Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 25, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 25, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest News fey Ocean Telegraph. Correspondence Between Eng land and France on Ex tradition. Fenian Trials to Commence on 9lh of April. The Cholera at Queenstown. MOM SOUTH AMERICA. Latest from the argentine Revo- lution. General Fanners Gains a Victory,.- Conspiracy at Buenos Ayres. The Baei Party Crashed Out in San Domingo. FROM WASHINGTON. A Republican Campaign in the South. Prospects of an Adjournment. Appointment of a Successor to Colonel Bryant FEOJI EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGBIPH. Great Britain. COEHESTOKPESCE BETWEES PRANCE AND ENG LAND. London, March 34. The Government has published the correspond ence between the English and French Cabinets in regard to the Illegal extradition from Canada of the French forger Jamirande, and the subsequent demaud by England for his surrender. , pgNIAN TRIALS. Donnnf, March St. The trial of Fenian prisoners, for high treason, will commence on the Bth of April next in (his dry. steaxem. Queenstown, March 2L The Canard steamship Asia, from Boston, 13th inst- touched here this morning, and sailed for Liverpool. Southampton. March 9L Tbe steamship Western Metropolis, which Bailed from New York on tbe 7th, arrived here to day, and after landing her English malls and pas sengers, proceeded on her voyage to Bremen. FROM WASHES GXOS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington. March 24. BETUSUCAN CAMPAIGN IS TOE SOUTH. The movement for inaugurating the Bepublican campaign in the South ts gaining strength. There is talk ot holding a meeting of the leading mem bers of Congress for consultation in regard to tbe matter. Moneyed men from the North have expressed a willingness to contribute money to pay the necessary expenses of such a campaign, several gentlemen ot ability and experience ns speakers are ready to enter tbe field. If the movement la properly organized and sustained. Tbe Congressional Executive Committee is pre paring to circulate a great many oocumcnis at the Sonth. One of the chief difficulties Is that the msti agent? of all kinds taote causot be relied on to deliver tbe matter sent Attempts will be made to remedy this. CUIXP JUSTICE CHASE fifl« decided, incase Congress does not rc’lere aim from the registers nnder tbe bankrupt law. :st he «IU appoint only one register in Congressional District, unless upon certificate of the District Judge it appears that two arc absolutely necessary. In divided districts two will be appointed. Candi dates must receive strong recommendations from leading men of their districts, setting forth their entire fitness,and in no case will appointments be made through Congressmen, though, of course, their recommendations will be duly considered. There seems to be Utile probability that Con gress v ill relieve the chief Justice. NOUXATIONS BEFORE THE SENATE. The Senate has now before it aboot 1,200 nomi nations, ail of which coaid be acted on in three boors. Thai of ex-Senator Foster, for the Austri an Mission, has not yet been sent, though the un derstanding Is. that it wall be ready this week. The Senate * will unquestionably confirm him if be is appointed. Those sent In on Saturday were all postmasters. Ho continuations have been made since Thursday. It is understood about three-fourths of tbe vacancies made by the President since last duly have been filled and confirmed. It is expect ed that the necessity for acting on other nomina tions will, if Congress adjourns Tuesday or Wednesday, induce the President to con vene tbe Senate in executive session. It is rumored that Sir Frederick Bruce baa in timated a deposition, on the part of tbe British Government, to deal leniently with the convicted Fenians in Canada. nzcieniATioK. Hie registration In the First Want is completed Bad thews I,O£S white voters, and 1.401 negroes. COLOHIX BUTAJiT EEKOVED. The President has removed John H. Bryant, Collector ot the Fifth (or'Peoria) District of Illi noie.and appointed Wm. Kellogg l ex*Congreasman and cx-Jodge, of Nebrasua, in his place. lie was greatly disappointed in not petting the Commls (donorship ol Indian Affairs, and Is well known for his devotion to Johnsonian. Congressman Inger- Eoli is urging his confirmation. srelk mows. The measure relating to steam agricultural machinery, which passed Congress and was sene to the President on Saturday afternoon, simply provides that steam plows may he admitted free durieg the present fiscal year. One of these plows is now in bond at Philadelphia, and it la nuder stood another will he brought from England this summer. Both will betaken West, fortrial on the prairies and exhibition at the State Fairs. manner Lnousrx. F. 3. Dlckman, Cleveland, has been appointed District Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, on the special recommendation of Hoc. E. P. Spalding. ADJOUnKKEKT. IVit Ofmirrofta TtUI The indication* are to-night that Congress whl noiadjnnm before Wednesday, at least, perhaps not before Thursday; and there is some prospect that the second Monday in November will be ae- lectrd as the time for the reassembling. FEOH SPEISGFIELD. •ConlhcaUDc a DUiUlerf and Contents - Appropriation forthe Lincoln .vona« ment—Public Lands—Personal—Vote in Csss county. [epeoal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SrEEfc field, XU.,March 34. A decree of for'eiture bos been entered against the distillery of frank Pncet, Decatur. The prop erty. consisting of over five hundred barrets of high wines, distillery and fixtures, will he sold on the third day of April, under a decree of the United Stales District Court. The Legislature of Missouri has made an ap* propnaUon of one thousand dollars in aid of the Lincoln Monument. The Public Jaws of last session will be printed and read* for distribution by the first of May. Captain J. E-Pumam, Twelfth infantry, D. S. A., recruiting officer at (his station, has been op daed to Governor's Island, New York, for duty. Cent rat N. M. Cnr.lss, of Hew York, tbe hero of Pert fisher, is in the city. A-vote Is to be taken In Cass Comity on the 2d day ol April, to test ihe question of the re* noval of the Connty seat trom BeanLstown to Virginia Tne weather is extremely cold here. CE>XEAL A*D SOUTH AMERICA. Burning of Three American Shlpi la Valparaiso President Diaz Snot in Panama-latest from the Argentine Revolution—General Paunero Win* a of Three Argentine Ve»- aeikf wilb a Number or Live*—From Sou Domingo The Baez Party Crushed. Ntw Vanv, March 2L—By the Rising star we have Panama advices to the 13th. Three American ships haa lately took fire at Valparaiso and burned to the water's edge. The George Rallies, February 9. and the Flora McDonald, and George Uc Fifto, February 16. It is suspected they were fired by the crew. . The Acting President Prefect, Jnancho Diaz, ■was t-bot in Panama on the 10th by a drunken man named Major, rhe wound was a serious one. The steamer uaino. formerly the B. R. Cay ter, had reached Santa Martba.from New York- This is the vessel seized here on suspicion ot oeinga Chilian privateer. Much excitement existed is Bogota, owing to the differences between President Moequera and the Congress, the latter refusing to acknowledge the leans maue by the former. Advices from Sydney. January 30ih, and Well ington. February Cth, had reached 2'anama. The fcblp William Cute, from San Francisco. bad ar rived »t The harvest uas over, and the yield of cc'caJs was larger than ever before known. Larger quantities nre being exported, and the marker oiVcrs no inducement to Shippers in Chili or California.. The abonglneain New Zealand are again giv ing much trouble. CJilll advices stale mat Peru has never thought of peace on the basis proposed by the mediating Powers. . I The latest advices respecting the Argentine revolution arc important. A division under Felipe San, alter a blooey engagement, lasting two boers, nas defeated by General Paunero, a*. Los Loros, with a lose of UK) killed and many wound- cd. -Two other rerolaQonarr divisions under took (o avenge the defeat, and were them ♦elves routed. m-etinc wtlh much heavier losses than euffeted By Sax. Paoncro then qalsur coo* tinned bis retrcstto form a Junction aim Mitre. Hew York. March 21.—Fhe Hro/tPa Rio jan"l ro correspondence, dated 34th uU., says that ooth ipgwas transpiring beyond occa-ional bom bardment o( Curupaity br the Paraguayans, aud picket firing along tbe line. Reinforcement* con tinue to leave Klo Janeiro. Two steamers. with Argentine and Oriental troops on board, bad exploded, and quite a uam btr of lives lost; end an Argentine war steamer i bad been nm down. The Uendosa rcbilhon was nearly-suppressed. United Sts'os in?errcc‘Jon' was talked of, bnc not generally expected. A conspiracy to mnrdcr the members of the Gov ernment of Buenos Ayrea bad been discovered, and the conspirators seized. . - bt. Domingo advices to the 11th Instant, elate that the Baez party had been crashed, and the K«frnbUc was quiet, „ . . - Ti c proposed treaty with the Dut'ea Slates for the Bay of Ramnna, la likely to elicit a spirited debale In Congresa. FEOM LOUISVILLE. Elopement—political—Abont Xlridffins; the otUo— Governor Bramletto—lbe Wcaibcr, Ac* [Special Despatch to the ChicacoTrihone.l Louismxs. March 34. The wife of Peter Ptnrman on Saturday robbed her husband of two hundred dollars, and ran off mtb a man named Edward Powers. Stnrman tried desperately to commit suicide, bat fatted, after discharging rix baits into his bat, merely crazing the scalp. On Satnroay evening Lieutenant Governor Jacob, Conservative candidate fur Congress, made along speech In exposition of the position of the party. 