Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 20, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 20, 1867 Page 4
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Ctttmw. TTEDNESDAT, MARCH 20 Eclipse or ms Moos.—The “ ( tlally eclipsed this morning, enUrlnj ahsdow at J:25 a. m., and leaving U dionolsoffermalcrlallf by the oper >•. t&cet Tbtfrtfgtnar’teniP’iraroe me held Ibis evening, at o'clock, att the Dome. G. A. R. —A mass meeting of Chi campmeet Q. A. K. of ibe DNUict be held on Friday evening, S2d instaz : —W l ""?ffcS *Z f jzig^vrs.-tl * ifttfiOT T«dt evening at 6 o'clock sharp. Every mi qaesled to be present. ; LtA,rr or Absence.—Rev. Z. M. pastor of the First Frcbbvterlan t'hnr prßLled Icnre of absence lorsixmotii to enable him to viMt Europe. lif coDUfnnnnrmrs his absence. Ikdcctios.—Rct. Dr. Ormltton at the induction of Her. R. f. Bui Croshy'e Music Hall, to-dav, ni 2 i Attention if drawn to the soiree lu at"** o'clock. ____ i v f entered tbo 'saloon of Ecnry Mehrhig, No. 253 South Canal street, on Monday ulpht, and roM>.rf the drawer of a small, amount of currency, a silver nn", a oa'*n ticket for eight dollar s. ana some papers of no value, except to the onner. i . • • CoasMKTED.—Hiram Burlngnme, charpcd' with' TThtfaiTTOn>Tt(] tfJlfniScldpoa'TS/tlfne frfrrbf ffl’dr _ I brought before Justice .Milhhcu, yes'etdlf Znortt-J inu, on a contfnnc-d examination, and committed - lor trial in bail ot f1.00,’. I . Tnt Ftiziki:.—The men recently cm'ploycd nt fbe Mechanics’ Dry DocU wish U stated that the reason ot their strike was not simply that Jere miah Nichols was not a member of ibe Union,but flat bfe I'drteeffit Carnndflet ast 6Bmmfcr*Wlnle the Other hands were m a st> ike. i CoßnEcnos.-J.ste Uovt, «hose snddfcb dfcath was announced incur New York dbsoalcht* Of. yesterday, was t c Com sellor at Law; and foaocr Collecorol the Port under Van Btren’s Presi dency; not the senior member of the firm of Jesse .» ref ortedi *c x , * Fexiccu TStASdirnAXitc CoxrttT? —Panics deelghmg td-Vlall “Europe daring the coming summer, and wishing to latronlxe the French Transatlantic line of sieamshlas r tain lickcii l . and all required Information as to terms, rates and accommodations, onlapplicalioh to the French Consulate In mis cltv. ' PnEBESTATifiIT—A few evenings- since,. E., •Sbrnneman, Esq., President of the Sinai Congre gation, waa presented wiih a costly’gold watch and chain, bj bis persona) fncids, as‘l token of the esteem 1c which be is held, on account ot, his ' unwniittltc iri'creH n the w,ifarc of of w hich he is PresiritULT'.', ° . iovxiisoy tee Uwqcs,-ornamTitaU graceful and osetnl, will flint ©nsale--»M.y auction,* 1 Ihi morning, at ten 6’clurk', ;a t the rooms of Daniel Scort & Co.. No. IC-J Lake" ftiecl, jotrnh!ngto suit their varied tasie?, Infhe shape of beaurifol so wj* corel, Japanese ard W>!ne-e goods. Can tor, wiixa aad-lndian shawls,'dc. . St. Patmck’b Dat.— te a .large number of appeaiancc* were made at ihe Police Conrt yes terday more hie, residing from the excesses of thepariicE m cclel>ra’li.gSi Ta'rick’e Day. They Cucfl Yoncnylrfrcm ibuc dollars 10 twenty collars, ■ secerning 10 • ibe extent and direction of itvir pecnliar mode of celebrating. VifiTrxo B&cktof.—Two iacicfirtije gentlemen were fined $25 each at the Police Court yesterday morning for tnelr tpo.frcqnent visits at a house of 111 tame on Union .street. Officer Omatfa, who made the arrest, stated that or c of them passed a good share of his lime fit. ihalqucstioralile report, - ard the other was there very orten at ad hoora of ibe night. - - • ■ ■ * MrcnAKics 1 iKermjTE.—A • meeting of ibis society was held la»l evening Itr (heir room 1n Masonic Block. After the "u?tial preliminary ex ercises ’he repo it of tne commuted appointed to re'lse the comntniion was received an c adopted by sections wnb a few adcratlots. Nomrnattons for odee. to -be ballotcn fur next Tntsday, were then made, after which tee meeting adjourned. _ . Ftnz—The alarm Iron bos }J?, on the comer oi. Twentieth and Grove urects, -hbont half past eleven o'clock fast night. was-.caascJ. bythe aj>- pca’EECcof Haines to the couthuu-tof that lac»1 Ity. Thcscttrovid to be in a packinghouse. near the corner of Aicher road auo Malnslree and re-. suite.’. In the destruction of ibe building. Fur ther particulars conld not be ascertained at the Pine. • • ■ STEAtiso a Dimes —Wary Kelly was eaatnioed bclore Justice iilliken ycstoday morning upon tic charge of stealing a dress wotih eighteen dol lars from another weman named Maggie Barns, residing at the comer of fihorman and lacksoa street*. the bad panned iho tires ato aer Un cle,” and was shortly exporting 10 appear in cheap rpiinc finery, the was commuted for trial in ball of JvOO. Tnz lass Tuxkzi.— ibe ceremonies attendant on tbe formal coenirs of the lake Tunnel have been postponed till llocday nest,“tvbc- tbe water will be lot in «itn -11 the honor-*. • -.*••• The General impression that tbem'er «il' be ebul ot: for acme hour* or* tbo day rT ma£'oiTlKe’ connection is unfounded • We are aitfboiired bv thi Board ot Punlic Wctk« to fay That tbc.-e will be 10 interruption in ibe anpply- in consetiafTTCr ot making toe charge irom *-bore tc tusoci water. Tekwessee.—A meeting »\-a* belt? M (he Tro mnnt House last evening, fir tbc pnrpo-o si con ferring with reference to lie loyal jniercsts of the Elate of Tennessee. Hon. ,1 Young Scam map True Chairman, and Fen-and i‘Joi’ea. Esq., was Secretary. APer some dl.-vussion it was decided to make an eti'ort to ral-e mods «o assist in aiding tbc loyal fuiument Id that- sure <2u-ng the coming campaign, and a conmmue wa* appoint ed tor that purpo>c. Tbe meeting then ad journed. Gouge’s IxcrunE.—The Opera House wa*. ot coarse, filled' 1 a»t night wi’h a audience, gathered io brartbc la-t lectured delivered under Iheauspiccs of'the Library Assndaion for this season. by John B. Gough* Tbc subject was “Fact and Fiction,” cov-fmg a widv .field of tbonefit. and lUcstriti n cLlmry from tbc fund of mirth-provoking storte- wh'cli consurate tbc fort* of this speaker. Tbe object was evidently more to amuse than to and In this view as eminently successful. TheFemas Movieext.—The Stephens w'ng of the Fenian Bro’bernood seems to be making preparations forx uetcen 1 . upon the Green Isle, hir. Thomas O'Connor, the Centreof lie Stcphi-ns Circle o! ibis clrv, ha- receir. d a despatch irom IheC.E Kew Votk, rcnueillcc him lo for ward a list of the xneu who urc willing to go to Ireland. Tbevareto ht ld themacivt’S in readi ngs a to go to New York, or any other city, when ordered. Officers living ala distance from tbla cily who wish to go to Trelana. are desired to re port lo Mr. O’Cocaor, Bor fJW. I*. 0., Cnicago. ** Osz THajt, EE save, ‘ Ktso.’ The keeping of a keno room -Is presumed-to be a profitable employment. One day la-tweak tbc keeper of a den at No. 81 Randolph street paid a fine of SIOO. lie immediately Tttnmed business, and last night bis establishment was again nri'ed by the police loree, who again arrested ua prc.-ldirg- genius, his **ioolh” of all kinds, embracing jio- only the •* machinery” Sot playing the game bat forty three inmates. After being conveyed to tho Armory, about halt of Ibcoi were nailed oaL They will be fined at tbe Police Conn thia morning. V OCAL CULTUME AJSP KLOCUTIOK AT TEE OPEUA Hctrec.—AcoUierncw clnSB - has been formed to take lessons, in Professor McCov’s hectare Room, from seven RJ eight o'clock oa Wcinesday crcn iLgs. Ttc fln-t le-son will be given (Lis evening, when further applications may ne made for man btrfbin, Apnlications may now be made for'a class >rblih l* being formed by a teacher ot music, tu be compofcedxiclmively of ladies and gentlemen who VUL lo lake jcsbohb of froiespor McCov. to .Improve the power at-d yuaiity ol the voice for the purpose ofernging.' . Hons* Tajuxo.—Profcsvoi R. P. Hamilton acbicrcu a iurore last night is the Coliseum.. He took a horse belonging to the J. B. Uke Fire Steamer, the animal bemg so vicious .that in order to shoe.him It had always been touml necessary lo rope his f©a and thro n him. WitMu ten minutes .the bone was *i docile a? a lamb, allowing tmn:elf to be hatuiled end shoo In the fire without moving a muscle. He afterwards took a well-known -vicious kicking ma-c, and In a lew c mutes was driving her round In a buggy as quietly a& if ?he had never known vrbat It was to kick The class was a large one and me mem bers were-all nichiy piea«ed.' Ibe Tfofe»Hor is forming other classes; the members of which are taught, fm the sum uf tnc collar*, r.ow to make the wildest horses obctfUml to taelr-vill. Ho gives a free exhibition every afternoon, this'week, at tw o o'clock, and evseieg at reven. Usior.—A aiceling of tbc S campus’ Union was held laef cvenimt at their room la lied's iiJock. to which shipowners and c&pUtna of vessels were invited. lbs object was to con sider meajnres of compromise between the.con ftlcline interests t>f owner &>d employe 12 re-atlon - |o a tariff of paces for the navigation of the letrcs. The meeting wee presided orcr bj Mr. Thoi'M Mr. E. Gow ficuns as Secretary.' The, Loioq was ntaonbtcdlv fairly as there were aflcaalionr bundled present, hut U old cot appear that iheic were' any of the coDtendue riaea in the rmim. At the opening of the mettirg Mr. Clancy sub mined b practical exposition ot the benevolent' and social character ot the association urging' his feliow-ecsmen to join with the Union: bat no result was arrived ar. The meeting sojourned at about nine o'cnck , • : Lzcrcnz nr Isathas buxrrAcn.- "rhe Di*. position” la the tittc of a lectnre which w ill he delivered on Thursday evening at Crosby's Opora 13arise by Kathan fchepparct, Esq., tinder the auspices of the Voncc Men's Christian Aseoria* lion, Ilia a spicy and bn.iiant piodcclloit, and has been received with grea* applause in various cities. Mr. Sbrppa'd Is cue of our own citizens, and the employment of home talent by the Asso ciation is deferring of a proper recognition. U might be suggested that If onr Asiocialione who bare these mat'es I» charge wonldbring out oar home talent, of which oar city is by no means dcelltcie, the Jectnre season might be more suc cessful and better appreciated. It Is tncinteotloQ of the Young Men’s iChristian Association, after the completion of their new hall, to furnish annu ally a course ol lectures by gen lemco ol this city which shall be free, or at such a cost as will Only defray expenses. The tele ornckeis for Mr. SheppardV Trill commence this morning, THx DiAiti*’ ■ Woou-sawino MacnrifE —This isanorcl and very lagcmore InvecUon-which jnay properly be claasco wittt the popular ae<tug and mowing machines as. most emphatically a labor-aavcr. Wc have seen uin operation, and are struck wilb its simplicity and aduoiadonto the mary purposes for wnicb a sa-» is needed. A g:lccstoi.e attach* d- serves als ias the balance •wheel.' The machine is easily operated, l por ahle —not tu-ighmg , over, maciy-dve pounds—and ’ with lion** man canCQtimo short stove lengths from five to eight coideof wood per fCiay. At , ihiitule a lanuer or-housekeeper'Would save . more than the price of a machine indue year. : price &as -been estabUebed by parties ciwnrg territory in me East at s3ll Complete, which civee the manufacturer a large* profit. Major Thorp, who owns me ifgut for tiifl vVeslern . SUtcsrfaas-amachibe 4n*vpenUlun atUtootudfi r- hJctropoiitao he will ampose of ' 'Chanty or Stale nsjhts, or mahe arraucemmis for manufartarinp the saw in ihe Wesu ; We can cheeriully commend. Ibis tnvtmUou:as t, ttally valuable one. and advise Jookicp for a pro fitable luveeUnent or employmuit to call andex «mlne it. .1 ii » • I Lli.'W ■—■ A 1 V.MV V.l .1. t£r*win£ &ait4~llfe|j4uid ifeocntorrvj in Court—Divorces—A. | CmM** 1 11 jmd Her fj CinCOtSi 2U)W s«Ui*£c« a; (to .-,-n • i-e I>s I [K£^*:,r* The business of the several Conrt*^j^{^4%y } .was jxlemifol, JQ some jneaapra iniiraeU»ri and*' perhaps important Quite" R’ntfmbir of final or* were made,'. , ; a\ iv.'* i *!*■-! .. .ciccrir-coroz,.? } —. O . *A rnmberofcascß we disposed eff in’thLj Coart,. j£Blenliv, * They were a* XoJlowra . ;i - ' - • Heiry H. Korsjlb et alß.“rr: William Merrick-” A6Eun>j>fit.,.l I blaca>o j»Aß,'tned‘’durim’,;t>cCQm,*. Wr lari, ween a verdict wan clven foe plain litr,tH6~ . damages belor aEaeesdd Kew,. trial «u < . </GiftLz Hctxob vp; Leonard itothgarber.* Bill for injunction dismissed and injunction dismissed- . ■ William b. and Kdwsrd W.'SaaDdcrfl vs.‘James H. Lyicb- AesnmpslL Dl«migged. i * 7 Frfndie'Predai.vf, iJouJgTQ.; Bcrnin. Appeal -dlsmltaed. - - a, i - Hcnery M. Witberell vs. B F. tecgett&Co AFPnmpsi*. Verdict lor plaintiff- D_am«rMs9B <2 : • 1 RoWnpon.'Sonrie &- Kdymoßd *tb. Gilman-y} •il.-Saiccm. iCnae. :Diaml6flcdf*aod defendant dUcbarncd f«om arrest , ;• Gaines* Morej" v?, MlcbaeVMcQaildand Marr*' hie wife and John B.Qblpp:- "Bill. ibe first named dcim’ant, v-ho is •porv.aereltig'trtgini Of imprisonment ai-Jolitr...tvaa- defaulted. and the -bill wa ’taken cs coi-Tessed as 16‘liim • •■ •■ Isacc Cook-vp. Jbslma’li.-Uanb ; debt Dc* faidt, ard Apocal (illoweiL • JWlfl'Bta^inbibaßAv-»(Caapai’bearing and als. JnopmcutTor plaintiff, so.riO. ' •pell^ *bbpa:d'.' Ap*' ’^Am orr Gqrke fcj 18G7. r # iL K? oc tree bar r tbs earth’s' art v ii> kSfiA ,V rtf’-MadUbh Ung-jWiUpe te Chapel of Dirtrlct'En-' if Cook will t,atCillcb’e r.