Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 22, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 22, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest News fej Ocean Telegraph. Garibaldi Elected to the Italian Parliament. .Napoleon’s Foreign Policy En. doracd h Ik French Legislature. Latest Monetary and Commercial Quotations. FROM WASHINGTON The Jfew York Cnslom House Frauds-. 4. Further Ven tilation. A Western Senator’s Complicity Again Asserted. Spicy Behate in the House on the Southern Relief Bill Progress of Registration in the City of Washington. SOUTHERN FLOORS. Damage in East Tennessee Esti mated at Over Two Millions. vuon JEDUOPB. US' CCEAN TBLEGBATB. JFraxice. rnmee. the Enrznon’6 tobtign roucr endobsed. Pauis, March 21. In ihe Corps LcgUlotlf the forcipn policy of t*e Emptier Ims been enuorECu by an overwhelming ■majority. Italy. cinißiisi elected to ranua^EST. FlobenCe. March 21. Gcneial elections have been bold. General Gai Ibaldl was relumed for three cities. Rnwna, rnz wab with bokhaba. St. PrTEBSBtmn, March 21. Hostilities between Russia and Bokhara hav< "been temporarily snspended. Great Britain. BEFOITM? TOU lit ELAND. London, March 2t—Evening. Disraeli. Chancellor ot the Exchequer, promise! a liberal reform mil for Ireland. STT.A3IFB ABBIVAL. " Queenstown. March 21. The steamer TariEa, from New York, arrived to-day. *JT«e Eastern Trouble*. nrroLtnoN is thessalt. Vienna. March 21- Dcspatcbes indicate that an insurrection against the authority of the Sublime Porte Is rapidly spreading th.ongfa Thessaly. X.ate*t Fortlen narkets. FINANCIAL. London, March 21—Noon. Coatolsunchanged; Erfe,SS.Y; 5-205.74jj; Ililuol ■Central, 78fc. Ixjndon, March 21—Sr-ntnr. Consols closed o:j* for money; Illinois Oectral, 7 •?SA; Foanxfoct, March 21. Untied Slates bonds 77 Ji Liverpool, Marco 31—Noon. Cotton opeai very dull, with downward tcnd-ncy. Manchester advice* untarorahle. Market dull. Prices lei ding downward. Hrcad<tnns ceaersliy •qoieL forndei'qucd to 41r. 3d. for mixel We-tc’-n. jv.vifjona unchanged. Lard dec.incd 3L—qa.t**d XO.-. GJ- Ltveetoou March 31—Evculun. Cotton—Ma-ketdullatdh-avj ihrough'ni the day. a-.d c:coi“ at t’.o rol owna qCutaUoas: Mlddllag p lauds at tma Orleans at 13a's. Sales ot 6,00-1 ba:e?. rrccdelnffs—Cat* sold t>day alSs 32 nr f 3 ftj. for Asmat aic Camdian. Previsions—Extra prime mess htefi Iris td V lOl »s. T»Jjou-—American.«- SU & cwt. LariI—s Cs. 1 —5Cs. Product —Mark’t qu'ct, fcp.rJis f t 37s 3J ? cwL Ashtr— Pots. So? 6d V ca t. riioa. washim; rox. |Sp- c«ii Dcspatctio the Chicago Tribune.! Washington. March 21. 72E soctheun belief bill. The debate m the Hou c ibis afternoon on lb*? SonlLcm Belief Bill was very interesting. though i: dirt not materially advanceihe prospects of that measure, A very spicy colloquy *ook place r»e tweeji General J.ogau and Judge Woodbri gc, in which the Gcneiai Came out decidedly ahead. A to* rt interestin': mature of me discussion was a pa*?rge at arms General These gentlemen arc notably hostile to each other, and had a sharp contest in the Republican caucus two weeks ago, and the light to-day was : imply a renewal of the one begun then. Both were offensively personal this alter noon, hnl wc-e allowed to proceed by express order of the House, which evidently cared more to see the fight aud listen to the sharp retorts and ivjciudcra ttan to act on ihe bill. Each war from time to time heartily auplaudcd, and the House adjourned without action on the measure. THE UECOKBTOUCTION BILL There Is still much uncertainty as to what the President will do with tbe Supplementary Recon struction Bill. One of the A-sociaie Justices of the Supreme Court, known to he on good terms at tbe White House, says it will be signed under protest, and the a;me opinion haa been expressed by one member of the Cabinet. Ihe Attorney Gei.eral was cngaced to-day preparing a paper embodying the President’s viewnpon the bill, bnt whether in the form of a protest or veto, is no known. Tnoacintimale at the White Ilonas say me matter will be laid before the Cabinet at noon to-morrow, ano the oration sent to the Honse in tbe course of ihe afternoon. AtftMUttyni to THE TAX orrT The Single to-day, at the Instance of Mr. Sher man, added to the House Dili exempting from taxation wrapping paper made from wood or corn bosks, a new section, providing tnat every National hank association. State banker, or as sociation, ehall pay a tax ol ten percent on the amount of notes or any town, city or municipal corporation, paid out by them after tne first of next May, to be collected in the same manner as the tax on State banks is collected. Ibe ooject of this amendment is to prevent towns and cor porations, particularly in the South, from issuing fractional scrip, which may be used as money. question or coxtoksation to ooveumxsxt CLERKS. There is no probability that Congress will do anything more at present towards increasing the pay oi Government clerks and employes here The House has already passed two or tnree addi tional bills on this subject, but the Finance Com mittee of the Senate is decidedly opposed thereto, and has already killed one ofthem. KEW TOBK CUSTOM DOUSE TOAUDS. The management of the New Yort Custom House was mrthcr ventilated this morninir, and the House will probably pass tlulbara's resolu tion K-morrow, expressing the opinion that Col lector Smvibe Bhonld lie removed. The copy of the evidence apparently inculca ting Doolittle and Patterson, which the House or dvied hifl before the Senate, may reach that body 10-icorrow. What action will be taken upon it theie is not indicated. THE FETED rone® ÜBRAHT. The Librarian of Congiessis removing to the Capitol the books and papers of the iluraryof Pvlci Force, bought by Congress last session. KECIerTIIATIOK. The registration of voters will be completed lit tie First Ward of this city, to-morrow. The matter has been conducted in a very orderly man ner, and very few persons have been rejected- The negroes registered are largely In excess ot the whites. One of the colored men gave his name as Ananias William James Andrew Jack son Jonrs. The registration in other wards will be made next week. BCIUUC COKJfISSIOKEB FOB VinciKlA. General Orlando Brown, of Ohio, has been -made t ommlreiouer of the Precdmcn's Bm oau In "Virginia, in piece ot General Schofield, ap iOiited District Commander. THE SIntBATT TCIAE. The Star of this evening thicks the trial of Sur tau will commence early next month. Several witnesses from a distance have aimed, and oth cih have hem summoned. Surratt continues iu good health, and thinks he will be acquitted. JVOSnSATIONS. No very Important nominations were sect to tie Senate to-day. The understanding in Con gressional circles I? that the President has deler mii ed to give the Austrian mission to ex-Senator Fosicr. xaetUlEp cossnrniosAi cokvcxtiox. *Jb Convention Bill just passed by the Mary land Lcviriatcre provides for submitting the question of having a convention ol the people on the rec.nd Wednesday in April, and fir tbs as sembling of a Convention in May under the en- Imi.chibemcnt law passed this session. Those dimancuis d by the present Constitution for their sympathy and support of the enemies of the Union, during tie rebellion, are allowed to vote. „ , BEJECTIOSS. The following dominations were rejected bv the senate on luesday, and not confirmed, nfi crroDtously pubiii-hed: Collectors vf Internal Kcenve— George II Greece, Second District of Missouri- Utnrt t'* Witter. TOTOtJ'-Tblra Dlttr-clor ifinJu • J Mel Ciure, Eighteenth District of Pent,«ylvanla*' ba \id Caldwell, Seventeenth Dienlr.i of Penn sylvania, and George Sanderson, Ninth District of Pennsylvania- Jtttmceters —A. Richardson, at .letfcrson Cltv Missouri’, Albert G. Clarke, Toledo, Obit; Rich* nrd Beni am," Ann Arbor, Michigan ; Wihlatn S. Nye, Franklin. Indians. rnrLADELPHiA AB'omimn. It la under-tood that Uje President to-dav aom loflted niuian Giodwtn as Collector, and A. U Marklry s« Naval Officer at Philadelphia i nraxsTiiATiojc i.t tux zizstbict Wasuinctos. March 21,— The ragisTscioa o' rote* under the new suffrage law h*s co n aeac=d in Warblsgtan ihc regi-1 ration in the P»r« tbuira the blacks crcarly in a majority. Toe vhiu;» are lasing no particular Interest in the mailer. _ _ BILLS APPBOTEO. _,i“® ha* sinned ;b" bill appropriating ilj.laXf fur the r« lei of freed men. or doatltuta colored perfoua in he fil.-irici of Columbia; ak*. the bill appropriating ESu.UOJ for the Parle Exhi bition. BEETOEATION OT SUBSL TZOTZnTT. General Howard exa i-lned yesterday by the Judiciary Committee regarding the restoration of Uie Sonic property In-Lonialana, and the estate e' •f. Harts a brother of Jett Pavia, near Jackson, Mississippi. THE NARTLAND 6ENATOB9HIP. It appears to be settled that the case of Gover nor 'ibomar, United States Senator elect from Msiylsnd, will g*> over to the next mediae of < outlets for declaim, unless the present session shall extend into the latter next of next week, lire matter wa« before the Judiciary Committee this morning, and was postponed to next hatarday. xistsmi to au&tbia. lucre Is good authority for saying that er-Sen atoi Foster. of • ojoectlcuf, wilt receive theooml ration of Minuter to Austria. In place of Motley, ictigncd- A CALL. The U , ra2d's special says: “Messrs, James BiookF. Fernando Wood. John Morrissey, John Fox ai d John W. C handler, composing the New York delegation, had a long interview with tne I’icndcnt to-night. Ihe subject of the talk was mineral, liclndlug reconstruction, confiscation and In.pcachmccl, but related more particularly to Federal appointments for the city of New York. The Proidcnt was very reticent, amt gave them no encouragement concerning the distribution of the offices. INDIAN TREATY. Special Commissioner Bogv yesterday comple ted a tresy with the Chippewa Indians, of the Mtsrivslppi baud of Minnesota, of which llolc-in tbe-Day is the principal Chief. By this treaty the CMppewas agree *o cede to the united Slates a ponton oi ifacir present lands in Minnesota, and i«*ceive in exchange an equal portion of