Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 22, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 22, 1867 Page 4
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&l)icaga FRIDAY, MARCH 22,1857. THE CITY. EouidorTnip.EucTTOF— The annn.l elec tlon of officers of ihe Board of Trade mil be held on Moody, April Ist Ihe offleera to be eboson are FreeWcul, two vice Presidents, dre Directed fire members of the Committee on snd live on the Conanftee onAppeal£ rb,lra * lon ’ w & ‘^fi°p mc « e : ci s k k„ r “>s-“ nc »-«• Co“»n> OnATOn.—Fred. DoncUss, the doqoejt ch>mpion or the rl~hl« of tho coiorea me. win lecLaro la tbe First Methodist Episcopal S? 1 ?!,?” eecnlne. tskloe as his sih honrccs of Danger to tfie ileDuhlle.*- v tS^sMSr? O^ 6 '/ b s.* nis oaly leclnre « ran Wc(2o °' ltnot lie mu draw a Sckdat School CoscEnr.—The next rcgulir rehcaraal mil occur at Music HaU to-morrow morning at ten o'clock sharp, and the doors will ? < l uarter tea. * , Thl? being the iAßtrelieanileaveone,every slngtr Is expected to ne in place promptly. The concert will take place earlier than at first intended, the time fixed Monday evening, April 1, at the Opera Glass Waee akd —The trade and the public will find one of the largest stocks ol glass goods in the West at Eaton, Maguire & Co.’s, successors to K.F. Merrill. Nos. 71 and7l Randolph street. They keep a buyer among Eastern facto nes. and sell as cheap as any glass honee west of New kork. Goods are sold at wholesale and re MtixnrzßT Goods.—Mrs. A. B. Pnrmort invites the attention of the public to a clock of millinery gooda which she will exhibit at No. 71 Lake street, commencing on Saturday (to-morrow). Having been engaged in this business during ihe past eight years m an Eastern city, she feels confident mat she can merit a share of their patronage. Wo call attention to her advertisement on the flrat page of this ißine. Genteilßesidesce.—Wecall the attention of house hunters to the advertisement, in another column, o( “Genteel Wabash Avenue Residence for Sale.' 1 It Is a good chance for any one wish ing to eernre a nice Lome, In a good neighbor hood, and easily accessible from the business ? D,r i C i propcrtr iB In the bauds At A. J. Real Eemlc Agent, No. 7 Metropolitan Musical akd DjuutAno RxTEßTAizncEsr at the OrznA House.— The entertainment to be given in the Opera House this evening promises to be one ofthc most interesting treats of the season. It will be an amateur performance similar to the encceetful one recently given for the benefit of St. Luke’s Hospital. In addition to the German Micnncrchor, so favorably known lo tbe musical public, a splendid solo is promi*od for tenor and soprano. Reserved tlckeia for sale at tbe Oocra House tt-day. Wc advise our readers to secure seals. A Tonrxor HEsrrcr.—'rhe funeral of Christian Wnrstcr, a woikman who was accidentally killed on Satmday, at the round-house of me Chicago & Bock Island Ballrbad Company in (his city was aUended on Wednesday, by a very large pro cession ol mends. Work was suspended in the car shops, cue all the workmen, clerks and o'her employer, numbering between one and two nnn dred, followed the remains to the grave, thus in dicating their kindly feeling towards their comrade, and their sympathy with fa U bereaved family. LABcenr or Biujard Balia.—At the Police Court yesterday afternoon Michael G. strain was committed for trial In bail of $390, for the larceny of four bllhard balls from a saloon at No. 122 Monroe street, which were afterward sold at Fo ley s for ten dollars. They were held to be worth thirty-five doilats. Strain has held position* of trust and tesporsibllily In this diy and elsewhere, but like many other young men of good abilities, he has acquired a strong love for drink, and the larceny la believed to have been committed when nc was in a state of intoxication. Beal Estate.—The appreciation In the value of real estate in this city during the past thirty-six years is wonderful. As an instance of the In crease wo may mention that (be eighty acres ioiming the west half ofthe northcasi'qaarter of section time, and embracing the twenty-<evcn blocks boui.ded by LaSalle, Market and Ktnxie streets and Cnlcago avenue, was Fold December Sib.lß2o, to Thomas HitrUdU for $124, and to W L. Newberry, m 16SI, for Si,CHJO. The same prop erty. without the improvements, is now worth an average of at least s£o per fyot, or si,6 ! jn,OJU. Usios Despatch compakt.— The annual meet ing ol the stockholders of this company lor the election ol Directors, was held at the office ot the company in this city on ihe 2iet insL, resulting in tbee.ecdos of the following named gentlemen ; Ellas A. Thomas, ol McUenrv County, Illinois dackeon R. Shaver, of la>alfe County. Illinola. Brigham, of Cook County, Illinois. Jerome B. Starring, ol Cook Coumy, Illinois. Wm. W. Wbedon. ot Washtenaw Cuuntv, Michigan. Uhe Etcchtoldcrs were quite extensive] v repre retted, ard the choice of the persons elected was unanimous. Fmts.—The fire at one o'clock yesterday morn ing, barely nunlioucn in Ihc-c columns yester day, partially destroyed a two-story trar-e house at No. BT»3 Kush clreet, owned and orcupl-.d as a residence by Mrs. Fries. The loss amounted to abont?i,CO;t, which was fully insured An alarm ruro; from Box No* G 5 about half-oast ten o'clock Yesterday morning, was canned by tne burning ot a sma’l barn, situated o.- aa allsr by tween Card and Cli- ton STeete, nonh of Lake. Ihe Carnage wasabon' foO, The alar.ii rung from Cux No. 8, «boa* Ruvcn o'clock la t evening, wee occasioned by the burn ing our cf a chimney In Speed's Block, on Dear born sheet. No carnage was done. Vocal Cm-mrE at tub OrenA House.—We are requested to state that no more members can .be received, with advantage to themselves, in the ladies' ana gentlemen's class which meets in Professor McCoy's Lecture Room oa Thursday evenings. Applications may be made, however, lor otoerctasSiA now being foimcJ, and appli cants will be informed on what da», or evenings, and aha: Lours they wjjl jcc* ive'lesionn. Jcttvr. they will please Mate whether ibey preter to join a cay or an evening class, ar d whether their object In taking lessons is lor ihmr uiect oa the health, or lo sireagthen and improve the voice Jr ccnversatlon, reading and speaking, or whether it Is lor the purpose of sieging. Datukc Highway Hobdeut.— The streets arc etl 1 inicsted with gangs of robbers, who pounce upon their unwary victims in cark corner? m tue most utezprciea manner. Awry d-ving exploit of this kind was perioruied on Wednesday even ing, by a pair of ruffians, at the corner o: Clark and Menominee streets, within a few yards of the residence ot Justice Quinn. Mr. Theodore Heg wald, who keeps a ta taring establishment oa South Dearborn street, was proceeding quietly toward bis home in that vicinity, when two men jumped upon him and ktioekcd'him almost sense less on the ground. One of me ruffians held him. while She other, seizing a knife, nppe i open his pockets and s’olc a pocketbook containing $14!). ana a role watch and chain. While undergoing the ripping process, Mr. HegwaM pal his hands mechanically over his pockets ard made acme re sistance, when'the robber drew the blade across his knuckles, lacerating one of hl-> bauds io a fearful manner. Ihc jobbers escaped. Inr Disposition.— Mr. Nathan Sheppard. Esq., of this city, delivered a le.taro last evening on “The Disposition,” in Crosby's Opera ll iose, under the auspices of the Young Men's CnrisU.nn Afsodatioc, and before a large and fashtouabls audience. The lecturer was introduced by Rev. O. H. Tiflanv. D. D„ who announced the inten tion ot the Association, as soon as their n«.w bmldihg would be completed, to give a course of Eopular lectures which would be profitable and in greeting. Ibc Iwnre was a Reid exposition of the ont watd manifestation of character and its infinenct: on society,and in shaping the esamatiou in which the person if held. It abounded iu illnsttn'iuns, XDO«t of them anposlte, ana a few far-fetched. His remarks on the' training of children, were evident ly practical, ana if adopted as the rule in tbc fam ily and school room would be the meaos of mi lerially improving the character of the next gen eration. Presentations. —Mr. Haight, conductor on the Bock Island Railroad, was presented on the 10th instant, by l’e citizens of Jolie*. with a magni ficent gold watch, elaborately chased, as a testi monial of their high respect for him. He is one of the most rained servants of tbc company, and is eminently worthy of this substantial proof of regard. —The employees and many friends of the firm otTolmau, ilnkhazn >c Co., wholesale druggists, on fcoulh Water street, desiring to show their esteem lor Mr. Horatio B. Finkham. who is about Touring from the firm, paid a visit to that gentle man's residence last evening, accompsuied by a band of music, where, alter many compliments to their hotioieo Los*, Hon. T. H. Brown, in n tuns' appropriate speech, on behalf of the assembled company. preteuUd Mr. Plnkbam with u splendid gold watch and ebam. The recipient responded to this mo-t substantial greeting In words of deep feeling, and at the close of his remarks the com f any were invited to paitakc of an vstcmporc eol ation. aft-r which the party retired, each mem ber being animated by the refreshing c onscious ness of having dune r worthy deed. MrsiciriPEnrcnoK.—'The election of Mayor, City Colitcior, City Treasurer, City Attorney and Clerk of the Police Court; and one Alderman and one Constable from cadi Ward, will take place on Monday, April ititb. The Board of Registry will mcel on Tuesday next at the t-evcral places of mee'icg, one in each precinct, for the purpose of revising the lists of voters. Tie Corporation Counsel, S- A. Irvin, Esq., has compiled a set of instructions, a copy of which will be placeu in the bands of every Inspec tor of Election, on Saturday, on application to the City Cieik. Inc Instructions are substantially tbc some as thofe followed at the last municipal election, but are more clearly given. Ihey contain the follow ing additional sentence, which is inferred in tbc Registry Law, hot has not hitherto been insisted on j •‘Ho name can be added (to the poll-list) ex cept on the demand of the person himself, and then only alter his making a true statement of where be lives, name of street, and number of house. It numbered." 1 be effect of this will be to reduce tbc number of names on the list.-, unless tbc voters tike a lit tle mote trouble than heretofore. Jt becomes De cenary for every person to attend (h r meeting ol the Board, unless entitled to vote in tbc same place that he voted *in at the last elec Jon. .No proxy legislation will be allowed. Easters Liter in os Vocal Tultute is Chi cago.—Among the distinguished literary gentle men who have lately visited Crosby's Opera Bonsc, to listen to lectures on tbc voice by Pro fessor McCoy, are Ralph Waldo Emerson and Fitx-Hugh Ludlow. The great New England philosopher and scholar listened with profoend iffla apparently delighted attention, andexo reused Bncselfm the most gralelul terms for the gralifi catlon afforded by these nnioldlugs lutnescien tifical basis of the singing ana speaking voice “Ibe Hasheesh Eater" wished that n e could ccme himself to Chicago, and secure the benefits in the way of health which he felt certain must scone irom snch vocal cnltnre: and especially that a personal irlccd of his own In New York, with a nnc natural baritone, could enjoy each ad vantages of cultivation. Since reluming to New xcik, Mr. Ludlow reenrs to the subject of vocal culture at the Chicago Opera House, iu a letter to a mend in this city, in the following terms: *1 am -amiliar with most of the special methods —used like 'arcla e and I.iblachi’e lu training for artlfUC vocalization-ana I willingly acknowl faß.'. ttot iiather Uic btu of Ui.-e. oor 01 IhOJO Ul, E l iL£t ElocotlonißU whom I know, compare mth Prolcesor McCoj’b lor taaiMl trcatmeil of the sources and laws of vocal utterance. I fee; that in bis present occupation, the Professor In another sort is as much anopoaileot Free Speech, as when Le spoke for liberty dosing the war" PRETENDED DEATH. Another Attempt to Swlnflle a Life Insurance Company. A Corpse Substituted for a Living Body. A Doctor, A lawyer, and a Partner of the Principal Implicated. Fraudulent ‘Will—Fictitious Decease- Fifteen Thousand Dollars Lost to the Swindlers. On Sunday, the Sith day of February last, the fohowirg announcement was procured to be In serted in the Turn cue, under the head of 44 Died ’’: 44 In this city, on the S2d Instant, Richard sunrroimi, of typhoid fever.” On the 25th day of the same month, the follow ing. document, purporting to be the last will and testament of Richard Buinforth, was in the County Court: 4 ‘ln the name of God, amen. I, Richard Rain, forth of Chicago, Cook bounty. Illinois, of the age ot twenty-even years, being sick and week, but of Mmno mind. Memory, and understanding, qo make, publish and declare this my last will and «ifa?e Sail fomer by me at any tme berelofore made, it is roy will that all my just oebts and my toeral be paid and dtach!Sed“! out Of TOT ? ere Da,ter naaed an( f appointed* 33 ®°? c , as conveniently mar be ® 4 * leave the charges of my funeral lo tbe direction of my said executors. I give, devue and dispose of all my said real and personal estate except what shall be necessary for the payment of my just debts and funeral charges In tbe following manner; “I give1 to Timothy W. Fulier.'of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, the sum of *I,OOO. * 4 I give to Charles B. Kendall, of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, the sum of *I,OOO. **j £l ve and bequeath to Jessie Faller, daughter of Timothy W. Fuller, of this city, ail that re mains of my estate, both real and personal, of every nature and kind whatsoever, situated in this city or elsewhere, after the payment of the debts, expenses and legacies above meuuoned and specified; and I hereby nomina’c, constitute and aupolni the above-named Timothy W. FuTer and Charles B- Kendall the executors of this, niy last will and testament; and in case of tbe death, departure from the Stale, or other disability to act of one of than, then the other shall be me sole executor ol this my last will and testament. “In witness whereof I, Richard Ralnforth (the testator) have to this, my will, consisting of oue sheet of oaper. set my hand and seal at Chicago. Cook County, Illinois, this did day of February, A. D. 16C7. “liICOAED RAIKTOBtn (seal.) ’Sigmo,scaled,publishedanddcclarcd bytne alovu named Richard Ralnforth as and for his >asr will and testament, in presence ol us, and lu presehce of each other (the last six words luter- Itued. Rxp.J We. at bis request, aud In hi« pres ence, have subscribed our names as witnesses ffcweio* “Michael W. Muhpht, “JOHJIJ. MCLLEK, ,n.i m, “MICnAET. F. HEEyAa." JTjlb will tras accompanied by a petition of Dr. (.bailee B. Kendall lor letters testamentary, he being one of the executors named. This aoDllca ;lon was sworn to as follows: <-tate ou Illinois. Cook Conniy-ss. In the Com ly Court of Cook County. Court ° D * aißeß ®* Eraoudl. Judge of said Tbe petition of Charles B. Kendall respectfully sbovreth that he Isa resident of said Cook County that on the day of February. A. D UC7, Richard Ralnfonh of Chicago, is said Cook County, departed ibis llfeal , leaving a last ui-1 ana testament, duly sict-ea aud attested as your nraaontr believes, which ho nowpresents to your Honor tor Probate. That said testator In ;aiu «U 1 nominated your petitioner Charles B. Kendall ana liznotby W» Fuller. executors there* of; and that said Timothy W. Fuller has refused to qualify as such executor ana filed his renuncia- Don in sjutt court. The said deceased lelt prop* erty ana effects as follows: Three policies of lile insurance amonntlng in all to $14,000; two lots In the town 01 Centralis worth about $300; three quarters section of land in Missouri worth about JI.OCO, and promissory notes and other items of personal property worth about |son; that the value ol the whole estate docs not exceed £16,000: that said deceased left him earvlviag his only heirs at law. That your octitjoner resides at Fulton street, Chicago, and is willing >o ac cept and undertake the trust confided to turn in Ea J j ' v *Hi wherefore your petitioner prays that the said wiij may beadmlirca to probate and letters tes Amentary thereon may be Issued to him after proper heating and proof, and that all other orders necessary may be made. .. Chautxs B. Kendall. About this time there appeared in the Peoria Transcript the tollowing item: Dead.