Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 20, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 20, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE MS? : ? " j ;g::.g.g .1 *re- 1 i .Ji.-a b^teal; : ' > ■-;' iDf ■ Fenlansi The Monn ; “ .. . „ .EpglishTariiaiiieat;/ ! ...- : v'. Napoleon's Foreign r toUiy l Ai ;: tacked' in ..the; Corps "■■ Icgislalif.t Installation , of'/the, Ifaw Han .-• ; \ ; • Ministry. ' of the murderous At / .tack oh Dr.. Livingstone and ... • - p a rty; . ; FROM WASHINGTON PinerPassage of tlia; Sat)' plementai Eficonstru:-'; ■ ' . tion. Bill. .Tie Maryland Scdatoriail Hase— A Formal Inrestigatidii, 1 ;..' Commenced. j " Debate in tbe Senate: on .the Indiana War Ciasiuj Bill ■' for; a Beorrjanizailiin . .of tb.e JioyaL Soldiacsf and ; : v Sailors’ Union.! MM €MADA. ; Destructive Coiiflagraiida a: Bolliwel), IV W; Xarfro Portion of the Town '.Destroyed. l '; ; Tilames of the Principal; Sufferers, with their Respective Losses. FEO3I EDUOPE, BX Great JSrltniD, THE TEOL’niXd IS I HZLASV. Dokdok. M.tcli is—Krenlue. ' Aircsts of Fenlara comltne in Ireland. Head Ctnire Dennis Donovan has been‘caught al Cork. General Mcßorkc and lortp others; recently catT fared Lave been earned in aroua jo Citmmel jaiL rnocEEDiMoe is PAiitiAMEir. Bosnos, .March id-iMidriithh. '- Ic the Commons this evening the Derby: Gov* tmment ashed formal leave to briojriniharfie* form Dill to-morrow, and Diaraeli esplainellho iealarcß of ’he propo** bUI, imrodneing eoploos ffaUeacß to support the principles upon which the bill Is grounded. Hr. Glaosfone made a short speech; • He «aid 1c thought the flenres were ahsarj, not he troaJd cefcrfill debate on the question coii! thelnll came "before the iionsc. Londos, March. The debate on the Itetona HUI cis 1 bccu post. posed to the CjibWtam." ?■■ * 3UXIXZ Dlf AfiTdS. ilc severe iriles whicfi have prevailed far aear i:-a week. Lave proved dls.vtron? to shloplnf. 3?wiv are reported on the. Eti-Ihh r~S Irish coasts. i .. , c -• cones- Losnos. March 30-Eren'c>.' Acerts of tie Enselan Government are said tc l)C purchasing vessels in this conntry and oh tkj continent, tobecsed as transports; PTEAasit ACKITAL. • i-ivtnroox, Maxell IS—Evcniaf.'-. 11 tcamcr-Allcaaou wbtch left New Vo/ie March -d. nirivedat fcoutbampum. - evening ibUi.. ~: - ' J-ivEurooL, starch rJ-J\oos. Tbe steamships Belgium from; Portland, ■jj ♦Ta\-a from New York, have ariived oui • t, France. KiPonnoifl ronnics roLicy attacked. r ; Paris, I!arch-in. A* oeoatc took 4 place m Ibe <;ovj l A ‘oi»<latif la»t.ercnintf, in regard to in which repreecn ativea liners and Havre auacked lhe' foreign poilcro! the Emperor on the ground that ,3t farored'a unity in both Germany and italv,. t htch was hostile ub the interests of Fnuice. ■ilinieter liober and Kcpr«eifiatlvd Oliver tie- ' funded the course of the Government. ' ran papal debt. Parts, March 19—Evonla™ In the Corps Leclslatil, to-day, Minister Ttohcr etalcd that the Emperor was in tavor : ol the car tilion of the Papal debt amour 1 the Catholic PdV ere. each of them assnminc Its share of anc bur then andguaronfeeing its payment. FrnMia. BisatiEE icsores POLiau yitaoxintTr. Hniius, March lx It Is slated that EUmaxk has refused to prole: atatuattim absorption of Poland into the Rafsia .Empire. SECnETTERiIT. Blcua-, March 1&-Etvnitur. Uis reported that siecrel treaty was mace be tween Prn-+!a and Bavaria in August List, and by one danse of toe treaty Pru-aja may assume mih lary direction ofiheßavarianarmy. Austria. APyTRAI. RECALLEP. ViEiiKA- March IS. An order baa been a cut to America reealhn: Admiicl Terjethod to this country, to take com matd of the Adnauc Cect- UuDs«rr*- J ntSIALLinoK Of THE >IW HPfISTRr. Pestii, March 13. The metDbrra of Ihe nerrly created Huumfian to-daj'took 'the bfcfbs' ol - office, la the .presence oTtll? JEmperor. «r (Auqtrhv and the; ilbriaJDial',’ ; 'rise or nrjtcAST.- Hujxu, ilurcii lU—Evening. The corotalfon of_ Fjsncis Joseph ns-liing of Hungary. denag hU present vkit tothle city. Ip -tirongly urged byoall parties. JLatckt Forckn.narkctk. ; naaaciAn: . .. i • Losm*. March 19-Xcm' . C'cotoli -opened steady, at 71tf; llhvoli Central. 763*; £rle iiailroad. 10. , LotriMja. March J9—Ercnlur. • Consol* clwedal SI lor, mosey.' American securi ties closed at tbs fdloatae rates Untied States V?3s, ; llllnolb Central shares, Taj - En« Qollaay. SJ%. Alarca L>—hyeniug. ■ ■ Urlted States bonds'clot Wat T«tf; . '■ ; cowecaAt. ’ I Lrnnn*ooL,‘Mareh 19—Soon. ■ - Market orened firm ar highest quotations ol.yesur* and prospector »’ lair day’s - bndi fis in raid ciJcg ni'iewM. -Bales of the daye-tlmatirf ftt’lO.OOO • bale*. ‘ - - .■ * r I i.vd, tu S» cwt; American uTIow; «8 Ua* seatcti.asav ton; roiln..common.Bß.*kl. i - 1 • Livodwu March w-J-Eventne. 1 Cottcn—The market to-day has bees QOict, closing tkrady»t for talddlloj-Bolaail*!; tales lodayt 3\ooobalce. Trade reports Iron Maacbf* t«r are fivor alile. • i' i • ' BreadsUrtt*—Market irm. • tyiieal .milling red. and . amberalltu Sd-pi.r ctoiali oom-IJi-GJ per quarter jot mix- d Iffteicijf; American barter at is £d perelxty loundai . . • ! . . • 1 r.'duce—Aahcs, pots at ~la .per ewe. fplj-lt*. turpen tine atTTs Cd per cwt. peirolcilm at Is 7d iri Penary!- vatlaxcllctd andC*nsda white,- Br si£i.nEih . j JPatllealar«ofi|ie raiiraoronnAiiaek on Pr« hlvliieMODcand Party ..POETUib'D. March 19.—1b0 aieanjbbip Moravian from JLiverpoolju3 p. in-.the 3tn inst., tta Lon . •cionderry on tbe e.vemrc of the Smhist.,- arrived * at bairpaftone o’clock this aTeruoon. A rrr)OTt : had 'reacocd Ihc’ Erclit»h Consul at ZhiZ'hsrlbal Dr.-iavintStnnc, *4ie celebrated Afl /3{.j-ploror.-BT)d half bis pfcrty hadlM*«n'tnnr<i-*r- Cofiree. • The report 18-ontne amhoruv tu nine qi the native attendant*, who clean-<l. Tee attack was sudden, nut the Doctor bad time to ovcfpr , tT“l tt|fWf> f " rlT V > hint, bat waf cm do«.n from bdjmd white. endcayonns -16; reload bis re volver... .. .. FKOM : WASHlsGfb>'i '■ [Special Despatch to the Chicago ; WAHiiijroTONiMarch 13. Tnr pm’ixsrrKTAL m:cossTi'criM Bnx,- ■' is a Breed -upon ■ by- the OtMifercn'-' Committee nndpaescdty both lionsee of -CruureB a , wijl jc laid before the Presided to-morott afternoon.- The only point ot didertnee wa?* l^ ibo 'lues-- lion of bow many votes ehalt b reioisi e tor the. rallflcatJoc of new Con£tita ,jn ' ? - snd the, flib itdiou a-pas Kid is as fußo*^ : ,-hccnoK C. And he it r lfLrr tnae'e?. -Ibat if. Cixoiditc to *aiu .rulurr,' CoaMiteiion aha it : be xallfied by a maj-jnt*'* rotes:oftne re<7i— hercui «p:-ritie<l,:ca«t pi said el-cutm, at i;’ L oae-half of «u, ibe recis lerett- votste vof,£y u j*o Q ''*hu cue-tloa^6j': - ruen- rKlUcador.,“- nk i i^*' i| dcat o? me: a-cmiott . xw -'^ oo7 1 101 linHcd wiucb I tn° D ' itt ' rcd 111111 l l IlflIu l ,:ti Actors lu'the II tin Jiatnw I*l I»Ki«i am ,oj ' lio”oita ( !^«iaSF% -^l^Aor^llrt:<feHtirptie #oUra-«M. vhl&Z ijo i ai»>£iiJ . n A? c :f?o .tyceilHtis trill tie derret «t • • \?a > ; fl f a wa* <ip ri>9taUv -». -AV" i 5... ...i | , oori(ini tl , •U'-L :.<*)■■*’»■•■- ’ w>lff A'.'jrUii puiKß. ; Mdi-.ul 1, .Jiu HY c JaUEod'aal cflbtHUs; Ui,Ret}{)e Sen3|tjii atu .ob Tbcab ill; ■»&*■.• : o DS^piHo;Sci:rc^ryof.Wsri.V.Jeitkj,ib.>^i # i !^lK • tjif<Br<Wor jpini.iiCa/SiaVJ)raldijjf_ JPP had.oot-b«a] etsdilaad,bsj tbc Unitary Cbmmit'ee. tboo3b'’aV wii Viewed • to report li action! 'fhATimr (bat tfad Bieai.ure woßldbbt c4<'*ilipboiffa l: pot 'aß'd'olbtre' eskcd-aat he ijlVen :l fot J* ;," ':• Thls :: ho \ 'i f'.-wa#". .evident* ,;uiat. “;1C • cWllV be lavdrsWy Bet eh. upon' 1 (oifliyj liiiHn" i ttie a l b'lef 4ie efld \U\.*puJ* probably, take ,< te 1 h’oui&itilat on driving ; Ohio!