iand In another part of the Stale The object of making •he exchangt- is that the Indians nay have belter farming lands, they bavin? expressed a desire to devote themselves to agricultural pursuits. NIAGARA SHIP CANAL. The Senate joint resolution providing lor the r.ercfsary surveys for a kh'p canal between Late Erie and Lake Ontario, passed the Hoa*c on Wednesday, by a very decided vote. BUAFTEI> SLAVES. Tbejoint resolution suspending at) payments for tlaics dratted or received as volunteers into tr.c military service, the passage of which has been previously announced, was earned through by a mure than tliree-lourlbs vote. COSGUESSIOJiAL PROCEEDINGS. Washington, March 21. SENATE. Mr. NORTON presented several memorials lb*- Minnesota Legislature. Referred. Mr. DOWE presented a memorial from tbe Wif cousbi Legislature, for aid Lithe construction of _j|liiary reads. Referred. Mr. WILLIAMS, from Use Finance Commltce, ••-.poiuo u*« Douse joint resolution to extend to t.mployes ol the First Division of the Currency bureau the LcneUts of the resolution glvmgtwenly jkj' cent extra compensation to certain employe; f tnc Govcnmient, with a recommendation that ii be is,definitely postponed. Tbe joint resolution exempting wrapping ,>apci made from wood or cornstalks from inter nal revenue mx, was passed. ilr. ivj L c ON, from the Military Committee, re• or'ed a joint resolution placing certain troops In oisßonn on an equal fooling with troops in rela ion to bounty. Passed. The rcsolnlion to print 50,000 copies of the re port oi General Humphreys, of the Topographical Engineers, on the Physics and Hydraulics of ibo .•.‘.•tsisgippl Elver and th« protec'ion ol that re •icu fjum overflow, passed, ilr. ANTHONY mtrodoced a resolution In imctmgthe Committee on Printing to Inquire if here lm any deficit in the accounts ot the late Su . urintendent of Printing: whether he made a con rod prejudicial to the Government; whether he bought more paper tnan he should, Ac. Mr. An tony explained the onjcct of ibo resolution to be 0 remove certain impressions crcat d by news •opersa- to the conduct of the Me Supemlead -lit. Be road a letter from Mr. Wendell, denying : c altegMions made against him, and requesting •ii investigation. The resolution was adopted. Nr. CHANDLER, from the Committee on Com merce. reported a resolution authorising Amir* •■can citizens to dispose of vessels to friendly nri . grrent Governments under certain cheats -lancet*. 1 Aid over for the present. Mr. TRUMBULL Introduced a bill to amend the Bnnknrp’ Bill by repealing theprovislon relating ■o the Chid Justice as to the appoiinment oi reg- Meis oj bankruptcy. and providing that the reg -1 ters be appointed by ihe District Courts. Mr. Trumbull said the measure had the sanction of ihe Chief Justice. Laid over for the prescut Mr. SBEHWAN moved to reconsider the vole by “hick the bill exempting from Internal revenue tax wrapping paper made from wood orcorn friah s, was passed. On motion of Mr. SHERMAN, a tax of ten par cciit. was imposed on all Slate, municipal or cor poration notes or cenp issued by any National Bunk, ana. thus amended, tbc bill passed. A letter from ibe secretary of the Treasury was previously r ad. showing that the National Bank u* New Orleans were issuing scrip as currency. The bill lo sell certain stocks held intrust lor ibe Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians was ,j:is?cd. Mr. MORGAN reported favorably on remitting lit-taxes on steam agricultural machinery. The was postponed until to-morrow. Mi. IRUMBULL called np a Joint resolution to -tispend further proceedings under the act to ap .-oint a comraiuec to pay loval slave owners for -laves enlisted In the army. Messrs DAVIS and SAULSBURY' opposed ths rerelujirn. which then passed—S2 against?. The House bill to include employes In the Quartermaster's and Commissary Departments " ith tboM* sa arics increased 20 per cent, by reso lU'ion of the last session, came from the House, nd on motion of Mr. WILLIAMS, was indcflnlte >y pof-ipoced. Tne Senate went into executive session, and so on niter adjourned. HOUSE. Vr. SCHF.NcK introcnced a joint resolution to i». j,d to tbc employes of the QuirlsrmasLT’s *i d Snbsirieuce D« partments at Washington, the to the joint resolution giving hrentv icrccnt additional compensation to certain cm*- lovtsiul'e civil service of the Governmental ‘■toaMugion. It !i<clndcfi raccnacics, laborers, •atctmien and other employes in these Depart ments. y-r. WILSON, of lowa, from the Judiciary 'rnimtttee. reported h*c*; t'*c Senate bill to nro • itie tor a District aod Circuit Court of the Lni cd Stare? for Nebraska, with an tmeadmeat .ivmg the Judge of the Eighth '‘ircuit fl.OiWad moj ul salary, to detray travelling expenses, ’.f ci dL-cu- fcion. the amendamnt was rejected and he bill Di.feJ. Mr. liULBURD, Chairman of Ibe Committee u I’rbiic Exppp Jiturc?, stated that the commb e takeg tcstimotiy which apparently mcal .rca or more member* of the Senate, and il couunitlf* deemed It proper to repjrt itlr e JR.usre so that such action might be taken as ot -port* a vnfb the c»ni:e*y dne one House •itkcother He offered the following: L'f suited. That the Hou s e, having been inform 'd by one of Itg committees, that testimony haa ccn bront’ht to Ihe kniwlcdgeof said commit ce, which ‘eenmony apparently Implicated one t more members oi ite Senate, the House hen-fore, directs that a]] such testimony oe trims ..ilnd to riie Senate for Its information. Mr. SPALDING inquired whether the resolu •rp cotiemplated any further continuance of ting e-tion. •Mr. DUIBHRD replied It did not. Mr. J'AHLR stated that as ono of the minority i the committee, tie did not agree to the report, he evidence was, to Lis mind, entirely lusoffl imi to t*sse such a molniion upon, and be a*ked : j:t it be read to the Bouse. Mr. HULBURP slated that the report jnet sub rilled wa» based on testimony taken by the com rjiiUea* the last session, together wltbtneevi (Kjicuofone witness who appeared before the committee oi the present Congress, and if the :loasc should reunite the reading of all the testi meny it would probably occupy eixdaye. After oebate the resolution passed, bit. UULDURD reported (he following roso- unon; Required, That lti« the sense of this Gou'etliat Henry A. Smytbe should be immediately removed uom the oflic* ol Collector of the Port of New \ ork, and that‘be Clerk House can sc a certified copy of this resolution to be laid before lie President ot the Baited Slates. Mr. BUTLER opposed the resolution. There was oce way by which this Goose should, demand the removal of a high officer, that was by mpcadiment, There was so other way. 31 r. RANDALL exprese-.d Ibe opinion that the 'evolution was unusual and uncalled tor. Mr. BUTLER askea Mr. Randall what should be done If the President retoses to remove Mr. MDTlhcf Mr. RANDALL replied that if the President did t'hat was light, be would tell the House, if it passed the resolution, to mina us own business. jLangbter.j He concurred la the opinion that smjthc should be removed—it not for malleas- nece, lor nnfllncss. The morning hour expired, and the resolution wept over until 10-morrow. xhe House went into Committee of the Whole, Mr. BLAINE in the Chair, and resumed the cou eidciation of tnc t-enaic joint rcsolullon jyipropn ating a million of dollars for tnc relief of the destitute people of the South. All general debate being ordered closed In a few moments, Messrs. BANKS and BINGHAM withdrew their pending ameiiOmcDts. ” Mr. BINGHAM offered an amendment to strike ont of the joint resolution the words “million dollars,” and inserting these words, “And to that era the Secretary of War Is Hereby authorized ana directed, through the Commissioner of the rieedmen , s Bureau, to apply so much as he may deem necessary for the purposes aforesaid, of un expended moM-ys heretofore provided to supply be fiecdmen and refugees with provisions or nations.” Mr. BUTLER made a speech against the •:mei.dmei’.t and the Joint r .solution, declaring •hat it was iut--'' , ''d m thl» wsv aid the able rodicc whuc rebels who were load ig round cor ner grocery »*4ux>n-.y whilethe mud - Ula ol die North me forced to work. Mr. Sl'M-DING supported the joint resolution. Mr. WOODBRIDCE, for the purpose of show ing that the Union voldicra who aofierea in the icbel prisons were themselves in favor of this bill, read from & letter from a soldier living in Rutland. Vermont Mr. LOGAN, while conrideringit as an argu ment, quoted against it the resolutions adopted iu a meeting ot the Associations of the Grand Army of the Republic in Washington, New York ai d elsewhere. Mr. WOODBRIDGE declared if such aseocla- 'ions consisted of soldiers, they were wanting in :t» dm element that distinguished a coward from a bntvc man. [App:aaee.| Mr. BROOMALL supported the atnendtsenU ..nd trusted it would be adopted, and the Joint resolution as amended passed. Mr. LOG A N could not sec what the question of bravery and soldierly condnci had to do with the passage or defeat ot the resolution He disliked to hear these remarks of the •ent eman from Vermont. He did not thick they •-ame In good grace from a roan who hod never ead tbc opportunity of testing that courage, so ns to know whether he was a brave man or not If the resolution passed he should propose tbit litre ai l be cranicd to ’hose who arc entering from the Mindfinon in tte Ohio and Mississippi valleys. Mr. up ■ LER, referring to the intimation made uy Mr. Woodbndge the other day, that re (But ler I v. a« sot a statesman, sard he agreed to that, •iid bad just escaped being a statesman by fall i«-g being ducted to the Thirty-ninth congress. [\ augtter.l Nr. WOODBRIDGE denied he bad said any -urli iblng Mr BUTLER—Then the gentleman from Vcr moM means to sav that Jam a statesman. lam very much obliged to aim. 11-angUter. I As to •lie action ot the soldiers of the Grand Army of •be IloDuL-lic, 1 received from liiem, unsolicited, a revclaiirn supporting my course, and so long as I have ilio approval of the soldiers of Ihoanny, 1 •wn verv well do without that of tbo.