Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 23, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 23, 1867 Page 4
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Ctjicaga €rtbtm SATURDAY, MARCH 23, IS6T. THE CITY. Cnußcn Expates.— Notwithstanding that the repairs on the First United Brethren Church have commenced, arrangements will be made for the usual services on the coming Sabbath. How ron nix FnmroLXsa.—An adjourned meeting of tbe Board of Managers of the Home for tbe Friendless will be held this afternoon at three o’clock, in the rooms of the Young Men’s Christian Association. Dischaiiged.—William Vickers, charged with tbe larceny of grain, and William White and John McGuire, charged with petty larcenies, were all discharged at the Police Conrt yesterday morn ing, there not being evidence sufficient to hold them for trial. Pehbioits.—General C. T. Hotchkiss havieg been reappointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate Pension Agent at Chicago, as pro vided by a recent act of Congress relative to the appointment of Pension Agents, will commence the semi-annual payment this (Saturday) morning. New Music.— Oliver Ditson and Lyon & Ilealy have jnst issued “Fall of the Leaf Waltzes," by* J. s. Height; Polka Bravn-a, by Miss Hervey; ‘••Somebody's Darling Slumbers Here*’—a pathet ic ballad—by Miss Lacoete; tbe “'As You Like It Skirt." ’ by F. Wilder, and ’•Change," by W. *i. Wrlghtaon. Crumnr Lots.— Parties wishing to visit Gsaceland Cemetery to-day for purpose of select ing burial lots arc requested to meet at room No. 3, Vales' bonding, comer of Canal and Randolph streets, at 12 o’clock, eharp. when commutation tickets will be famished. Also at the someplace for Oakland on Monday at half past 11. Picxok Snoonso.—The Andnbon Clnb have appointed a committee consisting of H. MUward, D. Thompson, N. S. Johnston, H. S. Monroe and James Steel to a range for trap shootmg. The above named committee will report to a fall meeting oi the Clnb to be held at the Tremont House at four o'clock on Monday afternoon. Eobebtb as© Swzehet Cmcxz—F. B.—A meet ing of Uils Circle will he held at three o’clock on Sunday afternoon. In Fenian Hall for the purpose of lecelrlng memoers and organizing a new mili tary company. The tree line will be addressed by Messiv, Morris on, Browley, O’Callahan and oth ers. Those who contributed money at the Turner Hall meeting may receive their receipt* for the same alter the meeting. Fbed. Douglass.— We call attention to tbe tact that Fred. Douglass, the talented colored 0.-ator, ■will deliver his new leclaic, entitled “The Sources of Danger to tbe Republic," in the Clark Street Method let Church, this evening. It will be tbe last occasion on which Mr. Douglas will lec tnie in tbe West tor some years, ana the lecture is conceded to be the beet on bis list. We anticipate a full house and a most interesting lecture. “LAWTEU LINCOLS. BX THE CIUEB O T THE Cocbt.”—Such is the tide of a lecture announced to be delivered at Crosby's Opera House next Thursday by Mr. T. W. S. Kidd, of Springfield. Tbe lecturer proposes to give a portraiture of Ur. Lincoln as he appeared in Court. Tbe lecture has been delivered In Springfield, and has been'etrong ly commeiided by the press of that city. It Is also highly commended by J. H. Matheny, Milton Hay, it. M. Brcadwell. members of tbe Spring field Bar, end hr Professor Newton Bntemau. Tbe lecture is represented as both amusing and instinctive. Fine Police asp Healtu.—The regular semi* weekly meeting ol the Board of Police, Fire and Health Commissioners was held yesterday after noon at the Central Station, corner of Washington and LaSalle streets. Present—President Brown and Commissioner liund. Perfect order and pro gress was the report trom tbe beads of the three departments. Ote bill was audited, and an invi tation for tbe Commissioners anc neaas of de partmetts to alletd the Lake Tunnel celebration was received. There being no farther business the Board adjourned. Enlargement.—lndustry, perseverance and a desire to please by a mercantile house, frequent ly necessitates the extension ot their business facilities. Snch Is the case with the well known men's fumUbuigacd shirt manufacturing boose of J. £. Wilson A Co., No. 136 Dearborn street. They have just added to their former atore another of equal size, and changed the style of their firm to W ilson Brothers, Nos 134 ami 126 Dearborn street. They are now receiving a rich and well selected stock of goods, which wi>l repay any gentleman to examine, dee advertisement on first page. Mechanics* Institute.— lhe following regular ticket has been put In nomination lor tbe Mechan ics* Institute, to be voted for at the election on Tuesday next; to be held in Room 3, .Masonic Temple: Piefldent—John M. Van Osdel. Tice President—John Mooxc. Recording secretary—Henrv Pethyhndge. Corresponding Secretary—w. Harper, financial Secretary—'m. Wisdom. Treasurer—W. W-JbTOgton. • • jWeaors^-Ra*if : >pfeer.*Saiirord Johnson, Rich ard Barrett, Henry Bond, A. F. Rose, John W. Roberta. Fieeb.—At hall-past eleven o’clock oa Thurs day morning, & small fire occurred at Iso. 172 North Water street, a four-story brick building owned by Ccz i Brandt. carnage was about $25. No public alarm was meg.' An alarm from box No. 72, at half-past two o’c.ocii, yesterday morning, was caused by the girtial destruction by fire ot a cottage at No. 427 übbard * ireet, occupied by Martin O’Hara. The loss was about 1500, which was cover-.d by In surance. An alarm from box No. G 5, half an hour later, proved to be false. At balf-iiast five o’clock, yesterday morning, a fire broke out in Nos. 57 and 59 Illinois effect, oc cupied by fatal* A Woltz, as a turning shop and furniture manufactory. Jhe loss was about $2,500, w hich was fully covered by insurance. A. Rest or Thieves.— Michael and Ann Kane, husband and wife, and Mary Connorv, all residing at the comer of Cork and Benben streets, were brought belorc Justice MliHLen, yesterday morn ing, charged with larceny. A silver knife and fork and tea-spoon had been taken about two weeks ago. from the residence of Mr. Porter, at No. 114 Park avenue, and a Airs. Gorman testi bed that Mary Oonnory disposed of the same articles to a jeweller at No. 5s Nor h Clark street, and there they were recovered, though in a damaged condition. The money thus acquired, Mrs. Gorman said, was spent for whiskey, beer, "end whatever else the needed. 1 Kine and hU wife and Mary Cornory all live together, get drunk together, and hold interests in common. Other evidences which will presently be stated, were against Mr. aid Mrs. Kane, and <bey were heldfot InrtLer examination, on Friday next, in bail of (600 each. lira. Cunnory was committed lor trial in hall of ?30 •- Mary Morrlsey, an elderly fanale, of rather for bidding appearance, wan ch»rgeo with receiving stolen property from the Kane tamily. She ad mitted having sympathized with their extreme poverty, when Mrs. Kane came to her begging her to purchase a clock. She gave her two dol lars, as the woman was ‘’crying withhuager,” lint would not take the clock, tnongh Mrs. Kane ' left it! Officers Wjieon sndGrady, of Sergeant Douglas 1 substation, who deserve much credit for diligence in working up this esse, procured a search warrant end found on Mrs. Morrljey’a piemiaes seven silver spoons, variously marked, and other articles, which seemed strange to the place. The apoone, she said, she found in a awill barrel, nine years ago, though their pattern is of reccntdaie. A butlalo robe, kettles, dresses and other articles bad been found at various places, which this woman bad disposed of. She was held for further examination, nest Fiiday, in bail of 55W. AMDSEMENTii, Philharmonic.— The Philharmonic Society will give their fonnh concert this evening in the Opera House. The programme will be found m our advertising columns, it will undoubtedly be the best concert of the course, and we trust to sec It well patronized. The society has persistently ' refused to die, though rand as dclmic: by the whole musical world, and deserves credit for its determination to o itiive its own decease. ItißTom.— The tale of scale lor ihe second Bis tort season is progressing very favorably, the In dications being that Kistorl will meet with an ovation at the haede of tne Chicago public scarce ly inferior to U>at with which she was greeted on her first appearance In this city. Seats fur single rights may now be obtained at the office of the 0;e a House. McVickeb 1 s Tbeathe,— The French Tack Shep pard continues to draw good bouses here. Last night the author, Hr. George L. Aiken, look a very substantial benefit. The piece will be re peated Ibis afternoon and evening. Museum.—lnst evening the scene manager, Mr. Crouse. took a benefit, the bouse being filled. A very taking bill was presented, consisting of a collection ol no less than four pieces of comedy. This afternoon and evening wild Oats will be presented. Gccmak Knte&tainment.— An ama'cnr per formance. dramatic and musical. was given last evening, in the Opera House, for the benefit of Mr. Hoveling, which was witnessed by a crowned Loutc. The dramatic characters were taken by sonic of unr most prominent German citizens, and were, without exception, very well supported. The overture from Fra Dlavolo, and tne "Auf Dem Rhein," by the JJanncrchor, were entnn fetastically encoded. KquEsnUAX.— Proleaeor B. P. Hamilton will rhia evening give a benefit to the Soldiers 1 Home, in the Coliseum building- The entertainment will consist of performances with the Professor's celebrated trick horses. NEW TEIQPERANXE OBGANIZA- TION. A meeting was held last evening in the Young Men's Christian AssodaDon Ro,me, Methodist Church Block, in pursuance ol a call published in the daily papers, for the purpose of orgamziug a sew Division ol the Sons of Temperance, to be composed of the business and professional men of our city. The call bore the signatures of about forty gentlemen trom the clasnu indicate!. For some cause the meeting was but thinly attended, not more than twenty-five persons beingptesem. On motion of Rev. J. H. Slaughter, p. \v. Glllett ti as called to the chair and Mr. Kelley appointed Secretary. Mr. Stoughton was called npon to slate the objects ot me meeting. Ue said that many gentlemen who had been formerly connected «ith the Sons of Temperance, but were not so now. thought if an organization was properly storied, to be composed ol the leading business and professional men of the city, that an immense amount of good would be accom plished. There was at this time, barring Us ori gin in Washington, quite an awaemng throughout the country on the Abject of temperance. Some ot the leading men of the nation were engaged in it; pTwnnp them Governor Vales. This gentle man had been invited to address the order in this cut. and bad consented to do so. .The organiza tion of ibis new division was a preliminary move ment preparatory to receiving Governor, at which lime it was the Intent to have a grand do monstiauoD. Tne old Sons of Temperance, who, lor some yean, have been ont of the order are anxious to return lo the work. He believed an orcanizatiou should be bad at once, and a _suitable hall obtained. This organization snotud not be undertaken unless It could bo carried on with force and vigor. Unfortunately at ibe present lime the organization of the Sons of Temperance was with the poor and least Influential portion ot oar citizens, aua little or nothing was accomplished, especially with mat class ox men which this organization was intended to reach. Mr. Stoughton otlcred a resolution, ” That we oecm it expedient and ptoper to organize a divi sion of the tons of Temperance, to he composed ofbusinessand professional men.” This resolution was discussed bv several gen tlemen with spirit and eloquence, and passed by a unanimous vote. During the dlecus-oon it was iticldunily suggested that this organization might come In conflict with one organized a few days since, as a branch of lha Congressional Temper ance 'Society, of which Hon. J. N. Arnold, Is the President. Mr. Stoughton earn he had an inter view with Mr. Arnold npon the sabj'Cl, and that gentleman informed him 'hat he knew nothing about this Branch Society; that although he was named as President, he had not attended the rrc ting, and believed it would accomplish no good. Mr. Arnold also declared himself in favor of this proposed organization. Mr. Stoughton also plated, from the beet information he could obtain, that there was one pereon present st the Congres sional Branch Temperance meeting,(Major Wood), end be acted as President, Secretary, Com mittee on Resolutions, &c- A petition to the Grand Scnbeoftbe Sons of Temperance, for the onranizadon of this new Di vision, was then signed by those present, and a committee of five appointed to obtain additional signatures, and the meeting then adjourned. - THE LAKE TUMNEL. Formal ; Opening on Monday—Laying the Corner btone of tlie New Water W orks—Order of Procession. At last the tunnel la finished—or will be on Monday. We refer not now to any of the theoreti cal finishings over which the parties concerned have Jubilated, but to the practical finish—that in which the people ate Interested—the accomplish ment of the mnch desired result—the supplying ol pure water to the citizens in place of the miser able filth miscalled water with which we have been served for yean past, it is a circumstance mnch to he rejoiced over, a denouement worthy of (he great labor, the deep skfll, the high hope, extensive faith, and heavy payments which have aece9‘arUy preceded it. It wul bear to be talked about, to be pleased with, to brag of— though it seems it la not deemed worthy ore pub lic banquet. Jl will materially enhance the aver age life ol Unpeople of this city, will remove one standing and much magnified objection which the people of other cities have urged against Chicago, and will abolish one extensive excuse fortlp pllng. whereat the temperance people will be ex ceedingly glad. When urging the claims of pore cold water to (bo patronage of the people, they have many a time and oft been met with the ques tions, “Wcatnmstl drlnkf" “Yon wonldnotnave me drink onr filmy water, wonla yon ?" The first flow or pure lake water through the pipes and hydrants of the city, will be accom panied by the laying of tbe comer stone of the new Water Works Building, and will be the oc casion of a grand procession. The atone will be laid by the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Illinois A. F- & A. M., after which an oration will be delivered by bis honor Mayor Rice. The following Is the official PROGRAMME OP ARRANGEMENTS For laying the comer stone of the new buildings lor the Chlcaco Water Works, March 25, A. fi. IBC7 (A. L. SSG7). The procession will be formed in tbe following order: Platoon of Police. Upht Guard Band. Apollo Commandery Knights’ Templars. Subordinate Lodges of F. & A. M. in the foil jr ing order: Tjlcre, with drawn sworde. Stewards. Master Masons. Secretary and Ticasnrer. wardens. g Masters. O g« M. W. Grand Lodge F. &A. M., State >g a of Illinois. -D3 o*3, Grand Tyler with Drawn Sword. 2. ifS Grand Stewards. s*° cJ» PrlnclpalArchUect,wlthSqaare,Level and Plumb £ “ •o 2 Grand Chaplains. = = get Past Grand officers. 