Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 21, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 21, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. littst News Ij Oeen Ttlegrapk. Reports of Labor Biots in France. Military Treaty Between Prassia and Bararia. latest Flsaicial and Comaer cial Quotation. FROM WASHINGTON. Another Bill Reported for the Admission of Col orado. Lengthy Debate in the Bouse on the Southern Charity Resolutions. "Veto of the Supplemental Eeoon- Etruotion Bill Expected To-day. The Questioa «f Adjournment not T?t Settled. CHINA AND JAPAN. first Trip of the Amcriean- Asialic Company's Steam, er Colorado. Terrible Powder Explosion in the Harbor of Hcng Eong. Uieat Destruction of Life and Property. FEOM EUROPE, BE OCEAN TELEGBIFH* France, lab on mors. Losdos, March 20. Labor ricts have broken out at RamberviUers, Fiance. STEAKS AUDITAL Barer. March 29. Tbe steamer Pereire, from New York, has ar med. Germany. SHUT APT TBEATT. Bcslin. March 20, A trea’y has been corcluded between Prussia, Eavana and the Giuud Duchy of Baden, which gives Prussia the command of the armies of the . latter countries in time of war. Foreign markets. FINAXCIAL Lokikjs, March 25—Noon. Consols, 91; Eric, 40Jf; Illinois Central. 78)*; 5-nJj, 7< V- Loxnox, Mtrch 20—Evening. Consols closed steely at 91 for money; 5-20$, 7<V: Illinois Central 7Eric. 40','. Fauis, March 30—Evening. American bonds sold to-day at SlX covxrsciAL. Livam-o. L, March 20—Noon. Cotton opera quiet; middling uplands steady at llfcd Brtads'Qiis quiet. Provisions unchanged. Lard advanced to 5Cs Sd. Ltvzepcol, March S3—Evening. - Cctton ruled quiet uumtg tu«- dsr, and clu<cu eaalir at 13\@I3X lor undcht g uplands, »ud ISi f„r Orisons, fcales to-day were B.0W) boles. Bread-tolls—Mixed » cstim cere. 41s Gd per quarter. Frovlfltus— J*rlnje -as em mees pert, 75» 6a per sou ns. American iarJ. jfsilHlper UW as. Produce—Ashes, in pot:, Sis per ICO tts. Spirits of turpentine. S7b td ptrllout., ii>7d. Ft OH WASHINGTON. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Trihuno.J Was ms CTOS, March 20. COLORADO COUTESrm ELECTION CASS— CmtUCOTT ADxirrsu. The House had three reports from the Commit tee on Elections relative to the Colorado Delegate contest. Hunt. Conservative, has a certificate from Governor Cummings, dated last September; and ChiillcotL,Republican,that of acting-Governor Hall, dated last m<’Utb. The pome referred to the committee was, which gcnTeman has a prima fade right to the ee-t. The niajoriiy reported against giving it to either till a full examination hats been made. A minority ol three reported in favor of liunL Cock, of Illinois, alone reported iniavor of Chilllcutt. Ihe House, after debate, endorsed the latter recommendation, and gave the scat to Cbllllcott. The evident belief of the House is that Cummings undertook to cheat him out of his rights. usurp to mz eocrn, dead. The proposition to give a million of dollars for the relief of the Booth is dead, though it has not bees disposed of by the House. General Howard was consulted by the friends of the measure this morning, and he stat< d that the Frecdmen’s Bu reau had money enough to supply all the desti tute in (be South dii December, bnt he could not nse it wiibont some changes in the law creating the Bureau. Ihe efforts oi Mr. Bingham and his associates were to bring about the required modi fication, so inat the funds now in hand can be used forthe relief of all classes. It is not certain that the House will grant even this; but the million dollars project has been abandoned. the ziEcoxraiEcnow man reached the President this afternoon. Senator Hendricks, and two or three Democratic Repre sentatives, think it may he signed under protest. Judge Patterson says it will not he signed ; the veto will be a very short document, referring for further particulars to the last veto. The ex pectation is quite general that the veto will be sect in to-morrow; but gentlemen on good terms with Johnson say it will be kept back till Friday. AnJomrasxT. The time for adjournment bas not ret been fixed, hut in view of the fact that many members of the House are leaving for home, it is thought by several senators, that an agreement should be made to-morrow, and accordingly, a resolution wilLhe offered naming next Monday noon. the* sursExe count of the District will soon render a final decision in a case involving the Civil Rights Bill, that oc curred here six or eight weeks ago. It will be re membered that Jndre Wylie, holding the act not applicable in tbe District of Colombia, returned two negtoboys to a former Maryland owner or master. This extraordinary decision will be re versed by the Court sitting in full bench. Chief Justice Carter and Associate Judges Fisher and Olm uniting in opposition. wood ecnrwe. Among Ibc memorials presented to-day in the House, was one from the representatives of Thomas W.Harrey, of New Jersey, dtceased, for thr extension of bis patents for the manufactur ing of wood screws. BUSINESS or THE SESSION. The number of bills and Joint resolutions intro dneed into the Senate this session Is one hundred end twenty-eight; into the Douse one hundred. CLEAUED ITS CALENDAR. Thf Senate in executive session this afternoon cleared Its calendar olnominfitiocs, though a con elderablc number are yet pending before its com mittees. None were sent In by the President to day. E7LBTSXXTB. It is elated this evening that the President has provided for General Kilby Smith by making him Marshal ofNew Orleans,and for General Steadman bygirirg him the Asseesorship of that city. rsnoß. The confirmation of Elisha T. Rogers, as Asses sor of Internal Revenue in the Sixth Missouri Dis trict, was wrongly credited to Ohio. coktibxatiobs. Washington, Hatch 20.—'The Senate confirmed the following: Assessor of Infernal Revenue—Bisk] Lacgdon, First District of Olio. Postmasters— Frederick Borha’cr, Cedar Falls, Iowa; Horace Barrow. Waterloo, Va. Associa'e Justice —John H. Carttcr, Supreme Court of Arizonla. Register of Land Cfiiu— S. T. Nye, Stockton, valUorma. REJECTED. 14 m* bViU/. Ivslmasters—A, E. Janes. Cincinnati; S. Be him, Ann Arbor, Mich. Tnc latter was emme om!y stated yesterdayas confirmed. Surveyor Central— William B. Thombnrr, Ne vada. Assessors Internal Retenve— Joseph G.Bocy, Sixth District, Tennessee; Jndsun S. Farrar, Filth District Michigan. Surveyor vf Customs— John B. Murpbv, St. Louia, 80. UNITED STATES StABSHAtEmT. ; The strife >v. uiuca uitca ilarehilshlp of Louisiana, the moot v.rr-tiirr "f <?ny Government office, is narrow, ddown between G ne-al* Frank J. Ucmjr and t.4|tix- i.muj. lUc nomination will be made in a day or two. mi. i-*.uuai»TßCcnov vitt.t. Washington. March xo.— The presiding officers of the House and Senate to-day signed tbeSnp plemenlafy KeconFirnctlon Dili, which was after wards presented to The Senate. omCXAL ADVERTISING. The following Isa list of newspapers Indicated by tbe Clerk of (he llonec of Representative-', un der tbe seventh section of tbe civil Appropriation Dill, approved March Sd, for tbe publication of me tens and freallet of Ra Uaße* Staie*, u 4 Bktawd, and Virginia BtaU7<*rirt,tAexMi£s\*. . . Sorih Otroßm IMe HTulTff, BaUgh, «rt Haidenwa-Heiypr. Mobile JHrTwafirf «nt the antavtile Mtacaf*. ■ ••••' • j irtnwl TMeFbrtfoallhJlwgßtt.,, Ttxat TbeAnatln JtiUUtgeneir. The papaa In other flomlbetm State* Ire yet to he designated. congbessjobai. proceedings. • Wiamixua. March 10. SENATE. The Chair submitted a petition, nuneronriv signed by the woman at OUo, tor the extension of raff-age without retard to sex or color. Mr SDMNER,froB the Committee on Foreign Rriattona, Kpflited me following joint resoia dw; EmoCmiK, That all persons In the diplomatic eervice of the United otatcs be prohibited from wearing nay cnllogxn or official coetane not pro* viourtv pneerihcd by Congress. Theiqtnt resolution passed. _ _ Hr. TAXES, from the Committee on Terri tretae, reported fovoeably os (he bill for the ad : mission of Colorado. . t Tim hill authorizing the purchase of a portion of long in Boston harbor, for a sort, P—iZrTf *]eo.abill to authorise the aale or the Government warehouse on Atlantic dock, Brook r poMESOT called np the joint reaolutioQ for the sale or certain stocks Gold in trust for the ibocaw and Cherokee ludiaaaj Mr. POMEKOY offered an amendment that no stocks be sold for less thratbe par value. Adopt- Mr. CORBETT offered an amendment that the amount of money raised by the aale of these blocks be reinvested In United Slates stocks. Adopted. Mr. DOOLITTLE offered as a substitute for the proposition before the Senate a resolution appro priating (230.000 to pay the claims of the Choc taw Indians, provided that in the futnre adjust ment of the claims of the Choctaws said amount whiiri be charged against them, and provided far ther, that none of jhU money shall be paid on such unless the Secretary of the interior sLaB first examlneand approve toe same. Mr. STEWARD ofl'erco an amendment as a pro viso that said amount of 1250.000 shall be In full satisfaction of all claims of said Indians. Mr. DOOLITTLE said the claims amount to a total of (1,500,000. Pending discussion Mr, Wilson called up the bill appropriating not to exceed (500,000 to defray the expenses of carrying the Reconstruction Bill into efiect. Passed, Du-cutslon on ibe Indian BUJwas resumed, and ccnunned until 2:43 p. m, t£eu the Senate went into Executive session, andToon alter adjourned. BOUSE. On motion of Mr. SHANKS, a resolution waa adopted instructing the Committee on Foreign Affine u>lnvc«ugate the facts connected with the ImpJ«niiTßWit in of UCf. John McMahon, a c.iizen 02 Anuereon, Ind., and pastor of tne Catholic church at that place, and what action ahontd be taken for his release. Mr. LOGAN onered a resolution, which was adopted. Instructing the Committee on Foreign Affairs to inquire woy the claims of American cit izens against the British Government, commenc ing with those reported by the President, January 1859, and including all since that date, have not men paid, and report what ought to be done to secure the apeeov settlement ol such claims. Mr. JACOB BENTON, a member-elect from New Hampshire, prevented himself and bad ihe oath administered and look his seat. Mr. JULIAN Introduced a joint resolution re specting sales of public lands and pre-emption and homestead claims between the cities of ban Jose ana Sin Francisco, California. .Referred to the Committee on Public Lands. Ur. JULIAN asked leave to Introduce araolu non icßimctlng the Committee on Public Lands to inquire into the expediency ofpron Jiog by law lor foiteiture to the United States of the lends granted to ibe several & tales of the South in 18:*, to aid in constructing sundry railroads, which grants have expired byiimltadon. Ur. EJDRIDGE objected, and the resolution was notroceiw. Ur. BAKER oflered a resolution reeling that in vkw ol the greater liberty ana larger recognition of manhood which had followed the rebellion. It was eminently fitting that the Government ehould oe placed In better relations to tie working peo ple ol the country, and instructing the Committee on Boles to inquire into the expediency ofcoas l !