~' ‘ { j'-'- • - s will be held le .Dahl, this, iiub?c la.rev Humphrey; rcb, bas bcsn ilb% In. pf.ler. lb falary will jcvlll preachy ifn®, D.D,.in 6’clock p.‘ in. u Uio evening; :B iCollraii! and'«l/ Courcftlon of judgment fur iil' ■ . .. „ . iJcnryOtobWDg.TE-Wllllina'iloat.. Assumpsit;- on trial ’ [ » .: : ThcTocwßuitg in thisCourtwcne ajicrlioirr: Julios Rohde vb. A. Joseph Speodiic 8 *. by d< IfhdartiroiD a jndgnicnrnhdlng him gdilty-* offomblodetalncr of snb-tote-one nnd two of Royal .Houghton's subdivision of lot jpz, btato .Bank BpbdiiisionJlf tbuJiorlheaßt quar ter of the northwest quarter of .section roar, town* fehlrf otpfityilbcr firtgc’tourtdHiJaltJ J< viapm vb. vuspar Dnrehdin, Defend snCe.sppcaU , ~ 1 t (• • - ‘ ‘ . fittinioji coott.V ; The business in the common law branch of Uila -court (Judge Wary) was«r follower { Joseph L. Jtmegau vs. N. P, Iglehart ami'Aaron* 1- Bowen... AhMimpalt-. .On-trlaL- TbUeasajras commenced in' the year 1653,' Messrs.! Vance and" >xaiib bi*lne-«bc-awua]-pls»Bti»£K it was bron ’ht , -od-noUw oxveoitQ' in 3547r r -Sif. Jglobart' hrst the general.i sue; secondly, that he was cn accommodation- ''drawer ■'for and •• i -rmith;; ■ and ■•; thirdly. Ihe * sets tip the atatute-of ,UnafnU«'Dp*.. xbl?i latter plea was c vcrraled. The case, was tried duting-liSS,'- when'the plaintiff lobk b' TertJict Itwaaiucn' • earth d to-ibe. Supreme, Court, aaij Ibe case re-. veined on Ihe -ground of. the ijnpvooer exclusion -toUe4_ r i^ l XtL-Jiiuiol*. jtcports)i .AMtaus- 1 Her--was- then—taken*** to the Circuit Court of.the on the ground,that Judge tVilson was piejnriced in the case. Fromtho. ' Circuit Cdbrl Tt-wcot toMcHenry -CbuutV, whence ■it’tvas+rvrgLt back-hy agreement *to this .Court,’ , trom. wb|cb jt. started. .This Is the second. trial.- when tbe case commenced the amodnt Involved - . -This 4TUS .bofrdoew itcrcascd eothit l . principal. intencstand edsaq the-diiiagea -iTgiven for the plalntiu; will probably reach JILDOO- . t : Maltblas Tern tine vs.’MartCampbell.' Assamo- 1 :di. commenced February-18th.-Default, andjudg mcnl for $226.12. ( i.. Edward Anthony et nl. re. Charles! L. Briars. ’ .AaeompsU.; J>pfau.t,-oiyl judgitenC for iKJI-.fii • * .-■Augu*t<Fl*hef vs. Henry ■Smith. Dofendsni’e - . appeal; vcrdlcktiven lor defendant February llh. *J|o|Ua.fbr;acw judgment: ~AtT- ‘ peal allowed. ‘j . Cmrail end Angnst scblelWetein va. Thomas., McAiihnr. Covinai.l broughtbeptember 4th 'liifiTiisi-cd. , i David Bi-Fishers.' Patrick Caesane. Oiotion - for now trial dcried.- This wac an action of eject-.. . went submitted on the llkh instunt; in' widen 'de 1 ' fei clani Was found gnilty. i •' Tbefollowing wen* the results of thesestion-of. Judge Jamesononthechanceryeldet i . y ’. . c’acob PocLccctal?. vs. E. Wilkinson- el els. 3511 icfLm-n oy con?«rt. •. * MRTrCooly tp. William Conly: Bill for dfrarco . tl< d February 15; 1867. on the ground at ’habitual druLhecncs;,. -.Divorce granted- on bearing in - opftj court. .; > The new subs in this Court were aa followa- ■ •• Jclic M-. Joseph.and Einannel'Bruns.Tick vs. J. I’amb endblepJien.W. Monicomer.v. Replevin 10 take possession of a billiard fable and appur* teM-nccs valued at <f5T5. Grar. pbUJjps & Co; vs..Ruftu> 11. Parker, of Will County. AafiUißpsil. .Xtamazca fp'.cOO. Kate 31. Glass vs. Cornelia I>. Becker; AS' suinpsh. Daniaavg f2,l'Uo.’ • j COCKTTCOUBT.- " , _ . .coeaxx. coyur.■ • • The Court was encaged much of the lime in thft tnal of one caurc iiieiJiioned.' ' Ksialc ol Merlin Xvnth.' The : executor re nounced. : - . . ' .1 he will of Richard -Paul was proved, and let ters testamentary issued to Thomason Paul oa a. liocd ol {I,OOO. ’ ' A citaiiou against Ann O'Brien, guardian of Mary Slatteily, Mas beard. This suit was at the uiriaiice of one' W. iialldr, who aliened the j .unUlness-oLtbeguardian.— appeartha» 1 the.child has bet-n lor soma lime under the charge ot -tto Sisters of-fhe-Gowl.tb*j(h«-rd, she hani'g l-een committed to their custody by Mr. J. J.- Carboy, ‘ttpor; the application 'of Malloy. The tl.iid was in Court, and when a word could be heard,-tram -her ,ob Bhe<tood upon the Uole, through her it ars. U was to declare that her foster mother bad xot Ul treated her while she tired with her, had not sent her lor ivbbbcy or beer, and tad r.ol caused her to hunt lor chips for nse in the cola days ot winter. It may he proper to ray tnaUbceu-charges we>b ’rpeClflcady hrougtu, acaiii-t the woman. The decision will be piTen.' to-day, ’ HECORDra'B CO CUT. ■' The business iij this Comt consisted In the sen ;i ring of prisoners. Ibis 13 elsewhere repotted. The ciw feTiila In this Court were Qf: I*bilfp Mem ts. 1 Ernrt Jaeger.* Assumpsit on a bin of sl47.£U. for buidiu; material. .Damages laid aI.SiUJ. . .'■encb Ue’bnne vs. George Belhbne. Bill - for diurce. The ntlegatlobs of the bill arc that the pa< tics 7-ere married April fid,- 3SSV, at Hfl'nilion, C. W. JnAtaxcb. JtjChtber removed to Wiscoa sir; whence ’hij camv to Ctlc!ag>> Si Marco, 1»)S, where they lived lirc«»thevni'»il July; - Jftil, wheii, .n i*v rb*Tgcdrdefcndsuwieeerteftt ber.j . Doiotlic? KochcJ v«. rhomm Kochel. Bill for dlEwxc.--3be-hiU-soi£fOfjh , hat the partie were mauled September ICtb, IBS'), in the Empire ol Austria, ana imo. together until February 28th, ...-r-T, She (barges against him crnulty. Ttldgcl Keating v». James Keating.; Petition' :oj.aiin.ony. .* The petitioner'sets-put that she it* a hrdy filed a bill for civorceirtna her bus- I)«c«t cn-ibe ground ol sanitary andflesarllon, and ibai iiv baa :eai and personal pronerty t a large amount, owning the premises', No. sue Third ave nue acn No 103 Sangamon etreer,-of. Uhirago, - vhich fhe believes to he worth ,at S-l.Mu. rhedefesdout in the case maHes/ap affidavit in am-»cr - to •' lids, that bo man'lid inc com plainant at Albany, N‘. y.,-' •dormg- -ISII*. coining to ■ this city • with her tne HiUowxng year. <His purpose, be tayaj : n re.-lst u-g tie applicalion for alimony is fo resf.-t'atTef-; •o.t to cstoj-t from hnaroiicitorV fees. 1 'f he'nar :i.*!gc, be allege?, was an>tim*lcj ou®. the wile being tiventv' yeaolder, man hinUell,, wlen the was married, naturally tmpo-' ■;«-cE Since - tic marriage relation, was !»y her, . be • complains,- ishe “Jias; rnaoe bcrr-clf a very'- virginal' companion Uj th e album, she teeming <6 set to wont to, :embow mJiappy fhe coaid make ifcu if I of this' ctVaul. She is of a .naturally jealous dHpu-i --tun end was on all eccadou-frilling aird trad ing. wescmbbui. ralkyan'i'TTglT ro tbi.< afilsiit, nrSl Inpiratrof being a loviiig. chcejfnl wue as he would .Hnvcilj make Ue»v the was ( a regular torment to bun.” ; - . lie jiutber rays “that re strictly qw.idcda l fajiiiliariry wltlt’ Indies because of Ha' peculiar ■di*pefiisi<u ofbis wifi, and yeti If be dvci. vppko :oa iaoyncjgl.bor or acgnamtaxiceVsbe won.Tufe isi'axned with bur par-lun tT jcilbusyiand ad ih iliu most unnatural, iosnltlng .and i annoying cati a to this albaiil and otbta-s.”; -He incident ally. but plalnlv, dcnles’the ailegatibtw otinc; UF. It was ordered that be pay ?5d as. solicitor’s fees in tbe case. }■■'■■■ •• RBX.EEE - Otr sblDllillS’ FAJULIIiS, .Ticeilne of tbe Army Belter Commit - tcc-The W’ork tald oui, The Relief Comtalaec appointed by the Grand Ai my of the .Republic to raise moncy-in aid of Tbc <!ec.litutc soldier* and families, met last evcorng. hi Parlor No. I, Tremont Honsc, fbr 'tne pnrpose 01-devising means to carry out the proposed.ob orts. The funds which were raised. from time to :Ime, by tbc gentlemen having this matter In •ard, ate now nearly exbausu-d, and it l-c-sed to evt bllshn jtermanent fund, which will uu-ct tbe necessliies wuhont depending so touch■ a| on etaance contrlbatlons. This, can only be done by ‘thoroughly ' canvassing the city and soheftmg contributions ju the . shape of monthly subscriptions.' The members uf ibe committee Lave boeu provided with pass ‘weeks whb (he following heading: “tVe hereby agree to pay monthly tbe sum set opposite our re-poctive names for the j-elief of' ••rippled and destitute soldiers and soldiers’ fum illes, to be disbarred through the Relief Depart- - nit-si of the Grand Amy of tbc under' the euptrvlriou of the iilspeni-ing Commnce.’’... The. object is a most laudable otc, hud Tbc scheme thus proposed to catry Jl.ont Is a highly _piaeucaLpnm—lLotily remaina lo: the citlzens-tq po-operate with the -Relief Committee In their pldus undertaking lb secure a permanent fupd (or tellevTng the wants of our snfleflng brave. General dnilas White, the Chairman of the com mittee, .called the meeting to order and briefly' stated tfce objects as follows: During tbe winter a great deal of money was re ceived and disbursed from time to time, by the committee appointed in the fall b> the G. .A. E. Tlie iuide laiscd by the gentlemen composing, tbat committee arc now cxbmsted; and It Is tnougbt best tbat means should betakvs to secure n fm-d that might be realized tro'm month to' moLlhaa thercccssitica required. /Wilh-thi* :in» view a plan bad been suggested-to-aoiicll email >oms to be paid monthly, whßb wou'd Mirplj • the - weekly ricce<>sliies, —end- which in .. a - year - - might '- amount to n considerable-sum. In order to test tbe pracll 'aniktr of be (General white,) had .spoken (o several prominent citizens f hosenedon zuigbi bo taken as a criterion of what could be. oonc*. Every one of them bad expressed them > elves warmly in favor of the plan, audwerevvil-. ling to rontribi.te -In tbe manner proposed. Knonph hfi'e been learned to jnsilfy the erpec- • 'ration tbat the-citlreDF would heartily respond to ibe call, and it-sure the success ot the scheme. The special ofijeetof the meeting wastto organ izc tbc three divisions ol the city slid secure tbo (borough canvfcslng-'of the same.' Once, property: directed ibe'work woulu be comnaratircly light tor each member,-, and by a gJrauJt&ncpaa effort * lb>- most sertelfictory results would be reached. , Tbe plan.w&fl iborough.y discussed by tnegcil-" tlumcn present, and the deialls of- rbo nvork ap-.: poilfoncd to each memberof the .tJollciPng Com-- roittve were emblned. The following named sol r - dlcrs were added to the, committee already an coutced* . _ i Owen Stewart,B, P. Holden, H.-A. Plimpton, %T. E. Waited R. C..Foldkflmp, C. .L.ißdoL J. J. ‘Jouds. S. Kart-Geo. A. Robinson, Moses Shicle, J. R.- liavdcn, w. O. Osgood, WUUamili Barnum, - C.L. Pullman, J.B. I urchin. • > i Pc stilnmiipiibn books were dlstribntrd among. tbctoembcta, who will fiommeuce tbufc- dperaoona vo-day. • j On motion, Cat)Lain JB. Hayden was appointed fx-manf lit Secretary of'lie Committee.' , ‘ On motion, a rb fling committee of fire- were appointed lor each of the three Divisions of the cltt, their duty btiop to inquire into the wants ol such families as made application'for relief, and see that the mosey ■was expended on deserving people. - The following were appointed as such commit tees: ■ South Dlviskka—T.. 6. Osborne. L. H. WWU Uerry, W. O. Otgood, W. -L. Hai’uum, and A. C. JlcCiurg. North Dlrlsion—lsaac P; Hand. J. A. K. Bartcle, Hoses Shields. W. J. Wallace West Division—John HcAr-faur, it. W. Smith Lu. H. Drury, J. B. Hayden, C. H. Adams. * Ihe Cbairm&o announced that an; adjourned meetmc, would be held - next Thursday evening, at room No 4 Chlich’e Block,'thirdfloor. alhalf- Sast seven, for the purpose of-,hearing reports om the soliciting mcL.ners. . . ... •ibe meeting thk.n adjourned. , , i , lecture Alleged Theft or Maescnc has a el ore atNo.32Tsa Clark street.- Healso atteuds a dacaue school onco a-week. ITc’aldo has, or had, s friend whose name is Edward Uohnaoo, out of employmentaod peemicted to stay with him. ihl ho conld gel work., Ailct returnluefrom , dancing school last week on Monday'tight. John carefully laid away his nice pantaloons In'his hunk, in their pockets was & walieU In the wallet was isc in a ~« ii-nicht: T: danciug ticket, T. iih-'-oiio of the -six’’ punched opt, and a concert ticket. Tne tnmk lockvdnrttu a sprinr, but then; John eaidgany one could «pcn'Jt. Last" Saturday right came, auct John' wanting lo to - go. to another daucc, went to the frank ifrhis oauis.' Tbey were there, but the pocket-book find.'con* tents were gone. Wheref. John theul remem bered that for (he lifet two or three days taisTffvnd Johnson had been •oiecnrtentod aatt ficquenily absent. Alter making some inquiry, John caused Johnson to be arrestee and brought before Justice blortevant, yesterday aflernoou. Henry Hurray, tctjt: —Hr» > ; 1 t Vrlcnd of both of than, said - that ton. SatPTtMiT, ttolnaigaißiaw cq« ana sthtrin different places. .7bo4onncrj3B?Uiß a .<ap«jAnd • j*lt boots woMb -srjeßdyiaitd Jiiwwg iblmself la like •knstber . ffptaadk tto boneT„wMcli •b«#‘ man who ?oHtd3|b|m, ana* 116?- Ji’-besidel? ' lb ’eraWe'bhn to i rove this, J&>&bcia;foFntrt \ifit #aataiUon Ooralte^ -noon li> ball of eo»n t>c*l *o*l ■« ’> n -nir •son, j tp-.-, v-'Ki«otof*,3le,.sal6 pticMoiscats' for the lint- wiil this morning. '«’<W^A‘bi'lß e '^4rS?S?.ißi a torl will open hereon Tneaday next, and as, tixlsli-Wfet; JsSM&I -A S aififff p«adf«lilieaihia l eert|3h l ec6iilf owjbrhiniqr of<w«-> Hotderftil BcUryf., ■/ ; ;r- ■• '■ r J ..cue ot.ihe sterling kind, idiicfl /carries ■obe'bacb. to toe days of tne legitimate, whrn frolh-woi toi arttettontfoun rit Ib 'VV,® wmedr,..full...of.:,inierest; ; plthoai heme • abstruse. atidUrskclatsln dialogue withhtifbcmg ■pretn.tions. -It-gives cbeiMttaeom CimpatiT'sn erwlientchanceM’exhlblt ibirtty in tii airccthm >af-quiet actlngV-'whicb Isbell lthpmVed,.