2o Junior Grand Warden, with Silver CM _ Vessel of Oil. “S e£ Senior Grand Warden, with Silver Pa 5 Vessel of Wine. £g t? Deputy Grand Master, with Silver S.a s 8 Vessel of Com. — a 3 o Master of Oldest Lodge, canyingßook j-h ' of Constitutions. M. W. Grand Master, supported by 3 £ Deacons with Rods. , S.» cs Grand Standard Bearer. 3 ~ £w Grand Sword Bearer, with Drawn “ o O / Sword. B Great Union Band. Chicago Commandery o f Knights Templars. Ellsworth Zouaves as Guard of Honor to Civil Division. Hls Honor, tbe Major, as Orator of the Day. Commissioners of the Board of Public Works. Secretary of the Board. City Engineer and First Assistant. Chief Engineer Pumping,Department. Contractors Lake Tunnel. Contractors of Machinery and Buildings. Judges of the United States Court and other Unv ted States Officers. Judiciary of the City of Chicago. Heads of Dej artments of the City ol Chicago and principal Assistants. Members of the Common Connell. Members Press. Ex-Mayors. Board of Education. Police Board. Officers and Principal Assistants Connected with Board of Public Wrrka. Ex-Water and Police Commissioners. Baud. Chicago Fire Department. Associations. Citizens. LINE OP MARCH. The Masonic Division will form In front of Ma sonic Temple on Dearborn street, the right rest ing on Raidolph street; will march thence nortu on Dearborn street to Lake street, west on Lake street to I-a Salle street. south on l«aSalie street to Washington street, and cast on Washington street to Clark street, where they will be Joined by the Civic Division; thence north on Clark street to Chicago avenue, east on Chicago avenue to Pine street, and north on Pine street to centre of block, where the colnmn will open to the right and left, and allow tbe Grand Lort, e, His Honor the Mayor, tbe Board of Public Works and principal officers, tbe Contractors, tbe Judiciary, members of the Common Connell and heads of City Departments topass to tLc platform. The rear of the procesrion will dose np and form around the platform. The comer stone will ho laid with tbe usual ceremonies at high twelve. Uts Honor Mayor Rice will deliver the address. Returning the procession will form In precisely the same order as above, and march to the points ft om w hence It stoned. All associations iu the city, and the citizens at large, are cordially Invited to participate in the ceremonies. The Chief Marshal ol the Civic Di vision, W. F. Tucker. Esq, will remain at the Briggs Rouse during M-day (Saturday) to assign positions lo snch associations as apply to him Masonic bodies will form at the Ma«omc Temple, other associations and societies at the Court Douse. General A. C. Ducat, Chief Marshal of Masonic Division, with aids. W. F. Tucker, Esq., Chief ilartbal of Civic Divi sion, with aid*. THE PRETENDED DEATH CASE. The Arrested Parties in Court—Fur ther Testimony—-3lr. Heenan’s Ab sence—Bensons Therefor—Ho is Acquitted—Kendall and fuller Bemanded to JaiL Althe coming In of the County Court, yestsr day afternoon, Michael Follham Hee?ian,the at torney who drew op the will presented for pro hate as that of Richard Rsinfonh, who pretended to be dead for the pnrpose of swindling the insurance companies, was in court. He had just returned from an absence somewhat extended beyond Its Intended limit, and being in contempt ot Court iu presenting the ficticious paper, came forward to purge nimself. There were quite a number of interested peieona in the court room, perhaps more because of the snsf icior that farther action would be taken in the case. In this, however, the bystanders dis appointed, os although the accused parties. Hr. Kendall and Timothy W. Fuller, were produced in court, nothing transpired m relation to their cases, excepting that peihaps tao statement of Mr. Ueenan gives additional testimony to the proba bility ot their guilt. The prisoners—Dr. Kendall and Falter—were brought into Conn upon tne request ol Mr. Kee nan, who desired the privilege of making his statement iu their Mr. Taley. the at torney contesting the nil), was also present. Mr. Tnley was first called upon to speak as to any knowledge of his in regard to a connection between Hecnan and the m»n in the Jail and the abtcoudliur living dead man. He said substan tially that he was employed by the brother of Raiuforth to investigate ihe mater of the will. Id pursuance ofthe returner, he called upon Mr. Ueenan and asked him if he drew the will, 'ibc reply being in the affirmative, some questions followed as the sickness and death ot tne mao. Ueenan said he was informed that the man was taken eick on the Tuesday pre ceding hie death while at the Court House attending to a case mat bo (Heenan) was prosecuting tor Kainforth. 'ihe next be saw of tint he was sender to draw the will. He visited, nim and procured 'be memoranda from which to draft the paper. Ou the next day the will was •aken. wltn witnesses, and executed, 'ihe place of the supposed death was mentioned, ana be stated Ibat he was not present, nor did no know he saw the notice intbeTm iju>e, which caused him to visit the executors, ihe will was then presented and steps taken to prove (be will, which have become public. Bernard G. Caulfield, Esq., next testified. Bis testimony was given lo account for the party's absence and was to the cfiect that an as-ignment having been made by a firm in this city to Haul 1 U'Hara, It became necessary tosend auu»f worthy oarty to Vicksburg to collect and chip to thisplacr a large amount of property. They chose Mr. Ueenan for this purpose, and on tnis business be was absent daring these proceedings. Daniel O'iisra, £eq., corroborated the testimony of The last w itness. Mr. Utenati then submitted a nthcr lengthy -tairtDbct of bin connection with the case, which contained little mat is material to the main issue. Bis statement showed no irregularity in me pro ceeding, so far as himself was concerned. No claim being mede on the part of the Slate that Mr. Heenan was knowingly concerned in the conspiracy, and C. B. Jones, counsel lor Ful ler, stating that Mr. Fuller did not claim any com plicity on bis part, hut denied hU connection wiih the fraud, M»*. Beer an was absolved of the conu-mptby the Court, and sent from the Court without stain upon tua character. An attorney, whose name no one seemed to know, having applied to the Court to allow Dr. Kendall to purge himself of bis contempt, an op portunity was now offered, but in the absence of the lawyer Dr. -Kendall declined to act in ibe premises for the present. He and Fuller were then remanded to jail. A PRIZE FIGHT IN CHICAGO. A Genuine “ Set-to,” and an Easy Tic* tory—The Police on the Track— One of the Bullies Arrested. The saloons and gambling dens in thlfl city were in a buzz of excitement last night over the result of prize fight—this time a genuine one, and not manufactured in a newspaper office. For a week or more the choice spirits among the blacklegs, gamblers, confidence men and olher sporting gertry were secretly arranging lor a “beaullml mill,” and yesterday was Qxedfor its performance. About noon a great crowd of roughs, some two hundred in unmber, bad collected in a grove about a mile south ot Douglas place, near a oUtillcry, outside of the city limits. They had come cautiously down, all the forenoon, in hacks and buggies and cars, taking every precaution to avoid exciting at tention. Ibe fight was fixed to come off at two o'clock, bat before that bonr, having arranged the preliminaries at ”Ui.” Dincmaa's saloon, near tbo chicigo Di-ivcreity, the crowd had assembled on the ground ready for the refined and ennobling spoil. Tbc principals in the fight were two men named Tom. Honey and George Ualtcy. The former is an eminent loater of this city, a great, brawny six-footer, pretty widely known among his class as a tre mendous bitter ard a champion iu tnc prize ring. Galley it said to be a Canadian and a roaming sailor, and la a shorter and lighter man, thousn well developed in muscle, and an unpleasant eas terner to handle, as well as one whom a man would not like to meet In a lonely place at night. They are both young men, abont twenty-tour years of ace. Notwithstanding that the “ manly art of self-defence” is held m so high esteem among this class of people and reveral thousand others of our citizens, the laws of the city as well as the State arc so outrageously narrow that they look with disfavor on it, and hare even en acted penalties against the meeting of men for the purpose of pounding each other senseless, information of the prospect of a fight having soon after noon been conveyed to our police au thorities they therefore proceeded at once to stop the sport. A detachment of officers was started from the Twenty-second street soo-station, and soon alter Captain Hickey detached a squad, disguised, from the Armory. Fearing such an intencrcnce Cbo fighting gentry bad taken the precaution of stationing runners or pickets on the outposts —like other well drilled belligerents— to watch for the bine coats, and signal tneir comicg, while yes far oil'. The first squad of police, not having had the forethought to uoff their were there lore righted on their reaching Cottage Grove about one o'clock, and the information bating been harried forward, the fight was at once com menced. The ring was formed and the principals, stripped to the waist, stepped In. Uurlej, confi dent in his prowess and superior weight, bore the air of one who knew that he should be successful, while Galley, though somewhat nervous In the presence of his larger antagonist, strove to appear tincon cen*ed and equally confident. A few light blows were exchanged as letters, without eflecr, when suddenly Enriey brought ibe fight to a close by dealing a tremendous blow with bis right “ maul er” directly under hie opponent's "smeller, drawing the “ dare* ” and leiling him fiat to the ground, where be lay motionless and apparently done for. It is said tost in the excitement of his triumph Hailey then gave hia fallen foe a brutal kick In the face, but ibis Is disputed. The blow, at any rate, re moved all of Galley's belligerent feelings, and left as weak and harmless as a kitten; so that—mnch to the disgust of the spectator*, who bed hoped for a loo? and bloody contest, In which “peepers" would be closed, “smellers” would be sraisbed. “potato traps" rendered toothless, and “bundles of fives" cut and swollen —the affidr was at once ended. As it was, the match proved too unequal to meet the expecta tions of the crowd, who,however, confetaea that Hmloy'e blow wafl beautifully desit, raising him very much to their estimation. The stake*, which were only SSO a aide, were declared duly won-hr All this bad passed so quickly that by tbe time tbe police bad hunted up the spot—in which they found very little aid from those who knew any* thing about i'—the crowd had begun to disperse. The badly punished combatant, whh bad hardly recovered his senses, was taken to Dingman's saloon to be rubbed and revived by stimulants, and there the police heard of him with a few of ms stand-bys. Hurley made off with the rest of the crowd and waa last evening hedging about some of the dena of the city trying to get up another match. Be waa more confident and boastful than ever, and offered to fight any man In Chicago woo may be preduced m a week. In the “native" circles, where a prize flgot Is considered oue of the most noble end dignified undertakings which can engage the human mind aid body, there was mnch specula tion in regard to the acceptance of the oner, and sundry pi eminent bruisers were suggested by their respective champions- It is a pity that the low and dangerous charac ters who uphold and attend these brutal per formances, as well as the fighters themselves, cannot be arrested and punished to tbe fullest extent for violations of law and order. And if the fights must sometimes come otf it is also a pity that tbe miserable bruisers ate not alt so severely bandied that they can never engage In similar amusements again. Late in tbo evening the noilce succeeded in ar resting Hurley, who is now safely lodged in the Armory, to await action for a breach of the peace. Tbo other principal will probably soon share a like fate. OCR PUBLIC SCHOOLS. PiCMlneNeceaslir for Increased Accom- modation. Ouricportof the last meeting of the Board of Education was unavoidably crowded out yestcr diy. We piescnl the official report this m inline. In addition to the matter therein contaiced, the following will be fonod of great interest. It is the body of a communication from Hon. 0. L. Picxard, the Snpeiiutcndcnt of Public Schools, to the Board: GxMTLncm; I have made diligent inquiry as to the condition of oar schools with respect to rooms, and find the following facts: The average number belonging to the second schools of me city daring the month of January, which 1 cun elder the least crowded month or the year, exclu sive of high school, was 16,551; to accommodate this number, the schools can furn’sh seats to tne number of 15,4411; there were, therefore, during TDat month, 1.101 pupils without eeala, except up on the platforms and like uncomfortable post Jons. Of the J 8.440 seats above referred to, out 14,000 are m buildings belonging to the dry. The build ings rented are generally uncomfortable and unfit for school purposes. To present the results of my investigation in a condensed form: Avg. No. belonging. No. seats. Excess. South Division 3,618 3,914 • S 3 North Division..... 4,405 4,378 IST West Division 8,149 7,353 835 Toa* .16,521 15.450 1,101 If to this excess there be added the number of seats in rented buildings that should t>e given up as soon as iwjsslble, we have a real excess of 1,983. to this must be added a Ust of applicants for seats wbo are walling to be admitled, I,10t); leav ing a total virtually excluded of 3,osa. 'ibis estimate does not include tbe very large numbers wbo have Bought private schools because the) bare known oi the crowded condition of tbo public schools, which may be estimated at 3,000. Thus virtually excluding 6,088. In making tbe above estimates 1 have taken the aversse number belonging for the least crowded month or the year. Instead of the numoer en rolled, which would increase the number or pu pils. for whom some Immediate provision should be made. Accompanying this statement, I beg to submit a detailed statement of the condition of each of the several schools of the city. It appears that the Dearborn, the Collage Grove and Holstein schools are not full. Any person who has visited the Dearborn School will readily understand why it is not foil, and I trust some immediate alepa to remove the obstacle. The Cottage Grove school la very rapidly filling np, and before May I will have no spare seats. The Holstein .school Is so located that it cannot oe crowded at present, nor can its spate seats be used totbe relief of any other school. The pressure for hctt» r accommodations U constantly Increas ing, aid 1 fully believe that several buildings as large n s the Wells school building could be filled vvf iliia a mouth if they were ready for occupancy. Respectfully, J. L. Pictuup, Superintendent. The Board then adjourned. Eairads Referring to tbe mutual life Insurance company of New Yor&. ‘•Tbe Mutnal Life baa already become so solid as lo ait'flct general admiration, both here and in Europe i/on. IVilltam Jtarntti Superintendent Jnfvtanct Deportment. State of h'tto York. “Tbe Lording Life A surancc Association of this Continent. Also, the model one of the World.”