Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 24, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 24, 1867 Page 4
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€l)ifcioO (Eribimc. HI'NDAY. MAIIOII 91. IWI7, TUB CITY Huxnirr’a Bau.-0. Fiaber, Jiepnty Bbeiia; will on Monday, March Wih. at K» o dork a. m., aell tftl entire slock of cUara, tobacco, plpea, Ac., at atore Mo. «8 Dearborn atrvet. fJ«ir*nmTHAU,-Ane*ort la bfllßf madobr . rtfd«« -° r c *}' ouw locriabUihandeiuoa aalte of ruoma U S?Seo aa a library and forrclunoa. porpoaea. CoMwnrxn.-Kd"-««l Wilson, ebareed with the ... .. ajutn money from mao named Mas “ , \, a « committed for trial from the Police Coart, gatnrday afternoon. In hall of SSOO. Asjxoxd Riot.—Thomas Harley, one of the principals in tbe prixe on Friday, was 2troß«bi ber'ore Jnailce Slortevant, on Salarday afternoon, and held for farther examination os Wednesday in bail of SBOO upon the charge of riot. AiAXM or Fins.—The alarm of fire rang from box No. iSt about three o'clock ycaterda> afti> soon waa caused by the upsct'lng of a kettle of boQmc tar in a building shotted at the comer of OnUitoaod North Market streets. It wee ci tmgnl.bed without tbe aid of tbe engines. Dxatb or AS Eorroo.—J. E. Wheeler. Esq. who was tor tiro years, Bom IMS to ISSQ, editorl rially connected wltn the TTuncxx in the third and fourth year* of It* existence, died on Thun day last, at Eeaanre. 111., of consumption. Mr. Wheeler was at the time of his death editor of the Eewasecißoi. lianas Cobtcb.—Hiram Burlingame, charge J wuhanas.-anlt with inUntlo commit a rape upon the person of Anna Strawing, sued out a writ of hebeat corpvt a lew days since. Tbe case was heard on Saturday mainly upon a question of the jurisdiction ot tbe commuting Justice, The pris oner was remanded to the custody of the SberiiL Bate last op Clotuiho.—WUlum Sullivan, charged with the burglarious entrance of John Ealpln's saloon, at No. 17 South Canal street, on Friday evening, and taking there from about ten dollars* vrorln of clothing, was committed for trial from the Police Court Saturday moral nr in bail of S6OO. 3 PcxsxvTATtosa.—Some of the patrons of the 'West Side Skating Rink on Friday evening sur prised Mr. Wm. Pickens and Mr. Geo. P. Lind say. who, in their connection with the Sink, have won many tricuds, by the gift to each of a baud sorne nereebaum pipe. The presentation was made in a neat speech by Mr. Graham, to which the recipients made as appropriate response. Glass Wahe asp Lakps.— The trade and the public will find one of tbe largest stocks of glass goods in the VTcst at Ex'.on, Maguire & Co.’s, suc cessorstoN.F.Merrill,Nos.71 and 73 Randolph street They keep a buyer among Eastern facto ries. ard sell as cheap as any glass hsu»e west o New York. Goods are sold at wholesale and re tail, is original packages, or in quantiuej to salt puichaser*. _ Ciunrn Sets.—Spring always brings many changes some for tbe better and some other wise. High rests, both in boarding houses and rented rooms of ad kinds, compel many to rasort to smaller sod less rooms and combinations. We advice s.i before deciding for the future to call sed examm** the wonder of tbe age, ** Whitney's Patent Combined Chamber Set, * at Its backs & Johnson’* wholesale and retail inriilturc store. Noa. ISO and 15*1 Stale street. Satxntotht Bbidxwbjl—John Simpson said thrt tunes were hard, and being without money or work, he conceived the idea of celling to Ihc DridewiU for a couple of months Until labor should he tn good demand again. Consequently he stub- s coat on Saturday forenoon belonging to Jacob Kuhn, at the Galena Depot. In the alter mnm, Upon being brought before Justice Sturtc taut, he was committed for tml tu hall ot S2OO Imnisnsa.—lt will be Interesting to a largo portion of the community, and particularly to tho friends of the managers, David Hunnlon and J. B. Harim, to know that tbe Hop Martin Kcstan rant, opened on last Friday aIISS Dearborn street, opposite the Post Office, la a greit success, us re gards toe eating and tbe number of those who eat 1L As many old cltiiens of Chicago can he teen here from 12 to 8 o’clock In tbe day as at any other one place In the cliy. Gbajtd Jcbt ot tux] hcfouob Cocnr.—Tb> foilowinc Is a lift of the dtlzens summoned o the Grand Jury to be empannelled on Hooda/ morning in the Superior Court: Oliver Belle A. E. Curtis. U.T. Care. Andrews. Whitney, M Cove], J. Hogan, D. U. Ford, Baojsmlu Browne U. Cooper, t> H. Hainley. George Erickson. Jam I* Pstitsun, W. B. Krone. North, Parso J. D. Baldwin, Green leaf, William H. Whit bead, Maurice Marks, L. Cool man. Ktdde Wlluam Tnrverand and L. B. Bnliock. Cxarrmr Notice.—Person’, churches and other societies, are requested to call at room No 1 Yales Building, on the southwest corner of Cansl and Randolph streets, on Monday morning at half pas’eleven o’clock, for the purpose of proceeding in Caklaml Cemetery for the purpose of sc.ecitog slot or pistol grouno for burial purposes. bocMlos are requested to appoint oue or more of their number lo visit the remvtiry, and prepare to re move from the tbe old bnrial ground. It mo city •bail so provide. (.'ommnlaUun tickets will be furnished it tho shove office. Ax “IxTxntfT uro” Idea —Tho Board of Trade of tils city wa* entertained on Saturday by a fltanetal desrertatlon byageoileman from WU conalu, which was ni>fortnnately cm sboil by one of t*>e officer* as ungermanr. One point made i>y ihe cratoi is worthy of bring recorded. Alter • prolix itatement ot the present amount of one cent pot ont at compound interest at tbe birth of Christ, be advised hi* bearers 10 lay op treasure In heaven, aa however amalt now, it wonld form an immedae pile to their credit at the end ol eternity. PnxmtTATiox.—The Chicago German Uaaons and Bricklayers Foclety asaetnhled on FaMrdty evening in their rooms in the old Board ot Trade building for tbe purpose of presenting a splendid silver tea set to Hun. A. F. Hicveneon. a* a recog nition ol his services in procuring toe pasras* of their charter through the Legislature at Its recent a -Moo. Tbe presentation speech was made by ex-Sni ervisor FhllUp Hteinmnllcr, and was verv happily responded tobyth« Major in bis best style. Stxaukq Pbovisiohs.—A yonth of eighteen yean, named James Cook, vu brought be* fore dua'lce Sturtevanton Patu'day ailernooo. In company with a friend of similar proclivities. James had made a laid on the vegetable- exbibi ted in front of a grocery store at No. 78 North Clark street, a abort time previous to hi* arrest Du companion escaped, but cook tns over aken and relieved of a black aatcVL tn tvbtch were 'found a dretted chicken, potatoes, onions, car rota, Ac. The boy was committed lor trial In ball of tm “JonxhT ScnxoKxn.”—A young man with very smooth black hair, eomewhat long, and parted nearly In the middle, with a formidable ** lore-lock ” mounting guards little In advance of bla leitear, made an appearance before Justice HilUken on Saturday morning. lie cave his name as John 8011, and raid be waa an English man. Woardttip with Ed ward Eeboe. at No., 7 North Clark, doting tbe past winter, except vagrant habits of sleeping to ont-butidirg* at In tervals, bo bad rewarded tbe hospitality of bis lilend by stealing trom him two boxes of aga a. lie was committed lor trial in ball of f2OO. SixAtrso a Pocket Book.—Peter Whalen, a resident of Harlem, came to this city on Friday »o sec a lawyer regarding some personal matters. The lawyer not being ’tin,” he repaired to a saloon on Bandolpb street and fell into (be enticing soci ety ol Mattin Mahon. Under ptetence of showing him the way to the lawyer’s office again (Whalen being much intoxicated), Mahon accompanied the rum gentleman to a saloon on State afreet where he “went through" the Inebriated man, and took hla pocket book with g!2 in money. Tali "rep eny was found upon him by officer Carey. At the Police Court on Saturday morning Mahon was committed for trial In ball ot £7OO. Buwawat.—A runaway team, consist log of a span of horses attached to a light express wagon, and reported to have started from the Hough Boose, at tbe Union Stock Yards, came on South Clark street on (Saturday afternoon about three o’clock, and ran to Water street, where they were stopped. One or two persons were knocked down, but not seriouMy injured. An express wagon, partially filled with groceries, was run into, and Us various boxes ol candles and other goods were sent flying Into tbe etreeL One or two other vehicles were considerably damaged, and scores of people at the various street cross logs were much Inghlenee, some of them narrow ly escaping with their lives. A Dsonnuxi Son.—Peter Hill, a young man la a mad state of Intoxication, visited a saloon on Friday and treated tbs proprietor and his witc with such abuse, that they caller bis mother, re siding near by, to use her influence in removing him from the place. While be was standing part outside tbe door of the saloon, bis mother came and endeavored to persuade him to go home with her. In reply he threw a large hickory club at her with sufficient force to barcldUeaberat once, if It bad st*uck her. Fortunately it mused her head; It went crashing through a window in tbebonaeand broke a washboard in the room. Ulll waa arretted and brought belore Justice Mil hken on Saturday morning, by whom he was fincc 125. Umcxxt ob a Fabo not.-9c.~Thß Police au thorHev, About ten o'clock Saturday evening K»Te a “emprise party” to the keeper and »• nates of a gambling boose located In aomo of the upper apartments of No. £9 Dearborn eUcct. Qnletly seated or standing round a taro table ware about a dozen well dressed gentlemen, so* called, “playingcards for money.** as the chaise rtads. ’the “keeper” of tbe den gave the name ot George Robert* at the Armory, and the In mates tarnished various eßases, according to the feritlity of their imagination*. Alter being taken to the Armory nearly all of them gate ball for tbclr appearance at the Police Conn Monday Doming. A «tr*ct search was made for all tho ntcnaila uved in the disreputable bnainesa, restating in ?oi«e a harvest ot the paraphernalia of the “pro cation.** Th - e movement upon the deni of the more se lect gamblog establishments In onr midst mil g-vegouvraisatisfaction. They should olcxter mlnitcd root audoraneb. their Influence being more pcmlclont even tnan the keno rooms There are more of them that will b; heard from, it Is hoped. In a similar manner. PonTBAtTi » Oil—A Nonttr.— The well known photographer, Brand, No. 109 Uke street, baa recently Introduced a valoabic feature m the photographic art, aa practiced In thin city. Call ing to his aid an eminent artist from the Cast* Professor W. O.Mnll—bo is cow tnrnlsbtag to many of oar first dtUcns llfu-alze portraits In oil, canal to the very best that were ever produced on canvass, and far soperio; to the average of what are called good oil portraits. The portrait Is taken In tho camera, full alse, cither from Uleor from the ordinary pho tograph, thus fixing on the gronud the exact onuinca of the features with the mil expression, with an accuracy which very few pencillcr* caa equal. Tuts portrait la then painted, a duplicate of tbe original being kept In view, that no trait he lostorczargerated. The picture thus produced is a genuine oil painting, not a photograph col ored tn water, or merely retouched, hat a portrait of which the basts ha- hern naoa bv the great solar utlst it noMv*sc» all the good qna’lUot of tbe oil portraft—lls durability, its richness anl beauty oftonr. One Important advantage gained In this process ts that of an ability to obtain a Jifu-sUed. faithful port*allure ofa deceased friend irom <ne ordinary {•holograph. Mr. Brand’s arrangement* ar<* wucu Lat ice mtnialare is magnified to ihu lift slxt without Iras of bcflnlteness ip outline or liatun, and wiihout dU'orilon. For this reatoo, I* torno other, it la luvnluabft. 'the advantage to tbe public here achieved hi Mr. Brand fsta heeulng with the efons coatinn ally Tisd, ty him to keep In the front in hla pro fscsion, acd sbowu some time tlucc in the reduc tion of tho price of tho cartes dn visile to one d> I lar pt>.- dozen, an example which has been follow ed by many other photographers. THE IAKE TUHHEL- A Voyogo Through It. A Tour of In»pccilon—ltg Inol donla nndßosulta. A lt<'|Hir(fr’n Kxporlonrro—lfp m „i Ihmn-hub.l.nnialrliin »ll«pry— >ovcl fUlhoallnjr-Wftiiinff And Olluiblutf. Narrow Kswapa from Death, i ° ur ' Md< ‘" h»Te heard of ..omethlnff called the If}* ; of vlklta to the aame; ot alOurmin Iccxcnrvlona thronah the creatbore ; of eclentlflc r*ph«ltiß paitifla; plearuro parllca; aoaaatlon partlea; of loimal vlrila of commltUoa to examine Iho eUle of tb o brlcba; of Ccro montea at the layltur of the flnt brick;of rejoldnxa at the Utldr of the la«t brick; bftU dn,y recorded—the «?n?^ U, * twero,naac! » wine that waa not *°njra that were oun?, tte aenaaiiost wcreiS^St^ o **?; * nd evci l the Akea that ™£S. r ‘ Ttlo n “* v ° lQmc " 1 " bo«t™r 'lboee who have already mido tho iourm/ in comfortable track*, pioneered b“ comSrrebl? SSi l ii#« , i 8d provided with comfortable ba-keM JSrt r BC * rccl T appreciate the novelty' and excitement of a voyage made tbroach the dl£ ®*l “vero ® a flat-bottomed boat, and af*er th»» Introduction of Uke tet ua dUtto! coieb, as we eay. Iho Journey was comparative vw, smooth and drv; A‘hS pertlqag, and. If anything, damp; damp not !