Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 21, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 21, 1867 Page 4
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(JUjiroga STribrntt. THURSDAY, MARCH 81. 1807. THE CITY. Kota Cisdidat*.—George C. Walker, Esq., desires sa to stare that he h not a iy on the ticket of the Tosnt Men's Associa tion, aa atated In oar Isso* of yesterday* mi Tiiairr TTirrm irt Thn great minted oiatui and profound rrasoner ta'anosneed to Caver sa on Saturday cranfe* went, with the best lecture of tee season..fie will apeak la the Pint Methodist Episcopal Church. He always has a fQQ bouse. Scxsat Bcbooi. Vnoi BshkabsaXh—The sing en (or tee Sanday School Concert are reqeeeted to meet at tee Mule Han of Crosby’s Opera Boose, this Tbnnday afternoon, at Are o'clock, for extra rehearsal. Fim.—About 1 o'clock *bi« morning a fire broke ont in a Iwo-etory (none hoase on the cor ner of North State and Cedar streets, and nearly consumed the bmUdlng and its contents before it was subdued.. Fim Cmitn Sick.—The carrier who de livers papers on the West Washington street route was taken sick yesterday morning, which prevented the delivery of the Imm to some three hundred of our patrons yesterday in that part of teo city. Br. Josxra “ Dailt Ckox.”—Mr. J. V. Baagh, of the 6t Joseph (Missouri) DaUg ZThion, la m the city with a view to arrange for a due represen tation of onx Chicago merchants In that section. The Union is a t-tening paper, thoroughly radical, and wields considerable influence In that section which is so directly connected with Chicago. Bacxmox to Bishof Wsrrxaocre.—The friends of Bishop Whtlehouse residing In the South Division arc invited to attend an Informal reception to he given him this evening, at the resi dence of A. C. Badger, Esq., No, 401 Wabash avenue, corner of Hubbant court. Boon from eight to ten. Toe Hazletoh Plaxo.—Those wishing to pur chase a piano arc recommended to call at Dye’s rooms. Ho. 104 Randolph street, and examine the Hazleton. Mr. Dye has been twiitnp in Chicago for nearly twenty years, and considers the Basle ton superior to any piano manufactured. Those who admire the celebrated “agraffe” will And It in this instrument. Cuutebt Lots.—Parties wishing to visit tbe different cemeteries, for the purpose of selecting burial lots, arc requested to meet at Boom No. 3, Yates' £ Jlding, on the corner of Canal and Ran dolph streets as follow*, when commutation tick etewtll be furnished teem: Bose HIDe; Thursday, one o'clock. Gneeland : Salxrdsv. one o'clock. Oakland: Monday, half past eleven o'clock. Bnwotui KiTiUTicnmn.—A musical and dramatic entertainment will be £ivcn at the Open Boose, on Friday the benefit or The odore Morgllng, the aob'e Prussian patriot of TfWS. who has at home a similar same to that of Ixtuls Koasnth of Hungary. The performers will be a t amber of German ladles sod gentleman, assisted by the Germania Mmnerchor. Ihc ad* Terlislng columns contain fozther particulars. UfliwmiwM Take Nome*.—Messrs, Miller & lahman have recently purchased the well known store of «l. B. Doggctt, No. SO North Clark street, vs faei c they will keep a fine assortment of giocerie?, provisions, ui various articles needed by families. They hope to meet the customers ot the old establishment, and many new ones, and to cive them perfect satisfaction in resptet to quality, prices, at<d attention. Hr. James fi, Eo&- son will remain with the new firm, and Mr. Dog gelt recommends them to aH his former patrons. Northwesters UMvaueinr.—The second term of the University closed on ' l ’ne-day evening, 19th Inst., with the exhibition of the Junior Class. The exercises were attended by a large audience, and were of much Interest. The orations of the young men were very creditable, both in compo sition at.d celivery. The programme was agreeably varied with ex cellent music, under the direction of Professor Cawthomc,o. the Northwestern Female College. IxcnxASED RrsTORBiBiLmEB.—Mr. and Mrs. Sweeney reside at No. 341 West Polk street. On Saturday 3**t the wife presented bur husbaod with a triplet of boy». On the last previous occasion of the kind there were t wiDS , and there are now nlneliUle boys and girls to provide for- It is represented that the parents are ->,ry poor Mr Sweeney being a sober and iudnrirtoi.. laboring San, but not being able to procure work Quilng e past winter, they are now nearly destitute ol everything but children. Welsh Chtecu.—The Welsh congregation o! this city have recently made airargcments to pure chose the church edifice on the corner of Monroe and Sangamon street now the properly of the Uvirgstcn Reformed Dutch Church Society, and will occupy it in November, by which time the sew edificeof the latter society will be ready for ttse. An exhibition, for (he purpose of raising money towards the purchase, will be given on Friday evening next, in the Welsh Clmrcu on Desplaines street, between Labe and Randolph, by the Welsh Band of Hone. They have selected a first class ptograi&me, ‘and will doubtless give a first class What is topi: Ikcohz ?—The United States As sessor in this city ha? ju-t received the blanks for the annual income returns, and our citizens will now be called upon to post up their lodgers and inform him how much money they have made during the past year, what they naid for house rent and >**•£, bow many Govern reenl bonds and Oink shares they have, and ether item? which they have supposed to be pocnliaily their own business, bu* which the Government has an lu terest In learning. The returns are pro'terly due about the middle of March, but o^log to the de lay in the arrival ol bb-iks, they wij be received HD to toe 15th of April. The blanks will be dis tributed asfar a* possible, but no one cao escape from bis obligvfrn to make returns on the plea of not having received one. ffALZ of Lards.—About 155,'C0 acres of Kansas lands. In tbe counties of Leavenworth, Wyan dotte. Jefferr 011 and Douglas, and known as the Delaware Reserve, will be offered at public sale at the Eldridge House in Lawrence, Kansas, on Tuesday, April 2d. This region offers very great inducements to settlers, being m the neart of a rich, well timbered and watered district, and on tbe line of thf great Pacific Railroad. Also at the same lime and place, about 2S/-0Q acres in the county of Franklin, Kansas, and a large number cf town lot-avd blocks in other portion* of the State will be sold: ail in tracts to suit purchasers. Terms; one-third cash and the balance in two years al six pet cent Interest. Fobttix Pams Extomtiok—The Western En graving Company of Chicago have perfected some specimens of ftnJ plate and 11 to graphic art which Ibcy have placed «* a large and depanl album, manufactured expresdy for the purpose by Dean, bmeal & lioCmnn, and will forward them to toe Pans Extomion in a couple of weeks. Tb ft se speamrns fairly Illustrate tire growth and pro gress ol coDmurctal art in oar city, fbev will compare favorably with Mt.dred ►pccimcus pro duced in mis or ary other country. They em brace vignette*, blank drafts, ccnidcare, «tc. They can tor the ensuing ten'or twelve days be seen ai the office ol the company, at the -comer of Randolph and LaSalle where aU arc in vited to take a look at them. Mn. FnrrrAnn's Lscrunz.—lt will noi he for gotten that Nathan Sheppard lectures co-night at the Opera House, before the Young McaV Chris tian Association. Subject—“ The Disposition.” The Cttrittum lime Band ITilnees eaya of It: “ The lecture, as our former notices of It show, has been remarkably well received on other occa £lons,aud merits the commendations it ha- had. Mr. Sheppard, along with a flu- power of nought, baa a vein ol humor that enriches his lectures with a popular element rarely found in such pro ductions ” it having been decided to abandon the contem plated performance of the Oratorio of St. Paul, in behall ol the Association, those who have pur chased tickets for it may exchange them for re served scats to the lecture ai the Opera Hou*e on Wednesday ann Thursday, or for money at the office of the Association. Clothing.— Mr. Be Graft well-known ex tensive clothier, whose extensive establishment occupies no less than six numbers ou Hie south west corner of Sta'e and Randolph streets, has just laid In a tremendous stock, which parties in tending to purchase will do well to examine. The New York has the following couccm blm: “We invite the special attention of Western merchants to the well-known clothing house of L, Be Grafl. corner of State and Randolph c true is, Chicago Those who desire t« make selections from a large and first-rate stock ol new and fash ionable goods will Jo well to to make a personal examination of this extensive and popular estab lishment. There are thousands among Western merchant* who never visit the E«si to replenish their stocks, who desire the acquaintance ol relia ble business men in Chicago, with whom they can do business. To ah suca, and especially those who ate infant of clothing, we commend Mr. Be GratT If integrity, fair dealing, and a good stock ol xncrchoncisc have acv attractions, this estab lishment will continue to prosper.” Y. M. C. A.—The arnnal election of officers for the Young Men s Christian Association will take place at their ? ooms is tbe Methodist Church Block on Monday the 23th instant. fhs polls wilt be open duiicg the day and evening. In view of the fact that this enterprising associ ation will occupy meir new building during the present year, ai d enter upon a broader field of labor, they request all friends ol the good work to show ibeir in'.errst by attending'be election sod Toting lor competent officers. The followltg is the regu’ar ticket: For I'rcridcn*—D. L. Moody. For First Vice Prettioeut—John V. Farwell. For Second \ ire President—B. F. Jacobi*. For ConeiiooniUng Secretary—John 11-Steams. For Hi cording John Harris. ForTrcarurer—b. A. Kean Board of Managers—Congressional, D. W. Whittier; Baptist.not staled; Methodist, O H. Eor»on; Episcopal. S. H. X-armlm; Old Schoo' Presbyterian, Her. 1). C. Marquis; New School Prcrbnenan. George E. Pocrlnglon; Freewill Baptist, D. W. Holmes. am ron to* South.—The Board of Trade, on Tuesday, reconsidered their recent vote of SI,OOO, 'and $5 Irom each member, for the relief of the suffering pt ople of the South, and authorized the President to appoint n committee of twelve to solicit subscriptions of money with which pro visions will be obtalLed ana sent South in the name of the Board of Pmoe. Yesterday the Pr-sidcrtannounced the ftllowing committee: Bepreecnting the Flour Interest—George T. £l Gndn—G. A. Wheeler, F*. M. Mitchell. Provisions—V. A. Tn’pia. Brokets—Howard Priestly. Blchwioes—E. P. Lawrence. Dry Goods—P. L. Underwood. Grocers—B. F. Jacobs. Ai Large—M. C. Steams, D. C. Scraslon, J. W. Finley, Clinton B rigge, , . T , Meters. Gage A Drake, of the Tremont House, have geneioualy offered to pay S2OO, on condition that nine other equal subscriptions are made; onc-balf of the sum to be given to Hie Southern Relief Fond, and the other to destitute families of soldiers here. Fires.—Abont 11 o'clock on Tuesday sight a destructive fire broke ont tn the ao«p factory of J. A. Ketrslcy, situated at No. 147 Main street, Bridgeport The factory is a two-story frame structure, and contained a considerable quantity of combustible substance, which, once ignited, it wa ß a ta*k of no ordinary difficulty to subdue. It could not be ascertained in what part oi the bnt'dlsg the lire originated,bnt it wa-euopoeed to have caucbt in the engine room. The names spread very rapidly, and shed quite a brilliant light over the whole city until such time as the cnginH* reached the scene. They foued thcbalid- Ing pretty well consumed and the greater portion of the machinery damaged. By midnight the fames wire breugbtunder control. Xbe total loss curtained by Ecarrier, who owned the mill ii es timated at sß,buc. it was insured to the extent of *3.000. At three o’clock yesterday morning a one-story frame building at No. 144 Market street was par tially destroyed by fire. It was occupied byH. Bay, wbo lost in inrniturc to the value of s6jo. Folly covered by Inenrauce. At four o'clock the Department were asam call ed ont to extinguish a fire In a dwelling house at No. 153 £»iug street, which was damaged to the extent oi twenty dollars. uw ivtuukmce. A^f“* eerL ™ le T ,iae Clretit OmMripMb-inr Salt*— . Writ tt HiWm Corfu U tbe Lut Eiye CuMMer ia HeUttoa to Pafera M fils. *»» Ml lcilaH Her " -*?*■* *« Ito ■HMWU T»te<ls^3liS^* c ?? *» a* «mal Conti a — J-T • Umber ol to«J orto, ml rWTXD The Jnyh«tom■ antcoio ope. Ike trial “ e ot iL it. Oetbcod. to on htmu!' •J* 1 , 0 ?, B ** r cases were dismissed; 1-1 The following Lancaster vs. Young etaL -v Wright et al. vs. Palmer. N Dmu«* were Massed lathe cases of ftake ctaLva. Marsh at aL 03,465.55. . Bliss ctaLva. Cameron etaL 02,404.33. craouzr COOT. vwwvu wvn. I™ 1 ”™” “■* Jit ii inmb 2ec*lmSiS r^*Ct 01 k “ pu * "P wits thecSlSi William S. Shnfeldt et sL va. John Leonard cl S«wß. , “ palfc I>^“^d «w««!S2sS dS!Su C * Ure W * Arftnr Johnson. Assumpsit. Henry M. Wetberell vs. Anson Vaadowarm ct aL AesnmpsU. T "flnwageaet A,petition vraa meeented by JeanßtM»imm (he insanity of his wile Catharfoer stated that the afflicted lady Is owner of of tee value or about f®,OUO, which, she beiiigbl competent to deal with, a conservator Is saved. A Tenire Issued for s commissi cm of lunacy, re turnable this day. _ Margaret L. Wame ts. Ellen Newton. Appeal dismissed. JofanM. Dnrand et aL vs. Grand Tmnlc Rail way of Canada. Case transferred to the United Ststes Circuit Court Henry Foreman et aL vs. William H. Welle et al. Assumpsit; default and judgment 0181.30. James Nocqnet vs. Oliver Edwards. Assump sit: dcflmlL Henry Bobbins vs. William Hark. Assumpsit: on trial Tuesday; verdict for plain UUL with *l3O (or damages. P. W. Gates va. James E. Bishop. Assumpsit; default, damages 04,4a0. John Dooee v*. Anna Doom. BQI for divorce; referred to Master on default of defendant. John H. Monlson et al. vs The town of Niles etaL Bill to restrain collection of bounty tax; exceptions to the answer referred. Margaret Johnson vs. Henry Johnson. Divorce; default. The new suits in this court were: Henry Erb v?. Henry Karstens. Appeal by de fendant In replyvin from a judgment of Ensen bscbe. J. P. Fran* Koch vs. John G. Elkins. Appeal from tiie same Jssttee. George W. Norton el aL re. Henry •W. Brown. Distramt for rent of hnilding on the northwest comer ol Clinton and Van Burcn streets: amount due, 0640 42. Gustavos Meyer vs. Valentine Keller. Tres pass ; damages. 