*the bill,flu4>ttß»<apgve.aotfi:ij UtpUftshonid: : move on amendment •anthonzioj: thajeettleaicat; of tbe-<Jaims of Tcr»ne t acc.. The Governor wU’ make sn.effort apain ib-murrow tocetaction/- EEKATOtUAL CASE I r.J rd. «&8 scntfTo 'tbc Jufl'dary Cottimittoe iW-i afie, nodn 1 without di bato or objection,-on u statement ol Hcyer.y Jobm-on. that Mr. ThdmaS- pi vicy 6'r lire stairmtptsai.d charges nudc T in 'yi’sterdaj’a . debate, tJPMT.d'a fnlt invcStlgiUjh afthecarllpai,'' moment possible. .The cotrimiiieQ will^p^cr" • the case at a iutctutg-Lo-morrotr, iViiethcr" ' Hey will rcjioriflt this session Unot kn'ojmV . ■>•.) . jm,Ju:tcLnyE,c(unfrTTXß; or tue yixjdUvnoH I:--; '■■■•■ .OOKVBNTIOX ) * * ht-ld quite a fall meeting: in this city, to-day, ' Gcncial. Barnrnn,Chairman,-presiding..' irtiet committeoibad under-cdaejdcrntfon the aubject - of perfecting’the orgatrtditlon of the 'Soldiers 1 1 and’Pallbrs’ UiJon lorservtce in. : the nextpolltf- 1 cal cfehvats. It wasdbcitlpd : 'to teep lbe'ccctnir' : 'ofT-ce iis this city open,‘in charts of tlip SeqreUrJ,’ t. KStoj Dudley,' and to 1 correspond' with" the iWcoamry f ,nmiidex v ?c>e;«ljmcjnhcrß of Goccrcsa, ivhi> are l , aJ? of ibo committed Wert .fn .attend* thameetUig, from Centxalsßm* - -Ju nnd were read. { >7'> rri,v«B’jpoNriscATros ersnon.:: .!: : ■ 'TKe ETtat'ccnlscaiion speech did innch atUnlionrdcring' lUp'fc* ’ Jhu eysalng; ns 'lt might^£p,s 1( Ijaff W n Mmself to.deUycr f. cqu&UqmJie »aßonuW : .pacts, and,was lieu obliged to ask its If fend,' the ,; jliellophe,. ta.fli.Uh 3t. fKa califetiei t *VurtwqU filled,, though-icot crowded.'.',The bIU . aas postponed at Mr.-Stevcne’ sugcbeilon till’ the : >ccohd,Tiie.*darofiicxtDeceaiboe; ! t , :■ i:j . ' '- - j DIS APFOUiTXD DnSITCOff. i •<., ’.j. Senator. Couneffl, lri addition id tue usualdntie-‘ naa bedi r»*koo to reialate iho presf of the c**hn’' ipy. Hl* constant barking at the heels of late, hos bim to raap at the'tie uarers. ; UJe cbralty' to the’ Asioplateti Prrbs ' lierwn lately both''iv" ?nd' ont; of Epccntiro f OJ -' icm, arises from ihe'fallnre 'or its* re brieir Id ji orni proper in'cVvals that feehiuot ia a verymerest,msm . ~ • • | . rrYCSTuorapnsvExnui'Tiuci;,’- i ~ John £.Uogue nfl-.lonln,coDflnacQ ariascior 1 ...f Uio Seventh Ohio.lluiriet:- nuetof .Imlev Dewc,,!Ust tnirnnar. iljcio have' 'been three Kjectton,. bj- of faomlnS 'tioD.ini tbs oOlcc, !tn.l In »adllloh,irimf!aiirireiil . natrev were pent m ajHl"dl-o ■ enal actiMi oh (be caae of Jltnnie.’ ; .. ..J r-. '• ' TOE "orrirmnnmer jirti, '■ ' . 7I1 " a ') f« fc.Bw;Honae IWi nliehiDoii. on‘he’ vcna(chilUlvmg,6ne faiTlioi ol dollara tor ibi relief o’tho yoath'.,[ha.vcd ihai. ihe eantlmeit 01, •bw.pody Is fetiU dcadediy ; ‘opposed: to the: meaauie. - , ; •••—• cuituixo ron invalid soldieus jakd oailoh? . Sir. Judil’a h.U civinccloihirjtathe lumjtmof soldiere andSmlor.’ Homer, ns Qnaliv e-recd Io n, b(hh tionses 10-day, Eln-a one Bait now 14 Snitare PCHOaS ' •* mabeß Prorfdon. for : _• V, *-ott.eae scriip’ - J.®a w t®eMM.e«.dDt!l ton Stale, 1 tlorrd to representation, parsed by tib ndn.c mcrtiinit, Tvas also passed by the sajae.bodj lost •csslon, l»nl was riot reached In-tlie t?enale. i'tUXl XXION or TUi LAWS OF COhGUBriS ■ A.biU lifted lUo House to-day exfndm" the ofa bin auihorizlnir the (Jlc-k to'pnb rirh-ibelfwaof the lafit-Couwess io two papers' wfhlf Atlrcliunio the rebel and lovM States At the Talcs paid, each paper imbU-hing the laws «ill 01 Ip receive from three ibionrimadred do]- 1 lare per ee?eion.' “• ■ BtIUJIKO PQH TOE PEPAET2JEST , CET ■ AGtncbl ' TPRE. , .'; HarEh 19,-Tbo new baildin" or be Bni.rlmLnt of A B ,lc.linre, ralhoruM ? brih° laic act ol CoomcM, wul lie.crectco mtheceoSe l'i ,^;r ir e“t u - No - a °°:bPJlnK UlO .IS bS Uvcca the baiiUtoajan IcUliue ano Mocranml srouids, Die oitKome diico.l o o',«? .lKko.Wms.eill be 1:21,5,63 f«t.“gFi2Si» brclrilectTire »smodem.- • ■ _ ' _ „ indiak Arrims. ■' - Bo °* T *- V. Bogy. Special CommfcManer for treaties with. Indian ,ri Dei generally: l;ad a prelimui&ry.lnterview with tHe Santr, »V!d' now at ;lia mouth of the Niobrara, hen.tentum being to remove tliunj to the rcaer ''u*Vd*\, ‘ shvt W !a tLe;Bf « Sla '°* cmthefeSal d *. b o». J “ me » s Vi\ e * 00-tbewest, and between b i c * i 44 am} ' J5,b of latitude, ou •»lifell they arc-to remnre m amo to make * J 0 ’"?? season., lie .has also had con- V 'nria^ n BraJe ;S -.MlOH}ocijOUn<, Cpp 2. r tower ' N a . ;« 0r8l!, r ln,: ? sp6?e ’ ".BgallaUM and tower .in e -<.w n, .v,2. a l ,en: . were consnimnalpd which vim liable them logo (o Ihrmmij rbislsQrumcr at ;*■« vSi'b'f?* A ? u " c * old FprtXo.«o?ta*S . J^V?Vt U,lT ' B s d,l - r "» ttu! fcaa>m .cn plated tOEind special Commiaifonctt to nt .. ri' n i®/r a - ,JM / ltH ••«ablUhtbem ujSi ‘ C V.!2?^‘m !; them .rcaaonabie^iti* ru»w. -;•{■• "°?J: is also on the eVc ofbohcla-.lne I Mtsfr wlththe «.Ltppewas.of the Upper • > =•■ : ABirr eorruza, * "revet Gemral John It Keflic Is order -o to prorcuci to -Ornnha, «.Nebraska,- to mnko.aU ...ei'CliJ a.. onccnjeiita lor suppljinc troops toe 1 epanmciit. of the, Platte v.ita such aruir*. jinuiTii lUoB. it-.M may bereemred la .na-v ni ;He ihreattutoir a-pect oflndlaiaSiri• • ■ °* - . ■ ' -cds - pntiiATi6kb. :.i The. ScDftle to-Qay cocllrmed the fblld«-hi<~ ifo-» ,-K hullivdn. Minister JteiidenL at ■vtS' , S^T4V h ea .?r VcSeraoo. OT K 1 i.ojudo. Ohio; *V> n Arbor, Michigan: v\-iji lata . l.ndt.r. t rati klm, • Indiana ; Norman l 11, Pratt. UeutmeMLino..; Hei-ryW. Bucklarid.Frcmonc I*. 1 .. r iowa ; hncil ‘ur f- f-omstock. Eamm-da Court. House, W««r } ••Wno ;.U. .L. haater.Jackson,.ilicLi*.*m: fWv :jfclii"anj Orson!•’. .‘lfchirannWdham if. CatopbeU,Doita l ac,. ILlchican; C. Hood. Mnrgfs, .MicnJgiui: Harrcj-J tlnier, Nile-, - Michigan; Simnel s Mi chigan ;i\V. L-Grume, Salem. ll!ino»* • • lieois, Ithrois;. -David .L. ’ *3 T ?i -J ort , I-L l aveu?*orth. Kansas; Charles . r Ro.-helT; Appleton, Wisconsin f Lemonl, Bncvnia, Ohio: D.' 0-(Williams,' Dnhcone. lew; William StandtonL sheftmiiieV t.David T.Aloiievpcnuy. Mnnfordvillc, Kt. ; ,'Ut- -I 11 't*»cl, Pad Head. Kr.j Jap. U.iloorc, c plDiDbuf, Kv,; Jas. Umvard. Alt, Stcrliar, Ky.; . 1 lionifis J. Brdwcli, Chico, Cal. • - i . 1 ■ Jicsiettr cf a t c Lend C. Holmes, Denver City, Col. ■• j • * /svctfjwr of PulAie Moneye-G. cl Havens. • Mockum. California. ’ ; ' „Gvoims Gerard, at Maracaibo; ' Henry 11. W.llri. Naples; Chailea Creamer. Hfcmmna : 0. A- Pctktns. Stockholm. , ■ . I Attutursqf In'trrxil.llczcMe—llitk FJano ?at'. First District, Michigan: James S.dtobinsou. Kl:th-Dj*iricr, 'o<.io; John T. Hame, Seventll Duorici, Ohio; 'EJiehd F. Hoeery. Sixth District, .oiilo; Aluck J. I eamiLp. Fl-m UietnetJ Mistourl. . Ct,li>dors cf LMrnnt £erenua-~C.Ji. Wilson. ‘ Fifth District of Onto; L oi.ard Boss. Moth Dip nict ol Illinois; James . Crag, Msiuh Dl-lriot of Mreronri; Green. Second. District of .Mlrsount-Hcnry C.'Wilier, Twenty-third District of Pennsylvania; limbnni Meuiare, Eighteenth District-of Fernsylrania: Da\ld CahhvtiT, Scven tecatn District of Pemwrivaoia; Geofgt Zander sou. p»inlh District of Pennpylvaola. • ! ’ • of Urn BrutcL J/ial—JKiacG, Jones, oi Clsarfotfe, N. C. . ; • Sarrtyor vf Customs—Josiah A. Bcoivh, Coin rr, Jf l ' - . - j Afarrfiol— Samuel H. Jones, i Western DUtncloi < Ti , BDtisce:r ! • The Senate-bad conflrmeti-tbb follottfrb liomf- 1 i;atioi.g__of SecadarUß ol Legation: IWKklwm' Hodmen oiLouii-iaDa, at Pari?: John W.-Dir, of ’Parity;;!!. if lUrct, Sccrrtarymliinavand J. A." Grofeso, Socro-r taiy at iao,lte«J*p«i?o.» r. ....■*••* } ‘ ~ *" IIEJECTIOSS. | 11 ’ HjcfdUowtcirtJonilnaiioaß wercrcjeC’eJ: 11 '• ' J'oefnicaUrt— Danl»lts. Bosh, sidteii O:: Thos. •». Aiderson, Norark. O.; Reason £.-< Spink,' ■.Wooeti-T, Ui4 ffn.'C. Mooretwad, Zacestille, o.; .A--If andel, ClrtfevilltvU.: Actnljcs.Caller-’ day, OallinplJs, O.j Wm. HL Wooflwird, llills notO, O. ; Robert rboapsoifiloont Vernon, U • e.Hnf UonmsV'ortli. Albion, ilfcluA. li: Ett •*rds. Si.-Cbarie?; 'Mo.f'Richard IB:-Owetf .-piinpfiold, Mo ; 0.-Kkitlds, Hautdbil . J. Thomas,.Newport, Ky.-i <• , ; Auteaenr of Jnternal £t CL ‘rt’. Haritfl. Clcvi ntb Ciilrlcl of Jlimota - • . - f - “'L'toir-r oT Public ilon.ys— Borate: Jamison;' .BrowuayMe.>'eDra’-ka„; ' ! ' ’ coksixs UEoejnrny. . j TTie President lias recoct teed FrancfecoHerrO ,ra. Cu?j*nl.ol' ibe United States' ol- Colom&laai • ,S6nPijnjci«o, aEd Aiomteßombacb, 1 Vico Cob ,.