□ S h l “ c ’ batd *“P externally and searchinglj. Bach a voyace never made , before, and never to be made acatu. the historians may be permitted, with all modeaiv to characterixe the adventure as nnpatalleled, and the lonr advenlnrcn. arc only too happy to-dav io }“« prinlece of recording their experience, indeed of famishing material for email obllaa- The flood rates at the crib were opened about a week ago and the water admitted for the purpose of making a preparatory experiment to the thoiouph effleiet ry of the walls. On Friday a portion ol the water was pumped out, leaving ibe tunnel over half full, when Mr. de siring to SL-kc a final examination of the work, conceived the idea of a boating excur-jon —a dtllgbUnl idea. He Invited three members of •be pres* to join him in Una excursion, and antic ijaung Perhaps a somewhat arduous trip, be con- Mdcieicly loiewarued them to leave their new sptine hats at home. Tho tug boat “George B McClellan" waited to receive the Hitle pariv at i*i*te street bridge, ana at four o’clock precisely •lie party louna themselves eleamlog towards the TOOuih of the river. TOM VOTAOB OUT was a pleasant one. lovely weather, bracing bre»jtes. skoals of ice around ns, dear blue over head, before ns the white borteou rimmed with rolling clouds, behind the glory of the sunset, tbe woedrqus city, with Its bundreu spues and tow cring elevators, and right ahead the object of the voyage* the Cilb. ruddy wilh the evening rays. At the mouth of tbe river a few bovs were amus ing ihtmsetvea with a very primitive looking »*-iS; which seemed so exactly suited to ibe purpose that ibe Captain of tho til*'bore dona upon It, disposed the owners, and cnceru raonlously carried It off Io Triumph. It proved bo sever, tu be 100 wide tor the tunnel, and mleht as well have been left behind. * AT THE CRIB the party were received courteously by Cantaln Berir, who wore upon bU beaming countenance however, an omluoon grin, which was anything but encouraging under the circumitancc* It clearly meant that wc were land-lubbers, and the prurpect of a pleasant catastrophe t> tbe adreu <urcr> appealed toamnsc, n »t only Mm. bat all Jhc bauds on tho crib, ihey took oar dimen rione, iiouired If our Urea were Insured, and kindly volunteered to convey our last messages to the guls wc left behind—aU of which peasantries were received in good part, while li was nnder f.ood that they were preparing to lower us gently doAn the shaft In the old way. Having been in the |uuuel on tormcr occasions? there was ncihuig appalling in the prospect of another descent. \\ c did cot calculate on tbe fact that the hoUt was no longer In operation. This was taih ci a s j.'tllng discovery, and presented the matter in quite a new light. Captain Derg with diabol ical composure, conducted ns to the month ol the yftwi.fng ahy» s. and pointed ont the only method by which the bottom eonld be reached—a perpen dicular ladder down tho side of the cylinder. To recoil from sneb a step waanot unnatural. To re treat wonld have been unmanly. To regard the propositi as a Joke was a poor subterfuge. There wan the Uddor-no Joke, but a wet, slimy, horri ble uality. “First," qnoth the Captain, hoodies* ot the wan looks of the parly “you go down the first leader so tar. 1 ben yoa gel over to another ladder, and (oLocarv yon don't miss the steps. Then yon go straight down.” An echo from the abyss seemed to answer “straight down.” Anchor alternative was offered, to descend one by one by means or a rope which dauglodjover the mouth of tho shaft, suggestive of unpleasant rcencs, and thin being tho safes* mode or convey ance Ihe proposal wan unanimously adopted. At ibis moment Hr. Cbeshrough apircared ready equipped lor the voyage, io the guise of an an cient mariner, a broau hrlmed sou'wester on bis bead, a inbh«r coal ope n bis back, and his netner limbs protected by a pair of high boots tbe oth er numbers of Hi** party inwardly commended themselves to tlio care of the saints, and prepared to lollow their leader. Esct looked to sun and sky and plain As what be ne’er might see again. Re-assured laiooo measure by the calmness of •mr chief, Ur Chcsbrougb, woovoiy soon dls a|«,‘sred In the depths by means of the ladder, wu t cslgned onnelvoa tn late and to the rope, rna descent was not exactly what Captain Derg would have culled a “straight down’’ process, yet It was pre ferable lo tbe ladder. A noose was formed st the end ot the rope which afiorded a tolerably secure scat, though to sec an Individual who had com mitted no crime, hanging In tbst deplorable posi tion otersneb a gloomy abyss, was rather humi liating. Tho Ant sensation was decidedly strik ing.—a series of rapid whirlings which pro duced a temporary giddiness, followed by an unexpected blow on tho bead from some pr Jcction. From below came a hostile growl, a cubing and dripping of nfi-er, white aroned on every side wua lively sense of cold, wel iron. Once below the flood gates where the water wu hissing and spnUcnng aa if eager to make Brush upon the victim, ttiu sense ol Mctnera giadnally increased, and wbco deposited at the imip.m of the shall a plunge into the “sumph” could have added nothing to onr condition. Four times tho ropo was lowered, and the party at last foun4 themselves at the be ginning ol tbdr voyage, standing under a pelting •bower bath, which In a lew minutes had nuuly libli filled with water tbe trail hark to which we confided our jortunea. A mXT-BOTTOMED BOAT. Ilwaathe v« 17 worst boat that eonld possibly bsvcboiD selected for auen a purpose, and the voyogcrevery soon bad occasion to deplore the :■ec<relry ot employing It. 'the slfgbtes: move meutbso the died 01 tipping U over, and the r suit was that when wo ataned, each one hav ing to nit in tbe bottom, we wore comfortably iumer£co half way uu to water. There was an uluulxuou* protest uttered against the boat, but 'Let proved ol little avail, no, steadying ourselves a« wi ll a. noßMhle, and each holding a miner’s tamp lu tils hand, wc left (he shall and shot bwitily into THE ITS Ma- Tbc only meana of propelling the vessel way by pi sblng sgaiuet the walls, and this tree a very nn thadv process, Irantht with danger to the boat and her little crew. The water at the crib end was exactly halfway op the sides of the bore, gradu ally deepening, ol coarse, as we approached the shore. -For a time It was comparatively plain railing, at d by tbe aid of the tamps we were ena bled to examine mronlel? the condition of tbe ce ment, which was the principal object of the voy age. Not a flaw could be discovered, with Ihe ex ception of a space here and there be tween the bricks, where an Iron spike had been Inuodnc dto hold the ventilators, the top of the arch seemed to be perfectly dry. save in the plicis where tbe water, not tmm the lake, bnt from sprlnga In the vicinity of tbe tunnel, ooxca Unonghthc walla, The wa'er was beautifully cVir. as clear aa crystal, and sweet to tbe taite. We were notion? permitted, however, to enjoy tbe contemplation of tbe stnroandlng scenery, limited as tbe new was. Ibe bricks were soon exhansted, every brick being so mneb like its neighbor as to become tomewhal monotonous Tne lamps, too, began to dicker out. Like the foolish virgins, we bad omitted to tnm them properly, andnow we were Iclt In a state of obsentity which was almost as bewilder ing a i total darkness. One could have imagined be was crossing tbe unknown river with “ that grim ferryman whom doccb write of," onr Charon Wing Mr. Cbcebruugb, who looked likesome grim phantom pawing the air aa It seemed, and muttering some mysterious incarna tion. 'ibe alienee became oppressive; the dl»- •ant growling from the end ol tbes cavern were magnified Into tbe noise or a cataract, and our Q'-arts stood still as wc thought bow by some an •orsten tcadent tbe flood-gates might oe open-.d. To perish like rats in a bole, to be distributed in tbe course of time through the water pipes of Chicago, and be bolted in kettles—we wore not prepared IDr such a sacrifice. Then again were ■i embered bow £,. Guilloiln was anreng tbe first who perished by tbe instrument of death which he invenu d, bow the man who Invented the new drop waa the very first who was hanged upon it. and oibt r similar instances. Dow tf destiny bad also decreed tbat Mr. Cbesbrongh was to be drowned in hia own tunnel? To chase away these fears, we sang the Star Spang'ed Banner, and 11-tened to tbe lieaudlul ecto of our own sweet voices (Tom the nearest chamber. In this way wc reached the closing stone, a while marble tablet, placed there by the Major’s own bands. We pansed to scrulinUe ibis closing stone, and beic an unlucky incident occurred, to which may ne attributed the disaster which was soon tn tollow. One of tbe crew, inspired by a frartle wish to " wnie his name In water," leaned over the edge of tbe list bottomed boat, which took ia « little more than it could conveniently carry. Thm In tbe process of balling the crew got un settled in their positions and r.everqnlb* regained an equilibrium. We succeeded, hovrevci.m path leg onr way at considerable risk on to s point be yond tbe filth chamber or nearly a mile and a half iiom the ci lb. Ocr beads bad been gradually approaching tbe lop of the tunnel as we pursued onr csrkiome journey to the ebore. From lilting postures each member of the party had slowly subaldrd into re clining attitude*, and by and by they were rbsoged Into horizontal position*, l his in a flat-bottomed boat rati full of water was refreshing. Tbo*o who • ere at each end of tbe boat were l>cnt “like cor btln of a liulliling" In an attitude of devotion, woi’.e the other two, with face* turned heaven ward, could fcci the rubbing of tbe bricks against ibeirnote*. Further progress was deemed a lit tle 100 precarious. Mill no one was willing to out, ano our leader manifested a readiness to go tbe whole length If desirable. It was not desirable. In f*ct|li|vraß not practicable, revlog ihat tbc boat hr this time was effectually wedged in between the back* and Ibe * tier. TIK CATAOTROm. Hie rctorn necessitated a change of propellers, and the new bands not being well accustomed to the duty, the UQsieanineas of our devoted hark was increased. The water came in on nl) sides, so we got ou swimmingly after a fashion. Only two lights were loti and these bat straggled drearily with the darkness. They wore entrusted 10 the man in the erttre of th-'boat; ano*b*r pro i>clU-d, while Ihe two at each end *<t to work lo imlu out the wahr. We had not gone far towards the crib cud again, when symptoms ot uccaainess tegan to mablfcet thcmsilves. In spile of all dlcrts to bnlo oat the water, the boat seemed to br tilling rapidly. We were yrt a mile at least ttotn the shaft and the water was nearly breast deep. j-uddenly tho man at the (tom raised a rbsrp cry of distress; bis end was settling down, he said, and whu was the use to baling uot. Thu man with the lamp rose to bh feet. Inst a* befell the boat subsiding. The man with the huket sprang overboard, and Mr. Chesbrough iloutdcred. We were shipwrecked. Then lose Trim ten to akyUio wild farewell. Tic last expiring lamplight had flickered out and all was confusion and darkness deeper than To phrt. Up to the waist In cold water, the boat nlng at the bottom 01 tho to unci, a ten atloo of a thousand aeedlco pricking all over our limbs, Hie situation waa indescribable. In aptie of our dh- F’i*. . °f onp ridiculous nusl'ion was so •* gmiwcsl an involnnury sbont ul laughter loud and prolonged. If came back to nui t Vh.rfro. ol thp chambers and sounded ni.iJiT?* 5 s,crul wow ot fiends. -.ltnlSi*,* , “ 0 t , ‘® 1 l'for to raUc the boat and ban) It to the crib end. This waa a u>k nf cotisidrrablr difficulty, but after a vigorous cOort wrauceecrt«l. Wading through the chilly water wllhour Mmbl bvmmmcd, and dragging an nn. IM.tcmi n,t.lK«tOß.d Th»i-, wb»“w® »*“ ctr reus, we tolled palulttliy. but as rheerfniivVa possible lor the distance of a mPc, sboutlog occa" for help, which did not come, bewailing ourrsfl tale, and thinking sorrowfully ot the roar >mnll olmnaric* Ibat would appeal In the morn itig puptTs. At last a taint light glimmered upon na from the far erd. “As If It bad been a Christian »nul, we hull, dl* In Oiid's liami’,” Wo ban bveu Bunoder it p Id our watery dncgion for m-arly tnrec hours, sLU WiiicpteUywullosbauetcd. the light proved to hr a Itirp in tic baud ot Captain Derg, who. fearing hem our prolonged absence Hint aomo dbashr bad u*. bad desemdeitotbe I oitom ot the sliafl. And (here be siooo pro loßnalyapioeed at oar Dilscl'ance, and laughing rhLsumedly as the bediagclcd waytaters came one by one into view. rue ascmt. But out wont danger was not over. We had ■«|.l«it, Hum, ■•>,,l."i ~ fi, 'VI! HM Tin fOTnr. rt.blp loiljth ff “ ft 1?.,1 l M n.n 1 t,?T. M\*S »M» in ft'l'PllltlH'lt, *Mr, *uK. !, iu " rriHtffl ntii, nod by w*y ol » nnrKtita Mill” hlicii tmlf way up b* cmoliril. y.lton of w*i*r from om b boiil h|miu mir |>.<ao. itm rniHim|.<i oflbnpnriy *rr«H|r**<ly nxt.m.ioa by uu«u,' *>nl rolil, How llm olhnra w )■ best l.itoHii |o IliniiitpitpN '|'h«* iirr»i<nl *m«r bn hia mil, on. jmi on dm uiiim of u|«. liijMtnl m lie rranied « ( tot down almul flnpt fdirn ilin ni'ititli ot lli« >li.n, li.iuii •iiflimrd tvllb cramp, • tli*«» ki<n*R||nii of .ikv ”*"t botiraib him, . frrflj.lT.ji of the iloah, power- Iw* 10 inovo aimilijralrn. Oiio >..( .Wot lor tirlp, and ho round blmso’f «01.-.| b» a rriflmtlr liaiid amljabt oru on tba platform, lima tint m a ropo and InuiflU up to dm tuoniboltli* abaft. Mntnil congratulations on oar eactpo. ana an adiouinracrUo lh* kitcbru, where Mr, llclamtv. the worthy of iho crib, provided a bowl of hot canoe for iho Buff.-PT*. TI.O flood-cales of Iho crib wcia r<-oi>ciiod im mediately alter onr accent, and the waicra went roar like that of an infant Nla-urn What became of Iho flal-bouomed boat we did not »»?.? wandd, l ootcir *‘ II belong*! to Mr. C L. wjjjjjj* 10 wbom WC bereby tcndcr °of profound The tajj waa waiting for ns at 10 o'clock, and In a few minute* the party were fleeUn* merrily home train nndor the kindly aura. And w effi edlheidventarpna voyace-the last that will be made through tbe Lake Tanncl. PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Heeling* of tho Board of Edncatlon— The Council Ashed for $200,000 for the Erection of Jfew Buildings, Aapedal meeting of the Board of Education was held at their rooms on Saturday afternoon. Present—The President, C. N. Holden. Esq., and Inspectors Ballantyne, Blackman, Booflcld Brcntano, Briggs, Clarke, Porter, Leavitt, Run yan, Ryder, Walsh and Tlnkham. The President slated that tho object of the meeting was to Oztbc amount necessary to be asked of Iho Common Council for school nor poses. r Inspector Ballantyne oflered the following: *TZl En ? AB ’ 3hp present crowded con«m!on of oLf^A 0 ' requires the immediate erection of at least four new brick buildings, so cotutracted os to form wings of larger buifilTOga to bo hm3 tT»nVf*wfMi\ ,rbßfc ,bl * 8 ? 