3e only developed the fact that these Conservatives and their leaders are In tacit alliance with the rebel Democracy, and arc dividing the Union men anon the negro question. The BepubJlcars are gamine strength each day, and if the Republi can party at the North would come and help os in the State dnrlne the campaign, it can bo carried against ibe rebels. , % , The Nashville Railroad bos afkcd for tbe right ol way through the city, to connect with the pro- Breen iron bridge over the falls of the Ohio, [any oppose, arguing that everything will go through the dty without re-handling. It promises to be a question which will be involved In the April mnuicioai election. If the right or way la not given, no bridge or ncloa depot will be bailt. llih} Is tbe dilemma. Governor Bmmlette, on the expiration of hts term of office. Intends removing to Louisville to practice law. it mixed severely cold this afternoon Rom warm sunshine. 'i be Great Republic, the largest river steamer, U silll at the wharf, putting op a smokestack, and will leave lor New Orleans to-morrow. Thon tands visited her to day. % A great and singular religions revival Is in pro cess here. Scores of prominent citizens are joining the church. It la not confined to any sect, bnl is general, Rom Methodists to Catholics. FEOII SEW YOKE. Arrest of an Ex-Rebel Commissary— Fcnlanlam—Postmaster for Brooklyn -TFhat Alexander H, Stephens Thinks—General Schofield at Work —Jiarlne. New York. March 21.—The first number of the Ttleffrajrfite Journal has made its appearance. James F. Cummings, an cz-rebvi Commissary, has oecn arrested on charges of bavins used the power ot the so-called Confederate Government to take from a resident of Tennessee property val ued at tCW'.WI, and fraudulently convert it to his ownnse. Be is now In Ludlow street jail. Counterfeit Twenties on the National Bank of X’otUaticL Maine, are in circulation. Judge Bussell yesterday refused ball in the case of Wall, the alleged Marshal in the saint Patrick's l>ey procession, who cat and lashed the police men with his suord. Mr. Jobe Savage, Judge Daly and Eugene Kel ly, who were, unknown to themselres, appointed to receive Fenian funds Dy the Union Square meet ing, refuse to have anythin? to do with such foods, ann have returned various enma already eent to them from a distance. ■t he Herald special says the name of Mathew McMahon will be eent to the Senate forPost mjiflier of Brooklyn, to-morrow, and if not con firmed, Mr. Kinsella, now Acting Postmaster, will t>e continued. Parties who have recently conversed with Alex ander n. Stephens, say that ne advises that the wisest course for rhe Sooth is to remain quiet and await the pane of events; that notbingSoii th ere people may do will influence the policy of the dominant party m Washington. Genera) Schofield is about to displace such jus tices of the Peace in his district os he deems in competent. Advices from North Alabama state that the In hablianla Bring at a distance from the railroad arc dying from etirvation, and that coles? relief reaches them, the whole range of counties in the band Mountain section will bo depopulated. The recent floods destroyed o'vcr three thousand bush : els of corn and a large amount of food sent by telief associations to the sullercrs. New Yonx. March 24.—The steamer Bislug Mar. with California dates to February 23, arrived thismoimog. 7he steamer Ocean Queen, for As (■inwall, detainee in the bay by the storm since the 2lst. put to sea this morning. The steamer Atlantic, from Bremen, arrived this morning. The Ihsing Star, liom Panama, brough $510,000 in * P *J lie steamship Erie, from Liverpool, arrived to day, and the Noilh American, from Bio Janeiro last nleht- FEOX SOUTH CAHOLISA. General Sickles Takes Command—HU First Order. rtiAittEgroN. S. C., March 9L—Gcneril Sickles publishes to-morrow an order assuming com mand of the Second .District, Tbe order says: “Id tbe execution of the duty of Commanding Geneial, tomalnlamthe security of ihe inhabi tants in tbelr persons and property, to suppress insurrection, disorder and violence, and to non isb. or cause to he punished, all disturbers of the public peace, end criminals, will be my doty. Local tribunals will be permitted to take jnnsdlc tlouoland try offenders, excepting only such cate? as may. by order of the Commanding Gen era], be referred to a Commission or other mill taiy tribunalfor trial. Civil officers are hereby authorized to continue the exercise of their proper functions, and will be respected and obeved br tbe inhabitants. Wherever any civil officer, magistrate or court o< elects or refuses to perform an official act, properly required of enen tribunal or effl-cr, whereby due and rightful security to per son or property shall be denied, tbe case shall he i reported by the Post Commanders, in those head quitters. Dost Commanders shall cause to be ar rested persons charged wiih tbe cOaunls-ioo of crimes and offences, when the civil amboriiies fail to arrest and bring such offend e>s to trial, and will bold the ac cused in custody for trial by mil itary commission, provost court or other tribunal organized pursuant to orders from these head quarters- Arrests by military authority will be np >rtcd promptly, charges preferred will be accompanied by tbe evidence on which they are founded. The Commanding General, desiring to preserve tranquility and order by means and agencies most congenial to (he people, solicits tbe zealous and cordial co-operation of the civil officers in the discharge or <befr duties, and the aid of all good citizens In nreventios conduct tending to disturb ibe peace; and to the end that the occasion may seldom arise for tbe exercise of military authority in matters ot ordinary civil administration. Tbe Commanding Gercrai earnestly commends to tbe people and authorities of North and Sonth Carolina unre served obedience to the authority now establish ed and the diligent conslceratlon and impartial cx< ration of the laws enacted for their good gov ernment.” FIRES. Pittibursb-Troy, rirrsnrncH, March 24.—A destructive fire oc curred this morning about 6 o'clock, in South Pittsburgh, opposite this city, by which (he ma chinery works of Robinson, Hea & Co. were en tirely destroyed, including alargc stock of pal leme. Loss about 175,000— fully insured. The fire is supposed to be the work of an incendiary. Tnor, N. Y., March 24.—A fire broke out last night at about ten o’clock. In tbe cellar or Rnfns Suits’ cloak and shawl store. No. 823 River street, and extended to the Jewelry store of Alexander Goldsmith, No. 830. Damage by fire and water, 55,000; insured. T.ihfi Soil— madajne Cora James gets $l)UOO Damage*. ?t. T ons. March 24.—1 n Ibe libel suit, Madame Cora James ve. Missouri Vfmocra'. for ten thou sand dollars damages, which closed ic the Circuit court yesterday, "the Jury returned a verdict awarding tl,ouo damages. The defendant will move for anew trial to-morrow, and if refused, will appeal to the Supreme Court. Weather cl»udy and damp. From Louisville. I ouismix. March 21.—At a meeting of the Board of't night, a committee ol three was appointed to confer with a committee from tho general council on the subject of granting the right of way to the Louisville Bridge Company for a bridge over the Ohio Elver. There was much enthusiasm on the subject. The Cholera, at Queenstown. WasmiroTOK, March 24. —The Secretary ofState has received information from the Consul at Queenstown, Ireland, that the cholera has prevailed in that section to some extent all winter. At Whitegate, a small village in Queenstown harbor, eighl rases had ocenrred daring the pre vious week- Hie despatch is dated February 14. From maryladd. Baiukore. March Sl.—The State Legislature idioumed yesterday «ln« die. The bill admitting rest oca to testily on the same footing as whites in courts ol the State failed to pass; also the bill authorising tbe elec ion of new municipal officers tor the city of Baltimore. Prom Cincinnati. Ckcctkatt, March 21.—The Democratic Eiccn llve Committee hare nominated Jadee James for Major, in place of Samuel N. Pike, declined. Ihe furniture factory of H. Bennkarap, with sewral small adjoining buildings. was destroyed by fire this morning. Loss about $30,000. Hudson Uivtr Open. A least. N. V- March 34.—The proncller John I’aTior arrived here to-day from New York. This ts fbc first arrival or the season. She met with bul slight obstruction trom ice. From Memphis. Memphis, March SC.—The weather Is clear and delightful. Business Is dull. The nver still on the .-tand. Cotton steady and unchanged. Com acaicc amd firm. THE EE PUBLICAN PARTY IN NEW YORK. Electing of the Bcpubllcao Union Stale Central Committee—The Question of a Constitutional Convention* i Albany Correspondence (March 21) of the Me v York Herald, i At the meeting of the Republican Union State Ceu ral Committee to-day a very lively discussion and no little dissension took place over resolu tions regarding the subject of universal suffrage as connected with the Constitutional Convention. Charles S. bpencer, of New York, offered the fol lowing resolutions: jtrsolvect. That this, the State Committee of the Union Republican parly of the State of New York, recognize as one of the doctrines of the party whoso representatives we are, the right of every citizen to equality before the law, and con gratulate the country upon the action of many hitherto prominent rebels In the Southern States in their recognition of the situation and acqui escence in the action of Congress giving to the black man a vote. Jittolttd, That our gratification by reason of this action is mingled with protoued regret and sorrow that ccongh gentlemen of the Assembly of this State elected by Republican votes, have been found this day to coalesce with all tnc Dem ocrats of that, body except one tn repudiation of universal snerage. and consequent denial to tbe black man of aright to vote Tor delegates to the Constitutb cal Convention. dissolved, That in the formation of a Constitu tion all wbocC rights of person and property are to be guarded and protected by it, who arc male citizens, of sane mind. under no disability of trea son or crime, and ol the age of twenty-one yearsl arc ertitled to a voice; tbatjtbia