030.000. Peter N. Lansinger vs. Orren A. Wilcox, As sumpsit ; damages, 0600. The following order was made by Judge Wil liams: Hereafter no papers can be taken from the files order any riremurtancea whaterei. noon the permission ol the Coart. to be entered of record. lURBOI OOCBT. The bMineaa in this Court, ttx the common law branch (Hon. J. £. Gary) was as follows; Joseph Jemegas v* N. P. Iglehart and Aaron L Bowen. Assumpsit Case fully noted yester day. Verdict for defendants, and motion for new trial. Mary A. Townsend vs. William P. Townsend. Assumpsit. Commenced November IS, 1566. This suit is brought to recover an amount for board, clothlog, care and education and funeral expenses, «.mong other things, famished by plaintiff; who was once the wife of the defendant, for their chil dren. The defendant alleges that these children were induced to abandon him by their mother, his objections to the contrary notwithstanding, and that their having been detained trom him wufaout and against his consent be Is not liable. That be has offered to take the children whose maintenance Is sow sued for. and has the care of two, ore of whom being bnt filteen months of age. was deserted by ita mother. Motion for con tinuance overruled. Edward P. Woodworth vs. John B. Parsons and J. Whitney Farllu. Assumpsit: dismissed. William T. Allen ve. Rodney M. Whipple and John E. Pollard. Assumpsit. Default ofPollard iet aside. Jacob T. Srhocllkopf vs. Edward and MaxGoofe. kind. Assumpsit Default of Edward Gooffs kind. Thomas E. Gilmore tb. John J. Schwarz, Case. New trial granted. A verdict of guilty was ten dered January 22, with 54,000 damages. Jacob Crane, for the use of Lill et al., va. Jere miah Scanlon. Ejectment: dismissed. Wax Schweizcr vs. James M. Moms on et al. Tfetpass. This action is brought to recover for the alleged wrongful entrance into the premises of th» plaintiff No. 155 South Clark street. On ulaL Jeromew.champlinvs. James M. Lyons and Edward K. Assumpsit. Dismissed Iso orders wu mane on the Chancery side pre sided[over by Judj* Jameson. A writ of Aobtas was granted by Judge Jameaon, returnable Payjrday next, on the rela tion of Hiram Uurlingam* Toe petitioner now in the county jail under a mitiimi/s signed by Police Justice Mlillkcn, gran<ee on probability of guilt of an assault with intent to commit a rape upon the nersoh or Anna fclruwlne. claimed a dis charge. He sets up a want of jurisdiction on the pert of the Justice. The new suits In that Court were as follows: Sigmund M. Peyser vs. Ernst Friedrich*. As sumpsit. Damages $3,500. JancM. Jccnlape ve. John B. Jennings. Bill for divorce. The complainant sets fond in her petition that she, then being tamed Mooney, mar ried the responded April 10th, 3333. Sue lived with him nutil January 3563, when he left her, as she is informed, to go to London, England. To his goirgsbe consented, he a'leging that his visit was lor the purpoecof bettering their joint condition. On the iTih day of March. 18CU, he returned to thle cly. and 10 her, and they lived together un til March I'llb last, when she left Dim. Sue alleges sguinslhim. that daring his absence be had >-uch intercourse with one Emma Gibson as retailed in the bnlh of two children, one of which Las been bom since his re turn to this city. She also accuses him of criminal ccnnec'ion with Fuizabeth Jen nings. bis cousin, in the dry of London. The complainant claims to have left her husband so soon as these acts of infidelity became known to her, and upon view of letters written by him she comolains that be addresses Emma Glbtum a 4 “ My dear wife,"’ while the replies with thesig ra'are ** Emma Jennings,” pUi«ntn«» to be Ms wife. Several acts of cruelty are ai-osetnp. She stale* that he has threatened to cut her thro*', and has declined to furnish bsr with ad< qna>e support. She prays also for an in junction on iho ground that her husband is seek ing to dispose oi .hu property with a new to re turn to Jondor, England, the injunction to apply upon lot 46 block 27. Canal Trustees' subdivision of the west half o! the west half of tbo northeast quarter of section 17, town 39, range 14 ea«L and loin 35 jo 39 Inclusive of block 1 Morris' Addition, with two houses thereon. She asks the custody ot their three children. T. B. Weber 3s Co. vs. James H. Lynch. As summit. Damage-, $1,600. Holmes & Co. v«. Robert McCabe et al. Pelf ‘ionifor mechanic's lien on property on lots No, 13.14, 3- r >, 16 and 17, Wilder’s Admtron, to the ex tent o> $£54.88. ' Hall Frost ve. the same. Petition for me chanic's lien on the same pr pcrtyj'or 45,652.63. Utoige-H. Roberta et als. vs. Ihc same. PeUtion for mechanic's lien on the same properly for $957.29. Bemsn Baldwin vs. Thomas S. Dickerson. As sumpsit ; damages £2O•. Action brought on a note dated January sth last, for {125, to the order of Cyrus Berlloy. Ehrhart Ehn-nbnrg vs. Andreas Baumann and Joseph Anton Hebl, of Giucdy County. Asoump ait; damage* S3(O. Adolph Wilke vs. the Chicago West Division Railwav Company. Caae; damages $15,000. William Gavin vs. the heirs, etc, ot Richard Thomas. Bill to procure the execution and de livery of* warrantee deed of lot 24, Thomas' sub division ol part of ihe ronthcast iracuonal quar ter of section 87. town 7.1. north of alleged to have been contracted to he sold by agreement of May IStb, ISM. Newell Beaumont & C->. vs. Pilcher & Brother. Astnnpsit. Damages, £3OO. Charles Ondiu vs. The Peoria Morine and Fire Imorance Company. irehtfSOO; damages J7su. Theodore Mil ervs. Schooner “George Irving.” Appeal of defendant's owners from a judgment by Dawkins on, 3. P., fur fSO. Matthias Krobnes vs. Frank Treas. Assump sit. Damages <SOO. Job D. Haven et a!, vs. George Webster and Frank 1). Baxter. Assumpsit. Damages Jd.O'iO. Boiler, Bultrlck A; CoitviU vs. Warrick Martin. Assumpsit. Damages £3,000. cousrr coenr. The results lu thu court, yesterday, were few. Tbe Court (Hen. J. B. Bradweil) decided the question in relation to the possession of the child Mary Slaitcrly, in tavor of the guardian, Ann O’lkien. This case was fully elated yesterday. The Recorder's Court was not in pension for business, and no new proceedings were insti tuted. TOE OAaBLING DENS. AGood Work Begnn-Sbonld be Fol lowed Dp. The moral part ol our community, looking upon those who live by gambling as worse than high waymen, preying upon ihe purees aud charac ters of the weak or the reckless, will be clad to sec that the authorities bare begun lu suppress the “kero” dene, which have recently become bo great and widespread an evil. Tbe new city char ter has given additional powers and facilities to the ponce for this u ork, and, withia a few day*, someplace, have been “pulled,” bringing a mot ley throng of keepers and visitors Into intimate acquaintance with the Armory, to which, it is fair *o suppose, most < f them were not before stran gers. Tnefine or tiou, for keeping tnese nests of corruption, and of f 10, fur being visitor? to them, have added a considerable sum to tbe city treas nrr. butdo notgo tar enough for the suppression ot*tbe law-defying evil. One proprietor lias been twice arrested and fined within a few days, hot < be profits of his establish ment will replace tbe S2U) m a very short time, perhapr ha a single night, so that, a* a matter of speculation, be con well afford to snap bis fingers at the law, a- thus far executed. The arrets ought to be repeated every night, as long os the iniamous business goes on, and this mm and a dozen others ought to he taught a more serioos lesson iceide ol the wails ol the firicewel). ft is hoped, that the representatives of the law will not confine their attention to one or two of these keno places only. There arc probably half a score or more others which by this time should be known to the police, besides the more secret laro banks or “ tiger dens,” ail of whicu are in direct violation of law and subversive of order, morality and public propriety. The keno establishments are more generally dangerous and harmful from the fact that the game is easily learned, and may be plsyed for small sums, as Is not the case in the gorgeous faro institutions. Crowd* of boyp. with little money and less brains, are allured by the excite ment ol chance to spend the night, and their bard famines, or the proceeds of paternal liberality, around these boards, pretty soon to lose not only their money, but their characters, and their In clination fur nny toim of honest labor, and so In a short time to be converted into worse than use less loafers, living by ibeir wits or oy their skßl in cheating. banging around saloons and gamb ling bouses, sucking for victims among loose more weak and inexperienced than themselves, and ripening fast for more daring and outrageous enures. ‘lt thonldbe dearly understood that thes-2 places will not be allowed to exist—at least not oucnty— and that every man or boy entering «bem as a player or a mere spectator is very likely to be taken forthwith to the secure retreats of the Armory, to spend the night, without being al lowed toe privilege of ball, and in the morning to find that he has been engaged in a cortlyaswell as demoralizing amusement; while the proprie tors are taught a more ecrioni lesson. It will not be to our police if, with the authority of the law to support them, they do not succeed In pntllng a lull atop to me business of gambling in this city. _ Ah Iscekdiabt Abbested.—Simc months ago ihe readers of the Tbidube may remember read ing an account of the burning of an extensive, lumber mill at Manistee. Michigan, the property of Messrs. Canfield & Cole, lumbar dealers, at No. so North Canal street, in tnis city. Ihcre were vanoua well founded reasons at the time for beiievlt.w the fire to be an incendiary one, princi pnl of which, perhaps, was the fact that immediately alterwards, and al most timultaneons with, the event, li was dUcovered that several horses and cattle owned by the same firm, at Manls’ec, were ham btrurg, slabbed, or otherwise imnred by some miscreant wbo evidently harbored the most ma lignant feclugs towards the owners of tao pro lierty, and sought, in the most vDlamons and un derhanded manner to do them injury. A short time previous to the firing of their mill, the foreman or agent of Messrs. Canfield & Cole had discharged from their employ a German named Robert Pcnxen, He had left them in auger, and with mattered threats, and remained hjtotMMqrttntte fWmillwrnmi «t tbs Ntßov of ike iunk oQefwUck fae «m MtWbeftraU. " •fttoHli Itottctoiso ofttotrtatiaaVT IhomMis ©• nw>rttett»iniwft>>liewil» «T. b« wore WPCWrtI. There** ftdotes* b« that rw»ea weslbeaaa**l»sths.«*uottob*fosad, aadaftera time tec pwMil *• ilvsn »«* Vnh »°>g*»d«acrtpOc> sgjn* Ihr police saibatioss psaeafry wstdr* fer tbe test tosr or . ■ottka lof bn appetfito* ia Cbcago. There wLiLSK?* tblfcood people die tad go to fwsus. Whether true or not ilia a pretty well. established fact that raatrWt and yfflaims of every degreehr*andcnaaetothis city. Here they m»r Iwtheeeeir* 6*s time, balm soma «»«*wj*d totoe Ktrfoea ■ttsA i SS^ ••2*!* '**}**'' Xixm o'*fcSnSid After toot cvcnltov vumilsai «m «to>. ESSS* *• m-™ stioZtfMilS I*** mtn hMwSS AiaJSr d»ja a»o came to ■s^aSSiTftSsau^WJßs ;HSS?3?a sss?i ta sas£ tiSSStoSS?” «■*■> «y “I w.nm nnVAHGB-MBV TORE MV* TDAL UfK. We dip the following from the Hew York Ini*- pendent of March 7,1807: “We call attention to the advertisement of the Mutual insmaaee Company, of tela ettr. In another column. The company is now ope of onr financial institatlona. It has bpea in ezia t»U nearly an entire generation, la tee old* eat ana \erseat Motoal r Inivance Company in the coomtt. “The statement of the company's aflhlrs will find thousands of interested readers, in every city, town, and himlafin the Northern, Western, ana Middle States pdicy^olders—copartners in tblagreatcorporatior—tnlih* gratified by a re port so remarkable and so satisfactory. “Theassetsoi thisconpanynow exceed nine tppn tnil]ifm« of dollars, of vUicA 09er two rnii llont and thr«e-guart*‘* Is a sorpins fond, to be divided among its rolicy-holders. When each “•mens? and ascrod Interests are at stak°, the manner in which lame snms are invested becomes a num- G f the fir* importance. The list of ee conttcs h«ad by toe company may safely chal lenge crltidSßi. Ikuing the past year new risks have been assumed on 15,678 Uvea for nearly 055.006.000, and ted cash receipts have been over 56.000, This h a* larger btuloess than was ever done is a stncje year by any life company in this country or is finrope. Such a basin css is ample proof of the pablic estimation of *bf old and well*tned NTS, Bxsronz.—The quem of classic tragedy (not comic tragedy, as the. types made us say the other day) will open ken for a short season of three nights and a mtlinev commencing on Tues day next, riving Eitcabch on Tuesday, Judith and Eolofernes on Wedoestey, and Mario Stuart on Friday—piece for the not announced. The box office waa open yestorjay for the sale of reserved seats for the season, sic a liberal num ber were disposed of. The season seats will be ofiered to-day, and to-morrow the sale of seats for single nights will comment*, it is not probable that tbete will be so much excitement as when Bistort was here a few weeks ago, but pres ent indications are that all the seta Is tfe boose will be taken before Tuesday, and many.disap pointed. Those who wish tu secure choice seats, where they Can hear every 'syllable, as woj as i-ee tbe great actress, will need to aptly longhe tore Ibelast moment, and the earlier the better. McncAL.—The Pnilhsrmock Society aonotmos an other concert, to be given In the Opera House on Saturday evening next. The programme will be found in the advertising colnmns. It indndea Mozart's symphony in £ flat, arias from Robert le Diable and Straoella, the overture to Zampa, and otner attraction*. Max htrakosch baa made arrangements for a abort artistic tour, commencing on the first of April, with Parepa, Brlgnoil, Ferranti, Fortune, Roes, Behrens, and other well-known artists. The company win appear in parlor opera and concert, and will probably taka Chicago on the way; tLe combination Is a talented one, and wilt, we doubt not, draw largely on the popular sympa-hy. Tnc Dotty Ever,ing Trmtller , of Boston, has the following: Mr. 11. A. McGlenan has effected an engage ment witbCnniili Ursa. Adelaide Philllpps and the Mccdrlesohn Quintette Clnb. for a short tunr through the Western cities. commencing in Aloa nyoo ironday evening, April 6th. ’ Mile. Urso and Mus PhUJlpps’s reputations are known throughout the country, and the Quintet le Clab, although a local institution, Is unrivalled by any similar organisation in the country. It* member 3 arc thoroughly accomplished and flret-clsss musi cians, sno all their performances are given with correctness, grace and finish. Mr. McQumen. the manager, w a gentleman of unblemished reputa tion, high-minded and honorable, »»d his prom ises to the public will he nuhftaliy carried out. We can commend him alike to the favorable con sideration of the press ana public. Ml'szcv —The Treasurer of the Museum Com pan*. Mr. Marsh, took a very substantial benefit lust* evening, the princioal Piece being “ wild Oafs,” with Mr. Auten as “ Rover/ 1 It was per formed in a very spirited manner, and was re ceived with great applause. The cams bill to night. Tue Eaklok Bnorncna have concluded an en gagement reappear (or two weeks at McVicker's Theatei, commencii-g on the Pih of April. They have several new artists in addition to the broth ers. and will give a first class entertainment. HcYicxui's TnEATH*.