-Mra l ; Jiamr hasJiftyCT appeared .to better advantage.- aqdMtilonua Isallthat coaid bederiroiHir-nls , parti. IJiiltjrf dhi.LeUoync. arr .also boiitled to-' ■great credit .'lor Ihrt eiccllent mahnei'ln'wbich' tbcr.ict ouf: these old,yet newcharactera... To - nighl, the order .will be broken-upr to picAcct the faroiKe play, “Wald Oats.” on'tho occasion Of Ihe 'bsacfit'-of-Mr. Marsh, the worthy Treasurer- ,Wo, Uuet to tec a fnlLhouse-Aiiil mkv be permitted to 1 suggest ibaf,the ••■rollles of a A'lghi" mar very piofftaMy ana pleasantly be ro-nm?d thereafter.’-' ■ - McVicKfcii*fl TnEAirn—Maftcra and things vonid 'Bcem lo be-somewhat'dnt oi. joint *ai‘ McYlckcr’s. Vcstvad-was announced-lonnuear'' •on Saturday night, botdld•nol;■“Getat& , ' was' on the - bills , lor Monday xiiaLt-dnd was sup* frianteohy Romeo and Juliet and on'Tncsdai.. DEtCHU'or “ Gcpjca ”~or the “ llrlgfnd-a.” botfi of which were ferpecled, “Macbeth’' was-ptd dneed. 'l.astniebt ibe piece' waa-agaia Mapcth. ’ Waldron, Iming 111. as well aa Vestvali? wilt be -preamted a new plsy, writteh by'MrV Georpe- Athene - entitled the 1 flhnvallcr, or ihe> : modern Jacb-Khcpiiard. 1 ’• ' _ "• f DOCeETiirijio'.—The Cplbcnm, on State street, • .woe-friltd by a crowd, chfeßy J conqwecfl -*rf J rtn3afc'wtfo_admire talk,, thins■ work bu(Tenjayiorac—all. grades, from dpoftidf:' character down 30-e table- boy.-^{The occaslon'-waa i a iree exhibition by Professor^lftumbojjpof.hjs skill an Iraiidnc'lDd taming bones. The exhibi tion is repealed each allcinoon and cvcnlne-dur*- - j i• • 1 oxtno Assocutiox.—A large number oY the eajlicrm'dmbers and friends ofthts instundou, -uu?talUißTt»m*of thoassociatlorf. laste>colng, JiPtlk® pmpmmof putting,rip-inhumation' an;bpV position ticker to he enpported at the'-annuai -clOLtion to beheld on:Satu«aytiisxt. More than the usual intcrestand enthusiasm was matiifoited, wdac^eraraefcrtm^atlonexpressed to elect's' nettet cOtuposddof'fieirvvTio would give to this’ iußtltnifon new life and.® fresh Impetus. • •''Thefollowlng'tfscellcn’ ilcU» was nominated: - For C. Walkc'r, ot Walker;. jßronaoaifcCa: u ; • ?< AHornVr ICC p,CBI^cnl— ' Charles H. Rccd,. Stale’s >i fefccAnd C.'McClurg, of ongg»«fc Co.. - “■• * . Corrcspoodmg; Secretuy—Wmr'Eelscy Reed, Treasurer—L. J. Gage, Cashier Merchants’ Loan' 'andTrtpt'Co.;-"’ *■' -<■',» v -,„; :^Recordir-g Secretary—lra’ Btnfcni'wllh Bowen; Wbnman.d; Winslow. r> ..... • • r - Rov- - Cliorlea;'E f - CbeenoT,irectof , Chr|sr.Chtuch;.,Wiu.;H.-Fifcch. of Wcbocr, Wjl ,h»ma * Filch; Andrew Sbflman,-EdliorVourr>flr. ; ,' L’aptnln-Robert- I’. Xhtcblb; lawyer; Georce- l.i Ouilcn-’Wilb *J: V.'Panrcll- & Co.f HeWyTiald, •of Field.'liciler & • Co.:-Bryan .Lathtop,'• ot T»*B;• Brvan^Vo.; - . ’ V--- the. above, ticket will meet at-Room-No. 1 ’fremont iiotise, this evening....... POBo;|F(iKVUft >cco>ar ■-Bemlv week!y meeting ot the Board of r Jleop6 ’«3lj &iIS yesterday after taps ti 6 Ofn’ual Jftaiioa, cirnir of Washington . etfefctt*. P&ednfJ President Brown. Gaud.:,'’ A.' number oi bills- rontmcted'bT the Fire and ■flealiii .Departments were andited’ aud ordered io-bepatd. - 1 ;J ■Jtlm pbUcmnan, tendered "Ms fea-' •ignanoirasaincinhct ofihcXb/do,. Arceprcd. • -- __ Michael 'Coßlmc watchman - tnr-the (Western. Despatch Company, was appotnieda special pch liceman fcrdmyaiLhelr-office. : • • • Officer Patrick Marie wag djjcharcod from the; police force ■ fop ct (enng tbemloon of Michael •».asey: on State sLT'd.atd poisoning Casey’s dog,, .concary to tbc'uisUucUona glven to the police men. - ' - ibt Board iheu ndjoamcd t ~ . C attxi is TTiK Citt,—A correspondent asks iwby'ioatisDycaUle-ttrv kept lopetbir at different points wilhm lie city limits,-arid especially along the fan ts of tho North Branch, and if there bepo pre'vt JH ,T ffiS fiilea ift? aa one .thom-jind head of cattle are Jjejden togclher’ia, one set at FtabP 3 hot far tiota avenue hfldcc. oral W enough to breed a pc. iiILCCc, oud ihalii is tenecmjly-objectionable in View of fh'u cholera which • thn &lcna to revisit us next summer •, We commi nd the sniijcct to the attention of. thadty.anthort'it-s; Itja atao3ilm- ; poitant one. and such nuisances should bear once abated.' RonnzßToP A Watcil—Edward ficott, residing at No. KUtoith' Clark; street,; while going home 'fern a Fenian ball on Monday night, ;was assault ed cm the Wells street bridge-by -Michael Laher, who snatched his watch from his vest pocket and made oiT with iu Sr. was arroeted and brought he'ore Jnsiice JUUikoii yesterday inorrieg when he was committed fur tnal on a ch irge oi robbery, in of tuu-O. The'watea belonged to John Burke, Scott having borrowed l:*o present a mure • acceptable appearance at the balL ; u P«r cnf morncr.” . i i'.- Caiciod, ilarth 16,15C7; To General Hasbrouck Davis: ' ' GsNLau.: The anderrigned,' soldier* ‘during lh« late rebellion. rcspccUiilLy request to pjcet-nr your came as a candidate for the olbCo ol Clly Attorney, at the coming Uepublicau• city ComenUon; believing you eminently nuahbed foe tbt poM'ion. r . ' Tbe principle of ‘‘gratitude lo the Boldlers,’? txnrriattd and urged npon the-people by oar •.art Ticsidcot liucoln, by tbe Hepublicas • mem ben of both iionscb in Congress, and in the plat* iotzn oi the DalUmnro OotiVtmnbn ot IWi, has' uctu heretofore recognized acd-acted iiood-Iu a patriotic atd libera* spirit by the Ucpublicans of Chicago, and ue shall, if pmiiltted by you to do. -o, unseat your name, wilts every con is deuce of a succearlul remit, ■ V.e retrain, General. very respectfully yon re, JuJin* White, R. W Smith. -• .loin J.. Beruridge, . It. .11, Eou*b. 1 ’l. 51. UhotspHOti, . i4«ard S. Salomon,, , JllS. lt. EajOCP, 'r. IT. Adinii, • 1 H. Tarker, La. 11. Drnrv. JvLu U> larchln,! -L. SchalTacj, ‘ 1 Amur C. Ducat, E. B. BoxT- - v- f. -XiErLY..,<l -I 1 i , ... •». .; .Ciucano, Starch IS, 18f*T. Mcfere. Julius White, K. Vf Smith, John L. • Bevvtltee,'Kr .M. J4on?b, ftßd ether eoidlets ' dp.:itf£‘ll:clßte ri'hcllio’b: *"* ' Gimujjln: Vout communication of Mafcb idh Is itccivcd’..' In reply,’ - 1 Would *ay tbat-U trtr.atfcd by tbe Uiilnbriairf Convention I pllall •*B;u-ply erter the -field-us a candidate for the j.frui of City Attorney aLlhecoiaini! election. With m«n> thanks for jour internet In my ba i-alf, .„ I remain,. . , _ . - - - - • ' lour obethentrerra»»t, I - lUsimoucKlUvie.- The To tbe-Edi‘.ot of th* Chicago.Tohnnc: / Tout concbpontltni ‘‘Tenantat Will” closeshii; 'cct.yntmscattoil_i'flU.'vholcsbisife<advice, viz: not loam alter hnilloica to rent their tenements. Ju t ecu bow many arc already offered for lent, Tutncb ia nrrur^etDenied tD'lDtfj as now in (be litsiaeej tihresd- JabdiOrds are on, tint jlgohoulfoyrediji Jlii» «ftnmg Tfif'/^nd very much desi:c to sccnro such, and Rfien'iiaUa-' lica wio. (be ouuaUeudy jupoekcaiion, are urging • him to decide notvTor the year uj come. When. • tU» ezudDß of tbpte who y- ill leave f >r the coanUt ind abioi.d lr fully know-n, I predict that rentruf .Gwcliiuga Csure:inatwill canse loose who engage now to. Jegrct il<: Tenons have as im;cb“o asy ae> the- laulTord. hirt* they are more lij.lto'bu lljudicreusl For or>ccTet- J tbcm-exctt-»- masU'rljf intiCfliify, tme tee tbc result. ■,, • 'y.'CbEEON Eesw,'. ' InlaiiiicTde, To tht Editor of the c hicago Tribune: * , . i.bavej eid with card autl nttbntlb'n the article . X)r. Eddy, ana your own ,leader la tinn dfiy inOiblng’s iSffiic on Ihu subject qf ctild'Taur • fearfully nipT*lent- i-thank you !iud'J>r. EOdrlbrtue goudwuik began,- 'While 1 regard • tom »9‘mj»trfida), as (Queuing chccts only, not miie-, yet they •wall set people thinking, and. tit filly, causes will be reached. -Aq-ousic: of pre , veutiop .is 'wcfth a pqurtt pf enre, Punnaiicnt. lTuc 01, Ibis Lornule cuiue is ,whfit , ull eboold aim fit.* ' V.. - - • I ) ropdac tpeakieg on this subject at Crosby’s ALmir Uaii Sunday evening next, having peen in-- vlrts’to speak tt>cre”by-the‘ addlidice who as s»mbl*-d tbvK last tiimday cvnnlng; and 1 mviio tdl id be prce« rt who feel an lutuieat in the aboll livii.of; ibis crime, against OotL+man and nature, t-etielicc. - Seta Paine.- .Destitute SoldlerK.and-thcir DPamlllcs, Over three hundred -Dersone,’ consisting of crUr»' pled ann £oliliers t 'scudTurs' widows, and e&ldfu’n-' dilldreu. arc now suffcrlng-forthe- - uecesAailci- ol file 10 this city.:- - ‘j - • . ‘J he public will be calJed-upoD'lmmeillalcly for a'd. Itfniember tbe promise* .-given to luduco men (o chHm dtulug .tbc war! Von who arc not xn.tyant Zt.nivtuLcr the poor I■. . .. ~ . Tub Committee. - THE LATEST STJiI.UHOA'T v r. 110RK0B.. wnirttJC'onHtrstpatticr ■arimfory-’oininr # A 1 Iw ivpr^>Tvvcnly-UTtr Itlveff . libst—iHvo Uiiurtred oxuloa Drowned.. . Marti le.'j .- L Captain George,'Dlckcraon.-.lOruisbcs;the. following. pafUcuuiie the sinking of tbe Mercury: : \ "" On March ,13{h', at; teh.o'-clock p. m., the . oight.waq tlorh or smoky, and the pilot mis- • took the cbatnel abd went Into,the Arkansas ,‘cut-dff, Instead‘of contimUnsv.down.tWliUe ' River. ' The ndetakd was‘syomdlscdvored, and the boat-returned, hut struck, a anair in . , the the cabin doors on one . side, and nearly to . the hurricaup deck on the other.'- twenly andtwenty-hve lives were :.lost.-nll'deck* passengers, except two. Air unknown, and the third peek, jumped irom the hurricane deck and tvero.drdwntd. '-Seven persons healed off on_ cOitcn bales, lodging in adrift mile, jjttßß? -Uie-wind Hewa tree on them.killing mp>3Sr portiooiof thercrew, as U‘Ual, ran olPtfitlf the yaWl, leaving thy remainder-lo their fate. Captain Dickerson soft ofspare, dei neks and doors lo rescqothp pomcn and chi dren, of whom- : ajjreat number were on .beard. After placing the Jadtes-on iiv.lhe, .passengers -jumped. on tod, ainking'lt thri . indies oelow the surtace of the wuten . The ‘ captain compelled the .men' to go hack on the .Mercury, hut keptthe rati mode fast ontll it was evident that the bpat would not:«el-‘ .Uc deeper. Two hundred and Qlteen males . were on hoard, only eight > or- ten; of which were saved The fitcamer George- D. Painter arrived soon afterward, • taking c tlier survivors. Captain Dickerson also, placed" his—pan— try. .ware and.. other . things; from .-the wreck on boards hut;the crew of the Palmer plundered the whole CabfnJ taking bed clothing and everything of value. After leaving’the. .wreck, the crew of the Palinef -plundered the survivors’ baggage, taking even Cap). DickersouVwife’s under' andl oodtfi jihd other things from' those who lost their trunks. Captain Dan*., ley and Clerk Lanahan,' of the Palmer, made no ciiort to. restrain the ctewTrom pMndcr irg, ar,d the carpenter of the Palmefc floor*. ithed an adze aha'threitthed to kill pc.t_, sons who' made chargej/agalasl the crew. CaptainDnnleyre;uscd to.surrender the wtiults which Captain-Dicnerton had-saved lium the wreck, saying be “wished he bad iiever ‘,wcut near the (J-d jd-rd '.btmt, as he had not got hall et.oimli to pay him for his “Tlieclfrt oTtßWTffofcury Was - hit fra-fte Palmer to' endeavor to gain; pbs* .tC£fcli.D bi the articled. The Mercury hid a ,fplendid Catgo bins would $t»,000., :Shclhai-l 400- bales ol ,cotton lor reshipment t to New Or- Icans. and a line trip Of assorted freight Tor :Culro and the Ohio Rivers , ■ ' ; tocist'iLLE, Alarch 19.— The sLeamer-Nlck Longworth arrived this evening, with the E avengers and crew of the steamer Mercury, ,lcly sunk in the Arkansas cut-off. —1 ■■ FBoatJaDUJugQLis. •O A r’/ii.UOJ ii-jl, Cburcfa. on Pre-tieneni Her •.« oi*e#«»e<Nk*y [Special Despatch lo the tntcatrd r-T—» J-OLft-Pka- Baptlst-Ckur'c* 'wflH early last evening, in Ibe vestry. £ ■■ «rtSxlkcov«Vett‘by lb'4 pastor, who •‘otfoine lew -exticgnlst otnh damage was done. Ibe are d tuun-Jbe/cdUods, where a largd parses through to (be infant ecboo] ibe-floo/s &9(1. lo,lorn.-up, .to bo ■Jjal4lDgV^ahn(oQ«£ea.;.'J , bcldflfl i.H>d)sninjinaared.,i''>.M-.’v jm.-m-* | Ceseral-Xew Wailacc-who-hiS-be tortome noirths-pßft; bas J returned : m : ib!frfly>ftlt»nchii Wothtri} . ’Mr- - •The ttpo‘t-‘ot thevSaparnitrndept’ ot Public : t&hools,c>£ii ispublished, fhowa that du/iug (bo past jcar.lboco were fix thousand two. ;Oundjed aMeevcniy.i«tiicHldrcu ita attendance upon th©»varionß , echooii. l The‘BnnitK*f oT Paßlld'.' ■ school buildings is nine; 7 the old value of nhlfeh, ’ with cround?;la fl7B;uoo;.;Tp , o‘ oi these are new boilfluge;xeccatiygreaed-a > .aebatOfjGMWO. • ••<; Defeat JiSoaOLav r Wendell jPliUJlpa—rriie Ter-->rjiV state Fair/.. * “' (Specif- Dt epalch to tbe'ChlcafeoJ TJrlbanc.l - i “.. . sr yj jj :i;i if / *■»o lIL March iOr i 3herc, yae njote taken yesterday bi*. the school • /laF fDr ible city, passed-ad tfae-'Mht' Lcrfilatareii i ICwasdefearcd -by h&riy tituu HnijdrUy. It it-a (backsettoi>aeschools."v'! t * Phi Hips 1 ia lectrmnff this eveuing; :i: He •ivs-nmoTcrdowliy: bou«c.„ v ■ ; o‘,Tl}C ritcr ot ttiiSjpolmils falling. TVeftlhertal)^, brOmubit reihJ t; "All.jiccfissa/y preparatlonsaro being made for .. the Slate I'Air ro i>e bcld heropgrtlall. nioai xoujsviUe, : Political;-j.