-ul ui Austria at MiJwankrc, Wis. . i . ' ■ ■ XiiE ADJOCICSaiiKT «*L'EBTIOK. Conprcs* passed! the Supplemental Re-‘ construction at once'oc presented lo . iUo President anVas soooms eeflDllt* action than be taken-ou.thw measuiv,, Concrcjs ivjll /dr'tint •unc lor.adjournaieiLpr.reocft*. -41 Ja tjio£«nwal Klicrifialttie, RrcsHcm will return, ttitfbifrto tluiilonFethlfi’wceß ;j : WVTE StSKER. V • 1 be tenth utifl la*‘ Plate dinner of the riiii Beacon lakes pace fit the EseOnfii io*n»ghi.. :■ 1 f ' CpSIiIiESSHSAL rifOCEE )IXGSV SENATE. .J ■:■ r ~ •' - ~ .. ; WAsoixcrosi Starch 1?..., , A number ol.blls.tvhlcb pssscd.thQ House ycs-‘ 'erdfiv, wcre-rcccVcd amireferred 16 appropriate . 'Mr-SUKUAiAir -called up thcllousewiinvßcs ■omtiozLitnhorizfag ot' War to turn uvcMo.vbe Mamgtirs of:tbo iJiaional Asylum or' iJir&bled.Soiditvs the barracks and olhpr-GbVcm .«>«“ Uuisc, Oulo. Passed. !.•: - Mr. rLLMBpLL called up the Hr are. Joint ntf o ution tost>pcnd a'l further proce dinus un-., -cisr the lawto. 4 the payment forvlsrof *nlß?ed or' • ‘lrasted uto the military airvicfe of he United Slltlta. • .... • ... j, i ■ i . - Aficriehor: dfecussioc, by consent theblll was 1 ■ pintpoiud liu 10-uiorrow. .. < .... fVl| - ? 3r * .JOKTON,* from.the Mflitiry report'd lavorahly on the bill miroducfcd. be him , lojsjtnc elate ol Indiana for Quartermasters’ 1 store-, Ptipplud. tran“porlatlon, *ci, ‘inrorsbcd'’ c thr militia cl that .state to repel -rebel ratvß,‘- ; i tiio bill I waHpfl’ a ; \ vlt i-°d I? ameud by Jnseruiic “Qiiio."; .Mog^S SOl,ee^ t i;™ r itiiTaclluif on^lh? bm : 7; w wj>wi*. sfri WOH 10?f totrodtic'd a bill autba-irln" ‘ ?ontfc«*ru Almnwota- Balliond ’-■omf^n T 'to rtm : -iroct a brtdee across the V : “t D ; • ; TVlsy HefcfrCd 10 the Post OfiJce Coin- • ii-itU'6. • ilr; TTPrOK’-ictrodUcea a bill cxtcndjac to ihe viti«e.ol?sebra9ltaihe’bniefll:of the act ernnuop 1-rfl. lottatcs for the' establishment Ot An.-nialuj. ' uu;J»Otgis!,-' the Committee -uTah-' ifcrar.ds.-' r - 9•• i ' - ••-■-'■ : !dh HOWARD; from-fhe Mllftary- (iraihsliteei »>To)lcd: : wirt;ont‘ainebJmi.'i!t, < tiiy : bill to nwu;« let> yti dlsfnbulrt3!i ofaw-ahJ‘f-f6? ,, fhi Laptcre ot. Mcfi! PsvK'afi'uVfCOmnib'dPd'thst’R.'pifl,.- •: •'’•Wri .WNhßSSilnUodoced % rtspfutJoil^W^'i 1 ■ ‘WtrErEAS,’ Ittlie frhou-'jQtly 'hapWna'l VfiWt tie/ rtocrctiagv 01-tbe f i r^tb‘lh-€iee<iUJe' l Sd^)rr ;l have be«n in newspaputs contrary to the injunction oibiciecy mereou; therelore, . b d ci UlI -jll.' vjlh:: i-,» •jr?e o;if to tta m> >^4o/cW v -Th«t‘* committee. <oDUirej,,S«nain« J,c » «ct,d for persona, papers, &dr J - I -“:. r -," _Allife uf-Mx.,COCKLING,'IbeTesd- • Tvworoprvd to Iftfbm for the ' | Mp. COI.E lairWuccd a tesbrinon •.pndjioqairirfe <li£ secretary of : lbe -treasury to: cause an Int&UnfnUonitoibo-'iaade ea .touaiiaH: practicable, by_tbi.officers of. tfao United b'Ute*. :*m:al(fpn)fa T imc» tht; condition 6r IDe. in Uio.yiclnily, pX.Jpoint Sal, on. the ?&ratm.that the ‘Secretary of War ■ Ibert^tirriQlocanf^tsflinH'tclf^o 1 be mado-of-tne -amotmeneccepprytobeoxpen edto rendtrauch ’^^^°ravailfll)h) -fir-tiro'purpose orcomaerGc-u ilr. IIAMSEY Introdcced a;b»li of :. Un- act-tcaidio the comtnictioo of a railroad bod tcle#-aph.Ut,e from lie ilTssonri KKerto thp PA-' s™*, ©Cero/approVci’ July SSG2, thal* tiwrpads'.or lire’companies mamed shall ot’uo con»trncr*d’ that ■when l lonrpU ted ibevshalL in -connection.:? ith/fhc .branch road to Sioux Jity, ■?? , CO A<?o*rinuou9road -cdttumiiilcatiotLbotween lb? yilDaPiudfli; B«lr:ud;and .the head ol Lake' ,=pr*rjOi‘. Svbldi waa referred xoibc UomtbltMcdb •theTcriflc'Railrotfa;'., - M£/COr fe, introduced a bIU lo thrlhcrdeflaeibe: 'OOalinaiuoiis- of.tnemlers Of f Comrrwa. f wJuchj Srinldeßllmiam petefaa Rhafl bfc cfigible t-v ebber ou&Ot;rOf> Uongnlfi^!:wh6'-'ia9 -.>*o®.®! anpa .igiicit .lha .-U/ated -Btaie4 >vbile a c 1 li Zen ip ere Of; »Bjo Ban VQUinttrily* riven bid,' *cpcirrciun;cc; cpunseT.or.yucouraa'.mtnt Id per* : ‘«iop cDpact-dibTinned hostility iiorormiiorJdio l “Svadueht orlaOceilto-i’or attempted u> fsecdUO: ÜbcuaicucDM effinx'olUoe- , tthntsoßver citto3oT,6oj ■autborltj -or proti-ntkdi authority In Hostility to ( ' ,rLC[lpiitd ifialuts of who>j bat yielded..voluntary Support lo .anj* goyernmeatVliowef, brntorny .ot. conMJtuUbn in tno United States" -nortflc-tbcreio:- -BcG-m-d tdihd JudfcUry'Com-’ miner, Bui ordered printed. 1 ' > - 'J be ;.Sbpp3eaScmary KeconirfrnctloD. BUI was; .irceivtalironubelicu-e: and'on motion otilt; .•'■*W!.VBUW.i th» Seiiau liibbloi.and acrootl'toa- the committee on 1 this ‘part. JbdTldaee reeoWitmio correct an ferrortatbO' -Bn'OlitlUjt ofibe WoOllhiitl'tßill' was taken no acd tasked.-t.«. ! <:Wr- ) caJJedjupthe bill dtrecliaeiiho . ‘HI?NDB!KpN SliOfl WWdecfcrin# . the n«hifte t d\crthv.Mteß.:ia-l Wverat r»t; Chirirt. ;: •ucd tbd ortdee over Ibe Mississippi JUvcr aUicV Mfri-onrl, to bd lawfulrtrnclnres and poit l -’f pu ?* ! •aHc.luitsvnaamtndod;B(>' , a9 to IncludeUnr oycr.thu ,A| |t fiourl - i{h-ec. at LebvcnWtb, nansaejico tnca passed, ~ . -- -- - *•' pUASDK's&JtL be had beenlroqoestfed by tThom,a>),- Rtnca/he -n£rom-vbim’jes!erdßr, to mcA-e the cciferenca of blaxiadentiblsioiibe'^odklarrCOnuniUcc.ehat.a - *“11 i itTefijicatlOn; bo; made.’ 1 Aorced. U> .wnnoati • derate.! . t.t jt - i ij <'t • ■, r; TteScpatc.Wepl into Eiwntlvc arssfon I *'." .After son<6 Itiuo spcnLlbus, the-doors’were're-• •orfeneo,: at# # r f lWßflLu,'ftom iftO Confer-' cicO'Cetmortlee 1 ' oo‘ the; SappicmctKal.ißceon-' a report.. ! p; ’ 'j -•l'te-.'C Oirteicaw-vomtuiftcc 1 agreed, tib tiie Sen* • . ole’s proposition that the SUteiMmstitulion-iiban • Jbe:rßtitM?diliu:ninsjoiiiyQl the vo'ts ca'ai, prorid-' .edit ihni a rnajoiity of tbcre^sterca' , toiers voted on ,ibe ,«me£Uoo/ of faufleanrtn. * A •fit?!®!. 1 ! «u:r V iratJrfrt - ■-. t S£ l .X r ?S t TS!. c N towtf'bad ao opportamHy U>: Aoufrooiy any tear pewter-• ■ wpura, andinaiato Codrtkutiou meet* thc-an- P'«i v al.‘if.aiiiajouly.ot tbo.tjhaiified voviira: . •I; Xbe ; report was Jheu. * a re«i .to, andWdoOre v • Aber tbe ; transactfon . mnberEsecntiT.C business ,tbcSenafe'Adtonmed.' 1 ’ "dIOUSE, ’ , ‘ o : ■ ■ Mr.-DlNGßAWintrodifcofl a jpiiit raoloUon to--, ccrrccum'ci h>r fn'lhe ehrollment bf bill ?a« retelon •‘dlily on wool and wool {!;V^f?» he trT °i was>nomuiloij in the -enrolled' • Dill of tbo- xvordsCanada iomr tvools ” which ucie engaged In the lull.*: ‘rb: w "i“ f lbe iotnt »e*oloUoh.pi,§cd.r * . Ml. 1 Jin.lAN ashed leave to rebort a iolnt reso lution relative to ibe Isstjeoi'Ajjrlcnlinral College. _Ecnp,prohll)Ulnc a tniCner issne or aeltrerr of eticb scrip tp any of the states-lately in: rebellion cxcejJt the acceptance of suebeeno' .Or any, jm-uofoxe ia&ucd. uniil, those States arc .fully iceibred 10, Uicxf rights aa-Siatt* by‘Con- ; Rieaa. . T ' " ■ •.••;,• : BDRH- : objected • but the ‘ rnlesiware ana-. «cd* r ihe.opcrat’Qa of the prenoua qii&tidn.fhcTTeoltitlcJn was adopted— l ij o *j. 1- "■V* "-U.libJ,* on Jeare. introduced a'bill tb laddefi.;froni tax,, tvbica, after a • gbiTi.uifCuf glen, unsgen,... I’.^^- helorclbe House the dts- - | ,nH l , ,D<r& i r, , iir^t 0 Tio GOD6O amendmont: to-the Supplemental Hcconpfrnrfion BUI.- Ihe . Howe refuMd-ct roT7-i 0 recede, wJmUd o a.toiWDlrire.ofxnnferaice.; : lo “bDOlnledcMcasre. Wilson, of . r ‘‘* mn a eu ‘‘“ l «= i! »? cwII m,* 5 ca 'L c - d^ P ;b *«'• moil°o .!a.recoi>-' sldPTihcvoic by which .Ine hjlj IhiroduoKH-y bhil oti th^jllbof'Jlhieh uu‘ referred to the Com lhe-V{ ol ,&0 Hoßße.' heiii£ the Dili UJCOnfiscaioslLpob.»c.lmaß.in--tbc lately rebel ~ titep W)d to ■conflicale-apd condemn -aJlsuch' property bclorsujj to the bUlincretjt enetnr'-aafs coefl. La'ed by; the act of Joiy 17/J«a;- -•• to uddreaa Uui lloiiic a f i noi read moru than a pu”, of bis speech' txhcu-il became nainiuliv evident. Bain, me- weak- condition or hlabcaJtb ib-.t- ho -couW not-make him«cLf hcaro.'hy the . Zldusc. , Dc therefore renucatcd Vr. Tfchipr. Jon. the. tleik of the Uoose, to read ibe-epeech MePhergon thereupon protv»ded l ° d „° lbc . Uerk's desk. -Tlie nadW occo pltaaDout|inliouraiKl aqnarten-- ' ~•obfabicd the floor, hot yic'a td to Mr. oj M RNs, who vnot ed; tnat th- bill be Tneeany in December next, blucb was nttrudio • e «Ctl Into. Committee of the Whole. : TF® Pf.wrededro the consli!