Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 24, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 24, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. latest News by Occ*n Trlrgrapb. Napoleon Jealous of the Pow- er of Prussia. Belgium Refuses lo Join the Em peror’s Proposed Con federation. Turkey Declines to Cede the Island of Candia to Greece, Details Concerning the Late Irish Revolt. FROM WASKINGTOH. Proceedings in Congress Yesterday. Passage of the Supplemental Be fousl ruction Bill Over llic frcsideU’s Yelo. Vole in Uie Senate, 40 Yeas ta 7 Nays. Tn the House—l l4k Teas to 2 5 Nays. Large Amount of Enbel Property Restored by tbe President. Ureal Fire al Earlvillc, Illinois, Loss of Property Estimated al $150,000. . FROM ILKOI-E. BY OCKAN TKbKCBAPH, Prussia. Beiilix, March S 3, cars* or ravoixor’s jeaxou*y. There is a bitter f< cling in France over the al legrd treaty between Pmisls, BavntU and Baden, and it is believed that the enort ol Napoleon to forma ConicdcraticnagainstProwlsi? traceable to this came. Beeuh. March S 3. tnXATT WITH TBE KIRODOM 01* WQBTXUBOUQ. Kmc William has aurceeded In effecting an of fensive at-d defensive treaty with the Kingdom o. Wnrtcmbcrg. Belgium. nrrraAX to xom SAfoixos’e costed ERAnns. Match SS. It is officially announced that Kl»-g Leopold will sot chler into the piopos-ed Confederation with France, Holland and hmtzcriand. The Kn«tmi Qucavlon. titiext nnrcpxs to cede card la to oueecb. Tierra, March Si. The Sublime Porto has refused riie proposition oftheGicat Powers relative to ceding Canola to Greece. Great Britain. STEAMER ittUlVil. v Queebstowr. Marches. The steamer Mas button from New York has ar rived. LsKU Foreign markets. ri.VAA.IAL. Loudon. Much 32—Noon. CCooiola 91; bond*. Tils; Il luoli Central, '•OX Erie, i3*. I/ikdox, March Consol*closed at 91 for Unuey; Flve-firestle<, 71.’,'; lilltoh Cci.lral, 7s.T; K-Je, S 3. Feaaktoct, March 51—Evening. Five-Twenty bonds c!o>cd at «S. I’abis. March 2J—livening. United Elates bond* *r>ld i>~<i «y at 6:?;. C-UIUARUIAL. Ljvcxi’Ool, March 33—Noon. .Coif ndn 1 ! all-I!.d To JU'Cd lnu uplanns; Ux : f j r New Orie<ns. rr<.vbi(t:a, ■•orally noebaored. £a»ter& ]>rine 77s Cd. dread•tuiT* u-ehAngeu. Oats quoted at :H Sd. LlVTftrooL. Marrhm-Rv-ulos. Cotton rlosrs QCiet it IS; s '.al.(l fur twiddling o;* laode. EaJe.KUC halts. hri-acliltiri< n artel qu-et. Ccrn. tu. Pro visum m*rku lucilve. Fork flrr.u Lard, ctr a. fcplriu turorcllnc. ST- rd ; c imp'll!, Si W; CalcoU* HOMZ-d t Ct». ltV-l.3ft!4>C tor -eiu-h pig. Al>Vlt)tvS BY idAIL, Mriails Ceoccniing tne t*atn Fenian ttctoll-TIU‘ ltrb*lk (knilVontcd bf Troop* and Ur*|-**nn'<t Id mII Ulrec- tioiiM—Ariomtin Ward’s Last McknesK. New Took, March 23.—Tbe steamerjAu trallai Vrfi gs Liverpool addicts to the Bth and Queen, tovo to the lull im-tnur. The Fenian movement was dying out. Where ever Fenians arptsrrd they were promptly laced b) the tioops and constabulary and at ouco dis persed. Ihf London Tli/ics me* tbs arm** of rv*vy retur-Amcrlcan «ho may be found spreading treason among people Th*- Pall liall (isrdiV says; **fbl< outbreak Jnstid'S all the apprehensions cxvres-cd lu this juun-al three weeks ago, nameir, that In a conn try like Ireland, Q,ouo or C.OHJ rebels, divided Into dlßcreiit bands, and actu.gon the pi in of the late Polish insurrection, may harass and fatigue lire litres tha* number of troops and keep tbe couutry In a state of revolt for an almost indefin ite time.'. The Cork Exnmbur of the Btb says: “The in aurrectiou. wLich Tbnr>day eeemea all but sup pressed. baa, In one direction began again to as sume a serious aspect. iotlJnietick mo Tipperary the Fenians hare been permitted to assemble in large bodu-s. and Slopes anil Galles were yuster day occupied by an laenrgcnt lore.-, believed to master several U>oa-and. Kh cot anticipated that thtlr temerity will go to the length of risking an encounter with troops, they bare no tucacs of carrying on an offensive war fare, anc an attack an tbe force which occupies Ibe line of railroad, wo*dd tumpiy ct tiJI daughter upon tbe insurgents. Bo far fiom Jielng able to assume the o.Tcnslvp, the rebels could not maintain their position in tbe mountains for an boor against a delennlm-a at tempt to dislodge them; but In >be ‘act ol the men being collected, however imperfectly armed or named, there is a certain amount of danger, and the existence of this foice will, we fear, keep alive the movement in other places, where U was -dying out. Berond this tbe danger •does not extend, for even if no at tempt should be made to disperse the insurgents, their entire want of supplies will render It impossible tor them to bold together long. Vague rumors, however, are current ih*t weharenot seen tbe wont of tbe Insurrection. Tnrongbont yesterday a sense of insecurity wide ly prevalied/not only in tbe country, nut m Wa terford aad Kory, which hare iliheno remained comparatively tranquil. Every one wbo can possibly quit the country districts is coming for necmity into towns. It is Impossible to ear what may not occur, for we are dealing -with a movement not to bo Judged by Uie roles of ordinary common sebse. but after tbeexperiemrof tbe nan lew days; afler tbe an- Intelruuica disaster that has befallen the in-ai gents wherever they come la cotta t w,ui the police or soldiers, cv« bonder the most favorable circumstances, uo can hardly Imagine bow the same nen could con'inue to d lode thctnre'.ves with tbehopc of future success. Much of the panic that prevails is. wc wtD not say unreasonable, but unfounded. 'rhe entire forth of Ireland and weal of Ireland remains tranquil. InthU county the movement has ccasca to be formidable. Kerry and Waterford are tranquil, and (be only polt-t at which danger exists where tbe Fenians arc collected in tbe neighborhood of the Gs'.les, where tin* military torce In theli Croat la amply aofflcicnl for ary emergency.” Tie remains ofAriemns Ward bare been tempo rarily placed tu a vault at Keosal Green ..emetcry, Lonnon. when. In accordance with bis desire, they wtu be comeyed to America. For nine days be fore his death be was quite insetulblc. By bis wilt he leaves the hoik of hU pioperiy to his mother, and bis love tor children is shown by tbe extraordinary number of legacies to persons of tender age. The property bequeathed to bis mourn le at her death to raven lu trust to Horace Oree er«to bcfapolted lor tbe foundation of an asy lom for aged ai d dveayea printas. FKOM TF ABUI.>GTOS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] WasuivcroK. March 33. thz QcziTio* or ADJocaxaKxr. The icsolotion for an adjournment ol Congress -on Tuesday noon to the regular time to Decem ber. kept the Senate till a late hour this cvcutug. Mr. Trumbull movea H. and Messrs. Peaeerdcn* Conkiiog, Srewart, Conness, Williams a d John son supported It. The opposition came from Chandler, Drake. Morton, Yates, Sumner, Nye, Morrill, of Vermont, and Uowc, Governor Valrs speaking twice at some length, and Mr. Drake speaking three or four times, Mr. Chandler very stronclv denouncing the President. Tbe proposition to meet in June received fourteen votes, the middle of October nineteen, and the trst of November eighteen. The first Monday tn December was finally txed by yeas 33, nays tG. Tbe Republicans who voted in favor of the tOiO lotion were: Ambony, Ptclingbaysen, Sherman, Cameron, llcndvrson, Sprague, Catteu, Howe. Slswart,* Conkling, Morgan, Trumhall, Contes*. MomJI, of Me, Wllev, Corbl L Patterson, ol N.Wiiilam*, Hnmnnde, u. Wilson. Fessenden, Ramaey. Tbe opporite vote was as follows: Chandler, Colo, Cragin, Drek-, Fowler. Bm lan. ow »fjL Sumner, Morrill, of Vc, rhayer, Mortou. Ijpton. Torn Jt>y, Wa Ic and Yates. Of the Republicans who voted in the affirma tive, the lo.lonlng hid al-o voted for meeting in October; Edmunds, Mornlf, Patterson and Wil son. Tbc House spent nearly labours ombe rcso- Intlon 'bronebt lu '7 -dr. Blaine lor adjournment on Tuesday noon to tbc l ih of Novtmher, bat came to co conclusion thereon, ilia debate wti participated to by Mesw*. Blaine. Dmlcr, ttouv well, Stcvci t,Wilson. of lo»a.Oilfield, Bealamm and others, and teemed to Indicate that there were about fory-flve IbrpuM'catja who wjnl to meet in 3Uy or June, and about tbc eame number irb© went lo reassemble In October. If a rjla could lave been u-ached on Mr. BJaino’a n'opoaltloi, t» would probably hare been earned by a email majority. The Senate resolution trill be taken licm the Speaker's table as soon at It can bs ictiltco on Monday, atd a sharpeqoaoblowtU pr< l-tbly fobow tbe iiuestionoragrcuieg to I’. lie Inuu-aciiCient parly win oppose I; strongly, but ili? indications are that U trill be carried ihff-neb. It itonM receive a stronger to elf U fxed a time three nr fonr weeks earlier. doouttle muipxwr. ’ho speech made in the Benito this atlemoon I.y Air. DouilUlo, when the copy of lbs evidence taken by Ihe New York Custom lloase Invest!* galirg Committee was presmlcd. wsa certainly it c moat extraordinary one ever delivered In that Chamber, The berate suspended It* Mm to u»e such lansnage as he pleased, and be availed himself of this unprecedented prlr lUcc to denounce Mr. llnlbard. o>e chairman ol ike Committee, In the coarsest and most offensive •cjiiie, accusing him of perjury, lorcery, wanton slander ana v»Urn! falsebooas. Governor Morgan ard Sir. ConUlrg briefly and temperately ro n jicd Doollnlc'a abuse. and defended Mr. Hal bard, saying that fcc»* the purest of men. st-dthat lie had only performed the duty with which be was chaired by the Home, Tbeevl drticewa* referred tottc Judiciary Committee, wiih tlhcoion* to Investigate the whole question concerning Doolittle and Patterson, and if uccea i .try (u fcdo for persons and papers. XXOTIIKB VETO VSTOSS. • The vein wc?»ase on the UecomtmcMoa Bill ... .-r; ;cd the Donsc jnst forty minutes, and »te .-i %s»e just tslrty mlnn»e*, this aitenioon The aiu-iirtatee in the cilleries was not grottier than ned then- wavno debate or objection to lia ate action In either body. It appears from :v o or three senltucev in Ui« opening panutrapli li t- mcetsgo that mdlherthe President nor V. omey CcnciaJkaJ read Ilia bill since tbo last ih cc anitr.ilmenu- of the Hou*e were added there i«. as then- Is an entirely incorrect statement a>- in ih» srvpj with rujpcct to the ponlsk jiiiolfor perjury. dills xrrnom. T he President has signed ibe bill otderlng Iho I'kl.ruotid t!OliI< so-calti-i), to bu paid Into the Tit-a: urv: al*o me bill giving one -tilt of dotting to iTch liuuaif of soy Soldiers' Home, and also lb* bill directing Secretary .