04rd request tbe Cora “°n to pass at its next meeting an otdl tycomptrol cr authority to Issue IkS I li tot provisions made for this object in tho amcndmtnts to tbe City Charter approved March 3,1807, to tbe amount of $310,000. awe nted f 9 T purchase ofsltos and the erection thereon of school buildings. fotolrtd, i hat tbe Seaetary of the Board fur nish the Mayor and Common Council with a coot ot these resolutions Immediately. py ««r“£? c lSsis? ~t, 5 ld tou.iitht that that sum would not be sufficient, as a foil slued building was creatiy needed at Bridgeport. Inspector Urigga. coincided with thsurevious . r J *5, d ibought that tbe amount ol SJBO,OUU. übirii tho Bnllclng Comml’tee had recommended at tbe previous meeting, was not sufficient for the needs of tho aty. Inspector Foster thoughtthatal’bonghthebalJd lugs proposed were allneeded-they should not al terant to do ail these things at once. Tho city needed a new hill, street Improvements, fifteen or sixteen tunnels under the nver, and many o , her fSS!^.SSuIS aB,, ’ b ° l " I ' T “»”>»«■**>•« 9 ,4 “ defended me proposition tor the Immediate erection ol more school acc unmo dftliona, and thought that It was a duty to provide for the edncatlon of tbe thousands of heathen in car streets. Inspector Bonllold moved to make lh« sum ask cdforgttWOWJ.but afterwards withdrew the mo- ThePiesidentstalcdthat tho whole amou-tof louds appropriated would have to be plscett upon con *f f luenUy toe pace would be sOcded by tbe large Issue proposed. He thought it would not he wise to attempt to put up ail the buildings reeded at once, and considered gxuo.dOO to bo ail that should be asked foi at present. Inspectors Clarke, Runyau, and Ixuviti areued in favor of the proposed appropriation. Inspector Walsh thought that it was not neces sary to fix on the amount at present Inspector Itnsyan offered a*an amendment to the proposed resolution, the Insertion nflor the word “bends' the words “so last an they can bo Jndl- Sk’WuaiiS,-' p ° tc '“" ° rioU “ a “>» Inspector Walsb moved to Insert 9800,000 as tbe sum asked for. Inspector Ryder offered as a substitute tbe fol lowing: Hesolud. That the Common Connell bo re quested to Issue for the Immediate tuo of this Hoard, for the purchase of sites for school houses, and the erection of houses, as aolborin>-d by Ihe amendments to the Charter passed March 6. bonds to Ibu amount at f2oo,nou.*' A vole was taken on a motion to Insert 1*30,000, which was lost. The motion to fix the amount to be askeu lor at S2(Ki,()uo w as then carried by a vote of all tho mem bers present, except Inspector Leavitt. The resolution ot luipector Billaotyno, as amended, was then unanimously adopted, and the Board adjonrnou. nEUOIOUS INTBLUOKNOB, Tbe following services are announced for to day. In all the churches mentioned strangers will be furnished with seats, and aU are cordially invited to attend: COBOBEQATIOXAIm First Congregational Lhurcii, corner of Wash ing ion and Green streets. Rev. W. W. Paiton, pastor. Fablic services at U>K a. ro. andTUp. m. Bible class at 9a. m. and Bahhaih henool at Bp. m. Conference and prayer meeting, Wodnos nay evening. Young people’s prayer meeting Friday evening. liymouth Congregstlonsl Cboreh, corner of Wahub avenue and fildrldgc conrt. Rev. L. K. Matson, pastor. Residcnco, Toil Wabash avenno. Ihiblic services at iiivya. m. and 7«| p. m. Hah ba'b Fcbont and Bible classes at 3p. m. Young people’s prayer meeting Monday ovemog. Con icrcnee and prayer meeting Wednesday evening. Homh Cungregaunnal Church, corner Calnuot avenno and Twenty-sixth street Rev. W. U. Wrisht. pastor. Residence. IMI Wabash ave nue. I‘ohllc services at a. m. and 74 p. m. babbath hebool and Rlb.e cluves at i p. m. Coi fnence and prayer moeunc on Wednesday evittlnjr. New England congregational Church, corner of North Dearborn and But While streuta. Rev. J. P. Gnlilver, pastor. Public services at 104 a. m. and 74 p.m. Kabbath bchoot and Blbie cusses aian.m Contorouce and prayer meeting on Wednnday ivenlnr. Yourg people’s prayer meeting on Wcdnr’day evening. Belem tongrecational Church, Cleavenrllle. Rev. C. B. Thomas, pastor. Public services at 104 t.m. ana 74 p. m. Sabbath Kchool aud Bible rfetsesatSn m. Conference and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. Union Park Congrrcatlonal Church, corner of West Washington an Ucnbcn streets. Rev. c. D. Uelrncr, pastor. Public services at 104 a. m. and <Hp.a. Sabbath School and Bible c uses at 3 p. m. 1 oofeicnce and prayer meeting on Wed nesday evening. Young people’s prayer meeting on Friday evening. Tabernacle Congregational Church, corner of West Indiana and Morgan strecu. Rev. J. W. Healy, pastor. PnbUc services at 104 a. m. and 74 p.m. Sabbath School aud Bible classes at 8 p.m. Young people’s prayer meeting on Mon day evening. Conference and prayer meeting on Wen esday and Friday evenings. Rev. R. M. Morn, of Cincinnati, will preach morning and evening at the Sooth Congregational Church, corner ol Calumet avenue and twenty »ix»h street Illinois Street Church, Illinois street, between Wells and laSalle. Bible class at 9a. m. lor ladles and gentlemen; Prayer mecUtngat 10 o'clock. Preaching at Ja to 11 oy Professor Fl* ko, ol (be Chicago Theological Seminary. Sunday School and Bible classes at 3 p. m.- Services In tbe evening at 7*4 o'clock. Meetings are held tn the basement of this church every evening during the week. xpiscorax. The Bishop of Illinois will de’iver an address on tbe subject ot his recent visit to Sweden, in bis Cathedral, corner of West Washlngto-i and Peoria ttreeta, on Sunday afternoon at 9 o'clock. Tbe front rests will bo reserved lor the Swedish con gregations. who have been «peclally invited. Bight Her. Bishop Whltehonse will preach in Trinity Church Sunday morning. Service at i fcv. emut Church, corner Michigan avenue and Twenty-fourth street. Kev. C. E. Cncney, rector. ttoiTlcrelnihlachnraistlOJ4a. m. and at 714 p. m. At the evening service seals are free, nun day School at 94 p. m. et. Mark’s I’rotcslant Episcopal Church, Cot tage Grove. E. B. Tuttle, rector. Divide service at ICH a- to. and 34P- m. Sunday School at 2*4 p. m. Wccpvsday evening lectures u Lent at Church of the Holy Communion, (Episcopal.) corner of Randolph street and Wabash avenue, services at 104 a. m. std 74 p. m. H. N. Bishop, D, D„ rector. Morning cervices at 10*4 o’clock: evening services at *4 o'clock. Ser vices every Wccnetday morning during the Len ten season atll o’clock, and every Friday evening at 4*4 o'clock. Sunday School at oa. m. St. John's Lake Street Mission Sunday School, connected with St. John's Episcopal Church, at No. 73 West I<ake street, up stairs, commences at 2*4 o’clock p. m. _ . xxTnontsT xmcorat, Wabash Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. Preaching by tbe pastor. Bet. R. M. Hatfield, both mornirg and evening. Clark Street Church, Methodist block, corner of Washington acd Clark street. Preaching in tic morning by Rev. I, b.Bayless; in the evening, by the pa»tor. Rev. W. C. Dandy. Sabbatn Mboul and Bible class in tbe lecture room, at 3*4 p. m. Prayer meeting, room 17, at 6*4 p. m. Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of Indiana avenue and Twvnty-flrst street. Rev. T. M. Eddy, D. D., will preach at 10*4 a. m. Ser mon by the pastor. Rev. s. A. W. Jewett, Sub ject, *• Asleep In a Storm.” West Indiana Sttect Methodist Episcopal Church, comer of Sangamon street. Rev. Robeti Bentley, pastor. Services at 10*4 a. m. ai d7U p. m. Sncoay School at 2*4 p. m. Prayer meeting at 6*4 p. m. Young people's meeting on Tuesday > vent tig. General services Wednesday and Friday evenings. Paik Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. Preaching at l«H a- m. by Rev. W. C. Dandy; at P- *0- bylhe pastor, J. M. Bayllsa. Evening subject. “Tbc Public Worship of God.” Sunday tcliool at 2*4 p.m. Grace Church, corner of T«dall« street and Chicago avenue. Rev. o. H. TlSany. D. I), pas tor. Services at 10*4 *, m. and 74 p.m. Sunday School at S p. m. J Rtv. Hooper Crows win hold quarterly meeting J 5* pf, k conjer of B'scwiawk « ? to ' a, y- Loveless! at V, •; Public at 10*4 s. m. Rcr It. All 1 if:o iirritcd reaCtlal P ' m St, ‘> •« _ narnsT. n F » C^ T3R *! Wabash arenne, south of ren *‘ Public wor -111*.*113 p * *?• In the ercßlng the pastor will continue the series of scnnocs to the young. Subject, “The Philosophy and RflecliTC ce^ i olibe Temperance Pledge/’ Sabbath School at d Bible classes at VH a. m. Bible class at 8 Second Baptist Church, corner of Morgan and Monroe (treets. Preaching atlOua. m. and 7U j>. m., by the ptrior, Iter. E J. Uooospced. Sah hath School aud Bible classes at P a. m. and 3 p. tn. General pram meeting on Wednesday even ing, at 7U o'clock. Union P-»k Uapflat Church, corner Wc*t Wash tOßton and streets. The pastor, Rer. D. iiuT-. 'la pl ? ,c J l rooming and evening at Sanhsihi School meets at 8 a. m. Piayer meetings for the week are on Monday. Widnerday and Friday evenings 7 ’ * pU,t /lioreh. corner Superior and r rclS?'f, P ? ,chl M br Ke». John fchoo?««V*B ,H p - “• „ , rnx»BTT«nuß. Regular service* morning and afternoon In the Church. Fourteenth street abd Fnlton avenue near Clinton atrret, hy Rev. W. U. Van Dorrn C * First bcotch Presbyterlsn Church, lie? W« Orrgg, A. M., iiH'ently Professop of ibe evidendea of Christianity la Kio* i-ollege?^ «n preach lo PL George's Usll. gat South blaik ■•recr, at I(>H a. m., Uttroduclog Dr. Darns. Or liutes will | teach at 3ft o'clock, aud Mr. Qregg al7Wp, m. *“** Olfvit Prrabytrrian Church, corner Wabash avenue and Fourteenth streeta. Rev. M. Mackay will preach morning and evening. Westminster CLnrch, corner ot North Dearborn acd Ontario atrects. Service morning and evening by the pastor, lYofossor Swing. Ninth Presbytenao Church, Ellis arcane, near Oakland htailon Ai this churen tuo pastor. Her. Alfird Eddy, has commenced a scries of lectores to the young people on Babbatb evenings per vieis aa nsnal In the morning at 10V% o’clock, habbitb School In the afternoon at i o’cock. IhoJi-ffcrson Park Presbytenao congregsllon, t ow worshipping temporarily In the Free Wilt Ilapiiai t:butch, comer of Jackson aud Peon, street** cordially invite the public lo worship "Iththett. Sabbath heboo) at9U p. m. Service* atCVi p.m. Services conrtacteduy llov, Robert iwucnoo, D. D. . . CXITAniAV. Unity Church, comer of Chicago avenue and Dearborn street. Preaching at lU>4 o’clock by toe pastor, Rev. Robert Collyer. Church of the Messiah (Unitarian). Rev Rob ert Laird Collier, pastor, comer Waba-h avenue “A«"“ b V*r.V"rtSK""" t ” “ lol * 11,1 " rc “">* l **>• "»'■ a i . HUMAN UATTIOItO alrfflU. by Hcv. I),, jJlhi HI Paul’a Cluurl/,' it V /i#.*• n n ita>|pr, Hfrvicra at Ilu > •>> liL H, I)., livder will Pieach moriJjnu and eveJ b»‘ ,n * ***' \ hmcholthe wia» w..h injjton and haueamon a’rroS. if** r ' 7 lor -, ’SSSSffIA 1 “p.- Ini tlmrrh, corner of ® ’ . , dl l n ®t° B lto Home ntffUoc will h» h.M •. it 7 o^a? f Uomc ' ra W«WduraVJ«“ uChurch* comer ot Monroe und Senssnion etrccn, Rot. dime, Denu* rest,Jr., pastor. Hervleea at 10W a m an p.m. SnndavSchool atSUp. m? 37H j Brcihren Church, comer of Clinton and Wilson airocta. Services at I0»4 a. m. and TW p. m. Itev. E. A. VanSant, offlc!at>ajrT H Old Board of Trad* Halt, No. IWlSontb Water street, at 11 o'clock, a m. and 7*4 In the cvenlne. h blacks, rag plckera and all who have no placeof wrrship ate welcome.- Advent meetings. ’ Elder J. V. nines, will preach at 10 a.m. and a p.m., in the hall north east comer of Randolph and Clinton streets, West Church of God, Warren and Bober streets Jr r snt: bl 2 ,r 5, yttep - I M - t ? r ' ReT - A - x * BBoem?kcr •* I ?r aLd ‘H. P. m. Sunday School a* P- to- meeting at Op. m. Christian Chnreh. Dr. B. H. Smith will nreach In tbe Christian Church on Cass street between Michigan and Illinois streets, at 10>S a. m £id preaching every other Sab bath morning and evening, by Rev 'lhoma* At Ivn. Sabbath School alS«pfm. M tJ?!! 1111 ? 8 ? f Crosby’s Mnslc Ha»U Children a ProgressTve Lyceum convenvs at 10*4 a. m n conference at Ip. m. Mr. Seth Paine will lecture In the evening. Subject t or J^ l l M, lv dcr; lh ® Cause and Eemtdv,” sug’ ffifi*® b L ‘ko_«anlme developments la the a? papers 1 Dr * and co *oment« by the dally Independent Society. Chaa. A. Harden wttt lecture at Washington Hall, Wasllneion“trTet opposite the Court House, at 7H o’clock. Tbe Lake Tunnel. Rlrfl?™ "S” Cbl , cr Drnat. of Ma.oolc J ? bn Mcinhitt. Geierjl James H. Hugunln, Mr. Henry Turner, Major Lyman Bridges aud Captain George Mason are announced as Aids to Chief Marshal, aud will Ply"* report- mounted, at Masonic Temple, at Jli o clock a. m. on Monday next. Abthuu C. Ducat. Chief Marshal Masonic Division. Attention,Tkearbom LlghlArtUleiy, You are hereby commanded to be at the Aimory Monday morning at eight o'clock sharp, in uniform By order. Jakes Surra. Commanding. Dead Uogs< To the Editor of tho Chicago Tribune: Whose business Is It to remove the deed don t Tlicro bag beenjtor the last fifteen dare some Are or nx Ijinar on West Jackson street between Dea plaic«» atd Halstead streets, and If we would have a jew dajs warm weather they would become very cf&nsive I hope the proper auihoriiy wilt attend to the removal or them sconce. Scatzsom LOCAL MATTEES. Photographic,—A Card to CBy irianr mends and patrons: Having been the first mao In the photograph'business to reduce the scale of onccs, and the discriminating public having ion? known that I always produced the best kind of picture-, 1 bare bceo patronised accordingly. 1 he short days and many storms consequent upon the season or tbe year, very much belated me tu my finishing room. Having now greatly increased tny facility for printing, having also doubl'd my corps of operatives, and been favored with a few day* of etntUine. I am prepared (with many thanks for yonr kmdnes* in tho oast) to sta:e that hereafter 1 shall beenabhdlodeliverpholographa the second dav after tht proof tiiail have been ap proved of, weather permitting. I shall also con tlnno to give the very teit clast of "carte d* rUUe" for only ont dollar per dozen. 1 wonld also cordially Invite all lovers of the fine arts to visit my gallery. 108 Lake street, to examine spec imens of those elegant new pictures, the photo liortralLcolorcd In oil by the eminent artist Pro essor W. U. Hull. Copies from olu pictures made In this manner and enlarged to any slxe Rom the cabinet to life also—more durable than any other kind of picture. Hoping to receive, and determined to merit, the same share of pat ronage heretofore accorded me, 1 subscribe my self Truly Yours, E. L. Buaxo. Use Gardiner** Rheumatic and Nrnral glc > omponnu. It cares Rheumatism and Non rslgls. bare core wsnan'ed. Sold by all Drug gists. Burnhams A VsuScbssck, scents. 