name and style of aA'|Lr.Lul.„-.Nb *CO .18 this day obSJived by ma.ual cotuca.. Vie allaln ol the firm will be MlUed oy s.XMPKL OKFFNEor U. W. fIANKEK. who wjil sign toe Arm narremliqulrition. , SAMI’EL GUEK.sE, Chicago. March 16.1?67. fc. TT. BANKiIIL lousiness (Earns. Q_EaT, HATTEH & CO n W3loles&lft CfimrnVrim fr.i» rthaatt- No. CO MoGoB-^tot |Bs:w«tF ailQ-atsJ DENVER.COLORADO iHcUtcai. TTHE &IPE OF GOOD DOPB The Hottentots Hare long used TJ c H TT For a variety cf It was borrowed from those rude praedtlosers tfM vngittb and Dutch physicians, on whose recommits- Hon it wss employed la Europe, and has ROW COME INTO GENERAL USE It is given chiefly la Gravel, Chronic Catarrh of tho Bladder, Borhid Irritation of the Bladder ,nnd Urethra, for Female Weat. ness and Debility, for Pro. lapsus and Bearing Bom, or Prolap sus Uteri, DISEASES OP THE Prostate (Hand, Retention or Incontia* ence of Urine, And an diseases requiring the aU ot i diuretic aristae from a loss ot tone In the parti concerned In ita enn» atlon. It is also recommended in catea of DYSPEFIIA Chronic Rheumatism, Cutaneous Affections and Dropsy. To core these disuses we most bring Into action tha muscles which ore engaged in their rations femetics*. TO NEGLECT THEM, However slight may be the attack. Is sure to affect the bodily health and menfel powers. Our FLESH and BLOOD are supported from that sources. Persons at every period of Ufo, foots infancy to Old Age, Ard in every state ol health, are liable to be sstdccti ol these diseases. Tbe causes la many instances arc unknown; Tbe patient has, however, an remedy in HELMBOLD’B Fluid Extract of Buciui, And when taken in cariy.stagus oi the flMew, KOSESBFFESTO EXTENT. It allays pain and infiammatfea, ti free from aTl|Tiuw» rlous properties, pleasant in Us taste and odor. bA Immediate In Its actios. It is the anchor of hope ta tbe physician, and was always so esteemed by tbe laM eminent Dr. I'hyslc. The proprietor, with upwards «| THZATY TSOUSAWD UNSOLICITED CERTIFICATES And hundreds of thonsasdscr living witnesses oCUt curative properties, accumulated within fifteen jeon Qas not been in the Habit of Re sorting to tbeir Publication. He does not sotci* trots the tact rack as standard: THEY DO NOT NEED TO BS PROPPED BP BY CERTIFICATES. THE.SCIENCE OF MEDICINE, LIKE THE DORIC COLUMN, SHOULD STAND Simple, Pure and Majestic, Having tact for its basis, IsdnctlOQ'fbr Its p4Dar,feß< Trutialone fbr Its sspitaL. His SQLID&ELDiDIXTRICTS Embody the fhn strength of the Ingredients of whisk they are named. THE? ABE LETT To the Inspection of AIL A BEADT AND CONCLUSIVE Test of their Prspirties. WIE be a cctnparlson with those set forth In the United States Dispensatory. These remedies are prepared by H. T. HELMBOLD, Druggist of Sixteen Tears’ Experience. Acdwcbelievetbem tube reliable; in Act we bar* neyerknownAn article lacking merit to mett with a . Permanent Success 3lr. Success Is certainly Prima Facia Erlilence. Drug and Chemical Warehouse, |i In the City of Ketv York. Ii not excelled, tf equalled, by any ta tbiieovuwy,»4 I* we would adrlae our readara when Tlaloag tbet elliy V give Mm a call aid Jtulge fiar ihomseiTa*. \