—We learn from T. W. Fnller, Esq.. of the firm of Fuller & Co., of Chicago, that a man named Richard llainforth died in that city on the £2d instant, ot typhoid lever. We understand that he has Irieads in this tiddly, and as there is an insurance on his life for $14,001) they should see about it. For further Information address O. !<’»• 11,. a. 105 L’n.lL _. . i,. ~ -Vr. Fuller at 133 South ChrkVtreeCChTcag'o!” Ihe brother of the supposed deceased, Milan I.aicforih, residing near I’eoria, at once came to Chicago. He nachco the city on the second day of Match. At once he banted far. and fonnd, Mr. Timothy M. Fuller, who bad been the part mr in business of bU brother. He con versed vrlh him and visited Michael Fuilata Keenan, the Inner who bad drawn the wilt, and a man named Henry E. Scotchmen, who was said by Mr. r oller to have been a friend of the a imposed dtccaaeqi oao, ana the last pct>on to whom he spoke. There were matters developed in the sep arate conversations ot tlic parties which indaced the brother to believe that Richard Rainforth had met with foal piar; the one kcew that the other was Eoesefiscd of personal propertrtoa large amount, le examined the will and then had doubts as to the genuineness of the superscription. He placed the case in the hands of detectives William i nrtlefi Co., and look as his advisers Messrs. Barkei & luley, lawyers. Under the guidance of the Jawyeis, the ca-e rested until the week before lasi, when the lawyer, lleeu n, with the other witresMS and the csccutora. appeared in the Comity Comt, to prove the will. They flled the following document: OF llEtNOli, I IK THE COCSTT COUIT LocsiT op cook. f s9 or Cook CotJsxr. llnrpny Jicllen.of Chicaco. :n Cook County, belnc duly p * ora, depose* and s»ya that he was preedit at the esccatlon of the Instrument of uiitjca now before f-c Court, by Itlch-ird Lainfortb the testator, aud paw iiira turn sa d in sln.iui.Et; that it heard thi testator ackuowl edee ihe instiutceut to be bis ]a-t wit* ana testa '• ’-Pt Pi.a codicil tLeieto : that be. Ihe paid d - poncr-t, s-icnrc. hi* uvn name ns witness to said will act! codicil, Sn Hie presence and at the n .jnesJ of said ttstat r, and that be venly believes :uc :sld testator to bare been of sound and dts posii.jr ti.rifl and meti.orj at the U*n t ol attaint: and acknowledge;: the will: ad codicil aforesaio. JousF.Mci.tES. On Jit* day se cc*<d bo’ti Messrs Barker Si i‘n >v wercencacet! in the tria! ot the cta-<e. Under these circumstance* a contlnnaiicc v*aa had, in spile of an evident aaxictv on the part of the ex* ■ uuors to have the will at once admitted t-j pro o&u. Judpeßradweli. in view of the petition of Mile# licinibrth, the brother, laid tho case over ctitil lh- ailtt,nance of his cocn>el could be nro* cured. Meat time. H- unan. Ihe tawrer, left town, as has Deer subsequent:*' a-ccrlained. Aevefs. Parker & lulry gave nance to bring up the will tor probate on Man'- day morning. th>y being informed that H-cnan. the opposite connscl would re urn oa "*fltu day utulu. 't'Le matter was continued on Monday On Tuesday counsel seat a letter to Doctor Ken dall. requiring ban to have bis present, so prove she wilt, that no longer delay could be gi« cn to allow ot the apuesraoce of lieenar. On that day no person appeared, a> a a rule was taken on the executors to show cause why they should not be compelled to proceed with the probate of ib*- wM. Yesterday the parties came Into Court. Each of tbe executors fKend<i:l and Fu.ler) hanoed in an informal r nunciatiou of theeiccmor-hip. Mr luieynow suggested to the Court that these parties had iad charge ot the notes and esfecte of she deceased since nis demise, and had Inter meddled with them He >hen presented a petition to ihe Court, asking an invu-tigatlon under oatn us to what had been done with these assets, since the demh. Dr. Kendall thereupon stated that he was will ing loglv. up an the papers he and, and ha was aUowia to go to cis house to obtain tuesc. They cot Meted cf policies of Jilc assurance, endow ment policies of the yKtna company lor $7,000, taken out June ?(i, I£(ti; SL Louis Mmnal. dated December iltli last, for $8.l»0C: and Mutual Benefit Life for Tbest- he stand were nil •he papers which be had. Mr. 'f. M. Fuller de nied having auy pupir?. Or. ihc return of th*: Hies into the court room, a search being made tor Ihe ongliial peil.lou lor ike probate of the will. It was found they were missing; it bad been iskcn tiom the Clerk's office It was soon ascer tained that this paper had been in the possession el Hccnar, the lawyer, who bad left it Ic charge of a cierk employed in his office, who declined to yield lb (in. Hereupon so investigation was proposed as to what had become ot the personal effects cf the deceased. Dr. Kendall was placed upon ihc stand and sworn. The first question put to him was it ho knew Richard Rainforth. To this he replica that be did. “How long have you known him?” said Mr. Tuley, To this bo replied “Four years. I knew uim when he was in ibearmy.” Turn, said the attorney, “Now, Dr. Kendall, where did Rickard Baliifortb dleS” No n tpouse was made. The executor—witness—hung hia head and “ Ihe la; was iu the fi:e.” 'ihe question was pro pounded ogam and again. The witness was evi oently very much agitat' d. Jhe Court Interposed, cayi. gto him, “Do .you hear the qiu-eiion? To thli* came the reply, an almost inaudible “ Yes.” “Do yon underpai d Hi” said the Judge,” and agr.tu an almost silent affirmative was given, “'iben,” said the Court, “auewer it at once.” The dretor wilted and said." 1 can’t answer the question.” At once, calmly, the Court reminded (he witness ofthe personal danger of Ms position. He ex plained tbc prospect of a confinement In ;ail as ih-: result of coD'pmptnous refusal to reply, and ■<!ijl the Doctor was silent. Uc remained sil nt until. patJniru ceasing to be a virtue, tde Judge commuted him to the County Jatk a prisoner lor couempL Timothy M. Fnllcr was now put upon the eland. The tame questions were put to him: “Is Rich ard Rah.lorth dead! To this he replied: “No; be is still living.” The astonishment of the nnm itlatfd wop o**iy exceeded by the cool impudence of tbc mentor ofthe reply, and the Imperturbable aspect of the mau. To use a new porasc. coined by Colonel Brisbm, of the United Slates Army, he presented the aspect of a man to whom “a brass mom cy would be a nashml beast.” He went oc in bis statement, relating it as a speculative movement—a thing proper m Fs conduct, and wrong only In its discovery. Restated that about iiiuo month? since there was what ne called as original scheme to d-Trand insurance companies, corcoctcd by scvcial parlies wtao-e names he re nued to give. lie was acrart* of it, and talked it over several times, and came to the conclusion that be could heat ary insurance company in the United Stales, and that the plan would certainly win; that the plan. In ibis instance, was to have Rich* ard IZainforlE Insure hi* life and die—or, rather, pretend to die, have an nndertaker to certify to tits bniiol, and a physician to make certificate as to the disease of which he oied. and 10 his death. These facts are nearly all that most companies re* •[•lire. He said further, that on re (lection, alter rime months an opportunity offered by which he could get out of the scheme and net rid of Rain forth, which he attempted to do by turning him out of his house, where bo bad boarded, court ins his daugb'er. This was about Ore weeks before the pretended death. He did not state what this opportunity was Rainforth pretended to be iokcji tick on the Tuesday preceding the Friday ofhis death. He went to bed In a room in Ihe building over No. 83 Dearborn street. Here the witness saw him five or sis times prior to the pretended death, it farther appeared that on the day cn which he was said to nave died, three or four hours before the event was said to have oc curred, Rainforth executed his »n) as above, the witness not being present. Dr. Kendall was in attendance on the man. and between neon and two o'clock of the day of the supposed death. Dr. Hilton Parker was called in to hold a consultation, lit examined the patient and staged that be could not survive thirty-six hours. About one o’clock on that day a barker was obtained irom Drhcht'a cf* rabli hment on Washington street to «have Mr. Uainfortb. he declaring that while be did not fear death, he desired to ate clean, ncfaad heretofore womeagoacc and a heavy moustache. These were shaved off. The services of this unwitting OCtor iu therclitaic Hr. Puller himself procured, and lor the service the witness paid, the Doctor being present during (he operation. About ball past five o'clock Kendall, the doctor, and Ful’cr being in the room, Kendal! announced. ‘•Poor fellow be has gone.” Hr. Fuller now Mates that be glanced at what he supposed to he the empire tying on tbc bed, and went out. lie came back about half-past seven. Ur. Kendall was just clearing the room, haring laid out the corpse^ Mr, Fuller then proceeded to state that between hall-past five and seven in the evening, Rainforth disappeared, and a coipse was broagut in from a hospital, and substituted in his place. Mr. Scotcbmer, who has been mentioned lu this connection, was brought into Court during the afternoon, lie states that he knew the supposed deceased; that be visited him on the day of the alleged death, spoke to him as to the disposition of hi*property, and was told Out it was all ar ranged, He then left, and was next moraine in Tiled to the funeral by Mr. Fuller, who «aid tw death had takeu pmcc. Bo attended the funeral at (?• aceliDd Cemetery. In the course ol the examination of the wimeaa Fuller, it further appeared that the fmpporaddea-I man had. eince he Jett the city. written to this ritr letters as follow: One to Fuller, one ta Dr.Sen daliand tbrcc ug mote to Jessie Fnlier, h!a rosldo- The Doctor being In jail for contempt, was safe. Upon the request of the State’s Ati -rnoy, ohartes n. Reed. E«o.. who had been present during the inquiry. Fuller was now acar to Jill, wlta acbauco to be let loose under ball bonis of *12,000. SSSVSmS" beMlnD3il 01 •Wto.p- A REIGN OF TERROR. A, Vicious Horse Charges on a Crowd in the Coliseum. Professor Hamilton's Classes—m« Sac« ceaa. A scene of terrible excitement occurred jester day afternoon at the Coliseum, where Professor R. D. Damliton ts at present giving instructions In the art of horse taming, a few days ago Mr. Minogne, a grocer doing business on State street bought a bay bone which proved ?«'^ C x? B ft b,nt u * became quite tinman ?f e “,'l e * heard of the Proreaaor’s feats {P W“y of horse taming, Mr. Mmoene brought the animal to the CoJI-eum for treauneuu yesterday aft err oon. A free exhibition was bffi given, mid the place was crowded In everv nait! so crowded that the professor had given orde*a to doer the aoora, in order to keep a way the num° here who could not be accommodated At th** close ol the exhibition, and before tbe audience were dismissed, the videos horse was broSt In to the mens, led by his owner, nho acmeaVed somewhat nervous, and accompanied by thehorae subduer. To show the disposition of SSTnISS s wagon was introduced, which he bad previoira! lvlacked to pieces, and which he wasajKmly disposed to Rick at again. The horse timer was commence to manipulate ihe Irritable brate. hut before any result could be achieved tho latter made a suaden bound Irom the hands «f m> o'TTcr, who le! go the bridle, and spraSg wildly Into ihe circle among the amlience. A Bmam of terror rose from ereiw part of the bonaaaadthw haa Ihe effect of stilf further maddonteg toeii? lariated animal, who struggled and nr*n?«si fJS, °ne circle of seata to amoor P 2e mickey of 3 e^ ec,alorfl ’ 1111 b 0 reached nearly the E fAt P° lnt tbo flooring gave way right above the cages where the Ilona are kept, and the horse tell through, carrying with rt« l ?r?f T Vh mber l ? e who could not get be falling through the aperture c e J ncK a time, and was seen hanging by the forelegs and the head, while right beside bl “ bQ ne a htue boy, who In a few mtnntea heen crualied to pieces. A gcSßSuw rushed forward at d plucked the archtn from his perilous position, at the same time giving tae S 5«t P “ h WhiCh Beßt him do ™ *A® flow A cry was raised that he had fallen directly into ihe lion 6 oen. borne inconsiderate person «■ loportlß voice.-the ikKS loose I t'bicb produced a» unparalleled sensation among the audience. That portion of them who were nearest to the dreaded spot made a rush for the other side ol the bouse in Ibc direction of the dress circle, and the fear that the flooring mere was shorn lo give way, together with the knoxl edge that the black lioness aud the leopard were an excitement wild beyond all description. It was a reign of terror and such an one as none of that crowd will ever *t® rei |, ated ‘ Ihcr ® a few women among the audience, and, of, they ail fainted, while a number of those men who were bruised «cre convoyed into the ring. Whal be came of the hor.-e no ono knew for a while; but it appears he hadauececued in chasing Ihe buffalo ,?«!. c^J fi . I - , .P ro , babJy ’ £ ai ’ e rUt lo tho report with regard to tire lions. * The exatement did not last long. The doaca ' were throwij open and the terrified audience *£& rSiA t # I li bert L**^ 1r4,y!,,t ?