- luting a standing on Labor. Adopted. Ur. KELLEY introduced a bill to amend the act ol February SSth, 1653, to regulate fees and costs of Clerk, Marshal and Attorneys of tie United States Circuit and District Courts. He len ed to the Judiciary. Ur. ALLISON introduced a joint resolution ensuing that any object of art Imported for pre sentation to the united States Or any State or city government shall be admitted duty free, under snch legnlalkms as the Secretary of the treasury may prescribe. Passed. Mr. LOGAN introduced a joint resolution In structing the Second Auditor to audit and settle the accounts oi lmc officers of tbe army to the ex tent ol their pay in all cases where they make affi davit of their inability to make their monthly re port or retorn by reason of having been im prisoned by any authority or by any casualty of war are unable to account for property in taelr possession. Passed. Ur. COOPER, of Utah, presented a memorial of the Legislative Assembly of Deseret for tbe admission cf the Stale into the Union. Referred to the Committee on Territories. 'ibe contested election case from Colorado was taken u?. Alter an hour's consideration the reso lotion ot the majority was adopted, referring the papers and evidence of Messrs. cbiUtcon and Ci.rt to the Election Committee, in the meantime Mr. Chiilicott to be (won in as the sluing Dele gate. Mr. Chillicott was then sworn An solution was passed authorizing the Secre tary of War to pay a sum equivalent to the con tract price of artificial limbs to such disabled sol diers as may prefer iu The Bouse went into Committee of the Whole on the Joint resolution appropriating a million of dollars for tbe relief of tbe destitute of tbe South. Ur. MILLER withdrew* fats amendment, ilr. BINGHAM offered an amendment lo the Joint rcsolouon by inserting a provision directing the Secretary of War to apply the unexpended ap propriations for the Free omen’s Bureau to tue purpose oi this appropriation. Ur. BINGHAM’S amendment was decided not in order. Mr. VAN TRUMP opposed the proposition. He vtat the people of the South wanted was d tbre’dnor charity. Let them have all the rlgbu of cbizens and they will take care of them selves. and neither receive or solicit alms. Mr. FERNANDO WOOD opposed the resolu tion. Mr. BINGHAM moved to add to tbe proviso of fered by ilr. Banks, directing that SS'J,OW ot Ibe amount (-ball be used lor the purchase and distri bution of seeds, and an additional proviso that no l ait of the money appropriated in the Joint reso lution shall be need until the unexpended appro priations heretofore made for food by existing laws, for the use of the Frecdoen’s Bnrea i, shall Hist applied to the purpose specified under the direction of ihe Commissioners of the Bureau. A tunning debate took place between Messrs BINGHAM, STEVENS, LOGAN, SCHENCK. UAHFIELD. BOCTWEI.L and others, in wh ch Mrssis. FCHENuK and STEVENS argued shat •be frcedtacc’s Bureau had now* sufficient an ibonty to relieve the distress In the South, and ibe object of this bill was merely to give almi to turdy rebels, which Bingham denied, arguing bat ihe term refugees ouiy applied to persons oho were driven from their homes. Mr. RILE proposed a substitute, authorizing ihe Secretary of War. through tue Freedman’s Bureau, to extend the distribution of food and clothing autfamlzed to be issued to refugees and irtctlmcnm the rebel Slates, to Include thi des titute women or children, or helpless aged per -ors. Mr. BINGHAM appealed to Mr. Pile not to lim it in that manner, but let it apply to all destitute •lert-ons. .vr. PJIE suggested that it did include women, children and helpless iged persons. Mr. BINGHAM Indignai.tly demanded of Mr. Pile whether he meant to say that men of middle ege should be left to perteh? If so, be would arow down the gauntlet and defy him. Mr. PILE had no objection to modify his amendments* the gentleman suggested. The CHAIRMAN stated that Mr. File’* amend ment was not pending. Mr. BINGHAM moved that the committee rise, in ord' r that he might move in the Douse to close the debate. Mr. DONNELLY suggested a proviso that the total amount to he expended for food should not esneea ore million of do'lsre, unless n became apparent to the Commissioners of the Freedmcn’s Bureau that further ezpcnditnrcs are absolutely necessary to save men. women and children from death by starvation. The committee rose and Mr STEVENS moved that the Home adjourn. Carried—yeas 56, nays 31. FROM SPRINGFIELD. An important Law in Regard to Com peting Telegraph Lines—Clinton County—Supplementary Report from the Superintendent of Public In •traction—Springfield Sawings Bank —Surveying a Plat for the New State Xlonee—Lincoln Sloanmeot Fund* etc. l>pedal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SpitiworiELD. HI., March 20. Among the acts of tbe late LegUiature'njw a law, is one compelling competing lines of tele graph In the fatale to take mcßsa?es fiom each other for transmission, under forfeiture of their charters. The law provides that any company re tueing o receive and transmit messages bom other companies or persons, shall forfeit ail right to transmit telegranb business and be liable to all carnages which shall accrue by reason of such re tssal to the person or company offering such des patch tor transmission. The asscisment oi Clinton Coanty was received by .be Andl or to-day, winch amounts to $c;,7C4,60D, a decrease of £317,427 from last year. ‘lbis complete" the report ot all counties in the Slate, with one exception. Tbe Superintendent of Pnhllc Instruction has just completed a supplementary report, which contains reports of aU County superintendents, and some very valuable statistics in reference to ;<ublic schools in ihe State. There is no foundation for the statements made by the correspoudtntoftbc Chicago Tones, in re lation to the Springfield Savins?* Bank, fho gen tlciren connected with tbe institution arc too well known in this commnr lty to be injured by any ■nch false statements and misrepresentations. A competent surveyor is now engaged In sur veying tbe site for the new State House, and pre paring a plat for the nse of architects. The Forty-seventh Regiment United States col ored troops have contributed s3>o to the Lincoln Monument Fund. Th** legislature of Indiana has contributed SIO.COO in old of the Lincoln Monument Associa tion. Colonel Ira J. Bloomfield, the newly appointed Pension Agent for this District, will take charge of the offcce in this cily this wetk. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wi?., Hatch 20. SENATE. Among other matters fatrodneed was a protest of the lawyers of Grant County, against the in crcareofthe salary of .lodges of the Supreme Court, unless the Circuit Judges should have some benefit also. A memorial o: tbe National Exchange Bank of Milwaukee for refunding certain taxes was pre sented. ben afor F. O." borpe, at his own request, was excused from serving on the Judicial committee, and Senator Palmer apnointed in his place. A resolution was oncred granting reporters fl 5 in stationery. Among tbe bills introduced were tbe follow!**! • To amend chapter 132 U. S., relating to °" trials and Judgments in civil actions; al|fi to ap propriate twenty thousand dollars to *he Gov ernor. lor contingent purposes; alsc* ,0 ®PPf»>- piiatetoSt-Mary’s Hospital two «oasand five hundred dollars. anlbL Rose O-'Phau Asyium, St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum, a»d Bl Ailcltorns Orphan Asylum, five hundred dollars each. The Judiciary Committee ported to favor of the joint resolution introduced some days ago. to amend section four. attic's eight, of the Ooustilo lion, so as to authorize toe State to aid the build ing ot railroads to the amount of one hundred thousand dollars for every twenty miles. The resolution was adopted, onlv two Senators voting Jj'l enega iv«. Among the Senate bills passed were the follow ing: To authorize guardians to h ase lands of their wuide. Ac.; to men as* the Dumber of County Su pervisors in Waukesha County; to regulate. - the terms ol sale of Stale lands; to repeal section one ~f chapter thirty-five of Revised Statutes; rela ting to granting license to sell liquors to be drunk °ffi£cir Assembly hilis_ were concurred iu; TocedctotbeUnitcdStatesjniiediction over lands : lo amend section one, chapter seve-jty tw o. laws of ff6fs; relating to tutors paying license m-wr m certain cases, and repealing sections two and ibrce, chapter »econd. Ra-t evening Hon. Henry 8. Palmer, successor <o Jackson Hadley, deceased, was sworn and took A resolution was adopted instructing the Sn penntendent of Public Property to famish lb-_ Lieutenant Governor and each Senator a copy or Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. This morning Senators made a raid on said Superintendents office, bn trad to relate dicttonanoo be bad nary VOL. XX. oce. Moral—Senators want back up suits with a fleam their ear. ASSEMBLY. Ur. RkQHps preraatad the memorial ofJbhq. Rveoatt (10,000 for aiding Booth in the Glover rescue. The mailer was referred to the Comimt'ce on Stale Affairs. ' Mr. Dow's resolution to amend the Constitution so as to allow women to vote, was adopted amid great applause—ayes, 63;noes,d3. It's consid ered a Jobe, butDowlaeotatrureof it. A resolution '«as adopted looking to the taxing ol express companies. Ibe following bills were Interchanged: A memorial to Congress for land grants in aid ot the Richland, Vernon A LaCrosse Railroad; also, to authorize a branch road irom LaCro-se to Tom ah; to repeal la.-t winter's lavs providing that Stats officers may settle with Daniel Baxter; memorial to congress for the improvement of the Oconto River; to increase the compensation of Jurors; to regulate the disbursement of appro priations lo the state Prison. Ihe Committee on Charitable and Benevolent Institutions submitted a repoit relating to the hospital for Ibe Insane, extolling Its management; aids resolution was Introduced granting each member a copy of Webster's Unabridged Diction ary and stationery, in all amounting to (23. The Senatebili authorizing the University Fnnd to be Invested in Dane county Bonus was con curred in. Mr. Kershaw announced that a delegation of Menominee CoieGs waa m Madison, and that they wished to have some talk with the Wisconsin Leg islatore. and moved a committee to confer with the Indians. A committee was accordingly ap pointed. BUGDIGAN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Laxnxo, March 23. The Senate bos spent the entire day, since eleven o'clock, on the Governor’s veto. Elaborate speeches have been made by Senators Howell and Sum dish in support of the veto, and oy Senators Pringle and Williams in favor of the bilL At eleven o'clock the vote was taken, with the fol lowing remit; T<ag— Messrs. Abell. Andrews, Anna, Bradley, Childs. Clesbee, Collier, cutjemqus. Draper, Gies, Green, Latomette, Luce, Peters, Pringle, Rich, Sanbum, Smith, Turner, Waite, Williams—2!. Jfcyt —Bltely, Carlton. Chapman, Croswcll, Cowell, Jcncess, Jerome, Seymour, Shiley, standlfh— lo. It requiring twenty-two affirmative votes to pass *hc bill over the veto, it waa declared nut passed. The Honse this evening, in committee, consid ered the Female College Bill, making some slight amendments. Other bills In the hands of the Governor will be sent in with his objections to-morrow. Indicia! Ncmliatloa-Pj-osrMi of a new Railroad. Dctboit, March 2J.