-*cw»rd loturu over th' proj-erly at Camp Cbss: to the State anthon- Ike. deitouatiok op nsoez. rnoriuTt. STlic New York Trfbvne special s-jys General raxtou, in tin testimony before the tlnJlclary c»>Uitnltiec ccccern'Dg the rcstorati n of property to M-bvls In in South Carolina, said he adel np fn -jute* orders issued from the War Department bv rbc Trcsioenl ol Ibe Util ed Slates, flic hiiuuiil of ihls pvupmy was verv la»go. as l» cmiEistrd of houses, lands, Ac., which bad been al-m-doned by the rtbcls. All the property In the lends ol the Ttcaruty Agents daring iho rebellion, and vvi lch has been lumcd ov*r to General baxloa, was aUo sum*miwed to the jrlwls by order of ib*r IVcsldc'iL Thfcommltrco hare gone very fnlly Into this quolioo, and the ovidencu tnu* far flicked shows i til buortti-o* oi mlllioue of dollars’ worth of puipftiy have liocn trrned over to leading rebels uiiiioDtany watranl of law. Th» New- Yoik Time*’ epcc’al eays General Howard leatifled before ibe Judiciary commlttno jcrteroiy coucenlnc the retloraUou o; almodim t-d rebel pKim tty. Ho bad himself prepared the «r!g<nal orders for restoration, and submitted ihi mto tbs President for approval. Wlrm they wire ntamed to him be louud them to much mcdltlvo and changed as to rvtablkh a policy al together dlncrent from the one be baT recom menced. TiuxncsKT or xirxßicxjr cmzcxs im chut Burr jus. WxtnnroTOir, March la.—The correspondence relative toibu arrest, imprisomo- m aud (reauncat ol Amciicau citizens in Great Hntaln. or its Piov leers, ulibiu two yt-am jtflet. Is «UB In proems, an; u eif ibr<- its jiobllraifon a* the present Janet tin- vvuttM, lu tiio opn.lon of the Secretary ot .*i:<[n. be InmiDjiotlDlc with tbe Interest ol the Unin d btotes. TUX IKDLUf TUOtrDLBS. (knrral Shin? an, in a letter Hum hli beadquar ms. dated at Fort ijirainle, on the 131 b, say* all tro |.b In the Department of Dakota ami on the I‘kttc and Niuonri Ulvera are Iteljg placed in petition- to afford the best protection o the telegraph and mall rnn'ca across 'he Plains, as well as to protect the fonr principal iOSus by which tbcrnilgrantß travel ormerenama send Ihtdi good* dasUpcd lor iho monn'alo Ter rilcries. Ibo troops will occupy poiila wbict Can eicadlly heir by a fraction ot the garrison, •'lijlr Ibe remainder cao operate as escort forex pe- Kiona between the posts. Th' 1 commanding iifficeTKol Ihcse posts or ittottotu wRI act urtliut all jn oplr nho violate the laws of Congress. or who etdanger (bo Jives or property of people, be they white, black or copper-colored. When there an no courts or dnl authorities 10 bold or pan leb each malefactors, we most, he says, o( necea .liy use the moeket pretty freely—the only weapon *bicb soldier* ought to deal wUh. Peaceful peo jili-. whites. blacks, or Indians, will be left to be diolt wlib by the civil authorities aa-iagLata. xiutart xxrsnrnoHß. General Hat cock has organized a special force cl nbont fifteen hundred men, with which ha will proceed In perecn to the country of the Cheyennes and Kiowa*, below ihe Arkansas, and there con icr with them and ascettain If they want 'o flgfi 1 ., .n which cate b- will indulge them. If, however bey will assure him thatithey will remain at peace, •oMecr to their treaties and agen’s, wo wul no dbtnrb them. General Augur has prepared a force of about 2,0i0, to be*rntntder a competent commander, tic.mal Ribbons, to the region of country in the Lep; t ol Ton der andTeilow Stone rivers, to pou uh bat da o' beanie sloux who h*vc located ilut toad for the i«attyear, and killed many people, and are at open war. No mercy should oe shown o these Inalans, for they grant no quarter, nor ih for it. Genera] Augur was instructed, if possible, to noutyall Sioux who wished to avoid the Cite of •bnr hostile fellows, to come into some of the military posts on the Platte, where we could iccl them temporarily, and lorn them over to tbo cvro tn their proper agent*. But as Congress a Commi-slon to visit teosc In dian*, General Sherman bad Instructed him to delay active hostilities until these Commissioners l ine exhausted their efforts, and reported to aim riu ir Inability to iufiucnce the conduct of the hos tile Sioux by pacific means. TUICtRtA LEGISLATURE. "the Richmond legislature adjourned until April 10th. The State Debt Interest BUI was . osec.i. Dlrmop DR. UTIKOBTORE. I'ainculars of the death ol Dr. Livingstone have ■•(■co officially received by letter from the United ■utee ConsulmZanzibar. TUX IXTEACtUtaUT. Air. Wilson, charinan ot the Xloase Jodi • ta y Lommltue, will leave to-morrow for lowa, nt’«l will bo absent lor acvtfal weeks. Tbeittt uubna-m matter will not beaeSnUcly acted on •mill December rext. REomuxTiow or vorsns. I lie leelsdetion of volets In toe First Ward up io to-ulgbr shows 1,411 colored and t£3 wbties. THE WAItTLAM) SERATOUSniT. I) appears that llie farther iDqnlrr at to Iho loy tli v of Governor Thomas. Senator elect from Waiylsnil, haa been po-lponed until the nhXtscs :on«f Congress. TUB TREASURY PRIRTIRO BUREAU. WA*itiEr,TON. March 53.—Tbe commute to to r-tiga e the affairs of Ibe Fiin log Burean report iiandulcnt or over wane of Government -erniiiles. TREASURY DISBtnummTTB. Disbarsemenia fur Ilia «eekff2,S'B,sr^. INTCBHAL USVXHU* KBCSIPTS. receipts ot lotcreal Revenue to-dav, $559,670. uciiHox. 7 li<* National Base Ball Clnh propose a western 'iij» about the middle or Jcly. They win mil ircinnsu, Lonlivlllo, Indianapolis. Schools,anJ Utueo. AH AHK*HBAS fIEHATOB. ItAsniHCTiH. March 23,—A. 11. Garland, ex member of tbe Confederate Congress, has arrived it Washington, lie is one of we senators elect ' oin Arkansas. As it la certain that any apoltca ton be may make for admission to the senate will ■•• c M-jrciec, itu understood that be incooa car •yii.g tbu matter before the Supreme court. TKIiL or SimilATT. Siirnirt will probably not be tried before the next term ot Conr.ln -lime. The prisoner and Ins counsel ate anxious fur a speedy trial, but tor -otne unasalgned reason his case 1* thus delayed. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. WiPjnsoTos. March S 3. SENATE. Mr. HARLAN reported! joint resolution pro vininr lor the registry of children infbeDl-irict of (,’olnrobla between the a gee ol stxand eighteen rears; also, tbe number ol schools and teachers ;o he reported to the next Congress. Paused. The Senate refused Mr. CHANDLER'S request t« op the hill amhorizlcg the sate or ships to an; foreign Government at peace with the United "talc*. The transaction Is purely commercial. Air. RAMSRY Introduced a joint resolution In structing the Secretary of War to cause the exam ination of the losses on the Mississippi Riverfront tec mouth of the Ohio to the Golf of Mexico, the cost of repair or construction, Ac. Referred to Oirrolltee on Commeicc. Mr. COLE in’roduccd a bill to promote forest tree culture on lh-. Plains. Referred to the Com mittee on Agriculture. Mr. CONNERS introduced a resolution re quiring the Secretary* ot tbe Treasury to commu nicate any information frt mar have relating to •or proposed change in the mint laws of tbe Ucited Matos on the subject of refining gol 1 and rJlvcr and public policies incident thereto. . Adopted. Mr. W ll>ON called up the bill In relation to the collection of money due to colored soldiers, sailors and marines. It provides that all checks and treasury certificate* between soldiers and -ailorf and tneir representatives now residing in auy State in which slavery existed tn ISA shall bo paid to tbe Commissioner of thePrcedmca’s Dm can, wbo is made responsible lor their custody aid delivery to tbe proper persons. Mr. SHERMAN oheted an amendment that ill motey held and disbursed under tbts act spall be held and dlborjed under the laws regal ulug dm'wring offireni of the army. Bliipassed. Mr. RAMSEY called up tbe bill to grant to the American Telegraph Company of New York the light qf way tbd privilege to boy land and opc tau- a snbmaitne telegraph cable on the Atlantic coast of the United Slates, and establish tele graphic communication between the United 'tkireand Europe by way of the Bermuda and Arorrs Islands. Passed. Mr. WILSON iutrodneed a bill providing that that* shall be no denial of the elective franchise <o any male cULvnof the linked Elates by any sr«>e on account of color, race or previous con dition, anything m Wo Constitution or larva to the eontrarr notwithstanding. Ordered printed. Ur. WILSON introduced a bill containing tiie provision* of the bill ol July fifth. ISbfl. rela tive to additional bounties; providing that It -hat) uc applicable to drafted men, seamen and marines tor a corresponding period. Referred. •v r.'iHAVER it t odneed a joint resolution for liVding tbe removal or location ol any public tunds bild In trust for any tribe for sneb pur poses, unless sptctflcally authorized by law or ucaty tUpalailan. Referred to Committee on In dian Attain*. _ ihe Senate concurred in the House amend ments to tbe bill to provide lor the Importation, dn-y free, of works of art for preacnta'lon, Ac ihe testimony taken by the Committee on tbe Nt w lorit Custom Uon*e frauds, and transimlted to liio tenate as aCectmp ceraln member* of this tooy, was taken irom the table. . Lexer?. I'AITEUSON and DOOUfTLE de fei dta tbemselvis fTom the charges made against rhem. Mr. HOWE expressed Ibe belief tbattbechargee against hi* colleague were witfaont foundation, and of a most oujuat character. contider lMc ci-bate. the tcailmouy was referred to the Jo •Ucinry Committee, wno were empowered to proa ccuio the Investigation and send lor persons and paper*. or- mutton of Mr. TRUMBULL, the Senate pro ceeded to cocslder ibe Supplementary Rocon >u union Bill aid the Frealdent'a veto (hereon. The vote resnlled—ycafl 40. nays 7. namely: Rcikalew, Davis. Dixon, Doolittle, Norton, Pat irrecin.Ssulsbmy. So me bill having received a two-u-lros vote of those preseu was paasod. - RDMuUii ofiered a coscnrrent resolu * • t,u i* l *! tRe two houses adjourn Tun-day next at ixon. t«i>beflret Monday tn December. . ?i uve d to amend by Inserting in st« ad, October 15. R«occicd-i5 ar.lnri ts. Mr. LOURILL. rt Vcnnout,moved to amend by inserting tnc fl«t Monday In November. RcjCClcc—lß agaiusl 27. Mr. nUMNtR moved an amendment, to adjourn till June, iben, nnless olherwUe ordered, till De rr tuber. ixjst—ir to 31. Mr. CHANDLER moved (be Executive session. Lo*r. Mr, YAl‘K< opposed the resolution. After furiherdenate, tbe resolauin wassdopted, SU to IC, and the HenaUiad.ionrDed to Mondsy. J!r. MYEUS Introduced a bill to Increase tbe fmce of t‘c I'aUQi Office, authorizing additional examiners tth-it ncccetary to the nmnWrot four ui c.cb class and a Solicitor or tbc Patent Office. amendment to the Doom Joint reso lution, providing foe the Importation, duty tree, of objects or artjmportcd for picsenut’oo to Hie oovcrotmo*. Slate CJovernm**nts or municipal corwra'ioca. was concurred In. ... _ . Tie senate bill supplementary »o_ the act of June I', Ibtfi. to rrlmborsc West NTplnla jor war • spemci*. wsa patted. iiplaceslbcdittlbnui-a of tbc taosev tbc Scurbur of War. oicot) Moor**, the President a Private becre tiiiy. appealed tncl delivered the veto encjaacc oa (■ c Supplementary Jtrronstrnciiun Dili. orrujfta or tii» veto xbssaoe. Ihe President objicta generally to tba bill, ana YOL. XX. esrroaltvtoibtt registry, no person* bam" p** - mined to vote wbo*e namrs ar« not record'd, u • »ay* as '.heprcllintcariee to bolding ihe Conven tions are under martial law, and conducted by comrraLdlng officers, ard as Ibcretis no appe-.l '.xc, \hc registry to those m control of *. wbeho-ayro act a* to prevent the election of such delegates as may faßihf.ilr renre-'ent tar v tktes at she people of the in the Gonjen lion lo be called to frame the new Cunsmn lon, no corsldcrailonr. conld Induce him to rive hi* approval