«*rai{on of tho Senato ll»lappiOTn'*aiir; ff one million dollard for the ro lipi or tbc-.h-etiiule lb vbd g oU ,b. - ■ ,ur iae .‘* • Mr, DbTIJiH pnono cd to o?eri» snbat/hUe for BuLgateie oherwl -Jucwet, bv teV'otri,^p lo4 » ic t- •Coinmasdera uiiaer- the •^rt o r f ,tht.?^^; :u .? xcb ‘ penverto a^ess & lallnarr power ratably on ail por * one dtstilcrs' otvninn . more than UJO •fhl es^n Dr an income of more tban-StKO aj-ear, inch a eum br.-snma as such 6ecm - ,£<iceaaar/ to relieve the *-IVL i-n r l Wwbrie oeop-e-there;'. . i-1? - tmormed Mr.. Butler thathc >.'■*-- Vtftutißtr ai/ other 'tor 11, m Mr Butler sleavlnn >vtibdre * tbc latter, wnorc, irptn Mr. ccrenck cn.ercfl. u, as an a-ueaduont to • 'j ’ ■ * i . fToancnt appeal to <be committee in Umnof-ibo bin. •iho'jacttisicm: .it-niQMfdllDtUiecninraitiefi ns*; and lenorlltbe UlllaLdameudinentf-to lie iiotwe. ••• : . Tito motion was rejected, - • A lot-g.debafe ensued bn. Iheroerifs of ,*bo' hill' • butivjtt-oa» rcif«)!«»aoj conclnsfon. the commit-. Jeo rofe-to rbceivoa messageirum the Sedate." ' ,:A \aaetyoi motions to «u*>pend the ritle« to-"e|.’ id bitis aiuL; tesoiQUone. .werccwde nod rejected, wn -c the. House was walUhx to xeecire'the-action Jn-toelifiu»le T .on tie. report of-liic, Confercnco ’ onmifUcc,' on'tic" supplementary ilocouetruo non Bill.- • - -On Djctlw.or-Slf. BANKS. the ComniittcaW F ortlim.Afdlre wns-insuiided to inquire aud re port wilt*; measures have been taken by /orelun ‘•O'errmenis or capitalist* to -soeuxe : a control of the interest ol rival iiutionalitiu* on nnv of the routes or hai.chitioa lor transit acioas the isthmus of lananm, ITonrtiiraß or.Tehuanieper.' and what tenon moy hchdmlssabfcfortbis uovjnimcn; to -lake; to Mcnrc tho intirosts or American com- : ■ merceon.BDcb.tranaltromcs.: , ... - . •’he .SI’KiJKtJH'J«Id before the fiouscamci?-. .face,from. .the, Senate announcing -Uiat-U had' flprerd r-. die,reporl, of the Conference Committee on ihebnppJettnhrtaJ ItcconatrucHon'Bill. ' . lber«Tpon.'S!r. WitbO.N--of iowa, from’the aald committee; in'ide a slmllar repo.’t. After - a' bnei disease:on, the - ' Conference report was aptted to, and the.bilj trots to the Proddcm. < : . J he House then artjonrntd, . SHiIiMrJb’JELD. Ihiportani Aiutmuncnt to Section Ttilr ; litv4hed Mntmee, Kelauur to f*rncUry ; — t»erm»nul~r Ity PollUcn—TJie V.ltflii IJonr sj-Rtcm—A ConntywUh-. :) OUtadudge, ic. : ; i : IbpeiULi Despatch(o the Chlcaco Tribune.) *' : ' i! • ■ - PphraopjELD; 111., March 19. ; 'Tec labi eewlob ofthe'llesislatnrc passed a very imporfarii btttindincili to.pccfion - thlrtesndf chap •tereißhty-thrcc, 1 entitled Prac tice.” so-jar ;ne,the eanjc j-elalua. to “the conilnu aucirotcan^Ci,',ll js construed'aafollcivs; When ,an affidavit..lor.p.iCpmlnuajjce.ia .filed by ono of , tho parties on accoqm of theabsencc of testimony. Und such aClddviW.are admlUed ae evldenco by ,‘hc ?fh«rpafty,-ilie. Vatty admiulns auch affidavit tbalJ t)o held to admit that if the absent wftncßs waa present be would “swear to the fact or ;tflcja whlch tbtr affidavit slates that bo will awcar - facts, shall Mre: no creator force or,effect than Uiheubsant witness was pres ■ enl apd £Wors (o tbciramu in open court, feavinc” it io thh-pacty admlttinc thtiaffidavll to contro-; yertibcßwUrment contaißed.thcreiu, - iho sameaa eihmined In open court. - '.•.iGeoote.JH. Uentdßlay, law isoperfoteudent of ■ W - city ou busk .nciis conntcfad the. Stale. Aarlcoltural &o. cleiy. lie.will leave for Eucone In & few days, to attend th 6 -'Tbll UnloirConveiitiba to'nominate a treUct fOr win-bo-beld bere oh Thnrsdir, laJArcJMSihr Generuldobnoook'ls n prominent .umdiflate tor,Mayor, r . •• • Mccbaidciiate now' worliihi: under the-clcht tbeconha'y'arcnljdp. .. Ihc dlMrictfnjr the JntJlclai cltmcre icft-iheicoucty of. Franklin out;'and it 1 ; dqes BW.B«»«,c(}mßri*e.apy part:of any clrealr,- and ib tbnmlore without a Jud|;c. ■ • - ."Ibetown ijf. Tacdohahaa voted to the ■wjdulJ^odror i ihC; j sv.Louis bud Terre Jlauio. Tilt; STATE legislatures: r.-i >'-'VTfSCOJVSIIV’. : -- : i •' b ; 'Pptdal-Dwpatch ia tic CblcajjOTribiiio.] 1 ■’ .^V.^pifibs/VFis^ilaioli'jg. 1 - ‘ , -.;'6E??ATE. ..' *' ; 1 Pmsldent e JJaimloP; ... .. ■■ i ;ScTcrAl.Jo«r OWa jycrti jntrodbcedj Xiao for , and.approjV^lalioq,' ,or tM.DCD for,'the i;ehb2: of dc'fclUutc cluieiid dl UiV siaijfUloly-iu avdwed rpbeliron; airaiim the Got-' einmcot OtthuX f hi»vii Staler. . . .. j - . -•ltc Aercrehfy ton* repealing all acu exompUmr. the ptesent or jro~pectlve interest orrairroads in ine the*'AllbriAp* General to iunuiri whether oinkß >at cdoonf-'and exchange arc doing Daßinass .without items oraantzea-onfler either ihe Stale or gcncxal BajokinKpjgF of Uijs State,- ; ‘ n ’ l Ajnpne lie blue Introduced was 002 to organize' fie' Madison PrimingCompany* by, 'S-AJMiooih' and others, which may bp with Ihc/flew of cstan •?ltbl».s 6 mailfc/Tmbhcan newspaper berejtilja'»h il if ■Si-irralljje'»cticfl;»s-dcarsTie(t , to l air<jcicer-- loin osei*art4pcr.dUTK.ia the Legislature hr threat*' moyerjifait.;: , | - ■ ■ The, pasVcd, to, r.incal the law of l>Cßtp' ptjutfhAttain,ofancei against rngown*' i-rf'/groMbiitng thenoomTneunrlFaujnuof Inpgi In’oeriMln ct^sljaml l several of d ‘local character -1 evt aal eri concurred /In.' ■ [lbn bUliorevlfciijolaweJ’or thaneßesunent aod , cvlleoifoiiflf QPtt3id«red,ard tudSenaUs, adjouatfd to eTcnJne-lor,iHnher. action thereon.' , lie Astvmb'V rbiolullongo. cot OT newbuai- - n»tT.oinlie*tCib,and'adJboni‘,On, April 3d, was** I'Cltrreaio'fl fciject cOmmlUbc." ’ln" the Assembly Ust-eveninfVonly tlxty-dflc mom’terß wero nre-/ rent.: .Aoionr tbo-Will introdnccd were one u> unnTdaecllon .ten,: chapter,uigbtrrnino, Jiavl-ed ~s-alut( R,iclaUVo tp estates. in dower, and obeto uUowJbt) Bviitiirn Minnesota ItaUruaa to con duct v bridge,arto.M the'.Mtssitf»fpp!al ■LaOrcfiris concurred la author* i7.lhir J bc^dv»rndr : lo pay 'tie- 'etpehses -of: sop-". ponJnr Wli-coi.Htn.H< Idleni luibo/UhfcagOijL'barir. table EyrUnd KarlnCtamry; who contraclodUiSr' fabMoiijti* eje-narl vac In. Uje.i.tfalica Slues rt-jYtce..Jo, the. Aaaoiably.,.to-day, -A resolution .irtMrucWblbb totnmitUo to. Investigate tfjp. rbargc'ot tortnplimi by diri»r£ redme ■ ' pcatposed iiU;Tbn»*rtftyv 'Bnj- wereiiiloducodlo 1 itcon>otMejl r trokec*iiikei dupbrjor =« < |.emp< is to lay out and establish hieh««Ta In cet lam cases; to amend chapter six, lawa of ISGG, m. Hit i i U'jtfv .v jiov y :tT ' l “ : o: nm ;J |- it L}n tv *7 l H - '.-Ltr.’/ 2, ; •S 3 *' iT 1 - v * - - r i»Tijo'-: <■» '•fiKlce to eatrflys>,to amccrlcKsuterttT&Ww-fwfv • : ;;I°ofßritnl IfO ilba'Draimuatloa’-bf- SjK3‘ , teF. ; <WS/“ti!(Q.'.amwl urafldn i 18, remea o&ffltrs .propcrtjjlo.'cßcoarace.aic. col/ h?!?' 4 * 1 tjtiltc‘a*paui6er' oflpci}' theltmrinesa wlia-tatta evenlDpsession. ~ . . ,f r , . lie JiVigbU, of-St. thcur an ■ snrr rf ? r ?'^«. a r.vtucf: m ■ -L-- ;i . ] ffIICKU(2AZV.:i | :ii •• !-ISpdclal Despatch! to the Chicago Ttibnrnlj I ?'' lAsameJ’ Mjchl,’March 15;’, :: • ’ The Secale' bill; /ctatiyc ‘to r h l divralo'n of the t6wn*hlj» l bf Otcdoco,'"Berrien' County.' was ta bled;-'—* - J ■ . . Bi U* anlhoritlDg‘'Kcffeiitrw- Connly, to -ajd me illDt-ral H»nce BjUlroittj relative to boon •dan^.io' the iioiv-M&Tp, of Cambria,- Yaoßarm: , railroad, Crbm ; /ncKM>n tv | ttieiDdjAria Sftti/tirw;- aJso fromlUcmunjouOi : rS* ,d? i tlcort)orfltmc ‘ ttl * - vJHafce •'of MMolcrvltle: nnrry pumlrrp»»^s.' t »fcrtte ; or [•4nJaonicand ;to rprohlblumtoors froml eambliftfr I.*, la' [Dcorporatothc »ii- SCr 1 !! 11 * 15 !'’ecyije; uxm iu till to™- r? r PrL-tr wd Hqoebtoa ;‘tteflnin£ fbe sbraoX -]. n<lxj.Larrf] fit IWtqtrans 1 f Ho • proVnie fbr ttidao pomttiiiii at Asibnonp ft 1/y?py*w9->or-ttie, Jnsptciioa. of-iililnUdafinc oils• , : re }? av H ! P•jil€nft; ; .pnshhipc trap Won trite® 38 * 1 * Ibc-vlllaM oU’fltf Paw; I jj OT .-ftp JtTjff tit.tTilefeo Bfiobam;'fbr (bo improve- I t of Hre(ra-l{«vcr,-and road* fom Mnnisvioc I 10-Kctenaba f *to- provide for the 7 formation xjt« fs Ir'^nolsufflatniioqbteniiajij o^an-riUeaspect Jj t ; . ,■ , * I c “ \V ’YOllK:; i I - in.—ln |ho' State Sena la tb-dav* a bill amhOrizfßg ttje CeO-ral Bailcoid to Incfe^a-’’ • »nr pn?Mpder:'far«/16 : 2H- ceiiuMpbr mite,- was I; a third •.