—Ron. W. T. Mitchell, of Port Huron, has received the Democratic nomina tion for Circuit Judge of the Sixth District. Work on tne Jackson. Lansing and Saginaw Railroad is progressing finely. The first twenty miles oi the road will be ready for the iron by April Ist. Two large gangs are at work between St. Charles and Saginaw City. H. H Smith, the Vice President, is at the East, purchasing iron, and as soon as navigation opens, It win be ship red, and by Jnly Ist can will be running between Jackson aud SL Charles. SKWVOBK. Auiirr, March *2o.—Resolutions were offered in the Assembly to-day, protesting against tbe foimatlo • of any Government in Norm America not republican In form, aod appealing to tbe Government of tbe United States to interpose its legitimate offices in remonstrance with tbe British Government against the estabishment ot any Government in North America, the Influence of which would endanger tbe friendly relations of the people of tbe Provinces of Great Britain with the people of this State. MASSACHUSETTS. Bostos, March 20.—The Senate this afternoon ordered the resolution concerning the amendment to the Constitution of tbe United States to a third reading, by a vote of 27 to 0. aud as tbe House of Representatives had takcu similar action last week, the President of the Senate officially an nounced that the Legislature of Massachusetts had ratified the amendment to the Constitution of the United States. HIBTLINDi Aitkapous, Kd., March SO.—Tbe bill calling n Convention to frame anew Sta’c Constitution pass* a the Maryland Senate to-day, by a two thirds vote. FEOM LOUISVILLE. Union ConcreMlonat Convention—Norn* Ination of Colonel Bullitt— Union Bat*. 11l cation tins. (.Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lomsvmjt. March 20. A Union District Convention assembled In Con cordiaßall,,to nominate scan didtte for Congress for the Fifth, or Louisville District. W. English, of Owen, and Colonel W. A. Bullitt, of Jefferson, were pat in nomination. On the first ballot Bullitt received 25 votes to 19 for English, ana 1 scattering, and the latter was declared unanimously nominated. Colonel Bu<- liit, tbe, is well known as ibe gallant commander during the war of the Taird Ken lucky Iplabiry. Ex-Airomey G-ncral Jama Speed and other ■ trotur men, attended ibe Convention, and a Harmonious and excel.ent feeling prevailed. A general Union mctllrg will be held to-night to ratify the proceedings of the Fran-tort Conven tion. Governor Oglesiy, of Illinois, and other distinguished gentlemen will speak. Retirin': Union Sleeting— Speech cf b'oTentor Oelttbjr-Hw Epihnm«itlc Bcceptlon-Lofil ITlea Jubilant* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] . Louis vnxr, March 20. The Court House was filled with a large crowd of falthfhl and earnest Union men to-night. Joshua Speed was called to the chair, and intro duced Governor Oglesby, of Illinois, who spoke fo~two hours upon the political issues of the day, greeted throughout the entire course of hia re marks with loud and enthusiastic cheers. He pronounced squarely In favor of equal civil an! political rights for all men, reviewed the history ol the rehel’too, ana --bowed what it bad cost the nation; denounced the treachery of Andrew Johnson, and depicted Low it bad prostrated the Union men of Ken lucky and other Southern States; declared Use true policy of Kentucky Unionists was to stand htmly on their own platform, fight under their , own flag and refuse to affiliate with any wao apologize for treachery or separate themselve from the loyal hosts of the land; predicted their certain success in The future, and c'osed wi fa an eioonen' picture cf ibeßeonhilc when alt portions of it should be neder the control of loyal men. R. T. baker. Union candidate for Lieutenant Governor, followed in a brief speech, and the meeting adjourned amid load cheers fir the Un ion. me hand playing the national airs. The very best of loyal feeling was displayed throughout the meeting, and the effect cannot fail to b»* good. >ome of the persons present became so enthu siastic as to predict that even In the next election the Union party would cany the State. FBOH HOBBIS. Tbe Trial of Joseph Tibbets for Mur der A ComnmaeiODs VltneM—Ac quittal of the Prisoner* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Mourns, ill., March 20. Tbe trial of Joseph Tibbetts, lor tfao murder of Ihomas Page, which has been in progress for the past week, suddenly came to a stand still on yesterday afternoon. The prosculion had finished all its testimony, except that ol Alonzo Tibbetts, the brother of the accused, noon whose testimony before the Grand Jury an Indictment was lound and Joseph arrested. Upon being placed upon the witness stand he refused to testily, and tbe Court oidtred him to Jail. This morning be was bioaght in and discharged from his arrest, the court rcversix.g Us decision of yesterdav. The wi’ncsf still retusirgto testify, and no testimony being offereo by the defence, the case was submlc led wltbont argument, and in half an hour the Jury returned a verdict of not guilty. There is considerable excitement throughout the entire county in regard to this murder!, lor we must have the murderer ot Thomas Page in our midst. FROM ST. LOUIS. Bcrslaries—The Fenians—Belief to Uie .Destitute Soaili. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tnlmne.j St. Louis, Msrcn 20. Numerous burglaries are reported to the Police Office every day, ana several merchants have Bar tered severely. The Fetnans are very quiet here, and tbe latest spasms have only shown Ibat the enthusiasm tef inerlv attcsolng the movement has died oa«; si Is stated, however, that two .officers. °‘ ihe Sever in Missouri Infantry, an Iris>-*'-2* ,nen L art nowin Ireland engaged in areo—* 1 movement. A shipment ot ?3,U00 worth •'* provisions has been mace to Florence, Ala’-* 1 ? 1 * *°f “ c relief ol the North Alabama dest**- 1 * S”, 0 # 1 , 1110 Ladies’ southern Relief Com* -4 * 166 °* &t - Louis. FJBOS LAFAYETTE, IND. 4 Onc*Slded Dnel, with a Female In It—Snppoeed Caae of Injured Inno cence— Specimens or Rapid Locomo* tlon—Nobody Hart. (Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Jatatette, Ind., March 20.—The Couiier has tbe following: Abo at eleven o’clock last night, a gen .’eman and lady oat walking on 2>»Ui street fterc observed to stop a moment oa the sidewalk, and the gentleman took to hie seels. running oh ifqnely. Indian fashion, across the street,, to dodge a pistol hall which the la-V btil after him. He evidently escaped as b“ locomotion was hotwa^nred,and the ladv retreated, reaving a handso** u four-ahootor on the grourd. was attire’ in 9 heavy black dress, hut path »»rr.rt hi.. *b-»s under her arms. She exhibited omc i/.itravclling in toe direction of Linwood. The is from Cbicago.nnd the gentleman from v n ,ngflelcl. “They met by chance, the usual :iy.»’ The Conner intimates that Chicago ladles ore sufficiently killing without resorting to fire arms. ► FROM CISCDiNATI, Ihe Steamer Great Republic—A Dnel— Attempted Escape of a Murderer— Suicide—A Sadden .Death—Church Runted* Cincinnati, March 20.—Not less than 20,000 persons yesterday visited the wonderful new steamer ’‘lhe Gicut Republic." at tbe wharf. The throng was so grant that she coaid neither receive nor discharge freight, and the police will be railed Into action to-day to get her clear of sicht-ster*. She is pronounced by competent judges to he the finest river steamer in the world. Two v bloods of this city met In a billiard saloon yesterdaymctning.andagreed to settle an old lend by a dnel on the spot. One oltbem produced two loaded Derringers, seconds Acre chostn, and theword to fire was about to be given whtn oto of the principals skedaddled up a neighboring flight of stairs, and so the matter ceded. Gsctz, the mntdcrrr. made cnolher attempt to ef-cane .vesterday. By some means he procured a j-ckicnlfe, made a file of it, and rawed through h-- mannclc>> on hi- feet. He was again detected and placed in double irons. A middle aged German named John Knee was b und lying in as obscure street, yesterday, nearly dead from lUE* of blood. Being despondent, be severed the arteries at his wnsr, and will probably die In apiteof subsequent efforts to save him. Mis. Carr, an old lady, residing in Vanceburg, Ky., was told, on Saturday nignt, that her son war ! n a loom et the hoie) that was at tLatmo aefitoxiflre. Thcahddeaaeii* baft auch aa eT* foct upon her that she fell Minting lo Onground, and d'ed in a few minutes. The Bigelow Methodist Episcopal church was burned as Portsmouth. Ohio, on Sunday rural, at IS o'clock. I^lSjSOi^tesnn^ftOßir non CHINA AND JAPAN. BaataMmatHaeg i'nn TfaulfHan nr CMlncae Bmn Controlled by Ament* rana irnillsti Jealamyoffieneh ßn* lerpitao- The ColorMo’a Panage to and frsm CMlna—Arrival of GUneae rommiaaloMfira TnnMn Powder Ex* plosion In Uae Harbor of Mong Koag Great Biauuetloa of Life and Prop erty. Sas Fuaxcisco, March 20.—Dates from Hong Song to February ITlo, the China New Year. There was nothing doing for the last months. Prices for exports are firmer. The Colorado brings 272 half chests green tea from BongEong. Net value 100,560 taels; gross 800,199. The American house of Bussell A Co. control the steam navigation on the Yongtzc, end Heard A Co., on American boose, control steam naviga tion on the Canton River. The Chinese Government resists the railroad through Mongolia. The French areabontto build a short railroad from Shanghai to Sucbow. The English are Jealous ox the growth of French interest in the East. Consul General Seward returned by the Colorado. Much regret was expressed at hli de parture. The Japanese embassy arrived by the Colorado. New Yobs, March 20.—The steamship Colorado arrived at Ban Francisco, this a. m., in twenty* ono days from Japan. The following Is a tele gram to a bouse m this city, engaged in the China and Japan trade: “ Yokohojla, February 37 —Exports of Japan leas to date, t\ooo,oou pounds; export of green less. ia.6U0.000 pounds. Raw silk, none of good quality m offer. 1 ' • s»w Fsax cisco. March 90.