-e who were rot out of this House during the entire war. il-ancb'crfrom the Democratic slde.J 11;c debate went ou a considerable time with some asperity or feeling, participated In by Messrs. SCUENCK. LAWRENCE ot Ohio, PILE, PRuOMALL, SB CL. I.ABAROER, BUTLER. and BENJA'IIN. In dje course ot ihc debate Mr. Butler spoke of Mr. lungliam as hiving gone over to the other side of ite «!■* only In body but in spirit, and de manned ol him what that great and good man. iVcridiDt John-on, liad done while Provisional Governor ot Jenncssce, in taxing wealthy rebels to support poorfamilics. Jlr. BINGHAM tain: It docs not become i gent unan who recorded bis vole fl tvtlmes—TMr H.DRIDGE suggested fifty-seven Uojesj—for Ihe :ir«li*‘ialtnr of jebcllh'Q for Preaidmc of tuc United Slates, to undertake to cast an imputation cither on mv integrity or my honor, i repel wnh -corn and contempt any utterance of that kind i>v anv man, whether he be the hero of Fori‘Fisher taken, or the Loro of Fort Fisher not taken. f Roars of Janghter on both sides ot iliellousc.l iaiso stand here, sir. in the name ot ihcAneric in people. 10 repel with scorn any ni i. mp, to levy charities by confiscation in viola tion of (be > omritnfion of my country. Tbit, sir, is the proposition which the gentleman (duller) flares to nltrr In the American Congress, In the veered ramc ol charily. | Anplauseaud laughter j Mr BUTLKU roso'io reply, but ths ebainna* announced tbs< the time to which the House had United for debate had expired. Mr. BUILER asked the privilege of the House .or plv. The iILURMAN said the gentleman could not wfijc&a# VOL, XX. ask that privilege when the Douse was in Com ir lilco of ifae Whole. Ur. BUTLER then asked unanimous consent to speak leu mumtvs. Sir. BLDBIDOE expressed the hope that the Donee would not bottle up the gentleman from Massachusetts. (Laucbter.J Unanimous consent having been siren, Mr. BUTLER expressed Ms infinite obligations to the Douse for ns klndnea", and said: 1 have never concealed the fad, which la now eo offensively pul forward, that 1 voted for Jeff. Davis In the Convention of my p*rty. fifty-live times. I thought Mm the best statesman of the South, and hoped ihetebv to stay tbe threaten'd dis union which, as 1 leaned, -as mthe distance. 1. failed, and disunion came- Thu differeuce be tween me and the gentleman from Ohio is this: That whlic Jeff. Davis was Senator or the United Wales, and was claim lug to be the friend of the Uo’on,! supported him, while the gCLtlvmsu (Bingham) supports him while be Is a traitor. 1 have changed my support, (laughter.) I saw the error of my way. and repented, but 1 did not exp! c? a blow to be aimed at me m that direction from (bat side ol the Honor which supported him thee, have supported hint ever since, and is still supporting him amt »ts friends, (laughter and applause.) (Bingham's seat is on the Democrat side of the Bouse—ifc jKtrter.] 1 aid not mean to Impugn the honor or integrity of the gentleman from Ohio. 1 only said 1 thought he was leading the th* other eideof the Donee. Mr. BINGHAM. If tbe gentleman had quali fied hh words by saying he thought so, I would nut bavcsa;d one word. Mr. BUTLER. J never speak anything Ido not think. (Laughter and applause j 1 will try to re peal tbe woroa I u?eJ. 1 said the gentleman had gone in spirit as be bad gone in body over to the other bide of the House. 1 thought eo then, I think so row. I said so then, J say so now*. (Laughter.) I cannot inkeitbftck, sir. iM&u’testalions of encourage ment. J The gentleman has bad tbe good Piste to attack mo for the reason that I could not do any more injury to the enemies of my country. I did the best I could. Other meu of more ability could do more, and no mauls more ready tu give tbe higher plaudit for their valor, Tocir dL-a clicn and 'heir conduct than my. sell. Ltcautelcoulduotdomore I fell exceed- Kg]y chargrined- If, daring the war,' the gcnt:«rman from Ohio (Bingham) ild as much, 1 should be glad to recognize that much done, bat the oily victim of that gentle man's prowess that I know ofwa* an Innocent w oman bangc- upon the scaffold—his only victim in the war was one Mrs. Surratt. I can rnstain the memory of Fort Fisher If he ana bis associates ran eu-talti him in the blood of a woman tried by military commission aud con demned without sufficient evidence. In my judg ment. ilr. BINGHAM asked and obtained five minutes to reply. He said after ten years of ser vice in this Hon e, the gentleman will took in vain for any remarks of mine personal to mortal man on this floor. save when 1 was gratuitously assaulted by others. 1 have observed the amenity of debate and the amenity of personal conduct oat of the House, in such form, X trust, as entitles me to the respect and considentlon of those who know me beet; but the gentleman (Butter), while he 'alks of matters of late, and chooses to constitute himself oy judge touching t'ie Integrity of my conduct as a sworn representative of the pao tic. and when be comes to make bis reply to me, foiling that be has dot.e a dl-honor to him rcli and an injustice to me, undertakes to qualify bis rash jndgmentbysaylngthal be only said at fret that be thought so, it never would have dis turbed my equanimity, for I would have concerted miself Just a* much about what he thought as 1 would about who killed Cock Koblo. H.atighter.) The gentleman has shown the same want of consideration for the lights oi others In the remarks be just made, by favor oi the House. By what right does be constitute himself a judge, to any of men who were bis peers in the field of conflict when the earth quaked, that blood oi in nncunce la on my hands? Docs the gentleman mean to say, by bis sweeping judgment, that It la also on the bands of those brave men who ate constituted by the war rant of your President a court to pronounce that final jodem at. without which nobody could be executed ? Sir, I repeat. In the language oT tne man the latcbci of whose shoes the gcnllemsn wap not worthy to unloose, who said that we should patiently hear first, and consider ar.d pronounce Judgment afterwards, la the lan guage of the great Lord High Chancellor of England, notwithstanding the utter ance of the cynical poet, that he was the greatest, wisest and meanest of mankind, 1 will say that whether tne blood ot iuuoccicc Is on my bands or not, I leivsto Urn charitable judgment of men and future ages, on ihe treat question connected with the assassloa ilon of the chosen of the people, by which be was cut down in the presence of hU rejoicing countrymen, not for hk crime-, but for hie virtues, murmuring as his great soul went up to the common Patherof as all, “ Charity towaids all and malice toward* none.” It was fit that the means by which bla taking was accomplished should be ascertained, anc be do tcimlned when summoned to it. I persisted I was not equal to the task, end those vho called me to that work know best with what reluctance 1 entered upon It, hot with my corn convictions and with the recordsthatbave gone to the country and the work, 1 defy the cen tlexnan's calumny. The speaker's hammer announced the Lecmiaa tirn of Sir. Blnrham’s time- Mr. STEVENS moved that the House adjourn, n-marerinc that members hud hau enough ol this matter. Mr. ROSS sureested that ten minutes addi tional be given Mcstrs. Bingham and Burlcr, and the House again vent into Committee of thr Whole and resumed considering tbc Joint reso lution. The amcrdroccta oflVreri by Messrs. Sch“nck. Bnticr, Fcius«orth. Pile. Sbcllabarger. Broomall, t.ogs.n and o)he:s. rejected Au amecOmcrt osered by Mr, providing •hat ;l.e expeiiolture shall not extend bevoni thi uppioptiattone already wade lor the Frecdaien’fc Buu-au aas sdopud. Tne Committee rose and reported the bill, and tbc Bonse nded tbeprcriousqueatlou upouil. .Vr BANKS, from the Committee on Rules, re polled a rule that there shall be appointed by each • oi'grcse a Committee ou Education aud La bor, to consist of nine In number. Ibo dFEAKER presented Executive common!- cutlois B- folluMfi: i-.«imibc rrea?nrer of Ihe United States. tran«- imtfrgan preoonM'f the receipts and expendi tures of the Post Office Department for law. From the Secretary of the Interior transmitting the estimates of appro; nations to laid! the treaty stipulations with the Cbcrukees. Mr. DONNELLY presented a memorial from Ibe Legislature of Minnesota, asking the repeal oi io much of Jheexfst’ng laws as impo cd a duty on live stock imported icto ihe United Stales. Mr. WINDOM presented a memorial from the Legislature of Minnesota, fora grant of lands to aid In the construction of a wagon road from the western tree of • innesota to Helena, Moidana. Mr. WILSON, of lowa, from the Committee on rbe Judiciary, reported that members of the Thir iy-iicth Congress arc not entitled to mileage until Ibo session of December nest. Tbe SPEAKER presented mess ages from the ihesldeui transmitting information m reference to the wltndrawal ol the French troops from Mexico; in regard to the impnsontncni and treatment of American citizens m Great UriUTii or lw Provinces, and in re.'erence to ih'la'cr trials of American citizens in < anada. which were referred to the Committee or* Foreign AXairs. Au effort to get a role op the passage of (he bill »or the relief of the Southern dc-Jituie having been tried and abandoned, »he House adjourned. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. WISCONSIN. (Spcoal Despatch Jo the Chicago Trlimnc.l Mad isos. Wls., March 21. I SENATE. A resolution was adopted giving the reporters rilctn dollars each in stationery. Among the hills Introduced was a hill lo amend the charter of ihc Rip on & Menasba Railroad Company, changing Ira name—passed under suspension of the rales; also, to amend 'ectlon 2, chapter—, oi the Tomah & St. Croix Railroid Comiianj— paiecd; also, regulating the duties and fixing the pay of me Surgeon General. The bul repealing section one of the Excise Law. allowing the sale of liquors in small quanti ties, which wag passed yesterday, was again taken up by reconsideration, and then killed. A Hecate bill were pissed to amend the law of las ; winter providing lor arbitrating Mr. Baxter’s Haim by the audition of more arbitrators to the Board. 