“ y vcry K*w acclionls rcsnltr d, anrt these not of a very serious natnre. One man had hlsabouloer dislocated, and another was bscJv hurt In tne arm. while several were bruised in falling through the opening in Aa soon as (he house was clearcdlVofeasor Ham ilton sonpht ont the irrepressible horse and an nounced his i/jf enUon to lame him there and then ™« a lw nam * ,K f k °* uew pnplls immediately joined the class, another were gratified as w-olf as snr* pri-ett to sec that in a brlel space of time the wild a i! a peaceful as a lamb. Mr. M iV°. gnc home In the evening, bv SiSjrXa^pS^d 01,1118 dieorder,r “»l«t had tamed some cl the wildest horses within afe w mluuics. Ho taught two classes yesterday, pre vious to the puhhc exhibitions, which are given tree each day at two and at seven o’clock. The pupil- in those two classes numbered more than a hundred, and were all well satisfied. The Pro fessor is forming fresh classes dally, charging five dollars to each pupil, and teaching him howto handle and tame the wildcat beast that ever walked on horse icel. SHOOTING AFFRAY. A Meeting on Clark street—A Man Seduces the Wife and Shoots the Husband. For several months- past trouble has been brow injr between Louis Bullock and Edward Scott, t« o colored men. and their dliTerencea culminated Hbunt one o'clock yesterday afternoon in a chance ?<nconire between the two on Clark street, be wetn Jolt and Uarnson streets, resulting in 'pottc receiving two pistol-?hot wounds, neither ol which where oi a t-edous character. About a year neo Uallock made the acquaint ance ot r-cotts wife and became much enamored other appearance, and his attention* on various subsequent occasions were of such a marked char acter as to excite wrll-foundcd suspicions on the partof her husband that .Mrs. Scott was not true to him. The feelings engendered to wards Bal lot* were of a bitter character, and some serious collision between them mighthave occurred be lore had nrt Bullock let; the city. Uallorl: returned about a month ago. and In a clandestine manner renewed bis attentions to Mis. Notes were exchanged between them, interview? were arranged, and the husband « a-again made miserable by the conduct ol the rnilly couple Only two or three days ago he rcp»onched his ulle wlih her infidelity to him, nno exp.-ctsed un intention to shoot the destroyer of his happiness wherever and whenever they might meet w ihey met. as before elated, about one o’clock >cs:ndßj afternoon. Ilnllnckbad been informed o- the threat* mare by Scott, ana vena armed with are uJvcr. A chai.ce motion made by&coltM* «am.« a side pork-t, v*as construed by the other as the pMlmiuaxy bteos to shootme him, tbouch » subsequently append that Scorl hart no veamn. Uallock quickly drew his revolver and fuea two (-hols in quick succession upon his avowed ec my. 'ihe first lofiicted a -cam wound upon bcoU a head, aud the second wounded him in the breasj*, hlaLCh a upward aed loih'inir In the muscles mirtcr he arm. Frigbtemd at what he bad done.-Hallock im- Siirdiatcly ran a"»y ai-d secreted himself in a loon at No. *US Clark Ftiee 1 . lie was quickly pnrMJtd by office J. H. Clark, who found the door o* ihe room closed. Forcing ir open hit \va* coiijiortcd»• Fh Ilallock. *»ho held the revolver UlrcCily to Ins face. Seeing Ihat it was a police nnirt instead ot Scott, Ual.ock dropped the revolv er and yielded hlmsrlt up -o justice. He was lak ;n directly to tbu Police Conn, where . is vicuta ulrO appeared, ana reliled the deiallsof ihe occurrence. Dallocu was committed tor trial m onil ol 58,1 U). AMUhLIUIinTS. RieTon —The sale of seals lor tingle nights will commerce at the office of me Opera House this morning. Ihc greater portion of the choice »:caib have been abeady disposed of, and we have nodomt ih'l before I'uesday tight, when ‘•be make* her first, nvciy dear will have been taken, and many raxe wanted than are so be disposed ok *Jue.*day, “Elisabeth;” V. rdirsdny. “JndUb and llotafernes:” rhurstay. a blank night; Ftidiy, ••Mary Stnrnt;” Satur day Ma taco. Monday Historl appears at Mil waukee. Mucuujf.—Mr. Crouse, the machinist of ihc stage, takes a benefit to-night, on *nlch occasion loar comic dramas will be produced. McVickeu’s.— George U Aiken's play, “The Chevalier, or the French Jack Sheppard,” will be presented again to night. Exceptiokal PhAiau.— An evening paper staled yesterday, that the steamer “A. D. Titfiworttj,” »• hose house Is near the corner of Dearborn and Washington streets, at the Are in the North Dl vkiwn, bad a stream of water playing upon the Hemes t>< fore the steamer “ Brown,'- which is lo cated within two blocks of the place, had ocenn to play. We are assured Ihat the statement is incorrect. Too much prals.* cau-iot be given the “boyo" ot our Fire Dvpartrncnt.who arc individu ally and collectvvly as efficient a corps as any to te found In the United Stales, wuh lar more into tiers than equal--, and fewer superior than cither. Ills well enough to accoro to each individual c mpany lull j raise, but there ts no occa>-tau tor trying to set up one at the ezpettstt of another, while they all do so well. AmuiED Tnizviso.—John Maguire and Will iam WI ite were brought before Justice ilillikeu, yesterday morning, charged with complicity In various robberies of jewelry. Bail in 1500 each vas required, and they were held for farther ex amination this morning. False Alaem. —The alarm rungfrombox No. 79, between nine and ten o’clock last evening, was caused by the burning out of a chimney in a resi dence on lialsted street, near Madison. Temperance— cnecung for Consultation. Believing the order of the Sons of Temperance to be well calculated to extend tbc blessings ot to tal abstinence, uud promote the general good of mankind, and feeling desirous of securing the or ganization ofa division of this order, composed of the uusincss and professional men of our city, therefore we, the undersi. ned, agree to meet at such time and place as may hereafter be desig nated, to advise upon this subject, and take the preliminary steps of such organization, if thought expedient: a. G. Warner, Frank il. Rockwell, F. 11. Garfield. t-barles M. Morton, C. G. McCulloch, J. W. licnly, P. W. Gille't, S. G. Laihrop, E. S. Warner, O. C. Gibbs, Charles btarrctf, O. a. Goss, s W. Swift, O U 'iiiiany, Simeon w. King, F. Hathaway, O. 11. Salisbury, I. S. I*. Lord, L. Hitchcock, H. Allen, E. C. Lamed, John V. Farwell, A. J. Ambler, George H. Buss, K. £. Hoyt, J. J. Jennings, E. S. Welle, C. Bishop, S, Faulkner, J. Q Stewart, J. C. Stoughton, Thomas Moulding, George E. Punnglon, R. It. Donnelly, Abner R. Scranton, J. D. Haines. 'Use parties whose names arc attached to the above call arc hereby roUflcd to meet at the rooms of tbc Young Men’s Christian Association, Meth odist Church Block, comer of Clark and Washing ton streets, this (Friday) evening, at 7>{ o’clock. All earnest temperance men, and especially all old Sons of Temperance, are Invited to be pres ent. Comm u Lien ted. At a meeting of the late soldiers of the United Slates army, low residing Iu the Tenth Ward of this city, it vas unanimously resolved to present Colonel C. H. Adams to the Republican electors of said ward as tlitir candidate for Alderman at tne ensuing primary election, and to request for bim the earnest aim active support of all soldiers and their friends to sustain bis nomination. LOCAL MATTERS. Serd! Seed! Seed I— Flower and Gar den Seed. Onions, and Amarilla cl Narciasa, till lin, Tiiilps and Crocus Gradiola. and others, by A- iIOTTiKGEn, 301 Sedgwick street. Drug store between Division street and North avenue. melcalfe’a Great Jtlicumatlc Remedy is certainly the wonder of the age. Thousands can testify as to its magical eIT-Ct, and the first doctors ol this city arc recommending It to their patients as the only sore core for Rheumatism ever known to man. 1 ord & tiinxn. Agents. Kelt! Scratch 11 Boyd’s .Tied lea tod Cream cures itch, scra'chea, and all skin diseases. Ilia neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain specially adapted to children. Sola by all drug gists. King, Day & Fceniau, munnfhclnr eiM of rnddle-'iecK and wooden stirrups, Lima, Ohio. Send lor price list. Hair DrosHtti!; wttliout a particle of grease. ‘Glycerin" restores the hair, communi cates a deltctona cooling sensation to the scalp, cleanses it from dandruff, and Is absolutely free from grease, so as not to soil ihc finest fabric. CasweJ. Mack& Co.. Now York. Sold by all druggists. 'Kite Franklin Brick uachias, lastly celebrateo for perfect simplicity, great strength, anu immense compressing power, is auAUAjf teed, with eight men and two horse*, to self-temper the clay, and make 3,000 to 3,*00 elegant hncks per hour. J. EL Rtmick, proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room 23. MARKETS BT TEIEBRAPH. New loric Financial News. [Special Despatch to the CucacoTnDnaa.l New Tome. March 91. Thestockraarketcpencdwcsk and with great pres sure lo sell. Erie (common) sold at 58. MJshlgan Southern at 7IJf. -The “pool" In ths latter stock sold largely before the opening of the regular board. On ttcflritcall Upmarket was higher,Michigan South ern selling at 75j<. Attenrarts the whole Hit vu stronger, and Erie (common) broke to 57jf, and Michi gan Southern to 74; At 1 o’clock the market was steady, although on some atocta prices w*re hlshsr. New Tort Central advanced to 106. and Erie (com mon. to KK. But on the report cf the Injanctlsa ol a dividend In China stock, the Ibrmer slock declined to 77& At the SAD call New York Central wasstroar at ICiX.Erlt (common) at 58X, and Michlf an Southern a!W. After this the market was irrexnlar. At the 3 o'clock board Kew Tdrk Central, sold at lOul*. and Brie (common) at 97#. the balance of the list rem a in mg unchanged. Money la easier at 6 per cent, hut I Us rather dlfflcall to loan at this figure. American cold is selling at 181. The reports ol a few Mimes sorarwhat affected tbe market, but there wss, however, no foundatloo to them. I Associated Freu Report ) nos*r NrW T ° HK * Marcb Money Is active at 6®7 utr cent on call loses. .. . FOKxioN ncnAjfor. ulSfbng” l ' “ ICS *®‘ W '» *»u for ““h.xir.naiurto 18% and OOTKBSWENTB. Government stocks quiet, and without decided change. LATEB. New Tons, March 21 RAJLWATS. The railway market openea Leavt.r. and aero was a general ano marked dccune. Kew Tort Central fell to 1(5; Erie to 58« j AHchlgan Southern t»74 u [Bock Iflsnd to WV; Koithwestern eomxou to av and Korthwcsteru preferred to Wx. Attta Op-n Board and Stock Exchange there was a steadier feellns and a slieht recovery. Toe general market was dull hat ecllcra’opUon was troely taken at small difference. After the regular call rather more disposition was manifested to buy, and for n time too market wa< amte firm, but It fell ull if to U per cent from Board aaats- Hens. Just previous to one n’cock the marto-t was Irwcr at that Board, out firmer, subsequently »dvanc lag eltghtiv alter Second Board, and tnco steady to the close. Piltsburgh was the exception and ffm. ile&th & Co. report the following: . rates.* at Sun p. u. American gold.lSlj»®i«« Ui. Central 115 Va .... Ohio Ctrl 86X0 27 Httshurgh 77T® 77« canton 43 &47 Toledo lireilflj Cumberland... aa ® 83jk RI wva A Qulcsellver..., 3C « N.W 33X0 36** Mariposa BX@ N.W.pld 64X0C4V Kretem U. Tel 41 « 41X Ft.Wa%e 96X® 96V go«»on 187V0133 Pacific Ma11..,121X0183 Rowling. lUXOIOIX Atlantic Mali.. 63X0 SJV »IX@ 74X ~ OOVXBHUKKTB. Government securities erm and a fraction better on 5-2 CS, but bunncits at the first regular Board was Quite moderate this afiernoo’. They were dull but steady. Bea’d. *Bl 109 01O9X 13-20 coop ’65 Jau and Coupons, *81....109 «IWX July 107 a!07« 5-30 rt -gisi’a’fi2.lo7X»lo?X 110-40rrglst’d... 97X« 97k f-20 coaocn ’62. @irox I 10-40 coupons... 97X0 97 £ 5-i0 eonpoo , 6i.iil7X(sl(r7x ! Angurt 7-aw. ...tes^aioox 5-2 C coup *63....107X0103 | June 7-306 107X3107X nOBJiEB STATE SOKDS. except for Missouri Issues, which continue to T'nmafcc 6?... C4X® <3 [Hanlbsl & St. 'inrtnl*. 67 1 Joe bunds.... ROX® 83 N. Carolira.... 49 0 49X j Pacific bda 93X0 96X Missouri 68 95X® 95 X ) * MISCELLANEOUS. The miscellaneous ilstwas generally heavy and low er. Coal stocks quiet at d steady. Express stocks dull alrong tßOat XLateml fbADfie- Steamboat elmres „ MONET. Money rather more active to-day at 7 per cent on Btocjr collaterals, and 0 par cent on Governments. gold. Gold quiet and steady throcchout tbe morning, and improved in the afternoon. nmro stocks. The mlrlce market qoue active bat prices were lo J rer * T ? ere great excitement oa * very large buslnesa was transacted at Q nartl nil I weaker, and sold at 370, closing atawascsi corjflonString. 35W370; Columbia Gold una Oliver ro.e to sooeso*. and lo request; Alsnicaa oSifnS , S«»OS^ afl, ' nUlTery IlUIe offena «-‘ Tbe Produce Market*. MILWAUKEE. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnae.l „ , UttWAcat, March 21. Flour—Quietand 10® 15c lower. Bales. WuO brla at £l2.oofor Rlvenlde and Escle XX, city; 9U.87K for choice country do; 112.23 for Acme do; £10.50 for Champion X; £7.75 for Soperllne. and lower. Moraine Board silos, 16.500 centals; Neon Board sales. 27.000 centals, at 13.C65.67 tor No. 2ln store; £3.67 seller’s op lon next week; £3.6803.09 buyer's option all month: £3.69 seller’s option all April; £3.«8 seller’s option April Ist to 10th; £3.67 seller’s option April 22d to *M; $3.97 for Rejected; No. l, held at £4 CO; buyers offer £7.97. Oats—Weak. Sales, 3,500 centals at $1.61®1.62V foi No. 2, fresh receipts. Cora—Lower. Bales. 500 cental* at £1.61 for No. 1 old lu store; $1.43 for new shelled do. Bye-Dull,at $1,23f0r No.l In store. Provisions—Quiet and firm. Mess Pork held at SZ3 JX ;no buyers. Dretstd Hogs—Steady, at Keceipls-1.000 br»s Uour, 6,300 centals wheat, I.COO centals cats, 600 centals corn, 100 dressed hogs. Shipments—2,ooo brls Dour. 3.0C0 centals wheat. 50 tea pork. NEW YORK. .. . New Yosx, March 21. Cotton-Dull, heavy, and Jf@lc lower. Silas ot 1800 baits at SCfcftSlc for middling uplaooa. nour-hecejpts, 1,9*1 brls. Market 5010 c better. The improvement is chiefly oathe low cranes ot 7,ft* brls at $9.73010.55 iSr•“pMT $9.653t0.t50 Blo ’ S vl f|W^ i for extra Western; sll-5001—35 fhr shipping brands, and £i2.<o®l3Al tor traue otands-marset cToriog quiet aad UrmT Calllar g.«g«r is 111 mtr. Bales of bJo brls and ssckj at $14.50 Whiskey— Quiet. Wheat-Receipts, 39.500 bo. Market opened quiet, but clo.ed more active, «alquite Arm. Rales of2j ad bu 81£2.X02A5 Ut No. 3 Milwaukee; mr No. 2 31il*8uSee, and for extra choice do. JS-MsXi£lS‘,SgS‘. h * c *“' l * *• »>•»• ~^ I S , .r? mte nr ?