Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 21, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 21, 1867 Page 3
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SEXIGO. fTTTiTf —T —Tnr* *B‘«U’MCM*~-Ter» . tCMeßattksßetwMaih bbwelaed lHiiMl ■ rwalsa Wh n ewe ■*»»■ «|m efFwatb nbiam t»hASCwwUlbc HtXtcaaAT# [From the Brownsville (Ten?) itaaehe o, Feb-, n»'7 is 3 - We are in of fall de**n# relating to tbe important military movements in San Luie Potoel and, Zacatecas. Ashes been elated, Miramon ' entered Zacatecas in li.rce od tu j - S7th ult. He cotnpletelv surprieed teat city. Juarez ~t«rely escaped on hor-ehaek ; and Generals Auza, Garcia dc la Cordcnaand Arce, with two thousand men made no alterant at re- BiFUncc but precipitately fled.” Their rear . guard wasfireo on by Miraracm’s advance. Id their baste they abandoned every thing— munltu ns of war, military stores, and what ever else c«ctimb"red their retreat- .They • left behind 135,000 lu specie, which fell Into AUrstnon’e hands. The Liberal fore- then inwan Luis, having received information of Mlramou’s advance, sallied forth to intercept hla retreat. With their whole force, several thousand strong, ' they came npon a detachment of Imperial ists. In the running skirmish which fol lowed. the Liberals captured the Imj*erial Colonel Joaquin Miramon, broluer of the General, a few men, some wagons, and re took the $£5,000. Colonel Hiramon was not shot with tbe other prisoners. A force of one thousand Liberal cavalry pressed so heavily npon the rcM-cating de tachment oflmperlausts. that the latter upon reaching San Jacinto Bancbe turned upon the pursuer*. The detachment was known ns the Foreign Lesion, usd numbered two hundred and sixty men. They chargedthe Liberals with dcsiKiration. A band to hand fight followed. One hundred and thirty three of the Legion were killed on the spot, ■ and one hundred and twenty-seven were taken prisoners. Every one of the prisoners, under orders of General Trevino, were taken cut one by one and shot. The Liberal loss is represented as terrible. Doubtless It was, but there is no report extant of the number of their killed aud wounded. General Castillo was at Aguas Calientes. General Miramon had sent liim three des patches to hurry forward and sustain him. .am the couriers, however, were intercepted. General Miramon continued his retreat to ward San Felipe, but was overtaken by a fresh force of Liberals- on the plain lying be tween San Felipe and the Hacienda ae la Quemada. General Castillo getting wind of their movements, and, pretending to retreat also, to manoeuvred as to draw the Liberals as far Into the hostile country as possible. Qmroga, who commanded the cavalry arm of Castillo's forces, made a detour aud struck the tear of the Liberals, wnllst Mira mon anil Castillo joined tbe*r forces in front. The Liberals were under command of Gen erals Herrera y Caido and Aurcliano Rivera, from Sau Luis'Pototi, two thousand strong. The battle was of short duration. The guns of Miramon were barely heard ia front before Quiroca was he *kg down the enemy in the rear. The Liber:-?-! undertook to es cape, but were so heiutU'.d ii* that it w*g M most impossible to do so. They scattered in every direction, and fell by the hundred. The rout was complete- Eleven Liberal officers of high rank were killed ; among them the commanding Gen eral Herreray Caido. About lour hundred were killed and wounded, and seven hundred takeu prisoners. This battle took place on IhcSiu lust- Following this battle the Libetal General Rocha went in pursuit of Miramon ami Cas tillo, who could hare taken and held Saa Luis Potoei alter the Liberal defeat near San Felipe. The tactics, however, of the Im perialists would iadicate a new order of war fare. They appear determined to fight it out promptly in the lie’d, and not allow themselves to be shut no in towns and fort resses as has been th**ir custom. Upon arriving at the town of Dolores Hi dalgo, Ca-tilio halted and promptly gave battle to General Rocha. The battle Is rep resented as being sanguinary in the extreme. But the belter equipped and belter organ ized troops of Castillo could not he resisted, And General Rocha gave way. U«s troops finding themselves overpowered, fled !q great disorder. A perfect pauic prevailed and the rout wa» terrible and appalling. All the wounded sent to the rear in the early part of the engagement were arriving and to arrive at San "Lui- Poiosi, but the larger part of the wounded fell into the Lauds of the Imperialists. General M»‘jia had given orders to recruit two thousand men in the mounlaioSjand the demand was rapidly being met- His inten tion is undersiood to be the following up of their material and substantial successes. Reinforcements had left the city of Mexi co for General Mejia's army, which is now order command of General Castillo. The reinforcements from the capital were hourly expected to arrive, when a forward move ment of the Imperialists w,i6 expected. The Imperial force upon being ccnsoU datedat Vjucretero, it was believed, would xcach ten thousand and live hundred men. Xscoumo’s OHDEK FOB THE EXECUTION OF PEISONEUS- fFroo the Brownsville Rascbcre, Feb. 23 ] The following is a care ml translation of General Escobedo's order to execute the prisoners of war captured at Saa Jacinto; Mexican Repcsuc, I Aiutr or The Noam, f The constitutional arms hare i*eeo over mag- Daemons with the ann*rd foreigners who have come to wage ihe most unjust *ar rejristcrel la oar aural -; vhen those r.i cignershavc brought a Eag, although ho-tile, it could in noms measure protect them In ibeir rellhrcrent rights, but when *hat flag has been turned a*ldc from the interven tion which they wished to impose oo n-, and those who sewed under it without belonging any longer to it, neither to the Mexican nationality, have voluntarily cubs cd jn the Service of the Usurper, to lake part in our domestic d!s.-ensioa9.>o ex cite the nation® anc agitate civil war. boamoa committing depredation; and insults, by which humanity & outraged, as ha- been done by the foreign forces winch lately invaded the capital of Zacatecas bare lo*t ail right to all considera tions of humanity; converted themselves into fcaodhf—the declared em;.»iP»s ot humanity and the p.acc of society—u becomes necessary to make, through them, an example whica will -duly ponirb them and san-fy pub ic opinion about the humble out-aces which tb*y UavecotnmlUfd: therefore the officer cummai.-dlns will proceed to execute ail the lorcigners taken rrison-rs with aims in their hand-, in the glorious battle of the fir-1 instant, with she exet-p ton of the wounded pri-oncr?, and give due notice of the cx>-cnliou of this order to theee headquarters. Independence and Liberty, Madianc Escobedo. To Citizen Colonel Migiel Falsclet, Major Gun cial of the First Division of this Army Corps; ' Present. Maximilian's address to the Mexican AUMT. Wc have Rio Grande papers from the 4tb to the 7th, inclusive, from which we take the following; Order r>f U,r Bcp—-To-day I place myself at Un ■bead ol our army, w&icn, baidiy two montns elccr. I commenced to ga'hcr and lorm. This dsv i de-rircdaicn. since; hat obstacles lu detiLDdbPt ol my will were Id my way. Now only, tree liom all compromise, J can follow my sentiments of a good ana f-tubful patriot. Oar duty os loyal <* oblige u- to atrnggl • for the two" principles the mortsscred to the country: Fonts Independence, threatened by men woo. In their egotism, want to negotiate even with the national territory—and for the good order ot the interior, that ive see each nay otrended In tho most cruel manner lor our peaceable fellow-citi- . ans. Our action, tree from all influence of lOreitm pressure, we are looking to maintain high the honor of our glorious Natioral banner. i hope that the GeLCials vill give the officers, and moreover their courageous troops, the digni fied example of the most rigid dwaotine which le to be expected of any annr which must restore the National honor. It Is nornvcessaiy to ?peak of valor an-i iLlrcpiditv to Mexicans, these two qnaiitlc? being a natural pa rimony of our country. 1 havetoalaated the valiant General Marquez chief of my stitLand divided the army in three corps, giving the command ofibc first to the cour ageous Miraxuou, leaving In cotuxnsud of the ;ccond its present chief, and to the third ithe ■fcarles* Gtrera l Mejia. I await from day to dav the arrival of the brave General Mendez, with hia faichlal and unfortu nate soldiers, who will Uke their pace in the Second Corns. 1 am oho accompanied by the patriotic General Tidauni, who will orpenize his tioops at once and open the Northern campaign. Let n£ have confidence in God who protected srd will continue to pro'cet Mexico, and snuggle valiantly and oltb teracityforoursacred mlseton. L:ve the Independence. (signed) * MxxnnuAX. Sax Jcan del Rio. FcbrcarvlT. ISj«. mOTEST OF THE UWUEyENTATIVES OP EURO PEAN I’lmT.ll- TO EMPEUOU MAXIMILIAN. The representatives of the European pow ers residing at the city of Mexico, addressed the following protest lo the Emperor Maxi milian; Crrr or .Mexico, February 1.15G7. Siee—The undersigned. representatives of the frienalv nations of Mexico, have the honor to aa dre*B Uieuiaelvestoyonr tuajesi/, in the accom jillt-hmept of their eactrd duty 10 watch over the lire* and interests ul the foreigners residing in this country. Yourmsjesty win find tbc form of this letter new and strange. hut, once knowing Its object, all astonishment r»ill cease At the time when tbc crisis created by the pre mature eid of the French intervention aecnw to be rcacbeo. it mu»i b-j paid, we do not expect any guarantee Irom tin? government of Y. M, for uie subjects that t\ c must protect respectively. The mo:t strict ncniraltty alone could base our hope that their lives and properties will be respected In the days of danger of which the drat symptoms hf vc already been felt, and unhappily the most truthful ttitormatiun, lartiish'u by impartial and bonoruple foreigners, inhabitants ot Mexico for a number of rears, corroborated by (beta of no:o --ileiy and authentic documexits, nave sadly con ric ed us that V. M. is snrrounaed by men upon whom immense respon-ibility is laid for shame- Ifcl aiid criminal dealings. The Cabinet of Y. SI. is presided over by Mr. Teodosto latc«, who wag also pre-Ming officer of Santa Aura's Administration, which tell in the cud of lsS5. Were then in the cabinet with Mr. Lares : Messrs. Manuel Diaz de D milla. Ignacio Aguilary -'laracho and Joaquin Velasquez de Leon. The adtmrlstratioc wlca succeeded to the one of Santa Anna, accused those ministers of usurpation end abnse of power, saying among other charges that Messrs. JAres and Aguilar had pilfered fJO,UXiirom ihe Treasury, as an advance upon the salaries of the three years fallowing; that Ur. Bonilla bad dl.-po.-ed, for tis own bineht, of lie funds of the revenues paid by the foreign ers lor tVhtr card of smcly and their passports, and had even appropriated some goods belonging the department nnaer his charge, and that Mr. Velasquez bad transferred to bis own residence the funds appropriated for the payment o| works., and ( Ten a piano, private projwrtv, exposed by ila inventor In ordertoob'oin a patent. Ihe trial wsb commenced, the accusation now exists, and nothing was ever known in relation to the defence of the accused., _. , The command of the a mies Empire is given to ManiU'2 and Miramon. Y. M. cm not hare forcoibn. for in Europe the remembrance is jet fresh and the interested yet feel the conse quences oi the crime committed by these two generals at the la'ler cud of the year lb6J. They violated the seal of Tbc Britsb legation aud broke open their *ales to extract several millions belong - ing io the liberal Government then established fit Vera Cruz, and intended to pay the dividends of the English debt; the millions insUuiancou-ly disßppea: td. it wa< no other than Generals Mar quez and Miraoran. actively seconded by General ilorac, wbo also tgare in i. M. government, who are rebpour-lhc lor the Cool committed at Tacubaya in April, ISttf.upou the beardless young men. humane doefors, arid paclDc inhabitants, forcibly tcLcn fiota tbdr homes in the neighbor ing villager. The painful information which the gravity of circumstances ana Uic consequence of our unties compel n* to present Y. M. any sufilcieut reasons for our wont o* confid* nee In lie support and pio tection that we have a right t .