10 Lake street. Icc For Sale. Sec Advertisement, Paper Ilaoslnirs and Window Shade*. All tho newest styles tt reduced pnccs, at F. £, Rjoiirr’s.B9 Uandolpb street. Stamp Ribbons! Stamp Ribbon* I titamps, dies and seals. Old stamps repaired. O. M. Babcock. No. C 3 Reynold*’ Block, near Port Office. Oidois by mail promptly filled. Corns Extracted Without Pain.— Corns, bunion, or enlarged Joints, or ingrowing nub. Go to Dr. Kxnisun. office 119 Clark street. Dr K has opeiaicd on tbe feel more than sixteen years In Boston and Chicago. Booms for ladies. Reed! Reed! Reed I—Flower and Gar den Seed. Unions, and Amnrllla ct Mtrdssa, Lil lis, Tulip* and Oroeus Urariiola. and others, by A. iloTTixoiß. 804 HrdgvvicU street. Drug store between DlVlrion strcit and North avenue. n a 11111 k li. At Racine, Wis., Mtrchstb, by Rev. W. R. Alexaa rirr. Mr. il. C. MAYNARD, ot Cbirsco. and Mna NEL -1.1 KM., (laughter (d W. 11. Roe, of the former place. tr HuPalo (N. Y.) aapcri please c;py. DIED. In tins city, on the 33d Inst., EMILY V„ wife of It. 11. Coitmni. Fui.eral *l J p. m.lortsy (Fanday), at her late rai< dence.Sia ruin n-*t. Fnemti ot toe faintly are lorlled. tlnliuflaio aud Detroit papers p ms oopy. In thisctiy. March WILLIE DUNHAM, only (f.ltdoi Wm.C. acd HasteKyfr. ’ * Knnrrel services klunasy noon, at the rctldeece. 179 Writ Yen Rnren-it. in ihU city, on the S3d lost- at 10 o’clock n. m., AMANDA 11 H wife ot Isaac I*. lAdnler. In the 10th year (fhcrase. Funeraltcrvlcra atIV p.m. 10-day (handay), Irem her late mldet ce. 119 w e»l Jackson -st. Friends of tbe family are Invited to attend At Battle Creek. Mich., of consumption, Mrs. LU RKN A UNLHUWOOD, recently of Aurora, I J.. and W years and « moatbi. bbe end at tne Christian dies, and is not lost, but me betcre. atnusements. piiTOlU-CROSBY OPERA HOUSE. Ik. Director J.GttACT. Season of three nights and onr Matltee. Re-entree In Chicago ot tar Great Tragedienne, Mme. ADELAIDE RISTORI. Tne* day. March 36-ELIZABETH. 'Wcdnncay. March 37—j tTUITH. Friday, March 29—MART sIUART. £aturaay,March*o-GRANI> MATINEE. The tale ot scab- for any of the three nights and the Matinee, win commence on- Friday. Deserved beats. HJO; Boxes. tAOQ. _ JJcTICEER’S THEATRE Friday Evening, March 29th, Complimentary Benefit to CHARLES S. ROGERS, And Xiaat Appearance in Chicago. Oh. W 0 Oli'ti UUbB Um! caL J.H.WOOD Fronrlrtor Director of Amoae&tats p K. aikpk Stage Manager .......fadsTDAHUT D °Trttabie*nr.anTcr ot real water, and prodnred with new scenery, machinery. coatumrs at»c decora tions. On Monday evening. March Si, will ne perform eo, first time la Chicago. tbe new play of .A DANGEROUS GAME, with a splendid cast. The new play ererv night and Matinee. Meg's Diversion and My Turn Next tn pre paration. QUObBY'b OPERA HOUSE, (From the Chicago Tribune, March 33.] VOCAZ. CVZiTVBa. We are requested to state that no more members «**u be received, with advantage to themselves, in tne Is <U(s* and gentlemen’s eiaia which meets in Professor McCoy's Lecture Boon, on Thursday overtngi. Ap plications may be made, however, for other cliMee now being formed, sod applicant* will be Informed on what days or evenings and what hours th*y win re ceive lessons. If by letter, they will plcsw state whether they prefer to join a day or an cveolnt class, ana whether their object In taking lessons l* for their effect on the health, or to strengthen and tm prove the voice tn conversation, reading and speaking, or whether it U tor the purpose ot singing. tt’pHE ikish~repußlk£ The first number of this paper will be Preed oa the fim Saturday in Msr-May «h. Arrangement* are row n.«di tor delivering the paper to »un*.libers' reel c.eic«>mini*are.sod tn tbe leading cutes la the United States, The boons are now epea Ibr sabiertn- Uod to ftock. and certificate* ready lor thoee who have already *nbscrlr>rd. a f*w tegiilmau advertisement* wl Ibe Interred from Chicago. The paper being Na tional—oct local—not more than three column* will be devoted to advertierrs In Chicago. Ne Liquor er Other improper Advertise meet* win be received. The stockholder* being residents ot every State In th*. Union. TUE IRISH RKrUOLICwiII circulate in ftvery part of the United State*. Ftrtuilher vaitlcman addm* "Board Directors Ret nbllcNe* a Company ,*’ F.O. Drawer AOOO. Chi ra*o,lll. Office (until May tit) 14 hoath Llark-tU. a*i floor, treat room. QHOSBII’S opera house. Thursday Evening, March 28th. ,l Lawyer Lincoln, by the Crier ol the Court.” A lectors by T. W. s. KIDD. Crier ot gprirttleld tn which Abraham Lincoln practiced ma t Uion'vMllaipfnd tplfatant eveoloc and enjoy a good tap*h,ro and hstr Cue Crier’s humoroo* p irtral*. ure<* Atusbaa Unrein aa he apptarrd at the bar • mciKhlautlfhbor*. from a professional and social stsno point. Door open at 7* o'etor*. Lecture beein* at A Tick- W f.?lM^^e. mqoCUC >DdClrcle • » McViOKEB'S THEATRE. CHEKA MVKtta MANAGERS, CIIANOK OF Tlllß,—On aad after Mt-cb tsth, the arers will epsn at.)»—pertbrmaare wtu cumo.cncn at 8 oclovk precisely. Prrdcctlon ot the Roreautte Play written by Oeom Aiken. In a sets, entitled ' CLAUDE DUVAL I or. The Highwayman of Whltefrlara Claude Dural ..Oeo. Aiken. Weepriday—BenftU of Jas. jL Baggot. 'y/AKIETY THBATRLT Monday Crenlar. March Sib. UWT. E»tra Announcement. Um*ll beprodßPed BSU. tJPOK BABTSI Or, 6ATAK AND DIB (EVEN DAUORTfRS. NewaodbeanUlnl Keeciy ly w. D. blrmr. New pff prrtlmbt Juba hbermaa. 'Newaad .pi-ndid ward- Urt’ e *K^r C ?nf«i 7 M.'S.V 0 b V uufnl Carosue U*l let. New Act I—A \ lew oi llet ltd luiUiuituti Art s Pstan acd UU bevta Dsnabtres in •’oipago! Act*-A fbaaxe of scant—W ar-Love-V»toc * QRO^BvFopEIfA^OUtE! BSVSN SCADS! tew soawsi WILL APPEAR APRIL 6TR. Buclnciia (fffjanccß. I /OK HALE— Vnlnnbln A!ill I’lntHirlv— OnnttlMiPklh* I.MI fl, ; J M.’JJV— •'"* I.iw* r'thl»ihlor three nmui » 2ri« it iill.r SK'lU' t|*f Mi liiml u|rtff iiißinhV.?i . I .i^.!*/2 u<n il ret air. and in * BiHui lurtiiii), * W«V«r • i,« n,„‘ f> utMMi'UH (i. loi (iiruter iiariiruLf* Vi.L« 1 iDl?' MM Hl*» HQN, l f tlrtirlii, lows. 1 * r,t WW. ir»» K'<"<MviH l nU,ck nml I' * ftreliilaM relaii ilin.* J, roimdcUUMdcr, •iliut«| |, n d• "{ |!,Vlrt o^ I r(. J.PM |.|i. Wn. Mata ll< *„*« U7iuMKnL" Knr Inrilie* li.JuiM sii.,r. ir.inli. •hJ.u'w miJJ' hUllolirr, 4a and 44 m»ib<*ri,*“, Chii'Bij?,* r/OU SALE—A wilier power cnsi nml 1 flouting mil of U.nortip of i In Urn iH7 ofOllawa.UUilnlx, jf 4 %'* ITMHI rrinlr and dnlur a bimm! tvulLeii aln i J” nl TLa iiro.i! am'.7 ■ .CMflo, Call on or addrri. iiobt Caiiidw. UllU. KuckUlatui 00.. Ju. " T * UoUi, NaLO. J7°n HALE—A Btcam SAwmljl nn Orcon rLbl^oVVawVa^V.'miman’ra rattn ail monln. |.a.ttUß prop S-t, 1 tu lire iilacfs wllli all roni entrarpi “fft lake. laartaHion In iho mill, ther* t>tneo , l and tire minion fertof|o CT nnhS nl 1 date opmuon. The whole f.r r °r Inimn- For term* and fttnhrr lafonnation I^ VA* * ow ®* nr r* - of W. A. Momiv, ntga?, ortoqalr. F°.lUor L 4 1..W0. AM*. P.f). Box 33& oug!;» landt IbrhonafS’lelLreH^*°°d farmm* ; j v -pi««.rd^“un6G^ 6 o clock p. corner Monroe and We U-tu. DtfDGS. SALE—Retail liqnor store. quite at 238 Sooth Clark-«t. 111 T 79 R HALE—Tbc only note! in a thnv- ICS®*4c. The hotel 1* mostly new, with c*>i its fon ol cn*t-im. Apply to J. uttEMhU, Parrtnaton. Coot IU. w *'• F 9. l , l . S^f; E -- L, . nlc store . location dcsir- J-l'?. I}, 1 }, &AI -E—A pnntmg and pnblishmg A ° dr ”‘ “fiusmß? UOK SALE—Or Bent—Miller’s Hotel, Llncol-. m_ with saloon, stable, wagon yam. drove lot* and rood water, piles M.(M. Tit e rood! Address K. MILLER.P. O. bS 84dVUacoS lit 17 HALE—Stock ol fruit and coulee* ■ic.Uo^ppT^.'^i'S:; ll3 170 R SALE —At a lacifice, a first-class lS9^Bt*?MU ha proprietor going East. Apply at 'R'9?. ,®^LE —First class saloon, wuh Inquire o? DAVID IfOK SALE—Machine shop, doing a .Bit n ‘2S?^ ue J? es f.* < l rooe . ortwo «»ve* of same, to r£j pl ?.’ 17,000 to «UX». Good omca 81 rorwm ° g * Address “T U J," Trlbnne F’OR SAJjE—AII Ihe fixtures and good* oI L* milk runte in tta'tielty. r ,r * .*?. ensure ftir rouog man oi email capital, ad wwu Lombardßlock,fiom 10 to 11, or at 279 West B&ndoipb-au np stair a, in tne evening. tTOR SALE—Boarding bouse, with lease *® John O'BBien, 430 Mantb Stato-au. between polk and Taylor. PSR SALE—Or Partner Wanted—A drug store, good location. A map with amaU means can e»t a bargain by calling immediately- A Hujolrc >t so we.lßia. oolph-su. from 3 till 4 p, m. F'OR SALE—One-halt interest in a tin to? P»1 log bqslnes*. Cantatlafy the moat skepti cal, ftlco fXWO. GILBERT ft BENEDICT, 132 Clatk-aU, Boom 7. T?OK BALL—Gents* furnishing goods— X 1 llatlngaisoclated m»s*lfwith tbouldandpoo mar Fortlahlog Uonre ol p. C. Kempton, Uroadwat,Lew York, under the name and firm 01 F. C. Kempton ft Co„ (the tame to take effect April l). I offer my stock, furniture and lease for tale forcaih—or will rent store ano set] flxtur** (black walnut) at a bargain. WM.P.COUBCQofWm.P. CtmrchftCo.. 112 Clark-ai. jFet gale. F)R KALE—Office tormcrlv occupied by Kirby, Carpenter ft Co„ North Side, near New* perry's Elevatoi.auiUhie dwelling fur aamall Umilr. Apply at 238 South Water at.. Boom 4. * |?OR bALE—We have gram and lumber X .. vessels fbr sale, of various grade* and sites, raspy of llinn not before offered. UALSfED ft LATUASL Boom 2U Oriental Ilutldlng. uaiuam. 1?OR SALE—blato and county rights tor the patent known as - feberbume ftWh-pple's l ra . provsment In Well Tubing;" also, lor •• duck ft Whin, pic » I’al'ni Impmvad Tnuu'ar Weils." T |/o.< bALE—COO colds hemlock bark ,1 Addrea* a. l», WILSON, for three week*, at south lItVCD, Mich. tf'OU BALE—A Durham and Devon F)R SALE—Pure Milk Wanted, a purchaser far the milk from to cows, tor 0 month*. deTvrrcd it Illinois Central Railroad Depot every morning. atf o'clock. Address" 11 UtV’Tnhaneoffice. 170 R .*\ALE—Bank Block—A lew chares A cf National Hank stock (one af the city banks) tor sale. Inquire of DICKENSON ft W’EBSTuL lUal Es tate Agrota, OS Wuhingtoa-it. FOU BALE—Boda Walor ilnchinc—A UaUhews* twenty gallon toonUtn, soda water warhtnr. with bottler, safety screw, and I'm am’a Fa* tmthyruper. all complete, for sale cheap. Tne m»« chine l* aa good as new, having been used leas «*<«»■ ■ I?OH BAJ*G—VOOm seasoned flour bar -1 rrlstaica. with ctrrlod heaulmr. on ronslgnmeot ann lor sale by A. J. LATHAM, Boom 20 Oriental Building. J7OR BALE—Patent ice box, scales and 1 all nrenasarr tools and dxtnrea tor carrying on a inratmarfcrt. Inquire ol GAGE ft WUITTEUOKK. 136 Wcct Madiaoo-at. C*OU SALE—2OO,OOO tool of first, second I •mlibudcU*r JV•n'l it, lomh'T.rtrr,to odd nr two lots. Apply to DAVID OOUOWILLIB ft CO corner of FrauVlin sod Ohto-sta, n L'OB SALE—Notary public's commis .? ,1 . 0 D: APP'T*° or address **ll W a,** Ro»m 23 Hevoidas* Clock. I? OR BALE—To Brass Finishers— . Cbcan, one toll set of Patterns fbr Plumbers’ work, and a complete Ml ol iroU tor finlthins work. By D- C.ft J. OE&KRV, Pawnbrokers, corner Wails a d Madlsot-stv. Pianos. T) RENT—Pianos, Onrans and Melo deons; also, new and second-hand Pianos fbr ss e on time payments, received in installments. W. W. KIMBALL. 6.3 Wasbinttoo-st. auction Sales. £)ANIEL SUOTT & CO., AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 164 Lake-*!., cor* LaSalle, CUlcaso. Cash advanced on Merchandise consumed fbr sals. Out-door sate* prompt;? attended to. A UCTION at Darnel Scott & Co.’a XL. Booms, No. 164 Lake-tL. TUESDAY, March 26. at 10 a. m* Dry Goods. CaMlmeres, Hoop Skjrta, Bafanortl Skirts. lAdles* Shawls, Prints, Calico*. Linens. Hose. Half- Hose, ftCn ftc. DANIEL scorr ft co„ Anctlonem. RUCTION. CLEARING OUT BALS. Wednesday, March 27. at 10 a. at Daniel Scott ft Co. s Booms. 164 GUm ware of every de scrlptirn. Inducing table, kitchen aad hand Kerosene Lamps, Cbande lers. Porcelain, Mamie aad Alabaster Lamp Bases. Beer Glasses, Wapplea, Surara, Creams, (‘poon-ttolders, nnd a large assortment of Castors, ftc DANIEL SCOTT ft CO!, AncUoneers. AUCTION— TJmisday, March 2Sihat 10 a. m„ at Daniel Scon ft Co.’i Auctton Booms. tfii Ijlml Household Parnituro of every description. Carpets, China ware. Glassware Loan gea, Sofas, ftc. DANIEL SCOTT A CO, Auctioneers. QHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE of FURNITURE, CARPETS, &c., On MONDAY. March 33th, at 10 a. m., at our sales rvoma.73. 77 and 79 Welis-«L, comer Randolph, consisting of Ha'r Cloth Parlor a?d Chamber Sett BraiseHs and Wool Carpetv. Mamne, Oil Cloths. n«|? and OtavaMattreaiea, F.ather Beds. Pillows, ftc.; to gether with a variety of Fumitnre, ftc. of several par ties breakue op housekeeping. Also, IQ.ODB Cigars. Qtma. ftc.; 2to volumes Miscellaneous Books, ftc. f*yp"**r gales on Monday and Tnotsday. J» HEANEY ft CO n Auctioneers. JM. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • «« w V* 7 dsakbohn-st. BcDi a houseful ol FURNITURE, At No. 130 MONDAY, March 221 h. at 10 o’clock a. m. Gilbert and sampson, General Auctioneers. 47 aad 49 Dearbom-sx. SPLFNDID STOCK OF Rloh and Medium IS EW FURNITURE, AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY. March 26. at 10 o’clock, consisting et an elegant assortment «.l Parlor, Bedroom sod Dining r»etn P»v ttaro, taetndme a great varletv of tfch aod Meotnm Marble ana klaln-topChasbcv Suites, with a genual assoitmtnt of Uons«»oia o<K.ds. OILBKUT ft SAMPSON, Anctjoacera. A DCTION BALL—On Saturday morn xl lng.Marcn33.atNo. IDASanth Clark-tt. FAnILY GMOCKKIB'S C.-niUtmg or Fickle*. Tea*. Mackerel. Hsrrtcg, .'araines, Qliss Jais. Ac. AUo, Dry o-voda. Vo’lons. Ac. WM. OBIFfITUS A CO., Aectloneera. A. UUXTEICS * UO., Auctioneer* & Commitaion Aforohanti 44 A.* 4M Between starlet. and Wabaab-ar., Ho’dTertiiar «’*r, at *jiejr eaJearcomr, cr DRY GOODS, CLOTHING. BOOTS. bHOtS. AC. Every WEDNESDAY and TIIDnSDAY. erery SATURDAY fßllUncrg. JJRESS AND CLOAK MAKING. JOBS, CBASBI)BX.IZr, Raving takes ths rooms at NO. 13 3 LAK&ST*, Formerly occupied by Mrs. Carpenter, Is prepared to cosdnrt Ine bounces of Cloak and DroMmakwc in all Its bratx bet. and hopes the ladles of Cbleafj will m. letd to brr a •hare of their patronaae me* rarucolar attention given to the trade In Patterns of the NcwMi and Latest Style* Cbucational. rpHK TBIIID TERM or thk MOBTSWBBTBBM ONrVSBBXTW Will begin WeSawjkT, March *7, ittills, isnaineg, &c. rj<HE LANE * CODLEY Portable Circular Saw Milk PORTABLE STEAK EHQXEEB, sungle Machines, com Muia and Wood* working Machuery. l<AKh A. BUOL.BT, comer et dobs ana Cincinnati. Appucanta for deacnp&Teareolan win ipfcffy ui aecninwT they seed* esifcMpm Kcnl ISBtat(-(SUfi. imuiovßiii l/OK HALK-»y Thofl. i». Hrynn * 0«„ J 1 Ijr.l ICi| B l»pmr-. In IlfT.u IUI'I * ' Mli JHuaN av.. imitii ii 't•BiniMi.i »ii Hc«*ni liiaMiS If"i't fr»iilui' i’,Uiri'fl •l-ifk#»liil liMoninuLii hi< islnx* 1.1 f'-mii*. rl».eU, Imth mum. aaw i<|<wai. f^ K# * e *’» *o» i»<*» Wtiwfnit. p|A , l)''f*T., nor Ta»Mr. two new maibo Hint •imi*,«| ihirou«»n»«ii|i<UtMi*mrin, Uni, water «nd iiiOini »iotr. i«>uoinoi*i.i«»»iMfi. t • lay. On iiiarriir.« UfMß.iiiO ir»ut9 u*«llhg, fda • iH.inipiior rr« i>o. ivn.P «tt,owi. * MO rTAlK;*T.,a.U.iinlr.f Jb» iim*. «t« mirMe tmiH