is aa original, in herrntand inalienable right of wnlch they cannot oe deprived without great wrong and injustice. dissolved , That we earnestly and respectfully request members of the Assembly elected by Re publican votes to rccopsidcr tats action, and re lieve the Republican parly of this btate irom the deserved reproach of advocating the right of the netrro abroad to vote and denying “ to him at hl ßeit>ited, Thai in the name of the Republican party of this State we ask forthc immediate pas sage of a bill providing for the election of dtde oates to a Constitutional Convention; that we are wcacy of delays and disagreements, and that the pcoplh have tuc right to expect seasonable com* VOL. XX. promise and prompt action from their Represent- Miser, and that their will be not debated. A stormy debate on these resolutions was ear ned on Jor several hours between the Radical and Conservative factions of tbe committee. Horace Greeley was in attendance in person, urging the adoption of the resolutions, although not a mem ber of (be committee. Mr. Sponccr debated the matter with great spirit, denouncing his associates as worse than Wade Hampton and the reconstruct ed rebels of the booth. Mr. Robertson, of West chester, Mr. Andrew Bleakley, of Hew York, and others opposed the resolutions as Impolitic aud dangerous to ibe party at this time. They were accordingly rejected by the following vote: Auaikstthz Rzeolutioss —James Terwltlicer, Andrew Bleakley. Martin B. Brown, 11. D. Rob ertson, Hamilton Harris, E. A. Merritt, James A. Bell. Frank Ulscock, A. B. Cornell, Charles G. Fairman— lo. lit Favob or the RnsoLtmoKs.—Charles 8. Spencer, W. H. Gleason, Charles Woodward, W. H. McKinney, Isaac Dayton. Waldo Hutchins, Ezra Farrington, George w. Palmer—B. The committee then adopted a resolution call ing their party conventions for the Bth of April to choose candidates for delegates to the Constitu tional Convention if tbe pending bill should pass In season. PRACTICAL RECONSTRUC TION. Tbe Meeting of White and Colored Citi zens at Columbia' 8. C.—Speeches of AVaae Hampton and Others —An Auspicious Beginning:* Tbe Colombia (Sonth Carolina) Ktccnix gives an interesting account of the gathering or the freed men there on the Bth instant: . ~ _ . • Jn pursuance of a notice published in bnoday s Fiianix. tbe colored citizens of tbe district assem bled in largo numbers at the African Methodist Episcopal Church yesterday morning, at nine o'clock, ano, nfier forming a procession of their various societies, marched through the principal streets, beared by a band of music, to the vacant square on Plain street, just beyond Nickerson's Uotel, where addresses were delivered by Gen eral Wadu Hampton, W. F. Pc Saussurc. Colonel William H. Talley, B. J. Arthur, and James G. Ciibbes. (who bad been specially invited by the committee to address tbe colored people), aud Beverly Nasb and the Rev. D. Plcketi (Reedmen). The proceedings were opened with prayer by tbe Rev. Simon Miller (freedman). General Wade Hampton spoke of the vast Im portance ol ihe present movement, not only to (decolored but to tbe white man. He advised tbe treedmen to give their friends at the South a lair trial, and if they were found wonting, tt was men time enough to go abroad for sympathy. It was to their interest to build up the South; for os the country prospered, so would they prosper. Tie present state ol affairs was not bronga* abont by thtaction of the Southern profile, white or black: therefore, nether was responsible for ft. Hon. E. J. Arthur said be was unable to deliver n lengthy address, as be was not prepared xor such an undertaking. lie was surprised at being called on for a speech, and could only give a lew words of counsel. The occasion is one in wbicb yen have bad no agency. It ts not the act of tbe white men ol yonr country, it has been conferred upon you by tbe Not there Congress, and he hoped that it would be tbe means of enlightening and. Improving their mental and moral condition. He. in conjunction with the white cuizere of the South would endea- vorto assist them by all the means In their power to accomplish that erd They bad the right of frai'Clise. and ho advised them to exercise it with good judgment. To leant to folly appreciate , intse great privileges which are being conferred upon them they should educate themselves and their children. It is the duty and interest of the white man to help the colored man in tueir educa tional and moral training. If we wore actuated by interest alone, we should rather contribute to than attempt to retard their advancement. They are politically the equals of the whiles, and edn- . cation will go far to make them morally and mentally so. Let there be no war of races among us—let ns look to each other's welfare. It Is tme that many of the whites arc deprived of the political rights which the colored men will enjoy, but that should not and will not create envlou* and unkind feelings. Me concluded by advising them to record the white men who bad been born and reared among them as friends. Let no harsh lootings exist between us; look to cacb other's welfare and happiness; and last, though not least, look to yoar educational and moral im provement colonel Wm, ZL Talley reminded his hearers that the interests or the two races are identical, and In the unsettled state of affairs nothing was to be gained by division. The common-sense advice to tec colored men of the South was to try those (bey have krown. and, until deceived by them, not to experiment in the sympathy of strangers, 'ihe enemies ot the South sought to foment dis sensions: out, If united, their children. If no* Iheroselvc-, would enjoy tranquillity, prosperity anil happiness. Beverly Nash (colored) replied to (he generally expressed statement of the white speakers that they were disfranchised, by stating that the colored people would present sncti a strong and unani mous petition to Congress that attention wouldbe paid to it; in fact, the colored men won:d not rest until the whites were enfranchised, ilo had re spect fur a man who nphcld his principles at the point of the bayonet, whereas skulkers and so called Union men at the South hecocld designate as uotiiirg teller than traitors. He advocated universal scEragc,believlng that the driver ot a one horse cart was as much entitled to that right as tbt owner of a block of buildings. Be qno'ed free ly from hlstorytoebo* the importance of tbe right of suffrage, and advised the colored people, in the selection of their candidates, to look to merit aicne. As to not knowing wbo or what ihcy would bo called on to vote for, the candidate? would lake care of that, and by speeches and convetsation post them thoroughly. The Bcv. Dr. Pickett (colored) stated that be wanted it distinctly understood that ho wav no office-soccer. The good of his people was his first consideialion. He was opposed to nuivcrsiti suffrage for two reasons—the want of education and a properly qualification. The first was readi ly attainable, and Inc last, by industry and econo my, would surely come. Speaking of elections, be said that the qt-estion should not be whether a candidate was black or white, but was hehon esi? The Bon. W. F. DoSnussurc and James G. Gibbes delivered short addresses, after which the procession was re-formed and marched back to ibe church. , , The strictest order prevailed, which is partially dm- to the excellent management c-f .Chlcl Mar shal William Simons and other inflnemial mem ber bof tbe various associations. Taken in all its ncartogf, the pleasant feeling engendered by ibis gathering cannot be too highly appreciated nor v.s importance overestimated. Disfranchised whiles were invited to address enfranchised blacks, and the advice given was received in the spirit in which it was extended, while tbe re marks of tbe colored speakers were of such a character as to give general satisfaction. Jn the evening a torchlight procession was formed, and calls were made upon chancellor Carroll. W. K. Bachman, Esq., and other prom inent citizens, who delivered impromptu ad dresses, whin the cclcbratiouists returned to rfacir rendezvous and were dismissed. A MOURNFUL ROMANCE. Sad Fate ora Fooll*h Heiress— Denoue ment ortho Bokcr-Dean Setwatioa—A niiilonaire’s Daughter on the lowa. [From the Washington National Intelligencer, March 22.1 Some years ago the fashionable world of Gotham was startled from its proprieties at the announce mert, in gossiping circles, and shortly alter wards in the sensational papers, that Minnie Uoker, the youthful daughter of Mr. Baker, a mil lionaire. had, in an evil hour, become enamored ol her lather’s coachman, and consented to a se cret ma'riagc. Tbe foolish attachment became known to the father when too late to remedy, and he subsequently disowned the foolish and erring child. Having carried oiT. with her father’s con sent, all her jewelry and personal effects, she was enabled to set her bOihand up iu business—in a res aurant, we believe. Love in a cottage went on Fmoolbly until Mr. Boker died, and It was found be had rot forgiven his daughter, and, as a conse quence, bad not willed one cent ot bis immense possessions to her. Mr. Dean, the “coachman husband.” had a change come o’er the spirit of nl* dreams. In the marriage he evidently had an eye to the main chance—the money-bags of hu tatber-ln-law; and these foiling in their fruition, his love for ••Minnie” waned, chilled, till cold ness btpotneglect; neglect brought forth weep ing appeals Pom the youthful victim; weeplug appeals from the victim of a romantic attach ment begat abuse Irom tbe husband: and thus in the struggle and turmoil of life Dean and bis wife were lost to public view, ana tho story which had excited all Gotham became a part of the dim past. A subsequent act m the domestic tragedy has Just transpired in this goooly city, which wo will briefly relate: A gentleman of onr city, who spends consider able time in alleviating toe suffering and want in the lower strata of human society, was, some weeks ago, called upon to help a woman In the lowest depths ofprivatlon, and In a personal in terview with her, although the being before him »as dressed in the scanty, ragged aud coarse garbs of squalid poverty, and altflongh her breath recked with tbe fames of villsnoasllquor, yet there was that in ber manners, ber language, and her tone, which surely indicated that she had moved in higher circles, and that she had been familiar with virtuous life. An examination revealed the sad fact that the degraded and poverty stricken being before him was the once celebrated Minnie Boker; that, abused, beaten and starved by ber husband, she was finally compelled to leave, and, alas for human natuie t to drown her grief and sorrow in liqaor. 