* expect from your Government, and explain, alg.i, ihc reason for which, m ibis romme mention, w-* keep the Uta <T e established :u international relatione. It does no! belong to u», iu our position, to de cide if It is nr not proper or humane to continue a useless resistance, compromlM’ig Interest* worthy of our toliciicdo; our duty is omy to demand of y. M. that which can be demanded In the name of the rights of ihe people, cfffCtrve security for the eobjecte of our respective Uovernmeu's, which cannot be obtained except by tne dlsrmsssi of the functionaries above described, and. in case such action, be impossible, to protest, os we now pro te t. actio** tM of viol—> which »V bo toward* tte perm* artha property •T;aif ct y! MmIC pi—" icicopt op * * AUIM-lOilQ, : PlwilpokfiWiij Wamum or f mcA A. DPUaoa, Changed with thaaSain uf ' Xacq— Da L* Be—a, PleelpolemiaTy Wniiirer of Speln. _ Fbkdkbck Hoovm, - Chargd with the agtiraot Belgian*. C. B. F. MnroMfo*; . ? Charged with tha e«Un of O-rat Brftata. Fbavoiooo Coororion. Chuged with the aflWra of Italy- KASBV. Xbe .Van a»i OfidaUentet nemo* ermcy of tbe X Road* iwdfe tfcd ItlUccMeeftte ntmior ike L*t •- htue of Okie le atrike ike W* 4 ' ** from their Ceutltidoo^ The reJoJdnc of dfce afomaid Do* tßMrmerwnmted hr*kelr»hßeeo. Mifr,C«lieMd fnetH.Hr.Nukf. Contedrit X Roads, I fwhlch is the Stall or Kentucky), > v March 15,1867. ) The glorious intelligence nr the glorious ackehen or the Legislicher or the now tiooly great State or Ohio, in rotln down the proposiaben to strike the word “White” out or her Constooshn, reached os last nite at precisely p-JO. lampertikeleraz to the eggsact date-tie Importance or the event justifies it I need not skasely remark that the eed news sent a thrill or satisfackshen, nay, or exquislt joy through the Corners, a thrill skasely less es quleit than that experienced on the receet or the news uv Johnson’s 4th nr March speech, Anno Domino 18G5. I shel be better understood, probably, cf I state that our thrill nr joy at this trooly unex pected triumph or the proud Caucashnn or Ohio over the Inferior sons or Ham, went jest cz fur in the dreckshen uv ecstacr ez did our panes nr woe on the heerin nr Vallan digham’s defeat in 1803 in the dreckshon nr 1 utter misery. In short, we thrill now per clsely ez much ez we panged then. Of course a meeting was called to rejoice over this unexpected deliverance nr our brethren or Ohio from the nnendoorable disgrace nr nigger equality, orwichlwoz i at first made chairman; but this wuz recon sidered, ez, bein the only one in the Corners edmeated to the extent or wrilin, I wuz forced to act ez eckretary, and Deekin Po gram wuz made chairman. It don’t take a heftv intellect lobe chairman uv a Demo cratic Cenvenahuo, but talent is necessary at the secretary’s table. The Deekin on takin the chair remarked that this wuz the proudest moment of his life, by all odds. Ohio he bed given over to hardnis nvhart and reprobacy ov mind long ago. He bed made up his mind sor* rowfnlly, tint certainly, to tho fact that Ohio wuz Ablishen, and believed that the fanatics in charge nv that State, wood fel ler out their avowed principles to their leglt imitendin; and, cz they bed declared the nigger a man, wood give him the rites uv a man. He hed bin hapoily disappointed— they hed paused in their mad career, and now hevin taken one step in the direct shnn of Dlmocrisy, is Iher not, he wanted to know, reason to hope that thev will enntinyoo in well-doln ontil—he daied to hope it—they wood pull down the nigger from the pinnacle onto wich they hed. placed him, and make him agin wat he rccly ought to be, a servant unto his brethren? lie hoped the brethren wood speek their minds, briefly though, ez him and Deekin Gavitt hed a game nv seven up to finish, and time is winging herself awav to her eternal home at a rate friteful to contemplate. Elder Gavitt blessed the Lord for this day. He felt like sounding the loud timbrel o’er Egyp’s dark sea. When he remembered that his niggers ran away from him and en listed in the' Federal army, and that sich uv cm ez wnzn’t killed at Fort Filler and Pe leisburgh and Fort "Wagner and Port Hudson wherther enssid blood was spilt that the same quantity ef pore white blood be saved, settled in Ohio, and that, notwith standm all this, they meet there jist about the same treatment they wood hev experi enced hed they staid in Kentucky, his sole expindid and he could only relieve hlsself by hollcrin hallcloogy! Its more than he hed hoped for. His cup was sloppin over with blcssio, and cfbc shood be taken hentz to-night he woodcut complain. Resolooshens bein in order, I riz. cz is the rcgler thing here, and presented the follerin, 10-wit: Whereas, The Democrisy nv Ohio, with a glorious company uv Abli&binists follerin uv era, her, for the time at least, squelched the impious proposition to give the nigger, wich ain’t fitted for it by cdjucashcn, the ballot; therefore be it Jicfolvcd, By the Dimocrisy uv the Confed rit X Roads, wich is in the State uv Ken tucky, that we send greeting to our brethren uv Ohio, and extend to cm onr hearty con gratulations -on the result, and earnestly Lope that ere long the few remaining piuts uv difference between us and them may be softened down, an dthat we may yet live and love together. Eerohtt f, That after this manifestashen uv: returnin reason, we arc satisfied that there amt rich a cussed site uv diffiecce after all between a medrit Ohio Eepublikin and a X Roads Democrat; not enulr to keep em from fratemizin on almost anythin. Jicsoh-cd, That cz Ohio hez very property reftnrsed to give her nigeers the ballot, bow kin her Representatives in Congress on forcin us in Kentucky to do it ? We ask this ip thunder tones. That the thanks nv the Dlmocri py uv this seckshln uv Kentucky be extendid to the Repnblikin members uv the Ohio LegiglaCher who so nobly come to the reskoo uv our more immejit trleuds in that body, cz from this time out we shel be able to keep our niggers here, inezmuch ez the nigger who would run from Kentucky to Ohio, alter this ackshen, would prove himself to be atuosteggrejis loonatic. I bed sevral other resolooshens, but Bas eom cut cm f-hort by mnvin th« ftdop*hcn uv sich ez bed bin red, and the non-rcadiu uv the balance, wich wuz vocifferoasly adopted. Bascora don’t like Demcratic metiins—they okkepy the attenshnn uv his customers, and thereby interfere with his bizress. Alter the meeting adjourned, a trooly allcctin scene transpired at hts grossery. 1 announced lo cm my unalterable deter uiinafehcu to change my babitashen- I Iclt, 1 remarkt, that Ohio offered a more profitable feeid for my labors, and that Ecuce the Lvglslacher uv that State bed spoken, I hed dclcrmltcd to locate the Institoot in Ohio, it bein, in my honest opinion, a belter pint therefor. The Oimo crisvuv Ohio are, it is troo, minority, but ; how long will they be so? They are posi tive in their belecfe, while their enemies ain’t to any alarmiu extent. - The war—the danger wich threatened em —held cm to gether, and after a lashion give em back bone, and for a time they cockered, but now —them bands bein broken—that stimulus bein taken away—they are just about as timid as so many rabbits. Th**y started on a principle wich they are afeerd uv—they are travelin a road they ain’t got no love for, and air fitartin at the shadoere uv the lious on either side; they are livinon butter milk when roast beef is jist ez easy to git. I hev longed, and yearned, and agonized lor years for a civilized state, rich in the means uv subsistence, whose politishns sub ordinate principle to county offices. Sich a State Is Ohio, and sich a field and sich a peo ple I shel never be. able to find agin, and I go. There will I erect the Insfttoot. Bascom objectid. He coodeut go nor I fiboodent. He had an interest in the es tablishment nv the Institoot at this pint —he wanted the populashcn uv the Cor ners interest, bein certin uv gittin the heft nv the Inkum uv every man who shood settle there. Be cood not deny that sencc the event we wuz eelebratin bed transpired, that, the Institoot wood do just as well in Ohio ez in Kentucky, and perhaps better, ez while they were going on the same principles, they lied more money, and ef he cood leave he woodent mind chaugin the locasben, but that wuz impossible. In the pnrsobt uv bis callin he bed absorbed the uefl «jv the n-al estate uv this seckshtn; and bed mort gages on the balance, and that he must 6 ay to take caie of.’ He didn't like to assert his power, but he begged the Professor to remember that be cooden’t leave without settlin at his bar for his six months suste nance, and that ther wuz a law in Kentucky givin creditors power over abscondin debt ors. 'Wood it be convenient for any one nv the Directors or Professors to settle their accounts. Ha! ba! I saw the pint, and wuz forced to take the back track. I can’t go. Is it not a burnln shame that a paltry bill, at the bar of a pal try grocery, snood keep me from lokalln in a State where the Dlmocrisy, by sheer impu dence, kin bully aAbolisbinmajority ofslxty thousand into goln back onto their principles and into acquiescence into their darlincst dogmas! Wood that sum Linkin wood strike the chains uvdebt from my limbs,that I mile fly to other and fairer sceens. Petroleum V. Nasby, P. M., (Which is Postmaster), and likewise Profes fessoruv Bibliklc Politicks iu the South era CVassikle & Military Institoot. A Bit ol Bvmauce. The Canton (III.) Register gives the follow ing hit of personal history, which comes np to the status of a romance : It often falls within the scope of our duties to record soiuc strange adventure, marvel lous tale, orthnlhng romance which is4»oroe to us upon the lips of others, but we have this week a genuine romance to tell about, which has been develoued in the history of the family of the junior editor ol this paper. We shall not use any of the adjectives, ex pletives or highly-wrought phrases common to the sensational writers ol the day, but ■will tel! our story in the simple language of truth. , . Some twenty years ago, or thereabouts, there lived in the city of Milwaukee a man named Edward Ritchie, who followed the art and occupation of house, sign and orna mental painter. He had formerly lived In Kew York State, where be married a young lady, with whom he did not live happily; He had moved to Milwaukee, and had man aged to secure the custody of their only child, a little girl, while the wife sought a home with her relatives iu 2sew Jersey, .after a separation # of four or five years, Ritchie married again, hut whether he had I obtained a divorce in the meantime is not I now known. A son was born of this second marriage, and Ritchie, his wife, and little daughter—who was now twelve or fourteen years of age— lived happily together. When the Califor nia gold ‘excitement broke out, in 1549, Ritchie was taken with the gold fever and startedfor the auriferous lima. His little sou was at this time about fourteen months old. In less than a year news was received that Ritchie was dead. The daughter received an invitation to visit her Eastern relatives, which she accepted, and was again united with her mother, fn»u whom she had been separated some twelve years. The widow in Milwaukee moved away, it was not known where taking, of course, her little sou with her the daughter remained iu New Jersey, and «rew to womanhood, a fair, fresh and ro«y girl who possessed such uncommon at tractions os to charm the writer here of, due course of tlmeshe assumed the name of Mrs. J. K. Magic. At this lime Mrs. M*. from letters which had been received eorae years before, believed her little brother hod died soon alter leaving Milwaukee; out come six or eight years ago our curiosity lea us to examine a pile of letters belonging to Mrs. M-, which had been received some 1 years before, but carefully preserved. From these letters we formed the theory that her brother might be yet living, but where he was, or what name Uc might be bearing, wh had'no.'baafe -evoa—fbf J *,«ogtoct*r& Bat by * dilveot. ui paMWue I*- q Q xj aafl correaiwcdaLOo tko me* waa de veloped that the boy was still Hying, bat hi* whereabouts was yet: a. mystery. Action upon lopeffect else* and the weakaat hints, we succeeded it length'’tn looting him ii a •mall town in Michigan, where ha vaa living wnhhiajnolhrrand atepiather,* Mr. Horl bnrt, ana was known by tbe name: of Tboe. £. Hmibart. We sneueeded in opening a. correspondence with him, and learned that be tuid never supposed bat that Hr. Horlbort; was Ids fttber. HU mother had never seen fit to communicate to him the - history of hU parentage and her /oither marriage with Mr.i BltcMe. Mr. Horlbort, it appears, was a very hind hashand and affectionate father, and was ever as kind and indulgent to Thomas as to his other children. On Satur day last young Mr. Hurlbnrfc—who is now a young mania bis twentieth year—arrived in this city.and for tbe first time la hU mem ory looked npon the lace of hU sister, who parted with him when he was hot eighteen months of aae. These facts are all new and fit’anee to Thomas. He can. scarcely realize their troth. Bat the meeting was a hippy ore.'mnd the brother and sister re joice in the re-union, and we have been en abled to add another item Illustrating the fact that “truth is stranger than fiction.” The Income Tax. The following is the form of making in* come returns lor 1867, under the new law. The reader will see at a glance the charac ter of the articles to be returned upon, and the deductions to be made: - nrtcnxs. 1. From the profile in any trade. business or vo cation from which income is actually derived, or any Interest therein wherever carried on. 2. From the payment of debts in a former year considered lost, and which hare not paid a previous income tax. 8. From rents. 4. From fanning operations—Amount of lire slock sold;, amount of agricultural products sold. 6. From profits realized by sales of real estate porch as vg since December 31,1803. C. From mtcresi on any bonds or other evi dences of Indebtedness ol any railroad, canal, tumpke. canal na'igauon. or elackwater com pany; or Interest or dividends on stock, capital or aeposits in any bank, trust company, savings institution, insurance,' railroad, canal, turnpike, c*tmß navigation or slackwater company. . *7. From dividends ol any incorporate company other than those above mentioned. 8. From gains and profits of any incorporated company not divided. 9. From interest on notes, bonds or other secu rities of the United States. 10. From jntciot on notes, bonds,; mortgages, or other securities other Hum those enumerated above. . _ 11. From ary salary other than as fan officer or eroyloyo of the United States. 12. From any salary or pay as an officer or em ploye ol die United stares. • IS. From profile on sales of gold or stocks, whenever pit: chafed. ir. From all sources not above enumerated. 15. Cross income. pcDuonoire. 1. Exempt by law; f I,WO. 2. National, Statc,connty and municipal taxes paid within the year. 3. Losses actually sustained daring the year from fire, shipwreck, or incurred in trade, and not already deducted In ascertaining profits. 4. Los-es on sales of real estate purchased since December 31,15G3. 5. Amount paid for faired labor to cultivate land Irom which income is derived. (j. Amount paid for the live stock which was sold within the year. 7. Amount actually paid for rent of homestead. 8. Amount paid for usual or ordinary repairs, excluding payment lor new buildings; permanent improvements orbetiermente. 