Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 23, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 23, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. latest Jews by Oecaa Telegraph. Proposition for a Confedera tion between France, Holland, Belgium and - Switzerland. Inauguration of the New Italian Parliament. Summary of South American War Hews. FROM WASHINGTON. Proceedings in Congress Yes terday. Final Passage of the Southern Belief Bill. SfEolution Adopted Looking to the Impeachment of Collector Smythe, of New York. Resolution Offered in the Sen ate Calling for the Immedi ate Trial or Release of Jeff. Davis. Indiana and Ohio War Claim Bill Passed in the Senate. final Passage of the Bill to Pre vent Further Payment for En listed Slaves, FEOH EUROPE. BIT OCEA\ TELEGRAPH. France. Paths. March 22. mOPOSED CONFEDERATION. It is announced that toe Emperor Napoleon favors a confederation of the Governments of Prance, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland against Prussia. AMERICAS WAB VESSELS. The Mlanfbnomah. and other vessels of the American Heel, are still at Port Mahon. Italy. Florence. March 22. THE NEW TAItLIAHENT INAUGURATED. The National Parliament was inaomraied to day by Ring Victor Emanuel, who delivered the usual speech from the throne. South American News. THE WAB AGAINST PARAQUAT. London, March 22. The Brazilian moil steamer has at rived at Lis bon Rom Rio Janeiro. Active operations were resumed against Para guay. The allied fleet had shelled tbe Fottrosa of Humiata. prospect or a natal battle. When last beard from the Spanish squadron had come in eight and was pursuing the combined fleets of Chili and Pern. t real Britain. ETHANES ARRIVALS. Queenstown. March 22. steamer City of Antwerp, from New York, ar rived to-day. Liverpool, Match 22. Steamer Deutschland, from New York, arrived at Southampton yesterday. JLulcat Foreign n«rkcts. FINANCIAL. London, March 22—Noon. Contois unchanged; tns, Fxve-1 wentlea, ; UllaoU Central, TStf. London, March 21—Bveutne. Ccuscli closed steady at 91 for xoney: Five-TweaUes r i , ,y, ; lilltols Central, 7S;f; Erie, S 9. Fbasktoet, March 22—Evening, foiled States bonds sold to-ti*y at 77#. K. UI4IU £UI4W VU.JU. M/|U A, 11^. cojiveecial. Liveefool, March 23—Noon. The Brokers* Circular reports the sale* of cotton for the week at CT.OCj bales. Prices at the close were quite fluctuating, and declined >»@J*d, and dali Uxlay. Lard steady. Livespool. March 23 -Evening. Cotton declined #<: for middling uplands since noon, ar a figures now at I3#d, with market extremely doll. No qnoiablc charge la other Litxspool, March 22—Eveulcz. Cotton heavy, with a downward tendency. Tbs quo tations at Ui<> close were: Middling uplands, 13kd; Orleans, The sales of tae day amounted to baits. BieatL-xafis quiet. Com, mixed western, jlsfid P quarter. Pronriots—Extra prime ness b»ef declined to 125 s p iOt ns. ITodurc—Ashes, pots, Sts P cwt. Bostn, common wi:ndccton, 9s 3d P cwl Linsetd cakes. i'lOfjrtuln o.iung. Petroleum, IsJGd P callot forstaunatd white. FEOM WASHISGIOS. (Speci-l Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, March 22. INDIANA AND OHIO Walt CLAIMS. Governor Morton to-day succeeded in poshing through tbe Senate bis bill for the adjustment of the warclaimsoflndianaand Ohio. It provides for the appointment of three non-resident Com missioners for each State, who shall receive, ex amine. and audit all claims for the organization, equipment, clothing, subsistence, and pay of the militia called into service in these States daring the war, and authorizes the payment of the amounts awarded out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. The details ofthe bill arc almost identical with those bills heretofore passed for Missouri and West Virginia claims. bounty to Missouri couriers. McClnrg’s bill relative to the Missouri troops, as finally agreed upon by both houses of Con gress this afternoon, places the ten regiments of Slate militia on an equal footing with the volun teers as to bo unties. The clause extending tbe measure to persons borne on tbe roll as slaves was struck out. Tbe bill Involves tbe expendi ture of S'JSO,OOO, but no money can he paid till it has been appropriated. •pnt JETT. DAVIS RESOLUTION. Several Senators regret the introduction of 'Wilson’s resolution calling lor the speedy trial of Jcfl. Dalis, or his release on ball on hie own re cognizance, hot U is not likely that he will be persuaded either to withdraw it or let it die. * TBE SOUTHERN BELIZE BILL passed (o-day makes no appropriation of money, but merely provides that General Howard shall, from the funds now standing to tbe credit of tbe Bureau, relieve distress and suffering among the poorer daises of people in the South. Tbe hilt finally went through! the House—yeas 96, nays SI. Aitww rOH TENNESSEE. The bill directing the Secretary of War to far- D<b Governor Brownlow with ten thousand stand oi arms for the nse of the Tennessee militia was agreed to by both Houses of Congress this even ing, and goes to the President in tbe morning. TBE MARYLAND SENATORIAL CASE. The Judiciary Committee of the Senate have taken np (he case of the Maryland Senator Thom ai>. but it !■ doubtful if the investigation ib con cluded in time to report at (bis session, unless it is prolonged mnch beyond general expectation. SWINGING EXT ESSES. The Maryland Legislature yesterday passed a Mil appropriating 5L.400 to pay ibe expenses made in Baltimore last fall by the President while swinging around the circle. AMENDMENTS TO THE REVENUE BILL. The propoiltion exempting ladders made wholly of wood, from internal taxation, over which there has been such a squabble in both ends of the Capl toi, has finally prevailed. Mr. Joed's persistency succeeded in carrying it through the House this afternoon on a yea and cay vote by twelve majority, as an amendment to (be Senate bills, the Senate afterwards agreeing thereto. The some bill, which goes to the President tomorrow, also exempts all kinds of wrapping paper, ana levies tec per cent tax on city and town shin plasters. Mr. Eggleston made a strong effort to get stoves exempted, bat failed. TUB SEW TOOK CUSTOM HOUSE rUAUUfI. The action of the House in directing the Com mittee co Public Expenditure to take up the ques tion of Impeaching Collector Smythe, of New York, immediately, created some surprise in the Senate. The committee la informally considering the subject this evening, but will sot decide on us action till the meeting to-morrow morning. They aaytbey can report In the course of the day if such course is deemed advisable. Consider able effort is making to get Smythe removed, but the President says he has no oflldal knowledge that be is corrupt, and Urns far declines to act. A T-T*ir TBETXKTED. The bill suspending all proceedings relative io payment for slaves drafted or received as volun teers in the military service of the Government, parted and sent to the President to-day, is the r&me that passed the House at the last session, on motion of Mr. Cook, of Illinois, and was not Keeled m the Senate. The Democratic argument against U has been that ii violated the faith of the Government, ard some expect that it wlllbs ve toed. It bad the entire Republican vote ol both houses. BTcacpntc Torn. .There is some talk ln^ Congressional circles nboot sending hair a dozen good Hcpuhlicah speakers into variona seeboua oi the South, In Xtay or June, to discus? political yu stions from a Northern standpoint. Several gmilemea are said to be ready for snch a campaign, if they can be assured oi personal safety. omo muTAHT aoekct. Claim arenlß in Washington are as well pleased over the action of the Ohio Legislature looking towards the closing of the military agency here, &e the secessionists of Utia city were a few weeks since by the action of the same body on the sat ttaffe question. ptranmoH isr sonrn oaqouhv. Colonel Bo afoot, Assistant Commissioner of the Freedmcn 1 * Bureau in North Carolina, states that there are at least 6,000 persons in Nonh Car* olloa sn (Terms from the want of food, of which number two*tnirds are whites. Three thousand bitbelsofcorn were dt-trihateadnauq the monti by the tsombem Relief Commission ol New York The distribution by the Bureau ot Government ra* ’lions were as lollows: To boept'ais, 6fi,483; Orphan Aarlami. 7.175: dcelitnle whltea. 10,U53; desuwtc bucks, 13,121. ZKTKBKAL lISVKHUK UKJBIFTS. wabheiotos, March 2i—Recelpis of Tnteraal Bevenae to-dayjeta than q quarter of a mlllloa. OKKEHAI, BOSKCUAKB. .. J'ewTork Tines' Washington special says: general Bosecrans, two weeks ago, sent in Mi resignation. Genera) Grant endorsed bis recom mendation oJ acceptance, bat before action was taken, a letter was received from Bishop Rose* crana, Ihcbro’hcr of the General, asking a sus pension of action. The New York Congressional Delegation hate asked. In case the resignation is accepted, that General Sickles be appointed a Brigadier General In the regular army.” nones maons. Commissioner Newton, of tbe Agricultural De partment, has taken steps to examine into the malignant horse plague, which Is sweeping through New Jersey ills a throat distemper without any cough, followed by rapid prostration, chills and death. TUI FOBTUCOXIUO VETO JfESaAOE. The veto message concerning the Supplemental Reconstruction Bill, was tbe subject of Cabinet consideration to-day. shutout teaks rz ns. Brevet Major D. R. Stillman, Assis'aut Sur- Seon, baa been relieved from the Department of akotah and ordered to report to the Retiring board. Brevet Brigadier General Rufus Barton has been authorized lo delay reporting to the com manding officer and Chief Quartermaster, Depart ment ot Missouri, until further orders. UETBEXCHXEST COKUnTBS. Washikctojt, March 22.— Tbe Committee on Retrenchment, charged with the Investigation of the financial condition of the Treasury, commenc ed its labors to-night at that department. COLLECTOB fiSTTUC. New Yobs, March 22—A Washington special says tbe proposition lo impeach Collector Smyiho makes it probable that Congress will hold a sum mer sestlon. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Washington, March 22. SENATE. Mr. FERRY presented a petition for a more stringent enforcement of Ihc United States laws In Uiah, and a better protection of the rights of American citizens. Referred. h Mr. COLE introduced a bill to divide California Into two Judicial Districts. Referred lo the Jn diciary. Mr. MORTON Introduced a hUI to cnnlona the laws of practice in the Courts of tire United S»ates to the laws of the respective States. Referred to the Judiciary. Mr.RAMbEY presented memorial of the Min nesota Legislature on various subjects. Re ferred. Mr. WILSON presented a concurrent resolution •'hlcUwas oideieu printed. The preamble recites that Jefferson Davis stands charged with the heinous crime of conspiracy to murder the late Abraham Lincoln, and is also Indicted for hi>»h treason, and has persistently declared his inno cence and demands a speedy public tria:: there fore, Jtetolvei, That the longer confinement of said •TeQereon Davis without a trial or arraignment or specific time for trial is not lu accordance with the demands of justice, tbe spirit of the laws ana the requirements of the Constitution, and that in common justice, sound poollc policy and the na tional honor unite 1c recommending said Jefferson Davis be btougbt lo a speedy .and public trial or ibat he be released from confinement on ball, or on his own recognizance. Mr. MORGAN, from tbe Committee on Finance, reported a substitute for the bill reported yester day, jor ihc exemption of agricultural Implements, imported as models, from import Dunes, the substitute consists of two sections. The first exempts from fluty works of art Imported for nreseniation to the United Stau s, or any Sta'e or city. 'ibe second directs the secretary of tbe I*cattily toreftond the duties collected daring tnc test fiscal year on agricultural Implements im ported as models and exempts such articles from dciy until J une 3d, ISC3 Mr. SHEHMAN offered an amendment author ing the Secretary of the Treasury to dUcooUuoe the employment of persons engaged in (he col lection of direct taxes In the Southern States, w hcn. in his Judgment, each course is expedient, and to uapofe the duties of such persons upon Collectors of Internal Revenue, who shall perform them without additional compensation. The amendment was agieedto and the bid passed. 'ihe joint resolution directing the reimburse ment of Indiana for money expended for supplies and transportation furnished to the Indiana Militia called out to repel invasion, was con sidered. TOe motion pending was that of Mr. SHER MAN to include Ohio. Mr. PAIIERsOA tbatof Tennessee. The subject was. on motion of Mr. EDMUNDS recommitted to me Military Committee. The Senate, by vote of 25 again-t a. concurred In the House amendment to the joint resolution appropriating one million of dollars for the relief of tte destitute at the South. The bill of last session for the relief of the heirs ol dno. E. Bo oh guy passed. Mr. MORBtLL Introduced a bill authorizing full allowances tc certain non-commualoned offi cers aiid ei.listtd men detached. Ctotu, their regi ments by order of the War Department, to be at tached to a brigade organized in New York by Brigadier General Daniel Oilman. Luc who by . ta-on of capture by the enemv, were not imme diately mustered into such brigade. Referred to the Military Committee. *» Mr. TRUMBULL called up the bill to amend the Bankrupt Bill. by repealing tee provision lor tbe appom'mentot registers of bankruptcy by the cmef Justice. Mr. CON SLING moved to refer the bill to the Committee on the Judiciary. Mr.ANTHONY moved to amend hr addin'; a sec* lien providing that the Bankrupt Act shall not take effect mail June Ist, hot ice officers and retris trait may be aopointed at any time after this act. The bill and amendment were then referred to the Jndidvy Committee, Mr, MORGAN Introduced a resolution, which was agreed to, instructing tho Committee on Foreign Affaire to inquire Into the expediency of the United states becoming a party to the Treaty of Geneva, tor the amelioration of the condition of wounded soldiers. The Senate agreed to the amendments of the House on the reaoloOfn directing the Secretary of War to famish arms to Tennessee; also the amendment to the joint resolution exempting trapping paper from internal Revenue tax. Mr. WILSON, from the Military Committee, re ported a snosiitate for the bill ol Mr. MOR TON. to reimburse Indiana lor expenses in repelling recel raids. It provides for the appointment of ihree Commissioners to examine and audit ibe claims of Ohio and Indiana, and appropriates a oiflicient sum to pay them. The bill passed. Adjourned HOUSE. The Senate joint resolution for relief of the destitute In the South and Southwest, with the omerdmeots reported from the Committee or tho Whole, were agreed to. The resolution then passed. Yeas 91, nays 31. Mr. BASER presented the memorial and reso lution of the River Improvement Convection held m St-Louis last month. Referred to the Commit tee on Commerce. The resolution reported yesterday by Mr. UULBUKD, from the Committed on Public Ex penditures, was taken up and modified by Mr. UULBURD. so as to read: Hesolwd, That it is the sense of this Uou a e that Ilcnry A. Smylhe should be immediately removed Horn the office of Collector of New York, and the Clerk of the House shat] cause certified copies of ibis resolution to be laid belore the Senate and President. Sir UULBURD moved the previous question. Tnc House refused to second tbe previous ques tion, whereupon Mr. STEVENS moved to am:nd the resolution by making it read that Henry A. smytbe be Impeached. After considerable de bate. the subject went over thl to-morrow. Tbe House then proceeded to tbe business on i be Speaker's table, and disposed thereof as tal lows: The Senate amendment to the House joint reso lution placing certain troops of Missouri upon ao equal looting with others as to bounties. Tbe amerdroent stithes out tbe words “and those borne on tbe roils as slaves.’' On motion of Mr. McCLURG the amendment was concurred in, and the joint resolution goes to the President. The >euate amendment to the House bill to ex empt wrapping paper made oi wood or com stalks from Internal tax, and tbe Senate amendment adding a new section imposing a tax of ten per cent on the notes of any town, city or municipal corporation that are passed by a ny National Bank, were considered and aznenoed by adding ibe pro vision exempting from Internal tax wraoping pa per of ail fle-crlpnoLs. The Senate amendment, a* amended, was concurred In—C3 lo 53, The Senate Joint resolution to termtna'e the contract ota number of Congress with 'he Post Office Department, was considered. Mr FERRY movtd an amendment empowering tho Postmaster General to reject any bid be may dnzn exorbitant. Agreed to. Tbe joint leeolatton as amended pissed. Tbe Senate joint resolution to make valid cer tain acts ol the New Mexico Legislature passed The Senate joint resolution directing the Secre tary of War to furnish arms and equipments to Tennessee sufficient for 2.50 U militia to he ac counted for by the State of Tennessee to the United Stales Government, was amended by in creasing tbe amount to 10,000. and passed. Ibe SPEAKER appointed Messrs. LAFT.IN, El A and TAKE members of the Joint Committee cu I’nming. Mr. VAN WYCK offered the following resolu tion, which was referred to the Joint Committee on Retrenchment: itttclztd* That nc more large guns or cannon of any kind shall bo ordered, purchased, transported or muanted at the cost of the United States, until u has been determined, by practical experiment, mat cans of large sizes, such as arc now placed on ships or in forts, arecapahle ofendnring heavy charges and of being fired ranidly; that no more projectiles, carriages, implements or stores, in tended for each puns, shall be paid for nn'U the qnallties of the cnn« shall be thus determined; and no more ot the Springfield or other muskets shall be altered to breech-loaders. Onmotion of Mr. MctTLUUQ, tbe time for tak ing testimony in the Missouri contested election cases t'T Anderson and Van Horn was extended for 6 *r2eri?£EAKEßwas allowed leave of absence to-morrow, and nominated Mr. SCHENCK to oc cupy the chair. On motion of Mr. BANKS, the President was requested to communicate copies of tbe corre spondence of the legal proceedings and other documents relating to tne salt of the United States against Priolen and others, oendmglnthe English court of Cbanccir. The Secretary of State was authorized to make the commnnication. Mr. STEVENS moved to suspend the roles so as to resume the consideration of the impeach ment resolution referring to Uollec.ur Henry Smyth e. The rules were suspended—9s yeas to S 3 nays. A motion to postpone the resolution to Decem ber was negatived, only thirteen votes in the af firmative. Mr. STEVENS then moved the previous ques tion, which was seconded. The amendment offered by Mr. STEVENS ass substitute for tbc resolution reported by Mr. HULbUHD was agreed to with lie addition that the committee have power to ait dot Lag there* cess. . Adjourned. FKO3I ST. PAUL. Superintendent of Public Instruction— County Judgeship—City politics, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Haul, March 22. Governor Marshall appointed M. H. Donnell, of tVinona, State Superintendent of Public Instruc tion, yesterday. He formerly held the same posi tion in Maine. Candidates for tbc Judgeship before the Repub lican County Convention, to-morrow, are Increas ing. James Giltan, James Smith and ex-Jndjje Palmer are prominent candidates. Candidates for the dty oflltea are numerous. Tbo contest will be upon the Judgeship. FROM SPRINGFIELD. The Act Amending the Charier ol mound City—The Coming State Fair— Plan of the New State House—The Fruit Crop—Slate Board of Educa tion, (Sptclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] brmuoriEim. 111., March 22. An act of the late Legislature, now a law, amending tbo charier ol Mound City, has been discovered to contain a clause providing that al the State and county taxes collected in that city for the next ten years shall be paid to the City Treasurer for tbe purpose of liquidating the debt connected lor ievecpurposes. , _ , The Committee of the Slate Agricultural Socie ty, on Giounds and Buildings, will meet at Quin cy, on Thursday. 