—Last night Mr. G#*rge L. Aii«>tcwplajot “Chevalier, jack Sheppard,” was presented nafore a good audience. It is foil of dramatte effects, and the story U one of those which never fell to interest all lovers ot rooauce. The hero is a kind of Paul Cllkbrd. handsome, daring, nnscnipnlaus. adored by all the women, and the scrapes iato which he falls, and the adroitness with which he frees him self from them, present a succession of dramatic situations which arc happily contrived. The first act introduces a sqaaßron of French dragoons quartered on the German frontier—time ITJu, and Europe is at peace. A number of these soldiers grow restless in th/s state of inactivity and commit depredation* upon the neighboring farmers. A projcctis formed to desert and turn robbers. At thfc mnmcutPieme Pautaitler, the hero, is introduced Be is offered the captaincy of the band bnt centre*, and relates the strange story of his life as a warning to tis comrades, from wbicfaUanpearsthathehas been devoted to the Evil One from his cmdle. But his virtuous resolu tions arc o’ertbrown by a woman's smile; be quarrels wfrh hU officer, kills him, and becomes a robber. Tblsisthe beginning of PauJalUer and acd his hand. Be es abiiebes himself in Ger many. robs an Halim Count of his paperejorms a romantic acqoali tauce with a Baron’s dsugb icr, acc3mpanies her to her father’s castle os-he Count, and wins her affection. The amval of the real Count forces him to reveal him selC ann the Baron's diugbter voluntarily aban dons ber home tocLare his desperate fortunes. Wcnestfiid him in Paris, where bis oaring ex ploits and grba&t bearing have gamed for him «he title ol “chevalier.’' Bn: women are his be- >ailt<g sin. He deserts the Baron's aaugfater to indulge in virions amour*, and she, brooming exasperated, betrays him into the hands of the police. Here occurs an elaborate scute, where toe robber attempts to escape by crossing the street upon a beam. A dungeon 10 tbe Bastille receives bint, and he is heavily ironed; bnt be has friends and the mians ol release arc a&orded him. Be makes a Jack Sheppard escane xrom the Baa tile—a blstoticsl feet, and one of the mo?t danng efforts on record. The Baron's daughter meets him and offers him nn asylum, and, after another miraculous escape from tbe soldiers sent In pur •‘tiitofhun, he accepts only to find himself again betrayed. She poisons' herself so as not to sur vive buo, and the prediction of bis evil destiny being accomplished, tbe robber's career comes to an cod. The pifcc was presented last evening In a man ner -bleb menu high commendation, and the character cast woe a goed one. Mr. George Aiken ccrsona'ed the character of “ Poulalller” with ail the dash and spirit which such a rote re quired, and showed that he was folly equal to a line cl business which be bos not hitherto In Ihta city had the opportunity of tasking. ‘‘Baron Kilhergen” was humorously represented by Mr. Ratuford, and Mr. Cairo!! did some good comic actlnp in the role ol “Fripon.” Mrs. Cowell made the most ot the part assigned to her, which, however, requires liule more tnan a respectable “walking ‘aiongh.” The young lady who took the part of “Mrs. Conradc,” whose sole business is to utter a scream of -error, perictmed that duty in a manner which almost calledlor.b an encote. A portion of the audience were disposed to laugh. Yet it was a most artistic scream, and considering that toe -voman is repre sented as d.ilng of starvation, Miss Howard shooed a great dir crimination in introducing that peculiar asthmatic etfect. The -Chevalier” will lie repeated this even ing, when Mr George Aiken takes a complimen tary hereflt He is a gentleman who deserves well of the public, and we hope the benefit will be a real one. Pa*tor* I lokiallttlon* Eev. IL F. Bams, I). 8.. recently of St. Cath arines. Canada, was yesterday afternoon inducted into the pastorale of the First Scotch Presbyterian Church, oi this cUv. Rev. George Cathbertsoo, Clerk of tbe 1-oi.don (Canada) Presbytery, an nounced that the candidate having been duly ex amined by (be Synod of which be was a member, an edict had been issued for his induction, which would row be performed. IT no one had ary ob jection io make agunst bis life and doctrine. the exercises were then opened by the singing ol the CJul ltalm: Ikon fhait arise, and mercy yet Thou to Mount Zion shall ex end.” After reading of the Scriptures by Rev. Mr. Cnth* crlson, prayer by Rev. Dr. Ormiston, of JjatuiiUii', Canada, and eingirg, the sermon of induction was preached by Br. Ormlston, from Romans XV., 2H. 30.32. Tbe speaker first portrayed the characterof St. Paul a* a model for the Christian minister, and iben considered, first, tbe tbeme of the minister; second, the source of bla confidence: and third, hi* request. The minister’s theme Is the glorious Gospel ol tbe grace of God and of his Son. It contains something for the hearts of each, and for the aonis or ail; from it he can teach men bow to live atiQ bow to die. The source of the minister's confidence is in the fulness cf the Merging or the gospel. This is an arsenal irom which he may draw that which is adapt'd lor all. The minister needs nothing else to cake his preaching attractive. Tbe simple, unadulterated gospel, that comes ringing and pure from the heart of the preacher will be mighty throned God to salvation. The minister’s re quest is, that his people strive together with him m their progress to God. This is necessary to the success of tns preacblrg, aud to the mutual re freshing of both pasta p and people. Let this church uphold their new pastor with their Jreyers, and God will establish the works of their uids. Rev. Mr. Cnthbcrtson then recited the prelimi nary action, beginning with the petition for a sup ply in February, 1800, which bad resulted in the calling of Ur. Bums to the pastorate of this new church, lie then propounded the usual questions to the pastor and people, after which the prayer of installation was offered by Rev. Mr. Duncan, of Evanston. Rev. Mr. Chiniquy. of Kankakee, gave the charge to tbe pastor, and Rev. Mr. Greg?, of Toronto, delivered the address to the people In regard to their duties in their new relation. The meeting was closed with tbe benediction. Rnir.n op PcßLic Wobkb.—The following bids, for building a bchool Honye in the West Division, comer of Dcsplalnes and Dcpnyster streets, were received by the Board of Public Work* yesterday afternoon. The awards have not yet been de cided upon, the Board reserving a few days for consideration; . , Masonry Work—Christian Poesche, $20,775, in eluding ent store work: George Chambers, $19,700; James Rntberiord, $22,100; Allen, Bart lett A Co, $18,500. _ • Cut Stone Work—Peter Walford & Son, $3.672; Miller & Newcomb, $3,893: Emanuel Earnsbaw, $8,780; McKeonn, Kelly & Co- $3,200; Henry Furst, $3,750: A-len, Bartlett & Co., $1,760. Caipenter Work—J. A. Anderson, $23,860; Frederick S. Steward. $22,000; Christian Pocscbc, $10,945; Rcbm & Kupp, $20,897: Heeney&Camp bell, $17,725; Joseph Magee, $16,887; Groebe «t Dalton. »1>,774; Allen, Bartlett & Co., $10,412; Jacob Halils, $21,484. f Palmingand Glaring—Union Glaring Company, $1700; Otto & Volk, $1,700; W. A. Reason, f 1,900; Allen. Bartlett* Co., SL7OO. c Complete—Francis A. Slater, $33,500; Allen, 'Chirk &" Griffith. $1,491.50; Allen. Baitlelt & Co, $1,350. Police Raid nr the Nobth Division.—The police force of the North Division, under the efficient management of Captain Wells Sherman, and hie “right bowers, *’ the sergeants, at a very early hour yesterday morning, made a descent on the German Theatre Hall, at the corner of North Wells and Indiana streets, capturing about sixty men and women—the greater portion of whom were of the d*ml monde and their in’lmate asso ciates, composed of thieves and other pro fessionals of the blackleg fraternity. At the Police Court, yesterday morning, the women were fined $lO and the men $5 each. Fnuns or the Echo Raid.—About S3OO was realized to the City Treasury at the Police Court vesterday morning, from the tines imposed upon ihe keeper of the Kcno room at No. 81 Randolph street, and tbe inmates arrested the night pre vious. Ihe la'ter were fined $lO each, and Came ron, the keeper, was assessed flop, with the cor dial regrets of the Court that it was not in his power to imprison him. Stealing a Satchel,—Martin Price was com mitted for trial from the Police Court, yesterday morning, upon the charge of stealing avalise from the Bock Island Depot, the property of Joseph Palmer, a railroad conductor. Pace's ball was fixed at S3OO. rom utsnc^iuniii nchl eat thpisie af lan Hfto-i Bew PhU tow fletilsra WeaihWi Oipcchd Despatch to the Chma Timas.] Utkbob, Erases, Kerch h. . 81* prisoners escaped frost the JaD this «■- fcg after knoctwg flows the goard ■ behabtedl. They were repinA peers rittmma. Matioy,.who bMutoo lawmoeo«aa yesr on theichsrge oj>tria» next week at Ottawa, on « chaste of rooms, eirtt . but bs remained and assisted the "Tbeaeveral Irlbestn Kansas who have reemitiy made tiraihe at Waotaafua, to noon to the south. sember atx thossand, three hundred *m sixty-six. 3 hey treitaway U-TI,9M seres of tad, tome of the choicest timbered land ot this dtate, wblcfaopena a aide field for settler*. The late Intense cold baa moderated.' and to* night it is rsbunff gently. Snow has entirely dis appeared. FROM HEff TgM. Sale effnuaiai flail IKfitflafiflhn Tiadm ef the Peekedy BiaeatlMsl IH-iie»«loa ton. Ksw Tosx, March 20-—Tammsny Hall was sold to-day to Charles A. Dana and others, for 0170,000 —poneseion May Ist. It is reported teat an effort Is making to raise the price of lee the coming season twenty-flve Trnstees of the Peabody BdocattooalFond aaMmbled morning to confer. All were present except Mr. Hives and Bhhop Mcllvalne. The meeting was strictly private. Ike Board at tend a party this evening at cx-Govemor Fish's, and dine at AT. Stewart's to-morrow. Friday evening Mr. Peabody is to give a banquet at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Dr. Geo. Beakley,of No. 48 West Twenty-fourth street, and a woman named Mary Cole, were ar rested at the Instigation of Sanitary Superintend ent Dalton, whoebams them with having caused the death of Mrs. Elizaoeth E. Kimball, wile of the late Major Kimball, shot by Corcoran, by an attempt to produce abortion. An investigation has* commenced. ROM MEMPHIS. Ballrowd Coneolldntkoxi—Flremnn Hu> Acred—TAe TogC MxnTHig, March SO.—The Memphis & Little Bock Railroad has been consolidated with the El Faso A Pacific, of which General Fremont ia President. Work upon tee former wilt be poshed lotwatd. Michael Waters, a fireman, was shot and In stantly killed by Charlie Wright, a barkeeper on Jefferson street, at daylight tht« morning. The friends of the deceased were with difficulty re strained from lynching the murderer. The Memphis Association Race Course has been incorporated, and the grounds and track have been very much improved. The spring races commence on the SSd of April. Parses, together with the inside stakes, amount to 06,000. FBOM HONDURAS. Ihe Mar with tMe Indians—Savages Tillages Burned, Eie. NxwYons. BCarch 19.—Advices from British Honduras to the 20th nIL, state that subsequent to their late reverses the British troops gained a very important victory over the Indians, who had been raiding on ihe colonists. Quite a number of Indians, men, women and children were killed by rockets thrown into a retreating crowd. Many of tbeir villages were burned and tbelr com fields laid waste. Mill ItulCi Considerable discontent existed in the public Mind at Balize. Served ’Em Bight. Nmr York, March 20.—'Three men who out raged three working women In Williamsburg, some Months ago. hav-i been sentenced, to the State Prison lor fifteen years. Assault vim a Khitx.— On Tuesday night a gun named William Jann, wxtb another named Greseoie, engaged m a fight at Wuerffel’s bakery, at No. Sll North Wells street, Wnerffel under took to separate them. and was savagely assault ed by Jann with a hatcher knife, receiving a severe ent on the hand. Jann was arrested and brought before Justice Mtlliken. yesterday morn ing, who committed him tor trial in bail of S2OO. Dxath at tub Bbikiwbix.—Yesterday morning at eight o'clock J. C. Nichols. mutate of the dty Bridewell, died of an attack of delirium tre mens. Mr. Nichols w* B arrested last Friday, and on Saturday was examined at the Police Coon for drunkenness sod vagrancy. Being nosbfe to pay bis fine, he was sent to the Bridewell, where be died from the effects of his many and long sprees. Azxeoed Watch Theft.— Joseph McColly was brought before the Police Court yesterday morn*, tng, charged with stealing a watch about two weeks siuce, the property of J. H. Swart, a fellow hoarder at No. 133 West lake street. Swart's evidence preseated a marked degree of uncer tainty upon every material point, and the cas* was continued Oil to-day. in bail of s3uo. At.*-Zged gbaix Theft.