9. interest paid out or faffing doc within the year. 10. Salary or pav as an officer or employe of the Uni-cd Stales, from which a tax has been with held. 11. interest or dividends irom corporations enumerated shore ia paiagraph o. Taxable income. Amount of tax at 5 per cent ClimiAGtS, COLD WATCHES, Bn.T.TARn TAPIXa, COLD AND SILTED PLATE. t&Jifdulf A—Sdclion l&t. Act June 30, IBM, as Amend'd Jaly Vi, ISWJ.) Carriage, photon, carryall, rcckaway, or other like carnages, and any coach, hack ney coach, omni .us or four-wheeled car nage. the body of "hlch rests on springs of any description, which is kept for use, for hiie or for pa'seogers, and which la not used exclusively In husbandry or in the transportation of merchandise, valued at exceeding <3OO ard not exceedk " <SOO includingbarncssnsed therewith f 6.00 Carnages ol like description valued at above £5tX) l°-°° Gold watches, composed wholly or In part of cold or gilt, kept for use, valued at SIOO or less I-®® : Gold v atchce, composed wholly or In part of cold or gilt, kept lor use, valued at above Billiard tables kept for use. and not subject to special lax - 10.C0 Ounce plate of gold, kept for use, per ounce Troy CU Ounce plate of silver, kept for use, per ounce Troy, exceeding forty ounces, nsed by one family ..T... 05 John G. TCblctlrr on Hu Own Lite rary Life. The following letter from John G. ‘Whit tier appears in the last issue of the -Vd tion: 1 am very well aware that merely per sonal explanations are not likely to be as interesting to the public as to the parties concerned; but lam induced to notice what Is cither a misconception on thy part, or, as is most probable, a failure on my own to make myself clearly understood. In the review of “The Tent on the Beach,” in thy paper of last week, I confess I was not a little surprised to find myself represented as regretting my lile-lopg and active parti cipation la the great conflict which has ended in the emancipation of the slave, and that I had not devoted myself to purely literary pursuits. lujthc half-playful lines upon which the statement is founded, If I did not fed at liberty to boast of my anti slavery labors and magnify my editorial Jro*c£sioa. I certainly did not mean to nn erratc them or express the shadow of a regret that they had occupied so la»-ge a share of my time aad thought. The simple fact is that 1 cannot be sufficiently thank ful to Divine Providence that so early called my attention to tho great interests o‘ ha manUy, saving me from the poor ambitions and miserable. jealousies of a selfish pursuit of literary reputation. Up to a compara tively recent period ray literary writings have’ been simply episodical, something anart from the real object and aim of my life, and wha*cvcr of favor they have found w ith the public has come to me with a great ful surprise rather than as an expected re ward- Asl have never staked all Updu the chances of authorship, I have been spared the pain of disappointment and the tempta tion to envy those who, as men of letters, deservedly occupy a higher place in. the popular estimation than I have ever aspired to. Truly thy friend. John G. Whittier. AaiESsrsT, Dth Third month, 15157. The Pnblle Health—Action Needed. To the Editor ot the Chicago Tribune: it is with pleasure that t ob-erre the recent passage, by the Legislature of this State, of rixe •• Metropolitan Board of Health Bill,” which act It is intended shall go into Immediate operation io tbi® dty. 7 bis is a mcasnre imperatively demanded by the peculiar sanitary requirements of Chicago; by tho advanced stale oftbc science of Public Hygiene ; and bv the high rank in material civilization, wbich’la claimed, and also merited by the Metro politan city o» the great Northwest, and I desire to make the passage of this act, by the Assembly at Springfield, the occasion of a lew remarks upon the importance of prompt and thoroush proceedings on the part of those who may be appointed to execute the duties prescribed to Health Commissioners. 1 be Metropolitan Health BUI has become ft law, hot in order that this community shall be bene fited by it. the dead statute must be galvanised into life by the efficient exe:cl;c of all the powers conferred upon them by the officers comprising the Board. Assuming that they will have been selected with reference, not to political Influence, but to especial qualifications (or the office by eci -atific attainments and knowledge of sanitary science, they should recommend and enforce, as of para mount Importance, rigorous measures for the preservation of tbo public health; they should merge oil minor considerations in the discharge ol their responsible duties. *• Action t Action I Action!” should be their motto. Warehr>u.dbc declared aca vigorously prosecuted agumst every prevalent eouice of dis care, and all threatened dangers to the hcalthlul sees of the city be removed. The opening spring should begin the campaign. The invasion ot pestilence, not waited for, bat anticipated by the abatement of nuisances, and the abolition of everything detrimental to the public health. It is too cficn the case that the rls iarrfia of apathetic Indifference to the presence ot great evils, is occasionally rudely disturbed by the ap proach of some greater calamity. The stimulus offiarlsfreguentlyneeded to effect rifoime In the public hygiene of cities, and it is not until the awlul shadow of approaching pes tilence lulls athwart the earth, and creeps along the pathway of commerce, that corporations be come alarmed, and inaugurate measures for its prevention and cute. . . The cholera has made its mysterious circuit of »be earth. Europe baa been ravaged by the de stroyer, and our own country partially invaded. Wfaocaii doubt but mat It is destined again to be visited, and desolated? Who can doubt, with the experience of the p:st summer in their memory* but that this.clty, unless the greatest eauitary precaution be taken, will become again themeatre ot its ravages? f-hall we wait until the danger is visible, and tangible—until it can not be evaded—for authority to bertir itself? Shah we procrastinate preventive measures, na il! a proclamation of the Mover startles the com ninjuiy oat of its n-nal apathy, by the announce ment of the pretence of a deadly epidemic, before the initial step be taken lor protection against the aporoach of danger? A vigorous bioclamalioa sometimes succeeds in disturbing the slumocra of a lew easygoing people, who rob tbeir eyes, hold up their bauds in innocent wonder andamazeaent. and after In- o ciring whether there i« any decaying cabbage In the cellar, end sending to the apothecary for some chloride of lime, will rc'apse Into their usual qui escence, and resigning themselves and their friends to their share of the penalty, if there be anv. fall aeleep aga : n. When the house is in flames the tenant thinks it deeiiai'lc tb.t it should be insured. When the coco bleer Is stolen the stable door creaks on its hinges, and will speedily be locked. When the cholera la at 1 and the warnings of sanitary re formers aie found to have been entitled to more itspect thnn they received. Local functionaries ihinkit possible that there may be danger In airt. in stenches, in choked cesspools, and sewers. In putnd rivers and deadly malaria. Corpora tions become alarmed—not In tbeir collective capacity, for corporations never catch cholera— but individually, in the persons of tbe members of whom they are composed. They begin to led that they, too, memorial, and lla ,le to tbo ordi r.aiv penalties which punish the beat of mankind for neglect of the laws of health They begin to recognize the fact in science that the organic cause of disease, bred in filthy etrcets.and m tbo purulent and Icella cellars, where vice and poverty congre gate may Cy on the wings of the wind to lozarioas mansions and seize upon victims who never dream of danger, nor hear of It, except to neglect it, inihe columns or newspapers, or in the perti nacious reports of Sanitary inspectors. Tbezeal of public functionaries is then—when, Dcrhaps. too late—awakened; and they will try to do something towards wanilng ofl the evil, of lessening the intensity of the desolating pesll -ICBat the question which no;v arises is, what can be done—what should Sanitary Commissions Im mediately do—which will not fall far short of v bat the circumstances of lids city require, in view of tbe probability of another advent oi an C, Jn C Attencan cities, the science of public hy eene baa been biJicrto almost practically un lown, or, at least, so utterly disregarded as. to require its alphabet to be taught. There ebonld be (as initial atepsl bouse to house visitation, ol the densest and most nnwholsome parts of the city. Overcrowded lodging hopes should be compelled to disgorge a portion of the superabundant misery, beggary' vice Hut crawls into them to rot and tester in- thick corrup tion. Keeking alleys ebonld receive a welcome and thorough ablution. Squalid teoementssbould be whlte-aasbed. Pig-rtva removed from tbeir disgusting contiguity to the sleeping apartments, where thieves and vagrants do all they can to imi tate tbe habits of tho animals with which they arc eo often fout.d associated. Co spools should be cleaned, sinus disinfected, and drains flushed. • The mult ol these and kindred measures of medical and police reform and precaution, would largely diminish tbe ultima re mortality from chol era, ebonld it come. Let none disparage the value of such efforts; pot to make them even at the last hour, would be to neglect a sacred duty. Bat to rely upon such efforts being made voluntarily, or occasionally— 'in empiUnee with • tee < of, .Hraltli Beards, or proclamation of tbe Mayor—as; goMlaat; -or to? cease-making them ton as s: present danger (torn peatOesce shall bate passed' -away, wUlben dantaeUnn-eqaally urheJamemed *■ Tha wwefagaelsewhere, and of pavt years have; bees severe: enough. tat the/ have.'fkijed toss- ■ sKprthc purpose. ■ A 'stronger - warning may he thundered in-oar ears oythe approach otpratl leCcc. let ns profit by experience, and been the nr erring teachings of science, sod hope they will not hare been » vain, and out of tbe “nettle, dancer,” we ehall pluck of safety.” ; ' ' C.W.B.' OfttaHgths BridfM. We commend the following letter to tbe atten tion of tbe people wbcee fiae has been lost so extensively by the nai-esce of an open bridge. Travel across the river is every year becoming more nod more difficult as our lake commerce in crease?, and unless 'some measures of relief be taken the bndgea will soon be Impassable: ' To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: The people of this city are moving in the mat ter of ame-sano* in eroescurtbe river. They are circuit tin* petitions asking the Connell to “regu late” the movement of vessels on the river so that teams and loot passeoesrs may have an equal chance with them at tbe river croeeines, by closing tbe orldrea tor a stated time against vessels, to prevent accumulations and delays in the bridged sheets so Jong, notpatunils/, endured by the citi zens of Chicago. . This seems proper, and 'we have no donbt bat vessel owners will cheerfully acquiesce iojinv just regulation, until tniinels can be completed, to re lieve the pressure at the bridges during the sea son of navigation. Many sale, “flow can it be done?” We answer, by allowing tbe vessels to pass along the river unchecked, on til the terms and foot passengers have been detained at the bridges fen minut/s, then let a signal be raised to (be ton of a mast erected in the centre at tbe bridge, to stop vessels for tbe same nttmbw of minutes, ii necessary, to allow the accumulation of foot pa-pengt-rs aud carriages to pass over iu The bridges to be clos'd agalmt vessels tcntle the signal t< up, and. when the signal is not up the vessels to nee tbe river the same as hitherto, the bridges opening aud closing .to dear the way for them. Therelore, it will be observed tbat when vesscls are running so as not to keep tbo bridge open at any one time more than ten minutes, they will not be delayed. When a great number of .vessels enter the month of the harbor at tbe same time, or the same number leave tbo river for the lake, they most move In “squads” atsnch distances apart as to allow tbe stated time for teams and foot passen gers to nee the bneges daring the period of time. fixed bi the City Connell. A commendable effort, on board aud on snore, to enccessluliy carry oat a meaeore of this kind will work an Incalculable benefit in the industrial interest of Chicago. West Sipe. The following petition Is being extensively cir culated for signature: “Tour petitioners, citizens of Chicago, respect fully petition your honorable body to pass au or dluance remuatingthe passage of vessels through, aud teams and foot passengers over, me bridges. “Those crossing the bridges Jo this city should be protected as well as those wishing to navigate the river. “An ordinance from you, containing some equitn le arrangement for the opening and clos ing of tbe river uiidgcs, would bo the means of saving an incalculable amount ot valuable time to a large majority of our clllz- na.” The News Boy* «n«l Boot Blacks. To the Editorjof the Chicago Tribune; GiKTuaras:-As many quealitns have been asked concerning the movement for the beacilt of Newsboys and Bootblacks, allow me to answer tome of these questions. . s-ume two montns glace the Chicago Sunday School Union employed tome young men in ;the JConbwrstem Seminary ia this city to encage la a mission work among the Noveboya, Bootblacks and Kairplckera. We were induced to undertake this work by the following facts; There were last year licensed by oar city authorities over seven hundred Newsboys. This year, from Janu ary Bt to the present time, there have been licens ed two hundred and nxty-lwo .Newsboys and one hundred and iwenry-eigfat Bootblacks. In addition to this, there area large number of pro fusions! rag-pickers boys, all of whom ore entirely neglected and nncared for. For Ihisjiarge cla.-a of wanderers ibe Newsooy’s Mission was started in the old Board of Trade HalL on South Water street, wnerc meetings adapted to the of thwe boys arc held every Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. Those who have been engaged in this work have been astonished and checied by the willing ness, and, on the part of many, desire to be benefited by the Mission. There can be so more bopclol field of labor than with these boye i««« budotfiQ intu ufti l iiood, cure to be smart and active men, as they sow are smart and active boys. Wo hope to bo able to fnrrlsb these boys a place which shall be somethin:; like a home, for many of them have so homes, but are absolute wiMlstnagTcatrity. , 'J here Is also held tn the same place, on Sab bath evening, a service for newsboys, rag-nicaers, boatmen and all neglected poor of the city, who have found no other place of worship. Ana the ccnerejrsnou gathered there are among the few of this world's poor who have the Gospel preach ed to them. Yours respectfully, E. b. SKEtsza. Ptrbideal C. b. S. union. A meteor. Elk Gnovr, Cook County, 111., March IS, To the Editor of tne Chicago Tribune: At about sunset last evening the attention of myeeli and family wa» suddenly attracted by a strange rumbling noise like not very distant ihonotr, vblch we soon ascertained was oc casioned by the bursting of an unusually iorgc meicor, apparently no f very far away. Cue of my sons betsg near the bam tawwba' appeared like a long Ham of lire passim' Iroro east 10 west in the south, at an elevation of some forty-five de grees, slightly declirlrg toward the horizon, and disappearing alter traversing some forty or fifty degrees. He at once rsn through the barn, and, calling the attention of two other brothers to the place it passed through, »hey saw its track still maikcd by a long lino of vapor. Then, ail re turning to the first place of observation, they beard the rurobUngiof the explosion. From the Lons.