28th instant, for the purpose of examining Ibe plans oi boil dings to be erected for ■Louse of the Society. Tbe time of bolding the Fair, September Stub, baa not been changed. lion. 5. B. Beveridge, one of the Sia*o House Commissioner*, ib engaged In preparing a circu lar sinuga general idea ot tbe dimensions of tbe p>opObca New State House, the number aud Size of rooms and material for the building. Tae clr- VOL. XX. cnlar will be published after being revised by the Commissioners. T be tnut crop in this portion of the State prom sea a floe yield, the late cold weather not having materially injured the prospect. Wm. M. Turney, Esq., sold his residence and lot ol ISO feet front on South Sixth street, In this city, to Hoo. J. C. Conklins, for $11,500. Bon. Newton Bateman, Secretary of the Board ot Education, has called a special meeting of that body, to be held at the Normal Unlverrity. on tbe 2Cth instant, to lake action under tbe provision of the act passed at ihc last session of the General Assembly in relation lo that institution. Governor Oglesby Is expected to return to the capital to morrow, from Louisville, Ky. FROM MADISON. The Annual Slate Fair—Confession of A ould'br insurance - Swindler, etc. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wls.. March 22. Tbe Executive Committee of the State Agricul tural Society have decided to locale the Fair, which occur* in September, at this place, where (be citizens agree to fit up the ground to the satis faction of the Society, with buildings, fixtures and a good mile track, tree of expense. There was an nnueual competition, and very favorable proposi tions were presented from Janesville, Milwaukee, Blpon and Oshkosh, but that of this city was re gaidedbest. Ibe Horticultural Society is united wiih the Agricultural Society In the State Fair. David c. Aldrich, a<rested some time since on a charge of having burned his stock of gram and his own fearn to get the insurance, has made full confession ol his guilt In that respect, aad also of stealing some cotea from bis step father, and peijuiv and subornation of pcijurylo the suit regarding the matter. There is considerable excitement here about the location of the cite for a post office. Nev assessors (or this and the Third District have been notified byilelegxaph from Washington, to take immediate possession of their offices. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wis., March 22. SENATE. In the Senate to-day, reflations complimentary to Cyrus W. Field, and to procure a medal for him, were adopted. Bills were introduced to repeal chapter 18, laws of this teuton, relating to costs and fees; to ap propriate the Milwaukee Orphan Asylum $530; also, the Milwaukee Hospital £5,000; also, tbe soldiers’ Orphans’ Home £30,000. These appro priations were recommended by the Committee on Benevolent Institutions. Senator cimk will make a minority report on llie fcoldicrs' Orphans' Home, and, probably, will oppose any appropilatlon thereto. Senator J. u. iborp, for the majority of the Kaluoad Committee, submitted a-lengthy report avnlnet the passage of the bill to establish uni* form rales ot tariffs on railroads, and recommend mir that the bill be Indefinitely postponed. Senators Sanderson and ProndOt made a minor ity report in favor of the passage ot the bill. One thousand copies of both reports were ordered to be printed. Senator Fulton wished the minority report printed in the Milwaukee papers; but was afraid such would not be done unless the publishers thereof were paid. The Senate refused to enter tain such a proposition. Considerable tune was spent over the bill to re vise and consolidate all laws relating to me as sessment and collection of taxes, and It was final ly passed—ayes 20, noea S, and the Senate ad journed till evening. ASSEMBLY. Among tbe hills introduced was a bill to amend chapter 110, revised statutes, relating to the re com of marriages, births and deaths. A thaip contest was bad upon the Assembly bill providing that Ibe Coonty Board of Supervisors may e tablish the salaries of Comity Judaea. 'lhe bill finally passed, and the Assembly adjourned till evening. ASSEMBLY—2Ibt. • In the Assembly last evening they reconsidered the resolution giving each member stationery to tbe amount of twenty dollars, including a diction ary, ana then killed ft—ayes 49, noes 37. Among the bills introduced was a hill to provide against Ibe increase of ignorance and Clime, and to sccuic the benefits of general education to people, by requiring parents to school their children. Among the bills passed was a bill providing compensation to the Dcpoty Clerk of tbe Circuit court, and a bill an’horizlng the Southern Min nesota Railroad to Lrldge tbe Mississippi River at LaCrossc. A hilt to £0 back to ecvcq per cent interest was killed. borne few local bills were considered. micniGAN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lansing, Mich.. March 22. The Senate adopted the Douse resolutioo to do no business after Monday, atdfor a float adjourn ment on Thursday. Both bonses have discontinued business in Committee of the Whole, and placed all bills on order lor a third reading. ’the Governor returned to the Donae several railroad bills, and bills authorizing local aid for plank roads in Ibc Northern part of the State. 'i Lc railroad bills were tabled, and the plank road fa'll?, four In number, passed the Douse by a two third vote, two ol wblcn also passed the Senate, and two failed to pass. A Joint Committee, inquiring as to the right of the Detroit A: Milwaukee Bailroad to cierdse corporate power, made a leport, situnr forth that the company was without a Jepal existence. Lorenzo B. Curtis, of Saginaw, has been ap pointed by the Governor as Swamp Land Road Commissioner and confirmed by the Senate. Fneud Palmer, of Deltolls annotated Quar ter-matter General, ride O. N. Giddings, resigned, which appointment «as confirmed by joint con vention of the two Houses. The Senate passed a bill to pro vide for the tax ation of the capita) stock of National Banks. Ti e Female College Bill and the bill making appropriation for an sddMoo&l building lor tho Agricultural College was lost In the House, A National Convention of French Cana dians—Delegates to Uic State Constitu tional convention. Detroit, March S3.—A National Convention of the French Canadians of the Western States and Canada will be held in this city April 11. The aim of this national xna?a meeting is to protest against the establishment of a monarchist Gov ernment in the neighboring British Provinces, to deusc means to frustrate the treacherous designs ot Toryism, and to enforce the Monroe doctrine on thU continent. The Repnblicane of Macomb County, Michigan, have nominated Hon. Dcx’er Murray, W. W. An drews and 0. S. Burgess tar delegates to the Con stitutional Convention. Tbe Csss County Re publicans have nominated Jacob J. Van Viper BLuLevi Aldrich. VIRGINIA, WAsmsoTos, March 22.—Tbe Legislature of Vnglnis has passed a hill providing for tbe pay ment, on the Ist of July next, and January Ist, ISC3, the two per cent interest on tho principal or the public debt, that being tbe interest which the State feels obliged to pay until there is a settlement of accountsbetween her and West Virginia. NEW FORK, Albany. March 22.—The Constitutional Con venUt a Bill yet hangs In tne Conference Commit tee. It was the Assembly which struck out tbe negro suffrage clause. ibe Senate to-day ordered the Jndiclary Com mines to report a bill to refund to hanks aud in surance companies taxes collected from them on Government securities. FKOM LOCIsmLE. A Troublesome Railroad Question—A Brilliant Conferva ive Idea—A Foul ID order. special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] LOUZaVILLE. March 22. A strong debate look place in tbe Board of Trade to-day, in relation to recommending the passage of the ordinance granting the right of way through the city fora railroad from tho contain plated iron bridge, over the Ohio; and the right of way, it ib asserted, would be the ruination of trade and the transfer of business. Two promi nent merchants came nearly to a worse than re crimination. To-morrow tbe Conservatives hold a Conven tion, for district anddty nominations. Colonel Richard E. Jacobs, progenitor of tbe party, will ventilate tbe Conservative idea, that Union men can be neither fish nor flesh, but fowl. A man was found dead lately near Cowan’s Sta tion, on the Nashville Railroad, a pistol in his band, and a bullet hole through his skull, propped against a tree, and bis limbs eaten on by tho hogs. He was identified, by papers, as a Ken tucky drover, who was probably robbed of a large amount of money by the murderers. Tbe magistrate who first conducted the investigation, is arrested as a partner to the murder, together with several roving auspicious persona. f UOM ST. LOUIS. Railroad Accident— noTemeotlnFavor of Female Suffrage—Railroad (Hat ters. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] Sr. Louis, March 23. A freight train on the Terre Haute road ran off tie track last night about midnight near Mouee. Four or five freight care were badly broken up. a dozen sheep killed and several hundred bushels of barley being transported in balk scattered and spoiled. It is proposed to open the ballot boxes as an experiment at the coming city election, to tato tense of the dry on the question of striking the word male from the State Constitution. This is a movement In behalf of female suffrage. The recent movement of the Union Pacific Rail road proprietors to purchase the Missouri Pacific road baa seriously injured the credit ol the latter road, and they deny the many allegaiona .relative >o the road being worn out, the extent of tbc dealing debt, etc. It is stated that the road will cam $300,000 in the next month. FBOJL KASIITILLE. Riotous Conduct ol Soldiers—A Negro Commissioned lu tbc State Jliiltia, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribooe.l Nashville, March 23. At two o'clock this morning fifteen armed sol diers ol the Thirty-fourth Regulars marched -co >be city workhouse, commanded by Sergeant Bums, and forcibly released nine of their com rades. The workhouse keeper attempted resist ance, but was intimidated by levelled bayonets. General Kautx, on the demand of Mayor Brown, returned the prisoners and Sergeant Bums to the workhouse, ibis evening the reeling between tbc police and soldiers is very bitter. Governor Browntow has commissioned Wm. Sumner, Jr., a respectable colored man, Captain in the State Guard. FROM MILWAUKEE. Fatal Casualty on Board a Steamer- Body Found, [Special Despatch to the Chicaeo Tribune.) Milwaukee. March 22. The propeller Barber, of the Manistee Line, buret her steam pipe at sea last night, kilting tbo engineer by scalding him to death. Bis name was Michael Gibbons. 