'the sympathies of the gentleman were aroused, and he made temporary provisions for tier, and afterwards Induced a religious- society to take her In charge and give her a home,' Here she remained, apparently contented and grateful, for obvious reasons assuming another pome—Sarah Milton. About a month ago sbc. tola the matron that a female friend bad a -bawl belonging to her, and she was going to re cover It, ana under this pica went out from tho Home. She was known to have fifty cents with, given her by a female friend, (o make some put chase for her. fitce then she has not been seen by any one interested in ber, but definite rumors have reach ed them that t-hc has purchased liquor at several low ** onckencs.” “This and no'bing more” Is one of tbe saddest events in domestic lift-, but sorrowtul thoughts suggest themselves which arc not creditable to tinman nature. We catnot see that the stern father was justified, on any correct princmics, iu inus abandoning a daughter to a late which he most have toreteen. H e most sincerely trust, for the sake of human nature, that the consciences of the bothers, who inherited the Immense wealth of Mr. Boker— tnns irc« eased by the worse than death of a sister—are doily and nightly agitated, and that they wifi con tinue so till they reek om and provide for and ;ave (for who will donbt that she can be saved?) an only sister. * DISTURBANCE IN THE MIN ING REGIONS. Serious Outrages and Riots in the Coal Districts ol Pennsylvania. (From the New York Times, Maich22.| Private advices from the Pennsylvania coal re "tom* tell of numerous outrages which are being committed by miners in Schuylkill Coun»y. The Indians, who are mainly Irish, are known through out the region as ihe “Molly Maguires.” They are barded together in a secret organization lor the purpose of controlling the mines, and resort io ‘murder and robbery. The people of the county an; greatly excited, and hith erto have been unable to bring offenders to punishment, as the iurles In the County Court Lave been packed by' men connected with the desperate pang. Application has been made to Uovirnor ucary for an order—in case aricst- shall be made—to remove the accused lor trial to another county, and the Governor has promised to net-all the power at his command in bringing inc entity to justice. It is almost impossible to get information in regard to the desperadoes, and the local newspapers arc alraid to publish what facts orckoovn concerning them. On Friday afternoon fas', Mr, Littlebalcs, a Sn pcrintindent of one of the mines, was shot through the heart on the road be tween Tbomostown and Muckcyebnrgh, while returning Horn L’ottsvllle, where he bad been to procure money to pay off the bands uLoer his charge. The murderers, however, got nothing but a few dollars and tbe Superinten dent's watch, as he had not been able to get the funds from I’ottFviile. which were to be sent tho loltowing day. No clue to tho murderers has bien obtained. Threats have been made a amst Snncrirtendenta of other mines, who lire momen* taillr In tear or violence. Notices bare Dean posted by the ruffians, of whlch thc following is a specimen' 44 Jtanon 1,1667. 14 Taka notice from this time if joa want to lire, for 1 tnmk your time will be very abort, so you must look out for all yon ret, and any man on tbo colliery until the 30 certs la put on. 1 ' (Diagram of a coffin ana pistol.] Four Superintendents bare- been personally warned to leave, under penalty ot death, for non compliance. Several murder# bare been commit ted already, numerous houses hare been robbed, and the miners generally bare stopped work. The movement excites very great uneasiness flmomr ibe coal operators, who are takieg active measures to secure the arrest of the ringleaders and put a stop to the disturbance, which threatens to be of the most serious character. Governor Gcsry has been appealed to to offer a reward of £5.000 for the arrest ol the leading men. ’ihis information reaches from a perfectly au thentic source, and Is reliable. JFENIANISIT, Preparations for Another movement Against Canada. fFrom the New York Tribune, March 21.] The Fenian Senate was yesterday in session, all tbe members of that body having arrived in this city on the previous day. President Roberts was not present at the meeting of tbe Senne, but re ceived several important messaged during the session from tbe body. Toe President of (he Sen ate. Mr. Gibbons, presided over the deliberations cf the Senate. The session will last for acveral days, and It Is more than probable that when closed, It will adjourn to give tbe Senators an op portunity to meet again on C anadian soil, or some other portion of British territory. Although the' session la strictly secret, enough of the deliberations of tbe Senate are known to make It manifest that an early attempt will be maae In very grave earnest against the British North American Provinces as soon asarmscan be furnished to tbe men preparatory to trana poiuilon. The movement of rcgolara toward the border by tbe United States Government Is looted anon as a ruse to deceive tbe Brßiah Min ister, and pacify Her Majesty's Cabinet. Assist ance will ho fnrtlebcdto the men who are in in tarrection, if proof can be furnished that the re bellion is Intended as a general and bona fide at tempt lo overthrow tbe English role by its origi nators aud abetters- At present there Is no head or front to the insurrection la Ireland, aud wherever a blow has been struck it has been struck wildly and without any evident practical purpose. To effect any suc cess it will be necessary for all the circles deserted byS-epbone to come into toe organization of which Colonel Roberta and the Senate of tbe FcLiau Brotherhood hare control. Tbe Senate while in session will receive communications tending to that result Rom all parties wbo may fee! deposed to assist in the movement to free Ireland. To tbo foregoing the Senate U pledged sincerely. Colonel Wolgcr, a prominent Fenian officer Rom California, reported to the Senate on his in the city the state of the organization in bis native state, and tno preparations being made by tne cir cles, who ore working with untiring energy fora common cause. His report was received and filed. Nevada, Montana, Nebraska, Idaho, Oregon and Dakota, ami m fact all the Pacldc coast is quite enthusiastic and eager to receive the order from President Roberta to move forward on the en emy's works. As tbe case stands fit present, it ia believed that a movement, when it does commence, will ex tend all over tbe United btatca. It <s stated tbat a contract was made a few days since by Presi dent Roberta, tor 28,000 fatigue caps of tne blue cloth United States pattern, with narrow green nanus. The order wilt be filled tn ten days. An address Uin process of preparation by Presi dent Roberts, in which be mil give bis views, advisory or otherwise, on the present* Feulan situation, and recommend certain measures to be adopted. A Semi-Official Tlireat of Extinction in Ireland. (From the London Herald, March 7.] While frankly admitting, as wu do, that the re volt ts one of alarming proportions, we entertain the well-grounded conviction that the Irt»b Gov ernment hare suffilciic forec at baud to “ stamp it out" promptly and completely, and that many went the dispositions of the authorities at the Horne Guards are such that they can be reinforced with unprecedented celerity. Even if the authorities bad been wholly unpre pared, Instead of finding themselves at length face to lace wi b an emergency which they have long anticipated, the enterprise ot the Fenian lead ers would still be as desperate as It la wicked. It Is not within the scope of possibilities that me taw levies ot simple peasants and foreign aes-perndoes, led by rowdy colonels trom America, should bo able 'o stand up for a week againsttbc trained and disciplined forces at the disposal of the Irish Executive. Bat if U were otherwise. If the rebel cause should by any unforeseen mischance be able to make head for a time, the ultimate result would be none tbe less certain. Tbe whole might ot the Empire would be brought to bear noon the revelt, and the pro cess of extinction, if more prolonged and san gulnaiy, would be equally certain and decisive. For there must be no more sentimentalism or in decision upon that point. Penlanism has been leniently treated, almost humored. Hitherto. Tbe time tor forbearance is past, and “humltariana" and Jamaica committees will oo well to stand out of tbe way. The kid clove and rosewater In terest must rest in abeyance for a while. This is no longer an affair of police. It is a conflict In which Ihe soldiers of the Queen are arrayed against rebels and filibusters arms in band, against a revolt wbch alms at nothing less than to subvert tbe authority of the crown and Ji-ii.ember the empire. In such a case forbear ance is onto! place, and sevcrltylbo truest mercy. The viper off edition, long hiding in covert places, bus at length reared Its crest to strike, and It mast be promptly and sternly troedeu under heel. It v 111 bo a costly work in every sense of the *oi d. but there is now no alternative bat to make an end of it, and prove that Irish disaffection, fo mented into revolt by