% *WOO bu Canada west at niait^ulf ad ba tvo'fowed Btato at $1.20. Corn-ltccclptA UM bn. Market opened dull and closed 1(«64c lowi r. Sales 55.000 tm at ih—«i iu for co acoat and $1.12 tor new. si.i9 tta,ia 2-SOO bn. Receipts, 1,010 bu. 62t513j.C for Western and 70071 c tor Slate. Ktce-Qolet; Ityfftlle. toffee—Dull. Bugui—Quiet. Sales SCO hbds Cuba at lOVQIIc Mola-scb—Dull- '* petroleum—Fair rcqueit at ICc for crude and 24027 c for rcuLCd to t>oi d. Hop*—Quiet and steady. I’uik—Opcniddull undiloFcd firmer, with better de mand. Sacs4,Bo0ont. at ££>.C2O2J.9U for n-wmsi* clo*ti.cai£iASJ rrcular; rri.W)«7hi(J ror old mm: £18.50019.24f0r prime, ands2l.s4*22.ootorprlmemess. BtvF— Uncharged. Salei-aOO brla at lI2AOOISAO lor new plain utta ana£liACo2tOC for ne< exits mest. Brtl ilaius—Scarce «jd firm at £37.00041.00. Paeon Quktaci&beiahichcr. Sales uw bis at lOkc tor Cumberland aid llhcfor short i tubed. Cut Meats—Ft’m. Bi>h-«6uo pkgs at 9U9l6t«c for shoulders anc 1%14Kc lor ham.-. «or Lard—Heavy. Salesßlo ai I?*<@l9l4C f.rkettle. Butter—Dull at 10* 20c For Ohio. iJiTKin—kit* p. h. Flour—Ubicd very nrm, with very good miilloc In quiry. Wheal—No. 2 spites’, £2.4*02.53; No. 1, which was very tcarce. £2 *.U( Bye—Qi.ii'l and steady at $1.2901.33 foi Western. <«rn—turnai fllix store and sl.lß alloat for ehlpptig mixed Western. Oats—Dull ami he*vy at G20G334C for Western. I'crfc—Wrv qutet, with sellers of mess at s«k7sand buyers at t£U4)>4. Reel—Flmi a- afalrly nc'lve at previous prices. Cut Meaia—bteuy aud talr. hneon—Better sjppn offering, and dul; at UXe for Liiinlx rlai.d midd herd—Qniet at U(p.l3;fc lor fair to prime steam, add He lor good to prime kettle. 81. LOUI.-. „ bT- I/O ms, March SI. ruliacco—Active, tanging from $5 uO u> fZJ.:dS.—Buoyant aal active, hat (.rice* unebaased. Hhtat—UoiDcriaskhuhcrprice--, hut boyers stand Oats—Ur changed. . Bailey fid live—Flrn aod unchanged. FrovleioiiS—Dud. Wets pork declined to 122.50® Bacor.—Unchanged, • I.vrd—Unchanged. WhUkey—Dul. and lover, at 55.1395.15. NEW OIH/-.ANS. „ _ Mw Orleans. March 31. Cottcn—Sales .1.100 bale?. Market easier. Low mid Remit*, 1,730 bait*. Exports. 3.883 haler. ’ • bocaraod Mo'arfes—Dull; no sales. Flour—Super In emad temaml; good, especially Llch grades super, Corn—Demand Ulllug oif; inccs 2^4*sc lower. Oats—Fair supply, with ut much Demand : market unchanged. tlsy—G2.sotft3.oo for prime St. Lools and Ohio River. Fork—Very dull at *2IOO. Bacon—Very quiet at lOkQHkc. Lai d—Active at X3®l Ic. 801d—135*4. Exchange—Fierllcg ucchangcd. Kew York tight XGX premium. New Yorß Livestock Tlarkct. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobk, Maxcn 21. Beef Cattle—With fresh receipt* ot all point?, and pressure to sell, prices declined Xc. Fair to prin.e Illinois steers, 15®1SXC> sheep— fiwlnc—2,POO better, but slow of sale atEKfeSKc. [Associated Frees Despatch.] New York, March 21. Beeves—Market doll, aid owners who bad boncht at mull prlccv correct In iimlalo and Pittsburgh lost httvlly oa thl. venture. Tberowcre yaid-.d at Com muidpaw about J.COO to 1,100 hcadol lino stock. The Boraen mil market was also poor for sellers, bat the los’cs there wen; rot sa heavy as at Commantpaw or Cmeßutdredthßtrcct,wbere tome 600 head were on Albany .Live Stock Olarkct, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Annxxr, March 21. Cattle—ln moderate request, at a decline of J<c V Receipts up to this evening 3,300 head. Shtep—Sales at negfl—falcs at <X&B,Vc. New York Hide market. fStecUl Despatch io the Chicago Ti leave.] New Yobk, March 23. Hides—Reaction lo the mark-rt. Muntevidlo, 17£c: Gold city fllangbter at ll#c. New York Urcadvtuflb .Tlarkct. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] N*w Yobk. starch 2L Breadstnlh*—Floor without new feature?, holder* forrlng an advance on favorite brand*. Wncat—Demand rather below the average, but firm. Com bc grains remain unsettled. New York ProTislon Tlarket. [Special Dei patch to tbc Chicago Tribane. 1 new Yobk, March a. Folk—Quiet at 933.73. Cut Meat* and Bacon—Drooping. Lard—Prime steam at 13c. New York Grocery Tlarkct. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] New Yobk. March 21. Coffee—Belter, with sale* ofßlo at2QQ56c. Sugar—Dull, with sales of fair to prims grocery at io,v@nxc. Ocean Freights, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobk, March 21. Freights to Liverpool—ls,ooo bu com by steamer at <B»d. New York Paper flTnrket. _ New Yohk, March 21. s “”->»»■«=! New York Dry Goods market. . ~, . New Tons. March 51. tamed 00 Eoods &Ir,y actl ve, and prices well a os- Print cloths firm at IDYc for standard C-l square cMhs. and best brand* heui at 11c. Prints continued In Uvety request, and the downward tendency has been arrestKl since the advance in bpraguc prints, which are Jobbing at 17®12V for old and new styles of fancy. Furniture prints are selling at 15®aj£c. Standard sheetlcce, like Atlantic A brown, com mand Kltfc; Indian Head. 4-4, sic; do. 7-8. I7)tfc. Atlantic V Ehlr«Dße,l7*c ; Lawrence E. 19c; Swift River, tic; Pcppsrell O, i&c; d»N. lie. Blenched muslins sail more freely. New York mllU, 40c; Waxnsutto. 37^c; Lonsdato lltcn finish, 3<'c; Ua sonvllle, 36c: Whue (lock, 2Rc; Lonsdale, 23c ;.New York Ida, S!>fc; Chapman, dike: Nanmkeag C. 19c; Kcd Bank, 4-1,15 c; do. 7-0,13 c; Utica, 4-1. bring 33c; do. 5-4,40 c; do, 6-4,50 c; do. 9-4,Bdc; do. 10-1.83 c. Lewiston Ucks, 43c; Hamilton, 36c; Tnorndyke, AmOFkcag stripe*, SOc; Boston, 30c; Jewett, IBe Pittsfield. ujfc. Peart River denims, S6c; Manchester, 25c; Boston, 19c. Kennebec checks, COc; Bedford, 17c. li’diao Urrbard corset Jeans, 16c. Fa'tuetß’ <s Mechanics* cottonsdes, 45c; Whitten don.ll.'Hc- Dilutees,23c; do,cashmere. 26c. Lancaster ginghams, 23c; CaW do,22>fc; Boiaoko do. 17c. Victory cambrics, 13c. SURKIBD. In this city. March 20th, bv Her. E. A. Vaosant, at Ms rcsjd.-nce, 98 JndJ at., Mr. WESLEY W. W\LS WORTH and UUB CENITO A. MERRILL,both of GUl cago. March 6th. 1857, WILLIAM BURT, of u&icago, and SARAH A. WELtA of Whlteitowp, N.T. DIED, Id this city, Mirch 20th, Mrs. lIONOKIA CARNEY, ared 64 years. - .. Funeral from her late residence, corner ol Superior and today (Friday) at 8 o’clock. Ftletds are Invited to attend. In Bangor, Me., Mrs. JOANNAB. SIMPSON, widow of the late Cant. Jeremiah Simpson, of West Hsmoden. and mother of W. M. Horton, of this city, aged b 4 years. amusements. QHOBBT’S OPERA HOUSE. G-XIASTD MOSICAL AND DRAMATI entertainment, FOB THE BENEFIT OF THE Illnslriom German Rtpnblitan & Fatriol THEODORE MOEGLINO, AT CBOSBSTS OPJBBAhouse, Friday Erenlng, March 22, 1807. named La-ilea and Gentlemen will J .t??J£ r . ISE NENEEU Mr*. QBEENEBAUM. U iVr^N^BLiofia. 1 ‘^l!IL N H^ ECHBTEB. tkJNs'ETr Also, the GEKMANIA MAN NEBCHOIt uadu olrec* non ot ar. bans balaik a * cirec To commence at 8 o’c’ock, Drees Circle and Par quette, ti; p*ml y Circle, 60 ceota. Seats cau be secure! at the Opera Honse oo Frldav without extra ebarm. Tickers for sue at olflco ol Henry Grcece’janm £ cm, Illinois Stasis Zeitaog. Juli es Bauer ft Co., Root ft Cady. H. M. Himßna *"ra Jtnd at the Ticket Office of the Opera Home on Frtilky. M cTiCKER‘B THEATRE. MtaVICKEH ft JKYHBS..”.... MANAQEBS. CHANGE OP TIME.—On and sftor March 18th. the doors win open at 7Jf—performance will commence at 8 o’clock precisely. Friday, Testimonial Benefit to GEO. I. AIKEN, CUEVALIER, or The French Jacg Shenoard. Pierre ronlaifler sir. Q.-o. Aikon To conclude w|tb the pe'lie comedy of THE BOUGH DIAMOND. Cousin Joe. Mr. Ctna. Rogers Margery Mrs. Cura elite Aiken In rehearsal, Gecv Aikgn’aDrsten ot Claude Dural. OL. WOOD'S MUbEDH. wh.J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements F. e. AIKEN Stage Manager THOS. BAEBT BENEFIT OF MB, W. P. CBOU3E, Machinist. A Night of Merriment—4 Comic Dramas. On Friday evealnr. March 33d, (ant time) A PREP ■«'“ wmeb. thl lAoon l-'-G HYE>«A. To which wit. be added, JONAS’ BABT. To conclude with fURN HIM OUT. Saturday atternoon. Grand Matinee. A DANGEROUS GAME on Monday. ■yAKIETY THEATRE. Great Success of the Thriinug CHAMBER OF DEATH, With a New and Laughable Olio. S3T Remember, Monday evening, March 35th, will be produced, with New Scenery, Dresses, and a full Corps do Ballet, HSLZi TTPOBT BARTH; Or. THE DEVIL AND BIS I 1 EVEN DAUGHTERS. 'J'HE CAUSES OF DISEASE May be seen at the Now Tork HZnaomn of Anatomy^ 96 Randolph-fit., comer Dearborn. WONDERS, And nature unveiled, to be seen at the New York Museum of Anatomy* flit Randolph-st. corner ol Dearborn. Lectures dally. Those unable to atUnd may receive tocm by ea closing ten cents to Secretary. 1 r3E bOUHCES OF DANGER TO IDE REPUBLIC. Ur FRED. DOUGLAS. At the First Methodist Church, earner ol Clark and \\ ■uhiDgtotvitt.. on Saturday evening, March ax at 8 o clock, rickets SO cts. tor sale at NOWLIN ft MCELWAIN'S. 37K Clark-fit. Ll " * JpHXLkARMONIC CONCERT, CROSBY OFBBA HOUSE, SATURDAY EVENING, 91AKC1I 23,1807. 1— Symphony in E flat major. (N 0.3.) W. A.... Mozart. a. Introduction and Allegro. I. Andante. c. Menuetto Allegretto. , rf. Finale Allegro. 2 “Enraln j'Cßpcro.” Aria from itobert te l>lab!e. By Meyerbeer „ . MISS A. MAIN. 3 * 3 Adagio Rellploeo By G. Onslow. 4 Aria irom Alessandro Slradella By Flowtow. Mr. A. HISCBOFF (late from New York.) 5 Concerto fbr me Violin By Mendelssohn . _ Mr. W. LEWIS. 6 cara ylenl.” AHctta By. H. Balatka. _ „ MISS A. MAIN. i—overture to the Opera of Zampa By Ilcrold. Tlckcta at the Door, One Dollar. T> JL&TOIU— CROSBY OPERA HOUSE. XL Dirrcror J.GBAU. Season of three nights and one Mallccc. Bum tree in Chicago ol tao Great Tragedienne, Mme. ADELAIDE RISTORI. Tnwday, March 23-ELIZABETH. Wtdnescay, March 27—JlTDITU. Friday, Marcn 23 MARY sTUARTV* Hiturdsy, March 50—GRAND MATINEE. The salt* of seats for any of the three nights will com lenceoa Friday. Reserved Scats. Boxes. *3.00. QROfcBY'S OPEKA HOUSE. SEVXN HEADS 2 TEN BOBNSI WILL APPEAR APRIL BTH. jHadjintri; JIIE HAMILTON Sawmills and Engines. The undersigned havlcg for year* devoted tltlr uniied capital, time and skill, m Improvlug and per leitmgTUE ECLII*Bri SAWMI..LS and ENGINES, now make them their rspceial bntlneis, and are work irg thetr Eetauiubn cot to Its Inlictt capacity in sop orlnc the demand tor them. To.sp Mills contain important PATENTED IM- I'HOVEMKNTb. uscu upuu no others. No Uircntar 4.lU* efauil service as wdL and r one ore as PROFITA BLE me pnicboser. They wld bo kept fnllv up to th« 1r acknowledged and fairly acquired STANDARD of ,-UfKßlor.l IT. at d sold auuch pnees as the coat of nisnulaeturing will Justify ax l« making. ‘‘Ti e Best Circular Mills in Use.” OWENS, LANE, DYER & CO., Ilnmltton, Ohio, and St. I.oaTn. Mo. £3TSend for Descriptive Circular. patmts. TOUR GATES licep tho Cstrs One of Voar YnrdJ UOREELL’S ADJUSTABLE HINGE Tsjuit the tblrg to do lu every time, withont toll, witr eat trouble, without Ibc Itlcnt to manufacture this admirable improve ment frUlcges, for this city aad titatr, U for sale. AUo, oinct territory at low figures. Call and see a practical Illustration of lu value, at HOUfll l. 102 SlUTrn CfiATCK-ST, IJincgat. pußl : €IDEH VINEGAB, Warranted pare, and to preserve picklss. Larges works of the kind In the United States. CHARLES Q. E. PRUSSINQ, :i«9 and ltd I State-su. Ctucago. 35ngtneg, See, r £*HJS LANE & iiOPLISi Portable Circular Saw Mills PORTABLE STEAK Etf GESE3, ituaeie Machines, com aiuia and Shame*. W working Machinery. I.ANK <sc BOOLUVv Come? oi John And Water-ste., Cincinnati. AppucantßlcrdcscripdvscireQi&rtwUl s?eci!> the tafcbiDcrr they need. txSaiei-4czm Auction Sale#. JQANIEL BUOTT & UO. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 104 l<akMi(>i ccr. LaSalle, Chicago, Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Ont-docr galea promptly attended to. A UCTION at Daniel Scott & Co.’s xjl. Booms, No. 1(14 Lakc-st-. TUESDAY, March 26. at 10 a. Dry Goods, Cosslmcrca, Hoop Skirts, Balmoral Skirts, Ladles' Shawls, Prints, Calicos. Linens, Hose. Half- Hose, Ac., Ac. DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Aiictloneera. RUCTION. CZifiAHINa OUT SAIiS. Wednesday, March 27, at 10 a. m„ at Daniel Scott A Co.'s Rooms. 164 Lake-sU, Glass ware of every de scription, Incloolng table. Kitchen and hand Kerosene Lamps, Chnnde Icrs, Porcelain, Uarole and Alabaster Lamp Basts, Beer Glasses, Wasples. Sugars, Creams, Spoon-holders, nnd a large assortment of Castors, Ac. DANIEL SCOTT A CO„ Auctioneers. AUCTION —Thursday, March 28th at 10 a. cd„ at Daniel Scott es Co.’a Auction Booms. 164 Laic-st.. Household Furniture of every description. Carpets, China ware. Glues ware, .Lounges, Solas, Ac. DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Auctioneers. BT. LEE, City Auctioneer, • 143 OEAHBORN-ST. Friday, 22d March, 10 o'clock, M boxes Lemons, in rood order. S 3 brls Salt Fish. 1 large Office Peak. Gilbert and sampson, General Auctioneers. 47 and 49 Dearbom-st. SPLENDID STOCK OF Blolx and 3ledlum NEW FURNITURE, AT AUCTION. On FRIDAT, March 22<L at 10 o’clock, consisting of an elegant assortment d Parlor, Bedroom and Dining room Fun iture, inclodlng a great variety of Itlch and Medium Marble and Haln-top Chamber Suites, with a general assottment of Household Goods. GILBERT & SAMPSON, Auctioneers. A UCTION.—-I will sell this day, at 10 tx. o’clock, a. tn., Ilaia, Cap». Shoes. Plctnres, Soap. Books, . . Cltrnrs,_Furnuure, Ac. At 11 o'clock n lot of Watches, and on 9 one Gold Bant ing Case, worth fSuo. J.M REYNOLDS. Auctioneer, A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchant! 44 dk 4tf aANDOI.PH-81’.. Between Stalest, and Sold regular sales, at their salesrooms, 01 dey goods, clothing, boots, sdoes, &c.. Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS. every SATURDAY llogt ana jfotonn. LOST —On the 20tn inst., a Hunting Ca«e American Lover Watch, on Washington-ill near LaSalle. Any one having found the same will he llbcially rewarded by leaving the same at 100 Ran dolnh-st. —On Wabash-av., a Pocket Book, which can be bad by oroving contests and paying charges, by addrersl-g -X.** Evanstin. Utanos. TO RENT—Pianos, Organs and ilelo deons; also, new and second-hand Pianos for sa:e on timepsymetiu, received In InstaUmentr. W. W. E IMP ALL. 63 Washtncton-st. FOR SALE—New and second-hand pi anos and melodeons for sale or rent, cheap lor rattt. XEDing and repairing promptly attended to. at 170 East Madiwn-et. WM. CASPER. business CHjances. FOR BALE—Valuable Mill Kiopcrty— One iiaonetbe beat uram flou'lngmil'a la South* enlowa containing time moot foor-IctH bu-rs,ea* Ktnr tod bol er In coca or«er, merchant end cafljm bolts of the t>e-t—oo betterlu use. Themill is a Tin good recur, and in a rood location. Water and fuel fcabundarco. For farther particulars, adorwa WM. SHARP ft SO S, Falrftela. lowa. FO US ALE—The good will, stock and fixtures ot a first-claa* retail drug ctore, mu to completeaider, Wtostedlt a good location mite city rfse. Joseph. Mo. Lease 2)0 r*rs to mu, at low rati For farther iLfonraiPt.tnqal'eot J. u. W. JONES Stationer, 4a and 44 Destbom-au, Chicago. 111.