—Don. Ellzur Wiighf . Jns. Com., J late. “ihe most successful insura'cc Company in the World A'rtc Tori Inwranct Monitor. •‘An assured tucccas, the grandest over achieved in Life Insurance.”— fniuranee Monitor. “This company stands at the very head of aU instllutioLS ofi's class in this country.**— New lor.V Jr.dfjtftident. “Ibis Company la the largest, and one of the best managed m this country.*'— Cs/clopcndta of Ccmmerct. Wc clip the following from the New York Inde pendent of Match 7,1667: “Wc call attention to the advertisement of the Mutual life Insurance Company, of this city, iu another column. The company Is now one ot our largest finances) Instllutiaus. It has been in t-xl-t* ence tearlv an mtirc generation, and Is the oldest and largest Mutual Life Insurance Company mthe country. “Tbe statement of Jibe company's affairs will find thousands of interested readers, lo every city, torn, and hamlet In tbe Northern, Western, and Middle Stales. pollc--hold< rs—copartners in ills great corporation—will be gratified by a re port so remarkable and so satuiactory. “ Tbe assets of this company now exceed nine lecu ml'lion* of dollars, of i chidi ocer two mil lion t ar.d i/ir*t-t;uerlert Is a surplus laud, to he divided among its policy-holders, jvhen such immerse and sacred latere ts are at slake, tbe manner in wb'ch large sums are invested be comes a matter of the first importance. The list of securities held by the company may ? &r v.J challenge criticism. Daring the past year new nsks have been assumed on 15,6 2 lives for nca'ly SSS.UOO.U.d, ard ihe cash receipts have been over {6,000,000. This is a larger business than was ever done in a single year by any life company in this country or In Europe, duch a business la ample proof of the public cst-matiou ol this old and well-tried institution.” O. Cronkrite, agent. 47 ciark-st. Bonnsn While Intoxicated.— Fred. Hocherlz, a young man residing at LaSalle, Illinois, re ceived information from Germany tbit bis mother bad recently died, having previously made a will which entitled blm to SIOO. this amount, be was. informed, would be paid him by his brother-in law, Henry tremmler.of this city, upon applica tion Hocncrtz immediately came to Chicago, and finding bis relallve, received the SIOO. Naturally convivial and feeling In tolerably easy circum stances, Uochcrtz, Scmmlcr and some friend* of he latter, went on a general debauch. After vjfiting several saloons, the next thing Uochcrtz had consciousness of be awoke lo the Police btadon.atan early hour ycetcieay morning, tie related bis story to an officer, who went at once and aiiesled aemmlcr, finding upon him the pocket book of Hochenz. with lo it. beromier alb-ged that be did not know how the wallet came in Ids possession, buMhoagn* that □ochcrtz must have banded it to him. Übc evi dence in the case at the Police Court, iu the xDOridnr, made it appear very much as If a dellb ale lobheiyhad been committed. Semmler was committed for trial in bail of SG.O. Stealing a Cow —John Kelly, a young min charged with stealing a cow belonging to Mr. An derson, residing at No. flu 7 West Lake street, was examined before Justice Mltlikcn yeste'day morn ing, and committed for trial in bail uf $«00, Kelly said that a man named Williams claimed to own the cow. and pointing her oat to him in the street had given him ?2 to drive her to Milwaukee ave nue. The thief was pursued some six blocks, and making some resistance was then tied wltn a bed cord until an officer could be procured. When ancsied, Kelly gave several different names. Upon bis person were found two brass keys, which be Raid opened rooms in Bruton’s Building, on Indiana trect, bat bis statements proved lalte. as the Keys were tried and fitted no doors in the building. He also bad upon ids per son a torn piece of paper with the following mem orandum vviuten on it— 1 "i her gone for ihe hides ard taller.* 1 ihe Judge of the Recorder's Court, who. It is slated, is especially severe on cow thieves, win probably "go" for Kelly, who will then "go for" the rcnirenUary. A Foundling.— A hoy infant, apparently about three days old, was found "alive and kicking" on Ibnr.-day njgbt, on the doorsteps of the residence of William Caipcnter. at the corner of Fnlton and Bcnbecstnets. It was brought into the PoPcc Court yesterday morning, "upon the charge’ 1 of being abandoned by its parents, and was sent to the Home ot me Friendless. Tounc Men’s Aha Delation Election, To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: The officers of (be Yonng Men's Association arc making pltesus appeals for support. It is a pity that they do not adopt the old method, and stir up some excitement in ibeir annual election. It is a well known fact that the outgoing board of offi cers always "get up' 1 the regular ticket. Butin former years they did more, and set in motion an opposition ticket—one that was likely to accept a nomination and to fight for election. Recently the fashion si ems to be lor the retiring officers to nominate themselves for another year, and then lor fear of formidable opposition, to prepare another ticket with names ol men who they arc sure will decline to inn, or will afford iconic resistance If they do run. The opposition ticket proposed this year was a capital one, bat Ibe names ot Geo. C. Walker and Chas. U. Bced, should not have been put on unless it was known that those gentlemen would accept. If the Board bad nominated a strong reg uar ticket (made up of other names besides their own), and then arranged a ttronger one (for the regulais have a natural advantage over the oppo sition) to run arainat, and had put on only men who would run and ran well, we would sec the coffers ot the Young Men’s Association All up very rapidly. There are hundreds ot old mem bers who never use ihe library, or who. if there is no excitement about elections, let their back dues go unpaid, and gradually lose all interest in the Association. 1 thick It would be found that tbc money re ceived at the elections lart year and year before would not compare with the reccip's of many pterions jears when they should have been much larger. And Hue year’s election bids fair to bo equally unprofitable. An Old .Meaneh. For Alderman, Thirteenth Ward. Chicago, March 20th, 1667. To Lawrence Procdfoot, Esq.. Alderman, Ac.: Deab bin: ibe subscribers, residents of the Thirteenth Ward, being entirely eatiefleu with the coarse you have pursued as Alderman daring the pasttwoyears, and believing that the best inter ests of the Ward would be subserved by your con tinuance In office, earnestly rcoucst that yon will permit your name to bo need as a candidate for 'Alderman at .the ensuing municipal election, hereby pledging you our cordial support. Respectfully yours, W. R. Green. Oust. Ft.iher, Conrad Scbnell, John Macanley, F. Bcnzinpcr, John H. Foster, Jobu Keiber, Jacob Wolf, F. F. i anda, Philip Apfel, Fred. Llcsc, David Goodwlllle, And a handled others. Chicago, March 21st, 1667. To Messrs. Green, Fisher, Foster, Kcrber and others: Gentlehen: Your letter with its accompanying request is gratifying to me as an evidence ol an appreciation on the part of my constituents of my cubits for tbc past two years as Alderman of the Thirteenth Ward. 1 chccriully consent that my name may be used at >be comlug clec'ion, and can only say that, should my constituents see fit to re-elect me, 1 shall always endeavor to work fur the best inter ests of the public at large, ana particularly for mv own Ward, in all matters perlaimne to Ua wdiare and advancement. 1 am, respectfully yonrs, L. PHOPDFOOT. General Basbroncu. Davis as Candidate for tn© Office of c«y Attorney. tr'rom the Illinois Stoats ZeHung.l We pnbllth in another columns correspondence hclw. rn several officers of the Union army and General Haebtonck Davie, In which the Jailer Is invited to become a candidate for tbo office of city Attorney, In the coming municipal election. We arc glad to perceive, from the reply ot General Davis, that he consents to enter the field, ana we hope that the Republican Convention will nomla nniehtm. General Davis studied at the Univer sity ot Heidelberg, and, for several years prior to the outbreak ot the war, practiced Jaw In this city. He gave up a very considerable business to draff the sword for the Union, General Davis was lately an editor of the Chicago Swing Jtoft, and, In (he columns of that excellent paper, has always riven the allairs of the Germans consider able attention. We doubt not that among the German voters be will receive a hearty rapport. Not a Candidate. To the Editor ol the Chicago Tribune: _ w 2 am not a candidate lor the office of Ylce- President of the Young Men’s Association. CumLxa H. Rwn). Chicago, March 22,1667. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune: Please announce in your next paper that I re spectfully decline tbe nomination for tbe office of corresponding Secretary of thoYonng Men’s As sociation. Yours truly. wk. KzLarr Eexd. LOCAL MATTEES. Tbe Oakland Iron Ocher Paint Co., are paying good commission to travelling men bow telling goods In the West. Call at No. 10 Booth Clatk street, office up stairs. Use Gardner’s Rheumatic and Neural gic ‘omnonno. It cores Rheumatism and Neu ralgia. Sold by all Druggists. Stamp Ribbons! Stamp Ribbons! Stamps, dies and seals. Old stamps repaired. O. M. Babcock. No. 52 Reynolds’ Block, near Toil Office. Orders by mall promptly filled. v Tbe worst case of Itch cored In forty* eight hours or no pay. Trv It, afflicted, and be cured. Bold everywhere, Wholesale Burnhams & Van Scbaack. A Couch, Cold, or Bore Throat, re quires Immediate attention, as neglect cltcnUmes results In some Incurable lung r lscnsc. "Brown's Bronchial Troches" are a simple remedy, and will almost Invariably give immediate relief. Corns Extracted Without Palo.— Corns, bunions, or enlarged joints, or ingrowing tub. Go to Dr. Eekisok. office 119 Clark street. Dr K has opetated on tbe feet more than sixteen years la Boston and t bicago. Rooms for ladies. Beautiful Face* and Hand* are soon obtained by using King's Cold Cream Soap. It la entirely diCerent from any other shin prepara tion. and purely Innocent. Ladice using it cz claim: “ How roll and while it leaves the shin I" “As long as 1 can get'lt I’ll never powder I” Retail by Dtcbe £ Stobet and Bros, apothe caries ; wholesale by Sjuth & Bwteb, and Drug gists generally. Seed! Seed! Seed!—Flower and Gar den Seed. Unions, and Amurllla ct Narciasa, Lil lia. Tulips and Crocus Gradlola, and others, by A. llomKGEn, 361 Sedgwick street. Drug store between Division street and North avenue. The Best Tonic,—Caswell, RlacU Sc Co.’s Combination of Iron, Phosphorus and Cali saya, known as Ferro—Phosphorated Elixir of Calisaya. The Iron restores color to the blood ; the phosphorus renews waste of the nerve tiaruc, and the calisaya gives a natural hcalibtnl tone to the digestive organs. One pint conlalns the vir tue of one ounce of calisaya, and one teaspoonfol a crain of iron and phospnotus. Manufactured by Caswell. Macs & Co., New York. For sale by all druggists. The Franklin Brick machine) Jostly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great strength, and immense compressing power, is ouakaktked, with eight men and two horses, to self-temper the clay, and make 3,000 to 3/00 elegant brides per hour. J. H. Rekick, proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York. Room 23. MARKETS BYTELEBRAPH. Now York Financial News* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) New roEK, March 22. This moraine the stock market opened steady, but doll. On call there was a good demand lor stocks, and shorts were selling largely. Afterwards, tho whole list was doll, with the exception of China, which sold up to 80#, and reacting soon to 79#. At one o'clock. New York Central advanced to 106#, Erie (common) to 58#, Michigan bonthen. to 76, and Chicago & North* western (oreftrred) to fs#; the latter being the most active and strongest stock. After this. New Tork Cen tral declined to 105#, aid Erie (common) to Chi cago & Northwestern (preferred) remaining very strong. At the 3:30 hoard the market was. heavy, and with considerable pressure to sell, Erie (common) closed at Ed, and Michigan Southern at «S. The money market has been more active to-dny, call loans being generally sold at 7 per cent. American guld waa weaker and inactive. At five o'clock, the market was firm and without ma terial change in prices. Michigan Southern being the strongest stock on the list, [Associated Frees Report 1 New Tobk, March 72. MONET. The money market is steady, at 637 per cent on call loans. rOHJUQS exchange. Sterling exchange is quiet at 1C8V&109 In gold for first-class bills. GOLD. Gold without mat'ital change: opening at 131#, de clining to 1315*. and closing at 131#. OOTXBN KENTS. Government ttocks w ithout decided change. LATER. NbwXobx, March 21. BAII.WATB. The railway market was (teady at the epea board, and afterward la the long room. There waitopres sure to sell. At the regular board the market was strong, and after call there was an improvement of #ra# percent- Tbe market waa generally steady at the one o'clock boom, although not quite up to tne bUbist point previous to the region. Tne market at tb** s«cocd board was urm. The stock market was heavy at the lost open board, and weak afterward In the longr-mm. The closing prices iu many loitmcoi were nearly down to tbe lowest point of tne morning. MONAT. The mcner market was quite active early In tho day. aid all bunlneiswas at 7 per cent, but towards the clow tbetewasan easier feeling, and tome loans were made at 6 per cent. Prime discounts quiet at 7@S per cent. GOLD. The cold market wa« rather more active daring the moraine. hut as the day advanced it became quiet. The last sales were mane at 13IX* Cash gold wai lo»ned a; 3-83 per cent premium to dal. MtSLSO 6 (LABES. The mining (bare market showed Increased activity and animation to-day on nearly all leading (bare*. The largest bnvluei* was In Gregory, and tbe stock dnc.uated between lUO&UtO, closing at 1130. Quartz lain quiet at 35tr«59J. Coryden sold freely at S7VB4CO. Colombia Gold & Sliver active Jit SOJ@ UA. There ta au increased easiness in Alameda at 750®755. OOTXEKUXNTS. Govcrrtncnt secnritles were generally* steady and quiet. The lollowlng were tbe closing prices: urg’d. *SI 109 &109 K {5-00 conp '65 Jan and Coupons, ’81.... 109 «!»)< July 107 aIO7X 5-U>itCUl’(l*62.to7M»lo7M 10-40resist'd... 97 97V !-S0 coupon , 6a.1P9K(41C , 9x 19*40 Coupons... 97 H& 97,'f 5-« C0UP'65....1tt1!4»10S I June“-30a 107«tj>107X PQEfEB ITAII DOITOS. Higher on tbe luaw of Jlimoiul, and otherwise steady. Missouri 6s 9SV’<s 97 I Indiana 5s 91 HtSCEIXANEODB Coal and miscellaneous snares wltbcnt any special chant e and quiet. Wn. Heath £i co. report CLOSLMO BATE! O.&U.ccrta... V7aft .... Canton <7 & 47 H Cumberland... S 3 & S 3), Quirisllver.... 36 & T,* Mariposa UJffcc 6.V Do, p« 82X« ZiX Western D. Tel 41 (j# .... PaclOc Ma11...131X«125 Atlantic 51*111.. 