—The Colorado ex perienced pleasant weather the entire voyage to Yokohama, except three days of westerly wiids in the middle of the passage. The run to Yokohama was made without once stopping the engines. In twenty-one days and twenty-three Jiocrs; from Yokohama to Hong Kong in five cays and thirteen hours—the quickest on record. She left Hong Kong February 17th, on the return passage up against a Northeast monsoon, with an cxcetdmgly rough sea. She left Yokohama on tre 87ih. Theflrri part of the passage she bad heavy weather. On the 8»h she encountered a hur ricane which continued twenty-four boors. The remainder of the voyage was pleasant. The Colorado bad ninety-three cabin passen gers red iitnety-cight steerage. The Japanese CommUslosers to Washington were passengers. Osorotomogaro Is the first Commissioner: Mat inmate Yudayre, second; Fnknsawa Utile hi. Secretary; Tsnda Sevya, first interpreter; Sekey Shin patch!, second; Yimn Shinnojo, Paymaster; Ogasffewara Kinao. Enata Hoisaku, Naval Offi cers, with rative servant. sax Fitaxcisco, March SO.—Among the cause* which are apt 10 prolong the depresaloa oi busi ness is the death of the Mikado. The oppressive law ot custom prescribes, on such an occasion, a long period of i>sliona) mourning, cessation of trade, business, and amnsements. Many believe the late Mikadoguilty of duplicity m the wretched Cboisir fend. Be had no ability or force ol character, aid was ready to lend his Influence in any quarter to derive Immediate benefit for him tell and needy courtiers. The nsna! period of mourning is fifty days, at the end of which the ceremonies appertaining to the succession of the fucccsaor are proceeded with, and generally oc cupy thirty days, in the meantime no govern ment, or other business of the country requiring reference to the Court of the Mikado, is trans acted. The visit of the foreign representatives to Osaca is postponed null the expiration of tbe mourning. An event ot much interest was the oepartare, February 16th, of the French mall steamer, with the Tycoon’s bxothci for Europe. The brother is a yonnp man, energetic. Intelligent, with a area passion lor foreign travel, and has been selected to represent Japan at tbe Paris Exposition. Mr Harry Parkas sent two attaches of bis lega tion to Osaca, to inform the Tycoon Statsbiski ibat unices he really means business he can ex pect no > isil from the B< lush U n'eler. Suaxqiiai. February 17, r*o 6 ax Fbahcisco, March 20.—United States steamer Wachnsctt, ar lived here from Corea on ibe Gib. Captain Scbu teldt states that the crew ol tbe General Sherman were all murdered. Captain Bcbufeldt’s despatch to the Governor of Corea had oven received by the latter, but no answer was returned. The United States steamers Hartford, Shenan doah and Ashntlat were at Hone Kong. The Shenandoah goes to Yokobomo, lo relievo tb>; Wyoming. The Aebuclat le expected at this port. Minister Burlingame is iu high favor at Pekin. His « oi.clllalory course Is highly approved. Bessel) & Co., agents of the Shanghai Steam ship Company, have purchased the steamers Fusyama, Birado, Klatig Sonng and Tawah. Thi y have also arranged with the Qong Kong and Canton Steamship Company to withdraw from competition, thus leaving no otber opposition steamers except the American floating on the Canton River. A terrible explosion occurred Is the harbor of January 17. The halk*of the Zephyr, used Tor the storage of powder, blew op. and was totally destroyed; also, the Bremen schooner Tht mis. Mai y persons Is boats in tbe neighbor hood were killed. Tttere was 200,000 pounds of powucr on board. Tbe town shook as with an earthquake. Four English gunboats moored m •he vicinity barely escaped destruction. In the village of Yahcsatee a hundred aud thirty bouses were unrooted and sbakeu down. The steamer Cora was wrecked on the voyage from Bong Kong. Her passengers aod ere w were saved. *• he vessel was a total loss Theeteamer Wachnselta left forCorea Jan. Slat, to inquire regarding tbe American schooner Gen era! riberman, wrecked there. Tbe English, Pieichard American Ministers, agreed lo go In tbe spring, accompanied bv tbeir respective fleets, and m?isl upon treaties. Tne ratal force at Han kow will be increased on tbe arrival of tbe French nnd Rut-elan gunboats. All fears of tbe rebels raking the town have subsided. At last accounts tbe reticle were sacking (be town of ilenmen, at d had burnt Klukhow,twenty miles from Uaukow. An extensive flru occurred in the river suburbs of Foochow, which burnt half o mile Inland. It was reported by a Mandarin that a number of Chinese were lost. 7 be proposition to have** com of silver like tbe cafh used among the Chinese is favorably enter tained. 'the Colorado was received with great rejoicing a* Yokohama. The Fr» cch frigate J/i Cvrreriere fired a salute, the band played the “Star Spangleo Banner.” ana ”ther national airs. She was visited by an un> menu* thiong, with many Japanese officials. At Hong Eong the ilagsbio Hartford fired a sa lute and manned the r'gglng. The deck- were thronged with guests, headed by blr Richard Grove McDonald. Governor of Dong Eong The Japan limes speaks highly of the Colorado, and wishes the enterprise success. The HercW speculates on the consequence of the establishment of an Amcrlcan-Astauc line, ut.d predicts a great result. The China Hall eulogizes the Colorado, and says •he is the largest vessel that ever entered the harbor of Hong Kong. THE FENIANS. United States Troops Stationed on the Canadian Frontier Xlie Irfsla War Excitement oylng Oat—Tbe Ca- nadian Authorities still on the Alert* New York, March 20.—Nine' car-loads of Uni ted States troops, forming on extra train,/ester oay passed over the Hudson Elver Railroad. The men were fully equipped, and bad with them all the recess ary baggage for a campaign. They are destined for Oswego, and are undoubtedly In tended to operate against a movement of Fenians' which may be attempted oit the frontier of Canada. Tbe Fenian news by the latest despatches gives hitle or noeicouisgemcnt to the Brotherhood, there is a pcneci stagnation in the excitement which prevailed daring the lart week, and tbe be lief is necominggeneral that nolMng like an in surrection wss initiated to Ireland, and that what ever disturbance occurred was quickly and easily quelled. Ibe movement on Canada is, however, stiract ing more general attention, and Us inauguration is believed to be near at band. c The city of Montreal has been In a state of tbe most unwarrantable excitement for the last two ur three days. The moat startiirg rumors were set afioat. to tbe effect that the Victoria Bridge or the powder magazine was to ne blown up. An extraordinary Cabinet Council was held, and it transpired that more troops were telegraphed fur to England. At St Albans, VL, rays a Herald correspond ent, many strange Milesian faces are noticeable, and probably (bat town will soon be the hose of a Fenian column in Canada. The riois which occurred on St. Patrick’s day. m New York, were the subject of excited conver sation aniung tbe public generally, and the men especially, yesterday. The wouncW are elill suffering seriously, and, although improv ing. several ot them are still in a very precarious condition. Ihe Roberts Fenian Sonafc »<* holding a special •csslon. »•> consider the subject of extending aid jo jve leaders m the insurrection In p-cridcnl Roberts is to deliver on address, in which he will review the whole subject. It is said it will contain special reference to the effort to convert Canada into a Kingdom, and the duty ot Irishmen to fight for their fatherland and to defend at the same time the Monroe doc trine. The Express says the rumored despatch of troops to the frontier arose frem the fact thatnde tachnuiit was ordered west from Oswego, and their places were filled by other troops. NewYoqe, March 20.—Tbe Post says, relative to the movement of troops to ihe frouiler: A part ol the Fourth United States Regulars was or dered lo Omaha to participate In (be summer campaign against tbe Indians, aid the Potcy eceond United States Regiment and some re cruits. The men take the place on the frontier of the departing troops. EECOSSTKOCTIOX. Rebel Attempt to Influence tbe Negro Vote—The Negroes* Candidate for mayor, &e. Nrw Yobs, narch 20 —The lit raid's Richmond correspondent says that Hunnlcutt is about can vassing the State in order to counteract tbe Influ ence sxeitcd by seveial prominent rebels, who, having accepted the situation, are now endeavor ing to influence the negro vote for their own po liucil ends. Hnnnicnrt Is considered a good ora tor, and the question of opposing him with Henry A Wise is mooted. A report says that Wardwcll. for Mayor, heads a muLidpal ticket nominated by the negroes in Richmond. The Herald's Washington special says: “The people of BucUncham county, Virginia, held a meeting on Monday last, at which the Military Reconstruction Dili was endorsed, and their rep resentatives Instructed to vote tor a call of a con vention. though nothing had been previously said npon the subject." HoNTooxznT, Ala., March SO.—General Swayne, with a large number of prominent citizens, have issued a call for a public meeting to be held here on the seth instant, m favor of reconstruction un der the Sherman bill. MEXICO. Humor of. a Disastrous Liberal Defeat. San Fbancisco, March 20.— Tbe steamship Ori flamma. from Mazatla*, with advices to March 19, has arrived. There wasarnmorat Mazatlan that in a battle he>seen the Liberals and Impcrlaltsta, near ban Luis Potoai. (be Liberals were defeated with heavy loss- The news is not confirmed by Consul body, nor prominent merchants having Mexican correspondence. Prize Fight* Kxw Yens. March 20.- A prize fight, for one thousand dollars, came off yesterday morning near Douglarvllle, Berks Cauuiy, Pa, between Thomas Kelly, of Philadelphia, and William Purkicson, of Pottarllle, Pa. The fight lasted two minutes, one roniid only be lug fought, when Parkint-ou, "ho was getting the wore tot the pun ishment, seized Kelly by the leg. which was foul, and K«lly was at once declared the winner. Tbe affair was witnessed by more than one thousand persons. Pardoned. Trenton, N. J., March 20.