to tfocb an electioi. law. lie speak) ii u c UccotißirucUoa Hill and tula ?np wh saw ary one as establishing under martial law, military coercion, ard aa wnrklnc political dis- Itrwchlrvmrnt. He then reNtvod to U»e remark* m Daniel Webster acalbst iniltury Governments lonndcd on force and mock elections, and takes occasion to icltetala his tic** heretofore express ed m relation lo iho restoration of Uie Union, ex piesriLs the tope that cvtntnally all -he buxes wU be admilitd to Ibe enjoyment of their right, ruder the CotisiltuUon. . _. tQA u The mttsage having been read, Mr. WILSON, of low a. moved lb** previous question. wnicn was rccoitned, ar.d the House procitsded to vole on the gm alien. *• blail (he Mil be parsed, the ohjec lions ol the rrcsl'icnt toihc contrary notwiih standing!" Yeas, 111: nay, S 3. So me Mil was pa-sed snd sent to the Senate. , Air. BLAINE ofleffd a concurrent resolution when the Home adjourn next Tuesday, Übe loNovemberilih. . M . Debate followed. In the conrae of which Mr. C vine • aid: It la settled that on any showing, orn n« baa a man as Ardy Johnson n concerted to V*. ana “i slew be may batm done, the peo ple do not believe It worth white to upturn the inundation ol Ibe Government by. bavins the ex trao:dloarA spec'a-Je here of getting him out of tfficelnibatvray. ... Air. El EVENS said that within the last two west a «nv «f the tat ae*l meeting* ever herd in the f'ttnurofP'cuDrylvanla war held in Schuylkill, imperatively demanding Impeachment, lie be lieved the pimple expected me Hou-o to examine the rarltur. and If there nosJn-l cause lolmoearh At.iln tv Johnson, lie Intimated teat Mr. Blaiue End roterlcruincd hi* present views iigalnM Imj cachment nniil aflcr the ckx-lton of thoprea* uui presiding offirer of the ttanstn, and relurrcd lo e icuark of Air. lllalce t'»al he pr lei red that me trreci't Exocnilve remain In office rattier thin have the shilly-shally treys of the Senator of r>hlo iWace). intiodncvd Into the posluon Mr. Lj.alN'E denied bavins made the the state ment, tboneb he admitted having expressed a ii't-fe eucc tor Air. Farreodnii Incase of the re moval w{ the WcsldenL and Inllmaicd that U wsa ~o; exact)) proper for Mr. Suiveustc retail private coßvenaiimi. Mr. K 1 imtlKiF. pimsrd an nnslcly for ad journmrnl. lie nr deivtood the gentleman wished (‘orgrrrsto remain in soalou to impeao the rrr«nlri.l becaitso he mad'; appotntmvois on irolnli-al eruueds, whib. the Senate rejected the u tn :bn sazan ground / dbenssion atom which at one moment thn-a'cncd loj nnpleasanl belwcon Messrs. LJMtiPCR brd OAKF.EI.u. on the Utter’* statement that he obUuu-d bla IntomiQoa in re paid to the Presldent’a anxiety lot adjournment icom thegentlemen on tbaDemorratxsMde. Ihl- Idea Air. Gardeld inbseiiuenlly explained to mean rln.piy t! ai be bo ame aware ot that feeUns juat as ! e was a? are from light that it was dy. Air. BOUT WELL expressed a wl-h that Mr. lilrice would withdraw bla resolution tUI fnimday «>r Wvdwtsdav. Air. WIIJ-ON, of lowa, favored adjournment thot ilie Juiilcl><ry Committee night have more time to investigate the matter more thoroughly. After farther debate. Air. BENJAMIN moved to tabic the resolution. Negative*—s9 against 73. Ibe previous question was then seconded, and the House, without disposing of the subject, au- Jonincd. THE STATE LEGISLATURE. VIWJOKBIN. [Special Despatch to the 'Chicago Tribnne.J Madisor, Wis., March 23. SENATE. In (be Senate a long communication was read from Mr, L. Beheren, urging the passage of laws to prohibit the consolidation of tfie Milwaukee & Prairie dn Chler, the Milwaukee A St. I*Bol, and the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad com panies. The Senate bill prescribing the manner of ex pending the money on deposit with the State Treasurer for finishing the Fox and Wisconsin Diver Improvement, and the limiting timed the completion of the same, was passed. A»>EMBI.Y. In the Assembly a was adopted, in viting Henry Vincent, a liberal Englishman, to lecture Is the Assembly Chamber. Among the bills Introduced, was a bill relating to the sue and conveyance of lands of minors: abo concerning the education ot the deaf and dumb, and relating to ibe sale of intoxicating drinks to Indian*; also relating to the preserva tion of brook tiou*. SENATE—S2RD. In the Senate last evening a bin was Introduced appropriating for the St Mary Asylum, at Wau kesha, fSQQ; to amend the law relating to town offices; to authorize County Supervisors to lay out. alter and discontinue highways In certain cate-. * hich passed. A report was submitted showing that there Is doc the State from counties only thirty-six thou sand dollars. Among the Senate bUIa pasted, was a call fixing the tuns of office of county judges at four years, one providing fur their election throughout the S»aie at the tame time. About ISO Assembly bills were considered, re ferred to eommmUtees, Ac. ASSEMBLY—2tD. in (be Assembly bills were Introduced amend ing reel ion 1. chapter SIC, laws of 1860, relating to the Goicrnm-nt Hospital for tbelnctno; also, amending cfcapur 16A, of the Revised concerning the education of tbe bima: also, amending the law providing a Dome for soldiers’ uipbsns; to Incorporate the Natural History As- KK-lflilr.p of Wisconrin It is now pre.ty generally conceded thitthr Ltxivlstore will adjourn on tbe eighth oayo: April, and not before. Fccnie bill twenty seven is in some Jeopardy in ibe Assembly. Tbe Railroad t'ommiilee there !>- in a tenibie dilemma, and don't know whether to irport for or agatrst the bill. Tfce lobby c*a not -ell nhetber they arc aloot or on hor&eback. MICHIGAN. [Special Despatch to lie Chicago Tribune.) I .albino, Mareb SI. Among rail road and wagon road bills vc*ocd ibis morning was one. general In Us application, authorizing local aid to plank and giavel road-, nblih passed both Houses by a constitutional ma jority cncr tbo v. to. Ti.e Scna'c pasted the House reso’ntion faror im> tin ootnission off-males to tbo University. hills pas-ert to provide for the incorporation of Masonic loopea; toanihomoJndires of Probate mappoint clerks; io rcpnlatc tel graph comna )>le> aid their agfnts; to authorize a terry across tbe Menominee Itlver; to provide tor voting pro cli cu* in townships? a bill to regulate Ihebosiccaa ot Insurance. 1 le House passed the bill to amend the ehartcr oi the eliv of Jackson: to authorize the taxation of Ihe stocks ot Nations] itanße, with amend ments, whicti were not concurred in byth? Sen ate. BEU WARE, WnJtrvotOH, March 23.—Tbe Bela irare Lcgia lalme adjourned last evening. Among Uielm poriarl legislation baa been the passage of a bill to equalize pneiabment, regardless of color, the rejection of the Cons'itnlloual Amendment, and ibe package of an amendatory school law. There Is a strong feeling among the Republi cans of this State In lavor of Impartial snttrage. and a movement Is about being inaugurated in favor of it. Ihe Commercial, of this city, cootaina an edito rial article strongly urging the gift of the ballot to the colored citizens of Delaware. FIB£S. Dcctrncilvo Conflagration at EarlvHle, lllnoi»*-Lois JRatlmated at $150,000 Fins In Other Place*. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] EaitLTiLLE, March 23. A lire caught at nlno o'clock last evening from the igniting of knoscuo In the collar of a store cm cod by A. B. Conklin. Thence it rapidly ex lead' d to the storea of Luther Beal, Robison A Co„ Mlrick A Co., A. B. Broesc, Joseph Hat?, the harncsß Hreeseand banking house of Win. R. ilaigbt. Crossing the street a took in as course the stores of L. Biscock. ti. T. McKin ney, Shield, A Co., saiooa of A. M. Smith. milli nery store of Mrs. r. B. Smith andriaw office of J. VT. Browne, Esq. Ua course In tbU direction was stayed by the three story brick store ot J. J. Pool. On another street it consumed the large livery stable o' Tbcmas Dtsemorc; the large building of Mr. McGregor, occupied in part by himself as a grocery; also, the store of Brown A Mason; har pers shop of M. Bassel. and basement uloon of O. Rodck A Bro.: also, (he grocery of William Van Dei vetter. The nrzt and laat building con snnud m tbts direction was tbe large hotel of C. W. Brown. Nearly all the bonding* were in good condi tion, and well stocked with aoods, quite a por tion ol which were saved, though in a damazed condition. Tbe insurance 1* comparatively llebt in almost every Instance. Brown's Dotel, with alt Us con cent?, b a total loss. Many ot tbe bnildlngs were occupied by families in the upper stories, who jre by this disaster rendered homeless. But two or three stores arc left standing. At one lime tbo large gram warehouse of Lukins A Jo. «t> on fire, hot was saved with little damage. Our town orvevntsa dreary and desolate ap ea'Mi.ce to-day. Ibe los? is large for a country town, belt g variously eaumaiedat from $123.0w) to SiNktOu. Maxtcko. March S3.—At (a little after mid ul--hta ftre broke out In tbe steam elevator occa plea by Granger A Miller, and at this writing (4 u'clickluthe mcrniug)ll Is cnUrelr consumed. It Is tnpposcdtohavTorislnitedin tbe toruaco, as the bo-lcr bad been under heavy pressure dur ing Ihe day and evening, wb'ch left the brick -1 *oik cuclosuto lulensety teated. The loss to H. P. Granger la about f5,0u0. No Insnracce. FROM ST. LODI?. Intereat on the State Debt—Snlt Agaiiut the itanolbal & 8u Joseph Railroad— The fflaaalsklppl Bridge Prejeck Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St Louis, March 23, Ibe State Sinking Fund Commissioners are ibout tianslcrrlngSScXkOOGto the Bank of Com merce, New York, to commence immediately the ayment of Interest one in July. Tie Attorney General is about commercing proceedings against Ihe Uanuibal & St. Joseph Railroad io entorce the payment ot Installments • ■vciunc since ISS9. Tbe amonot claimed u over Jr (X'.Ctf). IbcMiM'sslppi bridge at this point, under the auspices of St Louis parties, promises to be built, i be stockholder? organized last night, ano elected Charles R. Dickson President, and Jams- B, Eads Chlcr Euclcecr. Captain Eads returned a day or iwo ago from tbe East, where be wtin to make a nsgements for securing funds to do the work wi.p. He was completely sttccc'stal tn blanego i!aii< ns. having tn'eresfed Eastern capltailMs, and several powerful nd road companies in the cuter prifc, anatcectedancb arrangements with then ms caa-anteca tbe money needed. Among the capi'aH-ta Is Colonel Thum.s A. bcott, of Phila delphia. Tbe enbecrlntions required by the ebarterfrr the organization ol the company have Lccu made here in St. Louis, an-t by hi. Louts meii, atd ihe surveys for the »trncmrc have com •< cored. 31ic bridge has betn finally located at Wtuhicgtonavctnconthls side, and the dike on iL«- <ppn?i(c shore. U will bo a truss bridge, i. «l tot ire l and stone, and made as strong as .hoe material* can make it. Fitoiius eras ati. Decline* io Bun for tbe mayoralty— ( rnkbtd to Dratb—Omnlbua Thrown fivm an kmbankinrut. CntcrartATi, March 23.—At a meedug of tho Dimocratic hxeentivo ConuniUee last ofobt, a Ut*erwa?re»d from Samuel N. pike. Cecil nine 'be nomination a* candtaale lor Mayor. No ac tlorbar-as y- 1 been token in thcmatler. CrscijcKsn. March 23.