'ihc bill prohibiting Justices of the Peace from holding courts in places were Hqnor Is sold, and disqualifying liquor dealers Irom holding the cOlce of Justice of tne Peace was ordered to a third reading. Ayes, 20; noes,7. Tie bill to amend chapter lift. Revised S’atutcs oi l£sl, relaiingfo mechanic’s hen, and the bill re laimg to insurance of property ia corporated elUer and villages, .tc . were killed, ASSEMBLY. Madisojv. March 20. Senate bills were concnrred In appropriating $25,0C0 for the current expenses of Ihe Stale Prison, aid fSO.OOu for tic completion of the north witgof the Prison, and J3o.< 0J for the State Re form School. The resolution looking to an amendment of the Consiiiotl'm so as to extend .‘nfragi; to women, which was adopted In the morning session, was reconsidered and then slaughtered. ASSEMBLY. The suffrage resolution was again reconsidered, and after considerable fun was again killed. Mr. Colman’e resolution Instructing tbo Com cilttce of iDvesDcailon on Alleged Corruption tn ISC3 and 'CC, came np, and after mnch sparring postponed to the first day of April A resolution was adopted dlrccL'ne the Secreta ry of Slate to prepare an Index of the amend ments to the Revised Slatnteo and General Laws, and distribute the same; also a Joint resolution Instructing the Superintendent of Public Property to farnit-b each member of the Legislature and the Lieutenant Governor twenty dollars worth of stationery aid declaring Webster's Illustrated Dictionary to he stationery, was adopted. Among the bills introduced was a bill to appro priate J4o,i CO to the Hospital for the insane. A majority of the Lumbering Committee re ported adverse to the hill authorising a dam at ihc Dells on the Chippewa River. The Committee on Benevolent Institutions re ported in favor of the education and ca*c of idiots liT the Stale. Among the Assembly Mila*pssacd were: to amend section 6S, ebaptet 123- Revised Statutes; in amend chapter SW. ni the laws of JSCS; also to amend chapter 47, of the laws of ISGO. both • elating to wo r .l gn wing I-mresta r also to amend section 14. chapter S 3. Revised Statutes, relating to medical societies; also the bridge law end lax taw; also to amend the existing law lelaflncto ihc formation of County Agricultural Societies: also an amendment to the law protect ing the hop growing interest; aUo providing lor rasing depositions in certain cases: also relating fo the duties ol the Register of Deeds; also relat ing to joint stock companies; also another amendment to the tax law; a memorial to «’ingress for the Western Judicial Dis trict of Wiscuorin: also In relation to foreclosure of mortgages; also relating to the canvass oi votes at elections; also relating to f- I’cirg of raiirdads and the service of process ’hereon; also in relation to proceedings In County Courts; also relating to depositions to authorize fuieiga executors w convey real estate in the Slate; to amend chapter 05 of the Revised statutes relating to the Supreme Court; to amend section SI. chapter i:!4 of the Revised Statutes; ho relating to ierm* ol the Circuit Court; an other amendment to (he tax law; also one hun dred and fitly other Mils, mostly of a local char mer of very little general importance. lh<- Artcmbly bill to fac!lit*ilo the construction r.f a iflilroad from Monroe to Dnbnquc by the Milwaukee & Prairie DuCbicn Road was passed by a dccMve vote. ihe or.etundicd and fifty above bills pissed geneiylly in an omnibus arrangement. MICHIGAN. fSpccial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Las sure, Mich., March 21. In ibc Senate Home twenty Railroad Bills were rctnrrcd by the Governor, with a veto message. The following mils passed: Barr Oak School Bill; le.'atlve to a bounty tax in Pern, Cisa Coun ty, ard Sbrndan, Calhoun Conmy. The Honse Commltie- on Military Affairs re r<uCd adversely on tho bill providing for addi tional honniy to volunteers, and against a chance m the military laws. “ BUIs passfd—To incorporate the village of Houghton; relative ioecbool bonds in the township of Houghton; to establish a State road from Men- ominee to the marble quarries; to lncorpo’a*e the Tillage of St Joseph: to provide for th? corpora tion of Masonic lodges; the Marshall School Bll<; to provide for the preservation of fish ia the lakes in Cass County; to amend the charters of Adrian and Kalamazoo: to define tbe qualifica tions of votes on school districts; to provide for a Soldiers* Home Commission; to authorize township aid to wagon roads; to provide fonhe incorporation of companies for manufacturing cheese; the Kalamazoo Asylum Appropriation BUI; (he bill to provide for additional compensa tion to offleera of the St&to Prison. LOUISIANA. New Orleans, March 31.—1 n the Senate a joint resolution was introduced recommending that all ciiizeos, white and black, entitl'd to vote, to reg ister their names and take an active carl In the reorganization of the State. The report from the Special Impeachment Com xnMeein tbe Douse recommends mat no former steps for the impeachmei<l ol Governor Wells be raken, as tbe establishment of m-lltarv rale in tbe Stale would render such action nugatory. Ihe report was adopted. In the House a Joint protest has been intro uuccd against the Reconstruction Bill. The office of tbo Register of Votcis has been closed by the Register, by the advice of General Sheridan. ntfiRTLAND, Annapolis, March 21.—The Maryland Senate hill appropriating {IOO,OOO for the relief of tbe destitute people in the South, boa passed the Bouse. NEW YORK, Albany, March 21.—Tbe State Convention Bill baa caused the Legislature with the negro suf frage clause stricken out. THE BECENT SOUTHERN FLOODS, Damage In East Tennessee Estimated at over Tiro .nllllons—flonvy Losse* ofStocK and Grain— rrxauy Lives Lust and a large Number of Families Ijefi Homeless* New Yoek, March 21.—A Knoxville special to the New York 21 met says : “ East A-nnesaec Is damaged over two millions by the flood. Blount, CooLc Kean and Sevier counties all lose heav ily. In BJonne County a large floclt of sheep were drowned. The loss of stock of all kinds is nn preceden’edly heavy. All the farmers living on the livers win be very late with their crops. The loss ot stuck will he a great drawback. “Parts ot the railroad bridges washed away have been recovered. Trains arc now running to Chattanooga from this point. " “Many lives were lost In Lower Tennessee, and many families were left homcle-e, and most euffer. “Oieronehtndred car loads of erm were de stroyed at Chattanooga, ihe depots were all submerged, and much freight destroyed. “ Ihe rivers are ail high, and more rain is fall ing. “No malls have been received from the North or West since the -3th of March.” [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) NASnvttLx. March 21. The Tennessee River at JohnsonvJHc la even with the bridge and still rising. Tne western branches of the Northwestern road are badly damaged. The water has again risen between Bridgeport and Chattanooga, endangering the recently replaced bridges. Destitution In ihe inundated districts on Green River is very great. The people are suflering for the necessaries of life. Many are compelled to leave their homes- Berk City Is entirely descried, the inhabitants being compelled to flee to the hills. Shawneetown is submerged, and the wharf boat crowded with unfortunate refugees. Mzatrais, March 22.—Tennessee River at Dan ville station Is still six feet over the telegraph poles. “ * BECOSSTETjCTION. Hot? ibe Congressional Plan Is Viewed In Georgia and Virginia. ISpccial Despatch lo the Chicago Tribune.) Washington, March Si. The Republican Slate Central Committee of Virginia have determined to call a Slate Conven tion wnbonl distinction of color at Richmond about tDe middle o* April. MewYomc, March af.—'The Herald's Southern corrc ponncnce reports thatin Georgia the Milk tiiry Reconstruction law is generally discussed on both sides, and, although the majority consider it oaeioiw and unjust, they think It ought to be ac quiesced in as a matter ofnece>Bilr. in Virginia, the order tor disbanding military 'Tgamzailons Pas caused 'be disbandment of tlun i.lcutt's Colored Guards, at which Hunnioutr and ihe negroes are very much grieved. Henry A Wise has consented to stump the Stale In opposi tion lo Hnnnlcntt. FBOB ST. LOUIS. .1 Defaulting ShcriiT on Ills Travels- Au Exciting Pursuit and Final Cap* turc by bis Bondsmen. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnhnno ] • St. Locis, M .rcn 21. Tbc a’squatnlatiug Sheriff of Adair County, with fourteen thousand dollars in public money, bi cn arrested. A few days after lu« departure, Judrc Ely and Mr. W. B. Harlan, who are his ec cuiilii>. roving learned of hta delalcation, ar tved here in search of him. They secured the *>sjstancß ot daquee, and with lum started in pnrtult of the fnriln e. On Ibo line of the Indian ivintory they learned that he had pnrehosea three thousand dollars worih ot good* »nih‘ .* tiich he buds et out or. a trading expedition amour •be Itdians Lean.lng that ho was prusuea. Gwnby left bis wife near Fort Smith, and travelled >iS fast a* posfible, buying a fresh horse everv day •r two Thopur-uers found his wife near*Fori -mith. and arrested her. Judge Ely relumed to hw city nlgnt bclore last, irith two women iu melody, jannea and Harlan continued the pu»- ua, and the Chief of Police received a despatch rom the former ai Little Rock, that be bad re Ms man and bad him in cu- tody, inteaain" * o rstnni wilh biin by boat. St. Lons, March 21.—Another extensive burgla ry waa commuted yesterday morning. The tailor ing eetobllshment of Stephen Camming**, on Olive street, was entered and aoout a thousand dollars worth ot cloths, Ac , cmled o£L Fne S-ate Supremo Court has rescinded the order requiring lawyers to take tue test oath prescribed by the Constitution. The Goodyear Hard Rnhoer patent case, which has been betore the United States Circuit Court for two days, was decided this evening by Judge Treat granting an injunction against, thr: demists uslrg said patent, with the privilege to them to dissolve the same on giving *2.000 bonds to teen •m acconijl and pay such sum as may oe awarded ot* a final hearing, and costs. Weather damp and chilly, with indications of ram. FROM NASHVILLE. The Tennessee Franchise) haw Do dared Constitutional. [.Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nashville, March Si. The Snpreme Court to-day, in the case of Rldly tt. SLerhrook, decided the Franchise Law to be coietltntional. The opinion was read by Judge ."hacklefoid. Judges Milligan and Hawkins con curring. The Court, after renewing the condi tion oi the country üben the Conailmtional Con vention of 18 5 assembled, announced that the sovereign people haves right to alter or abolish their formiof government; that the amendments proposed by the Convention were duly ratified; that the schedule became, for all purposes intend ed, ot legal validity with the Constitution ilaelf; that the right to vote is not an inalienable buta political right- subject to the control ol Ihe sover eign power of the people; that the power to limit the elective franchise was conferred upon the Legislature which should first assemble; that power could be legally exercised at any lime dnnng the existence ol mat body, and was not exhausted by the passage of any law; that noth- Irg appears to anemia tbe allegation that the Legislature was not legally constitutional aud the law regularly passed; that the Presidential par don docs not restore pardoned rebels to political rights in Ihe State without the state's consent; that both acts ot the Legislature are legal. The petitioner was denied relief. FEOJI MILWAUKEE. Killed on Shipboard-Sale of a Chicago Tug Boat, Arc. ” [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, March 21. Jas. Scnliy,roato of the schooner Naooleon, fell from the rigging *o the deck and was almost in stantly killed, near Port Washington, yesterday afternoon. James Lndinglon, of this cily, has purchased the tug Cyclone, of Chicago, to bo used at Pierre -Marquette. Tnc bark Champion was towed to Chicago by the propeller Caldwell. li*l night. ° THE FENIANS. Irish Independence Indefinitely Post poned—Warlike Signs at St. Albany, vt. New Tonx, March 21.—The Irish enthusiasm !o this city Las ail subsided, and the late rebellion in Ireland is conceded to have been a disgraceful failure. The only party who receive any attcu iron are those who favor an Invasion of Canada. Several meetings have been held on the subject of an earty Invasion, and steps arc being taken tbatJook somewhat like work. Tie 27.(raid's SL Albans correspondent says that several United States army officers bad ar rived aid passed through that village lately, al though no troops had come as yet. it was ru mored, however, that ft force had been forwarded from Fort Warren, ihe militia officers about the village had been consul ting as to the amount of equipage and ammunition to tit up certain companies tor service. On the other hand, several binds of Irishmen had arrived, well equipped with every thing requisite for a lonr, and bearing traces of an undoubted tendency toward Fcniaulsta. FJIOM MEXICO. A Great Army of Cavalry—Expected Battle— iTSaxiinlilau. New Yobs, March 21.—The Herald's Vera Cruz correspondent says: “Tbc most formidable body ot horsemen known in Mexico for man? years has been organized aid placed nnder Mejia’s com mand. and should the expected battle prove a Lib eral defeat, it will most probably be urged into a disastrous rout. On the other bind, if Maxi milian is dcleatcd, his cavalry will suffice him for a desperate attempt to cut his way to the Rio Grande, when he will lake refuge In the Unlied Stales." JKOJI CANADA. - jpolltlcul—All Quiet on tho Frontier. MOKTDEAt, March 21.—Nearly all the present members of Parliament In Lower Canada wilt bo returned tor the House of Commons. A lar<~c number are as yet unopposed. U Is understood that the election will not take place until midsum mer. Reports received by Genera! Mlchiel show all qnict on the Irontier. I'here Is no ground what ever for excitement on account of Fenian move ments; FKO3I KEff TOUK. Correction--Tim Tammany Society to Build a New ftftull. New York, March 21.—The Mrs. Kimball, who came to her death as alleged, from the effects of an attempt to produce abortion, was not tie wife of Major Kimball, of the Hawkins Zouave*, hat the widow of the late Lieutenant Kimball, ta'ten ptifoucr during the Mexican war. and died In cap tlvliy. Ihe wife ofMajoi Kimball is employed In one of the Departments at Washington. Ihe Tammany society has purchased a lot on (he north aide of Fourteenth street, lorznerly tbc CHICAGO. FRIDAY. MARCH 22. 18«7. Fite of the Medical College of tit? Uniw-ity which oorned down with the Academy of Mane, i be ground la one hundred and sixteen ieet front and one hundred, and twcnxt-oae deep. The

cost Is The balance la left for a building fund, being $70,0(10, which wld he increased ser eral thousand- An VDsoccessfal Salt for Damage. Buffalo, March 21.—Tbecaso of Albert Scurges, of Chicago, against E. 6. Prosser. of this city, waecoLUDded yesterday. The plaintiff was nou sulUd. The prooeller City or Buffalo, last-um mer, while unloading at hlarges' elevator, la Buf falo, caught fire and destroyed the elevator, tor which $.60,000 damages were claimed by Albert Siurgea. tr WAIT BROTHERS Advertising Ag’ta 120 receive adverUfi««bßU tor all the lending papers tfarsashoac the (Jolted Himes nod Canadas. iftasonlc W otitts. ATAaONIC.—A. Regular Convocation .LtJL or Washington Chapter ho. 43, B. A.U.. w'll be held at tVelr hail, No. 82 West Randolphat.,, THIS EVENING. at 7k o’clock. Work on M. AI. Degree. JOHN WHITLEY. Secretary. TTENTION, SIR KNIGHTS! _ A Special Conclave of Apollo Commandory No. 1, It. T . will br held at their Asylum THIS (Friday) EVEN ING. March 22. at 7k o’clock, sharp. Work on K.T. liy order of the E. C. B. B. UNDERBILL. Recorder. Societg fßcetinss. JLLINOIB ST. ANDREW’S SOCIETY. FUNERAL NOTICE. A meeting ot the si. Andrew's Seclety will be held nt Room No. 101 Wa-lilng'on-«t.. on FRIDAY, V3d IreL.aia p. nt, t» attend mo of tbe lats Adam Murray, a member cf the Society. CB AS. M. MDBRAT.Sec’y. BiUUtwerg. RADIES, A.TTISN'TIOISr I MILLINERY OPENING! —AT— -71 X. alse-st.. SATURDAY, March 23. Tbe ctilzens or Chicago are reapcctfollr invited to call and examine my atoctt. MBS. A. B. PTTEMOET. Sjacftmen’s pinion, J HE HACKMEN’S UNION, OB’ CHICAGO, Gives notice to the public that they will do wort for the following puces: Theatre or Opera and Recant. S. D„ north of Twelfth-Bt M.OO s. U., souto ot Tweifth-gt 4AO N. D., ho nth of Chicsgo-av 3.00 S. O , notch ot CUlcaco-av 1.00 IV. D, cast of n»lated-Bt S,co \V. D., west cl ilabtel-st 4.00 Notice to the Travelling Pnblffc. paffcacm can rule from one depot to another, or to any hcM, for the same price ai the omnibu>e& 50cents each,ordinary bagemto included. pmons coins to any other part ot tbe city can rldo lor the following rated: Any dlttaice not t xccedlng one mile. 50 cents each. Anyclsiancevzceedireone mile, 11.00: same fam ily or party, 50 cents each. Any oUtAnoeczc<'odlidtwomllM.StJ)o; same fam ily cr pai ty, 50 cents each. Ry the hour—For the first hour, *3.(0; for each additional hour, f 1.00. Citizens an 1 the public In general arc requested to sec that the word •• Union” fs on the carnages they •mploy. ta none others belong to the Ua-kmeirs Union ot Cblcaso. The public are cautioned not to pay any attention to any report that oiny be made In renard to this Un of prices, for the members of the Union intend to lire up to it. Any tcttpnl or misdemeanor on the part ol any owner or driver should be repotted, with bis number, tj their office, Room At McCormick's Building. FRaNCIS WARREN, President. PATER JOUnson. Treasurer. GEORGE W. YoITSO, Secretary. Sstocß anti dFurss. JOSEPH ULL3IANK, dealer in HIDES AND FURS (ESTAULISUED IS 1557), •’fCP to Jr form the trad* that lx* has taken tlift nrem lfpi». -* l-l L«.ko-Ft. and MHS South Water--*. Chicken, « here (In ccm-cdon wlili his old established and «*►!! known bov-wm St. Paul, Mitm-sotn), fc o jnte&da per sotallr r. canyon tre atxne bn-lnrs*. and hl§ factU lies, h- lb in l.urcne and the Statu, DcUis nosarp used embits him at all times top.ythc inchest market flee- for every kind of Shoppies Furs. Dintra To— Hrst Rational Hank, Bt. Paul; Porno & Chnmpltn, St. Paul: Bcanpre A St. Paul;Tra cw.VaMrral Hank*.Chicago; Cbas.F. Orey.Phica-o *onr:ti Natlntal Bank, New yc.rk- J. n. ChemMlln! New Tort; Wm Macnaushton. Sew York; VTm* HU • <•11A C-;., u< ston. 241 Lnkc-sf., 265 South Water-st., CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. 4.0 JACKBON-BT.. ST. PAUL, MiyaEaOTA. jbouge jfuruisijina (Kochs JJJOGeEKEEPING FURNISHING GOODS. Bedding, Lounges, Window Shades, Cornices, Upholstery. JAMES DURHAM & CO., MAN I.'FA CT [J HK! LS, co rtAAruoLm-sT iHusical. I'HE SOUNDS OF THE SEA. New Song with Chorus. COMPOSED BY J. IP. WEBSTER. Price 40 Centsi This most bfan'.lfdl Ballad bids f,lr lo exceed In dop | iarlty any °f pic amhor’i farmer works. Although It is hut <0 dara since It way Is-ucd trotn the press, it has already run through six editions. * ETON & HfAI.T, Publishers, Clark and Washlngton-st*., Chicago. ISxpregg gTompanlcg. '■pHE’ MEHCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITAL - - $20,009,000. Owned and Operated by Onr Merchants and Manufacturers, CARDIES BY’ EXPRESS, Money. Talon l:ic«i Freight and Parcel** over more than 13,000 miles ot Express Line, at Just and liberal rates, saves Millions yearly to Ex urcss SblpDcrs, ondeno bo made permanent only by Ihelr liberal patronage. This we hope to mtrlt and receive. Office, Nos. 103,106,107 & 109 Dearborn-st. B. HI, COOP23R Aeont. Steamers. NAVIGATION. NAVIGATION OPEN! STEAMER SEA BIRD, 01 Goodrich Line, will leave for RACINE, MILWAU KEE, otd prrta ncrlh of Milwaukee, This morning, March 22, at 9 o'clock. gr Office aid Deri:? b-luw Rash-st. bridge. Saral instate SALE— Genteel Wabasli-av, Residence, With Lot 40 by 160. NEABEIiBRIDGB COURT Tbemoft thorough bntlt two-rtory and atone base ment frame house on the avenue. Reared by steam throughout, in line repair, and containing all modern improvements, *°r a first-class residence, the roost cet liable one that has been o Bored this season. Terms favorable. Inquire of A. J. AVERELL.R«aI Estate Agent, Room 7, Metrjpjtttaa Ultdc. FOR bALE—borne ol ihe best business and residence property m the cltv. Those wish ing to make a good Investment, from |5,0i0 to #IO.OOO, mould tall on ’ * N. D. RAPPLSr & CO„ _Wctonoffersomcextfa * trusses rjUICSSES. Hernia or Rupture, John IMffeler. No. 30 North Clark-st.. Matmfaclu xerond lepalrer and dealer la all kinds of Trusses, Bandages, Ac. Pamphlet free. Orders attend-.d to promptly. .