sum-.m three•i2m»« »ul nufinani. Water m every IftHnntV'i'SVi 0 ,* 1 ; » « 011 "*»>“ WabAtUIAV .Dear MfU«nU»-*t.,aframe dwelling and naaeoieni. UoDol limi barn. Ljl * IMHANA'AV ,c-ro«r of Bliloemh «t_ t»o hundred lA-Sf.’Sir-M a iuin of a email (rams «tuco. and lor 4&xU& fcet. Hflce fUOO. Ir ‘“° OM AUU>a r., o*lWprn LtSailo and Well#, collar hoo»e.ltfiMiejl,rontttnl:rß room* and s tloacu.ln eocd repair. lo> 3rxloo tvt. I*nco|a > »)o. UL’SH-ST r nurtbot Union.aver* rifmbla realdence lot, to one ot the beat nclshiiorbooda In the cltr. and tamvlns more «vcr»se depth of loti on the horth felrte. Lot UxltS ft*i, to a 14-fbot alley. ULSfcOALii vtat of taeallo, two-im-r frame hooae, wltn \ lazza. cnnUudne abcot 10 roomi. ana in JSSi."#TOUw£ b " n- IXII »» I «oftet,to»o 18-loot nAfililMaON-ST., corner of Sheldon, a bnck re*U dence, two itorte* and naaemeat, with alt modern Im provemenU. LottoxlM tree. m WAfaIIIXUTON’ST n wot of Bbeldoo, two marble front roidcnaa, two itoUee, bxsement ana Freocn roof. In procoa of erection; will be completed April 111 and Wajl.t- LouceJiSttlM. lonih or uaouon, lit tOxffl fteL wLh threeCraxe bonaee. tach of two •torlcs, tvo on tba itrcel and ooe • n the rear, now reatlnc lor *7ll per an num. rrica |oXu). * MADlfajfN St, corner ot Union, K cod baslnrsn loci tl< n Lot iSzrO teet, to an alley. Price luo ocr mot. MADIMis-il., non or . lot M oio £so. Price *l.i cc. FLXTOS.ST.. betwera Wood and Uneoln, a frame hocae of oae and e baf smrlea, contotnioir 9 jnatbnl.LV.i 75x106 ftet. man alley. Pnce*7^o3. TWtLFTU-sT~ west of Canal, a frame bant**, front* ing acnih. of two atanee, rcntalnin< ta roam*, in zno d repair,sow reot*os for fISO per -nnutn. Lat i3xt2s feet, to a 16-foot alley. Pnce|3.7oo. Ai»o, a larpelm of ilmllar and other property In all part* of thediy. r J FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee. Real Estate A cents. No. 4 Metropolitan Ulock. aflm cla» front boose ol 12 room* and lot. with brick bars, oa near May. F'OR feALE—By B, H. Kerfoot & Co.. Beal Estate Brokers, 71 Deirbora-iL: 133—AnelerattmarDle-froDton West Waihloeton* an. sixties rooms, besldts croiete,bath-room. ACmOC. Hae every improvement, and Itflo* Uhedlntbe dneatstyle. Lot StxlfaOloader 130—A dcstrabl*. resiocnce on Indlana-ar.. tomb of limn*, wtrh iwo acr*s ofcronnd, well stock- wilhihruboery.&nlta,d:c. US—One ot the nost desirable comm on Wabash av East front—*Ss. ISO—ChoiceboMDKsilotcn EastWaahlnctio-il 13«*—House of six rooms, closets, Ac. oo Thitd-ar. Wiu ec*l building with lot, or separately, at a very low price. 148—Frame dwcllmr 0! ten ro-»m», doiet% Ac- on Exit front. Lot 50x130 feet. Pnccft^iOO. 131—Adcalrabieframehnute of seven rooms.clov eti, Ac~ on WolcotML. tn cholc* neuthoor hood. Lotk&zlfOtoa planked alley. Cheap, 140—'Larire handsome realdence on Twenty-thlrd-at, near the lake, with lot aexiw met. Price, 133—Alsreeaaddwlrable dwdllog. with lot 48x190 feet, on nil front. Yard well omamrattd with abrnobery, flowers. Ac. FriceJß.7So. * 150—Elegant marble-front on near Twelfth-*!. Has all modern Improvement*. Lot sj feet front. 66—Lot 97x1 1« feet cn Mlchlesn-st., near Franklin. Tvun>e*oidjior tbe extremely low price or 38—Handsome marble front on WashloetDn-at.nesr tbe Par* Has t-.a room*, ctcaau, b«tb-room, wattr closets, marble mantels, c liar under baaemeanf-unace, Ac. Lot33xl33lest. Bnca barn on alley Can be bad at a low price and on ca>y terma. 916—New frame Lease with brick basement, near Jefferson Park, containing clereo room*, closet*, bath-room, Ac. Location very desira .-It* Kjo. <*l,*AJle>a tbaniu Taiootvw. 803—880—S94—Desirable residences at Evanston _ _atvanoo* price*. 826—844—124—44—Besldonces at Lake View, at from three to nine thousand dollars. Also. Improved and m Improved propertr In all por tlona of tbe city. Call In and examine oar list. L OK an*der&Lee, Heal Es a tale Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a tew stone irot 1 hense ni :i room* and lot, 90 by 170 feet, on Wab-in-av., near Elgbtceatb-kt. 3 ' iron SALE—By Wm. D. Kerluot, 80 X 1 Washlngton-it. M Fine marlio front residence, three stories in height, to north 01 Slxteenth-at, with lotWfta Large lr«tr.o home, brick basement, with all modem improvement*, ham. oat taousca. ftc« op Eighteenth- r * Three story brig house, all modern Improvement*. Eshs ap ." W*«Un«toa-aL f wun lot 3/7 leet Irontby 117 fort in depth. Neat trame bouse (two atoriea) on West Adams* 9or 10 rooms, water, ftc. Lot »#x:9« Neat frame bense on Wabash-ar., near MyteenltMt, stones in height, all modem improvements, ana two story and basement frame bouse on West frU*^fh°l«i! t ', oe * r liobC3r ' M Improvement*, and Lane tour story brick honae and lot on Fourth-av.. Dear llarnson st.. all Improvomenta. Neal frame house on North Dearborn-«L, conUln log it rcoma. water, ftc.. Doe barn and a lot SixitS feet. Nett two at n ry frame bouse on West Lake-au, near the Tara, «uh about 9or to room*, water, ftc. Lot S 5 feet front, ’ Three story brick bouse on PUtost, near Blxleentb lU all lm»r •vnurm*, a* fl fine lot. Heat brick bouse on Hoyne-sU near Ifonroe-st., con taining frooraa. valor, ftc., with Urge lot HxlSO feet. Can be buugbtcheap If applied lor at once. A (to. very desirable residence property tn aU parts ofthecity. FDH BALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es tate AgenU.No.4 Metropolitan Block, snswbnck bouse ol 13 rooms, modem Improvements, and lot, with bam, No. tiU BacA'-r-at. or Central-av M near Jactonn. 17 OR BALE—Marble front house on ? Waba*h-av., containing all mortem Improvo o-r&ta. Lr 190x1*1 fret. North ol Van nurm-at. Itnck house or Wahash-av., t ear smerntb-at. Prick hoo*« on Wtba*b-*Vn near Twnnty-secand at. . Frame boaae on W'abatb-av., tear Van Dureo-st. Lot 40x130 feet. Frame house on Wab**h-av M south of Fourteenth*!. Matble froLt bouse on West Wa*hlsgton*st. near Cor* House on West Wa«htngton-4t. near Morgan*!. BrU k house oi W'eat Monrv>e-«L. nrar btngamon-sl. Frame bouseon West Adama-il, west of Aberdeen* ai. Lot yxlPO fret. Lol goxcQ on Cnntoo-st.. 100 tort south of Madtsou-st N siuubier.r manuiactulng purposes. A'tey on two SRxiJti on West Monroc-st, between Aberdeen and lluckrr*U. AU«. housck and 1«U on Oremr. I‘oorla, Adams and MsUlk n-*!*, Al*o limim• fur rent In all raru of tha city. W.SH. sAUPSON, llnal Estate Agent, 3 MoSh puritan Block. 170 R BALE—By Bnydcr & Lee, Real I Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a }0 room* aua lul, 39iiu fsot. No. •123 Lake*sl.. near E Ittoetb. LOR BALE—Bv Arthur Bidden. Real I Estate Offlrr, 310 State-* t. * ' 451 ymuc) -su, two story. 7 rooms |Loa 1 *4 TMidav., lac story, 10 'o<*ms and lot j.uoo 19 'angatmm-M- 10 rooms and lot— 4.0,0 13 Curtti-aU, 10 roon-a and lot, |v« .1141 Kankalie-tuc |,ifo 119 T« rut* •utoiL*t„ lOrarjo* and lot nw 4SO Mltchrll-«t.,6 roo-■ and lot. iam 1 ;IU Grlswold-st- 10 room* and 14 .tan 000 ftuinstde-si,, collage a rtlot, 1.700 230 We* 1 Ms>i|sor>-*t„ & rooms &o 0 A Aero- h Uf mile west or limits. 8.000 ]oo>Vitcn l*ralrto-«T 4000 30 Peel oa vt abasb-av ■»yv, 000 Waba* h-av., brick hou.e and tot for Ism theaco«r. 000 Two stjry boose on West Washlngton-it- to bs moved, San. BALE—By hnyder & Lee, Keal Es « late A pen ta. No. 4 Metropolitan Dfbck. a new Irarrehotwot brooms water. g*«. marble mantels, sewerage. ardhit.No. 664 West Washington-**.. b 5 tvetn Wood and Lincoln. C*OR SALE—A story-and-a bait cottage A house, on leated ground, ha* all modern rmprov*- tntau, wi>blo onebKcKOf street can. No. 96 South l*eorla-st. Pnce riOOC. Is nicely flnUbed Utroughootl Apply between the boors ot 9 a. m. and 3 p. m-Tat the C*OK SALE—At a bagain, a new two- A itory bom e, with orwlthoat furniture, as the par ty Intends tailing ibr Europe. Also a new Knabe t-lano. Inquire on the premlies. No. 113, Tventr nlnth-sU 4 C*OR BALE—By Suyder & Lee, Real I Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two-atorr ana baiementbrxk homed is rooms, mod ern ItnproTcmsLla, and lot. with brick bam. onMichl- near iwenty-flrsvst. FOR BALE—Douse and lot, containing 6 rooma, lot aOxIOO, 216 between bta'e and Dearborn. Inquired BUBOEDEB ft DBO -133 Hoorn 12. J?OU &ALE—Cheap—'The marble front L'OK SALE—By Snyder* Occ, Real Es .l tate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a first* clau tbrei'etoiv buck house of 10 rooms, mocern Im proremeat* and lot. together with ftCOO worth of fhr nltarv, os Ontarlo-su, near Flue. ' FOR BALE—First-class three-story and basement brick boose No. 300 Huron-*t_ be tween North State and Cua-tta. Apply to GALLUP ft PBABODT. Boom 10_PortlMd modk. T7OK a ALE—House and lot on ADer- JU .0129x155 to an 19-foot alley. Price |ajOO. H. OS DORN, 61 Clark-*I, F)R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es tate Atents, No. 4 Httropollian Block, a new frame cottiee hoove of • rooms, water, bath. lot JtxlCS feet, No. 33 Ada-»L, between Lake and Fulton. Ij'OK BALE—New two-stoiy houre, with 1. letS&xlSA on West Washlngton-su, near the city limits. It must oe sol: at some pneo, to effect an Im mediate sale. Price 95A00, on very easy terms. H. U.-UOitN, 61 Ciark-st. J?OR BALE—Hoiuc 01 14 rooms, gas, . water, sewer, on Adsms-tc. near Ha'sted-st.. lot k2OO fleet, house now renting tor f7k>-46,000; irafeet on Adsms-st- near Loomls-nU, fenced and Improved. 180 per loot. H. C. MOREY ft CO n B MetrupoUtan Week. P)U BALE—By Bnyder&Lee, Real iS tate Agents, No. 4 Mctr rnolitan Block, two new cm-claw iwf-*io-y and bitek basement house*, with Mansard root, containing 14 roams each, alt modem Improvements, at d lots, with bam, on sk, near Wathtsgton. C*6r BALE—Cottage and lot 21x100 to 1 a plaak‘o al ty.m Mouroe-sk, near cuuce,Brooms, and lot SOxIIA no LaK*-*t., near K< rey-st- 93,0(0; cottag* Ami,and lot, ou Park av..near city limits, fi.fOO; cottage No, 354 Price riser, and lor 25x93. U 000. it C. UuBSY ft CO., Real Ktiate uroktrs, 8 Metr.polltan Block. T?OR*SALE—UntiI April 15ih. large, I nice, pew brick hetue. Jmt flaUheo. North La A OAQ£ftCO„ 14SonthLaSAle-sk,Bmo F>R &ALE—By So} dcr & Lee, Keal Ef tate Agents. No. ■% Wetxt-po’.Han Blocr. three]<>u corner Jsrtron aad taree lota oa •t .near Monroe. ITOR SALE—9n Wabash av., near Thir ls ten ib-rt.. a ftnt-cla*a marble front tnnm, vltb aluhe modem improvements. A. B. WING A CO-. S»i wa*hitgt>L-au, Ro.-a *J. L'OU SALE—On Alichican av n the resi st deoeexf tbr late John L. f-olpsa—a flri-claas house in evc-T ro-peeL. and nee of the Quest locations mthecltj. A. J. AVBHELL, Real Estate Office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. IPOH sAlxT#—Tnat elegant honre on the 1 southwest comer of Ibafsaa-ar. and Twentv •txtb-iL. trt uo free north/ ito deep, a j. aveb fcJ.U Ural Estate Omce. No. 7 Metropolitan Blocs. FOR fcALE—By Snyder t Lee, Heal Es tate Ar*rtv No 4 M<-tnrpoilt*nßl’*ck. lot KU nr lUftsL on Wa*hUrtoa-it* between Wood and Lla ma; lot SO by iaufeet,oa Jackson. L'OK SALE—Business property in one A ct the b-st localities lor wholesale ouilmys la the nir, paying II per cent, on price askeo. Aiso. tro Prst-c’eM sure* on booth Waler-st. A. J. AVKKELI- Ileal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. IT'OR SALE—Very desirable bnsiDess ” tropert/,ooe block weat of Chamber of Co». meice. Let- ItfS and ViHS Sooth, Eot pamculars, call on the owner, at 43 Sonm Ann-st. FOR SALE—Very nice store-acd n hnll rotucerf B roams. Loarlr new. with rood tarn with lot Jki ny 133 feel tn an IMoot alley, on West •c, near llot«, tbr f 3 000, part on time. Apply to r B. COLE. MI Waalinaton it, Room 11. y * J?OK BALL—Store irf lot. No. ISI ■ south a rk-sL. between Madison and Monro' Cfeetfrrnb laqolrcof JoON FoUfiTTB*, larf itaocolpn-su F'OH SALK —Two honsea find loti on •ootliwrit comer of l>earborn and no* 113: al»o. AWotaon wit.-neit. 11-arr and Caih-noMU. aca Ccmrv-ar. easlot Blue I»l%nd-aT. a. IL WING A CO„ hi Waal U gtoo-su, iao mi 2. I.'OR SALE— Houjc find lot on Calumet- I ar.,lnl 33x183.15J40; ote on AdioML. WJOO: one on Menme-t ,f*,*«Ji one. nWw j «ke-«t 4 15 v® I‘KTEltblllMl*. lU-al L«Ute A«eit. No.Ua noaro£itl Ij'Oß JAI-K-I’niriMT., veiy d-strabjc two-abiry dwelling, with laree lot, good barn.A -n,arl»ettj-fouTlh-*UTrry cheap: a so. M ieet ad. > innc ab'rtA run; log thf.mgb to Cottage Orure-ar. 5.1). II AIIVEI. 71* LaSalle^t. W _‘ T * COR SALE—At a nenflee. lor cash. P larse twosbiry gothic house eacl two lots. West Plde. near tlrett ear*. JtJtO. OKOIUIK * Wlip LIAM*:. No. 7 ffonib Cl> rk-su FOH SAJiE—One more house and lot at aoctloa. J. M. REYNOLDS Auctioneer. IM7 DeamotiHsL T?OK SALE—Two-rtory rrame house, A} with stone bsseokCDt, No. 461 Wabash-ar_ Ci iftxins fcsi. and brick Dare, intev HUMO. a. J. AVkUELL, Real E>u:e UUce, No. 7 Ueiropolilan Block. ticai l£Btntc-*fruis. inciioviiD. pOjl SAJjIC—IW Hnydor A Lee, Uoftl ■ ~ K»Ut# A«'»u, Nil, 4 MnlMttfliltn Hk"**. l K l)l * u »-• »"•. watrr, gavkuo lot, No. 9UI> Waontal.. krtr Umvtlii. " F»llbAM2-|.«uf. r|flO pur KM on »I ,DParOaH ß »<i. Itfnn tunf-H^* 17**11 HAUi-A Imiltlin# (HxttO fuut, •.«' ■"* r»l ranch*! of mannUcHirm* } * Ii, 1 * li. r«cOom bwl'vb) hoiloi,brink n'<|tn. Lfft.lV" •«»«,*€„ with 3b year.* li«* of an aero uf spl,lrs pl,lr K» mCUKUt oKALV, corner Arct»». loaa ana ume-et. EOK t*ALR—a very dcFirablu ilmio »U>ry and baaemeat m*rbl» rciidenoe oo ilran ar., niar TwrlfVh-U- with all rao-iern no s lot UxibO, with barm frunt* ca«. l/ISS SayepaJ year* lime w|H bo jrivca op d a lar*e part of the pnr* ,V,‘,V® E on »7 at a moderate rale of liter-at, i,J , i5S5.?'v C it.