-myself and the rest "1 my family hearing »tc ttraege poise and seeing the excited move ments 01 the young men went to the door and learned the above facts. The time from the Ureappearance of the meteor to the explosion Ola not exceed two minutes.' This tact, together with the tram-of vapor, would indicate that the body was low in the atmospUerc —l«a than twenty miles away, rind yet above the lower current of the oi-. as the wild, though very light, was in the wcs», »ne ekv nearly cloudless, the air quite cool, the mercury standing at Bi tten degrees Fiomlts elevation and estimated distance hum the piace of ob-crva-ion, twenty miles northwest oi Chicago, U might appesria the Z'Uilb to spec'alor* some ton or hilecn miles tenth or in the vicinity of Collage Hill. K. F. Ctocoii. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONETARY. Wednesday Evsstyo, March SO. Owing to tho reaction in the produce markets, there was a lesa amount of speculative paper of fing, atd business at the discount houses was less active. In other respects the money maikot pietcnten ne new points. For all good mercan tile paper, the supply of loanable lands h ahua cant, but speculative estnes are closely dlscriml natctl, and none hot those denominated “Wit edged'* And any favor. As quarterly day will soon he at hand, most of the tanks arc pursuing a conservative policy, and are unwilling to extend their discount (lues to any extent. However, there 1» no livelihood of any contraction of loans, a? the vaiious icsuluions arc all in good shape. The bath rate is steady at 10 per wot, with occa sional excep lons on Government Securities at 8 per cent. In the open market money is very easy at I@lH ptr cent per mouth. The demand for Exchange still exceeds the sup ply, and the marketconlinues very strong. Honed ;ots were readily placed between banks to-day. at 23030 cents premium. The counter notes arc steady, at par buying and J-10 premium selling. Flour wa* quiet. Wheat declined 506 c on Jso. 2 Spring. Cora was 405 c lower. Oats depre dated 102 c. Kye advanced 102 c. barley was firm. Mesa Pork was maclve. Bulk Meats were quiet. Lard declined Dressed Hogs advanced 25c. Whiskey was neglected. . Go d wa- a trifle higher to-day. The market opened at IRiJ*, advanced to ITI&c, .and closed at 134)5. The following quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold brokeft: IteSU a. m l3Jit ii&Wm 134 U 10:45 a. m IJM*% 1 12:30 p. m 13i?i 11:00 a. m 1341% i 2ioo p. m 181?6 11:15 a.m J3i*% 2:80 p. m 181?> 31:50 a.m 131 U 3;00 p. m 31:15a.m 131*4 | 3:20 p. m l?A*i Here the mtrket was quiet hut steady, at 13T*4 0184— baying. Silver was nominal at 1230127. The Public Funds weie a shade firmer, Tbfl following shows tho dodos nriccs to-day, com prned with the three previous days : Sat. Mon. Tuea. Wed. Sixes of *Bl 1091% lOUi 103 103 Five-Twenties,-’62 109*4 103*4 109 109*4 Five-Twenties, *Ol 10*54 10"fi 10714 10714 Five-Twenties, *65 107*4 107*4 107 K Wf?£ Ten-Forties - ?~?s 97* 37Ji 37f» Seven-Thirties, August.3os3* 106J4 10C 30C Scvcu-Tbluics, Jane....lW}4 10314 iO3iV 103*4 Seven-Thirties. Ju1y....1055% 10.'>;j 105J6 1U514 y»cw Fivu-Twcnties 106*£ 105*6 107 107 Here there was a good demand, and the market was firm. We quote: tiOYEBNXEKT BtCUUITTEE —CHICAGO MARKET. Bimng. Selling. IT. S, Sixes, oflSGl 1 S2£ 100 V. S. 5-Cos, I&U2. 10SJX 1W U. ,S WtOs, ISO!.-. 107*4 lo7h D. S. S-20s, 1803 107*4 10S U. S. 5-20 s, *CS and ’CO (new)..3Wi?i lv7 U. b. 5-20 s, small 10-i @1072* U. S. 10-1(18, large 97J4 9724 C.S ICMOs. email 97 • ••• 0. S. 7-Oob, Ist scries 103*£ 100*4 TT. Ji. 7-3 to, 2i».>2£ U. S. 7~JOf, M series 10:44 1025 U. S. 7-00b* email . 103 ©IQjJs compounCe, Jose* 16*»* H7?.i •* r-llOf* 11 Aue., 18W .... .110 Oct, ISW 115 Dec., 1R»1 114 “ May, 1005 112 *• Ang., 1665 111 H « SopU, 15C3........110*5 “ * Oct., 1005 110 Local Securities are m good demand amt firm. The brokers are buying at the following rates: Chicago City 7s 2 rook County 7e Ji Chamber of Commerce £H Tbe total amtmnt or gold certificates Issued and redeemed by the Sub-Treasury, together «lth the balance unredeemed on the I'.th instant, is thuswlatcd; Issued. Redeemed. Ontstand'g. 20s s2sOJ}o iITB.TiO ?1M,74U 100 s ■1,022,1X10 3.261,300 1,001,300 500 a Etf,oUO 523,000 301,W» I,ooos 23,421.100 19,636,003 3,7(3,(W0 s,Ctoa . 144,875J,-U0 12J.»*()G,(W0 13,270,000 Jt),000B •T0ta1...-•1*9,160,510 $159,960,00(3 $19,200,510 —The Philadelphia Ud'ier remarks : The anthracite coal trade rules very dull and the prospect for tho coming season is by no means ilatrent.g. Those great consumers of coal, the forges and fonnderu-s and the steam marine of the country, do not promise that acmuy and con sumption of coal necessary to make tho trade aCr live. ’Jhe rahwav tonnage is up fo that of last year at corresponding time, bm there Is little demand for consumption, the stock all the time Increasing at the cmU centres. The carrying com panies are doing what they can to strengthen the trade by reducing Heights, allowing drawbacks on cCal shipped, fic., bat with lime prospect of tfieclirig any material increase. The difficulty lies deeper, and is to be round iu that dctrcsslon of business which resells from want of confidence iu tho future. If those great interests that use most coal could be assured that there would be a lature market St hotter or even present prices, they would continue nrodnction. thus giving employment to industry nnd activity in all kinds of business. While im portant legislation, however. Is held in abeyance over the country, all enterprise will remain par alyr.ert,ard while it Is ’fans the tendency will be decidedly dowward until public sentiment gener ally assents to the fact ioat the lowest point is reached. The best evidence of the depressed condition of the market is found Iu the fact that | few orders forcost from »he large dealer? are ro- I cplved.leavingihegtcatbuik of tbe current pro- , duction on the market to farther depre:s prices. —The tollowlug shows the condition of the Kew York City Banks this week and lust: March 9. March 16. Loans $262,141,433 $203,072,972 Circulation ttJ.409.811 C-i, tSW.O66 KS2JS r..... 200,233.527 137,958,351 Tenders 61,52-5,440 02,3 3.C30 The deviations from, the returns of the pre vious week areas follows: •rs vv;.-;;. cKVuon.,.; se,sn Dec.- C7io,’iur —The Philadelphia ledger says : • Mcnev Is in urgent demand i'v borrower* whose securities are of Indifferent credit, hut Is plenty for those having toe right kind of colla-eral. Oa Governments, large sums can be had at from five to eix per cent, and on miscellaneous stock col* UlUrtlM from Mfeßtonljewf et»l lefenor credit U negotiated with neck difllcaily. : —The ttegiß'er of the Treasury addresses lbs Mowing letter to Bam. 8. Hooper relative to ike reported lame of boadar ' ■‘•Sib ;_i bare the honor to tnuori t, u mines'- e&aetaiemuit ofcoopons,aeem!u*lydapi cites, detected In ibis office no to November X. Mai. Xbe tout is 138555.10. of these the ambers that were not counterfeited or altered, were leaved, of course, by accident or fraud. From a very care ful examination, made hr directions of the Secre* tary, 1 bare been thee fsruaable to dud fatlalse toryproofof anrltandalentlasne by this Depart wfjt «p n» «»btik. At some of tbo harms? peri ods of the-ww these issues were hastily made, ardacrtaeot may fairly explain all. and coasts,* catty with the idea that the Government baa suf fered no Io«e. I have marked those prrnfed at New York and those at Wasbington at this He- P4CBaen 6. B7Coiir, Heels ter oftheTrea?urr” ' Tbe following is a statement of the apparent over issues alluded to by the Busier:. ' _ 405 coupons, old bevcn-Tlurtiei ..f 18,619-97 8a coupons, new Seven-Thirties , CS coupons, Five-Tweniy Booda 1,0g.00 Sl conpons, Ten-Forty Bonn*.. w. 50 M coupons, Joan of July J 7 * 3 coupons, loan of Match 3,1833 9J-W fi conpons, loan of ISSS 53,00 Total The National Hide and Leather Bank of Bos ton, SUesachPßCTts, has voluntarily ceased to be a despoakoiy of the public moneys. —I he total Imports at Sew York for the week compare aa follows: Week ending Much 16. MsrchS. MarehS. Feh.a. Dry g00d5....ta.732.ira W IgJß.wj Gen. mdse.... 3,399.972 8,933417 4,.UVJI Total $4,601,690 KWH ss£W,»* SW«.6M —The New York imports ol foreign dry goods compare as follows: Por the Week. IBGS. 1355. 7iT,. Thrown on market UWLSO6 Bcte^ J “thTport....s^K7ilSJ Throws cn market 9,«U3,*>31 35.3H9J3 29,033,333 —The New York Shipping Lift observes: “Xbe week closes on an oa*y money market, the disbursements of tbe Sub-Treasury contribute log to the resniL The leading rate oucitlls=ix per cent, with exceptions of live and seven per cent, the inside rate on Government Slocks. Discounts muse from on best signatures, and 7!i<240 per cent on good to C&tr names. We quote * Per cent per annum. Loan? on call. Stock securities 5 @ 7 Do bond ana monjrase —* J Prime endorsed bills, 60 days 6J5® 7 Do do 3©4 months 7 @ 8 First*clas« single names S <l9 8 Other good bills 9 @l2 —Thu Quicksilver mining Company bas made its annual report, which states the produce of this mineral tb:oagbout the world, for 1866, as follows: Flasks. Flasks. New AlmsScnCil 35,150 Lake Mine, Ca1....4,'J50 A'maden, 5pain...112,400 Goadalotme, Ca1...1,631 IdMs. Austria 7,235 Mount Diablo, Cal. B*> New Idila, Ca 1.... 6,013 Total The accumulated stock In Ihe different markets of Uie world Ib, as near aa can be ascertained, about T20,01X) dasks. tsroers OPPEOVMIORSFBOMTBktnnrK) STATE?, Ike folio rfinglnblo shows tbs exports of Pro visions from Sew York fortbc two weeks endlnc March IS, Sow Orleans March 8, and other porta Match 9: To Great To the ’ Other Foreign Britain. Continent Porta. BccLbrls.... 5.069 6S 1.050 Pork.brls.... 2,®® 5 4,636 8a000.1ba....2,430,100 2LB>;O . 157,900 Lard, 0ft..... 818,800 741,000 789,000 Butter,Os.... 248,300 4,000 114,700 Cbee#e, tts... 439.000 .... 37,900 COSIHEECIAL. WEDiranAT Evetoko, March *39. The following tables show Ihe receipts and shipments of Produce during the past twenty-four hours: BECHPTB PAST TUXSTI-POCB 18(57. 1536. Flour >■“ Wheat, centals ••• 7,9*1 pnr., 2-2,911 2,531 Oa*E, cenUle 1,813 1,270 Rye, cental* 1.816 4‘H Bailey, cealal* 1,290 192 Gra*« t-*... 51,(31 27,17! Cur«dMeats, 1b5..... .*!... fii,99t Beef, brls 253 Pork, brls 171 Lard, lbs . 87,761 30,47\ Tal.ow, Era l«,OBC 5.H00 Butter, Sts 6,'i20 18,504 D. Hogs, No 115 91 Uvelfon, N 0... . 3,0® 522 Cattle, Ko ..... 3,217 CIS Hides! Ibs 31,800 83,177 Uichwlncs,br!« 152 1M Wool, Ibs -4,940 20, *O7 Lumber, 5® 53 £bUtfes,a 490 35*1 Lath, m sUirau3r7BYaaxTwx3Tr-FOUS nouss, ISC7. 1860. Flout,brls ..... 4.401 1,977 Wheat, cen'als 1,953 2,570 Coro. 2,333 3,478 Oats, centals 160 2,025 Bye. centals ££l Barley, centals 290 91J Gra*e B>s 06,426 45,072 Bioom Corn, lbs . 7,990 Cured Meats,» 176,081 333,0i3 Beef, Mis 275 1,37') Pork, brls 76 I*6 Xjird, tbs .... 60,517 Tallow, B>« 71,573 13,W» Bntt'.r, ttfl 1,920 1,409 Bresced Hogs, No SOU .... Lire Hogs, No 2,042 .... Cattle, No . 318 523 Hides. E* 1C.95U 59.7 U Biahn lues, brls 103 S Wool, tts 7,510 13,724 Lumber, m 9t4 5S Shingles, tn 1.291 V7O Lath, m 299 33*2 bait, bils 155 292 mom aso oraix ix stobb. The followicij table, complied Croat the official reports ofibo warehousemen, exhibits the amount oi Flour ana Grain In store la thU ci:y on Saturday last, compared tilth the amount Instore at the same date la?t year: v-gt. \m. . 75,010 83.413 .5J11,673 C.U5.43S .4A731 3W.C70 ,223,0:0 321,6J3 . 40.721 08.2(5* Flour, hrla. Wheat, centals, Com, do . Oats, do . Ure, do .. Barley do 101,355 lath^i The Provision marKet was again perfectly life less in consequence of the unfavorable advices from New York. Holders of IVooact showed no disposition to.foice Bales, and very few bide were made iless Fork was freely offered at £33.50, cash, with some inquiry at $32.35 for favorite brands, but generally there was no demand at over (23.00. Other styles of Pork were neglected and entirely nominal. sweet Pickled Hams were firm ard a trifle higher, with sales of 150 tres at Balk Meats were inactive and nominal, ohh sales (last evening) 100,000 lbs Shoulders at Sc loose. Lard was tame and Jaclower, with sales of SOO tres prune Steam at «tl3ccash —the np per tor a lot free ol storage for C'J diy. Urease was inactive and nominally unchanged. Dressed Hues were about 25c belter, with sales at (9.50®9.75. Whiskey was exceedingly dnll. Round lots of bonded were freely ofleied at 2dc, without attract ing buyers. Tax-paid may bo quoted entirely nominal at |‘2.20. There was a marked cessation In the demand for Flour to-day. and buyers refused to take hold unless a small concession was made, which hold ers refused to grant. The sales were restrict’ dto J,GOO br la at (J6.UO for White Winter; (!0.25®12 50 for Spring Extras; (7.25®9.C0 for Spring Supers; (7.12*4 lor Rye, and (G. 50 lor Buckwheat. The market for No. 2 Splice Wheat experienced s decided reaction—resulting in a decline of 5® Cc. No. 1 was quiet, sed without material change. The sales foot np%J,OOO hu. at s2.itl for* No. 1 and ( S (or- No. 3 Spring—closing quiet at (3.09 for the latter. i be unfavorable advices from New York gave a “sot back ” to the corn market, and we note a depreciation of 4©sc on No. 1 and 2©Sc on Re jected. About 228,000 hu changed bands atSU® 91c tor No. 1, and 71 >4®73c for Rejected—closing Umeat the former and 73c for the latter. The demand was mostly to fill shorts. There was a fairly active movement In Oats at a decline of i®3c, with sales of 81,000 bn at 41**® •17c tor No. 2—closing fiat at 45c for winter re ceipts. Barley was quiet but firm, with sales at 70®85c jor No. 2 according to location, and $1.20 for sam ple lots. Rye was to moderate demand and l©2c better, with talcs at SI.2CH@I.2C for No. land $1.23j0r No. 2. Seeds were dull, but without any qnoUblo change la vaincs. We note sales ats2.Ty®2.9o for Timothy ; $T.75®9.25 for Clover, and $3.25 for Flax. There was nothing doing In Tallow and tUc mar* ket Is nomiially unchanged. Tnc following telegrams were read on ’Change to-day: Bcitalo, March 20. Floor and Grain in store and alloat unsold: Wneal, 167.000 bu ; Com, 25i>,000 bit ; OstS, 2-W,(>oo hr: Rye, SU.UOG ha; Barley* 7.1/0U bu: Peas* B,CUJ bn. Ksw Tors, March 20. Floor firmer but qniet $10.25311.45. Wheal heavy at $2 2132 50- Corn easier and quiet at SI.BO. Oats drooping atGs@Goc. Port lower and heavy at $23 3754. Laid steady.