83 g 84 N, Y. Ccn.... K6VC4IOBX Eric 5«X($ the following Uudeon 133 @139 Reading ltlKc4lolK M. C IMX<9 .... U. 8 755« 75* IK Central 115 *@lls* iltUburgU 79*v4 79* Toledo 119 c<ll9* o L- 66X0 96* N. W 3oX@ 35* N.wr. ptd OXO 65* Ft. Wayne 93*0 9o* The Produce markets, MILWAUKEE. [Spnlal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Milwaukee, March 31. Fleur—Qnlct ard firm. Bales COO brli at (11X0 far country XX sprits; 11030 for Mazomanle talrX; 1935 for Oovcrumcit super; (3.73 for supers; $6.73 lur lye Hour; (*.33(33X0 for buckwheat. Wheel—Active and higher. Morning Board—Sale* IS.COO centals. Koon Board—Sales 11300 centals at (3 '.as 3.73 for No. 2 in store: $3.77 seller’s option 30 day*; (3.73 seller’s option next week and buyers option ail month; $3.43 for No. 3, seile’rs option April; $3.50 seller’s option April, 13th to 30tb; S3XO fir rejected. Oats—Declining, bolts 7 000 centals at (1.5701.63 X for No. lin store, fresh; f IXOfor No. 1. ola receipt!. Com—Lower. Sales 500 centals at SIX 9 lor new ►belled In; (IXS* for do delivered; (IX6* lor No. 1 old. Rye—Dull. Sales SO bags by sample, delivered, at S3X4. Dailey—Unchanged. Soles LDOO centals at $5.11 for good by s «mpk, delivered; (1-43 for No. 3in store. I’rovislo&s-rSteady. Sales 500 tree pickled hams at ISkc. PDrcescd Dcgs—Steady at s9.<o®9XO. Receipts—7oo brla flour; 9,500 centals wheat; IXOO do cats; 50C do corn; 1,000 do rye; 130 dressed nogs. Sblpme: t 5—3,500 brls ttsur; 2,000 centals wheat; 10 ires pork; S 3 Ires lard. NEW TURK. new Vobe, Mtrcb 23. Cotton—SUady with lair busings doing. Bales, 3.710 bales at JO*@3lc for middling uplands. Flour—Receipts, 3,Tis bm. Market rustic better, sales, 9XOO nrls at (9.75@f1u.C3 for snp*r Slate and Western: $10.95®12.1010r extra Western;(ia.eo@(lx(O for choice ccn (ii.C0@12.45 for snipping brands extra R. 11.0. and (13X0@lu.C0 for trade brands—market cosing firm. California Flour—Very firm. Soles, 1,300 brls and earkßbt(l4Xo@l3.Oo. Wnlakcy—Quiet and firm. Wheat—Receipts, none MarkettaSc better. Sales, SC,OCd hn at t2.4W5(2X5 for No. 2 Milwaukee; s3.Qj@ (3.23 for a bite California, the latter for choice; $3.15 for white Canada, and (3.120(3.15 lor amber State. Rye—Firm. Sales, 8,000 bu Western at (l 33. t-arley—Firm. Sales,37,UJObaCaaada West,tree,at (t.U&f.SS. Barley Ma’t—Quiet. Con.—Receipts, 3.310 bu. Market I<33c lower, with sales of 83,0*0 bu at (1.1G01.16X for mixed Western in store; (1.17 for do afloat -. (11< tor new Southern yel low, and (1.12 for new mixed Western, at .railroad de pot. Oats—Recclnts. 2XOO bo. Market a shade easier. Sales 0f24,000 ha at C2*@Gsc for Western, and 70071 c for State. Ho^s—Qnlct and steady. Rice—Quiet at lO*@lUXc. Coflre—Quiet and firm. Sugar—Quiet. Sales ol 300 hhd* Cuba at lO*ollc. Moiatrta—steady. Sales of SUO hbos ofDemararaat 47@C5c. petroleum—Steady at ICcfor crude, and 21@27c for reflnrd In b:sd. ,cuu,u ll* U.UUi • Fork—Firm and quiet. Sales otSXOu brls at (23.630 23.87 for new mess—closing at 33.t0, cash; (/430@ 22.75 for do mess; (16X00X9X7ffirpnme, and (21.750 21X7X for prime mesa; aiao 2X40 brls ot new mess at 023.9u@23.95. seller acd buyer April and May. Htel—Firmer. Sales of 550 brls at $13.00019X0 for new plain mess, and (15.UQ023.00 tor new extra mess. Beef Qama—Firm at (37.00041X0- Bacon—A shade easier. Sales 675 boxes at 10X0 10 7-lGc for Cumberland cat; for short rib bed, and XXKc for short clear. Cat Utau—Firm, bales 335 pkgs at 9X310c for shoulders, atd 13k®14>ic fbr bams. Lara—Doll ana heavy. Sales 680 brls at 12K013KC f °Bottef—Dull and hrevy at ll@2oc for Ohio. Cheese— Steady atis@t9c. latest—s p. u. .■. lmi “J r. iu Flour—Closed firm aaa a shade higher tor medium gradn. Wheat—Upward tendency. No. ‘I spring 12.1831 45. Sales 21.000 bu No. l spring at 12.73. Ai.WV UU..V. * r|'UUh ........ bye—Firm at $1.53 lor western. f Oats—Dnli and heavy atCTft&Jc lor Western. f Com—steady atsl.lGK in store; $147 afloatfjr ship ping mixed wisurn. Pork—Quiet. Sales: 750 brls mesr at $2440, buyer's option April; closing wjth buyers of mess at $21.62 .and seller h at $23.75; regular sellers at $2346# cash, and bmessat $2341. Beel—Active and advancing. Cut Meats— Steady and in lair demand. Bacon—Boll at lOKc fir Cumberland middles. Lard—poll at 13X(£l3c lor fair to prime steam, and UK®l3itc tot fair to prime kettle-rendered. CINCINNATI. - Cincinnati, March 22. Flour—ln better demand and the market firm, prices nrehonged. Wheat—Firmer,but the demand is light; No. 1 spring. $345<42.60; winter. $240. Corn—Bather lower; No. 1,72373 c; tn sicks, Sl3 Cats—Finnats3«@slcforNo.l, , ~ Eye—ln demand at $143, but Is held at $l4O, and not much to be bad below this rate. Barley—Firm with a good demand; fait $14331.60. Cotton—OocetUcd and prices nominal; middling uplands can he bought at 2«c. whiskey—He.d at 27c, with buyers at 26c. Met* Pork—Finn at $23.00, without sales. unite Meats—ln good demand at 8310 c, but generally held he higher. Saics TtX.tOO as country at 8c for sbonldcre, 10c lor sides, and true for bam*. The hams were very large, but the shoulders and rides could not have been got at me price wltnont the hams. Bacon—btcady. at 9Jf, li)» and 12*c for shoulders, sides and clear sides. . . ... Bams-ln good demand at 13KC lor plain, and is® ISjfc for . . lird—Qnlft and not much cone. Prime city made is held at Uc, but there has been no sale at overiwgc. Groceries—Unctatged. m , . . Butter—ln good demand at 80®33c lor freth. Bess—Dull at 13316 c. . , ... Bctds—'There was a-good demand for clover, with sales of 2Ui bu at $8.73; all lo bo bad at this rate was taken; Timothy very dull at|2.9033.00; flax to good demand for seed at $2.103240. God—Closed at 13t buying and 131 VftlSUf selling. Exchange—Finn. Currency still going East to keep up bfthncei. Barkers pay 50c per thousand and sell at 1-10 pumlam. „ „ Money—The demand continues active at 9312 V C “‘‘ NEW ORLEANS. New Orleans, March 22. Cotton—Sales to-day, 4.300 Dale?. Market easier. Low mlddllLßß, 29c. Receipts ofme exports, 27477 bales; stock. 313,376 bales. Sugar—l)n.l. Good fair, ISkc. M’Jaasfs—DulL sales at 65373 c for fermenting. Fleur—ln request. Superfine, $124331240. Ccrn—Dull and drooping,sl433l4o. Ptrk-DuUaod depressed. No sale*. Rood! lots oh a retail banners. Lard-In good request and unchanged. New"rork §rchango—Unchanged. BT. LOUIS. t>T. Louts, March 23. Produce market generally dull, and buyers could omy he Induced to operate oy concession from holders. Tobacco—Active. Leal ranging Horn $3403949. Cotton—Deavy and lower at 26c for low m'ddllag. Floor—Qaletanaburiß-sssmall. Prices unchanged. Wheat—Buyers standing oft Small sales were made •t MJRftia ftr prime apriag; fBOO for prime ten s»dß(ftfta} tor choice do. . , , Coin-Declining end unsettled, ain«»»g lower. Prices rat ge attr.Mai.7S. _ Oats—Uaiettled »d lover, dollar at 91ASA! Ji. Barley—Holders ana at fbr spring; 93.7% fOr fMJ. , By»—Heavy at c>r choice. , . provisions—Nominally unchanged hat slow. Lord tmchseged ana business smell. Whiskey—Quiet at sftii<9a.a. t LOUISVILLE. Lounnm. Much 3). Tobacco—Erica of iss hbds Market active. Coo* iboq logs tftfiO; cutting leat 93L75. Floor—Noperflne at 87.75. Wheat—Prime red at $3,35. Corn-Ear, la balk, at3oc; shelled et Tic. Cats—WC. Mess Pork— Bacon—shoulder* at 9*<as*c; clear ride* atlitfc; bams at ISK® 1 6)fc. Lara—ln tierces. like. Whiskey—Raw, $2-23. BUFFALO. Botmlo, March S 3. Floor—ln good demand and Arm. Sales: I,OCO orla at 911.75(913.110 for No. I spring, and 9ii.003u.c0 tor Canada. Wheat—Firm, with a moderate Inquiry, WblteCan ada at^3.BC®3.oC: spring at $3.43, and amber Canada Coro—Qnlct acd a ebada weaker. Sales: 10 car loads oew Toledo at 95c on State Line track. Oat*—Doll, email sales Western attoc. Barlet—Doll. Asking fI.CB@UO for Canada. llye—Neglected. McssPork-New quiet. L&d and HlghwlnM—Unchanged. PHILADELPHIA. FnnAPXLFniA. March 33. Trade doll. Floor firm. Sales 1,(00 brls Northwest ern at $14.35; superfine. $3.00. Wheat—Prime scarce. California, $3.13; rod, $3-00. Bje—Sieady at $1.50. Corn—Quiet at $1.13*. Oats-TOc. Mi m Pont—New rocis, 131.00. Bacon—Elder, I3*c: sbonldcrs, U*c. TScAtLOO. Sales LSW brla. Ptlroleum—Grade, 15*c. bales 3,000 brls refined at iC)iC ’ BALTIMORE. Bai/tdcob*. March 33. Flour—Steady butflnn. Wheal—Good to prime. $3.93. tirn—White declined 10. Sales at $1.0331.0). stock scarce; new S9JO; old |B/i5&9.00. . . Provisions— Unchaoged. Albany Lire Stock lUarkct. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Ats IST, March 33. The demand for cattle continues lair, and moat of ihe droves have changed bands at prices varying from 7®6Xc. Only one drove sold above 9c- The decline Is about M@#c. The average decline on all tries is probably ftc ? ft. David Walxcll sold 38 bead Illinois, averaging 1,500, at 7Jic; C 3, averaging IJIS, at $9.13; 6U, averaging 1.390, at B Vo 5 and 61, averaging L2S7, at ß*7. Henry Livingston s:ld St heal, averaging 1.130, at 8c ; 16 Kentucky, averaging 1,610. at 6*o ; 60 'lllinois, averaging 1,190, at Btfr, and 31 Michigan, aveta&log 1,380, at 7*c. George Perry sold 133 HUnolr, averaging Ll3O. at $7.70. F. Gone sold 93, averaging 1.3C0, at $8.15. C. B. Sogers sold 48, averaging 1,160, at $lO6, and SL averaging 1,270,at B*e. George bhtldon told 5L averaging at B*e. C. J. Farthing sold 61, averaging IJCO, at 7*c. William Bobbins sold S 3, averaging I.MJ, at 9 IM. B. 0. Coon sold 30 extra choice steers, averaging 1,450, at 9*c, and 34, averaging 1,100, at Bc. Total receipts lor the week, 4,100 bead, bbeep—Demand fair, at a decline ot Ifc IP B. Sales of S£oo. prices varying from 6K®9Jfe, Receipts. 3,300. Hoge—Market quiet at IXQ&Xc, Receipts, 2,500. New Fork Livestock market* SILKS Or CATTLE XT OEBQEE. [Reported by Telegraph Exclusively lor the Chicago Trlbnno.l New YowtFrtday Evening, March 23. Car Cattle—There are In the market head all told. Of this number WOO bead were received at Hodson City ;at the National Yards, 800 head, and at Commonlpaw, 750 bead. There Is a brisk competition between the different points to break each other, and prices In consequence have suffered; tailing off jfc. Prices range at Wi®l6HC fbr good to prime qnallUes, and 14®15c lor common to fair loti. Tne weather Is unfavorable fbr operations, ram and snow failing most cf the day. Nearly all were sold. Sum*—The supply is limited. Prices are unchang ed, ranging at 6®loc. Boos—Received, 30 can. The market Is dull and Kc lower. Prices range at BoLOK Bomssos. New York BreadatniDi market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yoek. March 33. Flour—There was considerable excitement. The regular trade were compelled to bay high grades at an advance, most of the fair doable extras bringing 910 50 freely. Wheat—Sympathized fully with flour. No. 1 Chica go held nrm at 93.75. Corn—Closed more steady. Oats—ln better demand. New York Provision market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. I New Yoke. March 33. Pork-Closed at 923.62 V. Market doll lor other hog products, the English de mand taking the place of the Southern demand, shipments to-day embrace 600 boxes bacon. hew York Grocery market* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune ] New Yoik, March 43. Coffee—l.3oo bags fair Bio sold ot 23Sfc. Sugar— ld mere demand and steady. Fair to prime Grocery, IOVQUVc. New York Iron market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobk, March 13. Irrn-Ealea of No. 1 Scotch pig, from wharf, at 943.00. New York Dry Good* market. New York. March 33. Trade Is fairly active In cotton fabrics at tome slight shading m prices of medium light weight' of brawn ano bleached shc-tlnga and shirtings. The Indian Orchard and Peppertll brown goods are Jfc lower. Uedlord4-4 brown la reduced to 19c; Wacha settato3oc;do2l Inches. 17c; Portsmouth Isdowa to 16J<c; Osatk to Fltuflcld A, IStfc; Lymau C, iSHc; Masoovtllo and Bates bleached, off; Cnapman. 2-xc;Oreene, 15Vc; Waltham X, and Cmoc, Xc lower, and many others of collorcd cotton. Ginghams le lower. Pimts active. Casbmtre delaines reduced to 23c. Desirable makes of domestic woollens in request. Other styles rather dull and depressed. Imperial staple woollen and worsted goods are in Improved request at a slight advance. Other styles sell tether slowly. »I En. Id this city. March 30th, of erysipelas, LOUIS bTRO BEL. of the firm ot btrosel 4 Co. Funeral frem his late residence. 115 Jackaou-tt. In Cokbcdet, Conn., Usrch JUt, Gen. JOHN T. PEIEBS, aged C 3, fataer cf Mrs. T. N. Bond, of this city. In Rancor, Me., Mrs. JOANNA O. SIMPSON, widow of Hie late Cap!. Jeremiah Simpson, of we«t Himden, Me., and mother of lire. W. M. Horton, of this city, aged M years. amusements. QUOaBY’S OPERA HOUbE (From the Chicago Tribune, March 23.] VOCAZ. CUZ.TXTRS. We arc renneeted to sute tbit no more members can be received, with advantage to themselves, in tne la dles' and gentlemen’s class which meets In Professor McCoy’s Lecture Rorm, on Thursday evetinga. Ap plications may be made, however, for other classes cow being formed, and applicants will be Informed on whal days or evenings, and what hoars th:y will re ceive lessons. if by letter, they will please state whether they prelerlo Join a day or an evening class, saa whether toclt object In taking lessons Is for their effect on the health, or to strengthen and Improve the voice in conversation, reading and speaking, or wbether it is lor the purpose ol singing. “PHILHARMONIC CONCERT, CROSBY OPERA HOUSE, SATURDAY EVENING, MARCO 211,1567. 1— Symphony In Eflat major, (N 0.3.) W. A.... Mozart. a. Introduction and Allegro, b. Andante. e. Mennetto Al'cgretto. d. Finale Allegro. 3—"EnvalnJ'cspere." Aria from Robert le Dlablu By Meyerbeer MISS A. MAIN. 3 Bellglosd By O. Onslow. 4 Aria from Alessandro Stradella By Fluwtow. Mr. A. UISCHOFF (late from New York.) 5 Concerto for the Violin By Mendelssohn Mr. W. LEWIS. 6”0 cara vlenl." Arietta By. 11. Balatka. MISS A. MAIN. 7 to the Opera of Zampa By Qcrold. Tickets at the Door, One Dollar, XTcYXCKER’S THEATUE, MoVtCKEU 4 MYKRb MANAGERS. CHANGE OF TIME.—On and after March 18th, tb« doors will open at Tji—performance will commence at 8 o'clock precisely. Saturday Afternoon Matinee, CHEVALIER, or The French Jack BlieponM. Satmday Evening, CHEVALIER, or Tne French .Taca ohenpard, Pierre Ponisilicr Mr. Geo. Aiken To conclude with the oc:lto comedy of THE BOUGH DIAMOND. Cousin Joe Mr. Chris. Rogers Margery Mrs. Carmelite Aiken Monday—Geo. Aiken's Drama ol Ciande Duval. OOL. WO OP’S MUSEUM* . J. H. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements F. B. AIKEN Stage Manager TUOS. BARRY Extraordinary Combination, This (Saturday) alter noon, Match 33d, will be presented the ortllUnl com edy of WILD OATS, received with shouts of lauetcr. In the evening, at a U beiorc 8, (second time) A PRET TY PIECE OF BUSINESS. Afier which, the LAUGH ING HYENA. To which will be added, JONES' BABY. To conclude wltb TURN HIM OUT. On Monday evening wilt be produced, with now scenery. 4c.. an entirely new play trom the French o( Vlcttmn S&rdon. entitled A DANGEROUS GAME, now playing at Wahaca’s. N. T., with great success. QROSBV’S OPERA HOUSE. Thursday Evening;, March 28th. Lawyer Lincoln, by the Crier oi (he Court.” A Lecture by T. W. S, KIDD. Crier ot Springfield Coarts, in which Abraham Lincoln practiced as a Lawyer. If yon want to ipend a pleasant cvenluzand enjoy a gsodlangb, go and bear the Crier's bnmoron* portrait ure of Abraham Lincoln as be appeared at the bar among his neighbors, from a professional and social standpoint. _ Door open at 7X o'clock. Lecture begins at 8. Tick ets SO cents each lor Parquettc and Dress Circle; 33 cents for Family Circle. The sources of danger to THE REPUBLIC, By FILED. DOUGLAS. At the First Methodist Church, comer o( Clark and Washington-Sts- on Saturday evening, March vj, at 8 o’clock, rickets SO eta. For sale at NOWLIN A McELWAIN'B. 07# Clark-st. ■yAUIETY THEATRE. Great Success of the Thrilling CHAMBER or DEATH, With a New and Laughable OUo. 63f* Remember, Monday evening, March 231 h, will be produced, with New Scenery, Dresses, and a fall Corps de Ballet, BSE.!* UPON EASTS; Or, THE DEVIL AND 818 SEVEN DAUGHTERS.