-»•..* j -n?.*T .•<* i.l - Committee on. the bin prtnd- ; . Ponyeolloß :|p .yeviao lha Canailtwioi*- ffas agrveu io r . , , ’ . •,. i : . ,•. ;; Ateajtt. March; Cdmnllßfipn id rpenlaie.imustHnlioa in the, city* ’ L-r VyiBGIN»A* ;r ! i': ! ■l}icmfCKiv l T*M Marchate 1 Eonre- bis' caaMd ui.ertrossmett the bill «o pay the faarner Ctidjlnterfato.'the Bute,'! Thc*bUl wIIL-cMiaialy -paie_ip that-Orm., ■; I /. ABR&NSAS;; | .-..V-iV.;-'' - . SlEMPma,’March '.O.—Tho-AMfbncAe’j l tittle' ,ltock. rErfCJalyaTH the Garomor^lihs^ vetoed thfe WH thoamtlo-. Inp of railroads. • JThc pul wUI probably be passed OTCtIuC veto,, ■■■', I . ,v-' •’ "■ !• - " i, ~ i " ,' I <m m' '' ■■ it IC>-• J - r Vt^'-~' thaKH»nc-li‘alfjiUc" H 6™? »o«M>yc«-rraany 1 Famine* ncntUiTd Hou»eleiw—Sanies of- the , Flliidpnl . SulTerorw. : ' : . •/. Despatchtoilic UhloagoiTrihune.l : ■ ; • DernolT. Jfarch-M. " • Trihunt of to-Tnorroir morn-' tug will copmin IbefolJoTrtDrfaccOuiit of the erekt • Oreln-Bolhweir, C.'W.: 1 ' 11 . TheinosftcrrlbloAre ofot knorrd In Bolhiyelt' ■ornlmnstany oUier ln Cdnada W«C foot place tm Monday nlgKt Edae Jlre ndn» oftHe bmli-nil portion bribaf famous ml emporium are l.mnci oyrr,.a C ß Ibo dnU inaea: am ciamfisd to deiolaU9,iiludceda I- .. I . oaf about sv t ©clock 1 ntbe stables of. tbo Ca»n>u Honac. oniGaar-- '.sjit'fct, Hid rjaaeo fiercely until alleie»*fet» no rclhnce ©I the people was on' a sroalrrow pninpamitbeutm-ly bi bdetoj/and 'ffnailr' Ittaiinc tiowir some biuMlncß in the paUiwar o .i I coevourfctr element. f.-Jcm-ama were 3 ,lo»donandtb..b.m ler jbfi ui?‘ could ni/i ariiH' In lime to render any servic* a? h afcl shrty bnlldlnp? are consumed, aml jn many tgSg&ar :ijonreSKlrSb kmWo^rbloct^lf^ftbS' cl “ < S5f- n °» «w comnmacS Ja S “”r ‘ r °» « b£ l- the farrdl HOosC .was doing very little bb«( - tiffs In-common «irtr all. other concerns^ in thi‘ .lown, And afU was fnsored pro.’ty filch, there arc ih»6 who tvlll eamij'O tbat tfieconuturpaiion did . npl hapten accidentally.: -.••■. ■ Qia - ahe boVfea.ano. carrlsees Irom'tbo:;Cirron • Bwjtrtn, io?s fi/iOO. S * ■■ ’ . "•OaUiu.-UalJ, used foroffleos. and u-Ulj a fine lec me room tn ihetccord-fllory, cog* sum ©y. note -«U fire waacbcckcd-Intiiat direction. Ccftyi ntrthivnid. the Martin HoutC’was i»IL«C ’“re WW Tbe Um bam; ISS°*SS 7^ unoccupied shop ; loss, $750.. A nlleol ' i cty A !o 010 eh °P; >os£ si.nou •able otfdr. of Er-■ • nrer». Coninany. a'Vrcwery store"ln “6ak siiv>. owDetni'kDown;ioi-s. sa,p,; , corner of Oak and Vain Btrctte, including Jonr stores, was born*tl loresol the storts ;w*re empty.and in due was utptorgar* ard a billiard room. Thjs texianisavei! iiia£oooh. dfae- loss oniltetraildfDg'WTis ?i(rOOO , . ISMJ wcnt ihc Martin iloiia*. a' sne, spacioif tiolel, capable of accommodating one liuoarsd -ulsu-, owned by Albert JTiayer, of D nrolc and occupied by L. 1- Bailey. above In*- Miniiw on.rticfacn«are.-.«auw on tn« bulldinc. ■A/niallbmldlf-ff.' owned by Chailea Knapn.wai «eiJ burned; . Lose, *2.000. Tbe Clapp .to U)\»en ; ; J)uilcUDfr. cotituDluc an exchange aitdbuakiu" of. • il cc SP4*'b‘lo'tho£orcOoinmcrtial Baaktalso a billiard room m, the rear. I<o~a, to.VOO. • 7m? at.d other offices. Lo-«; nolujur iincc.iturclfu?,owned by .Mr. U'-yt.and ocar* 3ied for offices.. I»o*e, Jh-UO. 'Three stores were" ,m itoitn bmldinir, owned by Ea-dernpairies. , The .Lawrence Howl, not do ion .bimmcat-now. aod occupied only by the fomUr of . ,3lr. f«.wju A Lour stores on oak • vtreet, opposite the rest Office.. loss. ftLCCK) burned beUrcen-Gcorae md Oak,-Alain and-Walt -streets,' consistin'*ol inorncas and.'shoe shops, bovfdinjj■ houses and -himdl hotels. OJu faje? the' Jarccr-bulldloes emi momma <on ;Georea I treat aruiho: followin'*: , Adams&l)av.6’office; Jos* fI.WO. Mr.btorarV •cotfcctlontTyand fruit "slorc; loss Bimv Bar- aicKcnrfc & Mcßuney’s law office; loss 4ta.O. -Tho Wisconsin International Petroleum i.ompany e office* occupied by Tbayerdi Itvcknelf • lom «t,W>O. ;ibe CTOcefy hn/dryiood4 stoaS tuerly occupied -hv-ilr. Tucker; Into which o-por* *ou was moving that niaht, but deleted in Ume toeave his roods; toes.on thcbhJidmt* 51JMW; '2?JV L * bu,,(1lE C occupied ou the ffrat Oboras-a. conftctlbncry store by Mr. Stoner, and b> G. A. Bayl'ot.’tt law office trod Captain Letter'll ui|Oiiifj;lo-a 52,000. *i}tn»rd mom onUVall Bireel; by.-JtVW, ttayjrlds* #I,«JU. vti i? a •“*“,“ were owned by .^^Sa G C^^o^Kgi'cg.« r ll; 0 L 0 | «vVa?°‘CA« o^rj rtor «■«■“*« «• • On Gso'gc Jtroct the Are ilso awept awar a bundiDE owned by ibcilacuson Oil Company, of "rt v i r Hipdns was agent. .Loss |i,2(/0. * Ibclaryo unoccupie d building of ciUe Eaton; of fc «ckeop,-ailchlffa°; loss «i;soo • the Rtwhcs- Kr Bouse, now mi occupied, cost? !,(*) i. The old liuldiw* fomierly used by 11. e. Duncan, A , a™ , trokum office; Jow Jffid. 2he- utmccnnlod once known S Moihfr ffi •liall’s; loss e2,ouu., r. . licrc flii* flames stopped.on tho east : ln.the ?“ o{Wt **r, barred ten or more bans, outbUildlnps. a wagon -shop,’ and an old ' ca | ed , l * ie ftealre: The owners of ..bese minor structures are unknown as yet. ■ • ,A« nearly ibc cnUre-totm was wood.aod no apparatus of rauchvdluewas at band, this very oleaginous village bad a loss maiiy slmilarly pine built places.' L°“?w are.cstlmaicd on a co1d : or Canada mon«7 basis, In' tho exceedin'* dak- • ness orthc oa. trade,.Botbwdll -must suffer"fear-. -\ al ‘^ To . m tli eflre. and moills the boorty eyipa uiy.ofplacos that are, aparri.- nf W v: main portion" in Over oav hundred bouses »!rtfo^ ecir f} s 9 !, ro3 ’v, J v A hutaber orfamiiies bare boon rendered houfiPJess and destitute, snd are leavlns town by every train In all directions • Eqai|imcat of-Gunboat* for Lnlto Bor- TJtce-rtelebracloD of - ttt, Patrick® l>ay; . March lif.—A large Tiody of seamen, hdopelac..lo .Iler Majciny’s fltuhmer 1 Atirola. go « cat. at once to equip Jlinsunhoftts, on (be Lakes and premie them/or service as early as possible, i Irishmen ol this city cplcbraied .«r. Pat rict’e nayyefltoroay by a procession ami church services.' The,turnout was larger than for tamir jearapaet. -.11 v reconstruction. Political Fcclinc in tlic Variooa South jem iSonlh Carolina •j,.and Alabama JQovids in Hie flatter ■ ; of Hcbabliltatlon —General siicrK :: tiao’* Adrxcmto Uhe People of Jionla* , Inna. : •;. .t I-tfjv \otnt, Slaichia.-iThe Herald's Southern correspondence...taja; “la Virginia, military HUt,*. nas aJreadj been declared euoremo, Tjuttbc fatt or cMllhw. being abolished la-hardly aona v-nb upatbv. no one except the poiiil cinnflacemlDa'to take - the matter much to heart.- lit J.onlelmia,*Qci>eralS l haridan , B.aracr postnon* itu: the jOtlcang municipal election was ac cci tea without dicturbance. -The .impeachment , rocolntiors in the 1 pulflnna -Legislature relative »o t Otnemor Well* were retened to aepcdal com mutes-.- >iijr.., ■ ■ i :iJ , - I', i .Ihc NoTtYorkiJH6io»< , « Colombia, Sorith Car olina, labticvfuiDc’r special; Bays:.: “One of me ,n-oat remarkable; nicotines over .held ’ In South . atoirna took piace,, the .occasion bcfne a ■- negroes of the nassrsgc ot:the W' CT'*Wnthi9lD''the brack rate." By invitation: J - G eiwal\\ ade-lTampfou.-oi-TJfclted staK*Sona tor Dpsansßnrc, Ldwaid Arthur, the : lion. W J laUoryjand JamfeaO. Qrbbs addressed, the meet •Da^o' Picket and JJevwJv' , ; Aurb, both colored.- Sentiments . ,h/colyhpt(orable to both-ides. , •• ■ - ; *?'.&**&** iwrth'oife iniHtor 1 politic*! albiiation' with -wh di 1 thee nave' boon i inct.«.o ihcditlrpnfc arc: tonally-plenjcd to find tbe colored mcn.lcemifled:wlrh tbo tme into rests if! the ptato. i&apnld a;conroaUon-b« called, tbw - j latfcr.j'Jll probably -romlxiato and tbe . lb? country,, and, pi declared by Mr >arti. pniTiTge Cpngtcsa |o /epeal.ttlodlsfrat!- •chlslngclaute-which Mcprivci thlTn'of the scr ' Viccf tJpnioFie. In wbom- me greatest i . cnutiderctt V ; n-y.;..: u ,v. r ; ~“Tf ! , 1 , Wah? ihgpok % March 19—A despatch from. Sob • AJalnima, aiatci- that the largeat meeting ww" i \i'i‘n,erfcv«ltti.ihptc ty.lookplpoa jc-stordav, I kg: - of Union -fieonment*. and reccr?hl!rfnVr : -me rißhtof< bngreps to -prescribe l she tontir& • xcdom-tmcdoa imd rc admission ot the Kcafied ,b atca into ibeuntoo.'ind.-therefore nrinnp mat , ,ibf Loople ;; or.,Alabama should forthimhiacceoi