— William Ticker* was before Justice Millikenycaterdaf moru mg, charged with stealing a quantity of hay and oats from a bant in the rear of No. 54 Jackson street He was held for jurther examination on Friday, in bail of S2OO. LOCAL HATTERS. King, Day A Feetuan, manufactur ers of saddle-tree* and wooden stirrups, Lima, Ohio. Send for price list Kwayne’s Ointment Is a Pleasant, snre and speedy cure for Itch,*~etter, Salt Rheum, Barber's Itch. Scald Bead, Itching Pile*, and all skin diseases. Sold everywhere. Wholesale by Buns HAMS £ Vak Schaace. Tbe Combination of Ingredlenta used In making “Bnown's Bbojscuial Ibociixs ” Is such as to give the best potsiblo'cQ'ect with safetv. Ibc Troche* are n«ed always with rood succes*. and are widely known a- the best reme dy for toughs, Colds, Throat Dir eases and Asth matic troubles. IMe FmnMlln Brick naehlnst lastly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great sUecirth, 113 immense comprcssrag power, is odabahtbcd, with eight men and two horse-*, to self-temper the clay, and make 3,00 U to S,- - 00 elegant bricks per hour. J. H. Rekick, proprietor. No. 71 Broad way, New York. Boom 2S. MARKETS BT TELEBRAPH. New York Financial News. tfipecul Despatch to to® ChicagoTribons.! Kxw Toxx. March 23. Tbe stock market opened strops—hew Tork Central Mlitos at 106 X. Erie (common) at 60)4, Michigan Southern at 78. and Chicago A Northwestern (pre le-rcd) at BV. On the regular call prices were a chide earicr— Michigan southern selling freely at 76#. but prices reacted, and the latter s-ock sold at 77#. The market continued quiet until 1 o’clock, when New York Central Broke to 10)4. asd Erie (comotan) to »W- Afterwards Michigan Southern decUatd ta 76?4. the balance of the list rcmainlns unchanged. At &SC Ere (common) fell to 59, ana Chicago A North western (preferred) to 66)4- After this Erie (common) declined 10 59)4, and Michigan Southern to *3*4, with mat exclteccnt. The reaction was nature), and prices will undoubtedly be lower, on account of ib« calling In of loans, in order to m*ke a quarterly statement next week. Chicago A Norlhweit:nj (pre (erred) la the strongest stock, and Michigan Southern tbe weakest. The money market today was active, and sold freely at RSI Vteat. At the 5:30 board Vrle (common) so’d at s?k, and Michigan Southern at 75k, and with a largenumber ot sha< c* ot the latter stock being thrown upon the mar ket. A 6 o'clock Erie (common) sold at 58k, Michi gan Southern at Ts*£« and Chicago A Northwestern (prcleirnL at 65K— the market clofclne inactive. Go.d was a shads better, ana closed strong. [Associated Free* Report j Nsw Yoek, March 20. MOKCT. The money market Is rather more active st 5 to 7per cent on call loans. rOBKIOH EXCHANGE. Sterling cxchantMi quiet and firm at ICdkdtOD’tu golo'fur Cnt-cUss bills. conn. Gold firmer: opening at isiy, advancing to 13ttf, and closing at 131 fi COTKBSMEhTS. Government itocfcfl without decided chance. Tbe stork market)vm doll at the second Board, with apmsme|to sell. At the lutopen Board liiey contin ued heavy ana were lover after ca.l. Tbe following were tbe closing pnicE” at JJO p. «. New Tort Central....losX Rockl*>*nl KH Erie 59 Fort Wayne U 3 Hudson Elver .138 Oblo & UUslitippi cer* Beading..- .101 X tlflcatea 2GJf Michigan Southern... 76 Cumberland 31 PllisDurch 82}< Pacific Mail l»V Northwestern 36>J Quicksilver. -■»* Kortwestcreprefered. rau western UnionTtl.... 4J*f Toledo USX COLD. The gold market was stronger at tbecloae. Last eai*s at lit v. Cash gold va* scarce In the alteraooa. and was loaned »IS-ai®l-16 p cent alter tbe Clearing Bouse closed. gotsejixests Government secnritlea dull thl* afternoon. Kcc’d. *£l 109 ®109,X 15-20 coup ’65 Jan and „ C0up0n5,*81....109 (3109. x July 107 aiotx 5-20 reglßl’a’63.ltnH»lo7* (10-40 reflat’d... 97)ia 97k ■•socouoeu •GMCSkctirox 11040 coupons— 97X® 97X 5-70 coupon ’«.br?X«W7* . August7-308....106 (AIDS* 5-2 C coup , 65....107*®108 |June7-30s y I July 7-308 105X&105X smoso boabo. The following sales were made at the Second Board: Atlantic A Pacific 290 Quartz Hill 353 Gregory ...two wa1k1i1................. G 3 Corydon 839 Charter 0ak..... Ilk Dcssolncs tS Davisson IS Keystone 4 At tbe aiternoon Board Qnartz Bill was In firm de mand at 3SS&3SO. The leading feature was Corydon, wblcb fell from 4 to 355 and actively dual tin at de cline ; Gregory was weak and declined to 11G0. The Produce markets. MILWAUKEE. (Special Despatch to the Chlca;o Tribune.] UawAnu, March SO. Floor—Dnb. Sales 309 brls at fll.W for Douglas XX spring; 110.75 lor X. Holders ssk flfi.oo®lS.3S lor city xx. Wheat—lrrejm’ar and lower. Morning Botrd sales 12,(100 centals. Noon Board sales 19,300 cental* at |197 for Ko.l In store; $3.67®."!.© for No. 2 do; $3.69 seller’s option all month ; $9.70 seller’s option next week; $3.70 ®3.72 buyer's option all month: 55.77 buyer's option Apt II 15th to SOth; $3 C3®3 C 3 for rejected, fresh la dock A. Nothing done In No. 3. Oats—Steady. Sales 7AOO centals at $1.69 lor No. 1 iresh; $1.62* for No. 2, fresh; $1.56 fbr do. old receipts. Com—Steady, bales 1,900 centals at $1.45®1.47t0r new shelled in store; f 1.3001.39 for do by sample de livered. Bye—Firm al|l.2stCJriieahNo. 1 la store; buyers at Dull. No sales. Dressed Hop—Firm at $9.2509.50. Receipts—l,2oo brh flour, 6,000 centals wheat, 1,000 do otw, 2,000 do com. 25 do rye, 40 creased hogs. Shipments—lJKO brie .flour, 3,C00 centals; wheat, GO bns and 25 tea pork. NEW YORK. S *w Tons, March 20. Cotton-Doll and fully *®lc lower. Sales, 1,000 bales at SI *c for middling uplands. Fleur—iteiSc better, and more active. Sales. 1,400 brie at $9.50(412.40 for SUte; $11.40012 Jfl for common to gt od shipping Ohio; $12.40013,25 for trade brands— market closing quiet. California Fiour—Quite Ann. Sales, 650 brie and ska at fl4.ooeia.oo. Rve Floor—Firmer. Sales, COO brls at $7.5098.29. whlsety—Quiet. Wheat—Dull, without decided change. Sales. 13.1f0 bn at $1.47 for No. 3 Milwaukee; sSJoior amber State: $3.05(33.10 for white California. Bye—Unite firm. $1.21 retneed lor Canada in bond. Sales. I,WO bn Western at $1.39. Barley—Scarcely so active. Sales, 13,000 bu Canada West free at $1.3:91.33. Barley Malt—Dull. Corn—l®3r. lower and less active. Sales Di.OOObu at sLlßKol.l9for mixed Western tn store. and $1.20 afloat: }U9 (or sew yeilcw Jersey and Southern—closing rather more steady. _ Oats—lo2c lower. Sates 3.400 bu at 64®85c for West ern ;66©CTc for new Ohio; and To@7lc lor Stale. Leather—Hemlock sole m fair request at £9®3Cc tor Buenos Ayres, light weight: 29®3ic for mldele and heavy do; 27@29c for California, light weight, and 38®29c lor middle and heavy do. ... Wool—Domestic quiet; foreign firm, with good busl ne«s doing. Sales otaw,«On» at sOoG7*c for domes tic fleece; 74c for pica lock; 4Sos3*c lor pulled; 54c tor tubbed: 90c lor Kentucky combings; 2k®»c for Texas; 40w 42c for Cape; 21*c for Mexican, and Mestcza and Doteki on private terms. Sugar—Doll. Sales GOO hhds Cuba at tO*®ltye. Petroleum—Finn at for ctaae,23o - ucfor rtflned inbond. _ . . Hors—Quiet at 50®70c lor new crop. Porn—Market opened dml and lower, but closed with more firmness. Sales were: 4,350 brls at s£Us® 25 55 for ctw mttf, closing at rcsoiar. J22JXW gLSO for ola mess; iuJ.aA’9.oo for prime; $51.50023.00 for prime mess; also lAJO brls new meas at $33.73® '•4 25. seiier and hover March, April. May and June. * Bee*—Firmer. Sates 050 oris at f 1250®12.85 for new nlalu it ess* and $17.50023.10 for new extra. 4 Tierce Hoff— steady. Bales 110 tea at $33.00 tor prime n-e** md JSG.WvST.MfT India mesa. & Hams-rtjm at *37.00041.00. tUcon-Qolet.Balc» ot 690 b->xcs at 10*310 M6c tor CnmSriand cut; li*c lor short ribbed; lie for short Sawffi-ray ffsvss-« «• ■Ssss; u svks.,.» Flour—Clows milrtMj: chiefly lor medium and good grades. quiet, wUhssDwae* Ha. 1 spring a* _jq£-&s«s «** aa* mm* •» •* WsslM>» mA tßd BLBI afIMS . CoT»-aa—a«n.«ttLtay ftrAMKWM«artaKfy. at «•« for OMo Q»M—nlU aewoaso. ■**y«f >DUifins; hut very waist, with egjWwrWwiee ** * SS«X. aed bey** at 9»et-Cln—folny aiUveaadgfeflrtn. btsaVAM* LaM-Cfoaa* wittaalnquiry. at ttMfotSMc tor Mr rtraaa. aaA n*BU*o for prim to choice bufconrAYi. _ ' . uixcsnrAn March a. sssarasg *WMg^srWiedaadMaady;No.lsprlag.stsß; 'Jiss^s^s^s^sss^ 0 * net h«a booth* Mov $1.38. _ naihj r BMary; atfUßSUlftr spring. azdsLsßß f «rt frrr ftlT Cottcß—Dnll, aad prices arc nomlaal at Me formld fflwSSey^-F!nn«r; ssXß27e in bond. mm Pock—Lees dm aad hardly any demand; city conM not have tea toidatover s2Uflat CO ft^^ieril^^ > toa^ > Bala 0f250,000 h» atßatOe fbr Aonldera and sides, closing firm at those In good demand at «f, UX and Uj<c for ibooMC'fcridea ana ciesr sides. Hsm*—Plain bams at ISdlStfe and tngtr cored at ijflttw, with aMr demand. . . asks of 700 tres dty at Ujfe. Batter—Firm tor fresh at 3>,a33e. _ rueoe—ln moderate demand at l*JfAT7c lor com mon and iWIJc for Mtorj and BMltooatry. Seeds—Clover teed steady at »&71fe8 uner rate for prime nev; timothy seed doll at $3410 ; flax at KLSCmZSC 1 . Limeed Oil—Doll at $1.37(311.10- cloaeat $C&X9ixnL.■ Exchatee scarce and firmer. Cmrencyls atm bring sent East to keep op balances. The buying rates are oarOSO • thousand premium. P CM clos-d at 133*0131 baying »“ Vvr* utile sold here and Importers nave to send Blit for it to pay dotles on their imported goods. PHILADELPHIA. Bbilapelpsi*. March 30. rotten—Quiet. Middling uplands, SStfc; middling °ncmr—Large borne demand for State. 8.523 brls California at fIS.CC. Wheat—Steady. Prime red,,f». _ Com—ln good demand. Yellow, fU3)£. Kesr^saPoik—fßSJo92l.oo. Hams.MXe. Baeon—Bloca.lie: ihoul'lers.SXc. Whiskey—Balea of contraband at soagfloio. BUFFALO. BCTTAho. March 20. n.m n_ •> ll>ht damaiul. Oantatlnna nn. Floor—Firm and In light «tsmspd- Quotations on changed. What—Doll bat firm, with small sales at IL3SBZ4O for Canada clro. Coro—Quiet. Six can new Toledo sold at 96&96c on Bute Line track: 8 000 bn old mixed Western sold at gUB, per samp loin store- _ _ Oat£-Nomlnal at 55e for Western Ho. 2. Barley—Qnlet at 0118 for Canada, Bye—Held at SIJS fbr Western. . . „ Pork, JUard, Htghwloes and Seeds doll and un changed. Grain in ctore and aflsat unsold this day— tesirobo; com, 397.000 ba: oats, 2^2,0u) bn; rye, OOjOCO bn; peaa, 0,000 bo: barley. 7 008 bo. BALTIMORE. Biimon March 30. Coffee—Dull. Prime Bio cargoes, X3X»lsv, Floor—Firm, and improved In prices. Northwest ern extra. 811JMU50; Howard street extra, fXSJDSI 14J5; Northwestern superfine, lIOJWaiOJO. Wheat—ln better feeilng. Pennsylvania rad, ILBO9 Com—Active, and receipts larger. White, ftJ2& US; yellow, tU3BUS; Western, $143. oats wa«e. Bye—Finn. attlAA. clover Seed—s 9 2i3f4y for new. Men Pork—toCOO. Prime Mesa Pork-sa4». Brig Shoulders O^e. niS?l3?* c - Lard—l3c. Whiskey—lnbond,sSß3Dc. No sales. 81*. LOUIS. % Bt. Loots, March 20. * Tobacco—Buoyant, hot price# not materially changfd. Colton—Firm at 38c for middling; 390300 for strict do. bales fbr the week 500 bales. Floor—Very firm, especially for higher grade 1, but pn*es unchanged. Wbkwt-cßoice faU higher: No. 1 spring. $4.11; prime lau. s3j)o; coolce, s3.<l OSM. Cum—UiXiers nnn, nut large receipts caused buy er* »o stand or- quotations range from 1L&K3173. Oats—Dull r.tWjeo7.e<. Barlsy—Easier ;«7.39A2A1 for spring. Bye—Higher at^s^j. Provisions—Boyers prlrp«nni-h«nrM. Lard, 12014 c. Whisker—Du* 1 •* silo. LOUISVILTf. Tobacco—Sales of 166 htdj at t3~&2 SO. Martet stead}*. Floor—Unchanged. Wheat—Non e. Corn—At 67 In bulk for, ear; 7ia72c fo shelled. Oat*-AtOa«c. Provisions—Mws pork at $33 00- ootjef—At CTlfc for middlings. TVbxVey—K»w at 9ZX2. B*»n—Shoulders at 9k«9J[c. «tear bides—At I2*«li*c. H&W ORLEANS. Nrw OaULuts. March 30. Cotton—Sales, L2OO bales. Market easier. Low mh.ollDg.39ic. HocelplS.l.B39 ba]**. Sugar and Molasses—Sail and unchanged. Floor—Wry firm. Soper, f iioo@l;h2o. Coin—Qalei and firm. Quotations unchanged. oats—Easy. atTC-ATTe. nar—Fair Western selling readily at tiLOO. Pork—Very quiet. Offered at 53 1.73. La’d —Steady and dm at itkftKe. Itacoc—Only retail bnamess doing. Gold-UlVftlSS. Sterling Exchange—4sAJ6X. New fork Bight—MAH prom. New York Grocery Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trihane.] New Toss, March 20. Coffee-Rlo, 2ta26c; Arm. Sugars—Firm and more active; fair to prime gro cery. ic*aiij<c. NewTork Provision flarkeU (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toss. March 20. Pork—Closed with buyers at fSLUJf. Lard—Dull. Prime steam, ISKc. There Is spaniels the demand for cat meats and bacon. Ocean Freights. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nkw Yon. March 20. Freights—Corn to Liverpool, «)fd by steam, and to Glasgow, 4d by steam, with 30,000 tm shipped. New York BreadiCnffli llarket. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toss, March 10. Breadstuflk—The market very dull andbeavy; closing, however, with more firmness In straight brands ol floor, and to corn and barley 1c lower since 'Change. Oats—Common,not salable at over 63c. Anr fork Live Stock Market. [Special Despatch to Uie Chicago Tribune.] New Ton*. March 30. Bc*f Cattle—Receipt!, to-day. 1.500 bead, and liberal Duppllca expected. Ma-krtrtnil. bat prices about the nmi l . Several droves of Illinois ateera were sold at lS&t7c, the latter for strictly prime, bheep—Doll at 7)fd9NC. bwlnc—Lower, at B&9HC. Receipts, 3^Bo. RewTork Pry Good* lilarkef. N aw You*. March 39. The market for printed calicoes la moderately active, and price* arcflrm '-aider the recent advance Is cloths and cotton, but no Improvement in orta-t, exccnt tor Sprague’s new atvles, some of whl :h are being Jobbed at 17HC for staple atrlea. Plsln cotton, both brows and bleached, unchanged prices. _ cot'onadca In better request at low rales. Farmers* ai d Mechanics’ are reduced to 43c. Desirable styles of woo)lets in tasty patterns and flne goods acll well at Improved prices, but undesirable makes are still dull. Pittsfaargh Oil Market. PrrwßPCQg. March 20. More inquiry for crude. Prices lira at CXMXc tat bulk and oris returned, and llMSllltC. packages In cluded. Sales l.ooa brls. seller’s option, delivered be tween now and the Ist of May. at t»s<c; MOO nrls, April delivery, 654 c; AOOO bns, Immediate delivery, st»c; LOU) hrls.43 to 16 degrees gravity. April delivery. Ckc; 1,00 brls, to be delivered on Qnt water, GUc. Re ceipts crude, 1,300 bils. Refined, In bond, quiet. No ■ales, Freeoll selllngat 40c V gallon. SIABBIED. In this city, at Grace Church Parsonage, March 17. by Iter O. H.Tlttany,D. Ur. WM. fl. JEWETT nnf Miss LOU. M. DRACRBfLL. No cards. gy Niles, Mlchl, and PreacotL Wis., papers please copy. At the residence of the bride’s father. March IStft. by Bcv. G. H. Ada*; s, Mr. I* P. SIPPLE, ot Lawrence, Kansas and Mias MABY E. FILLMOBE, of Cham palgn city, HI. DIED. AfEsstincs. Sussex, England, Ur. JOHN WOODS, in the 7s*ih year ol bis ace. fbr thirty years the respect ed Postmaster ot the town. In this city, March 17tb, LOUISE ELIZABETH. In fant daughter ot Joseph B. and Barbara E. Dyhren furth. la this city, March3oth. ot consumption, HARRIET h„ daughter ot the late Janis Smith. "EemsUs to be taken to Elgin, 111., for interment. In thin city. March 2Ctb, ADAM MDBBAT, aped 73 yearn. The funeral will take place from his residence. No. 3 Dearborn-place, on Friday, March 23d, at 'iX p. m. In this city, March Wth.ol typhoid fever, after a brief illness. MABY L.. wife of U. A. Armstrong, Esq., aged tfi years. 1 month and 3 days. The funeral will be held at the Church, March 2Ut,al half past 10 o’clock. . Id this city. March 19th. THOMAS P. SHElL,aged S years, S months and 30 days. The funeral will take place on Thursday, March Stst, from theresld'DCe ol hU parents, comer of West InOl at a and to Calvary Cemetery, at 13 o’clock noon. •on gaits. RUCTION SALE OF FURNITURE, CARPETS, ETC., On THURSDAY. March 31st, at 10 o’clock a. cl, at onr salesrooms, 75.77 and 79 comer of Ban (iolph-st , consiailug tn part of the entire furniture and effects of parties who are breaking up houseieep irg. The goods are all of very good Quality and neiriy new. Alsu, a lot of Store Counters and Shelving, throe Standing and other Desks: one Grover ft Baker Sew ing Machine, in good oruer; Shotguns, Pistols, Swords, Com Shelter, Flour Bags. ftc„ ftc. Pwri.f Sales. Wednesdays and Thursdays. J. HEANEY ft CO.. Auctioneers. BT. T.-ef., City Auctioneer, • 123 DEABBORN-BT. Thirsday, 21st March. 10 o’clock. 30 bairels Fish and a Omall &Dt 9f Fnrnitnrea A UCTION SALE—On Friday mom