*7l oetlng—' ■-H nmbug-J)iwlplo of i’ ! Brlehum V.:- T . i ' . . (bpeoai Dcspatch to Ihc Chiefleo Tribune.V - , '.;V; -XptisvXimc. March i 3.‘ 1 TL&Dadioil caßdlflates fo< -GoTOrnor and Lieu ■ lenaul Governor;,■,CpVonid ; 3am’es and,Senator ' ,1 illvo splritnaUßt W.Church,- wclWtpown In tfaey\V*-ei, .hßßi been arroeted bn an expose-of Ws - .i/icklnc,«Dd-wlllbe- tried tomorrow. '.Ncarlvall' -.thc.bwero either side.: A rich; tithe - ' (-Is.exptciecij h'rrn. JI-. . . Cbas. Mercer, alias Count'Bernstcck,and other • .dicers,-am*icdfor ( DiviDdllDC'nnd iMcamy,baa, •three wires'‘here, two -ht' BalUmore, and,.who - known how. motiy; elacwhare.. Be-is ahont pfiy,-- five, of good'address and culuvaUcn.’ • :. ;BilibbAinerican Confederation. ■- Baa-Fiujicreco,.March,. J^.—ANaw Wes'tmfn-' ster dcrpstch Kays lhc"l*cfslattira Cqancirnf Bmish ColdmbU nr.animom-ly v.oteil-for admitalon.inio ihe Colonial ConraJerocy. qal mattees, Andoli^ttts.aTVatfd’roaa«oap« 1 - •• * Itmakcs rnybandsßO'’,white, . ; ■ - i - /■; •• ••rilutfL‘lVUiQrriandplj>hL- -,i. , ,v; ;; ' vita wnraiwayagj&gi? ! ;! -1 . Ibsw.orthlVeicamedtoknow;' v; ;--. ; : r ! Tbls.CoJd Cream 6oap,oa Ring, Js Bplendie, **l'ee, by Jove.i’ .V > .. ;’ • “,' • ‘ -;' J ’ j;'-. 1 ’ ‘.t j.ppf-ost, Sjusaix. • Retail by Dfcnr jfc Sfonnx aiid Bute; lapolhe ■•CflrtbVi.whoifiealtby. Sjcrtn &Dwrxn, andilrngr. .gists,generally.;-'t: ;inrtoaife»HGreai- 3b«aitasUic! Remedy • giveslmmedlale relief In aH casea pf rhomnalism • orreurslgla - . - ’ Its power 'la: magical. ileieSeci im •,mcdbitc;'.and ,JL novet :fatU to.;eiadJeaireiTery> .symptomoflhe.dlMasp. <: ■ • -.The-Franktm. Brick'Pyabiiiae, Jnstly • celebmta for, petfcet,fiJmplicily; great rsliength, - ana immense compressing ys poAitAurBED, ■ with cfgb't'tte'c'ina two horses, to self-temper tne .'CJfty. ftnd make3.ooU .to-VtKl.eiepant hncks per .hour. J... 11. JtzxicE, proprietor,No. TI Droad .way, New York, Room M. • ' i-- ' Bch J, .Scratch M Cream cares itch, ecra-cbce. apd skin diseases; Ills n'eag i^edskav^foTnlnld, 1 safe and certain specially adapted to children. Sola by air drug .'gists....... •■ ••• ••,,';•• • Colgaie. dr.Co.’a Winter Soap.—He commended for chapped band* and for general toilet nse daring cold weather.' It may i>e ob tained of all-drntrcfstsand fthnry goods dealer^. MARKETS BT tELEMAPH' NewXorir Ftn'anctiilTfeTVJ*,'! . (Special Xiespatcli to.oiectncaaoTrihunei]. ' ' Sbw-TObe. March 19.-. The Stock markst opened strong, Nor Tort Centra* - ■and'MlcMcanSCarhcrairltgUJc favorite stocks, the ; former aching at IWjii.ind the latter .at 73K.‘ i<)n tbe regular call.the market was lower'Mu airoag, and wuii large transaction* afterword*, the market kept tradtiatO'Tlslcir, until wbtuil facatne wcakrr; owing to large calcs. At one o'clock there, wai a rald' made on Now Vert: Central, Erie (common).' and. ■Michigan Southern and prices declined Afu-rwaida - prices rallied Jt.‘giving a Btroßg'umler* .touo to the market, the purchases an each raid Cldsed, .hltthereapb tlme. -At Um7:3o eait.Mocka.were higher. New York Central, Chicago-A. : Norfhwe»toni (ore-- ferred), belhg, (be favorite stocks Afterwards the market was X botu*. with great extiV merit, but with little disposition to ••bear” the lame; The ••hulU” bare (be taurccoalrol of the market. • • ■ Monty'lscnsy at the usual raU-a. • ! Xmcrtcah Gold closed strong anSljf. - . . (Associated i*rc.« Kcpon j •- >'kw Yens. March U. - - mostt. , • The mcney market conlinnc* steady at C(i» 5» ctnf for call loans. . roßEtoa rxcn.vxoK. • eterliaccichange Is doll' at IMjdsup la cold for flna-c]asst)Uifl. - •••"• ...... r • American gold l-tlvwcr, opeaingat- lih declining to la;*. 010 closing at IMJ{. • ** Gorufonent stocks are without tiecided change, i • • umxii. • KAU.WATS. ' - • • The railway m\!k»ltra» . very srote-at the open iM'MUttDd iho Stock Erchanjpv tma a ucacral ad vance to price*, atd an increased acnvltr 10 all lead- Inc speculative share?. The nanroTcmmi wai equal. wUhfrw exception*. la •<«! if cent. Towards Hie clow l of the rernlur session and after the call the mar-' •tawMW.ater, atdf-li eff MQX V c«ot.: The creak <v% advance dnrac the mernme was on Kock LubdO. Michigan Sonthera asd Bi-adlne." The former was' hiring owing to Ihe--declaration of ars coal dlvl <l-lc, Tbcrcwanno pressure to eel) slicks, aadtoa reaction in the Long liooic after the regular ca'lwu oulnsrctilehyto realize pront*. Althaote i Jch-ck Lewd stock* were heavy ana lower, especially , Munriiftt Southtrn.biU at th* Second hoard cricea were steady. 1 At Ihelftstopcn Board stocks were Aim; -wna-STCEcmi azrrnnro;- The mark-1 closed Urm. S\ m. iloatti A Csvrcpon Uie loilowloc: 1 i f OLMi.vrt* mev.s at 5:5) i*. a. finrncaß ctld.Ut l Bea.hnz ICJ OIO2W .... M. S TJ.Tji W . Canton.. . !.*,.(■* <I«V I U’.OiitraL....ltt,‘i(4Us Cuniierland... ;s»s«>f Sit* | Httatinrchi..... Si*-* SJ Quu -ellver.... ;;7 os J7J* I Toledo... : lie, MW ilarlis-5a...... B,V-l '■>!< It 1 Bik« .. pfrl.. ai' 4 N. W MUM 35* S-WJpld C5U4atC I V'*V l®Sc<lo« H Wayn. Vt’./A 9~X stfefeMi.V. Atlantic Mali.; (iOVXItNUfENTS. • • • l.ovm merit securities gene-ally Arm la theujora »•£, but cksul Je-s ac‘lye, *«nd auout‘jjower;: • • ». .! : .. ’, -.- ’ • ci4s)xo J-Kjctav,, :• . w . /het’d. ’E1...;..HW(J109h 15-X coup .*(* Jan and Cfji.j-C'ti*, ii....i00 t'.KQ'i] July u'O'tceiin.aioJK. 1-Tt 11 gisi'u'u.tut C4l v.y, i KMiireatst-u..; ai}»'c* 97 v. r-tOcoiiMn I 10-40 coupons... tOKifl W7'£. 5-‘0 coupon ' August 7-:X'B....U6*('<r 'yu IJuneTJOs lUK4IUV .I (July 73js iKa.sisitav . . »•- - mrr Biijiii*, .... State boeda firmer at the Heard: : 1 . rcur-.fs lAlid ra | iUnnlbnl ,t St. , : - J.lrcli la-dv.-r;: SI- u M Jos-ph b mils fit a M - N. (.'uru-lna f.*. ill pacific tends.. 37\y 9JV Mi sonri t 0.... I . . V - - ' 'AI Q.o'*(toDCi)j%rp'lliß,iofiri lull t 097, •. '. ; ' - 4 *Sii?<rrLLA*n:ory;‘ • - *> .i. ■ ■ MiK’rUancous ana steamship sharci flnu.v Coal shunt steady. .M"ricage binds of good ulvidend r&tJ wpjs in.iroppovjaJ.jjpmaLa.sait b tiding pnees a*v» i b'u usrkct ‘Without-Increasing me supply on Ibj* w°po' : ti loa Jorcduce the common and prefer* rea Obuuv<n&t'Atei>raxia levy an assessment doev not has been abisiloned. The organ amiLfcv bit Lll f C< * ana fr,oc * will be laaued'ia ex* ' but It la readily has'been dnriog tbe day.' .Thaw was an athve' our rowing demanu for cash ro d* early in The day, afiSJoani .weru iiiaar at MGa i'ji prciulnm. ---r.* , , ;,?.»• . • ' ' j-ooiCK EEciiAaro*.*.. • ■ " Thciawas an. acave bngloeaa m pStden tixhaccc' torday, and the market cl-sol firm. ' • , ... •• iilnlDg snares Wen» active And.lojvcr to-dar on .vrrsory and Quartz Xllii, bnt blbcnrise tnt-nj*'kc:' was.-any • Orevory opened at -1290. and fell- to RU. tjuartz UU sola aorcu from J>Sj 7JU. and In do- : mand. Colombia Gold acd--£liver' steady at 2SO# : ■Xhe Prodace markets. . d;.MitwAOiififi..'.v* Miewack«, March i?. •' Flonr-Flrmcr. Sales 1.500 brls at fiAOti tor litrer side XX jfllves^Cret fc -iad-ivmc* las do ; tli.'ft for country JjfircU; tiUMibr. Golden Gate cborce X ;'|iiC.73 (orftartiorX. . Wneat—Quiet at the uiornmc boird. bales 17,W0 c<N9-.f<le«.Noofi bflwß-&ltKjQ.axJrcentalsnl'ft.oo Jor Nq.llnatriej (ftr N,p.. 3 do: $3.30 buyers -.option all‘April ;|9.7T buyer's option all Aprll„aadscl ‘)erV ofitlonnext Wetkj'Wfi3.scj;grt*6pUon all May-, fA'A sellers opltou tbifl week | qUATforXo. 3la store: ;|S.o3fer •’ OaUM=lrni.' t:«!(j*''r.3oo ‘Craia'B at ll.ffl for N’o. l lri*h receipts; fi.CIOI.C3 tor No. 2 do. - Corn—Advancmg. balta MO centra at ?1 .CtQlIcT tor No. told in store.' -; - , Rjt-r-Advasciig. Bales C.OOO centals at i MgjiUa rtor b’p.t In ttorc; 17.16 buyer’s option, .March., Borjey—steady. aa!ci“7CtrTUltaTn)y Sample,. hvered. aU42.C7, . - , r .- I'rovltlooai-F‘Jmiibat inactive. Mess pork held at at ham*nominal g( J3^, ;; Dr«6elUloP^ t -ll»tCA(ll-;at|951.,Jl I ' : , .Receipts—l,loo,tons Hours D,OOO ccitfis wheal; 500 ■do tatt;;.EOqQo-Poyley j SOoreesedhofiv.-; • . - ;' wheat; 'fl trcspcrtiiiv • i.'t ' M£ir_roEtf.- - ;a ' ; 5 h lo ,' D^® t^ticss ’,^ not * ’ WOO fiaks at STCtjijjgforjnlddUng r , tY 7 ■t/£S Mr tS, ,!WU,M; . W3..6KE, The. flour !m«kat u ' better, MUl.sotDC. ipecOuitlvc.'.loqalry.: Niles JWjttJsat l9AStalo 3i'for superfine State; <10.75(tb sw) 6 ;‘?aAtkais2s tor choice do*? i5aS o 70.40 for-stlpctliqe We»tera; lU.’WkftTUTi lor ;Sam- AuoiLto asaium axtfftA TV< : surß^ r - for ■ cnmcc rp 5 fit.3o@lz.2t Pir common to go-jd slUpolDg. Eracdofuairarioisyi hoop Ohio, annfl2.sfoLUstor tiacubrand*—lhViuarket closingquNt and Arm. Ca 1- li.rma Cnnr la a Bhaua-himer.—bales I.SOO hriraad' tacsßatll4.MWj6.oo. .lye fToujs-ls-lifiaefv Sale* 1 of 400 tflajat |7.5Q® 'Snrf at r tS.GO lor Brandywine,. <-< > mSjv . *’ :w3c better,' tnr» icis active *, the advance -fi 1 .?! >alca of32,KWhiiat W torVo. 1 ? MiPratlkcc, 1 (2JS3 tor No, 3 do, and • ..-ILVUr-Kiripfr. Saltstoo bo -Canada lo-boodaf|U9, ande.M on We«tcnjil*l.33. i ' -• Barley—TpndsptMnrds. Sales 23.C00 bo at 99 kc for Canana Ebeltnjife&ffi ?l.a for Canada need ami f 1.13 for pood two-rowed t tote. 7 , r Malt-rl»Mil6t.y, • . >r- -t- , ''lt.-.' - .: / . Receipt* 1 609‘1)n,.-Tbc'tßanc*cißiJ(aßc-bet'- 'ter.' Salenot 125.H0: bit at 11 30®|.3t for 'raised In aUjre;«jl®i.-«xibrfloantM, and fbM tor yeildw : boototro. • ... - . . 1 ’ : -.1 wuujtiik' - ... - . ' ■' -1 ■ i ;t>*u— ilecelpi*,a.swfm. The market U wlthoot d*. cldeu cliatpe. Sa.«s 01 39,000 bu at 65SoTclor Western. aim’n@'«ciortjutei • - ■ ■ ' Klee— Qolct.: • ; • . COB&SitlQll. - a l* -6 l °f jo ° h’bdsCnha'Bt lOtfgll^c,, lor*rfnoiS : “iTh'injJjJjMgJj'fitJTc for cn,de * ftcd M%o2ic aidWadr at 30n;0c. .v ■ rrcvtrtoiis=-rnrK"iDtf(c and heavy.' Saßs, :3,550 for x«* nt' *3.56 lor rccnlar; (D.OG&S-J.SO for old mess; |19.2i4i«.W» for Qihij&.jm.a tor- prime - mefa. A»o, 3,100 «iier aai„n u J' c r Uaich, ,hc* f tfaitSl 4CC 4rts at previous prices. ' • " ~Bccfnams-rum,*t*j;.oOft4l.oO. ...... butq'alet. Sales. COC b:xca at lOva IQJtoJor Cumberland ca)ffltvc loc'ehort riboed; i/c £br short clear. atd for bclUo*. • TjaJcs.KA uke» at for ,thDaWerß,»aoi**{ii4HclorbaQ>s.-.-. - ' . J.arc— lb. ueaay. Sales ot l,«o brla<3l3e# fbr , latmchasged at 10©5tcfor Ohio; ilOQtfScfor ! ‘Lbrcse—UqUietnl - ■: Wheat—C.o«edflrmana*qulet at nt f of Ko. 2H>nnt>. ■*•■,• , ' Rv*-Ciiwdlimi sad upward, with bnycri of West* treat fidß.iiot seller.-aiSl.3s. torn—Cl«.sed arm at Hill In store, and 11/22 afloat, /<>rOilM*lnrmli«’*i Western. • > .... Oats— 1 losi-U won at E'Gffir for Wesirm. .I—cirp*e ifirm, -wtth bovcTß ol new tnm'al ea»h snd (23.63% reffula.mllori at 123.C*’< ciah i Beef—f'osefl wfire and nrm. • ‘ Cut Htfiijt-Cosed firm and qutet. ' * - Bacon—Closed qnKt and steady; at loJ<c for Cumber* '• tt |^ro—Closed’ dull, at for fair to'pfime !;;• : ' ' - .. -.L j cracuntATL Marchia. Cotton—Quiet, but u&chaiucd. upland, Firmer, and holders asking higher prlcet- .52* tc r. .. ' I i \ti }• cxaujf.ue,i»i2£?ft,i .t> • ' .- iiil.Jß ovi.-.'ifS ;>l J.' . T-asewporx-cbriM'srlUnidtellfri \ tS&rtttxntor nti.boLcJoFcdaßllaad&MUihMQsto o“fs3;soi : '•,'. . ,*i Bo»r4ft*t»*-eood'<]«tß*B(l it fea: moatly held he-higher fur yTaa*efU£e 1 ft* prime cfiyi -.ijtße city C* befW l« oV W- V; ~, : 1 ;: itfnner-.Flna-»taeS*o«wiitra<»J" .C6a«£--*Mmrvy u i6«f»i"e -or Vfealcr i Besoms, *af. fcflfdi—No chance. , ' w ’ kl - 11 b r Gold— l 33. lw*toC,-*>->»Tia—n.'imJ :U.'' ■’/• t *.•»;• fixchango—Fmaaty*njs&crj>sr !• 11 1 l ‘.i'S»vu • ‘“il-’L ’‘dwr V fit«£btr 9, March 19. • *otf price* firm..-L af raagtagrat .- ...... ■ ,■ . , -„ ■ - cotu a—Firm. at 23c fnr middling. ’ Flcpr—'Vcry.flrtß.'holders s«»lng a vafCO ftr tin • higher grades, which.-checka traalnwi.‘Baper. 43.M* lO.Tcu extra. d*. filsoairiSr - tor;^fiolee -mil: forlancr. - , *,Cor&-Finn,at#i,caai;a;' '•,.1 •- ,-.' l:., t 'r , • ' awLDDchansed.’ ‘ ;.'■ >/V’- r~- :! at |2Jc«j.9i for f pn ß i, uk f tor• aioicetsH.- •-• . . „v-- , • i ... , -.. ; • By.*rßiw*t»7,». i * • 1 ■ ' lasisj#; ■ ! i : r :r-''' ,^-r’r< • "-•.whwa‘* T lftU,*t v:n. • ';;; 1 • i‘. - : f ;-; = .■' ~ bopp-alo.. ■ i ;i-' • C..T:, - M ... BtJTTAUVIIarCh I9.!v< FlomwSprlntr firm with a *iroiig onwardtmdcaCyi' . anU «o(TaUcaf«Eoh4i»ir»*l. i r-t a: : - Wbeai-Flitn; siVaUMO.hd'KoJS Chicago attl.lS.' : - opdthreccar Joans white Canada «tf ;j9i su.’. i J’. : Co rt—Steady; sales 21 carload* new-TO odoon State I ilhmaracK i •:>» | ?-,l -i f-n i . . taloaVo.oCNl od'Koi 12 W«taraat3sc• ■ ...Ky»—?caice,ffil!lanil ooraloaf.' ’ T-c • • i':;. • . ...Uorlcy—QuUt; •Jc*of.Can»iaaarii.O3ol.eß; l -ii . . Jlcaa.i'O**—Oßklng ■ ■ i . i i r : ..JAtaw.istininaiatW.fcc.- i .; c.t ...Blglmnics—Uncbassed' ’’ t r .■ .: i • ..t3etd£«-Fina: cloreraoobetter tortHime- i ' . i I’BILADEU’HIA; * | -••• ‘ '.• • • ;nnhat>KLpnu.3!archj9.- I 1 • •••Flobp—Pl’-mcr aod •Bales i.jod • - : 1 • J -‘Wbcat—Advancing tendency- Salea-oflitd at-ff.ll 1 . ■*• • Rye—Aavaireftg.'-Sala .; i . • 'Oala— 79e.. ‘ .*. , I ;-ror>—Scaree, andlu gooiiaemand-,*nflw ycllo>ir''Bl’’ • lie; ilionld^rß.‘9>fait)c. •’■ Lmd—Hcl ■••••/• . •' . ; -TVhirtey-Cfc>ptrß*vind.socSlW- 'Sale* • Petroleum,Minide, 13^^ ; btla ft, •• r \ C? -:;iv :,; "-- : i ' • ■'.■lV 1 : 1 ■ "111" LotrMvo.T.m March 1», ... ~ M7 hhda coittnon ught lagji at jliOj ••■^nr-i-Bnr>in^elfe. c fc < ' ■ h «• *•' 7i,! • 1 Cora—Sheiiea.'WfiiTOclahulJ:.,‘ L r y ‘. 11/:I 1 /: ■. Sugaz-rUcvTOrleans,prime,itiTo. ; '■ • , - 1 - -•■■ ••* -• BscQn , Bbonxder^r^f}<c..,' , .