—A btulolng sob-con liccior. catned Joi n C. Height, was crushed to o*»tb yesterday on Third atrect, bytbeaniden cam gin ol a cellar, the digging cf which be super mending. ! A Dili naa been introduced In the Ohio Legist*- tun. to regui«*ethe “eodal evil.” I*art of me cr.cme 1b to esiabli-h a Home of Kefurc. where Ml pio-'tiiotc* under eighteen y<*trj ol a’"e are to b-tent. It ako provides for a Board of Qcallh, lilrl* t-hall ho empowered lo enter all bodaea of I,: .j.nicacc mske enumeration. It. J. S. Mcn*>s, an aimy snrgeoti during |bc wut, will pruoably be appointed Postmaster hire. CiirijrwxTi. March 53.—The Newport aad Alcx- Hnrtrin (K*-ntnrky> omnibus waa thrown over an imbankmeht about seven miles l-um Newport, } r-ic tic) aferoooc, killing one psa.LDger auiec il«u-ly iiijviirg four or five utaers. FROM I(Eff TURK. Crnnd Banquet Cilvea by (iennee Pea* body— t*onlaoa— a Rfvrrc Gale -The AVIiiUT Gardro Tlifutrc tfntruyed by Mrr-suamrr Harriot Lane, Nrw York. Miwrh 22.—Thr Peabody banqae’ at Filiti Avenue Hotel, lest night to General and Mrs. Grant and the iniMec* ut the southern UdvcaUo’_al Eunt, wa« a gmad affair. Mr. Pea pr.dy ocenpltd lb<; cuilrrofibu north table, widj ArtL.irsl Faragut on hN h-fusid Mrs. Gram on lis right. General Grant, Mrs. Parragut and Itnburl iWmitirop wore the ris-g-ris of Mr. Pea- V.mlr, Admiral rarra.’Ut and Mrr. General Grant. Among Hit goca'e were Governor Aik>;n, of Snntb Carollra. Governor Utaham, of North Carolina. Gttieia) Anderton, Gu.eroor Clifford, BUtop Me llvainc. Itobert C. Wlntbrop. Governor Fish, Ur. After, A. T. Stewart, Air. Bancroft, and the wives ol s number ol these, beclder other ladles, were pmtnL Mr. Peabody made a short speech, and gave, •Mjur c» niitiy. our whole country—Pe Chief Al«g- IstraJe—ils ronsrtss- it** Army so? Navy, and tbs Commanders ot them both, who are wl*n ns lure’nw cvTidug'' Ho was interrupted h-.*ro by app-snse, audby the band playing National airs, vr tVeir ronclntton. he added: * , l‘hc cuutitry in vbleb 1 haro tong lived and prospered, aim Be honored and l-cloved uuwa.” speeches were nsde by liobertC. wlnthrop, Gi<>rgc Barcroft and otbera, Itetolnllons were ndt ntcd rxprcaelvo or gttiltodc to Me. Peabody lur lie princely «losa.: .n. t kc KCibem Senate of the Fealati Brolberhoon disposed of the proposition for a anion with the (•Karon biamh yesterday. They arc willing to mii'.eand send supplies lo Ireland, If a ievolution la acraally tn pro;rei>s in that country, bat the movtmmi against Canada will not te Ttlln* qm^hed. Tl'c storm on Thursday was Iho «erereit knows herein five yens. There were so signs,at an cstly boar Ibis rooming, of Its abating. The (tcamcblp Anstrslslan wsa nuable 1 • came id yo lerdsy, ond the Ocean and Aierrlmac Were ansLtc to go om. The Wtcttr Garden Theatre was entirely de stroyed by tire this morning. All the p'xni -rtles of ihe theatre. Inclndtr-g the msgnifleent wardrobe of Edwin Booth, were consumed. The Huothcrn Hotel adjoining was badly damaged. Lore about «CO,Cto. _ Nrw A’ens, March23.—By tno Winter Gaideu fire Edwin Booth loses bis entire wardrobe, trai ned at from fGJ.tOU to f 2UJ.OUJ. It fnclodee many iandly Irweie, tome of which belonged to bis ta’ber. lie is not insured. The lots on the theatre tfiecla >» about fGO, 1 bd i wot Insured. The damage u» Ibersontberu Hotel Is fis,fioo. Tne building t» i.wr ed by the heirs of and rained at JH r txxj. Coveted by Insurance. Its proprietors ore Brace ano Martin. tcvcial stores on the street floor were dam aged by water. The New A*oik Conn of Appeals is bolding a setskn at the Mclropolitsa Hotel tu this city for ihe it al ot a number ot Important ca«ea. The extent or ite lallote ol Kobin*on <t Ogden :a exaggerated. The amount of liabilities was s'a;cd at 12,(<CC.00U. the Ccm baa uot been dealers in Government stocks to any extent for more tbaa a year. Ibe loss Is reported as arls- inglicm speculative irauraetinns in stocks and gold lit the street. It Is believed tbattbe losses will not exceed CSS,<JOO. Die steamer Harriet Lane, having been released by ihv Spanish Government, left Havana on the ltfh. in charge of Captain Fanncer. her old com mander. She stopped at Charleston on the 59<h lor the purpose of coaling, and may be expected at ibis port about Tuesday next. Ibe Fenian Senate continued in session the greater part of to-day, and will prohaoly not ad junta before Tace r ay. Nothing positive trans duce retarding the deliberation*, but It is well nndi ndoed ihar preparations tor the coming Cana dian campaign occupied the principal part o> at tcruon. Asyc nothing has come of to® negotta lions looking to the consolidation of the two sec tions of the organization. - FEOM MOKKIS, ILL. Shoe Store Bobbed. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribunal Mourns, lU. March ft*. The boot and shoe store ot A. U. Tnttic was enured last night, and aboatfivc baudrvd dollars’ worth ot fine French call boots stolen. The birf entered from the back alley, through a :oai-tcu»e, and.cnttlng a hole In the hack door ot ■be store, unfastened the door. In bis exit he dropped three uncut skins in the alley. FEOM MADISON. Location of ibe Oshkoab and missis* alppl Bailroad—Tbe Railroad Tariff (iucition. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Mxduoh, Wisconsin, Marco JA. Atameettogof the Dtrcctois of the Orhkosb .ii d Mississippi Railroad hero to-day, it was re olrcd to locale the road from Oehkoah to itipoo. -.rar ibe Hoc of the Winnebago Hail road. Coo •idcraMe Interest wa« mamfastert. and It is hoped Lai the work Rill be commenced at an early •i ay. 'i be contest between the friends and opponents •f consolidation and a uniform tariff on railroads warm. Ithasbtt-n raining slightly moat of the day, coanging to enow this evening. BAILROAD DISASTER. collision on the Canada Great Western Uatiioad-tine Rian KUkd) awl Otn« rrs Injured—ilentroction of Bacaace and Kxprcm matter. Voopstock, C. tV.. March 22.—The night ex nss train, comp west, ran into a freight tram ear Woodstock, ibis morning. Mr. Rogers, mail ipini, was killed; Mr. Farrell, the conductor, .-ciicn.-'ly scalded, and Mr. Cillmas, express mee n*rer. .'lightly bon. TLe express and bag s;sf« care took lire and everytbibg Inside was DU' ned. ibe express safe is supposed to contain sixty thousand dollars. f 11031L0B1SVI1XE. ■naucnrstlon of tbe Clay Stanio— ercaalonal Nominatlonf. LotTisviixr, Much 23.—Tne Clay statue will be ■naiiLuntca in the Court House on the J2ih ol \pril. Bobert C. Wiutbrop, of Massachusetts, drlmis tbe address. Miilarij Fillmore and A. li. MCvhen? aio expected to be present. ibe Congrcsa comtnationa so tar aa made, eland us follows: Diet. Republicans. Copnerfaeads. 1 O. u.Symes. *L. §.Tumble. V .William A, BnlleU. AsaP. Grover. V 11.... Williamßtown. Jamesß. Beck. Till Milton L. Rice. G. M. Adams. JX •Samuel McKee. John B. Young. •Members of the last congress. A Suspected murderer Admitted to Ball. 1$ pedal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. I St. Pam, March 13. Hawkcs was admitted to ball to-day in the sum of 13.CC0, seven prominent citizens going on fats noud. Forgery and Counterfeiting. Bostox, Match S3.—Wn, It. Lane, formerly do ng buslrres as broker on ?«la:e street, is under ar rest for obtaining f ?,s:d from jomb Gooding, on a lorged draft purporting to be signed b? ». u Watu.of New York, for £7U) sterling. Gooding too the d*att a* collateral. A young man named Wo. 11. Hall, was arres'ed *«-sterdav fur attempting to pass a five dollar bill on the Peeples* Hank, of Jaclson, Michigan. suflrase for Colored citizens in Augus ta, Georgia. Augusta, Georgia, March 23.—At a meeting to night to Domicile a candidate for tbe Mayoralty, a resolution was adopted that colored citizens be a'lowcd to rcgleicr their names and role at the election in April. THE HEATH OP DK. LIVINGS TONE. Official Account from the American Consol at Zanzibar. . Wasiuscitox, Morcli 2L Tbe following official account of tbe death ol Dr. Livingstone baa been received by tbe stale Department: Cossciatx or con Usixth Statm ) or Aaxßtca. > Isuum or ZAxmßan. Match O,I«TT. i Sin; It becomes my painful antr to report the death ol Dr. David Livingstone, the celeb.-*tci Aincan explorer, who. as 1 wiote under date of May 2. JHw (Despatch No. 4). left hero on the Sib ol a arch last lor the exploration of the River Ho vnma, and the region between the great lakes of! Alnca, of which, as yet, but little la kiowt>. Tbe sad intelligence was receired here on the Cth Inst., bv the arrival ol several mem bers ot the expedition, from whom but little of : importance con'd be elicited, save the fad of Dr. Uviuestone's death. 1 am indebicotoDr. Klik. Tl. li. M. Vice-Consul, and formerly a member ot the Livingstone Zambesi expedition, for the con lowing particulars «l this sad event: and as bis accompanying remarks may prove ju'erestlug, 1 camel do belter than to give them In his own wotds : T hu rdnrn of several of the Johanna men who accompanied Dr. L. ha* made It certain that that oifcticguiihcd traveller has fallen, and, with nim, half ot bis native followers. * * * • m* rrcsrnt exped Hon may be briefly slated to have been an attempt to nolle the magnificent dfscov eriea ut rate years, and determine the limits and connections ol ihe three great likes, which reacts (tom 1-th deg. sooth to 3 deg. north latl'nde, snd flowing to the sea by the Zambesi and Nile at the two extremities bnt with an In icrmi-ciale space aa yet unknown. Such was the geographical problem. Bat Dr. L. bad in view to atiecl the present enormous East African slate trade, though pioneering tbe way vbicb mlrht lead to Iswiul commerce. To bare consolidated in one tbe successive discoveries achieved by hlmsetf on the 'Nyas t,'Bart>uon the • Stncanylka,' Speke and Grant on the 4 Vic toria.' and Baser on the ‘Albert Nyansa,* would have been a fitting triumph for one who was the first to cross the African Continent within tbe trop ical xon*: but tb< se hopes bare been wrecked by Ms unllmelj death. • • • * Wo last beard of Dr. L. at ‘Ndonde,’ at the confluence of tbe Novuma and Niende. Here be met with kindness, but found the land desolated by the a.ave traders supplying tbe market of Zanxioar. Me have information that hep ocecdedlarihvMoMauka,# MlaochicCwho gave pmcttia of cattle and food. At this point ihe Indian Sepoys remained behind, and have tince returned to Zanzibar. From Mataka to Alike wa* eight days’ march. On crossing a wice water In Canves they followed tne border of the lake for several days, ana then struck inland. They were sudden:* attacked in a bushy country, about 9 a.m., bv a baud of Mavlte. Dr. L.killed tbe most forward of the attacking parly, but was vnironxded and . cut down by one Mew of a baille-axe, which cat half through bis oe«. Beyond this «e ha\t to -*ctalls, for those who returned were in flict to lie.. Almost all who stood nrer Dr. L. were killed, although they have done con * i7.lXN.llh ibtlr M. MOTfßrt .bout fcfi weeks ago. orabonl October 33. You now see how verv tncagte mtr nifomaUon ls. Even with a rcrsonti knowledge ot the lakes of the snr lOuuulcc counlry, at le«t a short distance from tee tecne of this ss-t affrir, and a knowledge of that very Uibe, caned Mav.l-. Agile, MaotluZ Ac-1 has been quite tiaposribl -f rrae ai set toclicll anything from the Impenetrable simplicity of the lew who have muraed, u* to where this tragedy took place. That it was to. ■ tie west of the Nyasra Is certain: and 1 » whether, hi the dlri let we hao. -dtcady i explutcd. or farther to the north, u still nneei t “«T tot Ur. I. wa. killed by we sam.