^ ,mnieal, ‘’* pom (iton (nren. WAH KKN A ooounicil, ia« Dcaroarn-at. itiom 9. p'OH SALE—A twortorv and bascmcat ,* jaarhlefronirendence on Waba*h-aT., near Four* ueatn-(t.w«ge fl f the moat complete an! elesant “‘■“•f? In the city, with every Imaginable convenleocs jmdMrorort. L<*t»xtffl. Price only 1U.3J0, IncJtid ttreaifirtarea, furnace. Ar. Title beyond question. Early poaaeaajon. KAQBBN A GOODUICU, l'J3 Uearoorn-au Kootn 8, *I7OU SALE—At Hammond & Rntler’s Dearfcorn*U Timet* Bnl dlnsr. lota, ana a large number of vacant lot, in (UDcmitpatUot me city. Honse and two tots at Bv the a«e. 6006 Gbolceplecs * oaUldo Property* hi 170 K SALE —Splendid piece ol business Dear ,he O0«*-c*o be impraved ‘dvantace: «xl» fteton Madlscn-sn,ne»r b u-o framebooaes. u. C. MUIiEY * CO., Beal Estate Dronerr, g MetrcpoUtan Ikoch. F)R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es l“e AwtU. No. 4 Mrttropoliun Bto dc, a new v»o-»lory and buem f nt brick bom>e oi 11 r.iont mod £ncoJn irOTCincilt * lot. on Waatuncton-eU. near 17 OR SALE—“SIop paylnp rents’'—Buy “"fir I ,£t * on I ?D K Htnr, at fair prices. lUrotmu eaMu lW ° brtCt 6 “ emeat Potuea, and lots, of Fulton-»t., cottacet and rcis.aipnccsfromsixteen to twtnry-flve hundred—a S&SRtJi? I4II ” tine, with S per cent in a“» » F?RSALE lease of lot, a well lonuthed cottage contalnlas six rooms, with c,^ u v ; “ Ie are hV»b; there lea^^Vr-P 1 ® V o *! 1 * Beany new, aaddocab-d at tfvs LUra-aU Can pas* the door. Inouire at g Lmdea-at n one block above North-avn near FOR bALE— A two story bouse and lot. with barn, and water la the besse. No. *43 a horth faencamoo-aL, at lU*W>-fttsc»h,and balance in cne, t« o ana three years at revex per cent. A tax. a bouse anu rot. No. 433 Wot Jaekaon-au Inoolre ot the owner at 141 sooth bearbern-st. u FOU BALE—Nine rrom house and lot SOzlSl ftet, Ko. m Qoyae-su oae nijcc ftjm norae cara. Eaat ironu auprrtor aeUhbirnoid and healuileftpartof Cblcagr. \t.piyon premise!or to w. D. KEBFOOr, g 9 Washington-* t. w FOR bALE—By Miyder &Lee, Real Es tate Armors, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two* *tory and bases ent biles h nteof It ro-ma, modem Improvements and lot, with bars, on Wabasb-av M near TwenUetn-st. li'Oß SALE—CctUse, seven rooms and two pantries. 5o« 304 Wea’ Adams-st, opposite P. BchntUer I #. Apply to J. B. REBLEB. IS2 South Waters!. i/OR SALE—Oneay, a cottage boose, with lour year* lea*- of lot, four rooms, closets, basement ft«x, built last Mar. One Mock from bone cat*. Applyat3sßSootallalstofl-st. FOR SALE—Cottage boose of seven room*, besides cloaets. etc.. 50. 310 Wet Art ams-aU, (nrar Ab-rdeci.->t.) Will be acid cheap. C. C. AUSTIN. 90 Washington Boom 1. I?0R SALE—Several cottages south of L 1 Madlscn and West ol HaLted-sU., on icued rr.mnn. at reasonab’e prlcea. Apply to J. B. AN DBEWK. Boose and Land Agent, Boom 7 Methodist Coarch Block. L Oh SALE—A very choice piece ot A property on Indiana av., a corner lot with a aplendld boose, which will hnng a Ape interest on the ihvesttE«pt._Appiy to j. m. Marshall, 07 ciark-it F'OK SALE—House 155 Green fl, he* tween Adama and Jackaou-sta. For tale at a great bargain if applied for Immediately. I? OR SALE—A desirable two story 1 bouse on Wahssb-av., near FourteenUi-sL. fl xvoms. ftc- In perleci order; lot axDO to alley. t»AOU if taken at onre. wm rent fir ft.noo per annum, luifpcrtrct- WAltltEN ft GOODRICH,I23 Dear* boro-at.. Room 2. FOR SALE—B/ ttnyder <t Leo, Real Estate Agimta. No. 4 Metropolitan mock, two new tbree-atory and bsaement prick bouaoa ol l| rooms each, and lots, on Uandoipb-it.. near I7OR BALE—On Wabash avenue, a first A elaaa brick house, with Urge lot. corner of »*etk "Wft, , A , Te /X tolwftleresloeaca. A. J.AVBIUILL, Beal Fatale Office. No. 7 Metropolitan mock. ’Tj'OU &ALK—a splendid dwelling lor a X; small Ckmlly. by ALUNZO IIENNEIT, Real Ka- Ute Agent. Iloura I, Yatrs* Building, comer of Ban dolph and Canri-su. A genteel, well-built house, olngh* large rooms, closets, a-c, very p.caaantly lo* (at»uia I’rorlatt., tear Wasbligton. Will bo sold lew and on easy terms. I7OR BALE—Four new houses ol ten 4 r .?2 tt, . , ?l c l}w. co ft cr WUlard-n’ace and lUndo ph at. Pries fiJOOT. Faartsraa. Will pay 30 per cent VUI'MI A Illi'VLEr. 100 I/OU BALE—SO Icct on the southeast 1 corner ol Calumet-tv. andTwenty-fl<*l.«L, ostmd. Big through about mo fret, to the Lake, with good n»me house on atom foundation, Sl3_*oo. a j AVLHKLL, Beal Bilato ÜBfre, No. 7 Metropolitan CMUFROVKO. Dv William D. Kerloot, 89 Washlngt'D-su: gillO frel on Wa'iMh-ir.. near Twcatv-ilxth-at, SO ireton near Twenty fourth-jl. W Itet i & Michlgan-av., n- ar Foariornih.»t. MR’clou Uaul-un-iu, ixar Frankllu-at. 40 fb t on Jdonro! «r, netr WciU it. llor-etcn Va* Uuruu**.,near Morgan-at. 40 feet on curner of Harrison and pranklio-sts. HO Jett on West Lake sU, i.rar Drsplaines-at. M Piet on Wonrce-st., near i’anllaa il, W ie*t on Walnut—t , tmar noyr,e-«t. (*• l< et on Knlton-tl., nesr lloynoaU ltd i< is in Hiowu’a AiUliiuo. ai«o, lou tn nrand's arm Anher'i Additions, wnicb may bo bought very c> rap, on c»«y terms. * OR— *u feet on Alicnicon av., 1 near Fonrtrcmb-st. c ’ M fret on MlrbUar»av., near Tvntv-alxtb-it, <OO rmt on Uicbltran-tv.. n-ar Douglas-piace. w fn t on West Madison, near llobsy. ao ret ot We>t Ulte, Lear oasley. 00 fret on Walnut, near Oakley. loOfrrton Meat Harrlsoc,near Home. Aflnepircfoi grounof rsuhdlvufon, near the »outh |«.rl of lii* dly. Apply to F.u. COLE, 89 Waahlng* ton-*t n Ifaroro 11, IJ'OR SALE— In J. fl. Keeler & Co s A Heat tsute Otflcc, 139 South Clark-at y n acres in the »ouUurn nan of the city, South Jackson-sk, between Aberdeen and Bucket-*ls. MHxIK to a 40 icrt alley. . »evcrt) fl. c ruts coiner ol Jackson and Uncoln-ita. sooth from. Desirable residence tots on Sogib Peorta-ct. L'OR BALL—Alguty leet front on Boutn 1 Backrr-st., »:r Centze-av., commcndLg 198 leet trem ttcc'rn. rol Maaison-st. and Cemrc-av- thence L'OK KALE—Fine lots on Wabash-av, J comer Thlrtleth-at; also. Kaagakee-av- corner Tbtrty-flm-aL: also, full -n and Walnnt-tU- near Pan each. UEOUQE ft WILLIAMS, 7 Sooth Xf 6lt SALE—At a Bargain—3o lots on * „ Inmans and Pralrie-av*- near Thirty-thtrd-st. A. R. WING ft CO., M Wash'ntrtca-st, ttootu 2. L OR SALE—Chea]>—soxlßo leet, front -1 tog east, on Wabavh-av., south of Thlrtieth-st. 11 yoa »ant the location lor a beautiful home, Ixk at UilMOt. N. 11. KAPPLETE, 109 U^&roeel. BALE—Wabash-av., near and north cf roortooilh-sl., SxtTO fest, east front cash, balance on time. Terms low. a. W. FREEMAN. 103 Washlngton-st. X?OR SALE—37I-2x160 on North Dear- JLJ b-rt-Jt, east front, $» per fbrt, cash; jot on Carro».»r, opposite Union Patk, 1904. south front: 000 , 17501 two on Rruhevtt., SUW; UrfeonMllwauke*.ar., JttO. PETEK SEIMF. Real Estate Agent, 98 Monroc-stT ’ nw t'OR tAJaE—On Lake shore, near Re- X form School. <cS very desirable bulldln* lots. Win sell alt in a body, at a very KiwOeute. Also, 8 acres la 5ec.9,33,14: also,Warns In Bee. 9, 33, U; alao, 20 7S L * kT " 9U ’ TCr > cb “P. JVD. UAH YET, TC* OR BAI £—West Madison sl, two lots, * ® »«t each, between Hovos and Bdbey. at a bar* gain; t*o hon«s oa comer Wood and TerT VEi^Vs , £aßaSf«S tßUuUlpamofclt7, F'OK BALE—One acre ol ground situ* Bide, Inside the city limit*, ICfliia Vut p A« be iS“'*. ,n L* ,ttneat * wlUbie mr enbdl vJil?sc, w»thweslci>rnerotMichigan and North Sute-flta.. in clo»'l n g store. • Tj’Oß SAI.E—At Auction—A first class Hnhhard and Peorla-sta., Qveai Side) two blceks we*t of on Wedntaday, March at 10 o'clock a. m.,on the . OM of »b» moil desirable bo*lne*a lots in th-1 vicinity. Terms, one-tnird <*■»** balance lu oce 33sfatc==(Countt2. F)R BALE-576 acre farm, well im proved. 120 acres heavy Umber, two beatUfhl f»ne» abounnlcg In fish, good boating, rfae orchard. &c 80 mlltsfrom Chicago. Pnce JOW. ISA AC CLAPLLV 93 Washlngton-st. F)K BAJ.E—At Evanston—Three dwell- Irrs. with grounds attached, and one store ta rent. Inquire of ANDREW J. BROWN. 110 LaSalle* FOR SALE—A splendid country seal, located on the vest bank of Hock Hirer, two miles below the City ol Bockford, HU cornsttog ol a acres of huhly improved land, a large, elegantly fin ished two-st*.ry boose, containing 19 rooms, with cel lar under the whole; good outbuilding?, bars, car riage house, ice house, ftc- ftc, and a bearing orchard cf 3M3 apple trees. Grounds aioul the hoo*« well laid ou and improved, ard covered with rhmbs and ever gr-tni In great vart*ty. mao, 306 acres of fisrm and Etsnira laoo. adjoining the above, with SO arres o* tim er within three miles. The boa*e and firm lands ta ke* together, make a splendid stock farm. Will be •old separate': or together, f nce low. Terms coir. Apply to Dr. G. W. COKEY, Rockford, U- * P>R BALE—Very choice turning lands pear Peptone Button, 40 miles from Chicago, hr M. 8. DEAN. 41 Sonia Ciark-st- Chicago. I/* OH SALE—Two pleasant residences, with adl-damr pmlia. ror partlealara. ad aim Box 37. Peters, Dl. aa IT 1 OH SALE—A Rare Chance—An im- Pl*’ T £3 r4ftr of 60 »crw In Stark Co„ tod.. 3 miles iroin Ft. Wayte Railroad. Also. an Improved fir— of BJacieslc Splendid lots la South aca West Divisions »or s.lechevp. For farther panic nlara. arplrto RICH MID J. Ago t and Notary t*obllc. Room J. ST Waahmgtoc-st. Tj'OK SA* £—At Hammond & Bauer’s 4 Land Office, 11H DesroorMU Time*' Bol'dlns. Improved fana« and tannine lands in all the North' aestern States; 100,100 acres of •elected nine laals: tvoaavEillaontbeMlisluippl river and a flooring lain la Wisconsin. ua in* Northwestern Railroad. ißacf)tnecs. F’OR SALE—The Hamilton Sawmill* and Engines—The undersigned bavitg fbr yean deretrd tl dr muted capital, time and skill, in Itnpror- Ire and perto-Unr TUE KCLIKbtS SAWMI..LS and ENGINES, now make mein their especial bu*lne*s, and ate working their esunushmeet to Us loll' e«t caracliy id snppy'ng the den,and tor them. Torse Mi'w contain important PAtENTKU I.M -I‘ROVEMENTb, ased np<>n no other*. No Circular AUK stand service as well, and r one are at PROFlTA HLKiolhepcirbaser. They will he sem mil? on to tbrlr acknowledged and fklrlr acquired ST AND AUD of SUt’RIUOIII fY.a: d sold atrocb pnceaaathe cost of mannfacionnc will m«ufr as in making. H TO9 bott Circular Mills in o««." owns*. LANE, DYER A Co.. Hawilloo, Ohio, and SL Loots, Mo. Se.d ;or desert p- Uve circular, F'OH SALE—Portable eogmes, station ary and on wnM», 10 and 11-hor»e power, on band aod tor aaie at low prwsa, by THE i’ESUTIUO Nortb Watei-aL, North I'lcf. JI7UU aALE—A superior low presmre 1 enilne, SVlnch ciUnoer and t-Pwt str ke,ln spies id rnatire oMer. with snaft«lach« In diameter and 0) kifot. wciei inr a «ol J tana. This cretre ts of inßJeler.t capacity n iinve the urteat eieratnr, and la parttenlarly adat>u«i to a mil' capableof maktiK 4iM barrets of floor per day. We offer in- above at tor ,ow pi ice nf siaoo. Eur larlh-r partieiuara, t- quire nt PATER. WII.M.tNO A (.<>-«iav MU a, Ctleago, or UJ-UMIMIT. hTKVRSB* ci).. Milwankee, WU. F'OH &ALS—Odl secood hand 10 horse portaMeeoelce. complete, bora in os* only three monte*, andJu*t at »o-h! as n*w. Apply t » A. H. TALMEII. office tTur&lx lufe Iniotatce Cotnpaar, -111 booth Clark-tU, Room <l, op ktalrs. F'OU SAltE—2s,lo and 15-borse power portable* eorlnea and bMlers, with all moaare lm meat#, at d all cmnnletr.sml fbr aale at very low prices, by (MUFFIN httOS.. 110 LaS»lte-«t. FOR SALE—H. M. Ames’ portable and itatiocary endaea, from 4to S3-horse power; also, rtttnaei MaibloeOn/s fwls; iwo Ufeet bed BWoch, two 10-uet 30 and 33-ibcn. oae 8- est bed lunch, one 6-1-rt bed U inrb iwlog. all screv-cntUnc eaclne lathes; three npnrtl dnlla, two iron planers, bait outers, law rel l*. ahingle alU*. two Woodworth plan* us ana matchers. Farrar's aerfw era, pomp*, belting, bote.flies. Ac.,*c. C. L. BICBACO n IVandai DearbonhsL TO IlKNT—Fiiniiflicil'hnU'u*. North pirmnlty «‘fl» ■!! •iiO'WC OO'H v. o‘.,(.,rti,np|. h»riii»N-;i Amtiv li (IKOIIUR y. nlult, iui liuMtoipn-ni M‘n*m ifO riHi T—Twii'florr nml “li.winunl I innMilfTionl touw, No. rtl>H fMiljtik lltilfiiHurs.rtininlMirs it ruuiii* «'j»l jt.i inmirra im tifotniM'iii#, rthi-tr At No. h'iit <*r »v liocm (I, KHlUu'ioii'im. 'PO KENT—Two (icalnililn Uimse.,fll7 I and /) |f> Norm t'.srk •»., ronuinlng gss, wawp, uiiiil rw, fto., with rlitnlilM"j )n r«if. fo**rt slwlipfonirtprJtlst,th«i.ilic»Mj» ly.lnanwce. Uqulro *t alt North _ opo 11KNT—From Alny Ut. house No. 1 »IO WrUl.ike4t.,cnnurmn<ad*H lug kV»n nuntj»iii.iot(,»uluM"ior aoy tuiii imilnrts. In* qmra it the hmise, or 44 North wdU-«t. 'I'O DENT—Nu 76 Wuncn «1., at Union 1 Park, an entire new tome, mini up rrgsrtlloss ol expense. K.H. CDMMINOH, Room XU, No. 133 tj.athUlirk-s* TO KENT—A coitoceof 5 rooms, id rffoodrepur,titKo.Cftbourae-irr. Wlilr.i.t only in a r»p-)Oil&:e tsaaot who will tikolt tor & year; t» month. npO RENT—Two-story liouee,!! rooms, X ni and water. Heal only 133 per month. Faral* tare tor Mien a bargain. Apply at 19 FounhaT. TO KENT—Two story bnck tenement, 2fa. 177 North Curt-st.; alio, farntiorn tor sals, was preTtoot ly used as a tnarrUtg house, sod has at present IB miKl&si boarders. Inquire oa the preml- KENT—From tne first ol JHay, a J. flr*t>e]asi Cottaxn of 8 rooms, os the corner ol Qoyneacd ems and water, also enters wkter.lotluc oltnos. marble msntles, etc. Apply to ATM. POLLOCK, 31S Wert LakeaL TO KENT—Two-etoiy bouse, 10 room®, larcebars,lotl2SbyU3leetr all in rood condl* tluu. Inquire on thn premises, 77-i WestJackioo, comer ofseely-ar. possession given am of April or May, as may suit the paidta. TO KENT—And Furmlure for sale, Il'mse on dny boarders. J. K. ANDOLWo, Uoom 7, ileth odiatChorch Block. KENT—Cottage House, No. 170 X South Morgan st. Apply at 19 and 31 Oiirborn* To RENT—Two desirable Houses Possession Immediately. Furniture mail be sold with twin. A. c. BROWN A CO„ 13S Lakfrlt. T 3 RENT —Two story House, in per lect order, with large lot and bam. on northeast Twger of Renhcn and West Side. Inquire of WIL WALLBK, 101 WaaUlsgtsu-stn Room?. T 9 —At SSOO per year, on or be -* fore Ist of AnriLa cood flouw ot 10 rooms, west of union fart. Furdture and carpets ibr sate very low. Adores* *‘P."P. Q Box IQQtT 7 TO KENT—Prom Hay 1, 1867, No. 181 Calumet-ay.; JOSS Wabaah-av.; 443 cotugo urwe-av. Apply toj. M. MARaIIALI,97 Ciarg^rt. 'po RENT—A brsl-dass marble tront ft (tuinhbed) Hcnae. on Mlchlran-av., containing ?