-{Financial, Tl if ONET TO LEND in sums oi $2,000 Jr C to 810. CW or more, on First-class Farms or Chicago City Property. Describe property and address p, O. Box 287 C. MLatet Eunator. 'gOARDMAN’S Patent Water Elevator WITH MEW SEEP-ACTISG RATCHET. Manufactory at fort Wayne, Indiana. One of the Heat and Cheapest Articles In Use for liaising iVnier from iVclisand CiMcm Thty are especially rerrlccibTc la DEEP WELLS, ana area with either HOPE or CHAIN. As no tuning of wc od, -ron or lead is used, the water is kept PORa. -v £ waa J aa Aff® l In every tnwn and township jn w£&5 ,twl fataies > aod we offer the lollowtng INDUCE- JucMTtt: To Merchants, Mechanics. Farmers and Manufacturer)). * .yevDldw a PATENT RIGHT pKED for an undi vided hslMbtcrest la town;hip«. In aar part*f theconmry notalrfady.taken, to any party who will sell for ns within the year HJC7, iro n 12 to 21 machines, according to the population, ter pirn town* shlpsoconvojed. Accctr ate tnanngllfiO n*r month on their sales, be sides seenmg the territorial mot. Simple mscht: es will be s-nt to any address on the receipt of U.,-wholesale trice. Fo: prices, circulars and Icfannatlon. addreu 5.R.80 RDM AN A CO., fort Wayne, Indiana. F. K. ORVI9, and I Age its, CUAS. E. WHITMAN, f CHICAGO. (General Notices. JHE UNIOIiPIPER COIUBCO. EXPOSED. I will pay tbe costs and cipemea of soy cauoroer of mine who will allow the Colon Paper Collar Co. to sue tin for Belling my Paper Collars, which arc not U. censed by said Company, providing the party so sued will allow me to defend tbe suit. THE FACT IS, they commenced a salt against me a Ic4g time since, but nothing has, or over will come of It. They also com* menced suits against many dealers, but nobody has evcryelbceaturt. They know very well Icm pro ve their patents to be a fraud on the public. ] will em ploy a lawyer immediately. In any town they suea cu#- tomcr of mine, to defend the suit, and should thcpa*ty sued desire It, I will give falm a bond of Indemnity flgalnttloes; he will not bare to attend the Court him self one boar. One soil tried wl.l settle the validity of their patents lortver. ONE TRICK THEY U3K to In duce parties to sign tbclr papers. Is to threaten to place an InloncUon on them. This'hey caanttdo In toy of the Western or Middle States until their palct-ts are de dared valid In tbe United Sta'ci Courts. 1 bars been inform id Hit y pay som; parties as mambas |3o)totlgn their paper, which they use to intimidate others. Tours Respectfully, S. W. H. WARD, 367 Broadway, Hew York, P.S.—Please remember tho only thing me Union Paper Collar Co. can co Is to serve you with a sum mens, which please accept and forward to me. P. PEUGEOT, Agent for Chicago, gOAKD OF THADE. TOE ANNUAL SALE OF CHOICE OF TABLES Will take place at tbe Booms on Moudaj morning the 2.511 i liut., AT 10 O'CLOCK. By order cf the Board. Chicago, March 21. ISC7, JNO. F. BEATT. Secretary. TVTOTK E TO HUNTERS —Primer* J-\ are cautioned aeali st a person come around sell- ItgPriDtl e Inks, as he ears, nf Ms e.» a manaticture. but .hawing *neduien cards with the tiameol the m »-• ti&clorm cut from th- top jftbc card, and as 1 brlievc kV'-JC to another Or u. KIMVIX DU LaURENS. Travelling Attest fur tlio celebrates printing Ink* msnuiactnrea by Messrs, phla. Par Chlcigo. Marchy. 11=67. Jfire ffroof jyafcg, rpHE . GREiT JIESICiS SAFES —OF— DIEBOLD, BARMANN & CO., CEVCXIN3VA.XZ. Toe doors of all lire Proofs lined with heavy Boiler Ii on. No extra charge for Combination Locks. FOR SALE ONLY DF IF 1 . W. PBATT, 86 Waahington-at. ®aanfrh TXTANTED—By the Stcunly Life In i'T ruracce Company of New York, AN AGENT HOIC Till* CITV, Fjtporlccccd in the*. App’v to JAMES H. KN."PP,Genethl Agent. IIS c omu Clurk-SL, Rooms 18 and ID. Otflte hours, 9 to 10 a. m. and 2 to 3 p. m. A FIRST-CLASS BUSINESS MA.’N and PRACIIC-L ACCOUNTANT, with best ol references, If open for an Engagement. Has a good knowledge ot the Frtcch langnag-*, and would n-.t obj ci to going abroad. Address “J P IV," P.O. BoxldCQ. AAA —Partner wanted, silent • or nrtlve, wlfn the above nii-ouui. in a well rstablubed commission business. None but reliable btudoces men nc*d apply. Forfurthcr particulars address P. o. Box 5565. TNSUUANOB. "WILL PAS’ 108 For few shares MERCHANTS’ INS. CO. STOCK. C. B. GOODYEAR, Uemotials. ■OEMOYAL. DA.VIS EH.OS., DEALERS IN CHEESE, Hare Bemored lo 4C South TTater-st JFot Sale- jpOK SALE AN BNTIHIJ BOUSEHOLD, Conflating of an elegant complete Rosewood Parlor Set, with satin coverings, fine Velvet Carnets and Begs, Rorewood and buck Walaut Bedroom bet. all of widen is nearly new; Carpets for each bedroom, spring am) Hair Matresies: sitting room set. with carpets: Mltror, Curtains, and fixtures: dicing r »om set, with f Use Ward; kitchen utensils, with cooking aluve. The abr-ve will be sold reasonable, and must be sold by me first of A prll or win be packed op, as the Umliy mure off by that time. Call at 513 Wabaah-av. pRINTING OFFICE FOR SAIiE. The undersigned ofiers lor sale, on very liberal terms, me presses. type, fixtures and good-will of the A»cola Record. Aicola is atb-lvlcc lows of 1,300 in habitants, on the I. C. R. K. Address A. SELLERS. Ttt>cola. Douglas Co., 111. fTOR SALE—A ’Wild Cat. Peoria Ma- V rlnc and Fire Insurance Companj’s policy fora loss ofleiS than O.NE THOUSAND DOLIAUS, Fcrlnionna’lon address CHICAGO LITIGATING CONCERN. N. B.—Look out for Wild Cats. Chicago P. O. JKVESTAIENT. lEt£E X Xj XL* m THE PROPRIETOR OF A NEW A No. I FLOBRWe 91UML, (Water power), located in Mtnncssta. having more business than be con attend ts, wl) scl, a one-half in* tcrcstlu bis mill. The cash and good busmen experi ence necessary. To tut right man It is the host invest ncr tin the Slate. _ Address “MILLEiy* Tribune office. T> ARB CHANCE FOR FOK SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK DF Dry Goods, Groceries, &x. Invoicing about sl2,ofC; a’l purchases within a yea ratKaialeaseon tl re. S'-sr* located inathnnsj town a short distance from Chicago. Satisfactory rea sons siven for telling. For o»it.culaT3 Inquire or K. V. KO&BINo. Commission Merchant. H 2 LsSalie-sL. Chicago. 'T'O CAPITA I.XbTS. J iiawarszK. Ma*ch I. ISC7. Having decided to rc'loqnißh bULlccas. we oiLr our establlHhc-enllorsalc. Our house was SSTABXiXSBCD In 1846, Has b’en In existence 31 years, and U now plar-don » safe, firm ana permanent basis, and to men m capital who are oeslrous of en oarking in a PROFITABLE branch of trade (wholesale and J.-bhlng onlj) this pn sei ts a rare and valuable opportunity. Our stock I full, ec braces nunc but the staple goods, and the tmsmesj Is In perfect turnons order. n. BO*<VVi»«.TII dk so.\«t, Wholesale Drogglsts, Milwaukee, Wls. Carpets, ©it Clotfis, &c. QAKPETB. MIiMS! BJIR6AII AT THE Great Carpet Hall -OF HOLLISTER & PHELPS. 135 and 137 Lake-st. ‘THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED CARPET HOUSE IN THE WEST." CABPSTS, 02Z. CTOTHBt W2KDOW CUBTAXNO, SHADES, 20ATTBB88B8 & BEDDING, BBATBSHB, And a general assortment of House Fur nishing and Upholstery Goods. VVc have Just received a large and well sclcricd Biock. pnicfanssd at the recently reduced prices, and, with a octcrmloatinn wot to he undersold, fool confldcut we <*"t make It the Interest of all wishing goods la oar line, to examine oar stock before pur chasing. Z3T Do sot forget the Number, 105 and 187 Latc-st- Dissolution, pjISSOLTJTION OP COPARTNER- L/ situ.— The partnership heretofore existing be iwc'n tbe ucdetaigned under the arm of S. W. HULL & CO, absolved- on the BClh day of February. 18S7. by mutual consent. * * u A J ! CL“ , JV£. d , ne P r br the B1)d Ann trill be aettled by b. W. HULL, at the otfics ot *fe CLOON, Comer of North Dearlors and Illln^ln-tts. S. w. HULL, .UcKP.satcna.u3. o.y.atwlm. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. Tbe subscribers have this day entered Into a Copart nership, lor tbs purpose of trxmsctlog a General Banking Business* Under the Arm name and style of HULL & C'LOON, As successors to E END ALL BROS. Their Factory- cn the corner ot North Dearborn and Blinds bt«. is fitted up with all the latest improve ments In Machinery, 4c., 4c. I*, b. oijoojxr, known to the trade, for twenty years, la Clacln atl, la about removing to this city. S. w. HULL. .... P-B. ULOoN.lateofClrclnnatl. CLlcacn, Feb. 26,15C7. THE COPARTNERSHIP tcrctoiorc existing beiwccn the nndcrsL-ncd. under the Arm ■tame of Telman, I‘lnkhnm 4 Co., Is this day atssslved •v mutual consent. Theb sinctsof the latofirtn will bcscttled bySam’l \. Tolman, who a:one will sign the name ol toe Urm •nt-tUlemr-m. (Signed,) BAM‘I. A. TOLMAN, HORATIO B. PI.NKHAM. IT. B. Pickham retiring, me business of the late firm of XolmaD, Pinkliaro A Co- at ,T 3 South Wat:r-st * IT hereafter be conducted by the undersigned, under tws firm tame ot TOLMAN, CROSBY & CO. SAM’L A. TOLMAN, I. F. CROSBY, J. A. KINO. In connection with the above I take the opportunity V' ei' re-a to the many friends and patrons nt the late ■rm my sirrcicthauks lor tbclr warm friendship and ibcr*l support. Tiie state* of my health demanding a chance ofclt natp, 1 have reluctant] t severed the connection beret> orefcxi&tlnc between Mr. S. A-T-Mmanand myself, and ileposed of mv Interest to Messrs. Uro-by 4 King. It gives me great pleasure to Inform my friend®, and dealer, In Drags gciiorally, that the facilities ot M-ssrs. clrtan. Crosby 4 Co. l»r doing a M’h;lt«aln Dru* radu are surpassed by no hou*e In the Northwest, rhch prtstits-cckls largo and well assorted, which, skin in cctu-ccUon with the row relug ’fleeted In the Eastern mviketa, will make It greatly to your an vantage to giro them a call and took heir stock. I would also cab your attention to their fork <>MVlcfs ami Liquor/, which have been selected nrtng the past eight year*, amt, for aco and purity, 'ar exceeds any stock of those goods In this market. , ~ HORATIO B. ITNKQAM. f lilcsgo, March 12,1867. FIIE COPAETNERSHIP HERETO- I tOIDi cxlsUig between ibo undersigned under liehim tamcof FAESOH & WOODS, is this day dltiolved by mutual consent. The bnsia-ss of ibe laic firm will b.