£\ log. Much 33d, 1867, at 10 o’clock a. m H at No. 192 Bomb Clsrk-st. Shelving, Counters, Looldog- Glasses, war Fixtures of a first-class saloon. Alio— Chairs, Tables. Stove;, lounges. Bureaus. Waahstands, Gas Fixtures. Clocks. Awm-gs, Carpets, ftc. WM. GRIFFITHS ft Anct’6. Gilbert and sampson, General Auctioneers. 47 and 49 Dearborn-st. SPLENDID STOCK OF Bioh and Medium NEW FURNITURE, AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, March 23d, at 10 o'clock, consisting of an elegant assortment cl Parlor, Bedroom and Dining room Ponltnret including a great variety of Rich and Meoium Marble and Plain-top Chamber Suites, with a ceneral assortment of Hoosehold Goods. h *• GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auctioneers. £JANIEL SCOTT & CO., AUCTIONKEBS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 104 cor. LsStlle, Chteacs, Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Out-door sales promptly attended to. AUCTION. Chinese and Japanese Goods, Canton China—curiosities never belore S resented In this country; Camel flair and other beau la: Shawls, at Auction on Wednesday, Thursday, Fri day and Saturday, March 30th. 31st, 9d and £sd, at Daniel Scott A Co.’i Rooms, 164 Lake-st. Goods on view Tuesday attemoon. _ DANIEL SCOTT & CO., Anctloneers. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneer* ft Cozuninion Merchant* 44 Me 40 KANDOLPH-ST.. Between State-st. and Wabash-tT., Hold regular sales, at their salesrooms, m DRV GOODS, CLOTHINO, BOOTS, SHOES. AC., Every WEDNESDAT and THURSDAY. FURNITURE. CARPETS. every SATURDAY Sato JflUlg, iangtweg, &c. (JiHE LANE & EODLEY Portable Circnlar Saw Hills, TOSTAXLE wbam BHGnrBS, BMwwie Machines, Com Milts and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. LANS Me BODLKT, Comer ol John and Cindnuat*. Musters* gfiamtg. T7OK SALE—Tntmbte MOliloper^-- ontaMt^o^btaar^’sM. Modrcaair.andtaa goodlocation. Wasaraadjaai BitttdMca farftitw mi utiulußiQ«f WM. BHABPA so», Falrtelo, lowa, TTOH SALE—Tbe oWesl sod M Jcw- J.riry store to Waukegan. HU **»s\* VSL£?. 2 burinw*. Tenn» easy. Tor partjnUsrs, Bavn at M.*BojnVßß*CoZWhtd«aaiaDaMn teWMßaas «^j g weiiT.ioAi^te* < t^c» TTOK SALE—The (rood will, stock lad X; dztanaol a flrsf rlsas retell dm store. an lb compMeeidcr.sltnatedlsagooa locaaoa la tbe city oTßtjMeaft,Mo. Farturihariaa)nßatKt,iMuiiefl< J. M- W. JONBS, WiuniwT. 49 and 44 peatuoca ft. Chicago. DL OR SAL’S aesnrted rtodc of dry goods and grocencL la n flonrublng town, the ceoaeoTathtlny fhnnlnc reglaß. Fob particulars, addrma Box 1. Oregon, WU. T7K) R SALE—A water power griet and I 1 flooring mil 1 of tlueeimiosd-teet stone, sltaated la the city of Ottawa, HL The mill Urn good repair snd doing a good wutness. and now leas ed for n,«00 a year. Tbe property wiu be sold at a Sieriflce. Call on or sdorcpi BOBT. MCDONALD, Camden MIIU, Bock IslanaOOw IE- F)R SALE— A. good manntactoring bosicecs; hoaee. store, flxtnrea, hone and wagon. A good trade established. Inquire at 133 X booth Wells-st. • FOR SALE—The stock and lease ot a corner grocery. Will sell at Invoice. Tba stack wiu Invoice abont gMkO. inquire at tbe store, comer Maxwell and Waller ate. F)R SALE—A steam sawmill an Green Bar. Wl?„ in perfect and complete nmnlng order, capable of saving sir million of feet of lumber daring tbe erason, and admirably located fur the handling and ahlpmew cflaitber both by railroad and lake— rallrcao running past tbe property, and a go >d oock on the place, wlthall conveniences lor shipment by lake, fa adoltion to the mill, tbore are between u.ree and flvemlillcnfeetoflogs on baud, ready for imme diate operation. Tbe whole f->r aale at low figures. For terms and farther information, address or Inquire of W. A. MOWBY, 137 Sooth Watcr-sc, Chicago- FDR SALT!—Cheap—Meat market and fixture*. In gooc location. Inquire on tae prem* ues, 350 Westgwelfih-rt. FDR SALE—Boarding house and for ntture complete. Inquire at 100 North Clark-sU FDR SALE—Machine shop doing a good business, or one or two • hares of same, to suit parties. Capital required, 07.0C0 to fri.WO. Good reason given fbr selling. Address “XMJ,” Tribune office. FOR BALE—I hare tor sale lease, stock and fixtures of one ot tba best locat'd boot and enoe stores on MJlwakee-av M which most be closed oat immediately, on accooct of sickness and oath la funt jy, inquire at IBA BROWN’B Book and Jewellery Store, 98 MUwaokee-av. LTOR fc ALE Rare chance Denraoie F stock of dry goods, with fixtures and lease of a first-clau store (trade cstabJUbed), located in one of the most flourishing cities of tbe West; pipolattoo, 11,000. Address P. o. Box 338. Oshkosh, Wisconsin. JI'OR bAIE—A Saloon and Boarding 1 Boose, N 0.497 Sooth Csnsl-st. Most be Mid sweek. WUI be sold cheap. Everything new and doing a good business. |7OR SALE—Grocery—New stock of X* groceries of about good location, now doing a paying buflneta. Mastbeioldforcaib wlthlnafew days. Apply to T.s. BAKEB, 194 Bsndolpb^t. I?OR SALE—An old and well-estab- J 1 lift'd retail grocery, elegantly filled up and doing a large boslneas io a mo*t promioeat location on tbe Booth Side. For pamcnlara address P.O. Pox 1869. TT'OR SALE—Groceries, saloons, board* r 1 lDgboosea,Jewelry,bootandsboeand sUtlmerv •tores, In all pan* of the ritv; also, a travelling bast nc#a, that is paving tram S9O to SSOO per week. Boom 13 Lombard Block, No. 107 Monrofrst. FOR SALE—Good restaurant, right op posite Pittsburgh A Fort Wayne and SL Looli Railroad Depot—cheap boitable for man or woman. 98X Sooth Chicago. 18. FOR SALE—The stock futures and machiner y of a good paying man of actaring buri nets. Parties having ss,ooo to invest will find this one of the best Inveatments In the city. Address “M R H," Tribune office. FOB SALE—Aphjacian’spractice,near Chicago, worth S&OQ per year. Anextrachaoce for a good practitioner. KooeotherneedaddrcaaP.O. Box 619. Chicago. Dl. FDR BALE—HaIf interest in a grocery wore on West Madison-st. Will be soldatabar nlntoagoodboatnessman. J. B.ANDBRWB,Boom 7 Methoritt Church Blcck. FOR SALE—fctock of fruit and confec tionery. Mtn leas* of ftore and Qxtares, In a good location. Applj at 246 State-at. FOR SALE— Grocery, first etnas loca tion. well esubUibed, low rent. trill anontfzsOP. Mtutbc ,old on account <jt Ul-beallb. GILBERT * BENEDICT. Clark-at., Bo*p >• £'OR SALE—At a barpdu, a firstdaga gratleaen’s fnraUUng£~<Jf one of the t locations in Chicago. address P.0.80x 133- g.pp< ana jpounb. LOaT —A garnet Bracelet, to-night, be tween Ur. Grey's hair diessmg store, Clark-st., ana Crosby's Music Hal:. Any une having found the a»je,l*y returning It to THOMSON ft TEMPLETON’S, MOO Bandolph-sr., will db rewarded. T7OUND —One day last week, % Lady's r Gold Chain. Also, on the 13th leak, a Pocket-book containing a small sum of money and an article of Jew elry. The owners of the above can obtain them by calling at 48 and 30 South Watcfctt,, proving proper ty aid paying tor tt>~a advertisement. F'OUND —On Wabash-av., a Pocket Book, which can he had by proving contents and paying charges, hy addressing -X." Evanston. TTOUND—The lady who lost her Forte -17 tnooralenesrthePtstOffice,yesterday, can find the same and contents, mlnn* the cost of this notice, by calling at 131 South Clark-at., Boom 3, between 1 ano 5 p. m. (70CND —On Saturday, the 16th mst, r a box contaluleg hardware. The owner can And the same by applying at St. Cloud Boose. 114 Frank llc-st Amusements. jyjcVICKEU’S THEATRE. WOVICKEHft UYEKS. MAN AGEES. CHANGE OF TIME.—On and after Ma-cb 18th, tho wltl open at Tjf—performance will commence at s o’tliK. k precisely. Great sucres* of the sensation drama of the Cheva lier. or the French Jack Sheppard, written by Geo. L. Aiken, author ot Uncle Tom. Moict, ftc. Thursday— C{l£VALlEß.orTheFreacbJackShePoard. . Pierre Ponlatller Mr. Geo. Aiken Cait wtih the lull strength of the company. Friday,Testimonial Benefit to Geo. Alkeu. ft OL. WOOD’S MUbEUM. wJI. j. e. wood p^pjJJSSF Director of Amuaec.«ntt P. K. AIKEN Stage Manager THUS. DABBY ■ a tilorioua comedy, with a great Museum cast. Sec ond night cf a new isrev, received with shouts of laugh *riil« (Thursday) evening, March 21st. will be per fornedtbe admirable c«mcdy of WILD OATS. To conclude with (second time) THE FIRE-EATER. Friday, hcacllt of W. P. CHOUSE, Machinist. Saturday tuernooo, O’KEEFE Grand Matinee. A PRETTY PIECE OF BUSINESS on Friday. A DANGEROUS GAME on Monday. A Gorgeous spectacle in preparation. QROSBTS OTERA HOUSE. The Thursday Evening Ladles’ and Gentlemen's CLA-fl IN VOCAL rUI.TCtfB, Meet In Professor McCoy’s Lecture Boom, AT 7 O’CLOCK THIS EVENING. QKOSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC ENTERTAINMENT, FOB THE BENEFIT OF THE Illnslriom German Bepnblican & Patriot, THEODORE MOEOLINO, CBOSBPS OPERA HOUSE, Friday March 33, 1867. The following named Ladies and Gentlemen will kindly assist: Mrs. ALBEKTInE KEMvEL Mr*. CLARA BUCK. Mrs. VOBOTUN; M»a»rs. GEN BY GREENKDAUM, ANTON FOEH.GER, EMIL BO ri nwTFR. BONNETKENKELand ALBX BISC3OFF AIso.thcGEBMANIA MiENNEßCßUß.underdirec tion ot Ur. BANBBALATKA To commence at 8 o'clock. Dress Circle and Par qnette, $1; Family Circle, SO cents. Seats can be secured at the Opera Boose on Friday, without extra charge. Tickets fbr sale at office ot Henry Greeoebanm * Co.. UUn«ts Staaw Zettanc, Juli as Bauer A Co.. Koot ft Cady. B. M. Biggins ft at the Ttcxet Office of the Opera Borne on Friday. The sources of danger to THE REPUBLIC, By FRED. DOUGLAS. At the Pint Methodist Church, corner ol Clark and Saturday evening, March ‘At, at 8 o’clock, rickets 50 cts. For sale at NOWLIN ft McKLWAIN’S. 37* Clark-at. PHILHARMONIC CONCERT, CROSBY OPSBA HOUSE, SATURDAY EVENING, MARCH 33,1887. I—Symphony in E flat major. (N 0.3.) W. A— -Mozart. a. Intro onction and Altegro. 6. Andante. f . Mennetto Allegretto. a. Finale Allegro. 3—“Enyalnl’espere.” Arlalrom ifohcrtle,. By Meyerbeer MISS A. MAIN. „ „ , 3—Adagio By O. Onslow. 4_Arialrcm Alessandro Stradelta By Flowtow. Mr. A. UIBCBOFF (late Dorn New York.) 3—Concerto for the Violin By Mendelssohn Mr. W. LEWIS. 6—“ O cara ylenl.” Arietta 6y.H.BsUtka. MISS A. MAIN. „ t—Overture to the Opera of Zampa By Herold. Tickets at the Doer, One Dollar. ISTOKi-CROSBY OPERA HOUSE. Director J. ORA 11. Season of three nights sad one Matinee. Be-cntree In Chicago ol the Great Tragedienne, Mme. ADELAIDE RISTORI. Tuetday. March 36 ELIZABETH. Wednesday. March 27 JUDITH. • Friday, March 29-MAHY STUART. Saturday, March SO—GBAND MATINEE. The Bile ofseotafbr the season will commence on Wedutsday. at 9a, m. The sale ot scats for any of the three nights will commence on Friday. Reserved Seats,SUo; Boxes. S3XO. ■y'AKIETY THEATRE. Great Bnccess of the Thrilling or DEATH, With a New and Laughable Olio, rw'Remember. Monday evening, March Kth,wlll be produced, with New Scenery, Dresses, and a run Corps de Ballet, MU nros BABTB; Or, THE DEVIL AND BIS SEVEN DAUGHTERS. IfcTICKEB’S THEATRE. Testimonial Benefit to GEO. L. AIKKH. Dramatist of “Unde Tom's Cabin.” Aiken's new play, TUB FBBMCH JACK saaPFABD^ Frtdwy Ereatpg, March 28. 18<7- rpHE CAUSES OF DISEASE May be seen at the If e w York Bfosenm of Anatomy* 96 Bandolph-et,, comer Dearborn. •FTTONDEB op wonders, And nature unveiled, to be seen at the Hew York Museum of Anatomy? 06 Bandolph-st. comer ol Dearborn. Lectures dally. Those unable to atuod may receive tnem by en closing ten cents to secretary. /-iRO&BY’S OPERA HOUSE.' SEVEN HBA2>B! TBVBOBKBI WILIj APPEAR APRIL SHI. . jlrmttng. jp HINTING, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. fgcUitleß for dolag Work of Amr tin CsesstlM ta tk* CttT* Ci «n»fc=»jmsfß rpo KENT—Two booted m me pat TO KENT—Furnished boot, BCrtb M.810H,M4 IT'D KEWT—A Urn-rim ftiinWhwl boom X neTglrhT|Mrv~ L —— Wiiwwtea utv» sn at axes. w7H.aiMFSOT,Boom 9 MetropoUtM Black. TO RENT—-Hcaflfl of 7 rooms sod cloaeta oo Sut FoneMon at CMC. 198 1 mss t A. C. fIeOWM *CO. ; rpo RENT—Two-rtoiy hone, te good X ewia, with large WMberm, on iMttil car ner of Be&bm andledUt>»ra. Vest loqtdraef WM. WALLER IQI boom T. rpo KENT—Yen deciable bone on the I sorthSld^rsrtlyremiahed,tortixmonths. 1» mto SAVL OKHB. IM PttrbßHt. Boomr 18 i£d 19. • rpo BENT—Brick hone; with bam on I the lot. Ho. 441 booth Qark-skt dwelling over rmre No. 3*7 Sooth Clark At, WM7SA9BBBoUO3, 90 Waahlngton-t. T) RENT—Nice two stezy and haae mat brick boose, smshed. good neghboniood. it |S per monlb. OEOBQb & WILLIAMS. T Booth Clsrk-M. TO RENT—For sa months or a year, a nicely famished home, with an modem im proves ats, on Wabasb*ar., north of Twelfth-st. noose in penect rmalr. I desire to rent tne above to a gen tleman and bis wife, without children, who may have the privilege of taring a ladv and eanUeman Into tbe frinily. Address a K,*Xrtbone offlee. TO BENT—Tone tenement* nearly new—three front rooms, two rooms and tvobaes rooms, cheap, la advance. Inquire at 34# Hoboard su west of Eilzabeth-st. TO RENT—South Bide—Nearly new boose, 1081 Indlana-av. seven rooms aid clos ets, with all modem Improvements. None need apply unless wishing to purchase entire set of good (Oni tore. Call at noose, at 9 a.m. IT'D RENT—Two-stoiy and basement I marble-front hoose. Ko. 568 Lakc-sL, fronting TJmon-park, containing 11 rooms and ail modem Im provemenu. Apply at No. 390 or at Boom 11, 164Bandolph-st. TO RENT—A nicely famished home with nodera improvements, ressonable If the rat la paid to advance. Please Inquire at tbe door. No. ff/i Mlehtgaa-av. 'T'O KENT—New house, 231 West Mad -1 lMjn-st-Siooma,gmsßnd water,furnlsbedorou lamlebee Pcwessloo Immediately. Apply ox the premises. T' O RENT—From May 15i.1867, N 0303 Green-sc; No. 1038 Wabaib-av.; No. 77 Adas i-st-, and Ko. 443 Cottage Grove ay. Apply to J. M. MARSHALL. 