-Mante, a» be and I were among. to.cWer. l-. bruin. . They womdbavctUkcked os then, u they darvd, CHICAGO. SUNDAY. MARCH 24. 18«7. I l ut we were 100 elroßjr for them. With , ”s'* ca ’' mhr. it comet lo be a question of nmnuc. « »- wrli as equipment. Tbe death of a few will not break tbetr crarge ; icd a small party waits. b ,a noebance. Oelv on* of tee survi'or* saw I)r. L fail, but they buried bis bo* I*!.' 1 * {!*.?■ wLm ibe Mavise bad gone. ibey look «s aijtne tapcace, *cd also tbe upper clothing of tlnsjleaa body, fo that cor even a note remain* by wiuca to trace tbe rente." . , li js hardly probable thalacy farther particulars w til ever bo obtained In regam W Ur. LU.Q?- sku e « ikaib. ae tbe ilavlio area wandeung oeo- PV. arn It will be quite impossible to ascertain thr par i ten ter Mbe oy whom Dr. L*e psrly e •uneven. i bare the honor ro be,blr»vcryre* sptcflully jour obedient servant, Kuwxim D Itopa-s XT.S. ConsaL Hon. W. H. Sfcrt-ary c/s'ate. YOUHG MEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Meeting. KlccttoD ot OfUc«r*—Officer* aiutl Coiomlitcrt-FiuftucUl iion ditlou* &c. Ihcanrnal ttfellreofilie Young Men 1 * M«o* riat'nn war held Jail c' In lh« library rootn of tljccorporeloD, there was bat a enarae a*.- lenience. and the fleuree rbowlog ibe rota at the elertich which was held daring ilie day, exhibited tha Jflct that there waa tor Ibe axdieaent which in Jear* gone by cba*artcr.«etl (be nmniuglM °** ft, n in >be Vouur Men'* Aevueiatlon. ILc im-cting wa« called lo order by thi P re *‘- ctcr-t. id win Ceo Bravni.Eiq.; B.F. Guyton, Bag., Ttrc tircnow, , „ Tbo Inrpcctora of Electron reported u follow*: At the annual election of the Yoon; Uen*B As sociation, luld at their rooms, March 28,1897, the follcwlne young men were elected office :J lor the cnsrlcc jcßr.cacnieceiTfeg 190 molest resident—Edwin Lee Drown. _ _ , Fhei Vice Piealdent-Prowsor Truman D. Saf ford. HuroLd Vico President—Den], K. 0 nylon. ConesncnUinghvCTerary—l>. K Peanona, Secretary—Oco. W. Montgomery. TtciHuet—UJ.Gase. .. ilapsKtaa—]t*v. Hubert Collyer, Willies* Carter, Edward Forman, Benjamin rts'icsJ. Irvine, James 8. Murray tjamoel i). Prrry. The report waa accentor, and the parties named were tUcjnrrd to he only elected. M i Benjamin F. Guyton then read the report of ibe Lecture Committee. the Chairman cf the com* rcittoc, O'crerel A. C, tot Delia present. ♦* 1 ine honor to submit the followlagre port of the lecture Comml'tee of the Association, unring the past wit ter, nine lectures have been d-lrverco nndcr the auspices ot the Association— fire by Mr. Joan B. Gooch, one hjr Bon. Horace Grcolev. one by Mr. Theodore Tilton, one by Wei.delt J'hllUpe, and one LyMlsa Clara Uattoo. The total receipt a from the lectures weie aa 10l- Iowa: Nov. % ifOC, John B. Gonch.. Nov. 2S, IHKL Jihn B. Guugn... T>cc. 4,IfW. John B- Gouiro,.,. Lee*. 21, tPX, Horace Greeley... 4an J 4, Theodore nit n.. Feb. H, Jobn B. Gonsb... 21, ItCT. Wendell PhllUoa March I. 1K“. clua Barton March 19, 2EOT, John B. Gough. ss,moa Tie total expenses of these lectures were as fol low* • Jofcu It. Gonpli, Ist lecture, du oo Sd lecture., do do 3d lecture.. Horace Greeley... fLcudnro Tlltoc. .John B. GonpK 4th lecture, (Vcudrll PHiiipx Claia Barton John 0. Couth. Slh. lecture Amonct. $3,974,11 Total pioflt of lectures J,7i?39 Tbo Hems nf tbr*« expenditures will be shown by the accompanying eno-rrpoit. It will be 01. cd that all of Mr. Gough's lectures, except tbe third, were profitable: ou tbit tbe<e we* s lose t f $23 58. The total profit on Ur. t'OncbV fire I octanes was 1 1,44183. Or the lecture ot Don Donee Greeley there was a lose of $196.68. On that of Mr. Tilton a lose ofUIS.M. On that of Mr. PwlHpsaprrfitof $671.K. and on that of UUa Gorton a profit of $60.82. A to’al profit on the lectures of the reason of f 1,729.69. ibe *-ectnre Committee con only add their re- Sct that the many other public amn-cmcits of e past winter hare prevented the lectures of tbe Associationtiom being so largelyattended aa Ibey bad hoped, and their deepeut rcgiet that many lecturers of »he barest cl*as whom the/ bad wiebed to engage, the committee were deterred from encaging by tbe certain fact that the leo* tutes would not pay. Tbe report was received, and ordsred to be Placed on file. . _

Several explanatory reports were read. Tbe natter contained ta these are Included In tbe re* puns of officers, alrcioy reported. These were oidered to be pieced on file. Tbo report of the comma ok rntaxca was ttrn read by-Blr. Bocae, a& follows: To tbe President of toe Young Men’s Associa tion : Your Committee on Finance rcsnectfhllr sub mit tbe fcllowmcreportwf the receipts, and ex penditures fur tbe year cooing to-day Btcum. Received from (be last It*-aid Lens bills paid by the prefer; Boardbntbe* Hucinjr to the old Guard adtm’ted . - $133.77 Aoc less nmount paid out for I Ibrary ac count 750.00 »ga.Ti Reclvcd for lectures .$5,704.00 Received lormewbera’duci*.... 5,044 C 8 Received for fines 277 30 Received for Im’st on life fund. 93.55 I-ecctvcd for sale of caialognes £2.00 lie* cued r or sale of old papers. 26.75 I.'eci iwd for donations, etc 4500 licccfvcd for trade circulars 552.00 expend mi ma. Amount of lulls audited bj Lec tor? Committee $3,993.36 Amnnoi or Wile tudl'ed by Li brary Committee 8,554.35 Amount of bills audited by Com n.ltli? on Booms, etc 3,171.19 Ammml of bills audited by Newspaper and Periodical (ommlitce 1,165.74 Amount of rills audited by Com mittee on General Experue... 1,090.75 Dalarce. Tht report wa* placed ou file. Avou-oi (tanks was tendered to the retiring officer?. ned ou motion ot Sir Dogue, Sir. B. F. Ur?'too "us elected as an honorary member of ihe Aaecclailon In acknowlcdeemcDt of hie eor ' ices during the past two yean a* Recording Sec retary. Sir. (ireylon made a brief speech la resnotre, which was heartily applauded. The meeting then adjourned. MARKETS BT TELEGRAPH. New York Financial Newn. (Special Despatch to the ChicacoTribune.l ftor t oki. Varct- 33, The rtoek market opened firm this morning, Michi gan southern being the tavotUc stock. On call Erie (coirmon) advanced to 58if. and Michigan Southern to 16V. At 1 o'clock the market was very atroog, and wl.h considerable caih, stock pressing. which was readily taken np. After this tbe market became doll end inactive, and at 4 o'clock* prices fflL in conse quence of we report ct the Bank statement. New York Central,selllngatlfSV; Erie (common)atS7.V: Mlct sgan Bootbern, at 25V, and Chicago and North, western (prei-ml). atSti.—the Increase in deposits betnc fburnilbloos, and the decrease tn legal tenders two and a half ratUtoos, Amerteac GoM continues doll and inactive. The money market was more active to-day, and sold st 7per cent. Consolidated Gregory was strong at 1130, and piices tend to a higher ranee. [Associated proa Report 1 Kkw Yoke, March 23T uosrr. Mcner steady at fi®"c per cent on call. rotzius ncßsxst. Sterling exchange is quiet at U*£Olo9. ooto. Gold Is a shade easier: opening at 151 K. advancing to lS4*v. and closing at IS IV'. Exports to-day |3LtC3. GortramenU onchangvd. LATEXL Srw You. March 23. MOSET. The demand for money was less active to-day. COLD. (bill was qntit and itcady doling the day. Cash cold 1« plenty. Loans were maae from l-4Qper LintpumiamtoSpcr cent tor carrytcg and finally cloeeu flat. WUtlf.U, The Railway market was firm at the open Board and Sleek Exchatge,vliaa general but not marked lm ptf'ven.njt u* prlcta. Michigan eonuenvaatnochlel i«tctiftntrrcst,aad«olcuptdTßN. The market was nraattiecoe o’clock Hoard, aao snbseqaently de r Incu at the prospect of an rndhTcrable hook state ment on Meccsy. Wn. Heath ft Co. report the following: rq.i*oi> .iswera itt*axag~ ui 01013 JLs av* ax Ui. C«tr»U...Ui om-% 'U* i l . 7S* Are. Grid I'tuocem ffl M IS it CtOtott... .. inunl-rriiutd... *3J* "'alekMlTer.... » a S 7 QaTckMlTer.... » w-• M»rtro*» 9 C.Tei 41 w UH N, v. Cm Toledo .UW3119 B. 1.4 B»c2c.. »V N.W XH»»X N.'W. fid «4*» MX KUW*JDC„... .»* the fbrenooo, hot closed GcTcrsmenu veie Cm twarj acrt l».Wet t het’a. ’di 1»K(%109 Loupoo*, •».... l» V<« U 9 •» t*£ui*;S«ci(rt.s •SDCOQOcn :-*t) cnnpofi'M.tcr: <«<« iw* »-« cvup’«K3Kb I $-30 coop ’O Jan and July 107 <»tOlK 10-roregut'd.,. 97),\i r.* IWO £ 97* *lo6* [ June T-SQs lOr**!®. 1 / Boauxa »rat* bond*. Quiet and without mach eba: re* T«tn«ne b... MVi Banolhal A SC _ X. carL-lUa m. 0 Ata ) Joseph bvDd* 60 £BS MU*, art f* 96 (4 9t>U I Virginia 65~... 5iK I'aoCc boed*.. 96 fit t*K \ n mamr euaim. Sieatrihlp stocks higher and mare In demand. __ Twite M»ft....W;j*(SV. , ;K 1 Atlantic Mall.. Sttfd s CPiLnvcaa , Coalftocki firm, ana pid*ung» more general. Kun>o suAxxa. .. ... The mining share market wa* centrally quiet and Cm. Condon vu the ftatnrc, and roae to ls»i«. Imports, other than §ry° e<v»d« end specie, lor the week ending March 23, wcro^siW®- The Produce .TlarkeU. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago TUbta*.] UnSittU. March Si. Fleur—fnctanced, with aalea of I.OCO brl* at IU-NJ for city NN; |l}.3 tor RlTjndde XX; 11L37K tir Hiawatha country XX; flt-» tor Taharra food ex t ra; and «7.M lor rye tour. Wheat—Cnsettled. Homing Board, tales ofUIOO certa'.t. Noon Board, taita of S.7W enttatt, at H.M for No. l spring in (tore; fAHtbrNe. 3 Spring; >3.72 t#S.7X. (tilers' option next week; 13.73. buyer** option ten i ay*; t3.T7.aellor** option till April; SM3 tw No, Sla »tore; aads3.o!)lbrrejectedla»tor<. Oat*—Steady. Sale*cf s,ooorectal** 2, iresi receipt*; *JAO lor No. 2, old receipt!, |L«. by (auhle. delivered. . „ Core—rim. Sale* cl 1,0(0 cental* at fl.€l lor No. Eye— Sales ct 500 cental* at fd.ll ftrNo. 1 in store. . . Barley—Unchanged. Sale* ol »0 cental* toy sample • delisted at|lA6. w . ' _ ’ Provision*—Quiet. Sales of U 0 bri* mtss pork at JJIM. Brtl B«n»—Sale* ol five btl* at 336J0. Lard—Pail. Sale* of prime at l3\<c. Dre*»ei Hoc*— Steady. Sate*at tJ.OfraSNO. Scndne*—Bale* of Bihar* oft**? at |l.:c, delivered: MtSSfp?ta»«a at fSJO; uox »• common roll belter at 11c; ea«, bayerH count, 16c per do*. U*cclpt»—VO tri* Hour, 9.000 eenttl* wseat. I.MD ccLtascau, L«00 cental* com, MOS cental* rye, 100 i 'nSoSj.'« »rn Co«r.l.W> W. fK ,.»«.UjA OBK _ >rwToßx, Mtrch 33. C«ton-Verrnii».ow 1 “ 6»W BstrnlSp® l ” Sl “ c *“ '' UWr “ « 10-73 ; extra Western. »U.K«U23; elites di.IU.V i 1.V.5 1 »M’rtnc Vrarcircuca-Vi nOhio. rH.'it.vtt truje brands. 13.75: extra Ponthem. liS.TVs JS.'rj. Clo*«*l qaltt ano crm. CaUfornia firmer, and advancing. s-#!f» SCO hrl» and sacks at lU-OAli-3- W Jink" j—Ouiel and tuiduaco). Wb*ai^f4} e better. No receipt*. Sale* SV-00 hu I»o. 3 Mil waul re at KSP; TJo.ldo. fW5t common >». :dn, f 2 4V#Sta: prim- do. $3.55; amber Stste, |3.Ui; «hlt( taU'cmia.*3.t3'4axis. . -f „ Me—r hmrr. bales ft.Ltc tm Western *»§t3WnSS. Tanry-Flm. ba!ca 16.1X0 DO Canada West, tree. «t|i.2,«1.23. J'arl-y Mail-Roll. _ J'ea«—fral-t • : i..f’ohu i at tern—Opeted dull; cforid tw-c b*«t*r, *US a lair »oem'.