-sctHed by James Farson, wai Hiore win slue the name cl the Orm In settlement. To take ellcct from Marco 14, ISCT. JAMES KARSON, Chicago. March 21, 1667. A * H * WOODa * The bnslnca* of 'he above firm will be continued un der the firm of FARSON & BRAYTON, REPUBLICAN WIGWAM BUILDING, 'orrerof IjiVc and Market-sts..Noi 5, ‘AVandaw ■vbcrcaliblUa dne the firm of Faraon & Wuodi mult x paid. FAESON & BRATTON. pOPARTNERSHIP CHANGE. ' > Kouce Is hereby ctqen, that the eutite interest of Francis 31. Lamb. In the firm or McDonald. L»mo A co., has been purchased by the undersigned, the re maining pirtLCre, who will continue the general c-m --ini slou business ns heretofore, under thename and * tyle of McDermld, Ocrtel A Co. J. J. McDKRMID, F. D. OKRTKL. 11. V. GRIFFIN. NOTlCE.—Having sold my interest In the Ann of Mc- Dctmlil, Lamb A Co, id my lite partners as abare. 1 retire therefrom from this date, ana solicit lor the firm the patronage of my old friends and tho public gener ally. F. 31. LAMB. Chicago. March 16.1667. (Groceries. STOKE, No. 20 North €larh-st. We have jn-t purchased this well-tnown Stare, and shall a.waj-8 keep a large and well-assorted stock ot GEOCEEIES, PEOVISIONS, And anything needed by a.d would re etiectlcuy solicit the patronage of ill the old custom ers, and as many new ones as possible. Ur. James u. Hasson will remain with os. BZIXiUa & Z.ABHL&N. , CARD.—I most cheerfully recommend Messrs. MIL LER *v LAHMAN to all my customers and the public re> crally. They will keep, at ail times, as fine a stock <•1 GiocctJes na the best in the market, and customers may rest assured Ihelr won is will ce attended to In the Deit manner. J. B. DOUQLTT. Chicago. March 20,1567. jlapec. CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COHUISSIOH PAPEE DEALERS, SLXLXCS TS Paper Makers’ Findings, Chemicals, etc., 170 Hasdolph-stiy Chicago. We offer for s&lc to dealers and connmers •J.WOO Bundles News and Print 28*42 •f««9 do do do 21*36 I.uOO do do do 'J'Jitis do do do 2'»tß7 |.«J|O do do do J7ii 1 1.500 do do do 2N* 1-1 .',31111 do do do Hlktllk I.MIO do do do <1 c 1’%3 3,««« do do do ,OcN* do do do 25*39 I*ooo do do do 20*39 cUO do do do 26*43 Extra Fixes made to order on short notice. For salt it the lowest market prices for CASH. i=ge anir 32 at. 4 Insulting and operaxive!^^ rOBGEON, \V For ail diseases and deformities o» the Eve and wJ Ear. 12-1 tacdo ph »L. Chicago. Cross Eyes elralgbt med m one idH ute, without pain or danger to sight. French Artificial Ey»a constantly on hand. cfcfio lit era’ fEreting. VriCHIGAN SOUTHERN & NORTH- A>X ERN INDIANA K. R. CO. No.iaWiLixaifSTiiEeT. ) ... Nkw York, March 15. 1567. f The annual e cctlon lor Directors of this comnany will be bvld at the Company’s olllcc la Toledo, Ohio, cn Wulac-day, the Jlth cay of April next, at noon. The polls will remain op»n until 2p, m. Tne Stock Transfer Books will be closed on the Seth lest, at 7 p. ci.. ard reopened on the 25th proximo at to a. m. u. I'. BaRUXDT, Secretary. Slliug-'es QREENHAY SHINGLES Of the best brands received dailybvrallroad, which wo ate selling In carload lot* lowest mar ket rates. BLANCHARD A BORLAND, Scntisttg. r rEETH EXTRACTED X w ITHOIIT PAIN.. BV THE COLTOM DENTAL 'VTio onpitatcrt tbeansesibrUe Gas, ate oaveglveu It to ever pBUhTNe xlracilon of teeth, wlthnat sn &<■■». caar tr.tce n? pals. Come to beaddUSSß, IWoSsaand 1,1 ImcsUtaidlng, IIS Dcafr)t.n»Bt. NUMBER 255. 3Bubiiwbb (Sachs. gACOH, ENNIS & CO;, (Sacceann to H. BAG OS A coo COMMISSION MERCHANTS -nr- FLOUR, GRAIN, &c., No. 116 laSaUe-st., Chicago. Liberal Advances made on CeoslgnßScni*. t&~ Property Bought aad Sold oa margins. QTORAQB KJ AND PROVISION INSPECTION. Alone again. and thiee doors north of old Ware house. with ample Storage Boom tor my old and new menat. Provision*, Lard. *c„ Inspected and repacked, here or ontslde in pood style, and hope tor your old and kind records. Address your orders to Toots truly, J. B. TAYLOR, Storage Ac. J W. POTTLE & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 144 LaSalle-st., Chicago. Advances on Consignments* FLOUR, PROVISIONS, &o. Property Bought and Sold os margins, j. v.romr, jqpmdppkt,j*., y.n. nzscuay. -jgSTABLISHED 1U37. lewis. ham os co„ SOLB aOHJ»T3 Towers’ Railroad Varnishes PLOUK. J. B. HOBBS & CO., EXCLUSIVELY FLOUR COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ICC Wasbington-st., Chicago, 111. OUTLER, MILLS & MORRIS, Real Agency. Brldae-st.oppcsltetbePostOfflce. Mlnneapolla,Mm. neaota. Farms. Lands, Houses, Lots, StocksTnonrta. College So Ip, etc., bought and sold on commission. Collections msec, titles examined, taxes paid, and sen* eral care taken of Misatsota property, for noo*resl* dents. Refer to W. P. f’oolbangh, President, C. T. Wheel er. Vice President, Union NaMonal Dank; Fitch A WUiiamg, Chicago: Got. ffm. B. Marshall. Gen. Van Clere, Minnesota; Wlnstow. Lanier A Co., New York; lion. J. Scott Barrtaon. J. A. Fra«r, Eiq., Cincin nati ;Oov. o. P. Marten, Hon. Schnyler uollax, Hon. John Cobarn, Indiana. UNDERWOOD & (JO., General Commission Merchants, Cor. LaSalle and Vasbiogton-sta, CHICAGO, Give particular attention to both baying and aelUat Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. Property bought and held on margins, and sold doth to this or Easters markets. IV Special rates ot commission made to those VM isrnlsh their own money tor large porehasu ol pros erty to be held tor sale by ns. P. L. Underwood. Ben. W. Under wo* H. M. RUPEE & CO,, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN BEEF, PORK, LARD, Smoked Beef and Breakfast Bacon. Also, Extra Encar-cared Family Hams of oar own caring, and branded “11. M. Dapee Co.” 124 South Waterrst. gMOKED MEATS. E. P.MARSH, ■WHOLESALE DEALER IN PORK, BEEF, LARD, AND SBffOZSD KSATS, ISO SOUTH WATER-ST. H~ OLDEN & PENDLETON, Whsleealeacd Retail Dealers m Hardwood and Ifhitewood Lambert Office ana Yard, 30-1 Sooth Franklln-st* bet. Vat Oorec and Hamso . Cbicagr. P. O. kox 27110. EZT*Dliis cot to order.. m isaac n. noLDEX.js. apuoxDpaypLgTCH. furniture. gg UANDOLPH-ST. PIKE CAVANNA. Furniture, BEDDING AND UPHOLSTERY.' Banks amr Bankets. JAS. 17, TUCKER & CO, AMERICAN BANKERS, SAND 5 BUB SCRIBE. PARIS, FRANCE, Boy and eel! United States Securities, negotiate loans on same, boy and sell Drafts on America, l»eue Caab Letters of Credit, and transact a General Commission btaioers. A’lo.havcconnectcdwltb tbelr Banking Boose an American Beading Room. Steamer Office, American Registry, and a Peat Office, where all letters to their care ate delivered or lot« anlcd ai may be directed. AMERICAN CORRESPONDENTS. L. P. Morten & Co- 33 Wall-SL, New York. F. W. Andrews. 61 state-ft- Boston. Townsend. Whclen & Co., Walnnl-st.. Philadelphia. State Savings Instltntlon. Chicago. HI. "OTINSLOW, LANIER & CO., ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT For Travellers, available In all parts of Europe. NOS, iiy A 2D PINE-ST- NEW TUBE. ffalnts, ©its auh ©lass. JpOR SALE—Samuel Greene & Co.’s STOCK OF PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES, -AJTD FIXTURES, In Store 129 South Water-st., Chicago, FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN. Nurseries. gHiiFFIBLD NURSERY, Bacine-st, and Ctyboarne-av. ESTABLISHED 184$. Carso Tree* far meets, largo Evergreens, fionerlss hhrabs, Choice Bose*, Fruit Trees, Grape Tines, Green Boose and ISedotng Plants. P. O. Box 062. MARTIN LEWIS, Proprietor. transportation. ■f CftT —THE NORTHERN TRANS IOV) I • POBfATION CO., olOhio.. win. during. Uie present season, run their wcll'knowa Line of Pint- Line» Freight and passenger Siiamcra regularly be tween Chlcagu, Milwaukee, Oswego. Cape Vincent, ana Ocdensburgh. Ccnncctjne at Ocrteushurcn with the railroad lor Boet- n and all points In Northern New York and New Lnsland, and line of steamers tor Montreal and Quebec. At Cape Vincent with the railroad fer New York. At Oswego with a line of first class canal boats Tor Albany, Troy nnd New York. Steamers leave Chicago tri-weekly—every Monday, Weoflwday and Friday. Through freight sunject to only one transshipment. PfcspDeers ticketed to ad points AGENTS—J. Mycre and H. Hlgbee, No. 9 AJlor Home, New York; .Tcha Hocking. So. 7 S'ate-st., Boun; ©.Breed. 74 Pcarl-st.. New York; Geo. A. Eddy, Oeaen‘bnrgh, N. Y.; Charles aUDoju Oswego, J«. V.; Wm. B. Buckley, Cane Vincent. N. T.; Walker, Hayes A Co_ Toledo, Ohio: N, J. tiodler, Detroit; O.d. Hale, Milwaukee; French. Childs * Co., Cleve land. O. N. J. HOWJS, Chicago. JOHN H. GREEN, Gen’LWeatem Passenger Agent, Chicago. patents. JJOBEUTSON, BIIOOJIAN & CO.. (ESTABLISHED 1B23), BBITISH AHD CONTIffEUTAI PATENT AGENTS! (Proprietors cf the Mechanics* Magazine.) Offices: 116 fleetest., London) England* T>ATENT OFFlCES.