'i he "body or an unknown man was found float* ing In the lake at (be foot of Detroit street jester* oay afteauoon. He was anpareiitlj 'lO years old, in own hair, high forehead, fall teeth, thickset, eve feet debt tncbi-s in height, habited in a black sack coat, black silk veal, srreyub panie and grey wooben t-but. Tbe body has the appearance of having been in the water some months. Outrages Committed by miners In sclmylblJl county, pa. New Yobk, March 22.—The New York Timet says: -Private advices report that the coal miners in Schuylkill County, Pa., are commuting tnp«t serious outrages. Tip rntQsns are mainly Irtshmtn, and known as ‘Mcllv Maguires,’handed, together in secret organization for The purpose of controlling the mines, and resort to murder and robbciy. It is impossible to punish them, as. when arrested and tried the juries are packed with their confreres, and they escape. On Friday last, Mr. Littlehales, a superintendent, was mur dered with the hope of securing money he was supposed to have, out be bad very Uftlc with him at too time. Threats are made aeamft the super intendents, and all live momentarily lu feat or vi olence. Governor Geary has been applied to for protection.” FROM NEW TORE, Furious Gale on tbe Coast—Heavy Failure—The Post Office Question— Action of the Catholic Cbnrcbes In Relation to the Late Itlot. New Youk, March 22.—The steamer Australian, from Liverpool, is outside, walling for a pilot. Tbe gale continues. A pilot boat which unsuc cessfully attempted to boaid her, lost ooc man oveiboaid. The failure of Robinson * Ogden, Bond street, dealers In Government securities. Is reported. Ibe firm baa made an assignment. TheUihLitieu arc stated at $2,000,000. An effort Is being made to establish an Ex change for the purpose of transactions In Govern ment securities exclusively. A committee of the Common Council will re port in favor of leconaidorlng the action of the city government agreeing to take half a million for a portion of tbe City Hall Park as the site fora post office. New Youk, March 22.—There was a large meet ing of influential citizens lost night in opposition to the bill now before the Legislature, for a triple rallroao through tbe houses between Fifth and Sixth avenues, from Washington .aqua re to Central Park. Toe police continue to make arrests of persons who were identified as prominently concerned in the riot on St. Patrick's day. Marshal Wall was arrested yesterday afternoon. A preliminary meeting of delegates from tbe various Catholic Churches and Father Matthew Temperance Societies was held, last evening, in tbe basement of bl. Peter’s Church, for the pur pose of giving public expression to their un qualified dissatisfaction at tbe riots and their censure ol the rioters. George N. Carieton, who is charged with hav ing embezzled half a million of dollar* irom the Government while Treasury Agent at Memphis, appeared before Commissioner Betts and gave bail in the sum of $25,000, yesterday to appear. General Gleason, the successor of Stephens, as C. 0.1. R., made overtures to tbe Roberts branch of the Fenian Brotherhood, yesterday, for a urlou ot tbe two sections. No action baa yet been taken on his preposition by the Senate, which is in session ananging details for the grand advance on Canada in tbe coming summer. KECOSSTECOTOJr. Political View* of Prominent Southern ers—A Charleston Alrmi dlcctlng—lts Temper and Action. Washington, March 22.—The afraid's Wash irgton special enya; “ Ibe impression gains ground heto mat the example ot Gen.ral wade Hampton and others In Colombia, 8. C., with re caidtothe freedmen, will be very generally lol lowed !n tbe Southern States, and tbat much goodwill grow out of this policy to bo-h races, ibe next address of (be kind is expected from Governor Wise, ot Virginia, in Richmond. It is stated that General Lee favors the calling ot n constitutional Convection order me Recoostroc lion Dill.” New York, March 23.—The Otrald'a Chariot ton. S. C., special cays: “Amass meeting of the citizens Jjres pec tive of color, was held here last night. There were only about fifty white people ureteoL Judge Moore, a white mao, presided, and a negro acted as Secretary. The meeting was decidedly Radical. Resolutions claiming suffrage sod the right to hold office for the colored men, opposing large land monopolies, and calling for a revision cf the Stale code and a reorganization of tbe Comte, were adopted.” Richmond, va., March 22.—1 twill be authori tatively announced that General Lee is in favor of the people voting for a convention, and every Tnwn not actually disfranchised should not only take the necestary steps to prepare himself; but to pre pare all bis friends, white and colored, to vote <lght. He thinks the co-operation of all the peo ple. officials and citizens, should bo prompt, and ihal the chief object should he to got as quickly and quietly as possible back Into the Union, witn «ncb rights as are left. He thinks the oath Is such osevety citizen not disfranchised ought now to be able to take, as a simple matter of truth and duty as a citizen of the country. feom the pacific coast. Japanese Commimlouera -A Govern ment Train Destroyed by a "Watcr ppont. San Fuancisco, March 22.—General Dalleek Is sued an order that the CommUMoDcre to Wash legion from the Tycoon of Japan he received at tuch military posts in this division as they may be pleased to visit, with honors due puhl.c minis tots. A Los Angelos letter states that a Government train, tn rovte for Arizona, was lost March itftb, in Colorado desert, by a waicr-spont, it consisted of eleven wagons, accompanied by two companies of ttc Foartceutn United Mates Infantry. Seve ral lives were lost. Commissarv stores and wag ons were canicd eighteen miles from the scene of ■he disaster. FROM. CENTRAL AMERICA. Tranquility Beaiored—Porta of Won. Huron Open to Prizes in Hie Spomalt- Obillan War, Etc. New Yons, March £2 —The dates from Vera Cruz are in the 23d naimo. Salazar and Bolivar had seized Carabobo. and tranquility ensued. The Government of Honduras has declar'd its l>orta open ior the reception of prizes In the 'parish-Chillan tear. The ulliUa has been reor ganized, with the President in supreme command is Lieutenant General. MEXICO. Sailing of tlie Last of the French Troops from Vera Cruz. Galveston, March S3.—A special despatch to ■be Jiull'tin from Vera Cruz, dated tnc 15th. : ays Marshal Bazalnc and the last French troops .el' on tbe 12th instant. Tbe French uou-clads Magenta. Magnlrm and Flanders, with the fleet oi gunboats, are still at Vera Cruz, and v ould sail on the iCth. Died. (.Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tribune.] Kewanee, March 22. Mr. J. B, Wheeler, former editor of tbe Chicago Tribune, and late editor of the Kewancc Dial, died In this city on the 21st, of cousumptiOQ. Ilia remains were deposited in the cemetery to ibis place (o-day. Mr. Wheeler was associated with the late John L. Scripps In the management of the Chicago Tribune in 1818-55. Tbe Cental System Abandoned by Buf- falo merchant*. Buttalo. March 22.—'1 he Board of Trade to day rescinded its former action adopting tbe cen tal system; also, that a barrel ol flour should contain 200 pounds of floor; thus practically re turning to the old system. French Iron-Clada to Visit the United States. New Yobs, March 22.—The French Iron-clads Magenta. Magamme, and Flanders, will soon visit Newport and New London. The Magenta’s draft of water is thirty feet, which prevents their coming to New York. Accidental Polaonlnc. Dzs Moines, Much 22.—The wife of Rev. G. M. Phillips, of Ibis city, on Tuesday evening drank a potion ol corrosive enhlimate by mistake, and al : liongh prompt medical relict was had, she is now in a very critical condition. murderer Exccntcd. Tbot, March 22.—Hiram Coon, convicted of tho touidcr of Mrs. Larken. in the town oi Peters burg, in October last, was executed to-day. tie made 3 statement denying his guilt. THE SOLDIER POOR. Meeting of tbe ReliefConimlttce—State- ments—Aid Needed. Last evening an adjourned meeting of the Re lief Committee, appointed by the Grand Army of the Republic, for the purpose of uniting with tho Dispensing Committee in collecting funds for the relief of poor and needy soldiers, their widows, and orphans, was held in Room No. 4. Uhllch's Block, on North Clark street.] General Julius White occupied the chuir. A number of statements were made by the chair and others, of which tbe tallowing Is a summary: Since the organization of the Army of the Re public in Chicago, ibe demands on tbemfor means to support the poor have been dally increasing. These demands nave been met by voluntary sub scriptions and given one through a Dispensing Committee. Tbe Yonng Men’s Christian Asso ciation bas, this spring, turned over all soldiers and their families in want to this organization for support, in order to check any two-fold appro priation which might otherwise be made. This increase required that greater collections bo made. In Chicago there are 363 men, women and children dependent on this committee for sup port. 100 of whom arc men. His not the inten tion of the Relief Committee *0 give continued support to all these, but only give them temporary aid by which (bey may he. able to commence for themselves, on Friday, the 17th met., committees were ap pointed to canvass the city for subscriptions of money in cash, money in monthly payments, atm m trade. Ibe following, u the result of their labor: Amount received in cash f 590.50 Amount promised in monthly payments... 