■ ~ ; ' : ••.Cloar Slccs-r-JiKC.•'': ‘{ .... • J Lard—lavcltfuereea,-- . -. *.•- -"■• . l • ••;Coriqa-rtCW.7nWtUlog;S7ei,;.,': T • •'“Wbliktlr—Bair, We- r 1,1 • J v:.: r ,. baltuipjjb.o ;•*’ ' r : ■■•■>••• • 1 liitriitonß, March 10. ' '.V • Fionr—Qatrtandflmer.hntwllboot B«.ea.'• '-•• ••♦• • wmt imcliansred. EccoiptallKbt-i .. • of white at sv.isi, ertmo white, fl.Hv imi -a: m erternj SUB; ycllpwj fi.OO, and | rfaqe yellow;' o';' r > -w«8 pork-*2Xsaaai.oo. ■ Bniicshtmirtera—ovawc. - • ,■; *•■ • "Bacoafllionitifrfr^!ojf@lla l ■ sictwijvaifvc.* -L. • • ■ , * - - ' - I - , Lard-Salci BXf. Wostem ft 32 Y<5t3; ’ " ■ >:i.i.afiwoßLtsAws;--' i•■■■'• •' ■ Srw okdhaxsJ March. 39- .. Cotton—Finn, galea toiler. 3.300 hale 4 Pzicesiiar. charged.-.Uvcelpta for three <Uy«,y,9S3 bilo;exports for.threeday*,l:l,o6;ham*. - :i - ! ,• SocaraiutHolaaser^lMlludttoalbal. | .u . 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Cotton-Firm atakSfS.Vc* BOpOlptS, 1W htdCK; Kl-. . pcrifi, 700 Oiler, ... . ■ Corn—flimatft.o7fitMO;> •—■<•-;■- 1 . . . ■ : Other marten unohaDged.-withrerj’UtUe'dalng. . . ifaaiacQ: qTHbooe.) ■■; i March 18. •■■■ ’4 («BahC lira; Hortqnatcly it*' a kid,'. bed’ ll before drldtofiffi bo* d hoattpg'njpe >1 depart an-pL opcekleol lb' dortion of the is about ISoO, Jenin d nndJkoQW,.. Export* of (aralo and J’rarTlßioxu from New ■ ‘-Tont.• i i • (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune;] C:.r ■>/ » -Kav»Tona,tytrcli 19. Export*, PASt.weok, .ajCO'brls ipork, tta bacon. 951.0C0 &s lard; K),3(#'or)a Cour; U,SWbu wheat, bn core; ui,oco bu baaiey.;';; •••• fte«- York Grocery .market* (Special Despatch to theOttfcasD Tnbupe.] 1 L Xvaa.:March. 19; •• HoBS-dßathcT caalCi 1 , ,llecdftiu, l ( ftO, aeJlHurat BJf ,S?Sc.r .* - •!. / • .* * Cotrce—A i currency price* and wash. ißlo’atOabfc. Sorer-Dull sod btivy. IFalrr tfrpflme grocery- al lOrtonjfc, ; ' : .. 'Ac.w,fork. Hide (Qarket. . . (Special Despatch to iLoCbF’sco TribuoaJ . , • ~T *’’ ' Wew Voks. Marcitl9. Toiretitlae■'iCrabcrd Ic. aejliog dt 77c anti’ •' Hides—Baye materially dfsllned- Sales loclnUe city *l*ofrtiU3roafatll. t *c-,cuTretay,and dryUonUmica at ' : !<i , *>«eaja Freights* • ' [Special Despatch 10 the Chicago Tribune.)' " ; NswYocs. March 10.. Frelchls-A fUll carffO otCS.OCObu corn at 5« 3J f qr, to’an'frlßTi port.'. : ... , Now York ProTMon < i (Special Despatch toihe-Chtcaso Tribune.) - Hr* Tusk. March 10. .Pork—Closed dull at »2J.CI»f. bacon ktxl Lard—CK>ac a Bh&doeaslet% Cat Meats—Quiet. . . !.New York BivaditaOli !TXarkct. lttpc«al < 'i)cap«tcb lothe.'ChicacoTrtbnnc.j .;, , »*f VqxE. M«rcb 19. Flour ,acd Wheat—Would not more at the prices atked. _ t- ~;, .. • • Corn— Cloneda* $1.21 afloat,.' . . ' Oat»—Tory heavy.'" '' - Theepeculallreapinttß’hrcaditaCslbat quite *ub niCcd.- ' ' New York Dry Goo On market, K*w Ton. March 19. Dry OoodM-flot mteVfchaaaecotfcfcioleln; thitnar-' kct. A aUady air demand prevails, bnt there Uno -centralacuvity,«Mt-pr(cos remain pretty machine .-i\ait.lf.v.e..jr,ept.6prdcrues' new styles ot pnait. .utucb ba.vo-be>n odVAaml yard f also nls ris luU.i>JiDUalarsQ portion of hi# staple style*, wiilcU jire ai-JJlur vtuy.fieidy at the improvement. Tlip Manchester styles of prlata'are rcdnoed to Tic. “ . .The Urea'. K«JJ» bl«ach»d rau#lln«nr« wllin«aiT7!*c XirvK.'’nul Uie ‘*j' brand, and tbanop-i muslins at unchanged. - > ■ • Buffalo Live * ' Borf *bo. March 19.•• Market cot so active to-day, -and -prices-declined Online on n l ! ra'tS. Jiecapm wero cot *1 heavy, ntu 1-r very fifthd’ quality.. Market cals p»r cwl. lor UTlra qoanty was ni.OflaiftW; laf and fleavr oxen' ' ATJd sfe-rft at IS.OCe-SS ; p.xxl ,at,|U.»<WBW.M; far eatttc and tl *7.Cfci7.7s; fair at fniOailM;' c.w>( ■uulln-urrA-at > Jteoclpts, 790-head. snipped, hSt'-tbrod. ' . > Tte‘hcep markrt tfl Imnrovltp aod yrateruayrad* vancriias been fully rnafntalncu Heary,lour wool* Ptr C* t..‘ fr.„ r^S.2s : fair fine woolpd lilies tor. JJ.3T ?r,7.50. Iteci-lpt-.fuOlieaik. Shipped, Airth-ad.- : The 116 c markcfrulet very cull for the last few days.' Tlie eiCAt bulk of receipt# consist of light and or-' •timin'. rrJcc- rasßtiflroi Becelpw, UTOJuail. .Sblj.r«d,.UWhead. ? • , 1 •; « at* LItT liUick market. .. CAtumor.A,March 19. ■ HccfCftUlcrßcceipti,W7lirad< -J’riCfW area trifle' hlulitr than Dirt week; extra at. flU)dcll.oov nr«l Pittcrbnnth 01l '.■.-.PttTfiiWEnn.ilftrehlfc No ctucßf! ID enuje ; Oadusc* rcjßrD«d; .I‘XC, Jiackajp-s included. Snlet IW brU Dnltr, Irnmc a* CJiC; ij#) trrts dell wed between pre««t and' Marfhißt. Jfes.; J,POC. lir.» at.OfiUOo-crarUj . 6.x uefletd dtaot & sates 3AOO bru atabdanlfwlilte, April, at 1 woik*,2ikc: I,ooobna Debt straw tt> White. Am!. 1 .&Xc.. .Free oUqotct and nnchßoecd.' j i - • • ITI A K B IfE D . • ! .. In this dty,on, she *eGdeocc ol F. fl.Gnrheij £sg., by- the - fcer..T. w. Healy: Dr. ED

• WARD W. UOlfciv atd- Mhe JaNfi 11ALLENBECH, , *ll of Chicago. . i ;••• UIKO. . iD.thl* cliy, Marco IStlu JAMES HENRY, Tt7nn2»l ; ff D. of wiaiAJuilrownc, late of Aotrtm. Inla&d, need .13'nvis. • Funeral at 2 o'clock.p. m. to-day: (Wednesday). Inna x'p. b Lrqaar-au. Friends .will olosse accept this in 4 tinihUf-D Sltnusements; m; cY.ICK EE’la THEATRE. vIaVfCKEM A-UrKUS. .l-.II.jaANAGJJBS. ... .CHANGE OF .TIME,—on sod after Mi’ChiSthl thte wUtwnacMe- at • ffOducUcn of the great setiallaßQfftmA wntltc, by Ueo.i. Aiken, 6>q., entuted t ' , CHEVAUER,or The. French JacßSheppanl. ..'V Pierre rtnlsillcr.....Mr, oao.-AJteai ■”■ CajfirnhthcjnlFitrtnfilhpf ihft.eotrpany. ->• •To cuncJadc withohe Circe of, THE fiAPPr: MANi Filday,EengfltolGeo.AtfcCD.a«iordsy t Gfand Matinee.' : f} Ot. ,WO. OI)'S .' M.U'BIE,!! 11. j. U. ITOOD .Pronrletcr Director 0f Anwietttht9...,...-v.l f .. , .. , E^AIKBN • Stage Manager...;..;; ■ thus tiari;v r • A RICH' EfTERTAiNMENI. {-• , t Treslurer. .. Oa Wednesday evening. March ?®thl at a auar- Usxhtforeclghvtboclorkm»ctrmcUf ol - | H To.conclndowlth (ftrsttmuj I ; ■' the pire-^ater; .Yf t, , n£ ?^ a il , nf UJn6(:il ’* at 1110 Grand Matinee,'at 2V 7 o’clock, the brilliant comeoyof , .THETOUJhb UP ANIGHT. I ‘ •Rpeelvcdwlrhshonie of laughter. | r,y n Jj ..Friday.heaehtql-W. F. HaUifilny lutcrnuQO, Grand Matinee.. ■•/ | .---. • t :yA'IttETY j ■ One of Hie best Pieces er«cjro-ias«d-itliei l c v CHAMBEEv oe» death, -;; ' •:* ;:.'T :'* ; 1 *1,.. j OliXO ENT33RTAIA’ 11EXT. bbt/or BBLL. UTOK EAftlQ.'' J ■ . .» • , WiSHTED-rj&. few more Pallet Lafliea;; ' 1 Oi'ERA HODoE.; . .Director... ~.; SsajoVof tbreo nights antlpfae Matinee. / . .Re-cntreeJa (JliJcigo ollbo OrcicTragcdieiDne;- 1 j ■ Mme.ADeLAIDEJRISTORi; Tna day, March 26 ELIZABETH. = ' ■ •' 1 ” r -lVedaear*r,MarCß »?-!-jriDmi. .•••;< I ’• .. Friday, Alarcn 29—MART. *>T DART-* •’ • ..Saturday,-ItarcblO-OKAXD UATINBE. ( '", ; B Jj e '^ r Bfttta/br.mb season'rwill.’.comlnbnM on' ■ wedn. nfay.^a^•>n'.^n. , /The sale tft seats fpr any oT tho. c V I.CKER’S-.T E. ; .. Testimonial Benefit to QEO. L. jftIKEIT.V-•. Dranmtl-t of "Dm leToa's CaMrj. W; Alkcn’s'newplar, THE FRE.SCH JACK SHEPPARD. 1 : ' i. . -And ROUGH DIAMOND. •• Friday Evening, aiorcb. 22, 1867. .OMEROT W.OUpEtiS,' Aid Eatareonvtitcd, to besoeo dtthe 1 < , Hew; Fori Mnseiim bifitkatokny, OS corner ot Deuooro.:. Leeturoa dally. Those .ot>ablaiU>,AUktxl ■'jhay'rectlre tnem br en cloupgtenceDtatoSecretary.' ' OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM • • ■ Now York tnaßoom of Anatomy; "J. ’pO cornel Dearborn. I, : ’ r ftO & BY' SO PEK A- HOUSE,’ SEVEN MAPS! I ! : TSBt'aOHNS! ‘ 1 i: Tyni. appeau AFfiit •' : i; Uincsac.:' J>uhk ' CIDKn •VjatESAB.V • V Warrants pnie/oaf iA-pzeuxrt pickle*. woiks or the KUdin the United Mtitea. CHAKLK3 Q. E. PEUSSING, 339 and 341 SUte-at., Chicago. 'iii eAsy, fexins, a a?cc r «s- ! Wrtett Bockcw Ary, eoijd* and, nottoifi, 1 r^we t-ITIQH SAtEr—Valaable iIUJ rtoherty— , beef at Pan flotmog milts In Booth* nVßlowa coolotnlßg thrsaranor foir-feel bn*r«,en- AKlneaxxlbedAßdD toenioieer.-menftaaLaadcQitam (MlUeftiifiDeiC—ao-bettertal good rrsaiivand inn cnad-locatioo; i Water and foes iu)atnindarca.i'<Ft>rfanaer'rpanic(mrd. addresj Wai:, ißaAKP^fiOPygalrcela.rowa.-.-rij .It'Qtt oldest, aid best -I -~Htirtetnvta: Wwawwtf ». rT * , ~ md >buUe*. «t*pdi* *wy. *FoM»4rtirajv#;'tnaa!Hei : 4f. »BOKBKBO *CO^Wlscl'«»JeDe»iertlnVfiu^« , lS4lv*l^-ilNCaid*eo.£lL r 4?.;., •* • l^oH I BALE , - j Tli6 good will,-idcbic^aDd BUtlopcr, ia acd 44 Deatboru-si.. ,, : |?OK SAIiS—TYeU assonctljtoiK'el.drj-" \i'** goods «ad groceries, fioatii'hloe.towDi the wrtrrof s tbilftrtaraUir -rfiglsQ.,., Pen Mrttenlarf. .aaaytMß^amtooL^.i,, J * T^iTVt : .’®!OR KAJ&M££-MUe)rntitfr giirtiina ,• A' j flOtnlpe,ailli;Qr,thf*QfaaQf;Vb*it Bltwtddr ■IB toe cltp.orouatra, LasaJe Cu.».ThoanUM«u> - cpMT&palr ahlpdolnz a eopd nuajae** amt: noar in*** M»jrcr'F will t> 9 aoiaat b Xilltod or..«ldrpi4.K>BT. MjiOOXaLi/. 1 L e c o Ihb »«g. rX Vln -Chicago- tor oau-ttmi oMroat'it-ti Wr/h. u, fh« •btrnei'. la .going -into me cdonUyt- In italic atHO.'ifty l boatfa.Oiafß-<U > io.baafemea&“' *• ••--.5 J./. -boailcta;,boilses non; Bitnrrt.bOrsc fcatFw*y|e£r tWWlrttA.lnqiUreot lff3 ( vßooth. 08~ estock'an3 lease:of;a --j Xv; cone aroasi -Will aoitat lotoko. • Th-' ettek *H) mvolceanaac «lAO-- Inquiry nt the store, cornet ■ Haiwenand-Walier.gta;: -f: u ; -7^—:.. , SO.CQd to’ eichAcsT.ftif Estate or leSsebttd 1 fpreporty, ? ApjUrtn.b; J/'-'-ora liiitf teervtla BaewvwtU-stocfcad-andrte -lormlc:M«ch3’;7H'(qr'HmCT/ f<4nJ>aee property. Will .sisgfiraM •TTpR p AtE^A' : stßdtt'totnaill an Green • )'X Wlsl andttmipleto ronnlncbrJirr ‘capable.tceawidc nr tnhllon'oT-fcclof jnmbttrUurlag tbeyeasoo. and admirah'y- located-tbr tbc'ibaodUnz. udiMpmctttfflan-W-Thoth by ralirdafl and lake— ’ njircrta rtmclne past the propd’ty; acd a oocfc co the place, wlihall comrnienec* tor impmeot by lake. 1& to the mil), there arc between ttreo athl five ntidion feet of logsoafittid, reaay-for Imme diate operation.- Thf wTiolet-r ulp at 1 tSvf- flgare*;' arult^il^lnfononh!^ ; *' l4!l resa ot loqulre {TOR SAEE^-phWoffraph gallery; \s] ln- Chicago,- finely fltied Bp..wrUsacked with instrument*.aad/Jt • • dsmjra - gr«MtboßincHß.“ bausfactorj'.reaaoia .-f jr. aeil tnc.k'sd wilt he sold at o'ere*t bantam. Apnlyrat - PULLSirbPhotograph'tiaflerr,'i3l Chicago. •. . ; <•'....j FOR &ALE—Qheai)^Jtfeat;toarkcl".iiid MMim. in RooLlocauon. tiAQture ontnoprm* IKT, ggP TTCSt TWClhll-tt.,» I ill 1 FORfeALE —Boarding house and • far*' oUure complete.. Icgnl'rg-u:i6o.yortb Qlark-sl. .X ..{UO(Lbnftaefa t cr oB«of two ibarcs ofsamE,t3 tolt.tartlea. .Capita* required! $7,000 to |*l 000. Good .rraaoD-fflvutibrwxilcj. • Aaarefll '•T? M J,v THblUie' .ofllce, -i." .• .. . *:;--•••• •’ I?OR BALE—A tist-dasK millinery and ‘ *(im«maVliit, l 'ratatillitnjt7it I| ' eratraUyi locatcd,- ■WHO"* H6oo ! ran'of cru»Wfaerß, ! lor salt cßcipTlD ■cin*«|a*<ifc(?'of*ch3nSo of baMnesa.' Also,-a good! piano,--Inqulra oaitiepreffilyea; 3.77Bando^lwt,, •|?OR BAt.&-One .'grooeryf; store," rrae' • -boot ntd shceetore, one - cott&cdpßcry.aoa rfjar: • *tore< undone provmon-atore,/ Apply at Itdoa 4, So_ •lOOAlttdleoo-et. *•; . 'E' OR- cALE-^lbave! fo?'f'a]e J ease ’ stock JL .acd fixture* ot o»i which rnnftbe closed out •imu.£Uf»&ny, on nocot(ctftf Mckntss ud aeatMn .. It. . ( ln£BjrM bja IUA DBOW2VS- Book end Jewellery '• ** tore *2oM»lwnuEeo-»v. ■ ■., • ••|y-O R -j A ±/B Rare dnancc—Desirable. 1 ■fitftcTtofdrj' good is wlUvflxtmes And lease ol a ' first-date ►two-urade e-UK' < RieU'CdiJl4hlU£ citin of tin, weal; popnlatton, ■ If.CTg.'afldreaa P. O.Box 358., Oshkosh, Wisconsin.- :T^.QB;: .saloon and Boarding iJnosc,d>o.427 Soatb-Caa»J-*t. : Mast, bo sola .;AlAKce£.. .Will be sold cheap- Bvemhlnjupcw asd : doing. a good business T7‘OE. SA Lib—Fnc.'hidl-fiL. cost-price,-a IJ.MlooodomcacoodpATlQr'bQsfoeaa Satlaftctor; htate-st. |7OH< stock ol* • jr , 'ferot€Tle»,orabout'f coot! location, now rtotnei a poymr hu>lmiis.. Must be -old fbrcaih within a row dy) a.- Apply toT. s» - • ;;, OR: -11 b d retail grocery, cicgantly-fittsd up and doing a lareepirstarssm-a-iop't prumlntmt location on the, • South Side,-■ For pameplora addressP;O. Dos ISC-i. Krai iS^f^te^^dauttg. ! JpOli bALE—By ArlJiui & BoydeD^2iO XXX.—A farmoMPOatrrs.-BI ftowovcd, 10 ttmb«r«- ISucrtis-or a rhUettbearliijappte, vtv&aril, WOO bear* . In* nacli Uses; l*o-ttotycctnfe tr'nsu. cuoialnUir UT . roorut, adjoltuir a v»tla*re trt :\OCO I'habiUnm. Tula . iktculvai Jn pro*»<l farm wtth'B ICO trite* of Chic** 0,- , . XXVX.—ico ac*t«. all •'mr* orrd, with a new iw.*.- aioijr Li-a.e-wnoiunlßH 8 roonn, Wlttila three roil« or ■ CliLQoa. SCObearine LW-JsrripAVloti.aod. • one aerpcCrtrawhernfr;-" ; .urr r XXV.—a Ana of!<s acre^,'nmJer'ctilitTatlon; two* .alar? boemtroom*, now bars* 100 dMlckacft, . aud ah.tbefaimlnir Implement* onrtboDßihold - Inroi* lurr./orxtaeamall idu ..MI, WO. WltMa 16 miles of ..Chlctco .■■■■•■! ■■ i,'...•-... .Aiiul—And a tost of other fcrmff, rroml2#"to4CO a<jCJi t f9»ti|UPßrc|>as«u< ; •-,» t.ul - /> T? 0 R l^AljE—Bureau Goimiv Land—32o 1 X: i acres tn thf town at B«*oy—the W. VK.W. •w - bee. 3S, atdtUa N. IV. w aod w. %oi N. ri. Sec..av In lotrtt J&,liaDcc 10 E.4—in toU to salt rurcrvism.- :Adoress GKU. ti.MEKBJCK. Boxtg3?s. Chicago. 1.1. ..L“OU AALE—Faun,mtbocity ol Wbito .X .wafer, Wls..of 23 acrw, wllh'n OfSt-ratctwo-slory .brick buteehf IBlDoDu.wtiU Bmshfii. To bo wild for a&otrt half ita'Tcnl value. I’nco f1.U.0. IlKtS* « AfcltEa.jQflb.