foreign emissaries aud for eign gold, has not the shadow oi a chance when ,‘actd by the power of England. Newspaper Cltax>cc* In New York Clip. [From the New York Times, March £2 ] Ir Is pretty generally understood that the Com mfrciof AtlttTiiter haa been purchased by a uum ber of gentlemen and that Mr. Timrlow Weed is to assume editorial control of its columns wi'hin a lew days. We believe that Mr. Rnrlburt will have charge of the literary department aud that Ur. C. I*. Dewey will continue to be news edltorand gen cial manager. We beltevo the price paid for the Vommerc\nt was a little under 511*1,000. Mr. C. A. Dana has taken the first step toward tee publication of the new daily so longtannounc cd a? under way, in tbe purchase of Tammany Hall, which Is to be immediately refilled and adapted to the purposes of a newspaper estab lishment. Tbe capital with which the new enter prise is to be nndnnaken, 5200,000, has been sub scribed mainly btlgentlumcn m political positions, or with political aspirations, and the requisite machinery is to be at <vtce provided. It is to be on evening paper, half the size of the 'Jimet, stror-gly RepuUlc&n In Us political character, hat devoted mainly to news, and sold at fhrte cents, bon e two or tbreo montne must elapse heiore the actual Issue of the new sheet. • “Wild Edgfrten”—Complimentary. Chicago, Match 31,1567. To Brock L. SfcVlckar, Esq,: dim nnderplgned, citizens of Chicago, feeling a Inst pride In the reputation which, aa a citizen or Chicago, yon have estabU-hed by your literary efforts, and raving on former occasions vnjoyeu the pleasure oflicaring yon os a public lecturer; and ]■ ariiiog also that you are about to leave ns on a European trip, respectfully solicit yon to deliver one ot your discourses stench time and place as may amt your convenience. John 7,. Hancock, Leonard Swett, Wm. F. Coolbaogh, Thos. Hpyne. P. H. Smith, Van. 11. Higgins, Wm.Bross. A. W. Arrington, Mahlon D Ogden, Robert A Gilmore, T. j. Kinsclla, N. W. 1-eavltt, Hsri’i B. Shipman, P. W. Buckingham, Wm. G. Lewis, D. Blakely, Cbae. H. Ham, Henry G. Miller, H. Savers, F. U. Sales, Wm, P. Tnckcr, C..T. bcammon, H. M. Bough, H-. B. Toweice, Daniel O'lfara, J. P. Barnard, L. D. Boone, E. O. Assy. D. a; Gage, It. S. Wilson, Waller Kimball, L. U. Boomer. Wm. L. Church, Arthur A. Hobart, £. S. Williams, £. B/ Phillips, Melville W. Fuller, A. Gibbs. John M. Douglas, John C. Hilton, M. E. 37. Wallace, R. B. Talcott, Geo. A. Bigelow, - U. W. Blodgett, J. O. De Haven; J. 0. Rutter, Hasbronck Davis, Sas. W. shcahan, Wirt Dexter, Aif. C. Hills, 4. jil Walter, I. N. Arnold, Emery A. Stone, P. C. Sherman, Geo. w. Gage, David Runnloo, J. A. Hahn, Michael Scanlon, O. L. Mann, And .many others. CGS Wabash AvxHtrc, Chicago, ''March 23,18C7. General 0. L. Mann, Co'ocel Hancock, Governor Broes, Hon- Thomas Boyce, Hon. Isaac ’H. Arnold, General Davis, HonM, D. Ogden, and others: Gxmxxra: I thank you sincerely for the compliment conveyed in yon; communication of IhcSXat lest. That anything in my lltcrar y career has seemed to yea worthy of each recognition, and that years ot absence from Chicago have bad no power to loner my hold noon yonr regard and kindly re membrance, are facts of which an bumble writer msv be Justly proud. I accept, therefore, with pride and gratitude, the parting testimonial so considerately offered at your bands. Crosby's Music Hall has been secured Monday. April Btn. and on the evening of that day 1 shall have the honor to deliver before yon a lecture en titled “ Under the Foamy ” or '•'‘The Lofty and Low ly Unveiled." With the hope that it may prove worthy of yonr approval. I am yours very truly, Snocs L. MoVickar. “Wild fdgerton.” Meteorological, The following is the meteorological record of the week ending Saturday, March Sid, 1307, as kept by J. G. Langgutb, Jr., Optician, Mo. 115 Randolph street. The temperature is taken In the shade. Ihe direction and force of the winds are given approximately, with the barometric Jilniudes—the email 1< tiers being the initials of the words “high,” •‘breeze, 11 •• gentle,” •‘veer ing,” “rain,” “enow,” “moistatmosphere, 11 and “ dry;” THEEMDMETER. iL*lr>h» U.ln trv 1 “ *i n *" r ‘ Cfi. Night Kata to Date, prcredlng. 7mm. 2 ra. B£>m. 3p.m. Son 3 5 17* 10* .031 M<n 6 10 38 SO Tnes..... 33 29 ' 41 S 3 Wed 30 S 3 45 3S Thu :rj S 6 3K S 7 XOB yn « 36 47 St Eat 32 87 4C 40 nanonsTEß. 2p. a. 7 a. ID. Date. Mer’y. Wlad. Mcr’y. Wind. Mer’y. Wind. 8un...29.23 W.N.W.g. 29.4 U W.e. 89.35 W. tfv. M0n..29.43 B.g. 29.P85. W.jr. 89-T3 6. STW.g. TQC8..29.45 S, g. 29.33 E.NJt. C. 29.52 K.B. g. Wed.. 29.50 K. b. 29.44 N.E.g, 29.52 N.E. g 7 1UU...29J0 N.E. g. 29.23 N.E. b. 29X7N.E.g. Fri.... 29.49 N. W. g. 29.45 N.W. gv. 29.1" H. E. g. Sat.. .39.46 8. £. k. 29-40 S.E. nuu 29-iiS.E. r. The Baptist Anniversaries. To tbe Editor of the Chicago Tribune: The anniversaries ol the Baptist denomination of the United States arc to meet in this city on the 22d ot May. These anniversaries are always largely attended, and this year. In view of their being held in onr attractive city of Chicago, it is expected that there will be an unusually large at tei dance. The Baptist people, of coarse, will make every effort to nave thedelegatcs taken care of among themselves. It la anticipated that rcariy or quite two thousand persons will bo pres ent. In order to entertain all these suitably, tbe general committee decided that they woaid nave to appeal to tbe hospitality of other Christian de nominations to help them. It has been customary cn all snch occasions to do so, and has always met with cheerful consent. Canvassers have been appointed by (ho different Baptist Churches of the city, who will call on their friends in reference to the mat'er, and receive tho names-of snch as will reepond to this call; and this notice Is published in order to pavo tbe way forthc canvassers In toeir delicate duty. The Central Committee feel that tb« y may assure onr Christian brethren of other

denominations that in case an appeal shall come to them for similar courtesy, the Baptists oT'Our city will cheerfully respond. .J. G.Swxbt. Chairman Central Committee. CHICAGO. MONDAY. MARCH 25. 1867. THE FENIAN MOVEMENT. Address by tbo F. B. ConTontioß to tbo Friends of Irish Nationality# The Illinois State Convention of tbe Fenian Brotherhood, recently held in this dty, have Is sued an address lo the members of tbe Order, slgccd by Colonel PfcllUp O’filely, Danville; P. W. Dunn, Peoria; John Dolan. Peoria; Wm. Shay, Lincoln; John Forrestal, La Salle;Michael Scan lon, Chicago; and Alexander Morrison, Chicago, the committee on address. The closing portion will he interesting to all friedsjof progress .in the British Idea; it is a follows: To onr brothers in England, for we call all struggling people our brothers, we extend the hand of fellowship. Tbooch wo have for years battled against Bnrluh oppression and usurpa tion: and si! onr past bUtorystuco their cursed larding on our shores is written with gore,ln dun geon walls andscaflolos high; thougn rivers of blood are flowing between the races, ard centu ries crying »romtbeir depths for retribution, yet if tbe English people ore moving towards Repub licanism, nfe.. say that the spirit of Liberty can bridge them dU. We can show to the nations of the world that wo have risen to the true height of revolution, and can march | Fide byside with tie people of England to demolish thrones and overturn ty rants, and over their ruins cry. “Long live the people.” We hold tbe English aristocracy, In Ireland, England,Scotland and Canada, responsi ble fer onr misery and wrongs, and all others who willingly assist tacm in their hellish work of ex termination « but towards the people of England, who themselves are victims to tbls same fell des potism, and who at e struggling and reaching to wsrds the light, we extend our bauds, hearts and assistance: for onr cause makes ns all brotbersaod should they move (or liberty before wo are ready they can count on us for men and money. We loot to the lime when Ireland and England ahull both be Republics, with a treaty offensive and de fensive'Unking them together and, with America, moving on the palaces of European, monarchy, throning Liberty where tyrants festered- Tbe Fenian Brotbernood. backed by the Irish people, have the high ambition of not only freeing their own country, bnt be tbe vanguard of the nulled people of ail Europe In battling against tyiarny, as they look for tbo time when tbe ties of principle and freedom shall bo stronger than the ties ot nations. To onr American and German fellow-citizens we can only give tbe homage of freemen’s hearts, and assure them tbat we shall endeavor, by our conduct in future, to merit their highest esteem, denying no righto to others tbat we strive for ourselves, and giving a loyal and loving support to America, winch seems to be intended "For no nation, but for all men.” Hap ft A crons.—A New York item says: “ Ed win Booth bas purchased a house In Thirty-fifth street, near Fifth avenue, with stable attached, for seventy-five thousand dollars. Lester Wallaek has purchased a house in West Thirtieth famished, for lory-nine thousand dollars, and has already taken possession.” P"WAIT BROTHER** AdfSTtUISI Ag’ta 126 Dearborn-*!.* receive advertisement* (or nil tbe leading papers throughout tbe United Htotes and Canadas, gjoclctg fßeelings. Young men’s Christian asso ciation ANNUAL ELECTION, Monday, SI arch 25th, 1567, Room 15 Methodist Church Black, Comer ol Clark and Washlngton-sts. REGULAR TICSfiT. For President D. L. MOODV For First Vice President J. V. FARWELL For Second Vice President .B. F. JACOBS For coi responding Sccrctary.....JOll.“» K. STEARNS For Becoming Secretary JOHN C. 11AKUI3 For Treasurer . b. A. KEAN BOARD OF MANAGERS. Baptist .WM. RANDOLPH Congregational p. w. WHITTLE Episcopal 6. IL LAUMINIE McthOdlst 0. n. HORTON N. fc. Presbyterian G. E.PtIRINGTOK O. Presbyterian REV D.C.MARQUIS F. W. Baptist W. D. HOLMES Express Companies. 