201.00 Amount ol cash promised GO.OU Amount promised in trade 13060 Total $1,011.00 Colonel Cosgrove, Captain J. C. Harrington, and Captain William James were added to the committee. 1 be amount raised is about cne-tblrd of what is necocd for the support of those in Immedlatejwaat, and on motion, the committee agreed to continue their work until tbc monthly subscriptions would equal the demands. A bat subscription amounting to $14.25, was collected for William Scbwcigcr, a disabled sol dier, who was present. On motion, the case of Ur. Scbwcigcr was referred to the Dispensing Committee, and to tbc Supervisor for the town ol Niles. On motion. Captains \V S. Swan, W. P. White and Colonel L. U. VT-- i* • -v were appointed a committee to' :I* • 1.. .-.-. ch Douglas, and ask hiruto deliver .• -:;e, tbo proceeds to be dc voted to mccu. * are wants ol the soldiers aud ibc'ir families. The following was read by General Davie, and unanimously adopted: Wiiebzas, Charles W. Ford, a soldier daring the late rebellion, who was terribly crippled by a piece of shell ousting his side, and so dis abling him that be has been compelled to wear a steal corset to keep himself erect, and who has since maintained himself by keeping an apple stand in ibe Chamber of Commerce building, hearing of tbo move ments for the benefit of other * crippled soldiers voluntarily came to the committee and subscribed the sum of $3 per mouth from his earning*, therefore Hetoit(d, That this act proves him to pos sess a sotoier’fl heart, and that to bravery and self-sacrifice on the field of battle, be adds liberality and generosity In time of peace. We, therefore commend him to the attention or those who respect heroism and who admire true no bility of sonl. . Sttolud, That tbc resolutions be published in the daily papers of Chicago. Unanimouslyadopled. On motion. Messrs. Beveridge, Barrington, McArthur, Deary, Sisal* Grosvcnor, Hayden, Phillies, White, Wallace, Davis, Scales. Smith, Quinton, Barnum. and Osgood were appointed to mvpare statistics concerning the work done and proposed to be done by the committee, aud pah ii-ii me Qtttue in .he daily papers. The meeting adjourned for Qre week, to meet 9 l the same place. CHICAGO. SATURDAY. MARCH 23, 1867. JHaetmtc Notices. A/TASONlC.—Atlentlon. Sir Knights! AU, A Special Conclave of Cnicajo Commander? No. 19. K.T., will be held at their Aarlam.Ka.HS west Randoiph-st.. tbla (Satatday) evening#! 7 o'clock. JVoifc on k.C. By older ol the E. C. visiting Sir Knights are courteous!? inviw a. JOHN WHITLEY. Recorder. *\TABONIC. —There -will be a Special X»X Convocation of Lafayette Chapter No. ?,R. A. U atineir Hall in the Masonic Temple, tbla (ditarday) ejMlcgaL 7k o’clock, for work on the B. A- Degree. A Wlina punctual attendance la requested, Per order E. N. TUCKER, Seeretarr. Tt/fASONlC.—Attention, Sir KnightsJ XTJ. Members of Chicago Commander? Ko. 19r"B-T., ere hereby noticed to beat tbelrAayinm on Monday nminlng at 8K o'clock starp. In foil nnlionn. Ewry member la expected to be cn nand. • Visiting Sir Knights arc com teoosly Invited. l*y order of the K.C. JOHN WHITLEY - . Becorder. "Vf"ASONIC.—The members of Cleve -111 lat d Lodge No. an. A. F. and A. are hereby ion tied to be at their ball, Ko. R 2 West Randolph**!., on Monday moraine at 8k o’clock, to participate la the ceremonies of lay Inc the Comer Stone or the new Water Works. A tail attendance is desired. Visiting brethren cordially invited to participate with ns. By order of the W. M. JOHN WHITLEY, Sec'y. A TTENTION, SI K KNIGHTS of Apol xX Jo Commander,. No. l, K. T. Ton arc hereby notified to be and appear at the Asylum, folly armed rnd equipped, on Monday moraine, March 33. at 9 o’clock, sharp, to participate in tho ceremonies ol lay- Ingtbe corner-stone ol iheTower lor the new Water Works. A prompt and (nil attendance la earnestly do* sired. ByoxdcrottnoE.Com. a. R. UNDERHILL. Recorder. (SitS NTottos jyjATOK’S OFFICE, March 23, 18U7. Ihe cltlzeta of Chicago are invited to Join In cele bratimr, ON MONDAY NEXT, March 35th, the Jntro dncilon of PURE WATER throoeh the Lake Tunnel, and the laying ol the Coiner Stone cf the Building for the NEW WATER WORKS. J. B. RICE, Mayor. Attest: A. H. Bodmav, city Clerk. tV Journil, Post, Times, Republican and Staats Zeitnne copy. H .Seating. EaT aEDE RINK. ICE PERFECTLY DRY AND HARD. Sdueic THIS EVENING. (Slotting. JgOTS’ AND CHILDRENS CLOTHING! FOR SPRING WEAR, JUST RECEIVED.

GEARIES G. COLLINS, 74, (Old Stand ED. LOCKE & C 0.,) Moit respectfully solicits a call. feeling assured that the advantages, both In style and price, of nn ENTIRE NEW STOCK, cannot fell to be appreciated. jptitgiral I-nsttuincnts. fJO PHYSICIANS. SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Of Geo. Tlcmano He Co.’s taaonfaclare t slbd, Saddle Batts, Trasses, Elastic flour. Crutches, Magnetic Machines, Leeches, Vuc duo Virus, Pare Drugs, Chemicals. Send for lllusirnilvc Catalogue, bliss & SHARP, Druggists. Lahost., Chicago. 43artneraj)ip3. HUGH K.'WILSON is this day admit ted as a member of oar Him. J. E. WII.!>O.N Hi CO. Chicago, March 53,1867. The above Ann will hercaltcr be known as WILSON BHOTHEBS, Who will continue the Men’s Furnishing and Shirt Mauulacturiog business at their OLD STAND, In connection with tbeir new room, just added, 124 and 126Dcarhcm-et. .1. £. aIL-U.V. M. 11. WILSON. UL’Otl K. WILuON. anti iSanfecrs. T7IKST NATIONAL BANK OF CHX- X cAoo. Corner of Lake and Clark-sts. PAID IN CAPITAL 81,000,000. FOREIGN EXCHANGE Drawn in sums to suit un ail the principal European Cities. I,ETTER« OP CREDIT Krued, available In all part, of Europe. Sah’l M. Nicksbaon, Pres't. T. i>. Oeat,Vice Pres't. C. ILf iti.n. cathltr. Ciias. J.scminT, Au’tCatu. GOVERNMENT BONUS Bought ntd sold. 7-30 1 converted at market rates. VVTINSLOW, LANIER Ss CO., ' ’ ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT . For Travellers, available In all parts of Europe. NOS. 27 fi 29 PINK-ST m NEW YORK. Sjtobes, 'J'HE WONDERFUL COOKING STOVE! Bnrns no Coal, no Wood. Can be seen In operation EVERT DAT at WHITE’S EXPRESS OFFICE, No. 43 Stalest. of fuel ►even cents per day. Housekeepers invited to call and examine it. Orders received for Stoves. J. U. THORP. -Book SKrahe. English law books—just re eelved, a new invoice of GNOUSH LAW BOOKS. Priced catalogues sent, free of charge, to any ad dma. Importers of Haro. Curious and Standard English and Foreign Books, No. 4 Cort’andiU , near Hrotidwar, N. V, iSipuss Companies. 'J'HE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITA*. - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CARRIES DY EXPRESS. [Roney, Talmu bicH, Freight and Parcels* over more than 13,000 miles ot Express Line, at just and liberal rates, saves millions yearly to Ex* press Shippers, and can be made permanent only br tbclr liberal patronage. Tbls we bope to merit and receive. Office, Nos. 108,105,107 & 109 Dearborn-st, B.NZ.COOPBH Agent. ?l)ats anh Clap’s. J2)KE3s SILK HATS—AH of the NEW PATTEBNS. Also, the FIFTH-AY. STYLES of DUNLAP. BREWSTER, Hatter, Sherman House. rpHE CELEBRATED AMIDON HAT! IS NOW FOlt SALE BY BISHOP & BARNES, SOLE AGENTS, 115 X*ake»Btij (opposite Palmer’s*) JHrtrical (Carts, £)Ti. H. AKELY, 194 SOUTH CLAEK-ST., CHICAGO. JIJOKEY TO LOAN. SIO,OOO TO LOAN On city real estate, in sums to suit. COUDKN & NAURS, ' No. 11 Larmon Block. Chicago. lit. MONET TO LEND in sums ol $3,000 to lIO.OCC or more, on First-claas Farms or Chicago City Property. Describe property and address P. O. Box 2876. Nurseries. jy 0 QUET6, PLANTS, &C. Those ra wasting any BodQ't*. Plants, or anything In tais line, can now be accimmodateu at sourt notice, with out the troob>«f goieg oat to the gronaaa, br calling at my Depot. $6 South Clark tt- loader the Saermtn iiofarn «>«»• 'ebbabmhmbs. gargets, @il (Clotfis, sct. QAEFETIKQ I CARPETING! BARGAINS I AT THE Great Carpet Hall -or- HOLLISTER & PHELPS, 135 and 137 Lake-st. The Oldest Carpet House in the West. Otm STOCK 18 THE LARGEST EVER EXHIBITED WEST OF NEW TORS. We gnarnatco onr Prices to ho os low as nu> Hoaae In the United States. Carpets, Oil Cloths, Curtains, Mattresses, Matting, Feathers, &.C. fW" Vo cot fell to examine ooritock before porchas icg. QARPETJKG I CARPETING! The finest and most extensive as sortment of English and American Carpets) XSattingßj Oil Cloths, Cur tain Goods, dtc. in now and elegant designs, at EXTREMELY LOW PRICES! JOSEPH WEST’S CARPET WAREHOUSE. f 70 LAKE-ST. ffiathtoare. JJAIiDWARE AND CUTLERY. Hurd, Prescott & Co. 175 Ziake-staj Chicago. The attention of dose buyer* li Invited toonr com plete sleek of AMERICAN and ENGLISH HARDWARE, Eipccla’ly adapted to the Country Trade. We oTcr, ft(DO, afoil astorlmsal of Coopers', MacMnista', and Carpenters' Tools, American Table Cntlcry and Dnllders* Hardware. Also, Wustonbo’m’a Pocket Puilerv. Spesr A Jarksoa’s Saws. jo'epb Roogers & Ban's Scissors and Razors. Stubbs & Rothery's riles, etc. Wo would eipccialiy call attention to oar prices and assortment of HARVEST TOOLS Of all klnOMcclndlngMlLLAßD'S, BATCDELLEIPS, ana those tuanafecturcd at Jackson, Mich. We alio keep cotstantly on hand full numbers cfSCHOEN BEKGEIPH JUNIATA NAILS. We would be phased to give prices on any of tbe aliove goods. Oidcra oy mail carer ully and promptly tilted. C. D. ntTRD. gBWAHP PRESCOTT. 8. UkINTNAIX. ffiousE jfurntsjitns (Boohs. JJOTJSEKEEPXNG FURNISHING GOODS, Bedding, Lounges, Window Shades, Cornices, Upholstery. JAMES DURHAM & CO., MANUFACTURERS, 69 XIANX>OXjFB-ST Jfßusical. PIANO MUSIC. TOURHAMEJiT WALTZ. A pretty waltz, lively and sparkling. Desirable for dantirg purposes, the live being well marked. K-»yof G, moderately easy. composed by Augustine Berge. Brice thirty cents. ASDASTE MODERATE BERCEUSE. The*r charming classical gems should bo found la thetollo of every lover of pood music. Composed by X'aul Becker. Price Scents each. BEAUTIFUL LEVA. Transcription on Sicbcrt’s charming melody of the same name. Key of C. rather below the macerate grade of diQlrnlty. showy and quite pleasing. Com peted by V. 11. Anbcrt. Price 40 cents. THE TWILIGHT HOUR. A brilliant waltz. Key ofG moderately difficult. An txcelleut piece to play In company. Composed by V. U. Aubcrt. Brice 4u cents. __ Published by I. VOX «fc IIEAXY,* Clark and WaahlDgton-et*.. Chicago. 