■piSTORI- CROSBY OPERA HOUSE. X\ Director J.GItAU. Season of three nights and one Matinee. Bc-cnlrec In Chicago ot the Great Tragedienne, Mme. ADELAIDE RISTORI. Tncrdsy, March 26 ELIZABETH. Wednesday. March 27 JUDITH. Friday, March 29 MARY STUART. Saturday, March SO—GRAND MATINEE. The sale ol seata tor any of the three nights will com mence onFriday^ReeervedjieatSjttAOjjluxeSj^a^ WONDER OF WONDERS, AND NATURE UNVEILED, at the New York XBnseom of Anatomy* 96 Randolph-st.. comer Dearborn. Lectures dally. Those unable to attend may receive teem by enclosing 10 cent* to Secretary. THE CAUSES OF DISEASE may be seen at the New York Museum of Anatomy, 06 Randolph-*:., comer of Dearborn. /"'iKObBY’S OPERA HOUSE. SEVEN HEADS! TEN SOBNS l WILL APPEAR APRIL BTH. IStißlnwjf OUjatum FOR SALE—Valuable Mill Property one among tbs beat at earn flouring mills in sooth* era lowa containing throe mnof tour-feet burrs, eo gHae and boiler la sosd older, merchant and eoitoa bolts of the oeit— bo better In dm. The mill U a'l in f;ocd repair, and in s good location. Water and fuel pabnnclatce. For farther particulars, address WM. SHARP ft soy. Falrtelo, lowa. FOR SALE—The good will, stock and fixtures ot a flrat-daaa retail drug store, all In completooider, situated In a good location inuecity of St. Joseph, Mo; Le«e?K tears to ran, at low rata, Fortnrthor iLformauct.lnqotioof J. M. W. JONES, Stationer, 43 and 44 Beni boro-sC, Chicago. 111. FOB SALE—A water power grist .and flooring mil of three ran of 4- feet stone, situated in me city of Ottawa. LaSalle Co- 11L The mill It in good repair and doings good holiness, and now leas* ed for 92,400 a year. The property will be sold at a stotfice. Cal) oo or address BOBT. MCDONALD. Camdcc Mills, Bock Island Co„ OL FOR SALE—A steam sawmill an Green Bay, Wl»„ In perfect and complete nmnlhgorder, capable of sawing six million of feel ol lumber daring the season, and admirably located tor the handling and sblomeMcf lumber both by railroad and lake railroad running pasttbe property, and a go-td nock on the Place, with all conveniences lor shipment by lake. In addition to the mill, there are between ttreo and flro million feet of logs on band, ready for Imme diate operation. The whole for sale at low figures, for terms and further information, address or Inquire of W. A, MOWKY, 37 South Watcr-st.. Chicago. J7OR t ALE Rare cnance Desirable l 1 stock of dry good?, with flxttnei and lease ot a first-class store (trade «tabil«bed), located Inoneor tbemost flourishing cities of tho Weal; population, U iXO. Address P. O. Box 555. Oshkosh, Wisconsin. TT'OR BALE—An nld and weltcslaD* P Ibbrd retail grocery, elegantly fitted up and doing a large business u a mu«t prominent location on the Sooth hide. For psrtlcnlara address F.Q. Pox 1563. I7OK SALE—The stock fixtures and X 1 machinery of a good paying manofactartnz ban ners. Parties having ss,ooo to invest will find this one of the beat Investments In the city. Addresj“Mß R,” Tribune offico. £'OR BALE—At a baigaiu, a first-class gcntlcwcn's furnishing goods itore, one of Urn t locations In Chicago. Address P- O. Box 153. FOR SALE—A good manufacturing hastens; house, store, fixtures, horse sod wagon. A good trade established. FortOOO. Inquire at 133 X South Wells-st. T?OR BALE—Drug Blore—The whole X? or a half Interest Id a new. well-stocked and ele gantly Inrnlsbed orngstore, doing a good business, with Icasefurthroeycarsfrom May next, 173 bonlh Wells-st. Terms cash, or might exchange for a nice residence property- Will also exchange good farming lands, fbr house on leased land, or for a couple of first class pianos. Address “DBUQS," or call between 5 and 6 o’clock p. m„ corner Monroe and Weils-tU. DBUG3. FOB SALE—Retail liquor store. In quire at 857 Booth Clark-et. FOR SALE—The only hotel in a thriv ing town on the Northwestern Railroad, 33 miles rrtm Chicago, containing 18 rooms, good cellar, bar room, Ac. The hotel Is mostly new, with good sta bling, andhas a good run ot cn«t'>tn. Appiy to J. BREMER, Barrinaton. Cook Co., 111. FOR BALE—Boot and shoe business, first-claes itore and location, on Sooth Side, bail, ness well established. Will sell low. on account of one partner going away. Would prefer to sell half inter est. Invoice about $3,100. Address “E B C," p. O. Box 3807. FOR SALE—Drug store, situated in the Town of Slgel, Shelby Co* on the I. C. Railroad— a thriving town, and a {rood chance for some enter* prising man. It mast be sold. Stock about 91.500. Good reasons for selling, which will be made known on application. Address T. O. FROST, floorer Post Office, SlgeUor MBAB3 A ROCKWOOD, I9‘J Loke-St. 17'OR SALE—Drug store, location desir- X? able. Any party in want of a sate and profitable business wM do well to look to this at once. Address Drawer 6044. Chicago, ill. FOR SALE—Printing Office—The uu- IderslsnecUollerß tor sale, on very liberal terms, the presses, type, futures and good-wili of the Areola Re cord. Areola is a thriving town of 1,300 inhabitants, on the I. C. R. B. Address A. SELLERS. Tuscola, Douglas Co-111. FOR SALE—HaIf interest inaflrst-dass money-making exhibition. The party buying and travelling with It will receive as salary ISO per montn and ex pet ae*, beside* the division of prodts. Apply to -L B K." Boom 1, No. 192 South Claik-st. • T7OR bALE—A printing and publishing r business. Value WOO. Address “PBINXBB," Tillitme efflee. for a week. FOR SALE—Or Rent—Miller’s Hotel, In Lincoln, III* with saloon, stable, wavon yard, drove lots and goon water. Price W,ow. Til e good. Address B. MILLER,P. O. Pox 245. Lincoln, IIL Ei OR SALE—For less than cost, a first class saloon. Reason (or selling, parties going U -App'j at 189 H Blate-gt. T7*OR SALE—Cheap—Restaurant, right l* opposite Pittsburgh & Tort Wayne and St. Louis Railroad Depot, suitiolo for man or woman. Best stand in city. 9SX South canal-st* Chicago, UL T?OR SALE—Stock of fruit and contcc il tlonery, with leasoofatoreandflxtarei.lna good location. Apply at 216 Btale-st. FOR SALE—One of the most elegant ladles’ and gents' restaurants west of New York, worth 9S.WO, can be purchased for less, os the party must leave the state on business. It ts a remunera tive, safe cash pastceii. Terms easy. Address J. V. AL*m&,Tribune office. F)R SALE—I have an established com mission baslne**. worth 933X0 per year, which 1 would transfer to some gooo house, and receive sal ary to travel for the bouse. Best cf references given. Address”B E.*' Tribuneoffice. 17'OR fcALE—Book, stationery and ' periodical store, for |3,000 cash. Rest badness locatioi. Rent 9«5 per month. 1,-awj, one year from May. Address Box 2222, Chicago. jFor Sale. F)R BALE—Office formerly occupied by Kirby, Carpenter 4 Co- North Said?, near New brrry’a Elevator, suitable dwelling for » small family. Apply at ggjii South Water et* ILxjm 4. T7UR BALE—We have gram and lumber X 1 vessels for sale, of vsrlons grades and sizes, many of them not before ollered. liALSIED A LATHAM, Boom 20 Oriental Buildiag. FOR SALE —A quantity of cord build ing brick. Inquire at GABO'S Brick Machine Manufactory, 33 South Jeflersoa-tt* Chicago. FOR SALE—A tew copies ol tbe Ulster County Gazette, glvlcg frill accounts ot thediath and burial ol Washington, which I will send tree to any aodices on receipt ot <5 cents. Address UIULEY A Co* Box 2038. Chicago. SALE—bta!G and county rights for the patent known as ~ Sherburne A Whipple's Im provement la Well Tubing i” it so. lor “ Duck A Whip ple # Pat»nt improved Tubular Weils.” Addr-nsJ. T. WHIPPLE, lf)0 and 201 Bandolph-st* Chicago, or J.H. PUCE, Elgin. 111. v *' TT'OUbALB—3OO colds hemlock bark. X? Addrcas 3.F. WILSON, for three weeks, at Sooth Hires, Mica. F*OR SALE—A Durham and Devon both thorough-bred. Price, each, f 100. Address OLIVER LIPPINCOTT, Agent, Pcotore, Will Co- lIL FOR SALE—Pure Milk—Wanted, a purchaser for the milt from SO cow*, for 6 month*, de'tvercd at Illinois Central Railroad Depot e*err morning, at 9 o'clock. Address “HU O." Tribune offlez. FOR SALE—Eight beautiful iramed pic tores for sale cheap, at 9SK Sooth Caaal-st. FOR SALE—Bank Stock—A lew shares cf National Bank stock (one of the city banks) for sale. Inquire of DiCKENbON 4 WEBSTER, Real El ute Agents, 9S Washmgton-st. FOR SALE—Soda Waler Machine—A Matthews* twenty gallon fountain, soda water machine, with bottler, sstety screw, and Patiam'a Pa tent bytnper, all complete, for sole cheap. The ma chine is as good ss new, baring been nted less than a year^^2dras^*j^j^)ox^lil^tochestcfj2»^^^^ 2Hanteo==&eal 35state. TXTANTED —Real Estate—A lot is V V wanted for the erection of a club bouse and pub lic balL Such lot most t c centrally located, though not ntccrsarlly on a principal street. Should oe 50 fast front; In ca*e of unusual depth less frontage will an swer. Thf lot should not be north ot Indlana-st. ncr south of Monroe, nor west of Jefferson. Adcroae, with particulars, P. o. Box 3973. TXTANTED—To Buy—An improved VV Farm, from 30to80acres. Mast be sold at a sacrifice. Address, wltn fall description and price. D. E EELER. Cllnf.n. lowa. auction gales. JJANIEL SCOTT & CO., AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 1(14 l.aUeta., cor, LaSalle, Cblcaro, Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for sale. Oat-door sales promptly attended to. AUCTION at Darnel Scott & Co.’s Rooms, No. 164 Lake-su TUESDAY, March 36, a» 10 a. tm. Dry Goods. Casslmercs, (loop Skirts, Balmoral Skirt*, Ladles' bhawU, Prints, Calicos. Linens. Uo.<e, UalT Hose, &C- 4c. DANIEL SCO IT & CO.. Auctioneers. RUCTION. CLEARING OUT SALS. Wednesday, March 37, at 10 a. m., nt Daniel Scott 4 Co.’s Rooms, 16-1 LaSe-eL, Glass ware ol every de scrtptlcn, inducing tabic, kitchen and hand Kerosene Lamps. Chande lers. Porcelain, Marolc and Alabaster Lamp Bases, Beer Glasses, Wappies. Sugars, Creams, Spoon-holders, nnd a Urge assortment of Castor*, 4c. DANIEL SCOTT 4 CO„ AacUoneers. AUCTION— Ttmisday, March 28th at 1C a. m., nt Daniel Scott s Co.’s Auction Rooms, 194 Lakc-st.. Household Furniture of every description, Carpets, China ware. Glass ware. Lounges, Solas, &c. DANIEL SCOTT 4 CO., Auctioneers. A UCTION— Saturday, March 30tb, Xi. 1667, at 10 a. m.. at Danis) s*cou 4 Co.'s Rooms, 164 - U. Mnmm’s genuine Dry Vernczay "Champagne” Wines. The particular atten tion of cennoUseura and the trade Is directed to this Umnm'i genuine Dry Verne zay Wines, sold by order ol the consignors. DANtEL SCOTT 4 CO., Auctioneers, GILBERT AND SAMPSON, General Auctioneers. 47 and 49 Dearborn-bl SPLENDID STOCK OF Rich and. Medium NEW FURNITURE, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, March 36. at 10 o'clock, consisting of an elegant assortment ul Parlor, Bedroom and Dining room Fon iture, including a great variety of Rich and Medium Marble and Plain-top Chamber Suites, with a general assortment of Uotuehoin Goods. GILBERT 4 SAMPSON, Auctioneers. A UCTION SALE—On Saturday morn- XJL ing, March 23, at No. 19 2 Booth Clark-st. FAMILY GItOCEUIE*, Consisting of Pickles, Teas, Spices, Mackerel, Hsrrlcg, B&xaincs, Glass Jars, Aa. Also, Dry Goods! Notions, .AC. WM. GRIFFITHS A CO.. Aactloneers. A. DUTTEUb & UO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchant! 44 & 46 BANDULPII-9T.. Between State-st. and Wabash-av., Hold regular sales, at their salesrooms, ot dbt guods, clothing, boots, shoes, ac., Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE. CARPETS. Am. every SATURDAY jgato j&itlg, 3£ngingg, &c. rpHE LANE & BODLBY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, Shingle Machines, Com Mins and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. LANK 6c. BODLEY, Comer oi John and Water-sta., Cincinnati. Applicants lor descriptive circulars will specify the mscutoery they need. ggs3Kel-4ona dfirr LJricft. UgUMMXT CUT WORKS." Fire Brick! We can lumlsb to order all sizes and shapes of FIRE BRICK tor CUPOLAS, STEEL WORK, ROLLING Mil LS. Ac-madelrrm the VERY BEsTmaterial.and WARRANTED Hjnal In quality to any ENGLISH or SCOTCH BRIOB, and, tor withstanding Intense heat, SUPERIOR. . . For full particulars and prices address * * james mccauley * co- » w-i 211 South Watar-at. printing. pRINTING, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office. Facilities for doing Work of Any Descrip tion Unequalled In (be City, sroHmt==»ouoes. rpO BENT-Two booses m the fine ■ threoatocy and basement marble beat block cm CarrellAL, directly north at Orion Park. Paaaearoa of one Immediately—the other Mar lit. Good stable os the preoUsea. BAIRD ft BBADLftT* COTMT Un and LaSallo-it*. ✓ rpO RENT—Furnished house. North A Side, very pleasantly located, with all modem coe- Teeletcei, ard alceU tornlsoed Apply to QKOBQE M. BIQH, 16* Bandolph-sU, Boon 18» TO RENT—Vert desiiable house on the North Std*. tartly hmusbed,tor six months. As piy to SAM'L QEHR, 114 Dcarborn-sft, Booms !• andlJi. rpo RENT—South Side—Nearly new I ■ bouse, 1061 ladlaaa-av., sereo rooms sad clos ets, with all modern improvements. N«e need spaly unless wiibtng to porchaio entire set of good form tare. Crilatconie,at9a.m. npo RENT—Two-story and basement JL marble-front boose. No. aßSLakc-st, fronting Union-park, containing 11 rooms and aU modern Im provements. Apply at No. 336 Fuiton-sL, or at Boon 13. 164Randolph-sr. r PO RENT—A nicely furnished house X with modem Improvements, reasonable if the rent Is paid lo advance. Please Inquire at the door. No. f n't Mlctlgaa-av., fin t In the row sooth of Tweo ly-fllth it. TO RENT—finck house on Hariison* sL, contitnlng nine rooms, with closets, hath* rcom. and pood cellar. Address by letter tfox 8334. T) RENT—Two desirable houses, 517 and 319 North C.ark-si. containing gas, water, mantles, with shrubbery In front yard. Posses sion of one April Ist, the other May Ist. Beat quarter ly, In advance. Inquire at 317 North Ciark-su 'T'O RENT—Two story house. No. 80 X Abcrdocn-st., 10 rooms. In pood condition, bam. Potsc*ilon given Immediately. Inquire of H. W. HUNT. 79 Bontli Wster-iU TO RENT—AtEvanston—Punuture for sale—A new bouse of 7 rooms, pantry, closets and good cellar. Inquire at 10 LaSalle-st. I. A. POOB ft CO. TO RENT—Two dwelling Houses nice ly locat'd, tronllnc Lincoln Park. North Side, containing 13 rooms ami closets, bath room, etc. Ap ply on tho premises, to DAVID QOODWILLIE, 933 North Clork-st. TO KENT—From May Ist, house No. 310 West Lake-st., containing s dwei lag apart ments sad store, suitable for any light business. In quire at the house, or 44 North Welis-sl. TO BENT—l2th. Boardinghouse on the Booth Side; furniture for sole. 13th. Boarding couieson Nortn and West Sides. E. A. BICE, Boose Agent, 133 Clork-sk, Boom 14. TO RENT—No. 75 Warren-st, at Union Pars, an entire new home, fitted up regardless 01 expense. E.H. CUMMINGS, Boom 19, No. 133 Sooth C lark-fi i. TO RENT—A cottage of 5 rooms, in Fgoodrepair,atNo.3l Clyboorne-avc. Will rent only to a responsible tenant who will takeit for a year; S3O a month. TO RENT—Furnished or unfurnished —a boose oft the North Bid l *, containing 13 rooms, exclusive ofelo*ets,pantncs and bath-room. Allmod ern Improvements and convenient to cars. Furniture la first-class. Apply at 11$8 Room 8. aro Eent==Eooma. TO RENT—Choice rooms, central, large, light airy. In McCormick's and Larmon Bloc is. among them one SO by S 3 feet square, suitable tor a sample room. Inquire of C. A. SPRING, No. 8 Lar mon Block. TO RENT—Koom, newly furnished. Furniture lor sale—price 9400. Apply to BOUT. MALCOMB, Boom No. 1 Ewing's Block. 