—A rich member of the bet Legislature of New Jtr*ey, convicted of brtbrry ana sentenced to one year In tbe State prison at the December term of Court has been pardoned. CHICAGO. THURSDAY. MARCH 21, 1867. SETT YORK OH ST. PATRICK'S OAT. The Bloedj Bio. ok 6wH BdMt— cuMudßcnll tf IM MapaeeU AKm ir. [Fran the New TodC Herald, Mlh.] tot CAUSE Or THE BIOT. About 1 o'clock t» the afternoon, •sflttrarioa* dialeioas of the Asdent Older oi OMsim or < Brooklyn were passing °P Oend ilnM, in the vicinity ot *sd just previous to Joining, the mite body of the procession, which wis at tost tiae'psum* through £ast Broadway, * trod: drove op Giud the not direction In which' the various societies were marching. Although the driver seemed to take special care not to disturb the order of the procession, by keeplag his bones close to- the curb outside tbe of he wee called upon by several of the officers of the-Fourth division to cross into one of the bystreets. So ■ soon as be had beard tbe orders, the driver at* tempted to reach ooe of the by streets;. hut. to do so, it was nieearmry for him to cross the lin; of march, which he attempted to do. As hu inten tionbecame manliest, an outcry was raised against Mm by the marshals and aids on horse back, and, m order not to create any trouble, be drewhla vehicle up to the curb and slopped, ven turing to ««b one of the procession officials, as he did ao, what they expected him to do if they would not permit ban to crass Grand street, as without doing so he would be unable to enter one of the by streets. oosmemn op thx attbat. At this, without deigning to answer bis ques tion or showing any willingness to halt their march for a moment to allow tbe driver to pass, although his truck stood so close to the sidewalk that almost double the number of men who were in the line coola have walked on without being obstructed in their march by the vehicle, several men broke from the ranks, jumped into the truck and instantly commenced bea<lrg him with their iron headed staves. Rot content with throwing him bleeding to the bottom ol the vehicle, as if tendered more Curious by tbe sight of the blood tbat flowedprofuselyfrom thopoorman’s wounds, while he cned out piteously lor them to spare hla lile, they kicked and stamped upon tbe prostrate body of their victim until it seemed that tbeir Intention indeed was to murder ulm. In ibe meantime the attention of officer Ulmer, of the Thirteenth precinct, who happened to be standing in the crowd on the sidewalk, where he Ijsd been stationed to keep the people irom inter* ferine with the procession as It passed by. was attracted to the track by the confusion of voices inddeLt to the attack upon the dilver. Be ran to me spot and jumped npontho truck to protect tbe object of the affray, when bo was felled to the floor of the vehlcle and trampled under foot in the most brutal manner. Tula dastardly act was witnessed by officers Coleman and Kearney, who hastened to the assistance of their brolt>* cr officer, but after a desperate straggle they fell In their tun beneath the blows of tnelr assailants. But they were soon on Ihtnr feet, defending themselves bravely from the top of the truck, dealing blows right and left of them as rapidly as they could wield their dobs. Tbe rioters, finding that tbe officers could and were determined to make a desperate resistance as long as they were on the truck, immediately pnt their shoolders to tbe vehicle, overturning it completely upon the officers as they fell to the ground, Hearney receiving a tearful cut from the sword ofoneofthcMarshals or Aids as be w.ia failing. A rath was at once made by tbe rioters for tbe untorinnate policemen aa soon as they had roikd to tee groued, who kicked and trampled them under their feet like go many demons. TUX rtODT AT ITS HEIGHT. By this lime Officer Dcieeman, who bad beard of the fight a abort distance tram the scene of me disturbance, sent word of the affair to roundsman Brown and three or four other officers who were dlsti touted along the route of the procession, and they arrived on me “ double quick,’ ’ rushed Into the crowd, and fouebt their way to where their companions lay bleeding In the street. Bat, not* withstanding the good stand they made for a short time, they were overpowered by numbers, and in their turn lay at the feet of their maddened assailants, bleeding from wounds inflicted by me swords of the horsemen and the formidable spear* headed slaves of the men in fiont. a rsAßrux. sesax. The excitement that reigned in (he neighbor* hood of tbc riot at this moment was painfully ap* parent among the enrglng masses uf men and women, who crowded round the spot where the officers lay trampled under foot, and bleeding from the most ghastly wounds. Loud murmurs were heard from the men who, though willing to a‘*l«t the officers, stood back in fear of incurring their (ate. while several women, who were Blind ing near by, were borne off me scene fainting. Others, who had ibe hardihood to remain la the viclnl'y, stood by pale and trembling, and at times wcepleg at the sight they would fain shut out fiom toelr view. Meanwhile several officers from various parts of the line of the procession, to whom intelligence of the disturbance had been communicated, arrived on the snot

shortly after tbc men under Roundsman Brown, and succeeded in fighting their way io the s de ui their prostrate comrades, but only useless ly to c. meed against the oveiwfceiming numbers which closed rout d them, and attacked them with stave, dob and o»ord, tin'll toey, too. succumoed and fell bleeding to the earth, to be trampled underfoot. So soon as the rioters bad glutted their vengeance by cutting down all me police men who dared to confront them—ud not one officer who was In the vicinity shrank from the contest—a party of them suzed hold of officer Wm. Barrett, who lay unconscious In the etreeL ana after brutally stamping upon him Sang him down a cellar way. one of them remarking ta the body struck heavily at tie bottom of the atone steps, ••Let the damned dog He there; he’s dead, any how!" During tbc latter pan of the bloody con test t aptaln Helme. who was standing at the cor ner of Clinton street ana East Broadway, was in formed of what was occurring to Grand street, and immediately, in company with Sergeant Barmtt and three men, whom he bad stationed in that vicinity, pro ceeded to the scene of the riot, where they were met by a crowd some three hundred etrorg, which seemed very demonstrative, hut in nowise bent on mischief, and which the Captain and his men had very httie trouble iu scattering. To follow tbc Hibernians, who had already left mo scene, was the captain's first thought, hut on npproaco iosr them it was fontd useless to make any attack without reinforcements. He men directed Cap tain Cblman, of the Eleventh precinct, and a few men of tbc Seven'll, whom be met, to follow the society, and the? succeeded m annoying me strag glers considerably with ihglr locusts. Helme af terwards went to woiktocare tor his wounded men, three of whom be found la a shanty, several lying on Ibestreet, and others In biases to which ipey bad been carried by citizens after the rioters bad left the scene. tiik nonr nxszwxa. As the Hibernian* proceeded op East Broad way, after leaving Grand street, they, for some reason or another, attacked a citizen named Lan kins ; on<t two officers of ibe Seventh Precinct, Lamed Hiram Cole and David Martin, *ho went to the rescue were set upon and seriously Injured, die? receiving several stabs and cats from swords ana slaves. SCXNZS AT THE STATION HOUSE. So eooq as Captain Helme bad gathered to gether nil tbc wonmlcd nun of bis product, a truck was piocurcd, on wbtcb they were placed ana takes to the station bouse, where their wosrds were dressed by Police Surgeons .1. i*. Uliveti and H. A. Pooler, and Drs. W7A. James, J. Berg.'ld and A. J. Ccrgoid,of No. 153 Uelanccy stieeL, who voltatee.-cd their semces on bearing of tbe tnisforlone of the offi cers. As tbc wounded men were brought Into the station bouse, tbe streets In the immediate \lcimty were crowded by an excited crowd of men and women, and In a short time after tbe it-Jored officers were brought into tbc large room ol tbe station, they wereamronnded by their friends, tbe women crying and wringing their bands in anguish, end tbe men, particularly tbelr fellow officers who hid been on other posts, and übo bad not learned of ibe Lite of their com panions until relieved, clenching their teeth in oncer and mitring deep imprecations against tbe notcis. it was. ini.ced, a sight to move the most hardened, and many an eye that had been wont to gaze nsmoisltned upon scenes of blood was naf fnsid wiih tears, end tbe Ups of more than one sturdy patrolman guttered with emotion at the sight'd the brave fellows as they lay bleeding from tbelr tcniblc wounds, though alterin'* no wordet complaint. ** THE WOUNDXD. Tbe foDowlng are ibe names, of the wounded officers: Patrick Kearney, badly wounded with sword cuts on the bead and oadiy braised about ihe body wiibkleue. J Bober! Leach, very badly wounded with several sword cuts on the head, hia upper lip several in two aid body badly braised. William H. Waldron, badly wounded, wl*h cnta from spear-headed staves end blows from clube. Geo. Ga*tiu), badly wounded In the tame man ner as Waldron. Edw rd W. (J’Dara, badly clubbed on the head an** omleed by kicks on the body. William Barrett, very badly wounded: received several sword cuts on the head and face, ana bruised in & fear till manner. Bernard McGuire, very badly wonndedwltb sev eral sword cats; received a terrible gash across the lace and his Iclt eye almost cat out: was also badly biniico. George Godfrey, received a revere spear wound on the bead. William Gibbons received a fearful sword cut across the top of bis bead, which reaches from the ion head to the back of the bead; was also badly bruised by Licks. Patrick Holds, badly wounded with two severe sword cuts on the bead; also badly braised. John Struck, badly braised by being Idckedand stamped upon. Henry Ullncr, wounded with several sword cuts and badly bruised with kicks. John Bloodgood. badly wounded with sword cuts on the bead and bruised with kicks. Timothy Falvey received severe sword cuts and badly injured from kicks. William E. Brown, wonnded by clnb blows. James Boeby. slightly braised. ■ Michael Coleman, some. J. M. Brown, received several club blows and hicks while on the ground. August Herscman, same. Hiram Cole, Seventh Precinct, seriously cut with sword on the head. David Martin. Seventh Precinct, seriously stab bed in Ibehlpwlihaawotdor dirk. ATUIEBTB —TOX 60CHTU8 Mfllntn Two men named respectively Bernard Clark, a member of the society o! the quarrymen, and Thus. Newman, weic arrested during the after noon by the Seventh Preduct Police, the former ofwbomwas engaged in the Grand street riot as be ircely confessed. Newman was, it Is alleged, one of two men who attacked the olUeer a East Broadway. TSE SWOUDBUAN. The ramc of the marshal or aid who did such fearful execution with bis sword durin" the bloody alfiayiu Grand Street. Is said to reside In Brooklyn. He n de«c-lbed as having had the appearance of manat the time that he struck nw r ■ evexal of the officers, and that be din more czecnUou Irom his elevated po sition on horseback with bis sword than did any four ol his men with their staves. fHasonfc Nottos. TITASONIC.