* Whiskey quiet. Gold, UHX. - Flonr qniet bnt firm. Wheat dnTl and heavy. Corn lower and salable at $1.1654. Oats heavy at C 5. Pork qniet at $23.50. LATEB. ATterthe close of ’Change, the leading Grain markets were qniet, closing steady at $2.00 2.J0 for No. 2-Spnnc Wheat. No. 1 Corn was dull and lower, closing at BSJ4c. Provisions were dull, with rnmoietl soles of 100 brls Mess Pork at $22.25. cash. The Cattle market was falily ac tive, at a farther decline of BIQISc on common to medlnm grades. Good to prime shipping stock was firmly held at previous rates. Receipts 2,7fi0 bead, and the entered sales S,S5u, at a range of $1.75<5i5.50 for common to extra—market closing weak,wiih3,soobead leftover. The market for Live Hogs war active, at a decline of 10315 c, Entered sales, 5,027 head, at Prices ranging from SG.CS for very common, to fT.Ou lor prime lots. The market closes steady at $3.5037.75. Lossiiur at Oconto. The says that logging on the Oconto is coins on allnzhUand Hut there are already to. on that river, SCjxx.OCiOftet oilogs, and ihit ihcy arustlU the rate ot over a million a day. It 1, esil m»Uxl Dial the combined lamher business of that coun try. which Includes, besides tbe Oconto River. Meno monee. I‘cstuigo. l*oa*i»ukte and Little Suamtco, will amount to 150,030,000 fset. CHICAGO LIFE STOCK. MARKET. Otnct of me Dailt Tstncs*, ? WESNtspAT Erssoio, Much 10. ) The following tabic shows the dally receipts and shipments©! Livestock during the week, up to this evcnlnr. ss reported by the secretary of the Union Stock Tard Company; CatUc. Boss. Sheep -40 Si 100 ..3.207 2,973 1.3 W .2.760 »,431 3.045 Sunday and Monday. Tuesday

TVednscday total 6,007 8,433 3.«» Efec time l«t a eck 4,304 7,810 2.313 last 2,iCO 7.033 2,090 The receipts today were by the following routes; Cattle. Hon. Sheep. By IHlncts Control 237 519 5Sa By BurliottfonA: Qumy Road.. 1,169 2A37 9jj By st. L'.uis £ Alton Road S 3 IS B{ Ii» Road 596 1,774 S 5 By Michigan Southern Road 5S •••• Hy Kock Ulmd Boad 279 K 0 U 3 Isy Ifichipto Central 7, .... SS ♦ Total a,703 5,131 3.023 Tbesbli>tncnt4to-day,aaacar tbc week n? to tins ctchics, were Cattle. Hoes. Sheep EcßdaTimd Woods? <3 133 ...• Tccstlsy S 3 1,312 In TTcdnenlay (not reiumoo) .... Total—*.' 513 1.U2 1 72 Sales to-dny. as entered at the different Scale-booses, wereaafollovc: . . Hozs. Shew. ..*459 k& ssa ... 663 V'** 633 ... St 7 ' 164 86 ... 791 1,517 IW> At minol* central Scale. At Berlin*ton Scale..... A» Alton Scale At 1» ortLv.cs lem Scale.. BEEF CATTLE—Tuc essential* to an aedre market werecertainlynotwanUn*w-dsj. loe wcatk«w*9 otcJeM»«« ‘ WaumdWMii Tl TM»yt- , ketopeteddnir ton bea/y, .and did ns* at uplift i darlDc the day atteta si ore than s tatrdenwe *1 aetlr- 1 ity. The oiewi otboyewaad seDecs wen coasltea bly »t variance. Tbe larmer, in view of.ttw saentkd i acn drecpmc corVdWew tfAcatiiM a*vosd,-andtlie, lirc*»Dpp*y ef»t«e6Bi«ie,weretiaa6rlag*irlb"we > rates, bntb-ltfera <t good to prime shipping gradd., to which. .class • the ‘ tejnlry- 1 was principal!/ i confined,. were goeraliy .firm in. tbetr-;deaiada. ’ nod cnuegpuU/, trade 'nortec tbe fbreaowndracasd considerably, thoogh from t»e saleamadeltdennoi : nr peat tent v*lros *n**rad any materia! depcecUtioo.! Tne denaad fbr-common-aad median dsacnpaons. wm eomewbatreatricad, >ndwttn aa iiiraaiin eop- ; ply of inch In tbe pro, hosiery. tboajb Arm la their ‘ Tlewßftttbe6peß*nanalijftroedto glfe way, nod the bmk..aftbeaalea.wenjßadeaLnfortbecre-| Auction oflftjmc per 1» »i The recSpto waroof tux average qoaUty. and wm tatotbkfiy.Qfi Eastern; tccoontatnrAageoftijStj&'&fhr.eommon t) ptlmo aUppU« stock, and gaJBASja for ..extra, smooth! Meets. The -entered ula -not op *,250’ bead. _ These were divided between ship*; pers, ifeders, packers aid 'botchers, at 14.75<J6.W lor common mirtt iota Including poor . Cowfc thin rough suers, blags, bolls and coarse boay Oxen, ro prime Ist batcher's Cows, and prime stock Bteer*;t6:ra7.Solbrmcalnaitogoo'i itratehtchlpoißg' Steers, and £7-3538.00 fbr prime Boltxks. One lot of extra smooth, tat Bute Steers, arerajlngl,sl3 as. sold at tßfio,bnt this was nn extravagant figure and for mates no Index to the genera! market. There was a lair Inquiry for “ rockers,*’ and a reipectahle hoslaeai was done at, and within the range oC t3.OOßS.iasf for very common to prime ofiferinga. Springers were In demand and the few in aancet were retail/taren ? op at remunerative rates. There were WOO head of eat* tie left over unsold, and the feeling at the cloieofthe market was rather easier. Toe following were the .f15,it52.10 rBIWH. Extrn Brews—tlne. tar, well formed. 4 to $ year old Steers, and averaging 1,300 as and upward* f 7.7533.00 Prime Jfcews—Good, well fatted, finely, formed Steers. averaging from 1.100 to LiCOftant 7.339T.50 Utlr Gtadf*— Fair steers. InfolrSeah, av eragiDg IXCO®I jon a*, at. 6.5037-00 Jl tllutn tJUih* —Medium Steers and good Cows, nt *or city slaughter and averaging • 80091.000 aa, at. .—... 5.T39&85 Slock Cattln—Common Cattle la decent flesh,averagingß ft», at 5.0Q%5J7V /I'/crfur—Light and thin Caws and Steers t-OO.dl.'ii CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. Pistteen bead medium fleshy Steers, averazlog 1,066 db, aif cars, at $6.23. K Seventeen head prlma. butchers* Cattle, averaging l.Clrns. Kd and watered, at $8 i;^. Seventeen bead prime tat Cows and lightish Steers, averaging a» Q>s, oil cars, at $6.13 v. . Sixteen bead common “Stockers?*averaging 688 &s. olfcaie, fctgj Ot. Thirty-six bead meilnm stock Steers, fis, oil cars, at kl.A’Jf. T Mny-two head aecd rmooth shipping Steen, aver* aplue tt«.niTcars, at STAO. Thlrty.threeheadgo'jdralri-hlop'OgSteers,' aversg- Idc 1.171 Bs, t»d and watered,at S7J9. Thirty-one head noghstocksiteer*, averaging 1.328 tts,otfca«, at 16.35. * * levcntecc head good straight shipping steers, aver* hs-fed and waten-d, at *7.33. Sixteen head fiurdcsbv shipping Steers, averaging LOTS ns. fed and watered, at fnAO. Slxto-i beau sood jat rows and median Steen, tv* craglng I.UU S>s. led and watered, al S6X6. six tead M Bcaltawaa M Steers, averaging^,lCO Bs, fed and wauued, atsJ.(o. Mctteen h* aa shipping Steen, averaging LU>2 &s oS can. at $0.50. Eighteen bend good rooghlsh Steers, averaging Bs, otfeara. at $7.10. Twt-tty head prime Cat Cows, averaging 1,033 DJ, oT care, al IC.OO. Sevens -eicht head prise shipping Bteer*.-avera£lsg -’, otf card, at ft. 63. Tniity-Srvea bead lair shipping Steers, averaging 1,012 ciS. oil can, at |6 40. Twe< ty head Stc D r4 and fat Cows, averag ing i,O3U as, fed aod watered, at SOXW. Stxiv-lour bead extra smooth LUlools Steen, averag ing LSIS at, oIT care, at SSAO ecventren head prime straightahlpplagfctecrs, aver- ft, <»tr cars, at Nlnety-tln* h-ao choice smooth Illinois Steers,aver agtng idkO ftt. oil cars, at IB.CQ. Kerry head good straight shipping Btecri, averaging 1,191 fts. off cars, at $7.29. DOGS—The market opened activo and strong at stout the closing rates cf yratcnlsv, hat laier m the ■ day, under liberal arrivals, an easier JeeUoe retained, urd prices receded 10915 s per 100 fts. About 5.100 li-ad changed hands, at t6.5997.0u U* very common to medicm lots; tor medlnm to Ciir, and $7X30,7.90 lor good o prime Hurt. The offerings were taken up cbl*fx iw* >***► Work buyers, though packers look hold awards the close am, quite freely. The m*r*Ft closed steady at $6AC®7.73. z*vtsactlooß ißcmde the following; HOG SALES TO-DAT. .83,551 Jfo. Ar. Price. <9 cowl fat lot, oiT car* ; 9M #7.70 43 soul even lot, off cars 321 7.73 57 prltro fit Hops.-tf cars ,160 7.90 fiDtutcven lot,oO cars - • ,0 csm dlum llslit ‘ljs'4. fed nod watered. ..196 7.15 « mm- quality. led and wat-rKi IW 7.37^ 60 oaice quality, ted and Watered W 3 aC9 103 iicbt mixed lot. fed nnd watered 150 7« (A fair even lot, fed and watered 185 7-jc C 3 cuod fat rough lot. fed and watered....22l 7-. j 66 fair lotted and watered 197 «.C3tf lz3 median) licht Ute» ted and watered...U9 74v K cood rnuab lot off can S 3! 7,83 75 cood even lot off can 317 7,70 126 medium lat off cars 161 7.40 73 Ulr lot ted and watered 183 7.M 91 bto< k Hop* I* 5*S 15 pcltuecvcn lot TO 7.90 57 fair rotub lot led and watered 703 7.65 43 medium coarse tot ted and watered.... 323 7.43 15 cood lot fid and watered. 239 7,.j £9 fair mixed lot off cars 193 7.61 66 rom'roD tough lot. ISO 7.25 SHE'P-Tbere was a liberal supply In tbe market, bat. under a pood inquiry, both for shipment and on local acco-it, prevtons rates were well maintained, ora the balk off.e offerings were closed oal at a range of |6.03C4"-C<l tbr common to lair lots, nnd $7.35i» 7.C7jf lor pood to prime qualifies. The demand Is chiefly fur cood to choice Mutton Sheep. Other de scriptions are somewhat neglected. Wo note the fjl - g sales to-day: No. Ar. Price. TScodfatlot ....108 f'.n 16j mectnm lot. lill Mi Motion 2 -Opnnv* Mutton ShcCp .I'4 7.6T>f fOmooiam lot 91 6.79 SOfalr lot. CHICACO UAILV MARKET. AH sales of Groin rrporua In lAia wi-rrfcrt report are vxade • n tAe basis of muter (4c» storage, unless otherwise expressed. WEDXIfDAT Etzsiso, Marcb 30,139?. F REltJllT!*— lUilhoab FutiouTo—Arc 10c lower mi louiiu V'M l&o ioiiut*ii.g la Uie tariff cf tbe Eastern Ituadt JVt UU Dr/d Batts from Chloeo to— clans.cla'9.Floor, uox*. noLal...N V 162* KH » 73 ~ C{* :r. 73 73 Toiouio- U. W Montreal. eI. Alba-.j.N.T... N* w York. llnoton r lu Alb*-'V 1.31 75 1.50 1.33 I'wt- n r»a Urrtd Tun fe 1.35 75 1.50 I.(S roru»rdr*a Grand Tmnii LSO i.'S Plnlsrttlr Ilia. FlUnrurKh«L.n«i, Orio. Jt-ertoiiVille, 1td...... Cionm n>l, OdO FMll'R—* revived, 5,031 brlr; shipped, 4,264 brls. The Kiuur market was dull. aid prices wore nominally uuchanccd. sal-s li.clunethd'dllcwng: Wurr* Win taui—loo brls uot named at sl6 00: Spki.vo Ettkas— tOO I rls nut naiuMl a' tl‘2Ao ; 159 tut-* do at 911.73 ; 100 brlK “G*ts* U’s FxceMor’*at|lUso;lWbrl» “LiporUj” »• 917.50; 75 brls notuamcdat 911 23; 100 brls do at fll.Cf; 4CO oris dim* $lO 25; B 0 b Is ”Prideof Illinois”: si $lO 23; UsfOrjfD—lOu brls rot nam'd at ftO.O-S; fcPSiM) bVPins—7oo bri* not named at 99.00; Hi brl« no ut i7.SU: £0 brli do *' *7.50; Kte Flock—23 hrls at #7.12)*: >iuciv«'UEAT Flocc—l3 brU at $6.50; Coax. Mk.vl-'J lons c* ar e at #30.00. W HK*T—Received. 5.713 centals: shipped. 7,936 cental*. Murkef dc» lined 5c on No. 2 Sprint. No. I qnl< t and unchanged. bs'es were: 2,400 bn No. I n*-$2.10; 10,(00 bu No. 2 at $2.12; 10.000 bn do at $7 IIV; :S,tPO bn do at 92.71; 9.(obbu do at $110; 15.000 bn ui at $2.09* ; IS,’ 00 bn do at £1.09; 5,000 on do at $4.03 do- Inc quiet ut <4.19. rORS-lteceived.s7.9ll ceattls: shipped,2.33l cen* •sir. Market declined <o<ar on No.l. Rejected was Uk 3c it-wcr. Sale* w>re: SCffUm No. lat 9H‘; 3,093 ba dn at V2VC; 52.000 bu do at 92c: U'.OJO badoatSlc; ifl.OfOhnQu at9lVc; IS 000 on do at 99Wc; Mi do at rtc; 7,000ba Bqected at73c; 3.000 ba d>at 7J«c; lO.CtV bu do at 72c; 3,000 ba do at 74.4 c; JUDO bn ao at : 71 vc—closing tamo at K»aß9Kc for No. 1 and 72c fur | Rejected. OATi*—lircelved,l,Sl7centali;ihipp*d.73ocent#U. Maruct ilrcilctfl lai •• were: ba No .3 at 47c; OOCbaduat-tfiEc; cOO bn co at 46l{c; CAOObudoat iCUc : SJ.iXC bu do at 4fc; 15,022 on do at 45kc; 10.000 bu do af iStfc; 73.000 bu <o at 45c; 3.000 bu tin at 44\C —dculor With sailers of Winter reccloU at «sc. u\ E—Received, 1.516 centals: shipo“d,2U centals. Market advanced l®2c. Sates were: 3,000 cm No. iat 91216; 6.1 ©0 bn O') at 9135*1 9.SCO bn do at 91.23; 400 ba do At 91.23 V; SfO ba No. ‘4 at 91.28. B A Kl*E»—Received. I,'iO centals; shipped. 226 centals. Market brni nut quiet. Sabs were: 400 ba No. 2at 65<*; !■ obado at See; 15,800 bo do at BOc; 3,002 bn do at TCc: 400 bn bv sample at fi.2o. A u:(MIOI>- Nominal at filial 40. BttAN—Market Qtuct. Sale of 10 tons at 120.00 oa CORN—In fair demandatflso,oo323o.CO, arrort.lnK toquallty. ■ , BEANS—Are steady. Prices ranging from s!..*£ 2.73. s»ie« of 5 oris medium at 92.23. BUTTER—lßcrived. 6.020 as; shipp'd, UB as. Tbe receipts of prime Butter are Uebt; bonce prices, under a good local Inquiry, are well sustained and firm at our quotations. Common descriptions continue very quiet, and under the excessive (-apply prices are bareli sustained. Sales include 600 as roil at 37c; S 9 Bs choice at 2Sc; S pkp» common at 22c. We quote: Cnclct Dairy Good Tab (;omnon FUtin Prime Flrrln ~..7Mm0 Bal»l»lJi44—There is little being done In tms branch ct trade, and with a fan supply In the market dealers arc by no means firm in their demands, gen* cralty ►hading prices freely on ronndlou. In a'mall way the loilo win/ rates arc In most instances realized. We repeat our list: , National A. 2 bo. seamless linen .J 33.00 Colon A, 2 ba, yo SS.M llliool* A,2r>tu do |S.<O Corn Exchange «•«{ Btatit A. cotton seamless M.OO LcwistownA, do 63.09 Atdroscoscin, do SS.«J American. do - 5900 Heaver Mills, do 60-22 Pittsfield 8, do 60.00 Penn Mills, do Gt.wJ Fort Pitt, do 64.00 Silgo, do 6900 Saco, linen and cotton 52.00 Rldecwo'd, linen ALU cotton... 62.00 Sumcneld 52.00 Gunnies 2a-W Burlau*,4bn,No. 1 27.