■’ JmproTcmraU, near W. H. bAMlMlti, Real Estate Agent, 3 Metropolitan D ock. TV. RE^T —A first-class trame House, X three-story,l|rooms, nn Wao»*h-»T- north of Hul.hard ft.urt Will give 3 years' lease C .rf SAMP?ON? loßnttD ' 5 *° ll6ool * l * ao *0 tmiiX w. fll T° R ENT—A new, nice, clean, light, J ana airy iTUemen* of 3 rooms, oa FoiiiS-ruta »t l’i, t L ICD .f l V£ ft ? d «n per iJSSTwiiS worth ot fixtures for sale. Apply on lis premises. T° KENT—A two-elory house on I SUte-st., centrally located Jbr a boarding home Cheap rent, ami furniture for sale cheap AKfHUB i BOVbiN, ttlOßtate-st. TO HERT—-Lease and furniture for rale. Rare chance for any part* dtsitlng tn commence housekeeping. None need a* ply that do not wantfnnmure. Kentlow.andln good location. Ap ply at 177;* North Dearborn-st. r PO RENT—House SBO per month. L Posaeaslnn April l. Furniture far sale. SU looms, closets and pat try. Kune r.e*d apply except those wlahlnr turnUurc. Call on Monday after ten o’clock at 13S south CUnlon-aU 'T’O RENT—A new Cottage on West l Side, 7 ruotus. c’oreti, pantry. well and civ C'if*st' r ' -APPIy St Mlij. I). PRATT’S, 130 Sooth KENT—Bnck House N<«. 83 Adams- li rooxs, ta excellent repair. WUlMiir A HAW LEY, 7 KcynuU’s Bert. r rO KENT—A Oottairo containing eight X rooms, and barn, on the North Side, l .?7size;. UalstedI WatCf ,D,,dC * B<l ° ttt * ,D<,ulrßftt 5, * H r PO KENT—Furnished Boarding House A on Mlchlgao-ar.; alio, one on Adam»-st.; ah'*, hoarding hntt«r, with turr lture for isle. E. A. RICK. 133BeUlhClark-sU Hoorn 14. •■a.m^o. Eo IXent=sKcomß. TO RENT— Koom, newly furnished. . lor sale-price f+M. Apply to KOli r. jiaLCOMU, Itoom Nu. 1 Kwtug's Block. r pO KciNT—Room A large unlorntshea I room,withnlae* lor a. store; locaUja central. Address VICTOR." Tritmno office. r PO RENT—Kooms, and Airmturc for A. sale. Jast the place fbr a cucplc who wish tn lire cheaply and more i>tea»anlly than they can bjard. Addrcas‘•M.’ , Uoxj32X r | v O RENT—Hcom 33 Post Office Block, " D(1 PleaaanL Fomllarr fur sale. T. b. FItCH. Room ‘J, No. 180 Itcarborp-st. nPO RENT—Three or ftmr Inrmshed A rooms to ageLtleiuan aadwlte ora *m»ll fami ly. within three mlnntes* walk of tint Po*t Office. Also alarxe ftuntilml consisting ot ll rooms. <m Mlrhlgnn-ar. For pirtlculsrs Inuulroat I<J3 Mlchl* gaonv. r 1 ,, 6 RENT—A handsomely ftirmshcd ,* fWntpaUor. aprlratc family. Ao ply at 1Q bouto Maya i. npo RENT—A small, but very ntcolv A furbished sleeping room, in a convenient loualldr. at a very low rate. Furniture tew end | o r sale clieap. Apply Immedlato.y at 164 btate-st. T'O RENT—Two or three uninmislied ,X rooms, cr.immsnt lur liou«ek«*eplng. pieaaanUr ooiW cat Bide. For particulars address “C U itibone office. f PO KENT—Four rooms, balu room and 1 modern Improvemcots, im*aQl«fo tmusekwulng Urntiaper ipulUi: alxmt |?ao worta now farnUure fbr sale Apply at Mlchlgaa-ar. RENT—A desirable Irnnt room, 1 wlUiliirullurc tor sale. Call at ttuon. *a. Olit l ifei sai.agy.r l Ut * ,i °* u - »• r PO RENT—*A suite ol tnxnlsticd rooms btau-»t r * cnUemen * Reference* reqmrtd. M3O RENT—Drublc or single rooms, I comfirtabiy funil»hed,*uiiaUb*for3 or I young men, with or without board, at 77 Fuiinli-av. 3 * 'T'O KENT—A suite ol untarnished trout 1 Itocm*, with bot'd, t>r gfatlsmsu and wile. For pamcnlars apply atUlflWwt Washl-ton-st. So&entsStores, ©fficcs.&c RENT—From toe Ist ot May next, ■ the mure, and dwelling above. Ko. 337 Ststo-st as’.rar 1 °- E - **sr.- 'T'O BENT—Stole Ko. 117 boulh Clark A lU‘tore and Disemenl |*23 rxa,bonj.*t_»tore. *°*\l2P J nil SOI South Ciark-M.. and No. IH7 fonSciußt Apt>,y to J * “* HARs n-iiJ- os r PO KENT—btoreaod basement, 85Ran X dolph-tt. ’ /r pO RENT—The basement ot store N >, J. 43 South Clark-st. Also three Itirioa sod bue mret or more 2»o. 39 South Wattr-st. fur sljrage par pose*. itw>nlre on the premiere. " v TO RENT—Brick store- ana basement. AO. SSSStatcat, nwu-Va- Buiemlrom May mnext lEqnire atKoom 7. No. IQ| Waatuagtoa-.t. T 9 — b’rom May Ist, part of the bnlldloz 331 South Water-sc Apply on tne premises, office up stain. 7 vu luc T° KENT—Store on Noitn Clars-st., 1 In g od location lor a grocery store, stock and ditnrwmrsale. H. C. UOUEY 4 ian Biocc. * ZO RENT—From Ist May next, store No. 17 Dearb3rn-<c. half a block from Tremont ■W— w, dr, well-lighted, marble front, and has a oana vault, banker’s couuter. Ac. Apply at 101 \> Bourn 7. up suira. T'O RENT—Second Floor, No. 50 Lake . St. PHELPS. PODGE A CQ. TO RENT—Two large rooms, connect* ed, over a planing mill, wita powtr, and use of dry room. They axe now used as a sash and door tac tory. The location Is one oi the best In the city, ad* ply at office 445 Booth Wel.s-ft. HAIR A OulO»M, nro RENT—Lott 50x100 feet, on Dear* J born-tu corner of Madtsor. Inquire of QUIMBT A HAWLEY. 7 BeynoW Block. 4 TO RENT—Pun-class Store on ;hc we*t side cl Dearborn-*L, near Madison, from Mar g&d?K&&&l t>lßr * HIWLKIr - 1 TO KENT—A part ol cellar, first Door ■ and a part of Jecond floor of Store 217 South Water-«t- Apply for terms at same place. 'T'O RENT—Dockage—Lumber Yard to A rret lor » Uira Q£»wt,Ja Greene’s South Branch addition. A. O.THROOP. City Treasurers Office. XO LENT—The finest office in Smith ce Nixon’s Exchange Building, furnished or onfur ed. Apply at la RTfp*Vff*.pi«f^ l TO RENT—BOxIBI teeton north side of Wasainiton-al. east ofFrankltn-at. tor a term nr o^ko^ Wißa^Sgiif r) RENT—The Store Room aud Base meni known as numtier 0 1 also. If store on joulh Clars-st. near H*rrlsoa. Apply to WM. D. KBBFOOT, S 0 Wa*hlngton-st. ' w 'T'O RENT—Basement No. 17 LaSalle- X sL, suitable for Sample Boom or Office; ai«j\ one or two offices In buUdlsg for rent. The buudlnc i« central and In good .iider. W. □. SAMPSON. Beal Estate Agent, 3 Metropolitan Block. 'T'O RENT—Store 113 Clark*st, and fix* 1 tares for rale. This la <me ot the be*t stands fbr retail trade in the etty. apa «legaatly bkm. a2aameu~sno Cent. \\T ANT ED—To Kent—A cottage of 6 »T room*, by April lit,ooWat Slue. within oce stle of Late-st bridge. Address **M N," Trloane office, staunr price and location. \]U ANTED—To Kent, a medium-sized, V V nicely tarnished bou-e. in a flrswlass locality, d-innglte summer montns, by a amali Umily (wtto cot children}, who will take tbe best ot care of rural tore, wui taze noueaalon any time between now and BthofMa?. Addrew"BANKER." Tribune office. 07 ANTED—To Kent—A house ol 0 or W 10 rooms, on the Sonth Side, south ot Twelfth *t. and east ot State. Ken; not to onm. Wtl* reel cow. or th- drat of Mar- Addr«* UtO. OILnKKT, care Gilbert * Sampans, 47 and 49 Dearborn-el. WANTED— To Kent—A g<Kxl house, containing 9or 10 rooms. South Hde. *oo*h ct Twelfth and east of Sute-st. Poweacion wanted lat ot Mar. Fcr a prompt Unt-cJaas tenant for inch a home, addrcm "HOUSE*Boi7MS3.P.O. Wf ANTED—To Kent—A two-story VV home in a dealrpble location, by a family of fiuroenons. Address, with fall particulars, “Q B,** T'lbnne office. \XTANTED—To Kent—A convenient »* house, medium size, modern Improvement N-.ntn Dl*t*lon. east of -itatr-st., to Ukepns«r*sioa oa or If fore Ist of May. Call at or adores* 313 Noilh tvatrr-st, east of Ruab-st. bridge. STAFF OKU a TullEllAS. \\T ANTED —To Kent —A tumuhed v» roomer a«nlUoffUrnlshedruom«, for ooeor twogrntiemen. Mnst be located eu* of BUPs-st, and • ilfiinhalfamlleofWn Knten-st. Tne neat nfrerer eucrssiren. Address "BOOMS," Tmone office. TTtrANTED—To Kent—3 rooms smla- V y ble lor hooatkP'Dlng, by a gentlemau and wits. Poaih side, east of and aua'h of rwraty.»«c. ona su, preferred. Addrtsa "A D b." 60 Ularz-tt. TXT AN TED—To Rent—A lunilsbcd V v room. w»r fire, without board, by a lady win during the day. Address ** MKa. A \\T ANTED—To Rent—A Cottage V V llocue. or four or live pleasant rooms, tuttanle for tou»kreping with Americas people, within a mile oi Court House. Best roust be moderate. Ad. err**, wlih terms, “E B." HI South Clarket. WANTED —To Rent—A simile room, % » well tnrnuhed, convenient In the Revere tlouae. Addrcas " v," cars Tribune office. w ANTED—To Rent—A Hoorn, with VV cellingatleast 14feet hlcn.wsil llebtal—ikv osSj.” ttrrid * A(laft-, W * T ‘ BliKl'nßßS iSww V\r ANTED—T.) Rent—A cottage tor Tv cne year or mot. In a good locality, witn jnr P. , ffiiS77S»!" tlw “^“ Wp,rl, ““* ,u TX7ANTED -To Rent—By a young f.J ««*» room, with or without ooard. Tiustn# Meitoi refer eaco* giver.. Addrcaa "FFE." Box 1 flaa. \\T ANTED—To Rem—Three or tour - J J.i??,'?? suitable tor hea*eke*pln» for a stuai famUy, by a prompt tenant. Address "A H, Boom D, Cotut Boose. ]^clp. XALHXITUCPt Aw. TA/ ANTED—i'/intincncctl Lftnvww«n», .vy i't enlf, lltritnalti'il fill Wml, • no. I'M iN-iriKM#st„ or t (toipi*, with >i«»p, hm 11 iti, utirigo. til. W/ AM JCD—A tlriit rmo nu> tMiirnnro V? . m « tliU•ny«ql« , »t»»h<Tn. a *OM idiry wir. I»• »;iii(funtri(«i. K<> person n<»«l aim v WANTED— In a lumber ynrcl* nn in itietlo tovetiw., Qirman prtfttn&l, wno li c mi pi'Unlloirmigruißu.anil is UmruiuMy innti’tMiil with handling ami mrlinj lumber. Apply, hetwna* ihs limitsrf Kind it i/sloek ». it., at llojui 7iNo.‘-li? math Wabrst. TX 7 ANTED—BcolcJteeper, at X’i'O Lake* W It. KAMMONft; WlhTB A CLARK. TX7ANTKD—A competent Record Wn* V? ter. Noooneeri »pol> unless thorough!* ac. o alt lro with'’ominoa L.i* sad Chancery Homdi, Adore?* ImaS!*!! WANTED— A ifood Gurdoncr; one vbn nn't«r»ttntU übUffesrool orchards •ri* all lltdi oflrolU; aUehinu ereletrci. at t7f»bo«mcii«,corner ol Monrooei. Dli.DlGii'- LOST. TX7ANTED—A salesman,. Immediately, VV competent to assume entire eharce of a *eo ctb! boslneps. Inaelro of or acdrearß. ELCURUAN, orcr 133 Chlcajo, TyITANTED—a boy iromtlS to 15 years VV old, to live lo the country. One raised n the country would be preferred. Applj North Deaibom*st„ down stairs. TRAJDS9* TX /"ANTED —Pour upholsterers and 1 VV csblceOaater,at the UATTSB£S'FACTOBT, 313 Madisoa-st. WANTED —3 or 4 yocd Mouldurs. Price flLiO to tLS7 per day; steady fob, sixty rape* cast ol Chiracs. Cost< I Ilviae ehe.»n, Annlrto D. MYERS. 193 South Uark-it. iUTCUELII WIL sQN & CO. WANTED —Two sash, doer and blind makers, and one cood man to tvischarce of motuaing machine*, etc. Apoly at 9S Fr*aklln-it„ Nortaaide. WOOLLOCOTT AfIOaIUDGE. ■\XTANTCiD—Wood Turner. Apply to V V B. ADAMS. SO Pciton-st-. up stairs. ggilanteti—jFentalc S)clp TXT ANTED—A promisinc girl, from 10 VV to is, to become permanently a meaner of a small fam;ly, «Uh whom she can have all the advan tages of a good nome,«houUair. ic. Note need apply nnh»s willing to nmv- out cf ih-mv wheasatljned thatalllsnebt. Adareas“HOME," Tribune office. HOSSS SEBVMTS. TX"S«ANTSD—A good girl to do eeneral ,3iJlr^ l iiif^- ork, wboc * n, 9 c * Kßa ß lt * 11 - Tipplyat ItggygJegtrson-st.. up-suiri. WJ —Girl—One tbat under- VV Apply at 4G Van Uaremi. WANTED— A first class coot, washer acdlroner Toons whocan rivelaUffactluo a picvant fcomcis hereoj off>red. and c»d traces wi.i betivrn. Apnty as e»rly a» powble. at 30 ft West LauyitM near Union-part. \\/ ANleD—Girl, to do general house v • »o»it in a private family, Ensltsh or t:*c. maa pteftared. 671 Lrte-stTnw Umon far*. W £ NTEr ! —A P otMi pxl to do general iy,v.r&»tL &aag« ssii are a: T\T ANTED—A Girl, to do general \\f AN'I’ED—A woman to do general J»» homework In a small ftmtlr. Apply at 193 West tTailmigtOD-ti. JOHN T. NOBLB. 1 v * AA/^-^*TED—A competent cirl to do rtXst. * eoef ** homework. Ararat 373 West Mod- T\7"ANTED —A good cook, washer and V» irccer. None olhsrteed apply. Family small and good wages. 47 South May-st. J WANTED —A cood dlmng-room Girl, cne that under.tandi her business, and Is not atrstd nt work. Apply a l the basoment duor ot t£o7 Mulilganar. Emplogmcm Rgents. \\T ANTED—I bookkeeper, l salesman, M 1 eollrctor, 3 braktumrr, 1 porter. 1 drivers. « tr ac«jts. Apply at llaotu 13. Foliar ton Flock. 9'i Ocarborn-st. WANTED —100 experienced lallroad liporen on Barliooton &. Missouri Rlrct Kalb rond la lowa. Waces. tl.n. Ui-ard. |IJ». Fare to the work. |3.00. TlckeU furnished hr P. B. WEARS d to.. Commission M-rcbants. No. llMsomu Water ■ at- apt-atolur Wolf <t Carpenter, contractors. 2121 an‘clf==jaisf cllancous, TXf AN TED—3,OOO oil barrels. W’c wdl it, Pay nishesl market prkui fir 1,000 or J.(Hioeood •i-rnrU-liaLdcarbon or benzole barrel*, dolirenvl at -rstore. AHUHTRONO *ca. Oil Dcalere, So. U WANTED— To buy out some railroad hotel and eating hcuee, at some good oolnt-lj n» e poairsetcntst ql May neat. Any per«m haring ». p “»‘«nwr Pi addressing l»jx o*9. Oahlcosh, WiS.. at once. AArANTED—An energetic youne man ..I » haTlngcepiU'.drtlectSo engage In rnmeproht auepayingbusl m, l»nal afraid of work, provid-d money ranl-e made. AddresMbr a few days. "Kb," Tribune office. V^ANTED —Energetic, local and can- Wi* 10 ,?r 7 'l'* * ,u! counlv m Hie Mrthwrsi. to aril ih« new Patent Sewing Slachtn- L !L .^ Al * ,BtUc * “wnuw aowlng niachine# will ap. prrrlaie thrm and purchase reaillfy. Largo commls ? Ic.^irl.^1 c .^irl.^. M 5? oa,, ii ptU * Beni tor circular. K. C. formerly wtlh Wh-eler A niiiuo Mw iffitcturlnt Company, office A 3 IMar- Imuois * lfoua l '°* 7 * omc ° Uox 1 WANTED— From SII,OOO to S3O 000 dir goods or clothing, for whteh'pvt casiunn tmrt lands In MiniiC*ota and WiM'.>r»iu wi | oc given. Addfris, or apply t«**.l U," *j |.| Lake-et. Chicago. WANTED— Coal Shati—Tlie Bloom . J7t. n Co *l£°J llpl M wm Mds nr to unya tor sinking a Shaft at inoomlngtotjllinoi*. For ltgtah U illi ,lJ U l '* U ** ° f 101(110 their office at ii.oom- I \/ ANIED—To Buy—A Drue More, V> in srme thilvlrgraliioad town m Central Lit. noia it jt.tnee, worth from II Mr. Address for right days, «M D," ISO. But 4Q. Atlanta. w ANTED—To purchase —A dozen *, c iP* fro® sto 30 gailoni. Addrru •• u B," Tribute office. man with #5,000, to ea* gage in boat tea id thl* city which will oar Hi.wwa unr. Address Box IXI7. Chicago, hi. Thl* *lll oiltoodanopportunity aoi.bytf lorctlaatiop. VV T Ala TED—Men wishing to earn $5 .’. J Mr d *r above expense*. wita JW to take win plcue call at 611 Weil L*kc-at., \\7 ANTED— Everybody to send 35 J*,», creta. and gel the pbunnyeu and moil tuefiU an.neln America, worth to anybody tea times Us coat. Agents, malt and female, tnls is new, I preoay too “‘ uM ' a WANTED— Noldiers to know that all app.lcatiors fbrflPO bounty most be made be* t?I e . A P ri * * st * Advance* maoe nn claims, A. OOlK>- Attorney at-Law. 126 Peatb.m-SL, Room a. WANTED— To know who wants dr«, hard a iimor crsdlte, of old mortar, brick- S? IT,etc * A’* ,:at or address VTS.*' Tribune offlre. WANTED —Tne celebrated Gypsv .11 Womao. Ifynu want you' lift told correctly by nic palm rt the hard, visit the Gypsy Palmist. P°P humbugged by other*, who call tacmadre* L{. nt ‘ ? .f*i le n ,r ' a! , come to 1116 Uypry Palmist ana get lull satlsucUoo for your money. Don’t lorcel toe ncmixr. 