F)R SALE—WeII assorted Flock ot dry goods and groceries, in a flourishing town, the centreof aUnlfiy famine region. Fct particulars. addreaa Bax 61. Oregon. Wta. 170 R SALE—A water power grist and r Homing mil of three run of 4-leet a ton* altnated In the city of Ottawa. LaSaileCo, lU. Tbomllllixn rood repair and doing a rood Dullness. and now leav rdlors2.iooa7.-ar. The property wui be Bold at a s.criflc*. Call on or addreti BOBT.McDONaLD. Camden Mill*. Bock lalsnq Co.. OL ' P)R HALE—A steam sawmill an Green Bar, Wl?.. In peiftct sod complete running order, capable of sawloe bis million offeil ol lumber during the reason, sod admirably located fur the handling and ihlpmrtecf lumber noth oy railroad and lake— rallrrao runnlmr past the prope-ty, and a '*ock on the p]sce, wltball conveniences lor ihlpment by lake. In audition to iho mill, there arc between ttree and five million feet of logs ou haud. rcaiy fur Imme diate operation. Tbr whole f-r sale at low figures. For term* and fnnh'r Information, addiess or Inquire of W. A. MOWBT. 37 South Water-au, Chicago. F)R SALE—boarding house and fur mure complete. Inquire at IRQ North Clark-st, J/OR tALJs—ilachinc shop doing a 3 good business, or cne or two ‘hares ol same, to •ultpariies. Capital required, 87.0C0 t>Bil OUO. Good r«-asun given for telling. Address ‘Til .7,” Tribune office. FOR .-ALE—I have lor sale Jease, stock and fixture* of ono ot the beat locat-d boot and shoe atom 00 Milwukec-ar., which toast be closed oat immediately, on nccoui t of Mckness aid nnth li f*mi ly. Inqnlrr at IRA BROWN'S Book and Jewellery Store. 28 Milwaakee-ar. ITOR ? ALE Rare chance Denraoie 1 stock of dry goods, with fixtures and lease ot a flret-cia&s store (trade established). located In one of the most flourishing cities of the West; population. 11 coo. Address P. O. Box 558. Oahkoah, Wisconsin. T7OR tAIE—A saloon and Boarding JJ H0nac,K0.437 South Canal-st. Host bo soul this week. Will be sold cheap. Everything new and doing a good busman. FOR SALE—Grocery—New stock ol groceries of about 91,600, good location, now doing a paying bmlncss. Must be »o!d for caih within a few pays. Apply to T. B. QAKER. 124 Kandulph-at. FOR BALE—An old and we!l-eslab 11‘hrd retail grocery, elegantly fitted up and doing a iarue bnslnMS in a mo*t prominent location on the t-ontli aide. For particularsaddrea P.O. Box 1562. 170 U SALE—The stock fiAtures and 1 machinery of a good paying manuficturins boal ne»s. Parties navlr.g 15.000 to lurfcst will nndth’sone l*J*c»lnients la theclty. Ad Ortas “MB ii. iriDune omce. T?OR SALE—A physician's practice, near -L Chirac' , worth I3JOO per year. An extra chance for a .?2°? practitioner. None other need address P. O. Box 613, Chicago. 111. FOR SALE—Grocery, first class loca tlon. well established, low rent Will invoice at anout kUOU. Must be sold on account ot 111-health GILBERT ft BENEDICT. ?. U*OR SALE—At a bargain, a first-class •A.. ,EvnJJ etr cn’s fcrulalilne poods store, one or tbs t«st locations In Chicago. Address P. Q. Box 153. ITOK SALE—A good manulacttmne 1. buslCMs; house, store, fixtures, horse and waeon. So«SlW&t ,l * b:i “ ,8d * t ‘ ortoW * Inquire at 133* XT'OH SALE—One ol the finest fitted JJ ladles’ end pi nts' rcatanraats west of New York. Location the beat in the city. Address J. Q. ADAMS. Tribune office. FOR SALE—Drug Store—Tnc whole ® r a half Internet in anew, well-stocked and ele ganuvluralshcd crngetorc, doing a good buslnes*. wlthlcasefjTthrce years from May next, 173 boalb Wells-st. Terms cash, or might delta’ice tor a nice residence property. Will also exchange good farming lands for bouse on leased land, or fora couple of nrrt clais pianos. Addrcs* “DRCOS,” or call between 5 aid 6 o dock p. nu, comer Monroe and DRUGS. FOR BaL£. —Retail liquor store. In quire at 337 South Clsrk-ft. ITOK SALE—The only hotel in a thnv- X lug town cn the Northwestern Railroad, 32 mlDs in m Chicago, containing 18 rooms, good cellar, bar room. Ac. The hotel Is mostly new, with good sta bllfc. end has a good ran ot custom. Apply to J. BUESILIC, llama, ton. CookCo.,Ul. 3 FOK SALE—Boot and shoe business, flrst-cia'f itore and location, on South Side, busi ness well established. WUI sell low. on account of one partner going away. Would prefer to sell half inter !Sxdao7 ertoa ** 3,tC0 ’ Adareßß “ n 15 <V* x*. o. LTOR SALE—First-class saloon, at less £pT.‘flSß) ( gu?^«!° r KUmt ' ParH “ SOU,e E “ U LTOK SALE—HaIf interest in a first-cJass X money-making exhibition. The party buying and travelling with it will receive as salary *6O per moutn and expcieos, besides the division of proOts. Apply to "bllK." Boom I,Wo. 1»2 South Claik-st. J SALE—A stock of watches, jewel- X ry, kllver plated ware, &c„ all fine goods, and of good styles, wltn A No. 1 natures ftr same, and lease of store, will be sold, separately or together. at a b*r sam, for ca»h, or exchanged far city prour.rty. Loca- D&i b w b “ l * u „ town ;. Apply af QulilßY ft HAWLEi b. Room 7 Reynolds* Block. Coicago. FOlt aALE—Groceries, saloons, board ing homes, jewelry, boot and shoe and etstt >nery scores, in all parts of the city; also, a travelling bosl- Uiatis paving irom <SQ Lj *SOO per week. Room 1J Lombard Ulo-k. No. joy Mouroc-at. FOR SALE—Book, stationery and periodical store—best .Ido of be,t street In tbl« city— f3jXo cash. Rent *ls per month, immediate posatssU n. Addrers Box 22A-A, Chicago. Ixcal iSstate^ffiountrg. F>R SALE—In Evanston—Nine houses and lo's. well located, soma of which are among tbc besc in the village, and five built daring the past Beaton, Prices from *UCO to |l3.«xi. Tne last n*med price will pnrehafifi a reddenre on me Western Bldce. which is pronounced by good Judges to be one cf the Cacrt in Cvok County out oi Chicago, stsodlog upon two beautiful iota l-fOzAt leer, covered with young, inmty t>ee«, and commanalng a splcncid view of tno western prairie, aud giving you, from the observatory a dne vlcw of old Late Michigan. This house was bum the p st reason, expressly for the owner, bat all the mwltm Improvements, and It la every respect a tncdel hense. Any one wiping to idrn ra .re lu re sard ip l-. bclr re calling, caa Inquire of Bar. Or. Ev ans. 60S Wabi-h-av.; J. E.Trier, 32 Clark-sl„ or ’per Ijuc; S.C. Griggs, 39 ana 41 Lake-«t., or fe. B. bkitntr, 240 Lake-st. also, lor sale, a few Dvo-acre lots.Jiistnonh of the ilihictl Inslltnte, at 82fO oer • ere; and a good f«rm,under Improvemen'.wUh build logs, at Wmctla, x aile trom de.>ot,;c miietfroaiUi.!- caco.contal> log lUI acres. at*4o per ncro—ball cub. bktance ui two years at t» per ceut Interest. Terms of ravtnet l for tfce homes and lo s, generally half cash, balance In one and two year*, at tr mUta 10 per cent tnu-ribt. Apply loC. K. BitOWNA. Iteai E»talo Agent, yvanston, or at his cilice, 17 Laa&tle st.. Chicago. X proved. 120 acre* heavy timber, two beautiful laxeß abounolce In tDlngeod Posting, fine orchard. &c.. spmlhsrromChKaec. Price .ow. ISAACCLAFLIN. flj IVosLlhgtau-Bt. J7*OK SALE—At Hammond -fe Butler’s d Office. IIS Dearnorn-su. Time*' Bal ding. iiiiprvcUlamalD WUconslnand liim la. from jo to 1.2 W acres eicn; 400.003 acrci nt farming lands in lill nolx, tVlscotsln, Michigan, luwaaod Mlnrcsata: ICO OUJ acres ot cf.uicc pine lauds In Mlihlgin and Wisconsin: several rawmllh; also, a good (louring mu on too Northwestern Road, lu Wisconsin—one oi tbe best loca tions for mUllng In the State. FOK SALE—A desirable residence in Waitkcg*n; iroood tram; boos'*, brick Irnnda tio& ana ones lined. 1. good omer and (ontains ten r'-oms, be-ldw closets and go-d cellar; large bam and stables, well, cisiem. 8 c.; trim leu 20 acres, floe or cbaid, sto apple tree* atd 100 pear iti***! In fall bearin'-, onsmenUtlcedar hedges, evergreen*. Ac, one mile from depot on the bet street in the cltv. For partlca j. LINCOLN. Wankee-m, or too*. I AID, ai offic*-ol Nye. Campbell & co., SS South Utter-st., Chicago. FOU SALE—A splendid cotton planta tion. containing about 11,000 acres, within six miles of Natcncz. Miss.; CIO nndrr improvement; fine house and oatbull'dngs and 13 frame cabins; rents for IC.CCO; wilt resold nt an immense sacrifice, lor cash. A‘ro. a tne larru of 330 acres In Marshall County. 11> tratlya 1 under cultivation; will bo soli cheap for ••alf ca«h and ba’anco on time. ADAM, B‘IINS A EV ANS, Beat Eslate BroKert, northwest corner Madison and Dearborn-sts. TT'OR SALE —Fine (arm ot 01 acrci, only 4J 10 miles iron the cltv, and one mile sooth of Imckton, on C. 4N.W. 1{ K. J. M, UEELEU 4 CO . Heal Estate Agents, 12!) South C.urk-BU FOK SALE—Pine improved tarm ot 240 acres, 35 rullcs from Cblr ago, on C. 48.1 R. lu, andS miles from railroad station. Will ue divided Into 80-scre lots. it desired. J. IT. KEELER & CO. Real Estate Agents, 12D Sontb Clarx-st. fTOP. SALE—Splendid trmt farm of lUO A aerts, SO Improved. £0 timber. 15 acres of a choice beanugapple orchard, I,oio brarlng peach trees. 15 pear trees, two-story Gothic hou.e, containing 18 rooms, stone cellar. 3 earns. Joining a town of 2,500 In habitants. TMa is one of the finest farms In ih« Wcsu ntffiwm bo sola at a bargain. ARTHUR ft DOTDEN, Ij'Oß BALE—At Luke View—New and JL, convenientdwelllcß boost, containing 8 rooms, besides basement, wash room, panfry, closets and 'arte brick cellar, well shaded with cak. tralland ornamental uva, wnn rue acre of l»nd. banc-omely laid oat with flower and kitchen t'anlens. stsblc, &c. Apply on toe prcTTJfes ro Mr. JI.USTON, or tbe ».wner fc COOK, SON. No. 7 Court House. t&M. ’ UOh - l?OR BALE —At Evanston—Three dwell- JL Ices, with eronndh attached. and one store to rent. Inquire of J. BIIUWN, HO LaSalle- F)R SALE—Or exchange lor Chicago f? ft r crc * of “cdleat land, timber and jirmrK only l mile from Glf)»on Station, and 21 miles Irom Chicago. ISAAC CLAFLIN, na Washington-*:. )K bALE—Two farms—One ol 160 a «. r on ln^ >c4Rl T, cr i. VaUt, J'- tcar Bickford, the ri^M a nsW lc K B “ bcoc,ta Grove. Good lax ms. CLAFLIN, OJWaehtngton-st. FOR SALE—Suburban Property—At Geneva—llonr and a hairs ride from Chicago, two v ery desirable residences, with all Kinds ol fruit, large yard, bare. Ac.; also, building lots. At Wanse 2i.D-ajrnUesfrom Chicago, largo dwelling, spaeloos baro * flne wlety of fruit. Ac.; wIU exchange l l,caKO Propsrty. At Racine—Uric* residence. duck bam. boose, servants’bonsc. Ac., with 10 ® r ground, on lake ihor**, near Episcopal Col lege; has large grapery Allot with Mat loMeo varle bearing. At Aurora—Dedrahle dwellings and buliofng lots, J, D. HAKVEY, J.S LaSalle-st. Uoarbiutj. TDOARDING—Good board and rooms JL_f canbehad»t2s3 Church-st. 'DOAKDlNG—Gentlemen can be accom- A-» mode tea with hoard and plca'ant rooms at moderate prices. At No. 31Q Statc-aU "I3OARDIN6—For ten young gentle* -U men, at nswboarding house, 203 Mlchigsu-st. TiOARDING—A large trontparlor, nn- on Wabash-ar., d- rib of Ilsrcon-court, with flrat-clatg board. Addrc.-s “R.” Box 300. TDOARDING—At 277 West Randolph-st few dßy^o d arden roomS ’ ,iDfile cr olberwlße * Also, a I^OARDINQ—Front room, furnished or unfurnished, to rent, with board, at 57 Plce-sh, corner of Oh.o. References required. TJDAKDING—A suite of Iront parlor J-J MQ bedroom, nljos'.reral single rooms and day board can be had at IT Dearhsro-SL, up stairs. TJOARDINO—A pleasant room (unfur -!X F l!be , d shltahle lor a gentleman and lady, la rent, qulrtd ™’ 6t CBt Randoiph-st. Bcf.rcncea ro* T> OARDIN6—A gentleman and wite XJ and two ladies will Qnd snpclor inrnhhed rooms, at ISS couth Jeffereon-«t. A'eo, three gentlemen. Location pleasant and convenient, aclolniug street cars. Terms low. " T>OaKDXRG—(Jan be had, with cheer- L> fnl looms In a n-lvale laxily, by two gentlemen. Apply at No. 4 Dubbard-coort. T>OARDING—Two gentlemen desirous JL» ola comfoilable home with elegant large iront room and excellent board In a rcjO'claßiclamUy living on Wobasb-av, notfir from the I’oit OHIO!. Best ref eretcca required. Adcrcss *-c.*» b o i 1320. BOARDING— Two gentlemen can be accommodated with good board on reasonable terms, at 85 Abcruecn-st. T>OARDJNG—A pleasant room, desir* tM.sV le^?, f:e r n r U^ maß and with board, at 22 Hnsh-st. corner ofirinou-at. iSeatb ffiSJantcb. T>OARD—Foi a boy ten vears old 4-'t? ,tll tr 6c ? l! i 0M will be a mother to him. South or West side, near the llxlts where there Is a rood echoed staling terms ami location. Addreis “G" TnP'jnc Offlce. BOARD— A gentleman and wile desire board in a novate faml'y on the Month Side, 'test BOARD — mechanics desire board In some private family, whc-c tnsrc S r . c . 5°.??, a i2r ra * Andrtas, stating location, Ac., “ MELIiAN.c,’ rrtoane omce. BOARD —By a gentieman and wile, be* tween Sixteenth ard Tweoty-eecnnd-its-, east of State, where srr do other b wardens. None bat private Uml.lcs need apply. Adams "N," P. o. Box 1369 QLu ISent=»ouscs. TO KB.-T—Two liouses in me fine ttreMtarr and basement tna.-bte front nloct os *-•. rcIML, dirrctiy north ol DM"n Part. Poaaeai oo cf one Immedlstdy—the other Mar l»t. Good stahi o: the eremites. RAIRD ftBRuDi.ST, cornrr Late and LaSalle-its. TO RENT—Furnished bouse, .North Side, t ery pleasantly located, wth aH mod-rc coo. Teolerre*,ardsfcel. tnminocd Apply to OBOB3E M. BiOB, 104 Bapdolph-sv. Boom 12. TD KENT—A fixs£*das« furnished house osMlchigts-ev-searMnnroe-st. Possession sir. enatctce. W. H. SAMPSON, Boom 3 Metropolitan mack. T} RENT—Yen des lable boose on the Nth* Sid*. tartly fansishsd.l6r six month*. Ao piy to SAJTIi QEHB, 114 Deirborn-sL, Bosnia 10 ard J it. TO KENT—Tnree tenements, ncarlj sew—three trontrooms, two rooms and totnei room*, chran. Is advance. inquire at 340 Huboard* aL, weatof E'lxabetb-tt. nPO RENT— v outb Side—Nearly new Abowt 1061 Indlana-av., seven room* a*d tlo*- cts, with all modern Improvement*. N ;ne need apply nnJesawliMngto purchase entire aet of good foxnj ture. Cali at home, at 9 a.m. B r I ’0 RE!>T—Two-story and basement i marble-front boose. No. 568 Lskt-sL. fronting Dnlon-part, containing U rooms and ml modern lm- Srorementr. Apply as No. 326 FuUon-sL, or a; 00m 13, 164 Randolph-sf, r T'O KENT—New house, 221 Wes; 3lad- J. Ison-st-9 looms, gas and water, {tarnished or an lornlsher Pcwescioo laimedlattlr. App.y on the premise*. nPO KENT—From Maylst, 1867, N0.2D3 J. Gieen-st; No. 1038 Wabash-ar.; No. 77 Allan e-st, and No. 443 Cottatre Orove ar. Apply tj J. M. AIAHSUALL. 07 south CUnraC r T'O RENT—A nicely furnished house A with modern Improvements, reasonable If the rent Is paid In advance. Heave Inquire at tbo door, No.R-4'2 Mlctlgan*av n first In the row south of T»ea ty-fluh st. TO RENT—House ot 7 moms and closets oo East Madluor-it., and fondtore for sale. Possession at once. 128 Lake at., A. C. BROWN ft CO. TO RENT—Desirable house on the West Side, ten room*. Furniture man be soil wim house. Possesion at once. A. C. BROWN ft C0..12S Lake-st. 'T’O RENT—A very nice Ihrec-story X brick house, ten rooms, on Twenty-foarth-vt, be tween State and Wabavh-ar. only *SO per month—six mouths In advance. Also {tarnished and unfurnished rooms near the Fust Office, JONES, BUN DT ft TAT LOB, Room 12 Mcthodls* Church Block. RENT—Bnck -house on Harrison* JL cont.lnlcg nine roo'rs, with closets, bath* rcoa,ano good cellar. Addreaa by letter Box 2334. TO KENT A two-story nouse on Stato-st, centrally located fora boardinghouse. Bororo,Vlo : gjg for c ° cal '- ACTUIJI[ r FO KENT—Two desirable house?, 517 3 and 319 North C.ark-st- containing gaa. water, mantles, with shrubbery In front yard. Posies sion of one April Ist, thi other .May Ist. Rent ouarter ly, in advance. Inquire at 317 North Clark-st. TO RENT—Honse 148 North Pleona-st, $33 a month, to those wishing to bnv the entire ounuior housekeeping; beta In use but 10 m-nths. TO RENT-—'Two story house. No. ttO Aberdeen-st, 10 room*. In good condition, barn. PotseniJon eivcn Immediately. Inquire of H. W. HUNT. 79 Month Water-sc. 3 y TO RENT—AtEvanston—Furniture for Bale—A new bouse of 7 rooms, pautry. closets and gsodccllar. Inquireat 10LsSalle-st. 1.A.P005* 2To s£enfc=:Eomns. HTO RENT—Rooms in McCarthy's Build -1 lag, northeast corner cf Dearborn and Washing tor-eta.