(0 Empire City 49.00 CHEBs»lE—'There Is no Improvement in tbe sapplr, and under a comltmcd active demand too recent ad vance 1* well sustained, and the market rules firm at our miitatlina. In view o( the limited stocks, dealers arenoturclngealc9.BSthey cannot replenish at pres ent rales. Wc quote as follows: _ • New York Factory {gamine) 21 ®22 c Fnctcry (Ullnols) 19 @‘2° c * c tVfstcrn States 16 »19 C Wettein Kererve 15 019 c •‘Ycurc America" * , 33 C €OAI/—Remains steady with prices nncharged. Trace is fair, and under reduced *t;cks Bitummjus Coals are flru-ly held ftt qnoutlons. in rnard lots. Hard dwcnptlona m»y generally be obtained at a sliahtronccselon. thoueh on small orders rail prices arecemanded. The fullowiiig are the current rates: Ebie—brookßEd do Onni-bf H*J® CtevtLAAD— Briar Hill ii*(£ do Mineral Pfdgc 10.C0 do Willow nano. 10-22 do TonncJ 70 00 chlptewo. to*" Lump Lcblch v H-2S Lackawanna, IU do oi bML... " . 5.50® 6.W Tonrhi cbeny..•••......... ii-w COFFEE—There was an active inoycincnUn the maiket.and mces were (Irmly maintained. We re- DnlvDoullc: HK.BVC Rio, Cecil to prime. ’2 creeol wSvltyjiLdprice*were aihhdohlifher. Sale* ot BJOtO Shaved Yucsoty Hoops at »Tub Beads at9c i crsKt; SOOPork BarrelsaW4l 40. Ksiits—Were tr fair local request and litfalr sap oivTatarancoof*62lßc, with rales chltfly atl.c. v FRUITS AND NUT**—The market usteadyand nnehnneed. There was a fair Inquiry to-Cay tot gen* eral assortmemr, and previous rates were well sus tained and to'erahly Ona. Dried Emits are in better request andraHcr firmer. The market for Foreign Fruits Is firm, with an upward tendency. Wo make no chance in our quotations as follows; GBEBX FETTTS. _ 4.00 a3O BJX) «1 fIAO 7.73 <<4 tUa 15.00 fe23.00 Apples. V btl Lemons, >1 c*»s 1 ra... oransei.l> b0x.... Cranberries, \i brl. Turkey Prune*, new French prunes, new Fis?, drums Figs, cartoons * cans. Apples, new i’caches halves and quarters, Peaches, pared Blackberries, rew, V D.... Raspberries, new, v B Cherries, pitted Elderberries, V £>--•••••-" Raisins, seedless. jO ft keg ls . Sardines, V< boxes, Sardines, H boxes- JITTS* „ .. Aimotds, hard-shelled r ® ; Almonds, w>n-ah«lel... S 3 « AHnona*.j»per».liell<d.... .IS Fcauul*, WuklngtoD, V ba -C JM 400 Cs UraxllNuts ri g r| Filucrts... . J. 6 *? i, Frei ch Walnut*. new » y. Naples S ? p-cans. small and large..-. Hickory % 2~3 fM-evi iit». W liti ............. ..... GajO 63 7.VJ f.lSil—Tlic senerai market exhibits a good de*«e or anlmaticn, and aa the stacks on hand are no atord tliau satUrient to meet the lrgUSma.o wants or tne trace, prices are thoroughly sustained and flrm at onr qnot&Uonf. We tepeat our lift as follows: ... wimmsh, No. i, x oil f£g« WldtcCsh.No. 2, •s£•* Trout. No. 1, H tort f-J?;* j**s Trent No. 1!. V brl - . , 4.*> *c 4JO Mackerel, No. fc, Jftrl 1 22vS 1 2*i!s lisekml. ftmily. per jfbrl ,252« in SacteMil, V H hri HAM 15.10 sesete , exuamesa, V lat 3joa 3.75 Mackerel, No. 1, kits new --V* 2 g Mackerel, family, tdU 2.1*4 «.m Bank, «i 1K» fit, i.oCi£ 140 ?BSSSSSS»»HU jm ,waluni uu 53dl»Wlr*OoaCQMah....f ..........JJTSw'i. — ■a -iiiwitit... - - Ml ■: • m»—twessaotaa acCvePnatee* bwag-dene In thU artkie at prepay bat *e (ha supply la tnesasr tot mac mew feat daaieraan apt aiapaMd «o attadrprtcee.U any extent, aad the fhQawlsg qnota • tMnetny be eonaloered fl'S: : woLaaaiJi wnm - : _ •Tiagtty,'iß»tydH"Hr >wH. WfITV.MTI^I TlmorliT. Tolirr sb* txsieri. «•**... TliinilTir. Inrtin pgr find V. i... 17-00^19.00 Prairie, roller anolmtar pswbmiL. . Aatrle. locaeos wsgon. dohvered........v; UW** SLga »eiehioped I K*£»i. The dematd ecoUnaw good, and. wider mMerateam vals, all prime offerings «i*r«MU/tkUftttp raws. Gmbbj hide* in buying a* ooe-ttuid on. weowrte; _._ Green Botthet**.. *•; •J.A?*® Green Baited, trimmed ; ‘ c Green Cali...; •£ •* « Sip Greco, sa'ted & ®}s.,® Dry ntarTtrlmmel Dry lilted, trimmed... **?iK2&$ c Green Baitedjrart-cnred—. ..loya»ue IKON tMs deoartmeat trade U cSr aod/rate)y activSfaal with the reduced oojh mttonottheimck, dealers are s*kl«* fall prices we cor-ttooetoquote: Common Bar ...» -»•• |sß[ sJfc Hcrae Shoe lion * S*22i*£ Heavy Bard S,,®,!*® Hoop and Lt. ht Band. c Bond and square.. 582 !« c Oral IV. * * 5*9 *¥c Hair Oral and Ball Bound. s*» •Ke Sheet Irtn.-common—— JKd - ” <5 Extra Brandi «• 7k(^rr — c Sheet Iron, galvanlrcd ; c Sheet Iroc, cnartcai, '.*6 %?02.« £ St eet Iron, Jnoiata, 3*>. 1 Norway Nall Kodi plow SieeU German... “ 9}* c Plow Steel.cast c Spring and Tire B'eel, EoglDh c Tool Cast Steel, ordinary sixes S &30 e Tool Cattstee*. American. S •*! * Blistered steel... -20 ®» c LEATDEK—Rndnena m this department is not particularly wls£out aatoe stocks In the bands of dealers Is In so way excessive, their anxiety to enact sales Is sot sufficient .to induce th<<a to shade price* to any considerable exten'. and the general market may M quoted firm at the tallowing range: • itrvrnnr. City Bwew *| B. 3954 *Ol Country Ham eu 96(4 88, Une. ¥ ft.'...— 43d Mi s»i.V Calf, f» ft....... i.wai.w Upper.B» foot.. .90» SI, Collar* 9~ioot. Slancbter. Sole. 53® 51 earned, fa— 4C® 4g Upper SQe S 3 Kip. No. 1. me- , „ tfinni— J.10@1.30 Kip. Vo. I, 8301.10 0<K.........,».0D59P.00 ‘ LIJ SI BEK—There was a fair decree ol activity DuUeMed In too Lumber Market to-day. altbonga thedemandwMPrtniloalylbrsnpoJvlnx Meal *«B- ( First. Becovd and Third is selling finely, and buyers are more winuse to meet the views ot dealers. Laths are In fair demand, acd prices remain unchanged. tblncKß contl no in active request and are held Dimly at our quotation?. Weconr.nue to qnola; 1 LtrHßxn—First Clear. 1, W, 1* and 2 indi „ _ t » l Second C:ear. I.IH, IJj and * Inch s®*s£?S*fS f Third Cleat loch 50.M055XP I Fmt ann second Clear. Flooring. toaeth er. rough, the aamc as Clear wide..;... SOXOOSLOO 1 Common Coonuß. rough *2£££t’!S 1 - Matched and DreseedCominonFloorltta.. 4WW#D-w Matched ana.Dressed 8-lnch Common n.orlne. 3SA)®aBJO First ana Seconn Clear Siding together.. 2SS9-SS First Common Dressed Sluing. ZP.0Ai25.00 Wwoa Box Boards. seKct 15-lcch and onwards .. AEtcck Boards, 12 Inches ®£?iS’S B Stock Boards, Vi laches 3S.CUiZ7.tJO . Common Beard*. Jol-ts, Scantling, Fenc- JoitUandrcncijinff. 18,20,22an42l feet. &OCO3LU) , Joists and scastlmy 23J» Snisopea— K or Star Shaved Shingles 4-50 Aor Star Sawed Shingles S.MaSSO 80. 1 sawed Shingles 8-Sfii* 3.00 Lath—Per m myanl . 5.00 By car-load by Northwestern Bollroad, delivered id ssr yard where cars can be I ] ewltchtd orMJ.a-oct, Aor Star Sawed _ j Shtoclcs, by car-loan. track SXO A or Star Shaved Shingle*, by car-load, I on track... 3.75® 400 1 Ko. 1 Sawed bhlcffin, by car-load, on tnct*....... < jo Tnree doiim a car-lead added when transferred, ( which charge fallow# the Shingle* la freight bill. , . BniSOLXSTASDAto. ■ Thickness—Five Shiugicrto be two inches In thick -11 Lcijcth—felrtcen lnch«. j Panos—Twenty itches. ] in ET-Tls*°A &»* TINNFR.H' STOCK—The tsaikec was active, and the volume of basinets was taixer than for some time past, fitocka ore ample, and dealers arc very firm In their views at Uu annexed 'notations: • Tlrf. BBIOnT vine, Bor Tin Plate, 1C 1 *»«.... 11 ?, Sana « « LarsePlirs SI 10 and 11............ 13 Sash S3 12. 1» Bar Tin?. SO 13 and it 15 Metallic Al* aotu.. « 17. • I*’ Copper Bottom 53 18 l< Braziers over 10 lbs. 43 1!)....,.. 31 Sheet, 14 to 16 0z.... 15 £ .... S 2 Tlnulnps 10 Fmce Wire.... .... 10 BABBIT JtBTAX. ISTTSSLiS. _ Istonailtr, » >os.9andX6 35026 Antimony... 20 American,l*lqnalt- Fine solder 30 ty, * sheet 19 ztxc. American. latqnali- UtqaaUiy.cisif.... 13M ty. V ML... ..... 13 Ist quality, sheet... 1J 1 American. 2d quail blab .15 I ty, V sleet-..*.... 16 NAlL**—Continue In active reqnt«t.bat owing to lie«outlined stopp'CC cf mills at ineSast. the supply n> inadequate 10 thodemacd. We qaoU prices firm, as follows: lO>i to« Fkeff p,i. 7.23 13d, fine Dine- »25 m 7.50 I 24. fine Dined tO 75 M 7.751 Cm spikes 7X5 an 8.-4 Clinched, Net 9.50 Ol LX I—There 1 —There was a fair ttqmry for standard oil* to day. and previous rates weiewell *n<Utoeda3 around. Uneced waa rather quiet, out with omy a aodefota supply In the marker, the feeling was tolefaby arm. Lard, oil In view cf tnc advance la the raw mg-rlol, wa# dtcld»dly firmer, and unless there shuum w a re* action lu the market tor Lard, prices most evidently take a bicber range. We quote; 1-lmetd Llns-cd Oil, bolted lA3^IA) Olive - , Whale Oil. W. B H&f'S Lam 01L extra - JO Lard On, no. 1 winter Lard 011.A’0.2 W»ntcr. 1.1A91.10 Bank OH. n,nod lots 1.15(i1.20 Bonk OIL straits Machine OH WLfi FpermOlLW.B Luorlc&tlnc Oil 5441.00 CAUUON Oil#—There was a moderate Inquiry . 0- and under a c ©derate supp'y the market was 1- Arm, at4io4Sc as quoted helow: | Carbon, F car -osa 46c Carhon,en;alilot»..... - **ROTI,MON?*-Becelvc«LS7.7(>l lbs Lard; shlp?-<L 176.034 fba Cured Meat*. 375 brls Beef, and 76 Mis Furk. Pont—Bull an i nuOiVio! at 632 2j®3hSl. l»wee< Pickled Bans—Market flrmei. Sales •ere; 103 teaall3*c; 40 ur*»t 14c: . aw ~ Bqik •v*ents-t'aies were: 100,000 ns Shoulders (lastev«iJnc)«ißclPOee. 96 7.Q0 ,i.» tj un .1.10 C7* J.C* l.l'j ,’t.os C 3 1.30 lies a 40 80 63 15 -3]~i a 47 13 S 3 IS 30 J,ard—Declined J*c Sales were: COO tea prime *tc*n. at i:vc; 2CO tea do at 13c to. »■ lor stx’y days. POT7I.TK V—The market was lalrly active, and prices were a shade bet'er. Sales inende tne f.tilov {or: nßPj.»r> Cincnusn—i doz at SC 00; l «o at $3.00; 3 do (noun at H-M: 1 c-*opLive at S3JO; Dscsskd Ttexzts—aX bs at zoo; C3do at 19c; SOD do at lite; 100 do Give) at lie. ■. POTATOES—SaIes were: C 3 bn Peach Blows at 73c: 53 bn do at 80c : ICO bu Nesbannocks at 70c. eUHSA KB—Trade wa* belter txiay than u has been tor the patl two weeks, country merchants were purchasing in ely, ana the m»u orders were cons Her a larger. Choke cranes are m very debt snppy and dealers hod 11 almost impossible to All orders. We , fS“.! I*ol to KICO ......13#(>»1WC M. r Befined, Powcared and Granulated....leVJl6ke White A. UW4IWC* C Irde A. >VhHe B yellow •« ttli c Oxrntd C 103f@U c Oxnard C. extra atl&slPVc ,»w Orleans ptlme. i4H@t4ik:c New Orleans lair .14 ®l»Hc &>v KtJP^—There was consider *!>!• anlmailsa lathe uiaikct. and prices were a shade firmer. We Boston Amber. H. 5091.50 Kew York Syrups G 031.15 Yeliow Drips 1.13@h20 Cuba Molasses ® Porto Ulcc 9X3 hi S*w orlmns 5C31.00 Philadelphia luelllvc SK3 70 CblcagoKefl ery.Ambtr 1J03U5 Chicago Refinery, Golden SO® 00 Chicago EeQpen. Sugar House..... M »ODA AND i»A LEKATUS—The demand con tinue steady, and prices rule Him. We continue to SaotfllVs Medicinal ;...i7X&I2Xe Belaad’s Chemical r.. JiJ*® I **. c •• Healthy -17 <*l2Vc « put® .”.....11 ®Ukc PALT—Kecelved, none; shipped, 433 brls. The market rules steady. Sales of HO brls at 12.55 deL; M sacks Ground Alum at 13.U0. We repeat quotations: New Fine., W-55 -65 (ircntid Alum f2.10@h13 Ground Solar 3.(3 Turk’s Irland, bags 2JO Daiiy, with sacks SJO mirv, without sacks 5 73 9»EEl>J*—Kecelved, ©s: shipped, 60.136 ds. Market inacllteand neglected, bales were as lallowst Timothy—llo beat f2d«; 73 bags at <?.83: 136 do at 52.T5; id do at *2.70; Cloves—S3 bu Mammoth at - $9.25; 83 do at ftf.W *. 13 bags do at $9.00; 33 bag* do at *3JO; Bdo at IAS; 77 do at 57.75; Flax—3s boat C3Js:7bftgsats3iS. TEASt— Business to-day was brink, ana with a lib eral attendance of buyers, and a largo number of orders by mail a better feeling prevailed, and prices were firmly sustained, we repeat quotations: Yonng Hyson, superior to fine. 9 B fl.2o@iJo Young Hyson, extra to choice, 9 B 1.70@U0 imperial, superior to floe, V is U9al» Imperial, extra to choice. 9 B lA3c<t3^o Gunpowder, superior jo fine, H D 1.19c«1.60 Gunpowder,extra to choice, 9 B lAV3.’JO ' Japan,natural leaf, flee to extra fine, 9 8... 1J5@1.t5 Janan, nannal I*ai. fine to choice. 9 B L3o@i4a japan, natural leat colored. 9 b TOtlACCO—Bemalns quiet, with prices nu chal gee. The blocks are light, hence dealers are firm in ibclr views, and arc In most instances realizing at tte nrlcts given below; FntECtTT CUBW l.Nd. Extra.. Choice 010X150? Virginia's Favor- I Choice rtt@3Ccl PLCO TORACCO. Loyal Citizen.... 73>3800 Medium... fi*aT3c Farmer’s Delimit OKjtTSc Common ..AOwTOc Natural Leah...fl.KXsl JO Navies..... A3«ttc Half Brlcht 73ct*I.W VlrcltUalOi* fta-.-WaGOc Choice b’k Boned Tit’SOc Flounders .70@75c WOOD—Is qplct bnt Arm at the following rani eof Staple,*? cerd, delivered fI3JO@W.OO MapK ? cerd, jn yard ll JO@l7.M Beech, ? cord, chllvercd « 0-2® Beech. 9 cord. In yard WOOL—Received,4.9lo isa; shipped. 7JIO Bs. The market Is quiet, and prices remain unchanged. |>o sale* reported. _ agricultural I-tnplementg. 'T'HE HENRV CITY CORN TENDER! To aH persons lalurcstul ta the manufacture and tale of AcrtcnUnrsl Implement!, we would pay that the BINDMABbB IMPROVED RIDING CORN PLOW, patented Jan- isth, 1807, having been tboronenly tested put season by a number et our best tanners, bss been jroconatrd superior to all other Pows now m me. it is admitted to be of llentcr draught and more easily managed than otner Plows, only one lever being need for tutelar and ion erlng the ahovelo.and oodetng wben at work. The lever can be used with case, e toer whilst walking cr riding- Bern? about foot ear* rower in treau. Is cot Uanle to nock down corn whilst at - oik. For lightness. simplicity and cheapness sur passes soy other Rldloc Corn Plow made. State, County and Shop Rlchts for sale on very reasonable terms, orders lor tbe'Uenry City Com Tender will be mied at fair Cgurta. For particulars sddr«! bBRBCKFOS, Henry, Marshall Connty« Illinois- PER MONTH TO AGENTS TO IP ft sell the Best, Cheap, Liseoscd Sewing Machine IUU 10 lie United States. Address, with stamp. 21 & 25 19 ® 20 27 & 23 30 & 33 25 C« 26 4.05 » 4.75 9 & nii 16 & 19 45 @ *3 31 @ 32 6-5 0 68 65 0 66 15 0 16 9J50 010.15 20 0 31 33 0 10 PAGE QEST, BATTEN & CO, Wholesale Commisrioa Hsrctsatl, fpgtxecpF_ftc<l Crjttl T ASELL FEMALE SEMINARY, \j AtJBUBJTDALE, MASS., tsi miles trom Foor Tears’ CI«slc»l Coane. Fra ch. Untie, Fslntmr. Dromloeii. Careim arm ip a,! Eng.Lm Brancaa. Spring term begins Mafca 21a«~ cats, w. cumins. Dissolution The partnership tieretofore existing between th* - nndcraicnei. rtSeflra:”a“ aSr»rylc of BA*UKLQRB?.M2 ft CO .is Cits d*Tfilig'.;*ecl by mniuil Tao AilaVre cl tbe atm will b-j seized ar SAMUEL GEKFNE or G- W. 3 AKKEC, Wbo the Orm name in Uqulcation. SAML’KLGRBESB, CLicagoTllarcL 16,136 T. E, W»BA2i£BB> . I„;..fHi»«g C*io u Soie."rr.f 409 43 Slaughter, tele, Chicago, SoTi *4 42 Slaughter, Sole, Chicago, So. 2 549 S 7 Ouenoe Ayres.. SM S 3 Onaoeo bole.. - S l9 38 1 Ortcoco, good, 1 damaged. 319 S 3 JXJt 33d M [French CtU, St I ft* 3.1003.23 I French Cell, SI Sis 2.0003.10 I ftench CaU; Lo* , molrrt, -9 oar. .... 