-e 10, Opota Hootc,- ■- ■ ' FOR . tiABE-SVG acre- lann. well'.ini* proved! 120 acrW heavy timber, two; beautiful laaestiboondl'-e la H«h, pcod post Ins, rue oruhar<L Ac.,.. Mn-lbalroniCbiraav. j'nco-.ow. IKA.ACCI.AEXIH, U 3 Washlsgtcn-st. FOR t>ALh—BuUdir.g sue nt Kenwood, ote mile 1hl» aide of Hyde I’n'R. on the lake snotp. nearly TOO teet lake front rid a rrovc. App.s to Tf.'K. - • I • Uoubtcliyuß*, daiU' t i'acrofrnuo ;ati two fasti* ll»AlOrcoror, 12elo?e>, well, cistern xml barn. In-’, ■qulreonib* pirnnses. adjomloc hotel oa the north.. . on. ii AH blNy.*. . ■ . , ... :• I : L’OR £A£E—Several .coVhI Itiaris. near ,'f. . TbUroadAia lUlnolsj SCQacriMot ’lord In sevcraP cf arttlfrijads.’- Apply to O. S. PUSTOK. No, ,'J Ettllh A.Sixol*a holding. .. - , , —•— • IT'OR.iiALE— At : Harleia—£o’s desrflr; ‘ biy Mcit'd for country hcracs to tin rllUec, near tuo etMlo'b, and in the vicinity if.ant-class scqo'ia, and chnrCli' S: auowUlild a sboft d stmee of the eta. liolldlip rlira, on aliLsb duration. In fulr vitiW .oi; (TUlcayo, at d'surroumied br‘nain»ar urovc.*: water excClPntt dltur anictMe for a“ nrTfeibr IflfkfC boarrlog ‘bou«ot also, C’ookT Kalo hftd Keb'dAir COiintidj aisp, lanos ic lowa. Terms mfral. Apply to JOuS 11.-S. QUICK,Itooar 7 no/43 1 ciart-at; ... ;; ; 1iE15,- : City. Auctionieer, 3' DEARBOBN-ST. March 20, atid o'clodc,—, ..MO Barrels Balt r/sh.; , Also 7S -Barrels-Goad,. Apples* car-At private Palo-A-Bno GOAT with la KIBA'-: ;p ILBEKT Ax\U SAMPSON, ---* - .VDTii GratralAuciionecr*. 47acfl -49 Deaibon^it; "V.’-Vr"'* V SPLENDID STOCK'OF, ' I::j ; ' ••' ■ • Ktcli" -and.' “itfectiiuxL. ” ISEW. :!P tJ.OR IST-1 Vi’ pR E v ... AT ACCTitix;.- y OnrmnAT.Martfn 2M,anO'p’dioct,‘. confuting-of an Parlor, iiedroom &pd uiQing rorta Fen unre. mclnduia a groat vaxl Mr of itlch and Mecioiu SlttTDlc ana hJald-toD Chamber Bulieff, with k ■ general atsortttent of XionfcuciJa G&cda; •- • GILBERT g SAMPSON,'An- -r 'S & C or “ V-^' AOCTIONEEKd • COMMISSION s^KKCrfA‘Si^. TG4.'i;ak* a, *f#* cor* .. .Cediadvanced bn.Merchandise connahi.-'l Tor sale. - OBtHlooreßtqaprQtbpUTattcßJeq’tp.' - ' . 'A : UOTIONV ~ Chinese'.'and; Japanese jtA gcoOj*, Canton China—cnrlaiiUca briofo 1 printed In Ihi b country; Cnmel (lair and other Mau- Jjm;Fr avli*,at Aoptjon on WHloe«dayjTharpdiy, Fti-- day aad, Saturday,-iTaich- XCb. 21«t,21J and i!J, at . ImtUetliroliitCo.’a Koonu, 1114 Lukc-it. Godda on‘ • Aniitibneen & J2lfrrshaat» .’.’. .. . . .iletTrecn SUte-jtl and T7ibash-ST^ •• Boiars,rn.-aroal-fl,-Bttlieir-BaJ«srooce; ol ' . DBr-GoODs, CLOTHING, SHOES, AC.. ETery-WEDNKSDAY and THURSDAY; - : CAIU'ET.BsAc,. every SATURDAY (Canncb ©oobs. "jgCGAR-COBN. , JARMODTH- SC[SAR., CORN! ; THE us: Scaled fresh-in its noder - : < COrfi nrcrCtVei'lD K'Tie*V Md(4 hr the proccaV" in preserving ‘he TARtfOUra,.MJGAB iGRVIs-one-of- the rat-el nutritions ot foJd KBCwn to man. A*-a hniarj lc lias' been’hutUF com* -raeocod, wu-lti hyirlenic merits haro-not Pcert wen unaerHof-o. • Itehoala be tcr-owa, hwerer, tost It pos-. ™»*‘ B nulrtttoa» properties wnlcrf rentier ItmaatvaU" -aable'o all Tronmnj; a diet easily arnmltaico. aad'at Bonilbliiogj In Jhe i AHMOOTII .si GAR COKN.'tbe March a.o tuoar, lost la' a fertoV fL* fl .? u, . e A ytK ' t,,n frdnttie ear * 11 retained, asweli.a*. 4hodeifdcuß flavcr t o! 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Fad title* for doing Work of Any Ueacrip* tlon Unequalled In the City. ;. «Ea jSrtifejPpii geg. rpo KfcNT—'n*o- fltimflfle' dweiliiw»jr, 1 West Barrtroa-<L,'Kofc*l9l*Jd l*»L™hfi>clt'. irom tba nraet can—(se<rwo->t ry. caowtenr' wrea 1 -xoomaaoapinOT.ihooUjeraeotfaE*, *on>«utac:AfWi tocma and pantry—each hnlldiar'«ceomm 4aMTwiu| lakeanQ»<fi.water.larobama*A(p>odfa>ti: l Apftt .on the pnal»ea ~ ■ - .g * j TO KEUWWo., bouse* three-*tory mod buemeot aaa'bWfrertrSlsclC oi ‘ •ww/QiHW*(Umtiynonti-et CtamPaZk^ro metttmi ofooatmmodUtelj—tbfOOef Her Ht.i Qaoa itilil« nrrau*a_ • BAISD a BB&DUST. corner Late , «od .■•: •• ■ ’'■»♦ 1 T-tcogri> tv ,rra72KNTrT-Entß>died houj^Trorth-' j>te***oUy located, v'tb *U*jbd*B 'tetnctw.ardnlctii' m reused;-;, Appll M,aiCH,*3«4 Bandolptfit, Boom IS. .V^ rroiiEirt> r—Nftw; hun£^ awUr*oc;l ; JceeaeesioaUmmcdißttirJ )p(UQIK9«v.i rf.; : ftuf <• -•*)#: ‘-1 fT'O RKSTVFnmiluie ’Joiissie— A, flew; ■Jj" Uraw»r£y»cil'^7r»-B7«Cdnv(i!'ri<Wdcpbt, u ;t«a bafdlow. ;Addw» w ,i; ,, irnwioeofltce. 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Please innuire ar the door,. ilD.aloshwfleßtifofl#ea~ . .u.-Una-it, : ~ • • • • j -••• • / T7,Q. I VU'^» ; J-*-A • fonnsheff 'hduse. of 5 , * n l D *J.’J onp I‘t,.atMf ajßnlh, A'O for the term it pfcntid, • inquire Immediately at 486 West > an fßaireftrst. ..n-.’-!-;# f .’J-.'.#.^sS>orib..Clark-!l. . Pprtoa:(SV) per • annum. ■Jeax tailrodd locatdd.- Near Lin t»l^£'|ukj, L\pply oij.the • | ?m c-;cr;i hou* on Eul- X, ton-st.l Etßbtr«xm*Sof wUoUfjMvtnraMiisd. ■tt EBDHU & WILSON;-i&imyßalda , d|fc£r - ■y- • !3To iSe«fc=s3<)oms; 'TPQ J UiN?X q ■ Ihriilslied [rbfcfn&ibr. .rro,;/' li T-K fiUUy' 'iursishedrxoo3BS,‘ • 176 SmjUs CUatoa-st. 7 T*O ; . KE24T-—To'' Mrs I- class loccupants,, -• l.jnlcetoju)»hed.«Kt : mnaralibe'd roam<'Ui«roW’ WerNtjomft Vby tbe-wre* 'or; moult, | 313 1 eoaUi', TORENT —With finfrclasd &oardJiai pimimisoito’orTrcfot iacdaa.,wttb rtiomoan* - -; conremcuc'-* attached. Wtil (day* reottsearUnlkslt j Ayfflbo prrmnDfnV&t¥lltljat'wi J h > tt,,goqd.UaiD! qulrcst2<ig Wabaih-av.' ‘ lUdcrctcei eiTin.awt.rwv •qnlfed.-r- ■ ; _ r 1 ; : -'V/ TO. KENT—The npj er pan of ahoase,’ fau-rooma. . Rent sl9 per month. Inqolrdaf 74 ■ l.aKir^VQt^lm" . . 1 TO KEN'S*—Four splendid' rooniSviif ir •now tWMtory hol dlDc,. SOgT/lerl-rt.' between aoerd«»B«t| «od.Ctjuxe*aT...Uoodtae«niuaodalUmkP JfectsM.pcr.iaontb.. . . i IV.: lu fi , TPO • UE-kir-A.desirable front rbpta'piid' t ■ Call at 3® Otfu Block.cpmocj ilaaiaoß-aadLoSalie>*u between 7 andß Onfrp.m.. ., tl ■ 'T'D iIENTTWL very --desirable-tront .Ji '-nwasfdr-.ffenleman and wire at corcerlUloois.• Itoom- fnrahbed, with hot> and oda watetybstlr. &c.~. y •‘■ •i i ~.-1 m . • I TQ. RBJTT—A, /tarnished- /.roqnl Stfl t ti,’ «tX cK set to rat, at SO. West ■WbihlnKton-it-<»f9W‘, .-Llothsfrom (De nver) U " .;it.,-.-' T^OrßEKT^Tworonms - pn second floor ; A itSttooUaSe-for b»I« cheap. 'Address-IrTo ? Bdat -Bootns.’-TnbaadOCJce* -.. • 2Ta isenfcSiorc#, ©ffire».,Src r PO‘XU2I^T—-Exom the Ist of May: next .. J-; .theaters, ami dweinmf scovs.No. 337.8tatn«t., Apply atUHAI£L£3 Q.S. PBUSsIKG'S. 339 Aa*lj State tU, Cbjcaftov-t .. IJoCk ' property, ;on. : tbc B S<|B»Qiicaich,on loos lease and liberal Wmr, .nailable fog coal, rmobcra-ut trnod rarift, or form inn facturmcii .CUioi Y- iiYilD, Ko- 100 BaadoJpl>3s;J T nr'fJ RENT—From- Ist ItfaylßG7Jbsrk ’■ t stcreAlifiOatHl2s)o SUie-sU Apply ailloom.3', So-;101-\Va8biBgoa-*t« ■:! • , 1 r-FO-JRitNTi-rf tore, 101 .-Ciark-stwith couciersand.shelving. Altrmrah’e [ocMloaftrdrygDoda orany bnilneia. A. UIGELoW r TX>r spacinoa store, known _L ,W r ’Ko.fll Washlopton-tt;Blebi’fwo Iront olHcca. ■with vault, bn tits Orev-floor of- -th« samo bulidlßK,.' Apply toifM.DJvEKFOOtVSfIW«»MiigU)a-at.- r npQ JL’. &nrtßascmcQtl24'Dea;bOTD-eU stow •Soe.lJiflaM ,20 f-Sooth Clark .tu-tnd No. 187- • South; fp*tk*U -Apply to; J.,zt. .MARSHALL. 97 ■ bopthv|ail{4t» ,V • ; v. • 'T'ORE^T—An ofl}ce|7cril only ?10 per' X month..loQCcc, Uoor cloth, chair*. aMve.aid watt: Cltcr/furvaie.. Apply,at ,1-1 A Deach;ra-fit„ - roomlZO.Mcoadfloor.' ' • -• \ .- . -ijoaraing. l | „; e ‘ -I>OAHi)JNG—Fust-class •'& t >.prlr*ie. thtnUy, WiOTb pleasant farolated room • «iUialU« f»r two gentlemen, can t«- obtained at 115; .Sx.uijhDoutvd-M. . . ...... . . ) r “* JZ*OA KDIM cr'-'Cight' genUemen ! i:»-wikrde'8 wanted, at IHft Wat Ja£k»on-sU three 1 dotus rrom Harated'gt.nnwar.",:. ;■ | IJ.OARDtNG—One single roorh and one .J^,l#rCT.Croni.roi)3J,eniitreie.tof.ipp tttotlemea or Krfillraan'attfl wife, with back ro*>m attained, cloaet. with board, Vi'»tash-ar. j r; ,-fv.r V jl> O A G—Two pleasant; rooms; One 1 !>■ fnroifhed' and otd; aufarbi hodlt 0 rnoK- jHOv' board,-at • 2fl(l Wtßt, ii&Bdolvb-iU ■ Bcfcicncoa ro quUCCv . - , •' ) TSOARDING—Good trf'aid' aid.-.-rooni3 Lcbad at 235 Charo)i*ate I • •' t; ’I3OaUI>INO—A gentlenlan rind iVife'i U also, one amcle uentlemari.-fwa ’Pbla&i hindsomo "iDV JU W flrat< a * 3 accommodallong by japplylnj; at" : T)OaKDEXG—A yerj. jiicc ! snitef of ■±J rov meforcentlcman and wife to renti wltmtAtcr' : sswaid hatb-»eom motcctcd s-alko,‘ a rolm lor two itiDKlf Rtuiß. At 135 West Itfonroc-sU ) ;[- I JpA G-rJunualied ;rooms -tb let, 1 I.J wtthboard..Hitb.a»eof bdO.rOom, hotiriaccil .' and fnrnltnre all rew. No.I rf-Jday-et." 1/ctw.en Ilabcplphhpd Wa&hlagtoo. j " p* * |3 OA KDING—At 43 AV asniuaton: .street, board and foonu, slbele or) oQiefwUd; • UvUKnrpalQled. JcfurnUhed ana> repaired. '-iStccoat*t dattonfor (tenticmcaanithdrwlTta.-, • ‘ rjyAKi)iK6--A: .'.pleasant: famished _l_A room snllablclor dßCntktnan add two kenneiuen.canoe obtained wJUkboaid. it Ko. 303 : ■OblCHitt, betwct-BRttiUkndCaa^.--,-t• 1 ; • .T> OAJIDIN G-i-Hooms'suitable i for;: two! -cUjtQkU* men wltJi hrst-class boarOTa’io.-aTiw day igaiesa^^ 'TJKDLXQ^-Gentlemen (‘An teaccom^ AJJauDdatM -wiiii pltilaat -robin* at* : m»>dcri>t.e.prJcftL- Atho:ai»efatc-s<. ; .... ■; larce: fdrr-i^hed' ’-U rjorn wlth bo&rd' Suitable far .‘twd gentlemen; or agcotietnan had wife; at 174 Wert TfatuiLKtott-iC' T) 0 A^DIIhG—I wilhboaid agentldnmn’ JL/-oiutFlfoo&oy«arattlto l Tata<>f:||l BerwrrkfoV' of‘CmAddr«3 ; “^V-AliASH^'Trlbnc?- .^Tl>Ojaj\l>iNG^-f>mnißhed-WK)m»nor a; JL> .C*mUyl-cAls&,<* root vl fc¥ twcf-dr LhreO Vbnn*: fcCi4lc;fcMi>,.^aU»HAa t WttfaaMi-«Ti.!-;ft “■ 00-AKIJiI? desirous U .bomb witheifc-gapti large iront ; jocnwad ezulMt bounJln arfrp«l*bie tamlly Urns' ,-ou yralnstHStvootnu-; ftora-tho P«t Ofllmj; Best hj£' .erctcea respired*/Adless.yu,” H0x;1320..,r iloarli MlantcaJ T>oAllD^B^ : ’ ; j6niiir!!gfcntieman • ta i -8-' < pTlTntB- , fliiilllj' oa ’Sooth itde, ,nh«roi< :.tFcreareno olbir tWatilerr, would' not object ‘ Mtwtuora honw-lAddfera.-BUtlng tßma,te.f“*3Xl’ r Tnbun 6 OtUce. . ,T>O2USD^;By i l i J . n_.young;.. raksi- ■■ W »• .breakrislocally, w t u:.iTrt | ;, r-1 ... C g BbAßterJ-cfiv. i'T.Boyi: ten. years' old .»ith. .fltana one that will he*fajotfiwlo him., h ct Hfest side.'near-itfae Uz.tta where there is a food school BiaOiig terns asdlocstioa. Address *‘Q” nbohß Officer i.: ii ■■ ■•-■ '■ j cut-; li.v T3IOAED—By., -a - gentleman : JJrA- ;nice : room -• with *jrodtT ‘board. ■' case of on the -Nbcthslde;' Price no if Well stitled. • A prlyate family crhoue’wmi:i)Ut.ftiwrboaraerß preiexrsi. Andress, . IC.S.N.^TrlbunaOffice, : ,• *'•: -iT^f •EX)fi:;BAXE— Three 8-riOfpe pbwbr’up' JL riKEt en<tns»; aatf eixhbf iroatai cabinet, 8, at • SDrt B-hcrse power. Larger or smaller «glßei ftu*‘ nlshed with cr without pollers. •. Is, 13.78 aaa2Wiorat Gtantfar’eaff tseomotiYS boilers"for isle, ‘besveake. , A:soucei>rDUerUDioQ-Maicbera£dßtacus uaciuas;' • sawttilie. barrel irfetn DittQtrs. beiQae, sawa. flics. Ac. 'Macbinifry Dejot,,a». ♦*Pearhorn»»^CnlcarJ;GßßgNlißß'Baoa. aw; - ' t/'OR’SAUE-^Vonable 1 englries tmd Boi]- ■A : rrl-WV.^^r U BSS,&ISrJSfer«S -..olCOttmctce... | r-'fl;' ! i -fj'O.H ' r ary add on”'whsell, 10 and U-t'orßeMweri botanrf' „ .andior aalo at lowpncea. by TfIEPESTmGO UO>,-i i ) *'• x f?QU^AL3S—A • suponoi "lc>w ]pjegsure r .1 excite,- ttlocb cy Ilnoex and 4f«at str (e. In aptas . tilt) rnmJt-ff order, with abaft ft inches to diameter aatf dr-wbauftieekweiebmcaoeut 7 tons,,; Tula orcico .Isofanrartentcapacityto drlTO-thajarsest eievatnr,- and is psrtlcolarly adaptod-to a mil’. capabliof maklrc. WObarrelftfCflourperjlav.- We-offerth--aboteaiTbe lowpTlccnfttyOQ. .Fortnrthar particulars,lx-oairttoL DATßlt WQALTTtO *• CO- State Mil B, tfdcaeo, or : MEDBBKY> bTEVgNB & CO., Mllwaotee, !Wla. .fTQftS£LE-r*fl>-M. ; Auicfi’ ’ portatleaml, . • a?- stationary cnplnca, fhini 4 to l&horsb power ;'aT9o:" Potnani Maminet’oyß tTofsjlwa R-foctoed 2t-lnchi t twaao-teet oae'»-'«t : bedilSMth, oneßed : l4-mefi rwlnp. all acrew-cattine csalae lathes; three cnrlsht drills two iron-planers;-bolt -•colters, saw mM>».-*hinyi«* utils, two Woodworth plan ••'iwmi matchers,-Farrar’s-snrfh* era,"riotous, heitlna.i •hote.flles, A&idc. L, BICE A CO., 10 and 21" - DeartOTß-at. • TTOU&ALfi—Nearly new, a PeftSC'Spal ls-rat'd- Self-feeding Tooecro Cnttlag 'Macbmo— • -works-hy band; si earn or horse power—lor sns.’at 1 ’‘l76Ciyboarn»ar.... : - - • n-:;i ■ planifig; ai»d, "■ matitimernachmea’ctdiflereDt stylos and alzeet • •on" 2vmetr ttrrfttcct; & ftoi assortmect or aaih,' door "tthtl BTlha to flchlLCir, tihtiJctns mac. k Inoi, wood lathes. ■ TCfoli raws, rts«awinpinachlics, asw sroors, Ac., Ac.: ’also, ttabhinery fbilron wOrk^fnr»Da;^»th‘B.•'p^»nefs 1 , .ahnchioillia.iiarclttao’a pstent-bolt cottervSarli’. patent bolt headers. Braloaid't -oateat -vises—all at mannfßrtnrciA'JiilrM frngrt added.' ClrcoUn scot frSMJgaft » Wells-at. dPoc Safe. 5 trOR SALE—OanaJ boat NotwayL n Ap*- ;x; ffitfigfl’ffHt-iLflflafrtfr. p..QLsojtrv ;' Clifcaco City Hauway •Stocx-rOn account of t!m permanent remaroJ-ef Ul . e .'t?