97 Sooth C’larg it. rpO RENT—A cottage and him 137 I SIBsUL, North Side. Inquire 148 Sooth Hal- BtM*St. • TO BENT—Two marble front bouses, front Union Park. Bentforlyear. Forparttro* laxs call at tbe office of WORSEN A GOODRICH, Seal Estate Brokets, 193 Dearpom-it. TO BENT—A two-story frame house L abd brick basement 11 rooms, water, gas, barn, 84 Thlrd-av. near Vanßoiem Hotus is to complete order. Brat SSOO. Apply to THOMAS D. BNYDKB, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. RENT —A two-stoiy bouse on State-st., centrally located fbr a boarding boose. eaprrat,aa(ifUmltorafbrflalecaeap. ARTHUR A BOTPEN, 910 Statelet. STo iient=llooms. TO BENT—Two furnished rooms, tor one or two gentleman, at 139 tween Harriaon and Polk-sls. rpo BENT—The nprer pan ot a house, X fear rooms. Bent $lB per month. Inquire at 74 Likert, up-ttalrv. TD RENT rooms on second floor and furniture tor aale cheap. Address “To Bent Booms.** Tribune Office. TO RENT—Booms, at 13 East Ear rlsonst. , TO RENT —A nice suite of rooms, In Reynolds* Block. Furniture, or part of same, for sale cheap. Aodress P. O. Box 1488. rpo KENT—Choice moms, central, huge, J. llebt. airy. Id aoa Larmon Blocks, amon* ihem one 30 by S 3 feet Miuare, suitable for a sample room. Inquire of C. A. SrUInO. No. 8 Lar xaoa Bloc*. TO RENT—A ffood luimshcd room, with closet, for a gentleman. at 89 Wert Wash ington-sL, two and a half blocks tram Hirer. TO RENT—Famished rooms, with or wl*hoot hoard, suitable tor a gentleman and wife, at 133 State-st. fPO KENT—To a smalt family without I children, two or tluee rooms, with closets, ftc~ at SlB East Monroe-et. golsimjgtotgg, Offices. &c TO BENT—From the Ist of May next, the store, and dwelling above. No. 337 Stalest. Apply at OHAItLES G. E. P&USSING'S, 339 ft 341 State st.. Chicago. TO. RENT—The spacious store, known as No. 91 Washington-* t, also, two (root offices, with vault, on the first floor or the same building. Apply to ffM. D. KERFOOr, 8 9 Washlngtoa-st. TO RENT—stole No. 117 South CJark sh, »tore and basement 193 Dearborn-at. store* Not. 199 and 301 South Ciark-st., and No. 187 South Clart-et. Apply to J. M. MARSHALL, 97 South Clark-st. TO RENT—A tew two-stoiy building, the lower part as a store, and the upper part a» a dwelling. Will be ready by the first of Mar. Water and gas complete. Corner rf Harrison and Deaplalnea sts. Inquire at 161 Westflamsou-st- TO RENT—Store aod basement,Bsßan dolph-st. TO RENT—I hire to rent, in Hilliard's Block, northeast corner of Clark and South Wa ter-*te., the very desirable store on the corner: asnlte cf choice rooms over the store. Nos. 1 and 9; also. office No. 9- C. A. BHBING.No. MLarmon Block. . TO RENT—The basement ot store No. 43 South Clark-st, Also three stories and base ment of store No. 39 Sooth Water-st. ffir storage pur poses. itqulre on me premises. TO RENT—BOxIBO leet on Washington »t_ between Wells ard FrankUn-str_ on 20 years lease. BEES ft AYBKS. IQ Opera House. ®2aatttts-Co meat. Wf ANI ED—To Rent—A cottage of 6 W rooms, by April Ist, on West Ulue. wttbln one mile of Laxe-st bridge. Address “M S," Trioone office, stating price and location. WANTED —To Kent, a medinm-fized, nicely furnished boate. In a fim-claaa locality, during tte summer months, by a small family (wlto ent children), who will take the bast of care of furni ture. will ta*u possession any time between now and sibof May. Address •’BANKER,*’ Tribune office. TXT ANTED—To Kent—By a gentleman, V * a rood tarnished lodging roo-w, on LaSalle. South Clark, Dearborn or State-st*.. Vrirera lafteand Muroe-ats. Addreas “E J." Bjx ISS9, P. O. -TXT ANTED—To Kent—A house of 0 or V f 10 rooms, on the South Side, south of Twelfth st. and east ot State. Kent not to exceed fSOO p»r an num. Will rent now, or the first of May. Address GEO. GILDEBT. care GUoert & Sampson, 47 and 49 Dear bo m-et. TXT ANTED—To Kent—A neatly tar ry nlsbed rcom lor one or two gentlemen. Most be between Randolph and Monroe-at*.. and Clsrg-st. and Mlchlgan-ar. Address Box 1667. Best of refe recces given. \\r ANTED —To Kent —A house con- W mining 7or 8 rooms, with gas and water, on North in good locality. Address M £ L,” P. O. Box 2874. IX7 ANTED—To Kent—A good house, W In a good location, containing from 7to 9 rooms, In the Scnto or West Division, centrally located. One with barn preferred. Possession wasted Immediately, or py the Hist of May. Addreas Bor 9186. \i/ ANTED—To Rent—By a lady, a V V furnished room, with closat and conveniences for fire. Must he ot South side, east of State-st. Can give best cl references. Fleveaddre<s. stating terms sod location. ,7 W A B.” 226 sod 228 Laks-st. TXT AN TED—To R6ht—Either one large VV or two smsll rooms, airy and well Hinted,fur nished or unfurnished. Adnresa **T H C,” Tribune of- Ta rANTKD —To Bent—A good house, Vv containing 9or 10 rooms. South hide, south ot Twelfth and east of SBste-st. Fossesslomwanied lat of May. For a prompt nrst-claas tenant for such a house, address ’•BODSE.’’ Box 2885. P. O. TXT ANTED—To Rent—Two or three Vf rooms* (bra young man andhls wife,suitable for housekeeping; must be witblnhall a mileot the Court Bouse. Address, with terms, or calf on J. K. BBAW. 180 Lake-tU up stain. 2Slantcli==tlcal ißstatc. TXT AN TED—Real Estate—A lot is W wanted fbr the erection ofaclubhooaßtnd pub lic balL Such lot must be centrally located, though not necessarily on a principal street. Should be 30 rest front; In case of unusual depth less trootagewtlt an swer. The lot should not be north of lodiana-st. ncr south of Monroe, nor west of Jefferson. Adcreas,wlth partlcnlart, P. O. Box J 973. 33oatlung. BOARDING —Good board and rooms can be had at 235 Church-sL BOARDING— At 43 West Washington street, board and rooms, single or otherwise. House repainted, refurnished and repaired. Accent dahonfor gentlemen and their wlvts. T>OARDING—Rooms suitable for two I> cestlemcn with nrsKlasa board: also, a few day boarders can be accommodated at 244 wabash-ay. Beffcrcncea required. BOaKDING —Gentlemen can be accom modated with board and plearant rooms at moderate prices, AtNo.3l6Slate-st. BOARDING —Two gentlemen desirous ot a comfortable borne with elegant Large iroot room and excellent board in a rcspxtabie family living on Wabasb-av, not far from the Pott Office. Beat ref eree c« required. Box 1326. BOARDING— For ten young: genii e mrn.atnewboardlsghoaie. 295 MlcSigaa-gt. TJOARDING —A larsre trout parlor, nn- X/fumlihed, on Wabaah-av„‘ n< rtb of Harmon-comt, with lirat-ciasa board. Addre»s “B.” Bon 300 . T> OARDING—Two gentlemen and their AJ wires can find goedboam. good room* and ■ pleat ant ettmmer home. In a private family, at a moderate price. Call at 1414 Fralnoav., corner Thirty-Brst-at. BOARDING— One large fornisned room wllh board. Suitable for two gentlemen or a gentleman and wllh, at 174 West Washlogton-at. T) OARDING —To rent, two rooms, with Ml board, at No. 7 East Bandolph-sL,oppjaUe Dear born Parte. BOARDING— Comlortable rooms and go:d board (lodgers or oay board), at moderate price, at yS oneblcckfrom Post Ogee. T> OARDING—A lew gentlemen can find n first-class board and pleasant rooms within two minutes'walk of the Post Office. Day boarders want* cd. Inquire ol DE. STEVENS, Chiropodist, I'IS South Ciara-st. BOARDING— Two ladles will find a comfortably furnished room.with board, at 183 South Jeffersoo-su also, gentleman and wile or three gentlemen. Location qnlet and convenient, adjoining street cars. . BOARDING —A gentleman and wife, wishing permanent board, with famished or on* fnmlibrd room. In a private ftmily, within six blocks of Post Office, will please address, with rdereucc, “T W S.” P. O. Drawer 3943. Uoarb {ESaanteb. T>OARD —For* a boy ten years old l> with some one that win be a mother to him. South or West side, near the limits where there is a good school, setting terms and location. Address “G” xnbane Office. BOARD— By a lamily of three, on or bclbre May f, during the summer and fall. In some shady, pleasant and healthful locality In the country, convenient to depot and within an hour’s ndo of the city, a pleasant farm house preferred. Ad dress “L L.” Tribune office. TDOARD—A gentleman and wife desire -is board to a private family on the South Side. Best oTreterenees eiva_ana required. Address, stating terms, “ J C," P. OTBoi 33‘i- BOARD —Two respectable mechanics deilre board in some private family. whe*e mere arc few or no hoarders. Address, stating location, “MECHANIC,” Xrltmna office. TJOAUD —By two yonag ladies, In a I> private (amUy. South Side preferred. Terms must ne reaiot-ahie. Good references given and re quired. Address-O A,” Tribune office. pianos. TO RENT—Pianos, Or&xas-and Mdo deoos; also, new and aeeood-Juaad Plaooa Bw sale on Bme payments, received In IhfftaUae&W. W. w. KIMBALL. 63 WamiagtoM*, iUal Estatt-eitg. 1708 B.E I■■ n acnatf mi wilt. afealy. hmmmmiWJ aulyjte srrjssk- ffis'ssntsvK oawgtat—; WBcaua. »-^!isxss£sr^S‘^s ,^& & KifoAit. Ws_SMM» TL vis*rsatT«io«yorettyimprcrodndaa- area property, coaatry .rwdmw, tad ™J» tMftnaisslaadsatyery loyflgam. : nMi »—Ta J, H. Kidtr 4k Ce/s H u ? ■•<*, 19* Sooth Clsck-rt. uofc• rood*.ctowuaadMnow, »voter udtood Jmra aadJp« Ko. ÜBcrtkCaitiM*. t<fnx*nssttl euM tad lot No. i«JSS”IS" l ■“»“ a»doin. ■« ».»» tm. MLtr, kOWM«firOOIBO«OA,WIttI»fc ”« w *f to each booia, oa J«ca- oodA aadLoosMU. xm udoaisraeas.vatar In TwWlliyillßWdfift itnntTl rtnrio «f a SS?LS%SS^ 3 S, •oSS. SS-a M. wsoou.norj^ ood “ o ”“ mdir »g»ff ” 3?* *1 V*Sd dstere water to My^i- *aa alley,on Horibort* K l £»y? a ffiS?iP& s °™ sm«. lot SQxi3o feet tonaaHey. -t tetoTarlon* parti Alarpeoomberofcottsgeoartk »»ti«ibi p** l * ot the city. ; OH bALE—A home tat all save x£^C^t»eonTtrelf b-st.. SnoBL XIX.-Cottt«e on Hlne lfl*oa-»T-«iv 5rJ XXX.—Cottas* of 5 rooms on UaOfc IMt » renun * -"M*™— fo of 5 room* *nd lot on Mb 'cben-rt. lor *^xklLi— New ootuje ot 5 room* ml I* oa Bara * gldc-st. for fUTOP. • k ~.*—m nmv.—cottageand loros Omklej-tt. at 5 roam* a»a coToer lot for tl^OO. 2CXXHI.—Two-*tory nosßo on Qalacr-*& etm Mjnm » 7 roonafts tljPO. . booae oa BmS Ailiiua*. ’ coa ' FOB SALE—An elegant three-st '*7 marble tront home on Mlcta*ao-*T.4iearTwe® l ?r n, with an modern improTementi lot 3bzup Ok , “ "wßbDara.«e. Fri«Hl.o»lf UkenimrnedJatrtr-fla ■ ILztareaandlnrnac* gowlihbouse. Temafsowm* —balance on time to nut porcbaaer.. |??.ww refits* Ifcr the place a finr montlia since. Title beyond oue»- tlra. Immediate nowesatoa Btcd. will not remem to market but a low daft oaten told. WAKBEN 9 GOODRICH. TT’OR SALE—An elegant marble front X 1 boose, elexsrtly finished, with all the latest IsproTemeata, rawest Waahlngtoa-at, nearWUlerd place. New and elegant furniture can bejjouxht with the A splendid brick booae and large lot, comer of Cate na ct-»v. and Twenty-fiiat-at. _ _ Fine large hon»e with lot 50HP0 fret, corner oC Wa bash-av. .nrt Elghtetnlh-fl. BEGS A AYBKfI. 19 Opera Bocae. TTOBbALE—By Snyder * Lee, Real Es* P state Agents. No. 4 MUmpolttan Block, a sew ten.starr ud basement brick boose oc it rooms, doc and eoldvater. water cloaca, marble mtstie*; and lot SO teet front oo Mlchlgan-av., near Tweuty-flfam. TOB SALE—New and convenient 11*3 Wj story frame dwelling, with lot Sxuo feet to alley. House baa 9 roams, is in complete eondiaoa. Title perfect. Foaiemton rtven April Ist. If desired- Will Se sold low and on terms to salt. Can and examine tame, at 443Weatjaefcaon-st* just south of Jefltrson Hark. F)R SALE—Store and lot, No. itfl South Qaik-sL. between Madison and Monroe. 24 X net front. Inquire of JOHN FORSYTHE, 149 Randolph-»t. T7ott BALE—That heantUtal and well* JP airargcd cottage, No, 747 Wabash-av., north of gfcfranth-st. Inspire on toe premises. FOR SALE—A story-and-a hall, cottage boose, on leased ground, haa all modern improve ments, witnln one or street cars. No. 94 Sooth FeorlMt. FncethODO. la nicely flu Ished throughout. Apply between the boon ot 9a.m. and boose. F)R SALE—At a hagals, a new two* ■tnry bonse, with or without tnmltnre, as the par ty intends selling ibr Europe. Also a new Snabe piano. Inquire cn tbe premises. No. 113, Tweaty nlnth-st. V7OR BALE—By Snyder A Lee, Beal £s> P tate Agents. Ko. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new frame botucs oCB rooms each, water, gas, sewer age, marble mantles: and lota No. 662 and 661 Wa*b- between Lincoln and Booey-sta. Inunedl ate poesestton given. FOR SALE—House and loc on Honroe* Sb, »I fiOtt ; one on AdamSAk. 96,200; one on State sfc.t9,ouo; one on Clark-st~ 96A00; one on Calnmet av.. &850._PEI£lt SHUIP, 93 Mouioe-St. T?OR SALE—A desirable two story and P basementbrlckrealdecceaQWatwth-ar..contal3* fng ullibe modern Improvements, and lot and barn, at a *ood bargain for «oma purchaser. AttTBUKABor- PEN. 319 Statfrtt. T7OR SALE—Lot on CarroH-st, oppo* _T Bite Union Park, 9900; two on Benbea-sL. flJOO; oneon Caluret-av^9t«<do; one on Kankatoee-av-,<3CO; twoon«Cotuge 93 Moarce-t. TTOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Heal r bstate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two axd basement brick nooses. Mansard root containing 14 rooms, all modern Improvements, ■i d lots, on Bacdolph-st, near Elisabeth. T7OR bALE—Anew house aud lot on A? Cnrtis-st_ cear Madison. House No. 13 Cortls-sk, near Ba&doipa-st. Also, a home and large lot na Indt ana-sr- near Tvesty-fiftb-st. THOS., FBEEMANt 124BaDdolph-st-No.g. T7OK . SAJJfi—A splendid two-story X 1 frame hoo«p, containing i r cm 3, besides cloecta, water, gas, sewer, furnace, 4c.. a.l complete, 39x 17b, le* sea lor fbaryeanat IIUS per year. Prtceof house and leaseWjNC, and will rent readily for 9L900 pet annum. BEES 4 AJTBES, 10 Opera Hunau. 170 K bALE—By bnyder &Lee, Real Es X* tate Agents No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new tvo vtory and nssemeut brick heuse of 11 rooms, hot and cola water, water ctoseta, marble mantles, etc; and lot on Washington-sk, near Lincoln-, t.« FOR BALE—An elegant marble front house on Wabasb-ar- near Jarkson-st- with all modem Improvemo; ta. mce 919.00 b; 99.000 eaa ro main fur three years at 8 per cent. WARKEN 4 GOODRICH, 133 Dearoora-st- Boom 3- FSK SALE—At a Bargain—Spaaous bnildtncs* with new machinery, engine, boiler, planuc machine, scroti saw. raortlser. ripping aud cot-otr taws, tOkcther with tbe lease of ground. For terms, apply at 381 Went Eandolpn st., to Z. A STOCKING. _ FOR SALE—House and lot, containing 6 rooms, lot 20x100, 316 Illlnols-sU between M*'e and Dearborn. Inquire ol BUBOEDEB4SBO., 125 Deartorr-gt., Boom 13. FDR SALE—Nice cottace honse and lot, containing 7 rooms, be.