—choice Bmtw. Inquire in Room i a. r PO KENT—Two famished rooms, lor X one or two gentleman, at 13* Fonrth-ar., be tween ilanlsoo and PoUc-aU. r ipO RENT—Choice moms, central, larce, X light, airy, in McC'-nslck’s and Larmon Kloccs. among them one SO by 35 feet rtpjare, suitable for a sample rocm. Inquire of C. A. SPUING. No. 8 Lar mon Block. 'TO RENT—hoom, newly tarnished. lor sale-price *IOO. Apply to BOOT. MALCOMU, Room No. 1 Kwmg's Block. TO KENT—A desirable iront room, 1 with rural turn ftrsale. Call at Boom 2*3 Oils' Block, comer Lasalie and Madlson-3ti. r between 7 and □ o clock this p, m. Tu KENT—A iurnifhed room, at 89 X West Waßhlngton-3U 3y blocks Rom rlrer. TO RENT—An office, or suitable lor a Bleeping apartment, rent only 110 permccth; also a entail quantity of furniture for sale. Apply at 114 Dcarborn-et., room 520. ** TO KENT—Furnished lodgings,without X board, to gentlemen only. Smglu and double fPS 1 ??.* ?. Im closets, gas, and kept la order. Appiy at 23 Michlgaaav, TO RENT—Two rooms on the second aad three rooms on the fonrth floorof brick build ing 128 West Bandclph-at. Inquire In store. TO RENT—Four splendid rooms in a J_ new two-story building, 303 Tyler-sL, between Aberdeen-it. and Ccntre-av. Good accommodations. Rent *l4 per month. 2ro5aEUt=SiOWS, ©fficcs.&c 'T’O KENT—From the Ist of May nest, 1<ldwelUacabore.No..T37Statoet. Apply >t CHAiiLES O.E.PBDSSIia’S, 339 * lii btateft., Chicago. T'O KENT—The spacious store, known X_ as No. 91 Wafihlngtoa-‘t, also, two iront offices, with vault, on the first floor of the same building. Apply to WM.D.KEHFOOr. S 9 Washlngma-at. K TO BENT—stole No. 117 Sonth Clark «•• •'tore and basement 123 D«%j bom-st_ stores ? n<s 2 ® l South Ciark-*r_ and No. 187 ISSS SSttt AP * r “ J - M - TO RENT—A rew two-story building, the lower part as a store, and tne upper pan dwelling. Will do ready by the first ofilay. Water and gas complete. Corner of Harrison nod Desplalnci- Bts. Inqnlrc at 101 West Darnson-st. TO liENT—store and basement, 85Ran dolpb-6t. r FO KENT—?I have lo rent, in Hilliard’s 1 Block, northeavt corner «f Clark and Sotth Wa- the very desirable stole on theesrner; asulte rf choice moms over the store. Na«, 1 and 0: otflee No. 9. C. A. SPRING, No. S Lsrmon Block TO RENT—The basement of store Nj. 43 South dark-fit. Also three fitarics aad b»se mentoisioreNo. 39 south Watcr-sL for storage pur pose*. on the preausia. TO RENT—BOxIBO icet on Washington -6, t. I JFi WCCQ IH e, ii- a,;d love. ILEBb ft AYRES, 10 Opera House. T'O RENT—DesE room in an cstabltsn X od real estate offle*, to n Notary Habile and con veyarcer.Addreaa REaL ESTA IE, Trtouno otflee. T’O HiiNT—Or Lease—Dock property -2 on South Branch, sellable fir roa', wood. lumb*r. or lor n aanfactnnng. GEORGE V. BYRD, No. lUO Randolpb at., Room 8. r PO KENT—Brick store and basement, X No. 288 Stalest., naar Va-* Bnien, from Mar Ist next Inquire at Room 7, No. 101 Woshlagton-Jt. TO RENr—from Slay Ist, part of the building •JSI Kouth Watcr-su Apply on tne premise*, office np stairs. TO KENT—The lower partof 50d state -1 at..suitable for shop or store. Inquire on the premises. w 'T'O RENT—Store on North Clark-sl, 1 In g-od location lor a grocery store, block and fixtures for sale. H. C. MOREY ft CO., 8 Mctropoll tan Ihock. • r ggaaraea—aa sent. Vv ANI ED—To Rent—A cottage of « » * rooms, by April Ist, on West Slud. wtibln one alle cf Latre-st bridge. Address *‘M N," Trloiine office, stating price and location. ANTED—To Kent, a medium-sized, TV nlcelv furnished hou«e. In a flrst-clsss locality. e montns. by a small f-mlly {wltn pnt children), who will take tne beat of care of lurnl ;®£®*_ ."til taxo nosteoslao any time between now and Bth of May- Address “BANKER," Tribune office. lATANTED—To Kent—A house ot 9 or Y T 10 rooms, cn the South Side, south ol Twelfth at. and east ot Mate. Kent not to exceed (300 p-r an- Will rent now, or the first of May. Addresa OEO. GILBERT, care Gilbert * Sampson, 47 and *l9 Kearlorn-st. \AT ANTED—ITo 1 To Kent—-A nouse con ..V V talcing 7or 8 rooms, with gas and water, on North Mae, in good locality. Address ••£ L,” i*. o. Box 2b74. \yAN TED—To Rent—By a lady, a • furnished roox, with closet and conveniences ... flro. Mucbeot South *lde,east of State-su Can give host cl relerencas. Pl-i«e addr*<«. atatine term*' and location, ,- W A £.'* 220 ana 288 Lake-si7 TS7 ANTED—To Kent —A good house, Vtf containing 9or 10 rooms. Sonur side, eon«h ol TWclflliand east of Stale-st. Possession wanted istot Slav. Per a ororant flrat-class tenant for such a house addi ess Uox 2885. P. Q. ’ TXT ANTED—To Kent—By a man and • V wile, a house with sor 6 rooms,by the Ist oi May. on tne West Side. Bent prom at. Adduces, stat ins terms ana location. “OUAN f.'* “j-j State-st. WAN' —To Rent A two-stnry . r liotae m a dralrpblo location, br a family of ftnroenona, Addieis, wim fall pamcabn, “G S.” Tilbune otllce. \\f ANTED—To Lent—l wish to rent a » j p’caiant room, cither famished or anforolsbed. wllhoat board, on the North Slie. south of Cbicuro-ar. and east of Clark-st. GEO. P. WELLES, care or Root ACsdy. TXT"ANTED—To Rent—Two or three y y cclnrclahed rooma snltable lor housekeeping, lor man and wife—no children. Address, stating term*. ♦•HESS," earo I. u. R. tf. * TXTANTED—To Rent—A small room V y with one or two wlndows.ln third or fourth sto* ry. located between Lase and Madison and Dearborn m ** add ' e * “ w £KJ ANTED—To Rent—Two or three y V rooms, within one mils ot Clark-st. bridge. Ad dress, wltn terms, M G W U." 1R Dearbom-st. IKTLD— I To Rent—Collage ol Cor . . 8 rooms— Sooth or "West Side, for a promot-par -Jj? tenant. Apply to A. C.DRJW*N<ftCO., 12S Lafca W, A: T\7 ANTED—-To Rent—By a gentleman J» and Isdy without children, on or oelore the Ist of April, a cottage, on or near West Madison at. west of Curtis. Address “J B," Drawer 6175. T7S7ANTED —To Kent—A convenient _▼ » house, medium size, modern improvemeats. South Division, east of State-st., to take possession oi or before Ist ol May. Collator address .Tl 2 Noith of Rosb-»t. bridge. SPAFFOBO & iUlUtu&h. \JVf ANTED-—To Rent—-A famished yy „ house of 4 or S rooms, within 20 minutes’ walk ol the Court Bouse, or adjacent to horse can. Termi moderate. Address, lor one week. Box 6093, Chlca- WANT fvD —To Rent—By two youn rr gentlemen, alurnlihedroom, with or without hoard. South Side prol-rred. Keferesees exebaa -wL Acorern **F E G.” Tritons offlcc. i-Harijmerg. apOR SALE—Three o-norse power up* A , right eugm«s; aiso six horizontal engines, 8, iC 6td U-hsrte power. Larger or smaller enguca fur* rlshcd with or without toilers. Is, is, 16 and iO-aorsr ruhmar and loconcOva oollcra for sue, test -Vso one t-rcller Union Matchsr ana Plaotag Machine. Sawmills, oarrrl and wood-working mactfunry, iron Oiasrrs. belting, saws. (lies. Ac. Machinery Depot. De*rPOm-et.. Chicago. GREENLEE SHQ3. ACOI * T?OH SALE—Portable engines, station- X l . ary and on wnetla, 10 and 13-borse pow«r. on n&nd and ror sale at low prices, by THE PESHTIbo Cl>„ North Water-sh, North Pier. FOK aALE—A superior low pressure engine, SMcch cyilnuer and l-f-«t strike. In splen did ruDLlnc order, with shaft 9 Inches In diameter and fly-wheei 20 feet, welching snout 1 tons. Tnu engine Isof rntllclent capacity to drive the largest elevator, and la particularly adapted to a mill capsbleof making 400 barrels cf Hoar per day. We otfer ihi above at tne particulars, tcqulreot DA-fERWaALING A CO- State Mil s, Chicago, or MEDBERY. bTEVENB & c 5.. Milwaukee, WU. - F'Olt oALE—Wood won h planing and matching machines of dlOerrat styles ana sires; one 24-mch surfscer; a f D n assortment of sash, door ana dillo machinery, moulting macl-ioe*,wood lathes, scroll savg, rc-sawmg maebiaes, saw amors, also,machinery Cat Iron work—engine latb-s, plaiers. upright mills, Mcrrlmas’s patent bolt cutters, Davis* patent bolt headers. Br&luoid’a patent vises—all at manufacture's* prices, freigot added. Circulars Boat onnppllcatloD. MERRIMaN A WBIGHT, 14 Welts-«t. F>R bALE—Ont second hand 10 horse portable engine, complete, been la us* only three tnocins.aDdJajt as goad as new. Apply to A. U. .palmer, office ehorulx Life Ituoracce Company. 43 South Clark-st., Room 4, op stairs. * F)U SAJjE—2S,IO and 15-horsc power portable engines and boilers, with all modern Im trrnui, and all complete, and for sale at very low prices; b; GRIFFIN BROS..lip LaSaUe-st. Stragcb anb Stolen. QTRaYEO—From m front of my office, JJ» dark brown marc, without harness or ha ter, Th t fimn-r will bo snltab'y rewarded i*r returning ioj same to f. E. SPOONER, 1 and 9 Wigwam Ualuiag. &eal Eatatr-ffiitg. DIPBOTEU. XT* OK BALE—By Tins, B. Bryan & Co., X 1 BaJ&UteOtDccTlaßrranHnl'; MICHIGaN-AV.. *onth >4 TwelftiwL, an elegant rrwhc iraet residence, three stories and bseemeokoin* talsltg is rooms, clo.ete, bath room, water closet. ipeaklcstut*e,gas,fojTiac«,<SCn4c. Lot 33x133fee1. l-TICO KO,ICQ. * STAIE-ST., tear Taylor. two new ms>be front stMee, • i itree (tortr* sod bss-jmrnt. Qm, water tod hslhro ms Inevcry sicry. LottfljlW loct, toa*Hb t alley. On the rear. a large, out truss d Telling. The » hois rents & r Pncr £&,&*>. tTATfc->T., Mi>)inl&e the aooTe, one marble Irani •tort, <u Uuee sion»s and oasement. Water ta every •»ry. Lot 30x170 feet. On toe rear, an old frame dwelling, price fli^OO. WaHAdfl-AY .near Fifteen th-st_ a frame dwelling, 6 rat-me and casement. Cminl bed ban. Lot 25xI9t> feet. INDIAN A-AV., corner of Slxteemh-sL. two hondred feeten ttearenne by one honored and eighty feet Quo xlSO) cn Sixteenth. Canhosoh.ivldoL » ot FltteenttnL, two ITame stores. Lot S€x>7o feet. Price W.OJO. F BofiBLlN-bT., s-*-out of Ltncotn*ar~ a small frame cottage, and lot ISxt IS feet. Price gMOO. ON’IARIO-ST., Between LaSalle and Welu, cottage h9tki*,}9x6oteet,coatainUgß room* serf 3 Eood repair. Lo» 21x1 Defect, Price |3AM. EUSB-ST.. north ol Baton, s Terr enable residence lot, la one ol the oeet neignoornoods la the city, mod having more than the average depth of lots cn the Forth Side. Lot SJzltS feet, to all-foot alley. HIN&DALE-&T-, tmi ot Lvtllr. twostow Crams noose, with tlazzs, containing about 10 rooms and in coed repur. bats. LoisCHOOfcft,toaals-toot alley. Price 16.00 T. . wASHINGTON-ST., corner of Sheldon, a bnck reel* deuce, two stores and oasement, with alt modsrs Im provement*. EotiOzUO lect. WAbHDiGTON-BT., west of Sheldon, two marble Irvnt residences, two stories, basement ana French tool. In croccjs of erection; win be completed April Ist and May Lt. Lots ca.b 86x150. Price,each,|2P.S». CLINTON-BT.. tooth ol «faauon,)3t 40x3) feet, wl h three frame houses, each ot two stories, tro oq the street and one *.n the rear, now renting for 9711 peran nnm. Price |tc<o. ilADlhuN ST., corner 01 Union. g:od business loca* t, v?.,^. 43lS 2 leet>w “ Bal,e y* Pn*»sl3o penoot. ilADiao.vsi.,we*t 01 Leavitt, a lot 01 one acre. FULTON*STm between "Wood and Lincoln, a frams boose of one and a haf stories, oitelmng 8 ro'au. Just built. Lot 25rlC6feeL to an ahtrr. Fnco i£sw. TWcl.FTti-ST- a eet of Cana], a frame n«nl>*,feont> mgsenth. of two st jncs. ecntatnm: 13 room 1, mip>od repair, now narng for stßo per -nnas. LjC 15x123 :«t. to a 16-foot alley. Price 13,700. Also, alanieUsi of similar and other property In ill parts of the dry. J ‘C’CR &ALE—By Snyder & Lee,Rea! Es- JL state Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Bloik, a new txo-story and basenunt boose of 11 rooms, hot and f n i“ w V. er Oosets, marole mantle*. aad lot, with bam. No. 776 Sflchlgan-ar., near Twenty, second-st. * T?OR SALE—An elegant marble from? J. 1 house, elega' Uy finlsned, with all the latest liiproTemente, on West Washlngtcn-st, nearWUlsm*- ptacc. New and elegant /uroitnre heJuuirnt with the btosc. A FjHendid brick boose acf tarue lot, corner of Cain met-ar. and Twenty-ant sc Fine large homo wltn iot OCndsO feet, comer of Wa* bash-ar, and Eighteenth-si. BttES & AT BBS. J O Opera Home. |7OK SALE—Three new bouses on S. between Dome and LesTltt-sta_ nine rooms each—only each; a very tow pnce:Bl4nd cash, balance in 1.2 and 3 years. WARSEN A GOOD* BICH, 123 Dearbom-sL, Roam 3. C'OR bALG—Store and lot, No. Idt X South Clark-st.. between Madison' sed Moarcc. feet troat. fiiqaire of JOHN FORSYTHE, 133 Bandoipb-st. I7OR SALE—A story-and-a halt cottage X. house, on leased ground, baa all modern improve ments, witbiaonebirezof streetcars, No. 96 South rcorla-at. PncogiOOo. Is nicely finished throughout. Apply between the boon 019 a. m. and apMnwfttthe bouse. I? OK SALE—At a bagain, a new two a story hotur, wither without lur allure, arth«* par ty Intends sailing tor Europe. Also a newjCoabe ulano. require on the premises. No. 113, Twenty nicth-st. FOR SALE—House and Jot, containing 6 rooms, lot 20x100,. 316 luinols-st, between atatc and Dearborn. Inqmre ol SHBUEUEB ft BBO_ 133 Deartoni-8t n Boom lt|> 17OR SALE —Nice cottage house and A lot, containing 7 room?, bcslaea closets, wood sbed.Lydm.t ana cistern water; .So. 219 Csrroll sb, flMnflHU the*premises, or ol A.J. *I7*OK SAXE—At Hammond «fc Butler’s J, Load Office, US DearooriPeu Times’ Building. t.eraQi residence oa Part-row; choice buddinz lots at Cc-naz* Grove; boose and lotion Twenty-alxth-sc; bouse and lot on Fo lou-rt.; house sod lot on Carroll st.; hours and lot on Twelfth at.; htiusc and two lota at Evanston;«two-story houseson Mliwaukve-ar-; build ing lon m all parts or the eliy. trOK SALE—Cheap—The marble iront K dwelllsg,No.3r7 West Was£lagton-»t. O. J. I? OR SALE—House No. 330 Indiana-su, . tear Rl-slk. with lot 30 feet front, only tSJMO: lot Sione wtrlh fJJOl 1 . QEOKOE A WILLIAMS, 7 South Clara-it. F'OK SALE—By Snyder <slee, Real Es tate Agcats^No.4 Metropolitanßloek, anew two story frame bouse ofil rooms, and lot U-'toet front, on Paik-av., near Leavltt-st. FOR SALE—First-class three-slory and basement brick house No. 290 Horon-st- be. tween North State and Cass-its. Apply to GALLUP A PEABODY. Boom 19 Portland Block. Ij'Oß BALEJ—Cheap House, lot and JL bam. with cas, water and severs, No.-346 Ohio it., near state. North side; a so, form tore for sal;. la qaire on the premises. SOK BALE—A tine marble-trout house on WBbssh-av.,ncar Jacksoo-sL Pricetl9.oJ> pcan rensln for three years at 8 percent- tvAß ■ A GOODRICH, 133Deaibcm-at,liooai3. F>R oALE—Two nice houses and lots on the West Side. In a-go.d location. The houses have eight rooms and eloieta One rn one, , two and tareo years’ time at and the other torkiiw cash. O. A. tiPKINQIig, No. ft sietropoltian B odn FOR bale—House and Jot on-Aber No. 76, between Jackson and ;°JiS5 1 5J o ,J u, J B’foot 8 ’ foot Price H. os bORJ., Q| qarfc-fIC. TTOH BALE—On Ada st, a very pleas- JL antn»ldetce,wltb4ofcattront,?As(»:‘ also, one cn Pt. John's-pUce. near Union Park, first-class house. ?CJOO. CLAFLIN. 