'J'HE SOUNDS OF THE SEA. New Song with Chorns. COMPOSED BT J. IP. WEBSTER. Price 40 Cents. This most beautiful Ballad bids lair to exceed in pop ulartty any of the author’s former works. Although It is but iO days since it was Issued trota the press. It has already run through six editions. LYON & HEALY, Publishers, Clark and Washlngton-sts., Chicago. faints, ©ilg anh <Blasg. SA r.E—samuel Greene & Co.’s STOCK OF PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES, ANX> FIXTURES, In Store 129 South TYatcr-st., Chicago, FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN, ■Netospapers. 44 INVENTOR,” An Illustrated Weekly Journal, devoted lo Inventions, Mechanical Arts, Manufac tures and Practical Information. . PUBLISHED BT JOHN 13. TURCHIN «fc CO„ Solicitors ol Patents, PnblUbcrs and Proprietors, 133 DEARBORN.WT., CHICAGO. JFot Sale. ITOR SALE—A TVild Cut Peoria Ma- I? rlne and Fire Insurance Compsnj's policy fora lossoflcsa lhaa ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. For inlormailon address CHICAGO LITIGATING CONCERN. K. D.—Look ont for Wild fata. Chicago P. 0. rpo CAPITALISTS. I JIH-WArxxx, March 1.15C7. Having decided to relinquish bmluesa, wc offer our establishment for sale. Our house was E&TABZ«ZSHSD IN 1845, Has been in existence 31 years, and is now pla-v d on a safe, Arm ano permanent basil, and to men or capital who are desirous of embarking in a PROFITABLE branch ot trade (wholesale and Jobbing only) this pre sents a rare and valuable opoortunlty. Our stock Is full, embraces none bat the most staple Roods, and the business is in perfect running order. 11. fiUSWUKTH & SON?*, Wholesale Druggists, Milwaukee, Wls. ®o ixent. QFFICES A few good olSccs to rert in building comer oi LASALLE AND WASHINGTON-STS. UNDERWOOD & CO- No. 9?* La Salie-st. Inquire of «=>l)tos s rt. rjREEN BAY U SHINGLES 01 the best brands received daily by railroad, which we are selling in carload lot* to dealers, at ’owest mar* ket rates. BLANCHARD & BORLAND, 243 South Water-si., Chicago. 'tJinegor. Elder & MAXFIELD—The only ex tensive manufacturers of Pore Cider Vinegar in Chicago. No 1117 Kindest. UortvallcA for plCWng and table use. Warranted. Sorictg Meetings. Young iien's Christian asso ciation ANNUAL ELECTION, Monday* March S3tb, 1867* Boom 15 Methodist Church •Block, Corner ol Clark: and Washlnjton-stT.- BSOUZaAB TICKET. for President D. L. MOODY for First Vice President. J.V. FABWELL For Second Vice President 3. F. JACOBS For Coirespoodlng Secretary,...,JOHN K. STEARNS for Recording Secretary JOHN C. HARRIS For Treasurer. S. A. KEAN BOARD OF MANAGERS. .WM. RANDOLPH ..D. W. WHITTLE Baptist Congregational. Episcopal S. H. LARMINIB Metboolst 0. H. HORTON N. 8, Presbytman .O.E.PURINOTON O. Presbyterian... .REV. D. C.M VRQCIS F. W. Baptist. .W.D. HOLMES YOUNG MEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Election. The annual meeting for the election of officers for the above Association for the ►n»nlng year will be held at the rooms 01 the a sat. elation. POBTIiAND BLOCK, On Saturday Next, March 23d, 1867. Tbe polls will open at 9 a- m. and cloic at 7 o. m. Tbe meeting lor the pnrpcse of bearing the reoort cl the Executive Committee, ana the transaction of boal teas, will commerce at 7k o’clock. By oner of tho Executive Committee. „ EDWIN LKE BROWN. President. BENJ. F. GUYTON. Rec. Sec. \TOTICE—The Boss Plasterers ol Ohl- JL i caso will meet at ST. GEORGE’S HALL On Sooth Clark-st. on Saturday night, March 23d. at * o'clock. Kansas Hanhs SALE OF KANSAS LANDS. On TUESDAY, the Sd day of April, ISC7, will be iflei edat PUBLIC SALE At the EMridgc House, in the citj of LAWSfiNCB, KANSAS, About 155,000 Acres of Laud, Situate io tbe counties of Leavenworth, Wyandotte Jefferson and Douglas, and known as the “DELAWARE RESERVE.” These fendslle directly on tho main hoc of the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division The branch of the same Rood Irotn Leavenworth tc Lawrence pastes t’rough them, and tbe railroad Irorc 't- Lotus to Leavenworth runs along their Eutea oorder. In Fertility, Location, aud abundance of Umber and Waier.theseLanosare the FINEST INTUESTATE. By the treaty wltn tbe Delaware In 1660, the Indian title to the “ Reserve" waa extinguished, and since that late many farina have been Improved, and churches, -chool nooses, grlrlandaaw mills erected, and many ither Imtrovecenu trade thereon. TbeclimsteorEausas U remarkably healUUuL anc to fermcra and settlers these landa offer (treater any others In tbe west. Also, at tbe aamc place. Immediately alter the dlipo illlop of the above Lands, will be sold absut 28,000 ACRES OF EAND, Situate in tbe southeastern oart ol the " Bac and Fox Rocrve," In tbe Conner ol Franklin. Kansas. Also, a large number of TOWN LOTS and BLOCKS in tbe towns ot Xortli Lawrence, Tonranoxle nnl Perry. The sale will commence on April 3d, 1667, and will -nnUnae from day to dav until a I the land* above Tamed have been disposed OL The Lands will be of fered In tracts to suit parch uers. Terms or Sali—Oovthlrd cam and balance la twe ■qnal annual payments, with 6 per cent interest there in from date of purchase. g. M. BAHTHOLOV, Agent. 3Bfoes anh jFuts. JOSEPH DLLMANN, W DEALER IN GLIDES AND FURS! (ESTABLISHED IN ISK). ,: egs to leform tbe trade that be has taken the prem ises, 244 Lake-sU and‘in.'s South Wnter-U, Chicago, where (inconxection with lusold established and well Known bouse In St. Paul. Minnesota), be Intends per -orally to cany on tee above ba-lm-ss, and his fecill tk-s. br tb In Earcpe and tbe States, being uosorp assed, caablea him at ail times top«y the highest market price, for every kind of Shipping Fare. Rants* to— First National Bank, SLPaal: Borup iCharoplln. St. Paul: Beaopre ± Kelly. fit. Paul; Tra nen*National Bank. Chicago; Cbas.F. Grey.Cbtcago; Fourth Natlor&J Bank, New York; J. B. Chemjillo. Sew York; Wm. Macnaughlon, New York; Wm- Dll ton & Co., Boston. 241 lake-st., 2G5 South Water-st., CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. 40 JACKSON-ST., ST. PAUL. MINNESOTA. General Notices. XHE CHICAGO ARTEaiAN WELL JL COMP ANT Authorized Capital, One Million Dollars. Under a charter recently granted by the Legislature of Illinois, this Company has been organized in Chica go. It is based neon and owls la lee the celebrated Artesian Well property in ibis city, consisting of forty •acres of valuable land, with the two splendid Joan tains, now Sowing one and a quarter millions of gal lons per day ot the purest water to he frond on the gooe; mammoth Ice booses, artificial ponds,-wool and itlt factory, buildings, bams, tenement houses, hoises. wagocs, tools. Implement* and machinery, and all other Improvements now npon the ground. From the Ice and other business carried on. a present fixed revenue is derived, amply tofilaent to remunerate In vestments. An enlargement of one well, now in prog ress, which will give a larger supply ot water, witha bead otabontlOOfeet,appUedtomachloery and for other purposes, and other Improvements contemplated, witn the natural rUo and advance in so large a*tract ol greund In the great cl y ot Chicago, will within a tew years make this property lova nable. This is no un developed mine in a dluanc Territory, not property directly at home, and whlco invites, as it will bear, the closest scrutiny acd Investigation. A small nan ot the stork 1* tor sale, and information tarnished, by A. K. CROSKEY A Co., ?Q Washlngton-su "DOARD OP TRADE. THE ANNUAL SALE CF CHOICE OF TABLES Will take place at the Rooms on Monday morning, the 2olli Inst., AT 10 O’CLOCK. JNO. F. BEATY. Secretary. By order of the Board. Chicago, March 21, 1537. NOTIC ETO PRINTERS Printers are eamloncd against a person going around sell ir g prlatti g Inks, as he says, of bis on n mama icture, but showing specimen cards with the nameot the man ufacturers cut from the top of the card, and as 1 b-Ileve I* longing to another firm. EDWIN DU LAURENS, Travelling Agent for the celebrated Printing Inks zLoouracturea by Messrs. Wright & Dunk, Philadel phia. Pn. Chicago, March 2C.1567. proposals NOTICE TO BUILDERS. O/fics or ms Nobtokcs Induka Peisos.j Miciug.x Citt, March 13th, 1567. t Scaled Proposals will be received by the Board ol Directors of the Northern Indiana state Pris m until TUESDAY, the 9lh day of April, 1867. at 12 o’clock m., lor the construction or a building lor the purposesof a kltoben, oinlcg-room, hcspital and chapel, on the Prison grounds, near Michigan City, Indiana, accord ing to the plans and speculations ol the superintend ing Architect, to be prepared and ready for reference on and afler April lit, 1867. All information concern tig the dimensions of said holloing, the materials to be used in constructing the same, the quality ot the work, together with the terms anlccnditlonaof pay ing tor tne work and materials, ano all other matters uonncctcd therewith, may be obtained by applying at the office of said Prison. . ■ Proposals shall be enveloped and plainly addressed to “Board ot Directors Northern Indiana state Prison. Michigan «:i»y, Ind.,” and endorsed “Proposals for Kitchen and Hospital," and to tisure their considers. Hon. most be delivered by the day and bourspeclfled. Said proposals must be made in strict conformity with the terms and conditions for the construction of laid buildup, as Indicated by the plana and specifica tions and orders of the Board of Directors, on file in the office of «ald Prison. t The Doaro of Directors will reserve the right to re ject any bid that may oo offered, ana to make (any changes that may then seem necessary sod proper. . A. D. UAMIUCK, J. N. TYNER. W. D. CBOIHERS, Board ol Directors. Coal, JgEAD THIS. COAL AT SUMMER FRIGES! We have a few hundred tons ol beat LACK AW ANA md PITTSTON COAL more than will supply oar cus tomers, which we offer, delivered u any part of the city, at the loliowlng prices: (Cange, Eire and large at zcb, 812 per Too. Chestnut 11 “ 1 * MINING AND SUPPLY CO, S4 and 56 gandolpn-st. WE HAYE A LOT OP Y HARD COAX* for sale cbean. In lots of one ton and upwards, or the entire lot of 350 tom at a bargain, on Waldron & Eoouct's upper yard, ne»r the Eno-sl- bridge. WAJ.KER & ARMSTRONG. asaanteb. APIBBT-CLASS BUSINESS HAN and PEACIICaL ACCOUNTANT, with best of ictcienies. Is open for an Engagement* Hss a good knowledge ot the French an*- woo’d not obi-ct to going abroad. Address M J P «v, P.O. Bor 1406- iSetnobals. TJEMOVAL. " SAVia BROS., - DEALERS IN CREESE, Hare Bcmoied to 4C SoutU TTatcr-st* NUMBER 286. abater Elebatot. JJ 0 ARDMAN'S Patent Water Elevator WITH NEW SELF-ACTING HATCHET. Manufactory at Fort Wayne, Indiana. One of the Beat and Cheapest Articles la Use for Raising Water treat Welts and Cisterns They are especially serviceable fn DEEP WELLS, ana tuca with either ROPE cr tfIUH. as no taping of wood, iron or lead l» used, the water 1* kept PORn. .we want an Agent In crerr town and township in weUnjted Stales, and we offer the loßowms INDUCE* To merchants. Mechanics* Farmers and Manufacturer)*. Wc will circa PaTENTßlGliTDEEDCJrannndl vldedhatf-inienst In one or more township*, la any part of the country not already taken, to any party who will sell lor os within tho year ISC7, Iran 12 to 21 machines, according to the population, lor each town* shlpsoconvejed. . Agents are maklsgflOO p*r month on their sales, be sides Became the territorial nett. Simple mschlte* will beeent to any *ddrww on the receipt of the wholesale price. For prices, circulars and Ictormattoa, address S. B. BOaRDMAN & CO., Fort Wayne, Indiana. F. K- ORVIS. and } Agents, CHICAGO. CUAS.E. WHITMAN, ) 46 West Lako-eC j^TEW WATER ELEVATOR! GILBERT PATENT. •Tost out. Boobies speed, double* va’ne, and beats tbe world. Agent* wanted. Lookout for Prospectus. ffiaefemen’s ganiow. <pHE HACKMEN’S UNION, OF CHICAGO, Give* notice to the public that they will do work Ibr the ibUowlog price*: Theatre or Opera and Return. S.D„ north of Twelfth-at rtnp B. D. south ot Tweiflh-st 440 N. D-, south of Chicago-av... 340 N. 1), north ol Chlcaeo-sv 440 W. D, east of Balsted-st. a,pn W. Lowest of Haiated-st. 440 Notice to tbo Travelling Pnbllc. Fassencers can ride from one depot to another, or to any bct-1, for the same price as the omolbiuca 50 cent* each, ordinary baggage included. Persons going ro any other partol the city can rldo lor the tallowing rates: Any distance not t acceding one mile. SO ceuti Any distance exceeding ooe mile. $140; same fam ily or party, SO cents each. An>; samo fam ily or party, SO cents each. By the hour—For the first hour, *3.00; for each additional hour, *l4O. Citizens an! the public In general are requested to see that the word “ Union" is on tbe carriage* they employ, as none others belong to toe Hackman's Union ol Ctdcatro. The public are cautioned not to pay any attention to any reports that may be made in resard to this lift of prices, for tbe members of tbe Union intend to live op to :t. Any rctu'al or misdemeanor on tbe part ot aoy owner or driver should be repot ted. wttn bis number, to their office. Boom 31 McCormick's Building. FBaNCIS WARREN, President. PETER JOHN SOn, Treasurer. GEORGE W. YOUNG. Secretary. JiJaper. CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPER DEALERS, DZALZE3 IN Taper Makers* findings, Chemicals, etc., 170 Kando’ph-ert*, Chicago- We offer for sale to dealers and conaomers .1.000 Bandies News and Print 28x43 2.000 do do do 24x30 1.500 do do do .22x43 2,5(10 do do do 25x37 2.000 do do do 27x41 1.500 do do do 28x44 2.500 do do do 30x43* 1.500 do do do 31x44* 3.000 do do do 30x18* 1.500 do do do 25x38 1.000 do do do 20x38 800 do do do 20x13 Extra sizes made to order on short notice. For sals at the lowest market prices for CASH. Bags. pHICAGO BAG FACTORY. BAGS AND BAGGING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Cotton Seamless Bags. WOOL SAGES, HAH SACKS. Single and Doable Canny Bags. Tbe best Quarter-Bbl. Sacks made. LARGE STOCK AND LOW PRICES. J. & H. CHAPMAN, * 139 Sontli TVafer-st. Business craws. HOOPS, 0. 0, MORRILL. THESS HOOF BXANUrAOTtmEH, wnorzaaLz asd xttail. 'Wlnamac, Indiana. Q S. HUTCHINS & CO., Commission Merchants, CRIGAfia Accnts forT. Kingston! A sons* Oswego Starch. QTORAGE O AND PROVISION INSPECTION. Alone again, and thiee doors north of old Ware house. with ample Storage Room lor my old and new trlends. Provisions, Lard, Ac., Inspected and repacked, here or outside- In good style, and hops lor your old and kind regards. Address your orders to Yours truly, _ _ _ J. B. TAYLOR. Storage Com.. Ac. J^LOUU. J. B. HOBBS & CO, EXCLUSIVELY FLOUR COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 166 TVashington-st., Chicago, 111. TT M. DtIPEE «fc CO., * WHOLESALE DEALERS IN BEEF, FOBS, LARD, Smoked Beef and Breakfast Bacon* Also, Extra B agar-cored Family Hams of oar own coxing, and branded “li. M.Dopce Co.” v gMOKED MEATS. E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IN PORK, BEEF, LARD, SMOKED MEATS, 150 SOUTH WATER-ST. Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Hardwood and IThitewood Lumber, Office ana Yard, 304 Sonlh FraukllML, bet. Vat Boren and Harnsot. Chicago. P. O. Box 3230• tyeilts cot to order. T«t*c n.noLoo.. jb. xoxc.vd pg^murroa. patents. JJOBEHTHON, BUOOMAN & CO., (ESTABLISHED 1323), BEITISH AND COKTIHEFTAL PATENT AGENTS! (Proprietors cf the Mechanics.* Magazine.) Offices: 116 Fleet'St., London, England. PATENT OFFlCES.—lnventors wko wtshtotaS* ont lMVaa Patent an advised to counsel with Uusn s CO n Editors ot the Scientist Anerlcar. who hate prosecuted claims before tbt Patent Office formerly tweaty years. Their Americas and European Patent Akencyns the most extensive lx the world. Charges less than any other reliable agency. A pamphlet, containing 101 l to invest or*, is sent gratis. Address MITNF ft CO„ 3T Park»row. New York IXeal. Estate. FOR sale—Some of ibe best business andmlifenco property in the cltr. Those wish* i- g to make a good investment, from tWW, tt-oold call on S. U, RAfPLWTB ft CO., 107 Moaroc-st, Wecsaoffcr aoaa extra lalaccmtats. Sottfam gatjUUtcs. Address S- T. SUIT & CO., LOUISVILLE. KESTOCKT. UT Country DnicA caa Procure the *t»re «ra«. riotWliuSie* la*Sxcl< Cl pal Whoiwale Drudge. s* 6 * ta ChJa;o - Stock SuQscrlpttona. JJKOSr.fc.CTDB OP "The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co.” Capital Stock - - .$500,000, Five Hundred Shares, Tills Compaoj aaa been orgaclred order oOfflenJ Liyi of the t ute ct I Uocla, tor the purpose at mjen tßctoi isg all Kinds cl PAPER, and preiartßC FIBSB for other purposes, from lie WILD GRASS# found Is this vicinity In «eat abundance. , . The practical development and otUlzlnz o< saca o«* tctlal hu been effected through the InvesKOaJ* and tie several Patents usned to SIB. HABRISON B. JfBECHr of Fcrt Edwards, Kew Vcrk. This'Company harth* purchased from Mr. Meecb alfof tb-saalrt patensrfijr them.owing States. iotH: tan, Wisconsin, lowa and Minnesota, arenowotepsistf to recure a limited amount oi subscriptions Ur the Capital Stock. lolortUng snbscrlptlODt to this Stock, we wools state that Ute Company are now ta e owners ot the BATAVIA PAPEE BOLLS Which are producing nt the present ttmtf .two (2) tom per Cay of pru t paper. This MCI baa bolldines ud water power cl xntßclcnx capacity, already erected, and in coacitioa Cj reedre two (i) additional machines, which hare bsflt • ordered, and it la eatimaitdcac be pot In mnntog onfia ' da or before tbe first day or May next, wblcb will-1 icreaat tic capacity and product* cf tbe»a.d MIC* to- <•) (coa per cay; that, at the preseat markrt? should yield to thu Company a very sattitactaryi ‘rofit. Ibetntare operations of tnl# Company codp*wi Plate tbe erection, or consolidating of other nulla writ vtheu enterprise within the present year. leaning tew foL amount of their Stoec. and which wui prob*t?> xa 3K than donble the toregolng estimate ct prodcct of Print, Manilla and Wrapping Fapan. This Company banns procured a charter trocr ttn Led* la tore of the state of Illinois, Increasing sxr capital to one mlblon of dollars, are now reorgaolßsr onder their Charter privilege*. Tbe Stock 800 as are DowcpcnfonnbscrlpnoQto theßioct,at tbe Office* of Means. DICKEKSOK & SHERMAN. 170 Ba» doloh-ei* where all further Information as to the pat* cuts, prospects, Ac., w-jl he given. In soiJctatg our Mends to subscribe to this Stock, ve believe we warranted Is saying that tbis ente*~ prise promises an unparalleled return of preflts, com pared wlib any other manufacturing bonnes* hereto fore presented. THOMAS S. DICKEESOS, Pres’t. GIO. Tice Tzes’t. (Formerly Prcalaentßalana Paper MIU Co.) WM. HAS SB BOUGH, 600*7. I. N. W. SHERMAN, Treasurer. Crcdserg gtHare. QBOCKEtiY, ETO. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, 15,17,19 & 21 Bandolpli-st., Importer*, Wholesale and Betall Dealers In CBOCKERT. CHINA, GXiASS, Silver Plated Ware, LAMPS, LANTEENS, X.OOBIKG GLASSKS. Assorted Crates in Original Packages, Goods Sold at Neiv York JPidces, adding Freight, dissolution. — Notice is hereby _!_/ given that the partnership lately subsist* lug retween B.C. Arnold and L. M. Sheppard, under meennof E. C. ARNOLD & CO., Has this day been dissolved by mutual consent.' K. C. ARNOLD. L. M. sHEPPaRD. NOTICE. Having sold my interest la the flra to R. ('. AR NOLD, my lata partner, 1 retire therefrom trom this aste. and solicit for my successor the patronage ol my oldmesds and the public generally. L. M. SHEPPARD. Chicago. March 20.1567. Dissolution op COPARTNER SHIP.—The partnership heretofore existing be twe?n the undersigned under the Ann of Si Wi BULL & CO., Was dissolved on the *J6tb day of February, 1067, by mutual consent. AU claims duo to or by the said Arm will be settled by S. W. BULL, at the office ol HULL «Sc C LOON, Corner cf North Dearborn and Dlln"I#-K8. 8. w. HULL. _ o. v. bardlnq. Chicago, March 21,1567. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.. The subscrlb'n have this day entered into a Copart nership, lor the purpose of transacting a General Balclng Business, Under the firm name and style of HULL & CLOON, As successors to EENDALL BROS. Their Factory, on the corner ol North Dearborn and Illinois-sts. Is fitted up with all the latest improve ments In Machinery, Ac., Ac. r». B. OIiOON, Well known to the trade, for twenty yean. In Clccln nati. la about removing to this city. S. W. HULL, P. B. CLOON, late of Cincinnati. Chicago, Feb. 26.1567. 