* l i erfrfl ® citJ,softßtur:toCifca aaovo'aioCK •wl’lnctcMln 1 «ann to suit pnrchajcrs, lni»oIf« it >o.T3 ctsmUerot Commerce, =.FS? r -*( bA&E —Office lormerte occamed * fty Kirl>y. Oifp*t.r<!p &Cn..lN - ortJinear Ne»- Elevator, roruw*dvwlUtctot ftnuJy.. /j'v- Ixsiscorfoarlots OB’Ct JL tnl-«C, between TUidliioh ,»&<? KentlKOper yq#r, A *plfn'liJ,p!aco fo* msnufactor. lee ,app)r t»i'ffW. i 7JVlsp,pM, 97 Norm Fra&UiD-iv "ico. |..-1 .« (>i: a tTTciifcap siov6,-.Tfery jJP.i cheap, atitf&34&SoaUt:WfiU»;4t*TfeaU>>tactßtr' ■ JC*pPXLC*T«atol..aoiUuC« :-?a. hi,j: F)R SALEUa-161 or dcsirable lurni lute, bedtime, &c., is iheowrnr wishes to leare tfcecity. Address P.0.80x 1200. .ysi/Sttat 3Bstatr-aftg.,V,= ,g.z-: l inPBOFEU. at TWelfta-»tu 7 cftgxat xD&rb.e tract nsidesc«atkfee4Coffle««.d DMomtos-/ talnltg 12 room*. clo.eto, balk room. u’4r <9osa^ • r*- - . .'STSj?BT^ f PCTt Xwlor.ltWQ'pgw marb'etraap - kWeKrylbAfeitoncsand twmc Omi water »ad b»OinKßi*u,«mi mKyr jlontaitt icot, to* »cvr alftT. dweUla*.: The ' wboto7eflfcfcr*lW. T Pni*7»,Qrt. p■■• -■ l tie i Watra ta every: Jjjji “."It*"* .tw^tniactMfc,»i»aydweiiW)e^ INftiABA-4y,,ecnte of Blzteewk*uV«o hundred toWh,o*.iTnae&tk*eU Uro teese Moito.*- £ JPrice»3J l J | l.-. .i t* FKA’jfBLlH'bT., s-sma ofLincorn-av-i a null frame - . OhiABIO-ST., ortween LaSalle serf Weill. coltaia bome.Wx® icitfCtifitAloli zs Monti. hod '3, do«‘ • ttbed'repair. io» ZMOOten.- P«ce*3,Mh' idEtJBB-ST., nortfrei 'Haioa.»Tct>Vituit)WTeMßQbe' toßdaCoeOl tftelieaaDeißbuflrtihods ta tkv-ctty.-azid: haTlagmore than taa Avcraero.d«jjax of jlou .cajha Aorthbidei Lm-WxifSfeet, to AM-foot BOjer. . BxKSDALB-bT., west of L*;alls, two-iffy, Iriiaa •Tiocaejwttti ttimze, centum to* ftbctrt 10 robms, aaa ta gocfl ,Qrog erf 18-toot - of Streldoa, Cbndrreei- 1 idooßjaro ttpiieaaßdnasmpfU. wnniali otofegq la-' provcmenti. LoitUxUO teeC,, . - i ..-» WABBUtotojc-irri wixfor-suwaon, twb' marßtt. teat roudgnecs. two stories, basement tql'.Frmcn >roof. Is vyqceu oferecJJoW ’will" be-oomMrted ‘April nitandMaji-t. Lcwc»Ui3txl3tL P«cc,B*c*U7o.iX)».- ? -CUItTUIT-ST.; tooth oiutauus, lit Mitt feet, wWi ‘three frame boused-each ot two stortrs, tm-oa’tlit rstreet ad ooem therear.-nowTCntiaitior Jtu.per aa-, intrtn. Price|tao i-'- - > -, : MADISON aTiCorncr*! DWnn.’trjdd basiae*#/o<m tea Lot ttxsO tee*, ta*n alley, ,-price suo per loot." ~ n^citorl4*TUti: a,lot ofoneaere; ‘FfkefMCO. , , ; »• between TTodd bod Lincoln,'a framt* ' c Ju>BMoriasosiul-a;b« tstortes, •cmaimnz-SiXiwmi, Jcsi - Price S3.SOX. 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Fourtets,iTjr»rfiohyafldWgr«a-jßtJ!tefttca.W*f ren-et.,25x123 each. - Ji * -“*i vj FJ»of houaea. twokterlf#,ox6l bnloa .SxStafront*, leg gopth on betwcea Aon ud 'CilzabeUl ■>to. «.wacaan.f7Jfu.four Tean- < mr < E : per ct&k .BozX29teettrontt&gboita Prilrto afad Gellage baro. Afe'oao feet' :adiolimuS>'corierPrairtc srrcud'ttmitt-ftanh-sr.i > Also ’ pew.iooua s e.-bouse.-fake cash, : balance to,; ~aptUhlyjiajrmeny, ■. - i ... hotlsebn Nftrth Hri!- r ‘T >u »t/d-kf4 I)ti*reea. 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Immediate possession notrstnainja- '^ sr -^ yi WAHREX- 4 ; EOR SALE-—Bv r l larke, Laiy ton idt :Oof riramcbcnseQwUb'roarDlai&antleS bq4ojl'«kxl (•rn.lrsprp7emti.li_ ler-Tcoma. Tne prop-etjr can fit; •boDEht bcibrcthc 78t of May at.a,low pries. 'Jorntre yiCS Indlsaa-^V,,‘ptßr,,,tha |?OH>'AXbe--Coitflffe- boose and- barb; . a], "lio- 89.SorOi -LcaTjtPßL; lotiflOxias-to aUey—* iChtfap. Pat; cash. laqoire at -IhUL Sooth -UarMt.i 1 Boom 8.. .. ■ ■ - .( Snyderd: LberrlldS; -Estate ja geo la.'No. 4-iTetropolttaa Bl6ctu"a4rati .claratttresstorr brlec honsc of nr rooms, nridarn im*' ;P".Y'-njeuti, sad lots tocethiiiwitsr about ILOCOwtath K*Hrpoee<o itonxlven..,:, ~.- ■■ 1-POR SAIxE—An eicffant' xriartile . honseon Wabs*h-ar_ near wim all -rnodeni iffiptorimei la. price $19,000; *0.030,cw ..jaainufor-toseeiyears at:! per cent. WARKEIf & GOOD RICH. L2A Dearoom-sts Boom 2. -If; F’OR ; BALE-VtJottagß •house' and-lokoir- Wabash-ft’r.-near flaho-Jly«bst_ohaa»;ft»r dastw - immediate possession. - • • geo* y; No • iimi • Mo. S.- ”v: I FOR anyaer vfc Bee,. Real Atcata; no. 4' Wetropoliiat DJockCEWo mnrotst-cie* two-ntity Trade houses,bnct basement,’ ■ Mansard foci; containing uroonueact, hof l a« -bold ; water, two-watercl£«cis.CTe raarblo'man-eiiWKcbea ; w^^Va^&-- oa V. P" OK,,SAIiE—Firsbclass twofstrrryand marble fe-odt^'udM'oa'iWwasb-aTneu •Tfimcenth.'Bi. tot dasfliont, JS.fecs bylTO fiStto' -Planked: sllel-"iThts T* dfbxr-lha baadsoracst places ‘l|BK“SAiE T rM : ,^B i ;:Chambers,v,ir- Jt xMgtflfly wau*i*»aUH.t.- AUneboose, wiUiall modern|m- cncap. j -"f 1 '■-'^T^ r, ifok'yATgi .wo houres anOj'lotScDn 1 Pralrie-av., arid several rn ihedlflcrtat-iSTemits. 7*nrtotf!t*M»icoironi|3,u)ou)|ar.too. b.&.chau’ • fw»» 3,7,.4S<flnQM»,’dhociu. T.VV-rr I WLV^aJI £j?OK bAJJL-*-BvClarKe,'Laytrfi®'Co^ 0 1. No. 1168 lodlana*ar. A--spbmdld'twtHitdrV' v» thef low prlcrf-nt *9,000.1 i art payment to ran lor three rears. laqotroatoox.> t.cice orpgitie.irtgmsea.. . u 1 1j'OR -»ALE—HnnsC.'.aidd.lot, jsdhtheast .* corner orroaitK ‘and. OtMy. ISJOWt t-kee stoeor • ■ WAKREN&UUQDIUQQ, 123'Dcar-’ •tbo»-«.,ltwm-iO.- n '• •:: ] fp Q It. .SAXEi-Tbat. "beanti ftfi hnd j :XI. at’arced cottage? ffo,°-74* wabWh-nr,, north of the.prgtnlaaa. t fnc .?- F'OR ‘UOOM:. on leased rronncLteMJl-medtro Tmnrftvu-'. i-TneDts'.vmiln cmobTCKdf streetcars, ( Ko. Bo south. Pecrla-eh- 'Price *£ooo. • tJaalceiy, CiEShed| thron-hoot? . Apply -between the-hoursol Vs.ia.tpd' 3p.m.,ftH|ie T? OK' SAliErrGreat‘ Barffam—A seven*. ■ A >*'Dmhonse atd lowa Ihlnl-XT» hear Harrison. , Ma«rMß-ifr. Lone lime. Poeaassluxt Immediatelv... .apply to - PETKB SHIMP;9^ t.OKbALK —Three hohses-snd lots on iw«n Iwtnty-fourtb and with larxe* 3ctl, Ac. Prom SS,OuD to S6jLO6 each,* on vefy easv* ' j!o«m Dearbora-e^ C'.QK nse ■ and .lotion ‘ » oneaao&aoq State- L.DS oo Oartm M VODQ trs KaaJfcJtee-’tTiHfff: ■FH I{ ' Qr..Exchanj"6—A;..3iv6*, L-.. .WStoJ neat Ibe atyjtmitt.lootJrobDnUj'*, «? W*f. or terse oil ,ptoperlr/-VJWSr«- TribunecflTce., .-•'b;;! f.| . \ nb'Oß- arid. Wt No. LV itf3’ 4> • Snnm-JeffcKOtiifiC; lOf ttilso'i«ius roo i&i wS&J --• Apply to- WABKE2> fi GUOiiRfCU •Clg4.Doart)orß-8t. t Roongi« > T ■ n ‘.‘i\ I4 Q.k< .txALErrHouse oaf leased.lot; 00, ■JL\- Slxti*calh-*J., between btftte-sujdnd Wabiat-av, 8 ropCCS,Water, dC. , *2,2C0., W'AEKBKS GOUt? .Klvo, . uO - jl. .> >ll %x.! ‘*J \ < ■ • 1 ' tnmitnre, on- WARivga tjgOOP&IUH,"? ,tf,QU Snjder.&Lee, Keal Es ” IcmtniproveinfiivahdiJott-wtiJr barn, an Whbath-arl; jtfarlweptleth.-tt...„ h ITOR jiAliE-rrifiy i&>?Leo,rrßeaK T)CW and. -roo” (ontilPrrtfH rooms,’ air modern" improvements. . andjot*.o& KajutoipbtttyceargtobeOt.: P ,.| 1 It OH arr,'soti{h.ol Tweri- • J. ty-second-su, isrge'i-dwelllsri,:'-with -gpatlon*. RxoocOevXroßticcoaUiEaa £ banttln; £f sdM at ooef. 'Benue has all' modem tinprovernentu; Bar-- ronndrd by fine ebada trees; *cr ‘ J.'o/ BSWtOYrVS ■Lafranq-sW? fvir.-::-fi o.n •'■■•/ ar-i.l i-o «£■,£ t i - 1 K'OH arid' ‘frirriittire for' X 1 ea eor lease, sltnkled ib eligible Ideality ta bo cue T? OH: BALE—A~ two -story lame-boose; ; JL; .^'<v!i<»- r Ncrtfi Par lodras, waleußat, newly papeiedjvoapaiiitce.- Hbtue •rn iiased lot; 11 yvaratonm; atfSTio per jear.- Pnco: tl. r -W. Terms, fI.OCO casti. SLOWand ia monUi. ilnicrtat typer otM,,. WaShHJI , & ;Degrtwn»-tt;'T” 1 ; s. .SATEttA .line, laige: cottage' aiW fJL -- Syfoot corner loton North i>earbo n-iL,'wood •collie ami laralmimtod. * Also, sewem- tnc residence - iotsicol NonlccDearhorMh' Oos Bouse nod tot oa Wo*.tfatde,..Ona.Jk,nre_flflcl.-h»Jf:acr9 lot*l CotUpe Grate.- *1 yo acres on" Lake shore, little south cf ciw r/i-as rl i j t =T? OR I b is 6w house fX CnrOi.it_xear MadlkjntHouso’fco; 12 Curtls-st- 'Also, a-bourt and targe lot on Indt ■ffflj.ajf., near;Twenty ; &tUi*BT. -THOs- ?rrrm* v *--. •» * arTtoT *• ,|?PR r A. ; snlen£b4 * twostoiy "X ‘’■framehotue. containing. r. did j,.bcsld«l clowta, >at£r, pas, Jtfsfnr r ldniicc, iic.;a>txdrapliie-;Lai 30r , ltO,»ea»ftt lor. ftmrytanaa it«a perjear. Price cf bonip and It psd *’and will 'rent, readily for UACQ ■per<amam;"tß>a k ATRBB.-laropers- plus?. . .CtPR. bALEvThiee -new,-two-story -X aßabatemenchonsu**n<tlotß'ob‘>vtr.XTW®©-i tween lloj ne atd Lrantt-su. UfiKfHtbi down, halatcc one.,mo, aod -tncee ye*re.-i fhp cheapest truuscs In tne msrSstat Tbe prloe andnpoa Ihe ierma 5 L :^HmPBUT£D.: j - ITOK S ALTi—lxits on cast-'side Wabash- X -ay„ Rem Thlrtlctß toThlrty-OreV*!-. *t *I.OOO facb—muebbelow what tbey-wlll brine 4 few montks heavp.- o£Oßfi£ A 'WILLIAMS,?.BdntD Ciark-n. r L-Oi f . &ALR—Two very ’desirable- bmTd ; X’.-.nrg tots; 2tsia> feel, to an Carwltstr Sx?£ H *'o3 e jjke^ 5 cacb> P wt Y® -t’me; • £.• s.‘ -T7-OR SAX"E!--Valunble: lot on Twenty- X- lint-rt., corner. Sa-fect Irjnt aq iwenty-DT»L:rPnse cash, balaacc to ote;- r itwujutd thrQd7eats,st.&perreenti:’ Title perwet. l ■ A aAnmbez-, ' yard, orxoraty toabiilactunnk purpuam Warrfv & GOODRICH; IvO Deartwrn-Br.; jtopnrX ; - ITQU‘Sif£is4,Oa Praine.av., a ’-corner 4 X 'loi.'Onfcf■tbe'moat eesmihle imnalag lot* lathe 1 elij?aca]o» wuraj-’ooiPranla-ar-, soutn of Twenty-” i Madison - riSl-tueea -wlltne'soid•afa'Bscrtfice,’ ff’takwrat mice. ‘J/SL - ‘ J y r 1 "geelex <fc Co.'s -X'reil estafu o«D«TI*WS. CS6hrl?fft4’tß actrtia'xlt-, ¥KeUJntq_lU* »oi*,x6«r tbe Ui£*rooo<it'ia the south-• &SSffiSSs£iS&L%£S**'?*-. er«o i .fCtojyXKApFTiva.-iimncl at Miriiie'aV Jwtoy.-Uaroila. TVbocnote ’.^Er~ r .^OKAIrr-Atlak.j?. ; Gates; ; Plose «tetno lkc* Ijlano Dtpot, u IwUi be Uiere. WiL- Uall U. OaDOiii, « »tip. —#BHOfgß>. ‘.aAi.~—p»»'ixe. iSfeimen ot abiji _ wT tr. Anrtx to jo?>£B * arms, ua oi»im Tt4 »t rtficc, or idtfrrw r. O. Sfrewa 3991, Cblcaro,, ■leme'egr.eiptiltnce.He.' ~ 1 -- ,>C°. 2; ■T * SExtni ladareoeuti t lira ma. C*UTr*oi 10 to *»ctltooa 7 Jiocaoenwßolidftc- - ... ' . . ‘7V\f XlsTEU—Experienced fawiini^ jjY- .torfuttowMsairitte* o«V», ta®e«f*ro*.fne _Vatt- . Cali *t Boom M. jio. 1M DeanoeoM^or. .*dttre»c,wttaguai».B<ixino. caiexnCM." : \hf AS TED—'Yoon a men tbieUbnr ' V •_£!*»• PrtzwSlelloeerT • admire tbroeAoattite rsmrtry,- Cetf»sßcx>a-sT’ , Rcy»oii!a* Blocr. or'aO' CmKWtlb*to»P.HiGUT.BaxX3H,CbicigD.- *• '\\J£2* ->^A, imait yonth. Must • hue .aeg-oetmetof d-to the groeerr trader , I gg a y^^t H Store,343 TTrANTED—A good, .sober.- -middle -!*V- salesmen in * fLyi' pverT'cnrardTliraKVtbKmgboQtUwKorib vent. Stirtart&erparUea.«r»-»diSmsJ.'A.Pl£BC£. Bctaaß4.ekmap.PL' ' •*~ : £ TRAgB9. : ."TXTANTED-^A’Fcreman, tor a sash, If. dborcnd-bUadtoctorr. Host be-erpcrleceed. wna hccnitotced xo" tocktot oUmstH on W<wfc. -AdtteaJCDD 4 HlLgj. MUw*ttkqe» WM.:. \\T — a Macbmerr ."Moulder, 'one of setter s* stsUUQt toremsa ,tfi^:rcceiTe-flCss> 4 T.«mp}omßat-a£daoodirssc9. An sloitoß to J)£LOsS, Bpor *OO.. Zodtoaspoljf,. '.T]|/'ANTED^-A' good paper : banginas I f''oactcr-Kine wbo'U notsnild to work. Address ,F. O. BoxUQIA • M . ■ . . TICT ANTED—A plasterer, lather, and » Apnlf st An»tln, slxaillesoat ontbeGalrasjosQ.tq ASQuSCAMEBoy. ■ gjclp. . HOV9B BEJaVAJfTS^’ -V|/‘AH TEIM-A good cooK, washer and Vw. J, JestP'scc. Apply st4lßWsbaafl-sr. - . ; . - TOTANTED-Dming-room giris, at Oitr • t v-:H©lel. Apply * ' ‘. . . \X/ANTED--A good coofe, at -276 state ,'.? y, st. r yone but good onea need apply; -j • • A ]U ANTED—A lemalc cook, at 115 .rwv ' Past lUrdolpb-st.,'to die basement. Apply on tbe prealaes,. . . . - - £\V i ANT£D—A miadle-aced Protestant • ft' woman, to do housework (h aiamlly aooutso ■mllcatemaieete- AppljataSl WeitLAe-st., , £\A/,ANTED—A good girl to do cencral ■IT:, homework in a tmaUtomily.. Amenctaor , Oeiman pralerno.- Apply ntdOl WcatCak&^T.^il •W/ 1 AN TEC-—A 1 173 West Adams-st, a *•f v, zlrl to cock, wash and Iron. 'Beftretcetsgrilred. :T?agfs>taweek. i •• r “\A7 ANTED—A seamstress—^One - with 1 »T- : asewtogmachine preferred. ■wbo.wiriaiilrt lu taking care of a cnild two years Old. -AppJyat3432tonhCUiTg-fla - - : , ;TX/ ANT£D-rA; good mrl to do general . . T Vt .ho&sgifoik lo a smalt family. . Mnitcome v«n. rtcommeoded.. Apply at 01$ Futoo-st.-. near Bra ,'beß'.-'. ,*■»•••.— •■ . • ~ .. .. ■«-' .• ->• ,' iaihgtoginem Agents. ' V\/l&^NTFiT>—rYomig mtn ,»n the coon- 1 . 'Y T A.trr.wuhicjt to Obtainsituations, s>iea as boot kaepmt’ctcrki.ccdledton,. aai£Bjaeo«-cccdQfrtpra. a • DieaStaen. dtc^Ac^-to apply af Boom 13 FoUptwo Dearborn-si-or address J. U. MOOBB. A um)-,-BoxlT-gy;<neloslaglC cents tor fill paitlcoAii, SAltTEP—£istai>L bookkeepers,,2 salesmen, Icondartoc-a omksmec,! fireman. f .2 drrrtrs, 2 cnvreaaiaen. Aaolr at Boomi». bnßlOck. 32 Dearbnrn-at.. 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Sertof rei»- ntceagiven and Address ‘‘V, 1 ’ Tnbaim cage. ■ TX7 AUTED—rBj an experienced teacher • t Y » atd gisduatecf wNcw Eagiasd Ooliree. two or threepcpUsin Laupi Greeks or the.hlcfier English braschea. .AdOicsj Box 737. i banjo teacher^ W yoß °-- Destinv. ’Madame r “ 'Cartttle -lim :Jtsk retnrnM to theeny from » iSoathdmtear, ktut wi lbs. pleased to reeetvsthe caßs the past, cresent and totaro reveal- CtT, at.lSsSoaUi CUrk-aL, R:oci:&.. ;T\TAS 'TEE^l^erybody ;: ,10, '.send ‘35 f.i 'rcecU. And Ret tha phonayeet and mqitaspfalart uere iarAm»nc«,'.worih lo aayoody ten tubes Its enst _ Agente. taaleand female;.lhl» la naw. 