93 Waahicgton-st. F>R BALE—New two-story house, with lot 23x123. on West Waahlngton-eL, near the city nmitv. it must oe sold at some pace, to effect an< Im mediate sale Price £2,300. un very easy terms. H. OaUObN, 01 Ciarkst. T7OR SALE—By Soyder & Lee, Real 1 Estate Agents, No. 4 McfopoUtaa Block, lot iCObj 123 feet, northeast corner Morgan and Jocksoa: let iqo by 12t feel on West Washingtou-sL, between Wood and Lincoln. tj-Oh SALE—Several fine'houses and X lot*, on Jackson. Tbrcop, Peorls,.Mai, CuitU, Madlsoii. Warren, Leavitt, Morgan. Fulton and fianza iucn-s;s . West Side. Algo, desirable residence tots on Jackson and Peoria-bU. J. FI. KE&LEB &CO_ Beal Estate Agents, 129 South Clark-st. SALE—Home of I<l rooms, gas, water, eewtr. on Adams-iumear HalateJ-st.. lot feet, house now renting lor s7so— ffi.ftX); 103 feet cn Auan.sut., near Lnomls-rt., fenced and Imoroved. fw per loot, 11. C. MOREY A CO., 8 Metropolitan Bicck. l/OR SALE—Home ana lot No. 40 Mon- I. ror-st. Lot 30x100. Prlc-. tow price. TV AHREN 4 GOODRICH, 125 DearOjrn-st.. Room 7 L OR bALE—A desirable two slory and L bascmtnr brick residence on Waba»h-ar„ contain *-B 11 he tLoacmltnprorcmcats.ana tot aid aartuat a «ocd bare >m tor sotaeporchaier. ARTHUR &BOT- DfcN, 210 Siate-st. OR SALE—House and lot on Throon .•„„8^ near Jefferson Park, cheap. Terms to suit. GEO. r.BYRD. 10QBando]ph-sCßoomß. L OR SALE—Uouace Bouse ana lot on 1 Wabash-av- near TUrtV-flm-et- cheap for cash. Immediate possession. GEO. V. BYED, 100 Bin dolch-»t., Room 8. I’OR SALE—Cottage and lot 24x100 to 4 a plank'd al'cy.rn Mooroe-sL, near Halated-sL. *- rM: c-Uaee,Broorna, and lot afalZL on Lake-stV. near K» Dry-* t.. (3,000; cottage mM, and lot. on Para ay., near city limit*, (1,600; cottage No. 38 Prico pl»cr, atid lot 25x83, flow). H. C. MuEisY ft CO.*Beal Rotate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE— No. 183 South Jefierson »t. House In gooo order, h»*Btj 10 ro.vna, wv GQ'oSiilcfi, ‘fea g°“' er ' WABe! “* LOK SALE—A three-slory brick bouse, 1 No. 131 Fourth-av. Only (6,000 11 taken at “s?. balance on time at 7 percent. Will rent “5 Building conld not be ballt lories* than SIO,OOO. Title perfect, WARREN ft GOODRICH. 123 Dvarbotn-st.. Room 3. ITOIC SALE—A first-class rwo-story A frame dwelling, and lot 50x135 feet, ll rooms, batn room, and all modern Improvements; brick founda tion, cellar and astern, with Darn. Flrst-clss* nelga borhood. Early possession. Terms easy. Inotureon premises. No. 80 Ceotre-av (Bucker-st.) • tNmPBuVEO, pOR SALE—Eighty feet front on Soutn E Rncker-st., or uentxe-ar., commencing 193 leet from the corntr ol Matuson-st. and Centre-av„ (TOR SALE—Fine lots on Wabash-av, Jt comer Thlnletb-st.; also. Kankakce-ar, career Thlrty-Hret-st.; also. Poum and Walnat-its, near Pan hna. sl.t<o each. GEORGE ft WILLIAMS, 7 Sanfh FOR SALE—Hyde Park Property—A .home, well located—lake shore property. In qaire at Room 26, No. 123 Ciark-st, Chicago; FOR SALfc^—Very desirable business property, one block west of Chamber of Com merce. For particulars, call on the owner, at 45 bonih Ana.Bt, t'OR SALE—To Lumbermen and Capi f trusts—lhQ wharflijg j o u lying on the east side of me “Magazine Slip” are for sale at a dccldet bargain. To a company of lumbermen I can ofler great Indao ” ,pij ro wji - d - kek - FOB SALE—A choice lot on Cottage Grove-ay. two blocks from railroad station. °A nir gam. If taken at once, for cash. A. B. MEAD. 151 Randolph-tt. F)R SALE Splendid comer lot on south of Tvelitb-sc, 46HUJ. bouthwesc corner of Busn and Horoo-iU n SJVxITD. . 14 lots on Wasblcgton-sC and Purk-av- westot city linuw. J lots on Adams-sC, east oi Lincoln. _Z3 lots on Kansom-st, and Wentworth-av- south ot TTOrty-flm cheap. A. B. MEAD, 131 Randolpb- IT OK SALE—Splendid piece ol business X property, near the Pest Office—can bo imprrr*d to excellent advantage: 60x190 feet on Madlsoa-st-near Wells, with two frame houses. H. C. MOREY ft CO Beal Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. ’ 2uaantea==f£eal iSstate. \\f ANTED—KeaI Estate—A let is , • * wanted (hr the erection of a club house and pub* lie hall. Such lot meat le located, thottrh not ntcessarUy on a principal street. Should no 50 fest front; In case of unusual depth less trounce will an swer. TDf lot should not be north ct Indlanvst. ncr south of Monroe, nor west of Jefferson. Adcross. with particulars. P. O. Pox 3fl7H. * Jfot Sale. F?R SALB—A gentleman, about to leave tor the East. havic? two nicely famished P>e«“t locality oa the N irth Side, would like to dispose ol the torsitaro and rent the rooms. with board, if desired. To oar lies wishing to pnrct&se. agrvd osrffain will beoffered. For tat‘ ther pai ilcnlara. apply at 183 South Water-st. gem, ■ - -it hAXE—Office formerly occupied br Klfbr, Carpenter & Co_ North Side, near s,'e*. berry a Elevator, suitable dwelUnefor a small family Appiy at 238 Sooth Water BU, Uobm 4. 1 C'OR SALE—We have cram and lumber • r ♦v.Z^ sel ? for sale, of various cradcs and sizes, many of them not before oflered. HALSf ED * LATHAM Room 20 Oriental Building. g ** AiUAai » OR SALj bALE—A quantity of good build- OABD’S Brick Machine M«»ct«rr. 53 boath Chlraeo- ITQR SALE—A lew copies ol the Ulster a. -County Gazette, giving fall acc:unfaol thsdiath and burial ol Washington, which I will seed lre« to «jy aodieaa «n receipt ol *5 cents. Address AIGLET ft CO., Bex 2038. Chicago. SALE—First*class connter, black A walnut top, round comer, and onlshed in the beat of style, as fee; Jong, with iron stools, will he sold cheap, atFiNNEx & CO.’S Dlnltß P.coms, 84 and SJI LaSalle-et. T?01< SALE—Packing boxes made to JU order, from superior material, at lew prices; also, tobacco boxea ard lea caddies made to stvle. at DAVID GOODWILLIE ft CO.’S, earner Franklin atdOWo-ets. I7OR SALE—Slate and county rights lor the patent known as •* Sherburne ft Whipple’s Im provement In Well Tubing;” also, lor ” Duck ft Wnin pleV Fat«niimproved Tooa'ar Weds.” Addr~wJ.T WHIFFLE, 199 and 201 Bandolph-st. Chieszo. or J.H. DUck. Elgin, Pi. FO it bALE—COO cords hemlock bark. I J Address S.P. WILSON, tor Uxree weeks, at South I Cl taTfß. Mletu 1 " ffiotscs. Carnages, Sit. FOR SALE—Cheap—Second hand sin* gle buggy and breast harness. Apply at WEIGHT Bbtib*. Livery Stable, 342 KlnxlMt, bALE —Two horses, with harness. . Theyarethsrlahtsize for a bakery or grocery waß.n. uqalreai 137 Archer-road, * J COU SALE—A well-made family car -3 flags. Eastern mate, will bo Fold cheap for cash. ?a?d6. Wea &t 679 fch'-tlsm-aVibctweca M twl land 823an(eD~iHale IBrlp. BMKKBUPBBS. SAUUOBFf *e. TXTANTED—Experienced Canvassers, VV tovUittovnsandeltus only, thraoxhsnt »ae West. CaUatßocmSS. So. 143 Dearno'c-it, or eddret. wits sum p. Box 111 Q. Chicago, LI. WANT BlD—Tounp men to sell our new Pnre Matlom-y ' ack*c r » throughout the 000007. Cat! et Horn 57 TJeyn.tirt** B:ocr. or ad* drru, withstamp,HlQLßY. 63x303*.Chicago. XX7ANTED—bnergctic men, with $35 TT tosSOcasb,toengagalnan*at resp«etshlesid prafltaoie bul&etv jteod ot ly be seen to be appreci ated. ItqnireatNo.goai.nroe-st,Boom3. ** WANTED— A first rate lile insurance maa,to aoiiat lothlidtTaaie'jeahere. A good salary win be guaranteed. No person need ano* creep the raa command a good buitaea. TUCKER« BHPFELDT. 118.4 l-aSmUoot. WANTED —An eipenenced salesman who can -ngage permanently. Call, afUr 9a. m-onO.D.OKYIh A CO- over 133 Dearbaro-st- Chi cm* o. \\f ANTED—A man or boy to take care \w of a hene and cow. mornlar anl erector, in. qnlreat&Slwaty-KCOad'Stfßctffcc ll Sand Bln the eTenlur. \A/ANTED —Salesman A first class VV travelUrgaan wanted. In a wholesale boose on Sonlh WaVr-st., to commence April Ist. Addreae, for three days, P. o. Box 3377, with references and uia* ry required. IXTANTED—Iive good canraaEcrs, of VV experlccce and good address, to work lor a new CaU ’ 2(00 M *° u *• “*• ■* ll=om 33 Wl ANTED—A good capable man, to VV attend ccrsei sad make hlmsdfgsnerally oserul about a borne. Ool» those with <>sd references need apply to“J U." 344 Lax os L, Chicago. TXT - ANTED—In a lumber yard, an en- V t ersetic loremaa, German preferred, who Is coa peteot to manage men, and is thorongbiy conrarsanC with handling and sorting Icm her. Apply, betweer the hours of 9 and 11 o’clock a. a., at Bo jm 7. No. '212 South Tfater-it. TEADI3. \\j ANTED—A good plain Jananrer. at 50 State-st. CBOdd, DANE A WEST- Wf ANTED—Three or four House pamt- VV 4? West Lake-sL \\J ANTED—A Barber—A flood wnrk- Jj man. NoneoSicr need apply, a: the City Hotel barber* hep. • Wf ANTED—A good carriage troner \\T ANTED—A good practical hatter, TT to take charge-of aOnt-class e-ta’.nmmmt. One (bat can come well recommended will heir 01 a good ellnatloa by applyic?at 43 and 47 Lake-«L,np- ZEJanteir—jfmale |S}elp. Wf ANTED—A first-eiass millmer. A<J yVV areas iIrs.iI.F.ABMSTBONG, Milwaukee- TXT ANTED—beamsiresF, lor three or Ty Irtrwjft). One wbo ucderitandidressmaklng and Is ajfood plain sewer. Cal at 350 Wabash-ar. \\T ANTED —A good milliner. One * * who nßdCTs’sndi trlmmtnz'rsrelcrrßd. Asnir at KEITH BROS.. 13 and 47 piy \\T ANTED —To Pnnters u cmale ft eompoiltof, to w;rk on bwtrand o:aln too work. To a cood band (sod none cthtmerd aopiv), a goodsltasQonwlllbo gmn. Address’••PßiSTEß,” r.o. Box log*.- EOC3B SES7ARTS) Tfif ANTES—At 173 West Acorns-st, a _fj competentU.em*ncUfltocock,wa«»aadlron. Beftretce required. Wages $i a week. TXTANTED—A good girl to do'eecera ft housework la arsmall family. Mnat ‘ewne well rmmmended. Appearol3 Fniton-*t., sear R;u- : TXTANTED —Girl, lo do general house- V » work in a dimly of three. Ncne n«4 apple wttnout eoor recommecoations. Norwegian or Ger man preferred. Apply st 307 lad Una-av. TX/" ANTED—A good steady pirtv to \\J cook, wash and iron in a amaU lamlty. 314 Udlaca ih. corner of Bush.- \\7 ANTED—A middle-aged lady,, as VV housekeeper, at TI3 East Adams-st' I?'ne need apply uiicMexpetlencedand competent to ÜBe charge cf a Orst-class boarding home. WANTED —A good girl lo do general housework, who can speak English. Applyit 173- North np-gtoiv*. TXT ANTED—A healthy wel nurse, for 3 y v baby four months old. • Apply immediately, tk 603 Mlchlzan-ar. W/ ANTE.D—A smart,.neat colored guL V f 11-to IS years of ace, fir light housework, ad ply at llg West Van Boren-st..aidedoor. ANTED—Girl—One that under- V V stands cooking and can bring good references. Apply at 46 Van Baren-st. WANTED— A good girt for general brusework.lnainuUllamilr; Nonebntagood cook, washer and iroser nted apply. No. 47 South WANTED —A first class cook, washer andirooer Toouewhocanunosatlifacilona Eleoiant borne m hereoi offered, and good warn wiu uclvfD. Apply as early as poanbie, at 501 West near Union-park. WANTED —A coed girl to do general housework, and one that can come veil recom rr-uced. ApplyatNo.379 West Lak»&t,corner ol Morgan-st. AAT ANTED —A 2it/ lo do kitchen work VI In a priva»e f»mUy, at 739 Wei6Wa«bUuftoa- iEmplosment agents. AATANTED —‘ioung men mtbecouu* T V or wishing to obtain sstaattoas, such as book keepers. clerk*, cohecto-s, salesmen, ceaductots, ex,&c,&c- t to apply at Itoum 13 Fallertoc B ock, 92 or address J.. M. UOORB A CO., Brx 1707, encloalnd 10 cents for fob oarncnlars. TAJ ANTED—2 assistant book-keepers 2 Tv »acsoeu, 1 cotductor, I brakesmes.2 llrem*n.l portcr.3drivers,2►ijirwtmen. Aptly at Room 13. Fullerton Block. 92 heartorn-it. kppilcmta hv mall addms J..M. MOOitE & CO- Box 1707, tndcsing 10 cents for reply. ©Haii^D—fHisceUauErous. VCTaKTED—An energetic men -with v v fiwi to J3OO, to eneito in a moter matin? DOBtneM. Will t> ar strict investiauion. Anolr at 1 0-1 youth lloom s, from S-a. ip. m. WANTED —Vour JDestmv. .Madame Carlisle has J-.rt returaettotaaoityfroaH sumnern mar, ana wi i be pl'&srd to receive the calls ct tepse »hn visa the out, ore«iit and fn tare reveal ed, aIISH South omG. w j A-NTED- Eveiybodj to fend icr the •Jthenoloclw Datctmao. or “WHO’S HKI'ESINCEIsH PKi GONK?” Sfoi OMtptld P r nnefu cear*. M. O’BKIEU, 13*2 Dc«born-«.. CulCagO. T Y\7 ANTED—Men wishing to earn $5 w \ cerday above expenses, wun (i) to take them ‘,^^ ccunu 3 r » wl!l P»e*iecan at 63 West Laks-at., Utlctgo, ’ Wf ANTED—Good men m every conn ,T * ty Id the West,, to sell Johnson’s Copper Light nln* Rod. No tcq was ever received with nets nal venal favor asthu.comrdbiogas it does shoeondact !m,p:w*T of a pper with the stexnqtii of the Ina nxl Oar laatseascn cleared from (200 toSMi G r mopth. Sendfor pimp&let aad price list. E.F. ENaHAW ft LO., 166 C 111 cost's, Ul, W f ANTED—Tea Lead in any Quantity, ,** Br huhest market price will be paid. Adtris A. ZkBSKi 84 Dearborn-st., Culcsto. \7t7 ANTED-—By an experienced teacher ** d grad uate cf a Near Engtr.d i;cl’ege. two or in UUd. Green, or the higher English branches. Addicts Bog 7:17. 6 \\T ANTED—100 dt z. champagne hot- TwnT?»:v *i,b« r dweo- CO SB ft THORNE, 126 and lt£B Norn Clarg-sc. W/ ANTED—A man and wile (colored ..»* preferred), the man to take care of horses. &c. the woman a goed wither and ironer. Apply at 231 Eake-ah* up-nalrs, from S to 5 o’clock p. mV VXT ANTED—Tliree men -with *3,000 . .t-1 ,° il 1 ' 1:1 .* comDany la mis city which will DBy|lCO.atiayear. Bannea? men only need aomr. Andreis Box 1337. Chicago. Ilk WAN TED—A man wdfc S2OO to invest JltV paring bnslness. Ofllreaadgen 107SrathClIuStSu 1 4t SPEES * BROS, TTfTANTED—2,OOO oil barrels. We will n y » . .pay niahcst market price for I.COO or 3.000 good second-haad carbon or benzole barrels delivered at S!to«?