'J'HE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITAL - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CARRIES BY KXPKE**, Money, Talca blcs Freiybt nnd Purccia, over more than 13,000 tulle* ol ExpreoM Line, at Just and liberal rate*. naves Millions yearly to Ex* orrnn Shippers, andean be made permanent only by their liberal patronage. This we bore to merit ami receive. Office, Koa. 103,106,107rA 109 Dearborn-al E. HI. COOPER Agent. potatoes. pOTATOES. EARLY JERSEY PINKEYE POTATOES FOE SEED. We Imre on hand a few hundred barrels of pure, stand, selected “EARLY JERSEY PINKEYES” FOR SEED. They are a large, smooth-skinned Potato, among which there never has reenair rot or disease of any kind, and arc the earliest sxxento Potato known. They cook perfectly dry. white andmoUy. and will keep thetr plumpness and shape 13 months without shrinkage. Price, Six Dollars per Barrel, Delivered to Pali rood, Hirer, or Express Company. Money may he s*nt ua by Express. Post Office. or Mot ev Order or Draft. As the supply is limited, or ders w ill be Abed In tbclr turn, as received. Z.UCB & CO., ] 31 Ohio Levee, Cairo, Illinois. Drawer Post Office. iHasonlc Notices. MASONIC— Chicago Lodge, No. 437, A„ F. ft A. M.—Members of this Lodge arc re quc-U-d to assemble at their Rail, on MONDAY, the nth mst„ at $ o'clock a. m.t) take part In theccremo nice oflaylrg the corner stone ol tbe new buildings for the Water Works. By order ol the W. U. U SCHLE6IKGSR, Secretary. A TTENTION, SIR KNIGHTS of Apol ±\. lo Commandcry. No. 1, K. T. Yon are hereby notlflcd to be and appear at the Asylum, Xttliy armed end equipped, on Monday morning. Mirth 23. at 9 o’clock, sharp, to participate la the ceremonies oi lay ing the corner-stone ol the Tower for tbe new Water Works. A prompt und full attendance la earnestly de sired. By older ol the P. Com. 8. H. UNDERHILL. Recorder. iiroposalß. TNDIANA AGRICULTURAL COL- X LEGE SCRIP. Notice Is hereby given that sealed proposals will bo received by mall or otherwise for the purchase of the Indiana Agricultural College scrip, la quantities notlcs* than onosecUonup to S9o.oooacres— the whole amount owned by the State. That said pro 6osuli shall be scaled and directed to Conrad Baser, orernor of the State of Indiana, and endorsed “Olds for college. Scrip.” That tbe Board ol Trustees will meclat the office of the Governor In the State Uctue. Innlananolls, Indiana, on Tuesday, the 9th day or April, 1K67, at 2 o’clock p. m.. at which time and place, and in tbe presence of the Board, all bids for said scrip will be opened and awards made upon the sumo. Persona bidding should be prepared to comply with tlictermsoftbcirbldonssldday. The Board reserve the right to reject any or all of such bids." A* y information In relation to said scrip will be fon lshcd on application to the Secretary ot the Board. CONRAD BAKER. Governor and ex-officio Presided of the Board. „ E. B. MARTINDALE, Treasurer. Attest: J.J.HATDKN, Secretary. Indianapolis, led., March 19th. ISS7. paintings CMNE ARTS. J. HALLIDAY, Engraver, 9S Dcarbr-rr-st, has for sale, for a few days. FINE PAINTINGS by Flchcl, StcgnoC, Lanfant dc Metz, ftc. Call and see them. JHratcal. Hernia or rupture cured by the HARD BUBBEK TRUSS. Cases of thirty years’funding can be shown cured daring the past year. This Truss will never rust, break or recomo liir bcr. burgeons say It la the only Truss (it to use. Pamphlet free. 1. B. SEELEY & CO.. 126 Ciarfc-st. jgitocUljoiarcs’ faceting. PIE ANNUAL MEETING OP THE membersof theNoribwcstcm Mutual Ufa I neur it rc company of Chicago. 'he election ofTrustees and the transaction tfsuch nuslueas ns may come bfr fcircUiemeeting, will be in-la at their office. No. 13 Exchange place, on Monday, the Ist day of April, at z o’clock p. m. CHAP. B. HOLMES, Secretary, 71T1CH1GAN SOUTHERN & NORTH- M ERN INDIANA R. R, CO. Williamßttixbt. ) _ , , Nbw Yoke, March 15,1857. f The annual election lor Directors of thla company will be held at the Company’s office in Toledo, Ohio, on Wedneiday, the vuh day of April, next, at noon. The polls will remain open nctU3p. ra. ThcStotk Transier Books will be closed on the 30th list, at 2 p. m., and reopened on the 25th proximo at 10 a. m. D. P. BaRHYDT. Secretary. 8 p.m. trusses. fJ'KDSSES. Hernia or Hnjttnrc. John Neiller, No. 30 North- ciark-st., Manufactu rer and repairer and dealtr in all kinds of Trasses. Bandages, dc. Pamphlet free. Orders attended to promptly. Nur-es. jyps. M. H. SCHOFIELD, AX EXI’EKIESCED XIiRSE. Residence, IS Tliroop-st., East ol lladlson. iEeinobals. REMOVAL. DAVIS BROS., DEALERS IN CHEESE, Have Removed to 4C South Water-ht. ggaatclics ana Jetoelcp. QPFIOE OP ROBBINS ft APPLETON, IS* Broadway, New York, Feb. I,ISO. THEiMERICMWiTCH CO., or WAZ.TBAS, BLABS., Give notice tbat they have appointed Messrs. N. Matson & Co., JEWELLERS, 117 L.AKE-BT., THEIR SELLING AGENTS IN CHICAGO. Dealers and the public will find at all tunes in tbe bands of (bis firm a very large stock of tbe Company's producer ns. to be sold as low as they can be bought la New York or Boston. BOBBINS & APPLETON, GENERAL AGENTS. Crcckerg ©Kate. QEOCKERY, ETC. BOWENT WHITMAN £ WINSLOW, 15,17,10 & 31 Eandolpli-st., Importer;, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in CROCKERY, CHINA, GLASS, Silver Plated Ware, LAMPS, LANTERNS, LOOKING GLASSES. Assorted Crates in Original Packages. Goods Sold at New Yorlc Prices, adding Freight, jgarbtoaw. JJaKDIVARE and cutlery. Hurd, Prescott & Co. 175 Chicago* The attention of close buyers Is Invited to oar com plete stock of AMERICAN and ENULlbll HARDWARE, Especially adapted to the Country Trade. We offer, also, a foil assortment of . Coopers', Machinists’, and Carpenters' Toole, American Table Catlery and Builders’ Hardware. Also, Wostenhoim’s Pocket Cutlery, Spear & Jackson’s Saws. Joseph Rodgers & Son’s Scissors and Razors, Stnbbn A Rothcry's rile*, etc. wc would especially call attentloD to our prices and assortment of « BAB.VZIST TOOLS Of all kinds, including MILLARD’S, BATCHELLER'S, and those manufactured at Jackson, Mich. We al*o keen constantly on hand foil number* of bCHOEN BERGER’S JLNIATA NAILS. wc would be pi. ased to give prices on any of We above goods. Orders by mall carefully and promptly oiled. c. n. netts. zpwabd pbsscott, a. BsnrraALL.’ 33usines8 (Earns. jgACON, ENNIS & CO (Successors to Q. BACON A CO>) COMMISSION MERCHANTS —IN— FLOUR, GRAIN, &c., No. 140 LaSaUc-st., Chicago. Liberal Advance* made oo Conalgnmeum. Property Bought and Soldon margins. Albert pick, Importer of and Dealer In China, Glass and Qneensware, CUTLERY, BRITANNIA AND PLATED WAKE. MVA Handolph-at., Chicago. Q S. HUTCHINS & CO., Commission Merchants, Chicago. Agents lor T. ElngslorJ ft Sons' Oswego Starch. JgUTLEK,MILLS* MORRIS, Real Estate Agency, Brldge-st-.oppcalto tbe Post Office. Minneapolis. Mm nesota. i-arms. Lands, Houses, Lou, Stocks, Bonds, College Salp, etc., bought and sold on commission. Collections made, titles examined, taxes paid, and gen eral core taken of Minnesota property, for son-resi dents. Refer to W. F. Ooolbangh, President. C. T. Wheel er. Vice President, Union National Bank; Fitch ft Williams, Chicago; Gov. Wra. R. Marshall. Gen. Van Clevc, MlnnfSota: Winslow. Lanier ft Co., New York, Don. J. Scott Darrlaon.J. A. Frazer, Esa*, Cmcin naU;Qov,o. P. Morten, lion, Schuyler Collar, Don. John Coburn. Indiana, -yy IGHT & DUNTON. Storage, forwarding and commission merchants.'Tor the purchase and sale of all kinds of country prodace and give especial attention to sale ol Broom Corn y Blghwints. DroaacdHop ana Live Stock* Also agents for sale of „ _ SAGINAW SALT, N. B.—Our rates of commission are those establishes byUie Board ol -Trade, troni which we do not vary. Consignments solicited. J7LOUU. J. B. HOBBS & CO., EXCLUSIVELY FLOUR COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 166 TFashlngton-st., Chicago, HI. TT M. DUPEE & CO., * WHOLESALE DEALERS IN BEEF, POKE, LARD, Smoked Beef and Breakfast Bacon, Also, Extra Sucnr-curcd Family Hams of our own curing, and branded “H. M. Dupee Co.” 124 South Water-st- CHOKED MEATS. E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALEB IH PORK, BEEF, LARD, AND « SMOKED MEATS, 150 SOUTH WATEB-ST. Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Hardwood and ‘Whltewood Lumber Office and Yard, 304 South Franklln-su bet- Ya* Boren and HamsoL. Chicago. P. O. Sox 2336. Hr Bills cut to order. JZJ ISAAC n. UOLDEN, JB. XPMOXO PKNDLgTQB iSJoprr. |J>HE CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPER DEALERS, cnaixca is Paper Maters’ Findings, Chemicals, etc 170 Ba&dolph-st*? Chicago* Wc offer for sale to dealers and consomen 3,(100 Bundles News and Print 28x43 2.0(10 do do do 24x30 1.300-' do do do 22x33 2,31 H» do do do 25x47 3.000 do do do 27x41 1.300 do do do 2£x44 2.300 do do - do 30x43k I.SOO do do do 31x14k 3.000 do do do 1.300 do do do 23x38 1.000 do do do 50*4*9 bOO do do do .26x43 Extia sizes made to order on short notice. For sale at the lowest market prices for CASH. gteamctß. NAVIGATION OPEN. The Side-wheel Steamer SBABIRD Will leave tot t Eacine, 'Milwaukee, and Eorta North of Milwaukee, - Oa MONDAY Evening, March 25th. at 7 o’clock. Office and Docks below Biuh-st. Bridge. A. £. GOODBICO. JBvr ggoobg. GOODS. UDIHM. NEW FIRM! NEW GOODS! And a Sew Way of Selling Them, AT THE OLD STAND OP PUTNEY, KNIfiHT & HAMLIN. li & Wl LAKE. STRICTLY ONE-FRIGE SYSTEM. • 50 MISEEPEESESTATIOSS. Goods Always Wairanted as Represented, or Honey Refunded. FBICES GUARANTEED! Any child con be sent to onr store, as onr GOODS AND PR.CEB ABB WARRANTED. Wesball always keep tbe BEST MAKES of Goods, and at prices NOT TO BE UNDERSOLD. Our Stock is Now Complete. ErerytMng Desirable In Spring Goods. Our Domestic Stock Is new full and perfect, aid will always bo kept to. 20 Cases Good Prists at IttX cents, 12 Cases 4-4 Superior Dlcacbed Cotton, SO-beut*. Bro. Cotton, 13 cents. AU grades SHEETING, PILLOW CASE COTTONS and other DOMESTICS In proportion. LINEN GOODS, FROM AUCTION'. J 0 Calcs Crash, only 10 cents. 