; ihemi'ttcnVlerma-oifceontiraMion., , March- 10.-Geucral ShcildOuV. ordrt J toMay »nvs tha no general reraoral from' J» .i c . e J r iU b V‘ made present incumbents Citl tocatryiom the provisions or the lau-*'nd im-- ptdo reorganttadoin'or ntile-a the dciaylu rcOb awiiaa.lcrp JiecesaiiftWis a.cliange.- i • PcndW re or -. ■inaiaatjonli U, imonaatt to acute as liUie ata-. , tml.i,nce Injbe madji* pry ,of ;t* various itouches p.ooMMt M-«i»iwvSsi. the’-iatv-of ■ %■ ongrc«B anS'ita en«eji> : ' ™ yec|i,tTo!rjnjpy itlou J 9 dependent •(. i f ->a;->i[r -ji l T ——i , iic I‘iu; 1-111 Rmqiiiia.nraa:. „,i 1 : h " •ccUooitosatPailon, on. ~» b uiost brauiiy : 1 wire wMte'iftetfr r>£ o tted;ibu«i o the lection boas, ard he denounced 'he men who Lommmea tue oa.ttge. The libbers hear- Developments U; RcsuH-to Uu r Siln f -oi the!teem /Bonntain Railroad—Cl - iper - .’JBiuonrt;: 1 rode—SUupi>oiut«d '■ Soutlicrn IHercbtiDU,' -.•til , ’ -fecial Tflbnuerj’v[; - i!i ' f ,' r .,-‘ar.'lJsth.i, Macch;p,V!~ .. A jo^Jb6‘pr T ‘.laUre 1 0l - Is'paiiiLsbed. rigjvcs wocwXaota.inf Bkowa:lbat the ,par tied nl'p houcbtttuiroad spent cPpsldnra'bleiaoncttD ■ PWenre, .jhflricncts,..tQ/,coulirp>. ,tbe 'award,,, Tlw-- c o ®n>*jt9e‘eflflftftv°reo toprovetbat tnc 'Democrat' prdprictorrwere ‘it>, teectve' from the •profits ct tbe’aald-'wit' ber'orfd'uiij atafeincnrthax : there wai-ad .-dridcrstradinj?- that 1 , tho ‘lkmdcta*«;be paißt dOiHlfig was mlclTedl ;Tfaoiiory tV -ibeaaip.Uasf watud ißt«D*tf'lodignaUoor lathe. commtuiftj,.jjjouch.jt lioiilyfajr?to sajjihat (be. tranpacuouß most'complained -of occurredrafter* ; «ne award wAarijader' • • * ; • ••••,**,.■•- • • Forty-two boats ar« advcrtl-cd for F6rt Benton, bnt it let doabifn) it over thirty sccorf a'Joad. ‘ • \Mat.y oonlheriimerchants arc leAvlng-thU city,' disappointed because they; conndt obalnicA'dit - bt.rcior eprUii'parcbasta..- ~t( .... . • iiaccb lU.— The loss by! Urn bpreiafy • iif Eacwcllt ’ilcjera & ’ store, on SatuA' •InyTjitLt, -will probably, reach pcaflf aovwi'tatW •eana collars, 1 Instead- of'Threc iboopandiAs-prc- • noneli reported. obtained as ’ jiquicflhereabQofsof ibeoobbnrs.’ j ' • ~ ■'■ A resolution ; .woaiadopted--by'ihc Mercbanta’i -hrehanef, to-day.pcqcr which a conimit'tcc of ten. '•protuineiii hi6lcbaulA*waa : appointed .to pnTirtf' money and.foodtorthc bedett of toe vuUbrcrs tor the J - • ' | i:iTbe-.weniber. la -quUd' mild, and the snow h’M e nUopjKaicd.-/, r ;; ; . . f -.-••• • Fortifies lion of Vera Crar-lhe Froncb -£vfifUHU( n-Hubhery » of msnbalt • Baz»tiie-.KrjK,ne<* Held on-ihe E m . - : K*ir rocs; March jk-lle JfcrdMVVcnr 4th Instant, eaysihq work of for-"' diylja Vera Crab Was being pasbed rfapldly-'idr* ward.-. Tho-nmJlery-of the deparlingcorpshad _*ie«iMb!pped t *andibtt ovßenaiion •rtoa|d l notJast jinore tbaii eix'duye longer. Mursbalßazainewaf lenve in a day or two] Dahls trip*, ;: t «s®!" !r "’ t ?i i 'ir c - ‘.’ifi'iw rob w ‘ b “ d bCCn r p c ?P^ r . e d' bj Qncretaro vCrrespindcal fays 1 ( / .marcA£rajo ih(} capital, has bcw.jirran* .axmoy*d o> emrillasJsadflUt hit winter.wanUo ohjia Deem reduced by forccdloatm t« 8 anda pjeco of soap.' Hisobjecpvcppfiii %raaSagl.ulsPoioal. . . SiEipiiisJ' ./CArYAJJA.;;; I • : . : ,c rl«Uer. Ar*c«*d. 1 -JSS mm ft -M.-W»ile ■■■SttarnkJ-- fiWIW FlmmmiF'uiU. *!»“ «rljP:IM* Doming. ofttc. Gov.- •ar.WA IT lIUO'PhKKO Ad,itt|,| n , Xa'ta ,I*B tmtmii' rcCelec kdietliaemeou :>«r a , I! tllr liiiiiica tmprt, ibroairbowi Ibe Untied miaieiud (innadu, . i M Com- A .v P*ridprj J»6- Iff, K.'T, nro hcrehr aoilflui tot** W'.'Weat ICandolpU-iL. tills (WcOn ? Ca >) eTcn i n &l u,savc n A’* l «l:. sbarti, fyrdnlr ' .” - : ■ Vl.lllng Blr Knights arc rcnrunjrslv Invited ’ 1 i- .; . : JOHN MHJTLRY, Recorder. AI members rtf Oriental ->• fil, h. «t A.M .'Afp hercliv nollicd to iLiaJlßlMasonloTuHiple.'on '.VtUNEHDAV ihaloni are ecnUaily invjlwi wmtet wltu cyV • M * oa * ■ • ' ■ - - ’ • • ■J. <V.-CI,YDE, Yr. M. w. li. SMITH. MAtiOiacT " IliOl.J. Turret 7-Odnd, thl< <TTEDSE3I)AT» evculUß. at BlaJr Hall. . Work on K. A. !)o!rre«! A * ’ d. E. Bi-rrriDU.SE, kxrelary.' A sIRKNIQUTd-Thcre •XXs.AX&ir* “ <“«"?• f^T. ' ''HE GRfiT iMERICSff SiftS V -OF- ■ ■ j DIEBOLD, BAHMANN £ CO, The doors «f all>lre brood Hood with bean. Jtol Iron. No catra ebarpe for CoabinaUga Lock*. - fOHSALE OXLYOr { ' • ■W. PBATT, Q.O TO ■,, . , j SPLENDID PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS, . 131 CLARK-ST. Cartes S* TlsiJc ?X,OO Perj Dozen. SI.OO Fer Dozen. SI,OO Per Dozen. SI.OO For Dozen. 108- | T AQ ItraiKl’M i;l< W aut • w PHOTO PORTRAITS Are boldine dally 'levees nt'the dlffcrcni window* •“Jr,* c i. ty s ' I , *«evheyan;oftMLlblttoii. Don'ti»l°ito see theta. -Jo hie iTiotoerahhlc Gallery, - * : , 108 1.AK12.5T., °f , '“ w poa or rletm. inrearusds Vi«IteoyLy.tI.<IOPRR DOZEN. y odx g men's association. Election Satnrdaj, March;":), 1887, President, - ; ;EDWIN LEE BBOIVN,- of Drown Bros. ■ ■'v ■ Ftrst Vice Pieeldcnt,■ j . . • Prof.'Hl Cil AN U.bAFFoRD,of Chicago University, '• Seccnd Vico President, BENJAMIN f. GUYTON, with Bowcaßras. ■ Recording Secretary, ■ i - OKO. W. SIOKTOOMBBT. Villi Kta e , Hannon i Co. . Treasurer, • • [ L.J. GAGE, Msrchanta' Savings, Loan & Trust Co . I»IANAC3EttS : BEV. ROBERT COLLTER. WILLIAM 11. CAUTER. Architect, EDWARD FORMAN’, with N. Matson &Co ' WILE?.; Real Estate Broker. OH AS. J; IRVINE, of Irvine, Jones 4 Co. dAUES S. MURRAY, Clerk olcireun Court.- SAMUEL D. PERRY. Mechanics* National Back. ■■<£9>S’ 000 -Partner wanted, silent I \/\J », or active, wlto the above >c n n*KS!»MiShSfi '•? la Wished commission business.' liable bm»lncfiS men no*d itprly.i • For further particulars adlrtsaP. U. Box.’lSO.T.' ' ■£KSURAKCE.: ! : : wix»ti ice ; .For ,few iliirfcd'ilEllCDANTS’ INS. CO.'STOOKi - C. B. GOODYEAR; > -We hav«rccejvcdatj«lhef Invoice HATNj-. The production pi tigs cc.ebrated Rroadway (latter. J In ■’ :■> UKEV\pTEK, flauer. -i•>t! ; ■ . ■. sliunnmHouse. glThPi’lT.l,p BUItSEKY, ; 1 , T h Cl.vlionriic-aT. ESTABIjISHBD 1845- •<**l Hirec'A..liirgc Kvergrccoa, Slirabs, Cboici* Ituno-, Frau . mi •nn I ’ rJra’pe Tiucs.'drcrn llolsc ' J • ; - • nod Uctlaibii Plant#- . ‘P.O.Box f>o2. ■1 1.1 ‘j; <g.onoigniitCnta. : ■ .'ArpEkai, "ippiEs idt, i r'Rodj.Ktmd*.,Winn Sin;'. . Swe a<d Btrlw ' TStChfodtcd. and NeV 1 - * Bead C 0" 141 WMe!^ 1 tig-. dcanoddj^pa f •, vTailtll; ETm aqfr 1 ftii,' whtaded- t& \tßdw • IP’W'-nVct ,l Banff “,fin- e -tfaeflovuuiMtdv**Ye«'. s V s Th'e? fticn*idTd blaJhe 1 -jcwsttue-all bade, Or l£ej wontd Mrhlm.'rHe-* vben ltho.robb<fsr.coiH2a<aKlcff toJ , P)B.putri ana Bred, aupng ano.ofihojaeti us the .waff.TjinhJff.Mai b■ 8 rah be i‘6o£ qtUflic, ; ‘ropf era firtd-Hnd killed' the tnilroaJ'iqanr oni 'alter bnbad fa'Jen ‘wad deafly tbfcV-toojcHht gnunand licera’ily bctfhla head fo . ojeUy.ißtattcrlnc ln» braiinirin dveryaliractlotr.' -.Xhe ,*2>o flrresJs lied, boca cwda a} last accoonU/] ,t ■, fituaisr.Louis. I*:™. : MEXICO, | y^ft. fflagonir K otitis. •JOHN WHITLET, Itacoroer. jfire Safes. CZmCTSSTSASBU -S6 Washington-st, Pjjotogcapfrs. ; Sotictji ftlcctiugg; Bognlar Tichet. Corresponding- Secretary, \ U. K. PEARSONS, Land Agent; - ££lanteh Jttiats anb (Caps. NTuvserirs; MAnnN.LBWia. pfbprletcrß •“fl'S feyrihelr jfttttt. ' lioni it vx. | Canned Fruits, frickles. Catsups & Sauces; - Cahnedyegetables./ Jellies & Preserves. MevylVSaple&ugar. Crated Horse-radish Thomas & 06. * Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers^ 91 South Water st.; Chicago. : j V Carpets aufr iMt gtotln Q^^ETjNGI GfIBPETING! .a ,•. Tlja finest udmoat ertenatre aiaortmant of-, ’ ENGLISH i AMERICAN CARPETS, - - IWattingsj pil Ctoths, " ~ . .oxjKTairf &c, EXTREHM 10W PiUCES . [p TO ILIAJCK-ST. ©mines' aitu iiLiquor^ ' CARD. THOJIAS BIJGHE; ; DEALER TH MQUOBS AWD CI&AtIS, So., !K> Moiiroc-.sf,, i (Nwo;>- opppsllo ihe post Office), Chicago. ; narlcßjcit received a large lavolce-of PI7JE OLT> ■V7IU6BEY, BRANDY »a<l OfN r ( cm now picparvdto eaecnte all order* on the beat termnJ era and tbeiradc are iuvllwl to call and icievtlrora tjiv b(*t«li*k cf Choice Uqnm-B to- the city, which I will ,Bdi on Terms that Cciy compatluoa. . - THOMASpLIOEE,-." : f)O.Monroo-BL,(ihe old stand-).. X3T Sample l{oom,'l Cl Bt»n»t. JlTurpcnlinr, Uavriisljes, «rc. :17bTABLlSHED : ' - ' 1 C37s •. • ~jobb i jf. T U RPENTI N E, ENGLISH AND AUEBICAN v*.