—lnventors -whc X with to take out fatten) Ptt?nt ttra a-ialsed tc counsel with MUNN £ CO., Editors ol tie Scientist Ac crlcir. who bare prosecuted claims before the Patent Office for ntarly twenty years, Tb-lr Amertcti and European Patent Ac<mcy la tbe aoat exunslreti tbe world. Charles less than any outer reliahl* aceccy- * A pamphlet, contaimcg 101 l instrutiocs to toveaV ors.lssentgraas. Address MUSN A CO., 37 Park-tow, Ktw York. business ®atßß. JOSEPH I. HALL & 60., unmemm or Hull’s Patent Concrete, Fire and Burglar Proof SAFES, ASS Yidor Combination Lotts, S 3 DEABBOEN-9T. t. M. FASSETT, iamno PHOTOGRAPHY. rF“ Pictorts taken la d~rk as wen as tnpleanataeat&er. Gallery, lit Sooth Clart-st. QREENLEE BROS. & CO. Manufacturers' Agents ftr and Dialer* in STEAK ENGINES, Circular Saws, Belting, WOOUEK MACHUTEBY, 4nd Supplies for Woollen MU'*. Ma**hln* UU’Tooisot an kinds; also Wood Work* UK Machinery. K 0.32 DEARBORN-ST. HALLOCK A WHEELER, MjLSTTAcmxsa* Aotsn to* STTBBEB AND L2ATHBE belting, Rubber Goods, &c. 11l Handolph-rt- i. E. WILSON & co., MaQQ&sturers and Dealers in Mens’ and Youths’ Furnish in? Goods, JLSB SHIRTS 135 Oearborn-si- SPIINO STYLES. GEM’MESSHATS, GEHTS 5 BUSINESS HATS, YOUTHS* DRESS AND SCHOOL HAT®. All the latest and most tashlon&ble styles. BISHOP & BARNES, 115 Latte-s u BANfIS BROTHERS. BABSTOTTS NEW Cooking Range. Coo kins. Lanndrr and Tailors* STOVES. Registers and Ventilarois. 8S MONRO&-ST., (Nearly opposite the Post Office.) BILES, BRO. & CG., Watches, Diamonds, jawnLay and SILVER GOODS. |y A rents tor Dogers. Smiths Co.’s Piated 'Ware and 0, S. dock A liras* Co. of Chicago. KIMBALL, STEVENS & Gft, WHOLESALE CLOTH BOUSE 64 and 66 MICniGAN-AY. PHILIP WADSWORTH & GO*) ILurmcTUEns and Jobbxcs or CLOTHING, 34&36Lak&-Bt. 95 Devonahirwt, Chicago, iix. Uoerox, Maas. J. 3a M'BRATH, Masttactteib and Impueixs of PAPER EAMIMJS AST) WETDOTT SHADES. Warehouse, 78 Eandolph-st., Cii'l.'A 1,. TURNER, BRISTOL & GDI Btaursis I Leather & Shoe Findings,! Importers of French and Gorman Calf Skins, 16 & 18 Stnte-st., Chicago. Agents lor Taylor’s Oak Belting- iHEBBABD & SPEYER, I 131F0BT1SS or Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 ancniGAy-AY.. Chicago. 260,000 TCB££I£B & WHSOH Sewing Machiaf nr use. The cumber increasing 1,000 per week. ABTHX7B PABBAH, IQCLak&gt, AgLfbrtbe Northwest. . M. D. WELLS & CO., BOOTS & SHOES, 38 DAKE-SXJ CHICAGO. LUNT, PRESTON & KEAN, banker©, 47 Clark-st. 7-30 b exchanged for new 3-2 Os at oar coaater. Land Warrants & Collece Scrip for'Sale. WM. W. STRON3. FURNITURE. 203 Randolph-st., . O. Box 2353. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, 'SUCCESSORS TO BOWEN BROTHERS,' Wholesale Dry Goods, And China, Glass Sc Crockery, 15,17,19 & 21 Randolph-st. HAYDEN & KAY, LEATHER, CARRIAGE GOODS, SADDLERY HARDWARE, 45 & 47 LaJrs«st) Chicago* HART, ASTEN & CO., FLOUR SACKS, CRAIN BAGS, And Bags of Every Description. Paper Floor Seeks ol the Best Quality. 183 Bonth Vate>st. J. SAUER AC Manufacturers and Impc Icsital Inslrnmcnls and Strings Also’, Wholesale Dealers is PIANOS & ORGANS. No. 030 Broadway, NEW YORK. N 0.60 \Vashlogtoa-»t. C’fHCAGQ DR. J.O. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, 11C Baiidolpb-st, Xeeth Extracted 'Without Pais for SI.OO, By the meet Nitrons Oxide Ga*. or Vl tallzea Air. Teeth inserted on the Vai canlte or Bobber Base for (U to I JO a act. IRVINE, JONSS & CO,, (Successars to Graves & Irvine,) WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, Dress Trimmings, INTOTIOPTS. dsC., l 10 LAKE.ST, UlHtalra. WHITTEMDRE, CARTER & BROWN, Wbclfiale Driers In haw, c a P!?, n i ui.i xeu y as d B*l ItAw Ui)OU». A large stock eofloe nlta, oonzbt atj parlc pr-cea, and will be*oM at tut Uw-| oatft*urca, 11 ft ijf LakMt, C&Xcago. I jgottrtg iHgctingg. Y oras MEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Election. Tie tonsil meeting fbr the election of officers far the •bore A**ccUUcd for Ihs ruining year will ho held is the rcoxnf ox the Asscdaflon, rORTLASD BLOCK. Ob Saturday Kelt, March 23d, 1867. The pollswm Open at #a. m. and close it 7 o. m. 8wb;« of heansp the reoort ox transaction of Doit- SOI, will commerce lt*U n'cteri B, ona, « me Bmß,SlSiii» youNG ken’s association. Begnlar Ticket. Election Salnrday, March 23, 1867. President, EDWIN LEE BBOWN, of Brown Eros. First Tiff Piwid'xrt, Prof. TEUM An u. hAFFoup, of Übicaffo University, Second Vice President. BENJAMIN y. BUTTON, with flowea Bros. Corresponding Secretary, D, E. PBiKSONS, Land Agent Recording Secretary, GEO.W.MCNTGOMBBT, with Ring. Hiraoa 4 Co. Treasurer, L. J. GAGE. Merchants* Savings, Loan A Trust Co. MANAGERS t EEV. BOBEBT COLLYEK. WJLUAM U. CARTER. Architect. EDWARD FORMAN, with S. <t Co BENJAMIN B. WILEY. Real Rstats Broker. CB AS. J. IRVINE, of Irvine, Jones A co. JAMES S. MURRAY. CletE ol Circuit Court. SAMUEL D. PERRY, Mechanics' National n«->r TVTO'nCE—Tire Boss Plasterers of Chi- XI cago wlil meet at ST. GCOBGE’S HAIL On-Soctfi Clari-st. on Satorday night, March 23d, at jptocfe Subscriptions. PROSPECTUS OP ■*• i* “The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co.” Capital Stock - - $500,000, Five Hundred Siarc3,*sl,ooo Each. , This Company has been orgaafred order the General Lawa ol the a taw at I.Units, tor the porpjos at mus. toctuilDßsll kinds cl FAPBaou-d oreDartor FIBE» for other purpose*, from the WILD OltASb toaul ta thu vicinity m cieai abandonee. The practical deretoomeot and oClUlna ol such mt terlal has pees effected through the tsvennoas, aaS the aeTeral Patents issued to 818. UARKISON B. HIBECB, ofFortßdwardt New York. This Company ham* purchased from Mr. Beech an of ih- said pateou S toe Stales, to-wlt: DilnoU, Indian*. Mlcl*- I*o, Wisconsin, lowa and are now prepared *? rrp,tvea Uaawd amonot cl sab*orlpuons to the capital stock. miartilsc echscrtnUons to this S’ocJc, we woald state that the Company are now toeownenot the BATAVIA PAPJ3E MILLS Which are producing at the present ttme two Ci ton* per da? of prut pater. This Min has bslidirss and water power of sufficient CTpajdty.aireafly erected, and tncoaottiot to receive two (.') acdlUonal machines, which hare been ordered, and it is estimate dean be pat In tannine erdsr on or before the first day ol May next, welch wld Increase the capacity and products cf the ts d MU.s to stx (t> tons per day; that, at the present market prices, should yield to this Company a rerr satisfactory profit. Ibe ntore operations of tala Company conl-molata the erection, or cors olidatlmr of other mills with tnetr entemme, within the present year, 1-soln* ice fall amount of laeir Stock, and which wul ptcbably more than doable the loreeolne estimate ot product Of Print, Manilla and If rapping Papers# This company haTingprocured acharter trom the Leculatorc of tl-e State cf nuicis, IncreaMar tretr capital to one miMon of dollars, are a->w reorgaolatur nodet tteir Charter pmllegta. The atocs B«oaa are nowrpcatorsahscrintjonto the xtocr. at the OfflcM cf Messrs. DICKERSON A SHERMAN. 170 Uaa- Coiob-iu where all farther inlormatloa os to the eat. ents, prospects, Aeu w-Jl he .riven. ” In Bo'Jcmr gear friends to snb«rlo« to thl» Stoes. We believe «e are warranted In saying that this enter prisepromises an unparalleled return of profits, com pared with at y other aaanlactamjr baswess hereto- THOMAS S. DICKEBSOS, PresH. CIO. B. MOSS, Vic— Pjerft. (Formerly President Batavia Paper Mill Co.) WM. HANSBKOUGH,£ec*y. I. H. W. SHKBMAS. Titawm. gjgMtrijcs aim Jetaglrg. QFFICE OF ROBBINS & APPLETON,! IS— Broadwar. New Tors. Feb. X. ISCT. TDD3BP.ICMWIMCO., Or ‘WAZaTHAZS, SZABS., Give notice that they ha?a appointed Messrs. N. Matson & Co., JEWSIiLERQ, 117 LAKE-ST., TUBllt SELLING AGENTS IN CHICAGO, Dealers sad the public win fled at all times in the hands of this firm a very Isrsa stock of the Company'* prodncOcns, to he sold as low as they caa be bought la New York or Boston. DOBBINS & APPLETON, STtoinea anfl (Cottage. 'J'WINES, CORDAGE, ETC., ETC, GILBERT HTJBBAED & CO., DEALERS W TWINES AND GOBBAGS, 205*207 SOUTH WATEHST., CHICAGO, The largest and best assortment in the West of an widtbsand weights " D BC,iLiP3; coal TAli ROOFING PITCH AND FELTING CHAINS, TACKLE SLCCKS, Ac. COTTON, FLAX AXO HEMP TWIXES Ot every description; Cotton. Flax, Paper and Jats Wrapping Twites; Bell and Sash Cony, oil! Nets a*** Seines, with every varletj of Seine and NettlngTwtne. Tents, Awnings, Wagon Covers & Tarpaulins. Z* Xa G S Of Silk cr Banting, as per Army BecalaHoni. con* stantly cn band and made to oroer. o. mm card. j.s.Trcm. oro. n. carpett** CHICAGO. Coal HAVE A LOT OF SABO COAX. tor sale cheap, In lota of one ton and upward*, or the entire lot of 30 tons it a bargain, on Waldron 4b Eoonce’scpper yard, near the Ene-st. bridge. WALKER A ARMSTRONG. JJEAD THIS. COAX AT SUMMER PRICES! We hare a few hundred tons cl best LACKA.W4SA and PITTSsTOI* COAL more than will upolr oar cut* to jeers, which we effer, delivered la any part of th«*' city, at the following pnea; Bouse, Egg as d large size*, 81S per Tea. Chestnut ix •* j HIKING AND SUPPLY CO. 33ritft. it-gKICK 3IACHJNK.” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Offlce. Room No. 3. -17 Clark-at... Chicago. J^AGAZINE 10., alters ct BEICE WORKS, oSS,T“ *“ ,o^o., , _ Proprietor. QARU'S PATENT ' BRICK M-aCHKUR Offlce and mamuactory S 3 South ror InicnniUin and dcecriptlTa circular address w S 3 South Jegenbflj^chffVr^ <Cttg Notices. pORPORATION NOTICE. VJ Orki OTTHaßoxaoor Pcblio Works, ? w/.fs.rsiw w? rs 4‘ laiMoa t 0 Chicago, be exfedet SS «m tt K .l n “ str '-et. ct th« same wkk* andtathe same line with that part of sola ahey already thcrcieTt, public notice is hereby given wall that the CommUslooera oi t&s Board of Public Works win meet at Room No. i {ntv Btaus). In bmldmg Nos. 13 and 17 Sonto weilt-an, ra city, on thezSth day cl Mtrce. A.D.WsT.atthe bourol 10 O’clock a. n., to maters <be damages that will be tuatatre-J, and the beneflu conferred, together «lta the coats of tlx* nv reason of me doing ol inch wort aid the making ofaald contemplated im provement. The genera' description of the land to be candcmaed Is a »trlp ct land 13 feet wide, lying between the nirth and tenth lire* ol the 13 foot alley la Block 2, BtiOrr Wright and Webstcrt Addition to Chicago, as nr<K dneed tbrongb HlocfcS t.t Aliessora* Division cfn.ire of K. X of N. W.of See. 9, T. 33, It. 11 .“..belagpart of Eingß&nrj’alraci. J. O. OINDBI.It, FRED. LETZ, 6* Coxmliaionen ol the Board cV'j-nbhctYofga. fHadjumg. A MES' iX Celebrated Portable ard Statiocarr E> Gl;\ F>l. all size*. Snpcrloi t/> alt other*. C. L. KICK A CO., Chicago; SMITH A BIGG', si. L,als. il j.: **JI. P. POVfcY, Milwaukee; JAMBS JB.NKS, U.Uolt, areata. Coll or ceoa lor circular. GENEi’.AI, AGENTS.