—ReguIar Communication if I ol Kilwinning Lodge No. 311. A.F. & A. M„ this (TilUhfiDAl) evening. In Covenant Hall, No. 39 North Clark-st. A'l members are herewita summoned to attend, as business ot Importance will be brought before the Lodge. JOHN J. GRAHAM. Secretary. There will be a regular meeting of the Pleiades LxJge 475, at their hall Tbls Evening, at 7 I*2 o’clock. Every member is requested to be present, as special business is to transacted. By order ofW. M. B. J. COLBURN, Sccy. Esc anb JHat. O%*T) U - UNDERWOOD, /Qg £^>-COKSULt INO and opebattvehCt , SURGEON. \V For all diseases and dctormllies ot the Eye and w , Ear. 124 Randolph Chicago. Cross Eves straight. euedlnoLC mr nta, wiihont pstn or danger to sight. French Artificial Ey*-# constantly on hand. 2To tient. gUELDINGS. ▲ few good offices to rent in boil ding comer oi LASALLE AND WASHINGTOIf-STS* inquire Of UKDKBWOOD A CO MO, 9tjL* flail*** Nfto ja«ait. piano husio. TOURS AMES T WALIX. A pretty waits, Ureir and iptrttnae. Datable ibr danorg purposes, tbs u«e bemgwell marked. Key of o.modoatelj easy. Composed by Augustine Bergs. Srloe Shirty ceats, ASUANTE MODERATE BERCEUSE. There charming ciswlcal gems should be {band Is tbeiolm of everyievcrof toodmasic. Compered by Paul Better. Fncem cents each. BEAUTIFUL LENA. Trantciipllon on glebert** charmlac melody of the Mm* came. Key ofC, rather below the mocerate grade of mffiraity. showy sad oulte pleasing. Com* poietfsyV.B.Aubert. Price4ocent*. THE TWILIGHT HOUR. A brilliant waits. Key of o noSsrately difficult. An excellent piece to play In company. Composedby V.B. Hubert. Price4bcent*. . Fublfthedby - I.YOIf dfc WE4LY. dart and Chicago. ©merries. STORE, No. 20 North Clark*Bt. We have Jn«t purchased this well-known Store, and sbshaiwsyskeepa Urge and well-aasorted stock of GBOCXEIES, FBOYISIOHS, And anything reeded by housekeepers, a.d would re* tpectttuly solicit tbe patronage of all the old custom* era. and as many new onci as powlble. Mr. James B. fcaasoa win remain with ns. glMaflH fc CARD.—I most chstrfnuy recommend Messrs. MIL* t.vr * i.ahmax to an my customers and the public get orally. They will keep, at ad times, aa fine a stock ol Groceries aa the beat m the irartct, and customers may rest aaanred their wants wIU ce attended to in the beat manner. J. JL DOIM3KTT. Chlcaro, March 30,1987. Bags. pHICAQO BAG FACTORY. BAGS AND BAGGING OF EVEET DESCRIPTION. Cotton Seamless Bagt WOOL SACKS, HAM SACKS. Single and Doable Canny Bags* The beet Manilla Quart er-BbL Sacks made. LABGB STOCK AND LOW PRICED J. & H. CHAPMAN, ISO Sontfa Water-at. Wats anti (Sops. fJ'HE CELEBRATED AMIDON HAT! IS HOW FOB SALE 67 BISHOP & BARNES, SOLE AGENTS, 115 Lmke-it*, (opposite Palmer’s*) jQBESS BILK HATS; POPULAR STYLES. Abo, the Celebrated DUNLAP SILK HAT. BKEWSTEB, Hatter, £& SHERMAN HOUSE. jftte Proof Safes. rj»HE CHUT IMERIUN SAFES -OF BIEBOIB, BAHBANN & GO., CEVCIN NATL The doon of all Fire Proofs lined with heavy Boiler Iron. No extra charge for Combination Locta. FOR SALE ONLY BT IF. W. PRATT, 86 Washington-fit. Kcto ffubltcattons. PUBLISHED THIS DAY. L FAMOUS AMERICANS OF RE CENT TIMES. BY JAMES PAirTON. 1 vol, Larce 12mo. Tlntrt paper, morocco cljlh. Uniform la tire and style with Parton*s Work* lately reissued. With Portrait of Calhoun. 93.00. In tbit volume Mr. Psrtou, who baa an almost unc- QQftlied rcdiqb for biographical wrltlre, gives tnll and trrlklsgiy Inter *tlcc sketches of Henry day. Daniel Webstar. John C. Calhoun, John Randolph, Stephen Girard acd bl« Coilrce. James Gordon Bennett and the Hew Yurie Betald, Charles Goocyear, Henry Ward Deecher and bis Cnnrch, Commodore Vanderbilt, The odosia Barr, and John Jacob Astor. H RELIGIOUS POEMS. BY HARIOET BEECHER STOWE. Onebeautlfnll6mo Tolomettlnied paper. tnnroccocloth,beTelled board*, gill top. With Illustrations. S3AO. sale by alt Booksellers. Best postpaid on re* :eipt of price by tbe publishers. HCBTOB A FIELDS, Boston. Nurseries. JJOPE KDRSEIIY, S>ss North darkest., cor. Asjlcun-place, TEE INSPECTION OF TBE PUBLIC Is Invited to oar Collection ol FLOWEBINCt PLANTS' Comprising Boses, Carnations, Bose. Scarlet and Locale Geraniums, Pelargoniums, Ac., Ac., which, la coa-c<iaence of extensive additions to and Improve ments In oar Greenhouses, we are able this year to oifer to WINDOW GARDENERS At low prices, and in a very healthy condition, BO QUETb. CKObEES, WliEAtH**, &<%, on short notice. Gardens tMirlnlly laid oat. Trees. Shrabi, Ac* tar* imbed and planted at reasonable rates. Price litts sent on application. Orders by mall promptly attended to. p. Willi am. jflout. JpLOUR. J. B. HOBBS & CO., EXCLUSIVELY FLOUR COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 166 Washlngton-st., Chicago. HL «E£lantrtr TXT ANTED —By the Security Life In- W sursnee Company of New York, AH AGENT FOR THIS CITY, Experienced In the famines#. Apply to JAMES H. KNAPP, General A cent 1 IS Fouin Clark-eu, Booms 18 and 19. Offlceboors,9to 10a.a.and2to3p.m. A FIRST-CLASS BUSINESS MAN J\ and PRACTICAL ACCOUNTANT, wltubest of t defences, Is open for an Engagement* Has a good knowledge ol the French language, and would net obi. ct to going abroad. Address “J P W.” P. O. Box 1466. dfcOX AAA —Partner wanted, silent or active, with the above amount, lb a well rstabllshed commission business. Nonebutreliablebuslneesmenneedapuly. „ For farther oartlealata address P. O. Box jS63. TNSURANCE. 1 WILL PAV 108 For IfeW shares MERCHANTS’ INS. CO. STOCK. C. B. GOODYEAR. ti4 Chamber of Commerce. Shingles. fl BEEN BAY 17 SHINGLES 01 the best brands received dally by railroad, which wc ate selling In carload iol« to d-alers. at lowest mar ket rates. 81-ANCHABD 4 BOBLAND, -12 South Water Chicago. financial. Tkjr ONEY TO LEND in sums of $2,000 iyJL to *IO,OOO or more, on First-class Farms or Chicago City Property. Describe property and address F. O. Box 2876. gtockbolbctH’ jHcrttwg. IVTICHIGAN SOUTHERN & NOBTH- M EEN INDIANA. B. K. CO. „ , No.ia WnilA* STkXTT, I New Vo EC, March 15,1867. i The annual election lor Directors of this Company will be held at the Company’# offlce In Toledo, Ohio, on Wedneidty, the Mth day of April next, at noon. The noils will remain opsa until ip. m. Toe Stock Transicr Bo<*kß will becloseaontneSOthlrsLat?p. m„ ard re-iucaed on the 25th proximo at 10 a. m. D. P. BaBHYDT. Secretary. Utncgar. T?LDER & MAXFIELD—The only ex* i’j tensive manufacturers of Pure Cider Vinegar in Chicago. Ho IST Kindest. Unrivalled fbr pickling and table nu wimntM V 7 Young mars Christian asso ciation. Young Men’s Cfirlsliaii Associatiei Young Men’s Christian Associatioi A POPULAR LECTURE. “ The Disposition,” “ The Disposition,” -BT— -IVATTTATV SHEPPARD, —AT— CROSBY’S OPERA HOUSE, THURSDAY EVENING, March Slit Ticket* 50 cents. Including reserved seats. t o be ob tainprt the Open Boose Ticket Office Wednesday and jpotfelg farctingg. YOUNG MEN'S ASSOCIATION. Annual Election. The annual meeting for the election of officers for the aboveAssoclatlonfortbeensulngyearwlll be field at the rooms of the Association, PORTLAND BLOCK* On S»tord»x Next, lint SM, 1887. Tbe polls will open and close at 7 o. m- The meeting lor tbe purpose of hearing the report at the Executive Committee, ana the transaction of bust ness, will ccmmetee at7k o'eloes. By orasr of the Executive Committee. EUWIN LKEBBOWH',President. BBHJ. F. GPTTuH.Bec.Sec. YOUNG MEN'S ASSOCIATION. Begnlar Ticket. Election Saturday, March 23, 1867. President, EDWIN LEE BBOWH, of Brown Bros. Pint Tice President, Prof. TRUMAN B. SAFFOBD, of Chicago Dnlvertlly. Second Vice President, BENJAMIN K. GUYTON, with SOWCtt Bros. .. Corresponding Secretary, D. R. PKABBONS, Land Agent. Recording Secretary, GEO. W. MONTGOMERY, with King, Hannon ft Co. Treasurer, L. J. GAGE, Merchants’ Savings, Loan ft Trust Co. MANAGERSt REV. ROBERT COLLYEB. WIL T IAMII. CARTER. Architect. . EDWARD FORMAN, with N. Matson ft Co. BENJAMIN 6. WILEY. Beal Estate Broker. CHAS. J. IRVINE, of Irvine, Jones ft Co. JAMES S. MURRAY. Clerk ot Circuit Court. SAMUEL D. FERRY, Mechanics' National Bank. NOTICE— The Boss Plasterers of Chi cago will meet at ST. GBOBGE’S HALL On South Clark-st. on Saturday night, March 231, at i o’clock. iSiptess Companies. 'J'HE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPXTAXf - - 990,000,000* Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CARRIES BY EXPRESS, Mosey, Tatum* bics, Freight and Parcels, aver aiare thaa 13*090 mllea of Express Liar, at Jest and liberal rates, saves Millions yearly ta Kx- Drew Shippers, and can be made permanent only by their liberal patronage. This we bope ta merit and receive. Office. Noe. 103,105,107 ft 109 - IZoFUB. Afent. iQ&7 —THE NORTHERN TRANB - • POBrATIOXCO.,oI Ohio.. Will, daring •he present kvod, me their weu-knowa Line of Fl?sw '-laei Freight and Passenger Steamers regularly be tween Chicago, Milwaukee, Oswego. Cape Vincent. iidQ Ojtdensborgb. Connecting at Ogdenshorgb with the railroad lor Pod'- d and ail points In Northern New York and Hew England, and line of steamers tor Montreal and Quebec. At Cape Vincent with Umrailroad for New York. At Oswego with a line or flratclau canal boats, tor Albany, Troy and New York. Steamers leave Chicago triweekly—every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Thrcmrh freight cnoject to only one transshipment. Passengers ticketed to all points. AGENTO-J. Myers and 11. Hlgbec, Ko. 9 Aster Hume. New York; John Hocking, No. 7 Hfate-st* Boskn; O. Breed. 74 Pearl-st.. New York; Geo. A. tddy, Osdcn'bargb. N.T.; Charles Allison, Oswego, N. Y.; Wm. B. Buckley, Cane Vincent, N. i.; Walker, Hayes A Co.. Toledo, Ohio; N. J. Bodler, Detroit; o. J. Hale, Milwaukee; French, Childs ± Co„ Clero- I*®* l * o - N.J. HOWE, Chicago. “jOHKH.OBEE2T, Gen’l.Wea'tern*PtwcrigerAgmt, Chicago. JJAED COAL FOR SALE CHEAP, BEST UCKAWAMHA COAX* Forfll.COperton'dtHTered, andatttOAOinthe tower yard of Waldron A Eooace. near the Brte-et. bridge. Term* cash. WALKER A ARMSTRONG. oead this. COAX. AT SUMMEE PRICES! We have a few hundred toss ol best LACEAWANA and PiTTSTON COAL more than will supply oar cns tomerStWhich we offer, delivered la any part of tb« dry, at the following prices: Sansr, Ess and large sizes, SIS per Tsn* Chestnnt- 11 “ I MINING AND SUPPLY CO -54 and 36 Randolph-st. General Notices* XBE CHICAGO ARTEbIAN WELL COMPANY —Antaorlzed Capital, One Million an. Under a charter recently ((ranted by the Legislature of IBlncls, this Company has been organized fo Chica go. It is baaed neon and owns In lee the celebrated Artesian Well property in this city, consisting of forty acre* of valuable land, vttn the two iplrndld loan tains, now flowing one and a quarter millions of gal lons per day ol the purest water to be found on t&e gobt; mammrth Ice houses, artificial ponds, wool and iclt factory, bull dings, bams, tenement houses, horse*, wagons, tools. Implements and machinery, and all other Improvemeits now upon the ground. From the Ice and other business carried os. a present fixed revenue is derived, amply sofllcient to remunerate In vestments. An enlargement of one well, now In prog ress, which will give a larger supply ot water, with a head ot abonllDOfeet.appUed to machinery and for other purposes, and other Improvements contemplated, wttb the natural rise and advance In so large a tract ot ground In the great cl*y ol Chicago, will within a lew years xrake this property invaluable. This Uno un developed mine In a distant Territory, bat property directly at home, and which Invites, as it will bear, the defeat scrutiny and Investigation. A small part ol the stock is tor tale, and information tarnished, by A. f. CROSKEY A CO.. TO Washlngton-st. jinipoaalg Proposals. Bpxaramu>, 111, March 15.1867. tpaled proposals irlll be received fay the undersigned Commissioners to locate the ILLINOIS SOLDIERS' ORPHANS’ HOME no to the SO'h day cd April, A. D. 1867. for the location of the raid Home, and any city, county or place tnatls desirous of the location of said Home may submit their proposition fi>r sa'.d location. The object ol the Incorporation Is to provlue a home for the nurture and education without charge ol all Indigent children of soldiers who hare served In the armies of the Union daring the recent rebellion and have been disabled Ircm disease or wounds therein, or hare <ilea or been killed Insaldservlce. TherccenttscsslonoftlbeLeplila tore d oar State made an appropriation of on* ban died tnoutand dollars for (ho Home in addition to the amount already ootalned by the Trustees of said Gome through private donations. All proposals most be sent as above, directed to Dr. D. C. Johns. Springfield, Illinois, to the care of Colo nel John M. Soyder, Secretary of the Board of Trustees. If. C. JOHNS. v J. fl. MAYDORNE. 