*ttte pen *M. lUt,CM>.«. 1.515 6a. cf tWfj »,u raurtt Western at fU*dl.i*. In *tore, and fUSdi iv afloat. „ , , « a^*—Drij nrd bcatT. Beeclpt»,fll bn. Filet of AW’in Wrstcxo at MVlStfcc: tew Ohio, t9Q67c; fc»ur. 7iQ7lc. «op>—uomardnntbanred. _ . . n „„ W i-nl-Mor* ariire o rrt nnrhaflkod. Ra'es of SXI.COO ftfidot;ffticflew* at XkitCe; unwashed, 57(331 hc; Twa-. tit QJI :Ca Bonus, ttJifcMHe. Icattii r—Vcuianced. t.nal—rrrfuncod. I'icv-I’uli. < aroiloa. IP£lO;{C. (crte-t,ultl. Fu«»r-Qi»Us 8a .ca of SCO boxes Cuba at lOjfSUc. Wolwaec—Quirt. . . , , r«Url»utn—;lc*dy. erode, 16c: refined In bona, fonc-Qnlet and »t**dy. Sales or SJCO pris at dSS.rn jor icw tnc*a--.l< Mns *1 tSM regular; fcil-fO £* :or < j.i m,f»; 9ib.7>«ra.:7 tor prime, and s3i.*j (sZMi7 i*.r prime mesa; also rnt new mess at f W,<*s (a—«7!> »e'ler haver Apnl and May. Hcef—t’i charged aid‘trady. SaleaMObrli. Tlriccßert—fctradj. Salat ol 360 tea prlmelmess fit iiuxc. iKcriUttt—Tim. Mica oftObrls atfJTJXUtl.oo. Haum—Quiet at lll*£l3c lor abort ribbed, and UXC tbrliiacn. utat. lull aia-Finn. Sale* of MO pkgs shoulders al9:* fiioac : ban-s. n vaiitfc. L-n.l- I»m|| Mini rffi'l hr It at 1M ;r,s teller last LalTApiUatUKc. Itctiir-00l tUbinuMbe. Qhoite—steaoy at lluTsc. _ r. w. Flour—ctos« jc fair demand, chiedr 1 speculative Wij«at—Firmer trim fair Inquiry tor No. 1 rprlng a*. sß.4fi?3.M. Rye—Quiet end firm. Wettcmil.Siai.S3. C<>rn-Qo eland viryflrm. Shlpuot; mixed Wiaforn afloat. * uats— Kt*arty. Westers *i* r . cb**L r ULndjkTefilefibfi?oW bfH meat at •J 3.73 faibifd.T - ua tccular, clwlo* wllb Sayers ji . .rni aid lairiy acilre, rti» Meat:—btcndyoito ivr demand. UacoD-Ooiet at for camberland old* dlrr, Lam- f-u-.nj ot l J»»'a li\c tor Air to prime tteamed find kettiffrU'irtO. wcuily afiviKW or nut wnni.icaAtJt uaKKer. nrrartsuifTn harn hmn Trry tnnrh cxrlinl during the P»Jt week, ibe prices oi floor a&n irteat hare ad* raertd materially. Corn fiuctuatel rapidly, all tir-fl. of/train rxi ipt barley, coco with an oovard leodenry ai-a sprenunro ri*qoest, Tna mantst decline InfniEntatlimilatcsihe imotj for corn. Tbottack cf floor In re'ttift.fl about U.OCO oris. Prims a traaent 43c* The ttnprorcicnt na>h.rn most marked in ntLtllmn cradefi. which naa reduced the s apply. Receipts or floor. u.wu brli. for me last wick, aod ialet K,TkO bra. The stuck of California, Canadian and S- uttern floor u ceany exhaotted. The advance in u best was &al(r hj. Sale* K 0.2 sprjnx rt-»,*nd ao. ido at IMS. the hlchett price ever obtained In this market, mod this was at last re fareo attbecloic rorn—ls in actlr>* demand, the stock onch reduced, ana titr- are now about I.>*o.lXO do. Rye—Ratbfon lu betterettuand aod baalmprorcd. ticilDCßtiuiiD store. * At ’he rl<v>r we n*»iim »»me dmaml for Boor and wheat to co op river. The opening of the river has given u* no andltlunal sonnly of small grain. I‘ork—llat fluctuated and »oldDeely,sS.Coobrlt sold for prrsuct aod foterc ac.lvrry. Itcei—lmproved mattmliy and the good stack Is venrlv ail ont of nartict. • ex-lien—Has- b-rc active acd prices lower, a large boalt esa dime at tbr dicllre. Whiskey—N«e:e<-ted and prices oemioal, lor State. flifly -JCiftir W»urrn iirncnd. »BW OfiLKANa. Mw übuuss. March tl. Cotton—Rccedpls. 1.019 bales; exports. I.OTI hates. Mar S-t unchanged. Bales 3.730 bales at 23c for low middling. Bogar *nd Molar***—^Poll; no tEOVemcnts. Flour—Firm at SIS.M for »opcr. Corn—Moil and declined 7c. Oaitr-lfoll ana nnchaoccd. Ray—Quiet and firm. Prime 6t. Leola and Ohio lover, ns. Wats.oo. Pork—OulHx'd dcprmacd. M'iu, Bncun—nfaooldrra. lOVe; ribbed tides. Uifc: clear ribwort, lie; clear aides, fd3fe. Laid—Quiet but Crmall3V®l3c for tierces, end lie for ker. lioid-JSu Rt-Tii-e—iiryitev* 2«ew York t-igii—premlmn. miLADELPaiA. PutLanciPiiU. March S 3. Floor—Firm. Bales extra State at til JO; California, *15030. Whrfit—Bales PenDiylvaala red at ltdS. CfiUfornla advahcec It-c. _ Rve-eaUa of 3.0C0 bn fit $1.40 western and Pennsyl- Corn—Dull. Sales S,C<)Q to yellow at fLISjf. oats—cae. „ ,Wal» key—Sales cootraband at 80cd(l 00. .81,3'5.00 ASS2.M Ififl.CO I*3 75 215.77 CM 00 . 1,023 50 400.50 747.00 4SIJB 4SUS 482.53 333.43 SSL© 482.33 431.68 335.68 4&SS KewTork Dry Goods market. K*w York. March W. Hie market (broolt'n rood* la moderately actlre, andpitcea Bteadrataredncaon. _ „ . SUB dud ShecUnc*—S3c ibr Atlantic 0. Pacific A and 2i, ar.d Irdfac Meads; parlflc L. 2jo; MwUoro, 19Hc s Lawrence, aoc; Koxbnrr A. I9\'c; PepMrell K, tine. £Cc; do B, fine, I7#c; do S, fine. He Laconia E, ific. li.*M hfd Mußllta Uochtnced. Wamsnlta ael’s readily at S?Ke; Lonadale. linen finish. 33c; Lonadale aidUm AEcro»coßet-/, 25c; AtkwtUht. water ttrtst, 2lc: Oilnt n. 2tl»c; Laigdon, SOc; do 7-8. IBVc*. liore.rne; Gw e. 15 sc, and canoe, me. pitpla— Active at 179190 tor Merrltnae madden; aoc f-’r fr. ckai itaU7ac lor Spragne'a i ancic*; iSelor pnr nlea and irocka; >«c I'lr G.ruord; Co.'i Qae cloth; lave for tiloacr ter thnclc*; f'r do purples; l*wol6Vcf r auk and weir; More*’*, 9Wc. Ginehama—lo iraor«.ved request, at a redaction. U‘»*row 2 c, and Ro •note He. Delator—ln ife-ady requrat. Amman'i 73c, and Caatusere elf eels 21c. Ktw Vork Prorlulen market. (Special l)e« patch in the Chic*so Tribune.) ftsw Xokk. March 23. Potk-S23JiO at the dote. and qm*c. llama—Oooo Wiatexn pickled idling at tlJkQltc, some at o* ai iSc. lord—Firm. Aew Cork Lire Stock market. (bpcdal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Mxw Voik. March 23. Swire firmer, at S'lgfiyc. Rccapi*. tfiO. ocean Prelchu. (Special Deanatct* to lh» Chicago Tribune.] Now York. March 33. fur grain lover and unsettled. Boom la Imreasing. fl*.*lß.2t» New York Hroadaiufla Harket. (Special Despatch to me Chicago Tnbnnc.l New Yoee. March 23. Floor—Be'im couttnue to force the advance, and high grades Improve most, but buTera retired at tbe cote to go cn. Wheat—Prime No. a dab freely offered at $2.63, and but Iltue con’d bo bad lover. Cot nano cat* f>oka strong turn upward, partly ow ing ,o low-r freights. Com—Closed atfl.iS In (tore,atdoaUWc for com mon Wcitejn. __ .$ 8085 York Grocery Market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yose, March 23. Coffee— Kio tfaWc, and quiet. Sugar-Fair to prime grocery, ICtfailV'c, and steady. tr U A IT iiUUTUBKS Advertising Aa'ts 12(1 Dearb«ni-ri H receive advertisemenu for all the ieadma papers thrsaghsnt the Coiled Slate, and Canada*. iHasnnlc Notices. "YJASOKIC —The members ot all ■“. MAHOMC LODGES In ih<- arc requested to meet at theft »e-prciive ItCds*- liootns, ot MONDAY MOUSING. March uth, at V ••'clock, to cooperate with the Grand !-■ dgcln Uyu g thecorn»r st'neU the Water Works. Non-resKcnt and non-«Ollate 1 brethren are lanted to meet with each Ledge as is most convert-* t- J. W. CLYDE. 11. C CRKGIER, O. R. BABSfOW. G. W. BARNARD, _ Executive Committee. jyjAisONIC— Members o! Kilwinning Lodge, No. 811, A*F. ft A. M.« are hereby noticed to meet at tbe Bat) ot Covenant Lodge, corner of North Clark and Michi gan-sts^oa MONDAY MORNING. AT 9k O'CLOCK* To participate In the ter-monl« rl laying the corner store cf the new Water Works. A mil attendance Is desired. YiMtleshtethnaareeotdiallylnvited. By order of the W. M 1 JOHN J. GRAHAM. Secretary. AfASONIC.—The members of Wauban- If J. tia Lodge, No. 160. A. F. ft A. K, ore hereby no- UQed to attend a Ib-gnlar Communication of said Lodge On MONDAY Evening. March 33tb. at 7% o'clock, T«-determine upon proptsed Aroetdmenta to the By- Laws. rercroer, . „ „ _ • J. B. CHURCH. Secretary. MASONIC —The members of Wauban sla Lodge, No. ice, F. ft A. U- are hereby noa oneetat their UaU, on MONDAY MOttNINU. March sih, at 9 o*ct> ek. to ta-e part tn the ceremonies or laying the tune ol the Water Works, A proor. .na nn .mm “ IV fASOT»lC.—Members of Dearborn i_U Udse. No. SlO A, t\ AA. are bereir c'lUfled w appear at tbelr Ha t on MONDAY 8H o* assist la (be ceremonies of urine the cbiO'r'Stoaeol tb»2«ew Skater Wort*. AfaUatve&d* aac« I* tfesl»ec. VUinnjr Bret area corrtlalir tnrjtrd to participate irltlnu. £. M. BOIETOS. W. M. TIfASONIC. —There Trill be a Special J.U Mwrtnr et Pleiades Lodes, Ko. 4TB. at itelr Hah, iIOSDAT Mon to*, March tfth, at 9 o'clock sharp, the ceremonies of the day. He ca Uzne. Breirrro. Br order cf Use TV. M. 1 a, J. COtDPRS. Secretary. AfAEONIC.-The members ol Garden XtJ ary Ledge. No. lit, are requested to meet at Masonic Temple. MONDAY Worctac. the 3th Jcit, at 9 o'clock. Toa**Uttalayiߣthecor«Mloreol the New Water W- rks. Per order 01 the W-M. .y. ArASOMC —The members of Blair irl Lodge. No. £*?. P. ft A. M-, are hereby notified «•> meet at Blair HrO, cn MONDAY. March »tb, at 9 a. m * sharp, to pat ud; ate la lh« ceremonies of lame the corner atone'f tfie im* water Work*. Vuitlng brethren art cordially U.TUW to rtn a*. By enter w. M. L.L. WILSON. Secretary. A f ASOKIC—The memters of Kilwin jJJ nine Lodge, M>.3U. M- t«J hereby t>< tilled to beat Covenant U*ll.N "• 35 J»orUiClirk-*L, at &XL»L*rn. MONDAY MORNING, to participate In thecemnooleacf taring the corner *»£>* *« fie new Wat rworks. VbintTbrethrenarecordialrlstiM. AluUatttsda&cclsrvqnMted. By order W M. jOuN j. GRAHAM, secretary. AIASONIC—Cbicsgo Wee, No. 137, I*l A. r. ft A. U.—H«nF*r# rf this we /e --«oe»ted lusfMudeat tbetr UalL on MONDAY, the 23th ussy at i o’clock a. m-1-. t»ke part jn in- ceroao ctesof lajlrg tbt comer itnne cl the new bouding* R>r the W ater Wc net. ByCl(!crU tte W ‘ I*. SCHT.ESINGEB. Secretary. A rASONiC—The members ol Tbos. J. ISJL Tumtt Lodge, N*.411. arv roque*U.-d tn«r Ha 1.M.-VPacr’i Ihcafe MOADAi MORNING, *l94,Moek, t > parOrtpste ip me «£'£>£• ny ox Utlrg.tre turner *toce « the Water Woro. ?cp-iaium c * re^^ a“clsh3ax. wS. *\CASONIC. —Attention, Sit Knights! XTi Memb*re cf Chlcag: CoumMidcry Vx 19. K. T~ art nercbyroiifles to beat thrlr Any urn on Moniay D •inU-e akbK u'cloc* staro. ii> full uiU-m. hrttj nicmber u txpected t<> be cn hand. • l 'i .J} 2 »~T Ernghuaicccoileonsb- idMi**. _ ■> tfc JOHN WHITLEY. Recorder. AT ASONIC.—The members (f Clcvc. All laidLcdeeKo.aiUA. F.*Rd A. M-. are hereby toured to beat irnrhOuNo. S 3 W,*i cn Mrucay tnonueg at fj, o’clock, to pa-t o pate u the ce(»n.< tde* f f l»» lr-c the r-’rnef Strteof th» -ea WaterWcrk*. Am.l atviidaccei*drslnH. iultlnc tff hren cortUpy Invited to with n«. By erttr of the W. M. JOHN WUITLET, Sec’y. A TTEKTIONTsiRENIGuTSorApoI £\. loCotnmacdciK No. I, K- t\ Yon are herebi DOiißcdiobe asd appear at tte Asylum, fttliyarmed and cq«lpp«d, on moeday morning. March s, at» o’c’cti, jharp, V* participate in the ceremonies ol I's - the correr-atoeent meTowcr tor the new Water Work*. A prompt md tell aoenoaoce U carneiUy de sired. By cider ol the k.Cota. „ . 6.E. VNPEBEIIX, Oeoorder. 33rg (SooSS. D Ry GOODS. miimi. NEW FIRM! NEW GOODS! And a Xtvr Way o( Selling Them, AT THE OLD STAND OF PUTKEY, KNIGHT & HAMLiK. 105 & 101 LAKE. STRICTLY ONE-PRICE SYSTEM. SO MISREPBESESTiTIOSS. Cools Always Waironlcd as Represented, or Money Refunded. "PICES GOaHAItfTBSD Any child can be Mot to<mr»wre,»aonf G'IODS AND PB.CES HE WABBANIBD. We shall alraya urrp the BEST MAKES ol Goods and at price* HOT TO OE UNDERSOLD. Our Stock is Now Complete. Ererjthiogr Desirable In Spring Goods. Qur Domestic Stock In ctw fall and perfect, »rd *lll alwava ba kept so. 20 Cases Good Prints at 12# cents. 