-ld«a closets, wood abed. bydrattanacbternwater. No. 319 Cwrollst. price SAOOO. Inquire cn the premises, or oX A.J. shown. 118 LaSslle-t. FOR SALE—>At Hammond & Butler's Land Office, 118 Time** Building. t-CKSKi residence on Part-row; choice brrldlax lots at Cottage Grove: boose and lot oa Twenty-slith-st; home and lot on Fo too-sL; boose and lot oo Carroll n.; home and lot oaTweifth-aC.; bouse «nd two lots at Evanston: 4 two-story bouses cn MRwaakee>av.;bclld- Ing loti in all tarts of the city. 170 R SALE —By Snyder dc Lee, Real Es- F tste A treats. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a two story frame bonse of U rooms, ball thrnnrh tbe centre, fumlsl ed with brt and c"W water, marble mantles. Inraacc.bells etc.; and fotSO feet front, comero* Cal nmet-av and Tweoty-slxth-st. FOR SALE—Cheap—The marble iront dwelling. No. 377aWeat Wsahingtoo-at. D. J. lake. FDR SALE—Honse No. 330 Indiana-sl, near Brsh. with tot 50 feet front, only «A 00: lot auoe worth 9MOf. GEORGE 4 WILLIAMS, 7 Sooth Clara-tC FOR SALE—CO houses and Jots on Wa bath. Michigan. Indiana and Pratrle-avs. For particular#, caD 00 WARREN 6 GOODRICH, 135 Pearbom-st. .. VNUFBOTED. F)R SALE—Eighty feet front on South cr centre-av., commenefog 196 feet from tbe corner ol Madiaon-st. and Centre-av- thence SO feet cast by 125 ftet deep. For terms, apply U J. W. JACKbON. No. 39 Ada-st. FDR SALE—Fine iots on Wabashav., rorner TMnleth-rt.; aL*o. corner Thirty.fflrvt-st; also. Fult-m and near Pan -Ims. each. GEORGE * WILLIAMS, 7 8on»U Clark-st. 17 OB SALE—A very desnable budding r lot on S3 by 180 feet for the sum of tmo. This is the cheapest lot on the arennss. 100 fbet on Pralrlc-av. at |4O per foot. so r-et by IS3 on Rankak«e-ar. at |TO per foot. 35 feet on Durn-ld»->t.%tS300. 100 feet on Wentwortb-av. at St,6CO. ARTHUR 4 BOrPEN. 310 State-Bt. TT'OK SALE—In J. H:' Keeler A Co's I* real estate office. 139 South Clark-at xen acres, subdivided Into ICO lots, near the fair grounds, in the southern part of the city. A fine op portunity fbr investment. Two fine lot< on Jacfcwm-st.. between Backer and Aberdeen-«L, filVxlSO to a 40 loot alley. DeslrabJe resjaence lots on Sunlit Peoria-at. T?OK SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real J 1 Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. lot 100 bv 134 feet on West Wasblngtoo-ac. between Wood and Llncolo-sts. Lot 60 by 1M feet, comer of Madlioa and Panllna-sts. sUal iSslate==Counttß- T7OR SALE—Bureau County Land—32o F ■ acres in the town ol Selby—the W. VN.W. J* Sac.2B, and theN. W.M and W. j* ot N. E.M Sec. 2s, In Town IS, Range 10 B. 4—in lots to suit purchasers. ACarrss GEO. Q. MERRICK. 80x3375. entcago. 10. FDK SALE—S76-acre larm, well un proved. 130 acres heavy timber, two beantlfol lakes abounding in flab, good boating, floe orchard. 80 miles from Chicago, price low. ISAAC CLAFLIN, 93 Waahlngton-st. FDR aAJJfi—At Evanston—ss,ooo Cash Donble house, hnltt to accommodate two fami lies. 16 rcoms, 12 closet#, well, cistern sad bam. In lulreontbe premises, adjoining hotel on the north. IR.RAMLINE. EOK SALE—At Hammond « Butler’s LandOfllce. US nearbora-st- Tlmes’Bul dine, roved farms la Vi Ucocsta •»* iinn-ita, from so to 1,300 acres eacn; 4BUUO acres ot Carmine lands la 1111* noli, WlseotUn, Mleblgaiulowaand Mlntesata;lQQ.QU> acres ol choice bine lands In Ml china and Wisconsin: several sawmills; also, a good flooring oft on toe northwestern Boad, In Wisconsin—one oi the bestlocs tions for milling la the State. FOR SALS—In Waukegan—Pme resi dence property. Will tsk* some cash, real estate audotberpreperty. A good horse and boggy wanted. Call at or address 648 Fulton-SL, for particulate FOR BALE—A desirable residence in Waukegan: goood frame boose, brick founda tion and brek lined. L: good order and contains ten moms, betides closets sad good cellar; large ba o and stables, well, cistern, Ac.; with lot. 3D acres, flue or chard, 3SO apple trees aid ICO pear trees In fall beinnv, ornaments!cedar hedges, evergreens. Ac, one mile from depot on the best street in the city. For particu lars apply to O. J. LINCOLN, WankegiD, or TQOd. UEID, at office ol Nye, Campbell A Co., 8S South Water-st., Chicago- ■ partners 212aantei. PARTNER— Wanted, with a cash capi tal rf ftUJOO to enrage In the masutacton of Dries in this county. References exchanged. Cali at. 44 Bandolpb-sL, between 9 and U a. m- or address ♦♦W.g.C.’’box 3313. PARTNER— Wanted—$400 will buy, tt •old to-day. half Interest in an eatabll’hed, pay ing business. Apply at 106 Madleon-sfo, Boom 4- PARTNER— Wanted—With |4,000 to 13.000—private or active, active prefored—to ex tend a menuactartcg business already raocesi folly es tahlUbed, more capital only wanted. Profit* will be entirely satisfactory to any ooc. Call at Ofllce No, 3, aertbeaat corner Clark and South Water-sis. T3ARlNEß—wanted —ln a loanesa X that can use SIO,OOO to SSOJ»B with great profit. It may be closed at any time, and the party need nor, but may give It his personal attention. Adores* P.0.80x 3876. fpotsfs, Carriages, Sit. FOR SALE—Nice huger marc, 4 years Old. well built, for tale by EfiiCSSOK A AMUND aoN. 134 ■rjiTANTED—A good team ol horses, VV not over eight years of age,aodnotleM than L6OO a i Agent, 1 and 3 T7OR bALE~Cheap—Second hand sin- JP elebngcy»nd breast harness. Apply stWTiIGCIT BEOb’. liTery Stable, 24» Klmum. FOK BALE— Two horses, with harness. TbtT are the right size far a bakery or rnwnr wßg»n. Itqnire si 137 Archer-road. : FDR SAXiE—Host he sold immediately —Ota pair ot black bones, sooad. wh awr yoosg, median i Ire; also, Qunliy can Use and aoowa tumes*. Boon IS mdJmti Block, Iff Mono**. »rlp. W4SJ^SiS^o2SSSS Pomona, y MwotlloßalMfcir- W Tolighmiy rod d^tiei* to JL. iw'mitiCa hartaa a*gj»»*j*jje ora rtaiior baitnass mw apuy* Arfiiwte^coppu aagßU9ttlq!Epau.* , l>a>»ff > lil>_ T|riin£l)~£xpemeed C-wen, ft jQTtrtttovnowJclueo only.jhWWAhpa? JPauSCSu *** * tttAHTED —Touot Hies to sell oar sssssx&aaes* *ITTAK TED—TI»»e dry goods desks. w v»toaSn»€laMaalenaa.CDodnoc»fcwper« ■a..»wg..gjijgL» VSSBTiirS SlSlSeata CtaUu*. Wft^SS^JRUM ineatatoitoHL jwad only be Mwate oppred o»>d. Trqoire at So. X Manrowt~ Boom 3- ■ . IX7ANTED—& Biddle-and nan tor JKause •eat ottuuoa. ot SIS a wwA by apglyto* «jw as « o'clock tarn siternoea. Wo ply wbo caasot tsretsb flrstelsos ■ad wbo is not vUima to mats a penuoenS togtt> meat. » TT7AKTED—A first rate hie racnrance fV solicit A rood sstsry will be KosrsatMd. No person need sooly oceptbersacommsadaceedbatlDCM. TUCKIB* BHUFSLDT. 1 Hi LsSallfrit, WANTED —An experienced salesman who c«d ‘•one® pennsnenOy. CaH, ifta Bs. Bj-oaO.D. OSYIs A over ISA Desrborn-«u Cbleaso. ■XX7 ANTED —A man or boy to take care f 9 or aborae and cow. moraine sad erector. la aomaiß9lvents*«eeood-sttoetveeii 6and9tntae eTcaieg, ■TXTANTED —Salesman A first class |V Tr»TeJUrr man wanted, In a wholesale bouse on South to commence April Ist. Address, for three day*. P. O-Box 3377, with rdfereneea and sala ry required. TXT"ANTED —A German boy well ac ¥f qiuuotedvlththAdnisoasimss. Mart be re coßunetded. Apply at 318 Cottage tirore-ar. TXT ANTED—A young man to take care f f ot a horse and cow. and make himself generally uamul about the bouse. Adareaa, atattag salary want ed per month, with beard and washing. Box 1914. Chicago. TRASKS. TXTANTED—A Frreman tor a flash, f f door asd blind factory. Most be experienced, energetic and accoitomed to making eitunatea on work. AddreaaJUPP * HlLßj.MUwaatee, Wla. ITT ANTED—A good plain Japanner. T y Statett. C BOSS, DANE *WEST- Saantefcfjtonate Ibflp. TV "TANTED—A first-class milliner. Ad- V\y orem Mra.M.7. ABMSTBONG, Milwaukee. WMTED —Two op three ladies smt a We tor saleswomen. Address Drawer BMI *ith references. ■•vn mbtahts. ■VISTAS. TED—A good coot, washer Kd 77 from er, with good recommendations from Her Tlet plean a. '’Wt at 418 Wahssa-ar. 1117 Aim -B—A good flirt to dogewnt fV anaemork to a *malia*3y. American er German preMmaL Apply as44l Westlake st TXTANTED— At 173 West Adams-st, a ff compeseotaermandrltoenckrirasbandlrorr. Bettrenceteqnlred. W«p«|4swsfr. TXT ANTED—A good girl to dageneral f I housework in;«small family. Murtcomowell recommended. Apply as 311 c Fox ton-* L, near Bra* TTTANTED—A good cook, at Si-sad 06 77 LaSaCeet. PITNEY 4 CO., Pining Boons. TXT ANTED—GirI, to do general bonse -77 work lawfemllyof three. None need spplr wlthoat good recommet.dvtl4‘Bs. Norwegian'creer can pteflared. Apply at 947 Inrtlana-ar. TV7ANTED—A good steady girt to W cook, wash and oon In a small lamUy. 914 corner of Bhtb. TII7ANTED—A good girl for general VV bonrewerk, in a imall family. A girl who no dentands bmetf can find a good place and good wages. Applyatonce.a«47LonibafdßloCfc. WANTED —A German girl to do gene ral housework tor a small tamlly. Good wages ana a good boms to a suitable penun. Apply at MW West Lake-s t. TXT aNX£D— At the National Hotel—A 77 girl In laundry, as Apply at the National flute I. comer Washington and WcUs-sts. TXT ANTED—A middle-aged lady, ns 7 7 housekeeper, at 113 East Adams-et Ncne need apply tmiesa experienced and competent to take charge of a first-class boarding hooae. iErriploßment agents. XXTANTED—Ioong men in the coun -7 7 try wishing to obtain situations, such aa book keepers. clerk?, coUecto-s, salesmen, coolnctots, ex preitzueo. Ac. &c~. to apply at Boon 13 Fullerton Block. 93 DeaiboiMk. or address J. M. MOOBS * CO.. 8<«1797, encloalnfl 10 cents for toll pamenura. TXT ANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers. 3 77 sa'essen. 1 conductor,2brakesmen. 1 flremvn. 1 porter.9drivers.2expressmen. Aptly at Boom 13, Fnllerton Block. 93 Dearoorn-at. Anpllcaata by mall address J. M. MOO BE 4 CO- Box 1707, eoclcamg U cents for reply. * 2S3an'eb==Jßistellaneous. WANTED— An energetic man with |1 no to 9300, to engage in a money making business. Will b- ar strict investigation. Apply at 194 South Clark-ak,Boom3,frt>m9a.m.toap. m. TXT ANTED—A jetmg man with from 7 7 12,009 to 9EOOO desires an interest is eotnv mer cantile or mannxactunng business, or would tase a situation in a gcod bouse aa bookkee'er, Bestofre'e rf i ces given and requfrtd. Address “X,” Tribune efflee. WANTED— Bj an expenenced teacher azd graduate of a New Englaed Ooli*ge. two or three poptls In Laun, Greek, or the higher English branches. Address Box 737- TXT ANT V D—Your Destmy. Jffadame 77 CarUsle has list returned to the aty from a Southern tour, snd wi l be pl-ased to receive the calls ct those who wish the past, present and future reveal ed. at ISW South Ciark-st., R om 6. WJ AJ'iTED —Everybody lo send 35 W cent#, ans get the phoniest and most avfal ar ticle in Am-rlca. won h to aaj body tea times Its cost, /gents, male and female, this la new. I prepay all charges. and return money to dlaeatlafiro parties. FELLER. 133 South utarfc-rt. TTT ANTED- Everybody to send lorthe W story cf the unlucky Dutchman, or “WHO'S PUt HhPE 81NCE1-H PIN GONK?** Sent postpaid for fifteen eta is- U. O'BiaßN, 133 Dearbom-st., Chicago. WANTED— Men wishing to earn $5 per day above expenses, with SSJ to take them to the country, will please call at 63 West Lake-at., Chicago. TTTANTED —Good men m every cotm f f ty Id tbe West, to seQ Johnson's Cooper Light nlsg Bod. No rod was ever received with such uni versal fbvor as this, conjoining as it doe* the conduct ing peweroferpperwith the nxasGTn of tbe Iron red Our agents lastseascn cleared from S2OO to|fou per man lb. Send Ibr pamphlet and price list. E.F. BENsHAW 6 CO., 166 Lske-sh, Chicago. 111. TT J ANTED—Tea Lead in any quantity, f I lor which the highest market price will be paid. Address A. 7ltlP)| t 84 Dearborn-SL, Cnicago. TTTANTED—Any one having a second] If band bolster to sell on rea<nsable terms, eaa Had a purchaser by addressing “C.** 66 West Laltost. \\T ANTED—One executive agent in |f each State with cash capital from 9500 to *I.OOO. Several gnboratnateagents lor each state with *SO to 9100 cash. The first tb-oc«te. tbe last totrav*L Energetic men In either position can cam from 97,000 to kIOUCO in the next three months. For particulars, call on B. H. BO BESTS. General Agent fbr the United States, at Northwestern Hotel. Chicago. "TX7ANTED —By an experienced teacher If ard gradnateofaNewEnglatdcclleg&twoar three pupils in La HD. Green, or the higher g»gn*n branches. Addicts Pox 33F. Wf ANTED—To exchange a stock oi V v groceries, all new, lor Improved city property, or part unimproved real estate and part cash. Call at 363 West Lakfrat. sad see samples. TTTANTED —IOO dcz. champagne bot || ties, qnarts. Win pay Si per dozen. COBB& THORNE, 136 and 138 aorta Clark-at. TyCTANTEi) —A man and wile (colored V v preferred), the man to take care of hones. 4c, the woman a goc-d wither aid i roser. Apply at 331 Lake-sL, np-nalrs. from 3 to 5 o'closk p. m. \\T ANTED—Three men with $3,000 7V each, to form a company la thl< city which will pay lICC.OU a year. Business men only need sppiy. Aodrets Box 1337, Chicago. ItL TTT ANTED—A man with S2OO to invest || Inaflrat-clafßpaying business Ofllceandeen eralbnstresa rstabllaned. Apply at SHEER 4 1 OT South Clark-st. TTT AN TED—Soldiers to know that all || appileaaocs fortlOO bounty must be made be fore April Ist. Advances made ou claims. A. GOOD RICH, Attomey-at-Law, 136Dearbom-4L. Booms. TTT ANTED—Good larmmg lands, ora V* light open buggy and single harness, tn ex change for merchandise. Address Drawersß36, Chi cago. \\ /ANTED —2,000 oil barrels. We will II pay highest market prlca for or ZOOO good second-hand carbon or benzole barrel', delivered at our store. ARMSTRONG 4 Oil Dealer*, No. 41 River-at. TTTANTED—The celebrated Gvpsv II Woman. If yon want your life told correctly by tie palm ot tbe band, visit the Gypsy Palmist. Don't be humbugged by other*, who call themselves l .rtnue tellers.but come to theGypcy P&lmltt and get foil satisfaction for your money. Don’t forget the number. 339 South Clark-st. Fee 91. WANTED —To buy out some railroad hotel and eating henae, at some good ootnt— l» nave possession Utot May next. Any person having such a u!ace can find a customer by addressing Bus 899. Oshkosh, Wla., at once. TXT’ANTED—To exchange good farm »» Isglaadstn Central Illinoisibr merchandise, forming tools. hardware, or tracts and shxa, Ac. Ad dress “J M," Trthnne oaice. WANTED— 1 desire to center with a practical man who folly understands the mann- I* rare of potash, pearlasb, Ac. Address p. O. Box 636. stating wnere an Interview can be had. \\i ANTED—To buy out a good drug f f store, with a stock ol abont &OOQ. In some smart town or about SJIOO Inhabitant*. Address U W L 6.