* sms °*CO,OUJj«fiSw;No:4l W ANTED—The celebrated Gypsv v".I «o«aPj If yon want yanr life told correctly T k e ». v°* ***? hard, vialf the Gypsy Palmist. Don’t be hnmbagged by other*, who call taemselves bat come to the Gypsy P*lm»t and get mil aatlsfoctlon fbr yonr money. Don’t forget cue Lcml-er. 329 Sonth Clark-st. Fcefl. h wANTED —To buy out some railroad T T hotel and eating honse, at some good point—to ha"e possession Ist ol May nest. Any person having s?f« a ,Pr£® c^ n JJ n<l * easterner by addressing Box 83 9. Oshkosh, Wla.. at once. oax \/\7 ANTED—To exchange good fann- VV ing lands lo Central llllnoG for merchandise, farming tools, hardware, or bocU and shoes, ftc. Ad dress J M,” Trltune offlee. TXT ANTED—X desire to corner with a ,»J rnctleal man who hilly onderstands the mann »'*ore of potash, pearlaah. &c. Addrcsa P. o. Box 636. stating wnere an Interrlew can bo had. TXT ANTED—To buy out a good drug V V store, with a stock cl about $5,000. In eotne smart town of about 5,000 Inhabitants. Address "W Lo. Box 84. Lyons, laws, \\/ ANTED—An energetic young mnn V having capita’, desier-s to crgscc In icmeproat aolepajlngbosl vss. Is not afraid of work, nrovid-d money can N* made. Address, fbr a few days, “P s.” Tribune office. TXT ANTED—Cash Capital —For an „;L*. operaUoD sure to pay well, and that may be op. *ny week. Can n*e «IC-.OCO or *30,100. or 80x"576 13deslra6le capltaust*. Address F.o. TTTANTED—One executive agent in each State with cub capital from saoo to fsnS 0, ..5£ TCr t l «oDofomate»KenU lor each state with •'33'oflOOcuh. The first to locate, the lut totrav*) meTI 111 dih'r position can earn from«.00o to SIOJXO m the next three monlha. Pur particular*, rail on H.H. ROBERTS, General A sent ftrthe United State*, at Northwestern Hotel, Chicago. Wf ANTED—Noldiers to know that all V T appdcaaots fbr lieu bounty most oe made be- Advances made on claims. A.UOUD- RlcH,Attorney-at-Law. Boom2. \\f ANTED—Energetic, local and can- Tsstlnc scents tn every rlty and county in the to sell the new Pstent Sewinc Machine Caitots. All ladles ownmc sewing machines will ap predate them and purchase readily. Lvce commls ™'I c ,£?, e ; c 4 K°°d asetw. Send tor circular. B. C. PAKTMUGE, General Agent, formerly with Wheeler « wiljon Masufjcinrinz Company. office 3.1 Dear* Room No. 7, Pest Olllcoßox 1742, cmcaco. Illinois. ’ TXT"ANTED—To exchange some first- V v clw« llqnors for a good express horse. addlt » SontU Waler-st. vv 3 Wf ANTED—For removal—A house on VV North Side. Anybody baring ona raa fled a parchasfr by calling at my ofllce. a. B. MEAD iisi Randclph-st. ' W r AKTED—From SIC,OOO to S2OOOO worth ol dry goods or clothtnc. for which part casn and part lands In Minnesota and Wisconsin wm ne given. Address, or apply to - J U,” ji-14 Lake-sU —Bagatelle or Pigeonhole . J Tahle-Any party having a good second-hand Ur>le. win dtrt a cash purchaser by addressing?. o. 1834, stating price, and where ths same can be ANTED—Eveiy one to call and ex- TT amlre Wlckbam’i Burglar Alarm Wa *r*. Boom 14.Chlcigo,iiHn O S. I * , ‘* W^SJ^TT.^ 031 The Bloom- Jfne w,n r ««lTe bids for ten days for sinking a Shaft at Bloomington, Illinois. For l6"tcB C |llSoli'* U 11 or 10 tbelrofflcoatßioom- personal. "PERSONAL—It Emma Graham, ol A New York, wouH like to *ce an oM triend, sbs caii dp to by writing to *• A W F/*Box 3911. T>EKSONAT—T am abOOt to Start to* X California, and*leh me company of some nice young ladr. lam to start soon. Address, la ccnn oence. - NEEL,” Box 1217. Cbicairo, UUo jls. PEUbONAL— It there are any mem beraol the Eleventh Massachotctta Infantry. or other venoca in the city scctulstcd vlth WILLIAM HWI„ they wlilolcase send Uielraddrus to Itoom 2, 136 Dearoorp-st. PERSONAL— Wanted, by a yonn» gentleman gotd looking, good ha'jlu ol lift*, good character. baring tba boat ol recommendations and tetennee*. ail of wblcn can be proved to the most skeptical, corrfepocdeaca with a (e<7 yonng udiestor mutuallaproTemest. Address M AJ» ChicagoP.Q, Situations IZlantrt. nuiii SS to2slr , '„'“ ,ed—NoUce ,o t FmaSr. 1,1 D ~*”'Mt-»A.LAcB QiTUATION— Wasted A trayclli Tnbn£ fo7 Good^r^tree^’rir.. Q iTtIATION IV anted, by a Ton Oman. 19 yean of aye. of rood and ifade habltt a clerk, to make himself general* ciefoL o<vvi erencei given. Addreeap. O. Box 1011 SITUATION —Wanted, by abookkeer ol thlrfen year* cipene: cc. City reform ea. * oreea “ J BN," Trlocne odee. QlTDATiON—Wanted, in an Aleßre k_9 ery, by a young man wto has oorslderabls exr> escelnbrewlrr and malitcr. Address “ r R.” p Box 433. Chicago. CTUATlON—Wanted, bv a ymms; m i O as eatry clerk, assistant bootkesper. or ship*, clerk in a wholesale hoaae. P.0.80x 1674. CITUATION—Wanted, by a color IT* mao. to take care of horses and make himself z era’ly csefttl ahont a bonse. Apply at IS iierldi •U between Union and Desplttnea. CIIUATION—Wanted, by a first cfc L!7 hockkreper. who can glee sndoohCed city n renew. Address *7 K," P, O. Box 149-1, Chicago. CITUATION—Wanted, by ayomur nr gtTeihebestei recommendations)hi ij eanfated, aßdlsooe whom the utmost esnrdci cmbeplacfd.partially acquainted with coasen lUc.goodandrrsdy writer,quickacconntant. »u'i. place where the abore acquisitions womd be requlr- SSSSS£&SSS&. ,am ‘ “ J B sa * Bol FS9IAI.KB. QITUATION—Wanted, bv a younc In r who wntes a superior bind, ‘iroold like a ao non ti coryUt in an office, or toCoaaykindofwnti< Understands bookkeepltg- Is very oeeimns ol eer.i asltnatlon. Can fnrul-b anesceptlocabie reierenc- Addreea Biss “L K,” TribnngotHcg. CITDATION—Wanted—To do genet k_7 honseworc for a smaD a Tounsrn APBlly at 197 south Clarx-st. QlTUATlON—Wanted,by a respectab O *rrl as Wtchcn elrL InquireKMn. STEtTABT 347 West Randolph-si. SITUATION—Wanted, a? cook in Ly hotel ©r boarding home, by an experienced perso The best et references furnished. Apply at No. S l flridge-CCTgt. QITUATION—Wanted, as cook tor private Airily by an experienced woman. Call or aedresß 3 3*3 North LaSaUe-st. QlTUATlON—Wanted—Any one wan L. 7 toga competent lady to take charge of a lanad* canflud aim table person, with beat of reference). 1 calling at 154 East Itonroo-st. QITUATION—WameA as ladies’ nurs kJ by a respectable woman, who «*«" come' well r romperdod. Wages moderate. Address **2ftl3D West bide Pest Office.- CXTUaTION—Wanted. to do geser. housework for a mail toml'y, by a comsetcut el Apply at 319 South Jaeasoa-st: J ' V hj. I l c ?. ,^ rL ? lor a small family. Apply at nrr of Ualsted-st. anu Hied place, uoul referee? given If required. ClTUATiONt—Wanted—Two ladi*- V£7 tavltzhsdten rears* nperlrnre In New Tork < teachers ot music and palnth to ppu'u aho: jOpapU*. Will give lescots at residence d pudU pooo Chicago rclcreoces tU«> If desired. Terms.? forjflfssoos. Address “MUeitV’Tribune office, ft on? week. CPTUaTION—AVantcdr as housekeepei U where there Is no olbcr by a lady who competent to take tall cborze. 6cod retcrenee clva Adarfs “& E." Tribune office. C JTUATlON—Wasted,<as wet nurse h k? ayoang braltpy woman. Apply at7S Adatnva CJTBATION—Wanted—An Alto smae O wjrtira* situation in one of aw ouartotte choir to this city, Address. *• ALTO..’* flibaneoffice. agents &Hanteb. A GENTS—Wanted—For General L. C _CA Baker's HISTORY OFTHESkORCTSEUVICB the most exatloz and interesting bo»!?> ever pub>r> Tbit work w*» announced more Itao at year ag«, ba pwlnctothexstempts of the Government usupors T**?* ayed. Itwtlinow be Issued S ? c^, DT V5 brl - tt( * «nwri«on c the intricate machination of tee secret tneml-a of th> Union for starCsnv rterelnpm'ats aaj tartlllnc art venturrs this nook ccllpaes the £unrns expeilenc*s o Foucbeatd Vldoeq. The marvellOßS'&amQTn c» Croerelßalr/r are afl attested by t* hlsbest offlcla antbonty. ItwU cot lam the only . Idaraccc-unt o the urasslnatlcm conspiracy, a fill btarorr of tbL prejt, startling and terrible crime, trom Its couceptlor In the haunts or Ttllsay, to th- burial place of Booth , ra ’ yet been placed tytore the public. - Th» wort also tnuy exposes the aelhrloos system by which Pres idesar] pardtns wcrcacd are so readily obtained a wasblncton. Tbe ircxa» of the National Capital an thoroughly ventilated; and there am some strange r* velatlo: s crscernlrg beads ol departmen'e. .tremnen °* CpneteM- female pardon broken, aad distinguished military character!. Sendfor circulars, and ‘are our ot lhe werg Address Na- TIONAL PUBLISUINtrCO., 148 West fourth-sU ClaclooaU. Ohio. A GENTS—Wanted—Alale or female. J\. for WOMEN OF THE Wa B. By Franz Um-c author of the “Rebellion Kccord.** It Is r-welvlte thr commendations of the moat distinguished dietary men cf the country. Astool«hlas sacc<ssl Fortieth thoa sand now in press. • It u above all competl'ton. - Oae sold six hooks at one re-ldeooe, anl toaratoaolhcr. Alartvwrites,she took tweuw-Dve saheolhers in cae esiablishment. Another agent sold “J* ,^ ell 3” e <l two bc.npszd boom In one month. •Atother received ox* ntuvnarp obdim iu one ve-u. A lady Just reports 31 subscribers taken 1b one dar A*«ts wnte. -People are*deUchten with thebooz.- trad for a circular-bttore taking as agency for an*- c ' imT - 1 A GENTS—Wanted—To sell, by srub-’i* /A, «- TI Pt JOD -» new ready, THE LOM:* the only cfitaal i*fm£heTn history of toe w«r.’- by Edward A. Pcllard. of Virginia, la one large royal octavo volume T>f nearly 9» pages, andcjtuiaice* 2 more matter tbaaa»yi,aOO pased bistory now outore a«ie._ Over M.COO ord-rert In advance of publication. - The Peoria Drmccrat says: *J" many respects It h-s no equal in history. I: wm be oa me shelve* every scholar and historian.** N.P Willis **«d: It Is in act ooth an eptc poem and a drama toe snidest epic ever written upon tee grandest draw.* - rtoht.itmuircman.what b.lß can adonr to be without this y°rk- AnaecDtla Uocs Coiraty, Wis„writes; *•! have tost received prospectus, aajd hav- alreidy token Another; -Have called on lourper -SPPI,,?t,^ cld i ar « One ageefa c jmmla-Toa for nite hours’ canvass was over |SJ. Another soM 12a in two weeks. Ancohtr « la three days. Our term* Kf^? 0 TT tw «£ X o el,w ; Addres«,alotsce.C. W. LILLET, Puolaher, 26 Beycolrt*’ Block. Chlragp, m. ’ A GJsNTS Waited Jror “ TVO- X\. WAN'S WORK Df T3K CIVIL WAR” i-Teotrett onder the aoproral of the United states niS* tA f T, i baoltwy end the Christian i H l stor 7 so Precedent, p” uLis£«t to tbe ?£!* 01 - »oc: > s la car i? . a £ _- Al3 enunent DiWne saji; ThU Wont It a h°Q3chold treasure, a Joy and pl«-lns to fiitor opea a £ff »-t°claJ en; a new result oi SHF V, e * lnfttnit ‘ t ' M * oar schools, oar church-a. oar JP'P**; end rnr pre»; anew pawer la wou,a-: » new phase In Christianity ItseU •• T. a. A'leor's ifatnmne “Jj?s Yx^ 6 66 ? 6 u,ls booktnosr heartily *# c £ oma ’ » wor* ia tne War whica teasesao» approach to coopletcnesf." send tor a clr-ninr ai>)« AdCrtas* °Vem? r J.“ fl terms to agents! * «*. Lo^ard A —Wanted—English Metallic ;<rx.(.|oU>esLlne. Good loducementito arrets. vmrvri slatz* p , fer sample. to PARKINSON ft YOUNG, IL i -162 Port HnroD. Mtrh, AGENTS— Wanleu—500 Agents want- Maine. 6 * l ta ft neir Dn£l:lcaß - HI Q; SHAW, Alfred, A GENTS—Wanted—s 23 a dav. Fu- Seg S^ 0 '” ,QZ A^eatß ‘ o.t:gap.Ks . A GENTs—\\actec—sl2a per month ZXazd crpcimefl. Address SHAW* ft CLARK sew. INO MACHINE CO., mddelOKLMaiaa. A GENTa—Wanted—For the American XA Conflict, by Ht n.ce Greeley. Agents who have delivered vcl. I„and de«lre to deliver vol.n_ moat ma» e th* Ir orders Immediately. CEO. ft c. W Srer- WOOD. 103 Madlson-*t.. Chicago* HI. AGiNTS —Wanted—Five Ideal Tlcads .^AmericanWomen: Angel ot the Hospital— »««re the Battle—color Bearer—At the Front—Army Ne9s. The onest worts of art ever introduced In this ££22H. y *.„ canvasser* wanted In every - A GENTS—Wanted Gentlemen and -fjL_Wfce* throughout the United States for oar new Book, “LTVESoC the PRESIDENTS,’ S>m Wash rtiS oo^,^’?1 } br Jm b ‘ c * A& t>ot», ths great bisto Complete in one iarge yomm-. Ulna steel encravlnes. among which are par Van* of the seventeen Presidents, battle* scenes. ete_ S^trt? , i ecnl, J ror^ f yet onhllshtth aM aflords to experienced agents a rare onportnmtr to “*» acney wilb a iplaidld book, and wmUS Uon. Exclnslve territory and pnbnsheW highest mlsslonjrtven. Bocks ready for delivery note DOYDEN, ya A —Wanted, everywhere, to sell White Wire Clothes lines. Can makesiß to ('QP« r Address “MeuUc dcthee Line Co" 92 fceneca-st., Uereland. Ohio. ~ A GENTb—Wanted—Ladies or cents, -TA at to or own hemes or travelling, at (Ve per month, poi’t negotiate with any other Dirty all you for particulars. Andress BRONSON ft CO.. 181 Woodward-ay- Detroit. Mt<*o * AGENT?— Wanted—To engage m the sal'of “THE HISTORY OF ABRARAM LIN COLN AND THE OVERTHROW OF SLAVERY," la one vol, octavo, cf 735 pages. By Hod. I. *T. Arnold. Ist* Mernberof Corgrera. and fhr ever twenty years a corflCcntlaJ mend of Mr. uncoln. This Important work was anoertaken three years ago with me ap proval or Mr. Lincoln, and Is Jos: Inned. It 1* al ready telling as rapidly as toe publishers have been able to fIU orders. The first edition sold in twentT days. For full description, opinions of leading pspen A GENTS—Wanted—in every county m -fJL Illinois, fbr the John Hancock Mutual Life lea. VO" «/ Address H. B. THOMPSON, General Agent, 37 Chamber of Commerce, Chicago, A GENTo—Wanted—l,ooo wanted, malo £l. female, (n a new business. Samples seat free vita teflUmonlalsol the highest cnaracGr. GOODbPEEjj ft A GENTS—Wanted—Experienced first a new and magnificent: steel engravlnr; price. I3AO SSi*K?K^L^f ai E? 0 ‘ latl ? lfl v* w ebcaase It to be admired by every American, cf whatever sect or party 01 “ParaHeJea ne cess. Foolishers* highest cotnc.lsslc& gives. *»» area. 3. S. BUYDEM. 73 cSS-.ErcMaaa^ri. A GENTS—Wanted—.Male and female. XX., to sell a new article in great demand that ever? «P«d-.,erMeJlthoat"sl Ma ®ake from |S to per day ln t crfCTec c e with other business. The article shows ftr Iteelfi Samples, with terms and particulars of the business, sent tor S 5 cents. aiUfem t> ur CHAPPELL. Drawer 6a33rCh’cag9. *• W ' A GENTb—Wanted—For EoJsom’s new Xl Gadtr Feed LETTER A SEWING MACHINE. cr?w e tent on tnau P. ATKIN SON. 164 Booms No. 6, tn«, A W anted—To sell the Amer *c*a Ktpnbllc and American Condneat. The two saps lent free to any address for n. Beat thine ?? l J* Ta F a ,'*: c f*T kind* or charts and I.CCO c£l‘bk. WUITE * A GENTS—W anted —A lew good aeente, XX male and female, to canvass this ctnr lor Paid. f° n ■ patent KnUe and Fcrt scourer. A splendid t»ij loehoiinesa. Agents can ckarlromj;jio SiOpgrilar. SzSiTSPS 1 ?? <xl lraTel,la B went*. this machine will scour six knives a inmate, a-d has to coranratloa piyi.aS?rc -* »IU» stanp. It, R, PATTISO.V. A*ts* - 0l U? Clark-st., between ilocroe and Adams, Ctlcagc, m. A GENTS—"Wonted—The “Fenian llar- Xi tyrs.” Every Fenian, every Irishman, every Lainollc, wjdii th» picture. S*rurt« sen: fcr Me. Pe r circulars ana trmi, addres. GOODsFEED ft CO., 1-18 Late-aC. Chicago. A GENTS—Wauled—ln all the cities _ll and towns cf Illinois, lowa and Wisconsin, to sell the new patent White Wire Clothes Lina. Exclu sive azencira elv;D rogood and reliable men,which wljipay uem five to twenty dollars per day. Addre«a W.T. SCEl'HEKO.General Western Agent,Drawer 6423, Chicago. LU. A GENTS—Wanted—Enclose $3,25 for complete cutflt on ‘•LIFE AND DEATH IW REBEL FIG SONS,” the greatest te-liag book ever puhllibed. A. KiDDEIt, 98 Washlngton-st., Chicago ipartnm* SHanteh. PARTNER— Wanted—With S4OOO to 9S,oU~pttTate or active, active preferred—ta rx teua amoou actarlcg hast*, css sbeady *u'cea»funv es tablished, more capital only wanted. IvoOti vli! be courtly tatlsfaciuiy tu anv one. V*UatUttice Na. « northeast corner C ark and South Water-ita. * "DARI NER —Wanted —ln a business X that can U3OIW.COO to ISO.OCO with rrtat profit, It may be closed at any time, and the party tewl not. bnt jvgte 1* Ins personal atttntlon. Aiiitw* r. O.Box "PARTNER —"Wanted, with /rom SI,OOO X to ,*v*r® to> escape la the tin bo. mess la s grow ing put of the city. lia>me<& jurud las: tail. fro*, pects good. Address ** T B u,” Tnannoofflcc. TDAUTNER—Or on salary—ssoo to in- A rest la aa e&tabiUhed and nnabla general com nmaton hasinwe. Address u s K." Tnbanc ohlcj. PARTNER— Warned, with S4OO, lo take a half Interest Is u cau&Ujhert tmslaetg. Diyatioo HadUM-at, Boom