10 Bales Super Crash, only ISJf cents. 210 Bozen Dans ask Napkins at s’>.so, worth $3wQ. 300 Dozen Hack Towels only 17 cents. 44 pcs. 8-4 Bleached Linen Damask, worth $1.73. linen sheetings, all grades, very cheap. ” Onr Flannel Stock Complete. Our Cloth Stock Full of Bargains. DRESS GOODS. Everything New and Desirable. BLACK ALPACAS Fr< m Anction, at Extremely Lon Prices. ELEOAET ASSOETSIEST Of Tr avelling- Dress Goods ASD Goods for Street Suits. Mourning Goods. A FL'I.L ASD COMPLETE SIOCE. TRIMMINGS AND RIBBONS. Particular attention Is paid to this Department, whh ti Is under the Immediate supervision ol MK. A. S. PIERCE, who will be found always at his post to re ceive and wait upon his many friends and customers, and show them ail tbe novelties ot the season, at AS TONISHING LOW PRICES. HOSIERY A FULL STOCK. Gents’ and ladles’ Underwear* A FULL STOCK. Thanking the public lor past favors, we would tre snectinlly solicit a cottlnuance ol their patronage. Oar Goods shall ALWAYS BE SHOWS FREELY, with courteous treatment to all, and sold at PRICES to kicp trade lively. F. N, HAMLIN & CO, 105 & 107 Labe«Bt., CHICAGO, ZZiXt. SIGN OF TEE GOLDEN EAGLE. ©acfcmctt’s ®nion. 'J'HE , • HACKMEN’S UNION; OP CHICAGO, Glrfs notice to the public that they will do work for the allowing prices: Theatre or Opera and Retain. 9, D.. north of Twelfth-st.. i |3.00 S. D-, sooth ot Tweifth-et 4JO N.Ji, south of Clucago-av 3JO N. D, north ot Chlcago-av 4.00 W. D , east of Ralsted-st 9JO W. D., west of Halsted-st. 4.00 Notice to the Travelling Public. Pff sengera can ndc from one depot to another, or to any hotel, for the same price os the omnibuses. 50 cents end', ordinary baggage included. p« mens going to any other partot the dty can ride tor tlie following rotes: A'jS distance not »acceding one mile. 50 cents each. Any distance exceeding one sale. 11.00; same fam ily f r party, 50 cents each- .. _ Any; same fam ily or party, 50 cents each. By the hoar—For the first bun!. i3.CC; for each additional hoar, tIXO. Citizens and the public In general ate regnested to sco that the word “Union” Is on the carnages they employ, sa none.others belong to tho Hackmen’s Union ot cMcaeo. Ti:e public arc cautioned not to pay any attention to any reports that may be made In record to this Urt of prices, for tbe members of the Union intend to live np to it. Any refusal or misdemeanor on the part ol any own- r or driver should be repotted, with his number, to their office, Room 4) McCormick** Building. FRANCIS WABBEN, President. PETER JOHNSON, Treasurer. GEOBOB W. YOUNG, secretary. patents. PATENT OFFlCEb.—lnventors wbc wish to take out letters Patent are advised tt counsel with MUNN * CO., Editors ot the Sfficntlß/ Atcerlcar, who have prosecuted claims before th* Patcntomcefornearlycwentvye&rs. Their America! and European Patent Agencytls the most extensive if the world. Charges less than any other reilabh agency. A pamphlet, containing lull instructions to invent ora, la scot gratis. AOteM Mm .-H S CO, JJOBEKTSON. BKOOMAN & 00., (ESTADLIaDED 1323), BRITISH AND CONTINENTAL PATENT AGENTS! (Proprietors cf the Mechanics* Magazine.) Ofllces:TlG FlccNst,, London, England* 3Ej)C ana 35ar, JQK. UNDERWOOD. BVB AND BAN. Consulting and Operative Surgeon for all diseases ana deformities ot the Eye and Ear, 124 RANDOLPU-ST. Ep-Croaa Eyw straightened la one minute. iHeaical (Earas pROEESbIONAL. DR. H. AKELY, 194 SOUTH CLARK-ST., CHICAGO. NUMBER 288. Mooting. pLAbTIO SLATE ROOFING. A TEST OF FIFE YEARS bu demonstrated the superiority ol this material over every other now knows. adapts Itself toereryshapsacd slope, from Hat to perpendicular, coverts? the wnoH root without seam or Joint. Noa-combaitihle—u U sot the means of destroying your property, but ol protecting it. Non-expansiTß—heat nor cold, no mai ler bow intense, can compel it to expand or contract Impervious—water nor even steam, can penetrate « dissolve It. ÜBdeeaying—time and the elements omj nature and perfect it. to stun np the whole matter. Utt Fire, Water and Frost Proof, and Is cheaper than any other.good material, and better loan the moat expensive. The New York Tribune In speaking of It says: M Wc consider this invention the greatest boon ot tne age." The Farmers Club ot the American Institute pro cornice the Invention one of the moat Important evn discovered. For the past year we have been engaged in supplying this material to tbe people ol Illinois and Wisconsin, and from the many Haltering testimonials now oo OK in our office, we feel warranted In saying, to their en tire satisfaction. HOOFING FELT, and also the new SHEATHING FELTQaedlorUninsbaildlogs,and COAL TAR,con* stantlyoo hand at lowest market rates. Circular* sent os application, and for rights. Apply to WHITACRE & RAYMOND. _9M LaSallfrgti. Chicago. nL publications. piCTORIAL DOUBLE NO.—Plot Agaafa, the Reverend Dr*. Chapin, Sawyer. Otftood, Bellows, Frothlßgham, Hedjm. Collyer, Ryder. Clarke. Emerson, Bartholomew, Ballou, and Hepworth. Also, ex*Gov. Blair and Philo Parsons ol Michigan. - Wo* man's Bights; Shaker Communities and Religion; Ab original Legends of North America; Our National Army to-day: Can We Think of Two Things at Once? Pope's Essay on Man; la April number ot PHRENO LOGICAL JOURNAL, cow ready. Only 33 cents, or S 3 a year. Newsmen nave it Address FOWLER & WELLS, No. 389 Broadway, New York; or WEST ERN NEWS CO* Chicago. PORTRAIT* CHARACTER AND BI OOBAPHT OF PBOF. AGASSIZ, in April No. Phrenological Journal* 30 cents or |2 a year. Newsmen have It. 'J'HE KEY. Da CHAPIN.—Seo April Phrenological Journal for Portrait. Character and Biography. By first post. 2a cents, or %3 a year. Kewsmco have it. /"I AN we think of two things \J AT OSCE? Bee answer In Aprtl No. PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL. Only 20 cents, or t 2 a year. Newsmen will gat It. A MERICAN ARMY.—For a statement J7A. of Its present and prospective condition, see PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL for April. Only 20 cents, or $2 a year. Newsmen should have It. ■JITODE OP CREATION, Atlantic Gold JjX Fields, Giving While Living, The Fishes in Con vention, Carboniferous and Glacial Periods, Signs of Health—la April No PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL, 30 cents., $2 a year. Ask year newsmen lor It. ®atpets, ®U Clotfjs, QARPETJNG I CARPETING! Tho finest and most extensive as sortment of English and Ametican Carpets; Mattings* Oil Cloths* Cur tain Goods, StcV in new and elegant designs, at EXTREMELY LOW PRICES! ioSEPH WEST’S CARPET WAREHOUSE, 70 LAKE-BT. ®toines an® (Coehage. 'pWDTJfIS, COHDAGE, ETC,, ETC, GHBEET HUBBARD & CO., DEALERS IN TWINES AND COBS ACC, 205 A 207 SOOTH 'WATEB-ST., CHKAQO. Tbe largest and best assortment In the West of COTTON AND FLAX DUCK, all widths and weights MANIIJiA AND TARRED QEMP ROPE; COTTON SEAMLESS GRAIN BAGS: GUNNIES, WOOL SACKS AND BURLAPS; TAB, PITCH, OAKUM; COAL TAR ROOFING PITCH AND FELTING CHAIN 5, TACKLE BLOCKS, Ac. COTTON, FLAX AND HEMP TWINES Ot every description; Cotton. Flax, Paper and date Wrapping Twines; Bell and Sosb Cords* GUI Nets and Seines, with every variety of Seine and Netting Twine. Tests, Awnings, Wagon Covers & Tarpaulins. F 1j A G S Of Ellk or Bahtins, as per Army Regulations, con stantly cn band and made to order. o.tnmaauD, sro. b- cajlfxn ixk. TJanhs anb banners. FIIiST NATIONAL BANK OF OHI CAGO. Corner of Lake and Clark-*ta. PAID IN CAPITAL ; 81,000,000. FOREIGN' EXCHANGE Drawn in sums to suit on all the principal European • Claes. EETTEBS OF CBEDIT lamed, available in all parts of Europe. GOVERNMENT BONDS Bought atd sold. 7-30) conveited at market rates. SanTl m. Nicexbsos, Pres’t. F. D. Qcat, Tice Prea'L C. R. Fixlp. Cathler. Caaa. J.Scimnr, Ass’tCasb. TO’INSLO W, LANtEB & CO., ’ ' ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT For Travellers, available in all puts of Bonne. , NOS. 27 * 29 PINS-BT.. NEW YORK. Stobesf. 'J'HE WONDERFUL COOKING STOVE 1 Borns no Coal, no Wood* Cnn he seen In operation EVERT DAY at WHITE’S EXPRESS OFFICE, No. 43 Btste-st, Cost of fuel seven cents per day. Housekeepers invited to call and examlnclt. Orders received for Stoves. _ J. H. THORP, 43 Stalest. (Coal TDEAD THIS, GOAL AT SUMMER PRICES! We have a few hundred tons of best LACKAWANA and PITTSTON COAL more than will supply our cos* tamers, which we offer, delivered in any part of th* city, at the following prices: Ranee, Ears and large sizes, 812 per .Ton. Chcstnnt... 11 I MINING AND SUPPLY CO. iStirtt. PEEK &KILL MANUFACT TJ RIN G CO.’S be*l improved BRICK MACHINE, simple, cnesp and durable; TEMPERING MACHINES, and all machinery for mating Brick. Machines to be seen, and all information satnod, by calling on or addressing WHITING «fc WENTWORTH, F. o. Box U 705. Chicago, PL BRICK! BHICKI BRICK!—The pub lic ate Invited to call and examine a specimen consisting of several thousand—of tie bricts made by the celebrated _ CARD MACHINE, Now piled near the sidewalk, <.t the northwest corner of MadistD and Lasalle-sta. Do not lose the opnortu i uy. They are worth seeing. ft T3RXCK 3IAC.HIITE.” Xi DOUGfLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office, Room No. 3, 47 dark-st., Chicago, rjARD’S PATENT BRICK WACHINIJ. once and manuiactory S 3 Sooth JefltfsoMV For intonnatioa and descrlpUTfl ettcaiaraddrew 03 aooa JeJgraoa-EL. Chleagt. jfor g>alr. TO CAPITALISTS. Mtt-warszz, March 1.1367. Having decided to relinquish business, we Oder on establishment for sale. Our house was EBTABIiISHED IN 1846, Has b*cn in existence 21 years, and Is now plactd on a ssfc.dnnano permanent tM»sl9, and to man or capital who are desirous of embarking in a PROFITABLE branch ol trade (wholesale and jobbing only) this pre sent* a rare and valuable opportunity. Oar stock Is full, embraces none but the most staple goods, and the btumess Is In perfect running order. B. BOSWORTH A liOSS, Wholesale Druggists, Milwaukee, Wis. jHacfrinerg. A MBS* Xa. Celebrated Portable and Stationary ©TEAM ENGINES. all sizes. Superior to all others. 