'T'O KENT—Furnished lodgings,without X board, to gentlemen only. Single and double rooms, with closets, gas, and kept In order. Appiy at 25 Mlchlganav. TO RENT —Room A large unfurnished room. 'with place (or a stove; location central. Address VICTOR, 1 * Tribune office. TO RENT—Rooms, and furniture for sale. Just the place for a couple who wish to Uve cheaply and more pleasantly than they can board. Address •* M.” Box 1533. nPO RENT—Room 33 Office Block, _X Urge and pleasant. Farnlture for sale. T. B. FTtCB, Boom 2. No. 169 Dearborn-st TO RENT—A suite ot 7 rooms, with part or ail of furniture for sale, on the South bide. Very desirable. Apply at 100 Msduon-st., Boom 4. TO RENT—Three or four furnished rooms to a gentleman ondwlie ora small final ly, within three minutes’ walk of the Post Office. Also a large furnished house, consisting of 14 rooms, on vichlgao-av. For particulars Inquire at 163 Michl gan-hT. gjo&enfajptotes, ©gxces.&c 'X'O RENT—From the Ist of May next, X the store, and dwelling above, No. 337 Stalest. Apply at CHARLES G. E. PBUSbING'B, 339 A 3-11 State st., Chicago. TO RENT—Stole No. 117 South Clark st., >tore and casement 133 Deo. born-st* stores nos. IR9 end 201 Sontb Ciark-st* and No. 187 Bomb Clark-st Apply to J. M. MARSHALL. 97 Bomb Clark-st. TO KENT—Store and basement,Bsßan dolph-et. r TO KENT—I have to rent, in Hilliard’s X Block. northea«t corner of Clark and Bomb Wa ter-sts* the very desirable store on the corner; a suite cf choice rooms over the store. Nos. 1 and 9 ; also. office No. 9. C. A. SeniNG, No. 8 Larmon Block. 'T'O RENT—The basement of store No. X 43 South Clark-st. Also three stories and base ment orsiore No. 39 Sontb Wster-st fbr storage par pose-. 4i><*nlre on tne premises. TO RENT—Or Lease—Dock property op South Branch, suitable for coaLwood. lumber, or tor a anafactanog. GEORGE V. BYBO. No. luO Bandolpb-st* Boom 8- TO RENT—Brick store and basement, No. 288 Stalest, near Vai Boren, irom May m next Inquire at Boom 7, No. 101 Washington-*!. TO RENT—From May Ist, part of the building 231 Booth Water-st Apply on the premise?, office np stairs. TO RENT—Store on Noith ClarE-sL, In g:od location tor a grocery store, stock and fixtures for sale. Q. C. MOuBT A CO* 8 Metropoli tan B.ock. XO RENT—From Ist May next, store No. 17 Dearborn-st. h*lf a block from Tremont re—wide, well-lighted, marble front, and has a bank vanlt, banker’s counter, Ac. Apply at 101 Wotblngton-st* Boom 7» up buUb. TO RENT—Basement oi store No. 40 Franklln-sL Light and dry, with water and gas. TO RENT—Second Floor, No. 00 Late st, FHELFS, PODGE 4 CO, TO RENT—Store —and lurmture for uIe.No. 112 Clark-st. TO RENT—Desk room, fully furnished with desk, chstrs, 4c. Warmed and kept In or* 102 Washlnglon-st, Room 11. Terms mod erate. Siaanteo-eEo ism. VAT ANT ED—To Rent—A cottage of 6 VV rooms, by April Ist, on West Blue, within one mile of Laka-et bridge. Address **M N," Tribune office, stating price and location. \\T ANTED—To Kent a medium-sized, V V tilcclr tarnished hou*e. In a first-class locality, during the summer montus, by a small family (wltn ontchlldren), woo will uke the best of care of lornl tore, win tacc possession any time between now and sth of May. Addrets" BANKER," Tribune office. TXT ANTED—To Kent—A house ot 0 or TV 10 rooms, on the Soath Side, soatb ot Twelfth st. and east ol State. Rent not to exceed S3OO p-r an num. Wilt rent now, or the first of May. Address GEO. Gilbert, care Gilbert 4 Sampson, 47 and 49 Dearbom-st. TX 7 ANTED—To Rent —A good house, V V containing 9or 10 rooms. Sooth Bide, soath of Twelfth and east of dtate-st. Possession wanted Ist ot May, For a prompt flret-class tenant for snch a boose, addt ess ’•HOUSE.” Box 2885. P. O. WANTED— To Rent A two-story boose in a deslrpblc location, by a family of ihnr ocreons. Address, with foil particulars, **Q S,” Tiibane office. TXTANTED—To Kent—X wish to rent a V V p:eaisnt room, cither tarnished or untarnished, without board, on the North Blue, soath ofChlcigo-av. and east of Clark-st. GEO. P. WELLES, care of Root 4 Csdy. TXTANTED—To Hem—A convenient VV house, medium size, modern Improvements. South Dlvuion. cast of btate-sL, to lake possession on or before Ist ot May. Call st or address 34‘i Ninth Wster-st, east of Bush-st. bridge. SPAFFORD 4 TURKMAN. TXTANTED—To Rent House and V V farming land, from 20 to 40 acres, within twen tv.Qvc miles of Chicago. Address, stating rent and lo cation, b. C. STEWARD, 336 Indlana-st., Chicago. WANTED— To Rent A flrst-class Douse of Bor lo rooms, (onoceof the avenues preferred.) by tht Ist of May. Rest not to exceed 81.300 a year. Address MERCHANT, Trlbone office. TXTANTED—To Kent —A himished VV room or a »ults of furnished rooms, for one or two gentlemen. Most pc located eastof Slate-st., aid within half a mile of Van Bcien-at, Toe oest ofrefer encia given. Address "ROOMS," Tribune office. WANTED —To Rent Furnished room, without board, by a lady who is engaged dnrlog the day. Address P. Q. Bor 1755. JHarijmerg. FOR SALE— Three S-horse power Up right engines; also six horizontal engines, 8, 10 and 12-bcrse power. Larger or smaller engines fur nished with or without ooliers. 13, is, 10 and 30-horse tubmar and locomotive boilers for tale, best magp. Also one 4-roUer Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, iron E lnhere, belong, saws, files. 4c. Machinery Depot, 31 earborn-SL, Chicago. GREENLEE BROS. 4 CO. FOR SALE—Portable engines, station ary and on wheels, 10 and 13-bone power, ou band and tor sale at low prices, by THE PfiSHTIOo CO~ North Waler-Bt., North Pier. XTOK SALE—A superior low pressure X 1 engine, SO-Inch cylinder and 4-feet stroke. In splen did running order, with shaft 9 inches In diameter and fly-wheel 30 feet, weighing about 7 tons. This engine is of (undent capacity to drive the largest elevator, and Is particularly adapted to a mill capableof making 400 barrels of flour per day. We offer (he above at the low price of 87,500. Fortortber particulars, trqulreof DATER. WHALING 4 CO- Slate MU S, Chicago, or MEDBERY, STEVENS 4 CO.. Milwaukee, Wls. Foil frALE —Woodwork planing and matching machines of different Rifles ana sizes; on*24-tncbflarfacer: a tall assortment of sash, door and blind machinery, moulding machines, wood lathes, scrollsaws,re>BawlngmacblQCß,saw arbors, also, machinery foi iron work—engine lathes, planers, upright drills, Merrlman's patent bolt entters. Darts* patent bolt headers, Bralnatd's patent rises—all at manufacturers' prices, freight added. Circulars sent onappllcatlon. MEBRIMd-N & WRIGHT, 14 WeUa-at. F)R SALE—One second-hand 10 horse portable engine, complete, been In ns* only three montns, andJmt as zood as new. Apply to A. U. PALMER, office Phccnlz Life Insurance Company, 43 Booth Clark-st, Boom 4, up stairs. FOR SALE—3S,IO and 15-horsc power portable engines and boilers, with all modern tin men!*. and all complete, and tor sale at very low prices, by GRIFFIN BROS., 116 LaSalio-at FOR SALE—H. M. Ames’ portable and stationary engines, from 4 to 35-borse power; also, Putnam Machine Co.’s tools: two 12-feet bed 21-lach, two lH«et b*th 20 and 23-incn, one 8-leet bed 13-lnch, one G-hct bed 14-inch swing, sill screw-cutting eaelne lathes; three upright drills, two Iron planers, holt cutters, saw mllli, shingle a ills, two Woodworth plan ets and matchers, Farrar's snrfa< era, pumps, belting, hoie, files, Acm Ac. C. L. BICE A CO., 19 and 21 Dearbom-st. fßotseg, Carriages, &c. FOR SALE— Two horses, with harness. They are the rleht size for a bakery or grocery wagon. Inquire at 137 Archer-road. F)U SALE—A well-made Cimily car nage, Eastern make, will be sold cheap tor cash. Can be seen at 679 Mltllgan-av., between U and 1 and 5 and 6. WANTED— A good family Horse. Ap ply to MARSH A FOSS, corner Canal and Von Btuen-sts. TXT ANTED—To purchase—Two second *V band lann wagons and harness. Address “B B O,” Tribune office, tor three days. XXTANTED—A pair of good Carriage W Boise*. Any one Laving a nice, stylish team, may bring them to *f44 Laka-fIL F)U SALE—Trotting horse, m splendid condition. Price I'M. Go Inside if Mo last fall. Beta oat wintering since October last. Very gay.verr gentle. Address •* B O." Tribune office. FOR SALE— Two horses; also, dray and harness. We have noose tor them. laqulrs at 44 North Wells-sL TTOR SALE—Good teamorhnggy horse. I? It BROWN A CO.'B Bo* Factory comer cf Van Bur»o and FraakUo-sis. WJ ANTED—To pmebase ajrood buai- W nos Boggv. Addreia Pox 1887. Personal. T>ERSONAL—A young gentleman JT would like to meet with sose preposs-uilng yoaar lady as t companion. Be 1* good looking, cood ten dered and affectionate. Address **K C B," Chicago mai DiFBOTEB. TT'OR SAtF—Bj Tboa. a Brjan * Co., F Beal bUta Office, la Bryn Hall: »7A6HINQtON-9T., comer of Carpeator—Two three-story and basement Brick booses. wlttia-T»-fl* cmimprovement*. LotiOCxldO leet. Frieeof ttaea- Ore property. 135,000. . CA NaL ffT- soota of Washlnitaa—Fine btatnefli lo cation Lot 46x150 test. Price *4OO per loot. LOuMlb-ST_ tooth of Jacksoo-Aa elegant brick reridccce. Lot 71x300 feet. Prlces2s,o9o. , LAKE-BT„westol Leavitt—A new two-story frame house, with store trout and 7 rooms. bam. sheds, fee. J>t6Uxtiorecttoal6-lbotalley. Price SL*O. HUBBARD-t>T„ comer of Leavitt—A cottage booae and two-story bam. with Improved lot 3x130 feet. Price 64.100. This it a pleacant and Luxe naldenoa •pot, for a nntU price. _ TBV6TSB-&T.,westof Benbnx and north of Rlozle —A twe-story frame h'-use, cootolnlce 9 rooms- Lot 4SxICO ls*t. Price S2JOO. WaRBES-ST.. comer of Leavltt-Lot 120x130 feet to an alley, torrciinded by a high fence, tlx feet high. Hu oeen tilled In and planted with trots. Price 5J5 per toot. *n a .RT-, betweec Bandolph and Lake—A two-etory frame bouse, with brick basement, incomplete order, ccntolnlrg 11 rooms. eat. water. &c„ recently patated and papered, ban, lot 40XU3 feet, with aheyon aide. ft weit of Lincoln—A good build'nglot 275X11! feet. Price *S6O. JACKBON-BT., comer of DespUlses—A store and three two-story frame dwellings; bain on planked al. lev ; now rentlnr for SL-G0 per annum. Price *8,300. MICHIGAN-AV„ between Twenty-fourth and Twen ty-flftb-»ts.—A frame dwelling, with piazza, containing about is rooms: lot 90x190 feet. Price 90,000. MICHIQAN-AV.—A most desirable residence lot, 60x170 feet. Price 6310 per tooL _ MICHIGAN- AV.—An elegant marble front residence. Pnce 53a,000. WAbASH-AV., south of Thirteen tint.—A choice residence let, ISxISO leet. Price S*CO per toot- _ INDIANA-AV., south ot Slxteenth-st.—lot 53H77 lect, fronting e«u price 51,500. , . PRAIEIE-AV., south 01 stxteenth-st—Lot 53x177 feet, tenting east. Price SUDO. __ . . _ . PBAIRI&AV., south of sixteen th-st.—Lot S 3 by about iso fett, running back to tbe Lak3 shore. Price *¥»AIRIB-AY.. south of Smeenlh-et.—Two two story Dressed brick and marble Basement houses. Lota each 3xlßo feet. Price, each.H6.CCO. cam; akpr.av., scuth of Twenty-nlnth-st.—Cot tage house, surrounded with tree* ana sbubosry. bam, sic.; neighborhood goed. L0t97x113 feet. Prlca WELL C near Polk—Lot about a feet by 106 feet. Pnce $7/00. . _ . TWENTY-NINTH-ST- between Calumet and Kmka keo-av.—Lot 75X113K feet. Price H 0 per loot. UIVEB L(>T«. utile South Branch—With frontage o 212 feet, Docked. Price 530,000. .. . „ RIVER LOT on tbe Worth Branch, south ot N orth .ftT._tVith a tronuceot 66 fett. Price 513,000. GREEN BAT ROAD, about one-ha'f mite beyond Dr. Dyer's place—About 16 acres, with grove. A very eli gible A non-resident wishes to eeiL and will take |I,OOO an acre, though much below Its market value. . „ . _ . CW~A largo amount of Residence and Business Property for sale in the three divisions of the city. "ITOR hat.E—One of the best residences r on Mlcbigan-av., between Twenty-second and Twenty-thlrd.sis. Bouse Is of brick ilructare. has 10 rooms, wav r. ess. cellar, ac.t Ixwell finished through out. Lot is 2S by 183 feet to a 30-Ibot a ley, and Is sod ded. Terms n cash. Price 513.0 CU. This oropeitr is ofl< red only lor a few days at this orlce. For particu lars call at the office of WARREN & GOODRICH, Real Estate Broken, 193 Dearbom-st., Room 3. TT’OR SALE—New and convenient 11-2 V story frame dwelling, with 10t22x130 feet to alley. House has 9 rooms, is In complete condition. TiUo perfect. Postesaion riven April Ist, If desired. Wl>l be sold low and on terms to suit. Call and examine same, at 463 West south of Jefferson Bark. rpOR SALE—A stoir-and-a ball cottage JJ hove, on leafed ground baa all modern improve ments, wunln one blccx of street cart. No. 96 sooth Peorla-su Price £2,000. Is nicely fluUhed throughout. Apply, between the hoars ol 9 s. m. and 2p. nu, at the bouse. (?UR SALE—At a bagain, a new two- C 1 story hove, with or without larnltnro, as the par ty Intends tailing for Europe. Also a new Rnabe plsno. Inquire on the premises. No. 112, Twenty nlDlh-st. FOE SALE—House and lot, containing 6 rooms, lot 20x100, 216 Ilttnols-st.. between sure and Dearborn. Inquire of SHBUEUEK A 880., 125 Oeartoru-st., Boom 12. F)K SALE —Cheap—Tlie marble iront dwelling, No. 377 West Washlngton-st. D. J. LAKE. FOR SALE—Firstclass ibree-slory and basement bride house No. 290 Buron-st- be. tween North State and Coss-its. Apply to GALLUP A PEABODY. Boom 19 Portland Block. F'OU BALE—Cheap House, lot and bam, with gas. water and sewers. No. 256 Ohio at., near State. Noth Side; a so.iurniinre for safe. In quire on the premises. F)R &ALE—Two nice houses and lots on the Weat Side. In a go.d location. The booses have eight rooms and clo*ets One ca one, two and three years’ time at t2£oo, and tbe other for $2,100 cash. G. A. BPRINGES, No. 9 Metropolitan B oefc. TTOR BALE —House and lot on Aber- P deer-st„ No. 76, between Jackson and Adams, lot 291135 to an IS-fool alley. Price $3,300. H. OS BORN, 61 Clark-st. FOK BALE —New two-story house, with lot 25x125. on West Washlngton-BL, near the city limits. It mnst oe sold at some price, to effect an Im mediate sale. Price $2,500, on very easy terms. B. OSBORN, 61 Ciark-sl. FOR sale—Home ot Id rooms, gas, water, sewer, on Adams-at- near Halsted-st., lot ku'jDO feet, bouse cow renting tor $750—(6,000; 105 feet on AdamML, near Loomia-st- fenced and improved. *SO per loot, U. C. MOUEY A CO.. 8 Metropolitan Block. (70R BALE—House and lot on Throop r st-near Jefferson Park, cheap. Terms to suit. GEO. V. BYRD, 100 Bandolph-st- Boom 8. P)R BALE—Collage and lot 24x100 to a plank'd alley, cn Mooroe-sL, near Balstcd-st n ccttaze, 6 rooms, and lot 30x124. on Lat»-st., near EuDey-ft- $3,000; cottage 29z54, and lot, on Park av„near city limits, 11.600: cottage No. 58 Pnce- El&ce, and lor 25x83, *i 000. 