1“ JAMES M. BEARDSLEY, NATHANIEL NILES, THOMAS XI. MARSHALL, Commissioners. Dticfe. PEEKSKUX MANUFACTURING CO.’S beetlmproved BRICE MACHINE.simple, i-hcap and durable; TEMPERING MACHINES, and all machinery for making bnck. Machines to be seen, and all information sained, bycan lug on or addressing WHITING A WENTWORTH. P. O. Box 2793, Chicago, HL “TJRICK MACHETE." DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office. Boom No. 3, 47 Clark-st.. Chicago. BRICK k WORKS, Corner Halsled and Twenly-accohd-eta. Office. No. 3 Otu Block. A. J. ENISKLY, Proprietor. QARD’S PATENT BRICK raACBIBIZL Office ami manufactory S 3 South JeSenoMA For tnfhnwttn-, aud descriptive circular address M. B. OASO, S3 South oxteass. J£eal Estate. pOR SALE, three story and basement brick house Ho. 29* Borou-st, between North State and Caststi Apply to GALLUP* PEABODY, Boon 19 ratted Bock* JUttwces. pROSPIOTUB OF “Hie Chicago Fibre ft Paper Go." Capital Stock - - $500,000. ms Company tea ten asmael nader He Oner*. lwnoflkbUt«o<taaolimrflMHfpowlj»M» frcSnO* aU kind* ot PAPCRntf wisaiti FIBBS tor otter porpoaea son tte WILD OiUiw lona t> Pi w itehill. £■ mas a&BBdSOeK mmiMSFSoneDtndntffixlncol nckte total £aa oen ntetad throat* tte tartctim, me the aerenl Patent taand to MB. HABBIBOR B. MKKCB* of FortXdwird Be* York. TWO Conpeayhaetet pnrchased from Mr. Meach all of the aald Patent* an tnei&iowtor States, to-wtt; nwoia, Indiana. Mfc» m, Wisconsin, lowa and UlnmraodaraaowprepaMr to rec*rrea limited am out of tnhserlpaona to the gtack. fniontlac sahscrtotlona to this itnct, we woald Mate that the Company an bow taaowssn ot the BATAVIA FAFEB MILLS Which are prodnca* at the preamt tfme two (3 teat per dai of prut paper. Thisain has hoiidiacß and water power of soffleteßt capacity, already erected, aadnceaaitMh to meiw two (i) aodiUonal machine*, which hare Been ordered, sad Uis estimate dean be pat tnnmnlmt order on or Before the flnt day oi May next, which will Increac the capacity aad predoett tf the tad trtiia to six <l| toes per day; thar. at the present market prices, tbonJd yield to ibis Company a very aatteteetory prod. Ibe to tore operations of tola Company contemplate (be erection, or eoceohdattn* of other mills with mi tsteronse, with in the prewxit year, lonia* tea fell asoant of taetr Stock, and which will probably mort th«i» doable tho to f ryolT>yfaMmateotp ,<> ‘* n rt n f Print, ItMtllm and Wrapping Papers. This Company haylncproeotad a charter from thi Lenilatnte of the suce of mmcla, increasing thou capital to one mil ion of doJan, are now reorcanl&na oader their Charter pnrllecra. The btoec Boom art nowcpcsfbrsnMeipnonto the stock, at the OOeet of Meatn. DICREESOH A SBKBMAh. 17t Bm» doleh-afc, where all farther 1 atomstlon an to the pat entt, prospects, Ac* will bo msec. In to'lcioc your friends to tohocrtM to thl* Stock, webetlerewe are warranted In sailcx that this enter prise promisee an anparalleJed return of profits, com paredTwith asy other manntectnrtD* basnets hereto tore presented. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. IF* Country Druggists can procure the above sup* rlor Whiskey ln.oarrel» and half barrets liom the prin cipal Wholesale Drug Houses is Chicago. QHRISTIAN & CO, Real Estate Agents, Boom. 3 lAnd’Aßlooby Will stterd promptly to tbs Sale, Leasing and Beating of Real Estate in the city or country. Collections made. Taxes paid and money Invested. Also, Vraawi Agent* u( Shin Bnken. Will attend to tbc Buying and Selling of YemeM, Fur nishing Freights and all other onstneM in vessel bnalnoM TT M. DUPEE & CO* JJ ‘* WHOLES ALB DBALSBB IN BEEF, POEK, LAED, Smoked Bee' ind Breakfast Bacoa, Also, Extra Sugar-cured Family Bams of our OWB curing, and branded “H. 1L Dopes Co.” 124 South Water-st. gMOKED MEATS. E. P. MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER Of PORE, BEEF, LiRD, ABX> SMOKED MEATS, IPO SOUTH VAT EB»BT> Holden & pendleton. Wholesale and Retail Dealer* la Hardwood and Whitewood Lumber. Office and Tart. 304 South Frmnklln-R* bet- Vs Boren and Ham sot. Chicago. P. O. Box 3330. TW"Bllls cut to order.-** raaac H. BOLDP,J». IDSCSDPPPUW. JJANK STOCK FOE SALE. Aftw shares of NATIONAL BARK STOCK (oneof the city banks) lor sale. Inquire o! DICKENSON * WEBSTER, Real Estate Agents. 99 Washingtcn-st. ffioal. TJECEIPT. HOQ CHOLERA. I will send a receipt lor the cun of th* Hog Cholera, forflJW. Also, a treatise ior doetorlnr hoes. JOHN CLARE, Milford, m. T?OR SALE—A Wild Cat. Peoria Ha- M. rtoeand Flrslnsuranee Company's policy fora tossofless than ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. For InlonnaHoa address CHICAGO LITIGATING CONCERN. N. B.—Look out for Wild Cats. Chicago P. O. HOESES FOB SALE 60LDDUST BREED, ’ At Eden Stock Farm, eleht mites from the city ot LoolsvUle, Ey. These horses Include the ten head that have challenged the world for speed and bottom, throneh M Wllra ? Spirit of the Times'*; also, Lydia GolddoO, that wen lorltejt ot Monitors celebrated Bruno In three races; also. Matty OolddosLthat won forfeit over ten of the best two year olds of Kentucky in the Call cf ISO, and the noted style speed mares Sne GoldJust,Bo*a Golddnst. These, with many oth er*, make np the best and most elegant lot of trotters ever offered lor sale In America. r am now breeding over 75 mares ««m»*ny of the most Improved missis ot Morgans and thoroo£>-Oreeds, and can supply sin* gle and double driving horses, brood mares, or stal loos, ot any desired ages, at the shortest nonce. 0c4b56-26tTanet L. L. DORSEY. JR. 3,000 BAKBELS Oswego and Akron, N. Y., Cement, (Water Lime), for sale. HALE * CO., JNVESTMfiNT. MILa L.* THE FROPBZETOB OF A NSW A NO.l LOURING DULL, (Water power), leca'ed InSlmeesot*. having mors hnsinesa than bt can attend to, will sell a one-half in terest inbis mill. The cash and good business experi ence neeawary. To the right man it la the best invest ment Ih die State. Address M MILLER,** Tribune office. PARE CHANCE TOR MERCHANTS. FOB SAIiE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, A&, Invelciac stoat |l2,O<X; nil purchased within a year cast, slq lease on Here. Store located In a thriving town a short distance trom Chicago. Satisfactory rea sons given for senior. For parUctdan imgOrerof Commieaoß Merchant. 83 Laflalie-aL. Chicago. rpo CAPITALISTS. I Bn.WArxm.Xardt4.l967. Having decided to relingnlih hatineaa, we offer oar establishment tor sale. Our house was ZaTABSJIBSD Ur 1846, - Has been In existence 31 years, and is now pla-s* d on a safe, firm ana permanent bule, and to men of capital who are oeetrooa of embarking la a PROFITABLE branch ol trade (wholesale and Jobbing only) this pre sents a rare and ralaable opportunity. Oar stock Is full, embraces none bot the most staple goods, and the business Is In perfect running order. B. BUBWURTH A SONS, Wholesale Dmgglsli, Milwaukee. Via, TyiNSLOW, LANIER * CO-, ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT For Traveler*, available In an of Europe. NOS. 27 * 29 PINNST.. SEW YORK. APPLES! APPLES! APPLES! l.a» brl» choice varledt-i for sale, consisting of Greenings. Kwsetj. Winter Beds. Pconds, Wine Sapa, Tallman bweota. Bed Stripe, Taipebrocsca, and Sew tC Choice Yellow for table use. EL WHYTE * CO., 141 South Waler-st. Stnd yanr orders almc. rpEETH EXTRACTED 1 WITHOUT PAIN, BY THE COLTOH DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Who originated the aiuestb«tte an of Nitrons (hide Gas, aLo nave given It to ever &LOOO patients for the extraction of teeth, without aa accident. They guar antee no pain. Come to headooarters. Booms Sand fitTlauebaUdlDC, 118 Dearborns*. NUMBER 2 fftsft gfrttectiptiaaa. Fin Hoadrad Saras, $1,009 Zsch. THOMAS 8. DICEBESOS, Preset. GEO. B. 910*3. TlcePxn*f. (Formerly President Batavia Paper MHI Oo.) WM. HAKBBBOUGH, Sec’y. I. N. W. s ngTtM *N. Treaaurer. ISoution fflatiakeg. Addreu S. T. SUIT & CO., business graft** jFor Sals. OF THE Sants ant Santera, (Consignments. Bentistts. 14fr iMwnmtr. ■J^ITEINBDKAHC!*. TWEITTFUKTI AMAL mill : thb HUTUAIi unnstiMOiNirMT OB’ NEW YORK F. 9. WINSTON, - - PresMcat Set lueti, Fek. U 866, $14,111,149.85. _ ncBRsorrsaaTBSTBAB. PmUam*. Orisum. ut je*r..|3.X».r4.70 Baeva*. umjaja |S4«SJBOJS Interest. 1.005, W. 70 Bats... 6.C7.M8 !B p»i>a<OT a . IDITST? scxno Ta» TEAS. Plldtitha* ‘ujr dwb. 9 T67JH&ffZ MniM (x.devma.’v.r ymm CMbl>:Tiden •: Addition to ‘■■usu by dettb 4178,717.91 Adrians tomaCv ed eedsineeatt... Pul mortem dirt- ajmm deads - S4I&IS Dlrldesds wed la psTßMßtof preal cm*. OJO.TS Total dMdcdi paid m cash dvtif tte year Cenowtofii. ■Paid tor > mm Itlaa. .. mjmn „ 255.49 U» n,m» Paldlbrßßmndaredpollcte.. UABtAlfl HH m ugßldattoa of Alton commla.lona CAABA'S him ud me.lctl examiner* t3Z.T0.48 Salaries and leyalexpenan.... S.MAII FMattag and stattoaery, and ancdryoflJca expenses. BA*a.« OSca not tor real eatata sink* to, fond. SABBSOO Profit andlota. ...... Hat caab ante, Feb. i, 1967. OTMSTMDAM WOLhOWB: Cf** l In banka and Trust Com pote. fIAfT.OBJn Benda and mortgages. IBJTOdBMB Cnltad State and New Tork State itocka at coat. SJMAIOR-S Baal eatata. 837.7UJ8 Dna from scant*. «,7itD7 CIW»,2MTO laureas seemed, but not due. 15338.7 S latrress due and unpaid. 