** Box 8 s. Lyons, Ivwa. TXTANTED—Casn Capital For an VV operation sure to pay well, and that maybe wound up any week. Can use fu.OCD cr aXqOfl. or more. Tula Is desirable to capitalists. Address P. O. Box 38*6. jHacjnncig. FOR SALE—Three b-fcorse power up right enginast also stz horizontal engines, ana 12-hone power. Larger or amsEer engines for alsbed with or without bolieis. 12, is, it and 20-hcrrc tnbniar and locomotive boilers for sale, best mare. Also one frroller Union Matcher and Placing Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, irer piaucra. belCot. saw*, flies. Ac. Machinery Dtpct, a« Oearbora-SL, Chicago. 6BEHNLFB BBOd. A CO. EOK SALE—Portable engines and boil er*. 10 to 20-hctae cower, at very low prices, by FFIN 8K05.,116 LaSalle-st, opposite Chamber ol Commerce. F'OK SALE—Portable engine?, station ary and co wheels, 10 and M-horee power, on hand and lor sale at low prices, by THE PJSSHTIOO CO- North Water-si, North Pier. FOR BALE—A superior low pressure engine, »lncb cylinder and 4-fret snlen dld running order, with shaft 9 inches In diameter and fly-wheel3ofeet,welrtmcaoout 7 tons. This esslne la of sufficient capacity to drive the larsest elevator, and la particularly adapted to a ell! capableof making 400 barrels of flour per day. We oflbr the above as the lowprlceof ItJOO’. Forturther particulars.irqulreot DATER. WHALING A CO- state MU a, Chicago, or MEDBEBY. bTEVKNS A CO.. Milwaukee. WU7^ FOR M. Ames’ portable and atatiouaiy engines, from 4 to s-horse power: *Mo- Putnam Machine Co.’s tools; two lifter bed afrlnen, two 10-lret bed. 30 and 33-lnch, one 8-feet bed much, one 6-lre» bed lunch swing, all serew-cnttlng eapne lathes; three unrlght drills, two iron cuttara, taw mills, shingle mills, two Woodworthplsn ersaad matchers, ParrS^s hose.file*. Ail, Ad. C. L. BICE A CO. X 6 and 31 ©•arborn-tt. r?OU SALE— WcodwonH planing and Jt ste Safe^'sw® 5J25? lilt ftSSa B»lo«i<» mmi u ortw* tfem« ftdded. Clrea)«n te at g“ff{SsS£ * WBIQHT»I4 Wtffret. FOK&AIjB— loleetnew 3 inca bhatt* fn _ u*nirtr», pulll**. eM- 1 largr* Or'Vtuet. A> jogko^FEKQ C3,mater. iS.iwUtWik- Kcnw- SttaotUma Ham. SSaa^S^K^HS y*gfeWj*».»j«rtL laaftrw ei— coante —. iddt*** ■ W 9,**Tnb«ae CnUnTlOli—•Wifited, tf g33^smaKSMe£ CITOATION—Wsnted— n<itks to tat- CTor*. ll fTir ilw mfTiT virn ■ aai>ji_ ira«M far naroo os 141 Mtb«tit,t»AUCOni FtSKS Toiler. QITUATION— Wanted, as Qjeeat or Miwwa, nyayoaaa rasa w.m nd 1 (■flu, hi—iiiS»a«tt»h.qar*teFr«aca im. lac, who bas trareUsd Illinois, lowa sad Mto aewto for a notion nd millinery boon. fliWrwa *»B it. Trtbaao odUe. CITUATION—Wanted, by a young nan U from tbo eoantty, oo eoaehmas, or vstcbaaa, or pertrr in a grt cerr. City tlren. Address “B T," Tribnao ottea. CniTATXON—Wanted, by a competent O bcoUceeper. Addreas ••KKEtGT,** 39 Star ffiOHt. CITUATIOX—Wanted—A travelling O Mlecssaofyeanezperlraoo ta traae sad ten co on try to —pel its hlmsetf vtn feme nod TOUBMs boose ta tbls ciry vubuuc to e» Isrge tbetr trsde. Cspliai ta mrect tbst soots refscrad to. Utnlatssn year sjAolesee sddress Tnboneofflce. for two days. Good rrfertsices glrsa. Cll|J ATIOH —Wanted—By an expert- cotter, to tbecoaatry. R*tereace A- D. nt»- wocta. Aodrees, -AMEBiCAjr." P. o. box s93T» SITUATION—Wanted—As book-keep*, msrter. say light rmaloj isest- HsTlatr clren sstlsfactton to my employers, I bare notasebdoQOt bat I csad;>aoseaJn.l&sft*ra mates! coos' striding, sboald soy psmon or persees caorse to employ me. O* d rscommeadstlma glveo. For farther pisrtlcolors *ddr«» J. s. LA“£gR, 9XX Sooth LsSalie-sU Chicago. 111. CITTJATION—Wanted, bya young lady who wntes > suoglor hand. would us» a iwh tion at copyist to as ooce,or todoaayfaadofwnttng, Cndentaoca bookkeeping. Is rery desirous ot retting atUasilos. Can fnrai.n unexceptionable reterancaa. Address Miss “L S,** Trlbone office. SITUATION Wanted, by olc who C? thoroughly understands the baslanas. and can sirs best Chicago rrfercpces. Wou.d accompany a lady as aarse In Care line, the coming summer. Address “M P.” tor ace week. Box 133. Miles, Mich. SITUATION— TV anted, by a respectable vomts. a* booeekerper or monthly mine. Cm turnlsb tbe best of recommendation*. Apply at 374 Thlrt-ar. C ITU ATI ON—TVanted—By a lady of O Intelligence and refinement, whose petition aortal ly and religiously •• food, voold Ilk* a tone In toe country or suburb* of the cltr. with an elderly <w middle-aged gentleman ; not a*serrant.bat toorenen the home. This la no oombng—sincerity to obtain a Bleaaant home the object, Hose need reply exeeot :osewhoaienoble,boneitand intelligent. Aihlreae, ••MISS CHASE.** PottOffice. CWcago. CITDATION—Wanted—By . a yotrmr C 7 lady, to teach music tor her board. South ?tda preferred. Good reference given. Caller addrea»"N. IV* No. 8a Soma floor. CITUATION—Wanted—A* cook or to do genetal housework In aprlratsthnitly. b?a« experienced glrL Call at 78 North Halred-st. Good reterenee airen. CITUATION—Wasted —By a person O with an Improved Maser Sewing MacMee; a stta- Uoaas seamstress withov without themackbw. **• ureas “F-." 31 ffat Chiau9. CITUATION—Wanted—By a Cs&adias U girl, tor kitchen work, end a Scotch girl KTnccai work, at MBS. BALSAM'S ogee, 1348tat»-t. CITUATION—WauIed—To do gefeeral |[j boosewor* for a t□lalllhmUy.byayoß^et^P , AppOy at 197 South Clart-aS - agents Ktantrir. A GENTS—Wanted—For General L.-C, xl Baler's HISTORY OFTtUtfiFCsET fwoM exatlng and intnestlog >ook ever pobUiaetf- This work was announced more teas a year ago, Ml owing to the attempts of tbe Govermneol to sop am It. 1U publication wts Oe ayed. It udll oow be lined, nnaltfend and unabridged. order Up super rtauiA oir General Baser. Itcoctalns afUllsa<rotEcialexi>oa*of the mmcate machinations of toeaecrseenemfrw of the - Union For startling developments and thrilling ad ▼entsrerttnrneokeeUpseathe Amro* experience# of Pofic&enl VKocq. TDe marveitvas-nsrTanvea of General Bak-r are all attested by tbt hlrhest cSI dal authority. ItwS cor tain me only otfdal account of the assaselnation conspiracy. A felt 61a»ory of this great, startling and terrible crime, from Fa cnneentlam In tbe basins ot villainy, to tie burial dace or Booth, has nevpryetbeeo placed before thepofcllc. Tb*work also tolly ethoses w seferioos system by which Pne idenos) pardom were and sre so readily obtained at 'Washington. • Tbe voraisof iheNaitonalCaoital an thoroughly TCfitllafetf. and the*? A— same ihiin r*- relations cepceralr;r beads ot depautroecT*. member* of Coogrem. female pardon broken, and disttngnished military diameter*. 9*ndfor circulars, and eee *ur terms and a rjirdesrrfpflm ot tnawerg Address NA TIONAL PUBLISHING CO., 149 West rearth-aL, CttcinnatL otipj- A GLNIiv—Wanted—English Sfetalhc Clothes Lla».‘-Good todneemeet* to a-*.'3*: Send two red slatrc*; Ibr sample, to P.VHK2UBON * YOUNG. 8.x44>: Fort Baron. Mich. A GENTS—Wasted—soo Agents want* Xl ed in s nw bismoa. H. B-SHAW, Alfred* Maine. A GENTS—Wanted—|2s a day. Fil* XI teen new- arKdW tar Agents. O. T. OJzKKT, Blddetord. Maine. AGENTSj— W anted—9l2s per month and expense*. Address SHAW aCLABKwIW IHG MACBJ3TE-CO-. JHaetord. Maine. A GENTS —Wanted—For the American /A rocfligt. by Horace Greeley. Agents wits hWM delivered vcl. 1-aod desire to deliver vol, ll_ mast mare thflr order* immediately. GEO. 4 C. w. WOOD, 193 Mmdisoa-sr.. Chicago, 11U AGiNTS —Wanted—Five Ideal Heads ol Americas Women; Angel ot th* Hospinu— Before the Battle—Color Bearer—At tbe Front—Army Neas. Ibe naot works of art ever introduced in thui country. Experlanced canvassers wanted in every county in tbe Bcat». Address JOHN D. BICB, 9i Stale-* U, Chlcsgo, PL A 6ENT&— Wanted, everywhere, to sell ±\ Patent White Wire Clothes Lines. CanmakoSlA to gao per day. Address “MeUJlc clothes LlneCo— *• 938enec»-*t., Cleveland. Ohio. A GENTb—Wan^d—Ladies or cental j£\ tt your own homes or tmveUirc, atfi<« osr raenth. Don’t negotiate »Uh any other Dirty dll yo« flmssdforparticQlan. Address BBONaON 4 ■ lhl Woodward-ar- Detroit. Mich. AGENT*— Wanted—To engage m tbe Ml* of “THE HIaTORT OF ABRAHAM LIN COLN AND THE OVERTHROW OF SLAVERY," IB on- vol, octavo, of 7TB pag-*. By Boa. 1. S. ArnoM, lata MembernfCoigms. and fir over twenty years a o-eflcentlal friend of Mr. uncoin. This important vorfcwsa nooettaken three years ago with the ap proval ol Mr. Lincoln, and la Just l-sued. It is al rsadyM ling aa rapidly a* tie pub.Un-rs bare b-ws able to flu orders. The first enlttoa soli in twenty days. For fail dercriptlon, opinions of lending payers •admen, and urm •.address the publishers. CLABUI 4 CO- F>9 and S‘A washington-sL, Chicago. AGENTH —W anted—in every comity in Illinois, for the Jobs Hancock Mutual Life las. Bosun. Aadrts* U. R. Thompson. Geeenft Agent, VJ Cham per of Commerce. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—To introduce SIR COPP. the best selling ooofc of the day.. Stktb edition now ready. Send one dollar for a copy and Circulars. loPiot. CLARK, 315 lUnolfl-sC. Chicago. A GENTa—Wanted —l,ooo wanted, male XJL ana female, in a new business. Samples seat free, with tnttmoolaia ot tnabishest cbaract-r. Addreaa Gi/ODSPEEO & CO.. 148 Laae-st., Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—Male and female, to sell a new article m great demand that every lam 11 v wants. $4 per d*v made auhout leaving tnina. Travelllcg steels can make from 95 to per day, without interference with other business. Tbe article for itself. Samples, with terms and oartlenlv* of tbe business, sent tor 25 cents. Address B.W. CH Af P*LI, Drawer 6533. Cb'cago. AGENTb— Warned—For Jj'oJsom's new Coder Feed LEITEB A SEWING MACHINE, price 90S to S4O. Machines sent on triau P. ATKIN SON, 164 Randolph->u Booms No. 6 Cnicago. Ilia. A GENTb —Wanted—To sell the Amer il lean Republic and Americas Continent. Tbo two maps sent free to any address forkl. Beat thin* out for agents. Also nfty klnd-< of charts andLCSO kin* a of pictures. Address SAMMONS, WHITS 6 CLARK. 139 Lafte-st. Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—A few good agents, male and firm ale, to canvass this city lor Ptttl j patent Katie and Fork Scourer. A splendid psy tug basin**, Agents can clear from fiSUo SlOperday. Also, some good traveling agents. This machine win scour biz Solves a minute, and has no compeOUon- Apply to or addrets with stau p, B. B. PAtTISOS, 198 Booth Clark-sL, between Monroe and Aitanwb Chlcagc. DL A GENTS—Wanted—The “Fenian Mar* JrA. tyr».** Every Fenian, every Irishman, every Catholic, wants this picture. Samples sent fbr She. For circulars and terms, addres, GOODsHEED 6 G 0.,. 148 Lake-sL. Chhago. A GENTS—Wanted—A few more fixst class men for THE AMERICAN FABMBJCS HOBSS BOOS. Now ready. Ono octavo ▼ol amo«’f GOO pages acd splendidly illuftrated. By Boh «tauwarVMJ)-. V. B. Tbe bestMldngsabsenDtlcm book lo tbe market. It appear to tha se!£lnterest aad necessities of tbepecpie. It is paruemany adaaseig to tbe wants of toe American Farmer and flows Own er. Besides treating on every disease towbldtCw Horse is subject, it embraces imcit timely and eoa acn-sease treatise on Stott Baiting and Management, Agenla are averaging one snlxatber out of every two solicited. Apply at once for terms and territory, y. b. GOODMAN 4 Fabllabsce, 5 Custom H:—e place, Chicago, m. A GENTS—Wanted —Male or female, J\ for wosfHN OF TBE Wa B. By Fraau Mooro. author of the “Rebellion Record.** It Is receiving- the commendations oMhemostdlstlnsmshed literary mew cf the country. Astonishing succtasl Fortletb tfioe ■and now tn press. It i# above all competition. One sold sis books at one residence,, and four at another. A lady writes, abs took, twentvttva subscriber* In one establishment. Another agentsofet and osllvezed two busdked books la one month. Another received oak ucsokkd okdsks In one wsefc. A lady Just report* 31 subscribers taken ic one day. AreuU write. - People ars oeUgbteo with tbsliook.** bend for a circular before taking an ageocy for wr other book. Address R. C. l BEAT. Publisher. 117 South Clark-st. Chicago. A GENTfe —W anted Five enersrelic X\ young men can find steady etnplovmeoi. owl make from fS W> 529 per day. For particulars, apply t» M. A. BIGFURD, 146 trout S toll a.m. .ifor Sale. Tj OR SALIVA eentleman, about to X leave for He But. havlcg two nicety furnished front rooms In a verr pleasant IccaJlir on the Ncrth Side, would like to dikpoM d the lanatnre and rent the roots*, with bnard, if deatrod. To panic* wishing to pnrcrase, ago* d bargain will bsoCwred. For fnr tber particulars. apply at 183 So mb Water-st. FOU SALE—Canal boat Norway, Ai>-. ply at 136 West Indiaaa-at. B.OLHQS. FOR SALE Chicago City Railway Stocr—On account of tbs permanent removal oT tbeownerfmmtbecit7.9ooatun«iof the above wl'l be sold m sans to salt purchasers. Inquire s£ No. 13 Chamber ot Commerce. FOR BALE—Office formerly occupied. by Kirby. Carpenter A Co_ North aid*, near New. berry’s Elector, suitable dwelling for a small aimlv. Apply at 338 South Water tt. Boom 4. TTOR SALE—Lease of four lots dk Ca- ■ 1 nal-sL, between Madison and Waihlartoa-et*. Rent #350 per year. Asotenold place formacmfiKtnr “ WM - WISDOU, »Msora> FOR SALE—A second-hand scope, very cheap, at No. 148 South Weila-at. Stulslaetozw reasoa given tor seinLg. SfOR BALE—We have gram and lumber 1 vessels for sale, of various grades and slzes,maar them not before offend. BAtJtrgft.A. viYttas#- Boom gQ Oriental Building- FOB SALE—A quantity of* good build* tag trick. Inquire at GAIUJ’S- Brki Vsrhten Manufactory, .13 South Jefferson-* l, Chicago. FOR BALE—A lew copies ot the Ulster County Gazette, gmrg foil aocouMs ot the d-.atk and burial ot Washington, whiah I wtll send true to, any aodrtw on receipt ot *5 cents- Aifctrcae QXQLST- A CO„ Box 3638. Chicago. ' P>R SALE—The shelving and drawers. In store No. IXI Eaodolph-ii, utder thalte-. scum. Jr«OB SALE—Fnsfrclas counter, ' walnut top, round earner, and Rnlahedln V»e beak stvic.3o fro: icng, with Iron stools. Win oe cheap, at PlNN£x A CO.’& Ulntag Booms, Sfl ud ktguaallfrst. ■ rOR BALE—And Wanted—Bfith new T 1 and srcoDd-basii Wfiaelsr A Wilson Sewtag cHlnes, warranted In fin vrato order and very clmd. «x 180 Bebrcca-si. (float-rocf house near thecroeMngor hiuelslaedacd Burltagcon Ballroada,ClUcaeo> Also. would buy several ot the same kind, un plvta *tsudi or naaed machines,no matter bow much oat«gorder IE ottered low enough. Call at or address, Ao. aaabovd T?OR BALE—A fine coach doe, fall 1 * ftlCe *“* At JU Cbwch--»V personal. TJEKSONAI—AtIas P, Gates: Please l k obUceTOarm»td.William H.Osborn,bjcalling at the Mlcmsao rcatkera Bock Is Unit Uauae, oppo nt« toe Keck Isissa Depot, m iwm betters. WID- LlaM H.OSDOa _ "PERSONAL —It Emma Graham, ot A Jit* Tort, wooW like to *ee aa old trisacL aha «»* 09 *o wnti°x io *• a w r.” bo* jmjl