0. L. RICE A CO., Chicago: SMITH A BIGGS. bt. WM.P. HOVKY, Milwaukee*. JAMES JEN&S,DiUOIt, **«ata. Call or send lor circular. Mssiness (EarW. WHITTEMSRE, CASTES Jt BROWN, Whotonie Deafen in ™™AE&hhS , J£ VAm A large stock forming salsa, bought at panic preeat and will be sold at very low- Stflgnrea, ll»l»Lak»«* Chicago. JOSEPH L. HALL A GO., xasttvaenma op Hill’s Patent Coatnte, fire end Burglar Proof SAFES, *iao Victor Combination locks, 93 DEARBOBN-9T. 0. M.FASSETT, abtzstio PHOTOGRAPHY. fT Pictures taken in dark as wen as la pleasant weather. Gallery, 114 South Clark-st. GREENLEE BROS. & CO. Manufacturers* Agents fbr and Dealers Is straw engines, Circular Saws, Belting, WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Supplies for Woollen Mill*, M**Mn- IsU’Too aol all kinds; also Wood Work ing Machinery. Ke. 52 DEARBORN-ST. HAIIOCK A WHEELER, MivmrTri’TM 1 AGISTS FOE EUBBEB AND LEATHER BELTINH, Rubber Goods, &c. oil TSandolph-gte J. E. WILSON & CO., Manufacturers and Dealers In Mens’ and Youths’ Fomish- Ingr Goods, SHIRTS. 136 Pearborn-rt« SPRING STILES. mts’dhesshits. GENTS’ BUSINESS HATS, TOUTHS’ DBESB AND SCHOOL HATS. All the latest ud most lashlooahle styles* BISHOP & BARNES, 115 Lake— t. BANSS BROTHERS. BABSTOW’S NEW Cooking Range, Cooking. Laundry and Tailors* STOVES. Betixen and Yentllatois, ga MONBOE-BT^ fly opposite the Post Office.) BILES, BRO. A CO., Watches, Diamonds, JSWSZsBT AND SILVER GOODS. Ur Agents Ibr Eogerg. Smith » Co.*s Plated Ware and U. 8. Clock A Brass Co. of Chicago. KIMBALL, STEVENS & CO., WHOIiE9AIjE CLOTH HOUSE, 64 and 66 MICHIGAt.-i.T. PHILIP WADSWORTH & GO., ILAST7ACTOXBS ASD JOBSZ&S OF CLOTHING, 34 ft 36 Lakfi-st. 95 Devonahire-st. Chicago, 111. Poaroh - . Mass. J. J. M’HRATH, WivrVAfBCTIB ASD'IHFOSTgB OF PAPER HANGINGS AND window shades. Warehouse, 78 Bandolph-st., CHICAGO ill. TURNER, BRISTOL & CO DEAT.TTF9 g Leather & Shoe Findings, Importers of French and German Calf Skins, 1G & ISf State-st., Chicago. Agents for Taylor’s oak Belting. HIBBARD A SPENCER, IXPOSTEES OP Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 MICHIGAN.AT.. CHICAGO. 1,00 0 tiU H kBTiSR A: WILSON Sewing Machine: IN UaE. The number lnczeaaiugl,ooo pec week. ARTHUR FARRAR, 106 LatesL, Agt-tor the Northwest. M. D. WELLS AGO., BOOTS & SHOES, 3S LAKE-ST^! CHICAGO. LUNT, PRESTON & KEAN, BAKEEBa 47 Clark-st. 7*3os exchanged for new 3-Soa it oar counter. ita & College Scrip for sale. Land Warn WM. W. STRONB. FURNITURE. 203 Randolph-st., P. 0. Cox 5383. BOWEN, WHITMAN A WINSLOW, ‘srocxasosflTO DAn>eu nnAninnna BOWEN BROTHERS, Wholesale Dry Goods, And China, Glass & Crockery, 15,17 t l9& 21 Bandolph-st. HATDEN & LEATHER, CARRIAGE GOODS, SADDLERY HARDWARE, 45 8t 47 Itake-st, Chicago. HART, ASTEN & CO., jturcrxcrcßxns or FLOUR SACKS, CRAIN BAGS, And Sags of Every Description. Tsper Floor Sacha of the Best Quality. 183 Bonth Wator-st. J. BAUER A CO., ManoTactorers and Importers of Slasital Instruments and Strings Also. Wholesale Deale^la PIANOS & ORGANS. No. G4O Broadway. NEW YORK- N 0 .60 Wtti»hlngton»At,CnrCAflC* DR. J.O. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, XXO Bandolph-rit, Teeth Extracted Without Pain for SI,O O, By the use cl Nitrous Oxide Gas. or Vi talized Air. Teeth laser**?*.°° J?,®;*£' cunUe or Rubber Base tor qlijotwjiwt- IRVIHE, JONES & GO., (Successors to Graves A Irvine,) WnOLXSALZ DXALIK3 IS WHITE GOODS. HOSIERY, Dross Triinniiogsy WOTIONS, cfcO. 19 LAKEoT, op-amir*. SMpltxmiUptU S>*ixt*. T ATEST FASHIONS BEHANS J. W. BKADLEVS DUPLEX ELLIPTIC - (OS DOUBLE HFBETO) S E l B X S. T»»r will not Bod ««mk. Like ttw bbp« mlacs. wit win rrerpnem that* pence cud beaudmi thaoe. whe*» three or tour arm mry Bam ar* thrown ««**<* aa oMiem Ta*j ooa oum comfort, dvahiutv sad economy with that ei*. Whlcihi Bade as-duplh nur STMDARD skirt OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLI. Sole* Bndlev'a INVISIBLE# for Street Dm*» ud Bradley's KSFRIM TJtAU* far Irealof Dreae. At wholesale by the exclusive aaaaiacturwi nt sole owners of the patent. WESTS, BRADLEY £ CART, Warehouse and Office, 97 Champers and 79 and SX Bcuie-At, Now Tort. Also, at wholesale by the had ing Jobber*. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirt*. By ihrtbe dor popular and graceful sort worn. For sale at wholesale as mmonfoeturm* prices, by Futap. palmer Tiirm; 1X9.112.114 and USLstest. Ctueago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For Elegance and Economy are unsurpassed, For sal* at wholesale By JOHN V. PA RWELL A CO, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, The lightest, meat agreeable cad perfect skirts made, Fcrsaleatwholrwu*. _ _ BOWEN WHITMAN A WINSLOW, 15, 17. lg and 31 RacCdlph-«ti, Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For beauty, comfort and doraMhty ropcrlcr to all oth ers. For sale at wholesale by TORRENCE. MANNING * CO. 35 Lake-et. and 59 Wabaah-av* Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts. At wholesale, at manuraeturers’ urtCea. KKITH. WOOD * OO* Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For sale at Manufacturer** New York Wholesale Brices, by SEYMOUR, CARTER -t CO* Stock Subscriptions. pitOSPECTUS OP ‘The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co.” Capital Stock - - $500,000=. Five Hundred Shares, SI,OOO Each/ Tina Company baa been organized fader the General Law. 0/ the btate of Illinois, lor the purpose ot aana ikctmtnjtall kindsc t PAPB&and preparing FIBBV .for otter purpose*.lron the WILD QHASB found tk ■ this vicinity la meat abundance. *. The practical development and utilizing ot such ma terial has been effected through me Xaveaaom, and the several Patents tssoed to SIB* IIABHISON B. QUSCB4 of Fcrt Edwards, New Fork. This Company haying Sonhasetl (rote Mr. Mcecb allot the said Patents tor io lol.owing States. to*wUs Illinois, Indiana, Mich* san. Wisconsin, lowa and Minnesota, arc now prepared torec«tvea umitpd aaoont ol saoscrlpUans to ths Capital Stock. lb Inviting subscriptions to this Stock, we would state that the Company are now me owners ol the BATAVIA PAPER MILLS Which are producing at the present time two (2) toon per day of print paper. This him baa buildings and water power of smSdeoi capacity. already erected, and in condition to receive two (2) additional machines, which nave been ordered, and it la estimated can be pat in running order on or before the first day ol May next, which wiUlnereasa the capacity and products cf the said Mills to six (St tens per day; that, at the present market prtoea, should yield to this Company averysatisfactory pn*U» The lutnre operations of lots Company contemplate the erection, or consolidating of other nulls with thetr enterprise, wltbm the present year. Issuing tae Ml amount or their Stock, and which will probably more than double the foregoing estimate ol product os Print, Manilla and Wrapping Paper*. This Company having procured a charter from tha Legislature of the State of QUsala, Increasing thetr capital to one million of dollars, are now reorgaalsss tinder their Charter privileges. The Stock Boofcsara nowopenfotsobscrlpttoato thesuxrz,at the OtßesK or Messrs. DICKEBSON A SHKBMAN. 170 Baa* where all further information as to the pa* enis, prospects, &c- will be given. „ _ Id soliciting our friends to subscribe to this StodL webellevewe are warranted in saving that this entec prlse promises an unparalleled retain ot profits, com pared with any other manufacturing business hsreto* fore presented. THOMAS S.DICKEHSON, PresH. GEO. B. MOtip, Vice Pie*’t. (Formerly President Batavia Paper Min CoA WM. HAN SB ROUGH, SecT- I. N. W. RttgßMiiK. treasurer. JHtisical. PIANO MUSIC' TODENAMENT WALTZ. A pretty waltz, lively and sparkling. Desirable Or dancing purposes, the time being well marked. K-y oc G, moderately easy. Composed by Augustine Berge. Price thirty cents. ANDANTE HODEEATE BERCEUSE. Thee charming classical gems should bo (bond Ik theiollo of every lover of good music. Composedhr Paul Becker. Price S 3 cents each. BEAUTIFUL LENA. Transcription on Slebert’a chormlns melody of the toe name. Key of C, rather below the momenta grade of difficulty, Bbowy and qnUo pleasing- Com peted ky Y.fl.Aabcrt. Price 40 cents. THE TWILIGHT HOUR. A brilliant waltz. Key of a moderately dlSealC. An rxcellcnt piece to play In company. Composed by Y. B- Auheit. price to cents. __ , _ Published by I.YON Sc HEALT, Citric and Washlngton-aa.. Chicago. rjiHE SOUNDS OF THE SEA. New Song with Chorus. * COMPOSED BY J. IP- WEBSTER. - Pile© 40 Cents* This most beantlfbl Ballad bids tar to exceed la pop* nlartty any of the aathorii termer work*. Although ItisbntvOdarsslnceltwas issued tram the press, IS has already nm through sis editions. LTON & HEALT, Publishers, • Clark and Waahington-sf„ Chicago. _ Sissolutlon. J^ISSOLCTION. We. the ttnderalsmed, have this da? dliMlyed the cartoerahls heretofore eztaocc neder the Ora name ot Si. GBAJTf * CO., 149 Sooth Water-at. MATTHEW QUAFF. fiIDNEI P. SLA-DDEW. March w, 1567. Chicago. March 23,1587- I have thla day sold my halt interest in and to the Ann of U, GRAFF & CO., 149 South Waier-st.. la BOLTIN SHERMAN. who wta assume all Arm Uao 111- ties and pay all jnst debts the Arm may owe, and re ceive and collect all due old arm. SIDNEY P. SLADDEN. . B.BHEBMAN. The nrdenlßseo have this day formed a partnership, under the bru came of M. GRAFF & CO., For the purpose of doing holiness as Wholesale Fancy Grocers PBUIT DEALERS At X 49 Sontli Watcr-st. MATTHEW GRAFF, n. SHPRMAN. CHICAGO. laartnersijips. HDGH K. 'WILSON is this day admit, ted os a member of our firm. J. E. WILSON «s CO. Chicago, March 03,15C7. The above firm win hcrealter be known as WILSON BBOTBEBS, Who will continue the Men’s Fore is hire and Shirt Manufacturing business at their KAT, OLD STAND, In connection with their new room, lost added, l!t£ and HAGDearboin-st. .7. B. *vJL-O.V. M. 11. WILSON, _ agog r. snvvxs. 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