1 2 Cases 44 Superior Bleached Cotton, SO cents. F.dc Qro. Cotton. 13 cents. *n trades SHEETING. PILLOW CASE COTTONS «d ether DOMESTICS In properties. LINEN GOODS, FBOJI AUCTION. IO Dales Crash. only 10 cents. 10 Hales Snper Crash, only 12 V cent*. 21 u Dozen DatnasK Napkin* at 92 SO, worth £LSO. 300 Dozen Hack rots ela omy 17 cent*. 44 pcs. 84 Bleached Linen Daznaur, 11.13#, worth 11.75. Linux Sheetings, all grades, very cheap. Onr Flannel Stock Complete. Our Cloth Stock Full of Bargains. DRESS GOODS. Ercry thing New and Dutiable. BLACK ALPACAS Prom Auction, at Extremely Low Price*. ELEGANT ASSORTMENT Of Travelling: Dress Goods AND Goods for Street Suits. Mourning Goods. A FULL AND COMPLETE STOCK. TRIMMINGS AND RIBBONS. PanicnJar attention la paid to tbl* Department, vhlrii la under the Immediate aopvrv.Hon ol UK. A. >. i-iEBCR, who will be found ml .ay* at his port to re ceive and wait upon hla many friends and customers, too Mints- them ail th? novelties ot tbe season, at AS TONISHING LOW PRICES. HOSIERY A FULL STOCK. Gents’ and Ladles’ Underwear* A FULL STOCK. TharktDgtheonbllelor past favors, we woold re i»>ect<ully solicit a ro iincance o* their patronage. l»uv Gocda stall ALT?ATS UK BROWS FREELY, with conrfoas t .-raiment to all, and sold at PBIC&b to keep trade lively. F. N. HAMLIN & GO., 105 Sc 107 Lake-at, CHICAGO, ZZ*Zi. SIGH OF THE GOLDEN EAGLE. j\TtW STORE, NEW GOODS, LOW PRICES. EOSENAU BROS., <3O LAK&ST. We win s«U tbe balance of oor Damaged Goods at ocr New Store, at a GRZAT SACRIFICE. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THE TRADE. Vi. E. BUR LOCK &CD., 4-1 Lakr*M.. Chicago. Agents lor tbe celebrated - Keyttooe” Linen Imitation COILaRH. Ah'*.tbe **B*rfl»’'and talented “Railroad" esam -Ice, ah cf which are superior In mske, style acd fin l>h,t<> any other la tbe market, at mooutaetarers' f.rtcM, Alto, beaaqna-trrs for the **Bnrloca*’ ccie mat-d ‘•DUmond” White Skirt*, andStir*’ Skua, andimponenofCennao and French Coraeta. W. E. BCKLOCK ft ©metal Notices. nnhE BANKRUPT LAW. We will five particular ittchtloa to Obtaining Dh charges in Bankruptcy, ruder the late Act ol Coagie**. 3AHKEB * TULEY. Soacitoo. 107 CaadoTph-dt. TT'LLbW ORTH ZOUAVE?, Attention! r j you are her»by ordrrec to anrmble *l your Ai utory (Old Board of Trade Rail, in tu I dim* LDtlorm. on to-murrow (MONDAi ) £orsloe. promptly, at tine (9) o’clock, u> tite part is the laying cf the corner, stone of the Water werk* DnJldlor. E. L. BUANP. Commandant Q.KACELAND CEiIETEHT. CABS LEAVE FOB GRACELAKD, From comer of Like and at 7J3. S—S, IMS a.leas, AIL Sw«. 4JB. SSO p. m. Company** Offlce; No. 6 Opera Honee. Ilocr*. 9toU a. cl, 2to4p. a. TO SOEDIEIte—AiI applications for Additional Bounty must be filed befsre the lit car of AortL or el*e lay over until a I claim* m.w on Sl* ore retilrd. Make toot application through STM* fO « W.KlNG.whoU rccelWDjr payments (t claims dail*. Bis t>Oce Is at So. 7 Metbceut OiQteh Block, comer of Clark and Chicago. 11l TJOAKD OF TRADE. the assual bale or CHOICE OE TABLES Will take place at the Rooms on 3londay morning, the 25th. inst.* AT 10 O'CLOCK. By order of the Board. JNO. F. BEATY. Chicago, March SL ISdl. Secretary. Nunes. M. H. SCHOFIELD, AN EXPERIENCED NURSE. Residence, 18 Throoj-sl., E*« •• »««»»»■ NUMBER 237. sJu6licaticns. piCTORIAL DOUBLE NO.—Prot Agassle, the Reverend Drs. Chapin, Sawyer, Ococd, Petlcwi, Prothlnsh-vn, Hodge. Collyer, Ryder. Chirk', Emerson. Uartbolotsew, BaLoa, and Hepworlß. AD 3, rx-Gor. Dlalr and Philo Parsons ol Michigan- ~V-'“ man's EUbU; Shaker CommanlUes and Edition: Ab> original Lcscnds of Korta Americas Oaf “>»u -l.i Army to-dsy: can We Think of Two Thins* at Once ? Pope's C»ay on Man; In April nnmbtr ot PH US NO • LOGICAL JOURNAL. now ready. Pa ySO cents, nr |] a year. Newsmen hare tt. Addre*s FOWLS!! A WELLS, H 0.359 Broadway, New York; ot WEST ERN SEWS CO„ Chicago. PORTRAIT. CHARACTER ANO 31- OGUAPIir OF PSOP. AGASSIZ,in A?ril Nj. Phrenological Journal* SO cents or |3 a year, yewimcn hare 1C 'J'HE REV. DR. CHAFIK-—See April Phrenological Journal J (br Portrait. Character anil Bloxrapby. Syfirstpoat 33 cents, or flayer. Setiaeo hare It. . Can wjs think of two things AT ONCE? See answer lo April No. PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL. Only SO cents, or >3 * year. Newsmen will pet it. ASIEJtTCAN ARMY.—For a statement cf its present and prssoecUt e condition, sea PHRENOIOOICAL JOURNAL far April. Oulr 30 ccnU, or IS a rear. h’fltPimca ►houlouarc It. Mode of creation, auaduc Gold Field!, Gina? dbllc Lula*. The Fisbei In Con- Ttnuop, Cifi ujftiuu* and Gi»ciat Periods, stem of lu AorllMo. ——* SSSenomoioal joueRSL 50 cents.. <1 a year. <\»a ycur newsmen lor it. (gannch jftuit. CORN. YARMOUTH BuSAR CORN! THE HOST DELICTO VS. Sealed Fresh in its own milky nodor Letters Patent* Green Corn pmerrol In a Ireh *UP»br theprocea* employrd In prwirrtaf in«J YARMOUTH SUGAR CORN. 1» cnc »f the most intrttinns article* of food kooTowmto. a« a luxury it has beea highly com n.ean«!. bai its htclraie merits have not been well uo derstor-d. It should be known, however. C3at It pis siosu nutritions properties which render It most valu able to ail reuntn’g a diet easily a*.simUsted. sad st Uinum# tixr blgn-y nourishing. In the YARMOUTH SL’O/It lOrtN. tbeSTAVcu and avoax.lrwt In * great measure by bnilitigoT toe ear. is retained, a* well as thedeucloaa Caterer Fre»n C-irnJoat from the stalk. FRESH LOBSTER! STAB BRAND—Much superior to any ether, la casa hmuiUcaUy sealed, by the FOBTLABD PACEINQ 001VIP*7. by Cm-class Grocers thronjhonttho Qlobe. Express Companies. T HE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPI TAX* - - $20,000,000. Owned and operated by Our Merchants and Hanofachircrs* CAKUIEBDY KXl’ltE**, money* Ynlna* biro, Frclshl and Parcels* oyer more than 13.000 ml Ir« ot Express Line, at just and liberal naies, saves millions yearly to Ex* orcss Shippers, and can be made permanent only by ibelr liberal patronage. This we bope to merle and receive. Office, Noe. 103,105,107 A 109 Dearbom-st, 8* m. COOPSH Affeat* Bockage jQOCK PROPERTY. AK ELEGANT LOT OF 3DO FEET FRONTAGE, Centrally located, and finely d:,ckeJ. One of the cbclcest pieces of property on tbe Math Branch. 8* H. HS&POOT 8c CO., 71 Dearbom-st. dfor Salt- jpOR SALE— AW SNTZBS BOT7SSSOZ#D, ( on*tstlrg rf ao e’ecant complete Rosewood Parlor £et, with satin coverlr tr*.floe t and liurs. ILsrwocd andßlacx W.lnat S-droomaat, a] of which 1* n« ar y new; Carpet; for each bedroom, Spring and Hail MatTfstes; lilting n?«-in set, with Carpets; Mir ror Curtains aid Fistorea: Ihctng-room t*et. with btdelcard; Kitchen Uteosl-s. with Cooking Store. The aoovr vt 1 b* sold rrasonab’e. and m ist be *oid by the firat cf April or will be parked un. as the family mire ufi bj that time. Call at 013 Wabn*h-ar. »T 0 GAPITAUbTS. J Mimrm. March l, ISCI Htripc decided to re’lßiinish bmlocaa, wc offer oar establlshmeht tor sale. Ovrhonsewad S&T«BX«ZSBBJ> IN 1846, Hub>«!i lacstslmcc 2l years, ud is now pia>d ona paT-*. firm ant pcrmanem haslf, and to met. of capital who are oeelroos of etrnarkin* id a PROFITABLE branch'd trade (wholesale and lobbies pn\})Udapre set to a rare and rminnhie opportunity. Our stock Is ful, eob-ace* none bat the most staple (roods, and the aimtc*t Is In perfect ruuilDu order. H. BO!*WmtTEl d* SON'tS Wholesale Drnjrklrts, Milwaukee, Wls. arc cent. gIORES 288 and 240 Lake-st** and 258 and 255 South Tf ater-st., ABS TO 823 NT PBOn MAT IST, And rill be finished u may be Tilted by the leasee. If rested Immediately. Apply on the premises, or at No. 92 Dearborn-et., Boom So. 9. Steamers. NAVIGATION OPEN. The Side-wheel Steamer SBABIRD Will leave Dr Badae, Milwaukee, and Peru Korthef Milwaukee, tSSM On MONDAY Evening, March SSttu at 7 o'clock*. Office and Decks below Bnsh-st. Bridge. A. K. GOODRICH. 33sc anh 3=at. JJR. UNDERWOOD. STS ANS BAB, Consulting and Operative Surgeon for all diseases and dctonnltUs ol the Eye and Ear, 154 BANDOLPH-ST. Cross £yes straightened In one minute. DH. DcCASTRO —Physician, Oculist, and Anrlst, 383 Wthaabar. near Damson. Diseasesot «be HEAD. THROAT anl LUNOb are treated by the Doctor's new system ol Inhalation. Tt e Dr.sreakaaU the modern language*, pnvate refer ence* to the moat distinguished a mens of Chicago can be riven. Icr. 12.000 „ . X O Xj s Of «ai>ertrr quality, and now stored tßthetfty.fbraa’e at jjAO per too. ii culi and balance la 6 aoj ll mootbs, nto rood i«or:ty. Trade already veil eaubilabed. Bones and vaeoca tor atilrar U deal* ed. A. 6. UPKB A CO-P.O.BoxaOP. JHfDical Carts. pHOfESaIOXAL. DR. H. AKELY, 184 SOUTH CLAEK-ST., CHICAGO. Scntistrs. Teeth extracted u ITHOITT PA IK. BY THE COLTO.S DK.S UAL Wbo on*tLat««l lie atHefti*tlc o»e of Mtni Oxide Uu, at c navo glvea It to crer XxcM pattena for tie extmc'.looof teeth. wlt&fQt ta acctcent. Tier guar* ante* no pain. Come to iradno»rter«, Booms J and 4.Timet Building. 11 ** Dear u>r>as. 3£eal Estate JpOttaALE— Genteel ‘Wabash-ar. Residence, With Lot 40 hs 160. KEARELDBIDGE COURT The most Ibarnncb bnllt twoutcry and Stone base* Ctnlframebouse on the arena*. Heated by steam lircnchoot, m fine repair, and containing all modern improvement*. Fora flrst-cI»M rc>Wencc. Oe non callable one mat t*s been ofiered this lesson. Terois (.TOT.OK. *X : j! AVZnUJ„ R-*l E*»t« Aj|jpt. ttoota y.SlgtropjUaaDlscA. financial. An AAA WANTED—For three lo JSertgttge on Imprcrrod Faria, A6 o« ICC aala HOC Educational. TXT ABASH COLLEGE, CRAW \V PUKUSVILLE. IXDIAKA,—Tw fioraxcr TermvU)cciDtrtßceocTa>9d«rllOTnlßff, AprUSod, U 67. icient’Be connect »tncj% a*e to ample ti to Urn* pauoi acne f mea ect-Un* an tone itioa. and of Umpoblu atlann, A. THOJ4SOX, lUxc&ttit. Tmswwot W»SMS College. igitocfe gutscriptfong. pEospicrns of “The Chicago Fibres Paper Co." Capital Stock - - $500,000. Fire Hundred Shires, sl,oooEach. This Compaay Baa hesa orca-tad under the t?«cra t*awi of the atateot Looms, tor the Bonxueot mica fitctmnsxan kinds ot PAPfi&aad orrpartnr FIBBE tor otbw porpoaoa m>m the WILD OCAsS tootd It Uti* vicinity in imi abundance. .Tbs practical development and ocitetar ot «arfc ma terial has neen esfected Ustobzii the three Cicdx the icrtral patents ucned to 818. BABRIStON B. BIBBCR. of Port Edwards, Nrw Ycrfc. This Loapany n*»7us* £oteha*ed from Mr. Meecb aU of th- sata tmteut* ioj tefo< owing Slates, to-wii* Illinois. luhatt. Ml-nt ns, Wisconsin, lowa sndMlsn;(cta,arenow prepares toneme a limited amount ol *nM*ilpuons to thf Capital stock. ulDTlttnc attbscrtations to this Block, we wcnK state that the Company are now tne owners ot tee BATAVIA PAPEE MILLS Which are prodnetn* *t the present Ume twoffliom per day of pm t paper. Till* Mill has balidines and waterpower of sntfineni capacity, already erected, *nd in . oamtioc to rcr*in two (I) additional machines, which have been ordered, and t: la estimate dean be pot in roanltut order on cr before the first day ot Uay next, wnirb wtl lccrras> the capacity and products cf the »a d Mr a to *ll (*) tens pe: Car; th**, at the present zarket prices, thereto yield to this Company areryaattefoctory profit. 