8C.0D35C_.00 .soaooc .55a73c MuilUin*. I Common. .4L13@1 J 3 I ~ I.W«U3| I CofflraoaStcms.....l9&£ls agents. 33uemes« ®a«is. no. so McGaa-atn DENVER. COLORADO fiourammgi. dissolution. ;' old .il*!wlikMt «■ »l«lr—, «■«■«■ IIIM MUHml* l *■ . ;-1 : UR. M. v. Fw*a. ■ ' lURtwOTH-T- AwiywttpßiiiwftmMiytiMrfl , u *n**OKr junhcna tot mm m&ma*. ;rc : bi, > i.Aiioon»i * * - unimtfiy.H.T' t CB«wm»i w .tt, ■.«■: •• rMI ***« «*■»■■**•'■ ,4n* M. !• J> IWI ■* MmAIoI Comae* ' nmm, K jpg aakhy >P !Tneoi*> Hit gov*- way.H.T. ■; -•■■ ■ . 1 - A 4n«n4rivffei otn. Is guaranteed tea 3 vkfr sce.efllcted. Dr. Bsywwsl rttf rinre IX elaesee wlltou may lasecaattai fion ite pattern, tbm saving year heUlh and Ufa trota fiend four x«eat stamps for Us WJIDK TO BKAX.TH. 913 IM UadIMMS, up smq. Coatuitafloo ftc. oas dollar., • ... -• Ttt pmttiT —< FUarc Pwywn In Uf«j cleans revealed bf Dr. Eapbiel. Hflguldw^ o * to wealthandhkpmn-‘*r. its £sst|KuuMv«L.- a 9 stain. CoßralUee-O* Dollar. smrf-oar S-ceat alamo for bia OUiD£ T) HEALTH, rtla circular about waning the aflactloeicl the opposite sax and a happy marriage, will toe m cratta. Proprietor of the Medical eadanrgieal Institute, 178 Bourn Clark-st* has treated an lonaa of. venereal Ui*- ease with unprecedented eteeea lor nearlylurty years: SpencazerrMa and impot«ee treated with the nappl catreaeitt. pardeoJaraaf t*e Inaamte andtheGnMe maUed free to any address. P.0.80x 77, Chicago, flMnc'la. .. . ■ ' Beaatlftl Hair. - CheTallo’s Ule fbr die Bair poatively halt to ita ondnal colcr and yoaUtol tocaatr* itnpatu Hie acd atresjrb to the weakest h«r; star* its wu« on atooceTKetps me bead rteaam n»pvr* *£•.* hairdre>sine, Boldby all drucckM and unurcaDie . ifir. ' v „ • Having the confidence of the panic foeurty at large, is the moar w^ l ?J2£22“«^?nT* city for chronic nervous and e*xnal o»ea»w. .Call at Ms offlee, 176 Ifoote of Moaw. Koctns separata... ConaalUdflw Oy* • ■O. .13*. His guide to health, published monthly, sent tree to ant address. Keh) gttllttaitoag. jyj'AbSACHCSETTS IN the rebellion. 2 RECORD OF THE Position of the Commonweal thy And the send cca cf the LEADING STATESMEN. THE MILITARY, THE COLLEGES, AND TZZE PEOPLE, • maw CltlXi WAR OP 1801-05. Ay p. c. lUUSLKrjaathor ol “Joaephtoe,” etc. fhia Important publication baa bees prepared with ue utmost care, and will be pronounced incomparably the most valuable local contribution to the history at the Rebellion yet pablUhcd. Iu interest to every son or (lanihter or M usachUMtts, or, Infieed, of New Eog lacd, cannot be exact era ted. 11 consatas . Eight Steel-Plat* Eamvlath including lUt-nesses ot THIETY-TTfO era meat ctTH lana and military men, lira* and deceased. Price, ic cloth, K9O; sheep. |SJO; half call, |7.DO. PUBLISHED BY STTBSCEIFTIOB. Copies sent by man, postagepa!d,on receipt of price. GEO. C. RATO * AVEBT, Publishers. BOSTON, HASS. tT - Agents wanted everywhere. Address QEO. a c. w. ssebwood, 103 Chicago, Cetera Agents tor tbe west. <Citg ’Notices. SBOPOSALS FOR THE CON6TRCC- t noN of the summit division of the { IKOI3 AND MICHIGAN CANAL. _ , \ OKTTCX or TO* BoaKD or Public Wotncs, > * Chicago, March 18th, 19CT. ( 1 Sealed Proponlawtn be teedved by tne Board at Public Works, at tncto cfßce, until XI a. m. Wednesday, j MayXjt,lßSVDrttm excavation neowsary to deeoeo < me xuißois and Mientgan according to the plan adopted, rrorn Chicago Bivtr to Summit Lock, No. two i (3)adlstanceertweotr-9lx(26)mi!<S. . 1 Mapa.proeiea.BpeclfieatMaa. Ac., win be exhibited ] . at the otnee of tbe Board of public Works In Chicago on and altar April 15ih until the day of letting. ' u There will be some two DIUiOMCLOOO,OOO> cubic vards 9 ol earth excavation—some of It quit* hard and em bracing considerable detached rock—and about fbor hundred seventy thousand (170,000) cubic yards or stra tified limestone. The work must be prosecuted so as not to Interfere with the use of the Canal during the season ot navlga» lien. It is believed, however, that the most of the excava tion, except the stratified rock, can be done with steam dredges without interfering with tbe navigation of the Canal, hut tbe rock excavation will ad have to be done between the close of navigation In the fell and the toe* lag in the spring. . x^anewliceteadoptedlor any portion of the dis tance, operations thereonmar wo.nun«>* tbe whole year; m th, the Canal will be impoxi. edatbaatuve motrasineach year unless otherwise mutually agreeo W the Board and Contractors. The whole of ike work must be done on or before the end of the third season ot the suspension of navigation. A Isnre mount of machinery will be required to excavate, the work within the time Featured, cons Ist lag mainly cf steam dredges, scows ana cranes tor the earth won, ana drilling marhinea, pumping machine ry and erases for tbe rock. Contractors win be required to commence work on tbe earth excavWk>u wlunn thirty days cl • tbe time ot letting, and uponrock excavation by sue first of Novem ber next. The uredges, cranes and scows now la tbs Canal can be bod at an appraisee value which wm be made known to bidden prior to the letting. Parties contracting tor the work will be required to provide all machinery, and to out up and remove all dams and all works ot protection, and at their own ex pense to do all p ampins. or whatever may ha necama if to secure their work trout water. Proposals mo>t or addressed to the Board of Public Won »,endorsed ‘•Propo&alforDeesenmcDUcou and Michigan CanaL” and be accomp>isM with tbe usual two hundred dollar (HOO) bona, with sore tied, to be approved by tbe Board. Contractors will bid, stating tbe price tor which the wore will be done oa each of tbe different sections, and the wor* will he let as a whole or In o*rt, and in such ouantltt s »s the Board shall determine. The Board reserve tbe right to reject any and aQ bid*, and no proposal will be accepted unless tbe party offering it shall give end-mce satisfactory to tbe Board thm te has tte necessary kkltt, experience, energy and abUltv for detox the work, ts trustworthy, and boa suf ficient p-enntary resources. Toe Boaio win require such security as, according to their Judgment, wtH secure tbe doing of the work according* the contract. Jm^<axmEU^ FHED. LEfZ, I O. J. BOSE. WILLIAM GOODINS, I - B. B. MASON. I3t Beard cf Public Works. ITT COLLECTOR’S NOTICE-btate of lUlooir, County of Cook. s*. , _ , CtnCotttast'tOmct,) Boots No. 14, Coot House, f Chicago, March Wtb, 1667.) Public notice Is hereby given that the foUovicg oe scribed Warrant has been placed la my bands Or collection, to-wlt; WarrahtNc.l9o West, dated March Sth, 1567. Md Issued tor the col eetlon of a special assessment levied for orenlne Mitchell street sixty-six feet (MfL) wide, from.wax er street to Qaistedstreet. In Braude Addi tion to Chicago, so that the same aboil be on a line wltb that pail of Mitchell street east oi Hoisted a tree! ana wiat id Waller struct- * _ All per sots Interested in said Special aisessmcats arc requested to make immediate payment at my office. In cefeult f t such payment tbe said assess ment will be cf lectcd at the cost and expense ol (be /CORPORATION NOTICE. VJ . Omcx or xa* boaad ortxßUo Wono, l Chicago. Marco 16,196?. f Whereas, the Common Coolcll of the City Cni^* ?o has ordered that Use 13 fcot alley la B'ocfc 2, Bailer, Frlehl A Webster a Addition ro calcaeo. be extended wesiwardlytoKtnjtabnry street, of ths same width and In the same Use with that part of aala aheyalresdy °*Notrf therefore, public notice Is hereby siren to all persona interested, that the Commissioners ot tbe Beard of Public Worts will meet at Boom No. 1 (up stair*), in building Ncs. 15 and it bou» said cltv.on ihe.Sth day ol Msrco, A. D. 1361. at Use hoar ol 10 o'clock a. n., to aaaees rhe damages that will be sustalted, and the benefit* conferred, together wlto the rests of taeprccee-ims*, by »c*soa of me noltiff ol each wont and the making of said contemplated im- description of tbe land to be condemned is a strip el land 18 feet wide, lying between the nortt ard tenthUtesbl thejSfbotalley in block 2, Butler, Wright and Webster’s Addition to Cnlcaao. as pro duced thTrueb Block 9ot A*«gwo« Dlruton cf part of E. X of N. W. H of Sec. 9, T. 39, B. 14 K., being part of Kingsbury’s Tract. j, G _ qinDßL*. FRED. LKTZ, O. J.KOSK. St commleeioners ol the Board ot Public Works. Mailmans. AH RIVAL AKD DEPARTURE OP TUAIDB. Winter Arrangement, omcaoo Ain> voßrnvßTm baileoad—council. BLOTS Awn OXAHA LUIa—DXPOS 50BXH WZLLS srnrrx. , . . J«ave. Arrive. Omaha Fast Lise *8;1J a. m. *7:20 p. m. Omaha Niebl Express... a. m. Dixon Passenger 4:l>0 p. m. 11:10 a in. wigflw run, Freeport Passenger. *IO.OO p. a. *3:10 a. m. Freeport Passenger. *9:00 a. m. *3:10 p. m. Bocklord, Elgin, Fox Kiverand Slate Line... *4:00 p. m. *11:10 a. m. Geneva and Elgin Fas wiscoHrnr division— depot coosxa off casax aXDKXKZTK STRUT. Day Express *lhoo a. m. *&3op.m. NightExpresa *4:3) p.m. •££ a. in. Janesville Accotamod'n. *5:30 p.m. "ffisip. m. W.oodstockAccommod’n .5:00p.m. *23oa.m. XILWaUKXI DJVISIOII—DSPOT cobhxr ox casax. asp KXSZIX BTB KIT. Day 9:00 a. m. 12:00 m. Bosehili* Calvary and Evanston... ....... ... 1:30p.m. 3:40p.m. Ittcht Express 4:00p.m. S:3Up.m. Kenosha Accommod*n... 4:10p.m. -S:4sa.m. Waukegac Accotamod’n. St'3o p. in. &30xro. Milwaukee Accommod’n. 11:15p.m. 5:30a.m Gso. DcsLay, Uenl Sap't. ’ B. P. PAtmcK. General Passenger Agent. ymnam w«.it.miYAv>— incQß l-&rCX,SOOt ov Lass ifiuat. Morning Express *5:00 a. m. *3-455.13. Saytortaa... *l:i»a.m. a. Evening Express i£3o p. p. m. KightExpreas 1*9:45p. JO. 1235 a. m. cmcaiHaTi axs looisthiji Taanra. Horningß^rtts........ *l:oon.m. *tn:CSa.m* NU:M Express. l&OOp.C. *11:01 p.a. xxcHieaN notmxssß an axa ssoas libs—ya» rot ras bpush aso srGga f is 37x1x0. VOLXDO LEVS. Day Expresa *7:00 a. o. *11:00 p. m Express 3:15p.m. tt Night Express. 1-lttOOp.a, *6:00 a. » PUKOIT LIH*. Day Express *7:00 a. S. fl|:uh a. m. NightKaptest.....- UCdJOp.m. *3»op.m* rmsBCBOc, sons warn arm Wn ji *h9oa. m. At* a. xl. Express....- *7:00 a. n. LhSfl a. m. I Pa«tUne &15p.m. *;4Cp.m 1 U:onp. a auaoa vkSToaL. nav Fastienger *&2O a. n. *l«a p. u. SightpSsuger *6:45a. a. Kankakee Acconnod’n. * *J:- a. m. - Hyde Pari and Oak Wood *6:20 a. m. *1:45 a. m. ««*» u *l2:lop.m. •KSia.m. « w “ .... *3:3op.m. *l:sop,m. « * * *5:55p.m. *l:3op.m oEioieo. BURUsaeoif awi> QUiact. 1 Day Express and Mall.- •i.'TO a. m. * 1 Galesborg Passenger.. . *3:oop.m. *4.30 p.m. 1 Aurora *f:oop.m. a. nu ' Night Euress 112.00 mid’tt t&SO a. m, csxcaao axs it. to cl:. _ _ Bipresa and Mail 8:05 a. xa. 6:45 p. a- NipitExpteaa iasp.m. &W a.ffi. Jouet and Wilmingtoa _ . _ Accommodation... ... 4:Cop.fiL 9:43 a*m* csxcaso aim «Rxa* zastxsb—-(law cny-TW?** l am tpni>—iLwarua xagaoag cos * * casaLasD xmits stsssts. .... _ • D.-17 Kipm-, St| ill ColnmbMKgKM...... saoEin. j ! hock if-uVD Smp.%- -acts is the new tabled lie srtva ■«d denartnre of malls from the ducaco Poet office for the winter, and now in force: W4.ILH CLOSE. P. O. CHICAGO, HJ- JUIMAaiUTB. a m. p* m. a. m. p. m. 2:00....Mich. Sonth, 8.8 IStfO 8:15.... “ *• “ 6^5 ” . 12:00 m u u “•• & C 0 ItCO I ***. 12:00 m Mich. Central B. B 12.00 g;,5.. “ kt “ .. 6:00 8:15 2;00....FUtf1. & Ft. Wsjnc 12:30 8:13 . “ “ * 4 7:10 **.. 12:00 m w »» * fcu) itoo -ia-ix) 4SO ...Grcatßadtcmß.R.. 8:30 ICfcOU "New Albany A aalem 8:20" U:oa 6-00 7:45....0a1ena Railroad..... 3:10 2:10 iSm b;oo....Diior Air line G;00 tao 8:110... .Rock island K-tßroad 5:43 9uK c jß-B. 5«0 3*oo....Northwestern S.R.. 5:<S BITO 8:00 2:15 FDr.aahee Railroad- 11:30 9:20 12:00 7:4S...,JUinoU Central R.R. 7:00 fcOQ 14dM 7 09....81. Ixmte Railroad... 5:95 8:45 m.« BOET. A. QILMOEK, P. IC, j ®cta£&tt»mxs. pjciyiO MAii OTBAJtsan* com-. .. -raMfrett 90 OAM^ORWIA, r*H«TP?n PRIMP BTATS3 M4IL, Via poiiuna . AHdeSmnsß loach for Son® sadMo^W* t 7*» Central Amartcaa Pacific port*. __ *SSSSStt&SS&S&S^&SS. rt&sassSssvssrßSS^i S?G^^^.^ , SA , S5t?SU e - ■- • and *tt > Pdy md .^asaffsaaseas^ BTEAMBBS. GKA?ii> E XCU RSI ON TO THJS pabis exposition. sne new end OnKUm ocean-going Iron ateaasU* 2,000 tons burthen, srmres ivnmfajt,' Commander, will make an excursion from New Tort to Bam and back, Maine from Pier a, Sotth aver, cm Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o’clock I* taking passengers for Parts, London and Bremen. Be* tunlcc, will mil from Ilavr- on Jae 5. glvlnroas mwifpmhoHlng Exruf non Ttctcta. about SU Wees* In Knrooe, This msenlflcent steamship la divided into water* tight compartments, ana has oeen newt; famished and elrganiJyflttednpexpresslrforuils voyage. The Havana wul only carry first-class paaeengere. An experienced Surgeon on board. . _ _ ryAfrul Bawl ofMnslc will toe attached to the shin, nice cf aatfage, in currency, to Ham SUO and CITS, accent tux to size ot state-room. To Barre and return |»0 axd S3OO. according to ut of ataw room. For Further panlcnlara and carnage. apoirto the f* 1 jjukkaT, FERKIS & C6^ 6*2 9«aKh-at-, Near Talk* Or to the Agent of Merchants’ Union Express Co., Chicago. 'J'O VISITORS TO THE PARIS EXHIBITION. Parties intending to rim Europe this year, can bare Kate room* secutcut f r Use momnaot April, May, Jane and July, by making timely application to Use unoer- BlKoed. tlanaof ttecamcsot Use REGULAR MAIL STEAMSHIPS, also cf the magnificent GREAT RAST 7h\, c an |>e viewed. and Bertha chosen, at mr office. - iAe*dr*Bt«teAloconiftrtana«fttjr, ol trayrlllng by the REGULAR LINES, sccuatoaed to toe trade. In stead of by a crowded e»carstf>asteamer, areobTlona. BOUND TBIPIICKISTa, either ctfr«-o to Prance*or wuktbe option afttoptnng in. England or ,'kotland ea rente, first-class, to Parts and bac*. r«y thjra 930 to S4CC is currency, and are good tor 6 and 13 south*, and loccer by special arrangement. Second cabin, to Francadlrect, only SUB curreccr, round trip. Slagle Octets, first cJsm. tor SUO to UiO. „ • _ Apply, personally or by mail, at General European A Anertcaa steamship Agency, 31 DearooKMUChl cago. JAb. WArtftAGH. ADD NEW TORE STEAMSHIP LINE. Passage to London or Brest, fiio, $*S, and S9O, cur rency. JBxcursloa tickets at reduced rates, available for sis months. _ AtalaaU. Capt.Plakbam,tn}mKewTork.UarebSQtb Bellana. •* Dixon. ••**** April 13lh. Cells. “ Qenielh •* ** ** April glto. Wm. Penn, •• 81l lager, M “ “ May 11th. The elegant Prltl.h Iron Steamship Atlanta will leave Pier So. 3. North Klver. New York, Kir London, mailing at Bre*'. on Seturdav. March 30th, at 13M. tnni further notice, all the Steamers of this Line wuicall at Brest to land passengers. Trkete sold through byratlt* Paris, at 25 percent less than regu- Preigbt win be tabes and through bills cl lading ven to Havre, Antwerp, Botterdam, Amacerdaa aud apply SO CHA3. a» WHITNEY, SB at HSSES&&. STEAMSHIP GREAT EASTERS', O CABt6YIKtiTHBnSirB£»BTATra MAILS. Sir JAJUi AJ" r D**»|S. commander- The Trench ct of toe EASTERN. h*TW« provided thyhlp’With ana thoroa*arr reatted and rcfan-iacel department, with roeclnl relercno! to ttiy „ foJ . ran tier re*niariy between New Tor* ac«** rat » *° 1V “ Tuesday— Aorll 9 2fane 4 h s"?,’£ ISSKS& .JuJ/ xi Saturday.V.V.V.V.Vjaee22l' - ® - Tuesday. Ja’Y3n»i*. Ul . r **? * *—?