5,6u04l Market value of nocks la ex* COM of cost. SOI.B&W Premiums la coarse of treat* nmlnn ...... (O^flUß Premiums deterred, scml-at- anal and quarterly BKA7I-811 LItUTHU Gross aiseta, Feb. 1.1987 SIMIUn.OI Inrrritfi la net easels for the inr..43.955,M7.ri The sieets are thus appropriated; Total reserve at four per cent Interest, to re-innn oßXaadlay policies and addi tions .T... >16,»249US Claims ascertained but not yet doe * 83.44648 Premiums paid in advance. Netsuxplaw Orpea aw eta aa ahore giaju^st.ll From the undivided surplus as stated above (13.796,(78.63}. a dividend has this day been declared so policy holders, available on the anniversaries of the dates of Issue in the present year. __ polxct axi> mt Accotnrr. Policies. Insuring. Iwned during the year. .15438 > 55.M430.00 Restored. d( !4»4»-» Totallanieddarlngtheyear...U,i>73 $54,83,4304 At tlsk Feb. 1.1866 45.797 834134314 0,10 >158.389,365.00 Deduct Dead, matured, surrendered. forfeited, etc In Arcs January SI, 1967. 48,638 >I£M7L7IBJN Add dividend additions on ex isting policies - ' Total amount Injured January SI. 1867. >1(6403.783.61 Increase ouimg the year .13; f 16,00,78540 I have carefully examined the foregoing statement*, and flnd the same to be correct. [Signed] BHEPPABD HOMANS, Actuary. A DrvniKHP, or distribution of surplus premium!, 'was made Feb. Ist 1566 and *67, and will be made an ' sually hereafter. The phrase ajctuaz. Smscrca, tn thle Company, means dividends made annuallyy>-om at ttart, on the first and every snbeequent premium; and not at the expiration of three, four or Jlce years, and only then annually. It also means that the dividends are avail able immediately to increase the insurance or as in reduction of toe premium ol the current year; and »or merely to eaneet note t ana accrued inierett on premiums three, four or five years old. By this system there la no delay the redemption tfscript, aa is tome companies. The Assets of this Company are purely Cash. No premium notes, railroad or bank stocks are included. They consist of bonds and mortgages In the State of New York, worth double the amount loaned; office real estate,bonds of thefltatc ofNew Tors, and United States stocks. Particular attention ia desired to the fo?t that a very large portion of (be Company basinets Is now on Eh doument Poli&i'f, This Is i peculiar feature with this Company, aa so other companies can present tba seen rlly we ofifer, or the profits which we are enabled to divide, so as to make the investment a good one to IM applicant; and the rates Ibr such Policies are from 10 tj 36 per cent lower than those charged by otber.ASd smaller Institutions. BOARD OP TRUSTEES , FREDERICK 8. WINSTON. President of the Co. JOHN V. L. PHUYS. Vice Prat. Union Trust Co. WILLIAM MOORS, late firm Oeßfcim A Moon. ROBERT H. McCUHDY, late McCurdy. Aldrich A Spencer. ISAAC GREEN PEARSON. Tice President Belief Fire Insurance Co. MARTIN BATES, of Martin Bite** Co. WILLIAM BETTS. LL. D., of Bell* * Robinson. JOHN WADS WORTH, 69 Liberty street. ALFRED EDWARDS, Prat. PadOc Mutual Insur ance Co. OLIVER H. PALMER, Scc’y Western UnionTelsgraph Co. SAMUEL B. SPBOULLS, Prat. Merchants* Exchange National nanir. SAMUEL M. CORNELL, Retired Merchant. LCCIUb ROBINSON, late Comptroller State of New York. W. SMITH BROWN, am w. s. Brown * eo. RICHARD PATRICE. Merchant. WILLIAM H. POPHAM, Popham * Hal tun. FRANCIS SKIDDT, SWddy, Minfi>rd*Co. WILLIAM A. HAINES. Halstead, Halne* * Co. EZRA WHEELER. Errs Wheeler * Co. SEYMOUR L. BUSTED, of Brooklyn N. T. SAMUELD.BABCOCK,Babcock Bros.* Co. ALEX. W. BRADFORD, late Surrogate dty and conn* tyOfH.T. :'4r. DAVID BOADLET, PraUPanamaß. R. Co. HENRY A. SMYTHS, Collector port of New York. WILLIAM V. BRADY, Ex-Mayor city ofNew York. HON. W. E. DODGE, M. C. Phelps, Dodge * Co. GEORGE S. COB, President American Exchange^** Uonal Bark. WILLIAM K. STRONG. Wm. K. Strong * Co. WILLIAM M.VERMILYE. VermlJye *Co. JOHN E. DEVELIN, late Corporation Counsel, New York dty. WELLINGTON CLAPP. 01 Clapp * GrtsnaU. ALONZO CHILD, Sat. Loots. HENRY K. DAVIES.'ChIef Jostles Court of Appeals. RICHARD A. HcCUBPY. Vice-President of the Com- pany. RICHARD A. McCURDT, Vice-President. SHPPPAja) HOMANS, Actuary. WILLIAM BETTS. LL. D- 1 bon. LUCIUS ROBINSON,>ConnseL BON. A. W, BRADFORD, ) JOHN l iL BTUAIir, | Secretaries. %-£El s ISIS B.CRONKHITE, Agent, 47 Clark-St., Opposite Sherman House, cmc-vcio, xr-i*. lOZiBVIN TABOB, Special A sent for Illinois* LOCAL AGENTS IN ILLINOIS. E. B. BMbe, Galena, J. S. Tleknor, Boekfort* Fox A Flower, Springfield* Bees Ac Downing, Peoria, J.B. Ball, Aurora, Rodney Aahley, Kankakee, P, B. Pope, Cairo, A, B. Sawyer, Pekin, F« B, Rond, Wenona, B, H, Lewis, € Union. IV, A, Sanborn, Stirling. J, B. Babb, Champaign, O, W, Pnmam, Tbkliwa. B, V. Sutherland, Pern, J. H. Sheleday, Parle, Wm, n. Oakford, Bavaao, P. S. Kish el, Cambridge, JT. A. Palmer, Baldwlnarflle, W. fl. long, Bit Carroll. George Bimroe, Charleston, A. B. XUU, Polo. Geo. B. Leonard, Beardetown, S. F. Death, Dwight. Geo. B, Jenkins, Blnonk. 8. B. Stfneon. Sandwich, Albert B. Feeder, Gain, A, s. Joldna, Greenville, Frank Porter, titrhmond. A, B, Charters, Blxoa, B, F. Armttage, Gardner, 8, O, Slmontfs, Joliet. J, B, Bowlett, Lanark, W, B. nerc borne, Washington, IV, B, Carson, El Paso, Geo, B. Bankle, Elgin, Jaa. B, Bishop, Quincy. Aas. T, Cory, Waakegan, Beßrtde A Banna, .florrls, Ber. G. 8, Aohnsen, Belvßere, A, fit B, Spinning, Shelbyraile, Hr. B. Barham, LaSalle. Fay A Sherwood, Ottawa, Jonn 9, Bead, Bclaran, IF, K, Bewcy, Aaeksonvllle, (ft P, Allen, Princeton, Tboa aeredlth, Batavia, A, A. Baebronek, Pana, Gee, a, Emerson, Bnda, Corby A Uloßtt, Carthage, BeT. H. fi. Todd, Wood*trtek. Francis B, Clbrleh, NaplervTile. H. B- WTTIBBTJi) General Agent for KUlnola, Wheoasl*, lews, Wfwnf ■ Indiana and Filekiggn, Detroit, Mlcfc. imsvxaacc. JNSHKASCXI BTOEUmT. /Etna Insurance Go hamtfo.d, conk. P*n»,Ccfttll, . . As»et», Jia. 1,18*7, . 4>4<5,10«.;* law)iUiilßita^ •Ter 20,00«,0W,(» ROffTH AMEFICAHIKSURKNCECO. HARTFORD, CONN. Fall uw GtHial . Amu. Jn. 1* 1807. TRAVELLERS’ INSURANCE CO., HARTFORD, CONN. S!.KS?ris«: HUNT & GOODWIN, AGENTS, SoccVMOrs to HUBBARD A SUNT, (Mice, Ni. 1 Loaais Baiidiag, Corner Clark aal Soatb Water-stt. Xb then timet of n sib cross and exteaam rnnlfagro Con, look well to toot loioraace Interests, and mb teat you an protected by companies otter na questioned security. CKAS. H. BUST, J. GOODWDf, Jr. Itansas lairts. bat.t: OF KANSAS LANDS. ,417£3Aa&9l On TUESOAT, tbe Jd day of April, 196 L wttlba offexedat PUBLIC SALE Jit tbe Eldridge Horae, in tke eit; ef LAWBINOZIySAnU, A boat 155,000 Acres of LuJ, Situate la tba counties of Leavenworth. wvaadecta Jeflersoa acd Douglas, and known ea the “ DELAWARE RESERVE." Tbara lands lie directly os Che main line of thw Enin Pacific Railway, Eastern Siriata The branch of the—me Road from Leaveswortß t* Lawrence passe* through them, ana the railroad tna Bt. Louia to Leavttworth runs along their Tin— 39,351.77 3.795,173.53 In Fertility, Location, and abundance of Timber —d Water, theseland» are the FINEsT IN TUB STATBL By the treaty wttDtne Delawares m.186a. ’iwlaoiaa title to the ** Reserve” was estlncmsbed, andsloeethat data many fkrma have been Improved, and timrehesL school bouses, grist and saw mills erected, and naww other Improved rate cade thereon. The climate of Kansas la remarkably healthiuL sad to Aimers and settlera these lands oiftr Greater ItAccaeststhaa aar sthentaila WML Also, at the same place, immediately alter the dfeSM* altlon of the above »*"*■», will be sold stunt a8 9 000 Acass or la>S| Sltaste In the aontbeaaters eart ot the “Sac and Far Beserre,”ln the county ot Franklin, Also, a large number of TOWN LOTS and BLOCKS in the towns ot North Lawrence, Tonjanoiie and ttnj. The sale will commence cn April 3d. 1367, and will continue Irotn dav to day uatU ail the I modi abovw named have been disposed ot.* The T *" rta will ha ofr fcred In tracts to salt parch uers. Tnxs or SAi.E-ocf-third cash and balance in tee equal annual payments. with 6 per cent interest thatw* cn Rom date of purchase. 11. m. BAHTHOInOW, Amt. LJst l&otlcs. QHIOAGO Steam Dyeing and Bleaching T WORKS, Offices; 109 South Clark-st (Methodut Church Block) & 82 Dearborn-st, FACTORY AT CLEATERTILER. LACE CURTAINS cleaned and bleached to look equally as good as new. CRAPE SHAWLS cleaned or dyed. FLUMES dyed, cleaned and curled. KID GLOVES dyed or cleaned, -- CARPETS ot all kinds cleaned. GENTLEMEN’S GARMENTS cleaned or dyed. AUo, General Dyeing In Silk and Woollen Goodm. COOK ft McteAlll, loo Clark-at. Hmobals. JJEMOVED. SEEBEBGER & BREA kEY Importers and Wholesale Dealers -is— HABDWABE, COI&GBT, rrm elate, &c, HAVE SEMOVED TO IVo. 63 Ijake^tt., , Comer of Statist, (opposite City Hotel.) < ■REMOVAL. DAvxei bhos^ DEALERS IN CREESE, Have Removed to 46 Sooth Wmter-sU Paper. rpHE CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COMMIBSIOH PAPER DEALERS, Paper Sakfn’ Findings, Chemicals, 170 CUcsgOa We offer for sale to dealers and consumers 3.000 Bandies News and Print. 3.000 do do do . 1.300 do do do . 3..100 do do do . 3.000 do do do . 1.300 do do do . 2.300 do do do . 1.800 do do do 3.000 do do do 1.300 do do do 1.000 do do do 800 do do do Extra sizes made to order on short uotice. For sals at the lowest market prices for CASH. patents. JJO.BEKTBON. BUOOMAN & CO., (ESTABLISHED 1523), bbttish abd cohtihehtal PATENT AGENTS! {Pmprlstnwi cf An Offices: 11C f lee t - st., London, PATENT OFFICES.-—lnventors woo wish to take out Letters Patent are advtssdto counsel with MUNN * CO., Editors ot the SdottzOi Americas. who have prosecuted claims belbts tko PatentOfficsformarlytwestyyean. Th«trAmmleßß and European patent Aeency>ls the mostexteudrea the world. Charge* lets than soy ot&er MMM **i?&amphlet, containing lull instructions to OnWfr cn.'SZ aaon- . Jcmaoo 37 Park-row, New YcrL dissolution. TVISSOLUTION. Notice is hereby JUF given that the partnership Hte’r robabuing be tweens.c*Arnold and T. X. Sheppard, onds tbs firs of B. C. ARNOLD & CO., Has tbli day been dinolred by mntnai consent. K. C. ARNOLD. NOTICE. Haring sold my Interest in the firm cf R. C. Arnold A Co. to my late cartner. I rt tiro therefrom, from turn date,andsoU(ltDrthrflnn the patronageot my aid trlaa. ma the public /COPARTNERSHIP CHANGE. V J Notice Is benrby riqen, tb»ttbßMßf.lnbb«toc Francis X. Lamb, in th*i firm oi XcDermid. LambW Co., has been purchased By ifte re maining partcerr, who will continue general md mlnton oaaljjeia as heretofore, under the name aid style of XcDenaxd, Oen el * co.j SRSU n F. D. OKBTEI. Q. V. GBIFFUT. NOTICE-— Having sold my Interest tn the firm of Mo- Derald, Lama SCo .timr hte partners aa atove. 1 retire therefrom from this date, ana solicit tor the firm the natroosge of my old friends and the public geuer- F, fi. LAMB. Chicago. March 19,1367- * NOTICE. The copartner?hip heretofore ezisttoe under the firm same of COOK* MULLEN lathis day olaaolred by mama cotient. faints, ©ils ana <sla»g. jjX)K SALE —Samuel Greene & Co/s STOCK OF FAINTS, OHS, VARNISHES, AND FIXTURES, 1b Store 128 Sovtk If atervst*, Ckleigts FOB SALE AT A BARGAIN. ■B3—3—f . M9.018.4v . '7#5,4»7 j 5 .38x43 .24x30 .‘i-ixts .33x37 sm SfiSS* .««x» .20x43 J. COOK, M. MULLEN.