3 THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO- L FOBS existing between the under signal e Dim name of FAESON & WOODS. Is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business of the late firm will be seuiert by James Farsoo. who alone will sign the name ot the firm in settlement. To lax a effect Horn Marco H, ISC7. JAMES FAESON, Chicago, March ill, 1567. A. H. WOODS. The bonnes* oi tbe above firm will be continued un der,the firm ofFatsos A Burros. Wlzwam bonding. Coneref Lake and Market-s La.. Kos 2, 2* and 3*; where alt bills dne tbe firm of Farsoo A Woods most be paid. FARjQN A DRAYTON. Ift£7 —THE NORTHERN TRANS JIOO I • POBIATION CO., otOhlo.. will, during the present season, run their well'known Line of First- Class Freight and Passenger Steamers regularly be tween Chicago, Milwaukee, Oswego, Cape Vincent, and Ogdensburgb. Cconectms at Ogdensburgb with the railroad lor Bortc a and all points In Northern New York and New England, and line ot steamers ror Mon treal and Quebec. At Cape Vincent with the railroad (or New York. At Oswego with a line of first class canal boats, lor Albany, Troy and New York. Steamers leave Chicago trl-wcekly—every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Through freight subject to only one trecsehlpment. Passengers ticketed to ail points. AGENTS—J. Myers and H. Hlgbee, No. O Astor House. New York; John Hocking, No. 7 btate-st- Bos It n; O. Dreed. 74 Peaxl-sL. New York; Geo. A. Eddy, Ogdemburgh. S.Y.; Charles Allison, Oswego, N. Y.; Wm. B.Buckley, Cane Vincent. N. Y.; Walker, Bayes A Co„ Toledo, Ohio; N. J. Sodlcr.Detroit; O. Bale, Milwaukee; French, Childs A Cleve land. O. N.J. HOWE, Chicago. JOHN B. GREEN, Gen*L Western Passenger Agent, Chicago. jHeeting. Michigan southern & north ern INDIANA 8.R.C0. „ WuttAst Smaer. > Nrw Toac, Man* 15,130*. f The annn&l election lor Directors of ibis Company will he held at the Company's office la Toledo. Ohio, on Wedsetday, the 31th day of April mat. at noon. The polls will remain open until 2 p.m. The Stock Transfer Books will be closed on tneSOtb lest, at ?t>. m- and reopened on Ihegßth proximo at 10 a. tn. I) 1». DaBHTDT. Secretary. ISrictt. « ORLCK MACHINE.” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office. Room No. 3. 47 Clark-st., Chicago. T>EEKbKILL MANUFACTURING A CO.'S best unproved BRICE MACH INS, alrapl* cheap and doraale; TEMPERING MACHINES, a* l au tnachhery for making bnek. Machines to be seen, and aL information talned. by calling on or addressing WHITING dfc ULNTWiIKTfI. P. U. Box 3793. Chicago. PL _ JJAGAZINE BRICK WORKS, Comer Ranted ami Twenty-second**. Office, No. 9 Oils Block. A. A. SNISe.LV, * troptUtur. pARD’S PATENT U BBICX MkCEIHH, Cflca and maanlactorr 53 Boat, Jddencd-it. fa: IcSSaSaiidMCrtpUT, cmnlaradi.™^ ft. Boat, JefleraoMt. CMsac (Ej)inatoare. ttavilajtd, cHuncHMAjr and [I ENGLAIND, 47 John-sU New York FRENCH CHINA, We are ceceUtez from oar factory la Praeca tlehlr decorated dinner, tea and taUCt #*t% Tarsi, ayi a toll aopply of wtdto thins. life insurance. INBCEANCE. TWENTY FOURTH mm STATEMENT. THE MUTUAL LIFE ISSBRMCECOMPM. OF USTEW YORK. F. S. WINSTON, - - President. Set Assets, Feb. 1. 1566, 511,113,119.35. _ vicuna ocrota thztxas. Pr» mlarcs. Ominn.’, let yc»r..|i23^TL7o Eeaewals tsjMj'S.ta IWtlSflaj interest i.otß.ia.n B«n» W,OOOJO | g.on.casiK nemo Tin tbas. Paid claims by dealt $ VSfli&n Uarared eadowmen-s 7,WUO CaabDlTMesd': Additions to c OGns by dealt 4173,717 3 t Additions to mstor ed endowments... Post mortem dirt dends PlTldicds need - la Payment of preai* ants 4594U.75 Total- dlTldenda paid m cash durtDcthe year,.... Commissions S3.t3U» Paid k>r annuities. iiwit Paid {bcsnrrendered policies.. ISt,6»U3 Paid id liquidation of fttore 3,«a» 52,115.1? 43.60e.TS commbiiona... Exchacrapo»tage«s i 3Tertlatag taxes u 4 mealed examiners Salaries ana legal expenses.... Printing and- stationery, and sundry ofllc* expenses. Office rent for real estate suit ing fund Profit and 1eu.... 81,053.42 39.00000 0.33 » iSSO^HIW Set cash aaieta, Ftb. 1,1587....* *17,633,39641 cmtsTEDAS renews: Cash, in banks and Trust Ccm panic* *1447,00.07 Bondrand mortgage*. liXo97^^o UnUedßtate* and Kerr Tort \ State-stocks at cost. 5,083,108.7* Beal estate. BBC from agents. 53,71&51 ?11.63J,2364T Add: interest ascracd. bat not Cue. 153363.73 Interest due and unpaid. 5.6-.4J0 Matket vtloe ofsteck* Inez cessofccst. , 331,79540 Premiums la course of U»ns muslon 401,13333 2*remlam* dstemd, seml-sn oaal and quarterly 55337131 S 1.677.C73.U --a roes at sets, Feb. 1,1367. 819.311.3ttT.41 la crease in net as* eta for tbe year... 83,336,947.14 3 be assets arothus appropriated: Tot*dreserveatltror percent Interest, to re-Icsare oats landing policies and addl noa-a. - J163K331-15 Claim* oscertamed'bttt not yet due «i«if Premiums paid la advance 3945141’ Ktfiarplna 3.793,47341 Gross assets as shore-. |i9.-ni,«67,1t From the undivided' surplus as stated above (fa.7PM78.63). a dividend has this day tea declared to peltry holders, availably on lha anniversaries of the dam* of Usne In tbe present year. POLICT AS3 -BZBK ACCOC3T. Policies. Insuring-. ..1333 * 33.1*03304) Issued daring tbe year. Totatl*r»,673 * 5 <£73.1334 AtliekFeh.l.lS66 „,..23,797 834134314 1L169 *138,389^6143 Deduct Dead, manr-cd, surrendered,'- forfeited, etc 2331 9AIt,SD49 lo force Jaaaary 31, ISffT. .St~SS9 f12M7U15.M Add atrlccotl additions on ex isting pchcles. Total i c oan t insured January 31.1567 _ siisjw.'m.ei Inciesre unrmg she year 13,911- $ tejwvasje- I have caretully examined the foregoing statements and find the same to be correct. [Signed] SHEPPAKD HOMAN B,AxtnarT. A Dividend, or distribution of surplus- premiums, was made Feo. lie IS6B and ’67, and w£U be m-m* «r> Dually hereattsr. The phrase Arrsrat Ditto crus, in tftt* Company, means dividends made aaanaHy from the etart, on tha first and every subsequent premium; and not at the expiration of three, four or fee years, and only tie » - annually. It also means that the dividends are iraO> able immediately to> increase the insurance or as p-w In reduction of tno premium ot the current year; and sot merely to cancel note s aha accrued Interest on premiums three, four or five years old. By this system thcrelsno delay far the redemption ofiefipt, os in some companies. The Assets of this Company are purely Cash. N# premium notes, railroad or bank stocks are included. They consist of bondaaad mortgages In the State of New York; worth double the amount loaned, office real estate, bonds oftheState of New Yorr, and Halted States sleeks. Far Ocular attention la desired to the fltet that a very arse portion of the Company's basinets is now os En doicmeni Policies. This la a peculiar Iratare with this Company. &s no other companies can present the seen* rlly we effer, or the profits which we are enabled to divide, so as to make ike mvestmsnt a eood one to the applicant; and the rates for such Policies are fraslt to *X per cent lower than those charged by other and smaller Institutions. BOARD 09 TRUSTEES : FREDERICK S. WINSTON. President of the Co. JOHN V. L. PRCYS. Vice Prest. Union Trust Co. WILLIAM MOOSE, late firm Deßbam A Moore. ROBERT H. McCURDY. late McCurdy, Aldrich it Spencer. ISAAC GREEK PEARSON, Vice President Belief Flra Insurance Co. MARTIN BATES, of Martin Bates* Co. WILLIAM BETTS. LL.D„ of Betts A Robinson. JOHN WADSWORTH. CD Liberty street. ALFRED EDWARDS, Prest. Pacific Mutual Issur asce Co. OLIVER H. PALMER, Sec*y Western UnloaTdsgraph CO. SAMUEL E. SPROULLS, Prest. Merchants* Exchange National Bank. SAMUEL M. Merchant. LUCIUS ROBINSON, late Comptroller Stale cf New York. W.SMITH BROWN,Ana W.S. Brown A Co. RICHARD PATRICK. Merchant. WILLIAM H. POPHAM, Popbam A Haxtun. FRANCIS SKTODT, Sklddy, Mlnfbrd A Co. WILLIAM A HAlNESvHalstead, Balnea ft Co. . EZRA WHEELER. Ezra. Wheeler A Co. SEYMOUR L. HUSTSD, of Brooklyn K. T. BaMUELD. BABCOCK,Babcock Bros. A Co. ALEX. W. BRADFORD, late Surrogate city end cotta*. tyofN.T. DAVID HOADLEY, Prest. Panama B. R. Co. HENRY A. SMYTHE. Collector port of New York. . WILLIAM V. BRADY, Ex-Mayor city ofNew York. HON. W. E. DODGE, M- C. Phelps, Dodge A Co, GEORGE s. CUE, president American Exchaage.Na— ttonal Park. WILLIAM K. STROKS.Wm. K. Strong A Co. WILLIAM M. VERM ILYE, Vermllye A Co. JOHN E.DEVELIN,Iate Corporation Counsel, Now York city. WELLINGTON CLAPP, ol Clapp A CrlanelL ALONZO CHILD, bt. Louis. HENRY E. DAVIES. Chief Justice Court of RICHARD A. McCURDY, Vice-President of the Com pany. RICHARD A. McCURDY, Vice-President. SHBPPAIU) HOMANS, Actuary. * WILLIAM BETTS. LL-D- 1 BON. LUCIUS ROBINSON, > CounscL HON. A. W. BRADFORD, ) ISAAC ABBATT, JOHN JL STUART, f *xntuiea. „ ISAAC L. KIPP, M-D.i MedlcalEiamlocr, ‘ 0. CRONKHITE, Agent, 47 Clark-St., Opposite Sherman House, CHICAGO, ILL. m£BVIN TABOB, Special A gent fos- Tlllnola, IOCAI AGENTS Ilf. ILLINOIS.. E. H« Beebe s Galena. J. 9, Ticknor, Bozkford. Pcx Sc Flowers Springfield* Bees Sc Downlnsr,.Feoria* J« B. Balls Aurora* Bodney Aatuey».K unhataa P. B. Popes Cairo.. A. B. Sawyer, pelUo.. P. B. 800d t iVenona* 8. B. Lewiij Clinton* W.A. Sanborn, Stirling A* H. Babb.Champalgn.. O, W, Paicam, xbkUwa. B. V. Sutherland, Peru*. J. B. Sheleday, Paris. Wm. B. Oakfbrd, Havana* P. S. K Label*.Cambridge. A. A. Palmer, W, B*tofig, Jit* Carroll. George Monroe^cnatlesloa* A. M . But, Polo., Geo. 8.. Leonards S. V* Heaths Owlsbt Geo. B. Jenkma, Ulnonlc, s, B. Stinson, Sandwich* . Albert B. Veeder, Calva. J, s. Jenkins, Greenville. Frank Porter, Richmond* J. B. Charters, Dixon. B. F. .trmitage, Gardner* S.O. simonds, Joliet. J. B* Bowlett, Lanark* W. B. Merchant, Washington* XV. B. Carson, El Paso, Gto. B* Daniels, Elgin, jus. in. Bishop, Quincy. Jas. T. Cory, Wsnkegao. ncßrlde & Hanna, rforrls* Kcv. C. S. Johnson, Belvldere* J. Jl. R. Spinning, Shelbyrule. Dr. B. Durham, LaSalle* Fay & Sherwood, Ottawa* Joqd S. Bead, Delavan. XV, K. Dewey, Jacksonville. C. P. Allen, Princeton. Thos. neredllh, Batavia. A. J. Basbronck, Pan a. Geo. S. Emerson, Bad a. Corby Sc OloflUt, Carthage* Bev. H. XL. Xodd, Woodstock* Francis XI. Flbrlch, NaplsrviUo* H. E. BfIEBSBtA, General Agent for Wlscoualu, lowa, rnimteooia. ludlaua and {Qlcblgan, Detroit, 311cb. tK,K9,ijyn