3U9 South clark-st. Fee tl. WANTED— To purchase, lor the pur _ PO*e of removal, a two-s’ory frame honae. no* over 20 tret fron% In the North Division, Address No 101’ortiano Block. \XT ANTED—AII wanting bouses and V T lots leased, please give us a call. Wehave constant call* for bouses of all des'tlotiona. A. C BBOWN A CO- Beal Estate Agents. i«f*j Lake-SL WANTED —A farm to manage or work on shares bv a practical man. or great expereoce m the cultivation ot land and stack raising oa the. Scotch and English principle*. References flr&t class. Call or adddiesi M FABMEtL" Lincoln House. Chicago. TXT ANTED—To buy two to ten acres V T unimproved land In Late View. Parties hiv ing such tor sale will address “A B. H Tribune office, describing property ana stating lowest price. TXTANTED—A party wilh SSOO cash Vv to Join in a light manufacturing holiness. Promts large and no compeUUon. Apply to JONES, BUNDY A TAYLQB, No. I*2 Methodist church Block. TXTANTED—A reliable white man to V V take charge ol a pair of bones, carriage and to do other work about a house. None need apply without they an? experienced in taking care ot hor-e*. Good references will be required. Call at 1-IS Lake-*c TXT ANTED—A business vnan with V T SACCO capital and the ability to increase the same, destrre to fuitn a connection with some good person or firm now wrll established In a good, rnp-ct able and paying Manufacturing preferred. Kfiers to S. U. HEKFIXTT A CU M Beal Estate Brokers. 71 Dearborn-* t. TXTANTED—An mleliigent,' active T v ycong mao as clerk in a Inmbe* yard. One with some experience In the holiness preferred. Most write a fklr band. Address, with refetenca* and amount cf»alary expected. “A,” Tribune office. TXTANTED—Ladies in want of reliable Vv g« rants, with city reference*, can be carolled at MBS. D.TRACTS Emporium. 130SoutaClark-st. XXTANTED —To Purchase A good Vv sired, well located and convenient Bri-kTard, in Chi meo, with all the fixtures and tool* ready for ia mwlaleore. Apply at 4 Lind’s Biock. ffii3anteo==iieal Estate. TXTANTED—ReaI Estate—A lot is v T wanted tor tbe erection of a club bouse and nub ile bait. Such lot must re |ocat*d, thonch not necessarily on a principal street. Should eeSOfo-t ftuut; in cue of nnoical depth lets treatise will an ■wcr. Tn. lot should not be north ot Indlana-st. ntr ♦omh of Monroe, nor went cf Jefferson. Adores*. with partlcnlars, P.0.80x 3973. Worses, Carriages, &t. FOR bALE—Two horses, with harness. They are thi rtzht sue for a bakery or grocery wagon. Inquire at 137 Archer-road. \} tTANTED—A good family Horse. Ap- V V ply to MAK3U A FOSS, coraor CanU and Van Boien-iu. WANTED— To purchase—Two second hand larm wagona and harness. Address " « u u," Trlbose office, lor three days. \\T ANTED—A pair of good Carriage TV Hctws. Anyone laving a See, stylish team, may bring them to 1444 Lakn-it. 9 K OU bALE—Trotting horse, m splendid condition. Price rOO. Go Inside cf lilf i ut r.n ifeen out wintering smee October ia«t. Very gar Terr gentle. Addrcas -It o." Trlbone office. T ** TtVcr T ITOK aAlJfi—Tw° horses; also, dray corner cf Van Purco and Fraakiln-su. fMwr y. bALE—Bay horse, 14 1-2 hands S OO4 «oo4lttotu aai we I w*ts?i 1? 0 S T LK? 1 w*r>a. Apply to o. watsok, corner ftiz andßackgr-stf. P3U HALE—Dorse and harness, with doa’de-eeated family wagon, all sound and g»*od •• new,cbeapfet cash. Addteaa"it,"Tribune office. FOR HALE—Ono large buy ravre. Weighs IJOO. Used to nty. One s-«prlng light vaton. one barnefs. 10‘J We*t M »nroe-*t. EOR SALE—Tory Chenp-A horse harness and light rprlnc w »s n »«,? , V‘ f ®?; A4 ’ 11)017732. or call at 107 EastMadlton-st. VVTa^TED—An express or VV »«on. with or •> «tt«» the track. Also. I horse. J. M. BMNOLU3, Aac tionrer. 11l Host one .-jfouna. IOsT— Reward—On Friday, March . . ptanmnd boiulre Ha. Any person return /ttesaaa*o JOdii WALSU, 73 wUlre refya me abore reward. T OST—Strayed trom the bim m the I j rear of 14S Cass-st.. a dark Bay Mare. LOST— A ilink Cape, on Clark at, trom Uaduon to Ohio. The mder will be liberally re warded opoa Icavu-g It tt No. 117 But Mamsoast. Situation*) fflffiiantcii. VI Alitfßa W l 111 AT I 1 >N— \\ mitf (I Huni(;t)iino L*i h, , nn ,,,. CirtFATKiN-WnmclTby n midbT IT; ».fiifr. la a f»ary wocllro mi I 7 n»<i ft ... Jr*“ KmSSlilm®?.!"® *“*• •>• “• S ITOATK >V~Wmtia, hy a heokkecpci FE.TIALB37 Good Chlcaso rc&r« if a>TM Nasons. coo wee*. 5 -njJjic," Trlbone once, for SITUATKft _ Wanted, by a widow OJTPATIOK-—Wanted, by a yean? lady* C 5 ms-talrswottan Jr • muilnrr? store or.i AeW-Tc^Tn^ R l .'^F AT J OJ, ' Vanteu . bv a French Lade, as dressirakor. Urnlenunds the thoroughly In all Us dtUllx Apply at 131 EsSf?? CITIJaTION—Wanted, by an Alto Sine- OJlbtme^fflce 4 ” 6116 cholrofthc Atldtcas ALTO. CJTBATION—Wanted, ns Mcl Nurse. V. 7by a healthy Tonne woman. B#st«frerjr neS given. Call »r 104 North Indlaaa-«u gear SITUATION —Wanted, bv a respectable k? Girl, ta aftnaly. to do general Vsacwork. On come well rreomitcnded. AeplylorrwodaT4.»t n* Wabasn-ar. South Side prefetred. 77 CITTTATION—WantedL to do dress and flm * cUt * ***** MlS3 C ITU ATI ON—Wanted, by a Norwegian L 1 servant Girl, whi ucdcntind. all the houiewort Callat4l Unroc-st, SITUATION—Wanted, by an Emrlish O GlrU todo ccceral work lo atvmlty oltwo.' Cal 101 one week, at 07 Aberccen-st, comer of Jackson. . C ITDaTiONS— Warned, by several girls O 01 Ml Dttl',nallttce. at Mr*. JOHNaON’S iLtelll gtnee Office. 334 Oa>-st.. Norta aide. CXXUAIION—Warned, by an American kj lady of rednement.»»travailing eompanloa and friend to any party about t« R'ake a tour tor Ui* *ea a/3B7IS¥?* SlSr* 0 ™ yS Addrea* mjm j. M. HISbEL, mtune ogee, f.:r one wee*. W ITUATlON—Wasted—A lady ol rc kZ7 floeir enlwlshr* t ■ crrs?c wi*h a family spoilt to travel oa the C tonißi. WuuM nurse an tfiniid or avlrl id Uierarc of chi dren. Address, lor onaweek. MISS M.\R>HALL.Tnt>nceogee. SITUATION —»timed, -with a family VJ» going t-i Denver. Coloiado, whom 1 coildaulst jufflilrMly to pay my war. I have a »«l»r (ti<r«wbim 1 w.»h to tc.cp. Adores*llls* E. MA Oh. SI Jodd-au Slsnns asaantcu. A QEi.-TS—Wanted—For General L. C. ,|t Baker's HISTORY OF TUB BUCKET BEK VICK, dir roo»t eicitlna and Inl-rmUng hook ever pabltlhed. avin T 'w ,, % »anon , year ae>*. bat i» " u «rmola u( UirQnvpmiscst totaporees i» V ne,, * e<l - It Will do* be Issued. «uJ» l £. r fr> na ° D »bn-lut3i. atdrr the supcrrliioa J i£s. e tf?liiVs“ rr ‘ l«w>is« a mu and official exogs*™ n, . sch * o, * t “ u " ,,f t-ewretcncml-s oftha Lnlflu Fnr etartliu? rtcvcl-H-m - its sal Uulllln? Tentnrts this *o,-a wlljm s th-Vmrti. wiia&a « Fonchesed Tldocq. Id* manrtilou* aarrsUim of Balf-r areall atitsird Py t» bthestofficial authority, Itwß certain the only feut vnmhrS thcasrsMinsuoncoLsnlracy. A fa* bts»ory of this startling and terrible crime. Iran la coaerotbm m the haont* ot villainy, to th- oarlal place or Uoothl ££. hoi? Jftbren Placed osfare the totals. Th . tnlly exposes (he nefarious system hf wntch Free- WumVJSmS* 1 W » tM Wd *r* so readily uldslnnt st wasnltrton. The a otals of the National Capital are thoroughly ventilated, and there tr-same «Uatige r«- Jr r««iiJ2L t f rni i ts deusrtramts, Rentiers of Cpnoreas. female pardon brokers, and dlstlagaistud SHl,?* 7 S h# £,W*. s#Bd for ‘■•rrniars, and See o«r T?<W*?‘ofrniV , '.TC r,ptt " Bol tt»« Were All li rest NA -s'u^U.'q'mo.>lll-NUCO-' ,4M Wr “ E”? 1 * 81 * Jlelallic Clothes Line. Good lodnccment»toa--i»t*. ttaod WPr-io 1 ,* Utr P,* f ‘ >r "ample, li PARKINSON A TODNO, IV x 493 fort llnxon. Mlrb. A GENTto—Wanted—|ia.*> t>cr month Address SHAW dCLARK BKW -IMI MACHINECO.. Utddetord. Uaiua' AGiNTS—' W'nn'tcd—Five Ideal Heads cl American Women: Angel ct lb* flospiui— iw-torc U>e Uatue—colot Umrer—At the Front—Army f "nV,, 1 ' ir K n '. n .^ 4dl, "“ Juu - N D - AGENTS- Wanted, everywhere, to sell WHl 1 ; Clothe* Lin?*. Can make lit m> *3O per day. Addran “Uelauc Clothaa Line Co •• 97 beneca-n.. norland. OhloT umw.. AGENTs— WnnUid—Ladies or eonls, ‘»»n.h3m'a rr trarelUng. alibr per SflLt* 1 "' . J ,OL ‘ *lUa anr ulharperiy tfl ynp P«Ut ular». Aikl'im MUDN&ON ACO . IM Wcodwafd-ar.. QogclL Mich. w ‘ ,tu ’ A OENTa—Wanted—ljUliO wanted,male ami femme. In ■ new bnslupa*. bamptesarai tree. Jf, u o,^,Vi , B.'J l l l "«A u 'f , i , li £ D pft cnaract-r. Adirr** Cit-OUtl FM) & CO H I-lf» Laxc-st., Chicago. AGENTb— Wanted—To sell the Amer ican llrpiildui and American Continent. The * p . nl treoti any address for rr. Rent thing oat fi.r »(trnt>. Also nfty klrd* * f rharU and lAU Ni a i/w r .Wr-V a ". c, 'T* # HAMMONS, WlllfK A CLARK, 179 Lake-»t. ChU ago. A GEM b— Wanted—Enclose s3.!{ » for *■ IIF,,: AND UKATII IN lu itf L 1 RlbObH, the greatest sa.ltng hook vver>;t>lird. A. KißUklt. 9S Waahlugti<b-si..ChlcagJ x A GENTS Wanted A few more / X »*=' l|U - T»ir»mpotfUi partlcaa salary tr«mi > ffl SSSIWSWni. l ’“ u ' 4Jum ‘ “ ““■* "• AGENTb— Wanted—To travel in cv cry blato in Uir Dmoa We i.m-* the lw*i tn.tu -c --nirtts t«> m*h 11 mt rgclli- aad Imluatrinu* h.tiit. of ar>> piibtbhlngbouse li thr I'nitmi Matt*. Vil- r-»«. 4 co - No - m: ‘ AGKNTfc— "Watted— thing out lor Acent*. F»r rar irniats «U‘l sajiplm end 33 f't 'i t<»U- l». BUSSELL A CO.. JicUionvliFr, M. p. O. Box IA |. partners ffSlamco. O A KTNJ2R—WnifieO—With $4 COC i. J SMW-iinvate or active, ort’vc rreferred—U n- ! c S?i* luami »-tori* g lu*l ou ahead/ •Qi-era»fonr «»- tabllr.efl, erre capital only waited. Treats all he fMU.Iy »atl*fscu.'iy to at* one. Call at Office »j, J. n rthcart comer C a;k and South Waler-ua. I>AUTNER—'Wanted—ld one ot the X tr*i lo a ted meal markets or the West Side, do- Ug a good rayinc oadsesi. 0:J-et: more capital and k* 1 ?* IMherlsbt amdefanvn thtswararecaanS. Call at 103 lUcd. Ipb-st., under Maltaon House OAKTNEK—Wanted—A special pat A. see »n a drug store, in a ••ountry t iwn of wJoo in habitants. Cash tales last year |a,rto One partnrr wlrhes to retire, and the o her to tod a tnaa wits about *3.000. as spccia: whom be wilt guana t»e M per cent on bis Invrsnneit, For particular* lo qnlie of DHSThCa. BLOCR|&CO.,3ll{£jnihCl»r>-«1, I_>AKTNER —Wanted—With SSOO, in a I light and TeiyprcCtibie busings Fln.opw-leg ! UvKuf"Ta:«v.g‘‘ t R,hl “ tLC! - loathing. T>OAHDING—A suite of tront par.ur JXacd bedroom, also several and day board can be ban at 17 Dcarbjrn-st., up stain. "OOAhDING—For man and wile, in s X> private family, front nKim tt.d story, all completely aid nicely fcrnUbtd. tv In both!room*, and bath room ot fan e flu>;r. Location on Twenty-mth-it., near Indlana-ar. Apply at 19* Lake-(t. TTOARDIN G—Uniurmahed froLt room*, X*. cnc furnlihcd ro-m, with om-cisa* board, at 103<, two doors north of rweity thlro-it. rcnnancatplace. U6eofbaru.ifdcttmL T>OARDING—Room and cnod beard, JD loi ere gentleman; also, two or three day boart crs. at 1 j J Mlchlgao-ar. TSDARDING—A laiee rarnisßed imnt X) room, suitable tor a et-nlTeman and h'a «Uo; alto a ronoie of rooms for nnrlc scnUemeß, to be had si •263 Wabaih-ar. BOA KDiN G V.* irh large, pleaant rooms, fnrntthM or nuformshefL in.tabiemrs acd els wlfeonlcgle, at 332 Madisot -st., near Union Park. T>OAT?DING—A gentleman and wife I J can be aecommodatea with board plns-aat front room. In a nitvat*- family. Luuaitun very pies*- a»t. IcqoU eat 668 West MadlscL-*t. BOARDING— Good rooms with drst ciass board ftip single rentietnen. or gentlemen and their wive*. Call ml IIP Mlchigac-av. BOARDING —Two gentlemen desirous of a comfortable home with eiegant large iront room and excellent board In a re-pretabie tamlly livin'* onWahasn-av. nolfar from the Foil Offlce, Beat ref erctccs reqnlicd. Address **C.” Box 1320. "OOARDING—A Iront parlor nicely far* 4 * n’shed. suitable for a gent'eman and wife, ur tw>* single aenl emen. Comfin.* of a home. Term* raa actable. Call at 50 North Balsted-sU TJOARDINQ—A very desirable front JJ loom, fUrnubed, hot and cold water, fiirgenue aan and wlfl». at 22 Bosh-sL, corner ot imaots. "OOARDING—Two youiig men, ur a X} gentleman and a lady, have a front room witn boaid at 223 Fourth-ar. "OOARDING—a tew gentlemen can be JJ accommodated with good board and pleasant roomi at 200 Btaie-st. Daj boarders wanted! "OOARDlNG—Restaurant 47 South JD Clark-tt. Day and week boarders wanted. Vi arm and cold meal* at all hours. OOakDLNG—I will board a gentleman XJ and wife one year, at the rate ot ?ll Der we»-Z. lqrstuoin advance. Aodrou ** WAbAfaU.' 1 Tnouac office. BOARDING —A lew gentlemen cm • flndnlceh furnished rooms and Orst-claaa board near the F«t Office, by calllnr oa Dr. SfKVENS. 123 booth olark-st. Table bewruers wanted. Eoatb Siaantcb. 'DOAKD—On East Washmgton-sL, or D2,t cf rsftrcnce gi»«. "I Addicts ** M." Tribune office. S I3OARD—By a young man, in a private #f.. “2LT; if cation matt Bep.casant. Address I*. O. Boa Q7J. Chicago. y T7OARD—By a gentleman and wile, he- j£; JL> twe»n Ada and Wood-sts . and Fulton and I'arz- 4 ‘ ar.,wl.irr there nrc no oilier buaxdcis. AdiUO'S*'! * E A.” SBQ West IndUaa-nv. % BOARD— In a private family by two v yonne and rr*pecNWe ladle*, whee tne eoui- A lofts of a home may oc ooUlnsdon reasonable term*. routh Side rrcf rrrd. U«*t of itftrcncej given. Ad diets POAKD.P.O.Uoa 1020. T>OAKD— By two young men in a pn- Ip r»t«* feailly on the Booth Side, convenlra'ly Ii» y catrd mr bn*lto*» portion ot the ritv. on * tfrmi. Addr”*. lIOAIiDEUS, P. O. U 0« QQtfa. T>OARD—A young gentleman desires fj board and room with a respecUMe family on tin* West Side, bvlwcm CuntM and Rob*y-at n eear«trert cars—a pleasant "V 1 «2»«oo*W IWer encca cschancd. Addrm "u k. P, n 4og imo. llctsonal. PERSONAI^— A young man whose onhr «• sfter 9 p. m, and Sunday., bring ■nu, on Irani all ladle* •ucletv. dealrea Vi form an a « « ° r ®r 3a looting, InlcMgcnt K-ong *B^iK«isSp,n T A' ,eat 10 Cridue. Norm pitfe. • ycung ccctlcman, late- , • c ° l ‘ CJ “ cr - > PERSONAL—Warned—By a young '•- i A, man with an locome decidedly too large (br one—a wife, betwe-n the ages of?) and ne fird- v some, tntelllient and aceomnllihed. Addri-t fjr . hree days, JAUEd U. riAKIUNGToN. f \ Information ffliSanteh. TNFOKMATION—Wonted—ut a nuhs X girl,aged 11 years, dsrkhmlrcatshort,dafk<Tf*- T ‘ Isbundinthelcfteye; havassnaea tne name rf U- V llanAUI Eton, saylnt she Uan orpnaa wltnnutbO'S c erfrlc&da. Any infurmafloa will be thankfully re- T celvedpy her parents, 099 Ulus Isla'.d-ay. 1 [.