11. U. MURKY A Real state Brokers, 8 MetrcpoUtoa Block. |7 OR sALE-wßy Snyder & Lee, Real Es- JU late Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Bloik, a new t*o-etory aud bsiemrnt brick bouse of 11 rooms, ni'/d --cm Improvements and lot, on Washlngtoo-sL, near Lincoln. P)R BALE—39xIOO teet on Monroe-st, between btativst. and Wabash-av- with good two-Morv boutc. No. 40—one of the cheapest and mostcestrabie pieces ot property la the city for In vestment. Price only $12,500. Title beyond Question. WARREN A GOODRICH, 1~25 Dearbam-gt- Boom 2. |?OR SALE—A first-class two-story X? feame dwelling, and lot 50x125 feet, 11 rooms, bata room, and all modern improvements; brick founda tion, cellar and cistern, with barn. First-class neigh borhood. Early possession. Terms easy. Inquire on premises. No. 80 Centre-av (Bucker-st.) |?OK SALE—Prame-av., large bouse, JT 1 good barn ano 50 feet Iront. near Twcsty-lourtu st; alio, 50 feet on the corner of Twenty-fotuib-st. and Prairls-av.; IfOfceton Pralrle-av., south of Tivcnty- Blxth-st. J. D. tiaRVEY. 78 LaSaßc-St. T?OB BAJL.E —Hutu April 16ih, large, 1 1 nice, hew biick bouse. Juit flolshed. North La holle-st. A. GAGE A CO., 44 South LaSa.lQ-SL, Bjom I7OR SALE—On Wabash-av., near Thir -L a first-class marble front hinie, with all the modem improvements. A. K. WING & CO., 85 Washington-au, Boom 3. FOR SALE—On Michigan-av., the resi dence of the late John L. tfcrlpns—a flra'-claaa boose In svery respect, and one of the finest locations in the cltj. A. J. AVEKKLL, Beal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. TT'OR bALE—Tnat elegant non re on the I* southwest corner of Iz.<n%ca-av. and Twenty slxtb-i L, lot 100 feet ftont by 170 deep. A. J. AYKE ELL. Beal Katate Once. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOR bALE—Three new two story and basement honeoi on Noe. 351, 351 V and 353. with 9 rooms each, lots 22V by j 25 each. We a ill sell these houses at the very low price ot $4,500 each. II taken at 00c0—91,000 cowo, balarce la one, two and three years. The bouses wM rent for ssod o->ch. Immediate possesdon given of No. 3Slj<:of the ethers, possession May Ist. Title perfect. WAR REN & GOODRICH, 125 Dearborn-*I, Boom 3. E^OR'SALE —Business property m one 1? efthe best localities lor wholesale business in the city, paying 14 per cent, on price asked. Also, two first-class stores on South Wster-st. A. J. AVERELL, Real Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es tate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new frame I ousts of 3 rooms each, water and lots. Nos. 441 and 443 Calumet-av.,near rhlrty-second-st. F)R SALE—Tery desirable business property, one block west of Chamber of Com merce. Lot* 138 and 138>t South Wellsat. For particulars, call on the owner, at 45 South Ann-et. CNmPBdTED. F>R SALE—Eighty feet front on South Bocker-st., or tentie-av., commencing 199 leet Rom the corner ot Maotson-st. and Centre-av_ thence 6b leet east by 125 feet deep. For terms, apply to J. W. JACKfcUN. No. 30 Ada-sL _ J7OR SALE—Fine lots on Wabash-av, 17 corner Thlrtleth-st,; also. Rankskee-sv., corner Thlrty-fir*t-*t-; also. Fait >n and Walnnt-its., near Pau lina. «I.MO each. GEORGE « WILLIAMS, 7 South Clork-st. F)R SALE—West Side Business Prop erty—4o ft on Canal, near Randolph. £1 It on Randolph, near Canal. 3, ft on Lake, near Ralsted. CO ft on Randolph, corer of Sangamon. J. D. HARVEY, 78 LaSalle-st. FOR SALE—To Lumbermen and Capi talists—ibe wbarflng lots lying on the cast sided tne “Magazine Slip” are for sale at a decide 1 bargain. To a company of lumbermen I can otter great induce ments to bur. For terms, Ac- apply to WM. D. KEB FOOT, 89 Washington-*!. IT OR SALE—A choice lot on Cottage X 1 Grove-av , two blocks from rol.road station. A bargain. If taken atoncc,forcash. A. B. MEAD, 151 Baaoolph-tt. FOR SALE—Splendid comer lot on south of Twchtb-sL, 46x170. southwest corner of Rush and Huron-sts., S3Vxto9. . 14 lots on Washligton-st. and Park-av n west ot city limits. 7 tots on Adams-ecast ot Lincoln. Sfiktson Kansum-st. and Wentwortb-av., south ot Thlrty-nrstsUcheap. A. D. MEAD, 151 Randolph- Bt. FOR bALE—Splendid piece oi business propezty, near the Post Office—can be Improved to excellent advantage: 60x190 feet on Madlson-sL,near Wells, with two frame houses. H. C. MOREY A CO., Beal Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. FOR bALE —Business Property—ssx 100, comer Mlcbigaa-av. and Blvcr-sL; 23M on Madlfon, near WellvsL; 30 eet ou East Washington. very desirable. J.D. HARVEY, 78 LoSalle-flt. FOR SALE—At a Bargain—3o lots on Indiana and Prslile-aTß.,near Thlrty-third-sl A. H WING ft CO., 85 Waablbgton-si, Boom a. FOR SALE—Cheap—soxlßo feet, front ing east, on Wabaah-av., south of Tblrnetb-ei It you want the location lor a beautiful nome, lock at tblsiol N. 13. KAPPLEYE. 107 Mouroe-al I? OR SALE—SO leet on the southeast r corner oiCalnmet-av. audTweuty-flret-'l, extend ing through about SCO feet, to the Lake, with good ftame bonse on stone fonndatlon. price |l3£oo. a. J. AVERELL, Beal Estate Office, 80. 7 MetropoUtan Block. |?OR SALE—Wahaah-av., near and _f north cf Fourtecnth-sl, 35x170 feat, east from One-quarter cash, balance on time. Terms low. A. W. FREEMAN, 102 Wasblngton-st. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. lot 50x150 feet, on Caoai-sl. between Van Bnren and Hsr nson. Lot COxiu feet, northeast comer Madison and and Paullna-sts. 3£gal jEstate—tCountts. TT'OR SALE—S 7- acre farm, well lm 1j proved. 120 acres heavy Umber, two beautiful loses abounding in fish, good boating, line orchard. &c_ SOtnllcsfromCblcago. Pnceiow. ISAAC CLAP LIN, 93 Washlugton-sl FOR SALE—A desirable residence in Waukegan; goood frame boose, brick Ijunits tion and ones lined, lu good oroer and contains ten rooms, be-ldes closets and good cellar; large ba-n and stables, well, cistern, dc.; witbloi 20 acres, fine or cbaid, 250 apple trees aid lOOpear trees in full beannr, ornamental cedar hedges, evergreens. &c, one mile from depot on tbe best street m the city, tor particu lars apply to O. J. LINCOLN, Waukegio, or THOi. REID, at office ol Nye, Campbell ft Co n SS South Water-al, Chicago. |7OK s A r.E—AtEvanston—Three dwell- A’ Ings. with grounds attached, and one store to renl Inquire of ANDBEW J. SHOWN, 116 Laßalle- FOR SALE—A splendid cotmlry seal, locat'd on tbe west oink of Bock River, two miles below ihe City ot Rockford, ni„ consisting ot 60 acres of highly improved land, a large, elegantly fin ished two-sti.ry bouse, containing 19 rooms, wltn cel lar under tbe whole; good onibnllnlngv. barn, car riage bouse, ice bouse. 4c„ dc, and a bearing orchard of 900 apple tree*. Grounds aoont the house welt laid ou< ana:lmproved, aid covered with ihrubs and ever greens in great variety, Also, SO6 acres of farm and pasture laud, adjoining the above, wltb 40 acres of tim ber within three miles. The home and tarm lands, ta ken together, make a splendid stock farm. Will be sold separately or together, tree low. Terms easy. APPIY to Pf- O- W. COBSr, Rockford. 111. FOR SALE—Very choice tanning lands near Peotone Station, 40 miles from Chicago, by M. ti. DEAN, 41 South Ciatk-sl. Chicago. FOR SALE—At a Great Bargain—A valnabl* peach farm of 40 acres. neartUcbvlew, 111., wtib over 3,i00 peach trees, land fenced, with a etna I. ne« boose ana umbnildlngs. only bail a mile fn m the railroad repot, and adjoining one ol tbe most bcaniltul towns la Southern Illinois. Only <4.n00 for the plat e, being ranch less than us value. Title Def lect WABRkN A GOODRICH, 123 Dearborn-*l. Boom 2- . FOR SALE—A farm, or ezchanee for [city propert»Bone of tbe nest larms In t&e North west, four ml<ca from aflourliblng city, and one mile from railroad station. Buildings first class. Farm fenced into fields and la bleb state ol cultivation. 83.C0C worth ot prod dee sold off the (arm last year. COBURN ft tIABBS, No. 11 Larmou Mock, Chi cago, m. £2aarit«a~Jßale Selp. ■MKKBSFIBSt liMMII *9. TAT ANTED—Experienced Canvassers, Jr T to visit towns and dues only, throuchout the West, call at Boom 93. No. 193 Dearborn-fL, or address, wua stomp. Box 1110, Chicago, UL \*7 ANTED—-Toung men to sell oar f f new Prize Stationery fackag** throughout the country. Cad at Boon 37 Reynolds* Btoew. or ad dltts, with stamp. HIQLEY. Box 303*»ChleigD. WANTED —A first rate tile rnsnrance man. to aoltat In this elw and elsewhere. A cooo win be Huanatewa. No person need aowly except he can command a rood business. TOCSSB« pwpFSLDT, LaSaPeet. TIT ANTED— Salesman A first class yV travelUrg mao wanted. In a wholesale boose on Sonth Water-et., to commence April Ist. Address, for three days. P. O. Box 9377, win references and sals ry reipured. TXT ANTED —In a lumber yard, an en- VV ertetle foreman. German preferred, who U coo Detent to manage men. and ta taorooxb<y conversant with handling and sailing lumber. Apply, between tbe hours oft and U o’clock a. Boom 7, No. 943 South Water-st. TT7ANTED—A few expersenced Can- W vsssers lor Lite Assurance bostoess. , Can se cure steady tmoloymeni and liberal commUroo by addrening -LIFE ASSURANCE.” Lock Box 80, De trolt. Mien. wAN TED—Bookkeeper, at 179 Lake- W St. SAMMONS. WHITE A CLARK. Wf ANTED—A boy, from 12to 15 yeara VV old, to lire In tbe country. One raised in the country would be preferred. Apply at 177 K North Dearborndown stairs. THADBB. TXTANTED—A Barber—A cood wnrk- Vt man. None other need apply, at tbe City Hotel barber tbep. TIT ANTED—A good practical hatter, fV to take chance of aflm-clau e.tarlishment. One that can come well recommended will hev ot a good suoaUon by applying at 43 and 17 Lace-«L, np stalrj. TA/ANTED—Poor opholsteiers and 1 V V cabinetmaker, at the MATTRESS FACTORY. 913 Madison-st. TIT ANTED—3 or 4 good Monlders. VV Price WAO to |2A7 per day; steady |ob, alrty miles east ot Chicago. Costclllvlngcheau. Apply to D. MYERS, 199 South Clark-flt. MITCHELL, WIL bON & CO. TTTANTED —Two sash, door and blind VV makers, and one good man to titechargp of moulding machines.etc. Apply at 9S Fraaklin-su Norm Side. WtIOLLOCOTT AnOtfltlDGS. a23antrtr==4Feinale 3selp. WANTED —One first-class machine woman; two plain sewing girls, those used to woiklre on cresses preforrec; and two apprentice* to learn trade. Apply at 130 Ciss-sh, North aide, lor three davs. BOUSE SEBVASTS. \A/ r ANTED—A middle-aged lady, as VV housekeeper, at 112 EastMamHt' N.-ne need apply unless experienced and competent to take charge of a flm-clase boarding home. W ANTED—A good girl to do ceneral y T housework, who can speak English. "Apply at 172 North Jeffcrson-sL. up-stairs. TXT ANTED—Girl—One that under- VV stand* cooking and can bring good references. Apply at 46 Van Borea-at. W/ ANTED—A first class cook, washer YY andlrooer To one who can slvo satfefactfen a pleasant home Is berebr offered, and good wates will be given. Apply as early as possible, at 304 Weat Lake-sC. near Union-park. \\f ANTED —GirI, lo do general house- YV work in a private family. English or Ger gaa preferred. 624 Lake-st.. near Union park. "Wf ANTED—A good prl to do general VV housework in a small family. Slut come well recommended. Apply at 158 North Morgaa-st. \A7ANTED —A first-class Ironer, at the YV Richmond House. None other need opp.y. W/ ANTED—A Girl, with good recom- Y V aendatlon, who can sew and cook for two pet sons. Inquire at 209 Indlana-st., between Clark and Dearborn. WANTED —A Woman to wash and Iron for a small family, and assist In chamber wotk. Apply correr of North Dearborn and Klm-sti., from 9tolia. m. Gooa references required. Employment agents. TXTANTED —Y oung men in the conn- YY try wishing to obtain situations, such as book keepers. clerks, coLectO’S, salesmen, coo-iuctois, ex pre»>men, Ac. Ac., to apply at Room 13 Fullerton Block, 92 Dea'horn-st- or address J. M, MOORE A CO„ Iki 1707, encloslna 10 cents for fall particulars. WANTED —2 assistant bookkeepers 3 »a esnen, 1 cotdactor, 2 brakesmen.! flremsn.l porter.3drivers.2rznresimen. Aptly at Boom 13, Fullerton Block, 92 lies? corn-st. Applicants hr mall addrets J. M. MOORE & CO- Box 1707, enclosing 10 ceou lor reply. ®2lan f es==jaisceUaneous. "ITT ANT «D—Your Destiny. Madame V V Carlisle has Jest returned to the city from a Southern tour, and wi l be pleased to receive tbe calls ot those «ho wish the past, orcaent and future reveal ed, at ISS South Clark-6t- R:om 6. TXT ANTED— Everybody to send ter the _VV story of the unlucky Dutchman, or **WBO’S PIN HBPEBINCEIsH PIN GONE?” Scat postpaid for flfletn cents. M. O’BRIEN, 122 Deifborn-at., Chicago. TXT ANTED—Good men m every coon- V V_ ty in the West, to sell Johnson’s Copper Light ning Bod. No rod was ever received with such uni venal favor as this, combining as it does the conduct- Ins power of crpper with the stsisoth of the iron rod Onr agents last season cleared from S2OO tossou per month. Send for p«mpblct and price list- E.F. HENaHAW A TXT ANTED—By an experienced teacher *» and graduateof a New Englatd Ccliege. two or three pupils m Latin, Green, or the higher English branches. Address Box 737. TXT ANTED—IOO d« z. champagne hot- V V lies, quirts. Will pay $l per dozen. COBB A THORNE, 126 and 12* North Clarx-at. TXTANTED—3,OOO oJ barrels. We will V V pay highest marbet price for 1,000 or 2JJOO good second-hand carbon or benzole barrel', delivered at our store. ARMSTRONG A CO n Oil Dealer?, No. 41 TXT ANTED—To buy out some railroad .TT hotel aud eating house, at some good point—to ha-e pot>ses»icn Ist ot May next. Any perssn having sncl- a place can find a customer by addressing Box 879. Onhkoeh, Wla., at once. AaTANTED—An energetic youne man Tv havlngc»plla’, dealess to engage in some profit affiepajlngbusl eaa. Is not alrald of work, orovid-d money can be made. Address, for a tew days, “F 3,” Tribune office. TXT ANTED—Cash Capital For an V V operation sore to pay welt, and that may he wound up any wee a. Can nee fIO,OOO or £9,100. or more. This la desirable to capitalists. Address P.O. Dos 2876. \XTANTED77pne executive agent in V V each State with cash capital from $530 to <I.OOO. Several sunonnnateagenU lor each state with *SO to 9100 cash. The first to locste. the list to travel. EnergeUcmen In elih»r position can earn from *?,oou to flu-CCO in the next three months. For particular, call on H.Q. ROBERTS, General Ag*nt for the United States, at Northwestern Hotel. Chicago. TXTANTED—Energetic, local and can- V » vasslng agents In evrry city and cooaty in the Northwest, to wll the new Patent Bowing Machine Caitora. All ladles owning sewing machines will ap preciate them and purchase readily. Large commis sion ofiered to good agerts. Send lor circular. E. C. PARTMUGE, General Agent, formerly with Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Company, office 53 Dear born-at., Room No. 7, Peat Office Box 1743. Chicago. Illinois. TXT ANTED—To cxclumge some first- V V cla** liquors tor a good express horse. Apply st 106 v Sooth