\ iixjki 11 :.-: LEWIS, HIM & CO., 90, 92, 94 & 9C SOtITH WATER-SX 1 . - Vntrnts, ;ia nEitHDr om:jr to Purchasers of a Certain Patem Vlterraa, 000 THOMAS FALVET. ol Itaetn- wti. Tetters Patentkb“infju,'Sm- BraniM raid Pilvn It 11 f>llr>«« 1.1,.', omcc.or te rt t ? kfn ’ the a n ,l, rfi'>lw thread anon .JfL-*'i‘P A :» Durpose of nraiy rccemur and s“°, Axi«\ with brass benrlnes,- and with an aonlar cilinr with arecepttcsl Cir the butt ol thu Uie eaxmngoi dusT. “ aid bra 4 or cSSir’S* met al and said i Jr l^’, ar* patcr.f«»iTitimv I ratent-td thebrass £ol^Fc^nwr?!^^oi OJ “S tb * lW^an<l »*»«* ‘naSr chMln» C ihe«&»?« , S l *‘ Jin(l any one U’lnaorpnr-- *“* *2Cl»t to mistre nrnsesald nrs>* orbaobet ~. V arvfr 15. i 15<7.;.; i -i., . It.PpGILT.EnT. ftOBBKTOGN. BUOOMAN & 00. (ESTABLISHED 1323), ' BRITISH AHD CONTTSENTAL PATENT AGENTS j .-(Proprietor* efthaMechanics’ Magazine.) Offlgcsi 1 IftFlcet^st^XbnilQD,Englan J. JL Wl*o to take out Jitters Patent are adVlied t MUNN A CO., Editors ortho Sdeirai who :bavp rroseeotwl claim* before a ;^ e^^. clcafo £ at “rly twenty years. • Th-ir Araerlcw ana Aifency lA the mou-rtcnaUah too world. Charges less man any Dtasr-rellawr agency; A pamphlet, contaitucff tali instmctlcmfl to invent re,lseentpraus.' Address. , . . MDTfN i’COJ 37 New YtSfc. i=.tpress Companies. X HE MERCHANTS' TTETION ,,Couki>any. carrraz. - 5a0, 600,000. ; Owned and Operated by Onr Mercliahts and Mannfactnrera. : <IAItKIESnVEXI-(tE-K, .loner, Tolnn ■ tiir,. Frctshf.nnil Parcelß, bvcr miiro than 13.000 iullch oI Eaprcu Line, nt just hiid liberal 'raten, imrcn yiiliioan.- scarly to K*. *>«»• Hhtpix-ra, and cao' be nadc paramneni only by ihclr; liberal imironnse/ rhla we bopc tomerit abdrccclvc. ■ Office, N 05.103,106,107. 4 lOODeirbonm, . : . . . g. 38. COOFEH Affant. . JFot Sale. A N X°J I -f : - < ¥ )INGTO HOUSE KEEP turtat ™— T * llj a quantity of furnl- ' ii.r I Uanbesf-cnany day from It to W o'clockJ 3,000 BAUUELS " ; ;; Oswego and Akron, N. Y.. Cement (Water Ume), for sale. - HALeU'CO. O f \J■ . . • • -FOB BALE,. . ■ •• j ; . 4-500,000 £lourßarrel Staves, •• With I 'Hcadlt g to itateti, thoroughly Beaaonod, good jWjh.and A No;.l in ev‘ry: rwpwt—by, LINDEN. ££■ TEED. Mena’ HleiloUdlug, -oppodte me ChamberotCoamurcc, uhleago. -| v • - JNVLSTiLEKT. ■’ j MILL. THE PROPRIETOR OF A NEW A Nd.l FLOIKIATi MILL. (.Water,powcr).-loca cd.U Minnesota. hanng more bn?{ness than hr can attend to, uii wj a one-half in terest In bis tailll- The cub and good basmoi- cxdiol tme peccssary. To tht rUht a Is the best invest tnerilntheSUtc; • •• •• i ; • .-. Address ‘f&ULLERj” Tribune office. . ■ E.OU MEIiCHAIi^. FOK SALE; •A CAREFULLY - SELECTED Dry Goods; Groceries, &r... Invoicing about iiiooO;.s 1 purchaseo within. a-v«k . COM, aid lease on attru. .Store located lubthrinn* town a short distanceirom Chicago. •onarrvenforseUar, Purl>.rt.calarßingalteor. - - . Comctsaloa MeroQai.t, Chlc^a. <T° oAprmisTts; .r. : ; ’-4;- 1 ■?•' •;Un.witTvgi. Ua*ch l.ißSl.', 1 burinwa, *e oJcr our tolabiißiic.eiitior aale,. Diif housewaa ... i’;" ( ,VXs»»atJßHinJ.iia1046, 1 Has been in ezutepccdl years, si_d is. now pi* d on-a Wfoianeh' l>«sl(,/vnd r to jnti-. «>f caplt* wfiokre owirotn-of ■erFbortrag m a PROFITABLE .cesneijnt irado(ttrnoitTj«j«Bnd'i batag jjslv) iMa'or'-i K* raruuid vsiuMiip optionunl’-y. , jQur slock 1-. fuu, eo Inacw dyne uni the oß>4t stanle .goons, and th> - ’ r -XT'- ‘-'• - 11. BUtiWUKTn & SON**, Wholesale Druggists, Mila aokee, Wis. --fFurntfure. -ssj HAOTOLPa-BT.;: : ] wjckii CAVANNA. Furniture, XT3?ITO3LSTj]Tt^y. •.. Crocfeerii SMaxe. QKOCKEKX.ETC.; BDWe». WHITMAN; & WINSLOW, lo t 17, X0&21 Eandolpli-st., - - KctaU Dealers la_ CROCKERY, CHINA, j GP ASS, Silver Plated Wa IAMPS,; LANTERNS, 1.00T412NG; eijASSES. Assorted prates in Oiiginal Packages, Ooofls SoW M 2few York Prices, asfrtirig-Freifjht. : ; aUciurcs. MEN'S OHRkHAN ASSO* ■ - . . - . . Youngjyien’sCh/istfanflssoolation IfoungMen’s Christian Association f A POPULAR LECTURE. “ The Disposition,” “ Tlie Disposition,” -BY-” NATHAN SHEPPARD, -AT CEOSBT’S OPERA HOUSE, 1 THTJESDAY EVENING, March 21st, Tfcarn M cent*, Inchidcmf reawred ecau. t o he ob ramMat the Opera Htfoee Ticket CMDce Wednertdar and Tmmilay.from 9to I 3 and 7fo 11 o’clock. - JElatcJjcs ari» ; Jctoclr#; ;QFFICEOE ROBBINS & APPLETON, . 1J32 Broadway, >'ew Yait, Feb.T, ISSX. nii:intp,ifi\iriTfii(o. OP W4LTB4XI, miss. ; Give eolteo that they havo appointed Messrs.Matson & Co. ; JEWELLEBB, - air LAKE ST., TJIE!K . SEXUNG AGENTS IN CHICAGO. ; Dealers and thc jmbUc will find'at all times m the •naada of this firm a very lanje etoclc of the Company'* prodnetkn*-, fobeeold as low as they can be boaght la New Tort or Boston. ■ . - " ' BOBBINS * APPZifiTOBJ, ' - ' ' GENERAL AGENTS." iHactjincrj). piXTc: & CO., ' Mnoptactafcrs of • ' * Hires Ling Macliiaes, - *rip ' Hammers, • Boat’s Oombiood CnraPlantors - and Cuitivators/otc., etc. . ' S 5?£ C l*’ Mo^ c i 8 a .? d FannMacblrwry Repaired. - TolfiffiS etc? W onto. Grinding :\o.' IDS- tel. BaniiplplHl,, Chicago; 111, AMES? : / : . *CA. .Celebrated Portable and stationary , ' STEAM. EWGXNIDB.^en ? ; Ctoincs. anh Corbagc J'WlNiiy, CORDAGE; ETC., ETC, GILBERT HUBBARD & CO., v." •- DEALERSjIN TWINES AND COBB AGE, -206 4207 60DTH WAIEE-ST., CHICAGO.. .The larßMtand b«* assortmentl£ the West of alt widthuand weights COXTOS, FLAX AXD HEMP TWINES il-rsls^ 7 ,Cotton, Flat, Piper and date TWapplßr Xwtncs; 801 l and Sash Cords, ciia Nets and . oeines, with every variety of fltlneand NcitlngTwine. lenta,'Awniags, Wagon Covers (k Tarpaulins. Z* X«G- S Of SlJfc cr Banting, as per Army -.BegnlaUohs, cob* nontiy. on Laod.and mode to order. - - - . i . JI.IJTOUUHD, - OKO. B. CAEfgXm. Btg (Goons, - N’E‘^OG:O:O : D S XOW PRICES, 20 SENA IT BROS., <36 : LAKE*ST. ,We will Bell the balance'of bar "Damaged Goods at' nor Ncw’St’oro,ata.GßSAT SAT.IuVICE. liOOtS & 51)060. YyUY GO EAST! BuyChicagoWorb. KIP. BOOTS,- £43 per doz. GALE - 5| “ “ High-cut Bal. Brogans, $27 - perdoz. . .Boom,warranted beet Chicago custom made. Send ; fbr complete Price List 1u Journal ofcommirce. Bissolution, OOPARYNERSHtP' CHANGE ?«;;< « C V ! bereby eigen, that the entire interest of finnotMcDcrmlALamo & purchased ny me undersigned, the re nf firtSF^bo.'‘HlContinue the generalc m- SJ’.J'JS >f??i o ii l^H!llOTl!tofore ' under the name and tijle Of McDtrmid, Ocnel A Co. - • J. J. McDEKUID, ** -e ni/DTPf H. V. GRIFFIN. 2*oTDCE.—Having sold my Interest In the Arm of Mc utimtd,Lamb 4 Co, r> my l«te pirtners as abjre. 1 rcare ttprelrum fTom thlj da t A ana, eotlclt lor the fl»m : thy.atroDtge of my old friends-and the pnoilngener »%. • . F. M. LAMB. -Chicago, March 19.136T.t NOTICE. The copirtnenhln heretofore existing coder the firin' niaieoi COOIC.ft MULLtN Uflits day dlsml-cd Dv mutual coiscnt. 1 J. COOK, M. MULLEN. NITMRER;2Bt. &emabafe. JJEMO’EED. ■. "—“t r— -BEEBERGER&BREAKEY Importers and TV holes al* Dealers ; -K- - •- ~ HABOWABE, CDTLGB7, . tin ; &c, : : -HAVE KfiilOViD TO IVo. .63 . JLake^-st., Conier of state-at., foppealtet’l'r Hotel.) JJESTOTaL. x»B.via Bnoa,, ; DEALSBS W CHEESE, Hare Kemoted to 46 South ITafer-st. BHooii anfc <ffcal. JJEAD THIS. - COAX AT SUMMER PRICES! OtliWMol?. l i;‘gfeg:' reHa m ““TjirtotH..- Ua vap, Keg «od large ilze». 813 per Tea. Cheauint..; > .M.. u .<._. <n ,„.u .«l - • •MNWO AND SUPPLY, a*, i fcieal Estate FOR SALE— CHEAP • • YUUNGa COWLEY, 10Q M^i.A Tfft BALE— To lumbermen and . Capitalists, 4bJ-VnLt,r£°.. I ' 0T ? ,r,oa Ul * '«< »u. br i* . »"=»'■ .ami a-ciacahamm; To « company or IqiMurmn Penial pr-st inJnc ■•■w »• bay. i\u lenus, &cl, apply { 3 ■, " tcm. j>: KEItFOOT, • • -- - • • S 9 J^ORjALE, ..