1 be tUme operations of (Ms Compatu ocnt-mn’atr the erection, or coc*oj>daUnjr of other utils with tnetr caun>n*e,wt«nn the promt year, 1 antna V;e foi ascent of their stock. and which wll p*otv*bly son tiac double the fortcolac estimate ct procnctof Print, 31anllla and if rapping Papers* TMefcmpanyhirinc procured * charter trom t&i Lexulatoteof the bUK 1 oflUiccU, Increadar treu capital to one un ion of do.lar*, aro a>-w roorjaatuni node: Heir Charter pnrilecrs Thebtoes noouart tnw open for mt*crlM»cnto the-t«ct.*t the om-.cs of Mewrs. DICKKRSON A SHERMAN. 170 Utn dolrh^t-where all further as to the rat ett». prospects. Ac- wjl he siren. .Mart <*•>!* In ♦©•lcttaiß our friend* to »ab*crloe to tan Stoc*. *« believe w v are warranted tn aajlus that tw» ntec* prise promise* to unrsral’eied return of trears, com £aredwui» at y outer manufacturing booses* hereto ire ptn-stM. THOMAS S. DICKERSON, Preset* CkO. R.tfO**, Vice (formerly President Batavia paper Mill Co.) WM, DASBBBOUQO. Bec*7. I. N. W. SQHBHAK. Treasurer. ?tjousc jfurnigljing (Boons. JJODaEKEEPING FURNISHING GOODS. Bedding, Lounges. Window Shades, Cornices, Upholstery. JAMES DURHAM & CO., MANUFACTURE US, QD RANDOIiPB-ST 13ushiE53 ffiaxbs. JpLOUlt. J. B. HOBBS & GO., EXCLUSIVELY FLOUR COHHISSIOX HEItCIIAXTS, 16C ‘VYaslilngton«st» > Chicago, 111. TT M. DUPEE & CO., -iJ ‘* WHOLESALE DEALERS IK BEEF, PORK, LARD, Smoked Beef and Breakfast Bacon. Ala’., Extra Sugar-cured Family Qatnt of our own curing, and branded " 11. 41. Uupee Co." 124 South Water-st. gMOKED MEATS. E. P. MAR SH, WHOLESALE DEALER IN PORK, BEEF, LARD, AKD SMOKED MEATS. ISO SOUTH wateh-st. Holden & pendleton. Wholesale and Detail Dealers In Bardirood and TVhitcmod lumber* Omc** and Yard, 304 Ainlh FrantUt-#U bet- Vai Daren and Qarnso., Chicago. I’. O. nox 2236. tjr mu cat u> order, jti iilapcr. CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPES DEAIEHS, pKanxss xs Paper Bakers’ Findings. Chemicals, elc M 170 Bandolph*«t*y Chicago* We offer for sale to dealer* and coaanners 3.600 Bundies News and Print 95»49 2.000 do do do 21x36 1.000 do do do .22:03 2.300 do do do 2-1x33 S.OUO do do d«> .27x11 1.300 do do do 25x44 2.300 do do do 30X43N -J.JHUO do do do 31xt XH 3.000 do do do ..aOxtSS 1.300 do do do 23x38 1.000 do do do 36x3s bOO do do do 26x43 Eztia ilz#s made to order on abort notice. For tale at the lowest market prtrei for CASH. Uanfes aim Cantors. TTIKST NATIONAL BANK OK CHI- A. CAGO, Corner of Lose tod CUrk-sts. PAID C* CAPITAL 81.000,000. FOREIGN EXnOAMJR Draws is muss to salt on ad the principal Barone an Claes. I.ETTERS OF CREDIT Issced, available la all parts of Europe. (■OTGRNAiEKT bonds Bought atd sold. 7-SOs conee-led at market rate*. Sah'l 11. Nickxesox, pres't. F. U. Gear,Tine Pres**. C. K. Fxxlo. Carhltr. Crus. J. scminr, Aas’t Caso. •fXf INSLOW, LANLEK & CO., *" ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT For Traveller*, available In all part* of Europe. SOS. *A7 * U 9 PIKB-STn NEW YpBK. iHusiral. THE UNDERSIGNED, having recently arrived trom New York. Is starting, -‘by special reaaest." a eyclca cl VoCAL LEabONs, accordla* to the Italian School, to which »be respecituJiy invite* (he attention of the ladlea in this city. Apply at No. 74 C BhT£B£VC£S--boalJ Suab, Anna Frederlkv Mo«* nusaon. ACQCbTA HER REN KIND. IJHB SOUNDS OF THE SEA. New Song with Chorus. COMPOSED BY J. P>. WEBSTER. Price 40 Cents, This most besutlftl Ballad bid* t*lr to exceed In pop olarlfT any cf theao’hor** tanner worts. Although It u but h> dare since It was Issued Cram the press, I: has already rno through six editions. LTOS & HI ALT, Publishers, Clark Wuhlngton-sts.. Chicago. faints, ©ils ana ©lass. JpOB. SALE—Samuel Greene & Co/s STOCK OF FAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES, AKD FIXTURES, In Store 129 South Water-st., Chicago, FOB SALE AT A BAF.«AT>*. (Goal. jYF.AT) THIS. COAL AT SUMEE PBICES! tomtit, erbtcb <.scr.dQ.mrcd Lfl auj ptrt of Uf city, »t tie follovln* prices: gauet and lante »Im** I>er Chestnut 11 “ 1 V7SI.VG AKD SUPPLY CO, A4 tad 36 EUPdoloi-st. Srtobes. r£"HE WONDERFUL COOKING STOVE! Borns no Coal, no Wood. Can he seen In operation EVERT DAT at TTBITE’S EXPRESS OFFICE. Ko. 43 stste-st. Cost or fuel seven cents p»r day. Housekeepers invited to call and examine It. Orders received for Stores. J. H THORP. 4.) StstMt. <Eit|j ’Notices TyjATOK'S OFFICE, March 22, 13C". *Sfce cltliexaoC CMcseo »te lota la ede trMio?, OX iIOXDAi XEAT, UwJi Stli, Uie Intr> daciloo of PURE WATER threat to tie Lake TnnncL and to* layloc ol toe l&iaer btone cf toe Owhllactoriba Sayo?. 8 * Attet; A. 11. Bowes. City Clerk.' _ pr joaiai.'. ro*t, Time*. KepoWlcao B3Q Zebras tepy* ©fssoltttum. J^ISSOLDTXON. ' •. Use ccdmLmed, have thla dir d«»ore>l tha rannuihlDhemofcre eilsUr* under foe fl-n n«m» M M. GRAFF * CO-149 South Waterot. ~ iTATTHEWOB'P». UJrcna,U67. SIDSBrf.SLADDEH. ... .... . Cmcsoo,Msrtß3,lSC7. I bare UiUd»j io!d my halt Irtereii!-* ano to ihs firm ol M.QRAEF A Ct»- 149 South Water-st.. to EOLIIN SHEUIiVN, who will assume alt arm Uaolll ties and pay an nut debts Use firm may owe. asd ro. eeiTe and collect aU due ohlflna. SIDNEY P. SLAB DEN. B.6HKBMAH. The tu4mi£SM bare this day formed a partaerahlp, under the him name of M. GRAFF & CO., Per the purpose of del as htulocst as Wholesale Fancy Grocers FRUIT DEALERS At 149 South Water-st, MATTHEW GRAFT. OF COVAKTNER- Ji-J &HU .—llie partnership heretofore existing be* m tw«» the aidetsicncd nnder the trm of x Si Wb BULL & GO. 1 Was dlrsolred on the J6th day of Tobrnary. 19ft, by mutnal consent. Alt rliin.-* cae to or hr the said firm will beaetUeA by b. W. HULL, at the offles ol & CLOOPT, Comer cf Korli De&i bora acJ Dim S. w. HUTU O. V. ELUtUIXO. Chicago, March 31.15€7. COPARTNERSHIP notice. The snhscrib - r* hare thK day* entered Into » Gopart— oesiitts tor to* purpose of transacting a General BulUns Buglnean. Under the firm name and sty le of HULL & CLOON, Asicccexaort to BLEND AW. BBOS. Their Factory. on the corner ot North Dearborn and lUinoissu. u fitted np •tin all the latest unnroTn ntents in Machinery, Ac., Ac. X». B. OIiOOINT, Wen known to the trade. (Or twenty yean, in Recta, nan, l* about removing to this etty. S. W.HULU f. B. CLOoN, late of Cincinnati. Chicago, Feb. M. 1367. 3priE copartnership hereto- L FOB* cUatmg between the underngned aiwler e firm tame of FaHSON & WOODS. Ij ibis day dlaaotred by mataal consent- The bostnam of the late firm will besetiled by James Farson, who aloee win alas the same cl (be firm in settlement. To Ufceetfectrrom Marco M»t?fiT. JaMES 'ARSON, Chicago. March 11,1567. A. H. WOODS. The ponses# oi the above firm win be continued tm drrtbe am ofFaEM-x A bkattox, Wtcwam bonding; Cortertf Lake and Manet-it*.. No* 2, 'lw and3M, where all bills doe the firm of Fanon A w u od* mot be paid. FARrON A BRAYTOX. partiursfjips. HUGH K. WILSON is this day adimt ted as a member of oar fitm. J. K. WII.9ON&CO. Chicago, March 3, ISoT. The above firm will hereafter be known aa WILSON BBOTBSBS, Who will continue the Men's Furnishing and Shin MannXactnrtag business at thetr OLD STAND, la cornfctloß with their new room, just added. I'it ana 126 Dearborn-st. .1. E. -If.-ON. M. H. WILSO.f, HUGH B. WILSON. ISricft. 11R1UKI BKICK! BRlCKt—Thepub- X> lie aie invited to rail aed examine a fpjdmoD— * cues'sting of several :tiousahd—oi the brick# made by the celebrated GAKI) lIAt’IIINE* Kow p.icdrear me uce*aU,*iUie northwest corner ot Mad'fß aol l.sraJ e-*ts. Do not loae the oppono x ity. They are wonh seeing. ** IJKICK MACHINE” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Oißce. Boom No. 3. 47 Clart st., Chicago. JjJAGAZINE BRICK WORKS, Corner Bailed and Twa.ty-#ecend-«a. offlee, No. x OUi Block. A. J. K.MSKLY. ttopnewr. p AKD’b PATENT BBX3H OrSce and tnanuiactory 3.1 aontb Jeflcrt tot Infamatloc and d-«crtpaTe eixrslsr sddteat A & BAKU, AS aouta MienoMC t>w»v*- jptttiattttc. gfj RANDOLPH-ST. PIKE & _ CAVANNA. Furniture, BEDBINO AND XJFEIOILSTERY. - aiibcrlising agents. ij> o AD VEETISEES. Adrentseaetts or Kotlc<a inserted in NSWSPAPEBS, EASTfcUX WESTERS NEWSPAPERS, SOUTHERN NEWSPAPERS, GERSaN NEWSPAPERS, RELIGIOUS NEWSPAPERS, AGRICULTURAL NEWSPAPERS, PICTORIAL NEWSPAPERS, PuloclrsU. si„iu3em. i!ie idmc &Toi»ljloWxiii»tby COOK, COBURN Ac CO N Advertising Agents, Office 87 Dearoorn-tt., Boom 11. jteto£sanl#urs. JOSEPH HIIBASS, W PRAT.TO IS HIDES iIVD FURS! (ESTABLISHED IK l£K), Bees to Inform the tra<l* that he baa taken the omn laes, 3-14 Lake-at. and lfi.l South W«tcr.*t. Chicago, where (In connection with ms old Q established and welt known boose In St. Paul, Minnca U). he Intends per* tonally to carry on tee above ha in.i*, and hit facili ties, be thin Europe end the States, betne unsurpassed, enables him at ail timet top,y the highest market prices fbr every kind of Shlpplcz Fun. Emms TO—First National Bank. St. Paul: Bontp A Champlln. SC Fan!: Beaopre A Ke.lf. sc Patti;Tra ders* National Bank. Chicago; Chan. F. Grer.micago; Fourth National Bank. New Ycrk; J. B. Cbeuvntu, New York: Wm. Msccanghtan. New York: Wo- Bit tern ACo., Beaton. 244 laie*st., 2C5 South If ater-st. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. 40 J ACKBON-8 T., ST. PAUL. MINNESOTA. ©Slater ISlebatur. J^TEW WATER ELEVATOR! GIXiBEBT PATENT. Just one Doubles speed* doubles value, and besfik the world. Arenta wanted. Look out fbr Ftospectag- Cransportation. ■iQprr —'JHE JfOnTH i&Klf TRAN.H- JoD I • POBIATION CO-til Ohio.,wilh dartrjC Ite rre»«iiecason, rur their welPKnowa Line of Fl'«£— Clw?Freight uaa PiMengrr Sifimere rpgnlarirbfr tween Chliam, utiwaukee, Oawego, Cspo Vincent^ “ccMtcutc°»t t, 6sn!cD*l>ars*i with uw nUlroad lor Bort- o ud ail pclflu la Northern New Tart tad Xev Frgtinfl. atd lie of *ip*tnert ior Montreal ana Queßec- At Care Vincent wish the railroad for Ne* T»rfc. AtOawecowlihaline or cnvdaas canal boats, tar Albany. Troy and Sew Tort. SKamen l?ave Chicago Crl-w«t!y—erery Hoadsn WedaescayardfrlCar. Throoah freight soojec* to only one transshipment, raaaerecrs ticketed to a.I point*. AGENTS—J. Myers and H. Hlghee, No.!? Alter Home. New Yorfc: .loha Hoeklasr, No. 7 stai«-«t, Bo#un; O. Freed. 74 Peatl-at. New Tort; 6eo. A. Eddy, Ocdenftiargti. N.Td Cbarlea Alll'on, Otwego* N. Y.; W». B. BncSlej, Cane Vincent, N. T.; Walter, Hare* A Co_ T*iedo, Ohio: N. J- nodler, Detroit; O. Hale, Milwaukee; French, Childs A Co-dem and. O. N. J. HOWE, Chicago. JOHN 5. GREEK. Gta’UW«Kcra Paiaesger Aesat; Chicago. Stocfetolflets' jfleettng. Michigan soitthekn & north- EES INDIANA B- K. CO. _ No. tViLLix* Srsxxr, } N*w Toes. March IS. I*7* I Tbe annual ejection lor Director* of mis comojuty nil be Held at tb«Ccfflpan>> clßce in Toledo. Otuo. on Wtdneid»;.ue mbdayof AnrU neit« nooew The polls will remain op-a ntul 3p. in. ™ »“* Transfer Books will beclosea on ttewtn m and recocced on me ;3tn proximo at wa. m. s*» pTBaBHYPT. Secretary. —. Datnitg. JJOBBRTSOX, BKOOIIA-X & CO (ESTABLISHED ISSS), BSITISH AND CONnHEHTAL PATENT AGENTS! IPTOPtlew™ cf “» Ut<Ja!at *' Mw * ia ' j (IfflcMi llGr'^'-"t-.LoDiloD.Eiisla»j. ISemotoals. Removal. DAVIS BBOft- DEAL KBS IK CttSJESE, Hare Bemorcd lo 40 Sooth TfitoMta.