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Ij OK saL£—First-class-cotmtor,: black A.’J w»taottop,-rotmo earner, ard hnlahtd lathe b*st .w vinrjrou'StebK |» t ,| B 0 !Old fc ’ Co * S DlnlE ß Kcom4 * 8* and- .trOR i;ALIf-;Anar Wanted—Both new ■ jests?. oltie Bsmekl£d,"oopltmsUidi or 255?5< I ?if cl ‘ I ® pp< J|?;“»*t*r how.machout M ower, If. AS Tf3s—Orders .to. htrvj sell ; or ' T*.*l «taia,honaes-ua lota to rrnf. rents.' i£ «stUe hoslneei attendal to prompt ly by Ar C. BEOWJf &, CTJ„ T3B Laka at. i • Vf -“ p •; WAJN^XEIX—Jo--exchange a! five-acre — v-Tr —kitaMSf-tße-elty limits for a grorerror-boot iV‘ opQrhwdDgjfrgecondJ . JAi 00 rcaionaafe tarsnw, cm •imd »-pntch«er »y ( vr*** r-*tU.t, i "T\7lagent'iii Tiss-s^sMaa^s^ijfsjssiS l pnergMitcjen. 10-dJbrr ponaawan. emt ftom ®.OOO to ia tbai neu-tbrearmoaun.- -For parOcolu-s,- .gallon U. mjlOHtJ&gl banaral-Ag-nt. rnr tnq UOlteJ: BatwTataorunrcnggiioMi.cbi&ta: • ÜBffiTetntta-®o *unt. AKIED—To Rent—A. course of fl; .l-l-T:=»coni«; bj-Aptil iax, on Wen* 81-ie.wßhJo one' lAKfrM bslC*e..,A(Jtlrtai. •‘it i , , H Xrttrane' ', .. i r x.../ To'Kent-'a . medium-sized, -X,;. ■fiicelr.lnniistß-i o*n»s: lie snaaierniontfia, by vitnali Cuntir £«Tit¥ .-antf^nte),w>, will Uk« ■t w faeVr or cTreof turnT f'°£ e V^? lu - t,U£a ooiseostonanr time "between now ami' .&Ufcof.MaT. Addraa^HAKKEiy'Triniiiieoffice.' • :WAN^^To^6Bl^A 6m an-.:hoTre, • j TT :.ptxtpl.anoß«a,ijpafttw,.-rooa* suitable lor -sooth et-€M«RD‘i*Ti , 'Eem advance? ao u“F 100, a gentleman, qJLJk n a tonlsbed loddpanjora, on LaSalle. ~§f!?^:ff? r **^ )< y t>artt yj htßt&ata ~ between Lata and' ycarge-ata. , Addresa.-g J." Bo* IS6O, P. ■ ; . \SJ boose oH)or ‘ J.V c^. s 'l? n t fi e Syde. south 01 Twelfth •t; and Mat ol State.-Ren! nottoetrr«r 1300 yr»a ama-. iWtU rentaow.'or tbr.'Om -of May. -AddreZ. care BUoert «5 49 --'^H7*4STKD- i -To Rent—Ai neatly hft • ILfj -> v Dlsbeo fk om lor cne or two enattemen; if oat 1 v®. 1, Md JlonroeHUi«« ;and* Glara-«t. a^Migd^ay.. i 4jJdrcaaiJqxie«7,, Bescpfref*; V\7 AI^TBD—To Rent—One, cnttace 6i -Rmr-room®,- one of she; and ope ot etehLlmic* SI bouse, nar tnilnns.;. WZBBKB A WILSOJT, IS eyi>otd»i'Hioclr.--rn-r> n-:.--. . •• *- . J Beair+A’ house con .,T *» iaUlng dantorDliieic>oiiis,*nltahleforaboafil -1 ny to- tue.'. Fonth SI de preferred*. I,win pay trom tkl to Ad4rw i*£ r scs?nlS£L* Si iid; XEDrrTt) iKent-r-A.:bousercon *. ?pr 8 rooms, with gas and water, on slorTffgbdd locality. Address “£ £," P.O. V\/ ANTED—To Rent—By., a -Yoons ’f * £ man anti-wife, tl/ree or focrruamniHljol roo ps,- •R T „ B^??ilo r u ?*s- r Baorencti cl ten.: Addreaa“aj .S,"Sl.lioptaJeQern.a-st. ... . TXT ANTED—*To Rent—small fam lvV/Tty;yclOunit.ctalldies. two rooms. wl'hopwttn />ot fcircfetn, near htats-st. E, DiEJIUa H. 330 B late st.. In the Store. A\NT£U—To Rent—A fjoo<3. house, ~ T VinaßCOdlpcfctloD. cot laiilnr from 7to9 room*, -la-tae Sbirt'j-er-West-DlviS’ Oac with bam preferred, poeiessloh wanted Immediately. :iirjct tbfcflxas ofAtky. .Address- : T%7 ANTBDr-rTo: Kent-—A-qmta small T V cottaee hdnse, pretty cear to any oi Urestrecf railways. .Pcsreasipn -wamsd Immediately. Rent cTAZAJi 2 M h“®^^2°SL wUb c l£.* e^., ° family wtih;3&state.; TArAK'i'iiD-rtieaJ■ ■ Kstalc—a :iol is 'O clul>hoa.ft »na oub- Ue bill. 'Snch latoast-lx t-ntrady located.’naraaS -notnt«rt«arll» on a prtoclpt t Street. •* ShooldViara rt JiLcasexf imuruai iksith; imi L-outizd win’ in. swer. Tn* lot should not benorm otladlanMt. Ser south or Uomoo,jw.wrtitWell«BQiLAdc?c^wiS parOtnlan,P.p. p0x3973. ‘ AUC,C4 *’ w,tJl •BgalCttateAgegc. 101 Racdolpp-at. . , , Hog! ana T P bT—Testerpay me rnine berween the Xu .coiner qf Atadlssn and CUrk-tt*.. to the Wsttrton eoutainlmr aooct #l7 la moeer, and UiretJDoicS— two for IICO r»ch. sod one tor >330,: 7;«ya?le.lo JamHCEeaC- 'The cncer .will ple«*. leaya , and retain the money- U,P-One. bay mare on-t&e- J*-nlfht of March 9,di67.c*n.hs seen at tas-Ayeme SuWe.-'4T'agd’4fl WaliaSb-ay; _• : - - ■■ Ijiaitogy 'npo KENT—Pnnos,', Orrams ‘and Mao-' ,f • iiottx aia3.aevAadiecofld-haad BaniMparga e - ' irOK BAJ>Er--ore otChickornjg’s; finest X 1 piano*. oev. beautiful carved cue ud leg% with b very Daadwmeetool. will be sold at itisrziuz. Ad ply U> A. DAKTUAK, Q\t Uoaroe-it. r ' Situations Zglanteo. aiui» £ (J^UATJON—Wanted—ty % first c ’ tpqrm.clcw. -1» CiU cilf. or lo lie coar I * r »knrii. e, i yn^co,lr,,e *rdfeTvaces. tcqcirenf ( S7*LBki«^ > *^ ?r *-<* J>*l«c; la lirwcut*' toad Ss r b, a joragn Acottu “tv W C£ * ilera -ClTUiiTlOlt—Wauled, a? coachman, S. •:wtfruwdSf l C- VOHKAOFKa. , • ClTUATlON—Wantwr, by ayonDjrrr CITUaTiOX— WanieA by a man w r>Z dir good* acd Soou and «bo-a. ij ACdre« Bji CITCaTION—Wantcd-JNotice to b Br»j<l we carter wki> rsi matte e. \ 3 . KiShSS’r" 141 tOi.I.ACO, tBJtUAg, led—By a re«rcc k_J ble American gjfj to nurse wl:a i,- Touaiaoi.orsennwiorODecnUo oo<r. Beet tf fer-r gircm Cks, ter one week, »t 7ao We a t w».ai tOt>-Bt. SITUATION—Wanted—By a rc'prr pue IsflT u wet oune. Tnqnue ct Cd door. J r»onb Umk-at. Kefciracesclvm. . , SITUATION—Wanted—A > ounc An wo ®*®- gooccltrretetmceA.-womji sal.Q.tlca wr.etr ,l». can .urport ner»cir br sewi .wrtilrg, or stjotfaermpectsalecmplovme't. ArtJr or call on CL AKA ELMORE, 74 just Qnlocy-iL OITUATION—'Wanted--An expeiienc O dressiEsfcer will po ontbr thedsr or we-k kinds of^stn sewing done aesly. Addrws ~L i eiTUATlON —Wanted, by a vouns lac VZjss ccpj uf, in so Ir »oi*nep or other offler. Tls. l ezperlesce ana IS WcL qx*U&ed. Goo«l referea given. -Addfe«»»CafCVl9lC&lamet-ST. . CITUATXOK—Warned, by aJadv, ic Ci shirtitoreerdrrssasklng*bop. Bsveatiro' ABtkerisscbtoe. Call on or sddren Mrs. -.s i 114 roartb-ar. CITUATION—Wanted—A midd!e-aui O Isdy wishes s situation la aCtmllv. Is Habt housework or in the care ot clumrpo. A 12.- **M T.” Tribune office. Beftreaces exehaa<-.d. C IT UATlON—Wanted, by a young iad O as copyist. Beat ol rclerrnces.cmi:. Addn i«xS36. Chicago P.O. , CITUATION-Wanted, by a middl O ared woman, as housekeeper. Best of r'ftroxi wITUaTION—WanieUySs cook or lau O dress, in a private family creoaroine bouse. A llyat4soCUnto&-,t. .. ■ ■ SITUATION— Wanted—For an Am»i can ecotr. for boarflirc home, h-jtel nr rratsurai Apply >1136 >hlHl. Mn. BAI.KAM’SOacr. agents asaantcii' A GE>TS—W anted-—Per Genoa) L. i X\ Baker’s HISTORY OF TUB SOCKET SERVIC jbc most exciting udlat'iescior bovk ever publunr . This work was anconnccd more ll*a a year se», n owing to the attempts of the CoTcrntncru tosaparr U. iw publication »»« ee ayed. It will now be Kmt ntultendand ntiabnaged. ci>drr-.tb# snoervlairm lateral Ba»er_ ItcocUlcs a full aad official exoo«c i *be intricate macblD«Uoto of to« secret enemh-a eft Union for aUrtluu (ieveP-pm-i.;* and thrilling a ■jectntra this *ooH eclipses th-. Cunrua cip-i lcnc--a ‘ Foocneaetf Vitfocq. ■ -Tbs marytliona narranxea • Bax-rarc all attested try tl>- hljfcest effid authority. Itwll coitain tbewnly ofllclit acc. net ; the assassination -A ttu tlatoiy of c. (:re«t, startling ami terrible crime, trota i*» e<>pcepil< D tbe haonu ot villainy. to th' oariaL place of Boot na* jet.lweaDlaceJ before the tnhiio. Th.sro also roily exposes ibe nefarious syswta b* wtiicb pn metiwr r*Tfl».D# were acd »re so readily ontained Waabttetoß. The. corals of ihoNaUoual Capital a thejroglllj Tecillatcd, and the*ear-> name •trance r . rciallOia oxrrrcb g head* ot oeranmen's. neiM"e Of Congress, female partlon brokets. a*d distinguish) military characters. Send for circulars, and see *n if'tns »pd afiilldeecriptirt ol tie wets Ad<ltc*« N. TIUbALFIJBLXSHISQ CO., 14S West fourth-* ;CuclcnaU.Ohlo. - ■■ AGiNl^Waiited— Enfrlish Metaln ClothcaLlne. GoodiaclscemrsiCrto a’Jtu. two red-alanjr, for sample. PAIiKINaU.V TODBO. D,1402 Port iinron, kfleb- \' QE2* l Xk>—anlctf—sQo~ Acents tvan ‘jfsne ***■ * a - * _ bnnaeas.* ';D. B. fiHAW, AUro A GENTS^Wahted—Sxperienceci Uir Ja ciaaa cacTaa*er«,' cerfletnea and iadic*. n r WASHGiQTOS‘S PRAYER AT VALLEY FORGE, ■attewana magniheert steerengrtTlns; orice. I3j Has Mcnllar'recommendations WUOcanse ltto» amnlrediyeveryAmerican,-of whuterer sector parti Agefita erecy when are meatßar with onparalleled su> cess. .Publishers’ hlcue»t eommfecloa etTrn. Ac dresses. S. BoYpKy. 73 Ctatt-dL, Calcaso. EL A GiLNT^i— a dav. i\ Sf®?' E?T WUcJes lor Aaent*.vO.T.‘GAKSl ililddetord, Ifalae.- • - * AGEftTa —W antec—f 125 < per mnntl and expenses, jkddroak SO-tl? *CLAKKS£7i if»U ifldaetard. llalne. L A GENTb— WanUd—For the Amcnca: HofaceGredeji Agents who bav deurered rcl. I.;and desire to .deliver toI. n., mm ■ma»cthflr OTfero immediately.* GEO.A C. W.&HEB .WOOD, 109 kaadlson-st., Chicago# liu AQS N-TBrrWabted—Five Ideal Head 1 oi American Wqmra: Angr! ot;th» Hospital* 1 Before the Battle—Color Bauer— At the Front— aitd ! News. Thejce<C works of art over infodace 1 * la thl , country. Experienced canT&sarta wanted in e»er • comuy ln th© 81st-. Address JOHN D. 81LE.91 | .State-sc. Chicago. HL. J A tosel 1 Patent White Wire-Clothes Liner. - Caamakell to S2O per day. Address “MflOUlc- Clothes ii™ Co„ r 9H Cleretond, Ohio- . A — per week—. il Walaortemale.attheir bwd bnmes. nn-inei • Ilsht, p:earant and honorable. 1 For foil particular ' address with. Stamp. FOQI4 CLARK., Milt - A'GENT^t—TVaUkCd—Xadics or eente _T3 at year own-homes or travellltic. atfl<r pc mtnth. Dottnegotlalc wllh aay uiher ntrty «’i yo- Orsi »erarorpanunjlars. AflifrißsßllONiON 4 CO 1»1 WcooyaidavH feetrolc Mirtr.- ; ■A GEJmJrrVvanted r-xientiemen art jTi- lsdi<* throojilimit; thc; I7ou«ii. t-Ut« tor oi acwDook. W*lVsi>Qf?heP«£SUlt3T3,’ from Wait tsgtoo to J. b. C.'400-.u, ihc Complete; m one" &tgs T'lim.j stirwolr ii « trstea wltA-«ce) ra psTU3<s, smoa< vtUcQ are poi .fraia ef owaeventwn P»yai<iwr»«s o*«K cci-ord. etc Inis ialbecaly wart cf tte Wed'yet omlisiicd. aa* ■aflprdato eiherteecai'aecou&.rareeppctturrty mASe acotj -wub a rplcudld boot. ana no cor,t*o uon; EXdtuite territory and nsDtiMen’ Mch»si rem miwton etrear BDOta'reaay , tor delivery now. S. s DOTIIE3, 73 Clart*Btl^7Cß J Cftit<>. rn ! ' ,GE2J^ ■ enffa*re in tht * L Jn. «»I<QT“TBE US ' : LOLKA»JIXT£Us OViRIHBOW.-OF SI*AVKKV. M n cntTOl,octavfvcf TJspare*.: ByJioa;l. y. Arnold r»S?Meffbercr Coi.Bicss.Htd f« rcari :• "crrfiCrcaif frlfador 31c. Lincoln.. Thl* Ixp.rlan’ worrwM pna«takttrttre« m'r». d») with me piovalofMr. Lincoln, and ta-nnsHMued. It i« a< rfSdyinline«tapWly a< t'e pub,t»b-ra bi-e apiau* OU.onleir. Tie fliat erltiou tnlr in twpru-! dajt. ijxr GUt feterpuen, opinion* orj-adin" pig*r‘ apd men, and !♦ na x aad.-e*9 tha luib loto-ri, CLAUIif • &%r\<:-igo. : - \ anted— count? ii* .Illinois fi-'r lr>o Jfh; thncofS Life !c» 1 : to., cf.Tlcptrn. . AciSrwUl. R.THOsH'SOV Genera Agent, 37 Üb*moeroCC’cmmerca,OicßEn. \ introduce SIR XX ’ COPP; the h.gtAelllos'AOoltof Iheday. SltU edition now*rtad\. b«na occ.pillar t>r a cup* nor l c.Tcnlarr. to rtof. Chicago 1 - \ QiiNTo—Wanted—l,(xjowanted, mak, XX ana female. Ina new bushirs*. Samples ncaifre , wllhieftlmi Dials Dj.tno Mghm rharaet r. Adares* 1 . Gi-'QD ELPKED.&, . A Aiale end lemale, ' Xx to sen’s tfew article ra'greatdemaM th%t every l?“d*_*ant9. J 4 P<?f d»t trade tlttwat-Jcavlng h mo.. Travelllec arct h can mate, fconr. *s:to|:o ter clay, .without Intertfcrecco with other hdsfncs*. The article sni.w* fer UaelCi Samples, -with terms and nartlealars of the business, sent lor 3 ceats. Address It, W. . CUAPPVLL, braver 63U3, Ch'caco, , AGJ;n T^M’aiUed—“TilK BETI'EK: ! • nAND; w 'Thrt.mcst pop alar eaeravlns It Amcr- ’ lea, aod pays be**.- **r ;haU cvrlatt' it amour my l i cetrs.* —Dr, J.G; 80l anl “irsjacrwfs ;Mnsc_tbc esie of isaered »--try."—L.» itsna Ciild.- I Beecher... “ Pirn, as manJ i itjldas woman, peaaufuiaaPeasaoaaor Voucr **n- •- ton or'EvangeJlDA ctieerita 6ixt-en,’ hope- 1 Riias mnarani Flieriia, a with fshh look—l introatltfo rtre'Jtlltßcw ol huLfc. “DnUaMtotAkerwnlc’wftbihe Jlnesl works oC i art Jn this cec-try.”—Profc- KliU, ; «.berlln Coileeej I •rThenntotercatloaot modern''art. , »—Chicago Joor >PJvvi»s£ 0 .?i for "< ln » ,w ‘*-; Al.o for ‘-THE EMPTY! I tip the »a«B artist, and d»w-‘ I tiDra trr beromr poptuar, Adoreaa. Immedl iMt ■ . STODDARD A life ■ \- Tis—Wanted—ciiool- Tcacoer?,' ■JI CieTKjmeo. to introduce Tter.Dr.KUto , »‘‘lllo*-‘: uaiedHmoryof-tb* Bible.”- -Tblfla a Bock fir Uie .lustsand (Viaimna about TOO pajcea and oter 100 tell' ■ ‘JSftSSSSttSfIs Kg o *®* V J?rK - vtu,Q °r«hool TracO-: ; g”.r* BCr, ¥ lc<a Aceuta are.wanted to introduce •^^^SS^“ l rA‘S.P" l igsf!s 1 .^*ra«ec«at» ; ab o oktofen»o'w»li,® Jtamaiut- i lijjctlpn ta. jecommcßjieQ by toe leading I .Clerwmea Bail and W«t. “Ktao*# *o«k ai« bim I .prepared with tptb'Accaracy atu fceittraatob* a • Br tneolalo ia rae enwie or p7l?*tS ptr.'W; W/ErarttinßaDUtt Church. Chl- i ST£,^ 3r *=fl ae ' a Dr: KUto’jmastrated His tory of the-EIW* w-laru to salWy mr#th that it U at ;ywnabie war* JdtßthUcat Student*. It will be fonnd ’ : ejpeclau/ ntflo-to Sunday School Teachtit and Bible I lat Presbyterian Church, ChJcato. . u jDr»JtiqaueOßsocD(um«adaUon irom ns, ■ °^*^. 0 The i *v olam *■ here- arrteHM at the prot«- ; .*l«nrßm&-a|.,Btudni« r while to-the wneral reader. M tote library, la sox BOcfctlWlta Wcjkt on Interpret ! U 1 r rains bir. 1 rlTe it my nearly comtaen- i daboa.V—llbotoa* if. Eddy, Ed.' > orthaestern C. Ad- i .Tccam Bor Knraapply immediately la nersoa or Or • HL - J GENTb—‘Wanted—For Folsom's new ! . Under Feed EBITBItA’SKWI'tS MACBI-fB. • e|29in «t MadUfictaenlotr’ttML p. 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