™'^ r!n ’ B,b '' coatorj ' nnfl hcccmcnlbrickhoasalTo TOO Ilnroc-st., bcreccn North'tuiw mid Cunu ■Apply to: :■ ■ GAI.I.L'I'ArPEABIIDy, Boom~l9Portl«ari (Sweeties: Q.OU)EII X STORES. ’■Choicest' Japan .Tea, $1.30 T. MASO?f,i M West itaaijoipU-^Lj Grocer and JProTisfon Dealer, ffatitfg, ©i'ts anfr (sfass. J7OE SALE—Samael. .Greene A; Co.’s STOCK OF PiraTSi' OIISr.VARNISHES, •- AND-FIXTURES, : In Store 129 South Water-sfc, Chicago, TOR SAT.E AT~A~BABtiAPf. JOcnttgtrg;. N‘o ETTRA CiIARfLE tor Extracttnc Teeth WITH. . OUT J'AIH. bf Die use ol .KluSs<W uncial Goes ateiDiertod. at lUEGO'ti Denul-Ueocu. 7 J South Chicago. ■ Kew Tci lh inaer6«l same day ne extracted 'TEETH EXTRACTED ‘ J JL <• " ITHOfTT PAIV. - BY THE COLTON i>KN I‘AL AsbOClA’nOH. whoongu.atcdtheara*ath-tlc use of .Nltrwu Oxide Oaa, tto nareclres it to rrur SiOCO pAMent*-for tire extraction of .teeth, wltbont an accident. They-mar* antee ne pain. - Come to headijuartcr-s Tlootoa 3 and 4. Times Balkllne. 11H Ujarhorn-sv - •■ • Business (Earns. JJDTUiR, MILLb & 3IOKKJS, Real-Estate Agency- Uridjre-at jODprsltßUiepQSlOtnce. llliiDcanoUs; shzv ntbota. farms. Lsnds,Houses, Liu, titocksTßoarts. Sc,lf> - ctc -. o .' sn >ht and sold on commSsiom Collci iloM mace, title* examined.taxes paid, anttcen* denis*™ * akcn ofßuuugota properly, for non-resl* KiA 1 to^T.P.,Cool banjiti. President, C. xl Wheel* ’¥friT lc *'President, Union National Bank* Fitch A IS^^iSr^sSii , BSfeSuMag‘^.-.*>wg ,^agggg- o # S._ HUTCHINS & 00., Commission 'Merchants* CDICAUO. . . Agca'ja fdrT. Klpgsiord & % . Oswego Starch. 11. M. DUPEE & C0.,-. - - WHOLESALE DEALERS IN BEEF, POEK, MED, Smoked Beef and Breakfast Bacon; 124, South Water-st. - ■ T~T E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALSB IS PORE, BEEF, L«D, SMOKED 'MEATS, ISC MOUTH WATER-ST. CfOUifiN* PENDLETON.: U. Wholesale and Detail Dealen la Hardwood- and TVhitewood Ininber. Ollic* snffTardi 30-t Sooth Frantllc-jt, bet. Vaa Berea and Bam got. Chicago. P. O. box 22341 VAn - . ■ „ - - order, ji ■ISAACS; HOLDS.-. JB. ■ - XDBUXTVptyDLgTOX. 33anfeg ana iSanfetrs, ■Jas. w;tucker*cq,: ; ; ; AMERICAN BANKERS, 3 AXD 3- RUE SCRIBE, PAlllfe, PBANCE, : Boy and sell United States 'Securities; ’negotiate loans •toil sell Drafts on -America? lisae-Uasti" Bn*ln«f s * Aod transact a General. Comnuailoa haTeoonaectcd with- tbelr Baring Ho'nse-aa Amfrlcan Roadlmr Boom, Steamer Office, American Registry, amia Pest Office, where-all inters to »b«r care are delivered or loiaardedas.may be directed. AiIEUICAX cdRRESBOSDEKTS,.’ r ' L ; R Morton & Cn«3A WUI-aCtNcv York. F.W; Andrews, m Beaton, lownsend, Wbolon & Go., Wulnunn. Philadelphia, btnte p LANIER & CO., ■ ” ~ : " Isscr s • ' ■ ’ ' - LETTERS OF CREDIT - For Travelers, available Jn all naibrof Europe. ' . . hOb.iiy ptNE-ar.. new York. ©enctai yof tecs. T^t’HlC-AG 0 -ARTESIAN TTELL jso)lar° UPANr “ ADt^° rlzed Ca P ,taI * One Million ‘ Wanted by the Legislature' been organized iq Chlca-' c°. It u based u.ot and owls Id tee the celebrated LVrl?. B fT^ e .li^ OP^ J .!i y ‘^.‘. h J 8 . c J tr ’ co ~ 8l9tlD? Of fortr s«tt the two rplrndla Jomx- ana s quarter mil lonaof cat l!,SL t . er i?!£,S l^ e . Dur t 3t water 10 be - got*; mammoth Ice.hoosovartificlal nonds w«ni and Mr factory, looses. ■*»»•«. warota. tools.lmplements And macSnery now upon the spoonej. “m the Ice and oth»r business earried-00. a present flxal denied, amply sufficient to rem tmeraSi” An tnntfcementoT'ouewelL now id progT resa. which wiir olve alsrzer supply ot water with a saa“?”~S' Ihc natural rife and advance in soilaree a tract ot (treund In the creit cl y ot * hlcatro, will within a lew S'Sfo"*? 6 p . rope, l? In’a-uamV U T^ I U nl ul' dfveloped mine la a distant Territory. batnroorrt* 0’r e ?J‘rat home, and which Invites, alii will bearftbe cJOsailscrnUny and investigation. A. mill nart ol ■RVffiIKCT r l^“W^sjgSjsg ut « l -.' , r4- ©il Stones. Y OIL STONES Something; New. . OltStoneA Razor Emery 'Wheels, Onmen SlADt*,. UschiLh-ts’ JtqoaiUlng 6toc««, etc„ at lao pric es, manufactured by the EVERT OIC Sro*fEpn 144 Fnit< n et, Chicago. - Made of any das red grade ot gut, and f n form" to salt any shaped tool • 4a< * B .. . - FAIRBANKS. OBEENLBAP &CO General Aceats, 320 and 328 Lake-st. glocfefloiaet3’_ffrrf?nttr~ -•. ' • . - VVILuutSrBUT. > •w’SfWrS S^^SSs.WWSSir Th e Trf* : ™oVM^St^wS: ttic jioui will remain onm nitillii Tn*»*!in.v m he CjoseC OH tDB 30Ih ll 6U»t?p VToZim ** i lu »* & <gf)inattiatc. HAVIEAND,: OHUECH3IAN ISB . he* Tort ~..,. ,vrt TVc ire fecelrlcß frnra onr Uctory in France decorated dinner, tea and toiiet mu, tim, and a am of wuiUs ttilna. ISvshusi Cart*. t. M. FAISETT, ■ ! unn:o - PHD CTTPlctw taplearaatu Gtllerj, HAIIOCK A WHEELER, 'lLurrrxcTczns' Acrrr»7oß ETTBEEE AHD XEATHEE v BELTTO, Rubber-Goods,' &c. - ■ XIX Sandotph-st« J. E. WILSON & CO., MsaoXSstuien isl Dealers in . • Mens’ and Tooths’ Fnrnisto - ■ toff Goods, SPRINB STYLES. CEIitVDRBSIIITS. GEUTS 3 BUSINESS HATS, TODiaS* DBESS AKI) SCHOOL OAT*. All the latest ud taoit la»hlouabla atyira, BISHOP & BARNES, 113 IdUwt I BANBS.BROTHERS. 1 •, - BABSTOTTSTfEW ' . jOookiDg RaDge, jceoklps* Laondrr nod Tailors’ STOVES. | Registers osd Teotilatsrs, 8 3 MONBoI-ST^ 1 -Cfesriy opposite the Post Office.) GILES, BRO.ACO., Watches, Diamonds. ]SWHBYWD SILVER GOODS. ITieniti tor Rows. Smith 9 Co.*# i P'atedWsre.and U. S. Cloctft brsu Co. of Ctucigo. KIMBALL, STEVENS ... .& CO., : Wholesale CtOTH-HOUSE, 64 and 6S MICH IGAS-AY. PHILIP WADSWORTH & cdt, Masttactubcbs asd Joanns or CLOTIiING, : 34 ASBLake-st, 95 Bsvonahiro-fit. dncAOo. ji.Ti," - ' Boaroir. Mass. Masutactueie -led lefoetzs or '' PAPfiR BAM\GS ASD WINDOW SHADES. WareEonae, 78 Eandolph-st TURNER, BRISTOL A GO . • . .-• psAnrant : 7 leather & Shoe Findings, - laportersof ' - iVenci and Germain Calf skins, . 16 & 18 State*st«y CWcajo. ■Ageata Sm- Pelting. HIBBARD & SPENCES, — —■ —JiipoirTKEa or : Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 ■ MlGlllfi4N-AV., cniCAnb. Qe 0,0 po WHEEIEB & -WILSOS - Sewing 1 Maebiur; IN DBE. Henan her iscieasins 1,009 pertreey. - ASTBVB rABRAS, ■ 106 Lak&st., Att.fbfthe ybrtliwealL M. D. WELLS & CO., ’• 1 M-ISTTACI L RJtUS OF ' SOOTS . & ;SSOES; , 38 XAKE^XJ HINT, PRESTON & KEAN, JJAHKIiHH, ~ And Dealers la- HOTERSMEST SECURITIES WitesaisWrot: 47iCL.AgK.aT. WM. W. STI FURNITURE 203 Rahdolph-st., P. O. Box 2JS3. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, BOWEN BROTHERS, Wholesale Dry Goods, -And Chi IS, IT, 1! ft, Glass A-Orookery, "■ 21~EamI6Iph.‘st. HAYDEN & t i: leather; CARRIAGE GOODS, SADDLERY HARDWARE,: Chicago, HART. ABTEN & CO., : And Bftgg of Every BeacriptiCn. Paper Floor Sacla ol the Best Quality. 183 South - J.BAUER&CO.,- Manufacturers and Importers ol Mnsital Instruments and Strings . . Also, Wholesale Dealers la PIANOS & ORGANS. '• N0.'630 Broadway.NEW YORK. : 50, 60 Woshfngton^u.cmCAGO DR. J.O. FARNSWORTH DENTIST j HO Xsandolph-st. Teetb Extracted' Without’ Pain for $1.00; By the use ol NitrbW Oilae Oa*. or Vi. -vI 6 * I *a»«rted on ihs Vat canlte or Bubber Page for rm j set. IRVINE, JONES & GO., . (successors to Graves * Irvlnej WHITEGOOOS, HOSIERY, Dress Trimmings, 2\rOTIONS. cfcC., I • 10 LAKE.aT. up-gialra. WHITTEMORE, GARTER I & BROWN, .* aotrt&Je Dealeis ta I HATS*. CAPS,^HLI.INEKVAND! »*1 UA W UUUUs. . - I A large Block'frr'opr Inp **!**. hoofflst at pnrlc pr cet, anas'*lM bo*oM at Teiy lawj C6t fi i orei. 114 13 Lako-at, C&lcagp. j Wboltf&je Dealers ta OKTH- JUSEPFI. HALL & CO.. ■*' * JLIXUTACTUBtCS 07 -- Hall’s Patent Concrete,' Pire and . Burglar Proof- ‘ SAFES, *SO Tlctor v Combination locks,' 93 DEABBOES-3T. 101* BAP 3)1 Ts unni* dvk : n na i esiter_ 114 South Chrk-st IREEMEF BROS. & GO. t»l Dealer* la - . ' STEAM ESGISJS, " "ircularSaws, Belting,' - - WOOUSirX&CHDiEBT, . \nd Bcppliea for MU'*. 3i*>bU / u .;' K v* ol all Jtlatli; *lao 'Vood Wa«- rtgUaehlDerr.— • ry^ „• . Ko. ay pgABBORy-sr. Cnrtaiii Materials, &c. aSkwb epesee * 3*»p hr truant fbr r ! «irf ihlooftbb-'iibSse Oooda, which hav® been recently bought at a great •- decline, and will be sold at the lowest • possible prices* SHIRTS. 126 Pearborn-srU E.tliiic made s chemical cxamicatlcn ct tht* i'civ thll'clS TOSS?", 0 ! 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