•£;** ij"“?j TO-»lTO^rV".‘".:;::i^ri isconiyafatcUa*paseenggra* Pjwb£*t»V l or ItaeauiytleiCr filß, fUS* gi.— "*rcordiag «o ioca- thalome ?aasssel*sucu o fa reduction of M the reduced.rate ol llWfl for Er«t-c’*J3 acdfUO ;or aceostl-cUM, belo* * reduo Q2L ct 25 per cent on regular rates, Twenty cu-Jc Iset of to each pagrucer. **«,.„*♦, Letter* ot erects Iwaf’d neot. Forpaaaac® apply ta dblcaga at tbe European and AmoicanSltPaaistiio Agency, UTL . Dstrocrn-it, James Wamaclc. Arett. where be seen ludltertu s-cored; a-io, to v> eU». £*&{£ Co« Drcvrway, 2». Y.. OS to me Aa. and u- a* E** press Co-*a. at t&elr ration-- agesctes.^_ j _^^__ aaUjite acatt. r\LDJ^ST U WHITE LGAI> And Oil Establishment in the Missis* &ippi Yalley* //jsr gtmsyiiais IS - isar. ■ g| CHARLES K. TICKERS, Secretary. THOMAS RICHBSON, President. COLLIER CO.’S MANUFICXURES FULLER, FINCH A FULLER, BURNHAMS A VAN BCHAALK, J. H. USED A CO., And all Wholesale Druggists. gTo architects. rpo ARCHITECTS. I ILLINOIS NEW STATE BOUSE. 'The nrulcmlgnec, comatl-slaours ol the State cf Im« nols Ibr the erection ot anew State Boats la Spring- Held, give notice that uey will receive plan* ordesLras atdapcciflcatlansfoTa’tw'W State douse. the sane to be addretaed to tbe Pr»s-dent of me Board. Jacob Bunr, E-q- of SnrinslP'id, UL, on or before tbe second day of Jn<y. A.D.186L Three thousand do iars will be nsldasanrem’nm fer the cealgu.with specifications, selected and adopted by said Commissioners. , , . • AsketchotihccronnCs and such information as may be debited as to maximum cost, tbe reqmr-d room, sc* commcdaUt-ns etc.,wlU bemrnisbed tsall within? to compete, on application, by letter, to J. C. Webber, «“• w or w “KcS!?6fe iwnou JOHN W. SMITH. FdILIP WADSWORTH, JAS. C. ROBINSON. WM. T. VANDBVEKB. WM. L. HAMI-LKION. JAMES H. n£VEKU>w J S, Coma issicuere. J. C. Webbte. Secretary. ffitoposalg. LOCATION OF THE HOUSE OP REFUGE. Encrrm depautukst. > Indianapolis, March lltb. 135». { By an act of tbe General Aisembiy to establish a Dense of Rctuge tor Juvenile offenders, the Governor Is empowered to «'ect and publish a site for said IssUtniicn, and toe that purpote be u atunorUed to receive by donation, or to purchase, not less than eighty ror more than three hntdr«l ami twenty a*?res oi land, jlvlog preference, ether things being equal, to a location central and easy of occtss from all parts ct the State. , , Now, In pursuance cf said act. an invitation Is here by given to persona who feel an interest m securing the location ct the lastltntlcn at or tu-ar particular points, to make propositions to this Department Wr the dona tion or esltr ol land lor the site of inch Institution.) Such propositions shonlu be file-1 la tbla ii-partmeat within fhlitT days from this date, and bhonid »tata tbe ccaotltyct land proposed to be donated or sold, its precise location, ana tbe terms upon which It Is pro po*ed to be donated or sold, with tne price 11 a sue is prrpcsed, and such other advantages as the proposed location may, in the Judgment of the parties making the preposition, poMewf. fij CKO or 111. (ioTemor. COHMOXS , Private secretary. rpo CONTRACTORS. “Propositlf ns will be received Ibr the oca traction of tbe masonry (about 22.000 yards) of the Bridge over the Ohio JUver, at Louisville, UNTIL TBE lOm OF APRIL, 1807. Plana acd specifications will be ready lor lospeetloo after the tSlh of Much, at the Engineers Office ol the Lomsvl )e andNuhvlne Railroad. No bids will be considered if not made by ntponslb.e P *By order ol the Board ol Director* cf the Louisville Bridge compacy. albkict fivk, am fcgwwyn Chief Engineer. .For Sale. JP>ORSALE. AIOUHDEY, MAOHtHE SHOP, AND Pi.ANi.NG >HLU AT WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS. Wen supplied with suitable patterns and flxtks. lo eluding fl-ur *lzei of siatlowry Ecglaea. Boru^loor audßnl: PatioL3. I task*, ant shop-tluSil of Leroanr* Patoit SeamleM skeins. Good and suitable moculoerv lor flnLbmg. The FlSlbc Mill has Matcner,Snrf«*r andß-.siw ln~ nu>chh.e. and complete machinery for bash, bliau-, dso,t.&e. Will be sold low ipr prompt pay. Appiy tArit-PANY & LUCAS, at Waukegan. jFinantlal. AUDITOR’S OFFICE, ILLINOIS. - SpatSQVtxm. March 12.1<7. >cil« is hereby RiTfiE, tn l whereas tb-» M Me Lear. County Bank.” located at Bloominztoc, Illinois, nas nird in tcls office a bond, as required by (&• provutocs of an. act entitled “Ac act to amend tn 9 general siit lag law. so as to permit the withdrawal In certain rases.” approved Feb. S 3. 1857. Th-refore. unbss the holders of circulating notes ot said oaok (■ball pres-nt the some fl>r redemption within live years trtxn ibis date, at tnls office, or tn the City of Chicago, cr at the Counter cl said Bank, they will be«barre-d fretn receiving r 1 dempuou thereof. Bald notes will bo r-deemed m the City ot Chicago at the M-ehanica’ No tional Bank, and at the Office ot ths Marine company. O. IL MINER. Aadltor. _ Scales. U A I RB AUKS’ t3T STANDARD yiP«i SCALES ,/JLiar opAiisiua. / FAIROANgB. GREEK LEAF A a;b A TJ* Lakfrkt- Chicago, 35aic Hip. HILL’S HAIR DYE—SO Cents—Black 0; Browa—lnitantaaeoua. nscunC. darable, baantlluL Tbebertaad eheasoeat In use. Contains as much as as asy dollar sire. HILL’S ARCTIC, or ALL HEALING OINTMENT, reliable tircenir u --almeat puipoaea. Depot M Kdwxork. Bold by all druggist*. ______________ TJATCHNLOR’S HAIR PVR. % splendid Hair Dye 1* the in ms world. Hamlam. reha&ia, taataataneour. me oalr Ferfs.t Dye/ No dlaappciatmeot, »<> It 2?R,M T Xros to nature. Oenulaealgred WIIAIAM 4.K4i*.8-ELOR. ELOR. Bold or Druggist* *ad Fermmffis. aactcry. 81 Bsrcjay-st. New xor*. BMUttai rjinx THE BOOK SICKNESS COMES, Read Anything 00$ THE SUBJECT OF DISEASE. in the year 1818, tts writer of ThM arttdeemMKM is thePbts Bisisna In the city of Pbiladdahla, btf for She last 13 yean most nfhls time has bean oceuiMß la the aunuUßCtims ot the various Solid asd Fntid tracts. The most prominent, and to whien be daiMl to call the particular attention of the Faculty and mm Public, are the Extract Bncbnand the Sxtr *ct 3W parti la, tooth of which are highly concentrated pte*» dona of the tngredlenta catering into their compos don. Ona bottle of the Fluid Extract Baeha OS Osnw paclllt 1* tnHy equal in strenzts to ona gallon at &• syrup or decocdon, as usually made, and hundreds of drufglfta throughout the country have adoeted IS in making their »JTnp« of thla narra, andooe table IjWO fol, added to a pint ot water, la tally equal to the torated Lisbon Diet Drink, so much oaea in tbrmm years to partly, carte* Me blood, and btauti/g t/m complexion. In calling attention to my rem*dlta, C wish ft distinctly understood that Urey are not Pateafi Medicines, mcM of which aw compounded hr pbwm too Ignorant to read a physl elm's simplest preterit Hon, much less competent to prepara pharmaceutical preparations. Those persons advertise. This Itm compelled to do to bring my came before the peopfe Za conversation on various occasions 1 lure been as tonished at remarks similar to the following, and Btew made la many eases by persons of no onUcarr tntcflV pence—to wit: that the medicine business is the mam profitable—an that Is necessary Is to advertise. Thou* ends bare embarked vithsuch Ideas, and millions bav« been expended la bringing them before tne public. Tim result of suet •ccumnlated errors Is. tPatwhenbreatfß to tbe test, lacking merit, they have been Bow ftw, of tbe many tboussnds embarking. are ana peOed to abandon tbe business la a few years. bankrupt! Look Sack fifty years, sad how few bay* bee&Boccmafalt Ask. to* Ukases cl thdt success, you will find my statement, la regard to merit,eomtL The Science of Medicine, like tbe Doric comm*, should stand simple, pure and mnjestic, bavtng/asi for Its basis, induction tbrlU pillar, and truth atom (or Its capital. I contend there is uo business requiring these qooß flcatloas more. Tte medicine* are brought to coottie with Druggists everywhere. lam also mat persona reason to ttls ncnn-uaSvUchwg benefit one may be ot no advantage to another, flow mistaken tbe Idea I A Diuretic tor one, * Diuretic tor an. A Narcotic tor one, a KarcoC c lor aiL APm B.O—. tor one. • Pnrgttl-. C--"- Jon u nmcß K> M m-Moo--™* Er °”J wm.coiirttolK--^TMUlremon. IM.alten.MM person, m disease are given to dsepoedeoey- expert tog laalewdsy9crweeks,and perhapa with a tiama bottle of medicine, to ha restored to beak*, fno* m youth and beauty. These persons rarely recover, lacking patterce, and considering a few dollars ex panded for tbe benefit of ttelr heallha waste cf money. Rick tame persons may bare bees years to breasan* down their constitutions, and probably expended toow yrrfg of dollars to areas and dissipation, and trunk nothing of it. Bach forget that GOOD HEALTH IB TBUE WEALTH. Withapward*cf SO.OOO recommendatory IcUersMd on»oIld ted cerUncaua, I hare oarer retorted to (Mi publication. Inthiaeasal shall. however. append a lew remarks, trusting they may be appreciated. I am to tte afflicted and sacTerlrt: Their Hnmole spirant. SLmnUctnrer of Helmbold’a Genuine Preparation* [From tie Philadelphia Ledger.] t>TTTT.« PgT.fglA. *UIJ IS, IMF. Onr esteemed mend and fsl!ow-dtlron, Sir. It Selmbcld, interns na that ha ecntem plate* rezearts# la the city ol Kerr Tone, with a view cl enlarging M business. TTe hare been acquainted with him ■wards cl ten years; have beenpleased wlthhla Lima rit f and £air dealing. Commencing in a small WWW Us articles mostpoeaeaa merit to lnsar«thasacceMfe* has met with, ana &om cor acqtulstsece with htaoas confidently speak thatwadodotfcaileve ha la a ami who would wish to Impose on any on*, much lew mm afflicted, and ready moor long boalnws expertatoa *• sn advertising medium we have never heard at th> success of any medicine without merit. [From the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin cl Jnae t®lX * We are gratified to bear cf tbs continued wee,— ts New Tori of oar townsman, Sir. H. T. Druggist, BI» store, next the Metropolitan Hotsl, is 33 Ital front. 3SO lent deep, and flvestonea InheWiß It Is certainly a grand establishment, and speaks AT or’ •bly «i tbs merit ot his articles. He retails Ma oflW and laboratory In this city, which are also modal es tablishments cf their dan. [From the largest Manniactariag Chemists la She World.] lam acquainted with Mr. H. T. Helmbold; ha oenw* pics the drug store opposite cy residence, and tsii» cestfhl tn condnctfbg the business where otneiahaf not been equally so betore hire. I have been lavorabl# ImpmacdwlUi his character and enterprise. WM. WEICUniAH. Firm of Po webs A WztOHTxxn, Uanutactuziog Chem ists, Ninth and Brown-st*., pailadelpblA [Conarks Rom Chemical Analysts.} Altera cartful analysis of Heim bold's they enjoy onr ntmest confidence. We consider the* safe and reliable. , _ NEVERKS a/TATSfc Philadelphia, June 12th, i 960. HELMBOLD’S Fluid Extract Bdcho A positive and specific remedy for disease* of tbe Bia** fl«r. Kidneys, Gravel, Dtop*y. Tbe utmostcoafldaw can be rrpoaed In its cnratl ve powers U aoove also In restoring the exhausted powers of nature which are accompanied by so many alarming symptom* among which will be Ibond indisposition to Bxertkow, Loss of Memory, WakeftUtess, Horror o; Ldscase, or forebodings ofevil; in fact, universal Lassitude, Pros tration, and Inability to ester loto the enjoyments et society.*' U bo remedy is used in such cases. Consume tlcn or insanity ensues. Visit cor hospitals, asylums and prisons, be convinced. The reader most am be aware, however slight may be the attack U Is ears to affect his bodily health, happiness, and that ol Ids -posterity. Helmbold's Extract BncbuwUgive yaw brisk and energetic ftellng-, enable y«u to sleep well, and Is more strengthening than aoy of tbs Prepara tions of Bark or Iren. HELMBOLD’S EXTRACT BICHU ASD IMPROVED ROSE WASH, Cores diseases arising from habits ot disMpatlon and Imprudences, allaying pain and inflammation, and fbr which these unpleasant and dangerous remedies an frequently osed> It cures at lltOe expense, little or n® chaoec to diet, no loccavenlmce, and no exposure. All the above diseases require the aid ofa Diuretic. HELMBOLD’S EXTRACT OT BUGHU la the Great Biorctie. HELMBOLD’S EXTRACT SffISIPIRILLI Cores Scrolhla, SaU Bhcnm, Scald or Sore Heed, Te*. ter. Pimples on the face. Erysipelas, and erection* of whatever nature on the la<*« or skin, purging cot tha ta more which make unease, enriching the Blood, and BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. Oow to n*e these remedies so as to guarantee a per* tect cure: In all diseases except those arising front habits of dissipation or Imprudence*, nse the Extras* Bucho. In these esc the Extract Euctm and Rosa Wash. In Humors on the ace, or any and every port of the body, me Extract Sarsaparilla, applying to pint* pica and External Hutto:* or Eruptions, Improved EoseWa-h. Wholesome food rcccmcended Wall Cb* above dlre&ses. instead of restricted, avoiding all Ihtty sml high seasoned feed, and acidulous and stimulating dunks. In recent cases, a core is eflecsed In an astcav Ijniegiy short period, but In cases ot long standing I* I* better to purchase a half dcxru bottles, aud use fhlly according to explicit tUrectlcra, In which case X ■tn enabled to guarantee a perfect cure. Direct letters to BBIMBOLD’S Drug and OtrmUaß Warehouse, 394 Broadway, sew Tort, next Metro politan Hotel, or HELMBOLD'3 Medical Depot, IH, ;son»b lenth-Sh, Assembly Building*. Philadelphia. Describe symptoms mall conmooleatlruw. Sold bj all Druggists Eycrjukero- BEWARE OF COUOTEBFEITI. ** lb.