Water-flt. TXT ANTED—From SIC,OOO to *20,000 7 V worth ot dry goods or clothing, P>r which part cash and part lands In Minnesota and Wisconsin will oe given. Address, or apply to “ J C,” 344 Lake-et- Chicago. TXT ANTED—CoaI bhatt—The Bloom- V V ington Coal Company will receive bids tor tea days tor sloklng a Shaft at Bloomington, Illinois. For spcclflca'ioos call at or send to theL-ofilceatßioom- Ibgtop, Illinois. TXT ANTED—By a responsible party, V V withe at children, to tats charge of a nice city residence for the inxmer, during absence of owners. Addicts “L E S,” Tribune office. * TXTANTED—To Buy—A Drue Store, W in seme thrlvlrg railroad town la Central lUi nois by invoice, worth nom <1.300 to $2,000. Address for eight days, “ M P,” P. O. Box 49. Atlanta. TXT ANTED—To purchase A dozen V V Milk Cans, Rom sto 20 gallons. Address “ O B,” Tribune office. TXT ANTED—A man with $5,000, to en * y gage In business In tbl* city which will pay SIO,OOO a year. Address Box 1337. Chicago, tIL This will oe lenod an opportunity worthy of investigation. TXT ANTED—S,OOO Morrell’s Adjustable VV Illcge manufactured. They sell rapidly. Ev erybody wants them. We will sell the exclusive right to mannfactnte in this city, or tor the Unit-d States. Call and see it. at Boom 1.193 South Clark-at. TAT ANTED—Some good Wild Lands in Y y the Northwestern ana Southern States. Boom 2, No. 48 South Clark. WANTED— Snda Fountain—Either new or second-hand. Van Allen’s preferred, cau at 93 Dearborn-sL, Room 9, to-day. from ID to 12 a. m., or Rom 3 to S p. m. WANTED— Men wishing to earn $5 per day above expenses, wim SSO to take them to tne country, will please call at 63 West Lake-«t., Chicago. WANTED Ever}body to send 35 cents, and get the nbunnyest and most useful article In America, worth to anybody ten times its cost. Agents, male and female, tnis Is new. I prepay ah charges, and return money to dissatisfied names. BROWN, 133 Sonth Clarg-st. TXTANTED—boldiers to know that aD V V applications for SIOO bounty most oe made be fore April Ist. Advances made on claims. A. GOUD RJOH. Atforney-at-Law. 136 Pearbora-aL. Boom 3. loathing. DOARDING—Good hoard and rooms i 1 can be bad at 255 Church-sl DOARDING —Front room, famished or fl unlurnlsbetLio rent, with board, at 37 Plne-sl, comer of Oluo. References required. DOARDING—A suite of front par.or 1 J and bedroom, also several single rooms and day board can be bao at 17 Dearborn-si, np stairs. BOARDING —A pleasant room (untur tlubed suitable tor a gentleman and lady, to rent, witnbo&rd,at266 West Bandwiph-sl References re quired. DOARDING—Two gentlemen desirous fJ ol a comfortable borne with elegant large tront room and excellentboord In a respectable tamily living on Wabaab-av, notfar from the Post Office. Best ref ercncca required. Adcrese “C.” Pox 1330. BOARDING— Good board lor $l5O per week, at the Dining Booms, 144 Dear bom-«l, near the Post Office. BOARDING —A gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, can be accommodated wltb room aid board, at 116 State-el; also, & lew day boarder* dcired. Price moderate. BOARDING —For man and wile, in a private family, front mom and bedroom. In sec ond story, all ccznpletely aid nicely fornlahcd. gas la both rooms, and bath room on same Hour. LocaUon onTwcnty-fllth-sL,ncar Indlana-av. Apply at 198 Lake-tl DOARDING—A lew gentlemen can be L) accommodated with pleasant rooms and board, at 134 East Madlson-st. DOARDING—Two tarnished and one A 3 m furnished room, to rent with board. Apply at 113 West Ads ms. Also, a few day boarders wanted. "DOARDINQ —For gentleman and wife, _i_) ortwoslneleccnUemen; alsy, two day boarders, at 110 Wabatb-ar. DOARDIN o—Untarnished front room?, JL> also, one fornlibed room, with first-class board, at 1032 Indlana-av., two doors north of Twenty thlro-»l Pcmaneat place. Use of barn. If desired. "DOARDING—For two men, in J 3 a private faml.y where thisre are no other board ers. Terms moderate. For particular* address Box 6211, Chicago. TJOAEDING —Two cemlemen and their £) wives can Gad a heslthy »am®ef bome. good rooms. In a private family, at “ ® 2 a £t‘ fi2. f i rcierencc requited. Call at 1414 Pralne-av., corner Thlrty-first-n ISoarb aKanteb. —OAT?n i>v a ceniieman and wile, be- Vit^sixteentbard Twcnty-second-sta., esst of other b *srdera. None bat private Adnreas“N.»P.o. Box 1369 r>OARD—In » firstdass private lamiiy, K 7„,, .rntleman. child and serranl Parlor aul “H O," Xnaimo oOlc^ tor three days. SOAItD— By a yomg single gentleman. In a pleasant private lamilf. wnere It will ba like c, AddieMF. 0-ttoz Situations gggantea. BAIMi SITUATION— Wanted—W otice k> tert- T^nTT. A .^ r,t T cI V^ eattg *«>** aMtaatf on. fetxulre SSRSto." 141 »»*«=•«-•» A. LASdOH, QITDATION-Wanted, fey a yocoff °Z,?* »»*steady habits, w a clerk, to make himself teaeratiy asSJSr Good nf erences given. Address P.Q.Boy ion. C ITUATiON—Wanted, m an Ale U 7 ery.bywycaßrmnnwhohaicorsldenhteezoerl enceinbnwire and malting. Addrow ** r a" p o Q TUATIOJT —Wagtgd. by a yvmnrr t««»i O as e&trj cleric, aslstant bootetpepe.*, or s«Dola« clerk In a waolessle bonae. P. O. Box lOW. cn UATlON—Wanted, by a firstdaas Cl bookkeeper, who can give undoubted - city rero rcacea. Addrew **J K,** P. o. Box 1994. CMcego. CITUATION—Wanted, by the flret-of C j April, la the cooatrr. by a practical Cutter.- Bef erf&ee, A. D. TUswortk. AMERICAN. P. 9. Box 9937. SITUATION —Wanted, by a loyal Ame- L » ness, a stranger In tttveity - . as porter la a iter*. Haj refereace tronr fermcr employer. Address ‘PORTER,** Tribune office. CITDATION—Wanted Sometnmg to L » do, by a ronur man, a* bookkeeper, coprl»t. cierk, rr packer. Beferenco given. Address ••CARSON?’ nioune office. SITUATION—Wanted, by an eiperi- U encod gardener, in a private family ta the aty or BmdSL* AllQ:e#a AitTHONY, at tno Lake House, 9 Ql'TuATlON—Wanted, by a rnan of O many year.’eiTverlecce In hides, leather, wool, fura and produce, would epgage with a goad bonae inlhecltyaalcealortravelilnc aeeat. Could influ ence some trade irom lowa atd Wisconsin. “BS," Tribune office. SITUATION—Wanted, by a practical O feraerandhtswife.tauiechaixeo^&edwork a firm. Thoronr bly understands the work. for nl»h retereoceaatb ability and character. a,m,—« ** FARMER.” Tribune oriee. Chicago. CITUATION—Wanted, bTabookhcoper Oot thirteen years’ experlorce. City ret creates. Ad dress *• J EN,” Tribune office. SITUATION— Wanted, by a good De stener. In a fancy woollen ml:l. Had ftyesra* ex perteuce in Eastern mills. Address J. H. EABltsa AW» PUtsOeld. Maes. CITUATION —Wanted, by a y enng lady VJ wbo writes a superior band. Would like a ooM tion ai copyist in an office, or to doaay kind of writing. Uodert tocos bookkeeping. Is very desirous of setting a (luxation. Caofaraup cnexcepuonable reterencaa. Address Miss “L K.” Tribune office. ClTUATlONa—Wanted—Two ladie*, O lantghsd ten years’ experience Ip Sew York as teschezsoi mnsicaud painUig, desire to obtain about 35 pupils. Will give leseota at residence ot pupils. Good Chicago relerepces gives if desired. Terms, sl3 for2t Itssons. Address “MC3IC.” Tribune office, fee cne week. CITUATION—'Wanted, by an Enclish L 7 woman, as treat cook. Coca reference given. “6 K.* Trlbnnecfflee. C ITUATiON —Wanted, by a respectable O Girl, a* chvmbermald or coot In a private family. Apply at 113 Wentworth-av. SITUATION Wanted, by a -widow O Isdy.asbooeek'eper. Goodreferencegiven. Ad dress MBS. COE, 263 North Horoa-st. QITDATION—Wanted, by a girl 13 kT? yean old, to take care of children ana do light work to a tmall American !au.llr. Apply, between th« hours of 2 and sp.m. at 345 west Randolph-st. agents ffiiaanteh. AGENTS —Wanted—For General L C. Baker's BISTORT OF THE E FCBBT SERVICE, the moat exciting and Inureitlog book ever pnbiuhod. Tbli work was announced more than a year ago, trat owing lo the attempts of the Government to saporeM It, its publication was de ayed. It will now be Issued, unaUertdasd unabridged, utder the supervision cC General Baser. It contains a mil and official er-vjseog tbe intricate machination* of toe secret enemfe. of the Union For startling developments and thrilling ad ventures this hoot eclipses the famous experiences of Foacbeand VlCocq. The marvellous aagnuivea of General Bak-r are ail attested by t v hflfist official antborlty. Itwll corlajn the only . idw account of the assassination conspiracy. A ful- history of this crest. startling and terrible crime, tram Its conception in the haunts ot villainy, to th- burial place of Booth, ba« never yet been placed brfore the public. Th, work also tally exposes (he neanous system by which Pm idetiOM pardons were and are so readily obtained at Washington. Tbe morals of the National Capital an thoroughly ventilated, and there assume strange re. velatioi s crncernU g heads ol departments, members of Congress, female pardon broken, and distinguished military characters. S*nd for circulars, and see our terms and a full description ot the went Address NA TIONAL PUBLISHING CO.. 148 West Fourth-*L, CtxclnnaU. Ohio. AGENTS— War-led—Male or female, for WOMEN OF THE Waß. By Frank Moore, author of the “Rebellion Record.” Ittsrwmivlng the commendations of themost distinguished literary mea cf the country. Astonl«hlog sneerss! Fortieth thou sand row m press. It is above all competition. One sold six books at one residence, fear at another. A lady writes, she took tventv.flve sahscrlbera In one establishment. Another agent sold and delivered two Ensnare books la one mouth. Arother received okk buhpskp assess la one week. A ladv Just reports 31 subscribers taken in one day. Acctts write, - People are delighted with the book.” rend inr a circular before taking an agency for anr other bnos. Addrets R. C. 1 BEAT. Publisher. 117 South Clark-st. Chicago. A GLNIf?—AV anted—English Metallic Xjl. Clothes Line. Good Inducements to a—tts. Send two red stamp , for sample, to PARKINSON A YOUNG, Pig 462 Port Huron, Micb. AGENTS— Wanted—500 Agents want ed m a new business. H. B, SHAW, Allied, Maine. A GENTS—Wanted —s2s a da*. Fu- XX teen new articles lor Agee la. O. T." GABBY. Blddeiord, Maine. AGENT& —\\ anted—sl2s per month and expenses. Address SOAW A CLARK BKW -INQ MACHINE CO- Mddelord. Maine. AGENTS —Wanted—Five Ideal Heads ot American Women: Angrl ot the Horpral Before the DatlJe—Color Bearer—At the Front—Army Next. The nnest works of art ever introduced lathis country. Experienced canvassers wanted in every county is the State. Address JOHN O. BICE. 9A Chicago. 111. A 6ENTB—Wanted Gentlemen and XjL ladies throughout the United States for our new Book, “LIVES of the PRESIDENTS,’' from Wash Ington to Johnson, by J. b. C. Abooti, the great hlst» rlan. Complete m one ,arge volmne. saperhly mas trated with steel engravings, among which are por traits of the seventeen Presidents, battle, scenes, etc. This Is the only work of the kind yet published, ana affords to experienced agents a rare opportunity te make money with a splendid book, andno competi tion. Exclusive territory aM publishers’hl2b«t com mission given. Books ready for delivery now. s. a. BOYDEN. 73 Clark-sU, Chicago, m AGENTa —Wanted, everywhere, to sell Patent White Wire Clothes Lines. Can make tie to f2o per Hay. Address “Metallc Clothes C 0..” 92 benrea-st.. Cleveland, Ohio. AGENTS —Wanted—Ladies or cents, »t jour own homes or travelllßir. atlUPoer month. Don’t negotiate a Ith any other Dirty nil too first serd for particulars. Address BRONaON A CO.* 181 Woodward-av., Detroit. Mich. AGENT? —Wanted—To engage in tne sale of “THE HI STOUT OF ABRAHAM LIN COLN AND THB OVERTHROW OF SLAVERY,”!!* cne vol. octavo, cf 736 pages. By Hon. 1. N. Arnold* laMMemberofCocgrcss.abdtorovertwenty years ■ confidential friend of Mr. Lincoln. This Important work was undertaken three years ago with tne ap proval ot Mr. Lincoln, and la Just based. It Is al ready le'llng as rapidly a* tae publishers have been able to fill orders. The first edition sots in twenty days. Fcr full description, opinions of leading papers and men, and urmcaddrcss the publishers, CLARKS A CO-. 80 and S 3 Washington-at„ Chicago. A GENTo—Wanted—l,ooowanted,mole XJL and female, in a new business. Samples sent fie*, with testimonials ol the highest cnaract-.r. Address GOO L)SPEED A CO., 148Laxe-st„ Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—Experienced tiret _rl class canvasser*, * gentlemen and ladles, tor “WASHINGTON'S PRATER AT VALLEY FORGE; a new ana magnlbcestr steel engraving; price. <3AO Haa peculiar •recommendations which cause it to be admired by every American, of whatever sect or party Agents everywhere are meeting with unparalleled sue cess. Publishers' hUben commission given. Ad dress. 3. S. BOYDEN. 73 Clark-sn, Chicago, 18. AGENTS —Wanted—Male and female, to sell a new article in great demand that every lamily wants. Si per dav made a Ithont leaving home. Travelling averts can make from $5 to SJO per day, without interference with other business. The arums fcr itself. Samples, with terms and particulars of the business, sent lor 25 cents, flridr**” R. W. CHAPPELL. Drawer 6533. Lh'cago. A GENTS—Wanted—Porioisom's new JrX Under Feed LEITEB A SEWING MACHINE, price «8 to <4O. Machß.es sent on trial. P. ATKIN SON. 164 Booms No. 6. Chicago. Ills. A GEN Tb—W an ted—To sell the Amer ican Republic and American Continent. The two maps sent free to any address for £l. Oast thing ontforagents. Also Qfty kind* ef charts andLCOO tines of pictures. Acdress SAMMONS. WRITE A CLARK, 179 Lake-at. Chicago. A GENTb—Wanted—The “Fenian Mar- Jr\ tyrs.” Every Fenian, every Irishman, every Catnolfc, wants this picture. Samples sent tor 50c. For circulars and terms, address GOOD SPEED AGO.. 148 Lake-tL, Chicago. AGENTS—Wanted—Enclose $9.8-sfor XT. complete outfit on “ LIFE AND DEATH IN REBEL PKJbONS,” the erratest se-lmg book ever published. A- KIDDER, 98 Waahlngtoa-flt., Chlcagj A GENTS—Wanted—For a new book FA ot great nubile interest—“THß UORUOV PRO PHET and HIS HAREM,” or. An Authentic jMy of Brlgtsm Young, his Numsrona Wires and Children. By Mrs. C. V. Waite, wife ot Don. C. B. Walts, fete U. S. Judge la Utah Territory. Wilt* steel portralsi ol Bn ebam Young, Joseph bßltta, Ore, Connor. Got. Doty, and a fall-psga view of the “Phophet’s Block,” and plan cf the “Lion’s House” or “Barem.” This m the only complete, impartial and reliable work upon Mormonlsra ever pub.tihsd. It contains she persacal history of Orlgbam Tonne, which Is traeed to hl« set tlsmentln Utah: his poliutai. social and financial cha racter and doings; a complete history of the Territory and of Mormoalim in Utah; tbesjßt*mof polyzatny; social hie of the Mormoas; livse and services of G*ns ral P. Edward Conaor and the late Governor of Utah, J.Dnass Doty; the came, history and personal descrip tion of each of the wire* of Brigham Young, and ton endowmcct ceremeny In fn'L Ac., Ac. To he sold only by subscription. Liberal terms of fered. * Send lor cUcolar and terms, and if you are ready to comments work, remit $3.00 for agent’s som ptete outfit, and name vrur choice ot territory. J. B. GOODMAN A CO., Publishers, 5 Custom House-place, Chicago, 111. A GENTS anted A few more /A agents. To competent parties a salary Irom <ICO to s2ooper month wilt be paid- Addressatoace,P. O. 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